9.False sects and the sites are from pederast’ Jehovah.

Chapter 9. False sects and the websites from Jehovah.
Sect "New Tantra School"
(Shool of kinds of sexual contacts is of a name of the pederast Jehovah).
Jehovah devil exercises the wit in obsession methods. "Recruitment to Saturn" continues. In Kiev Igor Godulyanov has organized the New Tantra School. He has 4 websites.

The author offers rollers which propagandize "demonic culture", permissiveness. On the screen run naked, on a glade "cling to each other with participation". The words "you love each other" make sense spiritual; warm, but not the animal relations. Igor is an intermediary between a devil and young people who are delivered to it by Jehovah. All of them are under hypnosis. On the site the name of the demigod of Indra (generation of a devil), the word SATATAHIZM, the swastika detaining evolution which was carried by fascists of Germany and "teacher" from Kailas of Osho appears (Ivan …). Kailas is the mountain on Tibet, a den of powers of darkness, - sorcerers (shamans) on Tibetan Dug-pa. On Kailas Ivan wasn’t his pederast Jehovah of the house larded devilish heresy and gave a moniker of "Osho", - monk (Sanskrit). On Kailash these Osho is - thousands. Later Jehovah has spread around them in the USA and now and we have Osho - Ivan Gusakov, Igor Godulyanov "teacher". Igor got university education in Dnepropetrovsk. Schools Rerich doesn't exist, that taught him Osho - a devilish demonic nonsense. Godulyanov already in Moscow holds forums. Delivers clients to it - is Jehovah devil.

Now all this group of young people let will try to get rid of darkness. That with them the devil does deserves compassion and application of measures governmental for elimination of this sect. Youth a gene pool of the state and the government has to protect it from influence of evil spirits. The name of Osho appears is in sites of false Buddhists.
Is it sent this text to the reception President of Ukraine, V. F. Yanukovych? Soon there was in the press about it article. It served as the reason of exile of V. F. Yanukovych. The pederast Jehovah whispered to the Freedom party leader who doesn't give to Ukraine independence and organized a Maiden by means of obsessed and gave the green street to parade of Gays; all attendants of darkness - candidates for Saturn.

That to practice Yoga, the main it is necessary to gain knowledge from the Great Teacher from the Shambhala about Hierarchy Light' and darkness. True YOGAS exclude sex from the life, conduct the ascetic's life. Ascetic: sexual energy (kundalini) from a tailbone is lifted on the channel of a vertebra in spiritual heart. Since then exists only warm love, spiritual to the Teacher, to God. Food: vegetable food and dairy. Absolute balance! Only the Great Teacher from the Shambhala can lift kundalini. If before term kundalini to lift, the person will get sick and will die.

"Yoga" from the pederast of Jehovah devil and his generation - Indra which enters into the coalition of a devil, - the planetary decay, evil spirits, and filth preaching sexual perversions is recruitment to Saturn.

In the first decade of February, 2016 in the evening Jehovah has asked: wants will return Yanukovych and dollar will make one to eight"? There is a confirmation, the one who has organized revolution and war in Ukraine. I want that all evil spirits led by the pederast Jehovah have left Earth!!

Fiery Yog and the Greatest Teacher is the Great Lord of the Shambhala, - Great Maitreya.
Release of my new site the dark detained almost for a year. The reason is hypnosis devil.
During this time the planetary demon cooked up some sites, using spiritual ignoramuses.
Jehovah devil strenuously decomposes the population of Slavs.+

