6. Goes recruiting on the Saturn (exposure pederast of Jehovah is).

Chapter 6. Goes recruiting on the Saturn
(exposure pederast of Jehovah is).
Creativity of Jehovah-the devil is for the chosen people. Who is this Jehovah? In the Cabbala the Prince of darkness is known as Samael, the Angel of Death. He is a Serpent Seducer, satan. Satan is also Lucifer . (He. Blavatsk, “S.D”, vol. 2).

Consider the tale of Old Testament which tells about the atrocities committed by the God of the Jews against the Egyptians, who gave refuge to them for 430 years, saving them from seven-year drought.

Old Testament, Exodus: Ch. 3/14, 15. Moses asked and God announces his name: Jehovah or I Am. He was the God of Avraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Lord appeared in front of them, but with the name of Almighty and name (Jehovah) was not opened to them (ch. 6/3).

Once Moses grazed sheep ...and ...saw that the bramble bush burning with fire, but the bush do not burnt down. And Moses went to the bushes, and saw Jehovah sitting there God called him from the bush, and said: Moses, Moses! I am the God of thy father, the God of Avraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob. Moses covered his face; because he was afraid to look upon God.

(Exodus, Ch. 3/4-6). In view of the fact, that Moses is the incarnation of the Archangel Michael and at that time he was a priest ... you have to believe that he shepherded sheep and was not surprised seeing the bramble Bush on fire. A he could cover the face to be notable see Jehovah, which bored him for past incarnations.

Ch. 4/ 22, 23. Jehovah said to the Pharaoh: Israel is my son, even my firstborn. …let my son go, that he may serve me; and if you will not let him go, behold, will kill thy son, thy firstborn. But Pharaoh said: Who is the Lord that I obeyed him and let go Israel? I do not know the Lord, and will not let go Israel, Ch. 5/2. (Jehovah's firstborn is monkeys on the equator, let they make to a devil service).

Ch. 7. Jehovah sends Egyptians 10 executions:
1. The water in the river turned into blood; 2.Toads; 3.Gnats; 5. Dog flies;
5, 6, 7. Mortal ulcer (plague, Black Death) inflammation with abscesses and hail;
8.9. Locusts and darkness; 10. Death of firstborns is.
Jehovah executes: There is inflammation with abscess on humans and livestock; inflammation was on the Adept and Egyptian; I will send the sores on your people, that would learn you that there is no one like Me on all the Earth; I will send tomorrow hail, very heavy, which has not been in Egypt since the day of its foundation; and broke the hail throughout the land of Egypt all that was in the field from human to the cattle; tomorrow bring locusts, it will eat all the remaining, survived during the hail.

Ch. 8/20, 22. The Lord asks to say the Pharaoh: Let my people go, to let them serve me. … so you know that I am the Lord of the Earth. Pay the attention to the highlighted word. Jehovah wants the worship, it is very important. And he opened his true face; I am the Lord of the Earth, i.e. the Owner of the Earth. In Judaism, the Jehovah is satan. We know from the words of the masked God, that Jehovah is the Owner of the Earth, then the Prince of this world, satan, devil, planetary Lucifer, Yahweh (in the sects), Samael, the Angel of Death, Serpent Seducer is one much name entity.

Ch. 14/22.27. And the sons of Israel among the sea on the dry land: the water served as walls on the right and on the left side. Ran the Egyptians and followed them into the middle of the sea. And the water returned to its place. So the Lord amongst the sea sank the Egyptians. Rightly it was said about Jehovah: a liar is and the father of lies!

In fact, Moses Led the Jews out of Egypt in the Sinai through the Isthmus of Suez, and not trough the bottom of the Red Sea. Isthmus is the lowland desert strip between the Mediterranean, and the Red Sea in Egypt connecting Africa and Asia. With of the isthmus is 112 km. The name of the isthmus and channel match the city name Suez, the Red Sea port. In Egypt, people worshipped the Sun God Ra, the Archangel Michael. Exodus of Jews from Egypt is the tales to malign poor people, like everything that comes from the Jehovah, the devil. Multiply repeated words: I am the Lord, I, I, I…. (I will tell on an ear: "As from shit jam won't turn out, so from the pederast Jehovah Lord won't take place").

