16.All-Planet Election Company.

Chapter 16.

All-planet election campaign is.

Listen up! Address of Maitreya! There comes a crucial moment in the history of life on the Planet. When mountains and the Earth will shake, when we will need all the courage to stand in the Light, you can resist only by Me. Many things will change when the crisis passes. It will be hard unbearable. Many deaths will follow many manifestations of nervous system burnout. Fire collapses suddenly, but in an unprecedented strain. Fire wave are terrible, sizzling worthless receivers. I give a warning. Only by the lights of the calm reaction of the body can be mitigated. Fire inside the encounter is the fire of space. I will help to strengthen the protective circle of fire. Protection will be given on a silver thread. Terrible fate is given by furious fire element. Predestined hour of fiery onslaught is coming fiercely. The strength of the Lord there is a place where assembled Planets and where the Fire burns constantly in extraordinary strain. This is the spiritual magnetic
center of the Planet, the highest point of the triangle with the two other magnetic center is points of the North and South poles. The fire balance of the planet is regulated in the Stronghold. The Fiery instrument of Spirit of Lord serves as a device regulator. Tension is high and often unbearable. To make it at least a bit lower, the stress is distributed over the network of Light, planetary nodes. And then My chosen ones bear the part of that fiery tension, which is borne by the Lord. You help by this.

People think: the Christ was, and then he died, there were Great Teachers and the Luminaries of the world and they have gone into oblivion. Blind not knowing that the stage They have passed were laid for humanity, to rise by them, and, being planted is in the past, in the spiral of time they serve as the basis and foundation for creation of future stages as the magnificence of close, victoriously approaching and distant, hidden behind a veil of time. Not Dead, but Alive, not Gone, but with you for all the days until the end of the century. It is a step to the future millennia and bright face of future, assigned by Lords to rollout of distant times.

East believes in the arrival of Maitreya, the West said about the second Coming of the Savior. Do not they say about one the same? And no giving any discretion and essence of the Teacher in your custom? What is approaching the time of the Advent? Here are collected powers for approval of Light and struck the satan by the Solar system.

Planetary election is coming, when everyone should decide to take or to reject the Lord of Light. But like the lightning in the darkness tears the heavens edge-to-edge, evident and glitzy will be the Great Advent. The Forerunner of Advent is given Teaching of Life and testimony of those, who are elected. But space trumpets, and sings and rings, by the full-bodied summer lightning of the approaching phenomena.

Staying of the human on the Earth is absolutely necessary. Here he acquires precious pearl of experience, without which it is impossible to advance on the spiritual path. One of these pearls is to digging channels in the subtle world, by which the spirit will go after Leaving of the dense world, the earthly one. It is important to note that this person can do his job only on the Earth. After the Passing, the new directions of activity are not created in the thin world; the person can work and move only along the lines laid down for him in the dense world.

You cannot avoid hours of struggle, trials and overcome, but going with Lord you are always a winner. Senior moves is in mysterious ways but triumphant. Distant and invisible the Lord is, but Close. Powerful and invulnerable His Shield is, and on it is said Victory. Fire Love to the Lord is the best food for the heart.

The heart is fed by the fire. There is the food not useful, murderous and fatally harmful. Fear, anger and doubt poison heart tissue by the poisons of the dark lights. Their deposition regenerates the heart tissues, necrotize them. Under the influence of these prisoners many hearts alive are decomposed and stinking. Not all emotions are accompanied by the scents of the entity, and often very unpleasant. Lights of the heart have scents and aromas. The scale of black lights gives different degrees of stench. The scale of bright and clean ones is scents. Higher senses are fragrant. The pure heart is fragrant. Prevention of heart and its correct nourishment lies in the fact that the black fire and siblings are not allowed. Feelings and emotions of a terrestrial scale, filling the
microcosm with the stench, may not serve as a food to the focused heart; they do not make him serious damage. Awful is a stench of lower passions. Unpleasant and repels the stench of despair, fear, anxiety, jealousy and other emotions, so ordinary and peculiar people. The heart can withstand only a certain number of natural poisons. East believes in the Coming of Maitreya, the West said about the Second Coming of the Savior. Do not they say about one the same? And do not they giving any discretion and essence of Teacher in their custom? That is approaching the time of arrival. Here are collected the powers for the Light approval.

Here are coming elections all-planetary, when everyone will have to solve, it will accept the Lord of Light, or will reject.

