12.Rerich and Lenin.

Light is winning darkness.

In 2008 in day of "the White Lotus", on May 8 the librarian of the museum of E.P. Blavatsky has given me listing of the text "Rerich and Lenin". Later, in our central city library, I have taken the book by Valentine Sidorov volume 2, the edition 1990. I read: "Power of Rerich's", p. 6. "Columbus has peddled old stuff … and him still glorify for it. What to tell about the person who among visible opens invisible and gives to people not continuation old, and absolutely new and wonderful world! … Yes, he is this wonderful world, this Power Light's of Rerich which he are the only tsar and the master …" - Leonid Andreyev so wrote about creativity N.K. Rerich in article marked 1917. Probably, both writers (L. Andreyev and V. Sidorov) have been intoxicated with new information, him the unknown earlier.
Only the One is tsar and the Lord Rower Light's - Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala. Has created consciousness of the Pupils, to be exact God Has modeled, - the Great Lord of Shambhala. Without Him nothing could be and nothing could take place. In total is from Him!
N.K. Rerich was a tireless performer of Decrees of Great Maitreya. He has conducted two expeditions, has created in the USA art museum of pictures about Shambhala to bear to the world a message about unknown to the world to the Power of Light’s. He has created 7 thousand works of art. N.K. Rerich about it has written in the book "Shambhala": "All pictures about Shambhala were painted my hand by the Great Lord of Shambhala". After leaving is in Thin Worlds N.K. Rerich from heavenly heights taught B.N. Abramov's: "Serve the Lord so, as I am served". He really is an example of high service to Great Maitreya; inspired performer of his Decrees.

He is in perfection Has mastered several professions: artist, architect, builder, mathematician, world healer, etc. Remember creativity of the tsar Solomon (one of the embodiments of God): palaces, the temple, five cities and another have been built. In the second half of the 20th century Great Maitreya Has performed the surgeon's hands vertebra operation on the U.S. citizen. Before the famous surgeons of India and the USA considered it is impossible.
Before speaking about Pupils of Great Maitreya, it is necessary to give information on the One, Who Has created them. He Has given them Knowledge, Has expanded consciousness, Has opened the fiery centers and, as a result, - clairvoyance and a clairluchear. Has enclosed all properties of Pupils in them and God, Great Maitreya Has developed! Stories about Pupils of God need to be begun with That, Who Has given them to the World, - Michael the Archangel (a position for the period of evolution of the person)! If speak about Pupils Great to the Lord of Shambhala, without mentioning the Great Teacher, influence of the leader of powers of darkness is felt at once.
At the request of the Writers' Union V.M. Sidorov has gone to India for collection of information to anniversary N.K. Rerich. Two Sizes: Rerich and Lenin is the embodiment from Shambhala, - gold grains from granaries of Great Maitreya. They have made crops of spiritual food, daily bread; result will be - new world order on Earth, the Commune.

V. Putin in the last embodiment was V. Lenin. Russians have to be grateful to God, the Great Lord of Shambhala for the divine embodiment in Russia of such leader as V. Putin – the leader of the people.

The President shouldn't prevent to work, at his shoulders a heavy burden - Great Russia. It is possible to understand those who have a dependence on powers of darkness. But, when Ivanovs appear, it is thought: "Ungrateful, where their sense of patriotism, love for the country and to the leader"? V.V. Putin is the cleverest President on the Planet; divine embodiment! Notice that during reading the text of V. Sidorov a word Lenin in consciousness has something in common with a word Putin.
Christ and Lenin Given World is one idea, world order – the COMMUNE!!! The Christianity and communism – are uniform. Their essence – to raise spirituality of the person, based on faith in God. Christ's Doctrine - the Doctrine of Living Ethics, or "Agni Yoga". Christ – Buddha, the Great Lord of Shambhala, Has given to Jews the Buddhism (Wisdom). God – is Light, Good, Love and Compassion. The Old Testament from Jehovah's devil approves world order – the capital. These two forms of world order – are incompatible. Jehovah has made crops on the Planet for the purpose of recruitment to Saturn: sexual perversions (parades of gays), fraud (billionaires) and murders. The Old Testament (Torah) bears destructive energy, remove him from book shelves.
After visit of Tibet, a conversation with Dalai Lama, and dissemination of this information, the writer Valentine Sidorov has been deprived of life by a devil Jehovah with application of occultism. The writer was born: On April 28, 1932, "Numerology": 1999 – 1932 = 67 = 6+7=13 – is number of a devil of Jehovah. This text the satan didn't allow to edit and to post on the Internet.
Rapprochement of names - Rerich and Lenin - much, obviously, will seem any and incorrect. That the art, general between genius, and genius of policy, between the spiritual teacher and the leader October revolution? And the general was. They were made related with what can be called planetary thinking. Rapid and contradictory development of our civilization has led to a conclusion long ago that Homo sapiens if he wants to survive if he wants to prove that he really reasonable being, has to turn into Homo Planeticus, i.e. the person of planetary level consciousnesses. To this, still extremely not numerous, a space manking cohort Rerich and Lenin belonged. Therefore it is only possible to get into Lenin's secret becoming on the space point of view, being only guided by the space Doctrine of Living Ethics which Rerich professed.

