7.From Pereyaslavsky Rada till revolution ….

Chapter 7

From Pereyaslavsky Council to prior revolution …

From 1648 to 1657 there was a war between Ukraine and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Poland). Bogdan Khmelnitsky is the Hetman of the Zaporozhe army headed movement for independence of Ukraine. The strong ally was necessary; "Khmelnitsky, relying on the Crimean khan, on the Moldavian sovereign, signing agreements with the Turkish sultan and the Transylvanian prince, the Hetman allocated a highest importance for the relations with Moscow, in every way trying to induce it to war with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth". At the beginning of 1654 Pereyaslavskaya took place "Radar" led by Bogdan Khmelnytsky about accession of Ukraine to Russia. From now on Ukraine became the territory of Russia; from 1654 to 1657 already Russia waged war with Poland for liberation of Ukraine from Poles. Russia was always a defender of Ukraine from external enemies and never used Ukraine for maintaining business – wars.

Veksillology is the science of national colors. Heraldry is the history of military arms, banners and flags. During the stay of the President of Ukraine L. Kravchuk, the Supreme Council approved the yellow-and-blue flag as a symbol of the state. Yellow color (bottom strip) is the Sun, blue (upper strip) - water. Water buried the Sun, - an omen of Chaos, the precursor of the Apocalypse; Europe will go to the bottom of the ocean and the mainland will cover a wave.
Ukraine repeats past mistakes. The trident is a falling bird, head down. The second confirmation of the expected tragedy emanating from the center of Europe, it will spread to the whole continent. In the times of Kievan Rus on the reverse side of the flag was the image of the Archangel Michael, the patron of the Slavs.

If there were at least one competent person in the Supreme Council is on this issue, the flag would look like: a yellow strip on top, blue from below; the sun gives warmth, water is wet it means a good harvest, a flourishing in the economy. On one side of the flag is the image of the Creator of our Planet, the Archangel Michael. On the other is two white pigeon (a message from God). Color white - a sign of purity and aspiration. The flag should be from the most expensive fabric (silk velvet) and handmade... What relation of the state will be to the flag, the relation of the cosmos to us will be mutual? Space materializes everything!

Now the satan governs in Ukraine. Always its actions are directed against Russia. The next attempt of Jehovah of a devil to do harm to Russia – to organize …

Revolution is in Ukraine.
The principal book the Russian writer N.M.Karamzin "History of the Russian State", over which it worked more two decades practically to these pores it is a little known to the Russian reader. Twelve volumes contain the actual material, taken from archive sources. Opponent of fiction, N. M. Karamzin provided to us information of many archives of the European states.

In book N. M. Karamzin "Legends of centuries" (1 volume) is selection of stories, legends and bylines. In it is told, that Russians occupied Volga region. Over time they were settled on all European territory. Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Finns, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Bulgarians, Germans are uniform the people, Russians from the Volga region.

So there is a space justice that Russia and all European, fraternal peoples were integrated in one big socialist community. Look at appearance Merkel's the typical Slavic person of the Russian from the Volga region. In present time it got to the coalition opponents of the ancestors is. Merkel isn't ashamed, that Germans decoupled two world wars and that in the territory of Germans the devil kindled fascism? Who opposes the Slavic people? Who chief screenwriter revolution in Ukraine? All revolution (Egypt, Libya, Ukraine Syria, Yemen, Turkey) the author one is the Owner of land, planetary satan Jehovah.

Unbreakable wall for the devil Jehovah has always been Russia because of its Patron is God!!! The devil was given to America, from there spreading all the evil. A year before the elections, NATO called Peter Poroshenko to offer himself as the future President of Ukraine, and in return promised that Ukraine, after his election to the presidency, in the course of the year to join NATO. In the Donetsk region was sold land for NATO through a straw man (an elderly man from USA) for installation anti-missile systems aimed against Russia. The devil is and in the Crimea "laid eyes". Vladimir Putin fulfilled the Decree of God of the Great Lord of Shambhala; the way for NATO in the Crimea and the Donetsk region will be closed. The war between Russia and Ukraine may be terminated after the next successful presidential elections in Ukraine.

"New Jerusalem is in Ukraine".

