Agni Yoga's facets, 1960

Is recruitment Saturn (exposing the Jehovah's witnesses)
Religion, Theosophy
Life the Feat and of inflexible devotion.
Boris Abramov was born in Russia on August 2, 1897. In youthful years tendency to military science brought it into fleet, and he became the military seaman. In 1917 over Russia the revolution hurricane was carried by, and Boris Abramov together with many Russians appeared outside the Homeland. Terrible freight lays down on shoulders of those who appear abroad in such situation. "Homeland call" – the phenomenon real-life though it also isn't measured by our terrestrial measures and difficult is understood not had this feeling.
Having appeared abroad, he didn't lose faith in the Homeland and didn't change it; temptations of the West didn't seduce him. It remained not only by birth, but also on spirit Russian. He didn't seek for enrichment; his needs for material benefits were very modest. B.N.Abramov was the person of high culture, comprehensively educated: understood equipment, I worked in chemical laboratory, well I knew music and literature, itself I played a piano and I wrote verses. It constantly attracted to knowledge of appointment of the person and his place and a role of a universe. On ways of spiritual searches Boris Abramov got acquainted with various philosophical and religious systems. Doctrines of the Christ, the Buddha, Platon, Confucius, and Zoroastr were close to it. So were put bases of his outlook, which was finally created after a meeting with N.K.Rerih.
In 1934 Nicolas Rerih during travel across China arrived to Harbin. The Russian population of the city yours faithfully met the fellow countryman known already those years as the outstanding artist, the traveler, the scientist. Abroad it was known as well N. Rerih philosophical outlook. It is natural that the people directed to it, living spiritual interests. N. Rerih chose the people, who are spiritually most ready to cooperation with it that made small group of the pupils who have recognized N. Rerih the terrestrial Teacher – the Guru from many Harbin coming to it. Their number included also Boris Abramov. From all group of pupils N. Rerih allocated two and handed over them the rings of an apprenticeship brought from the Himalayas, as a sign of special trust and spiritual proximity. These elite were B. Abramov and A. Haydon.
From now on the new page in B.N. Abramov’s life began. N. Rerih called him to sources of Live Ethics, having dropped to which, it greedy absorbed sacred knowledge. For many years search of meaning of the life led at last to the answer to this question. It is possible to tell that this group of people (pupils) was given unique opportunity; they were acquainted to Wisdom of Life by N. Rerih – the greatest spiritual identity of the XX century. They were lucky enough frequent meetings with N. Rerih, while that was in Harbin. He gave with them classes during, which were laid the foundation for future cooperation, it passed on experience rich, experience of service of evolution and to General Welfare.
With N. Rerih departure to India the come into contact didn't interrupt, there was a correspondence. Remembering meetings with N. Rerih, B. Abramov said, that the Guru accurately formulated a question of Hierarchy of Light and its value, as fundamental law of the Universe.
The surprising spiritual culture peculiar to N. Rerih, was in many respects transferred to B. Abramov and became his vital credo. It was externally simple and modest, and the great number of the people who were passing by, and often and adjoining to it, at all didn't suspect that made its essence: fiery tendency and staunch devotion to the Spiritual Teacher. Possibly, one embodiment was required not to approve such powerful energy potential in the heart. It is possible to call life a feat of service of evolution. There were no big words, effective fulfillments, there were no announce. B. Abramov way was filled with many difficulties – so was abroad, so was and here, on the Homeland (it arrived to the USSR in 1959). There were moments in his life, when obstacles were built before it a wall, and physical sight didn't look through any opportunities, and only heart knew, heart remembered words of the Teacher: "And it worry". What helped it these minutes? Tendency and devotion to the Spirit Teacher! The help came at the last minute. Clouds parted, and the sun again shone. B.N.Abramov as the person had also the certain properties inherent in all of us, to people. Helena Rerih in due time I pointed to him to it, and it is necessary to tell that he accepted these councils and strictly followed of.
In the 40th years B. Abramov began to perceive mentally at first separate words, and then and the whole phrases, coming to him from space. The new phenomena in his life were unexpected, caused in it questions. Thus it had no pride and greatness. Here, certainly, that spiritual culture, which his Guru generously shared with it, was shown.
B. Abramov in the letter to N. Rerih about new and unexpected experience in the life asked how to regard this phenomenon and as to treat him. The answer came quickly, but not from Nikolas Rerih, and from Helena Rerih, who addressed to it with a request to send models of the received records, after receiving their He. Rerih wrote to it again, having confirmed their High Source, expressed the pleasure for it and advised to continue work. B. Abramov executed this Council and until the end of the Earth days continued to conduct records of arriving Information almost daily. Certainly, full mobilization not only physical, but also spiritual forces were necessary. Information, as a rule, came at night, it needed to be transferred to paper as the dense physical cover isn't able to keep long in memory thin Contacts of the Highest Spheres at once. From night at night decades it is difficult to present such enormous loading. It is possible to call this process a feat. What moved the person, when he carried out this titanic work? There was no coercion, there were no glorifications and laudatory anthems in his honor, and it didn't come to tribunes and didn't reap a storm of applause. It passed modestly on the life, not noticed by many.
Time came, and B. Abramov long-term work becomes available to the reader. So light of a far star reaches us when already there is no physical body of this star, and forces us to raise the head up, and the unexpected awe fills our heart. The present book included the records made by B. Abramov in 1960. The contents them helps to open Agni Yoga new sides, it is better to understand and master the Wisdom stated in books of Live Ethics as they from the Uniform High Source are given. B. Abramov received Information from the Great Teacher, and after Nicolas and Helena Rerih's leaving from the terrestrial plan perceived also their messages that is noted at the beginning of the corresponding records by the words "Guru" and by (M. A. Y.), (Mother Agni Yogi). By preparation of the manuscript for the edition features of style and a form of a statement of records were kept that, undoubtedly, will help the reader to feel depth and value of this knowledge, which has come to us thanks to selfless work of Boris Abramov.
B.A. Danilov.
Absolutely special impression was made by Records when Boris Abramov read them on our classes in Live Ethics. As though that we studied in these books drew near us, our level, to us became closer and more available. To us new sides studied opened, the subject as though turned before our mind the different parties. The beam of the Teacher going through these Records highlighted that we didn't notice earlier or didn't conjecture. There was a wish to listen and listen these texts, such relatives to us, and then to write down and re-read them.
B. Abramov also received Records and from Helena and Nikolas Rerihs, and they could be distinguished on style and on reaction, which they caused. This sort of Record also gave us both information, and preventions, and explanations much. Live participation was felt in all that occurred in the world; and at the same time care personally about us, about our difficulties and problems. It both strengthened, and inspired.
As it was already spoken, Records are irreplaceable, as satellites of books of Live Ethics. They do books closer to them. The same inexhaustible stream of thought of the Teacher streams through them, and, apprehended by the hierarchical link next to us, becomes more available to us. For the aid to followers following Founders on difficult, twisting footpaths of terrestrial life, self-sacrificing workers of General Welfare, these works are given. And in process of advance on the way of spirit they will be more and more estimated.
Recognition involves appreciation. And the more we will receive the spiritual benefits and knowledge from these unusual texts, the more our gratitude given them to us will grow.
N. Spirina is schoolgirl Boris Abramov.
*1960. Jan. 2. It is correct to think that all shown Space is material. All real, that is all having life, financially. But it is necessary to understand a matter widely, boundlessness in everything, as well as in gradation and thinning of types of the Matter: Lyutsid's matter, Matter of Matrix and Fohat's all types take away consciousness in boundlessness of thinning of the phenomena of a material scale. The science already went deep long ago into area invisible to an eye and expanded limits of a matter and the material phenomena. It will go further away because ways of its development are infinite, and will scientifically prove experimentally existence of thinner types of a matter and energy and those educations, in which they can pour out. Pictures invisible the radiation of a magnet, metals, plants, animals and the person will be made. Being shone fishes not a miracle. Not miracle and radiations of a human body. Know that the brain is a biochemical electric battery, from here nearby not only before recognition of possibility of its radiations, but also before their photography on especially sensitive films. Then it will be imprinted on the screen and thought. In schools of the future will learn to think accurately and clearly, checking distinctness and accuracy of mental forms on special screens, right there in classes, in the face of all. Many miracles are prepared by science for the person. Only these miracles from the World super sensual and otherworldly will be reduced on the earth, invested with available vision of a form and limited to a framework of exact laws of a display of different types of the thinnest matter. The phenomenon of thought and those images and forms which it can accept will be scientifically proved and shown on devices. Will see the light extended round the head of the person, tensely working as a brain. Will be convinced that the brain can radiate electromagnetic waves of a special order that these waves, like radio waves, can be transferred to distance and be caught not only other person, but even by especially sensitive devices. Having proved real existence of thought, the science will go further and will establish by the electronic camera existence and existence of a thin body and possibility of stay in it human consciousness after leaving of the body by it physical as during lifetime in it, and after so-called death. The border between the visible and invisible world which is partially already passed by science, will be erased absolutely. There will be an association of two worlds. The phenomena of a spiritual order, which are so material, as well as the phenomena physical, but on the highest scale, will join an orbit of a material world and will lose the non-materiality and other-worldly. Everything becomes on this aspect of life, and the death will be truly trampled. This important task fell to science lot because the religion didn't succeed in the solution of these questions. Speak: miracle! Miracles aren't present. There is nothing from existing reality that enters into a framework of the law and embrace of. It is ignorant to think that immensity of the Universe and infinity of the Matter and its phenomenon can be limited to human understanding from today. Boundlessness in everything, as well and in our understanding of a structure of Space and infinity of phenomenon of the great unknown – a matter, of which He consists, properties and which types ,only are partially open by modern science. The mankind goes to the new great discoveries, forced to eclipse itself everything that is reached still. People should endure great revolution in science which will put the most wonderful properties of again opened types of a matter and energy on the firm base of scientific justification. Future and Light ahead is great. The thought is material; visions are material, a material world Thin. Material worlds the Highest and even Fiery World is material. And it should be understood. It is inadmissible further reality invisible to an eye to carry in area supernatural and otherworldly. Supernatural and otherworldly anything isn't present. Is studied and comprehended by the person and not studied and yet not comprehended of. Everything can be proved scientifically if the consciousness is expanded enough and ready. Everything because the century of great achievements came is nowadays achievable. The veil of space secrets raises the person. It is lifted by science.
Jan. 5. I won't fail to specify that the voice of the Lord won't break off. But there are conditions when circumstances don't allow establish desirable degree of consciousness. And then it is necessary to wait patiently, without forcing karma, perhaps, exactly at present somewhere conditions necessary already are created, and it is necessary to wait, without losing confidence that everything will be arranged to the best. I know cares was phenomenon quite a lot so for doubts of a place any more doesn't remain. These periods of temporary external calm are necessary for change of a system of consciousness. At once it is impossible – especially thin strings can be torn. The device of the person is difficult and is thin extraordinary. But to the Teacher from above is more visible. Therefore in trust and tranquility full it is necessary to wait for going change. Even before a wind the calm happens. The rhythm can be kept fixed readiness of consciousness to perceptions and to parcels, but without forcing it is willful.
Jan. 7. The lord can feel as all feelings. They go will for the chosen Image, and the consciousness concentrates on It. Not terrestrial, but thin feelings gather will on the chosen Face. Fire helps to punch dense thickness of the environment, and far becomes close. Thin feelings it is similar to fire. It is similar all feelings to dense inclusive. Realization of feelings ascends to the World Fiery. Therefore their thinning is useful, as well as exercises. Ability will adjust consciousness on a wave of the chosen object achievement of the yogi. Each subject – a stone, a plant, an animal, the person, the planet – has the aura. That to catch it, it is necessary to adjust the receiver of consciousness on the same wave. The essence of process of an attuning consists in dismissal from itself and consciousness transferring on the planned object. At mental influence to concentration the thought in the accurate, finished form is premised conformable to intention, [speaking] more precisely, a final picture of desirable result. It is the first part of process. The rest assumes the law if not to disturb it that is not to interfere with its work as doubt, mistrust, uncertainty, fear and so on. Sensitivity of process is extraordinary. Even small doubts break fire work, either fear, or other akin feelings. The belief or trust is the elements approving powerfully process. Experience turns belief in confidence, and then in inalterability. Actions of the yogi bear on themselves the press of inalterability of execution of thought. Be sure that the fiery warm thought will be executed is immutable. Belief is fire, confidence is fire. The consciousness of inalterability gives resistant fire. Therefore I Speak, belief has at least in inalterability of action of laws of the highest energy.
Jan. 12. When in heart ignition fires, space starts sounding, and then the consciousness receiver operates. Heart lives communication with space fire. *Vabili of a falcon of the fiery vaby... As and from the sky fire can be called magnetic. The thought of fire causes fire, We sate space with our calls. The nice ear catches them and realizes into action if the spirit is ready. Kindle fire causes the accord on the sort. There is an accord of black fires to spheres of the lower class of the Thin World. And the thought respectively flows then in the consciousness receiver obviously. The stream of dark thoughts can flood consciousness. And a grief to it attracted with darkness. Therefore it is necessary to remember that the accord with the sphere corresponding to it is established by each thought. Therefore control over thought is necessary. The thought conducts the person, but it is allowed and is approved by will and by will is expelled. The law of the accord operates the world and all processes which are occurring in it. Even a stone is consonance to spatial fire, perceiving warmth of the sun and heating up. But full-string the device human and its accords are infinitely diverse, and is necessary control. The pig devours garbage and remains a pig. The person supervises a choice of the food, but this control it is possible will refine infinitely. Tame and in the field of thought, feelings, emotions, and everything that in it occurs. One goes to a tavern, another to go to the opera chooses. And so is in everything. The freedom of choice remains a prerogative of the person at all and any living conditions. And even it is possible to choose from two evils, which is less. But the choice is necessary, and a choice conscious because not to avoid responsibility for a choice. There is it constantly. Only in it nobody gives the report to it and doesn't wish to give. So it is impossible to evade, and it is necessary to reap constant consequences of that the person chose.
Jan. 13. Ability of concentration can be developed infinitely. To focus – means to aggregate. To aggregate the thoughts scattered in the different directions – means ability thought to own and operate it. Under all circumstances of life this ability it is necessary to perfectly know. Degree indicates it degree of the power of consciousness over surrounding. In the face of evidence dense the person, despite everything approves it. Not to see, not to hear, not to perceive and not to feel anything, besides, on what the thought is concentrated, – will be achievement of the yogi. Many phenomena are reached by thought concentration. It is possible to focus not only thoughts, but also feelings, and will. Power of the concentrated will overcomes usual will, as a nail pointed soft wood. Will at all, but can focus it the very few. Consider that there are people with strong and weak will, but often don't consider what even rather not strong, but the concentrated will is stronger another – not concentrated, at least this the last and in usual conditions was stronger than another, not concentrated for a certain action. That is why sometimes persons of no character are capable to make strong actions. It happens not often, because to focus will aren't able. Not always the effort it has to be long. To generate the strong, concentrated thought and to start up it in space for performance of a certain task, there is no need long to keep it in consciousness. It is necessary to throw an arrow, onions tension is short. As will tension is short also, but it is strong and with concentration. Otherwise the arrow of thought won't depart. All being of the person powerfully strains in a uniform rush give the necessary effect. Long tension weakens onions, and constant does it absolutely unsuitable. Day is replaced at night, activity – passivity. Passivity of consciousness after start-up of an arrow allows it to be carried away promptly to the purpose while tension proceeding after start-up will keep sent thought near. Release of consciousness from the sent thought is technically necessary. It is demanded by psych equipment of thought. It is so possible to study always, in any conditions of the moment to ability to own thought, as light weapon. Without mastering by thought there is no Yoga. The thought is fire, and the yoga of fire teaches mastering by fire by mastering by thought.
Jan. 15. *Исполать to you, a way to heart of the Lord found, because I for you.
Jan. 16. There would be no happiness and the misfortune helped. So it also happens. One pole forms the basis for manifestation of another, opposite. To see its antithesis in a shadow pole of the phenomenon will be a step of cognition bipolar. It gives strength courageously to meet the opposite phenomena of life if guarantees are approved by their other party. To be able to find good or the positive beginning in everything will mean practical application of this principle in life. Adversa tactics also uses this dual aspect of each shown thing, giving the chance to the negative phenomenon to reveal all the essence to suppress it a ray of light. It is possible to see death of the phenomenon doomed to destruction at the time of his bright statement, knowing that the antithesis forces it forces for destruction of the double turned inside out. By the same principle strong all hidden, dark, not get rid properties of his essence, for their transmutation in properties, by it opposite start being shown in the pupil. It is necessary, it is necessary that there was a person or it is cold, or it is hot, that is one of poles of qualities of spirit, differently a transmutation through related contrasts would show is impossible as lukewarm for evolution are unsuitable. Therefore robbers, tax-gatherer , the loose woman because the transmutation of qualities of their spirit in qualities positive could be salutary and fruit full, while the moderate pettiness and ruddy virtue couldn't give fruits were approached. So, to see in the person, in its negative properties, possibilities of future transformation will be a wisdom sign, and to direct and direct his consciousness to transformation of these properties in qualities positive will be true mentoring. Therefore the yogi darkness pre-dawn, a seeming celebration of darkness because knows isn't confused that after a storm the sun shines especially brightly, and air is pure, and the nature washed by heavy rain leads bright and intense life. It is possible to find forces in knowledge of the law of contrasts fearlessly to look in the life face because life is learned as a unit, consisting of a duality of the opposite principles, it making.
Jan. 21. (The thought appeared in the morning, record is made in the evening).Such service which happens everywhere and always – both at everyone’s and in any conditions is called spatial. It is made in a body physical, astral, thin above. It goes both on the Earth, and on all plans of life. In life terrestrial and in life in Elevated, when after death the dense body is dumped, there is it, without interrupting. But such service on the earth is approved to proceed in the Worlds. Usually it is called Great because to continue it, it is necessary to approve it, having imprinted forever. To the statement to it conducts a way of continuous wakefulness, prestanding uninterrupted, vigilance resistant and patrol not replaceable when the Image the leader of the Lord in the third eye is accepted: so approved here it is approved there, and rejected here it is rejected also in Elevated. Also the person appoints to himself extent of approved service. Undoubtedly one – no words will replace action, and any actions – thoughts. And for actions there is responsible a thought, and for thought – will directing it and its carrier – the person.
Jan. 23. I recognize inexpediency of semi-warm contact when the thought is half directed to Us and half on a direct environment. Energy and time are lost in vain. Regrettably is all this. Valuable minutes are spent in vain. The receiver is occupied with scraps of day thinking, and there is no place for my thought. Stir conditions? To overcome! Everything is overcome, all rage of a congestion by a dense, intense fiery of tendency ardent. Furnace the fiery is a symbol of overcoming of terrestrial fires spirit fire. After all it is necessary to overcome everything, and furthermore difficulties of temporary against-sounding (that is opposite conditions). How then to pass the lower class, without having overcome rage discords terrestrial, strong tightening and carrying away consciousness in the vortex funnels. Therefore I Demand consciousness association with Me over everything and something that communications stirs. Little that can follow a barrier Ways to distract, or is thrown to be a dark hand. The way with Me and to Me is immutable and strong fiery communication with Me, which force eclipses sounding of the sphere terrestrial.
Jan. 25. The doctrine conducts, only when is put into practice in life! The knowledge should will the leader. Only that is a part of internal essence of the person and becomes his integral condition that is realized from abstract knowledge into the practical. Knowledge realized, and only one it gives deposits in the Bowl of crystals. All the others dissipate in space together with dumped covers. And not to apply the nobility – means given the chance to miss. Knowing and not applied it is already condemned. The sculptor of the immortal ego brings in it the corresponding elements by the appendix in life of instructions given by the Lord. Each applied decree will be a contribution to this fiery construction of the house of spirit, in which the person when mortal covers are left lives. It is necessary to consider precisely, what material is applied on this construction. In this process it is especially important to mean that circumstance that the low-slightest thoughts approved in application, give century crystals, which grow in space. The bowl has not temporary and local, but spatial and timeless existence, and the deposits collected in it, collect only by realization of fiery energy in crystals. This process happens when the will seeks to realize abstract and theoretical knowledge into the vital statement. That is why also it is told that approved here it will be approved and there and rejected here it is rejected there. That is why the Yoga is a way of practical application to lives of that is given by the Teacher of Light, as most essential of everything that has on the Earth of people. The collector and the store of imperishable treasures is the person – the traveler of a way boundless. And the most low-slightest thing applied in life, leaves the corresponding crystal of fiery education in the Bowl. There are no things big or small because big from the small grow, remaining forever with the person. That is why the low-slightest actions correct are useful and necessary certainly. That is why all diligence agreed and accepted the Doctrine, but not applied it are fruitless.
Jan. 26. Everything, but only is permitted to the one who from permitted to the power over doesn't give anything. Permissiveness is freedom from the power permitted over consciousness. Usually people – slaves to everything, or much, or something in particular. Free so it isn't enough. Even to perceive, it is necessary to be exempted from everything disturbing. Many believe freedom in slavery at desires and the thoughts. But it is freedom enslaved (freedom of slaves). The person when not thought and desire, but the will dominates over thoughts and desires are free then. As freedom we consider the power of will, conformable with consciousness the Highest, consciousness Space: world, all-planetary consciousness, consciousness from the distant Worlds, as not visible, and visible to an eye. It is possible to leave from the earth and to leave the earth to be combined with space fires, but it is possible to accept them in itself, without leaving the earth. Earth wishes to leave weak in spirit, but strong spirit, having risen, the Earth with itself lift – it the benefit. At strong care of how to lift mankind as a whole. At strong a way only forward, up, to achievements to new, useful and necessary all people. Care of the world, of all – a sign of the person of new race. And whether miraculously see how sparks of space consciousness get into hearts of the already many and Leading [Country] ahead, display space character of all-planetary itself the starts. The darkness, on the contrary, limits itself to itself and egoism of infertility, separating itself from the World. Everything, all call under the roof, who not with darkness. [Consciousness] universal and all-planetary grows, shaking foundations of the old world and destroying its basis. Therefore on our board the victory because with Light going with Us go is traced. To leading [Country] generously we Give from a treasury Us the accumulated knowledge; fiery Feedhole It. Space is saturated them, and ready takes [to apprehend], how many can contain. Much you blow the Victory because the New World won. Not in measures usual wait a victory, but is wider wide measure a field of its [victory]. The World New, though it not in cylinders and dress coats, because simplicity too a sign of the New World is invincible. Beauty and simplicity! It is possible to express simply all complexity of life only synthetic. Synthesis – the solution of life. Just as the infinite number of representations of uniform subjects keeps within one concept and is expressed to them, and complexity of the vital phenomena embraces understanding synthetic. From Light it. Synthesis means association. The consciousness space is consciousness synthetic when boundlessness of the shown Universe merges to one uniform world in great and eternal space nowadays and here, when even greatness of the future is approved nowadays, now in our consciousness by affairs of the present day because it is nowadays created by a hand and a foot human.
Jan. 27. Where I, there with Me and the Lord, is a formula of spatial service because many covers should be replaced both replace places, and to visit many spheres before reaching the Lord and with It to stay constantly. But it is necessary to destroy illusion of a spatial separate and distances terrestrial. "I with you always" – these words should be accepted as the most essential basis of our relationship. It is necessary to accustom to thought of that you are in light of continuous presence of the Lord, and with this thought become related, with it having merged. And each unworthy action or an act will specify then that my precept isn't accepted, because real understanding of My presence inappropriate with anything unworthy. Therefore by achievement will be in this thought of to approve. And then it doesn't begin already necessary to waste time on overcoming of terrestrial distances and other conditions of a terrestrial environment. It is possible even to imagine that distances don't exist and that the Lord is close. At communication with the Thin World spatial borders are erased and hidden becomes close. As and at contact with Me sides of obstacles terrestrial and distances far are erased. And as the brain of this truth doesn't want to accept, it is possible to work only with heart. Means and it is necessary to address to it. Heart it is possible to persuade to work. And heart out of measurements usual works: both feels, and knows, and sees. That is why it is necessary to ask heart as it thinks or as it wants more often. Yes, yes, heart too can think, but his thoughts not brain that is aren't penetrated by external terrestrial feelings. It simply knows, and the thought imparts knowledge to a brain. And whether everything is equal, in what body, where and in what the spirit stays if the Lord is close. From here care of that to approve consciousness of Proximity it is immutable. Two thousand years ago it was told: "I Is with you in all days till the end of time". But people didn't accept the truth elevated and terrestrial replaced it. And the house of their spirit remained empty. As my monastery I Can create in heart, Me denying when the consciousness considers My word as an abstractness ideal. Only vital application of given instructions will give them strength of fire changing a being of the person. Only them applying, I send on a feat with a fiery parting word to create my will.
Jan. 28. The best that you direct to Me, I Claim. Approved by me, it grows, giving rich shoots. But you have to direct will free. Without the appendix of the will growth is impossible. So again we come to a question of will. It is possible to consider as will ability to realize thoughts into crystals of the fiery educations postponed in the Thicket, by the thought appendix in operation into lives. The thought not applied won't give deposits. Therefore, a factor realizing is the active will. It I meant. The doctrine calls the person for action. It is better to be mistaken in operation, than to roll in inertness of weak-willed inaction; because inaction means decomposition of primary substance. Council about action is immutable. Make effort in operation – and then I Will help. Someone is afraid to break action karma. Not from wisdom this fear. Directed strong mistakes will say goodbye even, but inaction is irrevocably already condemned. So those, who with Me, show the whole World of the actions, movable by internal fire and irrespective of impulses external. External conditions can strengthen tension thanks to environment resistance, but it will serve only in the benefit, because we know about obstacles blessed. When the will decides that there are no such obstacles which it couldn't overcome, it thereby approves indisputable truth of a primacy of spirit and its power over "any flesh", the power which was given to the person from the beginning of times. In psych mechanics of strong-willed processes special value has the hardness of the solution of will, its ability and ability to approve inflexible inflexibility of these decisions. When the will fluctuates and weakens, to Me address. I will help to strengthen will, the weak-willed person the pupil can't become. The thought is strong not in itself, but elements of the fiery will put in it. To create thought sated with fiery will, persistent, resistant, not knowing fluctuations – will be ability of the yogi. Fluctuating, unstable, sickly thoughts – aren't effective. The strong thought is created contrary to evidence dense and without reckoning with any external counteractions. Thought is first: the thought is a basis, it is fundamental principle, at that time as external environment represents itself the phenomenon secondary, following from first. And if this secondary phenomenon has to be changed or destroyed, it is necessary to destroy its mental basis (a mental fundamental principle) on which it is based. Means, it is necessary to create thought of destruction stronger, than that, which created it. And as the majority isn't able think clearly, strongly and accurately, to destroy an undesirable basis of the phenomenon not so difficult. The rhythm and frequency can strong help. At all it isn't necessary to stop midway before seeming failure. The thought of inalterability, thought unshakable will achieve the objective, it will unwisely shake doubts, uncertainty or fear, there is no need to fence then a kitchen garden that the hands to destroy its power. To the created powerful fancy external actions put because you know that the hand and a foot human manage affairs.
Jan. 29. Aura and protecting network is not replaceable attire of the person. Imagine a dead body or an astral peel, a shell dumped by spirit, and you will understand that I Want to explain. The spirit carries away live radiations with itself. The inherence of the saved-up radiations indicates their importance and the importance. With them the interior is saturated. It is necessary to distinguish specific properties of aura of each of covers, but their changing and temporary coloring is caused by the main aura of spirit and imperishable accumulation of a bowl. The body can be ill and change the aura, but the main radiations remain over corporal influences. Magnetism of physical radiations can be very strong, and can seem that the carrier of a sound body is very strong also, but once he falls ill and to ache seriously as immediately strong force or weakness of the main radiations of the main aura comes out. And it is frequent in an illness spirit strong becomes much stronger because the physical cover any more doesn't prevent to shine so densely to aura of the spirit which was released from its burden. But the spirit weak in an illness weakens because got used to lean on a dense body. But often weakening of a physical body by an illness involves as though release of the internal strength of mind hidden under a physical cover and connected by it. Therefore knowing call death is the great liberator. And it is truly so. It isn't necessary to forget only that the phenomenon of death releases the accumulation collected in previous lives to manifestation. I tell it that didn't belittle value of stay in dense bodies and life in a flesh. So, the aura is the phenomenon real, powerful and strong, though not visible to an eye. It constantly we have with them. It causes karmic communications and relationship with people. It the person builds the life. Radiations are constant. They interact with environment. Also it is possible to imagine as it is important for the person, people around and space that these radiations were building and are harmonious because there are the auras, decomposition radiating to energy, destruction, diseases and darkness. Carriers poison them not only, but also space, and everything who adjoins to them and whose protecting network is insufficiently strong to be protected, or not as it should be. On a planet there is a lot of such wreckers, - but still there are no the laws protecting from them ordinary people. And therefore ordinary people are often absolutely defenseless. Therefore the question of the maintenance of a protecting network in a full order is important extremely. The aura of the balance approved strongly will be the most powerful protection against any attempts, involuntary and free, conscious and unconscious from outside, from the outside, or Thin World. Don't forget that against balance nobody is strong. And the aura of balance will paralyze, stops in a root and centralizes the most ardent and harmful dark attempts. So balance consider as a powerful board. Costs, I Speak it is worth working at that aura of balance to establish and approve it strong. But results of this diligence are ineradicable. The feeling of balance is accompanied by pleasure of spirit. It is integral and independent of external conditions. Balance means the power that occurs outside. When it took place, the lord then the person of the internal power, and can direct then it currents of the dense phenomena. Balance first of all demands a clear victory over itself and restraints of feelings because that wins all who will manage to win against it. All seek to come to a victory over life through a victory over external while only the right and correct way is a victory of and over, but how come to a wreath of achievements, because balance is achievements a wreath? I claim, I Testify Itself that the low-slightest creative effort in this direction will give is immutable the fruit that seeds will give the put shoots that it is necessary to begin that was to what to me to put the Hand. I will help, but begin, I Will specify, but make effort. I will move, but the will direct forward. Over you the Hand, are really blind?! So I claim that together we will reach a clear victory. Life – the best Teacher. Life gives experience every day and learns on the phenomena of day. Obstacles are blessed still because everyone teaches something and especially to how the forces to exercise in the appendix constant and theoretical to turn knowledge in applicable to life. There is a barrier, surmountable it is difficult. Means, forces should be strained. Tension of forces will be their growth. Growth of fiery power is the stay purpose on the earth of the person. I will add: for the skilled pupil at a known step there are no phenomena opposite, because everything becomes steps for ascension and everything serves it: enemies and friends, both good and bad, difficulty and ease, cold and heat, pleasure and grief, both good luck and failure. The secret of poles of dual contrasts is comprehended by balance approved and mastering by management of them, that is power and control establishment over each of them.
Jan. 30. Aura of the person is septenary on the structure. The highest triad shows constancy of the radiations through inconstancy and temporariness of four lowest conductors. If they are bridled and brought to obedience and don't disturb, the highest triad can freely pour out the light through four lowest. The more quietly and balance these last, the brighter and stronger light the highest, which inside. Not all triads have identical accumulation and therefore their light is various and depends on size, degree and character of Treasure of the Stone. Different stones happen: from small very much to bulks shining by light. At the conscious collector and the store of crystals of Treasure of the Stone the lowest conductors serve as the obedient tool in the course of this collecting, taking from life experience at contact with spheres corresponding to them the necessary materials for accumulation. Certainly, an element the most necessary is fire and crystals of its deposits. Their value in a not destroyed a current of temporary phenomena. However, fire can be saved up or wasted but to chisel the saved-up Agni, a number of long actions, but, collected is required, it isn't destroyed by anything. Agni's spendthrifts have to work at that with to chisel the brought fire to Earth absolutely much. But and its accumulation if goes steadily, fruitfully extraordinary. All actions and acts of the person, any order, either accumulate, or waste fire. And it is easy to define; any of them treat what look. And then process of accumulation can be conducted unmistakably. Silence – gold, because silence the store; certainly, not silence of the fool or idiot. Silence a miscellaneous happens. Each said word or external expression of feelings is an expenditure of energy of Agni, and also each nervous movement or gesture. Collector Agni hands won't wave, shake the head or to stir feet, to spend precious power for small feelings terrestrial. So, Agni's accumulation demands severe control over action by everyone, both feeling, and thought. But as this process are interesting and how many pure pleasure it gives to ascending spirit! It can be conducted in any, even the most adverse conditions which are actually favorable most of all. Silence, restraint, self-control is ardent stores of power of fire. Their antipodes will be ardent spendthrifts. I will tell something important: all merits of spirit are fire stores. I Specified earlier that these qualities are forms of a display of fire in the person. Now we go further, approving these qualities as collectors and condensers of fiery power. Control over itself means continuous patrol, without it process of accumulation is impossible. Onions strain, that is stretches only at the moment arrow start-up, in the rest of the time it (bowstring) stays in rest. Art to combine a condition of rest and balance with tension of all forces of Agni at the right time is achievement of the yogi. Tension of rest and balance tension in operation will be distinctive feature of the person who has taken a way of power of spirit. This power owns the one who saved up Agni and who knows (possesses) only how to operate it.
Jan. 31. The aura of great balance is aura of power. When forces are scattered, both leisure is intruded upon, and your spirit under a whirlwind tends, and whirlwinds storm around, it is possible to remember then aura of power. And thought of it is possible to stop a storm inside. When it is spoken about taming of elements inside and outside, balance will be a starting point to this action. Elements will rise inside in the first attempt to bridle them. As spontaneous processes it is understood all involuntary and uncontrollable currents in a microcosm. Phenomenon of power of elements in macrocosm planets is similar to their display in a microcosm human. It was told: both above, and below. Let's add: both inside, and outside. The approved power of balance elements outside inside are tamed and submit. How to find words and what about insistent necessity and value of balance that they reached heart? The way of power of spirit not is available too much. The majority prefers to go down stream powerlessly, directing all forces outside to keep on a surface. And many sink, becoming exhausted and without knowing that on water it is possible to lie in tranquility full and in vain not to spend forces if not to break these tranquility random motions. So under known conditions the elements of water are overcome. On water it is possible to lie, it is possible to sit and stand, and on water it is possible to go. On each of these steps of overcoming of water elements only big degree of tranquility and balance which no other than is forms of an display of a flame of spirit because qualities are accumulators and fire condensers is required. Self-education means self-checking, and consequently, and self-improvement. In itself can overcome everything the person, because he according to the plan of the nature of the lord of the power. Here I Speak: "The power is given to the person over any flesh". It is given by whom? The nature in the Consent with the Plan Great, Space Will we call it. Working in the accord with it, the person carries out the appointment. But the resilience of is great in the microcosm human that in it already is, to what should be approved. Resistance of elements will proceed until are bridled. All being of the person consists of four elements – lands, waters, air and fire. Mastering by the last gives the power and over other three. Conscious accumulation of fires is the most right way to mastering by them. Accumulation is deduction. Keeping is possible only at control, that is self-control or restraint that is on condition of the statement of qualities. So conditional virtues so few nowadays speaking to heart, we will rename into the fiery qualities of spirit promoting strong accumulation in an organism of fire, giving over elements the power. It is difficult to convince the person of desirability of virtue as that. This word became permeated with the smell of a priests and a pharisaic, especially if it is ruddy. But fiery qualities, as condensers of fire and a form of a display of a flame of spirit as the unique way of the statement of its power, can't but be accepted by the person, who decided to reach and thus – any price. But it is necessary to begin because begun it is possible to continue and develop endlessly. In this possibility of boundless development and deepening of qualities the key to power of spirit lies. The main property of quality – its boundlessness; but quality is approved fire. The ardent, unshakable, resistant statement in itself power of fires also will be a way to boundlessness. So our Ethics conduct in boundlessness and therefore we Call it Live, Live Ethics, or the Life Doctrine, Light Doctrine, Fire Doctrine, Fiery Yoga, or Agni Yoga. The one, who with Me goes, already knows from experience that boundlessness – in everything, as well as in the Source of thoughts sent by me. That is why we Speak about the Doctrine Ocean, to our relatives the available. Boundlessness and in it is. Whether miraculously to understand that time the begun Doctrine doesn't stop never if the person doesn't disturb and doesn't stop it the actions. If receipts were slowed down or stopped, the reason looks for in itself. I with you always, and not depend on Me, but – on you that parcels didn't interrupt. Certainly, there are conditions spatial when contact is complicated. And then the message is short. Even the word serves as one indicator that the Lord is close.
Among inconstancy and change of external conditions it is necessary to remember always that the Lord and its proximity it isn't cancelled is unchangeable, and because it is forgotten immediately as soon as the consciousness makes contact with an environment external should go on about it constantly. By the external we mean an environment both dense, and thin. Both external in relation to spirit is. Memory uninterrupted, and helps to hold and hold the Image understanding of Proximity in the third eye among noise and turmoil of the outside world, and among whirlwinds astral, and waves of spatial thoughts. Let's always remember that the Lord Is close.
Feb. 1. The writer-artist creates an image, on a scene the actor represents it, being embodied in the created type. The good actor reincarnates so successfully that merges with him, absolutely losing the personality. But life is a scene, and Sutratma – the actor. It represents those roles which are offered it by life. Also has to play well or poorly, he wants it or doesn't want. But why to be a weak-willed plaything of destiny when it is possible to create for itself a desirable image as does it the writer, and, having embodied in it, to carry out the role up to the end on a vital scene. But the image of the ideal can be created strong and bright, and it is possible, having entered into it, to play it so that the ordinary personality will disappear absolutely, having departed on boondocks. But it is possible to pass the hero through life, having embodied beauty in each word, movement, gesture. It is necessary to choose only an image, to spirit conformable, to replace with it external "I" with all its shortcomings, imperfections and commonness. The person has to become perfect, and everyone dreams what would like to be over time him. Why only to dream when the image of created by bright and accurate dream, can be incarnate in life as the good, capable actor in the people created by creative imagination of the playwright is embodied often on a scene. But in life the person for him creates. The every image it can merge so deeply and closely that the created shape "I" will replace to it its former, his personality terrestrial. This new shape the actor, the actor not on a scene, but in life, will allocate with all qualities of spirit which are conformable to it and which wants to approve in itself, and to replace with these qualities shortcomings. It is possible to play a role of the strong, dominating emotions person so long, naturally and persistently that these qualities will be included into a being of the person and become part it, become qualities and properties of his personality. If qualities of spirit limp or they lack, they can be created, allocated with them the created image and, in its having embodied, in itself to approve them. Sutratma is the actor. Why to be weak, weak-willed and pity when it is possible to create a desirable image to all contrary to, the evidence ardent, and to carry out a role up to the end, to anything never, on a step without having receded from the ideal. It is difficult in the beginning. But, after all even the ordinary actor somehow plays on stage, and often it isn't bad. So really the person won't be able to play the role lives for rescue of up to the end, the hero having passed through life. Not hypocrisy, not deception, but an embodiment in the created image of the Ideal and fidelity to it up to the end. We have examples of great people, heroes, devotees of spirit, and examples of restraint, endurance, courage, and self-control. Really it is impossible to bring together them on a need of the heart and to embody in itself, in the hero the creator and his founder becomes whom. It is possible to find in a treasury of human achievements and stays on itself, it is possible to choose carefully with love that sounds that attracts that there is a wish to approve passionately in itself, on what doesn't suffice so often neither forces, nor ability. The Teacher gives opportunity in the way to the easiest in to approve desired qualities of spirit. After all it is so simple. Also it is so feasible. The clown will aspire himself display and to be a puppet of external influences, but the actor not the clown, and life not buffoonery. So, having understood purpose of life and knowing that Sutratma – the actor, and life is a scene, it is possible it is useful to live this life on the earth, and a role approved by spirit, excellent to conduct up to the end.
Feb. 2. The highest measurements of space are concentrated in a being of the person. And when steps an everywhere the real gradually start being comprehended, distances lose the usual value because in the spirit of it is possible to be everywhere. It, in turn, is connected with ability of ability consciously to operate in different covers on plans various, according to each of them. But a lot of things can start be claimed already nowadays, planning as though the prototype of has seized secret three and three subordinated. I want to pay special attention to the thought sphere, as on area more and easier available. The accord in thoughts with Me is already an achievement step. The accord it is possible will refine and to deepen infinitely, because a quality basis – its boundlessness. Terms of the shown forms are limit and limited, but phenomenon they in boundlessness and are carried away in boundlessness. But out of terms spirit and treasures of the qualities deposited in the form of crystals of fiery educations in storage of the Bowl accumulated by it. What then represent itself qualities of spirit? Not abstractness, not ethical concept, but obvious crystals of Treasure of the Stone. The courage crystal, devotion crystal, balances crystal – what beauty shine they, beauty of elevated fires and a being of the person! So the statement and accumulation of Fiery Treasure in the Bowl also will be Great Making. Amazing light the crystal of fearlessness or to the Lord of love flaring brightly shines in space. Truly the greatest wealth the person – the Stone the carrier owns then. So the very day can be turned into continuous process of an increase of the Stone and collecting, at least on the particles, new crystals in it.
Feb. 3. And here it is already indifferent: houses or on the way, warmly or cold, it is full or hungry, well or badly, it is healthy or sick, but the Lord is close. It also will be overcoming passing in itself and the statement enduring, because the passing internal processes being reflection of a transient of the outside world, these processes go in covers while It the Silent Recorder, – Looking. In itself having realized the enduring eternal beginning, spirit a basis, grain, it is possible to start collecting round it elements of the enduring. The specified inherence of fiery accumulation also means the enduring nature. At the ocean of the passing phenomena surrounding spirit, its grain will be the rock, on which it is possible to find a support for the statement in itself enduring. Immortality elements, elements eternal, and only they one, go on creation of the house of spirit. And we will note in themselves and outside, everything that from eternal and enduring, and everything that from temporary and therefore mortal, and, having noted, we will broaden the sphere enduring, being the basis of immortality of a reincarnating triad.
The spirit with accumulation is a spirit which in previous lives already collected and concentrated in an immortal triad this imperishable and enduring wealth. The triad at all, tells septenary structure of the person about it. But there are the spirits which have saved up in it enough elements for conscious stay out of a body, on the highest plans, and is saved up not enough when there is nothing and there is nothing to show out of habitual dense conditions of the world terrestrial. It is deaf, it is blind and tolerant there is such spirit to magnificence of the highest worlds. And if the person on the earth spent the whole days of the life, shipped in the phenomena sensual and physical and corporal, like a pig with a snout lowered from top to bottom, to the earth, the consciousness dies then with it, together with his body, and. And, possessing spirit immortal, he in the spirit of the can't live because it has nothing, and goes to death, to an unconsciousness, assimilating to the stone, insensible idol while new and new terrestrial embodiments in it won't awaken understanding of immortal spirit in themselves. Life eternal is realized, approved and found not somewhere there in heavens after death, but exactly here, on the earth, and now, nowadays, in the conditions of a transient of the external phenomena and death of the shown forms. Kingdom of death call the world dense, but, death on death having trampled, it is better to call it the sphere of manifestation of the eternal principle of life among temporary forms – carriers of life immortal. The spark monad of each shown form is eternal, even atom. The matter is immortal, real is eternal. As then the ridiculous idea about death something when the substance investing any form is immortal could arise. Yes! Forms are born and die, but don’t die and that magneto invests itself this or that cover can't die. The essence is immortal, though its temporarily external form. Often immortality mix with consciousness continuation after death; the atom is immortal in the spark monad, the spirit of the person, but preservation of not interruptibility of consciousness is immortal also after the dead physical body is dumped, will be destiny of the Adherent or that the few, approved the immortality on the earth accumulation of Treasure of the Bowl.
With what there are peopling there, to the World Thin, fine, not given to the future stay in Elevated any thought and even denying strong everything, what treats these questions? Connected here by denial or misunderstanding will be connected there, and approving the non-existence, lives there won't have because where the thought creates and created and generated everything, thought all and collapses, to own consciousness inclusive. The thought there creates the person or kills him. And seeded reaps fruits to them the seeded thoughts. The same measure the person of possibility of life in Elevated by which he measured them on the earth measures to himself.
Feb. 4. Elements of immortality are realized and collect at communication with the enduring. And if evidence during the day sounds and covers with itself eternal, night is full the most unusual opportunities if consciousness in forces to come off day impressions. Night opens a window in boundlessness. The body sleeps, and channels, on which vibrations of the dense world arrive, are closed. The formula of the legend of spirit to the Lord, approved by all heart, all understanding, all desire, spirit will direct to its sphere, and it is possible to gather then from that isn't passing; but proceeding sounding of terrestrial vanity usually so captures consciousness that rehashes it continue to sound and after withdrawal to a dream. Spirit dismissal from everything, than it lived among day, has to be the desire full and supported by everything. Really day for day vanity that even night of forces not to have doesn't suffice to transmit the spirit to the Lord, having rejected it. The address for the night to the Lord will be not a callous or formal prayer, but ardent aspiration of all being to come off conditions terrestrial, with firm the full-string decision to give all the being too will of the Lord It could have all his opportunities according to Will You. On scales of consciousness departing to a dream impressions of day fluctuate and desire from them to be released, and usually the first wins. Conscious collaboration with the Teacher during a dream requires full, certainly released from the power of day vanity consciousness, its transfer to hands of the Lord. More than once it was spoken about it earlier, but, it is visible, very much spheres terrestrial even if in a dream the owner doesn't want it them to reject are lovely to heart, carrying away for itself a tatter and scraps of impressions day and with them encumbering consciousness. Before going to bed it is necessary to approve the provision of thought. The address before going to bed – not a boring duty, which there is a wish to finish rather to plunge into whirlpool of terrestrial thoughts, and the bridge, the connecting and the leader to my World, having passed which any more don't turn back and don't come back to sphere just left on this coast terrestrial. It is possible to accustom itself to it training every day. If during lifetime of terrestrial not to approve ability to such separation, the separation before death because the dream of death is similar will be difficult. Valuable opportunities are lost by the person, not able to find forces for full and all-skooping stay in World Thin in a dream. Both the condition of consciousness and the last address before going to bed have to be such that the separation was full. The formula: "Be rejected from itself", - is necessary as well here. Before going to bed it is possible to reject everything that torments during the day, at least to be in good spirits free at least in Nights. "His rage prevails day's".*
Feb. 5. Let's talk about diseases allowed and allowed. In the house it is possible to allow any visitor – as and with an illness. And it is possible not to let not desirable guests, on the contrary. The mechanic watches a condition of the car, greasing, feeding it and repairing parts. The serviceable protecting network serves as good protection against any diseases. In case nevertheless something happened also an organism not as it should be, the thought the first to the aid goes to a sick organism. Mental treatment it is possible to help much, creating an image of healthy body, muscles of fabric, a bone or concentrating on them for strengthening of inflow of mental energy. It is good to put a crystal of this energy in the got sick place that it burned and I pulsed in it. Physical concentration and smartness of an organism is very useful, it often causes continuous work of all device. Daily ablution or a shower with grinding of a body and, of course, gymnastics, as well as sports, but sports easy, rhythmical, not defiant the excessive tension and efforts is extraordinary useful. External smartness is good, it indicates discipline of spirit. Only dissoluteness in all types, both physical, and mental, is destructive for an organism. Dissoluteness is opposite to concentration, restraint, control and self-discipline. And if the body is under complete control, the thought works, mainly, preventively. Prevention of thought is effective very much. Diseases of people around can affect destroy mentality of the person and weaken his protective power. It is necessary to remember in this case that malfunctions in operation of the device of another, unlucky, mechanics can't serve as the reason own, both weakness, and inability to operate the organism isn't an occasion weakening control over the body, established and result of long and persistent efforts. By no means is it impossible to give in to a mental condition of the sick subject because it is the end. Fortress needs reliable protection, and the mental energy always ready to ardent protection, her faithful guard. Health of the Yoga, all difficult device of its being trembles at times with tension as an arrow of a compass, but the reasons of this phenomenon absolutely others and has no relation to the phenomenon of usual diseases. As for these last, continuous psychophysical protection of the body and all other covers which stand below an immortal triad will be the best protection against them.
Feb. 6. The dream of death is similar. And unless it is impossible only mentally, only in the spirit of, only to a dream departing, be released from all terrestrial these hours. If not learn to do it now, not to be exempted from freight of terrestrial remnants and upon transition of great borders. And how many them, which have passed, illusive existence in a matter of mental conditions terrestrial, left them on the earth, but not dumped from itself spirit continues to drag. Release of spirit won't come at once if over it not to work. And here already there were first signs of successful attempt of a separation: the first – the pleasure which has filled almost all day, the second – the night flights which have brought new experience and new feelings. Feeling of very fast flight in a thin body over the earth and vertical unusually high take-off up with the speed until then never tested, – result of a separation, and also new feelings of an intense pulsation and trembling in breasts and beating of the intense heart accompanying flight. Pass through windows and walls – the phenomena which have been already tested earlier. Let's expand and deepen experience of a separation of consciousness from a dense environment before withdrawal to a dream, bearing in mind boundless opportunities of development of abilities of spirit. Opportunity I Will send, but direct. And at the right time I Will help, but let's put to what. Also I Won't break off, but be with Me always. Success in everything is caused by Proximity in the spirit of.
I told: "My house that is". Now, when the house former is left and from it separate terrestrial spaces, I Will add: where you, there both my house and a monastery washing because your heart is a monastery of the Teacher of Light, when the Proximity is realized and Ashram is approved, Ashram hearts. So them we won't limit to conditions of the house terrestrial, too close and threatened, and subject to accidents of life. My words: "My house that is" – understand more deeply, without limiting the understanding to the man-made walls put by hands of people. The house of spirit we build, and here I Speak: That House My.
Let experience will prompt that Pralaya consciousnesses temporarily that former accumulation are ineradicable that the Voice of the Lord won't break off that It never leaves while in heart fires but went out – aspiration fires, fires of devotion and love to Chosen you. Here look for it somewhere outside, uplifting eyes to the sky, but a monastery of the Lord – only in heart, because it was told: I in you, you in Me.
Show begins a new step of cooperation with Me and performance of tasks terrestrial. It demands continuous from Me a condition of consciousness when performing Assignment. What to do, will specify and will prompt life, but prompted it is carried out in common with Me. Joint in the spirit of work demands prestanding constant, but and there will be no obstacles which you merged with Me, won't be able to overcome. As already I Spoke, people and circumstances will serve. Everything will serve if you are with Me. And impossible becomes possible, insuperable – surmountable, difficult – a lung and far – to relatives. So My proximity phenomenon in cooperation full, at the full-string accord of hearts. We live in the future and future, in which for Us all. Live them and you. All your achievements: partition of bodies, flights consciously in everyone, power and immortality of spirit, ability to create on the earth and in the Worlds, all highest abilities to see, feel and hear – everything, all is concentrated and finished in the future the key from, which in your own hands because that you will accept and you will approve in the present, will be approved and in the future, having brought a crop a hundred times. Also there will be from light fiery seeds of your statements that the future you’re, approved nowadays shone unfading Light of Elevated fires. So I Speak, your Lord, addresses you, my son, on a new step of spirit.
Feb. 7. The world of my thoughts because it is connected to the boundlessness ocean is inexhaustible. Space thoughts can be scooped from the ocean, without being afraid that will become scanty. At feeling of boundlessness the confidence will be born that thought, adjoining to this ocean, can grow and spread infinitely. If we exist in boundlessness, it means that boundlessness – in everything and even in life usual. Having concerned any phenomenon, it is possible to deepen it and to expand infinitely or to improve endlessly. It concerns all areas of life. Any car, structure, the device can be improved and are improved infinitely. The limit to this improvement isn't present. Care only about that it is turned on the most important first of all. From here, is expediency and commensurability? To define the major and forces to it to apply – will be the decision only correct. As and in life of the pupil the way is defined by the most necessary. Where it, the most important defining a way true? What will be a basis of ascension steady? Certainly, - Hierarchy and the Lord! Where it is possible to direct without It? Who will meet at the Boundlessness Ocean? Who will protect, will direct and will help? Who will specify how to understand a set of various currents, each of which can carry away consciousness? And who will be a support in whirlwinds of currents astral when the body is dumped? The self-confident blind men, who have got a false idea don't know that all of them can and all comprehended that the ship of mankind is conducted by the Hierarchy of Light protecting it from dangerous biases and rocks about which it is possible to break. If the free will of people wasn't regulated in the extremes, people would destroy long ago each other, and especially willingly would make it now, having to volume all opportunities. But we Will not allow to jump to a leopard. And hated, truly, became saviors of mankind and a planet, - and therefore a way only with them; we with them, it our help and that, who with them solved the way.
Feb. 8. Not I, not I, but You, favorite Lord. Not My world and my thoughts, but yours and your thoughts. Not I in You, filling your world both and the, but You in Me and I in You, I who has rejected, both the world, and the thoughts. Not I, but You, You, You, the Lord, in Me, and only then we, You and I, are merged together, – the pupil so addressed to the Teacher of Light.
Only at dismissal from itself My world can enter into your world and fill it, differently as to it to enter if and swelled "I" is exaggerated before that places to anything more anymore doesn't remain. Instant dismissal from itself, demands big skill and long training from all the personal feelings, thoughts and feelings; facilitates process love, because to darling the person usually finds a place easier than all in the heart. Hear, which has refused egoism, refine strong, because anything anymore doesn't prevent it to absorb in itself freely the world and to learn it. Thus, for warm cognition by the strongest obstacle and a barrier the egoism is. Yes, yes! The paling of egoism serves as the most insuperable barrier to thoughts and My parcels. It is so possible to exercise consciously heart and it will refine by self-discipline and control over rage of the personality a small, getting barrier in the way to a fiery feeling-knowledge. Can't contain heart pain of the world, or his pleasure or to scent essence of other person if the pain, either the personal pleasure, or rehashes of personal soundings fill it to edges. Only the heart exempted from egoism, can become my House, the Monastery Light Mine. My hour fruitful, if it is extinguished egoism and thoughts and its feelings at least for the period of Communication. It would seem it isn't difficult to understand that dismissal from itself is the most important condition of contact with Me and perception of thoughts elevated but as application of it in life is difficult. Experience of dismissal from all terrestrial before withdrawal to a dream can strongly advance and help with this direction as both that and another demands same – self-rejections much. Let's call it a dedication feat. Experience in self-rejection, or dismissal from itself – an inevitable step direct knowledge heart that is to a feeling-knowledge. What richest opportunities give life to exercise itself in the most necessary? At any contact with people it is possible, having forgotten about itself, to concentrate for some time the consciousness on them. And then it exempted from a ball of personal thoughts, will be easily and to perceive freely waves of the external phenomena, thoughts and the feelings of others until then inaccessible or hidden behind a cranium. The egocentrism and feeling-knowledge are incompatible, because the egoism is the guard of the threshold conducting to the highest knowledge. The winner, managed to win against himself, the guards of this threshold cause on fight and win against it fight to the death, because while it isn't won, doors of the Highest World are closed.
Feb. 10. What there was a condition of consciousness, always it is possible to make something, be it even very small, moving the person forward. It is easier to make one heroic feat, than in twilight of gray day the conscious small act, which is contrary to utter darkness of the surrounding. That from this that around darkness, if in it there is at least the sparkle of light, which has flashed by order of will. These small flashes result in ability to operate a flame. If mood not at height, it is possible to create, having called will to the aid. It is necessary to know only that it will desire. In itself fire won't burn if it isn't supported and doesn't eat spirit. The weak-willed pettiness won't be an ideal of the hero. Force can be collected in itself on a will edge always. Soldier Teros lifts the board under the will decree. At the moment Pralaya consciousnesses of actions it isn't necessary, but the consciousness of collected force can be kept all strength of mind, focusing energy inside. Fortress remains terrible and in full silence. There is a power of action and power of silence – both that and another is force expression. Sad, pity rag lack of will of a pettiness will be its antipode. To it we won't assimilate in the spirit of.
Feb. 11. At repeated contacts with dark or their servants it is necessary to outline in advance a circle of protection against harm done by them, considering previous experience. But as the darkness refined, is better to close armor on all fasteners, having been as though a sphere, a balance symbol, impregnable on the one hand. Certainly, harm is done bigger to the weakest. Means, thus and weak it is necessary to preserve, and not just. Protection goes by the same principle. It is facilitated at the accord. If it isn't present, to the weakest not to avoid damage and harm. To violation of that efforts of darkness that, using it, to do harm to those bigger also will be directed. Harm is undoubted already, because the disbalance intruded in Communication and weakened its degree and tension approved recently.
Feb. 15. Consider that can't detain anything anymore. If thought it is possible to create, though it is possible and to destroy. Obstacles, oppressions, allure – everything it is possible to destroy thought. If it isn't possible at once, it is necessary to apply a rhythm of repeated blows. The destructive force of a rhythm of a repeated wave will be not resisted by any barrier or the phenomenon. Usually these phenomena aren't valid conscious strong-willed counteraction, being by the nature stupid-inert. This stupid inertness of the resisting environment can be destroyed a ram of the concentrated, strong, strong-willed thought. The thought will be carried out always if it is rather strong. What can opposite to fire – this most powerful of all elements? About only one it isn't necessary to forget never – it is necessary to work, having united in consciousness with Me. And if thus there is no fear and balance who or what will resist against us is observed? Force of the joint influence should be realized completely before applying it in practice. Against Us nobody is strong. Being thoughts with Us, you enter into an orbit of power of the Brotherhood. Remember how even Great spirits spoke: "I in itself anything". And when there is a thought of weakness, of impossibility, of difficulties, of hopelessness and futility of mental influences, carry them everything to itself, repeating: "Yes! Self on to itself, I am anything. – But add thus: – United in consciousness with the Lord, power of the Lord I create and me to act the force it". And of weakening thoughts already any more be not afraid because they from you’re a little and at understanding can't they greatness’s and relics of the Lord nor to belittle, nor to destroy if there was an association of consciousnesses. However, then these thoughts of force flashing in consciousness any more won't have. So, various unites (Combined efforts (lat.) let's overcome everything that a barrier gets in the way or will rise. With Me insuperable isn't present.
Feb. 16. When the phenomenon is weighed on boundlessness scales, it becomes on the real place belonging to it in the general scheme of things. And then its temporary essence, received to itself a place in boundlessness, becomes the spokesman not temporary, but eternal, display is temporary in it. And if the phenomenon is evaluative, it has the right to life and further development, the right space. If it is unusable, is subject to replacement and a transmutation if it is unusable at all – to destruction. So the seal of eternity is set to all phenomena of life which are comprehended from the point of view of boundlessness because in boundlessness there is everything that is, was and will be. Accumulating elements enduring in the Bowl it is necessary to weigh everything on these scales, considering thus duration of existence of a form or the phenomenon in time. It is good thus to learn to distinguish things and the phenomena crossing out of limits of one embodiment, the given embodiment or even several. It throws the bridge from the present in the future and in boundlessness which embraces itself all and everything comprises. Scales of boundlessness will give the chance of a faultless assessment of the phenomena. They are at everyone.
Well also possibility of functioning of the open centers of an eye and an ear to consider, putting these steps to future achievements, the Television device of the person concluded in his organism, once will start working and already works somehow, only attention due to it isn't paid and therefore the most wonderful property of own device isn't understood and isn't estimated. The bought TV can break or become outdated and the internal TV – achievement integral therefore for being approved work it is necessary to pay special attention not to prevent to work when conditions allow depends on a television center and many other conditions, but. Even the simple car requires oil and energy, especially greasing such is necessary for the mental equipment of the person. The camera of a human brain and consciousness is thin extraordinary and more perfect, than all mechanical cameras, together taken. From this device human to television a brain and the hearing and sight centers the distance at all so is great, and it is necessary to help itself a sharpening of attention and observation to the phenomena occurring in own microcosm of the person.
Feb. 17. Limit tension yields results corresponding. Means, the limit straining has to be reached. How to reach it? Aspiration shown, the order of all consciousness, desire all and all heart. And when, it is similar in the purpose to the flying arrow, all being of the person is strained in uniform monolithic aspiration to that wants spirit, and then achievement becomes possible. A lot of things suffer from incompleteness and collapses it. Completeness of aspiration is available to the so few. Complaints and complaints are insolvent, because the orotund aspiration isn't present. To give all itself on service to the Lord many want, but not many can. To want – doesn't mean can yet if fires didn't flare up. But when heart burns and heart wishes, the fiery desire is granted. And then the limit straining can heart fires kindle.
Feb. 17 (Gurus). Commandment fairy tale is carried out obviously. It doesn't matter, what not in expected measures and a framework there is this implementation. If art prospers, both deserts blossom, and the science walks so quickly, it is possible to believe, as other everything that was specified earlier, will be approved so successfully. The homeland accepted gift of wisdom of the Lord and therefore ahead. Have patience, everything will be, everything will come in due course. It is impossible to begin crops before term. Grains will be lost, and energy will be in vain spent. Everything is good in its season. The requirement of terms should be understood. Are inadmissible neither prematurity, nor delay. But readiness warm should be had not to miss fixed hour. The Phenomenon years and when terms came waited, left, without having waited. So arrive small heart. Expectation as in the picture "Waiting" – as a symbol serves a wait of terms and readiness for them is eternal. Evolution is caused by readiness of human consciousness. To accelerate prematurity – means to destroy therefore expectation is combined with wisdom. But it is possible to give always and under any conditions if commensurability is observed. To give it is commensurable – means to give on consciousness. Therefore, nothing disturbs a wise donation. Waiting so many, whether the self-love demands distribution not on consciousness waiting and on level giving, when the care flows about itself and the small feelings are had?
