6.The first and second book Ezdra's, Neemia, Book Iov, Psalms.

*The Book of Ezdra.

Also is climbed the chief of the fathers of Judah and Benjamin to build the house of the Lord (Jehovah-devil). It was not necessary to destroy the house built by King Solomon. All movements of Jews to the East are out because of the whims of a petty tyrant Jehovah. All these burnings and sacrifices have long gone into oblivion. It is time the Old Testament to take in the archive to historians. The Jews build the house of their ;Lord;- the devil. Jews to build the house of the Lord (Jehovah-devil). It was not necessary to destroy the house built by King Solomon. All movements of Jews to the East are out because of the whims of a petty tyrant Jehovah. All these burnings and sacrifices have long gone into oblivion. It is time the Old Testament to take in the archive to historians. The Jews build the house of their ;Lord;- the devil. Chapter 7.

"Ezdra, the priest and the scribe, goes from Babylon to Jerusalem accompanied by many priests and the people". "Ezdra disposed the heart to studying the law "Lord's" - a devil, to execute it, and to teach in Israel to the law and the truth. What "truth" at a devil? ;zdra was Jehovah's flatterer, under pressure of "Lord".
Chapter 9.

"The people Israeli and priests, and Levynites didn't separate from the people of other tribes with their nasty things". "Nasty things" - worship other gods. "Because took daughters them for itself and for the sons, and mixed up "a seed sacred" with the people of others tribes; and besides hand of the most notable and the major I was in seven lawlessness the first". Mixture of marriages with other people which worshipped to Vaal and Astarta, threatened Jehovah with repetition of that was to Chaldea. Everything came back "to the circles". ;zdra long prayed and cried, and apologized to a devil - "Lord".

Chapter 10.

Also declared everything that gathered all is inhabitants of Judea and Veniaminov earth. "Also there was ;zdra the priest, also told them: "Your made lawlessness, having taken itself wives of other tribes, separate itself from the people lands and from wives of other tribes. Also all meeting answered consent. Many took for itself wives of other tribes and some gave birth them to children.

Book Neemia’s.

Jews restore the Jerusalem wall. Neemiya in prayers addresses to Jehovah devil: "My God, Great and terrible …". This definition repeats repeatedly; terrible, ruthless and blood-thirsty, jealous and vindictive. Doesn't love people, calls all slaves. In Doctrines of Light speak to the person: "You are gods; don't humiliate yourself, don't belittle, you keep with advantage". Jews in the prayers humiliate themselves and obsequiously ask about the help. Ask the, who destroyed the temple, the imperial palace and the Jerusalem wall by hands of impudent persons. Call Jehovah devil god heavenly. For its continuous falling in all embodiments God dumped it from heavens in a matter until the end of a cycle long ago. In breaks between embodiments it above the lower astral plan (the lower subplan) doesn't rise, vibrations don't allow. Jehovah - the person lives in New York and placed the photo to Yandeks, as usual, under an assumed name; put on a turban, and the end of fabric wound round a neck, a brooch on a forehead attached, eyes tinted (a full make-up), the devil look took aside.

Neemiya organized restoration of the destroyed sites of the Jerusalem wall, the burned gate. The wall is ended.

Jews say praises to Jehovah - a devil.
Chapter 9/6-11.

"The people under the direction of levynites glorify the Lord. "You, My God, are uniform, you created the sky, heavens of heavens and their all troops, the earth and everything that on it, the seas and everything that in them, and you live all this and heavenly troop’s worships to You".

"Heaven's Heaven" Jehovah is in the genitals of dinosaurs, monkeys, cows and in the rectum of passive pederasts. At the present time, there have been changes: "heaven of heaven" is displaced. The "companion" of Jehovah is weary and Bramah has found a way out; Jehovah switched to masturbation and blowjob, using for the recruitment of Saturn, the hands and the yawn of women and boys. And this "dirty, smelly beast" speaks of himself repeatedly: "Be pure, as I am pure, the Lord-God your».

