8.Book the prophets.

Book the prophet Isaiah.
Chapter 1.

Vision is which Isaiah about Judea and Jerusalem saw. Jehovah accustomed in the millennia the wards of the demonic to culture, corrupted them various desires and then through Isaiah speaks to Jews: " Brought up and ennobled sons and they were indignant against Me. The people guilty, the people burdened lawlessness, tribe of villains, sons perishing! Left Lord (Jehovah- Savaof), disdained” Saint” Israeli’, - turned back. In what to beat you

still, continuing the persistence. All head in ulcers and all heart pined. From a foot sole to a concept of the head there is no healthy locality at it; ulcers, the spots, suppurating wounds, crude and not to and not softened with unction". "To all turncoats and sinners - death and left Misters will be exterminated". What threats!
Chapter 3.

Also were told by the Lord: "For that daughters of Zion are haughty also go, having raised a neck and seducing looks, and act as a stately gait, also rattle chains standing, the Lord will bare sinsiput of the daughter Zion the Lord also will bare shame it". "What day the Lord will take away beautiful chains standing, asterisks and holes, earrings and necklaces, belts and vessels with spirits, suspension brackets magic. Rings and rings in a nose, outerwear and bottom, scarf’s and purses. Light thin capes, bandages also covered. Also will be instead of aromas stench and instead of a belt there will be a rope, and instead of curled hair a bald patch, and instead of a wide cape narrow clothes of beggars, instead of beauty brand".

Lord Savaof-Jehovah calls itself "Sacred Israel". It appears, happen and such sacred, damning and doing the devil. In days of old "Sacred Israel» loved drunken orgies, rolled in debauchery, decorated myself with jewelry, and wore earrings, pearls, gold, pavement the precious decorated with stones on Lanki (Сeylon). Read «Ramyana», epos is India, see video «Vishny Puran», and site: 1.http://theosophy-mm.net 2. http:/jehovah-devil.net/ Rama - Avatar Vishny, - is embodiment Maitreya/ Ravana - tsar Lanki, Jehovah embodiment is.

"On Lanki, her Golden Gate and watched temples is in amazement great Rama' associate. In its pavements expensive stones, crystal sparkled, pearls, lasurite and other impregnations. There was each aperture delightful towers molding gold and silver with forging it is decorated». Hanuman hid in bushes also sees monsters in skins animal, with the orbit top, braid on a nape, budges – freaks (underworld).worthy Hanuman saw idle wallowed in alcoholism and other temptations. Heard abuse, foul language and women with beloved lay a dump, women sleeping the set was in magnificent clothes.

"One at another reclined on hips, on bosoms, on buttocks, on hands and breasts naked. By hands being weaved, to wine are obsessed with addiction, in a dream the thin-figure's clung to each other with participation and aggregated by the Lord, seemed a garland, stuck round by a swarm bee".

Having climbed up a ladder, Hanuman saw the drunk to Ravana; is as furious tiger. From there watched for master look of a monkey, and is tiger seemed furious it Ravana drunk. Elephant is calling that, the charter from violent pride, odorous vast object to sleep it was filled up at the small river. Thick hands are in the gold bracelets, are torn apart forearms, huge fist as mace, elephant head. Women surrounded it also smeared with a sandal-wood tree, on all fingers sparkled incalculable rings with stones. Breath of the governor demons "smelled" as home brew and a look frightened a pharynx gaping. On a breast pearl thread:

"The shirt slipped, and hems I bared on a body, and the regal-yellow with cover it is covered on a bed. With whistle snake breathing, bared on a belt, "master" lay, in dream deep being based. And the elephant washed by waters Ganges great, on a shallow sleeping; it would be compared from Lanka Lord". In Ravana's embraces slept drunk dancers, singers in earrings emerald, in suspension brackets diamond. (Ravana ten heads, twenty hands – at it in a stock ten bodies physical, it changed them.

On a modern slang - Jehovah "was delayed to the full extent". On Lanki it was in a physical body and when «Sacred Israel» became was in an astral body. In the Thin body of people it is angered Lord damned it, having told: "From now on, if you will take the woman by force, your head to fly away on one cleared, and the Lord Savaof-Jehovah continues to pour threats on the head of Israelis and punishes, as in the past of Egyptian’s.
Chapter 5.

"And the Lord Savaof will be extolled by in court, and "God Saint" shows the "sanctity" in the truth". Offer clumsy,

- what sanctity is at a devil? Atheist is drunkard, libertine, murderer, and tyrant. Is no time Ravana (Jehovah) took by force the heavenly beauty Pandzhihaskhala? Flaring offense, she left in halls of the Primogenitor. The thousand is parts". But didn't is a scatter head of the lascivious dog Jehovah.

