Agni Yoga’s facets, 1959

Translation of the text of N. Samoilenko

1. Write about the importance of timing. For everything there is a time, and a time for everything under the Sun. A long chain of causes leads to the phenomenon of consequences. We See the causes and the effects. Therefore, they are evident for Us, though not visible. That is why rely on a Leader. He will lead to the terms and will Tell the time when their execution will be performed. We Know all things which must happen beforehand, cognition is the Innermost. Late notification can disrupt the course of events, for cause intervention of the dark ones. Even your plans and forecasts better keep silent. There is too much resistance. To tell everything means loosen, release in vain and waste energy, necessary for the implementation of that, what the tongue unreasonably chatters about. The word is the energy, which spent. Wise one likes friendship with silence. Stupid one chatters without measure. Seal of secrecy and silence lies on the Sacred Timing. Through you also have to pass the stage of silence. How else we can gain the strength. Say only what is needed and when it is needed. A lot of misery comes from the inappropriate rhetoric. That is why the Timing is not used to talk about at the Brotherhood. That is why we Tell you to love friendship with silence. Much talked by a person is incorrect, much distorts reality. There is no truth in common words, for they reflect transient understanding of consciousness, but not a reality.
2. (Aug. 3). My Son, learn to be steadfast and resistance in every taken decision. Fluctuations, half-heartedness, and instability of thoughts take a precious power and make the consciousness the victim of dark evil ones. Hardness in solutions is wonderfully good quality. The persistence of the spirit is a property of an Arhat. When everybody ranges only rod of spirit will be the sign of stability. Dimming consciousness, we Call the so, losing path and leaving silver thread connection. Steadfast Bases — stand and state on Them. The inevitable is change of all membranes, and the inevitable is end of everything, that the physical eye sees and what surrounds us. That is why to focus the thoughts and aspirations in the channel of the spirit will be the only right decision. And then the experience obtained from everything that comes around, would be very fruitful. Breaks in thinking and putting it away from the Lead Consciousness could end very sadly, because in these moments dark whisperers especially heighten their activity. As soon as the Light leaves the consciousness, darkness replaces it. Spread resilience in the Light. Light of the world is one, and the Lord will be Focus of it. The Focus spreads the Rays coming directly into an open heart for the Light. Ray must be hold by the hard conscious effort of will. The Ray is sent in any case. Taking it, hold It, or the darkness will come.
3. (Jan. 4). I tell you to start new step to understanding what is happening. New World is light and bright. It gives people everything that is necessary for the body and the spirit. But hand and foot — this is the principle of human construction. How can we pass from imperfections to the Beauty and radiance of the Future. The offset is inevitable. Time does not wait. The process of the shift is speeded up to the limits of consciousness. So don't be surprised by shifts going and tension areas. The coming will be. Difficulties of transition are logical. Understanding of objectives facilitates advancement towards it. We go to the future and should not look around on too flashing signs of the passing world. All is ahead. For the sake of the Future get up from sleep, for It we accept the cross of life; put forward the spirit in Space. It is not that what spirit goes through to the destiny, is important, but the calling purpose. Beauty world is approved for people, it is impossible to come into it without steps. –The passing steps are the steps of closing to the destined World of Maitreya. Do not lose them. Otherwise you will not come. Understanding moves. The essence of the shift should be accepted by the spirit. Leave the convictions. The construction of life goes. The Temple will be finished. Forests will be cleaned and garbage disposal, paving playgrounds, flowers and trees will be planted, everything will beautify, and building a New World will appear before your eyes in its entire splendor.
4. Who puts his hand to the construction of Destined Future, that one We will Help. Dedication and understanding particularly Appreciated, for that we put the forces. Each share for the works, put in the building of the Future, will be measured by you. Opportunities are attached to the ambitions. Those who cares about himself and about personal well-being, elected the scrawny share. But who has forgotten about himself, for those the path is chosen by Me and he will be given up to the limit the capacity of consciousness. Light is ahead.
5. (Aug. 5). Taking steps to ease your way. Our field is wide outside of comprehension of the ordinary mind. From here is the inscrutable nature of the ways. Hence the condition is: when space creativity makes cliché of desired spatial effect. The end result is embodied. Execution is for mental energy.
When I Say, “It will be so”, I Argue the right result, the desired goal. This does not mean sitting folding his hands, which is inaction. The entire apparatus of the spirit is aimed on making all, stretched from it, letting all in Space to the Leading Teacher. The formula “Thy Will be done” remains in power, but every effort shall be consonant with her actions, feelings and thoughts. Manifest is not easy, because shell attunement hindered, giving rise to a phenomenon is indecisive. It destroys the clichés and paralyzing its space activity. And faith, and judgment, and desire and aspiration should be united. How can I go forward when the feet move back? So is the consistency of consciousness toward the goal heading toward serving the Common Good, that is Light, meaning the Lord.
6. Aura eats light. If the access to Light shuts down, begins the eating of darkness. Power comes on, that is aura eats, or gets energy, consonant with the key of its sentiment. The nature of perception and getting of massages subject to the sound aura. What is the Call — such is the response. If the silver strings of harp of the spirit have a silent, it means that attunement is lost. Be aware that Ray has over you. But it is necessary to draw the consciousness in full harmony, and then it becomes possible to communicate with high Energies. Errors in perceptions are possible if the Message invades lower Manas, staining and adding his thoughts. Only the total loss of self in the moment of perception can give a correct imprint of the recognized phenomenon. Capture spatial thought undistorted you can only in full dedication.
7. The dream was good because the division of mental from the astral body happened. Consciousness is concentrated in mental, astral body, deprived of its consciousness, was in charge of the higher “Self”. Separation of conductors one from the other is a rare phenomenon and perhaps in a disciple under the direct supervision of the Teacher. It leads to a conscious expression of the “Self” in different planes in their respective bodies, or conductors. Pain in the spine and tension of the Fiery pillar bear the consequences. But the process is slow and toll. It is very difficult. Enjoy the opportunities it brings. Many miracles were in the life of Arhat.
8. (From the dream). Hallelujah — is a sound key, as well as Aum, to release the Higher Energies of Space. Frequent repetition restores their rhythm and allows the aura sound on the key of the Higher Energies. In addition to awareness and knowledge (energy), aura unable to absorb something. Consonance with the phenomena of the Highest Degree is made through the aura. Keep an aura pure, protected by the thought. While Higher Perceptions rhythm proclamations Aum, let the sounds in the subconscious. < ... >
9. Future perspective is set in the present. Help, as you can think, will be given, but not in the terms of an exhausted term of environment, where Energies of the Fire cannot be applied. In the Future we should look brightly. You have a place in it, and the Beam keeps destined to you. But you will reap nothing terms. And date will serve you. Going into the Future in My Name, but not your and yourself, have right for Care and are sent the Beam.
10. When the ill organ or body part is in concentration of mind, the mental energy is given the exact order how the health of the tissue must returned. The end result is given in the form of a perfectly healthy tissue, and stressful process of ongoing recovery. Energies of the microcosm are focused on the place where the crystal of the acting energy is put, it pulsates, radiating strength. The process can be repeated many times, depending on the seriousness of the disease. Repetition can be continues until it is cured. Cells, the body have no own will. Strong-willed impulse to the activity can be given them in any quantity, but this activity should be sent to the desired channel, that is the ultimate recovery. The body obeys the spirit as the arms and legs — will, as well as the whole body and all the arbitrary and involuntary processes. Medicines can help very much if the activity is supported by mental energy.
11. (Aug. 8). I Appeal for calmness in front of the vicissitudes of life.
12. (Jan. 9). You need to remove the astral feelings from yourself: discontent, irritation, anger and all that lives and feeds the Astral Guide. Without them, it will be easier and freer for spirit. Astral as an intermediate evolutionary stage is then becomes unnecessary. The unnecessary old shell must be thrown off before a new one would grow.
13. (Jan. 10). The Lord will not leave, if heart is opened towards Him. Leave the doubt, leave variations, and leave uncertainty. As the path of the Sun across the sky, immutable is the path, of who decided his spirit leave with Me. My Call is My Trade, the call of self and a bunch of independent affairs, personal ones, which ardently fill the life of mole rats – that is the difference. So busy are bodies, crushed with their affairs. Their way is not Mine, their path is the path of the Sun. They strolling by the self Moon path, blinded by the darkness. I also Call you for the construction of life, replacing the antiquated going one. Molding your future in the forms, I make the possibilities of the impossible, to male you know that the Ray and Care is over you. Maintaining the trust to the Leading Hand and steadfastness to the end you will pass in the destined Future.
14. I Claim that ways are inscrutable. By this the Secret is saved, otherwise would have been destroyed all of the buildings. This is also true for karma of the nearest ones. In Beam I Send Thoughts about opportunities of waiting ones. Outlined by the Beam are your future work spheres. As blade in scabbard, you will enter the Future, destined to you. A magnet of attraction is already in force, encouraging the early steps. You are not sure in your strength and do not understand the phenomenon of the inscrutable tracts. Karma is over all, but over your karma is the Lord. Giving the will to Him and doing in His name by doing, you dive your life into His hands. And then the Beam leads. The disciple himself is nothing, but armed with the Lord, he is invincible and invulnerable. Who is strong against us together? Test, burden, and the difficulties and find no damage to the spirit — steps closer to Me.
15. (Aug. 11). And yet one must believe with all the soul, to the bone marrow, that the implementation of the Great Plan of constructing a new World will be implemented to the end. Then it will be easier to push the consciousness in It and easier to sound with the levels of implementation. To remove you from it, move away, escape is to exclude yourself from the future and deprive you of the right to participate in It. Of course, to the Future will enter everybody, but not those who doomed for Saturn. Fall farther behind the evolution is one thing, to keep in front is the other thing. For example, the endangered peoples, you can see the sad Karma stragglers. Because it is so important to not only to accept the Future but also works made for its construction. It was correctly noted that horses need a firm hand of evolution to manage them, as well as small consciousnesses, not able to hold, the greatness of the Plan. But aware of the approaching era of deliberately go ahead and ahead, dragging the others for yourselves. Moment is unrepeatable. A time of great opportunity, new discoveries and conquests of science — it is destined to lead the movement towards the Light. And Light asserts knowledge of the World and of Space and Spatial Mysteries. Wonderful discoveries are waiting for many scientists. Gifts of evolution are waiting to be made. But can they be transferred only in clean hands, was not able to use them for evil and destruction. The fate of the Great Country, caring the piece to the World is bright.
16. Until someone is immersed in my chicken coop and busy by the phenomena of undermining reality, out there in the vastness of the Great Country, there is a construction of a new life. The improper ones will leave. Light is ahead. The scope of future achievements is bright.
17. My Son, take by the heart the construction of a new life and a time so take part in it. “One gets what one deserves”, and according the spirit is the purpose and capability of the new work. And if opportunities are scarce, so, you work in your own name, but not in the Name of the Lord, and you care about yourself, but not of His Trade. You go through life in My Name, like the elephant through the trees. All still sitting and waiting, are waiting and sitting in their own name. Waiting for Me to Call You and time does not wait. But time is short. But someone will sit there, and if in his own name, and wait in vain. But by Me and with Me going Placer will open new opportunities, wonderful, unexpected and welcome.
18. But if consciousness is filled with chores and buzz, it alienates him from the upper world and Teachers. Maya then is triumphant over the spirit. Not just and not easily put is above all Things a teacher of light. After all, we should forget about himself, the chain onto the Astral and curb his selfhood. Life grinds facets of a diamond, and the process is hard.
19. (Jan. 13). It does not matter that it is so hard for shapes, just do not let the spirit break. Sly on fudges are dark ones — they only encumber and break the circle. And since the goal was you, then all your fallings are ours. You should close the circle, separating all unsteady. The danger of connecting rods is great, because they serve by the channels, sending dark influence. Thousands of subterfuges they invent, not to identify themselves and give opportunities to expose the dark, hiding behind their backs, and aloof, as useful for the dark. But the unusually damage is large, because, thanks to this, there is no way to protect themselves from the dark ones. This is particularly poisonous betrayal. Damage caused, but bringing it to the Lord, is your darkness, concealed behind the phenomenon is indecisive, which face each other. That is why there is so much information in Teaching about betrayal and betrayers, who destroyed the work. At the base of the betrayal is lies and ardent desire to hide the face. No wonder the mutual confession was installed in some communities. Often they are surprised with so many punches. Look closer: doesn't anybody hide his guise. If he knew what a heavy Karma prepares itself. Without end dissemble and hide behind it. The further the deception is, the scarier is the fall, because it ends in complete fall and tearing of bonding yarn. You carry on your shoulders the burden of betrayal of loved ones, do not be sad too. Breathe freely and with full breasts, when you release a hidden traitor. But what is destined to be, you have to drink before the end.
20. Vanity has tended to overshadow the reality, and the vanity sounds, discarding the wave vibrations, sent by Us. You can temper the rush of triumph over a long line. The vulnerability of vanity furious is in that it has short, small and limited scope. Outside it is infinity. The Future is beyond the scope of this worldliness. In the Future we shall be exempt from the bustle of this consciousness. That is why think more of a better Future. Rushing to the Teacher, you can direct the thoughts of the Future and for the sake of His claim the Communication. Communication cannot take place in the name of hassles of this hour, but for the sake of the Future. For the sake of the future Lord they live, for the sake of Him it all works. The sound of vanity you can catch by the thoughts about the Future, which will surely come and replace the present time.
21. (Aug. 15). Rejoice dark attacks — they point to My Light in you, thee they loathed. Be ready to the improvement until it is lit. I say, “There will be no changes”. It is dark shenanigans (that happen around you). I call you on feat of constructing a New World and a future Great Country. You are needed — and therefore darkness goes wild. My family is not complete yet.
22. (Jan. 16). We have to go and give us into the hands of Karma. They Check. Start will give not like normal living conditions. The rest will depend on you and consonance with the plan. We need Support — the stop on them is my cause. World needs transformers, Higher lights transmitters (transforming them) in the forms available to people. We prepared everything. It's up to you. We cannot believe others — they are not close. But you we trust completely. But the same confidence is needed from you. It is called faith in Teachers of Light, take steps to let Intimacy grow. And we should be together, all the time with Me. Where are winning everything together, i.e. by merging of consciousnesses, but since being forcibly kept (together) is impossible, the love burning heart, leave the silver bridge. We are all frightening, to force does not fulfill the Decree. Cowards will be ordered tracks and they will be separated from Me by intimidations. Coward's feat won't go and Call will not be responded. Deeper dig under the root of the reluctance to Order and you will see the fear. Does it matter what a coward afraid if He leaves My Work. Thousands of reasons and excuses will find the flagging spirit. But I say, “Who puts something or someone before Me and My Work, is not good, is not needed and is not worth of Me”. How little the quantity of going and Called by Me, to the feat walking behind Me. Fearing, teetering, hesitant, I don't want you. It is better with them, who do not know, but which help to create, but it's better not to stand trial briefs those who are in difficult living conditions, Call not knowing and not knowing Me, I serve and build a new World.
23. (Jan. 18). I think it appropriate to use free minutes to practice the creative power of thought. Available for thought minutes throughout the day falls a lot, instead of wasting time on irrelevant thoughts, better use it consciously. If someone is bothering or not doing what you want him to calm down and get to do the right thing, the thought of forcing. If something goes wrong, mentally create to desired shape. If something hurts, or the body is not in order, it is necessary to create a healthy form of its shipments. All subject to thought. If not immediately will be a positive result, persistence is necessary to identify and reinforce rhythm. Experience with inflammatory, protracted sick tooth is very telling. Teeth are treatable thought. But you have to persevere and to show faith in the fact that the muscles, tissue and bone will not have nested in them except the person or inserted consciously now. We shall conduct a long experiment with shaking teeth. We need to strengthen them, reconditioning tissues around. Every time, when you have someone or something coming, we should use the time to useful experiments with thought. Inflammation of the gums was halted three days. This is the third successful experience. Also very good are the processes of volitional bowel cleansing. However, soon the results achieved, but the thought process is captured. All functions of the body must be subordinated to the will, and the will to heal all diseases, nested in thoughts, mental images, embedding in sick organs, tissue and muscles. Crystal psychic energy is put in the middle of the ill organ, Crystal, pulsing the Fiery force. Staying in it, he performs the job, given by man. The job must be repeated. It is better to do it rhythmically in the morning, evening or afternoon. Medicine, massage and the rest can be considered auxiliary means. It is important, to focus the mind and cause a burst of mental energy and blood to the sore point. You can cure all, but first to yourself, then to the other. The three first touched fingers very useful. Energy flows through them. The thought can be achieved anywhere in the body and cause the desired reaction in the tissues. Instead of wasting time on bad or unwanted thoughts, you must train yourself to the expedient use of its creative thought on the use of force. A lot can be achieved by applying thought in life every day. Medium security level of thought carries with itself and increased responsibility, because thoughts are both good and bad, both creative and destructive. The thought of failure is carried out according to the same principle as the thought of good luck. Each achievement is a double-edged sword. Two-faced image Janus shows at the poles the phenomena of thoughts is in aspect of destruction or creation. The idea of conscious thought is the future of man. Don't wait for the gifts of fortune, better in desired forms crystallize the thought of it. The future of your thoughts, wants to build up the spirit, the will putting to create mentally the form. The future of plastically, will depend on his form. We construct the evolution of thoughts.
24. (Jan. 19). My Son, to show the desired degree of Proximity of consciousness and heart, consciousness is passed through the heart to the Lord. The heart can love, and when it loves, thoughts obediently follow it. The heart can be persuaded to show the desired degree of love. Like fire under ashes, glow it under layers of Earth. If the ashes are put away, will swell and breaks out a flame. And again the thought will become fruitful and Proximity will be palpable again. Love Me and double up the force. Withered becomes the heart without that feeling. The wise ones and clever chaps think to succeed otherwise. And you will succeed. Salvation is in it. Love and labor in the name of the person you love. To those whom you love, the first thought is flying and last thought before sleep. And then you can be happy together. We can Call the Lord love the saving sense. You will succeed.
25. (M.A.J.). Accumulations will break out again, and opportunities return. But it is necessary to enforce Ordinance. We need you. The attention, extended and exerted to you, is the guarantee that you are needed by a Teacher of Light and that your life will flow along the singularity. You do not look at others. Who of them could say that he was equally pointed by us. The love of the Lord will lead you to the destined. But hurry up, time is running out.
26. (Guru). Did you think that Signs of Teacher attention are future possibilities to join yourself to Light Service. The Teacher will not leave you if the potential of your spirit is ready for its close-up capabilities. You should rethink everything. This shows Signs of attention of the Teacher. They are your hidden possibilities, and your fate is outlined by them. Nothing happens by chance. It moves in mysterious ways. Raise the spirit to the feat. Its time is coming.
27. (Aug. 20). Penetration into the subtle energies carries with it a heightened ability to perceive the surrounding, both good and bad. And if the poor give access to and power over mind, inevitably fall. Better not to know than to rise and fall. A lot of evil eyes look to push you in the minute of weakness of the spirit. Saving is only in the Teacher of Light.
28. Look at the beast structure. Astral feeling is inherent to him, love and devotion — too. But there is no awareness of “self”, and no future. On this you judge. Dog wagging his tail, but may remain the same, as the beast in man. Animal-like people are not uncommon. Astral has a wealth of animal heritage. Future and consciousness is over personal, this is a sign of person consciousness. Not for myself, but for people, for humanity as a whole — such is the way to go.
29. (Jan. 21). Varying in choosing the way all tell us all explain that it was clear that the decision was made knowingly and openly. If dark trying to obscure and obfuscate the victim consciousness, it is our duty to highlight it, and so all the nooks and crannies of consciousness would be clearly visible. How much are dark ones do on every of you, sparing no efforts. And it is a very dangerous moment, if the ear is deaf to the voice of the world. One must destroy the dark intricacies crammed. It covers strip off from around than they seduced the weak spirits. We must learn to distinguish the essence of phenomena. We also See and Point you to see something that is not visible to the seduced eye. Dark ones do not like these disclosures and after trying twice to throw again a black veil on the mind of the victim. You will fight to the end until the line of betrayal will not knowingly exceed. And only then will be able to wash the hands and shake the dust off your feet. If you would have seen what gang you are surrounded by, you would have jumped over the Beam as drowning for a straw.
30. Tortuous is the path of creeping, like snakes in the grass, it is not possible to follow all the twists. But this way the serpent starts with the lies and deceit, is only further investigation. And then you see the path left, leading into the darkness. Darkness flattering rejection of the fireflies is a delicious dish for Satanists. Each hunt is a centuries-old experience of following all the rules. And that is why the distance from the nearest point means the end. Rotten owls are not lugged by joy for itself. But words do not find that the poisoned and infected the consciousness into the light to return. But we have to exhaust all measures before cut off. Betrayal is the last feature. Once a traitor - is always a traitor; once a liar - is always a liar. It should be clarified in order to know and understand. And when the line is passed already consciously, don't delay a moment to cut it off. Return a traitor not only to a new, more vicious betrayal. No time was approaching Judas, shape changing. All measures must exhaust before cut off. Deliberate traitor has the way to the Saturn. All explain that had no justification in saying that didn't know. And then a deliberate traitor moves from friends to enemies bets Light, to darkness. And he becomes a conscious servant of darkness. Before it is too late to warn, because may be late, and in the ears, closed for darkness, My not pervaded with words. No joke bringing to light dangerous touch of darkness. Each oscillation of consciousness wings of darkness hurt him; as with blinking lights, consciousness for a while is plunged into darkness. Fate of the loafers is very sad. And darkness put (whisperer) whispers: “You will have all the welfare of the Earth, if fallen, prostrate the darkness”. Tell me everything will be, if not turn away from me and betray them to darkness, betraying My Work.
31. (Jan. 24). Having determined the nature of the disease, its causes and extent, it is possible to start and to treatment, bearing in mind that all fixable. Exception: know the insult of Hierarchy and a conscious betrayal. The roots, that are the cause of the illness, remove, realizing that the infection is coming from them. You should open your heart to the Teacher of Light and stand firmly behind Ray. You should recall all Instructions and apply them again. The hand asking for assistance and protection from the darkness, the Teacher will not reject.
You should also understand that there is no middle ground between a pole of Light and darkness, where consciousness could establish them without fear of being caught in funnel Astral eddies that carries down. Therein lies the danger is indecisive and reels. One solution is to follow the teacher, executing his instructions. The silver thread is over the head, but you have to hold it constantly. The monolithic ruling spirit and external circumstances are respectively. It's not about them, but in the mind, rushing between the Poles from one to the other. The impermanence is murderous. In an unwavering decision to move to light one must show constancy. Why He chose to remain invisible visible Teacher? Proximity High Spirits does not maintain the normal consciousness, in an attempt to reduce Them to itself. The same story with those who are close to Us and, whom We delivered. Humiliating and revealing, people humiliated themselves and are deprived of the opportunity to move on and get Light. For blind ones sight is more valuable than for the sighted ones. Have lost their Leader, what was lost? Often if you do not have something you do not value it and so you steal from yourself. The close proximity of communication can withstand only by rare spirits. That is why there is no honor to the Prophet in his house and his home or loved ones. Having lost spiritual perspective, deprived you of a driven leadership, not taking to heart the Instructions. Decree not to cast pearls before swine should be deeper and broader insight, for it is often given a lot of matters on which receives is not entitled due to an inappropriate relationship. But the generosity of the teacher is great and His loved ones. He said that you will be humiliated and elevated, but will not the Light be humbled? So, review the causes, provoking the doubts of consciousness in order to fix them.
32. (Jan. 25). We win by merging of consciousnesses. Also, merging with the consciousness of your Ruler with light, and you will win. Merger goes through the heart of love, devotion and commitment. Therefore I Say: “Rushes”. You cannot drop in flight. But the plane will collapse on the Earth, if the flight stops. Cyclist keeps a balance only in motion. The laws of mechanics and techniques intended close. Fiery strive to Master if you want to be invulnerable nasty. This is the immunity of the spirit. The way is difficult, but you have to walk. Striving heart stretches a helping hand. Boldly go, do not be afraid of darkness, because the Hand is over you.
33. And bestow the certainty that no dark forces will prevail against either you or your loved ones if the darkness does not have within you or anything. People will sound the dark elements to the darkness, persistent in it. The root of evil is in them. Snatch them under the force of a strong spirit. Snatch them not capable, but who realizes the rein puts on them, taking under control and not letting them reveal themselves. Without food they die, and the darkness without a hitch, cannot itself be like darkness fear it is. But fear of the mind in itself doesn't get darkness. Fearing fearlessness can reveal if with Bishop, and other qualities too if a strong unity with close Communication by light. All is conquered. Guaranty for the success and power of the victory the Teacher gives.
34. (Jan. 26). Honoring the Teacher is not a claim for a disciple, but the condition of the climb. And so he goes from top to the bottom, throughout the Hierarchy, but in varying degrees. Will not tell the Teacher “and bestow on Me the veneration”, but those who show it will answer with the great attention. Commensurability is here too. Of proportionality is often overlooked, while quickness moving spirit stems from it. This is expressed by the formula, “which limit you measure, and the same it will be measured for you”. Under the same principle goes receipt and donation. According to it the same marks and ancient speech is “as you sow, so shall you reap”. The man is desperate to escape the consequences of the acts they committed, not realizing that escape is impossible, because it has its own aura of karma and pull or repulsive elements of environment conditions — from itself does not go anywhere. Aura magnet creates environments. Good luck or bad luck is in, and the radiation of the microcosm is this or that, because man is a magnet. The attraction goes by affinity and name. Light bright Light attracts and dark darkness. Success is not measured by the packed House of stomach problems or lots of things, but the speed of the climb. Good luck in the triumphant spirit lead. Get your luck spiritually. Sometimes very serious external circumstances have exaggerated in the strength of spirit, contributing valuable savings and faster way. Measures cannot be made on Earth for peace of mind. Often if life is unsuccessful in terms of the Earth, be might be very successful spiritually and give a rich harvest. Take away the human struggle, coping and environment resistance, and instead of a wrestler and Builder succeed tempered something spineless, weak, fragile and small. Experience the difficulties of life in the fire power of a growing bond. So the lights accumulate, growing the treasure of Stone, so the way to Far Stars states. We do not know the other Way.
35. The capacity of consciousness is determined to fit added Image of the Lord. The Image in the heart, internal force, enables the heart and thoughts. See no cause for concern over the outcome of the test. Will struggle, and will win, will fight hardest. You can Help, but everyone has to get the victory. The joy of victory is better than despair to defeat. That is why think about winning. Many paths are before a man, but winning is one – from victory to the victory. The most desired this victory is. To get this victory, you don't need anything but a full return of the heart to Lord. It is called Love, this return. It knows people and gives heart to beloved creature, thing, subject or occupation. The same principle applies and impact in relation to the teacher of light, only much larger. More and more will get — who gave commensurability in everything. Because (then) establishes a powerful connection between loving heart and what or whom it loves. On this channel are transmitted vibrations of Light from the Great Heart to the hearts, dedicated to Him.
36. (Jan. 27). The Great Silent, Looking at you in the commotion of the outside world, from eternity. The idea of fussy, thought of today, the thought is tricky, the thought of you and that surrounds you, it sounds hard, and filling the mind is neutralized by the higher thought, the thought of Eternity, eternal thought. You can see that as important as business days and thoughts were associated with them, they will go away and will be replaced by new, as it was a year, two, ten or twenty years ago, when the same Importunate way come and filled the consciousness they climbed its ghostly significance and need. But they left and were replaced by others. Just go away and those that disturb occupied and now beset by consciousness or delight him. Elements of eternity or transient elements are also in thoughts. Elements of eternal thoughts have extraordinary duration. They are just as valid today as they were yesterday and dozens of years ago or as would be through the ages. You can grow and cultivate them deliberately, filling their memory store, and displacing them, and suppressing their vanity. Why take it so important thoughts about what is happening around or life current, when all this will pass. Better to replace stalking sounding dense environment thinking about eternal human assignment of eternal path, on the long road to the infinity. Each skin can stain the idea their properties and give her the key. But the eternal thought can paint entire shell and set them up on a high tide. Search the eternal place in you for adoption in life. Thinking about teacher, thought of a way infinite, thoughts of the immortality of the spirit of the eternity of thought — impose elements of eternity within the scope of thinking and say the influence of the immortal triad. The triad then defeats a lower four and consciousness resides with her. And while the spirit rises above the normal life, her vanity and worries of the day, and looks at them from the heights of his invulnerability to vanity. To understand eternal truth that exists is to adopt elements of timeless thoughts to you, elements of Eternity is a thought. That is, learn to live not in the present, not in the past, but in the eternal Future, paving the way for him. All immediate surroundings typically associated with the personal. Personal top in eternity there is no place. Because the self is eternal fury thought on higher human and eternal purpose eternal innermost nature it. This is confirmation of the life immortal triad in itself and the rule, and its power over temporal mortal inferior shells of spirit.
37. (Jan. 28). Rags deceitful routine should train you to dump required every time before going to bed. Is it really in Chad fuss is something that can overshadow the fundamental elements? Configuring the receiver on the key of the eternal spirit of thought, you can perceive the eternal thoughts and approve corresponding cosmic thinking. You need to experience nature of vanity and its transformation to reject firmly its authority over consciousness. Labor is not vanity, but the ruler of the spirit. But fussy attitude to it and personally-the selfish one do not light self-renunciation. Inspirational work lights the fire. Not in labor, if correctly understood. Work does not prevent to live in perpetual, for igniting fires, accumulates in the human body crystals of psychic energy. Crystals of immortality they can be called, for they do not dissolve and fade while changing membrane. With every new opportunity with myself over the spirit is swallowed up in victory grow and extend the horizons of consciousness. Why give your heart the eternal or transient? What will we put above and the first? The Teacher is the Focus of Rays of higher thoughts of Eternity. These Rays are from the eternal flame of life. Lights when you mount the heart to it crosses, the teacher turns a movement of consciousness in a vicious circle, as happens with ordinary people, driven by upward spiral. The circle of life is open, and the road to Infinity is open. But you have to stay on it and save, because the fog often closes ahead of Maya, denying opportunities to see, plunging the consciousness today. But the guardian and Teacher at the right moment stretches a helping hand. Many barriers and obstacles, and many eyes makes dark evil couple seeks new tricks as a path of light stop. And yet you can go, no matter what, if the arm is not refused. Above all, because the teacher from eternity. And an Eternity is over the scale of normal. Infinity is over a small Earth when it, as a grain of sand in the infinite space of snow among billions of stars.
38. (Jan. 29). Eternal thought relates to phenomena of infinite duration, that is forever were, for example, the laws of manifested World; Pralaya’s cycles, manvantaras, polarity phenomena, the evolution of living and so on. Transient may pass, but not the laws of his manifestations. As well as forms, enabling the spirit, but is not the spirit. The very notion of eternity is outside consciousness, because you should look for the nearest approach to it through the long duration events going into infinity. One life is short, but a number of lives and millions of years of existence, the spirit had already put out the generalities of the consciousness. Also the idea of the Great Manvantar brings the concept of Eternity. Life is everywhere, but it's just part of life. Human existence is shattered by the hour and minutes, but it is only small segments of infinite time, which tapes the ends to the infinity. In eternity we exist and have their genesis in the infinity, for it is not temporary, but unregulated, are we not the inhabitants of the Earth, but guests on this planet, wanders far way. Error — the short stretch of one's earthly life believing the beginning and end of the spirit. Far, far beyond its limits goes the life line. There is no end to it, no beginning. Nothing in nature does not disappear and never be born again and human life. The life of the body and shells is limited to their duration, but the spirit is nothing. So, braving the genesis in the thought and thought — in the spirit realm, is concentrating people's minds in the triad, not subject to elimination or changes over time. Grain spirit consistently in its integrity, but grow, intertwine and are superseded by shell, causing accumulation around the grain. Changing and moving all but not center around which the movement occurs. Is invariably Silent, looking inside the Recorder.
39. If you want to have a relationship, and you will have. Touch with me is through the heart, and the heart is thoughts. The heart is moved out. In the heart transfers the consciousness. Remember that the enemy is careful looking for possibilities of you separated from Me and doing well, though weakened by the patrol. Success will not be blocked if debris of a consciousness of thinking. It should be clean of litter.
40. (Jan. 31). My son, why is it so many thoughts about the surrounding world, when Infinity is calling. Its elements can be argued to embark on the path of the infinite ascent consciously. Not in time, but in the eternal one must be conscious of being yourself. Nothing ends, and nothing starts, everything just goes on, being lighted by the Ray of consciousness in some of its parts. Snatching a part, people forget about the rest, without taking into account the fact that each piece of sentient being can be understood and used as only part of a whole. Just comes and deeds of people, and their actions. In this sense every deed is not a fluke, disconnected their root, but there is only a piece of a whole chain of events from the past into the future. Forgive or forget to any act, but its essence and value from this will not change one iota. As a consequence of certain reasons, it will cause the subsequent consequences. That is why it makes no sense to forgive someone something. The feeling caused by the ill deeds of people, can be a win, but forgiving is not in the power of man, nor in the power of his ruin investigation of an act. The word “forgiveness” is not in our vocabulary. In its very essence is a logical absurdity. As a criminal offence, to forgive him, making him, he led the movement of the wheel of Law. You can also neutralize the resentment, but the abuser is not relieved of the karmic consequences. Because every action must be seen as a kind of rope, from the past to the future, square through the present when it was made. And if even human physical body can be thought of as its dense, elongated form in time as one continuous entity, the same way and human actions. Nothing disappears, but lives in the space of other dimensions. A time dimension is the human consciousness, lacking only the imagination to make it real. Therefore, we are not talking about forgiveness, and about liquidation of spirit qualities, causing unwanted actions, and the transmutation of the positive quality of relational opposites, and while not breaking the causal chain of karmic consequence. In the proceedings is already hidden this strength of transmutation, you just change the pole of its applications. Hot or cold to evolution is valid, but not the warm one. Because the misconduct cannot be an obstacle for the ascent of the spirit, if the principle of transmutation is attached in life, by rebirth of negative qualities of the spirit, through their opposites are positive. Maintain salvation to everyone who follows Me, because Ladies force focused its filth to transmute heart afire indomitable aspirations.
41. (Feb 1). The hidden nature of the phenomena can be detected by focusing awareness on them. You can also find out what is going on in the mind of another person. But you need removal from themselves, from their own thoughts and feelings. Consciousness is filled with thoughts about themselves, deprived of the ability to direct learning people and phenomena, because the self is blinding. Blinded by selfishness people are deprived of feeling of consciousness. In the end self-servicing is most unprofitable. The selfless work a man forgets about himself. Because the work is a cleaner. A small “I” to the spirit, like a cocoon for a butterfly to grow wings and dropping it, fly away. Astral is a citadel of the small self, self. No need for further evolution of Astral (developed) spirit, where he executed a further task. There are people who do not have this already. I-Ness is not in them, as well as emotional phenomena of astral. And when I say, "do not rejoice nor worry anything to anything," the mean movements in the astral Windows Explorer. This fervent shell constantly and insistently seeks for its manifestation in furious emotionality, blinding consciousness for all other perceptions. Neither joy nor sorrow, nor cold, nor hunger, neither pleasant nor unpleasant or neither failure nor success abundance nor deprivation nor recognition nor forgetfulness should not throw out of balance and appear himself in unison with those phenomena reactions. In ordinary men of Astral is in constant motion, and violently reacts everything. If there is nothing, so would he freak out, he will find the cause and a non-significant reason. Unrest and concerns should not be shown not because there is no reason for this, but also when they are. Each time, the push to put out of balance the Astral guides, let serves as a reason for not to worry.
Tactics Adversa let acts as how else to appease murderous self small “I”. Dispassionateness can speak only when stopped playing astral shell. In her rage manifests itself with student special force before the complete victory over it. The ugly give rise and to reveal the absurdity and uselessness of his existence, to destroy it. How to see the behemoth is the enemy. That is, for people, for our group by astral home takes hold completely, after resetting the physical body transformed its appearance on passions and often constitute a monstrous creatures of a lower animal nature. Mustering the astral is an inevitable need, which cannot be avoided. You can suppress by the will of the astral demonical possession, realizing the futility and senselessness of the astral emotions, all their needlessness. Benefits and joys of constant movements in this shell — no harm, much as they will deteriorate the physical body. Because you need to show the power in you, fight with all the spirit against the emotionality in yourself. Astral is its servant. Astral must be tamed.
42. (M.A.J.). Annoying dark will always exist. The light in you is struggling with their darkness. You are odious for them. Separation of the poles of light and dark is not your ordinary tick marks and views. But a sign one is ardent opposition to everything that is connected with the affair of the Bishop, and to everyone who is close to him. Its darkness will not touch, except perhaps as a way to hurt you. Dark gimmicks wait constantly. If you could, would destroy a long time ago. But protects the hand and are limited to dark. Only in the case of separation of thinking can harm the already more strongly.
43. This is your future, asserted in the present, for us is already past, already authorized and crystallized by Us in the fields of Invisible, where everything is created, what be embodied on Earth to be. Our creative Idea goes farther and higher. We See peaks to which mankind is sent by Us. It reaches to them on the go. The highest peak is a bottomless starry sky. It stars shine. From the Spheres of Distant Worlds are threaded Strands of Rays, invitingly calling earthlings in World Space, Distant Worlds, destined to humanity as stage the following achievements. “Now anything is possible”- so we Affirm. Great is the Ladder of evolution of the spirit. Joy will adopt on this great journey.
44. (Feb. 2). Maintain the greatness of light in the face of darkness and defeat her. I maintain the salvation of the world and saying: "the Higher the will moves in mysterious ways". The grand plan is explicitly, but do not know Builder of magnificence and grandeur of higher-speed completion. The rapidity of construction indicates immutability. Witnesses are already considerable, and attend more. The essence of what is happening must realize — it is not a conventional measures. Rays saturate spaces of great country: our Rays, rays of the Stars and distant Worlds. Space forces are taking part in the construction of this fire. In the stars charted and documented Rock great country. Now the Heavenly Powers invisibly serve the Building. Only hold by darkness do not see where the path of the vessel. Victory, victory, victory is our new World over the old, fallen into dust, and already doomed and have already defeated in those areas where the projection of the future is forged and destinies of land approved by us.
45. (M.A.J.). My mother, live space, live joyfully happy spirit, joy, the future means finding an inexhaustible source of cheerfulness, courage, fiery aspiration. Live by this Future. The present does not give this joy. Too it is not perfect. Oh and how can it be perfect, if it is the path to perfection. This is only a step to a better future. This is only a transition, but transitions can be serious. Knowing the future, you can bravely endure all inconveniences path without losing neither vigor nor certitude, nor hope. My natives, stand, a little more left. We are with you.
46. (Guru). If the builders of the new world were stopped in front of obstacles and varied, New World would not have been built. But He is built. Going forward we should join the construction and not in words but in deeds. The future is calling you and waits. Heart open join him. Leave the doubts and thought about yourselves. Thinking about yourself will sit idle.
The common good must be taken as the only possible solution. Find your place in the future, if you enter into it with the desire to serve the Lord.
47. (Feb. 3). Come to the conclusion that astral must be tamed at all costs. How do you curb? It should be strong, firm, irreversible order of consciousness.
Outbreaks can be stopped and it just stopped. Talking about uncontrolled movements in astral shell and the familiar, often repeated explosions of emotions. A firm order of consciousness operates in any case. In the presence of some people don't even think about the possibility of emotional incontinence, and Astral obey thought. Hence, the idea can be extended wider and to all other it phenomena. Astral easily subject to irreversible decision will — we just power will understand and its limitless power over astral. When I say: “be bold!” — Know the infinity of will. Be the ruler of their energies.
48. (M.M.). The thought of My aspiring, breaks away from the Earth and reaches Me. And then before the spirit of Open Space open space and flight of thought. Flight of thought is not entirely straightforward. Thought makes channels in the space and connects the thinker with the aspirations of the thought. But the significance of this phenomenon is even more deeply. Body of light released from the lower shell will fly freely on the well-trodden routes. The thought of Distant Worlds in space spirit prepares realms for its spiritual activity, when he becomes the great frontier. Existence after the death is determined by the thoughts, aspirations, and areas approved or elected person during his life on Earth. Earth and earthly experiences and perceptions are for earthly life, for above Earth is the star. They are available if the distance from the Earth is full. So thoughts of today are preparing a place in space for the spirit, arguing the direction in which it can fly. Aspiration will fly, aspiration will mark boundaries, and thought himself determines the sphere of man, where he will live after death.
49. The Abode of light is called the stronghold, for the Light is in It. You can get something from the light and join it. As you open windows towards the Sun, the heart opens towards the Light. Splits a Beam of a closed heart and does not go inside does. Sun Rays radiating by the Great Heart is numerous, but a little the number of Light receivers. The same, that is, not always in readiness to complete the rays take. What prevents? These are rags of day thoughts and soar. We Call this scum the vanity. It is difficult to release it saddled with heart. But I show the ways, ways of blessing, that is they should be named. The life of the spirit and dense burden life spirit amid dense feat will win over Maya land. But Maya of a subtle world is more dangerous than Maya of the Earth. There are a lot of temptations and enticements, and much of those who entice. There's the thought going on surrounding the spirit that creates it the illusion of existence. What is thought, and surrounds the consciousness phantoms images of thought. The thought of the Lord, Stronghold and the Hierarchy of Light connects consciousness with the Light and brightens it with Rays of life. Where there is no light, there is darkness and decay. Decomposition of consciousness is awful. The wreckage debris thinking surrounds consciousness and inhibited by light. Shaggy thoughts like black plat, cover the heart of the dark and impenetrable become it for the perception of subtle energies. Therefore I say: “Please always be with me: by day and by night, for work and rest, having risen from sleep and falling asleep, in grief and joy, in a Word, always and everywhere.” Make Proximity familiar and usual, as do food on Earth. Without food didn't think the day but no more eating light for your entity, for the body, that body of light is called Us. Body of light is the abode of the spirit. Stronghold Is The Abode Of Light. Stronghold is the abode for Spirits that might be in the body of light. But the presence of the spirit in their body of light you want to establish yourself here on Earth, in conditions of dense, mind it staying. But ordinary people have consciousness resides in the Astral plane, partially in mental, but few compared with General mass. Consciousness is necessary to eliminate from the lower flue and tenacious focus in the triad. Triad and have a light body, immortal by nature. When communicating with me consciousness is freed from their power (from the power of membranes) and lives at the moment in their body of light. Communication can be deepened and expanded. We do not know the limit of hearts unity and minds with the Light of Great Heart. In the light of the great joy of communication will find Hearts. Access is open. Endeavor. The Lord is calling you. Reject the Call, because no Light is darkness. Know how difficult Light asserted among the darkness outside, so you can imagine how glad work Light in light of My assertions. In light of My Light your signs off around you, because you saying Light get to My Day. Consonance in the light with the Stronghold of Light: now profess to yourself, for I am always with you, and Light it receives by the wanting, and according to the full, rich it will be given to wanting person, if he wants the letter and in spirit. Many are asking, but the vibration of astral, exhaust myself on the plane lower. They are limited by this, but limitless world of spirit. I am witness the endless possibilities of the spirit myself, because the range of its appearance is the Infinity. I said I will not keep the silence and that inexhaustible is spring of Mine, oozing in you incessantly, but deaf and blind you to it, shadowed by terrestrial darkness.
50. Growing lights evoke strong reactions in people with every contact with us. Be careful because in your words and actions. Remember that the word silver, but silence is golden. Control of words means control of thought is the necessary control. A master is not possible if not controlled by thought. From here is the Decree on permanent patrol. Hence the uselessness and harm the empty chatter. Under control are taken the movements in all shells. Swing by their hands, tongue chatters, and ardently proves himself the buffoon in man. Dignity of spirit we need to understand in the abstract, but not in the life of every day, and adopt in any case. The Transfiguration of man is the result of hard and long work on yourselves and curbing all membranes, for no man, but the slave owner.
(From the dream). “My son, take the position that a Teacher's Heart is always open striving spirit. And if broken contact, not the teacher's fault, since he is immutable. So when his voice tails off, why not look for it, but in yourself. Much may impede, but all can be overcome if the fire is strong enough aspiration. Important thing is to take your mind off of its immediate environment and move it to where the teacher, keep him there in a sense close to the Bishop. And then fruitful life will touch to the light”.
51. The complex tangle of external conditions is dissected by the idea, pointed to us, for then Our Help comes and cooperation is established with Us. For thought nothing barrier. She is always purposeful. A thought is like a boom in flight, different — as the afternoon in calm weather. The wind flies, where the wind blows. You have skillfully to sharpen an arrow of thought, have sharpened, and send it proficiently. But it is even more difficult to send consciousness simultaneously together with the thought. Arrow of thought, consciousness, and carrier reaches the target and magnetic force collects items consonant to it. It provides the space and creates a channel on which the entity is passed to the vibrations and items collected and attached it. The thought can be sent for light. Messengers carry new thoughts, new quests, and new thoughts. The challenge is how to tear off and with her idea as a break away from the usual tight encirclement and thought forms and views associated with them. Skill provides an experience. The process is made by divisibility of the spirit. Stream of thoughts poured into consciousness. Psihogenetically, the process can be applied to any phenomenon or object to extract from it the elements to be knowing or learning them, or expanding and growth of existing knowledge. Thought ardent grows at concentrating on it thanks to the magnetic essence of his nature. Thought is magnetic. Say every thought, but not spatial mental mucus flowing from the pipeline consciousness slug. People usually think that exceptions are not rare. Create a strong message is needed not just cooperation centers, i.e. coherence of microcosm. Doubt, oscillation, instability, indecisiveness and half-heartedness give rise to the same thought is a thought sour and slime. Such thoughts are not effective. Only a strong, clear, consistent thought is put into the dense form. The same stability of thought provides a successful contact with the Lord. The same as to call on long distance, you have to stretch out and catch every sound of distant voices, although He is soundless. But it is better to introduce yourself in Our World and embraced the far person as part of the spirit. Unbundling of consciousness is a phenomenon; we can now more or less large scale, thanks to new spatial beams and currents. Better to take the term “divisions of the spirit”. It expresses the essence of the phenomenon. Spirit is everywhere, but not a normal earthly human consciousness is. The term “spirit division” is conventional. Spirit is indivisible, but consciousness cannot show his infinity, since does not fit. Therefore I say about expanding consciousness and concert, so that it is able to embrace orbit spirit. Spirit knows, but consciousness is not. And only development of sense consciousness or spirit consciousness lets you to hold it. The ubiquitous, omniscience, omnipotence, omniscience, all hearing has attributes of the spirit in man, so that sometime and somewhere, through eons of time, these properties, now enshrined in it, he developed to the extent possible in the process of development and expansion of the infinite spirit. “You are gods”,-said so Himself a Savior. But before we become gods, that is, reach the top step of human evolution; unregulated property must themselves become aware of their own people. Religion did not succeed. And in what has succeeded and will succeed it will help a person science and will explain in precise scientific terms, as proven scientific discoveries and the laws deprived clergy vestments and religious dogmatism and other ground heaps.