In days of the most severe spiritual crisis when at people the soil crumbles under the feet in literal and Figurative sense of a word, I would advise them to comprehend Lenin through Rerich. My consider a performance by attempt of this comprehension. ABOUT THE CONCEPT "MAHATMA"

It has come to us from India. In the Bhagavad Gita, the book which is the
Gospel of Hinduism it is told so:
If thousands of the sun light awful
In heaven will flare at once -
It will be only similarity

Dawn light is face of the Mahatma.

As you can see, concept inherently is cosmic. To mere mortals, and furthermore to public to political figures, it isn't applied. But exceptions of the rule are. In their XX century there were two.

The first - is Mohandas Karamchand Gandi, who has entered consciousness of people as Mahatma Gandhi. He lived and acted kind of shine with light of an intimate sacred concept as the world has been widely notified on it. The second is Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. That he is involved in Brotherhood of Mahatmas, at his life nobody knew. For the first time (but after Lenin's death) representatives of Soviet the authorities have learned about it from Roerich's message. But information, as carrying mystical character it was for many years hidden and only rather recently I became property publicity.

Of course, such message presently when there is a process of total overthrows of a figure of Lenin, with inevitability the swarm of the taught less questions generates. As to combine so incompatible beginnings is in heart and the consciousness? Whether it is possible for the highest to cover with the concept "Mahatma" as the principle of a non-violence which live embodiment Gandi, and the principle of revolutionary violence is, a consecutive conductor which there was Lenin? The answer to these questions, and they arose from time immemorial, contains in same "Bhagavad Gita" on whose pages Krishna on the eve of decisive patiently explains battles to the hesitating Ardzhuna on need of execution military duty, as his most sacred duty. (War went for preservation of a complete

states and coming to power of indigenous people. Comment).

The answer to these questions can be received also, getting a grasp of the Gospel where along with a sermon forgiveness and non-violence will be learned by an opposite appeal: "I have brought not the world to you, and sword." And there is no contradiction here. The matter is that embodiment of the principle violent and nonviolent acts depend directly on a concrete situation and also from century traditions and a mental warehouse of these or those people.

The dialectics of life is so difficult that it is impossible to absolutize this or that principle.

By the way Lenin and Gandhi didn't absolutize them. Lenin's statement is well-known: "We in ideal against any violence over people". He considered red terror a compulsory measure, the civil war caused by exasperation. But as soon as tension began to fall down, in January of the twentieth year he makes the order not only about terror cancellation, but also about to abolition of the death penalty.

And here what is written by the closest associate and Mahatma Gandhi's pupil Jawaharlal Nehru: "It is clear that the concept of non-violence is much more connected with motivation, with release from desires to commit violence, with self-discipline are and ability to constrain rage and hatred, than with physical evasion from violent acts when they become are necessary and inevitable".

Not on external difference between Lenin and Gandhi it would be worth concentrating attention, and on their internal similarity. It is necessary to tell that their human destinies are in many respects similar.

Both that and another were accompanied by the atmosphere of misunderstanding. Unfortunately, space consciousness is hardly joined to terrestrial. It, obviously, and to his ideas we know Lenin. It is recorded in the following words of the father of the Indian nation: "There can be no doubts that behind a Bolshevism ideal – noble self-sacrifice of men and women who have given everything for the sake of it. Ideal, to which such titans of spirit as Lenin have devoted themselves, can't be fruitless. Noble the example them dedication will be glorified in centuries and will do this ideal more and more TERM PHENOMENON.

As well as many people of his circle, October revolution Nikolay Konstantinovich Rerich not has accepted. Moreover - her unprecedented and destructive character, acts of vandalism against historical and cultural monuments have terrified his spirit at the beginning. And, of course, up to the depth hearts were shaken by punishment over the tsar with whom the artist was connected by the friendly relations.

Very few people know that Nicholas II was a fan of painting of Roerich (especially it were pleasant to him cloths on historical subjects). And almost nobody knows that with Nicholas II the artist have shared the idea of the International covenant on protection of cultural values in time military operations I have also received a promise in every possible way to promote this project. Unfortunately, the begun war with Germany hasn't allowed to be conducted to conceive. In London, where Rerich has located in 1919, he has adjoined aggressively anti-Soviet wing of the Russian emigrations. That the metamorphosis with Rerich which has come true just suddenly is in March was more unexpected 1920. Kind of, on wave of a magic wand from the furious expose of the Soviet powered suddenly turns into her zealous supporter. And he won't change this belief any more to end of the life.

Of course, cases of transition of representatives of the Russian foreign diaspora to the party of Soviet the power (Rerich not an exception) know much. They have especially become frequent at the time of the New Economic Policy, when the mode in the country was considerably softened. One, such as Alexey Nikolaevich Tolstoy, material difficulties pushed to it. For others it was a result long and painful reflection. But, a case with Rerich – unique at least because any prerequisites for so cardinal turn in life it seemed wasn't. For it (himself) personally he got nothing.
On the contrary - I lost. I lost friends, adherents. I lost certain material resources. I could lose the popularity That has forced him to change so abruptly the position that will rouse him on so decisive and irrevocable step? It is absolutely impossible to understand an event if we won't address inner world of the artist, naturally, tightly closed for strangers.

And inner world of Nikolay Konstantinovich Rerich, as well as inner world of his wife, Elena Ivanovna Rerich, it was formed under the influence of the spiritual leader of new India Sami Vivekananda and Russian founders of the International Theosophy Society Elena Petrovna of Blavatsky clean are and fine".

