29.Review to the book of billionaire George Morgan ( incarnate Jehovah), co-author - Laurence Gardner, "The Grail and the descendants of Jesus'

Chapter 29.

to the book of billionaire George Morgan
(the devil incarnate Jehovah), co-author - Laurence Gardner,
"Bowl of Graal and Jesus’ descendants".

1."The Torah (Old Testament)". Chronicle of the Jews is the directory executions, curses, wars, murder and revenge. After the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Jehovah forced the whole Christian world, connecting with the New Testament, and called it incompatible within the meaning of the texts, the Bible. Before he was "single" for Jews only, after the appearance of the Bible offered she "single" for Christians, after for the entire population of the Planet. The Jews left the Torah, rejecting the New Testament.

2."Dead sea scrolls" - the harvesting of the devil to defame of Christianity. One of
the authors are Judas Iscariot, the traitor in one embodiment.

3."The protocols of the elders of Zion". The idea is to bring to power the Planet of Jews and install an autocracy for the devil Jehovah. Co-Author of the Jehovah is Sigmund Freud. Two wise men –pervert. Books Freud is the virus of obsession.

4."The catechism of Rabbi Schneerson". In 1970 the rabbi Schneerson created the Jewish national and fascist organization in Lyubavichi. The rehearsal before creation of a similar batch already was in Germany in 1921. Difference of these batches is in a nationality. Earlier Jehovah extolled Germans, after Jews; Germans and demons-Rakchas‗s during World War II burned in furnaces and etched in electee gas chambers the people under the decree "Lords" of Jews.

5."World history" - the manipulation of facts and the creation of the world Jehovah for
the Jews, a lie passes for truth.

6. “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle). Co-Author - of the Hitler is the embodiment of Jehovah with breaks in time. Jehovah is the author of the scenario of the world, the goal – the struggle for power on the Planet.

7."Wikipedia" is a lie of the devil Informatics. There is no true information about the devil to Jehovah, the activists of "Wikipedia" the subject is not affected. Try to give information about Jehovah, it will not. But the incriminating facts on the servants of Light are given to the reader with great enthusiasm. Therefore, Wikipedia can surely include in this list.

8."Blow of Russian Gods". Co-Author is Vladimir Istarkhov.The Groal is to incite the Russians against the Jews, to organize pogroms "under the guise of" lead to the power of demons (rakshasas); repeat the Ukrainian Maiden.

9. "Bowl of Graal and Jesus’ descendants". Co-Author is Laurence Gardner.Dream of the devil to announce himself as the bearer of the Grail, to destroy Christianity and followed the cultists to join the Orthodoxy of Russia to Judaism.

10."Mission of Maitreya". Co-Author is Benjamin Creme. False information spreads Jehovah: the
Great Maitreya never, to anybody interview didn't give! Found Jehovah a sacrifice in South America, tied across his chest obliquely of fabric and inspired him that he is the Maitreya. Possessed by the devil, gives interviews on radio and television, and Benjamin Creme dirty page is a lie. Babbler Gorbachev and those who are eager of power, coupled with the devil Jehovah destroyed the USSR with the aim to embody the ideas of the devil (see the book "the Protocols of the elders of Zion").

11. HaBaD is Jewish fascist organization. The purpose of her single books: "Catechism" Schneerson "the Protocols of the elders of Zion», the HaBaD is three capital letters of the first name three books of the "Secret mystical teachings of Judaism." In these books says nothing about fascism. Jehovah did not alter the essence.

Explanation to the name book: the Grail – the same as the Stone of distant Worlds. Information about the Cup of the Grail is given in the books of Helena Rerich, "Agni Yoga", and the book N.K.Rerich, "Shambhala".

Gift of Orion is and Bowl of the Buddha.

Alexei Leonov Sculpture "The Gift of Orion": in the hands of the Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shamballa jewelry box, inside the stone - Gift of Orion. The brotherhood of the Grail holds the Stone sent from Orion, and he admitted he was a Great Teacher Jason who put him in the Foundation of our brotherhood. This stone means the guarantee and special protection of the Grail. He sent some leaders of the people. Throughout the history of mankind is this belief in the stone, guarding the country in which it is located. The stone itself is kept in Shambhala, but the shard it again and again is sent into the world to accompany the great events and appears in the hands of the elite.

