4. Book Jesus Navin, Book of judges?Books First and Second Kingsdom.

Book. Jesus Navin.
Confession of the planetary fascist Jehovah; Jesus Navin and Jews is victims of its hypnosis.
After Leaving Moisey’s, foolish Jehovah subordinated to myself Jesus Navin and all Jews. Bandit of the planetary scale is Jehovah devil, again imposed to Jews demonic culture: take everything that you can take, - all yours. Plunder, kill, burn. For what it Jews defamed before the whole world is? After all not they did it and Jehovah devil all the lawlessness made their hands, applying hypnosis.
Chapter 1/1, 2.

Jehovah rejoices: "On death Moisey, slave Lords, the Lord (Jehovah) told: "Moisey, slave Mine, died". Jesus Navin the Foolish appointed the senior it is deliberate because he knew, what the light embodiment is. Word Jesus is Savior of Jews. Jesus Navin had to continue business Moisey’s. Jehovah revenged to the Great Lord of Shambhala for Josef who has helped to go to Jews to Egypt during government of the Pharaoh Ramses II. The devil has applied hypnosis to Jesus Navin to shift on him the blame for crimes at "clearing to himself place".
Chapter 3/ 14 -16.

"So, when the people moved to Jordan from the tents, that pass Jordan, and priests incurred precept ark before the, that only the bearing entered Jordan, and feet of priests, bearing an ark, plunged is in water of Jordan (Jordan acts from all the coast in everything days of a harvest of wheat). Water, flowing from above, stopped d and became wall on very long distance, and the current water to the plain sea, left and ran low". Tale!
Chapter 4/22 - 24.

Jehovah of glorifies and uplifts the lie. "Tell to your sons: "Israel passed through Jordan sow by land". ;Because, Lord, your God dried up waters of Jordan for you, how long you didn't pass it, the same as Lord, your God, made with Black Sea, which dried up before us, how long we didn't pass it". "That all people of the Earth learned that the Lord's hand it is strong and that you are were afraid Lord your God, in all days". (It appears, the Foolish dried up already two seas and river Jordan). Irrelative is liar.
Chapter 5/8, 9, 12, 16.

Everything, been born after the Outcome from Egypt, Jesus Navin cut off a sharp knife. With it time Jehovah connected two branches of the first people (Jews and rakshas), having marked them with trimming, - imposed a brand!! "When all people was cut off, remained on the camp, didn't recover yet". "Also the "Lord" told Jesus Navin: "Nowadays I removed from you opprobium Egyptian". After leaving Moisey’s, Jews got under influence of the demon Jehovah. In those days believers very much thought much to the God; loved it and protected from opponents. Egypt stopped containing Jews. "And the manna ceased to fall, and wasn't more manna at sons Israeli, but they ate that year works earth Hanaansky". Others words, plundered crop Hananey’s. So couldn't to proceed infinitely, has to be the earth-wet nurse. From now on under Jehovah's guidance the lawlessness began. It is earlier told by Jehovah that was on silver platter semolina in the form of grains, Jews collected it on the earth, and it served them as food. Forty years? Concept of semolina the heavenly - be the parasite, to live at the expense of someone. In spiritual value, - receive blessing from God.
Chapter 6/1, 20, 23.

. "And then told Lord: "Here betray Jerichon and his tsar, and being in it people strong". Capture Jerichon. "Also betrayed to paternoster everything that in the city is, and hues bands and wives, and young old, and oxen, and sheep, and donkeys, everything exterminated, sword ". ;And city, and all, that in it burned fire; only silver and gold, both vessels copper and iron gave to a treasury Lord's house (Jehovah)". Everything that surrounds us stores in itself information on the events. Energy of destruction in the Lord's house proceeds from the stolen.

What Lord, such and his house. In the temple there have to be subjects radiating love oneself ishness and the chistos erdeena.
Chapter 8/1, 2, 19-28.

Chief bandit and robber of a planet sew, the Lord (Jehovah) betrays the tsar Gaysky and its people, city it and its earth. And direct: ;With Guy and to make him the tsar the same that made with Jerichon and tsar it, "only production it divide to itself". Under management Jehovah, enticed resident’s cunning, "entered to the city, also took it, and immediately lit city fire", "So struck them, that didn't leave one of them, escaped, or escaped;.

