Provocation is in the Kerch Strait

Provocation is in the Kerch Strait.
Russia published three books in number of 10 (ten) thousand pieces everyone, it and was the reason for Jehovah to give to Ukrainian Orthodox Church of TOMOS (Highest) to separate it from Russian, and for services to a devil to make Varfolomey the First over equal.
1. Exposure of the billionaire Georges Morgan (embodiment of the pederast Jehovah).
2. Apocalypse
(the investigation of government of the gay Jehovah), or the Answer to a Bugger to Jehovah on his false Bible.
3. Reasons and purposes of World War II.
The demon Jehovah, to avoid influence of ROC on Ukrainian Orthodox Church, took actions for separation of Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the Russian Orthodox Church. The demon Jehovah is a liar, he always speaks on behalf of God, ordered to Varfolomey 1 (the Patriarch Constantinople) to give TOMOC of Ukrainian Orthodox Church, i.e. to recognize it the Highest to separate from ROC. But, at a devil it did not leave. Then the Demon Jehovah ordered to create Poroshenko (Valtsman) provocation in the Kerch Strait that the whole world to set on Russia, (Poroshenko concealed hope for the second term). But, Tymoshenko (Kapitelman) - the protégé Demon Jehovah … The devil used Poroshenko; now to him a road on Rostov is closed.

Elections of President of Ukraine are.

I take to taking of habitants of Ukraine, that after disintegration of the USSR all former Republics entered the money. Russia bought up rubles for currency at all becoming separated from republics, including in Ukraine. A helm had our Ukrainian sale "ideologist" that the first suggested to prang to the USSR at that time, bought to itself on our holding "little house" in Canada - a "house" is guarded by two enormous wolf-hounds. Here such base-alloy ideologists and spoiled the USSR, independence needed them, to rob people. At the same time of his son was detained in the airport of Israel on a custom with a suitcase on the 100 thousand $ USA $; so that our economies are not present. A promise to return the soviet holding before elections of President of Ukraine is thievish cunning; it is named "Buying up of voices on elections" in exchange on registration in their bulletin; Not soiled, do not be for sale, do not give demons-rakshas’s green light to power. Read in a book "Reasons are and purposes Second War II world" is ch. 12. Author is Jehovah (a coauthor is a rabbi Менахем Шнеерсон),

In 2046 a devil Jehovah must abandon our Earth and go away on the planet - Saturn. The term of rule of him was complete in 1942. All-planetary hustling goes for power on Planet. Participate two: God and devil. God is Archangel Michael, Creator of Planet our, vegetable and animal world, Egyptians of and other He Came Now, as the Most High, - Great Maitreya, complete display of Father of Universe. Jehovah is Owner of Earth; satan is a destroyer of the souls human. A devil is a rapist, pedophile (Greek. - diabolos). In all European states a devil results in power of Jews-demons. Especially he is partial to Ukraine. Why? He wants to create the state in the state, "New Jerusalem on Ukraine" from five areas (Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhya, Kherson, Nikolaev and Odessa) with an outlet to the sea, to dispose on the coast of base of NATO. New Jerusalem will lead И.В. Коломойский (according to Jehovah). A devil wants to collect all Jews of Planet in Europe before by an apocalypse, that during volcanic eruptions all to burn out alive and to carry away their consciousnesses on Saturn. If will not turn out to collect all Jews in Europe for mass elimination, Jehovah bargains to blow up Planet and all population to take away on Saturn. NATO and ЕС are created exactly for this aim. Not a single judicious President will enter voluntarily this trap: NATO and ЕС are planetary vampires. is Revelations of Zionist. New Jerusalem on Ukraine. We not it admits migration of Jews to Europe for their blessing, their devil Jehovah transmigrates for elimination.
The name of new federation cuts the rumor of Ukrainians; therefore Коломойский renamed on "Новороссию" and added the Kharkov area. The first name of city Dnepropetrovsk is Novorossiysk (1776 - 1802). Demons bargain that the capital will be Dnepr. Moreover, Коломойский already built in this city 18 storied synagogue, the greatest in Europe on the money "earned by exhausting labor". Elections in Ukraine will take place on March, 31 2019. Citizens of Ukraine! Do not vote for thieves, swindlers, perverting, narcomerchants and killers. It they by murders and stealing blew up the purses milliards. All of them are demons (ракшасы) from the army of devil Jehovah. Vote for honest and decent people, patriots of Ukraine. For those, who will plug in the program?
