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Demon and demoness.

One of the incarnations of Tymoshenko is the Queen of Sheba. The whole population of Ethiopia worshiped lunar demons (the demons in the astral bodies are sorcerers and black magicians from the troops of the Demon of Jehovah). Those who worship the moon devils or the Demon Jehovah are also demons. The reason for the spread of devilry is godlessness, the spiritual ignorance that Bes Jehovah instilled in the USSR with a poster: “Religion is opium for the people” with a distant aim, to gradually (after the collapse of the USSR) introduce the false Bible instead of the Soviet idea.

Creating troops of demons in the form of various dens in the USSR, Jehovah led in secret, applying hypnosis to the victims. In a similar way, fraudsters and customers of murders were created. Hitler is one of the incarnations of Jehovah. The accession of five regions of Western Ukraine to the territory of the USSR in 1939 was imposed on Hitler-Jehovah in order to create an organization of the fascist direction — the OUN, allegedly to fight the Soviets. The heirs of OUN still do not know that they were all enrolled in the army of the devil, followed by sending to Saturn.
The next stage is bringing demons to power. But the main is thing to come.
NATO failed to seize the Crimea and Donetsk to install its bases, Jehovah came up with a third option; the occupation of the territory of Ukraine with access to the sea, but this is possible only if Tymoshenko will be President. He will be pushed into the Premieres, after Zelensky will be declared an impeachment (he is ready to accept this option, because he himself offered to send him to resign if necessary).

After the election of Y.Timoshenko as President, six regions of the south-east of Ukraine will be a Federation called "Heavenly Jerusalem". Lead the Federation Kolomoisky; because Kolomoisky, by the decree of the devil, paid for Zelensky’s election campaign. Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov regions will be settled by the inhabitants of Israel in order to destroy them during the Apocalypse in 2046, and to resettle their consciousness on Saturn.

In Russia, published three books of 10 thousand pieces each:
1. Maria Magdalina, Exposure billionaire Georges Morgan (the incarnation of Jehovah's pederast).
2. - “-Apocalypse (a consequence of the rule of the pederast of Jehovah).
3. Caterine Belyh, The reasons and purposes of World War II.
Immediately the ROC abandoned the deceitful Old Testament and distortions in the New Testament. Jehovah urgently, using Poroshenko, conducted the Kerch provocation and separated the UOC from Russia, giving the UOC an autocephaly - “the best among the best”. In Russia, there will soon be a New Testament without Jehovah's inserts from the false Old Testament.
Deputy of the Supreme Council A. Efremov was also blamed for treason for proposing to give a federation to Donetsk and Lugansk, and in fact the Landlord, the pederast Jehovah, A. Efremova isolated in imprisonment, because he knows how strong this politician is and knows that in one of the incarnations he was Prince Svyatoslav. It was during the reign of Prince Svyatoslav that Kievan Rus refused to worship the demon Svarog-Jehovah and accepted the God of God — the Giver of God (Archangel Michael).

Svarog-Jehovah avenged Prince Svyatoslav. After the defeat of the Greeks and the betrayal of the Bulgarian Tsar Boris (was under the influence of the devil), Prince Svyatoslav returned home and on vacation, near Zaporozhye, on the island of the Dnieper River during sleep, the Pechenegs (Kalmyks) were killed by a tip from Svarog-Jehovah. Prince Svyatoslav was a patriot, defending not only his homeland, Kievan Rus, but also the Slavs of other states. A. Efremov was kept in custody until while “elections were held with the use of a false candidate” ... whoever has a mind will figure it out.

Svarog-Jehovah organized raids of the Pechenegs (Kalmyks) and Khazars (Gypsies) on the territory of Kievan Rus - this was revenge for the fact that Svarog was rejected for worship. Why do the Slavs Demon Jehovah? We have our own God, Archangel Michael - the Divine Christ, the Creator of our Planet, the plant and animal world, the Northern White Race, the Egyptians and the tribe of Jews. Demons-demons rule Ukraine, they arrogated to themselves a Jew, becoming a Jewish tribe, and inflicted a bad reputation on Jews: perverts, fraudsters and murderers. Demons and demons are victims of the hypnosis of Jehovah's devil.
Obsessed with Jehovah's Devil: Gorobachev, the barbarous, the alcoholic Yeltsin, and the main “ideologist” of the Communist Party in Ukraine — L. Kravchuk, did a favor to the devil — they destroyed the USSR, they paved the way to plunder the state, and they themselves wrote out a ticket to Saturn.