Chapter 9

Don't obey Israelis Savaof's and it again threatens with a flood. "Also the Lord (Jehovah) will erect against it

(Israel) enemies: Syria’s from the East, Filistimlyan from the West; also there will be they to devour Israel with a full mouth. At all this it won't be averted His anger, and his hand it is still stretched". "But the people don't address to beating it, and to the Lord Savaof doesn't resort". "Rage Savaof's Misters will scorch the earth, and the people will become fire food". What angry Savaof-Jehovah! In the millennia of Semites Jehovah decomposed, corrupted, and applying hypnosis; who longed for fault so much Misters-monster? How many damnations and threats poured on the head of Jews! How many time, according to instructions of Jehovah-devil, people of the Middle East exterminated each other? Jews want to get rid of it, want to worship to another to deity kind and patient to human mistakes.

Chapter 11 .

Jehovah dreams: "The Lord (Jehovah) will stretch the hand to return the rest of the people what remains". "Also will bring together exiles of Israel, and absent-minded Jews will call from four ends of the earth". "And conflicting against Judas will be exterminated", "And will rob all children of the East". (Yatsenyuk and Merkel have given to a devil to the USA gold reserves of the state).
Are exterminated, will rob, will burn, is favorite expressions of a devil.

"Also the Lord (Jehovah) will dry up gulf of the sea Egyptian". Continues say lies about that that it brought Jews from Egypt through the Red Sea. Moisey brought Jews from Egypt through the Isthmus of Suez!! ! Jehovah was lost in day-dreams: "Also you will tell that day: glorify the Lord, call name It’s; announce in the people its affairs; remind that the name it’s great. Sing to the Lord, because it made the great; yes know it on all earth". And for what glorify a devil-Jehovah? For crime and lies is? Isn't present in space such cruel, vindictive, artful and false creation, as Jehovah- devil. Relieve God from all crafts and crimes of the planetary demon Jehovah’s; for all mankind I ask.

Energy of destruction is born by texts of the Old Testament (Torah); the one, who reads them constantly and not will reject them, simply in them didn't understand anything or zombie these texts.

Jehovah's prophets repeat that it to them ordered to extend among Jews. Repeat its crimes; rejoices to exile of

wise men, falling of Babylon. "I will shake the sky, and the earth will move from the place from rage Misters Savaof (Jehovah's) in day of his flaring anger (it is similar to a mad dog with foam at a mouth, - its sting is dangerous).
Chapter 19.

Jehovah was repeatedly embodied in Egypt, was a parasite at the people; I have created nothing, – I cherished a thought about the evil making."The Lord (Jehovah) sent in it spirit of intoxication; and they misled Egypt in its all affairs, it is similar to how drunk wanders on the vomit the". The mischievous speech planetary, a demon is vomit leaving his essence.

Pay attention to this paragraph: "I will arm Egyptians against Egyptians; also will battle the brother against the brother and friend against the friend, the city with the city, kingdom with a kingdom. And spirit Egypt will be exhausted in it, also I will destroy council it, and they will resort to idols, both to magicians, and to causing dead, and to fortunetellers. (Replace the word of Egyptians with Ukrainians; the devil works on a template. The devil prepares a landing of "pupils" of Vanga - "son", fortunetellers and healers. Such embodiments as Vanga have no children, and she had no pupils. She is received information and visions from Gold lips).

Also I will betray Egyptians in hands of the master cruel, and the furious tsar will dominate over them, the Lord, the Lord Savaof" speaks.

And it in gratitude for that, that Egyptians sheltered. Jews during a drought also gave products to them gratis within 430 years. The planetary demon revenges Egypt for that, that Jews at them learned esoteric also worshipped to God Sun Ra (Ramses II). Future Jews in Haldeya (in Haldeya to come from India) learned "The secret mystical Doctrine", and then knew that they worship to a devil; repeatedly tried to depart from it, worshipped to other gods, but their planetary demon forcibly, - executions, and destruction I returned under the management. The one, who reads "Old Testament" (Torah), really doesn't understand that Savaof (Jehovah-devil), - evil, darkness, destroyer Light!!! God is Good, Light, Love.

Chapter 29.

Same. Jerusalem gradually forgets about the Lord Savaof, and a consequence of they are threats and punishments. "Lord Savaof will visit you a thunder and an earthquake, and strong voice, storm both whirlwind, and flame all-devouring fire". Jehovah's threats - psychological attacks, to subordinate itself Jews. All this will be applied soon to a devil; stay term on the earth expired it is time to move to Saturn. "I still will extraordinary arrive with its people, - wisdom his wise men will be lost, and the reason at reasonable it doesn't become". Oh, Jehovah doesn't love dissemination of knowledge! Lucifer-Jehovah - the owner of land, the prince of this world would like all to keep in dark; all carriers of Light killed, I imprisoned, crucified.

Jehovah reverses. "And therefore the Lord hesitates to pardon you and therefore still keeps that to take pity over you".

Jehovah's pity is a sting of a venomous snake. He doesn't hesitate now, and strenuously crushes under himself the population: sects, the sites of gays and prostitutes, pushing through of in "I Is" in orthodox educational and spiritual institutions through the slave A. L. Dvorkin introduced in Orthodoxy. People, be careful, and protect children from influence of a devil. Accept the Doctrine of Living Ethics to replace a false nonsence of Jehovah devil under the name the Old Testament. Accept an imperial meal instead of soup.
Chapter 30/2.

