15. Summary video.

Chapter 15.
Summary video.
1. "Vishnu Puran”.
The film consists of several short stories.
1.1 Druv. Tsar, fascinated by the beauty of his youngest wife, came under its influence and forgot about his older wife and son Druve. Boy stretches to the father wants to sit in his lap, but the younger wife shooing him. Druv night goes to the forest and makes the "ascesa" (pronunciation of mantras is a divine combination of words, establishing a relationship with God). It is desirable to refuse food and water. The King and his mother go in search of the son Druve, find it, but the "ascesa" Druv continues. Dried fruit, turned to the ground water from the jar, but the child is directed to God Vishnu. And finally happened – God Vishnu answered the call and descends to Druve sat him on his knees and blessed. Druv returns home, his father woke up from his youngest wife, char, accuses her of selfishness, but the House is quieter world. Lord Vishnu always hears only to call if you have a strong desire and faith in him.
1.2 Hay Griv - daemon was born with the horse's snout. Lord Vishnu gave humanity the "Vedas", part 4 – it's his children who are demon, Hi, haunted and Manes put into prison. The vices of the demon are his dignity. Mother condemns Hai Griv’s and requests the release of children – "Veda" to freedom. Sage calms it and said that Vishnu is the abode of justice. It will help their children. What would get rid of the obsolete culture divine powers to help humanity? When demons – guards slept, children are "Vedas" disappeared from prison. Hi Manes fears that children are the "Vedas" for one minute over the universe. Children's demons were detained, but at this time Vishnu incarnates by fish coming out of the ocean and kills Hay Mane and other demons. Lord Vishnu says children – "Vedas", "your time has not yet come to appear to people as long as you stay with me." Subsequently, Lord Vishnu gave humanity the "Vedas"-priceless gift. If there is access to knowledge, not to reject them, otherwise you will be punished.
1.3 Hiranya Kašipu is King best protection. The King is the representative of God on Earth; he must cope with their desires, which can lead to bad consequences. That would pacify the King Sahasradžun, Vishnu incarnates in the son of Sage Parashurama is. Parašuramu is comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to take weapons in his hands that used to protect Ašimy and leaves in the mountains at Kailas to God Shiva, whois for years has trained his 9 archery and upon graduation gave him a bow and an axe to form Crescent. Returning home he finds out that the sons of the King killed his father. Parašuramu eliminated the killers are physically and their heads piled into the bag and handed over to his father. And then the King addresses because he humiliated by his mother.
1.5 Ravana (the embodiment of Jehovah's witnesses), is the King of demons on the island of Lanka. In ch. 12, “the Ramayana” are excerpts from the Indian epic; it is available to explain the essence of what is happening. Full immersion in the matter of Lanka, headed by the King and is lack of spirituality. The demons destroy the wise men and their gobble up Cut living and to strain blood in jugs. The sages lived on sacrifice, and all of them were taxed; they had to leave the Country. Demons were left without spiritual mentors. The teacher is more important than family. When a person passes all bounds, it leads him to death and there are reasons for it.
Ravana (Jehovah) becomes a threat to mankind; he now does not allow you to carry the people of knowledge. He represented himself God and required worship yourself. All the ugliness that worked at Lanka, Ravana he called demonic culture. Is it combines culture and cruelty, permissiveness? The gods decide to physically eliminate Ravan, Vishnu incarnates Prince Rama. Note the epigraph to ch. 12 “no authority over time-the fate of man and nobody knows its trends ''. The main demon Universe is the demigod Brama, Patron of the devil-Jehovah will write a crafty script and nobody, except him, this scenario does not know. Will launch in Space this idea and will have to wait for the result. Scenarios it is aimed against the Forces of Light, but failure will overtake Slade. Sure! Come to the King Dašarathe (Rama's father) young wife with his nanny – humpbacks (demon) and all a scenario. Twists Ravana is physically removed for the benefit of mankind, death overtook him during battles for the release from captivity of Sita, and the wife of Prince Rama, Ravana (Jehovah) was reported stolen.
