3. Old Testament (analysis Bible). Pentateuch planetary demon of Jehovah is.

Division 2.
Old Testament (analysis).

"Gnostics considered that the Old Testament is revelation lower the being subordinated deities and that in it isn't present a uniform line from of Sofia, Divine Wisdom".

"Absurd interpretation Bibles already received, time-honored, right on the outstanding place in the area ridiculous, also will find to itself advocates contrary to light and proofs". (E.P. Blavatsky, «Exposed Isida", chapter IX, "Veda and the Bible".).

The first five books Moisey's kept only name; texts Jehovah replace. It will be correct:
Pentateuch planetary demon of Jehovah is.

First book. Life.

Some chapters are borrowed from ancient wisdom, is Vedas and Sanskrit sources. The rest is tales the Old Testament from Jehovah. Jehovah is Lucifer's representative on Earth stays at a position of the Owner of land (a devil and a satan. The Old Testament is the Judaism. Owner of land connected Judaism and Christianity with the artful purpose. Christianity lost the purity after connection.

Pay attention that all main characters of the Bible were Abraham's descendants, or the light embodiments from Shambhala. Using them, and, applying hypnosis (accepting Noy, Avraham and Moisey is the embodiment of the Great Lord of Shambhala), "have cleared away to myself the place" and have enslaved Jews, applying violence and bloodshed. From powerlessness before Great Spirit, Jehovah has slandered Noy and Moisey, envying their purity and selectness before Supreme. Avraham and Moisey constrained emotions of a devil, only after their leaving to the Highest Worlds, the devil has applied hypnosis.

1. He has slandered Nov and has invented a false story; this dirt has turned into leprosy to a devil.
2. Has accused Moisey in that that on Sinai Jews plundered local population.
3. Lot' – the nephew Avraham, pure and pure has humiliated.

4. Isaac' – the son Abraham blocked his activity by the bans.
5. Jacob' – the grandson Avraham, has presented the dishonest son and the father.
6. Josef – the great-grandson Avraham brothers have thrown into a hole according to the indication of a devil and later have sold; the destiny has disposed so, Josef became the tsar of Egypt.

7. Tsar David – future father of Solomon has presented the tsar David the cruel murderer and the dishonest tsar. Jehovah operated the tsar according to the scenario.
8. Jesus Navin is the pupil Moisey (the light embodiment) have taken under hypnosis and its hands "have cleared away to me the place». The Pederast Jehovah has got used to get heat others hands.

The devil at first uses the person in the mean purposes, and then glorifies. The large-format pervert Jehovah with ecstasy parrots words: "I am God Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob’s"? Each of these embodiments is purer than the pederast Jehovah and is higher Spirit. Words Ampere-second is applicable to Jehovah. Pushkin's: "And to the tsar from so have croaked". The word reign is in the Bible to replace on Jews. The Old Testament (Torah) - the false and dirty book, is a lot of stench from her. It is possible to purify this decay only fire!

Chapter 4/ 8, 9.

"At Adam and Eve had sons, - Cain and Avel. Avel was the pastor of sheep (highly spiritual); Cain was the farmer (materialist). Avel was temper kind and mild, he made a sacrifice from clean heart, with love and belief in the promised savior with a prayer about pardon and hope for God’s favor; and God accepted Avel’s victim, - as believe, the smoke from it rose to the sky. Cain was temper angry and cruel, it made a sacrifice only as custom, without love and God's fear. The Lord didn't accept his victim; it was visible from this that the smoke from its victim was spread on the ground. And God disdained (welcomed works) Avel and didn’t disdain Cain. After that Cain began to envy the brother; called Avel in a field and there killed him. God addressed to Cain, wishing that he repented and asked it: where Avel, your brother? He told: "I don't know; unless I am a watchman to my brother”?
Murderer and liar Cain-Jehovah! There was the first spilling of blood. It occurred on the continent of Lemuria.
Chapter 6 / 7, 8.

"Great depravity is of the person before God which declares his destruction". The word "great" unless corresponds to the word "depravity", even if the main libertine was Jehovah? Creativity can be great. Great depravity" happened in Lemuria, where Jehovah governed, who and was the main libertine before God. God Give Instruction to Jehovah to create the first people. Jehovah was a Lord of the Moon (demon); he has created people from three lowest principles, without brains.

The head was flat and disk-shaped. At that time there was a division of floors at animals and animals began to breed sexually. Founders of the person, lunar Pitri, put in created weight human and, having forgotten about the greatness, began to copulate with females of animals and produced monkeys. Jehovah too passed this way of falling, - monkeys, - and are his children (a copulation consequence with dinosaurs).

Jehovah's first wife was a monkey by the name of Lilith. The second wife (civil) was a big cow (animal) God punished Jehovah and dumped it in a matter until the end of a cycle. Therefore and lives Jehovah in New-York with the family, there his headquarters. From there it decomposes mankind.

Further the tale of a flood follows.

Noy Gets good fortune at God and God rules to construct Noy an ark. Heavy rain went forty days and forty nights. Water flooded all district. The ark on the Mount Ararat stopped. Ararat is the mountain of Armenia, now this territory belongs to Turkey. Actually Jehovah in the Bible mentions a flood which was in Mesopotamia, to Entre Rios. On the river bank Euphrates there lived the person - the dealer. It had a ship (ark), on which it delivered to buyers goods on to the Euphrates River. When heavy rain began, and began to fill in with water the Mesopotamia

Lowland, it shipped all property and a family on the ship (ark) and escaped. It was the flood only in Mesopotamia from pouring rains. Out of limits Euphrates River this the ship-ark didn't leave. And on the Mount Ararat it wasn't. (I represent, as Jehovah-devil laughed when composed theis heresy. I hear Ravana's neighing (Jehovah's embodiment) from video "Vishnu Puran". And Christians of everything swallow. There is a wish to tell words: "And people eats". Means, consciousness level corresponds to the plebeian texts to Jehovah's. If Jehovah is S A T A N planetary, that the Old Testament S A T A N I Z M, and those, who accepts its texts is S A T A N I S T S. And those, who distribute the Bible, work at S A T A NA - Jehovah. Millions of people read the Old Testament and bear energy of destruction in space).