A lot of things in behavior Rerichs become clear if to consider that they considered themselves successors of esoteric tradition of Blavatsky. It meant that for them not the myth and not invention, and live reality - a space branch of mankind (on Blavatsky’s terminology White Brotherhood). It meant that after Blavatsky they hope for contacts with that community of White Brotherhood which in the east appears under a name of Shambhala. It, at last meant that as well as Blavatsky, the life they entirely subordinate to spiritual to the Teacher's impulses from capital letter, i.e. Mahatmas.

It is known that Blavatsky information on Mahatmas, Shambhala, White Brotherhood, in other words - about the spiritual civilization existing in parallel ours, but is several orders higher sew, - has been given a hostile reception. The author of "the Secret Doctrine" was turned into a target for abuses and derisions. The London royal society of mental researches has carried out the special trial devoted to Blavatsky therefore announced letters Mahatmas to Blavatsky false and her extrasensory phenomena are charlatanism. However, century later in connection with the changed science relation to the nature of the phenomenal phenomena the same London royal society will address Blavatsky's business again, but this time will come to an opposite conclusion: will dismiss charges from Blavatsky and recognizes her phenomena true. But learn about this denial only the few as unlike notorious revelations it won't be so loudly announced.

It is clear, that in times Rerichs in the opinion of public opinion Blavatsky was odious figure. Also it was necessary to have certain courage to announce itself Blavatsky followers, as it was made by Rerichs. It is necessary to tell that Elena Ivanovna and Nikolay Konstantinovich Rerich's life went under the sign forthcoming meeting with the Teacher. In the atmosphere of this expectation there were Nikolay's verses Konstantinovich, the principles of future Doctrine of Agni Yoga which have concentrated in them. Rerich I called them "Flowers of Moria", kind of emphasizing that think, put in them, belong not to him, and Teacher of Moria.

And when, at last, the meeting with the Teacher has taken place, and it has occurred in London on March 24, 1920 years - that she, as one would expect,

has marked a critical boundary of Rerich's lives. In flame of this meeting has kind of burned down old representations and dogmas, and life has received other, essentially new direction. This day, on March 24, 1924, has begun formation of the texts of the Doctrine of Living Ethics representing mostly a straight line speech of the Teacher. The first words of the first book of the Exercise "Call" (subsequently in foreign editions they, as they say, "for fear an judges" were withdrawn) were such: "To New Russia - my first message".

The most important result of a meeting with the Teacher was what from now on Rerich ceases to feel emigrant. From now on he considers himself the citizen of new Soviet Russia which has received blessing of the Teacher, and all further line of his behavior is defined by this his internal conviction The transhimalaya expedition which he heads and which formally is registered American as works under the American flag, it announces the Russian expedition. He plans all materials which will be collected by her to transfer to the order of the Soviet Union; at the end of 1924 it has informed Soviet on it Plenipotentiary Representative in Berlin Krestinsky.

Therefore also the text of the will made by him in 1926 in the capital of Xinjiang of Urumqi said: "I bequeath all my property, pictures, the literary rights in lifelong present use to the wife my Elena Ivanovna Rerich. After her all specified property I bequeath the All-Union Communist Party. Only request is that to objects arts the due room corresponding to high problems of communism has been made".

In Urumqi Rerich expects the Soviet visa to a trip to Moscow. His kind of "registers" in the Soviet consulate where happens daily and where willingly shares plans for the future with the compatriots. He doesn't hide the purpose of the Moscow trip. It is dictated intention to connect capacities of the Buddhist world (instead of the false Old Testament) and the Soviet Russia. The doctrine BUDDHA in him esoteric form, Rerich said, can play the same revolutionary role on East, as well as Marx's doctrine in the West. Unexpected merge of these two streams can become detonator of that planetary spiritual revolution which will change consciousness of people and, in the final result, will create the new person of a new era. From this also Himalaya proceed Mahatmas, promising full support to this process in case Soviet heads will make up the mind to this step.

In Urumqi Rerich paints a picture about Lenin. It is unusual as envisioned. It is the wise man's head, topped with a military helmet. It to Rerich the image of the Russian Mahatma, попытавшеюся seems to realize in to live "the greatest doctrine in the world is the doctrine about Community". Name of a picture: "The term phenomenon", kind of, clears up its intimate sense. The old century - has come to an end. I have come date of performance of spiritual precepts of the future. Rerich will give this picture as a gift to Soviet to the government during the stay in Moscow.

Rerich has arrived in Moscow, carrying out a direct order of the Himalaya Mahatmas. He has brought them message to the Soviet government. I will remind that the message it has been addressed to the country, the collectivization building life under laws of the Lenin New Economic Policy, not knowing horrors yet and mass repressions, and having a real opportunity to choose other way, than that, on which subsequently she has doomed herself. Here the full text of this letter is nowadays enough well-known."On the Himalayas we know made by you.

You have abolished the church which has become a nursery of a lies and superstitions.
You have destroyed the narrow-mindedness which has become the conductor of prejudices.

You have destroyed prison of education.

You have destroyed family of hypocrisy.
You have burned army of slaves.
You have crushed spiders of a profit.
You have closed gate of night brothels.
You have saved the earth from traitors monetary.

You recognized that the religion is the doctrine of comprehensiveness of matter.

You recognized negligibility of personal property.
You have guessed evolution of community.
You have pointed to value of knowledge.
You have admired beauty.
You have brought to children all power of Space.
You have opened windows of palaces.

You have seen urgency of creation of houses of General Welfare.