Ch.14/3. And delivered the Lord that day the Israelis from the hands of the Egyptians; and the Israelis saw the Egyptians dead upon the sea. Jehovah continued to compose for his tales of glorification, and the Israelis saw the great hand, which manifested the Lord over the Egyptians and the people were afraid of the Lord. And they believed the Lord. And then Lord glorified this song. And then such unimaginable heresy was the delirium of Jehovah. There is no knowledge of the Bible; it is just a glorification of self-praise. Windbag! There are people who read this claptrap for dozens of years and each day.

Ch. 15/3. God is a husband of the invective, Jehovah is his name. He Sank the Egyptians. To read chapters «Outcome" and "Jesus Navin" hard, aggression is and energy of destruction from Jehovah proceeds; continuous threats and damnations. Sense one, or do, as want, or will exterminate, will destroy, will apply executions. Continuous is violence.
Moses Wrote the Pentateuch and Gave the Jewish laws.
Moisey- God! Jehovah - devil.
Before leaving to another world at the top of Mount Sinai, Moses handed over power to his disciple, Jesus Navin. With it time there appeared Jehovah – cheat and swindler!
He subdued himself the will of J. Navin, made the people invade the lands infested be the other peoples, ordered to cut all of them, the elderly people, women and children. He saved only the girls of the age of 12, they were taken as concubines. (It is destroyed hundreds thousands people. And now Jehovah disposed to update books and head Jesus Navin removed from Torah). This is called to clear the seat. Jehovah changed the Pentateuch of Moses, and in the texts he describes Moses as my slave, and made Him as a subordinate; there were explicitly malicious intentions of planetary satan! And now Jehovah is the same thief and a cheat. As stated in the writings of E.P. Blavatsky, the Owner of the Earth well managed in the Old Testament (the Torah), and changed everything for himself. He can create nothing, and learned appropriate, the swindler.

Moses is the incarnation of the Archangel Michael the leader of our Solar system, and the character, who calls himself the Lord, I Am, but he is only the planetary satan with a small letter. There is in our Universe a Space Satan - Shiva, God Destructions; when the cycle of the planet is complete, it destroys that again to revive.

In the age of Kali Yuga, the age of cruelty and hypocrisy ruled the lunar demons, led by Jehovah, the devil. On our Planet there were two people that retain the Knowledge, given them by Sun Gods. Cradle of wisdom is called India now, and once Egypt was called in such way. On the territory of these countries incarnated those, who at the dawn of mankind were called the Spirits of flame. It was the era of the Pharaohs, of 19 dynasties. The most prominent Pharaoh, famous for his affairs, was Ramses II, with triple name Ucep-maat-Ra-sotep-en-Ra (14-13 century BC).

The God Sun Ra, Ramses II, is the incarnation of the Archangel Michael, the wisdom of those times is still called in Egypt the Pharaohs religion. In these countries there were schools where people were taught the science of esoteric philosophy. One, who has reached the stage of Initiation, became Adherent. Only Adherent retains his full consciousness in all three bodies. But Jehovah does not suit the dissemination of Knowledge; he composed fairy tales for people, considering them nonentity. For the time, when the fairy tales were written, the heresy was seen as miracles, but now people have other intelligence.

The name "Moses Pentateuch" actually is "Pentateuch of a planetary satan of Jehovah". Moisey (an embodiment of Michael the Archangel) wrote to strong "Pentateuch", but Jehovah – a devil after destruction of rolls of Moisey, everything copied strong to himself to please, but the name left. Praise itself and humiliation of others name of a satan damn people and frighten children, but don't worship to it.