Champollion of Jeanne Franco is (1790 - 1832), the French Egyptologist, the founder of Egyptology, during stay in Egypt in research expedition, read inscriptions of the priest on walls of tombs of the fifth dynasty of Pharaohs. Also made discovery, proved, that in the Old Testament the false description of a flood on terms is given.

The scientist promised to churchmen not to publish this opening that not compromises the Old Testament (Torah); but in the diary left record. Champollion after arrival from Egypt died from a stroke at the age of 42 years!!! Forty two is number Jehovah’s. In a Judaism it is told that the satan appropriated numbers 6 and 7 (the highest principles); 6+7=13; 6х7=42. Numbers 13 and 42, - Jehovah chose for tortures and punishments of the person. Shampolyon killed Jehovah-devil for exposure of his lie.

Vladimir Vysotsky the devil in 42 killed! Vladimir Semyonovich filled space with energy of love. All loved it, - what energy in the person, such it attracts from space, filling with them the earth. Elvis Presley! Joe Dassen! All left in 42..., therefore that filled space energy love.

In 1987 the young singer Oleg Barkhatov, the favourite of Krasnoyarsk citizens, took part in competition of young performers "J;rmala-87". He was the first and puchshy performer of the song "Pure Ponds". In J;rmala he acted at number 13. In 38 it killed with a knife in a back. On numerology science is 3+8=11. Number of Jehovah devil on May 11! In this case the murderer Jehovah applied numbers 13 and 11 is.

;Continent Lemuria (My) is that, who was lost in a global disaster and carried away the civilization of lemurs, preceding Atlantis. The disappeared continent stretched from the Hawaiian Islands to the south islands Paschi and Fiji, and consisted of three areas of land. On the continent Jehovah governed but the devil doesn't want to remember this regrettable case. There the chaos reigned, demonic culture. And monkeys were produced there by Jehovah, and cop resent to his desires. Limurs generated destructive energy and caused volcanic eruptions. Fire destroyed the continent.

Astral bodies don't sink; they took off from water, after was embodied on the continent Atlantis. For the same reason the following continent was covered by a wave. Where Jehovah governs, the continent always leaves on a bed. Time of immersion for a bed ocean of Europe approaches and the continent Atlantis will rise. The goddess Lakshmi, The empress of the Shambhala) in an astral body Fell by a bed;;ocean and Saw the flooded cities of Atlantis.
Chapter 9 / 6.

"Who will shed blood human, that blood will be shed by a hand of the person: because the person is created on the God's image". This manual is sounded from lips of the murderer Cain-Jehovah.

At Adam’s and Eva's had the third son, Seth; from this branch occurred Noy, "the tenth and the last from antediluvian patriarchs".

Noy veins at that time, when the mankind underwent to general depravity and deserved by it the God's anger it was expressed in the decision to ruin all human race. Among general depravity Noy's kept the righteousness and became the ancestor after-flood a mankind. God concluded with Noy' the precept expressed in Noy' precepts which represent the set of resolutions of the correct hostel. One from the main provisions of these precepts there was a manslaughter prohibition under the threat of punishment by death.
Noy is an embodiment of the Great Lord of the Shambhala on Earth. Future Jews occurred of Noy.
Chapter 11.

Babel Tower is and genealogy.

Further tales Karabas Barabas’s or is Jehovah's nonsense. Jehovah is of calls Supreme. Whether it is possible to present to itself such Supreme? Jehovah is in roles of the foolish. "Both blessed him, and told: "Abraham from God Supreme is blessed, Lords sky and earth". It is known that the Lord of the earth - the prince of this world, owner of Land, in other words devil, planetary satan. Present to itself such Supreme - blood- thirsty murderer, pervert-universal. Jehovah accepts indulgently - condescending tone to Abraham, to the First Archandel’. To creation in general, not only the sky, the liar Jehovah has no relation, his brains have got stuck in genitals forever.

Great Avraham - God! Nasty Jehovah – devil/

"Both blessed it and told: "Avraham from God Supreme, Lords of the sky and the Earth is blessed". Also repeats this uncountable set of times, charming the vanity. Jehovah cooked up these tales after return of Jews from Egypt, when they settled on the Middle East.
Chapter 19.

Sodom is and Gomorrah. (Sodomi is homosexuality). Two cities are in Israel where there lived perverts. Came to Lot’ two Angels are. 4."Still not laid down them sleep, as city dwellers, to Sodom's, from the young to old, all people since all ends of the city, surrounded the house. 5. Also caused Lot also spoke to it: "Where the people, who have come to you for the night? Bring them to us; we learn them".

Also wasn't in the city uniform righteous person, only one Lot, nephew Abraham, his two chaste daughters and wife. Jehovah two the cities filled melted sulfur at sins. Why Jehovah waited, when in these cities all become perverts, why it didn't stop it decomposition of the person in a germ? Because it is personally decomposed Jews-rakshasa’ debauchery, that subordinate them to itself forever.

After burning astrals - perverts automatically get to army of a devil. For astral movement no obstacles; for them no is time, distances and speeds. They pass freely through walls; overlapping also goes down under the earth. When the astral passes through metal, a brick, concrete, glass, - force couplings of atoms disappear.

Jehovah carries out a RAM in a huge amphitheater - illusion where astrals-slaves sit in chairs: perverts and underworld. They are infinite. They - infinite quantities, freak (for the crimes) all colors, and also do them such Jehovah.

In "amphitheater illusion" after death will get attendants of CIA, NATO, ISIL, Vatican, Jews and sectarians,
perverts and underworld (murderers, and thieves of the state scale – is reflection of the swindler
Jehovah).Those, who now "afloat", - swallow a hook with bait from Jehovah - is, permit to Saturn. Saturn is a
concentration camp for Jehovah.

The Lot escaped from Jehovah's influences therefore, that he is Abraham's nephew (Michael the Archangel's embodiment). At Lot's there was a protection.

After burning perverts were embodied in various countries and again everything repeated. They - Jehovah's messengers, through them it decomposes and other people. Astrals invisible usual sight, therefore them uses Jehovah against the opponents.