The “Freedom” party swam, waving a diabolical black and red flag with a fascist swastika, gay parades offering same-sex marriages. Pederast Jehovah, the first fascist of our Planet and for the complete formation of a villain, a pervert, a crook and a murderer passed the path; acquiring these properties, applies on the victims, - recruits spiritual ignoramuses on Saturn.

Oh, people, people, people, where is your intelligence?! For you, the fascists are better than the communists? Why is the Communist Party banned? The first Communist of our Planet is Archangel Michael; the Head of the Solar system, His world order is the Commune! The world order of satan Jehovah - the capital, what we have now. The devil actively compromised the USSR, introducing his demons into power.
Oh, people, people, people, where is your intelligence?! For you, the fascists are better than the communists? Why is the Communist Party banned? The first Communist of our Planet is Archangel Michael; the Head of the Solar system, His world order is the Commune! The world order of satan Jehovah - the capital, what we have now. The devil actively compromised the USSR, introducing his demons into power. All those, who in the Supreme Soviet voted to ban the Communist Party in Ukraine, executed the decree of Satan Jehovah and identified themselves as demons, servants of the devil.

Satanists are sitting in the Supreme Soviet: perverts, fraudsters and thieves, customers of murderers, zombie descendants of fascists ... and the "carcass" who vote for money. One of these galaxy deputies was sentenced to 14 years, 10 of them in Kolyma worked on logging. It was this thief of Chabad (the Jewish national fascist organization) that pushed for the presidency. He stole 500 thousand dollars, and returned to the state treasury $ 500 and withdrew his criminal record. Since Chabad is the creation of the devil and the candidate is his reflection.

On the basis of the documents of the FSB, which were announced on TV by Lieutenant-General of State Security of Ukraine Omelchenko, Y. Tymoshenko robbed Ukraine at the dawn of "independence" for 94 billion 600 million hryvnias. But no one can call her to account because her patron is an unrivaled sharper and a crook - Jehovah is a homosexual “Lord”. When she sat on the Dnieper gas pipe, the dollar was 1: 5. She received instructions from the killer - the demon of Jehovah, whom the zombie sectarians consider the highest god, and he is the lowest in the demonic chain - the devil and satan.
The werewolf created his billions through speculation with weapons, drug trafficking, murders with the use of hypnosis and other occult methods.

In the the Supreme Soviet there are smart, educated people with a good economic and political program. The best program for the survival of Ukraine is in E. Murayev.

Before the election, it is necessary to examine each candidate for the state of mental health. Citizens, vote for full-fledged people with an economic, legal education who have experience in enterprise management. Do not allow demons to power from the army of the pederasts Jehovah! And remember: “If in the territory of Ukraine there are NATO bases directed against Russia, wait for a boomerang — from where evil comes, it returns there. Europe is creating its own NATO to protect against US violence. England, Ireland, Iceland have already left the EU, Greece is next in line. Poroshenko has in Europe “Roshen” and in Spain “hacienda”, let him alone enter this trap.

In 2046, Europe will go to the bottom of the ocean. Russia offers Ukraine a single passport system to begin resettling people to safe places. Hurry up and sell your property, while you have something to sell, and move to Russia beyond the Urals. Along the ridge of the Urals will pass the boundary of the fire during the Apocalypse in 2046. So, "Do not spit in the well, it is useful to drink water." Meaning: do not make trouble; do not harm anyone, because with this you can deprive yourself of future help and support. It is said as a warning against a thoughtless, short-sighted act.

