Chapter 41-45

36. Hierarchy.

When mankind, having lost the Doctrine basis, will plunge into misunderstanding, then on a prediction of the most ancient Teachers, the era of Maitreya will come. It comes and burns with all fires; his heart feels pity for become impoverished mankind and flares the statement of the new beginnings. The world Eye of the Shambhala bears to mankind the benefit and Light; is that Star, which directed all, looking for. Shambhala of the Lord there is a head of all planetary spirits. The phenomenon of the Shambhala is the approved way of improvement, a way to Boundlessness. Revival of spirit can precede the Arrival phenomenon as acceptance conscious Doctrines of Lord Maitreya. Maitreya wants to realize life on Earth into light of Mother of the World: "The empress, I You announce, as the Great Employee of Space Reason". Space crowns Two Beginnings; Mother World and Lord. The Era of Maitreya approves the woman. All images are highly honored, but especially great image of Godman: Arhat, Agni-Yoga, and Container.
Godman is a redeemer of mankind. Prayer which was said by the Buddha and the Christ, leaving Earth, people didn't hear. The prayer which will say Maitreya is knocked to human spirit. Who will hear this prayer heart and will follow the road of aspiration with the subsequent ascension to Light, know that "each increase of spirit needs burdening by circumstances". There is an ancient legend that "from sufferings human Jewels" are born.
It is time to understand both responsibility, and advantage of terrestrial embodiments. Advantage of spiritual development is on Earth. Only in a physical body at the person the fiery centers can open, transmutation (to change) and opportunity to save up experience, information.
We are embodied to pass an evolution way from a mineral to god. This way is possible only with the Teacher from the Shambhala. The mankind reached the way middle, reached the maximum development of a physical body and intelligence, Gods help us to pass an ascension way. At first give religions, then to philosophy, and the following step. – The highest Yoga - "Agni Yoga" (Fiery Soul). Everything gives on consciousness.
Doctrine "Agni Yoga" of the same names this high consciousness, opening of the fiery centers and their transmutation, formation of a mental body and, as completion of process, creation of a fiery body. This way it is possible and has to pass only with the Teacher from the Shambhala. Great Maitreya left before the pupils in a fiery body.
At the end of the seventh circle of our planet, everything which have reached a high level of development, will go to the Highest Worlds, - on other planets or to Boundlessness that under the direction of Gods to work on creation of the new Universes. Those who slow down the development from laziness, or on thoughtlessness, will go to the lowest worlds.
Boundlessness is Space, in which round the Central Sun rotate million Universes and billion Galaxies. The bridge between our, terrestrial plan and Boundlessness is the Hierarchy of Light on Earth which representation is called from time immemorial as the “White Brotherhood”. In the book "Agni Yoga" questions of various aspects are considered; from a universe, The Divine to practical, vital, connected with specific problems, spiritual self-improvement and the relations between the Teacher and the pupil.
Some Philosophical systems recognize personal God on Hindu terminology Ishvara Creating Force who creates planetary system, directs it and, on reaching it the evolution of a task set by the plan, destroys it. Each planet or system has the Ishvara, on Christian terminology of Logos.
All highest philosophical systems are suppressed with the church doctrine. "Having misinterpreted words of the Christ that "God is Spirit", Christian theologians made of God is Spirit not the principle, but a certain spiritual essence, having awarded it the highest human advantages. In the same way savages, with that only a difference imagine the god that god of the savage possesses the highest qualities of the savage, instead of the cultural person". ("A.Y.", Hierarchy).
Orthodoxy doesn't want to evolve. Icons, bones, belts it is a pure demonism, paganism from powers of darkness. Church fathers so are afraid of paganism, and wallowed in it completely. The owner of land keeps their consciousness in a vice. Jehovah before leaving to Saturn solved Powers of Light "badly to make" at parting. A drowning man clutches at straw. Listen a body - transfer and was surprised to ignorance. Participants at least read the Gospel. And to the leader as to the journalist, it is necessary to know more.
To the Christ who, according to the Christian Doctrine, there is a love, kindness and compassion, reproaches in injustice and cruelty always rushed. The believing Christian doesn't know that blows comprehending it are action of space laws, but not God. Misled by the wrong ideas of God, the believer and the suffering Christian asks silly questions concerning God. For example, why God allows that the crime if He in total knowing was committed? Why God doesn't stop abuse, if He is fair. And, sometimes, seeing the distorted faces of victims in accident, sends damnations to God and turns away from Him, doing this to itself irreparable harm. People are ignorant from is for the false doctrine of church which claims that God is Essence, which watches everything, everything knows and everything sees.
The world rules the Creative Power of Space making together Heavenly Hierarchy, personal and only Gods – Essence which exist in the Universe. Their is a lot of, and all of them reached the Divine condition, having passed through human evolution. All of them submit Uniform, at the head of Heavenly Hierarchy. All of them are God's Sons and Saviors of the world, because such name comes into everyone, reached God-human fortune and devoted to world service.
Million Hierarchs various steps of the power, force and power take part in creativity and management of Space. The Hierarchy is a link between not shown Divine (Absolute) and the shown Universe. Hierarchs of different levels and steps are true employees of the Divine, The Divine, helping to create and direct it universe evolution. Hierarchy represents the organization of a reasonable creative power of the Universe, - the Principal or Space Reason.
"There is a uniform chain of Hierarchy of Light, proceeding in Boundlessness, and all true Carriers of Light appearing and staying also now on our Earth an essence it’s Links. Sons of Light, comers from the Highest Worlds (Venus, Jupiter) on our planet for acceleration of evolution of its mankind also are the greatest Spirits which are at the head of available and next to us on karma of Hierarchy of Light, they are primogenitors of our consciousness, we are obliged to Them by our intellectual development. They belong to a chain of builders of Space; each builder has to pass human evolution then to become at the head of one of planets. Evolution is boundless, all Builders, finishing one cycle, begin another and again are born, but in the Highest Worlds. Ponder more deeply upon concept of Boundlessness”. (E.I.Rerich, "Letters")
It is necessary to know space laws which are shined in the new Doctrine of Live Ethics. The tamer of animals, at first kindles rage in them, and then tames. There can't be a movement without tension and therefore each forward Doctrine needs enemies and the Teacher. It is necessary to understand value of the Teacher and necessity of enemies. Only the Teacher will drive the enemy mad.
Thinking of boundlessness, don't consider itself by a grain of sand; our size is defined by a responsibility measure to the charged business. Only the law of obedience of Hierarchy can give lawful tension. Only this way it is possible to realize a way conducting in Boundlessness.
The legend on the Giant holding Earth, not superstition, and memory about "Uniform", accepted responsibility for a planet. After spiritual falling of the Lucifer, responsibility for evolution of a planet and mankind was assumed by the Head and the Founder of the White Brotherhood called in esoteric sources of the East Sanat – Kumar; one of honorable names of Maitreya.
Gor Reale (lat.) – Royal (imperial) heart. Free from egoism, perfect heart is expression of the person highest "I", his spiritual essence. The tsar, the Lord of heart is the Teacher leading spiritual evolution of the pupil on condition of its moral purity.
The spiritual address to the Teacher and concentration on its Shape is one of the main forms of practice of Live Ethics. Make it when your consciousness will prompt to have the constant image of the Lord.
Each bright image in the Third eye does it close and available. This psych power regularity underlies visualization. Visualization is ability of bright and accurate imagination of any object or representation.
If the Image of the Lord manages to be carried by through all life and, going to the highest worlds, take it with itself, life was lived not in vain. Most important to know strong for what the person on Earth and that this task was carried out successfully was embodied. At the statement Light Lord’s in itself, everything that from darkness in the world external, in World Thin will rise; in The Divine, helping to create and direct it universe evolution. The Hierarchy represents the organization of a reasonable creative power of the Universe, - the Principal or Space Reason.
"There is a uniform chain of Hierarchy of Light, proceeding in Boundlessness, and all true Carriers of Light appearing and staying also now on our Earth an essence it’s Links. Sons of Light, comers from the Highest Worlds (Venus, Jupiter) on our planet for acceleration of evolution of its mankind also are the greatest Spirits which are at the head of available and next to us on karma of Hierarchy of Light, they are primogenitors of our consciousness, we are obliged to them by our intellectual development. They belong to a chain of builders of Space; each builder has to pass human evolution then to become at the head of one of planets. Evolution is boundless, all Builders, finishing one cycle, begin another and again are born, but in the Highest Worlds. Ponder more deeply upon concept of Boundlessness”. (E.I.Rerich, "Letters")
It is necessary to know space laws, which are shined in the new Doctrine of Live Ethics. The tamer of animals, at first kindles rage in them, and then tames. There can't be a movement without tension and therefore each forward Doctrine needs enemies and the Teacher. It is necessary to understand value of the Teacher and necessity of enemies. Only the Teacher will drive the enemy mad.
Thinking of boundlessness, don't consider itself by a grain of sand; our size is defined by a responsibility measure to the charged business. Only the law of obedience of Hierarchy can give lawful tension. Only this way it is possible to realize a way conducting in Boundlessness.
The legend on the Giant holding Earth, not superstition, and memory about "Uniform", accepted responsibility for a planet. After spiritual falling of the Lucifer, responsibility for evolution of a planet and mankind was assumed by the Head and the Founder of the White Brotherhood called in esoteric sources of the East Sanat – Kumar; one of honorable names of Maitreya.
Gor Reale (lat. ) is Royal (imperial) heart. Free from egoism, perfect heart is expression of the person highest "I", his spiritual essence. The tsar, the Lord of heart is the Teacher leading spiritual evolution of the pupil on condition of its moral purity.
The spiritual address to the Teacher and concentration on its Shape is one of the main forms of practice of Live Ethics. Make it when your consciousness will prompt to have the constant image of the Lord.
Each bright image in the Third eye does it close and available. This psych power regularity underlies visualization. Visualization is ability of bright and accurate imagination of any object or representation.
If the Image of the Lord manages to be carried by through all life and, going to the highest worlds, take it with itself, life was lived not in vain. Most important to know for what incarnation the person on Earth and that this task was carried out successfully was embodied. At the statement Light Lord’s in itself, everything that from darkness in the world external, in World Thin will rise; everything, able to do harm will counteract. Process of the statement of the Face of the Lord is hard in a type of resistance of darkness. the Evil is created by a hand human, but goes darkness. the Victory over darkness consists in that to hold the Face of the Lord in heart. If something tries to separate from the Lord, these are powers of darkness.
It is necessary to live in beat! Daily, in the morning and in the evening, mentally approve the Face of the Lord in consciousness. The thought should be introduced in consciousness until it will grow and will get forces so that stupid counteraction of the covers will be won. The rhythm overcomes dark persistence and the rhythm reaches a victory over covers.
B. N. Abramov: "For the fastest self-improvement and spirituality development the most necessary condition is an incessant memory about the Highest Hierarch is and there is that great sacred contemplation, or concentration about which it is written so much and which so often is wrongly interpreted. Bearing in mind It all minutes of day and night, creating all our affairs for the sake of it, we gradually establish that connection which, at last, gives us hierophant - inspiration great power.
All this sounds so difficult, and at the same time it is so easy and simple if in heart sparks of love to the Teacher and enthusiasm to beauty and width of the Doctrine of Life didn't go out. These sparks will so easily flare up in a flame of unrestrained aspiration; direct, having before it Shape of Beauty. Unless not the highest pleasure is bring all itself on service to general welfare? The Doctrine of Life is given as a basis of true Knowledge, as well as an approach way to Hierarchy of Light, uniform in the Space greatness, existing from a century". At B. N. Abramov of 20 volumes of "placer"! All its books are written down on the Beam of the Lord of M.: also according to Mother of the World, E.I.Rerich (M.A.Y.), and N.K. Rerich (Guru). All of them stayed in the Thin Worlds. Life goes on eternally, on Earth we have to save up experience and knowledge. Epoch Maitreya approves the woman; the phenomenon of Maitreya is connected with the statement of Mother of the World.

