4. The answer is to the pederasty Jehovah on slander in the book "Blow of the Russian Gods”. Part 1. Analysis of the book. Part 2. Billionaire Georges Morgan, the representative of "Lucifer" on Earth, the Lord of the Earth Jehovah (properties: satan and

Chapter 4.
Part 1.
The answer is to the pederasty Jehovah on slander
in the book "Blow of the Russian Gods”.

Georges Morgan (incarnate pederast Jehovah).

Remember Christ‘s words, told Jews two thousand years ago: "Your father is devil; … the
(incarnate devil Jehovah) murderer … it is liar and father of lie" (Ioann, 8/44.) The coauthor - V. Istarkhov is rakshas. Where it disappeared? To hide the authorship, Jehovah removed it... in darkness. (After these words, Istarkhov was shown on television under the decree of a devil of Jehovah. Let will explain who has given him information? There is no such information anywhere, except archive of Space. And only God and a devil can give to people her. Jehovah has attributed the actions and a Pederast Jehovah hobby to others. Istarkhov's Karma is leaving to Saturn). Where the gun of a devil shoots? To return back to paganism! The devil kindles opposition between the people to create Chaos, to bring on the quiet rakshas to power and to destroy Orthodoxy.

In the book Jehovah doesn‘t mention the name deliberately not to cause indignation of Jews. The pederast Jehovah's purpose is autocracy on the planet that to drag off the population planet to Saturn. Insignificant is zoophile! After pronouncing the word "zoophile" Jehovah told: "Don't write, you are a woman, don't dig in dirt" and covered me with darkness. There was a feeling of dirt inside and outside, for a moment, then it became easy also light. Correctly, it isn't necessary to dig in you because you also are that dirt of which it is necessary to get rid, having moved away you from the planet and having rooted out your crops. Your snout in down and sins, as fleas on a nasty dog therefore you slander Gods to distract from yourself attention. Jehovah - the zoophile, the gay, the pedophile and the blood-thirsty murderer, - at it is the brains perverted. About this book on the Internet readers leave a response: "The book is for fools"! What author, on such readers and calculation. Burn books of a devil and dispel ashes!

P. 34, 5. "At ancient Jews were very widespread pederasty, bestiality is and other forms of sexual perversions. At ancient Jews homosexuality had mass Character, and seized the whole cities". Lemurs is future Jews aren't involved in Perversions. Lemurs - rakshasa is a victim of the pervert Jehovah. Devil is Patent pervert of all types.

"In pagan Rome during decline reined unrestrained sexual freedom. The sexual Debauchery in Rome was spread by Jews, also as they spread debauchery in Russia today". In Rome spread debauchery Caligula and Neron is Jehovah's embodiments and if necessary Jews weren't there. The devil tries to create through social networks pagan Rome in Russia.

The astral from Jehovah speaks to me: "That to decompose others perversions, it had to pass itself this way‖. And what is for? Perversions is recruitment to Saturn, differently it remains one.

Now this two-meter jockstrap, having the wife, under hypnosis forces the young 9th summer son – sleeps with him. He enters the wife into a deep sleep, transfers the child to a bedroom and forces him.

Movie: sitting silently two; Jehovah is focused, the child is listless and sad the hands hang as a lash. Jehovah takes it from behind with hands under the arms, and leans иon his knees back to him, at other times putting baby back on your stomach.... Jehovah tried to hide the methods of sexual violence over the son from space. In next time crucifying him as a frog in the bed, added a rear ... but any pose didn't satisfy a devil for the known reason. This nightmare began for his son at 9 years of age.

Here a shot from movies of space "Jehovah". The naked devil on the edge of a bed sits, has placed widely legs, has laid out genitals, and he is faced by the five-year-old baby and under his hypnosis humors’ him perversions.

The space writes everything on the movie. The child cannot remember everything that happens to him, the devil deletes this information from subconsciousness. The boy is pretty, fair-haired, to mother it is similar. The devil married in order that the wife has given birth to him to the son, the passive victim for sexual joys, and for cover of the hobby. This pseudo-supreme can't himself to advertize in clubs of gays. To tell more precisely, there are no physical data to go there. Karma is exact space scales: Jehovah is punished by underdeveloped, main body for him, for millions of the victims whom he has made perverts, applying hypnosis. Population of the USA – 324 million: 30% - perverts, (97,2mimlliona), 20% of schizophrenics (64,8millionov), addicts of 15% (48, 6 million) – the victims of hypnosis of a devil. Information from the book specified in the title.
In the mornings the wife comes into his bedroom, kisses and embraces a devil; he reciprocates to her in gratitude for the son. "The great actor" vanishes.

Movie: "Sataniya's Almighty" Jehovah in outerwear of black color lies, suddenly the right hand falls and undoes a fly... also begins to be engaged in masturbation. Following shot: the devil in the same clothes lies; the wife comes, caresses a devil, has kneeled and masses two hands to him a stomach. Jehovah has turned away to a wall and doesn't react. The wife has taken offense and left. The devil has recovered at once, has looked at a door – there is nobody. The hand has dived into a fly, has begun to be engaged in masturbation. The devil has tried all options and has stopped on blowjob.
Film: devil kisses the son on the lips, caresses him then lulls. The devil lies blindly and gives the mental order to the sleepy child.

The boy rises, without leaning hands on a bed, is bent in coxofemoral joints twice and falls face down directly on the father's genitals, then unnaturally sharply raises a trunk without hands, falls close to the father on the left side. The right hand as a lash, falls on a neck of daddy, touches with lips his cheek. Jehovah lies blindly; allegedly, he doesn't take part in it. The devil trains, to dreamily force the victim to do blowjob. Space you won't deceive, the devil shows the opportunities.

Film: Jehovah and son roles were reversed. The devil has lulled the son, sliding along his body; lips touched his chest and abdomen of the child. Lips captured his penis in her mouth and make a blowjob. But the boy did not respond ... the devil, too, fell asleep ... with penisses in his mouth. And it's "schmuck swamp" - the owner of the Land.

Movie: the devil Jehovah drugged son and then he opened his mouth some object, and its "domain" was placed in his mouth; the baby woke up, and the eyes on the forehead climbed - choked.

Movie: George Morgan (Jehovah), the three of us in bed: first, half-asleep son was forced to blowjob. Then my wife continued this kind of perversion.

