Chapters 31-35 of the Book Exposure...

The text of articles 31 - 47 from the books of Pupils of Great Maitreya this growth of consciousness of the reader.

31. Monad.

Every atom is visible the complex unit (molecule), and being to attract within the scope of an earthly activities, Monad’s substance, passing through the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms, becomes a man. «Monad - Soul Atoms and the earthly man is a temporary reflection of the Heavenly.
"In the Universe there is only one church, and that is the human body. "There is nothing above this sacred form. We touch the sky, when we hold hands on the human body; it is an expression of the real truth of things. We wonder of wonders, - the great UN to profess mystery ...” (E.P. Blavatsky, “S.D.”).

"How hard the Earth was liquid fire first from the fiery ball of dust and its own protoplasm’s Specter, a similar process took place and the people". (E.P. Blavatsky, “S.D.”).

Monad is "a combination of two principles" in man; seventh principle (information) and sixth principle (energy).

Information, to wrap up energy, can manifest itself in various kinds of matter (prakriti). At first she takes in that the form matter, which finest of the mineral Kingdom. The propensity to separate into individual Monads takes place gradually; mineral, vegetable, animal.

Evolution of the Monad is the growth and development of the higher phase of activity: mental and physical. The Sun gods are ""details of reason and conscience", " and physical development is represented by "shadows" Lunar Pitris, around the "shadows" Nature gave this physical body. This body serves as a conduit for "growth" and transfiguration through the mind and learning – the end in an infinite, eternal and Absolute in the transient.

In other words, the" Monad "is the path of the mineral, vegetable, animal and human evolution, accumulating experience becomes "god man (Archat), and in the final stage of God out of the world. Monad and Soul returns with knowledge of the 777 incarnations, those human lives. « Physical person develops from an infinitely small ovum'a and spermatozoon'a and expands from the microscopically small, invisible to naked eye extremely more-visible and objective.

But what forces are involved in the formation of the fetus and cause the hereditary transmission of the "similarity-physical, emotional, and mental? These forces were never allowed scientists and will never be resolved until scientists will condescend to the occult theory. Life comes before form; there is no Physical plasma and "Plasma-the fluid Spirit " (info), containing five lower principles. If the seed of a man thrown into the soil animal semen, it cannot grow if it hasn't six fold en five impregnation properties (fluid or an emanation from the five principles) six fold Heaven; because Microcosm is portrayed as a Pentagon in Hexagonal Star of the Macrocosm. (Occult Embryology, book 1).

Vibes, emanation, is information for the future. After his life and out of the physical body, the man goes into the subtle Worlds and cleaned; After coming out of the subtle bodies beyond the spheres of the Earth on the "trail", and a magnet is attracted to the Sun, which is called beside Sun the moon. (The Moon is the title of this sphere is unrelated.) The Lunar sphere of true man dwells among the Celestial entity as long as enough energy to good causes; After the bad cases, its energy drawn on the ground for the next incarnation.

Before return from the lunar sphere to Earth, on merits of antecedents, the Monad is sated with fluids, i.e. emanations, i.e. information on similarity physical, moral and intellectual with the future parents. Similarity consists in equally lived last embodiments. The similarity is equally lived past incarnations.

As "a consequence all thoughts, words and deeds" we get parents, physical body, mental abilities on merit past life; Hence the folk wisdom, that parents do not choose their gods give. Information about past lives keeps Monad.

Monad functions on Earth five’s properties. In "the mineral Atom "it is associated with inferior Spirits principles; in "plant "particle it is theirprinciple, Prana (life); in the" Animal Kingdom "– all of these plus with the third and fourth. The human embryo must be the fruit of all five; otherwise he will be born not above animal (a congenital idiot). Thus the Monad completed only in humans.

The seventh principle is one of Ray's worlds (Central) Sun; this is a temporary loan, only to return to its source.

"The divine Monad is in each mineral, plant, in every manifestation, for without this fiery grain, no life. And as the ascent from simple to more complex organisms, Monad, or grain spirit, remains in a spontaneous integrity. But an emanation or radiation of the grains vary depending on the growth of consciousness animated the body. Therefore, the more complex and refined body, the radiation of the Monads are getting richer and thicker.

""Monad, being a part of the divine Monad or the absolute, encircling energies for its manifestation in one area of the planet is always a piece of Absolute or divine sublimated own-cloth".

There are "retarded "monads, belated; this is a result of ignorance. Humanity is moving through the knowledge of good and evil, and the only free will can return it to the choice of one or the other way (good or evil).

"Ishvara (Logos) is a primary source, and the entire world's monad (plus their divine reflection) that occurred from the logo and return to it at the end of his time. Ishvara is God. Ishvara is the center of our universe, the divine Christ, the Word, made flesh, M.:”
Come nearer to the Doctrine of Live Ethics!

32. Soul.

Spirit and soul are inseparable in fact; it is difficult to separate from each other. They are essentially single primary All-initial different qualities of energy, manifested at various plans and through different nerve centers. A human being is divided into three main starts: spiritual, mental and physical, spirit, soul and body.

The Highest principle, seventh (Atma-thought, Word) is the Fiery energy of the spirit, common throughout space, requiring her to focus the sixth principle-Buddha-a different kind of energy, wisdom, often called a spiritual soul, unlike the human animal (souls), thus forming a monad, which is the primary unconscious incarnation’s Ego. The fifth principle (Manas — mind) along with the previous two make up the Supreme triad, or conscious immortal human Ègo.