Adresse is to Absolute.
Omnipotent and Almighty Boundlessness’s, Supreme Deity Absolute!
All admirers of the Creator of our House - Michael the Archangel, the Lord of Shambhala appeal to You: "To reduce a transition period for Jehovah's devil before his leaving by Saturn шт 2046 with the army (perverts, swindlers and killers)".
The planet-wide election campaign takes place with gross violations of space laws a satan of the Planet Earth, Jehovah. In the army he applies suggestion and hypnosis to recruitment. Parades of gays and same-sex marriages, fraud and a lie, theft at the state level and reduction to the power of Jewish demons, pseudo-healers and pseudo-fortunetellers, drugs and AIDS, venereal diseases - have turned Earth in the Augean stables. Use of television and Internet for slander on the embodiments from Shambhala, use of black energy for introduction of diseases, slander on E.P. Blavatsky in the press, on television, in sects and in Orthodoxy where a satan Jehovah declared himself false "Supreme, the Almighty and the Almighty and the creator of our Planet Earth" - sow spiritual confusion among the population of the Planet. Jehovah is in a role the foolish at the tsar.
The fate of 50% of the population, the victims of devil hypnosis ranked violently in army of a Satan of Jehovah have to be revised; among them there are persons interested to remain on Earth and to continue evolution of the person in the Golden Age. Time is necessary for resettlement of people to safe places, out of borders of Europe before immersion of the continent in depths of waters as a result of volcanic eruptions.
The term of the phenomenon of God, Michael the Archangel - the Winner on a white horse before the population of the Planet has to be accelerated. Justice has to be restored. Aum. Amen. So will be.

Who is he? Jehovah?
Jehovah is the main biblical character; the author of the false Old Testament and distortions in the New Testament and, using hypnosis, crucified the hands of demons Jesus Christ.
He has many names: Jehovah, Savaof, YHVE, Yagwe. He presents himself to readers as the All-powerful, Almighty, the Most High, the Creator of heaven and earth and repeats this information repeatedly. In the chapter of Leviticus, he repeats 700 times: "I am the Lord" - a suggestion for those who are unable to reflect.
Recently, he had the prophets, before whom he calls himself, the Lord of Shambhala.
As it is known from the book of HP Blavatsky, “ETC.”, that the words All-powerful and Almighty
are directly related only to the Supreme and the Most High Supreme Deity ABSOLUTE!
The Most High is the Logos II, Father of the Universe, the Creator and the Creator.
The Lord of Shambhala - Archangel Michael (position until the end of the cycle). He has now come as the full manifestation of the Father of the Universe, the Most High, the Creator of our Planet, the Subtle Worlds, the plant and animal world, the Northern White Race, the Egyptians and the tribe of Jews.
Jehovah is the moon demon, the lowest in the demonic chain (the smaller the nit, the angrier it bites).
Who is Jehovah? “In Cabbala, the Prince of Darkness is called Samael, the Angel of Death. He is also the Serpent the Seducer, satan. Satan is also Lucifer ... «Cabbala is a book (available on sale and in a synagogue).
Jehovah is a moon demon, in the intervals between incarnations; he is the main DEVIL of our Planet in the astral body and lives on the lower astral plane (his patrimony) above the Earth by 1 km. He is the author of the false Bible, which he calls absurd. Jehovah's Bes began to dictate the Bible to the prophets (demons) 4 thousand years before the new era. Satan Jehovah - Master of the Earth and the rules on Earth 432 thousand years. And what did he do 426 thousand years? Bacchanalia - drunken orgies, accompanied by group sexual perversions. He is bestiality; his monkey children covered the entire equator. He is a breed of oral and anal sex, a homosexual, a crook and a murderer.
He killed the wives, the gods and dismembered the corpses of the victims, cut off the heads and tore out the liver for the fact that no one on the threshold did not let; they closed the door in front of him.
In the body of Caligula, he threw living people to feed tigers. The cook chopped off his hands and hung around his neck, raped his sister, then moved into the common son Nero. In the body, Nero lived with his mother, after she killed her, poisoned his brother, aunt and killed his wife, after he castrated a slave and married him. He is the author of same-sex marriage. He inspired teacher Seneca to commit suicide.
He proudly reports that he is a diabolos-devil, a rapist. He raped the 13 summer girls of Israel - checked for chastity, before the incarnation of demons in the Jewish tribe. Devil Jehovah - author of the Second World War scenario with concentration camps and gas chambers, as a result of which 80 million corpses were buried in the ground, including 10 million people were burned and gassed, including 6 million Jews that they at all times worshiped Archangel Michael and went to Egypt twice during his reign: Pharaoh Ramses II and Osiris (twice).
God threw Jehovah from heaven for incest with dinosaurs and spreading AIDS. He is not born and does not die; he enters the human body during sleep. Being on the astral plane, he forged himself billions, controlling the victims: the sale of unusable weapons, drugs, looting and murder (sea piracy). His army includes perverts of all kinds, billionaire swindlers, murderers, obsessed and deceived spiritual ignoramuses (sectarians), because of them the preponderance of darkness. Jehovah on our Planet sowed all kinds of crime and turned it into Augean stables.
To increase consciousness, read the books on the site:
1. Maria Magdalina, Exposure billionaire Georges Morgan.
2. - “-, the Apocalypse.
3. Catherine Belyh, Reasons are and purposes of World War II.
Pederast Jehovah compared with any of the listed high entities, like a worm from a cesspool compared to a mountain eagle.
Jehovah is a cesspool of worms swarming in it. Parades gay - infested worms from the pit. In his bedroom - personal cesspool; worms - his two minor sons and wife. His power over man is hypnosis. About 20 years he is embodied in the body of billionaire Georges Morgan. For all his atrocities, the Law of Karma rewarded to Jehovah (the devil and satan): his face was chewed, about 90 years old, and he was half less, his back, arms and his whole body, from heel to balding spots of the crown of the head, was covered with purulent boils, and on the right eye the thorn - the pigeon pecked.
The Law of Karma, created by the Supreme Divine, acts rigorously. Jehovah is a drug addict, taking large doses. All the women of New-York who have been in his bed after a year and a half of his wife’s absence are recruited to Saturn.
The most accurate definitions for Jehovah are: cattle, ghouls, and Schmuck swamp. In many states, the Jehovah's Witnesses sect is banned, and in Ukraine sectarians roam the city, preaching "dirty, stinking cattle." In 2046, he and his army must go to Saturn, and the Earth will be cleansed of filth.

