1.“Warning to Jews and sectarians”!

Chapter 1.

“Warning to Jews and sectarians”!

«Not religion above Truth!"
E .P. Blavatsky
Word WARNING has the special sense is. To warn, means is to give opportunity to know, that waits in the future. (М.:). In space actions two forces: Light and darkness.

Michael the Archangel is God, Light, Good, Spirit; Head of our Solar system, Solar God, Lord of Shambhala. Michael the Archangel's embodiments: Avel, Noy, Zoroastr, Avraham,

Moisey, Solomon, the Pharaoh Ramses II, Zeus, Georges the Victorious, Sergiy Radonezhskiy, Seraphim of Sarovskiy and others. The lord of Shambhala Was shown as Vishnu's Avatar: Rama, Kapila, Gautama Buddha, Kalki (seventh race of Rama). Full manifestation of Father Universe: Krishna, Christ and Maitreya.

Jehovah is the shadow, evil, matter, of the Planet satan, devil, Jahve, Yahweh, the Prince of this world, the Owner of the Earth, chief planetary demon - it is one much name’s essence also is opponent Michael the Archangel's in a darkness camp. Jehovah embodiment: Cain, Bacchus, Ravana, Dionysus, Set, Typhon, Caligula, Neron, Gregory Rasputin, Adolf Hitler, billionaire George Morgan. Jehovah put on weight of everyone violently; all of them were shown as a bacchanalia and murders. Jehovah is a Generalissimo in pederasty.

Our Heavenly Father is Archangel Michael, Who is for all mankind the true God and Father in the force of His Love and care about us. The lord of Shambhala is Michael the Archangel and the Owner of land – Jehovah represents two resisting forces. Each person has for itself to solve, - with whom it or with whom; with Light or with darkness it is impossible to remain in aside otherwise these forces can destroy.
In Space is the Light and the darkness but no evil. Only on our Planet is the evil
– Jehovah, begetting by Lucifer, or the shown Lucifer in the human body. All the peoples of the world believe in the Light (Rama, Krishna, Soroastr, Gautama Buddha, Christ, Allah and Maitreya.) and only the Jews believe in the darkness (Jehovah). The Iron Age, Kali Yuga, is the age of cruelty and hypocrisy; time board dark ended in 1942. Jehovah with the army have to leave to Satyrn, but the planet isn't ready for life human on fault Lucifer-Jehovah; it increased sizes the planet, having attached some moon and comets, is having broken the magnetic attraction to the Sun. The planet is destroyed as sand lump. Satyrn is the Karma of Jehovah is den of powers of darkness. Karma is the cosmic law of Requitals for infinite violations of Laws of God.

The transition period was tightened. The Lucifer – Jehovah breaks space terms. What does Jehovah devil leave to us in inheritance, and what example for mankind he was? Before leaving to Saturn Jehovah wants to blow up our Planet and with itself to drag off the most part of the population to Saturn. Goes is recruitment on Saturn! For this purpose, to prolong stay term on our planet, he to created sects, in where declared myself Christ's father. For that, to keep on our Planet, he creates sects, where declared myself Christ's father. Lord Christ is Representative of the Hierarchy of Light.

In present time at the expense of sects is overweight of the forges in party of darkness. Universal obsession - is defeat of will of the person, is the devil's hypnosis (energy, which applies in sects, ostensibly for treatment; acts as drug, anesthetizes temporarily, and the illness progresses). All pastors is businessmen, about it told «pastor" Ledyaev, which passed preparation in the USA and now "raises spirituality" inhabitants cities of Riga. On change "Age of iron» goes "Golden Age", - century of board of Solar Gods; not will be borders between states, the nationality will be one – mankind. Not there will be wars, crucifixions, races of arms, divisions on a religious basis. "Be Uniform the Pastor and uniform herd" - Lord Shambhala, Great Maitreya and mankind.

In heart of the Sun stay Mother World and seven highest Hierarchs (in Christianity seven Archangels). Among them the First is Archangel Michael, the Highest Hierarch of our Planet and Solar system, Maitreya, the Great Lord of the Shambhala shown in a body of the person on the physical plan; Avalokiteshvara, Supreme is the Sound (WORD).

