Apocalypse (is consequence of board of the pederast Jehovah) . Maitreya - God.

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Maria Magdalina


(is consequence of board pederast Jehovah), or the answer is to the Bugger Jehovah on his false Bible. Edition is the second and the last; added and processed.


Book for denominations and sects all directions tells about crimes Jehovah - the devil during his reign on Earth. Jehovah is the Owner of Land, the (citizen New-York), the main planetary pervert: zoophile, homosexual, pederast and pedophile. Jehovah - the blood-thirsty murderer, the weapon its axe is. In all embodiments it decayed itself and decomposed the population. The Owner of Land during the board made crops on the Planet of all types of sexual perversions and crimes. Parades of Gays are "creativity; Jehovah’s. The Old Testament (Torah) is the book of the Beast, his number - 666, a name - Jehovah, a position (selective) - the Owner Earth (properties: devil and satan). Jehovah is the author of the Old Testament (Torah) and distortions in the New Testament. The Old Testament is the reference book of damnations, executions, wars, robberies, murders and revenge. Jehovah and Christ belong to opposite space forces. Christ (God) is higher than Jehovah (devil) according to the status.

Christ and Maitreya is Uniform Identity!!!

Michael the Archangel is the Great Lord of the Shambhala, the Patron of Russia, of all Slavs, Israel, of all Jews, religions and philosophies! New "Doctrine of Living Ethics" is given; the author is the Great Maitreya, Lord Shambhалa, the coauthor - Lordness Shambhala is E. I. Rerich. Teaching of Christ is the beginning Teachings of the Living Ethics, which aims to prevent all peoples and religions about a coming all-planetary of the tragedy Apocalypse and to give information about the reasons for the confrontation between the two opposing forces of Light and darkness. Will the division of people on of Light and shade. The Each person has to make a choice: God or devil. The decision should be made in this embodiment. The following embodiment will be a consequence of your decision. Worship is the ballot. Aum. Amen. So will be!

Great Maitreya–Divine Christ, the Supreme, the Father Universe, the Founder is and the Creator!

Division 1. All planetary electoral campaign: God and devil.

Appeal to help Forces to keep the planet and mankind. The planet is threatened by explosion. Goes all planetary election campaign, two participate:
1.Maitreya - God, the Great Lord of the Shambhala, the shown Father of the Universe.
2.Jehovah-devil representative of "Lucifer" on Earth, the Owner Plane, satan.

1.1. Maitreya – God.

Maitreya is the first Beam of the Father of the Universe and the first Beam is equated to the Father. The Father of the Universe is the invisible Sun; He never leaves the post, its Beam works. Maitreya is full manifestation of the Father Universe, - Supreme! The Highest, the Lightest above It isn't present anybody in Space. First Hierarchy Planet is and Solar system. His Great Way is 3000 embodiments!

Great Maitreya Passed the Way from "the pastor of sheep" to Supreme. All embodiments His were steps Ascension.

Great Maitreya is the Leader of our Solar system, the First Archangel - a position which Takes up Lord Shambhala during passing of evolution of the person. The Archangel the Beauty is one from names of Arhistratiga Michaiel's. He is a Patron of Russia, Slavs, Israel, Jews, religions and philosophies! The Great Lord of the Shambhala (the Himalaya White Brotherhood), is the Founder of our Planet and everything that lives and breathes on it! Great Maitreya is our Father Heavenly, owing to His love and care of us. He is All!

"Shambhala – is the Community of Adherents and Archat’s; the Stronghold is vanguard evolution bureau, Lords is planners planetary - space scale. They sate space with images of those forms which have to be realized". The Shambhala is created by power of thought along with the Planet. In the east the Truth is accepted, that the Uniform Greatest Spirit is the Founder of our consciousness and Christ Redeemer of our mankind.

This spirit – is Vishnu's Avatar also appears on Earth every time when the mankind reaches a deadlock and shift of consciousness is necessary! Thus, all systems of the World are Shapes of the same the Avatar of Vishnu which is shown as Rama, Krishna, Kapila, Gautama Buddha, Moria (Christ), Maitreya, Kalki of Avatar. Three Avatars: Krishna, Christ, Maitreya is full Manifestation of Father Universe. !t was shown and in other shapes, less bright but always the truly selfless.

Avatar - is Descend of the Highest Spirit. Vishnu is machismo the Universe, the Founder and the Creator.