The legend of the Gift of Orion and the Parsifal came from the East and feed him all the medieval literature of the West. The Lord of the Stronghold of Light, Holder of the Wheel of the Law was transformed in Parsifal, and later took the name of Prester John. There is a book by Arthur white "the Gift of Orion its legends and symbolism". In this book there is mention of John the Presbyter with the title of King of Kings, Lord among Lords – Lord of the Shambhala. Gift of Orion is the Stone contains a substance (see Moriah – metal) vibration with distant worlds. Also a particle of the stone serves for connection with the Brotherhood. The place of origin was the Foundation of Shambhala. "Treasure of the world is a splinter of the main body stored in the Stronghold of Light. Sending this gift from time immemorial signifies the coming period of judgment and power enterprises of the country where it appears. All the Great Unifiers and Founders of States (Solomon and Akbar) owned it. According to legend, the treasure brings with him a special Covenant that needs to be done. The casket mentioned in the Cryptograms of the East, was made of leather and belonged to Solomon.

"Grail" - a piece of sky stone meteorite in the constellation of Orion. This meteorite was the evolutionary program of development of our planet; it can be called a sacred gift to one of the planets in the constellation Orion. The sacred Gift of Orion was always in the hands of the Rerichs, starting with a large expedition through the territory of Russia, China, Mongolia, on the way to the sacred Shambhala. Having done a long way of travel of the Rerichs, the celestial stone on their way set protective boundary that should stop the process in the Apocalypse. *Border stop destructive waves of the elements, it covers the territory of Russia, Mongolia, Northern China and India, which in the future will unite into one powerful state, and no one can stop the great enterprises in the future. Gift of Orion is in a safe place in the country, which will give impetus to the evolution of the planet and humanity.

"The Buddha's bowl exists, and it is sent before the beginning of a New Era where will be approved the Kalachakra Teachings. About this Cup too, there are many legends. One of them says that the Cup always brought unexpected and by air. So at the time it was brought to the Lord Buddha. The origin of this Chalice is Egyptian, and its antiquity is determined by about 12 thousand years before Christ. After the death of the Buddha Bowl was one time in the Temple in Carshare where she disappeared, and since then it was stored in Shambhala. According to the legend, before the New Age Maitreya the Bowl will reappear".

"On the third of January 1934 the Buddha's Bowl was miraculously sent the Rerichs in Kulu, from the area near the lake lop nor. Like getting a Stone, and the appearance of the Bowl of the Buddha was another major milestone in the spiritual movement of the twentieth century. Sacred object of the Brotherhood, the oldest and the teraphim was in the hands of the Rerichs, once again claiming the highest status of Trustees of the brotherhood of the Teachers of mankind. Simultaneous sending and Stone is and Bowl of Buddha.

"Grail is the Gifts of the Higher Forces. The symbol of the Chalice has always meant dedication. Carrying a Cup is a Feat Carrying. Every high act may be referred to by the symbol of the Chalice. The highest benefit of humanity needs secular stocks that gather around the seed of the spirit. As a great symbol of the need to accept the assertion of the Bowl every day is. And children and young should be taught to think about this sign. Gift of Orion and the Chalice of my Heart, dedicated to Great Service is a Cosmic Magnet.

The heart of the Cosmos is reflected in this great symbol. All the characters of the spirit can be depicted in the Chalice of the spirit of fire. You need to understand the diversity of images of the greatest symbol of the Chalice".

In the book of the devil have no true thoughts. Historians will not be able to draw from it the true information. Only in the works of E. I. Rerich, "Agni Yoga" - 14 books, the reader will find the true information without distortion and lies.

The author of the book Jehovah knows where the Grail is kept, the Gift of Orion, and in his helplessness States that Judas Iscariot is among the lords of the sacred inheritance, and this confirms that this man was under the influence of the devil, to betray Christ, and realizing his offense hanged himself. Because Judah repented, Jehovah humbles his words "thug and a murderer". Even if Judas had not committed treason, it is not the quantity which is sent to the Grail. Jehovah and his environment cannot be the lords of the Grail because they belong to the forces of darkness (demonic) they are material and unspiritual.

A healthy reason in a healthy body is the most important. This is in contrast to the Teachings of Light from demonic nonsense.

To live for people, aspiration to promotion consciousness; God, country, people is yourself first. In this is contrast Doctrine Light from «demonic culture». For "demigods" (Brama, Jehovah and Indra) the main thing is worship, an indispensable condition. Obedience and respectable behavior is not important to them.