And the tsar Gaysky took the live. When Israelis interrupted Guy's all inhabitants, addressed to Guy and struck it with a sword". "The killed that day husbands and wives, all Guy's inhabitants there were 12 thousand". "Only cattle and production of these city sons of Israel divided between itself, by the word of the Lord (Jehovah). Also burned Guy and the tsar Gaysky hung up on tree till the evening and then removed a corpse from a tree also threw at gate also outlined over it big heap of stones".
Lord Truth, who "awarded" us such Owner of land ? Real Monster!

Сhapter 10.

"The Lord (Jehovah) brought them in confusion at a look Israelis and they struck them in Gavaon’s strong defeat also pursued them to Azek is". "When they ran from Israelis on a slope of the mountain of Veforonsky the Lord threw on them from heavens the big stones (if it is "Lord" what fiend …) to Ezek's and they died; it is more was what died from hail stones, than what sons Israeli destroyed we throw". "Also stopped the sun and the moon stood, how long people (Jews) took vengeance on enemies (Jehovah's victims) to the". Five tsars escaped and disappeared in a cave. "Then Jesus struck them and killed them, also hung up them on trees. At sunset them removed from trees, also threw into a cave and put the big stones to a cave opening".

Took Maked, Livna, Lachis, Evlon, Hebron, Davir and tens more cities, and in all the cities killed tsars «and everything that breathed". Under Jehovah's guidance robberies were made, arsons, murders. Further there is a transfer of tsars, struck with Moisey and Jesus Navin. Jehovah to the crime ranked not only Jesus Navin and Jews, but is also Moisey. Refers several times on Moisey's laws, and withdrew them all also offered words in exchange description of the crimes with an infinite exalt itself. How many offers in each chapter there are so much times the devil Jehovah repeats words: " Lord, God your ". Vainglorious and ridiculous, being delicately expressed is more exact - a poisonous spider, spinning networks for catching of people! Texts plebeian and silly! What knowledge they give to the person? Calls Moisey: «Slave is Gog’s". Such low-standard pettiness as Jehovah, dares to concern rotten thoughts such the Lightest and the Highest Essence, as Moisey.

Moisey is God. Jehovah - is devil, only the planetary small satan, foolish. Jehovah is that, whom God threw out from heavens for murder of Avel’ and incest the person with animal and monkey; his descendants run on all fours and jump on trees. Jehovah is one, whom it was necessary physically to eliminate for the moral decomposition on Ceylon: drunken orgies, group sex, murder of priests, rape of the goddess, blood decantation priests and godlessness is. For planting of the demonic cultures; everything that is visible to an eye - yours, take, suffice, plunder, kill and steal foreign wives.
Chapter 11.

"Jesus Navin struck hordes Hananeev in the north, is at Meromsky' waters". "Also Jesus with them arrived as the Lord told him: to horses they were cut by veins, and chariots them were burned fire. At the same time, having come back, Jesus took Asor, and the tsar it killed a sword, having betrayed a paternoster; didn't remain any soul. Also beat everything breathing that was in it, a sword, having betrayed a paternoster; remained any soul; and Asor burned he fire. And all cities of tsars of these and all tsars them were taken by Jesus and beat a sword, having betrayed them to a paternoster as Jehovah enjoined. And all production of these cities and cattle were plundered by sons Israeli's to them; people of all interrupted a sword so exterminated all of them; didn't leave any soul".

"There was no city which would make the peace with sons Israeli's; everything was taken by them war.
Thus, Jesus Navin took all earth as "Lord" (Jehovah) spoke. Also the earth from war" calmed down.

The bandit Jehovah divides the earth and the cities between knees of Jews - even that, which "is yet won, but it has to be won". Some heads are devoted to installation of borders of destinies for each knee". To levynites (to attendants of a cult) was it is distinguished "from possession sons Israel’s forty eight cities with their suburbs".
Chapter 21/43.

"Thus, the Lord "gave" to Israel all earth, which to give swore to their fathers". During territory capture in the Middle East for settling of Jews it was destroyed: - Women - one hundred thousand; - Old men - one hundred thousand; - children - one hundred thousands.
Chapter 24/22.

«Jesus told the people: "You are witnesses about yourselves that you elected to yourselves the Lord - to serve it?

They answered: witnesses. "After this Jesus died. Son Navin, slave Lord's, being 110 years. From the word witnesses there was a name of sects of Jehovah.

Jehovah dictated this text in the fifth century of a new era, in 1400 after all incidents in the Middle East. He knows details all crimes. In space is the movie all its crimes. Gods are able to take this information from space. Jews is an eternal problem between them and Arabs. To these time the population remembers about a lawlessness also call Jesus Navin bandit; they are mistaken, - Jehovah main criminal planetary. It then genocide method applied in time World War II in concentration camps, where destroyed people in the gas cameras, especially Jews. The scenario personally was created by a devil.