Lakshmi - is a feminine. In total from Them anything except Them isn't present.

In Tibet in all temples-monasteries there are gilded busts of all Buddha’s, at a bust of Maitreya by gold letters is written: "Fifth Buddha Maitreya, Buddha is of the future". The bust has appearance of the Chinese. In one from the last lives It was embodied in China, as Avalokiteshvara - Lord, which we see is. The intimate Doctrine speaks: "It, who by the first it is shown when Updating will appear the last before Absorption (Pralaya)". So Logos’ of all people, beginning from the Vedic Vishvakarman's Mistery to the Savior of the modern civilized nations, essence "Word", which was "at the Beginning", at awakening of the active Forces of nature with Uniform Absolute. Given rise by Fire and Water before than they became certain elements.

He was Creator, former, or scheduler all real. "Without it nothing was it is created from this that was created. In it was life and life was Light of people and eventually it can be it is called, than it always everything will be again it is absorbed with it in Fire and Water. This Bodhisattva, as it is told, «accepts any form, pleasant to it", from beginning Manvantara's (cycle) till its end. It will appear s Kalki Avatar the Buddha the last from Avatars or Buddhas in the Seventh Race. This belief is the general to all East. It essence is forms of the Seventh All-world Principle. "the Self-shown is Son of the Father", Logos, Ubiquitous Universal Spirit, shown in temple Space or Nature "
Bodhisattva is the lit-up essence. Bodсhisattva is Mother to all real. Three pleasures of Bodhisattva’s - happiness of a donation, happiness of the help and happiness of eternal cognition. But a fate of Bodhisattva heavy nobody transferred and doesn't transfer so much slander and persecutions as true Saviors of the human race.

Maitreya always when the mankind reaches a deadlock, Goes down to the dense world and Assumes a heavy burden is atonement of acts human. Saturation of the Planet negative energy from irritations, negative thoughts, words and acts can lead to the all planetary tragedies. The earth is covered with a dense bed of dark energy' and saving Beams of Planets of the Lord of the Shambhala and Mother of the World can't break through to clear Earth. The Shambhala works without holiday and a salary, burning the Light human emissions – poisonous gas imperil.

"The planet fate depends on people. Will accept Light will be rescued, won't accept – will be lost. The consequences generated have to be expiated, that is are neutralized. Energy' of darkness is neutralized by energy Light. Energy Light, consciousnesses human generated, have to be are collected in enough to fight back to destruction forces.

The dark shifted the basis and while the dark pole of human collective continues to deepen begun and to worsen situation a pole light adjusts all forces to restore the lost harmony. Those want war we and the people for Us going is the world.

We have to protect our House because on other planets there are no corresponding conditions for us. Everyone pass seven circles of evolution of the person. We are in the fourth circle, all other planets or pass the ways passed by us, or outstripped us. On each planet the mankind corresponds to that circle in which exists;. - M.: On Venus people are live in the seventh circle in the facilitated bodies as well as a planet. There are no borders; there are no nationalities, for work accepts on color of aura which displays thoughts. There are no diseases! There is no radio, phone, television, different types of transport; all this is in the person. At all the fiery centers are open. People are gods! Upon termination of the seventh circle people from Venus will leave on higher planet. To us, to people of Earth still it is necessary to pass this way. For this purpose also Great Maitreya came to Give the new Doctrine of Live Ethics through the Pupils: E.P.Blavatsky, E.I.Rerich, B. N. Abramov. To give to people of Knowledge is Wisdom, Truth. All ancient Doctrines are from one Source. Accepted the Doctrine of Living Ethics, will leave with the Lord on his Star – Uranium which in last cycle was our visible Sun, but because of fast cooling have departed out of limits of our Solar system, and it is filled with energy of the central Sun above which there is an Absolute – Almighty!

"Space full the broken beams are the parcels unaccepted and rejected by mankind. The daily bread nowadays is given and in ignorance is rejected. If people could accept everything, sent them from the Highest World, the Earth would change instantly. If the heads which are stupidly filled to the earth could be turned to the Sky is. "Neither money, nor the weapon won't save situation, only introduction of new consciousness will clear the heads". – M.: - three points: Maitreya (Buddha), the Messiah (Christ), the Messiah (Muntazar - the Messiah of Muslims). After Jehovah's leaving with the army to Saturn, there will be a united God and uniform herd; Great Maitreya and mankind.