1. To stop war on East.
2. To recover relationships with Russia on the basis of peaceful negotiations.
3. To oblige А. of Yatsenyuk to earth trenches between Russia and Белгород-днестровской by Republic, and the financial damage inflicted by a thoughtless decision, to liquidate due to his facilities. 4. To edit Constitution of Ukraine.
5... To choose new Supreme Soviet
6. To revise privatizing of state objects dirt-cheap.
7. Every pretender on position of President of Ukraine before elections must give to the people for an acquaintance the program of economic reforms. Citizens, not having an experience in a management by the state, having previous convictions and other vices, better do not offer the candidature, because you will draw voices.
Two murders: 1. the Few from the leaders of the USSR could boast sincere and unreserved love of people. A leader of Belarussian SSR Peter Masherov was a rare exception. A "father Peter" used reputation of zealous owner, just leader and, that it is important, to him rumors did not stick about secret riches and luxurious way of life. Unique fact for post-soviet space - Машерова is not present in the world almost already forty years, but also today he is an ensample, both for power of Belorussia and for opposition. Peter Машеров perished, when his political career had to go out on a new level. Many consider that all history of Soviet Union went on other scenario after road traffic accident of happening of Octobers, 4, 1980 on a route Moscow is Minsk. Great-grandfather Peter Mironovich, on domestic legend, was a Frenchman (fresh. - Macheraut), soldier of the Napoleon's army, stopping behind after retreat on territory of Sennensky of district in 1812 and accepting Orthodoxy, after marrying a woman-Slav. Macheraut is an ancient sort of French Jews, it one of reasons of occult murder of P.M. Masherov’ changing Judaism on a communism. Peter Mironovich Masherov was buried on October, 8, 1980 on the East cemetery of Minsk. This was a that case, when on the funerals of leader of people it was not needed to collect in order - tens of thousands of persons came, wishing for the last time to say "thank you" that, who transformed Belorussia. That would be, if the accident of Octobers, 4, 1980 did not happen? Reforms conducted in Belorussia, П. Masherov could conduct in the USSR!
On March, 25 1999 a candidate perished in an accident in Presidents of Ukraine -Vyacheslav Chernovol. A coffin with his body was carried on a cemetery on hands. After funerals a politician from Armenia said words in an address Vyacheslav Chernovol: the "Respected Ukrainians, you lost the not leader of party and deputy of not people's today. Ukraine lost possibility quickly to become the democratic state. Because Vyacheslav Maksimovich was are leaders the strongest". Those, who understood that Chernovol never nothing will do in harm a country, it was as easy as anything with him to intermingle. Other counted him, at least, by a crank".
Two accidents happened on the same place in an interval at times about two decades. Two occult murders were accomplished by Owner of Earth - devil Jehovah. He does not want economic prosperity of the Slavic states. His method: dismemberment and creation of group of swindlers-multimillionaires for a management by the state. Who of pretenders on position of President of Ukraine can be compared to П. by Машеровым and В.M. Chernovol on honesty and love to Motherland? Whoever will become, at enormous power, to surround itself untalented friends and relatives? But, the world of like-minded persons will manage to create. Whoever will accept not a single decision in harm the Motherland and people? The hidden fascism inculcated by Jehovah rages on Ukraine. I am and obvious, it those, who swings a blackly-red flag with the swastika of fascists. Hitler had such flag. If will see such flag on the web-sites of social networks of the internet, or on parades, know that these people are dangerous, obsessed by a devil by Jehovah. In order to avoid such trouble hold connection in ideas and businesses with Patron of Slavs - Archangel by Mikhail, Ruler of Shambhala. After murder of leader of "Ruh" Иегова said to me: "Murder of Vyacheslav Chernovol *was organized by Ю.В.Tymoshenko". And who is performer? Owner of Earth is Jehovah! For what purpose devil to me it did say? I did not know then, who talked to me. Even, in 2017 he asked to write the defaming article about her. Who he such, to give pointing to me? My God is Archangel Michael, Ruler of Шамбалы, Patron of Slavs! A devil inculcated an idea in the subconsciousness of Timoshenko - to enter power, after it is possible to apply on the throne of President. All multimillionaires are six of devilish game, his aim: to "Knock together the group of financial criminals for a management by the state". Take into account, JEHOVAH is OCCULT KILLER!
