30. Infofmation.

Chapter 30. Information.

Appeal is to the Almighty Boundlessness to the Absolute.

Whether there is in Boundlessness a planet on which the Owner of land is the murderer (the first fratricide), the pervert versatile person, the swindler, the liar and the father of a lie? Whether there is on other planets a Bible preaching wars, robberies, murders, executions, marauding, revenge and hunger. Whether there is in Boundlessness a Universe in which the Demon of the Universe (material and spiritless), the Patron of a devil applies for the father of the Universe? What the Sovereign power of the Father of the Universe is the atheist and the enemy of evolution of the person Imagines? Under the leadership of the Demon Brama Jehovah commits all crimes on Earth.

Jehovah is a scriptwriter of World War II with concentration camps and gas chambers in Europe 1941-1945. In Space there was an Armageddon to delay forces, Jehovah on Earth unleashed war which claimed 80 million human lives, without the dead in Central Asia from viral diseases; there were no drugs and medics (all was intended for protection of the Homeland). In concentration camps in furnaces tens of millions of people of all nationalities, including Jews more than 6 million were burned. In captivity more than 3 million Red Army men died. Jehovah is zombie Brama the murderer!

Now half of the population of the Planet of a brainwashed Jehovah's hypnosis: sexual perverts, alcoholic, drug, game addiction, pseudo-healers and pseudo-fortunetellers, the false Bible and the false websites, parades of gays, the telecasts propagandizing violence, fornication, alcohol. There is telecasts-instruction for robberies, murders, fraud. Wars and revolutions, the organization of oppositions against the government of various states to bring demons-rakshas's to power for the purpose of generation of destructive energies for explosion of the Planet and reduction of people to worship of a devil of Jehovah. Brama' task is and Jehovah's devil to take away all population to Saturn and before leaving to blow up Earth. All effects of darkness are directed against Russia and its Patron, Lord of Shambhala. Jehovah of the Jews-rakshas's from Russia who went to the USA trains in a lie that Yahweh means God the Almighty also starts these mental saboteurs in the Russian Orthodoxy. Attaches them is in higher educational spiritual institutions and consciousness of children poisons with a lie. Imposes is to attendants of Jehovah churches the sexual hobby. Priests of Orthodoxy already consider Jehovah Christ's father. Jehovah distributes books in which texts are poured by a lie and slander on incarnate from Shambhala. Demons-rakshas's is publishing these books in gratitude for positions.

In the USA the demonism rages. In each city there are clubs of Gays; several dozens of men, in a crowd, as spiders in bank, being in a hypnosis condition, make indecent gather. Jehovah himself passed through all types of sexual perversions (the dinosaur - produced monkeys, a monkey wife, a cow wife). For himself Jehovah invites women with boys minor. Takes the woman under hypnosis, forces to do it masturbation, then blowjob, later urinates in her pharynx. After the boy does blowjob. For this reason three times he was left by the wife, hasn't sustained violence over her and the son. Every day the devil changes invited. It is one of recruitment types to Saturn. At the suggestion of the gay Jehovah in some countries there take place parades of Gays, same-sex marriages of gays and lesbians consist; in Israel and the USA it is a disgrace are sounded through the press, television, the websites of gays. All Planets is struck by sects where Jehovah is provided by God and the Almighty, as in the Bible. The impression is such that to a devil to Jehovah as to the foolish in case of the tsar, it is allowed to tell everything that bad will knock on the head.

From Brama in India the temple preaching sexual perversions, including zoophile is built. Brama staked the Planet and mankind; it shifted the basis and allowed mighty forces of Chaos to the shown world of our minor planet. Brama broke balance of elements generated the mass of pernicious brown gas. Consequences of government of the Demon Brama and his improvised devil of Jehovah are that. Brama destroys the Planet and corrupts a devil perversions and crimes. Jehovah repeats all actions Brama in relation to 7, 3 billion population of the Globe. For salvation of the Planet and mankind it is necessary to reduce urgently a transition period and to remove dark from Earth of earlier planet-wide tragedy the Apocalypse.

Jehovah created HaBaD – the Jewish fascist organization, through obsession of members of Chabad Jehovah after the coups brings demons-rakshas’s to power: swindlers, swindlers, murderers and gays. They destroy economy, unleash wars and generate energies of destruction for explosion of the Planet and violently decline the population to Judaism. On the Planet is preponderance of demons. In the USA Jehovah organized murder of two Presidents, Kennedy's brothers because they rose against a preponderance of demons-billionaires. Jehovah, being on the lower astral plan have hammered together fraud to myself the capital, have killed the grandfather with the son's hands, later have destroyed the son and the grandson, have put on weight of the great-grandson and there was a billionaire Georges Morgan. The murderer, the pervert versatile person governs on Earth.

All service Light a devil Jehovah killed all attendants with the axe and dismembered, crucified and exhausted in a humiliating form. Killed Abel, Orpheus, and Osiris in two embodiments with the axe and dismembered three, carried two on the mountains of Egypt. At me in the apartment two astrals, (black magicians, cynical got accustomed and angry) from Jehovah. They do cuts on a body, drill teeth. To me twice up to two teeth the astral drilled and inserted chips for listening, it was necessary to extract absolutely healthy four teeth. Other teeth energy honeycombed astrals and split. Send energy to a rectum, on a cinciput, bronchial tubes, a gullet, - it is very sick. Investigation: locks, dizziness as – as if, the stake is hammered into a breast, it is impossible to swallow of food. In the house and on Jehovah Street pushes me with energy on columns, doors.

The astral brought a prick under nails a fungus. They smear the head for a hair loss, put out eyes. All joints, head, veins on hands and legs, hands and feet of legs of a pin is. Throw laxative in high doses, mercury and other poisons into food, climb hands in a mouth, an ear and other openings, and bring infections. To me the astral brought a pregnant caterpillar in an ear. Astrals beat ware cut footwear and destroy home appliances. Jehovah destroyed to me fields of vision astral light, sent to me dairy fast-growing cataracts, the left eye damaged, and the cataract grew. I see only the right eye in the diameter of an artificial crystalline lens. Texts on files erase, insert letters and break off words. On four websites of mine Jehovah made a virus - the link didn't work.