Movie: the pervert billionaire Georges Morgan (Jehovah) lies in outerwear with naked penisses and is engaged in masturbation (process repeats daily). I was tired and have solved to use the wife with hypnosis application. Jehovah has mentally given the order to the wife to come to his bedroom, itself lies with an unbuttoned fly, and the genital body looks out from there. The wife has quickly come and, after short dialogue, has resignedly kneeled at a bed, has bent and does it blowjob, only after this process the impotent man pervert shows properties of a male.
It is that which speaks about itself (himself) that he "above heaven, below an underworld". That's for sure: "Below an underworld". The one who uses occult knowledge for humiliations of human dignity will be deprived of occult knowledge and relieved of the post. Karma - the Law of retaliation, exact space scales!!!
Jehovah chose to himself the victim for the embodiment billions (I have forgotten about the hobby, but the Law of the Karma remembers), the victim has a body disproportion: trunk short and disproportionately long legs, obvious degeneration. The genital body treats a trunk. You won't leave Georges Morgan's body, billions hold, in about 13 years Jehovah will put on the son's weight if the child doesn't die of constant violence. The house of the conclusion or the Psychiatric clinic has to be a shelter for the Owner of land.

Film: the wife of the devil lying on the bed, Jehovah came and gave the order, she opened his mouth wide. Jehovah is pissed in her throat. A rich stream of urine, she could choke. The devil applies hypnosis. And nobody can help the wife and the son. The one, who uses occult knowledge for humiliations of human dignity will be deprived of occult knowledge and relieved of the post. Karma is the Law of retaliation, exact space scales!!! The entire period of the reign of the devil is marked by the humiliation of women.

Movie: Wife of George Morgan (Jehovah-devil) with his son goes. Took two handbags son's hand ... but that doesn't mean she got rid of him. Empire Rockefeller the devil made Jehovah to be fraudulent. In the same way he destroyed it, lying on the couch.

In some of the kind Rockefeller (eight families) per year is one trillion dollars. Jehovah will say The Rockefellers words from the Bible that he spoke to the Jews: "...I made you, I raised you, and you left me ... a seed of evildoers, children who deal corruptly...". To stay on Earth and continue the evolution of man here, must say goodbye the real estate to the Apocalypse and to change Judaism to Buddhism the (the Doctrine of Christ is beginning the Doctrine of Live Ethics).

Movie: billionaire George Morgan (bugger Jehovah) flew a white dove and pecked "the Almighty Satania" in the right eye; now his eyes constantly flowing tears... After some time on the eye is has grown a wall-eye. Let his doctor S. S. Konovalov from St. Petersburg "cure" the eye of devilish power (hypnosis), which he sends to the devil for healing sessions. And the devil himself will expose their Scam. Obsessed with doctor K. distributed his books in the United States. Everyone, who reads his books and goes to such sessions the devil hooked on Saturn. Burn the devil's book; they exude the energy of destruction.
Film: Morning. Lies the devil-Jehovah on the bed; his left eye closed, right – clouded tears; cheek rolls a tear that falls on a black shirt synthetic (does not absorb into the fabric) and then flowing brook. Jehovah pours crocodile tears. Folk wisdom: "Impact wolf tears ladybugs" - the Law of Karma! Happiness is not in billions, but in LOVE. Happy is that, who loves.

After the expulsion of Lucifer " into the background to its originator – Brama, in the Silence of Silence (the deprivation of the right to vote), Jehovah came under the control Brama he can't go out of your way. Brama is the one, who appeared from the navel of Vishnu! The enemy in ambush is in the Fiery World (Brama schemes against the Father), sits next to Vishnu, the Father of the Universe. In this case, the relevant words of Taras Bulba, said to the son of the traitor: "I gave birth to you, I you and killer». From Brama in India built the temple in which the priest is preaching the Truth mounted a three-meter stone penis. The bas-relief of the temple (several tiers) inside and outside offers sculptures bestiality (horse, pig) and various forms of sexual perversion. This temple is a disgrace to India. This method of decomposition of humanity has chosen the Brama to seize power in the Universe. Demons (demigod Brama and devil Jehovah) rush to the autocracy on the Planet, using the method of sexual degradation. The preponderance of darkness are fans of lust, the underworld and spiritually ignorant.
Film: Brama wife and son are Jehovah's replaced the cat with a dog. George Morgan (Jehovah) is lying on the bed, pulled the penis from his penis and moves his hand on and near the cat is carefully watching. Then a paw started to touch the penis. The back of the cat near the bed is a dog waiting his turn. Jehovah is preparing a new kind of perversions for men – bestiality (one of the options of recruitment on Saturn). Citizens, remove Pets from their apartments and houses animal. Everything that makes Brama with the devil, used by Jehovah is upon the people.

The main for Brama that is in the heart of the devil and people are not born affection for the man (love); only anger and cruelty.

Movie: Is sad Jehovah on the bed in his bedroom, hand under head planted in the upper black clothes... "Almighty‖ Satania is alone, and not around the cat with the dog, all left it... Force not is pretty!

Film: Crying George Morgan (Jehovah), the tear flows from the left eye... the tears of those mothers, whose children he did to perverts, drug addicts, schizophrenics. The tears of those grandparents whose grandchildren he has ranked in the dregs of men, the tears of wives whose husbands he killed and dismembered, tears of husbands, whose wives he had stolen, the tears of those whom he had determined to Solovki and other Gulags, .. I Bow down before the Cosmic Law of Retribution – Karma! And mentor the devil, Bramah will be his for lies and humiliation of people. It is a pity that in Space there is no Gulag, "the Solovki", where they place merit.

The wife of the devil his departure marked the beginning of the collapse of the Evil Empire. Let her be the example for the Jews, sectarians, perverts, criminals and Christians. The devil wants to go to Saturn to the Apocalypse, to avoid volcanic eruptions and not to be burned alive.

Film: Billionaire George Morgan (the devil Jehovah) did not drop a tear and snot smeared under his nose; he quickly consoled. Found a replacement to his son, sheltered homeless children: washed, dressed, combed, fed and put to bed for sexual pleasures. Previously
created the impression of tender love for the son, it turned out that he's just a PEDERAST.
He is an orphan kisses, embraces and applies the same methods of violence. Jehovah is controlled Brama bugger. Violence against the Rabbis Jehovah commits; the Rabbis also adopt orphans and rape under the influence of the devil hypnosis. Adoption by gays of children is one of the types of replenishment troops the devil.
Film: Is billionaire George Morgan (the devil Jehovah) on the bed in the upper black
clothes and masturbation. Jehovah "quietly to himself carrying on at his conversation"; is callosities on hands.

Film: Pervert billionaire George Morgan (Jehovah) is currently alternates between servicing their sexual needs boy with passion, the blonde serves as his cover. The blonde lies on the bed in street clothes on the right side, and George Morgan (Jehovah) is also in street clothes lying across her body, with his back to her. Blonde left hand tormented his penis.

Movie: the Devil (the billionaire George Morgan) had replaced the blonde courageous brunette. At the blonde's hands fell ill. Now he has a new "family": an orphan boy (the passive homosexual and blowjob) and the masseuse-blowjob. Here's a "father" of the underworld, perverts, Jews and sectarians.

