2. Jehovah-devil.


Sexual partners of Jehovah were: a dinosaur (produced monkeys), a monkey, a cow, men, women, and boys - minor children. Such energy is put in his grain of spirit. Jehovah is a guinea pig; space collects information, - as will be messages itself vainglorious idiot, if to give it occult knowledge.

The main PEDERAST Planet' of ours covered the former Soviet Union with the sites in social networks "Gays and prostitutes of Inkontact", and the manager of the sites from the USA. False doctrines are pseudo-the sites, pseudo-healers, pseudo-fortunetellers and sects - recruitment to Saturn. Says parades of gays in all countries of our Planet with the requirement to legalize their crazy and devil ideas that these people are sick; they need good psychologists for treatment of memory (sub consciousness). It is necessary to withdraw thoughts of a devil and to replace with others. This pettiness applies for a high position. It is possible, whether to imagine Supreme, the Founder and the Creator the zoophile, the generalissimo in the PEDERASTY (Neron), the pedophile, the murderer, the liar. Overweight of forces towards darkness is made by sects.

In the book "Rituals" has various spells. One on them, "exorcism". "Give the place - is address to the demon, give place Jesus Christ ... you're dirty, stinking beast ...the rebellious behavior? Listen and tremble satan the enemy of faith, the enemy of the human race, the Explorer's death. The root of all evil is, the instigator of vice, the spirit of envy, greed, discontents is Prince, which curses God of carnage is. To give birth; incest and sacrilege, inventor of obscenities is. Professor of the most heinous acts is and great of master of heretics (!!!). (Doktor Noereticorum). Sexual partners of Jehovah were: a dinosaur (produced monkeys), a monkey, a cow, men, women and boys - minor children. Such energy is put in its grain of spirit. Jehovah is a guinea pig; space collects information, - as will be messages itself vainglorious idiot, if to give it occult knowledge.
In the Cabbala the Prince of darkness is known as Samael, the Angel of Death. He is a Serpent Seducer, satan. Satan is also Lucifer...

"The dictionary of synonym is", Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Science publishing house, 1975, p. 633. "The DEVIL (on religious representations: the supernatural, representing evil beginning), the DEVIL, the SATAN, the DEMON - book. the DEMON, DEVILRY- colloquial, the ENEMY - is simple. The DAMNED - is simple. the ENEMY confused, CRAFTY - is simple. the DIRTY SPIRIT - is simple. EVIL SPIRIT - it is simple. These all words concern to Jehovah, the citizen of New-York borrowing position – the Owner Earth, devil and satan.


Before leaving to Saturn, perverts, the underworld worshipping to Jehovah devil will be embodied in EUROPE. Godlessness and permissiveness will cause volcanic eruptions, and the CONTINENT will be COVERED by the WAVE. The continent Atlantis will rise by a surface. Remained a little time, in 2046 there will be APOCALYPSE. The First on an ocean floor will leave ENGLAND. Hurry up to make the wise decision - WORSHIP. Apocalypse is division of people according to a treatment of light and shade. At many covers (body) will burn down. Fire and water will clear the Planet of negative generations human. You hold balance.

All who follow a devil are waited by Apocalypse - live will burn fire to clear of evil energy; is analogy of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Jehovah hid information deliberately therefore protests against the Doctrine of Living Ethics. Everyone has to make the decision in this embodiment; the following embodiment will be a consequence of your decision. It is the only chance for Jews to depart forever from a devil to God. Those, who will follow the Doctrine of Living Ethics will be brought together in special places and will be rescued. Everything, who worships to Jehovah-devil, will leave with him to Saturn. There will be an involution. It will be made a fresh start: are minerals, plants, animal, primitive people. Will pass millions years that the person in the development reached our level. Before leaving he wants to blow up an Earth.

So ardent enemies Light will leave to Saturn but opponent dark are doomed to relentless process of destruction and final disappearance

The Shambhala under guidance of Maitreya works in bloody sweat, rescuing ungrateful mankind. But trage is dies not to avoid. Europe will be covered by a wave. The first on a bottom will leave the country where traitors and thieves are embodied. For this purpose also to comed Maitreya, the World which has become a flesh came to us to rescue us and "our house" from destruction. Consciousness expansion not to stick to a matter, to be good to people, to build temples to Great Maitreya where will be distinctly, accurately and briefly to teach Wisdom.

The one, who doesn't accept the Doctrine of Live Ethics, serves darkness, so the enemy of evolution of mankind. Time to sweep from a planet of everything is opponents Light'. Not to stop evolution, it is the Space Law in which all planets participate, and we in the Space chain tail after. Also sectarians are guilty in it!

Goes all planets election campaign with who you are? Good luck, or with a devil? Because WORSHIP is there is a ballot!

In Space there is a uniform chain of evolution of planets, we shouldn't break the space law, - evolution of our Planet and mankind has to take place in a uniform rhythm of Solar system, the Universe and Boundlessness. There is an all-planetary election company, with whom you good luck, or with a devil? Worship is the ballot!

Sectarians and Jews, on Saturn is a den of powers of darkness, and here serve Jehovah died criminals in astral bodies. You accept such society? Draw conclusions; accept the Doctrine of Live Ethics, support Luminous intensity! At the last moment before leaving to other Worlds of whom you will think, under whose beginning you want to be, with that and you will arrive.

Nobody can remain neutral between Light and darkness, between these two contradictory forces. Each person has to choose one of them; differently he will be crushed by both of them. Worship to Great Maitreya, your worship will be a selective voice in protection of powers of Light.

>strong>"Creativity" of the pervert Jehovah is on Planet Earth, 1-11.

Coalition of darkness consists of three is:

1. The demigod Brama (the Demon of the Universe, the main villain) is the PATRON of Jehovah-devil, the Roof planetary satan. The author of the book "Anastasia" in which he calls for a return to paganism. He is against evolution, then the enemy of mankind. Bramah bothered to write scenarios of destinies human. In a break between cycles mistakes are considered previous cycle; that not to repeat them in the future, Brama can be removed from a lotus.It's time! Everything that makes the theorist Brama to Jehovah, the devil carries the perversion on people. Seen a few frames from the movies" Space "Jehovah"; they evoke a sense of disgust and loathing. The description given in the book "exposing the billionaire George Morgan is the epitome of a Pederast Jehovah)". The devil is also under the hypnosis Brama. Sometimes, pouring crocodile tears. Brama is gaining momentum schemes against the one, who Created it, God-Founder's, the Father of the Universe. But in Space ruled by Light, but not the Buggers. The confrontation between the two opposing forces created Brama; into the corpses, destroying physically and spiritually the population; he of our Planet ;has staked.

2.JEHOVAH-DEVIL, planetary satan; bestiality, homosexual, a pedophile, the murderer, the tyrant, the group sex, generation of fascism (the scriptwriter of World War II with concentration camps and the direct performer - Hitler), coups and obsession, "clearing to itself places", Sodom and Gomorrah, revolutions, obsession.
3. DEMIGOD INDRA is generation of Jehovah-devil, the copy is beget, - the drunkard, the murderer, libertine tyrant.

Read to "Ramayana" - the Indian epos; 7 thousand years ago the Indian poet of VALMIKI in verses presented to descendants of life of gods embodied in a body of the person. You watch video "Vishnu Puran" from 63 series "Ramayana". Site: http://jehovah-devil.net


1.A dinosaur (from copulation Jehovah’s and lunar pitri with dinosaurs have occurred monkeys).
2.Jehovah and Lilith (first wife of Pederast's Jehovah).
3. Cow My (second common-law wife of Pederast's Jehovah).

1.The continent was located between America and Asia. The first Radical Race – the first people on Earth, were posterity "Heavenly People" - Lunar Ancestors. Jehovah was the Lord of the Moon. "Founders" “forgot”` to implant to the person brains (the head was flat and had a disk form) "Founders" entered in thin bodies into the created bodies human and having forgotten about "greatness" and copying command of animals, began to copulate with their females. The lord of the Moon – Jehovah too passed this way of falling and produced anthropoids – they are his children; this live monument to live god Jehovah covered the equator and adjacent to its territories. Jehovah and  Lilit children of Jehovah children of Jehovah ".
«Jehovah is the zoophile (a bed from scotomas). Jehovah gave the lowest three principles to the person. Great Maitreya to Insert the brains to zoophile Jehovah and “lunar pitri “.Jehovah first wife is was a monkey (Lilith). After Lilith there was a big cow - is the civil wife (animal). In space is the movie, - Jehovah is depicted during copulation process with big cocow. Devil is generation of all types of perversions. In synagogues there is information that Jehovah "Supreme". He dreams to construct "the Universe - to Satania" for perverts, underworld, Jews and sectarians. Instead of "Universe-Satania" there will be "Saturn-Satania".

Energy of evil thoughts, words and actions of Lemurs filled a continent, than caused volcanic eruptions and the continent plunged on an ocean.

2. Atlantis.

The continent settled down from Australia to island Lanka's (island Ceylon). "The camp of brothers of darkness under guidance of Jehovah devil received the beginning in the fourth race in Atlantis. Their great fight with sons of Wisdom terminated in a victory of the Last and death of Atlantis. "Unfortunately, the present absolutely corresponds to the last time of Atlantis. Same lying is prophets. The same is pseudo-the savior for Jews and sectarians, the same wars, the same treacheries and a spiritual wildness. As temples and science were profaned became a speculation and contention subject. In construction, - nobody built strongly! Also rose against Hierarchy of Light and were suffocated by own egoism. As broke balance of underground forces and created mutual efforts accident. They exercised the wit in terrible tools. And the wave of the ocean covered the continent. Lemuria and Atlantis was a kingdom of Saturn (Jehovah). Where Jehovah governs, always the continent leaves on a bottom; he is a grave-digger of continents.