At a donation the form can be such is that from it will gather both big, and the small consciousness everyone on the capacity. To be able to give accepted, available and at the same time not into drain on plan depth a formula will be the wisdom phenomenon. So expectation of evolution of the world doesn't mean inaction, and understanding of commensurability – impossibility to give.
Feb. 19. There is no other track of wisdom, except that which demands submission of the lowest to the highest in. Each concession to the lowest conducts down on ascension steps, and each victory – up. Each step is clear, and it isn't necessary to deceive it. Study inside, He knows, one concession involves another, and their chain, a slavery chain is created. And it isn't necessary for Me slaves. The low-slightest achievement bears a fruit a hundred times, as well each concession and defeat. Karma fetters for the future centuries are so forged or freedom wings are raised and a choice in hands of the person. It is necessary to remember only that not to avoid consequences of any action or an act. Their root – in itself, in crystals of not destroyed deposits of the Bowl which sate aura with the radiations. So in aura the karma is born by the person – her creator and the founder.
Feb. 20. Art is means of awakening, education and development of creative power of human consciousness. Destiny of the person is creating. Work creative is valuable and expedient only. Without fiery power creating not is to construct the New World. Art awakens the dozing and hidden forces of his creative power because it, entering the person into the world of works of this creativity in the person, acquaints him to fire. Without imagination there is no creativity. And without accumulation there is no imagination also. Means, it is necessary to train the third eye telling to the Bowl prints of that it sees, and the main thing – imprints. To look insufficiently, it is necessary to see. The fine arts also teach to be able to observe and note all shades of tones, either paints, or forms. Without the aggravated ability see as the artist can work, or hear the singer and the composer? Arts learn to exercise and aggravate feeling of hearing, sight, a rhythm and sense of beauty – the word, all abilities of the person, and in it its greatest value. With the developed abilities of imagination and the perfected feelings the person can enter a system of creators and creators of the New World.
The hero chops off the snake heads of a dragon, but they grow again. The monster should be struck in heart. In the same way it is necessary to arrive in fight against the immemorial enemy – a many-sided astral. Not wine or tobacco or something being outside will be object of overcoming, but emotion or the feelings pushing the person to wine of silt to drug, or to something to other.
Feb. 22. For record the mood of the receiver of consciousness is necessary. It is easier not to break a mood, than to establish it. It is broken during the day by a cloud of small thoughts and vanity. Carry by the main burden of life of spirit in space through the sphere of terrestrial life not to any spirit in power. Vanity extinguishes fires and immerses consciousness in ordinary twilight. The ordinary is a quencher of fires. Also it as people, in radiations of the aura the bearing emanations extinguishing fires of heart in people around of them, it is necessary to be preserved against them isn't so dangerous, having protected strong of reservation a protecting network. If look at an environment of the lit heart a seeing eye, it will be possible strong to note that light of giving consciousnesses a little extraordinary. And under the law of being reported vessels radiations of burning heart eat all. At such intense and involuntary return a donation, conscious and any, it is necessary to take over the control, differently there will be a plunder of mental energy. At its super lawful leak it will be extremely difficult to adjust consciousness on perception of distant parcels, and often and not in power. The freight still somehow can be born. But the burden of people around can be unreasonable. And then it is possible to remember about blind, leading the blind. Unreasonable it isn't necessary to be afraid of a burden, but expediency is thus necessary. Inexpedient delivery of mental energy will lead to a devastation which will break a system of spirit and will stop its advance. Sometimes I Speak: "Close a visor more densely". Channels of identity should be preserved. The collective can take place only on condition of the careful and sensitive attitude to the individualized essence of the person, because each flower in the nature is individualized, that is reveals the beauty, both the color, and the smell.
Feb. 23. Great Heart unites the hearts reaching for Light. Light unites hearts. Energy of a brain in the third eye creates limit clarity and clearness of a favorite Face and in the same time heart stretches the lightful thread. Levers of external feelings switch over on corresponding to them internal. As the thought is reconstructed also, distracting from external objects or the phenomena third-party: not dense, but thin feelings are given to a condition of lodge and able to see readiness, as though concentrating in heart. Both sees and the person of heart eyes and hearts ears and feeling-known he heart hear then.
The process happening in the pupil at a known step is called as synthetic understanding of life when a number of the phenomena, merging in one, open the world of boundless opportunities of new and their expanded understanding. And then, where and on whatever the look addressed, the object of attention starts growing and extending in the value. As if a ray of light on darkness, falling on a subject, everything shines it, entirely. Gift of synthetic understanding of the phenomena – ability the most rare, also is got it by century experience. Its characteristic property – inexhaustibility of stays in the course of cognition that is boundlessness that is contact with a treasury of world and space thought. When I Speak about the Ocean of the Doctrine or the Ocean of Space Thought, it I Mean. And then it is possible to scoop from it a measure full and then all human knowledge and achievements become only a springboard to the sphere of possibility of their boundless development and expansion if they are lawful and from Light. Because also a dark chasm – without a bottom, also it is impossible to allow the evils of free distribution. But our Doctrine from Light – and boundlessness is before It. We Rejoice when green color of synthesis lights up over a forehead of the accepted pupil. And pleasure of the carrier it we Consider lawful.
Feb. 24. Educational value of art isn't understood comprehensively. Some parties of this question it is held back at all on ignorance. Art way – Yoga, because demands from going it by development and an aggravation of sense organs and many qualities of spirit? The camera of an eye or the device of hearing have is brought to perfection.
The visual memory excellent is necessary for the artist, and acoustical memory – for the musician. Any area of art demands from the person of long training of all his abilities of perception and some in particular.
Art learns not only to look, but also to see, not only to listen, but also to hear. Because look and listen to everything, but see and hear the few. The formula "Do’s Having Ears Hear" isn't limited to that narrow framework in which it was concluded by people. You know an example of the deaf musician. The internal hearing was aggravated to a limit, and the knowledge of equipment of record gave the chance to imprint heard an internal ear. It is possible to think over it. The third eye and the third ear not a miracle, but the devices being at the disposal of each person, though aren't recognized in all completeness of their value. Let will wonder, as well as the artist, as in reality, the vision imprinted by its physical eye sees. Where it exists? Does it have objective existence? So-called mass hallucinations prove that these images are objective that is existing out of an internal circle of consciousness of the person. Also can be visible and other people. Matter isn't that the hapless drunkard sees devils, and that other same patient sees them in the same place, and in the same quantity, and in the same form. It is so possible to claim that creativity is inseparably linked with the Thin World and activity both external, and an internal of feelings. The main thing is learn see and hear and imprint seen and luhear. To represent that and another – will already treat music or painting equipment. So, true art brings the person on the way yoga, way of the statement and disclosure of all its creative abilities. Person can create. From what? From elements of its accumulation noticed in life and postponed in the Bowl! Art vitally, that is necessary for life in the conditions of dense. Terrestrial all abilities of spirit are necessary to builders of life creatively to build and create new forms of life. Only art can awake creative power in the person. Let the beauty will get into all areas of life, into all corners. The beauty of affairs of hands human is inseparable from art. So art will be included into life, into all human life, and, having entered and having changed life will awaken in the person ability to create and work creatively, will lift it on a new evolutionary step of achievements.
Feb. 25. Combine combinations of the necessary conditions not easy and hardly. In years and when and in centuries we Plan the necessary combination and therefore properly it is impossible to provide, what condition or situation in the present is a step of the formed future. From here a conclusion what to rejoice or scoop too it isn't necessary to something because we don't know to what conduct the reasons, them causing. And words that "your grief will be in pleasure", are full of a deep meaning, however, here plays a role the ant situation law. But anyway, terrestrial grieves and pleasures not from wisdom result. The egoism wants everything for itself, wisdom – for world evolution. Therefore points of their sight on the events often don't coincide. I will tell: you can rejoice to wise implementation of the Great Plan though there is it not in expected measures. How many mirages of personal expectation were destroyed by life? And if thus collapsed unstable thinking expecting and basis of the Doctrine unsteadily approved in his consciousness, let it is a lesson will serve also as the indication of fragility of all created by small desire and personal interests. The great Plan will be carried out. Evolution of mankind won't be stopped by darkness: classless society is approved.
Art and science will be leading forces of evolution. And let special vigilance will allow see already in the present laid the foundation the magnificent building of the New World on the old woman to Earth.
Feb. 28. And still it is possible to rely only on the Lord is the only support. All the rest is fragile. It would seem, the rock under feet – a support strong and reliable, but isn't present anything more dangerously than illusion dense, because dangers around invisible and visible – endlessly. And the rock won't rescue and a body – the house close, the house temporary, the house threatened. I am your fortress. All the rest – lives a stream which is carrying away in eternity. And any more the body house, but the house of spirit is erected by the builder of life, the spirit house in space which is eternal. Eternal in eternity because the house of spirit we won't destroy. In the temporary is under construction eternal that in it to stay. It is strange that it builds an eternal dwelling of spirit for itself. So builds everyone, he knows about that or not. This creation goes especially tensely during increase when reach full blossoming and development all seeds put in the Bowl by the person during the embodiment on the earth. So immortality elements in the sphere of the highest triad collect, and there are with the person they forever. Can ask and how those who goes down, multiplying crystals of deposits of black fires? I will answer: Adherents and hierophant of Brothers of darkness too have immortality that is conscious existence after death, all of them go to a chasm, and this immortality is awful because it is deprived of Light. The end such is that all horror of their karma it is impossible to transfer language human. But our way – to Light and each accumulation of elements approaches it to spheres of space pleasure, because the source breaks it in Space the Fiery Light stream. Pleasure you and Call, Space pleasure of spirit.
Feb. 29. Availability of the ocean of spatial thought is expressed as well that the thought is realized not as that, but in the course of the formation and in opportunities of boundless development. If, at undeveloped consciousness the thought isn't mobile or it isn't agile that at consciousness fiery it flows, being developed on lines of the direction and extending, thus endlessly. Its one step follows another, and it isn't visible the end to its growth. The thought grows in space, and the consciousness covers all opportunities of this growth. Not only thoughts, but also all other phenomena of life this process if the consciousness allows concerns. The phenomenon thus is as though projected by thought forward, to the logical end or expansion and expansion. It is necessary to understand only that evolution concerns all phenomena of life and that all forms can be improved it infinitely if they are vital, that is capable to an evolution; from here, and feeling of the whole stream of thoughts at reflection about this, or that phenomenon of life, - from here, and not only their deep understanding, but also ardent discretion of ways of their further improvement, or development. If the Teacher is always new, the pupil following the Teacher of Light is new also. The thought fiery prevails over thought usual and therefore isn't present and there can't be an indifference to that our pupil speaks. He sees more widely and, moving the fact into the future, unmistakably determines its true value or unfitness to evolution. Thus tell everything – means to destroy. Therefore, it is possible to speak only on consciousness and at the right time. It is possible to give and it is possible to give much, but only within containment of the listener. And registration of thought can be only such that it will be available, however, in a measure various, both for big, and to small consciousness. Besides, there is no need to paste a label of the firm limiting with its conditions of the moment on thought. How many fine, but the thoughts concluded in old become obsolete forms is based upon pages of the former writing. New, new, new and directing only forward from shelves in the future. The thought can be old as the world, but the form of its expression has to be life elegantly new and moving evolution.
My son, vigilant eye of the Lord always over you is. And it is good if the memory about it doesn't abandon you not for a moment. The opposite phenomena not to obscure this memory, and on the contrary, have to aggravate strong because all connected with Me, causes ardent counteraction of darkness. Where counteraction, there usually and darkness? As well counteraction of elements inevitably because are inert by the nature. If are discomposed, force them terrifying. But the person is the God allocated with full potential of divine omnipotence’s: omniscience, pansophy’s, omnipresence and so on. still hidden and sleeping, with properties it allocated God created by it just like, and, having created, placed it on a distant star and started worshipping to It. But the Father in you inside, as well as I in you, and we are uniform and unseparable, and the Father opens Himself in your consciousness because you and It – it is uniform. You also are I, because it was told, you are gods. Is so useless look for God outside? And the person isn't today God, but the germ of future divine properties in it already start functioning. And all its sense organs are no other than prototypes of its future achievements, which in the course of evolution will reveal more and more. And as the basis of feelings is boundlessness, it is possible to imagine fiery feelings of the person through eon’s time, or ability of his reason, or its feeling-knowledge. Boundlessness is concluded and in the person – in opportunities of boundless development of all its properties and its qualities. And the person of the future as differs from himself in the present, as a dirt lump from the sun. The way to the sun, but consolation that rudiments of all properties are already put in the person is far. And they can already start be developed, without being confused range of distances to top because there are no two ways about it, and nothing will be able to comprehend other stay of the person on a planet. For the sake of improbably far, but the achievable future everything is created that happens to the person in life terrestrial and elevated. Enlightenment in this long-term future does it fiery close and achievable, and each step in the correct direction approaches. Steps of achievements on this way are so fine that the distant proximity becomes any more dreams, but reality. Also it is worth working for the sake of what. These achievements are ineradicable, not destroyed and integral. They live, work, suffer, worry, it isn't known for what and for the sake of what their life is deprived of sense, but knowing knows, for the sake of what each pleasure and each suffering. The price is great, but also achievements are huge. So there are through life two: one blind, other able to see; one doesn't know where and why, another knows; for one with death everything comes to an end, for another only begins there. At the beginning of day of the next embodiment two left in the field of life but as variously it for each of them, and all distinction in consciousness – one knows, another - No. In each work for knowing, what it was, – only aggravation and sharpening of its abilities, not for the sake of earnings, not for pastime, but for the sake of achievement of the purpose the far. So everything that is created by it in life terrestrial and elevated, everything is expedient. So far purpose is transferred by him to the present and in the present approves it, doing it by paramount reality of life and comprehending and spiritualizing it each step. To fiery conscious work and everyone separate even action are invaluably useful to the future. So life is worth it to live, because every instant it belongs to the future and can be fruitful and with great understanding is used for the future. Fiery achievements are ineradicable. So, on a key of the future all life, because a key of the present is in the future is under construction.
*March 2. All live aspires and goes to the power over a matter and the nature. The eagle seized elements of air, fish – waters. Extent of this mastering at various representatives of an animal and vegetable kingdom is various. Primary impulse is put, and fire – is even deeper. All forms of the shown matter in this or that look seek for detection of this property. Will ask: and how with elements of fire? Answer: any muscular movement doesn't happen without participation in it fiery beginning because nervous current is too fire. About being shone fishes and electroform organisms already you know. The culmination of mastering is concentrated by all four elements in the person who has reached highest, in comparison with animals, a step of this mastering. But the eagle flies, and the person still isn't present. It too it isn't necessary to forget. The flower radiates a fragrance, and what smell is radiated by the angry and angry person?! Therefore we won't boast and rise in pride because also smaller brothers too succeed sometimes on beauty and harmony lines. The highest qualities of spirit attributed by the person to God, namely: the omnipotence, omnipresence, pansophy and so on, – is the properties put in the potential in a being of the person, and this step of power of people to some extent will once reach. The power and knowledge will be reached by it is immutable, but achievement of omnipotence lies in the boundlessness sphere, and the final top as is unattainable as the space or time border is unattainable. So, on the earth and in the worlds – to know the purpose of the person the power of spirit, and, as a matter of fact, all his life, he knows about it or isn't present, is reduced to this only purpose. They say that the person has to reveal divine properties of the nature that the person is a God's son that it has to develop forces hidden in it, – it isn't words, and that the power over any flesh is truly given it, and first of all over own, and he has to approve this power by the right of evolution or by right to the space. The way to this power lies through itself, through full mastering by an own microcosm because all elements are concluded in it, and, it having seized, the person can own thereby and rule over elements outside. And as it is surprising, but life, everyday human life on this earth, is the best step and gives the richest opportunities for conscious aspiration to this purpose great and for its conscious achievement. To exercise and develop any qualities of spirit conducting to mastering by, the body, feelings and thoughts, it is possible at any time, in any place, having chosen for this exercise quality, conformable to the moment or in general the most sounding to spirit. So, for example, the taken roots habit to do any work in the best way and with interest will be already the greatest victory over. It is possible to win against feeling of fatigue, colds, hunger, discontent, despondency and so on, say, to practice everywhere and always in any living conditions; because life also is that hearth for spirit where its fiery power is shaped, and when the person starts it consciously, he takes the karma in hand. It is possible to win against fatigue, drowsiness and all other conditions of a body fiery will. Force of mental energy is inexhaustible when it is called. Fiery strength of mind is inexhaustible. It is necessary to call it for action only. Also the victory when the most boring work is performed with pleasure can be glad and it is accompanied by luminosity of an organism. There is nothing worse than deathly, black out work. On the value it is equal to slow suicide of spirit. So the collector of fiery treasure knows how to save up precious power and to increase stocks of crystals of mental energy. Courage – too achievement fiery. The despondency isn't peculiar to fire. The fiery way of power of spirit is approved in every day, and making effort admires it.
March 3. My son, accept thought of spirit exercise. Exercise, but not is «languor". It is possible to exercise voluntary, consciously will. Otherwise the initiative remains in destiny and karma hands. When himself the person consciously exercises, then external influences become unnecessary. Or the castle of spirit goes under control of own will, or it is at the disposal of elements, and its movements entirely depend on them. Therefore it is better if the spirit itself defines the movements and what it wants. Then the elements hold already subordinated position. You know on examples as it is possible to rule over elements, stopping winds, taking away clouds and suppressing underground fire or causing spatial from the sky. It also is a way of conscious power of spirit. It is possible to cause and determine by will in advance or to change already display condition of spirit and so-called mood. Only in such cases adjusts consciousness will. All the time which is, – at the disposal of the person, and gives it to him infinite opportunities for exercise of and training. There is no work more fascinating and more difficult, than work on.
Infinitely the spirit house, its eternal monastery and therefore the heaviest difficulties will blossom unknown opportunities is under construction. Can be then neither boredom, nor despondency, thoughtless and aimless pastime because every instant it is used consciously and fruitful. The decision is correct that each thought of something causing trouble, chagrin or trouble, can be used on strong-willed, conscious, its spatial overcoming by means of mental energy. It is necessary only in the spirit of two incline never before any obstacles up to the end, before their full overcoming. And even if external circumstances speak about impossibility, the impossibility internally fiery is burned and melted, processed and made out mentally in accurate forms of the carried-out opportunity. Sweeping aside and rejecting and destroying impossibility these, impossible properly, in the spirit of thought desirable situation is created and approved by a rhythm spatially. It is impossible for them, but for this purpose who with Me, impossible isn't present. It is necessary to go only, without changing a rhythm and confidence without losing, and then the heavy lock will break up under a will hammer. Process is accompanied by a number of external actions conformable, because a hand and a foot human. They speak "no". And we with you speak "yes" who is stronger? Think. And when heart you will understand and you will believe that force at us and that we is stronger than them, obstacles will fail – and impossible properly will turn back the possible. It isn't necessary to be considered, agree and recognize only a solvency, both reality, and insuperability of all of that goes against because against Us nobody is strong. And if at observance of all these conditions nevertheless something else doesn't become, so it or isn't necessary, or still term didn't come. But unshakable, insuperable, not stopping before any obstacles the confidence of spirit has been collected up to the end. Go line of the Beam, and the heavy lock will fall. And we will remember. It is necessary to observe also, what lessons life for assimilation gives. Assimilation selective and assimilation vital differs that life under the Hand of the Teacher of Light gives that and teaches that is most necessary exactly at present. Such lessons are imprinted strongly. And if something goes not as it would be desirable or it seems necessary, it is necessary to enclose even more fire in overcoming. With Me unattainable and insuperable there is nothing. It is necessary to watch closely how people behave, not to condemn but not to arrive so. My son, I Provide the proof of that difficulties result from insufficient confidence of the forces. Uncertainty should be overcome. It feels against going and uses it. It is necessary to leave uncertainty. It is a lot of complications of that there is no belief not only in the forces, but even mine.
March 8. My son, the Sign of my Proximity let will be love. That we love, and on heart. The Image of the Lord is kept by a magnet of love, and whether that the consciousness strong is engaged and filled with everything, anything, any trifles, but not to the most necessary and the major is casual. Bad sign when external failures or trouble weaken a thread of communication and force to forget about the Lord or Service fires go out them; from here nearby and to the savage, an honouring or punishing idol, depending on failures or success in affairs. Unless attendants General welfare not meet everywhere and always ardent and stupid darkness resistance, - and unless they stopped before it? Bases remain unshakable out of any dependence of that occurs outside. Under the external everything means that the stream of life rushing before Looking flows before consciousness, that is. Only having separated and having dismembered elements it from enduring inside, it is possible to be released from temporary and to start approving the eternal. The highest triad is immortal. It saves up in herself from passing and temporary everything that it is necessary for it for infinite wandering to the star worlds. All feelings aggravated and deepened by experience of life are necessary, the feeling-knowledge is necessary, the Hierarchy of Light is necessary and the Lord the leader is necessary. Because where to go without the Lord and how? Accumulation of experience terrestrial for creativity spatial and conscious life in space is necessary. Accumulation is necessary because there we stay armed with that managed to get on the earth. There it is possible to continue only, but it is necessary to begin here, on the earth. Process of undertaking of actions useful during lifetime of the terrestrial is considerable that in Elevated it can be continued and deepened. Imagine the ordinary person who suddenly deprived of a body and has come to be in space. Chicken that has just hatched from egg, the right, more in happy conditions. It though has mother. And the negative has who even possibilities of life out of a body and then he will live if all its energy were concentrated only on the terrestrial? Person the smith of living conditions of the after death, - and negative of life in Elevated lose possibility of conscious existence there. Those stupidly necessary and sitting figures seen on the thin plan also are a type of the ordinary person on the plan Elevated, the conscious life which hasn't wakened yet to a condition there. Having a sufficient stock of fire and not denying lives can have possibility of active stay, but within the aspirations. To fathers directed with them will come. It is good not to have even houses terrestrial and even the corner because the consciousness, to them not got used, won't seek to construct them there, that is it will be free from attachment to certain conditions. There at home it isn't necessary. But it is difficult to acquire this idea if the consciousness got used to arrest itself to the house terrestrial. A lot of things which is considered as misfortune on the Earth serve as release in World Aboveground. The person, on the eve of death lost everything and expelled by the beggar on the street, free enters the world if the consciousness allows to be released internally with feeling of the lost property. So-called misfortunes help much if treat them with understanding. Not nevertheless matter in things or property, and in the relation to them, that is in a condition of consciousness. For this purpose also boundlessness scales that to consider nothing, but only this for a while is given. The present all inside also is integral neither here, nor there. They think that have, and think that know, but beggars them before the Creator of boundlessness and the ignoramus in savoir vivre of spirit. Therefore in life terrestrial we remain always only collectors and stores of elements of immortality that is knowledge and the experience, necessary for life in all three worlds above. Dream terrestrial, rapid, called by life people, truly a dream we will read terrestrial, short and heavy for spirit, but strong useful because only in life terrestrial it is possible to collect spirit treasures for life in Elevated.
March 9. The author of article about the Egyptian art was right: Egyptians really tried to imprint extra temporariness of the human essence concluded in a mortal body on the image of the dead. From here is and absence on a face, and in expression of eyes of all temporary feelings passing. Feature of an astral in a transient of its display. The tranquility is approved also because it lifts consciousness over kaleidoscopically working in shifts of conditions of an astral – as though a victory enduring over passing. Immersion in astral emotions also is the ardent legend of in the power of the passing. We Claim that the value of the highest qualities of spirit consists in their timeless constancy Devotion for today, either courage, or love, either aspiration, or tranquility – sound ridiculously. So qualities approved ennoble spirit over temporariness and a transient of conditions terrestrial and enter it into the sphere of the enduring. The peace of mind which is reflecting in the person of the person, and concern rush about the astral cover, being expressed in each line and movement of facial muscles, indicate a step reached by spirit in the course of mastering by the covers. For able to see the picture is clear in all details. It is wrong to think that front and external obsequiousness and expression of all other feelings breaking greatness and solemnity, a peace of mind, can give to the person something positive or will help to reach wished from those people in the presence of whom the clown phenomenon itself, wriggling and vibrating in every possible way if only to please if only to be pleasant and make impression. The worst slavery and dependence on people around can't even be imagined. After all this slavery voluntary, self-approved, caused by a pettiness of thoughts and representations. Only lack of advantage of spirit and self-esteem causes this poverty of spirit to life. At a known step of consciousness the mask is removed first of all from own face: mask of obsequiousness, ingratiation, babbling and desire to make impression. The closed severity and cold of restraint is better – the damage will be less. The astral clown takes each case to act on a scene and phenomenon. Here to it in itself the most severe and ruthless cruelty because isn't present at the person of the enemy more cunning, artful, highly experienced and dangerous also is necessary, able to deprive of it all achievements and accumulation if the power over is given it. I repeat cold, severe, silent restraint, without obsequious pity smiles, is better also fruitful than all grimaces of an astral, so strong destroying spirit advantage. There is nothing in the world for the sake of what it would be worth renouncing the spirit advantage because at a concession for the sake of what it was made is lost even.
March 10. We claim always, but we Do not deny because only the statement it is possible to reach. Condemnation and denial is not our methods. Why to condemn and that to cause unnecessary and ardent counteraction or to what to deny when the kind statement it is possible to achieve results much bigger. The statement will cover with itself that is subject to condemnation and that is denied as unusable, and will lift consciousness on the following step of understanding when shortcomings of this or that phenomenon will condemn themselves self-evidence convincing. To what, for example, to condemn verbosity someone's and theft of others time when it is possible to tell about short, accurate, beautiful sharpness of speech, in clear and exact words transferring stated thought. Nobody will decide to approve advantage of verbosity, idle talk, but the talker will be straightened out and condemned by an example approving thought. And so it is necessary to arrive always and in everything. Even the friendly criticism often causes undesirable feelings. The statement usually is accepted quietly. To give calling formula, without denying anything, will be the decision true. However, sometimes attendants of General Welfare resort to direct condemnation also, but you know, how many of them paid for it life, -and, when one in the field the soldier, expediency demands a method claiming. Not about the statement or approval of the phenomena negative it is spoken, but about a covering their ideas of the phenomena positive, them, negative, condemning and criticizing in essence, but not in a form. And the Teacher, without digging in shortcomings of the pupil, puts before it the best from this that that can reach and a way Specify to it. Everyone has the best: it can be doubled, trebled, decupled in thoughts and to give to the pupil for implementation and implementation. So We find ways where the ordinary person can't do without denials or condemnations. Therefore as on wings, our conversations bear the person and direct forward, without generating in him the hopelessness arising from contemplation own not the good. Everything who follows Us is good, seeking to assimilate to the ideal. March 11. My friend, lifting’s and spirit falling, under the law of alternation of waves, are inevitable, but they preceding Pralaya shouldn't be deeper than consciousness because then the spiral won't be, and there will be only a spiral flat or descending. It is necessary to move away itself from an external environment when it becomes close. Are spheres besides it where it is possible to direct consciousness much? The World Thin isn't closed also – and it is possible to think that we will bring there when the last side will be passed. What we live here, and that we cherish and it is loved and to what tendency it is hard, we will have and there, but aggravated very much. So it is useful to think of, where it, freight heavy, black out consciousness and depriving achievements. If the emphasis is on thought, also is caused by thought your future in Elevated. And level, coloring and nature of thought, and the main thing, its current are established here, on the earth, in the conditions of the dense. Control is necessary, why to break through in space the channels conducting in the lowest spheres. If to see thinking in a day, it is easy to see what exactly doesn't correspond to the elected of a way, the leader to the Lord. Why to deceive it and to imagine that the way of Darkness conducts to Light. Thoughts of every day cover a track conducting in life or death. Also it is possible to define easily to those thoughts of the left day were conformable and where they directed spirit. So, there is firm a statement that the thought conducts the person, and that one will reap what he'll sow on a mental field in Elevated where all is defined by thought.
March 12. You sit till time when it will be necessary, everything will go smoothly. Conditions show that your time didn't come yet and the destiny isn't defined. Therefore – tranquility and trust up to the end when you will incur as on wings. Before the final permission of a condition personal are especially difficult and against the going, but the holiday goes to your street: everything will be good. In My care you! And people, meanwhile, let will reveal themselves up to the end the attitude towards you, it is necessary for the future not to be burdened with excess ballast. And your care of them and washing many forces and attention demand. Why them it is vainly to spend, but to the loyal friend let there will be always a place both in heart, and in thoughts. The loyal friend you appreciate, true so there aren't enough friends.
March 14. It is impossible to apply to the future of a measure of today or to judge on darkness of night light of the future day, unless on comparison of contrasts. But future measures nevertheless others. But also today and tomorrow are equally gloomy, if without the Lord, because the most important in life – understanding in heart of the Lord, when and wherever there lived the person. The darkness external will strain all forces that consciousness it to kill, but the highly experienced traveler will tell and here: "The Maya, recede". Light the Highest isn't combined with the life ordinary unless if the consciousness allows to hold sparks it, despite terrible counteraction and resistance of the environment surrounding. Whether it is possible to forget, what misunderstanding surrounded Attendants of Light in all centuries at the people? At all! Too the World Fiery is still far from consciousness human. And therefore it isn't so difficult to reach, as to keep and hold achievement under waves of counteraction of the environment. And in days of especially heavy press keynote let will be – how to hold.
(Half awake.) Still it is over nothing. Listen, there are big affairs.
March 16. It is necessary to wait currents antagonistic, leaving forever. They will come back still, but on a decreasing spiral. It is wrong to think that to someone it is easy. It is more given, the more difficultly. Everything will be good and becomes into place, but to term, - and, if someone was tired to wait, I Will remind, We wait centuries more. In the warm apartment not to compare sitting half a year to sitting on an open plateau when cognac froze and there was no place to be warmed (An episode from the Trans Himalaya expedition Rerihs). Half a year sat and trust didn't lose. Test for trust one of the most difficult. But there is no eternal test, the 24th will be day of a change in many respects, and the burden will change currents. Everything will be good. You understood today one great truth: "Pledge of prosperity – in heart".
March 17. My son, noise of vanity muffles sounding of thin energy, - and when vanity triumphs, My voice aren’t audible then. Each thought from vanity will force out thought from above, the market replaces silence. And in it, in silence when it starts sounding, the highest thoughts are born and occupy a consciousness field. Internal trouble does the person deaf and blind. No circumstances can serve as a justification to spirit falling.
March 18. Self-discipline – a condition the most necessary. Only it can give to radiations of an organism of property of luminosity. Without this self-discipline all achievements will address in anything. There are no such circumstances under which it can't be approved. Often speak: "Here advance requires so and so, it is necessary that life changed, and then I will ascend". It is incorrect; it is possible to ascend under any conditions if the self-discipline is approved. And when it is especially heavy then it is possible to shine, having forgotten about it. Therefore self-rejection is necessary. So not to leave anywhere from itself, that is from need of a victory over. Also has no value accompaniment of external conditions for the main a spirit melody if the spirit is awakened. It for them, in a cocoon of the sleeping conditions is necessary. The ascension of the risen spirit unconditionally and is made in any conditions. And the more difficultly, the fiery energy of overcoming more powerfully flares up. Not external circumstances are overcome by the winner, and not with them he struggles, but with itself(himself), and overcomes itself, the old, former person in itself, followed a barrier ways of an ascension of spirit. Outside transfers ignorant a point of the appendix of the energy, but knowing understands that a fight field not out of, but inside. Increase of spirit is required on everything going against, both on people and on circumstances. Think that the spiteful opposite, or the angry person can be overcome external measures while the essence of a victory consists in polarization of own consciousness. After all even elements are subdued so because in the person everything is concentrated, and a number of external actions is required only in order that polarization of consciousness happened correctly. Having only won against itself, the winner will rise. Without self-discipline of a victory won't be. Outside let will be that will be. There everyone is responsible for itself (himself) and bears the karma or creates new, but in an inner world, in the microcosm, the lord him the person, and the radiation of its essence is supervised by consciousness and will, and responsible for that everyone that it takes out, what radiations are taken out by it to the world surrounding it external: Light or darkness.
March 19. Likening to the ship – is correct if only the captain was always on patrol and management of a vessel was in reliable hands. Many rush on the life ocean without a wheel and sails, at will of elements and without knowing where will incur or the sea wave will beat them. Fogs, both rocks, and reeves, and especially underwater banks are dangerous. It is impossible to let out a steering wheel from hands for a minute, and it is necessary to hold the direction not greatly. The engine is Agni. As it is put in action, so the guarantee serves that the course of the ship won't interrupt. Basis is movement to the purpose; elements on a service to the captain. Water – to bear a vessel on the bosom; wind – to inflate sails and messages to the purpose. And the same ship becomes a helpless toy of the same elements as soon as management dropped out of hands of the captain. Or the person operates the microcosm, and elements serve it, or it is their weak-willed and helpless toy. Will – the governor. Its essence is the fire. And when the purpose and appointment is conducted, and the hand on a steering wheel is firm, elements don't counteract, but help to reach appointment. The skilled seaman for an instant of a wheel of will from hands won't miss. Only the course of the ship and possibility of fight against elements and their use are defined one on the necessary work by it. Also solves the person, whether to be to him a plaything of destiny or its smith.
March 21. I give term on consciousness reduction in balance. Balance of spirit is approved on something constant and invariable. Hierarches are constant fires, so They and a support.
March 22. My friend, if the karma puts in certain and inevitable conditions, whether that will be the best decision instead of complaints and discontent to take from them everything that they can give. If the Teacher allows something, so it is useful and something gives, and teaches something. Condition the first: to do the taken work in the best way. The second: to do it without chagrin, it is joyful and vigorous and with thought to study, study everything and always. And to meet each new circumstances a question: and that it can give that is new experience and that to teach. After all life is the best Teacher. Why not to use lessons free of charge given by it. And the burden can meet quietly; they develop stability and force of opposition to waves from the outside. After all events with us is only the doctrine and experience acquisition. The person often believes that the phenomena of life going are end in itself and their lives the person for the sake of them, but not for the sake of experience and the knowledge given by them. The person often believes that the phenomena of life going are end in itself and their lives the person for the sake of them, but not for the sake of experience and the knowledge given by them. And in it the mistake because everything is temporary, and for term, and isn't present anything, for what the consciousness could grasp to be approved on it. The Hierarchy ladder is firm and strong only, the rest passes all as a dream where day yesterday's or year last with all their cares, chagrin, alarms, pleasure and hope – everything left already never to return. But the Lord and with you always is invariable. On It also create the stronghold, spirit a stronghold, over turmoil of temporary affairs.
March 23. It is impossible to expect world evolution in measures human, usual, painted by egoism of the personal world and narrow-minded idea of things. Spirit the way on stars and even out of limits of our solar system. The phenomenon of an infinite ascension of the small personality terrestrial, limited this step of understanding of the world, takes away a small place on this great way. And even the future of your planet, even future embodiments, even the next embodiment destroys that personal world and that temporary environment which is created to himself by the person in an embodiment this. And even future, commandment Lords and already pouring out in forms terrestrial, doesn't hold and doesn't correspond to expected and being expected measures. Evolution is impersonal, that is it isn't considered with personal interests of the person and with his ideas of things. All attendants of General Welfare, attendants of evolution, directed the person in the future, but none of them didn't set as the purpose of final it personal wellbeing and with it weren't surrounded. All suffered, all were tormented, pursued, killed, and nobody passed burden of a cross of life. The form suffers, and the spirit suffers to find new release from a form investing it and to subordinate this form to it. Evolution isn't considered with a form because not the form, doomed death, but the spirit which has invested it, is uninterrupted evolving essence of life. Evolves, of course, and a form, but dying again revives in the course itself of the refined developments. The pattern of planetary evolution of spirit is difficult extraordinary and therefore to provide all drawing it mind human it is impossible, - from here and miscalculations in an expected course of events, because personal measures and personal judgments aren't applicable. Everything is made according to the Great Plan but who can tell that covers the consciousness its all details. Therefore the one who accepts evolution bases, goes, believing all the consciousness on the Lord and applying energy the not for the sake of itself, but for the sake of the world and the future. For the sake of this future new steps of construction of life on the verge of each new year cycle are put, both ears having and eyes hears calls of space and sees contours of evolution of the following step, planned by the Plan of Lords. To the future we will be glad because it is integral and it is inevitable, and a way – through it.
March 24. The strip dark will be replaced light and will be replaced while the darkness won't disappear absolutely. Alternation of leaving and accruing currents, at change the South, inevitably. The consolation that leaving currents go to progressions decreasing, is based on it implementation of the Great Plan. The picture of the future is planned nowadays, as a projection of what should be. Made as though keeps within the true imperfection when the space conditions will allow, the best was approved. It is fated, it will be, but not earlier than what the consciousness and space conditions will allow.
March 26. Yes! Yes! Yes! Or environment is overcome by strength of mind, or the spirit is overcome by it. And we divide people into winners and won. And not from Us, but on the person depends, to be or a weather vane for others wind, or the rock inflexible, granite and strong, able to stand against a violent impact of elements. Resistance in the spirit of, and in the spirit is of a victory, and defeat in the spirit of. It is externally possible not to move at all a finger and still to remain the winner powerful, but it is possible to show and the set of external actions and still to be won. Means, everything is in a condition of spirit, instead of that is created outside. Leave the world external alone because "his rage" prevails day’s and will always prevail, but a condition of spirit thus important extraordinary, what it. So won externally, but internally not broken – the winner, but won externally, but broken by spirit – suffered defeat. And the main task is not to break spirit. I won against the world, at its external victory it is necessary Me. Fight against life is so transferred to the spirit sphere. And in this sphere of her lord – the person, but not that and not that are out of. We come besides: not external waves of the phenomena possess a crucial role, but to the consciousness reacting to them under the sign of the Victory or defeat, approved by spirit inside.
March 27. If life is under construction on external, continuous dependence from external and submission to external conditions is established by it. It is possible to notice that Great Spirits claimed contempt for food, clothes, the dwelling and to everything that concerned their personality, regarding as of paramount importance thought and care of other people. So: support inside and care of people.
March 29. Hands, feet and the body of people realizes as something being at it and with it is constant, though not always them feels or feels, for example, ears, a nose, hair; in the same way it is necessary to realize and continuous Presence in the spirit of the Lord though to feel and feel it constantly and it is impossible, but understanding it is necessary because only then the formula "I with You Always" becomes reality fructifying. At first the Image of the Lord with itself is constant in a pocket at heart, then is constant and in thoughts, then is constant and in the third eye. So in the beginning, at least and mechanically, it is possible to keep subconscious and consciously proximity of the Lord. Therefore carrying the Image with itself is useful certainly. One thought of It already generates the His form before a mental eye, and the person internal sight sees it before him. That and carrying is kind at itself signs of trust of the Teacher. And the ring given by the Teacher to the pupil, serves as a constant reminder, being communication live. It is very dark, all approving a flesh near for communication strengthening. The purpose of the dark – to separate from Hierarchy of Light that then to dispose of the consciousness separated from Light sovereignly because the spirit armed with the Lord is impregnable. Dark seek to come nearer when the Image of the Teacher of Light brightly shines inside. Also work stealthily, very much trying not to catch sight or in the field of consciousness because the consciousness armed with the Face of the Lord, burns them if it is turned on them therefore it is so important to see shaggy hands in each antigoing phenomenon. Aren't seen yet, they act freely and harm, but the discretion or detection of dark schemers forces them to recede immediately. They don't like to burn a counter ray of light. When pressure of antagonistic currents amplifies, dark strong try to use it, but their main care of that all counteracting attributed to that and anyone, but only not to them because in it their force. Are strong, aren't found yet. That is why it is so persistently spoken about continuous wakefulness and continuous patrol and about that for a minute not to forget about terrible danger of dark evil-shift. The teacher protects always but if fortress isn't protected and gate is open for the enemy, the damage is inevitable. It is impossible to calm down not for a moment neither at favorable, nor under adverse circumstances and to forget about continuous patrol. The wellbeing lulling to slip easily allows being scraped secretly.
March 30. Way to Light one – through the Lord because It also is a way. In consciousness the accepted takes the Image of the Lord a way. Having entered, it is necessary to keep on it. It is more difficult to keep, than to enter. It is easiest to be kept by love which wins against everything. We call her the winner fiery, on it Specify.
Apr. 1. I approve strength of mind when there is he in the person or is cold, or is hot, that is suitable for evolution. Lukewarm are unsuitable. The appendix of the accumulated force of fire depends on the direction. Of a violent thicket I undertake to make a grove. Fiery waves of spirit I send to the useful course. The Great Plan is so carried out; but insignificant for construction isn’t called. They aside. It is space litter. Gift of the Lord is accepted to execution of given Instructions. And the world is approved strong. A lot of things are nowadays created, only it isn't visible for a surface. The future is great, the Country, which has saved up force of fires, will be Leading. Fire wins, and fire will win. Leader already ahead!
Apr. 7. My friend, implementation of my instructions is an ascension condition. If they aren't executed advance stops and becomes not to relatives of the Lord. What is necessary now? Memory continuous! But it is broken constantly. The condition isn't met, and consequences of it obvious. The highest in us approves the Teacher of Light. The lowest – counteracts; consciousness between them, in the power of this, or that. And if the lowest wins, it and owns inside. Fight between the lowest and the highest will proceed until the spirit ascends, that is infinite because the end to ascension isn't present. There ascends the winner, that is the one winning constantly who disturbs lifting. It is necessary to fall in love with this condition of struggle constant because it is milestones of a way to boundlessness as a way – through itself. External – accompaniment to spirit, and in itself it – anything. The sign of a victory or defeat is imposed on external by spirit, its condition at present. Better is victorious condition of spirit in the most severe and adverse conditions, than defeatist in the good. And not the victory is defined by external conditions, but a condition of spirit. Whatever occurred around, we won't break and the winner is indestructible. It is my way.
Apr. 8. There are no other measures for determination of strength of mind, except fire bridled by will. The will is force, able to operate fires. Fires at all, but own them, others aren't present. The one who owns the, can own strangers, that is influence people. The strong aura naturally and lawfully influences the weak and, if it bad, grief to the weakest. But on an image to the highest everything are created, and from spirit depth everyone can cause fiery power and oppose it to any force and to become understanding of the force impregnable. Always increase spirit on everything going against the person if wants rather strongly can. Awareness of inexhaustibility of the force already will be pledge of a victory. The strong spirit doesn't stop before any obstacles which are overcome first of all in the spirit of, in itself. If to consider and think, and to believe that any obstacle is insuperable, and in itself, in the consciousness, mentally not to overcome it, there is nothing to wait and victories outside. But in itself, in itself – in the consciousness mentally, in the spirit of overcome an obstacle lying outside, overcomes it and externally. Therefore it isn't necessary to stop and recede never before any difficulties and obstacles because there is nothing that fiery mental energy couldn't overcome. The power over any flesh, the power which is carried out by force of fires is given to spirit of the person. The right to dare is granted to the person. Aspiration fiery the guarantee will be a victory and all achievements.
Apr. 11. Fires of aspiration, love, feat, devotion, balance – fires, fires, fires, without them any phenomenon, is as the motor without current, or the car without steam. And if came Pralaya consciousnesses, it is necessary to wait wisely, without being involved in a stream of actions. Will come to an end Pralaya, and life again will join an orbit of consciousness and becomes far to relatives, and the Lord will be again close.
Apr. 12. Sic transit (So passes (lat.) everything that surrounded, surrounds or will surround consciousness in the urgent worlds.
Apr. 12. It is correct! If the thought became scanty, it is possible to gather from the Doctrine. It is useful to re-read it always.
Apr. 13. Three situations should be remembered: immortality of spirit, temporariness and extremity of dense conditions, Hierarchy of Light. Hierarchy – the purpose, the dense world – means, and spirit – the traveler of a great way directed eternally. Under Maya covers the reality of the real is hidden. Let it will be open and mind isn't saddened. But vanity sounds, muffling a spirit song. To that to give preference to heart the, will take priority in consciousness. Celebration passing, triumph of vanity or silence voice, eternity of life the sounding. To that to give preference?! But it is necessary to win, differently it is necessary to clothe in death clothes that is to be surrounded temporary, doomed to destruction. Rate not on that horse! Whether costs time and efforts to direct to that owing to things certainly and mortally, that is comes and disappears both eyelids and memory of doesn't leave, being erased completely. Pass, pass, and pass the phenomena of the dense world, as a cinema tape.
Apr. 13. To memory of the nature all have access; only people don't know how it is possible to use it. Each subject or thing, in which radius ever something occurred, imprints on itself vibrations of light or radiations of the occurring phenomena just as the film of the camera imprints the vibrations proceeding from a removed subject. This property of embody the matter, of which the world around consists possesses. These prints or stratifications on things or subjects are no erasable time. Each subject is as though the keeper of the pictures imprinted on it. Ancient things, necklaces, rings, ancient stones at intersections of roads saw much and store much. Walls of houses, palaces, temples, the ancient cities, fortresses are archives imprinted on them or in them events. These vibrations, or images, it is possible to cause to manifestation on the screen of consciousness of the person. If to take an ancient ring, a necklace, a spear, either a sword or any other subject in hand and to concentrate on it thought, he will start speaking for it (himself) and to tell that he saw. For this purpose it is necessary to meet only one and only condition, namely: full dismissal from itself, from the thoughts. It is necessary to make so that the stream of own thoughts stopped and the screen of consciousness became pure, as a cloth and that images and thoughts of a personal order didn't plow it. The formula "be rejected from itself" is applicable and here and is an inevitable condition of thin cognition. It is possible to put a subject to the third eye, having mentally concentrated on it and having excluded all third-party thoughts. Everything is simple, easy and available if self-rejection is approved. But if thoughts of and the take the first place in consciousness, a gate of the highest cognition is closed then. It is so possible to see how the egoism becomes the guard of a threshold to intimate knowledge and from the simple narrow-minded phenomenon turns into the guard of a threshold, into a dragon of the threshold blocking to the person an entrance to a kingdom of boundless opportunities of spirit. This memorable day (days of the Great Victim, day of Revival) it is possible to remember Words of the Great Teacher of Light once again: "Who wants to follow Me, be rejected from it, take the cross and follow Me". The cross means conscious acceptance on itself the karma for a gets rid it and repayments.
Apr. 17. The expectation sated with trust to the Lord, already fruitful in itself. Even if the expected doesn't come true in estimated forms, but the condition of consciousness attracts construction particles to lit fires, and they continue to grow. The belief and expectation are connected closely. The spirit gets stronger and grows at these fires. Fires of spirit are necessary for evolution, and whether everything is equal that forces them to burn brightly, shining all aura and multiplying luminosity it. That approves a feat of introduction of light in twilight of usual existence. The Doctrine purpose is a kindle of fires of spirit and transformation of life by them. Over all separations of human and all restrictions we Appreciate a warm heart, rejecting all conventions of time, an era and external distinctions. If light shines inside and lights up the surrounding sphere, that ennobling it, whether that everything is equal, in whose heart it was approved. So, has no values age, neither a floor, nor a nationality, neither education, nor skin color, all other signs external the person, distinguishing people from each other. On a treatment of light and shade there is nowadays a mankind division, and the one who from darkness, that not ours. No other criterion we Have. Be afraid of go out fires. Fires protect, bearing. There are a lot of quenchers. Through everything and over everything we Appreciate spirit fire.
Apr. 19. Stay of the person on a planet is deprived of final sense. It and no wonder, because the end isn't present is. Whether it is strange to think that the end has no anything existing in the nature, it is equal as it has no and began. Any phenomenon is only continuation of that preceded it earlier that was the reason, causing it to manifestation. Behind each consequence – the reason which has generated it, behind each end – a chain of new consequences or the phenomena following from it. Speak; the death of the person is the end. But it not the end, and only is the beginning of continuation of its life in Elevated. The death of the world’s occurs, but their matter goes on education new, and spirit-monads of the forms shown on them pass to new planets, continuing the infinite evolution. Just as the space has no end as time – the beginning or the end because everything is put into a boundlessness circle is exact also, and boundlessness is only a form of expression of everything that in it exists. All existing in space evolves in a spiral and cyclic pulsation of life. The atom pulses, heart pulses, the sun in increase and decrease rhythms, in the evolution and involution phenomena pulses. All shown Space, as well as lives of separate beings, the person and the whole people is subordinated to the great law of a rhythm. Everything is made within the law which is a form of expression of life. To enter into Space rhythm – means to comprehend secret of the shown life and, having merged with it, to approve the place in boundlessness on a ladder of the shown forms that is on the Hierarchy ladder. Its understanding and approach to It also will be the approved immortality of spirit reached in life on the earth and in the worlds.
Apr. 20. Being involved in Maya flow, the person forgets about reality. In the depths the spirit knows that each next embodiment is a stream which it has to cross again to enter on the coast of the Elevated World. It is good when the understanding of it starts being approved in terrestrial consciousness. This understanding can be cultivated consciously in life of every day. And looking at all events around, approves hourly "even it will pass". Otherwise there will be no separation from the terrestrial. Without having come off the earth, continue and in Elevated to roll in Maya illusions, finishing it Devachan's illusions, but Devachan isn't reality. The usual illusion, that is cinema, shows how the person on even artificially created illusions is greedy. Both knows, and understands, but nevertheless goes and cries, and worries, looking on the screen at what isn't present. The yogi lives in peace reality, rejecting Maya in all forms. From here, and is other relation life. From here, is feeling of boundlessness and contact of the highest Worlds? On the earth has to lead terrestrial life, but it isn't specified anywhere that it to take illusions for reality. The movie or the play at theater is as though good was, nevertheless remembers looking that it only theater. As and in life usually it is necessary to remember that life is a scene terrestrial and sutratma is the actor. Also it is necessary to remember it always, even in the conditions of the most intense and ardent because everything comes to an end, any shot from life in a flesh. With this consciousness also it is necessary to go through life, remembering life elevated to which prepare the person on the earth, in the conditions of dense, separating really real from seeming on the earth that.
Apr. 21. How to reconcile imperfection of the present with greatness of the future? Understanding that seeds of future achievements are put now in pre-dawn twilight of coming day! They are put by affairs and thoughts, but the main thing – the thoughts creating life. The emphasis is transferred to thought which conducts planet evolution. And was able if think, the thinker can fulfill the duty to people, without resorting at all to a usual type of work. The yogi builds the temple for twenty transitions from its cave in which he live one. So thought it is possible to build and help on huge distances and thought to create. It is possible to help and that who in need or in the trouble, far and close, and, sending them thought, to give it a shape bearing in an accurate picture of the desirable statement. And, sending far hello, it is possible to issue it at image desired and necessary and the help the giving. One carries out it a prayer, but the yogi reaches wished by thought creating. The fiery, creating thought is executed always. Consequences it can't but give. All made people is a thought consequence. So for the thinker the wide field of work where as the tool the thought serves is opened. It is possible to watch closely leading ideas of an eyelid. They forge life. It is possible to accept ardent participation in creativity it. During the day many thoughts useful can be sent to the world, or relatives, or those who in need. If egoism of thought to reject, it will much is released time for thoughts creating. So kind thinker can become the blessing center for the surrounding district and outside it, there, where the thought can reach.
Apr. 22. Mastering by thought is an apprenticeship step which it is impossible to bypass, evade it is impossible from which. It is necessary to pass through it sooner or later, but to start process of restraint of thoughts it is necessary. In the beginning it is very difficult, but water hollows a stone, and persistence destroys any habit. Mind habits – the most inveterate. Even habits of a body nest in mind. To bridle a body, to bridle feeling, to bridle thought – all three are connected closely, but mind, and predominates over it will. Restraint begins with small, but with iron steady persistence. There is a wish to tell something the unnecessary – it is necessary to restrain. There is a wish to wave a hand – it isn't necessary. There is a wish to show a skull smile – too it isn't necessary. Restraint of feelings involves restraint of language and vice versa (On the contrary (lat.). Usual and habitual expression of should put an end, that is to take itself in short, restraint in everything, except for good and work, it is good, especially restraint of thoughts and words, if they not from Light. Overcoming itself of means replacement old, overcome, new, and overcoming; otherwise you will remain former. It is necessary to win against the old person itself, what is, what will be. The new World will be populated with mankind new. Not to enter with old consciousness into a gate of the New World how to fly having wings. But judgment New World and consciousness is transformation inevitably. Process happens inside, and at conscious and goodwill to it is made available. Begins with small then become great. The principle of undertaking from the small is very practical because from a small seed the tree big grows. But it is necessary to begin.
Apr. 23. The world which in Me, I Give you, not as gives the world. In the world you will have grief, but take heart because I won against the world. The traveler of the Great Way has to become the winner of the world. Having won against itself, there is it the winner of the world because its microcosm macrocosm is similar. Having operated it can operate others. It having cured, diseases in others can treat. Itself ennobling, can ennoble people. The seized consciousness, consciousness of many can own. Way – through itself. There are no two ways about it. If this task greatest in the World to put before itself as the major, the major, the most necessary and it to devote all the time, regaining self-control in trifles that through them to reach to big, then the person really takes a way of power of spirit. And after all in days 24 hours, and every instant from them it is possible to use on achievement of the purpose great. Restraint of thought, language, movements! Itself mastering – that can be more fascinating than this process if its sense is understood. After all – this best school – gives life of opportunities for assimilation set strong a task so much. It is necessary to be involved in this work as the worker in habitual everyday work is involved. Every minute it is possible to think that – what opportunity is given for achievement of a goal? The purpose – mastering by, that is overcoming of. Believe that it is necessary to win against something being outside. It is incorrect. It is necessary to win only against it. Against itself having won Crucified, the World won. And even a hand I didn't raise in protection of. And then external circumstances will be inclined before the winner of life, and then elements become obedient, and then the order of will directed outside, will be executed.
Apr. 25. Fight till the end and a victory. Victory is in everything! Defeat is impossible. With Me fight, with Me is and a victory! Together is in everything. The Main thing is not to despair before temporary or seeming failure. Who knows, maybe, the Teacher wants to temper spirit or to approve trust in the face of seeming defeat. Therefore I Demand not to put the weapon, whatever hopeless circumstances of the moment were represented. The darkness – a bull cardboard, doesn't maintain persistence of light. Has to, the darkness, despite the ardent resistance and temporary flashes has to recede. Anyhow break the enemy, as not inflexible belief in a final victory. With Me we go, with Me we will win, to a victory with Me we go.
Apr. 25 (M. A. Y.) *. Trust Leading up to the end – the engine powerful. If forces ran low and fires die away, updated it is possible to find forces in love to Great Heart, love and kindle heart fires. And let this love to Great Heart won't become scanty. It is the engine powerful, most powerful of all. This feeling it is possible to raise and grow together with it. And if the decision firmly to go all the way, despite everything and without stopping before anything and nothing is confused, the purpose is achievable. But maintain the only few. The majority is loose on the parties and lags behind. And as those pebbles on which the consciousness stumbles are insignificant. And there are a lot of self-seductions. It follows, but not the Lord, and filled heart and consciousness, but not with its Face. Also the given Precept is forgotten before: "be rejected from itself". "Itself follow, but not Me, and with itself go, but not Me, and with itself stay, not with Me" – so Specify the Teacher lost the way and on a capital put before and the first it.
* Mater Agni Yogi
Apr. 25 (Gurus). It is necessary to see natural sequence in the course of the statement of my Name. It is impossible to give early, to give late – a mistake. To give wisely – ability is necessary. Therefore – patience and confidence that everything is made to term. A lot of things were destroyed by premature statements. Everything will be, but not earlier, than it is necessary. Better in silence collect the knowledge which is so necessary for the future, than to mourn, without knowing a true situation. And affairs are good, and judgment to be. To the future we will be glad.
May 1. Show considers each manifestation of hostile forces as proceeding from one center, irrespective of, conscious it or unconscious. The darkness the monarchic also is hierarchical, but in the return value, that is in construction on a treatment of light and shade in the direction of an absolute gloom. Such understanding of darkness will allow to be guided at once unmistakably, in the conditions of counteracting both to be protected, and to work respectively. When the direction isn't revealed and the mind considers that it not so, and attributes counteraction to that and anyone, but to not surrounded around and sharp-sightedly watching darkness, the protective blow gets by, without having done those harm; when understanding source, the beam directs on it directly, putting it painful burns. The darkness doesn't take out exposure, as well as her attendants. Being realized that are found, immediately recede. Are strong while hide behind someone's backs and while the protecting beam didn't find them and it isn't directed on them. In it their force! Force not in them, but in their not consciousness, as source and the reason of all evil-shift. Even rodents and insects and anything, use to do harm, and aren't found yet, insects will harm. Use positively everything that can do harm and black out. The best protection – attack, that is blow of the ray of light directed on those who stands behind the counteracting. If knew, how many evil-shift and malefactors and inventions dark. Last shield of darkness strong itself phenomenon also hire supporters to itself among weak hearts. It is a lot of colleague dark still dishonors ranks of mankind. But they are doomed.
May 2. The secret of time and space is inseparably linked with essence of the Fiery World. Nowadays and here is this essence. Where thought of Fiery consciousness, there and consciousness, whether in the past thought or in the future, here this thought either there, or anywhere. The being of the Fiery World gets itself everything because fire is a basis. Concerning the basis, the consciousness concerns everything that is hidden behind visibility covers. And not the external person is seen by fiery consciousness, but what inside. The soul of things is seen by it. Omnipresence, omniscience, pansophy in different extents of achievement is attributes of the consciousness which has concerned fire, attributes of essence of a matter fiery. Light – too attribute of the Fiery World. The phenomena fiery out of time, or I put, either the word, or thought – therefore a feat and the word of the Great Victim are so actual nowadays, as well as a millennium ago. Out temporarily is Fiery Word. Even immortality or duration literary and works of art are caused by existence of elements of fire in them. It is possible to remember the word that the Sun and the Moon will come, but words of the fiery law won't come. Here again we come to division of the phenomena on temporary and eternal. And in the basis of the second there will be fire.
May 4. Consider usefulness of day on the minutes spent with Me. Who and what inside prevents these minutes to increase and turn them into an uninterrupted interval of time? This resistance and counteraction of the ordinary person in itself, counteraction of singularity of Communication, it is necessary to overcome all strength of mind. Time we find that to give thoughts to everything, anything, but only not to the most necessary. And after all the time will come, and it is inevitable when all that nowadays borrows and distracts attention from the Lord, will lose any meaning and value and becomes unnecessary as interests of last day became unnecessary, at least to the ten-year prescription, plunged into dark oblivion. But thoughts of the Lord – as extra temporariness islands in a storming stream of the current phenomena which are carried by. There is nothing to keep, there is nothing to grasp – everything by flows, leaving motionless only Looking. And if Looking with Me and if Maya rushing by the flow is conscious, then on the rock of the eternal basis of life builds Looking house. The spirit house to itself erects Looking.
May 5. Easy pranayama it is necessary every day for health maintenance. The physical body demands known leaving and attention. Each sick body needs care. Some care and some warm attention – and an illness leave it. In a case the sick body should specify how he has to behave in the future. Such suggestions and instructions are very fruitful. The body healthy knows itself the appointment, but the diseased forgets about it. The body is afraid of the Owner and obeys it. It should be known. Never is it impossible to be given or recede before an illness. The spirit, finally, always wins. Pranayama forces missing energy in a sick place – and process of recovery won't be slow to begin. As the consciousness concentration on the struck body with the purpose to cause in it a rush of blood and feeling of warmth and a pulsation is useful also. The matter of a body is passive and willingly adopts to execution the will order. Healthy, strong people, who never earlier being ill, in a case usually become absolutely helpless and entirely diseases give in, being lost before it. It is necessary to fight up to the end, not for a moment without giving in to an illness and knowing that the spirit is stronger than a body. And at breath it is possible to push out as though an illness from an organism. Mental energy is universal panacea from all diseases. It is necessary to keep all the time in sub consciousness not greatly going process of recovery, not diseases, but treatment and improvement. Medicine – as means auxiliary, main – fiery energy, Agni. It is possible to polarize an organism positively or negatively, depending on a disease, but for fidelity after usual pranayama, during the day it is possible to give to itself minus one, two or three times. All processes in laboratory of a human body can be subordinated to will. Thoughts influence very much. Often diseases are caused by the harmful direction of thoughts, alarm, concern, chagrin, influences of people around, the patients being close, and so on. Environment influence often happens terrible. These influences should be able to be neutralized.