The reign is of Jehovah on Earth 432 thousand years. In the book the date of the creation of the world to the Jews is 4001 BC. And that was before? Pervert Jehovah dealt with potassium in the rectum of the dinosaurs, monkeys, cows and people without distinction of sex or age! The devil carried Noy and then from Lemuria to Chaldea. Abel is not mentioned because it is He to Put demon- Jehovah and "lunar pitri» the brains was killed Cain by an axe (Cain is of embodiment the Jehovah). There is no information about the creation of the first man, by whom and when. And secured the lies Jehovah in the book "world history", which he dictated to co-author is.

The incarnation of the Archangel Michael: Avel, Noy, Avraham, Moses, Ramses II, Osiris (twice), Solomon. All will be restored and the merits of the Archangel Michael will be known to mankind.

The first man "Many" was the Great Lord of Shambhala; is the one-name book. Spirits of the Flame, the seven Archangels came to us from the Higher Worlds and Created a beautiful human forms. The eighth was Lucifer – the future Jehovah devil; from the Lunar demon was happened the first people, the future of the Jews. The rest of the nationality was created by other Creators, each Created in his inheritance.

Jehovah was the Lord of the Moon, demon! He created the first people on the continent of Lemuria without a brain, the future of the Jews. Preached by Jehovah godlessness, demonic culture is permissiveness. On the continent Lemuria Jehovah was the beginning of bestiality and all kinds of sexual perversions, than caused volcanic eruptions and the continent left on an ocean floor. This was repeated on the continent of Atlantis. On the island of Lanka, Jehovah spends Orgy. But in the book "World History" not of this information! About the beginning of the World Jews Jehovah put in the Ruhr of the Chaldeans.

Jehovah never born and never dies, he finds himself the victim, is in the astral body (similar to Georges Morgan) in the physical human body, displacing his astral body. The devil Jehovah is married to demonic (rakshas), in other words those. Who from the times of Lemuria lived on the "demonic law" - the criminal world? All the gods know that the devil is the wide angle a pervert, a fraud and reject it as an inferior creature.

Pederast Jehovah ignores the truth about himself to retain power.

In the book there is an expression: "the Supreme demon of darkness". The word of the Supreme and the Almighty to be related only to the Absolute! Jehovah is venial (worthless), the representative of Lucifer on Earth. The patron devil of Jehovah is Brama, the Demon Universe.

The purpose of this book is to slander Jesus Christ, to the Christians attached to Judaism - the worship of the homosexual Jehovah. And be "one God".

The devil claims that King Solomon worshiped Jehovah. And who is he to Solomon? Solomon is God (incarnation of the Archangel Michael), Jehovah-satan. Solomon worshiped the One, the Father of the Universe, is Supreme. In the third book of the kingdoms, Ch. 6 / 11-13: "And the Lord was angry with Solomon, because his heart was his from the Lord God of Israel." Jehovah appeared to him twice that he did not go after other gods; but he did not that which the Lord God commanded him. The apparent discrepancy between the Old Testament (Torah) Jehovah has distorted the Teachings of Christ in order to then dig into it and expose. Resurrection in the physical body was not the purpose of Christ, and the phenomenon in the Subtle bodies, to prove that life never ends - it is eternal.

In the book the text is broken, not consistent. Repeatedly repeats Jehovah: "We can succeed in the quest for the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail in the hands of the pervert Jehovah and those, who are part of his army, will not fall. The Holy Grail of airborne those, who are in Great Service!

Jehovah says that the Jews are fanatically loyal to Jehovah God. The Jews sought from the homosexual Jehovah to depart, went repeatedly from him, climbed to the rooftops and turned to Devine Host - Sun Gods with request to deliver them from the devil Jehovah. His executions, hunger returned under his rule. It calls itself the correct God (homosexual), Judah the pious (perverts and underworld). The Jews of homosexual did not choose he himself imposed on them From Jehovah and his victims happened all the vices on Earth, and stretch the plume from Lemuria through Atlantis, Lanka, Israel and USA.

The devil's names Jehovah and Yahweh equates to "one God". In the book H. P.
Blavatsky was given Information of the one God - Vishnu, the SUPREME is.

Distortion in the Torah, Jehovah calls "cultural borrowing" in Chaldea in connection with a non-permanent place of residence of the Jews can be justified. There is no justification for the historical lie. Distortion only in the Hebrew Scriptures – the devil covers up the traces of their sins and crimes. So he cut Lemuria, Atlantis and Lanki and began a new life that was no different in the spiritual and moral sense of life in the previous continents.