The planetary demon taught astrals of black magic and they do the evil. Lot’s righteous person and it chaste daughters then Jehovah too seduced. 24."Also Lord on the Sodom and Gomorrah rain sulfur spilled and fire from the Lord from the sky". Sodom and Gomorrah - a consequence and the reason is Jehovah. It is necessary was Jehovah to burn "before" and to spread out on principles and two highest the principle to send in to Silence
Silence then there would be no Sodom and Gomorrah. And the mankind didn't know perversions. This nasty thing simply wouldn't exist on our Planet. Wasn't Christ's crucifixion, obsession, World War II with concentration camps, races of arms, disorder of socialist association and USSR, orange revolutions and maidens?
Chapter 20 / 30 - 38.

"Also left Lot from Sigor, also began to live in a grief, and with it two daughters it: because he was afraid to live in Sigor and lived in a cave and with it two his daughters (wife Lota turned into the salt column for that looked back). Also is told senior to the younger: "Our father is old, and there is no person on the earth, which would enter to us on custom of all earth. And so, we will give to drink the father ours wine, and we will oversleep with it, also we will restore from the father ours tribe. Also gave to drink the father wine that night; also entered senior and slept with the father; and he didn't know, when it laid down and when rose. The next day the senior told the younger: "Here slept with my father; we will give to drink it wine and this night; and you enter and sleep with it, also we will restore from the father ours tribe. Also gave to drink the father wine and in this night; also the younger entered also slept with it. Also became both daughters are pregnant, from the father of say". That could to be born after such copulation? In those days Jews have their "Lord" Jehovah devil established the law; girls in 12 years and boys in 13 years became engaged, and in a year married. Daughters Lota were chaste, means, to these children was till 12 years. They could guess and to give to drink the father wine and to seduce him? Certainly, no! "Lord" Jehovah saw off the next experience, - from it the perverted brains and rotten consciousness person is defenseless.

Chapter 25.

Books Moisey were destroyed and replaced with heresy "Misters" of Jehovah-devil, a planetary satan where it itself (himself) sticks out "Lord", and all the others at it is slaves. After death Abraham’s too there are words: "Avraham, my slave". "I am Abraham, Isaac and Jacob's God". Everyone will conjecture that "Lord" Jehovah represents. Avraham - God!!! Jehovah is devil.

Chapter 26/1, 2.

"There was a hunger in the earth, over former hunger which was at the time of Abraham, and went Isaac to Avimelech to the tsar Filistimsky in Gerar. Lord (Jehovah) was to it and told: "Don't go to Egypt, in Gesem; live in the earth, about which I will tell you". In Egypt Pharaohs governed, Solar Gods and people believed in God Sun Ra (Ramses II). In Egypt there were schools, which gave the esoteric Knowledge. Jehovah was afraid of dissemination of knowledge. For what it decomposed Jews? To use them in the future in the purposes!
Chapter 27.

Narrates about that, as Jacob, by a mother's advice, deceived the father also appropriated a primogeniture and blessing of the father. As a result all brothers and elder brother Esau get to slavery younger son. And to that this chapter teaches?
Chapter 29, 30/37- 43.

Jacob went to Mesopotamia for the wife to Lavan, the native uncle. The uncle deceived him at first, offered it in waves the oldest daughter Leah instead of younger Rachel. Later the nephew robbed the uncle and at night secretly with all property and a family ran away. Deception, theft … to that learns this fairy tale which is thought up by Jehovah for Jacob's compromise teach to?

? Gnostics to "Lord" and his Old Testament gave the correct characteristic: "revelation of the low being, the subordinated deity".

Presidents of the Christian countries, entering a position, put a hand on the Bible and say words - to serve the fatherland and the people. Therefore many presidents are thieves and deceivers. Don't put a hand on the Bible, the Old Testament teaches deception, lie, theft, murders, debauchery, perversions. Even, if you come to this position the crystal-clear person, but, concerning the Old Testament, you send yourselves to a mouth of a devil, a planetary demon. Put a hand on heart, the temple in the person, the God's Spark, the Silent Witness, the Writer, which everything Sees, Hears and Remembers from an embodiment in an embodiment. It is the seventh principle, the Absolute, the Supreme Deity, and His reflection in our Universe - Vishnu, Supreme, and the Father of the Universe, the Founder and the Creator!! !

Chapter 34 / 27-29.

Jacob's and Leah daughter Dina it was raped by Sikhem. Sikhem fell in love with it also it was cut off for the sake of it also wanted to marry it. Jacob and brothers agreed. After Jacob with the sons killed a sword Sikhem and his father, "took cattle small and large and all that was in the city and in the field. And all wealth them, and their all children, and wives them took prisoner, also plundered everything that was in houses". And then Jacob regretted about the actions. Who operated Jacob? "Lord" Jehovah!! He advised Jacob to change a residence.
Chapter 35, 36.

"Lord" has named a name to Jacob Israel, and "Almighty" was presented, but has forgotten to add "in rage". The method pederast Jehovah's to lower, and then to give ranks and positions. Further infinite transfer "who to who has given birth". It is important for Christians? Yakov-Israel sons wanted to kill and throw the brother Josef into a hole, but have changed the mind,…»
Chapter 37/28, 36.

Sons Jacob-Israel solved the brother Iosef to kill and throw into a whole, but changed the mind "and sold Ismail’s for twenty silver piece; and they took away Iosef to Egypt". "… also sold it to the courtier Pharaon’s".

Chapter 38/7

"Ire, the first-born Iudin (Jacob's grandson) was objectionable before eyes of Lord and the Lord (Jehovah)" destroyed it. And then and Onan destroyed. And in the following chapter deception, cunning, revenge.

On this heresy swear presidents also rage sectarians, interpreting an all concords. Chapter 40 - 43.

Iosif is in Egypt; in prison interprets dreams of the cupbearer and gift bread Pharaoh. "They told it: to us dreams

were had: and to interpret them there is nobody. Iosef told them: whether from God interpretation? Tell me". Iosef guessed dreams and everything came true.

"After two years to the Pharaoh sleeps dreamed. Nobody could to guess them and sent for the young Jew Josef.
"Seven cows good are seven years; as well seven ears good, these are seven years: dream one. And seven cows lean and lean, left after those, these are seven years, also and seven ears lean and to dry up the east wind, it is to there are seven years of hunger. Also there came seven years abundance in all earth Egyptian and after them will come seven years of hunger. "Also is food of abundance of seven years food for seven years of hunger in a stock". "Also the Pharaoh told Josef: here deliver you over all earth Egyptian. Also the Pharaoh removed ring from the hand and put on it Josef’s hand. Also put it in all earth Egyptian". "The earth in seven years abundance brought from grain on a handful". "Also passed seven years of abundance also there came seven years of hunger". Hunger amplified in the earth Egyptian and Josef opened granaries. From all countries came to buy to Josef bread.

