10. New Testament.

*Division 3. New Testament.

For rescue of Jews from destructive influence of Jehovah - a devil, Jesus has been sent to Israel. In theosophy literature there are instructions that Jesus is an embodiment of the Teacher from the Shambhala - Kut Humi; the one, who was embodied earlier as Ardzhuna (the pupil and the friend God’s of Krishna), Orfey, Pericles and Pythagoras. Maria' son is Emmanuel was named Jesus, that later means "knowing", is Savior, Peace offering. Jesus was "Nazarey" (esoteric school)!

In the age of twenty three years Jesus went to India to the Teacher. «Sheikh Rossul Moria is meeting with Christ and serving to Christ Redeemer throughout his entire great mission. Jesus too studied at the Great Wise man of the East Result Moria and stayed at It not less than seven years, then they together traveled across India, visited the Shambhala and then Jesus went from blessing of the Lord of Moria to the country.

But it couldn't finish there the mission; passionately overtired also got sick; and on a threshold transition to the otherworldly the world before it appeared in Thin Shape the great the Wise Man, also offered him to finish its Mission. Certainly, it was agreed with pleasure. Were great Space the reasons why it was necessary such replacement and continuation this Mission". Priests of Israel waited such Great Essence as Moisey, Solomon. When there came time Passionate Way and the Crucifixion, in it entered higher Spirit - Christ who has accepted Baptism from John the Baptist. There was a replacement of Thin Bodies and theHighest Reason. Also started preaching among the simply and poor. Statement, that Lord Маiтrеya and Christ are uniform Identity - Truth. "Christ is approved in the Doctrine Live Ethics the Greatest. But even in early Christianity it is possible to find understanding, that uniform Great Spirit descended to Earth and it was embodied where there was a special need in new understanding of truth; identity phenomenon all Great Teachers. It is time to come nearer to mankind to world-wide Space Secret - the Uniform Avatar, shown with each Manvantara (cycle). Construction Space, process of evolution needs in the new educated understanding, in Love and Beauty". (E. I. Rerich, "Letters"). Christ after the crucifixion appeared in the thin body also taught Maria Magdalina to secrets of the Elevated World within eleven years. Subsequently these records were published by gnostics under the name "Big Questions and Small Questions Maria Magdalina". Words: Crests, Christ is synonym of the Highest also is borrowed from the dictionary pagan mysteries. Pagan is from the word languages.

Christ's appearance under the certificate Pontius Pilate: "hair light brown and, really, quite long, their ends a little more darkly, slightly wavy small windings, but locks remain are noticeable. Forehead light and wide, but it isn't visible wrinkles, eyebrows are slightly darker than hair, but aren't great, eyes blue and are lifted in corners, eyelashes give to eyes depth. It is a little cheekbones, nose small are noticeable and quite soft, small mouth, but lips quite full. Moustaches are small, not closing mouth. Also beard small and slightly doubled on a chin. … Not so much beauty, how much expression did the Teacher remembered".

Christ is Great Spirit, - in advance Knew in advance to It judgmentally; even the crucifixion was allowed by Forces Light's. But only obstacles we grow! Only antipodes uplift each other! The chief conductor of a crucifixion of Christ is a planetary satan Jehovah.

After crucifixion Christ's appeared first statement of new religion.

If in the Bible the Old Testament didn't connect to the New Testament, the world if only won that, there would be Christ's the pure – Buddhi, wisdom. Cabbala, Bramaism left from Buddhi. If Christians haven't burdened themselves with "revelations" of the little people and haven't accepted Jehovah, Gnostic the idea would be called never heresy. Relieved of the dogmatic exaggerations the world would have religious system, based on pure philosophy, and for certain from it won". (E. P. Blavatsky, "The Exposed Izida").

Why Jesus, in search of model for the system of ethics, went to the bottom of the Himalayas (to the period from 23 to 30 years), instead of to the bottom of Sinai? For the reason that "Manu" and Gautama Budda's doctrines were in harmony with his philosophy where as Jehovah's doctrines were opposite to it and terrified it. The Buddhism learns to render good for the evil. Whether Christians, what Father Jesus’s and Jehovah is same will begin to claim?

Jehovah and Bacchus of pagans are one and that essence. The word "bacchanalia" occurred from Bacchus (Jehovah), and designates Bacchus's fun, the loose feasts, drunken orgies; rough and chaotic manifestation of any forces, reaching extreme degree, - group sex and other is low desires.

Father Christ's -Supreme, God Love is and Compassions, God Good and Light. Of Vishnu and Lakshmi, the Father of the Universe and Mother Worlds - is two Beginnings: man' and female. There are only They except Them anything isn't present. All from Them! The father of the Universe - the Sun, Absolute reflection - information, Mother World's - is creativity energy.
"The gospel from Joann was written down by Maria Magdalina, she was the highly educated schoolgirl among

followers Christ’s. If not Maria Magdalina, hardly something would reach us from original words Christ’s.
Records Maria Magdalina’, after her death were stored the prior of the monastery in the Efes, Joann". (E. I.
Rerich, "Letters").


Christ. The reduced writing Jesus Christ; Peace offering; Great Pro-thinker Good; Cross Accepted; Prophet The Highest; Traveler Great; Truth Way; Savior; Son God's(incarnate); Son God’s Single-eessence; Son human; Teacher; Philanthropist Wisdom. John the Baptist is Christ's forerunner. Christ warned Jews about their delusion, the Second Arrival, - for division of people on of light and shade.
Chapter 1/ 33.

;On whom you will see strong of Spirit descending and staying on It that is christening Spirit Sacred". "And 34. I saw, and testified that this is the son God's". 45."Philip finds Nafanail and speaks to it: "We found about what Moisey wrote in the law and prophets, Jesus, son Josef’s, from Nazareth.

Chapter 2. Jesus water turns strong into wine. Expels from the temple of sellers of an oxen, sheep, pigeons and shifts of money is. Promises to build in three days the new temple of the body is.
Capter 3.

Jesus tells strong about life eternal in the spirit of. 6. "Given rise from a flesh there is the flesh, given rise from Spirit there is a spirit". 8. "The spirit breathes where wants and it you hear a voice, instead of you know, from where comes and where leaves: so happens to everyone, given rise from Spirit".
Chapter 4/ 23.

"But is time will come and came already, when true admirers will worship to the Father in the spirit of, and truth because the Father looks for such admirers to himself".

24."God is spirit, and worshipping to It, have to worship in the spirit of and truth".
Chapter 5.

Healing of the patient of 38 years on Saturday is caused indignation of Jews. Not the person for Saturday, and Saturday for the person!

24. "Truly, truly I speak to you: listening the word My and the believer in sent Me has life eternal, and to court doesn't come, but passed from death into life". Come to court after physical death; if doesn't come, so the Karma is fulfilled. The space Law of punishment - the Karma and transformations (reincarnation) are closely interconnected. The person on the earth is embodied 777 times, but it is possible to fulfill the Karma for ten embodiments, and to finish the terrestrial way.

Jesus showed signs and miracles: 1. Turned water into wine is. 2. in Galilee cured the son of the courtier, who was dying. 3. Circulation on water and suppression of elements. 4. Healing of the blind. 5. Lazar's revival in four days after death.

Chapter 6.