On the instructions of Jehovah's devil astrals offend the tallest gods. Attendants of darkness slander the embodiments from Shambhala, using television and the press, destroy families.

JEHOVAH constantly is in visions: in an image of an animal wolf, or with axes, guns, threatens to strangle, blow up in transport. Buries me and celebrates a commemoration. That didn't write, and didn't publish the book, offered money: 23, $6 million, after $14, 0 million and $1 billion the USA. After refusal told through the astrals that I on Saturn will serve all and called the nastiest type of perversions. And it is told by the one, who applies to create the Universe.

Brama five times was in visions, warned. Jehovah during board of 432 thousand years, under control of Brama turned our Earth in "Augean stables". The Supreme Deity the Absolute, on Brama and a devil Jehovah isn't present a justice? Nobody can pacify them?

Why the Founder Planet, a plant and animal life – GOD, Great Maitreya, the Lord Shambhala shall stand him Owner – the petty tyrant, the pervert, the murderer, the swindler, the liar and the slanderer Jehovah till 2046? I ask the Supreme Deity the Absolute to make the urgent decision: "To save us from presence on the Earth the Owner PEDERAST’S.

Sad is incident.
I prepare the book for the edition. I have made the decision to sell two - the room apartment and to buy one-room; on surcharge to publish books. Five intermediaries came to survey of the apartment. Jehovah has removed four at once. Only there will be an option, the devil will organize a purchase of the one-room apartment other buyer. I have stopped on the fifth. We have gone to watch the apartment, and later have come to me. The intermediary has asked the plan of the apartment and the registration certificate. I have given package of my documents that she on the smart phone has made a copy of the plan. After her leaving I have closed a door, and have put keys in a handbag (I always carry them on a belt 24 hours a day). The astral has stolen keys from three locks of the apartment, mail and an entrance. It was necessary to change cores. Earlier they had a purpose – to steal the computer to remove my social nets and the paid websites. But a computer is always with me. Now there is a hunting document that I haven't sold the apartment and hasn't published the book. The devil is afraid of dissemination of information on him and, as a result, loss of electorate; otherwise all his way of humiliations and crime was in vain.

In the book "Rituals" is various spells. One of them "Exile of a devil". "Make room, - the address to demon (Jehovah), - makes room for Jesus Christ … you, the dirty, smelly cattle
that is to revolt? Listen and tremble, a satan, the enemy of belief, the enemy of mankind, the death conductor … a root of any evil, the instigator of defect, spirit of envy, a greed source, the contention reason, the prince of manslaughter who is damned by God. Beget of incest is and sacrileges, inventor of all obscenities, professor the most disgusting acts and Great Master of heretics (!!!). (Doktor Noereticorum! E.P. Blavatsky, "Exposed Isida", v.2, ch. 2. «Christian crimes is and pagan virtues»).

"The dictionary of synonyms is", Academy of Sciences of the USSR is, Science publishing house, 1975, p. 633. "The DEVIL (on religious representations: the supernatural, representing evil beginning), the DEVIL, the SATAN, the DEMON - book. The DEMON, DEVILRY-colloquial, the ENEMY - is simple. The DAMNED - is simple. The ENEMY confused, CRAFTY

is simple. The DIRTY SPIRIT - is simple. EVIL SPIRIT - it is simple. These all words concern to Jehovah the citizen of New-York borrowing position - the Owner Earth devil and Satan.

Jewish masons.
Druids is the attendants of a cult, prophets, Aesculapius of Celts (Gauls, Britons) making at the end of 1 thousand BC priestly intertribal corporation with the lifelong head. Druids had considerable impact on public life: carried out judicial functions, were advisers of leaders, keepers of legends. The woman carrying a title of Mother of druids was at the head of druids. Jehovah stole idea from druids, having distorted its sense. It has no ideas; he "creates" due to plagiarism. The purpose of a devil is to unite mankind under a uniform devilish nonsense is Judaism and to become the uniform Owner on Earth. Sects from a satan are a loop of Jewish freemasons. The word the mason carried a brand the Jewish freemason.

Jews were always despised and hated because of worship Jehovah devil. Before revolution 1917 in Novocherkassk (the capital of the Don Cossacks) didn't allow Jews to stay overnight. Through the admirers Jehovah devil commits all crimes against humanity. Now Jehovah strenuously creates sects, makes revolutions and brings sectarians of Jewish freemasons to power. An example is Ukraine. A method of Jehovah is a partition of the state. People don't understand that our board and the defender are Russia, its President and Great Maitreya. Only Russia can stop powers of darkness.

Administration of the USA, CIA, and NATO is all Jewish freemasons. Not America applies for leadership, and Jehovah-devil applies for autocracy. It is necessary to explain to zombie sectarians that the JEHOVAH-planetary satan a devil.

In the 19th century in Ukraine Judeo-Masonic boxes were created. On concourses they put on in red clothes and made a bloody sacrifice to Jehovah. Colors red and black are colors of a devil. Vibrations of these flowers destroy the person. On the planet Jewish freemasons govern. Jewish Freemasons is demons (rakshas’s), those, whom Jehovah corrupted in Lemuria, Atlantis, in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, in Give of Benjamin, were forced to build gulags in Russia and to carry out repression, to serve as a clerk in concentration camps during the second world war and covered the our Planet SYNAGOGUES of SATAN.

Jewish freemasons are secret societies which arose on a Judaism kabala’s to a basis... In Vatican there were even Judeo-Masonic boxes subsequently.... Criminal traces of their activity are traced both in XIX, and in the XX centuries (and even at the Soviet power).