The WORD on our plan became a flesh. The WORD created the Universe: gods, planets, stars, minerals, plants, and people. It is God of all gods. It is the Universe. Solar Hierarchies are shown in the dense world in a body of the person. Without physical manifestation they are invisible. Are shown, entering in spheres Planet, in bodies: mental, astral and physical.

Elohim is multiple the number, seven Hierarchs, seven Highest Spirits come to us on the Earth from the Highest worlds that to help evolution mankind. With them came esoteric the eighth - the Lucifer. It held a not bad position in Hierarchy. Jehovah the shown
Lucifer in a body of the person is the father of Jews is Owner of our Planet. Its headquarters is in New-York. Into its duties enters: providing mankind a rain, crop, observance religion. In Judaism he is satan (devil) the Angel-prosecutor, - punishes for violation of precepts God’s. To punish others, most it is necessary to be an example; The Angel - the prosecutor is criminal and dissolute essence.

What was our Planet, as high, as fine there was a civilization, when it was directed and headed by the Great Spirits, comes from the Highest Worlds. Final falling of the Lucifer came true in times Atlantis, but withdrawal from ways Light was outlined even earlier. By the space right Jehovah-devil belonged to Earth and when human the nature in it took overweight over divine was jealous and began against Great Colleagues pernicious fight. For achievement you of the purpose to become the full and unique Lord of Earth, his main efforts were turned on humiliation of the woman. He knew that with humiliation women inevitably has been to go rough, degeneration mankind. The most ancient saying says: "There, where women be read and protected, prosperity reigns and gods rejoice".

The new era under the rays of Uranus and Venus will bring a revival of the women. The epoch of Maitreya is the epoch of the Mother of the World. Lucifer went against the Sun. The first, who went against him, was a dare Warrior - the Mother of the World. She Has created Hierarchy Light‘s and dark was shown in a true look.

In 1921 in Germany has been created fascist National – the socialist party which in 1933 has brought to power Hitler under the most powerful hypnosis of Jehovah.
In 1931 have begun in Space fight – «Armageddon». During fight, to delay forces By this time the devil already had a preparation. The shoemaker Alois Schiklgruber (Adolf Hitler‘s father) at mature age married the daughter of a kelner from Bucharest, the Jew, by the name of Hitler. The bride was ugly, quarrelsome and is 15 years more senior. Kelner has promised Alois a dowry, but has set a condition: having married, the shoemaker will take a surname of the father-in-law. But the old man has deceived Alois – has died, without having managed to write wills. The little also Alois‘s spouse has died later (according to the scenario of a devil). As a result of all combinations the Austrian shoemaker has inherited from the father-in-law only a surname. Upset with failure, Alois married on servants deceased – Clara Peltz, mother of future chancellor of the German empire – Adolf Hitler. Jehovah a devil has achieved the; to prove the reason, allegedly Adolf Hitler‘s hatred to Jews, frankly he embodied the ideas – haft the blame for the extermination of Jews in Hitler. The purpose to fill space negative energy, to blow up the Planet; for this purpose all means is good. Jehovah entered Hitler in an astral body on meetings, meetings, told it lips and influenced public. Vibrations of astral bodies of the demon and person different, therefore person gradually from impacts of powerful vibrations collapses. Result is Parkinson‘s illness. She it isn‘t treated a spiritual disease. After rough performances before crowd Hitler rode on to floor; having risen and having exempted from a devil, I was faded and suppressed. To Hitler compatriots prepared attempt more than once, but Jehovah prevented it, and Hitler or was late, or wasn‘t in the appointed place at all. Hitler was operated Jehovah. Obsession also created concentration camps where poisoned in gas chambers of people of all nationalities, and especially Jews.