Movie: brunette lies in bed, and before her stands a naked George Morgan (the devil Jehovah), he gave her to mentally command your mouth wide open. The devil peed in her throat; the reign of homosexual marked the humiliation of women.

Film: Is naked George Morgan (the devil Jehovah), and before him stands a boy and makes him a blowjob.

Movie: George Morgan (Jehovah) alone; sitting on a chair in the upper black clothes, spreading wide-leg, between the legs sits a cat; Jehovah pulled the penis and moves on hand, but the cat does not respond. The Owner of the Land having fun; in his mind there have been violations - Brama "was brought to the handle". Patron of Jehovah Brama is masochist, mocking Jehovah. ("And this The Jackal claims on the Post Father The universe...?" - this thought belongs to the astral from Jehovah). The Supreme Deity the Absolute, Rid men and gods of our Solar system from the influence of this MONSTER.

Film: lying George Morgan (Jehovah), lying next to another beautiful brunette (brunette previous left). In headboard bugger next a boy of five, oversees the process. The devil invites women with boys. He the woman will be euthanized, and the child uses for other purposes; children are easily susceptible to hypnosis. (Unsuccessfully made bugger nose job; both nostrils severe scarring).

Film: gone pretty brunette with a boy, left George Morgan (the devil) is one. Lying on the couch and "quietly to himself, carrying on a conversation", as long as hands are not tired; Jehovah rejected with disgust by all…

Film: Already all of New-York knows the inclinations of George Morgan. It service women (doing Masturbation and blowjob), boys (doing blowjob) and dogs (...).
Each day change women and boys is one of the options of recruitment on Saturn. Even if once crossed the threshold of "perverted lust", the victim enlisted in the army of the devil. Only WORSHIP of God can outrun Karma. Karma is a group of gods. A program is for the creation of everything (planets, stars, Universes, Galaxies) that is in the Infinity, and for the execution of Karma (as in computer). Taken from space movie of a man lay in the space program and gives the result: Reward or Retribution. The next is incarnation of the gods of the injected fluids into the consciousness of the merits of the previous life. Hence is the result: the looks, the talent the parents.
On this page are part of the movies I've seen; some of them are not worth talking about. All kinds of perversions which are depicted in the temple of Brama in India, Jehovah is with animals and loved ones; then apply the widescreen. Travel Agency T. A. encourages tourists to visit this temple, thus works on darkness (those, who do service to the devil, will leave with him) In U.S. is the gay clubs, in which people are obsessed with hypnosis, flow into low-lying state flow into low-lying state like spiders in a jar, a few dozen people in the Nude, they lost human form. Jehovah has planted on our Planet the virus of perversion. On Saturn will be global club of gays. I repeat: "to Protect against this scourge can only Great Maitreya. Worship is your choice"! Parents, protect your children, depends on you health and spiritual growth of consciousness (conscience) of your child.

The devil asked repeatedly: "do not write." I got these stills from *movies Space «Jehovah» evoke a sense of disgust and loathing. But in the Teachings it is said: "If it is necessary for a business to go down to the bottom, and then have to fall. It is hoped that information from space sobers all the above, segments of the population. In the Bible, the pedophile Jehovah the devil, points out: "Be pure as I am pure, the Lord your God". What does he mean? Gives a warning to the perverts-the Rakchas’s that they like him not leased. His rectum and attracted passive partners of other nationalities. In the US, 97, 2 million perverts, mean, half of these wastes are not rakshasas; Jehovah is looking for partners.

In the "Rituals" it is said: «You dirty, stinking animal, the originator of sin and incest, the originator of all the obscenities...".

Movie: The pederast Jehovah on a wide bed a jack with the next woman lies. The syringe on ten cubes sticks out of a hip. Both lie mad from drugs. From such doses the addict Jehovah will fall short of the Apocalypse. What is done by Brama with the helper, horror!?!? The owner of land can't hire the victims to Saturn any more; - his "colleague" has failed from over fatigue. Neither the brain, nor consciousness can help if sex is put on a stream. All types of sexual perversions, and as a result were applied to recruitment … Jehovah is the impotent man! All humiliations which the devil applied to people have returned to him a boomerang. It is also the Law of the Karma.

Movie: "…. and in the morning they have woken up ….". The naked devil with the young lady,
her top part of a trunk and the head is on the impotent man Jehovah's breast lies. Jehovah mentally gives the decree. The young lady slips down, is bent three times (at her a trunk twice longer, than at a devil), bends and does "lord" blowjob. So there is a transfer in army of a devil of female citizens. A couple of days the young lady woke up and ran away through the back door. She has quickly gone lengthways walls houses; have bent down before windows of the first floor and on half bent legs have hasty left.

Movie: Time has passed, at "Almighty Sataniya pederast’ Jehovah (billionaire Geordes Morgan) kid creeps on a bed, but Jehovah is indifferent to him, time of the kid hasn't come yet. In about 8-9 years when the eldest son matures, gay Jehovah will switch on younger, and he will divide the hobby with the eldest son (according to Bramah instructions). The devil (billionaire Georges Morgan) still immerses the wife in a deep sleep, transfers the ten-year-old son to the bedroom and forces to blowjob, later applies a paederasty. In the future Brama uses sons of a devil for recruitment. The wife has made irreparable nonsense; have doomed myself and children for sending to Saturn. Sometimes them all of four lie in a bed; Jehovah enjoys a family environment. The demon Brama has allowed him to relax until Brama needs other scenario. After this text Jehovah (Georges Morgan) has shown vision: the naked devil on a back lies, the sluggish genital body lies on the right hip. The younger child creeps up, bends and lips the pas the end of body lays down.
Movie: The pederast Jehovah in a bed embracing the ten-year-old son lies. The child has woken up, has looked at "father" and has turned away. There are no 10 years, and the child sickly, sluggish, growth. The lens has imprinted accurately: the crumpled devil person in wrinkles, are pouted by silicone. He looks the very old man for about 90 years, and to him is twice less – the filthy, worn-out, mangy cable pervert. Here such way to him was defined by the gay theorist, the demon of the Universe Brama.

Movie: Rokfellers beach. The billionaire Georges Morgan – a devil lies on sand. On the head the hat which is pulled together on perimeter with an elastic band, thingies "decorate" the huge head of a satan. The big head, so is a lot of brains. Why he doesn't use brains in Life? The lens of space has imprinted a cataract on the right eye and lips with bloody cracks from silicone.

