5. In search of justice is.

Chapter 5. In search of justice is.
"You cannot serve God and mammon." (Matf., 6/24).
To me there were 14 years; summer, vacation, I slept till 10 in the morning. Once, when awakening, there was a contact with Light. A condition of boundless joy flowed on tear cheeks. In several days it has repeated. In the tenth class I remembered it; what was it? Once, in a year after leaving school, I sat with the schoolmate on a bench, in the territory of Orthodox Church and unexpectedly for me he has told me: "......". For offense a lump in
a throat, I have broken into tears and too have at parting told: ...» I have told what never I thought of.

"Evil ghost" has enclosed these words in our lips. And everything has come true. He was seriously ill, was long treated also for a prim of a large amount of drugs, in marriage he gave birth to the unhealthy child. I didn't know, as I am sick, the bolt from the blue has burst in twenty years. When I have got sick, everything time someone pushed me to suicide to be thrown out from the third floor. But at him nothing has turned out. I love life. Now I know that suicides get on the lower astral plan (the eighth sphere) to maintaining darkness where they are deprived by identity, i.e. the three of the highest principles — spirit. I was treated several years and was already healthy.

But the evil ghost didn't leave me, he has thought up other evil which on me was inflicted by the person with the surname coming from dirt. "Dragon" has set up him because of me. The main goal is me to suppress. When I is have gone to bed have heard "Voice" which has told: "He will dirt a light surname of your husband". Also I have repeated three times. I usually everything long digest in thoughts, and this time everything have been erased from memory, and I have fallen asleep. In the morning, when awakening, again this "Voice" Insisted, Warned, Saved and Has repeated three times the same words.

But again someone has removed them from memory. In the evening, for the third time "Voice" has repeated three times the same words. "Voice" has stopped, but the hidden Patron never left me. My Patron! My Patron! "Evil ghost" forced people to whom I adjoined, to do offenses concerning me, unconsciously, and then punished them executed. All in order that to subordinate me to it. I was surprised. One has burned down together with giving, another has lost memory and sight has hung itself in a garage, the third has died in road accident, yet one has died from cancer, another has got to accident. At first "Angry" reported what they to me have made and then as he has punished them. He have entered into one woman in the demon, he е ѐ shook 13 years and all in order that she carried about me rumors. Then the demon left and she has pulled out she has died.

Me "the dragon hissing" pushed to suicide. Once I have prepared an edge and a basin to open a vein, but again my Patron Has saved me. Nothing at "dragon" has turned out. All the time one attacked, and another Protected me. And all these years I supported by my Patron kept balance, rest and looked at all this, as at cinema. I didn't know who destroyed me and Who Protected.

Somehow I in kitchen made a lunch and have suddenly thrown everything and have turned on the TV. Bovin spoke, praised "Torah" - the Writing by Jews. I said that it is cleverer than this book isn't present. I right there as the zombie, I have put on and have gone to a synagogue and have got stuck there for three years, but eventually have left not mine. Later I have thought: "Probably, Jehovah has sent me there". On TV there was a movie "Great Inquisitor". Under the decree of Jehovah I have turned on the TV; on the screen the Catholic-priest, looking at Christ, shouted: "I accept a devil". I have thought: "What communication between Jehovah and a devil? Having read the Bible, it was convinced that the Old Testament Judaism, word for word. Only in the Bible in the ch. "Jesus Navin" is magnificent figures of the destroyed people when Jews "cleared away to themselves the place" are thrown out, appropriating property of the killed under the leadership of Jehovah. I have begun to read other books, by then I remained one. My husband has died.
On his leg the devil has made blood clot which has soon come off and has floated to heart; ten months the breast was broken off from pain. Constantly he spoke to the husband: "You will die". And the husband has started to hurry; have bought shoes, candles, and I repeated everything: "I will die". Jehovah did all this to leave me one, - to finish me finally, or to subordinate to himself.
Some days before the death of the husband my neighbor in giving has brought me a
part a tea service and has told: "Have presented us a service, I keep plateaus and we have the rest" and has left. I have been surprised. And suddenly in a brain a thought: "Return a service - it is sorcery; division of a service – division of family". I have taken packing, have run to neighbors, but they have left home. On heart it was so heavy, - a trouble presentiment. I wanted to put through a fence ware on their site, but a fence high. I was going to return in the next weekend, but I wasn't in time, there was the husband's funeral. he sorcerer Jehovah left me one. At the daughter of the neighbor the husband left to another, but has in a couple of years returned. The devil used the neighbor against me.

