Agni Yoga's facets, 1965

1965 g. 001. (Jan. 5). One must realize that in whatever state of mind you are, a great plan for the evolution of living things remain the same, although the details and details it may vary due to expediency. A person can fall into despair or horror of hopelessness and close yourself in circle of doom, and yet for cosmic evolution from it does not change one iota. Likewise, the higher realms of light is not clouded by asphyxiating emanations of the lower layers, and the darkness did not defile the shining of the stratosphere. Temporary does not affect the eternal, though layers in it the best that gives to promote evolution. The darkness and the darkness of the Earth is only a small speck of dirt in the infinite Majesty of the cosmos. In the higher Planets is chaos and overcoming the forces of evolution, but there is no hierarchy of dark and darkness. In outer aspect of personal experiences a person as would the high they may be, are nothing if not from light.
1965 g. 002. (Jan. 6). "The wind comes back to square one", and not only the wind, but also waves of space go in circles, which in time becomes a spiral and brings a reflexive waves of similar phenomena. This is caused by the return of some impulses and influences, sometimes arising in the minds of living some time and again going somewhere. The ability to see these beautiful waves produced by skill and aspiration to refract them through the prism of beauty. You can redeem the beauty of waves from the depths of consciousness that has not yet been eliminated, but is subject to address as soon as possible.
1965 g. 003. (Jan. 8). When troopers tanks into an attack on the enemy, the enemy is seeking to cut off the paratroopers from the tanks. Likewise, the darkness was trying to cut off the student's consciousness of the Bishop, when the student goes to battle with the darkness. And the disciple-avoid Office thinking of Teachers. Order teachers to be with him is inseparable. The order should be executed. Otherwise the risk is great. A lot of effort spend dark to divert thoughts from the main directions, and use the wide variety of baits designed for those or other weakness of the student. Their goal is just to distract. They diligently inflate each thought otvlekaûŝuû to make it interesting and gaining self consciousness. You should know and remember that anything that alienates or separates from the teacher, is inspired, supported, encouraged, eats darkness. Their task is to instil našeptyvaûŝie thought prel′ŝeniâ.
1965 g. 004. (Jan. 9). There are times when you want to complete, concern, combining close minds among themselves in order to team up with a teacher in the spirit. Only then you can gather enough strength to resist storms and vortexes as dense and the astral world. The Earth is sick, the elements were out of balance, the space is penetrated by antagonistic currents, Brown gas poisons the atmosphere. Only through the power of the United hearts and minds can resist these disasters. This force of nature can only swallow and recover his balance. Need peace on Earth among peoples need peace between individuals, need to unite in a spirit of unity to the hearts of men. Raznovesie natural conditions very clearly, might oppose him people? Enmity and war? But the enmity and war can end in a giant explosion that will destroy the planet. On the unity of all in all should think before you can save the planet. Anyone can in that direction to do something, if only a little, but so strongly desired for the balance of the world. Even the two combined auras can work wonders.
1965 g. 005. If there is no unity in the spirit with me, useless unity among yourselves. Head to unite, must first unite with me. But unity among people in my name or overseers or sent Them always fruitful life. All the kind of togetherness are good but only if their goal is the common good, for each undertaking common good shared by us. The Manager can combine even ignorant, if a unity with himself a teacher of light.
1965 g. 006. (Jan. 13). The man knows what is good for the spirit and what is harmful, and knowing yourself harm continues. As the two continue to live in it and fight for dominance and power. How else to explain what impulses and desires, diametrically opposite, tearing his consciousness and form the two poles of coagulation thoughts of light and dark, pull towards you from the light or darkness. Assuming dominance and win the pole of darkness, what then can wait after a Great borders. Under the law, "that bind on Earth will be bound in order, and aboveground. And who can help and save the free will of man carries his Jaro into darkness. But still, you know, because knowledge of the inevitable consequence of consonant with reason, can stop it on the path of evil and look towards the light. Cannot justify reference to the fact that the evil in the world and that a lot of its evil or darkness are incomparable with anger and darkness conscious religious dark hierarchy. Darkness in all aspects and types of stays for darkness, and approval of immersion into the spheres of consciousness thoughts nesvetlyh that carry into the darkness, pulls it into Astral funnels and spouts of evil from which escape may not have enough forces. Need to stay in good time, before it is too late. From the unconscious with darkness and contact with it not that far away and up to the conscious. Any suggestions or links to anything can justify dipping into darkness suffocating thoughts consciousness of lower layers. Only the consciousness surrounding yourself with light, may come into contact with the light Teacher and follow him. Aspiration to the light and fight for him with the light really unite and claim victory over the darkness in ourselves.
1965 g. 007. (Jan. 14). The easiest way to avoid disarray is aware of an imminent change of membranes and that all external environment and conditions will change radically. I want to have this constant mindfulness has become an expression of nature and human behavior to all supervised. You can mentally more often to the point of transfer and liberation from what now troubles and clouds the mind. This will not be the departure from life, but only the knowledge of reality and a reminder of it; knowing more can move with ease, gaining more than not knowing. Will remember and know.
1965 g. 008. (Jan. 15). The thought of Distant worlds, galaxies, of infinite space effect on the psyche like a cleansing shower or tub, freeing the mind from Sora. Much of what busy people in everyday life, there is no place in outer space. From here the understanding that Earth is not suitable for the measurements of distant Worlds. The phenomenon of thoughts, they always directed otherwise than thought generalities. In addition, the thought creates the magnetic connection between the thinker and the object of his thought. This link is not visible, but nevertheless its effects on human power, elevating it. The notion of Infinity and infinite space life uâvlâetsâ only in human consciousness. The lowest form of life can sniff it, but not be aware of. Awareness of same would incorporate people for life and enters it into the worlds of space, opening it untrammelled gave not only the visible universe, and cosmic thoughts. The essence of thought still is not enough. Too tied her to the brain, while the brain is the only apparatus of thinking. The idea also works when the brain falls asleep. The idea can work out a tight body. As granulation subtle energies, the thought is independent and can operate independently of the tight encirclement. It can operate independently, being sent into space. The thoughts have to say about the mysteries of the world of thought to tell. How can we forget that all human progress is determined by thought and that limits the development and refinement of thought does not exist.
1965 g. 009. (Aug. 1). Experience confirms that even in times of most powerful Earth spirit practical achievements of its approved application and application in practice, remain neotmenno with him, all while not applied, all theoretical, abstract, albeit sincerely ispoveduemoe and acknowledged, leaves it as it was before, one iota does not change its essence. Therefore, it is only applied in life thought gives specific investigation and changes and transfigures. The best books, the great thoughts do not help transform the person if they are not accompanied in life. Reading good books good, if their content is being implemented. All words, all the senses, all thoughts, all the best of intentions and inspirations are nothing if they are not translated into a number of vital action. But all of the authorized person, in practice, the application remains with him forever, for he is part and parcel of property.
1965 g. 010. (Aug. 17). (Guru). The main quality of a recognized student is constancy. It accompanies him with all the changes in the environment in which he lives. The disciple, who lost the qualities, ceases to be such. The Teacher can fluctuate and vary depending on external volatility, which is a constant companion of the incarnate life. Nothing that takes place outside, cannot affect his feelings to the teacher or to reduce love to him. In the name of that love walked people at feat to torment, to death. In the name of her most serious they withstood the test. If you do not put the world dense with all its obstacles and hardships and prel′ŝeniâmi below, and the teachers are Teachers first, before they are walking. Our loving anyone or anything before It's worthy of leadership.
1965 g. 011. (March 1). The thought of Light, bright idea connects with the light, dark, thought idea otemnennaâ – with darkness. Integrating thoughts with darkness, commits itself to people with those who live in darkness and feeds on the darkness. Dark they were making a lot of effort not only to extinguish the bright thoughts from those who have them, but, having extinguished, Captivate lifeless consciousness to your space and master it. Samootverženie darkness uâvlâetsâ this, as always on guard and tries to Jaro volnyh series and multiply unwitting members of the darkness. Fighting for the human soul is continuing, unabated. Militant darkness is so active that seeks to seize the slightest ability to hurt anywhere and everywhere, wherever you can cause at least some harm. Comin g his claws, gap widens to push through more wickedness. How many minds this way is involved in the funnel of the evil. If you do not weaken the zorkoj care, one can easily see how being thwarted in one channel exposure, dark creatures immediately find another and try to activate it. A lot of them, and they are constantly on guard, and very difficult to fight them, if not uâvit′ in this struggle no less persistence and equal persistence. Give or allow the dark master's consciousness is lost. Not so terrible otemnennye thoughts that plague, and so their man in power of darkness to isčadiâm darkness. These are very dangerous all the negative qualities of the spirit, because the channels are combining with the darkness. Thought prel′ŝeniâ is the ropes that bind them to the chariot poroditelâ dark oppressors. Each such thought carefully and is painted as driven by attractive, like calling paints. But under each form prel′ŝeniâ-venom and sharp thorns thorns. And when the fog dissipated, leaving only the spines of seduction and despair of the deceived dark spirit would walk away from the light and forced to dwell in darkness, among its inhabitants of dark.
1965 g. 012. (March 8). "I tell you these things, so that you have peace in me, in the world you will have tribulation, but take courage, I have overcome the world has overcome its (peace)." "What did you do to overcome a person?" so the center of gravity in the world to win and not peace overcome outside, but overcome it within himself, that is self defeating. I have overcome the world by not ševel′nuv your finger in his defence. Won a world not struggling against him, but only by sending all the energies of the spirit to overcome the old man in himself. And, thus, beating themselves, adopted the victory over world and darkness. The Darkness Won. Very difficult to understand and realize that the fight is not with you, and with the world outside – it means a fight with the windmills. The victory did not reach the outside world ever, if not won it on yourselves. The lever bridge carries over inside and attached to his own essence, that must be overcome in it and what must be approved by the victory. It says that the Kingdom of God is within you is. And finding it inside itself, only a attainable. What shall it profit a man, if the whole world will win, and himself will not overcome the economic? What is the use if it remains a slave himself, their foibles, weaknesses and vices? The victory over the world if, sbrosivši body, enters the world of the deprived of light-fire and becomes a victim of bezvol′noû vortices the Astral and the captive of dark influences, because the outer victory over world and the acquisition will not give anything. How many of them, those tight stay in all his glory the Earth, but remaining poor in spirit and the Land empty and gone without savings, more negligible than the latest poor man!
1965 g. 013. (March 13). Even the magnet can be demagnetised in nepoleznom neighborhood, the more the magnet of the human spirit. Even Christ was removed in the wilderness, solitude, when the impact of surrounding became unbearable. Each aura on contact interacts with radiation of light and medium communicating vessels takes from him vital emanation. So long stay among people with radiation of low order cannot but affect negatively on the sophisticated aura. Not every impact environment, you can overcome a long time without harm to the body. Permanent loss of Lightful energies not always and not in all circumstances can be made without prejudice. And then comes the reaction in terms of that aura can spread, the lights fade and the light ceases to operate on transformation of the environment. These symptoms are very dangerous, because it stops movement of the spirit. Is the constant plundering of psychic energy. Great teachers very suffered, taking on the burden of earthly incarnations. The impact of this world are very strong. A lot of courage and a lot of light one must have to say: "here comes the fearless Prince of this world has nothing for me.
1965 g. 014. (March 14). Cain said: "am I my brother's keeper?" but it's the psychology of Cain. Everyone not only the watchman, or other people's conservatories, but also responsible for all, for all mankind, whether he knows it or not, want it or not. Every sorrow or suffering caused to people, to pričinivšem the otzvučat. Have to pay for every action of this kind. Emanations of suffering does not disappear, but remain in the space, poisoning the consciousness of sets. Smiles or grimaces of pain change the faces of the people under the influence of invisible spatial energies. And often he who acquired in life you want, still deeply unhappy, for sorrow and joy – heritage of mankind, and spatially divided by their people, regardless of their wishes. Where does the inexplicable and unfounded longing and gravity on the heart, when seemingly no personal reason. Best get paid too, because the light that shines in them, others, burdening a giving heart. And how many of them, many ex-was among the best people? The sower of evil and suffering are thinking of leaving, but do believe they can deceive the cosmic law, when every evil action are they the seed of evil in its own entity, with its own aura of bearer of negative energies and a magnet of attraction of darkness? Don't do the Middle evil – Testament wisdom. Wisdom knows and sees that evil ultimately acts absolutely amazes the zlodelatelâ and from itself does not go anywhere. Judas-traitor hung himself because of unbearable was the severity of the harm. But by destroying the body, could destroy his soul, he is doomed to see again and again to relive the horror of the Act. There is no escape from yourself. Let the least sense of self-preservation will tell molčaŝemu heart not to cause suffering, because have to pay heavily.
1965 g. 015. (March 17). Through suffering to go through. You should also go through and through the surrounding darkness, when there is only one way out is up. All one must gather courage to not get off track. Attempts to hide behind the shield of an elusive strength of Earth conditions, seemingly so desired, ultimately give nothing because lead to their destruction, for temporarily everything under the Sun and death is imminent for all – old age, and death, and the end of earthly life a fairy tale. A rich harvest of her mental seeding based on work embodied the idea of seeds to over and over again not learned in this life lessons. Wouldn't it be better to show understanding of the situation and calmly and courageously take his cross and follow after me. Rebellion against Karma is useless, because the results don't give, but only the otâželit test. As above, so below. As in the large and the small. Tell yourself: Lord, thy will be done. Of course, as a man I would like to say: "Yes Cup pass from me." But we should wisely add, "However, may be not as I will, but as Thou, o Lord". Savior formula remains the same at all times.
