Chapter 46 - 50

hether it brings experience for the sake of which the person came to this world? Life if doesn't bring due deposits, isn't necessary. In total in consciousness; the 46. Gate of the highest Knowledge is open.
Around pulses eternal life, continuously and constantly the changing the temporary forms. The person puts the small consciousness the Universe center, and terrestrial mind you won't capture Boundlessness. To see the boundless shining world out of itself, it is necessary to depart from the world. But on a way of separation from, self-dismissals, there is an egoism separating light of the Highest Worlds from consciousness of the person. Also the person in own juice and the direct environment cooks, expelling itself from the world big. Way of expansion of consciousness in any way - a way true. The care of others, - about a family, about the people, about mankind in general brings the person out of his small world. The statement of the New World in that, those persons it isn't taken away the taking priority place. To come to the Space scope of spatial life, it is necessary to be exempted from the personality, as to a butterfly from a cocoon.
Life passes, but wascension is defined by its condition. Environment - accompaniment for strong spirit. Not people around it is necessary to win, and. Without a victory inside, there is no it and outside. For weak spirit, even small obstacles are invincible. Everything depends on the correct polarization of consciousness. Not having anything, overcome desires – the winner; even it is impossible to wish too. The astral whirlwind created by strong desire, destroys it implementation. It is necessary to learn to own desires. If the desire owns the person, his will be paralyzed. How to learn? Without the Lord it is impossible! It the Alpha and Omega, It what their lives spirit, is food of a flame of spirit, oil for the heart lamp, force of heart fires. Without It not kindle fires, - therefore it is necessary to accept the Lord heart, - all the rest vanity. And it is necessary to look at the relations human as on something passing, - there will be less chagrin. Who wants fidelity, let "is on friendly terms" with loneliness, it never will betray. The future therefore victims are great also is great. Everyone will bring at a rate of consciousness on creation of the Temple of the Future. That the new was created, old has to die. Fight of the old and new will come to an end a victory of the new. Old it will be sacrificed to the new. Many will suffer, but evolution isn't considered with victims and sufferings. For the sake of an ultimate goal the whole animal species, vegetable life is destroyed. Races and civilizations perish to make room for the new. "The luxury of Babylon, knowledge of Egypt, magnificence and force of Rome, culture of Greece were replaced by new forms of the state life, having buried the past irrevocably under the fragments". The nature destroys one form and creates others. "And what life of the certain person or his personal interests means in this stream? » Getting of one form but keeping essence, which at each changes clothes in more perfect form? The form temporarily, but essence are eternal and aren’t destroyed. Experience is gained by a form for enrichment, transformations of essence, which doesn't die as seed of energy of grain. Essence, consciousness, conscience is one, the sixth principle. At sacred and conscientious people the consciousness has a disk form over the head. Ascetics - Agni Yogi unite the consciousness with spiritual heart, - the sixth principle, as well as Aura of the person. As you can see, Buddhi has many aspects. The essence of life consists in a physical form, which in itself anything. The so eternal and immortal is shown in mortal for identification of the essence in infinite process of evolution. (Eternal essence is consciousness, essence of life – a physical form).

The consciousness should be accustomed to conditions of the Thin World already here, on Earth. The World Thin cope Thought. There opportunities are boundless but that to use them, it is necessary to know. If the knowledge was negate on Earth that with this denial of people remains in the Thin World. The strangest, most fantastic fairy tale is anything before bright reality and opportunities of the Thin World. And people and continue to live as on Earth. Go, eat, drink, sleep, bear malice and sit on the dark corners of the thought-creative cellars and pity hovels. The shining plastic substance of a matter of the Elevated World is ready to pour out in any form and to become a construction of the reason, which has created it". Having these inexhaustible riches, people are content with remains of the poor imagination. Process of any construction there very fast, - everything depends on the clearness of visual representation. Why to put the house on bricks if it is possible to make at once, having created a picture in all details of the finished representation. Why, walking, to go where – if it is possible to be transferred mentally there with velocity of light. But without knowing opportunities of the Thin World, people there everything does as did on Earth, without knowing that there a condition others and demand absolutely other approach. There the loved one can present everything that the will want, and to create for him any living conditions. The World Thin is the world of boundless opportunities for those, who know.

