26. “Professor" A.Dvorkins is obsessed Jehovah - devil.

Chapter 26.

“Professor" A. Dvorkins is obsessed Jehovah - devil.
If A.L. Dvorkin didn’t serve Jehovah-devil, and served Orthodoxy, it comprehended that long ago fate of the Priest Men's. A. L. Dvorkin exposes sects, but doesn't tell that all sects from devil; fight against sects - cover. A task it - to propagandize Jehovah, as "I am".

Jehovah's patron, the Demon of the Universe Brama wants to be too "I Am". Brama shall was to warn a devil Jehovah that it didn't apply on "I am". Therefore Brama decomposes Jehovah sexual perversions that he didn't stick out himself. Why to it competitor? "Don't climb ahead of the father in a scorching heat".

Old Testament, Outcome: ch. 3/14, "God" (Jehovah) told Moisey: "I Am Real (Jehovah)". A. L. Dvorkins convinces that the name Jehovah means Yahweh, or "I am". Jehovah wants to lead the population planet to worship him. Dvorkins serves a devil. If Jehovah - is a planetary satan how activity of professor A. L. Dvorkins is called? SATANIZM! Great the Lord Shambhala is I Am!

Naturally, to be "I Am for Jehovah devil is more important sects. Sectarians are already drugged, it was necessary to tidy up Orthodoxy under the worship. And Orthodoxy warmed on the breast of the demon-rakshasa A. L. Dvorkins and did much good for it various regalia. See is site professor A.L.Dvorkin’s Antisekt.

In Soviet period A. L. Dvorkin was a hippie, extended antistatic literature. He went to the USA, and was defined on work in Orthodox Church under the guide of the priest of the Jew-rakshas'. Jehovah using obsessed the priest prepared the mental saboteur in Orthodoxy of Russia. A. L. Dvorkin came back to Moscow in embrace of the Patriarch Alexey II, too the Jew-rakshasa who awarded generously A. L. Dvorkin with regalia. The former hippie became "professor", without having the diploma about the termination of the highest spiritual educational institutions and scientific works.

Under the guise of fight against sects, the demon-rakshas pushes Jehovah devil in "I Am", and the devil pushes the demon A. L. Dvorkin to teach the nonsense in higher educational institutions for this purpose, to subordinate under youth the influence. And weak young consciousnesses will be pecked on … that? On the next trap which not the scientology, and sect "Congress" will be called.

But, didn't accept lime professor A. L. Dvorkin to teach in higher educational institution it turned out that documents lime. It didn't turn out at Jehovah-devil to push A. L. Dvorkin to teach students a lie from a satan.The devil found other hole. It didn't manage to a devil to determine A. S. Dvorkin in Moscow, it is sent to depth of Russia. Importunate A. L. Dvorkin caused response. It exposed; he is an addict and the schizophrenic. Method of a domestication of a devil: drugs and visions (spiritual ignoramuses don't maintain images of a devil). One hand through the obsessed A. L. Dvorkin "exposes" sects and another I want to approve myself ―I Am".

GOD gave to Orthodoxy KNOWLEDGE through the pupils, but also here Jehovah-devil blocked consciousness of priests. The intelligence of the person increases, and a duty of attendants of SPIRIT - is to correspond and even to advance consciousness of the person.

Krishna, Christ and Maitreya - is one, Great Lord of the Shambhala, full manifestation of the Father of the Universe. Therefore Jehovah-devil wised up A. L. Dvorkins and on Krishnaites to begin persecution. KRISHNA - is the most esteemed GOD in India?
Krishnaites are not sect, but a community, an ideal community which worships to Supreme.
All distortions of Doctrines of Teachers Light's happen from Jehovah-devil.
If Orthodoxy accepted Doctrine of Great Maitreya, transmitted is through his pupils that in their environment there would be no Dvorkins. It - is "the sent Cossack" from USA.
Krishna, Moria (Christ) and Maitreya is the Highest Ego. Above these embodiments of the Father of the Universe there is nobody! Great Lord Shambhala, Maitreya – I Am! "Professor" A. L. Dvorkin - is the spiritual ignoramus; denies the one to whom worships, or his lips speaks demon Jehovah. Watch on VOY TUBE a commercial "Attention! Who such Dvorkin"?