1965 g. 016. (March 24). Well, look at ourselves too, sometimes good, look Stern, harsh, hardhitting, weighing all its bad and good quality and evaluating the required load you have to bear in the future. Experience shows that during tests from the depths of the spirit rising up all neizžitoe and has different accounts on the right of existence in the mind and how it is pregradoû on the road. If the fundamentals are strong and firmly embedded in the nature of man, the way you can still continue, because of changing shells there is no escape and evolution with all of its features. But in fact the opposite pole of evolution would be involution of spirit, which can last for centuries, leading to the abyss and end corruption. It is necessary to think about the power of giving grain spirit, evolving on a programmed into them. Develops all gathered people in itself during its existence, weeds must be removed. They should not be given freely evolve, they can completely drown out good shoots. The choice depends on himself. Free will remains prerogativoû. Everyone goes in the future, and want to know where are the unmistakable spirit of those energies which it lays in its free will, choosing, maintaining and supporting those that are consonant it and close it more than others. The choice of energy or choosing "ways" in the future is entirely in the hands of man. Growth of weeds or tall weeds illustrates how lush can develop negative energy spirit.
1965 g. 017. Dropping a tight wrap, get creative spirit. Material for creativity is that there is a man with life on Earth. These savings are valuable and important. No material to build it. There is nothing to do, if poorly and lacked imagination in it, so the elements for creativity. Writer, poet, artist, composer, work, drawing from his own savings. Similarly there: imagination can work, the poor is like a barren desert. Where thought and dream, and ustremlen′â are human, there's nowhere to fly wings deprived. However, the wings of darkness can carry, but where to? The thought and the dream may be light, or white spotted wings.
1965 g. 018. Our holiday is the holiday spirit over flesh. Our day is the beginning of a new year and new beginnings. On the day of this life can begin to rebuild. Directing her energies toward the light, the thought of merging with everyone who also aspires to the light, you can find new strength in this mutual aspiration. The banner of peace, the banner of Evolution are the ultimate victory signs. About the banner of our unite all who from spirit and who knows about suždennoj, the ultimate victory of light. Who's with us, he will win.
1965 g. 019. Naive to believe that, having opened a book of Teachings, once again the point is all of a sudden perfect. What was the nature of humans over many lives, could not be suddenly changed from reading. Cases instantaneous insights are rare. Bright glowing, which happens to be in contact with the teachings of when breaking out the old buildup, temporarily and must be replaced by a phenomenon of harsh struggle for new improved spirit. The struggle is difficult tests, and from the depths of the spirit rises all that once was not yet resolved. Path of spirit is difficult. All, even very high spirits, Jaro, and not suffered izbegnul no one. Height and the power of the spirit and the test. The crucifixion of spirit in matter is unavoidable for all Light of resentful wanting.
1965 g. 020. Basics of steadfast, Fundamentals neotricaemy. Whatever was going around the bases, things cannot be destroyed. Relying on them mentally to get through everything. Maya will be grim despair and hopelessness of the fight, but the basics are timeless, ukazuût that everything, even the temporarily the ghost of Maya, and that light, lying at the base of the Foundation may not be embraced by darkness, that is defeated, because Light is unbeatable.
1965 g. 021. (March 27). Not so much human wickedness as callous indifference to the suffering caused by others, and makes life difficult at times. All this will be recorded in a book, accumulating knowledge of human experience. When the time comes, all this is very useful in order to reduce the suffering in the world. Then it will be easier for people to defend from the consequence of callous treatment of small minds.
1965 g. 022. Life is a school. Every day brings something instructive. Pleasant or not, but if it teaches anything and gives experience and knowledge, we will be happy to multiply their opportunities. Either way, but in life one must go through. We will walk through it with dignity, without falling spirit and knowing that everything, even and it will pass. "
1965 g. 023. "Lord, Lord, thou didst leave me vskuû"-is also a formula of life, too, step testing, through which must pass the spirit of striving toward the light. A lot courage to not have to endure this most challenging time trial sodrognuvšis′.
1965 g. 024. (March 28). Hotâŝij has it. A magnet aspirations. But if light is darkness – Act started magnet dark desires. Rarely who consciously turns into darkness. But that aspiration, dark peremagnitit′ that are constantly on guard, tossed and create such conditions, when the mind is distracted from the main and scatters its energy on things mundane, are plunging. Discontent, minor difficulties, small employment or the inevitable trials successfully enduring, continuing desire of past accomplishments, spirit suetoû conventional and engulf the aspirations and desires to light Light replace aspirations generally choked. But the darkness ready to throw pebbles on which so easily slip, and if the weakened watch, silently and slowly creeping into the darkness of ignorance to the validity of the veil nabrasyvaâ invisible spirit world. Man sees what he wants. Light eliminates his reluctance. But the light is always there. Demons especially plague in moments of testing, and when the hang lights, Jaro flock to fluctuating consciousness. But without testing it is impossible, as the experience strengthens the mind and makes it strong. Only experience will show as dark without the Bishop. Only by the power of Light and said she admired. Weakness is not needed. Mid not – or win, or perish.
1965 g. 025. (March 29). Life rushes up to the diluted and thinning dense in subtle. Everything that promotes it, evolutionarily, is all that prevents and counteracts, – from the darkness. So we will distinguish where promotion and regression. You cannot connect to a thinning of the cornea. The refinement and spirituality are inseparable. Effeminacy and luxury does not have the refinement and spirituality are not yourselves. It is difficult even to imagine how people may vary so similar in appearance throughout. Seemingly the same hands, feet, hair, muscles, but the wooden block and the rare violin can be of the same material. But no strings and fine finishing and no harmonic keyboard parts. Resent on difficulty and harshness of life's trials, but it gets thinner body and is growing sensitivity centers. The process is not just for the present but for the future. All you have to undergo all the living is committed to the evolution of own-Monads in each evolving form of life. Would say, "is it too big fee"? Answer: "On Board and getting the result." Law of reparation or equilibrium correlates. The future of humanity, and the greatness of its shining leaves in infinity. The future and the present disproportionate.
1965 g. 026. (Guru). The essence of an arhat under way not that events take place around him or phenomena which are unwilling or are awaiting his admirers and followers, and the fire of his spirit are saturated with the scope around and come on consciousness and heart of suitable momentum evolution and spiritual aspiration. He is sleeping, he awakens to the light, and he is calling me pointed the way.
1965 g. 027. (March 30). Every cell of the body exists and is alive link with the entire organism as a whole. Enough to disrupt this connection – and the cell dies. Mass of dead cells permanently ejected from the system. And a person can die in spirit, the spirit of omertvet′ and Outer join Sora, who ejected from the flow of evolution. Its relationship to spirit alive, with the source of life. The Savior of the people to Share the living and the dead, saying: "Let the dead bury their dead, you just follow Me." Dead consciences cuts off oneself from the supply source, which is the center of being, or the focus of life. This Cosmic Energy eternal Focus. The Focus of light and life is the focus of the hierarchy.
1965 g. 028. It is very difficult to combine in the mind and balance the Cosmic and earthly, eternal and personal, Timeless and fleeting, but need to. And then a small human truth came to sense space and will get their right to life and the expression of the eternal in time. All normal human existence then will get a place in the overall scheme of things and will be processed first. In space there is feasibility. Even the existence of herbs and flowers for her and it is subject, much less human life. Understand what human and blending the understanding that his life on the planet can give him the necessary balance between the eternal and the temporal and will enable it to realize temporary as an inevitable path to the eternal, that is like a bridge to infinity. The spirit is eternal, grain spirit is eternal, but all his accretions, all shells of spirit, all forms, in which he was disguised, are a process of constant change and growth of their constituent elements. When grain spirit eternity everything else it give him an ardent aspect is the incessant changes and stratifications, the trick is to increase grain.
1965 g. 029. (March 31). It is like death sleep. But who says that death means nothingness. Death is life, but in the small State. Spirit never dies and die cannot. Replacement membranes, more accurately, liberation from the physical body means the continued existence of the subtle world. So the dream and death can give the possibility of conscious of staying outside of the body. Dan the man to sleep with a delicate touch peace and recuperation, taken from there. People die without sleep, for then stops flow of life force. Similarly, and death gives a person the opportunity to again return to Earth with the new supply of fiery energy that keeps on giving to a certain degree before the phenomenon of death. Want to really sort my life and thinking before so-called dreams will acquire consistency and harmony and enrich mind subtle perceptions. Dying, Arhat saves nepreryvaemost′ consciousness. Similarly, you can save it and able to sleep.
1965 g. 030. (Guru). Even if waking consciousness, and does not preserve the memory about impressions of night, yet the overall tone of the perceptions, although not realized, greatly affects the person, giving him the right direction and reserve strength for daily existence. One must learn to understand the nature of these subtle impressions.
1965 g. 031. (M. A. S.). The crucifixion of the spirit into matter means little. On the cross of raspinaetsâ spirit to overcome life. Under the life means the complexity of external uâvlenij, but it is not an eternal pulsation of the immortal grain spirit, an aspect of undying eternal principle of space life. Because the phenomenon of life can be seen in its dvulikom uâvlenij. The spirit of raspinaetsâ to cross a temporary, transient life, to establish themselves in meeting and realize lasting, eternal life, space.
1965 g. 032. (Guru). We insist on constancy and invincibility. Resistance need to resist the volatility and variability of tight encirclement and spatial chaos. Fortitude is quality, without which a go but impossible Path.
1965 g. 033. (Nov. 2). Environment resistance is a prerequisite for moving spirit – a perfect analogy with the movement of the plane. This resistance increases with the speed. The laws of mechanics of apply and in spirit. We should climb high to reduce the resistance, but then the engine must be a fire. The movement is performed directly by flame. In the Fiery body flying over very long distances are possible. But the hardest thing is to get off the ground. Terrestrial attraction are very strong. Many threads should be cut off before the spirit will get freedom. The one who said: "My Kingdom is not of this world," the earth when Finished. But, away from Earth, Earth you cannot leave and come off, you can love and people and planet and be prepared and to give body and soul to the service of the people. This is the highest level of exaltation of spirit and his detachment from the ground. Only the spirit, the final earthly evolution, these heights are available. The distance from the Earth enables to space flight, when Distant Worlds become conscious reality and the spirit goes far beyond the Earth.
1965 g. 034. (Guru). Knowledge of life is acquired by experience. Apprenticeship at times almost unbearable burden, because sometimes it happens a very bitter experience. Root experience bitter, but the fruit is sweet, so you could say, to paraphrase the old school adage. A man who knows life, the seasoned traveler is someone who just tasted the bitterness of life. Paid a lot, but on board and getting.
1965 g. 035. (Nov. 3). If you look back at your past, you will notice how consciousness is fully pogružalos′ in the atmosphere and the environment lived. By analogy, it is easy to imagine that if you go to the thin world consciousness fully immersed in it and terrestrial environment will no longer exist for man. Being around, it becomes a reality for consciousness. Consciousness changes depending on external influences. The vibration of the Earth will go away, they will be replaced by vibration of the invisible world. Change and organs of perception. Fancies and other subtle education, not visible to the eye, become visible, instead of Earth. Transportation of Earth there is unnecessary, because moving the thought. Mental energy superseding mechanical force. The whole environment was largely a man's thought or the thought is the same. The ability of mental creativity, but on gaining consciousness and its degree of development and circumstances. Everything you want to extract the spatial energies, that is life threatening, the man is out there with him and in yourself. An external consonant reacts on impulses and desires of the spirit. How would man creates a world of creative impulses, born in the microcosm, and reaping the benefits of their aspirations. Is that what its essence, realizing in the forms of "aspiring creative thought. The magic wand is in the hands of each and every variety of human characters and creates a variation of individual stocks and sectors that correspond to each and are already products of the collective creativity of conformable Consciousnesses.
1965 g. 036. (Nov. 4). Pictures of radiation, i.e. to detect clandestine aura, which can harm the Dugpa over a wide range. These opponents of evolution must be cleared, for evil, harassing them, great. At the slightest risk be identified they hide claws, and only the eyes give out. On top of all the enemies are enemies of humanity who could be among all segments of the population, regardless of who they are, or as they are called, or what belongs. Themes and dangerous that hide under the most specious names. Pictures of radiation will rip the mask off these carriers of darkness, and another type of evil on Earth will become less.
1965 g. 037. (Guru). Be left with is a very severe test. On the meaning of loneliness has been mentioned. You cannot establish itself in power network barrier without being through him. People used to be in the herd, but stand lonely and open Tops vortexes of distant Worlds.
1965 g. 038. (Nov. 5). Many times We had to observe the phenomenon of volatility in approached. What is it called? First of all, the lack of confidence. "All is well, believe everything, but give evidence and repeat them more and more." Not heart, fluctuating consciousness, but believes the eyes, forgetting that mirage is seen by the eyes. The trouble is that external evidence being given, make no difference. They, like anesthesia, require all time increase the dose. One has only to recall how many plates had been given in time, yet they could not approve the abundance in due measure of confidence. Especially undermined neutverdivšeesâ consciousness. But they are inevitable. And one must pass through all without losing credibility. Imagine what it would be like with heroes and monks of the past, if a great work lost would they trust her to Lead, and delved into the quagmire of doubts and hesitations that inevitably arise over the loss of confidence. The evidence should it fluctuates. An acknowledged disciple, however difficult or were composed, say, Maya, recede, know what immutable Bishop and the invisible presence of The neotmenno, because He is always with me».
1965 g. 039. (M. A. S.). And yet from the Earth and it should come off attachments so that gravitation has not prevented the flights. After all, you can have it all, and own everything, and surround yourself with cute heart conditions, but if only one is not attached to anything and nothing except their own. From this sole condition is dependent on the measure vsedozvoleniâ. Allowed all but only for consciousness, non-authorised conditions. But where do they speak everything, but does not believe its what you own. See slaves property, habits, passions and foibles of the spirit. Where are they who have come through and freed himself from the power of the conditions over the spirit? Where are they?