3. O.Lanka (Ceylon), Shri - Lanka.

After death of Atlantis where there lived black magicians, sorcerers, their small amount escaped on Lanka's (island Ceylon) island, including unsinkable Jehovah devil. On the island Lanki ruled there tsar Ravana (an embodiment of Jehovah). Ravana chose power before demons; he considered people as unworthy opponents. Since then, in three worlds, there is no rest. Ravana's - Jehovah exterminated good and creates the evil.

He decayed itself and decomposed the population. "… abuse foul language, group sex, violence, murder of priests and decantation from them of blood, theft of foreign wives. How to stop it? Gods decide to be embodied on Earth because only the terrestrial husband is capable to overcome Ravana. God is Guardian Vishnu has to be
born strong in Shape of Son Rama of tsar Dasharatha and relieve Lanka of violence. Ravana it was killed in fight by "the Striking Beam" Rama’s.

4. Executions in Egypt and "clearing to itself places".

Escaping from a drought, Jews went to Egypt where the rules Pharaoh (the Solar Lord) He gave them the best lands, 430 years Egyptians their with gift (meat, fruit, vegetables) fed and Jews accepted culture of Egyptians, worshipped to God of the Sun - Ra. Jehovah understood that there was one, and without Jews he anybody and to call him in any way; asked from the Pharaoh to make service of Jews for him and solicited it executions. Therefore brought Jews to Sinai temporarily, that to relieve Egyptians of diseases and murrain.

5. "Clearing to it places".

So settling of Jews of Jehovah in others houses and assignment of someone else's property is called in "Old Testament (Torah)". It is cut out and was killed hundreds thousands old men, children and women. Girls of 12 years have been given to Jews in the concubine. (Jehovah has imparted pedophilia on this branch as national property. And in sects of a devil this metastasis gradually creeps away among sectarians - recruitment signs). From Jehovah occurred all perverts: zoophiles, pedophiles, pederasts, homosexuals, onanists, lesbians. He passed this way of decomposition, and then applied on others under hypnosis. The main pervert of a planet Earth is Jehovah devil, a satan.

6. Sodom and Gomorrah.

For goddess rape, her father damned Jehovah-Ravana that if the violence over the woman repeats, his head will scatter into smithereens. But didn't is a scatter head of the lascivious dog Jehovah-devil. Jehovah in Israel made experiments (masochist) over Jews under powerful hypnosis and decomposed habitants the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah perversions. "Sodomy" - Homosexuality. About it is spoken in the Bible. God filled in these cities with the melted sulfur. Jehovah at first decomposes all the admirers, and then subordinates to itself, silently imposing thoughts and actions

and the person takes them for the.

7. Jesus Christ.
More than 2000 years ago the savior - the Christ was sent to Jews to tell them that Jews worship not to God, and Jehovah devil. That the Christ exposed Jehovah, having Told: "Your father is devil; and you want to execute lusts of your father. It was the murderer from the beginning and didn't resist in Truth, because not in it truth. When he tells lie, tells them because he is a liar and the father of lie. (John, 8/44). Jehovah of hands Jews crucified the Christ.

8. Armageddon.

Dark had to leave to Saturn in 1942 but the planet is yet ready for human life because of the Lucifer- Jehovah. It
represents a kernel which pours as a sand block and three gaseous rings. On Saturn is den of powers of darkness. But space terms are exact, it is necessary to leave. The Lucifer went against the Sun, in Space war began.

In space there was a fight the Armageddon; expelled "Lucifer" from our Solar system. That to delay luminous intensity, on Earth the shown Lucifer-Jehovah prepared blow – World War II. Jehovah devil long before the beginning of war subordinated him Hitler, entered into it in the thin body on meetings, meetings, told it lips and influenced public. Vibrations of astral bodies of the demon and the person different therefore the person gradually from impacts of powerful vibrations collapses. Result is Parkinson's illness. She isn't treated, - a spiritual disease. After rough performances before crowd Hitler rode on a floor; having risen and having exempted from a devil, I was faded and suppressed. Compatriots prepared more than once for Hitler attempt but Jehovah devil warned him and Hitler or was late or at all wasn't in the appointed place.

9. Great Patriotic War.

World War II scenario with concentration camps was prepared by the Bramah-Lucifer - Jehovah. And the third Reich played roles under its powerful hypnosis demons. Everything was directed against Russia and against her Patron. Jehovah to Jews revenged for that they worshipped 430 years in Egypt and on Sinai to Archangel Michael are to God Sun of Ra.

of the Victim of concentration camps.

World War II … Hundred corpses in a mass grave is victims of concentration
camps. Germany … Fascists, concentration camps, crematoriums, is all from a devil-Jehovah. Power of crematoriums didn't cope with receipt of corpses;concrete holes where dumped corpses were prepared and burned them. The senior generation remembers the poster of the artist Irakliy Moiseevich* Toidze, "the Motherland calls" and the patriotic song appeal of V. Lebedev-Kumach, "Get up the country huge, get up on mortal fight with fascist force dark, with a damned horde. Let rage noble boil as the wave, - goes war national, sacred war". These words are applicable so far. There is a hidden war of the Pederast of Jehovah-devil against all population Planet. Antagonism between the people Jehovah brings demons-rakshas's to power (perverts and underworld), revolutions, wars, reforms genocides. Jehovah uses any methods for accumulation of destructive energy for explosion of the Planet before leaving. He in a panic is enraged, as a mad dog. Penetrate in Isaac* Sobolev' words: "People of the World, for a minute get up! Listen, listen! Sounds from all directions are distributed in Buchenwald ringing of bells ...- appeal prevention to all people of the Earth and governors of the states: "Stop a devil balance, peacefulness; worship God, to Great Maitreya. Worship is your ballot. Because World War II isn't comparable with the tragedy the Apocalypse is.

I look at the poster "The Homeland — Mother Calls", or listen to the song "Buckhenvaldsky Alarm" at me a lump in a throat and tears dim eyes. I didn't know that authors of these high works Jews. And the song Lebedev'-Kumach' "Get up Earth huge", the first option, the Jew wrote. Jews were coauthors of creation of the Soviet Union. Low bow to Jewish-Leninists is. Jehovah-rakshas is destroyed everything. But it doesn't matter, after the Apocalypse everything it is reparable.

10. Obsession.
Spider Jehovah
As the poisonous spider, Jehovah spun the web long before it was twisted in a ball, and has confused uncountable quantity of families and characters. He is have organized all and have arranged everything!!!

To humiliate Russia, the devil has chosen, similar, a pettiness – Rasputin Gregory and pushed him on the Olympus of government. Jehovah put on Gregory Rasputin's weight (with breaks in time), appointed ministers, made decisions state to the detriment of Russia. He is organized bacchanalias (the drunken orgies accompanied with sexual violence with hypnosis application). Jehovah’s is devil had a bestial endurance, but not at Gregory Rasputin repeatedly repeated: - "The demon has tortured me …"

Catherine II, Alexander II, Nicholas II – the embodiment from Shambhala. Catherine II had to serve as an intermediary between Michael the Archangel and Russia, and have fallen Jehovah's victim – a devil for moral decay and financial ruin of the Russian state. A devil Jehovah couldn't subordinate Alexander II to the hypnosis; from the eighth attempt the tsar-reformer has been killed by the hitman (obsessed Jehovah). Nicholas II and his
family were the victims of hypnosis of a devil of Jehovah.

11. Jehovah on Saturn is. Jehovah on Saturn
Jehovah applies occult methods to people. Jehovah needs to be executed for crimes against humanity on a planet Earth. If only this spider spinning the networks for a catching of people left from our planet to Saturn.

All wars, revolutions, orange revolutions, - are organized by Jehovah devil. Performers of its brutal actions don't realize all tragedy in which they are involved under powerful hypnosis of a planetary satan. In total obsession, including a perversion of all types is conduct to death. And after death these slaves in astral bodies will execute his will. But the most sad, - all victims executing it decrees will leave with it to Saturn. To all fault - spiritual ignorance of people. Appeal, cry out, ask, - regain consciousness. Ask for the help God; look for protection against a planetary demon, who rearranges people on a chessboard as pawns, applying an occultism. An example of the victims - Jews, Hitler, Chikatilo, and modern obsessed will rank themselves as this company.

Brama-Jehovah is blood-greedy killer, 12.<7strong>

"Be Saint because I am Saint", (the pederast Jehovah in the first message Apostle Peter's has told, ch.1/16).

Seven Archangels is seven Beams of the Father of the Universe and the eight, given rise from the Chaos chasm, was called Lux, Lucifer, future devil (pederast Jehovah). Why it was so called... the "Lucifer» is Light-bearer!? Brama (Chaos), Lucifer's patron is a roof of a planetary satan of Jehovah. Bramah intercepted the word the Lucifer at Spirits of the Flame representatives Light’. In grain of spirit of Jehovah is put energy, the expressing defects all types: manifestation of lie, evil, cruelty, vanity, revenge, all types of perversions. Jehovah's essence was put by Brama, Chaos is unrestrained elements; their gods pacify and turn in the worker force.