;Circulation on water tells strong about the open fiery pulmonary centers;. Christ is the Fiery Yog.
Сhapter 9/16.

"Then some of Pharisees spoke: "Not from God This Person because doesn't store Saturdays". Saturday not from God and is from a devil. Saturday (English) Saturday, is day of Saturn. Saturn and a satan are synonyms. Chapter 14/ 6 . "… nobody comes to the Father, as soon as through Me". These words Jehovah blocked a way to other Teachers, - People, decided to use his name for the glorification is. Planetary satan Jehovah knew only in the Middle East as the cruel petty tyrant and tried not to get to his field of vision.

13. "And if that ask for the Father in the name My", I will make; yes the Father in the Son will become famous. I "will make" the word - grew into a lexicon of Jehovah. Jehovah connected two Precepts that present itself Father

Christ’s. Ponder upon words: "Ask for the Father for the sake of the Son". In images the father Jehovah means himself. Jehovah is the schemer! It is lower than Christ on the status, and they are representatives of opposite forces. Never have you asked anything from a devil; - at once you will get to dependence. God created the Karma Law and it work as exact Space Scales. You look at people the talented, beautiful, well put, is an award for well past life in the previous embodiment.

Chapter 15/15

"I any more don't call you slaves, because the slave doesn't know that mister does him; but I Called you friends because Told you everything that Heard from the Father Mine". Christ never called anybody slaves, He Spoke: "You are gods". The word "slave", is from the same lexicon devil.

Chapter 19/1.

"Then Pilat took Jesus and ordered to beat him. 9. And again entered Pretoria and told Jesus: "From where You?" Jesus didn't give it the answer.

10. Pilat speaks to It: whether you answer me? Whether you know, what I have the power to crucify You and I have the power to release You.

11. Jesus answered: "You wouldn't have it is necessary Me to any power, if it wasn't given you’re from above; therefore more a sin on the one, who betrayed Me to you".
25. At Jesus's cross there were his mother and sister his mother, Maria Kleopova, and Maria Magdalina are.

11. Jesus answered: "You wouldn't have it is necessary me to any power if it wasn't given you from above; therefore more a sin on the one, who betrayed me to you".

25. A Jesus’ cross there were mother it both a sister of his mother, Maria of Cleopova and Maria Magdalina.

26. Jesus, having seen mother and the pupil who here is standing who loved, speaks to mother Your:

Woman! This is son Your". ("The pupil standing nearby" there was a schoolgirl Christ - Maria Magdalina). Christ didn't call Jesus's mother, because she to it not mother. Lords Worlds Gave Mother World, the Goddess Lakshmi is the Mother of God. Maria, the given rise Emmanuil (Jesus) is the Saint woman, but not the goddess, and not the Mother of God. (During World War II from Shambhala it has been transferred to the prior of orthodox church in Syria the decree on the urgent message to Stalin that he has disposed to make a round of the field of battles before the Battle of Stalingrad with an icon "the Kazan Mother of God". Ahead of group of priests bore an

icon, over the field Mother World – the Mother of God in a fiery body of the huge size was shown. At Germans tools have decayed, all have stood. Germans said that it is orthodox sacred. After the ritual there has come the change in war).When Lucifer went against Light, the first opposed it the courageous warrior - Mother World; She created Hierarchy Light, and the coalition of darkness (Brama, Lucifer, Jehovah) have automatically departed in darkness; now darkness decays for flowers of Light.

In revenge pederast Jehovah, the Owner of Land in Christianity perverted a Trinity: correctly, - Father-Mother and Son. Mother World is the Saint Spirit humiliated having put on the third place. The son is created the Father - Mother!

Christ fed with five bread and two fishes 5 000 people. Allegory! Five bread - spiritual food. "The bread descending from heavens, such is that eating it won't die".

"My bread today is given you today you feed. Bread is uniform, but Sated with them five thousand. Bread, Me to you given daily is uniform, but from it thousands, and perhaps will be sated, and millions, and, having sated, will collect its basketfuls. And people didn't understand this parable and distorted as didn't understand also others.

The uniform Doctrine My, uniform bread of life is given for saturation of mankind. Will be enough for all, and still remains much. Bread was five - according to a pentagram human. The ardent pentagram about five fiery centers and saturation demands the corresponding. Therefore Has given five bread - from uniform bread of the Doctrine Living ethics" - M.: Bread which Gives Great Maitreya is distributed to people through Internet and books of the Doctrine of Living. Ethics. Be sated, food will be enough for everyone.

Maitreya – Buddha, – full manifestation Vishnu, God, the Father of the Universe, the Creator and the Creator! Great Maitreya – the Lord of seven Intimate Beams; He Sees and Hears all Universe,
– seven plans.

Christ's doctrine doesn't disperse in anything from the Doctrine of Living Ethics. Under the decree of the Owner of land Christ's Doctrine was distorted; threw out Laws of a Karma and transformation and imposed icons. On icons Saint people are represented, and it is necessary to worship to God.

« But time will come, and came already when true admirers worship to to the Father in the spirit of and truth because such admirers Father for looks».
24. "God is spirit, and worshipping to It, have to worship in the spirit of and truth".

From all pupils Christ elected twelve, but one of them was the traitor. He spoke about Judas Iscariot because he wanted to betray it. Twelve - number of Mother of the World. Dod;ka;dr - a dodecahedron!!! "People don't want to understand action group which multiplies forces. The dodecahedron is one of the most perfect educations, such dynamic force can opponent to many impacts. Systematically soldered group of twelve people can, really, even own the world phenomena. It is also necessary to understand that expansion of group can weaken it, breaking dynamics of construction… I speak not about mathematical circles, but about real group influence".

Pay attention to words: "expansion of group can weaken it". Christ knew that to Him it is fated - a crucifixion! He knew about the magic force of number twelve, and Created group of thirteen people, Christ and twelve pupils. Judas was the thirteenth, Christ knew him on last embodiments and Judas was always the traitor.

If Christ Came as the prophet, and there was no crucifixion who would remember it and the Doctrine Its? All apostles (except Judas), Jesus and Christ were an embodiment from the Shambhala. World religions are so created.

Christ spoke parables that the people who aren't able to read and write on examples acquired Truth, Wisdom (Buddhism). To every time the Messenger and the Truth is on level consciousness given. If to give the person it is a lot of spiritual information, his consciousness won't acquire everything, and can come off and depart. Consciousness is conscience, a disk over the head, energy and the sixth principle, that Mother World is called. If the person has a high consciousness, anything personal; all life and all creativity is given to people, - the body Light, only conscience is formed!

The general welfare was and there is a basis of each Precept. Christ's doctrine, exactly, the Doctrine of General Welfare, and not understanding, or denying this principle, denies also the Herald.

At the time of Christ in Israel, Jehovah devil was in an astral body. Again for the Owner of land there came intense times, is his exposure, as devil. The planetary satan of before Jews represented as the Almighty (the Supreme Deity), the Lord, God, All-powerful, and appeared "the liar and the father of lie".

Jehovah applied the method - destruction. It operated Jews, and they didn't realize the actions.

In Daniel Andreyev's book "Rose World", there is a description of a meeting of Christ and Pontius Pilate in the Shambhala. After the death Pontius Pilate in an astral body returned to the Shambhala; he sat in a chair and by there passed Christ; Pontius Pilate recognized him, and tested big confusion.