1965 g. 040. (Guru). Still, victory can be achieved by maintaining a constant, that "even this is good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant, sweetest or not – will inevitably" pass ". Yes! Yes! Will pass, will pass, will pass, as it is irrevocably determined what was before, after and all that is and what will be. But will the spirit witness phenomena of the current hour. Little understood, few know, one has to make sense it was a flesh and blood and all shells, as the basis of the evolution of the spirit, that above everything, and only he witness all that around and off it comes. Not temporary we, but unregulated, and all temporary-only dreams of and subtle world and enduring – only the validity of the Fiery World of fire, which is the home of the spirit, which got it its granulation.
1965 g. 041. Solomon, Apollonius of Tyana, Akbar and others have had everything I could dream of and what to wish for. Measure vsedozvoleniâ was his destiny is in full accordance with the degree of removal from Land and freedom from worldly attachments. Had all, for nothing is considered his own, and could be thinking, because were in the spirit of freedom.
1965 g. 042. (April 6). The truth in the face of the obviousness of the dense, not revealing the truth requires firmness, courage and unspeakable neslomimoj confidence in the final triumph of light and its hierarchy. The future of humanity is an area within which would be approved by all the brighter and brighter the True Cosmic truth. But this is far from it. The struggle between light and darkness is the Space of truth, which is defined by the laws of the evolution of things. What is and what is not proportional. Hence the gap between darkness and Light, of this future. Only consciousness can build bridges across the gaping chasm. The key to the future is in the mind. Nothing can propel humanity into evolution, if consciousness does not. Therefore, expansion of consciousness is the most pressing task of the moment. The idea of the coming century is widely scattered over the face of the Earth. Obstacles to the dissemination of thought waves do not exist. It is necessary only to people were wide open for them, and to deny the perception out of the way. Evolution is moving forward. The barriers of ignorance it put dams. But the spatial thought their sweeps away, and glimpses of a new understanding of life is widely uâvlâûtsâ in the vastness of Earth. Every counter will eventually be swept away his antithesis. The opposite pole of the opposition worsened the global progress. Darkness, of not wanting to cause itself to those powerful forces of evolution that the darkness have broken up. From the heights of Our Towers are clearly visible main flow of life and can be seen as bright jets of evolutionary flow their way around to eventually cover the whole planet's light. We See.
1965 g. 043. (M. A. S.). Silence silence does not have a rest, but the extreme tension of the spirit. Strain of mind, tension-so let's call we fire him. Superficially, it might seem calm, for it is not expressed in chaotic or mahanii. The restrained power of spirit is strong in tension. Can't be bad power. Restraint it collects, which is holding back. And the peace of mind can be called a collector, or drive. As the water cannot collect and accumulate without a dam, its deterrent, the Fiery force of psychic energy without restraint and without restraint cannot accumulate. Restraint, serenity, tranquility or serenity voltage stress – powerful drives. Conscious, restrained silence is a phenomenon of the same order. Silence is the drive of fiery might. But even it it skillfully to keep silence. Molčaŝij stump may be an example of that silence silence strife.
1965 g. 044. (Guru). When darkness comes and is very active, not wasting mental energy on the complaints, grievances and unnecessary words. The power of rastočaetsâ not only in words, but the same thoughts. If the effect of wasting it in vain, nothing will meet energy of darkness. Concentration can help surround yourself with strong armor and elevate sparkling sword of the spirit. To successfully fighting the dark forces of the spirit we should all discipline of the show, for your Teacher to exert power and force of Their might. But what could He do and how to protect the spirit instead of armour and libertinism of kiseâ wet dark mindset.
1965 g. 045. The formula has to be given, and, having no taken away and what has "contains a profound practical significance. To catch fish, you need a network; to bring water-bucket; to receive the gifts of the spirit-filled, stocked them and brought with itself. To get help, you must have the Higher Forces what they get, which is a State of mind which entitles you to receive. You can call it faith, trust, certainty, stability and many other words, expressing a certain State of mind, which serves as a powerful magnet for sent over energies. It is imperative to have or create something that pours A help. How do help, if not that? When asked: "do you believe?," was referring to the principle of admissibility that was what to give and what to make.
1965 g. 046. (Nov. 7). When starting to say: "Imagine if Path in the infinity challenge?" the end is not. Every thought and every action along the way are a chain stretched into the future with no conclusion. The chain of action creates a stream of individual life, merges with the flow of life as it neotryvnaâ of Space. Seemingly small thought flashed through the mind and immediately forgotten, but the thought does not die, and sometime and somewhere on this endless journey into the future it will bring fruit. A seemingly small action too soon forgotten, but the karmic consequence it does not finish this, but also goes to Infinity, the nepreryvaemoj chain of causality. It must embrace the inalienability of the future consciousness and its close link with the present in which it takes place. Spirit has its being out of time, but there is evident in time in temporary and end their shells. Manifesting itself in time and knowing its inviolability, could he throw the furthest into the future anchor of action and thought and consciously co-create the future on an endless Ribbon of their individual manifestations. Are placed as if the distant path milestones willing faces of many incarnations. And you can hear every moment of earthly life as laying the consequence for the immediate and distant future. Nothing disappears without a trace, but everybody brings their investigation in strict accordance with the originating cause. In a world of causality, in which an individual lives, one thing leads to another and one derives from the other. And you can focus on the conscious transmutation by reason. The chain of causality is impossible, but to replace the destroyed links more valuable metal maybe. This substitution will name the transmutation of elements constituting the substance chain. In the world everything has its antitezu pričinnostej, or the opposite pole of manifestation, and replacing chain link is made on line or in relational opposites transmutiruûŝego events or properties. So, ardent aspiration to destructive activities can be replaced by creative activities, that is, the change of polarity. And the power of strong spirit can be inverted for the good. But the insignificance and weakness will not let anything other than Outer Sora.
1965 g. 047. (Guru). What do I do? Calmly go without changing the rhythm step. Invincible spirit, and dark leashes and novices do not succeed. But let pomyslât them and that they are preparing themselves to novices.
1965 g. 048. (Nov. 8). Resistance to ambient is valuable because only on it, it can grow on overcoming the spirit's power. If something interferes and Jaro defies efforts will, therefore, upheld its spirit must still grow. Increased spirit needs a counteraction. Growth forces the opposing principle is universal. Again and again have to strain your spirit in overcoming obstacles. There should be a sort action to become crystal clear, that is, it was pure fire dispatch. Say, the irritation is not effective. The action in ogorčenii, gloom, fear, anger, frustration, jealousy, greed, jealousy, doubt, and all other negative emotions cannot be strong Astral, although superficially may appear, for example, the explosion of anger. This area of the lower lights. Should be collected in a microcosm of the net lights.
1965 g. 049. (Guru). To successfully pass the test, it is not required to succeed in external circumstances, but requires a State of mind, without which all the external success turn into nothing. The formula remains the same: the spirit conquers all, who himself will be able to win.
1965 g. 050. (Guru). Every hit from outside first of all want to restore or establish a balance. Act can only be victoriously in balance. Because the darkness and, above all, to pull you off balance. In this sense all its tricks. And only brought out of balance, they throw your poison. The indefeasibility of balance or restored quickly enough poison was not valid. He neutralized power lights of balance.
1965 g. 051. (M. A. S.). The past comes alive in the predestined. The details did not emerge in consciousness, but the feelings don't die, live and yaro uâvlâûtsâ in relationships. Thus, feelings of love and hatred are going through. And joy much gives meeting with tried and tested friend. A lot of meets and passers-by, the perfume of threads of love, devotion and loyalty, by never pass without leaving a trace and not in depth once again strengthened basis for the inevitable encounter in the future. Every good meeting comfort. Many useful observations can be drawn from the life, should sharpen vigilance, care and understanding of the singularity.
1965 g. 052. (Apr. 10). Cannot open the reprobate centres, poročnika, drunkards or in humans, filled with anger and other negative energies. Need a full cleaning of the membranes, need a certain treatment and food.
1965 g. 053. (Guru). Accept the spirit is to courageously and tenaciously to your karma, your cross, and despite the severity of his, follow those who called out, not doubting or being fear. In this Act, that is the whole point of the evolutionary path. "Take up his cross and follow me" – the same formula of life at all times that were, are and will be.
1965 g. 054. (Nov. 11). Spatial imperil very contagious. People don't know how much they depend on each other. Emanations of the senses is transmitted invisibly. And it's hard sometimes to protect themselves. Student in the world is undergoing the inevitable coarseness and grievances. Bearing the Light feat especially among normal terrestrial tjazhek.
1965 g. 055. (M. A. S.). No such barriers, which could overcome the psychic energy. But why then are circumstances often insurmountable? The cause of failure should be looked for in itself. Direct impact on the substance or on the will of the people is very limited for ordinary people, it is necessary to understand. The scope must be distinguished from the possible effects of the impossible. Each will have its own ceiling and every use of force mental energy has its limit.
1965 g. 056. (Guru). For successful operation it is necessary to have the psychic energy. It cannot be nakopivši. Most of it is spent for chatter. Every vain Word – how vent outdoor steam boiler in which steam is raised. Set the monitor itself.
1965 g. 057. (Apr. 12). Our assistance and protection is within the free will, that is we protect her without breaking. And it's not always easy or straightforward. Often free will leads to misconceptions or mistakes and panders to the lasting weakness. And then dark izoŝrâûtsâ especially Jaro to free will sweep aside and, most importantly, to separate thinking from us. Correctly observed – tension and rampant darkness so intense that one must be clothed in unceasing prayer. Branch of thinking or forgetfulness and preryv continued mindfulness about us, immediately use the dark to toss attempt and zlouhiŝrenie. For this purpose they use any and everything possible before insects, mice, cats, inclusive, to say nothing about the people and circumstances. Therefore, continuous mindfulness Teacher becomes necessary. How many troubles and burdens could be avoided if the continual mindfulness established itself. But experience shows that it is not so easy to implement, as it seems. Effort for approval the teachers in his heart must be permanent. Then it will be easier for us to protect, because in this case there will always be something that can send Light and emergency assistance. The presence of a face in mind means having elements of light inspired by the face, and then there are what make our strength. Leaky sieve the water did not deter a leaky consciousness is Light. Through holes and cracks penetrate the darkness, and the Light it becomes impossible to hold. Shield I send, but hold it. Here is the darkness surrounded, where is the solution? Save where? Only in me. But for Me it firmly, every minute, always, continuously, not in mood. We need to understand, finally, or I, or darkness. Now there can be no intermediate state between darkness and light, because it causes a stagger. Time is particularly tense. Half side and half measures will not give anything. We should firmly and forever in me anymore. Of course, new efforts to establish itself in the predstoânii and Face will cause a new rage ' minions of darkness, but Talking about salvation, when nothing else helps. Help, Help, but give you the opportunity to help you bezvozbranno, accurately and polnoserdečno with My Order.
1965 g. 058. (M. A. S.). Prevention in medicine is quite correct, but in the spirit of understanding is lacking. Seek help when the damage is already done, rather than having to apply the prevention of spiritual order and argued constantly that State of consciousness where everything, even the most ardent, attempts by the darkness of a protective network, protecting a rich and strong sent a beam. Dark arrows will shoot around still, but the shield of light raised a strong hand will not miss any. It is in moments of relative repose when it seems that things are good, especially the need to strengthen vigilance and especially strongly to keep in constant contact with the teacher. Late call for help when negligently or placate kick is done. Prevention now requires a spirit as ever.
1965 g. 059. (Nov. 13). The past is in the present as a result of past reasons. Flow of matter, from the past through the present to the future, nepreryvaem. The past in the present is one aspect of it. But the past is, in addition, always exists in scrolls of Akasha. This is the second aspect of the past. Similarly, in the form of inhumanity is reason, shape the future, and there is already in it. It's been going on, a future causes of past and present. The reasons or the future implementation of that grain Sown by us in the past to achieve very specific results exist and cannot be destroyed and can not prednačertannyh Us not give result. So the grand plan of transformation of your world can be realized. It is very important to observe the progressive stages of kept a sacred tales. Feeling iron correctly pointed out that the implementation of our decisions in time. Cannot stop them draw will, when Will My said that it was time to come to this or another phenomenon leading to the fulfilment of Our future. Usually past its visible and invisible aspects this does not smell, do not recognize and do not see, but it is. Similarly, do not see the future that already exists and is in the present. Don't see the steps for the progressive sequence which leads to a suždennoe future. But we talk and Argue against the obviousness of the dense flow of evolution did not stop by any measures by any efforts of the old, the outgoing world. Approval of a new world is coming in line with the timetable that is space realities for our planet. We have created a foundation for building a new world and a wall, and build Our Houses, set in the future, as a Stronghold already existed, created by us in the past as a reason for its ambiguity and fire midway through the implementation already in dense forms. The future already exists in the present, but not visible eye. This performance pledge and guarantee of our decisions. Artist of our solutions, Our messengers bring native keeping the immediate tasks of evolution to the sword that divides the Earth into the new world and the old, bright and visible light can be all things, so that people could already consciously join one or the other and deliberately to embrace darkness or light. The great division of mankind goes deep, and poleward of light and darkness are owned by light and Jaro dark spirits in order to decide the fate of his forever. Insanity of darkness, came forward to defend the old world, we will not dither. Darkness shall devour itself and with itself will pull on the bottom of all the minions of the world. The old world is convicted, for we are on the side of the new world.
1965 g. 060. The power that causes the result causes depends on the strength and stress of fiery energy, leading to her under this node. We Sent that hold the lights uncovered centers have the ability to create or do such causes that for accuracy is best described as fiery spatial grains. Not so much on external actions is this invisible power, but rather on the invisible. These causes of far-reaching consequence, not running out of time, but yielded results consistent with the power inherent in them lights on the visibility of dense. These psychic darkness of grains causes destroy cannot, because it does show great strength of the lights on that darkness cannot. Because the grain sprouts will yield, but the portions.