Without having questioned my lips, go to Egypt, that to support itself with strength of the Pharaon and to take cover under a shadow of Egypt". "Here the name of Lord goes from a distance, his anger, his lips burns are executed indignation".
Chapter 36/10.

In the Middle East there was no the world, all wars the people organized Lord devil: "Yes unless without Lord's

will went to this earth to ruin it? The Lord (Jehovah) told me: "Go to this earth, and ruin it". These words were told by the tsar Assyrian to the tsar of Jerusalem.
Сhapter 37.

Word of Lord-devil through the prophet to the tsar of Jerusalem: "For your impudence against Me and that arrogance yours reached my ears. I will enclose my ring in your nostrils and my bit, - in your mouth, also will return you back same road, with which you came". "I will protect this city (Jerusalem) to rescue it for the sake of itself and for the sake of David, slave mine. Also there was an Angel Lord’s; also I struck in a camp Assyrian hundred eighty five thousand people. Also rose in the morning, and here all bodies dead", along the road with braids stand! Who will look movie "Vishnu Puran» that will be pleasantly struck, as precisely actor of India represented Ravana (Jehovah), - cruel petty tyrant (along the road with braids stand).

In the Old Testament information on tsars repeats three times; in books of Kingdoms, books Chronicles, books of prophets.
Chapter 38.

"Those days Ezekiel’ fell ill with strong fatally" (the tsar of Jerusalem, to which Lord-devil promised a ring in nostrils and a bridle in a mouth to dress). And so diligent prayed that it was pleasant to the Lordife. The Lord-devil sends diseases to subordinate to it person. It was necessary to pray to God’s that protected from a devil. The Lord of the Shambhala is God! Against God nobody is strong!
Chapter 43.

"Because I am a Lord. God is your, Saint Israeli, Your savior. I chose that you knew and trusted me also understood that it is I: before I wasn't God, and after me won't be. I, I am a, also there is no Christ Redeemer except Me. I predicted and rescued, also I announced; and other there are no you at you, and - my witnesses, the Lord speaks, that I am a God; so the Lord (devil) speaks, Redeem your, ;Saint" Israeli. I am a Lord (devil), Saint yours, Creator of Israel, Your tsar". The diagnosis is megalomania. Jehovah is not creator, even Israel; he attributes himself others merit.

"I formed these people for myself; it will announce My glory". What glory? Glory Lord's-Jehovah is monkeys on the equator and nearby territories: lives monument for live Jehovah-devil. The poem "Ramayana" and the video of the same name is glory of Jehovah-devil! And here of books are: 1. Exposure billionaire Georges Morgan (incarnate pederast Jehovah). 2. Apocalypse (is consequence of board of the pederast Jehovah). 3. Reasons are and purposes War World II.

Chapter 45.

"I am a Lord and there is no other; there is no God, except Me". "I created the earth and created on it person; I - my hands spread heavens, and to their all troops I gave the law I". Earth and all, that on it islives and breathes, the Lord of the Shambhala Сreated. Jehovah appointed the owner of Land (chairman of all-planet collective farm), material deity (from a small letter-satan).To its duties belongs: providing mankind rain and crop and to watch behind execution by people of precepts of God.
Chapter 57.

"Because so tells High and extolled, eternally living, - Sacred is name its: I live at height of heavens and in a sanctuary, also with the broken and restrained by spirit, to recover spirit of the humble and to recover hearts broken". Height of heavens of Jehovah-devil is bottom astral plan, where after death those get, whom Jehovah seduced from a true way - perverts, criminals, suicides. In the Highest astral and mental plans they can't get because the high vibrations.
Chapter 63.

"…. its attire is red because it trampled down sharpened in The anger". Red (scarlet) and black (darkness) is

colors of a devil. The combination of these flowers - is tragic. Pentacle - a five-pointed star; the turned star is sorcery sign, worship a devil-Jehovah.
Chapter 66.

"So are told by the Lord (devil): the sky is my throne and the earth is the bottom of my feet; where you will build the house for me, and where place of My rest? Because is everything was made by my hand". Now "throne» Jehovah-devil in New-York, in a skyscraper. It isn't necessary was to destroy the house Lord's, which constructed Tsar Solomon. Now on Saturn his slaves will build the house for a devil; he calls all slaves. Actually, Jehovah is the slave to the megalomania. Place of rest of a planetary demon - on Saturn.

Book of the prophet Jeremiah.
Chapter 1/9, 10.

"Also stretched strong Lord (Jehovah) the hand also touched my lips, also the Lord told me: here I enclosed words mine in your lips". "Look, I put you in this day over the people and kingdoms, that to eradicate and ruin, to ruin and destroy, to create and spread".
Chapter 2.