Useful it is possible to be always if not to think of itself, and of the benefit of others. Light radiated by aura, will shine everywhere, where darkly. The planet is shrouded in a gloom therefore it is so necessary for Service Light and the light to the world. The harmonious condition of aura will be an indispensable condition if it isn't reached, all high and beautiful words will be empty. Full compliance of the said word and aura radiations is necessary. Discrepancy makes a dissonance destructive in space and in aura of the listener, and the most speaking. Therefore at disharmony of spirit it is better to be silent. The vow of silence is of great importance for discipline of spirit. Each withheld word will be a victory over. And at clouding words lightful usually aren't told. Silence – armor protective or a bridle on feelings.
The doubt always follows moral degradation which means blackout or Light fall in aura. The darkness easily gets into a protecting network. The one, who is pure spiritually, won't doubt. There is nothing neither secret, nor obvious wouldn’t that bring the consequences. The law has no exceptions. The address to the Teacher is fruitless if it isn't supported by heart fire, - direct link of cause and effect. For the help of the Teacher the wire which keeps from two parties is necessary. Therefore the Teacher asked: Whether "You believe? «That is, whether the connecting threads is fixed from the one who needs the help. And, if the answer was negative, the Help didn't appear because the law bilateral communications of consciousnesses remained closed, and the Beam of the help jumped aside from aura of disbelief and denial. It is told: "And much I didn't make on disbelief them". "I will send all help, I will send impossible, but you hold a wire strong".
In the Thin World creativity of the person is limited to his knowledge received from this day. "Often the Teacher should spend excessive energy for creating illusion of hopelessness at the pupil to look as it will cope with test. Many psychological receptions are applied by the Teacher to find out up to the end that coasted by everyone, wishing to come nearer to the Teacher. It isn't enough to want and direct, it is necessary to become an embodiment of desirable achievements, - to be the truth recognized and approved by spirit, therefore, so few true pupils. It isn't enough elite, though it is a lot of called". The space consciousness leaves a circle of the personality. The personal element disappears over time absolutely and is replaced with the super personal beginning. Loss of small consciousness will lead to the birth big; - the pity hovel is replaced with the temple. The interior stretches far beyond one small terrestrial life. In spheres of the Highest Elevated the consciousness rises over the passable terrestrial personality and sees itself spirit the Identity carrier on which core are strung as a necklace beads on a thread, certain terrestrial persons. The personality is material, Identity is spiritual. Then the personality takes a due place and doesn't cover the life horizon. It will be a victory of spirit over a body. Recognition of the Doctrine of Life without any violence over will be pleasure of the spirit which has found release. The freedom of choice always remains for the pupil and doesn't deprive of it achievements. There can't be violence when following for the Teacher. Freely there is a spirit. The teacher will help to understand a decision inaccuracy without violence over freedom of the pupil. Treachery is inadmissible, and made it is cut. It is necessary to trust more to the Teacher and not to be afraid of inconstancy of his Love and Attention. The Teacher is unchangeable and an appeal Is ready to answer always and coming Won't expel. The comer to the Teacher has to be sure that the name of the Lord wins everything, if with it together.
Space works in rhythm. And the pupil has to live and act in beat. Loss of a rhythm can serve as the reason of a rupture of a silver thread. The rhythm should be protected if it is established. No self-justifications will help the one who itself deprived of Light and rejected the Beam. Loss of a rhythm equals almost to loss of communication with the Teacher if the rhythm entered into Communication. The rhythm has to be approved despite everything. The beam is accompanied by the corresponding spiritual attire if it consciously is accepted by that to which it is sent. On the accord Space is constructed. Harmony of the accord with the Lord is only special case of general action of the world law. Gate of the highest Knowledge is always open for the one who is allowed. Not in personal it is necessary to look for the decision, and generally. The general welfare is included in the spiral course of evolution. Personal, separated from the general, cuts consciousness from the World Source of Life.

"The course of evolution receives the direction from the Stronghold and at the head – the Leading Lord".

"The plan of Lords should be accepted completely and heart. Not personal, but the General Welfare of all people is staked. "To be or not to be", - the question is so raised. Sufferings of one will bathe a fate of all planets and its further existence is provided. Without Hierarchy intervention the former tide of life already would lead to inevitable accident. It is necessary to make collective efforts that to avoid it, - prayers, and a call about the world. Personal it is necessary to postpone, and to think of the General. Teachers apply great care that on Earth to preserve the peace and those, who helps them with this Great task, to its assistants and employees. In mankind hands such energy, such huge power when only friendliness and cooperative cooperation can create the necessary conditions for from use. The great and urgent task will help to unite all even the differently conceiving. Call of the current hour should put all heart because on the channel of heart there is a mankind association. Heart merged in uniform aspiration with Heart Great, force has the light to pour out on surrounding spheres, strengthening them and impregnating them fiery space. Assistants betrayed and directed to me full-heard are necessary to me. Beam I Can sends that it shone and shone around".
This text was written down by B. N. Abramov in 1956 on the Beam of the Lord of M.: *Post-war time, when Russia and all Europe restored the destroyed cities and villages, plants and factories, Jehovah – the devil from the USA swung burning torch with threat of the next war. Not America, and "the traffic controller is evil", - beget of all villainies tightened again two conducting countries in race of arms. Not the USA Jehovah applies for leadership on a planet, and, the planetary Satan detains mankind evolution in hope to bring a planet Earth out of the Space chain. The hierarchy of Light rescues a planet from explosion and keeps our "House" for mankind. This year 70 years since Jehovah – a devil with the army to Saturn had to leave. Pay attention to the offer in the previous paragraph, allocated with the semi boldface text. What victim they themselves show! Reflect! And what contribution we bring in General Welfare of people? At least a collective prayer we are obliged to help ourselves.

Every Sunday at 12 o'clock repeat words: the Supreme Divine Essence the Absolute, daring’s from our planet Earth Jehovah – a devil. Its term of stay expired in 1942. For 70 years he was late on our planet. Relieve us of its presence. He is beget and the traffic controller of all villainies. He is murderer, liar and father of lie". To repeat seven times!