Jehovah devil has embodied the rakshas in a family of prosperous Jews. Michel Notrdam (1503 - 1566) has got medical education, was fond of astrology and studied magic under the direct management of a satan. Michel Notrdam was a Jew. Catholicism is cover. All prophecies to him were dictated by Jehovah. Michel came into the room which walls and a ceiling have been covered with black fabric (color of a devil), on a table there were two magic mirrors, - through mirrors there was "prophecy" from a devil. «Chernobyl is Black epos" - has been foretold by Jehovah. Expression "Kievsky Russian'" is the territory where the light and mighty Slavic state arose, drilled brains of a devil. He has made the Chernobyl accident; have sent the beam of astral light accompanied with devilish thought. The Old Testament (Torah) and Nostradamus's prophecies is from the Owner of land.


In Russia there was a white box of masons with the purpose to unite all great Patriots of Russia in the uniform brotherly union. There were people, who pasted a label of traitors of the Homeland on such great patriots as Suvorov, Kutuzov, the prince Smolensk, Novikov, Lopukhin, the prince Repnin, Karamzin, Pushkin, Griboyedov, Bakunin and other. And all because these people joined the high-educational movement is freemasonry. In the middle Ages, all Light bearing, were branded by the devilish press. Similar charges were given and given to all best minds and great toilers for the public good. Having examined freemasonry fundamental principles, we will be surprised its high-moral.

"Apocalypse" (from the Greek).
"John the Evangelist's Revelation", - one of books of the New Testament, the author - Jehovah devil, the apostle - is Jehovah's invention. The planetary satan speaks about himself on behalf of God. Also opens the essence: «Old Testament (Torah) - the book of a BEAST, his number - 666, a name - Jehovah, a position (electoral) – the Owner Earth (satan and devil)".

(See "Apocalypse", the New Testament). "In the Apocalypse are stated in the form of images future destinies of the world and mankind; the forthcoming fight between "troops heavenly" led by Arhistratiga Michael and Antichrist - «Lucifer‖ – Jehovah. It also is "doomsday", "Last Judgment". "Tension in space unknown is, and pumped energy storm in an elevated and underground subsoil, threatening with break. Truly, a planet is in convulsions. Very terrible time is, exactly, we face unprecedented world accident. As it is told: "Hostile forces of race are doing submit to fate. Leaving race ruins the chosen receivers and We have to save them. The fate can be facilitated and fight can be finished quicker". But the ark of the Sixth race already is under construction, we will hope that its sizes will be more extensive than an ark of Noy". (E.I. Rerich, "Letters" of 10.10.34.) . The track conducting to an ark, - to accept all heart information received from the High source, presented in the works specified in the first article. In B. N. Abramov's books of "the Facets Agni Yoga» in several volumes information on this future tragedy of our Planet repeatedly repeats: there will be strong earthquakes, one of six continents will fall and the ocean wave will cover it, and the continent Atlantis will raise by a surface. Many will be lost. From mankind one from two is remains (the population of our Planet makes 7 billion). Saved will be collected in special places or go to the bottom of the ocean.


«The future of Russia is connected with Peter I; 20.05.12. At 6 o'clock in the morning spirit his was embodied in Russia.

In our time is ongoing crime dark. Satanic idea to give names to their sects and magazines using Holy words for the forces of Light, such as White brotherhood", "rose of the world", "Tower Guard" and Christian sect. 1. "The white brotherhood" is the Himalayan Community of Arhats and Adepts inShambhala. 2. "Rose of the world" is the Ineffable Sun of the World, with whom we connect for the creation of Universes. 3. "Tower Guard" is the same as the Fraternity, a beacon of Light, Shambhala. «Poisonous times will pass and all the saved will enter the new road in New World" – M.: Hierarchy Forges Light and darkness. Absolute - Divine Essence is Light, the Thought. Stays on the plan of the Absolute is and Boundlessness (small planet). He there One, Lonely also Is above the Central Invisible Sun around which millions of the Universes and billions of Galaxies rotate and is information for their creation – the seventh principle. Absolute Seen is and Has the form – the big white head, and inside three more heads, one eye of each head ruby, another emerald. From the head emanations, fluids of information in the form of this condensed World proceed. The position is selective, but nobody has surpassed him!!! When the Absolute Creates the Son (Universe), He Proves as the Father- Mother. Mother is Energy, or Mother World. Duada creates the Son, the Universe, Logos the First. (Egg serves as an analog in which the Universe germ ripens. When the germ gets a final form, egg bursts and the Universe takes the place in Boundlessness. The Universe has the form of a pyramid of three types consisting of 16, 20 and 24 triangles. If to divide an edge of a pyramid into seven equal parts, seven plans of life will be defined. Created the Son, the Absolute is Remains One).
Logos the First – the younger Absolute, in our perception – "The chief designer Korolyov" under whose supervision "design office" 72 gods – "design group" which creates the project is. They are invisible and have no form. Represent the power centers, Divine Christ, Ishwara – Founders and Creators. The son, Logos the First and Mother become the Father – Mother in the Forefront of the Universe and Create the Son – Logos of the Second, Vishnu, the Father of the Universe (design group – 72 Gods Pass to the second plan). Vishnu is 72 gods from the Forefront. One, Who works on the Father's Beam (one of 72) on the material plan, That Is the Avatar or Lord World. Great Maitreya – Lord, ISHVARA, Divine CHRIST, Left the Father. Vishnu – a machismo. Lakshmi – a feminine, Mother World is creative energy. Vishnu from himself allocates Brama and Shiva. The demigod Brama (the Demon of the Universe) is the creator of a material world and spiritless, the author of scenarios of destinies human. Shiva is God of destruction (the Satan of the Universe); when the Planet spends energy, put in her during creation, it is destroyed.
Having created Vishnu, Energy (Mother World – the Goddess Lakshmi) with Vishnu proves as the Father- Mother and Create the Son - Logos the Third: seven Archangels and eighth "Lucifer". The following stage – division of Spirit. Seven Archangels and eighth "Lucifer" Allocate from themselves seven Beams for s Solar systems. As a result, in each Solar system in heart of the Sun in fiery bodies seven Archangels and eighth "Lucifer" is future devil. In our Solar system Mother World stays in heart of the visible Sun; on our Planet – on the highest point – Everest, in a mental body. Mother World Discover the Face a cover (a picture N.K. Rerich of "Mother World") because she was humiliated. Jehovah – a devil has distorted Christianity and has presented the Triad as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Mother World – the Holy Spirit, has put on the third place, after the son. Mother is always Costed right after the Father, and then by the Son. Correctly: Father is a Mother and the Son. Father-Mother gives birth to the son, but not the Father and the Son give birth to Mother. (From copulation of the pederast Jehovah with the son is nothing will be born: neither animal nor frog, even not jegovushka). Mother World Discover Face when justice is restored. Mother’s World Envoy on Earth is Mother of "Agni Yoga", E.I. Rerich. Gods in themselves bear Information and Energy that is the Father and Mother. Two Beginnings is men's and women's. If the feminine as at Jehovah, Energy prevails. Therefore the devil has named himself "mother Jehovah"; it is good, "mother" – the zoophile, the pederast, the pedophile, the blood-thirsty murderer. Energy is given him for creativity of matter in unification with Spirit, and he doesn't want friendship. Become impudent demon Jehovah devil applies this energy not to destination. One of options is hypnosis to enjoy humiliation of the person who represents opposite force. Jehovah's withdrawal from Ways Light has begun since Lemuria and was finally created for 4001 BC, the beginning of creation World of Jews. Mother World Created Hierarchy Light; darkness forces automatically have dropped out and were shown in the coalition of darkness: Brama, "Lucifer", Jehovah. In 1949 "Lucifer" was thrown out from our Solar system in Silence-silence. Now the coalition consists: Brama, Jehovah, Indra. The devil "has revenged" Mother World for office. Before nobody knew who Light is and who darkness. And now darkness decays for flowers of Light.