May 6. Unless the solar consciousness doesn't light up the paints and light everything, on what its beam directs? And, if it so, to get to the sphere of a beam of solar consciousness is the benefit. And it on all Hierarchy from top to bottom! Even the look human either creates, or strikes and bears or the benefit and light, or darkness and a necrosis. Besides hidden radiations people transfer essence of these in the look radiation. Also the person an eye can't transfer light when the darkness fills it and light through an eye if the aura light shines can't but shine. So, in effect the person bears light or darkness, sating with their emanations the sphere around. May 8. My friend, with Me it is necessary to pass through pleasure and a grief, health and an illness, success and failures, ease and difficulty. In a word, through is bipolar of attitude of consciousness. In prosperity the Teacher is easily forgotten, as well as at diseases but when no contrasts of external conditions influence any more relationship with the Teacher, then the way is correct. Fluctuating, doubting, unstable, deceitful, suffering cowardice, not knowing – it isn't necessary to devotion you. Not to hold to you the Silver Thread.
May 9. Reaching so few, because it is difficult step through itself and leave itself, with small "I" leave.
May 11. Isn't present and can't be such circumstances or conditions under which the spirit of the person couldn't ascend if heart seeks for rising. But if heart fires went out, lifting is impossible.
May 13. The instructions given in the Doctrine, it is necessary to apply wisely. Literal performance of some council not always is useful or it is expedient. For example, questions of food, because: at heights food one, in lowlands another, in a way one, on a place another, for the loader one, for the person of brainwork another, for the patient one, for healthy another. There is no general measure and there are no general rules. And so is in everything! The Doctrine in life is wisely attached, without breaking an organism system. Certainly are harmful under any conditions decaying products, irritation, rage, fear, envy and so on. Things harmful certainly should be separated from all other phenomena and to avoid them. Even wine as the remedy, is useful, especially grape.
May 17. Hour of My phenomenon comes nearer. Not about much we will be glad, but about the little. This the little, but good, even in the worst, is better bad, even in the best because good, even in the worst, bears in itself light, and that the best which is in everything, cooperates with light. Therefore we will be glad to the best, because in it light. Than it is possible to succeed? Only is communication with the Teacher. It is necessary to fix constantly and over everything, and even a body and all feelings and thoughts current. And what is Ahead? The beam assimilated strong. Beam many-sided, on its sides consciousnesses are distributed. Everyone sounds in the tonality corresponding to color of the Beam. Those, the main are seven. Beam – over the passable phenomena, as well as My Spirit – over a life scum. Each loss is finding something. Difficulty is possibility of a victory. I Is in you from eternity Real and eternity the Face of phenomenon of that comes, is eternal I, but not you, passing. You are eternal, but not passing in you. Fight and victory in everything! Defeat is impossible. Unless the solar consciousness doesn't light up the light everything, on what its Beam falls? And, if it so, to get to the sphere of solar consciousness is the benefit.
May 18. The lord is close atop in total over bodies – physical, astral, mental, over all movements which incessantly in them happen, and all changes in them, over life and death, over all distances or concepts – "here or there, top or a bottom, is far or close", over all representations and time – – today, tomorrow, yesterday, over all temporary conditions of consciousness. The lord nowadays with you, everywhere and always! The pupil goes such understanding of my proximity through life. Also there is nothing nor in this world, nor in Tom, in the Worlds that could take away from it awareness of indivisibility and a merge in the spirit of with the Lord. So: wherever how and whatever occurred or it happened, but unseparable with Me there will arrive to me heart the given. In total and all take up arms on dared to approve my proximity, but the one whom with Me, – the winner always though fights and Hours of tests is inevitable. And when they come and it becomes difficult, it is necessary to remember only that is closest also than all and atop there will be a Lord.

May 20. The doctrine of tension provides that circumstance that in tension opportunities are born. Even the lightning doesn't flash without tension on poles. Difference that enemies of Light go from destruction tension, We is creation and multiplication of construction opportunities. As also creativity goes tension press on poles. The law is universal. And even origin of new lives is steadily subordinated to this principle. In stagnant motionlessness of a bog is decomposition and decay. Life in movement! Dialectics of the nature is in a polar of the phenomena. Evolution is in the course of tension of opposite principles. Tension doctrine is a basis of evolution of the world. Peace competition strengthens the course of evolution; therefore We for the world on the Earth forever.
On May 21 I died Yu.
May 25. Light over the capital grew dim, and one attendant of General Welfare became suddenly less.
June 11. We give the highest to the best. You are ours forever. The way was found in these walls again, a name to it – the national benefit.
June 12. My son, you is right, the purpose not in external conditions, but in conditions of the spirit rising over them and overcoming them. – Fire to keep the purpose, without having lost, but having increased it. And everything that outside, is unimportant because external with themselves we won't take in a way distant to stars. By, let lives the stream because the Teacher beholding it ashore sits, and near It – the pupil by rushes. Entering into a stream and identifying itself with it, loses entered ability of recognition of Maya. In the world you will have grief, but I won against the world, having risen spirit (in the spirit of) over the world. Darkness external is in the world, but Light of the World over it. Spirit life is inside. Its orbit is boundlessness! The world external serves as steps of lifting and only, but in itself, passing, of value is deprived. Don't aim it, but means, not in itself, but the bottom to spirit (in aspiration to tops). And everything in it affairs – the tests to spirit bearing experience, both knowledge, and opportunity to go, and above to rise if correctly the spirit resolves their sense. I call spirit to rise over life the abyss and spirit to rise because we won't destroy and we don't destroy your spirit – real for ever and ever. Not they living only dense and in dense, no! Not they are winners of the world, learned the world. Blind them, - and you able to see. So really you will give the primogeniture for illusions of dreams passing to life terrestrial, so short and vague.
June 13. June 13. Transferring of life to thought will be a new step of understanding of life. Actually the consciousness lives thought and in thoughts, but Maya takes away it in visibility of the outside world and darkens consciousness of that without thought it can't exist. Former idea of value of thought, and thought has to replace Yasnoponimaniye – to rise at the head of a corner because the thought is a basis.
June 14. Wishing success, don't apply on anything. The creating dream, think about a gloom in lowlands! At a dropping of a physical cover of people leaves all things terrestrial and rises above, the same occurs and at a dropping of a mental body when the person leaves all the mental environment to rise even above. Leaving terrestrial, in the integrity doesn't lose the same and at office of a mental cover. Also, as the person not can identify himself with that, what round him on the Earth, so is and in the world mental. The stream of the terrestrial, astral and mental phenomena flows through consciousness or the corresponding covers of the person, without being essence of the person, which spirit over three. Even for ten years the maintenance of three streams going through consciousness usually sharply changes. The spirit directed has to separate itself from them, without identifying itself with one. This stream by the current phenomena will meet it and in Elevated. Also it is necessary to understand the rapid and passing nature of everything, through what passes spirit of the person. Everything flows; only it is invariable, Looking.
What will be the most necessary at present? Certainly the same namely is the statement of proximity of the Teacher. At first and over everything is I, and then already all the rest. It is easy to approve it, when fire not goes out but if fires went out?! What to do then? The psych technic can call and remember the brightest take-off to the aid. Yes! Yes! Everything was: sounding, dreams, both word, and sparks, both stars, and proximity of the Teacher, obvious strong. It is impossible to doubt bases, they should be repeated then when fires die away. But the end is inevitable, and with it and the end of the vital fairy tale terrestrial for life in Elevated. And a question that there we will bring and we will come with what to the World movable by thought, becomes sharp and important. We collect now. With what we will come and that we will save up, with that and we will arrive. And therefore it is valuable every instant life terrestrial, because opportunity allows collect. Paints both sound, and forms of fine things or natural phenomena – everything will serve as a material and will be useful where everything moves thought. The thought of the fine is necessary and here as the basis of creativity of spirit, we won't accumulate images of a disgrace – their magnetization is awful. On beauty we will build the house in Elevated, collecting particles it on the earth and using it is purposeful every instant lives. Thinking of beauty, we won't forget beauty of thoughts and feelings of the person which create his inner world.
June 16. If outside everything is fine, but in heart fire doesn't burn, it is bad. If everything is bad outside, but heart flares is a victory. It is so possible to judge only on these signs; all other judgments will be incorrect. And it is impossible to cover with any words the begun decomposition if heart went out. Business at all that, where and as there is outside, and in what condition of internal fires. By go out of the temple of fires mortally it was once punished, and death spiritual the person, hearts fires of goes out punishes himself. Spirit lamps lit should be held, despite everything. Other decision isn't present. Heroes and devotees spirit triumphed always over external, them in it a victory and in it heroism and a feat. But spirit hung and broken by life any more the hero, any more the devotee, and the feat is unknown to it. And from all to preserve fires of spirit against everything and not to allow them to die away – will be heroism. In a wellbeing stupor, in cold and hunger they can die away, but nevertheless in need and deprivations it is easier to carry by fire, than in prosperity plentiful. From here the task, above all other, – to fires not to allow dying away. And if everything is lost, but heart flares – a victory but if it went out – the end, decomposition and death.
June 17. Inevitable not avoid. Evolution of the world is inevitable. From here is and our victories over the old leaving and fateful world. The victory final will be. She is depicted in future rolls. Light will win against destruction and darkness forces. Nothing is casual and, if the hair from the head not fall without My will, how with transition of relatives? The death isn't more difficult than a hairstyle of hair. The future is projected in the present. The death causes the new births. We weave threads of the future phenomena. Far we shower projections of what should be. Local discrepancies are similar to contraflows in the huge stream rushing in the ocean. Values have no because with a stream rush forward though close and seem going against. Everything is turned on advantage to construction of the New World – and that against, and that for. And consider: inalterability of the Great Plan isn't subject to change.
June. 17. (Gurus). All rivers flow to the ocean. All phenomena are directed in the future. Forms and its essence are defined by will of Lords. And each correct action is with it in the full accord and compliance. From here the correct judgment about the actions and strangers follows. Time of value has no, consequences are important. They with substance are the reasons. Call and is response, act and is consequence. Wrongly everything that is contrary to the course of evolution. And in big, and is in the small. The presents test – when are provided to themselves. As though unaided, as though one, are as though left all. But Maya won't hide reality from a sharp-sighted eye. Separate illusion the temporary. Strong is forged in time hearth a fiery armor of the New World. Also it will be at the right time ready. Also you take care of that your armor was held down to judgment term and the attire of spirit was ready.
June 18. Burden is from understanding of possibility of unprecedented world accident. The bases are shifted. Underground fire is intense. Masses of brown gas waves press lowlands. Break of underground fire will cause cataclysms. The prevention was – Chile. The world is necessary to the world to bridle destruction forces. The pigeon to the world bears rescue. Tension of spheres is unusually. The distinguished consciousness serves as a barometer of a planetary condition – and still not darkness ahead. To victory the guarantee strong we Give, but it is necessary to endure transitional time. Waves of Yugi leaving by Cali alternate with coming Satia Yuga’s and obviously will start receding with a way on damage soon. All successes and darkness victories are seem, temporary and empty, because the bases are deprived. The car they continue strong to work, but idling. Failure expects them in everything, on all planets. The banner of a victory flies over the world. The new World will win. But, is hard poor heart bearing the cross for the Earth.
June 19. Judge is in itself, it and the tester; It and Looking! It is and decisive, - as passed the next test. Life is school. And the thoughtful pupil uses each test unmistakably to know the forces, the weak places, say, to have fair and impartial idea of and of how he moves ahead on the way. Especially in the beginning, how many false idea of, the devotion, the firmness, commitment and opportunities! But life severely removes pink glasses and an enthusiasm and self-deception veil and puts face to face with gloomy evidence and naked essence without everyone’s decorate. Are unmasked and people around, and he sees that is lonely and all is left! And the false friendship grows dull and droops. Both own shortcomings and weaknesses are piled up as the mountain, and it seems as if grow. Also it seems as if the Teacher left. And the karma squeezes pincers. And the exit is closed, but it is necessary and to pass through it, remembering that all this is only way milestones. Monsters at a threshold strong guard an entrance and won't pass the one who them will be frightened and decides what further not to pass any more or who recedes. Decision one: good or bad, strong or weak, sick or healthy, full or hungry, successful or isn't present, young or old, with friends or one, but the way doesn't interrupt and can't interrupt anything and any conditions. "I go, I go, the Teacher, despite everything, to You, the Lord, I go, and anything: neither here, nor there, is neither in this world, nor in that won't detain me" – the pupil so moves ahead, addressing to the Teacher of Light.
June 24. It is possible to write under any conditions and everywhere (if concentration allows), as well as to think and receive a stream of thoughts from above.

The case with a ban dog should be noted. Look it is possible to restrain a spiteful dog. Agni's which has been started up skillfully the spiral, forced chain dog to put the tail between the legs and to hide in the box and even for fear not to bark. So imperceptibly grow internal fires! The fear before an animal or an animal puts the person on an identical evolutionary step with them, and then the animal attacks, as on a being equal to. Absence of fear or fearlessness is a necessary condition for submission of an animal to will of the person. The tranquility extinguishes explosion of astral passions in an animal. There is a neutralization of thin energy. Polarizing the consciousness on the necessary wave, the person operates astral essence of an animal, but it is necessary to be able to operate it.
June 26. Got to the bog it is sucked in inevitably and perishes if there is nothing to grasp a hand. In the same way tightens the world dense the consciousness, not able to hold a saving Thread of Hierarchy. Therefore also Specify to grasp Me strong and to keep as the pith belt drowning for thrown it keeps. Thousand magnets with hooks thoughts terrestrial reach from everywhere for consciousness that to tie it to the earth and to hold on the terrestrial. But the aspiration up, to Hierarchy, to Light, to Lords is given. Let at least the thought of inevitable death will help to understand that all surrounding – anything, and in itself doesn't make final sense, and it is fated to the person for a while. And the body which is so close to spirit, will wither, will weaken, will grow old and will die, and things don't become necessary everything, and people will leave as life left who met earlier. The spirit feels the truth, but mind doesn't want to accept inevitability of loss of all and creates from all constancy surrounding illusion, stability and generates idea of illusive property. But there comes the end. With what the person there where except knowledge and the experience gained in life, it is impossible to take with itself anything else will leave!
June 28. Reaction of consciousness to intense aspiration should manage to be worried. Crest and wave hollow, action and counteraction, Manvantara and Pralaya, say, progress rhythm. Пралайи consciousnesses are inevitable. The skilled traveler will wisely wait recession, knowing that it will be followed by inevitable lifting. Inexperienced will blindly decide that everything is over, and works everything is vain, and ahead of anything. Dangerous moment, the fraught many consequences! But it is necessary to remember that accumulation is integral that the consciousness raises a rhythm that this rhythm of waves alternates by the principle of a pulsation. Everything will return, but with a force increased. And nothing is lost because all inside and is buried till time as life under snow cover that in the spring to wake up again. Pralaya the wise man spends time, without beginning big affairs and without falling into despair at feeling of the curtailed opportunities. In total ahead! All accumulation again will flash fires, but it is necessary to wait. Violently not to cause fires. Something should become stronger and take root inside. Even grain has to be buried till time to give shoots and a fruit. Laws in everything are identical. Therefore know and believe in a victory.
Also it is impossible even to leave the Lord in thoughts, - with It up to the end. It will help to avoid many invisible dangers. It is necessary to tie to a ray of light itself continuously and to stay in It at all, both everyone’s, and various circumstances of life. Not all have a Ray of light to services. Whether many will understand and will estimate, whether will forget in a stupor of dense conditions and burdens life and fussy cares! To forget very easily, but, having forgotten, it will be more difficult to return happiness of the Beam twice already, or perhaps and more, than twice. It is necessary to think only always that is good or bad, an illness or pleasure, good luck or a grief, but the Beam permanently over us. Polar of life is of the phenomena inevitably. Tests are caused by the law of a polar defining change of the opposite phenomena. Morning and evening, rising and calling, winter and summer, grief and pleasure, easy and difficult strip of life – know everything about it, but aren't able to apply to itself, forgetting that with the Lord it is necessary to pass through pleasure and a grief, and that only in this two-native flame the spirit blade will become tempered. But as this situation is acceptable and it is clear on a crest and as it is unacceptable and is forgotten on recession. It is better to remember the Lord in misfortunes and him to feel proximity, than in happiness to forget about It. And how many spiteful and gloating-over eyes watch that moment when comes Pralaya consciousnesses to throw the harm and to cause the greatest damage. It is necessary to remember the angrily guarding.
(Today the Guru dreamed – he woke up after return from the Elevated World and I told that there he saw many interesting things).
June 29. The eye sees that, on what is directed. Also and of thought! Mind realizes those thoughts on which the consciousness is directed. The sphere and nature of thoughts are established by consciousness, and the choice depends on it. The coming conditions matter, but not the decisive. That world of thoughts in which their lives the person, considerably depends on him. You know that great people in the most impossible conditions created the sphere of the creative thoughts which are often going strong counter with thinking of people around, and often imprinted the blood independence and freedom of the thought. But it is destiny of great spirits or those who decided to approve the right to freedom of thinking. All links to influence and influence of the environment are born from weakness of spirit. There is nothing that the mental energy of the person maintained by strong will couldn't overcome. Not to approve independence of the thoughts of the surrounding – means to send itself to its power and to obey to it. Either the slave or the lord of the power – isn't present the middle. The power over, and experience too over itself. The risen spirit doesn't encroach on any consciousness and its freedom. Everything occurs in itself, inside: both fight, and victory, and achievement of a new step. I bless on that to stir will to action for the adoption of release of consciousness from the power of the phenomena of the present day and spheres of people around, dense, for that spirit to rise over life the abyss.
If to compare time wasted by the person in vain, to time spent with advantage, results will be tremendous, expediency isn't observed even concerned the Doctrine, - from here and an incommensurability of acts and thoughts with great appointment of the person. The purpose is approved in the Doctrine clearly. Why then there are so many deviations from a way and so many wanderings? Not therefore that heart will defend far that is accepted and acquired only by mind. Without heart it isn't enough head. Many troubles were caused by them, the tadpoles who have forgotten heart but if the decision in heart, so heart and have to give freedom that is to release it up. As it rejoices it everything, that ennobles and clarifies the spirit. Call this feeling conscience. But after all, conscience in heart lives. But it is heavy and empty on heart, because heart in a lock on locks of seven. If distances to heart freedom, truly, would find the world, the World, which I Give you not as gives its world.
There is more: unless you don't know, in what happiness. Happiness is in a self-return, in return of, in a self-forgetfulness, dedication; but unless the inflated egoism can forget itself? It herself puts on the first place and before all and only. But already I Said that loved whom or that, even I am more than Me, Me is unworthy, and that is, speaking in other words, is unusable in pupils. So it is necessary to choose between it and Me. And to whom it will be preferred and on whom the choice will stop, that and will take priority in heart and to determine by it the way direction, but time when it is necessary to leave a body and things – the basis of a receptacle of egoism here will come, then it is necessary to leave an astral – its citadel, then a body mental, being at them in a service. What then? With what there will be a spirit deprived of that temporary and shaky basis on which he tried to build the house. Whether will go erase to anything, having remained with anything? So it is necessary to think of on what we create to them a monastery for spirit in Elevated, the spirit house strong.
July 2. As Mine will sound, if it muffled itself; or Me, or itself, – that you will choose? Chosen mine in degree full – mine receives wholly. Chosen the – mine has no. Mine touching, it is necessary to forget about it and to remember that only full-return or full-aspiration the guarantee will be success. The Word My and if it wasn't executed, so is unchangeable either the Plan changed, or the conditions necessary for its execution, not observed. For execution two parties are necessary. Therefore Asked: Whether "You believe" because without existence of the necessary elements in consciousness receiving the help, it doesn't reach. It is better to complain about itself, than about the Lord, and it is better to look for closer, than in the distance. Dismissal from itself is hard. From there are so much failures and fruitless attempts. But when my Face takes priority in consciousness, forcing out and covering, the success is provided. Good luck follows my people. It isn't necessary to understand it only in money or material prosperity. Expediency means a final victory of spirit and spirit prosperity. It is possible to succeed spirit everywhere and in any conditions, but if with Me. Will be in good spirits with Me, - the victory is guarantee. And someone and nothing can then prevent to collect a plentiful harvest. I demand the conscious adoption of My continuous Presence for a final victory over the power of terrestrial circumstances and rage of dense conditions. You see as opposite conditions before force united in the spirit of with me consciousnesses incline. I with that, who with me! This law of merge is simple in the spirit of. It is necessary to become closer, it is necessary to become so close that all stirring would disappear at all. So we will reach a victory.
July 3. Nobody can be charged for the future. But the one, who knows the law of causality and follows precisely to it, can. The law is simple: what reason, such is and a consequence. Grain will give rise by the nature and in strict accordance with it. But to know it isn't enough. The knowledge without application is useless. It is better to know less, but to apply, than it is a lot of – without the appendix in life. Not applied knowledge will be in the condemnation applied – in a merit.
(The Guru dreamed, I went in the direction to it and I thought of looking worthy).
July 4. When the screen of consciousness is engaged in the Face of the Lord, and the sphere of consciousness is filled with its Beams, receiving parcels becomes inevitable. This way consciously or unconsciously all reached. Certainly, also warm filling because conducts heart thus is necessary. It was told: "The thought conducts the person", but the thought conducts heart, that is the thought is conducted by heart. The love and hatred a citadel have heart, as well as all feelings. But after the entire World is movable by hatred or love, that is good or the evil. Power of thought depends at most fire enclosed in it by heart. It is necessary to learn to be able to want heart. But from where then there are so much not granted warm desires? But it only visibility because once and somewhere the warm thought will be executed is immutable, perhaps, even then when the consciousness which has generated this thought, it already outgrew and doesn't need its implementation. How many such overdue executions of long desires happen in life of each person (because the person wishes always), how many meetings unnecessary already and circumstances unnecessary already! Even during one life it is possible to observe how something, passionately desirable in youth, becomes unnecessary and burdensome later. It is necessary to wish circumspectly and very carefully; as it is frequent and with what disappointment the stopped loving heart looks on once passionately darling! But consequences of the generated desires should be born up to the end now or after, – in this life or another, but energy of heart should settle given rise to them. And who knows, whether two persons nowadays chained by a karma one to another, as convicts aspired to a kernel passionately once to each other. The East solves a problem simply, killing desires which, generally speaking, don't have borders and limits. How many and that the person had, he always wants more. Killing desires, the person exempts himself from karmic consequences. Yoga’s replace desires with aspiration, as though Trans mutating the lowest type of energy in the highest. The desire is too closely connected with an astral that even is called as a body of desires. To meet desire – means to try to fill with water the rotten barrel full of holes which cracks will extend only from each new portion of water. Way of satisfaction of desires – incorrect. The one who wishes, – the authorities over the world, as itself (himself) and a body won't approve.
July 5. Breath of people is stinking. Air, arriving in lungs of the person and being oxidized in them, enters direct contact with blood of the person and absorb its essence. Breath of many patients is fetid. Breath of irritation is fetid. Breathe of defect fetidly. Breath bears on itself the press of essence of the person. Breath of the devotee is fragrant. Health breath is fragrant. Breath of the person of thoughts high and light-dawn is fragrant. At sufficient development of a feeling-knowledge and acuteness of sense of smell it is possible to determine an illness, health and a condition of the person by breath. With each exhalation the person clears or infects the sphere surrounding it and is frequent on far distance. Poisonous emanations of breath impregnated human concourses, especially brothels, gambling houses and all places where passions terrestrial come to light. The pure or dirty thought is immediately reflected in air exhaled by the person. Often the person in the atmosphere infected with his own thoughts which air and to it is poisoned chokes. Two poles phenomenon pure and dirty thoughts. Contact of people with each other, when breathes one air, has deeper consequence, than think usually. Many diseases and indispositions are caused by this contact. After all the person inhales in himself, entering into the microcosm the infected and poisoned particles of a matter which just were a part of an organism of other person – the patient, angry, angry, afflicted, hating and so on. If ponder more deeply upon occurring process, those dangers can be terrified and possibility of an infection which are born in itself by breath of the person. Aroma, life given breath of many plants and trees, especially coniferous – as though life ozonizes live and operating constantly also is useful. In combination with other radiations breath powerfully influences. Breath it is possible to transmit an illness, as well as health. It is possible to breathe on sick body and to cure it, and it is possible and vice versa – in healthy to cause an illness. Breathing on the person with a certain thought, it is possible to affect him in the benefit or in the evil. Joint stay or accommodation of people in one room is fraught with many unexpected, but inevitable consequences because the air of the room will be the carrier and the transmitter of their kind or evil qualities, their health or diseases. It would be possible to be protected if nobility and understand, danger from where threatens, but many even don't suspect about its existence. The medicine recognizes possibility of transfer of so-called infectious diseases through breath, but is limited only to them, disregarding that breath of people infects another even with the mood. It is possible to be protected if to know degree and danger depth. It is possible to win against the enemy, only knowing his force. Breath in the infected room is insalubrious. Either open air, or careful airing of the room. It is acselerate air of hospitals where there were many sufferings: ozonizes and the sun beams are necessary. Natural ozonizes – coniferous trees – it is best of all. The discipline of thoughts relieves of self-poisoning. Change of a residence and stay on a bosom of the nature can show miracles. Very circumspectly it is necessary to treat with what people it is necessary to breathe one air. Mutually influence can't be avoided. As protection the mental space suit can serve, wearable on itself is constant. Also it will be useful to throw out in the morning at breath from an organism others infection or an illness, creating that mental immunity. Mental protection will be also protection physical. Mental protection will be also protection physical. Often the reason and a root of an illness should be looked for in the phenomenon of contact with the unhealthy people transferring to an infirmity the through breath. If only the reason to understand, and there and it is easy to be preserved. It is impossible to be preserved against the unknown enemy, but the enemy exposed isn't dangerous because against him it is possible to take self-defense measures. Mint and eucalyptus powerful cleaners, and also pitch of coniferous trees and coniferous backs, turpentine top-quality is crude turpentine, pine or fir oil. It is better to sit far away from the interlocutor that breath didn't concern him.
Now a cause of illness of you know, therefore, it is possible to be treated. People around poisoned with the breath system, thanks to narrowness. During lifetime in a community everyone had the separate cell. It was so approved.
The illness from an organism can be pushed out breath.
July 6. Each subject existing in the world is a boundlessness section because last and future concerns it. It also takes a positive view of all phenomena of life because nothing has the end, began. Concepts of time and space especially brightly emphasize this lack of an extremity or the end, but this property on all things and the world phenomena extends. It is possible to track the birth and death of each thing, but elements not making it with which it and adjoins to boundlessness. Nothing begins and nothing comes to an end, but everything only proceeds, changing for ever and ever. It gives the chance to see eternity elements in all phenomena of life and subjects to attach consciousness to that exists always, that is to immortality of the real. The consciousness sated with elements of boundlessness, becomes immortal itself that allows to keep its interruptibility at change of its covers. Life eternal also is that life which exists around because it, changing the forms, itself never dies. Thus, every moment the present it is possible to consider as a section of boundlessness, display in temporariness of this moment. This understanding allows projecting any section of circumstances of any period of human life in the future, that on character of the real reasons to remove properties and features of the subsequent consequences. And it also allows creating such reasons which will generate consequences wished to the person in the present. For Us all is only a consequence. We so create. Grain and shoots and its fruits are consubstantial. Their causes and effects – are similar to grain and fruits. There can't be that situation that the reasons didn't generate consequences or that the rotten or spoiled seeds gave good shoots. The great reasons give rise to the corresponding consequences. From the insignificant the pettiness will be born. But from the small can be born big and even great just as one small sunflower seed can cover with vegetation the whole continent. In this aspect there are no affairs big or small because all of them grow in space. As good and bad germs of various properties, tendencies and habits inevitably grow in a being of the person. Small and hardly noticeable today can become big and great tomorrow. And it is good, if from Light it, but not from darkness. The garden of consciousness demands care and examination. It is a lot of good and a lot of bad at times is there. And all this inevitably grows if pours down attention reviver that is if the thought stops on this or that property, feeding it with the energy. If clean thought from any habit or tendency of the person, they die, deprived of food. It is so possible to look after each sprout in a consciousness garden, supporting kind thoughts Me destroying bad the termination of thought of them; because sprouts, flowers and fruits of a garden of consciousness live and eat thought. Many thoughts are carried by through the sphere of consciousness of the person during the day. Whether there are a lot of good of them, kind consequences bringing, and whether there are a lot of dark and angry – here in what care. Monasteries, or the spirit house which are built in Elevated himself by the person, are under construction thought of the present day.
Flowers and fruits can decorate them, and painfully weed prickles. Builders – everything, a question only in, whether wisely build. One erects a dungeon to itself, another builds chambers. But everyone will live in creations, erected by everyone during lifetime. So, the care of thoughts will be care of the future because from the thoughts not to leave anywhere, neither in that world, nor in it. So, the discipline of thought will be the shortest and most right way to the future. So, thoughts about fine will be that construction material from which walls of a monastery of spirit will be put. So, service to Beauty will be construction light.
Let's think together as, than to help the Homeland. And it is possible to help much. Access to a treasury of thought gives this opportunity. The impulse of boundlessness strengthens thought, that is allows to continue to develop any thought in the direction put in it. Many stop on reached, but the impulse of boundlessness directs forward – to further logical development of any situation. The end isn't present, everything proceeds, extending and going deep. And if fires are lit, further consecutive development becomes possible and easily achievable. The thought as though itself directs forward, further, to expansion and deepening of that is put in it. Many behind the present don't see the future that is can't catch the following step of evolution of this phenomenon or the moment, but the lit consciousness can. Everything, positively it is possible to develop and improve everything and on unbeaten ways if the consciousness allows.
July 13. The power over all invisible and visible worlds is potentially given to the person. The lord of the shown world it is allowed it to be. From here this power extends on all conditions of the person, and also on a condition of a dream. In that part it where the dream is reflection of day soundings, especially strong laws of causes and effects work. And something won, overcome and approved as it in a wake condition that will sound and in dreams of the person. The withdrawal moment to a dream is considerable that that direction in which the thin consciousness of the sleeping directs as though is established. The brain can't usually work in a dream, but accepted by it before a backfilling the direction proceeds and therefore to approve thought before going to bed will be the decision wise. Rehashes terrestrial even if they aren't bad, nevertheless won't give food to soul. The dream serves as a food for spirit, plus it scoop in it forces from the elevated plan. The dream is the phenomenon universal. Пралайя and Manvantara, or the pulsation and a rhythm embrace itself all phenomena of life – to Space inclusive. The nature which has fallen asleep for winter wakens in the spring again, and so everywhere and in everything – alternation of conditions. It is allowed the person to own a condition even Pralaya, having approved before it the direction of the line of spirit because the dream in aspect of terrestrial existence of the person is small Pralaya consciousnesses.
July 14. Affairs human – We so call them because they the orbit cover final spheres terrestrial. Task is stretch a life thread out of limits of these spheres in boundlessness. But, as and where? To Me stretch, because my other-worldly World, I – outside limited narrow-minded existence. To lose itself, to lose the soul – means to leave the small world and to concern consciousness of the world big. This world isn't limited neither time, nor space – it includes Space, with all its forms of a display of life. Time space with terrestrial the general has no anything. That on the earth is the present, in Space can be future, the past to become the present, and somewhere in spheres hidden in the present pnenomenon and the future. Time terrestrial at least on Mars is senseless. Even concepts of top and a bottom are relative in opposite points of the earth. All terrestrial concepts and representations are relative. But the sphere of eternal Space Thought is absolute at the heart of the. We approve the World Fiery; eternal because of a terrestrial relativity it is deprived. As great space laws are irrespective also. That is why we Speak about Bases upon which the World is based. Bases are unshakable, though the stream of vitally shown forms flows to the eternity ocean, eternally changing and evolving in the aspiration to perfection. Eternal in time sees the mind which has concerned boundlessness, collecting an immortality harvest. Extremity terrestrial and limitation of the dense world is not in the world, which around, but in mind of the person, in his consciousness which has taken for reality a relativity of the world terrestrial. The walls limiting consciousness, it is necessary to destroy before it will be able to come to open spaces of the Space Ocean. The ocean of Space Thought can become available to the person who has released the consciousness from the illusive world of terrestrial representations. The secret of time and space consciousness has to be the concept of death is solved and is won. To new understanding of life comes nearer on the earth of people, and achievement of a step of space consciousness becomes already close possible.
July 15. When someone inside rises against following by the highest way, consider that it not you, but the enemy your immemorial – the astral rises and wants to approve the, but not yours. He wants always, attracting down. It he against a rhythm addresses to the Lord, it he against thoughts of the Teacher It he against constancy of the Image in the third eye. It, it, it steadily always against everything that ennobles spirit and "I" pull out it from embraces small. In all not gets rid and in a chasm the attracting the astral – the enemy ancient is active. It needs to be separated from itself. It – an unnecessary appendage in itself, the role played and become excessive. It is necessary to be through with him, having dismembered elements him that it was easier than them to reject. Wrestle for life or death. Or he will win, or the triad highest spirit. If here wins against an astral, it will win and there when terrestrial clothes will be dumped. It is necessary therefore to win here, for the present a body.
July 20. Having great opportunities for considerable achievements, the people on trifles spend often energy. The unicorn is a symbol shown aspirations not shattered, - or a ram, in a point of one collecting all the power. Force can phenomenon itself at its focusing in one point. Otherwise great power is sprayed even. Points of the appendix of the energy can be much because the person has to be comprehensive, but at the time of application of force its concentration on an edge is necessary. The dispersion of thoughts, feelings and aspirations never results yields. The symbol of an arrow pointed too is good or spear pointedness. Speed of moving bodies – a condition very necessary. Even animals, fishes and birds follow this principle. By the same principle moves and the directed thought. When we Learn each business to carry out in the best way, we mean ability to collect the force in focus. If incompleteness is condemned, dissociation is doomed irrevocably. As well the devotion shattered or divided in, won't resist against the current; other qualities of spirit (if) these decomposing beginnings entered into them won't resist also. Solidity of spirit is approved by concentration fiery when all energy gathers in focus inside for a display of action powerful. Stone-bearing is able to focus at the right time in a point one all the power. And in it force it and secret of success.
July 21. Certainly, the consciousness of the person, but it only to a known step is created and defined by world around. When the person can tell: "I won against the world", then any more the world, but the spirit of the person create the environment and will transform it. The power of spirit also is that it rises over the world and creates it outside and in itself at will of the mighty. The step of Planetary Spirit or planet creation so highly lifts it that is shown in forms that he becomes the creator of a material world. With the Creator planetary Logos's is appointed to be to the person, and limits of growth of power of its spirit don't exist, it is the highest aspect of boundlessness. But the way to tops of the power over any flesh which is defined to the person from the beginning of times is difficult and long. However on this way there is each of people and all mankind as a whole. Steps of achievement of this power display in the microcosm human achievements obvious, though not understood people. How many million years of fight, sufferings, works and efforts were required to the person that from an inert matter to create to itself a body with all its most amazing properties and abilities and to subordinate him to the conscious and subconscious will. And these billion atoms collected by spirit of the person in the sphere of his microcosm, are united in one harmonius whole which moves, goes, sees, hears understands and realizes. How many centuries were required to a spirit-monad on creating at least an eye which sees and photographs surrounding as this most wonderful device of a microcosm human is difficult! The reached victory of spirit over a matter still is far, very far from the final end. Space is great, and even degree of planetary spirit only a step on a way to further, infinite development of a spirit-monad of the person. Even it is difficult to imagine the following steps, because the human reason has nothing to compare them. There are no words in language human, expressing their essence, but in concepts of omnipotence, pansophy, omniscience, an all-luhear and all other qualities of spirit a hint about tops of the highest achievements. Extents of these achievements are various: pansophy planetary, pansophy of the solar system, pansophy of the galaxy and so on, and above in boundlessness; because the limit not present.
(Continuation). Ability of speech is a victory over a matter, ability of hearing, sight, ability to think – all these steps of achievements which are a little realized by people. Unfortunately, people look at everything too simply, but understanding, what terrible work and time were required on each of them. But time came to realize the way and the purpose and to go on it not blindly, without knowing, where and why, but with an eye opened and seeing the purpose. If it is already reached so much, it serves as the guarantee of future further achievements. Great procession of mankind, in its whole, to tops of power of spirit and the power over the world goes collectively, and the general level of achievements is already enough high to become a springboard for achievements still big. It is necessary to understand only that the person is a process, and everything in it the events spatial seek for infinite development, expansion, thinning and improvement which Space of limits doesn't put. Present twilight temporarily also it is passing. The shining future of mankind faces it as tomorrow, and there is no such force in the world which could stop a stream of space life. The space way of the person is predetermined by Space Will and therefore is immutable. Everything that is embodied in Space in a form, aspires to the same great purpose. And wise sees in each of them the same spark of spirit which is lit in it before the beginnings of times.
July 22. When and where we reap the fruits of the evil and kind acts? We reap now, in the present, and new again we create that after to reap. And one hand we sow, another is reaped. The present is a past consequence, but the future is a present consequence. Causality wheels in operation the constant. The care of what reasons are started up in a wheel. While the reason is created, is imperious over it creating because freely creates but as soon as it is created and let in a wheel, any more the founder of the reason, but the reason itself dominates over the person. Also it is impossible to change anything; it yet won't settle all energy on beget. Consequences can't be avoided, but the attitude towards them and nature of influence can be changed them to consciousness. So the ignoramus cries about material losses, but the wise man rejoices, seeing in each loss release. So, seeded it is reaped, that is it improves and neutralized by consciousness here or there because the karma works it is immutable in the plane of the generated reasons. But in the spirit of the person can overcome in himself a consequence of the lowest reasons, already other, new, modified relation to consequences generated by them. And in this aspect the power of the person over karma is boundless. Will him external karmic phenomena, but the attitudes towards them in the spirit of. The ignoramus will grieve, but wise rejoices when sees that can pay old debts. Debtors everything, only aren't able to pay bills adequately; from here, and grief, complaint, discontent with destiny. And meanwhile, payment of karmic debts is no other than process of release from the karma. To pay and not to do new debts is here in what a task. Therefore it is better to give, than to take, - because taking always will give. Therefore it is better kind to think and to create the benefit, than angrily, because cause and effect – the different ends of one thing. Therefore I Speak: "Load more strongly Me", I Want because to settle all burden terrestrial because forces I Will increase on it because in pleasure of spirit I Will accepts loading and a press the unreasonable. And by that I Will approve spirit domination over karma of dense conditions. So I Speak when following Me too it becomes difficult.
July 24. It is necessary to mention imagined qualities. The chain isn't stronger than the weakest link. It is bad if during a storm the anchor rope breaks: or will carry away in the sea, or on rocks. As well with imagined qualities. From here and need of tests that the pupil where his weak and unprotected place knew. Therefore it isn't necessary to be afflicted with not passed tests. Should be known, it is necessary to know degrees of the abilities, endurance, endurance and forces. Swimming in the boat on the ocean of life is unsafe. And art of the swimmer and his opportunity should be considered precisely. Each quality of spirit at each person has the ceiling. And each test shows its height. And unrestrained test will show it, than the test which has been successfully passed rather. Only the tests which have been successfully passed on a limit of tension can serve as a right exponent of quality and be compared in this regard to tests unrestrained. These last at ordinary people serve as the testimony of weakness or spirit falling, for the true pupil they are only a litmus piece of paper, a reactant defining in it degree of the examinee of quality. They don't afflict him, but specify that it is necessary to strengthen still and in what to be approved. Also the examinee of each possibility of the best cognition himself more surely to move further rejoices. Weak link in a chain replace new and strong: as and with any quality of spirit, strengthening and updating it and pouring in in it new forces. It is better to rejoice to each test, which even not hasn't been sustained, than grieve and scoop for the unsuccessful: anybody and can stop nothing the spirit which has irrevocably solved the way to the end. Let's leave repentances, despondency, and hopelessness to losers – the solved way to the end knows that return isn't present back and everything inures to advantage it too inflexible spirit. It will be more precisely told, that the lowest karma it is replaced with the highest spiritual, concerning not chains of the external karmic phenomena, but the attitudes towards them in the spirit of.The ignoramus will grieve, but wise rejoices when sees that can pay old debts. Debtors everything, only aren't able to pay bills adequately; from here and grief, and complaint, and discontent with destiny. And meanwhile, payment of karmic debts is no other than process of release from the karma. To pay and not do new debts is here in what a task. Therefore it is better to give, than to take, because taking always will give. Therefore it is better kind to think and to create the benefit, than angrily, because cause and effect – the different ends of one thing. Therefore I Speak: "Load more strongly Me", I Want because to settle all burden terrestrial because forces I Will increase on it because in pleasure of spirit I Will accepts loading and a press the unreasonable. And by that I Will approve spirit domination over karma of dense conditions. So I Speak when following Me too it becomes difficult.
July 24. It is necessary to mention imagined qualities. The chain isn't stronger than the weakest link. It is bad if during a storm the anchor rope breaks: or will carry away in the sea, or on rocks. As well with imagined qualities. From here and need of tests that the pupil where his weak and unprotected place knew. Therefore it isn't necessary to be afflicted with not passed tests. Should be known, it is necessary to know degrees of the abilities, endurance, endurance and forces. Swimming in the boat on the ocean of life is unsafe. And art of the swimmer and his opportunity should be considered precisely. Each quality of spirit at each person has the ceiling. And each test shows its height. And unrestrained test will show it, than the test which has been successfully passed rather. Only the tests which have been successfully passed on a limit of tension can serve as a right exponent of quality and be compared in this regard to tests unrestrained. These last at ordinary people serve as the testimony of weakness or spirit falling, for the true pupil they are only a litmus piece of paper, a reactant defining in it degree of the examinee of quality. They don't afflict him, but specify that it is necessary to strengthen still and in what to be approved. Also the examinee of each possibility of the best cognition himself more surely to move further rejoices. Weak link in a chain replace new and strong: as and with any quality of spirit, strengthening and updating it and pouring in in it new forces. It is better to rejoice to each test, which even not been sustained, than to grieve and mourn for the unsuccessful: anybody and can stop nothing the spirit which has irrevocably solved the way to the end. Let's leave repentances, despondency, and hopelessness to losers – the solved way to the end knows that return isn't present back and everything inures to advantage it to inflexible spirit.
July 25. Agni sexless! As the transformer of fire heart which does all-initial energy bipolar, that is light or dark serves. Certainly, on the structure Agni, but – in the highest aspect and over feelings and passions human is dual. When it directs heart, heart and sets to it the darkness or light seal. That is why in the ancient writing it is told that matters for the person not that that proceeds from the person enters into him from the outside, but. Because all proceeding from "his lips", that is from it, is transformed by his heart and already karmic contacts the person. The whole world, all rage human can fall upon clean heart and if it has in itself no "anything", Agni radiated by such heart, painting the light all thoughts, feelings and acts of his owner will be light. And then all events outside because the root of all evil is ripped out of heart any more have no value. But everything proceeding from the person is thoughts, words and affairs – being its generations, karmic it is connected with him because it is approved by heart. Light heart will be given rise by light Agni, dark – black fire. And between two poles of light and darkness hearts human, generating fires of all degrees fluctuate. And not that matters that from the outside direct on the lit-up heart of the energy, the evils sated with elements, and that reaction to them the lit-up heart remained permanently crystal and pure, not darking black fire. Transmutator fiery energy is the yogi and a cleaner of spheres surrounding it and spaces. The burden of the World, borne heart because a lot of poison has to accept poor heart remain and still free from darkness is great. Many hearts don't maintain a press – from here so a little reaching the purpose. But the purpose – to resist and reach and, poison accepting, light generate. Here Put him directed by heart, on a crossroads of roads, whether will resist? Whether will resist when any more the word, but by the light it is necessary to approve light on the earth.
July 26. The Highest everything, in whom there is though Light sparkle has the right to an entrance to the World, but it reveals on consciousness. That in itself, is comprehended that outside, however, as and in the World terrestrial. The world of the cave man and the world lit up various, because the person is a measure of things. That is why we Speak about consciousness expansion that it from the world surrounding it more could incorporate. The yogi eremite, who isn't leaving the cave, expands the consciousness endlessly. In the presence of fiery aspiration nothing can interfere with the person to move forward in this direction. If only fire of the directed heart only didn't die away. It is a lot of quenchers and many conditions, fire of spirit of the extinguishing. As a matter of fact, plunderers and fire-eaters everything in whom it burns more weakly. The law of being reported vessels in operation the constant. And still it is necessary to resist, - and not only to resist, but also move further. Where to find forces for advance uninterrupted? Let's address to the nature. The sun ascends every day updated, after Pralaya the night. In the spring after a winter dream life wakes up. The rhythm of alternation gives strength to the statement of life and the person each time scoop in a dream the new forces necessary to it to live. As also the spirit during night Pralaya updates the forces and scoops the energy, necessary to it for ascension. If to treat the phenomenon of a dream consciously, knowing that it can give to the person, the necessary forces further to go, it is possible to gather and be updated in a dream by soul. This terrestrial everyone in the World comes with fire stock. In the same way and the dream opportunity gives this to increase a stock. But for this purpose the conscious relation to a dream and understanding of the phenomenon of a dream is required. All know that a dream – a reducer of physical forces of the person but very few people think that spiritual value of a dream immeasurably deeply. And pigs sleep too and too in a dream have a rest, - but pig not example. The dream can be beneficial very much if at withdrawal to a dream the will channelizes consciousness. But the body terrestrial sleeps only. The thin consciousness is tensely active, but it works on the lines of aspiration approved in a wake condition. Usually these lines are established unconsciously, chaotically, casually and their directions are often dim, dirty, vague and black out terrestrial passions, shortcomings and weaknesses of the person. But at the time of a backfilling the will can reject a matter of last day and channelize new, released from them to thoughts. And thoughts then will incur thin consciousness on the channels put in them. The dream of death is similar. Many prepare for death, releasing itself from terrestrial put, burdens things and everything that connects spirit of the person. In the same way to a dream departing, the consciousness is exempted from litter terrestrial that free to fly up on wings of lightful thought to those spheres where it is updated again by fire and forces to itself scoop for life day in the conditions of the dense world.
July 27. Speed of a tow decreases in direct ratio to number of towed barges and their loading. Therefore among followers we Prefer self-feeds when even the easy contact strengthens their engine – fires. Therefore amateur performance and a display of beams self-proceeding are approved. The loneliness of spirit will be sometimes the best condition for the statement of self-proceeding beams. Wisely the Teacher conducts, and not complaints are necessary, but understanding of complexity Administer. On the one hand, it is impossible to mention the Karma, with another, it is necessary to conduct nevertheless, without breaking free will of the conducted. Beam of the Teacher phenomenon in borders between free will and what not the law (Karma) allows. But when the free will of the pupil strong is directed to merge to will of the Lord to unite consciousness with It, these borders are moved apart according to degree of aspiration and transfer of will of the pupil to Will Teacher Light. And then the formula "Yes There Will Be Will Your, the Lord" becomes force releasing spirit from chains of the Karma, and the condition allowing the Teacher display Will Its in will merged with It of the pupil. When the impulse to merge will's and without any violence from outside from heart following the Lord, then it is possible to tell that possibility of origin and an display of Beams self-proceeding is approved. That is why swimming in own at least a boat is preferred to others ships. The passenger by others ships usually the phenomenon temporary. Both the wealth and freight of the ship add nothing to that baggage with which it got on the ship. And often others is accepted to the in an environment it. So often at contact with the Highest Consciousness the consciousness touched again to go out when contact will stop lights up brightly. Others accumulation are accepted to the, giving as a result the phenomenon of the broken trough. From here and an especial fate called in and the bell ringer. How many them which have touched, lit up brightly, gone out and by the last! Passersby We Will call them. Because it is necessary not to pass by, to bring the, that is that is saved up in the past. Brought won't depart and won't go out, despite everything. Therefore the number of pupils at Spirits Great was always very limited. As also you attend not to burden itself with freight unnecessary. It is a lot of wishing to offer themselves in pupils, also it is necessary to have recognition gift, that among coming to see a heart anthrax. And still it is necessary to give. Wisely it is necessary to distribute light of a particle. The unwise donation will usually give rise to treachery. However, where light, there and darkness, and betray it is feasible, using each opportunity to do the harm.
Objection "and as ordinary people live" answer: more than a half of people are obsessed, remained in most cases are under dark influences and often work under darkness suggestion which happens the various duration and force. Even Arhat isn't relieved of dark attempts and often is object of special shifts from attendants of the evil. But Arhat is rescued by constant intense vigilance and readiness to resist to darkness, in whatever form phenomenon its activity. Therefore Specify "be wake spirit" because many eye spiteful watches each your movement, trying to discover weak places that through them to wound.
July 31. We apply extreme measures to preserving relatives. And if nevertheless something occurs, so time to that to be approached. The karma will work, isn't settled yet. Only the spirit finishing the way on the earth, with karma terrestrial finishes calculations. We help always when ask, but within karmic opportunities. Let's help and here, only it is necessary to expect the help, without defining its character at discretion. We as well as with what it is necessary to help will solve. Your thoughts of our help will help to put sent to energy with bigger advantage, than in case of doubts and counteractions or other stirring conditions. Let's help, help also you, without preventing to work with our Beams.
Tell something, the Lord! I will tell that knew that with you the Lord is constant. Where cognition limit? It isn't present. And impossible today tomorrow becomes possible and achievable, it is necessary to set only the purpose for itself that wanted by spirit. And put it will be reached once and somewhere. But the purpose should be set now because if there is no purpose as it happens usually at many, there are no achievements also, and it is necessary to trudge in the tail to the purpose of the going. If, the purposes purely terrestrial and aspirations to terrestrial, and the harvest is terrestrial, with in the dense world, therefore both Specify Boundlessness and Fiery World, as the prime target of achievements, and all intimate miraculousness of the device of a microcosm human. Impossible isn't present, unattainable isn't present, it is achievable and all is possible within the law. It is necessary to comprehend only essence of laws of the nature with which the world keeps. All achievements of modern mankind are based on comprehension, studying and application of these laws in practice. But the purposes terrestrial are set by mankind nowadays before itself. But when Space will start opening the secrets and a subsoil of the earth will tell life story on it, the corner of the appendix of human energy will move then and in Elevated the person will direct then, both terrestrial and Elevated will merge in one and become we weed display of reality obvious, studied and not denied by usual mind. Course of the planetary ship we Send to elevated spheres in order that connect they could with terrestrial in consciousness of the person. For the present nowadays the veil of denial separates the worlds. But that time when the tear apart will mark it the worlds dismembered nowadays, association of the invisible and visible worlds is close, close. And those who now set for itself the great purpose of penetration for a veil by improvement of the psycho-fiery, physical and spiritual device of the human body will glance the first for a curtain of the dense world. Denial should forget the directed spirit, because all ahead for this purpose who will dare. Let the stream of life usual flow, but wings are given to spirit that over life it could rise to spheres of unusual reality and to claim in the unusual. The commonness breaks the unusual. So let all your life on the earth because in Elevated usual it is replaced unusual becomes unusual and the place to denials isn't present. Denying unusual, in Elevated the person of possibility of cognition of reality loses and remains with anything. Speaking language of the ancient writing, "death of dooms" because, denying real, life denies and deprives the consciousness of possibility of the phenomenon of not interruptibility. Therefore we are approved on the unusual and unusual we Claim as usual on the earth. It is a lot of unusual with our Help entered already into life of the dense World and became usual. In the same way will enter into life and singularity of the Elevated World, marking itself the association of the Worlds prespecified by us.
You know a formula that isn't present "to a standing hail, at least without one righteous person". And it is valid so irrespective of, know, whether citizens of a standing hail about it. One or two on the whole city, it is possible to think of it and, having thought, to understand why our envoys were sent to the different countries and why presence of some people at this or that district has such deep value about which, perhaps, and don't suspect carriers of the Assignment. The mental atmosphere of each place is saturated and painted by mental products of thinking, feelings and emotions of people, which occupy it. As the torch in the darkness, a dispersing gloom shines the sent spirit with the light, dispersing darkness and sating all surrounding sphere with thoughts of absolutely other order. If his thoughts are rather harmonius and strong, he wins this Wednesday if on the contrary, it is won by it. Therefore we Send on a feat checked, strong, able to resist against influence of all capacity of the sphere surrounding it and not only to resist, but also to sate it with thoughts of absolutely other order. To the little in power this task because the feat though is hidden, but it is difficult extraordinary. The fiery will of our envoy has to opposite to everything that from darkness, strong it striking, and to approve each seed good, the sprout everyone light, each evolutionary undertaking. Everything that from darkness, everything is struck by fiery thought, everything that from light for the benefit, everything that is useful for the people, is approved fiery strong and fiery is supported sent to ours. Our Help to it, both Beams, and Communication proximity, and victories is our Guarantee.
Aug. 1. Knowing in World Aboveground is as able to see before blind. Here ordinary people can limit it to the establishments, rage and injustice, but in World Invisible, where everything moves thought, he is a lord over ignorance of negative and dull brains. To a dream departing, it is possible to remind itself that terrestrial about the power surrounding over consciousness it is necessary to leave measures. There the thought and knowledge of the supreme laws dominates, and Agni who has been saved up earlier, creates. From experience of the past in the world astral it is necessary to conclude, what even those from the dead who kept consciousness, are absolutely helpless before knowledge the highest, and applying it can but only be protected, but also influence powerfully. If not to keep this understanding, impressions in a dream, going of the Thin World, won't give to spirit of freedom, both terrestrial restrictions and dependence on people will be postponed there. Why to lose elevated freedom, transferring in Elevated curve living conditions. World dense and a body are jailers of spirit. Freedom is only there. And in the world it is achievable so far as the consciousness can be released from it. "In the world you will have grief", but the victory over the world consists in dismissal from it. This experience should be transferred in Elevated, having established a thought current before withdrawal to a dream, and to note changes in nature of received impressions. It is impossible to transfer to the world astral chains terrestrial. After all then all stay in it during a dream will take place under their yoke. This experience also will help also to spirit release upon transition of great borders.
My friend when test will end, fires again will flash, but with a force new. Test of overcoming of influences and resistance of the surrounding sphere hardly because the former environment is replaced with other, is perfect on the past not the similar. But life is overcoming itself. In itself it is necessary to overcome sphere influence. How, without having overcome, it is possible to become the winner in World Aboveground? Victory is in consciousness. In the spirit of not think to be inclined the hero under a hammer of external conditions. When the consciousness will take roots, neutralizing the power over it of the present, test will be considered passed successfully, and conditions, its creating, finished. Not from the Teacher its duration, but depends on the examinee. The victory will put an end, and only a victory. But the Victory – in the spirit of! Sharp-sightedly the Lord watches process, knowing when the Beam of end has to be sent.
If the person becomes the face to the person with death, it is better as it to meet – with a smile of fearlessness or having writhed in horror dark? Certainly, with a smile because it not more terrible, than a hairstyle of hair. As both lives towards and to its difficulties, her chagrin and all difficulties we designate better with a smile to go, than in a clouding of spirit or with complaints, complaints and discontent. It is better good to see in bad and to look for it strong, than bad in the good. And then the eye on good will open. And then it becomes easier to live. It is a lot of good in the world for a kind eye. So one sees light, and another only darkness, but light to see better, and especially in people. Thinking about them it is good, we lift their spirit to a next world, which in them see. As often nail death is the thought about not the good neighbors, depriving of them opportunity to ascend. And, seeing badly in the friend, good it is necessary to be able to approve in him on a place of the bad. Without knowing that, we create often thought shapes of relatives and distant people. To see and the nobility is one, and to condemn is something another, something the destructive and give birth evil. That is why it is necessary to think in the benefit.
Aug. 2. My friend, penetrate into the phenomenon of happiness of Communication in the spirit of with Me. Whether it is available to much? And also think of what work reached it and how many centuries of aspirations, fight and efforts it was required on it. And here opportunity is got. But truly I told that it is easier to reach, than to hold achievement. A lot of things and very many consciously also will unconsciously stir. Follows a thicket care of that display how to protect and preserve the phenomenon of the Silver Thread. Constants can strengthen it hourly memory about it. It is possible to present its cutting obviously the space, going from heart to Me binding with my Heart. You in Heart we wash a place you take, and sounding of your heart immediately will give an echo in my Heart, and then I Reply with Heart. So the display of heart fires wins against space, so distant messages on a thread warm sound – and range becomes close. So proximity I wash approving by consciousness in heart, a great cause you create – entering of light into the world dense.
Aug. 3. My son, we will begin a new step. The statement undoubted in the face of evidence ardent will be its main note. My world we will approve in your days of life terrestrial. But it other is worldly. In it is all difficulty. Will be to tell more true that the usual understanding of the world surrounding us so far from reality that my World, that is the World of my understanding real, needs a announce the new. All true Doctrines, somewhere and ever given to mankind, were intended to direct consciousness of people to understanding really real in the volume corresponding to a step of evolution, reached to data the people. But all of them to some extent reflected reality. The World in which their lives the person is diverse, and is deep infinitely. Also bases or space laws upon which it is based are firm. They represent themselves as though an outline on which life patterns under laws of a measure, numbers and harmonies are weaved. To acquire bases and to understand secret of number – means to understand reality and the phenomena occurring round the person. Doctrines, data before because conformed always to the moment requirement concerned the different parties. But culmination all Doctrines the synthesis uniting in one harmonius whole separated and particles scattered everywhere of space knowledge. The synthetic understanding under an external form of Doctrines of any period of time sees this uniform, main space knowledge of essence and connects in one parts disseminated through the world murdered Osiris's ignorance. Not the external form, but essence of the phenomenon opens itself to the synthesis carrier. And it is frequent in the phenomena antagonistic and opposite he comprehends the different parties of a thing uniform. Therefore it is told that "not neither the Greek, nor the Jew, neither slave, nor freedom", because a spirit-monad – in all, and its way to light great one at all mankind as a whole. This way also is a life. On it Specify also keep on it all Doctrines of Light. And if the science leads the person to a gate of Space Knowledge, such science and part of the Doctrine of Light will be true. Nowadays to science are given the chance of space ways of comprehension of the World, and responsibility of its bike, not on destruction, but creation it has to serve the person, because its purpose – to become a life torch. I claim that the synthetic scientific understanding of essence of the vital phenomena will lead mankind to association in consciousness nowadays divided by ignorance and denial of two great Worlds – the hidden and visible world. And denial undoubted will be then so infantile and ridiculous, as denial gamma or alpha rays and all other opening of modern science.

Any great undertaking was included never into life without ardent counteraction from the ignorant biped. And now the statement of the New World goes at a terrible antagonism to it from darkness and henchmen of the old world. The leading Country builds new steps of evolution, goes a new way, and in this evolutionary character of its gait the guarantee of a victory over all counteractions, obstacles, difficulties and resistance of opponents of the future is put. Exactly the future which is created by it is a leading magnet, and all our Help and Energy ours are sent by us on support of a great cause. Yes! Yes! The great cause of construction and the statement of the future for happiness of the whole world are created on open spaces of the Great Country. The guarantee of the Victory we Give also affairs it It is approved.
Aug. 4. So, approving my World in your days, you will reach about my Day. It is told quite right: they exchanged the sky for the earth. And everyone changes it that terrestrial permits to the world in consciousness to sound more strongly and more loudly than the Heavenly World. As the world heavenly we will understand the world of the really real. And that they should learn and comprehend what people yet didn't comprehend, it is infinite more widely more than that they already know because a name comprehended by the person – Boundlessness. My world is part of the ocean of boundlessness of space thought. And thought concerning Me, in Communication it the directed thought of the Ocean concerns to Me. "To live in eternal" – means to live in the ocean of space thought which already existed before the beginnings of times. But between consciousness of the person and really real there is Maya, distracting consciousness from uniform reality. Maya illusions should be overcome. It invests the forms with many types of attire if only to take away spirit from the narrow track conducting in life. And when the person finds this track and enters on it, Maya allure amplifies especially strong. Dragons of the Threshold it is called the monsters guarding an entrance on a track of life. These phantoms, being creations of mind of the person, supported, strengthened and inflated by all henchmen and darkness spawns, strong protect approaches to Light Gate. All darkness collapses on impudent dared to approach to them. And even overcome the darkness and entered on a track of life isn't left by it. It guards on the parties from a track, and it is worth curtailing from it aside at least on a step where scatter is thin also an intricate snare as the consciousness immediately gets confused in them. Therefore there are so much receding and receded and so many not reaching. I am the Way, Truth and Life – and it is possible to go only Me. Me recognizing and in heart having accepted, it is possible to go safely on a narrow track of life. Certainly, tests won't slow down, of course, the life isn't easy, but the Guarantee for the Victory I Give, if with Me. And how exercised the wit darkness and her attendants in the inventions, daring in the spirit of with Me nevertheless goes, though it seems to it from time to time that one is left that fight and efforts are vain and that the darkness wins. But the one, who solved irrevocably the way to the end, speaks to Maya: "Recede", – and again wins, disseminating a temporary gloom and accelerating terrible phantoms of the condensed darkness. To go all the way, despite everything, contrary to evidence ardent – motor-(the Motto (English)) the old person overcoming in. Also it was told correctly that on the way it is impossible to go – it is necessary to become a way. This way of formation consists in merge of consciousnesses – My and following Me. And we go, merged by Heart, to the fiery purpose. That is why understanding of the Teacher in heart and heart filling by the Lord will be the major on this way. Because together when, anything, no monsters of a gloom are terrible then nothing can stop. The cowardice doesn't beseem going with Me – cowardly always recedes. No tricks of the consciousness, any fabrications, any words and circumstances can acquit the turncoat who has left a life. From Me averted stupidly from Light of averts and stops the way. When it is strong and strong with Me, retreat isn't present. Pralaya consciousness for withdrawal doesn’t take. They are inevitable and are caused by a rhythm. Remember strong Words: "I Is with you in all days till the end of time", – Lords of the word, invariable for all times.