Under eyes bags bubbles ("lord" - the addict). The person is crumpled as baked apple. On nostrils fabric in the form of triangles is removed, and the nose began to listen spellbound; it was necessary to cut off the third part of a nose. Nose equal and short; Jehovah was guided on design the website http://theosophy-net.ua

Movie: "Lord" Jehovah lies in a bed, it was attached behind the son, - embraces him and kisses on a neck, a nape, on an ear. And the child lies silently, not moving, and from eyes tears drip.

Movie: Jehovah daily is engaged in pederasty with the son. The kid constantly silently cries; lying on one side, cries. Already understands everything. The disproportion of a children's rectum and penisses of daddy can pull out a rectum outside, break a mesentery, which keeps intestines in an initial form within a physical body. After this text Jehovah (Georges Morgan) has shown vision: the naked devil on a back lies, the sluggish genital body lies on the right hip. The younger child creeps up, bends and lips the pas the end of body lays down.

Vision: Jehovah's wife has studied the text of this book. Costs thoughtful and eyes full of tears. Not to cry, and to make the decision it is necessary about final and irrevocable leaving from a devil (Georges Morgan) for rescue of children. To accuse him of a pedophile-pederasty it is useless, he will close any criminal case, applying hypnosis. And the judge what is done by children will force to do.

Movie: the wife of the billionaire Georges Morgan sits one on the edge of a bed in the bedroom, has closed eyes a kerchief and bitterly cries. And at this time naked "Lord" Jehovah lies in other bedroom, with him two his minor children. Younger several months, he doesn't go yet, creeps on a bed. The devil power of thought attracts him to himself, the kid creeps up, Jehovah throws through him the leg shaft and the kid appears between legs. Under the decree "Lords" creeps up to genitals and lips falls on penis. Jehovah is the impotent man pervert; he is satisfied only by blowjob. He lies silently, and mentally gives the command; hypnosis will force children to do anything. Younger takes penis for a breast, but so far it doesn't suit Jehovah. Lips and the child's hands is the beginning of the doctrine. Jehovah turns on the right side to the eldest son of 12 years. Near a hip on the right side Jehovah has put a pillow under the child’s head for convenience of process.
The boy lies a jack, the head to penis’ and does blowjob. The devil has taken away children and has accustomed to blowjob. Sometimes the devil lies with the eldest son and the kid is engaged in masturbation too; Jehovah has accustomed the son to perversions. The wife isn't accepted in his bedroom; one sleeps, in the bedroom. She hasn't sustained such situation and one has left. Later have returned, but I have gone to the third time. Jehovah torments children in hope to restore fighting ability. The karma renders for application of genital body not to destination. Scientific hypothesis: "Drink rusty water and on a neck hang up a magnet".

Movie: the wife of a devil has come back to the third time to take away children. Georges Morgan "has regretted" the wife and has let her in the bedroom. All four have settled down on a wide bed. Jehovah is in the middle, having embraced the eldest son. With the wife speaks, having turned the head through a shoulder. After he have shipped the wife in a deep hypnotic sleep, and the eldest son (13 years) have laid on mother, applying hypnosis, and have staged sexual drills; the son kisses mother's breast, …
Jehovah prepares a body of the eldest son for himself. When the son matures, the large-format pervert Jehovah (billionaire Georges Morgan) will leave the body and will put on weight of the eldest son, the younger son will be his passive partner. Georges Morgan's body will bury; the son will repeat Neron's fate. Jehovah has provided the birth of sons in an interval 11, 13 years (his number). Reason: as a result of active sexual use of genital body for recruitment in the army of perverts, his "colleague" quickly leaves the working condition (for this reason of the devil incarnate about 10 years proceeds on average). When the billionaire Georges Morgan lies in a coffin, having extended legs poles, Jehovah will stand nearby in a body of the eldest son. And then the eldest son (in an astral invisible body) will understand what evil "joke" was beaten with him by the father. For the son the way of perversions was recruitment to Saturn. The satan isn't born and doesn't die, he looks for the victim for an entrance to a body. Jehovah has improved process of the embodiment: it prepares for himself a cover. Georges Morgan's widow won't know that a devil Jehovah has removed from the father's body to the son's body. Jehovah in a body of the son will combine cohabitation to mother (for old time's sake) and with the younger son brother. Georges Morgan's widow won't know that a devil Jehovah has removed from the father's body to the son's body.
The devil den will last before leaving to Saturn.
Jehovah has put information in a brain and sub consciousness of the son all types of sexual perversions. The brain and sub consciousness will give him the chance, remorselessly, to commit sexual crimes. It is the first step, ahead fraud and murders. To an entrance to a body of the son there is time – 9-10 years. And, so far all three (two son and mother) under the influence of devil hypnosis, humor the ghoul Jehovah blowjob ("Lord" - the impotent man, he is satisfied only by blowjob). The way of all members of "his army" is similar: passive homosexuals too, as well as active, will fill up Jehovah's army after death and gays (pedophiles) leave behind successors for the subsequent recruitment.

Movie: naked Jehovah lies, having widely placed legs poles. Dead penis "I have kicked the bucket", - has died (sad has fallen down the left hip of the owner). Across the moved apart Jehovah's legs the one-year-old son lies and by hands (under hypnosis) it is played with a sluggish scrotum of the father: he still hasn't learned to go, but already the pervert. Jehovah perversions have enlisted the family to Saturn. And this Ghoul on the Eighth Ecumenical Council of Orthodoxy in 2016 wanted to offer himself the one God. But, the karma doesn't doze!

Movie: there is under hypnosis a huge manufacturing stallion with appropriate authority of reproduction. The woman has sat down, Jehovah takes the woman behind two hands for the head and tightens her mouth to … a stallion. I have repeated the same with a wolf and the woman. Under a wolf he offers himself. This morals "method" Jehovah will apply on Saturn in the form of punishment for disobedience. In decent society with such as pederast Jehovah, nobody sits down nearby, and offers a hand for a greeting.

And now ask any believer and not only (the priest, the sectarian, the Orthodox Christian, Catholic, the Jew and the Muslim): "Who for them is this pettiness by the name of Jehovah?"

Film: sitting naked Jehovah; back and arms covered with purulent abscesses. Wife makes him a cleansing. His teeth are rotting ... The pederast Jehovah is all feces and rotten from heels to the crown. Why is the devil healer Dr. S.C. Konovalov from St. Petersburg not will heal him? Because the activity of the doctor is crap! I bow my head before the Supreme Deity Absolute! Karma is a perfect law and works properly.

Jehovah said, “I will change the body.” It is a pity that only the body - rotten consciousness will remain.
God, the Great Maitreya, as compared with the devil Jehovah, is like a mountain white Eagle, soaring proudly above the plain, as compared with the rooster, pecking human waste.
A provocation is being prepared ... but, V. Zelensky is under the protection of God, the Father of the Universe, the Supreme. Poroshenko and his entourage are the demons of Jehovah. They realize this on Saturn.