1965 g. 061. (Nov. 14). One tantrum can burn through wires, and will take some time to recover. When repeated and frequent outbreaks of wire shall cease to have effect for recovery has not kept pace with the perežiganiem. This is especially dangerous irritation in the disciple. It's pointless and aimlessly because has nothing positive and reaches a result opposite to that which would reach razdražaûŝijsâ people. Weak or diseased nerves no excuse for stimulation, for many ordinary people do not allow even the irritation, despite weak nerves. It is not a matter of nerves and able consciousness. Of course, the nerves should be treated, but above all to put in order. Hard? But who said it was easy. The more you need a harmonious state of mind as opposed to chaotic darkness.
1965 g. 062. (Guru). Before going to the Lord must inevitably arise and there countless obstacles of all kinds from both inside and outside. If stopping before each or each grieve, how come? There is only one way out: to go without stopping at nothing and in spite of a one. After all, the road goes outside, but not in spirit. And because all obstacles – a monstrous Sham Mai. Spirit could not stop there, for there is no such circumstance that could halt progress of the spirit, which recognized that following on the road is nothing more than a known state of consciousness that can be made completely independent from anything outside, and anything that obstructs inside.
1965 g. 063. (Nov. 15). Darkness is raging. And against you is that you are with us. Firmly grasp Me in these difficult days. Thread wait only hearts. But it is nothing. The whole being tighten your strengthen and reinforce it. Spend time on it. Hard time will pass. The light will be clearly visible to all. But still very dark. Other, hang on! Now the heroism of spirit is needed more than ever. During the great patriotic war the great heroism was revealed to great people in fighting the enemy Homeland of your visible. We need the courage to make his show against invisible enemies that are very active. Behind every apparent potential or apparent foe is the invisible enemy. Their whole hordes. The hordes flocked to your adovye and encouraging the enemies of all stripes, hidden and overt. But Motherland can stand and in that fight and will be victorious. Darkness comes but the light ahead.
1965 g. 064. (M. A. S.). The Earth is too obvious logic. And this logic is very strong. It is so strong that even at times breaks the logic of the spirit. And even repeated efforts to adopt the latest does not always help. So, it is necessary to repeat again and again, without ceasing, harping about it myself until a false evidence will not back down and didn't take its present place. Often have to watch as the man standing by one foot in the grave, so they clearly that one might think, as if hoping to live another hundred years. This is all obvious logic. This is the logic of the deaf and blind, not seeing the Sun. Heraclitus, Greek philosopher, who proclaimed the formula of "everything flows", claimed that formula logic of spirit, that is the reality.
1965 g. 065. (Nov. 16). Let me remind you about the irreparable. Insult Hierarchy irreparably. He who once deliberately was going against the hierarchy, has prepared a plight. Then they repent. But if they repent, if a man deprived himself even a finger, the finger does not grow again. Similarly, a torn-thread will not connect. Among our enemies – a lot of them have broken thread connection. The investigation of these not so pronounced yet on Earth, how in the World Can, where the light from the darkness creates Office impassable chasm between the poles. Laws of attraction tricks of light and darkness have to understand well.
1965 g. 066. (M. A. S.). You should see us strong and victorious. Forces are multiplied only on fighting and fighting. This is the spirit we should become strong enough to rise up and become stronger all phenomena, seeking the power of your spirit to break. Battle of the need as a means to power the light enhanced self-confidence. Do not complain to the harsh chalange and the burdens of the current day. We all see all know and per minute of actual needs hand give you support, and while you fight Jaro, in suspense all the forces of light intensity in a approve and proximity of Lord.
1965 g. 067. (Apr. 17). (Guru). Judging by demons each stage will have to go. Relationship of the two worlds so close that guests of the subtle world flock around constantly. Visitors to these very raznovidny and all embodied in one way or another and typically unaware themselves come into contact with them. The disciples are in a special position, as are the objects of attention intensified by the dark. Very izoŝrâûtsâ these dark creatures in all sorts of tricks and contrivances to distract students from the chosen path. A lot of things in general people make under vnušeniâmi as good and bad. These go from reprimands the dense world of living enshrined and razvoploŝencev. But the student is exposed to a particular attack, because the Light, lit, fly not only moths and dark creatures. Of course, if they could they would be given the power to destroy, destroyed a long time ago, but their freedom of action is strictly circumscribed by certain people, and because they are limited by the fact that all those nuisance and vreditel′stvuût. Degree of protection against the constant communication with the teacher. Demons are, without exception, all the servants of the light. And even the stronghold does not remain without attention. Of course, they can harm halt path light, the pupil becomes possible for them only in the case of separation of the student from the teacher thinking or falling away and away. Demons don't be afraid – it is the same people but who had thrown off a dense shell. Sometimes there are more dangerous living people, but was under a dark or dark vnušeniâm easy thanks to spite their own nature. These may harm especially hard, and it's hard to stop them, because it is difficult to remake their vicious nature, but protection-Teacher. If It is not protected in a hurry is something very useful, you can retrieve the Path of confrontation with darkness.
1965 g. 068. Understand that if the relatives here on Earth, force yourself to not find with dark, don't find them and out there in the world Aboveground. The guardians of the Threshold do not miss then defeated darkness in the higher realms. The formula "that bind on earth shall be bound in heaven" briefly and accurately expresses the same idea. Freedom and cohesion in the World Can come and attainable only on Earth. There free themselves from worldly attachments, links and all that on the ground prevented the Ascension of the spirit, it is difficult for an unusually intensifies everything and everyone takes brightness and reality forms, have attracted a person down. If you are here on Earth, prel′ŝaûŝie thought, flashing in the mind, yet not visible clearly, where disappears what surrounds man in dense world, there's the prel′ŝaûŝie form as the only visible become a reality for people and vlekutsâ to it by the power of magnetic attraction and relationships established with them while living in the body. If life in the body of these links does not stop and does not break, somewhere in the world they operate will be Aboveground, but much much more due to the fact that energy consciousness will move into them in such thoughtform, making them visible to the eye of the subtle body. The energy of the consciousness they pulsate, but dense environment prevents seeing them clearly and explicitly. Thus, the discipline of the spirit, uâvlâemaâ in the harsh discipline of thoughts leads to liberation from the power which over consciousness. And, talking about cohesion formula of man on Earth and aboveground, remains the leading him to an understanding of reality.
1965 g. 069. (M. A. S.). Note that your tormentor is beaten on a sore point. Because it is better not to give them the opportunity to see this, see your weaknesses. Referring to the attacks, and troubles, saying the injections often about them and coming back to them, give to this dark to see and hear and even more stress due to this injury. Restraint in words and in thoughts of restraint prevents dark to see the fruits of their labors, not gives them reason to gloat and triumph. Because the resistant, discreet, silent Avoidant spirit will be protected from the deepening and strengthening of dark attacks. It is very dangerous to constantly relive the troubles caused by the darkness, talk about them, complain about them, complain and relive them over and over again. This state of mind does it open to more and more dark attempts and makes it completely unprotected. At least in the name of self-defense and self-preservation against new attacks should, in the spirit of the retreat, must cease to be kept informed about the success of their dark evil deeds. One must learn to silence both externally and internally. Every complaint or wegeler's goal for new strikes –. Keep silent, even when it hurts, because darkness knows no pity nor mercy. The more you know yourself and your feelings, the more reserved. Even the teacher is unable to help, when consciousness is filled with complaints, discontent and feelings setovaniâmi from dosaždenij demonic. Teacher gives full protection if a State of consciousness allows. But when, instead of a shield, a miserable, wet, žaluûŝaâsâ depression of discontent, it is difficult to help. Helmet of thought energy and consciousness of force and want you armed and protected by restraint, and molčalivost′û, and from his aura.
1965 g. 070. Said: do not expect the future in personal actions. I say: personal measures, hopes and expectations are linked with the personality of the minor and its destiny, that is stretched in the future for as many years as life expectancy. In the cosmic scale is small and pathetic. Servants of the common good personal measurements and cast stretch into the future the essence of its business ambitions and thoughts beyond the circle of doom, that is the life of the individual on Earth. This uâvlâetsâ is not the personality, but Individuality, even when detached from the man himself and living for the sake of people not aware of the report. But his Personality grows and accumulates elements that enrich the Immortal immortality Triad for more and more vivid and conscious manifestation in the higher spheres of the above-ground world. True, sang and the likeness is reaping the full fruits of their man from self-denial. Even a small grain of the unconscious or the fruit brings great dedication, for each such malomalejšem Act of otrešennaâ from personal Immortal Triad uâvlâet itself.
1965 g. 071. (M. A. S.). Crucified on the cross of his personal life, the common good is the way to overcome the self or the old man. All human suffering can be divided into two types: for the sake of self and because it faced or changes and those that have to bear for the common good, or because of it. As far as the first result without meaning and use, so the second plodonosny and had far-reaching consequences. You can say: one suffers in vain and meaningless, because the suffering of its inappropriate; other-each tear, overt or covert, weaving a new Pearl in Pearl pattern of his spirit. All the suffering caused by the feeling that prices do not have meaning. All the suffering in the name of common good, all difficulties and hardships – the most valuable contribution to the Treasury of individual savings. Ultimately, and wholesomeness suffering karmically once lead to the goal, but it doesn't have a way of following a narrow path, veduŝeû.
1965 g. 072. (Guru). Crucify yourself, your self and rejoice when it is suffering because it is resistant and stubborn too and a huge lies on the way of the spirit. Her rein and her master can, only her defeating, spirit continued efforts to impose on her the silver bridle. Victory over feeling is the most difficult achievement, through which must pass each student.
1965 g. 073. (Apr. 19). If someone cannot themselves own and manage himself, how can he control the others, or influence the course of life, or dispose of by various circumstances. The one who wants to win life or conditions who want to overcome the difficulties of life, should start with himself. The law precisely tailor the Psychodynamics.
1965 g. 074. To add a sense of joy joy of victory over him.
1965 g. 075. Think about the essence of notions-"present" and "future". This cannot change anything, change is possible, even in the very near, but still in the future. This is only a foot for the it of the future continuously. All human thoughts that arise in the present and the current to the future is inextricably linked to it. The future is inseparable from the present, since continuous is designed in a visible form. But this is due to last for ever goes into it. No man has no power over the past, which he cannot change, nor the present, which has already resulted in a concrete form. And only the future at the mercy of it. But the future is forged now is the present. Having in hand the lever, you can create the future, for the future, has not yet approved the present, plastically is in the hands of creative will. It is necessary to know and understand that in the future all achievable. We know this and we create in this future shining form saving, creative evolutionary movement of humanity with gradualism, consistency and expediency and in full accordance with space law and Space requirements of public will. Our predictions are-speed of evolution to be implemented, since these paths was going to mankind and on distant worlds. There are already implemented, that is translated into a form that the mankind should embody. No hazy abstract dreams our predictions, but an exact knowledge of the absolute paths of evolution of the spirit.
1965 g. 076. (Guru). Watch as Excel darkness to nip your unity with us. But be aware that each instance of the dark will be for you a stepping stone toward the light. Behemoth – the legs of the throne. Symbol of the very rich. True, the darkness will rot for colors of light. No one knows and neznaemo a darker start to serve as the winner. The dark does not go, but begin to serve, and each of their next trick is done as if the impetus for moving the spirit. So everyone draws benefits the teacher, if hard to unite with him.
1965 g. 077. (Nov. 22). We applied the principle of litmus here. Mention that to identify enemies and friends, giving the error free test reaction, will you. If the examinee is a friend, will reveal himself and amiability, if enemy or enemy and resistance is the antagonist. So on this basis and judge, and there is no error. The words have no meaning. Their otmetajte, as if they were not there at all. Take the case, painted color received reactions. Whatever was said, the reaction to the litmus defines all because My you.
1965 g. 078. In anticipation of change are gathering events. The event will be weighed by the closer they are postponing deadlines or suždennye. Worse is better, that is, than "darker than the night, the brighter the star ...". Last, desperate, frantic, crazy tension darkness before the final explosion inevitable and defeat. But it's also because against us will die. Light destined for great. Usmotrite in the Kaleidoscope of events guiding hand Hierarch.
1965 g. 079. (M. A. S.). The shield is strengthened by the spirit of enemy attacks. Enemies are learning better than friends. We will be happy, because they exacerbate the enemies we have keen vision, resourcefulness and ingenuity. And where an inept pass by without noticing anything will, consciousness, a heightened experience, many will see the enemy attacks and protect businesses, and friends, and yourself. Enemies are able to send a smokescreen that prevents see reality. But the one who has the experience, introduce yourself in does not allow cheating. Where trust has been violated, there must be a special vigilance show.
1965 g. 080. (Guru). More interesting is that the seemingly most thinking and even enthusiastic consciousness stumble you. All is well and all even convincingly, but stumble, revealing the hidden essence of his, so carefully and successfully guarded from others, but to no avail – from you. It is very instructive and allowed the teacher to know who stands for what the future will require human knowledge and skills to do well and understand the most complex užimkah spirit. Experience learning of people long and, at times, very neradosten. But knowledge above all else.
1965 g. 081. (Apr. 23). Merging consciousness with the teacher requires forgetting yourself and your personal interests, i.e. self-denial. Each ordinary consciousness is filled with its own world and its experiences. This world and these emotions, desires and thoughts have nothing to do with the world of Teacher of light that is not of this world, that is has very little to do with limited domestic world where the average person lives. Therefore, from a small to go out at the expanse of Mirka first sverhličnoj, then the space of life. The consciousness of the self cannot be reconciled with the cosmic consciousness, that is, serve as both light and darkness, as darkness Light do not allow self. Choosing poles of attraction depends on the person.
1965 g. 082. (M. A. S.). We really need to merge with a teacher in the spirit. Because of this merger the future transformation of the world. Not to change for life, if they accept his grace. Each set on His consciousness becomes a focus of attraction for traditional roast to light hearts, looking for new ways. It is not necessary, because the external contact channel thoughts operates through space. New space idea fertilization saturated blood will be invisible to the evolution of the service to the light.
