3. Maitreya (El Moria) is the Great Lord of Shambhala.

Chapter 3.
Great Maitreya (El Moria) is the Great Lord of Shambhala.

Maitreya – Supreme, the Father of the Universe!
Exists two "Uniform" is. One is on the inaccessible plan of the Absolute and Boundlessness, about which any conclusions are impossible. The second "Uniform", on plan "Proceed». The first can't to proceed, to be a dividend, because it is eternal, it is absolute and immutable. The second, being reflection of the first "Uniform", "because it is Logos, or Ishvara (the God) in the illusory Universe", can. It radiates from itself seven Beams, or Dhiani Cogan’s, or Elohim’s, or Archangels in Christianity. One-real becomes differently-real.

Energy works as uniform energy through Logos (or to Ishvara). Now Supreme is a uniform essence (two in one), from which proceeds and starts existing center energy , which is called Logos … It is called Christians Verb and it is a Divine Christ, which is eternal in a bosom of the Father, It is called as Avalokiteshvara Buddhists. Almost in each doctrine it was formulated existence of the center of the spiritual energy, which it isn't born and eternal, and exists in a bosom Supreme in time rest between cycles, and arises as the center conscious energy during the conscious activity.

Ishvara (Logos) is a Spirit, a complex unity of manifested live spirits, the primary source and all the world's monads (and their divine reflection) that occurred from the Logos and returned to him at the end of his time. Ishvara is the God.

The second "Uniform" is the Sound (Shabda – Sanskrit), the Word which on our Planet became flesh. Maitreya is the shown Father of the Universe, the Creator and the Creator! Lord M.: there is the Highest, Lightest Spirit of our Planet, Solar system and the Universe. The Lord will Leave and will Rule forever, but then once again will Come to us as the Second Coming is Great Arrival.

The first Archangel is a position which is taken up by the Lord Shambhala during passing of evolution of the person. Maitreya is First Beam of the Father of the Universe. The first Beam is equated to That from Whish this Beam precedes. Vishnu – a machismo, the Father Universe, God, Founder and Creator, reflection of Absolute, Supreme Deity! Maitreya is full manifestation of Vishnu. He is All.

Monad is the same as Absolute, a particle of the divine Monad, the information or thought of the Father, being enveloped by the energy it always remains the part of the Absolute. From the Energy Center, i.e., Ishvara (the Divine Christ), are all the gods, stars, planets, the Divine Christ is the God of all gods, He is Universe!

In our Universe is eight million four hundred thousand species of living beings; four hundred thousand people and eight million flying sailing, running and crawling ones.

On the East is accepted the Truth that the Single Greatest Spirit is the Creator of our consciousness and our Savior of the mankind. This spirit is the Avatar of Vishnu and appears on the Earth every time when humanity comes to a deadlock, and needs a shift of consciousness!

Thus all the systems of the World are the Images of one and the same Spirit – Avatar of
Vishnu. He was shown in other guises, less bright, but always true selfless.

The Greatest Spirit of our Solar system came in diminished shapes to reach and raise the consciousness of the masses much easier. High Spirit, taking the earthly Shape, was no different from earthly creatures and didn't realize His Greatness in the Higher Worlds. Great Lord of Shambhala, Maitreya is the World Teacher, the King of Kings, the Teacher of Teachers and Lord among the Lords.

The Messiah of the Jews is identical Maitreya, Kalki Avatar (incarnation of the God), Muntazar (Muslims Messiah) – the Highest Shape, that should appear on the change of the race to give a new proclamation and to install the vibration, which will sound as new cycle of spiritual evolution. All the Higher Cosmic views will get their form or will be personified in the God likeness, the human. Great Put Maitreya – 3000 embodiments are passed a half of the planned Way.
Great Maitreya Passed the Way from "the pastor of sheep" to Supreme. All embodiments His were steps Ascension.This powerful Spirit was Manifested in:

King Menes – he united southern and northern Egypt in one State. Constructed the general for all state irrigational systems is. From association Egypt began the dynastic era of is the greatest of the Pharaohs.

