9.Books of the prophet

Book of the prophet Daniil.

The prophet Daniil in captivity guessed dreams to the haldeysky tsar Navuchodonosor. For what was presented to the yard. Dreams to the tsar were sent by Jehovah, and to Daniil told their value. Once Daniel prayed to God of Israel, and the husband Gabriel arrived to it (the Archangel Gabriel, - He was also there is a person) and predicted Messiah Coming - Christ.
Chapter 9/22.

22. Also talked some sense into me spoke with me and told: "Daniel, now I Descend, to teach you to understanding.

23. At the beginning of your prayer there was a word, and I came to announce it to you because you are the husband of desires; so penetrates into the word and comprehends vision.

24. Seventy sevens are defined for the people your and sacred your city, that it is covered there was a crime, are sealed there were sins and are smoothed down lawlessness and that it is provided there was a truth eternal, and are sealed were vision and the prophet, and it was spread with the Inner sanctum.

25. So know and understand: since then, as there is a command about restoration of Jerusalem, to Christ’s of the Lord seven sevens and sixty two sevens; also the people will come back and streets and walls will be built up, but in hard times.

26. And after sixty two sevens by Christ, will be devoted to death and won't be; and the city and a sanctuary will be destroyed by the people of the leader, which will come, and his end will be as from a flood, and until the end of war will be a devastation.

27. Also will approve a precept for many one sevens, and in a half seven the victim and a gift will stop, and on a wing of a sanctuary there will be a nasty thing of desolation, and the final predetermined death will comprehend an devastate".

Book of the prophet Osii.

All text of the Old Testament is infinite a repeating subject. Israel leaves the Lord and worships to pagan gods, and the Lord their damnations, threats, executions, admonition convinces to return.
Chapter 13/4.

4. "But I am your Lord from the earth Egyptian, - and you shouldn't know other god, except Me and there is no savior, except Me". Protect God from such savior! Lists everyone its fornication action; like teacher, like pupil.

Book of the prophet Ioil.

Israel was averted from the Lord and the drought came. Method is of influence of Lord is punishment that didn't forget it.
Chapter 1/19.
To You, My God, I appeal; because fire devoured lush pastures of the desert, and the flame scorched everything a tree in the field.
Chapter 2.

22. But also nowadays the Lord still speaks: address to Me all heart in a post, crying and sobbing.

25. Also I will render to you for those years which devoured a locust, worms, bugs and a caterpillar, - great my army which was sent by me to you.

Pay attention to texts of points 28-32. Jehovah devil will organize Christ's crucifixion, about 400 years will pursue Christians and then uses the all-planetary crime in the purposes; will connect the Old Testament to Christianity and will insert these points 28-32 into "Acts of Apostles", гл.2 item 17-21. Into "Acts of apostles 31 (21) words: because on the Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be a rescue as the Lord told, and at the others which will be called by the Lord-* will exclude from "Act of Apostles". In the Old Testament he went too far and ennobled itself to Supreme, and then to the Almighty (Absolute), also I became: "I am!" Impostor! Pseudo-Supreme! Pseudo-the Almighty! Foolish!

Its imaginations for Jews cause compassion to it In "New Testament" it doesn't tell the name. Speaks on behalf of Supreme, but provides the words told the prophet Ioil.

28. Also will be after that, an effuse from my Spirit on any flesh, and your sons and your daughters will prophesy; dreams will dream your aged men, and your young men will see visions.

29. And also on slaves and on slaves those days an effuse from my Spirit.

30. Also I will show signs are in the sky and on the earth: blood and fire, and is pillars smoke.

31. 31. Sun will turn into darkness and the moon - into blood before there will come Lord's day, great is and terrible.

32. Also will be: everyone who will call the name Lord's, - will escape; because on the Mount Zion and in
Jerusalem there will be a rescue as the Lord told, and at the others which will be called by Lord’s.
Who will call a name of Jehovah in day Great and terrible it will appear on Saturn, - there is recruitment!
Chapter 3/17.

