13. Demon Universe Bramah is the Patron of Jehovah-devil

Chapter 13.

Demon Universe Bramah is the Patron of Jehovah-devil.
Bramah from the root "brih" – grow, or to extend, left from nevel of the Vishnu’s. Bramah is creator of material world and spiritless. It – Logos, the demon; all demons are demigods. Darkness has a hierarchy too, and heads it Demigod Bramah. All positions in Space are selective. Earlier the hierarchy of darkness consisted: Bramah, "Lucifer" and Jehovah. Solar Gods and demons shall work in a single rhythm. Spirit and matter is one. Withdrawal of hierarchy of darkness from ways Light began since Lemuria and it was finally shown in 4000 years BC. All cycle of board Jehovah on Earth, Bramah cherished a dream to participate in the election campaign. For this action was our small Planet is chosen. Under the leadership of Bramah "Lucifer" managed the representative on to the earth – Jehovah (Owner of land). In 1942 forces shall go to of darkness to Saturn. There was in space a war ARMAGEDDON (1931 – 1949). Fight was conducted by energies. To delay luminous intensity, Jehovah opened for the second the front – World War II. The scriptwriter is Jehovah (under direct management of Bramah). Hitler – Jehovah's embodiment with breaks in time. In 1949 "Lucifer" was expelled in Silence of Silence (deprivations of the right voices) on the second plan to Bramah. Now the Hierarchy of darkness consists: Bramah, Jehovah and Indra. Jehovah created to himself 4 deputies, that is imparted knowledge of black magic and sorcery to foul; one of them is Indra. The one, who received similar information too devil.
In Hierarchy of darkness there is a prohibition on consciousness growth, only worship higher is recognized on Hierarchies, that who is material and spiritless - to demons. For the rest is permissiveness. Esoteric is secret Knowledge's, hidden from all, are intended only devoted. Eksoterica is for the people. Christ Gave Knowledge's, but priests (under the influence of darkness) rejected a key to understanding of the Doctrine of Christ, complete esoteric. Eso - what is inside (for the elite), ekso – is outside (for all).
From the first days of the beginning of a cycle of board to this day, Jehovah decayed itself and pulled along the population Planets also reached the last stage of decomposition. Jehovah was the Lord of the Moon and to him God Gave Direct to create first person; Jehovah hesitated. Information went on a chain: from below up through "Lucifer" to Bramah and back.
Who managed Jehovah? Bramah through the intermediary! All decrees went from Bramah; to create the first people without brains, to carry out Them through all types of sexual perversions and crimes (to create electorate). * For whom Bramah prepared this trap? Jehovah suggested Spirits of the Flame to Give to people without brains the highest principles (demons wanted to acquaint them with the crimes), but They Refused, and Created beautiful human forms, everyone in the destiny. Demons miscalculated. God has Give Direct to Jehovah: "In what was created also you enter". The person without brain doesn't perceive information from consciousness. The first people (lunar demons) led by Jehovah there were zoophiles. After Jehovah made crops on Earth of sexual perversions (all types). Bramah wanted others to degrade people, but the devil got to this trap and drudge 432 thousands of years.
Jehovah entered a stopper and can't leave yet; the psychiatric hospital on it cries. "Creators" of the first people were: demon Jehovah and "lunar pitri". Solar Deities whom Bramah applying violence realized in the environment demons, directly left to the Sun. Jehovah is brainwash Bramah, whose representative on Earth he is. Later Apocalypse in Lemuria Jehovah was realized on Atlantis along with Bramah. For what Bramah was realized on Earth? That creates "a darkness brotherhood" from sorcerers and black magicians. At Bramah the thought was shown to become Supreme, but in Space governs Light, but not darkness. Exceptions to the rules don't happen. The Supreme Deity, the Absolute was approved by this Law!
In Atlantis there was a Golden Age; God has Give to people of Knowledge's, to create everything power of thought. At this time Atlanta constructed Pyramids in Egypt. Stone blocks is facilitated (turned into astral) and as matchboxes, transferred to a construction, then materialized. Presently on the Planet there are no cranes to lift the stone block, from which Pyramids are constructed. Cutting of blocks was made by power of thought, previously a stone from material conditions turned into astral. God Gave Knowledge's, to distract demons from material benefits and to lift consciousness. But they built to themselves palaces, created jewelry, fine fabrics for clothes, reveled desires also forgot about God. To whom did they worship? To the demon Bramah! In Atlantis at Bramah the son was born Pulastia (the embodiment of the demon), and at Pulastia the grandson (the devil incarnate of Jehovah) was born. After death Atlantis group of demons led by Jehovah were salvaged on the island Lanka (Ceylon). And Pulastia it was realized on Ceylon. Under hypnosis of the Demon Bramah Jehovah (tsar Lanki) organized bacchanalias – low desires.