In Revelation of John the Evangelist which author Jehovah, in chapter 22/16 it is told: "I, Jesus, star morning", - Jehovah-devil dictated to "prophet" that after a crucifixion to legalize it Christ's father. Christ is really the Carrier Light’s; Jehovah is the darkness carrier, a satan a devil. Words the Lucifer and a satan aren't combined.

In 1887 E.P. Blavatsky let out the first issue of the magazine "Lucifer". The name of all shocked is. The name the Lucifer usually is connected with a devil, or a fallen angel. The Lucifer is Light carrier is, the name of a star of morning, a messenger of a bright sunlight. E. P. Blavatsky wanted to reabilitate this word. Extremely clearly she speaks in the letter to the native: "….this fine name! Lux, Luxis - Light; ferre - to Warry: "Light carrier" - that is better»? Malum is the evil, ferre - to carry Malum, Malumfer - the evil carrier (Latin). Real name of "Lucifer" is Malumfer (Latin). "Lucifer" was never an angel Light, the word the Lucifer isn't combined with the word a devil. Jehovah is representative Malumfer’ on Earth, the carrier evils. Jehovah is Malumfer!!

Spirits of the Flame brought to mankind light of reason and great gift of immortality. Therefore they had to be called as Light bearer and Lucifer.

Spirits of the Flame Brought to mankind Light of reason and a great gift of immortality. Therefore they shall be called Light-bearer and Lucifer’s. It is rather known of existence of the Brotherhood of Good (Hierarchy Light's) and evil brotherhoods (hierarchy of darkness). The brotherhood of the evil tries to imitate the Brotherhood Good in methods and methods of action. The person can distinguish the angry brother from kind if visibility and words are identical? Manifestation of mental energy can unmistakably recognize an internal entity of the phenomena. All-initial energy can't show the negative to the positive. Recognition consists in heart fires, in feeling-knowledge. Such recognition is called weapon Light's. The Lucifer is Light-bearer. Whether there corresponds to the representative of darkness the word the Lucifer? For such blasphemy Brama deserves release from a post. Brama is the one, who scripts destinies human.

Some embodiment Jehovah is: Cain, Ravana, Bacchus, Dionysus, Set, Typhon, Caligula, Neron, Gregory Rasputin, Adolf Hitler, billionaire Georges Morgan Jehovah put on weight of everyone violently; his ways were shown as bacchanalias and murders. Jehovah is a Generalissimo in a pederasty.
Pederast Jehovah


Lemuria. Adam and Eve had sons. The first son was called Cain, the second Avel. Cain began to envy the brother, called Avel in a field and there killed him. There was the first spilling of blood. Cain (Jehovah) was damned for this murder by God. Cain is the first murderer on the Earth, and not only, is the first fratricide.

On the continent Lemuria Jehovah spread demonic culture: godlessness, an all-allowable, than caused volcanic eruptions and the continent left on an ocean floor. Astral bodies don't sink; they left the person and after clarification were embodied on the continent Atlantis again.

Brama-Jehovah created "a darkness brotherhood" - sorcerers and black magicians. Lemuria history repeated and Atlantis was covered by a wave. Some of Atlases escaped (among them there was Jehovah) and lodged on

Island Lanki (Ceylon).

Ravana-Jehovah on Lanki is a spread the same as on the previous continents: the demonic culture, godlessness, and orgies reaching the last stage of moral decay. Gods solved it physically to eliminate and rescue people from its harmful influence. A Rama a (the seventh Avatar of Vishnu is an embodiment of the Great Lord of the Shambhala) relieved Lanki's population of the demon Ravana. With this time Jehovah-Ravana made the Plan of revenge to the Lord of the Shambhala:

1. To carry out recruitment of the population to Saturn.
2. To blow up the Planet.

To forget all past is and to determine new date from the beginning of creation of the world of Jehovah.

In September 2014 are executed 5775 years from creation of the World for Jews. Lemuria, Atlantis, Lanki the devil forgot, but from pederasty it won't be released in any way and on the contrary this devil method applies on others for replenishment the army.

Orgy …, a loose feast which Jehovah in Ancient Greece in the honor arranged, - an orgy the rough and chaotic manifestation of any forces reaching extreme degree is group sex with all types of perversions. (Lat. Bacchanalia). All actions of the person – energy; him the smell of Energy of love is characteristic – are fragrant. Energy of sexual perversions – are fetid.

Greece. Dionysus (Bacchus) repeated himself, as well as in the previous embodiments; the same orgies and the same sick vanity - planting of worship itself favorite. His contemporary there was Orpheus, high priest of Greece, Invented music and versification. Orpheus's music subdued wild animals, forced stones to move a little, plants - to decline branches. Orpheus had a big and hospitable house in which his friends gathered. But Dionysus lascivious dog wasn’t a guest in this house. Orpheus didn't take part in Jehovah-Dionysus orgies. Cause of death Orpheus there was an anger Dionysus for that, that the high priest neglected Dionysus's "cult". The head and a liver of the singer were thrown into the sea. Orpheus's death was mourned by animals, birds, the woods, trees, stones. Orpheus is embodiment of the Great Teacher Kut Humi the eternal friend and the Pupil Great Maitreya. Jehovah entered in Dionysus' body the adult son Zeus in hope to become the successor but he miscalculated! Its ways were shown as orgies and murders; werewolf! Zeus is embodiment Great Maitreya.


Osiris – is the representing Air, the first radiation of the Highest Deity; Amon, Primary Light source. Osiris the Son of God of Earth Geba and the Goddess of the Sky Nut, Isida was his spouse. Having inherited the father's kingdom, Osiris operated it wisely and fairly. Angry demigod of the desert, demon Jehovah secretly put on Seth's body, brother God's Osiris, envying Osiris, killed him, and a body threw into Nile. Isida found the husband's body but Seth stole it is and having cut on 40 parts (on number of nom), scattered across Egypt. After long searches Isida collected them, and by means of magic spells recovered Osiris …


Osiris - is the Son Seba and Nate (the following embodiment) - is the Greatest God - self-real and self-created.
The first shown deity is. Jehovah (violent aspect) put on Typhon's body, the brother God's Osiris's.

Typhon killed Osiris and dismembered on fourteen parts (two on seven). He scattered parts of a body across the territory of Egypt. Subsequently Osiris revived as Christ. So the Owner of land Jehovah devil with those, who bore Light to people finished. Osiris - is one from of Saviors of mankind, It is given rise in this world. It came as the benefactor … and to there is no hurry defeat, Him kill … Osiris is buried … The grave serves in its millennia pilgrimage. Upon termination of three days, He revived again and Ascended to the sky. … It is history of His humanity.

Osiris (Pharaoh) was twice embodied in Egypt under this name. At this time the Jew repeatedly went to Egypt from "the cleared-away place". Remained one is knee of Judas. But also this knee looked for protection at God. In the Old Testament there is Jehovah's threat to the Pharaoh. Look "The book of the prophet Ezekiel", the head, 32/5. "Also I will scatter your meat on the mountains and I will fill valleys with your corpses". Jehovah is killer, weapon his is the axe.

Svarog (is in astral body).

After distribution of Christianity a devil Jehovah – Svarog has decided to be ahead of him, and has imposed himself to Kievan Rus'. Blood-thirsty and prudent, ruthless and cruel he inspired fear on rusichi's, demanding a gift of the victims burning on fire of children sometimes even chest. Dobrynya Nikitich has offered rusich's for worship polytheism and has weakened Svarog'-Jehovah's influence. Dobrynya Nikitich and his colleagues: Iliya Muromeс and Alyosha Popovic have saved rusichi' from the blood-thirsty murderer. Rusich's from polytheism have chosen for worship of God of the Sun Ra (the Giving God) – Michael the Archangel. In 988 the prince Vladimir has made the Christianization of Kievan Rus' and rusichi' have adopted Christianity. Christ is Rossul Moria (the embodiment of the Great Lord of Shambhala). Slavs! Remember the roots and return to the sources!! Jehovah is touches upon this subject in the book (coauthor Istarkhov) "Blow of the Russian gods" with the artful purpose. Dobrynya Nikitich is Malusha brother. The prince Vladimir is Malusha's son born out of marriage from the prince Svyatoslav. Jehovah extends a lie about Malusha that it is a daughter rabbi and garbles an origin of her name. It it casts a shadow on her brother and the son. The liar Jehovah introduces a thought to Jews that still is in those days in Kiev Jews have come to the power. Woman's names of Mavka and Malka have been widespread in Russia. They could be international as Maria, Ekaterina, Elena, Elizabeth and others. Jehovah inspires in Jews that they "are chosen" to govern on the Planet, pours balm on consciousness before sending Jews "on a stage" to Saturn.

Gregory Rasputin.

Gregory Rasputin served as a cover for Jehovah; the devil put on weight of the victim and applying hypnosis, appointed ministers, organized bacchanalias (drunken orgies with the subsequent sexual group perversions). The family of the tsar was in a condition of obsession: the purpose - to isolate the tsar from government and to take reins of government in hand. Miracles and orgies, Jehovah made, using spiritual ignorance of people. Gregory in a bath "sultry took a steam bath", "stupefied and excited" with the reek of alcohol and boots (greased with tar), struck ladies with "sanctity" - the devil Jehovah sat in Grissini’s body! The devil had a bestial endurance. Jehovah spreads rumors in Russia via the websites of shvonders-rakshas's about fast canonization of Gregory Rasputin, following there will be Adolf Hitler – two embodiments of the pederast Jehovah with breaks in time.

Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler - the next victim of Jehovah. Jehovah has corrupted Hitler (desires), has created under him fascist National - socialist party, has made him a reychskantsler, and then has united this post and the president's post, and has set the mode of fascist terror in Germany. Jehovah trained Hitler under himself, - has united all state mechanism and has established one-man management. The devil put on Hitler's weight with breaks in time: spoke at meetings, held meetings, made the main decisions; have completely taken over control under the beginning. Hitler was sick - Parkinson's disease because of a difference of vibrations of bodies of Jehovah and Hitler. The scenario of war with concentration camps has been developed by Jehovah. Hitler and all attendants of the third Reich were under powerful hypnosis of a planetary satan. Method of a devil: at first will lower, then distributes positions, using the person zombie.

Hitler (Jehovah) was the pervert and the masochist. From 1925 veins with the young niece Geli Raubal. He forced it to tie him to a bed and to beat with a belt. One of Hitler's rivals in Nazi party, Otto Shtrasser claimed that the Nazi dictator forced the niece Geli Raubal to defecate and urinate for him. (The devil at this time was in the Fuhrer, confirmation to that is the movie from space).

Hitler was a medium, every night left a physical body and traveled on the lowest astral plan (the medium is the main property of Hitler which to him at the request of Brama Lords Karma in the circumsolar sphere (the God's Kingdom) have put in consciousness before the embodiment). Jehovah so was fond of Hitler's niece that he has forgotten the purpose of the arrival. That the devil has recovered the Demon of the Universe Brama has inspired Gels to defecate on a breast of the "Lord" Jehovah. That she has told nobody, Jehovah, applying hypnosis, has forced Raubal Gels to shoot oneself. The woman for one day has succeeded; – she was comprehended by the same fate that nobody has learned that the Fuhrer – reflection of a devil of Jehovah represents.

Following was – Eve Brown, the wife properties. Adolf Hitler and Eve Brown have together committed suicide – the devil Jehovah covered up tracks.

In Desmond Seward's book, "Napoleon and Hitler" the author draws a parallel between two tyrants. As who unites them? 1. The purpose – to subdue Russia. 2. Obsession same is a devil Jehovah. He operated Napoleon and entered Hitler, but unsuccessfully. Russia can't be subdued because her Patron – God, Great Maitreya!!!

Caligula and Neron is embodiment Jehovah (active Pederast), 13
Caligula (Jehovah)


During sleep the astral body of the person leaves from physical and costs at a bed, or goes on the apartment. At this time the demon can enter him. So it happened to Caligula, Neron and other victims in whom Jehovah throughout the entire period of the board was installed. After Jesus Christ's crucifixion Savaof (Jehovah) has gone down to Earth from the lower astral plan for the embodiment in the emperor's family the successor of a throne - the typical devil scenario. All characters will act under his management.

Caligula is the Roman Emperor from 37 of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, years of life 12 - 41 ad, the Father of Caligula – Germanicus, stepson of Tiberius. Jehovah spread a rumor; supposedly Germanicus had the chance to become sole Emperor. A few months before his death, Germanicus saved the Romans from starvation. Against the will of Tiberius, he opened the public granaries and brought down the price of bread. Saved people wore it on their arms, Tiberius cursed. Popular military leader was poisoned on the orders of Emperor Tiberius (Jehovah inspired him in the future to justify the poisoning of Tiberius, ostensibly for revenge). The army has been brewing revolt: reset Tiberius to avenge the murder of Germanicus. Soldiers and commanders were captured and executed. Wife Agrippina, sons and daughters were taken to the island of Capri; after killed his mother and brothers. Tiberius uprooted the whole family of Germanicus, with the exception of two daughters and infant son Caligula. From Caligula's sisters was a family relationship. Confirmation is of this film. To justify their crimes, Jehovah defamed Caligula and created a false myth about his illness. Jehovah filled the brain of Caligula black energy of destruction and my head was splitting from unbearable pain. In fact, the devil has prepared for him a sacrifice to walk the path of the Beast, and to conduct the recruitment of the population of sexual perversions.

In 17 years, Jehovah has helped Caligula to get to Rome, and to enter into the family of the Emperor. The owner of the Land was in the astral body on the lower astral plane and vigilantly Emperor of the Roman Empire. In 37 B. C. Jehovah (invisible astral) poisoned Tiberius, and suspicion fell on Caligula. The doctors washed the Emperor's stomach, and he recovered. Jehovah has used hypnosis; forced Caligula to enter the room of Tiberius, to strangle the Emperor with a pillow and remove from the hands of the "ring of power".

Young and attractive Caligula ascended the throne is not "the will of the people" and the script of the devil. The Romans called it "Our sun". He reduced taxes, granted Amnesty to political prisoners, abolished the system of denunciations, and the beast was for one spooky night. But what or who made the beast of the young Emperor for his wisdom? Savaof (Jehovah)! For recruitment Jehovah needed a young body of the Emperor.

The position is attached to the power and comfort. The devil doesn't need a good Emperor, the favorite of the people. He entered the astral body to the physical body of Caligula and committed all the crimes. He's raped the sisters, their arms sawing convicted with a blunt saw, gouged out eyes sufferers, cut off women's Breasts and men's genitals, the chef chopped off his hands and hung it around his neck. "Beat so that the perpetrator felt like dying" - a favorite expression of Jehovah. Caligula (Jehovah) began to morph into a monster worse than the one that Jehovah was killed. Caligula (Jehovah) has become the brutal ruler. Sex with sister and orgies is in the Imperial baths. Executed 40 senators! Men were sent to feed the lions and tigers. Caligula (Jehovah) was raped by younger sister Julia Agrippina in front of her husband. She gave birth to a son in 37году – the future Nero. The husband admitted his son, but didn't love it. The boy will grow up happy as long as it will start to show lunar influence, it will include the lunar demon - hosts (Jehovah). Husband (Gney Domitius a) to 41 ad Caligula was murdered. The Emperor before his death was relieved he came out of hosts (Jehovah). The gnaeus Domitius died at 40 year of life due to outbreak of dropsy; Jehovah killed domitia because he is deprived of his physical body at the age of 13 to make a mess of murder and mayhem. Julia Agrippina's child Jehovah was attached to the wife of the Emperor Claudius. And everything will repeat. Savaof (Jehovah) hands of Julia Agrippina poisoned Claudius, and ascend to the throne of 16 year old Nero – another victim of Jehovah. For the entire period of the reign of Jehovah in this book exposed a total of 11 incarnations. In the same period, the Great Maitreya, Lord of Shambhala is 1500 creative incarnations; the duration of each 40 – 50 years. Jehovah in the body of Caligula was 4 years old, in the body of Nero – 14. On average, the occurrence continued for 10 years with the same breaks in time. The period of his reign is 432 thousand years. How many crimes of Jehovah kept in the archives of space! Manifesting in the material world, he never was born, and was part of the body of light entities, showing the properties of a pervert, murderer, and swindler; imposing a stigma on the victim, carried out the recruitment of the population.

Neron (Jehovah) .

After Jesus Christ's crucifixion apostles Paul, Peter and Maria Magdalina have gone to Rome to preach Christianity. At this time Jehovah left Caligula’s body and has departed to the ancestral lands, the lower astral plan. Those rumors haven't crept away that he is a devil, Jehovah wanted to strangle Christianity in a germ, and bacchanalias are important for the gay Jehovah! It was necessary to be embodied in the YOUNG physical body. Young Neron! 13 years the devil spun a web; Has attached Julia Agrippina, Neron's mother in the mistress Imperator, later have defined in wives. At achievement of 16 years by Neron, Jehovah has organized Claudius's murder and has put on Neron's throne.

Neron (years of life 37 - 68) with 54 Roman emperor is from a dynasty Yuliys - Klavdiys. Jehovah "was installed" in body Neron's in the 54. The Devil entered violently in an astral body in physical body Neron's (forced out an astral body of the victim) and became the emperor of Rome. Jehovah - the Death angel, - it committed the next murder.

1. «At the beginning of the dominion it reduced penalties and taxes, tried to fight against corruption, was fond of versification. 2 . But Neron is more became famous for the cruelty and unusual habits". The first offer concerns to Neron and the second to Jehovah-devil.

With 54 Jehovah - Neron was the emperor of Rome. In 14 years of board Jehovah - Neron was cruel, vainglorious and dissolute. Continuous repressions, orgies (orgy), confiscation restored against it all layers of the Roman society. Jehovah (Neron) indulged in defect with a great number of the citizens, beginning from boys and finishing respectable married matrons. In a passion attack it could rape even the priestess-vestal. Lved together with mother (Neron), and killed her later. The sharp change which has happened in Neron's behavior was noticed by mother, the teacher Seneca and relatives.

1. Applying hypnosis Jehovah lived together with mother and laterkilled her. The emperor Jehovah
(Neron) ordered to destroy the aunt to Domitius by means of excessive dose of laxative.

2. The arson of Rome was organized by Jehovah (Neron). It "cleared away to itself place" in time, also constructed hands slaves gold palace with a huge garden and a reservoir. In this house Jehovah suited orgies: drunken orgies to insanity, and then guests humiliated sexual perversions in the form of violence.