The person comes to the physical world to save up experience and to transfer him to consciousness. To live life and to return back, getting nothing, will be great inexpediency, Talents are given everyone, and from everyone will be asked that it made with the wealth, Alla Borisovna Pugachova came to the world to become "a live legend" and, using the popularity, and general love to all people to carry out the main task of the embodiment. The obsession Jehovah – a devil took away her in other direction, - to serve as a subject for conversations and a gossip. Careless will be, we send again and again while there is its way fruitful. Task and conditions, probably, will change. Will be, we plunge the person again and again while realizes the appointment. Many fires promote Communication with the Teacher, but the main thing is fires of the heart, the lit centers. They don't light up at once. Fruits of many intense lives underlie this phenomenon. The Teacher knows only and sees when time for this center comes to wake up. We ascend fires therefore Fire is eternal and integral acquisition. Without them there is no advance. Therefore on change of races the Fiery Yoga, - a way of evolution of spirit Is given. The revealing centers catch the events imprinted in the Invisible World and are ready to go down to Earth. So thoughts of the Lord, getting to the opened receiver, crystallize in the finished forms and are imprinted in consciousness. Instead of radio, the receiver and the transmitter are the consciousness and the fiery device of spirit from nerves and the nervous centers. Consciousness Receiver more sensitive, than radio receiver. Opportunities it are boundless because include phone, the telegraph, television and transfers to energy to distance with a certain task or an assignment.

The thought hidden manages affairs human. It is necessary to learn to dispose in the organism. The person in itself is the owner over everything! Activity of anybody can be strengthened, or to weaken will. The will directs thought with a certain task, and body received a task, without having the will, executes the order. Fiery energy is in hands of the person. Lunar consciousness is heritage of the remote past and fiery antipode in the person and her enemy. The symbol of a coming Era - Is uniform the Pastor and the herd is uniform. The tree of happiness blossoms for those who recognizes the Lord: "You, wishing the nobility, come to me, and I Will sate hunger of your spirit. You come everything wanting knowledge, it above all. I wait".
Conditions of selectness are cancelled. Invited all, but everyone does to the elite itself. The personal merit gives a spirit wreath. All are equal before Light – all the Ray of light. The problem of a food is a little studied by Light. Light – the best assistant to the person. There comes Light era. Without the Sun there is no life. Both to a stone, and a grass, both poor, and rich is all the Sun Beam. The sun of Great Heart shines over the world. Lord of M: there is a Sun of life, the Founder of our planet and everything that on it. He is the first Hierarch of our planet and the First Hierarch of our Solar system. We are created just like God's, - we will direct to assimilate to the Hierarch! It is necessary to equal always on the Highest! The sun ascends over kind and angry, but Beams of special function only over attendants of Light.