Twelve tribes! Number 12 very significant! "Systematically soldered group of twelve people can, really, even own the world phenomena. Expansion of group can weaken it, breaking dynamics of construction. Real group influence! Reflect!

In India it was the tribe, immigrants from Lemuria, which was Saved from the flood Noy (the Great Lord of the Shambhala). Dynasty mixed marriages and lived peacefully. The demon Jehovah after the destruction of Atlantis survived on the island of Lanka and, using hypnosis, drew lemurs, the future of the Jews under its influence. Between the Solar and lunar dynasties began a long confrontation over the separation of India into two States. The result is a thousand-year war. The population of India worshiped the Sun God; displaced persons betrayed their Savior and began to worship the moon demon Jehovah.

That there came the world in India, the lunar dynasty was removed to Chaldea. A lot of spiritual knowledge to Chaldea (Iraq) came from India. From Ruhr Haldeysky Avraham this tribe to the Jordan River, where the arameans lived, who called on their language this tribe as ivri (Hebrew), is meaning stranger. Secret mystical Teachings of Judaism, which consists of five books, the Jews knew from the Chaldeans, during the captivity of Judah by Nebuchadnezzar. Jews lived in Egypt 430 years and culture the Solar dynasty influenced on them. All Egyptian period Jews worshipped to God Sun Rа - to Michael the Archangel (Ramses II). Jehovah understood, that there was one and began the strengthened fight for return of Jews under the influence, from here - executions in Egypt, population destruction in the Middle East. The Archangel Michael always comes, when humanity is need in him. Moses Led the Jews from Egypt to vacant lands. The Archangel Michael is the true God and Father for Jews.

Ch. 1/7. The heavy is slavery of the children of Israel. The Jews were gagged in cattle breeding; they were called earlier Giksos, shepherds. They did adobe from clay and straw to build their houses. All the Egyptians at the time lived in such homes, even the Pharaohs. Handymen of construction of temples and roads of stone were single. By now in Egypt the buildings are in excellent condition, they were built during the reign of Ramses II in Luxor. Huge chunks of the walls of temples and pillars are connected without mortar, exposed the planes joined blocks. The road connecting two temples, made of stone blocks, similar to our concrete slabs is without a single potholes or roughness. And these facilities are around 33 centuries old. To build such objects, you have to be a builder and carver. The Jews themselves came there and did not want to leave. On Sinai they remembered, that in Egypt they had meat, fruit, vegetables, which the Egyptians gave them gratis.

And on Sinai Egyptians continued 40 years to feed Jews gratis; the manna-heavenly is allegory, other legend. Brought Jews from Egypt therefore, that Jehovah executions tortured Egyptians. Forty years Moisey was with Jews on Sinai in hope, that Jehovah-evil will calm down and Jews again will return to Egypt on a constant residence. But this predatory hawk knows, that without Jews he is anything and to call him "nothing‖; I turned over Sinai and waited Moisey's death.

Many fairy tales in the Old Testament are contrary to one another. One is absolute accuracy that Jehovah's - the devil, desire to build a nation for veneration, which then can be used for his own purposes such a fate had the Jews, who should be freed. There is a way to get rid of it, to except Agni Yoga at the last minute before leaving the physical body, thinking about who you want to be in the subtle world, that you and will meet.

The name "Moisey' Pentateuch" actually is "A Pentateuch of a planetary satan of Jehovah". Moisey Wrote "Pentateuch", but Jehovah a devil after destruction of rolls of Moisey, distorted everything, but the name left. Eulogizing it and humiliating others. A name of a satan damn people and frighten children, but don't worship to it. Moisey - is the Founder of the tribe of Jewish. Twelve sons of Jacob, are an allegory, i.e. an allegory; Moisey Talked in riddles. Twelve tribes! Number 12 very significant!

“Systematically soldered group of twelve people can, really, even own the world phenomena. Expansion of group can weaken it, breaking dynamics of construction. Real is group influence!"