After a fire of 64 years in Rome, the emperor Jehovah (Neron) laid all blame for an event on Christians, slandered deliberately. It arranged terrible persecutions on believers, tortured and killed them. To methods punishments it is possible to carry crucifixion on a cross, mending in skins of animals and persecution by dogs. Besides everything it Neron love"natural lighting" is. He ordered to crucify the person on a cross and to pour over it oil, then to oil set fire and the person alive burned, shining gardens opposite to the palace bright Light of a flame. Jehovah (Neron) began total persecution on Christianity. Jehovah (Neron) in 65 in Rome executed apostles: Pavel and Peter, - cut them the heads.

3. Jehovah (Neron) decided to stop life of the brother, at dinner poisoned him with poison.

4. The teacher Neron’ Seneca died when he was about 70 years old, keeping determination. He could live more long but Jehovah (Neron) sentenced him to death through suicide. Seneca coolly opened to himself veins (under Jehovah's hypnosis) on hands and feet.

5. Having the wife Jehovah (Neron) in the face of the amazed public got the novel with a plebeian the Acte
and even wanted to marry it.

6. Drunk orgies were very widespread: Jehovah (Neron) put on in an animal skin then jumped out from a cage and in turn forced the naked men attached to columns and women; women but also young men were his sexual

partners. Sexual perversions are one from options of recruitment in army of a devil. Jehovah applies also others: organizes spread of venereal diseases, drugs and AIDS, brothels and houses of prostitutes. And this monster, from whom the evil proceeds on all Boundlessness, worship Jews and sectarians

7. Having decided to change once again the wife, Jehovah (Neron) executed the first spouse Octavia. The spouse of his best friend became the second official wife of the emperor. But also it didn't hold on long. Second wife Poppeyu Sabina, patient and pregnant woman, it killed, having kicked.

8. Jehovah (Neron) found the cute slave, similar appearance on the killed wife, castrated it and married it. JEHOVAH - is the ACTIVE PEDERAST - GENERALISSIMO is in the PEDERASTY. On the Internet on Jehovah
(Neron) speak: "Pshaw, pederast;. Fourteen years the devil was embodied in Neron's body and committed all
crimes under his came. Jehovah physically destroyed all, who close knew Neron: mother, aunt, brother, wife, teacher Seneca. Neron was absolutely another he had music education, composed verses. The devil dishonored Neron's name for ages.

When Jehovah (Neron) has learned that he is wanted to be eliminated physically, and all have abandoned him, he cut to himself a throat, repeating words: "What great actor perishes". After an exit from a body Neron's Jehovah has departed in an astral body on the lowest astral plan. Also have at once dictated to the prophet "Revelation", but under name of John the Evangelist is the prior of the monastery in the Hilt, near Rome. In this monastery Maria Magdaina has spent the last days.

The space writes down everything and about everyone removes to the movie. Jehovah was secretly installed, has destroyed Christians, all Rome has corrupted, has physically eliminated all who guessed his "embodiment" and have left. During his absence Jews were free.

And in the Old Testament it is possible to notice its absence, but it before Jews presented events so as though it left them because they "didn't go in the ways Jehovah's Misters".

In all embodiments Jehovah ways were shown as orgy and murder. Foolish Jehovah deliberately exposed in the Internet some series movie "Emperor Neron", that after viewing to carry out recruitment to Saturn. This movie – is provocation from a devil.

Currently, Jehovah "made Rome" in his bedroom; He puts his wife in a deep sleep, carries 9 year old son's bedroom and teaches uses hypnosis Currently, Jehovah "made Rome" in his bedroom; He puts his wife in a deep sleep, carries 9 year old son's bedroom and teaches uses hypnosis to pederasty and cocksucking. Film from the space Jehovah lulled son began to crawl along his body, touching chest and abdomen with his lips, took his penis in her mouth ... but the child did not respond. The devil, too, fell asleep ... with penises in the mouth, smacking his lips. And this "swamp schmuck" Jews, Christians and all the sectarians considered the father of Christ. Recently an Orthodox father called the lecture bugger Jehovah father of Christ, after my amendment said, "Get out of here, and your book I will not read." Know that he went to the site and started reading ...and cocksucking. Film from the space Jehovah lulled son began to crawl along his body, touching chest and abdomen with his lips, took his penis in her mouth ... but the child did not respond. Billionaire Georges Morgan (devil Jehovah) too fell asleep ... with penises in the mouth, smacking his lips. And this "swamp schmuck" Jews, Christians and all the sectarians considered the father of Christ. Recently an Orthodox father called the lecture bugger Jehovah father of Christ, after my amendment said, "Get out of here, and your book I will not read."Know that he went to the site and started reading...

The organizer of wars and revolutions - Jehovah devil is the main pervert Planet ours, the propagandist of fascism and generate of all sects. The swastika detaining evolution and a cross of scientology - is its "award". Such swastika was carried by fascists of Hitlerites Germany.

If mankind it will be indifferent to crimes Jehovah, the size will terrify them the world. The planetary satan transferred Art. 13. 08 .14 that, if you write about it is, On the Internet will slander the President of Russia and showed vision is the victim next. Long ago it is known that all insults on the Internet to the President of Russia flow from that tear where there has to be Jehovah's mouth. On the Internet the pervert who executes indications of a devil works. Today again the MAIN PEDERAST of our planet - JEHOVAH was before me, and showed teeth. And teeth showed it. Fish goes rotten by the head, and the mankind decays from the Owner of Land - Jehovah is. There is no city on a post – the Soviet space where there would be no sites "Gays City of Inkontact". These sites false; are issued by color images and false correspondence of false visitors with false surnames, Jehovah's trap method of replenishment of its army, recruitment to Saturn. Jehovah does crops through the victims – perverts. "In Contact" works the pederast executing decrees of a devil. On Fase book, the site «Group of Admirers of Putin» there is words of the young man: "I am proud of Russians, among us there are no pederasts". Parade already took place in Kiev. On parade of gays in London, the clone (effigy) of Putin, with a naked torso, stood on the tank and "shot" gays from army of the zoophile, the pedophile, the gay Jehovah. In Russia the Duma adopted the law about an advertizing ban sexual perversion. The satan planetary drags the army on the leading posts; for what purpose gays don't know; they will be covered by a wave soon and they will leave on an ocean floor. Roller: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKxNA7qziqY - Victims is pederast’ Jehovah.

Billionaire Georges Morgan is incarnate pederast Jehovah, representative "Lucifer" on Earth, the Owner of Earth, devil and satan, 14.

Jehovah devil is the sorcerer and black magician.

Turned pentacles are sign of sorcery and black magic.
The leader of the Jewish oligarchy and corruption is the Jehovah-the devil. Jehovah fraudulently created by a group of billionaires for the US administration. It just so "for the health of live" does not do anything. Morgan and Rockefeller devil was preparing for himself. At that time, Jehovah was in the astral body at the lower astral plane and was eager to incarnate on Earth. By this time is in England for He was a victim; drug dealer and seapirate from family Morgan. Before the start of the Northern War scenario which has been developed by Jehovah, the devil captive Morgan in America. All other billionaires had a sister biography and they were all controlled by the devil! In his book, Jehovah leads seven names of billionaires, which he created personally!

The chief swindler from a sort Morgan – John Pierpont Morgan (father) has inflated the purse during the Northern war in the USA speculation (I bought up unsuitable weapon in bulk and sold to the state in 6, 5 times am dearer; criminal case has been open, but Jehovah has closed it). Morgan has created bank and financial swindles gradually absorbed other banks. The chief swindler Planet of ours – Jehovah acted through Morgan father. The devil hands Johnie Pierpont Morgan (son) has shot the father in Rome to become eventually the only and absolute master of billions. The son (according to the indication of a devil) has put the father's corpse in a suitcase and has brought in hotel. The police of Italy has submitted the case to justice of the USA, and the son was turned out from Italy. The son has brought the father to England and has buried in a manor Morgan. The investigation and identification of a corpse of the father weren't conducted; Jehovah has closed case. Johnie ("Dzhek") Pierpont Morgan (son) (1867 — 1943) has filled up billions inherited from the father, Hitler's financing and two world wars (under control of Jehovah).

Satan provokes to crime, and then punishes; he is Death angel. When Morgan (son's) treasury has filled a purse with bloody $, the imaginary murderer Johnie ("Dzhek") Pierpont Morgan (son) the devil has deprived of life to. A fortune was come by the grandson; life expectancy of all Pierpont - Morgan – 76 eyars. After death of the grandson a fortune was come by the great-grandson - Georges Morgan. But, a satan Jehovah has saved the great-grandson from commission of crime intentionally not to soil himself (though more it is already impossible to stain, all in blood and excrement). For Jehovah it is simple to kill the person with power of thought. He will attract to himself consciousness (the shining disk over the head), consciousness will pull along the lowest astral body (radio), astral body will carry away a cover with energy. A physical body without energy is a corpse. The highest Thin bodies (astral and mental) will be removed. Satan has provided the birth of a sex of the child (great-grandson) in advance; for entry into a body it is necessary to wait to age of 25-30 years. It is ready! Conditions for the embodiment are created! Georges Morgan!!! Jehovah has entered in an astral body a physical body of the billionaire - Georges Morgan during sleep of the victim. On numerology science: years of life of the father 1837 – 2013=76=7+6=13; the son 1867 — 1943=76=7+6=13 – number of a devil. Jehovah deprived of them life when the efficiency of their activity went down.