Certificate: Yushchenko poisoned Иегова; he will get any man the invisible astral hand on Planet. To pour in addition poison in food is for him business ordinary. Handy men of devil are астралы (the dead perverting) - invisible to physical sight (train to the black art), at his direction must vacate the place for Tymoshenko. The lady with a braid, guided by a devil by Jehovah, organized a plot, to declare impeachment to President. About it knew Yushchenko and sent all conspirators in retirement. Jehovah wants to transmigrate all JEWRIES and SECTARIANS to Europe for elimination. Therefore he created helpers - occult sect for a "pastor" Turchinov. A former communist, employee P. Lazarenko and Yu.V.Timoshenko’s, "pastor" Turchinov, studies the occult methods of murder. Earlier Jehovah used an ax, to kill and dismember those, who ignored him, now he mastered an occult method. Lying on a sofa in the apartment in New York, "Lord" commits crime; a witness serves as only film from space.
Jehovah is an occult killer to help him herein there will be a demon Turchinov. In 2018 Коломойский showed up in Ukraine and in conversation with a young man (in the internet) advised in Presidents of Ukraine - Ю. В. Timoshenko. The owner of Earth again put a chip on Timoshenko. Kolomoyskiy is a man of devil. Jehovah is a demon, all his admirers too demons (Sanskrit – Rakshas’s). The raider captures of Kolomoyskiy were supervised by a devil. All actions of demons are a tour on Saturn.
The consequences of actions of Kolomoysky carried tragic character. During the raider capture of the Dnepropetrovsk asphaltic plant he arrived with the armed battalion. This entire group occupied a director's office; a weapon served as a psychical attack on a victim. The director of plant, Vladimir Kripak, was select workers and heaved up a plant from ruins; hired people and salary. Vladimir Kripak after stress carried three strokes and went away in the Thin Worlds; Kolomoysky became reason of his death. How to explain the acts of Kolomoysky? Gaining by a devil and atheism! There are Jews-people and jews-demons. People worshiped to God. Demons-rakshas's - service to the demon to Jehovah.
Gaining is a virus, striking consciousness of man. It more is frightful than cholera, plague, typhus, striking a physical body. Task of the Ukrainian electors - not to skip demons in power, - let honesty and decency Peter Masherov and Vyacheslav Chernovol will exemplify for you. Everybody must for itself decide with whom he, with God or with a devil. Those, who with anybody, will be destroyed, as space garbage and will go off on coverage of surface of new planet. Every word carries space information.
Shon Carr and Eugenia Timoshenko. Carr was inculcated by Candle-powers in family of Ю.В. Timoshenko, to prevent to the plans of Jehovah. All planetary hustling are an experiment of space, to prove that Light, but not darkness, governs in Infinite. Carr and Zhenia became acquainted in Egypt. However their novel bloomed in Great Britain, where дочьТимошенко studied. In five months after an acquaintance Carr arrived to Ukraine. There was in full play Orange revolution in Kiyev, one of by a participant of that was Yulia Timoshenko obsessed by a devil, she was pushed slightly by Jehovah to power. on October, 1, 2005 Carr and Zhenia married. On that moment he was 37 ago, and she is 25. Married, Carr had to accept Orthodoxy. Рокер thickly covered by tattoos, worked as a bootmaker in Lidse (Great Britain).
