14. Avatar Vishny

Chapter 14.
Avatar Vishnu.

Maitreya is Supreme the Father of the Universeу.
"That is what ever exist?
– Space! "(E.P. Blavatsky "R.I.")
Vishnu is derived from the root “vish” is to penetrate, enter into the nature of the entity. Light I am; I am the Nous (Mind or Manu is the Divine Man). I am your God; I am more ancient than human beginning. I am the embryo of thoughts, the Word to shine, the Son of God. All that sees and hears in thee is the word of Teacher. It is the thought (Mahat, which features a Sky God, the Father).
Heavenly Ocean, Ether ...is the breath of Father, the invigorate Beginning; Mother is the Holy Spirit; because they cannot be divided and their merge is life. “Secret Doctrine” does not put the Life of Father, who is third one and is “Mother's Son”, at the head of the evolution, but regards him as the “eternal and everlasting breath of all Things”. Mahat (Cognition, Universal Spirit, Thought, etc.) before manifest himself as Brama or Shiva, manifests as Vishnu, because he, like Logos, has several aspects. Mahat (Thought) is called the Lord in the primary creation, and in this sense He is the World Cognition or the Divine Thought. The term “God the Father” means the seventh principle in man and the Space. This principle is inseparable in its Essence and nature of the space principle.
Vishnu has Bramah and Shiva. “Bramah” from the root “brih” – to grow or spread, appeared from the navel of Vishnu and the eye of Shiva.
Vishnu - Bramah is an infinite space where Gods are, Manu, Rishi and everything that exists in this Universe, is only the Forces. The space is initiated by God. Occultist accepts Revelation as coming from the Divine, but still finite Beings, visualized Lives, but not from the visualized Single Life; from the entities, called the first-born men: Buddha, Kogany, Rishi, the Pradjapati (Lords), Elohim, Planetary Spirits of all peoples who were the Gods for people.
“Glory the invariable Holy, eternal, unchangeable, highest Vishnu, unified, the world nature, the potent of all; that who is Hirania, Hari and Shankar Garbha (Brama, Vishnu and Shiva), the Creator, Maintaining and Regenerator of the world. Glory the Vasudève, the Liberator (of his worshippers); glory to him, whose essence is unified and diverse; who is refined and material, disunited and not disunited. Glory to Vishnu, the final reason of liberation; Kudos the Highest Vishnu, the reason of the creation, existence and the end of the world, he is the root of World and that who consists of the world.”
Vishnu is the First Logos invested by energy and in conjunction with the fifth principle, the Reason, - becomes the force.
“Vishnu is Narayana, the Spirit, Who is the invisible Flame, Who burns, but does not ignite everything He touches, and gives the life and power of generation. All of the Messiahs are Avatars of Vishnu, because they belong to the Single Ego. Maitreya is the First and the Savior, the King of Kings, the Teacher of Teachers. In «Secret Doctrine” He is Sanat Kumar, the Lord (among the Lords), Lord of Moria, the Ruler of the World, Lord of Shambhala or Great Manu of the Sixth Race, the of Lunar dynasty, demon; angry, proud and conceited. All kingships conquered his self, forcing himself to God his subjects demanding worship yourself. Obsessed with revenge and anger to Vishnu, he wants to achieve His omnipotence and goes to the Himalayas to spend "ascesa" appeal to demigod Brama. To achieve his goal stood barefoot on the ice in the mountains, all covered with snow, is covered with bristles, without food or water. And wait – was the Brama that not all his requests granted, but something gave a ... Hiran-ya Kašipu decided that he fooled Gentlemen Gate and now invulnerable and has continued to do evil. Permissiveness and impunity also have a limit. What would the Lunar dynasty of Kings, God Vishnu cruelty sends bright embodiment of his son, who is still only in the fetus and womb. Even a Saint might be born in the family of demons. The demigod Indra is afraid that to Hirania Kashipy will get after "ascesa" force and will transfer her to the newborn. Indra wants to kill the child, yet not been born. While to Hirania Kashipy was absent, Indra stole his pregnant wife to kill her. Before it the wise man that convinces him was not to do it because the child in the future will reorganize a demonic sort. The wise man takes away the woman to him, and every day repeats mantras with Vishnu name; the child in a womb of mother repeats them after him.