The Lord of Shambhala Was realized as Ramah' Avatars to pacify a devil and to save people from its influences. Bramah, being in the Fiery World, created the artful scenario, sent it power of thought to Space and all it was performed. Pulastia is Bramah’ son, a collector "Vishnu Puran" based on which it is created movie of the same name. In it are mute several short stories and the poem "Ramayana" which author is the poet Valmiki, Avatar Rama contemporary. (Avatar is Degression of the Highest Spirit, God). This movie is on youtube and on Fasebook. Those, who will watch video pay attention to the "wise man in a crown" sitting in lotus. This is Bramah, the Demon of the Universe, the main villain of our Planet and mankind. In the Lotus, by the right of Space, the true WISE MAN, God Good and Compassions, God Love and Light, God Vishnu stays!
Remember, it is not a trifle, Bramah of crowned, yearns for power, he knows that Space all materializes. Not to happen to it!
Bramah in India declared himself the Highest. Jehovah in the Bible repeats, calling himself Supreme and Almighty. Why to us two liars easy riders: Jehovah and Bramah? In our Universe there is God, the Father of the Universe, Vishnu. And in Boundlessness there is an Almighty – the ABSOLUTE, the Supreme Deity. Under control of Bramah the devil began to dictate the nonsense (Torah) to prophets then to call it Old Testament. Notice, there is no Knowledge in the Torah, these are Chronicles, the Chronicle of the tribe of Jews. Is at Jews "The secret mystical Doctrine" from five books, but it was only for Ravines (the Egyptian priests).Demons was covered with the word "Gods", but began to separate for a gain of the power on the Planet. Bramah created in India caste of "Bramins" which members apply for the highest caste. Demons yearn for power, and at the same time, hire on Saturn. Spiritual ignorance of people is the scariest diagnosis of mankind. Religions God is given, church fathers are obliged to know esoteric and to intelligibly explain to people, considering their level of development. But churchmen can give nothing because most of them are under the influence of darkness.
The highest caste in India – Kshatries here cultural wealth is preached. Pupil the Lord' of Shambhala, Svami Vivekananda told to Christians of India: "If they call themselves Christians, then why they don't live as there Lived Christ"? Because Christians accepted the SATANISM from the Old Testament (Torah) imposed violently Bramah through a devil Jehovah. Jehovah even not the personality, he is broken by hypnotic paralysis Universal Villain Bramah. Pay attention to the attitude of a devil (chapter 4) towards the son and the wife? Who to it palmed off a cat with a dog? Why he cried, tears were shed by a flow; because it is powerless before hypnosis of the Demon Bramah, but can't descend from a track. And killed with the axe, and dismembered Gods hands of a devil it the patron is Bramah.
"Lucifer" was removed to Bramah, in Silence silence (derivate voting powers). Bramah won't be behind a back of "Lucifer" any more, personally itself manages a devil. Whether has the right Bramah to sit down in the Lotus – a symbol of purity, aspiration, the benefit, trust and spirit? "In Space, in visibility and its invisibilities, spirit and matter are indivisible, one without another nothing. Consolidation of the Beginnings gives the birth to everything to real exist Logos' of both Beginnings. This Highest Mystery of Life was reduced to rough phallic cult". (A.Y., reference book 16/170).
From Bramah in India the temple in which instead of the priest preaching the Truth it is mounted is built stone three-meter penis. The temple bas-relief (several tiers) offers in sculptures inside and outside zoophile (horses, pigs) and different types of sexual perversions. This temple is a shame for India. Such method of decomposition of mankind chose Bramah for seizure of power in the Universe. Demons-perverts (demigod *Bramah and a devil Jehovah) are torn to autocracy on the Planet and in the Universe, applying a method of sexual decomposition. Overweight of darkness admirers of desires, underworld and spiritual ignoramuses constitute.
Worship of Great Maitreya liquidates overweight of darkness and will salvage all! The name Lot came from the word Lotus (aspiration). His wife looked back to the burning city the Row and turned into a salt column. It is an allegory.
Don't look back in the past, only aspiration in the future, to Knowledge, in it our SALVATION from death physical and spiritual. Bramah is Logos darkness, material Beginning. He doesn't want friendship of Spirit with matter, so breaks the Law of Space. Bramah from Logos turned into the Demon. Violation of Laws of Space by demons cast a shadow on Solar Gods. Mother World Created Hierarchy Light and demons were shown in a true appearance; now darkness decays for flowers of Light. Desires of all types are imposed to the population by the Demon Bramah through Jehovah: brothels, websites of Gays, parades of Gays.
For advertizing of the program for decomposition of mankind uses TV, sects. Low consciousness is bought by material benefits. Everything who works for darkness, their future is Saturn.
Bramah, to win in the election campaign "staked" our Planet and mankind. The universal villain shifted the basis and allowed mighty forces of Chaos to the shown world of our minor planet. Bramah broke balance of elements, generated the mass of pernicious brown gas (imperil). And, having created these terrible reasons, cast the Planet into decomposition Chaos. Such is consequences of government of the Demon Bramah and his improvised devil of Jehovah. Bramah destroys the Planet and corrupts a devil perversions and crimes. Jehovah, in turn, repeats Bramah' actions in relation to 7 billion population of the globe. For salvation of the Planet and mankind it is necessary to reduce urgently a transition period and to send dark to Saturn to earlier planet-wide tragedy the Apocalypse. Let's not appeal to Heavens to Salvage us and our House from death. Salvation depends also on our cooperation with Heavens: balance and Worship of God, Great Maitreya!!!