Puppeteer Jehovah created NATO to control the planet. Devil sells US debt to return the stolen money and buy them gold and precious stones. The devil is preparing to Saturn, it collects suitcases. Together with suitcases to carry off a Saturn those, who did favor. US citizens do not repay Jehovah speculator and the collapse of his

"Empire sects." As a result, Jehovah Bugger in the minority will leave Earth in 2046. Perhaps, for ten years

earlier the devil will leave to Saturn with the army!!!

At the parade of gay pederast Jehovah should the ahead of the column witch red – black flag of the devil. As the founder of the society of perverts are the victims of his hypnosis.

Jehovah twice is in a dream before me: 1. I'm sitting by the road, he curled into a ball, and a huge devil is in front of me and brandishing an axe. 2. It should be in front of me and said: "You - one, and I is the value." Would say not a dream, but in reality, "Greatness is in good deeds without the calculation of remuneration." Ruler of Shambhala, Great Maitreya - God, The value of! Bugger Jehovah is only planetary demon moon demon, swindler, bloodthirsty murderer, a liar and the father of lies.

During fraudulent games in the US Northern War devil he killed her hands Russian Emperor Assassins of Alexander II and US President Abraham Lincoln. Who's the next victim? For the paragraph that contains the name of a real Devil - Morgan, Jehovah burned on my floor all the counters and the wiring. At the entrance was a smokescreen. On my computer, Jehovah brought down the hard drive satanic energy of destruction.

I walk down the street and suddenly a vision right there is a huge black Cadillac, and behind the wheel - Jehovah. And he said: «On foot go … Sit don will drive". From his methods control on planet swayed is and nausea.
Information is about the heredity of the physical body of billionaire Georges Morgan. His grandfather, John Pierpont Morgan, was a weak and painful boy when he was a child - detective Peter Fortescue, a well-known private investigator, described this in his papers in detail. Skin diseases, pneumonias, arthritis, slight epilepsy; neighbors said that little John has a poor blood and it was the pure truth.

Pierpont, who gave birth to the mother of John, was marked by obvious signs of degeneration of the family. John Pierpont (grandfather) stood out in the crowd with shining blue eyes and a huge red nose. This disease in Pierpont was hereditary - to old age John Pierpont's nose grew to fantastic proportions.

Mrs. Pierpont (grandmother) suffered hysterical attacks and a serious dermatosis. She could not fulfill her duties and was terribly worried about her appearance. Their daughter, Juliette Pierpont, also inherited a skin disease - but not from her mother, but from her father, who suffered from rosacea. In the story of Detective Fortescue, the story of little John Pirponte Morgan was read as a novel by Dickens: fragile, squishing an eternally stuffed nose, prone to nervous breakdowns and sudden convulsions, aching in bones, migraines and colds - a small handicapped person; the boy spent six months in bed. At the mother's in the tenth year of matrimony finally gave up her nerves, and she forever locked up in her dull little world. Parents sent their son to the Azores after he had a rheumatic fever - John lay in bed for six months. Spencer Morgan decided that the southern sun would benefit his offspring. He still had something all the time, but he learned not to pay attention to it. He was worried because acne poured out on his forehead (the rash would torment Morgan all his life - apparently, the disease was hereditary), and, nevertheless, trailing after all the pretty girls in the district.

"The Lord" Jehovah increased his lips with silicone and made the nose plastic; removed the hump, narrowed the nostrils (the tip of the nose protruded with a hairpin) and shortened the nose (made a resection across the nose), the lips cracked, and the wound on the nose does not heal - bad blood by inheritance. He is not friendly with his head; he concentrated all his attention on the genitals. And his mind is stricken by the same virus. The devil was trapped, unsuccessfully chose a victim. The ancestors of the grandfather of billionaire Georges Morgan were blood relatives of the same genus Pierpont.

Jews are practicing this, but the result is always lamentable. This is the Karma of the family Morgan for drug trafficking and piracy (robberies and murders). The cause of the fall of several generations of the families of Pierpont and Morgan - Jehovah, his occult influence; their hands the devil forged billions. In addition to the billions, Jehovah inherited a mental disorder from the Pierpont family: the grandfather (except for a dozen diagnoses) had mild epilepsy; the great-grandmother has hysterical fits. Jehovah was preparing a sacrifice for the incarnations of six generations of Morgan. But, Karma does not sleep. In the form of retribution, the family of Pierpont connected in kindred ties with Morgan; hence the dermatosis and mental disorders. After the unification of the two clans, the surname of the ancestors of the physical body of Jehovah was listed as Pierpont Morgan, but the devil rejected the name of Pierpont, so as not to drag them into the influence of this half of the genus. The second name outnumbered the atrocities. Jehovah knows that this particular branch of lemur demons was embodied by the devil in the tribe of the Jews. He before the wedding deprived the innocence of the brides of Israel at the age of 12 - 13 years, while he embodied all the demons (rakshas's). He served as a bull-insemter, and initiated the beginning of pedophilia. Under Soviet rule, after harvesting, the districts had annual agricultural exhibitions; collective farms represented agricultural products and livestock. There were collective farms, which were engaged in breeding meat and dairy breeds of cattle. Brought on exhibition thoroughbred huge the bulls are producers. But, Jehovah belongs to garbage human; he spread his rot to a tribe of demons. Everything returns to its own place; what you will seed, you will reap.
Computer technologies have embellished the face of Jehovah devil, – at him the nose is five times more also in a form, – a sinusoid in a profile with the lifted-up end. A big nose is "an award for fornication" in antecedents. The appearance of the billionaire Georges Morgan has precisely suited a devil for the karmic reasons. The owner of land still pays for dinosaurs, monkeys, cows and sexual perversions of all types. Jehovah is the zoophile, the active pederast, the pedophile. Jehovah often changes a shape of a beard. Look narrowly, citizens of the USA, he sometimes passes on the Broadway, - the pederast Jehovah lives on this street in a skyscraper, 10/1 (number ten, the apartment one). The devil wears black clothes and black glasses. His car – black Cadillac; it is made by request because of legs poles. (Jehovah has made 11.08.2016 plasticity of a nose: have removed a small hump and have made narrower nostrils, have made a resection across a nose, now a nose equal and short, as at a pug). Other signs: the two-meter jockstrap, legs is twice longer than a trunk (Afron's syndrome), an eye yellow and small as drills, penetrate through.

Jehovah with irritation questions: "Why you in each book repeat about me this text"? - It is too primitive to understand my, far-reaching, a plan.

Jehovah with irritation questions: "Why you in each book repeat about me this text"? - It is too primitive to understand my, far-reaching, a plan.

Gulags, repressions, concentration camps, Famine genocide … , 15..

The doctrine of Marxism-Leninism - is eternal. Look at the sky, how many stars are planets and on everyone there are people. And everywhere a world order basis - the COMMUNITE. The capital was thought up by a devil to operate the world.

That to compromise V. I. Lenin's ideas, in 1917 demonic forces of Jehovah devil (demons-rakshas’) a stream joined in revolution. "Revolutionary" - Yaakov Sverdlov (Jews-rakshas) died of tuberculosis and rakshas’ after death in it found some kilograms of gold. "Plunder stolen" - is from Shvonders.

After revolution the government of the USSR for 85% consisted of from Jews and rakshas. Human garbage (rakshas's) are carried out REPRESSIONS to the USSR and built GULAGS, organized Famine-Genocide under control of Jehovah.

From repressions all faiths and nationalities suffered. After Jehovah will apply this method is Germany. In gas chambers and in crematoriums together with the hard people is burned Jews. Jehovah during World War II introduced a tribe of rakshas' in ranks of SS-men executors in concentration camps. Rakshas's is zombies with special cruelty finished with Jews and communists.

In A. I. Solzhenitsin's book, "the Archipelago GULAG" is information: that to force political prisoners to slander itself, investigators-rakshas forced them to lay out genitals on a table and beat with the hammer them. On genitals the pederast Jehovah has gone mad - is his method.

In collective farms exhausted peasants violently. Therefore in 1926 at the request of the Great Lord of the Shambhala to Moscow to F.E. Dzerzhinsky there arrived N. K. Rerich and brought the third book of "Agni Yoga" - "Community" in which it is told: "The community has to be on a voluntary basis. No violence should enslave work. The condition of voluntary consent has to lay down in the success basis". But in the appointed day of a meeting F. E. Dzerzhinsky died. After a trip on collective farms of Russia he was horrified by what violence rages in villages; reported on the Politburo, came home and … died. The devil has helped to leave that the meeting with the envoy from Shambhala – N. K. Rerich hasn't taken place.

In the same time Sergey Esenin made a trip on open spaces of Siberia – looked for inspiration for praise of socialism. Also saw, how by order of future marshal M. N. Tukhachevskiy in the Kemerovo region drove in the wood of peasants and shot for that they refused to enter collective farms. M. N. Tukhachevskiy was shot in

1937. Method of Jehovah: will force to commit a crime, and then will punish. In the Old Testament there is a similar case; Jehovah forced the Jew to chop off fingers on hands and feet that that collected remains under his table, and then Jehovah ordered also to it to chop off fingers. The devil provokes and punishes to confirm the appointment - the Owner - petty tyrant.

Sergey Yesenin was killed by Jews-rakshas's with a hard blow subject. Have shattered a frontal bone and a nose bridge, and then on - Angle-weighed on a municipal pipe in his room of the hotel "ter" in Leningrad, 1925...

Performers of a crime – group-pas of rakshas led by Blyumkin is by order of Trotsky (more precisely than Jehovah).