The KIKE - the inhabitant of the Jordanian valley, - there was an explanation in the Lekhaim newspaper.

"the WANDERING JEW, (Agasfer) the hero of medieval legends, the Jewish wanderer condemned by god on eternal life and wanderings that didn't allow Christ to have a rest (according to many versions I hit it) on the way to Golgopha". (Moscow, SES, 1985).

All High Spirits know when the Traitor comes nearer to them. Each treachery for betrayed is a light exposition! But for the traitor and tolerating treachery, is horror of a chasm. The chief conductor of darkness is a devil, is also the tolerating!

"Christ knew the main stages of the Way, and knew essence of the people approaching It. After the crucifixion Christ spread out the physical body to atoms therefore his body wasn't found. The high Spirit in the Thin body cleared by fire of mental energy, having exempted from a physical cover before term (i.e. before the natural term of death put to it), owns extraordinary force on Earth.

This power could burn the whole country, but Christ Distroued, or Spread out only the physical body to atoms. And rise was made in fiery deification of a thin body. Pupils which eyes opened when among them unexpectedly there was a materialized Christ, could also see a miracle of discovery of prismatic sight - saw the shining Lord's cover which disappeared in the light of His Beams. The body the thinnest or "Glory body" as the Apostle Paul called it, isn't sprayed, but remains dressed in the sublimated (uplifted) fabric of the Matter of Lyutsida and after Christ's crucifixion". In three years after a crucifixion the apostle Pavel believed in Christ, is there is a birth of the new religion based on pure philosophy.

"The great Traveller directed consciousness human to the highest … It is impossible to embrace all depth of the sermon Great because in the simplest words It gave manuals of all essence of life. The value of its feat was in simplicity. Simplicity was that the Highest was put simple into words. Only in simplicity the good, - such is activity of the Great Traveller is expressed. And in the Thin World its influence is great, and It likes to go down in the lower class that the prana of its aura, cleared dark spheres. Don't think that for It such easy are descend.

It brought us Light also Imprinted the Precept death. Died because of us and for us; this victim It proved that it is possible to love mankind more, than himself. This Precept imprinted by great sufferings took root into consciousness of mankind more, than years of evangelical activity".

Christ's doctrine doesn't disperse in anything from the Doctrine of Living Ethics, it is so great them spiritual influence - merge and as it can be when Great Teachers represent the Uniform EGO. The truth is given by Great Teachers of consciousness and time. In the Doctrine of Living Ethics extensive spiritual Knowledge is given. Never so much information hasn't been given, how many Have given Great Maitreya through the Pupils.

Now the person reached a high intelligence and a perfect physical body. If not to lift spirituality, decomposition will begin. Modern spiritual ignorance is to that the proof. Godlessness, sects where Jehovah - a devil is taken for the one whom he isn't, is harmful for mankind, - leaving to Saturn together with perverts and underworld.

Now many businessmen build temples. All temples modern - pagan; domes have a shape of a phallus (Jehovah advertizes the penis; he went mad on the genitals). Architecture of temples, icons, the distorted New Testament is from the Owner of land. Temples it is necessary to build the Buddhist: the round basis and walls without cellars and attics; a roof cone-shaped and above a spike, on which end a circle, and in a circle - an equilateral cross and a letter A that the First means - a sign of Great Maitreya!

of Act of Saint apostles.

The apostle is the follower of the doctrine, idea. Apostles in early Christianity are vagrant preachers of Christianity. Twelve apostles of Christ: Simone (Peter), his brother - Andrey, Jacob Zavedeev, Ioann (Maria Magdalina), Philip, Varfolomey, Foma, Matfey, James the Less, Judas Levvey (Faddei), Simon the Zealot and Judas Iscariot. Ioann wasn't Christ's pupil.

Christ preached three years during board of the tsar Antipy who made a beheading of the head John the Baptist. Christ was crucified during Antipy's reign under control of Jehovah. In three years after Christ's crucifixion the apostle Pavel believed in Christianity and began to preach among pagans.

"To it to one (Ioann) are applied words of the Gospel: pupil, which was loved by Jesus". Jehovah changed Maria Magdalina on Ioann. When the revived Christ Redeemer for the first time addressed to it iswith words: "Wumen! What do you cry? What you look for"?She didn't recognize the Lord, perhaps her eyes were full of tears, perhaps all its attention was engrossed by deep grief that it didn't find in a coffin of the loved Teacher. When it the friendly loveful sound of a voice of Jesus when He addressed to it with the usual gentle appeal concerned hearing:

"Maria", she immediately recognized him on a voice and, full of feelings of pleasant amazement, awe and good fortune, rushed, was, to his feet and joyfully exclaimed: "Ravvuni!", (that the Teacher means). But, the Lord Told it: "Don't touch Me because didn't go back to the Father Mine" … yet "… Revival Christ was, exactly, in the Thin body. It didn't allow Maria Magdalina to touch It because the touch to the High Spirit appearing in the Thin body can be deadly because of a difference in vibrations".

"Maria Magdalina, one of wives of Myrrh-bearer, the most devoted follower of Jesus Christ who is once cured by Him of a terrible illness (seven demons). Day of her memory is celebrated on July 22. Maria Magdalina is equal to the apostles. I came from the Galilean city of Magdala, why I got the nickname. It was cured by the Lord of evil ghosts and therefore in feelings of gratitude to It, I joined number of those, few pious wives which were accompanied everywhere by Misters during his terrestrial life. At Christ's sufferings on a cross, Maria Magdalina, together with other persons, stood at its cross and was present at his burial. The ardent love it to the Lord received the greatest award, - it the first was before whom the revived "Redeemer" was. She preached Christianity in Rome, and at the end of life Maria Magdalina went to the monastery where Ioann was the prior. The gospel from Ioann was written down by Mary Magdalene, she was the highly educated schoolgirl among followers Christ's. If not Maria Magdalina, hardly something would reach us from original words of Christ". (E.I.Rerich, ;Letters).

Present "Seven demons" in one face of the main demon of the planet - Jehovah. Thus, he uses Creative Energy (the Holy Spirit – Mother World) for the crimes. In picture ;Leonardo yes Vinci’s; is Christ and twelve apostles. To the right of Christ is Maria Magdalina.

Substituting Maria Magdalina for Ioann; Jehovah is to revenge Maria Magdalina for last offenses. Several millennia to that it were embodied in Egypt in at one time with Jehovah. Jehovah has made to her a proposal of marriage, but was refused. Since then in relation to her in some embodiments he applies black magic personally itself, and through the demons (demons).
Chapter 2 / 1.

At approach of day of Pentecost all of them were unanimously together.

2. And suddenly noise from the sky as if from the rushing strong wind became and filled all houses where they were. 16, but it is predicted by the prophet Ioil:

17. (28). Also will be in recent days, "God" tells a pour out from my spirit on any flesh, and your sons and your daughters will prophesy; and your young men will see visions, and your aged men will be talked some sense by dreams.

18. (29). Both on my slaves and on my slaves those days to pour out from my spirit will also be prophesied.

19. (30). Also will show miracles is in the sky above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire, and smoking of a smoke.

20. (31). The sun will turn into darkness, and the moon - in blood, before, than will come "Lord's" day, great and nice.