For all embodiments of Great Maitreya characteristic is creativity: He constructed temples, roads, palaces, irrigating systems the cities, united the states and religions built communities rendered habitable the territory of Russia, approved fundamentals of pure philosophy - the Buddhism. Maitreya is the Collector Vedas and Mahabharata (including Bhagavad-Gita) author of books – Doctrines: Many, Astrology, Secret Doctrine, Agni Yoga and Facets Agni Yoga. P. Blavatsky, E. I. Rerich, B. N. Abramov wrote books on His Beam. The beam is thought God’s.

In a darkness camp opponent Maitreya is the Jehovah. Jehovah is the Owner of Earth and the Prince of this World isn't interested in that Knowledge extended among people! He always didn't recognize Truth and distorted all Doctrines; authors of Doctrines killed, crucified, burned on fires. Jehovah - a generation of fascism (World WarII with concentration camps and gas chambers), wars and revolutions, all types of sexual perversions. A half of the population Planet is in a condition of obsession Jehovah: CIA, NATO, EU, ISIL, Vatican, and all Christian worlds, Jews, sects, pseudo-healers, perverts and underworld.

NATO, the EU is planetary vampires. NATO realizes a surplus of the old weapon which owners is Rakshas’s (demons). The USA - is the state properties in hands of Rakshas’s (demons-billionaires). The EU too serves a devil; The EU carries out reforms - genocide, produces poverty. Poverty generates diseases, hunger, - the population in a sad state. What energy in the person are such he attracts from space through the fiery centers and fills Earth. Before leaving to Saturn Jehovah wants to blow up the Planet. Everywhere where war flares there is a process forcing of destructive energy’s. Direct duty of the Owner of Land: to provide mankind with a rain and a crop, and to watch observance by mankind of precepts of God.

Beams of planets of the Lord Shambhala and of Mother of the World will divide people on the Treatment of light and shade. From two lives is one remains! Those, who worship God, will be rescued and will live on Earth in

"Golden Age" - 1 828 000 years. For this period people on our Planet will reach level which now on a planet Venus and will leave on higher planet. Great Maitreya creates the Sixth Race and "Agni Yoga" is the Call!

Maitreya, Great Lord Shambhala.

GREAT MAITREYA – DIVINE CHRIST, SUPREME, the F A T H E R of the U N I V E R S E! Maitreya is God Vishnu; Vishnu's words, Narayana is the Universe, machismo. Maitreya (El Moria) - the Great Lord of Shambhala; Moria - a sort in which was repeatedly Embodied Great the Tsar of the World Government, the Avatar future. Words Moria and Maitreya is concern only to the Great Lord of Shambhala. All others have no relation to this sort and a name!

Some embodiments of Great Maitreya in Alexey Leonov's sculptures

1.Michael the Archangel.

The names of Archangel Michael: Archistratig Michael, Archangel The greatest, Most beautiful, God-like, God (in the second sense), The driver of the host of heaven, The display of God (on Earth), Elohim The most beautiful. Our Cosmic Father is the Great Maitreya. The First Hierarch of the Planet, the Solar system, the Most High, the Divine Christ, the energy center, Ishwara. The First Archangel is the Creator of our Planet, plant and animal world and everything that lives and breathes on it. The first Archangel is the position performed by the Great Maitreya during the evolution of man. He is Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, Omega is the last; When Omega joins Alfa, the chain will close - The Great Maitreya Has gone the way of Descent and Ascension. He is the Most High!!! Will go and will rule forever!!! Then come again as the Second Coming (Great Parish)! AUM!

2.Michael the Archangel

"Arhistratiga is the chief over myriads of angels (heavenly troops). Images of Arhistratiga’ - Bodhisattva are supplied with swords and copies as symbols of continued fight against chaos and the evil. Michael the Archangel is Great Lord Shambhala Maitreya, M.: - The driver of our Solar Hierarchy (Logos) is to us true God and the Father, owing to his Great care, Love and the help to mankind".

3. Apocalypse. Arhistratiga Michael

Listen! The Planet is threatened by explosion. The nature lost the rhythm usual and strongly influences mentality of the person, breaking his balance.