52. (Feb. 7). My son, the life of man is the way to Infinity, infinite path. And live in it. Along the way, all feasible, for all quality spirit grow infinitely. A small thought of today, magnetic building elements, gives the fruit in the future and becomes a phenomenon, already approved as reality. The thought is there human companion on this journey into the future. The ability and quality of the spirit, which the man has at the moment is a result of the thoughts past, thoughts may be distant. This is why Teaching Life, introducing into human consciousness the idea in a particular order, builds a fiery spiral of its evolution. This is the only section of the route to infinity. It's pointless, if deprived of the future. But immediately takes on a profound significance in terms of the way in the future, where is all that now lay person in your mind in the form of pellets for future achievements. Even a small idea, say, the power of the spirit, once your fruit will bring and will be reached for him, to some extent, true. Seeds man is a man, Seeds man plants wonderful grains of future opportunities that will be made at its endless way to Infinity. Unevennesses, roughnesses and difficulties of the road are the only chance constraints of temporary order. The most incredible difficulties and tension becomes ordinary, familiar and already unnoticeable if they are too long for the spirit has the force to overcome them without much difficulty. Elephant crushes easily, completely insurmountable barriers for small insects. Difficulties and obstacles develop in a person's ability to cope with them as easily as an ordinary man overcomes the normal living conditions. The growth of the spirit is provided only by struggle, and the harder it is, the better it is, the faster it grows. Do not be afraid of difficulties, but want them and do not shrink from them. They laid the seeds for future opportunities. Better in whirlwinds and storms lead the way than languish in greenhouse conditions. Prosperous existence is fruitless. You cannot compare it to the fruitfulness of difficulties, the struggles and triumphs. Hard destiny, wonderful destiny is prepared for the Great Country, in the writings of the exorbitant greatness of their future which creates. The difficulty and complexity of your life are the guarantee that the best path for you Teacher elected accomplishments, victories and success. In the mind of this happy and glad and willingly be forward the fulfillment of all that is a hardening of the spirit and gives the teacher the ability to accelerate your way. Rejoice, rejoice each growing closeness to overcome something, enjoy unlimited opportunities along the way infinite to claim all your spirit wants, knowing that everything is achievable. It is unattainable for them who do not know the might of the law, but is achievable for you all cognizing the sweetness of victory over life and knowledgeable way.
53. (Feb. 8). Who is rushing down there? Wayfarer of the great ways is. Where in a hurry? To Me, for I am-this is the way to go. My way will go, and builders are already themselves without knowing it. Go through evolution is to go through life. Life is not for pampering the body, but rather to create the best conditions for the fastest development, extension and promotion of consciousness. This requires that it came out of a cycle of personal interests and entered the circle of common to all mankind, to the great family of all peoples. The common good is the good of all people. Extended consciousness is living interests all over the world, all humanity and its future. My way, because their builders will go the path is the path of the common good. Personal benefit will be detrimental to the spirit, so as not to join it in General and becomes an integral part of it, merged with him together. Yet many do not realize that the suffering of one are all suffering, as emanations of grief are not visible, but commonly infecting the space. Every breath a person absorbs the emanations of suffering, joy or sorrow, poured out in space. There are little happy people, because of many sufferers. People cannot be happy if somewhere someone is suffering, though they didn't know about it. Space radiation passes them thoughts of suffering. The brain can shut themselves off from human suffering, but the heart of their senses. Uncultured heart does not feel the human misery, but now is the Era of culture and its banners cal everybody. Get up under the banner of Culture is to get into the flow of the evolution and move with it. Escape from it is a sign of belonging to the space of odms. From the evolutionary human flow will roll all those who will not go along with life. The era of universal culture, the era of light, will give light to all. Only those who denounced Him will not have the station in life. They will have to leave the planet, and never come back.
54. (M.A.J.). The Advice of Teacher, not executed in time, fraught with unpleasant consequences. All fixable, but the bitterness results have to partake of Ordinance violations to the future readiness was the Edict to perform Pronto. It is understandable, because the teacher sees the future and can alert. Never trust Directions cannot but lead to sad consequences. See for yourself how procrastination and delay is aggravating and worsening conditions late enforcement of the Ordinance. We should make haste. See clearly the investigation your mistakes and difficulties, growing from day to day, but don't see much more that destroys your capabilities and complicates future.
55. (Feb. 9). Thoughts of the Lord are the touch to the Light. In the light of his light is known. He was, he is, he will be in centuries. Through it, get in touch with Infinity. In Him is all. Without Him, you are the leaves, and detached from branches and taking by the wind. What to expect? In the infinity of the Cosmos — Rod lock Hierarchy, near which consciousness can itself adopt as the center of the Knower. Without It, there is nothing for your spirit to establish in the space, and the spirit has nowhere to go. Even small, distorted Faith in it, gives the spirit a prop. Even for small ones this small understanding of the Hierarchy of Light, tinted by restrictions of beliefs, nationalities and ages, yet serves as the Foundation to promote the spirit, if the fire is burning in your heart. But it is better to discard all stratifications and heaps of past time centuries and take it in a new perspective. We are the Brothers of mankind, older brothers, past century way of experience and have brought for you a Treasure Trove of Cosmic Knowledge. We know your way, and your destination, and the fate of the Earth. In the Age of Fire, that was gaining ground rapidly on your planet, the Hierarchy of the Light reveals itself and becomes close, accessible to anyone heading toward the heart. In the new understanding it is getting close, real, and It is vitally necessary. In past centuries It was the same, but the small minds of people doomed it in the form of other consonant - its development and understanding. We won't condemn. We won't condemn too hard, that what they were helped by to move forward and inspired on feat. From color quality, purity and transparency of glass is passing through the beam. The Light is refracted through the Hierarchy of human consciousness, losing in their purity. Because talking about clearing the mind of all burdens of the past centuries. It is better to discard completely to be able to adopt a new understanding. Superficially godlessness not surprised, because the harvest is of the Lord. Wisely we are moving to the Age of Satia Yuga, when a herd is one and the Only Shepherd.
56. (Feb. 10). They concern Us by thoughts and references. But fiery heart does not asking anything for itself. The thought of others, devoid of personal beginnings, does not contain elements of astral shell, and no space, and no pollution aggravates Us. Only the impersonal thought can shine brightly. And for long-haul flights is fit it. With Distant Worlds is combined the thought, but of course, this thought must be over personal. In space there is no place for small, earthly personality. The cosmic space is thought, liberated from worldly attachments. Relieves thought aspiration. The very essence of the aspirations lay off consciousness of environment of the moment. Looking spirit, even with complete immobility of the body, not the last, because the spirit you can fly. Herald flight of spirit is merely a thought. Circumnavigate the planet is thought to blaze a path for future missions. This condition is particularly important after the liberation of the spirit from the dense body, giving it wings. The subtle body is given wings by the thought, because in the Subtle World things are moved by the idea. In fact, all is moved by it here, in the dense world, but not in the way as there. The inertia of dense matter requires a number of intermediaries. In the huge machines, installations, and all over and any person can see the embodiment of creative thought. But how many preliminary steps should be passed and implemented before the idea could lead to a visible dense form. But still here it is the mover. That is why the thought will be considered as Foundation and we will come from it. In all endeavors of the primary stage of their implementation will be invisible. This value of thoughts must be recognized, and after that we should understand that thought and its products are not personal, for one person, but for the whole mankind. Crystallized, that is a deliberate thought, released into space, becomes a public good, and the good of the planet, if the population of its aura of creativity — fills the creative thoughts of the highest order. Evil, dark and destructive thoughts, too, are the common heritage, poisoning and contaminating the aura of the Earth. Responsible for the thoughts we need to understand, for the time is coming the universal approval of creative thoughts and especially favorable space conditions for its fiery implementation and application in life. Cementing by the thought of space is not baseless, but the life-dreaming-the creative process of transformation of the planet.
57. (Feb. 11). In achieving the spirit, anything is possible now. No such barriers, which could overcome the will of man. “Can a person overcome that?” asks himself going with me. “Maybe, therefore, I can it too”. By this consciousness “everyone can” he passes through the life. And then comes the joy of struggle and the joy of victory. I can and want to, and reach. “To want, to be able, to dare” is the formula of life of running an Arhat. “Do it, Child” is as old and as it is new and vital formula. The Fiery joy of ceaseless wins fire path is noted with Me, walking spirit. He is called the winner, unaware of defeats and retreats. Destined for a winner-so I say. Not world calls, but the battle was a hero of the spirit, but life, ardently aspiring overburdening live under the power of lights at his heart. For especially strong against pillars, and the surf against the rocks, on which the waves break. And the invincible spirit breaks of a rock of life flow. And then not lamenting or depressed spirit winner lives but is happy for the ever-growing obstacles, ardently showing, that its power is growing. Nonentity has nothing to overcome. Nobody can understand the joy of overcoming struggle and victory. Nobody is looking for the rest. Teach you to derive pleasure out of this fight and the sense of growing strength. So, remember: “The joy of life overcoming”. With what they will come in the World of Spirit, they did not know the joy of victory, did not fought, not overcame, with no forces, that is, not with the fire Crystal Bowl. What will they come into This World with, where fire lives, breathes and moves everything. “The fire Came to reduce “I” on the Earth and so I'd like to see it kindled”. Two thousand years these words but dimly lit the fire of the world. And again and again Knock in your hearts and cause them Want lights. Under attack sparks fly off from the metal hammer. Every spark from entity to retrieve your life blows, consider the phenomenon a fiery in you power growing. Let the fire be ignited by sparks. Victory, win, fighting and winning due to the struggle by fired lights. And I rejoice with you and to the new Call. And would it not be a victory among impossible ones, serious conditions and darkness, surrounding the power of spirit to claim. And so I am leading you from victory to victory on the road, where there is no end, no limit achievements of spirit. For this life and given to man, and not only him, but also all over the pulsing life, overcome your surroundings and ascend the steps of evolution in infinity.
58. (Feb. 12). Big things were happening, but beneath the surface of the glass. Time periods are going to break through, a fervent out underground currents of life, hidden from sight, and become visible. They run it. As dolphins backs flit on time to go under the water again and the milestones of coming events. The Lord has a Light touch. In the light of his light is known. He was, he is, he will be forever. Through it is flush with running events. Their run is continuous. Stone serves as the guarantee of immutability and legitimate fire spiral sequence their appearance. On guard ourselves, and Himself at the helm. The dolphins go by ship. So Jet events accompany the run the ship, where the Bishop Himself at the helm. Elemental helps their outrage over substance to pour into the desired shape. And who is judged as not Us, about the nature of these events. Knowledge is giving, in order not to lag behind, as it increases move. That is why the measures of future thinking cannot be normal. Opponents of the Light take the measures in forms of conventional, terrestrial, and that is why they always tag along behind and always late. And then, despite all their efforts, Our Ship is moving forward. And they only just shrug their shoulders: “late Again”. But this “again” will be their fate until the day of My, for condemnation. My children do not hesitate to wheel in Solid hands. They think, but what? You should go against the iron laws of evolution. They think they can overcome. But who? Us? Had risen against the light was with them and saw the invisible jet stream of evolution, it would disturb us. But they are without a leader. And if even with him they did not succeed, so what will be without him? That is why keep the faith, for I have Overcame the World.
59. Whenever our light penetrates into you, he faces the emanations of darkness by you yourself. There is a conflict and struggle. Good, if light WINS. And if darkness does?! See get to everything that is happening in you. You've got to be alert of eye evil guarding every your move. On turns there is bias and risk of falling. At the turn of events is doubly dangerous, because darkness hates all of Us that in you. And you hated it. Understand how hard we should pull together to not be geared for darkness. This is your salvation, or darkness will kill you. Dark coil does not unravel. But ask your heart, what is in it, and what, and to whom it gives preference in the moment and remember it always. Any separation is from the darkness, but the oneness is in Me — from the light. What if during the onslaught of the enemy soldiers will turn against each other and begin to fight with each other? Wouldn't this cause of bitter defeats darkness? Sad to see when force is spent on disconnection and funneling profusely, emptying the Treasury. My children, if you want to walk, leave the disengagement and separation. Spun off will not come as a ray of my not brightens over it. Life force brought together in a single powerful stream of evolution, the forces of death and destruction — in all that prevents it. Magnetism of the creative forces will become harder and more powerful. The orbit of them will go down all that can ascend and evolve. The camp is empty, dark forces. It will be dim for them. The light shines in the world Our victory.
60. (Feb. 13). Teaching is valuable when applied in life. Effect on the psyche of every consciousness, taking all of what life throws together. To be successful in everything, in all cases, it is necessary to firmly hold on to the teacher. And then it will be successful. But usually overlooked Teacher of light at this time. And doing business alone and separate from it, and are surprised when, why they fail. So, in everything and always be together. They mistakenly think that the Presence of the Teacher in the small business is not needed. And if life requires addressing different issues and fills all the time, then can I clear of Teachers spend a day that often happens. Fly to it in the morning or in the evening and afternoon forgetting means the violation of the permanence of contact, or the Bishop. How do under these conditions may be together forever? Therefore I say: “hold on to me tightly, every minute in all things”. That is, you have to hold onto is inseparable. It's amazing how easily forgotten this Council, once in contact with the cares of everyday life and the Affairs of the day, if you can't keep the image of Lord keep before himself. A lot of good will for the spirit, if in everything and always be with Me. Any such cases might be prevented, being together isn't too bad. All do let's stay together and the businesses will be lighten up and will be successful. And saying: “The root of a good luck in integrality consciousness with Teacher of Light”. And the best connector and Consolidator will love. Favorite place and time find it in her heart to her beloved thoughts lay. We love to Look Great. So love for the hierarchy of light brings forth good fortune in business. Good luck gets widely. Success we believe simply that moves towards the goal. The goal is to climb the spirit. Luck will not fall. But even failure will set in luck if you with me. So the mystery of success or success lies in the merging of consciousness and conscious, constant presence in Beam. I am sending the Ray, look, don't lose the happiness.
61. (Feb. 15). My son, is this a common deal to star in broad daylight shined and lit up by lights. But the air is full of fire, and these phenomena are possible. If the irregular psychic energy is irregular, they will cause the chaos of thinking and dispersion of actions. Age of fire came, and those who have not mastered the Waves of flame and did not study their own, will be harder and harder to deal with them. To take a need to strive for to hurt burns a flame inside, this cannot control the will. Confidentiality and restraint in words and restraint in movements well help control the fire. Fiery voltage space can result in excessive gab, aimlessness, unwanted and unnecessary movements, and much more. Control over a particular need at this time. Control you need ever. As the quality of the spirit, a man shows My Image and stands Me in himself.
62. (Feb. 16). You need a separate from temporary and perpetual eternal give heart and mind. Personality, self, astral and all shells are the temporary. Benchmarking the Citadel self, astral and vanity. All that is known for a long time, but something inside the protests and ardently fights against the spirit of the Eternal Flame of light the posit. The spirit wants, but the four does not want, and deadly struggle for the right starts to life between the upper and lower shells triad. Dead called them, I might add, walking and living them, over time, the designation of your life and being, for the condemned to death, that is replacing all of these conductors in ardent process (feeling of) Ghost existence. Mai lives in power then. When I say that the proximity of My over Maya, mean area of the spirit and the life of the spirit is not in time but in the eternal, and awareness of yourself, your self, triads, in light of My. In light of My perceived Light. You can feel the spirit of the immortal, but over time the body of a man, a corporal in its big “I”, which includes also the small “I”, which is a small part of the large. Big “I” and “me” are separated, and each has its place, and now each is weighed on the scales of the infinity, the determining importance of it. Elements of temporality and transition in the microcosm are need to isolated and define, to understand them and to distinguish from the big “I”. You need to see a short length of time, condemned to the death, and endless duration that accumulated and concentrated in the triad, being putted in a bowl in the form of crystalline deposits Immortals lights. Everything ends that is going on in the shells, and continues, transmitting and developing in the immortal triad. Even the memory of it is from the beginning of time. And every time when something interferes with your whole heart and thought to appeal to Me, distracting them from the surrounding earth, this lower self in the four claims themselves, fighting for their excellence and demanding acceptance and preferences for themselves. Therefore I say that posting anyone and anything above Me, I deserve leadership and strength in yourself will not approve your higher “self”. I Want the complete return of the heart and mind, giving to me completely. First, before, and above all, I am, the Lord, and then everything else, all the brightest dreams of deceptive Maya. In the brightness of the dreams of the earthly Maya and Heavenly Maya, it is necessary to see their transient nature and essence of fire, remembering that everything is impermanent, only I Abide forever. But you must understand and appreciate the nature of the pair of opposites. In the transition and temporality of Maya dreams is concealed their temporality value, for they, and life on Earth, and the Earth and experience above ground, and only they give spirit an opportunity to gather and enrich the Treasury of his new existence and savings. Without the temporary earthly life and earthly, fleeting dreams, cannot collect people elements needed for building up what is claimed and what his higher self. It is thanks to them and can be insured with fiery body is indestructible the immortal spirit medium, the body of a triad. From any other phone it one, fire, not destroyed, and shift change similar to changes of all inferior shells or solids, should not be. So proud they are, so arrogant, smug, self-contented and drowning in the well-being of the world, not realizing that their pleasure is a House on the sand. House of cards of contentment is built on sand, vortexes to destruction. But consciousness, ardently set on elusive great heights and creative life for the sake of the future and for the sake of the future, is on the right track. So, in the construction of this value should be found, because it leads to the shining heights of consciousness of spirit and opportunity, not limited by anything.
63. the most difficult thing is to combine and reconcile temporary with the eternal and to give everyone their due place in the mind, not only did not interfere with each other, but rather combines harmonically complementing and enriching themselves mutually. Understand that the interim in man is the expression or manifestation of the eternal in it, would've been the right decision. As already stated, the word “man” means man, passing over the centuries. After all, this is the decision. Genus comes, and the genus is leaving, but the man stays for centuries. And then there is the treads in the earthly Infinity, which has its genesis as man and human being is and exists in the same infinity. And wherever requested look, every phenomenon is only the aspect or facet of the eternal in the transient expression in a temporary form.
64. Yes! Yes! Yes! Mastering yourself is an inevitable step towards the power of the spirit. Not to flame, not conquered power in their own microcosm. Here's will has decided to apply something in reality, in life, in practice. But inside the man himself something of a rebel against that decision and brings it out. Then the man home is likened to a divided, that there is no standing room. This indicates the indiscipline, promiscuity and lack of organization of their mental energy. What about? How do you put up with so that the enemy was inside himself and damaged permanently. Will Decide one thing and the enemy destroys. The ancient enemy, the enemy is strong, wily and experienced very enemy. Astral is a name. Astral is a nexus of all cravings, foibles and counteraction. The tremendous force of its power over the astral it and in a sense, before you start with him mercilessly. The will itself wants something, but doesn't want to Astral, how we can accept that he triumphed in this conflict. After all, this means the lower of its spirit of slavery. Many of these slaves wander through the world of suicidal tendencies. Do you multiply the ranks of these nonentities? Each, even a small concession to plane, will be a new slavery, reinforcing old, already exists. When the same end? Will we give us to the authorities of astral to end with him inglorious and insignificant life. He is ardently intemperate, talkative, creator of all weaknesses of will, killer of the triads, the worst and the disgraceful that there is in man, irrepressible and pathetic buffoon. Should we give him the power over us and be hopeless slave? The Teacher Gives the impulse to gather your strength and will to mercilessly fight the astral. Force the enemy to be aware. He is sly and treacherous, evasive and dexterous, stubborn and persistent, and a liar. Can decorate any drop and live up to only extend their shameful existence. Astral must subjugate the will, relieve, or even kill, because in the future the evolution of spirit he is absolutely not needed. You can perform brilliantly all work without any astral emotions. They don't need a man when his spirit reaches a certain level. Victory over them is an obligation of the spirit, and we should fight to start. Assigning a task each day and deciding exactly which properties it will be destroyed, and as the fight interesting. The primacy of the spirit gives victory. The Will long ago has spawned many properties, and will has taken advantage of their kill. The teacher gives the forces struggle to complete if the solution will be a long transient and changing movements in the astral guide.
65. (Feb. 17). The goal is to reach me. This requires known quality spirit. When the compass and the rudder are in the hard hand, the ship reaches the port, despite the storms, fogs and gloom of night. Standing watch, and the tension will, and knowledge of the purpose and direction of the spirit enable you to reach your goal. It should be noted that the decision will adopt a quality instantly evokes zealous resistance and ardent opposition to the elemental Astral if solution is particularly fiery. Traveler hands down and the pr01 was driven by disarm. “Let’s fight”, — says the tried and would move on, spirit despite the early setbacks. Wayfarer is on the way. Many coincidences it expects. Can stumble, fall and injure yourself. May meet obstacles, and it can seem insurmountable, but they experienced traveler goes, no matter what. Having fell, gets up to move on, and again goes; No matter how raise the lower “self” against the spirit, got to go, despite his temporary victory. Triumph always briefly and taken advantage is short-lived. Outbreaks of Astral should not be embarrassed. His goal is to cut off the path of spirit and save himself, feeding on their feelings. But time is short, the path is dismounted. Succumb to a plane and decide what hopeless attempts to confront him, starve yourself means to defeat. It's going to be way down, way back. But the Fiery path is just ahead. The challenge is still the same — Astral rein, whatever and however revealed its activity. He should definitely ardently reach the external exposure and, if not, create movement or eddies in his own guide from within. This is his life. Daily challenges a pupil, firmly remembering that every decision to approve a quality or destroy a flaw immediately will cause ardent opposition to elements of the astral quality or lack of. If the decision was to suppress irritability, inevitably arise circumstances ardently giving the irritation. So, approved in you the quality of spirit will cause any appearance its opposite pole. If the calm full give him a ring and go past, it will be a victory. If Astral will win in this conflict, should continue, and besides, as if nothing had happened and to achieve victory remained constant and firm. Astral has a wealth of reflex activity of consciousness. The crazy people you can watch complete binge of uncontrolled reflexes. Not be like them even a little. As a machine, a person deprived of freedom. Don't be like the doll that is pulled by the strings in the bazaar show booth. The unbridled comic reflexes essence in man is a disgrace to humanity. What is that they are strong and not always come into the control outbreaks of Astral-he must be defeated. The birth of will, let's call it a powerful, fiery effort of the spirit to launch a merciless fight with lunar forces in himself. As water flows through the slit, so astral is seeking to show himself at every opportunity through weakness of spirit. Kept and discreet one, it will show itself into something else, but this does not have to be embarrassed. Especially he wins on surprises. Unprepared for something sudden consciousness easier loses balance than prepared. Therefore, we must be prepared at all times. The words “always prepared” should be understood broadly. The birth of the insurgent spirit will is shown in the silver bridle spirit more and more starts flickering on all the feelings and actions of disciple. Big and small displays of astral must be brought under control. And with small ones, perhaps it is even harder, for small ones are imperceptible, and you cannot watch them all. But you still need to follow and discover the kill. After all, it is a struggle for life, for the right to immortality, for salvation is mortal Astral and everything that was happening to him.
66. (M.A.J.). What evolved and formed for centuries cannot be curbed, and defeated and killed overnight. It takes time. Only rarely does an instant transformation of man, but it's only when savings are great. And then the blink occurs, and the amount of experience is transformed into quality spirit. In normal cases, it is needed a relentless, unbreakable decision to go through to the end. Above all, don't be embarrassed by first failures and defeats. Last victory crowns the case and temporary setbacks are not decisive.
67. (Guru). Go, go, go the days of great happiness. In the mist yet, but close. Will we help them get closer to their goal.
68. (Feb. 18). The birth of will. Whether will be born? Can. Can suddenly become heavily? Can. Heroic deeds of ordinary people were committed when a voltage will. Need a fire to make such a strong common will. The formula “I can do all things” there is confirmation of the Fiery power in himself. It requires awareness. “You are gods” formula is the formula for the adoption of its fiery capacity, capacity will. Adopting her, realizes that maybe born twice, it's all within reach and anything is possible. I talk about the spirit and the world of it: because of your race, new tooth, instead of dipping, you cannot grow. Opportunities lie in the application of laws of subtle energies. Will sets in motion the wheel of law. Think you want to stress an individual or all of the senses, but this is incorrect. Shells are silent when a fire started is in a man, given a birth to silent thought, resulting in a fiery movement of the wheel of law. Quite of silence is inherent in the power of the Lord.
69. (Feb. 19). Yoga devotees shall withdraw to the mountains-for physical environment is of great importance in the life of the spirit. Resistance of the environment in the town is monstrously hard. Space densely saturated emanations of thoughts and feelings. But the main obstacle is your own thoughts and feelings engendered by the buzz. You can temper the rush of triumph over a long line, that is, thinking about the future. In the future, would end all that now gripping the consciousness and grabs it, how it ended for the consciousness of all that is overwhelmed it just ardently year, two, three or more years ago, so it is better to live the future, and especially in the future, that is, consciousness in it and carried it live, and not in his personal file, but in a human being. Even today, frees mankind from the power of the crowd. Even not caring about themselves and about other releases, the same result will meet favorite work. We should all love that brings consciousness from a small closed circle of private life and personal experiences, and realize how much all this is useful for excluding personal beginning, which is the focus of life. The basis of spiritual success in Yoga is the loss of self. The formula “let him deny himself” remains in force. And who of the truly great people did not deny himself ever and gave himself to the service of the Common Good. The struggle of these two beginnings in the human, personal and impersonal, is inevitable, and it is full of deep drama. Love the Middle does not mean to do, forgetting about yourself, other people's interests to live together in an era of fire-team. So the formula is now the Evangelical a necessity of life for the person who wants to rise above their small “I” and his win and regain freedom of spirit. No matter in what form has taken the idea of selflessness, but selfishness and rage of self identification have been tamed and defeated.
70. The Right to think that sometimes the hair shirt and chains were constant and persistent reminder of the most important thing. See yourself as vanity kills off the most serious and firm decisions, and repeated and repeated. If standing or intercessions with awareness in the heart of Image something interferes and makes the mind need chains in any form, except, of course, present, railways. What does elect to serve as a constant reminder? Rhythm does not help, as has the best breaks something, causing at least a small but constant pain or discomfort. Sometimes these purely mechanical techniques can help when you want to do something habitual and self gets in the way.
71. (Feb. 21). If the sound of the crowd will intensify, inevitably branch of consciousness from a teacher of light. It is easier to reach than keep the reached. Achievement is accompanied by take-off consciousness, but it's hard to keep it up when the inevitable ground conditions require total attention. And then talk about a long line. Over all, and the awareness of this key moment of the life of the Earth's consciousness can be configured when the vanity of sounds especially ardently. This can weaken her fury. If everything ends, then surely it will end everything that is happening now around the consciousness of man. Is it worth the heart is fully their give away the fact that today there are and what tomorrow will not be, or be sad too about these fleeting things. Better to rise above life and contemplate it from above, as if being on a high cliff above the River, flowing down. This Rock is the rock spirit, Unscarred and all phases of a transient. If you take a tape of earthly events over the last thousand years, how much change, how many incidents and creations how many shifts, how many new, transforming the face of the Earth. And all of it has sunk into oblivion: and the people, and their deeds, and all that surrounded them. But it, too, suffered, were happy and experienced the phenomenon of life is as real as you are going through, so it's been forgotten and out of life gone. Line in the future, and a line is drawn in the past, equally destroys voltage noise. But if in the past, nothing more can be changed, the future is in the hands of plastically. That is why the future can get the tone and the color, consistent with the spirit, and so create magnet alluring into the future. Why limit yourself to their views on today? Bright future is it possible all the achievements. Them and go ahead!
72. (Feb. 22). Consciousness is in the body, but not the spirit. In the spirit, you can scamper across the expanse of the planet or in space world, and spirit accompanies the thought. The spirit and the idea can work together. This is possible when the insured with a fiery body. It's possible, but the known bounds when the body is mental. This is possible in the body of the subtle and astral. Much depends on the stage of development of the spirit. Even in subtle bodies, many are moving normally, that is how on Earth. Not all flying around.
73. (Feb. 23). If all is going on in the Subtle World thought, everything is moving, and if the thought of being deliberately carried over in thought, then you can imagine all the infinity of possibilities of the spirit, which recognized the value of thought. The idea has value and stands on the first place in the world of earthly things, because ideas govern the world but the plasticity of matter subtle world, easily giving in to the formulating of thoughts, it allows you to create freely, without offering resistance material dense in the world. In legends and fairy tales are allusions to these features subtle world and a person's ability to enjoy them. Often dreams of people, as it would be good if all his desires were executed immediately, as it is a wonderfully, and how would he happy. World of Thin is the environment in which marks the every desire of man, framed in mental shape. What does a spirit, and has the strength and extent of his creative imagination. But usually poor people, and all their acts and associated poverty and limited their imagination, poor, Dim, or simply like hell, because dirty imagination and creates corresponding images. But creativity is an essential property or the spirit prerogative of emptied from the body. I Said: “Beauty”. You can build, create, and create the world's Thinnest, unafraid to lead the spirit in a gloomy, because beauty is Light. The darkness of the spirit is also woken up to the thought. In this world everything is created by thought and, especially, the creation of human hands. But builders know that the construction of this requires enormous effort and physical work. But in the Invisible world the thought creates. There is only a limited width of understanding and the boards which in thoughts the person set for himself on Earth. That is why we talk about the endless opportunities of spirit and infinity, where they can be implemented. Seeders are here and reapers are there, they can reap depending from expanding of consciousness and capacity approved by man on Earth. Of ignorance, denials, false science Fundamentals, prejudice, taboos, beliefs and traditions, and people are moving back, taking with them their chains. And that these spirits can work without their opportunities and denying the life of the world Above the Earth. Liberation of consciousness takes place and must be cursing even here on Earth, for associated here is also there. A relentless and immutable is law. Through faith, knowledge, or understanding, is given to man; according to your faith you will ardently applies to conditions of the subtle world. Latitude understanding delineates the limits there, just like here, but here it can be expanded, and there are further developed and approved by the Earth's direction in life. The chant itself people boundaries and limits of aboveground activity of the spirit. There, in the world of measurements, where thought and consciousness, there and harness the spirit directly. And what is in the images of invisible ideas, there becomes a reality visible and felt quite so brightly as to visible eye here is peace. Internal here becomes a foreign, outside is visible there. Teacher wants you not to be ashamed of you a mental creativity works when moving a thin border around the world. Visible to you, it will be visible to all, for there is nothing hidden that there would not be explicit. The Teacher apparently is here. And often a teacher Grieving when he sees the beauty of not building your student mental world of images. The mental world of the person inside is here and become invisible to others, but external and visible is it Fine for the inhabitants of the world. And how many invisible audiences of those are around you by name when you conduct conversations on various issues. One must remember that the environment is always and everywhere — by name. Every thought or image it attracts from the subtle world in unison with her partners or employees. Often they attach themselves to the dark entity, scenting or finding the human aura they are consonant elements. But a bright shining idea you can work from any whisperers. Rejoicing in can surround yourself cheerful, crying — crying, irritated — evil spirits, drunk, drunks, etc. On incarnated name is Union with High spirits. And a magnet is the idea. The power of creative thought, magnetic, one must conceive after realizing her power.
74. (M.A.J.). In this world, while living in the body, yet you live in the thoughts and by thoughts. And the inner world of thoughts is the environment consciousness. Through the same feelings and their bodies are transferred only vibration energy in a particular order. Thus, the deepest Symphony for musical ear is a set of sounds for the ignorant, or a wonderful painting is irrational for savage. Even on the Earth people ardently lived in the inner world, and even more so — the world Above the Earth. World of inner peace and the peace of the soul is a field of consciousness appearance. About it and care to decorate it and multiply, for there is no good man if the whole world would become, and would lose his life.
(Guru). Fortitude, constancy and devotion to the Teacher should be to the end.
75. (Feb. 24). “And in the spirit of moving upon doing...”, said in one ancient manuscript. When being transferred to the idea, said the primacy of the spirit. The thought is above everything. What can restrict thought? Only the limits of consciousness can. Because talking about its expansion and Put, as objective, infinity. Along the way Distant Worlds are milestones, pointing the direction in world space. It is important that the consciousness could to leave the land and move to the vastness of the cosmos. In infinite space, outside the body, where the idea is out there, and we thought, there where the spirit is, there the House there and the seat. But the seat cannot be found there, if the thought is devoid of content and form. That is why we say: “Create and validate thinking of Distant Worlds”. They will answer on aspiration and will fill your mind thinking about it, and will enrich its essence, horizons of understanding, and parted those extending existing for consciousness. The top you cannot climb up, you can reach by let from the top rope. This rope to the spirit of the infinite space outstretched will be the hierarchy of light. Response of aspiration to the far Worlds clearly will, if it goes through the hierarchy. Consciousness, is set in the depths of space and military Ruler of light, be lost in it, because MRI is associated with power, standing on top of the spatial limits of the material world. And then you could say that "the spirit is carried into space, that's actually doing. Not easy to take your idea from the usual environment. But it is even harder to imagine myself about the aspirations of thought present them in the spirit of the outside of the body. At first it will only let them only partially, according to the principle of dividing the spirit. Thinking of the spirit will bring back tidings. Thought you remember and record reactions. Realm thoughts unlimited location material in space. Whether it's even a system of worlds-Space Idea is carried over. Mental contact with Distant Worlds is possible and available to man. Distant Worlds are visible rays, even the physical eye. Their light is a bridge connecting the space bodies. Ray is great magnetism. The entity does not exhaust the available spectrum monitoring. Ray has reflected the essence of luminaries expressing her just as the essence of the ocean is reflected in a drop of water from it. On Distant Worlds is a melding of rays. And the birds, the Sun messenger, getting the morning Sun Rays, hear essence of luminaries, hidden in them, and clearly answer in the morning song of praise commending him. Let the example of small fellow is qualified as can be perceived as Light Rays message from distant Worlds. Thought, aspiring to a distant star, will return from there, enriched by its magnetic elements. But you want the thoughts with the spirit of looking to the space. The closest object Is the star of the Mother spirit of striving for peace. Image your who hast waits to children of Earth to her turned, waiting to fill It Up with their aspirations to them. I Say to you: “Endeavor, and Radiance of Infinity will fill you”.
76. My son, the Light states in difficulties and annoyances of the life. Under the blows of the life hammer is forged the blade of spirit, hardening by fire and water. On change of opposites is tempered spirit and strengthens his armor. That is why it is put in hard conditions, for they serve a particularly fertile ground for growth. That that someone somewhere nice and quiet when the spirit they don't grow. But you marked me in the scroll of the times; you should temper the heavy conditions to become resistant to the Fiery Waves of running flame. Age of fire comes, and someone must meet with It openly, tempered for the coming wave of fire. These are horrific fiery waves, if not met by the fire of the spirit. Surf the waves against the rocks. Put me at the intersection of routes should the armor of his spirit harden: good and durable, and the possibilities of every life gives and strengthens the fiery spirit armor. Do not look for the calmness of the spirit, the wrong part. But keep calm amid storms and vortices is a sign of victory. You Call it, to it All.
77. (Feb. 25). Brain activity is not limited to human consciousness and thought. On top of it is a different life in man, excerpts of which are sometimes captured by the brain. The brain prevents the perception of subtle energies and obscure knowledge of the spirit. Sense of consciousness wakes up in man, in spite of the mind and its apparatus — the brain. Perception of thoughts better not think that the brain is not interfered with. It hinders the understanding of spatial activity ideas. The brain is the instrument of sixty-seventy-year duration on average, sometimes longer. In the subtle world and above man lives without a brain, though it sees and hears and feels and thinks. When coming to life in the subtle body brain sleeps, and however, the brightness and the fullness of thin impressions from this are not violated. That is why we need to understand brain function and that of the out of the brain spheres of spirit activity are much wider than those of the brain, higher and deeper. The event or events of the future man knows not the brain, but the heart. On top of the brain fire thought is flowing. Only bring to silence brain activity, you can receive a higher perception and the brain is only functions of speech. A third of his life holds man in his sleep, when brain activity fades. A small area of its features should realize and then we can move on.
78. You should pay very close attention to the impact of going from loved ones, and note the reaction to them. You will notice many significant. Dark can come through them and harm. Who would think that cardio located to you people are worse enemies and more dangerous, for they do not realize the harm. Unconscious helpers, so let's call them dark. Remember that dark attackers hurt not only distant but also through loved ones are amazing aura, if you are not deliberately doomed. Vigilantly watch what are equal in their aura and pass on to you. Harm they could exceed the benefit, then you need to think: not whether delay or withdraw myself. You can get away without changing anything externally, but internally ardently guarding and closing the heart, for damages exceeding the benefits can be large.
79. (Feb. 26). Do not rejoice anything that no to have grieves, do not get attached to anything, not to lose, do not become calm on anything, not to worry. In short, find the strength within yourself to rise above the duality of finite earthly phenomena; they have reconciled a couple of their opposites. This will neutralize the two opposites and mastering the fullness of phenomena by the acquisition of control over a pole unified things appearance. One pole cannot appear without the other one. Claiming and taking one, thereby we are claiming the other one, often very objectionable, as it is approved. In the area of personal events, the man ardently approves this polarity, not wanting it at all. So it pays for everything, for every pleasant sensual phenomenon, the inevitable product of his opposition. So, do people hate and love are linked closely, joy and sorrow, success and failure, and disappointment, rise and fall. But on top of my earthly joys in the dual space of the space, on top of joy sounds all duality of feelings and sensations — over personal feelings and thoughts. Polarity of small things small “I” is neutralized by the Fiery thought Above the Earth and by over personal, not egoistical attitude towards people. And then you do not need to do anything from people, and you don't want to take, and only give without requiring official. And then all my appearances at the poles can neutralize the over personal thought, not letting them assert their desirable pole and cause the inevitable adoption of otherwise unwanted. Even after approving the indifference to oscillate, thus keeping the balance and at a lack of, and with the abundant fruits of the Earth. This equilibrium of spirit with manifestation of the bipolar phenomena force gives rise above them. And then they manage and own them, man Oh man. Shadow phenomenon had to take a pole, if another was adopted already before. But in rejecting the other, when it occurs, do not give capabilities for shadow appearance. In the field of Astral phenomena under every flower is the snake, or Barb sharp. All that I'm amused astral feeling and passion trumps a poison their opposite pole bearing sorrow, suffering and cost. Ascetics rejected all this. Yogi rejects nothing, but everyone accepts, without losing balance of spirit and allowing neither consciousness nor feelings be approved at the poles. So, balance, calm, and control of himself, a mastery of a State of mind, raising the consciousness over polarity of the phenomena and established in the Centre, where the fluctuations are not reaching the poles to the center point of balancing opposites. It can be used widely throughout, elevating the spirit over two poles of earthly appearances and letting them keep the stable equilibrium.
80. (Feb. 27). Generally speaking, the presence of the spirit in the flesh, that is a matter (dense), is nothing less than a permanent continuous process control, overcoming its and its. And not only the spirit of man, but every form of life with enclosed in it Spark-Monad, overcoming, claiming itself, external material environment conditions. This infinitely is a long process; it takes possession of the kingdom over kingdom. Mineral, vegetable and animal should be next to each other. They precede the other, invisible, fluodical ones, which follow one after the other, gradually becoming more dense material. In the process of human products of mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms show the results of his prior existence millions of years on the planet, and adaptations to it, and the mastery of its realms. In order to turn them to blood, tissues, muscles and nerves and all the most complicated organs of the body to function, it took billions of years of evolution of the human body. But the evolution of the human microcosm does not stop at this. Before him lies the unusual apparent field of higher energies that belong him, just using and assimilating them, how he assimilated a rough cloth and the lower energies. Pulse energy, passed on nerves in order to move the ball, a phenomenon one order; hurtling down in space idea, pass a distant fire news is another; consciousness appearance in the mental and fiery bodies separate from the physical — the third. The possibility of mastering the thin fiery energies went up on the Earth. It is infinity. It is boundless field of higher energies appearance. In the microcosm of man are already all thin devices, or bodies in its potential State. Their disclosure and enforcement of operating status is the immediate challenge of evolution. At different times, different Nations and different people have partly already been more or less revealed these hidden properties, now they must be combined into a single body; the human body is coming and is already the coming era. The era of fire called it Us, for the Fiery energy reaches the Earth, contributing to the rapid transformation of human passion. These properties will be approved now more and more often and a lot of people. Will be disclosed and operate fire centers. And with time they will own everything. The process of mastering the Fiery functions of the human body all very long.
81. (M.A.J.). It is the addition of life's paths to invisible mind. And it is quite understandable when you consider the fact that everything exists and lives in two worlds. But the Thin World is deeper and wider, and there is the most of Foundation events. Only a small part of their iceberg is visible on the surface of the ocean. There are also the phenomena of the material world. Today they are visible to the eye. But where does all that was and was done yesterday? It exists in a different dimension, generating appearance in the present investigation. The chain of causes and effects of a phenomenon that is visible at any given time are a thing of the past, existing in certain sectors of space, and only the tip of the iceberg, so, like the sight of earthly consciousness is available. This is embodied in the aura of man's past in the form of crystalline deposits in a particular order. Everything, perfect man, has it, as a part of his present, albeit invisible entity. The past is able to show itself in the present in the past understood, like ship controlled wheel. But the will is free. Taking the steering wheel in their hands, can change the direction of their action man, though familiar and accepted in the past. They also laid will sometime. All in a man fled from his will. Will claims and will also cancels or changes approved earlier. Will everything can, if he wants? At instant flash of inspiration and transformation of human fire will change all your life and all areas of human activity. There is nothing in itself, which could not be overcome or approve the will. We just want to fire.
82. (Guru). Sending the feat, the Bishop speaks parting words on decision making great fiery transform his spirit. There are a lot of nonentities, but where are the heroes?
83. (March 1). The vast majority of human actions are responsive, that is based on a similar action in the past. If twenty years ago people under certain conditions acted a certain way and decided that I did the right thing, and in twenty years in repeated circumstances it no longer arguing, will do the same. The reflex actions need control, for consciousness can during that time and change their attitude to the phenomena of life. Same things keep the reflexes in the earlier part, and it is often too late to change the perfect mistake. All the actions need the control, since consciousness grows, changing its former attitude. Standing watches or wake it and need to fight the reflex-Lunar human entity. All properties are instinctively of animal nature it is expressed in this reflectivity. When reflectivity is uncontrolled the recovery is not possible. The apotheosis of reflectivity is madness, because deeds and thinking go on past the beaten track without interference management will. Just as in a State of hypnotic sleep the man mindlessly performs individual and automatically all orders without any operator control of ordinary consciousness. Also in ordinary dream or following the death of a man arrives in a different way, and just as accustomed, that is reflexively reacting to everything. That's why need a tireless and continuous control over activity of consciousness that has not survived the depths of it something that does not correspond to the present stage of development of the spirit. What may be deemed to be correct in the past may be totally unacceptable now, and each missed without mind control reflex action or the action will be in condemnation of their aggressor. The old man inside has a wealth of imperfect, new-wealth of future possibilities, and between them is a struggle, and the old should be under the constant supervision of a new, emerging continuously and constantly approving a new property and the quality of the spirit in ourselves. The formula remains the same: "if not born again cannot enter into the Kingdom of light, in the future, flying Light.
84. (March 2). “He is our” shrieks the darkness if sees in man, lost the body, there are the elements of darkness. Darkness is entitled to her, that she and was sounded or sounds to it, that was not extinguished, seized and thrown out of the human aura. Consonance with darkness is no matter how dramatic this attunement. And when the darkness has the right to their victim, who she would help if she refused; anyone who can help her? Darkness knows no mercy and never forgets anyone who cooperated with it. The only salvation is the Hierarchy of Light and thread, connecting with her. How it should be protected from the rupture. The past is in the aura and the coupling with darkness, and if there was. On this channel are dark with each new approximation and the new attempts. Can you destroy the dark elements within yourself? You Can. They can burn fiercely and fiery very strongly rebelling and insurgent spirit, destroying them even in traces. Discontent, resentment, indignation should be condemned, not someone who will give a helping hand, but on dark oppressors, as they diligently exploiting these feelings in the mind of the victim, to shadowed ones, after approving them and cutting off the approaches to the light finally master it. The tragedy of the situation is that usually the victim is not aware of and did not see what was happening. See can only a Leader. And if he again rejects It and questioned, then consciousness is wide open for the admission of dark whisperers, and then already powerless beliefs and desires to police, because darkness was allowed inside the mind and heart. But you cannot serve two masters. Ministry of darkness, that remains the case usually. To accomplish this, the darkness at first enjoyed little shred of hooks to for anything to grab onto to creep in then already well. From a small lie will be born great one, small defaults and concealment is created a foot to the heel and handrails for shaggy hands. Somehow, if only in small, separating her from the leading minds of the victim thus creates a scope where darkness, for allegedly Leading to it has no access, but have dark whisperers. So a small silence and concealment investigation brings large and very bad, for creating branch of consciousness. Beware of silent and conceal ones, the darkness had built her nest and Viet. The small things turn into bigger ones, creating pockets of dark plague. And then each attempt and an effort to free themselves from the dark influences easily frustrated. And then the useless struggle. Said: “Mute are very dangerous, darkness creeps”. It is sad, when Words and Warnings do not help. But it is even sadder when you have to leave the doomed victim, because all attempts to rescue her remain without result. Will free her and desire her ascribed to him the victim. The same will, had rebelled against all the dark times that can save themselves and if a hand to take all my heart and conscience to all.