21. (32). Also will be: everyone, who will call the Lord's name (devil), will escape. (… will escape; because on the

Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be a rescue as the Lord devil told, and at the others which will be called by the Lord - a devil). Not on the Mount Zion, and in Europe Jehovah will collect the army before sending to Saturn (Jehovah's concentration camp), and on a forehead will put a brand of a satan (if to whom puts).

See. "Old Testament", prophet Ioil is chapter 2. 28-32. Jehovah devil told these words on its own behalf to the prophet. The werewolf inserted the text into Christ's Doctrine, but don't weigh, look in brackets (above). Here from here the satanism bites into the light Doctrine of the Buddhism; Jehovah wants to present himself Christ's father. … a to pour out from my spirit; what can the satan pour out? At a devil Jehovah is a specific vocabulary. Its texts differ from texts of Teachers Light'.

Christ has accepted shameful death not to revive in a physical body. He has proved that he life - eternal, and after death was shown in the astral condensed body before the pupils.

Ether body is the model of future physical body; this information - fluids in a kingdom God' put in consciousness. Appearance, talent the person meets with the deserts of the previous embodiment. This way there pass all people. Only at the highest Deity, Thin bodies are stored in archives of thin spheres. Is the highest two bodies: Fiery and body Light.

Revival from the dead is an exit from a physical body in thin bodies. Jehovah got into Christianity distorted the Doctrine of the Buddhism which was brought to Jews by Christ.
Chapter 4/10.

"That yes will be known to all of you and all people Israeli that a name of Jesus Christ of the Nazareya Whom you crucified Which God revived from the dead, is delivered to Them it before you it is sensible. (Jehovah accuses the people of Christ's crucifixion. Read at the end of the text of the book in "Vision" of the word of a devil in my address: "Has crucified Christ and I will crucify you").

11. It is the stone neglected you be eager, but which became the head of a corner and there is no rescue in anybody other,
12 because there is no other name under the sky given by the person with whom we ought to escape".

25. "You lips of the father our David, the slave Yours told the Spirit Saint: that pagans rush about and the people plan the vain.

26. Tsars terrestrial rose and princes gathered on the Lord and on Christ Ego. (Jehovah stuck to Christ!)

27. "Because seven really gathered in the city on the Saint Son your Jesus spread with You, Herod Antipa and Pontius Pilate with pagans and the people Israeli". Jehovah attributes the crime to Herod Antipe and Pontius Pilate". The crucifixion was allowed by Forces Light, and a devil - Jehovah proved in the true appearance. But, in the fifth century of a new era gave out myself not simply for the adherent Christ, and for his Father, - Supreme, and became: "I Am!"

Chapter 6/14.

"Because we heard how he said that Jesus Nazarey will destroy this place and will change customs which were transferred to us by Moisey". From Moisey's laws at Jews remained nothing, arbitrariness of a planetary satan raged. Why to Jehovah laws if he approves lawlessness, - demonic culture.

Chapter 12.21.

"In the appointed day Herod, having put on in imperial clothes, I sat down on a sublime place and I spoke to them;

22 and the people exclaimed: "it is a voice of God, but not person".

23. "But suddenly the Lord's Angel (Jehovah) struck it that he didn't render glory to God (Jehovah); and he, is corroded worms, died". So cruelly the satan works.
Chapter 22.14.

"He told me (Savl - Paul): God (Jehovah) of our fathers before to choose you that you learned will it saw the Righteous person and heard a voice from lips it". Lie, Jehovah is the hypocrite. Paul the Apostle is an embodiment of the Teacher Illarion from the Shambhala; all are elected by the Great Lord of the Shambhala. Jehovah isn't interested in distribution of true spiritual knowledge. Why to it to risk that Jews, and now sectarians learned that he is a devil, a planetary satan, and that all his titles: God, Supreme, the Almighty appropriated it him the. All Teachers Light' the devil exterminated, Doctrines destroyed, and that who wanted knowledge, sent executions. In the Old Testament, in each chapter they are listed. Still its methods of persecution on Light carriers the same, as in ancient times.

Pavel is the son of the prosperous Judaic parents belonging to a current of Pharisees. In youth he got a good education. Well knew laws Moisey's and the Greek literature. Was eager on Moisey's prediction of arrival of the Messiah. Originally his name was Savl. The gifted young man who had extensive learning together with others expected to see the powerful tsar who will restore a kingdom Jewish in all its gloss. His amazement and indignation when part of Jews and pagans recognized as the Messiah of the unknown Teacher from Nazareth is great. Pharisees - hypocrites, hypocrites, scribes. Nazarenes is Fiery Yoga’s got an education at teosofo-esoteric schools.

On the way to Damascus to it there was a wonderful change which turned Savl into the greatest preacher of Christianity - the Apostle Pavel. Paul the Apostle was condemned by Neron on beheading and executed together with Peter on July 29 the 65th year A.D. Neron is Jehovah's embodiment.

Message Jacob. Chapter 1.

"Jacob, slave God' and Lord Jesus». The slave God', - means, the slave to Jehovah devil. Luminous intensity don't call the person the slave. They work millions of years to inform to the man of his word: "You are gods". Gods too were people but the aspiration to Knowledge, expansion of consciousness lifted them on spiritual height. From us it is required to follow their Way. If in the text words repeat: I will destroy, I will destroy, I will exterminate, I will expel, you will eat the children, I will send a morovy ulcer both other threats and damnations, - know, it tells the evil, a devil.

Chapter 1/19. "… any person yes will be fast on a hearing, medical flax on words, medical flax on anger; 20 because the anger of the person doesn't create the God's truth is".
Chapter 3/5.

And language is the small member but does much.
6. Language is fire profanes all body

8. None of people can't subdue language it is the uncontrollable evil executed lethal poison.
9. We bless with it God and the Father, and by it is damned the human created on God's similarity.
10. From the same lips there is a blessing and damnation.

"And the prayer of belief will cure hurting, and if he made sins, will say goodbye to it". Jehovah replaced with this offer the Law of the Karma. Will say goodbye nothing, everything should be fulfilled. Killed the person, - in following three - four embodiments the murderer will be deprived by lives at the same age in what the crime is committed. Performers of the Law of the Karma - people. Thoughts can be subdued, and, especially language; it is necessary to do favorite thing!

16. "Admit the friend before the friend offenses …". A confession from a devil is. Listening to a confession, assumes karma. Never tell anything to anybody about yourself, magnetism is lost. Don't listen to talk on diseases, - they can pass from one person to another. Also don't tell about diseases that there was no deterioration. Don't approve in yourself anything bad. Avoid the vampires who are sucking away energy.

First message Peter.
Chapter 1 / 3.

"God and Father our Lord' of Jesus Christ is blessed". You don't transfer lie of "Old Testament" to "New testament". Jehovah is the Jewish deity, a devil and a planetary satan. It is the national tragedy of Jews. Their future is Saturn. Christ is higher Jehovah to the status. Jehovah came from Chaos (Demon Universe Bramah is the patron of a devil).
Chapter 1/16.

"Because it is written: "Be Saint because I am Saint". Where it is written? In "Old Testament" Jehovah as a parrot, repeats words: "Be Saint because I am Saint, the Lord, your God". The one, who will read about Lemuriya (Jehovah – the zoophile), "Ramayana" (orgy), Neron (the pervert - the virtuoso) will long laugh. Jehovah too laughs at those, whom fools. He gave an assessment to the Old Testament (Torah) - ABSURDITY.
Chapter 2 / 6.

