14. Avatar Vishny

Chapter 14. Avatar Vishny.
Great Maitreya is Supreme the Father of the Universeу.
"That is what ever exist?
– Space! "(E.P. Blavatsky "R.I.")


Vishnu comes from the root "vish" is to get, enter the essence nature. Light is I; I Am Nous (Reason or Manu is the Divine person). I Am your God; I Am much more ancient than the human beginning. I Am a thought germ, the shining Word, the Son Gods. Everything Am so sees and hears in you is the Teacher's verb. It is a thought (Mahat which is Heavenly the Father - God).

The heavenly Ocean, Air … is Breath of the Father – the life-giving Beginning, Mother– the Holy Spirit; because they not to divide and their merge is life". "S.D." not puts at the head of evolution Life of the Father, who costs to the third also there is "Mother's Son", but "eternal and continuous breath all Real". To Mahat (Knowledge, the World Reason, the Thought, etc.) before being shown as Brama or Shiva it is shown as Vishnu. Because he, as and Logos has several aspects. To Mahat (Thought) is called as the Lord in primary creation and in this sense He is Global Knowledge or Divine Thought. Under the term "God".

– The father" is meant the seventh principle in the person and Space. This principle is inseparable on the Essence and the nature from the space principle. Vishnu allocates from himself Brama and Shiva. Brama from the root "brih" – grow, or to extend, left from navel Vishnu, and Shiva from an eye.

Vishnu – Brama is infinite space in which Gods, Rishi, Manu and everything that exists in this Universe, are only Forces. God of devoted is the space. The occultist accepts the Revelation as proceeding from divine, but nevertheless final Essence, the shown Lives, but never from the shown Uniform Life; from the essences called by the first-born person: Buddha, Kogans, Rishi, Pradzhapati (Lord), Elohims, Planetary Spirits of all people which have become Gods for people.

"Glory to the invariable Saint, eternal, the Highest Vishnu, the uniform All-world nature, to the most powerful over everything; who is Hirania Garbha, Hari and Shakara (Brama is the Demon, Vishnu is a God and Shiva - the Satan), the Creator, To keep and Revive of the world. Glory Vasudeve, to the liberator (his admirers); glory to him, whose essence is uniform and diverse; who at the same time both the most distinguished and matter, disconnected and not disconnected. Glory Vishnu is reason of final release; the glory to the Highest Vishnu, the reason of creation, existence and end of this world – who is the root World and who consists of the World". (Vishnu Puran, 1, 2). Vishnu is Logos the First invested by energy and in our Solar system in connection with the fifth principle, Reason, becomes force.

"Vishnu is Narayana, Spirit which is an invisible Flame which doesn't burn, but ignites everything to what concerns, and gives that life and power of origin. All Messiahs are Vishnu's Avatars therefore they treat the Uniform Ego.

Maitreya is Oldest and the First, the King of kings, the Teacher Teachers! In "the Secret Doctrine" He is Sanat Kumar, the Oldest (among Lords), Lord Moria, Lord World, the Lord of Shambhala or Great Manu the Sixth Race, Great Lord Maitreya is aspects of one Highest Spirit".

Not shown God is Infinite, Absolute, Permanently Self-real and Unconditional as "Not having Qualities"; whereas the shown God – the Supreme Lord Universe – Vishnu, is presented as "having qualities". The main qualities – Life, Consciousness and Pleasure, and a three of human Spirit with its three properties – activity, cognition and will - limited reflection or an image of the Lord. The shown God is a root Universe; there is nothing except God. He is a Creator, the Builder and Revive of the worlds. His life engenders and protects them in all the time put for their existence and when time it comes to an end, He returns them from a condition of separateness in the Unity. "Known God, Who without the beginning and endlessly
Which in this solid matter is the Creator Universe Who has the infinite image which has learned Uniform, getting the Universe, is exempted from all fetters. He creates the Universe; He is the Reason of Spirit, the Lord of time showing qualities. He is Omniscient, the Lord of matter and a conscious incarnate essence. Governor of qualities is. Release reason, existence and slavery. He is similar to the immortal, wise, staying in an image of the Governor, ubiquitous keeper of this world; there is no other source of domination.

When He is shown, everything is shown behind Him; His manifestation the whole world becomes shown. From Him Breath, Reason and all Feelings, Air, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, a support all of them are born. From Him various ways have given rise Radiant, Sadhi, People, Animals and Birds. Truly, all this is Eternal Uniform, from Him everything precedes, plunges into Him and him keeps". (Upanishads V, 13). Vishnu's in Buddhism is called as Avalokiteshvara, creative The wisdom, corresponds to Brahma – Supreme.

"Legendary Avatars of Vishnu: Rama, Krishna, Kapila, Gautama Buddha, Moria (Christ), Maitreya, Kalka Avatar, Race the seventh, Frame cycle. Three Avatars: Krishna, Christ, Maitreya is full Manifestation of Father Universe! God Vishnu is Great Maitreya; this identity Has laid the foundation of shift of consciousness of our mankind, and this Highest Spirit Is at the head of Hierarchy Light's, having assumed not replaceable Patrol. "Vishnu in Kapila image transfers to a century of Crete to people true wisdom. In a century of Treta he constrains spiteful in an image of the World Monarch, protects three Races. In a century Dvapara in the person Veda – Viasa divides the uniform Veda into four and subdivides them into hundreds of branches" (Vishnu Puran)".