Pharaoh Ramses II Under his rule Egypt has reached a considerable power. He conducted a long struggle with the Hittites, the result of which was fixing for Egypt of Palestine and Southern Syria. He built a lot of temples and hearses. In the north-eastern Nile Delta he built the city Per-Ramses (Tennis), and repulsed the attack on Lower Egypt of Sea Peoples.

Osiris is also the representative Ether, the first depiction the radiation of the Highest Deity. Amon is the Primary Source of Light. Osiris was executed, dismembered in fourteen pieces (two by seven). Later He Resurrected as a Christ. (Jehovah, the devil, the Owner of the Earth dealt shortly with those, who brought the Light to people).

Osiris was twice embodied in Egypt and governed wisely. Great Maitreya created Egyptians, they is His First-born. The Lord of the Shambhala Gave to Egyptians of Knowledge: maintaining agriculture, construction of houses, roads and temples. Gave to Egyptians the religion based on pure philosophy.

Origen is the writer; philosopher (came to indicate the church fathers are on simplification and the changes is in Christianity the book. About Beginnings‖, he wrote the 2000 books, which were kept in the library of Alexandria. When persecutions are begun He went to Palestine and Opened Christian school for children there. He was beaten and imprisoned for seven years. He could get out of the body and fly away in the Stronghold, but he Spent the entire time, using time, that given the knowledge of esoteric. He is highly revered as the Great Martyr and the Torch of true Christianity.
Western Church listens to the steps of the spirit evolution and starting to study the writings of Origen. Our Orthodox Church still considers him as a heretic.

Akbar - the Great Mogul – was emperor of Mongolia; he combined religions and expanded the lands by conquest. Akbar the Magnificent, Blessed, Akbar, the favorite person of the gods and the ―Beauty of the throne of the world, here is a list of adjectives to his name. The emperor of Mongolia combined the two countries: Mongolia and Northern India.

Gesser–Han – was the legendary Mongolian Khan (eleventh century), the hero of Central Asia epos. He is the Lord of the 10 countries of the world, the eradicator of 10 evils in 10 countries of the world. He is the protagonist of Tibetan, Mongolian, and Bury folklore, associated is in the minds of the people of the East and Asia with the image of the Lord of Shambhala.

The Rama is Vishnu's Avatar, the tsar of India, Supreme Krishna - is Vishnu's full manifestation the creator of the ―Bhagavad Gita‖). These are some incarnations of the Great Lord of Shambhala Maitreya. That is why the Appearance of Maitreya is so majestic, so powerful. He is the Teacher of Teachers.

Avatar Rama embodiment is 7000 years ago; Supreme Krishna is 6000 years ago. That is why you should think of this Image greatness of and show understanding to be able to face the Ruler.

Now imagine the Fiery Humility, fiery Selflessness, and Self-sacrifice, of this true Leader of peoples, the Creator and Lord. Who can resist His Fiery Power when it will be manifested throughout its force?

Buddha – The White Illumined (illumination is the accumulation of centuries-old deposits of energies, crystallized for many dedicated lives); all the Greatest, the Highest is that Identity. There is no greater expression of the Great Secrets of life than in Sunny Hierarch Bishop Maitreya, the Lord Christ, and the Lord Buddha. The Great of Holder and Creator!

Buddha Maitreya, the Christ is a Single Ego. All religions are from a single source. Christ it is approved in the Teachings the Greatest. Even in early Christianity, you can find an understanding that A Great Spirit descended to the Earth and incarnated there, where was shown a need for a new understanding of the Truth.

It's time for humanity to move closer to the World Cosmic mystery of Jesus Christ, revealed with each cycle, - Maitreya. Building of space, the process of evolution does not need only new enlightened minds, but love and beauty.

Chronology of the Christ life is inaccurate. Great Teachers put the birth of Jesus to the earlier date.