There comes the responsible moment in the history of Planet life. When mountains will be shaken and Earth when all courage is required will shudder to resist in Light it is possible to resist only Me. A lot of things will change when crisis passes. It will be heavy intolerable. Much death will follow; it is a lot of phenomena of a burnout of nervous system. Fire will collapse unexpectedly, but also in tension unknown. The fiery waves incinerating receivers unusable are terrible give the prevention. Only fires of tranquility it is possible to weaken organism reaction. Fire to meet fire, fire inside – space fire. Forces of destruction and force of creation face in huge fight. The moment too responsible, also I should help. Understand that the grain of sand small can move the overloaded bowl of planetary scales. Realize the responsibility for Earth. Help Me, taken on the shoulders, balance so necessary nowadays to keep responsibility. Help. To you Speak, able to hold a bowl of scales. Help. Everyone has to help to keep balance. You, wishing to become closer, share My burden". – M.:

4. Doomsday.

The Doomsday is separation of terrestrial mankind broke interaction of its Light-darkness. "Nowadays the nature is sick with human madness’s and crimes that are disharmonious influences of terrestrial mankind broke interaction of its elements. The chaos breaks everywhere. The chaos of a matter only spirit can confront! Dark shifted the basis and while the dark pole of human collective continues to deepen begun and to worsen situation, a pole light adjusts all forces to restore the lost harmony". - M.:

"Nobody IS not can remain neutral between Light and darkness, between these two contradictory forces; each person has to choose, one of them; differently he will be crushed by both of them". – M.:

5. Light winning darkness.

"Michael the Archangel is George Victory-brings kills a dragon".
The church legend tells about George Victory-brings miracles during persecution of Christians in Turkey, including about its victory over a dragon. In Russia Life (George Victory-brings) laid down in a basis of the Russian spiritual verse in which He is the organizer of Earth of the Russian. In ancient Russia George Victory-brings was often represented on the princely seals and coins in imperial Russia – on the State Emblem.

6.Devaka's and Krishna

The eighth son D;vaki – Vishnu eighth Avatar (the Father of the Universe)! Krishna was an imperial sort and it was the tsar and all his Doctrine is got by noble courageous spirit. Krishna belonged to a caste Kshatriyas, which was considered in India the highest.

7. Krishna

"Krishna is considered more than an Avatar (the Avatar is Descend of the Highest Spirit)), He is Vishnu full manifestation that is the Father of the Universe. Krishna is Supreme! According to "Bhagavad-Gita» in Mathura of rules the in just tsar Kansa is. That to relieve from it Earth, Vishnu solves to be born in human shape is. Kansa, having learned that he will die of the eighth son D;vaki, kills all sons born at it. The eighth son, - Krishna, hardly that was born, possible to transport … where It is brought up in a family of the shepherd of Nanda. Youth of Krishna comes to an end with murder of the tyrant. From the shepherd it turns into the soldier and the politician: restores the fair power and protects the city from demons".

8. Krishna in a condition of the Buddha.

"An Avatar Krishna Vishnu most glorified Avatar, "Savior" of Hindus and their most popular God. It — the eighth Avatar, son D;vaki and Kansa's nephew, the Indian Tsar of the Tyrant who, looking for it among shepherds of sheep and the cows who have covered it, killed thousands their newborn babies. The story about conception, the birth and the childhood of Krishna is an exact prototype of the story of the New Testament".

9. Krishna.

Avatar Krishna! «In the Silver Valley the Great Shepherd called for life all living beings silver sounds of the flute. He calls to pleasure. And apple-tree, pear, cherry, plam trees respond to an appeal violent flowering. Willow trees open fluffy flowers apricot trees became lilac. The nut tree becomes covered by yellow color, and as curing nectar, flows fragrant vivifying juice deodars. Under the apple-trees covered with pink color, eternal Krishna plays the divine songs of revival on the flute".

10. Zoroaster.

The prophet is and the reformer of the ancient-Iranian religion which has received the name of Zoroastrism. Zoroaster the Great legislator and the founder of religion called differently by a masdeism, a magism, a parseeism, a fire worship and Zoroastrism in "Dabistan" mention thirteen Zoroaster, but all of them were an embodiment of the first. Their Doctrine and especially the last (divine) Zoroaster extended from Bactria to the Mussel; from there, entered under the name magism adherent’s astronomers in Chaldea, they have huge impact on Moisey mystical doctrines of doctrines Zarathustra – a patrimonial name of great reformers and legislators

11. Zoroaster

"The fiery poet of the Sun Zoroaster" – so called N.K. Rerich the dancien-irans prophet. Zoroaster’ fiery purity of heart, wisdom and a spiritual feat is. It reminds of the uniform fiery beginning of the Universe.