2017 Zionist's revelation: "New Jerusalem in Ukraine"!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=EpsIWY92wyo& feature share - roller in which it is said that the Southern Ukraine is announced now how "New Jerusalem". Five areas are called: Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhe, Kherson, Nikolayev and Odessa. The map of "the new state" is attached; on her five areas are painted over. To Odessa the ship has already come from Haifa and has brought the first group of Jews on the "primordial homeland". I hope, now clear for what purpose Jehovah-Svarog has organized a revolution in Ukraine. Will begin reset elements of all Jews to Europe
for mass destruction. Before it the devil will organize opposition between indigenous people and visitors; Jehovah is necessary to energy of destruction. Devil is "husband of abuse, Jehovah name to him". Kolomoysky will play Jesus Navin's role and "will clear away to himself the place". I express to all visitors compassion. In 2046 there will be an Apocalypse; Europe will leave on an ocean floor. There will be the third Apocalypse on our Planet. Look at the map of the Globe. I provide the list of the states which will disappear after the planet-wide tragedy: Austria, Albania, Andorra, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Vatican, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia (the border of the Apocalypse will pass across the Urals), Romania, San Marino. Finland, France, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine, Estonia, Yugoslavia. The first will leave on a bottom Great Britain. As you can see, Israel isn't included into this list. The border of action of the Apocalypse will pass across Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, Mediterranean Sea, Black and Caspian seas, across Ridge Urals. All admirers of a devil of Jehovah will be brought together in Europe. Process has already gone. Jehovah hides information that at most to drag off the population to Saturn. Think of the children and grandsons. I advise Jews to go to Australia, South Africa South America. On Saturn there will be a repetition of what was on Earth. A devil Jehovah is material and spiritless. Attentively read the Old Testament (Torah)!!! Wars, damnations are leaving of Jews from a devil to Egypt. How many lives the Great Lord of Shambhala has is devoted to Jews. Remember, even if burn down alive; it is always possible to leave Jehovah in an astral body on an ocean floor. The astral body doesn't burn and doesn't sink, it moves to depths of waters, to the center of Earth where magma boils. In the Caspian Sea there are underwater cities where there live astrals. The army of a devil of Jehovah (perverts and underworld) can take cover on the drowned Atlantis, the cities have remained there. Atlantis will rise to the surface after death of Europe. Read the Doctrine of Living Ethics - continuation of the Doctrine of Christ, Worship Great Maitreya and you will be saved. Visit the site http://theosophy-mm.net

After Jehovah told that "he prepares the new state in the state for Kolomoysky". But same purpose: to bring together Jews in Europe for destruction during the Apocalypse (together with Kolomoysky). But to make it at him it won't turn out. There is a hope that Jews will become spiritual descendants of God. The choice is behind them.

There was a hope that Jews will become spiritual descendants of God, but they have departed in darkness. The choice is behind them. Demons-rakchas’s (perverts and underworld) – is a spiritless descendants of a devil. Monkeys are the first branch of children of Jehovah; the devil is obliged to move all lemur-primacies on the planet. Demons-Rakshas's (if wish) can remain, having undergone clarification in the sulfuric boiling lake.

Valtsman (Poroshenko) didn't equal hopes of a devil Jehovah, disarmed Kolomoysky's battalion, deprived of shares of «Oil and gas», transferred to the state "Privatbank" and it gave himself up as a bad job. According to Eduard Hodos, the CHaBaD made the decision to re-elect the President of Ukraine because Valtsman (Poroshenko) is the half-blooded and to replace it with another. In Ukraine the CHaBaD governs. I hope it is clear to all for the sake of what "People killed during Euromaidan" died? Valtsman (Poroshenko) didn't understand the purpose and a task of a devil, stumbled on Kolomoysky; this "politician" constructed a monument to Jehovah devil in Dnepropetrovsk, the 18th floor synagogue of devil color, the biggest in Europe. The coast of the Black Sea occupies NATO. It wasn't succeeded to take the Crimea and Donetsk region, Jehovah will appropriate the Southeast of Ukraine. The devil wants to blow up the Planet and to drag off all to Saturn. Only Great Maitreya, Terrestrial Shambhala, and V. Putin with assistance of all population can keep the Planet.

Keeps the Earth the One, Who she Created, - God, the Great Maitreya!!! Russia and America are two countries - leaders. The population of the Planet must make a choice before approaching a planetary tragedy of the Apocalypse. Countries that support Russia are obliged to withdraw from organizations bugger Jehovah: NATO, EU, ISIS.
Let the example of all is Turkey. Blessed be its President – Erdogan! Russia, all Slavs and Turkey share a COMMON FACTOR BLOOD!!!