We have stopped a revolt in India when it was premature, also we recognized timeliness of your movement also we send you all our help, approving the Unification Asia! We know, many constructions will be made advanced in years 28 - 31 - 36. Hi to you who are looking for the General Benefits"!

In order to avoid possible misunderstanding one place from the letter of Mahatmas would like to comment. As you, probably, guess, the phrase about elimination means church as nursery of a lie and superstitions. On this basis - I know - some are ready to declare the Himalaya Mahatmas nearly enemies of Christianity that is the sheer absurdity. That's just the point that the negative phrase about church has been dictated by that circumstance that the church is in the practical activities receded and recedes from truly Christian principles. So was before revolution when church, as a rule, I was on the side not humiliated and destitute, and on the side of the rich and mighty of this world. So, actually, is and now as current orthodox hierarchies repeat former mistakes. And, of course, words about liquidation of church shouldn't be perceived literally or to look for in them some secret implication. It was meant civilized and already the act of disestablishment which has come true by then.

Together with the message Rerich has handed to the Foreign Commissar of the USSR Chicherin the inlaid chest. The cover letter contained only one phrase: "We send the earth to a grave of the Brother our Mahatma Lenin".

A negotiation which was conducted by Rerich with two people’s commissars, foreign affairs and education and also with Nadezhda Konstantinov Krupskaya, was long, but positive results not distances. The offer with which there has arrived to Moscow "semi-Buddhist semi-communist" Rerich (such have given the characteristic to the artist Chicherin) it has been recognized as utopian. Chance of favorable development of future events has been irrevocably missed. Rejection of the plan of Mahatmas not has changed however their attitudes towards Russia and its mission. Just with bitterness it has been noted that now Russia should carry out the mission in conditions becoming aggravated and becoming complicated every day of a situation, with the big victims and big tension of forces. The subsequent events as you know, will confirm this anticipation.

And the trip of Rerich to Moscow was highly appreciated by the Teacher. "I

consider result of Moscow important historically".

It would be desirable to pay special attention to these words because they mean that in the history with the message of Mahatmas still early to put an end.


"Accept Lenin's appearance as the sign of keenness of Space".

This phrase from the third book of the Doctrine of Living Ethics "Community" is volume and multiple-valued. From her in particulars follows that terrestrial affairs are under fixed observation of Space and that in turning points direct space intervention can be carried out.

Certainly, it has nothing in common with imaginations on subjects of UFOs and robot-like newcomers from other galaxies. As all is told in the same Doctrine of Living Ethics, it is made by "human hands", "human legs". Just to terrestrial process on a certain stage all power of the people having space consciousness is connected.

Naturally, it occurs only in exceptional cases when because of the unreasoned actions the mankind once again hangs over a chasm.

The necessity of extraordinary steps in the XX century has been caused by World War I.

Many efforts (sometimes unusual) have been made to prevent it. Himalaya Mahatmas have even sent letters to Wilhelm II and Nicholas II with a danger warning, threatening to them personally in case of adoption of the fatal decision. But these letters, as well as subsequently the message of Mahatmas to the Soviet government, have been ignored, and on August 1, 1914 the mankind was promptly included into the Apocalypse zone. Doomsday has from now on stopped being rhetorical figure. For the first time in unreasonable hands human has concentrated there is enough means for the full mutually destruction.

In epicenter of planetary crisis there was Russia. After February of the seventeenth year with terrific speed she began to plunge into the abyss of chaos during which whirlpool after her all terrestrial civilization would be inevitably involved. Literally during several months the Provisional government has made everything to show "destructive power" of democracy against which still Gercen warned though he itself was liberal and democrat.

Decomposition went from above because the power has turned into anarchy because became sign good tone not to submit to orders of the government. And it in the conditions of proceeding wars when millions of people were hit weapon when bitterness in the hands and embitterment accrued every day, and everything took up arms against all: the nation against the nation, the village against the city, the brother on the brother, the son on the father. Who could stop and pacify approaching anarchy? Kornilov, white generals? But they, alas, personified old regimes, returns to most of which of the population of the country didn't wish. Constituent assembly is?

But, as shows historical experience, the populous forum isn't able to work in conditions of emergency situation when not the parliamentary rhetoric, but acceptance is required immediate and not always indisputable decisions. So remained only exit that which has been offered by Lenin.

Contrary to evidence and categorical forecasts of authoritative western leaders from chaos and non-existence the Russian State has been recreated again. Thereby, reeled balance of the Planet has been restored.

It is known that balance it has been reached by expensive price. At the price of improbable deprivations is and blood. However it is necessary to be or in the power of blind prejudice, or militant ignorance’s that to write off tragic costs of historical process for this or that the personality (in this case on Lenin). It is clear, that it can't have nothing in common with the original analysis of events which demands deep opening economic, social, and I would add, and the space reasons of the events. It is worth to remember that unbiased fact that the identity of the state scale doesn't exist in itself that she surely focuses mental energy of masses, a positive or negative charge which, by the way, doesn't depend on her carrier. There is a cumulative karma of the people, the country, i.e. the sum of acts which is saved up within centuries of which consequences all should get rid to the people, and not just his certain representatives. The aggravation which doesn't have analogs the historical fate of Russia in October, 1917 is explained by the fact that we have taken in that moment I have compared the Russian revolution with the greatest sacrificial, a fire in the history mankind. It seems to me, would be fair if apply the evangelical principle to Lenin, i.e. asked a question: whether moved him something personal: thirst of enrichment, glory, aspiration to the boundless power? This question will be answered negatively not only by Lenin's friends (it is clear), but also his enemies. For example, Nikolay Berdyaev who claimed: "Revolutionism Lenin had a moral source; it couldn't take out injustice, oppression, operation". However, according to the philosopher, this revolutionism, getting maximal character, I led to use of immoral means in fight, to cruelty and violence. That is Berdyaev's attitude towards Lenin was ambiguous, in many respects negative that hasn't prevented him to give however an objective comment on Lenin's identity: "He was unselfish person absolutely devoted to the Idea..." Berdyaev writes the word "idea" with big letters.

