22.Russian Emperor Alexander II.

Chapter 22.
Russian Emperor Alexander II.
Years of board of the emperor Alexander II are designated time of Great reforms in Russia. Scales of the state transformations, carried out by Alexander II, historians compare to Peter the Great's reforms. Reforms were directed not only for strengthening states the authorities, but their main goal was - improvement of life of the people.

Some reforms and transformations is in Russia during Alexander II's board; on February 19, 1961 signed "Provision" on cancellation of serfdom and 23 million people received freedom.
Carried out military, judicial, territorial and are university reforms.
Legalized Old Believers and persecutions on them stopped.

Accession to Russia of the Caucasus, 1864 came to the end. (Acacias Beliashvili, "Besiki").
Accession to Russia of Central Asia came to the end (1865 - 1881).

The Turkish war of 1877-1878 was waged generally in the territory of Bulgaria. The most part of the territory of Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania were exempted from the Turkish yoke.
Ussuri Region is attached and borders with China on the Amur and Ussuri Rivers (1858
1860) are established.
Transformed the state control (1862 - 1866).
In April, 1863 Cancelled corporal punishments.

Tsar Transform and Liberator! Passed through all country, was down on to needs of people. And there are so many attempts! The Russian people prayed to God for health of the tsar; the collective prayer is very important. On the first of March, 1881 there was the eighth attempt; explosion of a bomb to the tsar tore off both feet, and it, being covered with blood, I died in terrible torments in some hours after "devil attempt" - exact definition. Jehovah - a devil couldn't transfer ascension of Russia: expansions of borders and transformations. All attempts were organized by Jehovah. In 1881 Emperor of Russia was murdered. Jehovah couldn't subordinate to the hypnosis of Alexander II in that measure in what it applied to Catherine II, Gregory Potemkin, an imperial family of Nicholas II. Who was the Emperor Alexander II? An embodiment of divine essence from the Shambhala! There was a movie that Alexander II left instead of himself the double, and itself went to the monastery. The director was close to Truth, but not absolutely. There was a replacement (thin bodies and the highest Reason) and the lowest three (a physical cover, energy, efir body) the same. Without the highest principles of people - is animal. The second embodiment replaced the first. Therefore the tsar had two marriages.

At all times the planetary satan Jehovah applied many crimes to the Russian yard: palmed off the foolishness obsessed and through them decomposed an imperial family and secular society. Its method - different types of desires, attempts, wars, revolutions, is oppositions, murders. The main planetary pervert and the villain Jehovah carries out the plans itself and through the obsessed. It he prepared "rattling mix" for Ukraine and made impregnations in the Highest Union and the country leaders. It is worth watching videos on the Internet, that the nobility who is under the influence of a planetary demon. Jews, perverts is and underworld. Zombie sectarians - is the result of all misfortunes on the planet, they hold it, because of them overweight of darkness. Only through television it is possible to give to spiritual ignoramuses Knowledge. Promote!!

The emperor Alexander II and the American president Avraham Lincoln was united by the general tasks facing them, parallel efforts and similar destiny. Russia unconditionally supported the North American union in the form of diplomatic declarations and practical actions. During Northern (civil) war in the USA England and France were in opposition to America and were going to send the fleet to its coast. According to the instruction Aleksandra the Russian fleet already plowed waters of the Atlantic Ocean and in time blocked a way of approach of the enemy ships to coast of the USA. This case has upset plans of the leader of the Jewish oligarchy - the pervert Jehovah.

In the fall of 1863 to coast of the North American Union there arrived two Russian squadrons: to the port of New-York, a squadron of the rear admiral of S.S.  Lesovsky, in San Francisco port – is a squadron of the rear admiral A.A.  Popov.

This case has upset plans of the leader of the Jewish oligarchy - the pervert Jehovah.

In 1867 Alaska was sold to America for purely symbolical the price of 7,2 million dollars - not only because of complexity of because of range of Alaska and to strengthen the coast of North America еру the military - navy of the USA for protection against England and France. Especially as the Russian possession in America was, in fact, not state ownership, but
property of the companies.

Two Presidents were US was an embodiment from the Shambhala: Avraham Lincoln and Franklin Rusvelt. Avraham Lincoln's murder was organized by a devil Jehovah.

Owner of Land changed a residence of headquarters and moved to New-York, Presidents of America all operated by Jehovah devil since then. Opposition between two countries leaders is result of management of a planetary satan.Jehovah, leave from the Planet, let memory of you will vanish …