On the lake Lank Jehovah was called: "Ten-headed, twenty hands"! He lived in one and others were in a lethargical sleep. One Ravana is liquidated he will put on other weight; it was necessary to eliminate its ten times. His always is pacified Michael the Archangel.

Jehovah "created the people for himself'" to use them in the purposes. Earlier it decomposed the population of one continent, and now decomposes all Christian worlds. The Lord of the Shambhala is the Patron of Russia therefore the cruel petty tyrant Jehovah does everything to do to Slavs economic and spiritual harm.

1. Why the devil calls Abraham and Moisey "slave My"? 2. Why Jehovah copied Moisey's Pentateuch, but the name left? 3. Why he decided to add in "Torah" book "Jesus Navin"?
1. Because Avraham, Ramses II, Moisey is embodiment Michael the Archangel’s, the Great Lord of the

Shambhala. Jehovah was pacified always by Great Maitreya, or physically eliminated that the devil didn't decompose mankind. Jehovah therefore called Abraham and Moisey "my slave" and in Christianity Michael the

Archangel’s calls ;Saint". Saints there are just people, Michael the Archangel is God!!! The first Archangel is a position, which executes Maitreya during passing of evolution of the person. Maitreya Is Vishnu, the Father of the Universe, Supreme, the Founder and the Creator! All positions in Space are selective.

2. Name is"Moisey's Pentateuch" devil left that to offer the nonsense from his Name.

3. Chapter is "Jesus Navin" Jehovah aided that to lay the crimes Jesus Navin in time to ;clearings to itself place".

And Jews in the future will receive the portion of the evil that worshipped to God Sun Ra (Ramses II), - concentration camps. Jehovah vindictive and vindictive, the evil remembers in the millennia, - in it its essence. Pentateuch a changed, having destroyed laws Moisey, - at a devil another world order, but name left. Moisey Patriarch of Jews and it can't be excluded. After a crucifixion of Christ, who Gave to Jews a Buddhism, Jehovah pursued Christians more than 400 years and then sees, that not to stop this process, decided to unite the Judaism (Old Testament) and Christianity. Christianity reduced, threw out important Laws, added the book "Jesus Navin" where presented myself the "All- powerful bandit", - «cleared away a place for Jews". Thus made the accomplices - Jews, Jesus Navin and even Moisey slandered, which to it has no any relation. Jesus Navin and Jews were obsessed with a devil- Jehovah, as in the future Hitler and fascists.

The devil became active, - understood that loses Jews also began for them fight, otherwise, with whom it will leave to Saturn, with whom there to start everything from scratch? Everything, who worships to planetary satan will leave with it to Saturn!!! Saturn and a satan are synonyms. Planetary satan Jehovah consider God only
Jews and sects.

Book of judges.
Chapter 1.
"Also Jude's sons were at war. "War of Israel with Hananey’s for mastering inheritance of each knee". Inheritance from where it, Jews came to the Middle East from Chaldea? The word the Jew in Aramaic language is alien. And after leaving they came to Egypt in 430 years, when all lands were populated. In the XIX-XX centuries Jehovah is too "mastering inheritance" the billionaire Morgan's families by a similar method, under the law of "demonic culture". Demons have a fraud, a robbery, fraud, murders; capture of someone else's property "mastering inheritance" is called.

"Also went Judas, also betrayed the Lord Hananeiy’s and Ferezeev, also they their beat ten thousands of people". "Adoni-Vezek ran but they caught it also cut the big fingers on hands and standing it is". "Then I told Adoni-Vezek: "Seventy tsars with cut on hands and feet thumbs collected remains under my table; as I did, and I rendered God». (Space is Law!) . The same waits for Jews.

Took Jerusalem is, "all inhabitants, struck sword, and the city burned". Judas took many cities and all inhabitants then paid tribute to it. It is called "mastering inheritance".
Сhapter 2/11- 13.

Buried Jesus Navin and "then sons Israel’s began to do angry before eyes of Lord, also began to serve Valaams; left Lord, «God of the fathers", which brought them from the earth Egyptian, (and who asked it about …), also addressed to another to gods, gods of the people surrounding them also began to worship to them, also irritated Lords (Jehovah). From Egypt Jews brought the esoteric Knowledge, the senior generation remembered, that from of Egypt they were brought by Moisey through the Suez isthmus.