For space consciousness the problem of the power exists only in spiritual aspect. Teacher I said: "Our power other: Our power - the Victim!" In essence, to this postulate also I was Lenin's life is subordinated. And as it is told about him in "Community", "there was no other who for the sake of the general the benefits could accept a big burden".

On August 30, 1918 shoot at Lenin, and bullets are filled with the Indian poison of a curare.

His several drops are enough to do in ten people. Having established availability of this poison in blood, doctors render a unanimous verdict; death, and very fast, it is inevitable. But it doesn't occur. On the contrary: every hour Lenin feels all more vigorously. Having endured the moment of surprise and, trying to give logical justification to a phenomenon, doctors come to the following solomonov's to the decision: each person has immunity against certain type of poison; by a lucky chance Lenin had had immunity against this type of poison. "It is possible to think that the sky for Bolsheviks," - I have so commented on attempt unfortunate attempt one of leaders of the white movement Vasiliy Vitalyevich Shulgin.

It is necessary to tell that in Lenin's biography some facts were diligently hushed up because they bordered on mysticism. But riddles, unsolvable for materialistic science, for spiritual science of India those aren't because here for a long time have got used to deal with phenomenal phenomena. Therefore it is also advisable to rely on her experience and authority. According to the closest employees Lenin possessed unique ability to relax all members of a body. At such relaxation there are enough several minutes to receive the rest equal to a night dream. Lenin repeatedly used the ability for removal of tension (sometimes it happened at meetings of the Central Committee Council of People's Commissars) that then with a new force to be connected to work. Such

property it is reached by persistent physical exercises in combination with meditation on high yoga steps.

From where is it at the person, apparently, so far from yoga and all aspects, connected with her?

In India congenital yoga abilities of Lenin directly will connect with reincarnation, will explain that they - result of his former embodiment.
In the same vein will explain also the reason of unfortunate attempt at Lenin. In the Indian jungle on the eve of battle impregnated with poison of a curare tips of arrows. However if poisoned the arrow accidentally got to the yogi, it didn't do him harm. From the point of view of spiritual science India Lenin's diseases putting and the deadlock of doctors as they hadn't to face with similar cases, had fiery character. It means that they have been connected with opening and transmutation of those invisible fiery centers which in India are called chakras. These chakras are in a human body kind of in the sleeping state and waken (if they are fated to waken) to action after achievement thirty-year-old age. For the first time such illness known in the people under the name "sacred fire" (usually monks and devotees suffer from him), I have struck Lenin on the eve of the II congress. In that time to him was 33 years.

There is one more secret of Lenin which, in my opinion, without the aid of ancient wisdom of India it is impossible to understand. It is known that opening of his cranium has found an on lime application brain. Process was such intensive that the brain was turned to stone. And so: in opinion the most visible medical authorities, within the last two and a half, and even three years

Lenin couldn't think of this brain. And he not only thought, but before has lost a speech power, wrote, dictated texts, making decisions, acted. How? How? With assistance what mechanisms?

The answer of spiritual science of India to this question is paradoxical and is based on a postulate, as which confirmation also the example with Lenin can serve, by the way: the thought isn't product of work of a brain. The thought, and is one of axioms of Old Indian wisdom, belongs to space. This spatial thought is mastered and generates fiery the centers of the person - chakra, being connected to which, and the brain also carries out the auxiliary function: to be the thought transmitter. We don't suspect about boundless opportunities human body. We attach significance only to their visible manifestations, dumping with accounts are not less significant invisible. That is why it is necessary to take seriously (and in any case without prejudice) to information on Lenin in the book "Community". "Even in the disease was left by his strong thinking. His consciousness as in a cave, has concentrated, and instead of discontent and complaints he surprisingly used lately. And there is a lot of the silent emanation of will was sent by him to business strengthening. His last hours were good. Even he has sent a last breath to the peoples". "AND ONE I WILL ASCEND".

Poetic meditation of Rerich "Comes to the end with such words and one I will ascend". Subject Lenin’s loneliness, obviously, not accidentally arises on pages of the book "Community". I will remind corresponding text. "You can present that in due time Lenin has already felt without slightest material basis inalterability of a new structure. And invisible court shoes have brought provisions to his lonely ship." In other place it is told with bigger sharpness. "We will honor Lenin with all understanding. We will show the statement of the Teacher who has kept continuous burning in good luck and failure. Among employees alien to him Lenin bore a flame inextinguishable feat".

"Among employees alien to him". In this regard it is necessary to notice that, it agrees esoteric to sources, the total loneliness is that sign on which it is possible to distinguish the messenger Space which has undertaken a hard duty of contacts with the people who haven't risen still to space level.