The author of the book "Anastasia" is Brama, the Demon Universe. Co-author is Vladimir Megre. V. M. let going to Saturn, the lair of darkness. Not happy will be a three-story house he built in the suburbs, the money raised from the sale of books nonsense. The purpose of this book is to offer Jehovah (Svarog) for worship. The demon Brama is the Patron of the devil-Jehovah. Brama offers return to paganism, he is an enemy of evolution of the person. Paganism is our past, but also in those, days Slavs worshipped God of the Sun to Ra, Michael the Archangel, the Lord of Shambhala. Some people of Siberia have still kept this religion. The character of the book (Anastasia) goes barefoot in the summer the jacket is connected from a grass, sleeps in a den. What is she engaged in the winter in, than eats? About what six priests Brama speaks? The fairy tale – a lie! Brama invites to sell apartments and to move in the woods, to fence earth hectare with trees and to conduct the economy. And why Anastasia hasn't fenced to herself the site? Idler! More than ten thousand years to that Jehovah and Brama have been embodied on the continent Atlantis: they lived in smart palaces, put on in expensive clothes, reveled in desires and sorcery, wore necklaces and earrings from gemstones and pearls. On Atlantis there were woods too, by the way. The disagreement turns out. Brama has made crops of godlessness on Atlantis and the continent has left on an ocean floor.

Writer Alexander Bushkov.
From its biography: "At school there was a poor student and the bandit therefore to arrive didn't begin to study. Worked as the loader, the worker, the insurer is. Has begun to write books are in 20 years. In forty years wrote 539 works!! Seventeen million books are published! In combination combined work of "the adviser to the Governor of Krasnoyarsk Land general Lebed" with literary activities. Further in the text of the book there is a character who "is crazy also knowledge" held five positions at the time of A. S. Pushkin. Series of books is "Svarog". Svarog is one of names of the demon Jehovah. The devil in an image of the main
character issued the biography – the imagination. The purpose is to remind the name, and to impose itself to Slavs for worship. During the stay of Kievan Rus' demon-Svarog already tried to offer the services. The patron of Slavs is Michael the Archangel! Advertizing to books Bushkov’ is done by a devil by means of obsessed. Jehovah prompted to "writer" the name of a series of books "Svarog" the Pederast Jehovah before Slavs wants to recover the forgotten pagan name of Svarog and to offer itself instead of Christ. A. Bushkov helps it with it. A. Bushkov's books are whispered by Jehovah. Confirmation to them is threats of a devil and his astral in my address. A. Bushkov's book, "Russia which wasn't". The author of a mutiny of Decembrists during Nicholas I's government was Svarog-Jehovah. From five hung up by the main victim there was P.I.Pestel, the colonel of the Vyatka infantry regiment. P.I.Pestel under hypnosis of a devil broke laws of the state and got into a difficult situation. The devil inspired in it that the revolution, the purpose – regicide and liquidation of an imperial surname is necessary. The devil brought it to literature on Napoleon and inspired in it that the Emperor of France his ideal. The devil didn't manage to subordinate Nicholas I to hypnosis; he decided it to replace with P.I.Pestel. Nicholas I strictly arrived and established an order. Participated in a mutiny 121 persons; five of them hung up, 70 people sent "for penal servitude" to Tobolsk. All convicts were from the highest estate of society. Applying hypnosis, Svarog-Jehovah entered a pederasty among bachelors rebels; made recruitment to Saturn!

It wasn't succeeded to make a revolution in Russia, Jehovah organized similar in Hungary. Jehovah organized similar in Hungary. Nicholas I entered troops and prevented a devil, at the same time salvaged all Europe from Chaos. What would change in Russia if "rebels" came to the power? Chaos! From Decembrists same-sex marriages and parades of gays would begin. Decembrists is the victims of hypnosis of a devil. Alexander Bushkov telling about this tragedy condemns Decembrists. A.B. sits under the same cap. The cap is called – obsession! Virus! It is dangerous to read A. Bushkov's books. A. Bushkov accuses Peter the Great of dislike for Russians. A. Bushkov loves Russians? I doubt. Seventeen million books of devil nonsense to consciousness of compatriots have offered. It is the victim of material dependence both the spiritual ignoramus, and his books from darkness. "I will judge by your affairs" - Christ Told. As I wrote about Svarog and books A.S. Bushkov, Jehovah said loudly: "Unearthed after". ("Publishing house" OLMA-PRESSY; at JSC PF 'The red proletarian has the exclusive right to the publication of the book"). And why puts the sign of the Great Lord of Shambhala M.: On what basis? This sign has Planet-wide value and is more significant, than the personal signature!!!