3. Aura.
Aura is a subtle invisible entity or fluid, emanating from human and animal bodies, from things and other material objects - buildings, areas, cities, people, Earth, Great Teachers. It is a mental evaporation of the mind and body. A book, a letter also carries an aura.
Thought and motivation weave our aura - it is a magnetic field that attracts or repels all possibilities; it is radiated throughout the body, with a layer of up to five centimeters. The egg-shaped aura is peculiar to the astral body. Our karma is created, aggravated and facilitated mainly by thoughts; it is thought and urge that weave our aura. All human achievements are imprinted in the electromagnetic space.
“The karmic consequences of a past life follow a man who in the next life will gather a“harvest”- imprinted energies, vibrations in the astral. The aura of a newborn is white or colorless because the consciousness has not colored it. But at the first glimpse of consciousness, the aura is painted in the appropriate color of the “old baggage” from the past life.
Every thought or feeling manifests itself in colors or combinations of colors corresponding to this thought or feeling. Color is manifested in the aura of the person from whom these thoughts came out.
The colors of auras are different and have their own characteristic meanings.
The black color of the aura represents hatred, anger, vindictiveness. Light gray is egoism. Gray corpse shade - fear, horror. Dark gray is depression and melancholy. Dirty - green is jealousy. Bright - green - the ability to adapt, tolerance for others. Red color is sensuality and animal passions. Red in the form of bright flashes, similar to the flash of lightning, means anger.
Crimson color expresses love. Coarse sensual love is dirty - burgundy color. Love combined with a higher feeling - bright and attractive shades. A very high form of love is expressed in a beautiful pink color.
Yellow color, with its shades, expresses intellectual force. Brown color of a reddish shade is greed, stinginess. Dark blue is religious beliefs, emotions and feelings. The blue color, especially of a bright and light shade, expresses spirituality.
The level of human development is visible in his aura, even when he is passive. When a person’s mind is absorbed by a strong passion, the whole aura is painted in color, expressing the movement of the soul. A strong fit of anger will cause red flashes on a black background in the whole aura, darkening other colors. If a man could look at the aura of an angry person, he would be horrified. Every human word has its own aura and pierces space over long distances.
Now imagine the aura of the crowd, engulfed in one mood; at long distances, the energies of crowds, which have a deadly effect on a sensitive organism and can cause various diseases, act. The best go first to the Subtle World, diseases carry sensitive spirits. The aura of the planet collects all the energies that make up the vital manifestations of humanity. Only this year (2011), how many powerful outbursts of mob rage in various states (Europe, Africa, the Middle East).
Russia is a country of Light, and the USA is a country of darkness, because the main destroyer of the Earth Aura, the instigator of wars and the organizer of coups, lives in New York - the prince of this world, the planetary Satan, Jehovah - the devil who acts through people. From the previous articles it is clear who commits atrocities on our planet and who finances them.
First, Jehovah, through one of his levers of influence on mankind - NATO, turned his energies to Europe in order to deploy anti-missile systems (PRU) on its territory and immediately followed the reaction of Russia; Jehovah's goal to draw her into an arms race; evil handler does not want the flourishing of the Russian economy.
The next provocation is elections to the Duma; opposition, bought by Jehovah, for billionaires' money, requires the cancellation of election results. The devil pulls the strings of the consciousness of ignorant humanity and commits his atrocities. Everything that happens on the planet applies to everyone who lives on it.
Dear citizens of Russia and the entire Planet, do not succumb to Jehovah's provocation - the devil, he is living out his last term and must leave our Planet for Saturn, and before leaving - cover the Planet with poisonous gas from irritating people and blowing it up.
“The struggle of despair changed the «Carrier of Light ”(satan), a fallen angel called“ Lucifer, ”his ruby aura filled with a crimson glow.” Scarlet and black definitely refer to the devil.
“The aura of our Planet is very dim; it used to be yellow, but now it is closer to black - gray (slate). “... Our land, which once had a beautiful golden aura, turned into a ball of aspids, surrounded by clouds of gray is brown gas. Piles around the planet are the most condensed mass ... "(" A.Y. ")
This atmosphere contains compounds that attract the corresponding energies to the Earth. If one were to investigate them from the point of view of subtle energies, one would notice that each is saturated with human emanations emanating from human mental activity. The purification of space is the most important task on the path to the Fiery World. ” ("A.Y.")
Thoughts that saturate the atmosphere can inject psychic energy (Primordial) or destroy it. Spatial fire contains these crystals. The aura of places where irritations or creative actions take place is saturated with corresponding crystals. The quality of energy saturates the space.
It is possible to imagine how the aura of a home will be strengthened, where energy is thrived; spiritual conversation protects from dirt and irritation. Where there are often conversations about God, there is a special aura.
I happened to see the disks above my head twice; once at my neighbors (man and woman), and the second time at the beach of the Red Sea for women (mother and daughter); neighbors had white discs, and women from Russia had blue discs. In the mornings, in the summer, I often watch the neighbors running to work; most have white edging along the body, some have large white cylinders from the shoulder joints, others have a white overhead, the size of a cap (cloud), there are two large protuberances from the back.
The Himalayan White Brotherhood is working to save humanity and the Planet; cleans from gases and dark energies generated by low thoughts, words of bad language and bad actions. Everything in Cosmos is vibrations, energy.
“Aura of the Lord; Our aura, Leader's Aura.
Aura is the result of creative thought, which nourishes the aura and creates karma, but does not violate human initiative. The space, saturated with creative thinking, concentrates in itself the power of fire. "... Knowing the occult laws, according to which, when touching the Teaching and the Aura of the Lord, all ... the true essence of a person comes to light ..., we are not so amazed, but the grief is great ... But it will survive. For with us the Great Guarantee of the whole Stronghold of Light and the Invincible Shield of the Lord M .: ("A.Y.")
I give a description of the Aura of the Lord, which the artist (Arhat) N.K. Rerich conveyed in his painting “Fiat Rex” (Lord of the Three Worlds).
The blue Aura is egg-shaped, surrounded by a barrier network with ruby sparks in a circle, around the head emerald glow, surrounded by a ruby-colored glow. Three Beams emanating from three energy centers: from two lung and head, which speaks of clairaudience, clairvoyance and levitation.