Before leaving to Saturn at darkness are two main objectives:
To organize is recruitment of the population of the Planet for Saturn. To blow up our Pergies of corrupting is. Saturn - is karma Jehovah's, punishment for all crimes, the concentration camp for a planetary satan. During World War II it materialized the scenario war with concentration camps, and now the space prepared for it the similar. It is told: "Don't do the evil, and the evil you passes", "Treat people as you would like, that to you treated". The space will write everything, and everyone will meet with the deserts. The law of Punishment is uniform for all!

Jehovah brought to the power of Jews-rakshasa’s. Under its management they
Ukrainian army directed for destruction the peace population of Ukraine. Slavs destroy each other. But time will come Jehovah will rally Slavs also will direct them against Jews, also destruction will begin innocent Jews. Jehovah threw Jews in concentration camps during the Second World War. Are necessary to it sufferings of people, hatred, that same energy to attract destructions from space and to fill it the Earth for explosion.
The Crucified Christ, and behind him appeared a cross of a devil, such, as in scientology sect.

The Cross of scientologists is a cross of a planetary satan of Jehovah.

To whom do scientologists worship? R. Hubbard's general phrases about worship the Creator and Supreme. But who is he? Creator is Vishnu, the Father of the Universe. The Supreme Deity is the Absolute. In the Old Testament these positions were appropriated by Jehovah. In the New Testament Jehovah-devil calls himself God and puts itself before Christ, offering itself as the father Christ, and dreams to collect 144 thousand Jews led by the Innocent person (Christ) on the Mount Zion and that at all on a forehead the name of Jehovah was written. Scientologists claim that at they have no prayers. But on the concourses scientologists say "A prayer about full freedom", that is a prayer about permissiveness, - "the demonic culture" is preached. Full freedom is for a physical body, in other words, orgy. And who at us is Bacchus? Jehovah!! Bacchus-Jehovah at scientologists is the false Creator and a false Supreme Deity. Under whose control Ron Hubbard contrived this nonsense? Jehovah is the foolish hires spiritual ignoramuses to Saturn. For stray sheep there is an output, - who wants to continue evolution of the person on Earth, at the last moment can change the mind, having passed cleaning in the sulfuric boiling lake.
In 1942 the darkness shall leave to Saturn; the transient period was tightened. Jehovah-devil is engaged in recruitment.
Be careful, - there is no limit it to insidiousness. Jehovah is Antichrist, the opponent God's on Earth. In sect of scientologists attract those, who "isn't pure on a hand" and use them for revolutions. It is possible to tell those scientologists – «elite» sect and the most terrible - the devil programs victims at the level of sub consciousness.

Fascists carry swastika’ is the detaining evolution. In Africa many Blacks is Jews. In Tanzania, in the Western and South America the temple of Jews is called "the SYNAGOGUE of the SATAN". Information is on the Internet on the site of Jews.
1. Swastika evolution (dordzhe).

"Sometimes swastika call gamming cross, as in it is connected four coming from a single
point of letter (the Greek gamma) ».George has the same meaning as the swastika. The swastika (Sanskrit) - a cross with bent at a right angle. Curved edges by the Sun mean
progressive movement - evolution in Space (the movement is clockwise curved ends are turned to the left.
2. Swastika detaining evolution – (the scolded symbol).

"A swastika with the bent ends in the opposite direction (movement against the hour the shooters, the bent ends are turned to the right) - matters detaining evolution, such image it is accepted at shamans (sorcerers), Tibetan DUG-PA - representatives of darkness. Hitler's messengers were at shamans. DUG-PA served Hitler. At fascists there was a swastika detaining evolution. On the Internet there is a movie in the section "Swastika", the announcer gives out wrong information. Fascists in the Shambhala weren't. Swastika evolution to the attendant of darkness not is fellow travelers!

It is possible to seize power, but to control it independently it is necessary to be able. All actions now legitimate authorities are viewed beforehand. Accuse Russia of all mortal sins, to brainwash population of Ukraine, what to protect from it NATO can only. Attendants of the USA came to the power. Stop war in the east; the army forgot, that swore to protect the Homeland and the people, instead of to kill the colleagues. Though those, who came to the power, not colleagues to miners. Instead of repair of the destroyed houses for miners - build a wall on border with Russia. And on border with the Belgorod-Dniester Republic is dug a trench 120 km long.