Who is God?
Space! Light poured in Space – information for creation of everything that is in Boundlessness, beginning from Mendeleev’s table. In Space there are all programs (as in the computer) for creation of planets in any ratio of sushi and water, a plant and animal life, the person of any nationality. There are 8 million floating, flying and growling of the running creatures. There are 400 thousand types of people. Divide 7 billion population of the Planet on 400 thousand; receive number of people of one type. In space Karma and Incarnate laws are pledged. In each Solar system there is a circumsolar sphere (Kingdom of Heaven) where work Lord Karma. They take from Space to the movie of human life before the embodiment; pledge it in the program, and the space issues result on merits of the previous embodiment: parents, physical body, talent and destiny. Destinies human are scripted by the demon Brama; all of them are in Space. To each birth there corresponds Zodiac sign. Before the significant embodiment (from Shambhala) Lord Light Can is to make some corrections of destiny (birth date, a family, childlessness).

Lipiki – writers also stay in spiritual heart of the person; they are called Recorders is the God's Spark. The temple in heart of the person; where we wouldn't be, the Temple always with us. Recorders See everything, Hear, Remember and Transfer information to Space. The God Created Laws and Laid out in Space. Further people are Conducted by God-creator of the Planet, fauna and animal world, the One, to Whom we are obliged by the life, - Great Maitreya. Further read to E. P. Blavatsky, "Secret Doctrine".

Who is Jehovah?
In hierarchy of darkness it is the subordinate, executing decrees of the Demon of the Universe Brama. All who recognize the Torah (Old Testament) will be attracted by a devil for sending to Saturn. The Jews recognizing pederast Jehovah Supreme and the Christians of all faiths and sects recognizing a satan as Christ's father treat these segments of the population. Perverts, swindlers, murderers – army of a devil, he has united them with a moth, a plant louse, a locust and plague. They execute one and grieve a role – hire the population to Saturn. In vain callosities rubbed on genital bodies 432 thousand years Jehovah (The generalissimo in pederasty) and his army. The victory Light is inevitable. Darkness will leave to Saturn "not salty to sup".

The generalissimo of this army Jehovah of a callosity has rubbed on genital body, increasing army number sexual perversions in this embodiment. And it was embodied the infinite number of times, every time applying a new look.

On Saturn Jehovah will repeatedly create people in a physical body without brains, and not it anymore, and the listed segments of the population will be installed in the created bodies.

Consciousness transfers information to a brain, and there is no brain, and the person can't apprehend the message for consciousness development. The tribe of perverts, swindlers and murderers will be created. All these properties are inherent in a devil. Jehovah is antipode Ivan Susanin's. The difference is in that, for the sake of what the devil conducts the army to dark, to drown in the swamp (perversions and crimes)?

On Saturn as on any planet there will be transformations, and people will meet physical data and "talent" with the deserts of past life. On Saturn Jehovah will be the only governor on the planet. Will tell: "You will eat the children, or bread on human feces or on cow feces" and you will do that in the rage the devil will enjoin. There won't be Noy, Avraham, Moisey, Pharaoh (Ramses II, Osiris), Solomon and Christ. This concentration camp is prepared with the Karma for a devil - PUNISHMENT for applications of an occultism for humiliation of human dignity. Jehovah is antipode Ivan Susanin's. The difference is in for the sake of what the devil conducts the army to dark to drown in the swamp (perversions and crimes)? Ivan Osipovich Susanin of enemies has brought to the swamp and itself has died for the sake of the Homeland and the Tsar.

In Ukraine Electronic libraries, TV of the program advertize the Bible and the DEMON JEHOVAH as "God", a question: Whether "There is God and where to look for him?" The devil Jehovah lives in New-York, and God, Great Maitreya - in the Highest Worlds.