Live never-dying hope of the future, wait for world evolution. Hope approve by work in full accordance with the Great Plan. The hope corresponds to real advance of life and will play creating role. The hope possesses huge dynamic force! Thoughts will collect the necessary elements in space and will lead to execution, - materialize; help powers of Light at least thoughts.
Light and pure thoughts will reflect the light in aura, which will shine everything brighter and brighter, shining everything around. "The aura prevents to see black out through the muddy radiations: like the polluted glass, - it doesn't pass pure beams, leaving on received images the dirty prints. The person sees through the aura and it should be kept clean, preserving against coloring by astral emotions. The personality is the worker – a bee collecting honey of experience and Knowledge for Immortal Identity of the person. Being on service at Identity, it is obliged to carry out the appointment of the sub office and temporary assistant. If the personality "pulled a blanket on herself", upon transition of Great Borders the personality and small "I" disappear, - from their activity remains nothing. Light thought of interests of others as the super personal feeling punches a shell of aura's egg. Those who brightly live for others, for a long time remain human in memory, approving the immortality on Earth. Those, who admires the fine persons who have gone to the Thin Worlds, sends them to energy them. The egoists living life only for, in the Thin World will be, as the dried-up leaves.
The person can keep balance planetary only, and he is his violator. Respond all to an all-planetary appeal to coherence, - to a consent, friendliness and cooperation. Cooperation between people will give the chance to approve the world on Earth, coherence between energy of the person and space.
Storms, cyclones and whirlwinds over earthly crust are generated by energy human, cause the same storms of underground fires. The combination of human energy and underground fires can give explosion planetary. The planetary Satan aspires to it Jehovah. Revolutions, wars, partition of the states with the subsequent aggression of citizens can give powerful accumulation of dangerous human energy. To it has to be put an end, - the body of a planet cannot sustain. Let's put a board from actions of a planetary Satan of Jehovah, - balance! Irritation, foul language, shouting, loud laughter, hysterics, - all this works for darkness. "And then it is necessary to warn ignoramus’s biped about madness created by them. Heavy, the few Strong Spirits should maintain a pressure of fiery elements. Responsibility for Earth we Bear, for million drones". Everything who divides work of Teachers, are assistants of. Everyone bears the cross not for itself, and for all mankind. The slogan of the New World is one for all and all for one. Leave time for this purpose that is really important. Hastily stock up with knowledge. Also the specking will come true: "Deserts will blossom, art will be ennobled as the highest means of education and people education, and cooperation will pour out in friendship of the people and cooperation. Work becomes pleasure". So speaks the Shambhala of the Lord. We had it at the time of the Soviet power, but Jehovah – a devil race of arms exhausted our Union, Art. 17. And the USA exhausted and I involved in eternal debts, Art. 25.
"From Earth we go to fire, changing consciousness and adapting the centers and nervous system to fiery perceptions. About fiery transformation of life tells the Doctrine? It is inevitable space, as movement of stars. It is necessary to fly ahead of time, feeling space calls. Heavy fate lagged behind, - address in a dust and become garbage. Keep in line with evolution is a precept all. And you, who have understood, go ahead of it. It is necessary to outstrip life that was what to give those who go after. The stronghold is a vanguard of evolution, this design bureau, and Lords – planners of planetary and space scale, - in total from them. They sate space with images of those forms which have to be realized". If the darkness, in an image of Jehovah – a devil, under space laws was removed to Saturn, life on Earth long ago would become fine. But everywhere counteraction to Light is observed. Enemies of evolution threaten with crushing return blow. Nothing can resist against it. The exit one or go together with evolution, or to be it distraught. Therefore adjoin evolution irrevocably. Evolution is updating, improvement, thinning and development of forms of life. Counteraction to light be vain, is dark are doomed, and their fate is predetermined. Way one is to the Lord, all the rest – a mirage. . "My doors for recognizing Me and to me directed are open. “I Is Alpha and Omega”. To me directed connects itself with the beginning and the end of everything that is, and that closes the Eternity circle". Never the Lord while heart is turned to It leaves. And the one, who will address to It will be never rejected. The standard virtue often marks time, without having aspiration. "That from this that water in a well pure, - is cold in it and is gloomy, and the Sun beam never reaches there. We prefer the ringing mountain stream, which streams sparkle and shine on the Sun thousand multi-colored fires. We love the morning song of a spring, but not stiffened gloom of a well".
* One of conditions of knowledge of the unknown, it is necessary to formulate precisely in consciousness a question, creating a magnet basis. Distant Worlds! We don't know anything about them. But, at concentration the thought will collect everything in consciousness and elements, which even in memory wasn't will start being tightened. Let's take for an example Venus. People on it live, is the step of evolution is higher our, terrestrial. At the head there is a Hierarchy. Difference between her Hierarchs and people of a bike is, as and on Earth. Its mankind promoted much further. Dark there isn't present. The evils as on Earth doesn't exist, and, so aren't present fight against Light. More perfect future fights against imperfection of the present, but without intervention of a black brotherhood which there doesn't exist. We still should pass a similar step after leaving dark to Saturn. The mankind on each planet develops unequally. People on Earth pass the same steps of evolution which on Venus are passed earlier. Difference in that dark there don't detain it a current. "The centers are open and at many function. Clairvoyance, clairvoyance and thought-reading is available almost to all, but in different degree. Both worlds invisible and visible are open for consciousness. Know that becomes on Earth, and help us. There is no class division; there are no races, nationalities and division on a treatment of light and shade. There are no states, - the mankind represents a family. The beauty is a form of expression of all life; people, at home, things, and subjects of all use are beautiful. Forms of the highest matter and energy are at the disposal of the population. The need, hunger, natural disasters, diseases, droughts, crop failures are unknown. Purity and beauty in everything! There are no hand-written laws; - the moral code of everyone gives the chance to do without police, prisons and punishment measures. But as are perfect not all and recurrence is possible, backward individuals (not pacified are brought together according to the accord and relationship. Animals on meat don't kill. People don't use bloody food. Everything which isn’t breaking harmony of spirit is healthy, clothes of positive flowers. Colors of death and decomposition are absent. Nobody carries on itself anything painted in black color. In a microcosm of people and planets these colors are absent. The astral body of a planet purely and shines strange paints, the atmosphere is cleared of decomposition fluids. The dead indulge in burning. The infection and decomposition centers in the form of cemeteries don't exist. Not religion, and the Life Doctrine one, Uniform for all Space, corresponding to an evolution step. Flowers and vegetation are fine. As the main car the device of the person serves, mastering by which energy allows working wonders, subject to the Supreme Laws. Collective use of energy of a human body is developed. People fly, thought perfectly know. There is no phone, radio, television, - everything is replaced human device. Money isn't present and greed isn't present, - everything is available much. There, in comparison with our Earth, paradise. But even this paradise is far from perfect which exists on higher planets". (B. N. Abramov "Agni Yoga facets", 1956.). . Come nearer to the Great Lord.

47. Information field.

of Record of Boris Nikolayevich Abramov, the next pupil N.K. Rerich received from the High Source about what there is a confirmation E.I.Rerich.

