8.Devil – Jehovah (pederast) said through his victims.

Chapter 8. Devil – Jehovah (pederast) said through his victims.
Doctor Konovalov S. S.
I want to bring to attention of the reader the analysis of books of Doctor Konovalov S. S. from Petersburg. Since the first and to the last volume, on a cover prayers are given. One of them: "Make me by the tool of your world …» The word the tool – already bears aggression. To the reader, to the next victim of a devil, instruct to become his tool, i.e. to be at it on service. Having said this "prayer" of people it appears in tenacious claws of a satan. Try to get off it then. In Konovalov S. S. fifth book it is spoken: "Christianity is a false way, it is necessary most to become the Christ". Jehovah enclosed these words in lips of the doctor. It turns out - stand there, go here. What contradiction! Here Satanism is a way false also it isn't necessary to go this way, it conducts to death. Jehovah directed Jews on a crucifixion of the Christ and now wants to create to it similar, but under itself. Werewolf! Grabovoy already I was "the second coming of the Christ". Who following scoffer? It is curious, whether there was Doctor Konovalov Christos? Maybe it pacifies water elements, goes on a water smooth surface of the sea, cures people a hand touch, or people, concerning its aura, recover? Maybe it returned sight blind, revived the dead? Or it has pupils, and it to them imparted knowledge and Told how the Christ spoke to the pupils: "Patients cure, leprous clear, dead revive, demons expel; for nothing received, for nothing give" (Mat., ch.10/ 8)

Doctor Konovalov S. S. says, that tickets for his curative sessions stand so much, how many there are cheapest vitamins. But cost money, - anymore the Christ.

From my environment can call some people, whom the devil has forced to buy these books; when they gave up them, the devil punished these people: one died in a psychiatric clinic, another ran away from there in time, to the third the tree fell to the house, to the fourth destroyed fields of vision astral light, etc. All punishments go through the doctor K., which is the intermediary between a devil and the person. The Christ was the fiery Yogi, the intermediary between God and the person and costs one of steps of Hierarchy of Light. There were no obstacles for its movements to the Fiery World, interplanetary space and to spheres of our Planet.

Doctor Konovalov can't become a Christ by definition: "don't collect to itself treasures on Earth where moll and of rust exterminate is and where thieves undermine and steal"; «but collect to itself treasures in the sky where moll, of rust doesn’t exterminate and, thieves don't undermine and don't steal".

"... because, where treasure your, there will be and heart your" (Matf. ch. 6/ 19-21). The reason of all is the material interest of the doctor.

Konovalov S. S. didn't know, who with him says that it for energy. The devil "drove" it after work, by electric trains in suburban clubs where it carried out late "healing" sessions. Its late returns home (after three o'clock in the morning) were not to liking to his spouse, and created a charged atmosphere in a family. Therefore the devil involved to the bog and the wife with the son that in the house there would be "world". The doctor K. invited to the sessions of the professor – the psychologist, who told it: "It is hypnosis". But the devil probably erased from memory of the Doctor K. words of the professor.

The doctor K. went on orthodox churches spoke with priests. "But also in church all not so, all not as is necessary! «Anybody didn't tell it that with it the satan speaks. Konovalov S. S. carried out receptions of "parishioners", demanded from them a confession, but not all "parishioners" dared to dig in the unattractive past. Then a doctor К. was very offended and required: "Or talk everything, or leave". Jehovah deliberately has attracted doctors to hearing of confessions, that all sins of patients to dump for it and to drag it in it are the swamp.

In one of the books Konovalov S. S. speaks: "That you don't speak, and we live once". Lie! Jehovah again enclosed in lips of the doctor these words because, Jehovah in all the embodiments made, or organized crimes, therefore developed dogma that, we live once what not to remember the embodiments. Possess of the doctor is the most negative essence on our planet, and not only! In all Solar systems on criminal actions, isn't present to it similar.

All the advantages - growth mind talent, the doctor K. received from God, for previous, light-' past life. He is the uncommon person but everything that received from God, threw to feet of a devil. "And what honor to put Me a wound, earlier give everything from Me received. But not to make to you it even if would put a liver and heart. How you will strike Given talent to you? The Hand, Given doesn’t soil, because this dirt will address in your leprosy. Therefore our Brotherhood will read consciousness of gratitude therefore understand your advantage. I Will give strength to create kindly not money, but in the spirit of. Don't open casual books". - M.:

Material dependence - here than a devil buys weak consciousness. It is necessary to dump from it all unnecessary as "The tsarina the frog dumped from herself a skin, having become the tsarina.

Now we will address to S.S. Konovalov site. At once lines which serve, as though, as the motto of all its false philosophy: "From darkness, the spiral leaves Light of Life, Life appears, born. But to understand sources of life of the Universe and the Person, it is necessary to plunge into this spiral, so, through a ray of light and light of stars again to enter into darkness".

Jehovah enclosed this information in lips of the doctor K. Having perverted sense under itself, also confirmed words of the Christ told by the Jew: "… your father devil"; "he is a liar and the father of lie" (John of ch. 8 /44).

Provide text from the book "Secret Doctrine" of E.P.Blavatsky, volume 1. "The central Sun is the World Monad, World Soul, the seventh principle, information for creation of all shown types of existence". "All of us left the Central Sun, and at the end of a cycle of existence of the Universe we come back". "The highest Spirit costs over the Central Sun are the Supreme Divine Essence, the Absolute of "Oeaohoo". Ray of light – the Son of "Oeaohoo" younger (New life), the Born Light and Lives …. Verb of Divine Thought is the Sound (Word)". "The son is reflection of the Father – the Absolute".

"A darkness nature is Absolute Light therefore the Darkness is taken as suitable allegorical representation of a condition of the Universe during Pralaya, or Absolute rest, (a break between cycles of existence of the Universe)".