In a year, after the death of the husband, again I was taken in hand by Jehovah, again hypnosis. Have reduced with the woman, who has told me about books by Konovalov S.S. "The book is which treats". The author of the book himself doesn't know who operates him and that energy represents. On covers of books of Konovalov S.S. is of a prayer; one of them begins so: "Make me by the tool of your world...» i.e. make me the demon, admit to the rack and operate me in the evil and artful affairs. And in the book No. 5 is a statement against Christ. The doctor K. can get out of the swamp, having addressed forces Light. He has been given chance. I have read books, there has passed year. Visions of the astral plan where there live the dead have begun. Jehovah spoke about people, about their intimate, sometimes my lips: once have all of a sudden told surnames of customers of one murder, then I has predicted the death of one person everything has come true in a week.

I have asked: who are you? If you from forces Light, I with you speak and if from darkness get out". God can't tell it, so someone another. Who? This day (after have sent him) he has shown vision: the astral plan, at home, a portrait of the mannish woman of the black with long hair on a hair parting, in a scarlet tunic, and signs: green triangle, yellow square and pentacle red. It was Jehovah and the image which he has shown me - it’s "a scenic image". (Jehovah has put on a wig with long hair and has put on bloody red color a tunic, representing "Mother World", the clown). But I didn't know and have thought: "It is necessary to look for Christ's portrait".
Both I have right there gathered and I have gone to other city to relatives. As I was confused by "angry", didn't want exposure, hoped that I will be in a condition of ignorance eternally. The nephew has given me the book where there was a description of appearance of Christ according to Pontius Pilate: blue eyes, a straight short nose, chubby lips, a wide forehead, a fair hair on a hair parting long, curled on the ends. There is such portrait at N.K. Rerich. It was convinced in red there was Jehovah-devil. Before it he has shown the yard where there was a wedding, and has told that you will die and you will be embodied at these parents and called a surname. Jehovah deceives believers that we live once, and has offered me transformation. The third time he declined me by death.

Everything time I think that from me it is necessary for it? I have shouted: "I don't want!" I have also gone to bed with weight in heart. I have woken up in the morning, it was easy at heart; I have a protection.

Has decided to throw out books by Konovalov S.S., but Jehovah has told: "Give somebody". To resist his hypnosis it is useless will paralyze. On the third time I have told: "Take out". When I left an entrance, the victim already stood near a trash can. I wanted to throw books into a tank, but the man of their visors. In one and a half years this man has gone crazy, two times till several months lay in a psychiatric clinic and has died. Do you hear, Konovalov S.S.? Jehovah has begun to torment me. At first he deprives of a dream, and then sight. In operating time over the book, he has said in low tones: "I deprive of sight twice". I sent on me every night the demons that didn't allow me to sleep. I beat off as could, the mixer, didn't turn off the light. Then I have got used to sleep in the afternoon, and to be awake at night. Later he has begun to destroy astral light sight. I went on churches, I asked priests nobody knows anything, and only one elderly priest (God grant to him health) has told: "With you the satan speaks".

The devil has increased to me astral light eye pressure and has destroyed fields of vision. Then I have sent quickly growing dairy cataract. The devil two times has hit me in a door, (the left hemisphere of the head – lunar), five times on the street I arrested the left attention with an elbow, a fist, a shoulder, - the devil directed all. Ten times is forced down on the street from legs energy.