"There are planets of death, the moon decaying. My Star - a life Star, and its Beams - essence My there are life Beams, - life giving. I am essence; I show beams of my Star. I on Earth, but not is from Earth. I and My Kingdom not are from Earth. I Came to Earth, then again to return on My Star and to take with itself you, Me the subsequent. I Call you to My World, the World of Light of life, because you Mine from a century. I am your Lord and the Father, and you - Mine. Light from Light and you from My Light, from My Light is. All, that from Light is in you - Mine. Everything, what not mine - from Earth? Terrestrial you will give to Earth, astral - to an astral, thin - thin, but mine which in you from Light, with Me will arrive because you mine because you - My Light, which in you. You accepted Me in the heart itself, and I Accepted you in Myself, and we merged together, Light in light, uniform essence over the world of shadows, which it is transit. Passing shadows terrestrial - so we will call them. Therefore in Me Light therefore in Me - life therefore I, in your Real, am Light from Eternal Light, which was, is and will be in Boundlessness the Source of radiating Light. To be in Me - means to be in Light and to be light. To My Light directing becomes light carrier. "

"First of all, it is necessary to remember that nothing passes completely. On aura there is a glyph of each thought and each action. To protect the terrestrial actions – means to the movie of the life to make such that at its viewing it was possible not to be ashamed a tape of it before anybody. Somewhere recorders all are. Records of the past can't be changed. Therefore, the operator movies of the life have to think that he brings on a no erasable film of fulfillments. Also it has to find both force and courage in itself(himself) to give the account in the actions".

"Mankind – the transformer of spatial energy – has a task to transform them to the benefit. Even in the power of it to use an adverse combination of stars on creation. There is nothing in itself neither good, nor bad, the consciousness does everything is as follows: or good, or bad, or turns into the benefit, or into the evil. The power is given to the person, refracting in itself Space energy, to paint them light or darkness. Their nature depends on a corner of the appendix of energy. The sword brought rises or in protection of good, or is angry. So the lord of Space power named the person, and the evil, if light, which in it, – darkness is great. And is even worse, if this darkness collective. Our task is human to direct energy on creation and construction. It is important right now when the World Ocean sends unprecedented charges of Space energy to Earth. How to dispose of received inheritance? It is possible to dispose and it is unreasonable, having sent this power to the evil. Or people will seize it, or it people. Mastering means control over it and submission. Otherwise it will carry all dams and dams, as waters of the broken violent river. And then will think already late of how to direct a working wave on the turbine, because won't be nor turbines, nor installations, the dam. Madness should be constrained, for the present not late. We in the Tower in tension unusual and you we Ask to help, having become even closer.. Through you we will pass charges of neutralized energy. Therefore you store balance the most intense. Not having it, are useless, and Us you not in forces to help. .Here, I Speak, nowadays it is necessary to me from you that balance kept any more for the sake of itself, but for the sake of General Welfare. And then your receivers will be able to sustain the powerful category of given energy, and besides without special consequences for an organism, but with great advantage for a planet. The consciousness receiver, balance not approved and not held, loses ability of containment and leaves out of operation. Sadly, if it happen while your help is especially necessary to us. And not for the sake of yourself, but already for the sake of the Teacher you store balance by all means. At the same time, it also will be check that that costs and where words come to an end and business begins. Not passed tests it is drawn from account as a being weak, unreliable and useless a minute of the valid need. Also I don’t ask, but I Demand balance of spirit if you want to share my burden a minute of sharp intensity and danger of the general. It was much spoken about balance. Nowadays I Want to point to its spatial and planetary value for those who concerned spatial work. It is impossible to support and keep as it should be a planetary Network of Light if it is in a condition a disbalance. The distorted surface of a mirror of spirit will distort sent Beams; will break their interrelation and harmony and chaos losing vibrations will transfer instead of pure, clear and improving Rays of light. If the blinking and going-out lamp on a beacon can bring disaster what to tell about Light beacons, my Light burning if disbalance the internal breaks Light giving. Not the darkness will replace Light Beams? Responsibility for Earth realizes! Thoughtlessness suffices! Not to yourself – common cause you harm, to General Welfare, and wounds you put to Light with the irresponsibility. And you balance approve in the Name My and Me for the sake of because differently it is impossible. Not to dead persons I Address, but to the live. On whom I Can rely, what a minute of extreme need I Will find it’s sharp-sightedly awake on patrol? Be awake because you know neither day, nor hour. I Told".