Jehovah – "Prince of darkness" chose an obligation to ensure women's "virginity" when taken in the religious community and title it "satan» the accuser. In other words, was the first man in the female half of the Jews; legalized violence and pedophilia? The ancient the Jews, children were betrothed at 12 and 13 years, and married a year after the betrothal. Before the betrothal pedophile Jehovah deprived of innocence of girls. Many devils were born in a tribe of Jews from father- pervert.

Doing Jehovah fertilization young victims until then, until brought its army of perverts and underworld)! It's called: "Be Fruitful and multiply". And the nationality is at Jews of the mother because the father is a demon (Rakshas). And transferred those powers to the Catholic Church, so Catholics have long accepted the devil, and pedophilia, the Vatican struck with leprosy violence. Because Jehovah created the Jesuit is. Sexual energy needs to come out, and what to do the monk? To be a homosexual or a pedophile! Family must be a normal man!!!

After fertilization girls pedophile Jehovah called himself the Angel of the Prosecutor. The rabbis are the Egyptian priests to pass this information down to their children and grandchildren, to future rabbis. The rabbis have gained Knowledge in Egypt from the God Sun RA (the Great Lord Shambhala) during the reign of the dynasty of the pharaohs. After the departure of the pharaohs of Egypt, the rabbis entered the service of the devil in Israel is a parasite, a tribe of Jews. TRAITORS! Jehovah for the rabbis came up with extortion "for the remission of sins."

Have confidence pederast Jehovah because he speaks of himself in the third person, and on behalf of co-author, allegedly a scholar of ancient Scriptures. This "movie" is only in Space. Sexual violence was introduced by the devil, he was obsessed with the genitals and the Catholics have corrupted. Homosexual Jehovah in the Bible repeatedly says, "Be Holy because I am Holy, the Lord your God," or "Be clean because I am pure, the Lord your God". Covered in feces, soaked in wine booze Orgy is the main "work" of homosexual Jehovah. Animals only copulate with their females. For the pervert Jehovah there is no distinction of gender, age people and animals.

Who brainwash Jehovah, who speaks through him and directs his actions, who created this exalted idiot? Who mercilessly humiliates him, forcing to copulate with animals to kill and dismember the servants of Light, to degrade men sexual perversions with the use of hypnosis, to arrange Orgy of raping children, using him as a male? The Demigod Brama, the Universal Demon! What is the cause? The demon Brama is eager for power, sick desire to be the Father of the Universe. And this entity sits in the Fiery World in the background, next to Vishnu. Everything that makes a homosexual Jehovah – is the result of indoctrination by his Demon Brama. He long ago mapped out their path. To verify this, you need to look at the websites of the bramins. They have information that Brama in India created a people of four castes; the "higher" among them Brama is Demons. People have created seven Spirits of Flame and eighth Lucifer, the future Jehovah, Prelease of Highest Worlds, each in his inheritance. "...Bramins (demons-rakshas's). Brama has attracted in bramins the population of India sexual perversions. Bramins of India and the temple from Brama is one of recruitment options. Jehovah in India has introduced false Christianity that to offer itself "father «Christ’s and to accustom to eating of corpses."

Mistakenly is informed that Krishna claimed Brahmanism. All the Great Teachers belonged to the Kshatriya caste, which was considered in ancient times the highest. There are many legends that bramins came to learn from the Kshatriya, and not Vice versa. Only with the collapse of high valiant spirit in the peoples that inhabited the ancient Aryavarta, the bramins took power into their own hands. Heavy was this the gripper priority for India." The coalition of darkness: Brama, Jehovah, Indra. Indra is represented as an Avatar of Vishnu. Avatar – is Descent of the Highest Spirit, the Supreme. Who is Indra? Watch the video "Vishnu Puran"! The avatars of Vishnu: Rama, Krishna (God Vishnu), Gautama Buddha, Kapila, Moria (Christ - God Vishnu), Maitreya (God Vishnu), Kalki Avatar (the Avatar of the future). As you can see, none of them is a demon Indra. The only dignity of the demon Indra, he (yet) isn't fond of sexual perversions. Indra is "the most modest"; he killed and committed sexual violence.

To legitimize the triumph of government, Catholic bishops said that "the Day of Judgment has not yet come; and who shall strictly adhere to the revised rules of the Catholic faith, bishops (pedophiles and pederasts) promised admission to the Kingdom of heaven." Catholics in the VII century took the devil Jehovah and all kinds of sexual perversion, so their place alongside the Jews, if not change their minds until 2046, burn alive during the Apocalypse. Armageddon – battle in outer space – kicked out "Lucifer" beyond the Solar system. The war was fought energies. To delay the forces of Light, Jehovah, have kindled the Second World War concentration camps and gas chambers. The most brutal war on Earth is the struggle of the dark forces for power on the PLANET. Who will carry this information to the consciousness of brainwashed cultists? For them the advantage of darkness! The herd of the ignorant, "Jehovah's witnesses" roam the streets, offering nonsense in their brochures.