1965 g. 083. (Guru). We do not have on Earth among the living people, believe that died that we are dead. We even revered, we remember and even write books about us but not as living, but as for the dead. What a monstrous absurdity! Can the spirit die? How the Saviour died, who said: "SE Al with you all the days until the end of the century." And did we have died? No! We are not dead. For someone we very much alive. Someone is in constant contact with us and eats the thoughts that we send them. Our invisible presence for them is very real. Merging worlds eventually the curtain over so that now does not exist for man. Time for a different approach to the phenomena of life goes. Possibility of matter were inexhaustible. Effects of material order go far beyond the rich imagination. But with all this basic formula true materialism remains unchanged – nothing in nature does not disappear nor be born again. We just have to only understand this great adoption of neotricaûŝim consciousness. Hence the conclusion: How can die rich, flamboyant, actually existed, but no visible eye human inner world where folds his physical body?
1965 g. 084. (M. A. S.). We have an example of how, without feeling any uplift and inspiration, you can to them by bow, you can not go without it. You can, you can, you can, fix all consciousness to Focus light, vibration and take a firm grasp of his hand what rightfully belongs to the consciousness, uderžavšemu equilibrium. You can suffer and have serious experience in complete dispersion of feelings and chaos in the minds, but can suffer and in equilibrium fully. Balance does not mean senselessness, the woodiness, conversely, at equilibrium of spirit acute perception and feeling especially, but the spirit remains undimmed. Hence the supreme power strength balance. The spirit of neslomim. The spirit established in equilibrium, is a winner.
1965 g. 085. (Guru). The new finding will enrich those who installed the constancy of aspirations to us and to the teacher. The volatility of the disciple is detrimental. Won't come neither faith nor trust nor confidence when volatility. We really appreciate the quality of sustainability. But the great merit of uderžavših her. Pour our thoughts in widely sustainable consciousness.
1965 g. 086. (Nov. 25). (Guru). Savior for millions of minds, as are various aspects of Great Individuality. It can satisfy and satiate the consciousness of everyone who accesses It, as the inexhaustible power of his Spirit and is similar to the curative source, utolâûŝemu any thirst. Great days can be considered as Communication in the spirit of the Days with him and among themselves, everyone is looking forward to it and who these days recalls. He gave the world an example Of Service to others, for all, gave people not taking official. Gave all and for all. Commanded the people to triumph over darkness. The victory of the spirit, because He Won the peace. The days of mindfulness about the victim of the great Days of communication, will examine how the days of the merger with the light of understanding directed to the light of consciousness.
1965 g. 087. (M. A. S.). Remembering about a victim of the great establishes a relationship with her. In this important commemorative days. All anyone remembers, form a sort of huge, invisible whole in spirit, which is the vibration of light, to the extent that they perceive could not zabyvšee the light of consciousness. These are days of Great sacrifice. Pomnâŝee heart will forget the Light. Those who have not forgotten, and He Remembers.
1965 g. 088. (Guru). Serve him who has showed us the light, can be committed in all circumstances of life. We just have to understand that only the Savior died, but always with us and, in the spirit of agile, ready to meet us as soon as it reaches the heart.
1965 g. 089. (Nov. 26). Clear, complete thought about clothes, oblekaûŝej man in the subtle world, creates his robe. Naked is not accepted nor there, nor walk on the Earth. There are robes, which are accustomed to people have dreamed of or busy world. Dress should be there, too, only not dress is bought in stores or are sewn by a tailor, and going on the idea. Similarly, you create and all the other things that a person feels compelled to have. Some are realizing that there is too much, and the free minds and imagination of unnecessary junk or clutter. But most surrounds herself with the ability to create thought, spirit familiar objects, things. The advantage of earthly wanderers before ordinary people that they no longer need nor in the House or in the atmosphere, which are used to carry everything. A sense of ownership, not izžitoe on Earth, causes the consciousness surround himself that people used to take it to. Turns out Wynton, when razvoploŝenec is buried in things that voobražaemo owns. As well as feeling deeply rooted in it, and the absurdity of lasts until the liberation from earthly remnants. Very strange and interesting to watch from the sidelines, how in the World Can huddle on corners created by their ignorance or the paucity of imagination, which lacks the elements of beauty. You can still coming to terms with its beautiful buildings that meet the sense of beauty, ugliness, or shack community of tastelessness, caused by subsistence zabitost′û or dullness of thought, just multiply chaos and plainness of the heaps. It is heaps of ignorance and ignorance – how else can name something that distorts and infests the subtle world. Value of ownership and other earthly remnants can only be understood in the knowledge of the two worlds. Particularly strong mental images of the build and create desire and passion. These form an unusually bright and žizneustojčivy, for human vices and there are continuing to demand satisfaction. These entities are creating entire layers or spheres, space. They lower the closer to Earth. They are people to whom these spheres are in line and close. Everyone has exactly what it wants and what. All receive an ambition. Hence the conclusion that the smaller cargo behind the better and the more freedom. Destruction of the sense of ownership of an imaginary frees you from having a tight encirclement. But that's not all. Home bondage to the spirit stems from thoughts of and due to low feelings and desires. If they have not been eliminated and are halted on land in the World Can they create an environment of human nature. The trouble is that low desire on Earth may get some temporary satisfaction. Ibid., despite all the brightness and vitality of these images, they do not give satisfaction, for people deprived of the body, that is the instrument through which it fulfills its land-passion. For example, let's call the drunkenness. Razvoploŝenec can surround yourself with bottles and a variety of food and devour it and get drunk Jaro, but all this is just imagination and its products; He will repeat the process countless times, getting a ghostly sensation, but no satisfaction. This is the torment of Tantalus. Created by imagination clothes he could wear. It will be seen by others. Nobody suffers: neither he nor the other, unless the clothes are not too is not beautiful. But images of lust and other inhabitants are confused-razvoploŝencev. Especially if they're too bright, refined and well thought-out. The evil Giants are creating monstrous images prel′ŝeniâ for low minds – it turns out the "Devil's kitchen". These infernal region are contagious horribly. Just a thought, you can avoid a lot of them and pass them, hitting for a moment. Strong bad will can affect weak souls and there. But the purity of imagination is a powerful shield. Here is particularly strong and vital formula "that bind on earth shall be bound in heaven", that is in the world of razvoploŝennyh spirits. "Let your heart be pure and mind is not marred by any passions" nor lusts, nor any other low thoughts or feelings. And then enter free into the world of subtle, where all is going on and moves the thought and where thought reigns eternal flame.
1965 g. 090. (M. A. S.). Do you realize how much you have and how much is given. If conscious, show awareness of an ardent application instructions given to understand that only applied donation becomes for all time of your. Not applied is taken away. So, multiply your wealth, your savings can only fulfill their instructions and applying them in life. Only when applying the sediment Bowl of crystals are fiery energies. Words spoken, but not approved, dry leaves are similar, they have nothing to give. Because the Teacher Requires application exercises in the life of every day. Performers of His Testaments wants to see Teacher in each student.
1965 g. 091. (Guru). Žalenie and compassion – the phenomenon of different order. Pitiful plunges into twilight consciousness žaleemogo and has been stuck in them. Compassion, conversely, suffering, elevates to elevate themselves by surrounding it with light, hope and cheerfulness of spirit, and brings him joy. One must learn to be compassionate and to regret, not reducing its consciousness, that is, without losing its svetonosnosti. Condescension is not to say that giving and helping out human condition otemnennym catches the assisted, although compassion and can take the pain of another. You need to learn to assist, immediately with the vibrations of the one to whom assistance is provided. But such aid should not preclude or sympathy nor understanding nor responsive to other people's grief.
1965 g. 092. (Nov. 27). I Am on the ground truth and peace. Rather the violence and blood. I have a sword that separates Truth from darkness. I am the light of the world Bearing, separating them from the servants of darkness Light vzyskuûŝih. Now it is the great divide that occurs among all the peoples of the Earth, becoming deeper and deeper until the complete separation of the two opposites. Elude peace on earth before everyone selects himself seats on either side of the line of separation. It will grow and grow. This Division will merge into one indivisible whole integer of all those on the side of truth. Is it true that to give people peace, knowledge and love, that is to approve the brotherhood among mankind. All space forces acting on the planet, connected in a powerful effort to install a new step in the evolution of the human spirit. Supporters of darkness, ob″âtye madness, is rapidly rolling down into the abyss. Soon it will become obvious to drop at all because they were choking, measures and means that will lead to their own destruction, but not those they wish to destroy. This is a time of great Division and folded masks from all this. The enemies of evolution already stop hiding your true self. They even say good words, but their works reveal the deception. The rays coming from the Focus light, reveal their malicious and evil plans against the peoples. It is the Union of all those on the side of truth, against the forces of evil and destruction, will lead to the ultimate goal – the destruction of darkness. Pretty violence and blood. I am coming to approve peace on Earth, and darkness to destroy.
1965 g. 093. (M. A. S.). The spearhead is directed by Bishop Adversa tactics to bring out the darkness and all its minions in all growth of its destructive nature. When the darkness will thus identified and will meet at the pole of darkness and so will be separated from the light force decay will turn into forces of self-destruction, and the darkness begins to devour itself and its offspring. It is samopožiranie of darkness will lead her to her final destruction. It still exists, yet is powered by others at the expense of somebody else. But the final separation will stop this lawlessness, and then darkness shall devour itself. As time passed the rule of darkness. Closer and closer to its end. Usmotrite in the events of the world terrible signs of accelerated decomposition of darkness.
1965 g. 094. (Guru). Must be at least a little bit of a pull back to the clearer to see what is going on in the world. Defeat the darkness begins to carrier use the smothering action going explicitly against common sense and logic of normal people. Obsessed with mad men and sent her and her actions. And these madmen possessors, dark ierofanty, go on everything, just to keep at least for now. But convicted and regarded their phantom power days. Unsteady ground underneath them and shakes the firmament. The destruction of darkness will be awful for everybody who goes with her. The dark hordes of both on the ground and in the unseen World are many and still very strong. Without the exaggerated fight did not surrender. Why blow dealt to them, will be afraid of its power. Maitreya, Lord of darkness, the Winner goes.
1965 g. 095. (Nov. 28). Our main Strength is for all three worlds, that is, it exists in all three: in dense, Subtle and Fiery.
1965 g. 096. (Nov. 30). Talking about unity, about merging, to merge their minds so as to act with me. Why do the results are often far from those who would like to achieve, and why Our help is not as effective as it should be? Let me explain: we can only work together in balance by raising his vibration fully microcosm before Us. But more often it happens that before you ask for help, consciousness will have time to omračit′sâ, and frustrated and uâvit′ discontent or bitterness or even show a range of normal human emotions and feelings that impede unity and are incompatible with it. You have to understand that we are unable to send aid and that it would not be valid if, instead of a shield, a tangle of normal human feelings and experiences that are dark on the road, become flap blocking access beam. Consolidation requires strong and sustained consciousness that nekoleblemo or neuravnovesiâmi Astral outbreaks. Dark and proxies them so trying and, above all, put out of balance and darken, then to make an aura of inaccessible to perception of the ray is already free to continue wrecking. When the clouding of the conductors and is finished, then allowed to correct for many more difficult. We cannot expect Our Support in omračenii, hold or malice. We can send the enemy with a smile only one arrow, and reach goals. Psychic energy management requires great skill and knowledge of techniques intended. Because talking about equilibrium, Pointing that the balance is the phenomenon of molten power that this mighty force against which no one is strong. Should better understand that mastering the fire power is impossible without a mastery of himself, because the fire can burn anyone who comes close to him, not having prepared yourself. The Fiery whirlwind of perežigaet weak organisms. Man is a creature of fire. The winner, can achieve victory over all external obstacles, over the obvious and hidden demons of darkness and their invisible masterminded. Let's not forget that the quality of the spirit is the resistant forms approved in microcosm of lamps, if these qualities are realized.
1965 g. 097. (Guru). And have you stand your ground. And they fly into a rage though, avast, avast has steadfastly as a rock under the frantic waves surf. Stop, knowing that The Lord is behind you. Your enemies are our enemies. And our enemies you elect to their attacks. Front of darkness combined. He countered with an even greater association with power of the hierarchy of light. And with her we destined Pobeda. Turning to the host, you can endlessly repeating: you go and you will win.
1965 g. 098. I would also like to ask you: do you know the joy of struggle, the joy of battle, the joy of anticipating victory in a collision with darkness? The joy of wisdom and knowledge of the spirit is that the light will win. When the battle takes place in a State of joy, victory then was immutable. The joy of battle as though upholds or guarantee of victory. Impossible in dejection, or fear, or achieve victory. depression But the fearless heart exults sensation suždennoj victory. Me special joy to see how a warrior heart vibrates with joy of battle.
1965 v. 099. (May 1). But what exactly is the joy of which I Speak. A special wisdom? But what is the essence of her? I say: the pungency. Joy has a special fire condition. Fires of joy siâûŝi and svetonosny. When they represent stability and continuity, which means victory of the spirit over darkness. For tedious darkness, grim doubts and hesitations, disengage from teacher, has lost all it not interesting to serve dark, tedious life, devoid of light. If the quality of the spirit is the form in the human microcosm of lights alight, the joy of which I Speak, gives the flame a higher form. My joy out of this world, not of the world of personal selfish feelings. My pleasure sverhlična. Kosmična it, because its sound and filled with higher realms of space. When it took place, it was already impossible, cannot be put out to destroy anything from dense world, for it sokrovenna. Have examples of how to delight the spirit drowned out even the physical pain and suffering, for the joy of the Fiery heart always prevails, soundings of elevated victoriously triumphing over infirmity of the flesh. True, my joy is not of this world, since this is a special wisdom. But when it uâvlâetsâ in this world, a world of dense and difficult, she illumines it his Light, and joyful and light becomes people from contact with her. The joy light-bearing feat in the world of very high I think. The feat of joy, so it can be called. Little joy in the world right now, and then more routine. But the joy of the spirit so little. The victory brings joy with him. The joy of victory first over itself and after over darkness is the winner of the highest award. Joy powerful shield. On it are the most vehement attacks. Before the lights of joy departed impotence the darkness. Because we call the joy of victory. When I say: Rejoice, children, anticipating a victory. Rejoice, rejoice in the infinity of the ongoing life of a Lord, rejoice Majtreje, carrying the joy of Earth.