From books of the doctor it becomes clear that he doesn't realize who with it speaks and what energy it uses. The one, who speaks Konovalov S. S. lips, operates him, strongly couched in is mute the roots and took control of his consciousness. In one of books the doctor K. tells how on one of sessions, the fiery sphere flying on a hall, flew up to the cancer patient and began to push out it away. The doctor K. at first asked, and then demanded that his god - Jehovah devil left in a hall of the patient. Jehovah left, and all present were horrified by how the doctor with "god" safely speaks. Jehovah plays with the doctor, as a cat with a mouse for the time being. After an exit from a physical body, that is after death physical, the doctor K. will be attracted by Jehovah to himself in headquarters in New-York and will serve at it on parcels.

Jehovah will train it in "black magic" (evil making) and will force to execute orders. Especially as for an astral body there will be no obstacles in movement. Attendants of darkness call "flying at night". Jehovah devil to me attributed such two, trained them in the evil, - they offend me (hear their thoughts), do cuts on a body, pricks with introduction of various infections.

If at an astral something doesn't turn out, so Jehovah cruelly punishes them. Astral perceive thoughts, and from evil thoughts suffer. Saw once enraged Jehovah in his apartment, and on a floor the astral sat, the head having bent down to a floor. This is Jehovah with him finished for miscalculations in work. Its astral is slaves, attendants of the evil. Foot you won't stamp, ask and order, - only uncomplaining execution is accepted. The doctor K. will be such slave but, from each situation there is an exit, at the last moment before an exit from a body (before death) think, - with whom you want to be in the Thin World, with that and you will be.

Books of Doctor Konovalov S. S., as well as sect are recruitment to Saturn. Why to entice there people moreover to profit on "healing" sessions Possess was engaged in delivery of victims to the doctor; he describes a case when the sick woman didn't want to live and sat down on break, wishing to commit suicide. Suddenly she heard a voice: "Go to doctor Konovalov, - he will help". Jehovah instilled an idea a victim about suicide and then deleted from a sub consciousness - in this is his «help", - trap! The science on dark service is even more terrible than religion.

If the doctor thinks that at this stage of obsession everything will end, he is mistaken, the following stage of obsession - entry of a devil into a body of the doctor and then death. The obsession is a falling, but too evolution but in case the person, having visited in the very bottom, after all will come up from a bog and will direct to Light, to the Sun in the Beam direction.

Parable from the Gospel about the prodigal son; the prodigal son returned, and the father suited him a feast. The father thought that he was gone, and he is live and returned! This parable about all of us, we, once have to regain consciousness and return to God.

At Pontius Pilate had a falling – gave on a crucifixion of the Christ, having told: "I wash hands". It was discharged by it of responsibility. After the death he met the Christ in the Shambhala, and couldn't raise eyes from confusion (Daniel Andreev "Rose World").

Apostle Paul (embodiment of Teacher Illation), too was a falling, it denied the Christ the first three years after a crucifixion, and after became the ardent preacher of Christianity. Falling is too experience, information for God about acts of the person. But it is necessary to rise and direct to Light. Anybody except Konovalov S. S. won't pull out him from tenacious claws of a devil. It learned a devil, and now, having exempted from his pernicious embraces, will know God. Jehovah came to the world for a counterbalance to powers of Light that there would be no stagnation. And it turned out: "fly in the ointment". It exceeded the powers. Doctor Konovalov S. S. - is not the only victim devil; different types of obsession are applied by Jehovah.
The psychotherapist is A.M. Kashpirovsky.
"I am not a hypnotist and not the psychic — Anatoly Mikhaylovich claimed. — I am a psychotherapist. And itself I don't know how at me all this turns out. I speak to sleep — and people fall asleep. I throw them on a floor — they fall as knocked down: all see, all hear, all understand, but don't feel pain at all".
The devil applied hypnosis, using A.M.K. In times Alan Chumak (journalist) with the similar program has appeared. The devil has given them chance to earn and has proved, at the same time has enlisted them in the army. Kashpirovsky has lost properties which he didn't have. It was time of Gorbachev reorganization, before the collapse of the USSR. The devil Jehovah held performances: enuresis "treated", at stadium I humiliated people (Jehovah carried out similar in concentration camps – people were grazed on a grass, as animals). During operation strip Kashpirovsky (Jehovah) has replaced an anesthesia with hypnosis (the woman I have debarred from voting and movements, and I haven't excluded pain), after she I have told several words to Kashpirovsky, but these words will go to the Karma of a devil sadist. The satan celebrated a commemoration for the USSR.
The murderer Jehovah to my husband on a leg (accompanied by terrible pains) blocked a vein twice that blood clot has developed. The purpose is me to leave one. After blood clot I have broken and I have floated in heart, and I have got stuck there for 10 months. At this time, in 2003 in the spring, A.M.K. has arrived to Dnieper. The husband has sent me to a session to learn A.M.K. possibilities. I have come a bit earlier, but the first rows have been already occupied. Sessions were free; probably A.M.K. hasn't been confident in the abilities. "Benefactor" has been dressed in black demonic clothes... He has invited to the stage of the palace group of people about 100 people and shouted: "To sleep, sleep, …» People didn't react and then he has begun to shout: "Lay down, lay down,...». All have laid down on the stage and so laughed, laughter has seized all halls. There was laughter. A.M.K. has turned to the hall and has shouted: "Fools, even borsch at the hostess not always successfully turns out". After the session Kashpirovsky has gone down to the hall, has given hands and old men from the first rows began to kiss them. It was the result of reorganization of the bag of wind M.S. Gorbachev; gate have been open for a devil for outfoxing of the population of the former Soviet Union by devilish sects and sessions of healing with hypnosis application. Why Jehovah to himself won't cure a wall on the left eye?

"Healer" S. N. Lazarev is.
In one from the books the author tells one case which has occurred in Leningrad. Parents HAVE BROUGHT to him on reception of the son; the diagnosis - cancer, the fourth stage. The healer without having listened to parents, and, without looking in the clinical record, called the exact diagnosis (it was the hint from Jehovah devil). Lazarev has told that he will cure, and called the payment sum. Parents have answered that if all of them sell not to collect such sum by him, and have left.