"Again our spirit directs and to Apollo's light, and to the sun the similar to the Mitra and fire-Live-given IS to Zoroastrian. Whether there are we pagans, saying these concepts? The one, who thinks about light inevitably, comes to uniform light. In whatever situation we saw the light; our heart will know after all that we will find a live-given in light".

12. Rigden Dzhapo.

"As diamond, sparkles Light on the Shambhala Tower. It there is Rigden-Dzhapo, tireless, eternally awake for the mankind benefit. His eyes are never closed. In the magic mirror he sees all terrestrial events. And the power of his thought gets into far lands. For it there is no distance; it can assist the worthy in a flash. Its bright light can destroy any darkness. Its incalculable riches are ready for the help to all needing, that who gave himself on service for the good of justice. He Can even change karma of people... "

13. Apollo Tiansky.

Remarkable philosopher, who was born in Cappadocia in the beginning of the first century; having prepared itself for higher dedication by five years' silence and wanderings, having visited many countries, It through Chaldea went to India. Upon return from India it proved to be true Devoted. He was the true predictor; epidemics, earthquakes, death of governors came true on its predictions. He learned much of miracles in healing of patients. Talismans Apollo are valid because they protect from rage of waves, rage of a wind and to attack of wild animals.

14. Apollo Tiansky.

"If you want to enter into spheres of the Highest Worlds, accept burden of life as steps of inevitability or refuse ascension. Only very high spirit can pass test by terrestrial happiness, abundance, wellbeing, wealth and glory. Solomon sustained, Apollo Tiansky sustained, and Empedocles sustained but didn't sustain one hundred and one thousand others. It is necessary already on small to accustom itself to be equally directed and betrayed to Matter of the Teacher both in happiness, and in misfortune, that is in all conditions".- M.:

15. Origen is the Great Teacher.
"Origen is the Christian theologian, the philosopher and the scientist. In Origen's compositions the Christian thought reaches for the first time the highest philosophical and scientific level of pagan culture of that time. World creation by God Origen interpreted, as eternally lasting act; before this world and after it there will be other worlds". He wrote two thousand books which were stored in the Alexandria library. After persecution I became the city of Caesarea (Palestine) and I opened Christian school. It beat and put in prison for seven years. It could leave a body and depart to the Stronghold, but he stayed all term, using time, bearing knowledge of esoteric. Highly honor this martyr and the Great Torch of true Christianity. The Roman Catholic Church listens to steps of evolution of spirit and starts studying Origen's compositions. Our orthodox church still continues to consider him as the heretic".

16. Frantsisk Assisciy.

Once He Told the young monk: "Let's go, the brother to preach to the city". And here they left a monastery and, talking about sublime subjects, passed all city and again returned to a monastery. The young brother in surprise asked: "The father and when we will preach? » But St. Frantsisk told: "The brother, unless you didn't notice, what all of us preached time? We went decently, talked about the most worthy subjects, meeting at us looked and received from us the world and calm. But the sermon consists not only in words, but also in the behavior". (E.I. Rerich, "Letters"). St. Francis is the embodiment Teacher Kut Humi (the one who was Christ), the eternal friend and the Pupil Great Maitreya.

17. Moisey

Moisey is the Jewish prophet and the legislator who has rallied the Israeli tribes. Is the one whom call Moria (the Great Lord, the Lord of M, the Mahatma of M) the Teacher of the Great White Brotherhood, Head of Hierarchy of Light, and the Driver of our Solar system.

18. Moisey - Leader.

He was, truly, the Great Leader... he was the founder of the people Israeli... Moisey was in full sense the leader and the legislator and on it the heavy task to create the people from a nomadic tribe … lay.

If, not intervention of Jehovah – a devil, "the chosen people" could be the most high-spiritual people of God, instead of the most material people of a devil. But the word "elected" remained …

19. Solomon.

Michael the Archangel – Maitreya devoted some creative lives to the distressful Jewish people. One is of several embodiment Solomon, David's son, tsar Israel – Judah in 965 - 928 BC "Solomon (judo, ;elomo) is third and greatest tsar of the Israeli people. Solomon was gifted with a bright mind and an insight. I created an inner world round a throne and I surrounded myself with authorized representatives freely to conduct domestic and foreign policy. Its reign became a world and prosperity synonym. I constructed the temple, on greatness and beauty to which wasn't equal. The next sovereigns undertook travel from far away to see the Jewish tsar, the glory about wisdom and which affairs managed to extend on all East. He felt all pleasures of life and up to the end enjoyed a bowl of terrestrial pleasures and at the end of life with grief exclaims: "Vanity of vanities, all vanity and spirit languor".