Jehovah to himself made a name on lie.Jews again clear the God's house and separate other tribes. Jehovah is afraid of worship of Jews Vaala and Astarte. Neemiya was obsequious, but Jews constantly broke laws of


Jehovah - a devil. On Saturday carried to Jerusalem for sale products. Also took themselves wives from other people for sons and for themselves. Also forgot language Judaic, and spoke language of the wives.

Ezdra's Second book.

During board of the tsar Navuhodonosor's, Chaldea the Persian tsar Cyrus took, which released Jews to Israel that they constructed new temple to the Lord. Not all Jews left from Chaldea. Jews built the temple for the "Lord Supreme, God Savaof, Almighty". Explanation:

1. Supreme is Vishnu, the Father of the Universe, the Founder and the Creator. 2.Бог Savaof - a devil, a planetary satan (Jehovah).

3. The Almighty - the Absolute, the Supreme Deity (above it in Boundlessness anybody isn't present).

First and third position Jehovah itself appropriated. The second position - Jehovah until the end of a cycle; for infinite falling in all embodiments, for excess the authorities, for assignment higher positions, Jehovah it will be discharged of this position Owner of land, planetary satan - a devil. It uses the situation for the personal purposes and for revenge to all, who represents Luminous intensity. Its false texts there is a lot of fog fill on sectarians.

Book Esfir.

The queen Esfir and her uncle Mardokhey appointed for herself and for the children Purim in days of a to fast and cries.
Book Iov’s .

In this book conversation of God and satan is given. For the first time in the text of the Old Testament the word a satan appears. Jehovah has borrowed this book from ancient wisdom and has included it in the Old Testament (Torah) intentionally. The devil had liked the words He above heaven, is deeper than an underworld, lands a measure are longer than him and the seas are wider, which concern the Almighty - to the Absolute. The devil repeatedly repeats these words in texts, applying them to him. Reference:

Word the Almighty Jehovah devil has appropriated. The explanation belongs to this word: "Jehovah has occupied the place "Unknown Boundless", the Absolute, and he is only a planetary satan". The Absolute is the Almighty Divine essence Is above the Central Sun around which millions of the Universes and billions of Galaxies rotate. The central Sun is Light, the seventh principle, information for creation of everything that exists in Boundless space. The absolute Is above Boundlessness, above it there is nobody. In space all positions are selective, even the Absolute. But nobody has surpassed Him. Jehovah lifted himself on an office ladder. In the beginning books two essences: God and satan. Then Supreme and Almighty.
Chapter 1.

Iov was pure, fair, was afraid of god and moved away from the evil. He had seven sons and three daughters and he was rich."Also there was a day, when God's sons came to appear before the Lord; between them the satan (Jehovah)" came also.

"Also the Lord satan's told: "From where you came? Also the satan answered the Lord: «Went on the ground also bypassed it". The Lord told a satan: Whether "You paid attention to the slave my Iov's? Because isn't present such on the earth; the person pure, fair, God-fearing" (Notice, as in the Old Testament the word the satan is written from a small letter.) "Also the satan answered the Lord: "Unless for nothing is God-fearing Iov? Whether You around protected it and his house and everything, what at it? Work you blessed him and its herds extend on the ground".

"But stretch your hand and concern everything, what at it, - whether he will bless you?"

"Also the Lord told a satan: "Here, everything that at it is; in your hand; only on it don't stretch your hand. Also the satan on behalf of Lord's" departed.

"And here messengers to Iov come and speak: "An oxen shouted and she-asses were grazed beside them as attacked to Saveyany a took them, and adolescents struck with a sword edge". "God's fire came on a silver platter, and scorched sheep and adolescents struck with a sword edge".

"Impudent persons settled down three groups and rushed on camels, and took them, and adolescents struck with a sword edge".

"Your sons and daughters drank your fir-trees and wine in the house of the first-born brother. And here the big wind came from the desert and captured four corners of the house, and the house fell to adolescents, and they died".

"Then Iov got up and tore apart the outerwear, cut the head, and fell to the ground, and bowed. Also told: "I am nude left a belly of my mother, is nude and will come back. The Lord gave, the Lord and took; yes the name Lord's will be blessed. In all this Iov didn't sin, and didn't say anything unreasonable about God". God - Above all! Chapter 2.