"So are told by the Lord (Jehovah): "What lie your fathers found in Me what moved away from me? »Also didn't tell: "Where Lord, which brought us from lands Egyptian"? Who asked it about it? Jews went to Egypt in hope to forget forever "dark misunderstanding" - a devil. "And I entered you into the earth fruitful, that you ate its fruits". "Therefore, I still will be to have legal proceedings with you, the Lord speaks and with sons of your sons". Jews know the false words of the Lord (Jehovah). Moisey brought them out of Egypt through the Isthmus of Suez. But entered into the earth fruitful Jehovah, - «cleared away to myself a place". Made everything for myself,

- none of his Jews about it didn't ask. These false fairy tales became outdated and anybody doesn't perceive them seriously. And Lord (Jehovah) it realizes, therefore it switched over to obsession, - hypnosis. All subsequent heads the Lord (Jehovah) it is tearful reproaches Jews to return to it.

Chapter 3.

"An appeal of the Lord (Jehovah) to the receded Israel is and Judas to come back and to go together;. "Come back

rebellious children: I will cure your rebelliousness" the Appeal doesn't help and the Lord starts threatening.
Chapter 4.

"From noise of riders and shooters all cities will run up: all cities will be left and there will be in them no inhabitant".
Chapter. 13 .

"These unusable people which don’t want to listen to my words live on persistence of the heart and go after other gods to serve them and to worship to them". "I will dispel them, as the ashes carried by a wind desert". The repentance of Jews follows and the Lord promises to forgive all lawlessness and sins them not to remember more. Sins forgive nobody can, they should be fulfilled good deeds. Therefore Jehovah threw out law Karma's from Christianity, having changed for the gossip's the Law of God, having christened itself "All-powerful" (in the evil).

Throughout all Old Testament the Lord (Jehovah) speaks: "My fear will enclose them that they didn't recede from me" in hearts. To whom is such Lord necessary to live in fear? Therefore all want to get rid of Savaof (Jehovah). Freedom is expensive! To love God above all, admire and be proud of him, to send Him to energy of the best words, to see his image before itself, to feel continuous presence.

"My God Beloved my Sun, my Beam bearing Light in my heart for distribution to people, my Star guiding, specified a way to Light. My is Lord Beloved, only for me and forever. My Father Heavenly, understanding to me Given and it is consecrated the name Your also will come Your kingdom on the earth, as in the sky. My Patron and the Defender from powers of darkness, my is to take care and Christ Redeemer. You brought me out of darkness also made me self-conscious essence, - the person. I love You My God idolize and esteem, also I admire before your greatness admire and proud of you. The highest! The lightest! Lord Lords, Teacher Teachers and my Teacher!!! AUM!

The one, who will read these words, every evening at 19 o'clock we will be together to repeat a prayer - message of energiya Great Maitreya. Know that above Love Heavenly, above love for God there is nothing! Everything remains behind in the past; in the present and the future is only Great Maitreya and Its business.

Chapter 14.

That to return Jews under the management, Jehovah sends a drought also told: "sword and hunger and starvehly an ulcer will exterminate them". Further follows prayer repentance of Jews.
Chapter 15.

Следует помнить, что каждое неуравновесие вносит содрогание в огненный провод и причиняет боль сердцу Учителя.

"The death, a sword, hunger, captivity are predicted, - and four sorts ofexecutions. Sword kill and dogs to torment, and birds heavenly and animals, to devour and exterminate. Also will give on animosity to all kingdoms is of the earth".

"Therefore is here. I will show it nowadays, I will show them a hand I wash also my power (evil manifestation) also learn that the name my - the Lord". Jews again say repentance-prayer. And what do? From it it is difficult do depart without protection, - will destroy.
Chapter 18.

"And my people left me; they roll vain". Jews roll vain, i.e. worship to pagan gods. Why Jehovah together with the patron Bramah imposes paganism (book "Anastasia")? Why to Christianity imposed icons? I incited churchmen against E. P. Blavatsky because she told that Jehovah - a devil, a planetary satan. Jehovah to Jews and sectarians presents "Supreme", and creates the evil on behalf of a satan.

Embodiment is Jehovah: Cain, Ravana, Bacchus, Dionis, Neron, Set, Typhon, Svarog, Adolf Hitler, billionaire
George Morgan; his essence is satan and a devil. All positions in space are selective. Become impudent deity

Jehovah in future cycle will say goodbye to the chair, - for moral decay of mankind with application hypnosis. After executions Jehovah's Jews were compelled to come back to it; Jehovah I sent Jews on pagans, to plunder and kill them; the devil revenged the pagan to gods for worship them Jews. Pagan gods too not bast boards; Jews prevailed under management and they abandoned "Lord". Jehovah on Jews sent pagans and Jews plundered and killed. It is necessary to pay to Jews of tribute; they in themselves accumulated all evil Jehovah’s. Jews were settled on all to planet; it is a high time to refuse a devil, but they again created communities, build synagogues and voluntary go to a mouth of a devil, instead of assimilation among other people. Jews prepare to Saturn. Saturday is day of Saturn. Saturn and a satan are synonyms.

Jeremiah passes on the warning of "Lord", but nobody perceives it to words. The prophet damns himself.
Сhapter 20.