Prevention: All women, who came into contact of sexual perversions with a devil – billionaire Georges Morgan (Jehovah), have been enlisted by. His penis is not replaceable colleague of a devil of 432 thousand years. Also his helpers go in for similar craft.
1. Secret is life Semyon Schneider's Kiev actors. Was born in Vinnytsa, graduated from the Kiev theatrical institute of Karpenko-Brown is. With a profession at it did not develop, Jehovah used it according to the destination; it was sent to the world that genital body to hire children to Saturn. He traded in Vinnytsa and Kiev. Semyon Schneider was the pervert (oral and anal sex, the onanism) and the addict. For visit of children's sexual brothels (oral and anal sex) and acquisition of drugs, money is necessary. Semyon did paid sexual services to lonely women (burned down also prostitute on a call, - the main financial income of Semyon) and at the same time hired to Saturn. Children's brothels were created by the pederast Jehovah during the stay of the USSR, and drug trafficking his "merit", - a satan Jehovah too the addict. Semyon has died of drugs and AIDS in 1994. Demon Semyon Schneider the same «dirty, smelly cattle», with the same experience – 432 thousand years.
В 2017 his mother has died. Jehovah has ordered to fly to a funeral that to drag mother in an astral body in a den of a garbage. The sonny "is good". In half a year again someone from relatives has died, Semyon and it has dragged to a devil. Jehovah applies violence; after death family relations disappear, the dead are divided on consciousness level.

1. All clients of the pederast Vasiliy Marcovich Margolis, the teacher of the Kharkov institute of municipal construction, were included is in the list of the victims too. Even those, who before death have raped him and have killed, have put on him a dirty brand of devil-Jehovah. Rescue is Worship of Great Maitreya. Visit the site http://theosophy-mm.net obtain full information. Before sending to Saturn of Jehovah with his victims the Almighty Deity Absolute will consider to the movie by each person. If the victim didn't commit crimes, and there was only under the influence of sexual hypnosis of a devil, that is a hope to remain on Earth and to live in the Golden Age.

Parting words.
When you read all main books on theosophy, esoteric and you will accept them heart, you will execute all recommendations, and will seem to you that you were already defined, and you are already firm in the belief, you found the way, you already good luck!!! Isn't present and once again not... You only - only got out of a bog in which sat, and books, is a God's hand which to you was offered that to pull out you on the long - a long track, twisting with differences which conducts... to a treasured door. That before you opened this door it is necessary to pass tests which your Great Teacher gives. Tests temper will, your spirit and character. When it occurs, and there will be an irresistible aspiration to Light, to the Teacher, know that you on the just way!

In the Shambhala of the Teachers will create the copy of your astral body from astral material; everything that you will do, will repeat an astral body in the Shambhala. When time will come to go is in thin world that double will destroy. To me this information was given by Teachers and showed "me" in an astral body, in clothes (a blouse and a skirt); in the stone room (walls very smooth). There were three Teachers; "I" came and sat down on a chair ….
Structure of the person. Gog and person

1. Physical body is.
2. Prana is the vital principle.
3. Ethereal body is. (The lowest astral body is).
4. Kama – animal soul (or the highest astral body through which the desire in two aspects is shown): a) Kama – Rupa – a form (a subjective form of mental and physical desires and thoughts, or the thinker in operation). b) Kama – Manas, the lowest reason or intellect;
5. Manas are the Principal Reason.

6. Buddhi - is wisdom, spiritual soul through which Atma is shown.
7. Spirit or fiery beginning, energy, overflow is in all Space.
The seventh principle – the Absolute, we left Him and at the end of a cycle we will return to Him. Three highest principles (7, 6, and 5) are the highest I, the highest Ego: information, wisdom - creative energy and the principal reason. The highest I am stored in the circumsolar sphere of the visible Sun (the God's Kingdom). Exactly there stay Lord Karma (Gods) which embody people on planets. Consciousness of the innocent person the first time * randomly is embodied on Earth. At entry into the sphere of Earth the highest thin bodies (mental and astral) – the fourth principle joins consciousness. After the third principle - the lowest astral (radio) body and the second – a prana (energy in a cover).
During conception 4, 3, 2 principles are included into mother's bosom. For every instant of the birth the scenario of life, Zodiac sign and the planet which influences the person the radiations is written to each person, building up character and a physical body. Keeping the God's commandments, the person will avoid the bad consequences specified in the scenario and Zodiac sign.
Since seven years the child becomes responsible for the acts. All our life registers on the movie, in the book of Life only good deeds register; if after past life of the page of the book remain empty, the person is repeatedly embodied on Earth again until begins to make kind acts. Date of birth and date of death is specified in the scenario. God Will prolong life if there will be in it a need.
When time comes from a physical body, consciousness of the person is delayed by a space magnet; consciousness will pull along the highest thin bodies (the 4th principle). The lowest astral body (radio) will extend a cover with energy: without energy a physical body – a corpse. The 3 and 2 principles are unseparable: the radio body distributes energy on a physical body. The person consists of millions of atoms; atom consists of the kernel and electrons moving on a kernel orbit.
After burial of a corpse to the earth, a radio body costs at a grave before full decomposition of a physical body, after itself breaks up. At the same time the specific smell is allocated. When burning a body, radio breaks up at once and the person is cleaned. Burial to Earth is dangerous that that the radio body can wander about favorite places; consequences aren't favorable. The 1 and 3 principles very hard leave. After the death of people in Thin bodies (the 4th principle) rises to the Thin Worlds.
The God's court is managed over each person. In Illusion Theater Gods show to the movie of life died person. At the Hall there are gapers who have (earlier died) – it is called: "All secret becomes obvious".
The thin World – the world of Beauty; there everything is created by power of thought: housing, clothes. For increase in consciousness obligatory visit of cells of knowledge, studying of a geological structure of Earth, viewing of movies and performances performed by favorite actors and listening of works of art performed by ingenious musicians. The thin world is full copy the physical world.
After replacement of terrestrial thoughts of people it is cleaned, passing seven sub plans and, at last, losing the Thin cleaned bodies, consciousness (the shining disk over the head) goes out of the Thin worlds of Earth and flies on a track directly to the circumsolar sphere to Lords of the Karma. Karma is Requital for deeds. For good is an award (talent, beautiful appearance) for crime – Punishment. Punishments are prescribed by the size of the troubles caused by thoughts, words and actions. A thought – the thinnest energy can also do the harm more than a word and action.
Murderers (those who interrupt human life), customers or performers will be sent to the center of Earth in the boiling magma. Stalin for the carried-out repressions (murder of innocent people) took a steam bath in magma of 65 years, and only in 2018 the devil has pulled out him in the army. A hump, paralysis, ugliness – costs of crimes. Treat people as you would like that treat you. It is necessary to live for people, but not for him!
Lords Karma from the space computer find the book of Life and determine by quantity of the good deeds expressed in light energy, the term of stay is in the God's Kingdom. Then from the computer of space find to the movie of life and put in the program for determination of the following embodiment. Will meet parents who is have lived identical with him antecedents, appearance, talent and the scenario with the deserts of antecedents of people. Also the person to Earth in the same way, as well as the first time will return: will receive 4, 3, and 2 principles and will enter a bosom of future mother during conception.