"The consciousness of the carrier of light always belongs to the plane of the highest, than consciousness of the people surrounding it and his contemporaries. In it its difficulty, and in it its feat, as if the person of the highest race among savages. So it also is actually because consciousness of the Adherent can outstrip the general development of humanity by all, and in rare instances and more. It is possible to call actions reprehensible. The known quantity of mistakes can cause a stop of evolution of spirit that heavy lays down on consciousness hopelessness. Not the Teacher Exempts from consequences of offenses, saying the specified formula, but from pressure of the freight preventing to spirit to move on an evolution spiral. Having exactly dumped the weight paralyzing spirit the released consciousness on the way of ascension directs, but having taken a cross with itself, that is a karma of the made acts. That Kim in a way, not is told about remission of a sin, but about release from its power over consciousness preventing to consciousness to move. Hopelessness the spirit is unsealed spirit by the power of the Teacher, and, having risen, can continue the interrupted way. This chance is given all, even to the robber and the loose woman. Under the influence of Sveta Uchitelya the person finds opportunity to direct spirit, despite freight behind shoulders. The person finds, it is necessary to live in a vice of the lowest consciousnesses. This burden of surrounding imperfection should be born not only It, the Highest, but to each high distinguished spirit. Where the lowest consciousness feels quite at home, the consciousness distinguished chokes and suffers. In the development it evolved dramatically forward, and it should rotate in the rough, imperfect and not corresponding to its level conditions. Therefore, bearing voluntary mission in heavy living conditions terrestrial, the feat terrestrial is made. The purgatory phenomenon on Earth especially aggravates is pity bowls of poison. It is necessary to understand sufferings of the developed consciousness in a vice of greenhorns. The Question: when is often set it will be easier? Unless the consciousness can, ascending and thinning, do a way easier? Only one thinning in itself forces to feel sharply burden of imperfection of the low plane of consciousnesses. But it is necessary to pass through a purgatory, to enjoy a bowl of poison, pressure of the lowest sphere to undergo and come out the winner from this continuous collision of the highest with the lowest. And not only win, but also feasibly to raise the general level of thinking human. As the tow pulls for it barges, slowing down the run, and the attendant Light of energy believes is all on Service to the General to the benefit. Easy feats don't happen; also there is no easy life of those who follows the Lord".

"It is impossible that one person could forgive sins to other person that is neutralized or stop the course and development of the reasons generated by this offense. Both roots is and consequences of these energiya out of the power human. The causality wheel which is started up in action can't be stopped by neither a repentance, nor remission of a sin even for a payment. The formula "Your Sins Say Goodbye to You" is and still given. But even to followers it is told: "Take the cross and follow Me". In the opinion of the addict the press of a self-condemnation and falling lies. Sins, that is the acts causing heavy consequences impose the hopelessness press on the spirit which allowed them. Cause and effect are connected by a straight line. The harm making a mistake puts first of all to itself. Itself the wounded of the microcosm the greatest freedom ascend spirit, despite everything. Only this way it is possible to understand atonement and the expiatory victim of Christ Redeemer of a fiery mascot of force have no. Light for darkness is impregnable. The darkness can harm only when its elements filter in this or that look in a microcosm human. Therefore cracks, even small, in devotion, love and readiness are so dangerous. Light which isn't darkened by anything imperforation able is also impregnable darkness. Therefore the benefit if the pupil can tell: "Here the darkness was up in arms against me, but I am not afraid of it because has in me no anything". Dark can harm after the accord". "…. It is necessary to appreciate very much those who, often without knowing the purpose the final, firmly and persistently light’s fights on the party of evolution that is forces. And not words, but affairs define a place of everyone in camp Light’s and darkness. Everything is mixed, and millions biped, considering themselves as supporters Light, serve the evil because go against evolution. And no external differences, belief or names, or belonging to this or that movement matter if the person goes against requirements of evolution. Who with evolution, that with Us, who against, that against Us is and against Light. The great Country assumed heavy mission of rescue of the Planet and mankind from destruction. Merit of its bike is. The victims are incalculable, and difficulty is extraordinary. But it is a victory in everything and it our help. She will approve the phenomenon of the New World on Earth. Churchmen will show to it ardent resistance, and the church will appear in camp of powers of darkness. And again I speak to them, Pharisees and scribes of church nowadays have your temple empty. Not with you I, but with those who to the world bears the world and am concerned about small and orphaned people of the Earth and to them helps for the sake of the future. The temple of science and art is erected. Through science and art what the religion couldn't give to people will come, will come Knowledge".

"Burden – is from understanding of possibility of unprecedented world accident. The bases are shifted. Underground fire is intense. The mass of brown gas waves presses lowlands. Break of underground fire will cause cataclysms. The prevention was – Chile. The world is necessary to the world to bridle destruction forces. The pigeon – rescue to the world bears. Tension of spheres unusually is. The distinguished consciousness serves as a barometer a planetary state – and still not darkness ahead. Strong we Give the guarantee to a victory, but it is necessary to have transitional time. The wave leaving
Cali-Yugi alternate with coming Satia-Yuga and obviously will start receding with a way on damage soon. All progress and victories of darkness – seems temporary and empty, because the bases are deprived. The car them continues яро to work, but idling. Failure expects them in everything, on all Planets. The banner of a victory flies over the world. The new World will win. But to hard is poor heart bearing the cross for the earth.
All-planetary election campaign: Great Maitreya or Jehovah devil. Choose. Nobody can remain neutral between Light and darkness, between these two contradictory forces. Each person has to choose one of them; differently he will be crushed by both of them. The planet is threatened by explosion. Realize the responsibility for Earth. The address of the Lord Light’s to mankind: "Help Me, responsibility taken to hold on the shoulders, balance, so necessary nowadays. Help. I Speak to you, able to hold a bowl of scales. Help. Everyone has to help to keep balance. You, persons interested to become closer, share my burden". (B.N. Abramov, "Agni Yoga facets").