Infections, insects various this pettiness me has tempered, I can safely go against it. Before operation of pincers dust-like has brought in an eye - I have cured. Jehovah (more precisely the demon-rakshas Semyon Schneider) has placed in an ear to me a green pregnant caterpillar. She was delivered, and hundreds of tiny caterpillars green, round, in the diameter of one millimeter have got from an ear. They to me stung the head. I have guessed to pour over the head apple cider vinegar and to put on a rubber hat. Under a cap they burst, cracked and all have died. Later I have washed away the head hot water with laundry soap.

Days ten I didn't sleep, something in an ear moved. There were holidays, has gone to the ENT specialist, the doctor has pulled out the green shaggy caterpillar saturated with blood from an ear. Before I poured vinegar, peroxide into an ear, but it didn't come out. I have come home, in an ear all the time something moves again. Week I went on hospitals, to me again everything have washed out. The doctor has told: "You have a mental disease". I have thought that Jehovah wants to define me in a psychiatric clinic, he left me at once. All this the tenth part of what happened to me. What only insects Jehovah didn't send me inside, and outside. And I have palmed off milk from a sick cow. Year suffered. I kept thinking: "What he to me has become attached?" What from me it is necessary for him? After all crimes he hissed on an ear, enticing: "It was necessary to attract financially you". Recently I crossed the street to sit down on tram; Jehovah has picked up me energy
and has thrown on the tram ways. I have heard: "Tram”.
I have looked, the tram rushed at great speed, the man has run up to me and has lifted me and the tram has stopped. I have hurt a knee and a hand. The devil has told earlier that he will dismiss about me rumors that I was ignored everywhere. Sees that I don't react to it, I have decided to throw under the tram. Writes letters to me on behalf of unknown persons is offers money. Not to see a position of the Satan of Solar system to him as own ears. Even $1 trillion won't help. Saturn is his shelter: Saturn and a satan are synonyms. I have already received the award; I is with God’s, above - is nothing!!!

Once, after his next persecution, I have raised hands up and have addressed Forces Light to direct me to a way of the Truth. I have bought books by E.P. Blavatsky and I have plunged into reading as - as if, I waited for it. I read all day long. Now I know, my Patron Has heard me, He Waited when I ask Him for the help. Luminous intensity respect freedom of choice of the person and never applies violence. I have written the first article quickly, and the next day the evil has forced to tear it on small pieces. This dragon influenced me hypnosis. It was necessary to sit down right there, and to write new article, already more reduced. Jehovah executed for the letter Konovalov S.S.; I considered a duty to him to explain with whom he speaks with a devil. When wrote articles, demons came, knocked, sent me to a cinciput energy - the head cracked from pain. I expelled them essential oil. We spiritually grow at sufferings! After my address to Almighty, demons left me. My prayers, perhaps, haven't reached the Almighty Deity, but Jehovah has heard them and has left me alone. Means, and on a devil there is a justice!

Within one year I have read 11 books by E.P. Blavatsky. I read for five-six hours a day. In a year I have bought books E.I. Rerich. "Agni Yoga"!!! During reading a tear flowed like water. In May I have begun to read and on August 24, 2008 I have for the first time seen Eyes. All sky was in color dabs. I have the next day asked the knowing person, she was surprised and has told that it is Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala, M.: - Michael the Archangel. It is also my Patron. As long I waited for my God! Then there were asterisks, and every day the sky with white flashes and stars: silver, lilac, blue, bright. In several months I have appeared gold, then two, purple, - then two, emerald then two, now every day multi-colored. My Patron always is with me. There were visions. Before reading something, at first I will see vision that it was better remembered. During reading books E. P. Blavatsky, "Etc." and E.I. Rerich, "Agni Yoga", was the help not only with the reading course, but also comments to the spiritual books read long ago. It was authors of books, my favorite authors!