Buddhism becomes conscious through the build-up; it receives from Manas to death after each new incarnation. Atma does not progress, do not forget, remember; it does not belong to this plan, it's only ray of light Eternal, which shines through the darkness of her cloth and when she wants it.
Soul (Atma, Buddhi, Manas) collectively, as a triad lives in three plans, besides its fourth, earthly sphere; She always stays at the top level of the three.

In the teachings of A Triad is referred to as grain spirit, having no independent immediate manifestations on Earth. For the manifestation of the Supreme Triad needs a fourth principle, called the lower Manas, through which manifests the desire in two respects as Kama-Manas (inferior mind, intellect, mind desires) and Kama-Rupa (form of mental and physical desires and thoughts) have a thinker in action. The inferior Manas and Buddhi constitute the tertiary subtle astral body, which is the human soul. Kama-Manas are the bridge between the higher Manas, Kama-Rupa. If this bridge between Manas and his lowest point came when a man begins to gather information from the higher Manas, Buddhi, then it can be called a spiritually developed person who starts to approach immortality.

True immortality is saving consciousness on all planes of existence; To do this, while on Earth, in the physical world, connect 4, 5, 7 principles and merge them in sixth-Buddhi (wisdom).

Way of communication between the higher and lower Manas called the Antakarana Bridge, trail, which passes the Higher Ego lower their impressions and thoughts.

True personality will be a spiritual soul, and the soul in successive inferior earthly manifestations. Therefore, the soul is subject to change.

Personal, lower ego comprises principles (7, 6, 5, 4), and the Higher Ego, true individuality, spiritual soul constitutes the Triad of 7, 6, 5.

Soul Space same as Soul World is identical with Akacha (principle 7), its mystical meaning and with the Mulaprakriti, since it is the root of all things. Each individual soul meets World soul. Strengthening and thinning of sympathy between reasonable people is temporary, in disagreement with particles and cosmic soul – higher knowledge to bring harmony, unity. Constantly strengthening and thinning of sympathy, uniting the consciousness of reasonable, knowledgeable people closer to mutual understanding, can be opened by the cosmic laws of the physical world, connecting with a good (otherworldly).

A free Soul -" not worship God as a person, two kinds of people: the ma - beast that does not have any religion, and a free soul, rising above human foibles and passed over the close confines of its nature. Only she can worship God as he is ". ("A.Y.").

The damaged Soul. "The damage can be inflicted only it; once a person will claim that he did not have any further way, to put in irons his All-initial energy. Under such shackles, there can be no progress. Blocking the path, man assumes a terrible responsibility. You cannot make excuses by despair; this bleak specter is emerging from its own weak will. Inhabiting a ghost of sorts really hurts his health. A ghost does not have to do with reality. If people find the actual causes of despair, you can marvel at their nullity ". ("A.Y.”).

Divine Soul is Urusvati, Helena Rerich, Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of mind, beauty, success, creativity, love, happiness, and wine). "I am Maitreya, claiming space voltage fire mother of “Agni Yoga". In the Himalayan “White Brotherhood” of the planet Venus called Urusvati. Uri and Swati can be understood as the Atman and Buddhi, as the spirit and the divine Soul or Buddhi and Manas. Tara, Urusvati is, - so called Teachers, cosmic Hierarchs, E.I. Rerich. Urusvati is light the morning star. Tara is the goddess or female equivalent of an Archat (conservation consciousnesses on all four plans of life).

of the Shower which is awake over fears worldly - one of honorable names of the Lord of M.: named compassion. It has many names: Lord of Hierarchy Solar, Lord Maitreya; Lord of the Worlds of the Highest; Lord of the Shambhala the present; Driver of spirits World Highest; Driver of spirits World Fiery; Driver hidden; Dream of dreams of the elite; Engine of Fire of Mother of the World; Shape the Highest, Fiery, Great; Father; The Flute calling herd morning; Tsar of the Kingdom of a righteousness; Healer of the world Great; Great Lord Maitreya, M.: and many other names.
33. Aura.

"The Brotherhood of Light, this Fiery Appearance is often referred to as the Teacher of Teachers. Truly it is. And all will become clear now why we call this great Hierarch Bishop ". (E.I.R., "A.Y.") Understand the Teachings of Agni Yoga ".
Aura - a thin invisible entity or fluid, emanation from of human and animal bodies, of the things and other material objects, buildings, terrain, city, people, land, great Teachers; this is mental evaporation of mind and body. The book, the letter also carries an aura.
Thought and encourage weave our aura is magnetic field attracts, or repellent all the possibilities; It radiated all over my body, layer up to five centimeters. An egg-shaped aura is a body. Our karma is going on, and is mostly aggravated thoughts; it is thought and encourage weave our aura. All the achievements of human imprinted on electromagnetic space.
"Karmic consequences of past life follow the person in the next life will bring together" harvest» - vibration energy connoisseurs of astral. Aura is new born white or colorless, because consciousness is not turned on her. But at the first break of consciousness aura is painted in a color "old baggage" from a past life. Is every thought or feeling manifest in colors, or color combinations of the thought, or feeling; color is evident in the aura of the person, from which these thoughts come out. Color auras are different and have their own characteristic values.

