19. Great Teacher.

Chapter 19. Great Teacher.
It is told: "Have everyone the Teacher on Earth". The great Lord of our Solar Hierarchy
(Logos) is to us true God and the Father, owing to his great care, Love and the help to mankind. Only the spirit, which has passed uncountable forms and existence, can save up experience, without which there is no recognition, thought, and creativity. As all east doctrines say, - "Isn't present god, who wouldn't be once a person, all gods have to pass through evolution of the person". The Higher Spirit, it is more than embodiments. The Way of the Ascension of Great Maitreya, - three thousand embodiments!

When it is spoken about the Teacher, the Highest Hierarch or the Inhabitant of heaven not always is meant, but the terrestrial, spiritual head is often specified. Terrestrial Teacher from the Shambhala can be a link with Hierarchy of the Highest Forces. The Teacher being on the Earth can't be equated to Great Himalaya Lords. The pupil elects to himself the Teacher; it will read it on an equal basis with the highest beings trusts it and brings the best thoughts. If you want to come nearer to the Himalaya Brotherhood, elect the Teacher and give It the management. From all creatures only one person is gifted with conscious free will, i.e. a freedom of choice. This choice makes from it God or a devil. Not the Teacher, but the Residence – the Himalaya White Brotherhood has a residence.

In the esoteric Doctrine is three Lords World – the Buddha, Maitreya and the Christ – a uniform Ego is specified.

Maitreya is Lord of Knowledge of the Gate Heavenly; Lord of the Highest Worlds World Fiery Engine of Fire of Mother of the World is and Lord of the Shambhala. Where we not are, our temple always with us, in heart of the person, which silver thread connects to heart of the Great Teacher? What happiness to know Lord Maitreya! He knows thoughts, words, and actions of the pupil; will always prompt the best decision. It is necessary to be able to address all strength of mind only to It and communication will be a straight line. There is no bigger pleasure; there is no bigger happiness, than direct current from the Lord.

Mental energy! What powerful antiseptics people carry strong at them? It is necessary to create impenetrable armor of nervous radiations in consciousness. Even great epidemics can't develop if the people own consciousness. Mental energy is all age diseases medicine the Teacher sends to the pupil mental energy for maintenance of health and accumulation of liquid crystals in spiritual heart.

You love Great Lord Maitreya; do Him a message of the best words filled with energy of Love. After all on Love high, spiritual there is Space. Very high form of Love is expressed by pink color in books ''A.Y. facets‖. «Prayers are given, and over time from heart the words high and light will pour down.

Prayer .
«My God Favorite, my Sun, my Star Guiding, my Lord Favorite and only for me forever, my Father Heavenly understanding Given me and Will Your will be eternal in all three Worlds. My Patron, who is always, supported me in all heavy days. My Lord, I give heart and my consciousness to You forever. My defender is from powers of darkness and the Savior. All best words filled with energy of love, I send you. Let never will interrupt the silver thread connecting my heart and Great Heart Maitreya. I idolize You and will read, and I admire your Greatness, and I am proud of You! The Highest, the Lightest! Above anybody isn't present in Space. Accept my bows as a sign of boundless of love and devotion». Aum. Amen. So will be.

The love to the Highest is the Way of achievements the shortest because puts the pupil on a way of direct communication with the Lord. "The magnet of spirit of the pupil, flaring the fiery energy of love directed, to the Sphere of Aura of the favorite Teacher establishes vibration of Silvery Bridge overcoming any barriers. There was a person, for threads of love has no value. Living Bridge of communication will throw through space. The mountain, tree, cloud can prevent a beam of the visible Sun, but for a beam of love no barriers exist. Achievements are given by love. It overcomes victoriously everything.

The love harmonizes all of energy of the person and will channelize them uniform. Love flare to Great Heart, and it will answer you is decupled". And in Beams of his Love your way will be unshakable.