"Breath of people is stinking. Air, coming to lungs of the person and being oxidized in them, enters direct contact with blood of the person and it absorbing by its essence. Breath of many patients is fetid. Breath of irritation is fetid. Breathe of defect fetidly. Breath will bear on itself the stamp of essence of the person. Breath of the devotee is fragrant. Breath of health is fragrant. Breathe of the person of thoughts high and to be lighted is fragrant. At sufficient development of a sense-knowledge and acuteness of sense of smell in breath it is possible to define an illness, health and a condition of the person. With each exhalation the person clears or infects the sphere surrounding it and is frequent on far distance. Poisonous emanations of breath impregnated human concourses, especially brothels, gambling houses and all me hundred where passions terrestrial come to light. The pure or dirty thought is immediately reflected in the air exhaled by the person. Often the person in the atmosphere infected with his own thoughts which air and to them is poisoned chokes. Two poles are wounded by pure and dirty thoughts. Contact of people with each other when breathes is one air, has deeper consequence, than think usually. Many diseases and indispositions are caused by this contact. After all the person inhales in himself, entering into the microcosm the infected and poisoned matter particles which just were a part of an organism of other person – the patient, angry, angry, afflicted, hating and so on. If to ponder more deeply upon the happening process, those dangers and possibility of an infection, which are born in it by breath of the person can be terrified. Fragrant life-given breath of many plants and trees, especially coniferous – as if life ozonier live and acting constantly is also useful. In combination with other radiations breath is powerful influences. Breath it is possible to transmit an illness, as well as health. It is possible to breathe on sick body and to cure it, and it is possible and vice versa – in healthy to cause an illness. Breathing on the person with a certain thought, it is possible to affect him in the benefit or in the evil. Joint stay or accommodation of people in one room is fraught with many unexpected, but inevitable consequences because the air of the room will be the carrier and the transmitter of their kind or evil qualities, their health or diseases. It would be possible to be protected if nobility and understand, danger from where threatens, but many even don't suspect about its existence. The medicine acknowledges the possibility of transfer of so-called infectious diseases through breath, but is limited only to them, disregarding that breath of people infects another even with the mood. It is possible to be protected if to know degree and depth of danger. It is possible to win against the enemy, only knowing his force. Breath in the infected room is insalubrious. Either open air, or careful airing of the room. Murderous air of hospitals where there were many sufferings: ozonizers and the sun beams are necessary. Natural ozonizers – coniferous trees – it is best of all. The discipline of thoughts relieves of self-poisoning. Change of a residence and stay on a bosom of the nature can show miracles. Very circumspectly it is necessary to treat with what people it is necessary to breathe one air. Mutually influence can't be avoided. As protection the mental space suit can serve, wearable on itself is constant. Also it will be useful, at breath to throw out others infection or an illness from an organism in the morning, creating that mental immunity. Mental protection will be also protection the physical. Often the reason and a root of an illness should be looked for in the phenomenon of contact with the unhealthy people transmitting to an infirmity the through breath. If only the reason to understand, and there and it is easy to be preserved. It is impossible to be preserved against the unknown enemy, but the enemy exposed isn't dangerous anymore because against him it is possible to take self-defense measures. Mint and a eucalyptus – powerful cleaners, and also pitch of coniferous trees and coniferous backs, turpentine first-rate – crude turpentine, pine or fir oil. It is better to sit far away from the interlocutor that breath didn't concern him. People around poisoned with the breath system, thanks to narrowness. At a commune-life everyone had the separate cell. It was so approved. The illness from an organism can be pushed out breath".

"Time came to revise anew many provisions and approvals of former doctrines, having dumped from them clericalism covers. The truth cleared of deposits will begin to shine over the world again. For example we will take First-Teacher statement, so яро suppressed by church: "You are gods", or "And the power over any flesh is given to the person". Unless in these words the omnipotence of human reason. And the power of the person over all nature and over the body isn't approved? Yogis approve this power and it reach, and can show to people. But what churchmen with this great truth made, having turned God's sons, that is people into slaves, in fear and awe of reptiles of the Highest Beginning dooming them according to doctrines of these churchmen, on eternal tortures of a hell in short hours of terrestrial existence? Whether yes these ignoramuses and obscurants, what such know eternity? And whether Space Justice and the law of the Karma can doom the person for only one life to eternal flour? A lot of absurd was piled by these ignoramuses and the shining truth of life covered with layers of fanaticism and darkness, having deprived of people Light’s. This light nowadays will be given to the world by science, because Truth of the world one. Will approach It is through science".

"In cult Virgin Maria’s you see distortion by churchmen Honoring of Mother of the World, because from Great Female Beginnings not to leave anywhere even to churchmen. But a lot of ignorance was brought by them in this Great Shape, and a lot of things were distorted, and spoiled Hierarchical communication with the Lord of Light. The delusion should be explained and heaps to clear. Certainly, mother Jesus not will be Mother of the World. Mother World has given to the Lord, expressed herself to some extent Essence of the Great Feminine. But Great Identity of Mother of the World wasn't embodied in It (in Virgin Maria). In it mistake of churchmen. Track Her life, and the reality becomes obvious. It is time to remove an accumulation bandage from eyes. Time came Truth to approve ".