Second test, is leprosy. Again came the satan (Jehovah) to God. Also the Lord told a satan: "Iov is firm hither to in the purity, and you excited Me against him to ruin it innocently". "Also the satan answered the Lord; skin for skin, and for the life will give the person everything that is at him; but stretch your hand, and touch a bone it and its flesh, - whether he will bless You? »

"Also the Lord told a satan: "Here, it in your hand, only soul it preserve". ;Also the satan on behalf of Lord's departed and struck Iov with leprosy fierce from a sole of his feet on his incipit. Also it took a tile to scrape itself it". Iov told the wife: "Really kind we will accept from God and angry we won't accept"? "In all this Iov the lips didn't sin".

"Three friends came from different places, - Elifaz, Villad and Sofar to it, and didn't recognize him. They sat on the earth seven days and seven nights and nobody spoke to it words because saw that his suffering is great". Cruel satan!
Chapter 3.

"Iov damned day of the birth. Be lost day in which I was born and night in which it is told: "The person was conceived". "Oh, night, that is yes it will be deserted; yes fun won't enter it. That she didn't shut doors of a belly of my mother and I didn't hide sorrow from my eyes. For what I didn't die, leaving a womb and didn't die when left a belly?

Chapter 4.
Also were answered by Elifaz: "Remember, whether who perished innocent and where the just were eradicated?
And here, the word was secretly brought and my ear accepted something from it. The horror and awe embraced
me and shook all my bones. And the spirit passed it is necessary me; on end there were hair on me. It became -
only the shape was before my eyes; silent trend, - and hear a voice: Whether "Person justing God? Whether also
the husband is purer than the Creator? "
Chapter 5 .

"The person who is talked some sense by God and therefore Almighty punishment don't reject" is blessed. God doesn't punish; he created the Karma Law which works as exact Space Scales. Various infections the satan Jehovah, which was named by "Almighty", is the Owner of land.
Chapter 6 .

"Iov attributes the grief to the heartrending experiences". Oh, if my cries were truly weighed, and together with them put on scales my suffering! It is right drew sand of the seas! Because my sufferings furious. Because arrows of the Almighty in me; poison drinks them my spirit; God's horrors were up in arms against me". (Horrors not God's, and satan).

Chapter 7 .

Days of sufferings of Iov without hope for the future are. "My body is dressed by worms and with dusty scabby; skin washing bursts and suppurates. My days run rather a shuttle, and come to an end without hope when I will think: the bed will console me washing, will carry away sorrow wash my grief. You frighten me dreams, and you frighten of visions me. And soul washing wishes better than the breath termination, best death, than savings of my bones. Life became loathsome to me. Not eternally to live to me. Recede from me, because my days vanity. How long you won't leave, how long you won't depart from me, how long you won't allow me to swallow my saliva? If I sinned, what I will make to you? Why you delivered the opponent to yourself so I became to myself in burden?"
Chapter 8.

Villad's first speech is. If your sons sinned before It, he and betrayed them in a hand of lawlessness them. If you collect God and you will pray to the Almighty (Owner of land) and if you are pure, and is right, he nowadays will get up over you and will pacify the dwelling of your truth. And, if in the beginning was at you a little, subsequently will be much".
Chapter 10.

Iov: "You bring new Your witnesses against me; you strengthen Your anger on me; and troubles one behind others take up arms against me. And why you brought me out of a belly? Let I would die when still a nobody's eye didn't see me".
Chapter 11.

First speech of Sofar is. Whether "You can find research God? May you absolutely reach "Almighty"? (The gay Jehovah brainwashes Jews; one repeats a set of times that remembered). It is above heavens, is deeper than an underworld, lands a measure are longer than it and the seas are wider. If he passes and will imprison whom in fetters and will present on court that will reject it. Because he knows people false, and sees lawlessness, and whether will disregard it"? Concerning "people false and their lawlessness" it is necessary to tell: "And judge who? The one, who in all embodiments itself broke God's precepts". Chapter 14.