The gap meanwhile that is represented by the person and that has to represent, increases, or decreases. The first distances, the second approaches to the Teacher. To come nearer to the Teacher, being removed it is impossible. Among approached to the Teacher, there are no perfect. Weaknesses human subjects are terrible that they can capture consciousness of the person and imperceptibly enslave, in it the main danger. The person starts noticing it when the consciousness isn't able to cope with it. Whirlwinds of the Elevated world carry away weak spirits from the Teacher, as "dry leaves downwind". Firmness on Earth is approved not by connivance to desires of an astral (the thinker in operation, or the principle of action), and its restraint; otherwise the astral can involve the person in a chasm, from where not rise any more. It is necessary to neutralize force of own desires and defects, passions and shortcomings. The one, who will manage to pacify an astral cover and to win over it is a victory, that and in the Thin world will provide itself strong independence of various undesirable whirlwinds and streams of the energy, which have been saved up on Earth; that, what you will connect on Earth, will be and in the Sky. Therefore restraint of all movements in an astral cover and ruthless submission to will is prime necessity. If the person delegates the power over to the covers, they ruthlessly and will ruthlessly mistreat him. Take for an example the drunkard, the addict, the glutton; - all of them are in gloomy slavery at the covers. This involution of spirit comes from life in life. The astral has to be won at any cost, - but how to win against it?

Among all people and life plans in infinite space a support one is the Teacher. Many look for a way, but don't find, but the one who found, understands and appreciates, what treasure has, and preserves it. "Teacher one! Other Teachers aren't present strong. There are other Great Teachers, but the Teacher – the Father, consciousness lit, and one! The Space Father is on all Boundlessness. It is a link in a chain. Behind It – Above it, but He is a Father, reason life given and put a step to consciousness. The Father Space will be read by Thought, the Word and acts. To replace it there is nobody. The Teacher one is the Defender, the Friend and the Father".

Continuous representation in thoughts of the Lord leads to understanding of Great Presence, which is the integral achievement. Presence of the Teacher is born gradually, capturing consciousness, and becomes brighter. It is necessary to look at Shape of the Lord longer and to represent it in the third eye; this clarity of vision amplifies and gets vital forms. When it is made, the feeling of presence of the Teacher will be constant. But! It is necessary that the consciousness corresponded, a cat.

"Will pass everything, but the Lord is eternal. Great Silent Looking inside It is eternal, eternal always, and in Day of the Great World will merge with you together. And then you will understand My words: "I in you, you in Me, I in the Father, and We are uniform". the Kingdom of Dumb Witness is higher than the world terrestrial, astral, mental – is higher than all forms passing. The life plan is higher and is thinner, the Kingdom of Dumb Witness is closer and more available, and it is easier to concern it. It in the person and if, It which is silent and invisibly Present, leaves the person, his all covers, which aren't constrained by a magnet of the Recorder, will be dissolved in Boundless space. As planets round the Sun, are kept all covers of the person by an attraction of this God's Spark "from the Flame of the Preeternal Light, the thrown Space Will to the world of the shown life". Silently Looking isn't subject to changes of conditions of the birth, growth and aging. The body, but not It grows old. It is forever young and young. Even the spirit grows old and it is possible to tell that it young or highly experienced. But He Looking has no age. If to transfer consciousness to area of spirit and to become closer to It to the Silent Recorder, the old age and death lose a sting".

The Teacher and the pupil are out of time, forever. On Earth, or in the Sky, but together always, - from one life in another! Therefore the Pupil speaks: "All mines in the Teacher". Pupils are the pioneers who are opening the way for all under the direction of the Leader a planet who is at the head of Seven Leaders. Seven Archangels and at the head Michael the Archangel – the Head of our Solar system, Great Lord Shambhala Maitreya, M.: Great Teacher! Completeness of service and return of to the Lord indicates strong spirit height. On extent of return of to Will Lord Completeness of Service Great is reached. To it attendants don't take in a way distant on stars. Who wants that the Sun of Great Heart of the Leading Hierarch shone them; accept the Doctrine of Live Ethics! Lord loves all; and bad and good. Only dark, conscious attendants of the evil from itself orbit of the Love excludes. It is told: "Be simple, as children". Go by simplicity to the Teacher from one worship of the person is stuffy. It is told: "On your affairs I will judge".