2. “Mahabharata”.
Great is immortal epic. It is extraordinary history of blossoming and decline of the Indian culture, good and evil fight. This history has to be studied by all generations. This history should be studied by all generations.
2.1 Kamsa; King of the cruel and selfish does not believe in the prophecy of the Sage that he would be killed by the eighth son of sister Dèvaki. On a horoscope drawn up by Sage and everything happens. The King has taken tough precautions; He planted his sister and her husband in jail for long periods of time. When was born the first son of her sister Dèvaki, death to him one step closer. The first six newborn sons King-killer deprived of life, the seventh mystical way took the other woman. The eighth light appears on Shri Krishna (Shri Lord) it would predominate over the newsboy girl. Even God needs a mother to be born on this Earth. Prediction came true! The stars and planets have the most favorable location. Demigods met His birth of loud singing. This is an unusual child; he will deliver a world away from the cruelty. Sad, but once our sins will be our end. Where on Earth religion decay sets in atheism, God himself comes to Earth to restore peace!
2.2. Kauravas is and Pandavas. It all began before Krishna gave his friend to Arjuna "Bhagavad Gita". In the realm of Baraty began the process of democratic thinking. Two kinds of Kauravas and the Pandavas lived a family; developed the related relations as a result mixed marriages. Pandava - is a Solar dynasty, indigenous people of India. Kauravas - the lunar dynasty, immigrants from Lemuria, binary, future Jews. World in India was stopped after the destruction of Atlantis and of the incarnation of Jehovah on the island of Lanka. He took under its influence, lemurs, and began to insist on the partition of India into two States: indigenous people and refugees-lemurs. In miniature is, if because of sympathy to take to his house a family of refugees, and after a while they begin to share an apartment owner, claiming half of the housing. Lord Krishna was Incarnated in India, to help the indigenous population to keep the state safe. To distract Lord Krishna from the main Affairs, Jehovah stole His wife and had kept for two years. For many years the wife of kṛṣṇa's son was hiding, She wanted to kill. When the son grew up and went to the war,he returned to his father, and mother's husband. In order to have peace in India, lemurs refugees (future Jews) brought to Chaldea (false Bibles). Plan poisonous mushroom Jehovah failed. And yet ...
The rightful heir to the throne of Dhritarashtra was born blind, and the King's younger brother Pandu, who soon died and blind brother became King. But when it came time to announce the Crown Prince, the King named his son, but the son of deceased brother was a senior. And start ups and downs: evil, jealousy, deceit, and as a result of the of many years war. The fight took place between relatives belonging to different dynasties: the Solar and lunar. Lunar dynasty had (under the influence of the devil) to split the Kingdom in two, and the sun felt required to maintain a uniform state even by war.
Rulers come and go, but the people and the territory remained. Separation of State-road is to ruin. The King may not be weak and not strong. Because, of the bias of the King, untied the struggle for the throne. Lord Krishna gave wise advice and as a result, the State preserved the integrity and legitimate heir to the throne. King Dhritarashtra in this war lost son and 100 person subjects due to his indecisiveness and attachment to her son.
3. “Akbar and Dzhodha".
Akbar is the great Mogul (M.:) Akbar the magnificent blessed Akbar's favorite of the gods "and see the beauty of the world", here is a list of adjectives to the Emperor of Mongolia, has two States: Mongolia and Northern India. He United two religions is in one – Buddhism. Having married the princess of India, He has Strengthened the link between these States and peoples.
In these films are very pretty actress in beautiful clothes and ornaments. Moviegoers are high relations between spouses and children and respectful attitude to the sages. Notice how important gods that they worship. In the video film has an episode in which even the demy-God Indra (the spawn of darkness) kills the King and burns for what in his Kingdom he worshiped ... Worship this powerful message of love, pink vibes. The energy of love is pink. Not live without love and without God life criminal.