20. Sergiy Radonezhsky

Sergiy Radonezhsky is one of embodiments of Great Maitreya, Lord Shambhala. "God and the Homeland" - here that moved life and Sergiy's destiny. And this love gave the chance to it to execute up to the end so absolutely the Lord's precept about love to people.

Sergiy built communities; rendered habitable the territory of Russia, approved Orthodoxy, and helped Dmitry Donsky with fight against foreigners.

21.Sergiy Radonezhsky with birds.

Sergiy – is the Defender of the earth of the Russian. Riches of a monastery so increased that treasury monastic could lend the sums for the state needs. Its Monastery helped Peter I with fleet construction. Sergiy was the leader, inhaled heroic spirit in the people; It directed it in the future. He and now because communication of Great Spirits with business and feats of their life is indissoluble remains such leader. Subsequently its Monastery became the center of spiritual culture, a support and a shelter all heavy minutes of the Earth of the Russian. Its life is incessant and joyful work both spiritual and physical. So Sergiy grew from the inhabitant of the desert-contemplator in the public figure and prepared inscrutable ways for a role state (to help the Homeland). I grew with it and its Monastery which was fated to play a huge role in distribution of spiritual culture and strengthening of the state of Russian.

22. Sergey of Radonezh is conducting Andrey Rublyov.

The Sergiy, attached to fire and a fiery baptism, knew and knows the Divine nature. Sergiy wasn't the theologian and the dogmatic person, but his all life was a feat of imitation the Christ in his dedicated service to the Homeland and the World. Yes, Sergiy lived precepts of the Christ but not church statements. Whether also its refusal of a post metropolitan happened too what the Spirit knew it all divergences of church with Truth? ... Someone insists that Sergiy was the true churchman because It built churches and monasteries, established severe charters, ceremonialism, etc. But sense of all activity Reverend not in an external church, but in its highly moral and educational influence on his contemporaries is «Sergiy had a main goal; in the thick of the little-used wood, at the center which is saved up to put light knot of magnetic tension of big force. Spatial Light by long, constant, persistent efforts, that is Service, was concentrated and built in one point to invisibly to shine and be a
magnetic (sacred) basis of the whole state and the great people. For distant future centuries the Great Devotee, the Great transmutator of space energy Has yielded fruits of the formidable life to the favorite people. He has given – crystallized synthesis of the highest and thinnest energy's issued in a fiery hearth of his Fire Spirit. Going his way assimilate to collectors of Space Treasures is Sky gifts.

23. Gesser - the Khan,

Gesser - the Khan is the legendary Mongolian khan (the eleventh century), the hero of the epos of Central Asia. "Lord of 10 countries of light, eradicate of 10 evils in 10 countries of light". The main hero is of the Tibetan, Buryat folklore associating in consciousness of the people of the East and Asia with an image of the Lord of the Shambhala. - Great Maitreya. .

24. King Arthur

King Arthur. Its board was marked for Britain approach Golden Age, knightly feats on the battlefield. King Arthur fought with Anglo-Saxon conquerors.
Arthur and knights "round table" embodied the moral ideal knights. (Soviet the encyclopedic dictionary is 1985).

25. Hermes Trismegistus.

Three times great Hermes, Egyptian! The mythical personality, by name which the hermetic philosophy is called... The general name is of many ancient Greek writers on philosophy and Alchemy.

"About people of the Earth, the people given rise and made of elements but with spirit of the Divine Person in you regain consciousness from the dream of ignorance! Be sober and thoughtful. Understand that your house is not the Earth, but Light. Why you give yourselves to death if you can find immortality? Repent and change the mind. Leave darkness and decomposition forever". ("Pomandres").

26. Akbar Great.

"Legendary is happiness of the religions and Mongolian Han, son of the heavenly Lord. National hero is fighter for people". Akbar - the Great Mogul, the emperor of Mongolia, united broadened lands by a gain, - united two states: Mongolia and India.