Black aura represents hate, malice, revenge. Light – grey is selfishness. Grey hue is fear of corpse horror. Dark-grey is depression and melancholy. Dirty-Green is jealousy. Bright green the ability adapt, tolerance for others. The color red is sensual and animal passion. Red in the form of bright flashes, like flashing lightning, means anger.
Crimson strong>color expresses love. Rough sensual love dirty Burgundy color. Love, coupled with a higher sense is of light and attractive shades. A very high form of love is a wonderful pink color.
Yellow color with shades, expresses the intellectual force. Brown reddish tint is greed, stinginess. Dark-blue is religious beliefs, emotions, feelings. Blue color, especially bright and light shade is spirituality.
The level of human development is visible in his aura even when he is dead. When the human mind absorbed strong passion, the whole aura is painted in a color that expresses the movement of the soul. A strong fit of rage throws throughout the aura of red flames on black background, darkening the other colors. If man could look at aura human came to being angry. Every word human has its own aura and pierces the space over long distances. Now imagine an aura crowd covered one mood; long distance energy crowds who are deadly affect sensitive body and can cause a variety of diseases. The best go first in the thin world, disease cause sensitive spirits.
Aura of the planet collects all the energy which is vital for mankind. Only this year (2011) how much was the most powerful outbursts of anger of crowds in different countries (Europe, Africa, Middle East).
Russia country, light and shadow, because the United States was in New York, the Chief destroyer of lives, Auras and organizer of coups d ‘ teat instigator of wars, the ruler of this world, Satan, Jehovah-planetary Devil who acts through people.

From previous articles clear, who commits atrocities on our planet and who is funding them. First, Jehovah, through one of its influence on humanity, NATO drew its energy from Europe to host anti-missile installations (MDP) on its territory and immediately followed by the reaction of Russia; the purpose of Jehovah to drag her into an arms race; traffic guard of evil does not want prosperity of Russia's economy.
The next provocation - Dumas elections; the opposition bought Jehovah, for money billionaires, requires the election results. Devil to pull for bags of consciousness of humanity and commits the ignorant their misdeeds. And what is the next step of Satan? How thoughts, reader? Or you don't want to bother their brains? And for good reason! Everything that happens in the world, concerns everyone living on it.
Dear citizens of Russia and the whole world, do not give in to provocations of Jehovah is the devil, he survives the deadline and must withdraw from our planet to Saturn, and before leaving-cover the planet toxic gas from irritation and detonate it.
" Fight of despair changed Light Carrier (satan), once fallen angel being called as the Lucifer, his ruby aura was filled with a scarlet glow". (A.Y.).
Scarlet color and black is definitely belonging to the devil.

Aura of our planet is very dim. Earlier it was yellow, and now closer to black-gray (gravel). «…Our land that had once beautiful golden aura, has turned into a ball of color the gray clouds surrounded by ophidian-Brown gas. Piling up around the planet is the most condensed lot ... (“A.Y.”).

This atmosphere contains compounds that attract the appropriate energy to Earth. If you examine them, in terms of subtle energies, one might notice that every human is coming out of the psychic emanations. Purification of space is the most important job on the road to peace". ("A.Y.").
Thoughts that saturate the atmosphere, can whip up mental energy (All-initial), or destroy it. Spatial fire contains these crystals. Aura of places where there are irritations or creative activity is saturated with respective crystals. Quality energy fills the space.

You can imagine how stronger aura's House, where is the thrift of energy; protects from dirt spiritual discussion and irritation. Where there are often talks about God, there is a special aura.
I happened to see two drives over the head; Once at my neighbors (man and woman), and the second time at the Red Sea Beach, two women (mother and daughter); the neighbors were white disks, and for women from Russia, blue. In the morning, in the summer, often watching the neighbors running to work; the majority of white along the body, some of the surrounding box shoulder joints big white cylinders, others over the head with a white cover (cloud), it happens from the backs of two large bulges. From clothing black aura is painted black, and from the Red to the red.
Gimalai White Brotherhood works to save mankind and the planet; Clears the gases and dark energies generated by the immoral thoughts, words of profanity and bad actions. Everything in the cosmos is the vibration energy.

Aura of The Bishop; is our aura, Aura Chief.

Aura is a result of creative thought, which imbues the aura and karma, but does not interfere with human performances. Space, to slake though genius, is concentrating power of fire. «…Knowing the occult laws when the touch to the teachings and the aura of Lord all ... the true essence of man is out. We are not so to be surprised, but sorrow is great ... But this experience. Because with us Great Guarantee all Stronghold of Light and Invincible Board of the Lord of M: . («А.Y. »)

Here is description of the Aura of Lord, painter (Archat), N. Rerich donated his painting "Fiat Rex" (Lord of three worlds).
Blue Aura elliptical shape, surrounded by a protective network with Ruby sparks in circumference; around heads the emerald luminescence, the surrounded luminescence of ruby color; three Rays emanating from the three energy centers: two lung and brain, clairvoyance, clairluhear, levitation.

Jehovah commits a crime by replacing the aura of a bright person with the aura of a pervert, a crook, and a murderer.
Possession - a spiritual disease is the defeat of the will and consciousness of a person in order to use it for their own purposes. For this type of possession, animals are used, in these case cats. Jehovah throws cats to the victim intentionally; they are usually kind people who love animals. Put the cat on the sore knee, it will take the black energy of the person, and the knee will stop hurting. This property of cats is used by Jehovah for obsession. Remember: where the cats are, the influence of the devil is there. Variants of obsession: sexual perversions involving animals or the replacement of the aura.
Jehovah at night, while the victim is sleeping, magnetizes his Higher Thin bodies (astral and mental) into his demonic domain (lower astral plane, 1 km above the ground), where demons from his troops (perverts, fraudsters and the killers). Jehovah is the angel of death; he replaces the light aura of the victim with the aura of the criminal.
The victim returns to Earth in his body with the aura of a pervert or murderer. Due to the combination of different vibrations of the victim's body and the killer's aura, the victim is sick; even relatives do not know. According to one of the victims (his mother was a bright and deeply religious man), she nursed him, gave away some of her bright energy and in a week he recovered. There is no mother, she was replaced by cats.