The assertion that the Lord Maitreya and Christ is the same Individuality is the Truth. But the Truth is not proved. In Theosophical literature one can find indications that Jesus was the incarnation of the Great Teacher Kut Humi When there came time of the Passionate Way of the Crucifixion, into it is entered even more High Spirit, - Christ, which accepted the Epiphany from John the Baptist and thereby came nearer to new segments of the population also started preaching among the simply and poor. Jesus also was studied by the Great Wise Man of the East Rossul Moria and stayed there for at least seven years, after which they traveled through India together and then Jesus went with the blessing of the Lord of Moria to his country, but he was unable to finish its Mission there; he passionately overtired and got sick; and on the threshold of the transition to the underworld, appeared in front of him in the Thin Guise the Great Sage and offered him to finish his Mission, going into his body. Of course, the consent was given gladly. Yes, there were great Space reasons. Why did it need replacement and the continuation of this Mission?

All priests were waiting for the Messiah, the Great Spirit, like Moses, Solomon - is embodiment Lord Shambhala.

Moses, Solomon is the incarnation of the Great Lord of Shambhala Maitreya. Teacher of Teachers – the Lord Maitreya is the carrier of three Beams. Shape of Maitreya – the present Lord of the Shambhala. In Tibet Its images are in temples, on slopes of mountains Teacher of Teachers - the Lord Maitreya is the bearer of three Rays. The Appearance of the Great Maitreya is the current Lord of Shambhala. In Tibet He Depicted is in temples on the slopes of the mountains.

Georges the Victorious is.
Church legend tells about Georges the Victorious is carrier miracles during persecution on Christians in Turkey, including about its victory over a dragon. In Russia Life Georgia Victor formed the bases of the Russian spiritual verse in which He is organizer Earth Russian. In ancient Russia Georges the Victorious was often represented on the princely seals and coins, in imperial Russia – on the State Emblem. Georges the Victorious is Michael the Archangel's embodiment the Patron of Russia.
Sergiy Radonezh of is one from incarnations of the Great Maitreya. God and the Motherland is what moved the life and destiny of the Reverend Sergius… And this love gave him the opportunity to so totally to the end to fulfill the commandment of the Lord of love to people. Sergius built communities; he rendered the territory of Russia, claimed orthodoxy, and helped Dmitry Donskoy in the fight against the foreigners.
Sergiy’ of Radonezh was the Defender of the Russian land. The monastery's wealth increased so much that the monastic Treasury could lend sums to state needs. His Abode helped Peter the First with the construction of the fleet. Sergiy was the leader; he breathed the heroic spirit is in the people. He directed it to the future. He will stay such leader now, for the link of the Great Spirits is indivisible with the trade and the feats of their lives. Subsequently, His Abode became the center of spiritual culture, the strength and refuge at the hard minutes of the Russian Land. His Life is permanent and joyous labor, both spiritual and physical. Thus from the desert-contemplator Sergiy of Radonezh grew up in a public figure and was prepared by inscrutable ways to the state role (to help the Homeland). His Abode, which was destined to play a huge role in spreading the spiritual culture and the strengthening of the Russian State, grew with Him.

Around the Abodes, which were built by Him and His disciples, grew villages. Sergiy sent the pupils to field works to peasants to help them to have an opportunity to speak about education of spirit. Illumined by Inexpressible Light (the radiance of light that cannot be conveyed by words) He Stands the Invisible Visible, is on the steps of the Grand Staircase of the Hierarchy of Light, he is ready at the specified hour to direct legions of Light Forces, ready to bless his people and its land leader to a new of the feat.

In pre-revolutionary time the feat of greatest Protector of Russia Sergiy was suppressed because he was a heretic, which used a two-fingered sign, in the eyes of some people. Russia admires before the Greatness of the Venerable Sergiy and gives the praise to Him your Great Patron is Patron of the Russian land. (Ponder who came in the Guise of Sergiy of Radonezh!) The Highest Hierarch of our Planet is the current Lord of Shambhala - Maitreya.