Was born boy by name Prochlad which with mother, with the permission of the father, remained at wise man for some years also I acquired all bases of the Doctrine The return of son and wife brings joy to his father, Vishnu and refreshments in the name repeats worships. Hiran-ya Kašipu decides to physically eliminate son (he killed all those who worshipped Vishnu) and orders him to destroy it. Coolness was imprisoned, baited poison, burned in the fire, they tossed up poisonous snakes, were placed in the cauldron of boiling oil, placed in the darkness, stoked in the sea. But who believes in God is the creator, Vishnu the creator and Caretaker of the whole universe, the no to be drowned and not to burn, nobody and never cause him harm. Can the egotistical false defeat the truth? The Lord is ready to become a fish that drown out the demons. He created the earth not for tyrants. If the Holy people are evil, Lord Vishnu will always come to help. What would the Hirania Kašipu know that there is an entity above him and will always come to my devotees? Lord Vishnu incarnated man-beast and physically eliminated Hiran-ya Kašipu. Refreshments became King and peace and prosperity in the Kingdom.
1.4 Sahasradžun. Not all received power are worthy of it. Who uses it for their selfish purposes, doomed to death? King Sahasradžun hated sages. He burned Ašimy (the area with buildings for housing, and at the same time service a school for pupils receiving religious education) and killed wise, who never took up arms-thought and willpower are for them the Great Lord Maitreya; all these are aspects of the one Supreme Spirit”. (Helena Rerich, “Letters”, vol. 3)
Un manifested God is Infinite, Absolute, Self-Existing and Unconditional as “having no Qualifications”; whereas Manifested God is the Supreme Lord of the Universe is Vishnu, who is presented as “having qualities”. The basic qualities are Existence, Consciousness and Bliss, and the trueness of the person Spirit with its three properties, the activity, cognition and the will, is the limited reflection or the Lord image. Manifested God is the root of the Universe; there is nothing but God. He is the Creator, Builder, and Reviver of His worlds. His life protects them all the time, allotted for their existence, and when it ends, He gets them from a State of separation into His Cohesion. “That who cognized the God, Who has no beginning and the end, who in the solid matter is the Creator of the Universe, Who has infinite image, known the United, penetrating the Universe, will be exempted from all shackles. He creates the Universe; He is the Cause of the Spirit, the Lord of time with quality. He is Omniscient, the Lord of the matter and consciously incarnated beings. He is the Ruler of qualities. He is the Reason for exemption, the existence and slavery. He is similar to Himself, deathless, wise staying in the image of the Ruler, the ubiquitous keeper of this world; there is no other source of domination. When He shows up, everything appears after Him; with His manifestation the whole world is shown. From him are born the Breath, Reason and all the Senses, Ether, Air, Fire, Water and the Earth, the bearing for all of them ... From Him in various ways were born the Bright Ones, Sadhi, the People, Animals, and Birds. Truly, all this is the Eternal One, everything comes from Him, and everything plunges into Him and is kept by Him. (The Upanishads V, 13).
In Buddhism, Vishnu is known as Avalokiteshvara, the creative Wisdom who meets the Brahma – the God.
“The Legendary Avatars (incarnations) of Vishnu are, Rama, Krishna, Kapila, Gautama Budda, Moria (Crists), Maitreya, Kalki the Avatar, the seventh Race, the cycle of Rama. Avatar of Vishnu is an incarnation of Maitreya. This individual consciousness laid the foundation of humanity and this Highest Spirit stands at the head of the Hierarchy of Light, taking the Non-replaceable Watch for Him. “In an age of Crete, Vishnu in the guise of Kapila gives people the true wisdom. In the age of Treta He restrains the evil ones in the image of the World Monarch, protects three races. In an age of Dvapara, represented by Viasy He shares the single Veda on four and divides them into hundreds of branches. (E.I. Rerich, “Letters”, vol. 3).
“Every atom, as we say, could through personal individual achievements and efforts to achieve the plane on which it becomes the whole again. Between Alfa and Omega there is a heavy “path”, bordered by prickles, which initially comes down and then: Wanders constantly going up: Yes, until the very end ...”