Jehovah gives hope to demons that by replacing the aura you can be cleansed. The film will capture the replacement of the aura, and all actions will be aggravated for the criminal. In the spiritual heart of man there is the Divine Spark - this is the temple of man, and wherever we are, he is always with us; a recorder that sees, hears and remembers everything. The spark from the Supreme Deity of the Absolute is so small that no microscope on Earth can see it. If you cut off the end of a hair and divide it into 10 thousand parts, after one of the parts it is divided again into 10 thousand parts, then the Spark of God can be compared in size to one particle of the second division.
The killer who received the light aura from the victim, Jehovah injects into the Higher plans (where people are cleared after death) and find those who, due to spiritual ignorance (sectarians) at one time, took Satan Jehovah for God (with his deceitful filing, but in time departed him to God). The goal of Jehovah's Devil is to return them to his demonic patrimony; those who climbed into his cesspool, the devil do not want to let go.
The sacrifice repeatedly calls Satan "the cosmic god" - this was inspired by Jehovah; The devil was thrown out of heaven long ago, 432 thousand years for incest with animals (the birth of monkeys by dinosaurs from Jehovah and the moon demons).

The patrimony of the devil is presented to the victim as another planet; there are also houses where demons rest after their atrocities. At home - an illusion! Moreover, Jehovah suggested to the victim that the stone like Women are our “forefathers.” God forbid, from such "forefathers." Stone like women - prototypes of moon devils to worship the heathen darkness. There were light pagans, they worshiped the Sun (the God of the Sun Ra - Archangel Michael). The word Ra –is derived from the name of His planet Uren, which in the past cycle was our Sun, but because of the rapid cooling it went beyond the limits of our Solar system, and is filled with energy from the Central invisible Sun, over which the Supreme Deity Absolute is standing!
Only one way out: to ask God - Archangel Michael to protect the victims from the influence of the devil. The first Archangel is a position that the Lord of Shambhala fulfills during the evolution of man.
Great Maitreya - the Divine Christ, Ishwara - the Creator and the Creator, (the Creator of our Planet, the plant and animal world, the Northern White Race, the Egyptians and the tribe of Jews). Look at the sky: how many stars and all these are planets, and on each people live, and everyone worships the One Who Created the planet.
Only the worship of God - the Great Maitreya (daily prayer in rhythm at the same time, morning and evening) can protect a person from the obsession of satan Jehovah. After the Apocalypse in 2046, there will be One Shepherd and the One Herd: the Great Maitreya and humanity.

The servants of the Light are marked by the property of consciously investing their personal savings and real estate in the dissemination of Knowledge to increase the level of human consciousness. An example is Princess EP Blavatsky: the inheritances she received from her grandfather, General Fadeev, from her aunt, of noble origin, from her father, Baron, colonel of the tsarist army, invested in the development of the theosophical society and the publication of their books. And not only that: she never learned that her Great Teacher Sent 25 thousand dollars to her in the USA; at that time she was without means and sewed ties, made paper flowers for sale. She wrote theosophical articles in 35 magazines and newspapers, she had 10 assistants-stenographers who wrote down the dictated texts of E.P. Blavatsky, deciphered and sent by telegram to the publisher. If she did not have time to send new articles; she received telegrams from publishers that newspapers and magazines are not in demand without her texts.
For her and the Theosophist group, the Englishman passed her his house with servants and cooks to her for free. In this house, she worked five years before her death, and wrote 5 volumes of books, and died at 60 years old in a work chair, with her head bent on her chest.

34. Clairvoyance and clairluhear.
Clairvoyance and clairluhear centers; psihocentry; centers of the human body; chakra; lights, - all chakras or Fiery is 49. In Agni Yoga mentioned 21 because opening and transmute 21 center leads to a fire and the rest. Many centers have dual forking. For the highest spiritual development requires not only open but also transmute centers, because opening one or two points leads only to the lowest psychosis and many dangers.
On transmute: Transfiguration of the best kind. Transmute our energies. Transmutation of the highest lights is the goal of our existence. If at the beginning the process of transmutation physical body straining centers of the subtle body, the saturation point, after the fire, the subtle body governs physical. Transmute is a higher subordination. The fire and poured mental energy from the body to the body; the power of the subtle body is the panacea on the physical plane. (Panacea; medicine, healing from all evil, by the name of the goddess most healing; Panakii – tool saves you from all evils, to help you in solving all the problems).

Without the participation of the Teacher is not the correct opening centers; means the Supreme Teacher, theTeacher can only know the true state of our body in all its membranes and can regulate blood pressure, affecting at the opening of the centers, particularly during the Fiery transmutation. First of all, is the long training body, physical and spiritual health?

It is necessary clarification thinking and heart, consciousness expansions, thinning of all feelings and heart education. The heart may give the spiritual development that can begin not only opening of the centers, but we can draw the attention of the high Teacher who will take us under his supervision and will be until the next stage-the fiery transmutation of our spirituality centers if they allow this dangerous experience. Transmute is a connection of all centers fire centers, both physical and spiritual; is just spiritualizing of substance.