In 1941 in Kiev 200 thousand people were shot and dumped in « A woman‘s ravine»; the ground was still moving over those, who are asleep alive. At this time the Catholic Church under the influence of Jehovah made plans: to strengthen banks of Vatican and to subordinate to the ruling hand all Christian world. The Catholic Church has accepted a devil in the seventh century therefore supported Hitler and the atheist Mussolini. In the Western Ukraine Jehovah devil has subordinated himself one representative Greek – Catholic Church, The metropolitan, the count Andrei Sheptitsky who together with clergy actively supported arrival German – fashist occupation. Obsessed Sheptitsky supported OUN. «From July 1 to 6 July 1941 chasteners from groups of nationalists where served as chaplains uniatsky priests, have carried out in the city of Lvov mass punishments over representatives Polish intellectuals, Soviet authorities, communists and Jews. It has been shot and hung up, on to different estimates, from 3 to 5 thousand people among whom there were tens of eminent persons of science and cultures, including – academicians, professors of the Lvov university». (Yaroslav Galan, «On to service at of the satan is»). Yaroslav Galan was killed by OUN with the axe on the head (a method of Jehovah). Who OUN operated? Jehovah! The devil incited «haves» against Councils, and he was what to lose: banks, real estate. At devil other world orders – the capital. But Light always wins against darkness! In 1949 Lucifer has been expelled from our Solar system. Now the dark has passed in direct submission the Demon Universal Brama. Children of persons of the third Reich remember the parents, also are horrified from deeds them. The scenario of World War II with concentration camps has been prepared by Lucifer-Jehovah! And third Reich played roles under his hypnosis. The Karma, exact Space Scales will judge Jehovah devil, the law of retaliation leaving to Saturn!
E. HODOS in the book «Antichrist» writes, that in 1970 in the city of Lubavichi rabbi on created the Jewish the National fascist organization. Wrote «Catechizes» the charter, where too, as well as Hitler, extols the nation. Don‘t sing the praises of Shneerson, it too it was obsessed Jehovah-devil. Shneerson catechism is the echo of the book Protocols of the Elders of Zion would be to call «Protocols of Zion fascists» more precisely. Sense is as follows: to bring Jews-rakshas‘to power in all states and to the population forcibly to impose all Judaism. 19 Newly elected mayor of our city of the beginnings of «reform»: has renamed the name of Minim Street on the rabbi Shneerson. I hope that Hitler Street and Gregory Rasputin (is two incarnate devil) won‘t be. Jehovah‘s parting word to rakshasa: «Everything that you see – is yours». The devil has elected the rakshasa-raider and black-red has given him «a flag in hands» (colors of a devil), and the rakshas has surpassed Ostap Bender. In gratitude have constructed the 18th floor synagogue, the biggest is in Europe. He is the chairman of presidium Jewish, European communities; laughs much..., before that as to cry long on Saturn. Personally Jehovah devil protects a synagogue, that to attract admirers to recruitment. Satan brings to power of rakshas – it is «fiddle while Rome burns».
OBSESSION is suppression of will of the person. People the obsessed are dangerous. It is a virus. Addicts, alcoholics, gluttons, serial murderers, thieves, perverts is all obsessed. Not they commit crimes, them directs Jehovah-devil with the army of demons. Demons is died perverts’ and criminals. Jehovah is the werewolf! Obsessed is after death get in its army: Chikatilo, Grabovoy, S. S. Konovalov (doctor) and all pastors of sects also to this group. Don‘t read S. S. Konovalov book («The book which treats») in them it is imprinted devilish energy, which destroys the person, temporary hypnosis. After these books people die in psychiatric hospitals.
In the middle of the third radical race Lunar Pitri created the first people from three lowest principles. Animals had a division of floors earlier and they started breeding sexually. So as lunar Pitri – "founders" didn't give to the person brains under the decree of Jehovah, the head was flat and disk-shaped. Jehovah deliberately created the imperfect person to put the beginning of its moral decay. «Founders" entered in thin bodies the created bodies human and, having forgotten about "greatness" and copying behavior of animals began to copulate with their females. The Lord of the Moon – Jehovah too passed this way of falling and produced anthropoids. It really the founder and the creator … monkeys, they are his children, shaggy and jump on all fours. The name of a scientific subject for Darwin was prompted by the zoophile Jehovah to direct him on a false way and itself to rehabilitate.
Jehovah and Lilithтлемуры ”Children
1. A dinosaur (from copulation Jehovah‘s and lunar pitri with dinosaurs is have occurred monkeys).2. Jehovah and Lilith (first wife of Pederast‘s Jehovah). 3. Cow My (second common-law wife of Pederast's Jehovah).
As a result of scientific search of scientists it was revealed that at monkeys a negative Rhesus factor and they are AIDS carriers. But, for monkeys this natural state; God have provided protection of animals against violence by the person. Distributors of AIDS are perverts and addicts.
Darwin before death refused the theory. Jehovah was "reason deprived", an animal; without brains. Great Maitreya has implanting to brains zoophile Jehovah and Lunar Pitri‖. First wife of Jehovah by the name of Lilith was the monkey born from the father (people) and mother (an animal a monster). The second wife (civil) was a big cow (animal). In space is the movie is in which Jehovah is depicted during process of copulation with a cow. After Jehovah's falling, he became a laughing-stock for lunar gods and angels, some of them left (those, whom Demon Bramah has violently determined to the Moon by the scenario) at once to the Sun. God punished Jehovah. What sort it is punishment? Condemnation on the conclusion is in the lowest or lowest area which is our Earth, the lowest in the chain. On "Eternity", - means duration of one Cycle of Life in darkness of a matter or in the animal person. But having fallen down Earth (on our head) it rolled down on the bottom; decayed it and decomposed mankind. The hell is that place where the devil governs; Jehovah devil governs on Earth - the Prince of this World. Means, it also turned our Earth into a hell.

