10.Archangel Michael.

Сhapter 10. Archangel Michael.
Great Maitreya is Supreme, the Father of the Universe!
Archangels are one of names Kumar or Sun’s Light's. Archangel (Greek) Supreme, is highest angel. From the Greek word the arkh, "main" or "initial", and Angelo’s, "messenger". The archangel as the chief over in myriads of angels (heavenly troops is called also Arhistratiga Archangel. The greatest is one of honorable names of Arhistratiga Michael. The first Archangel is a position which is taken up by Great Maitreya during passing of evolution of the person. All positions in space are selective. Archangel the Fine, the Greatest, Godlike, God (in the second value), the Driver of troops heavenly, reflection of God on Earth; Elohim; The Supreme military chief, the commander true to God Angel's, in Space war with God's enemies, is the victorious opponent of Jehovah-devil.

Michael the Archangel is the Highest Hierarch of our Solar system and our Planet. He stays in heart of the Sun also it is shown in Thin bodies and a physical body on the corresponding plans. All Archangels and angels had to pass human evolution. Michael the Archangel Takes the place among the highest Archangel’s ranks, goes on our guilty Earth, bearing it rescue; He is on guards of fate of our Planet. To him it is commanded the last fight with the Prince of Peace of this – a devil, who is his opponent in a darkness camp.

Arhistratiga Michael is a Driver of our Solar Hierarchy (Logos) is to us true God and the Father, owing to his Great care, Love and the help to mankind. Arhistratiga is the chief over myriads of angels (heavenly troops). Images of Arhistratiga, Bodhisattva are supplied with swords and copies as symbols of continued fight against chaos and the evil. Michael the Archangel -Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala there is an Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Alpha – the first letter of the Greek alphabet, the Omega – the last; when the Omega connects to the Alpha, the chain will become isolated – Great Maitreya has passed a way of Degression and Ascension. He is a God!!! Will leave and will rule forever!!! A difference between Great Maitreya and Kalki the Avatar that that Kalki the Avatar will appear in the real end Kali – Yuga "for a final destroy angry is and for updating of mankind and restoration of purity". Great Maitreya is expected earlier; all Buddhists believe that He will appear in Shambhala, and Buddhists know that Great Maitreya and the Lord of Shambhala – Uniform Identity. Coming He can't be understood how emergence him in the flesh among terrestrial inhabitants. The doctrine It’s Living Ethics will extend worldwide.

Sign of the Lord of the Shambhala – the CIRCLE with an equilateral cross inside and a letter "A" that the First means, Spirit, aspiration to the Ascension. Sign of His opponent in a darkness camp – a square, that is a matter, the termination, a descend ion in a matter. Now we are in the very bottom matters, and further – decomposition if not to lift spirituality. There came change time.

"The judgment of Europe will be shaken by the Buddhism and Leninism union‖ Maitreya is Buddha, Wiseman! Will remind some embodiments the Great Lord Shambhala: tsar Menes, the Avraham, Pharaoh Ramses II, Moisey, Zeus, Osiris, Zoroaster, Hermes Trismegistus, Apollonius Tianskiy, the Venetian Great, Solomon, Sergiy Radonezhskiy, Seraphim Sarovskiy, Akbar and about 1500 more embodiments – such is Descending Way of the Highest Spirit. The same quantity of embodiments will make the Ascension Way. Great Maitreya there is Bodhisattva – the Savior of mankind. A word it consists of two concepts: Bodkh– inspiration, a sattva – essence. The lit-up entity which voluntarily entered on heavy way of the help to mankind; nobody transferred so many biting - you and persecutions, as these true Saviors of human race. Bodhisattva was quitted by all founders of kingdoms, religions, philosophies.

Great fight in the fourth radical race between sons of Light and sons of darkness - the great drama of our Planet.

Armageddon – Great fight for General Welfare, for disclosure of Knowledge of Truth, Fight the Light with darkness. Fight began in 1931. Forces the strongest took part. The Thin Worlds and terrestrial were involved. All weight of fight laid down on Michael the Archangel. E.I.Rerich witnessed, when Great Maitreya, Lord Shambhala, M.: attracting from space thin energy and passing through the fiery centers, directed the Beams for darkness repayment. Pressure developed such that on a forehead and hands bloody sweat acted; the Great Lord Shambhala is as dynamic-machine. The Lucifer was expelled out of limits of our Solar system and stays on the second plan of the Universe, in Silence Peace. But there was on Earth its generation – a devil by the name of Jehovah, who heads a darkness camp.

"To our Earth the fate before the end of the evolution put by it threatens to be lost. Crime of people, spirit dead created emanations round our Planet, that saving beams can’t reach it. Our Planet can finish the existence by huge explosion. The resolute hour Day of Court is not for mountains. It is necessary to awaken spirit human! The Armageddon is fighting Elevated, but it is reflected in all terrestrial space. Brings diseases and poisons thinking" - M.:

Jehovah – a devil, managed and supported by the Demon Brama, has a violent opposition to progress thoughts and promotion in all fields of knowledge.

Time to give new Knowledge of the level of consciousness of the person has come. Through the pupils Great Maitreya has given world Doctrine of Living Ethics. Accept him all heart, apply Knowledge in life. It will also be service Light. Great Lord of Shambhala is the highest, lightest Spirit above which there is nobody in Space.