Without the presence of distilled spirit, you cannot carry out exercises on irritation of the nerve nodes; we can become prey recorded.
Here are seven main chakras:
1. Mooladhara is the Kundalini there is at the base of the spine (tailbone).
2. Svadišthana – between the base of the spine and the navel.
3. Solar plexus Manipura.
4. Anahata is the center of the Bowl (the heart).
5. Vishudha – Centre of the larynx.
6. Agni-third eye.
7. Brahmaranda – Bell Centre in the Crown of the head (brain centers much more).
There are centers of shoulder’s, school, lung, kidney, neck, wrists, knees, and others. By Helena Rerich were opened and transfiguration all centers; more often than not she saw Bell is a real clairvoyance. You can see the solar plexus and. Each centers sees.
«Lotus silver is in the heart, so you can see inside me. Have in a look, all fires and rings the centers we see in itself, on a place of this or that the flared-up center. Sometimes visible fire rings, hoops or tires, or the Sun, sometimes the flame, but this in itself. Lotus Flower and larger silver flames formed like petals, (directory "A.Y." 16.092).

Centers are not placed in the glands; they are about and coordinate the work of the glands. Lights work force due to the Hierarchy!

When living conditions were tough had to carry the spirit, of the higher realms. The favorite was the eye of Brahma; he then turned into a triumph of Kundalini.

Now time draws action (connection) on synthesis. Feeling-knowledge gives this synthesis of terrestrial existence. The treasure of sensei’s in the Bowl (the heart), so the two primary sources should be added to the flourishing of the third center. The new path will be used by mankind. Three Masters, three centers will be cooperation on the ground. Who can understand the addition to the Kundalini; the Bowl will understand how a father instructs his son Earth realm. Kundalini is the father a pioneer in ascensions. Bowl – son, Father waking up. Who knows the father, the son knows the races change, - with a bowl of the feat.
The word Abram ram - Centers bowls, where sense knowledge, judgment future evolution. Fiery wings, Center shoulder, five peaks, centers of bells, wrist and chink. Centers are collectors of cosmic energies. Solar plexus has sent energy and imbues the centers. I "saw" stone Altair; the energy accumulated in the bowl in the form of a liquid crystal is a transparent Altair. pyramid consisting of four triangles, square at the base and filled with cosmic energy (most initial, psychic) liquid crystals in the form of transparent balls.

Centers open only after thirty years. Consequently, young has time to prepare; read the book referred to in article no. 1 and to comply with all the rules referred to in teaching. Centers are opened when expanding consciousness. Opening of the centers are not final achievement, then comes the fiery transmutation (energy).

«..Sending thoughts associated with sending vibrations. Both the sending and receiving must be attuned. Higher and finer vibration is the more difficult to understand. Therefore need cleanliness and clearness of thought and heart aspiration to teaching. Can a shaggy, an unruly character thinking or poisoned with anger and irritation to the subtlest vibration heart sent a great Lord. “Lord M.: talking about E.I. Rerich: "what a bright, what a clean ...". Only those entities (bright and clear) can open and transmutation's all the centers. She is the goddess Lakshmi! Tara white, the female equivalent of Archat, envoy of the Mother of the World! (See video on my site).
"You need to know, as centers of influence surrounding organs. Why is cold or phthisis, lean, lying near the centers of light, show features of an organism? Why swollen shoulders and elbows mistaken for arthritis, when shoulders centers show voltage. (4.380).

Present value and profiles of some of the centers.