Because it is told in the Writing: "Here I believe in Zion a stone, corner, chosen, precious; and believing in It won't feel ashamed". Moisey on tables Itself wrote precepts for Jews. (Jehovah has no relation to these tables, the devil on Zion wasn't).

16, 17, 18. "God's slaves", "with any fear obey", is not from God. In the Doctrine of Living Ethics it is told that were afraid of nobody, got rid from themselves of fear. You love God above all, esteem Him as the Highest Essence, worship to It in beat. Space lives in beat and the person is a macro cosmos, the most difficult creation of God.

Second message Peter.

. Chapter 1/1. "Simon Peter, slave and Jesus Christ's Apostle". Christ told: "You are gods". Therefore Great Teachers from the Shambhala Want to help people to open in them Divine abilities. For this purpose Great Maitreya, the shown Father of the Universe, Gave us the Doctrine of Living Ethics, continuation

Christ's doctrines. Those who will follow the Doctrine of Living Ethics, by the end of the fourth circle will be in fiery bodies; will become gods and will leave with Great Maitreya on His Star Uranium.

First message Ioann.

John the Evangelist wasn't Christ's pupil, and, therefore, wasn't the evangelist and the apostle. He was the prior of the monastery in the Hilt where Maria Magdalina spent the last days of life. She died and is buried in the Efes. Before she preached the Gospel is in Rome.

It was present at an agonal prayer of Jesus Christ at a garden Gefsimansky. Despising any danger is stood at a cross of the Crucified Lord together with mother Jesus and Maria of Cleopova (mother's sister).

A.S. Pushkin's poem Temporal Power" "When the great came true a celebration and tormently on a cross the deity came to an end, then on the parties of a livecreating of a tree Maria is the sinner and the blessed maiden stood, pale, two weak wives are shipped in immeasurable grief …."
. Chapter 3/12.

"Not as Cain who was from crafty and killed the brother". Cain is crafty, Jehovah's embodiment. Therefore the devil excluded the law of transformation that didn't know its past.

15. "… and you know that no murderer has life eternal …". (Jehovah the pervert - the virtuoso is and the serial murderer but lives eternally).
Chapter 4/18.

"The perfect love expels fear". Perfect love is Heavenly Love.
Message Judas.

Chapter 1 / 7 - 9. - From a devil. Residents of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were corrupted by Jehovah, with the purpose to use sinners in astral bodies after death for depravity of others. Here therefore the main laws are removed from Christ's Doctrine.

7. "As Sodom and Gomorrah and the neighboring cities, like them fornicating, and going behind other flesh, having undergone, executions of an eternal flame, are held up as an example,"

8. "… in the same way there will be also c them which reject the administration and the high authorities talk scandal".

9. "Micheil Archangel, when Spoke with a devil, arguing about Moisey body, he is courageous to say reproachful court, but Have told:

"Yes the Lord will forbid you". (Jehovah is a devil, and what Lord will forbid him if he calls himself the Lord, God and Almighty?) The disagreement turns out. Jehovah is the Owner of land, prince of Peace of this... only over us, and he is higher nobody and to call him in any way.

Message to Romans.

"… Savl decided to make the general persecution on Christians; for this purpose, having secured with powers, went to Damascus; on the way with it that wonderful change which turned Savl from the furious persecutor into the greatest preacher of Christianity - the Apostle Pavel came true. It served the idea with amazing self-rejection, neglecting all difficulties and dangers. Activity of the apostle Pavel was expressed not only in missionary works, but also in writing, and he is a one of the most prolific of writers of an apostolic eyelid. It possesses fourteen messages".
Chapter 1 / 26.

"Therefore God (Jehovah) to shameful passions betrayed them: women replaced them the natural use unnatural;

27. It is similar also men, having left the female natural use, were kindled by lust at each other, men on men doing shame and receiving in to itself due punishment for the delusion".

Jehovah devil made a nursery of perverts of Israel. Under its hypnosis there passed Jews-rakshasy all types of humiliations. On Lemuriya's continent the devil laid the foundation of zoophilia. Jehovah already was in a perfect physical body continued to copulate with animals. Also forced the nine-year old son slept with him until the wife with the son left him. Now the devil daily changes women with boys – genital body hires to Saturn (applies an onanism, a pederasty and blowjob).

28. "And as they didn't care to have God in reason, God to perverse mind betrayed them - to do indecent". Paul the Apostle speaks about residents of the Israeli cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Jehovah christened himself god and actions its devil; therefore it will be correct: "Jehovah devil to perverse mind betrayed them - to do indecent". In Christ's prayer the devil of the word - the address to God distorted: "Don't lead into temptation and relieve us from crafty". The devil, but not God leads into temptation. It is correct to speak, addressing to God: «Don’t leave in a temptation, and Deliver us from the evil one".


1. "Father Heavenly, understanding to me Named also will be consecrated Name Yours, and will come Your Kingdom on Earth as in the Sky, and will be Your Will eternal in three Worlds. Bread essential Will give to me for this day also Satisfy spiritual thirst. Don't leave in a temptation and Deliver us from the evil one, because there are Your Kingdom and power and glory". AUM.

2. "The lord of the shining power, I, Great bring You fruits of my aspirations, works and fight, and efforts. In You is my happiness, in You my hopes. My heart burns with you. I give you everything, everything that I have that in the Tower You Could pour all this in the shining Stone, fires burning in a breast. The shining Stone, Treasures the Stone lit by You but me wearable in the flaring Bowl in a breast". AUM.

3. "I will tell my prayer and I will tell it, as before the Sun Face. If to my eyes Light of the World is intolerable, I will close them and, filled with sparks of flashings, I nevertheless will tell: "Here, I know my way, here I addressed to it all my consciousness and, having rejected enemies, and, having buried things, I go to You. My words are also my prayer. I tell it both in the afternoon, and at night when eyes don't distinguish border of Earth and the Sky anymore; it is so much thoughts, it is so much searches to tell You only one word, - I love You, My God". AUM.

4. "The Lord, Teach to collect your Light in my jugs. Help to expand consciousness. Teach to feel the leading your hand constantly! Neither the grief is, nor won’t pleasure force me to forget about You. I want to make invisible your presence the tangible, and to approve your World in my days". AUM.

. 5. "Maitreya (to repeat 7 times), let the Name Great sounds in space an appeal for all mankind to accept Truth - the Doctrine of Living Ethics. Maitreya, the Victory, Love (to repeat seven times), let these words will fill space with Light and consciousness of people and will be the motto for the entire period of the Golden Age. Dark will leave to Saturn, and Earth will be cleared of filth. Also there will come the Golden Age. Uniform The Pastor is and uniform herd Will be uniform; Great Maitreya and mankind". AUM.