27. Akbar Great.

Akbar is the governor of the Mongolian dynasty in India. In fight against separatist’s feudal lords carried out a number of the measures limiting autocracy dzhigarchars of Muslim and dynastic marriages I strengthened relations with the radzhputsky principalities of India. I entered new religion, having connected Islam and Hinduism.

28. Akbar Great.

Emperor Akbar is "Beauty is and pride of a throne". Akbar is the Great Mogul (embodiment M. :), Akbar is Magnificent, Blessed, Akbar the favorite of gods and "Beauty of a throne of the world", here adjectives to His name. The emperor of Mongolia united two states: Mongolia and Northern India. In Mongolia there was Islam, in India the Buddhism. It united these two religions in one – the Buddhism. Having married the princess of India, it strengthened relations between these states and the people.

29. Gift of Orion, Lord of M.:

Gift of Orion is a stone. "This stone means the guarantee and special protection of Graal. It is sent to some leaders of the people. In all history of mankind there studies this belief in a stone protecting the country in which it is. The brotherhood of Graal stores a Stone sent from Orion, and it was accepted by Great Teacher Jason who put it in the basis of a brotherly Community. The stone is stored in the Community, but the splinter is again and again sent to the world to accompany great events".

30. of the Lord of M.:

«It is much written substance (Moria well the particle of of its emergence there is a splinter Send of this gift association and about this stone (Gift of Orion) … a stone contains a certain – metal), helping to store vibrations with the distant worlds. As a stone serves for connection with the Brotherhood. The place also laid down in the Shambhala basis. World treasure of the main body which is storing in the Stronghold of Light. means from time immemorial marks coming term of judgment power of that country, where he appears».

31. Keeper of the Stone, Lord of M.:

Father Sulpitsiy had vision: The white cloudy column drew near and the Voice was
distributed: "You store the Stone is in ark brought from Rotenberg. On it four squares with a sign "M". The phenomenon it will be clear when I will say – a way of four to the east. Nothing will lower the Precept. Concede to judgment hour. I will bring together soldiers of My Star. Who is fated, those will gather. This testifies that hour that the Stone is similar to heart human and in it the crystal shining is concluded! «After those sayings the column broke up blue sparks, having plunged father Sulpitsiy into unprecedented trembling. It is so remarkable that the Stone which has arrived from the East has a form of the flattened-out fruit or the heart, the extended form. On an ark the told letters are found, their value isn't known;

32. The Venetian Great.

"When the tribe venets was forces our persecuted by approaching barbarians, among them there was an unknown …. which specified by it to depart on lagoons and this circumstance served the basis of the city
of Venice …».

33. Osiris.

In the dreena is the Egyptian mythology one of more esteemed gods. Osiris was considered as god of grain and winemaking. As the Solar Deity, he had twelve smaller gods below himself, - twelve zodiac signs" (Egypt Belief). Osiris is the representing Air, the first radiation of the Highest Deity; Amon, Primary Light source. Osiris the son of god of Earth Geba and the goddess of the sky Chick-pea, Isida was his spouse. Having inherited the father's kingdom, Osiris Directed him it is wise and fair. Angry demigod of the desert, demon Jehovah has secretly put on Seth's weight, the brother God's Osiris, envying Osiris, has killed him, and has thrown a body into Nile. Isida has found the husband's body, but Seth has stolen him and, having cut on 40 parts (on number of nom), has scattered on the mountains of Egypt. After long searches Isida has collected them, and by means of magic spells has recovered Osiris …

Osiris is a son Sebba and Nate (the following embodiment) - the Most Great God - self-real and self-created. The first shown deity. Jehovah (violent aspect) has put on Typhon's weight, the brother God's Osiris. Typhon has killed Osiris and has dismembered on fourteen parts (two on seven). Have scattered parts of a body is across the territory of Egypt.

Subsequently Osiris has revived as Christ. So the Owner of land Jehovah devil dealt shortly with those, who Bore Light to people. Osiris is one of Saviors of mankind, He Is given birth in this world. He Has come as the benefactor … and to there is no hurry defeat, he is killed … Osiris is buried … The grave serves in his millennia a pilgrimage. Upon termination of three days, He Has revived again and Has ascended to the sky. … It is history of his humanity.