85. (March 4). Even thinking and talking about himself in the third person is useful, if only to distinguish itself from the imperishable in the interim. Basically this can be temporarily different orders, directives and orders. He has to carry them out, as subordinate to the will. Who gives orders is separated from the worker. Often the officer does not want to obey, and then you can clearly see the two began in man. His master can force the tired body to work and perform thousands of assignments. At the end of the world to send it their body, or the body will go feat. The body is already accustomed to obey in many ways. Everything it does during the day at work or at home, makes on the orders. If you look at the man who became the swimmer, an Acrobat, and on people of different professions, one can see how virtuosity comes the human ability to control the body and make him perform very difficult and complex tasks. If you collect everything that is accomplished at different times by different people, in one person, it will turn out beautiful and extraordinary. So, all these possibilities in a potential position are in human entity. But apart from the body, there is an area of spirit and spiritual attainment. These are skill of the artist, writer, musician, etc. This will add wonderful ability of Yogis: clairvoyance, clear hear, walking on fire and lifting into the air, astral body and endless possession of other accomplishments and see that it is something that deserves an in-depth examination of how the wealth of unusual. And will look at life as an appearance of the miraculous and unusual in everything seeming normal to translate all unusual in life and make it beautiful and full of strangeness.
86. (March 5). Write: nothing happens by chance. Define everything from the fate of no escape, bad or good. Concern of that we should leave. Will that be, and certainly not something and not, as it seems to the imagination. How much do come true from the alleged last? Not much. Life went on his way. Just as it will in the future. So what on care? We should do all that is in consonance with the Decree of Bishop, the rest give to him and to the Rulers of karma. You can see that there is something unidentifiable in any effort of the will. If this is Karma, It cannot be knocked over. Too much stress and worries on the “Holy” person of its. Life easier. In any conditions can live people. Only the spirit has not waned. External environment does not matter. A little left over when to leave and the body, and everything that we own. So what on care? That today there are or will be tomorrow, to then disappear completely with the horizon of consciousness. It is worthless, worthless, and does not worth to give any thought to the permanent one, neither the heart nor the time. It requires attention, but not the how. Start to remove from the astral realm, to free the mind from this cohesion and subordination to him. Good to learn to relate to the present just as man relates to what it was a decade ago. Life is flowing as usual. You're just watching, having no nothing of my own and nothing feels his. All of the temporally and is short-lived: the friends and enemies, and grief and joy, and illness and health, body and mind, and present and future, and hate and love. Only Lord is immutable always stays with you. Here is the eternal foundation stone of life and it is a Silent Recorder looking in you on everything happening around. It is you, and you, aware a man, only a passing shadow. Identify yourself with the Silent Watcher, calling the ordinary person to himself in the third person. Let him be the man for you “he”, not you. He went, he said, he left, he was upset, he thought — all of it, but not you, standing over him, her small self, like a rock over the running thread. A thread is a life, and you are just watching and who remembered everything. You is eternal and imperishable, thou it is usual in you, everyone is susceptible to changes.
87. (March 6). Comparing the past with the present, one can say that reached the level of understanding of occurring phenomena where personal life no longer bothers to realize the meaning of these phenomena. Personal interests, benefits and facilities not relevant to evolution, and it is not considered to be with them, but over personal understanding moves on and expand his consciousness. All great Perfumes a lot of torn, performing his great over personal life mission. The body often suffers, and gravely languished spirit from the imperfections of the surrounding. But the spirit was raised over the imperfection of tight conditions and overcame the burden of Earth. I have Overcame the world, the number of persons, drawing, attrahent one, consciousness enslaving power. Going My way have the same task is to strengthen peace within yourself. Here comes on you will find there a world force in itself under every hardship their lives to climb and still going, no matter what. This will be overcome. In the Spirit the struggle is inside. The outside is just like everything, just like everyone else. Something painful, difficult and unpleasant, something afraid and presses on the heart, but it is useful and necessary for the common good. Darkness and chaos is very painful. But is it necessary for evolution. Therefore, it is good. So a private benefit and public good does not always match up. This is needed to be understood and then be accepted with all heart. And perhaps then and personal benefit will enter into harmony with the General and will become a part of it. Personality dies with the death of the body and dropping shells with it dies all the personal, but the total remains, as well as the consciousness of living in it, the over personal.
88. To overcome the pull of the magnetic field surrounding the consciousness of it, need voltage lights of the heart more than the voltage of this environment. Understanding is not enough, because only the fire of the heart can be punched shells own aura and wall which crowding around and generated its own consciousness. Because these thoughts are charged the same heart, the same fire lights are overcome by his surroundings. If the environment is high stress and not enough force to overcome it, is too much energy was given surrounding the heart and matters of the day. Then you should come across another new day, already without investing in and caring for your heart, but with a proper proportion of the energy his thoughts of The Lord. Maya are triumphant of victory over given to it power of his consciousness, if the heart ardently lives in a transient. As well, at the time of the spring tension of Maya to separate their higher self from it and look as if by yourself, wallowing in its net. Let the Stares Silently Watching as a small "I" is given to the earthly vanity and let does not leave out the idea that all this will pass, as well as the day passed and a thousand days of yesterday, by freeing the mind from its power to cast it again into the power of the current day. Let's not forget the Sentinel heart that Maya and venomous fury it is only a deception, illusion, that all this is not needed in the final game, which is only given to harden the spirit against all her self-delusion, deception, enticements, worries and hassles. Do everything as people do, but stubbornly repeating itself: everything is Maya, all is impermanent, and everything was priceless, just only for a while. Moreover, much of this “right” is quite unnecessary. Great Spirits have gone through life without burdening themselves with things or bustle of the day. Teach and things to own, but not treat them as their own. And worries have thing to not paying into power they neither thoughts nor hearts. Swelling selfishness like a sponge absorbs vanity and it lives. But those who My Image supply between vanity and what is going on outside, he will be free from earthly authorities. But the image of the teacher in the heart should be permanent. Another wave of bustle bursts into the consciousness and will flood it. Study the life transition during the current life. Earthly life is the best Teacher, and it is given, so learn through every experience and every core lesson. And with the experience will grow and force, and knowledge of life.
89. (M.A.J.). The release won't come without a fight, and the experience is worth the price paid by him. From dense world with a loose, we crystallized beans experiences life.
90. (Guru). Smile battle and victory and a life that has been directed to the abode of the heart of light.
91. (March 8). So, the First Image of the Teacher is in the heart, then the thoughts, and feelings, and their environment outside. This way you can separate yourself from everything is eternal, that is. Image of a teacher of light opens up space. Caring only for it to be permanent, that is, always invisibly present in consciousness. Experience shows that this is not an easy task. You know how there are other thoughts are persistent, which is given refuge in the mind. Should be a haven, a place in the consciousness of the teacher to give that in the front corner, which was always before his eyes. But the Teacher said to Image forever. Morning wake up with a job; let's imagine Light hold in the minds of the Coil during the day and at night, repeating a job before going to bed. We should ensure that the face was constantly before the eyes. This will mean continuity of communication with the light. You can then at the right moment all third-party ideas discard and connect with the ray up and have a big favor to yourself and others, and cases. Hard time will then become and blissful, because Teachers would approve the step constant proximity illumination. So learn to be constantly in front of an image of a teacher of light. Let it be It is inseparable from you in all your endeavors, all thinking and feeling. If deeds, feelings and thoughts are no good, wouldn't they place in your mind. They will fade in front of Ray and will drop, if they are good and worthy, then they will flourish, as will be warmed by the Ray. Let some of the difficulties you are confused, if not with me. Not on the difficulties stop the thought, but the ultimate goal, brushing aside the love obstacles and breaking the tangle of hard circumstances, the sword of the spirit. The end, which is crowned by a bright and ardent case, keep the Beam in front of the eyes, and then the goal, no matter how impossible it may seem. With me everything is possible, even the impossible. Often the obstacles and difficulties are drawn in imagination not stated on His conscious but disappear like smoke, under the Beam. Please take action by force, a force Beam in My permanent contact with me. But it often happens that it is the most interesting and critical time, forget the Teacher of Light and operate alone, wondering how sly works are. So I repeat: “Be with Me always inseparably”. They operate without me and with him, are you the same to me. And blessed be my light and will accompany them. So, with my name on your lips and in your heart find its way through the Earth.
92. (March 8). The points of the star of the Mother of the world are shining over the world. Age of fire began. The epoch of the Mother of the world, the era of women; the two began to build all the phenomena of life. They are equal and opposite. The power of one is determined by another, and life force of one by another. Should not be the issue, which has more important or more important, or more important, because the existence of one is due to the existence of the other. To what extent there is one, at exactly the same was approved and more. The flourishing of culture is based on the development of this factor. When both began to have the opportunity to fully demonstrate their individuality, human creativity is the limit of its capabilities. The very process of creation is nothing but a closure of the energies of the two poles, giving a spark the flames of creative fire. Because the margin of victory in all walks of life will be full of the Commonwealth Began. Dialectics of life requires two different ones Started in all the events of life. So, you can start recognizing the momentous day of greatness two began around space scope of this appearance this universal principle. At the Earth's poles, the movement of planets laid in attraction and repulsion and effect of centrifugal and centripetal forces, you can see it from space. Even a ripple of the atom or the Sun is subject to appearance of the law of opposites. Claiming it in human life, we find the right solution to life. A victory is for those who keep up with the great cosmic laws of life. Evolution rests on them. From their understanding and acceptance depends the future of humanity on the Earth. A remarkable understanding of the great day of space law should be noted.
93. (March 9). My desire and the desire of yours being combined in harmony, generate force that provides energy to overcome obstacles and difficulties become the obstacle on the way. There are a lot of them, these difficulties. Their poses environment resistance caused by energy directed toward the light spirits. Not an easy life of all spirits was Great. The reason: the action is equal to the counter. And this resistance must be overcome to move on. You should not make mistakes — stop before an obstacle, no matter how tempting it may seem. We should go ahead and act as if this obstacle does not exist, as if it’s not, it has been overcome, that is, move and act under the direction. To be scared by the obstacle and retreat before him is a sign of weakness of the spirit. Just before steadfastness and spirit at step will open the heavy iron door lock, close down a hole in the wall of the complex material conditions posed a barrier on the difficult road. For each complexity in life, there are solutions for every situation there is an outlet. It is easier to find the decision with Me. In the glow of My case is easier to solve than in darkness. And, having found out and acting together, we can be successful.
94. (March 10). Ray asserts the validity of things, dispelling the ghosts of Maya. It is better to live in it, in this reality, and its rather than crazed ghostly obviousness. Someone ardently says about it, forgetting about where left the evidence yesterday, and how small and obvious of personal human worlds, in which people's minds is hiding from reality. Actually there is an immutable assertion, though often invisible eye. Blinded call them living evidence that there is a chicken. This is Maya, her escape is impossible, but you can understand. Despite the obviousness of the Maya, said being an Arhat. A light in man is a reality. Human creativity — validity of fire, fiery action is too fiery labor inspired — not Maya. The quality of the spirit is not evident, but appearance is true that exists in it. So enduring in man and caretaker are on one floor, and the judge is the spirit. The Teachings of Our expressed desire to adopt a definite hierarchy of light in human consciousness, definite and enduring. The teaching is given in the century, a thousand years will it so vividly and in life useful and applicable, and should be, as now, because it laid out elements of the eternal. This eternal we want to approve in people to let them see themselves as moths ephemeron, but carriers of Fire of eternal life. So, introducing elements of the imperishable consciousness accumulates and justifies its spirit of immortality on the basis of a firm. Collector of crystals of the energies of Immortals called the human lights his way on Earth and the value of life of Earth. There are many squanderers of these priceless lights, the squanderer, departing from the world of the devastation and dented, and the doomed themselves to the gloomy wretched aboveground. But collecting the crystals in the Bowl lights qualities of spirit in the writings of, trials, in the struggle, the aspiration to the light is on the right track. Because the guidance notes, what is the true value and the value of life, you are given. Not that the thought to the importance of its people, than it should, but in a completely different, doesn't have any value or meaning or sense, chasing elusive lights in the swamp and not being able to grasp and hold on to one either. Anything can't keep a man that has and feels neither things nor the skills, nor the feelings of human nor health, nor the body, neither the life. Everything is just on time and not for all the time. Having seized one pole of any phenomenon of life inevitably argues opposite another, unwanted and unfound. In beauty, or health, or in the things someone considered happiness shall by operation of law to stand face to face with their inevitable loss. Timeless spirit and values are inherent throughout time. So, figuring his treasure on the base, the cumulative and multiplier are not outside, but inside, adopts its spirit of man on the rock of eternal life Foundation. Not temporary we, but unregulated — travelers on the great path of everlasting life.
95. Interim and a tribute to, bearing in mind its value, because there is a field of sowing grains temporarily immortal lights. Eternal appearance is in temporary that dropping the veils it, enriched with new savings and existence. Without temporary casings not accumulate elements of immortality. It is the value of human life and the value of its incarnations. Life on Earth, meaningful collecting Treasures in the Bowl becomes the continuous line en route to Infinity and the meaning gets. And we say, “He knows his way”. Many of them didn't find its way?
96. Proceed as in understanding the immediate assistance when accompanied by their forces, calling on the help of the teacher. Do not wait, but to act. Help is always appreciated but rarely. Dark will make an attempt to hurt everywhere.
97. (March 11). My son, liberation from earthly attachments spirit needed to get out on the space expanse. At the beginning of free flight it will be tied to the planet. “Soul tied” something, some conditions of planetary life are hard to keep in the spirit of their attachments. Therefore it is precisely in the spirit to break away. When separation takes place in the spirit, scoop or subtle surroundings no longer has the power to withhold his consciousness about itself, and in the same conditions alone can be a slave and the other free. In the spirit is freedom; but not in the circumstances. One can be free in a Dungeon, and another on the throne of a slave. One must ardently realize that not in external conditions of freedom, but on the inside, in a State of mind, freed from the external environment. The external environment is understood not only what surrounds the outside of human movement in its casing, which, like the physical body are garments of the spirit. The spirit of all temporary must be mentally dissociated to feel something the freedom of its shells. Controlling the senses and mastering them shows that they, as well as thought, there is something external to His inside. All of them are constantly changing and pass, but He is still looking. Identify yourself with this enduring a Witness external phenomenon and through the release of spirit from them. The ancient claim that “everything goes”, have this in mind. As a spirit, transient signs off for centuries, because, truly, passes all but spirit dwells forever. And when all is in it, starts the fire spirit, conscious that depth might be available space, and the Earth, and the waters of the world. Separation principles or membranes are possible only in spirit. This is a preliminary step to the ability to act consciously in different bodies. So small, discreet, but hard work over yourselves led to the dismemberment of conductors and mastering them. Every effort in this direction is not without consequences. Each one brings its fruit. Garden of these thoughts is growing and sometime and somewhere it will be fiery fruits to nourish the spirit liberated from the authority of their membranes. Thoughts grow in the space. Small grains approved in the consciousness of thought through the ages can provide useful branch on the tree of knowledge in the spirit. That is why even the petty thoughts are important, and the response before him would have to keep for all. Garden of learning is filled with different flowers and plants, and well, if none of them is poisonous. Often poisonous thoughts of people poison themselves, wondering where did sickness, despair, depression, and other effects of the poison from. Here's a thought or idea a vicious outbreak of anger, with poison she irks her parent first of all, although the according to his foolishness thinks this thought is aimed at a neighbor, but couldn't hit him. Why, then, every annoyance calls the clouding of consciousness? Or from malice blackens the face? About self-defeats from thoughts you should think. A lot of people inflict harm themselves, not realizing that they punish themselves. Of course, damage and surrounding, and space, and the victims of hateful thoughts directed, but more difficult is still paying their parents. Hence comes the need for rigorous control over thought and mastery of them. Even thought were neutral, and even the good ones, can be very intrusive. All thoughts need this control, for even the highest thoughts with continuous burning can burden the unrelenting. The way of the golden middle has been shown not in vain. Awareness of this need for synthesis, and then everything will fall in place and everything will take its place in the overall scheme of things. And it would mean the harmony and coherence of consciousness, because peace is known inside the harmony and the law. Chaos consciousness will result in this world of chaos, as the Prism refracts consciousness vibrations coming from the outside. For black heart all black but the light is bright, the whole world.
98. (March 12). Much of what is happening in the world is understood as one-sided and one-sided. The phenomenon is viewed not as a whole but partly, in his only visible aspect, while it goes back in time to the past, and shipped its part of the world of the invisible thin, invisible. On the surface, only a small proportion of all visible phenomena in General. By focusing on it, on its side, you can smell something invisible to his depth and partly realized and hidden by his side. Especially evident is this stealing of cognition of the party in person. See people, but are far from understanding the inner essence of a person. Sensation is given to people as a means of knowledge inaccessible feelings by the plain and eye. Focus of sensation is in the heart. Heart can infiltrate the hidden essence of things and phenomena. AND! One must realize that everything, especially antiques, bear the layering of many centuries. The stratification of the spirit is also gone a long way. Everyone has a story, without understanding that does not grasp the essence of the studied phenomena. Every phenomenon can be seen as his body, extended in time, of which only a tiny part is visible in the summary section of this. So the usual judgments about things, people and deeds are false, because the limited visibility of the moment and most are false human beliefs about the person. Consciousness is living in a world of misconceptions and images of the world around, far from understanding his hidden hand, satisfied with the outside. The veils of Maya take off with the world of conventional phenomena Arhat. While focusing on the front-end, you should stop thinking and provide things speak for it. And then you can catch the inner essence of the phenomena and smell something beneath the cover of it. To learn, one must strive to be a learning area, claiming its existence. The majority of content with only external and delves into the area covered. Their heart is not open, and sensation sleeps.
99. (March 13). Earthly body is also the abode of the spirit, too. But the House is small, illnesses or other infirmity of the flesh invariably living in it. He is small, inconvenient, limited, is dense and heavy, and we should carry it everywhere for him. His movements are slow, slow step. It needs to be put on shoeing, and take care of it, to repair. Well at the time and for a certain purpose. But not the physical body is the ultimate goal of human evolution and improvement of the body. Assume that House the times. As a counterbalance to the temporality and the fragility of its house spirit which is given no longer threaten billions of bacilli, deadly bacteria and germs of any diseases. And all that stuff hanging over the body of a continuing threat. The subtle body is the abode for spirit and temporary too, albeit longer. It also resets by the spirit when the time comes up. Just temporarily is the mental body. All of them, all these bodies are given at the time to have people gather through them with the elements needed for the construction of his eternal abode — fiery body light body, the eternal home of the spirit. Dirty hands do not collect clean things — they will remain traces of fingers. By dirty, empty shells, or the body does not collect the required elements for the immortal triad, the Fiery body. All the bodies or shells – through which and with the help of which is picking up the experience to the Bowl of life – must be clean and stainless. Consciousness ardently holds the thought of their temporary nature and transformation that separates the higher self of the temporary habitations of the spirit. Here I am young, so ripe, that's an old man, but it's not “I”, but only the material body is mine, my robe, given to me to stay on Earth. Death is liberation from old clothes, after his service and is no longer necessary. Joyfully waits knowing for its release. You should get used the temporality of corporal home, and put the thought firmly in the consciousness. Next house is the subtle body — different people have different degrees of sophistication and the ability to vibrate at him and the usual effects are consistent with the external environment. Thin body drunkards, musician, libertine and hermit-Yoga vary its matter from each other. His life on Earth creates man and builds a subtle body your food eats, thoughts and feelings that are allowed. Every thought produces motion in all three conductors, accustoming them to vibrate in the future to similar thoughts, but with greater ease. So is the tone of all the bodies and their auras the ability to respond quickly and easily to the usual impact. These are dangerous habits, especially bad. In the subtle world in various fields showed everything that is on the Earth. The impact of these areas and will react in keeping with the spirit of Croatian physical body will react in its subtle body is exactly the same, but much stronger than the Earth's dense body because of exposure to the subtle body will go directly and immediately. They go straight and here on Earth, but dense body interferes, since its substance is harder to set in motion than matter of subtle body; the higher the perceptive and stronger. Habits, thoughts and images out there will dictate more keenly and ardently, for there is a thought. All escalates and thins out there. You can understand how devastating impact there are habitual thoughts and feelings of ordinary people, if they're not from light. Vibrations of darkness are awfully magnetic, and then they are contagious. That is why darkness ardently and powerfully picks up his heritage and those who in one way or another it co sounds. Law is valid and obligatory and correlates exactly correctly. It’s not always easy to observe on Earth, but in the subtle world he is impartial. As evidenced by Teacher a formula: “you reap what you sow”. Of course, the Punisher is not God, but the inexorable law of cause and effect and compliance with them. And punishes himself man, for he is God, and told people the Savior of the world: “You are gods”.
100. Take a present of reality, that is, in terms of the three worlds, and each event will be seen as a triple complex whole. Also the deeds of people which are visible on the surface should be understood more deeply. Not just what is done or said, but goes back into the unseen world and there gets its granulation to flicker on the Earth for a while and then dive into the invisible. Words and actions are an expression of their essence and have very deep roots. Good to learn how to penetrate the heart of the hidden meanings of words, or rather, the reasons behind them standing, because words often express themselves completely reverse their internal value. Someone said that the words are spoken sometimes to conceal thought. But the idea can be scented, and mirror it reflects against the eye to spoken words. Lying eyes are very few. Thus, the reaction of the heart and its reflection in the eyes of thoughts — focus understanding of what lies behind the words. But you have to learn to observe, forgetting about myself at that time and casting aside all his aside, that is rejecting yourself, turning away from yourself, by its self, ardently standing obstacle to direct cognition, that is sensation. Selflessness is required by simply watching over man and desire to understand his inner self.
101. (March 14). You can imagine yourself deprived of the body. It is easy, especially if you have experience of going out in the subtle body. Similarly, you can introduce yourself and without the subtle body, the mental body, the body of thought. Know the speed with which flies the subtle body, but what about the speed of flight in the body of the mental. It is incredible. Every thought, getting elected, immediately raises its movement. Reality and the motor power will be thought. For the subtle body of the astral world objects can serve as a hindrance, impediment or barrier and present conditions difficult to overcome them. But it knows no barriers and obstacles the thought, free thought, fire, because the thought of the earth can be severe, to the ground. In the spirit world, where is there and we think that in his mind — and around. Realm of thought is boundless. The thoughts grow like tree branches, one from another, one to another, and from one root. Garden thought plantings can be very diverse, as varied as the seeds of thoughts, and in that world, where all grains planted thoughts which have sprouts grow, preserving nature of grain. When I say that aboveground spirits, who had thrown off the body, having passed the preliminary stage, are distributed by the rays and mean consistent mental sphere of the microcosm man the Beam with which it merges the name with him. So thought the current hour weave Earth Karma of a man. No trivia, no earthly worries about earthly things, but overall, the main line of thought. Bottom of the vessel could go in one direction, but the ship and details of her life may be very different, as are the ships themselves. But the direction and the course defines the purpose and ultimate goal of sailing vessel. So the purpose of life is crucial as approved for the vessel spirit and purpose and meaning of his pilgrimage on Earth and aboveground. Many people do not have any purpose: all of their goals and aspirations are a small segment of the earthly life and outside it. So he defines itself, its orbit and the limits of their aspirations. Aspiration may be limited here on Earth, due to different conditions, but is not limited to it there's anything except the limits set by the thought. Seemingly, the thought is limitless and boundless — her, but in fact it is not, in fact, consciousness is limited by ignorant thought harder than a prisoner in chains. Because the chain can be broken, but that same break frozen in Stillness in consciousness of ignorance and insanity of the thought. So there are more prisoners of thoughts, frozen in hard as a rock, than people, prisoners in dungeon. Many huddle them – galleries frozen formations thought motionless. No more dark and hopeless slavery is slavery than the thoughts of its own. The teacher brings with itself the liberation of consciousness and, above all, on the lines of thought. You can remember the time of the Inquisition, torture, prisons, and bonfires. Not thought whether, wild and ignorant, a spawned all these horrors? Because spanking thoughts from all Affirm the prejudices, beliefs, habits, customs and all that binds its free flight. And the thought of a free Place in the science of rampant development and dissemination. Welcome free scientific thought, leading humanity to the heights of accomplishment and for all the limits and boundaries set by her ignorant way of thinking, outdated past times. Welcome the fiery, creative thoughts, sending their light people up.
102. (M.A.J.). Sending the feat, warn that the self will rise. She had to sacrifice life? It would be satisfying, it is warm and cozy and less worries and anxieties. Rejection is not a new feat for you. What, then, about White House vegetable garden? Share of pupils and of adopting feat unfaithful portions. The latest terms the way didn't fit and put them into the category of contingent of students, that is, a path which is made of them as long as he complies with the conditions acceptable to their consciousness. But the Fiery path is undeniable, and there is no place on it for symbolic disciples. So each one who comes to the bounds of the capabilities, where he stops further promotion until sometime and somewhere the hapless student doesn't find the strength to overcome this obstacle, but already in conditions even more difficult and serious, like all, traveled again. Path of spirit is not abnegating the easy feat, since the lightest could pose the hardest. Earthly conditions are not a measure of success, because that good man if the whole world would become, and would lose his life.
103. (March 15). Thought, liberated from all other interfering thoughts, thoughts, aspiring to a distant star bear, as on the wings, the consciousness to it. The whole point is to get other thoughts had entered the consciousness and were pulling it to objects of expression, nothing to do with the distant star of lacking. Easy flight of thought, without time to overcome huge distances in space, and its speed is not measured by time and exceeding the speed of light, speed of mental body. The idea, though, is material and has a shape and weight, and is a high energy belongs to the higher dimensions, therefore limiting the 3D space and distance of a three-dimensional world on it do not apply. Of course, refers to the thoughts of the highest order, do not related spatially to the Earth, because the thought tends to object its expression. So, thinking about the North Pole, the thought of going on it, but not on Venus, and, rushing to Venus, will stay in my room, if you mentally from her failed to come off. For all mental excursions need full control over thought and the ability to free themselves from thoughts of any order. It should not be forgotten that there are serious, pressing thoughts, unconscious, bounding consciousness to the Earth to those areas, that thinking took possession of consciousness. So, collector of earthly values, loving them, will remain with them always in full compliance with the strength of the affection and connection into them. Therefore I say: “you should not get attached to anything and anyone: nor to things or people, nor to the conditions”.” All accidents should be great way to Infinity, where the Lord is immutable and one is always with you. “SE Al formula with you all the days until the very end of the age” remains indispensable forever. Its greatness lies in the fact that it is made up of items that are existent forever. A lot of people have been given in the past centuries of eternal knowledge, call the secret. Lots of them scattered among different religions, philosophies clutter and exercises from different ages. These grains of Truth you can see fire, eye, experienced at picking up true values of life.
104. My son, do not let the temporary in you choke sprouts eternal thought. Temporary thoughts, fleeting thoughts, thoughts of earthly vanity lights eternal thought stifled by imposing an imaginary need by his consciousness. Uselessness and transferring are easy to prove, just move your consciousness for several years to come. A sense of the future will put the lightweight thoughts and helps get rid of them. Ends and end all that oppresses us and torments, your fetus is bringing. And the most serious and painful will give most valuable crystals sediment. People without these savings are empty shell. A seasoned traveler will prefer the hard way and will rejoice him, even if his body succumbed to unbearable burdens. Joy the burdens and hardness of spirit is wise. There is a special joy of wisdom — so commanded. My son, hail the difficult path is a sure sign of attention of the Bishop. Forces find the little self spirit rise. And your strength will grow until the joy of victory over life doesn’t flood the consciousness of light. Joy of life goes, life difficulties defeating.
105. For can be written in any context: in the stillness and silence, to the sound of a radio, buzz and conversations here and there, in a new place and old, sick and healthy, but when the balance of consciousness. This is a victory.
106. (March 18). (M.M.). Three dimensions of space are available for physical bodies. Higher dimensional worlds are subject to other laws. When your consciousness is focused on the star of the mother of the world, it concerns Her and stays with her. Great distance is overcome instantly, because his thoughts are not. The upper world: “Here and now” everything that relates to consciousness, the past, even though it changed nothing. Past is a chain of events that stretched into the infinite space of the spiral orbit movement of the heavenly body where the events of the past. They exist in space, and you can always see. Movies of yesterday are embodied under the same principle. Let consciousness increasingly accustomed to hop off and fly away along with the idea. The three dimensions of space there are laws on the planet, but the fabric over My flat and is refined, as well as the dense shell of humans, birds, animals, and all forms of plant life. They are subject to the effects in a person's thoughts in a much larger degree than you do on Earth. Step in the evolution of the spirits above the mundane, or when your imperfections imperfect thoughts quickly destroyed the physical body. You have to spend a lot of effort to violate the laws of nature to bring the body to disease; we have the same decomposition of matter with the occurrence of disharmonious thoughts goes very fast. Highest stage of evolution does not allow such phenomena, but we also have imperfections. Your ideals, achievement and excellence are usual for residents of Venus. No radios, televisions and other devices — all of them concentrated in the human body. Our devices are driven by thought. This is the inexhaustible reservoir of Cosmic Energy in a person. The planet is a living organism, and dutifully responding to acute exposure to thoughts of collective humanity. Instead of your old popular prayers is all planetary team, or huge groups of people or small groups are combined to create a common space of thought that has a purpose and a mission. The collected energy operates and runs the errand. Of course, not everyone is capable of even a single human thought, but much is possible. The impact of thought on the body of the planet and taking place on it processes occur and you on Earth, but the impact of this is, firstly, the unconscious, and secondly, as a rule, it is destructive because of ignorance and low level of development of the earthmen. Even wars have caused disease, storms, earthquakes, and other disbalances. We do not have. However, the elements and we are coming out of the banks. But the reasons are different. Elemental resistance is called their uprising and resistance of the common course of human evolution, resistance, caused by the rapid progress of the ships of the spirit. The law remains in force, “an action is equal the counteraction”. You can greatly enrich the thought, if often fly and stay in My consciousness. For the magnetic power of thoughts I give guaranty. Our planet is full of thoughts of the aura of its inhabitants. It varies greatly from yours. Touch to it is very useful. Not necessarily, going through the space, to touch the aura. By staying put, fly towards the Rays of our planet and absorb them, but thoughtfully insulate themselves from extraneous influences aura and perceptions. You can act as the spirit wants. But it clearly is possible, but requires a degree of detachment from oneself. We have no constipation, castles, dungeons and all those conditions and institutions that are based on non-confidence to the person and human dishonesty. A guarantee of integrity is a Word. There is no lie. Thoughts are free. Plain language is replaced with a thought. The talk is usually conducted, through the exchange of mental thoughts. Also the feelings, and changes to them are bright. The secret there is nothing but covered up Knowledge of higher Cosmic Mysteries that could be dangerous for poorly handling the powerful forces of nature. Struggle, work goes over the exquisite Cosmic Energies. After their development, their expression becomes infinite. Labor is endless. And the tops of knowledge as far as you have, because they go off into infinity. Really help mankind move on Land. Now space conditions very favorable, since your Earth has entered a new era in its space. Stay tuned for great discoveries in the field of new types of energies, and think more about Us.
107. My son, like the keys of a piano, the mind can refer to different energies and call the second chord. Analyzed the phenomenon will be key, and touch to it will give a spatial response. How wonderfully the phenomenon is, or how it is very simple. He pronounced: “formulas knock and it shall be opened to you”, “seek and ye shall find”. Now the time has come to turn into a form of religious science and express in terms of exact knowledge. Aspiring to the idea of a phenomenon on the name brings the answer. The Act is commensurate and compliance. According to the same law scholar scoops new ideas of space and makes new discoveries, and composer — their creations. We just have to understand that the law is very simple and immutable. Ask for knowledge and it will be given you, want, wish to do. The radio in the spatial thought is everyone, we just have to bring it into service, in working condition is not a negation, but assertion. Now the time has come when the Prophet, clairvoyant needed wonders can become, because everything in it, in the Office of his spirit and body and wonders not, because everything can be explained scientifically. It is unprecedented time of great opportunity possible for everybody. Select No, under the banners of the Bishop called upon all. The place has everything all coveted and social undertakings.
108. Know how the thought of man, if your thinking about it. Similarly, we refer to the thought of each object, phenomenon or things that think about. Only they can't say words about themselves. Instead, they say, and they do not only by words, but by their radiation, or aura. Read the aura of the stuff in their hands, not to mention things in the distance, is not easy. But be very careful, you can catch a pleasant or an unpleasant impression, prepared from this contact. The consciousness of the common man too is derived from his experiences immediate circle going through its external dampening sentiment, and for subtle perceptions in the mind no longer remains. Consciousness is freed from the tyranny of externally before it learns to read auras near and far. Especially you want to liberate consciousness from coupling the Earth if wants to get it on the space expanse. Even free from body, unembodied spirits are pounded in the Earth's atmosphere, not daring to long-distance flights, not wanting them to and not rushing out of the planetary aura. The associated consciousness on earth remains connected and aboveground. Therefore, we should now be released, letting the thought in the infinity of space. This freedom of spirit can get if his thoughts are with me, for I have is the path and gate to the infinity. And My Heart is abode for your spirit. Flights are possible, for if My Name on your lips and Face in heart rushing in the boundless worlds, betters will meet you and save you, and get lost in the cosmic abyss countless stars and planets. Later you will get the guide. Who knows, he is now, but you don't see him with your non-refined feelings. Everywhere you go, otherwise the long guard would have been torn apart by darkness. The ability to come off the thought and consciousness from the body, should be deepened and aggravate continuously. Then it will become a habit. In space there is no top or bottom, neither here nor there, neither the North nor the South, all Now and here is where consciousness and thought. All other measurements and indications are relative. There is no even big and small, because all is known only in comparison. In the spirit of, even a little, you can imagine how enormous the universe where electrons can be likened to the planets. In fact in the mind of the man the world is huge, that is outside the conventional yardsticks. You can think of the Earth a huge ball or with a small, lost in an ocean of space and star worlds. And the Cosmos is huge too, meaning Earth measure is immeasurable, whether we consider the notion of top or bottom, North or South, am or pm, or time at all. The law of gravity exists. There are many of the subordinate phenomena of life, but the Fiery activity of the spirit over the conventional forms of the outer appearance of the law. Because the spirit is loose in space can fly, and space huge space for him no obstacle, since in the world of higher dimensional spaces does not exist for the spirit. Even on Earth, even in the body can instantly provide a person anywhere in the world. And can see firsthand the place it represents; the same principle applies in sidereal space. We just have to remember that limits possibilities of spirit is not.
109. (Guru). Contact of consciousness with us is much easier than with ordinary people, and especially if we freed ourselves from the body. Each call matches. On the thought of the request answer thought the in-depth, extended and enriched. Encourage the applicant to our world of thoughts, because our reservoir of ideas, feeding humanity in General. Humanity eats thoughts as the body is tight — food, and their lives, though it is not understood. Power source — the hierarchy of light and those people — receivers and transformers that are capable of catching these thoughts consciously, put clothes in shape and fill the space around them. Just as light and heat of the Sun nourish the Earth, also nourishes people and thought. The apprentice is powered by the thoughts of the Hierarchy. A sign of this is the constant influx of new ideas, perceived consciousness on a daily basis. The value of this process should realize deeper. Appreciation is evident in it. Let the beautiful do not sink into the generalities and doesn't do normal consciousness. Teacher shows singularity and narrow path, aside from the discovered tract. Call it the path of life. We go by it, it go and you.
110. (March 18). Infinity is in everything and everything in the Infinity. Unlimited number of worlds, and the dramatically demonstrated the diversity of life on them. The gods do not. But humanity at some stars has reached such a height, that some people these worlds can you look like gods. But if even here on Earth, collect achievements of outstanding people in one person: writer, artist, composer, Prophet of psychology allow him, yoga, and so on, we get the image of the future man of your planet. Can call it God if you want, but it's all the same people. These highly developed creatures that inhabit the higher planets, you get to land their thoughts, leading you forward on your evolutionary path in the future. Thought is the engine of evolution. The best men among earthlings catch those thoughts and put them into practice. So is climbing your stairs of mankind. We help to render those thoughts in the forms available to you, putting into this process their thousand-year experience. Given Us Doctrine is the fruit of knowledge and experience of many thousands of years. It is impossible to limit the scope of knowledge only areas known to people at the moment, but Giordano Bruno burned, others tortured and killed, and only for having dared to bring people new knowledge. This is the very nature of people is denied the undeniable and kill Light-generating. Why Destroy all prejudices and piling up to free thought. The most serious chain is a chain of religious fanaticism, superstition, intolerance and dogmatism. Infant materialism also linked the thought, but limits it to being destroyed by modern science. Fiery Era is the era of free thought, protected from all prejudices and layers of ignorance and non-limitations of past centuries.
111. (March 19). Location of consciousness on the planet is determined by its environment. Visible around objects reflected in human consciousness, are the signposts, showing him where he is. Sitting in his room, even with eyes closed, commits itself to a person that is around, mentally. And the thought usually stays there, where the body of what he sees and feels. But if the condition of a particular space and objects that characterize it, bright, and colorful, and really approve in conscience, by throwing out the picture of the immediate environment, the mind feels no longer in her room, but in a place far distant. Near the coast in a tram in the city centre, you can close your eyes, imagine yourself traveling on its outskirts, and to submit it very vividly; nothing changes except the visualizations or images surrounding the focus of consciousness. Transferring the consciousness over the desired item is an achievement of yoga. It must be a complete loss of consciousness surrounding visualizations and replacement of the environment so as to which nurtured the thought. Then, depending on the depth of focus, clarity and completeness of the new location view detachment from what is around, a new environment will speak for itself. The same exact way, casting aside all thoughts of self and plunging into the consciousness of the interlocutor or the far traveler, you can feel the inner world of his thoughts. In both cases, need a complete self-denial. Self here is an obstacle on the road to success. But, practicing on a small, you can achieve success and in the large. Such a situation is immersion in reading books, particularly interesting, or when a tight exciting work, and everywhere where a man forgets himself. The principle is still the same. But its scope is slightly different and requires skill.
112. (March 20). There is a distance for 3D objects in a three-dimensional world and consciousness. The beam farthest star, rushing into space, has created its own prints, what is happening on it. The planet can go out and be destroyed, but the rays from her flying in infinite space, carry with itself everything that ever happened to her, all of her life, from beginning to end. The past is embodied in those rushing to infinity Sun, and they exist. This has cut the beam in any point of its outer position. And since distances in high dimensional space not then present it exists now and here, and always. Ray, rushing into the space from the beginning to the end of life of the planet, has a material body, laid out in this space in all directions. The planet has gone long time ago, but there is a Ray existing spatially and materially, but not in the form of matter planetary. Mystery of time and space is great there. Other dimensions and human memory, and the structure of thought, and consciousness are not three-dimensionality. As of yesterday there is on the planet as he sped away in a space in the Sun, reflected a planet, so there is no past, sealed by memory in the human body, it is outside of it, wherever the day yesterday. Penetrate these layers, you can mentally and feel the vibration, which fill their reality. So by immersing a person in hypnotic sleep, you can force it to experience real and vividly what it was many years ago. Everything here and now for consciousness, that could adjust itself to a specific, consistent with the desired wave phenomenon. If before drowning person is shown his entire, where then obviously there is captured it, somewhere exists the movie about it. Spatial cliché of the past exists in scrolls of Akasa, in layers of the finest cloth of high dimensions. Thanks to the focused forward movement of all spirit bodies, does not repeat anything and is new each moment of life. The spirit of the past, for it is in the present. Distant star beam, once extinct, but only now handle land carries it past, appeared in the present. The stars are gone now, but the beam passes its contents in the aspect of this are for perceiving consciousness of the present. So the past in the present, was completed at some point in space, proximity or distance which exists only for a 3D world, but not in reality. Actuality everything is now and here, but in different sections of space, or in its different dimensions. This is a consequence of the past; the future is the result of this. The process stretches in the fourth of a perpendicular, i.e. in time, which is not, for all the here and the now. Mystery of time and space opens partially upon release from the body or when the conscious withdrawal in his subtle body. Otherwise, changing space then that immediately puts the consciousness in other terms, unlike in many respects the conditions solid world. Impression of perceived objects is preserved, and a sequence of visible and perceptible phenomena, feelings (the five senses) fine is formed by sliding the thought and body, subtle body, able to fly. Reality of the Subtle World is certain for those who travelled in it, although not material, i.e. material, but in the other way than the world of dense, because all the material, even the thought. The material and the past, present, and telling the world invisible, in the space of other measurements. In the past, in the abyss of untold distances, if their measure is earthly, but not existing for the Fiery consciousness of spirit.
113. (March 22). Origin of annual cycle means the awakening of life and possibility of sowing new seeds to produce the desired seedlings. No matter what was happening or done in the past, this is the opportune moment for sowing in the consciousness of new reasons to name the new inquiry yielding. Of the elements that make up the content of consciousness, creating new combinations of new possibilities, put it forward to new opportunities. Whatever the history, the way of light is always open for promotion. Even with the evil ways will always take you to the path of light. This openness to the spirit to move in any direction always accompanies consciousness embodied, and choice always is possible. No, there is no such a provision that the person has been deprived of the right to choose freely. And when the material conditions of life are a dead end, the spirit remains free and open, since aspiration up nobody can block him. Often, when during a serious nightmare man makes himself awake and, going off into the world of another dimension, frees itself from the difficult experiences. Similarly, the action of Earth consciousness of suicidal tendencies can break out in the region of the spirit, which does not influence the Earth and earthly conditions. On Earth, people live under authority of their surroundings in their mental cages of different designs and materials. But Yogi is eremite on the mountains free of all these heaps and unconventional life. Fashion, custom, tradition, folk era, among other things, imposes on the consciousness of its framework. Slavery is a human made in its entire breadth, more tragic than it may seem. Many people are slaves, after all, and yet their habits, tendencies, passions and vices. In close mental cage lives like a bird with its wings cut off, never knew freedom. Yoga is a path of liberation of spirit from all limiting its fetters. Even the awareness of limits and connectedness of spirit to your physical body can help in many ways. Body well until it outgrew its inhabitant of borders. Then they become a hindrance if not found ways to transcend the physical body. This is the life of the spirit. The thought is a tool of the spirit. It is not limited by anything except the limits of consciousness. It is liberator and enslaver. For thoughts barriers can't put none other than the man himself. And the idea is not linked by anything can lead on the eve of a new round of new ways of heading toward the spirit. Each new grain of thought gives their shoots. Free thought will lead to aboveground freedom spirit, when, as in the body, consciousness can leave on time it at will and act in other spaces. And then the body will not be the cage for the spirit, but its apparatus with all the features of the apparatus, which registers more earthly.
114. (March 22). Better to have nothing than have, but be a slave to what you possess. Things are great encumbrance for the spirit. Because we want to destroy the notion of a property and replace it with the notion of temporary use appropriate for living things. Damage to property not in things, but that consciousness is linked to and is filled with thoughts about them. The very notion is ridiculous, because property ludicrous matter from which things are considered his. Atoms may not belong to man, but a combination of them can — in this failure. For life must be very few things. Future frees the individual from any property, giving it everything that is necessary for life, but for temporary use. With each thing he owns, consciousness and thought thread links attached to things. The more things are the more of their thoughts. A miser is a prisoner of the Dungeon, whose walls are made of things that he considers his own. Will come out from there until you give in the spirit of them, will come neither in this world nor that, because we thought the world was Thin with him. Curse hanging over the person and property of crushes him to land. Aboveground in the world everything is connected with the concept of ownership as the iron core on my feet. There's nowhere to get away from things that are owned by that person thinks that owns. The Wanderer, has nothing, no food, there's even freer than the average person, surrounded by the usual things. That is why I say: “Have all, but nothing consider as yours”.
115. Do not prejudge the future. All prejudice is wrong. Make all that possible. Give the Lord the rest. And fear for the future also should be left — not a good magnet. What to take with you? Their freedom from anything that ties the mind Giving Advice, the teacher assumes his karma. Because the compliance Board and removal (away from you), and the transfer of their Lord's will is liberation from previous karma.
116. (March 26). Of those who have fallen away won't spare leaves is not they will reap nothing. So all left, who was with Me. Who is grief, but not you, in Me resisted. Having chosen a different fate, you predetermined your way. Not mine, that path of separation from you. I have just shipped, but you're not going after them. Leaving you; they leave me, for My Ty. In the darkness, and shows the Light is not so preferable for them as darkness, separating them from me. You are litmus for them, the developer reactions to light and darkness. Keep thee. How will they hold now, they cut the brunch for which hold? But don't reach for the ears become deaf of words. Their darkness is laid. Once understood, but what good is the missed opportunities will not come back. Scary is the blinding darkness, when the eyes do not see, and ears watching, can't hear, although words and penetrate into the brain. But the will is free to choose the path of darkness or light. The chalice broken have long Said. Are you trying to make by the wreckage. But such vessels do not submit to the holiday spirit. While the holiday is coming, it will be on your street. But darkness takes its, it belongs by right of cooperation with it, or consonance. You ask, where is the victory, if loved ones could simply not accept it? But I have overcome the world, being all on, and took over the onslaught of darkness, as the distraught spirit of victory, but not somewhere outside. Saying you won a powerful, I tell you focus all spirit forces to gather in the Citadel, and keep away from those who have been passers-by. Victory and defeat is in the spirit. Remember that loneliness no one will change. Through the loneliness got to go through. How the darkness did came, if there is no grey ones and no little white behind which you can hide? Consider each move away from excessive load. It will be easier to go. Degree of loneliness of spirit is as inevitable as the homeless person walking. By all, devoid of all, herself the winner and his cross, this comes to me. I am the winner, I will Give power to rise above the whirlpool of life and overcome the life.