All past was transferred by word of mouth. With time Jews realized the actions, also began to depart from Misters-bandits. Jews from Egypt brought the esoteric Knowledge also knew about Space Law Requitals - the Karma. Torah with the text modern Lord Jehovah couldn’t give in 50 years after exit from Egypt. Then people lived for 100 - 120, - in memory of the senior generations remained memoirs about Egyptian period. Jehovah - devil is liar!

"Left (Jews) of Lord, also began to serve Vaal and Astarte. Also I blazed Lord's anger on Israel, also betrayed them in hands of robbers, and also plundered them. Where they won't go everywhere there was a Lord's hand them in the evil". "Then erected them Lord of judges, which is rescued them from hands robbers. But also judges they didn't listen and went the lascivious following other gods, also worshipped to them". Jews at other gods looked for protection against the Lord - the bandit. "When the Lord erected judges itself I was with judges, also rescued them from enemies". The Lord (Jehovah) "betrayed them in hands of robbers, and plundered them", and then "protected" them. "But, how soon died the judge, they again did worse than the fathers, evading to other gods".

Violence never didn't give the positive is results. Forges of Light respect freedom choice
of the person!!!

Chapter 3/ 7.

"Also sons made Israel’s angry before eyes of Lord also forgot Lord, the God". "Also is blazed anger of Lord". Then Lord Jehovah set on Jews other people, and already Jews were in that situation, in what they put others. "Also began to yell sons Israel’s to the Lord also the Lord erected Gofoniil-savior to sons Israel’s, also appointed him judges". "Also the earth was based forty years. Also Gofoniil died. Sons Israel’s again began to do angry before eyes of Lord". The book of judges consists in that Jehovah-devil infinitely set on Jews of other tsars, which "struck" Jews. From the circle of aggressors the judge was appointed the Lord, which held

Jews is in obedience. Died judge and at once Jews "evaded from the Lord the fathers". Infinite transfer of names, childbirth, knees, tribes, tsars, judges, sons, fathers, mothers. And to whom it is necessary? What knowledge gives this head? Jews long ago wanted to depart forever from the Lord (Jehovah), also we were glad that them accepted in Egypt, - they got the Homeland and Knowledge from God the Sun - Lords of the Shambhala.
Chapter 5/ 23.

"Damn Meroz, the Lord's Angel" speaks. (Angels don't damn, it was the demon). "Damn, damn his inhabitants, what not came to the rescue to the Lord, on help to the Lord with Brave". And why to the Lord to help (Jehovah), if it named itself (himself) "All-powerful" is? Word the All-powerful consists from two words, - all able (everything can do). It appears not everything can do "All-powerful"!!! Lord (Jehovah-devil) word "All-powerful" makes a psychological attack on the person, - suggestion. As you can see, not always at it turns out. In the New Testament is, or in the Doctrine Live Ethics unless there is the word "damn"? 24. "Yes will be between wives Iail blessed"?! "Left hand to a stake gave, and the right hand to a hammer of workers; hit Sisara, affected the head him, broke and pierced a temple him. To her feet it was inclined, and fell struck".

Jehovah blesses Iail on murder.
Chapter 6/1

"Sons Israel’s again began to do angry before eyes of Lord (Jehovah) also I betrayed them Lord in hands Madianityan for seven years". Jews escaped to mountains also hid in gorges". "When will seed Israel, will come to Madianityana also stand at them tents, also exterminate works lands to gases and also don't leave for livelihoods to Israel nor sheep, nor ox, donkey". "They came in the set, as locust, to devastate the earth". "And very Israel became impoverished; also sons began to yell Israel’s to the Lord". The person is the intermediary between space and a planet. Any planet can't exist without people. What energy is in it, such he and attract from Space. If the person is irritated, suffers, cries, talks smut, or simply sad, or hates the whole world, sees badly in everything, it fills with such energy the Planet. Our House is on the verge of explosion. Jehovah played with Jews only for this purpose. Cat with mice is. It released them, and they tried to depart from it. Jehovah sent (under hypnosis) other people on Jews and directed them that Jews suffered and filled a planet with destructive energy. All riots of Jews proceeded and proceed only from Jehovah.

Great Maitreya is our God, - against Maitreya nobody is strong! Look for protection at the Great Lord of the Shambhala. Maitreya is Supreme, the Father of the Universe, the Founder and the Creator!! ! Worship is protection. You hold balance, don't destroy the Planet, it is our House. The Shambhala rescues us, burning a negative. But them there only one hundred Substance's, who work without holiday island a salary, rescuing mankind and a planet, heroes is victims. Think of that, the person is the most difficult creation of Space and he is the destroyer of a body of the Planet and its aura.