It will be embodied until then until begins to live on God's precepts. If for 777 embodiments of people doesn't improve, he will be destroyed, will turn into dust and will go for construction surfaces of the new planet.
In spiritual heart of the person there is a God's Spark – the Temple of God and where we wouldn't be, the temple always with us. He writes down thoughts, words and actions; everything sees and hears. The silent Recorder! From the embodiment in the embodiment He always is with us.
If to pull out the God's Spark from the person (when the patience of God runs low) the person will turn into dust. It is possible to reduce amount of the embodiments, being on service to Forces Light, to God. For ten embodiments it is possible to finish a terrestrial way if to have the Teacher from Shambhala. He Will direct the person on the way of increase and expansion of consciousness. Will teach to live on precepts is.
1. Love God Above all: God, after the Homeland and people.
2. Esteem your father and your mother.
3. Thou shalt not kill.
4. Don't steal.
5. Don't commit adultery.
6. Don't condemn.
7. Don't lie and don't slander.
8. Don't envy.
9. Love the neighbor as.
10. Don't harbor malice and don't induce to the evil.
In Orthodoxy is got accustomed some precepts of Judaism against which Christ Has gone. Jews have a Saturday (Saturday – day of Saturn) – day off. Saturn and a satan is synonyms. Saturn is the planet of a satan of Jehovah.
God of Slavs is Michael the Archangel (a position for the period of evolution of the person), the Head of our Solar system; it is the First Beam of the Father of the Universe and it is equated to the Father. The word Maitreya is Invincible (Sanskrit). Great Maitreya – God, the Father of the Universe, Divine Christ!
At many people of Michael the Archangel called God of the Sun of Ra, (the Giving God – Slavs - Dazhdgod). Rа is joy, work.
With Whom you is or with whom?
Christ Gave elements of the Buddhism (wisdom) to the people who aren't able to read is and write 2000 years ago. It was the rise of the Doctrine of Living Ethics which the Great Lord of the Shambhala through the Pupils Gave now. Never so much Knowledge was given! Great Maitreya Came as Origen, Sergey of Radonezh to lay the foundation of the Doctrine of Christ and to point to mistakes of fathers of church.

Than Orthodoxy differs from sects? The same Bible is the book of the Beast of Jehovah, the same nonsense of the Old Testament (Torah), and the distorted New Testament. Orthodoxy sits in the same bog, as sects. All- planetary is buried under various sects. The doctrine of Maitreya is the God's Hand which He offers to the population planet to pull out all from the bog spiritual.

We lived in the Commune which was called the USSR. 1. Annual permits free and preferential to children and adults for rest and treatment in sanatoria, rest houses, in a pioneer camp. (Now the cost of the permit exceeds the size of a minimum wage).

Free housing is from the state. Everything that sees an eye is constructed at the Soviet power. (New houses is a rarity, they are inaccessible for mere mortals).

Cheap products (in brackets I give the cost of products now):1 kg. beets - 3 kopeks (7 UAH), a loaf of bread - 16 kopeks (7-10grn.), fish - 50-70 kopeks (90 - 120 UAH), potato, tomatoes, cucumbers - 7, 11 kopeks (5-15 UAH), the Crimean grapes - 50 kopeks (25 - UAH).

Education, treatment (operation of any complexity) - is free (now - treatment and cleaning of vessels after a stroke - 100 thousand UAH).

Fabrics natural: a chintz - 80 kopeks, lawn - 2 rub (expensive raw materials, production doesn't pay off, the factory is closed), crepe de Chine there 6-10 rub (no), silk - 6 and 10 rub (no), wool - 6 -12rub. (No), threads woolen - 3 and 5 rub were cost by a hank weighing 100 grams (imported of Russia there are 90 - 120 UAH).
The state bank was a guarantee of preservation of savings of citizens. Thieves of the state scale for 1 million rubles were brought under article - execution. (Now nobody is punished for financial frauds. There is no guarantee that you will receive savings if the bank is the bankrupt; therefore the population keeps money in banks glass).
In Soviet period utilities were 50 times cheaper, the housing and municipal organizations
repaired entrances of houses each ten years and every day cleaned the yards and entrances. All prospectuses rolled in roses. Water carts from spring to fall everyone washed day prospectuses and watered flowers. We lived at communism!! (Now the yards clean once a week, entrances don't clean up, we do repair by sharing the cost). We never know what we've got until it's gone. So it is also necessary to us! Even at Presidents L. D. Kuchma and V. F. Yanukovych we lived not badly: there was no war, the dollar was 1:5, 1:8. Now "the demonic culture" rages: war and dollar 1:26. After the Apocalypse the pederast Jehovah will leave with garbage human on the naked planet Saturn, rescued the New World will construct. The resorts of the Crimea will be replaced by Atlantis; the place her arrangement is from the lake Ceylon to Australia; on continent perimeter - the ocean! Worship - your choice! The decision needs to be made in this embodiment.

Mother Earth.
Human garbage will leave from the Planet, and Earth will be cleared of filth (from a spider-Jehovah and his demons-rakshas’s). There will come "Golden Age" lasting 1 828 000 years. Deserts will disappear, the rivers will run and the woods will rise. The Pastor and uniform herd Will be uniform; Great Maitreya and mankind. And the Planet without spider!