Youth settled in Shangri-la of Ponche- Zaspa. Before there the members of Politburo had a rest: green belt ashore Dnepr and ornamental water filled in spring during the flood of the river. Bootmaker-baiker still drove on a motor cycle, played the guitar and sang songs. To the shop that Yulia presented to youth, was indifferent. With mother-in-law conversations were not; he did not know Ukrainian, and she did not know English. Eugenia very was proud of a mother and devoted Shon in the financial matters of family. Shon drove to the house of baikers showed piñatas. From Ukrainian politics Shon stood aloof, moreover, soon she began to bring troubles in family of Timoshenko; she was convict on October, 11, 2011. In March of 2012 th daughter divided with Carr.
Died Carr suddenly is in Prague. He died in 10 mornings on January, 8, 2018. In the morning it became badly to Carr, and his visors first-aid. Reason of his death is not known by judicial medical expert - this was occult murder! Accomplished Jehovah lesрs nit, the bites" more wicked.
It would seem, ordinary history, but, a black secret is kept in her; tragedy of Ukraine, Europe and all Planet. That she was known by people, Law of Karma created history of simple people, to alert a population to the crimes of dark forces before the All planetary tragedy. Shon Carr knew a sum and name of bank the milliards of U.V.Timoshenko are kept in that. A boastfulness is not inoffensive property of man, an especially woman, if a devil talks the mouths of man. In six with half years a young couple divorced. Journalists pursued Shon, from his mouths to hear an answer and laid out information in the internet. But, even, if he told nobody, space all writes down on to the film. In the bank of "Pierpont Morgan and Kº", (belongs to the multimillionaire Georges Morgan is embodiment of pederast Jehovah) money of U.V. Timoshenko is kept is thirteen milliards of dollars of the USA. Deleted Jehovah the first last name, to be above suspicion, he simply *Morgan. . Number thirteen is a number of patrons of lady with a braid. Name of him - Jehovah, position - Owner of Earth (properties: satan and devil), author of lying Old Testament and scenario, is Second world.
World order from God is Commune, Community, that we had, power of advices! World order from a devil is a capital, when 90% population is in financial dependence on swindlers-multimillionaires. The Ukrainian pensioners dig in garbage can; collect tableware from a plastic from under mineral water, to buy social bread and half lire of milk. It those, who after war restored cities and villages, raised from the ruins industry and agriculture, those, who outlived war and hunger. But as people live in the Donetsk area - a heart is torn from pain for pensioners. This layer of population stands a need and illnesses. War-mongers, thieves and swindlers, return money in the treasury of the state. Otherwise - to burn to you in a burning hot magma in 2046.
Look rollers on http://www НТВ a "profession is a reporter".
1. Agent is of secret order. Shadow life is of Arseniy Yatsenyuk.
2. Chocolate hare Poroshenko (Valtsman).
3. Yulia Timoshenko. Princess is at defecating.
4. Jehovah is at defecating. Books:
1. "Exposure of multimillionaire of Georges Morgan (embodiment of pederast Jehovah) ".
2. A "apocalypse (is investigation of rule Jehovah", or "Answer Bugger to Jehovah on his lying Bible". 3".Reason are and purposes Second War II world".
4. German publicist Frank Schuman, author of the book "Speculator. Timoshenko's business".
What patron at demons are that his generations.
I give references on my social networks (see Internet).
1. Liveinternet Maria Magdalina 1, Diary (to point pointer on a word to click). .....................................
2. Maria Magdalina 2. ..................................... 3. Site “Supreme”
Main to the steering hustling in Ukraine is a devil Jehovah and his insidious plan. Poroshenko did not execute the promises of NATO, and interdicted КKolomoysky Chairman of Облисполкома, disarmed a battalion and deprived actions of "Oil and gas” - frightened competitor. Moreover, Poroshenko, being afraid to lose power, would not it admits CREATION of NEW FEDERATION is "New Jerusalem" under Kolomoysky. Give a finger to Kolomoysky; he will bite off a brush. Timoshenko is a chip; a devil hopes to plant her on a throne temporally, while Коломойский will create a new federation from six areas - territory for occupation of NATO. After Timoshenko will clean, and Kolomoysky is will take a throne. I express a doubt: "If prettily to weigh, then yet a grandmother said in two, who had more chances: Light or darkness".