Jehovah commits a crime by replacing the aura of a bright person with the aura of a pervert, a crook and a murderer.
Possession - a spiritual disease is the defeat of the will and consciousness of a person in order to use it for their own purposes. For this type of possession, animals are used, in these case cats. Jehovah throws cats to the victim intentionally; they are usually kind people who love animals. Put the cat on the sore knee, it will take the black energy of the person, and the knee will stop hurting. This property of cats is used by Jehovah for obsession. Remember: where the cats are, the influence of the devil is there. Variants of obsession: sexual perversions involving animals or the replacement of the aura.
Jehovah at night, while the victim is sleeping, magnetizes his Higher Thin bodies (astral and mental) into his demonic domain (lower astral plane, 1 km above the ground), where demons from his troops (perverts, fraudsters and the killers). Jehovah is the angel of death; he replaces the light aura of the victim with the aura of the criminal.
The victim returns to Earth in his body with the aura of a pervert or murderer. Due to the combination of different vibrations of the victim's body and the killer's aura, the victim is sick; even relatives do not know. According to one of the victims (his mother was a bright and deeply religious man), she nursed him, gave away some of her bright energy and in a week he recovered.
Jehovah gives hope to demons that by replacing the aura you can be cleansed. The film will capture the replacement of the aura, and all actions will be aggravated for the criminal. In the spiritual heart of man there is the Divine Spark - this is the temple of man, and wherever we are, he is always with us; a recorder that sees, hears and remembers everything. The spark from the Supreme Deity of the Absolute is so small that no microscope on Earth can see it. If you cut off the end of a hair and divide it into 10 thousand parts, after one of the parts it is divided again into 10 thousand parts, then the Spark of God can be compared in size to one particle of the second division.
The killer, who received the light aura from the victim, Jehovah injects into the Higher plans (where people are cleared after death) and find those who, due to spiritual ignorance (sectarians) at one time, took Satan Jehovah for God (with his deceitful filing, but in time departed him to God). The goal of Jehovah's Devil is to return them to his demonic patrimony; those who climbed into his cesspool, the devil do not want to let go.
The sacrifice repeatedly calls Satan "the cosmic god" - this was inspired by Jehovah; The devil was thrown out of heaven long ago, 432 thousand years for incest with animals (the birth of monkeys by dinosaurs from Jehovah and the moon demons).