Aug. 5. The statement eternal will be the statement in itself space consciousness when it rises as though on wings over life usual, expanding in process of lifting the horizon. From height distances and a relative positioning of parts of the surrounding person of the world are visible. The circle of usual consciousness of it doesn't see. A lot of things crowd close, breaking prospect and preventing to see farther behind the standing close by. It is characteristic for the Thin World that there is no top there and a bottom far and close: close that is shined with a thought beam because there the thought creates an environment of the person. It is enough to think of a distant subject or the person, as they already before eyes, close. Magnetism of thought is great. The same, as here, but strengthened is thousand fold and deprived of conditions of the dense world stirring thought. Obsessions give the flavor about the power of thought over consciousness in the world Elevated. Here work with hands and feet, there – thought. And the thin body is set in motion by thought. However, under the influence of thought and will it is raised and here a hand of the person, but resistance of a matter it is so strong that value of thought as motive force, the analysis escapes. In the same place the thought is expression of actions and becomes action. Carpets planes , caps of darkness, magic tablecloths and all other accessories of national fairy tales represent the exact symbolical description of features of the Thin World and opportunities of the person acting in it is conscious. The formula "nowadays possibly all" first of all is applicable to area of the Thin World. But for this purpose the knowledge of its laws and ability to work with thought is required. Exactly there life is transferred to thought. And on the main channels of thinking of any person living in a body, it is possible to define unmistakably spheres of its stay in the world the Hidden ambassador of release from a body. The thought exempted from limiting conditions of the dense world, creates and reigns there undividedly. That is why control over thoughts is necessary, that is why it is so important of what the person thinks. The statement of Beauty relieves of a disgrace and thinking of a low order. Beauty – the satellite reliable, leading to tops of shining thought. It can be claimed in all use and in particular in the field of thought. It is beautifully to think – achievement of a high step. The beauty is combined with harmony, coherence, balance. The aura of complete equilibrium or the highest coherence is fine. The thought about fine creates fine forms in the world Elevated and surrounds the creator with light of light. Many directed souls in former days against beauty sinned and therefore their way was darkened. The fanaticism, fanatic and other dark qualities of spirit are incompatible with beauty because the beauty is good, the benefit and light. Also the beauty, as the principle leading is nowadays approved. And with it the World New will come in stead become obsolete World.
Aug. 6. Show stay on patrol these heavy, dark days. Clouds from itself, the destiny of mankind fluctuates on a sword edge. The raving darkness pushes it in a chasm. But We on the guard also Won't allow jumping to a leopard. Show great Patrol because dark strong don't doze. My beams protect the Homeland these difficult days. Her enemies will suffer a defeat behind defeat in everything, on what their forces are directed. In total their seeming successes temporarily. The darkness is condemned, both will leave, and will clear a planet on behalf of the. A lot of things are created now against Light. The dark strip should be waited; having collected energy of spirit inside and assimilating in balance to a sphere, there is nothing then will be to grasp a shaggy hand. Aug. 7. Restraint in everything is similar to a dam accumulating water for useful work. Even impetuous spiritual flare time burn before a corporal cover. Fire bridled, both reserved, and subordinated to that to will, will be the energy, able to be used at a discretion and desire of his owner. Energy of thoughts, emotions and feelings of the person, being not controllable and operated his will, settle the force in itself – it is aimless and useless, often destroying nervous system and health of the person. Restraint we Define, how Agni's store. The eremites vowing silence knew the miracle force of restraint. In a smile, words, gestures, movements, thoughts, emotions, feelings are in everything pnenomenon restraint of the yogi. Restraint of emotions is so unusual that people start feeling any concern, awkwardness and even fear in the presence of the dominating emotions person. They feel the collected force of fire, and this singularity disturbs. Inhabitants don't give themselves the report in that, this restraint and ability to own itself is how necessary. The person violent is similar to a steam-engine with open valves via which it is useless steam leaves. Such car can't give useful work. Leakage of energy is too great. Not to inform waters in a vessel full of holes. Accumulation and Agni's condensation and measures demand the special. Also it is possible to be glad to that isn't passing and not temporarily the works spent for the statement in of crystals of coagulation fire. In this sense value of restraint is great because the restraint applied in life, allows to increase Agni's stock and to collect immortality elements in a microcosm of the person.
Restraint and tranquility – the qualities close each other by the nature. Culmination also crowns them balance. Through restraint and tranquility come to balance, this superior quality of spirit. Each effort in this direction is fruitful. Even thoughts are useful about them because once and somewhere balance of spirit will be reached aspiring to Light. People save money and collect things sooner or later to leave them as, however, and with all the rest, than own. But the collector of crystals of fire and Agni's store collects imperishable values of spirit which are integral and eternal and necessary in all worlds. So arriving, it carries wisely out longer line which reduces and moderates value of limited lines of terrestrial life. For this accumulation because they remain forever with their owner are "forever" necessary.
*Aug. 8. My friend, Dialogue in the spirit with of the Lord that we will prefer? That on heart first of all, with that also we will arrive! Not so already difficultly for the period of Communication to fill consciousness with me. Completeness of Communication depends on degree of completeness of aspiration to the chosen focus of Light. It is necessary to remember well is everything is achievable with Me and everything is possible. The small consciousness will think of the terrestrial. But I Speak about spirit opportunities. Every day I send any possibility of new achievements strengthened by the Beam. The spirit ladder about three hundred sixty five steps, not including same night turns out, at an everyday step such it is necessary to keep during the day that it was easier to enter next morning on the following. What today to send food for spirit? Unless firmness in Me under all circumstances of life. This firmness is characterized by devotion inflexible, love not belittled and a unification which isn't shattered by impressions of the present day. Why you consider them so important and considerable, what we are ready to forget about the Lord when through very short time they leave and are forgotten at all? There is any inexplicable deception itself when an utter nonsense or vanity cover the most necessary. Whether Maya it tries to obscure and belittle the next step again? On the impulse of morning how many suffices? And after all it is necessary that sufficed at 24 o'clock. Not spilled evidence should carry by a bowl of a donation of the Lord every other day dense and terrestrial any affairs. There are a lot of them, and they so strong litter consciousness that for the major any more doesn't remain also places. Should put a limit Maya display and all attempts her Light to darken and replace with vanity.
Aug. 9. That remains at the person when everything is taken away from him, and is his true property. Are thus taken away not only material things, but can be taken away and spiritual riches if they aren't fixed by the appendix in practice in life. Everything which hasn't been approved by application flies away from the person, as autumn leaves at flaws. The building constructed on sand, won't resist against a hurricane if stones of the basis aren't fastened by cement of the appendix of the Doctrine not in words, but in practice. Tests of subjects are good that all disappears not approved, and there is a person only to that belongs to him by the right and that can't already be taken away. So, one can remain a beggar, another rich man. Often we take external verbal tinsel or casual temporary take-off for the real achievements, and then the spread falling it is inevitable.
The skilled traveler rejoices to the conditions releasing it from imagined qualities and achievements, and welcomes tests. Let there will be the little integral, than heaps of fragments of imagined accumulation or others prosperity taken for better that too often happens. The flame of burning heart often lights reciprocal temporary fires in the hearts of people around and even passersby, fires which flare, while the heart which has lit them is close. But once it, fires if there were no accumulation also dies away. Therefore it is better to go most, claiming at least small, but own, than to go on horses of others prosperity. How many we Know cases when the person imagined that he reached something that he something knows that it goes on the way. But once the torch moved away, awakened his sleeping consciousness, to be removed, it went out, plunging into a gloom of disappointment, denial and an abuse, and remained at the broken trough. The pearl of consciousness should be appreciated Doctrine application in life. Let everything will be taken away, but not integral, approved strongly. Pursued, deprived of everything, and rejected by all and all condemned passed through life great spirits, often giving and the body on worry to the risen darkness. And deprived of everything, and nothing having, and left all – the envoy leaves from Light earth, carrying away with itself Treasure of the Stone shining by all fires. Therefore in days of especially difficult tests it is necessary to be removed in it, collecting in itself and holding near the integral property, as something only valuable, belonging to spirit by right. That from this that someone absolutely departed and left the Life Doctrine that someone was disappointed in something that dream and hopes of the first steps that is heavy and difficult – Maya all these illusions wasn't achieved, and only the Stone crystals in a breast are integral life and death. On the earth and in the worlds, on fires of tests alluvial everything will fly away, but there will arrive Stone Treasure with the holder therefore not on something or someone believe the hopes and hopes, but that inside because only in heart of the Holder of the Stone of the Lord the throne will claim.
Aug. 10. So, a decisive condition of approach to Light are own accumulation brought by daring to Light from the past. Certainly, the carrier of Light can light almost everyone approached, but this phenomenon will be temporary. The big feeling of recognition that among suitable to distinguish self-feeds from what should be dragged behind itself is required, spending aimlessly and unreasonably for them the forces. Therefore we Accept the only knocked. Called in will lay down freight heavy on shoulders called in them. Experience in this regard though is bitter, but is very useful. Same the small number of pupils at Great Teachers speaks also. When the passerby adjoins to Light carrier, it seems to it lit illegally from others fire that it is fire its own. Also it is impossible to blame him, the inexperienced traveler of life that others fires are taken by it, because and warmly to it from them, and light-, and it is joyful, - but all this only before the first tests. When the holiday of a meeting is ended, and there comes everyday life, and it is necessary to go own fires which aren't present, there comes reaction. There was all – and suddenly remained nothing; hopes went out, and became dark, isn't present about Light Carrier. It is necessary to go most, and to go there is nothing as the Agni yet kindles. From here, so large number not found, disappointed and departed. Most difficult test for these people is loneliness. He isn't stood by spirits without accumulation. Butterflies, the midges flying on Light, they burn the weak wings, having concerned it. But if accumulation from the past are anything and if the meeting with Light carrier took place can't stop ascension of spirit, brightly and powerfully own fires from Light contact flash never to die away. Пралайи consciousnesses are inevitable, but it not withdrawal, and only force collecting inside and condensation of fires for new powerful lifting. And we Divide suitable on self-feeds and not able to go the feet. The first our Care and attention constant, the second – light for a while, according to expediency and moment requirements. The second are necessary also, but isn't present among them approved in Light: are good while burn. Going out, often start counteracting and passing to ranks of opponents of Light. It they at first shouted "Hosanna", and after "crucify him".
Correctly you arrive, estimating the pearl of consciousness. The crystals of former accumulation collected by eyelids of persistent works and efforts, grant the right to this understanding of treasure of spirit in them. Appreciate and feel it and other people, but everyone in own way, both friends, and enemies, but without understanding of essence of the phenomenon. Only attendants of darkness truly will understand the phenomenon of Light and strong against it will be up in arms. Recognition by the dark is the fact of important value. They won't note a pettiness and won't begin it to annoy, and networks not scatter, and won't overcome. But each carrier of Fire is exposed to dark attacks and any evil-shift. Their force serves as the certificate of luminous intensity, against, which they declaim. Dark activity we will be glad – after all this recognition of Light which is in us. If friends didn't recognize, either belittle, or are ready to forget, the darkness won't forget and strong will serve that spirit the flower blossomed.
Aug. 11. It is possible to rise by the most cool top, but – if to leave everything disturbing to an ascension, below. Communication on top is similar to lifting. It is necessary to leave below small "I" with all his usual thoughts and experiences, having released from them it are perfect. It isn't necessary to take with itself useless freight – its burden won't allow rise. The consciousness has to assimilate to a clean sheet of paper with the Chosen Face above. And then it is possible to imprint on it the thoughts sent by Me. But the egoism strong disturbs the dismissal phenomenon from itself. Thoughts from above mix up with thoughts from below, and the perception becomes impossible. Long ago it was already told: "Be rejected from itself and follow Me", – but egoism hardly to overcome. At least minutes of Communication it is necessary to be released from personal attempts. It also will be pacing on tops, as in the ancient legend of Uyghurs. Otherwise not reach Me. When the consciousness is entirely filled by the Lord and personal is excluded, Communication is full. Over vanity bears then consciousness the directed thought. And the proximity of the Lord becomes a reality. And about space dividing it is possible to forget then, and about everything that creates division. And dense Maya then recedes, and laws of the hidden world phenomenon herself. I with you always – this formula serve as the mighty weapon of unification in the spirit of. It approving, Light is approved in itself. How many they, about Me forgotten, are a pity drag on the ground the twilight existence. But it is wonderful, though difficult sometimes following firmly Me. But as strong try all and everything deprive of going Light. Not Light but darkness proceeds from them, Me forgotten. And after all knew and remembered, and it seemed to them that loved, but nowadays forgot Me. But remembering strong I Tell: not weaken in spirit tension to the Teacher of Light, – because it is the path a life. The track is narrow: on the one hand – a chasm, with another – collapses threaten and there is no retreat back, because avalanches the track is closed. Dangers around, and, having only enclosed the hand in the Hand of the Lord, it is possible to go. So together a dangerous track we will pass, conducting to Light Monastery.
Aug. 13. When the person dies and resolute, intense fight between the highest and the lowest duady begins, the lowest collects all dark accumulation of the person and bosses them, seeking to carry away spirit on the party. It is necessary to give in literal sense the report for each thought. The thoughts which ever have been thought over, and the main thing experienced, come up from the past and, occupying all horizon of consciousness, demand from it statements or the sanction on staying in it. If it think of lusts or desires, and they not gets rid, both find an echo, and are attracted to consciousness, and are kept by it, attracting with itself others, to its related, the consciousness surrounded with such thoughts and won by them, plunges into the gloomy. If such thought meets pushing away and the firm decision it not to be combined, its energy is settled about the hardness of the decision and the spirit is exempted from the generation. The meeting with the generations is inevitable, and it is very important as beget belongs to them. This fight against the generations is very dramatic because often comes to an end with defeat, tightening consciousness in funnels of astral whirlwinds. There everything is aggravated, everything is deepened, everything is strengthened, and hardly to sustain fight. Under the recurrence and spiral law each thought also during lifetime in a physical body sooner or later comes back to beget for an assessment. If the person rose and outgrew the generation, at a new meeting he doesn't react to its influence and as though extinguishes it energy the new relation to that excited him before and seduced. And such thought, with the non-recognition press on itself, already more isn't dangerous. It is neutralized and extinguished by consciousness. And as memory constantly presents similar thoughts from the past, clarification or black out process and burdening’s of spirit goes incessantly. Thus, it is possible to set the seal of the statement or denial, recognition and an acceptability or non-recognition and unacceptability and subjects to each thought and expression or to be exempted from it on the future, or to strengthen it again and to tie to the microcosm. If release is messages consciously and constantly, after transition of great borders fight against the lowest duady will be easy and the victory is quickly achievable if last low thoughts every time at the return and emergence in the field of consciousness get approval, the statement and to amplify it, fight between duada's will be heavy extraordinary and can end with defeat of the highest. Then the fifth principle, having united with two the lowest, goes to darkness. Therefore each time when any image of a allure comes up in consciousness from the past with thoughts accompanying it, the seal of a final decision has to be set to it immediately and consciously, differently it again will plunge into the memory depths, strengthened again to be and again consciousness to own the attention paid to it and recognition. These, at times strongly persuasive, thoughts are terrible not so much here, how many where to get off them difficultly extraordinary because they carry away consciousness to the lower class which are scary infectious. So, the statement that the person has to give the account for each thought, remains in force because the thought he creates the environment in Elevated, that is the sphere in which stays, and itself ennobles itself or overthrows in a chasm.
Aug. 14. The river of life flows to the Boundlessness Ocean. Boundlessness, real it is eternal, accepts it in the bosom. We live in boundlessness of eternity. Eternally real life phenomenon in temporariness of forms of the expression, and temporary becomes expression eternal. To realize a display eternal in temporary will be a victory of spirit over it, passing, and comprehension of secret of because the spirit is eternal. Process of understanding eternal will be process of accumulation of elements of immortality in a microcosm of the person. It is possible to find these elements in each phenomenon of life enduring because all existing has no the end, I began, but it is connected with world around a chain of continuous continuity. And even great concepts of time and space have no top, nor did a bottom, the end, begin. They have no limits because boundlessness is expressed in them. So, beholding an infinite stream of life in its temporary forms, eternal constancy of the change, it is possible to feel eternity breath in all that in it exists. This life temporary in boundlessness is subordinated to great space Laws which are a firm basis of the shown World. Studying of these laws is contact with eternity; their comprehension will be an exit of Consciousness to a space scope, and application them in life will mark itself the statement of elements of immortality in the spirit of. To think space that can only, who in the spirit lifting over life, over private life and small, confined world, and personal attitude towards him. Personal it is temporary on the most essence and it is doomed by a small circle of the manifestation. Expanding limits of this circle to limits of boundlessness, both passing them, and entering its orbit, the person stretches a life thread out of limits of a short terrestrial embodiment and by that approves the right to immortality. That will approve spirit on Earth, with that and will arrive in Elevated. And what it saved up, will take with itself in a way distant. But the simple reflection will show what even the body is left by the person on Earth, not to mention things. Means, it is possible to take with it only consciousness products, that is thoughts and feelings and that makes the mental world of the person. Also it is necessary to think accurately that from this world will be useful in Elevated, and that absolutely not necessary. If the taken – the evil or angry, it also remains with taken, burdening it and saddening; if kindly and from light, is lighter to it; if life denial in hidden, the negative truly assimilates himself to a motionless stone to the idol are similar because each thought becomes there an environment of the person and thought it create that world, in which he lives. So, everyone reaps the fruits of the thoughts that is entering with them about a combination, creates conditions of the existence in this world other where everything is created by thought where everything moves thought and where the thought undividedly reigns.
Aug. 16. To arrive with me at heights, to stay in Communication with Me is means to enter into a stream of my thoughts, a stream of thoughts planetary, a stream of space thought. Dismissal from itself will be a condition of occurrence. Spoke about will of God, about will of the Highest, meanwhile as all these church expressions can be replaced with concept of Space Will. To follow Will Spatial– means to follow laws of evolution and to work and arrive in the accord with them. There is no dobra or the evils, but there are the phenomena promoting evolution, the phenomena evolutionary and going against it. The area of the last also will be area of the evil or a darkness kingdom. And that the benefit at one step of evolution is good also, can be the evil at the highest step. The phenomenon evolutionary, that is good at present, outgrows eventually the value and becomes an evolution antithesis, causing thereby the new phenomenon of an evolutionary order opposite on the essence to the antagonist. Even personal trade once useful was for development of communications between people and progress, but nowadays at this step of new consciousness of mankind it got rid of her, became anti-evolutionary and is subject to disappearance and so in everything. The space Will is expressed in the evolution phenomenon, and everything that is created on a planet in the accord with it, there is a benefit, everything that interferes and fights against it, – the evil. The understanding of laws of development of human society allows realize evolution requirements, and, following them, to become Will Space executor by application of these laws in life. Without any clerical justifications, purely scientifically it is possible to study these laws of development of life, in all its forms, and consciously to follow of. And not those who goes on: "My God, My God", will enter into a kingdom of Knowledge and Light, but those who, these laws having understood, them in life will attach and will help people to rise on steps of an evolutionary ladder. It is necessary to reject many words and concepts and, taking the essence of the phenomenon in its evolutionary or anti-evolutionary aspect, unmistakably already to define good and evil borders, that is good and that poorly for General Welfare.
Here the Era of personal trade passed, speculation is condemned, wars and a mutual person destruction, violence over will of the people, slavery in all types and many, many become obsolete phenomena of the old world are condemned. The world New enters victoriously and there is no ability already at the old world forces or minds to stop its victorious gait; because the world old Is already condemned and falls under an iron step of evolution. And in the light of scientific, not denied understanding of space laws and evolution requirements people will understand essence of Space Will. And who knows, maybe, denying God of the become obsolete and distorted religions appear the best performers of Space Will, than those who, upraising hands to the sky, seeks to fill in with blood all Earth.
Yes! Yes! Yes! In self-dismissal the secret of knowledge is covered. "I" am what is the time released at the person forgotten small for higher and broad perception of the thoughts sent by us. Both clouds cover the sun, and small personal thoughts – consciousness. It is necessary to be exempted from them to keep an open mind. After all personal is doomed by the temporariness to destruction and oblivion. Super personal only lives and its fruits don't die in centuries. Individual and personal is as Light and darkness. Great Identity over the personal rose and lived in super personal, approving the subjects Identity them. Great Spirits and great people possessed all pronounced identity, but the personal beginning in them or egoism was inversely proportional to the size of their identity. Everything in Space is individualized in the essence from atom to planets, including here and all live forms, but egoism in the person, at this step of his development, – as the worm who has nestled in a mature fruit.
Why are executed far on all thoughts desires? Because in them there isn't enough fire! Fire in thought is put by heart. The desire or the thought going from heart are granted only. The fiery doesn't mean an astral's, or emotionality. Rather tranquility accompanies it. It is possible to strengthen thoughts unification with Hierarchy because against Us nobody is strong. So win, working together with Me. Victory don't look for in an expected framework though the victory and is inevitable. Better in trust full to the Driving Hand rely on wisdom of the Leader. This measure applies both to big and to the small. No! On the! And also exactly in all the rest is. From here concept about inscrutability of Ways of the Highest, it is necessary to have only belief or at least trust.
Aug. 16. Among the highest thoughts the body changes! Thoughts of desire especially obviously influence nervous system, and the body especially quickly gives in to them. Each thought of any order influences and everyone leaves the glyph (Drawing, a pattern, sculpture (Greek)) on a physical cover. As well beaten violin, sounds a body on habitual thoughts. But influence it is much deeper, and it mentions and other bodies of the person. Most quicker astral and mental covers react to thoughts. They are so accustomed consonance to thoughts habitual that their consequence comes at times instantly. Each thought brings the elements in structure of these ph. There are these covers shining, being shone, clear, dim, gray, darkened and dark. The thought of Light clarifies them, thought of darkness black out. As it is lighten and black out and a body physical. Often on the grown dark face of the person it is possible to see this influence of thoughts obviously. Covers are cocoons of spirit which they invest. They are available for all, but their structure very various. The fetid, poisoned physical body of the alcoholic comprises and corresponding to it on structure astral and mental bodies – the house very nasty. People care of the dwelling, but don't care of that room in which their spirit lives. Construction elements arrive in bodies through consciousness, or rather, that the consciousness imposes on them the characteristic and paints them in corresponding tone, determining by it their essence. Two can look at a statue of the naked goddess, but everyone will set the seal of the consciousness to this perception. Here for what control over thoughts that the elements obviously unsuitable or bearing on the press of darkness didn't arrive on construction of bodies is necessary. High spirit, perceiving the phenomena of very low order, doesn't catch them because sets to them the seal of the understanding. Low созвучит to them in unison also brings in the microcosm darkness and decomposition elements. And not that profanes the person that that enters into him, but, on what he sets the seal of the lusts and desires and that leaves from the conveyor of his consciousness soiled by its dirty reaction to this or that influence or impression from the outside. For pure everything is pure, but dirty heart and pure will manage to pollute. The thought can be a pollutant, both a litter, and the hospital attendant, and a cleaner. It is very important to track a usual current of the thoughts and to note their main direction and features. What the person from the conveyor of the consciousness brings in the sphere surrounding it – Light or darkness? Bring constantly and continuously everything, but what? The carrier of light bears Light, the darkness carrier – darkness. Variations between these two poles are infinitely various and numerous. Task of the Doctrine teach people to bear light in life instead of darkness. Bringing light, the person creates the benefit also to himself, and to people, bringing darkness – the evil. And no reasons will help if the darkness is brought. Nowadays on the world there is a great division of mankind on a treatment of light and shade, and anything anymore won't cover the attendant of darkness and the evil carrier. They are condemned by a step of being approved evolution of a planet, and their days are numbered. Their defeat is predetermined. Will leave unusable, than and as though they neither were covered and for what nor hid. New, great, light judge everyone to and a solver what it will adjoin is approved nowadays on the world, both. Criterion one is Light or darkness, creation or destruction, the world or murders and wars. So thoughts of every day the person acquaints himself to a darkness or Light pole, sating with their elements the covers.
Aug. 17. In World Thin, where spirit, there and house. On a habit to the terrestrial try and to build there imagined houses, but it is illusion, however, very bright and replacing reality. Stay – on layers, according to height reached by spirit. Each sphere of any layer is available on an attraction. That inside, attracts that outside, and, in turn, is attracted of. The law of the accord operates movements of spirit on layers and spheres. Motive force – thought. External, consonance, becomes internal, that is part of the world realized by spirit. Everyone lives on lines of aspirations, desires and the desires approved on the earth; here you will wish, you will have there but all these of possession are carried out by the desirable in the form of fancies given rise by the person, and they are real so far as the thought is real. As it is easy to destroy them there, as well as create if the will is rather trained. The ignorant believe that are doomed by a circle of hopelessness and have to stay in the environment created by them, but knowing speaks to generation: "I generated you, I both will kill you", and applies thus energy of thought, a little big that which was spent for creation of undesirable mental forms. Well already on the earth to learn to generate and destroy mental forms by order of own will, and not only one thought-form, but also emotions, moods and the feelings which have generated them, remembering that the person are a laboratory for all feelings. And so and to practice, causing desirable feelings and destroying the undesirable. The person can cause and generate all feelings in him or destroy them at will. It is necessary to know only that it is possible, and to train will in this direction. It is necessary not so much for the earth, how many for stay in Elevated. After all, finally, all evolution is made for the sake of life in Elevated, in its fiery spheres. It is good to learn to cause in itself various feelings and moods independently and contrary to external conditions, for example, feeling of pleasure when outside to it there are no bases. The person too got used the moods to put in dependence on external conditions, it is necessary to learn to arrive on the contrary because in Elevated external conditions, that is an environment, will depend on internal state. But also on the earth it is quite possible to operate the internal state regardless of an external environment. Some reflection can help it: the person appeared before a difficult task – it is possible to be glad, instead of chagrin, to that it is given the chance to overcome difficulty and something else to learn thus. Any difficulty, complexity, trouble and burden have the positive side that at the correct approach to it gives to the person experience which is more valuable than gold treasury, - it after all, simply a payment for received and necessary knowledge. And the pleasure of receiving, instead of tears, will be the correct decision. Difficult, it is right who says that is easy. But ahead of knowledge and a victory! And it too can be glad. When the Lord conducts, everything addresses on ardent advantage to the conducted. And stumbling blocks at the same time serve also as steps of lifting or a feat carpet. Both it is difficult, and it is wonderful and over spirit the Hand. Everything is given for overcoming. Even the new building build over time to give only it on demolition and to replace new, more perfect. Everything that you see around, shining novelty and freshness of finishing will go on demolition to be replaced new. In it is overcoming of life! As and in character of the person – each quality of spirit is replaced higher and perfect, and the person in the ascension to stars constantly overcomes himself. So for today also we will remember only one word – "overcoming". Joyful or is in the grief, outside concentrated or inside, speaking or silent, here or there in thoughts the, but at will the approving imperiously any condition of spirit – so Show!
Aug. 17 (Gurus). To become the lord of the kingdom, the own world inside – here the purpose to which it is necessary to direct. Why to allow something external, casual and temporary to dominate over that belongs undividedly to the person. That outside, people can dominate, but over an inner world his owner is imperious only. Control over itself is for this purpose necessary inside not to assume alien influences and everything that can influence its balance. This quality will be the basic at the statement of the power over. It is better to dominate most over itself, than to be a weather vane for foreign moods, changeable, passing and sometimes unreasonable and the purposes deprived. The world approving in itself and the power over it, in the ally it is possible to call the Lord. Will help! But before it is necessary apply own forces. It is worth working at what. It is a step the first to freedom of spirit. Not them, out of standing, but, the world approving, and We went through life and left to people fruits of the creativity, the, but not the stranger who hasn't been borrowed from outside. Fluctuations it isn't necessary, doubts it isn't necessary, the aspiration is necessary also devotion too to Tom Who conducts.
Aug. 18. The power of spirit consists in force of the lit fires awakened in whole or in part. Depending on it its degrees happen are various. Without fire nobody comes to the earth. On the structure of people is a being fiery. The nervous system is a network of the wires bearing electronic impulses of an organism. Each cage is the electro battery. But a difference between the lit and sleeping centers of a bike. Agni Yoga is a way of the accelerated kindle of the centers, way fiery ascensions on a ladder of power of spirit. To go, it is necessary to have the purpose before itself and when it is clear and defined, achievement it becomes possible if each action of the consciousness directed to the purpose is in the accord with it. At once to start managing big affairs it is impossible but if with small and low-slightest to begin, the purposes conformable, and to great it is possible to reach. The principle of a small seed will be bail of big achievements. Everything that was reached by the person, appeared once in a germ small, then gave a sprout and bore a fruit. And stumbling blocks at the same time serve also as steps of lifting or a feat carpet. Both it is difficult, and it is wonderful and over spirit the Hand. Everything is given for overcoming. Even the new building build over time to give only it on demolition and to replace new, more perfect. Everything that you see around, shining novelty and freshness of finishing will go on demolition to be replaced new. In it is overcoming of life. As and in character of the person – each quality of spirit is replaced higher and perfect, and the person in the ascension to stars constantly overcomes himself. So for today also we will remember only one word – "overcoming". Joyful or in the grief, outside concentrated or inside, speaking or silent, here or there in the thoughts, but at the will approving imperiously any condition of spirit – so Show!
Aug. 18. The power of spirit consists in force of the lit fires awakened in whole or in part. Depending on it its degrees happen are various. Without fire nobody comes to the earth. On the structure of people is a being fiery. The nervous system is a network of the wires bearing electronic impulses of an organism. Each cage is the electro battery. But a difference between the lit and sleeping centers of a bike. Agni Yoga is a way of the accelerated kindle of the centers, way fiery ascensions on a ladder of power of spirit. To go, it is necessary to have the purpose before itself and when it is clear and defined, achievement it becomes possible if each action of the consciousness directed to the purpose is in the accord with it. At once to start managing big affairs it is impossible but if with small and low-slightest to begin, the purposes conformable, and to great it is possible to reach. The principle of a small seed will be bail of big achievements. Everything that was reached by the person, appeared once in a germ small, then gave a sprout and bore a fruit. The sense and value of undertaking with small should be understood in all depth that its inalterability was included into consciousness and I became leading force.
Whole day with all its opportunities is at the disposal of the person. And meanwhile, how much precious time is spent in vain and without the purpose whereas it could be used fruitful and commensurable with aspiration. Everyone would like to have fruits of achievements, but to work at them usually the determination doesn't suffice. If the arrow flying to the purpose, starts hesitating, reeling and rushing about here and there, like undisciplined mind of the person, the goal it won't reach. The unicorn shown will be a symbol of inflexible aspiration. The person in tension constant for achievement of the purpose great can exercise himself. We know many examples from history of mankind, examples of unrestrained, fiery aspiration. Each lost hour is similar the scattered grains of irrevocable opportunities. Each thought directed to the purpose and applied on experience in life, will be grain, a fruit bearing both on the earth, and in the world Elevated. It also will be life crops. To begin, begin, it is necessary to begin the statement of each quality of the spirit, energy of future power nowadays, now on the earth that once and somewhere undertaking it yielded the fruit. Everything starts growing from small and grows in the big. The element of time has no value, because consequences are inevitable also eternity at the disposal of the person, everything will be reached that is put in the form of a rudimentary germ in a microcosm human, put consciously and purposefully by will of spirit, but it is necessary, it is necessary to begin, it is necessary to begin each desirable property, each ability, each element of power of spirit, knowing that it is possible to reach and that everything is achievable. The usual mistake is that achievements carry for the next terms while on that even a tree grow, years are necessary. And thus forget about a chain of embodiments when the approved seed yields a fruit in future lives. It is necessary to stretch a life thread far beyond one embodiment, it is necessary to stretch it in boundlessness in which we live. Limited by a small circle of one life, energy of aspiration will pass small radius and right there, in this one life, itself and will settle. But, having thrown a life thread for borders of one embodiment, to the Invisible World, both further, and further, in the following and the subsequent embodiments, throws subjects of people of an anchor of long voyage on which it will be attracted easily to the purpose desired. Than the person limited himself, in that and will arrive. But boundlessness nowadays outlined the purpose, and everything is achievable within her person.
It is impossible! – It now, in these living conditions, these short years of life of one on the earth. But the spirit is immortal, but it lives in eternity, that is exists always, eternally, and in eternity of time unattainable isn't present. It is necessary to understand only those lives limits it is necessary to move apart and leave fearless on a space scope where it is open for the person and the ocean of achievements, the ocean unattainable nowadays is available.
Aug. 19. My son, obstacles are given for overcoming. Overcome first of all in the spirit, of then being overcome inside and outside. Overcome in the spirit is of very important and a necessary step in this process. Without it is impossible. Under no circumstances it isn't necessary in the spirit of two incline before an obstacle, whatever difficult it seemed if it is decided to win against it. Retreat in the spirit of is already defeating. Both people and circumstances it is thin and at once feels this retreat and consent of will to be inclined before them. But under an iron hammer of will bend both that and others. If it is decided to reach something, retreat is impossible. Overcoming in itself going against the phenomenon will be the victory guarantee. The most difficult – overcoming of elements – is impossible without this condition. Great causes at first come to the end in the spirit of, that then already phenomenon in external expression. And so is from top to a bottom. In the invisible the prototype of execution of the made decision is created. The primary decision is in the spirit of. Then – a thin form of a desirable consequence, and then already and a consequence. External counteraction can destroy visible consequences, but the thin form often collapses her founder at failure. It only speaks about inexperience of the consciousness, ready to be inclined from the first failure. Everything going against, any order, is passed in consciousness by, and the form of times of the made decision is approved unshakably. Inalterability the driver will be in a successful way to the end.
Getting to the World Thin at a body formation, people usually have feeling of great confusion. The confusion is opposite to concentration of consciousness and tranquility. To bring together itself and energy the inside will be the correct action. Even in life terrestrial at various surprises and violation of a usual current of the phenomena this concentration is necessary before beginning actions. The instant of silence or tranquility before display of activity is necessary, certainly, in all cases of surprise. Therefore and Specify to be surprised anything and not to be surprised to anything that through feelings discomposes the person. The collected, concentrated peace of mind is necessary upon transition of great borders. Otherwise the confusion can involve the person in funnels of dangerous astral whirlwinds. This meeting of strength of mind inside will be action by the first. The subsequent will follow from it. On condition of tranquility memory of last stay in conditions of the Thin World quickly clears up. The knowledge accumulated earlier and in the last embodiment especially, immediately will come to the rescue and will help to be guided with new conditions. The main thing – should be destroyed absolutely in itself the false and harmful relation to the phenomena of the astral world. The spirits exempted from a body that is the so-called dead, not more cleverly, it isn't more terrible and it isn't more wonderful live. Elements of miraculousness, fear before the beyond, a worship for inhabitants of the Thin World it is necessary to leave for babies – them much in the field of true knowledge both on the Earth, and in Elevated. Not without reason we Assimilate many dead to the swindlers crowding on a market. What here miraculousness or awe before the unusual. The world Thin is so usual, as well as the world dense, for this purpose, who knows, and charm is removed from his eyes. It is necessary to stop in the germ sensation of fear or confusions before the unknown. It is possible to rely on congenial or on the Teacher of Light. Magnetization of aspiration in these conditions of a bike and immediately involves the necessary assistants or the Head. But wanting to go to fathers, with them also will arrive, will arrive with whom wants to arrive. The separation from everything and from all is facilitated simply if in consciousness the first place is allocated for the Teacher of Light and the aspiration is directed to It. Later it is possible and to return to relatives or to friends. But before is the Lord! From above it is easier to go down, than from below to rise. The tranquility is necessary. It is necessary to tell that qualities of spirit are especially necessary in Elevated. They create an environment of the person. They are tools of its activity and magnets of an attraction of new conditions. Already I said that qualities of spirit are forms of a display of approved fires. Fire is magnetic. Fire – the engine in the world Elevated. Its levers are thoughts. As the skilled pilot who has perfectly mastered the good and sound device, disposes the yogi of the microcosm which thin cover serves as belief and the truth to it. Our purpose is to arm the person without the uniform physical device because all devices are concluded in it. And in World Thin, for the present only there, there is a demonstration of all properties of its psychophysical device reached by this person, his thin body, to all its wonderful qualities, features. For knowing in World Aboveground all is possible that is possible for the wizard in the most wonderful fairy tales terrestrial because the thought there reigns and everything moves thought. These fairy tales often truly and precisely reflect in themselves features of the Thin World.
Aug. 20. Water – a great Symbol of astral Light that is substance or a matter of the Thin World. It is neutral by the nature, but reflects in itself everything that it surrounds, and serves as a material for creation of intermediate forms between the fiery and terrestrial world. Both light and dark forms are created from this material and serve as a beauty or disgrace subject, the same as they serve on the Earth. Difference that plasticity of a thin Matter of a bike. Terrestrial subjects have thin – astral and fiery – a prototype. But and a matter itself on the structure fiery. Mountains, the rivers, fields, the woods, the seas, snow – everything is expressed in three forms, uniform in essence, but ternary in manifestation. These thin forms are one of aspects of the astral world. Besides, there are forms, on the earth not carried out, but finished mentally. They are different degree of stability, brightness and height. The beginner especially is confused the following circumstance: heroes from works of great writers exist there in so bright and convincing forms, as well as live inhabitants of the hidden world. But they have no beginning understanding and on questions can't give the reasonable answer – as if characters from the movie. Everything that is mentally issued by mankind there exists in various degrees of stability and brightness: both good, and bad. In the same place, but have the existence and forms or prototypes of above that later it will be carried out on the Earth – prototypes shown. The main mass of mankind in World Aboveground strong is ignorant concerning knowledge of its laws. And only Adherents of Intimate Knowledge and sorcerers and dark Hierarchy have their conscious stay and use the knowledge. Darks strong practice in creativity, creating for spirits, conformable to them, environments to their essence corresponding. And such there is a lot of. They are absolutely helpless, thanks to the ignorance and life denial in Elevated. And therefore it is possible to imagine that can create dark, but strong imagination for these unfortunate ignoramuses. Often they roll in awful images and pictures of various defects and perversions and strong support them own desires, even more strengthening and deepening them. As fuel in a fire throw dark to the victims a material for inflating of their passions and defects. The adherent of the right way the Light and thought can easily disseminate this asthma if the thought is stronger than it thoughts of servants of the evil. Fight and there goes incessantly, and it is a lot of the unfortunate and weak spirits having sparkles of Light, are released by attendants of Light from a darkness snare. Knowledge, at least elementary, helps and inexpressibly facilitates stay of spirits in Elevated. But usually they are rejected on the earth and therefore people come there absolutely unprepared and helpless. The particles of Intimate Knowledge scattered on pages of your books and the writing, serve as force to the one who spirit accepted them, to protect in World Astral. I want to raze to the ground charm, a allure, miraculousness, mystery, a mystic and fabulousness of the astral world and to remove from it on that party covers. Everything really real is on this aspect of life. Inhabitants of the Thin World not mysterious, not wonderful and it aren’t better than people on the earth. Villains, swindlers, angry same remain and there, only thus everything becomes aggravated very much. But dark and sorcerers, that is adherents of dark knowledge, are very dangerous because boss among the ignorant crowds, attracted by darkness, which in them and which grants the right to attendants of darkness on approach. Often they act with fear. Therefore I Want to eradicate any fear before the beyond because for not wanting darkness – the darkness isn't terrible as has no and it is mute anything, for what could grasp. It comes nearer to everyone, passed to that world, trying to discover in it elements of an attraction and grasping them. That is why it is better to withdraw still during lifetime in a physical body from the microcosm all elements of darkness that it to destroy magnetization and not to serve as a target for dark evil-shift. If dark see on aura of the evil which have departed these spots, they start crying out violently: "My, my, it ours", – also direct strong on the victim. But even it isn't terrible as are ridiculous and those awful masks which dark put on it, or which are their true shapes aren't terrible. It is necessary only firmly and to decide irrevocably that with all dark in itself it is through forever, and it is necessary to solve it not at the time of attack, but in advance. Unpreparedness in this regard – is fatal. But people of Earth to that can easily exempt them from darkness embraces are deaf and blind. The darkness is strong and works, applying the accord and compliance law. Each person consonance with it evil elements, which is in it, - but also at weakness of spirit it is necessary to remember that there is a Hierarchy of Light, and to address to It all heart. You know examples of the robber and the loose woman and you can be sure that refusal won't be, if the address full-heart. So, in the Thin World you deal with the same people: both light, and dark. Those are strengthened in the manifestations both, and others, because mobility of a matter of this World of a bike. Motive force and the creating beginning is the thought. Also it is possible to imagine a hearth shining Light, and darkness of a gaping chasm, and saturation them under the influence of the thought creating bright forms from a plastic matter of astral light. Creations of thought collapse only thought of bigger potential. Also the fear and ignorance is terrible only. Nothing can concern showing belief in power of Hierarchy of Light because the stronghold of heart costs it on a stone of the eternal basis of life.
Aug. 22. At communication the world is forced out by my World absolutely. Otherwise as My World if the muffles will begin sound in consciousness. The hierarchy is boundless, and its cognition is boundless. I am spirit threshold of an entrance to boundlessness of merge to Hierarchy of Light and boundlessness of its comprehension, - and a way only through Me, through merge to Me! The top is inaccessible, but many heights should be reached before seeing it. Worlds dense and Thin is lifting steps. Experience and the knowledge acquired on the earth, is necessary in Elevated for realization. Mastered and used there, and turned into crystals of imperishable accumulation, they need growth, an impulse to which can give only a new embodiment in the dense world. So the Wheel of death and births for accumulation of energy of conscious immortality rotates in the spirit of. Unconsciously each spirit is immortal, but to transfer unconscious to area uninterrupted neither death, nor life of consciousness will be a great step of achievement of the person. On the earth we prepare for life in Elevated, in Elevated we prepare for a new next embodiment. There in the world hidden aspirations, desires, expectations and hopes of the person and his all attempts to tower Spirit crystallize in obvious, forms and become achievements because It is told: "Unattainable here it is achievable there", – and become part of its imperishable accumulation. Because it is told that the low-slightest thought doesn't vanish, but the fruit bears. We will be saved from the evil and subjects we will create the benefit. Prepared here, on the earth, to life in Elevated, it is necessary to remember that late to begin this preparation at the threshold of death as it is done by many. It is necessary to begin long before this process as all life terrestrial is such preparation. Experience terrestrial is necessary in Elevated. This experience serves as a material for development of qualities of spirit, and not so much the experience, how many qualities approved by it are necessary for continuation of conscious life in the Worlds over earth. Contact with the Thin World shows, what intense life there can live in it the person. A number of the phenomena and processes, inevitable on Earth disappear, but all other opportunities go deep and extend to the limits outlined by thoughts and aspirations of their carrier, become feasible there. The world of the aspirations generated on the earth by the person, becomes there the real motive force bearing it up to heights of his thoughts up or down, to limits of it’s falling. That is why generations of thought become the companions of the person waiting it at a threshold. Let your thought it will be clear shining, and then it will entail up. Beauty and light is concepts so close by the nature that they live nearby. The aspiration to beauty in everything pulls together with Light and enters consciousness into its spheres. How more clearly to tell that Light, to the lightest gas it is similar, lifts consciousness up and enters it into not predicate spheres. In twilight of the dense world Light can be collected on particles, carefully lifting each spark. Qualities of spirit, like feelers, select fire particles, carrying it in the Bowl. Courage and fearlessness flare sparks fiery; tranquility too, balance too, both devotion and love, both aspiration, and all other qualities of spirit. The great collector of grains Light Name My of the one who knows, he why came to the world dense. Intelligent life on the earth and in the Worlds, the way also is direct. Ahead is Boundlessness with all its inexhaustible opportunities and achievements, and the radiant victorious way of Light, not having the end. But he is approved nowadays, now on the earth, in those conditions in which Lords of the Karma and the Leader laid down the consciousness directed to Light. The worse, the better is. The more difficultly, it is easier to fly up because only difficulty will develop the energy necessary for take-off, from obstacles scoop the forces. And it isn't so difficult when are understood them washed away also value. Difficulties we will bless with understanding. Therefore I Speak, load Me more strongly, don't complain when I Allow circumstances to overload as well you. Strength I Give, the help I Allow moving further. Everyday Beams I Send the one, who with me! Go, I with you.
For growth each quality of spirit needs exercise. Life, is the best teacher, opportunities strong allows practicing in development of qualities. The closest undertakes usually and conformable to spirit at present. The strong desire to approve it going from heart immediately causes so strong resistance of the environment and creates, thus, the conditions necessary for exercise of desirable quality and its growth. The hidden Teacher brings the amendment if it is demanded by circumstance, and desirable quality increases. So, strong serious desire gives rise and opportunities corresponding to this force. I will help, I Will help, but will make effort.
Overcoming of vibrations of environment and the statement of My World in itself not belittled will be a considerable victory of spirit at change of places. It is difficult to realize all value of this victory because in hidden it, but thoughts grow, extending and winning against offspring’s of darkness, ignorance and denial. Good business is created, but the feat is hidden, because it in the spirit of. So we Send the three where it is necessary that sate could thoughts of Light space around. Whether many will understand this work of spirit not made by hand and will think of consequences? The plowman of a hidden field of crops of vital grains of Light has an award in our recognition hidden to people of work. The amount of crops and viability of seeds are learned on consequences. Many great undertakings arose in full obscurity, but their consequences became obvious to the world because shone in centuries. And many great people were recognized as the great later when dumped a body terrestrial and recognition didn't need any more. Service to Light doesn't need recognition by the world because it flows over usual understanding. Only the subsequent generations begin to see clearly in value of such feat of life and estimate it on consciousness.
Completeness of Service to Light is hardly achievable.
Aug. 22. Once again it was necessary to be convinced that the meeting with the obsessed didn't do without consequences. The blow, despite the taken measures, was put from an unexpected side and at night, during a dream. Attempt wasn't successful, but harm nevertheless was done, and the weakest place which has been yet enough strengthened by time was chosen. Patrol from darkness should be strengthened.
Besides environment resistance, brothers of darkness very much strenuously work extinguishing Light in each person and furthermore in those who follows Us. The Light is brighter, the diligence is more furious than them. Have constant guards round our people and at their evasion from direct way harm immediately. Existence of being crossed spatial currents aggravates situation. Movement of chaos adds to loading and fight for Light becomes titanic. How much light I assembled in myself the carrier it, the expense is unreasonable and a number of continuous efforts are required to hold the lamp in hands and not to allow it to die away. Also it is impossible to calm down not for a moment – will extinguish, black out, will tear to pieces, having deprived previously of Light. The feat becomes not temporary and short, as earlier, but long and constant. In it feature and difficulty of a transition period by the New Era; it comes, but resistance of darkness leaving is terrible and violent to madness, and whether it is possible to be surprised that the press is so great, and it is necessary work and efforts that to keep Light so much. All extinguish: friends, and enemies, and dark, and lighten both close, and far, everything, everything in which luminosity is weaker than luminosity of the Carrier of the Stone. The law of being reported vessels in operation the constant. All courage should be collected to resist in Light. At all without knowing that, all darkness is caused on spirit fight by a soldier and has to resist to it in all variety of her manifestations. To the inhabitant it is good, from the point of view of dark. Weak luminosity doesn't deserve it their ardent attention. But Light Bearing is under their constant sight and serves as object of various evil-shifts from their party. Therefore spirit wakefulness, vigilance, vigilance and continuous permanent patrol are measures of extreme and urgent need. Difficult? Yes, difficult extraordinary, but between two fires, under incessant blows, the blade is forged spirit! It is necessary to remember only that with Me, in a unification ardent and full, defeat is impossible, but the victory is possible but. And no darkness, any tricks and the shifts, any difficulties and pressure of the environment is able to overcome the one who with Me. Poison of enemy arrows will give only especially bright coloring to a spirit attire, and the aura will shine all suites. But not to avoid chagrin, but from derogation, oppress, slander and abuses not to evade and not to leave from recognition by darkness to the Carrier of Light, recognition, phenomenon in ardent activity dark, directed against it. Fight with darkness it is entered with Me and nearby we goes against darkness. Being approved on Hierarchy, for itself its inexhaustible tank of Light is had. Not from itself, not for itself, but for Me, in the Name My, for Light and Hierarchy conducts lonely fight Light Bearing. Day breakers, the Guarantee of a victory I Give if with Me are unseparable up to the end.
24. If transformation is possible, it is necessary to think that conducts to it the person in the shortest way. Certainly, the aspiration will be the moving force. But people aspire too much and wish much, and still often don't reach the desirable. It isn't enough one aspiration. To aspiration it is necessary to add from itself dismissal. But also it isn't enough of it. Knew many self-sacrificing heroes, life put for the friend the and still transformations of not reached. Let's add the symphony of qualities, we will add concelebrating to Light in centuries and proximity to the Teacher of Light, we will add crystals of the immortal fires which have been saved up before. As the lightning pierces the horizon from edge to edge when enough of spatial fire is collected, in the same way the microcosm human lights up with Light inside and changes in Light instantly. The phenomenon this rare is extraordinary, but the evidence of similar transformations or inspirations we have. From the past in the present spirit accumulation are brought. Tension of a flame reaches the apogee and lights up consciousness light the seventh, changing all covers. But the person with this flame of spirit only short time because differently won't sustain a flesh can burn. Even in weaker extent of accumulation the Bowls which haven't been applied in life, cause similar burn out of a cover as, for example, it often happens in case of a so-called consumption, or tuberculosis. And here as great balance between a body and spirit is required. So many conditions should be met still even if there is accumulation. They can't be provided. From here ardent need for the Guide of the Teacher of Light. Without the Leader not to reach and not to reach on this narrow way, in life leading when each difficulty becomes achievement and pleasure of spirit. And when before all obstacles, which are piling up as mountains, going to itself speaks: "And I after all will reach" – the victory is approved then by the winner judgmenting. And if the way is irrevocably decided, everything that it surrounds, and everything that inside and outside only milestones will be spirit ways to Light. Also the darkness, and Light, and that for, and that against, both this World, and the World that, both a grief, and pleasure, say, all life, all processes happening in a difficult fiery being of the person serve then friends, both enemies, and. As the arrow directed to the purpose, bears all particles with itself the, as also a microcosm of the person directed to Light, become spiritualized and magneto similar. Then one-similarity of fiery essence of the person with the Fiery World to which he is directed is approved obviously. Similarity to the highest and not predicate is approved in himself by the person and becomes Light Carrier.
Aug. 25. To itself the person and the judge, both a solver, and comprehending, and comprehended.
Aug. 26. Or My World and its benefit, or world itself and its limitation! We lead life of a planet, Approving its best future. The present we Consider only as a step to it. Who with Us that is directed in the future! It not only is magneto, but also and engine powerful. Only through it is possible to enter boundlessness of knowledge of the world. The consciousness which is approving by darkness on the past or on the present and on the phenomena, opposite to evolution, switches off itself from its stream and dooms affairs and the undertakings to regress and final destruction. All phenomena of these counteractions, and their makers – from darkness are destructive and opposite to space will. Anymore has no value as call itself and in what directors of dark acts, because history court – not by words, but on affairs believe. So the performers of Space Will, who are keeping in line with evolution, will be Sons of Light, as though they called themselves, and their opponents – darkness. The judgment of the truth planetary goes over all human names and understanding and where visible godlessness, the Lord's harvest because my Matter in the accord with requirements of evolution of the World is created there is truly close. The evolutionary stream will wash away the power all unnecessary stratifications and outgrowths if the consciousness is included into it. Also it is possible to see already obviously how light-life of the people, which have entered into a stream of evolution changes. But after all it only began. It is possible to imagine their transformation through some ten years, both successes, and victories in all areas of life. We Help them, strengthening each opportunity for the benefit and taking part in their affairs and especially in science and art development, but dark, going in defiance, we Prevent to create their dirty deed, depriving of successes in everything. They make many efforts, but are fruitless and temporarily all attempts to turn back the river of evolution of life. Defeats which suffer and will suffer continually will increase in the force and a progression, over them the last crushing blow yet won't burst. The great New Country and the Great People will have its obvious victory over all, who against. And so already a number of brilliant victories and successes conduct it quickly on a future ladder, on a space scope interplanetary. My Country and arrows fly there ours, board fledge victories. Be happy consciousness that you can call yourself sons of the Great Country which is fated to lead people of the whole world.
Aug. 27. The thought accepted and approved in the dense world, in the Thin World already automatically continues phenomenon itself in the direction accepted by it. That it is solved in the afternoon, at night continues to sound in unison with the made decision. This situation is applicable to all life terrestrial. Crops are made on the earth, shoots of the accepted and approved thoughts give a rich crop and in compliance full with crops – in elevated. Sowers here, reapers there! Crops are made in the sphere of an own microcosm and reaped by it. The crystal of the generated thought remains in the own sphere, and, being magnetic attracts to itself conformable formations of thoughts. The difference that inertness of a matter of the dense plan demands many purely physical actions in order that thought clothed in a flesh while there plasticity of a thin matter allows thought to be given a shape instantly. And many, surrounding itself with long-term forms of a gloom and hopelessness, don't understand that with a little big effort they can replace those thought-forms absolutely opposite order. But it is necessary to know and understand the mental creative process happening in the world hidden. Ordinary people, adjoining to thin visibility, accept it the same as accepted in due time the dense environment, and react to it as well as during lifetime on the earth. To break a hopelessness circle, it is necessary to have at least small knowledge but as it was denied, and the exit isn't present. It denial because does the person by a useless plaything of destiny and various influences and angry inhabitants of the Thin World is harmful. The consolation only that clean heart, at all without knowing anything, creates round itself a pure environment and acquaints itself to conformable it a tear. Layers are protected by guards, protégés of Hierarchy of Light, and anybody can't illegally get into higher sphere if its aura doesn't correspond to its vibrations. Dark freedom have itself to reveal in the kingdom, in the lower class, got there according to the accord of auras won't be able to get out from there until the aura doesn't clarify it, and the consciousness won't direct up that difficult extraordinary. The heart which didn’t know World can't, to direct to it. The Hierarchy could Help, but it is necessary to have belief, at least about mustard grain, in its existence and consciously to call at least somebody, standing on its ladder. All kind, good, positive, creative and construction that were made by the person on the earth, serves him as ascension steps to Light, according to the energy put by it in action. The law of the accord governs there powerfully. And no hypocrisy, any deception, any grimaces will help because all hidden becomes there obvious and magnetic in the activity. Everyone ever thought over, and the experienced thought comes up the main thing on a proscenium and demands the statement. If the decision to Light to go irrevocably – a lot of things can be rejected; if weakness and fluctuations is available – the thought will seize beget. Each thought has to be expiated, that is its energy has to drain itself on beget and to be neutralized. The strong determination to Light to rise neutralizes the arisen thought and extinguishes its force. But it is good to be quit on the earth with these generations of the consciousness and to extinguish their every time when they appear on the horizon. There it is difficult to fight with them because all amplifies and becomes aggravated. And images of an allure, accepting bright and attracting forms, heat in the environment weak heart. But if dirty thoughts receive resolute repulse every time as arise before consciousness, fight will be short, and the victory is provided.
Aug. 28. Life River! If the spirit was included into a stream and became its part, the stream would carry away it with itself. But the stream is brought by, consigning to the past, and spirit it is necessary to behold a stream the new streams too rushing by. To understand this separateness from going by a stream will be already achievement of spirit. To identify itself with it – means with it to merge and become part it. Silently Looking can't become part of that, on what looks. The silent Recorder, like a movie camera film, fixes a life tape in memory, without becoming it. Life is one, Looking Silently – something is perfect another. Both feelings, and thoughts, and everything that flows through consciousness of the person, won't be Looking at them. It is necessary itself Looking in at a stream, to separate from a stream and with it not to merge. I suffer, I worry, I worry is the astral, but not Dumb Witness vibrates only. I think, I think, I create thought-forms is a menthol in operation, but not the Witness by whom this mental stream constantly flows. I move, I go, I speak, I eat, I drink is the body, but not It staying in a body for a while works. It is necessary to separate it; Real it is eternal, from temporariness of three streams in itself – physical, astral and mental. It is necessary to accustom to look at all events inside and outside, as at something being outside, as on temporary and passing and not being enduring essence of spirit. Here something was, passed and sank into oblivion. I stand on the bank of eternal and again I look at new streams of stream, which is carried by and as will pass as passed everything that was earlier, to them. This possibility of the present hour needs to be approved in consciousness, as a basis because doesn't pass stream only Looking Silently on life. The temporary serves only as an approach way to Eternal, and without it, without experience and knowledge, to it brought, to Eternal not to approach. Through temporary and passing is to enduring and Eternal, Real in Boundlessness. The phenomena of bigger duration are closer to it, than small; the chain of embodiments is closer, than one separate life, either day, or hour short, pulled out from the sphere of the passing. Therefore carrying out longer line will be the solution of life. And if, without having lost anything and having got things terrestrial, a victory you will miss, to what to you all at the time of threshold transition?
Aug. 29. The statement is followed always by test of approved quality, and was always. Test showed that vibrations of an astral deprived a morning parcel of a half of force of influence. Loss took place under a sign, and it was enough to find a divergence between in word and deed. Suffered thus and a body owing to balance violation. It was necessary full to accept loss in tranquility and to claim by it in consciousness thought that any losses from this, than we own, shouldn't break balance because nothing belongs to us because "I don't see things which I own". The statement should be begun once again and well if test takes place only under a sign. Wisdom of the Teacher affected that the test caused by power of aspiration of spirit was created artificially. It is necessary to understand, it is necessary to remember, it is necessary to know that test of qualities is a consequence of desire of spirit them to approve.
Yes, it is valid; a lot of things from the expected weren't carried out in estimated measures neither at you, nor at others even the higher. Why it so? The changeable and fluctuating size of energy of human consciousness was one of conditions of implementation of not carried out expectations and hopes. A lot of things also depend on it. Other consciousnesses aren't ready, and the plan is transferred to other conditions and carried out in them already without participation expecting to lay the hand. The plan is immutable, but forms of his statement change all the time depending on fluctuation of level of the general consciousness of mankind or its certain participants. Depends on the person, when, where and as new Satia Yuga is approved.
Aug. 30. A lot of ban will begin to sound and many voices will call, but the one who knows the way and solved it up to the end, won't break a rhythm of inalterability of the step. If bases are put in consciousness strongly, and they are unshakable, won't confuse voice passing or standing on the parties, or passers casual going to Light. Existence of two worlds and stay of the person in both, chain of embodiments, Manvantara and Pralaya Great and minor cycles, immortality of spirit, real is eternal, and Maya terrestrial and elevated deception, and a chain of Hierarchy of Light, a way to stars of immortal spirit, and Light a victory over darkness, and to Light of the Lord leading – here those bases on which the yogi builds the inner world and the relation to the world outside. The unsteady basis shakes all towers. The destiny of a rod is unenviable. Provided to itself or in ardent communication with Me, in need or the prosperity, sick or healthy, here or there, one or in people, but unshakable and firm in the decision to reach Me, makes the way my elect. Heavy press and oppressions from people and circumstances and rage of henchmen of darkness are inevitable. Are inevitable both take-off and light strips of life. And it is necessary to pass through all this, without breaking rhythm of a step. The teacher will whisper on a nice ear what to do and the Beam will send a minute of need. But it is necessary to keep it in all days at o'clock of the life on the earth and in the life in the world elevated. Joyful or in grief, in success or failure, here and there, but with Me is strong always! I with that, who is with Me, I in the one, who in Me! I in twilight of vain your life on the earth is the Ray of light Leading.
When the karma puts the person in certain conditions, aren't allowed to change which forces destiny to him, it is necessary to pass through them courageously, quietly and firmly. No external conditions can deprive of the person of his accumulation or affect his internal essence if firmly he knows where and to whom it goes. The spirit shouldn't fluctuate, to a blade of grass is similar, under each whiff of a whirlwind. Otherwise its lamp can die away. And when it becomes very dark, we will collect everything that bears us over life fabric that up directs that in the past more than once helped through narrows to take place. The whole world we will collect that darkness not to give in and to Light victoriously to reach.