Citizens accountable for elections are vigilant at the count of voices. In the USA on the last elections after Hilary Clinton voted on 2 million persons anymore, but Tramp passed. Why? His daughter married for a Jews from Israel, accepted Judaism and works to Chabad is Jewish fascist organization. Tramp carries a black scull-cap too, so, accepted Judaism - tour on Saturn. Distribute information among a population, especially among those, whoever has a computer.

* * *
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January 29, 2015 •
23:5KIBERBERKUT I WARNED - 72 HOURS HAVE PASSED - the File on each member of junta.

The list of those whom Jehovah will take away is in a serpentarium of Saturn.
1. Avakov Arsen Borisovich
2. Klitschko Vitaly Vladimirovich
3. Kolomoysky Igor Valeryevich
4. Lyashko Oleg Valeryevich
5. Nalyvaichenko Valentin Aleksandrovich
6. Taruta Sergey Alekseyevich
7. Timoshenko Yulia Vladimirovna
(the reference is removed by a devil, but Yu.V.T. appears in others).
8. Turchinov Alexander Valentinovich
9. Tyagnybok Oleg Yaroslavovich
10. Yarosh Dmitriy Anatolyevich
11. Yatsenyuk Arseniy Petrovich

Cyber Golden eagle | Cyber Berkut
Cyber golden eagle | CyberBerkut

Address is.
Omnipotent and Almighty Boundlessness’s, Supreme Deity Absolute!
All admirers of the Creator of our House - Michael the Archangel, the Lord of Shambhala appeal to You: "To reduce a transition period for Jehovah's devil before his leaving by Saturn шт 2046 with the army (perverts, swindlers and killers)".
The planet-wide election campaign takes place with gross violations of space laws a satan of the Planet Earth, Jehovah. In the army he applies suggestion and hypnosis to recruitment. Parades of gays and same-sex marriages, fraud and a lie, theft at the state level and reduction to the power of Jewish demons, pseudo-healers and pseudo-fortunetellers, drugs and AIDS, venereal diseases - have turned Earth in the Augean stables. Use of television and Internet for slander on the embodiments from Shambhala, use of black energy for introduction of diseases, slander on E.P. Blavatsky in the press, on television, in sects and in Orthodoxy where a satan Jehovah declared himself false "Supreme, the Almighty and the Almighty and the creator of our Planet Earth" - sow spiritual confusion among the population of the Planet. Jehovah is in a role the foolish at the tsar.
The fate of 50% of the population, the victims of devil hypnosis ranked violently in army of a Satan of Jehovah have to be revised; among them there are persons interested to remain on Earth and to continue evolution of the person in the Golden Age. Time is necessary for resettlement of people to safe places, out of borders of Europe before immersion of the continent in depths of waters as a result of volcanic eruptions.
The term of the phenomenon of God, Michael the Archangel - the Winner on a white horse before the population of the Planet has to be accelerated. Justice has to be restored. Aum. Amen. So will be.

There is a planet-wide election campaign, two participate: 1. God - Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala, the Founder Planet, a plant and animal life.
2. The devil - is Jehovah, the Owner of land, the representative of "Lucifer" on the Planet, a satan.

Maitreya is Supreme, the Father Universe.

Maitreya is the First Beam of the Father of the Universe is also equated to the Father. The Father of the Universe is the Sun, He never leaves the post, His Beam works. Maitreya is to the full manifestation of the Father, Supreme. The Highest, the Lghtest above Him isn't present anybody in Space. First Hierarch of the Planet is is and Solar system. He is All! His Great Way is 3000 embodiments! It is passed a half of the High Way. Than above Spirit, that it is more the embodiments is.
Great Maitreya - the First Archangel is a position which is taken up by Maitreya during passing of evolution of the person. The Archangel the Bauity - one from names of Archistratiga Michael's. He is Patron of Russia, all Slavs, Israel, religions and philosophies! The Great Lord of Shambhala (the Himalaya White Brotherhood), the Creator of our Planet and everything that lives and breathes on her! Maitreya is our Father Heavenly, owing to His love and Care of us.