Seraphim of Sarovskiy are.
In 19 years Seraphim of Sarovsky Has come to Sarovo in the eve of a festival of Introduction to the temple of the Mother of God. Once on Him the gifts of the Holy Spirit (Mothers of the World) have descended. Seraphim Left monastery Has also left in the wood. He Has lodged in a wooden cell on the river bank of Sarovki, Has got a kitchen garden and an apiary. His clothes consisted of a white loose overall. In a behind a shoulder bag He always Carried the Gospel. It ate fruits of the kitchen garden. To him the great number of parishioners came; Seraphim Maked miracles on their eyes, Cured many patients whom smeared with oil from the icon lamps burning before a favorite icon of the Mother of God "Affection". Less, than in two years prior to the death of the Reverend to him the Virgin accompanied by many Saints with words last time Was: "There will be with us soon, a Favourite My". Seraphim of Sarovsky are one of the most esteemed Saints in Russia.

You can enumerate endlessly the embodiment of the Great Lord: Zeus, Osiris, Hermes, Zoroaster, Apollonius of Tyana, the Great Venetian and others.

Zeus, the thundered was the Ether, the Supreme God, the Lord of Gods and men; Managed all celestial phenomena, He Kept the public order and families, Installed the laws and customs.

Osiris in ancient is the Egyptian mythology one of more esteemed gods. Osiris was considered as god of grain and winemaking. As a solar Deity, it had twelve smaller gods below itself, - twelve zodiac signs" (Egypt Belief).

Hermes Trismegistus was three Times the Greatest, His treatises were devoted to the occult science: alchemy, astrology, magic and religious-philosophical Teachings, close to Gnosticism.

There were several Zoroaster’s or Zertust, a Dabistan has thirteen of them; but they all were incarnations of the first one. The last Zoroaster was the founder of the Temple of Fire in Azarekši and the writer of works (about the first religion of Mages), destroyed by Alexander.

Apollonius of Tyana was very rich, but Ate vegetable food, wore clothes Made of natural fabrics, Walked barefoot. He was an Apologist (Bearer of the Truth); He once ordered a disciple to collect a sufficient number of fragrant trees and the lay down in a cave like high Bed. Apollonius burned himself on fire and then the disciple heard under the arch of the cave his voice: So, I'm not dead, but am going to accept the Bowl of Apologist. By burning himself, He proved that life continues in the Subtle Worlds.

Venetian the Great is.
When the Venetia tribe was pressed and persecuted by impending barbarians, among them appeared an unknown high Shepherd, who pointed them to the lagoons, this fact served as a base of the city of Venice. Accepting this Appearance, He materialized himself, because at that time He had no physical body. Great Lord does not like to talk about the former incarnations, as they unwittingly turn the spirit back and may even hinder His rush to the future, when to save this yearning is the first people.

That is why we should not have think about the past, but about the present into the future. Lord of Shambhala is the Lord of the worlds; The Great Lord; The Leader of Higher Spirit World; The Leader of the Spirits World of Fire; The Leader of fire of the Mother of the Word, named the Lord of Compassion. He is the God of Love and Compassion, the God of Goodness and Light. He Covers everything space, being a spokesman of all expectations and wisdom.

Mankind comes to Me in different ways, but no matter how the man came through to Me on this journey I welcome, because all paths belong to Me - said God Krishna in His Lord's song Bhagavad-Gita. The Great Lord of Shambhala, Maitreya is manifested in the Human body Ishvara. He always appears as Manu (the Man) on the verge of two indigenous races. Descending from the higher planes where He is invisible to the human eye and without the form, He manifests in our Planet. He comes in the scopes of our Planet (mental, astral) and then manifests in the physical body. He is not born and will not die. He has an incomplete incarnation, it is a Great Value. (And who wants to know the details of his incarnations, one learns by reading the book Helena Rerich, “Letters”.