Stanislav Kayumov.
S. Kayumov is A. Bushkov's misfortune fellow. Jehovah of the author has shipped in false information, referring; allegedly, to "the ancient writing" which author is Jehovah. When the first people have been created, Africa and America wasn't yet. Two continents have appeared after Lemuria death and Atlantis. The demon Jehovah not "Lord" to Solomon, and the opponent in a darkness camp. Solomon is God, Buddha, the wise man. Jehovah was in an astral body and choked with envy, watching glory and honoring of the Great tsar of Israel. Jehovah has slandered the queen Savsky; have given the description of appearance and a hairy and shaggy body of the first wife – Lilith's monkeys.

The queen Savsky is the Heavenly beauty! There is a collection of verses of the Dnieper poetess singing of love of the queen Savsky and the tsar Solomon. Solomon's firstborn didn't Judaism therefore rabbis didn't recognize him as the tsar and asked Solomon to send him to mother. Then Solomon has set a condition to rabbis that they have sent the firstborns with his son to Jordan too. Jehovah deprived of love followed instructions of the Demon of the Universe Brama: the dinosaur, Lilith's monkey, My cow (the zoophile Jehovah so called her) and demonesses have replaced to him wives. Brama has created the Beast, whose number 666!!! Don't read false books of a devil not to get under his influence. No matter, that Kayumov is buried next to a father, a trouble that he has got into army of a devil.

"Dialogues" is with a devil of contactors Seklitova and Strelnikova.
L.A. Seklitova and L.L. Strelnikova's book, "Secret is life of heavenly teachers", the 7th prod. – M.: Pay attention to a letter M.is sign of Great Maitreya. The lord of Shambhala has no relation to it. Jehovah always offers the lie on behalf of God. The forefront – the ancestral lands of a devil of Jehovah; in her died perverts and criminals of all colors drag the existence. Above they can't rise because of low vibrations, and not only. Thin plans are protected by angels and active attendants Light from penetration up of villains from powers of darkness. "Determinants" of a devil – demons (died perverts and underworld). Main negative "determinant" – the demon Jehovah, after an exit from a physical body, he becomes a Demon. Questions and answers are from Jehovah. Whether it is possible to force the person to love another? "Determinant" Jehovah answers: "It is possible, suggestion". Here Jehovah has proved a devil. In space the law of freedom of choice works, only dark apply violence: suggestion and hypnosis. Jehovah propagandizes stresses is a virus from powers of darkness for accumulation of destructive energy for explosion of the Planet. From God – an appeal: "Hold balance!" Not to be tightened to the swamp, read the Doctrine of Living Ethics and the book specified in chapter 1. ("Determinant" Jehovah was thrown out from heaven for fratricide, incest with dinosaurs and generation of monkeys. The «Amrita» and «Exmo» publishing house is famous for what publishes devil nonsense. Their future - Saturn!!!

“Pidarasing” is Jehovah-devil.
Roller: "Global Pidarasing 2015". V. M. Zaznobin is the candidate for army of a planetary satan for sending to Saturn tells. Pidarasing, from what word came? Perhaps -is PEDERASTING? Didn't tighten finally is in a devil god yet, V. M. Zaznobin needs urgently to look for protection at God. The sense of a roller what Jehovah wants to decline all responsibility for all sexual perversions, say arose "Pidarasing" five thousand years ago? Sodom and Gomorrah Jehovah corrupted it, and then burned all of them alive that the victims served it in astral bodies for his crimes.
Answer is on roller:
The foundation to all types of sexual perversions was laid by Jehovah right after creation of the person in the middle of the third radical race of the fourth circle. Lunar demigods passed this way of falling together with the Lord of the Moon - Jehovah. Lunar demigods - demons, rakshas also represent powers of darkness. After Jehovah's exposure as sexual pervert of all types, he became impudent and started acting openly. There was a little time to withdrawal to Saturn - in 2046! Jehovah hurries. Parades of gays is and adoption of laws on permission of same-sex marriages - registration of the victims of Jehovah for Saturn. The terry Pederast Jehovah conducts census of the army. All pederasts and those, who adopt similar laws, are under hypnosis of a devil. Jews and sectarians worship to Jehovah devil. All animals at whom vagina at the level of its penis', the Pederast Jehovah passed through himself. Animals like pigs, goats didn't touch because of inconvenience of process. After passed to people without sexual distinction is. Probably Jehovah likes to dip the penis in rectum (Lat.) to look in gluteum (Lat.), but not at a face of the beloved.