At mediums from the births the solar plexus is free from communication with vertebral nervous channels "Ida" and "Pingala». This gives greater freedom of action in the medium Thin World. The activities of the centers of the brain is not a medium energy, energy mediums operates only one group of center’s (coccyx, sexual energy).

But brain center group does not take part in these forms. The mediums are along the dorsal Rays and not in the midbrain (vibrations). But only under the guidance of the great teachers of the highest purity and morality of the medium could be a mediator. Medium’s body structure helps to avoid fire, which is dangerous when opening and transmutation points for UN demolish trust to the Great Lord. Only the great Archbishop can turn a medium in a mediator.

At mediums is the congenital clairvoyance and clairluhear, but within the lowest astral plan.
Passionate body medium for transferring and lower impacts on the body physical shell thin but strong body has no connection with the higher centers and mental shell. This is manifested through the opening of the solar plexus, and gives you the ability to open other centers. But that needs to be monitored by Ground staff.

Medium cannot nourish the subtle body of the solar plexus and feeds them from bottom of the Kundalini (coccyx, sexual energy). But the powerful force of Kundalini is the lowest stage of reasonable lifting to the Supreme manifestations without centers of the brain; because the medium may be manifested only in the lower spheres.

Medium hears and sees through his doppelganger, which leaves the physical body and sends information to the brain; it is a passive tool of foreign influences. The astral body, he stands out from the physical body unconsciously and unwittingly. Selection of the subtle body can be due to various causes like unstoppable fear, sadness, despair, very strong bout of sickness and extreme sensuality. The abandoned shell (physical body) can enter and settle there or astral form a skilled sorcerer, or element spirit (tied to ground the diseased very soul wicked and criminal), which paralyzes the will of the people and manages it.

The medium loses the ability to act through the mental body, which remains in away. Yogi sees and hears an inner thin eyesight and hearing his subtle body (the higher astral), which is related to the mental.

Mental energy the high qualities gathers in a solar plexus, and the mental body is carrier mental energy the high of quality. Therefore the mental body of the Yogi is dressed in high-quality mental energy which is stored in a solar plexus. the Mental body starts being formed after ignition of a solar plexus. the Mental body is at everyone, but not at all is issued.

Medium whose centers opened, it becomes the mediator. Conscious personalities and members of the White Brotherhood in subtle spheres, but still staying in the Earth plane not so much, but only mediators can efficiently help. Such people are needed to work in subtle worlds. Beware of Ouija! The ghosts of the dead sessions are coming and can enter through the pores in the body. Then these ghosts can log in and out of the physical body, bringing harmful information from lower Astral and pass on the brain.

Avoid mediums! They are attracted to the dark forces through its open channels of communication. It threatens ß. Medium effort of will get rid of the exit of the astral double of a physical body. 10-15 years ago in the newspaper "Boulevard" was a story of a young man from Kiev, whose ghost nightly leaving the body, traveled in the lower astral, and then passed the information to his brain. He didn't know what was going on. In its daily travels, he wanted to see Yuri Nikulin and Vladimir Visotsky. But I saw in List′eva, cheese, dark cellar digging ground.

Mediums for their low vibrations can rise only in the lower layers of the astral where are criminals, so he was unable to see those who have been looking for. You must get rid of these travels, reading the book the authors: E.P. Blavatsky, E.I. and N.K. Rerich, B.N. Abramov. Books by these authors are indicated in the article 1.

1. Alisa Beili is a member of the Theosophical Society United States. Once it was representative of the dark forces and presented himself as a Tibetan teacher of Shambhala J. Kuhl. In 1923 It is under his influence has created a school Arkèn school "Name me a secret that referred to J. Kuhl and none of the White Brotherhood never had and has no touch to" Arkèn School ". The founder was medium; Teachings cannot be given mediums! The cleanest of them may themselves be small book "(E.I. Rerich, "Letters”). Alice Baili, a very harmful; she was an employee of the dark force. Teacher Alice Bailey does not belong to the inner sanctums of the light. The great Bishop refused him. Page white magic infused her with black magic; such mixing of very harmful for weak minds. «(E.I. Rerich "Letters" t. 9). Please do not publish or read the books of Alice Bailey.

2. E. Shure doesn’t read! Medium! He has a lot of medium’s nonsense. Influenced by the lower astral, ruled by the dark. Through the author's thoughts can impose its influence dark reader. Be careful! Now on the book market is a lot of dark literature; here are some of them: 3. V. Istarkhov "Blow of Russian gods". 4. L. Panova "conversations with God". 5. V. Megre "Anastasia", the authors say demons. Their books are harmful, directed against evolution, back. Ukazyvaete their present with the future, run to the Light. Rescue only in the Lord Maitreya! He calls: "Come to me all, looking for Light, - orphaned and nude, sick and poor, kind and angry. I Will wash all, all will encourage, I Will specify by everything a way and I Will light up all the Ray of Light".