1. Muladhara - Kundalini. The celestial dragon, serpent, serpent solar plexus, heart lab, psychic energy, which operates at the base of the spine, but high spirits, she works through the heart. Previously focused on the Centre, but in an era when "worlds, especially amplified Heart Center.
2. Svadišthana – the Centre is placed in the pelvic area and is linked to sexual function. When the spiritual ascent of the town center and is controlled by the Centre of the solar motion.
3.Manipura -the Centre of the solar plexus Energy Centre, solar, Solaris, nerve plexus "cosmic consciousness" vagus nerve "fabric of Mother of the World"- chakra, Kundalini (Muladhara). The solar plexus is a nerve nodes located in the abdominal cavity and the upper around the celiac artery tuck intestine ...» (S.È.S.) explains the encyclopedia, but I will say simply, the solar plexus is a bunch of nerves (in the future will be a brain), located around the torso below the ribs and are attached to the vertebrae. When opening the Centre, then you feel dull pain, nausea, and wrapped around the gag reflex.
"The Centre of the solar plexus is to focus radiation lamp; fire forces in the grain spirit. The Centre gives balance to all the bodies and radiation it saturates the etheric body, which nourishes the astral body. Interweaving all centers and all the bodies are compared to the spiral rings that are combined in the center of the solar plexus. Solar plexus, like the Sun, has its own special radiation emanating from grain spirit through the entire protecting network. These powerful currents bring to heart all the reflections. (11.219).
Because the radiation from the solar plexus pass through all the centers, revolving, these rays Pierce all centers, providing food centers and combining all of one fiery energy. It is from this Center is coordinating energy flagging points. Radiations of a solar plexus concern an external circle of a protecting network. Being a powerful regulator of energy emanating from all the centers, absorbing the cosmic fire energy, solar plexus distributes them to force inherent in the centers. In the premises of energy in a certain place, all radiation is collected into a conical spiral and all shells are spirally.
It is the solar plexus is a keeper (pantry) of pure psychic energy and the energy distribution centers all the bodies. Mental body we have, but it is only after the opening of the center of the solar plexus mental body is beginning to emerge from the energy accumulated in the solar plexus. Every planet, every fiery Centre has its own fire Plexus and the divine fire of life. Accumulation of the Bowl – is heavenly axis. The son is the father of waking up; the spirit store; the third center; bowl feat and savings; bowl of fire. The bowl is placed near the center of the heart, the nerve nodes and forms a triangle between the center of the heart and solar plexus at the level of the heart. It's the focus that refracts and spread radiation grain spirit (A Triad). It keeps accumulating all the beloved and precious – "heart" and corresponds to the heart in the subtle body. Therefore heart is called as a bowl. Accumulation of the infinite number of lives is going.
Taking the lead Early, we quickly fill the Treasury and so reduce the cycle of their lives and the cardiac awareness of this leading Power (Cosmic Magnet), the person will rapidly to the next and highest level of evolution and all its aspirations in the subtlest energy transmutation’s or sediments in the bowl. A man, who admitted not start leading higher consciousness, immerses himself in the darkness to regress, to the weakening of the bowl. "Substance of humanity are stuff" bowl "because, first of all, the land of enkindling in humanity and come to know her as the armor from the forces of the dark." ("A.Y.’’, 9.975)
5. Fusion center – center of the larynx is located near the thyroid gland and coordinates its work. The larynx is a tool for synthesis, but transmutation and its application in heart. The opening of this center allows, when the effort to recover languages spoken in past incarnations.
6. The Agni is the center of the third eye. The third eye is located in the center of the nervous system. Main features perform two brain cancer-wetness and the pineal; molecular motion of wetness glands gives rise to mental vision, but for spiritual, higher, you must call the same molecular motion in the pineal gland. Radiation emanations of these glands give higher manifestations. Eye centers with growing energy space.
The banner of peace – three circles in a circle; the two lower ranges can be seen as a symbolic expression of physical sight, and symmetrically located on upper circle – a spiritual vision, i.e. the third eye, which acts in harmony with the heart.
7. Brahmarandra – center the bell in an incipit. The five peaks of the treasure will be foci bells, wrist and change. When you feel a sudden weakness in the knees or tension brushes, this will increase the center bell. When you expand the think-tank is always expanding blood vessels, which causes swelling of the bone.
"Everything I saw and heard through the Center bell deserves a special thin attention; this name is given to a tiny gland in the form of warts, placed in the immediate vicinity, but slightly below the center of the Brahmaranda. This "wart" serves as a megaphone, and every whisper, produced by Cosmic Ray Center Brahmaranda, drawn in a thundering Voice ... This "wart" is a lunar feature, but it will soon be removed from the structure of the new world, it is no longer necessary. Asking Jehovah shook the Earth and water, but now the Cosmic Ray no longer need such vociferous manifestations. The greatest is created in of Silence Stillness!
8. Hearing centers. clearly hear is a fire wire. Hearing centers associated with fire. Captured sounds inaudible to others point to the refinement of the hearing. Every manifestation of the center is important, which gives clearly hear shift humanity. Centers, rotating the neck, give increased clearly hear; they are where two main tributaries are crossed aspiration life channels – the energy channels Ida and Pinkala, passing along the sushumna. Centers are approved as carriers of the energies needed to communicate with distant worlds. These venues strain the Center ear, because they are so important.
9. The center shoulder (shoulder) while amplifying the energy of space: it also gives clairvoyance.
10. Lung centerwhen the fire gives opportunities for higher forms of Yogis; with air and water-flying and walking on water (body weight has been a relative). The center light is the basis of all "miracles". This center is associated with the bowl and with the center of the neck, so that the voltage at the intersection of nerves. When the center light ignited, then all of the ramifications involved. The vision of the flame of candles, United in one circle, the symbol of all centers.
"Subtle energies are perceived in the centers. For the Earth these receivers are the people. Without them the Earth has no outer nutrition finest energies. Because the worlds are inhabited; the role and significance of the humanity in the life of the Earth greater is. People for the planet are a mediator between Earth and heaven", (B.N. Abramov, "A.Y. facets”, 1954)

35. Heart.

Spiritual heart eternally pulses in the center of grain of spirit. spirit Grain too, as Monad, Triad the Highest. Grain of spirit is a particle of spontaneous fire, and the energy saved up round it is consciousness (conscience). the Solar plexus is a hall for heart. Kundalini is laboratory for heart. Kundalini, force or the energy hidden in the basis of a spine column also is in a passive condition. Activation kundalini happens at the yogi. Heart is collector and keeper of difficult energy. At the yogi heart connects to consciousness and kundalini.

In "Agni Yoga" it is spoken about value of three main centers of consciousness: kundalini, center of the third eye and heart. If kundalini as the center which is taking away in a condition of the highest spiritual inspiration (samadhi), concedes the value in further evolution to other center called by "Bowl" and is the feeling-knowledge center. The center of the third eye works in combination with "Bowl" and kundalini. The spiritual beginning is in heart.

Heart should be understood not as a symbol, and as great laboratory where there is a transmutation (transformation, change to the best) our consciousness. Heart is the highest expression of the sixth principle of Buddhi – Wisdom), stay of the Creator and the Founder. (All spiritual centers depend on the heart center. It is the collector and a transmutation of all energy and, on that role which it plays in our organism, it is possible to call heart the Sun. It possesses not one and many thin-matter centers.

