11.Intrigues of Jehovah are a devil.

Chapter 11. Intrigues of Jehovah are a devil.
"Beware the werewolf - Jehovah"
our city in "the House of scientists was N.Kukel artist art exhibition this year on the theme:" Ancient Slav culture» in pictures, admission is free. The canvases depict he pagan gods (Svarog) and other characters (LADA, Iliya Muromec).

SVAROG - DEMIGOD, envious, deceitful and treacherous DEMON demanded a gift of the victims; once a year on fiery burned alive children: the girl and the boy. Dobrynya Nikitich offered polytheism and has weakened influence of the villain. SVAROG – is one of the names of SATAN and DEVIL - JEHOVAH. All stone idols are from a devil; bear information of destruction of human souls. Idols have to be destroyed. From polytheism residents of Kievan Rus' have chosen the Giving God is Michael the Archangel, the Patron of Russia and all rusichey'. In 988 during government of the prince of Vladimir there was a baptism of Kievan Rus', and rusichi's have adopted Christianity. Now Kievan Rus' is buried under devil sects of Svarog-Jehovah.

Brama has dictated the book "Anastasia" with one purpose, to offer Svarog' for worship. Read Semyon Sklyarenko's books: "Svyatoslav", «Vladimir", cultivate in you love to the ancient Homeland and to God. Protect His from powers of darkness. Ukraine is third part Kievan Rus'!

Advertising paintings called "don't be determined by kinship, Iwanami» in other words called remember better past; refer to the Sun God Ra is the Archangel Michael, the word "community" is very good. The Slavs have always lived by the community, the community. After dark on the Saturn, the entire planet will be one world system - Community. The planet Venus people already live in one big community. But to live like this, it is necessary to raise the consciousness of the people. Pagans are from the word "languages" of different Nations. In their time the books, and yes people were illiterate, and knowledge were Adherent. Information received by the Adherent from the higher Forces along the ray of God passed by word of mouth, the "people" of different nationalities. Each time the information is given to consciousness. Now the man is physically perfect and the intellect. Books, Internet have information on theosophy and the occult.

Paganism is our past, passed us in herb (Russian national song-Tales), fairy tales and legends. We live in the present with an aspiration for the future.

The exhibition represented a young woman about 30 years with her girl six years. Both is fair-haired, blue-eyed, exactly personage picture. We got to talking. Her name is Marina. Turns out, they were «damp meal", eat only vegetables and fruits. Says, that the body was clean of slags and slime, and now the very easy is. I showed the portrait of Lord M.: it is said that He her to Show vision and Write answers to all questions everything she to propose in advance, and it will be given. Once she mentally ordered 2 tickets at the box office, and she said: "Only two tickets, for you." on Sunday visited the Temple of Lord Krishna; In visions, she revealed that she lived in India, wore gold jewelry on her head that she had 16 children, one of them is still alive, he is 80 years old. She saw a book of lives-"big and tall". The Great Maitreya says for Marina, is a gift of God.

I told her about you and promised to bring my book. The next day brought to spread and continued yesterday's conversation. She immediately told me that received information about the value of books. She wrote, and she showed the ball over his head. I said goodbye to her is and descending the stairs, I heard: "your books to buy and burn." It said Dodger and a fraudster named Jehovah!
In the afternoon came SMS from Marina, a woman came to view the pictures and she was told that a visitor is very sick, give her a book for free. I replied that don't mind. At began to confuse the werewolf, everything turned upside down. After visiting the exhibition, I devised this text several times. Dark was angry that I had to distribute books, video disks and disks with articles from the site. , sent shockwaves through the darkness I barely escaped through.

Marina and I exchanged SMS on the phone; it was under my influence, Jehovah has worn out her phone and arranged her eviction. She lived with her daughter in a room for visitors. The other day was told that her replacement will arrive. Came to the exhibition; all the visitors crowding around the table, where brisk sale of CDs and books was. I presented himself as a man named Victor, at the age of 60 years. He was elated by the good earnings. And then told her "worldview" and offered me a free disc 4 of its thinking, I refused to follow the Council of Bishop – don't read unnecessary references. The disk nonsense from the darkness white God and black God, do not have names. Advises not touch the dark and only talk about good. Basically total heresy, reminiscent of the "Old Testament", sot concoct Jehovah. At the planetary demon Jehovah's dominant feminine-masculine energy is information – behind, because he is only using her energy for evil. Victor buyers delivered planetary without Jehovah. Likewise he supplied clients Dr. Konovalov for his "healing sessions". The template is valid. Material interest Jehovah – the demon buys weak consciousness. Victor is content. Nervous speech gave the impression that his mouth is a demon.