Lenin's state loneliness with a special force came to light at the turning historical points when the extraordinary, frightening by the unpredictability decisions were made. So was, for example, in days of October events when Lenin needed extraordinary tension forces to overcome soft and therefore especially dangerous sabotage of the next party environment. With an ulterior motive, with a jewelry accuracy having calculated day and hour of the future revolution ("today - early, the day after tomorrow - late"), he so persistently tried to break through to consciousness of the colleagues: "The delay of death is similar". But that's all trouble consisted, that they hesitated, for some unclear reasons too hesitated. Having overwhelming superiority of forces, didn't hurry with storm of the Winter Palace. Having taken telegraph, didn't hurry to declare Provisional government deposed. Most likely they were constrained by the fear living somewhere at heart before unknown that bore with itself capture the authorities in the ruined and demoralized country. Only appearance of Lenin who has disdained conspiracy, in Smolny has put an end to fluctuations and has sent events to the due course.

Subsequently Trotsky admitted that there is no Lenin in Petrograd, October the revolution wouldn't be.

We will remember history with the conclusion of the Brest world when a position of the party leader not has supported most his party. Even when Lenin has thrown the personal on a bowl of scales the authority, having said that in case of rejection of his offer he will leave party, he has managed to win only a nominal victory of purely formal property. At a meeting of the Central Committee about peace negotiations with Germans for Lenin's proposal 7 people, against - 4 voted, have refrained to 4. That is actually the majority doesn't have followed Lenin again.

And at negotiations in Brest-Litovsk to Germans there was an amusing episode; once again kind of emphasized a difference is in levels of consciousness of Lenin and his so-called colleagues.

The Soviet delegation at negotiations was headed by Trotsky. And they have begun with the invitation on evening reception that, strangely enough, has plunged Trotsky into a condition of extreme confusion.

The matter is that on reception, according to the strict rule, diplomats have to be are dressed in black dress coats. Revolutionary consciousness of Trotsky has been vulnerable. Dress coat it bourgeoisie’s symbol. Whether it is admissible in principle that in him the representative working sported country power? Without deciding to undertake a responsibility burden in unforeseen situation, he, the second person in party and the state, cables Lenin as to be? Lenin's answer is laconic and full of reserved rage: "If it helps to establish the world, go though in an underwear"!

And at last New Economic Policy. Of course, such turn - yesterday still policy of military communism, surplus-appropriation system, ruthless fight against speculators, and today - free trade, private business, i.e. return to capitalism, was in power to only one to Lenin. Open resistance wasn't this time: too Lenin's authority has grown up.

But the silent opposition was felt. In the spirit of that time need of the taken measures Lenin explained with a delay of world proletarian revolution. Maximal adjusted it to some extent calmed people as they believed that world revolution not for mountains. Lenin, apparently, weighed a state of affairs more really. Therefore he also I said that the New Economic Policy it seriously and for a long time.

The tragedy of loneliness of Lenin was aggravated with that circumstance that he was an atheist. In difficult moment he couldn't appeal to the highest forces as he didn't believe in their existence. On to the certificate of the Doctrine of Living Ethics it was their conductor, however it has been hidden from him physical consciousness. I think that the term "Mahatma", which nowadays was unknown to him we connect to his name.

It is difficult to imagine what strength of mind the person had to have to sustain

- alone (!) superhuman test? And what highest feeling of unselfishness moved him if owing to materialistic outlook he couldn't expect for himself awards for the feat neither in the sky, nor in other life? Intuitive is significant however Lenin's inclination to mountains. It is known that he used any free period - especially after the congresses, conferences and discussions - to go to mountains, and for walks always I chose the most deserted and wild place. The reference in Shushenskoye to him was brightened up Sayansk Mountains. Within three years he lived and worked under their power influence, and they, by his own recognition, delivered to it many joyful minutes. In one of such minutes he, absolutely personal poetic intuition, has tried even to write verses. Kind of by itself there was a line: "In Shusha, at a foot Sayanov", however further the first line business at him hasn't gone.

Perhaps, as well as Rerich, Lenin felt that mountains belong to more Space, than Earth.

Not without reason contemplation those so ennobles spirit human. Not without reason it is considered that in mountain - it isn't obligatory for the area in the Himalayas - the monastery of Shambhala is located. "It is possible that Shambhala is in the territory of your country", - I have told in a conversation with me it once Holiness Dalai Lama of XIV. So as the card was under a hand, has added - "Somewhere here". Whether it is casual, purposely he has pointed roofing felts to the area of the Sayansk Mountains.


According to Rerich, Shambhala is "a corner concept of Asia". But this Buddhist term has universal roots. In the Russian Old Believers' legends, for example, an analog of Shambhala Belovodie - the kingdom promised which borders was sought to be reached running in acts time of church split for Altai. The doctrine of Living Ethics putting an ancient dream and a legend to the modern, scientifically verified platform, defines Shambhala as the place where "terrestrial the world adjoins to the highest consciousness", or - that same - with space. Naturally, that such place is surrounded with the vibration field doing it inaccessible for undesirable visitors. Ways of physical achievement of Shambhala aren't approved in principle.

As it is told in the Doctrine of Living Ethics, it isn't obligatory to storm mountain peaks at all "for looking for in the truth". Shambhala if there will be in volume a need; it will go down to him from reserved mountains. It is widely known - in any case among occultists - that messengers Shambhala visited Blavatsky in London. However before emergence of the book "Community" to anybody not it was known that they - in the same London and, maybe, at the same time - communicated with founders of the Marxist doctrine. It is said accurately and unambiguously. "We know Marx and Engels's books, even our representatives talked to Marx in due time.