Jehovah sent a second letter file. Offers 14 million US $ from the name of a fictional lawyer for the deletion of this chapter is. Information about the films is important for everyone; the film will be shown in the higher Worlds after death in the theater «Illusion". Not only has the space taken the film about each incarnation to incarnation.

On the basis of the films is formed Karma. In some Orthodox churches there is an image of the all-seeing EYE. At any place in the temple, the EYE is looking at you. It is the analogy of KARMA. Karma may punish in this life or several lives in a row will be punished people depending on evil deeds and crimes.

Fluids (information) on consciousness with an excess chromosome will enter in the God's Kingdom (the circumsolar sphere) – the wanker will be born. For crimes: hump, cerebral palsy, paralysis of the legs, ugly mouth (gossip and profanity). Karma – the exact space scales.

In the spiritual heart of man is a divine SPARK, an Invisible Silent Witness that sees all, hears and remembers from incarnation to incarnation and forwards information to the seed of the spirit. In the Kingdom of God find out how much energy the good and the bad we have accumulated in the grain of the spirit behind the latest incarnation.

In the days of the USSR and the socialist countries was dominated by Christian Culture: libraries, theaters, high culture TV, this is what has shaped the relationship between people. The whole Planet had their eyes on the Union, as a model of social organization. After the collapse of the USSR poisonous spider, Jehovah, the devil threw a web of obsession the world's population. All recover after the Apocalypse in another territory. From Russia to start a spiritual revival of the Planet's population: will be erased from the face of the Earth repulsive temples of Bramah, the planet and humanity after volcanic eruptions cleansed of the dark energies. Our future – the Golden Age!

P. 43. Jesus Christ, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin insults the devil with the word of his property and gives the characteristics: "Christ is a Jew, Karl Marx is a pureblooded Jew, a descendant of Jewish rabbis and Lenin is a Kikekalmyk."

In Russia, before the revolution, the Jews were oppressed; They did not permit residence in large cities and villages; Beware of the influence on the Jews of the schemer of Jehovah. Once again came the help of Jews from Shambhala; for the embodiment of VI Lenin, an international family was chosen that accepted Orthodoxy (mother is Jewish, father is Kalmyk). The Catechism says that the main thing for a Jew is education. The revolutionary movement included educated Jews, and made up the backbone, which accepted VI's ideas. Lenin, in other words, accepted the world order from the Lord of Shambhala. The purpose of the revolution is to equalize the rights of all Russian citizens.

Dark forces (rakshas's - shvonders, perverts and the underworld) flowed into Russia in order to compromise Lenin's ideas. On Jehovah's instructions, they mingled with the Jews, entered the government, and into other executive structures for sabotage. Under Jehovah's leadership, repressions were carried out, GULAGs were built, and hunger pestilence was organized. In 1933, an artificial famine was organized; allegedly to support the prestige of the USSR, everything was sold abroad. Jehovah added a large scoop of tar to the Soviet government. The goal of satan - black god to return the Slavs to paganism, organize pogroms of Jews, generate energy of destruction, create chaos in Russia, and lead to the power of demons-rakshas. Do in Russia, the Maydan, but in a different scenario. Jehovah is eager for autocracy on the Planet. Citizens, keep the balance, exclude the energy of hatred from your heart to other nationalities.

Jehovah the Devil divides himself into black god (demigod) and satan in order to take over spiritual ignoramuses in his submission.

All atrocities are the unseen leadership of the bugger of Jehovah. Stalin was under his influence; a constant state of fear forced the astral body to get out of the physical and to be near. Stalin was a living corpse. After death, the astral body of the leader descended to the center of the Earth, to where magma is boiling.

Gorbachev, Yeltsin and all the "democrats" in the next incarnation will be Europeans to burn alive with the devil for the collapse of the Union and the socialist unification. If, even, crimes are committed under the control of Jehovah, a person is not absolved of responsibility because of atheism. Only the Great Maitreya is a shield from the attacks of the devil. He will always tell the right decision. He knows the destiny of the future of all countries. Only Worship can be the basis for contact with God!

P. 44. "And what moral shape of the best pupils of Christ"? Any of them surpasses Jehovah. Pupils were married and had children. To apostles was for 20 years; in Israel at that time married in 14.

P. 46. "Christ had such personnel policy, as at Lenin, and at all "shvonder" is a set "sharikov'". Apostles (fishermen) were an embodiment from the Shambhala. V. I. Lenin and F.E. Dzerzhinsky too from the Shambhala; F.E. Dzerzhinsky's mother carried under the son's heart, Jehovah pushed off her energy in a sewer well the child was born six-months and survived. But the devil made the plan in 1926 and helped escape from Life F.E. Dzerzhinsky, that not take place meeting with messenger of Shambhala - Nicholas Rerich.

P. 153. "Pushkin received divine inspiration from the Russian gods". Other words are lower: "In a condition of inspiration, black information from space, the genius is the conductor of this information". The offer is written with mistakes. A.S. Pushkin an embodiment from the Shambhala; received inspiration from space! For it Jehovah truncated to the genius life. Murderer! From a devil rakshasa - perverts and oligarchs were embodied. Its task is to generate energy of destruction: envy, hostility, contempt, sufferings. Note Aryans, all Russian gods is Representatives Forces Light. The pederast Jehovah doesn't treat to His.

P. 156. "The black square of Malevich is the same Bible; they have a purpose one - to force people to believe in absurdities". Not the Bible, but the Old Testament (Torah) is the reference book of damnations, executions, wars, robberies and murders. The New Testament lost the purity a sex of how the devil connected Judaism and Orthodox‘. A black square of Malevich is Jehovah. A square is falling in a matter; black color is darkness which representative is the devil.

P. 164. "Moscow is stuffed with the Jewish and Masonic symbolic". "Five-pointed star, six-pointed and number 12". These teosophy signs are given for all mankind:

A five-pointed star is the person (part hands in the parties and put feet on width of shoulders - will be the pentacle). If to turn a star two horns up is a sign of sorcery and black magic.

A six-pointed star is two triangles, man's and a feminine; the man - the soldier, the woman
the keeper of the center (the press of Solomon), 3. Number of Mother of the World is 12, DODEKAEDRON. The group of 12 people united by uniform POSITIVE THOUGHT can solve the state and world problems. If change number, everything will be scattered. The thought has to be not for itself and not to the detriment of representatives Light.

P 176. "Two types of "Charms". An evolution swastika - right (rotation to the right) is the best charm from powers of darkness. A charm "A fern flower" is the swastika detaining evolution
(rotation to the left), a swastika of fascists is from the pederast Jehovah). The fern, an aspen - possess black energy.