Content Jehovah – devil lasts from one life to another. Latch as agrimonies (thorn of burdock), try it loaves me alone. Only the Supreme entity can from this demon to protect. People went near him and asked him about future works of author of pictures. "Indra", - he answered. I give reference: - Demigod Indra is a generation of darkness (Jehovah). A devil already placed the image on Yandex in two copies, one next to Great Lord Shambhala and Lordness Shambhala on a sliding seat - show and christened itself of the same name with Ruler. Soon will an artist draw Werewolf Jehovah and writes black God? Or also, how on Yandex? Vanish impure force on Saturn; release us from the presence, provocateur and traffic-controller of all crimes.

But, as is the Marina? She should run away from Victor, break up with him finally and irrevocably. She is a bright incarnation, gene pool and a girl – Angel in heaven, too Bright. This little face, as she has is given as a reward for light lived previous life.

It is a pity that they haven't read the works of the authors mentioned in of books. Next day I brought for distribution and continued yesterday's conversation. They're both Marina and Victor talk about the Great Lord, but not worship Him. Not enough to point the finger on my heart and say that Great Maitreya is here. Must be a Great Teacher's consciousness, then to pick out the various concoctions, sects and factions? Now the difficult time and needs not philosophize and clearly determine -co by whom you? Now is strong confrontation between two opposing forces. No one can remain neutral between light and darkness, between these two opposing forces. Each person must choose one of them; otherwise it will be crushed by them both. Each must have a Teacher of Shambhala and not to depart from it. Otherwise you will be delayed in the funnel of various "exercises"-content‗s. "When Teachers will be recognized as a necessity of food and air, and wear as a robe of the spirit, and then we could say that Exodus has been unbeatable. When with me, I'm in the minds of Excel which is allowed to all. Let no one and nothing has power distance from teacher. "Remember these words of the Great Maitreya and go on with their lives, united in silver thread of his heart and Great Heart the Teacher. Then you can point the finger at heart, Teacher, Maitreya is here. Start with the living ethics teaching.

Luminous intensity shall respect the free will of man, should be requested to send to the way of truth only Supreme entity can protect against all attacks of the dark Great Maitreya, a reliable shield. Adore the Lord of Light – Great Maitreya. This will be your electoral vote in support of good and justice. Paganism, raw food diet, "Anastasia" is «bait" from Jehovah- devil, to pick up the voice of the Lord Light - М. and many of her swallows. (Fish too swallow the bait, not suspecting that the inside of the hook and turns on the Pan). Various "nonsense" scripts, possession-from one source. The author and screenwriter of "Anastasia" is demigod Brama (chaos), patron of Jehovah-the devil. Brama is supporter of involution and therefore an enemy of mankind. The opposition Forces of Light: Brama, Jehovah, Indra. Brama is of roof planetary satan. Brama bothered to sit in Lotus (see video), write scenarios of destinies human. In the interval between cycles, when the errors of the previous cycle, to take them into account and not to repeat in the future, Brama may delete with Lotus. The demon of the Universe Brama is in a lotus, ABSURDITY! And why in the lotus didn't get the pederast Jehovah with Indra? All hierarchy of darkness would be assembled.

False information is disseminated in the post-Soviet space, aimed against our Patron, Archangel Michael. Supreme Divine essence-Absolute sees everything and hears. Everyone will get their due. Is the election company - Light or darkness, God or the Devil? The ballot is worship! Choose-the Archangel Michael, the head of our Solar system and planetary satan Jehovah. The evolution of mankind, or the death of the planet! Signs of light: the aspiration of the future growth in mind, the desire to aristocratism.

Read the living ethics books and will not be receiving. Spiritual illiteracy is the reason of all falling.