37. Fiery World!

At the beginning of article I wanted to give pyramid drawing in thin lines and decided to look on the Internet. I found not that it is necessary, but I watched the interesting movie with some inaccuracies. I want to make amendments; E.P. Blavatsky was some millennia the schoolgirl of only one Great Teacher of M.: (look the previous articles). In this movie the name of God Osiris is mentioned. This one of numerous names – Maitreya (only 1008) , who Osiris the Highest not only in our Solar system, but also in the Universe was the Teacher of E.P.B. Solar Gods came to Earth from the Highest Worlds!

Mental energy is the mighty fiery weapon and, being applied by collective, will give consequences striking.1 The country, the first it seized, and its applied in the benefit, will be the country of the leader. Collective use of mental energy requires great discipline and organization of masses.

Fire, gold antipode, matter Beam-bearing, Light World Highest, Universe juice, elements the Highest and light, pervasive, Fohat … In the ancient time there are descriptions of Fire, its penetration of all subjects; there is no the heavenly body which hasn't been penetrated by heavenly Fire. God created the sky, the earth, waters, plants, animals, and the person and "in all this fire" was distributed. Fire is connected with spiritual, instead of with corporal forces of Space.

"… On the principle of Fire the world arises. Fire of the Centers, spirit fire, heart fire, fight fire, achievement fire, Hierarchy fire, Service fire is signs of the New World!" There are many gradation of fire of Good fortune. Everything has one beginning, but differs on quality. There is silver Fire, and there is black fire. Uniform mental energy lifts a knife of the murderer, or directs a scalpel of the doctor rescuing the patient. Fire and mental energy are indivisible; the second is quality of fire.