"Shambala is the Community of Adherents and Arkhatov; The Stronghold – vanguard of evolution, design bureau. Lords are planners planets - space scale. In total from them! They sate space with images of those forms which have to be realized". Shambhala has been created by power of thought along with the planet.
In the East the Truth is accepted that the Uniform Greatest Spirit is a Creator of our consciousness and Christ Redeemer of our mankind. This spirit is Vishnu's Avatar also appears on Earth every time when the mankind reaches a deadlock and shift of consciousness is necessary! Thus, all Systems of the World are Shapes of the same Spirit - the Avatar of Vishnu which is shown as Rama, Krishna (God Vishnu), Kapila, Gautama Buddha, Moria (Christ), Maitreya (God Vishnu). He was shown and in other shapes, less bright, but always truly selfless. At Maitreya there are a lot of names is - all 1008!
Avatar is Descend of the Highest Spirit. Vishnu is the Universe machismo, (information, the seventh principle) the Creator and the Creator. Lakshmi is a feminine, (the creating energy, the sixth principle). In total from Them, there is nothing except Them.
On Tibet in all temples-monasteries there are gilded busts of all Budd, at a bust of Maitreya by gold letters is written: "Fifth Buddha Maitreya, Buddha of the future". The bust has appearance of the Chinese. In one of antecedents It was embodied in China, He is Avalokiteshvara. The Lord is the one, who we see. The intimate Doctrine speaks: "He who is shown by the first when Updating will appear the last before Absorption (Pralaya)". So Logos' of all people, beginning from Vedic Vishvakarman Mistery to Christ Redeemer of the modern civilized nations, an essence "Word" which was "at the Beginning", when awakening active Forces of nature with the Uniform Absolute. Given rise by Fire and Water before they became certain elements, He was "Creator", the former or the scheduler of all real. "Without him nothing has been created from what has been created. In him there was life; and life was Light of people"; and, eventually, he can be called, than he always was, the Alpha and Omega of the Shown Nature. "The great Dragon of Wisdom is born from Fire and Water and everything will be absorbed with Him in Fire and Water again". This Bodkhisattva, as it is told, "takes any form which is pleasant to him" from Manvantara's (cycle) beginning till her end. He will appear as Maytreya Buddha, the last from Avatars or Budd, in the Seventh Race. This belief the general is to all East. He essence of a form of the Seventh World Principle. "The self-shown is “Son Father", Logos, the Ubiquitous Universal Spirit shown in the temple of Space or Nature".
Bodkhisattva is the lit-up essence. Boddkhisattva is Mother to all real. Three pleasures of Bodkhisattv - happiness of a donation, happiness of the help and happiness of eternal cognition. But a fate of Bodkhisattv heavy, nobody transferred and transfers so much slander and persecutions as true Saviors of the human race.
Maitreya always when in Him there is a need, goes down to the dense world and undertakes a heavy burden, - atonement of acts human. Saturation of the planet negative energiya from irritations, negative thoughts, words and acts can lead to the planet-wide tragedy. The Earth is covered with a dense bed of dark energiya, and saving beams of planets of the Lord of Shambhala and Mother of the World can't break through to clear Earth. Shambhala works without holiday and a salary, burning the Light human emissions – poisonous gas imperit.
The Earth is threatened by explosion! The chaos of matter only spirit can resist. "The planet fate depends on people. Will accept Light – will be rescued, won't accept is will die. The consequences generated have to be expiated, that is are neutralized. Energy of darkness is neutralized by energiya Light. Energy Light, consciousnesses human generated, have to be, are brought together in enough to protivostat to destruction forces".(M.:).
"Dark has shifted the basis and while the dark pole of human collective continues to deepen begun and to worsen situation, a pole light adjusts all forces to restore the lost harmony. Those want war, We and the people following Us – the world. We have to protect our House because on other planets there are no corresponding conditions for us. Seven planets and everyone pass seven circles of evolution of the person in our Solar system. We are in the fourth circle, all other planets or pass the ways passed by us, or were ahead of us. On each planet the mankind corresponds to that circle in which exists.