"The disappeared 10 tribes (knees) of Israel dispersed among other people; one of them (tenth) emigrated in England. There were two tribes in Israel, one of them was headed by Judas who kept demonic religion, and in honor of it the Judaism is called.

If there was no intervention of Jehovah-devil, the chosen people‖ could be the most of the high spirit people of God, and not of the material people the devil. But the word chosen left...
The Great Lord Shambhala several creative lives devoted to the suffering the Jewish people. One of several incarnations is Solomon, son of David, King of Israel and Judah in 965 - 928, BC. Solomon (Jews - Šelomo) is the third and greatest King of the Israeli people. Solomon was gifted by a bright mind and insight. He created an inner peace around the throne and surrounded him with trusted individuals to freely engage domestic and foreign policies. His reign became synonymous with peace and prosperity. He built a temple for greatness and beauty that was not equal. Neighboring sovereigns have made travel from afar to see the Jewish King, the fame of wisdom which had been spread throughout the East. He experienced all the pleasures of life and drank to the end the bowl of earthly pleasures at the end of life he sadly exclaimed: Vanity of vanities, all is vanity and vexation of the spirit. Solomon books: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Wisdom of Solomon. The story of his life is described in the 3 book of Kings and 2 Chronicles (Old Testament).

The Third Book of Kings: ch. 1/ 17, 22, 23, 46. And Solomon Sat on the King’s throne already. "At David, my Father, was on heart to build the temple of a name of the Lord, God Isroel" But the Owner (Jehovah) said to David: But you don't build the temple, and thy son, from thy bowels through, will build a temple for my name. And became Solomon before the altar of the Lord in front of the whole collection of the Israelites, and raised his hands to the sky. And said: Oh Lord, God-Israel! There is no God like You in heaven above and on the Earth beneath; you keep a covenant and mercy with thy servants, walking around before thee with all your heart. He was lost in day-dreams Pederast (the mean word is written from capital letter if it belongs to a devil because he is the biggest Pederast-expert in Boundlessness, after the Pederast-theorist Brama) Jehovah devil that Michael the Archangel before him so expressed. At Jews it is called, - im hylem (in dreams).

Jehovah himself was dictating the text to make things up, gratifying his damaging self-esteem. What is the pig! Moses is My servant! Solomon Built the temple Jews, after to Build temple the goddes Astartу which worshipped His wifes.

And the Lord was angry at Solomon because he dodged his heart from the Lord, the God of Israel, who came to Him twice; guess with the request not to undermine the authority of linden one, based on constant requests, to serve him.

Moisey is the Jewish prophet and the legislator rallied the Israeli tribes. He is One, Whom call Moria (the Great Lord, the Lord M, Mahatma M.) the Teacher of the Great White Brotherhood, the Leader Hierarchy Light? "Creativity" of Jehovah devil for the peculiar people: Apocalypse in Lemuria and Atlantis, drunken orgies on the island of Lanka,
Sodom and Gomorrah, the revolution in Russia (it was reduced to a civil war, instead of economic reforms), the fascist concentration camps in Germany and pogroms, imposition of memories of past wrongs. Jehovah uses his people for his own purposes. Chief offended of the Jews is Jehovah. Jehovah, the devil twice forced me, on my behalf; write words that all Jews are Lumpens and all others from the Latin Lumpen – the rags, pauper, vagrant, a drunkard. His aim it is known to me, he wanted to cross me up. A Great Maitreya Says: I Love you all - M.:
(Avraham's successors: Isaak (His son), Yakov (the grandson from whom there were 12 tribes of Jews), Josef (the great-grandson; brothers have thrown him into a hole according to the indication of a devil, and later have sold. еhe destiny has disposed, Josef became the tsar of Egypt).There's one nationality, the mankind! Seek the way of approach to God is the Greatest! Yes, the Greatest, above It anybody isn't present in Space!