But like the lightning in the darkness tears the heavens edge-to-edge, evident and glitzy will be the Great Advent. The Forerunner of Advent is given Teaching of Life and testimony of those, who are elected. But space trumpets, and sings and rings, by the full-bodied summer lightning of the approaching phenomena. I say to the knowing people: Watch in anticipation of the Light and prepare those, who can hold up to date. When it will be done, do many people believe that you knew it? But many of us now expect unconsciously. The future goes ahead the present, heart ahead the brain. Wait that the phenomenon by the heart. You will be asked: How can we see Him if the Lord is one, and there are so many consciousnesses? But My Rays will fill the Earth's atmosphere. My Ray is My expression of My Essence and the Seal of My Face. That one, who received Rays can feel and see Me. The heart will feel the sense of the Light, embodied in the Image of the Lord. I am with you in spirit, but the spirit knows no divisions, no restrictions.

For are not hidden in the Invisible World the spores of the spirit, and the thing that is here on Earth, exists explicitly, and not striking, and it gets away with behind the scenes on that same time the thin plane itself is stinking and ugly sight. That‗s why be pure for earthly affairs.

Because the secret is not clear, but at the time it occurred, it becomes immediately apparent on The Invisible plane, and inaccessible to the physical eye. By the spirit and in the spirit, and in the thoughts and feelings of people must be beautiful, that is redolent. The beauty of the inner man and aromatic of its radiations are inseparable. One lives and fills the space around him with sophisticated fragrances, another one with the stench of decomposition. Deep difference between these phenomena differ one from another, as Light and darkness. It is hard in urban areas, because they are very stench. They are concerned about the purification of the planet.

Never and nowhere was said about that the man was or could be perfect right away. It is not possible. An instant Flash of insight is possible, but it requires previous accumulation. But the goal of improvement mentioned everywhere. So, improvement takes time. You need to take on the shoulders the cross, or the heavy baggage of the imperfections, and how whatever it is hard to follow the Lord. This steady following the Lord is a great achievement, because it makes the ultimate victory of the spirit. So, the point is not to in having no imperfections, but to follow unswervingly. The way of the human to the Lord is far. It must be passed and you must reach the Lord.

Don't look for the saints and overhead perfection among those, who were close to the Teaching and following along the way, but keep marking the qualities, necessary for the disciple. And do not be confused by your imperfections, but powerfully ascent in the name of Lord. Do not condemn anyone, and especially those, who approached the Teaching, but passionately support the going ones. Condemnation is like the coffin nail‖- M.:

2. The Appeal of the Great Lord M.:

The planet is threatened by an explosion. Nature has lost its normal rhythm and strongly influences the human psyche, upsetting its balance. It was easy earlier, exiting on nature, find peace and rest in it. Now the nature of is made sick by the human madness and crimes, i.e. the disharmonic impact of earth mankind violated the interaction of its elements. Chaos erupts everywhere. The chaos of matter can be withstood only with the help of spirit. Dark ones moved the base, and while dark pole of human collective continues to deepen and worsen the situation, the Light pole adjusts all forces in order to restore the lost harmony. They want war, we and the peoples, following us, want the peace. Those destroying the forests plunder the wealth of nature and invent new means of destruction. We, and following us, are planting forests, the trees and shrubs in deserts, transform the nature and strive to build a powerful team of amicable people, dedicated to brotherly cooperation. The forces of destruction and creation collide in giant fight. Of course, we will win, but we should go in harmony and together to this victory, all together against these destroyers. The Sign of My troops is billion, already flies over the planet. It is a powerful counterbalance against the forces of destruction. His force breaks the waves of destructive energy, directed from the dark camp. Help keep the balance. I apply you the powerful ones. Help by your balance to create the spirit stronghold in the ocean of violent elements. Show the tense balance; give the place where to send powerful Beams to absorb them into the receiver and to distribute them over the remote district. My beacons of Light shine by My Light, and the darkness cannot cover them‖. Darkness is thick, but the Beam of Light powerfully cuts it through, bringing salvation to all who are in the darkness to the Light rushes. Understand the importance and responsibility of the Commission. Leave the personal attempts of S. complaints and grievances, eschew all personal. The moment is too responsible, and you should help Me. Do not think hypocritically: What is My smallness, how can it have world significance? Understand that the small speck may outweigh a bowl of planetary scale. Become aware of your responsibility for the Earth. Help Me, the responsibility taken on the shoulders, so right now needed balance to keep. Help. I sat to you, those who can hold the scale. Help. Everyone must help to keep the balance. You want to become closer, share My load‖. - (M .:).

P. S. placement this article on a site, Jehovah-devil dictated to me the text about that, that in opposition of two powers of Light and darkness guilty is his patron Brama, - he writes artful scenarios for gods, than provokes an antagonism. It repeated twice. I removed this text.