1965, 100. Everyone wants to be strong. But can we be strong in spirit, if not obsolete, or discouragement, fear or anger, or jealousy, or scattered thoughts, or promiscuity of feelings and emotions, or other flaws that radically cut fortitude? We should strongly consider what prevents man to be strong. The power of the spirit means the force of the lights. Their lights in the making. The great Deed is called feat approval and it is lit lights of the spirit in the life of the Earth, in the conditions in which Karma has delivered.
1965, 101. (M. A. S.). When you Help delayed prosimaâ, issue should be resolved on their own, the difficulty should be overcome their own will, the failure indicates that the decision is wrong. Better to fail many times to finally learn and acquire the necessary experience than receiving emergency assistance, not to learn anything. If there is confidence in the teacher, you will not be discouraged and do not hesitate to regular tests, knowing that every Teacher has to teach something, something very necessary and urgent, which is impossible to assimilate, if exempt from the test. Who said that the test light? Know how they are difficult. But the joy we had when tests are overcome successfully and permanently absorbed the lesson.
1965, 102. (Guru). When the need comes, with a smile, we remove from the wall Sword fight. And you want to teach the same to go into battle with a smile. The joyful Warrior worth hundreds of thousands, not knowing the thrill with the battle.
1965, 103. (May 2). I am your strength, your courage, I I balance your spirit, I'm calm, I power the power of all qualities of spirit that you want an approval. In me all the way through, for Me, for I am the way. Are futile suffering brought in his own name, but in my name – plodonosny. The quality of the spirit, in my name and approved for me and with me, are approved on a lasting basis, on a rock is indestructible. Call it A Perpetual Foundation of life, for the immortality of the spirit is upon him.
1965, 104. (M. A. S.). When all of the zlouhiŝreniâ of darkness, all attacks, all the efforts to bring together with us – the only correct way. All the fury of darkness is just a pointer to an effect of light, growing in you. It is difficult to hold light when a dark surround, but the only way out is up. And the more pressure, the more rapidly approaching light. Tactics used by the Teacher, Adversa splits them hitrospletennye intentions. Hard to hold on to these moments for us and for the Lord, keep every minute all over. Look in the heart is the best shield and Light hold.
1965, 105. (Guru). Friend, remember that the worse is better; the harder the faster than darker around, the closer the Supreme Light. One pole reinforces the other phenomena. This power of light than the moves-the attacks and the onset of darkness, the more opportunities it forfeit. Just to find the Lord stand forces. But the forces find, as called out by himself.
1965, 106. (May 3). My student all consciousness sets up on the key of Discipleship, that is, to learn anytime and anywhere, from each of the desired experience. He learns to enjoy the experience, no matter how it was difficult, or bitter, or is severe. Lessons from them at school, enrich his life savings, making it ready for the new, regular life and mission execution of instructions of the teacher. Usually a person sees something that looks at what drawn his attention. To get perhaps a broader experience and knowledge, should direct their attention to the phenomena that contribute to the evolution of the spirit. A lot of annoying things in life, and clutter up their consciousness is to slow down the progress. It is for the evolution of the name into the spirit. Expansion of consciousness goes along the lines envisaged will. To avoid mistakes, it is necessary to ensure that each of them was in conformity with the principles of beauty. Beauty and the beauty of learning will pass by mud life not having soiled herself. Life is a must see and know but know does not mean tarnish his white wings.
1965, 107. (M. A. S.). Let the bitterness of life do not poison the joy of communion with the Lord and us. Who says learning is easy? The higher Teachings, the more it costs. Someone took charge of money, thinking that for all the gold is bought. But Teaching Life is not for sale, although it has to be paid, the cognition of the truth-not money. Only inexperience can lament the fact that the card is so great. But the seasoned traveler is happy, because the card and receipt. See who how many paid. Shall see that all gets paid according to complete, causing the Board to quickly forget about the joys of invaluable sourcing. And when your hands are the treasures of thought raised by someone, you know that it was all paid for, for each thought.
1965, 108. (Guru). Pay attention to what great artists, writers, poets and others in the art world rarely been happy in the life of ordinary human happiness? Byron, Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky's first came to the memory amongst many names; who was happy of them? This is also fee for the right to work art. Without suffering is exacerbated by perceptions and sensations and awareness of thinness. Well, when the consciousness is ready to take the life of her gifts and pay spared. One of the great poets, said: "I suffer to grave Creator is destined to.
1965, 109. (May 4). I Have A Lot To Say. Important Knowledge wisdom is inexhaustible. How many people have access to it? But with the amount of capacity consciousness gets. Vmeŝenie is the measure taken. Expansion of consciousness deepens capacity. It means that care about how to expand consciousness. The process happens in life, i.e., on life itself and its phenomena thoughtful pupil receives the desired features. Nerazdroblennost′ aspirations quickly leads to the goal. Is it possible to go forward by one step forward and one back, and whether you can move forward, backward, or aim for the future and live them, gaze into the past vperiv and plunging into the global landscape of personal memories. "All in the past" not for us. For us all in the future. As for our future – all pupils. This is valuable only insofar as it serves as a springboard for the future. For someone today – only burp last, and for someone to forge future achievements and sourcing. This is for the sake of the future, but not for anything else. Every step and every action in this perceived and justified insofar as they claim suždennoe future. Stress suždennoe, suždennoe us and be the evolution of Things, but not the personal desires and selfish aspirations limited, small minds. Our assistance is flowing when the acts are committed in the name of the common good, for the personal benefit of, an enemy in common, if is in contradiction with it. And when ye ask anything in my name, that is, for the sake of the common good, and the proceedings will be given. Too often, and too many people just a requests, forgetting that he is part of a whole, and separate yourself from it is to cut the roots that feed him and give him life. The common good, accept. Find it for yourself.
1965, 110. (M. A. S.). Understand the events taking place in the world, is only possible with sverhličnoj point of view. Personals will interfere with the see a wide horizon of planetary leanings and the general direction of their studying towards a unified goal. This goal is Ascension of consciousness to a new level of evolution. The law of opposites brings to life against the outgoing energies and rechannel Consciousnesses that resistance will reap nothing future. But in the opposition, in his rage he defeats reason and overcome his minds, primknuvšimi to evolution. When a formula that "the light of darkness", claimed wins this that the evolutionary power of irresistible, because it is driven by the space Forces, against whom force is counteracting and mind going against evolution is ultimately powerless. Eventually, space Power sweeps away all resistance, and in exceptional cases does not stop even before the destruction of entire civilizations. Remember understanding the Great laws and will be affirmed in the belief that, whatever happens in the world right now, the forces of light will win the forces of darkness.
1965, 111. (Guru). The thought is correct – the spiritual inspiration and genuine cooperation occurs over time-consciousness close casing. Therefore, it does not stop when they dumped the spirit or when one dies and the other is still alive on Earth. For true cooperation does not matter in any wrapper, in a sense, for it continues regardless of these conditions. Spiritual connection is so powerful and above corporal or thin conditions, what is a continuous chain of vzaimoobmennyh subtle energies that run on top of the solids or shells to be replaced in the cycle of successive incarnations. Because the body and shell dropped and replaced by new, spiritual connection and cooperation remain unchanged, and growing, and growing over time. You can talk about centuries or even Millenia of coherent cooperation, not clouded by either apostasy or betrayal, no doubt or distrust. True, tried and proven employee – employee always and everywhere. Just as the likeness is measured suždennoe Discipleship. Butterflies, gnats and moths, attracted by the strong light and flying at him, have so little in common with those whom we call an suždennym student. Because moths, pogrevšis′ the spirit of light or lights even if rains expected podleteli too close, often disappearing into darkness again. But the children of light, Light on, cannot back away from it, because it will reap nothing. And vary the folks at forever coming and the passers-by. We know this, know and you learn to correctly distinguish between and from others to force their wasted spend on them, not on entering the time for those whom we call the passers-by.
1965, 112. (Guru). Constant cheerfulness of spirit believe quality fit. It is in success and failure, today and tomorrow, and always and in all circumstances, the happy and the nastiest, will retain the vivacity, neslomimuû random combinations of external conditions. Conditions will leave as agreed, but good spirits will remain with us, as already inherent achievement.
1965, 113. (May 6). One can imagine just how firmly adheres to the human aura to the home or place in which he lived for the rest of your life. Change of pH and embodiments of wisdom is given to people to not become too firmly to what surrounds them. Wandering and traveling so extraordinarily useful, the more change in individual life and the greater the change of houses and homes, the better for the spirit, the temporariness and cognizing the fragility of earthly homes. And yet, even that experience aura manages to grow for another dwelling. Then life sends a particularly frequent changes of external environment. Each teaches separation from them to break away from the ground when moving the great Frontiers was perhaps easier. Strannikam have nothing to lose, nothing to regret and to grow together, not aura, as they are in constant motion. But living in houses and apartments, and especially in their own, and observing their own unusually hard, break away. With each room thing familiar, the subject of which have linked thread, forming the current merger with her in mind. Thousands of invisible threads drawn to all things consciousness that sees as its, to the walls of houses and all that is in them, or so, to places in which an individual lives. It's hard to even imagine how consciousness becomes cluttered with unnecessary things and as far as opleteno spirit, like a strong Web of interconnected currents, extending from each vladeemoj things to its owner. The curse of the property and the affection of man to land. But the release of sorts. You can, in the spirit of these strands, you can break the spirit of learning to be exempt from things, knowing that each of them need only temporarily and that in reality nothing belongs to us, because with them from Earth take nothing further. People are not free from the chains of ownership, go into the world of her Thin hands and feet. You need to learn in the mind completely break away from homes, jobs and homes, throwing out of it even the memory of them, because memories are tied to places and things. Hence the particular usefulness of frequent changes in the external environment. Among all these shifts, and houses, places and circumstances shall remain unchanged, the teacher, the hierarchy of light, connection with it and the basis on which the teachings of life. This constant need to strictly safeguard the Life Base to a glimpse of waves is worldly not closed down stream of the most important and necessary for a person. Don't get attached to anything and you have nothing to lose: nor to things or to homes or places to passers-by and casual passers-by, because all this is only for a while. Anything goes, everything flows, everything goes, but I Am forever with you on top of transient currents of life. To me crosses Ask: leave the earthly, rather, leave the attachment to earthly, release the mind from its litter overloads so that you can fill it with the phenomena of the imperishable. When Talking about the treasures in heaven, mean the eternal values of thought and accumulation of spirit, which he can take with him to go far. And look at all that around, as though something is going to have to part ways and that all this is not yours, all given to you at the time, lend the fate or karma. Will be born into the world of people, having nothing, dies without taking anything. Where does this monstrous perversion of meaning things, imagines a man that he owns them? Of course, from ignorance, from ignorance, which is served all delusions. Therefore I say: know, know before you can release the spirit from the world, to the dense circuits in the World Can be free of the vestiges of the Earth.
1965, 114. (M. A. S.). You should carefully note how the Board is getting immediately. Many would like to be free, that is the experience and knowledge of life to buy a gift, without paying for it's difficulty, suffering, bitterness and his own sweat and blood. Easy way learning life does not exist. We do not know, do not know him and those who went before us this thorny path. Comfort in knowing that all of these thorns enrich the spirit of the new existence and prepare it for the next rung on the ladder of life. How to think about and analyze carefully each experience to draw from him all that he could give. You can at school in the classroom, addressing, skip the useless trivia past the ears of a lesson. Similarly, in life you can mindlessly go past what wants to teach us about the life of a teacher. We will be very attentive to everything teaches us life.
1965, 115. (Guru). Let's consider each day a step ahead of yet another, new learning opportunities around the world. And then our eyes, aiming at the acquisition of knowledge, would not miss anything that this day could give. If all look just like everyone else, much important and notable will pass by without leaving a trace. If you consider yourself constantly and every moment can be a disciple, then learn. Small guys lead by the hand. Mature student goes alone and takes what the teacher has prepared him to carefully. The ability to stand on their own feet and act alone indicates the maturity of spirit.
1965, 116. (May 7). At first the desired or desirable the idea requires that focused on it. Then it grows stronger, crystallizes, and have no need for any effort to hold onto. And then it becomes so strong you need the effort, and at times very great to get rid of it. Obsessive thoughts generated by strong person accompanying him long after he led them, at least he didn't want more and communicate with them. Thoughts, thoughts repeated, habitual thoughts from our weaknesses and potvorstvami them, especially prilipčivy. How much are strong thoughts, cherished and nurtured over the years with creative imagination! The idea is a living entity. She lives and vibrates in space. It is easier to create than to break free from it. From pure, beautiful, bright ideas need not be exempt, because, besides the good, their impact will bring nothing. But what about the thoughts of the opposite nature, with dark thoughts, thoughts of evil? Like all good thoughts or bad, one must first of all learn and learn to manage them by removing them from consciousness by will. If this skill does not approve on Earth, when still in the dense body, where the idea is moving, it will be nearly impossible. Thoughts, these living entity, will surround a person regardless of whether he wants to or not, and will throb with life and affect their poroditelâ through the power of nested himself in these thoughts are energies. Exercises in the liberation of consciousness from thoughts of any order are very necessary and useful. This is good to know how to transfer the account to learn one subject to another, from one order to the next thoughts. Change of employment or occupation, replacing one another are very useful in that they allow along with this change and the thoughts, or rather, facilitate this process. We must learn to manage their thought. It is very necessary for overground. The slaves of their thoughts and free people can divide mankind. It is difficult to speak of any freedom of the slaves being held captive by their own imaginary creations. But the man was free born. Chains of slavery he put on himself charmed by the power of their own thoughts. Just the thought of freedom can raise the slave address. Binds and frees the man thought. The thought of freedom will be the first step toward liberation. Slavery seemed all but ordinary bondage thoughts – have very few. I don't have to be slaves.
