12. Ramayana (indian epos).

Chapter 12. “Ramayana" (Indian epos).

«No one holds sway over a great Time –
Destiny said Rama, and it is itself
Not a current»

1. Introduction. Aster death of Atlantis where there lived black magicians, sorcerers, their small amount escaped on Lanka's (island Ceylon) island. At the head of Lanka there was Rávan’s tsar (an embodiment of Jehovah). Since then, in three worlds, there is no rest. Rávan’s – Jehovah exterminated good and creates the evil.

How to stop it? Gods decide to be embodied on Earth because only the terrestrial husband is capable to overcome Ravana. God – Guardian Vishnu has to be born strong in Shape of the son of tsar Dasharatha, other gods in shape of monkeys – assistants it in future fight with the leader Ravana – Jehovah.

Vishnu – Logos the First, invested by energy, in connection with the fifth principle, Reason, becomes a creative monad, force.
2. Ayodhya is the city in India, in which there lived tsar Dasharatha. Residents comprehended "Veda" mind ennobled, and were held in respect. The tsar observed a debt to inhabitants, the world stored, and people were a match for the tsar.

"Didn't know in Ajodhya self-interest, gloating, Deception, hunters there wasn't to foreign wealth.

From a century didn't know envy, lie and insidiousness Happy and one fault inhabitants of a kingdom are".

"Any who predominated in the house, couldn't be extolled, as the sort flourished and is the capital prospered. Executed the avidities, not recognizing a shrine, Ignoramuses and atheists weren't there and in mention. The citizen grain, horses and cattle" owned.

Heart pure were. Not in the city of torturers and soiled, freaks, fools and haters. "Houses durable and good-heart kept
the husbands surrounded with posterity from wives faultless.

Ayodhyá to the master – foes terrible army Was given, as to month clear is star army". Four sons were born at the Tsar, he considered the sons the best in the world, four hands from the Fatherly body. Four!

But the Rama fine that is more expensive to Brahma than others is it appeared, to the fatherly heart, which is a match for a world-holder, - it was in human shape – Vishnu pretrial is asked by gods that Ravana the brutal would find the death, and villainy came to an end in the world. Mother that filled up with the Rama family towered.

3. Rama (Vishnu Avatar) – Face beauty the unknown, great heart, valorous, peaceful, cheerful, is tender, friendly, worthy.

"He looked for societies of the wise, for conversations leisure love didn't feed, and owned, as the man the tool". "It was the silver-tongued orator; eloquence isn't gab, the courage wasn't proud, avoided a conceit". It was mercy, it is available, the truth lover, knew laws reserved, sacred considered family devotion, to entertainments bad isn't committed. It was young, fine and healthy.

"And the Rama the people loved also Ayodhyá the possessor for that his virtue shone as the Sun. And Dasharatha tsar thought about the dear son:
On a kingdom having grown old, pleasures to wait to me how long? I want to see during lifetime the Rama on a throne"! Rama of roads to the people, but demons is afraid of it. Any tsar couldn't reach it perfection.

4. Sita, daughter of the King, personified by the goddess Lakshmi is the goddess
of good luck and creativity. Young wife of King Rama is. "The three world heaven, Earth and over ground until now not seen equal to you the beauty of a goddess!

You Are Lakshmi? L ' lie can heavenly maid?
One is that you're not born from the womb!
The Garland of lotuses gentle, you like your
Dazzling gold and silver skin is.

Beautiful smooth sharp teeth innocently Sparkle with its whiteness, like Jasmine buds.
O, Devi, with rounded hips, sweet mill

the designation, as the fruit filling, velvety is and ruddy.
Will fate Rama and Sita in the forest.
The satin inhabitant, in a hut covered with leaves
Sinless Prince spoke with his brother and Site ".
He told them a parable.
One ugly rakshas (demon) there came in search of wild game, Bore the name Šurpanhoj for the ugliness, the claws, legs betray with wingover similarities.

And her eyes had a Rama, beautiful as thirty gods. Soft curls, glitter elongated eyes. And Brown similar to Lotus guise, and royal insignia, and the pace of the youngest. Cap this poor, croak, disgusting hairy, disgusting voice, copper-red with dark curls was and sully woman, licking redhead was the Buddha Went and told the brother Ravana, a beautiful wife from the Rama. Ravana was married and had children. Goddess Ravana could not marry; he possessed earthly energies.