Texts of the Old Testament bear energy of destruction. In total action of Jehovah-devil are directed on negative generation to blow up a Planet. Jesus Navin and Jews Jehovah used for designated purpose – generation aggressions and sufferings. Other the people in the same way behaved in relation to Jews, on - giving rise to the evil. Jews – are for this purpose necessary to Jehovah on – to fill a Planet negative energy and to blow up it before leaving to Saturn.

Chapter 14/19.

"Also descended on it Spirit Lord's (Jehovah's), and it went to Ashkelon and having killed there thirty people took off from them clothes, and gave changes of a dress them, solved a riddle". Jehovah's spirit - hypnosis, - it killed thirty people!
Chapter 15/16.

"Also Samson went, also caught three hundred foxes, tied a tail with a tail, bound on a torch between two tails, lit torches and let Filistimsky for a harvest also burned out shocks and not reaped bread both grape gardens and olive". "Also spoke to Philistims: who made it? Also told: Samson, Philistims son-in-law; because this took his wife also I gave to the friend it. Also send to Philistims also burned fire it and her father". Samson: «Found the fresh asinine the head also killed it one thousand people".

Beloved Samson Dalida learned from it a secret forces, also betrayed it. Forces Samson-Nazareya is in his hair. Samson sleeping cut and pricked out eyes. When grew hair, Samson addressed to the Lord (Jehovah) to help "in once to revenge Filistimlyan for two my eyes». And "Lord" helped, (Jehovah an invention is to put out eyes, the devil hated Nazareya') «also was the dead more, than destroyed it in the life". Also there was he judges Israel in days Filistimlyan twenty years". And as: "don't kill? « And "Lord" Jehovah is the accomplice of all crimes, - it asks to help to revenge, and it helps. To that does this evil history teach?

Forces Nazorey’s was in good Spirits, high consciousness! Hair didn't cut off because they have a tubular structure, and accumulate mental energy. Jesus was Nazorey’s!

What words: to damn, revenge, kill, deceive, to betray, burn, destroy, put out eyes, ». Repeatedly Jews depart from "Lord" - a devil, and it punishes them and again forcibly returns back. How to it without the?
Chapter 19/1, 10, 27, 29.

"Those days when wasn't king's at Israel, there lived one levynites (priest) on a slope of the mountain of Efremov's. It took itself (himself) the concubine from Bethlehem Judaic". After quarrel the concubine left to the father. The levynites followed the woman and on the way back stopped on lodging for the night. In Give Benjamin’s "People dissolute (homosexuals) surrounded the house, knocked at the doors, and spoke to the old man: bring the person, and we his pony".

"Here at me daughter maiden, and it has a concubine, will bring them, restrain them, also do with them, that it is

necessary for you; and with this person don't do it madness’s". "But they didn't want to listen"."

"The husband (levynites) took the concubine and removed to them" They learned it and outrages over it all night long and she died". "Having come home, the levynites took a knife and cu the concubine on twelve parts, and sent to all limits Israel’s".
Chapter 20/27, 40.

Gathered all sons Israel's from all knees listen the Levynites. Levynites told: they and 11 knees Israel went
against Benyamin’s from Giva. Also questioned sons Israel Lord (Jehovah) ... and the Lord (Jehovah) told: "I will betray tomorrow it in your hands". Also slaughter began. At first Benyamin’s sons from Give laid 40 thousand Israelis, and then sons of Israel "sons Benyamin’sstruck 25 thousand". "Israelis again went to sons Benyamin’s also struck them with a sword, both people and cattle, and all, that didn't meet, in total … burned".
Chapter 21/25.

"Those days not were king at Israel; everyone did that, it seemed to it fair". This is explanation Jehovah's. Sodom is and Gomorrah. (Sodom is homosexuality). Two cities were of perverts in Israel. Jehovah corrupted all inhabitants from old to small also filled in them with the melted sulfur. In a knee Veniamin's were embodied those, whom it burned the melted sulfur and again they, under influence "Misters" of Jehovah-devil became perverts. Now he doesn't want to repeat; to set at Jews, and they destroyed each other.

Here reason, why Jehovah so battled for Jews in Egypt also hurried "to clear away place" for them. In the following lives perverts were embodied on all to planet, and "Lord" Jehovah-devil personally looks for them partners. After death perverts in slavery is at of Jehovah-devil. Two astrals from it have observer’s copulation Jehovah's with an animal. -Wreckers, - those, whom Jehovah burned the melted sulfur, embodied in Giva Benyamin’s, and then scattered on space Planet.