Batch "Freedom" the devil too uses for disorder of Ukraine (an aggression press), but they in this game is of the six. A partition of the states - is a method of Jehovah. What freedom if they promote an entrance of NATO on the territory of Ukraine? None from the obsessed is doesn’t know under whose influence they are. The devil performs hidden management! And who is he, Jehovah-devil? The Jewish deity is in a body of the person, knowing occult sciences, the Owner of Land, satan.

Ukraine became without the nuclear country. EU does last breaths; Ukraine is necessary to it for reanimation. We could go independently and reach such state of the economy that we were imitated: disarmed and strengthened economic relations with neighboring states. Those, who started revolution in Ukraine, it is conscious or it is subject to herd instincts, pushed Ukraine to war. Already now total some thousands of the victims of young people - a gold gene pool of the population of Ukraine. As much thousands it won't be established families. Won't be born children twice anymore? There was no growth of the population because of unemployment and poverty, and now the reason - war earlier. The prime minister offends public people, - works for ignorant public and forcing nationalist aggression among the population. His statements don't do it credit. Casual people came to the power. The choice of the Head of the government and the Supreme Council depends on deputies. Tell the population of Ukraine the true reason of war. If NATO comes to the territory of Ukraine and will arrange antimissile installations in Donetsk region on border with Russia, this most will give a push to the beginning of the third world war; President will become world history, as instigators. We could remain the nuclear-free country. Russia is our board from the evil. Now there is a war for the earth in Donetsk region. Ukraine will become a field of battles and all Europe will be involved then. World war II is incomparable with the tragedy that will befall our Planet - Apocalypse. Injection of destructive energies will cause volcanic eruptions, and EUROPE will be hit by the wave, the continent will go to the bottom of the ocean. All slaves of the devil, which sparked a war in Ukraine, will leave to Saturn. Power and wealth is the "credibility" of the devil for the weak of mind. Free cheese does not happen...

You watch commercials on http://www NTV "a profession - the reporter".

1. Agent of secret order. Shadow life is of Arseniy Yatsenyuk".
2."Chocolate hare Poroshenko (Valtsman)".
3."Julia Timoshenko. The princess at gut bucket is.
4."Jehovah at gut bucket is". Soon!

It is ready! Books: 1. «Exposure billionaire Georges Morgan (is incarnate pederast Jehovah)». 2. «Apocalypse (is consequence of board of the pederast Jehovah)», or The answer is to the Bugger Jehovah on his false Bible. 3. «Reasons are and purposes
of World War II».

GADES or HELL is the country of an opposite hemisphere that is the USA. Sects, CIA, NATO are all under control of Jehovah. The Baltic countries passed this way of expansion and opened gate for an input of NATO and entered EU; and now the cat are whipping. Everything is sold, there was only a wood. In a turn of "euro", the currency isn't present. Came former owners - Jews also moved inhabitants from all the houses, made European-quality repair, also lease apartments for the fabulous amounts. And aboriginals remained without housing.

Greece entered the EU fifteen years ago. During this time life of the population worsened is and debts in the sum 100 billion Euro. Now young social democrats came to the power and restore business relations with Russia. The EU threatens them that will remove them from membership in the EU. The government of Greece declared that will leave with the EU and debts won't repay. Poll of residents of Greece confirmed that the standard of living after the accession to the EU sharply decreased. Iceland, Ireland has withdrawn the declarations of accession to the EU. NATO and the EU are planetary vampires. Failed Hitler (the embodiment of Jehovah) to conquer Europe, the devil has organized the EU. Why the devil seeks for himself a sacrifice for the conquest of Europe ("by hook or by crook") in Germany; Hitler, Merkel,… Hypnosis boa Jehovah's is addictive mouth. What is the purpose of the devil during the present period? EU to impose himself to worship, to assign the gold reserves of the member States of the EU, to move Jews to Europe for destruction during the Apocalypse and all to drag off to Saturn.

On our Planet is the LEGION of devils; the leader of these villains - JEHOVAH; this assemblage of the programmed zombies is called: "SATANIYA'S COUNTRY". Jehovah named strong himself Supreme and the Almighty of the country of SATAN’S. Everything who worships to a planetary satan Jehovah are ranked as this country.