117. (March 28). Teacher’s Pieces of Advice are given for usage them in life. Therefore each Advice should be applied according the strength and understanding. Let’s deepen the understanding of the reflexes of thinking. It means, above all, automatic thoughts and actions: as usual, like before, and as circumstances dictate, everything is accepted without reservations, fight and combat, and according the established order of thinking — in short, a complete, uncomplaining servitude from the former man in you. Arhat destroys it in him; how it can be allowed by the forever awaken consciousness, this is the lunar heritage of half-conscious existence. The animal side of man is reflexive, reacting to everything as the animal, accustomed once. Reflexive area is very wide and deep, but is subjected to full review and full control of consciousness, forever standing on the watch of the human microcosm. When waves of external influences of life are aimed on the human, you can meet them reflexively; obeying the wave, but it is possible, meeting the wave, to pour elements of it in desirable combinations and new combinations, acceptable to consciousness. And then, instead of passive blind obedience the circumstances, the will claims their desired aspect, creating picture of phenomena through active intervention into their waves. Anything outside or inside them cannot be taken, as a weather vane for a wind. There are few winds which can breathe, sweeping the world of your own thoughts or suitable external conditions. Creator of the world of thoughts and his future is the man himself. To give this area the will of temporary coincidences and random thoughts, often given by the dark ones is not allowed. You should do everything in power to manage the karma. The thought and will are the masters of karma. In this regard, approvals acquire a special meaning or value. You never know what who says and what who does or what's going on. The elements of what is happening outside and inside can be combined according to the clear, solid order of will. Its solutions address the will of the Lord. No one is strong against us. No one is strong against consciousness merged together with the consciousness of Teachers of light. So it is, and act one must always, and when circumstances especially ardently, then being pushed around and act should be particularly active, sending all the thoughts and wishes, not passively and reflexively anything from the outside or inside. Reflexivity of thoughts is ardently used by dark whisperers, hoping that in the absence of control they can push through your thoughts and sang shake that usually happens. Worst effects of dark ones and evil deeds occur due to the Moon's passivity will, thoughts and consciousness when the spirit has not dared to assert its will of fire in the face of seemingly insurmountable externalities. When the dark is suppressed by the opportunity and the courage to actively - a conscious thought, then the person gradually and imperceptibly becomes full they sent thoughts, slave and hence the accidental combination of external circumstances. Arhat does allow neither thoughts nor an action of reflex, not having imposed upon them print their will. You never know what's going on outside, but will not, as it happens, and the way I want — so says a powerfully creative will and gives direction to the flow of external phenomena. The thought is pure and solid, like diamond, from plastic substances elemental matter cut down form, properly belongs to appear in tight conditions, settling on the immutability of the Higher Laws. The wheel of an Arhat is the movement of thought. Therefore anything that goes against, or harms, or Light strips, or consciousness, is cut plagued the fiery sword of the spirit, thought and molded into a fiery new combinations acceptable to consciousness. Weak-willed lamb is not an Arhat. A toy coincidence of life does not happen, if Yogi is not weakened and constant watch. Even in Hatha Yoga it can be seen as processes for intentional interference and control the will of unconscious functions of the human body, when these functions is developed reflexes, that is control of will over them. The vast majority of people are acting reflexively. And because the relatives are particularly in need of this there have been elements of the conscious will of reflexes. In no case should give them to their own reflexes, taking moonlit poisonous for the expression of their free will, or the belief that free will is expressed freely subordinated to the tailed whisper. These latter are acting freely launches your thoughts, and if a stranger, not captured by them will interfere in this process, it is not suppressing another's will, and release her from the influence of the dark that used reflexes of freaking out thinking their victims. So, anything that goes against that prevents, impairs or conceals, may be adjustable and drawing will, before it is accepted as inevitable. All plastically, and especially in the sphere of thought, which is accessible to all and everything for which it is possible. Claim should not what brings life and what wants to will, and approve the contrary evidence of life and before her face. Therefore, any combination of any unwanted shortcut is matched against a conscious decision will. Alleged fervent opposite phenomenon, it’s another pole: health — in the face of illness, joy, grief, coping before — before difficulties winning — in the face of a possible defeat, force — before the phenomenon of weak, success is to fail, and so on. Burning forms of undesirable combinations one pole, in the other we argue the opposite. Almost all phenomena require adjustment, because the reflex and uncontrollably is not nothing. Throughout there is the feasibility and attunement with the overseers. If you accept everything as it is without making the adjustment, then life crush and dark will prevail. If you ardently fight of reflex phenomena, consciousness becomes free essence from them and, above all, through your own thoughts, creative human destiny. Slavery in your own thoughts and the reflexes is invincible. Only the Fiery will of its Lord, United with the will, one can contrast the opposing currents of life. People will not, man. Power, grandeur or nonentity will fire power is measured. And when will is born, like the young lion, the teacher reveals the Veil.
118. (March 29). So a person that wants to get higher, he staying in familiar swamp, and to have the gifts of the spirit, compromising anything: and cockroaches in the bosom, and ray of light. So half side belongs to all and makes it a half a Minister of light. One half of her is Light and the other dark. The results certainly were deplorable, and when the crucial moment comes, Bowl conviction outweighs the merits. And can we be surprised that our century comes one. So, aimed at a lot, but where elected? The focus events magnet, opposing magnet to the Focus of Hierarchy, turns out to be stronger and attracts invincibly in consciousness unstable in the Light. This happened always. But now, the last time the separation and time selectable ways forever, and offshoots of a focus and abide with him. And sitting at the same table may be under the influence of a magic attraction, and opposite in spirit is already split up on their poles, and to belong to them. For us it doesn't matter under what pretext or under what conditions the darkness takes their separates from us, and we appreciate the fact of non-execution of the Decree and move away. And sitting at the same table may be in different spheres, without realizing. Awareness, awareness will come when it will be too late. And threads are torn. Even hang himself Judas came to this realization of Light, and even his spirit could no longer endure this horror. Starts move away from small to finish big. The situation remains unchanged: “once a traitor is a traitor forever”. People don't understand the consequences of his actions. And during the brief earthly life its commit acts that are crucial for long-term above-ground existence. Who quit from the hierarchy here, dooms itself to hopelessness out there, even if he spent all the days of his earthly life in the glory, the wealth and the well-being of all. Diligence to the church does not guarantee the right to enter into the Kingdom of Light. Chose the path of the Teacher Decree tied itself to the karmic to the Ray and claim his way. Approximation to light not ordered anyone, but tragically the situation where a person drawn to the Light and the legs are in the opposite direction from him. This separation of consciousness in itself is very significant. Resist house divided within it. You can imagine (imagine) what burden is for Teachers divided within the consciousness. Because we prefer direct enemies of light ministries a half-hearted, because not they will reap anything. I say: “when will explain everything and exhausted all the arguments, and to no avail, you can wash their hands and move away. And then the situation changes radically: still had run a half-consciousness, now it will not depart, but it will be overtaken and left would be granted, being himself. Karmic phenomenon it is crucial for the future of the person, since it would determine the path and direction. It should be understood that the approximation to the light is no joke. Much is forgiven where systematic dedication, but not condoned anything where there is none. I Thought the ears clogged the Fiery darkness, take a stab. But if the embrace of darkness will be dearer, then point you to heart: “go”.
119. (March 30). Akasa Chronicle. Whatever a person sees around, is the result of the perception of them through their senses vibrations in the material world. A day later he had seen and felt before and its vibration also continue to exist in space, because nature doesn't disappear to nothing. Yesterday, there are now somewhere and somehow, but imperceptibly for normal consciousness. Consciousness covers the continuation of these vibrations in the present, in their continuous moving forward in time, but time may stop because is an attribute of the consciousness, but not both IM events. The book lying on the table, there was from the beginning of their birth and to destruction, being stretched out over time, which it is not. In time perceives her consciousness, because otherwise it may not. And, like the book, there are also over time and all other things and phenomena not disappearing without a trace somewhere without being shown in the present, as the book of a thousand years ago. This is the cut in time. If the orbit of the Earth strives in the direction of its movement, the speed of this movement, that time would be stopped. If the speed boost, then past the Earth could be seen under the fast movement of consciousness back in orbit. Orbit does not repeat them in space, since the movement of the Earth in its helical gearing up the run to the distant constellation, together with the entire solar system. In space, now there is everything that ever was, and it exists thanks to the spiral moving forward just as it is, all the bodies. Immersed in a hypnotic sleep a person can see his past as clearly and as clear as this. It means that it really exists somewhere outside of his normal consciousness. A clairvoyant sees, picking up an old thing, a phenomenon encountered in her life. Even the stone sees, and not only see, but also captures everything that happens in his field of vision, that is, any vibration, reaching it and on it its Sin adds layers. All acts on all and abide to all in such subtle layers that are not available yet for modern recording devices. The movie film chronicled a number of past events, or vibrations. The great matter has properties to capture traces of energies that affect it. Beams of light, once fallen, leaving it to his invisible footprint, or thumbprint, and some conditions can be treated by consciousness-with time have devised apparatus to catch these prints invisible energies. The mystery of time will reveal your face man. Just as the thing entered 20 years ago, continues to exist in human consciousness continued, although in reality it is not, in the same way and in the memory of nature there is everything as it once was, unchanged. Many of consciousness after death live in the past, always equally real for them, as for us, the day of the current month. Often a person feels these vibrations to ardently last acting on it in the present. Past, the feeding past, is so scary that it vividly and around us, only invisibly eye, albeit significantly at times. People visit the Holy places, because unconsciously they smell the imprints of past events, and historical sites as well. Its past now exists here, as there is in the world of spatial distances of other measurements as there is, for example, for their thoughts. All of a person's past made it in the present. The mystery of time great is incomprehensible. You can find the closest approach, giving, while concentrating on things, telling her the story. Things need to take old, many that saw in its lifetime. Like a photographic plate, on undeveloped them everything they come into contact. We just have to show. The developer is a consciousness that is configured on the key of the perception of subtle energies. Wonderful machine is inaccessible it is human.
120. (March 30). Reflex actions and automatic movement. This automaticity and absence of control and are used by dark ones to push their ideas. Uncontrolled are so-called nerve movements. The crazy they reach their peak. Automatism this then is ardently associated with substance, a phenomenon one order. Hence is the need for continuous monitoring, or watch consciousness always and above it all. Sometimes you notice that things would fall from the hands, and beat the spoil. And here without the dark hands, enjoying at least a temporary weakening of the watch. Remember, like falling from his hand and fought and expensive things you want after contact with the possessed. No reflex action when the onset of the dark cannot be guaranteed by their attempts to harm. If more than half of the people on the planet are objected to possession, and most of the rest to the effects of darkness, you can imagine how much risk of reflex of thinking, a nursery and a magnet for dark influences. The mood is bad — you can ask yourself why? The serious thoughts plague - from where? The irritation creeps — why? If something bad is not trying to be dark? If the opposition is not whether they are creeping? How much in all that cancelling, and upsetting, and hinders to go, see their influence. The Thin World is ardently effects the Tight One, as well as by the unfriendly and evil, and the impact of the dark. Even the kindly influence good little. Better to be around and always affecting them than to be weather vane for wind of someone else. Better autonomy in everything, even with mistakes than someone else’s, because the accuracy is impossible to stand on someone else's legs. You can ask the Council, but considering it. Internally, you can absolutely do not take into account what people think, think and think wrongly. A Teacher can decide for itself and use it without other Councils.
121. (Nov. 1). My son, the reflexes of thought and action means the movement of thought on familiar tracks and the same familiar activity all over. But the Teacher is always new, there is no automaticity and regularity in his essence. Everything is new, everything is not as it used to. Patrol light consciousness, or the constant waking eliminates moonlit reflexes. Even obsessive thoughts are thoughts that carry the old consciousness, laid track. Stop thinking and tweak it in the other direction will win over automaticity of conventional thinking. If it is difficult to focus on something and the current thought is impede mean reflexes in the minds of the conscious effort of thought strong wins. Familiar sounds, letting thoughts on vanity dug canals. Flash of insight, or “be like children”, or “let him deny himself” — a condition of automaticity in cognitive activity of consciousness, reflexes precisely the thinking mind, passivity and approval of new terms, or stages of consciousness beyond the past and the thought of having most of the discovered roads. And novelty Records everyday bears the seal of the old man, who loves and used to doing everything as before, and the main thing is to think in the old way. Erase the past around the piles so that they do not think freely and act in new ways throughout. Lunar man in man wants to destroy, so that was a man always and Nova's new life in all spheres of activity. New, new, new, always and everywhere, this is the way new life. Creative work is always selected by new. Creativity in all human activity shows the stress state of thought going on new ways and is constantly seeking to replace the old with the new. Everything that was already not good one that can and should be replaced by the new and best. Improvement, refinement and perfection in all around is a way of life and constant evolution, a continuous replacement old with new, and the accuracy and speed of habitual action will not interfere with how does not prevent it, but it helps an experienced pianist, perform stately Symphony or composer – create. And already not automatism, but experience that gives confidence to the hand will be an accomplice will be in new ways. The value of savings, not experienced and non-chained the passivity of the old man of the moon will be at the service of consciousness. Welcome the new everything. The old world is not good for that order proceed the way he thought, creating dams for spirit and impeding the evolution of consciousness. And the new life of the New Testament is given Teachings, how to get free humans from the Lunar heritage of the past. Separation of consciousness goes along this line: some look to the past and live his essence, others forward, only forward, only forward, and claiming around new forms of life. We are with them, going boldly forward. If the measure of novelty only and attach to the phenomena of life, then you can see where the new world is coming up with evolution, and where the world is old, which prevents it. Distant worlds and the conquest of outer space is the milestone of the star of the new world, new ways to denote a person.
122. Will welcome the changes in the personal life. They will open new opportunities, for the benefit of ordinary consciousness. Previous conditions of life they cherished, not knowing the future. You won't even remember them, since food will nourish the life out of you. That is why there is so little thought and recalls of the past life of people staring into the future. Behind all burned to a fiery path of yoga, and only forward. Not denying the past, if it is the steps for future achievements, not the weights on my legs.
123. (Nov. 2). All is against here. All will be, but there, behind only the executed Order. Overcame ambient conditions do not facilitate life, but, on the contrary, just as the exhausted soil with bad shoots, though of making the same work as on good one. And it is not the Bishop’s fault that they did not make haste and not started preparing nets in time, a year ago. But there were sent the thoughts of sedation, and good times gone. This will teach next time be quicker in following the Advice and also will show that all difficulties can be overcome, although with a greater cost than in the case of immediate execution of Instructions. Do not expect too much on aid, better — the human power of thought, supported by us. Because the Act thought — even a wall will pass without delay, but follow the thought is with me, and will help you in your endeavors. Not in little things look for the Hand, but in the main ones. The straight path is not without its difficulties. Karmic conditions do not permit direct intervention in the case. Get closer. I am Sending you a Ray of happiness, what else? Poor conditions do not determine the depth and breadth of this happiness, which are themselves only a small part of your life, perceived by you and visible, you see an iceberg, whose part in the ocean deep and vision not available. Important — lives in an invisible, invisible in the world, and all life on Earth is but a preparation for the life, thin, invisible, on the contrary. There reigns a thought. And, having learnt its own here and apply it in life, will be there to act freely, for there it all is the thought and the thought has lived, and lives the very thought. It is a world of thoughts on a lasting basis, bearing in mind constantly about the stone of eternal life Foundation.
124. (Nov. 3). Moments of complete immobility of the body is very revealing. It has moments of concentration of all forces within the external activity of their stops on time. Only during the stillness of the body, there may be some psychological phenomena such as sitting on the water or lifting into the air. Yoga spends years to reach this state of complete immobility when inner being is freed from his physical activity body junction. Properly is observed that this condition comes naturally, as motivated by the increased need for spirit in minutes of complete rest the dense shell. You should note all the details of this possible special condition. This peace of mind is the first, followed by calm and one calm feelings and emotions behind it the third peace of thoughts, in short, a complete cessation of activity in all of these conductors. When quenched the light of day, when stars are visible activity of the three, the world goes out subtle energies beginning to reveal itself to consciousness. But you have to temper the three (conductor). The lowest was overshadowed by the higher, dulled by them, and ceases to exist for consciousness, steeped in movement three. Sometimes we Tolerate overload of the three conductors to make the spirit easier turn away from them, burdened beyond measure by everything that goes in them and so there is no end. The same tactic is Adverse. Separateness of spirit from the movements in three should realize otherwise not reach internal freedom. Long is the path of evolution. Once humanity is achieved all that put it the laws of nature. But accelerate this long process the conscious application of will is possible for those who dared.
125. (Nov. 4). Claiming inability to achieve the desired objective, if not every effort has been made and not delivered all at stake. Because so rarely they come to Us. If it becomes hilarious in life, it becomes achievable. When everything changes, but immutable Lord, and if any earthly surroundings will end when the person is obliged to force things all leave the ground, up to and including the body, the goal is to reach Teachers is on top of everything that takes place, not appropriate for him. Thus, among the ordinary lives and ordinary phenomena and current creates a man passing by the phenomena of timeless, in which he lives and which continues to exist when all the earthly goes away. Mai is dangerous and convincing illusion that real is extraordinarily bright and also makes people forget its transient nature. Often people tried to in his life to capture the timeless and everlasting of elements to express it. Many works of art have gone through centuries and many buildings. Forty centuries stands the pyramid, but it is collapsing. All this shows that the sense of things not in them, but in something else. This is a continuous cycle of spirit life, which runs on top of the fleeting things. This gives a brief idea, but clearly imprinted in the formula: “the nature of the times, I am the beginning.” The higher “self” in man, timeless and spiritual, lives over time and three-dimensional space, although they are identified through their temporary casing. And eternal, so is expressed in the interim and was cut eternity, or eternal in dense and thin. As well as all existing forms of life and death are the essences of eternal living life.
126. (M.A.J.). Especially about things are not anxious. You will have all the necessary for life, and even more than that. Feel burdened with things in order to understand their nature and significance, and meaning. No man and fewer have the better. But it is better to have nothing and nothing to take her out of what we have, if life makes have. Everything you can to limit its ties with him, after which a connection is terminated automatically. This will be the infinity, because there weights, infinity, you can't take with you things. So still on Earth releases a person from excessive load, comprehending the nature of what he has temporarily.
127. (Nov. 5). Pining man left home and thoughts with him and in him resides, but does not know what a flood washed away his and his family members were killed, and nothing was left of the House is but a steady place, overgrown with weeds. So, often people live in their submissions and with them but not in the reality. The dead continue to think of what it once was, but not how it is. Presentation about things they replace human’s reality, and he lives in the world of Maya, but not really existing. Just as are incorrect, one-sided and incorrect the views of the people, matters and things of the moment. Agni Yoga is the path of true being, undoubted learning, that is, but not what it seems. Small world as Everyman and something connected with reality, but how far is he from outer world perception. Therefore the Distant Worlds are given as the goal aspirations consciousness and the idea of a space to space.
128. (Nov. 6). But master the idea to any price. Experience has shown that the thoughts of the day, thanks to its tension, can bend and flow it will disregard. Will wants one, but the idea is approved by another. Does it matter in which slavery is consciousness: the thoughts, feelings or body. How will its approval over the thought of the Shrew without letting it food? Thought feeds on the energies of consciousness devoid of nutrition, she dies. Even the very process of thought and analysis capabilities to control it moderates its fury. Analysis is already the control. Pure conscious Ray thought it combusts if is not a good one, and wither, if it is really annoying. Monitoring involves the control and what is controlled — separates consciousness that emitted the thought from his generation. This point is very important because it gives up a key from the keyboard of the mental, which can be used at the discretion of the will. So, shrill, and attached the thought as the offending students, bring forth, illuminating its ray of consciousness and, after considering its nature, decide what to do with her next. And the thought that how! The schoolchild, aware of guilt, can spread in its stubbornness and ready to obey your will. The meddlesome thoughts you can apply the adage: “I love you, I love you and I’ll kill you”. That is, you should call him the Supreme ruler of the thought. After all the thought is strong by strength, put in it by the parent. I gave, I picked up — so says the thinker. That is why the fury of thoughts running, annoying and obsessive, no need to be embarrassed. A little experience will show that fight them maybe if approached correctly. Often prevents spread of thoughts. Then it is necessary to each standing order, to bring to a conclusion, in deciding and putting on her print completion. Finished, she will not bother the consciousness. Hesitance and half-hearted-in this case will be a stumbling block. You want certainty and determination throughout. So, let's not forget that due to the consciousness and illuminated its beam thought it burns down or is deprived of his power so much that already disobeying easily. You can them all one after another, will deny that illuminate both the ray and neutralize their effect one after the other. Your thoughts can be fought if the burden or hinder.
129. (Nov. 7). My son, do not be afraid of anything. Fear is not cost effective. To know and take into account the risk does not mean to be afraid of her. The fear is there is no building, constructive start. Fear puts out the lights and kills the energy of the spirit. Fear coagulate in the space of spontaneous of matter that has the desire to incarnate in a dense form. Fear is a magnet, attracting to show exactly what is afraid the cowardly heart. Force behind creative thought forms Arhat combination of external circumstances. He thought creates. Likewise, works the coward by painting himself every horror and claiming them for yourself in your life. The phenomenon of fear there is not one positive side. Magnetism of fear is negative, that is bad, because the phenomenon of name attracts. That is why I Order you snatch this root from the heart, and so no trace is left. Our path is long, no need to unhealthy baggage allowances.
130. (Nov. 8). Thought master must, otherwise it becomes an obsession. The crazies you see an example of how thoughts can conquer a man when he becomes their weak-willed slave. At first people thought, it ordering gives rise. If he puts in it too much energy and is too ardently combined with her, the thought having penetrated into the consciousness of itself, starts to influence and act on the person. So don't get too ardently given thoughts to the current. You can do anything that requires a life but not giving him a normal life. With heightened sensitivity and receptiveness of these thoughts can overpower, suffocating their emanations of consciousness. What's the thinking too, let it be that would, but for the extra time you need to find. And talk about what is the consciousness of the current hour. You need to find an escape from the bustle of the day, giving her only inevitable minimum of time. With the thoughts we have to fight and win.
131. (Nov. 9). Consciousness is living an ordinary person in any one of its conductors, mainly: the thinker, the record holder is mental in the physical body, the player or drunkards — in the astral plane, rare individuals — in the House spirit. Of course, all three are intertwined and closely linked. It is very important to feel that the self in man not to eat the shells, which are conductors, or instruments of expression. , You can without them if in the spirit. Watching the demonical possession of the Astral, you notice that the man is complete without them and not lose anything. Quiet man lives, at times even more colorful and eventful life than surrounded by the passions and emotions. Extreme pole passions appearance in man leads to full stupefaction of the senses as if drunken drunkards or drug abuser. If the moments of strong emotional feelings to withdraw from astral consciousness Explorer, move it will stop almost instantly. So you can put out any outbreak of astral. So, moving the consciousness from one conductor to another very useful, for it enables you to realize the power of will over them. When astral jester requires attention and wants to reveal their feelings, in a rage to try with the power to shrink and tighten the clamp fingers several times, having invested in this movement of all consciousness, jester will calm down almost instantly. So, applying that principle, proceed in everything, knowing that the Supreme refuge of consciousness remains the Citadel of the spirit. Control of membrane is sometimes the most simple steps and without much energy costs. Many unwanted actions and phenomena of dissolved in the actions of an entirely different order. Change direction of activity of consciousness and its application of force will focus the search key to mastering their conductors.
132. (Nov. 10). There's no evil without good. Useful lessons can be drawn from the most adverse combination of external conditions, only to realize that in the experience business, but not in the actual conditions. Bitter experience, derived from the infidel friends, but it is just so useful. And weakness and hesitation and doubt, and deception, and all other property of the wrong friend burden placed on the heart and wrong friendship channel darken it prohibitively burdening consciousness. Direct and open enemy is better rotten friends. What do you do? Inner cushion and put up a barrier and inside the fence is no longer allowed, otherwise any harm halt. This is great harm, because the harm of unsteady consciousness feeds on life force, to whom is shown the infidelity. Better break the yarn and free them from oppression. In addition to stains and weight bearing friendship brings nothing rotten. Dignity of spirit must be protected from abuses. It is better alone than with rotten friends. To summarize: “test of loyalty and faithfulness is not soaked”. It’s hard, lonely path to calculate without relying on feelings and affections of the people, and remember that only loneliness doesn't change anything.
133. (M.A.J.). World Premier is open to making him unconscious. This is a great consolation. Simply turning the spectacle of earthly vanity and raise his head up like a whiff of a different spirit will touch. The immutability of the Great Spirits, always ready to answer the call of the full stringed treatment. Similarly, we answer if the call is sincere.
134. (Nov. 11). I consider it necessary to take decisive action to protect themselves from the dark influences. When Indicated, or uninterruptible exodus wake, or watch, or standing, permanency or mindfulness Image in the heart, or awareness of the permanent Presence of the invisible, it was understood that this condition, when the dark surround and shorted out. Per each evil and imagination we need to find strength to withstand it. So all annoyed and all have plagued tailed critters. The spirit has to grow on all counterbalances. His power is inexhaustible. Consciousness, combined with me, can anyone resist the onslaught of darkness. You can see the hands that try to stifle the shaggy consciousness and put out all the lights. The difficulty is that through the half-heartedness and stagger loved ones they penetrate inside and the guard impossible, if not to take extreme action. Close ones are good until the firmly stand on my feet, but if the dark influence, then admitted the risk from such close big is unusually, because you can't keep away. With the words on everyone's lips, full Teachings misunderstanding what is happening will be guns and dark influences of fine receivers around the world. Darkness and sorrow, and grief are not being shown the harm.
135. (Apr. 12). Hard, hard, of course, with much tolerated, but flour in the middle is not clear. I Call to contact unbreakable with anything. I tell you all the forces straining to merge of minds. Write, when the body is quiet, and the feelings have broken off, and stopped the thought, consciousness is open to perception Thoughts far away. But it is difficult to extinguish fire conventional thoughts that really get in the way. Collecting thoughts around the Teacher, we are surrounded by His domain. Frantic dive into the world of personal experiences and interests, filling the consciousness with vanity, cuts off Thread of Higher capabilities. How do you see or hear, or feel something, when so many things are before my eyes and thoughts, as if it ties by the chains, with these things. Everything, coming into consciousness, took its place, displacing something different and may be more appropriate. Do not let the consciousness of things covering the light. There is no access to the tower to the consciousness, encumbered cares and concerns of the current day. I will develop, if consciousness becomes free from bitter immersion in vanity. You can do things, but why do they dive head first, forgetting everything else in the world. Because all cases — before the time of silence and join with me. My Image is first of all the cases. Anyone or anything before Me, that had made Me worth of leadership. This means people who prefer anything and with it more attention, care and energy than the Teacher, will remain the preferred, but not with the teacher of light. Is this still not understood nor assimilated when life ardently shows to a sad consequence of immersion in Maya. All Maya, captures the minds and ardently attracts it to them by the imaginary need and necessity of their fleeting and not quite as important concerns. You can do things and take care of everything without giving away the hearts of ghosts to Maya. The teacher is paramount and all the hassles of moving. At closeness It must be fought, not allowing the waves wash away Foundation of present day life. Through the Teacher can look at Image all around, placing it among themselves and life. But it needs to be kept in your heart. Let there be rock granite, about which will be broken surf waves of the worldly sea. Otherwise, do not resist, notwithstanding the onslaught of life. So, in all endeavors of the day — first thought about teacher-first of all. I am with you always, but you're also always be with Me. If Closeness becomes weak, it is necessary to strengthen it, straining the heart energy.
136. (Nov. 13). The world is my in the mind of your first let may reign, displacing the world is yours and filling it with eternal values of the spirit. The time of Communication is fixed and unique. It is not good if the sound of personal peace, intruding into it prevents contact. Wasting precious time is lost and the wire refuses to work. Always ready to Give up my wealth and is willing to share, but the wire of the spirit should be clean and not clogged. And, instead of new acquisitions, time is spent on explaining how to fix the error. But time is running out. That is why it is better to be ready for full and complete detachment from personal peace and bustle even in moments of Conversion. After all, and the great cosmic life going by without affecting consciousness, as it flows past the consciousness of millions of people. Lentil soup life normal, earthly, narrow-minded, then joy will replace spatial life and will replace power spirit of vanity. Call to justice and to the vigor for the spirit. I always ready for contact, but if the case is with the full heart. Ambivalence and half-heartedness of treatment are especially unfruitful. But if you give a full chord, then I say: “Go and take any fruits and flowers from My garden”. On the laws of harmony built the entire Universe. The more consonant should be customizable spirit ORB in moments of Communication with me. And let not sounding chord will be failure–doomed during the day. The distance from the light source ceases power auras of light, and life becomes dull. Do not fill it with vanity, if the spirit is Light touch, as will be dark and vicious critters flock around and will harm. For one who has moved beyond the known Borders, there is no return. On the one hand, there is a chasm, from the other — sparkles with all the lights sparkling top of spirit. That is why one must be inseparably together with me. All is in Me. And when the Lord will Excel in the mind, the rest will follow just without the thoughts and without passionate dipping into a furious Maya. The current task is to keep you on the heights of spirit in communicating closely with me.
137. When the consciousness has grown and expanded enough, no earthly wealth and things will no longer be able to replace the gifts of the spirit and soul will satiate hunger. Looking into the heart of it all would be Great. Looking for the ghosts of Maya eventually sees that all turned into nothing. And, instead of a blossoming garden, life has become a barren desert.
138. (Nov. 14). Force has my word sent to you and you sensed. The power of crystallized thought is etched in the Teaching. Repeating His release this force hidden words and makes its reader shared heart. Not by the brain, but the heart is perceived by this fire. And then this reading heart accompanied by radiance of aura, showing according the degrees of depth and strength of the Fiery trial. Even the repetition exercise in itself multiplies the power of the spirit. Good minded, and even learned by heart, a provision of Exercise increases the force of influence on the Fiery essence of man, because it is a Teaching from the fire, and shining lights of crystallized thought. How would the fire crystals thoughts immortal collected His lines and imprinted forever. That's why so insistently talking about repeats. A seasoned traveler of the eternal road at Infinity understand what treasure given to man the life, Teachings and scoops from him, not being tired seeming repetitive and repetitive dives consciousness in the wisdom of ages. So draw, do not be afraid that Lightbrining Source will end, it was given for ages, for millennia a saturation of the spirit of fire. Make your experience: taking the favorite position of Teaching, repeat it, in depth thought and heart penetrating into it, and you will feel the rush of new forces, as if a Ray of Light for you, force-carrying and Consuming. Therefore I say: “Keep out of the way of fire treasure gems, power supply light body”. Yes! Yes! Yes! Immortal Triad is powered with this light-Fire, and the man who found the source of the fire lightful jets no longer will thirst for ever. A bridge to the realm of eternal happiness Light Call the teaching life. It is. Experience will show how these words are very practical in passionate application. Much is given, much, much more of what holds the consciousness of modern people, but given for ages, for the future, on the whole, the whole race of Manvantara, replacing the old car going. That is why imbue yourselves, without fear, that Source will dry up, and the more you draw, so more fiery will be a Jet and richer. Heart learn to read, but not through the eyes. Luminous Call such a reading. It is very useful and very nutritious. And good at reading the leave by the spirit from three, in the spirit of top three rising. Idea fire-on top of the body, on top of the senses, on top of ongoing, earthly thoughts. And then we can talk about the process of being migrated to idea. The thought of simple things and of sole, fleeting thoughts were not immortal and eternal, transient for centuries. The Bishop's words will not pass away, imprinted in the Fiery Testaments, for eternity. Their eating and their body of light my fire sating, immortal, immortality of the spirit becomes needed to act. Fiery Drink of living mortals Give to immortal himself realized by adopting His spirit and heart. I will whisper to the sensitive ear: forever living Source of Life stream the beating is available for spirit, which always has a fiery stream of never dying life. As it is your happiness! Said: “I will not be quite, I will not leave”. And I repeat those words to someone who has found. Thus, the full conscious dipping to one Source's in thoughts and Focus Light will not remain unanswered, because loved ones never becomes ruler of fiery striving spirit.
139. my son, you see, as a dip in the hustle and bustle surrounding yourself things earthly cuts wire to the teacher and how loss of earthly brings us once again. Match by name is compulsory. Remember that the silver thread is in your own hands. I, My Son, am always with you!
140. (Nov. 15). And so, every day stating in the thoughts of the light ones, you can reach me. The struggle to be intense between the individual and individuality, between mortal and immortal Triad wrappers, all what you live is not fit for the long journey. Need a few things. And my little world is not necessary. When he spoke, do not be affected to anything and you have nothing to lose, nothing to rejoice not cry, was referring to a small sense of earthy and personal joy and personal grief. Leave your joy about personal matters and personal sorrows. Claiming one pole of personal joy, thus calling for the inevitable manifestation of another pole — grief, sadness and tears. One must rise above personal dual polarity phenomena, and then comes the joy of space. In the Grand space of joy: the joy of an immortal spirit sounds, joy way infinite perfection, the joy of being a hierarchy of light, joy, the joy of the Lord of eternity existence of life, the joy of the treasures of thought destined to become the property of the person. Burns world of personal in lights eternal thought. Killing the joy of earthly joy, self, kill the possibility and grief coming imperatively replaced, in this sense, the winning; commanded the duality of feelings of small, terrestrial. Kill the joy to kill the sorrow. You should understand fierce duality of small feelings. Astral is a Citadel and a fortress, and the self is the basis. Defeat the Ancient serpent, which has the name Astral. The space joy is over personal and that is why infinite. Enjoy life, enjoy the additions to the Bishop, and enjoy the great procession of spirits on the ladder of light. About the feelings the same small Have to Say: “Do not enjoy getting to not grieve at impact; do not rejoice in the pleasant things to not be oppressed by the unpleasant; do not rejoice accolades to abuse not frustrated and dispassionately, with positive pole of any identifiable phenomenon, thereby killing the possibility the approval of its opposite pole”. It is the mystery of the impartiality of the spirit. But people greedily grab everything that it brings joy, not knowing that thus doom themselves to the inevitability of the experiences are diametrically opposite properties, and let the tree symbol is a balance of spirit, as is the same in winter and summer. The key to balance the spirit of Giving, Pointing to his turn to close access staunch astral experiences.
141. (Nov. 16). I would like the felt heart as everything around is losing its final meaning. But the Lord does not lose it, and all creating in Him, and acts in his name, and associated with it. A sound center is the indicator that has a wire, and a single, and spatial. Everything and the phenomenon in a field of consciousness, serves as an obstacle for Beam. Break free from the power of things, events and thoughts should be in spirit. Because the Beam shows the power through not shadowed the consciousness. And the old formula “let him deny himself” is a special power feels, when there is the proximity of Lord and doors open to the Highest World. So, what is a heart, so be it. Communication in a spirit of fruitful life with Me, even if It was not accompanied by visible marks or thoughts. The microcosm of a Beam, receiving from him, thinning: on every cell of the body and matter all membranes. This process cannot be too tight, because the flesh will have failed. Fire burns and combusts them if they are not assimilated in the long process. One thing is certain: he left everything and myself whom, and My Image adopted, comes. Because so it is helpful to understand the finality of everything than we own and that surrounds, and the power of consciousness to focus on me, coming from me at the beginning of all things. I tell you to start a new stage of collaboration. It will result in an entity that will go to normal restrictions of space and the essence of distant events will unfold before the fighters gathered at them with the consciousness. Was already moving experience of my consciousness in everybody else, and he was successful. On the same principle goes the study cognition of phenomena. Time for this can be found if clear consciousness of personal thoughts worries and troubles. Focusing our consciousness at desired phenomenon, you forgot about me; give it to speak for itself. Make the experience. So the situation there is: “where all is I, where I Make all cases”. Preparations are under way for a new stage of life, allowing ripening consciousness. I feel the closeness of the shifts coming in to replace what has passed. Your karma is common, and is nearing its deadline. The thread is entwined, that it was a way to implement my Styles that define the path of your life. Betraying the will of Lord, we will be calm for what destined you will come true.
142. (April 17). A flight in his sleep is characterized by its details. The subtle body freely passed through closed window, walls and mirrors. To do so could not. Also note duration and stability of species and pictures of nature and that climb to the top was neither easy nor simple. The fire contributed to the ability of flight experience. An adequate supply of molten substances makes it easier to fly. You can accumulate knowledge. Saving lamps require constant attention and care. How to lose the Agni is easy, but it is difficult to accumulate. Confidentiality, restraint, calmness, awareness of intimacy Teachers, fearlessness, sustainability, and all other positive qualities of spirit contribute to accumulation of Agni. A lot of mental energy is spent aimlessly on trifles. Especially harmful to these and all of the emotional state is loquacity excesses. If you spend even one day not saying a single superfluous or unnecessary words, then it will be the accomplishment. Not accumulate lights, do not assemble the Fiery force if no action language and ardently vibrates chatters astral. For details about the fire occurs. Teacher, Beam sending power, gives, wrapping it as a coverlet, the aura of the host. But they tear the veil instability of spirit, and the wind kept the precious power. A collector in Crystal Bowl of fire would be one who, while on constant patrol, will be aware that every movement that occurs in it, will either drive or waster of Agni, and every thought. You can completely immobilize thoughts yourself even thought by one. There are thoughts, giving, and there are thoughts, devour. There are people, increasing strength, and there are people stealing the force. Is not easy to become a collector into the bowl of fire in tight living conditions, but the substance that is so precious that every effort in this direction.
143. (Guru). Prepare, prepare, prepare. Get fit externally and internally and think that commitment is more important. The Teacher is calling feat. How does need this internal readiness force on service life of the building. You are our worries. Calmly and bravely look to the future. It is yours.
144. (Nov. 18). Merging of consciousnesses is an ardent aspiration to him. And you need the complete removal from the three, from the movements in them taking place. How do you achieve this self- estrangement? Of course, it is the thought. Follow the feeling and her body. So, put the idea to the Lord and in the heart of letting the Lord enter. But often it happens that the busy heart of other concerns and their related thought. And attempts are in vain to merge minds. Therefore, attention should be paid to free the hearts and thoughts of connectedness that gets in the way. Every effort in this direction, your fruit will bring. And if years of effort would bring merger the consciousness in its entirety, the life lived not in vain. We will not be tired in a struggle to achieve this wonderful. It is inevitable. The Higher “I” wants Communication and lower self is oppose it, because his life is busy and bustle. And then the border is sharply between wishes of higher Triadic and lower self in man. The spirit wants to communicate and knows the value of His and significance, but ardent conductors employed by and its imposing consciousness. And varies between the two poles of consciousness — life Immortal triad and the death of three poles and temporary mortal shells. If you immerse yourself in them, they are given consciousness — death himself betrayed, because combined with them is doomed to destruction, when in the triad itself claims — life asserts itself, for immortal Triad. So in the life of every day of every act and thought its essence to the pole looks discreet life or death to the pole. Agni Yoga shows the Fiery path of life. Hard struggle is not declining admires the never. I am with those who are with me and anyone who absolutely decided to beat any price and reach the truth. The fight is incredibly difficult, but it is impossible to defeat and a victory worth to her to give away all the power, the entire creature. The enemy is within you, and the victory is in imagine on the other. A formula of life is still the same: “he conquers all, who himself will be able to win”.
145. (Apr. 19). Don't be afraid of anything. It is better without fear to face the great danger than tremble before a small imaginary and non-existent at all. Fear is a bad Counselor. Fear is humiliating. Fear is very contagious. Consciousness, infected by fear, is not free. Fear is the jailer of consciousness. Or conscience rule over man, or the man above him. Consciousness is the jailor or our liberator. Under the rule of consciousness the man lives, not knowing how to break free from it. Personal consciousness, living in three is the jailer for the spirit. I want to bring out the spirit of volunteering. The will can replace fear, anxiety-calm fearlessness, gloom — joy, volatility is steadfast, i.e. voluntary prison to replace home free, home of the spirit, the walls of which are made of qualities that give the spirit of freedom. Have a quality spirit that bind and stun his energy, for example, fear, and there are exempt, for example, fearlessness; debilitating, such as hesitation, doubt, fragility; and give effect, for example, the steadfastness and firmness. House spirit should build up from good stuff — live in it. Consciousness is in need of a good frame. Unpleasant man in a filthy, stinking, fold clothes in tatters. All the more frustrating to consciousness, framed in similar attire. Bad quality of human is stinking. Need to replace defective garment hastily spirit, for short time. In the minutia of daily appears himself to people. Aura is robe of the spirit. It instantly translates every thought, every feeling, enveloping her light or medium darkness. Darkness is stinking, the Light is fragrant. Small earthly feelings steal the Light, going it out. In sharp-sighted protection and care the human aura and separation needs. Can we not care about housing, wherein he is alive and carries a constantly, being vested with them. In that spirit, this quality than you should think.
146. (Nov. 20). Clear conscience is to free him from all that hinders focus on a chosen Face to put it in first place. It ardently prevents this whole litter in a spirit of Communion, diverting the consciousness itself. If the Highest no of distances, so close to the Lord, and that meant we had to raise the idea. You can see it, and even on the move, if the concentration is full. Not have this achievement, if not to give away a heart fully and completely to a Lord. The heart is followed by the thought. Much will be made easier when conditions change. You can imagine the process will be made easier if the external circumstances and the work will be the cherished dreams. Now everything prevents to pass the way, then it will help to focus on necessary. Happiness read directly and immediately serves the Lord. Then everyone thought would be easy to give a loved one a case because it will fill in the rest of the day. And the thought will be about him, not about the unnecessary. But through the unnecessary need to go through to understand the value desired, and the happiness of his run, and they do. Passionate Desire to give to the Teacher's heart. Prepare your heart!
147. (Nov. 22). You, My friend, will stand before any misfortune, because you know how to meet him. In the eternal refuge of the spirit from the storms, Earth, fleeting and the eternity in you! Forever you are, showing through your shells, they're only a framework, but you are shown one. Let in one and the same body be shown: a hero who does not know fear, coward, devotee, philosopher, poet, drunkard and a criminal. “Ego” will reveal my face through all the shells, which are in nothing them. And see the difference of individuals. Looking in you is immutable and eternal, immortal, his reincarnating “Ego”, growing and accumulating experience, knowledge, and the properties and qualities of the spirit from one life to another, it keeps with him, are multiplying and developing others, transmuting and decreasing; temporarily and mortally but what are these qualities and properties are mortal bodies: physical, astral, subtle and mental body is mortal and time all. So the spirit is shown constantly through his shells, and each in his own way. It is not good when the shell master spirit, and even worse if shims will, usually a stranger takes possession of the dark. Each person can accustom your body to alcohol, nicotine or drugs, and then already requires its shell, subjecting yourself to the will of the people. It lives under the rule of various capacities, the same ourselves approved. But always, always comes to light it the energy of eternal life, it engaged in temporary and changing expressions of his immortal essence. Life in man is immortal, but finite are forms of its expression in all shells. So eternal in man is shown in a temporary and transient one.
148. (Nov. 26). Many think that unwanted properties might be freed later, but for now let them stay, but all that remains in man, it is wrapped with itself and further into the Subtle World. The person binds himself by this. That bind on Earth will be bound in heaven, and that is in the World Can, after the liberation from the body. The formula shall be exempted because we need to begin now, without waiting for sedation, but treacherous “after”. For example, all to give very well before his death, freed from the total advance in the spirit, that is, nothing except their own. I know, but only temporarily. Or a break away from the surrounding, understanding it, and the inability to continue and transition to the Thin World.
149. The joy goes and joy will come. As night follows day and the darkness is light. The old one is leaving the life, and new lies ahead. As the dawn light fights with twilight and the changing conditions of darkness will yield to new living conditions until it is replaced with joy and Light of awareness of fairy tales. Light is ahead. Awareness of this is supposed to be the lead.
150. Recently is the nearest approach to a future time. If you count on the tops, then the following will staunch the Grand plan. Lighting considers and celebrates life. You will be Pushed in a wave, riding the crest of her are strong, that could see the horizon of the future! Coming soon, will you go with peace; We will be with you in a way. I consider unnecessary anxiety for the future that is already defined by me. And Karma exhaustion and lingering bias surrounding changes Karma creation and productive opportunities. I say: rejoice, for your future in it. This is way over the top. Take a gift: enforceability of thoughts, directed deliberately at the space, use a gift widely. And will serve you and people, and the circumstances and the cause, and you will succeed in all that is conformable path traced by me to you.
151. (Nov. 28). The Lord works through the disciples, and the mother and Guru. Creativity is name consciousness and free will. Consonance with the hierarchy is the basis of cooperation. Many minds they do deal with evolution, regardless of color, the regulations and all other differences, the people. It requires commitment and acceptance of the Bowl of the Common Good – that is giving up selfishness and immersion in over personal. Selfishness was, is and will be a stumbling block in the way to us. Where you see the care about the welfare of all people, the whole world, all humanity, there We put our hand. But many still continue to live in shells of personal desires and aspirations. Didn't they build the future, and they move not evolution, and not to them our assistance. So the loss of personal benefits is the first condition of following the Teacher of light. The second is the loss of things in the spirit and Liberation of consciousness from caring for them. Without things impossible, but in the spirit of them turn away all the time. Things have the ability to captivate the consciousness that considers them it’s an integral domain, and it turns out that no man owns things, and things become proficient in it. For example, the miserly Knight sees implementation of this power over human consciousness. Things Gold chest held the entire field of consciousness and all of his heart. Infinity of space, Distant Worlds, humanity and its future, the life of the spirit and all, than alive people — all this was replaced by coffer, with gold, which absorbed the entire consciousness and chained him to her, like a chain. Doesn't matter — gold, wine, or women, or anything else grabs consciousness, making the person a complete slave to his passions or wrinkle — the fact is important. The related thought is near the thing, that tied her, like an eagle on a leash. And would fly away, but he cannot. Slavery is the worst of the property. And the situation is much worse than people think: bondage to deeper and effect it wider and farther than it seems on the surface. The connection continues in the Thin World, depriving the spirit to fly. Relief from feeling of ownership is the challenge of the new world. An exemption from property does not mean freedom inside. That's why It was said: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than to the owner enter into the Kingdom of light”.