Aug. 31. In ruins the huge cities once the great people lie. Prosperous countries are brought by sand once. From the disappeared races and a trace didn't remain on an earth surface, and only somewhere in the depth of oceans it would be possible to find ruins of their cities. So anything, except ruins, doesn't remain both from a modern civilization and except incorrect memoirs – anything from the people. Where Babylon, Trojan, Carp Hagen, city of the Gold Gate? Where the people living there, loving, suffering and not thinking of death how modern people don't think of it? Where it everything? And the planet will die, and the life, which sense not in fruits of works of hands of the person, but in experience and knowledge which life gives and which are accumulated and kept by the person in an immortal triad to carry away them with itself on other planet when that on which he nowadays lives will die will leave from it. The spirit and not destroyed the Bowl of its accumulation, because the Bowl and spirit – other-worldly though the Bowl with fruits of terrestrial achievements, that is knowledge and the experience collected on the earth is filled is immortal. And in this meeting of a harvest and works on the earth the sense of terrestrial life also consists. Everything that is created by a hand of the person, everything is doomed to destruction because is under construction today or for deadlines, but Boundlessness is given to the person, as aspirations the purpose and the container for its all aspirations which haven't been penetrated by the dense sphere. So in Boundlessness is life. And its threads can be stretched from spheres of the real environment of the person in Boundlessness where life has no end. Whether the spirit what, pro-living on the earth of 60 or 70 years or even 100 can reconcile, it dies and disappears already forever? And to live for what then if together with a planet burns down and all will disappear once what on it, and all mankind as a whole? If it doesn't make sense the end of existence of mankind, have no it and any point in a section of temporary this existence. But the reason can't reconcile to this terrible nonsense. And the meaning of the life that the spirit of the person is immortal that many lives it is embodied on the earth that, having ended on it a cycle of the lives to pass to other star highest on steps of evolution of the worlds, than our planet. The meaning of the life is great, but it consists in the process of work, but not in its results or fruits material and visible to an eye. Work is necessary, these fruits are necessary also, are necessary both the cities, and at home, and all surprising products of human mind, the genius and the ingenuities crowned by beauty, is necessary both peace and happy human life on our beautiful earth, all this is necessary, all this is very necessary and it is important, but not in itself, and as an inevitable and very necessary step to greater future. For reason of the person there are no limits and restrictions. He can win against everything and resolve all problems. He can create such bodies or covers in which he will be able to live for the person, without submitting to usual terrestrial conditions. He can win against the nature even it. In total energy of Space and all matter in all the forms – at its order also will serve him daring on wonderful and impossible. Impossible for ignorance and ignorance – probably for this purpose who knows that the person is born dominate over the nature and life. And nowadays it in the period of shining victories of science and knowledge over the worlds visible and invisible to an eye enters to come out from this fight by the winner of life and death.
Sep. 1. Don't forget not for a moment about danger, from dark the threatening. They on patrol always do harm where it is possible. On patrol always it is necessary to be that to be preserved against them. No vigilance will exist excessive. Not fear it, but protection against the evil. Arrive always on patrol!
Sep. 2. Terrestrial goes to the elevated. But work remains for those who understand that work is a basis of life for spirit. Certainly, work there other, on the terrestrial unlike. For the pupil, first of all, is work of the help to people and cognition work. The help there need more, than here because there is a lot of to that world from the earth coming and besides coming the absolutely unprepared. Even coming to other country or others city the help or assistance is required from their living. As this condition intensification upon transition to the World Thin from the earth! It is necessary to protect and there from dark rabble’s mankind. Here on the earth there are various institutes for protection of tranquility and safety of the population. There these institutes aren't present and functions of protection are assumed by volunteers. And darkness there refines on wrecking ardent and therefore the protection established by Hierarchy, is strong and reliable. Inhabitants of the Thin World on layers are protected. Nobody will enter into a layer unprepared if doesn't correspond on vibrations of aura and its color tonality. A little staying there in full consciousness – is more increasing in a semi-drowsy condition or in a dream. Attendants of Hierarchy, both light, and dark are conscious. Dark are armed with knowledge of some laws of the Thin World and some fires and therefore to fight against them and to resist to them the ordinary person who isn't knowing anything and all these denying during lifetime on earth, is absolutely not able. Protection need very much. Fear before the beyond and a trembling worship for the phenomena of an astral deprive of people of the sober, quiet and courageous relation to the hidden world. As a chip on rough waves the souls not brightened up by knowledge rush there sometimes. Low aspirations carry away them down, and dark thus very help. But the pure and strong spirit can't be afraid. At all without having any knowledge of the supreme laws, it won't be involved in darkness as the law of the accord of it won't allow. On the earth of people sees not subjects as a whole, but only their planes turned to it by the parties. The rest is supplemented with his consciousness. Moving in the train or a car, he notices that all subjects by which there is a train, and besides with a different speed, depending on their distance from looking come to movement, but it overcomes in consciousness and this seeming movement. Much still various conditions is available here on the earth, which were overcome by the consciousness, which has adapted to these conditions, overcame so strongly, what even doesn't notice them absolutely and doesn't think of them. In the same way and in elevated it is necessary to master and overcome many features of new conditions. For example: lack of a physical body and peculiar features thin, ways of movement, motive force of thought, distinction of a structure of subjects and images of the Thin World, thought demonstration, lack of usual borders, lack of need to have a living space and things, lack of need of acceptance of food, feature of clothes and so on. Thousand details of existence there can't be transferred in short record. One can be told that the person has round himself that and to what and to whom his spirit aspires. The aspiration and inclination will be the main magnets creating its environment. But only the knowledge gives there freedom and opportunity to be guided. Usual experience terrestrial and terrestrial knowledge deals with the earth and in the elevated can be used only at understanding of structure of two worlds: it and that. At one-sided understanding they are inapplicable. Even at consciousness preservation the ignorant will stay in the fantastic world of illusions. Therefore it is so necessary during lifetime of the on the earth to attend to acquisition of the necessary knowledge and data on the world elevated. What it is possible to learn, denying?! Blind and the deaf occupying the world dense, those will appear and there. About one I Can warn: have no nor rage, nor fear and deny nothing. The space contains in itself everything as it is possible to deny that exists. Everything that is created by thoughts of the person already exists in the hidden. The world polygonal also is diverse in the manifestations. Restrictions of understanding designate denial of that is. It is necessary to understand much before entering limits of the Elevated World in consciousness full.
However many knew and the person learned, all his knowledge is only a step to the knowledge fuller and highest. The end of knowledge isn't present.
Sep. 3. Yes! Yes! Yes! At discrepancy of aspirations there is a huge waste of mental energy, and the giving consciousness degausses. Forces should be protected and only in the presence of aspiration and burning of heart to give. We only answer call in the presence of conformable fires. From a consuming it is necessary to protect and not to forget the fire that silence will be the best keeper. Each told word of people somehow itself opens and puts in dependence on the interlocutor, and even gives itself on favor it. And quite often happens that the blow is in reply struck. Counteracting always answer with blow even if words and are absent. It is necessary to show more often care to the forces. To save up them at times so difficult.
Still the ear doesn't hear and the eye doesn't see, but already feels heart. Heart is ahead of perceptions usual and knows, a lot of things know. It demands the caring and attentive attitude to the feelings. Here feels heart that unnecessary power consumption caused treasury devastation. Means, it is necessary to wait while energy will collect again, and not to trouble it with a great effort.

Consider that qualities of spirit are necessary for life terrestrial on a planet. The few here somehow live even in the absence of qualities. But in Elevated without qualities it is impossible. The tranquility and balance there are necessary first of all, and also the spirit advantage, and also fearlessness, and also aspiration. But qualities of spirit there are the conditions creating an environment of the person. Here the environment and people around are caused by karma, in the same place the karma is created by energy of the saved-up qualities, both good, and bad. And the statement will cause them a current of karma elevated.
Upon conscious transition of great borders when the consciousness doesn't interrupt, first of all it is necessary to keep great tranquility, having collected in itself all the forces, and to refrain from any actions until the consciousness won't start being guided in new living conditions. Thus it is necessary to keep ardent aspiration to the chosen focus of Light which will help to transfer consciousness through the lower class up, without being late in them and without adjoining to them. The tranquility and balance is very necessary at contact with the Teacher of Light. It is anyhow possible to accept its Light, as not in tranquility full. If qualities of spirit are necessary on the earth, the need in them in Elevated is how sharp. Them it is necessary to develop and exercise not for the earth, but for life in hidden, there they it is much more necessary. On the earth if, say, the tranquility didn't take place the person nevertheless lives and absence of tranquility influences its temporary life a little. But in Elevated, where reaction comes instantly, violation of tranquility can threaten with accident, and fear – to cause on the coward of a wave of heavy experiences. Therefore we Destroy any fear and we Approve fearlessness. Therefore qualities of spirit, so is necessary to us, will be for spirit steps ladders to Light. The understanding it gives strength them to claim, exercising not for the earth, but for the world over it. Are approved here, but full and their inevitable application there comes because without qualities it is impossible. Here, money having, even without qualities it is possible to go to a desirable place, in the same place spheres of stay of spirit depend only from nature of the saved-up qualities and force of fires, in them approved. There to start approving qualities late. It is necessary to claim here.
Sep. 4. Listen; listen to surf of ardent waves of a material world. Also try to understand that vibrations they can concern and mention in your microcosm only that on structure, a structure and the nature to them is conformable and akin. Dense vibrates on dense, thin on thin and fiery on the fiery. Only thought over three, if fiery! Therefore even destruction of a physical body doesn't destroy neither thin, nor fiery, is equal as thin – fiery. Fiery it isn't destroyed because it is immortal. It as evolves, as well as all other bodies, as well as all in the world. It is in everyone, but steps of its development are very various. Consciousness, is more exact understanding, it is possible to awaken it to active identification. For this purpose first of all it is necessary to understand that we are beings fiery. The fiery of an organism is seen in its many functions, for example, transfer of an impulse of thought on nerves at body movement, or work of its bodies, either warmth of a body, or life conception, a heartbeat – all these phenomena of a fiery order. The fiery can be strengthened in itself tension of mental energy. Inspired work strains it. Everyone in general tension of an organism is strengthening of activity of fiery energy. It is possible even to imagine itself a being fiery, imperiously disposing of all the lowest covers which implicitly submit to the will being the fiery beginning in the person. Fire loves recognition that is its understanding in itself. Agni's stock is stored in the Bowl and remains in it and after release of spirit from all temporary covers – corporal, astral and mental. All fiery in the person is immortal, but conductors through which the fiery beginning is shown are mortal. The impetuous and uncontrolled flare wears out covers, it also promotes also to Agni's squandering. One action collect and accumulate fire, others waste it. The border is thin. Especially action of feelings and thought influence Agni: fear, concern, despondency, complaints, passions, excitements – his spendthrifts. Balance, tranquility, courage, fearlessness, firmness and other qualities of spirit is Agni's stores. Between two poles of the positive – saving up and negative – wasting qualities of spirit the human consciousness fluctuates, adjoining or gravitating more to this or that. Only the will can keep spirit at Light pole, because without Agni – darkness. Terrestrial the person – Agni to increase the purpose of life, stocks it having saved up and having held them in the form of the approved and approved qualities. Qualities of spirit are fial's the live fire, which crystals are deposited in the Bowl. The statement of qualities in itself is the statement of the fiery essence and ardent process of registration of a fiery body. This process is most important other. It is most important than the physical exercises, all astral emotions and feelings, intellectual accumulation because with the approved qualities of spirit, display in the form of deposits of crystals of fire, the entry into the highest fiery spheres, and besides the introduction or a raising conscious while all other achievements on plans, to its corresponding, won't grant the right to an entrance is possible. And often brilliant terrestrial mind, but not armed with the necessary qualities of spirit, in the world elevated will be compelled to remain below whereas the person who wasn't shining during lifetime with anything, but many qualities in himself approved, rises to fire spheres easily and freely. Therefore the most necessary is the statement of qualities. This process is possible under any living conditions, everywhere and always. Qualities of spirit in it approving, Light are approved in himself by the person.
Sep. 5. The solidity of action expressed by a symbol of a unicorn, means that heart, feelings and thoughts vibrate in one key. As also each quality of spirit can cause all the force only in solidity of the expression when all microcosm of the person sounds on a quality tonality. Let's take quality of tranquility. Heart, feelings, thoughts is quiet, the body and all its movements is quiet. The tranquility can be display at the most terrible tension. It is necessary to shade concept of tranquility intense. Tension of fussiness, concern, nervousness and nervous movements will be its antipode. It is useful to cause sometimes before itself an antipode of approved quality in order that the gloom shaded and strengthened light phenomenon under the contrast law. It is so possible to present before itself two: one, seized quality of tranquillity in all the covers and expression of this quality giving completeness in one key for all the microcosm, and other concern showing full dissoluteness and fussiness and everything that bears for itself absence of tranquility. The tranquillity is force of fires collected in focus. The tranquillity of absolute rest and tranquillity of extreme tension are congenial. When it is indicated a construction of not desirable thought for its implementation in life, the same tonality of action in one key in all covers means. Bifurcation of thought, doubt, uncertainty, expectation of other result will generate failure. All the being to the last section of an organism, to thought slightest, before each pulsation the person who is mentally creating, has to believe in inalterability of action of the great law. Solidity of action is pledge and the victory guarantee. And the tranquility can be effective and to show power, when it monolithic. It is impossible to speak about tranquillity and its power, without having mentioned quality of the balance greatest of all and being synthesis of all other qualities on force of the main power. The one, who wants a victory reach, has reach balance. If quality of tranquillity of tension is difficult, quality of tension of balance is even more difficult and higher. Before power ready to burst a hurricane it comes either before a terrible thunder-storm or before other mighty display of a space order. And remember: before force of action it is necessary to show the person of intense balance. The balance phenomenon will be the neutral point, counterbalancing energy on poles. It is so powerful that people are afraid of it because fires of balance exceed fires of other qualities. Balance is force in itself, a disbalance – weakness. The one who approved balance, can't give in or obey to consciousness, it’s not reached. Therefore it is possible to reject all reasons that are pleasant or it isn't pleasant, it pleasant or unpleasant, agrees or isn't present, corresponds or contradicts thoughts of people if balance took place, and dared to work on fires of this intimate quality. Remember firmly: nobody will resist against balance. After all it is quiet, powerful concentration of all strength of mind; after all it is tension of the highest fires collected in focus for action; after all it is a sword brought; after all it is a ram ready for a crushing blow, or the onions strained by an arrow – one meeting of force on an edge is capable to stop the most spiteful attack or dark undertaking or to neutralize ardent counteraction of the dark. The spear vigilant over a dragon – a symbol will be always intense balance. And when it is rather strong, blow any more it isn't required. Silent force is capable to appease, restrain and tame it everything, strong going against.
Sep. 8. Good luck where I with you. If the failure is My hand isn't present. But chagrin is inevitable even with Me.
Sep. 9. At a big tension of consciousness great opportunities will be born also. Only stagnation is intolerant. And rest of which people dream is close to it. Stagnation, calm, rest; rest, tranquillity, balance – so median concept can bring to opposite to poles. Therefore concept of rest we replace with concept of tranquillity of tension. Tension well because from tension opportunities are born. From stagnation of rest is anything. Rest about, which Told will be the rest of the strong tension similar to calm before a thunder-storm. Such rest precedes action. We call it the moment of the silence, which is so necessary before any action for meeting of forces in focus. To give another value to concept rest will be a mistake. Dullness of idleness is dangerous, because conducts to Agni's decomposition. Often it is necessary to put conducted in the conditions of tension created artificially that their fire didn't hang. – It to support the life purpose and to increase crystals of its deposits. Otherwise of death! We approve movement because it gives food to fire. We welcome amateur performance intense, because in tension life. The doctrine of tension is the doctrine fiery. Indignation of elements is necessary for a display of activity of Agni. It is possible to add that, proceeding from this situation, it is necessary to welcome all that will give rise to spirit tension. It is possible to see from biographies of Great Spirits, They passed the terrestrial way in what tension. Abuses, prosecutions, slander, sufferings, difficulties and counteractions of all and all – them were destiny. Wanting their track to go it isn't necessary to avoid tension and environment resistance. After all it is the inevitable satellites of an ascension serving as steps of a fiery ladder up. "And the worse, the better", – will tell itself the spirit which has comprehended this most difficult basis of a prosperity fiery. All this is only streams of the stream which is rushing by and washing away everything that prevents a fiery being to come to light in the person in all the magnificence and power.
Sep. 10. I want to lift consciousness from the sphere dense over it. But it is tenacious it keeps spirit in the embraces. Difficulty that, on the one hand, it is impossible to come off Earth, and with another to come off the Sky, that is the Highest World. Means, any correct relationship between dense and Thin, that is balance is necessary. It is impossible to come off Earth because without Earth it is impossible, from the Sky because there the future. The issue is resolved simply: the terrestrial – terrestrial, the highest – to the highest. Sense of the terrestrial – in the highest, but not on the contrary. Therefore, the Highest also becomes at the center. And from it all is necessary in dependence terrestrial.
I will help. And today you will already see the help my, approved strong.
Sep. 11. Ability of distinguished perception is reached hardly but if it is difficult to reach it, to hold reached it will be even more difficult. The dense environment shows the heavy resistance because the planes are too various: dense and thin phenomena.
Sep. 13. It is a lot of invited, but it isn't enough elite – too the nature human is far from elite conditions. To have achievements everyone wishes but to work over them unbearable. And conditions are very severe. And each overcoming follows new, more difficult. And it is impossible to stop because the progress rhythm is lost. And the main thing – it is impossible to go back because elements will begin to restrict the turncoat. And the old attire will be any more to a measure. So the exit isn't present. It is necessary to go only forward. So or so, and it is necessary to go. After all forward there is a life. To lag behind it – means to be thrown out of a stream of evolution and to turn into space litter. Retreats aren't present, but it is possible to have a rest. There are periods when they should be passed silently and imperceptibly for foreign eyes. Seeds ripen, being buried, as well seeds put before opportunities. And to it time will come. As well test doesn't happen infinite. The difficult strip should be passed, without refusing that was accepted spirit during the periods of take-off. Also it is necessary to protect bases from violation them vanity. Everything you won't take in a way distant. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the most necessary. Its time having chosen, with itself also it is necessary to leave, at least life and offered other choice of things, perhaps, and very desired for a present situation, but unnecessary and superfluous in a long journey. The question of the most necessary – an Oster, is especially sharp it in the thinking sphere. It is possible to block up consciousness with the mass of unnecessary thoughts and subjects to stop advance. A lot of the unnecessary is thought. And after all thought is the engine. Where it is advanced unnecessary thoughts, whether in the unnecessary direction, that is aside from a way? And then it becomes curve; many reel curve ways, absolutely losing the correct direction. When conditions become close, becomes very dark, we will think of the most necessary. Life can demand a number of external actions. But after all and by the ship in a storm many urgent and necessary works though it and doesn't lose the direction are performed.
Sep. 14. Having defined the most necessary, it is possible to start watching closely as far as thoughts, words and acts correspond to the approved direction. After all way of life, a daily routine and each movement can be coordinated to the planned purpose. And then life will become the purposeful. Distinction will act clearly if to compare the ship without a wheel in a storm and operated firmly. Analogy is full! Many rush on waves of the everyday sea, without having an ultimate goal in a look and therefore the deprived directions. The short purposes of one life can't serve as reference points because temporarily and by the end of day of human life cease to exist. And it at the best, they usually disappear much earlier. Wisdom consists in carrying out the line of the longest. And if every instant to mean the far purpose, but not surrounding visibility, the way will be direct. It will help to find also forces to resist against life usual and its illusions. Hopelessness of situation arises only at limitation of an outlook. There can't be a hopelessness, when the fiery future before eyes. But nevertheless it is necessary to pass through life and thus without changing a step rhythm, regardless of that occurs outside. Certainly, it is hard; but over the elect the Beam, an impulse allowing to go. And if something asks for the sake of the present day, We don't give but if something asks for the sake of the fiery purpose far and for the sake of a uniform way to Light, we Will give not greatly. But people usually ask that round and for the sake of illusions short, and requests them only in vain litter space. So also the address to Us has to be purposeful. And if you ask, it is necessary to know – for what. It is possible to remind: more than once the most intense request about passing was satisfied by me because of the brought works, but passed time, and this help washing it was unnecessary and this it is vain. I Can't spend energy mine it is inexpedient. Therefore it is necessary to think of expediency of the address strong before to Us to direct the thought. I will help if make effort, but it is commensurable. And besides to me is more visible, in what and where it is necessary to help. Council it is possible to ask always. Reaction of heart will specify correctness or an inaccuracy of the made decision. Here and now heart validated decisions to write the conceived letter. The future will specify – heart was right. To thicket address to own of the heart! Heart – the uniform faithful judge. It also will lead to Light.
Sep. 15. The attitude towards the Teacher of Light is an indicator of internal state of consciousness. The lifting is higher, the Teacher, but also on the contrary is closer. This criterion is faultless. It is necessary to think, what even temporary oblivion of the Teacher not without consequences. After all it means a separation from the Highest. The formula "I with You Always" demands" that going with the Lord was with Him constantly in thoughts and the feelings: phenomenon the mutual - it is mutual. The unaccepted Beam hangs powerlessly in space. And the thought sent to the Lord, doesn't reach him if the Lord was averted. As it is necessary protect the silver bridge of communication. Think that everything is allowed, think that are Doctrine foundations, think that neglect is admissible, but don't want to think that the reasons from a consequence are inseparable and that the phenomena of Light the law operates. And if it is broken, who can stop a wheel of action of the law. And, if with Me you is, I with you! The proximity is mutual also Dialogue too. Many weak heads stumbled on neglect. Show carry by consciousness of My Proximity through all tests of life. It means is in Me to resist. Much will be conditions, from Me distracting strongly. They should be overcome in the consciousness. Believe that fight is conducted with external circumstances and on them all forces direct, but it is incorrect. Fight happens inside, and it is necessary to overcome not external circumstances, but. This terrible deception the most difficult for overcoming: because overcoming external in it demands big consciousness. In it is secret of the nonresistance which hasn't been understood strong by people. Consider that nonresistance means carelessly lowered hands and weak-willed submission to circumstances while correctly understood, it demands tension of all forces raised against darkness external spirit and a victory over darkness inside. The formula "I Won Against the World" means this brilliant victory over when the winner cannot move with any finger in protection of and still to be strong victorious. This victory can be expressed in great silence and external motionlessness. About silence of silence it is told enough clearly. Silence of power and powerlessness silence – it is possible and to think of it and strong to hold in the head thought that together when we are invincible darkness. After all now time such when only Light or darkness challenges a wreath of the winner. And the one who in this fight understands that a way to a victory lies through overcoming of, but not external conditions, that, only that can reach a victory. Fight against external conditions is similar to fight against windmills because it is deprived of sense. Having done everything possible, external it is necessary to provide external, having directed all strength of mind on achievement of an internal victory. I repeat: "That advantage to the person if the whole world gets, and the soul will lose", spirit fires go out and spirit drooping. More wisely – on the contrary because anything external doesn't belong to us and no victories over the external will accelerate the spirit growth if the victory goes at the expense of a luminous intensity go out in it.
Sep. 16. I consider, to the Beam I Will allow to shine it isn't forbidden over the heart which has contained My Face. The few can understand secret of power of the Face. The face serves as a link between the world of three measures and the Highest. There are through It Light vibrations. The face is similar to the sun when it lights up an open country of consciousness. Heaps of images of thought, as if clouds, closed the sun, can hide the Face and to darken its color. From here care of that at least at the time of consciousness Communication the field was free. It is possible to observe sometimes how vagrant thoughts creep both with sticky and sticky weight litter the consciousness screen, disturbing perception from above. The thought submits to will if the last knows inalterability of the order of all consciousness. It is possible to be surprised only, what insignificant thoughts are preferred sometimes, to thoughts of Light. Gray, sticky thoughts – Light deprive and immerse in a gloom. The power of spirit over thought should be approved at first irrevocably before thinking of the power over, either over the world, or over the sphere of elements. The key lies in thought will obedient. Or the thought dominates over the person or his will over it. The person, who doesn’t own thought, is the slave. To send itself to thoughts to the power, casually plowing the consciousness sphere will be a condition, strong interfering ascension. Experiments of a strong-willed order with a certain category of thoughts can be made systematically and scientifically and to note reaction them on consciousness. Vigorous, strong, light, joyful, sure, quiet thoughts will cause in all being of the person and reaction corresponding. The thought dominates, forcing cells of a body and gland to function in the accord with its tonality. Let it will be dark and sad around and people are dark but if the thought light shines, and a circle becomes lighter. Light thought will bear to dense spheres Arhat’s achievement. Bearing Light, it isn't considered it from the surrounding darkness, because Light in it. How was dimly around and it is gray, the lamp of consciousness can be lit shining thought. And twilight of spirit will disperse thoughts of light. And if in darkness crying and a gnashing of teeth only light of shining thought can disperse that darkness. Thought of light atop and is strongest generation’s darkness. Light wins. Light – the winner. But it is necessary to understand that to shine the dark room, it is necessary to turn the switch. As also inner world it is possible instantly thought of one to shine, if key to it is taken true and it is turned correctly. Ocean of thoughts of light at the disposal of the person! To them access is open. If the consciousness of people is so freely open for thoughts of a gloom, it isn't less open and for thoughts of light, and the controller at an entrance – the person. If the thought of a gloom entered, that, being not banished, won't leave, yet won't settle on the person, it allowed, all the energy. If the thought of light enters, will light up everything inside, life and new forces will pour in also health. It would seem simply – only to allow light, but people differently think. Thoughts of light are the centers of origin of vitamins. They are pledge of health, and in the world are lighter from them. Arhat the light bears rescue to the world. New division of mankind on a treatment of light and shade of each person will put on a certain step of a ladder of evolution of life. The statement of pleasure in heart in the face of bulking-up darkness – will be a victory of thought and light over darkness.
Sep. 17. The victory and the correct way to the end, if with Me will be provided. It is possible to present itself in the world elevated. Borders of the people and the countries are erased, distinctions of provisions and all differences terrestrial are erased, and money it isn't necessary. Where to direct among crowds on what to be approved and how to understand in all that again surrounds? The Hierarchy ladder, and only It, will be a reliable support. In boundless space where everything is opened and where there is no end how to resist without a support against currents astral and whirlwinds and influence of sets human. Magnetism of aura will attract conformable conditions, - but if they are disharmonies and burden spirit, to whom and that to address? So the Hierarchy will be a uniform support and light. To It having attracted, it is possible from It and to begin the first steps in Elevated. Difficult, having hooked for the lower class, up to rise, but, having approved on Hierarchy and having become stronger on It, from It is possible to begin research of surrounding space and acquaintance to conditions of the Thin World. Wisdom terrestrial should be rejected, because it to anything. It is possible to be the great expert in any branch of terrestrial knowledge, but in Elevated they are inapplicable. But the knowledge of the Supreme laws is necessary also astral conditions. Even the small consciousness there, armed with some knowledge of laws of the hidden world, will appear in incomparably more favorable conditions, than in these laws ignorance. It is necessary to acquire situation that conducts thought. There are the different types of energy making movements. In the same place in a basis fire and fiery energy of thought, and gradation of the highest fires, that is the highest energy. There is no muscular force, but there is that mental energy which sets in motion muscles, only application it’s a bit different. Heavy the body terrestrial moved, but thin wings are given, the wings of thought movable by fiery strength of her. It is followed also by a thin body. Where thought, there and it. And all environments are created by thought, its magnetism. Magnetism of thought is great. Conditions of thin existence are defined by it. The one who thought owns and it operates is the creator of the life in Elevated. Ignorant thinks in fear that there expects it, but the thought the seized – creates those living conditions what he wants. Because the thought there dominates is! The thought of pleasure bears pleasure and thought of a grief – a tear, thought of light – light, thought of darkness – darkness, thought the highest – the highest, the thought of fathers attracts fathers, thought of the Lord – to the Lord. There by the thought the person determines the environment and outlines borders of the opportunities. And if in hidden everything is possible, these opportunities are boundless.
Sep. 17. (Guru.). Weakness doesn't say goodbye in what and as though it was expressed. Therefore, it is necessary to be strong always. This force cannot be expressed in external actions, but, collected inside; it has to be constantly to action on call. Internal readiness for action, without external manifestation, is much more effective, than action. Concentration of force inside – the phenomenon on the influence on surrounding and people around very strong, considerable and absolutely not understood by inhabitants. It is possible to call it silence action. Its essence that the energy concentrated inside it is wired outside invisibly for an eye, but sharply also is instantly felt it by an internal being of other person. So strong personality, entering into the room full of strangers, immediately without words lets know the force. So at the confusion moments looks of all unconsciously and involuntarily address to the one who is stronger than all. Both force, and weakness can be claimed in itself constantly and, first of all, – thought. Thought, being the phenomenon of a fiery order, can focus in the body fire force, as though bringing together him round itself. The person of no character, thinking of itself strong, can become him, and strong, weak itself esteeming, – to lose the force. Therefore it is necessary to think about force, but not weakness, lack of will and powerlessness because the last properties and will be an award of the one who will allow the consciousness to reckon with similar thoughts. And if the thought doesn't suffice, it is possible to unite it with thought of the Lord and to borrow at most him. If only want, if only wish if only in to direct to the statement of fiery power. Fire is the benefit. Wishing to build it will be given.
Sep. 18. Path of aspiration to the Highest the Highest is comprehended, path aspiration to knowledge the knowledge, because the aspiration is a right track of achievements is reached. Therefore I Speak: only direct if you want to reach. The magnet of aspiration works is immutable. This magnet – fiery also works in the sphere. All people usually receive sooner or later to what aspire. And something is frequent wished in infancy of spirit becomes unnecessary when the person grows in the spirit of. From here frequent encumbrance by the people, which proximity once I was desired. Here a magnet of fiery aspiration will attract any person to the person, but the feelings which have caused aspiration, went out, having sputtered out. Also it is necessary then to the person to drag consequences of unreasoned aspirations. Therefore it is better to aspire to the phenomena enduring, showing the benefit because kindly, as well as precious metal, doesn't rust.
Sep. 19 (M. A. Y.). . I testify spirit and heart that there is no closer Defender and the Defender, than Light Lord. All consciousness it is necessary to accept the statement it and, having accepted it, fiery to remember. But stir affairs and a scum terrestrial and use of small employment. As if these trifles more important and are higher than everything. Irrevocable return of all heart to the Lord will be a condition the first, service to Light – the second, and the third – love without a limit to Tom Who Called. To give heart to the Lord – means to betray it to will it, entirely and undividedly to work so, not as I want but as the Lord wants. Conscious service to Light begins with that moment when the person understands that he can shine with itself that only light, in itself approved, gives the chance to begin this service. Without light in itself any service to Light can't take place. No words and any affairs will help if inside everything is dark and the gray aura dimly hangs, like a yoke. As light in them we serve a great cause of the Lord. The egoism of light doesn't give. From it dismissal gives a lightful to aura. But many prefer roundabout tracks if only not to renounce small "I" and not to leave it. As a result with it also stay, but not with the Lord. The love because it cements the first two will be the last condition. That we love, with that and we stay in the thoughts, to that and we aspire. It is artificially difficult to awaken love, but sparks it is possible to inflate in a flame if to put to that heart. It is worth wanting only. Wants much and the person wishes, often fruitlessly and in vain, and often doesn't find pleasure even if the desire was carried out. But the pure pleasure of love of the reaction of a dissatisfaction approved to the Lord doesn't give. For the sake of it is possible to live and create its business. For the sake of it is possible to be courageous, fearless and ardent in Light execution inside. If light lit up inside and Great Service began, any more has values time, an era, a nationality, anything external and even no covers investing spirit. There is a soldier of Light then Light Bearing. This great action matters for all three worlds because execution of Light proceeds in the Thin and mental world. Light not from a flesh and not from the Thin World, but above is. Without light is darkness and in the world Elevated. So the most important and most essential task of the person on the earth and in the worlds is execution of Light and service to these to it. If each thought of the person causes light or darkness, it is possible to imagine, what huge value is allocated for thought. The thought lightful, thought Light-existing strong feeds around everything, conformable to light and having though light sparkle in it. Torch of the world is Light Bearing. Wants the Lord of the relatives see bearing Light. On treatments is of light, and shade and Proximity. Who wants to be close to the Lord, let light approving in itself, bears to its World, let with aura shines, let thought, let – each breath.
Sep. 19 (M. A. Y.). Native, I with you! But it is difficult to punch thickness of the partition dividing us. Two-edged efforts are for this purpose necessary. Here with thought I fell asleep about communication with me and in a dream I helped these to Me to establish connection. And in a dream Me I saw, both communication I had, and record conformable I made. It is necessary to bring a rhythm and an order in the phenomenon of communication and a wall separating to destroy. I am often ready to enter into communication, wish even more, wish even more brightly both thoughts and heart to that put, and I will be felt close. It is close and now.
Sep. 19. My son, whether you think, what a fog and a branch either from yourself, or from antagonistic currents? On the guard of the Lord, ready offer the Hand when it is necessary. Remember a six-month seat nearest more often. How to approach without test to Light? Untried and should stand vibrations him. I temper and Test on everything that improvised. Also I Rejoice, seeing that from a way anything can't reject any more. Desires of opportunity I Will allow to be executed, but if desires from Light. And life I Will deck fires of such achievements, which will quickly force forget about a way to them, though My and difficult. Yours still all ahead – not in dense, but above. Not dense for the sake of, but your feet and work above is created. Anyhow to call as not a feat, a way when among a gloom one and all is left, and the help isn't present from people relatives, distant. In Me to resist in the conditions of they are to eat a feat.
* Episode from the Trans Himalaya expedition Rerih's.
Sep. 22. It is necessary to be strong always. Correctly I told Vivekananda that weakness is not forgiven sin. After all everyone, even the person of no character though time in life would feel strong. Means, force can be caused by spirit to identification and the statement of. Even weak and helpless women, rescuing the children, show both physical and spiritual force. Resources of spirit are inexhaustible. It is possible to take from within. It is possible to collect all moments of a display of strength of mind from the past, knowing, something that was possible earlier, probably always. Weak before a difficult obstacle or in a difficult situation it is lost and misses the last forces, strong – on the contrary, all the forces collects in focus, straining them to action. It is impossible to dare to lose consciousness of the force whatever occurred outside. Two persons, the coward and fearless, identical physical force, will show to the enemy various resistances: one will powerlessly lower hands; another will fight up to the end. So, force depends on a condition of consciousness. Task dark weaken light carriers. Experience has big and uses all opportunities and approaches if only to weaken. Dark diligence should be understood and seen. Otherwise loss of forces will be extremely. Also it is necessary to show strong counteraction to dark attempts. We don't destroy and is impregnable, invincible the spirit which has realized these properties. Connected by thought with the Hierarch Leading, is stronger in one thousand subjects of times. Unless who is strong against Us? Unless who is strong against consciousness, strong and strong integrated with the Lord? Our soldier merged and united in consciousness with Us is indestructible and invincible. Recognition of the weakness and its feeling will be already spirit defeat. It is impossible to allow a condition it because it from darkness and darkness is sent spitefully because, having brought the victim to such condition, they can do with it, weak-willed and forces deprived, anything. That is why the feeling of the powerlessness is so dangerous. After all it is already reached so much and it is made so much and when time came to ascend to a new step, dark exercise the wit in new evil-shift. But after all the trick should be understood, as well as through whom harm is thrown. Use all whom it is possible. Fight and victory will consist in the statement of the force and consciousness association with the Teacher of Light; with It together, against everything going in defiance. Will suppression by surrounding conditions and people – the phenomenon frequent in life of the pupil. And it is necessary to pass through this test successfully. After all it too test and, perhaps, one of the most difficult and given when a lot of things are already overcome. Here it was succeeded to win against an animal itself, but dark victories it isn't necessary. And it they want to turn force into weakness. To see a shaggy hand and in it will be a victory. And having seen through who harm creeps, it is possible to understand that not so much distant, how many close standing as a wire serve. The way is lonely, and was specified about leaving by all. All this let force will allow spirit to resist to new attempts having a tail spirit fires go out. Whatever it was created outside, consciousnesses of the force can't be lost. It will be the ascension end. On the contrary, let dark all strength of mind will help to aggregate attempts for opposition to darkness. Let the darkness will serve for light strengthening, and not that let happens that it wants, but that will give a victory over it to spirit. It isn't necessary any external actions if conditions don't allow, but it is necessary, all forces having collected, in itself to approve consciousness of force, invincible anything and anybody. Rise fiery force from my depth, – so it is possible to call it. Wanted to humiliate, to belittle, weaken and crush, having trampled on the heel, but the Lord on the guard. I won’t allow exulting to dark rack and for line won’t allow. Collecting and force concentration in consciousness focus at such moments is necessary to reject due pressure, as well as association in the spirit of with Me – protection double. But they don't leave the fabrications and, having receded, will invent the new. Let the spear over a dragon don't doze. Service to Light means great guards. Light darkness is intolerable and therefore attempts won't stop dark until light or while there is darkness shines. That is why the consciousness of force is necessary constantly. After all even force of eyes it is possible to reflect darkness. Remember – force, not weakness. Let's list victories: the victory over an animal, victory over an illness, victory over the conditions counteracting perception and records, – here the main, and main is an overcoming of resistance of environment. Not small forces were necessary for achievement of these victories therefore the force can be claimed lawfully because the basis under it is strong. So dark frauds caused the phenomena opposite to what was wanted by them to life, and Adversa tactics triumphed.
(In a dream I flied: easily, with a force and quickly rose up, by big height, and I felt that I can fly up above. I passed through walls. Some walls I broke and with some effort, some I passed, without having left a trace. Through glass I passed, having broken it, through another I passed, without having damaged it is perfect).
Sep. 24. The Lord and with you always, but changeable conditions of a body and mind, especially astral movements is unchangeable. Changes in conductors go constantly. To lean on them or will prove the attitude towards the Lord depending on their condition a mistake because enduring in the person and essence of the Teacher of Light are connected by bonds over an display of the changes happening in conductors. But these movements are so notable and so fill consciousness that darken itself the phenomenon of Light and muffle a spirit song. It is impossible to allow that Maya illusions separated consciousness from the basis of life and replaced with itself it. Crash, great crash Maya* evidence is inevitable, and the person deprived to the basis remains spatially without a support. The only support on the earth and in the worlds – Hierarchy of Light, and the Lord – the Stone of the basis of life. All events in the conductors, whatever ardent and convincing it seemed, is temporary and is passing and is doomed by a small circle of the manifestation. To take at least any emotion of an astral order: its duration is limit and short on the most essence because its energy is quickly settled and is already incapable to cause further reaction of nerves which cease to sound on irritation. It is possible to note as the most ardent phenomenon of astral love goes out and dies away eventually and it is replaced with an absolute indifference; or flashes of other emotions which surely have to alternate to flash again. Diseases come and leave. Thoughts come and leave. It is impossible to be approved on the passing. Let by flows, changing in the expressions, but the Lord, and only on Him, on a Stone regarded as of paramount importance is unchangeable; it is possible to build forever and to be approved on It. How many was various conditions of three covers, strong in the past taking all consciousness and passed completely and absolutely forgotten. Certainly, inside the trace remained, but the real consciousness switched off memory of them and lives already other impressions, again plunging into them with the head. Maya mirage... The Hierarchy ladder is invariable only.
* Illusory
Sep. 25. One is undoubted: the in heavier conditions achievement is approved, the more valuable it and is steadier. Therefore ease is rejected by us and therefore I Speak: load Me more strongly. Sometimes difficulties of the created conditions approving achievement can even smile. If overcoming is set, as the purpose and the most difficult can be overcome, knowing, as a victory, and overcoming is in the spirit of. If only not break in the spirit of underweight of external conditions if only to acquire that spirit we won't break. It is possible to bend a hand, both a neck, and a back, it is possible to break bones, but the spirit which has realized that its essence on fire doesn't burn and doesn't sink in water and that it is impossible to destroy it, rises above the events on three plans and in its three covers which invest it. Covers suffer and worry, but the spirit is higher than them. Maya great illusion identifies these experiences with essence of spirit, but it is deception of feelings and feelings. Even the body burning on fire won't suffer if the nerves transferring feelings to a brain, the feelings sinking through an astral, the feeling beginning is cut. Astral removal at operations by means of suggestion or an anesthesia exempts the person from pain. It means that something can live in the person over painful feelings and all other physical too. It already the area of spirit separated with the lowest experiences; if the consciousness is entirely transferred to it, it wins against pain and other physical feelings. You know cases when the first Christians burning in pitch, with delight and pleasure on a face, sang sacred anthems, at all without feeling pain and in the spirit of having risen over it. Is so won in the spirit of all that from three [covers], because spirit fire over them. Invincible spirit there is nothing. Everything is sent by the decree of Space Will to it to the power and is subject to submission. Over all visible and invisible worlds the spirit which has realized essence of the nature and approved dominates and imprinted knowledge it is the life.
Sep. 26. That in consciousness takes priority at present paints it the color according to power of prevailing thought. Therefore depth of perceptions and their accuracy is relative – from strong and exact to the thoughts mixed with the world. It is possible to deepen perceptions only by clarification of the screen of consciousness from everything that, interfering, disturbs contact with Light focus. Full-tendency is necessary. It is possible to achieve it completeness of the address to the elected Hierarch, having filled with the Face its world. To see, it is necessary to look, turn the look to the Lord, seeing on It is necessary skillfully too. Too there are a lot of subjects around, things, feelings and thoughts disturb. They disturb because too was much given them attention and heart at their assumption in consciousness. Indifference or indifference to them, than absorption by them is better. Not disappointment or lack of interest to the life phenomena, but some degree of impassivity is necessary not greatly. And even interest let will be quiet and counterbalanced. Balance of aspiration is also necessary. Certainly, all this is easily carried out if it is accompanied by love which only one gives completeness of communication. From here a precept – succeed love and reach force it.
Impossibility to reach is the phenomenon from today. Exactly the future is that sphere where everything is achievable. Frequency of attempts will approach desirable, and their continuity and constancy – impossible will make possible. If only not be covered with evidence which very much disturbs because from Maya it.
In each hierarchical action there is a performer, on which or through which the Beam goes. External action cannot be, but the pleasure of Light remains and works powerfully. Receivers Light Lord should know, when via them the Beam for the purpose of a certain influence on surrounding directs, nobility and be strong open Light Beam, having exempted consciousness from everything that disturbs. It also will mean action by strength of the Lord and in the light of it.
Sep.28. We welcomes the beginning of affairs new. Our affairs of duration unusual and their value are not to all appearances, but on consequences. The evidence visible to an eye, doesn't settle their essence, and in it their force. Otherwise enemies would destroy also a visible display. But as their roots in invisible and on the plan inaccessible shaggy, of them can't destroy. Can externally harm and cause external damage, but not to reach roots and not to shake firmness of affairs. Therefore the external shouldn't be deceived and it not to take the sizes for reality. Fire is intimate, as well as its display and impact on surrounding spheres. This influence has three phases or aspect: on the plan terrestrial, on the plan Thin and in the Fiery World. The basis is put in the last, and it gives stability and indestructibility to affairs. Whether and when terrestrial and thin it is bad, whether well played the role, the consequence of fiery power and duration of affairs phenomenon itself acts. We only on consequences Judge and by consequences we Determine value of affairs. Externally, especially at the beginning, they can seem not having that value and force which are put, in them, but duration of consequences and power will indicate them the great tension and degree of the fiery energy put in their basis. Therefore you don't judge superficially and precipitately our undertakings where our Hand is laid. Everything will yield the fruit in time because at the right time they fructify. For term us Believe affairs, judgment to be, but not earlier than term.
(The day before yesterday, that is 27 Sept. pictures of Darling were issued in our city).*
* Opening of an exhibition of N.K.Rerih in Novosibirsk on September 27, 1960 took place.
Sep. 29. Think that contemplation of cloths will yield desirable result, but forget about compliance, that is ability of consciousness consonance that it sees. Without compliance there is no accord, and without the accord – understanding and perception of internal essence of the phenomenon. In the presence in consciousness of the elements, capable to give the accord, the last engender process of assimilation and cause growth and mutual understanding deepening. As though the spark gets to consciousness and lights everything that can burn, give fire, and then light. For someone this process can become the whole revelation and disclosure of own essence looking, and then heart to the phenomenon of direct cognition wakes up. Art conducts on steps of direct cognition when words aren't necessary – only heart trembles feeling of Light. It is told: through art you have Light. Light of knowledge, – that can be higher. It lifts the person over all small, personal, egoistical and transfers to the world of the super personal phenomena. And the consciousnesses shared small, can agree on the big – in a mutual understanding and recognition consent. Therefore it is possible to tell that art unites. Also that time when it will unite people of the Earth because its language is universal and clear for all is close. Rembrandt, Raphael, Van Deyk, and Leonardo da Vinci – them equally appreciate in all corners of the globe and wish to have their cloths at it. Art is language of future comprehension of the world, through it will approach to understanding of that nowadays to them is inaccessible. The artist creates, but creativity – destiny of the person, destiny of all people. And therefore to great creativity of life the mankind will come through art. With its help the planet becomes a garden blossoming and there is fine everything that surrounds the person and is a fruit of work of his hands because fine will enter into work and will make artily beautiful everything that leaves hands of the person. Are beautiful will be at home, streets, the cities, the situation of houses, subjects of use, the car, are fine clothes of people and all use of life. Art levels everything and will change everything, and will furnish the clue to the person to creative transformation of life. Therefore nowadays such deep significance is attached to art, and for creativity in all spheres of activity is called all. This search of new ways in creativity is so necessary in architecture, in mechanical engineering, say, everywhere where creates thought, and art by the assistant true will be always to the person because it is approved on fine, on beauty. The beauty will lay down in the basis of construction of the New World which is created nowadays on open spaces of a planet and goes on change of the old, grown decrepit world condemned to death by logic of immutable laws of development of human society.

Creativity process is interesting. At first there is an idea in consciousness. Then it is given a shape of a matter of thought and pours out in the bright, finished image which the creator it sees lives before the intellectual eye. Then this image is transferred to paper and gets forms seen by a physical eye, and then is embodied in a type of structures, monuments, cars and everything that is created by a hand of the person. Often this image is given a material shape directly, that is without drawings or drawing, but the mental form always precedes the physical. And not that another, how art, doesn't learn so vividly and it is simple to this amazing to process to create. Only creative activity gives pleasure and satisfaction to the worker because usual work, without creativity elements in it, tires with the monotony and becomes boring and uninteresting. New in the work, capable to set it forward, it is brought only by creativity. Therefore the creative activity going on change to the usual is approved.
Oct. 1. Not by the time of fluctuation and instability. They bring trembling in a wire and distort parcels, and the main thing – nullify the next opportunities. Marking time, without advance turns out. Exactly burning flame of heart is necessary. Alternating flashes break also a rhythm, doing it faltering and rough. And the spiteful, waiting rack is ready by the time of to throw the harm. So often happens, and in days of special value – at the strengthened speed, and then when it is necessary to help Us to the straight lines and not fluctuating aspiration. After all everything occurs not on assumed by you, but for expediency reasons, and there are moments of the special importance when the unification is necessary first of all. But the consciousness is occupied with the affairs. Not affairs of the Lord, but personally and to give support to affairs there is nobody. Stability too is necessary in Light affairs. The stronghold of the lit heart is so rare. For affairs terrestrial the wire which one end is fixed on the earth in someone's heart is necessary. And when fixing weakens, shivers or simply stays idle how our Help in affairs can flow? Full-devotion also means also full return of consciousness to business of the Lord and heart filling by the Lord, uninterrupted the affairs. The entire personal world is painted by the Beam, without leaving egoism of a place for service to. Only the full legend of heart the Lord can pass. You will force the way only full measure.
Oct. 2. Here so often also happens: gift is given the chance or sent, but short-sightedness of consciousness rejects it, and, thrown into a stream by the current phenomena both merged with them and mislaid in them, loses the value it for the received. It is possible to remember the sent Stone of the distant worlds and thrown on ignorance in a near the current streams. Also I am glad thrown it again to find, but search takes away it everything lower and lower on a current. Given the chance don't miss. From one another will be born. And who can tell that the Teacher has in view of, giving opportunity. Heart scented better than a brain and joyfully reacted to opportunity as soon as the brain became silent. Opportunity seems small, but another while isn't present. In it "while" a hint on the future.
Oct. 3. I approve firmness of bases. We call them so because Space is based on them, like a basis on which the pattern is weaved. Life patterns in all its variety are drawn on a uniform basis. All changes and flows, changing forms of the expression; bases remain unchangeable. Their repetition is useful already in itself because creates stability of thinking. Let's remind: spirit-polar of each shown thing, uniform in itself, but dual in manifestation, - recurrence of a spiral of the big and small phenomena. Life and death of a form, is as expression of eternal essence of life, immortal in itself. Extra temporariness and extra spatiality of the spirit, which is showing in time and in space! Immortality of spirit at mortality and temporariness of covers investing it. Continuity of its existence is boundlessness in everything, expressed in visible limit forms, and cognoscibility through them. Boundlessness of Hierarchy of Light and ladder of life of the shown forms: evolution of the real, - the fiery basis of the shown world. Infinity of the worlds of Space visible and invisible to an eye! Possibilities of development of power of spirit, judgment to the person from the beginning of times are boundless and a way infinite on stars. World dual, World triple, World centenary! In total in the person, in his microcosm! Truly, It is told truly: "You are gods".
I want to teach to apply to the phenomena of life of boundlessness a measure. Thoughts come and leave, feelings flash and die away, moods change constantly, but the one who in itself(himself) notes these changes, that has to stand, and be them atop, and above them. To identify it with them – means to immerse consciousness in a kingdom temporary and passing, to raise over them – means a measure of boundlessness them to measure and to see their limit essence. Passes everything, – It is told truly, the one who notes possibility of all doesn't pass only and sees flashing of days and nights when understanding in itself Looking eternally. Silent Recorder, the Silent Witness, run noting to time and change of the phenomena, let it and only it, real inside, lives will arrive a criterion.
Both in big is and in the small. All terrestrial human life passes before the realizing center, as something constantly changing in external expression, but united by consciousness connecting it. This consciousness is a weak prototype or reflection of essence Looking eternally and darkened in the person waves of external impressions. It is possible to approach Silently Looking if to emphasize it and more often to direct to It the thought. It becomes closer then consciousness we will be able to approach to comprehension of enduring essence of spirit. The Dumb Witness who is eternally Looking inside at lives a stream.
Oct. 6. Kindness we Ask not to reject the Hand Driving. Through storms, and thunder-storms, calm, fogs, both dark nights, and clear days, and gloomy days, both to winds, and waves our boat towards aspires. You in it. Let's reach. Both we will worry and we will reach to elements of good luck in defiance wished the coast. But the place can't be left. It is impossible to be given on favor to elements, to their power. To coast still far is. Energy fiery spirit our boat to appointed, and everyone who in it, can help aspires, having added the. But it is possible to be only ballast. The role isn't honorable. Honorable much is to help.
Oct. 9. The Maya, recede. The proximity of the Lord in the face of the most ardent evidence denying it is approved. Efforts of the dark are directed on destroying a communication thread. A lot of things become them to tear away. The reason of a black out of consciousness in it should be looked for. Otherwise fruitless there are all attempts to dump delusion but as soon as the main reason is found and the shaggy hand, force it is seen will be paralyzed by one only the exposure facts. Are strong, aren't found yet. Therefore and hide diligently for near standing or whom it is necessary to face. Not for a moment it isn't necessary to forget it. Forgetfulness of this fact can lead to very sad consequences. All attempts to return the reeled proximity will be vain if the main reason isn't established and recognized. Whether it is necessary to strengthen vigilance? And to remember, that dark rack on the guard is. After all It is told about wakefulness constant, uninterrupted neither at night, nor in the afternoon so much. If failures alienate the Lord, so they win against spirit, so that Maya then wins also darkness because failure is recognition by the dark. Spirit it is necessary to rise on everything and on all who took up arms to kill hearts fires in aspiration it to Light. The darkness is behind everything against the going in all its types and forms because to Light going the Lord goes. And to these only a condition, this one darkness against itself causes, and it is hated to darkness light burning inside.
Oct. 10. You will see the Person. I will give the chance to sprout everyone Light grow. I will anticipate all solutions of the dark. Will save situation that [they] brainless. From here – their defeat in planetary scale is inevitable. But it is necessary to warn about a special condensation of a gloom before an hour of a dawn. (This record blindly, and further usually.) All powers of darkness are thrown on Light overcoming, on an attack the last. And therefore it is so dark. But the darkness is doomed, and each undertaking is similar to its fruits of the Dead Sea. But a grief that who will be seduced with darkness because about darkness and will leave from the planet cleared by Light. The last division is fatal. In the last efforts the darkness strains, having collected all the forces. The obsession terribly expanded. All weak-willed, unstable, fluctuating is captured by this phenomenon of a gloom. Faithful Day breakers are as rocks against rage of waves of surf of storming darkness. And even among concerned there are a lot of Light receded in darkness. Fight reaches tension extraordinary. Only skilled soldier, but with our support can resist against it. Too there are a lot of conscious helpers of darkness, and the main thing of the unconscious. Everything fluctuates, and under a wind the unstable consciousness in light is similar to a blade of grass. But hour pre-dawn the very grave tension of darkness approaches. And there and dawn is. But it is necessary to stand also forces to find to carry by fire to a victory. Not honor if who is frightened, either spirit will grow dim, or the ear will bend to darkness suggestions. Not honor who leaves the Lord and will depart again in darkness from which came. It is necessary to know that occurs now on a planet. Also it is necessary to remember, what not a place to doubts, fluctuations and a creep away Infinitive creep away, when its fate is decided. Each sparkle of Light serves as focus for darkness pro-butting. And as victoriously and the heart with firmness lit by a feat. It is as a ram against darkness. But execution of Light and acceptance of poison terrestrial is difficult. I will tell, how a parting word in fight: "Stick to Me constantly! » Both at night, and in the afternoon, not for a moment without having weakened a saving Thread of communication. Even if at the moments of external employment in sub consciousness idea of it remains uninterrupted, as something indissolubly binding your spirit with Me. Because in this terrible last fight resist only Me. Energy yours from the outside concentrate on Me and, having united with Me, go forward to a final victory over darkness.
Oct. 11. My son, I Consider it necessary to warn that all construction on personal feelings – is fragile. The word "feeling" indicates its passing and changing nature because treats the astral sphere. The bipolarity of this nature causes inevitability of demonstration of an opposite pole of feeling in the most ardent pressure of a display any of its poles. Begins usually with a pole positive, in this case light and pleasant for communication, but passes time, energy of a pole sputters out as any feeling of an astral settles and has to sputter out, and on a scene the pole opposite, an antipode of the first acts. If the first feeling was a love, hostility phenomenon in the degree equal to a love. All feelings of an astral are subject to this order. From here their unreliability and impossibility be based on them and to build on them the relationship with people the astral beginning in which prevails over others. In this sense it is possible to understand and saying "Don't hope for sons human". Where the astral predominates, don't look for strong relationship, attachment and friendship. Each phenomenon of feelings of will deny in time. Don't give in on a bait of movements of the astral, whatever attractive they seemed as behind everyone there is them an antipode which forced phenomenon any a time later. Astral approach to Light Doctrine the most unreliable. Astral approach to the Head is fraught with many unpleasant surprises. Words are an ardent example of treacherous essence of an astral: "hosanna" and "crucify him". Astral grimaces should show severity of impassivity. From them will be been born treachery, cowardice and removal. The cooperation based on personal feelings, unsteadily. The personality is a receptacle of the egoism incompatible neither with a feat, nor with dedication. The superior qualities of spirit – love, devotion, fearlessness and others – should be carried by over movements in an astral, differently not to approve them in itself.
Oct. 12. It is better to give, than to receive because each donation or satisfies a karmic debt, or approves a merit as if money in savings bank is placed, from where in the future it is possible to take, without creating karmic debt. Especially it concerns a spiritual donation as exempt’s spirit from dependence on people. Therefore I Claim that it is better to give, than to take. Take and would like to take everything, but so there aren't enough giving. Able to distribute spirit gifts it is even less. For a spiritual donation the aura has to be at a certain step of a fiery. Mental Energy is given. The carrier of Light distributes invisibly and quietly, and only the unreasonable fatigue sometimes will specify, delivery of fiery force how was great. But the bearing lamp can't but shine. The step of luminosity of aura means the introduction on Great Service because light is brought in a surrounding gloom of the dense world. But hardly bearing – too much energy flows away on repayment of surrounding imperfection. And often doesn't know bearing, how many the Benefit creates because the light isn't visible to it. Believe that Great Service in feats obvious, in affairs seen to the world in the face of sets. Happens and so, but happens that in silence and silence, and invisibly for the world service to Light is created. In the aura the lightful bear’s energy of Light and pours out them on all surrounding silently, without words the benefit creating to the world. And then everyone with whom it makes contact, receives from it charges of the matchmaker. Auras of people are dim, and each contact with a lightful clarifies them. A lot of energy loses burning heart, but and Service to its Light we call Great.
The feat hidden, a feat in the world, among life turmoil, at times is more difficult, than visible. It is especially difficult when it is lonely. Test for loneliness when all it is left going, already at big steps.
It isn't necessary to be averted from burdening by circumstances because the experience given by this test is valuable extraordinary. And often some other way it is impossible to get it. Burdening by people around is thus especially valuable. Almost each such burdening brings a pearl of knowledge of a human nature. And to teach the person is considerable business. On knowledge way it is necessary to pass through it. There can't be a pupil a Dunne. Its purpose to assimilate to the Teacher and therefore he has to learn the person. It is necessary to pay for each experience and though the price is high, learning rejoices opportunities to get it. Burdening and chagrin, both abuses, and the non-recognition, received from people, attacks and rage – all this a payment for experience of knowledge of the person. It is told: the doctrine about people is short, but the knowledge is long. It is wrong to think that the Teacher can't give the best circumstances. Can! But if the worst learn better, than the best, the Teacher doesn't hurry to change them. And whether it is possible to complain that advance in experience and knowledge goes quicker. Here the heavy price gives knowledge of the nature of an astral in the power of which there is a majority of people. It is impossible to succeed in the Doctrine, without having learned the person. Therefore we won't complain about a payment for life lessons when people reveal essence, torn apart by movements in not integral cover of an astral.
Oct. 13. Great Arrival! While the storm storms and fight lasts, there is an all-planetary preparation of consciousnesses for the phenomenon of Arrival of the Great Victim. And when readiness will be approved, It will be carried by over the world. Will be it is experienced and it is accepted by heart and behold hearts eyes. It is invisible visible there will be It. But the heart which has accepted it will change. In the area of heart there was a division, in the area of heart transformation will go also. Transformation of heart will follow both world transformation, and all planet sated with Rays of light of the Lord, will be cleared by Light. And then what the best people of the earth solicit nowadays will come true. And then will turn swords into ploughshares, and the darkness expelled from a planet, not able will disturb transformation of all life. Many good undertakings are put and now, but the darkness disturbs, strong interfering in everything, and all black out, and good turning in bad, and drops of poison bringing in everything, even the best. But the darkness and adherent of darkness will leave – and freely people will sigh, having dumped thousand-year slavery. What ardent counteraction goes to the statement of the world? It would seem, the world is necessary to all, but the dark Hierarchy and her henchmen and all supporters of darkness – everything rose against the world. But days them are considered. And rage of the leaving won't stop an evolution wheel. I will strike all harming and against the going. The world on the earth will be approved. And not those who are hypocritically going on in vain "My God, My God", will enter desired into a kingdom of the New World, but those who nowadays, as though they called themselves, fight for the statement it on the earth and defend business of the all-planetary world. It is possible to call them performers of Space Will because, submitting to the phenomenon of terms, punch new ways for the people. To the old world not be. Time of wars, speculation, and the exchanges, robberies small and orphaned comes to an end; in fight and a storm the New World enters into life. Who for it, those with Us, and We with them! The new World will win. This victory is inevitable. Its final victory over the old world of blood, murders and violence will designate also time of arrival of the Victim Great on the Earth. Hearts human will be a field of its phenomena.
Constancy – quality synthetic, and without it all other qualities lose the value. Changeable devotion, either love, or aspiration, or balance are deprived of sense. To whom devotion if today it is necessary, and tomorrow suddenly disappears, either love, or the fearlessness, being replaced cowardice. Constancy is necessary in everything. It is the best protection against fluctuations of astral and all passing movements in three covers. In constancy phenomenon a face of the highest Triad when Silently Looking it becomes close. Constancy will help to carry by atop and proximity of the Lord, over Maya all phenomena; essence of constancy phenomenon on fires of inextinguishably burning flame of qualities. The ardent devotion to the Lord which has been carried by unshakably through all life will be a fiery victory of spirit over the world of shadows passing, over its temporariness, over the world terrestrial incarnate. As also all other qualities, constancy fire approved, will be the rock for spirit and an ascension ladder to Light. I speak about fire inextinguishable, constantly burning in a flame of heart and phenomenon as the spirit, called by constancy.