The devil itself looks for clients and prompts the diagnosis that people carried rumors about opportunities of "healer". Jehovah knew that parents have no money and that nobody will cure the patient, but lips of the healer has declared that he will cure. The material interest of S. N. Lazarev has written out to him the permit in a concentration camp to Saturn. Free cheese from a devil doesn't happen.

Let the Ukrainian healer N. A. Kasyan will be an example for all. His lips the devil, as we know, the werewolf speaks propagandizes devilish vision of space laws. Nikolay Andreevich was a healer from God; he didn't take money from patients, they, leaving an office, put money for a bedside table "who how many could" in gratitude for healing. Patients were brought in an office on a stretcher, and there were they on shank's mare. The healer on donations has constructed policlinic and hotel (that people didn't stand in a queue under the open sky). The folk healer of the USSR has died for a long time, having cured two million people. Nikolay Andreevich followed Christ's precepts: "Gift have received, for nothing give".

Larisa Toropova.
"Healer" is from Dnepropetrovsk. Jehovah at first has struck her with desires, later has thought up for her a new type of healings from all diseases. Under his dictation she has written the small brochure. The devil with Christ, as usual not on its own behalf attracts. In the text prayers and plots from damage and a malefic are given. The sorcerer Jehovah himself jinxed also a malefic, and then on behalf of L.T. saved. Larisa "called the UFO, newcomers of the distant worlds arrived, took away the client on the ship and diseases in an astral body treated". Having cured, returned to Larisa "the cured client". The UFO – doesn't treat; visions were sent her by a devil. The ghoul Jehovah has given to Larisa the chance to earn, but business at her hasn't gone. Once I in the book market have got to talking with the seller, he has told me that L. T. - his schoolmate, ten years ago she has died. Jehovah has taken away her in the army.

In texts E.I. Rerich is information that all UFOs are very dangerous. If people read books by pupils of Great Maitreya, they would know that in the brochure by Larisa Toropova – nonsense of a gray gelding of Jehovah.

There was in Russia a person with a surname Longo (pseudonym). Jehovah with him made experiments – miracles. I lifted it over a floor on some centimeters, the truth of Doctor K. lifted Jehovah on the recovered route with car in which he sat with the wife, and I transferred via the car – the refrigerator surprisingly everything that appeared on a highway. Longo played roulette and always won, he knew that him the devil operates, but didn't know that it is Jehovah. And then repented and went to Orthodox Church and it was christened. On the same day Longo found at home, on a floor, - died of a rupture of heart. Jehovah killed him the same energy what lifted over a floor. Longo had no protection! It is necessary the personal address to God, - WORSHIP!!

Priest Men.
Once read in the magazine history of murder of the orthodox priest by the name of Men. In an electric train the person with the woman to her mother on giving went to correct a fence and a gate. In a bag it had axe and a vodka bottle. Suddenly, without any reason to that, scandal inflamed between them, and the man jumped out of an electric train of earlier put stop. Got a vodka bottle, drank and went on a footpath forest. At this time priest of church orthodox Men went on morning service, having seen him, the person as by order of, got an axe, knocked the priest on the head and left. Men fell, blood-stained crawled to a gate of the arrival and … died. Меп there was a Jews; Jehovah couldn't forgive him worship the Christ whom Jehovah crucified. Men it was respected by parishioners and I was the author of many works, - heard that he had to head the Russian spiritual academy.

Writer is Nikolay Gogol.
Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol was possessed by the devil Jehovah. Under hypnosis Jehovah had afflicted them masturbating. It was a time of fasting; the writer conscience. To atone
for his sin and be cleansed, it; nobody transferred so much slander and persecutions, as these true Saviors of a human race. Bodhisattva left all founders of kingdoms, religions, philosophies, sacred.

The ardent opponent of Michael the Archangel – Jehovah an angel outcast, an angel fallen, Antichrist (in the first value). He is a became hard to fast and got sick from exhaustion. For visit of the temple and repentancee the devil sent him the idea that he was buried alive, and that was that. Perversions recruit Jehovah. The occult a literature work "Viy" from Jehovah; to read a book and see a film harmful. Usually the devil deprives of life of the victims, adhering to the figures: 11, 13, 18, 42. Years of life N.V.Gogol 31March 1809 – 4 March 1852 = 42e. 11m., 27 days.

Vyacheslav Nevinny.

There was at theater an evening, the "Skit" devoted to Vyacheslav Nevins’s 70 anniversaries. On a scene in a role rabbi hero of the anniversary acted: it is was dressed in the long black coat, on the head black hat it is pulled over a forehead and long side-curls ringlets hanged down to the shoulders. V. Nevinny, slightly hopping, told drawlingly couplets. The sense was such: the Jew to New-York, Berlin, Moscow, Tel Aviv etc. arrives, comes to a ladder plane and everyone time says words: "It is my Homeland". Operator directed a lens on group of Jewish-actors; among them sat slightly in a half of turn Konstantin Raikin. A look and a look - is full offenses and indignation. "The secret mystical doctrine of Judaism" consists of five books. The second book “Zokhar" (the letter "g" is said deafly as Ukrainian, sometimes call "Zokhar"). "Zokhar" is magic. The magic is one; if to apply to good is white magic, if in the evil – black magic. Gathered strictly certain quantity rabbis (black magicians), integrated one evil thought-revenge against V. Nevinny also sent it to Jehovah. This materializes all thoughts if there is no protection, - WORSHIP God, Great Maitreya. The actor got sick with diabetes: at first one foot was cut off, and then and the second. To this evil taught rabbis main planetary villain is Jehovah-devil. Saturn - is requital to all villains and impious. Vyacheslav Nevinny (on November 30, 1934 - on May 31, 2009) - the people's artist of the USSR, died silently, in a dream. He was 75 years old. On numerology science sum of figures 2009 =2+9 =11 - number of Jehovah-devil.