Only heart we can come nearer to Arhat’s consciousness – got man. N.K. Rerich Arhat and E.I.Rerich Tara is Arhat's female equivalent.

"The main reason of abundance of cardio logical diseases is low spiritual level of modern mankind. Heart won't be examined yet, of enrages hearts won't be taken away an illness and an infirmity, differently, at strong bodies, will terrify the world. Heart troubles surpass a cancer and consumption. The darkness became tougher and many bodies stink". ("A.Y. ", Heart, Ch. 13)

A sound body and akultural heart is a darkness feast. The letter "A" on a Sanskrit designates denial. The word an akultural (absence of culture) now, is applicable to our television.
The infinite the public prosecutor's checks, courts, dismantling of fights of criminals, parties" and now this "wedding of an eyelid" with the subsequent idle talk all its participants. «Bride" got to a whirlwind, of which it is difficult to get out. Bride" use, that there was a subject for conversations, to distract people from pressing problems. Once, our favorite singer bore culture as a banner, and we sent it the fluids. "The wedding of an eyelid" is an orgy of the Prince of darkness, Jehovah. If "bride" reads my articles and will watch video on my site, and not once, will understand, "what embodiment it is! ". It clever, will be exempted from an obsession veil. Very sadly, while. There are two poles which replace each other, counterbalancing.

Really it doesn't feel that it the Owner of land who projected the American vanity on our space operates. "Live legend" Jehovah – the devil pursued ours and in the previous embodiments. In one of them it was our Sovereign; that she loved Russia and much for it I made, the devil sent on it "misfortune", and then discredited through the obsessed. Now it repeats, she said that word what exactly attracted it … Desire - from a devil – Jehovah. When I started writing this paragraph, Jehovah said in low tones: Don't write"

The television turned into "sit-round gathering". And appointment of television bears culture, art. From screens there is an aggression, destructive energy. All movies, transfers, - destruction spiritually is a psychological condition of the center of heart. Yes, Heart institutes, sanatoria are necessary, but at first it is necessary to open the reason, which weakens an organism.

Spiritually – moral abilities belong to is thin – to the material center, instead of to physical body; it is thin – the material centers are in thin bodies and are projected on appropriate authorities of a physical body. As you can see, there is a close connection between physical heart and spiritual dependence between a physical condition of the person and his level spiritually – moral development.

One of the most important spiritual abilities of the person is the feeling-knowledge, the spiritual knowledge, the highest type of creative intuition. This ability is connected with activity of one of the thin-matter centers of heart of "Bowl". The main ability of a feeling-knowledge is experience of the former embodiments which power information contents remains throughout all embodiments of the person in the Bowl center. Feeling-knowledge is knowledge and the experience, which has been saved up in our "Bowl".

Without development and thinning of heart advance, progress therefore the great magnet of heart has to be put in a basis of each construction is impossible. Representatives of new race will differ refinement of heart; it is a key to all achievements. Heart is the international body. If light is an aura symbol, heart will be the parent of light.

The love to people, love to the Teacher, to perfection, to spirituality – these high moral qualities entirely depend on the creative potential of heart and without these qualities further evolution of mankind is inconceivable. The most considerable ability – reception and transformation of thin energies of space, establishment of a spiritual bond with the highest plans of life and the high-spiritual susubstance of other worlds directing evolution of terrestrial mankind is inherent in heart.

To attract this creative energy, it is necessary kindle fires. The thin world as the spatial tank of the highest creative energy is a step on a way to the spiritual revival, capable ignition fires.
The most important, most evolutionary achievement of the heart capable "kindle the fires" i.e. to open the spiritual potential, making active the highest centers of consciousness, participation in Hierarchy of evolutionary forces of Space always was considered. Also this achievement begins with finding of the spiritual Teacher. Great Lord of M: there is Teacher Teachers. Establishment of conscious communication with the highest plans of life and with representatives of Hierarchy of Light entirely depends on disclosure of spiritual potential of heart.

Heart is a wire to Hierarchy; the invisible silver thread connects the Teacher and the pupil is there is a great magnet of heart. To see heart eyes, to hear heart ears, to remember last accumulation from the previous embodiments – it is so necessary to go promptly by ascension.

At the time of various perturbations, there is an opportunity to avoid them if cathedral (together) to address to Hierarchy of Light, there the solution of everything! The joint appeal to Teachers of group of their followers (on condition of their long-term coordination, psychological compatibility and rather high spiritual development of its participants) has especially strong spiritually – an energy potential.

The group of twelve people soldered by uniform thought – desire (not for itself and for mankind) can solve the state problems. Twelve – Dodèkaèdr, a dodecaedron – Dodecaedron, people have to understand action group which multiplies forces.

The dodecaedron is one of the most perfect educations; such dynamic force can resist too many impacts. Systematically soldered group of twelve people, can own the world phenomena. But know that expansion of group can weaken it, breaking dynamics of construction. Twelve, neither it is not more, nor is it less! Real group influence! The most ancient formula says that dodecaedron of Mother of the World - a feminine symbol.