Osiris (Pharaoh) was twice embodied in Egypt under this name. At this time Jews have repeatedly gone to Egypt from "the cleared-away place". There was one knee of Iudino. But also this knee looked for protection at God. In the Old Testament there is Jehovah's threat to the Pharaoh. Look "The book of the prophet Ezekiel", ch. 32/5, "I am will also scatter your meat on the mountains and I will fill valleys with your corpses". Jehovah tried to return in any ways Jews under the influence because without them he nobody and to call him in any way. Jews - the tool in hands of a devil, with their help he materializes the mean plans. Jehovah has split with the axe Abel, Orpheus, Osiris in two embodiments! The tool of a devil - the axe!

34. Orpheus.

Orpheus is the Greek mythical singer; has invented music and versification. Orpheus's music subdued wild animals, forced stones to move a little, plants - to decline branches. Orpheus is a high priest of Greece. Took part in a campaign of Argonauts … He wandered on the world, learning the people of wisdom, and to sciences, and establishing mysteries. Jehovah has put on weight of Solar God Dionysus and has killed Orpheus has dismembered the axe for the fact that he didn't participate in bacchanalias Dionysus-Bacchus’s (Jehovah). The head and liver Orpheus’s have been thrown into the sea. Jehovah is the murderer, weapon his axe. The devil with impunity swings the axe of 432 thousand years. But the Karma will overtake him. Orpheus – the embodiment of the Teacher Kut Humi (Jesus) is the pupil and eternal friend Great Maitreya.


"The Thundered, the Supreme God, the Lord of gods and people, is the Supreme power over the world and management of all heavenly phenomena. Thunder and lightning! Zeus read as the guardian of a public order and

a family. Establishment of laws and customs! Aegis, scepter and an eagle were Zeus attributes. Zeus was considered as the Father of younger generation of the Olympic gods is: Apollo, Artemis, Arey, Athena, Aphrodite, Hermes, Gefesta, and Dionysus. And also muses and many heroes, - Heracles, Perseya …"

36. Tsar Menes.

Ancient Egypt. The tsar Menes United Lovest and the Top Egypt. The dynastic era of Pharaohs began with association. Nineteen dynasties! The general were created for all state irrigational systems. During board of Pharaohs Egypt was a wisdom cradle as well as India.

37. Pharaoh Ramses II - is greatest of Pharaohs. At It Egypt reached considerable power. Conducted long fight with heft’s, as a result of which Palestine and the Southern Syria was assigned to Egypt. Conducted big construction of temples and a trough valley is. In the northeast delta of Nile constructed the city of "Per-Ramses" (Tennis), Reflected attack to Bottom Egypt of "the sea people". Egyptians is the first-born Great Maitreya.

38.Jesus Christ is the Great Prophet (Rossul Moria).

Maitreya holds in himself all the great incarnations; He is the breeder of all religions, Teachings and philosophies. He brought Light to people, taught good and compassion, taught to live not for him, but for people. To be intelligible to illiterate people, he explained the Teachings in parables. Knowledge Gave on consciousness of this time. In the Gospel of John it is said: ch. 1/14 "And the word became flesh and dwelt among us ...". Christ humiliated himself, saying: "I am the son of man." In the Gospel of John, ch. 10/30, it says: "I and the Father are one." Father is the Supreme, the Creator of the Universe, the invisible Sun, the reflection of the Absolute. The Great Maitreya Passed the Way from the Shepherd of Sheep to the Most High. The First Archangel is the post performed by the Great Maitreya during the evolution of man.

Descend Way and Ascensions of Great Maitreya of 3000 embodiments, - is passed a half of the High Way.

During 1500 embodiments was written thousands books on a spiritual subject and not only. Lord Maitreya in perfection learned painting, mathematics, architecture, medicine. Hands the outstanding surgeon of India It made the very difficult vertebra operation; hands of artists drew thousands pictures, at the international competitions on mathematics under its guidance scientists carried out the instant fiery solution of the equations, built temples, roads, the cities. The list of his creativity is infinite! Follow the Doctrine of the Live Ethics which main author Is the Great Lord of the Shambhala, - Maitreya!

He Has given the new Doctrine of Living Ethics through the pupils. On his Beam books are written:

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1.3. "Silence voice".
2.E. I. Rerich. 2.1. "Agni Yoga", (Doctrine of Living Ethics).

2.2. "Letters", 9 volumes.
3. B. N. Abramov: 3.1. "Facets Agni Yoga" is 22 volumes (1951 -1972).