«John the Evangelist's revelation" was written by Jehovah and speaks about himself in the third party.

Ch.12/7. "Also there was in the sky a war: Michael and his Angels were at war against a dragon, both the dragon and his angels were at war opponent them, 8 but didn't resist, and there was no place already for them in the sky. 9. And to throw there was a great dragon, an ancient serpent called by a devil and a satan seducing all Universe (Jehovah is the liar, it ennobled himself is inclined to a hyperbole; Jehovah a satan of our Planet), dumped on the earth, and angels (demons) of his dumped with it. 12. So, you have fun heaven and living on them! A grief living on land and sea because to them has descended devil in strong rage, knowing that he remains to him time not much".

Ch. 13/18. "Who has mind, that consider number of Beast, because this number human:
number its six hundred sixty six".

Ch. 17/11. "And the Beast, who was and which isn't present, is the eighth (seven Archangels and eighth "Lucifer"), and from among seven, and will go to death". (The eighth - "Lucifer" is expelled from our Solar system in Silence Silence on 1000eyars).

Seven thousand years ago back Jehovah was embodied the tsar of Ceylon owed a bowl patience of gods, and they solved it physically to eliminate. The tsar of India "A Rama (an embodiment of the Great Lord of the Shambhala) struck with "the Striking Beam» Ravana-Jehovah and relieved the population the lake of Lanki from it harmful influence.

Six thousand years ago was embodied demigod Indra is generation of darkness (Jehovah). Is a story that Indra became once a pig, got a female a pig and pigs, rolled in dirt and was absolutely happy. Some other gods saw it in this low condition, approached to it and told:"You possessing the power, why you here? Indra told:" Leave me, to me here it is good, don't care of heavens, while have this pig and pigs". Poor gods became to the deadlock, without knowing what to do. After a while they decided to come quietly and to kill one pig, and then another, etc., yet won't interrupt all pigs and a pig. When the pig and pigs were dead, Indra began to cry and sob. Then gods unstitched his pork body; it left it and, having regained consciousness, started laughing, telling what disgusting dream to it dreamed. He, the demigod, suddenly addressed in a pig and considered, that only this swinish life and is possible; besides, he wanted that this life of all Universe became same swinish". (Svami Vivekananda, "My Teacher").

Hitler operated Jehovah he and created concentration camps where poisoned in the gas cameras of people all nationalities and especially Jews. Poor Jews! What destiny was presented to them by the demon Jehovah; he revenged for worship Michael the Archangel in Lemuria, India and Egypt.

Moisey Gave to Jews esoteric knowledge, but Jehovah threw out law of karma and transformations. To me it happened in a synagogue to read all books and magazines, with which librarian allowed to use. Strikes Jehovah! After death Moisey's the power passed to his pupil Jesus to Navin, which took Jehovah under the management; forced Jews to go on the populated other people of the earths, to cut out all and to be installed in their houses, having appropriated their property. It is in Old Testament (Torah) called "to clear away to itself place". Still (according to the legend), local inhabitants remember also call Jesus Navin bandit.

Great Moisey is God! Nasty Jehovah - devil.