And ten brothers Josef came to buy bread to it also didn't recognize him. Younger brother Josef’ on mother Veniamin remained with aged father. Josef recognized them and demanded to bring the brother Benjamin and one of brothers (Simeon) left as a deposit. Israel sends the sons to Egypt with Benyamin. Josef accepted them, having rendered the special attention to Benyamin. Hunger amplified on the earth.

Iasi recognized the brother Benjamin on the mother, ordered to bring foods. "Also gave to it especially and to them especially, and to the Egyptians, who had dinner with it especially: because Egyptians can't eat with Jews; because it is nasty thing for Egyptians". Jehovah is nasty thing for all Planets’ and this brand imposed on Jews through the victims - rakshas and marked all with trimming.
Chapter 43/32.

Words offensive: " Egyptians can't is with Jews; therefore that it is nasty thing for Egyptians" Jehovah dictated, to cause offense at Jews. Also repeats it is repeatedly. All receptions planetary satan are directed on uniting Jews under the beginning. Iasi opens the brothers also ask to bring the father and the families to Egypt. "Also told: approach to me, they approached.
Chapter 45/5-9.

He told: I am Josef, your brother, which you sold to Egypt. But now don't mourn, and be not sorry about that you sold me here; because God sent me before you for preservation of yours lives”. Josef told them, that after two years of hunger on all earth, hunger still five years will last. "Go rather to the father to mine also tell it: so the son your Josef speaks: "God put me mister over all Egypt; come to me don't hesitate. You will live in the earth Gesem; also you will be near me, you both your sons, and sons of your sons, both your cattle and all yours".
Chapter 45/16-23.

«Reached to the house the Pharaoh hearing, that come brothers Josef’s, and it is pleasant blur to the Pharaoh and slaves it. Also the Pharaoh told Josef: tell your brothers: here that make: to loads your cattle also go to the earth hanaansky; Also take your father and family yours also come to me; I will give you best in the earth Egyptian, and you will eat tuk lands". "… Take it chariots for your children and for your wives and brings your father". "Also don't feel sorry for your things, because the best of all earth Egyptian I will Give you". "Also Josef of chariots gave them, on an order of the Pharaoh; also I Gave them a traveling stock. It Gave to each of them change of clothes, and to Benjamin gave three hundred silver coin and five changes of clothes. As well to the father sent ten donkeys, loaded with the best works Egyptian, and ten she-asses loaded grain, bread and supplies to the father on a way. Also went brothers from Egypt to Jacob, to the father. Also retold to it all "Also was told by Israel: enough, my son is still live Josef; will go and will see it, won't die yet"
Chapter 46/26,33, 34.

"All souls which have come with Jacob to Egypt, which occurred from it, except wives of sons Jacobs, all is sixty six souls. Josef’s sons, which were born at it in Egypt is two souls. All souls of the house Jacobs passed to Egypt, seventy »Josef reported on the Pharaoh, that there arrived his brothers. Also the Pharaoh Answered "The earth Egyptian is before you; on the best place lodge your father and your brothers". Josef warned brothers: "If Pharaoh will Call you and will Tell: What your occupation? "

"That you tell: «We are slaves yours, cattle-farmers were from our youth hitherto, and we, and our fathers", that you lodged in to the earth Gesem. Because nasty thing for Egyptians any shepherd of sheep". Because in Gesem pastures good. Place received on their occupation and the brother of the bad won't advise. But Jehovah enclosed poisonous words in Josef’s lips: "Because nasty thing for Egyptians any shepherd of sheep". At Egyptians is too had herds and shepherds. Jehovah humiliates Jews and does them by derelicts.
Chapter 47/11.

"Josef lodged the father and the brothers. Also gave them possession in the earth Egyptian is in the best parts of the earth, in the earth Ramses, as the Pharaoh" enjoined. "Also Josef supplied the father, and the brothers, and all house of the father the bread, on requirements each family. Also wasn't bread on all earth; because hunger very amplified and was exhausted for earth hunger Egyptian and Hanaansky". Pharaoh Ramses II - Michael the Archangel's embodiment.

Time of His Board is 1317 - 1251 to new era. Ramses II also is God Sun Ra, to which worshipped all Egypt and Jews. In the same time it was incarnate in Egypt Lucifer-Jehovah and constantly asked from the Pharaoh worship of Jews to it.

Pharaoh Provided Jews to all. But Jehovah devil added that else until the end of hunger, within five years the Pharaoh Bought up all lands at Jews. What contradiction! The Pharaoh GAVE to Jews everything FOR NOTHING. Jacob was seduced often on mean acts by Jehovah, confused it, is represented by God. Still Jews (except rabbis) and sectarians don't know who Jehovah is.

In seventeen years of life in Egypt Jacob died. The word "the elected-Israel" remained. Jehovah appropriated this word - he not creative essence, holds generally the account of plagiarism.
Second book, the Outcome.

From first line spins Jehovah web that the new tsar came also began to oppress Jews. These tales made impression on people illiterate not only spiritually but not able to write and read. In total Pharaohs were embodiments Solar Gods. Yes, most the Highest among them Was Ramses II, but all the others executed will It. Pharaoh Ramses II Was the most powerful governor. It Constructed roads, temples, I constructed the new capital Per-Ramses, Reflected attacks of the people of the sea, and Attached the earth of Syria and Palestine by a gain
also Acquainted these people to culture of Egyptians. Egypt was wisdom cradle, as well as India is. Beyond limits Egypt all people worshipped to idols demons at the head with Jehovah. Also imagine that all Pharaoh in those days lived in houses from an adobe, walls were covered by the red brick outside and inside. The adobe consists of clay and straw. At a temperature air +50 degrees, this building material keeps a cool, and keeps heat in the winter. In Egypt there is no heating. The adobe was done by all Egyptians and anybody didn't call them slaves. And only Jehovah as drop hollows out a stone, so his consciousness of Jews that they were slaves. Jews were shepherds and did an adobe for the needs, - housing for itself and economic constructions. They lived in Egypt by rules of that time.

Chapter 1/16. The tale of Jehovah of destruction of newborn children of Jews (sons) of newborns is lie.

