18. Tashilhunpo. Tibet.

Chapter 18. Tashilunpo. Tibet.

Map of Tibet
On the second of November three flights I arrived in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. Last time from Beijing to Lhasa went by train; the first days at great speed and on the second moved - slowly and with infinite stops. Why we so slowly moved? It wasn't clear to us that we gradually adapted for mountain conditions. For the second day, at night, I was hurt strongly by the head and eyes; there was dryness in a throat, pressure in ears. In the afternoon everything passed. I had such condition only; other passengers were all "good fellows". This time decided to reduce time and in vain... While was in the plane, everything was normal.

In Lhasa was met by the guide by the name of Masha, to all of them give the Russian names that the name was easier remembered; on a jeep we went in of Shihadze. At once was overcome by drowsiness though in the afternoon I don't sleep. It was necessary to move on back sitting and to lie down. Headaches, dryness in a mouth began, put ears, dizziness, and nausea.

The high way from Lhasa to Shihadze is new, modern with road signs and marking. The route passes along the mountain river which course is clamped between two ridges of mountains. North side of the Himalayas, are naked rocky slopes, and at the bottom, in places, there are pastures. On river floods, where is small current, geese float. Slopes are fixed in places where the road crashes into rocks, by metal powerful gauzes or high retaining walls.

The road represents a sinusoid across. Admissible speed is of no more than 60 km. in an hour, with stops. On time the way lasts 4 hours.

Violent vegetation is in the Himalayas from India and Nepal. From there and view of two mountains: Everest and Kailas. Everest and its bottom belong to Powers of Light and Kailas is to demonic forces: sorcerers and black magicians. If by nonsense you get on the darkness territory, and then try to get rid of them. It is difficult to get out of the God...

In hotel went to bed at once; have a little a rest and... began. As soon as darkened, there was a crash of windowpanes, are demons came to torment me. Force of adhesion between atoms of glass weakens when through it passes an astral body. Knocked on a window sill, on a bedside table, approached to a bed; them was a little. I all night long asked - appealed to the Absolute, asked to banish them from a planet. They jumped out; the crash was distributed, and then again came back. The crash, knock, rustling was all night long distributed. It is surprising that my head didn't burst from pains, such pains happen from "dark" energy. Heard is team: "Leave". But they couldn't touch me, to me is filled All-initial, Mental energy and they could burn.

Even on the way to Lhasa, on intermediate plan landing, dark me brought out of the plan to the city; I came round in time and, by means of airport service, came back to the plane. In the plane before me there was a long leaf on which little men, from left to right, and from right to left and again at the left were drawn then to the right, and the long text in which intervals I read brightly allocated words below is written; … White Brotherhood, … Maitreya …, Panchen - a lama, … Someone "pleased" me … So I thought.

In the morning for me Masha came. I asked it: "Where it is possible to measure pressure? «But she didn't understand me; told that the drugstore opens in 9 hours Masha, on the attitude towards me, was very soft and attentive. In China all guides very valid. I didn't admit food to cafe, couldn't.

On a jeep we went to a monastery of Tashilhunpo which settles down directly in the city, at the bottom of the Himalayas. In 9 hours mornings began to approach pilgrims from Tibet; elderly, young, children of different age. Approaching to the main case where the statue of Maitreya is stored, pilgrims kneeled, put palms on a floor and by a forehead touched the back party of brushes - brought bows to the Buddha - Maitreya. In hands everyone had a package, with any contents. In 9 hours 30min. there is an opening of the main case; there was a monk in red clothes, like - a long dress with long sleeves, all were constructed on one that at an entrance there was no crush. We rose on a cool short flight of stairs to the room where the Statue settles down. The fifth Buddha Maitreya in a pose of "Lotus" stays in a lotus flower.

Petals of a lotus it isn't visible, everything is covered by multi-colored tapes. (By the way, in the city of Lhasa all streets are covered by strings with tapes which, moving on a wind, frighten off evil ghosts). The statue is poured out of copper, hilded and all in diamonds. Diamonds as it seemed to me, the size, approximately, 10 by 15 mm. The top part of a trunk and hand are decorated with diamonds equal, the identical size. The statue is faced by capacities with the melted oil, (from milk of yaks) with candlesticks in which candles burn. Lie in these capacities of a spoon, them gather oil and water candles.

There was a Friday, the service wasn't. Why verbosity? Pilgrims silently said to "mantras". At all to "mantras" began the word "OHM", i.e. "AUM" - three in one. Lasted holy-action, approximately, an hour and a half, one group of people came, and another left. Everyone made wish...

So occurs every day. For each district day for monastery visit - the temple is defined. In this room is twilight. I passed along capacities on the left, the monk concerned my sleeve of a coat, looked at me, and departed, and I turned to Masha and told: "Let's go with me", (in vain made it). Took it by hand, that with it to go (there the twilight), and the monk "evaporated". We bypassed around "Lotus" on which the Fifth Buddha sits, anywhere was nobody. On the right at a table, in a corner three monks sat and silently repeated to "mantras" the sacred phrase. Masha too worships to the Fifth Buddha say to "mantras" and makes wish. Lord of M.: the last time was embodied in India, It has no nationality, and it is the Uniform pastor for all. There will be One God for all people of a planet. Nationalities won't be, borders between the states will be abolished, bodies will be facilitated, a planet too. Asked it: "You want to read about it is»? I can give the site",
I offered. Masha took the site business card. She asked me: "You worship to Maitreya? He with you speaks? You profess the Buddhism"?