E.I.Rerich considered that a philosophers' stone, are psych spiritual accumulation of the person; crystal of mental energy, it collects centuries-old and unrelenting aspirations (a stone the Mythical stone).
Alchemists created "philosophers' stone" from an alloy of seven metals.
"Paracelsus in the work of "Tinktura Physika" mentions an alloy of seven metals (электрум), possessing unusual properties. Compound of metals work wonderfully! If we create an alloy of seven metals orderly in appropriate time, we will receive the metal uniting in advantages of seven initial. Such alloy is called electrum into its structure. It possesses magic force. The rings made from electrum, cure the owners of spasms, paralysis, epilepsy, apopleksiya. Even during the strongest attack of epilepsy, the ring gave immediate relief. The ring mists over at the latent illness. Electrum resists to all harmful influences, in him the heavenly force and influence of seven planets" is hidden. (E.P.Blavatsky, articles).

Mental energy of perfect heart gives various manifestations; male nurses, without catching, entered the plague centers because transferred the consciousness to the Christ irrevocably and undividedly. Such exchange of consciousness created flashes of fire of impenetrable clarification. The phenomenon of invulnerability lies in heart. Any abuse of heart is an abuse on spirit of Truth.

Each education of heart is a gate to the Highest Worlds. It is necessary to be ready to execute the Decree of the Teacher. The received Knowledge needs to be extended, but without imposing.
"Your heart is a miracle your, it where it is necessary to look for; in your heart look for". When the consciousness plunges into heart, external feelings having closed, the spirit joins its mysterious amazing life. It isn't necessary to torment it violently, it is necessary only for heart an exit up free to give. And heart will lead spirit a way celestial. It is a lot of secrets in Space. Heart can concern life of the Worlds Distant and take in it part. Everything can do heart; when understanding its fires and its power will grow. Realize the heart as torch of not predicate concluded in the person. Heart in itself recognize because it win. On heart to pass Show life, that is fiery to join life, that most to become fiery. Transformation fiery can come true only through heart when under the influence of it the fiery centers of the person will wake up and, being transmutation on heart fires, will start rotating. Fiery charkas are set by force of heart in motion. During a heart era to heart we Give the statement fiery. Among them, cruel and dark, you look at who heart wakes up. These will follow you. These will help at construction of the great temple of heart. These, heart woken up, to Light will follow Me. Friends, know: heart fiery is invincible. Lit hearts fires of defeats not know. I proclaim a victory of heart over burdensome darkness of external conditions. The darkness will dissipate, and heart, in you and in Me striking aside blows of eternal pulse of life will be the winner of darkness. You remember – to them win".

People don't imagine how many dangers are shown about us. How many time the Highest Forces and participants of the Thin World rescued ignorant mankind. What victim they themselves show, rescuing us. But the mankind believes that if day passed, so nothing threatened. Such thinking dulls an obligation germ, but without this feeling the mankind can't succeed.
I will give one of embodiments of the Lord of M: - God Osiris. E.P. Blavatsky: "The Greatest God of Egypt, son Geber, heavenly fire, and Nate, pretrial matter and boundless space. It specifies that It is Self-real and Self-creator God, the first being shown Deity (the third Logos). Among a great number of the Supreme gods the Egyptian image of Osiris is the most significant and majestic as includes all range of physical and metaphysical thought". Osiris's murder by evil forces and the subsequent revival symbolized it immortality and invincibility of the spiritual beginning, the Truth celebration over evil forces". E.P.B. emphasized "similarity of symbolism of a cult of Osiris to the legend about execution and the subsequent revival of the Christ".
Every evening, going to bed, thank Hierarchy of Light, Great Teachers that you lived day, and thank for that woke up in the morning. Many were lost in the afternoon, or didn't wake up in the morning where – that war, and at us is the world. Starting a meal, thank Hierarchy (The Christ too the Hierarch and costs on one of steps of Hierarchy of Light) that you on a table have a food, and after food again thank: "I thank, You My God, I am full today and let this food will go on construction of my body". You speak by the own words, from heart. Also sympathize with those who it is deprived. And your heart becomes kinder; physical heart will listen to spiritual heart. When you accept food, you don’t say, that it not tasty, your words will appear poison and after you it is necessary to be cleared of it long.

You pass to vegetable and dairy food, gradually you depart from eating of corpses, - dumb animals: at its absorption, you incorporate the energy of fear emitted by an animal. … There are great embodiments which are for us an example. Apollony Tiansky! Spiritual Teacher (M.: embodiment)! About it E.P. Blavatsky wrote: "The remarkable Philosopher who was born in Cappadocia at the beginning of the first century, studied philosophy and other Doctrines. According to the principles of school of philosophers, he remained a vegetarian all the long life (was rich), ate only fruit and plants, didn't drink some wine, wore clothes only from fibers of plants, went barefoot and allowed a beard and hair grow freely". Hair have a tubular structure, in them mental energy collects. Apollony visited all Arab world and the Shambhala; there was a healer and predicted the future (everything came true). (E.P.Blavatsky, articles)
I want one more embodiment of the Lord of M: to bring to your attention: "Moisey plunged into science of Egypt, but it outstripped it in ten lines. Moisey's ten precepts, containing moral bases of self-improvement mean. The philosophy of Egypt – Hermes's heritage, stated by language of difficult symbols, was available to units … intellectuals while Moisey's moral precepts were close and clear to much bigger number of people". (E.P.Blavatsky, "Articles")
Come nearer to the Lord of M.:! His heart is the Space Magnet.

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2. - Jehovah devi, planetary satan

3. - President of Russian - V.V. Putin

4. - Jehovah - Gay ( ---) killer

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