152. (Nov. 29). My friend, not the scary thing is, but what it seems, and not that difficult to eat, but what draws the imagination. If we put away all the seeming and the imaginary, the remaining is easy to overcome and deal with it. How many unnecessary and superfluous thoughts darken consciousness before the mind will realize that obscured it in vain. Much effort is wasted in this way. On other shows, the encyclopedia and work for nothing to destroy the Vortex, for all his need to leave here on Earth, but not seen, and to himself not enclosed Maya earthly worldly affairs. At the root of see and see the limit of each thing, where you give yourself, that is to link consciousness. Then cling things, locked in your aura, abate. After all, what is our own and is embedded into the inner world of man and remains there until it is dissolved this magnetic link. Many eke out a convict like kernel, focused to the leg, whole heaps of things owned. The one who do not regard the things as his own, though he owns it, is free. So things earthly are needed be understood and make the sense of their existence to humans. Without things impossible but why clutter their minds, excluding the other, more important and necessary. “Oh, the things of the Earth, you need to understand them”.
153. The concern, anxiety and unrest is still fear the loss of something that feels human. But if there is nothing of her, and all of the temporally than we have, and everything that we live in and what to fear, so long as all go away — must later or earlier, today or tomorrow, and all not mine and it is given only at the time.
154. (Nov. 30). There are five loaves and five thousands of satisfied ones. The spiritual gifts is Mentioned. Gifts of the spirit are endless when dealt, if Unity firmly with the lead. The receipt is uninterrupted to. Receipt causes distribution — principle of pump. If you cannot distribute in the body can be in spirit, this is always possible. Burning lamp light gives away no matter wants it or not. His property is to shine when lit. The question is whether I will shine? Luminosity depends from the centers and cannot be called artificial or forced. But everybody has the radiation of aura. They can be light or dark, good or bad. The thought regulates the aura and, especially, the thought, approved and supported by heart. The engine is the heart of the human microcosm. A concentration of energy is in it. All other are the branches. Bodies are like planets around the Sun. No Sun — and the entire system could not exist. The Sun of the great heart for the children of men — Centre, which gives the country the opportunity of a lifetime. Everything is in it. There is no life without the Sun the planet. Without the Sun the great heart and Light It is no life to Earth dwellers. Its rays shine over all. But a conscious acceptance of the rays as the heavens and the Earth differs from the unconscious. Sign in and become a part of Its Beam off, because of the great significance of achieving. Over the years, said dozens of years, centuries and even millennia. Challenge students to understand themselves continuously in a beam. The Teacher is granulation It coil beam. The closest approach was through the face. So, the approval of the Lord Image in the heart is a conscious occurrence in Beam and approval of it in you. So, the phenomenon consists of elements: a bright and clear Image of Lord, the Beam and awareness of it in you. The phenomenon is grooving by multiple repetition of the Name and the rhythm of the sacred appeal “Aum”. The picture is drawn until a clear imprint in the mind. The disciple constantly feels himself in Ray. By the Beam is receiving, by the Beam is the impact, by the Beam is the contact. Return to Beam means the ability and skill to operate the specified Ray. Please take action by My force, as I Say, because I do not Create, but it is the Father, who remains in Me. “I'm Alone — nothing” — act according the formula and go according this formula go. Not you, or he, or someone else from the people, but We, you and I, having been merged together, do what you can to do one. Me and go through life with me — so you will win.
155. (May 1). Light inside with the light from outside is consistent and in harmony. But you must have light inside. And then there's what to make and what to enter in consonance. If the face was put in the heart and it fills, attunement becomes possible. If your heart is full of extraneous matters and there is no place for the Image, no place in the heart for the Lord, the attunement can take no place. The beam of the Sun to the Earth fruitful life gave birth to, good soil and moisture, and good grain, otherwise it does not bear, though the rays it glows the barren sands of the desert. As for Ray Bishop are necessary conditions to light it was fruitful and, above all, the consciousness, the cleared from litter. Trash is everything that obscures the Image of Lord and what is the Beam replaced by, all that is put between consciousness and the Face of the Lord. If there is nothing, and nothing prevents, then Communion in the spirit of is full. If not, then consciousness is combined with the fact that prevents, and it lives. Every mental image in mind, which is in consciousness, affects and influences it. The thing that, what is allowed and what fills the mind, occupying the field of thinking. It is easy to check yourself by making review units, filling the proscenium of the mind's consciousness. Habitual thoughts surround its parent ring, swinging on the consciousness of their shadows, darkening the Light and his light. The path for the beam must be cleared in the mind and in the heart. And then contact is fruitful. Exact knowledge comes when a path is cleared and nothing gets in the way. Know how to stop the yogic thought to enable to sound Higher Thoughts. It will not enter the consciousness, filled by litter. On being left be everybody, leaving all things, the disciple becomes free.
156. (May 2). Here's yet another day. What brought it into the Bowl Crystal collector a wonderful flame of life? If anything, it's good. And what if there is nothing? Live anything but collect a few, and if the day went in vain, without giving anything to the day's highest of the triad as there were no more — he's like a white sheet of paper on which is written down anything. Just think: twenty-four hours of thoughts and feelings, and actions, and the result is nothing. So can you and a whole life to, and nothing is collected. This life, this page is taken from the book of life as not bringing the fetus. But life consists of days and nights, and care about them, not to have passed on-blank. Every day is a challenge is something of the life of the current hour raise for the book of life. Nothing prevents the collection, except for internal trouble. The beam is constant, immutable, always with you, the Teacher would always meet the ongoing heart is open the light. Stir, and caring, and vanity! But you cannot do business with me, the thought of me to preface each case. What causes sounding ardently, exclude Me from the heart? Not vanity? Now I Say to be with me in everything and in words and in deeds, thoughts, and feelings. All are together and together with everything. Being together is not difficult if things have My fair as ultimate aim. But if it is yours?! Is it then surprising that they fail, making in passion in dissociation. I Say to be together in everything: in the conventional and Higher, and in the large or small, and be in any case, not covered by anything. And then all the deeds committed with Me, will not have to divide us. So, all together with Me, all with Me, and all closely together. Small and narrow Gates temporarily, but you have to go through.
157. (M.A.J.). Hard times will pass, there will be different and will be light and easy to you. Night forever doesn't last, and also the test of life. Stay faithful to us, to us and Lord edict-Canto and enter the bright strip life. She is waiting for you there, where to go I you sent. All will be well. Life will change radically, and will happily heart.
158. (Guru). The ability to overcome adversity in life is got by the experiences. But you have to understand that nothing can be overcome without breaking the first difficulties of spirit. So clean the path to the success of spirit, mentally, destroying obstacles in the spirit and defeating them. Victory without the spirit is absent in life. This is the triumphant State of mind when the bridge is completed it before winning in life. Very important, please attach the understanding said.
159. (May 3). Yesterday's gathering was a good one. But it turned out to be a leaky basket, and being scattered and lost valuable grain. So it happens often. Many are, but how little is taken. Should firmly grasp that remains that applied. Everything else goes away. The generosity of the teacher is great and it is abused. The Values of the Spirit 6 Fighter we name just that, which, receiving energy of spirit, turns them in lights, postponed in crystals in the Bowl; only the application of the idea is deferred there. Therefore I Say: “Frantic implementation of instructions in life, emergency and urgent, serves the accumulation of the treasure in the Bowl, and failure leads to dissipation and what is received and what was available. So go through life — one accumulating treasure, others while his. The disciple cannot be dissipating; otherwise he is no longer a disciple. And the Teacher cannot give the dissipater the values of the spirit. Do not get hard, but keep. What I have been given to people galore lives, but where are they, keepers of treasures. They lost everything, and if you start counting them, the keepers, fingers of hands would prove a lot.
160. (M.A.J.). We see how the darkness bothers you. But we can't help, because you have to get through it and win. Winner of darkness is a teacher the following steps. No win no. So, make confident steps, passing through the darkness.
161. (May 4). My son has the face of a teacher in life. But to show the face of light through all of the shells are difficult and uneasy. If the face was put in the heart and fills it, the radiation of the heart gives light reflection. And how would then shell behaved themselves in trying to show themselves, to switch off the Light, It will find a way and the shell will be flood in It. That is why I say: “Don't be embarrassed, past Errors won't stop already, if the heart is full of the Lord”. You never know what might happen in the long March. If only it didn't collapse, not only escape, choosing the path of a third party. The life path is narrow and few go by it. Errors when there is nothing Immortal “Ego”, and in the light of growing.
162. (May 5). I who is in you, and you, that in me, and we merged with you together, already offer yourselves the step in the evolution of consciousness, which is necessary for approval of a new era. From this merger will follow all required for further expansion of consciousness. Do not overload of facts, but the training staff to take new energies and understanding them requires from a person of that era. Better readiness of the human apparatus to perceive new energies than cluttering your mind with knowledge, not actually synthesized into a coherent understanding of life. Synthesis and outer knowledge go hand in hand. Moving fast and are giant steps forward to modern science, but concealed mankind's knowledge of the planets in our solar system remains intact in the fundamentals of their own and that of modern science for your planet immeasurably. These two types of knowledge are incommensurable. One is the knowledge of the truth in its deepest respects, a different external covers it. Everyone understands that there is no limit to the development of scientific knowledge. But Seven have come to Earth from a distant Star gave to mankind that has it all in the field of scientific discovery, and even more will, and will give as you grow and expand the consciousness of humanity as a whole. Much could give, but consciousness is not matured and can use for evil and destruction, to which there are many examples. Teachers of humanity Wait for ages to give people an opening. When the period of destroying people ability will be finished, science will bloom as never before, because people will be widely given out the treasure from Cosmic Knowledge Treasury. And Satia Yuga is considered as this step.
163. (May 6). Communication is the condition that displays consciousness beyond the generalities. Constant prayer, prayer beads, chains, hair shirt, self-flagellation, fasting, hermit and other attempts to tear off consciousness from the general generalities show on what unusual interventions strongest compulsion had to employ people to break away from generalities and hold the consciousness at the Highest. But do not need an extreme kind of self-torture if given heart to Lord. Loving one does not force him to think about beloved. And just the thought of course is with a heart filled with them and. Similarly simple and easy Communication is in the spirit, if your heart is burning with love for Caller. That is why the love was with all your heart, with your entire mind, all thoughts. Without this, Communication will be enforced, unfruitful and it is difficult to set. So, the question is how to enhance the love of Great heart. One of the scales is great heart “to another — all the things that usually fills the mind”. And that weigh down? One can imagine what life would be without a Bishop, and as dimmed, and would lose any interest if the Lord of life left. As the most valuable should ardently store all that is brought with the Lord, for without Him is death, death of the spirit. In the spirit death can happen and in the living body. We call such people the living dead, dead in spirit. The heart is dead in them, though, and continues still to beat. Living heart supports, in the heart of a burning fire. No deaths where the fire burns the heart, even if you have not yet logged into the image of the Lord. Support enthusiastic and burning hearts everywhere allows for consciousness without pasting on man label. All who are moving the evolution is with us. Access to light-they all opened Fire, although unconscious, for new world strives towards them. And no longer is hair shirt, chains and other remnants of the past, but the Fiery labor intensive for the Shining Future the climbing to the top of the spirit. The path of the Fiery labor there is a path of fiery yoga.
164. No one is strong against you when you're with Me.
165. The man is so and what he is thinking at the moment. If the about me is with me, if someone else was with him, if the stuff is something with the thing. Is it really still is unclear. In short, consciousness is combined with themes and employs only what the flow of thought. And can we be surprised that is not visible or palpable Light extra, if consciousness immersed in thoughts of ordinary, gray twilight, alarming, annoying, and boring. I talk about the inspired work of art and about art as about the ways of rivers of living water. Half side belongs to all. But long said was that you cannot serve two masters. The principle applies broadly. You cannot fly to the highest, plunging low or normal thoughts. And if it seems like became separated the teacher that is unresponsive to treatment, you should test how thoughts are they the thoughts of the Light Lord. And if the care and thought of what you drink, or eat, or get dressed up in that, and only that, is with clothes, the consonance of drink or food, but not with Me. Heart is the leader. Heart is the engine of thought: it saturates the lights of the idea consistent with light and shadow. The great law of harmony controls the world. In the motion of the planets, in a healthy human body it is shown ardently, as minds, consonant with the light and darkness. Every thought is a thought about Light: the thought of Light is consonant the Light, the thought of Lord is consonant to Lord. Assonance means contact, touch the thought subject, person or phenomenon that is directed or which affects the thought. Require very careful thought with a treatment, because each establishes contact with the object of thinking. Some surround themselves with objects of art, uniting the consciousness with lovely, some-on the contrary. Objects of beauty and ugliness, when thinking about it, are the connectors from the realms of beauty or ugliness. All this is not new, it is well known for a long time, but provides an in-depth understanding of the law Accords to the thought. By the thought, consonant the Light, you can insulate yourself from the darkness and everything that the heart is not cute, if only my heart had a pretty light. But if the heart of darkness dearer, or grey shade of wandering thoughts, or everything not conformable to the light, the darkness does not fills it? Dark influence and seize upon the consciousness of the name. Show you care about what is attunement thought.
166. (May 9). When I said that staying along, I foresaw the future. The leaves will not grieve those who have fallen away, and even on the branches. Just to stand up for yourself. The resistant one will serve as a magnet for all, who is destined. I see them come in scrolls waiting in readiness of fluff. Passersby will pass, but the one who is destined, will not leave. Experience will teach the heart no longer let bystanders. Only the inexperience of his heart opens at random and wrong friends.
167. “Oh, I wish you were either cold or hot, that is strong. Light bearer must be strong. In the struggle for survival survive the strongest and the most adopted ones. In the stream of Cosmic Evolution space litter is formed from the weak and unstable ones. Evolution is for the strongest ones. That is why the aspiration of your force multiplying is defined by Me. The power of the spirit is the concentrated power of the lamps are accumulated and collected before. And in moments of weakness, if spirit can stretch all lights and power to put together an application has focus, then the accumulation is, therefore, the randomness of the external environment could not prevent scattered on different areas outside of fortitude again collect and go on the desired channel. This skill in serious time to concentrate forces is given only to experience life. Because of the its and inexhaustibility of her senses the pilot spirit, many lives past. You can write volumes about the Fiery force. You can earn and accumulate deliberately, and even a bit by bit, mindful that every grain of it is imperishable and an essential purchase. Don't be afraid to lose, because each loss or loss is finding and multiplication of forces. And even losing friends because of it multiplies, as should become stronger or more twice as much as was mighty lost friend. Potentially spirit laid the inexhaustible possibilities of multiplying the force, if it starts to power the Fiery depth already disclosed. Apathy, powerlessness, weakness, in whatever forms they may have and under whatever went into hiding, not life is forgiven. And payment for them is great. One must be strong, causing the superiority of spirit. It's better to be strong in the struggle for victory against them than lax in its goodness. Better yourself to realize what a poor weak. Better because its claim to life than the worthless weak. I strongly support and shield, I strong force I will multiply and give a hundred times. The weak one, having no life and takes away and the little one has. And the power of victory is given.
168. (May 10). The eyes is the mirror of the mind, the eyes are the mirror of thought and consciousness. Eyes are the weapons of spirit. Eyes stronger words if they thought. In his eyes, as the spearhead of the arrows, you can focus the energy of the fire. If the words are accompanied by gaze, knowingly sending their strength, so it is more spectacular than words. How often, when pronouncing words, people accompany them scattered, nothing expressing eye, which looked off to the side or running around. It can be any wonder that the impression of such words is void and they do not produce any action. Few people want to own their look. And, not being able to own it and be protected, people complain that fall under another's influence so often. Protection of the eye is not thinking at all. And if the main gate of the Castle are open to the enemy, and, moreover, constantly, you can imagine that hostile incursion into the microcosm go almost incessantly. Little people carrying joy and light in the emissions of aura, and thus also the eyes, because the human frailty is fraught with particular consequences. Often people put a thin body wound through this vulnerability. A guard at the main gate is unable to doze, and the gate must be tightly closed. They are closed and guarded by the vigilant thought.
169. (Guru). When the vote is taken in the future is the longest line of any quality of spirit, his value becomes clear. Thus, in the far future when these or other properties, you can determine their value and necessity for evolution, for example: devotion to Lord, or permanence or stability or balance or peace of mind, or the love for the lead, or a conscious ability to collect crystals of psychic energy through their deposits in the Bowl thoughts in practice applied. Also a weakness, fear and other shortcomings of the evaluation is, because they are growing and, if not eradicated. Fights any quality of spirit slides into the distant future and gets its assessment. So, wisdom is to undertake the longest lines.
170. (May 11). This is a great show approval of the future, and anyone bringing stones to build it yourself, it argues. The Grand is on the eyes. Machine spirit notes unusual tension.
171. (May 12). Karma is enclosed in Aura, crystalline formations of fire, giving a light of aura. By them one easily wins and overcomes the fact that another one regards impossible. And where the thought of a defeat or failure, admits the thought of another adopts and succeeds. Karma is that one thinks about the failure and defeat and is afraid of everything, while the other thinks victoriously and karmic, and does not know the failure. Karma is just a change of mindset, for the thought is magnetic as aura radiation. The aura of fear and aura of fearlessness are magnetic too. By will the fear may be replaced with a fearlessness, which is Karma changed by will. The bears all person than to his external life conditions and attracts over reacts to them. And if the magnet, which we carry in us, is triumphant and bright, then We can Offer Our Help. Require fearlessness, joy, serenity, confidence in the vicinity of our consciousness, its force, luck and success in everything, that was something to make our forces, our Energy, our help and Ray. Light, winning State of consciousness, we Want to See in those, who comes to us, so that was what to make and where to pour Our Energies. The aura of it all but it is controlled by thought. It is magnetic, and this is permanent magnet, attracting or repelling each instant by consonance. Can the despondent, hopeless, gloomy, homicidal State of mind and the related magnetic radiation of aura attract?! Be cheerful, be joyful, bright, brave enough to be a winner of sorts, despite everything and ignoring the fact that outside, the decision will be life and victory over it. How sad sitting at the Western Wall as the prospects they when the Jet space of joy flowing down into the space. So, I Argue: “Inside the magnetic vibrations auras of light that create human Karma blend with them. You can send the proceedings, but give what to make”.
172. (May 14). Encumbrance is not from enemies but from relatives. Teacher carries the entire burden of informal, crude thinking student. Only inexperience strives to teach and lead, but an experienced traveler would think before you allow the encumbrance to the heart. All are good at first, but then time passes — and the lights dim, and the true essence of man reveals itself and all previously hidden negative attributes of his nature are revealed to overcome. And it is getting worse than ever. If he overcomes this process — it is good for him — if not – prohibitively burdening the Teacher. Still, the going need to go, but do not be pulled on the lasso. All violence causes an explosion and reaction to light. Which is why we should leave not willing. Let him go by himself.
173. (May 16). Visibility is encapsulated in the form. And the idea to become visible and tangible, it should be clearly formed. Shapeless thoughts are not effective. Thought is clear, concise, complete, coming in human consciousness, creates a channel for action in laid in it. One way or another, sooner or later, but the thought is always, if it is framed and if it is the energy of the heart, that is fire. People often and a lot of desire, but don't want to. And thoughts are turned into wishful. Only a strong fiery thought creates, coming straight from the heart.
174. (May 17). When a person wants to drink or smoke or take drugs, not the desire is important and that the State of Astral, pushing him to commit an act of going against his will. You have not fight with unwillingness, but with the state or the vibrations of the astral body. They are not as dangerous as dark whisperers are, attached to the affected shell. Starts are called living, pulsing thoughts, who, like bats in the trees, hang on the aura. They feed on it, suck it. These thoughts are vampires — allies of dark whisperers, through which the letter ones stick to the man. Fire of spirit burnt thoughts-vampires, sucking power and fight not with wine or on his cigarette, but with the movements, with the emotions of his Astral, putting the consciousness to the State when become indifferent to the consequences of the permissible tolerance. But it's scary, but the consequences of alcoholism, which at some future, distant or near, the man plunged into darkness. A small acquiescence, at first easy road eventually leads to death of the spirit. These are dangerous outbreaks of subordinating the will of themselves taken advantage.
175. (Guru). Man, who succumbs to dark impulses of lower emotions, is already on the way of losing his humaneness. After spending a longer line and sliding of the future can be seen, as are small complacency and complicity with the wishes of the lower nature in itself. The evil seed, albeit small, will give the unkind shoots. And it is grief when they ripen and produce a large crop. So the little weaknesses, but in a projection of the future, unmistakably show their undisguised image, their naked essence, and allow you to see the danger in them. Growing, increasing over time, and, well, if it is growing in a man good and sad if evil.
176. (May 18). My son, you are My was and is and will be, whatever dreams nor had thee until thou tight body. Want you wouldn't take them for validity, although they were fine and very convincing. The illusions of Dense World, illusions of Thin World, dreams of Devachana, it is difficult to see the essence of cosmic Truth behind them. And many of us are living by terrestrial Maya, Maya Astral and Maya Devachana. But these are just dreams, Maya obviousness. The Kingdom which is nest of this world, the realm of the mentioned is mine, and I would like to have it reflected in your and your days filled with itself. Yes! My Kingdom is not of this world, not from the small world and not from those small worlds, which your consciousness is signed in. The Kingdom of truth, true things in space is my Kingdom. In this Kingdom will introduce you to the science of step by step, gradually revealing Its Secrets. A grand time is life of distant Worlds and claims life of spatial spheres of other dimensions in the consciousness of mankind. Come out; come out, mankind at the expanse of Space. And then the dawn of a new life light up over it. Approved by us in future opportunities unlimited and the future of this Earth should be. Casting aside the power present to consciousness and fixed gaze into the future, you can register because His conscription and get in harmony with it. We live in the Future, and by the Future, for the sake of it get up from sleep and Dedicate our labor, our thoughts and aspirations. The Future is the pusher of life. Go through the Future if you want defeat yourself and life.
177. (May 19). Is not the action itself, deed or misdeed, but causes him and the State of consciousness. The same action can be caused by fear and fearlessness. Action value is determined by the karmic thoughts and actions that show the essence of what makes a man out of his depth in the light of day. Significant Karmic actions, like fins of dolphin, appearing on the surface of the sea for a while, again are again rooted in his deep to appear again. These actions are deeply rooted, and only on those roots, you can determine the significance of the misconduct. Congenital criminal, drunkard or drug addict in the depth of its essence by those defects. At times, the surface can be smooth and does not show anything. Man is really complicated. The pood of salt is not enough to eat together, to have it all. Hence is the necessity and inevitability of the tests. The skilled disciple notes for him, what qualities or defects manifest themselves in it for adoption or eradication. There would be no tests would honor themselves committed to then unexpectedly for himself, showing on a dangerous trail over the precipice. One must know oneself and the soberly and impartially assess their advantages and disadvantages. Among the many such investigations, who, having slipped and fell, the forces have not found a way to continue to go up and again, who underestimated the nature of your failings and pulling into the abyss.
How good they are in times of recovery and fit as the lights are lit. But the moment passes, droop wings and congenital essence shows itself for millennia in the form of ordinary and extraordinary at times when the properties burn ardently. And then the man seems worse than it was before until the flame has not yet touched the Life Teaching.
178. Now he (Guru) creates new paintings, and is working harder than ever, and the world of them sends them, saturating the space above ground. Their battery, Guru’s and Its, which I called First-Called, is powerful. Work at home its spiritual character and put in the shape of her coming day. And in this you helped them realize their dreams, the creative life of the planet. You are understood by them closely. Keys are in your hands, and the future is coming. In It I put you and those who destined to it. It is time of special significance. And the ghosts of the current day and time of the transition from the outdated was a lifeline to another, the new appointed Me, is not easy. What's waiting for you? Lord intimacy, I was dedicated inspired work and the Great Mission, given you by Me. I will put off the locks of life from shown people, which are obstacles for you and Me, to you, creating my Beam, and Me, expression of the Cosmic Will. By my rays I send joy and the realization that to be in their light to you in remaining days in this world. But this and that Light are inseparable. In this world, where you have approved the place and continue approving, and you say whenever a trusted My arm, tighten to merge with them in mind in creative labor. You're mine, they're mine, and is surrounded by a multitude of spirits, I and My staff assistants. A great plan, we put in the form of their arguing on Earth in the minds of men to perform. Sound! Right with Me in unison, the great Lords as forces Plan their undertaking and arguing on the ground available to people forms. Are you Trans, the shaper of My energies – to transfer them in a comprehensible form, to send people to those who finish their consciousness to perceive and translate into action. Ready for the minds much. And already offers, like hungry bread and is seeking water. And the offering of yours, I have peace, let be a good hour and to date no sooner or later, but it was at that period that will point out. We will destroy with you the obstacles of darkness and gloom that has surrounded you with lingering. Ray will scatter the shadows. The Rays will send away the whisperers, surrounding you, to the term specified by Me in order to give you the experience and equip you by expertise and knowledge. On the turn of path towards realizing the thing, that the droll novelty I Called Sweetheart Country (I).
Take My friend, My son, My beloved disciple, in the glow of My the gift sent to you and wait for your fate in the strong trust. It is the destiny that you prepared for me.
With sleep heard the words: “But you've got a special mission. You can't compare anyone with them. And the time is very special.”
179. (May 20). Here I am, all yours, all belongs to you: by right of heritage of son ship. And there's everything around you, there, you got yours, not all of the temporally only. But all that is yours, my all. So there are two kinds of things: our own forever, forever, and our only just in time. Who follows the temporary lose eternal, but anyone looking for eternal, can save on time and temporary, knowing the nature of it, and not selling him a soul and without binding itself hardly to magnetic spatial. Knowing the finality of things and that nothing belongs to us, you can be free from the power of the spirit of things. Otherwise they will master minded and closed it in the circle of his own, which did not come out until destroyed by space-magnetic thread connection, connecting the hard stuff-holder with his imaginary property. What absurd claims: “This is the land of my own”, when after some time it disappeared from the owner will be left on the planet, except for piles of bones. But the eternal property — in the spirit: its build-up, everything is concentrated in the Bowl is the entire eternal domain. All yours I have. Come and owe without fear of losing. My wealth is enough for all. Character of five feeding loaves is instructive and indicates the inexhaustibility of the spirit gifts Master. ... On his father's inheritance often said. In order to better understand. That is preferred: own all the treasures of the world, have all and be null and void in the spirit and without saving, or with nothing huge accumulation of concentrate in the bowl and all abilities to own and, hand in any case, be ready for everything, which all, and combine the properties of both a writer and musicologist, and an artist, and so forth, on and on.
Nobody will leave such and into the world of subtle and doesn't find anything there, and the wealth it won't help, but left with the accumulated treasure will prove to be the owners of life marvelous aboveground. Because there is all consonant to the accumulated Treasure. Thai is why I say: “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on Earth, but lay up to heaven, that is, of sorts, for verily they are yours forever”. And if you have that on Earth and earthly things, don't assume you’re only data from time. Property is tangible and visible, but for some time, and not tangible and visible, but not forever. And the choice is in the hands of man. All permit to own, but at the time, nothing except their own. And if you think it’s nothing, then go and bury, generously and ardently bury that have prepared for you, and something that is consonant with the soul. Has nothing, go. And that too did not understand the people who forgot that the spirit is a treasure.
180. (May 23). My friend, the phenomenon of narrowness of dense conditions contrasted with Infinity features invisible worlds and spaces. The impossible and unthinkable here is possible and conceivable there. All is too brief for earthly existence to Make it permanent. Thus, the calculation and the rate may be only for a while. And the only time, and the ratio is temporal. Why is it so often forgotten and calculations are conducted as if earthly stay will last forever? Much can be temporarily and put up with much, and do not invest all of mind and heart that is washed off the flow of time. It was cramped and tight conditions have the entire burden towards the gates of infinity, where they are and where they are not limited by anything. It is impossible here possible and achievable there, on the infinity is the future of man. So again we conclude that in the future all. Live by it. For his sake, there are worlds.
181. (May 25). The person is left with what gives away his heart. And if the things given to heart, the phenomenon of short or circle, the person is left with nothing once the phenomenon ends this its terms. That is why wisdom is to give hearts to the phenomena of greatest duration. Such occurrences will be infinity and human spirit, over the centuries, passing on the Web which strung circles of life separate incarnations. No body, no feeling, no thought, but something around which they exist and live are the core of the spirit. Everything has its Center and its orbit. The Centre attracted magnetically to a matter of the various plans being and is shown in some way the essence of her through it. Changing the summer clothes in the winter, a person does not cease to be human; It is the same spirit remains itself, changing its shell. There are shell and live on their respective plans, the spirit is in eternity, for it is eternal, because above them, manifesting itself through them in the interim. Plunging into life membranes, it should not be forgotten that the life of the spirit in the eternal, and that being in temporary casings, can and should already start collecting items in them, and not temporary forever, but they give their heart to accumulate these items for sentience in the infinity. For life on Earth physical body is needed. For life in the infinity also need the body. Call it the body of light. During the long evolution of their conductors man built himself for being in the world, in a world of tight-the Astral and mental world, but these guides, or body, time and human life in these worlds. But the eternal Peace Flame, light, in the infinity is, and the body of light, woven from elements of fire. Wise heart gives great light body to its task. And thoughts and feelings and aspirations are given this task, gathering, focusing and accumulating in the cup of condensed light crystals. And whatever happens in membranes and outside, in their respective spheres, the main and greatest challenge, and the meaning and purpose of human existence on Earth and in the worlds — remain unchanged and unshaken by anything. Sometime and somewhere, sooner or later, but reaches the stage stairs man evolution spirit when, whatever he was doing, and whatever else was on, and whatever happens outside or inside it, all, positively everything: the good and the bad and good and evil, and big and small — everything starts him immutably serve to achieve this goal, great. And then say, “Heck, no return ago exceeded, spirit entered the Fiery path leading to the gates of eternal life”. That way I show the person who sees clearly to a great appointment of the spirit, that way I assert it and open the gates to infinity. My Kingdom is not of this world, unworldly Infinity, but this world is from it, because it is there and it. That's why in this world is the world that exists from eternity, and it had its genesis, its members may search for, collecting and accumulating in the spirit.
182. Correctly understood. An ancient proverb says: “Quod licet, non lic t Iovis bovis” *. As for jumping the line not terrible, nothing, no errors because it is unstoppable, and spirit will carry him through. So do not hesitate, do not stop at nothing and remember that the winner could call only the starting line of eternity and to whom there can be no turning back. Error nothing when grain spirit is strengthened. "Everything is permitted," that's about it, says about who moved on.
Quod licet Iovi, * non lict bovi. (That is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to Bull).
183. Assume that you are born under a lucky star. You happiness honor everything that helps you hold on to Star Trek, and that brings us. Not eating an abundance of tasty and a lot of things the Foundation served as a luck but full liberation from them; freedom happiness from anything that ties the spirit.
184. If you lose one, instead of a more-no loss without a purchase. Nature abhors a vacuum. But it must be seen as surrogate phenomenon and deprivation — think than is replaced with something that has been lost. How would the new fee. Just one is replaced by another in an eternal phenomenon change and no longer exists at this time.
185. (May 26). What care? If the walk to Me, what was being done for this? And if nothing, how will you come? Words alone were not enough, also the thoughts — we need action. Only words and thoughts embodied in an action, give direct results. A path is curve for deviating from the action. Doing nothing is worse mistakes. Better to be wrong but act because inaction dims the lights. The same errors we learn the correct action. If only their number does not exceed the legal limit, because a "lock" symbol very fallacies enlightening to watch over his actions, he who knows what is indestructible in their investigation.
The roots of actions are in mind. The thought is the basis of the action.
186. (May 27). And if relatives fall under the influence of dark, what to say about other people, the surrounding ones, among them and look for, for whose backs are no longer gray, but black. The rallies, and put under close their henchmen, and work through them. These proxies can be silent and operate silently, serving as a simple conduit, but may be opened. And then can be seen in the words and deeds of their intentions to predatory, because they bear a seal against the light and the direction you Point the teacher. Just need to scrutinize all their words, that is, treating someone as a protégé of darkness. The picture will be clear, and rendered harmless, because uncovered henchman. Thus, to the understanding of dark deeds add this as well.
187. When dark from the planet will be leaving to go will be easier, but opposition to progress the spirit will remain. This opposition elements and unmanifested chaos will always accompany man. Spirit of creativity is manifested in combat with the elements and unmanifested chaos. The elements need to be curbed, and chaos is in mastering them for the manifestation of life organized matter and its forms. From chaos, not shown by creative will, came for life the worlds and all that in them is. Creativity is the destiny of man, opposition or resistance to the environment — the eternal guide of the creative process.
188. Assume that was born under a lucky star. Spirit mirror reflects the world through consciousness. Consciousness is a lens to focus and direction through his energies. What is lens, and the perceived spirit consciously. The guide is the will. To make the spirit feel the closeness of Lord, a lens of consciousness should be directed to the Image and set motionless, and then the vibration of a Face will affect the heart and fill it. But lens consciousness should be set at His firm and steady. Come by the deadline. And how will the perceive it? Each one will see it through the lens of its magnitude, its purity and light transmission. Because consciousness should contain the proper conditions, first of all, otherwise the Light will not come. Woolly tangle not unravel unless all not found.
189. In order to determine the nature of the phenomenon, it is necessary to strengthen it, to bring in his manifestation before the climax, and then it will appear in all its meanings. You can kind of push it in future into its logical end and fullness. So small they will turn into big things, and the essence of their explicit will be open.
190. (May 28). “And he put thoughts in the evening upon the heart, and in the morning the decision was given. It is popularly said that “morning is smarter than the evening”. So if the thought is focused on a difficult issue, the phenomenon is growing, swim out details and decision comes naturally, simply and logically. Nothing rash, should be addressed to as much as life is, if it is enough to think about it. The same opportunities are beginning to be identified and from the mist, being attracted by a magnet. Thought collects items you want and magnetic draws inevitable conditions, circumstances and people. The fiery passionate thought creates in the space. It is important not to miss the moment only enabling conditions. Thought, fired into space, back, loaded with elements of performance. “The wheel of implementation” — so called execution process. A thought devoid of astral initiation, stronger than thought, full of them for the last degrees of vibration is below. So, if one of the two is attacked by astral emotions, the other one staying calm and balance of emotionless thought, the first one will always be weaker than the second and has to obey him. That is why each flash of the Astral sacrifices to power someone who turned out to be calmer. Calm is strength. Balance is the power light, which approved mastered their media. And thought the emotionless, calm and clear cannot oppose an ordinary person the same strong message. After the outbreak is acute moment of astral devastation and helplessness. The reaction is very painful. Balance is the adoption of the power of Lights, instability is loosing of the entire force. No smallest effort to retain balance of does not pass in vain and ultimately brings great reward.
191. Yes! Yes! Yes! On the screen, you can clearly show how should or should not behave. You can show flashes of astral paints and their investigation. You can demonstrate the whole scenes of proper and improper conduct. It will be superior to all lectures, admonitions and rules of good conduct. Two, three vivid scenes, taken from the literature or from life, that will curb frantically astral promiscuity, and lack of composure, and the inability, and unwillingness of a vocal phenomenon to own them.
192. (May 31). The tests Show that exactly at the moment the man puts above all else and that in the minds of it takes precedence over all others. If thoughts about teacher and His proximity are not the first in the mind of the disciple, he is unreal. Disciples in words, there are a lot of them, imagining themselves on service. But where are the students? Check of life takes a majority and the feat only few. And when go blazing first, look at the end, crowning affair, “for none will be around” when the elation and lofty words about the teachings of life would turn into deeds. And this moment, sooner or later, comes for every, touching the Teaching of Life. And then each determines what himself, his aspirations, is and words, and all that linked it with the teachings of life. If you prefer something different, is the hapless apprentice with him, but not with the teacher and the teaching life. Where, then, and when the call recurs? And reoccurs again? And what will they say, who chose something different when this will go away and they will ardently remain with nothing? And where will they go and who will they tell when the torn thread of heart will dangle in the wind. Our caravan is running. It is easy to get lost in the desert and die for those who left. Full devotion, full aspiration and the fullness of His heart return to the Lord and His trade allows going to the end. There are many passersby, but none among them who decide to finish his way.
193. (June 1). (M.M.). About the Service: thought that and understand that everything that surrounds will go away, and you're getting anywhere with him and that in itself has developed and assembled in his life on Earth. But people and things will take place. Both don't give themselves, because the impact is temporary. All yours is in the Teacher of light, and He is inalienable. His trade does not pass, but lasts like a spiral, aiming to the eternity. Give the heart to Him and to His trade. And you will be tied inextricably with eternal life basis, and accept its roots for you on Earth and in the worlds. Give it your heart and thoughts give back and let not confuse thee by Maya dreams of Earth and Heavenly One. On top of them is flowing a stream of eternal life. Go to it and point yourself in it.
194. When earthly circumstances aggravated and obscured the path, you can re-deploy unconscious through them like a Bobble, bridge to the future, to limit their spread, and look at them as the past something like looking people in what was once a long time ago. Then they will disappear and are not already occupy the entire field of consciousness. So the longer line laying will help here.
195. (June 5). It can be written as a contribution to the Treasury of human thought: nothing in nature does not disappear and never be born again, but is in a State of perpetual becoming, that is, constant, continuous process of transformation and transition from one form of expression of their entity to another, as modified. Does not repeat ADO nothing but grows and expands everything like a river in its course to the sea. “Be fruitful and multiply” is the law of the cosmos, or subdued all of space. Space is an integer that is in the process of deployment of the infinite and expanding its life forms. End and loss of form does not have the Fiery destruction of the principle, which led to its existence, but only a step to its appearance in a new form. And man, this is the highest manifestation of the principle of life in space, has a spirit nucleus, where are concentrated the results and fruits of the experience gathered and the embodied in it from the beginning of time. The accumulation process is infinite; the ultimate goal is all enclosing. That is all enclosing in it the Infinity of the Cosmos, space, all dimensions”: and all that is in it.
196. (June 6). Because everything is enclosed in a man: all the energy of the cosmos, all vehicles, all the infinite possibilities of development of the spirit, all the possibilities the infinity. His real feelings: sight, hearing, etc. are only prototypes of future feelings of cosmic order. His energy is only the rudiments, only primary stage of mastering the Fiery energies of the universe. This gives him an opportunity in the evolution of purchase power and the ability to manage and master. There is a dictum: “I am a worm, I am a slave, I am a King, I am God.” Truly I say to you “you are gods”. Great appointment of man, and finds the way into Infinity comprehends it. And then everyone gets close and Treasure the stone grows. And then the world My in My days, in your days is asserted powerfully. Fullness of consciousness with me merging shouldn't limit. Destroy the same prison walls personal small world where your consciousness is enclosed. Otherwise enter the spatial expanse. Great time-Believe in the invisible and the visible worlds. This is the future of visible Sky, above transient — is Eternal. So claims the star its way in infinity. So the link is forged worlds on their connection. So asserts its power on the Earth. So is building a bridge to the future. In it everything that dared endorse bold, aspiring thought. Builders of life, go for it, because everything within reach. Cosmos does not place a limit and boundaries of human achievements. Everything is open and available. But the fiery spirit learns to dare. I'm with those old world dams for spirit, forward looks infinitely demolishing. For them is My help, the mighty force of New Energies and the power of Rays.
197. (June 7). Write the meaning of the word. Not the word itself, but the energy will be invested in him gives him strength; Parrot also repeats the words, but denied they force. Not in Word, but in thought, Word accompanying, concentrated its strength. If a Word without a thought, it's nothing. And many say such words. The words are idle. Strong, bright idea, concluded in words will impact ardently. It means words are containers of thoughts. It should be even shorter. Brevity of speech you can learn. Thought maybe short is condensed formula or law. The concentration of the consciousness with the reservoir connects thoughts. This is useful and fruitful for life thinking about the basics of life expressed by terse formulas. For example: “not temporary but unregulated, creative work is a joy”, “as above, so below”, “you reap what you sow”, “polarity of phenomena is the foundation of the world”. On the one hand, to say as short as possible, on the other hand, does not waste the power in words of fire, terminate an idle talk. The word and it is given to man as the engine of evolution. In ancient times the eating was considered sacred. The phenomenon of speech can be considered sacred too. From here is the solemnity. She said in thought, Word, and deed, and in understanding the great destination of man on Earth and in the worlds. You should guard the word.
198. (June 8). Self suspension is the basis of cognition of Cosmic Mysteries.
199. (June 10). Confidence is preceded by faith, and faith is knowledge. The great law of attraction works powerfully. Trust, faith is magnetic and magnetic knowledge is too.
200. (June 12). Yes! Yes! Even in moments of Pralaya consciousness can be expanded and do something useful for the future. And claim something for yourself in accordance with the spirit. There can also be to you or outside everything was bad. On that little good and can be argued out on the downside. You can also remember moments of past upswings and signs of attention of the teacher. And remember that the Basics have remained steadfast, how would not have tried to obscure this dark. Consolation will be thinking, “this will also change” will take place and will end, as all external. But will the teacher and pupil.
201. (June 13). You will succeed in everything when it's your time.
202. (June 15). I consider it necessary and useful to the approved rhythm. Continue even without visible results. Interrupt the rhythm is to lose contact with the teacher. Spatial conditions may prevent heavy; should not be discouraged nor interrupt the rhythm, nor think that Lord left. All will be back, as soon as the change in currents.
203. (June 16). I will cover periods of Pralaya consciousness Proximity aggravated. I will give the signs of evidence. I will point the common start, obviously notable. And I will not leave in want. The permissive aspect is particular swelling of darkness. It's the law, for the dark before the dawn, and after the storm was a lull, and driven back to me. But confidence in the ultimate victory, but the sensations of my Surroundings, but the hardness of the pitch does not lose — together we reach the end. And keep, and do not allow your spirit drop, for all that is around is just Maya.
204. Friend, self suspension is the basis of knowledge of the Cosmic Mysteries. I believe the inevitable ups and downs of spirit — seas crest and fly. Will, everything will go on smoothly. Not the ducts, but mainstream is the River. The mainstream of karma in your life, I have driven. Dark ones rage on trifles. Short hand wound mostly. It is a real nuisance, note this. Do not be afraid, do not be afraid, do not be afraid, for I am behind you. But they descend, but they plague and they are in rage, that fish from the net goes away. How much effort has been made not to let them in home, how much endeavors. All would become a benefit. We will win them with you, if you will be with me. So will win and the others who remain faithful to Me.
205. (June 17). (Guru). Has there been a change in our attitude to the Lord? No. And what about you? How many hesitations, how much doubts, how many deviations there are. The intransigence of the Teacher is required. What to say about those not close out? Not happy with it. Need a shake-up to bounced growths and dust, and everything stuck outside. So, change the desired and necessary read and cheerfully looking forward.
206. (June 18). Then came a time when the need or apply in the life of the note, or be left with nothing. Let me remind you: the constant awareness of the proximity, continuous exodus, permanent representation of yourself in beam, constant dedication and love, steadfastness and determination with me going through all through.
I will send the defense. Friend, take to improve the condition of organisms close by approving internal consistency. Take, take, take Ray aggravated and get a grip. Hold yourself and your beloved ones. Imagine them in the Beam and constantly at the thought of them and contact.
Ardently affirm validity to evidence and the darkness.
(In my dreams flew in front of people and much appreciated. someone wanted to take me at their disposal. but I was flying high and free. The possessor was trying to follow me. But I managed to break away from him). The true disciple is a microcosm is continually perceived granulation Beam teacher.
207. (June 19). I talk about harmony. Me and My World is seeking to consonant set to the light of consciousness, but not routine, not vanity, but not exaggerated delusion of Maya. This desire to move away from the living dead and its affairs are hidden possibilities of doom to life a chance to start building within its house spirit dwelling Immortal triad.
208. (June 20). My son, your place is with Me and near Me. This is the reality. In ordinary life it is necessary to adopt and implement the normal validity: rethinking of life gifts of the Earth, the gifts of Heaven (the spirit). All the same, but reorganized, baptism of fire, the subtle and dense reorganizing connects worlds. All is the same, but in the dense and thin aspect at the same time. There are two poles of a single thing. This is the bipolar vision of spirit. When the external visibility of the usual effects can already be seen and understand their unusual, the invisible essence is to look at the root of things, because all visible phenomena have invisible roots in the subtle world. Not just all. Easiness is for others, not knowing the complexity of life. Is all, and both the world are intertwined and one in another. But the other is more. Dense one is only part of the subtle world, where yesterday is gone and the today is formed. All is in it, the evidence of invisible things. Visible is the only incision, short cut of present. Roots are in the past; sprouts, leaves flowers and fruit in the future. These are the cause and effect. This is the chain of life. This is the grain of spirit, which gathers experience. Through it flows the stream of life, enriching it. A new experience is given —to combine dense visible with invisible thin. This provides an understanding of the subtle world language, on which, in addition to normal, saying all embodied. It is very real. And the people at the meeting and speaking to ordinary language, in the heart of the claim the vivid prints of silent conversation in the language of the subtle world, the aura darkened or lightened, irrespective of earthly words and speech normal. With someone easily and lightly, despite the words with someone dull and heavy, despite the pretty words. We must ardently learn to understand the language of the subtle world, a universal language. Its essence is expressed in the eyes, voice, gestures, gait, around the human being. Not in words, but the tone of the sound. How did the expressive timbre. He can be fiery magnetic or life deprived, deprived of their mental energy. For a sharp-sighted eye human essence expressed in it outside, as well as the essence of the flower in its form. Nettle and rose, “hemilepistus” and a butterfly, the chicken and the eagle, standing stale swamp and mountain crystal spring. So nature reveals itself to the open eye.
209. (June 21). Yes! Yes! Challenges, struggles, trials and victories — such is the way of going out with me. Without the deal there is no and winning. Let's love difficulties as necessary its condition. The main thing is not to slow down the pitch, and not stop at nothing, and understand where it is foremost in my life. And then you can go on the tops, because not have depressions. The path is fast. Only speed advance releases from unnecessary ballast weights. In other easily find connectedness with something, but in itself!?!... Freedom of Association, the freedom of all slaves in people and things and circumstances is a condition that allows you to quickly go. Who says that something can stop? Nothing will stop you, if you come with Me. But to do that I have to put the consciousness the first and above all that it brings. And then the path is free. But as soon as something else is put in first place and relieve Me, it grows in bulk, arising as obstacle on the way. Because the first place of the Teacher is not only in the front corner, but throughout the life. First I am and then everything else. And if I stay, and everything else will take is victory. But if anything will be left, but I'm leaving-it's tragedy spirit. But I can leave myself that has kept what is loved and needed. Asceticism is not suitable, and unsustainable, and intended inconsonant for human. Full life live, but at the top of your put Me as the cornerstone of building a life. Stone of eternal life, which is the reason I put a cornerstone in the foundation of the Church in your Temple life. And then your spirit house is built on solid rock. But take care and protect the base from Earth and Astral eddies, amazing crust, as in the spirit of it and exposed to the onslaught of waves is worldly, a fervent and ardently tries to shift the base is dark. Therefore I say: “take care of it, as I Say, “take care”.