People prepare for death instead of learning the World Thin. Change of covers happens by means of fire. It is necessary to help fiery transmutations if they are inevitable. It is necessary to prepare our consciousness for a fire acceptability of our ph. The thought of a fiery transmutation will help our organism to apprehend this process in consciousness.
Why to spend centuries, the millennia what it is possible to make quicker? It isn't necessary to reject that lies in ourselves. Love and delight go out fires. Fire is necessary as the intermediary of all sublime actions. Clairvoyance and claurluhear is a fire-see and a firelear.

Words and thoughts generate fiery consequences; ourselves program our life, - bad thoughts we destroy, and good we create. Fire eternal fills all bodies and through them connects to the highest fiery energy. For the person it will be either life-giving or pernicious on the instructions of sent it. Words and thoughts generate fiery consequences. So it is processed juice Universe!
It is difficult to understand the fiery nature of things. Each stone, tree are saturated with fire, each rock, as though, a flame column. To come nearer to fiery energy, people have to realize a fiery basis of the nature. If the person understands that each body, each center are the creative strength of the person, it will be possible to show value of each center. Fire is combined with the thinnest energy. Property of ignition of this fire designates reception of pure fire from space.

Fire of good - "The world is difficult from the fine beginnings. Affairs worldly shouldn't be unworthy and shameful. Great consciousnesses worked on the world. They can't attribute ignorance perversions! When studying bases World Fire, first of all, it is necessary to agree in perception of the necessary concepts. Unless it is possible call an overheating, debauchery, theft, treachery by worldly affairs. They will be lower even than animal actions. Animals know when to stop required, but if the person forgot measures fair, because he was cast into darkness. Who think of the world useless, that not distinguish “right” from “left”. «As he will understand fire is of good? He will shudder from the opportunity to think about World Fire. Let's advice to friends distinguish the world from chaos and begin conversation about elements fiery, as about a subject of the next opening". (E.I. Rerich, "Agni Yoga.").
Fire Eternal is "Expression "to be filled with spirit very precisely. It is necessary to be filled with surplus of spirit. Whether means it, to make contact with Hierarchy of Light? Only the spirit scoop from the Highest Source gives updating and tension of fiery energy. Who thinks of egoism, of self-affirmation, that never scoops fire eternal".

Fire Great is AUM, OM, OUM. "Aum is a sacred syllable, the trigram unity symbolizing unity, as realization of the prayer bringing an organism of saying to harmonious sounding with vibrations of the Highest World that can promote inflow to it to high mental energy. Christian "Amen" there is a modified Aum option. Aum is a combination of the best vibrations (sounds, fluctuations, frequencies). When pronouncing Aum is made a sigh, which chemist will be beneficial? The ternary accord is said as OM! Two letters merge; the basis and the beginning are merged in one Indivisible.

OM is the greatest mantra, the power word. Truly said mantra rather developed person (this word is expression of divine force), introduces great harmony in a body and reason. Its mental effect is much stronger when this word is said not aloud, and mentally. But in any case, it has to sound not so loudly and in a "floating" form, without efforts. This word consists of three letters: A, O, M. Public "A" and "O" merge in "about". "M” is said by strong without unclamping of lips. Word theory
"OM" consists in that, the first sound "A" is formed in back (deep) part of a mouth. The subsequent sound of "M" is made by means of lips, and "O" is smooth transition between them. The word covers all range of possible vowels. Vowels bear the main force of speech, and concordant are the appendix of this force. Entirely the word is the creation act. Aum is mental energy of all three Worlds. Great Aum is the mental energy fed by a prana (the same that energy of All-initial, vital force).
Inspiration fire, the same, is as Love.
Love Divine. in the basis of all universe lies is aspiration to manifestation. It is an impulse or thirst of life which attracts all to an embodiment. In the highest aspect it also is Divine Love. All Space keeps the Space Magnet or Divine Love. The Divine Love conceives all worlds; it the great principle, the beginning of an attraction, affinity, Fohat (space electricity), electric power of affinity and sympathy, as divine love. Combination of pure spirit (a beam Uniform or the Absolute) with soul (буддхи – wisdom) make in the person a monad, and in the Nature the first communication between eternally unconditional and shown. Love Divine, the same, as Absolute.

Love Heavenly! Exist two qualities of love; the terrestrial is detaining and heavenly is directing. What set of create destroyed by the first and the same set is inspired by the second. The first knows all restrictions of space and consciousness, but the second doesn't need measures terrestrial. It doesn't become complicated in distances and judgments about death. The first knows the world as a planet, the second won't experience difficulties before planet destruction because before it all worlds. The second is lives in all three Worlds; physical, Thin, Fiery. It lights hearts for pleasure of the highest and that is indestructible. With we Will expand heart not for Earth, but for Boundlessness!
Love Platonic. "Ignoramuses vulgarize high concept of Platonic love; love according to Platon is pure aspiration and the inspiration released from everything vile of the sensual. His Love was sent to strong mainly to knowledge of ideas, to the Highest among them idea of good. Platon in love to the benefit saw the Highest appointment and pleasure of the person. Platon with all the heart directed to the Muse chosen by him – the patroness; it was a stronghold in its course of life, but this muse stayed in the Elevated world. The love for Platon was the great leading beginning; those who are full of aspirations to the finest can understand Platonic love only. No terrestrial aspirations for them exist and push away the roughness. Some sacred felt such Platonic love in to aspiration to the Highest. Such souls seldom meet on the terrestrial plan, but stay in the full accord and spiritual pleasure. Those who causes suffering and a grief to the family, let will be careful to speak about Platonic love". (E.I. Rerich, "A.Y.").

Love is the winner. "Sparks of laws of the Highest World are generously scattered by strong on the ground. It is possible to bring together them as the most precious treasures. All life becomes performance of the useful tasks entrusted from thought Highest. Not work bent, and heroic overcoming will be the Love sign - Winners. … The book about the Victim" will be now close to all soldiers ". Admiration of spirit is fine, but it is necessary to watch that they didn't weaken, but strengthened our energy. Time when leaving for spirit admiration will be possible will come, but now time is terrible also everything being on Great Service, are urged to bear the armor. Fight Unknown! Our debt to Hierarchy of Light and to mankind is executable. … Understand devotion and courage. I will cover your helmet beliefs, a chain armor of devotion and the Victory board. Our banner will be Love – the Winner". (E.I. Rerich, "A.Y.").

38. Boundlessness.

Not "Creator" and not "the Great Creator", but is Boundlessness!" In these words the essence of the Doctrine of Live Ethics about the Divine expressed. God, from the point of view of spiritual Teachers of the East, represents the impersonal space principle, the Highest Reason, the Absolute, instead of the supernatural personality ruling the world on the arbitrariness. God Is boundless, - the Incomprehensible Beginning, the Uniform Law of any existence!