"Sing to the Lord, you praise the Lord, because he rescues soul of the poor by hand villains. - Day is damned, in which was born; day in which gave birth to me my mother and it won't be blessed! And as precept: "Esteem the father and the mother"? The person, which is damned, brought a message to my father also told: «You gave birth to the son" and very much pleased with that him. And yes will be with that person that with the cities, which the Lord destroyed also didn’t regret. Yes he hears in the morning cry and at noon sobbing for that it not killed me in the womb - so that mother washing was to me coffin and its belly remained eternally pregnant. For what there was a womb, to see works and griefs and my days disappeared in infamy"? The Old Testament (Torah) is the book damnations and evil; for what Jehovah connected it to the New Testament? Only is for zombiing of ignoramus and filling of space darkness from damnations and sufferings human.

Only thing kind the perception proceeds from creativity tsar of Solomon and his texts. Jeremiah predicts the Babylon captivity for 70 years. This prophecy already was in the book of Kingdoms and Chronicles.
Сhapter 31/34, 35.

"Jehovah promises: "Learn the Lord and will forgive their all lawlessness and sins I won't remember them more. So the Lord speaks, which gave the sun for lighting in the afternoon, charters to the moon and stars for lighting at night; Lord Savaof name to It". Savaof is gas-bad! Everything is created was to it the Father of the Universe, Supreme - Vishnu.

Jews, escaping from the predicted invasion
Navukhodonosor's, are going to go to Egypt. From twelve knees there was "Judas's rest",
Chapter 42.

"And all which will turn the person to go to Egypt and there to live, will die of a sword, hunger and Morava ulcers and any o them doesn't remain also won't avoid that disaster, which I will guide at them. Because so speaks the Lord Savaof , God Israeli: as streamed my anger and my rage on inhabitants Jerusalem, so will stream My rage on you, when you will enter Egypt, and you will be a damnation and horror, both desecration, and abuse, also you won't see more this place". "So, know that you will die from a sword, hunger and Morava ulcers in that place, where you want to go, to live there". To sectarians for edification, - you leave sects, while the getting is good, it is impossible to get rid of it without loss, if there is no protection. Protection is one, - Great Maitreya.
Chapter 43.

"Also went to the earth Egyptian, because didn't listen to a voice Lord's also reached Tifnis".
"Also tell them: "So speaks Lord Savaof, God Israeli: "Here, I will send and will take

Navukhodonosor’s, tsar Vavilonsky, the slave Mine also will put its throne it alsowill stretch magnificent tent. Also will strike the earth Egyptian to death, captivity, and sword is. Also will break statues and pagan temples of gods Egyptian, will burn them fire". "Judas's rest" lodged in Egypt and began to worship to other gods, to "goddess of the sky", which they worshipped in Judea; they departed long ago from Savaof. Everything didn't remain any the Jew from twelve knees! Jehovah is enraged. Damns also threaten to exterminate moavs and moabits and to expose on ridicule. Hope doesn't die away to return Jews from captivity Babylon.
Сhapter 51/49.

"As Babylon plunged the struck Israelis, so in Babylon will be the struck are struck all country. Escaped from a sword, you leave, don't stop, remember from a distance the Lord and yes there will ascend Jerusalem on your heart". Why about the The Lord to remember? Savaof-Jehovah laments. And that he spoke in "the Fourth to the book of Kingdoms", and in "the Second Book "Chronicles"? Chapter 36/12-17. "Also it did (tsar Sedekiya), objectionable in the opinion of the Lord, God (devil) the. He didn't reconcile before Iyeremiya the prophet prophesying from Lord's lips. Also sent to them Lord, God of their fathers, the envoys but they scoffed over sent from God also neglected words It, also swore over his prophets, how long the anger of Lord didn't descend on its people so wasn't to it rescue. And It guided at them the tsar Haldeysky, and that destroyed young men we throw them in the house of a shrine them, also didn't spare young men, maidens. Aged man, the gray-haired: betrayed everything God in his hand.
Chalter 52.

"Also it did (tsar Sedekiya), objectionable in eyes Misters, God (devil) the. It didn't reconcile before Ieremiy the

Следует помнить, что каждое неуравновесие вносит содрогание в огненный провод и причиняет боль сердцу Учителя.

prophet prophesying from lips Lord’s. Also sent to them Lord, God fathers of their, the envoys, but they scoffed at the sent from God, also neglected words It, also swore over prophets It, the anger didn't descend how long Misters on his people, so that there was no rescue to it. And It guided at them the tsar Haldeysky and that destroyed the young man their sword in the house their shrines, also didn't spare neither young men, nor maidens. Neither aged man, nor gray-haired: everything God in a hand him betrayed ".

10."Also the tsar Vavilonsky pinned up Sedekiya sons before his eyes and all princes Judaic pinned up in Rivle. And Sedekiya pricked out an eye, also ordered to fetter it copper fetters; also took away his tsar Babulonsky to Babylon also put him to the guards house about day of his death.

13. Also burned Lord's house and house of the tsar and all houses in Jerusalem, and big burned all houses fire, also destroyed walls around Jerusalem. And columns copper, which were in the Lord's house, both setups and copper sea, which in the Lord's house, broke Chaldea and carried their all copper to Babylon.