210. Granulation of the human microcosm can be determined, be issued and approved by conscious effort of will and in consonance with the consciousness of the one who leads. Attunement of sorts with Bishop and will be sent by Bishop Ray granulation. Not everyone can fit the depth and richness of the beam. But the benefit is for powerful. Sun beam, fresh air, birds singing in the morning window opens. Heart opens towards the Beam.
211. (June 22). Note: every effort to get in Contact with me is attached to the previous. So is the bridge of happiness. After all, even in hands you can fold mountain. Everyday work means opportunity serves as bridge builder to complete it and, after adding, decorate with dignity. Fullness of harmony has no limits, for it to complete the perfect consciousness must rise to the level of consciousness of Bishop. So you can again increase intimacy, deepening her on a daily basis. And let it be the mainstream of life, the basis on which it is deployed to the mystery of being in space, the spirit regardless of whatever he is vested with wrappers and whatever surrounded it before the beginning of time.
212. (June 23). Master the reflex and nervous movements of the body, if you can separate yourself from the shell in the mind. Says and does something inside by turning off the wires of the nerves leading to the limbs and the periphery. The experience is very interesting, but vigilance and control requires hard, otherwise hands again will start wagging, head twitch and feet hanging out. Let the language says, but why do arms, legs and facial muscles should participate in the conversation. All non-working members are switched off. This will give a sense of peace, or rather calm. This requires practice. You must master gestures. This is destructive and promiscuity is not acceptable. Learn to speak.
213. (June 24). Accept thy burden upon Myself, you do — the way to light. M is Leading Magnet. Without me there is no way, no way, because I is the path of your. So, taking my heart and Me stating every move you can. Otherwise the phenomenon ends ways and Ascension of the spirit. It was said about the constant intercession and the Face in the heart of wakefulness and a tireless patrol. And will pass only when the monsters of darkness around. Otherwise do not pass, do not come to me, if I'm not going to be the first in the mind, and later, and the closest thing, and the heart likes better Maya’s rags.
214. My son, accept the edict to be always ready to meet any wave of life in balance fully. Neither good nor bad should violate it in equal degree. Does it matter what violates it. Damage is the same. Earthly good may harm no less. Balance is consistency, and does it matter that it violates. Vibration of membranes is often the cause of that. The Kingdom of light is the space of joy, an environment aspect of perfect alignment. But it is above the earthly joys and sorrow as the Sun in the sky above the Earth.
215. (June 25). Woe to that who does not respond to the Call. When the lights are operating, then each who approached will detect the hidden essence of him. As if the Ray will light up all the nooks of consciousness. Indifference, and no good when are removed the mask and to their places of emotion. Sadly, but in much of the knowledge is a lot of sadness but joy if consciousness is pure crystal and test of genuineness. Every knowledge is valuable, and for people — especially. Don't people see circle, but the ghosts of their imagination, and often are touched by them. It states that one must eat a pood of salt together. But it is not enough the pood to learn to the end. Only fire forces identify the hidden property of the soul. And that is why, without wishing to reveal it to those who for encounter destined.
216. (June 27). I require understanding of importance (disambiguation) a permanent stay with Me in mind. There are moments of special importance in the life of a man when his fate is decided. Then darkness to reset strained is out of the way, and then saying: “Do not separate from Me”. If it is necessary to always be with me, then we should be with Me constantly: whatever happened, whatever was said and whatever people may have thought. And then, through the power of the beam constantly recognized, will start to fall away growths of the spirit. In the presence of My strike is going on. The face, in the heart of the Act will be on the degree of permanence of its realization. I am with you always, but don't see, because the eye is not on me but on the vanity of the perishable item. If it touches more lovely than the invisible heart of my stay, that will select the heart. This selection is going on every second, creating the fate and entwining the threads in karma. Who took me and admitted that I admit. Who, recognizing Me turned away, that I will turn away from. Compliance, commensurability and harmony are in everything. But if the waves of darkness, the aspiring, in me you can, what when to end an onslaught and waves pass away? Wonderful your lot, Me claiming in her heart, because My, My all is yours once and becomes your already as the ability to accommodate. Pitchers get plenty of kicks and more. I am waiting for you-to take the jugs for gifts of the spirit.
217. He who comes to me, empty handed, if pitchers brought, never goes away. But watch the kids, but rushes, but rhythm approve communication, but Communication is more important to consider time and above all, get the full measure.
218. (June 28). In the days of serious events Ray is sent to a special purpose would otherwise be killed for darkness. In these moments especially strained is darkness, seeking new tricks to do harm. And then it is necessary to hold onto is inseparable, as is buried behind the lifebuoy. Salvation is in the circle and to hold on to it. Without it, the waves swallow up and pull a depth. Without me, without me to absorb darkness does not resist. Unity in the spirit will guarantee victory over the fury of darkness. Correctly understand that the burden was not from me, but from the thickening of antagonistic Crosscurrents of currents. But you have to go through, and you can only pass along. One does not go through, and if focusing fails, then you can resort to a purely mechanical techniques such as repetition of the Jesus prayer, or Name, or the appeal of Aum, the rhythm of repetition thus creating opposing wave protection. Specially sent Ray allowed Entry to, despite the pressure of the extraordinary burdens, it will create a wave of protection by rhythm and proclamations. It is useful in the heart keep the Image of Light Teacher. While dismissing the vanity, hermits of Yoga gave their consciousness in their constant prayer, installing its rhythm. In the rhythm of the special power for then, as opposed to waves of spatial and waves the outside world creates its own wave of them moving to the music and the same force his breaks. And back then rock of the spirit shows the power of unwavering stability. So all Draw benefit, and most serious and adverse conditions make a victory over darkness surrounded by fury. Come with me to go, with me just pick up the victory. So, let us remember: in the days of the terrible pressures, when the usual measures do not help and the idea of thoughts stops replaces the rhythm of repeated proclamations, or verbal repetition of the chosen formula, or short sayings, accordant to the voltage of the moment.
219. (June 29). Formula of life: “I in you or with you always, all the days until the end of the century”. Having determined the length of time you can give it a proper place in the mind, so that things do not pay more attention to short of what they deserve. Many disparities are in people. Many timeless is in man. Clothes, the body, especially the education and formation of plaque, and the era are temporary. But are durable and lasting qualities of the spirit, moving him from one life to another. They constitute the essence of the inner man. Their arguing in themselves, their building, a* House spirit is building on the rock of eternal reason man life. Withdrew from life and from the minds of all time, but the quality of the spirit will remain with the person. This can be judged by how each with itself brings out the essence of its exporters ' past lives in the body. You can imagine what the average person's body entered the individuality of Peter the great, or Genghis Khan, and the quality of the spirit will begin to immediately shown in actions, the great spirits of inspiration. Here's to a decent internal decoration, not a dying person in himself and makes life on Earth. This man can create, or destroy or. Creativity should be done correctly in line with its ideals as expressed through loud and clear. Where will people wander off, not knowing where to go? That will build awareness, not representing itself, what it wants? That is why the quality of the spirit is Shown and ways to strengthen them. It is very important to begin to strengthen its quality or elected, as the first brick for the building, or a new material to replace the old, or expansion of a building. Fiery quality approved would fire body design is worth the effort.
220. (June 29). Write. Harmony of thoughts is easy to reach with Me if there is a fullness of Appeal, which I have just filled microcosm. Is achievable but requires complete self-denial. It is harder to hold onto than to achieve, because Shell sought to sound, each in its own way. Because talking about consistency and control. Monitoring should keep practicing regularly. Ardent aspiration merges them all into one. Whether the love of Lord, or fidelity, or balance, or calm, or steadfastness, courage, fortitude, if they are shown not in themselves, but as a means to reach the end - the ending point is Dhiani, all of them and all the other qualities of the spirit are then staggering approximations which lead to the highest degree. So is taking in, deepens, strengthens and aims every action leading to this level, and then devoted and consistency of the microcosm man becomes fiery. Irresistible element of fire, and Managed by will's subordinate in the microcosm, is at the service of man, to give him fiery wings. The elements can be controlled externally will, if inside the microcosm of man they are subordinate. Control of yourselves and power over the own bodies, reached and approved, lead to the mastery of the element of fire. And then we talk about the power of the spirit, shown in the spirit of those, who reached. Because every conscious effort in that direction by his deep, for investigations of the constancy and retries results cannot give impetus to Give to the above allegations of aggravated quality. Symphony of all, all the qualities of the spirit will give the utmost consistency and completeness of mastering the elements of fire, because the spirit is the form of quality-approved appearance flame alight in the centers, it may seem that these attempts often do not produce visible results, are futile and fruitless. We are Seeing and measuring the growth of your spirit, we know how beneficial and fruitful they are, and then we Say: “Do not be tired in doing, because your way is winning one”. And where is the drop, which outweighs the scales? If hands you can fold mountain, the constancy of repetitive efforts are made by the quality of the spirit, until their lights do not turn into shining bulks.
221. Psychic energy requires, above all, awareness. You cannot manage without having studied the mechanism and not knowing his strength. The same is with psychic energy. The laws and ways of applying should be studied. Useless machine in the hands of the most powerful Savage, even simple watches are useless. For starters, you can understand that the human body, more correctly, the device is a generator of psychic energy. These different power generators are ranging from very large to tiny. Fuel, resulting in the movement of the generator is thoughts and feelings. Feeling is smithy might. Of course it concerns not all sorts of feelings, such as fear. And not all sorts of thoughts like the thought of denying the existence of this energy. So, thoughts and feelings should be such that spawn, not killing it. Patriotism, inspiring a feat, will be the smith of fiery might. So you can note a number of senses, creating the power when the generator produces its mental energy in large quantities. So it is thought. Thoughts about winning, about overcoming, on successes in cases about the greatness of human energy future achievements will produce. Others are killed, and then the capitulation and then man is helpless. The thoughts contain feelings and the pledge of victory and defeat. Those are unbeatable, who cognized the thoughts of a covert, creating victory. If human consciousness is filled with relevant thoughts, then the generator voltage begins to give mental energy in strict accordance with the idea in harmony with her. Whose capitulation, in which there is no fire, the power of thought in itself asserts that a killing evens a small quantity generator of this energy. Let the quality of the thoughts and feelings — and the generator will give the desired effect. Human consciousness is the laboratory for all feelings, thoughts, and sensations. Thoughts and feelings — the forge might. Thoughts and feelings are its killers.
222. (July 1). Astral movement consists of undulating vibrations: the rise and fall of the waves, smiles and tears, contentment, joy and frustration about something and the same sadness. Every feeling and sensation is his opposite. This is constant throwing consciousness from one pole to the other and from one State to the antipode tedious and impractical. Astral should be brought to silence. This is possible only if the maturity of emotions appearance on one of the poles to the other them, not having its opposites, could already be shown. If you destroy the feeling of pleasure from the presence of a phenomenon or circumstance, when it occurs, it is destroyed and the chagrin if it ceases to exist. So, getting the things without which brought joy, sadness at loss will save from her. So, to get rid of small earthly joys and sorrows, one must look at the positive pole destruction will, pleasant, for it to pay off emotion more readily than on another, quieter roads. The plane was not able to be out of balance. The Christmas tree is always the same: and in the winter, and summer. Fearless ones are alleged this way. That is why the Flash Astral is dimmed on the positive pole to the negative was not able to show without its opposites, because all phenomena are two-fold. People constantly are in the flow of emotion to one of the Poles, but don't know how to manage. And manage possible, just need to know how to end. Goal is to establish a balance by destroying phenomenon of different importance. Without the balance of consistency not achieved. Be the same in grief and joy, in the cold and heat, hunger and satiety, poverty and wealth, failure and success — the art of an Arhat. I Show you the path how to learn it. Otherwise the earthly joys drown in sorrow and smile — in tears. Even their sorrow and joy about you I give. We maintain a special joy, joy, joy of wisdom over personal-space, not immersion one pole in the shade, for there the light without shadow. Sadness or joy to the world is not a phenomenon of the Astral, for lack of bipolarity lowest. When the three lowest falls silent, the other triad which shines and shines above the silence of three. Better in peace full listen to most pleasant lead than pouring tears then about unpleasant things. Better earthly gifts indifferently meet than grieve when they lose. Better, it is better to keep balance of the spirit of life, in all cases.
223. (July 2). You should stand firm, stand by Me. Sustainability — to Me or to the everlasting in you. No earthly power, if eternal approved. Items collected during the life of the undying land for building houses the spirit. Stronghold is its name. How much does the stream rushing past the mundane phenomena of consciousness. You wisely commissioned refuge spirit that serves it on Earth and in the worlds. Want to look for it somewhere outside, but the Kingdom of spirit is inside. And if not found inside his spirit — in vain, futile, are futile attempts to find him somewhere outside. The formula clearly Dana: “the Kingdom of God is within you”. And if the outside darkness and horror, but the stone inside the House approved and the spirit were erected, the outer darkness is not afraid. But if inside of emptiness, and dark, and there is nothing from the light, the darkness seem even halls of the abode of light. Spit upon and beaten. Whom? The Light Lord to crucify and kill. To light for darkness's grace incarnate looking for darkness His covering and people have seen the darkness. So, if a light that is darkness inside, the darkness shrouded entity, and dark around, and the darkness outside and inside is all ardently plunging into darkness. That is why darkness and Light is not a place but a State of mind, concentrating and thickening the Light or darkness around it. Why search is not here or there, but inside yourself, because everyone there. Here they are saying – here or there, Bishop. But I'm in you and you in Me, and we are one, and if not, the fruitless pursuit of Me somewhere. Merge the Consciousnesses in the heart of the mystery is hidden and one perceives the heart. When it's duh said kept slightly open even in the light. And then each attempt of Light disrupts Wikipedia benighted brighter it ignites. And then the light is darkness. An experienced traveler, with darkness against experienced, knows how to energize the onslaught of dark they collect on them its taking and multiplying the light. They ardently seek to weaken the force Rob, beat out emphasize from under feet, but only strengthened the brave heart and serve him. Behemoth shadows of legs are the throne of consciousness strong spirit Stone Holder.
224. The thought of me connecting with me. Isn't it simple?! But why is it so difficult to achieve Mergence of consciousnesses. The thought of me should exclude all other, third-party thoughts, without cluttering your consciousness. When talking on the phone all attention is focused on the perception of sounds, otherwise, even after hearing the words, they do not understand. Similarly, and in contact with me is excluded from consciousness all that hinders communication. On the screen of consciousness there is an Image, on the It is focused all the essence and the ear for the thoughts of magnetic is opened. Today I send the thought of labor. Nothing is given without any difficulty. Work place, if the desire to eat something with me succeeds! The mastery of fire power is possible but requires long labors, everyday, persistent. Let's take the position: the human microcosm is a laboratory for all the senses. So, it is possible consciously, by will call any feeling, any feeling, any emotion. But the feeling is the forge might. Mean fire power can beget feelings. Ordinary consciousness is as a nag in the hands of the driver. Driver is the Astral, and random thoughts, and anything you want, just not the will. All controls and all affect the mind, and all and everybody generate his mood, but not the man himself, although in law he is the only ruler of his power. We will experience feelings beyond any elected approval depending on the external environment. Adopt, for example, to schedule a feeling of joy, concentrating on it. Rejoice not that happy about something outside, but because I want to. The heart is given an order — to bring forth joy, bright joy, sounding by strings of heart and unifying it with the realms of space joy external worlds. The joy of intimacy can be strengthened, the thought of Distant worlds of boundless realm of light. The word “joy” in a repeating, you can approve it in harmony with the realms of Light. This will be as strong as the Earth's joy, since it is independent because it is not of this world, but from the spirit. Let the echo the sounds of the day, let the joyful heart, will be vacated for at least the time of captivity of the joy of Earth. By approving this joy again and feeling her reaction on the mind, experience could be repeated again, who by fire pumping, for joy is fire. Freedom is learned by the spirit from the burdens of dense conditions, for them, contrary he claims Heavenly Joy inside. The reaction of feeling of joy will resonate in all shells, their auras and changing the color brightens. This is a difficult path to freedom from the power of the consciousness. It is difficult in the beginning, because it is too unusual and not like the usual human desire to seek for the joy not in you, but in something outside. But the sense is the smithy of power, but the feeling is born by the will, and by the will of everyday the wings of Alaii are forged. So, I show the way to freedom by mastering fiery power caused by feeling. Rejoice, rejoice, children, joy fiery wings you upon the Earth will raise, you rise above themselves to the realm of freedom and light. So, practicing, you can elect any feeling, powerful force hidden in it, extracting from it. Inexhaustible is strength force of love for the hierarchy of light, to the Lord. The power of great fearlessness equilibrium is same tranquility, faith. Asserting on them you can go to fiery rapid distant goal. That was Said, I assert.
225. The first task is to create a sacred sense of isolation from the external environment. It is completed successfully. The second challenge is a series of shallow emotions, such as anger, frustration, resentment, the stains are replacing them with energy to their opposite, they concluded, to another pole, its appearance. For the energy is not good and not evil; it raises the hand of human to protect the weak one, or murder. The third task is to call in another person desired feeling: joy, ascent, aspirations, etc., regardless of external conditions. The fourth challenge is feeling bad in another person transmute into a positive, just as I have in My Tower transform you: fear in fearlessness, anxious to calm fussiness in solemnity and other dark in bright feelings. The last task is the hardest.
226. (July 4). My son take up My desire to be with myself, and My Face as if to somehow put Me in yourself and become like me, expressing the essence of my, perceived and assimilated in the rays sent, glowing within you my light. “Imitation of the Lord” — so call this phenomenon. In gestures, words and deeds can also be shown in full tranquility. Peace of mind — the relics of Bishop! Ponder over it. And so somehow it establish. Dare in imitation is the shortest route. Heart, has encompassed the image of Lord, may this dare. Parrot imitates and monkey. Not on such imitation dared stone guard, striving to embody the qualities of a Teacher's Spirit of light. Its rays, assimilated and transformed, give a Light self outgoing, transformed already in the microcosms disciple is the fruit of long and hard work, and merging of consciousnesses. Does not repeat anything, but all is transformed in the lights heart and becomes its own heritage student. And only then is given the right to speak on behalf of Teachers. When the beam of His, transformed, See the disciple, this is the right Call. Parrots a lot but are empty and deprived of their words. But the word of disciple is full of the Fiery power, transformed the Ray. That is why the imitation in thought is shown, in Word and deed, to let My Image entered the heart and became established there as strong as a rock. In different ways, but they all Say about the same as the Stone itself to approve and make it the basis of life. The infinity of its understanding of the consciousness and I unwrapped the impulse to give to move on. Your path is long.
227. (July 5). Anxiety and fears for the future are passed to Lord; otherwise they will continue to ravage the heart. So much anguish vain about something that doesn't, and that won't happen. If done all that is possible, then the rest is passed to Lord, Caring, trusting Him to Lead a hand full. Give me My sadness and gladness about you. Give me your future your torment. They are futile; there is no sense in them. Which is better — worry myself about what the trouble yet and maybe never will, or complete any danger in tranquility meet? There are things that depend on you; they have got to do a number of things, from you-absolutely. They should convey the will of the Lord. The formula of “And in your hands I give my spirit, o Lord” requires a deeper and broader understanding. After all, this means bringing yourself to the Will of the Teacher of Light, expecting all from Him. This is not impotent, passive attribution, but an active, effective following the Hierarch, when every effort humanly possible, and only the impossible is passed to it. The principle remains the same: “Assistance is Given if the force applied, and is often Given at the last moment”.
228. (July 5). It is much easier. Alertness and protection of aura will save from attacks. That is why is given a warning. Leader does not sleep. On Hierarchical warning the protecting network should be alert. Nerve tissue is surprise. Malevolent creation, stops in front of the tip of the. This is the value of staying awake. But if the warning instructed, custody should be strengthened. Dark resourcefulness gimmicks and tricks are due to kick it to falsely from behind, and unexpectedly on the sly. For this reason they create precisely the fabrications. Easy enough to find one this tear down power and even neutralize it altogether. Face to face encounter they studiously avoid. Dream about a cat, putting claws in the Palm of your hand while trying to stroke her, characterized as a warning. And blood away from claws, trying to release her from the wounds, and even exhaustion of a bleeding deep scratches to remove possible poison, show that although risk and not great, but quite unpleasant and is caused by any negligence or thoughtlessness, which put at risk on their own initiative. Often receive blows, causing them to assume it unnecessary activity. Balance is so well that does not issue from the microcosm of energy unnecessarily. This is correct, because anger and darkness is waiting for the slightest pretext to grab for it. But don't grab onto and catch the ball. This is good restraint and confidentiality. There are people ready to seize on every word and put in a row every bast. Let the dream teaches diligence and ability to keep the protecting of severe network in suspense. This is the best shield, arrows bounce accursed from him if he rose. Undisciplined, non-assembled and is not in ready fighter and shield will not save. Thus, in the concept of readiness to enable readiness to foresee of each regular seen as attempt by the dark hurt and the vigilance of the readiness of the spiritual Armor be in perfect order. So you can avoid the danger, about which the Teacher warned, because one will stop the edge sent to silence the evil dog. In some cases when detecting evil wisher or evil maker are allowed to strike without waiting for an imminent attack. Then cuts the brunch, on which sits the opponent and you do not need attack him. Sometimes the best defense is attack. Nonresistance and passivity have ruined a lot of good people, rushing toward the light.
229. (July 6). Suppose you want to be constantly tense wariness of consciousness and vigilance. Each vulnerability are the enemies of light to wound. Blow yesterday was still suffered, and just when the weakened unexpectedly and vigilance on the part of a loved one. Darkness operated through it. So, cut the circle, i.e. the protection, nowhere breaking. It should be kept, idea thrown to see the dark hand. Thoughts from light are bright, but grey are dark thoughts, from the darkness.
230. (July 8). Laws that govern human psyche are accurate and clear. The main attraction is the name of thoughts and feelings. This is reinforced by similar and neutralized the opposite. On wood is fruit. Thoughts of a particular order gave rise to the investigation of compliance Division. Thought a little, small, fussy she delivers the same remainder did similar with her case. Great things are born great thoughts. Thought they do. You tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are. You tell me, what are your thoughts, and I'll tell you what you are. So the thought is defined by people and its essence. But thought you could own, and determine and apply to your essence. We call the people to the house by choice and not inviting bystanders, thieves and vagabonds.
Similarly you should deal with the thoughts. Random thoughts, thoughts stray, unwanted thoughts, thoughts of darkness, but harm, nothing will bring. Energy and power of thought can even suck out of a person. Thoughts of sadness, fear, anxiety, envy, jealousy, anger devour psychic energy. If they persist, disease is unavoidable. Usually the thoughts are happy or unhappy flow of life and affairs. It's ordinary people. The thoughts of an Arhat and tonality arise from it and the internal state of consciousness, but not by external conditions. Consciousness is vigilant in the protection and preservation of the internal independence. “My peace I give you”, but this world is not of this world and life is not over the outside. And if too bad outside, the fate of man, inside you can find peace, which is above the usual understanding. From external phenomena then gets distracted by the thought and focus inside. External life and let him go on as usual, but peace in the soul, but the balance of spirit is not of this world, and the Kingdom of God is too, as are not the result of random temporary combinations of external conditions, but a State of mind, approved from within.
231. (July 9). Life challenge is a flame burning in the chest, past savings, lights carry through life not only having wasted its elements, but, on the contrary, they multiply. Not in happy circumstances surrounding the growing Stone. Sorrows, trials, sickness, hardship, difficulty, overcome resistance to environment — they are; only they grow crystals lights if the spirit is nothing does not give up and goes, no matter what. That is, don't give up before the life, don't drop, don't give up, and don’t put a weapon in the fight to uphold the primacy of the spirit will be a condition necessary for the growth of the treasures. Carry him through His entire guarding, pace will be destined winner. And the matter is not in difficulties, but in keeping the Treasure. There is another more important task, since the existence of the treasure, its size, structure and quality of flames rise in Invisible Worlds of spirit life after death. All that is going on inside a person, or beefing up the crystals, or expended. You can leave spending or multiplying. Every thought, word and action determines its appropriateness, as creators or destroyers of all. You can go through life, stretched out his hand to more frequently and firmly holding the jewel Stone in hand, and every moment of life in mind.
232. (July 10). A bad person, but going forward, despite his badness, is suitable to the evolution of more good, not going and not to go anywhere. Why publicans and sinners have been approached the robbers and the whore. Among the so-called good men there are a lot of enemies and the enemies of evolution of the new world. Didn't they build the future, and not their moves forward, and they are not. Bad one, but going to Me, makes Me greater service than good one, but standing on the spot.
233. (July 11). Possession degrees are different: from the elusive mental effects to almost complete replacement of the owner from his body. But the essence of the phenomenon is the same as someone else's intervention will, directed from the subtle world. That is why, it neither is important to avoid any impact on myself nor embodied or un incarnated. And every attempt to influence viewed as infringement on the freedom of the will. But the impact of people goes constantly, and only permanent watch can keep from harm. Even the good effects are harmful, they will replace the alien. Even while managing the Teacher, leaves will free. Because the submissive will lead to the destruction and the destruction of what constitutes core spirit. Good influence that uncontrollably and blindly and without the sanction of his will is subject to man, make him a weak-willed creature, unfit for anything. Because talking about collaboration, about harmony, the merging of consciousnesses, on free, bring yourself to the driver, but not to subordinate their will not to abandon her. The transfer of consciousness through the Hierarchy is not a rejection of the will, but, on the contrary, her frantic stress in harmony with the will of the Leadership. Many mentors make sins against this and so vitiate their karma, by assuming the burden of karma slave. The freedom of somebody else's will attempt should not be, and even less on his own. The doctrine of free will is a basis of Discipleship. Decide to let yourself, choose let themselves, with his full responsibility but in harmony with the Will of higher. You can only do the will of him who sent the will of his own, and that would be a feat. His will in itself enchants willfulness of Astral, mental Horde and dense body. They believe that free will is free of self-will of lower casing, but it is not freedom but slavery, the hardest of all possible ones. A libertarian could come keeping from influences were from, and where they were going, and having a silver bridle spirit on the thoughts, feelings and movements occurring in conductors. Even physical movements, especially nerve should be under control. So can the freedom of its acceptance among those who, being a slave, felt free to astral self. The slaves of feelings, the slaves of thoughts, habits - diverse and different are slavery and in the vast majority of cases it is not understood at all.
234. (July 12). Save the complete peace of mind and be all time with Me in all things. Give yourself to me. Do not go anywhere alone, and do not do anything. Do not be afraid and do not fear anything. All will be well, better than better. Luck will be in everything. Dark ones plague on trifles, nothing significant, but unpleasant things. You need to master yourself or you will not withstand. And remember that when combined, not terrible nothing. But be together, but not separately, but hold Me tightly and inseparably, as if you are over the precipice, jumping over Bush. Because over the abyss of life the only reliance is, otherwise I would delay the whirlpool. I am always with you; therefore, awareness of the Proximity of Me depends entirely on you. At Closeness is enhanced by way of rotation. Throw away the doubts, there is no place for them – it is now a trust full string, full hearty, full consonant with power Increased. Boldly go — I will support.
235. (M.A.J.). My dear, we care about you, is to smooth the roughness change in your life. If you knew what a mass of dark surrounded, would understand how much of our energy is spent to prevent harm. Splitting a big blows on the details and, instead of hitting a shot, albeit a painful but not dangerous. We will prolong the care and protect you in any case. Quietly prepare for the journey. Together we will go, but mentally we abide.
236. (Guru). Show your face, a worthy the disciple of M., and dignity of spirit God bless. Quick actions do not mean busyness, haste and nervousness. Calm and quiet at speed is a rare quality spirit. Student of m. uses to exercise all of the circumstances of life and all sorts of conditions. There is nothing on what he did not study. Learn.
237. (July 14). The future really don't judge, is considering its antipode. I attach arm to your fate, directing its Jet currents in the destined direction. Think about the purpose of the ultimate, but not that flashes on the sides. Squirrel appears and disappears, and the goals come. And how many have passed by, and how many passed by in vain gave you trouble and heart energies. Remember: all by passes and even and it will pass.
238. (July 15). Listen, everything will come unexpectedly. Get yourself ready and wait, and (will come) in good time. Leave uncertainty — I brave shield. Listen To establish them at home, but not on the outside. Sustainability is the Foundation Stone on the inside. Let them have something to eat, let it be, what will be, but the need for enduring stability. This is the hidden foundation of calm and poise, fearlessness and self-control. Let it be, what will be, but the spirit is inviolate and indestructible. And does it really matter that weaves an immortal spirit robe will make and armor will harden, and give him the strength. Consider the difficulties and complexity of life, and weight bearing forces enabling factor. The harder the better; worse is better, the closer to me. Those who do not pass through fire will not reach Me, the standing in one point too. As well as those who themselves do not overcome and win. Funny how that power is growing under the hammer of karma, breaking the glass, but not eternal spirit armor.
239. If immutable Bishop and with you always, the disciple of variability and oscillations in the devotion and love should not be.
240. (July 16). On old roads I do not go. I say to adopt a new method of seeing, hearing and perception of thoughts. The principle of transferring the sensitivity is used widely. Spirit is omnipresent, all-seeing, all-knowing, but the shells interfere it. They must be brought to silence. Shell begins to lose control of the consciousness, as only appears the understanding that all that is going on in it, is going on outside the realm of immortal triad and cannot touch it, for passing and all of the temporally, coming in and through them. So you can look at this as a movement taking place outside, as if from the window into the street, and then they do not affect the essence of consciousness and his cast or rule over it. Identifying ourselves with them immerses us in the gloomy, because consciousness sky doesn't shine above them. And when three (shells) will be silenced, will be opened doors of the upper world.
241. (July 17). Finally, in a cage of hopelessness ends. Please Note to be alert against dark inventions. Want to give a better life to change places.
242. (July 18). Memorial Day note an in-depth understanding of what is happening. Not in personal actions are determined by the planetary evolution, and not changing the mood of the day gives that understanding. The Basis is steadfast. They are stages of evolution. Personal scope limited to the brevity of life, but the individuality is thrown over through the centuries and the millennia, forming the foundations of the silver bridge to infinity. On these pillars supports the cases laid down in a given life, and by bringing these lives into a single Pearl strand, begin to comprehend the depth of the spirit and grandeur of the cosmic evolution of mankind on this planet. Personal understanding of life, personal relationship, broken through the prism of personal interests of one life, comprehension Plan does. Outside of the great life while living on Earth, spend all the days of my people, not as a force against the person of low rise and thought to refer to the great outer thread, which in future is noted with the lives of the great lights of mankind as the destined path in definite and infinity. Following behind them, you can enter this space stream. The condition of all the same and remains unchanged: to move away from yourself, move away from myself and forgetting the personal, take all The common good by replacing the personal to over personal, universal. So, forgetting about himself, the Great Spirit lived, worked and created. So over mortal minor personality is Immortal Personality for which is the running of time and the existence in it - is only a means for new crops of fire beans of evolutionary possibilities, It pledged for the common good and to move all, all, all.
(From the dream). I will Tell circumstances to serve you, but in due time. Protection Will be Sent. Signs of attention are for Ladies and I will remove arduous ones. Your hour has struck, but not strikes. Each case requires performers.
243. (July 19). Yoga is the yoga of Fire. The destined happiness is coming. Much to be forgiven where there is understanding and devotion, and more, you can then learn.
244. The Appeal to the great calm, because we are awake. Meaningless all the anxiety, for what can they change? But the aura of calm is a powerful force that can carry out what is could do it no worries. Anxiety, calmness is collecting dust in her focus and holds the levers. The power of focused intense serenity creates power, and disperses its blank wall barriers. Serenity is attunement with us, because we create in this way. How did the blessed peace of mind as it is above it, and worries, anxiety and unrest and fear, which is surrounded by the ordinary consciousness. What prevents his approval, not three? The three lower ones driving to the Earth, three “not submitted shells”. The spirit wants to, and they don't want to, and leaning weak will demand of the three in front. But strong will fight persistently and firmly until the usurpers and not subjugate break their arbitrariness. Fight to the end to win, whatever the price, otherwise do not move further.
245. (July 20). Everything is achievable and possible, and thus the approval of all the qualities of the spirit. To do this many lives are given. But there are few aspiring to improve themselves in accordance with their ideals, even if it exists. But it is achievable, and shell are hard onslaught will only need to want and hard before their willfulness not to stop.
246. (July 21). But I say, if understood mystery Surrounding the son to the father, nothing will stop moving and nothing is insuperable obstacle along the way. We need to understand the possibility of instant enlightenment and liberation from the power of the membranes. There are examples of this. Transfiguration is to release them. Just as the body is discarded, the spirit can reset the Astral. A mighty gust up to time of death brings the spirit through the lower realms. Restrictions are for not powerful. Daring one can do it. The infinity of all scales pose to its place, and just as the spirit leaves all their stuff on Earth and everyone owns what, and bond breaks away with everything, just so he can leave astral world, having realized their uselessness for spirit, devoid of body. Ghostly feasts, smoking, and more — for those who do not know, but involve themselves in deception know will not allow. All must be weighed and, on balance, to understand and take everything for granted. Order and gives all infinity. Not knowing the law is subordinate to him, he uses it as a lever or wheel to guide boats into the higher realms of his spirit.
247. (July 22). High factor of Existence is the thought; it defines and place not incarnated spirit in Heaven. However the affect his astral vibrated current, the backlash is the thought and will. And if the latter decision before the separation from the Earth upwards is firmly and irreversibly, the lower layers are not affected. That's why it was promised that the thief will be with me in paradise. The Higher Laws of the spirit rule over the shells and that happens in them. A judge decides. Also here on Earth, the impact of the external environment on the mind is thought. With the permission of thought vibrates the astral body. Idea solves, a phenomenon well or badly, and astral already reacts accordingly. Instant can be thought of, and penalties the thoughts of time are required. Authorize can and an old idea, thought out and Panel which decided earlier in similar circumstances. These reactions can be determined in advance, to regulate them and to subordinate the will. The more effort is made in this direction, the easier it is to achieve the desired results. As an artist on stage a role, you can rehearse mentally and cause certain reactions in yourself in your mind and thoughts are successfully overcome habitual and unwanted Astral reflexes. In the imagination there is nothing irresistible there. Hardly rehearsed reaction in imagination will persists even in normal dense conditions without much effort, and something undesirable is thus overcome. But Astral in its common habits and reflexes is very obstinate, and subjugate it is only possible by persistence and replication of efforts. Well if a capacity to take ardent, fiery, irrevocable decision not to allow something or say something. A force of some powerful solutions you can achieve a lot. On the might of the irrevocable decision you would think.
248. (July 23). Vow, pledge, or irrevocable decision, does it matter — the essence is still the same. People from experience know that their nature is weak, and fill this lack of special measures. You can map out a number of tasks to be performed and supported by continued undaunted by will. We Say: do not get irritated, not chat in vain, do not gesticulate, or moderate activity the clown in ourselves. Many tasks of overcoming oneself in oneself can be put before himself and scheduled can be achieved, but not the same measures, because the usual solution is powerless before the power established habits of behavior. Even so-called nerve movement is difficult to control. Something inside is stronger than the hottest and genuine solutions. The enemy is inside, in the man. He puts the barriers and shortcomings to the best solutions. You should fight with him. Ordinary people are trying to overcome something outside. But the disciple knows that he has only one enemy is himself, the last man in the word himself, he should be replaced by a new, more perfect one. The new image is already crystallized in the mind, already has almost, but not wants to leave old and relinquish his seat. But he will still have to go, merciless struggles. When the Buddha called the human process, he meant exactly this condition permanently replace the old with the new. In this process the student is consciously, consistently and voluntarily, through strenuous efforts to eradicate a volitional everything from the old man. If the Teacher is new every moment, there should be new disciple. We do not go by the discovered roads. Our Way is New. The new sign in you, preventing the lunar human reflexes by will. Why all over to do things as before when you can in any future action to show the old man in the winner's face. The winning spirit is celebrated the way persistent and permanent overcoming the new over the old consciousness, begotten of the spirit of the ideal in its own little its former self. Little did what was or could have been today or in the past, the winner now argues in a triumphant face of the Lord and the spirit of its quality. He is strong and new knowledge of this and the fact that the victory is destined.
249. (July 24). This year, all will be well. Heart to heart tells the news. If only the heart feel it. You will find out My Will soon. By the power of auras you will attract new friends. You get to know the touch of my hand. On the wings I will Bring you home and Define your life. I consider it is necessary to rush for departure, for the time is everything. Danger from friends, not enemies, and trouble too! I will announce of departure in a special way. Save the sent gift. Collect things for traffic and gather your thoughts. Wait for permission the other day. Waiting for your shift and Getting to Help. My son, take note: “Be in constant contact with Me, the legend himself Will complete My”. All will be well. Understand, most importantly of all, first of all to keep Me in the mind, and everything else will follow then. I am raising the Shield over My son. I ardently sent the Ray. Good luck from now, the luck in all that you're going to do with Me, but hard, together, in unity. I Give you time to approve the contact ardently. So let all would benefit serve teaching (study).
250. (M.A.J.). But, dear we have waited! We will take care and care now of you.
(Guru). Friend, show the Strength and the Resistance the heart unity and detachment with us, for than we can help you.
251. (July 25). My Son, the first step toward a new stage consider the current time. Changes are in the external and not internal rhythm of Communication. It is unchangeable, but it must be strengthened.
(M.A.J.). I'd like to see you not in my own name through change going, but in the Name of the Lord. The objective is not in small ways, fuss and hassle, but is that why they are happening. After all, people limit themselves with the width of opportunities and thoughts. Committed for the sake of the Lord, and in His Name will bring his assistance, to yourself is nothing. Provide a future for the Common Good — that's the goal. Let it all go in its turn.
(Guru). You know, as we were walking through the life, following the lead, just go and you. And now we go, just go. Not you, and Him give the time and thought, your own is too small and narrow, and extremely cumbersome. Go for the Calling - that's the objective and care, and the rest is nothing.
252. (July 27). Subtle World Law is: “where are the thoughts, there is a consciousness”. What are the thoughts; this is the same and their surroundings. The seat of the spirit in the space is defined by the thought, and the area where he lives, that is the psychic atmosphere it is the nature and essence of thoughts. Determines and approves the idea all around, by name and tone; there are neither the judges nor executors of the sentence, each creates a world for himself, and lives in it: beauty or ugliness, happiness or despair, colorful or colorless grey stagnation. Thought is the creator. Habitual thoughts send consciousness in normal Earth channel – earthly ones, usually accompanying the spirit on the Earth. The law accords and compliance with rules the aboveground, however, as well as everywhere else. But there its action is it instant. The motion gives rise to a movement of peace — peace, about the flight is a flight on Distant Worlds — stay on them, the Lord — gives intimacy, of fathers — to them sends, on dark-it introduces you to the invincible. Usually, turning there, people don't know what they want, and should therefore continue to live among the debris of the thinking, but he firmly holds the steering wheel of a boat the spirit, many arrive in the desired direction. It is very easy and very easily, but people do not know, and knowing not to believe, and believe that the parable of the sower and the seed drill is just a fairy tale, but the world of Subtle is a world where the fairy tale becomes a reality. And when he said, that all-out on the heart, marvelous and fantastic reality, meant stay aboveground, where the spirit engine is a heart, aspiring the thought.
(From the dream). A Psalm, a fervent exposed Beam, and devote yourself to it, and it is completely live, move and exist. He gives joy, happiness. My chosen one can realize the joy of Ray. The Rate is on Me, and hope, and happiness. Bet on me, and hope to all, and hope. I Order you: gather around me, and thoughts come across from me and start all over with me. Take the Decree: susceptibility to show Beam fierce, nothing is more important. Success depends on it.
253. (July 28). Consciousness is led by the thought, the thought leads the consciousness. What is a thought so and is unconscious. Bouncing and restless thoughts point to the fragility of the consciousness. The thought should grab by stranglehold the subject on which it is focused. Jumping plump rabbits are not suitable. Better to think one thought through than to miss by a dozen random. Random third-party thoughts are human enemies, for they are preventing him on the way. Too much unnecessary thought, and yet more unnecessary says. Not checking what language do not rein in thought, not subjugated his thoughts, not curbed. But the thoughts are first of all, and you should rely on them. It can only be curbed through the heart. What the heart likes to dwell and thought. That is why the love is shown as the shortest way of achievement. If only the heart is not mistaken in the choice of beloved ones. With a loved one and simply be either. Because stress love for things that you want to be-. Who likes wine, who maps who dubious entertainment, who books, craft, art, and who is the Teacher of the Light. The idea is that the elected heart. So the heart of man and the idea is subject to heart.
254. (July 29). My Son, confusion of consciousness is caused by unusual conditions of relocation. But it is necessary to accustom yourself under all conditions to keep balance and hold on me. Balance and awareness of My Surroundings is, first and foremost, and then everything else. When the Union is hard, external waves are nothing, for crashing of the rock of drained hearts is with Me. Rock of unity — and remember. And the Beam is strong by unity and can reveal the might. The energies from the closed heart are repelled. Increasingly it will be opened to let a running light. You need full conscious opening of the heart. The principle of acceptance is unchanged. It is expressed by the formula: “believe?”, that is, whether the heart magnetic consonant elements, Beam energies corresponding to key. Otherwise the legislation will prevent the circuit current techniques intended, that is the perception of it and contact. Recall how much time, effort and energy was spent before the perception and contact became possible. But it is necessary to think that the harder it is to achieve or maintain achievement. Achievement will keep the contact in all circumstances of life. And the test is given to multiply the Strength of Communication. And if understood that communication above, first and foremost, and most important, all other conditions, the problem is solved correctly. The principle is expressed in the formula: “Seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and the rest will follow you”. For the sake of Higher Energies possession is approved the evolution of spirit. During the energy understanding of the Universe, the Kingdom of God is the scope of Higher Fiery Energies available for awareness by the man. Name doesn't matter. About Cosmic Rays says. There is nothing outside of existing. And there is nothing supernatural and otherworldly. Understanding the mind is everything. Let’s put away the church names. Courage and fearlessness of the Fiery heart, in all ages and among all the peoples, pure out the shining Light energy from its unit, existing in reality. Well lit, but in different ways, and other high quality, feelings and thoughts. The criterion is the chiaroscuro, whoever thought of and referred to himself as a person. And when you want to understand the complexity of the human soul and convolutions of the brain, judge it by the light-and-shade and the nature of aura radiation. And the heart will judge, as will celebrate their essence, immediately rejecting the word.
255. (July 30). Show zealous desire and attach a frantic effort to be in the spirit together. The old man inside is frantic the resistance of each an effort to curb its essence. Do you want to, and he does not want and does so as it wants. Do you want to be with me, and he doesn't want to; do you want to show the spirit and dignity he waves her hand and chatters beyond measure; are you trying to stick Me in all the steps, and he wants to act independently. And he wins. How to curb his willfulness, as subordinate to the will of the spirit? Unheard of, with an unquenchable determination will and next repeat endless efforts can achieve the goal. It has to be humble, will his passing Me. Not like he wants to, but as I do so. We will win and if together, because it is temporary and the times and is in the process of continuous transmutation and changes, increasing or decreasing its properties, good and bad. Sound of noise, turning famous border stops the tolerance of higher thought. Vanity is his food and fuel — small earthly senses. Using the discharge of the circumstances, the rage multiplies the old one in you. If you were able to restrain his fury!
256. (M.A.J.). My dear, go through everything, unabashed and firmly holding a silver thread of the spirit. The release is close. It is burdening circumstances closer. Not desist from what serves as a stepping stone for the spirit. That is, you have to taste to discard. Victoriously pass through all and forces have multiplied. The harder is mounting, the sharper sword. Show your courage in the formidable.
257. (Guru). I find it the most important to hold the awareness of the Teacher of Light Closeness, Closeness in spirit, and I believe that with an effort of will, greater than the resistance forces, you can keep it. You can achieve if you want powerful. You can, you can approve the integral Closeness of Lord, could and should, for this is the crowning achievements.
258. (July 31). The tensive limit has not been reached yet. Also, not fully crystallized the defiance of the Fiery aspiration to reach the goal, putting it above all other things. Powerless words, it means, you need a pressure of circumstances aggravating overtook me and no fuss. I Order you: all the way, but with me, in order to enhance Intimacy. And then, sounding of vanity will not be able to darken and drown out the most important thing. Again, and again, and again, if failed, we should strive to adopt the shared action. And if conditions are upside down, then hold Me still be hard, as appropriate to a person over the precipice, jumping over a Bush or rock outcropping. Downpour of difficulties can be overcome by proximity to Me, but not a fierce dipping into them. And if it is then amplified so the awareness of Intimacy amplifies too. So together we will walk through all and everything, even overwhelmed, overcome and walk where one didn't go through. So, you need to stay is inseparable, because, besides the strands heart, no nothing.
“Lord, do you smile to the difficulty and complexity of my life conditions?” “Yes, I smile, you smile, and My Favorite, and the symbol of victory over life is the smile. You will go through everything with it. My smile shines for you, and are you onto the world her smile, and when it becomes too hard, you smile, and our smiles in the light and the light will flood you. The smile of the soul — so remember a smile; leave them, do not despair, knowing Me, thou soul smile for I-joy is yours. Enemy of yours, Astral, will want to get you irritated, disheartened, in fears and worries; dim it with your smile, for you are with Me. That's why I Smiled you yesterday”.