The history of the birth of Moisey is borrowed from the writing of India.
Chapter 2/23,24.

"Later long time, the tsar Egyptian died. Also sons Israeli from work groaned and cried out and their cry from work ascended to "God" (pederast Jehovah). Also "God" (soophile Jehovah) heard plaint, and remembered the precept with Avraham, Isaac and Jacob". Again "God" (pedophile Jehovah) says lies. Anybody didn't conclude a precept with it. Gnostics wrote the word "satan" relating to Jehovah, from a small letter. Jehovah though smalls a rank a satan but as V. M. Shukshin spoke: "The less nit, the more angrily bites".

Chapter 3/4-6.

Once Moisey grazed sheep … and …saw that thorny bush burns with fire but the bush doesn't burn down. Moisey approached, and in bushes Jehovah sits "and appealed to it "God" Jehovah from the bush environment, also told: "Moisey, Moisey! …I am God of your fathers; Abraham’s, Isaac’s, Jacob's. «Moisey closed the person the; because was afraid to look at on God". Considering that Moisey is embodiment of the Archangel Michael and at that time the priest … it was necessary to believe that it didn't graze sheep and wouldn't be surprised, having seen the thorny bush on fire. And person could close is not to see Jehovah, - it bothered It on to last embodiments. The one, who speaks: "I Is Real (Jehovah only planetary satan).
Chapter 4/22, 23.

Jehovah speaks to the Pharaoh: "Israel is the son wash … Release the son mine, that it made to me service.

But the Pharaoh answered: "Who such Lord, that obeyed it also released Israel? I don't know the Lord and I won't release Israel».
Chapter 5/2.

Some heads in a row (approximately with 3 on 8ch.) Jehovah begs the Pharaoh of service, and also was refused.
Then he solved to starve out Egyptians.
Chapter 7.

Jehovah is sends on Egyptians of 10 executions: 1. water in the river turned in blood; 2. toads; 3. midges; 4. dog’s flies; 5, 6, 7. moray ulcer (Plague, Black Death), inflammation with abscesses and hail; 8, 9. Locust is and darkness; 10. Death is of all first-borns. Jehovah hardened heart the Pharaoh and he didn't release sons Israel’s. Jehovah executes: "….get inflammation with abscesses in public and on cattle"; "the inflammation was on

magicians and on Egyptians"; «I will send ulcers to the people yours that you learned, that isn't present similar to me on all earth"; «I will send tomorrow. Hail very strong, which wasn’t in Egypt from the date of its bases hitherto"; "Also beat a hail on all to the earth Egyptian all, that was in the field from the person to cattle"; "Tomorrow will guide a locust, she will eat at you remained escaped from a hail".
Chapter 8/20 -22.

Jehovah asks to transfer to the Pharaoh of the word: "… release my people, that he made to me service". "… that you knew, that I Lord among the earth". Pay attention is on the allocated words. Jehovah opened the real face that it "I am a Lord among the earth", that is Owner of land. In Judaism Jehovah is satan. We know according to most veiled "Lord", that Jehovah, - the Owner of land, the Prince of this world means, planetary satan, devil, Lucifer, Yahweh, Samael, The death angel, Serpent the Seducer is one polyonymous essence. Moisey never was in Jehovah's service, these are fairy tales of Jehovah. Moisey had a purpose, to rescue Jews from influence devil.

Great Moisey – is God! Nasty Jehovah is devil.
Chapter14/22, 30

«Also sons Israel’s went among the sea by land: waters were it a wall on right and on the left side". »Pursued Egyptians also entered for them in the sea middle …. and water came back in the place. So the
Lord sank Egyptians among the sea". It is correctly told about to Jehovah: "Liar and father of lie"!

30. ;… was relieved also by the Lord in day that Israelis from hands of Egyptians; and Israelis saw Egyptians the dead on the seashore". Jehovah continues to compose fairy tales for the glorification: "Also Israelis saw hand great, which the Lord showed over Egyptians also I was frightened people of Lord. And I believed the Lord". "Also sang to the Lord this song". Further similar heresy utter is Jehovah’s nonsense. Knowledge in "Outcome" isn't present is continuous self-praise. Are people, who read this nonsense on some ten years and every day?

Chapter 15/3.

"Lord - husband of abuse, Jehovah name to it is". Any how? "Sank" is Egyptians. Moisey brought Jews out of Egypt to Sinai through Suez is thymus , instead of on a bottom of the Red Sea. In Egypt worshipped to God the Sun of Ra – Ramses II."Outcome" Jews from Egypt – fairy tales for a public dishonor low consciousness of people, as well as everything that proceeds from Jehovah – a devil.

Abraham is Knew methods of control of Jehovah. Purpose of a devil - to provide mankind rain and crop, and to watch, that people observed 10 precepts. And it provokes on a sin, - decomposes mankind. Further, details: that "Lord" told Moisey and that told Moisey to "Lord" on to occasion of an ark, cover, table, candlestick, altar for smoking.

Chapter 33/19, 20.

«Also the Lord told: I will carry out before you all glory and I will proclaim a name of Jehovah before you; and,

whom to pardon, I will pardon whom to regret, I will regret. And then He told: persons Mine you can't see; because the person can't see Me and survive". Jehovah puts on the importance. Earlier Jehovah said to Jews that will live
among them and won't shun. Now he lives in New-York, and applies to people occult methods of management to the purposes. Human life for it anything, any will sacrifice itself: will corrupt, will kill, but will force to serve, and then will drag off with itself to Saturn.

That to subordinate will of the person, Jehovah applies occult methods (hypnosis).

Moisey Gave to Jews laws and God the jealous man (so Jehovah calls himself) made everything in own way. The main is thing that he warned Jews that "any zoophile will be devoted to death". From personal experience Jehovah knows, what consequences happen - monkeys. All equator and territories adjoining to it is populated with Jehovah's children.

"Facets Agni Yogi", what good fortune proceeds from these books; as inside, on heart it is good. What balance shrouds the person from thoughts of Great Maitreya? Books bear Light; - teach beauty of the speech, good, increase consciousness!! ! You thank the lucky stars that we live in such time when extensive information on consciousness and time is given. Maitreya, my God Lived, Only and forever! It is blessed that time when came nearer to Doctrine of Live Ethics, it is blessed!
Chapter 40/16.