Oct. 15. Accept Light, It you will win, having extorted darkness from an orbit of the microcosm. Darkness exile is a step of overcoming of the old person in itself. Each thought either from light or from darkness. The patrol eye sees each thought and if its essence not from light, throws out it from consciousness. There is no different way of release from a gloom because it enters into the person through thought. Wakefulness uninterrupted therefore also is necessary because slipped in consciousness the idea is dismissed the by a glyph on aura and serves environment for its repetition and growth. As though the weed seed which has got inside, gives the weed shoots. Control is necessary also because at emergence of such thought it is easier to kill it in a germ, than to struggle with the giant who has grown from it. The thought can grow infinitely, and not everyone can cope with the giant of the evil. Control over thought exempts the person from excessive fight and unnecessary expenses of energy. Without this condition of the continuous, guarded control mastering by thought is impossible. It is necessary to seize thought by all means because in the Thin World the thought reigns, and life of consciousness is approved by thought. It is possible to imagine, what life is approved to itself by the consciousness being under complete control and in the power of own unrestrained and dark thoughts. After all thoughts there create a visible environment of the person and cause in consciousness of reaction, conformable of. Thoughts are visible there in the bright live images similar on brightness to subjects of the dense world, and are for the person they evidence in which he and lives. The one who seized thought, can create the environment at the will; the one who didn't seize, the victim will be thoughts, conformable dominating in it at life and habitual to it. But the statement of future environment in Elevated and living conditions there is created now on the earth by those thoughts which prevail in consciousness living on the earth in a dense body of the person.Therefore we Call to Beauty therefore Beauty we Approve therefore we Say that it the light has to penetrate thoughts that the light of people couldn't be ashamed when will pass great borders. So believing a support on thought, it is possible quietly, surely, safely to go on a narrow track, to life of the leader. It is necessary to realize that the thought conducts the person that it a real factor of life of spirit in space that the thought is a product of millions years of evolution of the forms, become the tool of the person only at a known step of a ladder of life. From here Council, the thought seize – the most necessary. Oct. 16. I approve reality in an evidence counterbalance. I approve reality of three worlds and ardent participation invisible two in the dense. There is no action which wouldn't affect all three. Unless thought from the dense world? It is shown in dense, but arises above. And the human body is also made of elements of all of three. When you see a dead body, you see the elements of the dense world which haven't been recovered by presence of an astral and thin body, -but they not from the dense world. It is necessary to learn thought in itself to separate all three beginnings. Actual seven, but for a start and simplifications to distinguish at least three: dense, thin, and fiery. The consciousness can mainly stay in any one of them. On the earth usually it stays in dense, but each emotion connects with an astral, and thought with the mental beginning - and not in the dense world, but stays in a dream of people above. Thus, on the earth the consciousness can enter into hidden spheres in which it will stay, having dumped a body. We are more often, even having been obese, we live in the various worlds, than it can seem. Plunging into the thought world, doesn't see and doesn't hear a time of people of that it surrounds. Where thought, there and consciousness. I advise to a thicket to direct thought to the highest spheres. This habit will establish magnetic connection with the highest world. Where we will direct on death? Only on the channels blazed by thought during lifetime. Therefore breakthrough in space of channels or the statement of routes of mental flights has very great value for spirit. The thought isn't limited to anything. Isn't present for it neither barriers, nor obstacles. Like a ray of light perforation it all space of all measurements. Future stay in Elevated should premise the thought creating conditions of extra dense existence of the person. Here they are created by physical efforts, there – thought. As it that existence it didn't assimilate to imprisonment in the stone fetters created by ignorant or limited thought has to be expanded. Even it is impossible to fly there if not to premise to flight thought. Moves thought but if it isn't mobile in the stiffened stupid and dark forms, whether that the darkness an environment will be. The first task – to liberate thought. In those spheres of the hidden world where isn't present impossible where everything is possible, opportunities are created by thought? But before daring on impossible and unattainable, it is necessary to know power of shining thought victorious. If to take gray, gloomy, denying everything and usual consciousness vegetating on the earth, it is possible to present, what darkness is prepared by it for itself in the world Elevated. The ceiling of thought of such consciousness doesn't exceed the lower class which will be a limit of its stay there. Flammarion among stars stays because all the life I was among stars. So everyone measures to itself limits of the existence in Elevated the thoughts of this day. The thought, only thought will be that force magic which will be able to open all gate in the Thin World above. The aspiration in this process plays a taking priority role. Who to whom or to that goes that with that and will come. Let's direct to the highest because achievement of the impossible lies in spheres high. I Speak, I Claim: "Possible all and all is achievable for fiery thought victorious".
Oct. 17. Muscles become stronger and develop at exercise – as also mental energy. Therefore, the first condition of its growth is continuous application. Only laziness decomposes it and extinguishes. Application should be distinguished from squandering. Garrulity wastes it, silence saves up, the reserved, avaricious, thought-over word forces it. So: squandering, press and accumulation – three types of the treatment of her. It is possible to waste and force it always, but accumulation demands time. The best store is silence. But the stub too is silent, but energy doesn't accumulate. Means, silence to silence discord. Idle and unnecessary words are excluded. Too much the unnecessary is told is first of all. Then that is transferred in one hundred words, should manage to be told in ten or even less, having concentrated the contents in the most few. It will strengthen patrol, or control, and will increase energy tension. Never is it necessary to devastate a treasury to a limit, especially flow of words. The phenomenon it is destructive awfully. Many, devastating itself chatter, bring an organism to an illness. Garrulity – the great evil harming, first of all, to the talker. Control over the word means control over thought that is patrol that is readiness the concentrated will of energy to action. Restraint, self-control, vigilance, vigilance is a condition of intense, conscious accumulation of fiery energy. With the sufficient duration of this process it starts crystallizing in deposits obvious. The crystal of fiery energy increases and grows. There is a process of accumulation of fiery power. The stone magic silently shines in a breast. Each action of the person and each emotion of an astral are expenditure of mental energy. Emotion reserved increases an energy stock, and the action which hasn't been settled up to the end, preserves stocks it. So: restraint in everything and always. The tranquility, balance, fearlessness – is conditions of deduction of mental energy from dispersion plunder and waste: tranquility of absolute rest or tranquility of extreme tension, but only not rest of lazy "idleness". Balance of absolute rest and balance of great tension will be the concentration phenomenon in focus of fiery force. Speaking about accumulation, it is impossible to hold back squandering: fear, concern, nervousness and nervous movements, doubts, fluctuations, complaints, irritation, fieriness in all types and all other dark qualities of spirit devouring the most valuable energy of fire. The person either accumulates it, or wastes. And all life on the earth passes it under a sign or collecting or waste. Chiseled comes to the World Thin to the beggars deprived of opportunity display of in the conditions of the Elevated World, because fire, or fiery mental energy, will be there the engine. It won't be able to fly; it won't be able to go and, in extreme cases of squandering, won't be able even to move. Will stand to the stone blockhead it is similar. Therefore the question of accumulation of mental energy is the main in life terrestrial the person. It is possible to save up only here. Qualities of spirit are containers of fiery force. In them power of exactly burning flame is concentrated. Within the approved qualities mental energy keeps. Courage is the phenomenon of a flame of the spirit being the integral property of the person which has approved him while the cowardice is similar to open valves of the boiler on which energy of steam flows away. It is possible even to note as ardent flash of violent irritability instantly burns out phosphoric tissue of nerves and does the person devastate by a peel. Unrestrained emotions extremely devour fiery energy of spirit. During the day it is possible to note sharp-sightedly, what qualities inside save up this energy and what waste it. Having marked out spendthrifts, it is possible to start, at least in small scale at first, to accumulation and creation of such conditions in itself which would protect a treasury from devastation. Treasure protection is so we will call this process. Emphasis we will place on thought because each thought promotes either to accumulation, or waste. Vigorous, light, courageous, sure, joyful thoughts collect fire elements. Sad, hopeless utter darkness of consciousness will kill each fiery spark. The person is a being fiery, and the processes which are occurring in it, – from fire. Sons of a flame have to seize fiery elements and subordinate manifestations it first of all in themselves. Mastering by fire is reached through mastering by and submission to protecting will of all its display in the sphere of a microcosm of the person.
Oct. 17 (Gurus). Let everything that was transferred by me at personal contact, in heart patrol lives. In many it went out and with ashes became covered. The ring let will serve as a constant reminder on vitality of our undertakings. Everything didn't die, but lives. Not in those expected by unripe consciousness forms, but in effect hidden by the, phenomenon nowadays in affairs all-planetary. The seed didn't die and shoots gives. And we are also live, only out of a body, and the same line we keep adoptions of decrees of the Lord. Who with It, that and with Us, who with Us, that with It. Hello and my wish to reach the end.
Oct. 18. The dam constrains the current water and helps to save up it. As also the will constrains mental energy of a microcosm of the person from leak and expenditure and allows bring together her, without this constraining condition accumulation is impossible. If only day to carry out one on sharp-sighted protection of fiery force, results will affect very quickly: any degree of balance display will be and there will be feel the pleasure of spirit, which is a consequence of the correct action. The aimless expiration of energy in many directions will stop, and the circle will be closed, is similar to a magnet closed by an anchor. The aura will be the closed sphere, not perforation already chaotic flashes of an astral going from within and breaking constantly external sphere of a protecting network. Intensity and that strengthens and increases its vibrations. The patrol condition of a protecting network gives it already one of this conditions known intensity and that strengthens and increases its vibrations. The protecting network at the majority of people is in a chaotic, chaotic and deplorable condition. Nobody cares of it and that opens access to diseases, obsession and any mental infection. One only tension of consciousness and thought of maintenance of a protecting network already brings it into a condition of known readiness. And as she instantly submits to thought, and management of it depends entirely on will of the person. It is necessary not to forget about this condition only. Clearly – understanding of a continuous communication with Hierarchy and existence of a silver thread is necessary also. All this together with the approved qualities of spirit can create a chain armor of armor not perforation. But continuous intense wakefulness and vigilance and stay on continuous patrol are necessary. Tension of all these conditions the fiery armor of a protecting network can be strengthened extraordinary. It is possible to collect unknown power tension of all strength of mind. There is no limit to concentration in fiery power. It is necessary to know only how to do it. Forces can be called at any time when it is demanded by life. We know examples of a display of fiery forces in the person. In great causes and heroic acts they can phenomenon. But even more heroism is necessary to carry by not spilled through life a fiery bowl and even thus to increase its ardent treasure. This feat hidden will be already Great Service to Light. So mastering by feelings and thought leads finally to a feat and Great Service. The carrier of fire is at the same time both the benefit bearing and light to everything that it surrounds: to people, animals, to plants and things. The emanations of light proceeding from it bear blessing to everything that they concern. It is possible to imagine the aura of complete equilibrium radiating light and surrounded with a powerful and intense protecting network, and broken, rush about its line, perforation the chaotic flashes of an astral infecting and black out everything that around. The infection from such rushing about and unbalanced aura is great and harm is great. Not personal, nobody concerning, but universal work is done by the one who brings harmony, a rhythm and an order in the sphere of the radiation. Value of the clarified and ordered aura is extremely great. It is impossible to underestimate this high phenomenon. "What business to the world and people around to my radiations and my internal state! » - The ignoramus exclaims and right there poison on everything that around pours out. Work on and mastering by fruitful already in itself, and their value – duration extraordinary. Any spark, any crystal of fire doesn't vanish in space, and at the same time increases Stone treasure. Therefore the statement of qualities is fiery action. Therefore mastering by will is Fiery process of accumulation of fiery power. Therefore all ways to achievement of the power at first over themselves, and then already over elements are open for the daring. And so, among usual existence, in life usual, it is possible to collect and accumulate fiery treasure, and it is possible to do it absolutely imperceptibly for foreign eyes. Nobody learns the Stone carrier if only he doesn't open itself. People are still so far from understanding in themselves fire force though unconsciously always it feels in others and reach for a lightful. Learned Treasure with thought of It will go through life, it multiplying in every way, all measures, all thought.
Oct. 18(2). Each action demands expense of mental energy. Action unrestrained, being accompanied not constrained emotions of an astral, quickly devastates a treasury, causing the exhaustion phenomenon. The type of the person who has sputtered out is sad and unconvincing. Mental energy, being constrained in operation as the horse hot a bridle gives the press phenomenon, and crystals it then start shining. Lifting of force is felt then and the consciousness is claimed that it is possible to own and dispose of it. Feeling and understanding it is accompanied by pleasure of spirit. Therefore action settled and not settled – antipodes on the consequences. Only the inexperienced pupil, who is still a little expert in the law of mental energy, allows the exhaustion phenomenon which always comes as result of fieriness and lack of control over it during action. Restraint during action is similar to the closed boiler that allows to lift a vapor pressure and to use it for work. Analogy is full. The phenomenon of reserved force possesses magnetism of persuasiveness. Larets opened, the mountain plundered, opened fail aromas can be an example of exhaustion. In each action, especially in verbal, it is necessary to leave always not exhaustion elements; differently action will lose persuasiveness and appeal, in other words, beauty. From here question: what is stronger – thought silent or put into words? About force of silence it was told. Fiery energy moves without words. How many fine words are created and as becomes a little! Not words convince, but something hidden in them. Let's call it fiery power of not settled words.
Oct. 20. We bring stones on construction of the uniform Temple of life. We bring. Bring also you, everyone on forces! Space cementation thus is of great importance. The space can be so saturated thoughts that thoughts will start being realized into mass actions. Thoughts create when reach the known force of tension and density. The space is full of not expressed thoughts waiting possibilities of manifestation. Contact of thought with dense conditions demands the coordinated accord. Many years expect sometimes the ripened thoughts of the moment when they can join dense forms. The thought gravitates to a matter of the dense world, seeking to merge with it and it to clothe. As in a microcosm of the person the thought seeks to prove in operation as it precisely works in the sphere macrocosm. The law is immutable – thin phenomenon in dense and fiery in thin. Crystallization fiery in the dense is process of space creation of the visible world. Following this principle, the person and an own microcosm to build on the instructions of thought can. The temple of mind and body can build thought, and thought the Temple of life uniform, for the world the integrated thoughts of the best people of a planet is under construction.
Oct. 21. What represents itself a way right? The way true, a way to Light is there is an infinite series of attempts unsuccessful, partially successful and successful quite to transform itself and to improve. It doesn't matter, if not all attempts are successful. The energy enclosed in everyone, over time will yield the fruit. It is impossible to become at once Arhat. But the way of overcoming of eventually will lead to this step. If only not grow weak in making. Many make a mistake, rising on big and neglecting small. But big usually it consists from small, of small details, as the house – of bricks. Bringing everyday bricks on creation of the house of spirit, it is possible to create it and to create, but every day, but it is constant, but without forgetting not for a moment that all meaning of the life terrestrial consists only in it. If in this direction it isn't made anything – means, and all life came to nothing and is carried out empty, aimlessly. Many aimlessly live, believing the purpose of life in things, limited by short term of the existence and therefore deprived of final sense. Here someone energy spends the for that, to put on it is better than all. But the clothes will wear out and will be thrown out in a garbage box, as rags, and together with it and fruits of all efforts. And so in all that it is doomed to destruction by a small circle of the manifestation. We are supporters of long affairs. And our life is a number of the long actions, which results fruits will bring in the following lives behind this. Are immortal therefore our affairs. We see far and far we throw anchors of long voyage. Speaking differently, we live in the future and for the sake of the future, - and our immortality that are stretched to energy of our spirit far beyond many lives. "Future! Once it will be or maybe won't be absolutely! «– the blind man so argues. Future inevitably, is as tomorrow. Staking on the future places the capital in a winning game. And time the future is inevitable; fruits of those works, which are made for the sake of it, are inevitable also; unless devotion and love to the Teacher are calculated on the today's day? Or self-improvement work is on one only life, or cognition of the Doctrine of life? So putting the basis of affairs long, we approve by them immortality of spirit. And it is important to begin thus, that is to put grain of undertaking of that gives shoots, perhaps, only through some embodiments. Thoughts and especially thoughts such which are absolutely impracticable in the real conditions will be grains of such undertakings, first of all. It at all doesn't mean that they impractical or impracticable, it only indicates their duration and immortality, and the statement them in the future. For Us the future is more real than the present because the present already almost passed or passes, and often in it is impossible to change anything as it is a consequence of last acts, but the future is plastic in hands of will forming it because the reasons are approved nowadays. It is necessary not to forget thus that ideas create life and operate the world. In the phenomena of the present day in all-planetary scale it is necessary strong to distinguish two orders of things: the phenomena of the past, doomed to death, and the phenomena of the future, judgment to live. From on what of them it is staked, the success and the correct direction depend. The rate on dead persons will be a bat. But everything that consonance will bring a victory to the course of evolution of life on your planet and to mankind prosperity as a whole.
Oct. 22. It is hard to approve my world in this world. The evidence world the human is short very much. But My World is from eternity, as though the Thread of eternity is stretched through forms and the phenomena of the dense world, a thread which is taking away in boundlessness. It is possible to join my World, to It is possible to enter, become part it and to live in It, meeting waves of the passing phenomena as the granite rock meets surf. It is necessary to understand boundless aspect of My World and consciousness on It to approve. It is necessary to understand that the spirit lit from an eternal flame of life, lives in boundlessness, phenomenon in eternal change of the shown forms. Boundless we also live in boundlessness. And the world dense, in boundlessness real, is as though its section in time. Spirit having risen over this section of the dense world, it is possible to continue it in boundlessness and to see that it represents only the shortest moment of boundlessness and is part it. It is impossible to separate from it any form of life because the beginning and the end of the existence it concerns boundlessness, - and not only the end and the beginning, but also each atom entering into its structure. We are boundless all elements making a microcosm of the person because all elements of the visible and invisible world are this or that type of aspect of boundlessness, in it live and in it are shown. Boundlessness above and below, at the beginning and at the end of time and in all, that exists in Space. Over time, in boundlessness the spirit directs the feet and in it approves the way from a star on a star. Space is eternal, and the spirit of the person, and temporariness of his stay on the earth not a barrier is eternal will be for spirit, but a step and a springboard to the distant worlds. It is necessary to punch fiery will the dense sphere of evidence, it is necessary to understand and rise time over it, it is necessary to think about secrets of space. In a century of release from any slavery it is necessary to think of how to dump the chains which have held down spirit, chains of the dense world, Maya fetters. Freedom only in the spirit of! Not present in freedom body. And the spirit is ubiquitous, all-powerful and all-known in inexhaustible, boundless, boundless potential. By me it was told about qualities of spirit. Nowadays we Take the highest qualities and its attributes, Show on boundless opportunities of spirit. Claiming that everything is possible, I Throw the silver bridge in boundlessness where everything is achievable because there is no limit of growth of power of spirit. Various steps of omnipotence, pansophy, omniscience are already achievable in any, perhaps only still initial, degrees the person, but this approachability serves as the guarantee of further, other achievements, higher and powerful, and there is no limit to them, and there is no end to them. Than it is possible to limit thought flight? Only own ignorance. Having rejected it both all chains, and all restrictions and fetters of centuries, it is possible to direct on the way to boundlessness where everything is achievable where impossible isn't present and where the spirit will top an aspiration inflexible with a victory.
Time came to revise anew many provisions and approvals of former doctrines, having dumped from them clericalism covers. The truth cleared of deposits, will begin to shine again over the world. For example we will take First-Teacher statement, so strong suppressed by church: "You are gods", or "And the power over any flesh is given to the person"; unless in these words the omnipotence of human reason and the power of the person over all nature and over the body not approved? Yoga’s approved this power and it reaches, and can show to people. But what churchmen with this great truth made, having turned God's sons, that is people, into slaves, in fear and awe of reptiles before the Highest Beginning dooming them, according to doctrines of these churchmen, on eternal tortures of a hell in short hours of terrestrial existence? Whether yes these ignoramuses and obscurantists, what such know eternity? And whether Space Justice and the law of the Karma to doom the person for one only life on eternal flour can? A lot of absurd was piled by these ignoramuses and shining truth of life covered with fanatic and darkness layers, having deprived of people of Light. This light nowadays will be given to the world by science, because Truth of the world one. To It will approach through science.
Oct. 23. Let's write and still, at least everything was against. In this invariance of a rhythm the communication thread which basis is constancy is approved? This rhythm will be continued for sides of death and death will make life because approved here it will be approved there, and rejected here – is rejected there. On the earth it is possible to call this life we weed statements of living conditions in Elevated. That is why each accepted or rejected thought matters for the future. And balance approved as a frame will be spirit expressions in hidden. Constancy and balance are connected closely. Constancy without balance or balance without constancy will be disbalance. And when it is too difficult, the saving rhythm can be called to the aid and in it to derive new strength; that from this that waves of a surf of the external phenomena rage. They will again be rolled away in the sea, the spirit still will indestructibly stand, to a powerful oak under a whirlwind is similar. Force of balance of a bike and this force from spirit, not from the earth and other covers. In a triad immortal its basis; balance is quality fiery.
Oct. 24. Adverse conditions of perception amplify in order that process could proceed at everyone’s and even the most adverse circumstances. It is necessary not to stop only on them thought, continuing it to direct in the accepted direction. Conditions of the astral plan in comparison with terrestrial so become aggravated that the fiery training of this order is insistently necessary. Plans of thought and plans of the lowest influences are various. But the fiery consciousness has to see and hear everything that doesn't break the concentration. The main stream remains invariable, lateral streamlets don't influence it. Thought domination over the surrounding consists that the thought moves ahead in the chosen direction, without changing it depending on external conditions. Vibrations of these last, getting to consciousness and being imprinted in it, nevertheless don't change the direction of main current of thought. Even the break doesn't stop its symmetry. The consciousness as though concerns the known sphere and scoops from there that to it созвучит, despite receipt of impressions from spheres of the lowest. The partition of consciousness is almost obviously possible, and in centuries we know many examples of that. The consciousness thus concerns the diverse phenomena, various streams and, scoop of them, doesn't lose a thread of communication with one of two whom it adjoined. Certainly, tension of consciousness has to be great, and also tension of thought of the leader. Conclusion one: under all circumstances the rhythm of records proceeds, and from it to break any phenomena interfering in it not in forces if the aspiration is kept. In the beginning the complete silence and isolation was required, at the end of record it is possible to conduct even at the crowded intersection of roads. It is important to assume that it is possible later to carry out in application. Many wonderful phenomena are possible, and there is no established framework of a display of activity of high consciousness. The mighty force of a rhythm will sweep away barriers of usual conventions and does impossible possible. Let's write both at night, and in the afternoon and when we will want, and in any conditions, and under all circumstances.
Victory in to shortening a stride and not break its rhythm. The surprise causing shock and even paralysis of some centers is especially harmful in this regard. It isn't necessary therefore to be surprised to anything and not to be surprised anything, also external signs of surprise to please also aren't necessary to someone or something. The advantage of spirit doesn't allow it. Grimaces of spirit of this order are especially harmful. After all near them there is a flattering obsequiousness, and behind it humiliating babbling. To be itself it is necessary under all circumstances of life, without being humiliated to obsequiousness and conciliation smiles. Conciliation, obsequiousness is one, the consent and mutual understanding – something is perfect another. These last don't wound the spirit advantage while conciliation strikes it. Many harmful habits are carried in himself by the person. Silence that better, that relieves from many mistakes and not create conditions, in which the astral clown shows puppet essence the. He is degrade of advantage of the spirit; ready any minute to show a glorify face. He murmurs, he flatters, he smiles a conditional smile of a pettiness, he and lies, he is afraid of everything and always. Not so it is insignificant as it is harmful, and not so it is hardy as it isn't necessary forward to the directed spirit.
Oct. 25. It is impossible to come off the earth also the earth to leave. Means, it is necessary wisely to manage to combine the sky and the earth in consciousness, and thus so that the earth not only didn't disturb, but served as a springboard for sky development. As a matter of fact, the earth, but inclination of the nature human to not gets rid animal nature in the person, to heritage of the past in it disturbs not. And if the person is a process, the animal began in it there is a phenomenon which is subject to a gets rid and overcoming. At the known step close to release, the heritage of the past rises from consciousness depth with a special force and in the last efforts pulls consciousness down. To surf of waves of the past follows opposite, having collected the forces because the surf and temporarily isn't long. And appeal of terrestrial gravitations the only seeming. There can't live the risen spirit already them because they will give nothing, except disappointment, burden and a black out. There is a food desire, but once you burden it which has been already rejected and unusual, a stomach, the distinguished organism immediately will rise because it is necessary to pay for poisoning heavy, -and as it is exact with all other allure. That pleased and gave satisfaction earlier; nowadays it any more won't bring, and brings only bitterness of falling of spirit in past embraces. But in the past everything is burned for fiery yoga, and return to the old ashes of pleasure won't give to spirit. We live future and in the future where the field of new achievements lies and where new completely replaces old and replaces so fully that the past doesn't come any more to heart; decorating its (past) with flowers, we carry them on a grave. But there are enough graves. About life there is our speech and shining opportunities of spirit. In total ahead and everything is achievable. And not in forces of a way to block ghosts of last fulfillments.
Oct. 26. In consciousness as in a mirror, it is reflected the world surrounding it, but the world painted by characteristic paints for this consciousness. And not always reflection it is quiet and accurate. The surface of a mirror can rather be assimilated to water, than glass, and the slightest whiff of astral whirlwinds immediately distorts all reflection. Also the person sees then the world external not such what it is but as it seems. So besides the restrictions peculiar to usual consciousness, additional distortions are brought still. And the reality turns into the ardent evidence, which is so far from reality. In these illusive personal worlds also there live million people outside reality. Specify her astral. Under the power of it the consciousness pines, the jailer of spirit – so it is possible to call it. This is the enemy number first. Release of spirit from any slavery begins with release from tyranny of an astral. It is possible to live without its display. Its experiences aren't necessary. Its flashes aren't necessary. It is possible to give to itself a task: at least to spend one day without any emotions. Without them it is possible to eat, drink, sleep, work and still to be the person, but the person, free from astral spasms. Here the person was irritated, here was frightened, here suddenly laughs loudly – to what all this. The tranquility has to replace all grimaces of an astral. Without them it is possible to live. So, for today a task is in the astral conductor to stop movements at least for one day. Its arbitrariness suffices! On what not to react in any way; whether it is good, whether it is bad, whether it is pleasant or it is unpleasant, it is pleasant or not – inside the clown is connected by will power and it isn't authorized to wriggle to him, let though everything upside down will turn over, but the clown let will be connected per day, only per day that the owner saw it that the poseur is subject the owner to will. It is necessary to understand that it is possible to think and live and feel the full-fledged person on condition of a full break off of an astral. Only provided that it is possible approve tranquility and balance. Rush about the comic cover has to be led to silence. Even one-day experience will be useful because it is difficult to begin. How many efforts became and becomes to rise spirit, but something persistently disturbs, nullifying everything achievement. Stirs an astral, the enemy number first, doing fruitless all aspirations of spirit. How many they are reeled, stopped, back going! Who conducts them and where? The astral irrepressible and ardent, spirit saddled, attracts it strong in darkness. Everything is allowed, there is no ban, but not to the slave, not to the one who in the power of an astral, very grave of all types of slavery. It is necessary to find forces chains of slavery to tear, and it is necessary to get liberty. To what all gains of freedom to the person being in slavery at the lowest cover. To what freedom to the drunkard, addict, sadist? Even the small victory over an astral is useful because conducts to the bigger. The first attempt will be followed by the second, for the second – the third, the clown won't be bridled yet and is quiet, and rage won't cease him. Otherwise the end and a grief to the won spirit and slavery any more at the astral, but at darkness, which through it enslave freedom of spirit. Mercy to the clown in itself can't be. It and I in the person are various. But it, irrepressible, grew into the person and replaced with itself it “I”. Filth it is necessary to pull out with a root, and day the first let will be the beginning of fight against the enemy ancient to the death.
Oct. 27. In the evening. Life external and life internal! The first comes to an end with the death, the second proceeds, but already regardless of dense conditions. Which of them is more important? That the person on an internal field of consciousness sows will grow and be poured in shoots when life on the earth will come to an end; remains internal and anything external. And it is necessary to live due to energy of grains; they yet won't yield fruits which are the reasons of internal life in the following embodiment. Paraphrasing ancient saying, it is possible to tell: aren't mistaken, the Karma coldly not happen; one will reap what he'll sow.
Oct. 28. Each seed sprouts also fruits on the sort and a look. As also grains mental, in one way or another got in the field of consciousness of the person. Seeds of the evil, hatred, not goodwill shoots will give the corresponding. Seeds of beauty, the benefit, the highest aspirations and everything that from light, will give light shoots; the collector of grains, both the sower, and the reaper, and the owner of results of a harvest is itself the person. For usual crops usually select the best seeds. As also control over itself allows making the most careful selection of mental receipts. But continuous patrol because the allowed and thought-over thought which has received this or that assessment of consciousness, with this assessment or the press of spirit remains on a consciousness field in memory storage where, having approved is for this purpose necessary, grows. Once and somewhere, at emergence conformable this thought of conditions, it comes up, increased, again and the person in consent with it acts then, is frequent even without having worked to think, it is good or is bad. But for this purpose, who goes up, each antecedents are bad already that her ascending consciousness outgrew the fact of the advance and therefore control over thoughts of the past is necessary even more strict, than over thoughts of the present which didn't manage to become stronger and give deep roots yet. It is especially difficult to struggle with the thoughts of the century prescription which have taken shape in the form of habits, tendencies and other outgrowths of spirit. It is good if they good, but usually they not to a measure to the increased spirit and are subject to withdrawal. If aspiration fiery and tensely, they can fly away as they become obsolete leaves, but at stagnation of consciousness cause rotting and can infect all system, from here double need of control over thought that is spirit wakefulness the uninterrupted. Those thoughts which received the consciousness sanction, actively live in sub consciousness and are often shown in dreams when the person arrives counter with the wake consciousness. Dark thoughts from sub consciousness it is necessary to take, reconsider, and set the seal of new understanding and again to send them to memory storage. Dreams won't repeat, and the astral during a dream of a physical body will already work differently, submitting to influences of the changed thought. Often in a dream of people makes acts which it never would allow in usual life. It is an astral works through the put thought, completely with it not eradicated of consciousness. After release from a physical body the thoughts put in a microcosm of the person, strong will start themselves showing, carrying away for itself a thin cover, and then furious fight between the highest aspirations of spirit and not gets rid energy of the lowest thoughts of which their owner didn't manage to clear himself yet begins. It is better to begin this cleaning as soon as possible. It is a lot of litter inside. A lot of things should be reconsidered anew. Everything gives the shoots. It is a lot of unnecessary stuff, it is a lot of poisonous seeds, and there are a lot of evil seeds. In aspect of the far future it is good to look through the thoughts, having presented them grown to the logical end. And the good and evil of each shown thought will be visible then in all volume. Also it will be easier to reject unnecessary or poisonous thought then.
Oct. 29. In the evening. In a dream the thin consciousness reacts to various influences by time at all as the wake consciousness would react to them. Reactions go as though counter with the accepted direction. It means that remaining snakes raise the heads, using lack of day control. The seal of a final decision of will wasn't therefore strongly set to some tendencies, tendencies and astral habits. And it, missing a bridle, itself shows sometimes in the actions which aren't meeting with approval of day consciousness. It is necessary as to be ashamed of this recurrence of last fulfillments, as if they occurred in reality. They are useful to that, having opened their negative essence; the person can inflict on them the sanction of the new decision stopping in a root possibility of their new repetition. In a dream the true face of the person is shown easier and more freely, than in a condition of wakefulness.
Oct. 30. Creativity of the Guru is peculiar, original, unusually and makes absolutely special impression on consciousness, causing sometimes the whole stream of thoughts. One of its most remarkable cloths is the picture "Nastasia Mikulichna". It is necessary to look from the farthest corner of the room, and it is even better from a corridor, and then its beauty come to life and starts shining and is shone. And the more the eye is based upon this picture, the more thoughts are given rise by it in consciousness. Also it seems that it not simply a picture, but the great future of our Homeland imprinted on a cloth. After all it is written in 1943, when the Hitlerism hordes equipped with production of equipment of all Europe, still threatened our Country and the second Patriotic war was in the heat. In this time difficult for our Country Rerih already expected a final victory over the enemy, over our enemies, and not well-wishers. Nastasia Mikulichna is a symbol of invincible power of our great Homeland. Powerful figure of the woman, powerful horse at background flaring dawn New World, when our Homeland, having reflected all enemies, leaves as the winner on a world proscenium. The dawn of the New World which is exempting from dark heritage of the past, from wars, blood, violence, colonial slavery and all types of oppression and enslavement of the person by the person, victoriously burns over a planet. And the whole world for itself the country, all people of the Earth, the Homeland our, embodied in an image of a mighty figure of Nastasia Mikulichna, on a strong and strong horse is conducting. It in an armor, but isn't armed, she doesn't rattle the saber, it threatens nobody. It bears to the World the world and in a hand it – figures of people supported by it, as if a symbol of the small people or all mankind as a whole, on protection of the world, happiness and which interests powerfully there is It in flaring paints of a dawn of the New World. It in armor and an armor that the treacherous enemy hand couldn't strike suddenly blow because of a back. But as such power of confidence and indestructibility blows from this image, and the horse so firmly goes forward in this shining a victory and happiness the future that involuntarily there is a question: what deep feeling of anticipation Roerich possessed so vitally to represent it on a cloth? He as if saw this victorious gait of our Homeland and its leading role on a world scene. Yes, it threatens nobody and, it bears to the world the world and, she is the defender of the small people and all oppressed and, to it with hope and belief million eyes in all corners of a planet are directed nowadays and, she heads fight against the old, fateful, leaving and decaying world and conducts for itself the people and this victorious power. The horse rises by a height, he didn't step into it and when will step, the last clouds of a gloom and our great Country will dissipate will appear before people of the world in all the invincible power approving the world to the whole world, and happiness for all people of the Earth, and a clear final victory of the New World over old when wars, violence and slavery in all forms and shapes will be only in the past.
Oct. 31. And here other picture – "Three crowns". Mortal fight was entered by three kings. Because of that do they fight? What do they want to take away each other? Perhaps Constantinople and strait, or the black mound rich plains of Ukraine? Or increase new possession a scrappy monarchy? But three fight: the picture is written in 1914 when World War I and Kaiser Wilhelm burst, Joseph Austria in Nicolay Romanov entered war. In a picture it is high in the sky, over battling figures three crowns departure never already more to return on their unlucky heads. So, again the artist expected a course of world events and an outcome of Great War. It can't be surprised; the understanding of the future is peculiar to some outstanding people. The picture "City Fateful" makes especially deep impression. Against the terrible bright-red sky there is a huge dark lock, costs, probably, an eyelid. In its windows red reflections of a glow are reflected. The bloody sky is a symbol of the future war, and red and scarlet paints – a symbol of revolution following it. Against these paints hopelessness of the old lock, old world! Therefore the inevitability, any relentlessness of a course of historical events is felt in these tones as if the artist and inevitability of bloody war, and inevitability of the revolution, which have followed it when red banners were lifted for release of the people from fetters of the old world expected. And that the old world is irrevocably condemned by the law of historical justice and the law of social development appears from the name of the picture "City Fateful". Because the world old is really doomed and how defenders of wars, both violence, and colonial slavery tried, and all opponents of our Country to defend it on all assemblies of the world, he is doomed, both will leave, and will give way to the New World of freedom and happiness, the World without wars, to the World freed from all types of slavery, the World, which is under construction and approved by our Great Country and Those Who conducts it and behind it the whole world and all people of the Earth in this shining bright future.
Nov. 1. My son, to the phenomenon of my proximity you won't prefer Maya ghosts if you resolved to reach the end. Transitions in a further way can be different though the purpose remains the same and if transition is heavy, either is painful, or is boring and dim, nevertheless it doesn't change the purpose final. And not in transition one, though heavy, the purpose and sense of travel. Therefore how the way was difficult on its this piece, nevertheless it is necessary to go, without changing itself and without putting immortal soul in dependence on flashing by casual and temporary types, conditions or satellites, temporary too. Even it will pass – the wise rule of life necessary in a long way. I warned that the way is difficult, and pink locks air didn’t promise. You remember, I Told: left all, left things you will reach about My Day. Properly wellbeing – death of spirit there is a wish for wellbeing and rest, but, and rest means stagnation and danger of decomposition. Better hasten in hunger and cold, and on the stones tearing footwear, but spirit to keep fire. Difficulties after all are steps. There ascends spirit in eternity, in a kingdom of boundless Light. Not long years of works and fight on the earth, and for many years in Elevated. And difficulties of life current will pass as passed that, being earlier, and everything that around, will be replaced with the new. The landscape and landscapes of a way become others, and satellites will be not those, and the way becomes easier for a while. It is necessary to remember one – that the above, the more difficult to rise, and it is difficult especially strong end transition. The spirit finishing knows, the way how is heavy, -but the Lord on the guard. Hand I am ready to give when difficulties exceed possibilities of spirit. But the spirit is strong, force it when it is called for action consciously is inexhaustible. To it also go, strength of mind. It you will reach Me.
Wine breaks harmony of the centers and suppresses will and ability to coordinate it’s their functions. At astral allocation alcohol, weakening will, deprives of it opportunity precisely to operate movements of a thin body which any more doesn't submit to it so easily and freely, as usual. Supervision showed that though the will and directed a thin body in a certain direction, it from it deviated and thrown aside. It is possible to imagine that occurs at the drunkard in the sphere of movement of its thin cover. The straw in rough waters can assimilate it. Therefore the Prevention of harm of alcohol intake and the dangers connected with this weakness human is given.
Nov. 2. To stand on the feet and to move the force – a condition which can’t be bypassed? Any calculation on others forces will come to an end a total failure. It doesn't exclude the help of the Teacher which comes at the last minute when own resources are settled up to the end. Any hope of other help brings disappointment. Assignment, specify swimming in own shuttle, at least and in the full of holes is inadmissible. For the known period the pupil absolutely one, provided to own forces is left. Will pass this difficult test – will continue the way, will prove the suitability and the right to the following step; will recede – will show that it isn't ready. The dragon of daily occurrence shouldn't be called on fight, he and without a call is ready to strangle each sparkle of spirit. But it is possible to recede only in darkness therefore also retreat is impossible. There is a way only forward. The fairy tale terrestrial will end – both the sense and value of a way will appear in all depth. Remain behind a condition of the dense world, new it is necessary to enter the world. But with what? On consciousness there will be a World New. Means and it is necessary to prepare consciousness for it. How to explain, how burn out in a brain, how to give understanding of that all life on the earth is preparation for life in Elevated. And if them we don't learn to own here, there will be late. There whirlwinds of an astral will take and will carry away not able itself to own the person who hasn't subordinated to the will and astral. Here, here, now every instant life should use to be prepared for life out of a body. Each quality of spirit will be a support, everyone crustal fire, to preserve in life, will be a power source, the infirmity to win against each low-slightest effort will blossom there achievement fire. Therefore I Speak to you: fight! In fight forces are multiplied. There are no conditions which fires go out in heart of strong spirit can. Weakness doesn't say goodbye. Let's not break spirit, sense of an embodiment the learned. The knowledge of sense of a way let will be stronger than Maya ghosts. Not it, not it that strong curls around, giving rise to phantoms and ghosts of darkness, but Light, but a victory over darkness, but the way to boundlessness is traced by that who follows Me steadily and firmly.
Nov. 3. Though the person also is constant object of own and foreign suggestions, however consciously he isn't able to use this method of influence, and the main thing doesn't want. Think that for suggestion any special efforts and tension are necessary. Meanwhile as all this is simply extraordinary. It is easiest to fight suggestion against habits. Here the person wants to smoke, either to drink, or to be irritated, or to continue to do thousands unnecessary and harmful things. How to be exempted from them? Suggestion, that is by means of auto-suggestion. It is necessary to choose quiet time when nobody disturbs, and to concentrate on thought that the will wants. It is necessary to create an accurate image of desirable action and to ship it in the sub consciousness with thought that when time will come to work, force enclosed in a desirable image will work. During process of thinking it is necessary to remember that neither to drink, nor to smoke, the person doesn't want to be irritated at present that action belongs on the future that at this moment to drink it isn't necessary to throw and it isn't necessary to refuse anything, and it isn't necessary to fight against anything, but it is necessary to enclose clear, accurate and strong thought in depth of the consciousness that the desire to nicotine, alcohol or irritation won't arise when it arises usually, and that suggestion cuts this desire in the root. Also it is necessary that power of desire put in will, surpassed desire force to habitual action. It is possible to show this force as temptation to yield to force habits phenomenon later, and at the time of suggestion energy isn't spent for fight against the habit. Thus, against the taken roots habit it is possible to collect such force of counteraction that desires indulge the weakness can not to appear at all when there will come for it time phenomenon But in thought of suggestion it is necessary to put all the force. Instead of fruitless dreams of release from undesirable habits, about self-improvement, about character building and will, instead of all these fruitless attempts it is possible to spend with advantage time for conscious and effective application of a method of auto-suggestion. Late to fight against a temptation or weakness, when they phenomenon already in operation. Such fight is usually excessive. But when in silence and the silence, not tormented at this moment habit force, collects all the power of people and directs it on destruction of the outgrowth which has nestled in its essence of the spirit, the habit crystallized in the form of a dark fancy, the fiery power of the concentrated thought can destroy it in the root. I repeat, not at the time of a display of an undesirable habit, weakness or a temptation it is necessary to fight with them but when their force is in inaction. After all doesn't drink, either doesn't smoke, or the person continuously isn't irritated. And the moments of rest will be the most favorable because force of inspired thought will be directed not to fight against the temptation which has risen in all the growth, but to its crystallized form, which has stuck to aura of the subject suffering from this habit. The field of application of suggestion is extremely wide, not only to eradication of undesirable habits is it possible to apply it, but also and to the statement of desirable qualities. How many good thoughts and dreams were premised about this or that quality of spirit and still desirable wasn't approved. The mistake was that auto-suggestion wasn't applied. It is necessary to strengthen thought influence by application of the principle of auto-suggestion. It is possible to add thus that when to inspire the necessary thoughts the person will learn himself, other people will easily submit to influence of his thoughts. But with this influence it is necessary to be very circumspect because this weapon two-edged and return blow not to avoid. The will others is free, and to encroach on it is inadmissible. At the suggestion moments all negative properties of an eradicated habit can be collected to cause it the big force of counteraction of a destroyed habit. It has to be not suppressed, but is eradicated and burned out from aura of its carrier. In Elevated habits is as chains of the convict chained to four wheels or to a wall of a casemate. For freedom of spirit there is with them a fight. Free time can be used fruitful on this fight. The will get stronger with each victory. There is no limit to development of fiery will. There is no limit to growth of power of spirit. But it is necessary to begin, but it is necessary to take a way of development of this fiery power.
Nov. 5. The person represents himself laboratory for all feelings an operating factor in which is the thought. This first. The second: "That you will connect on the earth will be connected in heavens", that is in Elevated, after body leaving, and "that you will destroy on the earth, will be destroyed there". Differently, all approved and accepted on the earth, in Elevated will be a framework or spirit living conditions. Therefore it is so persistently spoken about creation expansion, about release from any habits and about the statement of merits of spirit. Way and the fastest the way of use of power of thought in the form of auto-suggestion will be direct. In silence when all consciousness of a microcosm of the person is concentrated in the field of thought, the thought can be strengthened and crystallized in obviously visible form. After all the thought isn't abstraction, but a being of the thin plan with all signs of self-sufficing existence. And, as that, it grows and can reach under a food of thought of the sizes of the giant allocated with fiery power. The habits created under the influence of the same thought and fed by it, the same living beings who though lead independent existence represent themselves, but, being generation, they are connected with beget an umbilical cord and hang on it, having stuck to his aura and being spirit outgrowths. These living beings, being by the nature usually negative and dark, are called "larvas". They eat thoughts that are vital energy of beget, and thirst for the next portion of a food every time when the habit raises the head and demands satisfaction. If the habit isn't destroyed here, on the earth, energy it will continue to work and in elevated, at all without being considered as those conditions for its satisfaction don't exist anymore and that it can't be satisfied. From here a legend about torments of Tantalum, idea about a flame hellish and torments in a purgatory, about punishments of sinners and so on and further because energy of the approved and taken shape in the form of bad and dark habits of thoughts will continue to work and when the body terrestrial is dumped. Force of this influence becomes after death sharper and intense because all there becomes aggravated. Larva these will torment the person with power of not satisfied desires until will settle up to the end on beget of force of the energy put in them by him during lifetime of it on the earth because that it connected to itself(himself) on the earth, remains with it and in elevated. Therefore fight for the release from any habits and the statement of all light qualities of spirit [is] the most essential task terrestrial incarnate. The auto-suggestion method will be the mighty weapon of spirit in this process of release also. Experience already shows that it is absolutely not enough one understanding and desire that application in life, in practice of desirable statements is necessary. Experience already shows that the person wants one, in the aspiration to light, but the irrepressible clown, but an astral, unrestrained will, wants other – and wants itself phenomenon in habits and weaknesses of spirit, both destroys persistently and is thin all best creation of consciousness. The person approves balance and tranquility, but the astral lives disbalance and concern, and usually wins against an astral, because on its party force of long-term habits. In silence by power of fiery thought it is possible to destroy a habit, it is possible to burn its thin form, it is possible angry, hanging on aura larva a beam of the thought to pierce and deprive of it force and suggestion it is possible not to give the chance to it in the future the force phenomenon. It is possible to begin with the small. The small victory over the larva will give to spirit strength to dare to the big. It is necessary to clear from larva’s aura strong. As well the statement of qualities of spirit, most to spirit sounding, will go the same method of auto-suggestion. Every day it is possible to give to itself certain tasks for release from habits and on the statement of desirable qualities. This way it is possible to reach much if the aspiration is rather strong. Still too a lot of things weren't given only because, despite all sincerity and constancy of aspiration, possibility of ardent application of auto-suggestion in the course of fight against an astral and desires to subordinate him to will wasn't understood. It gives in to suggestion, but not when his rage in operation. But at the moments when it is brought to silence, over it the thought dominates, and this power can send a thought projection to the future, making out it at the request of will. At these moments the astral is deprived of the usual resilience, and at these moments it is possible to paralyze activity it on the future. It is possible to order accurately to it irrepressible rage to reduce, and it is possible to extinguish it at all when she will want phenomenon in habitual conditions of day when the clown will uncontrolledly seek to show himself in operation. Such way and balance it is possible to show, both tranquility, and restraint, both reticence, and any, passionately desirable and required quality of spirit. The spirit is eternal and invincible, but temporarily the ardent astral clown and his cover are limited to term of one embodiment. In high layers of the Thin World the astral cover isn't necessary absolutely. But even on the earth it is possible to live, activity it nullifying almost completely. It is possible to live without fear, without irritation, without rage, without concern, say, without all those emotions, in which display an astral. It is necessary to remember thus, something he owns the person and dominates over it, doing the person by the slave, or his owner – the person and the sovereign lord, and an astral – only the slave dumb, his ox obedient.
Nov. 6. Amazing opening or the invention of spouses of Kirlian is so great and is considerable, what even it is difficult to imagine, what huge influence will be had by it in many areas of our life. Our Great Country is ahead of others, and it is possible to be proud that the invention of spouses of Kirlian, not less important on the value, than spaceship start, occurred in our Country of creation of the New World. Certainly, the invention it will have big purely practical application. It is difficult to provide, where exactly and as it is possible to put it in life, but application ways already as though are outlined at once. For example, in the field of agriculture at a selection of seeds and determination of their viability, seeds dead quickly also can unmistakably be separated from live because the dead won't give radiations. As it will be possible establish and degree of viability of plants or degree of their incidence. It will be possible and establish nice eggs for incubators. In the field of medicine this device in literal sense will work wonders. In case of partial paralysis of fingers, a hand or a foot or an atrophy of any body organs, the device will be able to specify, which nervous centers managing functions of this body or movement of muscles, are struck and cells of these nerve ganglions became lifeless. It will be possible to track unmistakably degree of a disease of fabric from the periphery and in depth. It is possible to determine the electric tension of working fingers and fingers at rest. Pictures of tensely working brain and its various parts can be especially interesting. What unprecedented opportunities in hands of science are given by this invention! Just as ahead of all others it safely directed in area of research of space, it can go deep into area of research of a human body and occupy the leading role as well here. Functions of some glands in a human body aren't absolutely established or not clear yet. After all it will be possible to determine by tension of their radiation or luminosity, they take part in which processes of life of an organism. After all tension of each body organ variously, depending on what on it lies loading at present. And degree of this tension can be studied visually, both in healthy, and in a sore body. After all it will be possible to record even the nervous impulses running on nerves it is similar to an electric current. It is possible that this device will define degree of fatigue of metal or the disease beginning, say, aluminum or zinc. Even it is difficult to imagine, what areas of life in general or the industries and technicians will be not mentioned by this surprising invention. Also it is possible to be surprised only that those who can apply it with advantage and of who still didn't grasp it all depends to show once again to the whole world that the science of our great Country is ahead. Still Reytenbakh if I am not mistaken, last century tried to photograph in the dark radiations of live plants, but real practical consequences work him didn't give. As the merit of our inventors, Kirlian's spouses are great, before science and mankind because their opening is great and all depth of value it can't be considered still. It is thought that we face the most amazing opening of the century, all sense and which value isn’t realized yet by us. It is a lot of opened, invented it was buried in our country before Great October Revolution. But now time other, and We are sure that works of spouses of Kirlian will find a due assessment and recognition. After all the center of all achievements and all progress is after all the person, and the understanding of all complexity of the device of the device of a human body and all its functions can set science only forward.
(It is written down blindly.) The life full of inexhaustible opportunities is necessary to you. You created these opportunities itself the will. And mentally hearing aid is subordinated too to will is it is necessary to remember and the nobility that he acted smoothly and when the will wants. The perception goes through Me. Means; contact is come into by me. And your readiness creates my readiness, and a mood and orderliness of the receiver – a reception success. Each victory over is a step (or a step) approximations to Me and defeat – distances. Contact is possible under all conditions, if aura as it should be. I speak when the egoism becomes silent. My Voice is silent for an external ear, but for the thin can sound. Time of my Phenomenon comes nearer, but hearts still sleep. Also can oversleep this dawn. Consider that reception of [thoughts] is finished.
Nov. 7. Neutralization of undesirable emotions or movements in an astral cover is made by the strong-willed statement of emotions or a condition of consciousness of an opposite order. The concern is neutralized by tranquility, fear – fearlessness, fussiness – spirit advantage, disbalance – balance. These emotions or conditions of consciousness of an opposite pole are caused by thought concentration on them. At the height of the most ardent display of an astral it can cause in consciousness opposite and that to extinguish flash of undesirable emotions. On the mental keyboard of consciousness the will can play Light symphony if wishes that, or darkness dissonances if them allows. In all cases the will claims or confirms. The weak will is the will turned on destruction; it is the will tolerating the lowest human nature. What terrible persistence and ingenuity is shown, for example, by the addict to get to itself a poisonous potion and to satisfy the passion. His will generated them and indulging their statement and development participates in all negative emotions or passions of the person. Lack of will is incapable on anything. But the evil will is capable of great crimes against the person and the sky. Therefore, the way to darkness or to Light depends on the direction that is a corner of the appendix of will. The example of the address of Savl serves as an evident illustration of how the will of the person can change a corner of the appendix of the force. Weak-willed and weak beings are unsuitable to evolution. They represent themselves space litter and go to processing. Therefore weakness is a mortal sin and doesn't say goodbye life. Therefore only the one who is cold or hot, is allowed by the law in an evolution stream. The same who isn't cold, isn't hot, is thrown up from a stream. "It’s from Omit from My lips", – is told in the writing of the ancient. It approves the value of fiery will and its value for the person. The will, like muscles, develops at exercise. Excessive exercises and weights it is possible to tear and deprive muscles them force. As it is exact and in will exercise difficulty of given tasks should be increased gradually and it is necessary to begin with the small. Small victories of will have very great value, because allow it to become stronger and strongly to start up the roots. Each defeat of will weakens it and deprives of confidence in operation. Therefore development of will should be begun with small tasks. Everyone, even very small, a victory gives confidence and multiplies a fiery crystal of will. Yes! Yes! The will isn't the abstract, invisible and weightless phenomenon. The will is there is a substance saved up during long embodiments deposited in the Bowl and consisting of crystal formations of fire. Therefore it is called as fiery will. Therefore at a view of aura of the person the Teacher instantly determines the strong-willed value of this person and its suitability to evolution. Without strong-willed fiery accumulation of people is anything. Each display of weakness because it is destructive for essence of the person extraordinary is inexcusable. But each display of force is good. Know that force shown on aspiration to the evil, than a pettiness and the weakness incapable on anything is better; because the will negative can be transmutation in positive, light will, but a pettiness – only in space litter. That is why it is necessary to be strong always and not to allow under no circumstances, and in any difficulties of weakness of spirit. Darkness and its henchmen seek to weaken and weaken, because the person who has recognized the powerlessness, – their weak-willed victim. Fight up to the end, to a final victory is obligatory for the soldier of spirit. The spirit is eternal, the spirit is indestructible and impregnable, and forces it when are consciously called are inexhaustible. Each spirit received the granulation under the Beam of the Lord. This communication is indestructible. And when it seems that the last forces run low, then it is possible and has to address to the Lord, and He will give the help, both will support, and will specify how to derive new strength from an inexhaustible source in depths of the spirit. Potential of spirit is boundless in the power. Development of this power and the statement it in consciousness isn't limited to anything and has no limit. The oak grows from a small seed the huge. And from small attempts and small victories of approved will great consequences will be also a harvest big and in life current, and in life behind it, and in centuries.
Nov. 8. The aura is weaved from the radiation of a human microcosm. Its structure is in close dependence on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions of the person which make its quaternary basis. It is possible to deepen and bring division to seven. But for practical purposes it is enough of four. As it is strange, but physical radiations of a body play the smallest role if the spiritual party is rather developed. The aura and protecting network are closely connected with each other. But the sore body can possess a powerful protecting network if the spirit is strong. In total break harmonious vibrations of aura of fluctuation and astral flash which form in it holes, or breaks more sensitively, and make internal essence of the person available to external influences. Also there is then a person the defenseless victim of dark spatial substance and the victim of dark suggestions. When the person allows ardent tantrum and fieriness, he immediately opens itself to any influence from outside. Also he feels itself after such irritations the especially unprotected. Restraint, reticence and isolation can be considered as the best guardians because they do impenetrable an oval of aura and strengthen also protecting network. A lot of energy thus remains and isn't spent in vain in an organism. Each word, and in particular idle, spends mental energy, and garrulity strong devastates a treasury and that deprives aura of protective force. It is very interesting to track influence of silence on the person and on people around. In people around it causes a strange feeling of concern and even fear before the unknown, causes the singularity because usually people got used to stir or talk. This feeling arises because reticence and balance are connected closely. Balance is a condition of the concentrated fiery power against which the usual consciousness isn't able to resist. From here, fear and concern, as before something unknown, unclear and unusual. Tranquility, restraint, ability to own itself, self-checking, feeling of internal power of the self-control, fearlessness – all these only various sides of great quality of balance in which as in focus, force of all these listed qualities is concentrated. The miller, accumulating water, spends it only in case of need. Otherwise not to save up water. As also the person, decided to approve the balance, spends each particle of mental energy circumspectly. Excluded are that absolutely: the irritation, fear, concern and all movements of an astral devouring mental energy are excluded idle word, smoking, and alcohol and so on. Also it is approved both control over thought and communication with Hierarchy. On the guard of the microcosm there is then a person and vigilantly it is protected. The condition of intense wakefulness strains aura and strengthens an equilibrium state. Force not in a swinging hands, and not in big words, and not in chaotic actions. The silence of silence is inherent in tranquility of the Lord. And it is deeper; the power of action is stronger. The turbine rotating with huge speed seems motionless. The aura of the greatest tranquility is aura of great tension, and phenomenon it in balance. Results even usual restraint will affect in some days, and first of all, the person feels strong. What will work on those qualities of spirit, which present itself to a side of balance give in some years and enter into it, how elements making it?! Weakness, powerlessness and lack of will are condemned space. But fiery strength of mind is as a torch in darkness. Its growth is conformable evolutions real and is approved by Space Will, because heavenly fire judgment to the person from the beginning of times.
Nov. 9. The will of the person also is that divine, existence, force and, which degree defines its step on the Ladder of Hierarchy of Light. Though the will of the ordinary person and will of the Founder of a planet are various on the power, their essence one, and this essence – fire saved up and crystallized in the Bowl. Potential of fiery will is boundlessness that is possibility of its infinite development and power. From chaos of space night the will creates the shown worlds, and everything that exists in the Universe, is created by will. To this creativity the Lord calls us. And on the earth the spirit of the person concluded in a mortal cover, studies life creativity on steps. Everything that is created by a hand of the person represents itself result of his creativity. The field of its display is wide, immense, but the will anywhere and everywhere accompanies it, usually will development in the person goes spontaneously. But We in pupils at a certain step of an apprenticeship start systematic and systematic development of will. It is good if the impulse to this development is self-proceeding because then it is easier to help and direct. We appreciate amateur performance and an initiative – it is easier to put them to that already are. The violence over will is inadmissible and therefore we welcome the independent decision to start education in them and to will development. The condition the first is to begin with the small. Condition the second – not to stop before any failures. If, hundred failures crown only one good luck, - is already a victory, and hundreds unsuccessful attempts instantly, from one and last good luck, turn into a step of success and a spirit ascension. Therefore the relation to failures should be changed in a root and to consider that at persistence and a decision inflexible to develop will – failure is a victory threshold. After all as often happens that the first failure forever undermines self-confidence and stops spirit ascension. On a way to the statement of power of spirit the person before any difficulties and obstacles doesn't stop. Good luck and failure for it are equivalent because both that and another serves it. The spirit and if in achievement of the purpose phenomenon to them constancy and commitment, all temporary and passing conditions of consciousness of value self-sufficing any more have no is eternal and don't influence possibility of final success. Everything is achievable, and there is nothing that the will of the person knowing inexhaustibility of the potential couldn't overcome.
Nov. 10. Tolstoy L. The N is great that in the works skillfully displayed life which he saw and which was closer to him on time. In the same way Roerich on the cloths imprinted life as he understood it or saw. In the pictures devoted to the East, life of its people, its feature, originality, their ideas of world around, their aspirations and hope and even philosophical concepts is displayed. The soul of the people of the East was imprinted by Roerich on the cloths and life; perhaps, not always clear to those who didn't adjoin to it as close as the artist adjoined, traveling much and long living in the east. Those who had no idea of amazing game of paints of the Himalayas even reproached it with affectation and artificiality of its works. But they didn't see that Roerich saw. As not always those his pictures in which it acquaints us with legends or philosophical thought of the East, with their hopes of the world updating, connected with names of their legendary heroes at once are clear. But with confidence it is possible to tell only one: Roerich on the cloths displayed soul of the people of the East, and displayed it truthfully and vitally. Not without reason on a tombstone there is an inscription: To "The great Russian friend of the Indian people".
Nov. 11. (Record was conducted in the twilight). Having dumped an old, gets rid body, the person comes back to the World Thin with all that contents which makes its inner world. Everything that he considers, all and any property he continues to keep in consciousness if it wasn't exempted from it beforehand. As well habits, and tendencies of its, its ability and shortcomings remain all with it, as well as all ideas of life in Elevated – the word, everything, than he lived on the earth. But there living conditions others, and terrestrial remnants aren't necessary. If they remain, the person lives with them and in them. Liberation from all terrestrial and understanding of conditions of the Thin World is necessary. There to be released late because taken there imprudently with itself sticks to consciousness as the poisoned fabric of clothes of Heracles. That is why release should be begun still here, on the earth, imposing on everything that around, the press of renunciation of it. Renunciation of the World also will consist in release of consciousness from usual idea of world around and things, which the person temporarily possesses. There is nothing the, and everything is given for a while on the Earth, and nothing there can be taken. The custom of return of things before death is good. It is good to deepen this principle and to extend release of consciousness not only to things, but also to the phenomena of a mental order. The person got used to eat and drink all life. And there it isn't necessary; or to live in the house, either to put on and shoes on, or to go for work, or to feel feeling of cold or heat, or to move by means of feet, or to do work as hands – all this there not applicable. Moves thought, and it is possible to fly, and though it is possible to invest a thin body clothes to taste and desire. And at home it isn't necessary; it isn't necessary drink and food. Everything is new, everything is unusual. But instead of impartial and open acquaintance with unusual, from the terrestrial point of view, conditions of the elevated world, people ignorant and not educated by knowledge continues to drag for itself, itself surrounding with it, the usual representation that around. Tatter and craps of thoughts terrestrial and images of the same order faces consciousness, immersing it in the illusive world of terrestrial remnants and having covered from it the truth of the Thin World. And even at those who aren’t attached to terrestrial, the world view about Elevated doesn't exist, and it is necessary to enter it in full ignorance, meanwhile as the exact knowledge of thin living conditions is necessary. Imagine that you already dumped a body that it, having fulfilled, unnecessary, lies near, and you out of it. What you will do, you will go where, as well as to whom? There to start thinking late, there the one who didn't think and the direction I didn't define will carry away in funnels the casual whirlwinds of an astral. Means, to start thinking it is necessary now. So, where direct, to whom and that? To whom and to that direct, with that and you will arrive: to fathers – with fathers, to the Lord – with the Lord, to relatives – with relatives; the usual thoughts habitual on the earth, will accompany and there. Means, and it is necessary to take care of thoughts because thoughts magnetic and create, attracting to itself and being attracted, a mental environment to beget. To clothe in a constant prayer as it do Rishi, means to connect itself to the World the Highest. In this regard value of a prayer extremely deeply because the consciousness on the channel broken through by a prayer in space directs. Usual thoughts terrestrial there simply aren't necessary because create a magnetic attraction of illusive and imagined terrestrial conditions corresponding to them. To start thinking about the Highest in Elevated already late as usually the material for such thinking near at hand isn't present, there is no habit also and abilities. It is necessary to begin here. It is possible to take away during the day a place and time for thoughts about Elevated and their aspirations to the Highest. In space channels for aspiration of thoughts should be dug in advance. These channels are dug for thoughts usual, often dirty and the lowest and if not to take care of channels of the highest order, the consciousness will direct on the lowest to the lowest spheres. The smith of the karma in Elevated the person, but forges it here, on the earth because the law – one will reap what he'll sow – works there by all means and unmistakably. It is possible to call it the accord and compliance law. Because don't gather and there from a blackthorn grapes and from a burdock – a fig. The law we will scold never happens. The constant Image of the Teacher of Light in the third eye will be a sign of constancy of Communication with the Highest. It is a way there will be the shortest, leading during lifetime on the earth to release from terrestrial remnants and Maya ghosts terrestrial.