Unsuccessfully professor provided Alice Bailey's words. Alice Bailey is the member of "theosophy society of the USA". The Great Lord Shambhala Maitreya considers works of compilation (robbery) of Alice Bailey very harmful; she was the employee of powers of darkness. Alice Bailey's teacher doesn't belong to the Stronghold Light'. The Pages of White Magic intertwine at it with Black Magic; such mixtures are very harmful to weak consciousnesses". (E.I. Rerich, "Letters", v. 9).

As soon V. M. Zaznobin said a name of Alice Bailey, understood at once who directs it. Professor has an obsession JEHOVAH DEVIL. The request is not to publish and not to read Alice Bailey's book.

Zaznobin slanders on Visotsky. Vladimir Visotsky loved women, to much devoted verses,
was married repeatedly, and had two sons. It was loved for talent, courage, humor.

In the book Swami Vivekananda, "My Teacher" it is told that all demigods-demons very much are afraid to lose the position (in space all positions are selective); Jehovah for the crimes already hangs over an abyss. Position of a planetary satan He can lose and on the skin will experience criminal acts of other devil, for example Indra – Jehovah's generation.

Half of the population of the Planet obsessed with Jehovah. I too was obsessed, – he pursues me several millennia, but I have asked for the help forces Light - to help me, to direct me to a way of truth. At once I have light need the joint stock company - as if weight was got off the back.

Tatyana Mikushina.
Hehovah devil with help obsessed for T. Mikushina Ashram constructed also speaks with it on behalf of Maitreya, eulogizing itself.

T. Mikushina claims that with it speaks Sanat Kumar. Sanat Kumar is one of honorable titles of Great Maitreya. With T.Mikushina speaks planetary demon Jehovah. At T.Mikushina the obsession is more trrible, than at Grigory Rasputin. "Mother Jehovah" and Grigory Rasputin, Lord Nikolay II and mother Maria. I learn handwriting devil. Jehovah stole letters E. I. Rerich and information from letters changed. Explanation "mother Jehovah" sees "Reference». The one is, who read books of pupils of Great Maitreya (E. P. Blavatsky, E. I. Rerich, B. N. Abramov), can compare texts, received by authors from the High source. T. Mikushina is dictated by Jehovah; - its plebeian thoughts are similar on those texts of "Old Testament", which it dictated to "prophets". And what advertizing! On Yandex it is constant over mail the line creeps. Jehovah saw to it, that the trustful Slavs were dumped, after T. Mikushina long ago begs.
Grishka Rasputin at it is Grigory Efimovich. Jehovah through his possessed they advertise; in the body of Gregory Rasputin was the devil and committed all the crimes against Russia. Appointed Ministers and spent the Orgy: drunken orgies with subsequent sexual violence. «Bestial stamina» was the devil, not at Gregory.

When Pikul wrote the book "Evil spirit", to it sent letters with threats, - for Grishka with it to finish. These are obsessed Jehovah executed its decrees. In operating time over articles Jehovah to me too applied executions. Especially is for ch. 1. And when wrote the article about Istarhov, about obsession of an imperial family of Nikolay II and Gryshka Rasputin, about Catherine II and Potemkin, about Pushkin's persecution, Jehovah told each time: "Don't write". The planetary satan Jehovah dictates to Tatyana Mikushina whom he named "prophet", justificatory words to those whom it exhausted the hypnosis, humiliating their human dignity: Grigory Rasputin, Nicholas II, Jehovah wasn't presented to T. Mikushina under the name or as the official, but speaks on behalf of the Great Lord of the Shambhala. The PEDERASTY Jehovah in comparison Great Maitreya is as a dirty pool in comparison with spring water, - pure, sparkling on the sun. From Mikushina speaks the demon Jehovah, three times contemptible and insignificant!!