Sigmund Freud.
The book is Freud's "Leonardo yes Vinci" (an embodiment N. K. Rerich). The character of the book was genius and the great worker; it in perfection mastered twelve most difficult professions, and Freud on one thousand pages exaggerates the same black thought-the slander, attributing to Leonardo yes Vinci about facts. Pederast Jehovah Z. Freud was the black magician and carried out the order of a planetary satan which knew that Leonardo yes Vinci an embodiment from the Shambhala.

Jehovah and Platon in the book "the Dialogue" attributed to their low-lying properties. Platon was a thinker, Teacher, philosopher. The basis of the theory of knowledge of Platon is the delight of love to the idea. Ascension is from corporal love to love in the area of souls and to area of the true ideas. This knowledge was interpreted as a remembrance of souls on their heavenly homeland. Love the idea – leads to spiritual ascension. He had a Muse on the
Subtle plane. Platonic love – is a spiritual, heart. Platon is ascetic.

Jehovah by the hand of Z.Freud wrote books in which he slandered the representatives of the forces of Light and promoted sexual perversion. Pederast Jehovah «thankful" to those, who takes his repulsive tasks: doing promotions, delivers mistresses, guardian in marriage, destroys families and corrupts all the victims sexually. For service to Jehovah was erected Freud in high rank and blessed with wealth. But, not for long music played...

Z. Freud - a victim of the devil, Rakshas (demon), born into a poor large family. Received higher education – is physician therapist. He snorted cocaine and smoked 20 cigars a day. He dreamed to become the rich. Who is this Viennese Professor, attributed all of humanity's basest instincts? Who is he supposedly proved that every man feels attracted to his mother, and every woman subconsciously wants to share a bed with your father? How at him was with all this muck?"Freud knocked up the bride son married her. The young wife had cohabited with both and having children by them. His mistress was the sister of his wife. When her daughter turned 12, dad and daughter seduced. The devil Jehovah lowered shrink to their level. Freud - is author of the book of Jehovah "Protocols of the elders of Zion". His analysis mixed with a devilish black magic. Freud made in his diaries about 25 thousand records. All the archives bequeathed to his beloved daughter – the mistress (gay either). Access to some of the letters will be allowed after 2102. The archive is stored in the United States, in the library of "Congress" And why not with relatives? Jehovah hid! In secret letters have information about the devil; because Jehovah punished Freud's cancer. Mouth in the sky had grown a wart; 33 operations have not helped. From his mouth came the unbearable stench, he decided to turn down clients and relatives. All the money spent on treatment. And his end, he identified himself: Doctor Freud at his request gave him a lethal dose of morphine. This option of withdrawal from life, Freud suggested that all but became the first hostage to his theory of suicide! He left behind a portrait and archive. All possessed of Jehovah go from a life accompanied by unbearable suffering.

Wolfe Messing.
V. Messing at ten-year age from Poland arrived to Germany and became S. Freud's pupil. All miracles which happened to it on the way went from Jehovah. He trained the next black magician for the Kremlin, personally for Stalin. Iosif Vissarionovich very much loved mysticism and accepted him, but was warned from the astral plan and the devil miscalculated.
On the screen of television there were movies: Wolfe Messing, G. Rasputin and Adolf Hitler (incarnate Jehovah). The Owner of Land advertizes the obsessed! Who following, whose thoughts, words and actions Jehovah "propagandizes disgrace miracles", breaking God's precepts and laws of the state.

Actress is Larisa Luzhina.
Actors – culture carriers, are относятся to forces Light. It appears, in spiritual value, they - the weakest link. To tell: "Spiritual ignoramuses", it will be too delicate. Statement Larisa Luzhina in the address Vanga and Matrona, means - to put all on the contrary.Before giving an interview, it is necessary to know about them. The black magician and the sorcerer Jehovah has undertaken an outfoxing of actors. Once I write article, he right there in reply soils the false text. On television devil has opened channels where his obsessed (the victims of material dependence) broadcast a lie. Some writers, scientists, actors – are enlisted to Saturn. Beware of a devil! Look for protection at God!!!

Vanga was the light embodiment. She obtained all information from Ioann Silver-tongued orator (Gols lips). Before the significant embodiment in the circumsolar sphere (a kingdom God's) give (fluids (information) on consciousness of the person on childlessness; therefore Vanga had no children. The church hasn't accepted her because the church itself was and is under a press of the main sorcerer Planet – the pederast Jehovah. There is no human activity where the Werewolf Jehovah has got to pervert the Truth. Even I have got into space and gives false information about planets of Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala and Teacher Kut Humi (Jesus). After the Golden Age all who worship Great Maitreya will be moved on stand-alone planets Uranium and the Neptune; they will be provided with energy from the Central invisible Sun above which there is an Absolute, Supreme. Saturn is naked planet and three gaseous rings. The kernel pours as a sand block. Saturn consists of land and methane (instead of water) gas poisonous, explosive and affects nervous system.

Ksenia Sobchak.
K.Sobchak has been invited to the Moscow telecast. To invited there were sharp condemnations of her "creativity", and is concrete «House 2". Her transfers are immoral, a promotion of masturbation and casual sexual communications. On her have given is in court for immoral influence on younger generation. She causes an allergy in the audience; there are too many her, flashes on all TV channels. Sobchak you will confuse with nothing. She has declared that she prefers freedom in everything; for example, that she is engaged in bathing masturbation. Also I have asked the leader: "And you are engaged"?

Her lips the devil spoke; he decomposed it sexual perversions for transfer in the army. He needed the person working at television. Jehovah at first will lower the pervert to the level, and then will force to serve. He attracts to execution of crimes rakshas (demons or demonesses).
The interrelation with a devil lasts from the last embodiments. Her used for distribution of rumors against the President Russia is. The group of rakshas’s-demons still continues to chew this duck, and has laid the foundation for rumors K. Sobchak. Who is she such to take bad part in the fate of people in general, and, especially, not her rank?