Iov: "Oh, if you in an underworld hid me, and covered me while will pass your anger, put to me term and then remembered me. When the person will die, whether that he will live again;? Man is incarnated 777 times. After he moves to the Higher Planet. There is no limit to the growth of consciousness.
Chapter 27.

God, who has deprived me vessels, is live, and the "Almighty", who has afflicted to soul wash. How long still my breath in me and God's spirit in my nostrils will be not told by my lips of a lie and my language won't say lie. Strong held my truth, and won't release it; my heart in all my days won't reproach me.
Chapter 28.

Are Looked for by silver, gold, jewels and find a source vein at silver, a gold place, iron from the earth, from a stone copper, "But where the Wisdom is got and where a reason place? Doesn't know the person of the price it and it isn't found on the earth of the live. It isn't given for gold and it isn't given for silver weight. It isn't estimated by gold Ofirsky, neither precious onyx, or sapphire. Gold and crystal doesn't equal with it and you won't exchange it for pure gold vessels. And about corals and pearls and there is nothing to speak, and acquisition is higher than rubies". "From where the Wisdom, and where a reason place proceeds? It is hidden from eyes of all living and from birds heavenly is concealed".

"Also told the person: "Here the fear Lord’s is true knowledge and removal from evil is reason"! Not for nothing
speak: "Be afraid God"!

God should be loved above all! Above Homeland, families, the manor is. God, then the Homeland, after --is all and all. Above Love Heavenly, the warm isn't present that! You love God, - He Will apprehend pink energy of Love and Wisdom and Reason will come to loving heart. But the way of knowledge is long and lasts not one life. The pleasure and from service to God isn't lucky enough the price and time. Chapter 29.

Iov remembers the antecedents, its advantage, favor to needing and trust to it is. "Oh, if I was, as those days, when God stored me. When the lamp of its stars over my head and by the light of it went among darkness is. As is in days of youth, when the God's favor was over my tent. The ear hearing me humored me; the eye, seeing eulogized me.

Because rescued suffering and the orphan helpless is. I delivered to heart of the widow pleasure. I was eyes blind and feet lame. I for beggars was the father, and a lawsuit sorted attentively. I lawless broke jaws, and from teeth it extorted the stolen. I appointed ways by it both sat at the head and lived as the tsar in a circle of soldiers as the comforter crying".
Chapter 30.

Iov remembers people, outcast in him antecedents, which scoff now over it also, adds to his sufferings. Iov reproaches God that it strikes it also doesn't answer its cry". Why Iov is so punished, if "it was pure, it is fair and of god was afraid, and moved away from the evil"?
Chapter 31/ 29 .

Here the answer" Watching at the sun how it majestically shines, and on the moon how it majestically strides, whether I was seduced in secret my heart? It also would be the crime which is subject to court; because would renounce then of God Supreme. Supreme is the Founder and the Creator of our Universe.

Here is reason of sufferings of Iov! He worshipped Supreme! To god of the Sun! Jehovah treats lunar gods, demons. He wanted the evil and sufferings to subordinate to Iov. Therefore struck it with leprosy is. Also named him "Almighty" . The evil it is impossible to subdue spirit of the person, - only good. Iov's friends spoke to it that he prayed to "Almighty" (Jehovah). Jehovah-devil named himself also "All-powerful". There is a fable at I. A. Krylov "Quartet" "And you, friends, as you sit down, all for musicians don't suit".

Reference: God and satan.
Maitreya – God.

The Great Maitreya Created the Planet Earth and everything that lives and breathes on it; God, Creator and Creator, Lord of Shambhala. Jehovah the Devil has been appointed the Owner of the Earth. What is his responsibility? Save the planet in its pristine state, provide the population with rain and harvest, and monitor the fulfillment of the commandments of God.