At the "Prince of darkness", satan other duties; he must follow the commandments of God. Word Diabolos ("instigator") from which comes the name of the enemy of mankind, the devil (Jehovah).

Jehovah Sodom and Gomorrah presented a "not the focus of debauchery and Vice, and the abodes of wisdom and learning." Why asked me: "don't write, you're a woman, don't go through mud". Can't stop writing, the book is called: "...the EXPOSURE of the pederast Jehovah.

For holding the Jews in subjection to Jehovah on the cross crucified, more than 3 million
people, imposed prohibitive taxes, torture was commonplace. The number of murders among the Jews increased alarmingly.

So much violence! So was Jesus sent to Israel to save the Jews and the revelations of Jehovah? After a space causes the substitution Thin bodies and of the Highest Reason, Jesus entered his Teacher Rossul Moria, who became the Christ! Christ Is the Higher Self, The Ego, and The Seed of the Spirit. Jehovah was afraid of losing his ignorant electorate and Christ was crucified by the hands of the rakchas’s.

During the preaching of Jesus Christ, Jehovah was on the astral plane in the astral body and wanted to incarnate on Earth in a YOUNG body. After Jesus Christ's crucifixion Jehovah has killed the Roman Emperor Tiberius, has put on throne Caligula’s - the stepson son Tiberius.

Jehovah has put on Caligula’s weight for 4 years. Through 13 years Jehovah has poisoned other Roman Emperor Claudius with hands of his wife and has put on a throne of young and his beautiful son his adopted of 16 years – Neron's, and was installed in his body. Revelation is Jehovah-Neron in the Roman period (recognition from the horse's mouth)."To Rome in the time of Neron also arrived and Peter ... the Very existence of the Christian community called the Emperor bouts of violent anger and in order to reduce the number of adherents of this faith, Neron (Jehovah) established a regime of fanatical persecution of Christians. His favorite punishment was the burning of them alive at the stake. Accidents tied to the posts, circle the walls of the Palace garden and then arranged them from sparkling in the night living torches. Such actions in 64 A. D. caused a wave of open air performances of Christians, during which the flames of a terrible fire swept Rome. The Emperor is reasonably suspected of involvement in the arson, but he blamed it on the Christians, betraying Peter and Paul's death. As you can see, Jehovah has taken the blame for arson of Rome, - has cleared away the place and has built the gold palace for himself; to the poisonous Ghoul pederast Jehovah is the place in the Augean stables.
(Maria Magdalina with Peter and Paul preached in Rome the Christians, but Jehovah does not mention her name. She escaped to a monastery in Ephesus, near Rome, where the Abbot was John, where she was buried. If not for her, we have hardly reached the Doctrine of Christ. Jehovah has substituted Maria Magdalina for John (he was not a disciple of Christ). Further, the homosexual, Jehovah delves into the New Testament and writes a lie to compromise Christianity in order to offer themselves as a replacement for worship. Unlike the devil, Jesus was an ASCETIC; sex and food residues (meat) are not characteristic of it. Why Jehovah does not consider so carefully all the previous incarnations on the main lands, which he lowered to the bottom of the ocean with its godlessness, causing a volcanic eruption.

The author of "Revelation: Jehovah gives false information about the event, calling the final battle "Armageddon". This battle is in the past. In the future will be "Apocalypse". Jehovah has already passed with the two demons of the Apocalypse: in Lemuria and Atlantis. In Lemuria all burned alive, big sea distance from Lemuria to the continents of Asia and America. In Atlantis some managed to escape led by Jehovah on the island of Lanki sea distance was small.

Jehovah explaining the Apocalypse makes reference to the "War scroll" - also the devil's concoction: "the children of light" - the seed of Israel (?), "sons of darkness" - the Romans (?). This heresy was false even during times of prosperity the Roman Empire. Since the seed of Israel began to treat the world if they worship the darkness, the devil to Jehovah? The forces of Light and the army of Archangel Michael!!! Darkness is the devil Jehovah with his victims. Satan hides information about the Apocalypse.

The high priest of Israel was the representative of the family of Sadok’s and represented the Archangel Michael. He became Great Michael-Sadok’s (Melchisedek). "Jesus for the Jews went forerunner, becoming high priest forever after the order of Melchisedec" (Archangel Michael).