Patron of Russia, all Slavs, Israel, all Jews, the religion and philosophy - First Archangel of our Solar system, Michael the Archangel, Great Lord of the Shambhala. It has many names, 1008. The Lord of the Shambhala is Maitreya (Invincible). It is the First Ray - of the Father of the Universe, and the First Ray is equated to the Father. Great Maitreya is full manifestation of the Father of the Universe. Maitreya is Supreme, the Creator and the Creator! The Highest, the Lighten, above anybody isn't present in space.

All positions in space are selective. Look roller on VOY TUBE -Maitreya, Great Lord Shambhala. His opponent in a camp of darkness is nasty Jehovah - a devil, generate chaos. The chaos is even more terrible than darkness.

Jehovah surrounds Russia in a ring of NATO and uses for this purpose nationalists, kindling opposition against fraternal people. Jehovah devil imposes to Ukraine fascism. Deprived of us the Russian television, we receive information only on the one field. The economy of Western Europe and the USA is in a status of deep crisis; its development goes on a vicious circle. In Russia the economy moves on spirals, a round behind a round, as rounds on the transformer coil.

The Space basis of coexistence of mankind is a community.

Great Maitreya is the First communist of our Planet.

Time will come and the Soviet Union will be recovered, the socialist camp will be recovered outside the destruction Europe and by the USA will be pacified after Jehovah's leaving to Saturn with the army. And Earth will be cleared from are nasty. Will be at our place The Pastor - Great Maitreya and uniform herd - mankind is uniform. To us it is necessary the big work; to recover aura of the Planet, and to transform deserts to the blossoming edge. And for this purpose at first it is necessary to transform itself, the energies, that is - thoughts, words and actions. But the devil still rests hands and feet, doesn't want to leave. And after all to leave it from our planet very simply is. Worship is the ballot. It is necessary to expose Jehovah-devil and to tell spiritual ignoramuses Truth; whom, on most, business Jehovah is.

Listen up!
Authorities in Ukraine are under a press of Jehovah devil, a planetary satan. Not the USA tear to leadership on the planet, and the patron of the USA - Jehovah devil, a planetary satan, the Owner of Land, the prince of this World, a beget of wars and revolutions a beget of fascism, sects and false religions. The USA plays a role of the eternal dependent debtor.

Heads of the European countries, be courageous and make the correct decisions. Actions of Jehovah devil are directed against Russia. Spiritual revival of mankind will begin with Russia. Some heads of the European states gave the gold reserves to the USA. Jehovah before leaving to Saturn, does requisitions; power of thought will turn gold from material in astral (invisible to a human eye and weightless) and will drag off to Saturn. Jehovah and his army - perverts and underworld will be in thin (invisible) bodies, black magicians; they will rob also the USA.

Jehovah operated the planet through the billionaires. All slaves to a devil are those, who have kindled war in Ukraine, will leave to Saturn. The power and material benefits - is "credibility" for weak consciousness. Free cheese doesn't happen.

In the center of Kiev Mormons founded "Jesus Christ's church of sacred last days" - the most powerful pseudo-Christian church of the USA. Through scientologists and Mormons Jehovah wants to establish autocracy on the planet. Maidens, nationalism, are organized and were kindled by Mormons. Mormons execute the invisible management in Ukraine. A third of economy of the USA belongs to Mormons. They worked at Ukraine long ago and secretly, achieved success. Temples of Mormons are inviolable; without special permission of the management of church there can't come, - neither President of the country, nor law enforcement agencies, even members of church. Mormons among us is God's the church or the fifth column? Headquarters of Jehovah-devil in Ukraine is.

And that now is in Ukraine? Ruin in economy, never-ending business - war, parade of garbage human - gays and pederasts in Kiev (the gay - the English word gay, same-sex sex man's or female; the pederast from Greek - to love boys), it is called "independence". In all countries where Jehovah was incarnate he sowed perversions and crime. Only the Slavic people even didn't know words of these. Now there is no city where there would be no brothels and the sites of perverts where invite partners for joys. These people are sick, the zombie at the level of sub consciousness. All types of sexual perversions are called as «Yoga of the gay Jehovah» - the devil went mad on genitals. Who inspired what it is necessary to look to the west and America? Law of Space: the Sun ascends in the East, from there Light is and Wisdom.

On the basis of the Bible sects are created. Attract with Christ, and then brainwash Savaof (nasty Jehovah). The shown Father of the Universe, Great Maitreya Gave new "the Doctrine of Living Ethics" instead of the Bible is. Separate the New Testament and clear of Jehovah (Savaof') inserts, is there will be a rise of the Doctrine of Living Ethics which Christ in a condensed form gave. Great Maitreya gave continuation of the Doctrine in large volume. The bible should be burned and to dispel ashes.