"Our earth which had once the fine golden aura, turned in a sphere of dark gray color, surrounded with clouds gray-brown gas. Such it became for the period boards of Jehovah devil. Wars, revolutions, demonic culture - permissiveness made heaps round a Planet, which attract corresponding to energy. The aura of a planet collects everything energy which make essential manifestations of mankind. Such is result of board of a planetary satan of Jehovah. Maitreya-God

Aura Lord's is of an ellipse form of indigo color, aura of the head of emerald color, protecting network of ruby
color. From pulmonary and head the centers three powerful beams that speaks about a clair luhear,
clairvoyance and a levitation (circulation on water and movement by air) proceed."Our earth which had once
fine golden aura, turned into a sphere of color dark gray, surrounded with clouds of gray-brown gas. Such it
became during board of Jehovah-devil. Wars, revolutions, demonic culture - permissiveness made
heaps round a planet which attract corresponding to energy.

Chapter 38.

"The Lord answers with strong to Iov from a storm; "Where there were you when I believed the earth bases" and told the sea: "Hitherto you will reach and you won't pass"? God demands Iov's knowledge of morning, sea depths, enemies of death, storages of snow and a treasury of the city (Shambhala), about knots of Him and sky charters, about lightnings".
Chapter 39.

"God asks strong, whether Iov has knowledge of ways of wild goats, wild donkeys, about a peacock, a horse, birds of prey? Iov Lord's answered: "I believe my hand on my lips". Jehovah- devil, satan

Chapter 42. ;God Gave to strong Iov's more, than was taken from it".

Jehovah – satan.

The planetary satan took everything from Iov: the cattle, seven sons and three daughters, destroyed the house. But Iov not the materialist, it told: "God Gave and God Took". Then the satan sent it leprosy. Iov's all skin became covered by purulent abscesses, scabby worms. But Iov again addressed with claims to God. God doesn't punish. All evil from a satan. It named itself (himself) "All-powerful", but forgot to add in rage and does it to subordinate to itself.

Psalm book.

Psalm book is the book of psalms. Psalms - (Greek psalmoi), the chants making Psaltir, works of Judaic religious lyrics (not earlier than 6 eyelids BC), entered a Christian cult. What contradiction! Jehovah - is a planetary satan a devil, the Judaism (Old Testament) satanism and those, who worships to a satan, are satanists. Who is worships
to Christ, Christians are called. Christ is went against a satan, Jehovah-devil. Why the devilish lyrics were
included in a Christian cult? Church fathers specify to the parishioners where in the New Testament it is told that "works of devilish lyrics were included in the Christian cult? Essence psalm David is praise of "Lord" and a
request for the help. God shouldn't be asked, He Knows all our needs, and will reward according to the deserts
Psalm 6/6.

Because in death isn't present memory of You: in a coffin who will glorify You"? Dissemination of knowledge (Divine Wisdom) wasn't in the plans "Misters" of Jehovah-devil. On the Thin plan we will be met by the Deity to which we worship. After the first death (an exit from a physical body) in an astral body of people moves to the beauty world, and only there it is exempted from wordly efforts.

"Acquisition on Earth of knowledge, experience, qualities, properties and abilities, is the time spent with advantage and is wise".

If in the dense world good conditions are necessary to us: comfort in the house, beautiful clothes, in the Thin World is created by power of thought.

Everything that is created by the person on the earth, imprinted in the Thin World. Therefore there is an opportunity to see all works of art in the museums, to listen to music, to dance in space- flights in a thin body. To study thought creativity, the globe and its last history, the geological periods. Studying of history of mankind is on Akashi’s rolls: Akasha is the spiritual substance filling space. Psalm 8/10.

"Lord (Jehovah), God is ours! As your name on all earth is majestic. After acquaintance with "creativity" Jehovah's misters, his name will become even more "majestic" not only on Earth, but also beyond its limits. Gods read information from space.

Psalm 9/3, 12 .

"Sing to the Lord living on Zion, announce between the people of its business". Jehovah on Zion never lived. Even then, when Moisey wrote on tables of a precept, the devil wasn't there. And Jehovah has no affairs; he created nothing, constructed nothing. And crime enough! Jehovah always is embodied in very rich childbirth, - his work consists in making of the evil, in spite of the fact that even at a devil, a planetary satan of a duty others; it has to provide the population with a rain, a crop and to watch execution of precepts of God. Psalm 14/1.