17. Then you learn that I am Lord your, living on Zion, on the sacred my mountain;

18. Also will be that day: mountains will drip wine and hills will begin to flow milk, and all courses Judaic will be filled with water, and the Lord's house leaves a source, and Sittim will give to drink a valley; - lie from Jehovah, all worshipping a satan will burn down alive during the Apocalypse.
of the Book of the prophet Amos.
Chapter 1/ 1.

Amos is the shepherd to whom the Lord of Israel gave visions. Nobody wants to listen to a devil; he has no pupils because he has no doctrine. The Old Testament is the chronicle of damnations of a devil on Israelis, the list of Wars, robberies, destructions, revenges from own powerlessness. Words: "I won't spare, I will send fire, will devour halls, will break locks, will exterminate inhabitants, will kindle fire", - repeat and in the beginning the following chapter.
Chapter 2/10.

"I brought you out of the earth Egyptian and drove you in the desert forty years to inherit the earth Amorreysky.
(Moisey brought Jews out of Egypt to Sinai and was with them 40 years, before the death).

13. Here, I will press down you as the chariot loaded with sheaves presses, -
14 and at quick won't begin to run forces and strong won't keep the fortress, and brave won't save the life,
15 neither shooting a bow won't resist, nor the fast walker won't escape, sitting on a horse won't save the life.

16. And the most brave of the brave will escape nude that day, the Lord" speaks. Infinite is reproaches. And who asked to bring him Jews out of Egypt? Executions I removed. Relieve, God, all mankind from Lord-Annimal!

Chapter 3/1.

1 Listen to this word which the Lord uttered on you, sons Israeli, on all tribe which was brought by me out of the earth Egyptian, speaking:

2. "Only you were recognized by me from all tribes of the earth therefore I will collect from you for all your lawlessness".

Chapter 4.

"I made destructions, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah" 12. "Therefore so I will arrive with you, Israel; and as I so will arrive with you, prepare for a Candlemas of your God, Israel,

13 because here It Which forms mountains, both creates a wind, and declares to the person of intention it, morning light turns into a gloom, and strides above lands; The Lord Savaof - a name to It". "Lucifer" - Savaoph fills with fog to ignoramuses. Angrily - his "creativity". Devil is destroyer of human souls.

Book of the prophet Avdiah".
Chapter 1/ 2 .

"Here, I made you small between the people and you in big contempt.

4. But at least you as the eagle, rose highly and among stars suited your nest and from there I will dump you, the Lord" speaks. In big contempt Jews because of the worship a devil, a planetary satan. The planetary satan constantly does psychological attacks, - suggestion, keeps in awe of people. Мaitreya - God, against him nobody is strong. Only it can protect from a planetary demon. Worship to God, - your worship is the ballot Light. Luminous intensity recognizes only voluntary recognition, and don't apply violence. It is necessary to appeal protection against darkness.

Book of the prophet Ionah.
Chapter 1/1.

"Also there was a word Lord's to Jonah, the son Amafiin: 2, get up, go to Nineviya, the city great, and preach in it because crimes it reached Me". 3. Also there was Jonah to run in Farsis on behalf of Lord's, and came to Ioppiya, and found the ship going to Farsis, gave a payment for transportation and entered it to float with them in Farsis on behalf of the Lord. 4. But the Lord erected a strong wind on the sea, and the great storm became on the sea, and the ship was ready to crash.

Next is tale. That the sea ceased, cast lots, and it was necessary to throw out Jonah in the sea, and the sea ceased.
Chapter 2/1.

"Also the Lord to the big enjoined to whale to absorb Jonah; and there was Jonah in a belly of it whale three days and three nights.
2. Also Jonah Lord's prayed to god to the belly of a whale.
11. Also the Lord told a whale and it cast out Jonah on land".
Chapter 3/1.