All their provisions are easily bulking us." Subsequently meetings with the Russian's leader have taken place revolutions. "We saw Lenin in Switzerland. Our employee talked to him in Moscow." And one more quote from "Community" kind of opening purposeful character of intimate contacts of spiritual Teachers with political leaders of the present. "It is necessary to meet with people who will laugh at everyone a word, unclear for them. Them the susceptible device is covered with ignorance callosities. For example, if to tell them - Shambhala, they will take this real concept for a superstition fetish. Marx and Lenin have acted not this way. Already I said that our representatives have visited Marx in London and Lenin in Switzerland. The word Shambhala has obviously been pronounced. In different times, but equally both leaders have asked: "What signs of time of Shambhala"?

Answer was: "Century of the truth and world communities". Both leaders have equally told: "Let there will come Shambhala rather". Words of leaders we measure successors. We can't include narrowness of ignorance in Marxism and Leninism. If the ignoramus will dare to call himself the Marxist or the Leninist, severely tell him – obvious treachery of bases of community".

Actually, in this text the reason of future crash of the Soviet ideology" narrowness is designated ignorance’s". Eventually she will also lead to treachery of great ideals and again from the book "Community". "Lenin kept an open mind and understood matter. Really you can’t at least partially to follow the leader?"

Unfortunately, to follow Lenin, even partially, and so-called successors couldn't Lenin's affairs. Lenin's pupils among "employees alien to him" haven't appeared. Therefore bitter reproach in their address, the Mahatmas who haven't listened to call of Shambhala, rejected the message, words sound Teachers. "The true communist is flexible, mobile, quick-witted and courageous. Lenin would capture the come minute of Asia. Where his pupils? I wait, I wait."

Alas, this expectation, as you can see, has dragged on for long decades, up to our days.

However it isn't necessary to think that everything is lost forever. Who knows, can the current tests, predetermined by immaturity of our spirit, for this purpose are also given that at last it was shaped cohort of true pupils of Lenin whose appearance is waited by the Teacher. It is worth to remember that spiritual Teachers of mankind, both before, and nowadays, pin hopes for rescue and spiritual updating of the planet with the Russian people, which on pages of the book "Community" it is represented majestically Ivan Stotysyachny. It is worth to remember also about prophecy from the same book on what Ivan Stotysyachny is obligatory eventually will remove a spiritual harvest of Lenin grains.


In the book "Community" is noted the paradoxical fact that the atheist Lenin "has helped Buddha's business". However, as it is told in the same place, I have helped "not on proximity, and on justice". i.e., without being a Buddhist, objectively he promoted realization of high ideals of the doctrine of Buddha. But, actually, those most also extraordinary followers of Christianity, in particular, the Metropolitan felt Vvedensky, who has called the Bolshevism the Gospel, published with atheistic font. The example of our country has kind of shown that atheists in the practical the activity directed to the benefit of people can be closer to God, than believing in Him.

As Berdyaev claimed, "the question of socialism isn't a question economic and political; it is a question of God and immortality". Understanding of this truth was late in days unprecedented revelry of criminal capitalism is on the Russian open spaces. Nowadays even opponents of communism have unexpectedly found out for themselves that communism it "terrestrial Christianity projection". It is necessary to tell that they about it have no delights. In the newspaper "Chiming clock" article is published, remarkable the frankness "Jesus was a communist also I didn't love capitalism". Her author is guarded
extremely that «all New Testament it is impregnated with communistic spirit". Are listed reprehensible from his point of view provisions of the sacred book of Christians: "Haves have to have as poor, and buying as not getting, and using this world as not using ";" don't collect to you treasures on the earth where mol and rust exterminate and where thieves undermine and steal".

More sincerely indignation causes in it accurate instructions of Jesus Christ: "You can't serve God and Mammon (wealth)". Really - the author of article exclaims, - today somebody seriously: can to apprehend this pro-communistic promotion" and here conclusion?

"In Christianity there is too much communism; in order that it could be spiritual basis capitalism".

You won't tell rectilinear. It is necessary only to continue a thought logically: if Christ in quality moral guideline doesn't arrange the capitalist world then admirers his antipode - Antichrist, a satan arranges a golden calf. That is there are all bases to call a capitalist system devilish. Due to disorder Soviet The union began sign of good form to blow at all intersections about total defeat Lenin and his ideas.

In my opinion such categorical statements are incompetent and, first of all therefore, that the most important is ignored - the spiritual party has put. It is all the same what speaks" about Christ's defeat and Christianities, proceeding from the fact that the founder of the Doctrine has been crucified, and his followers were exposed to prosecutions and, on given moment, possess levers government. About what defeat can there be a speech if these ideas are invincible in the principle, so far the person remains the person? The speech can go about tactical miscalculations about shifts of temporary terms.

It a sort correction of history is inevitable. It is inevitable and in relation to Lenin. But not can be the slightest doubt in absolute correctness of the strategic line of Lenin, because she heads for the approval of the principles of the highest spirituality in public social and everyday life of people. The crash of the Soviet power has also happened because of inconsistent attitude towards these principle is and eventually unfaithfulness by him. And most the cardinal mistake was that the idea of communism, spiritual inherently has managed to reduce to the one-dimensional level of a consumer basket.