Quotes from texts T.Mikushina, it is possible to compare to expression: "Oil you won't spoil porridge, but also you won't eat" and to refer on (Socrates)?

"… You cling to individualism …" (Sen Jermen?). Identity is the Highest Soul, the Highest Ego, and the lowest soul - the personality. How it is possible to cling to the Highest Soul? This heresy is Jehovah.

"It is that Truth, which you studied in ancient Lemuria and Atlantis …" In Lemuria and Atlantis of rules Jehovah-devil; its "truth" - godlessness and permissiveness, - therefore, where Jehovah governs, continent always leaves on a bottom. In Lemuria there lived only future Jews and rakshasa. Other nationalities were created in other destinies of the earth and other Founders".

"Rosaries of Catholics …. ", - Leo Taxil told in the book "Sacred Den", as in Vatican to Catholic-cardinals Jehovah under hypnosis imposed sexual perversions are rosaries of a planetary demon of Jehovah.

El Moria, Maitreya, Sanat Kumar and 1500 more embodiments and ranks and all this one Great Identity - Maitreya. Maria is the saint woman, but not is the Goddess; schemer Jehovah so presented it to Christianity. Image of Maitreya were picked up personally by Jehovah. Reads is responses E. P. Blavatsky and E. I. Rerich about the Great Lord. E. P. Blavatsky: "… absolutely regular features, - very much it is beautiful, especially growth and a figure … E. I. Rerich: The shape of beauty …

It is mentioned at the end faded article about Maitreya that It will come, as Vishnu, but a companies the false explanation. Jehovah of the extolled the patron Brama (the demon of the Universe, material and spiritless), and then mentions Vishnu and Shiva. Brama dreams about the coup in the Universe. Space; destroy the information of Brama, passed T. Mickushina through to the devil. In Space ruled by Light, but not the Bugger! Vishnu is man's Beginning, Father Universe, Supreme, Founder and Creator! And Brama and Shiva left from Vishnu. Vishnu is three in one, or one in three. In Hinduism main God is Krishna, is full manifestation Vishnu, also as Christ’s and Maitreya.

Referred to Pulastia, who gave "Vishnu Puran". Now, since that time, the Demon Brama
fell ill with delusions of grandeur and started dreaming about the post of Father of the Universe. It Pulastia seated Demon Brama in a Lotus flower and placed on his head crown. Pulastia was the son of the Demon Brama (the progenitor of the rakshasas – demons, Atlanteans, black magicians, sorcerers), who was born the grandson of Ravana (an embodiment of Jehovah).

Jehovah is an opponent Maitreya in camp darkness. Word “Puran" it is equal, as Gospel narration. And what means "the Uplifted Teachers"? No such expression in the Shambhala.

Jehovah dreams of the Universe, headed by the Pederast-theorist Demon of the Brama Universe who, with the help of the Zionized Jehovah's Viper, planted atheism, drunken orgies, group sex, murder of the disliked - demonic culture on all continents. For all the humiliation; sexual perversion, murder, fraud Jehovah is promised a promotion - the position of the archangel of darkness. The ghoul wants to move to the heart of the Sun instead of the expelled (for excess of power) "Lucifer". For this, sects, websites, perverts, scammers are forged ... - selective votes for Demon Brama, "Lucifer and the Ghost of Jehovah." The dregs of our Universe distribute positions (in dreams): The pederast-theorist Demon Brama - "Father"of the Universe, "Lucifer" - Demon of the Universe, Ghoul Jehovah - Satan of our Solar system.