The Proximity to the Lord, reached in the spirit of, opens a way to Knowledge, even without books, alone with the Lord, face to face. There was time when there were no books and still were know. Knowledge is made out by means of thoughts, from within. Sense-knowledge is the only way for acquisition of new knowledge. But its gradual development is possible only in the presence of the Teacher. Without It will have character accidents? The knowledge, which is available to the Teacher, still in any books isn't printed. But it exists in the space, available to fiery consciousness and expecting everyone who will be able to rise in its kingdom.

Great Teachers, who come to us to Earth, have one purpose – to give to people of knowledge. But so to give that people didn't abuse them. Danger of this abuse of a bike – can blow up Earth. Therefore Teachers conduct the elite checked tested throughout the millennia of collaboration. Only to them Trust and Will give through them.

"Falsifiers of others values – so we call them which have appropriated the Doctrine of Great Teachers, the Doctrines which have changed sense which withdrawn from them live fire of spirit and have made their dead letter. It is a lot of wreckers and the usurpers applying for exclusive possession by Truth, which they have no. It they made dead dogma of fire. It they, like parrots, repeat words of the Writing, without understanding them. It they appropriated the rights of Lords of the Karma to award and forgive. It they, they, they turned light Doctrines of spirit into the darkness tool. How many crimes are committed by them! Murderers of consciousness and body, seducers of consciousnesses,
time final account came, at last, and for you. From now on your power over souls human is taken away from you; Will unite herd because I am a pastor of uniform herd. To separation of mankind there will come the end. Also there will be this unification in the spirit of. Not denial, but the statement of all true cultural wealth of mankind my pupil will enter into life. And people will be distributed in the understanding of Great Teachers of Beams of those. Who Gave them, being combined in a single whole harmoniously, as colors of a range? Separation time came to an end. Accepted Me and of Doctrine, Send to the world, to bear My word to people".

It is necessary to be protected from darkness. Protection – the Teacher; put the Teacher between itself and darkness. "Let about armor of radiations of the Face will hit spiteful energy, you without having concerned. Let will scent force of the return blow. Would destroy you and wiped out, but hands are short. Protection I Give. Only strong you hold me. Lift a board. Tranquility and balance you store". "Let in the future the measure of the relation to you will be a measure of the relation to Me".

"When the mankind will be refined and will reach a condition of the condensed astral and the initial spirituality through disclosure of the spiritual centers, but already at the developed and educated reason, it will finish the terrestrial karma for the put Cycle or the Circle; probably, will depart from Earth to begin a new cycle of existence on other planet, or, after the period of an obscuration of Earth, again will continue the evolution in a new terrestrial Cycle or the fifth Circle". ("A.Y.”).

Decrees; "It is necessary to wish that people not only read our Books, but also accepted them immediately because briefly I say that it is necessary to remember. When I tell about necessity of execution of my Instructions, I ask to execute them in full accuracy, M, (M.:) is more visible and you have to follow the Decree which means your happiness". (M.:)

"When someone is lucky enough … to receive … The decree of the Teacher is and if performance of this Decree demands that it plunged into the most poisoned hearth of life and if, thus all its being is directed to the best implementation of the good Decree, that, after its execution, it can appear at top. Whereas the most ardent ascetic living in glaciers, but heart silent, will arrive in the spiritual desert, from where there is no way to a shining Stronghold of Life Eternal. Not to leave from life, but to realize all feelings into beauty the highest”. ("A.Y.").Is Great only the Lord and his Business, which is called as Great Making.

Support God the Creator and the Creator of our Planet with their WORSHIP, study of the books of His Disciples, in the books set forth the idea of God. Be faithful and committed disciples of the Great Maitreya. Through ten thousand years will reach the level of E. P. Blavatsky. After the Apocalypse will be organized the University on Altai is in which pupils Great Maitreya will be study. The rector Will be the Great Lord of the Shambhala; Teachers are the gods from Shambhala. The rector will see in the visions of only a select few students. New will be students. Join us! And we organize the "White Brotherhood", not a sect and a branch of SHAMBHALA. Fight the darkness and destroy it with a spear of KNOWLEDGE, such as Georgiy Victorious with a spear killed a dragon.