Those, who will follow Great Maitreya, will continue evolution of the person here in "Golden Age". After will leave with It on its star is URANIUM before arrival of darkness. Jehovah will return to Earth after 1 828 000 years. Jehovah unleashed according to the scenario World War II with concentration camps and gas chambers. But I miscalculated; Russia and the Shambhala under Guidance of Great Maitreya rescued the planet from explosion. But the planetary villain doesn't give up hope for achievement of the purpose. Jehovah had to leave to Saturn in 1942. The transition period was tightened. Sectarians are from - for them overweight of darkness detain him.

There is All-planetary election campaign. Choose: The great Lord Shambhala Maitreya is the Patron of Russia, all Slavs, Israel, religions and philosophies, the Founder planet of ours and everything that on it lives and breathes. Great Maitreya is full manifestation of the Father of the Universe, Supreme, the Founder and the Creator. Jehovah devil is Almighty of the country of satan’: perverts and underworld. Jehovah devil with the army will leave and Earth will be cleared of filth.

Jews and sectarians, will make the wise decision, - will remain on Earth and will continue evolution of the person here, that forever to depart from a planetary satan. WORSHIP Great Maitreya will be confirmation of your decision.

Address to the President of Russia.

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich.
The owner of land, Jehovah-devil keeps on a lie. Spiritual ignorance of the population is the skate of a devil. It is necessary to beat out this support from under legs of a satan; to strike crushing blow on a weak point of a planetary satan – to tell the truth, to give KNOWLEDGE.

Great Maitreya - God! Nasty Jehovah is devil.

As soon as Jehovah it is pushed out to Saturn, at once will stop opposition between the countries - leaders, and race of arms. Also there will come "Golden Age" under management Great Maitreya; there will be no borders between the states, aura of the Planet will accept primitive color - golden, deserts will disappear, the Earth will become covered green carpet. But all this we have to make, having increased consciousness under the Driving hand Great Maitreya.

Need on television to read books: 1.1. «Exposure billionaire Georges Morgan (is incarnate pederast Jehovah). 1. 2. "Apocalypse (is consequence of board of the pederast Jehovah), or “The answer is to the bugger Jehovah on his false Bible”. 1.3. «Reasons are and purposes World War II».

Create the telecast on THEOSOPHY and ESOTERICS; at once will depart from darkness sectarians. Because of them darkness overweight is.

To offer is the new Doctrine Live Ethics. On sites: http://maitreya-god.net и http://theosophy-mm.net/ there are 21 volumes of books "Facets Agni Yogi's". These books are on sale in ICR (international center Rerich’s). The Minister of Culture has to at schools to attract children to visit of this museum. The Russian Federation is OBLIGED to publish Main books of Pupils of Great Maitreya (E.P.Blavatsky, E. I. Rerich, B.N. Abramov); to offer people an imperial meal instead of soup.

Lift the Name of the Archangel Michael and his embodiment - Sergey of Radonezh; organize construction monuments, creation of movies, visit of the International center
Rerich’s. Most of Muscovites don’t know where there is the highest center of spirituality. It is necessary to create the movie about the museum Rerich’s, - is spiritual education of people - first problem of the state on population education. Show three video on voytube: 1. Vishnu Puran. 2. ―Mahabharata. 3. Akbar and Dzhodha.

All actions of a devil are directed against Russia, her Patron is Lords of the Shambhala, and You, because You are from the Shambhala. Jehovah-devil knows that as a result of the economic and spiritual growth of Russia, - he has to leave our Planet. It isn't necessary wars; a lot of aggression is accumulated by the planet for explosion, - for this purpose and Jehovah-devil arranges revolutions. The World and EDUCATION for the population is necessary.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, You are obliged to help to forces Light, to which you belong. I wish you good luck for the benefit of Russia, also live long. With boundless respect to you and hope is. It isn't necessary wars; it is a lot of aggression accumulates the planet for explosion, - for this purpose also will organize Jehovah-devil revolutions. The World and education for the population is necessary. Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are obliged to help forces Light's to which you belong. Wish good luck for the benefit of Russia, and live long. With boundless respect for you and hope is.

P.S. Orthodoxy will suffice to creak an old door, grease at least door loops, easily to enter in new era of Great Maitreya.