Therefore it isn't necessary to think of the past, but only of the present in connection with the future. Lord of Shambhala there is a Lord of the Worlds; Lord Great; Driver the Spirits the highest Worlds; Driver the Spirits the Worlds Fiery; the Engine of fire of Mother of the World is named by the Lord Compassions. He is God Love, kind and Light. He covers all space, being a spokesman of all expectations and wisdom. "The mankind comes to me in the different ways, but what ways the person wouldn't come nearer to me, welcome him because all ways belong to me", - God Krishna in the Lord's to the Has song told "Bhagavat-Gita". Great Maitreya is shown in a body of the Person, Ishvara. He always Appears as Manu (Person) on the verge of two radical races. Going down from the highest plans where He is invisible to human to an eye also no has form, it is Shown on our plan. It falls within the scope of our Planet (mental, astral) and, if necessary, it is shown in a physical body.

Gautama Buddha (623-544 BC) adopted its successor future Buddha-Maitreya. And Gautama
said his disciple: I am not the first Buddha, who came to this Earth and also will not the last. In definite time other Buddha will rise in the world, Hidden One, of the Higher insight, lighted by wisdom, happy, containing the whole Universe, the peerless leader, Lord of the Dev
(effulgent divine) and mortal ones. He will give you the same eternal truths that I have taught you. He will establish his law, savior at the beginning, savior in his an apotheosis, and savior
at the target is in the spirit and the word. It will herald a righteous life, perfect and clean, which is
now taught his disciples and I. They would be calculated in the thousands, while my disciples are only hundreds. And asked his disciple: How will we recognize Him? Teacher replied:
Great Maitreya is His Name. What qualities the Lord Maitreya has to possess? – Maximum
is development of Energy, courage, patience, constancy of aspiration and fearlessness. Energy
is a basis of everything because in her one has put all opportunities. The doctrine of Maitreya is continuation of the Doctrine of Christ. The doctrine is given on consciousness of time!!

During partial breaks, or Updates of the planet or Solar system the Greatest Spirits (Jacob's Ladder) which are collectively representing Space Reason and the Creating Beginning hold patrol and plan future Cycle of Life of Solar system, or the Planet, and then are the chief performers of these tracings. The hierarchical Beginning is the Space Law, there is a principle leading therefore there is always also the highest Spiritual being or the Hierarch.

In human representation is such Highest Spirit merges with image of God personal and even god Universe is a name to Him Maitreya.

The Hierarchy of Light– the link with Infinity, its mission on Earth from the ancient times was called the White Brotherhood by the peoples of the world. The concept of Hierarchy is discussed in the book the Teaching Agni Yoga. All philosophical systems of the East recognized a single reality. Except the basic reality of Unknowable Uniform, some systems recognize a personal God, Ishvara. Creative force, which creates a planetary system, that manages it and upon reaching the intended target of evolution tasks destroy it. Each planetary system has its God or as in Christian terminology, it’s Logos.

The world is ruled by the Creative Forces of the Space, comprising together the Divine Hierarchy, that is personal and only the gods, the beings who reside in the Universe. They all have divine status after passing through human evolution. They all obey the Single One standing at the head of the Celestial Hierarchy. They are all Sons of God, and Saviors. But at what stage is every Hierarch or Teacher, we do not know.

The concept of Hierarchy, as a single Brotherhood of Spiritual Teachers, is central for the Teaching of the Erving Ethics. Significant in the esoteric Teachings, notion of sacred personal spiritual mentor and Teacher is considered in Agni Yoga as a necessary condition of spiritual self-realization. A Teacher is someone who gives a person new knowledge, erecting its new steps to spiritual development. Those, who protects him from attack of evil by the forces at all levels and earthly, and astral, who is in the true sense of the word rules his spiritual evolution, using his own resources and knowledge, many times exceeding the strength and abilities of the disciple through spiritual-intellectual accumulation of the Teacher, the process of evolution of consciousness is accelerating exponentially. Guidance and assistance of the Hierarch during the years of incarnations allows the disciple to achieve the spiritual self-realization. Why do you need hundreds of incarnations if you step over the threshold by ten?

You need to decide for yourself, who from Teachers the Brotherhood it closer for you and then give yourself completely, without any limitations and conditions to this distinguished leadership. Establish itself by the heart on the Lord is the first condition for fire world. To take the Hand of the Lord is not enough without benefit of the heart. It should be remembered that the vibration and Karma are links to the Lord, the Fiery World. That is why put all your efforts and aspirations to better understand and apply the Teaching into practice and provide the rest to the Karma and great knowledge of the Lords.