Demons of Ravana attacked the Holy hermits, devoured them and their sacrifices to the gods.

"Bend over the carrion of hell devil incarnate; a rakshasa (demons) PIR carnivorous. Vigilant sky howls from blood, meat, so they enjoyed an ugly dance. As satisfying! How delicious! We are excited! We are excited! Screaming is night vampire blood suckers. A great many demons dance, foods and bone marrow and fat. They were millions, millions, millions; their evil horrified the world shocked! They had fun, they are joy l meat living becomes a carrion? Where the blood where people misfortune, there is a devilish forces walking, to feast"!

"Bowed on carrion Hades devil incarnate; is rakshasa (demons) feast "devouring corpses". Vigilant sky howl of blood "were filled with meat, they enjoyed the" dance "ugly as satisfying! How delicious! We are excited! We are excited! Shouting "blood suckers" at night, drink blood. A great many demons "danced", "ate" and the bone marrow and fat. They were millions, millions, millions; their evil horrified the world shocked! They had fun, - for them is "joy" that meat living becomes a carrion? Where the field of blood, where mountain people, there is a party and devilish forces feast». Stolen human wives to Ravana: "This is our custom that has become our booty's wife human" says Ravana. Demons are eaters of raw meat and blood. "Shook the whole of Lanka whistling and Gula, behemoth slept and eye it is not in to link is the brother of Ravana was sleeping and breakfast" meat (raw) have put the dishes and jugs of blood ".

5. The abduction of Sita. After hearing about the sieve, Ravana decided to steal it. His brothers were banned: "Kill your Rama. When Sita was left alone, Ravana was pretending to be holy-dole.

"Wearing an edits was ten head noble like a quagmire where grown herbs.

He silently observed the beautiful Rama friend that faces of yours, as the Moon covered the district. Pretending to be a beggar, demons and fearsome ruler in the guise of restrained the wife of a seducer ".

SITA asked him who he was."I am the demon king Ravana, the all-powerful". And invited her become Queen of Lanka.

"To amuse oneself to one’s heart’s content wished you wife pious and think husband
steal that elected the God equal?
Among kingly lion and Jackal distinction do not know. Remember that you are against the Rama, a great husband
As opposed to the ocean-pool go evil".

Here the Lord of demons took his original appearance; is awesome He pulled his hair, and the Situation with the other hand cupped the hip and suffered in his chariot. Along the way she blew off part of his yellow silk dresses and dumped in a forest monkeys, so they transferred the message Rama. "Don't be afraid" – stolen Virgin whispered in sadness trees that bird refuge quietly rocked.

Moisture drowsy, grieving for a lost friend International stinking lotuses fishes scurrying in fright.

Covered fury animals left the thicket, and long ran for shadow Princess flying, in tears
– Waterfalls-tops stony faces, cliffs like hand, to lift in sorrowful Creek.

And the Sun without gloss, such dingy circle tear-stained noble girlfriend of the Rama. No honor or conscience in the world; We see firsthand, how Sita takes Bishop flying at night.

And all the different eyes, living in more often the Virgin of sorrow, eyes timidly to stare. Sita gave birth to an elderly King sobs Hawks, who stood up for Sita and destroyed the chariot, broke his bow and arrows. Ravana chimed in Situ and flew away with her to Lanka. Lock her up in a Grove, to the Palace, guarded by demons. Rama and his brother happened upon a dying King of the Hawks, who managed to say "the demon Overlord took her to the South. Don't despair, you will find Sita and kill in a duel Ravan ". Suffering anguish for Site Rama: "ABOUT! Bird voices in the choir are to grow silent on my soul bring not joy but sorrow. ABOUT! I live in the in to think minus charming, whose speech sweetly-sound, wrapped in pampering your eyelashes is. Without the wonderful voice, with a silky curtain, curls without those concerned spring holiday. But painful life without my sweetly eyes Princess! Her eyes like lotus cf. "thousand million voices».

Rama said the capital on the island of Lanka, Ravana in the middle of the ocean, there's the demon Ravana took Sita.

Rama and his brother collects army build a bridge for five days. Hanuman, the son of the wind God flies to Lanka in search of Sita. While searching is for Sita, toured the city.