At once we had to go to Lhasa, but we decided to spend the night in Shihadze. Such had a weakness in a body that I couldn't straighten shoulders. Except mountain conditions unusual, "dark" (that all of you departed on Saturn) left the mark. This day we once again came into the same case (monks washed up floors, oiled a threshold and steps), - anybody already in the temple wasn't. I asked Masha: "And where 30 meter statue of Maitreya? » It shows on this near which we stand. Say that this about 5 m. Masha doesn't understand the word "30 meter". That further to me happened, a pure occultism. I don't know, whether I can tell about it.

23.06.11 there was a vision; rhombus and inside chessboard is good luck draw; chessboard - game between white and black, Light and shade". Only now, in a week after arrival, through some months after vision, read this record from the diary. Now almost everything is clear to me. It is necessary to reread records of my images. I not always solve them, but over time everything is explained. At the beginning of June after "the Magnet of the Teacher" was shown, before me there was a familiar hand, and on a palm there was an earring with a big stone in a silver openwork frame. In couple of days again there was a familiar hand with two earrings.
Then this vision repeated repeatedly. Earlier wrote that to me organized "support" on a route (to Tibet) there and back. When I told to the acquaintance and admired my Teacher, heard other Voice: "Tell: "thanks". (Now know, told it - K.H.) . I will tell: - "Thanks a lot" I in the first travel across Tibet didn't reach to a terminal point of appointment. After return home, again vision, there was a familiar hand with an earring. Then there was other hand with a wide palm and with an earring of other form. Now I know, who this hand, wide and big is. It can do Karna's earrings? When Karna was the mature soldier, the demigod Indra approached to him in the wood and asked to give it earrings.

Indra often on the wood ran for various reasons: that I looked in windows of a forest lodge of the wise man (his wife I looked after) that, in due time, too in the wood, presented Kunti the son. Perhaps "dark" hunt for these earrings? These earrings are worth a lot, - protect from all misfortunes. In vain Karna gave these earrings; soon, in fight, it was lost. I think that at Indra they "evaporated".

From a monastery we went to hotel, went to bed at once and fell asleep. When woke up, my friend came - the astral, slightly knocked on a bedside table and protected me till the morning. There was a vision - words: "Remain, everything will be restored". How to remain, I have three air tickets. Then again signs: one designates good luck, other end, and end. And in the second sign again an earring, only another. The voice told: "Draw". Turned sideways and fell asleep.

In the morning Masha came for me, we in cafe have breakfast and went to the airport Lhasa on a jeep. Having received in two hours prior to landing in the plane a boarding pass, I went on, almost empty, to a hall and thought: "Who everything thought up it? «I received the answer: "Kut Humi". Won't speak about my reaction is. I two hours before landing in the plane so suffered, what to transfer can't. Then heard the word "bedside table" is. It was Ingra’s "Draw"; darkness and gloom generation. The demigod Indra confirms with the acts the origin. Such as it don't worship. Indra never will hear in the address of the word: "I love You, My God». When the plane rose up, cutting clouds, I saw, people of the dead lying on clouds, - in astral bodies, in those clothes in which them buried; they had open eyes, they turned the heads towards the plane, moved with hands. It, probably, recently died; they after an exit from a physical body are in confusion and in a dozing condition. They differed nothing on appearance from people of the dense world.

I spent the night in Beijing, and in the morning to Kiev. In the plane still there was pressure, blood a nose went, but only stepped feet into the native earth, at once everything passed. I come into the apartment and along the corridor the astral strolls; slowly passed in a bedroom and I left in a window. This is the demigod Indra earrings I looked for on bedside tables. Continuation of this history read in "Obsession".

"Guan – shi – in". Like Avalokiteshvara, Guan – shi –in passed strong through some transformations, but it is wrong to tell that it is a modern fabrication of northern Buddhists because under other name it was known for from the earliest times. The intimate Doctrine speaks: "It that is shown by the first when updating, will appear the
last before Absorption (Pralaya)". So Logos of all people, beginning from Vedic Vishvakarman Mystery to the Savior of the modern civilized nations, an essence "Word", which was "at the Beginning", when awakening active Forces of nature with Uniform the Absolute. Given rise by Fire and Water before they became certain elements, He was "Creator", the former or the scheduler of all real. "Without it nothing was created from this that was created. In it there was a life; and life was Light of people"; and, eventually, it can be called, than it always was, the Alpha and Omega of the Shown Nature. "The great Dragon of Wisdom is born from Fire and Water and everything will be absorbed again with it in Fire and Water", (Pha – хуа – dsin). This Bodhisattva as it is told, "Accepts any form which is pleasant to it", from Manvantara (cycle) beginning till her end. Though, its certain birth or memorable day, agrees "Csin – guan – min – csin" or "to Radiant Sutra of Gold Light".Buddhas - in the first day of the first month is celebrated in the second month for the nineteenth day, and birthday of Maitreya both are uniform. It will appear, as Maitreya the Buddha, the last from Avatars or Buddha’s, in the Seventh Race. This belief it is general to all East. All mantras are taken from the special books, being kept by priests secret; and each of them makes as it is approved, magic action; because the one, who says them or simply reads drawlingly, makes the hidden causality which is expressing in immediate actions. Guan – Chi – the in is Avalokiteshvara, i.e. "The Lord who we see". Both of them essence of a form of the Seventh World Principle is. "The Self-shown Son of the Father", Logos, the Ubiquitous Universal Spirit shown is in the temple of Space or the Nature". (E.P.Blavatsky, "S.D.").

Recently read in E.P.B. book that it happened in the city of Shihadze and in Tashilhunpo; here she has completed a three-year course of studying of occultism.