Boundless world, which not have limits, boundless, infinite, too is, as and the Absolute. Boundlessness it is everything; life, achievements, knowledge, construction, beauty.
It is necessary to learn to use salutary influences of Lords, not only admiration, but also confidence that Wisdom of Lords, force of the distant worlds, fire of Boundlessness and light of a star of Mother of the World approve infinity of our existence. Try to take from space vital force - a prana.
In the person there lives concept of emptiness of space, - absolutely alien to Space. The thread of spatial Fire lasts in Boundlessness. Spatial Fire it is information on all Universe. As the Lord of M.: speaks: that there, even it is possible to find a beam and to send it to the person to relieve it of dullness. In space all types of the fiery energies, D. Mendeleev’s all table … Beams can cure, beams can create, like a board to protect, go out the Bowl flame (the fiery center of heart) …

Feeling-knowledge is a spiritual telescope, which gets everywhere, into Boundlessness. Feeling-knowledge is the highest. "Each person can feel hints on feeling-knowledge Nirvanas (the highest condition of spiritual aspirations) and Samadhi (a condition the Highest). But such hints are short-term; the terrestrial condition can't acquire them. To the person can seem that he unjustly faints, or flashes inexplicable fire, or loses corporal weight. Much will be the phenomena, which are noticeable to only expanded consciousness. Only the elite can realize the events. Each person can join the highest feeling-knowledge, but he has to keep spirit clean".

"Often you hear a cry, groan; why leprosy, why disaster … Poor mankind. We consider illnesses as your generations. Evolution doesn't need so many delays. The ascension ladder doesn't need so many excess steps. Not it is necessary to board to Our Your recognition, but to you it is necessary Our board». The space infected with low vibrations of low energies, or low thoughts and feelings, attracts not invited guests, in the form of various microbes of various epidemics. And not only! Low vibrations can attract clouds of insects.

The crust saturated with emanations of our actions and sated with crystals of our gloomy thoughts, represents resistance more firmly than a stone. But at continued aspiration of thought, this strong sphere surrounding a vice our Earth, maybe, in the form of easy evaporation disappear. The aspiration chooses boundlessness, instead of a heap of heaps!

Everywhere there lives fire of Boundlessness. In a key Eternal Love it is approved concept
Creator. The key of Love is a symbol. In Eternity and in work of Space boundless work is concluded. Work of the Teachers who have been eternally directed up, approving the Truth, striking an ignorance gloom; predict to us light of stars of a monastery of mankind. They urge us to come and tell: - "The world, I want to take your gifts. I want to fill the Bowl of achievements. I want, the Lord, your Achievements of Wisdom to enjoy the Bowl". Ignorant mankind, given the chance help Teachers to accelerate evolution our consciousness. Materiality not moves evolution; the spiritual consciousness enriches our planet.

Materiality not moves evolution; the spiritual consciousness enriches our planet! Direction mankind aside spirituality accelerates evolution!

To sound in a rhythm with Space, - means to realize greatness of Boundlessness. Basis of all a spiral is essence of eternal Spatial Flame. It is necessary to give a screw example to understand evolution movement. The more lots on the screw, the better it serves the purpose. Too it is useful for evolution that it had many turns. Evolution doesn't come back, but passes over the former stages. So, we pass all seven radical races in each subsequent circle. It is possible to present a tower with a spiral staircase; so there are people to Boundlessness.

Spirit understanding means that there is a spirit and its manifestations. It is that principle, which shows to the person a consciousness way. If the person is separated with forces of the Space Magnet, then he is doomed by strong only to physical existence. Only conscious acceptance of the Space Magnet uniting spirit with the highest energiya can approach the person to the law of space magnetism. If the person not connected with the highest energiya in the spirit of, he destroys the best opportunities.

The person is the highest manifestation of Space. It is named by the builder and the collector of all treasures of the Universe. Blossoming of the country is created with space influences. The collective, the directed thoughts is created at space influence. All great opening rush in space, as necessary parcels to mankind; who can strain the mental energy in a rhythm of space emery, those will accept in consciousness of treasure.

"Irrevocably go from the lowest sphere to the distant worlds; you aspire infinitely!"

As the heavy fate hangs over mankind thought of death. Ghost death is as an inevitable bowl for that spirit, who is separated with Space. Such spirit passes life aimlessly. But everyone can deserve immortality, having accepted in consciousness Boundlessness. Fearlessness before the end and aspiration to Boundlessness will channelize spirit to spheres of space limitlessness. Be sure of the immortality and in each action enclose a spark of creativity of Space fire. Realize immortality and Space justice, i.e. the Karma law.
Silence voice. Silence can be full of voices, and darkness can be full of light. Who considers space unfilled, that doesn't imagine powerful life of Silence, as speech of Space and Invisibility as Space voice? The beauty of Space is expressed silently. In Space speak heart. Keenness and vigilance can help hearing to catch the Silence voice. Let's learn to hear Silence.
Voice of Silence or Voice of the Teacher Hidden! This voice can be not only a voice of the highest I, but also a voice of the Teacher, these voices are inseparably linked between themselves. If ours I don't sleep, at true spiritual development, the highest I perceive a voice of the Teacher. Therefore if we hear a voice of the Teacher, we can hear the highest Message voice mental, too there is a Silence phenomenon.

In a basis Space lays submission the lowest to the highest. It will lead to clarification. The mankind subordinates that has to be the highest. When the highest (spirit) predominates, there is a transmutation (regeneration in the best look) the highest category lowest in property. Only the transmutation will advance mankind to Boundlessness.
Space is magnet. The primary source of life is the Space magnet. All astrology is constructed on the adoption of laws of Space magnetism. Life and its end are estimated in the same Space magnet. Term of the end of life came and the Space magnet will attract spirit. Loss of Space magnetism lowers the person on a bottom and it lifts at magnetism restoration.
The person can't exist regardless of the Space magnet. Only the Space magnet can include one existence in a chain for manifestation. Chain of existence not to interrupt, not to allocate itself, not to suspend a current is the Universe one stream. Freedom, which so suits the person, is illusion and in Boundlessness there is a freedom of choice.
The person himself can't promote. If to mankind showed results of acts, would be terrified. Therefore to collect New Race it is very difficult to Teachers. Immersion in darkness to Teachers isn't so favorable. From contact with our energiya of low vibrations they are ill.
The centers of Space are equal to the centers of the person, Agni's centers – the yogi. The person bears in himself all manifestations of Space. Assimilation of thin energiya represents the planned circle coinciding with a circle Space. Therefore Agni's synthesis – the yogi has the circular spiral. Each person has to have the spiral. The ascension of a spiral conducts in Boundlessness.

The center of evolution creates balance. The center of human thinking breaks it. Therefore, in time a good and evil disbalance, mankind has to reveal the accurate direction before Satia Yuga's era. Disbalance, which is now on a planet, has to cause shift inevitably: or continuation of participation of mental energy, or destruction. Continuation of existence depends on this approved force.
"Arhat and Tara bear rescue in construction of the best future. So put the Teacher New Race and a step of the highest merge. Agni of Yoga’s is a link between the worlds. If the mankind thought of forces, conducting to evolution, would accept the direction with the course of power of the Space Magnet". ("A.Y.").

