17.Lhasa. Tibet.

Chapter 17. Lhasa. Tibet.

Lha are Spirits of higher spheres, hence the name of the capital of Tibet, Lha-sa is. Each person reading books by E.P. Blavatsky and E.I. Rerich, at once has a desire to go to Tibet at least to stand on the Holy Land and to take a breath. I have poor eyesight and I do not know English, so expectations for the trip I didn't have. Once read He. Rerich of "Letters", v.9, which that N. Rerich passes to the United States to their friends (each) one small detail-the "magnet" that must be covered with a right hand, make a wish and will do everything necessary to connect items to its execution. Only "do not wish for yourself, and don't dare against the Teacher". And me it was thought: "Happy people, if I would have "the Teacher's Magnet" I have made a wish".

In the evening, in a vision in front of me was the hand and on the Palm lying magnet. And how do I have it I can take? The next vision was that the train rides in the mountains is stopped, from wagons go, tourists in shorts and hats. I realized – to pick up "magnet Teachers" must go! But I'm not seeing.
The following vision – the road to the middle of a large refraction of light illuminates the way there, and then turns around and illuminates the way back. So, my Lord, all for me is! I immenately went out and bought a ticket through Moscow, Beijing to Lhasa (capital of Tibet) and had to buy up to Šihadze (dark me confused). I had a tip: "take a printout of the route". I taken, but not read.
On the appointed day, I ordered a taxi to the airport. At the airport with me nears the village woman who travelled via Moscow to New-York. We got to talking, and flew to Moscow, she held me on the third floor in a registration point for transit.

After that, the woman who made the transit took us to another airport, but I personally summed up to the window to obtain a boarding pass on Beijing. While waiting for boarding, crouch down next to me, a young Chinese woman.

During the flight to Beijing, our seats were close by and we are all being actively communicated. In the plane, we handed out cards for entry into Chine in the English language; she transferred me to the Russian language, and I am filled.

Upon arrival in Beijing, went to where were all turned to item verification documents. Going down the escalator down, I began to look for a guide that was supposed to meet me; in the hands of hers was supposed to be a sheet of paper with my name. All gone, stayed in the tunnel one (Have erred-missed out, and was travelling tip from "my" keep it), and the tour guide had never been, and to panic. Suddenly saw a blond-girl. Having listened to me, she said, "Follow me." We boarded the Metro and through the one stop came out. After walking some distance, saw a woman carrying a sheet of paper with my name. This was my tour guide named Lilia.

It was a very nice woman, forty-six years. We became friends very with it. All the four days it used to take me by the hand on all excursions.

Beijing has made a very good impression on me. The city is well maintained (never seen nor cigar end or matches or paper). On streets and in public institutions it isn't visible smoking people – for smoking special places are taken away. But especially surprised I was the lack of people on the streets during working hours. It was explained to me that all people employed; they have no Ramblers.

Dogs walk in strictly certain time and in the places taken away for this purpose. Surveillance cameras installed everywhere; for violation of the established rules is fine. In four days we visited 12 excursions: the Chinese wall two jewelry factory, two silk factories, two palaces, Buddhist temple, porcelain factory, and showroom porcelain tableware and tea house. In our group there were only three people – and two Muscovites, a man and a woman. The man knew English and had our translator.

From Beijing to Lhasa we traveled by train to upper-class new rail. The first day we drove to the Gobi desert, in the second – began a slow ascent (with stops) in the Himalayas at the height of Tangla railway station pass 5073 meters. On the train we filled out a card that, in the case of the tragic consequences of poor health, we don't have anyone, no complaints.

On the second day the way we saw the Himalayas; the first ridge of the mountains was the second Ridge is visible in a dazzling white snow. We passed Lakes, rivers. Before the Tangla railway station is a headache and my eyes. Then the pain gone and their vision: temples, monasteries, and the statue of Maitreya. Lay with my eyes closed and mentally commented anything seen before. Maintained floors buildings, mentally described the arched entrance, square doors, balconies, pillars with images of human faces in gilt. At the end of the visions I saw a sign for good luck (means took it right) saw exactly where I wanted to.

Prior to joining Tibet to China in 1959, there were nine thousand temples and monasteries. Left two thousand the rest were destroyed. We met a tour guide in Lhasa and placed into a hotel. The city is located along the river and is enclosed between the mountains. The next day we visited the Potala monastery Temple. From a distance it is a huge high-rise building, and when you are climbing up the stairs, you see that all the buildings of two or three storey. And between them is yards with trees and flowers there are accommodations and several prayer halls, which have a square shape. Several rows of seats in the Hall glazed rugs and passages between them.