6. "There is nothing mine, all yours, the Lord. Everything belongs to you: both thoughts, and words, both actions and My entire manor. And my true imperishable property spirit and its accumulation are all yours, the Lord. In the Name Your I go to lives, and everything belongs to You. To you I devote all future my, all affairs my, all feelings, because yours everything. Teach me, my Father, adequately and wisely to dispose of your property to use and put it in the Benefit. You are for my everything! To You mine are directed all of energy, and your Beams fill the sphere of my microcosm. You I live, You I breathe, You I have my understanding. From your Beam is my consciousness because, truly, You are a Father mine, understanding life self-conscious to me given. You I recognize and You I approve in the heart as a life Torch Uniform, Immutable and embracing as I all mine. I in You, You in me, we also are uniform from the beginning of centuries. From darkness of a enrage You Brought me to the arena of self-conscious life and made me by self- conscious essence is the person. Therefore I say You, my Lord, that all mines are Yours. From now on all my forces, all my understanding and my heart irrevocably, forever to You I give. Because all – yours, my Lord, favorite, only for me and my, my Father, my Defender and my Guarantor before the Highest. To you I render on my understanding and to You I bring gifts of my heart. Creativity of my spirit I devote You because I create in the Name Your. Your name I go through life and your Name I win. My father, my Beloved, accept my property for its gift on Light altar. In Great Service I devote myself to Your to bear your Light to people not belittles. And your Light before people da will be shining and not belittled when hour will come wash the Name You’re before people to claim. My Father, my spirit to You I betray in your Hands. And let will be from now on and till a century Will Yours in my will to be approved my egoism spotless and not darkened by restrictions. The Lord, the press of your Spirit on a forehead my eyes will arrive because yours is. Give strength, the Great Lord, in Light Yours to arrive steadily and to approve Prestanding Constanta power. The favorite Lord, my heart in your hands that You Could issues it according wills Yours. Expression of free my will the spirit to You I betray. Create it, Father, according to Will The. The paternity Approve in my worship because your son a (first) is. Accept, the Lord, gift of my heart from now on and forever. Nowadays and in the Worlds, anywhere and everywhere consciously I am connected with You indissoluble bonds of love and Light because You are my Lord, the Defender, both the Friend, and the Father". AUM.

"Rescue from Jews" - Jehovah's lie; Jews and sectarians - the victims of a devil. Their it is necessary to rescue from a dope of a planetary satana of Jehovah.

Why to Jews Jesus was sent? Because Jews - the only people on the Planet which worships a devil. Christ preached to Jews for their rescue from corrupt influence of Jehovah-Savaof.

The schemer Jehovah mixed the text of the apostle Pavel with texts of the Old Testament where speaks on its own behalf, calling himself God; made it in the fifth century when it was impossible to stop distribution of Christianity. Its invention is "to adopt" Christ and itself to present God. But the Old Testament remained with the same text, and on it it is possible to judge that the devil that got a false idea himself Father Christ's represents. Unless it is possible to compare the Father Christ, the Founder and the Creator, God Love and It is kind with a cruel, blood-thirsty, vindictive and ambitious deity of Israel?
Chapter 3 / 29.

"Really God is God Jews Ionly but not and pagans? Of course and pagans" *God - Divine Christ, Ishvara, the Creator of our Planet and everything that lives and breathes on her, Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala – is for all people!!

Jehovah-devil only for Jews, and now for spiritually ignorant is sectarians, perverts and underworld. All listed segments of the population humiliated and violently attracted by Jehovah under his management.
Chapter 6 / 7.

"Because the dead is were exempted from a sin". The dead isn't exempted from a sin, he is cleared in the Thin worlds until clears the thoughts, replaces with light. And, after communication in the circumsolar sphere - a kingdom God’s will return on the earth in a new physical body. Appearance and talent will be given on antecedents merits.

Paragraphs with a mention of texts of the Old Testament all from Jehovah-Savaof; the devil is again mentioned as God. Apostle Paul comes with a certain task - to prophesy Christ's Doctrine. Texts of the apostle Pavel alternate with Jehovah's inserts from the Old Testament to inspire that Jehovah - Christ's ;Father;.

the First message to Corinthians.
Chapter 10 / 18.

"Look on Israel on a flesh: what eat the victims, whether participants of an altar?

20. No, that pagans, making a sacrifice, bring to demons is but not God. But I don't want that you were in communication with demons.

21. You can't drink the Lord's bowl and a bowl devilish; you can't be participants in the Lord's meal and in a meal devilish".

(18, 21 - is from Jehovah's. Israel makes a sacrifice to the main demon of the Planet - Jehovah. Pagans are Solar and Lunar. The pagans worshipping the Sun worship Michael the Archangel, the Lord of Shambhala. The pagans worshipping to lunar gods worship to demons. Jehovah is demon!

Chapter 12 / 3.

"Therefore tell you that anybody, God's speaking Spirit, won't say an anathema on Jesus, and nobody can call Jesus Lord' as soon as the Spirit Saint".
Chapter 14/52.

"… suddenly, during a moment of an eye, at the last pipe; because pipe call, and the dead will revive imperishable, and we will change" - Jehovah's Absurdity!

(52. As clearly it is told about it in books of the Doctrine of Living Ethics. The first death is an exit in the Thin body from physical. The physical body is decay, ashes, - goes for construction of a soil layer of the Planet. Death is change of a cover.

Second message to Corinthians.

Chapter 2 / 11. "… that the satan because to us his intentions aren't obscure didn't make to us damage". (Paul the Apostle knew that the satan represents. And the satan knew, apostles therefore Jehovah organized their destruction from where came.
Chapter 6 / 15.

"What consent between Christ and Belial? Or what partnership true with the incorrect?

16. What compatibility of the God's temple with idols? Because you the temple of God live as God told: "I will be installed in them and I will go to them; also I will be their God, and they will be my people.

17. And therefore leave the environment them and separate, the Lord speaks, and don't touch the dirty; and I will accept you.

18. Also I will be to you the Father, and you will be my sons and daughters, the Lord "Almighty" speaks.
Name "Message the Apostle's Paul" and the text from Jehovah.


(16, 17, 18. - An insert from the Old Testament, the word of Jehovah. The main thing - the Almighty! Jehovah entered a stopper (pleasure from lie) and can't leave this state. The Almighty - the Supreme Deity, the Absolute which is above Boundlessness, above It isn't present anybody).
Message to Galatam.

Chapter 3 / 6. So Avraham believed God and it is imputed to it a righteousness".
Great Avraham - God, Nasty Jehovah - devil.

The Old Testament doesn't bear in itself useful information; this book for Israelis is their history.

the Message to Efesyanam.
Chapter 2/11.

"So, you remember that you, there is no time pagans on fleshes which called not cut off so-called cut off by the carnal trimming made by hands 12 that you were at that time without Christ, are aloof from society Israel are alien promise precepts, had no hope, and there were atheists in the world". (11, 12 didn't recognize Christ and crucified him. Trimming is a brand from a devil which was imposed by Jehovah on the first people at connection of two branches – people (Jews) and rakshas (demons). To embody demons in the tribe of Jews, the pervert Jehovah before inclusion in the religious community of girls of 12 years checked for chastity, in other words was the first man at women until has embodied all demons. Therefore nationality at Jews on mothers, because the father - the demon. How many devils were embodied in tribe of Jews!

Ch. 3/14. For this I genuflect mine to the Father the Lord's of our Jesus Christ.
15 from Which any fatherland in heavens and on the earth is called,

16 yes will give you, on richness of the glory, strong to be approved by its Spirit in the internal person, To be installed by 17 belief to Christ in your hearts,

18 that you implanted and approved in love, could comprehend with all sacred, what the width and longitude, both depth and height?

