2. Heavenly is Jerusalem - Shambhala. Tibet.

Chapter 2. Heavenly is Jerusalem.
Гора М
“Every time requires it is messenger. And each messenger brings the tidings which are
especially needed this time”. (E.I.Rerich).
A great and high mountain in Himalayas is Everest – 8.888 km and the Holy City of Jerusalem is Shambhala. Shambhala is a sacred place where the terrestrial world comes into contact with the highest state of consciousness. It is known in the East that there are two Shambhala: the first one is terrestrial and the other one is invisible. There is the Mother of the world at the top Everest in the mental body, who is the creator of the Hierarchy of the Light. Shambhala was created the power through of Lord‘s M.: Simultaneously witch of the planets. It is a city with in the mountains. There are around 100 entities. There are seventy five God-women in the astral bodies and twenty five God-men. Some of them are in physical bodies. They are the greatest spirits, who have incarnated on the Planet to bring the Knowledge and to accelerate the evolution of humanity. Their astral bodies are tightened; they wear clothes and shoes. They create everything be means of power of the thought. The idea is the most subtle and powerful energy.

In Shambhala is the center the All-initial energy, which sends it around the world. This energy compresses astral bodies. There are our compatriots in Shambhala: V. Lenin, A. Pushkin, Alexander II, S. Kovalevsky, and E. Blavatsky (now in man body), E. Rerich in the astral body is the Empress of Shambhala. I Him saw: in a crown, in a dress of violet color with a long sleeve, shoes on a flat sole without heels. N. K. Rerich in new incarnation is a young monk in the physical body is Panchen a lama of the monastery temple "Tashilhunpo" in sity of Shihadze (Tibet).

Shambhala is surrounded by high impassable mountains covered with snow. There is a plane inside where vegetables and wheat, many flowers, mostly roses are grown. There are hot springs. Those entities that live in Shambhala in physical bodies eat vegetable food. There is a hostel on the territory in which live about one hundred disciples.

All the Archangels are shown in Shambhala in the astral bodies. The Great Maitreya worked in the Heavenly Shambhala in the Thin body (Dokiud). Its terrestrial Shape differs nothing from terrestrial inhabitants and It didn't realize the Greatness in the Worlds of the Highest.

All occult schools and Ashrams are bound by indissoluble thread with Shambhala. Once every seven years, Great Teachers gather at the Board in the Ashram, which is located on an island in the middle of the lake in the Gobi desert (China). All Ashrams are connected among themselves by tunnels of such sizes that the rider on a horse can freely move on them.

The main mission of the Hierarchy of Light, which rules on the Earth since immemorial times, is called by people the White Brotherhood. White Brotherhood is led by the Highest, the Lightest Spirit, which in the Scriptures called Divine and the Beautiful the Archangel Michael. He is the First among the Great Hierarchs of the Solar system, and the First among the Higher Hierarchs of our Planet.

The Lord of Shambhala is the Fire Mover of life and fire of the Mother of the World.
His breath burns with the flame and His heart is ablaze with fire.

Maitreya is Invincible. He will never violate the good heart. He will appreciate every heartfelt aspiration. He knows what the appreciation is. He knows how to direct to the shortest path. He gives good ways. He does not count the distance, because he knows the measures not of these parts. He says the one going to the West: Turn to the East. He will turn the person heading toward the North to the South. He will whisper, not to unsaddle horses at night and not to close the entrance of the tent. He says to retreat there where human consider it as falling back. He said the divergent: -You approach. He is pushing not counting the earthly measures.
He leads to understanding. He knows the invisible measures of time. He turns the arrows of the demons; He pierces the darkness with invisible light. He will not leave, if you not reject the Leading Hand. Life says: come and you will see, wish and you will know. Our heart bound with Heart and Consciousness the Highest Hierarch of our Planet introduces us to the powerful stream of the Outer Magnet.

All philosophy, all religions came from Sole Source and the great minds that brought the Light and gave impetus to the birth of thought at the dawn of our humanity, continued to bring it all over the slow process of human consciousness evolution. Seven Great Spirits and the Highest among them, taking Watch of the peace, appeared on all turning points of our Planet.

In Shambhala, there is World Government. They know the future development of all states. Lords of karma can tell you how to avoid the bad effects. So, messengers were sent to Napoleon and Hitler, that warned them not to go to the East, and their end was decided beforehand. They did not listen. Himalaya White Brotherhood helped Russia during the ordeal in the war with Germany.

During battle the Armageddon between forces of Light and Darkness 1931-1949, all the brunt fell on the shoulders of the Great Maitreya. The battle was fought by energies. Bloody sweat appeared on her forehead and hands of the Great Lord Maitreya from the progressed pressure. The end battle was predetermined Lucifer it is expelled out of the Solar system. Against the Lord no one is strong!