All buildings are made by the monks. Buildings made of stone and wood floors and columns. Busts of all the Buddha’s, there are in all the monasteries, and near a gold bust of the Maitreya Buddha in gold letters in the English language it is written: "the Fifth Buddha Maitreya, Buddha of the future." The sculpture of Great Maitreya has appearance of the Chinese; in one of the last embodiments he was Chinese, Avalokiteshvara! Inside the dimly lit and guide to monasteries led me by the hand so that keep. A lot of embroidery on fabrics, wood carved works.

Sera is the Centre visited the monastery of the Gelugpa (Yellow Hat School of Buddhism), is considered by the University. Many young people who gather in a group and perform a special ritual are called scholastic disputes the fact pupils – Lam Buddhism different directions. All the temples are typical, one shrine outside Lhasa, at an altitude of 4500 feet looked like the well-kept.

The monastery of Tashilhunpo in the town of Šihadze, where is the sculptures of Maitreya, we have not been able to visit, guide refused to take us up as our route was not visiting the Tashilhunpo Monastery. Was very saddened by these to tears is. After all this had to visit the monastery. The dark forces have done everything so that I don't go there-they even did not let me sleep.

On the fourth day we flew from Lhasa to Beijing by plan. I spent the night in a hotel, and in the morning my guide Lilia has me in the airport for the flight to Kiev. There found a fellow from Kiev, who also helped me along the way. Throughout my trip passed from hand to hand. It was all like a dream! My favorite God, thank you for cares about me and offer my obeisances in boundless devotion and veneration. «Yes there will be Will You’re the Lord, is eternal in all three Worlds."

On arrival back home, I had the "ascesa" with an appeal to the Supreme Deity to remove Jehovah from the planet. In the evening, in a vision, in front of me was the grey sage Brama, looked at me for a few seconds and gone. Soon there was other person, Indra. You have to believe Jehovah yells "Guard" and cries out for help. This coalition No need be in front of me, threaten and warn. I am not afraid of you.

Soon again reiterated the "ascesa" and in front of me have appeared in grown Brama (profile), and behind him were thousands of Brama in crowns and top is the inscription: "kill."I am not a murderer, kill anyone not going. I defend their beliefs. Brama is defending murderers, rapists, thieves, detractors, those, for whom the permissiveness is the norm of conduct. Brama is the one, who came from the navel of Vishnu?

Jehovah the tyrant (raped the woman in the Himalayas, who was engaged in meditation, the ascetic), the pervert, the drunkard, the murderer, the thief; he in the revenge doesn't know a limit. Killed Orpheus also the head, threw out a liver in the sea. Osiris killed (in two embodiments) and the corpse dismembered on forty and fourteen parts (two on seven).Jehovah even over corpses blasphemes. And still someone worships to this cruel, vindictive essence.

Indra created from substances of darkness, i.e., from Jehovah's witnesses. A drunkard, the rapist (enchantments captured the wife of Sage), killer (kill the King, and then burned it for what in his Kingdom worshipped Vishnu and not Indra). What mankind can be if lunar demigods (demons) with such defects?
The Brama had a son by the name of Pulastia (progenitor of rakšas-Atlanta, black mages), who was born the grandson of Ravana (the embodiment of Jehovah's witnesses). Heavy situation ..., great-grandson is of the devil. Brama is the patron of the Jehovah's witnesses.

If parents son outtalk the way; causes a lot of harm to people and the parents, not the Government, saying: "it would be better for him not to be born". Jehovah's place in Silence-Silence, near generate is the Lucifer.

During a Pralaya, break between cycles, adjusting the previous cycle; are deviations from the project and improved the new improved cycle. Jehovah-the devil is in the ordinary man and broke jail "; let the hard way what it's like to suffer live through permissiveness of the devil, for example Indra. Jehovah hastens to do good go to Saturn and let it RIP in space time.

Despite everything, everything takes its course. When to come Maitreya is Buddha, then the present world also the new best world will be destroyed will replace him. And force Buddh's is Wisdom again it will be designed to show as Logos to create future world ‖.
(E.P. Blavatsky "the Exposed Izida").

There is an election campaign. Jehovah can be understood, he rages, understands that out of that swamp, in which he is still, dirty, claim for something is not necessary. Maitreya is God Vishnu, the Most High! In our Solar system - Archangel Michael - the Great Lord of Shambhala. Who knows, loves and considers his personal God Maitreya, he will support His "asceticism". "Without contemplation, contemplation is reduced to zero" - Said Krishna.