I is “to see" my previous 10 embodiments. In antecedents I knew this Doctrine. In my bedroom there were many portraits. And from all whom I approached, to me there was energy. I have approached a portrait E.I. Rerich and I have thought: "To me, apparently, that I knew this Doctrine earlier". Energy has gone a stream, the truth means. In four years I have read these books several times. Also I have drawn conclusions. The most expensive that I have is my Teacher and his books. From books rest and balance is. The whole years last, in vain lived though they have given me knowledge too and have pushed to Light. I so wanted to go to Tibet, to see mountains, to stand on that earth, to breathe that air. In "Agni - the Yogi" is said: "Travel, maybe, you learn those places where you were embodied earlier". On the anniversary I have bought the vacation package to Egypt. Jehovah has sent me a dream that the car will hit me. The fellow traveler with the son has got to me; we have lodged in the next numbers, went by an excursion together and too went to lunches together.

I was on the ancient Homeland. People are good, valid, children very beautiful. I have visited Luxor, burials. In Cairo have looked at pyramids, mummies in the museum, in Alexandria library and monuments. I in the last embodiments lived in these cities. At the airport the cargo wheelbarrow has run over me the dream has come true. The wheelbarrow has pushed me; I have bent, and have lifted me up. It is strange that I haven't scattered on a part, and has swept head over heels and hasn't hurt. It for the fact that I have told to the guide a real name of a satan is Jehovah. Thanks, my Lord, the Favorite Teacher, Only for me, my Father Heavenly, the Friend devoted and true, the Defender from the darkness of forces, the Defender and the Guarantor before the Highest, and Christ Redeemer! Only now I understand sense of a word Christ Redeemer! I swam in the Red Sea, blue and clean, and I repeated everything: "My God, Keep me safe and sound to the house". And asterisks of indigo color from eyes took off for water and flew to the bottom of the sea. Also I Have kept! Later in Sharm el-Sheikh sharks have appeared. He is my personal God; I Have brought me out of darkness on the wide light road which is filled in with sunlight. And the Sun it is also my God. "Yes Will Lord's it will be eternal in all three worlds"!

Once, going to bed, I have thought: "Also I want to burn darkness as E.I. Rerich". The next day the devil energy has brought down me from legs; the ambulance has taken away; have imposed plaster, have told that for 3 weeks. I have left home, have removed plaster, and in three days all has passed — energy from Lord M.:! I have written the first article Sh. to Miсhael for transfer to a synagogue of Moscow. For the fifth day demons have flown, tormented me under hypnosis. The next day I have sent article to the websites of magazines and advertizing. In the evening "the black raven" in black clothes to the floor has flown and a cape on the head, covering the face. I stood at a portrait of Lord M.: also I have asked him to banish. The demon in black clothes left at once. As they tormented me! Horror! I have forgotten to hold communication good luck, to put a cup of hot water and to drop essential oil of a eucalyptus. They choke and take off. I am indignant in the morning, well why it happens to me. Also I hear "Voice"..., who has explained everything to me.

Everything is forgotten, there is only a joy boundless! Why to me from all portraits energy goes? I have received the answer. These is reason, prosecutions me by Jehovah. Being embodied, served as bait for Jehovah; he swallowed me and tormented, aggravating the karma. It is necessary to worship and pray to Great Maitreya, M.:
to Michael the Archangel is our Father Heavenly. Get a portrait and you speak with It mentally, and reaction will follow. It is necessary to read books and to observe all. To accept everything heart! Consciousness! Accept the new Doctrine of Living Ethics. "Ignorance is root of all evil" - Gautama Buddha.
"Fly a thought in vast areas of space and spirit" – Krishna.
P.S. It appears all my sufferings are connected with one of my last embodiments. Three thousand two hundred eighty years ago I have been embodied in the city. Luxor (Egypt) in at one time with Jehovah. In the Old Testament this period is described: Jehovah asks from the Pharaoh to make service of Jews to him and applies executions. Prosecutions me have since then begun Jehovah. Have shown me to the film which is shot by space about each person in all embodiments, and then after physical death show in God's court. Also it is called: "All secret becomes obvious". The film shot on color, very qualitative film with ideal sharpness, or visibility. Traveling around those places where I was once embodied, it seemed to me that haven't remembered my antecedents. Only the love and worship of the Lord of Shambhala has carried by in the millennia – to God of the Sun Ra (Michael the Archangel).