19 and is to comprehend the Christ's love surpassing understanding to be executed by all God's completeness.
(Between item 18 and item 19 there is no continuation of a thought).

20. And to the one Who worked in us with power can do infinitely more than we ask or imagine,
21. To that glory in Church in Christ Jesus in all childbirth, from a century to a century. Amen.


(14, 21 - is from Jehovah. To ask the same from a devil-Jehovah that is to fish to swallow a hook with bait. Near me two astrals constantly serially are on duty (two died perverts - Jehovah's victims); from his words, they told me that religion for fools. Jehovah mixed texts of the New Testament with devil inserts in the fifth century of a new era, and "people eat!". 21. "In all childbirth, from a century to a century" – Jehovah's expression.

the Message to Filippiytsam.
Chapter 2 / 4.

Not only everyone care of yourself, but everyone and of others.

5. Because in you there have to be the same of a feeling, what in Christ Jesus:
6. It, being image God, didn't read plunder to be equal to God;

7 but humiliated Myself. Most, having accepted an image of the slave, having become the similar person and having by the form become as the person;

8 I restrained Myself are obedient even to death, and death of the godmother.

9. Therefore and God extolled it and named It above any name, ...».

the Message to Kolossyanam.
Chapter 2 / 14.

"… having exterminated the doctrine, hand written which was about us which was against us, and It took it of Wednesday and nailed to a cross;

15 having taken away forces from administrations and the authorities imperiously subjected them to a shame, having triumphed over them Itself". (Item 14. 15. The Doctrine Christ exterminated a hand-writing of Jews. Exposed this writing and nailed to a cross. And this most deprived of force the administration and the authorities. Subjected them to a shame, and I triumphed over them Myself).

1. Avraham Removed of Jews from Chaldea to the Middle East. At this time Jehovah embodied demons-

Rakchas’s among Jews. The words "you propagate and breed" belong to reproduction process that all garbage human (demons, Rakchas’s) appeared among Jews. From here to Jews that a nationality they will have instructions of Jehovah from mother.

Also "recruitment to Saturn" began; Sodom and Gomorrah, Veniamin’s tribe. A person does not remember the last embodiment and being embodied in good families, rakshas a get good education and an education, but Jehovah devil finds them, and again lets on the same circle of perversions and crimes. These segments of the population - the victims of a devil; usually these people are outcast society and they die before the put term when Jehovah considers necessary to attract them to himself for making of the evil. These people should be helped; to remove the thoughts introduced by a devil from memory (sub consciousness). Rakshas are dangerous to society in physical and in astral bodies; they are operated a devil, the zombie.

2. Therefore it was sent from the Shambhala Jesus, the ambassador Replaced His Rossul Moria - future Christ who was crucified by Jehovah. Christ's blood on hands of the Owner of land.

Jehovah usually finished with the opponents an axe. He could enter night in Judas and kill Christ. But, in the Doctrine of Living Ethics it is told that the Rossul Moria Know, to It Judgment that will Him crucify. Means, Jehovah - is a guinea pig; is the Force High bag of wind Jehovah, against this Force nobody is strong!

Christ Owned by such Force, that It Could in a fraction of a second state to burn to ashes. After a crucifixion Christ Decomposed the body on atoms (to It it anybody didn't make), that Jehovah didn’t dismember It axe also didn't carried on mountains of Israel.

But representatives Force Light don't apply the evil on any its manifestations. Jews and rakshas have the only chance to depart from Jehovah devil forever and to remain on Earth good luck.

3. For rescue of all stray the new Doctrine of Living Ethics transmitted by the Great Lord of the Shambhala through His Pupils is given. Worship - is the ballot. All books are on the Internet for "to Download".

the Message to Jews.
Chapter 2/14.

14. "And as children are involved fleshes and blood, and He also apprehended it that death to deprive valid the power of death that is a devil, 15 and to relieve what for fear of death through all life were subject to slavery". (14, 15. Christ went to a crucifixion that the death to deprive of force of a devil and to relieve people of fear of death). Jehovah destroyed all, who bore knowledge to people. Death isn’t present, but only change of covers.

An exit from an old, sore body and movement is in Thin World, World of Beauty where all efforts about a physical body disappear where only spiritual development fills the person.

Music, libraries, computers, the museums, theaters, - there you can look at any performance from the past with execution of roles by favorite actors. Suddenly you will hear music; there is a conductor and an orchestra, the hall for listeners. In the Thin World everything is for increase of consciousness. Visit of cells where study magic, the Hierarchy of the Light, the Planet and its geological structure. Life goes on in the Thin body full and sated with impressions of the Thin World.

Everything is created by power of thought: clothes, footwear, hair dress housing. Obstacles for movement aren't present. There is no time, speed and distance. In Thin bodies of people will be young and will change the appearance for appearance from last embodiments.

10. "And in the beginning You, My God, Founded the Earth and Heavens is work of yours;"

(10. Earth and Heavens is Created by the Great Maitreya; the Planet was covered with a green carpet: herbs, flowers, bushes, trees. During board of a planetary satan of the desert occupy about 30% of all area of the planet. Will leave dark to Saturn and there will come time of Great Maitreya. The cover of the Planet will be restored: trees possess magnetism, they are attracted by krone moisture, and the root system will raise the level of ground waters).

Chapter 8/ 13.

Speaking "new", showed decay of the first; and decaying and growing old closely to destruction. Chapter 9/ 11.

But Christ, High priest future benefits, having come with bigger and perfect tabernacles, not made by hand, that is not that organization,

12, and not with blood of goats and Taurus’s, but with the Blood, once entered a sanctuary also got eternal atonement.

13. Because, if blood of Taurus’s both goats and ashes of a Taurus’s, through an to sprinkle, consecrates profaned, that the body is clean,

14 that is more Blood Christ, Which Spirit brought to the sacred Me pure to God, will clear our conscience from dead affairs, for service to God live and true (Jehovah)!

15. And therefore It is intercessor of the New Testament that owing to death It, being for atonement from the crimes made in the first precept (Jehovah’s), called to eternal heritage received the promised.

16. Because where the will, there is necessary that the death of the testator followed,…;

(14, 15, 16. It turns out that Christ petitions, that Jehovah crucified him that it the blood expiated all crimes Jehovah's. The damnations sent Jehovah on Jews, destruction of the people, decomposition moral (Sodom and Gomorrah), temple destruction, imperial palace and Jerusalem wall Jehovah himself will expiate on Saturn, it is its Karma.

Chapter 7, 8, 9. - Jehovah's insert. It sets up itself (himself) instead of God - the Father. Cynical murderer Christ's

and clown!
Chapter 10/ 30.

We know the one who told: have is a vengeance, will render, the Lord speaks. There is more: The Lord will judge the people.

31, it is terrible to fall into hands of God live!"

(30, 31 - "God is live" - so calls him Jehovah-devil, pasted to itself titles. Don't repeat the word of a devil: "At me vengeance, I will render". God doesn't revenge, He created the Karma Law, - is exact space scales).

As in "the Pentateuch Moisey’s" isn't present words from Moisey, so and in "The message to Jews" all text from Jehovah-devil. How much the cynicism, a poisonous unction pours out Jehovah, feeling impunity. Saturn is the Karma of a devil on merits!;

I quote, which Jehovah told about me, from the book of the prophet Osii:
Chapter 5/ 12.
"Also I will be, as mol … and as a worm …» Planetary moth is and worm!