1965, 117. (M. A. S.). If by faith is given, then by negation is taken away. Put one denier let pen and paper – the accused will stay, maybe a whole year yet, writes any thoughts of going away from us. How does deny the undeniable, the closeness of the relationship that is established between us and that is plodonosna by its effect. Because the darkness is raging, and surrounding you that you are close to us and serve the world. But what about those who are against you, who, referring to Light, once more into darkness? Do not forget that time is finite and each determines their future on further dates. Let all naturally pritânetsâ to conjuring its attraction, then there will be placed on poles, i.e. makes a choice. To do this, each test is given to identified your essence and walked away or to light or in darkness.
1965, 118. (Guru). Not too hesitate when the physical body, going to the limit, cannot carry the load. To the diver need at least a breath of air to stay deep. The lowest layers near the Ground pretty pumped too. Need a lot of strength to resist. Christ was removed in the wilderness to regain strength, poured out on the people. How do you restore them, tied to conditions difficult, tied tightly? Clean air, no Prana, no desert. Go nowhere ... Remains only one output, only to the Lord. Only with him in constant Communication you can find a way out of the impasse. Or maybe the seeming hopelessness in order and had to move to it forever.
1965, 119. (May 8). Here and there, far and near, top or bottom, today or tomorrow, ahead or behind all worldly perceptions of things. In the spirit of everything now, and here and there, where the spirit and consciousness, there and all these concepts, the now divided earthly, limited thinking, concepts and views merged into one "I". Where a consciousness there and all ther and spirit and his "me" not small "I" and earthy, but higher, having nothing and owning all because total has refused. Where "me" in there and House, a House spirit. Not to the House of earthly binds its people's consciousness, built a House spirit, but he lives and he dwells in the House spirit. And then all the earthly homes are temporary, and the spirit is not confined to one, not absorbed by any, because no one believes her, and the only time that was where to have the angle to the body that needs and clothing and shelter. But the spirit does not need them. This freedom from possessions and homes and clothing need to understand to not associate herself with them. Very thin this boundary the possession of things without a sense of ownership, that is without coherence. Liberation from things in the spirit needed to be free in the world and even more in the earthly World, where ragged Aboveground magnetic currents, tightly linking the owner from his property, remain valid and keep the spirit held captive by things surrounding consciousness. Astral counterpart of material things are bright on the Astral, visibility and not liberated from earthly things to their owner, that is the counterpart, continues to own because they believed their. And instead of the beauties of the subtle world, instead of infinite space, instead of the lights of distant Worlds or the beautiful scenery, not visible around the eye, and forests, mountains and snows and seas, would he see the wreckage of earthly heaps of unnecessary things, imperfect and even obscene at times, and will grasp at them, keeping them about yourself. It's too expensive for your own ignorance? Learn to look at all that fate has given into your hand, as in temporary possession of things needed only on Earth, possession should not and can not in the mind of your reach out for a moment on the Earth's life. Presekite in the minds of the thread links with each thing for magnetic its relevance and suitability to the Earth to go with him into the world above ground, even accidentally, do not take anything. When the spirit leaves the body unreleased yet earthy, he pulls a long tail of Earth's voločaŝijsâ property, which will drag it until otrublen. As well as being in the subtle world much longer than Earth 's, you can imagine what prevents a person, with okruživšijsâ and fragments of the earthly remnants. Slavery among the things revealed in all its absurdity and ridiculousness, not here on Earth, but in a world where falls heavily Can pay for seduction ghostly sense of ownership. For all that around on Earth, and particularly on things that have, see, learn to look like looking at all past the traveler what he goes through. We travelers infinite paths. Unregulated we and nothing belongs to us. All of the temporally only, only for a while. Time things temporarily, temporary body feelings. And just Looking at them, the immortal, Silent Witness Recorder inside – He is eternal.
1965, 120. Beauty can be loving. You can enjoy the beauty of the Earth and nature, the beauty of art, the beauty of beautiful things and even the beauty of service or goods provided by unrelated, that is without feeling or desire to treat all their forever, me me self my belonging. Beauty justified everything, but not to justified only attribution in personal property. Even the nice clothes you have, but knowing its meaning and punctuality. All, if allowed in freedom, and nothing if in slavery.
1965, 121. (M. A. S.). How hard are these days, saturating the consciousness experiences. The most unpleasant, most serious, the burden becomes the most fruit-bearing in the sense of a spiritual savings. Of the total experience is obtained, and the presence of the spirit is clearly growing. Hence favourable and nasty circumstances are beginning to serve as a focused spirit of Jaro. As well as counter the dark, start delivers serve them, causing the rise of the spirit at all, running against. So, loyalty and dedication to Lord and us has its reward. The growth of thought cannot be bought for any treasures in the world. And if the idea starts to grow riotously, the path of the spirit free. Freedom is not the absence of obstructions or dark reactions ... but in overcoming them, in the victory over them. Go, no matter what, go, the rhythm of communication and perceptions without breaking, go face the biggest difficulties and obstacles have a way of winning. This is our way. And we rejoice when looking spirit goes this way.
1965, 122. (Guru). Behemoth – the legs of the throne, behemoth-foot Beam. On the backs of monsters the hero rises to the mountain of light. Trampling of darkness is that on her and on her rise to the inner sanctums of the Warriors of light. Only the darkness won can rise. Každodnevna fighting, and every day is forged Victory. You cannot withdraw any moment or settle down in doing, not even to stay for long, because the halting can turn into stagnation. Dangerous delays, because the teacher goes all the back and forth and you can fall behind lingering.
1965, 123. Lifebank yourselves. All carry within themselves. All really lifebank public and themselves. And all his unošu with itself in the world of thin, when the body dies. What is "their" and that itself it represents? That with him I take it and dwell in it? That's about it and think that it should be unnecessary, harmful, dark with them not wearing anything and does not take into the world above ground.
1965, 124. (May 10). I am with you always. Why do you force and desire in itself won't find always be with me? Experience says that hard enough to fly to me and hold My Face in her heart as darkness falls upon derzaûŝego with a fury. Yellowtail darkness Light. The bright burning hearts makes dark rampage in rage, trying to crush the stronghold ignited hearts. It is difficult to withstand the darkness, for more sophisticated natiski dark in their zlouhiŝreniâh. But the light, approved by Teachers, must Face the darkness of defeat. Again and again we will make attempts to vsenapolneniû the hearts of the Lord when all else should back off in the minds of the plan back. When the ruler of the minds of Excel, then the victory is achievable. Oboronimsâ the Lord and They will win. Competition for Light is still very difficult for a while until space terms of planets have yet to complete the assimilation of knowledge. Still stirs the darkness by collecting the most recent violent outbreak everyone who is destined to become a Space at. But clouds will dissolve, be dispelled gloom, waves of fire will take place on the planet, burning Space litter, clearing it and preparing the ground for new spaces, čudesnejšej life. New world will win. Win your Homeland over darkness is the symbol of the victory of the new world over the old, there is a pledge and guarantee of new victories and ultimate triumph of light over darkness and truth. A great future was destined to the world and my country, homeland of yours will make an invaluable contribution to the building of a new world. Victory day earlier understanding it to the fate of the world. The great sacrifice that brought great people to achieve victory, were not born in vain. In vain attempts to terminate its enemies.
1965 g. 125. (M. A. S.). We will not spare its Light to share with others. Who said that to share light, we should talk about it. Light radiates the aura and radiation are passed and are silent. Learn to tacit daâniû. Preaching a thing of the past, lectures about the teachings too. Still life and the word alive. But the word, spoken in silence, spoken language is stronger. A silent victim. Silent moves, while the Word may fly by. And not every word or words can always say out loud. But a silent vibration of light transmitted radiation aura never left without investigation. In silence and silence can say and do more than make a hundred and vain talkers talkers.
1965, 126. (Guru). Do not like people looking each other straight in the eye. Why? Is it because too many are in themselves that would hide from people? That way. When you are ready to look us in the eyes and in the eyes of the teacher – this very good sign. It means being open to our hearts. Carefully observe people, and especially those who hides his eyes. Everyone has a lot of matters that he wants to hide. Eyes are the Windows of the soul.
1965, 127. (Guru). The end crowns the deed, and the ultimate victory of covers all failure. It is something we should strive for, passing quietly past all the failures that lead to ultimate victory, if there was a decision in the spirit of achieving it at any cost. So failure turns into success and seeming defeat – in victory. Spirit is unconquerable, if realized, that everything that is around, everything passes, but the spirit remains. And if victory was good on top of all that is and has been, and continues to win with the letter and in spirit. So goes through life the winner destined.
1965, 128. Gatherings are very diverse in composition, and moods. "Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them. But what happens when going in his own name? What can happen if a goes for gambling, drunkenness, revelry or other nefarious purposes, or just aimlessly it, empty and devoid of bright aspirations. Give yourself the pleasure of ignorant minds-or low. It's best to avoid these gatherings. Sitting at a table in your ohmelevših people may not have the most impact on the deadly aura. Communicating with people is good and necessary, but the target of this communication should be on top. Aimless communication are harmful, much less a heady people.
1965, 129. (M. A. S.). Gives a great deal. And even a small particle, withheld and applied, will make up the richness. The generosity of the teacher. But something must be applied, and the more the better. Despite the fluidity of the processes occurring in the shells, they are very persistent in terms of its shape. Hair color or eye or facial and physical features of the buildings remained for life. The same applies to Astral and mental shell. Fundamental changes are slow and require hard work above them. They are very inert and very inflexible in opposing anything that goes against their innate or acquired characteristics.
1965, 130. (Guru). Man lives by what surrounds it. How much will the inner life of man with the change of external conditions, as it will change as you move into the world of Subtle. Hence the conclusion: which went through the course of rapprochement with the hierarchy of light until the end in the areas where the impact of darkness shall be terminated and where the dark cannot penetrate. Strongholds and ashrams, and villages protected by the subtle world of light, a refuge for those who aspired to and yourself to the light won.
1965, 131. (May 12). I want to bring your consciousness to understand all kinds of matter that flows continuously through your guides, and laws that govern it. No breaks contact with forms, which has taken or has been vested with the spirit, although the shape and ceased to exist. The spirit is connected with everything that goes through and that passes through it, and its shell. Traditionally, matter and spirit razrežaet and refines it. Only sparse (or utončivšaâsâ), matter becomes the foot of organic life. On the bare stone grass does not grow. One has to make the soil for the plants was ustelena nesčetnym number of shells of dead forms of lower organisms and organisms alive to life could evolve. One develops and grows at the expense of another. Complex and long ladder of life, going from the bottom up. Man's power over the elements comprising his conductors, is expressed primarily in the body's ability to assimilate them and use to build these conductors and maintaining forms of each of them. This power and this ability grows and deepens. Unlimited growth potential of human power over elements that are part of all its bodies. But the growth of this very lengthy. Slowly evolving awareness of the power of man over matter in all its forms, his microcosm. Properties of matter give man the boundless possibilities of growth of the consciousness. Consciousness and matter are linked closely, as are aspects of things. You cannot divide the indivisible, but the polûsnost′ phenomena allows examination of each of the poles. Infant materialism, which allows the existence of only the visible eye, walked away into the past. He is replaced by understanding of the limitless aspects of matter, beginning with its worst forms, to the Fohatom and matter of Matrix, followed by the degree of refinement, of which it is useless to even mention. It is important to understand that the study of matter infinitely as limitless in their capabilities and the fabric. Limit of dividing of matter was first molecule, then the atom, then the electrons and the nucleus, then there were dozens of new units. But where is the end? And who can say that further refinement of the fission material particles cannot go that limit has already been reached? And we say that sparks, colored stars, and spots, and all the amazing light that is visible to the refined vision, all forms of identifying different types of matter, not yet recognized by official science. I say "so far" because of the disappearance of that time was approaching "so far". The validity of the science will not go away, it would have to be considered and recognized much, deniable. It is important to understand that in a human being is concentrated the whole: either revealed or hidden in another State. One should look for in a man. His equipment, his microcosm machines can be adapted to study the matter more than machines, built by human hands, since the latter is too imperfect. The most advanced computer is limited by the fact that the human mind has been invested, in the possibilities of its development has no boundaries. Well bear in mind that all savings and achieve improvements of their human apparatus cannot be lost, as preserved in the sediment Bowl, forever a treasure-Immortal perevoploŝaûŝejsâ neumiraûŝej Triad. Because of thinning of the apparatus are classified as such actions, which leaves time far in the future is beyond one's earthly life. Such actions will stretch the further features of the thread of life, which is limited to the life of the body or life in the body. Should pay particular attention to how short the actions and deeds of ordinary people are generally not going beyond the next few days, months or years and hardly ever perešagivaûŝih on the death of the body. The idea that a person dies along with the body, is one of the greatest misconceptions of our century. Dark ierofanty even know about the immortality of the spirit, but they carefully guard this knowledge for themselves. Merging worlds gives up a mighty lever for Transfiguration of humanity's life. A grand time, and true science goes into protection and assertion of validity which will open wide horizons for people learning things.
1965, 132. The vigilant spear over the Dragon is the symbol of that in gearing up to the light of consciousness is a constant battle between what is at the moment the man and what he has become. If you leave the watch or even weaken it, previous accumulation of imperfection are assailed. Therefore, the struggle is constant, thus overcoming the past in himself all the time. Past imperfect, because people always grows and grows and gets better than if goes back. Talking about ascending consciousness, because we see and Know many downline. Process your descent, or involution of spirit into everyday almost unnoticeable, but centuries have seen some moving up the ladder of life, while others descend. You can easily imagine where to go and where to descend alone. Way up – to light the path to the abyss, into darkness. So in everyday small commits your way man – in darkness or light.