Basins, shovels, copper, knifes, copper bowls, spoons, copper vessels, are used at church service, - took: dishes, nippers, bowls, coppers, icon lamps, incense, circles. Everything that was gold, silver and the chief took bodyguards. Two columns, one sea, twelve copper oxen who served setups, which tsar Solomon made in the Lord's house, - copper in all these things it was impossible to weigh. Columns were, - everyone in eighteen elbows, wreath copper, grid, garnet apples, -is all apples around grids 100". And big houses; everything was destroyed! Twenty years tsar Solomon built with love and everything is destroyed.

Jehovah asked the tsar of Solomon to build to it the house; Jehovah it is capable to create nothing, it only appropriates titles and in gossips is engaged. The devil was in an astral body and where to take physical, and in what family he dreamed to be embodied? In a family of the tsar successor and parasite is. Means, it was necessary to offer the eldest son that he entered in his physical body, having forced out is of thin body. This time Jehovah devil didn't manage to be attached, but he won't miss the. In other embodiment of Michael the Archangel a planetary demon Jehovah will put in body of the son powerful God Zeus in hope to become the successor, but miscalculated.

Jehovah isn't capable to work and to create is a profession of a devil evil making. On that it and devil is assemblage of the evil of all types.

The tsar Solomon is Michael the Archangel's embodiment; his opponent in a camp of darkness is Jehovah-devil. The First Archangel was incarnation, to accustom Jews to freedom to will and beauty. And the temple constructed to Jews, instead of devil. Glory about the wise tsar extended far out of limits of its board. From far away there came tsars, to listen to wisdom the Tsar of Solomon also brought to it large number of gifts. The tsar Solomon was beautiful, it is stately and clever. Knew a little profession is in perfection, including construction and architecture. In time Its Boards World and Prosperity reigned in Israel.

Book Jeremiah's crying.
Chapter 1/ 1.

As the city alone sits, the once populous! It became, as widow; great between the people, the prince over areas became the tributary.

5. Enemies of its steel at the head, his enemies flourish, because the Lord sent on it a grief for a set its lawlessness; children it went in captivity ahead of the enemy.

The Lord-devil sent a grief to Jerusalem to erase from a face of the earth everything that constructed tsar Solomon. In such cases the Lord uses Jews.

The Lord-devil wanted that Solomon built the palace to it. The devil never created anything,

but only did the evil and succeeded in crimes. That First Archangel, the First Hierarch of Solar System and our Planet built to a devil the house?!
Third Book of Kingdoms: Chapter 6/11-13. "Here you build the temple; if you go on to my charters, will execute word My: also I will live among sons Israeli, also won't leave people of my Israel". Jehovah didn't wait for the house for itself. The wind carried away words it.

Chapter 11/9, 10. "Also the Lord was angry with Solomon that it to dodged heart the from the Lord Israeli, which two times was to it and precepted to it, that it didn't follow other gods; but it didn't execute that precepted to it the Lord". (Who is he for Sloomon? Solomon is God!!! Jehovah is a satan).

Jeremiah over the destroyed Jerusalem cries; «Look, God, as am humiliated". Why to address for compassion to the one, who humiliated? Any the people on a planet didn't worry it is so much humiliations, as Jews. People without the Homeland is cosmopolitans, - on to fault the devil;.

Infinitely, as herd, they send from one place in another. Riots, concentration camps, general contempt because of worship a devil. Jews were settled on all planets: it is a high time to depart from devil and to find protection at God. Assimilation among others the people won't help without worship GOD! Who wants to avoid resettlement to Saturn, hurry up?
The prophet Jeremiah; what beautiful structures Jehovah-devil destroyed. Its karma is awful.
Сhapter 2/1. As the Lord dulled in the anger daughter of Zion! From heavens plunged beauty on the earth
also didn't remember Israel the bottom the feet in day of the anger. 2 The Lord ruined all dwellings Jacob, didn't spare, destroyed in the rage of strengthening the daughter Iudino, plunged on the Earth, rejected a kingdom and princes it, as dirty: pulled the onions, as the enemy, directed the right hand, as the enemy, also killed all, desired for eyes; on a skiniya of the daughter of Zion poured out the rage, as fire.

Lord became as the enemy, exterminated Israel, ruined all halls it, destroyed it also extended strengthening the daughter Judes has complaint and crying. I took away the fencing, as at garden; ruined the place of meetings, forced the Lord to forget on Zion festivals and Saturdays; and in indignation of anger the rejected the tsar and the priest. Lord defined to destroy wall of the daughter of Zion didn't reject a hand from ruin; exterminated external strengthening and walls are together destroyed. Gate settled it to the Earth;

It destroyed and broke their locks; her tsar and princes it is among pagans; there was no law, and prophets it aren't vouchsafed images from the Lord. Were exhausted from tears my eyes, worries in to me an interior
washing, the liver streams on the earth mine from death of the daughter my people, when children and chest babies die of hunger among city streets. "Look, My God, also look: to whom you made so that women ate the fruit, babies, raised by them? That was killed in the Lord's sanctuary priest and prophet? Children and aged men lie on the earth on streets; my maidens and my young men fell from a sword; You killed them in day of your anger, pinned up without mercy. You called from everywhere, as for a holiday, horrors mine and in day of Lord's anger nobody escaped, nobody escaped; what were me are raised and grown up, my enemy exterminated".
Сhapter 3.