The patrimony of the devil is presented to the victim as another planet; there are also houses where demons rest after their atrocities. At home - an illusion! Moreover, Jehovah suggested to the victim that the stone like Women are our “forefathers.” God forbid, from such "forefathers." Stone like women - prototypes of moon devils to worship the heathen darkness. There were light pagans, they worshiped the Sun (the God of the Sun Ra - Archangel Michael). The word Ra –is derived from the name of His planet Uren, which in the past cycle was our Sun, but because of the rapid cooling it went beyond the limits of our Solar system, and is filled with energy from the Central invisible Sun, over which the Supreme Deity Absolute is standing!
Only one way out: to ask God - Archangel Michael to protect the victims from the influence of the devil. The first Archangel is a position that the Lord of Shambhala fulfills during the evolution of man.
Great Maitreya - the Divine Christ, Ishwara - the Creator and the Creator, (the Creator of our Planet, the plant and animal world, the Northern White Race, the Egyptians and the tribe of Jews). Look at the sky: how many stars and all these are planets, and on each people live, and everyone worships the One Who Created the planet.
Only the worship of God - the Great Maitreya (daily prayer in rhythm at the same time, morning and evening) can protect a person from the obsession of satan Jehovah. After the Apocalypse in 2046, there will be One Shepherd and the One Herd: the Great Maitreya and humanity.

The servants of the Light are marked by the property of consciously investing their personal savings and real estate in the dissemination of Knowledge to increase the level of human consciousness. An example is Princess EP Blavatsky: the inheritances she received from her grandfather, General Fadeev, from her aunt, of noble origin, from her father, Baron, colonel of the tsarist army, invested in the development of the theosophical society and the publication of their books. And not only that: she never learned that her Great Teacher Sent 25 thousand dollars to her in the USA; at that time she was without means and sewed ties, made paper flowers for sale. She wrote theosophical articles in 35 magazines and newspapers, she had 10 assistants-stenographers who wrote down the dictated texts of E.P. Blavatsky, deciphered and sent by telegram to the publisher. If she did not have time to send new articles; she received telegrams from publishers that newspapers and magazines are not in demand without her texts.
For her and the Theosophist group, the Englishman passed her his house with servants and cooks to her for free. In this house, she worked five years before her death, and wrote 5 volumes of books, and died at 60 years old in a work chair, with her head bent on her chest.