Nov. 12. The formula "dare, the child" is the guarantee of that any aspiration, aspiration and warm desire of a spiritual order will be met and is saturated on the force and therefore well already in advance precisely to plan to itself that wanted by spirit that he will look for in Elevated to what will direct. All dark aspirations and all related disappear in Elevated behind impossibility of satisfaction. Means, the field of the activity should be outlined circumspectly. The pupil asks himself a question: "What will I do there? » That you think to do you there, my friend? The thought directed in this direction, magneto was already enriched answer. Answers to thought write down:
1. Everything that is created by the person on the earth, imprinted in the Thin World. Therefore contemplation of all works of art, as collected in museums and galleries and out of them there is possible. Therefore, opportunity to behold beauty is open.
2. As it is available, but even more, music area. Many composers write down that they heard from space. There it is possible to listen, both to hear, and to create, and to create most and without physical tools majestic symphonies of sounds. There it is possible to study and scoop from a space treasury on the capacity of consciousness and aspiration. It is possible to create both pieces of music, and pictures, but without usual brushes and paints, to create from the same material from which the image of a blossoming rose in the third eye of the person when he wants it is created. Only, there it is possible to see images created by creative imagination immediately, as distinctly and clearly as we see terrestrial. There dances, but out of any restrictions of a body are available also. There dance air also consists of flights of a thin body, display in beat and merge of movements to sounds.
3. There the psych equipment of thought, emotions and feelings, their impact on a thin body, their color, a form, movement – the word, all difficult equipment of a being of the person exempted from a body is studied. Creativity by thought, impact on people, creation of forms and images. Magic, pledges, the suggestion, the bewitched places, reality of fairy tales, exposure of charm of an astral. Studying of a structure of the Thin World and various conditions of its matter. Area of elements. Physiology of a thin body. On what the magic rejected by the Doctrine was based. Area of studying of the globe: surface close physically, structure thin above. Visit of all corners of the globe. Deepening in its last history and the ancient geological periods. History of mankind and studying its on rolls Akasha's!
4. Aspiration in space studying outside aura of the earth. Worlds distant. Life on them. Communication and contact with whom it was anyway connected or the spirit on the Earth adjoined.
5. The help to those who needs it or anything on knows, having passed to the Thin World, about life in it and it doesn't deny. Conversations, lectures, explanations to those, who are lower on consciousness steps, and receiving from those, who are higher.
6. Contacts with Hierarchy on a communication chain.
7. Cells kknowledge and opportunity it scoops on linesб planned during lifetime on Earth of the aspiration. Readiness of consciousness to transition to other world when the person won't ask any more is so created that it expects and that it will do there. Many, like scarecrows or effigies, stupidly and thoughtlessly are unsteady there without any purpose. The purpose should be realized and approved still here. There will be late. Dare. Only daring and directed and knowing that wants, receives. Demand even, you are knocked, look for – both it will be given you, and will open, and will sate by law.
Nov. 13. If don't claim thoughts what to do there, automatically those aspirations, desires and tendencies which were available in consciousness during lifetime here, both good, and bad will work. But as terrestrial desires there can be met only in imagination, among imagined images, Tantalum torments, that is something similar on the earth when the thought shows desire will be a consequence, but life doesn't allow to execute it. Mentally on the earth terrestrial desire not to satisfy! Disgrace and the evil are synonyms. Beauty and good is synonyms. Service to Beauty here – causes beauty of an environment there and vice versa – the disgrace creates an evil and darkness environment. Life in a body is preparation for spirit creativity there. Alone incarnation there start creating rather continue to create thought. But here creativity goes together with life and creativity in the dense world, and there exclusively thought. Thus products of creativity surround consciousness and create that situation in which the person and lives. Both light and darkness are created by thought. All create, but the pupil – is conscious. It is possible to learn to take part in life of the Thin World and now as life of the dense world is inseparable from the thin. Both Worlds are connected closely. In the person from the dense World is only a body and physical its energy, all the rest: the world of thoughts and feelings from the world of that, hidden. And therefore the consciousness of the person already lives in that World and in it; people yet only don't want to understand it. From the dense World only a day current, the past exists already only in space, as well as day yesterday's. In Akasha's rolls passed everything. On pages of historical books – letters, both paints, and paper, but that is symbolized by them and that describe in them, exists in the World only Thin. It is necessary to reconsider anew absolutely concepts of the dense and thin phenomena, hidden and visible. Not the song, songs in them isn't present a note. All these symbols are of the thin phenomena. The consciousness is a field of association or a meeting of all worlds. In it all is concluded. Without consciousness and understanding existence the deepest on a plan and the internal contents a picture – anything. The ram too can look at it, but the person will see only, though the ram will see something. Let's not assimilate.
Nov. 14. And still, despite all force of resistance to Light shabby to the person in itself, it is possible to move and powerfully to succeed. As also the statement of a constant Image of the Teacher of Light in the third eye can crown success if not to stop before failures of a number of previous attempts. "I want it; shabby in me doesn't want, but it of the past in me, wanting from the future, in which victory over the past". In the future everything is achievable. The future destroys imperfection of the present and directs to a victory forward. As the word "victory" is fine, - and as it is attractive to spirit of the judgment winner. That, who with Me will have burden of fight, which is inevitable, but will be, finally, a winner always!! The victorious condition of consciousness is so important for achievement of a victory. After all it is already victory anticipation, already knowledge of spirit that it is invincible and will triumph over everything that temporarily dark barrier becomes on a way to separate it from the Leader of Light. How to persuade Light hunter on the importance of small victories is a necessary step to big and to the greatest. As the astral wanted yesterday, to imitation we designate, to join to an idle words of the happened people who are throwing out force on a wind and as presence of reserved force when the clown was withheld from manifestation was obviously notable. A number of the same and similar victories will give force accumulation. And force – after all is fire postponed in the Bowl. How to convince that action of reserved silence is stronger display externally. On a surface as though there is nothing, but Fire withheld by will invisibly shine. The silence feat, the feat made in silence, action silent by the results can be much more powerful than that visible for eyes. As also powerful, invisible a tide of life, hidden from a blind eye and making history, usually escape supervision. From here is and mistakes in forecasts and unexpectedness of many events. These ways create the world future, they are inscrutable.
Nov. 15. Friends need to be known well and, knowing, not to condemn. Self, self, self, on someone else's words, because life showed as far as at times human words aren't true, at least speaking and I believed that speaks. (1 h. in the morning.) I consider that it is necessary to store invariable the main direction of a boat of spirit, at least and tried to reject it the waves of the everyday sea which are incessantly directing on it. It is necessary to have control over a wheel strong. If firmly to observe the direction, waves lose force of counteraction and a boat cuts them, as if it not waves, but Maya ghosts, than they and are actually. Go line of the Beam, and the heavy lock will fall. In the Thin World the spirit reaches the limits put by it before flight by aspiration of his thoughts. Planned it will be reached. Won't stir neither corporal, nor astral a cover because will be dumped. When all urgent covers and spirit are dumped is free from them, there is possible an implementation of aspirations of spirit. Aspiration of the unattainable and inaccessible I Approve because impossible here possible becomes there. All the time I Tell about aspiration of spirit, but not bodies, but not an astral cover! To the Highest and laws are applied the highest. Therefore also execution is made on the Highest Beam. Precept "dare, the child", – a spiritual order because to terrestrial affairs and without any councils dare excessively and – to the detriment of spirit. The spirit phenomenon – from the Highest World and therefore scatter, being destroyed, Maya ghosts when the spirit is called for action. Therefore Show, act with spirit. Effects of fire of spirit are on the highest scale. And the Highest operates the lowest which is subordinated to spirit. It is necessary to realize only this Highest force in itself and to call it for action. The person charges the highest in him. It was told: "You are gods". Whom honoring himself the person, that and present itself in life. Sons of Light of read and show understanding of it in operation. On lowlands to Me not to reach, it is possible only on tops because to Me conducts a way top. Karma terrestrial provides to a current it and charges itself to Me. Both about it and of you I Will take care. To you the way to Light and care about is mute. Where is heart your, there and a way, because the way covered with heart. If you want, call it "a heart way". Heart – the great Magnet one-similar to the Highest World. In it is mute "the entire person. Heart endures all covers. Great secret I Will tells: heart is immortal. It doesn't die, but passes from a cover to a cover, all the time opening, developing and expanding the fiery potential, in effect with the boundless. When the consciousness is transferred to heart, then the consciousness continuity that is immortality is approved.
Nov. 16. The thought, which hasn't been applied in life, won't give deposits, that is won't have a root or the basis in a microcosm of the person. In Elevated thoughts such will be distraught astral whirlwinds and therefore groundless dreams are fruitless and real consequences don't give. The creative thought differs from thought fruitless and idle. The yogi building mentally the temple for some transitions from the location, the general has no anything with the phenomenon of idle pensiveness. We appreciate the thought which has generated the decision. Application in life of thought is a starting point of actions of spirit in Elevated. It is possible to imagine these actions from the drunkard, the addict or the criminal. Why the disgrace is condemned and the beauty of actions is approved? So that protects the person in Elevated from darkness! Why it is so extraordinary important how the person alone arrives? Because where there is nothing secret, hidden in the person comes to light externally. What person, such is and everything is that he surrounds. The law of compliance is powerful. It operates life in the worlds. Each thought generates conformable to it an environment, which becomes reality for, beget of thought. The thoughts approved by application and collected in the Bowl in a type of deposits of crystals of fire, are in Elevated operating factor, magneto attracting conditions, conformable of. Also the person reaps wholly fruits of the thoughts. It is good, if they good. And, if the bad?! The judge is a person, beget of good or the evil, darkness or light. Judge itself – a formula of spatial justice. That is why cries and spirit plaints in Elevated are heard. Whether many think yclar-radiant! And after all it is necessary to answer for each thought, for each word. Responsibility for thoughts consists in magnetic and conformable reaction of space to each of postponed in the Bowl. The sum of their radiations is reflected in aura. And through it light or darkness arrives. Have no consolation beget of dark thoughts. But and the carrier of shining thought is sated with light and pleasure of spirit, is blessing for people around. The aspiration thus plays a crucial role. The aspiration will be the spirit engine in Elevated. But it is necessary to direct from the earth and from the earth. Earth – a starting point for spirit, as a springboard for a jump or a starting path for the plane. From here understanding of value and need of terrestrial embodiments, as only way to boundlessness because not temporarily the spirit, in eternity real, but is boundless. On behavior of in a dream it is possible to judge properties and qualities of spirit and, drawing from it the corresponding conclusions, to introduce the corresponding amendments that is subject to correction and improvement. It is impossible to leave wrong behavior without the amendment. The management is necessary and here – awake consciousness over sleeping.
Show full belief in the future and on this bridge you will reach Us!
Nov. 17. Spatial service to Light! All covers of the person investing his spirit, give the radiations forming its aura. The condition of a cover and each change in it is immediately reflected in radiation. Thoughts and feelings, health or an illness paint aura radiations the color and influence the direction of radiations. The thought is instantly reflected in the aura, especially loaded with strong emotion. These emotions are radiated in space surrounding the person, saying it with energy of a human microcosm. Think of pleasures, a grief, fear, fearlessness, thought vicious, thoughts light, given shapes of fancies as if from the conveyor flow continuously in space from the person. Three streams of a matter proceed through it: physical stream of a matter, astral and mental. And everything that leaves a microcosm of the person is painted by light or the darkness staying in it. At the pure person breath is pure and even aroma, but at the sick or angry it is fetid. One radiates breath the benefit, another – the evil. As thoughts are painted and sated with light or darkness. Has no value that that leaves enters into the person, but, is blessing or a damnation for all surrounding, because leaves in space and fills it, besides, as though the trace remains in space from the person passing through it; these products in all its types sate spheres human, space and aura of your planet. For each feeling and thought, for everything that is created inside, people before the world, because not their internal, private matter, but universal, concerning and mentioning all are responsible. Obvious criminals and villains are less dangerous, than secret, poisoning with darkness space. While they escape court human, but karmic and spatial condemnation and a penalty isn't avoided by anybody. But time when pictures of radiations will easily find these secret enemies of mankind approaches and they will be isolated and deprived of opportunity to poison other people and to infect surrounding with poison generated by them; but speech now not about it, - speech about other, about great value of spatial service to Light. All best and pure feelings and thoughts of the person certainly are useful spatially. Aura of the carrier of Light – blessing for people around: for people, for animals, for the nature, for the space because sates with light and pleasure everything to what it adjoins. The question of a lightful of radiations is extremely important because the course of evolution depends on them. You know how great commanders, leaders, converters managed affairs by force of radiations of the aura and as the coward infected with fear the whole army and I generated a panic. Both the spark causes explosion and flash of aura's radiations influences at times crowds to the evil or the benefit. In total round us, in places of a congestion of people, it is sated with their emanations, affecting heavy and pressing consciousness, because auras are dark and radiations are evil. Everyone is responsible before all mankind for a condition of the consciousness. It is necessary to accept the approval of the Doctrine about a structure of a human microcosm and about the powerful energy generated of. Over them control of will and understanding is necessary that the mankind won't move further if doesn't learn to operate them. A lot of benefit can be brought surrounding and to people if to increase conscious and persistently quality of the emanations. Public usefulness is defined by degree of a lightful of aura. From darkness the evil, but the benefit from aura light is born only.
Nov. 17. (Gurus). When there is an aspiration the forces to file Lords, opportunities and the Help are sent – would be only to what to apply. The desire of effective service should be supported in itself constantly. Given the chance it isn't necessary to miss because are unique. We too on the guard, help where it is possible where fire is shown. On time are given the chance and, but that who deserved them. Constancy and devotion we appreciate because remained from those who will reach the end a little. The consciousness should be kept in full readiness for use of arising opportunities. We. Any fear should be rejected – magnetization of its radiations is unreasonable and will harm. But heavy time will come to an end and it will be easier. Everything will come to the terms and without couriers of thoughts. It is possible to judge our proximity on tension burning in a flame. Signs of proximity will be given. I send distant hello. Any undesirable quality, display or noted in itself during the day, it is necessary to destroy fiery cauterization of suggestion. If it is rather powerful and intense, sometimes there is enough one cauterization even in case of old habits or weaknesses. It is necessary to want and want very strongly, all being. Listeners happen two child birth is usual terrestrial and one incarnation. Usual can be one-two, but invisible hundreds. It is necessary to address thought to them because they are attracted according to the accord and tendencies of spirit. Hidden audience is the phenomenon very real. That is why the darkness when records are read aloud because seeks to prevent in all possible ways, and first of all, through the people around which are close standing starts raging, doing them by tools of the influence.
Nov. 18. If the statement of this or that quality by auto-suggestion worked well in small, it will work well and in big and great. But it is more difficult to fight against small splinters of spirit. Each of them can be taken by the same auto-suggestion, if only not to get tired in making, because there are a lot of splinters. Life gives to that the mass of opportunities, and besides every day, it is possible to clear spirit of outgrowths in this everyday work over itself. This work when it is topped with a victory of every day is joyful. It is possible to take for the rule every day to devote to this lightful work due time. You aspire – and release from alluvial litter, from century accumulation – past remnants will go then. A lot of unnecessary load is born for himself by the person. Displayed during the day undesirable weaknesses, shortcomings and habits can eradicate thus one for another persistently and systematically.
Correctly you do: the blow should be struck not to performers, but on dark whispers, pushing people around on harming actions. While the thought counteracting them goes on performers, it is ineffectual. But as soon as the scourge falls by dark evil-whisper, wrecking stops quickly because fire of thought burns down, and they got used to hide for, not knowing the truths, performers and that to avoid the deserved blow. As a matter of fact, their tactics is old and monotonous, though shifts change. But they hide always for backs about standing to avoid direct influence and burns. It should be remembered always at protection from dark and defense of relatives and I put. Strong use ignorance, disbelief and reality denial from the helpers blind and not knowing the truth, and that succeed in the evil created by them.
Maya World Terrestrial, Maya astral, Maya of the mental world – all of one root. About Maya of the dense it was spoken enough. Astral Maya is more difficult. Pnenomenon it and in the dense world, but in the world astral it is given shapes, and the eye of the seduced takes it for reality. Those who know something use ignorance there coming and accept appearances frightening new comers or create round them illusive forms of various images of thought. Their task is not to let out the victim from a circle with which they outlined it. Seeing on aura of weakness of spirit and its inclination to the lowest manifestations, they create forms seducing it and images of thought, pushing it on combinations to them for immersion in them. And many don't maintain and direct on an allure poison, and are involved in funneled whirlwinds of an astral. From evil-make it is possible to break masks, phantoms of an allure to burn thought and to be exempted from delusion. Images and the forms created by one incarnation, too a type of Maya because there are they only in space, without having the basis on the earth. The inner world of each inhabitant of the Thin World, expressed in images of thought, too is Maya. All delusions of thought are issued there. To plunge into them – means to surround itself with that has no relation to the truly real. Light, Hierarchy of Light, Light Carriers - out of Maya is. Through them and approach to the world real, being claimed on to Beauty.
Nov. 18 (M. A.Y.) . The plan of the Lord is immutable. It will be carried out. It is carried out strong, but ways of its embodiment to life are inscrutable, and hardly to see them. They changeable, as a play of light on the sea during raising, but the purpose their one is Light approach. It isn't necessary to limit only the statement of the New Era on a planet to the prejudiced idea of how it has to be made. All representations will be wrong because the Highest Wisdom can't be squeezed in a human brain. But there will be judgment time, and terms very came nearer. Each action made in understanding of the events and in the accord with it, correctly. On deep understanding of the few the building of the New World is under construction. The others though are called on construction, but know neither its sizes, nor the purpose final. Knowing won't miss instants that to lay the hand where it is given the chance. So let the eye will be open, and mind isn't saddened by Maya phantoms. On a nice ear we will send useful thoughts. On turns we will specify where to turn. Severe time, load of them, of the few, it is heavy. One in the field the soldier is after all it already a feat. In mutually aspiration and mutual understanding of force grow. If only not come off. In actions it is necessary to show fearlessness, advantage of spirit and commitment, commensurability with the Plan of the Lord. The reorganization of the World goes promptly. It is a lot of still surprises ahead, but all of them in the benefit to the New World. The world old will leave, and there is no such force which could keep it because Hierarchy against. What can prevent the person to eradicate any weakness or a habit if he, it’s beget, wanted that?! (Night. 1 hour 56 min.) So, auto-suggestion works smoothly if the sincere desire to succeed is enclosed. It is better to give a task for the night and on sounding qualities. The power over, mastering by – the only way to boundless power of spirit. That wins all who will manage to win against itself (himself). Both anybody, and can prevent nothing to process of achievement of this power because this process is invisible and occurs inside. The power human doesn't extend for this work invisible to the world if only the spirit going to Arhat, understands that it and only one he is a lord of own power. The pupil chosen a way of power of spirit and knowing how to reach doesn't stop before anything which is even most difficult, for achievement of the fiery purpose. But here the miracle is made: something occurs inside, both the most difficult, and almost unattainable becomes suddenly possible and achievable. It overcoming in itself, there is from a victory to a victory a winner judgment. I Speak to you, My son, power of spirit not the fairy tale, but a consequence of small victories, the victories which have become big, and growth of Treasure of the Stone. You feel truly, a victory we will reach with you because together we go to of Our purpose.
Nov. 19. Even depth of concentration depends on the preliminary order of will that is auto-suggestion. The internal field of its application is very wide. It is possible even to wonder: and whether it is impossible and to apply here suggestion, here, where weren't successful other attempts. The will has to scent boundless force and learn to dispose, and all being of the person to obey it implicitly. And then it will grow. She should create favorable circumstances for growth only. This soil of opportunity it will exercise endlessly, which incessantly are given by life. After all usually the person arrives at all as he wants and as the astral or a habit to arrive wants as others as it is accepted in general arrives. And each attempt to be exempted from the power taken shape, at times for eyelids, human customs, habits, traditions, prejudices, delusions, incorrect and false, will be a victory if it is successful because release from foreign power is the statement of the power over. This circumstance is of great importance for life in elevated as everything there becomes aggravated, as well as possibility of people to influence at each other. However, there protect people on layers or according to plans and to possibility of excesses are limited to the return blow, but also within the sphere, conformable to it on a tonality, influence of people around nevertheless is rather strong. As for dense conditions, it is terrible by the sizes and is directed on the person first of all from those who surrounds it, from all living, conceiving with it is uniform, from people one incarnation and from the dark. The last type of suggestion is especially strong as the dark work consciously, is thin and with knowledge of many laws. Besides, on the people the droop slab of the century prejudices beliefs, traditions, superstitions and other. It is necessary to understand all power of human delusions and power of ridiculous and harmful customs and to see an display it at least in custom of old China to cripple feet of women, concluding their feet since young years in blocks. To them previously broke a thumb of a foot and bent it inside, firmly bandaging and placing feet in blocks. Many not less ridiculous customs dominate over mankind, at least their forms were others? Trouble that people don't suspect at times that live under their power, they so got used to it, – a cage in which their consciousness is in prison. We call to release from all types of slavery and especially slavery mental. Work on release of spirit from it is broad extraordinary because many chains hold down still the person. Most terrible of them is a chain of ignorance, fanaticism, intolerance, denial. Strong people seek to suppress will of each other. Therefore Shows on swimming in the boat. Ours know the way and on others gate which even have been brightly painted, don't turn around. Many voices will call, and a lot of ban will begin to sound, but the power the pupil over himself approved is deaf to others voices, because his way to the Lord.
To what words when it is possible to work with thought. Words it is possible not always, but thought constantly to services. As it is strong and sure, and she has be trained replace the word. Believe that sent to space or to the person the conceived thought, – and to business the end. Also are surprised that it doesn't yield desirable results. Being surprised, lose sight that the uncertainty, doubts, fluctuations stop expected consequences. After all these deviations are instantly transferred on the same wire, destroying a monolith of thought initial and paralyzing its force. By though it is transferred both its force and its weakness; and results in the latter case are directly opposite to what the person by means of thought wanted to reach.
Nov. 20. Feeling of that the victory over is possible, and behind it some more whole victories, despite for many years seeming fruitless fight, is very indicative and deserves attention. Strength of mind grows, and that is impossible and was unattainable yesterday, it became possible today. Potential of spirit is inexhaustible, and it is necessary scoop from it. And that, on what differently years would be required, it is possible to reach in once the mighty tension of fiery will. The explanation that the growing will becomes stronger than that which was enclosed earlier in the approved habit or weakness, and at fight against them it overcomes them thanks to the growth. The instant inspiration changes all people. Degrees of inspiration happen are various – from instant to long. And at its different stages become possible and new achievements of will. Way – in an every day. Every day is a carpet of achievements. Want world feats, but a feat of an ascension of the spirit, made in life of every day, it is much more difficult therefore we welcome the winner of life usual, approved in it singularity. Also want that them for the handle conducted as babies. But the spirit tempered goes to lives. At it is frank our care of such self-feeds. Everything rises against them because too their hidden feat and a miracle of self-proceeding beams are unusual. How to protect a borne flame from a go out? Chain the continuous victories over it! Each of them multiplies fires and increases Stone Treasure. It is necessary, it is necessary to understand all the being for what these victories that the way of the winner became approved are necessary. The astral irrepressible can be considered in itself as the separate beginning, or a cover which can be changed and which making elements, to replace with others, more perfect. In general it isn't necessary as in the course of evolution I executed the role in menthol development. Will – the fiery beginning in the person which will accompany him always, constantly increasing in the power. The will can grow in good or the evil, in light and darkness, and it can degrade. Weak-willed beings aren't necessary for evolution. Lack of will is a crime against life and not forgiven sin. Power of evil still can address on good that is to Light. But lack of will – anywhere. Lack of will is insignificant in the good and evil. Lack of will doesn't have a place in life. That is, why the way victorious, a way of the statement of will Is welcomed strong.
(Night, 1 h.). A lot of things it is possible to forgive where the ardent, fiery aspiration to Light is shown. After all the aspiration it also is movement to Light. It is possible only in the presence of fire burning in heart. Fire! Fire! Descend on burning My heart to strengthen it repeatedly. Attract of a falcon from skies. As also fire can condescend on heart calling it. Fire spatial is called from space. On a prayer Supreme hierophant went down heavenly fire on an altar of the ancient temple and lit lamps. As also spirit lamps kindle heavenly fire. Wish fire, you want fire, and it will descend on you thirsting baptisms fiery. It isn't present in you because it descends from the outside. It isn't present round you on the earth, because it from the sky, that is from space. Flame is magneto. The aspiration is essence of a magnet of spirit in operation. Aspiration strong is magneto. Its energy, put in action, attractions are sated spatially by law. The attraction and saturation goes according to the accord. What call, such is and a response. Not favor of the sky, but the deserved consequence. Not accident, but action of the immutable law. Therefore I Speak: only direct – and the light of boundlessness will fill in you. But fire should be carried by not go out, because the flame magneto and during fading stays idle. Inflow of thin energy stops, and the space is silent. Go out of a spirit flame to equivalently spiritual suicide. Uninterrupted communication with Hierarchy of Light excludes possibility of a go out of fire. The love to Hierarchy is hearts burning fire. Fire holds love.
Nev. 21. No thoughts, any reasons will help if fire doesn't burn. Fire kindle thought, display in application. The feat is process of application of thoughts in life. Realization of thoughts in number vital actions Arhat will be familiar. Certainly, it is spoken about thoughts super personal, about thoughts self-sacrificing and to light of leaders. Because thought application in the evil is peculiar to people, but it gives rise to only black fire. The doctrine Specify, what thoughts demand application them in life. To follow instructions of the Teacher is already a feat. The introduction on a way of a feat marks itself the introduction on Arhat's way. The devotee we call the one who took a way of the feat, lasting all life, up to the end. This type of a feat is much more difficult than a feat short-term. In the conditions of the current time, on demolition of the old world and the general reorganization and a disbalance, it is difficult and heavy extraordinary. In literal sense every day it is necessary to collect anew all strength of mind to oppose them to destruction and darkness forces. The chaos strong interferes in consciousness, depriving of the deserved accumulation. Also it is necessary to keep as on a fire, straining heart fires not to recede. Rescue in beat which will transfer through when forces will run low. It the rhythm of everyday Communication with the Teacher of Light especially life-given is valuable. This rhythm also will be the leader through storms and whirlwinds, and a twilight night. The unprecedented persistence and constancy is required thus. Only they will bring to the purpose final. Human life can be shined comprehensively only on condition of understanding of its communication with life of the Thin World. And in it is taken part constantly. The dream also isn't understood. There is a life on the patch of dense conditions, scanty and ridiculous – something endlessly and began and without the basis, torn off from the roots. In it is present tragedy.
Nov. 22. (Yesterday half awake: "We didn't tell the last word", – words of Mother.)
Each Instruction applied at least once, it is possible to consider as the grain put on a field of consciousness. Once and somewhere it will give a sprout. All is not without advantage. But it is better to make, of course, crops of new grains more carefully, that is to send the thoughts accepted and approved by consciousness in memory storage with more accurate press of will and understanding. The thoughts which haven't received statements of consciousness or even disapproval at their inevitable return, already increased, in the field of consciousness, in operation themselves not phenomenon, but approved will give a consequence. Control over them therefore is necessary. Too a lot of litter gets to memory, littering the future. All reflex actions of the person are caused by the similar thoughts approved and imparted by spirit, good or bad, but generating conformable it actions. There is nothing more destructive for the person, than reflex activity – physical, astral and mental. It arises and can phenomenon only in the absence of control. But it was spoken about wakefulness constant, about patrol, about vigilance. On eternal patrol Arhat stays. There is no action reflex, automatic. Lunar heritage gets rid, and its manifestations are stopped. The spirit guarding the microcosm doesn't allow in it elements, not conformable with the step reached by it, and supervises each reflex of thought. The astral, the enemy ancient, lives reflexes and doesn't want control and will intervention. And lunar essence it display in the adoption of last accumulation and, at times, the remote, remote past. The way can be accelerated, having paid special attention to this party of internal life because the astral has to be bridled and subordinated to will.
(1 h. in the morning.) Show strain warm aspiration to Me, overcoming resistance of the surrounding sphere. Distance and separation illusion let will fail. It is phenomena of the dense world, but not the spiritual. Out of time spirit and out of distances. In World Thin range and proximity are measured and defined by the accord and aspiration. Close that is conformable, and is separated not accord to spirit. Dense restrictions can learn to be overcome and on the earth. Heart is an overcome of material restrictions. But it is necessary to overcome them first of all in consciousness. Everything is in the spirit of probably. The phenomenon assumption in consciousness approves its opportunity because understanding is almost already mastering. Hear of a voice of the Teacher submits to the same principle. Everything that wanted by spirit, will be reached here or there, sooner or later. This concept of all-achievement should be introduced in consciousness because the spirit lives in eternity. Time – an instant before it. Possibility of achievement of any order increases in time, and in boundlessness becomes immutable. Ways of evolution of spirit of terrestrial mankind were planned by us, having before Myself for achievement of this purpose time ocean. Not arbitrariness of forces blind and spontaneous, but reasonable Guide of Leaders. Omniscience, pansophy, omnipotence and immortality are the purpose. It will be reached by spirit. But pioneers of mankind on this way are elects our, paving the way for all. Inexpressible their feat, because it is hidden and isn't understood; but with them Our Beam and proximity of Dialogue, - and thoughts streams and Our Board over them. To overcome in the spirit of illusion of space of three measurements will be a great victory. I with you always am in a formula of this a key to permission of secret of three measurements of space. To formula given to believe and approve it in heart – means chains to break a material world and invisible to approve in the dense.
Nov. 23. Eternal life is promised. To live not in the present, not in the future, but in eternal will be a victory over Maya of three passing worlds. Elements of the eternal and passing are easily distinguishable. Life is eternal, forms of its expression temporarily. Matter substance, that is fire – it is eternal, but it is passing forms of its expression; the spirit is eternal, but are limited to term of its cover. Space laws are eternal, but that is concluded within these laws and embraces them, – like a great stream of the life flowing in boundlessness. The worlds and systems of the worlds, and even the whole galaxies, but Space as that is eternal because existing in boundlessness are urgent. So Space and spirit of the person by the nature are boundless. If the consciousness connects itself and identifies itself with conductors, it immerses itself in embraces and the power passing and dooms itself death; if focuses energy the on an immortal triad and in it approves itself, that creates conditions for not interruptibility of consciousness, that is the immortality in the spirit of. It is ridiculous to speak about immortality of a body, or immortality in a body, or immortality in an astral, or in a body mental which though is longest other, but too it is limited to term. Only fiery body is termless. But for its registration it is necessary to bring in it elements making out it. The qualities of the spirit being forms of approved and crystallized in a microcosm of the person of fires will be these elements. We come besides: registration of a fiery body needs qualities of spirit. So, them approving, approves eternal life in an immortal triad of people. It is difficult to imagine that the most brilliant intelligence is similar to bright fireworks, and modest, imperceptible quality of spirit, say, the dedication, to the far sun in the space, not dying for eyelids. Of high reflections there is a useful achievement. Therefore it is useful to add fire of thought in process of registration of the highest triad. Usually the consciousness of the person stays in the lowest conductors which have been strong connected with life terrestrial. The consciousness should be drawn more often from them, immersing it in the highest spheres. The phenomenon of fiery thought is immortal. Thought exempted from elements of an astral and delusions of intelligence will help to collect and focus in crystals of a particle of a being shone Matter of Lyutsida who is a part of elements of a fiery body. Magnetic power of thought the guarantee will be that achievement it is possible. But it is necessary to want, but it is necessary to dare, but it is necessary to accept and approve by spirit and heart a way of regal yoga of fire. I Claim, immortality of spirit, display in the form of uninterrupted consciousness is achievable.
(1 h. in the morning.) In care about Charged vigilance won't become dull, and it will allow seeing each new favorable circumstance to use it expediently. The understanding deepened by the Doctrine, gives the chance to avoid mistakes in an events assessment. Therefore you keep consciousness in full readiness for action.
Nov. 24. It isn't necessary to be confused in that huge distance which divides the real step of spirit from the highest, realized by reason. After all even this highest yet the end because boundlessness has no it. But the ceiling reached by consciousness will be the sphere of a magnetic attraction for the heart directed in evolution. It isn't necessary to put only limits, believing that further them there is no place to move already. Unattainable here it is achievable there, in spheres high and who knows, what step on a way of the statement of the ideal will be reached in Elevated. Aspiration it is mentioned not in vain. Having dared on big, small it is easier to accept to the appendix in life. Channels of achievement are laid in space by thought. On them the spirit directs, dumping consistently the covers. And when everything is dumped, anything anymore doesn't hold it directed eternally. And at this moment the channels dug by thought in space, will serve spirit as lifting steps to an embodiment in themselves that ideal to which understanding of width the spirit limited itself. The limit is put by thought, and above that border which is outlined by spirit, to it not to rise. Therefore Show, is wider wide sew, weave a pearl yarn of spirit, spirit draw a pattern in fiery spheres. Impudent fruitful, especially in spheres Elevated. Inapplicable there it is applicable, unachieved – it is achievable, impossible – it is possible. But a point of departure there is nevertheless an earth. Without the earth not rise. So, terrestrial existence gets special sense, deep and necessary. Ignorance are ready to fly up and the earth to leave, but and falling expects them great because the foot of a support without which the rush in boundlessness is inconceivable lose. Earth and terrestrial embodiments are that the spirit needs to pass inevitably on its infinite way on stars far. It is necessary to pass through Earth, having taken from it all its gifts and all opportunities which it gives. Earth is the space house of our mankind mastered by the person for life on it during long millions years. Such not find other house in Space. To eat is better and higher, but its development requires long time. Here, on Earth, each new day of life is full new opportunities of new victories and new achievements for the directed spirit. They don't have the end. And Beams over flaring heart, and the Image of the Leader is close, and distances of shining thought are open for the one who dares. And wings grow for flights. Therefore I Speak to you, go, I with you in all days of your life, on the earth and in the worlds, always, until the end of Manvantara.
My son, spirit is ubiquitous. But each cover belongs to the plan and is limited of. Everywhere the essence of spirit is partially shown in its divisibility, in clairvoyance, a clairluhear and other Clair knowledge. Devices of all feelings are concluded in the person, feelings physical, thin and fiery: physical sight and hearing and other feelings, astral sight and hearing both other and fiery all feelings. Feelings and their devices ascend to the Fiery World. Feelings fiery aren't limited to anything. This kingdom of spirit is. But the spirit is darkened by covers. Feeling-knowledge and knowledge of spirit is preliminary steps of pansophy. Feeling basis is its boundlessness. It is impossible to limit the phenomenon to its understanding from today. Boundlessness in everything, in even atom, and all in boundlessness! The form has a limit, but the spirit has no it though I am temporarily limited by a form of covers investing it at present. Restrictions of covers can be overcome, in the spirit of rising over them. Overcoming way – a way fiery, that is a way of registration of a fiery body. Therefore the more difficultly, the closer to the purpose, and the worse, the better if the spirit up to the end because an invincible– in the spirit of fights. It is necessary to understand that in the spirit of a victory, but not outside. The external victory, at internal defeat of spirit, – is defeat, and vice versa. Let Golgotha be an example: temporary celebration of darkness, and victory of the Savior in the spirit of, and final Light a victory.
My friend when instructed are applied in operation, it is possible to move further. Execution of Instructions serves as lifting steps. It is possible to arrive so that also small actions answered the planned purpose. If the purpose is the power of spirit, each action, each act, each feeling and thought has to be in the accord with it. As well the advantage of spirit can't be approved if the clown isn't bridled. If really to believe that I with you always and your behavior when understanding continuous Presence will change in a root. Recognitions theoretical insufficiently – it is necessary to accept the statement it all consciousness and all heart.
Thought attraction! The thought takes from space conformable to it elements in full accordance with that force, which is put in it by the person. The thought generated grows if receives a food from beget. If persistently to come back to the same thought, it can grow to the huge sizes and it is obligatory phenomenon itself in operation. It is possible to scoop conformable thoughts from space, strengthening and expanding with such way the main thought. For inclination of thoughts We give the guarantee. But to learn to apply it in life of people has to.
Nov. 26. My son, understanding of great Presence will be a sign of overcoming of illusion of space of three measurements and the statement of the first steps a spirit everywhere the existing. Steps of an ascension are at first overcome in consciousness, and then already in life (outside). External has no value for spirit until there was an internal reaction that influences from the outside. All sense in it. The equilibrium state inside isn't broken yet, the spirit remains the winner, at least all going against triumphed a seeming victory. Fire of balance is invincible. Vibrations are thinner than it and are higher, and consequently, and more strongly than the vibrations going from the outside. Enemies or going can mock, scoff, humiliate you against, but while balance isn't shaken, the pleasure of enemies is premature. To operate and own conditions of spirit is too psych equipment. Think a turn something outside and on the external forces while the victory consists in the correct reaction of spirit to rage of external influences direct. "There is a prince of this world, but has in Me no anything". It is the phenomenon of a great victory of the Lord of Light over darkness. The sword of spirit shone over a forehead dazzling light, admiring a victory while a sword lifted by a hand of Peter, was specified to enclose in a sheath back. Here this refusal of means of external protection, and its transferring inside, and action by the uniform beginning of spirit also are a form of expression of the highest spiritual power. Everything is made in itself: both fight, and victory. Therefore I Claim: balance preservation in operation will be a victory. Against balance nobody is strong. Against balance nobody will resist. To learn will work in a condition of complete equilibrium with a victory sign. External also remains outside, but the victory over with spirit will arrive and in time will give an outer effect, is immutable and inevitably. Value of balance is deep. The sense of quality consists in firmness of fires, display in its form, in firmness and refinement of its flame. "I came to reduce fire to Earth", and it is joyful to see to me when it powerfully is born in depths of the risen spirit.
Daring to the great will succeed and in small because focus of the center of energy of aspiration works, sending reciprocal vibrations. The spatial megaphone operates by the principle of an echo. The visible space is overflowed with forms invisible to an eye and energy. In it all present, the past and future, all visible and invisible to an eye, all products of mental activity of the person and his creative imagination is concluded. This storage and mankind and nature archive. Where day yesterday's with everything left, what was? In space! Planet, moving on an orbit and directing together with all Solar system to a far star, makes spiral three-dimensional motion, leaving in it prints or a cliché of everything that on it occurs. Anything, because every instant the planet takes spatially a new place doesn't repeat, never coming back. If the planet stopped, would stop both time, and life, and movement on it. But if consciousness to direct back in the past, at any stage of this process it is possible to detain consciousness in this or that point of the space once passed by the earth, and to see that on it occurred. It also will be immersion in Akasha's rolls where prints of the way passed in the past by the earth are stored. Anything in the nature doesn't disappear and isn't born again, and only passes from one form of the expression to another on the continuous line of manifestation. Memory of the person is imperfect expression of perfect memory of the nature. Memory, that is ability to imprint on itself environment vibrations, all subjects, all things, all matter possesses. These prints are very thin and still imperceptible modern devices, - but all the existing influences one on another. The sun heats stones – influence, the Moon causes inflow – influence. Hand of the person, concerning a subject, heats it – influence. It can even be found by means of the simple thermometer. But if something can't be found, it at all doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Area of the invisible infinitely more widely and is more variously than the visible. It is obviously not enough modern devices. But it is possible to improve and create them the new. But the best device is a person in which microcosm the most perfect devices are concentrated in the potential. Many of them as, for example, the device of hearing, sight, taste, are partially already studied, but the thinnest and lying just beyond a limit studied still wait for the researchers. Our purpose is to arm the person without the uniform device. For this purpose the person has to be studied with all care and impartiality, and everything has to be collected scientifically that treats manifestation of activity of its highest equipment. The camera of an eye is studied, however, very much still superficially, but functions of the third eye, an eye mental, still are ignorantly suppressed though it would be possible to collect much scientific material concerning its activity. Device thoughts also are in the full neglect. Everything is reduced to purely physical activity, at a complete negation thin. The main problem of science is to study the person. New devices will allow find wonderful reality soon, and then someone nevertheless should believe that deny now. So the science will open a window and will make object of studying inexhaustible riches of the invisible peace made in space surrounding the person. The science will possess a merit of penetration into area of the unknown.
Nov. 28. So, everything is transferred inside, and a task – to resist. External heavy conditions are a threshold of changes. But this condensation should be undergone, but losing balance. The statement of the chosen quality immediately causes the environment resistance which force is directly proportional to tension of approved quality and power of desire and aspiration it to approve. In effect, it facilitates achievement of the purpose because without the counteraction causing the birth of strength of mind, desirable quality won't be approved. It is wisely possible to be glad to that life gives opportunities of implementation desirable. Force of resistance of environment shows on degree and sincerity of aspiration. This phenomenon can be considered, how the favorable answer to ardent desire of advance. If the spirit overcomes in itself this impact, understanding sense and value of counteraction, the success is provided and the planned quality becomes stronger strongly. Will direct a mistake thus forces on fight not inside, but outside. It will be battle with windmills because resistance is caused not by external conditions, but internal growth. The formula "undergone up to the end will escape" belongs to the phenomenon of this order. Therefore the knowing transfers the center of application of forces of spirit inside, borrowing forces for the strengthened fight from counteracting energy and depriving of them that resilience, there is a magnetic redistribution of energy, and force of counteraction becomes strength of the winner. The psych equipment of this process is very difficult, but the same principle: when the strong emotional whirlwind encounters complete equilibrium, it right there and sputters out, and beget faded, is devastated and becomes an empty peel. Balance multiplies the force due to rashness of the biped silly person. Balance is useful always because this quality is positively unconditional. But ignorant direct the energy on external objects of resistance. When they are suppressed, because of them others immediately act, behind them the third, and so endlessly. Meanwhile as the lever enclosed inside on the law of polarization of forces, inevitably causes desirable results. It contradicts usual logic of terrestrial thinking and therefore it is difficult for the appendix in life. Having only won a clear victory inside, it is possible to start working externally, but on condition of preservation of balance and further. And if outside something didn't manage to be reached, let us assume, owing to the karmic reasons, the victory internal hundredfold rewards for everything whatever it happened in an external environment. Achievement remains with the winner forever; external circumstances will change and will depart as inevitably passes everything in the world of things passing. Aggravation of circumstances and burdening of spirit by them indicates the importance of a passable step and inevitability of a change, because any test doesn't happen infinite. Its duration depends on success of its overcoming. As soon as it is won internally, it dies and externally. The dark strip should be worried, knowing that the board protects and that the Lord on the guard and is close. The way of overcoming is difficult extraordinary, but and the victory brings statement of new fires and new opportunities of the following step of an ascension. Firmly, unshakably and fiery it is necessary to solve time forever, on all future which is that anything external, never, under no circumstances doesn't deprive spirit of the victory which has got with such work and such fight. It is better how to explain how to burn out in a brain truth about a transient of hour terrestrial and inviolability of spirit. How to convince that, the whole world having got, but spirit goes out and spirit having allowed to hang, the person loses everything and even that it got such terrible price because in this world nothing belongs to the person and nothing can be held – further the put limit. Temporary everything, but are integral achievements of spirit, and are they its true property always staying in it.
I approve pleasure of immortal spirit.
Nov. 29. When there come the moments Pralaya consciousnesses, it isn't necessary to think that it is the end that the Lord left. It is necessary to wait this period simply quietly. It can be long or short depending on lifting preceding it. Alternation of waves inevitably and demands understanding. The consciousness wouldn't sustain tension if was continuously on take-off. Alternation of waves or rhythm is the phenomenon universal. The rhythm of ascending consciousness spiral, and marks an ascension that the spiral from flat became extended up. The last point of lifting of a turn of a spiral defines also a new point on its turn, but on the plane of the highest, at least and it seemed at the time of consciousness recession that everything somewhere left and the future is closed by a veil. It is too look Maya. The way is infinite, and it is a lot of pictures, both conditions, and persons will fly on its various pieces painted by different tones. Both at night and in the afternoon, it is necessary to go to bad weather and a storm, but it only milestones, only that flashes on the parties to consign irrevocably to the past. The going traveler of a way boundless itself is boundless and eternal and whichever there was this piece, temporarily it and is short in comparison with that is already passed, and it is necessary what to pass. It is possible to add that each step on the way teaches something, whatever boring, heavy or uneasy it seemed. The conscious desire to learn a useful lesson from any situation and conditions accelerates advance because each delay and delay are caused by that time without advantage is wasted and the lesson planned by a karma remains undigested, it causes of its repetition. Therefore the question also will be useful: to that wants to teach me life, putting in these conditions, but not others. Cooperation with a current karmas very fruitful, at that time as counteraction by it can cause undesirable and even heavy consequences. If, to rise against karma, it can overturn on risen, that is all weight to fall upon it. The tranquility, acceptance inevitable and extraction from it the necessary lesson will help to pass a heavy strip of life quicker.
Nov. 30. The thought imprinted on paper, is the thought given a dense, material shape. This form will be a thought symbol, but not the thought. The photo of thought is possible, and besides not the thought, but its thin form, or an image. Each form has the contents. Essence of thought is fire magnetic attracting and investing its substance, this or that look thin matters, or substance of elements. Spontaneous matter is being shone. Spontaneous shapes are born, bulk up and live under the influence of thought. On character of fire depends and character and nature the spontaneous shape of thought. The fiery scale from top to a bottom is wide and various from the lowest to the highest fires, from black to light, shining. Darkness or light generations – these thoughts fill space. Each thought – the living being of the thin plan. Each thought magnetic also gravitates, under the coupling Law, to forms, it close conformable, and conformable to it to consciousnesses. To think beautifully and clair-radiant – means to connect itself to the world fine, that is the world the Highest. Beauty is from Light. Through beauty you have Light. The area of art is area of the fine. From here its wide value in the sphere of education of spirit. Images of beauty live and pulse in space, influencing mentality of the person. Each person – the artist, everyone creates never-dying images of beauty or an outrage which is constantly born in his brain. We approve service to beauty by thought that is thinking of every day. If the thinking goes under the sign of beauty, it serves Light, if an outrage – darkness. Between Light and darkness poles there are a lot of intermediate steps. Usually people aren't able to think accurately and clearly. Muddy, not clear, gray, slippery freaks descend from the conveyor of human consciousness, sating with mental litter space. One finished accurate thought costs thousands mental bastards. Control over thought demands also the relation to thinking of absolutely other. The vague, semi-issued lunar thinking is unconditional harmfully space because serves darkness, but not to Light. It is possible to be terrified if to see, than fill biped spheres terrestrial round a planet. It is possible to imagine, than, what garbage filled planetary aura for all the time of existence of mankind. It is possible to destroy an external form but what will destroy vile thought? The reorganization going in the world destroys many thin creation of the thought, taken shape for eyelids. But the replenishments arriving from people of low and dirty thinking are great. It is necessary huge work of clarification of the atmosphere of Earth. Cooperation of all is necessary. It is impossible at a current state of consciousness. Therefore persistently we Push leading ideas of the New Eyelid: it is cooperation of everything, all and in everything, that is peaceful co-existence and besides friendly; freedom, high world value of art and new forms of public life. End to the exchanges, speculation, colonialism and wars. New Ethics of Life we Give, lifting and ennobling consciousness. All this encounters the ardent resistance of darkness, and fight planetary. But the owner isn't present and brainless darkness though the remained hierophant of the evil still is very strong. It is relentless, immutable; the darkness because it is doomed steadily suffers a defeat. But the victory gets with great work. It is necessary to appreciate very much those who, often without knowing the purpose final, firmly and persistently fight on the evolution party that is powers of Light. And not words, but affairs define a place of each Light in a camp and darkness. Everything is mixed, and millions biped, considering supporters of Light, serve the evil because go against evolution. And no external differences, belief or names, or belonging to this or that movement have value if the person goes against evolution requirements. Who with evolution, that with Us, who against, that against Us and against Light is. The great Country assumed heavy mission of rescue of a planet and mankind from destruction. Merit of its bike is. Victim’s not the countable, and difficulty is extraordinary, - but it a victory in everything and it our help. She will approve the phenomenon of the New World on Earth. Churchmen show to it ardent resistance, and the church will appear in camp of powers of darkness. And again I speak to them, Pharisees and scribes of church nowadays have your temple empty. Not with you I, but with those who to the world bears the world and am baked about small and orphaned people of the Earth and to them helps for the sake of the future. The science and art temple is erected. Through science and art what the religion couldn't give to people will come, the Knowledge will come.
Dec. 1. My son, the Lord wants that contact went deep and that communication kept in sub consciousness and when the external distracts consciousness on itself. It is necessary to apply auto-suggestion and here. The external environment hangs over consciousness irrespective of; the attention is paid at present to it or not, hangs, darkening visibility of spirit. Same real it is necessary to make and the feeling of Presence, is necessary that the Lord entered as an inseparable basis, in all life. Each action needs to premise thought of the Lord to merge indissolubly with the Leader, every instant feeling it. It also will be the decision true. Why only at the Communication moments, instead of the Proximity are always approved? Abraham went before the Lord; the pupil goes before the Lord. In this condition of continuous understanding of Proximity life transformation also will begin. Also there is possible that overcoming of which didn't work well till this time, - when all is it possible and achievable. Try to carry these words to terrestrial and to be successful in terrestrial, but achievements of spirit, because achievement of the impossible lies in the field of spirit mean. Emphasis is placed on thought, and application of forces is transferred inside. Complain and complain on external, saying that it disturbs, but after all the way lies in the person, and anything external can't stop it if the person understands that the consciousness, but not something being outside on the way moves. Therefore no external conditions can stop advance if the spirit of it doesn't want. Specify lord the best opportunities and under any circumstances Chooses the best approach. In beams of morning of every day Sends a life Beam. It is necessary to approve on the way internal advance so, that anything external any more didn't disturb. And when it will be reached, the following step will open and ability to force all external circumstances what they were, to serve advance will come. It will be a victory over external. It doesn't consist at all in remaking everything in own way, but in that from all events outside to take to what it teaches, and to take from it an impulse for movement further. So the spirit weak before a difficult obstacle will hang and will allow an infection, but strong will tell: We "will be overcome", – and will overcome it. About internal overcoming there is a speech because external no value has even if the whole world is acquired. Its internal kingdom belongs to spirit and it in it the lord. When understanding this condition everything starts serving the person, all forces, all people and all circumstances. There are no circumstances opposite. The skillful seaman any wind uses to float to the purpose, as and floating in the boat of spirit. And when nothing can already stop, it is a victory. The winner judgment goes this way, using everything, even the darkness decaying for flowers of light. Over everything as insuperable power, towers strength of mind. Let while outside it yet be not approved obviously, but time will come when the internal victory over will be reflected in external, covering a way with a number of fulfillments. There is nothing in the world that could be an obstacle to spirit on a way to a final victory if he understood that achievement it lays through overcoming of. And in only case when the external loses the terrible power over consciousness and free there is a spirit. And elements will start obeying it.
Dec. 2. To go on tops – means in the spirit of to rise over life the abyss and, wings of spirit having waved, not to concern lowlands, both gloomy gorges, and low astral layers. It also means stay in spheres super personal. Personal, small, limited it is always too close to lowlands when the horizon it isn't visible and life is closed by a small circle of consciousness. So on any phenomenon there are two points of view: personal and super personal. The first is usually wrong because it is small and narrow, the second lifts consciousness over the first, and then distances and the future are visible gets real forms. To break fetters of the personality and egoism – means to punch a shell of aura and to escape out of limits in space. The aura of a dense body is similar to a shell into which the spirit is put. Division of bodies is impossible, conscious action in menthol if the shell of egoism closes space is impossible. Egoism, or egoism, seals consciousness in a limited circle of personal thoughts, emotions and representations and deprives of freedom. There are a lot of prisoners. They too speak about freedom but as they are far from understanding of the real freedom. Body – prison, egoism – fetters, both personal feelings and thoughts – heavy are similar to chains. If too it to add still delusions of time, an elegance era, false situations of science and thousands fences separating consciousness from truth of space life, truly ardent prison life of not free spirit will seem. Break the chains limiting consciousness, not to any spirit in power. Consciousness expansion is a way to that true. In my Beams, extending, the consciousness changes and there is possible a comprehension of the eternal truth real. Not from life I want to exempt and its temporary forms, but from false and distorted its understanding. Life is good, and the world, but the misunderstanding distorting reality, dreadfully is beautiful. It is necessary to return to bases and from them to proceed. It is necessary to repeat them, again more often and again claiming in consciousness. Whirlwinds terrestrial will sweep away the best constructions, but the spirit and if the aspiration doesn't die is eternal and the consciousness leans on the spirit phenomenon, chains terrestrial break up and freedom becomes a reality. It is good to understand, in which conductor there is a movement and what its essence. Observing looks, it aside, he only looks, as though separating from itself the covers and the events in them. And then there are these events external in relation to spirit, and then the immortal triad approves the self-sufficing life independent of three streams of a matter, flowing through the lowest conductors, – physical, astral and mental. The partition of consciousness is inevitable at a certain step, but preparation for it can be begun in advance. For this purpose it is necessary to depart from itself, having risen as though aside and observing the events inside. Wonderful, amazing life full of extraordinary opportunities is concluded in the person. In it is all. The kingdom of shining thought is opened to it and is available, and Space lies before it as the magic book which he can read endlessly, revealing all new and new secrets of the Universe. On this great way only the small personality terrestrial because the person is something immeasurably bigger, than his small personality by whom it is invested with lives of the current stirs egoism also. The consciousness is torn to a space scope, and the spirit feels boundlessness of the opportunities revealing before it in beams of coming morning of the New Era of Fire.
The personal world of the ordinary person and his idea of are wrong and false in the root. In the boundless Universe there is no place to the illusive world of the drunkard, the gambler, the speculator, money changer and each person who lives in the present within one life and believes that there is only that he sees, and that, in what he trusts both poverty of intellect surrounding it and ignorance. Them we Designate blind men and dead is their life. The live dead persons who have doomed on the death of that surrounded the consciousness with the phenomena of the short duration too doomed to destruction by a small circle of the manifestation or existence. Let's put that someone and once put all consciousness and forces that honor and power to achieve, and, we will put, achieved. Passed years, he died and everything who read it died and to it submitted. And survived nobody, and memory of it, honor and the power reached, I died, without having left a trace. To what it everything and where it everything, what surrounded it, and everything, than he lived? Where in Space a place to all illusive forms of its representations of life and the world? Everything sank into oblivion, passed. To false gods worshipped honor and the power reached and to Maya served, having committed nothing for the world.
(There were thoughts in the afternoon that time will come; it will be possible when to write in any time of day and night and when all thoughts will be in the accord with the Space Truth.)
Dec. 3. Containment of contrasts is a basis of synthetic thinking. In total that is visible around, certainly and it is passing. Everything is subject to death, destruction. It is one aspect, one of poles of couple of contrasts. But the end of all final is the infinity. And temporary there is only an aspect eternal or a section eternal in time. The life phenomenon in any it’s form is boundless because each life the beginning concerns boundlessness as boundlessness’s and all elements concern, it making and entering into this form, be it the person, or a plant, or even any material subject as the matter too lives. Here person! How many millions years were required to the nature that the person reached this step of evolution. And what duration evolution proceeded that time when the person became a person. What is the time it was required to a spirit-monad to give itself a visible shape at least primary cage? And where end of evolution of the person? Both the beginning and the end adjoin to boundlessness. As the matter, phenomenon in eternal change of forms of the expression is eternal also. Boundlessness in everything and everything is boundlessness expression in a section of time of this moment, time, the beginning and which end can't be defined. Nothing makes the sense, taken in itself, but everything is compound, inseparable and indissoluble part of space and human life anything and the personality anything, if to consider them only in a section of time or in the form of a piece of this or that duration or one embodiment. Only taken as a whole in the form of links of one continuous chain stretched from not having beginning of the past in the future not having the end, the phenomenon of the person, as well as everything can be understood that sees an eye and that exists in the nature. We live in the boundless Universe. Boundless we and nothing has the separate, torn-off, self-sufficing existence. Also the identity of the person in his separate embodiment is only a bead on a necklace of the immortal, reincarnating triad representing true identity of the person.
We live in boundlessness and we concern it always and in everything. Each phenomenon is only a link of an infinite chain of causes and effects consigning to the past, not having the end. Each form certainly, but preceded everyone being to it, and to it – being even earlier and made of the elements existing before they were a part of this form. Where end and where beginning? They aren't present. Boundlessness not abstraction, but is fact. In boundlessness real the person is boundless also. In mortal immortal to see and in temporary – eternal will be the Wisdom sign. Nothing has the end, any action of the person. Each action – a rope stretched in the infinite future, which threads are hidden from an eye. From the hidden past on light of day comes up suddenly an impulse of action and, having sounded, again plunges into the past again to be shown in the future. The sum of these impulses makes karma, the managing director of destiny of the person and operated by human will if it can supervise impulses and the moments of their display. Seizing the reasons, we supervise consequences. Each consequence is begot of the new reason. We have all – only a consequence. The reasons are generated by Ourselves and this way Create. And, knowing that all the time which is, belongs to us, we Throw distant anchors, sometimes even for the millennia forward. The picture of evolution of the life, cut down by us in substance of elements, represents itself a chain of the fiery reasons which have been creatively put by us in fiery spheres of construction of life planetary. It is the ideas embodied in forms and created in order that when time and terms will come will come; they could join dense forms of the visible World. They represent themselves that course on which evolution of life planetary will have to flow. Specify US should be accepted steps of evolution. Way to evolution only one, Specify Us. If there were no Leaders, even it is impossible to imagine where the stream of life and what terrible forms would rush it would accept. The chaos is so close. We have in the past examples of destruction of terrible generations of animal and vegetable life of a similar order. Mankind cooperation with Those Who Conducts, it is essential and it is insistently necessary, cooperation voluntary and conscious. This cooperation is necessary in general, in the nature of change of races and eras it is necessary urgently, because there are no two ways about it about what we Warn having ears. The value of thought super personal that she not die and is useful spatially. The thought personal, limited to a small circle of the manifestation, sputters out on conditions, thought of the conformable. Super personal thoughts for eyelids live. The structure of thoughts personal and super personal is various. The thought crystallized in an accurate and finished fancy, gains stability and dynamism. The indistinct thinking will give birth to freaks. Clearness of thought gives the clearness of words, expressions and movements. Merit before space, if accurate thoughts from Light. Both black fire and dark thoughts too happen very accurate, especially at representatives of dark hierarchy. Such thoughts create evil spheres – the lower class of the elevated world. Each thought, conformable to Light or darkness, beget acquaints himself to the respective sphere of the good and evil, darkness or Light them, causing energy them on itself and doing itself by object of their influence. Service to darkness or Light is very really and vitally. Attendants – all without an exception people. Everyone serves all the life to this or that beginning to some extent, and everyone is inseparably linked with to what it serves, the general direction and nature of the thinking. Steps and forms of mental cooperation with Light or darkness – a set, but essence of service it is axiomatic. It is possible to deceive people around, but nothing will deceive space and laws of a magnetic attraction of thoughts and the great law of the accord and compliance. So, in close compliance with a prevailing current of thoughts people change the appearance on passions. In the world dense this process more slowly, but in the world elevated, after release from a physical body, it is made quickly, and the compliance law (or accords) approves the power it in the field of the lowest. The same transformation, but on the highest scale, is made and under the influence of thoughts, to Light conformable and clair radiant; visibility of the person thought by its nature changes. That is why control over thoughts and ability to own them is so necessary. Who will want to put on itself a terrible mask of a disgrace consciously? Physical visibility not always serves as right reflection of internal beauty or a disgrace because transformation of a flesh requires time. And often happens that the ugly physical cover is a monastery of light spirit. And only at the last step of end the beauty is harmoniously combined in all covers and expressed in them. You know how even the instant pleasure or a grief change a look. So thoughts work. But the hidden action of thought on all body and all covers is stronger though outside it and is imperceptible. Thin impact of thoughts on tissues of a body is very strong. Bodies human are so various on the structure as thoughts are various also, as well as faces of people. Under the influence of thought the body changes: one is clarified and smells sweet, another black out, live decays and publishes a stench. The evil is a stench, an evil stench, a stench, from the evil the proceeding. Each evil action – is fetid, as well as each dark thought. Service to Light smells sweet, but darkness the concelebrant stinks. So by the thought determines in space the way of people to darkness or to Light.