" Revelation "Ioann's Theologian".

(Revelation Jehovah’s - a devil).

John the Evangelist is the prior of the monastery in the Efes on behalf of which Jehovah-devil is sued Gospel Maria Magdalina's. In the fifth century Jehovah united two Precepts and added Revelation. Jehovah gave vision to the prophet Ezekiel; four beast, a roll for eating up: chapter 3.3, "… also I told me: "The son human, saturate your belly and fill your interior with this roll which I give you; and I ate, and in my lips was sweet, as honey". The same repeats in "Revelation" of the New Testament:

Сhapter 10/10. "Also I took the book from a hand Angela, and ate it; and it in my lips was sweet, as honey".

Chapter 11/15.

"And the seventh Angel proclaims and the loud voices speaking were distributed in the sky: the kingdom of the world became a kingdom of our Lord (the pervert Jehovah stuck to Christ) and Christ Ego, and will reign forever and ever (im hulem).

16. And twenty four aged men sitting before God on the thrones fell on the faces and bowed to God, 17, speaking: we thank You, My God My God the Almighty Who is and was, and you approach that you accepted force your great and set in".

Pay attention, Jehovah puts himself before Christ and the Almighty, but who calls? Jehovah is the Almighty of planetary spirits - demons’.
Chapter 12 / 7.

"Also there was in the sky a war: Michael and his Angels war at war against a dragon, both the dragon and his angels were at war against them,

8 but didn't resist, and there was no place already for them in the sky.

9. And to throwed up there was a great dragon, an ancient serpent called by a devil and a Satan, seducing all Universes, it is dumped on the earth and angels of his it are dumped with it". Concerning the Universe and great, - exaggerated. He is the representative of "Lucifer" on Earth! His following representation will be on Saturn. He is a figure of planetary scale. Jehovah excited essence, rushes from one extreme to another.

12. "So, have fun, heavens and living in them! A grief living on land and sea because to you the devil in
strong rage descended, knowing that a little to it remains to time".

Jehovah speaks about himself. The term of its stay on the Earth is finished in 1942: he had to leave with the army to Saturn. The transition period was tightened. Sectarians detain him; because of them - overweight of darkness. In 2046 the Apocalypse will clear Earth of a devil and his pochitataly if they don't think again. Perhaps and for ten years earlier Jews and rakshasa is will leave to Saturn.
Chapter 13/18.

"Here wisdom. Who has mind, that consider number of a beast, because this number human; number of its six hundred sixty six". (Numbers 13 and 18 belong to darkness. An beast is Jehovah, his number 666, a position the Owner Earth, devil and satan. Too can lose this position is in the following cycle for discrepancy of the held position. Day of a satan is on May 11).

Chapter 14/1. "I also looked, and here, the Innocent person costs on the Mount Zion, and with It hundred forty four thousand at which the name of his Father is written on persons".

Jehovah, that Christ and Jews with an inscription on a forehead of the word "Jehovah" was lost in day-dreams. Whether is though one sectarian who believes in this nonsense?
Chapter 15 / 3.

"… also sing Moisey's song, the slave Godness, and the Innocent person's song, speaking:
are great and wonderful your affairs, my "God Almighty" (pederast Jehovah)! Ways your (pedophile), the Tsar of sacred (zoophile) are just and true!"
Concerning "your ways and sanctity", "you, Zina, would keep silent better".

8. "Also the temple with a smoke from God's glory and at most it was filled, and nobody could enter the temple, seven ulcers of seven Angels didn't terminate how long".

Cain-Jehovah "temper angry and cruel" and its smoke "creeps on the ground", - doesn't rise to God.
Chapter 19,20.

Also the Beast and with him the lying prophet making miracles before it with which it seduced accepted a tracing of an beast and worshipping to his image was seized: both live are thrown into the lake fiery, burning with sulfur".

It is time for beast to leave to Saturn … In 2046 Jehovah with the army will burn down alive during the
Chapter 21/10.

"Also uplifted me in the spirit of on the great and high mountain, and showed round to me the great city, sacred Jerusalem which descended from the sky from God". The great and high mountain is Everest. The sacred city of Jerusalem is the Shambhala.

At top the Everest Stays Mother World in a mental body, Protects the Shambhala from the Beast - Jehovah and his army - demons, sorcerers and black magicians.

Apocalypse is a consequence of board of the pederast Jehovah. Jehovah, leave to Saturn, your time expired in 1942. Your nonsense (Old Testament) will be burned and ashes will be dispelled... The new Doctrine of Living Ethics to you steps on heels. You are thrown out from the Planet, and you rest. You bothered all. Let memory of you will vanish, as a smoke on a wind …

The used literature:

1. Information from the High Source.
2. Bible.
3. Works of Pupils of Great of Maitreya: E.P. Blavatsky, I. Rerich, B.N. Abramov.


Division 1. All planetary electoral company is.

1. Maitreya is God. Great Lord Shambhala.
2. Jehovah is devil.

Creativity" of the pervert а Jehovah's is on Planet Earth, 1-11.
Brama-Jehovah is blood-greedy killer, 12.

Caligula and Neron is embodiment Jehovah (active PEDERAST), 13. Billionaire Georges Morgan is incarnate pederast Jehovah, representative ;Lucifer" on the Earth, the Owner of Planet, (properties devil and satan), 14. Gulags, repressions, concentration camps, Famine-Genocide, 15.
Result is history Jews and Rakshas (demons), 16.

Division 2. Old Testament (analysis).

Pentateuch planetary demon of Jehovah is.
First book is. Life.

Second book. Outcome.
Third Book. Levits.
Fourth book. Numbers.

Fifth Book. Deuteronomy.

Book Jesus Navin.
Book of judges.
Book Ruff.
First book of kingdoms.

Second book of kingdoms.
Third book of kingdoms.
Fourth book of kingdoms.
First book chronicle.

Second book chronicle.
Book Ezdra’s
Book Neemia’s.
Second book Ezdra's.


Book Iov’s.
Psalms book.
Book Solomon’s parable.

Book Ecclesiastes or the Preacher.

Book is the Song Songs of Solomon.
Book "Knowledge of Solomon".

Book the prophet Isaiah.
Book of the prophet Jeremiah.

Book Jeremiah's crying.
Book of the Prophet Ezekiel.
Book of the prophet Daniel.

Book of the prophet Osii.

Book of the prophet Ioil.
Book of the prophet Amos.
Book of the prophet Avdiah".

Book of the prophet Ionah.

Book of the prophet Mihey.
Book of the prophet Naum.
Book of the prophet Avvakum.

Book of the prophet Sofonii.
Book of the prophet Aggeya.
Book of the prophet Zachariah.

Book of the prophet Malahiya.

Division 3. New Testament.

From Joann, Sacred annunciation is.
Of Act of Saint Apostles is.

Message is of the apostle Jacob’s.
First Message Peter’s is.
Second is message Peter’s.

First is message is John.

Message is Judas.

Message is to Romans.
Prayers are.
First message to Corinthians Second message Corinthians is

Message to Galatam.

Message is to Efesyanam.
Message is to Filippiytsam.
Message is to Kolossyanam.

Message is to Jews.

John is the "Evangelist's" (?!) revelation, (revelation of Jehovah- devil).