Sergey Yesenin at early age has published two collections of the verses. "Already the first steps of page of Yesenin in big literature have disclosed one of characteristic features of his spiritual shape – independence, rare for the young poet, in a literary and art and esthetic position". In all human activities the devil pushed Jews-rakshas’s on the leading posts. Around the poet Jews (Anatoly Mariyengof) curled, trying to crush his light and true talent under various perverted literary trends, like "imagists". "A muzzle of month hay to chew expression", unless it is possible to compare to verses "… on curls you mine guess, expensive, joke, smile, don't awake only memory in me about wavy rye under the moon …. These hair were taken by me from rye if you wants on a finger knit …". The name of each

poem caresses hearing. S. Yesenin was talented and beautiful (blue eyes, curly light brown hair, well-groomed). Fans idolized him. Jewish gays made too effort to tighten it to the swamp, but the poet has sharply rejected them and repeatedly expressed the contempt for them the word "kikes". This word Jehovah has caused response in Trotsky. Yesenin always had money for the edition of verses. Jews as wasps on honey

stuck to his purse and accustomed to drinking him; wanted to lower him in the opinion of admirers. As the love in heart is important!!! Jehovah has removed S. Yesenin through obsessed for filling with energy

of love of heart of his admirers. Through 15 years Jehovah has organized L. Trotsky's murder. The devil has sent a thought to Stalin: "To liquidate the instigator of a world revolution". The deputy chief of the Soviet investigation is Pavel Sudoplatov and the intelligence agent Naum Eytingon were organizers of crime. Merkader, the communist foreigner by a method of Jehovah has stuck an ice axe into the head to L. Trotsky in 1940.

In lean years the government to support prestige of the USSR, sold grain abroad and starved the citizens; mad people of a fir-tree of cats (method is of Jehovah).

Opposition of the USA, civil war hunger in 1933-4, 1946-7, repressions, World War II, post-war ruin; in total from the owner of Land to prove insolvency of a world order of the COMMUNITE. But the USSR stood! Blossoming of culture and economy in the USSR haunted the Owner of land. Race of arms - is idea of a devil of Jehovah. "Apocalypse" save our Planet from the square there will also come the Golden Age. There will be a uniform COMMUNE without borders and nationalities.

In my house "the Archipelago GULAG"! Two astrals from Jehovah (demons, demons-rakshasy, the died perverts), under his decree apply to me executions. Come with bubbles, syringes, pulvilizator and bring infections in eyes, ears, a nose. For the night I stick a mouth with an adhesive tape and from above I put on a mask, I close ears cotton wool; everything from me (during a dream) is broken, climb hands in a mouth, ears, pour in solution the syringe in urethra and genitals. In food throw infections and poisons - mercury. Every day astrals smear genitals with something that causes an itch, give injections on all body, use foul language and offend. They are invisible to material sight. At me a hand, legs, a back and the head is in punctures. The pedophile-pederast Simeon Schneider has brought black medley with grains in a rectum that has caused an itch. Jehovah astral light has destroyed to me fields of vision has sent glaucoma and a fast-growing dairy cataract. Has performed four operations; the left eye has died right with an artificial crystalline lens. For the night I cover the head with a scarf that didn't apply on the head of substance from which hair drop out. An astral has pricked to me the top of the head has removed a scarf in the morning, and he all in blood. The next day has pricked a incipit and a scarf on darkness was in blood. Hair have dropped out, there was a reminiscence of a thick and curly hair. Jehovah has revenged me for the fact that I have preferred E. P. Blavatsky’s books, E. I. Rerich, B. N. Abramov instead of his plebeian texts of the Old Testament (Torah) and has exposed the demon Jehovah as pervert, the murderer and the swindler.

Demons have stolen the USB stick, a key from the safe; electrogoods destroy, beat ware and break everything. Jehovah has blocked my four websites. On social networks block and delete texts. The third person is sent to library in a reading room where I work, to steal my computer. "Dirty, smelly cattle" repeatedly from New-York of astral touched my genitals. Sometimes I quietly pay … and me there is a wish to get on the rooftop, to stretch hands and to cry: "A a a a a a a …" that all Universe and Boundlessness about the outrage demons on Earth has heard.

(All, who execute decrees of Jehovah, will be attracted to him for resettlement to Saturn; the Thin World of beauty is inaccessible to them).Jehovah threatens to drag off me to Saturn and to deal shortly with me. The devil offers me dollars for two books; have begun with millions, then have increased up to one billion). Here so there takes place at a devil election campaign - recruitment to Saturn. Jehovah is afraid to lose the electorate (perverts, underworld, Jews and sectarians).

The devil offers me dollars for two books; I have begun with millions, then I have increased the sum to $ one billion the USA. I have cheap estimated!? The Planet price Earth – CONSCIENCE!! Jehovah has lowered CONSCIOUSNESS on the level of genitals.

Here so there takes place at a devil the election campaign – recruitment to Saturn. Jehovah is afraid to lose the electorate: perverts, underworld, Jews and sectarians.

If to summarize all offenses of mankind, then Jehovah devil on the crimes will move on a bowl of scales.

Who protects Jehovah? Why he swings the axe and applies humiliating executions to those who are on service of Forges Light’? The demon of the Universe Bramah is the Patron of a devil of Jehovah! Bramah wants to replace the Father of the Universe. In Space governs, but not gays and mudak! So will be! Aum!

Result is history is of Jews and rakchas’s (demons), 16.
In the middle of the third radical race of the fourth circle God Give Decree the lord of the Moon to Jehovah to create the first people in a physical body. Jehovah has refused in the beginning (it was the first falling), but then has created the first people (deliberately) only a male without brains to carry out them through all types of crimes and sexual perversions, and called moral decay – «demonic culture». The first people on Earth were lunar demons; from them there were monkeys as a result of copulation with dinosaurs. For rescue of the first people from humiliations and decomposition Michael the Archangel (Avel), the Great Lord of Shambhala Was embodied. He Has implanted brains to «creators» – the demon Jehovah and «lunar pitri»; those, whom the Demon of the Universe Brama violently embodied on the Moon left to the Sun at once. Their departure angered Jehovah. He put on weight of Cain, the brother Abel at night, enticed it in the field and killed with the axe. Jehovah is the first murderer, the fratricide! Weapon its axe. For incest with animals and bloodshed God damned it and dumped from heaven on matter bottom until the end of a cycle.
For protection of primacies against violence by the person, on command of God they became AIDS carriers; for them this natural state. The first wife of Jehovah was Lilith's monkey: her father was the person, mother a monkey. Jehovah and those, who followed his way is of steel AIDS carriers too. From monkeys primacies were born. The second wife of Jehovah was a huge cow. At that time people were giants and they had genitals flush with a cow. Jehovah went to a pasture where his wife was grazed and, looking around, fulfilled men's duties. The space removes everything on the movie.
Formation of same-sex marriages followed, - homosexuality generation. Growth of the population was not; lemurs were doomed to extinction. Under the decree of the Demon of the Universe Brama the demon Jehovah created womаn. With the advent of the woman the world changed.
Lemurs were divided into people and demons. People worshipped to God (Michael the Archangel), demons to the demon Jehovah. Those, who worshipped God, were future Jews; those, who lived under laws of a devil is demons (rakshas). Rakchas’s is perverts and underworld, – the victims of hypnosis of a devil; those, who have to be isolated from society in psychiatric clinics and houses of the conclusion.

For what rakshas’s are necessary to Jehovah?
1. Sexual perverts have usually narrow and vicious circle of communication; during lifetime in a physical body, they are derelicts. Die before the term of the put death; they are killed, or drugs exhaust from them vital forces. The death angel Jehovah attracts them in the army. For astrals there are no obstacles in movement, they pass through walls, overlappings, mountains, for them there is no speed and time. They are invisible usual sight, but they see us. Jehovah will teach them "black magic" for crimes. The zombie astrals humiliated and despised during lifetime revel in the power over the person, they cruel and vindictive, dissolute and cynical, foul language and ribalds. Astrals the pederast Jehovah uses for crimes against service Light. If at you everything becomes useless, so the astral lodged; they break electro goods, cut footwear, break ware.

2. Underworld of rakshas is swindlers, thieves, speculators, gamblers, pseudo-healers and perverts. Jehovah
defines this category on senior positions. After death they automatically get to army of a devil. Rakshas a can be embodied and in other states but the devil all the same will find them and will subordinate to him. Only WORSHIP Higher Spirit will relieve the person of obsession.

Lord of the Shambhala is the Creator of our Planet flora and fauna, Creator is Northern White Race, the Egyptians and tribe of Jews. Responsibility for preservation of our Planet and mankind is conferred on It.

Noy (is incarnate of the Lord of the Shambhala) Rescued those, who observed laws of God and worshipped to Him. Lemuria consisted of three parts of the land. In the Bible it is said that Noy constructed an ark, took all kinds of people and three his sons took themselves wives.... Three sons with wives - is allegory; means that from three parts of the land Noy Savior of those who was his follower and to death of the continent took away them in a safe place. The others burned down alive or left on an ocean floor.

Future Jews avoided twice Apocalypse consequences (Lemuria and Atlantis), thanks to WORSHIP the Great Lord of the Shambhala. Jehovah again drags them to destruction in Europe. And in those times warned people about punishment of those who went in the ways of Jehovah devil - is demons-rakshas.