Transmigration of Jews from Sinai on the populated lands, eternal fight and hatred between Arabs and Jews is generation of the destructive energy, which work for darkness. I had enough in a synagogue to re-read some books and magazines. In magazine the Lechaim were printed two articles, women write to them; one watched transmission about concentration camps and thought, that destruction of Jews is punishment for those hundreds thousands destroyed children, old men and women Jehovah. In the other article: it is known, that revolution in Russia was made by Jews, god punished them for it concentration camp. For participation in revolution Jehovah-devil revenged all Jews; at a devil other world order is the capital.

Riots of Jews is Jehovah's idea; in total for this purpose, that to rally this distressful people and to warn against assimilation among other people. Jew is not a nationality, but belonging to tribes; the Jew in Aramaic language the word "ivri", - "alien".

The words Jews and Jude are synonymous. The Jew can to become any the person who has accepted religion Judaism. Those, who live in Israel but do not practice Judaism, are Israelis. Who was born in Russia, in Ukraine or in any country of the world is a Russian, Ukrainian etc. Belonging to a religion is not a nationality. If the parents practice Judaism, and their children do not recognize the religion at all, so parents are the Jews and the children are atheists. But the lack of spirituality is not a dignity is. Person has to be spiritually competent, for this purpose and is given it the reason the lowest and the highest. Intelligence is the lowest. Now there is one expression: I'm self-sufficient. The word is composed of two bases: self and sufficiency. Self comes from the word selfishness and sufficient from the words sufficiency. It means the selfish person with money. In this case, there are the four lower principles and the highest three are silent, and they are waiting for a human choice. If a person even with high intelligence mired in the matter, the decomposition will begin. Wars, a partition of the states, sects, drugs, different types of sexual perversions, obsession of mankind are work of powers of darkness.

Example is Yugoslavia. Pitted the people of different nationalities and religions, unleashed long-term civil war, then came "all-planet peacekeepers", blew up all significant constructions, communications and left, having left ruin and the dismembered state. The main thing is a partition. Dark don't love unification. To humor supporters of the affected people, Jehovah defamed "the main peacekeeper" (all arranged - Monica Lewinski) and blew up skyscrapers!

In day of the tragedy to the USA, in the city of Petersburg famous doctor S. S. Konovalov carried out a Seans. People, comers, suggested to honor victims a rising and moment of silence. The doctor K. refused to make it, told that foreknew about this tragedy (to him informed Jehovah) and that this famous of the USA for Yugoslavia. Who organizer of war in Yugoslavia? Jehovah devil! Mister President of the USA will be vigilant - in New-York was dug round very dangerous and artful enemy billionaire George Morgan (incarnate devil Jehovah).

In recent times all the American Presidents mark their reign by military intervention as peacemakers do not aggravate your karma and karma of the country you are already punished, you and so punished are by that, the devil is in your territory.

Those, who worships to Jehovah-satan-devil, - will leave with it to Saturn. The planet is yet ready, there only a kernel in a dense condition and three gaseous rings. The century dark lasted 432 thousand years. Jehovah time expired in 1942; it is time to leave from our Planet Earth and to take away with itself the army of demons. Even those, who worship to Jehovah, know who is he, but are afraid to depart from him, because it is angrily terry; will revenge and will destroy. Clings to sectarians, got a false idea myself "father" of the Christ. There can't be Jehovah the father of the Christ!! They belong to two resisting forces!

In the Bible continuous juggling, the devil distorted all. God doesn't encroach on a free will of the person, and that would blow off dark from a planet power of thought as become obsolete the term – religions are darkened, the demonism is imposed. To be late on our planet, Jehovah dismissed a web of sects, wound all former Soviet Union. Sects: Christian, "Witnesses of Jehovah", "Mormons", "Anthroposophy", "Congress» - one field is berry. Lords sectarians! It is the recruitment to the Saturn! We are in material bodies and are attached to a matter, and it is time to lift spirit, spirituality. Use material benefits, don't become attached to him. Worship the one to God; hence it come the word monotheism. The Christ is bait in sects; they believe in the devil and in the Christ, He does not need them. Anybody so didn't humiliate the Christ, as Christians, including a devil-Jehovah with "father" of the Christ.