In essence, having won a spiritual competition to the opponent because moral quality of ours it was much higher than the people who are nowadays contemptuously called "scoops" egoistical and egocentric warehouse of thinking of so-called civilized representatives bourgeois society, we have entered with it a competition in that sphere where were obviously weaker and where the victory for us wasn't obligatory, in the sphere of consumerism at all. Here then oblivion of spirituality has also turned for us into the greatest tragedy. Tempted by illusive temptation of the advertized capitalist paradise, we it is unexpectedly easy for the whole world have given in. However, literally the next day, when already was late, we have regained consciousness, as the magnificent bread

which is loudly promised us, on closer examination were stones. But the most unpleasant in this course provoked by powers of darkness successions of events consists that again, as before the October revolution, over human civilization the elimination threat has hung. In due time secret Blavatsky and Rerich's follower science fiction writer Ivan Efremov warned: "For the question costs me so, or there will be planet-wide" communistic society, or won't be nobody, and there will be a sand and dust on the dead Planet".

In political history of the 20th century only two persons have been awarded the name "Mahatma" (Great Soul): in India - Gandi, in Russia - Lenin.

The great Lord of Shambhala who has given through E.I. Rerich "the Doctrine of Living Ethics" or "Agni Yoga"), Has charged N.K. Rerich in 1926 to Soviet to the government, along with the Message, a chest with the sacred Himalaya earth, having written: "On grave of the Brother our Mahatma Lenin". It is specified in one of books of the Doctrine ("Community"): "Accept Lenin's appearance as the sign of keenness of Space".

On the "Mahatma Lenin is the Sign of Keenness of Space" conference which has taken place on October 5-6, 1994 years at Institute of the world literature him, M. Gorky, there have arrived more than 200 people from 30 cities of the Soviet Union: representatives of Rerich's societies, Communist Party of the Russian Federation, societies "Russian Scientists of Socialist Orientation" and "Lenin and Fatherland", fund protection of Lenin's Mausoleum, Movement of Humanitarian forces, Russian fund of culture, Fund "Future of the Fatherland" and others. Employees Central participated in work of a conference V.I. Lenin's museum, Lenin's museum apartment in the Kremlin, scientists, and journalists. Among acted - niece Lenin, guest of honor of a conference O.D. Ulyanov, President European World through Culture associations V. Augustat (Germany). The greeting has been read President of the International committee of protection Lenin R. Napoleon (Italy).

Within the conference there has passed the literary musicale devoted to the 120 anniversary with birthday N.K Rerich and to the 70 anniversary of death of V.I. Lenin and also has taken place submission of the patriotic rerichovsky newspaper "Banner of Peace". With the report "Rerich and Lenin"

the President of the International Association "The World through Culture" the writer and the poet has acted Valentine Sidorov.
It is so much opposition from darkness against Russia, especially against the USSR. Almost all embodiments from Shambhala (tsars, scientists, philosophers, commanders, reformers) have been deprived of life, badgered or slandered.
The genocide started by Jehovah against Russia:
1. Series of murders of tsars-reformers.
2. War with Japan 1904 – 1905. Attack on Russia was without declaration of war.
3. World War I 1914-1918,
4. Civil war and military intervention in Russia 1917-1922.
5. Hunger in Volga region 1921-1922.
6. Hunger 1933 – 1934.
7. Repressions 1937.
8. World War II 1941 – 1945.

Despite ardent opposition from demonic forces, we have won the most terrible world slaughter in the history of our Planet – World War II. The Soviet people protected the Homeland and the Commune with a name of Lenin on lips. (The leader of revolution there is Lenin's, has changed Jehovah on obsessed Stalin's". The leader of the people" in comparison with Lenin is as black grain of colza in comparison with the shining diamond).
Russia is Umbilicus of Earth! Axis World passes in her limits. Everyone has to know it, be proud of it and feel responsibility to Russia. The founder Planet and the Patron of Russia – Michael the Archangel!
Savaoph-Jehovah, the Owner of land - the demon also treats demonic forces (the pervert, the swindler and the murderer). He has offered a lie of the Old Testament to Jews under the name Torah. Later I have connected to Christ's Doctrine – the New Testament. Christ's doctrine – the Beginning of the Doctrine of Living Ethics! In the book the Apocalypse is given the Analysis of the Bible in chapter 2, 3.
The reason of distribution of sects in the former Soviet Union – spiritual ignorance of the population and responsibility for it lies on Orthodoxy. In Orthodox churches choruses sing of Jehovah's devil David's psalms. Shame!
Jehovah has crucified Christ hands of Jews, applying hypnosis, and has ranked E.P Blavatskaya as a satan. Who is satan? Jehovah! Reason: E.P. Blavatsky has confirmed Christ's Words that Jehovah a satan, the Death angel, having referred to "The secret mystical doctrine of Judaism", the book 1, "Cabbala". Why it is secret? Because the pederast Jehovah hides the belonging to demonic forces; rabbis know, the rest it is unimportant, perverts, swindlers and murderers are ranked as his army. Has added to the told E.P.B. that, except all defects, Jehovah ZOOPHILE. (The book by E.P.B., "the Exposed Isida"). About it she was told by rabbis (she was in Israel), and have given the book to read to be convinced. Jehovah for disclosure of a secret has punished rabbi’s pedophilia.

Read books: E.P. Blavatsky, E.I. Rerich, B.N. Abramov. Worship of Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala will resolve an issue of overweight of Light forces. And dark will leave in small quantity. There no will be wars, obsessed and false sects. Great Maitreya (Invincible), Michael the Archangel, the Lord of Shambhala – the Same Great Essence! Support God by WORSHIP. Aum. Amen. So will be!