"My God, who can stay in Your dwelling? Who can live on Your Mountain"? Jehovah now lives in New-York; it has wife, children is, grandsons and some billionaires is through them it dictates the rules to the President USA, the congress, GIS, NATO. The USA is in financial dependence on Jewish billionaires. And the parasite Jehovah-devil at the same is grazed.
Psalm 21.

"My posterity will serve It, and will be called Lord's" forever. These dithyrambs of glorification of "Lord" were
dictated by "Lord".

Psalm 23/1-3, 8 .

Lord's the earth and that fills it, the Universe and all living in it are". Concerning the Universe, Jehovah told lies.
Our earth treats Solar System, and such systems in the Universe - seven. "It founded it on the seas and on the
rivers approved it". What based? Jehovah not founder, and never was it. Planet Earth and everything that on it
lives also breathes, created Great Lord Shambhala.

Psalm 23/8.

"Who is this tsar of glory? Lord strong and strong, the Lord, strong in abuse"? Battlefield - a battlefield, battles. Fights weren't, - were robberies and murders. Under guidance Jehovah in times "clearings to themselves places", to horses cut throat, tsars of all killed, the population exterminated from the small to old and all women and children, except girls of 12 years, then took in the concubine. It is one case, and such examples one hundred. Arson of Rome Jehovah is "clearing to itself places" for construction of the gold palace, a garden and a reservoir, too is "battle field" of the pederast’ Jehovah?

Psalm 28/8 .

«Voice of "Lord" shakes by strong the desert". In a physical structure of the person earlier there was gland in the form of a small wart which strengthened a voice. Jehovah poseur directed horror at Jews, giving loudly instructions. Anybody, except a devil didn't use it. Now this small wart disappeared.

10. "The Lord sat over a flood and "Lord" forever" will sit. Two continents: Lemuria and Atlantis, Jehovah lowered on an ocean floor. Godlessness and permissiveness caused volcanic eruptions, and the continent was covered by a wave. On the Internet there is a photo of limuriyets at an ocean floor near Easter Island. Jehovah didn't "sit" over a flood, and provoked it.

Psalm 32/8.

"Yes afraid of "Lord" is all earth ; yes tremble before it everything, living in the Universe, because He told, - and became; because It enjoined and was". Jehovah - the liar is and the father of lie! Who is he such in the Universe? Anybody and to call him in any way! Jehovah is the Owner of land, only! Such planets in Solar System are seven and on everyone is the Owner.

Psalm 36/40.

"Both they will be helped by "Lord" and will relieve them from impious". Jehovah is the most impious not only in our Solar System in our Universe but also in Boundlessness. In its army perverts and underworld; it made them such, applying hypnosis.

Psalm 49/12, 13.

"… because my Universe and everything, that fills it is. Bring in the victim God’s praise also render Supreme your vows". For lies and godlessness Jehovah the heavy waits Karma on Saturn.

Why Jehovah for the Jewish people was elected? Jehovah was connected with Saturn, and the people Israeli, as the separate nation, arose under this star. But it means nothing; always it is possible to find protection and to leave him.

Jehovah is a name with which acted on a history scene Jewish people. In the mass of the people long remained old beliefs, connected with other names, which as a result of painful process, part disappeared, part merged with religion to ;gve (Jehovah).

This merges old with the new it is closely connected with other process, as a result of which to ;gve in representation of Jews from god of a flame became God of the Universe. To Jehovah it was pleasant; it didn't become to object, and so believed in it, that "Almighty" and "All-powerful" decided to call himself. Appetite inflamed, - Jehovah connected the Judaism (Old Testament) to Christianity. Jehovah and Christ are from different contradictory forces. Jehovah is Lucifer's generation.

Christ's gave to the world - the Father of the Universe and Mother Worlds. Vishnu and Lakshmi!
Jehovah is exposed! He to itself (himself) dug a grave; the shovel is called «sick vanity". Happy journey on Saturn!