Jehovah is the zoophile. In archive of space is the movie, - Jehovah's copulation with an animal. The cow on a meadow stands still (under hypnosis); behind "Lord" Jehovah prepares for process, and examines space. In those days people were six-meter growth and genital bodies of Jehovah and a cow were at one level. Attire of a devil: black trousers and light shirt.

Book. Ruff.

Ruff became a widow/widower, but remained to live with the mother-in-law; later married the relative mothers-in-law also gave rise the son, - the grandfather of the future tsar David.

First Book of kingdoms.

Anna, the second wife of the priest Eli gave birth to Samuel, the attendant Lords (Jehovah). And further is

narrated as kick an ark of the Lord (Jehovah), - nobody wants to behave an ark at, transfer it from one district to
Chapter 3/5- 8.

"And when there arrived an ark of the "Lord's" precept to a camp all Israel lifted such strong shout, that the earth groaned is. Also heard to Filistimlyan noise of exclamations is. Also learned, that an ark the Lord's arrived to a camp. Also were frightened to Filistimlyan, also told: "Grief to us who will relieve us from this God? It is that God, Who struck Egyptians any executions".

Jehovah speaks Filistimlyan: "Be courageous and battle to them". "Also fell Israelis of 30 thousand pedestrian and the ark was taken". Contradiction! Why Filistimlyan an ark, if they dream to get rid of this God (Jehovah)? (The ark is a casket, or a box, in which is relics of the sacred lie. In our church is in the ark size approximately 15х10х8см.

"Anna's is relics" lie, grandmothers Jesus’; brought them from Aphons.) And who trusts in it? Jehovah on one of the false sites spreads the information that in the USA advertize relics and RINGSE and attributes Maitreya this falseness. Ringse` is the stony - metal weight remaining after burning of a brain. Before leaving to Saturn, the

devil throws out from him all poison. In spirit grain (the Highest Triad) Jehovah are put energy such that on any

negative manifestations, nobody surpasses it. Jehovah is an example of all nasty properties which he as much as
possible imparts in the person.
Chapter 5, 6.

To what temple will put ark of God-Jehovah, there are executions. Took to Filistimlyan also brought ark to Dagon's temple. "Also raised they in the morning next day and here Dagon face downwards lays on the earth before an ark Lord's (Jehovah). Head and hands were cut, there was only a trunk Dagona". Also people saw it also transferred an ark to Gef. And "there were outgrowths on a body from small to a bike"

Also they sent ark in Ashkelon. Also punished Jehovah the people, - one died, "the others were struck outgrowths so that cry ascended to heavens". Five the cities visited an ark and everywhere Jehovah applied executions. Also began to yell to Ashkelon’s also decided to return ark back to Israel.

That left Filistimlyan Lord of Israel, to they on the advice of priests and prophets (lips they were told by Jehovah), brought the duty victim - box of gold things (of the size of an outgrowth) and two cows. Gold these outgrowths, which brought to the Filistimlyan in the duty victim to the Lord (Jehovah), were: one for Asot, one for Gaza, one for Askelon, one for Gef, one for Akkaron. And gold mice were on number of all cities the Filistimsky - five possessors, from the cities fortified to open villages, to a big stone, on which put an ark of the Lord (Jehovah). All gifts to the Filistimlyan brought to Vefsamis. Also put ark in the field on a stone, «which is to this day in the field of Jesus Vefsamityans»? And where the box with the gold disappeared" things? «Jehovah took away! Jews were curious (and that there lies), also glanced in an ark, and there was "garbage".

"Also It (Jehovah) struck inhabitants Vefsamis for that they looked in an ark the Lord (Jehovah), also I killed from the people fifty thousand seventy people; also began to cry people". (I killed that to anybody didn't tell that there saw)."Also Vefsamis inhabitants told: who can face the Lord (Jehovah), "This Saint God?» "Saint"? Bandit, murderer, petty tyrant, robber!!!

"Also sent is messengers to inhabitants to tell Kiriafiarim: "To Filistimlyan returned an ark of Lord is; come, take it to itself". »The ark remained in Kiriafirim years twenty". And what morals of this fairy tale are? For what purpose the Lord (Jehovah) forced Filistimlyan to attack Jews, to take away an ark, to transfer an ark on the cities, and then again to return to Jews? Everywhere there were executions, and then, to get rid of an ark, it was necessary

"to make a duty sacrifice". Jehovah did requisitions. Swindler!