"I am a person, tested a grief from a staff of His anger. He moved me and entered into darkness, instead of into light". Why such Lord is necessary?

The prophet Jeremiah is a typical image of the Israeli. Cries, looking at the destroyed Jerusalem, in the past are beauty and pride of Jews. And when it abuse, he asks again the bandit-Lord: "Pursue them, God, anger, and exterminate them from celestial".
Chapter 4/12.

Hunger is and Ruin. For hunger people lost human shape. Destroyed by a sword is happier destroyed by hunger because these thaw, struck by a lack of fruits field. Hands of kind women cooked the children that they were for them food during death of the daughter my people. The Lord Made the anger poured out rage of the anger and lit fire on Zion which devoured the bases it.
Chapter 5.

All crimes which test Judea from othertribe - work of Lord-devil. He created a critical, desperate situation to force them to address again to it "in a prayer about disposal".

"Remember, My God, that over us it was made; recognize and look on our desecration. Our heritage passed to strangers, hous's ours – to other tribes; we stretch hand to Egyptians, to Assiriyanam, to be sated with bread. Our fathers sinned: them already not and we bear punishment for their lawlessness. Children aren't responsible for fathers. Jehovah generates energy destructive, forcing to suffer Jews; they are for this purpose necessary to a devil. Slaves dominate over us; also there is nobody to relieve by hand them. Wives disgrace on Zion, maidens is in the cities Judaic. Princes are hung up by their hands, faces of aged men not dear. Young men take to millstones and adolescents fall under burdens of firewood. You, My God, stay in eyelids; your throne – in a sort and a sort. For what absolutely you forget us, you leave us for long time? Turn us to You, My God and we will address; update our days, as to the dreena. Really you absolutely rejected us, became angry with us immensely? The prophet didn't know, that "Lord" Jehovah at this time in Neron's body was engaged a paederasty in Rome.

Book of the Prophet Iezekiil.

The main task at the Lord Israel - to make impression, that of it were afraid, to inspire fear. Vision was cooked up by Jehovah devil - the poseur, loves "a dust in eyes to let". Showed collage (throne and all applicable to it is astral) and loudly presented myself, that Ezekiil was frightened, and believed in "Allmighty".

In Egypt of the rules God Osiris; at this time the last Jew Judas went from a devil to God to Egypt. In "The book of the prophet Ezekiel", the head, 32/5 - menaced to Osiris: "Also I will scatter your meat on the mountains and I will fill valleys with your corpses".
Chapter 3 /12.

12. "Also the spirit lifted me; and I heard behind myself great thunderous voice: "The glory of Lord is blessed from the place! « Spirit is energy, which Jehovah applies to an outfoxing of people and self-praise. It long ago is a laughing-stock among gods. Energy is Mother World, serves for creativity. Jehovah not owns professions.

Chapter 4/ 12.
"Also you eat, as barley flat cakes and their pitches at their eyes on human Calais. Filthy Jehovah is turd.
13. Also the Lord told: so sons Israeli will eat the dirty the bread among those people, to which I will expel them.

14. Then I told: "Oh, God My God! My soul never it wasn't profaned, and carrion and torn to pieces by an
animal didn't eat from my youth hitherto; and any dirty meat not entered my lips.

15. Also He told me: here, permit to you, instead of human calla, cow dung and on it prepares your bread".
Chapter 5/7.

7. "Therefore so the Lord speaks, for that you increased lawlessness yours more, than pagans, which round you, under charters Mine you don't arrive also resolutions You don't execute mine, and even you don't arrive and under resolutions pagans, which round you,

8 therefore the Lord so speaks: here and against you also will make among you court before eyes of pagans.

9. Also will make over you that that never did, and to that similar from now on won't do, for everything your nasty things.

10. For that fathers will be is sons among you and sons will eat fathers the; also will make over you court, and all rest I will dispel yours on all winds.

11. Therefore, – I live, speaks the Lord, – that you

I profaned my sanctuary all your nasty things and all your foulness, I will be little you, and won't regret my eye, and I won't pardon you.

12. The third part at you will die from an ulcer also will be lost for hunger among you; the third part will fall from a sword in your vicinities; and will dispel the third part on all to winds, also I will bare a sword after them.

13. Also My anger will be made and I will satisfy My rage over them, also I will be satisfied; also learn, that I, the Lord, spoke in My jealousy when it will be made over them My rage.