259. (Aug. 1). Prana Beam can breathe consciously and strengthen. Some features are very important, because the whole is made up of parts of small, large and even great. That is why the details of the behavior, small thoughts, and hardly perceptible trivia can influence and affect. There is nothing, I discovered, is all. The tiniest thought can be lethal, nothing in nature does not disappear and never be born again, but it only goes on, changing, increasing or decreasing its valid. And the small grain of any phenomena can give rise to great effect. No big and small. The value of small events erupt again especially during the transition to the world of Subtle. It is best to evaluate each of them in the future as a possible companion aspect of consciousness. The projection of the future determines its value and importance. So, it's easier to fight and with disabilities, and approve the best qualities of the spirit. The valuable shoots of future achievements can be carefully watered, and prevent moisture thoughts creating all that harmful. Stumble is not about rock, but on small, Pebble and bones break sometimes. But just so useful and fruitful are attempts to adopt a desired quality of spirit. It's the seeds of future achievements. What is unattainable here is attainable there. And when the immortal Personality in the period of rise, all these seemingly not brought tangible results to the desired qualities will give approval for the fruit and a welcome accomplishment during this period. And then the man again is already armed the very qualities of spirit that so stubbornly but vainly trying to establish in the past. So I ardently Welcome, every attempt, reinforcement and trying to get closer to the realization of your ideal, which is in front of each looking for enhancement for the spirit. When reset, Astral and mental bodies, and then there is nothing stopping rapidly to the highest aspirations of the spirit on the line laid down in the land of opportunity. Realize their aspirations and lower shell, but in areas relevant to them, and by name. The Highest rise concerns with the Higher Triad and bright beans plantings. Therefore I say: no one the smallest effort to improve you not eventually disappears, but brings its fruit: two, three, five himself, and more. Appreciate in you than those that you have, but those in you will.
260. (Aug. 2). You will write, no matter what, and in all circumstances of life. In this will be shown the continuity and rhythm, which will continue in the Heaven. Well already on the ground say the chain beyond a single lifetime and continuing into infinity. A long line behavior will be shown in this. This is wisdom. Short action loses its meaning, for, at best, limited time one incarnation. But Infinity is said and the Wayfarer of the infinite paths of their looks, and their duration is not limited to the small circle of one life. Live in the eternal and will mean the chain of actions, which are in effect infinity futures. In the sense of the real is the idea that everything is achievable since all future which lies before the man is like a field of unrestricted sourcing and achievements. And small seed can then grow into a huge tree. The sowers, conscious or unconscious — all, and all of them are the reapers. But pulling! The thread of life into Infinity would be the winner of the death. That is why the action is left to a man as the means to achieve immortality. Anyone who knows his way outlines a number of actions, leading it into the future, far beyond its present Scope. They can be called the Infinity Bridge. So in normal life among transient things and phenomena alleged spirit shining beam line, woven of enduring elements and leading it to life that has no end. The dead ones bury not only the dead, but also themselves, dooming themselves to death by a chain of short actions, limited by the bounds of life.
261. (Aug. 3). The thought of merging so be leading. My time has come. Before each new stage — testing reinforced. How can we ascend them if they are not allowed? After all, a certain degree of pungency is required for each achievement. Learn to always. That's right: even a short stop on any subject matter gives rise to a chain of thoughts; the more is the concentration on the image. The focus of attention is like a magnet that becomes effective as soon as the concentration appears. And then the thought flow, following one another. The most interesting is their sequence is strictly logical. And although it is unknown what will be the end of their contents or for their slender, not broken. This indicates that the source is reasonable. The whole point is to establish harmony with him. Thought lacks randomness. Its hallmark is a slender, harmonic completeness. The higher it is, the better. The conditions of perception are not always the same. Because of the good life doesn't miss. Task a minute longer than an hour. Terms cannot repeat. Think up can be restored. But is it possible to return the day before yesterday? Not repeatable, nothing. And new combinations weave a new figure. No two pieces are exactly alike. Atoms of the same element have the different layers and prints, and a molecule of iron in the meteorite is different than on Earth. On the principle of similar natural life is built. Everything is old and not new, but new world every day; and all the days are the same, but there is no similar; and the leaves of trees one all breeds are similar but not identical between them. So, the analogy is not repeatable or similarity, otherwise life would be stopped. And links of the spiral, and it rings, rising one above the other, constitute an analogy, not an identity. And thoughts, daily flow of current in the receiver of consciousness, new daily, which is a spiral of Ascension of the spirit. The spirit of either goes back or goes down, and spirals are ascending and descending, bringing down into the abyss.
262. (Aug. 4). My son, it is better to avoid contact, and it is better to remain silent, and better to lose something that could bring loss of equilibrium than lose balance and put themselves at risk of dark. During the confrontation with darkness on the loss of balance in the aura of a breakthrough that ventured out dark leashes. To feed her, at least temporarily, with your emanations is inadmissible. Therefore I say: “Balance for any price”. And if you can't keep your feelings inside, at least outwardly, you can force yourself to fall silent. Silence is also a weapon of light against the unruliness tailed ape.
263. The comfort that masks are removed and the nude human entity opens the eye. The test is not an easy one. But it is better to know than be touched by what does not exist. We will pay a lot for these illusions. And only loneliness, nothing will change and no one else. The inheritance of every high spirit — go through the bitterness of being alone and realize that Silently Looking inside, but one only it never will change. Dreams, dreams, dream are the illusions of Maya. Where do they fly, when waking up from dreams of living the earthly spirit aboveground? But these dreams experience give to recognize and distinguish the validity of evidence and knowledge of reality to collect in the bowl. Most serious, the most bitter, the most painful Bowl most valuable deposit buildup. Great Spirits have suffered heavily while living on Earth. Such is the lot of them, really Great.
264. (Aug. 5). Only a complete transfer of consciousness I can touch my world to disharmonious and distracting environments of the Earth. But the hard is the fullness of transmission. Spirit knows the urgency of her and wants her but doesn't want the Earth's people. And the victory in the desire of the two is often on the side of the latter. But it must be subordinate to and must come to terms before the desire of the spirit, for ages, and are passing and briefly his stay on Earth and in the Astral plane, where the conditions are completely different, because tight body no. But the closeness of My remains in the worlds and approved on the ground continues and aboveground. So you can find the base for a strong enough desire to make known the full transfer of consciousness to me. Earth overcomes resistance seed environment to give a sprout and flower, as it overcomes the consciousness, to flower spirit could unravel. Lots of seed die because of their own weakness, or as a result of adverse conditions. The difference is that the growth of the flower spirit cannot be prevented by anything, if it is understood, what is most important and needed for human. The Championship is contested, and that approved in the minds of his people above all else, and keeps his mind on the prow tumultuous waves of worldly sea. The thought leads to heart. And if the thought and heart are attached to Lord entirely and in a full extent, could the result be not in a full harmony with your full devotion to the Will of the Leading Bishop. So, to the full string and complete aspiration you can add and complete transfer of consciousness through the Hierarchy. By this is achieved immunity not only from all sorts of diseases, but also from anything that could cause harm, and from evil minds. So unity will be strength of spirit in Me. Otherwise the chaotic currents of the opposing phenomena created this consciousness. You must, must find strength in yourself to establish a permanent, sustainable, not broken is unity in the spirit with me. When it was mentioned that to love the Lord with all your heart, all thought, this is exactly the position and it was understood when the heart is given to the highest reign. Accept the gift of devotion, love and aspirations and will repay a hundred times. Not Me, but the spirit wanting the light needs this love, this bridge to the limitless possibilities of achievement.
265. (Aug. 6). When is painful, when is unbearable, when hard, think about the Lord. Let’s help by uniting with me (by merging consciousness with me). I will multiply the opportunities that way. Unity in the spirit of the Lord will carry through all. A lot can be achieved in a spirit of unity, even the impossible, and irresistible is overcome. And better to listen to the Lord than noise and bustle. It is better not to themselves, but I have to fill out. Thought about me is like a stream of fresh air. It eases the swollen tension of vanity. Like a butterfly over the glass, beats My idea of partitioning your own thoughts surrounding the consciousness, and often can't penetrate. My thoughts are hammered his. Beware of losing balance. For instantly put yourself at risk. We assume that the current moment is also important because the overall Karma and personal meld. And he, who is time-bound, is engaged to him. By powerful magnetic force it will be slid in Future. I show the power on the performance of my decisions. To term could not accelerate your karma. But that's time has come. Rejoice, children, this joy will be general.
266. Those, who is destined the terms, are associated with them and are dependent on them. But when they occur, the irrepressible for Karma carries the spirit of it is in those terms that are needed to implement the intended destiny. It is difficult and wondrous. Hard to wait but wonderful becomes life when deadlines are beginning to dictate the fate of his will. Will time — you can think of ways power is in it: personal and popular karma, nodes of the fate of human strength of planetary rays and luminaries, the impact of distant Worlds. The complexity of the phenomenon of integration cannot be calculated, and even We who knows about the time of their occurrence, even We meet them in a special way. The acting must execute their will, while those who is destined the terms — should get the help. Because the call for awareness and changes in personal destiny. Therefore I show on severe and urgent need for unification of consciousness throughout. We are winning minds, teacher quite merge Said.
267. (Aug. 7). You should realize that terrible power, which has the thought over ineligible to free mind from it. The idea requires more intense pressure to put out. Here and on the Heaven much knowledge is put as a nut in shell, surrounded by his thoughts, from which there is no exit. Experience has shown how strong the environment is, and even the stubborn desire and effort may not at times his break. The phenomenon, in order to suppress it, should arouse full potential. A beacon of understanding gives even greater strain. But there is also another method, simpler: at the time thought the serenity and unwillingness to try too much energy not finalized, i.e., deprive it of power, then in itself affects consciousness. Stage wins over the thought is high. But first one must understand its power, having experienced myself this mighty force. The will to focus on the Lord and be with him together in everything and violent thoughts interfere with getting between and are forced to forget the relevance of joint action. A silent order of consciousness with all the tension will, an order given for the term, may help. Thought cannot be allowed to possess against the wishes of the will. Rhythm, repetition, can help, especially when other measures are exhausted. And here one must win. Defeat is impossible, because here's consciousness for thoughts.
268. (Aug. 10). You need to consider yourself as representing My manifestations, and you want to give me the opportunity to manifest itself through itself. This consciousness is transferred to Me and will replace the will of my own, “not as I will, but as thou art Lord”, according to the formula: “Thy will be done”. The formula is not new, but only new born again, can take it. “I give You, the Lord, myself, so that Thy Light Could manifests itself through Me”. This will be the representation of rejection of yourself, or self-denial. Accepted by the brain, won't give the consequences, by the heart — will be fruitful. Based on this principle all achieve yoga. Acting (as if) not You or not yourself, but how would the Lord, who remains inside, acted through consciousness. But you have to put out and a humble self must be furious. That is, an ardent astral wants to show himself around, and above everything and all, arguing himself voraciously. Satiation of desires of astral is not possible. You should think about drunkard, miser, glutton or a druggie. Astral cannot or does not want to stay on how to meet its luxuries of gluttony. But transferring consciousness to the Lord imposes on him the silver bridle spirit. So just has to rein in. Great service then becomes possible. The identity was buried, Astral, by those who have renounced the world. Latest distortion does not count. But abandoning the Mir name is symbolic. Many valuable concepts are hidden under further stratifications, and heaps, and distortions. Many have forgotten the truth. But My Covenant is still the same: “let him deny himself and follow me”.
269. (Aug. 11). So, I Tell you act together. You need perseverance to keep unheard of for Me. Not small witnessed will become and is already starting to be. I Show My Power over the fate of the world and your destiny. The hands will give a wonderful spirit to successfully create my cause. I recommend this force will give the thought creative and will help you engage in fiery circle of performers Will My. I will Turn the levers of your Karma in the destined direction of what to be. Preparing for centuries is not in vain. We need to have closer dedicated friends. The moment is wonderful. There are Little beloved, established in Me. It is the screenings. And then will come all, all will return, but after weighing you on the scales of loyalty to me. And their voices, turned away from me, will be louder and more heartfelt than those who resisted. I will give everyone due to their merits: and those who are afraid and crawling away, and those who have forgotten My cause, and against proceeding. All will take, and even darkness doing together, but with different reverence, because the law is unequivocal: “according to measure, such as you except, it will be measured for you”. Not too late to still check your measure. Strengthen me to like. Here is will they come and say, where is my share? And they too will have to give, but within the law. Light is enough for all. If only there were pitchers. You need to see yourself as representing My manifestations, and you want to give Me a chance to express themselves through you. Filling of the heart by Bishop will measure progress. Constancy and commitment require climbing and a constant filling of the heart. I will Tell about it, until it will be filled with the heart.
270. (Aug. 13). Good changes of location. Well, when the hearth is a comfortable home is unloaded liberating mind from coupling the earthly home. It will not cling to the familiar environment. Well have nothing. Need it for above-ground existence. Not things and home we needed for life. Because it is useful to free themselves from them in the spirit, nothing except his own, only data from all time. By the stranglehold things grab the consciousness and keep it captive. The fewer unnecessary things, the better it is. Amazing how small can do man! The phenomenon of beggar monks was founded on an understanding of the slavery of consciousness in things and House-prison. If you saw them in the Subtle World, sitting on the prison-houses surrounded by familiar things, would admire as personal property is true, they were horrified of the spirit created dungeon. Good understanding of things without a sense of ownership of property and the temporary nature of this ownership. Slaves are considered those who own earthly things or housing, honoring them as their property. Do not climb on them in the higher realms. A millstone around my neck would they. Well get rid of them, the other being on Earth, because what is on Earth will be bound and out there. The connectedness of mind applies this formula, not the imaginary right to forgive anyone's sins! The forgiveness of sins, that is, the release of the spirit of the law of cause and effect, is impossible. Only the consciousness of its may release the person understanding of the nature of reality. The very same yourself releases, and himself, as has judge condemns in herself.
271. (Aug. 14). Improve your thoughts with me. There are Many of those who can be drawn by appearing speech. But magnet of thought is more secret, and acts wider, and is not limited by time or space (distance). You can instantly connect thought with me. But the thought keep on something already much harder, and especially Higher thought. And it is called the heart to the brain to help and magnetic threads of feeling in the mind of the hold that dear to My heart. Thoughts, loving their owners very emotionally charged. Because the need to isolate it from the Astral plane of conventional phenomena of life. Otherwise conventional thoughts will strangle and stifle the Ultimate thought. Many enemies have thought High both inside and outside of it: selfishness is the most passion Astral, not purified from the lower emotions. Love me, and double up force. On the channel of love energy will flow of thought, transmitted by me. And think, think more about Hearts Magnet the Bishop. I have the whole Defense will send, and all the power, and the fortress, but what will attract and hold than if the heart is dumb? That is why I want heart awoke, and the heart is Knocking. You can only keep Me heart and mentally for Me to resist. Love, the winner of the fire, is destroying the barriers of the thought, preventing the merge of minds. This thought My heart must be of hard to take, because under the sign of the heart enters a new World in your consciousness.
272. (M.A.J.). The promised meeting with me would take place — she is stronger than aboveground and last longer. And now it will strengthen the attraction of the heart. A lot of worries are working hard to meet. I give my will that will determine the future of yours. It is in the Hand of the Lord.
273. (Guru). Let's move from words to deeds. If we discard the words remain. Silence is strength, it can be used skillfully. Silence is the concentration of forces at the thought. Silent thought is stronger than was spoken words. Learn to operate in silence and silence is the method adopted by the learner.
274. (Aug. 15). To the manifested term show the understanding. Term is the astrological combination rays Distant Worlds that karma to the current time. All changes in the Karma occur under the influence of sunlight, the pointer resulting dates. Will has contributed Jet, but within certain limits. Eventually, karma is defined by the will, but once generated by free will thus becomes human karma. You can change many things, but on the highest law. All die, and growth is not added, and you do not change the eye color, and hump on the back of a hunchback must bear, though may change in the spiritual consequences of the ugliness. Frameworks of karma, not likely to be changed frequently in their external form, are plastic in the field of spirit and are subjected to the will. Death is conquered in spirit. But even in the body of someone who lived several centuries. Mastering the fire pushes the bounds of karma and allows a person to control some phenomena that for normal consciousness are karmic did not overcome. Dhiani, having their Individual Karma, dominate over conventional human phenomena surrounding the karma. And They work their “miracles” are not miracles, but knowledge of the higher laws of and ability to apply them. For the layman, loss of property at home is a karmic blow, for the wise to release the spirit from the bonds that tie it to the ground. Passionately is useful especially this loss before moving into the world of Subtle. There will be time for them to haul cargo to the hard man. Investigation of karma in the spirit is plastic and depends on the degree of expansion of consciousness. I am your Karma if you understand that transmission of will and his spirit in my hands and I have brought myself upstream transmission of karma in the Hands of thy Lord.
275. (M.A.J.). The necessary thread is interwoven in the pattern of effect, bearing to the destined shores. And we are ardently following that pattern was consistent with the will of the Lord. And you, subject to time limits, look carefully to be consonant to the Will of the Lord. All would be simplified, and everything will be made easier. Then you will incur on the crest of the wave in engaged to a sphere. That depends on us, We will do, but what you are you, and no one but you. Bridge, Throw across the chasm ahead, has fabric on both sides: Our and your. Strengthen the foundation of the bridge is on your side. And care about it. Confidence lasts to the end.
276. (Aug. 16). So, for the success of the action shall be close contact with Me, and the resistance is overcome with an unquenchable determination Proximity astral My approval. You can see how stubbornly refuses to obey the will of the astral. Weak spirits don't stand up and stop their efforts, but strong knows that continuing retry attempts you can break any persistence. The spirit is eternal, astral, and temporarily the times opposed. It should be noted that any attempt to improve themselves and achieve something, in tissue membranes (and subtle body including) are elements, making their essence thinner. Thinning and loss of lower casing belongs to indestructible processes, as the next incarnation they will to a certain extent be reached in this life, though, the combination would be different, but refined spirit cannot get rough fabric of the astral body. And the physical and astral bodies — have all but the degree of refinement and the sparsity of them is different. Each attempt to curb the willfulness makes something better in the astral matter, it provides. Frantic life on the key of building a permanent busy self-improvement will be the shortest way to attain Arhatship. Should simply not forget that under any conditions and any condition and mood is always something to improve on, tune meditation at this time. In moments of disbalance it is nice to think of balance it on the opposite pole, but can also be a claim, for example, the quality of silence, or even think about the dignity of spirit, or that is not outwardly express internal trouble. Resultant of these attempts will restore the injured quality much quicker than sitting in prostration complete, jerking off being distressed about what happened.
277. (M.A.J.). Yes, Yes. Love Canal is the most faithful, and the call of love brings the immediate response.
278. (Aug. 17). What should be done with them, burdening, aggravating, disturbing prohibitive? Having tried all the steps, you should give them to the fierce fate. Why pour water into a leaky sieve. Discipleship is not resting, but in following the lead. Aspiration is called light, which prevents stains. If not keep yourself away it will suffocate. Why did the Teacher have to be disposed of into the wilderness? To not be strangled. Close human intimacy is from, if the weights hung on his feet. How, then, to move unsuccessfully? So, for them, in the abyss of the pull, it is necessary to move away from them. If they track you into the darkness of despair, what does it use? You should protect yourself from the harsh abyss of heaving up friends, for the sake of their salvation. That's why Talking about loneliness and how to give away your heart can only be a Lord. Harsh and bitter is human cognition. Learn to open his heart, at first thinking.
279. (Guru). If you took a tug, the burden of friendship should be exceeded until the last line. But it should not be forgotten that could drown their Savior immersed, unless the last one is overcautious. Sometimes such drowning man is stunning blow on the head with to stop convulsive and blind activism, because one must save. Commitment to, but don't drag on itself. Where words are powerless, silence moves.
280. (Aug. 18). Filling of the heart by Bishop will measure progress. Constancy and commitment required and continuous filling of the climb. I will Tell about it, until it will be filled with the heart. The heart can be persuaded. In the heart you can bear the thought and good and bad. From the good it becomes light, from the bad – dark, and goes black, if you persist on the evil. Will and desire to think the thoughts of the heart, and the heart strengthens them, saturating their energies. So every thought can be deliberately put on the heart to strengthen and grow. Thoughts from the brain are short and superficial and die together with the brain, but the heart, which beats always, remembers forever. Consider that memory in the brain, but this is incorrect. Concentration of the memory is Bowl and heart. Hearty mindfulness is especially strong. The life of the brain and the heart: one life focuses on the external and the other internal. One dies with the body, the other stretches into infinity. The stigmata of heart lights are embodied in all the works of art. Poems without fire are a collection of dead words. Fire heart created all that was included in the Treasury of world art. Heart, spatial fire, battery is the power of creative fire in man. Anyone who wishes to do, let the heart will wake up and break out the lights of creative power. And if words or thoughts are full force of heart lights, don't die and they don't disappear into space. So, we accustom heart to the lights the way to Infinity and covered his sparks of light. So integrate heart to life immortal and heart we create patterns of spirit in the space.
281. Generally speaking, yoga and yoga of heart, for the Fiery path is covered with hearts. Yes, Yes, Yes, on the way to Arhatship this stage is reached, when nothing external can stop the growth of the spirit. And then the Teacher can Tell the disciple: “You state by the full”. So in the life of the insurgent spirit can be traced back two explicit, dramatically different currents: external, the doomed death, temporary and transient, and domestic proceeding over, and over, and beyond the life of the current. And heart and energy it is given to the second. The first spirit is watching and looking at it as a picture in a movie. There are all sorts of paintings: and boring, and fun, and exciting, and evoking tears, but ... only pictures, only pictures film, the end of which is imminent. And then, separating the one from the other, the temporary from the imperishable heart gives people forever just what is immortal and eternal lives, introducing elements of his into the world so tight and thinning it and those serving the evolution of sentient being, and so their mission on Earth.
282. (Aug. 18). Take your thoughts to approve them in dense world, if they are worthy. Don't be quiet: mutually strained silence bears a force. Picking up light the affirmation and taking ownership of it, in life — the Arhat. The silent, tense, united consciousness with Me at the silent thought produces the light and causing the phenomenon involves intense luminosity aura. When fall silent themselves, my thoughts are in the mind of the sound. Light Faces, entered in the heart, creates refined spiritual thoughts. Will not the thoughts of the late, if the Bishop does not Dim Image. But can He be made brighter, livelier, and may he live, and you can see the movement and in paints the teacher of light. The value of this achievement only reached will understand. It has a number of long-term efforts. With each new attempt to Light and clarity of Its enhanced Coil is attached to a previous and adds to the effect. Can I find more fruitful exercise, more correct, and deeper in meaning, and more directing and moving up to the goal. For fine view of this image, the heart has entered an explicit form and vibrates with light. The bearer of light becomes the one who approved the heart of his Visage of Lord. Such a heart, truly, is the engine of evolution, because it gets it from the great heart of the powerful patron of the energy burden charges in the base of every impulse of evolutionary progress. And then the light-bearer becomes the servant of evolution (life). Light-bearing, shining thoughts can be drawn from the Image, if consciousness makes them able to accommodate both. Not everyone who took to heart the image of Lord, can transpose his thoughts. This requires a degree of intimacy and the right to do so. Call it the right Space, because it does not give her human right and give it cannot. Thus, the greatest values of the spirit are beyond the limits and laws of human power. All this should be hard to remember when approval in the heart of the Image of Lord. I give the impetus to approve of the most important. Deepening the understanding of the phenomena of consciousness and where are the only limits it?
283. (M.A.J.). Write. After all, He Sends you reaching thoughts. Know their infinity and that the source does not dry up. The receiver be Thoughts of Lord — your ardent destiny. It is expanding, ardently strive to assimilate and do me in the sharpness of perceptions.
284. (Aug. 20). Immutable Bishop and with you always, but changes the awareness of your Surroundings is the closer, then running away. Truly heroic efforts must be made to keep the best opportunities. The cities conditions are so far from of ours. In usual circumstances, you can still keep the rhythm, but with the changes in his personal life is keep hard. How do you help? Water drop by drop hammers the stone. The thick of dense conditions hammers the unbeaten tenacity of will. And, no matter what, every day a new day starts the new hero and strong in her heart Burning Lick approve over fussy and miserable life. Perseverance of the will will be the achievement. Now all hampers and against everything and, in large part, because of disharmony. What will happen when the environment becomes a consonant? Sustainability will shift through all the clutter. Therefore I say: “Keep going on previous direction as if nothing had happened”. Variability of the motion of matter in the three lower conductors doesn’t take for reality. My Intimacy over them, over the top is outside thread flitting waves of Maya.
285. (Aug. 21). (M.A.J.). When you want to go through the difficulties, think about what has already gone through them successfully and they are behind. This makes the way through space to the desired channel, and for events rushes to be created for them. They themselves are automatically and flow deductively to lay their impulse. Conscious will is infused in this thread, has contributed Jet and alter at will the pattern combinations.
286. (Aug. 22). (Guru). Do not mix random external conditions, not human and rumors broke their will dictate the Disciple, but he calls her, skipping past the consciousness of their waves and breaking them with shower of fiery rays thought their visionary. And rumors, gossips and news, and everything around, and everything hangs, only serves as a support leg and for the will — to your springboard to approve them contrary. So each opposite phenomenon right there immediately should pay into the desired, as soon as it enters the orbit of consciousness. Let the hard times will be blessed and fruitful life.
287. (Aug. 23). Pressure of spatial environment becomes more and more. My wires, their vanity don't sound choked. Bustle contrasted with unity and Mindfulness uninterruptible. Win vanity should be. Otherwise she will win and will suffocate.
288. (Aug. 25). Don't worry. I am Waiting for you. I want to see you at the new location. I Will Help you. I want to see you as Krishna. I want you in me resisted. I will go through all the tests. They are so good that separates the husk and perceived from reality. I will give everything in order and Put into place.
289. (Aug. 26). The notions of “here” and “there” are from the Dense World. The spirit laws are different: “where consciousness is there is a spirit”, “where is the idea there is consciousness”. I am with you always, but in the spirit. And if the thought is with me, the consciousness and your spirit is with me. The distance is measured in kilometers, Earth distance Higher Worlds is thought. My affinity is defined not by tight conditions, but the State of consciousness and thoughts. Distances disappear as soon as the laws apply subtle world. Subtle energies obey a Supreme law. Even the radio waves of the earth do not have normal values for distance, and time. When communicating to cast aside all considerations about the place and the range of distances, but to emphasize the closeness over dense conditions. In the World Summit, where thought, there we are. In the lower layers remain sensations of flight and combat distances. A thought for creeps, a heavily flies with the swiftness of light, the other is faster than light. In cosmic spaces for light rays are sometimes required thousands or millions of light years to reach a distant star, thoughts don't need league of light years, we don't need them for the spirit too, strength and speed mastered the Fiery thoughts. That is why in the field of subtle energies we are focusing on the thought, as in everything else, because the thought is a fire base in the world. So Close to me is thinking over the brain, feelings and sensations of Earth. All of them have to leave before you register and approve My Proximity. Earthly wisdom, that is an intelligent knowledge of laws of dense world, is inconsistent with the laws of the subtle energies that they overturn as overturns relativity ordinary human understanding of essence of some phenomena or laws of infinite quantities — the normal rules of mathematics. I'm with you when you're in your thoughts with me. I am with you always, but this realization is given only a thought. And if the thought with me constantly, and is constant and the proximity of mine.
290. (Aug. 27). And no longer view themselves in a place far distant or somewhere, but in the mind of this place within myself. All inside there and look for: and the Kingdom of God, Christ and the church there, the spirit is in himself, inside. Awareness of what happens. Be in good with me is in itself realize My invisible Presence. The spirit is out of time and out of place, outside of the 3D space. In the Worlds of Higher dimension everything is “here” and “now”. Not subject to the laws of a three-dimensional world, spirit and the freedom of it, for all is overcome and accomplished in the consciousness, that is, in itself, that is in the spirit. Inside, in the spirit of, we should reach before reaching can establish itself outside. It is success in a man.
291. (Aug. 30). The ubiquitous, knowledge of everything, hearing of everything, omniscience, omnipotence and all other properties of the Absolute, image and likeness of which carries the potential of a person, are attributes of spirit. Therefore I say: “everything is achievable, because everything in the spirit”. Everything is focused inside man is there and you are looking for. Like Lotus petals unfold from the inside to the outside, and the potential properties of human higher “self” to shine all the lights. And It was not for nothing: “You are gods”. The King named was man's nature. Focus on internal essence reveals her secrets. Yes, Yes, Yes, can know the person just spirit, without the aid of external. So from external impressions and perceptions we come to knowledge of the spirit, or feeling of consciousness, which is a stepping stone towards all cognition. Is omniscience achievable? Some degree of it in the Infinity — yes. Everyman and Dhiani are incommensurable knowledge. But even knowing of the Dhiani is far from the omniscience. But in the potential of it the ability to expand the knowledge is unlimited, however, as well as all the other qualities of the spirit. That is why the road to the Infinity is shown, because all of the temporally, but incomprehensible we are travelers, travelers great road Way Infinite, or infinite staircase spirit, where each step is only the man reached ahead of the capital.
292. (Aug. 30). The content of opposites is hard. I'm away, but I was close. I'm out of you, beyond the mountains, but I in thee; I'm out of you, but I am in you. You're out there, in my ivory tower, but you're here in my body; you are spirit in the face of the Earth, to flights not you, but your spirit. So the essence of things one embraced by the understanding of the two poles of opposite, excluding as much as each other, but cannot exist one without another. Great Speechless Looking at you, but out of your personality, and you're minor it from century. Two in one, so one out of another, but both are one. And you, being reflected in yourself, a glowing Pole who is invisible, and speechless, you show the force to see without eyes, and hear no sound, and Lick His powerful in themselves say. For you is all: the whole Infinity of worlds all in thee, and space and three, and other measurements. You are all, and of out you they are, out of that what pass in you, for you, the times is temporary, but the spirit lives forever. So in the minds of the understanding are opposites, so sitting capacity of consciousness is the junction of worlds. So is understanding of phenomena in their bipolar consubstantial integrity.
293. (Sept. 1). Sutratma — actor, and life is a stage, where is the next role, and each day, the current is only a brief moment in an episode of the life of the play. And we should play our part well in General, and in private. Why not play its role well, when life is just a stage. On stage, everything is easier, and you can show the heroism and feat and a spirit worthy deeds. It's only a game. The curtain falls, and ends the play life, and leaves the stage actor. But the talented and artistic role gives people pleasure, and elevates and maintains the artist's creative tension, if lights turn his masterful role. We just have to understand every moment of life current, that all this is only a game and Sutratma – actor. Yes, Yes, all the events of life which is only on the stage of the game, but real life out of this scene, out of Maya and dense you would think about the life that awaits us is the scene when my piece, and ramp lights will dim, and all will plunge into darkness, and over all, and begin a life of the spirit. So, let us remember: Sutratma – actor.
294. (Sept. 2). And if between you and somewhat of a hindering, obstructing, disturbing or dangerous I become me, My Radiation force is overcome everything, running against. But you have to put Me in between. And I should be first and then the rest. So, Teacher’s place in the front corner is symbolic of passionate vitality and is ardently practical. Thus, the angle of anterior or front foyer in the mind is given to the teacher of light and is dedicated to Him forever. A sign of this is the permanence of Images in the heart. Condition is simple: success achieved when with me constantly. Because filling the hearts of the Lord in the most difficult conditions of life and the grave will be the margin of victory, the guarantee will succeed in everything. I say I will. Yes! Yes! Yes! Here is worth at the time apply the condition it is bounced outside and thought, and thought of My poured easily and freely. The most difficult of circumstances can be considered as the most conducive, because they serve for the developer to show the potential fire. So, with Me successfully pass through life to winning, and I will win in all the proceeding against.
295. (M.A.J.). Hold on is inseparable throughout, impressed by the power of the moment. These lights voltage with benefit will serve as the high water to Miller. Do not be afraid and do not these avoid these discharges, they are benefit. Just to place in the front corner was given to Lord! The struggle for place Teachers in that corner, strong-willed and stress is inevitable. This has got to win any seat at the cost, but it will be no small victory, and success in business. Hold On!
296. (Guru). Get used to consider growing tension normal conditions rise to the top. When you get used to it, it becomes normal and very useful, causing the force of the lights. You can be glad when not despite but because of the unusual circumstances of the Communication not only is not broken, but becomes saturated fruitful.
297. (Sept. 3). And put yourself with your little personality beyond the range where I and you— are inseparable, united. Let him deny from the lower three, and three will be out of range. Self denying is the proximity beyond the events in the three. And three, My sins are you arguing over and above everything else. On a solid foundation you build the House spirit. The stone of eternal base of life you put in the basis and so you destroy the dreams Maya. We are in the Infinity, and its elements we persistently and firmly in the consciousness of the need to enter. Only they and go on making Immortal triad. Everything else goes out, whence came, and ends with Maya. And when body and dropped three, triad shining crystals accumulated lights. Among temporary and transient collect elements the eternal as going to the precious metal to breed unnecessary. And in the morning, a new day coming, you can join with the idea that we should collect even more, and that the purpose of the current day and the meaning of it will be picking up elements of the imperishable. The rest was garbage and waste, which in its way further with them not take, because cannot be used and not needed.
298. (M.A.J.). Those who found a treasure of the world must not only keep it but also to grow. The more fiery aspiration is the more passionate is opposition in you, and outside. Who do not overcome it would not go ahead. This overcoming we should put above all, because in it is objective, meaning our life in conditions of dense and high worlds.
299. (Sept. 4). It has to be distinguished from the excitation tension, which is very destructive. You cannot approve the tranquility in the presence of agitation. The feelings should be red. Different thoughts and feelings affect different areas inside and outside, and are consonant with them. Desired harmony is established control over thoughts and feelings inside. I Order you start the day with the approval of the current of thought that given person potentially its power over the flesh of any inside and outside, that only on having stated it inside, outside you can promote it. But, she said, started to retreat is impossible, because the elements created this apostate. There is no way back. And if the first attempt to achieve something has failed, then the second, the hundredth or thousandth, I Vouch. This is a Guarantee and will be a key to all time accessibility, but during iron, steady resoluteness to achieve. How many of them drop by half way, if not in the beginning. I don't need these. The Infinity of journey is ahead. It then serves as the guarantee of the infinity of achievements if step is steady and solid. Nothing, no amount of good luck and bad luck or living conditions cannot be obstacle for one who decided his way to the end and irrevocably. I Send the wishes and the power to go all the way, no matter what.
300. (Sept. 5). I Find pranayama useful in the morning: from three to five breaths. Helpful and happy to breathe deeply a few times, especially if the surrounding is disharmonious. By breathing take the poisons and waste gases out from the body. Oxygen is an essential food for the body. Without water or food can still be live for several days, but you can't even breathe for three minutes. The process can be strengthened and deepened knowledge that pure fire and inhaled, exhaled the exhausted Ur. The breath of many people is poisonous. Irritation, anger and other emotions heighten the composition of exhaled lower poisons. Breathe one air with someone is not a simple procedure. Remembering about every contact with humans must include and this consideration. Air cleanliness in premises is required. Cleansing oil: Peppermint, eucalyptus, pine is useful of course. Decrepit body knows the host which uses breathing (pranayama).
301. Ty, extra, inside, is without the weight without form, but has many faces and many forms had. And the one who is without form in thee with me in Talk is on top of all your shells and even forms of thought. Spirit has taken the form, but does not have it. Under many faces we met in the past, but the communication was over the external forms and all other conditions of the form. This is the closeness in spirit. The body is not you, the sensations of the body — not you, not you — all thoughts and feelings. All this only goes out by someone who feels like their picture at the movies on the screen: and cry, and laugh at them, and are going through, but in reality there is nothing: dreams, ghosts of the Maya, and only One is real and who remembered all-Recorder. That is why I ardently taught to identify yourself with not contemplating, visible and perceptible, but with the Beholder and only Beholder, remembering everything.
302. (Sept. 6). When we are inseparable and together when everything around is all about, beyond the Fiery circle of our unity, then fall silent worldly voices and spirit is free from their power. But it is still the Highest degree of fiery unity, when at the height, in the surroundings of earthly midday bustle, amid the hustle and bustle world of Confluence Consciousnesses sounds in all of its power. In the distant mountains, in seclusion, in line with Higher One lives the hermit. But now the flaming Agni Yoga attunement is not moving away from the Fiery saves lives, but being in the middle of it. Whose feat more difficult? The Great Ones do not reject the earthly Bowl, but ardently drunk it all and to the bottom. We Believe the path to approve a difficult feat to normal life in the lowlands.
303. (Sept. 7). Spirit is everywhere, not to mention distances — doesn't know their thoughts. Because everything inside, and all in the spirit, and the spirit wherever it can mentally fly. In fact there is no flight, because thought is a child of the spirit. Of course, you can send a message, but as a different kind of energy, how to send an arrow from a bow-arrow stays in place. This is for the consciousness has to say about the divisibility of spirit that is everywhere, as has the consciousness, but not the spirit of the indivisible, who is all in all. Subtle consciousness other than the dense, but the spirit is still the same. Join us in the spirit means above all earthly distances, and terrestrial space and terrestrial images of them present themselves in the spirit of its Tower, inside you. So be with us in spirit is easier than it might seem, because the integral closeness of My, because with you always.
304. (Sept. 8). Treatment always means Higher Close, integral comprehension of anything and anyone and accessible anytime, anywhere. All of that is whether consciousness can break away from earthly fuss. Under bustle I Mean all fleeting dreams of Maya. The question, what the heart is. If the earthly, the harvest of the Earth is the lot if the teacher of light, the light will be reaping the fruit. People are totally immersed in transient evidence, unaware from the Communication happiness. It is good though the bustle of day at least for a moment to tear away from it and touch the determined by consciousness. The consciousness touches the eternal light in itself, has risen over the slough of lives. The bearer of eternal light has a Bishop. Through him she admired the light. I am the light shining at night, I am the Bell, calling the happiness, I am the Guarantee your happiness, I am those who direct you up.
305. (Sept. 9). The essence of the test is to pass it continuously and closely with me, no matter how difficult and painful it may be. And if the disciple goes through it, contending the Lord, it passes successfully. Be together always, no matter what, in all circumstances of life — is swallowed up in victory. That's close, but I don't see the eyes and ear doesn't hear, and sense of not feeling Me, neither physical nor subtle, and even thoughts flow about something external; But somewhere inside, of sorts, of course, the proximity of the sounds, and the heart sings, and joy in the heart. So among the Affairs of any of the hard work you can argue Me and be with me, filling My subconscious and scenting Me as inherently like a heart. Dressed in the finest clothes, not always during the day is their man, though, and clothed them. The same is the clothing of spirit, shaping him, but not felt by him every moment. But you have to be clothed. Image of Bishop expresses the spirit of light. The robe of Light is stronger than others. About clothes care must-needed Light on Earth and in the worlds. Distant worlds are also close, if understood in the spirit, because everything is here, now, and in the spirit of, and all of there is within us and all outward, away from the small, personal, earthly selves.
306. (Sept. 10). Orbit of spirit — with the Center everywhere and circumference nowhere. The circle is defined and denoted by the thought. Margin of orbit spirit is thought. Thinking about you and focusing on yourself makes this orbit is immeasurably small. Thoughts about humanity expand it. Thoughts on Distant Worlds are introducing it into outer space. Many things we need to understand before you push the orbit. You can't consider yourself attached to any place. Restrictions — in shells, but not in spirit, and over all reigns supreme, the Fiery thought non-earthly. You can tie down chains of thoughts for the mind, thought you could pin down wings of Alaia. Winged thoughts are beyond all Dalia. The Higher Thought is a child of the fire. Properties of normal and fiery thoughts are different. Like lightning, thought aglow, cutting space, others hang over consciousness, as grave slabs, and are being pressed. Freedom of spirit is determined by thought. Call to master thought. Over the power of the spirit is given.
307. (Sept. 12). It is not True! I was close, and the proximity of My Claim before the fury of the waves of external life. I close them, they are out. I am before them. Do you think not about the complexity of external conditions and that with me you will pass them all, even the most intractable, by me and By Me and My Light you will fight their complexity. Thought on Me, “battering ram” would be taken against them. Act, but with me, and they would win.
308. (Sept. 14). To some extent, and somehow the consciousness must resound the waves outside. Sounding calm is the best. Karmic wave is inevitable, but calmness stew karma. Balance the spirit breaks up into tiny splashes of wave like granite rock that stands against the surf. Calm and balance to neutralize the furious waves. Equilibrium is the best protection from waves. Symbol of balance —the ball – is invulnerable for waves. Taking a stroke of fate in complete tranquility, you subdue her rage. Pay, but better still. Knowing the inevitable, knowing, that to break the karma is impossible.
309. (Sept. 30). If perception is coming through My face, it does not strain the consciousness. The permanence of a Face releases in the heart from authority of external phenomena. The remembrance through Me and My Lick is the protection between consciousness and the waves outside.
310. (M.A.J.).We came to happiness. Everything will be good. Leave your Anxiety. Rejoice more, you need to renew faith as the immutability. You have to build the Temple of the spirit not on what is taking place. One must realize that the rage of the phenomena of the current hour is instantaneous in the lifetime of the spirit.
311. (Oct. 1). I strain the circumstances for further. Any concerns should be left. I Order you to be together, Take responsibility for your future. Great peace of mind you need for great action. I fill you up with serenity of spirit. I will be a protection in new ways. I will destroy the obstacles. I will give the terms, consonant with the spirit. You will fell the power of My Hand, and I will happy your heart. Everything will be the way the Lord wants and heart united with Him.
312. (Oct. 2). My son, uniting with Me, you attract better opportunities. Yu will see and find destiny. Home featured in gift bring. You should write. Cover shield on ways to light. I made you powerful. You're lucky the way star has found. Hand over you Lord. All the time that there are our, and many can be seen, but if you come with me. Unity in the spirit will challenge the current day. All will be well. Best of the best will be everything. I will confirm the power of phenomena of life. You're powerful by Me. The basis of qualities will be conscious power sent by the Lord, We ardently follow those, who are elected, and are ready to send the help any time. Rejoice, rejoice, and rejoice, children, for your time has come. And will serve you and people and circumstances and cases.
313. (Oct. 3). After going through difficulties, we will not stop in front of the light one. We will overcome everything if applied forces, both overcame already. But we put our energy only when accompanied by the own efforts in action. Therefore I Say: “Take Action”. In action I will multiply the force.
314. (Oct. 9). Receive the gift of My – the understanding of the human by the heart. You will state the stage on new conditions of life. Nowadays it's the teachings give no one forbidding him. The success is provided cosmically. Witnesses must be considerable. The opposing will becomes silent in front of the Lord. Announce the victory, but in time. First step toward happiness think theater scene.
315. (Oct. 10). Be mentally with me — so victoriously go through everything. How to persuade, that you need this unity and how difficult to overcome in yourself a blunt and stubborn resistance of three. They don't want to accept My Light and ardently counteract. That is why there are tears in unity. Unprecedented force of perseverance is necessary to make known to have awareness of My Presence made starts. What is it, if the occasional temporary impressions it dropping off. But if they go through the Face, as the light goes through the lens, the break does not occur. Image of the Lord is the lens in the heart, deflecting the vibration of the world painting them in the definite color. So, all is with me and all is through me, for I am a threshold of spirit. Someone thinks achieved without me, but I am the way, and without me impossible. So let each day brings a new wave of mergers in a spirit of determination to achieve whatever the cost. It just seemed being together and cannot be separated, but something stirs inside and ardently prevents. You should break the low beginning persistence in you. For the sake of the future need a victory over what prevents the inside with a Ruler to merge.
Do you remember, I said: Everyone will be “for”. And now everything is “for”. But this is only just the beginning. The miracle will become common, but if you are with Me in everything. I will lead you to the appearance of a miracle. I will cover you with a Shield from evil ones. I give the Care For you. You on a crossroad now, but soon the destiny will come. My children rejoice more, the joy comes. The Lord shall preserve your happiness. I will not allow the sharp-clawed hands be to you close and touch.
316. (Oct. 11). What do I do? No problem! No one touches. Ray life conditions are stronger. Keep a balance — a powerful shield. I will send a full protection. Someone else's hand touches that yours. I will rule the going against. And now put the catcher like a tower impregnable.
317. (Oct. 12). The knowledge that comes through the brain requires external grounds. The knowledge that comes through the heart is obtained directly, and people just know without knowing why and how. More attention should be given to knowledge, coming directly, and then the flow will increase. Often knowledge they capture the scope of the future, and then Talk about the rings vision. You can discard the possibility of sense consciousness, and then it dies. Listen to more and more that says heart, it knows more and better. 21 hearts will begin by acknowledging the power of it, always beating in your chest. And the heart learns to desire, if you want the disintegration came true. Unity in the spirit goes not through the brain, but the heart, and the linking force will love, and other qualities of the spirit, such as loyalty, faithfulness and everything to me looks. Love, devotion, aspiration and other qualities are not aware of distances, and are not limited by time, and are the best fiery heart wires. When the wire sounds, heart answers clearly and knowledge comes directly.
318. Do not be afraid. Shield of fire prevents powerfully. The inner light is darkness not afraid if the heart of the Lord. Carrying the Lord in the heart is invulnerable. The Lord fights for the peace in the World, and those, who are for the peace, I say to fight for peace at all costs. I Order to accept with all the heart the building of a New World. Ahead is the home Country.
319. (Guru). The Teacher is Calling for feat.
320. The infinity in all things, and in the improvement of lives well in all areas. Everything can be improved. The stalemate is unacceptable. Will point out how to improve all of what he wants to focus the mind. Thoughts of the Teacher on improving the life will be transmitted through you, and you will serve the native land and get the recognition. But I will point out what help and when. Become closer, so anything that gets in the way. I give but receive and look to any drop of moisture not sloshed past the creative.
321. My son, I will Come, get yourself ready for the Coming. You will be the witness of My appearance. They will see Me by the heart, in which the lights are lit. Send a blessing, caring and blessing.
322. (Oct. 18). When it will seem that everything is finite and hopeless, the Hierarchy of Light will adopt its might. The shoots of Common Good are invisible to the eye, as they are conceived in the mind. This is the future of shoots standard. Consciousness cannot take them into consideration. And where apparent disbelief, close the harvest of Lord. The Adversa tactic is difficult to perceive in the planetary scale. We're creating by it. You judge a Light according the opposition. So the whole proceeding against evolution gives rise to its opposite and destroyed its fierce. The Lord moves in mysterious ways. The feast will be on Our Street. Cannot establish a positive phenomenon in life until his antithesis has not revealed himself fully for destruction. The space litter and trash will go into processing. Garden of life planet without them will bloom. Division of it will go through the heart outside the sphere, accessible bad hand.