Spiritual communication with the Teacher is built on deep and sincere feelings of love and gratitude to the Teacher from the disciple for the Sacrifice that He takes. No selfishness – only altruism and selflessness. Offer the Great Teacher Fire of Love, protect Him with veneration, and let’s find the most efficient, highest understanding of the Teaching and Decrees. True love, spiritual one is one of the most powerful and sophisticated space energy. Love is the universal law of evolution of the Universe. In space, the law is expressed in the universal magnetism and gravity particles of energy and elements. Space Magnet is the so-called power of Christ and the Power of Love Mother World.

Heart is really international body. If light is the symbol aura, then His parent is heart. Will ask: on what the Brotherhood Stronghold is under construction? Tell: "Doctrine of heart, work, beauty, evolution, tension, doctrine the most vital". When the mankind has lost the Doctrine basis, plunges into misunderstanding then on a prediction the most ancient Teachers the era of Maitreya will come.

The World Eye of Shambhala brings the Goodness the world of humanity, the Light on the path of humanity, the Star and directs all the travelers. The Lord of Shambhala is a planetary spirits leader, fiery ruler of life and fire of the World Mother. Shambhala Lord lives and breathes in the Heart of the Sun. He breathes the Truth and accepts it. Maitreya Teaching is the resurrection of the spirit and can accelerate the phenomenon of the Great Advent (the Second Coming) the conscious adoption of the Teaching of Lord Maitreya is the true resurrection!

Great Maitreya wants faster everything, wants all complete successfully, wants your joy, wants to give a gift to humanity and wants to transform the experience of life on Earth in the Radiance of the Mother of the World. Space lives on the greatness of the two Beginnings – the Lord Shambhala and the Mother of the World. The heart is a truly international body. If light is aura simple, the parent symbol is a heart. Before you read the new doctrine Agni Yoga, you need to prepare and read the main proceedings of H. Blavatsky. After the preparation – food, balance, silence, throwing the enemies, not to stick to the material things (you can use, but don't think about it), and start to learn the Teaching. If you do absolutely everything, you will be opened the cognitive world of the feelings that you will regret that touched this knowledge so late, nothing will remain from the past (forget the past, and present associate only with the future). Everything written in the Teaching, you will be shown in visions; Voice of Silence will prompt you in the puzzling of paragraphs, sentences, you to fill a quiet joy and happiness. All this will be provided after making all mandatory requirements. In front of you every night (and sometimes during the day with closed eyes) will open unusual you will see the dome of the sky with stars, flashes. Sometimes the Teacher Writes on the sky the advice; Shambhala will be Shown inside and out, but not immediately. The entire Space lives in rhythm and the book should be read accordingly every day at the same time.

You will be presented with ten previous incarnations in persons, find out in which country you lived, who you were. If you receive a physical pain, the Lord would withdraw it; He is very kind and attentive, and will help in all cases, you will feel Him always around if you will keep Him in mind. He is a Friend, never disappoint and He will always protect you, tell you of the best solution. You will receive energy All-Initial Divine Psychic, accumulating in the heart of liquid crystals to form stone Alatyr, energy to get off the ground quickly and move up in the Thin World. Psychic energy is precious gift of God, it gives strength and health.

The word "Lord" includes the phenomenon of mastering all three worlds and full, conscious manifestation ability our activity in each of them. The Lord is the One, who owns His own bodies and easily separates them from the physical body: the fiery, mental, astral, and in any of these bodies retain consciousness and moves freely in the respective fields. Fire one goes to the Fiery Word (the Sun), mental to inter planetary sace, astral to the depth, of the oceans and within spheres of the Planet.

H. Blavatsky said that only in a few cycles of spirit it could reach the stage on which the spirit of the Great Lord M.: was: (but after eons of years Spirit of Lord will be even higher – He is unreachable).