This Universe of energy of demons will demolish from an axis, also there will be a CHAOS, and all Boundlessness will be shaken

At T. Mikushina is deep obsession devil and to protect it can only Great Lord; the Highest, the Lightest, above it there is nobody in Space. Against It nobody is strong! If she reads
all books the specified authors and not once, and it has spiritual accumulation from the last lives, and it in the last embodiments worshipped Maitreya, probably. He with it will speak.
Jehovah devil before and after repair.

To Forces Light it is necessary to appeal, to direct on the Truth way. They respect a freedom of choice also don't encroach on will of the person. This is the planetary demon Jehovah sticks to all, as bloodsucker. Try from it then recede - will destroy.

Gautama none is of Teachers from of the Shambhala T. Mikushina doesn’t speak. Buddha died in 550 to year to new era also it was embodied on other planet in the sixth circle and we are in the fourth. I think that sometimes Jehovah is replaced by Whisper-demons and talk Mikushina nonsense. It is next applicant for Saturn. T.Mikushina Site is rubbish of gray mare.

To Forces Light it is necessary to appeal, to direct on the Truth way. They respect a freedom of choice also don't encroach on will of the person. This is the planetary demon Jehovah sticks to all, as bloodsucker. Try from it then recede - will destroy.

Gautama None is of Teachers of the Shambhala from T. Mikushina don't speak. Buddha died in 550 to year to new era also it was embodied on other planet in the sixth circle and we are in the fourth. I think that sometimes Jehovah is replaced by Whisper-demons and talk Mikushina nonsense. It is next applicant for Saturn. T.Mikushina Site is rubbish of gray mare.

There is All-planet election campaign, participate: two God and devil, Great Maitreya and nasty Jehovah. The third it isn't given site "Sirius" is generation darkness, return back, in the past. Name of Great Maitreya there is a cover of this site, and actually the site is crime against the Great Lord of the Shambhala. T.Mikushina' is the victim of a devil, but it doesn't remove from it responsibility for distribution lie. In the third Chapter gave a description of the appearance of Jehovah. Now he increased his eyes, and flattened nose at the photo, his mouth forgot to close a turban at the bottom of the face turned in a blanket (under the Holy counterfeited), but the brooch and left again under the name "Maitreya Moria, the Karmic Board" climbed on Yandex, which presents photos of the Great Maitreya. Bugger to apply the words of V. S. Vysotskiy: "You in the door, and he the window." The portrait of the devil on the Yandex, and the rosaries Tatyana Mikushina, dictated by the devil for the site "Sirius" in "Live internet" inserted in my text. Jehovah intentionally got into Chapter 3 of the book "Exposure pederast -billionaire...» in which this gave Embodiment of Great Maitreya,
marked by creativity for human evolution. The Owner of the Land all 432 thousand years of his reign was engaged in pederasty, drank, killed, and war was kindled.

The Buddhism –is wisdom, philosophy, religions are based on philosophy. Religions were given a millennium ago to the people, who aren't able to read and write. When there were no books, magicians accepted information from space, i.e. from God. Read E. P. Blavatsky books "A silence voice".

Maitreya is full manifestation Vishnu, Supreme. Swami Vivekananda - is the pupil Great Maitreya, Lords of the Shambhala.

Agni Yoga" is the highest Yoga. Some "Buddhi" offering the doctrines can do harm to health exercises and a delay of breath. For example "Hath yoga" and is called "death of breath".

«Buddhism» of modern «lamas‖ are in comparison with "the Doctrine of Living Ethics", as black grain of a colza in comparison with the big shining DIAMOND.

Accept "Agni Yoga" and its Teacher Teachers - Great Maitreya. In Agni Yoga" it isn't necessary to do any exercises and delays of breath. Knowledge, balance, service Light are necessary. Great Maitreya Will Estimate your aspiration and Will Specify a way of ascension is.