323. Light of the Teacher, dissipating the darkness, take the Care, Love and Attention. Courage is the weapons of light. Invincible is the spirit, clothed in the armor of courage. Courage knows the unknown spirit that is inviolable and adamantly his grain. Follow the letter and the spirit of knowing that this is the path on top of the phenomena of the world and therefore invulnerable dense darkness. Action in the spirit of faster than light and they are ahead of the dark awareness. So the teacher stopped the errors of driven, ruining their investigation in invisible. And if you want something new, the idea is to create the desired in invisible. Dark ones are trying to do and harm in the same way, but so are the only ones who know. But the weakness of them that Act on the lower plans and the power of the Light energies of fire is not available. The higher energy is thinner, but because they are more powerful than the lower ones. Invincible and immune from consciousness, combined with Bishop, and not in forces to crush his darkness. And still they harm on trifles and annoying small, albeit painful shots. Unbreakable is the shield of Light, if not cracked. But if you knew how ardently they try to blur the closeness of Teacher and awareness of the strength of the hand. And seek to make forget the signs of love and caring and protection, sent to the desired minute and, in particular, revealed before. Know that My care and attention of a fierce, know that I am with you always: understanding the power of the spirit will give it victoriously go through life's beautiful. Relatives of mine, you did leave a concern? And if not help you, remaining faithful to Me during the difficult years of the struggles and trials and has been with me through them, then who is it then your Ray will send, so ardently realized by you. Laws of magnetic attraction of light are immutable and comparable, and there is no force in the world that could deprive the World of consciousness whose ordered world. So, knowing a close approach to the teacher of light and proximity communication can stand as a rock underneath the waves of external influences.
324. (Oct. 20). Yes! Yes! Yes! Singularity has joined life as normal, and the tale becomes a reality. Consonance with singularity must be able to deter, not wondering this, no doubt, and not without losing balance. Just take a like statement explicitly. Let it become the unusual reality, and life fairy-tale will be wonderful and appeared, and will be on the heart. I Simply Put the condition: be in close Contact with Me. It will ardently amplify the Proximity of Communication. And we need to understand that this Communication all power, success, victory, and the light of the future. Everything is in Me. All yours is in the Lord. I Said so.
325. (Oct. 21). So, we enter the hard sphere of the Subtle Energies appearance. Consonance is needed, and close control and hundred-eye vigilance over thoughts and feelings. And trust to the end, be able interrupted by nothing. A sign of success will be a sense of novelty and bright burning heart. Approved future — need to show face, conformable to it.
326. Mental form, fired into space, is alive and pulsing of force attached to it man. The power of this is magnetic. She draws inspiration from her spheres of consonant elements and space grows. With its creator it related thread, cord connection. Raised and established in space, it begins to attract and collect round itself has elements of a world to which they held together, join in them and they put on. The idea has taken flesh and immersed in the world of tight. All created by human hand, is happening this way. This is the process. By the thought is created the future of mankind and the future of everyone, and the creator is man. Idea flows into the dense world of phenomena is the law. Sometime and somewhere, but every thought will come true in ways congruent. Human happiness and sorrow, harvest, drought, disasters and calamities caused by the thought. Collective thoughts are especially powerful. Prayer should be appeals, appeals and mental. But usually the person prays about one, and thinks about another, splitting the power of thought and broken grain (thought) the fetus does. Monolithic thinking is not available for all, but then the thought is ardently comes true. The well-known stages of spiritual development are particularly thought. Thought pulsing energy of the heart. The thought of brain is inefficient. The idea is the creation of fire; Agni Yoga is the path of mastering the Fiery creative thought. The thought creates the worlds. The slime of human thoughts also works, but in the image and likeness – bastards of malevolent, bacteria, and other forms of different illnesses, people with injuries. Don't get on the Saints, because lice fire cannot stand. Fire purifies even from all parasites.
327. (Nov. 8). Now the transition is made, in this is the difficulty. Understand attunement is the heart and the spirit. Rejoice, the joy leads.
328. (Nov. 9). You cannot see the miracle by unclean eye. Show, show the vigilance of the recognition of unusual in usual and thin in the tight one. Darkness is strained at passionate aspiration to put out the light. On each of her contrivance you should answer twice with the aspiration to me. Let them know that not separate from me, but only to bring to me. And the harder the efforts are, the harder, more resistant and more fiery is the desire to retain consciousness on communicating with Me. So we will win the darkness with its armor. But on its particularly ardent attempts we will respond through the power of the tenfold to Me consciousness. Anyone want to overcome? My Son, approved by Me? Short hands! Admit them, but merely to cultivate the fight and increase vigilance. We should work hard for Light darkness. I'll make them to pouring water on your hands and serve you. And will benefit each and every new brazen attack and dark evil deed. Rejoice in the Lord, rejoice with another victory over darkness, I am your Bishop, Advocate and friend.
329. (Nov. 10). We are with you and in the thoughts and feelings. Remember those who remember me. Your names are written in the Book of Destinies (book of life). Among the hustle and bustle of life my image in the mind of the keep is already an achievement. We will seek to ensure that the idea could cling on to me to (portions) of the time under all conditions. This is very important; it will be a victory over the flesh, over matter density in the world. A must see for me.
330. (Nov. 14). Nothing can be an obstacle between Me and you, except that it puts your mind. Idea defines consciousness and being human. And if the body is all there, but the thought here with me, so the consciousness is here. But “here” and “there” is a concept of the world. Where thought is, there is consciousness. Thought leads. The thought of beauty leads to beauty, about the Higher to the Highest, about the Lord to the Lord. A low thoughts lead to lower layers. Magnetism of thought is great. They are defined by the conditions of existence of human consciousness on the Earth. And in the worlds of power of thought is unlimited. It is necessary to understand. Human life is created by thought. And for every thought, even the smallest one; you have to give account, i.e. sound on it magnetically. It will be the Karma for person, because it creates a thought. Its friends and enemies are created. Magnetism of thought can be consciously willed. Applying it, you can enter into communion with me. No mercy from heaven and heaven's gifts, but application of techniques intended. Not sterile praying and beseech the person does not know, but the use of immutable laws of thought magnetism, the laws of harmony, consistency and proportionality. The law of consonance manages the worlds. About what each person thought is consonant, it is necessary to think. It's live, connecting thoughts with light or darkness. Think clean. For use to Say: “I am first to put before all your affairs”.
331. (Nov. 15). Understanding, where dark thoughts are sent from, will have victory over them, because dark strong object of attacks does not know and has no idea their clever mechanics. They do not stand up to being exposed and immediately retreated. They are strong, until hidden. This is why vigilance, so valuable in student recognition. It would be right to consider each State of consciousness that is not from the light or from the darkness and is inspired by darkness. As in ancient depictions the dark ones toss the arrows in the lighted ones. But they keep doing it. And if protection has become weak or vigilance left, damage is inevitable. Their aim is to separate, to discard from Beam. Supreme light is unbearable for the darkness. And, as light inside, strains, respectively, darkness. And if it is dark, it means reaching the Hierophant is great. It is understood and not be oppressed by the dark activity. After all the sharp contrasts of light and shade are particularly vivid images. So, let's make all the light which can hold out to oppose the darkness. The best way to concentrate the Light in you will be an Image of a Teacher of Light in the heart, repetition and rhythm of sacred Name proclamations. We will fight by the Lord of Light. Future is joyful, but the path towards it is thorny.
332. (Nov. 16). “I'm in you, you are in Me” — and the local culture, and perception can go only when respected this principle, because cognition is on name with elements of light available understands the mind. Because the formula “I in am in you, you are in me”, this 2000 years ago, is now enduring life to formula consciousness, touched by light. If the heart of Lord of light is not going on and direct cognition becomes unavailable. Therefore I say, ' let me get in your heart and Home to approve it in order to move your light became possible. Because retention in heart Image of Lord is the most important task. And the bigger, wider and brighter My world in tour mind is, the more plentiful and fruitful the coming of the Light. The constant Image of the Teacher in the heart and the anticipation of unbeatable are especially fruitful. And, knowing this, and understanding the importance of this phenomenon, very few of those who touched the Bases, steadily applied this in normal life. The fight takes place between the requirements of the Ordinance and the hectic life of a human. Vanity sounds ardently, and drowns out the Higher Cries, and leaves no time for the most important things. But the world is temporary and will end all the Earth that so tightly now captures the mind. But in the Heaven World this relationship with the Supreme, approved here on Earth, will show its depth and the hidden values, and then elements of Light collected in earthly life, will show itself to the highest strata of Overhead conductors in the world.
333. (Nov. 17). Before the beginning of the end the appearance of the surrounding areas will be particularly busy. Completing the cycle of karma and the beginning of a new usually runs under this sign. It is necessary to endure this delivery with fortitude is if the matter how hardened to new living conditions. New stage requires new robes of the spirit. Call it a luminous flame in the heart burning, unmoved, dense layers of lower cyclone winds of the world around. Sustainability of the spirit with the variability of environmental conditions needs to the passability could no longer influence the ways of ascent. Heat or cold, hungry or filling meal, here or there, or among people — balance precisely the burning flame of spirit not broken anything. So we come back to this great concept, this greatest and hardest quality of the spirit. Balance is a powerful shield. Balance is centered on the actions of the force. Equilibrium is the condition of mastering the fire element. Balance is a polished bow tight. Keep it will be the margin of victory. That benefits the whole world win, if not victory over itself. But if it's all external extracted with is incomparable. In approving the primacy of spirit need to understand what ethos line, crossing the space and time, is running through it, like a beam through the darkness like a ship cutting wave. Went and sped away, leaving behind a covered space. The way forward, only behind is nothing.
334. (Nov. 20). Know, the Lord is unchangeable and always with you and if not felt it, not the fault of the Teachers. This illusion is dangerous. The Lord is with us. But we forget about it and let the obviousness of dense become between and separate. Consciousness is looking for a Bishop outside, but it's in the heart and closer than the body, and bones, and feelings and thoughts. It is the spirit Foundation.
335. (Nov. 21). To receive, giving back is all of that. Who gives that one gets, who gives those takes. In the giving is the mystery of receiving. Said of the victims brought to God, but did not understand these people. To the sky gifts get, bring to at least jugs for them, at least. Having something, that is something which only he gets. Do not understand these people and instead of bringing his heart began to bring the hearts of animals, and even human, having to sacrifice so bloody. And bring to their hearts and their minds Higher permanently. So, instead of giving ourselves and sacrifice, we begin to give other objects. Juggling has gone unnoticed and successfully, for a lot easier to pay someone else's heart, at least discharged from another's body than his heart or unnecessary things. So firmly established offerings, and later donate items, clothes and money. And so it became simple: let go of unnecessary things and get access to the temple. But before Sin distorted the spirit Temple and people went into the closed stone temples that are erected. But from there on out the fire, and their temples are empty gone, and the spirit Temple closed stands. But the key to it is here, it is buried in the heart. But the heart must be open to take could be key. It opens fire: the fire, the fire of self-sacrifice, heroism fire offerings of the heart — the lights from the heart. Key is in the hands of the sacred flame-producing. You can open the closed gate of the temple, and the Temple of forgotten to login and receive according to complete the gifts of the spirit. Who gets, who finds. Temple gate opens the aspiration but not stone temples where people try to pray in vain, bringing back its ancient heart and not getting anything in return, because the empty stone bulks.
336. (Nov. 24). I will remove the veil of misunderstanding. I will make the circumstances to serve you, and fill the consciousness with the Light, give the time to make Errands. Feeling judged blind-spot Light ahead. Customize it yourself in consonance with University not in moments of Companionship only, but for all. And Come Create your abode I at the heart of the concept. Through attunement have Light. The Light of Fire cannot be stood by darkness. Hurry up to the rescue.
337. (Nov. 25). The thought is faster than Light. When flying in the mental body is to consider. To Beam a distant star touched the ground, it takes time. Thoughts do not need the time. Thought can get ahead. The idea is a fundamental principle. The Earth is reached by the Rays of star worlds, perhaps dimmed and died a long time ago. The beam carries the story of the world as would be extended in space (over) millions of years (the beam) flight in space. But this long time in world space beam there is in it now, in the present, as a unit. In the spirit of the idea you can tap any point (any cross-section) flying in a beam, that is, become a timeless and now, now, to see any cut of the beam cross section, i.e. any picture from the history of the disappeared or living world. Planets, stars, the Sun is up in space in space captured the history of each. There is no time. The spirit is the winner. The mystery is solved by using the time thought flying through space faster than the light beam, through the idea of any cross-section beam touch. Past, present and future of each planet can currently see. In space there is a perpetual now, telling the world rushing through space by emitting these rays, or cosmic bodies. All bodies radiate rays, i.e. reflect itself in space. If removed from the ground with speed of light (that is, with the swiftness these rays), time stops on the spot and everything that happens on Earth will fall asleep in real estate, like the picture, the screen is frozen, cast a movie camera. The difference is that not snapshots will harden, but the living people, plants, and water. Moving away from the Earth in the body of thought with the swiftness of its rays reflected in excess, you can touch the past Earth at any point in the beam as it exists in space in beam, moving away from the Earth may be the monstrous immeasurable distance. When flying in the body of thought being conquered in spirit, having mastered a body of thought, thought, aspiring to space, pierces the space faster than the speed of light and consciousness, owning the thought is carried with it. To practical solutions to the mysteries of time can be approached through the mastery of three: the body physical, astral body and mental body. The mystery of time is related to the mystery of space. For starters I will say that the spatial distances for the spirit not like time for thought. The notion of “Future” is relative. History of our land will be the future for distant star where it will glide through thousands Ray. But the future that has not yet occurred in a dense world, not discarded on the screen space (3D, that is, the physical world), but has not yet made a dense form. It exists, but not in scrolls of Akasa records. That thing is written which has been passed or what exists in the present. But the future is only in his capacity as a consequence generated reasons, which, however, may be due to creative human spirit is volatile. The great eternal Space Now in the hands of will, plastically creative spirit in the aspect of existence, which concerns the future. That is why the creativity is the destiny of man and his karma. This field of creativity and is not limited by anything in infinitely. It was said: “You are gods”. These words define the lot of man on Earth and in the worlds.
338. (Nov. 28). My son, do not be sad when something goes against you will. The sadness and grief of opposition won't win. One way to win is to destroy an obstacle of sorts, the thought of destroying it. It is contrary to the evidence, in a spirit of defiance and thought to create the desired condition, completely ignoring the surroundings dense. Will, in the spirit of the thought, sets in motion the thin fiery energy that controls the visibility of external phenomena. We should understand and believe that the subtle controls dense, if his future form of expression adopted in the unseen. By approving the phenomenon in a slim, you can act and in dense, for hand and foot of every case. You can call Me at work because I said, “I will help”, and create together with Me. Mention that you are with me always, in every action. It's hard to idle. But in action, you can reach the full unity. This is especially needed in My doing my will. The secret of success is the key to the door for the impossible humanly (the humanly impossible). Yes! Yes! The secret of success is in action unity. I should ardently mark the success that was made in the unity with Me and where the actions of the Teacher called. Seemingly simple, but the old man rebels against the light, Light, Teacher and violate the Decree. It is easier for him to be buried at dusk routine than a claim in the light of the Lord. But twilight is darkness. It is said here about the eternal Light of the Sun Teacher Heart. Being together in everything, in the great and small is the essence of the path and the mystery of success in business. I will repeat until you will be part of the flesh and the blood of those thoughts.
339. Act jointly with Me greatly that acting like a man gets my energy in addition to its setting, the bridge (or channel, or thread) communications in space. On it goes My Beam. Ray is dedicated to my consciousness. In the glow of My Thoughts My vibration is transferred from my world. And the light of Supreme consciousness heading toward becomes available to me the spirit, Light pours without breaking the flow of karma and will lose. Under a stone lying water is not flowing, that is why I tell you the actions. When will its bid to merge with the will of Mine, and operates at the will of my own, not violated and Laws will free karma. The rays are self-radiating. My affinity is not violence, but merging of consciousnesses in the voluntary and free cooperation. Always call for Answer, but not always in the expected form of limited consciousness, or timing of calling defined by him. Wisdom teacher of light you cannot restrict their insights and understanding from yesterday. But the law is unequivocal: “ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you, and ye shall find” look for — these are the formulas. People did not understand the laws of freedom (spirit) and gave himself into slavery generated their imagination a deity, and became slaves, and instead of aspiring and love, instead of fearlessness they has created a fear to Higher Power. Slavery has given rise to slavish mentality bridging and begging and generations of imbeciles. Hence the brutality and violence has the will and the freedom of thought, and the fires of inquisition. The gods called the people, the sons of liberty I and light, and they are under my name and words themselves turned into slaves, the spirit of locked chain. And now again I am Arguing freedom to all who accept the doctrine of life, liberty, lost in the darkness of distorted beliefs and churches. Not in denying me but in adopting My perverted Image is in danger because they do not recognize Me, but My antithesis. I am the light; darkness is the antithesis of me. So were the priests the servants of darkness faded religions and World enemies. The Church closed and thinned out the ranks of their followers, for people not to lie. I'm not with them, and with those who build the building of a new world and new forms of life works, which replaced the old.
340. I will decorate the path of effort and desire by the silver and the aspiration to achieve your contact. Because each not without implications, even the slightest. They reinforce the silver thread of the heart. In these moments is discarded and fall silent three lower buffoons. Make three lower ones keep silence means to enter into silence of quietness and hear Silence Voice. To do this you only need to deny yourself and me to come off. But it is a little difficult, because people are accustomed to their little selves to put above all. And small thoughts, feelings are Light and small obstacle. What about My experience and My light is going if it fills the mind of darkness. Your light perception does not interfere because amplifies it. In light of her have my light. That's why you need to cleanse, lightening the heart. The thought is charging a sense from the heart. Thoughts are stronger than the usual. Prevention of thought goes through the heart, for the heart is stronger than reason. And to action is called heart, and the heart works. And the idea is carried to the heart and is sent for execution in the heart (and heart). Take heart — Testament — his straining your conscious effort and my advice to him freedom. “Great to be a prisoner” Call, for we heart in chains it in people, in a Dungeon, without light. Hearts need only say, “go ahead”, and providing freedom. In fact it continues once the brain normal consciousness and sleep, and then freely, not associated with them. “Put the PM thought on heart” — means giving freedom for action chosen heart thought. Even awake, passing thought on heart, one must not interfere with or delay the thought in the brain. Thought of the brain is weaker than the heart one and short ids the range of its action. But the heart is spacious and spatial, for it always beats and unlimited by the dance thought. That is why I Say: “Follow your heart”.
341. I will show on the example of life the usefulness and necessity of joint action. First it will be worldly affairs, and later-on our own. Feelings and thoughts that should serve all and all the Builder of the New World, are correct. And they will serve, they are with Me. And will serve as a natural element. The most persistent is the element of fire. To teach the ardently going ones after Me to master the light is My desire. In yourself first of all is understood and surrenders the fire element. The words of a common girl, feeling the growing fiery force inside and clumsy, but it expressed this in words were true. So random counter can point out what is invisible to the media world. Slowly, silently and invisibly burn their lights. Sometimes, if conditions allow, it comes painfully and clearly. But one thing is true: “Carrying the Light can't see it”. That's why sometimes we need witnesses. Bear witness of the light Lord only closest given. And who knows not is this perfume the next mission. One thing: if it were not for these close perfume, much of life the great teachers would not be depicted for posterity. It is easier to write philosophical treatise than let people live the words of the Lord. And who is the right given to bear witness of the light, not whether the few who himself approved the service Light in centuries past and long? The benefit will be given to carrying the in world the living Word of Teacher of Light.
342. A heart with love. It opens the gates, and friends are getting everything that was hidden underneath. Heart strings then are starting to sound like an Aeolian harp, and close to the Lord. The call always is answered, but not always in a form understandable to this hour, as the future Leader Has in mind. And still I will say: “The seeming failure of not stopping to pass on and by, as if there was none at all, and act again”.
343. (Dec. 11). My heart doesn't need to dig. Need to submit it as a refuge of the spirit. The heart asks you. It knows much.
344. (Dec. 12). I Order you to with keep Me inseparably, since conventional measures is not very crowded. In all, nothing stays in place. The movement up or down, growing or departing, is evolution or involution. It is the same in a man and in all processes taking place in it. The same is in the process of communication with higher. We have to approve the increase and deepening, for the voice of the Silence can lock if it did not hear the entire voltage of the heart and mind. Silence is for ordinary spirit. In space there is no silence. Silence is not mute. The Subtle World is filled with vibrations, the part of which is recognized by the consciousness as a sound. Hear the voice of the Teacher will be the achievement. But this is only possible when access is closed for other votes. The concentration required and loss of worldly ambition. “Put your eye away from the ground, and turn the ear towards Me”. Whisper-quiet Word will tell the thought. A sound broadcast is not obligatory. Thought is higher and thinner. Catch the sound of thoughts is an achievement. By the Astral hearing hear a lot of people, the mediums especially. Psychism is not an achievement. But the sound of the heart is the yoga phenomenon. Our highly valued, because conscious receivers through the heart are rare.
345. (Dec. 13). Propose effective love attention, heighten that is love, expressed in action. The future is, and you have a place in it. This is merely an inevitable approach it. The future is wide. There is your place with Me. The future without the Lord is unthinkable. Swing face time and think of the future as existing already in the present. Let this future exists yet in the fields of invisible, but already is. The reality of the future must recognize and live by it. Awareness makes the future of this and then passed. For us the future is as of yesterday.
But the future is the mover of life. Using vocational psychology, Make the future serve us, put it into the form. So the three phases of time: past, present, and future — merge into great, eternal Now, and become a sphere of application of energy of spirit in the process of life. We call this process vocational psychology of the spirit and apply it in building of a New World.
346. (Guru). Read on the steps of the future in the present. The future is calling you with itself. When you're with Me in life and in the world are you too Thin will not sink down into ghost stories or suffocate in Chad cuisine of Earth. Planted by us gives resistant seedlings. See them. These are landmarks of tracts to the destined “tomorrow”. Believe in Him ardently. Even in the pages of the Scriptures Commanded was dry it by those who saw or Knew. Now he comes and, unseen, it has taken the dense form. Don't judge a feeling about it, but the spirit, foreseeing their present imperfection in the imminent beauty perfection future forms. Not building at once and does not come in the form of a finished product. Then remove the trash when you're done. But the beauty of the forms of the future New World buildings you can see now, because it is being built. I'm the same with you when you are in my thoughts and my heart is with me.
347. (Dec. 15). Spirit harp of the spirit depends on many factors. If it sounded in the morning, with the PM should adopt, measures of attunement. It cannot be fully attributed to the rhythm and, especially, rhythm interrupted. Rhythm will help, but the chord does not harp detuned. Internal consistency is also needed and ardent aspiration to Focus. Spatial currents are not always conducive to a contact. And therefore we should take all measures to succeed. Variations in the understanding of the spirit are inevitable, but self-unwillingness should be fixed. And when all is made and attached forces, you can wait for the news back in tranquility.
348. (Dec. 16). As water takes the shape of the receptacle in which it joins, and joins to the future form, created by imaginative spirit. Without forms, elements of the future erupt into occasional education natural order or put shells scattered fuzzy thinking people, taking the final form of its expression by gravity. Yogi creates the future consciously and firmly by introducing it into the created subtle forms. Execution of the Fiery heart desires and is nothing but an embodiment of a dense form of fiery thoughts. The process is simple and logical. We just have to know what you want and need to know how to want. Many of us want, but do not reach anything, because they don't know how to think brightly clearly. In addition, the power of thought depends on yogic stages of creative thoughts of the spirit. The desert Lions especially carries out stage thought. The thought is energy. Poured off in the form, it pulsates with life in space, appearing in the sense of sight. When creating this form is necessary for all other actions, thoughts, feelings, sensations and actions were in full accord and harmony with the idea in the space. Being launched You cannot wish for and think about one thing and at the same time, expect another. It turns out the destructive, destroying the dissonance of the expected effect. Hence is the need of faith, fiery and unbreakable one. For such a belief creates the vocational psychology conditions, which are necessary for fulfillment of desires, and sets in motion the wheel of thought. Not in the faith thing, and harmony of thought, feelings, monolithic, and actions, and the overall tone and mood of the human microcosm as a center of creative energy future. Teacher teaches students the rules and techniques-techniques intended to life, creating the right conditions for something innocuous local culture does not help practical learning Exercises, and puts students in such living conditions when applying knowledge in practice becomes logically inevitable, depriving it of conventional solutions whenever possible. But this is possible only if there is irrevocable determination to go all the way for the Lord. Spending power will not be in vain for the Teacher. When the Lord’s Hand is over the spirit, striving to Light, then anything is possible. Good, useful and necessary to distinguish the Hand of the Lord, shown in Invisible Leadership. Said it will send all protection and all, but hard to hold onto me. Let it be always in your heart the image of Teachers and, especially, during the process of creation by the thought. It is together with everything, and especially, in the creative work. When the consciousness put itself in the Plans of Lord, mental creativity is making ardently. Obstacles and difficulties only strain the extent and effect of fire. Will overcome everything, but with me. Secure its rightful place in the small, and can be a great, dare greatly and even great. In the Fiery force is remember daring. Because it is written was: “Be comforted, my child!” and the impossibility of Limitation is for the ignorant, you the same way to the light. Who says you need deprivation, hunger and cold? Need the best conditions for success, and their Lord Gives. Need not affect the willingness to complete, and chose your way through and tested earlier in the firmness and steadfastness of his decision to follow the Lord. Learn to feel around the Hand of Lord, because the Lord is always with you.
349. (Dec. 17). My son, show your understanding of what is happening in the obviousness. The fact is that behind it is a directed Blasts to Earth energies. From the techs they turn into builders where consciousness allows. Great construction replaced the destruction. It is cosmic; the Distant Worlds are involved in this process. The Rays are doing on Earth, the approval of the new world. The World is radiant. Its rays flood the consciousness of the masses, when sufficient voltage is reached. Consciousness is not prepared for the new conditions, cannot bear the strain. That is why training the consciousness leads through the tension in action. Burn out weak and untrained. But happily accept coming wave of fire builders of a new world. Human consciousness clings thought for each subject that drew attention. This thought affects the body, causing a part of mental reaction order. Control over the thoughts need to streamline these impacts, otherwise chaos and inconsistencies, is raised that is an imbalance and, consequently, the possibility of the disease. You can protect health by establishing control over thought and keeping yourself from the laceration, vampirism, and psychic energy from consuming it. There are many eaters, but few givers. The Fiery guard stock psychic energy must be stable, because many hands stretching from everywhere to plunder. Stretch ardently, blindly and unconsciously. But grief is for not seeing the conscious vampirism. Conscious eaters of fiery energy for mercy do not know. Beware of them. Even with brief exposure can cause serious illness caused by leakage of psychic energy. The considerations do not justify a contact with these people, because the price of it is too big and impractical. Giving can and should, but not aimlessly. By the same student is negligent allowing plundering energy Teacher is criminal.
350. (Guru). Stand like a rock amid the turbulent, sea and surf the waves of thought.
351. (Dec. 18). I Propose to strive for a new idea, having concentrated her bed in one of the Farthest Worlds, say, Venus, and transferring the consciousness of his and himself in thought. Where thought is, there I am. It is a good exercise for the mental body. It is fruitful, because the thought is magnetic. It's when success will lead to space thinking, for earthly is left on Earth.
There rushes with me everywhere and always. At first thought to be a meager income. But will grow. Freed from earthly thinking finds cosmic language common to all points in the universe, and learn to understand it. The laws of the universe are United, as the combined fire of the space, and they are eternal. Cosmic forms of expression of these laws embrace yourselves all your world (Cosmos). Their realization leads to cosmic consciousness. And then the man becomes the spirit of ecumenical, or citizen (universe), leaving Space in the spirit of open space, a space in the ocean space. But you have to get off the ground and leave Earth on flight time, not forgetting, however, that such Land. After all, it shall be accompanied by the Archimedes’ lever thought, for the Earth is the fulcrum, which he was looking for. Without land impossible. Baseless dreamers are not needed, but researchers need space, cutting the thought space and not thinking about having to leave his planet, the street his land, his house of Earth, humanity as a whole, a little speck in infinite space.
352. (Dec. 19). The presence of two opposites makes the existence of all manifested forms anywhere in the cosmos. Consequently, the law of duality of opposites is universal, that is cosmic. Just so versatile are other Cosmic Laws that control the life of matter in all its forms throughout infinite space. The Law is a form of life appearance, that is, was and will be on the Earth and in the Worlds. Understand and comprehend these laws is to learn the secrets of the universe. To their study results, a single Life Teachings for all worlds near and far, but people accessible only to the form, or aspect, to which the consciousness grew. The cosmic laws are partly contained in the secret doctrine, partly scattered through the pages of Life Teachings, Given the now partially embedded in the teachings of past centuries. A single, unrepeatable, old world and new, is It forever the consciousness with spirit level on heading toward step to steely knowing space. One can understand that wherever the spirit man perceived these laws, they are immutable, while always a form of their expression, and can be renewed. Especially cosmic is a higher mathematics of Pythagoras. Not without reason we Put her in the basis of consciousness. You can see how the laws of geometry are in the basis of life crystals appearance. The law reigns everywhere, and he obeys. On distant planets and in the most distant Galaxies is a Unified and Eternal Law.
353. (Dec. 20). You need to push the limits of matter, since only the Infinity limits them. The sky at night looks enough to verify this. But it is in terms of visibility. Alpha and beta rays are invisible, invisible radio waves are invisible lines of magnetic force, except in the Northern Lights or the location of the iron filings. I Claim: the invisible Universe, or the invisible aspect of the cosmos, infinitely more visible. Now science is directed onto the glass eye, and is built for invisible great discoveries of our times. But where is the limit of the invisible? It is not present. But look, free of all restraint, we should take a look at this marvelous region. And admit the possibility of the impossible. Quantum theory of relativity or higher mathematics (to some of its parts) leads to the limits of that mind already feels that his ability of comprehension is insufficient. It means to overcome brain limitations. You can step them over by the heart. It is given, though, to step over the threshold of visibility. Know you by heart. You can give your heart the freedom to venture onto the invisible things, break down the barrier between the possible and the impossible. Say: now everything is possible, but through the heart. And we should believe the message penetrates the consciousness not only with voices, or the written word, or any other external causes, but also in other ways. World idea penetrates the consciousness; ready for her perception, consonant, i.e. magnetic is attracted and enters the name. That's why it is Said that to will follow and will be given, and, having no taken away and what has. That is why you need to bring at least a little yearning to have something to make, and it is necessary to forget the negation. Denies the denial deprived itself of the opportunity, because negation destroys harmony and prevents magnetic perception thought. Doubts, mistrusts, uncertainty of the same Pleiades destroy better spirit abilities. Trust or faith is the magnet. Magnetism of fiery creed is great. Therefore I Say: “Believe the Lord”, then I show the confidence to the end, despite the clear and convincing evidence and in spite of everything. Faith is a fiery motor spirit; not blind, not dark faith, but faith in boundless opportunities of the spirit, he is limited. How can you go in the future, if you don't believe in him? How can you diminish the wonderful human ability of thinning, if they are denied? In denial is the death of the spirit. Approval moves. The whole dialectic and dialectic world view lead humanity into the future and so give it fiery wings. You should not restrict anything possible future achievements. Restriction will limit progress and will stop moving. Where are the limits to science? They do not exist. Therefore, you can reach everything. If two people at opposite ends of the globe have voiced the same thought, the objective existence of thoughts can prove scientifically. For the science of the future impossible is nothing. Let's start with the destruction of denial. Coming soon will be a sign of rejection of ignorance and obscurantism. Ignorant denial delayed evolution. Therefore, they are from the darkness. We will not deny anything but approve all available scientific knowing. Now so many wonders of open science, they become pale and fade the wonders of antiquity. You only need to look at them with an open mind and to understand that the very impossibility of retreating before the triumphant procession of scientific thought.
354. (Dec. 21). I Give an in-depth understanding of what the thought is. Little is the power of thought is creative. If the thought put into space with a specific task, the results cannot be. A gardener watered flowers every morning, the same idea is thought to grow in strength to the end until the assigned job. The idea is that the executor invested in her consciousness and the will; the crisper and have a better job, the better and the performance. There is nothing worse than ambiguous, vague, half-hearted thoughts that have no direct purpose — mental litter, slime, scums. Someone passes around — not in the thoughts of a hidden cause? The monolith is not shattered thoughts aspiration and fiery heart, voltage when the microcosm man sounds at a single wavelength. You can call it dedication. The Unicorn is a symbol of aspirations, accurately expressing the thought. Or ram, at one point of force application on the cutting edge with all his might. If two people have the power of thought alone, but one they are scattered on the sides, and the other centered on one paragraph, then the second one will be more exactly as many times, how much the sharp end of the ram stronger piles of wood chips behind, at least its mass exceeded a lot of logs and ram. The powers of focusing on a particular exposure are formidable, because thoughts are invisible for the eye, silent, unbearable to the ear and it is impossible to determine the direction bowshot thoughts or predict where a point will hit ram thought. If people would understand what a terrible weapon is the idea many disasters, destruction and disease would be prevented, as many thoughts are full of black flame. But the thought of light is more powerful. Darkness can extinguish lights, if they are weak, but cannot compete with the light if the light lights up in a heroic heart. Then she retreats (shadow) and scatters visible. That's the intensity of the light. That's why talking about the Fiery heart. Burning heart of darkness is not afraid. It (flame heart) emits rays and throws in a space light bearing arrows. Taking care of that glow, that fire has not waned. When the heart is burning, it is not possible to stop climbing the spirit. But if the flames died down, no words will close the stinking spirit, for the decomposition begins immediately, as flame leaves the heart. Therefore I say: “Be aflame in your Hearts”. When the heart is burning, the thought naturally saturated with its lights and becomes strong. Fiery thought cannot be resisted by the common thought.
355. (Dec. 22). Similar is known by the similar. The Thought is expanded with elements that are part of the object being nurtured. On the planet (the mother of the world) life is the same, but on a higher scale in the same spiral of evolution. The planet has gone through the same stages of development, which was held and passed the land. Types of Our humanity were appeared on your Earth. The Earth is steadily going to the same forms of social life and the stage of development of the human race. The matter of Our planet is more refined and therefore more flexible and easier to influence the will and thought. The life of an organism is governed by the will of man. Condition is double-edged, because the slightest disbalance and dissonance cause destruction or decay of tissue that is a disease. Known forms of matter in its higher aspects, almost unknown on Earth your official science. The thought is the same type of service energy like electricity or steam. The thought is powering many machines. Don't have your gross of engines and machines. Creative thought is developed widely. In Our theaters viewers see vibrant, living pictures, created the idea of the writer. The apparatus of the human brain, the creative images, bring their intensity up to the degree of visibility. We don't need radio, telephone, telegraph— the thought and human machine replaces them in the man. Centers are glowing. Mental and fiery bodies are formed. People — the fifth circle and above. Each planet colors the microcosm man living on it, by its beam, or light. The variety of the cosmos and infinitely climbing humankind has no end, in its many facets. The challenge of evolution is to bring out the humanity from your Earth into the Space and make contact with population of other Worlds. This is a very far development of our planet. Even if looking for solution in the material plane. But when understood the power of thought and express the human spirit would deepen, and the apparatus will open new opportunities. We must make the channels of new opportunities in the space, because the flow of evolution is directed by them. Much was Lords, much is given, and we just thought human keep in these channels. In the name of evolution happening is reconstruction of the world. It is approved by the Lords, as well as the Help to the New World and a New Country.
356. (Dec. 23). My Son, then show a high degree of consonance, opening the heart to Me, but shutting it to the secular majority. Sound has loudly. Bring out the depth of their sparks of radiant thought. Their lives and eats the world through space. It is filled by the waves, lights and sparks global thought, consistent with available when the depth of consciousness relate to her. Evolution is driven by it, the thought of space. So, the challenge is to sate her waves shining thoughts in the forms available to people so that they could eat. Implementation of spatial fire at waves of thought clear, precise, and persistent, end-to-end is a process of creative activity of yoga, because it brings the gifts of fiery creative thoughts. People woke up, they want the freedom. They are woken up by the power of spatial thinking. And those who obey calls unheeded space go together with evolution. The leading ideas of the century We need to fill the space. Which may be taken and the life they are building. There are so little parents of spatial lights in consonance with evolution, but they are Our helpers, constructors’ workers on the mental plane.
357. (Dec. 24). Study of psychological structure of subtle world, hidden from the eyes of an ordinary person, is very fun. Removed are the shackles of three-dimensionality, no distance, no top and a bottom, all the now and here. Where thought is, there is the consciousness. Leads and thought, yearning and the thought makes all the surrounding environment and consciousness. Desire means desired psychophysical aspect. The impossible becomes possible, as was disguised forms of thought that creates thought. The thought flows through the usual, dug into the space when life on Earth. People vibrate, respond and react to those phenomena that were familiar to him on Earth, but not being restricted by a solid framework of terrestrial appearance. Expand and extend the limits of what touches the consciousness. Moving minds, framed by thin skin, move, personal thinking and desires, impulses, created by thought. The spirit can present itself embraces the whole universe or a small spark in space. There is no measurement of values-everything is relative. With a ruler you should not come to anything. And you must possess your thinking and feelings, and desires, or else they will seize and take the consciousness in the scope that is consonant, attraction. So you can be in an undesirable, if the desire wins unworthy and low. A series of impulses and desires, which people obeyed while living on Earth worsen, taking consciousness into their Vortex funnel. Hold a positive and useful, and always in the subtle world must strongly and ardently. Exercise in self-control, approved on Earth, gives an advantage invaluable. If people understood how passionately necessary is a mastery of you! It is not so much on Earth for life to an aboveground master (a master)! Any attempt in that direction is good of course. There are waves of human energies. Tight body and physical environment no longer defend or closes it from them. The essence of his kind is bare for these impacts. Only the aspiration and the thought keeps that magnetic attract it to objects in a field of consciousness. Is a freedom that has low consciousness turns into gloomy thoughts having their slavery, sometimes involving him in the abyss. Because of the mastery of thought, there is an unavoidable step approximation to the Fiery yoga. Of course, the Teacher Helps there, but this requires an attunement, still on the ground, for start something there is almost impossible, but to continue and possibly just. That is why I Order to believe still here, but together, beginning a thousand things you can then continues the aboveground. Topics and useful each attempt of self-improvement for continue work all the time. But again start impossible. Approved on Earth is approved there, deniable is left behind. This is a new aspect of the same immutable formula: “that bind on earth shall be bound in heaven”, for the Earth is the condition that enables you to create conditional human existence on Earth aboveground. Seeders, harvesters here there, and you can figure out how same need this seeding Earth grains for longer compared with life in the earthly body, of being in the Thin World. The essence, meaning and significance of primary actions should be understood. This is the first brick or the cornerstone of future and overgrown appearance of the human in the areas where everything is growing and developing, bringing a rich shoots and his harvest. Just growing up, bringing fruit, undertakings are evil. But to light going seeding makes grains of light. So every day in the life of the earth you can do something very useful and necessary for the far future, laying into the consciousness of the grain the best aspirations and bearing in mind that even the smallest trying or force gives the result.
358. (Dec. 25). I Order to deepen awareness of current hour passability. I order to specify that nothing belongs to us. I Order to register a guest on this planet, a Wayfarer in the far manifestation. All is temporal. No moment can be prolonged. And better rejoice when external motives to pleasure no, than Saddam, when they are there. We should understand that consciousness is a laboratory for all the sensations and thoughts — serving the power-driven will. The will is the highest form of the power of the spirit appearance. It is boundless in its potential. The whole visible world, stars, planets, worlds created by will. The will creates by the thought from the inert substance of matter shown in the Space. Create, create unlimitedly is the destiny of man on Earth and in the Worlds.
359. The loss of balance means losing everything. There is a State of equilibrium, concentrated action gathered strength that you can look in the desired direction. Absence of the balance spreads and sprays the force on either side, breaking the monolith at the thousands of fragments of concentrated thought. Serenity allows (own and) manage profound thought, since it is an integral part of the balance. Better lose all, even for what may be disrupted balance than preventing its destruction, for external loss doesn't matter, while imbalance affects the inner self of man and its leaders. It all starts with the physical body. Squalor is the man who allowed disbalance, especially, for the fine view. Wet chicken (or rag) or fitted with springs fowl are kinds of more worthy things. Self injure to the subtle body that occurs whenever there is a loss of equilibrium, is so horrible and painful. Barrier chain breaks in many places, and psychic energy flows away, like gas from receptacle vessel. Great is the power of conscious balance. Balance is the concept of synthetic. It includes the serenity, self-control, the ability to own their power and manage it, control over thought and feelings of their faith in the unbreakable power, Hierarchy and the proximity of the Lord. Ardent feeling of the way appearance, the consciousness of the surrounding transitivity and the indestructibility of the inner self is the adoption of an eternally existing centre, spiritual monad, the eternal flame of the spirit.
360. (Dec. 26). With me is impossible. But it's hard to be with me wholeheartedly, and inseparably, for ordinary consciousness fluctuates between several poles of attraction acting on it. Approve the idea and send it to the elected can only focus will. The focus of attraction is the will, which chose this focus to combine with it. And then you could talk about the impossible, humanly impossible, but not for bishops, which merges into consciousness. I'm in you always, powerfully Creative but your infirmity. That's why you want to join to the consciousness with full oblivion itself, which is weak and can do nothing, and usually. I am the power of fire, could establish them and appear in you when you merge the Consciousnesses. All is achievable with me. The impossible and unattainable is needed to be understood, of course, within the limits of the law, because obeys it. The impossible is possible for him who knows the highest earthly Laws. I Order you to be with Me always. No circumstances whatsoever may be invoked to justify violations of the awareness of the integral Closeness of Bishop. And if I am with you always, and you should always be with me, all the days until the very end of the age.
361. (Dec. 29). If you collect thoughts around me, to focus them on the desired quality of the spirit, this will increase the quality of its patron of viability. Gain comes at the expense of the hierarchy of light. So when focusing on Me, you can strengthen its light (buff) and raise any quality spirit. You can give Me a quality which is unable to grow. In My Tower I will Pour it again. Even in moments of bad qualities showing, if I will be called, their fire will dim under the light of Mine! After all, quality is a burning flame in action pending in the bowl, especially the growing Crystal in moments of intense its manifestations. On a scale of light Agni is bright, carrying the benefit, creating. On the scale of the shadow Agni is destructive, dark and burning. My light flashes dark lights, puts out when called. But I am rarely called during outbreaks of dark lights, preferring burns of absorbing fire. Light of the Face puts out the dark flame, deliberately thrown and creating by the evil inhabitants of the lower layers and, especially, conscientious servants of darkness on both plans. I am the bright sword of the spirit, I am the brilliant voice sounding of the trumpet, calling invitingly to victory over darkness in you; I am the ray, banishing the darkness. With me — to defeat over that, this prevents the Light from shining and ardently show itself in your minds. Light is not combined with darkness, but scatters and banishes it. Because when the heart is full, I have no black fire breaks out. The filling of the heart by Bishop should think. Many are busy searching for the shortest path to light, but here it was, right in front of you: in the heart of Me and allowed me to establish itself, and at the time, but not forever. It is not easy to be with the Lord, it is easier with us and with feeling, darkness generated. I am calling you to the realm of freedom in the realm of the spirit and of power over the dense and thin visibility and above.
362. (Dec. 31). (M.M.). The Hierarchy of Light chain should be understood as the beginning of a whole in Space, into a coherent whole. The phenomenon of matter in depth is infinite. Spirit in the way his ascent in the infinity empowered themselves in its various forms, ranging from the most egregious. The way your descent of spirit into matter, but if you reverse the descent unconsciously; climbing is the evolution of the conscious, that is the evolution of consciousness. With the lifting the shells become thinner, are formed consistently. Believe that the physical body of everyone equally. Blatant misleading: among millions bodies no two are alike — the degree of refinement of each step of evolution varies, just as no two are alike. Consider that the walls of the den of debauchery and the walls of the cave are the Rishi’s of each other because of their chemical analysis does not detect the differences. But already know that material objects retained by the emanations of the surrounding. The picture is invisible. Under certain conditions you can show prints (these ideas). Likewise abides the sound in a good mellowed violin, increasing its value. Depth of matter is inexhaustible. The end is not. And somewhere, at some stage of the hollows in the structure of matter, you can even use devices of the future to catch these prints and prove that they are part of the subject matter and change it. Because the sacred, commemorative objects, and household items, and items with low or fatal radiation have different physical properties, yet perceptible by modern science, but perceptible, and felt, and felt an exquisite human consciousness. Rings, necklaces, antique things bear the layering of many centuries. There are happy and unhappy things. There are also items that bring misery are subjects of blessing.
Not in the buildings of molecules and atoms, but much deeper to look for these differences. Science has been steadily going to reveal these subtle differences in material objects. We know that the light is material. We know that is affects objects that fall on. We know the effects of light and yet we doubt that light traces all over, what its beams touch. And if you are not able to discover these traces, this does not mean that none of them exist. So far, still have friends who deny the existence of thought as a phenomenon is real scientific perspective of life. If five people clearly think of the Red Rose, and the sixth, perceptive subtly, even sees it, what can I say that it doesn't exist somewhere and somehow, clothed with the thin material form. And the fact that the image can be transferred over a distance and see your TV, believe, but is that the same laws can be passed to the idea, skeptical, although devices for ardent reception and transmission were available to each in his own body. Should not be limited or myself or miraculous, not yet studied, properties of matter by any ideas of today, because tomorrow is full of shining possibilities, to which mankind is science. We just have to forget the denial. Denial is a sign of ignorance. Things cannot. If you have a brain if he thinks, how does one deny the thought is a product of his activity when the thought of all that has been created by man?! How can we speak of death, destruction and disappearance of something when the first State Science serves as a statement that “nothing in nature does not disappear and never be born again, but only changes the shape of its manifestations”. To think scientifically, we should have consistent throughout in everything and to the end.
End of records, 1959.