Neither appearance, nor education K. Sobchak is her advantages for telecasts. All her television programs (material benefits) – from a devil. Her husband (Vitorgan is a son) himself doesn't understand why he married her; TV program Yu.M. to that confirmation. For the first time have seen K.Sobchak is in confusion and confusion from questions of the leader and answers of her husband.

Everything occurring is in her private life devil gratitude for service. All, who to him is serve, will be attracted to him before leaving to Saturn. From K.Sobchak the obsession virus proceeds. She has to think that she waits for her in 2046, perhaps and for ten years there will be Jehovah's leaving to Saturn to the army earlier!!!
The actress Elena Denisova is (Ukrashchyonok).
On TV there was a transfer about "God's" activity of the actress. From her lips there were revelations about her freedom in the relations. Once she has heard a voice of "god" who has twice repeated: "I am". Since then she has allowed itself installation to devote her to service to "god". The devil with her spoke to use her for recruitment of people to Saturn. And the husband (propertied) to her was found by a devil with a certain purpose! And dictates verses to her to lift prestige of the Bible though itself I called the book ABSURDITY. And "Discussion" with praise the devil has organized, and telecasts for spread of a virus of a lie devilish. Drugs are obsession from Jehovah's devil. The devil has created a group of addicts and then "saves" to drag off all to Saturn. It is necessary to save people, increasing consciousness, - it is necessary to give Knowledge from God. Elena has an obsession, - a devil virus is hypnosis. Here, to what leads spiritual ignorance of the person. All Boundlessness worships the One, Who Has created Planet' on whom there live people. The first Archangel is the Creator Planet of ours and everything that lives and breathes on her. The Owner of land – has seeded on Earth of perverts, fornication, drugs, fraud, violence and a lie.
Irina Tarasova is the next victim of a devil of Jehovah.
Jehovah has arranged everything that I have met Ira. Was told astrals gays that she will write about me the book – Jehovah warns that didn't publish the books. During communication with her, she has told that she read books by Alice Bailey (on dark service), has thrown out books by E.P. Blavatsky, dirty used foul language and offended E.P.B. She has touched Hierarchies Light; I am obliged to bring to reason her. Note ignoramuses: E.P.B. has died in 60 years of chaste. Two of her marriages were properties. E.P.B. has written the book "The Exposed Izida" under the leadership of the Teacher Kut Humi. He has shown her movies from space about Lemuria. E.P.B. needed to write what she saw. In these movies the space has imprinted Jehovah's copulation with dinosaurs and generation of monkeys, - the main reason why Jehovah has slandered E.P. Blavatsky in Christianity.
Ira's lips the demon Jehovah spoke and she thinks what the father of her son tells with her. The devil pours in slops in her brains, and she pours out of a mouth on those, who have exposed Jehovah. She doesn't hear a voice but only a thought. The obsession has begun more than twenty years ago. Such people need to be isolated from society because through them the devil hires others to Saturn. Ira already the candidate and she bring up two grandsons! The devil has inspired in family of the son to separate from Ira, - to buy the apartment. It is easier to operate the lonely victim. For edification of all: Says goodbye is everything, except insult of Hierarchy Light. E.P. Blavatsky costs on one from steps of Hierarchies, and she is Schoolgirl Great Maitreya. To me there was a vision: the old fat rat creeps up to me, in the right forepaw the metal detail sparkles. I have removed from my mobile phone number of Ira.
Gay Vasiliy Marcovich Margolis
(Serves the versatile person pervert Jehovah – a devil).
More than forty years to that the employee of the Kharkov institute of municipal services (Vasiliy Marcovich) has gone to Georgia (Kobuleti) to have a rest and find to himself the partner for sexual joys. I have found the young Georgian (Niyaz Tokidze) of pleasant appearance and I have suggested him to help to enter the institute. The young man was delighted and has agreed. (Jehovah has sent Vasiliy behind the next victim; the devil already had Niyaz on a hook). The teacher lived one in the one-room apartment and has retained the young man on permanent residence, using him according to the destination. The young man after institute has got acquainted with the girl, the blue-eyed blonde, met her and after a while they have got married. The girl lived in the hostel therefore the teacher after the wedding has invited them to him. In the first marriage night the bride have put on a folding bed, and have settled together on a sofa.
Over time at young people two sons were born; they have bought the apartment cooperative, but the habit forced Niyaz to run to the old libertine. When at young people the first son was born, the gay Vasiliy went to maternity hospital to take away the wife (the passive partner) with the child as "friend of the family". As I already told that Jehovah has put to me two astrals, they harm and torment me.
It appears, Vasiliy is that teacher. They on days are on duty and don't leave me for a second. Vasiliy serves now a devil Jehovah who has lowered him below a plinth. The astral itself was presented that it is a gay! At astrals the speech rough and abusive they also talk smut intricately. I have defined at once that they are Russian-speaking Jews, Russophobes and the beginning of their decomposition goes since Lemuria. I shamed them as God's traitors. Vasiliy Markovich’s' murder was organized by Jehovah, he was necessary for him in an astral body for execution of his crimes. Also the gay Vasiliy left four passbooks, the gold watch and the apartment. Have expelled him from institute for bribes, – he was in selection committee. It is told: "You don't save …". Here such army at the Owner of land, Jehovah devil. And recently instead of the gay Vasiliy his partner – Niyaz (he has died from cancer throats in terrible tortures in the spring in 2014) has come and too I have begun to harm me. I have started talking to him, but he hasn't answered and hasn't come any more; it was a shame, or I didn't want that the relatives have learned in what foul place he has appeared after death; in New York in an astral body serves a devil. Perhaps, the devil has recalled him that I haven't dragged him to God. Niyaz has got under influence of darkness. Jehovah rough is and ruthless to the victims. Therefore Margolis asked to help to remain on Earth. All relatives, whose children have got under sexual hypnosis of the gay Jehovah, I ask to carry out collective prayers with the address to Great Maitreya (Divine Christ) with a request to leave on Earth of victims of hypnosis of a devil of Jehovah.