Chapter 7.

Samuel urges Israel is to trust one God and constructed an altar to the Lord. Also there was Samuel judges of Israel in all days of the life.
Chapter 8.

When Samuel grew old, that put the son’s judges over Israel. "But his sons didn't go its ways, and evaded in self-interest, also took gifts also judged wrongly". The people began to ask: "Put over us the tsar, that he judged us, as at the other people".

"Also the Lord (Jehovah) told to Samuel: because not you they rejected, but rejected Me that didn't reign over them". To whom it is necessary such tsar, who set the next people at each other is, applying hypnosis. In total didn't know, how from the monster to get rid. With the ark rushed as the simpleton with a mortar. What was in that ark? Jehovah's relics from last embodiment, impregnated with the wine reek of alcohol and debauchery. From an ark preceded energy destructive, therefore the ark "till this day is in a field".

First tsar of Israelis Saul was appointed, but it departed from the Lord (Jehovah) and the Lord of Israel specified to Samuel to appoint other tsar - David.
Chapter 17.

"To Filistimlyan were collected by the armies for war with Israelis. Also became to the Filistimlyan and Jews on grief on the different parties, and between them there was a valley. Also the martial artist acted from Filistimsky camp by the name of Goliaph from Gef; growth it six elbows and span".

"A copper helmet on his head; also he was dressed in scaly armor and the weight of its armor - five thousand silky copper. Copper kneecaps standing it and copper board on his shoulders" "And a staff its spear as the new at weavers; and spear it in six hundred silky iron. And before it there was an armor bearer".

"Both there were it and shouted to regiments Israeli: "Why you left to be at war? Choose the person and let

it will descend to me". "If it can battle with me also will kill me that we will be yours slaves; if I overcome also will kill him, you will be our slaves, also you will be to serve us" "Give to me person, and we will battle together. Also acted philistis that in the morning and in the evening forty days". "Also heard Israelis these words and very much were frightened".

To the brothers came David at the request of the father, - to learn about health of seniors sons. And when David spoke with brothers in its time he heard words Goliath also offered the services.

Also took the staff in a hand the, also I chose to myself five smooth stones from a stream, also I put them in a shepherd's bag, also I acted against philistims. "David answered philistims: "I go against you for the sake of Misters Savaof (Jehovah). Nowadays the Lord will betray you in my hands, and I will kill you".

"When Filistimlyan became to come nearer to David, David ran towards, also lowered a hand in a bag, took a
stone and threw, also struck Goliath in a forehead, so the stone pierced in his forehead, and it fell the person on the earth. Then David ran up and, having come on Filistimlyan, took a sword it, hit it, and cut them the head it. To Filistimlyan having seen that their athlete died ran up;. What does this fairy tale teach to? Meanness! Fight has to be honest, but where Lord Savaof (Jehovah) will lay the hand, there justice, decency there is no place. Its actions, or for the sake of it, always he acts, is cruelty and ruthlessness assemblage. He thinks that all its fairy tales extol it, as "All-powerful". I will add: "All-powerful in rage".
Chapter 31.

"To Filistimlyan were at war with Israelis, also ran the husband Israeli from Filistimlyan, also the struck fell on the mountain Gelvuye's". Also caught up to Filistimlyan of Saul and his sons, also killed Saul's three sons are". "And fight against Saul became cruel and shooters from onions struck it and it very much it was covered with wounds by shooters". "Saul took the sword also I fell on it". "His armor bearer, having seen that Saul died and itself I fell on the sword, also died with it". "So died that day Saul and three his sons, and his armor bearer, and also his all people together" is. "The next day send to Filistimlyan and cut the head to Saul, and hung up him". And why Lord (Jehovah) didn't protect Saul and his army? Jehovah was occupied at this time, its gold outgrowths and gold recalculated mice, which it was given to Filistimlyan for an ark. Or rather, didn't give, and Jehovah have them devil way, at first imposed an ark, and then demanded through priests "duty victim".

Saul "didn't dance» (wasn't humiliated) before the Lord of Israel therefore Savaof (Jehovah) directed on it the next people and destroyed Saul.
Second is book of kingdoms.

David was presented Lord (Jehovah-Savaof) to the judge Samuel, as future tsar Israel in times reigns of the tsar Saul. Saul began to hate David and it was necessary to David long time to disappear on territories of the next people. After death Saul David entered in the rights. At Jews it has a reputation, as well-known tsar. Then it became famous? That killed and plundered the next the people under control of the Lord! Chapter 6 / 16, 20, 23.