Dec. 4. I want to Specify that the way to Me or in a chasm is extremely real and we define easily. There can be no fluctuations, to whom and to that the spirit serves. Each this moment the thought notes looking for way, as well as each evasion, turns and delays. The indicator the thought, painting as prevailing color aura of the person serves. Whom does the person going to darkness want to deceive? And if he deceived someone and even deceived long, in what this deception to him will manage, and whether it will be paying. All good remains inside, all bad remains inside, and everything fructifies. Whether it is possible to deceive own thought? So any deception is unprofitable first of all to the deceiver because the payment is high for it and is inevitable. The damage is caused first of all to itself because each particle of the evil remains in a microcosm of beget, bringing the consequences. Liars, deceivers, makers of the evil and dark acts, think of what terrible fate you prepare for yourself in space. All generated by you in the world the evil remains in the form of crystals of fiery energy in you when the dense body won't disturb, attract to you from space conformable to dark your energy of a condition. Nothing will exempt you from law action; nothing will help while energy of the evil generated by you won't settle all the force on you. The return blows of karma are awful, and they can't be avoided, and there is no consolation to beget of black fires. Selection in camps of Light and darkness is made on a treatment of light and shade. Luminosity is approved by thought. From here also it’s taking priority importance in life usual results.
(Half-awake there were words: "I weave future knot of new work. And place not here, and there. I congratulate you".)
Dec. 6. Aspects of the shown world are diverse; world of sounds, world of smells, world of light scale, world of a material scale and so on. About some planes of the phenomena of people only suspects. Each scale is two-polar. Spheres of poles are divided by border. The border between darkness and Light poles or a fragrance and a stench is thin. Spring paints of the nature, paint of blossoming, born life is very characteristic the tones, as well as paints of autumn dying life. Ant situation is in everything. The spirit rises over a polar of the lowest phenomena and, having united in it both poles of life, becomes sexless or uniform. Neutralization of biner, or comprehension and containment of contrasts, serves as a threshold of the highest thinking. Comprehension of essence of a thing uniform in its duality – a key to understanding of the world and. Both pleasure, and a grief is all to the purpose of one. Besides gives the correct combination or association of the personal beginning with super personal, individual with the collective. Certainly, the Homeland – great concept, to blossoming and prosperity it’s everyone has to apply all the forces. But the Homeland only part of a great family of all people, each of which has the same right to a place in the sun. The place much also will suffice all if to think about it with love to all, but not with hatred. So polarization of contrasts has ardent vitally practical value. Phenomenon containment as a whole is required; differently it is possible to become in thinking one-sided and to appear in darkness camp.
When the gloom and currents is condensed become heavy, the Shape of the Teacher in the third eye and Name repetition disperses darkness and helps to pass through it.
Dec. 7. Silence creates the best conditions for accumulation of strength of mind. Each word turned to other person, puts us in dependence on it and obliges to something and turns all thinking to a certain canal. The first word the second surely follows, it the third, and so on. Silence doesn't oblige to anything. Silent it is free in a choice of the thoughts. Especially this dependence affects strongly when it is necessary to listen to the whole streams of others flows of words unnecessary and boring. Spirit languor turns out. Stealing others time and forces on chatter are, besides, and spatial wreckers because litter space with mental slime. It is possible to make it a rule to speak only when it is necessary, and that is necessary, avoiding excess words. The standard of speech demands accuracy and brevity of expressions, and consequently, clearness and definiteness of thinking. Ability clearly, accurately and shortly to express the thought will be an indicator of the disciplined thinking. According to the person it is possible to judge how his thought is disciplined easily. People usually don't understand that speech is the phenomenon of a fiery order and therefore it needs strict control of will. Often astral clown display itself in unnecessary strong emotional flow of words. Can't take place neither balance, nor tranquility, neither restraint, nor self-control if language isn't bridled. My language – my enemy, – when owns it the clown. How many regrets about out of place told word, how many quarrels and disagreements and irritation because of violent words? This sphere of fiery human activity should be ordered by understanding of that is responsible told for each word before itself and space. The word it is possible to assimilate to the documents which are imprudently scattered everywhere, each of which can be shown the one who issued it. The word doesn't disappear, but remains in space as the fiery sign connected by a thread with beget. Mere words are similar to litter. The there is more, the more than this litter with which the person surrounds himself and in which environment lives. Own aura burn not only random motions, but also the same words. It is a lot of incongruities in behavior of the person. Not without reason popular wisdom considers as gold silence. A lot of things should be reconsidered anew in narrow-minded use, and in a root to correct a lot of things. Some understand, what saturated and silence can be significant. Conversation without words, communication silent will be a threshold to communication in the Thin World. Saturated fiery silence is a sign of big culture of spirit.
Dec. 7. Each correct action approaches to Me, destroying a partition. It is correct to arrive it is possible always and first of all in thoughts. The correct thought will give rise to the correct action. Conscious thoughts precede action – except for actions reflex when the person at first automatically does something, and thinks after.
Dec. 8. It is possible to inspire and order to it, it is possible also for other people, but also it is possible to order to space. But the spatial order demands hardness, determination, a fiery and clearness. At the spatial order of people deals with elements and spatial fire. Under the influence of thought spatial fire joins forms and works with power of thought. Each thought seeks to be embodied in visible forms are the main tendency of the spontaneous matter investing forms. From big to small this law – from thin in dense also is from top to bottom observed. It is the fundamental law of creativity of life. In a tuft of elements We cut down a picture of Evolution of life and mankind, and only the free will of people instead of in harmony to merge with Will of the Highest, Will Spatial, display dark willfulness, breaking life construction. In the great and small they will order to elements can be turned. The spatial order will be executed sooner or later surely if it isn't undermined by own uncertainty, doubts and fluctuations and if only it isn't contrary to a karma current. Against the will of Lords of the Karma the human will is powerless. Lords of the Karma, for registration of its current, also use a spontaneous matter, planning a basis of a way on which there has to pass the person connected by karmic inevitability. Inevitability and Fate relentlessness well understood in the ancient time. It is easy to understand it and now if to think that the humpback, either the epileptic, or deaf, or the blind person from the birth, or the brilliant musician, the mathematician and so on from the moment of the birth already bears in himself the press of karmic predetermination. And their free will, strong noted by karma, can phenomenon only in a framework determined by it by karma. Thus, the area of the spatial order is also limited to karma. Within its order it will be executed. It isn't necessary to think that the karma is invincible. Placing obstacles in way and restrictions in one, it thereby opens opportunities in other. So, for example, many blind have opportunity to develop internal sight and to see that able to see can't see. Besides, the karma means not only restriction, but also opportunities. It usually isn't considered, and, thus, one of the most considerable advantages of karmic predetermination is lost sight. The person possessing many talents and abilities is allocated with them karmic. It is necessary to remember that the fiery will of spirit potentially isn't limited, and there is no such obstacle, which it couldn't overcome. The spirit if knows ways can triumph over all restrictions of a karma. Already I Said that, going with Me, more than once overcame Stars. The karma is force evolutionary, meaning a spirit ascension, and cooperation with it, instead of dark and blind counteraction by it, can yield the most unexpected and favorable results. Because, of purpose the karma is direct the person on a way of evolutions. Key to the correct decision is in an aspiration harmonius with command of Space Will. The accord with it will give to spirit a victory and a freedom of action, not achievable other ways. And then spatial orders of will be always executed. The power over elements, old dream of mankind, will be reached only by this way. In the will accord with mine, in the accord of the will with Space Will the phenomenon of power of spirit is approved. Someone wants to be strong itself (himself), but still the Lord Told: "I in itself anything, the Father staying in Me, He create". So consciousness transfer on Hierarchy steps gives to spirit the power above. After all it was told that the power is given to the person over any flesh. But people decided that it is possible to come to this power through willfulness of egoism and self-affirmation. And... Reached nothing. Because the power of spirit is reached through merge to Space Will, to Will of the Highest. Execution of Space Will should be understood as following to commands of laws of evolution. One who goes with evolution, always the winner? In the analysis of world events it is necessary to consider it. In modern collision of the nations by the winner there will be the one who, understanding laws of development of human society, will work at the same time with them, following them and who will aspire forward to new, more perfect forms of public life, but not too old, gets rid and doomed by a planetary karma on destruction. Light horses of evolution aspire forward, but the old world stakes on the black racers rushing in a chasm. When the spatial order созвучит with evolution, it will be executed. Therefore it is necessary to think not personally, but spatially therefore overcoming of the personal beginning in it leads to a victory at all only over itself, but also over elements. Merge of the integrated consciousnesses to Will of the Highest the guarantee serves victories of Forces light over darkness.
Dec. 9. My son, it is necessary to accustom with the phenomenon of mobility of spirit. Ability to represent itself and flights in imagination serve in any place as a threshold of real flights. The way is paved by thought. To fly about the world thought – means really thought to concern to what it is directed. Contact thought any more the imagination and not imagination, but the phenomenon of the Thin World having under quite real justification. The thought is the phenomenon of the highest order which hasn't been subordinated to laws of three measurements and not limited by a framework of dense conditions. Any thought can be aggravated to a limit and subjects to strengthen its action. Certainly, concentration and transferring of life to thought is necessary. In the thought world where everything is so real, as well as in the world dense, subjects and substances, the making, are constructed of a thought matter. There is no other reality, except thoughts and therefore the thought makes there everything. But the kingdom of thought is the basis of the dense world and everything that in it is. From here the importance of thought is for all plans of existence. And transferring of life to thought means deepening of the phenomenon of life of consciousness. The consciousness concluded in a body, lives thought, but leans on dense while the true homeland of spirit is spheres of fiery thought. The person is a being conceiving, and all activity of his consciousness proceeds in close connection with thinking. The seal of thought is set by it to everything that sees, hears and feels. But it does it automatically and unconsciously. The tsar of thought follows her tastes, and not he owns thought and it operates, but thought – his lord and the winner and has been on the contrary. This revolution in own microcosm has to be made, and the power over thinking is established full and unlimited. The middle aren't present – or we own and we operate thought, or it us. Slavery phenomenon at own thought is the heaviest. From this slavery not leave anywhere. The slave can escape on freedom, having broken the chains but where to leave from the thoughts? Therefore an exit one – mastering by thought and the statement over it complete control. Restraint of thought is necessary before it is possible to take the first step on a way to power of spirit. For a start it is possible to claim itself in situation that if I think about something, I think because I want, but not, because it is wanted by willfulness of unrestrained thoughts. Control has to be constant. Vagrant thoughts are dangerous, as well as any tramps. After all each thought surely influences the person, all his difficult organism, causing this or that reaction. To put itself in dependence on each casual tramp – it is unwise. No failures of initial attempts to seize thought can serve as an obstacle in a way to final success. Thought it is necessary to pass through steps of mastering because differently not to move further. Even the small victory will bring pleasure and satisfaction. But a number of victories will give confidence of success and self-confidence and at the same time will bring also fires of achievements. The body can recede under pressure of external conditions, but never the thought from times of the planned purpose ever has receded. External conditions temporarily also it is passing, but the spirit and its fiery weapon – thought is eternal. Therefore the persistence, hardness and constancy on achievement of the purpose planned by thoughts will be the key to success. Even at a number of failures nevertheless the favorable wave of circumstances will once rise, and then the thought withheld by constancy will move itself into their wave and realizes planned by it. To recede – means to give up thought. But to allow an opposite wave or many waves to pass by then to work in the direction accepted earlier, will be the victory guarantee. And so we will approve persistence. When all fluctuates and dark counteractions are especially furious, persistence to the purpose we will reach because there are a lot of turncoats and retreat only in darkness. Understanding of eternity of spirit and not destroyed of fiery thought will be a prosperity basis in the course of achievement of that is unattainable now. With formula of an all achievable the spirit can safely work, breaking time barriers because in time all is achievable and in boundlessness of time everything is possible, even that is absolutely unattainable now. Be approved in understanding of an all achievable not for today and not for tomorrow, but forever, on eternity, in which their lives spirit of the person, in boundlessness the real. On this great way everyone, even small, attempt to reach a victory will be topped with success when its time will come. And time comes to everything, each thought of phenomenon in the dense shown form. Therefore, I Speak, I Warrant for success if, display constancy and persistence of thought, you understand value eternal in temporary and temporary in the eternal.
Among a rough, violent and ardent stream of the external phenomena rushing by consciousness, taking it, I Approve the spirit rock! On this basis the house of spirit is under construction and elements eternal, entering into structure of an immortal triad gather. To bring together them, elements enduring, taking them from a rough stream of temporary phenomena, will be a sign of wisdom of the highest and the uniform solution of life. The true collector of treasures we Call the one who began to see clearly in purpose of the life on the Earth. Pearls of Light can be collected in Bowl storage forever and to approve by that immortality of spirit in the conditions of the dense world. The stone of the eternal basis of life of people has to claim in itself, the hands and will of the free.
The house of spirit is under construction thought; Thought at the disposal of the person always. Therefore, process of construction can be conducted at any time and under any conditions if the thought is rather purposeful. And when the understanding of this need grew strongly into consciousness and became its integral part, it is possible to tell that the base will erect and that it will resist when whirlwinds will blow and waves will rise. Only the thought is in operation approved and takes shape in the Bowl in the form of fiery deposits. So the thought applied in operation, will increase itself Stone Treasure.
(In the evening at 6 h.). All phenomena of magic represent demonstration of power of thought. The thought unites with spatial fire in forms, and these forms accept aspect of visibility. The scale of a matter leaves far up out of the limits limited to science. Lucida matter, many types Fohat, matrix matter, is above and above layers of a shining, fiery matter go to boundless spheres of space. Materialists can tell that their justification on a matter correctly. Only a mistake them that try to limit to limits of the understanding boundlessness and steps of a sparseness and matter thinning. So, gradation of a matter are very diverse also conditions it – too. But the matter in all its types submits to thought which can pour in it in any forms. The thought is the spirit tool, that tool and that force by means of which it can create. Creativity – destiny of the person. Possibilities of creative activity of human spirit are boundless as the spirit is boundless also. This area shines really fantastic opportunities and opens the purpose for the sake of which lives before the person, the mankind develops and improved. To space creativity the Lord Calls, Specify a way for stars. If creativity – the purpose, and human life is arranged so that it is school, whether where poorly, whether well, but people are compelled to create. Life of each person is result of his free or involuntary creativity: his brain gives rise or creates thoughts, an astral – feelings, hands – all that they create. And the interior is a product of his mental and astral creativity, and an external environment – physical. And the more long lives on the earth of people, the more densely, is more dense also be sorry there is it products of his creativity on visible and invisible plans. Creativity grows, extends, fills to failure all spheres at a certain step to go out of Earth, and having extended in Space, to become creativity space. Many separate spirits already passed through these borders and create in sizes space. Radiant the destiny of the person also is predetermined. But the slave can't become the creator and therefore the free will and freedom to choose the way is given to the person. The law of the accord operates the Universe. Using force it, can send the aspiration of people to conformable spheres consciously and magneto. Still the majority submitted to the accord law unconsciously, and people crowd those spheres of the elevated world which attracted them to itself the magnetism in full accordance with that inner world, its aspirations and desires which were created by each person separately. Nowadays people are given full and exhaustive knowledge of the Law of the accord and a magnetic attraction of thoughts that they could consciously and voluntary create that environment in which they seek to stay any more as blind and blind but as creators and founders of an own karma and the future. It is given much, and ways, and each creator of the karma are open.
(Night, 1 hour) Why one thought are executed, others aren't present? Let's address again to fire. Thoughts, in which heart fire is enclosed, are executed steadily. The lit centers sate with fire thought-forms naturally and without any efforts. It also gives thoughts strength.
Dec. 10. My friend, small consciousness seeks involuntarily for assignment or leaning too. But the highly experienced traveler knows that has to go. It is necessary to pass through loneliness and a seeming left and mainly to develop independence, hardness and self-confidence and the forces. To go it is necessary to learn on own feet and to float in the shuttle. The majority is preferred by strangers. But my elite prefers the. It is necessary to protect the sphere of one highest identity from mixture with the sphere of identity of other person. "Star from a star differs therefore that in Glory". Individualization of forms of the shown world is a basis of evolutions. It is not egoism, not self-love, but adoption of evolution of a spirit-monad. Each of Great Identity has the Beam. Under this Beam the consciousness of for whom the Sent Beam is their Space Father was once lit. It is so necessary to understand and acquire new couple of contrasts: the statement of identity when understanding a brotherhood and a brotherly unification of consciousnesses and value of collective in the course of evolution of human society. False individualism as is harmful and insolvent, as well an identity depersonalization. It is necessary to find the line of a harmonious combination between these two concepts: brotherhood and consciousness individualization. It is possible to imagine that would be with the person if all began to speak same and to think the same thoughts, and all would be as like as two peas. It would be spirit murder. So identity and a brotherhood can live together. Flowers on a meadow different, but the beauty of a meadow from it only increases.
Friends! Not to wait for favor from the sky, but to take is a way of the winner. Why expectations, why requests, why psychology of poor relatives!! ! By the right of a sonship spaces gifts undertake. Inspiration doesn’t wait, lifting too, but, the accord having approved with the Highest, it is possible to scoop thought treasures from its treasury. Thought the highest is rushes over the world. Everyone [has] a consciousness receiver, it is necessary to adjust only it in the accord with thoughts of Light. Call and response sound in unison with aspiration. It is more than confidence, it is more than courage, and it is more than understanding of that a gate in Light kingdom is open. And that can prevent perceptions when treasures of spatial thought are prepared to the person from the beginning of times. The directing, more conformably, fiery, more sharply, more surely, easier and not wait and ask, but direct and take. Not stepsons, but coheirs, not slaves, but sons of Light. The understanding of the appointment grants the right to an entrance to the world of the highest thought. From where then there is so much misunderstanding, clouding and poor thoughts? Whether not therefore that the consciousness is directed not to Light, but to darkness. And the darkness thinks in a night way, and gravitates to the earth, and up doesn't look. The aspiration up never remains without the answer. Therefore I Speak, only direct, only the consciousness to Me turn – and Light streams will fill in you, and shadows night will disappear that whisper in darkness, – a shadow allure. Here he, aspiration lit, wants to rise and to Light to go. But... it is covered by freight heavy thoughts terrestrial and desires. As the shroud black shrouded it by them, both it is deaf, and grew blind. A lot of courage is necessary to reject burden terrestrial resolutely, a firm hand. Slaves it isn't necessary to me. Free and courageous I Call for Myself who without pity can leave unnecessary load. A lot of load is born even by those who decided to go with Me. Friends! Bent under weight of a burden terrestrial for Me won't be in time. Nowadays time such when the consciousness can promptly move to evolution. Not to be in time, not to be in time, if not to dump load. I call for Myself fast walkers, from a burden unnecessary the free. To Me with them go, but not with dragging chains.
It is difficult to accept the statement that at the appeal to Light of refusal never happens if the address has super personal character. It is quite explainable because the space is impersonal also islands or points of personal consciousnesses react only when call or thought to them sounds in unison that is when it too is limited to a paling of the personality and is adjusted the same way. But super personal spheres of space are boundless and aren't littered with mirages of personal worlds. And the consciousness, which has risen over layers of personal desires, thoughts and aspirations, concerns area of the world truth or reality. Not for myself, but for the world I want to collect treasures of spatial thought. It too already a feat because terrestrial conditions usually won't be coordinated with elevated and overcoming demand. Without effort and tension it is given nothing. It is wrong to think that seeming ease of achievement didn't cost and nowadays doesn't demand the fiery tension of will. If, load this tension on a usual, unprepared organism, wouldn't sustain nor heart, nor nerves. That is why such persistent and long preparation was required and records began with short phrases and even separate words. I speak, such condition of consciousness and an organism will be reached when to conduct record in common with Me, that is under my Beams, it will be possible at any time and at desire or by order of will. The order is given not to me, but to itself – to bring the consciousness receiver into a condition of a conformable mood. As a matter of fact, this accord with vibrations of Light has to be always. But not reach it is judgment. From here, for many years preparations and thinning of all covers and depression of is dense body. "As the way is slow", – the inexperienced traveler exclaims. But let's judge to us because who knows, perhaps, the way is fast and the speed of advance is limited only to opportunities of the organism. Burn through wires is very easily. Fill consciousness with Light over its capacity, and destruction will turn out. As the gifted consciousness reaches for wine, or other types of oblivion, so it is overloaded. Many talented people perish, without having been able to sustain tension of rough conditions terrestrial. That is why we call a feat the phenomenon of execution of Light in darkness. It is good to be with Me in communication close, well to show refinement and keenness, so necessary for perception of the sent thoughts. But it is possible to ask those wanting Dialogue, whether they present to themselves that costs to open heart communication any more with Me, but with the usual environment which surrounds the person in the world. To keep Communication and at the same time to find forces to overcome environment resistance – difficult extraordinary, and demands the irrevocable decision to go it all the way, without stopping before any obstacles. I speak to that the ignorant knew, the way how is difficult, and didn't think that Communication is given and keeps easily. It is easier to achieve communication, than to hold because refinement becomes aggravated, and the darkness amplifies and exercises the wit in new and new attempts light to extinguish Light carrier. But going with Me I Will tell: to a victory we go and a victory we will reach. I warrant. (1 h. notch.)
Dec. 11. Let's be glad pleasure of spirit, the pleasure which hasn't been connected with anything personal. The super personal pleasure is close to pleasure space. It brings the person out of limits of his aura's egg and attaches to spatial pleasure. It is difficult to imagine, but the Highest Spheres sound this fiery pleasure. And to join them – means to adjust consciousness on a key of the highest tonality. It is interesting to note as even the pleasure terrestrial changes a dense body. Reaction of pleasure is positive. I don't mean spiteful pleasure dark, however, as well as all of them other experiences. The feeling of pleasure too demands training and it too can be brought up. It is necessary to begin with choosing everything, able to cause feeling of pleasure, and to concentrate on it, having rejected thus all thoughts burdening consciousness. It will be useful and to own for development of ability thought. All feelings arising in the person, he can cause itself, consciously, will, without any external bases to that. The laboratory of its organism will smoothly work if the thought is introduced that in the microcosm it is the sovereign lord of all feelings. Anything external has no value if this idea is realized. It is often possible to observe how that for others is a source of sufferings and troubles gives pleasure to some people; for example, murder of animals just for the hell of it, called by hunting, or stay in card brothels, as well as in everyone’s others. Many far-fetched and conditional things deliver to people doubtful pleasures only because they decided that it is valid so. All this is conditional and all this is relative. The conscious statement of pure sources of pleasure will lead to mastering by this feeling and will approach to feeling of space pleasure, pleasure super personal, and pleasures of the spirit which has risen over small and incorrect pleasures of the earth. In the field of pleasure personal, bipolar, that serves as its reason, is as well the reason of emergence and its opposite pole that is a grief and tears. Feelings human is bi-polar. Feeling one, by all means we cause to demonstration and another, opposite. It is a lot of laughter to tears – so consider in the people. And it is truly noted by popular wisdom. Just as there are light spheres without a shadow as there is also an area of space pleasure without a grief, - but it already outside terrestrial measurements. This step is preceded by a step of super personal pleasures and grief. Not for itself, but for the world. Terrestrial the spirit enjoys a bowl of poison at the last step. Much consciousness should contain before it will extend to consciousness space. But all the feelings and feelings and submission their will should pass a way of mastering and it is rather, the better. The will has to be born as though again to awareness of the power boundlessness will be which limit of growth. Not temporary we, and boundless, and this boundlessness pnenomenon also is approved in the person in all his feelings, in his all microcosm.
The optimist and the pessimist, looking on same, take from its conclusions of absolutely opposite order. So, everything depends on a point of view. But this corner can be established will, turning a consciousness beam in the desirable direction. This corner of his sight depends on the person on world around, and he can choose and approve it, but is conscious, but will having called. Why to send of what the person can dispose to the arbitrariness power. Whether it solver? The step following is an analysis of the phenomena of other order which isn't pleasing, but afflicting and saddening consciousness. It is possible to find something in each of them positive. There are no phenomena absolutely bad. Having found in them positive sides, it is possible to move further and to see to that teach us those things which are unpleasant to us. After all each of them surely teaches something. Having understood sense of a lesson given by life and value of the experience concluded in it, it is possible and to be glad to that to advance all can be useful: both good, and bad, both bringing pleasure, and bringing grief. So all forces to serve consciously to itself: light phenomena, and the darkness phenomenon, – the one whom call the judgment winner.
Dec. 12. My friend, here before us one more day approaches us to the future. What do you think to make this day that the future it was such what you want it to see? Commensurability and expediency will always lead to the purpose if are applied. After all each act and each thought, feeling and movement can be conformable on purpose. The purpose is it well understood and acquired. But whether ability steadily to stick to it is acquired? Everything that the person does, or conducts him to the purpose or from it rejects. In scales universal the purpose have to reach all. Who won't reach, will be thrown out from an evolution stream as space litter. One will reach the purpose earlier, others later. It is necessary to reach – a way short and difficult, a way long and easy – which of them we will prefer? Having chosen a way difficult, it is possible to think of, whether it will be easier than other way because total amount of burden of that and another is identical, but difficult is much shorter and to the purpose leads quicker; better, better Bowl bitter, than all life with a taste of bitterness. And bitterness it enjoying, under weight of a burden terrestrial it is possible to think and release is close. Also it is possible even to wish that it was even more difficult. But the more difficult and heavier, the closer and, when already absolutely it becomes intolerable, so almost already at the purpose. For nothing is given, it is necessary to pay for everything. It is better to pay at once. Wise rejoices when opportunity to pay karmic debts is given. The deep reflection will show that everything, all life is a dream. Will come to an end, the fairy tale terrestrial will surely come to an end, and there will come the awakening moment – and when eyes on reality will open, whether will be ready to meet spirit fully equipped with understanding it! Not saved up here anything, niches will be there. Knowledge should be accumulated here and to prepare an attire of spirit. Speaking present language, it is necessary to bring the device of spirit into a working condition, having put in full order all its parts and having carefully and carefully cleared of litter and dirt each detail. Even the small mote can stop the strongest device, especially a contamination of the thinnest device of a microcosm of the person. Litter it and words, and I put, both acts, and thoughts, and feelings if they aren't pure. It is possible to judge this sensitivity of the spiritual device at least on the phenomenon of perception of thoughts. It is enough to break symmetry of the receiver, and it immediately will decay or will allow imprudent invasion into consciousness of thoughts, not to Light conformable, but darkness. Sensitivity of the receiver hangs from many reasons. Each of them is incommensurable to a goal. Let "the longest" the line will be a boundlessness symbol. To it is possible to apply and compare to it each movement of consciousness and all reactions to the external phenomena occurring in it. Then each phenomenon in life will take a due place because we will learn to commensurate life on the earth with boundlessness of space life. And in it forces we will find the steady, directed advance to the purpose.
(1 o'clock in the morning). Personal memoirs and personal world of egoism are so necessary to space, personal memoirs of any person unfamiliar to you how many are necessary to you. You feel as far as they are uninteresting, and the main thing is unnecessary. In us that are useful is necessary only and it is necessary for people in general but not that concerns us personally. Therefore even to speak about itself it isn't ethic. Give to people, give to the World, separate something another from itself, all the same that, but give. Only the donation in any form can excuse life and give lives sense. People choke with senseless existence if can't give though often and don't understand the reason. But the spirit feels spatial absurd and nonsense of egoistical vegetation and chokes in it. The purpose of life in a donation, and not because the having has to give but because the giving destroys an egoism fencing, goes beyond it and includes the sphere of consciousnesses of others in a circle of the consciousness and with that expands the. Care wise not about itself, but about the world. The leader a planet has care of it and responsibility too. On the width of responsibility it is possible to judge consciousness width. The egoism can assimilate a circle of consciousness to a pin head, but the expanded consciousness embraces the world. Well howling that becomes with thought of the benefit of others, for general welfare. The bowl of General Welfare is the wisest destiny. If there is no opportunity to bring the work of a usual order for General Welfare, always there is the highest opportunity to make the contribution thought. Whether also much it in power? But if the thought is perfected and bases are known, it is possible to help much. The conscious contribution thought to General Welfare unaccepted doesn't remain never because not many are able to think, observing bases, and even unconsciously putting them in the thoughts. Bases of the Doctrine are that framework in which the world and life in it is comprehended. Approving the bases in thoughts, we cement them space. When it is empty around and the fiery melancholy starts filling heart, bring to space the gift. Earlier people in temples brought gifts. Nowadays spirit gifts in the Space Temple bring.
Dec. 13. Resistance to spirit advance from environment in direct ratio to power of its aspiration. Laws in everything are identical. If the plane starts increasing the speed, air resistance will increase also. Further a known limit it is impossible to increase the speed as won't sustain the device, as and with a human body. The design of the plane should be strengthened, and an organism – to strengthen. That is why preparation and organism reorganization because differently it won't sustain fiery tension is so long and will fuse. Frequent burn out are observed and at the ordinary people, not able to sustain tension of resistance of the environment. Often tuberculosis is caused by this reason. Burn out is called also by unreasonable super strong work. The reasons can be much. Impetuous flare is the phenomenon of the same order. Self-control commandment, as the constraining beginning interfering squandering of lit fires. Inertness, divergence, laziness as are terrible for advance, well, an impetuous flare, and also a spiritual donation is excessively the lawful. Middle, aura’s media ancient, a gold way, a way median is necessary. Not moderation, but balance, not tension of concerns and excitements, but tension of tranquility or quiet tension. In the first case – the phenomenon of unrestrained elements, in the second – the same force, but bridled by will and given to obedience. On a fire and in a blast furnace fire force, but in the conditions of the different – without control and under control is shown. The elements bridled by the person serve it, unrestrained and flooded banks bring disasters and destructions. But as fires of a human body which aren't constrained by will are destructive. As often the new comer wants to awaken fires, without giving itself the report to dangers of these elements. After all it is possible rinse and black fire. Many perversions and deviations from requirements of morals and many crimes are caused by weakness of will and inability to direct prematurely caused fire to the necessary course. Also it isn't necessary to forget that the weeds above, the falling is stronger. And the history knows falling examples even very big spirits. And then light Agni becomes dark and serves the evil. Whether it is possible to be surprised that the way is so difficult also tests very much. Each turncoat costs much to the Teacher. Everyone hangs a stone on a neck. The question of an apprenticeship is difficult. It is impossible to admit the traitor, it is impossible to allow weak-willed, dark it is impossible to allow, but also light wanting can't be pushed away. Therefore the first condition is to speak on the consciousness, the second – test. Test the Teacher! It is imitating experience suitable and the pupil. Against Light going it will be obligatory both against the Teacher, and against his pupil. Going against Mine, go against Light. This reaction is faultless. Going against Sent ours is too from darkness. But the best judge is heart, if judgment impartially. Let heart also will be the judge.
If this or that feeling can change a look, it is easy to imagine as game of feelings is reflected in shape of the person who has dumped a physical body. There the person – the open book, if he didn't learn to dominate emotions. People think that the self-control and all other qualities are more necessary for the Thin World, than dense a little. Temptations and an allure arise here in the form of not clear, flashing images which are quickly carrying by in consciousness while there these images take a form of reality surrounding the person and rise before it, as live real forms. And once the person begins to sound him agrees towards as they surround it with a dense wall, amplifying his magnetism and attracting from space a swarm new, related with it on character, educations. In this vortex funnel if it is rather strong to create a whirlwind, other consciousnesses close to it on tonalities are involved also. The whole layers of the Thin World sated with identical emotions and fancies are so created. If brothels are carried out on the earth, they are carried out and there, but even more real, even more aggravated and being fruits of the most unrestrained imagination. There creators everything, and these creations surround begets dense wall. There are no such horrors on the earth which wouldn't find the reflection in the Thin World, only in is mute they are sharper and bright. These layers awfully because their magnetism is very strong are infectious. Each person having at least something, conformable to these layers, is exposed to terrible danger of their poisonous attraction. The one, who never struggled with itself and didn't overcome the lowest impulses on the earth, won't find forces to counteract the magnetic force of these terrible attractions. On the earth, having satisfied the inclinations, at least the person for some time is exempted from them but how to be exempted from them there when fires of passions and desires, carrying away consciousness to the world of the illusive forms created by desires, can't be satisfied. Mookie Tantala not myth, but is terrible reality of the lower class of the astral world. That is connected on the Earth, will be connected and there. The person is connected by horror of not gets rid feelings there. Spirit ulcers, not gets rid on the Earth, it is very painful and difficult to get rid in the Thin World. When the silver bridle of spirit is imposed on all feelings of the pupil, then without serious consequences and it is quickly possible to pass these devilish layers. Aspiration is magnetic on the essence. The aspiration and its object are connected by the magnetic thread which force corresponds to power of aspiration. It is unmistakably possible to determine by nature of aspiration and the sphere of its attraction, that sphere to which the consciousness exempted from a body will be invincibly involved. To some extent magnetic each thought, but equally effective a magnetic inclination is defined by the basic or dominating aspiration and it and causes this or that sphere of a magnetic attraction in which the spirit is involved, submitting to action of the law of the accord. So the knowledge of laws of the Thin World allows define quite precisely those layers in which the person passing great borders will be attracted.
Dec. 14. The phenomenon of inclination of thoughts will be pleasure of spirit when his thoughts from Light. No lower class is terrible to the one, who can be charged for quality of the thoughts. What pleasure to realize that the best thoughts will give the best harvest and will create the best environment? Cause and effect strong are conformable. Firmly, surely, definitely of people can create an elevated environment the thought. The beauty is given as an outline on which the spirit pattern is weaved. On Beauty to build – means to surround itself with Light. Through Beauty you have Light. Beauty of thought! That can be more conformable to spheres high! Service to Beauty in all its forms we will consider as service to Light, and her attendant – a lightful. The beauty clears consciousness, as water – a body of dirt. The Beauty because time comes when any disgrace – the Beauty antipode – will be cleaned from a planet is proclaimed. The principle of Beauty can be followed in everything: both in big, and in the small. Consider that it is possible to serve Beauty and at the same time to surround itself with a disgrace and to think dirty, but this sad delusion. Full service to Beauty is comprehensively, but an emphasis nevertheless on thought. At the heart of all fine that is created by a hand of the person, the thought, which has been lit up by Beauty lies. Service to Beauty also begins with it. The temple to Beauty will be once erected on your planet, and prayers in it will make everything because then the evil and an evil synonym, a disgrace, will leave the Earth and your planet as mornings the star that so brightly shines in the sky becomes light.
Let's make our speech beautiful. Let each word will be beautiful. The beauty of the word – who thinks now of it? And after all it is possible, and after all it is available to everyone. And service to Beauty can be begun though today. And it will help to hold control and over thought. As it is simple as service to Light if heart burns with service to these is simple, easy and free. If only not allow a flame of spirit to die away. Beauty of thought, beauty of the word and business, beauty of movements and gestures, and even beauty of clothes and all appearance of the person. The fashion and beauty not always happen are conformable. The fashion is vanity expression, and is frequent also an outrage. Vanity and disgrace are congenial. Absence of Beauty also is a disgrace which scale is very wide. But and the area of Beauty is boundless. The beauty penetrated all Space. And only the distorted of his greatness, people, breaks this great principle, willfully substituting beauty for a disgrace, harmony – disharmony, balance – disbalance. Let's collect on part of the world all best and light concepts to follow them steadily in thoughts, words and affairs of every day.
Dec. 15. Certainly, on a consciousness field shoots will give both light seeds, and evil seeds. Difference between them only that at a spirit ascension the first increase in the force, and the second, having given shoots and having met the increased strength of mind, won't be able it opposite with former success any more. Therefore if something isn't present forces in itself to overcome at present, follows, without being confused it, to continue to accumulate thought of inevitable overcoming of this property in the future. At failure of suggestion it is possible to repeat it even several times. The enemy is suppressed with all ways and measures, and undesirable quality of spirit is destroyed in a root by a transmutation that is by the statement of quality, to its opposite, at suggestion this opposite pole of gets rid quality should be meant, strengthening constantly its potential. Emotions of an astral bipolar and everyone can phenomenon, in the absence of control, any of poles but if the astral is bridled, to it isn't permitted to be shown on one. This basis is of fearlessness. The astral is the center of the personal beginning, egoism. Feelings of a super personal are order already behind its sphere. But here big vigilance as it is frequent, absolutely imperceptible for itself is required, super personal feelings are painted by emotions of an astral, and seeming care of others and experiences for others actually flow about themselves because put by an astral to the place of sponsored or needing the help, substituting super personal. From here and love to give uninvited and unnecessary advice which can be good and suitable, but only not to volume, a lump advice because the thought is thus turned on itself is given and feeds an astral body of the adviser. When a bad advice, or measures go in a vast scale, in their basis egoism, but not care of the person lies. Service of egoism is developed very widely, and it is necessary to see its roots for pronouncement of the correct decision first of all. The egoism often tries to put on under any covers others the muzzle, even under the guise of the help to neighbors. And under it the same astral and care of own sacred person. Dedication – great quality of spirit when it is crystal-clear and without impurity of personal interest. The astral, the enemy ancient, uses various masks that under them to hide the essence when knows that is exposed and that with it wrestle for life or death is conducted. From it are hypocrisy, hypocrisy, Pharisee, and fanatic. All these are masks of an astral. Ruddy virtue is from their number and cowardly nonresistance to the evil, and many other qualities of spirit. We judge qualities on their luminosity or a fiery-bearing, and by purity of a flame we determine quality height, but not by its external expression. And often happens that the person be touched by the virtues for the Eagle Eye – an ardent self-service. Heart will prompt sometimes on a nice ear, where Light, and where darkness. Now there is a mankind division on a treatment of light and shade, and there is it in planetary scale, both no subterfuges and shifts of darkness will replace darkness with Light. On luminosity be division, on a treatment of light and shade, and court about accessories everyone to darkness, or Light camp! It is possible to deceive each other and be touched masks, but at the last line before Light Phenomenon not an external cover, but on luminosity of internal essence of the person his destiny will be decided.
Dec. 18. I order great restraint and concentration of internal energy. Time such when external disharmonies currents can do harm if internally not defend restraint and silence. It is wrong to think that any convention demands unnecessary words. That is won by words, is lost from squandering of energy and from disclosure of to external influences. They aren't always hostile, but are often harmful distinction of vibrations with level of own consciousness. Spiritual prevention – it is so possible, to call this process.
Dec. 18 (Gurus). So, New Year begins with instructions and signs that the change in private life approaches. It is possible to consider it as the preparatory period during which it is possible to exempt itself from unnecessary stratifications and to prepare itself for new living conditions. New conditions will demand also new responsibility for those people who will be close. To help them, they to preserve and them will be expanded by consciousness with a problem of the new period of life which, in turn, is prepare to a new step of consciousness and, probably, to besides new living conditions. We render special trust, approaching to the relatives. Certainly, the mental atmosphere will demand big discretion in thoughts and moods. Relatives psychology us; depends now on you to achieve the best consequences. Opportunity extends: conditions will improve. We will become closer because are close of. But level of your consciousness is higher, therefore also responsibility for all. You will represent as though yourself Us and from our name in the heart let there will be your treatment of those who will meet on a way and, especially, relatives to us. Rendering such trust, we Hope that it will be justified and confirmed with affairs. It is empty around. That each closes consciousness needing care and protect is more valuable. The period preparatory, going now, is difficult. But also will allow understanding and estimating our care of you. We know, what conditions of your life are very hard at present, but what the good will be born from easy and pleasant? Well you do that often you remember our six-months sitting on a plateau. And we sat and waited and didn't lose courage. Wait also you, the benefit that is that to wait. Everything well will and will be adjusted life, and you meanwhile become stronger and approved in the Doctrine deeper. Cementation of space and saturation by his thoughts of the highest order is very necessary thing. Where they, where those people who can charge this responsible task? Charging it to you, we count on sensitive understanding and warm desire to execute the instruction Ours. For stout and devoted heart there are no distances nor in devotion, nor in the love, able to limit them, and there is no impassable side which is put by death. All are live, all are close if the consciousness allows and heart burns with that fire, which perforation space of all measurements.
Dec. 18 (M. A. Y.). Native mine even if the small birdie serves as a sign of care of you, everything isn't simple and not as it seems to usual consciousness. But after all We for singularity, and small can be a symbol of considerable things. See how we Care of relatives, really we Will not take care of you! It is more than trust, it is more than patience more thoughts of Us. We, but you feel it only when your thought is directed to Us and heart is opened towards to our vibrations. Too you strongly allow surrounding imperfection to capture you while the exit for you to our spheres always remains open. It is necessary to remember it hourly because auras of those who everywhere surround you are dark and strong suppresses consciousness, if internally to them not opposite. Thoughts of Us and communication warm with Us will be protection from external conditions saddening and tightening in. After all we Will meet you, native, and there will be we together. This hope lives, because to a meeting promised to be.
Dec. 20. Yes! Yes! Yes! It is told enough clearly who "will lose the soul", that is "I" will depart from small to find big, that will correctly solve the way. The most difficult obstacle in a way is a paling of egoism, these are fetters of the personality, and it is illusion of a personal world and a separate of the consciousness from consciousness space. Even at the time of Communication there can't be full it if the consciousness, at least for a while, doesn't come off from personal "I" and won't punch a shell of its aura closing thoughts round the personality. Be rejected from itself and follow Me – the first condition on the narrow track conducting in life because the egoism is a death and destruction synonym, that is pass ability and an extremity of everything that is connected with it. To live for others, to live interests of collective, the people, the Homeland, all mankind – means to bring consciousness out of a small personal circle, having made a new circle it equal to that phenomenon which is covered by it. The consciousness is broader, it is higher. The collective is longer, than the personality, mankind as a whole endures not only the states, but even the people and races. It is possible to notice that life now is under construction so that the mass consciousness is output by a course of historical events from the closed framework of private life and joins steadily a tide of life of the planetary. And the Leading Country goes in this regard ahead, expanding the horizons of the personal world of people, it occupying. This process is deeply considerable because is a new step of consciousness. The consciousness has to be averted from the sphere personal and enter into the sphere of the super personal interests concerning General Welfare. The death of the personal beginning doesn't mean destruction, but, on the contrary, it is the birth in the new life which limits of people appoints to itself the width of the thinking. The mankind as a whole is immortal, even physically and therefore to enclose of energy in affairs universal will be the right room of values, namely treasures of mental energy. Both the profit and growth of the enclosed treasure are provided while the aspiration of energy on personal channels won't bring anything, except the illusive benefits and final are destroyed personal constructions. But the most profitable contribution is in affairs of Hierarchy of Light. Our affairs forward are planned for thousands years and precise calculations are carried out. The future belongs to us, it is made out by us, and those who with us goes, have in it right part. The importance and depth of the phenomenon is measured by its duration. The egoism limits duration of the affairs to the short terms never leaving, at ordinary people, out of limits of one life. In is it hopelessness and death of egoism. We limited our Affairs of boundlessness by a circle. Recognizing death of a form, we Approve the eternal life animating and entering into each form. And We Approve possibility of finding of consciousness, uninterrupted by death of a physical body and change of other covers investing spirit. And all suicide bombers, that is the people believing in inevitability of death, We Call to the statement of immortality of spirit of the person. Immortality of the person is the phenomenon of not interruptibility of consciousness. We Speak about this phenomenon, We Approve it, and to it I Testify.
Each thought leaves a trace on aura. Dim covering of auras not from physical radiations, but is above. All bodies give radiations, but the spirit prevails. Light is from the highest triad. The highest in the person is shone. The tone is given by thought. The thought of Light shines aura, but not thought of darkness. Transformation of consciousness lights up all bodies. The inspiration changes aura and it becomes shining.
Dec. 21. Actions, in common leading, will be, of course, the actions of a super personal order devoted to General Welfare and made for the sake of it. It also will be actions Hierarchical. When all life, all thoughts and feelings are given to Hierarchy of Light and service by It, in them our Hand of the Help is given to the devoted pupil. Then all personal addresses on service and is replaced with the super personal. All being of the person on all plans of manifestation and activity is sated then with uniform aspiration to serve Hierarchy business. Full value of aspiration, full-devotion and full of heart return to the Lord is so reached. Also becomes possible then consciousness transfer to the Hierarch, and behind it and full merge of consciousnesses. Access is open, but it is necessary to direct and reach most, the force, the fire and the feet. From heart of the person going to the Lord, precedes the energy, advancing it to the purpose. In this case others energy never will replace because the effect will be temporarily and will end with the spread falling. That is why the backfilling and arrangements are so harmful. Burning goes for someone else's account and when oil in the lamp ran low and receipts aren't present, fire dies away, and illegally concerned light recedes in darkness. Both fires self-proceeding, and amateur performance, and ability to stand on the feet, and swimming in own boat – all these phenomena of the same order. It is possible to light the light even crowd, but you know, than shouts "Hosanna" come to the end. Let it will be, a constant reminder that, carefully meeting knocked, never it is necessary to invite anybody. Life experience showed, what even the long spiritual donation, but not supported by own fire of heart, nevertheless is fruitless. It is necessary to consider and other condition, namely: having reached the ceiling, even after prompt lifting, the spirit stops as new accumulation demand time for their assimilation. The amount of former accumulation causes advance. Are incomparable therefore spirits because anybody except the Teacher, doesn't know that the comer with himself brings. Self-feeds are especially appreciated by us – the name of the elite or judgment pupils is attached to them. Not ready consciousness can stop this or that obstacle, but the judgment pupil will be not stopped by anything and anybody. Certainly, our Care is of them, to us augmenting. As for those, not ready, and they can be helped strongly if to speak on consciousness. This way it is possible to light internal fires which will give it strength to move the feet. Therefore conversations about everything advancing certainly are useful. It is possible to shine with the word; it is possible to shine with thought, both action by everyone, and each movement. Each action of a lightful in essence, whatever plans it concerned and how it was expressed. The aura of light sates with the emanations all sphere surrounding it and leaves light sparkles on a way passed by it. Truly, the Carrier of Light is blessing for everything that it surrounds. Its service is continuous and isn't interrupted with accidents of external conditions. But and tension is great because the general condition of mankind so is still far from a lightful that distinction in vibrations of auras is very great and demands often unreasonable expenditure of mental energy. Therefore the feat of execution of Light is so heavy. But the sun can't but shine – such is its nature. And Light Bearer can't shine anymore and not disseminate a gloom the light. The world keeps Them, to the world bearing Light. Mother Agni Yoga we will honor, the Light Guru we will honor, given the light to a planet and people.
(12 h. nights). If the Teacher wants to slightly open any center, and the pupil phenomenon fear, either indifference, or unwillingness, it the relation nullifies all works of the Teacher. Full, open desire all heart to meet requirements of the Teacher, and only it, will yield result.
Dec. 23. My son, opportunities amplify and grow in an everyday rhythm. It also is the bridge in the future because the rhythm approved on the earth, will promote and to the World Thin, and above. It will bring to the put. Rhythm all shown world because the rhythm is the basis real keeps. Even at allocation of a thin body it is possible to notice that the rhythm of heart doesn't stop, and on the contrary – amplifies in the tension. The rhythm is accompanied by a pulsation or increase and recession waves. Each wave has a crest and a hollow, movement of wave’s spiral, because they are extended in time. These are bases of spatial movement. In movement there is all. Mankind life, the same spiral advances, in time, both the same lifting’s and recessions of energy, and the same recurrence of the phenomena is subordinated to these laws of movement also. It is closely connected with a space rhythm, manifestation in movement of planets and Earth. Everything interacts with each other. There is an exchange of energy. Real cycle, claiming changes races, is on a crest of the tension. From there are so much changes around the world and so many new currents. Face of the Earth and faces of the people changes. The future faces the world as the solution of destinies of a planet. Future it radiant and lightful, but patrimonial torments of the planet born in this new future, are heavy. The culmination of a cycle will bring permission of the most difficult problems of the present hour, and elements will be included into coast. And the world will set in. And the new sun will ascend over New Earth, and old – and entirely life will leave, and won't come any more to the person to heart and won't be remembered.
Dec. 24. It is necessary to be careful of everything that disturbs Communication. Not without the reason eremites in the places of privacy remote from a human assemblage left. Nowadays difficulty of a way consists that service is made in the thick of life, in its middle, without moving away from people. At it is approved situation, that one in the field soldier. To how many opposite influences and influences has to opposition spirit to keep on a way and not only to resist, but also to follow further. All surrounding pulls down because its spiritual level is higher, and only the Beam of the Teacher of Light is support its and the leading beginning. As carefully it is necessary preserve the highest against a consuming its vanity. And it, vanity, strong growls on everything that to it isn't conformable. And the consciousness is higher and broader, the gap is deeper and the more furiously the ordinary against the one who wants to rise over it rises. It is necessary to approve everyday itself in light, leaning on a rhythm. Even the strong magnet in immediate vicinity degausses. As also the magnet of spirit degausses the lowest consciousnesses at contact with them. And how it was great press hearts fires, inevitable leakage of energy is very painful. And the question already arises not stopping a donation, and to coming off a feeding Source of Hierarchy of Light. The exchange of energy is inevitable, and on condition of a strong link to Hierarchy the devastation replenishes every day. That is, why Communication is so important because it is a wire feeding spirit with light and the benefit to the one, who found this possibility of Communication with the Source in the heart. The voice of the Teacher of Light won't break off until the aspiration to Light burns in heart addressing for it. Communication by thought also goes through heart, because thinks all and thoughts have, but Communication by thought with the Lord doesn’t know. Let's protect intimate in the spirit of. We will be approved like the rock among the rough sea. Rock the Spirit!!Only it will resist among whirlwinds and storms of the dense world. Let's track as strong and unshakably there were through life our Envoys, fluctuations without knowing, neither doubts, nor fear. They found force to go in Communication with Powers of Light. The only forces not to resist – they simply won't suffice. But going with Me will reach the end, forces without losing, but multiplying fires and saving up Stone Treasure, but it is possible, if with Me, in everything, both everywhere, and always.
Dec. 25. In the world mental the person lives the thoughts, in the world astral – feelings. Can externally not be shown neither those, nor others, but nevertheless life on these plans goes. When the physical body is dumped, life of feelings and thoughts remains in all the sharpness and bareness. It is possible even to tell that sharpness becomes even more, more strongly and more tensely because the physical body any more doesn't disturb. Distinction will be still that instead of the dense world the World Thin, with all complexity and mobility of thin educations becomes reality. The thin reflections or doubles have dense forms of the physical world. Than closer to the earth, especially they are similar to subjects and forms terrestrial. Moving away from the Earth and refined they get more and more mobile outlines. Inhabitants of the Thin World – people – bear the impress of the prevailing thoughts and subjects differ from inhabitants of the earth. Besides, the space is filled with mental products of human thinking and the feelings, given too visible shapes. These educations are located on the layers corresponding to their density and a condition. Dark, ugly and heavy is below. Above is the refined and beautiful. The beauty is a sign of height of a layer. In the beginning new comer it is very difficult to understand character of forms surrounding it, but some skill and tranquility will help them to be guided with new conditions. Each center of consciousness will consciously react to the address to him, and on this sign it is possible to distinguish life of a being from mental products. Heroes of tragedies of Expire there exist, but their forms, despite their completeness and figurativeness, consciously won't respond on the address to them. More difficultly with the astral peel from are left person of covers. These will react unconsciously, vaguely giving answers to habitual irritations. On some experience will show this distinction between them and the live people occupying the covers. Stay there on layers, according to magnetism of aura and equally effective thoughts or the thoughts dominating at present. Movement – thought, but depending on a stock of the fiery energy, which brought with from the Earth and has been saved up there during lifetime in a physical body. Environment people too are on attraction and affinity. Hatred is so magnetic, as well love. But on the Earth, hating, it is possible to avoid meetings with object of hatred absolutely; in the same place hatred will attract the hater to the one whom he hates, and will hold him near while energy of hatred won't sputter out completely. The forgiveness to enemies therefore has purely practical value because dark feelings terrestrial fetters become in World Aboveground. All aspirations and desires of the person receive there the illusive implementation. If they low physical – that these ghosts don't meet desires because are deprived of physical opportunities. But, if they about thinner, they can be there as are fully satisfied how, for example, on the earth the desire to listen to good music is met to take pleasure in works of art, or to admire at nature. Also the satisfaction, and even fuller, gives also thought area where mental flights aren't limited to anything. All five terrestrial feelings – hearing, sight and so on – reach there changed and expanded in the opportunities, and to them two more feelings of the highest are added. One of them is called on the earth as the sixth sense. We call it a feeling-knowledge. Life there strong is sharp and fulls various experiences. Many continue to endure dreams terrestrial, others, released from them, completely plunge into new life and into everything that it gives. There it is possible to study, there it is possible to aspire and there it is possible to succeed and ascend.
Dec. 25 (M. A. Y.). I felt your presence. The justification is reached in the spirit of. I apply approach currents. Listen to an intimate reality of spirit: you mine over the temporary. Our feelings are mutual. They trampled death – love. Love we reach heart of darling, and it unites [with us] in the spirit of. Glow of flash short, but bright... Let's preserve. Native My, favorite, love I accept yours. Through me you are close to the Lord. Identification of with spirit in yourself you can reach opening of the centers if you consider yourself not by a body, but spirit. You remember: "You are gods", I don't need honoring, but you need a solemn condition of consciousness, as the accord basis. Accept the prevention: events will be unexpected and frightening. Store full tranquility! Let's protect. You still should make a lot of things. Therefore protect forces and health and consciousness of indissoluble communication with Us and our proximity. My son, approach to the Lord through the next, to the next – through itself. Person bent soul, won nothing, and a lot of things lost. Gain immunity from external influences. There will be great this victory of spirit over a flesh.
Ways of our victories escape enemies, but their seeming victories bear on themselves the press of hopelessness of defeat. Win, who with Us because to them our support and the help, win, despite everything. Resistance to camp of the world is useless and it is senseless because his enemies are already doomed, we don't destroy to strengthen that light pole – Adversa tactics. Everything will unite, going against destruction forces. They (dark) already rave and rage, feeling the death is the last revolt of darkness against Light, the darkness doomed to destruction. Unusable everything while suitable them won't replace will leave, having increased in number and force. Space powerful forces work in spontaneous association with Light. Nowadays so important adjoin Light, for adjoined important. Will be distraught, as mote whirlwind, not adjoined Light. Each adjoined will decuple the forces, going against – will lose also that has. Energy powerful fire will fill heart of a soldier of Light, and heart at against going will be wrinkled in powerlessness and hands will be lowered by enemies. Now enemies are still very strong, but it is the leading force of the old world. Two stand at the same step: one, going up and to Light, another – down in darkness. And fateful death, and augmenting lives cost for the present at one step of planetary life but as their destinies are various. The darkness will destroy itself in the last mad attempt to destroy life on the Earth and the earth.
Dec. 27. My son, I Testify Itself to the future victory of Light over darkness and world forces over evil forces and destructions, and how those, who stand up on the world party, and those, who for war, light waves over the first and darkness over the second called themselves. The gap goes deep finally to become an impassable abyss between two poles. And time will come when the abyss can't be passed already. Promptly the earth by this moment of final division of mankind rushes. The dramatic nature of the events on a planet isn't realized yet. Still many grab dead formulas of the distorted religions, but they won't find rescue in them. Words behind, which hid earlier, any more won't rescue. Will rescue only affairs and, if words how they were fine and false, – on the destruction and manslaughter party, – tell them supporters of darkness. But, if sincere words, from whose lips they proceeded, – for the world and against war, – words these is soldiers Light and those, who on their party. Friends is everything, who for the world, enemies everything, who is against the world. Division will go even more sharply. And many priests will appear on the darkness party, and many anti-churchmen – on part of the world. Division goes on a treatment of light and shade, but not on other, any, external signs. And many, it is unexpected for itself; there will be in camp dark, and many in a camp Forges Light. In the area of heart line will be drawn. And those people, whose hearts are full of hatred, revenges, blood lust and destruction similar, that not from Light, but darkness. The country which has lifted the Banner of a universal peace, it will win, because it on the party of Space Power and planet evolution.
Dec. 28. On the one hand, a free will, with another – iron inevitability of karma. Between these two poles – consciousness of the person. But the karma can't limit spirit and its relation to the current. In freedom or slavery in relation to the phenomenon of the Karma there is a consciousness of the person, and the freedom of choice always remains behind it. At each this moment what was karma, it is possible to approve any attitude towards her. So, for example, paying a karmic debt, it is possible either to mourn, or to rejoice – depends on the person. The karma is imperious over the sphere, but there is a spirit area where its power comes to an end and where the spirit dominates. Let's call this phenomenon karma overcoming. The karma is left by the person alone, but the attitude towards her, authorized by will is approved. Wisdom won't grieve and doesn't rejoice too because who can tell that this grief or pleasure or that causes them bears for itself. As often rejoice to that brings subsequently misfortune and vice versa. Therefore it is better to approve balance and, rising over a stream of the infinite phenomena, to hold consciousness over bipolar display of an astral, that is to approve true impassivity.
Dec. 29. Expectation which can not disturb if it quiet and is saturated trust to the Leading Hand can precede opening of the centers. At feeling of external conditions even the lung are slightly opened can be very burdening because conditions terrestrial are rough. Everything will come in due time, and the necessary environment will be created, both a necessary privacy, and isolation from people. Radiations of many people are very heavy and very much burden. But karmic meetings are inevitable, and also passing of the necessary experience. Anything so doesn't learn as personal experience; its burden will bathe acquired knowledge. Severe inquiry of the person is a difficult task. And when too it becomes close and heavy, think that it only a dream or Maya terrestrial. The difficult period without the house the terrestrial is necessary for release from concept of the house, and difficult life – for easier separation from the Earth. Everything is created in the benefit. To wise guidance of the Teacher of Light we will be glad.
Dec. 30. (M. A. Y.). My dear, I Testify experience of all my life that there is nobody on Earth and in the Worlds who would be closer us than the Lord. To approve the next approach to this focus of Light – means to find the narrow track conducting in life, and to enter on it. Whether many found? And even the found – whether go? Difficulties of an apprenticeship stopped many; weakness of will took away towards the others, and follows the Lord of unit. Therefore and it is empty around that it isn't enough fellow traveller. Strong directed in the beginning forward, then suddenly go out and recede there, from where came. It all who has no accumulation and who light of others, their lit, was set forward. Inhuman persistence, stability and hardness are necessary. But if there are no accumulation from the past how to show what isn't present? It isn't enough elite, and therefore over each of them Light board. Experience learns to understand that difficulties are only knowledge steps, and life is the best school. Each hard lesson opens doors to knowledge of to what teaches, – as though a payment that other way it is impossible to acquire. And there comes the moment in life of the pupil when all starts pleasing him interfaced to life cognition, even its heaviest lessons. Anyhow learn the person, if not on life experience. The theoretical knowledge isn't effective because in the Bowl it doesn't give deposits. The knowledge acquired by practical consideration, becomes part of learning spirit and remains with it forever. Helplessness human both the hardness and firmness of the traveler of the Great Way depend on that everyone has in past accumulation, but in measures various. And even it is impossible to compare them, even two nearby the going. The Teacher only Knows who that that saved up also that brought. He Sees and Knows and its judgment are indisputable and whether, who can apply for Proximity to the Lord if there are no accumulation or the merits binding in the past. So, the thread, a silver thread of Light is approved by everyone Proximity. The same bonds connected also Us with all who is close to us in the spirit of. It is possible to meet never in this life in a body, but spirit to be close, and closer, than those who in a body met and near were. Behind an example far it isn't necessary to go – close you look. The self-approved claim for the proximity, not based upon former merits and service is groundless, – will scatter as a smoke. Neither assurances, nor words, beating of in a breast, neither ardent emotions of an astral, nor enthusiastic take-off, neither lamentations, nor prayers – nothing will help if there are no accumulation and the communication, going of the last centuries. To get all this for the first time not everyone it is eager, and from there are so much not being claimed strongly and not able to go. What care is demanded by each brought! Truly, receives according to the accord everything that can contain, and increases the Treasure brought in and with. So we divide comers: on saved up and brought with it, on directed in search to stays and on nothing brought. With the last it is most difficult because among them (and them much) units will be able to go. But it is necessary to meet everyone and to give everyone, but on consciousness of the addressing. Also don't wait, don't wait neither appreciation, nor gratitude, even for the kind relation for the created benefit. It is necessary to be ready to a display of the most base ingratitude and hostility because the creep away way is twisting. In a word, it is necessary to be ready to everything fully equipped to meet all variety of manifestations of the nature human. And still is hold highly Light Fixture.
The end Records *1960