39. God and man are.

"God created the person on the similarity, on an image of God created it". All Great Truth is identical in various religions. God is shown in the world. Who wishes comprehend God, that has to develop God in itself differently It will be always hidden from a look of the person. When the Highest I, which also there is God will reveal in you, then God who out of you, will appear before you in all the Greatness and Glory! the First step to true knowledge of wisdom consists in the Highest Consciousness disclosure; it is ability of the person to react to vibrations and to give answers to them. All forces are hidden in us, as the oak is hidden in an acorn. Help to itself and another see I in everything.
At the head of the states there are presidents whom authorities of different ranks in all areas of the state follow. And each of them is responsible before the higher. It serves as a fine illustration of Solar system. At the head there is Ishvara - under his management seven great deities to whom extensive areas are subordinated, and to it, in turn, subordinated the whole hierarchy of ranks angelic to the lowest gods who are carrying out the duties in one of settlements of Solar system.
The nature answered the harmonious relations of the person with a deity, paying the same – harmony, if the person did the duty and the nature executed the. People considered that the drought, a crop failure, a bad weather, plague, cholera and other human disasters grow out of sinfulness of people, and the person tried to return again to what he neglected in the beginning, and to restore, him the broken balance.
God is Wisdom, LIGHT which shines each person. Light doesn't belong to anybody, but belongs to everyone and all. Ability to perceive it grants the right to own it and imposes a debt - to share this Light with others. Theosophy – Divine Wisdom and the person, being a divine origin, can know God which life is concluded and in it. God is that spirit which is present everywhere – from the smallest atom to the Archangel. The unity of God and triple of his nature – the Spirit convergence in the Matter, - is Hierarchy of reasonable beings to which number the mankind belongs also. Gradual growth of consciousness and body evolution by transformation happens under the influence of the Karma Law. Existence of the environment, in which there is this growth consisting of three worlds – physical, astral and mental (lands, the mediating sky and heavens); existence of divine Teachers, super person.
All religions teach it, but sometimes something was removed on a background (a karma and transformation), but then again arose. To extend this Truth is a duty of each person who has adjoined to this Knowledge.
All religions are identical and it is proved by symbols, which are common language of all religions; the circle, triangle, square, cross, eye, the sun, star – bear on itself the silent press. Purpose of theosophy society – to lift consciousness of the members above consciousness of existing level and to learn live in the Spirit Great Teachers of mankind. The attitude towards the least developed members is expressed not in their exile, and in aspiration to lift and change them.
Solar system – an extensive field of evolution at the head of which there is a Lord, Michael the Archangel. He created for system a matter from Space air, filled with the Life, poured out energy, like streams of blood which feeds all system and, on exhaustion of nutritious properties, comes back to Heart – to the Sun again to be loaded with energy. The solar system exists for the sake of uniform I that all rudimentary I could reveal in similarity of God – the Father.
In the Thin worlds beings more developed, than the people invested with bodies from a thin matter and invisible to physical eyes stay. They are reasonable and active. Among them there are assemblies of the people deprived of a physical cover ("dead") which continue to be conceiving, active and loving. The Lord proves in the System in three aspects, as the Founder, the Guardian and the Revive – three in one. The first, Second and the Third Logos is "Word" for shown God.