"Also there was a word Lord's to Jonah again: 2 get up, go to Nineviya, the city great, and preach in her that I enjoined to you". Also Jonah went to preach in Nineviya, and all sinners repented, the Lord forgave them and regretted. The morals of this fairy tale are as follows: any victim - the Animal won't escape from the Lord, - it will overtake, and will violently induce to do the planned. Jews then to forget that there is God is the true defender of the person - Great Lord Shambhala.
Book of the prophet Mihey.
Chapter 2/2.

"Will wish fields and take them force, houses, - and take away them; gather the person and his house, the husband and his heritage. 3. Therefore so the Lord speaks: here, I think guide such disaster which you won't overthrow from your neck at this sort, and you won't go, is having become straight; because this time angry". To take force, is demonic culture which spread in all embodiments of Lord -Beast. This "culture" got into consciousness, took root; to clear consciousness, it is necessary to separate from of Lord - Beast forever.
Chapter 5.

I will eradicate, will exterminate, I will destroy, - a vocabulary of lord -Beast. 14. I will eradicate sacred your groves from your environment and I will ruin the cities your.15. Also I will make in anger and indignation revenge over the people which will be disobedient.
Chapter 6/3.

"My people are! What did make to you and than burdened you? Answer Me". Burdened damnations, threats, and I didn't give any knowledge. Dreamed create the ignoramuses, which consciousness concentrated, on requirements of a physical body. Even the child before sending him to school, previously will teach to read and write. Lord-Beast itself didn’t give anything, and to Forces Light interfered with dissemination of knowledge’s. Upon transition (after death) to the Thin World, the Beauty World, the Thought World, - the person has to know at least that it shouldn't be there naked, and power of thought to dress itself in beautiful clothes and footwear.
Book of the prophet Naum.
Chapter 1/2.

"The Lord is God the adherent and the avenger; the avenger Lord also is terrible in anger: the Lord takes vengeance on the enemies and won't spare the opponents". How many in this offer of words bearing energy of destruction. Jehovah-devil isn't God of ohms, - he is the destroyer of spirit of the person, the opponent God's on the Earth. God Truth is the Great Maitreya doesn't tell such words; from its texts inside, on heart it is good, and tears of clarification wash away the past.
Book of the prophet Avvakum.
Chapter 2/5.

"A grief is to the one, who enriches itself (himself) not with the". After "to themselves places" under Jehovah-Savaof's guidance the people exterminated clearings and plundered each other. The werewolf is cruel and false.

Chapter 2 / 8.

"As you robbed many people, and you will be robbed by all the others the people for blood pro-lithium human, for ruin countries, cities and all living in it". In time "clearings to it place" (see; Book Jesus Navin"), it was spilled so much blood Israel that would suffice to flood the Jordan River. Hundred thousands old men, women and children were it is destroyed, and girls twelve years took in concubines. Directed everything is Jehovah-devil. After everything calls itself ;sacred is;. Its karma is awful, - leaving to Saturn; the naked Planet - a kernel and three gaseous rings. Everything who worships to it will leave with it to Saturn. Your leave him, Jews and sectarians!

Book of the prophet Sofonii.
Chapter 1/ 2.

«I will exterminate everything from a face of the earth, the Lord speaks: 3. I will exterminate people and cattle, I will exterminate birds heavenly both fish’s sea and temptations together with the impious; I will exterminate people from a face of the Earth, the Lord speaks. 4. Also I will stretch my hand to Judea and on all inhabitants of Jerusalem: I will exterminate from this place Vaal' remains, a name of priests with priests, 5 and what on roofs worship to troops heavenly",

Troops Heavenly is the Angels, one of honorable names of sons Light, Great Teachers. They announce to people God's will, and execute on the Earth of Its command. Angels are God's servants, who are entrusted to protect just, to upset intrigues of demons, to uplift prayers of people to God, to unburden the heart in afterlife, to separate kind from angry on the last Last Judgement. To each of people the Angel is put for the help to it in good deeds; such angel ordinary is called as guardian-angel. Angels helped Israelis to get rid of the main demon of a Planet - Jehovah (Savaof).