Types of obsession.
Desires: sexual perversions, alcoholism, drugs. The most terrible obsession is zoophile. Jehovah has passed this way (a dinosaur, a monkey a cow) and knows that people and animals are subject to hypnosis. I have shown vision revenge: copulation of the man with a dog. It is necessary to move away animals from the housing for the benefit of the person. The devil aslant people devils, demons, black magicians, bewares! Polonaises Great Maitreya it is our Salvation.
Crimes: wars and revolutions.
Exhibitions with TVs; via the screen there is to the hall a negative energy and fills visitors. The person attracts similar energy from space and fills Earth for explosion of the Planet.

The material interest (healers, fortunetellers, speculators, swindlers, drug dealers, pirates, robbers, thieves and corrupt).

Telecasts are in which Jews propagandize trimming - a brand of a devil of Jehovah and masturbation. Sects; zombie sectarians cannot explain Christ's word Ioann, 8/44, told by Christ to Jews.

7. Distribution of false information to confuse believers is and promotion of fascism of a devil.
Advertising is in social networks all types of sexual perversions.
Destruction of marriages, distribution of slander, an organization of stains, courts, squabbles with neighbors. All listed a sees of black magic, are dispatched according to the indication of a devil for making of the evil.
Spread of injections pricks, cuts, an injection in a nose, in an ear, in eyes, in a mouth. During a dream Jehovah's demons climb hands in all openings on a body of the person. Especially pursue attendants Light.
Courts, scandals in public transport are organized by demons. Hold equilibrium!!!
Protect our HOUSE – the EARTH from explosion.

Currently in Israel, lesbians marry, the rabbi scraped foster children-boys, and journalists write about it the newspaper. Chabad distributes crime and sexual perversion
on the entire Planet. In Moscow, Chabad opened a hangout for 12 year old girls. Children are stealing in the streets and hidden in brothels for perverts. The cost services increases with each new visit. Supplies of customer’s widescreen pervert George Morgan (Jehovah). This is one of the options recruitment sinners with the subsequent resettlement to Saturn.

Opens a Chabad dance courses for children from 3 years ...?! Dear parents, take care of your child – the Golden Fund of the state!!! Parents, grandmothers and grandfathers, accompany children in school and take away from school.

Contact prayers to God, the Great Maitreya; He is The Divine Christ.

An appeal to the Jews.

During the Second World War Jehovah poisoned two of the Apocalypse (in Lemuria and Atlantis), who eventually converted to Christianity and moved away from Judaism. The devil does not forgive, and revenge kills. As he does those who stayed with him and went through two of the Apocalypse, Sodom and Gomorrah, And Give of Benyamin? All subsequent incarnation from the rakshas linked to humiliation, disease and murder. The devil embodies demons in wealthy families, after forcing to different types of perversions and crimes. After organizing death disease or murder, will teach black magic, brainwash and send out to do evil to those who could not bend to his will, or rather who is under the protection God, the Creator and the Creator of our Planet. The rabbis are responsible for the lie, calling pervert and the murderer Jehovah," Almighty". In this book, is given full information about the nature of the devil. I appeal to all Jews of all countries of the world: "Take the Doctrine of Living Ethics – continuation of the teachings of Christ and do not go to The SYNAGOGUE of SATAN" - this is your salvation. Worship the Great Maitreya, your worship will be a selective bulletin for the maintenance of the forces of Light! Aum!!!

Appeal to the readers.
Luck in tension. Dark spread false information on television, the Internet, publish books. For the consciousness of each person is a struggle. Jehovah has blocked my four sites and e-mail. Help spread the word of my books. Wealthy citizens, publish books and distribute them. Poor, make a purse of 10 – 100 pieces, this will be the service Light. If no business of your, what is the use of reading and knowledge gained from books. It is written: "On your Affairs will judge". See how the dark hard to publish books Istarkhov and Lawrence Gardner and spread their rot active. In Space Brama is the Patron devil of Jehovah, preparing a coup; the dark rush of power. Do not assume that the population of the Planet has turned into "Sodom and Gomorrah". Get involved in the Campaign. The Internet will be finished layout and cover. Be Apostles.

This book exposes Jehovah - a devil and represents it in a true appearance: murderer (weapon its axe), pervert (zoophile, pedophile, Pederast, homosexual, "blowjob"), thief and swindler. In operating time over the book Jehovah applied to me a method of a carrot and stick. He threatened, through the astrals demons applied executions. He offered tens of of $ billions the USA.
On the ninth of March, 2016 Jehovah was before me in vision in two images: old and young. On the tenth of March, 2016 the devil repeatedly was in vision and showed the English text of the book, - offered one billion US dollars for that the book didn't extend among the population of the Planet. Me astral demon words earlier: "Regret it". And those, whom it killed and dismembered the axe, whose wives stole, whom forced and killed, whom decomposed perversions (applying hypnosis), burned the melted sulfur, poisoned in gas chambers and burned in crematoriums, starved and forced to eat the children, put out eyes, to women cut off a breast, to men cut off genital body, accustomed to drugs and infected with AIDS, humiliated and crucified (poured oil and set fire), damned and forced to eat for bread on human Calais, brain washed sectarians a lie – it them felt sorry?

June 21, 2016 Jehovah showed me a vision: appeared before me a young Jesus. Very beautiful oval face, blue eyes, a nose flat and thin, his hair dark brown parted in the middle, thick, curly and falling down on his shoulders. Looking sad; upper eyelids slowly dropped and his eyes closed. I thought: "What does it mean?" After a couple of hours, Jehovah said: "And how you crucify Christ." Crucifixion was allowed the Forces of Light, to perpetuate His Feat!

Movie: Jehovah says goodbye to Earth before leaving to Saturn; costs thoughtful, the wolf tear gathers on the left eye, flows down on an eyelash, breaks and falls on a cheek. Jehovah's astral spoke the books about him is his karma. Jehovah's exposure is florets, and berries will be after.

Jehovah has asked on October 25, 2011:
"Why It charged you it, but not It..."?
"It is my belief, mine. I loave the Lord"!
-... the characteristic question of darkness followed.

"No, I worship to the Lord, I idolize Him and I will read". The next day "conversation" repeated.
Why It charged you it, but not It..., or Blavatsky?