P. 218. "Any race mixing the blood with others is doomed to be lost". Not any race, but mixture of marriages of Slavs with the southern people conducts to degeneration of Slavs. The coefficient of blood of Slavs coincides only with Turks. Jehovah is afraid of assimilation of Jews among other people.

P. 218. "Communism is the final stage of a kike-cracy". A world order basis the Forces Light is a commune! A basis of a world order of a devil is the capital. A web which he created is in the USA for management of America; through NATO, CIA influences for the whole world. The darkness will leave to Saturn; Earth will be cleared of filth.

In ancient times Slavs were pagans (the pagan from the word languages of the different people), worshipped to God Ra is Michael the Archangel, the Great Lord of the Shambhala. He is our Father Heavenly owing to his love and care of us. Dusted there will be from the Planet all opponents of evolution of the person and the Planet.

P. 226. "If we, Russians, don't realize that against us Jews wage war, we as the nation we will be lost". Not Jews and a devil wage war against Russia because the Patron of Russia and Israel is the Great Lord of the Shambhala. Before God all people are equal.

P. 239. "The paganism is the force and beauty. Judaism is cruelty and ugliness". The paganism is our past, is necessary aspiration to increase of consciousness, studying of Theosophy and esoteric. The Buddha is Sage. Christ was Buddha of India. The Judaism is from Jehovah, will consign to the past.

P. 243. "The Bible and the Talmud are written according to a certain scheme to program consciousness and behavior of people. Pagan material is taken; it is sorted and distorted that corresponded to a plan". "This information weapon works"... by means of devil hypnosis. Schemes don't exist; Judaism is the diary of a tribe of Jews, the chronicle. Without hypnosis all cooking (A Torah and the Talmud) - plebs. Millions of zombies read this nonsense, filling space and the Planet with negative energy for explosion.

The book passed four editions; this stench extends at the suggestion of a devil. Who publishes it? Obsessed planetary satan! Pays the edition of the book in Ukraine is the Owner of the Broadcast benefit‖ market in of Kharkov, - rakshas Feldman. Rakshasa publish the book under pressing of a devil in gratitude for positions.

P. 267. "The giving God - God Sun Ra form is his importance for Aryans very much a bike. The patron of the Sun is from the Big Dipper". Spirits of the Flame came to us from the highest worlds, from the planet Venus, is seven Archangels and with them eighth "Lucifer", future pederast Jehovah. God of the Sun of Ra is the Great Lord of the Shambhala, the First Archangel of our Solar system!

P. 284. "In Moscow is society of consciousness of Krishna completely under kikes". The author and the Collector of "Veda" is Krishna, the most popular God in India. Slavs is Aryans as Indians. I sometimes visit such society; there are representatives of all nationalities, but generally Slavs. For what Jehovah kindles opposition against Jews? Kindles nationalism is to fill the planet with negative energy for explosion before leaving to Saturn.

P. 349. "After Stalin cleanings 1934-39 percentage ratio of kikes in the Soviet government didn't decrease and remained such at all, as well as in last times (83-85%)". All cleanings is from Jehovah.

P. 362. "The Jewish oligarchy by means of issue of dollar and other financial games and frauds completely enslaved the American state. The astronomical debt has the USA now. And to whom it has to? To the Jewish financial oligarchy, true owner of today's America. Attempts to put into place oligarchy were done by the president John Kennedy; he was killed simply (on November 23, 1963). The number of his murderers, who made a control shot in Kennedy's head, included his personal driver, the CIA agent. This driver was killed in three weeks. Robert Kennedy was killed too. The president Nixon spoke against domination of a Zionist lobby, to it arranged impeachment and threw out from the White house. Elections in the USA turned into a performance". All crimes are organized by Jehovah devil (the swindler, the speculator, the swindler, the murderer).

P. 364. "In 1982 - the U.S.A. Government owed FRS (the Jewish financial mafia) 1 070 241 000 000 - more than 1 trillion. Americans paid for this debt to kikes $115 billion only in one year. In 1992 the public debt made 5 000 000 000 000 (5 trillion) plus percent", Jehovah surrounded himself with slaves to a matter whom he made billionaires and subordinated himself them souls forever and now governs through them in the USA. Can get rid of this collar of the USA, having expelled Jehovah from consciousness of sectarians! Having lost support, Jehovah will leave to Saturn; the USA will get clear of debts and eternal dependence on Jews - billionaires. The world Jehovah through billionaire‘s rules is.

P. 364. "Today USA: More than 15% is of Americans are chronic addicts. More than 20% is of Americans mentally defective people. More than 30% is of Americans became homosexuals, and process of sodomy accrues" is a consequence of board of the gay Jehovah.

P. 374, 6. "The nazi party of Hitler was generated by the organization of Masonic type". "Almost all, observing Hitler's performance, say that it often fell into the state reminding a trance". "Looking at it, it is necessary to think of mediums".

Hitler is was the medium his lowest astral body easily left is it and traveled on the lowest astral plan (ancestral lands. Hitler was obsessed with Jehovah. The satan is to put on physical body weight of Hitler, having forced out his astral body. Hitler was insignificant. At meetings, performances before public in Hitler there was a devil. The scenario of World War II with concentration camps and gas chambers was developed by Jehovah. In space there was a fight "Armageddon", expelled "Lucifer" from our Solar system. To delay forces from space, Jehovah unleashed war on Earth. To prove extermination of Jews in concentration camps, allegedly because of Adolf Hitler's hatred to Jews, Jehovah has thought up the scenario of a marriage of his father (Alois Hitler). Decree of Jehovah: to fill concentration camps with Jews, communists, prisoners. To devil were necessary to energy of sufferings human in large volume for explosion of the planet. The Shambhala burned the Light darkness.

After World War II Germans spoke: "Hitler is kaput". Hitler is Jehovah's embodiment; means also to it "kaput" - in - will burn down alive during the Apocalypse. Caricatures Kukryniks‘; remind Hitler-Jehovah that waits for it in the future. Jehovah prepares the following "book for fools"; its name will be: "Lew slops in the heads of the victims".

P. 378. "The whole generation of Zionists was lost in Stalin prisons, concentration camps and links. For is it to Stalin many thanks". And it is told by Jehovah about those who worships to him. The government of Russia consisting generally from Jews - rakshas, built GULAGs, and carried out repressions. Jehovah's purpose one is to fill Earth with energy for explosion.

P. 379. "However, if not Hitler and not World War II, the Russian people wouldn't exist anymore. Hitler forced world sionism to weaken a stranglehold on a neck of the Russian people". It is possible to think that the pederast Jehovah is «savior" of the Russian people. Citizens of the USSR by means of the highest forces from the Shambhala destroyed fascism. During World War

all people occupying the territory of the USSR protected the Homeland from devil plague. Thousands of patriots were awarded ranks of the Hero of the Soviet Union; in t. number is 115 people of Jews. Announcer Levitan!!! His voice supported and gave rise to confidence
in the Victory. Adolf Hitler (Jehovah) wanted that this voice broadcast about victories of fascists and promised for Levitan a reward to the one who will bring him live to Berlin.