Moisey Puts a tabernacle: "Also covered a cloud a meeting tabernacle, and Lord’s (pederast Jehovah's) glory filled a tabernacle". "Also Moisey Made everything; both "Lord" enjoined to it, and Made". Jehovah not is "Lord" to Moisey, and is the opponent in camp darkness, a devil.
Great Moisey - God!!! Nasty Jehovah – devil.

Third Book, the Levunites is.

Levynites is attendants of a cult, ravins is sorcerers and black magicians. There are five books of the secret mystical doctrine of Judaism, one of them - "Zokhar". Ravins it is applied; will send negative thought on behalf of "Lord", and this is always ready for crimes. Jehovah himself gave definition to Judaism - the Old Testament; all shabby, become obsolete, unnecessary. Who needs the reference book of damnations, executions, wars and revenge?
Chapter 1, 2, 3, 5.

About to bring in the all-burning victim little bodies, sheep, pigeon. About a grain gift is about the victim peace is. For each sin to confess is and to sacrifice bird or animal. If it is guilty in something from these, also will confess, in what it sinned, let will bring to the Lord (Jehovah) for the sin which it sinned, the duty victim from small cattle, sheep or a goat, for a sin also the priest will clear it from a sin". "If it isn't able to bring in the victim of a sheep, in duty for a sin the let will bring to the Lord (Jehovah) of two turtle-doves or two young turn blue …. ««If chief will sin let will bring in the victim of a goat without defect. And similar long is narrated.

This devil treatment about a confession and forgiveness sins it is accepted by Christianity. Never to anybody anything about itself no to relate, - magnetism is lost. Repentance, - return to the past. And any priest won't clear of sins. God (Truth) created the Space Law of Punishment - K A R M A. Karma - work, useful or harmful. For the good - an award and bad it is necessary to fulfill good deeds. In everyone the doctrine it is told: "On your affairs I will judge". The one who listens confession about others sins, assumes its karma. The space will write down everything on the movie and on the astral plan the person will look the life. And in the life book write down only our good deeds. And, if book it will be empty again it is necessary to be embodied until you will begin to do good things.

Chapter 18/ 23.

"And with any cattle don't lie down to pour out the seed and to be profaned from it". From the personal Jehovah's experience conclusions; it was profaned with cattle on the continent Lemuria also produced monkeys.
Chapter 19/2

"Be Saint, because I am Saint the Lord (pederast Jehovah), you’re God". Hypocrite! I forgot the libertinism on Ceylon, when I was the tsar Ravana also I arranged drunken orgies and group sex. Indian poet V;lm;ki, contemporary Ravana-Jehovah imprinted in total in "Ramayana’s" verses and our contemporaries made the movie, where it is very truthful displayed Jehovah-Ravana essence.
Chapter 25/18.

«Execute resolutions Mine also you store laws Mine, also execute them also you will quietly live on the earth.
38. "I am Lord yours which brought you from the earth Egypt’s". And who Lord’s about it is asked? Moisey is

Brought Jews is from Egypt, because Jehovah exhausted with executions Egypt’s. I brought Jews for a while, that again to return them to Egypt on permanent residence.
Chapter 26/14.

«If you don't listen also you won’t execute me all, these precepts, 15 and, if despise my resolutions and, if your soul to abhor my laws, so you won't be to execute all precepts Mine, having broken my precept; 16 that and I will arrive with you so: will send to you horror, weakness and fever, from which eyes will be exhausted also the soul will be exhausted. Further follow infinite threats and damnations. 27. "If and after this you won't listen to me and you will go against me that and I will go to rage against you, also will punish you in seven for your sins;

29. I you will be there is a flesh your sons, and flesh of daughters you will eat yours". Pitch horror!!

33. "I will devastate your earth so that your enemies will be surprised lodged on it". "And you will disseminate between the people, also will bear following your sword and your earth will be empty and your cities are destroyed". Not for nothing a name of a satan damns people and frightens children. And further infinitely from a planetary demon damnations flow. Energy of destruction precedes their texts. Space, destroy this information and clear our earth of these dark thoughts!! !

.Fourth book the Number.

The word "number» is synonym a population census.
Chapter 1/49.

"Only knee Levin don't bring in census, also don't estimate them together with sons Israel". Levynites is clergy. All families of Jews on names are, on age and on to their families. Jews it is possible to understand this their past and it is necessary to us? What spiritual knowledge bears these texts? Is narrated on sets pages how to build tabernacle what to transfer them from place to place levynites (ecclesiastics) have to. Have to protect skinny on levynites and if who will approach to a tabernacle, to that death. That such tabernacle is? Sanctuary! It is listed that has to bring the person for sins to expiate the offense. Little bodies, arise, or to steam of turtle-doves, and it are so infinite. Value gifts depended from position of the person. If the senior, the foreman, from that and demand for a sin is more. These provisions were given to wild tribes to equip their life and that Jehovah was afraid. The main! In the previous the text there is a statement Jews to Moisey, in which they ask, that Moisey told them, instead of Jehovah. "Lord" Jehovah all the time threatened to Jews also I damned them. And after each offer declares: "I am a Lord". Only in the third book "Levitate Lord (Jehovah) told these words about 700 times. Law on jealousy:

Chapter 5/ 12-31.

"… if changes to whom the wife also will break fidelity to it is. Also, who will oversleep with it the seed also pours out and it will be hidden from eyes of her husband. And it will be profaned secretly, also won't be from it witness, also it won't be caught, also will find on it (husband) spirit of jealousy, also will be jealous the wife", without knowing it is profaned, or not. "Let will give spirit the wife the priest also will bring for it is in the victim … barley flour" "Also the priest will take holy water in the clay vessel. And lands with a floor tabernacle also will put in water in a hand at the priest there will be a bitter water directing a damnation" "And to spell her priest, also will tell the wife: if nobody overslept with you, and you weren't profaned also I didn't fool around to the, it is safe you will be from this bitter the water directing Bloody hell; but, if you changed to the husband also it was profaned … then priest let to spell wife damnation oath and yes to make Lord (Jehovah) your bosom fallen down and your stomach swelled up".;Also the priest will take grain gift the jealous, also will uplift this gift before The Lord, and also will carry it to an altar" The thought, but not bitter water works. This is sorcery!