"Shambala is the Community of Adherents and Archats; the Stronghold is vanguard of evolution, project bureau, Lords – planner‘s planet–space scale. In total from them!
They saturate space with images of those forms which shall be realized". In the east the Truth is accepted that the Single Greatest Spirit is a Creator of our consciousness and Christ Redeemer of our mankind. This spirit is Vishnu's Avatar also Appears on Earth every time when the mankind reaches a deadlock and the consciousness shift is necessary! Thus, all systems of the World are Shapes of the same Spirit – the Avatar of Vishnu which Was shown as Rama, Krishna, Kapila, Gautama Buddha, Moria (Christ), Maitreya, Kalki of Avatars (the seventh race of Rama). Three Avatars: Krishna, Christ, Maitreya is full Manifestation of the Father of the Universe.
It was shown and in other shapes, less bright, but always truly selfless.
Avatar is Degression of the Highest Spirit. Vishnu is machismo the Universe, the Founder and the Creator. Lakshmi is a feminine. In total is from Them.
Maitreya always when the mankind reaches a deadlock, Goes down to the dense world and Undertakes a heavy burden is atonement of acts human.
Saturation of the Planet negative energies from irritations, negative thoughts, words and acts can lead to the planet-wide tragedy. The earth is covered with a dense bed of dark energies, and saving Beams of planets of the Lord of Shambhala and Mother of the World can't break through to clear Earth. Shambhala works without issue and a salary, burning the Light human emissions poisonous gas imperils.
We shall protect our House because on other planets there are no corresponding conditions for us. Everyone planet‘s pass seven circles of evolution of the person in our Solar system. We are in the fourth circle, all other planets or pass the ways passed by us, or were ahead of us. On each planet the mankind corresponds to that circle in which exists. On Venus people live in the seventh circle in the facilitated bodies, as well as the planet. There are no borders, there are no nationalities, employ on color of aura which displays thoughts? There are no diseases! There is no radio, phone, television, different types of transport; all this is in the person. At all the centers are open. People are gods! Upon termination of the seventh circle people will leave Venus on the highest planet. To us, people of Earth still it is necessary to pass this way.

Accepted the Doctrine of Living Ethics, will leave with the Lord on his Star Uranium which in last cycle was our visible Sun, but because of diskly chilling departed out of limits of our Solar system and it is filled with energies of the central Sun above which there Is an Absolute Almighty!

Before leaving to Saturn Jehovah wants to blow up Earth. Everywhere, where war flares, there is a process of forcing of destructive energies. Beams of planets of the Lord of Shambhala and Mother of the World will divide people on of light and shade. Those, who trust to the public will be salvaged and will live on Earth in the Golden Age– 1 828 000 years. For this period people on our Planet will reach the level which now on the planet Venus and will leave on the highest planet.

All countries professing the Buddhism at the beginning of the twentieth century waited for the New Doctrine. In all temples and on approaches faces of Great Lord M.: were already represented: The doctrine was this in Russian for Russia. Church fathers persist, collectively reject and are intellectually mobile that it wasn't necessary to hear the known words: "I never knew you; depart from me, doing lawlessness". (Matfey, ch. 7/23). God doesn't need those, who don't distinguish Light from darkness.

The New Doctrine of Great Maitreya, the Lord Shambhala is given. Before Great Receipt we shall change our spirit, be prepared for a meeting with it; to master the Doctrine not to be destroyed as space litter. We will be prepared for a meeting and we will enter "Golden Age" with expanded consciousness and with a sincere heart.

And all will arrive on time: the rivers will run, the woods will rise, and herbs will rise everywhere to all the term. Both left on an error human, and will come on a approve thought. They will send when it is necessary when we manage to identify and accept. Deep value has the Muslim legend. Jesus’ mother was at Mahomet‘s mothers before the prophet's birth. Mountain Moria is the mountain to Mery, here the beginning of all travelers, is erected the first image Blessed here –Great Maitreya.

The new Doctrine is based on heart and the clarified reason. There is no best Friend, than the Great Teacher M.: also it is necessary to look for ways of approach to It. E. P. Blavatsky, E.I. and N. K. Rerich saw Great Lord M.: in physical and astral bodies.

E. P. Blavatsky: "… absolutely regular features, a dense head of hear of color of a black wing, it is very beautiful, especially growth and a figure. Mighty constitution is. A young face by sight 30 years (in a physical body)".

E. I. Rerich: "… woke up suddenly from very bright Light and saw the figure of the Person which is lit up by bright shine with unusually beautiful face. After fear the thought was replaced with Unusual, incomparable feeling Presence of the Highest Force".

N. K. Rerich: "In silence there was a vision. Light objects were performed, and the Face of the Great Guest began to shine. Also He closed lips, both crossed hands, and his each hair streamed Light. And bottomless its eyes fixedly shone". Look for ways of approach to the Lord. Great Maitreya creates the Sixth Race; "Agni Yoga" is the Call!