Why Jehovah destroyed Jews with special cruelty in gas chambers and crematoriums during World War II? To hide the involvement in fascism, specifically to authorship of the scenario of World War II, devil have revenged Jews for worship of Michael the Archangel and used them for filling of Earth destruction energy.

P. 417. "All strength of Jews only is in their unity. Jews is in Russia less than 5%. Russians should unite and rise only, and from enemies there will be a dust"! The pederast Jehovah does undermining under Putin. Found the coauthor-rakshasa, punched to him brains on 476 p. about Aryans and return to paganism, about Hitler and Jewish freemasons, pursuing two aims:

Return to paganism (involution), - there is against Great Maitreya and its Doctrine of Living Ethics.

To repeat the Ukrainian Maiden in Russia to get rid of Putin, to bring Jews-rakshasa to power; dream of the gay is autocracy that to drag off all population to Saturn. Jehovah wants to kindle nationalism for opposition of the people; the purpose - to generate energy for explosion of our "House". If texts of this book generate in heart hatred to Jews, so Jehovah achieved the. Hold balance!

All Jews I urge to renounce a devil, and to continue evolution on Earth. Jews will be revenged for worship God is the Lord of the Shambhala in Lemuria, India, Egypt is. For what Jews and sectarians are necessary on Saturn? Will be «shvonders" is and "sharikovs".

P. 438. "On all squares of all cities of Russia there are monuments to Lenin... Moskay Komsomolets newspapers are held in respect, the theater "Leninskiy Komsomol" is held in respect. "If Russians go by monuments to Lenin and aren't revolted with their presence, it says that they have in the head a ruin and chaos..." These words only from the pederast Jehovah, his world order - the capital. The main pederast our Planet whispered the same to the leader of the Ukrainian party "Freedom". Who came to the power? Rakshasa! But for them it is a hook with bait. The pervert Jehovah in Kiev carried out at once recruitment to Saturn is parade of gays. He wants to carry out it in Russia. Space, destroy his plans Great Maitreya in Heavenly Shambhala, Terrestrial Shambhala and V.V. Putin - hold the World on the Planet.

P. 477. The list of the used literature -111 books; all are marked out by a letter M., or M.: with three points - signs of Great Maitreya, the Lord of the Shambhala, this sign were put by the PERVERT JEHOVAH is one of proofs that the book was dictated by a devil. Itself the Old Testament (Torah) dictated to the prophets, and now accuses itself of absurdity.

This text is information from Jehovah. Whis the purpose is? Of the bluster!

The book that I bought for the third time; after reading the devil warned me vision, threatening to knock the truck. Space, destroy the information of homosexual Jehovah enterprises.

Part. 2. Billionaire George Morgan is the embodiment of the pederast Jehovah, representative "Lucifer" on the Earth, the Owner Earth (properties: devil and satan).

The chief swindler from a sort Morgan – John Pierpont Morgan (father) has inflated the purse during the Northern war in the USA speculation (by means of Jehovah's hypnosis have bought up unsuitable weapon in bulk and have sold to those from whom have bought in 6, 5 times more expensively; criminal case has been open, but Jehovah has closed it). Morgan has created bank and financial swindles gradually absorbed other banks. The chief swindler Planet of ours – Jehovah acted through Morgan father. The devil hands Pierpont Morgan (son) has shot the father in Rome to become eventually the only and absolute master of billions. The son (according to the indication of a devil) has put the father's corpse in a suitcase and has brought in hotel. The police of Italy have submitted the case to justice of the USA, and the son was turned out from Italy. The son has brought the father to England and Morgan has buried in a manor. The investigation and identification of a corpse of the father weren't conducted; Jehovah has closed case. Johnie ("Dzhek") Pierpont Morgan (son) (1867 — 1943) has filled up billions inherited from the father, Hitler's financing and two world wars (under control of Jehovah).
Satan provokes to crime, and then punishes; he is Death angel. When Morgan (son's)
treasury has filled a purse with bloody $, the imaginary murderer Johnie ("Dzhek")
Pierpont Morgan (son) the devil has deprived of life too.

A fortune was come by the grandson; life expectancy of all Pierpont-Morgan - 76 years. After death of the grandson a fortune was come by the great-grandson - Georges Morgan.

But, a satan Jehovah has saved the great-grandson from commission of crime intentionally not to soil himself (though more it is already impossible to stain, all in blood and excrement).

For Jehovah it is simple to kill the person with power of thought. He will attract to himself consciousness (the shining disk over the head), consciousness will pull along the lowest astral body (radio), astral body will carry away a cover with energy. A physical body without energy is a corpse. The highest Thin bodies (astral and mental) will be removed. Satan has provided the birth of a sex of the child (great-grandson) in advance; for entry into a body it is necessary to wait to age of 25-30 years. It is ready! Conditions for the embodiment are created! Georges Morgan!!! On numerology science: years of life of the father 1837 – 2013=76=7+6=13; the son 1867 — 1943=76=7+6=13 – number of a devil. Jehovah deprived of them life when the efficiency of their activity went down.

Jehovah entered the astral body into the physical body of billionaire Georges Morgan during the dream of the victim. In other words, he sent a victim to the next world before his death. In the body of Georges Morgan, Jehovah the Devil lives! Wife took for himself from the family of the billionaire Rockefeller. Thus, he combined two states into one, acquired the body and surname of the billionaire. The devil is not born and does not die - one incarnation replaces another. He, from the astral plane, like a hawk, seeks a sacrifice for himself, pushes him out of the physical body and settles on himself. Jehovah is the richest man on the Planet. America in debt with the devil of Jehovah, his name - Georges Morgan!

Puppeteer Jehovah created NATO to control the Planet. Devil sells US debt to return the stolen money and buy them gold and precious stones. Yatsenyuk and Angela Merkel have already voluntarily driven US to the devil to Jehovah state GOLD RESERVES. The devil is preparing to Saturn, it collects suitcases. Together with suitcases to carry off a Saturn those, who did favor. US citizens do not repay Jehovah speculator and the collapse of his "empire sects." As a result, Jehovah Bugger in the minority will leave Earth in 2046. Perhaps and for ten years there will be devil‘s leaving to Saturn to the army earlier!!!

Russian Emperor Alexander II and U.S. President Avraham Lincoln is the embodiment from the Shambhala. During the Northern war the Russian Navy blocked the way of the Navy of England and France (prevented the devil to Jehovah in his fraudulent games) and Abraham Lincoln ended the war victorious. Jehovah organized the murder of A. Lincoln in 1865.