6. Lanki (Ceylon).
"On the country, its Golden Gates and temples watched amazement associate of the Great Rama. In her bridge sparkling with precious stones, Crystal, pearls, lapis azure is and other insertion. Was every aperture of delightful towers? Casting gold and silver smothery adorned ". Hanuman crouched in the bushes and sees a half-animal monsters, shaven Crown, and oblique on the nape, Shorty-freaks.

Decent Hanuman saw idle mired in drunkenness and other temptations. I heard name-calling, swearing, women with lovers lay sleeping many women lied in luxurious robes. "One of the other sat on the thighs, gallons, on the buttocks, arms and breasts nude. Hands, interlacing to wine obsessed partiality, in a dream thin torso to glint each other with direct implication. And their Lord, gathered together seemed like a Garland, stuck round by Roy Bee ".

7. Ravana is the embodiment of Jehovah (devil, satan).
Climbing on a ladder, Hanuman saw drunken Ravan; like a ferocious tiger. From there followed the ruler of monkey and Tiger eyes fierce she looked pissed, Elephant-Ravana Yarun, tired of frantic estrus, odorous Whopper sleep fell near the River. Thick Gold Bracelet, arm in arm, rot tear up huge fist as Mace, elephant head. Women around him and to rub sandal, on all fingers sparked countless signet rings with stones. The breeze is the ruler of the demons "smelled" home brew and gaze intimidate pharynx to gape. On the breast of the Pearl strand:"Shirt and slipped from the scars on his body, to bear and regally-yellow cover saves on bed. Snake hisses of breath, naked to the waist, lying "Lord" in a dream sound sleep rest.

And elephant, washed by waters of the Ganges River, on the shallow sleep, matched with the Lanka Bishop. «In the embrace of Ravana slept drunken dancer, singer at the emerald earrings, diamond pendants. (Ravana ten-head, twenty-hand – he left ten bodies physical, he changes them).

8. Refectory Ravana is Jehovah.
"Like a cloud in a blaze of summer lightning, prostrate on carpets lay red-eyed scented sandal, grated He looked like, awesomely hissing snakes... Luxury lodge stood in the refectory of Ravana, for feasting, drinking food-drinks stand to be radiant with beauty abyss littered everywhere bracelets - lost in the refectory of the beauties. He saw the girl managed to appropriate levels, wine intoxication in sweet sleep is loaded. Some amazing beauties light and lion Plaint skin and swarthy skin with molten gold are similar. In the abode of demons menacing wall surrounded by, slept, satiety the lusts of the flesh, Ravana' wife, - their bodies relaxed were potation heady their faces like lotuses night versus day faded ...‖ And there was the beautiful Sita in them.

9. Hanuman With only is one eye and nose at the crown of the head.
Darkness – tests the demons red, mincing, and quarrelsome, abominable, quick, vicious, swearing, fight. Ears, cow, monkey, elephant, asses’ and bearish, a reindeer face, jackal, tiger’s. His nostrils vast sizes, crooked, awkward, noses, just the trunk, meaty and tripe form. And it is still u freak tadpole noiseless, upper lip seemingly due to gape mouths. Bullock, camel abusive pharynx mare all notes in shame word abundance. Rowdies have drinks, as at an ox, a camel, a mare, on all shameless words brought down in abundance. They tormented it animal carcasses and hungrily pour alcohol animal soul. «Fright these are around the tree, beneath which the crying Virgin (Sita). Hanuman hid in the morning and heard as demons read "Vedas" and the court singers, to glorify ten head the Lord of demons. Ravana asked Sita to become his wife: "Aloe Vera, sandalwood and stones, precious to shimmer necessary you Sieves than these posts contemplation. Precious stones and gold will get beyond measure ". Sita meets a weak voice, "I belong to the frame! Anger will get you inevitably Radha descendant. Did you to keep one’s feet low dog in front of the Rama? Raging hard bold speeches and Sita, Ravana threatens the Princess's death.

Hanuman, Rama, burns Lanka (capital) and sent to the frame with a report about the seat of Sita. To light Hanuman and owners of luxurious houses easily converted fire victims ".