On Venus people live in the seventh circle in the facilitated bodies, as well as the planet. There are no borders, there are no nationalities, employ on color of aura which displays thoughts. There are no diseases! There is no radio, phone, television, different types of transport; - all this is in the person. At all the centers are open. People are gods! Upon termination of the seventh circle people will leave Venus on higher planet.
Jehovah is the owner of land, the prince of Peace of this isn't interested in that Knowledge extended among people! To us, people of Earth still it is necessary to pass this way. For this purpose also Great Maytreya has come to give the new Doctrine of Living Ethics through the Pupils: E. P. Blavatskaya, E. I. Rerich, B. N. Abramov. He has come to give to people of Knowledge – Wisdom, Truth. All ancient Doctrines is from a uniform Source. Accepted the Doctrine of Living Ethics, will leave with the Lord on his Star – Uranium which in last cycle was our visible Sun, but because of fast cooling I have departed out of limits of our Solar System and it is filled with energiya of the central Sun above which there is an Absolute – Almighty! (Jehovah-devil is Almighty Satanii our Planet).
“The space is full the broken beams - it is the parcels unaccepted and rejected by mankind. The daily bread nowadays is given, and in ignorance is rejected. If people could accept everything, sent them from the Highest World, the Earth would change instantly. If is the heads which are stupidly filled to the earth could be turned to the Sky." "Neither money, nor the weapon will save situation, only introduction of new consciousness will clear the heads". - M.:
M.: - three points: Maitreya (Buddha), the Messiah (Christ), the Messiah (Muntadhar - the Messiah of Muslims). After Jehovah's leaving with the army to Saturn in 2046, will be Is uniform the Pastor (God) and uniform herd; Great Maitreya and mankind!
Creativity is characteristic of all embodiments of Great Maitreya: He constructed temples, roads, palaces, irrigating systems, the cities and approved fundamentals of pure philosophy - the Buddhism.
In a darkness camp an opponent Maitreya is Lucifer-Jehovah, a planetary satan-devil. He distorted all Doctrines under himself.All religions were given on consciousness and time. He always didn't recognize Truth and distorted all Doctrines; killed authors of Doctrines crucified dismembered an burned. to him. In 1942 he had to leave to Saturn, the term of board him is finished. To keep on our planet he has dismissed a web of sects where he brings together spiritual ignoramuses, enticing Christ, and then declares himself Christ's "father". The Lord Christ costs on one of Hierarchy steps Light. Christ Has told Jews: "Your father devil; and you want to execute lusts of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning and hasn't resisted in truth because there is no truth in him. When he tells lie, tells because he is a liar and the father of lie". (Ioann, 8/44).
"Old Testament" - the book of an Beast, his number - 666, a name - Jehovah, a position (selective) – the Owner Earth (planetary satan, devil.
In "New Testament" there are a lot of distortions and lie. Books expose Jehovah. 1. There is recruitment on Saturn (exposure of the gay Jehovah). 2. Apocalypse (consequence of board … Jehovah).
Beams of planets of the Lord of Shambhala and Mother of the World will divide people on of light and shade. One of two is will remain! Who trusts to the public, will be rescued and will live on Earth in "Golden Age" - 1 828 000 years. For this period people on our planet will reach the level which now on the planet Venus and will leave on the highest planet. Great Maitreya creates the Sixth Race also "Agni Yoga» there is a Call!
During board (432 thousand years) Jehovah, deliberately, has created the person without brains (from three lowest principles - an animal) to carry out it through all types of sexual perversions. Jehovah's copulation with a dinosaur, a marriage on a monkey, a cow has laid the foundation of zoophilia. Bacchus (Jehovah) of physically perfect person on Ceylon (Lank) decomposed group sex without distinction as to sex of the person. The main PEDERAST of our planet has covered the former Soviet Union with the websites in social networks "Gays and prostitutes of VK" and their manager from the USA. False doctrines, the pseudo-websites, pseudo-healers, pseudo-fortunetellers, sects are recruitment to Saturn. Whether it is possible to imagine Supreme, the Creator and the Creator the zoophile, the generalissimo in the PEDERASTY (Neron), the pedophile, the murderer and the liar?
At all who trust in a shadow covers (a physical body) will burn down?