Zombie Astral is Jehovah's victim.
Jehovah pursued Melania long ago. He material wanted to attract with her miracles, but at him it hasn't turned out. He revenges Melania for the fact that she has rejected him.
Once she has gone to Orthodox Church with a raspberry basket. Before an entrance to the temple the devil has brought down her from legs black energy; she has fallen, the basket has flown away aside and all raspberry was scattered. To her have helped to rise, and she has come into the temple, became at icon lamps and has fainted (Jehovah sends black energy to a cinciput and the person is disconnected). Now she is afraid to go to the temple. Then Jehovah has organized robbery of her apartment; have taken away everything that was of some value. The devil has sent to Melania four hernias to a vertebra, now she goes with two sticks for a support. The devil has made her the disabled person. That finally I have forced to finish her to take away to myself elder sister in 2014.
At the station Jehovah black energy has brought down elder sister from legs; she has fallen, there was a craniocereberal trauma with big loss of blood. One eye at elder sister blind, and another has covered with blood. On the way called an ambulance crew twice. On arrival home she was hospitalized. The sister was treated and everything was normalized. For relatives elder sister was the father and mother, a magnet in the field of good and cares.
But the devil has thought up the new evil for Melania. He has sent to the sister a disease a mumiization; the sister was magnificent, and later has dried out: the head about a cam. Liquid (water from the gross weight of a body makes 80%) has departed from an organism, food in transit leaves without delay. Doesn't hold the head, can't sit, doesn't see, doesn't hear and recognizes nobody. The sister has turned into a mummy; the bones fitted by skin. Melania has already become exhausted, looking after the sister.
Once the sister wanted to get up from a sofa, Jehovah has pushed her with black energy; she has fallen and has broken a tibial bone of the right leg. Since then she lay delirious 7 months; to her has twirled legs on a spiral, and she raved: "Mother, my legs cut off, take away me to you".
Jehovah is the ghoul and the murderer; I have thought up other punishment. He has sent the astral trained by a devil of black magic, to sorcery and crimes. The astral sent to the sister to rectum black energy, and intestines were instantly exempted from excrements. The astral covered with excrements a blanket, a sheet and a pillow. It was every time within 7 months; Jehovah kept the sister in a hypnotic dream with breaks in time (confirmation to that is the movie from space). Melania's son every time transferred the patient on hands for bathing. When the sister was asked: "Why you cover all with excrements? - It not I …. - And who? – I don't know …
Astrals are invisible to our sight, but they see us.
In two weeks prior to the death of elder sister the devil has filled intestines with black energy to the full and contents, of several kilograms, instantly came to a bed. The zombie Astral has covered with excrements the sister from legs to the head: face, hair, neck, shoulders, hands, pillow, and bed. The last two weeks the sister was in drowsiness; I didn't eat, I didn't drink, but the devil didn't allow her to die. From her urine constantly exuded, Melania should have changed constantly laying and sheets. Elder sister was exactly 90 years old in day of leaving to the Thin Worlds. (Gratitude to God that He Has accepted elder sister to me).

But, for Melania hell hasn't ended: The astral covered the handle of an entrance door, set fire to a door, brings infections in a nose and a mouth that causes terrible inflammation of the top airways.
The elder brother of Melania has had a stroke. There has instantly arrived the service from CHABAD: two doctors and four nurses cajoled its. Slavic is family! To CHABAD has no relation. Means, Jehovah has provoked a stroke, or it wasn't at all. The devil hires all relatives of Melania to Saturn. (I don't enter a name of an astral, it is a pity for parents and at Melania other name).
Have presented to the woman the book by E.P. Blavatsky, "the Secret Doctrine", Jehovah right there to her I have organized a divorce with the husband. Her mother has twice read their, the devil has sent her to a vertebra 4 hernias. To execute the person, the devil looks for a weak point.
Worship of the Great Lord of Shambhala - a guarantee of protection against a devil. God with us always, if we is with Him!
If at least one sectarian leaves sect, or the orthodox priest will refuse the false Old Testament, distortions in the New Testament, there is a hope: "There will be a shift in consciousness of mankind".
The pedophile - pederasto Semyon Shneyder (zealous flatterer of the tireless virtuoso-pervert of Jehovah-devil). In the morning an astral demon from Jehovah came and followed me on the heels of the bank, and then to the editor. Along the way he insulted me, and when I got home I lay down on the couch and fell asleep, I heard in my sleep how the drill worked in a healthy tooth, I immediately woke up. The astral to me astral drill drilled tooth. This was taught to him by Jehovah the Devil - he has experience of using this method in concentration camps during the Second World War. The astral demon put a chip in my tooth, this tooth got out of the gum about 3 mm. The doctor barely pulled out a healthy tooth with three white roots. I took him home, washed it and looked at it with a magnifying glass. The seal is sealed on top, and a metal wire with a diameter of one millimeter is visible at the gum itself. Four teeth have already removed. At removal the doctor broke the fifth. The devil is afraid of exposure. Astral, pedophile-pederast, Simon Schneider, Ukrainian little-known theater actor; I saw in one film in a secondary role at the Dovzhenko film studio. Educated: he knows English and there is music education. It was worth getting education to be a drug addict, die from AIDS and serve Jehovah the Devil - to do evil to those whom Jehovah could not control. Semyon is especially cruel: he spoiled the vacuum cleaner, washing machine, put the pregnant caterpillar in the ear and brings the infection into the ear, mouth and other openings with his hands ... Makes cuts and injections on the body with the introduction of infections. Curses and swears.
It is programmed by Jehovah; he is the uncomplaining performer of devilish thoughts, a victim. He can withdraw from it if he turns to Maitreya for help, even at the last minute before leaving for Saturn.
During the Soviet era, the sport was on the rise. In Vinnitsa at that time competitions were held on skiing. I was part of a women's group. In the hotel we were told that there are no places, but there is a private sector (the administrator gave the opportunity to earn their relatives). Our group went to the address indicated. In the courtyard there were shacks with flat roofs, a typical Jewish courtyard. We were settled in two small rooms without conveniences; the inside was clean and warm. Only we lay down to sleep, as the mistress came and asked "to help the child to solve the problem." They entrusted me. I was taken to another shack. A fifth-grader was sitting at the table, a fat man with large features. It was Simon Schneider. Could I then assume that he will grow from a pervert and a masochist; made him so Jehovah. Semyon is obsessed, he does not realize this. Two demons: Basil and Semyon, evil and vindictive (the reflection of the main demon - Jehovah), torment and torment me. This is how Jehovah approves his presence on Earth. Consciousness is conscience, a disk overhead, ENERGY. The subconscious is memory, Energy. Jehovah knows the Earth's energy well; he removes the energy of the victim by the power of thought, replacing them with others.
Sect of Mormons.
The Mormons created by invisible influence of Jehovah represent reflection of a condition of the state of Israel before Jesus Christ's receipt. At Mormons the pedophilia prospers. Men of 42 - 62 years marry 12 summer girls, children of Mormons. In families of Mormons children (the brother and the sister) till 12 years marry. Laws of the USA do not extend to Mormons because all haves are Mormons. Those, who on silliness have got to sect of Mormons, have left them; give interview about the lawlessness reigning in sect. Jehovah is engaged in decomposition of mankind daily hurries. He in "Revelation" has told that there was not enough time. People, be vigilant!