At the parade of gay pederast Jehovah should the ahead of the column witch red – black flag of the devil? As the founder of the society of perverts are the victims of his hypnosis. Jehovah twice is in a dream before me. 1. I'm sitting by the road, he curled into a ball, and a huge devil is in front of me and brandishing an axe. 2. It should be in front of me and said: "You - one, and I is the value».

Would say not a dream, but in reality, "Greatness - in good deeds without the calculation of remuneration. Lord of Shambhala, Great Maitreya – God is the Value of! Pederast Jehovah is only planetary demon, pervert, moon demon, cheater, bloodthirsty murderer, a liar and the father of lies. The Value is Space and his Law of Karma; performers Karma are the Gods and people. Jehovah knows that the space writes down everything on the movie, but daily is engaged the afternoon onanism and night pederasty with the minor little son. Wife rejects due to underdeveloped main body of the devil - is the wages of his hobby, millions of perverts and gay parades. Devil applied hypnosis and he ... is mutual. Karma – the exact space scales!!! God’s peculiar subtle humor!

For the paragraph that contains the name of a real Devil - Morgan, Jehovah burned on my floor all the counters and the wiring. At the entrance was a smokescreen. On my computer Jehovah has twice put out of action the hard drive devilish energy of destruction.

Walk down the street and suddenly a vision right there is a huge black Cadillac, and behind the wheel - Jehovah. And he said: "Go on foot? … Sit don will drive". With him on the same planet is to be dangerous and disgusting.

Information is about the heredity of the physical body of billionaire Georges Morgan. His grandfather, John Pierpont Morgan, was a weak and painful boy when he was a child - detective Peter Fortescue, a well-known private investigator, described this in his papers in detail. Skin diseases, pneumonias, arthritis, slight epilepsy; neighbors said that little John has a poor blood and it was the pure truth.

Pierpont, who gave birth to the mother of John, was marked by obvious signs of degeneration of the family. John Pierpont (grandfather) stood out in the crowd with shining blue eyes and a huge red nose. This disease in Pierpont was hereditary - to old age John Piermont’s nose grew to fantastic proportions.

Mrs. Pierpont (grandmother) suffered hysterical attacks and a serious dermatosis. She could not fulfill her duties and was terribly worried about her appearance. Their daughter, Juliette Pierpont, also inherited a skin disease - but not from her mother, but from her father, who suffered from rosacea. In the story of Detective Fortescue, the story of little John Pierpont Morgan was read as a novel by Dickens: fragile, squishing an eternally stuffed nose, prone to nervous breakdowns and sudden convulsions, aching in bones, migraines and colds - a small handicapped person; the boy spent six months in bed. At the mother's in the tenth year of matrimony finally gave up her nerves, and she forever locked up in her dull little world. Parents sent their son to the Azores after he had a rheumatic fever - John lay in bed for six months. Spencer Morgan decided that the southern sun would benefit his offspring. He still had something all the time, but he learned not to pay attention to it. He was worried because acne poured out on his forehead (the rash would torment Morgan all his life - apparently, the disease was hereditary), and, nevertheless, trailing after all the pretty girls in the district.

"The Lord" Jehovah increased his lips with silicone and made the nose plastic; removed the hump, narrowed the nostrils (the tip of the nose protruded with a hairpin) and shortened the nose (made a resection across the nose), the lips cracked, and the wound on the nose does not heal - bad blood by inheritance. He is not friendly with his head; he concentrated all his attention on the genitals. And his mind is stricken by the same virus. The devil was trapped, unsuccessfully chose a victim. The ancestors of the grandfather of billionaire Georges Morgan were blood relatives of the same genus Pierpont.

Jews are practicing this, but the result is always lamentable. This is the Karma of the family Morgan for drug trafficking and piracy (robberies and murders). The cause of the fall of several generations of the families of Pierpont and Morgan - Jehovah, his occult influence; their hands the devil forged billions. In addition to the billions, Jehovah inherited a mental disorder from the Pierpont family: the grandfather (except for a dozen diagnoses) had mild epilepsy; the great-grandmother has hysterical fits. Jehovah was preparing a sacrifice for the incarnations of six generations of Morgan. But, Karma does not sleep. In the form of retribution, the family of Pierpont connected in kindred ties with Morgan; hence the dermatosis and mental disorders. After the unification of the two clans, the surname of the ancestors of the physical body of Jehovah was listed as Pierpont Morgan, but the devil rejected the name of Pierpont, so as not to drag them into the influence of this half of the genus. The second name outnumbered the atrocities. Jehovah knows that this particular branch of lemur demons was embodied by the devil in the tribe of the Jews. He before the wedding deprived the innocence of the brides of Israel at the age of 12 - 13 years, while he embodied all the demons (rakshas's). He served as a bull-insemter, and initiated the beginning of pedophilia. Under Soviet rule, after harvesting, the districts had annual agricultural exhibitions; collective farms represented agricultural products and livestock. There were collective farms, which were engaged in breeding meat and dairy breeds of cattle. Brought on exhibition thoroughbred huge the bulls are producers. But, Jehovah belongs to garbage human; he spread his rot to a tribe of demons. Everything returns to its own place; what you will seed, you will reap.
Computer technologies have embellished the face of Jehovah devil, – at him the nose is five times more also in a form, – a sinusoid in a profile. A big nose is "an award for fornication" in antecedents. The appearance of the billionaire Georges Morgan has precisely suited a devil for the karmic reasons. The owner of land still pays for dinosaurs, monkeys, cows and sexual perversions of all types. Jehovah is the zoophile, the active pederast, the pedophile. Jehovah often changes a shape of a beard. Look narrowly, citizens of the USA, he sometimes passes on the Broadway, - the pederast Jehovah lives on this street in a skyscraper, 10/1 (number ten, the apartment one). The devil wears black clothes and black glasses. His car – black Cadillac; it is made by request because of legs poles. (August 11, 2016 Jehovah made a plastic nose: removed a small bump and narrowed nostrils - the nose dropped and closed his mouth. After resection, the nose became even and short, like a pug. Wounds on the nose rot - Pierpont's bad blood). Other signs: a two-meter jockstrap, legs twice long the torso (Afron’s syndrome), an eye yellow and small as drills, penetrate through. He could have worked as a security guard at a jewelry store or as a guard in the fields so that the sunflower sparrows would not peck.
Jehovah with irritation questions: "Why you in each book repeat about me this text"? - It is too primitive to understand my, far-reaching, a plan. You watch a commercial on you tube: https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=p4PbJHNNk – Jehovah devil, a planetary satan.