Roller, 25. A.L. Dvorkin reports that he was called from Argentina and has reported that they have a new sect of the Russian sense under the name Shambhala. Idea of the foolish Jehovah is to compromise the word, sacred for Forces Light. Sect and a call from Argentina is lie. The pederast Jehovah throws subjects to the victim, obsessed with a devil is always ready to sound them. A.L. Dvorkin not one is "bakes pancakes" on VOY TUBE, with him the group of Jews-rakshasa works with the purpose to liquidate Orthodoxy. Why A.L. Dvorkin doesn't struggle with Protestants and Adventists? In these sects attract with Christ, and then declare the filthy pederast Jehovah father Christ’s. All sects are absorbed over time by JUDAISM against which Christ Has gone to Jew’! Have deliberately gone to a crucifixion that has remembered His victim!!! Fight pushes a devil in "I Am" (Supreme). Instead of that, that A. L. Dvorkin to remove from Orthodoxy, The patriarch Kirill has warmed a snake on the breast. Journalists, law enforcement agencies expose "fighter" against sects, and the head Orthodox criminal is silent. Obsessed with a devil have to be isolated from society in psychiatric clinics and houses of the conclusion. A. L. Dvorkin the same Chikatilo, only from him is more than harm - his souls corrupt.

Jehovah devil A. L. Dvorkins' attached in Yekaterinburg in orthodox educational institution the teacher where A.L.D. brands sects and pushes PEDERAST JEHOVAH in "I Am". The demon of the Universe Brama expects to reap the fruits, pushing the Pederast Jehovah in "I Am" Orthodoxy consciousness of children poisons with lie is recognizes a devil as "father" of Christ whom the devil crucified hands of Jews that it opened for Jews Truth: "your father devil …» (Ioann, 8/44) Orthodoxy expires … follow Catholics.

TV transfers of a devil of Jehovah on the 34th channel.

In Dnepr there is a TV channel of local value. In one of transfers have shown Wolf Messinga’s schoolgirl (he had no pupils). V. Messing very much suffered from the fact that he was under the influence of a devil.

The Gipsy hypnosis which they is apply to a robbery of citizens propagandize on TV. For it they were moved from India. And Jews were moved from India for the fact that they were under the influence of hypnosis of a devil. In the USSR physicians-psychiatrists gave a subscription to the hypnosis application ban in public, and were registered in Committee for State Security. The devil has destroyed the USSR that in all spheres of human activity to create a lawlessness.

On the twelfth of February, 2017 approximately at 16:00 there was a Power of Women broadcast. There was on the screen A. L. Dvorkin - the attendant of a devil of Jehovah in an environment of tribe’s people. I had had honor to give about Jehovah information in full. To A. L. Dvorkin have sent files my of books. The devil has removed from memory And. L. Dvorkin this information also has replaced with heresy.
In the list is of biographies of gray persons having mentioned a name great of E. P. Blavatsky. Have slandered her, spoke is about the false facts of her biography. E. P. Blavatsky is the great woman; forty years of the life she bore Light to people. In operating time in India with it once told itself Almtyighty, the Absolute! You represent what it is size? And what Size her Teacher, Great Maitreya! Rakshas A. L. Dvorkin has no honor to say a name of E. P. Blavatsky, and, especially, the word Shambhala in whom 100 entities stay. They work without holiday and a salary for evolution of the person and the Planet, and keep our House from explosion. All "dvorkins" in 2046 will leave to Saturn. Such as him it is possible to tell: "Who is here temporary? Ana, climb up from the Planet together with the Pederast Jehovah".

Since the ninth century E.P. Blavatsky was always embodied in a family of the Russian princes Dolgorukiy's. Her grandma was from Dolgorukiy’s' family too, has put – radical Russian nobleman. The father was the German, the colonel of imperial army, the baron. Ancestors of the father have settled in Russia at Peter the Great and served truly and faithfully new Homeland. Three fifth Germans are a Russians from the region Volga region. She is the second after Christ has discredited the liar and the slanderer of a devil Jehovah. Main works of her life: 1 "Inviled Izida", 2."Secret Doctrine". For the last five years of life she has written five volumes of books. She published the articles in 35 of newspapers and magazines. If it happened that she didn't manage to send information, there were telegrams that readers without her articles don't buy newspapers and magazines. Her Jehovah has slandered in sects and in Orthodoxy, but doesn't speak about himself. E. P. Blavatsky was several millennia Schoolgirl Great Maitreya, Lords of Shambhala. I watch transmission and I am indignant, I hear threats of a devil: "And I will tell about you". If "and about you", then Jehovah recognizes that he has slandered E. P. Blavatsky A. L. Dvorkin's lips. Jehovah is every day in visions with threats, protesting against my books. Sees that threats don't work, I have begun to whisper: "Write that Dvorkin the pederast, he never had a family". Several days inspired these words. A. L. Dvorkin has devoted to the monster the life.

That from the fact that devil Jehovah has a family? It daily is engaged in an onanizm, the wife forces to him do masturbation and blowjob until his rag recovers. The son of the juvenile forces to do blowjob then is engaged with him in pederasty.