Svetlana Peunova.
Here appeared one more victim Jehovah - Svetlana Peunova. This time Jehovah devil, that to cover the crimes and it rehabilitate sent thoughts S. Peunova on shimmer and reptiles. Impostor is Peunova declared me schoolgirl Maitreya. That become the schoolgirl Great Maitreya such, as E. P. Blavatsky the millennia are necessary. At S. Peunova is obsession devil and tells it lips planetary demon. As worn out plate, - on all rollers of the tale of reptiles. And here aliens, which came to our planet to Sumer (Chaldea). Aliens knew that in it the area there is a lot of gold and delivered them mechanisms, using shimmer, as slaves for gold mining. All UFOs - are very dangerous. But leave reptiles and shumer‗s. On our Planet is own planetary satan, devil is big reptile. In total, that S. Peunova showed in the rollers is created only in our "house" Earth. The devil uses S. Peunova for advertizing of sexual perversions. The analysis of a spiritual state is carried out mankind. Anywhere such the evils in space aren't present, only ablation such decomposition, - it is result of creation rotten consciousness planetary demon Jehovah.

With Peunova is the tool in hands devil Jehovah. He also created party "Will», that to direct all negative Russian. Who doesn't want to fall into clutches a devil, you leave this party. S. Peunova already candidate for Saturn. And I think:"Who advances S. Peunova on the Internet?" There is a devil!

Peunova not schoolgirl Maitreya, it in it was inspired by Jehovah. She didn't read E. P. Blavatsky, E. I. Rerich, B.N. Abramov. Also didn’t understand New Testament. Christ spoke to Jews about Jehovah (Joann, 8/44). Jehovah all make against Russian. The main thing, wants to put the economic and spiritual the devil organizes opposition to Russian President B.B.Putin. Jehovah knows what force this leader! Satan wants to cause economic and spiritual harm Russia.
Great Maitreya on the Thin Plan, terrestrial Shambhala and President Russian V. Putin work in a uniform rhythm - hold the world on the Planet.
There is a roller on VOY TUBE with a question: "Why in opposition one Jews?" Because they worship is to Jehovah-devil. And a devil is the enemy of Russia and our Patron – the Great Maitreya. Jehovah uses Jew; all opposition against V. V. Putin is from the Owner of land. On the Internet there is a demonic embodiment from Jehovah which is pushed by T. Mikushin‗s and S. Peunovs. People, be vigilant, and don’t listen to nonsense about reptiles and the Schumer’s through rollers from S. Peunova. Reptiles is fog from Jehovah; the task of a devil – to give advertizing of sexual perversions through rollers from S. Peunova.

Larisa Guzeeva.
Leading the prodram "let's get married" works in the darkness, advertising of sexual desire and calls it experience. It promotes fornication. Each gives an estimate: "There is the experience of no experience". She puts himself as an example listing your contacts is. The one who tells about himself, loses its magnetism, is not interesting to communicate. The program of the devil, soon Larissa will promote sexual perversion and same-sex marriage; she has come to the attention of the devil, Jehovah! A weak mind reacts to the material dependence. The reason is spiritual ignorance. Do not overload the space with words, not bearing semantic load for the expansion of consciousness. Your children are under the eye of your words. The law of Karma - the exact Space Scales, the punishment will get the scale of the investigation.

Elena Malysheva.
The program "Live is healthy" was created for the destruction of the culture of the Russian people. This program is for purely obsessed with the devil, the Jehovah of the Jews. At one of transfers was present the rabbi, the leader (under his control), told how it is useful to circumcise and have approached the girl, have lifted a cowl neck and have pulled together it over the head, representing have collected the end of body as the model, and the end of a collar in a bunch for "trimmings".
It was necessary to simplify the visual aid with the help of male Jews. The physical body of the first people for and lunar demons were created by the devil Jehovah, why he did not provide a body without skin? Because the skin is protects body from damage. Circumcision is the mark of the devil, enrollment in the ranks of the Jews to be sent to Saturn. E. Malysheva advised to relieve sexual tension to use Masturbation (also recruitment). Her mouth said the devil Jehovah. The Owner of the Land, with a wife regularly engaged in masturbation. For all kinds of perversions Karma rewarded his underdeveloped body of a (space all shoots). All obsessed should be removed from television programs.

Benjamin Krem
Its site is Jehovah's order. Maitreya in the middle of the twentieth century Went to the Thin World and Stays on the highest point of the Thin Sphere. Only with the pupils, which Conducts in the millennia It Keeps in contact? Maitreya Possesses such power that approach to It can burn the person. It any interviews never, gave anybody. Great Maitreya is the Lord of seven intimate Beams; it means clairvoyance and clairluhear seven plans Universe, and even Supreme Absolute deities.