Misters sectarians, be defined with whom you. You pray only to one essence and you don't say a name another. The devil deliberately, with a distant sight, has inserted Judaism (Old Testament) before Christianity (New Testament). Declared myself is false «Father" Christ's. “The space Reason is Hierarchy of Light or Yaakov’s Ladder. And, the wreath of this Hierarchy consists of Spirits or the Reasons which have finished the human evolution on those or other planet in this or that Solar system, so-called Planetary Spirits. All gods passed evolution of the person on various planets in a physical body. The highest Hierarch of our Planet is one of the finest Diamonds in the Wreath of Space Reason is Great Maitreya”!

There is a uniform chain of Hierarchy of Light, proceeding in Boundlessness. On one end of a ladder of Yaakov (Hierarchies), stretching from Heavens to the Earth, there is a Divine Christ – the Spirit, the Highest Being subjective, invisible, and incomprehensible. On other is its visible manifestation, "Sacrificial Fire" - M.: Not rough fire, and Spirit, the divine Spirit which visible embodiment is fire.

"Space garbage" together with the leader Jehovah-devil-satan will leave from a planet. Mysterious are the ways of the Lord, and the Victory, the foreordained Hierarchy of Light, will exceed our imagination. There will be a TV channel which will give to mankind knowledge of theosophy. Brown gas which is generation of the person from irritations and foul language can be discharged by spirituality awakening in the person.

Is told that where the insult and derogation of the carrier of Light is allowed, there will ask from all country. On change the dark will come Century of Light "Golden Age". It will last 1 828 000 years. People and planet will be in the facilitated bodies - there no will be matter, the evil, borders and nationalities. There will be paradise which we have to create. Now we have a hell, unfortunately, from long- term stay of darkness. Sectarians detain them.

The Great Lord of Shambhala, Maitreya has given us a new Teaching Living Ethics through his disciples. According His Beam the following books were written:
1.Helena Blavatsky:
Isis Revealed.
The Secret Doctrine (two volumes).
The Voice of silence.
The Letters.
Helena Rerich:
2.1. Agni Yoga (The Teaching is of Living Ethics).
2.2. The Letters, nine volumes.
3. Boris Abramov:
3.1. Facets Agni Yoga, (22volumes, 1951-1972).

Great Teacher and Great Lord Shambhala Maitrea - M.: three points: the first - Maitreya (Wisdom is the Buddha), the second - the Messiah (Christ), the third - Muntazar (Islam). From these books about Hierarchy of Light, about embodiments of Teachers and the Great Lord of M.:

The doctrine which the Christ gave 2000 years ago, is given in a condensed form, and now is given in an expanded form. We will render M.: praise: "Yes will revive the Lord (in our hearts), and all enemies his will be chiseled".
Laws of the Karma and reincarnation were thrown out from the New Testament. Karma
- is work, the Space Law of Punishment; Space Scales exact, all our life registers on
"Movie" which then show in God's court о on whish be present all wishing, earlier died. Here it also is - secret becomes obvious. "The life Book" in which all our only good, disinterested deeds register is at the same time written.

Often, after past life the page remains empty and the person is again embodied, yet won't start doing good things for people. Talents, appearance, growth, parents we meet with the deserts the last past life. Humpbacked, paralytics, disabled people punishment for the sins made in last embodiments. The bum is the one, who was satiated with the power and dipped a hand into the state budget.

During Great Arrival the Lord won’t come in a physical body, and Will come as Light from the East. With It will come New Energy from the Highest Worlds, and all people will be divided on the Treatment of light and shade. At those, who trusts in a shadow (Jehovah), covers (a physical body) will burn down there will be a consciousness, they will be removed to Saturn (the characteristic of Saturn is given above). Those, who trust to the public will remain on Earth and will live in "Golden Age".

Who trusts in two gods, is sit on two chairs, will be destroyed as Space litter construction material for consolidation of bark of a new planet (if don't think again). After Great Arrival is one is from two remains!

If in any book is though one word against powers of Light, or impose thoughts of return of paganism, know that Jehovah - a devil exercises the wit in different options of "activity". Jehovah will leave from our Planet to Satyrn together with the army. Jews and sectarians with it won't leave, at the last moment will refuse. Why to go together with a scum of society?

Repeat daily seven times of the word: "Maitreya, Victory and Love". Fill space with Light. Every Sunday approve the words "The Dark Will Leave from the planet Earth". We will praise Great Maitreya:"Yes will revive the Lord (in our hearts), and His all enemies will be chiseled".