The ark of Noy came from Lemuria to coast of India. The indigenous people accepted immigrants and gave them lands for accommodation. Two people lived peacefully, between them there were related relations because of mixture of marriages. Lemurs accepted culture of India and worshipped to God of the Sun, the Lord of the Shambhala is.

The world in India stopped after Jehovah's embodiment with demons in Atlantis. Peaceful co-existence of two people in India didn't arrange a devil. Its purpose was: to unite Lemurs: people and demons, to install violently, applying genocide to local population that they were hated and there were infinite oppositions with the next people for generation of destructive energy for explosion of the Planet before leaving to Saturn and occurred. It will pursue Jews in the millennia.

In Atlantis Jehovah created a darkness brotherhood from sorcerers and magicians, and took under the influence of the lemurs who lodged in India. Thousand-year war for division of India for aboriginals and immigrants began. To stop war and to keep the state, the Great Lord of the Shambhala was embodied in India (Krishna, Supreme, full manifestation of Vishnu).

Avraham (an embodiment of the Lord of the Shambhala) of immigrants brought out of Chaldea to the Middle East on purpose - to create the high-spiritual people of God and Gave it the name "Israel" that "electee" means. In the

Middle East local population gave to immigrant’s definition - "ivri", - in Aramaic language - "Jew", the newcomer on the other side of the Jordan River. From now on lemurs became Jews. Over time demons-rakshas were embodied in a tribe "Israel" and too became Jews - a shame for the "elected" people. Therefore Jehovah told Jews: "You propagate and breed" that garbage human - rakshas a was embodied in their environment (perverts and underworld). With arrival of Jews to the Middle East the devil Savaof has christened himself "the husband of abuse - Jehovah a name to him".

To confirm the appointment carried out wars, executions, damned Jews, organized "Sodom and Gomorrah", starved them. And all to subordinate them to itself is. In the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, in Give Veniaminov’ is demons-rakshas’s, those, whom Jehovah decomposed sexual perversions on the lost continents.

This is beginning of recruitment to Saturn. Law of space is: incorrigible sinners follow for a devil. Jehovah knows that without deception and violence with him to Saturn nobody will leave. Saturn is naked Planet and three gaseous rings. Evolution of the person will be rejected on millions years ago, there will be an involution
during a drought Jews went to Egypt and lived 430 years there. Egyptians welcomed Jews and the best lands (Gesem) for accommodation allocated to them. Jehovah didn't accept hospitality of Egyptians, for this purpose was and there are reasons.

The devil executions created an intolerable situation in Egypt and compelled to bring Jews out of Egypt. Moisey brought them to Sinai for a while to give rest to Egyptians from executions and then to return Jews to their houses.

Lemurs - Jews could live quietly in India and in Egypt, but Jehovah deliberately created a heavy situation that to bring lemurs-Jewish out of the countries where the entered with the world and where welcomed them as immigrants. Jehovah in the Middle East "cleared away to him a place", executions, robberies and murders of civilians installed Jews to their houses that there were infinite oppositions generating destructive energy for explosion of the Planet.

India and Egypt was a wisdom cradle and the population worshipped to the Great Lord of the Shambhala. It is one more reason; Jehovah the opponent Lord of the Shambhala in a darkness camp, - it was afraid to lose Jews, because without them it anybody.

It served as a cause of the murder Cain (Jehovah) of the brother Avel (the Lord of the Shambhala); mass transition of worship to God', but not a devil. Jews repeatedly tried to get rid of a devil, but he their executions, damnations, revenge returned under the board, applying hypnosis. Jews repeatedly tried to get rid of a devil, but he their executions, damnations, revenge returned under
the board, applying hypnosis.

But! Jehovah couldn't subordinate himself true Jews, those whom Avraham Has goes from Chaldea also Has brought to the Middle East. The devil has moved Jews to five cities of neighboring states: Chaldea (Iraq), Syria and Assyria. Instead of Jews have is installed other people from those cities. Thus, Jehovah has increased the number of Jews. Before leaving to Saturn, Jehovah has directed to NATO to Iraq and has organized lawlessness, has created ISIL and has directed to Syria. The devil revenges for disobedience.

Transit of lemurs – Jews: Lemuria, India, Chaldea, Middle East, Egypt, Sinai, Middle East. Where they wouldn't be, the devil will try to bring together all of them that they have continued his route to Saturn, but at him nothing will turn out!In difference from Rakchas’s-demons Jews have avoided two Apocalypses (in Lemuria and Atlantis) thanks to Worship of the Great Lord of Shambhala. Resettlement of Jews to Saturn in 2046 for 1 828 000 years with the subsequent return to Earth depends on the decision of Jews. The ballot is Worship!

Any people didn't transfer so many humiliations and troubles as Jews; repeatedly started everything from scratch in others country. India and Egypt have accepted them with compassion.

In the Old Testament (Torah) creation of the World of Jehovah begins in Chaldea (Iraq) and the false description of a flood which Jehovah transferred from Lemuria to Mesopotamia because Jehovah doesn't want to remember Lemuria where he copulated with dinosaurs and produced monkeys. Doesn't want to remember the wives: is Lilith's monkey and cow is. But also during the Old Testament (Torah) Jehovah fornicated enough, arranged orgies, committed murders, and actively participated in all types of sexual perversions. The most negative image of a rakshas is Jehovah (the pervert - the versatile person, the thief and the blood-thirsty murderer).

Nobody trusted in the Apocalypse in Lemuria, in Atlantis, as well as now. The All-planetary tragedy repeats after each radical race. After the third Lemuria was lost, the ambassador of the fourth Atlantis was covered by a wave, after the fifth Europe in 2046 will leave under water. "Apocalypse" will sum up the Result for all mankind. During the Apocalypse there will be a clarification by fire of demons-Rakchas’s and those, who voluntary or forcibly served a planetary demon Jehovah. At the last moment of whom you will think, under whose beginning you want to be in the Thin World, with that and you will be.

Rescue only in the Lord Maitreya! He calls: "Come to me everything, looking for Light: orphaned and nude, sick and poor, kind and angry. I Will wash all, I Will encourages all, I Will specifies by everything away and I Will light up all the Ray of light".
Some embodiments were devoted by the Great Lord of the Shambhala to lemurs - Jews:

1. Avel to Insert the brains to the founder; - zoophile Jehovah and ;lunar pitri;. Precisely it served for Jehovah as the reason of physical elimination of Avel. Jehovah secretly put on weight of the sleeping Cain (brother Avel) and killed Avel.

2. Noy is Savior of lemurs of those, who lived under laws of God, future Jews and moved them to India.

3. Krishna (full manifestation of Vishnu, Supreme) - laid the foundation to the world in India and kept the
state. Lemurs were brought to Chaldea.

4. Avraham brought lemurs out of Chaldea to the Middle East; from now on lemurs became Jews. During a drought Jews went to Egypt.

5. The Pharaoh Ramses II accepted Jews in Egypt and Gave them the best lands in Gesem. At this time Jehovah was embodied; it was in a panic because that loses Jews and rakshas. Jehovah executions compelled to bring Jews out of Egypt.

6. Moisey brought Jews for a while out of Egypt to Sinai in hope to return them to Egypt to the houses. But Jehovah achieved the; it applied genocide in the Middle East and installed violently Jews.

7. The Pharaoh Osiris reigned in Egypt when all Jews, except Iudin's knee left Jehovah to Egypt to find protection at God. Jehovah was in an astral body; he repeated a crime; secretly entered in the sleeping brother Osiris (Seth) and killed Osiris.

8. The Pharaoh Osiris Was repeatedly embodied and last knee of Jews (Judas) come to Egypt to look for protection at God. Jehovah was in an astral body; he entered the sleeping brother Osiris (Typhon) and killed Osiris. Jehovah heads the pagans on of the Egypt and returned the Jews on the Middle East. After Christ's crucifixion Jews were settled on all Planet. Rakshas' (demons); covered the Planet with synagogues of a satan.

9. Solomon governed in Israel 40 years. There were no wars and oppositions; the world and prosperity reigned in Israel. Solomon built the temple, the imperial palace, the Jerusalem wall. I accustomed Jews to beauty. Jews were in search of God, and He Was near them in an image of the tsar.

10. Moria (Christ) Assumed all sins of Jews and Revealed to Jews a secret that the, one to whom they worship is a devil (Jehovah), the murderer, the liar and the father of lie. But they didn't recognize Him! Ungrateful tribe is....crucified Jesus Christ....Infinite oppositions between Arabs and Jews are consequence, the reason - Jehovah.


On June 21, 2016 Jehovah has shown me vision: before me have appeared young Jesus. The very beautiful face is of an oval form, an eye blue, a nose equal and thin, hair chestnut-colored on a parting in the middle, curling and dense fall down on shoulders. The look is sad; upper eyelids were slowly looked down and closed. I thought: what does it mean? In a couple of hours Jehovah has reported: "And you I will crucify as Christ". Christ's crucifixion has been allowed by Forces Light' to immortalize his feat!

Jehovah (on October 25, 2011) asked me: "Why It charged to you, but not It …? Through
day repeated: "Why It charged to you, but not It … or Blavatsky"? (He is a Great Lord Shambhala Maitreya,
Supreme; It … - Urusvati, the Empress of the Shambhala, the Beam of Mother World, is the Godless Lakshmi). PEDERAST Jehovah doesn't deserve such high attention. The goddess Lakshmi Told about it precisely and briefly: "A low-standard pettiness".