Matter of Solar system is under construction the Third Logos, which forms seven main types of a matter. Each of these types has a certain density and the Consciousness Step. There are seven plans of our Solar system; two the Highest are Divine or super spiritual plans Logos; lowest of these two plans is the birthplace human I, Monads, God in the person. Two following plans - the third and the fourth – spiritual plans, reaching which, the person learns the divine origin. The fifth plan – Kama, animal soul or the highest astral body. The sixth plan – the lowest astral plan. And the seventh is physical.
Physical sphere. the Physical body consists of two bodies; from the firm body which is forming of the main parts of three lowest divisions of the physical sphere (firm, liquid and gaseous), and from the radio double, through getting a physical body and consisting of the materials, to inherent four highest divisions of the physical sphere. Main purpose of a physical body: to make contact with the physical world, to receive impressions from the outside and to report about them inside. These messages represent themselves that material from which the conscious essence living in a body develops all the knowledge.
The main thing; the radio double – to serve strong of the purpose, as the conductor for the vital currents proceeding from the sun that these currents could be used by firm particles of a physical body. The sun is the great tank of electric, magnetic and vital force of our planetary system which is pouring out many on our earth streams of the vital energy (a prana – the vital principle, unseparable from all manifestations in Space). In the same way radio doubles of minerals, plants, and animal, as well as people, turn these streams of energies into different types of energies which need each of the called beings. Ethereal doubles involve these currents and distribute by the corresponding parts of a physical body, the ethereal double is the lowest astral body. Many phenomena on spiritualistic sessions are made by strong by means of the radio double of the medium. At mediums the radio double freely, at night, leaves a physical body and travels in the lowest astral where rule powers of darkness. It brings information, and transfers it to a brain.
Tissues of a physical body can be rougher or are thinner depending on the materials taken from the physical environment for formation of fabrics and is capable to perceive various impressions from this sphere and to answer them. Vibrations which the physical body is able to perceive, it transfers to the physical centers belonging to its high-difficult nervous system. If knowledge of the person increases, he can reconstruct the physical body itself. Using pure food, it can be made obedient to will of the person. "Pure food, pure soul, a constant memory about God» is clarification way. As the highest being from all living on the Earth in the physical environment, the person is the deputy of God who is responsible for an order, the world and prosperity. This duty we will fulfill at, above the mentioned, three conditions! Radio vibrations which accompany vibrations of more dense physical components are perceived in this way by the radio double and transferred to the relevant centers. Radio vibrations are transferred to an astral body, and further they reach the consciousness center. But the radio double didn't reach that degree of completeness regularly to transfer to consciousness the impressions received by it irrespective of a physical body and to imprint them in a physical brain. If it manages it from time to time, then we have the lowest extent of clairvoyance.
Ethereal body and physical strong except for some cases – nervous excitement, poor health, anesthesia don't leave never, the consciousness leaves a physical body, being for it the conductor during wakefulness, physical and radio bodies remain together, but they function in the world of dreams independently from each other.
When comes death, the radio body is taken from the physical double by removed consciousness; the magnetic communication existing between both bodies, breaks and within several hours the consciousness remains, as though, shrouded in these radio clothes, looking like a cloudy figure is that we call a ghost. When the consciousness leaves also a radio body, the last can be seen soaring over a grave in which the physical double is put. Over time it slowly breaks up to components. When comes a new embodiment, the radio double is under construction again, earlier physical body which in the uterine period copies it.
Astral sphere. the Astral body is a link between consciousness and a physical brain. The irritations received by sense organs both transferred to the physical and radio centers, pass to the relevant astral centers, passing process of processing and turning into felling-knowledge. Then phenomenon before the person as objects of consciousness – astral vibrations cause corresponding vibrations and in a mental body (a thought body). The astral sphere represents space area; life there is more active and forms are more plastic. The astral world everywhere – inside and outside of us, but our physical body closes us from it; the physical body rough also doesn't perceive vibration of the astral world. The spirit – a matter of the astral sphere exists in seven divisions, as well as the physical sphere. Astral forms light and transparent also are combinations of an astral matter. The general view of the astral world is similar to the terrestrial – its most part is filled by astral doubles of physical objects. All significant objects (theaters, museums, libraries, art exhibitions) are for development of consciousness of the person, have the copies in the astral sphere. Who will want visit repeatedly "Hermitage" in Petersburg, there all to our services. In the astral world everything is visible through; back part of a subject as well as lobby, internal as well as external. All forms quickly change the outlines under the influence of thought influence. Thought World! Everything that wanted to have on the physical plan, but had no, in the astral sphere everything is possible; the house project in thoughts ripened, and then something wasn't pleasant, thought that it was necessary to make differently and the house will accept at once a desirable form.
When great evolutionary "the vital wave" passed through the astral sphere, the Monad attracted round itself "èlementaly essence"- viability, immediately to accept any form under the influence of thought vibrations. "Èlementaly essence" has many versions on all divisions of the astral sphere and can be visible as on the earth, during a heat, happen wave movements of air are visible. Indistinct thoughts in undeveloped minds in the astral sphere collect round themselves indistinct clouds of "Elementally essence" which envelops bodies of the people, attracted by their magnetism, but eventually breaks up again to merge with the general atmosphere of "Elementally essence". Clear, accurate thoughts generate forms with clear, accurate outlines and represent itself an infinite variety of drawings.
"Elementally essence" recovered by thought, becomes "artificial èlementaly", to create which it is possible feeling or desire, and not just thought – the first is much stronger. Distinctive property "artificial elemental’s" consists that, being directed to a certain personality, they are animated by uniform aspiration – to execute will of the one who created them. Protecting элементал will soar round to whom it is directed to distract it from evil thoughts and to attract to it kind unconsciously, a blind impulse, searching for the line of the smallest resistance. In the same way angry elemental will ransack round the victim, looking for a case to damage it. If the astral body of the subject has nothing in common with them, "artificial elementals", having recoiled from it, come back to send, following on a magnetic trace. Then fall upon the founder with a force corresponding to force of departure. Artificial elementals is generation of thoughts and if they in the big weight, what huge influence they have on racial and national feelings.
Except artificial elementals, the astral world is populated densely "natural" elementals", subdivided into five main departments: elementals air, fire, air, water and earth. The last four groups were called in a medieval occultism as salamanders, sylphs, undines, gnomes, etc. At the head of each of departments there is the powerful Being, leading reason of all department of the nature whom manage elementals, consisting under its control. So, Agni – god of fire, is great spiritual essence who knows all manifestations of fire in all spheres of the Universe and carrying out the tasks by means of an assembly elements fire. Levitation (a rising on air), circulation on water were sometimes made with the help elements air. Is elements– spirits of the nature: fairies and elves who meet in fairy tales?
The astral body of the undeveloped person represents itself cloudy, indistinct, isn't clear – the outlined weight astral spirit – a matter containing materials, taken of all divisions of the astral sphere, but with big prevalence of a substance of the lowest order owing to what fabric is dense and rough, and is capable to answer all irritations connected with animal passions and desires. The astral body is more extensive physical, and is allocated on the 25-30 centimeter on all perimeters is of a physical body. The centers of the highest activity are hardly visible; the person at this step demands for the development of strong feelings to awaken the nature and to force it to activity. Hard blows from the outside world – pleasures or sufferings, are necessary to awake and push to actions. Than is more numerous and feelings are stronger, the more strongly he will feel them, the better for its growth. At this step quality has small value, and on the contrary – quantity and force, here that is required most of all. The beginning of moral of human soul consists in her passions; the first unselfishness will be the first step up and will attract "èlementaly essence" corresponding look. The astral body incessantly changes the structure under the influence of passions. If they good- quality property, they strengthen thin particles of a body and throw out the rough. All bad passions cause the return actions and attract элементалов, helping damage and deterioration process. Kamaloka is a purgatory, a place or the dwelling of desires, where the dyed human beings pass clarification to pass to the best living conditions for human soul – reason.
Mental the sphere, the reason sphere, but not what is shown through a brain, and what freely acts in the own world, not constrained by a physical matter. This world also is the homeland of the true person. The English word "man" (person) occurs from a Sanskrit root of "man" which is a root of a Sanskrit verb to think, a rationality sign - the thinker, манас (lowest) which has to unite subsequently to Highest Manas, i.e. return there, from where came – to the visible Sun. The track connecting lowest манас and Highest is called "Antakarana" and length of a track is equal to distance from the top point of the mental sphere to the visible Sun. All Space is constructed on the septenary basis, including and the person:

40. Radical races.

Great Maitreya creates the sixth radical race, and "Agni Yoga" is the CALL!
Radical Races
The uniform Circle is Divine Unity, from where everything proceeds and where everything comes back. The circle – forcedly relative sense of limitation of human mind – premises abstract, eternally in cognizable Presence, and its Universal Soul Square.
The image of a white Disk on a black background is Space in Eternity before new awakening of dozing Energy of the Universe. The white Disk on a black background with a point inside – space and Eternity is able Pralaya (rest, a break between cycles). This point in World is the Germ; in its which will develop in the Universe. The white circle specifies that this plan is knowledge available to the person. On this plan Manvantara (cycle) manifestations because in this Soul dozes during rest Divine Thought begin Circle and inside horizontal diameter, symbol of divine, virgin Mother Nature in total containing Boundlessness. Circle and inside two being crossed diameters; when in a circle horizontal diameter is crossed vertical, it becomes a world cross; it is a sign of origin of human life means, the mankind reached the Third Radical Race. When the circle disappears, there is an equilateral cross, so that falling of the person in a matter came true, and the fourth radical race began. The circle and vertical diameter mean that sexless life changed and separated. In the fifth Race this sign became the Egyptian emblem. Is later a sign of Venus – a circle and under it a cross? the Esoteric Cali symbol of Yugi is the overturned five-pointed star with its two edges turned up, a sign of human sorcery, - a sign of "the left hand", used in black magic. the swastika, the Hermetic cross separated from a circle becomes filly’s symbol. Swastika in a circle is forward rotation of the Universe.

The mankind is in the fifth radical race, in the fifth sub race of the fourth circle in the very bottom matters when the physical body is issued, development of intelligence reaches a maximum level and, in the absence of spirituality, decomposition begins. In each race seven sub races; we will pass a way of a spiritual ascension in the fifth race - two more sub races (6 and 7). At the end of this way we will be in fiery bodies, but not all. Those who won't reach this level, will start passing in the fifth circle again seven radical races, but is higher on a spiral turn.