"On the most ancient precepts of the Lord of the Shambhala battles with (satan) but this fight, first of all, is in thin spheres. Here Lord of the Shambhala works through the terrestrial soldiers, but Itself is available to contemplation only in rare instances … Emergence It in Fiery Shape for many it would be destructive, because Aura Him is strained energy of extraordinary force".

Foolish Jehovah is tireless on inventions for spiritual ignoramuses. Books and lectures B. Cream can perceive only pensioners from sects where they go to doze and communicate. None of Teachers of the Shambhala can't support communication with people and climb down mountains to lowlands without consequences. Because of different vibrations they can are ill. Benjamin Cream is the candidate for Saturn. Benjamin is the Jewish name.

Probably, and in antecedents it served a planetary demon. Benjamin Krem should ask Great Maitreya to protect him from a devil temptation. In the book "Apocalypse" is prayers. In one of them it is told: "Father Heavenly (Great Maitreya) Don't leave in temptation also Deliver from the evil one (Jehovah).
These sites for Benjamin’s: 1. Site - http://maitreya-god.net/
Site - http://jehovah-devil.net / at night transferred on site this text and went to bed was before in the morning me Jehovah. Repeatedly repeat: "Disappear evil spirit!!! And not only is from me, but also from everything Slavs space. Don't touch my Homeland! «People, be vigilant, you leave sects, don't come under influence Jehovah-devil. For each text against darkness receive pricks, cuts with introduction of infections. In army of a devil all decay is collected the planetary. Also Jehovah does them such.

Our God Maitreya, Supreme, Father of the Universe, worship to It and you hold balance.
S. Peunova words about Maitreya are a trick of a devil. I feel sorry for these women.

I went to a diocese of our city to the ecclesiastic to whom gave two rollers for viewing. On mine whether the question looked his rollers, he answered, that looked and told: "But what has relation to it Orthodoxy?" - The church father told: We study only The New and Old Testament, - it, speaks, - our past". The Old Testament is the chronicle of Jews, rakshas, and only! Jehovah devil has no relation to creation of Slavs. The Old Testament is Judaism; author is demon of Jews, demigod Jehovah (devil and satan). Why you sell Bible in the church shop? What do you propagandize? If God of Orthodoxy is Christ, it Doctrine is Christianity. And all worshipping to Christ - is Christians.

And as Jews are called, Witnesses of Jehovah and other sects, veiled under Christ, which worship to planetary satan? And that it represents «book of damnations, threats and executions, preceding from the planetary the satan called «the Old Testament»? Satanism!!!

Left from a diocese with thought that is correctly told in "Agni Yoga facets", that Christians over time will depart in darkness. And think that with such level spiritual education, as at fathers of church, they already there, but, while, don't realize it. Church father had to as citizen of a planet, even not having spiritual education, having looked at Jehovah's roller in prisons, to be terrified to its crimes. And having looked at a roller of Maitreya, to reflect, to whom the Christianity serves?

Synagogues are in prisons of Russia.
In Russia, in the territory of camps build synagogues for prisoners, attracting with Christ then to impose Jehovah as "father" Christ. And Orthodoxy criminally is silent. And after all it too our citizens also it is necessary to be responsible for them.

Valeriy Kubarev.
Jehovah devil is tireless on wrecking methods against Russia; have decided to create chaos in the state. Valery Kubarev is obsessed of Jehovah, has organized "The civil Movement on creation of the new subject of the Russian Federation - Great Russia on historical Russian lands with the capital in the city of Vladimir". The satan has inspired in Kubarev idea that he is descendant Rurikovs, has enclosed in memory (sub consciousness) and the victim takes devilish thoughts for the. Kubarev has bought a single-breasted coat with "signs of imperial difference" and sits in «imperial" chair. It would be ridiculous if it wasn't so tragic. Into consideration Kubarev': exactly Ruriks accepted a devil Jehovah " God" for Kyiv Rus under the name of Svarog. Rusichi always worshiped to God of a Sun Ra, Archangel Michael. Druzhina Nikitich released Rus from a devil Svarog' and Rusichi again chose for itself Giving God - the First Archangel.

This society offers me the long-term credit for 15 years under 2% per annum. The sum is within 4 million Euros. Smells slightly of a satan... To the USA there is an election campaign and Americans stick posters: "Putin in Presidents! » Russia has been given the cleverest President of the planet. Who Has given to Russia such leader? Great Maitreya, Lord of Shambhala, Patron of Russia!

Thoughts, worship are energy, the sent to a deity, your selective voices in support of God and his program of a world order. Worship is the ballot. I address all people of the Planet: "Accept the Doctrine of Living Ethics" which Great Maitreya through the Pupils Has Given: E. P. Blavatsky, E. I. Rerich, B. N. Abramov.

Jehovah-devil is tireless on wrecking methods against Russia; decided to create chaos in the state. Valery Kubarev is obsessed Jehovah organized "The civil Movement on creation of the new subject of the Russian Federation - Great Russia on historical Russian lands with the capital in the city of Vladimir". The satan inspired in Kubarev idea, enclosed in memory (sub consciousness) and the victim takes devilish thoughts for the. To the USA there is election campaign and Americans stick posters: «In Presidents Putin!". Russia was given the cleverest President plane’. Who Gave to Russia such leader? Great Maitreya, Lord of the Shambhala, Patron of Russia!

I bought this book for the third time; after reading the devil warned me vision with threat to bring down by lorry. Space, destroy information of the pederast Jehovah! Thoughts, worship, are energy, the sent to a deity, your selective voices in support of God and his program of a world order. Worship is the ballot. Address to all people of the Planet: "Accept the Doctrine of Living Ethics" which Great Maitreya through the Pupils Gave: E.P.Blavatsky, E.I. Rerich and B.N. Abramov.