In the present time crept away much on all planet the pseudo-the Buddhism. Extend it is pseudo "doctrine" the Tibetan sorcerers (shamans), black magicians - those, who during war under control of Jehovah-devil worked for Hitler. In a body Hitler entered planetary satan Jehovah also carried out the scenario against Russia and its Patron - Great Lord of the Shambhala. It is a lot of sects with pseudo-yoga, - harmful exercises and breath distract the person from true KNOWLEDGE. Only the AGNI YOGA gives Knowledge and increases consciousness of the person. False-buddy and pseudo-lamas, - some kind of pastors of sects is. As well as sects, they serve a planetary satan Jehovah.

Sect of "Vissarion".
Jehovah on Saturn

The artist Sergey Torop(ov) it "Vissarion" declared himself Christ, claims that his monad is Christ's Monad. From Jehovah already there was Christ - Grabovoy. Sect of "Vissarion" from a devil; it strenuously strikes the territory of Russia with sectarian ulcers. All members of sect and the author of the article "Andrey farmer" is obsessed with darkness. The planetary satan Jehovah rushes about in an agony before leaving to Saturn to prolong stay term here, creates sects and itself delivers the victims. He inspires thoughts to people and they take them for the. You leave sects (if is where to leave), differently the devil of all will drag off to Saturn.

All actions of Jehovah-devil are directed against Michael the Archangel, the Patron of Russia. Jehovah interferes in others space. People be vigilant and don't come under influence of darkness. Accept the "Doctrine of Living Ethics" given Great Maitreya through the pupils.

Sect of Scientology.
Scientologists are the most totalitarian sect. Founder Ron Hubbard, schizophrenic obsessed devil-Jehovah how get to this sect? Jehovah conducts the victim with the birth from life in life. Since the childhood lowers it below a plinth, and in majority starts lifting on an office ladder. Entices into sect, and under hypnosis at the level of sub consciousness ask the victim questions of sexual perversions, of financial crimes, of all violations of precepts of God. Interrogation is written down on video. After an exit from hypnosis, show to the person video. Also lay down a condition: "Or you will serve "army - sea totalitarian sect", or we will publish on the Internet and in the press. The name "naval" came up from R. Hubbard. He was pursued, bought the ship and for some years went to the sea. Read details about this sect on the site "professors" of A. L. Dvorkins of "Antisekt".

Jehovah is ready to refuse this sect, if only through the toady "professor" A. L.Dvorkins introduced in Orthodoxy with the purpose to present himself "I Am" and to subordinate this religion to himself. Safely the spider Jehovah threw the network. I am - Supreme, the Father of the Universe, the Founder and the Creator. Great Maitreya - I Am! Jehovah is devil, satan.

Sect "New generation" (Jesus Christ's church).
The next devil sect in which attract children of the high school and those, who after school it wasn't determined for study or work. Zombie run on streets girls and young men also distribute invitation on receipt of a gift (products) and attract hungry pensioners. It would be correct to call this sect: "Sect the pederast Jehovah" in which attract with Christ. In sect study the false Bible. Children go for communication there, without realizing consequences which they are waiting for.
Jehovah created sects when it wasn't exposed as an evil ghost of our planet yet. Now it is anxious with another; collects gold to Saturn. So, mister’s sectarians "the kina won't be", the cinema-man is going at way to the planet, its homeland there. "Healers" will disappear, "prophets", like T. Mikushina will stop. S. Peunova will calm down and about reptiles won't speak. "Anastasia’s" and "Vissarionov’s" will come back home (if is where to come back.) "The tantra school" will be disbanded. To I. Godulyanov and it to "the Tibetan teacher" it is necessary to answer for decomposition of youth. The black magicians, sorcerers representing from themselves yogis, wise men will be convicted of lie. SATAN'S SYNAGOGUES (Jehovah's temples in Africa and in the USA so are called) won't build. All bendzhaminy-liars will disappear from life of our planet. All sets - serve Jehovah devil, the pervert of all types. He dreams to drag off all population planet's to Saturn. With its leaving all evil spirits from our planet will leave, or will pass clarification in the boiling sulfuric lake to remain here, and to continue evolution of the person.