“Beginning the way being pure, the Pilgrim descends more and more to the sinful matter. Connecting himself with every atom in the manifested space and, after fighting and suffering in every form of life and Existence, when he identified himself with the collective humanity, he is only on the bottom of the matter, passing through only half of its cycle. He has created the humanity in His likeness. In order to move up and reach your true home, “God” must go back now the by the steep and hard way of Calvary Life. This is the martyrdom of self conscious existence. He must sacrifice Him by Himself to a tone the blame of all the beings and to rise from the “Multitude” in a Single life. Then he truly goes back to Heaven, where, immersed in an incomprehensible Absolute Being and Bliss of Nirvana, He would re-govern outright. Then from there He will come down again in the next “Coming”, which the part of humanity is looking forward to, in understanding of the dead letter as “the Second Coming”, the other one is the same as the last “Kalki Avatar” has. (Helena Blavatsky, “S.D.”).
“And the Spirit of God moved over the water”, or over the great Abyss of Infinite Space. And this Spirit was Narayana, or Vishnu.” “And God said: let there be a Firmament” ... And the Second “God” obeyed and “created the Firmament”. And the God said: let there be Light and there appeared the Light.” (Helena Blavatskaya, “T.D.”).
Below the ten legendary Avatars (incarnations) of Vishnu are listed, which in more details can be met in videos. The last Avatar is like a Christian Second Coming – the Great Advent, Vishnu will come as the Savior of mankind.
We can see a series of Vishnu incarnations, where philosophically, spiritually and physically to the evolution of animal and human is shown. From the fish the double transfiguration He carries the physical form through the image of a turtle, boar and human-lion; and then, manifesting Himself is in the dwarf and Parašuramu who is physically perfect but not spiritually developed substance; then leads a person to a climax of physical and spiritual perfection, the God on the Earth. In Krishna and the other hero of mankind is expressed a philosophical idea about the double human development (physical and spiritual).
In the movie “Ramayana” Monkey King Hanuman, the generalissimo and loyal ally of Rama (Vishnu) is an incarnation of God on Earth. A Hindu sees in the monkey illegitimate branch grafted on his own kind until the final improvements of the latter. The inner man is God, and the physical case is a monkey.
Who manages the Sun, the Moon, who presides over the ocean, is the Creator, Omnipresent, who was born as Rama, Krishna, the one who created all, his name is Vishnu, the Supreme Lord. He created man, but, regarding the actions, He blamed the man on them. Lord Vishnu Gave man knowledge, wisdom, love is and desire.
He obliges man do not let desires obscure the reasons and dominate over him. Our own century, iron or Kali Yuga, the age of darkness, misery and grief, in the throes finishes its existence. This century Vishnu was incarnated, to remove physically the King of Lanka, Ravana, the embodiment of Jehovah, the devil. Then Krishna will be incarnated to give mankind the “Bhagavad Gita” and to teach humanity to keep a single State, not breaking it due to the whims of individuals.
Lord Vishnu gave the “Vedas” and ordered the sages interpret these books to the people. At the beginning of each episode, Goddess Lakshmi tells Mantras from the “Vedas’. For example:
1. People should not neglect the Teachings of the ancient books.
2. The family of the King is his entire Kingdom. All the subjects are members of his family, and he should care about each one.
3. It is necessary to continue life as a change of one to another, accumulating information, people die, but life goes on. “Vedas” will shed the light on us and future of humanity. This knowledge will teach the human relations between Heaven and the Earth, between the body and the soul. The Teaching will inspire people to draw strength from nature; it will teach to love the life. Knowledge will be the light which illumines the path.
1. “Vishnu Puran” – 105 series.
2. “Mahabharata” – 94 series.
3. “Akbar and Dzodha” – 1 series.
In the films are represented the incarnations of the Great Maitreya, the Avatar of Vishnu: Avatar Rama, God Krishna. Avatar is the divine incarnation… Descent ... of the sublime Creature is. Hirania Kašipu is a demon; Ravana is the embodiment of Jehovah, the devil. India is a country of gods and goddesses, incarnated in a human body.
P.S. In the Vedas the Upanishads are as Gabbalah in Judaism.