"When the Lord's ark entered the city of David's, Melсhola, Saul's daughter (this tsar was in Savaof-Jehovah's disgrace), looked out of the window, and, having seen the tsar David skipping and dancing before the Lord, saw insignificant it in the heart". "When David came back to bless the house, Melсhola, Saul's daughter, left to it towards and told: "As the tsar of Israel caused a stir today, having bared before eyes of slaves and the slaves, as the futile person".

"Also David Melhole told: "Before the Lord who preferred me to your father, having approved me as the leader of Israel; before the Lord to play and I will dance; and even more I will become insignificant, also I will become is even more insignificant in the opinion of mine, and I will be nice". Jehovah speaks lips of the tsar David; sends a thought and he sounds them. The devil applies an okkultny method to management of the victim.

"And Melсhola, Saul's daughter, had no children about day of her death"!! Proud and independent Jehovah
punished, - methods of a devil.
Chapter 7/9.

Chapter Lord of Israel asks David to construct strong to it house cedar. (Jehovah deserves only the aspen house). "Also I was with you everywhere, where you went, and exterminated all your enemies before your person, also made your name great, as name great on the earth" And in what David's greatness? Lord Savaof (Jehovah) gave advice to the tsar to attack on the next people to kill and to plunder them and production to divide between Israelis. Took away the most part David also did to himself gift to the Lord. Chapter 8/11.

"Them also the tsar David devoted to the Lord together with silver and gold, which devoted by it the people subdued ". The tsar David has taken for himself the wife others - Bathsheba, and has sent the husband to war, and has ordered to put him in ranks on the dangerous place where he has to be killed. And it happened; the scenario of a devil.
The first the child died through seven days after the birth, "Also David the wife Versaviya's and she gave rise the son also named to him a name: S O L O M O N".
Chapter 12 / 29 - 31.

Israel was at war against Ravva Amonitsky. "Also David collected all people. Also went to Ravva, and was at war against it, also took it"."Also David took a wreath of the tsar them from his head, - in it there was gold a talent and jewel, - also David assigned it to the own harm, and production from the city I took out much".

"And people which were in it, it removed, and put under saws, under iron threshers, under iron axes, and threw them into to burn furnaces. So it arrived with all cities ammonitsky. Also came back after that David and all people in Jerusalem. Under whose management David committed crimes against the next people and for what? Saws, threshers, axes and furnaces for roasting- more terribly than concentration camps! The Lord Savaof (Jehovah) operated David!!! Jehovah filled a planet destructive energy for explosion;.

Under management Lord Savaof (Jehovah) David took Jerusalem, fortress Sion, defeated Filistimlyan from Hawaii to Gazer, constructed a skinny for an ark (a box with a garbage) Savaof’s (Jehovah) misters. And then and the house to itself constructed from a cedar in fortress Sion.

In the seized territories David killed and plundered local population. In total coordinated the crimes with the deity, therefore became well-known.

Since Jews came to the Middle East, they killed and plundered the next the people, stolen divided among themselves and Lord Jehovah didn't forget. Made crimes Jews is under powerful hypnosis of Jehovah devil (Savaof). I could protect them only that God, who is stronger than Jehovah, but, it is necessary to address to it for help. Luminous intensity doesn’t encroach on a free will of the person.

Further plebeian texts follow; as the son of the tsar raped sister and other brother killed the tyrant and I ran away to Jerusalem. I declared myself successor of a throne also wanted to overthrow the father but other brother overtook it and physically eliminated. Kill, the heads cut off, burn, plunder, force. Jews can be understood, is their history. And that find the wise in these texts sectarians? They nothing understand or it is simple zombie. In sects are collected not only spiritual ignoramuses, and simply ignoramuses.

What wisdom consists in these texts? Before that, as Jehovah devil united Judaism (Old Testament) and Christianity, it though would read and thought: "And whether it is worth representing itself Christ's lime father, if in India is already imprinted all its embodiments in poems and other literary works. And space writes the movie on everyone the person, including gods. In each embodiment Jehovah-devil committed murders. Chapter 24.

Jehovah the people punished strong: as soon as will make act without his permission, right there will send
punishment. "Anger the Lord's flared up on Israelis: choose to itself, whether to be to hunger in the country the seven years, or that you three months I ran from your enemies, and they pursued you, or that in continuation three days I was morovy ulcer (plague) in your country".

Such threats can to proceed only from devil, and but not from God Charity, Love, Good and Light!