Rama is going to Lanka. Learn about the arrival of the troops of Lanka, Rama. The virtuous younger brother of Ravana, Vibhishana sounds the leader of the demons? "It is not too late, my brother. Regain, to return wife to beg his forgiveness. Otherwise death threatens you, and our entire family. The strength of the Rama is boundless, and revenge
is horrible ". Ravana not heed the wise words of a brother. He decides to start a war with the valiant, collects demons in his palace. He said that the passion for Princess Sita baked his heart. Sita unruly, she asked for a year's time, waiting for her husband. But he never returns the Rama of his old wife. Only Kumbhakarna, another younger brother of Ravana, the ruler of the great’s forces (the gods themselves are in fear of this force and sent it is deep sleep, from which he only wakes up one day, every six years, what would satisfy your hunger, eat raw meat and drink a jug of blood) only Kumbhakarna ponders foolishness is, injustice, brother, but still he promises support and swears to kill Rama and exterminate his army. The demon Ravana asks Mahakaršva; Why not take a nice Situation. Ravana replied that it was unable to do so. Once he took the power of the divine beauty Pandžikashalu. Blazing offense, she retired in the halls of Grandparent. Angry Lord cursed him, saying, "Now, if you take away the woman by force, your head will break in a thousand pieces". But didn't is a scatter head of the lascivious dog Jehovah.

10. The battle between Rama and Ravana is.
"Irate Rama saw shelves and wife, Infinite’s to stick round hills and valleys ". Vibhishana, Ravana's younger brother warns of war with Rama. It does not listen and he with four faithful companions goes on the side of the Rama. Rama to name Vibhišanu future ruler of Lanka is "And arrows that were saturated with snake poison prevent two brothers fought near Regal.

In the nostrils and ears stuck, lost it twisting the dust between the earthly and barbed heavenly rock. The bodies were laying there, demons, mountains similarity and dartboard piles and of hammers clumps were laying.

And demons Rama to surround hell to surrounding the darkness, and clouds tossed, boom laughing Sinless. But Rama shot arrows at their center. Six times and pierced it six Flying at night ". The duel between Rama and Ravana is repeated many times. The King of the demons offered to return Sita, but he refuses. "Their arrows, each-friend cracked, raining down on the ground. So Rama is fought with fierce Demon Prince "."Predicted the death of Ravana is said wheeled – gods, and today he is the death of the prey ". Itself Supreme has handed to Rama an arrow, in her edge there was a flame and the sun burning – "The Striking Beam". "The arrow menacing vital forces to the center the imperial son Rama has let in lord "Flying at Night" And Ravana?

The spirit of emitting, and bow and arrows out of hand, he dropped his eyes clouded over, necrosis. Ravana dies, evil dissipates, and peace and calm reigned in the universe. Rama took revenge for an insult, killing Ravan, freed the Princess. But that was a long time in the House of another, according to the frame may not be accepted by high kind of husband. After all, it was the desecration of Ravana, her eyes full of aspirations. And the mighty Rama abandons his wife. Her experience, Sita disappears into the flame, and in this moment her hands makes the God of fire, Agni. Rama and Sita together and even, when leave from a physical cover, rise to the Thin World and there meet, and more leave never.

It is the embodiment of Jehovah-Ravana-drunkenness, debauchery, stealing other people's wives, eat meat and blood became final fall and caused his physical elimination. Red-eyed, ten head’s twenty hand Ravana mired in a matter-he had 10 physical bodies. But this is not the last fall of the Jehovah's witnesses. Through thousand years Jehovah in next embodiment stole a wife (embodiment of Goddess Lakshmi) for God Krishna (embodiment of Great Maitreya) and held her for itself two years. She had with a son (embodiment of Б.Н.Abramov') to be hidden many years; there was a threat of life. How much grief climbed down, how many suffering had been outlived, to reach to the high level of consciousness.

After physical elimination (after death) Jehovah thought up the REVENGE PLAN, - from this point it was reckoned "from world creation" Jehovah. This date it presented to future Jews is. In September, 2014 execute 5775 years from world creation on to the Jewish calendar? To Lemur, Atlantis, Lanka Jehovah decided to forget also laid the foundation to new crimes. Jews occurred of Noy, which rescued them from a flood in Lemuria. Noy is embodiment Michael the Archangel’s, Lord of the Shambhala. The epic of Jews is given in video "Mahabharata‖. The plan to sweep:

1. To carry out population recruitment.
2. To blow up the Planet before leaving to Saturn.
Rama - God (Vishnu's Avatar)! Ravana (Jehovah) - a devil.)
You look on voy tube: video "Vishnu Puran", from 63 series Ramayana is.