On Earth disturb balance - is overweight of darkness of powers. Satan carefully plans the actions: creation of sects, site, the edition of books, under the guise of "healers", army of fortunetellers. All this keeps people in ignorance and in the past. Sects – purulent abscesses in the former Soviet Union territory; zombies sectarians consider a devil "as the father heavenly". To delay the population from sects, to attract on the party of powers of Light, it is necessary to give the new Doctrine of Live Ethics, and for a start, - to let out a cycle of telecasts on theosophy to Tell strong to people, who is who. All artful actions of a devil are directed against powers of Light, and concrete against Michael the Archangel.

To do investments for spirit development, build temples to Michael the Archangel and his only embodiment in Russia – to Sergiy Radonezhsky; you are connected by it to light movement. People have to help Gods. The telecast «theosophy" and new temples, will be a powerful contribution to a victory over by our single Enemy - devil by Jehovah.

Where the temples constructed for the Father Heavenly is Michael the Archangel, the PATRON of Land of the Russian, who Came to us in Sergiy Radonezhsky embodiment. Why this Name in oblivion? And three finger the Owner of Land thought up to pit church fathers and to divide church. Separation is a method of Jehovah. But the purpose was more artful – to make Sergiy (an embodiment of Michael the Archangel) the heretic that the His church rejected. Here therefore the Prince of darkness tabooed E.P.Blavatsky; she told to the world, who is Jehovah, about his embodiments and actions. For Russia the new Doctrine on Russian language is given. The church has to accept theosophy and esoteric, instead of follow the tastes of the Owner of Land.

I address to wealthy citizens - build temples to Michael the Archangel and Sergiy Radonezhsky, luminous intensity appreciate those, who do investments for spirit development. Be connected to spiritual transformation of Russia. If Russia escapes from dogma captivity, at once there will come overweight of powers of Light. The great Lord speaks: "Russia My country". In the territory of Russia there is "Center of the universe" and passes "the World Axis" (in the territory of Siberia). Russia will survive and the whole world will rise, will come more, than balance, will come blossoming!

What High Spirits the Shambhala for embodiment is in Russia sent; the founder of the power is Viking Rurik; - the legislator – Yaroslav the Wise; builders – Vladimir Monomah and John the Third; soldiers is Alexander Nevsky and Dmitry Donsky; The Great Devotee and reducer of the people of Russian is Sergiy Radonezhsky – an embodiment of Michael the Archangel; Pushkin, Suvorov, Kutuzov, Peter the Great, Alexander II, Sofia Kovalevsky, E.P. Blavatsky, E.I. and N.K. Rerich, etc.

Like love and pride to those, who came and it was embodied in Russia from the Shambhala. And now in Russia there are great embodiments, and books are devoted to all great, monuments it are constructed it is very good. And where memory and in what honoring of the Father Heavenly – Michael the Archangel is expressed, and his embodiments – Sergiy Radonezhsky?

Time to be before our Father Heavenly will come; take care that it wasn't necessary to look down as to Pontius Pilate before Christ is. In such minute of people thinks: "It is better for me not to be born".

Michael the Archangel! Father our Heavenly! Yes the Name Your consecrated! They
will be done in all three Worlds (Fiery, Thin Dense). The Reverend Sergiy, we bend the heads before your Greatness and the Great Sacrifice made for the Russian state and its people.

Michael the Archangel is the First Elohim for Jews. It not only is Patron of Russia, all Slavs, but also Patron of Israel. His embodiment: Avel, Noy, Avraham, Faraon Ramcec II, Moisey's, Osiris (twice), Solomon. Jews have come from Noy.

Parting word is to communists.
"Keep the solemn mood in days of grief and grief’s, because the going final division means - COURT. And, departed OSHUYY, are lost for a planet forever, as chose the way. And the fate will be shared by hierarchy darkness because from a Planet will leave‖ – M.:!

1. Odesny - to the right. 2. Oshuyy – to the left.

"Only dead consciousnesses or consciousness’s sleeping are content with the reached. The consciousness goes forward and never stops. It extends in good or the evil, in construction or destruction. Them, destroyers and growing in the evil, or shady side of human essence, we Call people of the LEFT way". (M.:).

It is always written first word, the bearing benefit: Light and darkness, Good and evil, Day And Night, Right (Odesny) and left (Oshuu). Great Maitreya - the First COMMUNIST of our planet, Solar God - RIGHT (Odesny).

Lucifer Jehovah - the Owner of Land, the prince of this world, a planetary satan, a devil - LEFT (Oshuu).

Who ranked communists and socialists as the left? How you think? Each word or thought bears in itself energy - the order to space for a materialization, manifestation. Left -is destroyers. It is a trick of a devil. Therefore communists, as though they didn't try, are doomed by space to destruction. Communists have to call themselves RIGHT. And, if everything, other parties, leave from them to the left, communists will succeed in the noble actions, and left will suffer defeat. Visit a site: http://maitreya-god.net, read all texts. Increase consciousness; only Truth - Wisdom, the Buddhism (Sanskrit) will give knowledge and opportunity to make the correct decisions: to forget about itself and to live for people.
P.S. Jehovah-devil has blocked the websites that didn't watch about him video.