Sacrifices are the attribute to attendants of Spirit but not each of them deserves sacrifice. Gifts should be done; priests bear knowledge, increase spirituality, open schools for children. Attendants of spirit!
Chapter 11 / 4, 5, 10.

«… and sons Israeli sat both cried and spoke:"Who will feed us meat? And we remember fish, which in Egypt we ate gratis, cucumbers and melons, both onions, and onions, and garlic. Moisey heard, that the people cry in the families, everyone at doors the tent.
Chapter 12/ 3.

"Moisey Was the mildest of all people on the earth". Jews cried and wanted to elect the foreman, to return back. And had to be is. Moisey Wanted them to return to the houses Egyptian. Tale of that that Jews appropriated silver at Egyptians there is fiction Jehovah’s, - it has imaginations is the perverted. "Lord was afraid to lose Jews also promised to lodge them, where flows «milk and honey".
Chapter 14/ 9, 12.

"Also told the people; "Only against the Lord (Jehovah) doesn’t rise also be not afraid of the people this earth because it will get to us on eating up …." "Also the Lord told Moisey: how long I will be to irritate these people? I

will strike it with an ulcer also I will exterminate it". "Also inhabitants of this earth will tell: "The Lord couldn't to enter these people to the earth which he with an earth promised to it, and therefore ruined it in the desert". Moisey constantly Admonish heed it. Jehovah sent group people for survey lands; they returned also dismissed ill fame. All lands were populated with tribes.
Chapter 14/ 37.

«These, dismissed ill fame, died, was struck before the Lord (Jehovah)". Sons Israel’s in the desert found the person, which collected firewood, Jehovah told: has to die this person," Also brought him all society also beat its stones and he died, as the Lord (Jehovah)" enjoined. Killer!
Chapter 16.

Jews are dissatisfied were withdrawal from Egypt, "the country where milk and honey" flows. Among them I began discontent grumble. Many wanted to return back. Even priest Koreas I organized revolt in quantity 250 husbands (head of families). Jehovah learned also told Moisey and Aaron: "Separate from society that and will exterminate them during a moment". They said: "One the person sinned and you are angry on all society»? Jehovah punished risen an earthquake, fire and defeat. "… the earth seated under them. Also opened earth the lips, and I absorbed them and their houses and all people Korea and all property" Also they descended with everything, that belonged to them, live in an underworld, also the earth covered them, also they were lost from the society environment all. Israelis, which were round them, ran at their cry, that, they spoke, and I didn't absorb us earth". "There was fire from Lord (pederast Jehovah) and devoured those two hundred fifty husbands". "Also the Lord told (Jehovah) to Moisey: "Stand aside from society this and will ruin them during a moment". Fire of space is given for creativity, but not for destruction of people.

Planetary satan Jehovah everything says lies: weren’t earthquakes and defeats by fire. Devil named myself Almighty also composes fairy tales. At Jews it is called as "im hylem" (in dreams).

Jews and sectarians, reflect, who you forced to worship to the monster, blockhead. On Love by the space it is constructed Space, instead of on cruelty. Anywhere in Space isn't present such foolish, only on our Planet. Jehovah is the spiritual freak with the perverted imagination.

And on this book presidents swear in fidelity to the people and Homeland. Means, they it didn't read and do it conducted by a herd instinct.

During board of the Pharaoh Ramses II devil-Jehovah was embodied in Egypt in a physical body. He knew, what power this governor, being expressed on a modern slang: "I sat silently and I didn't arise".

Jehovah began "to arise" after Moisey's death, and before sat "meek and mild". Its twiddled, - "The Lord also told Moisey" - imaginations of "lower being subordinated deities"
Chapter 22.

Tale of the grandfather Jehovah "about a white bull-calf"; as the she-ass started talking with Valaams and then and Angel the Lord' (Jehovah's) standing on the road with naked sword is. Naturally, from a name Jehovah can speak only donkey. Angels don't serve Jehovah. It operates demons black magicians. Its army is perverts and underworld!!! This is the murderer in an astral body stood with a naked sword.

Subsequent heads list the infinite set of names of fathers, childbirth and sons. Murder is revenge, hostility.

Second is calculation of Jews. And to whom it is necessary? From the Old Testament (Torah)
aggression proceeds, clean it from book shelves.

Also are you bringing an all-burning in a pleasant fragrance to the Lord (Jehovah). From the large horned cattle of two tauruses, one arise and seven one-year innocent persons, and at them a gift grain wheat the flour, mixed with an unction, the three tenth speak rapidly efa on everyone little body, the two tenth speak rapidly efa on the arise.

And on tenth part efa on each of seven innocent persons is. And one goat in the victim for a sin, for clarifications you is. Over the constant all-burning and grain gifts at it you bring this to me with their libation without defect has to be them at you".

Words: "… all-burning in a pleasant fragrance to the Lord (Jehovah)". Jehovah at this time I was in astral body and the last embodiment in the physical body was at it in Egypt during board Pharaoh Ramses II. Probably, Jehovah conceived a liking to meat. Attachments physical body remain and in the astral. The astral is can't but pleasant meat fragrance delivers pleasure. All alcoholics and gluttons this passion transfers with itself on the Thin Plan.

Parasite Jehovah entire Egyptian the period was engaged idleness, lived in the pleasure. What advantage of it to mankind? One harm, - the evil making! Cooked up fairy tales and imposed to all Christianity. Look at design sites: http://maitreya-god.net и http://theosophy-mm.net - books are offered for reading and it small shred from all created Great Lord of the Shambhala. Only in the Bible it is mentioned eight his embodiments. And in each embodiment there is a result of its work. To these time Ramses II remember, how most powerful Pharaoh’s, it is a lot of made for Egypt. (See "Outcome", chapter 1 and 2).
Chapter 27/18, 20, 23.

Appointment Jesus’ Navin is deputy Moisey. "Also told Lord (Jehovah) to Moisey: take to it Jesus Navin person in which there is a Spirit, also assigns to it your hand". "Also give to it from your glory that listened to it all society Israel’s ". »Also made Moisey, as enjoined to it Lord". "Also assigned on it the hands also gave it manual as "Lord" spoke through Moisey". Jehovah again says lies. Jesus Navin was pupil Moisey. Carried the initial name Osea's, also was Moisey it is renamed into Jesus that means Savior Jewish people, from influence of Jehovah-devil!
Chapter 31.