From the middle of the third radical race of the fourth, our circle the mankind in the development already was in a physical body and in each race (on seven sub races) is embodied on Earth an infinite set of races, gaining experience and information on how the person in various situations arrives, composing the Karma – the Space Law of Punishment.
The moon is more senior than Earth and is its satellite. Each globe of the lunar chain creates the generation in the Terrestrial chain. The moon pours out to Earth the life, energy and forces, it gave to Earth (in the fourth circle) everything, except the corpse. Moon rotation round its pivot-center stopped. Our Earth is the Moon splash. When our planet will reach the seventh circle, the Moon will be dissolved in the thinnest atmosphere the same as it happens to the Moon of other planets. The moon is to now cool garbage, a shadow, carrying a new body to which vital forces and the principles are transferred; it is doomed to pursue Earth throughout long centuries. They are interdependent and attracted to each other. Constantly vampire the generation, it revenge to it, impregnating it with the pernicious, invisible and poisonous influences, radiated by the occult party of its nature. It is dead, but her body stills the live. Particles of its decaying corpse are full active and decaying life though the body is deprived now of soul and is lifeless. Therefore its radiations are active and harmful; herbs and plants anywhere so don't grow as on graves – but emanations of cemeteries bring diseases and kill. It is similar to all ghosts and vampires – the friend of sorcerers. The moon sends to Earth mystical the Beam - Sushumna; perceived from our visible Sun representing a prism and, the received seven beams from the central Sun, disseminates in Solar system. The moon is shined only on the one hand.
Classification of the principles of the person is given in the previous article. Each principle has the cover. In total in the world septenary and each star body have six globes – colleagues. Our planet has to exist throughout seven circles (see drawing above). But the mankind quite develops only in the fourth – our real circle. To this circle "mankind" only was called so because there was no more suitable term. That became the person, passed through all forms and kingdoms during the First Circle and through all human forms during two following circles. Having reached our Earth at the beginning of the Fourth, the Person becomes as the first form, being previous by only mineral and vegetable kingdoms. During future three Circles (5, 6, 7), people, is similar to the Globe, on which he lives, will seek to accept the initial form Dhian’s troops - Koganu (Archangels). The person, as well as each atom in the Universe, seeks to become Godman and then - God.
The astral mineral, vegetable and animal kingdom to the Person demanded on the development of 300 000 000 years, but, after this time that these air figurative forms were condensed, more many millions years were required.
As the occult philosophy learns that the first mankind revealed by the highest semi is divine Beings from their own Essence. Hari (or Ishvara "Lord") – is Narayan, Vishnu is everything that is called as a machismo (in the Universe). Lakshmi (The Happiness and Abundance goddess) is everything that is defined as a feminine. Anything except them not exist; therefore, it is the Nature feminine, and Vishnu (the Father of the Universe) - its machismo. Vishnu is Brama and Shiva, and Lakshmi is Sarasvati (Brama wife) and Parvati (Shiva's wife) – because all three Gods and three Goddesses are uniform in three aspects.

The first Radical Race – the first people (a matter - forms) on Earth, were posterity "Heavenly Mans" - "Lunar Ancestors" or Pitris which there are seven degrees or Hierarchies. Jehovah is "the Lord of the Moon" collectively it is shown as Troops. Primogenitors of the Person is Fathers, or Pitri - "Founders" of our bodies and of the lowest principles. They are we, as the first persons – "Lunar Beings". "Animal soul", the lowest ego there was an exhalation of Jehovah, it that pulls us to decomposition if it lives without guidance and the Spirit superiority – the Highest Ego. That actually and occurs because of the Owner of land – Jehovah. But only spiritual Potentiality in the person can direct him to association, to become uniform with Infinite and the Absolute.
Divine Primogenitors, created people on seven parts of the globe, "everyone in the destiny", i.e. everyone created special race in various Zones. (Yogis - ascetics, Wise men) refused to create "Spirits of the Flame" – they were pure and wise, and Lunar spirits, confidants to the earth, created the person from three lowest principles (a physical body, a prana, a radio body). Those who aren’t able to create the immortal person, reject an unconscious sample (astral) a physical Being. Jehovah, the Lord of the Moon, couldn't create the Spiritual Person. He can't create the Spiritual Person, and scoff at mankind, applying occult methods, mastered. Who "awarded" us such "owner"? So always it turns out when the dull Essence holds a decent position. Expression "Fallen Angela" explains to us that earlier the Satan – Jehovah and its troops in general refused to create the physical person, they applied to become founders and saviors of the divine (immortal) Person. it is possible to Apply, but as it appeared, they weren't able to create it.

Lunar Pitri created people – the "Shadows", everyone degree below "Founder". At the following stage gave to the person of a bone (people were transparent and bones were visible). Then created the hermaphrodite is the bisexual person. The hermaphrodite was from two human bodies connected by vertebral bones at the top of a vertebra and below. Over time, after division of floors, having received a physical body, the person had a form of an anthropoid. Animals had earlier a similar division of floors and they started breeding sexually. As Lunar Pitri – "Founders" forgot to implant to the person brains, the head had a disk form. "Founders" entered in thin bodies into the created body’s human and, having forgotten about "greatness" and copying command of animals began to copulate with their females. The lord of the Moon – Jehovah too passed this way of falling and produced anthropoids – they are his children. God punished lunar gods for a gross blunder. What sort it is punishment? - Condemnation on the conclusion in the lowest area that is our Earth, the lowest in a chain. On "Eternity", - means duration of one Cycle of Life in darkness of the Matter or in the animal Person. Therefore their lives the former lord of the Moon – Jehovah, "Founder" and "Creator" of the person – an animal and monkeys in New – York, "Owner of land", a planetary Satan. Can therefore revenges people for the falling? Jehovah of the conscious person isn't capable to create , and on the site introduces the ideas – imaginations about creation of the new Universe. Intercepted foreign thought! This action is called plagiarism, and the person – the thief of foreign ideas.

There is a fable at I.A.Krylov about a spider that envied the merchant, "brought on cloth fair – such goods that it is necessary for all. To complain to the merchant of the bargaining the sin: buyer to a release aren't present – at a bench reaches sometimes a crush. The envious spider on profits was flattered – conceived to weave on sale, the merchant started to undermine. And to open a shop in a window it decided. Basis I based weaved all night long. Also thinks: "Only day will come, to itself it will entice all buyers". Here day came – but what? The envious person a sweeper dared - and with a shop down with. Spider that rages from disappointment is «whose is thinner fabric, the merchant or mine? » "Yours, who in it dares to argue? That is known long ago, - that in him to use if it doesn't dress and doesn't heat yes? On me talents those are unusable in which to Light of advantage isn't present though sometimes to them and Light marvels”.