2. Nikas Safronov. Appeared advertising of an art exhibition of Nikas Safronov, and in the same day visited it. There were many pictures, including on a spiritual subject. The exhibition occupied four halls, and in one of them there was an enormous flat TV on which screen there were pictures of naked women with the cat's heads. The woman - a cat, persuasion devil! N. Safronov brought an animal from Egypt; - saw a cat in a telecast. Both at an art exhibition and after there was at me a condition of depression, despondency. I couldn't understand, 48 what occurs? Before me there were at an exhibition two my employees and expressed the opinion in a word "awfully". And other visitors expressed the opinion the word "awfully". In some days repeatedly went on an exhibition; in a hall there were enough visitors. Pictures good, - a delicate work, but all the same on heart there was dissatisfaction. After each visit wrote laudatory articles and transferred them to a site (about the condition kept silent), but each time the next day deleted, - couldn't remove, astrals from Jehovah devil power of thought again restored them understood that at an exhibition there is an influence of powers of darkness. N. Safronov has obsession Jehovah devil; it and a trip to Egypt arranged to it. When H.C. was in Egypt, to it suggested to visit a pyramid for special persons. It with the guide came in underground labyrinths, and suddenly to the guide it became bad, - it apologized and left, having promised to send other guide. About it forgot, but there was a cat, which brought him out of labyrinths; it took away it with itself as the rescuer. Cats are thrown by powers of darkness, through them there is an obsession (one of options). Showed visions to the artist is a devil Jehovah; his method – to strike consciousness of the person with "miracles".
Jehovah devil hires people to Saturn, - talented people, - in its army only underworld are necessary to it. The Era of Jehovah devil is noted by humiliation of the woman. The poisoning energy went from the TV screen from Jehovah on visitors of an exhibition. For N. Safronov an exit one - to remove a cat from the house, to burn pictures of female cats and to look for protection! A female cat is the reason, energy - a consequence. The person is the intermediary between Space and the planet and is the conductor of energy. Any planet can't exist without mankind. What energy in the person are, such he also attracts from Space, filling with them Earth. The person is the main destroyer of aura of our planet and its body. Jehovah devil uses works of the artist for filling of the planet negative energy to blow up it and to leave to Saturn! The history with the woman from Rostov too is arranged by Jehovah devil. There are attacks to the victim, - devil hypnosis. On NTV there arrived a woman from Rostov (the Armenian, single mother of the immense sizes, possesses a good vocal), and told that on vacation got acquainted with N. Safronov, showed a photo embracing it and its book with the donatives signature. Allegedly he invited her in the room of the hotel and …. N. Safonov looks at it, laughs and says that she not in his taste and it for the first time sees it; my book and my handwriting. Journalists made investigation; it appeared, the group in Rostov works: fabricate proofs (forge handwriting, a photo) and file a lawsuit. The beloved left N. Safronov and gave a condition: to prove innocence. H.C. filed a lawsuit with payment of 1 million (?) for moral damage. The woman confessed in everything, she four put won, and on the fifth made a mistake. She answered N. Safronov: "And where will take you one million? Whether" N. Safronov received 1 million and whether his woman came back to it, ask it (on the Internet). Here than Jehovah devil applying on "I Is" is engaged. And women!? Leave in trouble of the men! Let Hilary Clinton will be an example for them; case with her husband - work of Jehovah devil. Monica and Clinton were under hypnosis!

I have sent article to the website, I have lain down on a sofa, I have relaxed and suddenly before me Jehovah has presented the computer and on the website my article English-speaking. In the top part I broke lines, an arch bent paragraphs, covered article top with white spots, lower - have closed darkness. Jehovah is a devil; the citizen of New-York has grown furious. The werewolf already was before me after ch. 6, with a sheet of paper - shook before me the text. It is time to comprehend the deadlock way, - and not to be a laughing-stock. But at first "Black-god" - Jehovah leave the Russian Internet of "Yandeks" and stop sating brains of Slavs with false information, to brainwash them in sects. Some texts to Brama to me are dictated by Jehovah. When I am exempted from his influence and I try to remove, an astral, on his pointer, blocks my website. After Jehovah showed me vision: are a black grave and a cross. My site was removed, but in three days restored, - I have a copy.