In this chapter are listed robberies, murders local population and production list and division of the stolen. Jehovah slanders on Jews! It wasn't. Jews after stay in Egypt were high-spiritual people and waited return home to Egypt. If not Jehovah, at Jews would be the Homeland -Egypt, only without it, without planetary demon. In it is all reason! And now they are waited by Saturn. But the exit is! Even at the last moment on the deathbed to which you will ask for the help that you also will meet the thin world. Rescue only in the Lord Maitreya! He calls: "Come to me everything, looking for Light', - orphaned and nude, sick and poor, kind and angry. I Will wash all, I Will encourage all, I Will specify by everything away and I Will light up all the Ray of light". Maitreya is reliable board.

Further goes transfer of camps (stops) of Jews on the way from Sinai to "earth borders inherited". From whom Jews inherited lands, if to Egypt they were newcomer from Chaldea on Middle East?
Fifth Book. Deuteronomy.

"Outcome" of Jews from Egypt – is tales for a dishonor low consciousness of people, as well as everything that proceeds from Jehovah–devil.

Jews there came and didn't want to leave. On Sinai they remembered that in Egypt they had a meat, fruit, vegetables which Egyptians gave them gratis. And on Sinai Egyptians continued 40 years to feed Jews gratis. A god-send - is allegory, an allegory. Brought Jews out of Egypt therefore Jehovah executions tortured Egyptians. Forty years Moisey was with Jews on Sinai in hope that Jehovah-devil will calm down and Jews again will return to Egypt on permanent residence. But this predatory hawk knows that without Jews he is "nobody" and to call him "in any way". Hanged over Sinai and waited for Moisey's death.

Moisey is Jewish prophet and legislator rallied the Israeli tribes. It is That, Who call Moria (Great Lord, Lord M, M.:, Mahatma) Great Teacher White Brothers, Head Hierarchies Light.

Jehovah is «god of bastards", such it was given definition Gnostic’s.

Moisey Gave to Jews Laws and on Sinai on tables Itself Wrote precepts. Michael the Archangel – Maitreya little creative lives devoted to the distressful to the Jewish people It Is for Jews true God and Father.

If not intervention Jehovah–a devil, "the elected people» could be most the high-spiritual people of God, and not of the most material people of a devil. But word "elected» remained …

After destruction rolls Moisey’s, Jehovah cooked up Old Testament with the infinite self-praise is and belittling of others. Can in those days its fairy tales made impression, but now at people other intelligence and a method of a public dishonor doesn't pass.

Egypt for Jews was the lightest period; 430 years they professed Buddhism. Egyptians benevolent people, even after leaving of Jews to Sinai, Egyptians cared of them. Assignment, before withdrawal from Egypt, Jews fraudulently silver and another property of Egyptians - lie. While it was live Moisey, Jews robberies and robbery weren't engaged, - they were in dependence Egyptians.

"Pentateuch Moisey’s» is Pentateuch of Jehovah-devil, planetary satan. Jehovah enclosed in lips Moisey’s word, that to extol itself and to humiliate Moisey, "Moisey is my slave".

"Moisey's religion is that other, and Buddhism. It is similar to another to godlike people Moisey considered reached the highest from all states on Earth – there was a most rare from all psychological the phenomena – full merge of the immortal spirit from the duady. The Trinity is complete! Such embodiments are rarity! Such perfect beings are embodiment Uniform Supreme and is forever Hidden God. Moisey and similar to it were perfect people, gods on Earth, as Their Gods already Entered in Divine sanctuaries, in the cleared physical bodies". (E. P. Blavatsky, "The exposed Isida"). Lucifer-Jehovah represents darkness; it occurred from Brama.
Brama is Chaos, still more terribly than darkness!! !
Chapter 28/15-68.

Won't bring texts with damnations-preventions to Jews from Jehovah, they can't be read from them energy of destruction proceeds, - like it: "And you will eat a fruit your belly, flesh of sons yours and your daughters, which Lord, your God, gave you». Nightmare! And this essence applies on rank of God. And still the is 52 damnations. And in other heads there are similar texts. Damnations of Jehovah, is prevention to Jews on a case, if they in the future not to it will worship. Violence always and everywhere applies the planetary demon to me it in several lives applied violence also revenged, Really, at those people, who read texts Jehovah, didn't cause in rejection and rejections of it MONSTER also present, is this monster, angry, vindictive and cruel, - Owner of land, Prince of this world, possessing knowledge occultism, BLACK MAGI, seven billion operate planet population.

Jehovah knows energy of the earth also applies them on people. Most terrible look occultism HYPNOSIS is. The magic is one, if it apply for the benefit is white magic, and, if for the evil, - black magic. Everything depends on consciousness, thoughts. At the Owner of land consciousness and thoughts is black.


Originals of rolls «Moisey’s Pentateuch» partially remained at Gnostics. And space everything writes on the movie. That, Who Was embodied as Avel, Noy, Abraham, Ramses II, Moisey, Solomon, Osiris (twice) is one and same Essence, First Archangel of our Solar system, Great Lord of the Shambhala. To one to the people it wasn't given it is so much attention, as to Jews. And that, whom they consider the deity only is planetary small satan, devil.

1. To Egypt Jews self’s came in drought time and hunger. Pharaon Ramses II Gave them the best lands in
Gesem on the advice of Josef.

2. In Egypt Jews worshipped to God Sun of Ra, to Michael Archangel, Great Lord of the Shambhala.
3. Jews is shepherds went in for cattle breeding; Egyptians gave them products gratis. .

4. Adobe did for the dwellings and economic constructions, - the slavery wasn't.

5. Moisey Removed Jews from Egypt (temporarily) through Suez isthmus, that to allow to take rest to Egyptians from executions Jehovah’s.

6. Jews, leaving and Egypt, anything from Egyptians didn't take, otherwise as though they returned back to the houses? It is tales Jehovah’s.
7. On Sinai Egyptians continued to give products to Jews gratis.

8. Jehovah slandered Moisey; during its stay with Jews on Sinai robberies, murders they didn't commit. Moisey Completely took on itself efforts about Jews. In Egypt governed Solar Gods, which did His will. All tales of Jehovah is slander on Moisey as well as everything that proceeds from planetary satan Jehovah's.

9. Egypt was true house and Homeland for Jews.