Eduard Hodos.

CHABAD is the Jewish fascist organization. The creator and the organizer is Jehovah. Schneerson's "catechism" and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are the basis Chabad. The purpose at them one is to bring to power Jews in the non Jewish states and to attract the population to worship of Jehovah that deception to drag off all to Saturn. But, to drag off all Jews in a crowd, at first they need to be collected to one place. For this purpose Jehovah has organized a revolution in Ukraine in hope to create "New Jerusalem". A revolution in Syria and resettlement of refugees to Europe too explainable process; Jehovah wants to take away true Jewish lemurs whom he has moved from Israel to five cities of Chaldea, Syria and Assyria. All revolutions are conceived to move Jews to Europe. For this purpose the devil has created a feeding trough - the EU. There will be a big influx of Jews to Europe for mass destruction before sending. God grant, that these deceived people haven't undergone riots which are always organized by a devil. A half of them have passed through two Apocalypses, the second half through concentration camps.

In the book «Blow of the Russian Gods", the coauthor Istarkhov (Gudman), Jehovah openly calls Russians for riots of Jews. E. Hodos heads a community of Jews of Kharkiv. The only correct decision for Jews and are those, who recognize the Old Testament (Torah) to DEPART FROM the DEVIL AND to ACCEPT GOD. Having lost voices, the provoker of wars and revolutions will leave on Saturn "not salty to sup ". The main thing for preservation of the Planet and mankind is WORSHIP of GOD, but not a devil Jehovah. If Eduard Hodos
transforms the SYNAGOGUE of the SATAN TO the BUDDHIST TEMPLE and will worship God – to Great Maitreya (Divine Christ), "the Doctrine of Living Ethics" will accept him, and will expose at the same time the Chabad created by a devil, then his activity will be equated to Christ's Crucifixion. E. Hodos speaks: "Yes, I am Jew". Any who will accept Judaism can become the Jew. E. Hodos it was christened; has accepted Orthodoxy, but is guided by Vatican (there's small choice in rotten apples). These in the seventh century have accepted Jehovah devil "father" Christ, and after and Orthodoxy have joined. Reading the text from the Bible, about Moisey and a thorny jackpot, E.Hodos "Lord" calls Jehovah. Read "Cabbala", in it is told that Jehovah is a satan, Lucifer, the Death angel. Strange! Such courageous exposure CHABAD - a child of a devil of Jehovah ….20 years! Gle a dog is buried? I think that if E.Hodos acts weren't necessary to devil, from him there is no wet place left. Devil was discharged, as always: he, in due time, has dumped the lie on Moisey (Pentateuch), on Jesus Navin - "to a clearing to himself places"; on Hitler – World War II; on Chabad will dump – fascism. Only God, Great Maitreya (Divine Christ) can protect from a satan. Above him there is nobody in Space!! WORSHIP of GOD – in it is rescue of the person. Everything, worshipping of the Great Maitreya, will be collected to safe places; the others will burn down alive, or will leave on an ocean floor.

Appeal to rusichi’s (Slavs).

Dear compatriots and all Slavs. The religion is has of great importance. Look as Jews glorify the demon Jehovah. As actively they distribute his false and slanderous books: Old Testament (Torah), Blow of the Russian gods, Bowl of Graal and Jesus's descendants. The Internet is hammered also with other books of the pederast Jehovah of the fascist direction: Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Schneerson's Catechism, false Wikipedia, Forums "Dawn of Svarog".

Till what time the sectarians offering brochures from a devil will wander about the yards and streets. When church fathers stop licking the Old Testament, recognizing the pederast Jehovah as father Christ's? Be careful, Jehovah wants behind a mask of Svarog - the pagan (the blood-thirsty murderer) to conquer the Slavic world. Jews already glorify him in Wikipedia and at Forums.

Why we don't glorify the God – Michael the Archangel, our Patron, the Creator Planet of ours, a plant and animal life? Why we don't hold forums on the websites for distribution of information on the Great Lord of Shambhala Maitreya. Visit the site http://theosophy-mm.net – 28 books, three videos on a spiritual subject. Really it isn't interesting to know: who has created us, who has given us Reason that such grain of spirit, Thin bodies and the Worlds, the principles of the person. Everything was created by Spirits of the Flame, Solar Gods. The new Doctrine of Living Ethics and his continuation of the Facets Agni Yoga are given. At everyone people must to be books by E.P. Blavatsky, E.I. Rerich, B.N. Abramov specified at the end of chapter1. Increase consciousness. In 2046 there will be an Apocalypse, division of people all over the world and shadows.