E.I. Rerich: Remember that I wrote about this Form! Truly, only the highest things are associated with Him, the Hierarch. Truly, the highest notions are personified by the high Appearance. There is no higher expression of the Great Mysteries of Life, rather than in Sun Lord Maitreya, Hierarch, Bishop Christ, He is a great holder and creator‖ other authors, on religion, they too must be read. This Teaching is for anyone, who loves books. Be connected, please. Approach time of Great Arrival! If in your entrance their lives at least one such person, will appear both the second, and the third. Extend the Doctrine! (But don't impose). In this Doctrine it isn't necessary to do any exercises and breathe systems. One it is necessary – to clear consciousness of unnecessary thoughts. The Lord is our Ideal to which it is necessary to aspire. It is necessary to wake in us sleeping divine abilities under the leadership of Great Teachers and the
“Fiat Rex” (The Lord is three Worlds).
Great Lord of M.: Great Teachers are founders of all religions and philosophical systems. All religions left one bosom and have to unite in one new Doctrine "Agni Yoga", wisdom which is higher than all religions. Accept the new Doctrine; it will unite people on consciousness. Shambhala is the only Community on the planet. Approach the Community, in it our rescue! Everyone the risen against Shambhala will be amazed in all his deeds. And the waves will wash away his house, and even a dog will not come on calling it. Lightning he would see at the last night. The teaching shows how every warrior will be named invincible‖."Who understands the Brotherhood as a yoke, let will depart rather, who skillfully inclines before the Brotherhood gate, let will return back rather. Is able to celebrate the Brotherhood will be the wisdom happiness. (A.Y.).

Let only the great aspiration to bring all the forces in help of Great Lords, fighting to save the unfortunate and ignorant mankind. Russia is an axis of the world and so-called the world and so-called Navel Lands too are in her limits. Sacred Shambhala belongs many Tibetans and Mongols to Russia both to Russia, and the Great Symbol consists in it. "The Russian people store in itself natural level of culture because his character developed on Asian open space from accumulation of the East, because always came from Asia, and Light until the end of our cycle will come".

P.S. The portrait of the Great Lord M.: is belongs E.I. Rerich. See the book “Letters”, by E.I. Rerich, vol. 1, published by IDC (International Center of the Rerich), 2011. Only one genuine portrait (hologram) of the Great Maitreya that whish is in the book. There is a letter from Nicholas Rerich to International Centre of the Rerich Director (IDC), L.
Shaposhnikova (Moscow), that all colored portraits of Maitreya are false. The Moria, Moria is one of Buddhist dynasties Magadži, also the name of the tribe radžputs (Raj – King), The Sun Dynasty, Hierarchy of Light, M.:, M., Mahatma, Invisible Word Running. Moria is the family, in which the Great Lord repeatedly Incarnated; Maitreya is the King of Shambhala, World Government future. The future Avatar, Allal Ming is a term equivalent to Ego (in the first sense), Maitreya, the Great Lord of Shambhala. Words Moria and Maitreya are related only to the Great Lord of Shambhala. Everyone else is irrelevant to this genus. There is a group photo (Djul Kul, Great Lord M., Sen Jermen is and E. P. Blavatsky) and is picture of Nicholas Rerich, “Fiat Rex”.

As in the Christian churches, Jehovah, the devil to hand up wall with icons to draw energy from the worship to the Heavenly Father, and at the Yandèx there is a photo of the Werewolf in two copies and other ones are false portraits.

Jehovah is the devil, under the name is El Moria, Maitreya, Raised Teacher he put his image is on Yandex and earlier on Google and Bing. Permanent movement! He jumps like a flea. Make up according a Sage is a fake werewolf! This is the liar, who declared himself the Father of Christ, and now this hangman crook wants to impersonate the Great Maitreya.

Tied a turban, wound with the end of fabric a neck and pasted on forehead the
brooch, the pure werewolf and the devil look took aside, hesitates. The main
pervert of our Planet s Jehovah-devil, the proof of that are monkeys. The image of a devil is given in the book.