Pederast Jehovah rejects Christ in the absence of formal authority. Jesus Christ is a spiritual entity, the earth's position is not mandatory; Christ Gave Teachings, crucified to the cross Scripture of the Jews.

It is time for Jews to forget the word "elected" because they rejected someone Who Wanted to create high-spiritual people of God and those to worship the devil, became the most material, and unspiritual people on the planet. Now they are cosmopolitans (people without a country) in the scale of our Planet. If you do not depart from the devil are cosmic cosmopolitans

At the end of the fifth root race of the fourth round of the third Apocalypse will divide people on of light and shade. Devil worshipers of Jehovah will leave to Saturn. The worshipers of Maitreya after the Apocalypse will continue the evolution on Earth in the sixth and seventh root races. Upon termination of the term of the Lord and Empress of Shambhala Will incur our consciousnesses to the Absolute on viewing with the subsequent resettlement us on the highest planet Uranium.

Jehovah will return to Earth with his army in the fifth round and begin repeat what has already been. Jehovah is material and spiritless!!!Jehovah composes lies about his origin and conception. The vertical hierarchy of darkness:

1.The demigod Brama, patron of the devil, came out from the navel of Vishnu, the father of the Universe."Lucifer" - the future the devil Jehovah, born of Brama, removed from the Solar system for abuse of authority. Jehovah–devil is the representative of Lucifer on Earth. Jehovah never born and never dies, so no one is "conceived"! He is forced to sacrifice himself chooses, usually the Royal family. The kings were incarnate Gods. Jehovah on the continent of Lemuria, long before the land of Canaan, the period of time Atlantis was and about. Lanka was once enshrined. The first time devil and his lunar demons manifested in material bodies which they have created for me. When the body gets old, Jehovah comes out of it and moved to their ancestral lands and the lower astral plane and on the prowl in search of a victim from a rich family for the next incarnation. His occupation on the ground is Orgy, drunken Orgy, group accompanying sexual perversions.

Next are attacks on Christianity; the devil on the other judge for yourself. In the minds of High Spirits is no ambition, there is only sacrifice, because only in these incarnations is the "Body of Light" only conscience! All for people and nothing for myself! It is these entities through the air Higher Forces transmitted "Buddha's Bowl".

At age 30 Jesus came to Israel to preach. At this time was the replacement of the higher bodies and the Highest Reason. Jesus had left the body, Entered his Teacher Rossul Moria, the future Christ; He Saved Maria Magdalina from adversity. The physical body of Jesus, the Thin bodies and the Higher Reason is of Christ.

All Jesus, there is only shell. Christ was the Teacher of Maria Magdalina. Loved her more than the others because she was a highly educated student and came from a Royal family. (1280 BC Maria Magdalina was embodied in Egypt in one time with Jehovah. His offer "hands and hearts" refused. Since then, the devil takes revenge on her cruel and not deserved). The mark of a whore put on her bugger Jehovah by sending her 7 devils, black magicians in the astral bodies, but the link does for Catholics.

Lies, stretched into hundreds of pages, the descendants have no Foundation. Before SIGNIFICANT incarnation in the Kingdom of God to the human consciousness secrete fluids banning to have children. The book of the devil to profane is.
Christianity adopted the phrase "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost" from Jehovah. The Mother of
the World is the Saint Spirit. On all planes, from the Supreme deity the absolute, the Father-Mother gives Birth to a Son, but not Father-Son Birth Mother. Jehovah did this intentionally, to revenge the Mother of the World; She Created the Hierarchy of Light, Jehovah is automatically thrown in the hierarchy of darkness.

He believes that the result of the mission of Jesus (the devil avoids the word Christ) was the adoption by Christianity of the devil (God of Israel). Bragging rights! Before the Apocalypse there's still time to tell you what a "God of the people of Israel" – PEDERAST and KILLER!!).

In his book, Jehovah calls himself the man and puts exclamatory sign. Anything in him there is no men's! The main pederast of our planet, blood-thirsty murderer and fraud! His place is in a psychiatric hospital, after treatment is in the house of conclusion. Information of Jehovah is filled with husks; a heap of names, surnames, genealogies and other drivel, not connected in meaning with the idea – the similarity of the Bible. Once you can identify the author; it is of specific text presentation. In subsequent chapters is the story of countless characters, vague description of the search of the Grail and the description of sexual orgies. Correct to say that Jehovah – "...dirty, smelly cattle...»