All who worship Jehovah-devil will leave with him to Saturn. It is his planet. There will be an involution. It will be made a fresh start, - minerals, plants, animal, primitive people. There will pass millions of years that the person in the development has reached our level. Before leaving the planetary satan wants to blow up the planet. A sand Saturn is synonyms.
So ardent enemies Light will leave to Saturn, but otritsatel dark are doomed to relentless process of destruction and final disappearance.
Shambala under guidance of Maitreya works in bloody sweat, rescuing ungrateful mankind. But tragedies are not to avoid. Europe will be covered by a wave. The first on a bottom will leave the country where traitors and thieves are embodied. For this purpose also Maitreya, the WORD which has become flesh to rescue us and Our Home from destruction has come to us. Expansion of consciousness not to stick to matter is, to be good to people, to build temples to Great Maitreya where will be distinctly, accurately and to briefly teach Wisdom. The one, who doesn't accept the Doctrine of Living Ethics serves darkness, so the enemy of evolution of mankind. Time will sweep away from the planet of all, resisting. Not to stop evolution.
In Space there is a uniform chain of evolution of planets, we shouldn't break the space law, - evolution of our planet and mankind has to take place in a uniform rhythm of Solar System, the Universe and Boundlessness.
There is a planet-wide election campaign with whom you good luck, or with a devil? Worship is the ballot! Great Maitreya is the Divine Christ. ( 30 , "Reference").
Sectarians and Jews, on Saturn is a den of powers of darkness, and here to Jehovah the serve died perverts and criminals in astral bodies. You accept such society? Draw conclusions; accept the Doctrine of Living Ethics, support Luminous intensity! At the last moment before leaving to other Worlds of whom you will think under whose beginning you wants to be, with that and you will be. "Nobody can remain neutral between Light and darkness, between two of these contradictory forces. Each person has to choose one of them; otherwise he will be crushed by both of them". Worship Great Maitreya, your worship will be a selective voice in protection of forces Light. - Great Lord of the Shambhala - Jehovah- devil, planetary satan

Books and video are offered the reader: 1. Main. 2. The book Mary Magdalene, "Goes recruitment on Saturn, (exposure... Jehovah)". 3. Book. "Ramayan" - the Indian epos, Maitreya(Rama), Jehovah (Ravan's) embodiment. 4. Video: 4.1. "Vishnu Puran" of-105 series. 4.2. "Mahabharata", two dynasties – Solar and Lunar (future Jews) - 94 series. 4.3. "Akbar and Dzhodkh" - 1 series. 4.4. Maitreya-rolle. 4.5. "Loud-hailer" - a video about V. V. Putin. 5. Book. "Apocalypse". 6. Book. "Jesus Navin". 7. B. N. Abramov, "Agni Yoga facets", 1952-1972. Information obtained from a high source! 8. E. P. Blavatskaya, "Silence voice". 9. E.I. Roerich, "Fundamentals of the Buddhism". 10. Recipes. 10. 11. Loud-hailer (articles). 12. Site map.
P.S. Below is is the image of Jehovah-devil. He has got on this page, applying the hypnosis. I didn't invite him. Jehovah wanted to settle down articles in the beginning, but his place in darkness. Light rules the World!!! Jehovah-devil
We look "The dictionary of synonyms", Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Science publishing house, 1975, p. 633. "The DEVIL (on religious representations: the supernatural, representing evil beginning), the DEVIL, the SATAN, the DEMON - book, the DEMON, ChERTYAKA - colloquial, the ENEMY - is simple., DAMNED - it is simple., the ENEMY has confused, the EVIL - is simple., the EVIL SPIRIT - is simple., EVIL SPIRIT - it is simple. All these words concern to Jehovah, the citizen of New York borrowing position a planetary satan, a devil.
Several millennia to volume have dumped it "from height of heaven" for incest with animals and Abel's murder (Michael the Archangel's embodiment, the Great Lord of Shambhala). Jehovah has entered Cain (the sleeping elder brother Abel) has enticed Abel in the field at night and has killed him. The weapon of a devil is the axe! This murder not is the only thing. Continuation in books...