"Each atom, we claim, could through personal individual achievements and efforts to reach the plan on which becomes EVERYTHING again. Between the Alpha and Omega there passes the heavy "track" bordered with thorns which at first goes down, and then turns incessantly ascending and till the end … Having begun the way pure, the Wanderer more and more Goes down in sinful matter.

Connecting itself to each atom in the shown space and, after fight and sufferings in each form life and Existence when he has identified himself with collective mankind, he appears only at matter bottom of valley, having passed only a half of the cycle. He Has created this mankind on the similarity. To promote up and to reach the true house, God Must to ascend in the abrupt and heavy way of Golgotha of Life now. It is also martyrdom of self-conscious existence. He Must to sacrifice himself to himself to expiate all beings and to revive from "Set" in Uniform life. Then He truly Ascends on Heaven where, shipped in incomprehensible Absolute Life and Pleasure of Nirvana, He Will reigns infinitely. Then from there He Will descend again at following "Coming" which a part of mankind expects, in understanding of a dead letter as "the Second Coming", another as the last "Kalka the Avatar". (E.P. Blavatsky,"S.D.").

"And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters," or over the great Void of the Infinite Space. And this Spirit is Narayana, or Vishnu. «And God Said: let there be a Firmament" ... And the Second God obeyed and "created the firmament" "And God said: Let there be Light, and there was Light." (EPB, "TD").

Below are the legendary Avatars (incarnations) of Vishnu, which you can find out in more detail by viewing the video "Vishnu Puran" on the Internet:

Matsya is a fish. 2. Kurm - turtle (lived on land and in water). 3. Varaha is a wild boar. 4. Nara-sing (man-lion) is the last animal stage. 5. Vamuna - the dwarf; the first step to the human form. 6. Parasurama is a hero, but still an imperfect person. 7. Rama is the hero of the Ramayana. Physically perfect man. 8. Krishna is the Son of Devi Devaki, created by God or, more correctly, the Deity of Vishnu. 9. Kapila. 10. Moria (Christ – God Vishnu). 11. Great Maitreya - God Vishnu, - the author of the Teaching of Living Ethics. 12. The last Avatar will be like the Christian Second Coming - the Great Parish, Vishnu will come as the Savior of

We see the sequence of the incarnations of Vishnu, where is philosophically, spiritually and physically shown the evolution of the animal and man. From fish, double transformation He carries the physical form through the image of a turtle, a wild boar and a man - a lion; and then, manifested in the dwarf, reveals Parashurama a physically perfect, but spiritually undeveloped being; then leads a person to the culmination of physical and spiritual perfection to God on Earth. In Krishna and in the other saviors of mankind, the philosophical idea of the dual development of man (physical and spiritual) is expressed.

In the film "Ramayana" the monkey king Hanuman the generalissimo and the faithful ally of Rama (Vishnu) is the embodiment of God on Earth. The Hindu sees in the monkey an illegitimate branch grafted on his own kind until the final improvement of the latter. The inner man is God, and the physical case is a monkey.

Who controls the Sun, the Moon, who rules over the ocean - the Creator, the Omnipresent, who was born as Rama, as Krishna, He Who created all, His name is Vishnu is the Creator of everything. He Created man, but as for deeds, He placed responsibility for them on man himself. Vishnu Has endowed the person with knowledge, reason, love and desires. He obliges man not to allow desires to eclipse the mind and to dominate it. Our own age, iron, or Kali-Yuga, is the age of darkness, suffering and sadness, ending in its cramps. In this age, Vishnu had to incarnate Rama to eliminate physically the king of Lanka - Ravana, the embodiment of Jehovah - the devil. Then incarnate Krishna to give humanity the Bhagavad-Gita and teach mankind to keep a single state, without dismembering it because of the whims of individuals

Lord Vishnu gave the Vedas and obliged the sages to interpret these books to people. At the beginning of each series, the Goddess Lakshmi recounts the Mantras from the Vedas. For example:

People should not neglect the Teachings laid down in the ancient books. The king's family is his whole kingdom. All subjects are members of his family, and he must take care of everyone.

It is necessary to continue life as a change of one to another, accumulating information, a person dies in a dense world, but life continues in the higher realms. "The Vedas" will shed Light on us and the coming humanity. This knowledge will teach a person the relationship between Heaven and Earth, between the body and the soul. Teaching will inspire people to draw strength from nature, teach them how to love life. Knowledge is the Light that illuminates the path.
In the films (1. "Vishnu Puran" - 105 series. 2. "Mahabharata" - 94 series. 3. "Akbar and Dzhodha" - 1 series) presents the incarnations of the Great Maitreya: Avatar Rama, God Krishna. Avatar is a divine incarnation. The descent of ... the sublime Being, the Supreme Spirit is Vishnu.

Hirania Kashipu is a demon; Ravana is the embodiment of Jehovah the Devil. India is the land of gods and goddesses, embodied in the human body. The Upanishads in the Vedas like Kabbala in Judaism.