"Solar Angela" presented us with a conscious immortal Ego – human (spiritual) Soul. Esoteric name of these Angels – "Lords of steady, constant piety", possessing the Fifth Principle is the Principal Reason (Manas) installed Yoga's system. The ego – the Highest I if it is merged with the Divine Monad – is the Person, and at the same time it remains "to the same and another"; The Angel embodied in it, identical with Universal Mahat on (Reason). "Spirits of the Flame", which refused breed in the beginning, offered themselves for rescue of Spiritual Mankind. To finish the septenary person, and to fasten them to the Spiritual Monad, it is necessary to add to three lowest principles two binding principles - Kama and Manas (Kama - the highest astral body and the lowest reason, Manas - the Principal Reason). The human Ego is the Principal Reason (the Highest Manas) - a fruit of reason and consciousness blossoming in the highest spiritual sense. The true esoteric sense of refusal of reproduction was that the majority of them were intended to an embodiment as future Egos of the future crops of mankind. "Spirits of the Flame" is those who in the middle of the Third Radical race, created Divine Race in the Shambhala under guidance of Great Maitreya, M. : !

"Sons of the Flame" - Sons of Yoga, Wisdom and Will at the beginning of the Third Radical Race stayed in purity and Power of thought (Kriâšakti) generated posterity which and was called: "Sons of Will and Yoga" They were conscious creation because the part of this race was already animated by Reason. In the beginning it was the Wonderful Being called by "Initiator", and after him the group of semi-divine, semi-human beings was created. They were in whom the Highest Spirits – Wise men previous Manvantara (Cycles) were embodied to create nursery for future Adherents on Earth for the real Cycle. "Sons of Will and Yoga", given rise by a pure way, remained isolated from other mankind. Great Maitreya is a tree, from which in the next centuries branched off all Great embodiments similar to Kapila, Hermes, Orpheus. It is the Personality, about which tell all legends of the East, It is Spiritual Authority of all devoted Adherents around the world; He is the "Initiator", called "the Great Victim". Being at Light threshold, He looks at it from within the Darkness Circle which won't break. Till last day this cycle of Life He won't leave the post. Why the lonely guard remains on the post chosen by him? Why He sits at the fountain of Preeternal Wisdom from which He any more doesn't drink? Because to It couldn't be learned more that He any more would know, neither on this Earth, nor in its Heavens. Lonely and tired travelers, coming back home, not are sure that won't lose the track in this boundless desert of Illusion and a Matter called by Terrestrial Life. He thirsts to show everyone which managed to be exempted from flesh and illusion bonds, a way to that area from which He is a voluntary exile. It offered itself (himself) for the sake of mankind rescue though, only few elite can use the Great Victim. Under the direct silent management of this Move – the Guru since the first awakening of the human consciousness, all other, less divine Teachers and Instructors, became heads of early Mankind. Thanks to these to "Sons of God", the infantile Mankind received the first concepts about all arts, sciences and about spiritual Knowledge. They put the first stone of the basis of ancient civilizations which so fairly are surprising of our modern generation of scientists and researchers".
"The third and fourth race became proud: "We are Tsars, we are Gods". » they took themselves wives fine from reason deprived, narrow-heads; they generated monsters, spiteful demons, males and females, small reason". "They constructed temples for the body human. Such characteristic of the first, real people in a physical form and their main property was – pride. And memory of them is damned; is what supplied posterity with property of the Satan. What was religion of these two races? Lemuriys’s and their posterity of a lemur - Atlases had no religions, or the belief based on belief. "As soon as the mental eye revealed for cognition, the Third Race felt the unity with the Eternally Existing, the Incomprehensible, Invisible, and Uniform World Deity. “Golden Age", Century when "Gods went on the ground and freely communicated with mortal" When this Century came to an end, Gods left and became Invisible. That was "Golden Age" of Atlases. In Lemur, in the third Race the image of Cain, an embodiment of Jehovah, who has killed the brother, was created; he made a blood spilling. The first races of the Atlases born in Lemur were divided on just and unjust. Everyone understood God in itself though, by the nature, I was an animal in the physical egoism. Internal fight between the Highest and lowest principles began. Those who pacified the flesh joined "Sons of Light and Reason". Those who became slaves to the Matter, became "Sons of Darkness"; they fell in fight of mortal life against Life Immortal and all fallen steel the future seed of Atlases. Races of Atlases were numerous, - their evolution proceeded millions years. Not all among them were bad, they became such by the end of the cycle, same, as well as we, the Fifth Race, gradually we become their similarity. The continent Lemurs who settled down in the Pacific Ocean, between America and Asia, disappeared as a result of volcanic eruptions, there were some islands, including Easter Island. But there was a new Continent - Africa. Lemur were embodied on the new continent, which was stretched from Ceylon to Australia is there was Atlantis which through some millions years «were covered by a wave" and it left on an ocean floor. There lived sorcerers, black magicians. Their some number escaped on Lanka's (Ceylon) island, among them was unsinkable (that in water Ravana doesn't sink …) - Jehovah who became then tsar Lanka. It exterminated good and created the evil until Gods made the decision physically it to eliminate. God Vishnu was embodied by tsar Rama and relieved Lanka of the fallen tsar.

Lemur's and Atlantis were a kingdom of Saturn (Jehovah) where people plunged into the Matter and forgot about God. Where Jehovah governs, always the continent leaves on a bottom; he is a grave-digger of continents. Where it, there is falling in a matter; money, desires, real estate, lies for low consciousness (sectarians). It is difficult to get rid of it. Those people, who lived with it on the lost continents and under its pressing worshipped to it, it found them then and ….everything fell back into place. And result one – resettlement to Saturn.

The third eye (Eye of the Cyclops) was closed after falling of Lemuriys’s, it it’s using in future centuries. The eye gradually hardened and disappeared; now he is buried under hair. "It left itself from weight of a gray matter of nerves, attached behind the third brain ventricle. Contains mineral is deposits and sand".

We are in the fourth circle of the fifth Radical Race, in the fifth sub race and passed a median point perfect the Spirit and Matter balance – balance between brain mind and spiritual understanding. Only in the fifth circle full development of Thought, as direct Beam from the World Reason, a Beam which more isn't detained by the Matter will be reached. Each sub race and nationality has the cycles and stages in evolutionary development. Our Radical Race passed the equatorial line and ascends on the spiritual party. Some of sub races are on a shadow, descending arch. Whereas others, having passed a critical point, which one solves, - there will be lost or will live this or that race, the people or a tribe, - are at top of spiritual development, as sub races. Everyone let itself chooses strong for itself destiny. In punishment for godlessness, during the next cataclysm at change of Races to be covered with a wave and to leave on a bottom together with the continent, or to continue to live in the Sixth Radical Race. E.I.Rerich in the twentieth century in an astral body went down on a bottom of the Indian Ocean and saw continent "Atlantis" structures. Change Radical Russ is always accompanied by cataclysms. All will be simply brought in a safe place; all sinners will be incarnate in...... ; also the wave will cover the continent …" X", and Atlantis will appear again - the Nature keeps balance. Not the wave heats the person, and personal actions unfortunate which self-willed ally goes and puts itself under impersonal movements of laws. The karma creates nothing and not outline, the person creates the reasons, and the Karma adapts consequences for preservation of the World harmony to return the World to an initial condition!! the Karma is the Absolute and Eternal Law in the Shown World. the Karma is uniform with in cognizable, it is one of which aspects; it is the justice Law before which all are equal, both God and the person.