14. Also I will make you by the desert and desecration among the people, which round you, before eyes of any to go past.

15. Also you will be a ridicule and desecration, example and horror at the people, which round you, when will make over you court in anger and rage and in the furious executions; – I, the Lord, uttered this;

16 and when I will send to them fierce arrows of hunger, which will ruin when I will send them on your death also I will strengthen hunger between you, also I will break grain support at you,

17 also I will send to you hunger and fierce animals, and to injure you; both the ulcer, and blood will pass on you and I will guide a sword at you; I, the Lord, uttered this".

If it is the Lord, what is fiend? At this Lord unless lips, no, is in it case other word is pertinent.
Chapter 9/4.

4. Also the Lord told it: pass in the middle of the city, in the middle of Jerusalem, and on the chelakh of people grieving, sighing about all nasty things, being made among him, makes a sign.

5. and told those in my hearing: follow it around the city and strike; letisn’t sorry your eye, also you don't spare;

6 old man, young man and maiden, and the baby and wives beat to death, but don't touch any person, on which sign, also begin from my sanctuary. Also began them from those elders, which were before the house.

7. Also told them: profane the house, also fill the yards with the killed, and leave. Both left, and became to kill in the city.

For unworthy behavior Jehovah on two continents (Lemuriya and Atlantis) left on an ocean floor. On Lanka island (Ceylon) he killed. Pagans pursue, and itself in the present time preaches return to paganism. Vladimir Megre wrote the book "Anastasia" from dictation of the Patron Jehovah devil is Bramah (Chaos).

Chapter 11/20.

20. "That they went on to my precepts, also observed my charters, also carried out them; also will be my people, and I will be their God". The Lord of Israel asked the prophet to transfer to Jews, which in captivity, in Chaldea. But, not all will return from Chaldea.

Chapter 12/15.

15. "Also learn that I am a Lord, when I will disseminate them through the people also I will dispel them on lands.

16. But small number I will keep them from a sword, hunger and ulcer, that they told at the people, to which will go, about all the nasty things; also learn that I am a Lord". Jews dissipated on the peopl also have a rest from "I am the Lord".

Chapter 14/21.

21 "Because the Lord so speaks: if four heavy my executions: sword, both hunger, and fierce animals, and a morovy ulcer I will send to Jerusalem to exterminate in it people and cattle …».

Chapter 15/6.

6. "Therefore so the Lord speaks: as a grapevine tree between trees forests I put to fire at the mercy, so I will give it and inhabitants of Jerusalem.

7. Also I will turn the person my against them; one fire leave, and other fire will devour them, – and you learn that I am the Lord when I will turn against them the person my". How the Lord will be without Jews? It constantly pursues them: banishes and returns. In each book, in each chapter on Jews the tub of damnations and threats pours out. In this book of 48 heads and in each Jehovah-devil repeats: "Also you learn that I am a Lord, God" sometimes adds. Suggestion!

Chapter 21/31.

31. "Also I will pour out on you my indignation, I die on you fire of my rage and I will give you in a charge of people furious, skilled in murder.

32. Your will be food to fire; your blood remains on the earth; not will and remember you; because I, the Lord, told it".
Chapter 30/18.

18. "And in Tafnis will grow dim day when I will break there the yoke of Egypt, also will stop in it its proud power. The cloud will close it and daughters it will go to captivity.
19. So I will make court over Egypt, also learn, that I am a Lord".
Chapter 32/3.

3. So the Lord speaks: I will throw on you my network in meeting of many people and they will pull out you my network.

4. "Also I will throw out you on the Earth, on an open field I will throw you, also everyones will sit down on you heavenly birr and to be sated you animals of all earth.

5. Also I will scatter your meat on the mountains and I will fill valleys your corpses.
6. And I will give to drink the Earth of your swimming your blood to the mountains; and ruts will be filled by you.

7. And when you will die away, will close heavens and stars will dull them, the sun will close a cloud and the moon won't shine with the light". These threats are directed against the Pharaoh Osiris, the governor of Egypt; Jews left "Lord" to Egypt. The mere verbiage corresponds to devil.

Chapter 39/6.

6. Also I will send fire to the earth Magog and on inhabitants of islands, living carelessly, also learn that I am a Lord.

11. Also will be that day: I will make for Gog room for a grave in Israel, valley of the Old Testament, as a name of the leader of the people of Magog. Later Gog and Magog began to be perceived, as the name of two people. We come nearer to resolute collision of Troops of Light Forces … with multitude the prince of this World; by day of Great Court when Gogh's all army will be exterminated". (E. I. (E. I. Rerich "Letters"). The prince of this World is the Lord Israeli, Jehovah.

"An Armageddon is Fight Great, Fight for general welfare, Fight for disclosure of Knowledge True, Fight for Light. To our Earth the fate before the end of the evolution put by it threatens to be lost. Our Planet can finish the existence by huge explosion. The crime of people, spirit necrosis, created such emanations round our planet that saving beams can't reach it. Resolute o'clock in the afternoon of Court not far off, and many children will live till this. It is necessary to awaken spirit human! Truly, destiny of a Planet is in hands of all mankind".
(E.I.Rerich, “Agni Yoga).

Phrases of the Old Testament from the Lord bear destructive energy to the Planet and mankind.