Book of the prophet Aggeya.
Chapter 1/11.

"And I called a drought on the earth, on mountains, on bread, on grape juice, on unction and on everything that the earth, both on the person, and on cattle, and on any manual skills makes". Lord- Beast Israeli sexecutions want to return to worship.

14. "Also the Lord excited … spirit of all rest the people, and they came, also began to make works in the house Lord Savaof's , the God",
Chapter 2/3.

"Who remained between you, who saw this house in the former to its glory and what you see it now? Whether not there is it in eyes yours as though anything?" The Lord of Israel destroyed "the house in former glory", which was constructed by the tsar Solomon; guided the tsar Navuchodonosor from Chaldea.

Chapter 2/17.

"I struck you with rust and fadedness of bread and a hail all works of your hands; but you didn't address to Me, the Lord" speaks. Violence you won't force to worship. Don't love a planetary demon.

Book of the prophet Zachariah.
Chapter 12/ 1.

"Prophetical word of the Lord is about Israel. The Lord, who spread the sky, founded the earth and formed spirit of the person in it". Jehovah included assignment of creativity of Great Maitreya in the Plan to sweep. And took a position! And the image created: got on a turban, guided a make-up; but "a snout didn't leave". The smelly bog isn't comparable with a pure spring.
Chapter 13/2.

"Also will be that day, the Lord Savaof speaks, I will exterminate names of idols from this earth, and they won't be more mentioned, is equal as lying prophets and dirty spirit I will remove from the earth". Dirty spirit on our Earth is Jehovah devil. He heads powers of darkness. During the Apocalypse it will be removed to Saturn.

Book of the prophet Malahia.
Chapter 1/6.

"The son honors the father and the slave - the mister; if I am a father, where respect for Me? And if I am a Lord, where awe before Me? The Lord Savaof speaks to you, the priests defaming the name My. You speak: "than we defame the name your?" 7. You bring an altar my dirty bread on, and you speak: "than we defame You? " - That, that you speak: "the Lord's meal doesn't cost respect".

"These two offers told briefly and precisely: there is no respect and aren’t present awes, so not the father for Israelis Jehovah-devil. And the meal isn't respected". On Saturn will be time to consider and to change the mistakes the attitude towards people. It isn't necessary to call it great and terrible. Word Great it isn't combined with the word the terrible. Force not in that, to do the evil (as education measure), and in, that not to do it!


The Old Testament is the chronicle of the Jewish people, the unsurpassed reference book of damnations, insults, and methods revenges to Jews from "Lord" for that, that they repeatedly tried to get rid of it. The author of the chronicle-the reference book is Jehovah, "the Lord" of Israelis, a planetary satan, a devil is.

If the author is a satan a devil Damnations and threats, wars and robberies, executions and evil reproach that Israelis constantly in search of God - the defender. Damnations and threats, wars and robberies, executions and evil reproach that Israelis constantly in search of God - the defender. Life in Egypt was for Jews a light spot throughout formation of these people. More 400лет they worshipped to God Sun Ra (Ramses II). Ten embodiments were devoted by the Great Lord of the Shambhala to lemurs and Jews: Avel, Noy, Krishna, Avraham, Ramses II, Moisey, Osiris (twice), Solomon, Moria (Christ to relieve Israelis of influence of a devil. Moisey's Pentateuch kept only the name. Old Testament is not doctrine and only chronicle. Jehovah's all texts are spiritless. Repeat words are gold, the silver, expensive clothes, the description of a life and honoring of Lord. That sectarians find in texts of the Old Testament, reading its tens years and every day? God doesn't punish, He created the Space Law - Karma, which works as exact space Scales.

Old Testament (Torah) is the book of an BEAST, his number - 666, his name - Jehovah, a position (electoral) – the Owner Earth, devil and satan.