(He … is a Great Lord Shambhala Maitreya, Supreme; She… is Urusvati, the Empress of the Shambhala, the Beam of Mother World, - the Godless Lakshmi). PEDERAST Jehovah doesn't deserve such high attention. The goddess Lakshmi told about it precisely and briefly: "A low-standard pettiness”.

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Fixing of information is.
What forces work in space? 2. From on the Earth seven Spirits of the Flame and the eighth "the Lucifer have come? 3. Who were first people? 4. That has occurred from the first people?

Who main zoophile Planet? 6. Who copulated with dinosaurs, married a monkey, a cow? 7. To a lump Abel brains? 8. Who has killed Abel and what reason? 9. Who first murderer and fratricide? 10. Call weapon of a devil. 11. After monkeys, who became descendants of the first people? 12. Into what two branches they were divided? 13. Who Has created other people in different destinies of Earth? 14. Call the first Apocalypse, a cause of death of the continent and where he has occurred? 15. Ache where has taken away people? 16. Where, after death of the continent, demons (rakshas's) were embodied? 17. Call the second Apocalypse, a cause of death and the place of the tragedy? 18. Where those, who have escaped after the second Apocalypse were embodied? 19. Who has provoked in India war between indigenous people and refugees from Lemuria? 20. What purpose was, terms of war and a consequence? 21. Where have moved lemurs? 22. Why Avraham Have removed of people to the Middle East, for what purpose? 23. How called alien people of an arame's? 24.

Why Jews have gone to Egypt? 25. What Jews in Egypt why Moisey their Brought from Egypt and for what purpose were engaged in? 26. The name of an isthmus, through which Moisey has brought Jews from Egypt? 27. What was written by Moisey on tables for Jews on Mount Sinai? 28. What means "to clear away to itself the place"? 29. What Jews in the Middle East were engaged in? 30. Why they the second time have gone to Egypt? 31. Why the last knee of Jude has gone to Egypt too? 32. A cause of the murder Jehovah of Osiris (in two embodiments)? 33. Name a cause of the murder Jehovah of Orpheus? 34. Ways of the embodiment of Jehovah on Earth? 35. For what Jehovah has connected two branches (Jewish people and demons-Rakchas’s), and has marked them with trimming? Why Jehovah has corrupted with homosexuality of Jews in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and then has burned perverts; who scriptwriter and what purpose? 37. Who is the main gay Planet? 38. What crops were made by Savaof-Jehovah on Planet? 39. Where Savaof-Jehovah from five cities of Israel and who has installed instead of them has moved Jews? 40. How many knees of Jews remained in Israel? 41. Give number, the Jews crucified on crosses by Savaof-Jehovah and what purpose? 42. Sense of the word "Melkhisidek"? 43. Who has gone to Rome to preach Christianity? 44. Whom has Jehovah changed for Ioann and the substitution reason? 45. Who Caligula and Neron and what purpose of their embodiment in Rome? 47.Who has set fire Rome and what purpose? 48. How Jehovah - Neron lit gardens? 49. On whom Jehovah has shifted the blame for has set fire Rome and how has punished? 50. Where Maria Magdalina is buried? 51. What was added by the pederast Jehovah to Christ's Doctrine and what has removed? 52. Tell a real name of Jehovah in the modern embodiment and the place a residence. 53. What methods of humiliation were applied by Jehovah to the son, the wife to women and boys? 54. What body he decomposes and at the same time hires people to Saturn? 55. Why he pursues "Ekaterina II" of 3 thousand 280 years? 56. Why the blowjob Jehovah since Kievan Rus' interferes in space of Slavs? 57. Who organizes sects, the pseudo-websites, distributes pseudo-information publishes books fascist content? 58. For what Jehovah wants to create "New Jerusalem in Ukraine? Call the term of the third Apocalypse and what will occur? 59. Who will burn down alive, and who will be saved? 60. How Jehovah's duties before the population of the Planet and the purpose to his board on Earth are combined? 61. Which of him has created the zombie idiot and the liar? 62. Call the murders and executions organized by a devil? 63. Why he organizes oppositions in Russia and who takes part in them? 64. Who stores our Earth from explosion? 65. A planet-wide election campaign, who participates in it? 66. Call God's embodiments Great Maitreya and him Works for all population of the Planet. 67. Call the devil incarnate Jehovah and his crime for all population of the Planet. 68. With whom you want to remain, with God’s luck on Earth in the Golden Age, or with a devil to burn down alive and to go to Saturn (naked planet and three gaseous rings). 69. The ballot – what is it? 70. In what of Worship is expressed?

Entre. History of Jews is and rakshas (demons).
1. Warning is to Jews and sectarians.
2.Heavenly is Jerusalem. Shambhala is.
3. Maitreya (El Moria), the Great Lord of Shambhala.
4. The answer to the pederasty Jehovah on slander in the book "Blow of the Russian Gods". Part 1. Analysis of the book. Part 2.Billionaire George Morgan is the embodiment of the pederast Jehovah, representative "Lucifer" on the Earth, the Owner Earth (property: devil and satan).
5. In search of justice are.
6. Goes recruiting on the Satyrn (exposure of Jehovah is).
7. From Pereyaslavsky Countil till revolution….
8. Devil – Jehovah said through his victims.
9. False sects and site from Jehovah-devil.
10. Archangel Michael.
11.Intrigues of Jehovah-devil.
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13. Demon the Universe is patron devil Jehovah.
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15. Summary video is.
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19.Great Teacher is.
20. Caligula and Neron is embodiment Jehovah, active PEDERAST.
21. Obsession.
22. Russian Emperor Alexander II.
23. Den is devil-Jehovah and Grishka Rasputin.
24. Brama-Jehovah is blood-greedy killer.
25. Satan there to govern ball, there to govern ball….
26. Professor" A. L. Dvorkins is obsessed Jehovah - devil.
27. President of Russian is V.V. Putin.
28. Great Maitreya.
29. Review the book billionaire of George Morgan (the devil incarnate Jehovah), co-author - Laurence Gardner «The Grail and the descendants of Jesus".
30. Information.