1965, 133. (M. A. S.). The Lord brings to it. So why not give away or don't dedicate all their thoughts, deeds and actions. If even normal conversation to thinking about it, the conversation came to light. Even the silence be so luminous. Every moment, giving Bishop, will be full of light. The Lord will mind the light, because the image of the Lord is the light, assembled in focus thoughts. You could say, changing the famous dictum: "in the light of the Lord have light."
1965, 134. (M. A. S.). Merge into flames, merge into the light – how much is enclosed in these words! What kind of power gives this merger? This is the power of love that does not forget that always pulsing golden threads of live communication. Love that body, dies so fast, sometimes long before they die when the body dies. But love, the things of the spirit, death does not know, because the body is not associated. Will look at love as a shining bridge connection between the letter and the spirit. Does it really matter where in the body and where the spirit if it is associated with making love with someone who loves to love, not dying with the body. Takaya Lyubov said that favorite alive and love, wherever they were. Let's say love on top of all the tight conditions. On top of all that it denies and it puts a limit. Who said "I am with you always" put us with you love. And we'll put ourselves in response to love him too. Love is strong interrelationship of hearts and minds, dedicated to each other. For the love of a Challenge. Answered the call of approaching it. When she is blazing, much becomes unnecessary, because it is the closest approach. Flowers watered and pampered on a daily basis. Needs a caring heart love and constant, otherwise it will dry up under the cold oblivion. Our intimacy and closeness of the Overseers say love.
1965, 135. (Guru). There are two series of cases: some short lived live and die easily, others don't die, even in centuries. Well, when a person gives the time and place of business, which does not die. See how humankind pays reverence to people draw for neumiraûŝie cases-the immortal great works of art. Service that does not die, may direct a person who lost the death and immortality of things. Who what and whom to serve, the order remains. Immortal immortal surround yourself and your thoughts, and objects and things.
1965, 136. (May 13). When the complexity of the mental horizon of thought clean dims builds, they can be removed by calling all Lik My mind. The decision is mine, and no umstvovanie can not obscure my light. Many zaplutalis′ in the labyrinth of rassudočnyh builds, forgetting that the thought from the heart, the stronger the thoughts of the mind. Think of everything, but how different human thoughts. And not every idea deserves to communicate with it. Some devotees were absolutely correct, repeating the prayer Jesus countless times. From bright, âsnosiâûŝih of thoughts do not defend themselves, but from the Pack of claws, shiny sandstone like in space, to oboronit′sâ. When the resultant energies microcosm of human consciousness is up, you can strive to not worry too much about the subject to address, because the spirit is not stock is conquered by them. Under all conditions and in all circumstances, you can move forward if the thought to lay his Lord. Such a thought is moving powerfully. We just have to somehow find the strength to turn away from yourself. And in this case, the withholding of balance helps. Without it, all of a person's energy is so hard to obey the will. We assume that the balance will be the first condition for approval of autocracy over itself. Yes! Yes! Only this kind of autocracy were allowed to man. Rule over the reign, over his emotions, moods and passions is to become a winner. Why allow any thoughts or mood, or whatever affect consciousness, when all the will, which can influence an immutable order. Most people are anything but your own will. Apathy is a nobody, a nonentity ghost. You can agonize, you suffer, you can receive the harshest blows of fate and human beings, but allow these effects and take them to the bezvolii and ničtožestve cannot be, if at least partly understood the idea of the inviolability of spirit and eternity. You cannot crush the entity its cannot be affected by anything that is below the Fiery core of the spirit nature. The kernel is inviolable. All that is going on around him is just the waves rushing by threads of life. Spirit soars above them like a rock over the raging sea. Sea storm, and Utes spirit stands. You all will call to make himself understand the integrity and inviolability of the Fiery core of the spirit.
1965, 137. (M. A. S.). Need space to fill forms kristallizovannoj thoughts and so bring your own stones to build a majestic building of the new world. We are contributing to. Make and you, our members. We see your creativity and the power of samoishodâŝih rays and rejoice in the ascending light.
1965, 138. (Guru). The intensity of the light inside is manifested in action. Who says that action must necessarily be expressed in words or using hands or feet? The most powerful action is silent by in silence. It is in silence is the easiest to throw far anchors.
1965, 139. (May 15). Let no one is deceived by the seeming ease of achievement. Little reach, we still have to keep reaching. The difficulty is that age-old piles are a big force inertial resistance. They seem to absorb the fruits of the achievements reached and pulled back. Again and again have to approve the agreement reached to hold onto. Retention periods are followed by periods when the last stand, it would seem, izžitye and already forgotten the shadows of distant things trespassed into consciousness again, otemnââ it. Decapitated head monster grow again. This is just another indication of how zorok should be watch. All of these cracks are very dangerous, because through them seeping spatial poison. This is similar to how a flock of wolves or birds, and spatial darkness tries to merge with the darkness, at least temporarily by the consciousness. While dark šeptuny are trying to ratchet up their ability to put down each, because they too are constantly on guard. Own otemnenie contagious, since otemnâet not only others but also surrounding. Harm is no longer personal, but overall, the responsibility not only for themselves but also for the people, for the space, for his purity. You can dismiss this responsibility, but avoid and evade her impossible no matter want her, recognizes its people or not. Often feeling strange and unreasonable burdens on the heart is nothing but a sign that consciousness is bearing the Burden of Peace for all humanity. Hence the concern for the common good of all mankind has a duty of everyone. It's not words, it's the Fiery reality of life. One for all and all for one: immutable law of collective life. You can deny it, can it, but avoid the dreaded trample the karmic consequences of his breach fails to no one. Every deed and every action that went against him, against the idea of universal brotherhood of humanity, causing Kickback that breaks down sooner or later at wrongdoers. Whence, then, disaster, disease, war, natural disaster and all the misery that bedeviled by people? Where the endangered peoples and perishing civilizations and ruins of huge, once-blooming cities? You can not recognize the responsibility of everyone for his planet and destiny of its peoples, but shirk that responsibility can't nobody. The brotherhood of people for violating the law are paid without exception.
1965, 140. (M. A. S.). Have to get up even closer, and it must be in this State to stay permanently. Minutes of communication have become sort of culmination of this closeness, but the ideal confluence of consciousness in its constancy. Keeping this sublime State of mind is not easy because there are great differences between vibrations and voltage of the moment of communication. And yet maintain a high State of mind should be, as far as possible. Notice how the razmagničivaet every contact with ordinary people, if only the internal lights not covered up and not saved from trampling. Given all the light, but no light, because without light-darkness.
1965.141. The seeds dissolved thinking is terrible. And stand before the Teacher spatial seeding, cemented by the thought. As in slit emits smoke and in the crevices of thought – the darkness disbanded. The dark thought forms a hole in the fabric of the light barrier.
1965, 142. (May 16). Fear of anything whatsoever, so deprives the person right to him to overcome the phenomenon that caused fear. Fear is a positive start, it should be immediately disposed of consciousness, as soon as his threat. Be aware of the dangers of them must defend all measures you can take to protect, but let fear though for a moment cast a shadow on consciousness and the exhaust is not allowed. Failure of this feeling is the fact that it does not have any positive or creative properties, while devastating all there is. Fear cannot be tempted, nor draw, they can only infect. Fear is a terrible and an ardent eater of psychic energy. Afraid of losing all while fearless heart prepared to come across the most frightening in terms or the most heinous disguises and come out the winner of the clash. Courage combined with prudence and caution. Reckless courage isn't far from nonsense. Welcome the courage, but in conjunction with the mind. Fear paralyzes the force and denied protection. Barrier penetrates and opens up the internal network entity for any human impact. Quality of fearlessness is the presence of this property of lights alight in microcosm. Fire guts especially bright. He has the power of a special tonic effect on the whole body. When our warrior finds a determination to replace a grimace of fear courage, he is smiling in victory. Victory and fearlessness are very close concepts. Courage will retain in all circumstances of life. Starting robes of fear. The fire burns the robes of fearlessness of fear. Courage, bravery, courage 17these are my chances. Many will need it in these troubled days prior to arrival. Each of you would like to see the chain armor endowed with fearlessness. Because of the courage you Send up to strengthen the armor of a battle.
1965, 143. Note dvupolûsnost′ qualities. Every positive quality has its opposite: fearlessness and fear, love and hate, balance and raznovesie, will, and apathy. Each has its antipode, denying its positive properties. This fact has its good side, because you can transmute undesirable quality in the kindred of opposites, as desired. The polûsnost′ allows the phenomenon of transmutation. You cannot transmute what has been revealed at the poles. One who is neither cold nor hot, but lukewarm, "man is not in himself neither positive underwent nor negative qualities, i.e. their capacity. And potential, even negative, gives the opportunity to the same extent to express and potential positive, meaning the force of it, while the teplen′komu Express. Teplen′kie for evolution are not suitable. The teacher will bring the rogue or harlot rather than teplen′kuû obsaharennost′, for potential robber and harlot in transmutation provides valuable to investigators, whereas teplen′kij, no matter how he tried, will not be able to achieve anything. The phenomenon of unsuitability for the evolution of the teplen′kih very originally expressed in the ancient situation: "Izblûû you out of my mouth, for not was you, neither cold nor hot, but only lukewarm. So the Outer Sora mentioned was a long time ago. Of course, obey: God or fate and those who rejected, for transmutation remains on the side of darkness. But even more sad fate transmutatorov light qualities of spirit in the dark, for the quality, the higher the was raised, the harder the fall.
1965, 144. (M. A. S.). Laws of communication is very harsh. We can not give more than our right. Many like to say, and many warn. But the law prohibits the transfer of direct instructions that affect the freedom of the will. The arduous task of Teachers – and to lead and not to break the karma. So amateur performances, for to welcome aspiring or already to action we can make your hand without interfering with free will. Here's why: the Endeavor has been instructed to "give something to the teacher's energy. The law need to know so that you can consciously use it. It states that under lying stone water not flowing. Manifest themselves in action samoishodâŝem, and a lot will follow you. We are ready and very willing to help, but give the ability to let you, a wise understanding of the application of the law.
1965, 145. (Answer to the question of what happens in the world.-B. N. Abramov). Listen: there will be no war. But the events will go under the sign of war, so strong that many would prefer war terrible burdens of voltage, not giving discharge. Solve all the parish. Prior to joining nagnetenie will increase everywhere, in the minds of everyone. Don't wait to discharge the darkness overwhelm, we should give her all, emerge through. An undetected, will remain hidden ulcers. Another planet is not clear from the hotbeds of infection. These days to keep his balance is a sign of cooperation with us. Identifying faces of darkness, we won't let the Badger skip.
1965, 146. (Guru). Why suffering at times reach the limits of endurance? Just to determine and approve the limit strength of spirit. But the spirit of resistance is one of the most valuable qualities. The same qualities is its infinity. Therefore, limit resistance spirit. Spirit can withstand anything if meant to all sleeping in it. Look at those who in the past so victoriously passed through the most serious test with the name of a teacher at the mouth. No slomilsâ, no one was broken. No bonfires nor torture, nor the mockery, no intimidation, no threat – nothing could overwhelm the fortitude of those who followed him. Indestructibility spirit manifest in all living conditions will be a victory, and above all, of himself, and therefore over darkness, as darkness wants to crush the spirit.
1965, 147. (May 19). Every feeling has a visible form of expression for a given term. Than more resistant and povtornee feeling, the more stable and form. In the body of the physical sense and is expressed outwardly by degree of their strength and inability to own them. Constantly offended, or rather, feel aggrieved people retain and on his face a mask of grievance, some anger, some cruelty, fourth is of good nature. In other words, the strong emotions placed on the outer man seal of his expression. These same prints bear and astral double and thin body. But not all printed sharply in the physical body. Often for a handsome little face expressing or hiding a range of feelings that are just to old age it can assert its imprint on it. Some people with this can you outwardly fine to own and hiding my feelings, but this does not extend to the subtle body. Freed from the physical body, the subtle body takes the view that matches the essence of its owner. All the positive and negative qualities are visible clearly and firmly imprinted on the consciousness of the Explorer, which has the ductility, or mobility forming his matter and in which every thought or feeling to produce appropriate to their nature of external changes. Each has a bright, visible expression of the good and the good or bad, is dark and that he had in himself and has accumulated during his earthly life. Break free from this form should not be, is not freed from the properties or causes of some form. Purification of the dark remnants of meaning and freedom from unwanted creatures. Guardian of the threshold, or objectify inner negative human entity, releases his poroditelâ until this last does not find enough strength and resolve to discard it, IE win their relegation duadu, which is the bearer of all vices, passions, weaknesses and achievements of the lower human nature. This struggle with the guardian of the threshold is full of drama, because one has to literally snatch from the essence of himself and discard it. But he so tightly have become acquainted with it, he loved it and he cherished her pandering to her desires and inclinations, he was thinking about them and had them in their minds. How could he part with them when parted forever, letting them penetrate deeply in the leads. The fight is not easy. And only an understanding of horror of defeat and despair its results can give force themselves to overcome, or even yourself, because "I" is the highest thing in man, but his lower self, wealth of passions and cravings. Therefore, the lower nature to learning achieve even on Earth to know in advance what the final clash with her she would win the higher self of man, dropping off a whole load of earthly remnants. To achieve victory, a defeat means bringing myself to the darkness.
1965, 148. (M. A. S.). Many people are in a much worse situation and serious. This thought can restore more justice to the situation, which has put the Karma. Only in comparison with something you might appreciate these or other conditions. When they extract, will compare them with even more difficult experienced by other people who don't know anything about us or about the Lord, nor on other worlds, or on the future. That's really hard for them, for they do not know where to go and what should shoulder a heavy cross. Knowledgeable do have something more valuable than all the treasures of the Earth.
1965, 149. (Guru). Why did the same thing some bother, and others do not, or even bother or upset with the same person in different States of his spirit. Is it because it's not in the things ogorčaûŝih and delight, and in the human being. The ancient formula, stating that man is the measure of things, can be understood very broadly and consider that human emotions are not external circumstances and internal state of man, his attitude, the angle at which he looks at things and the world. But the angle or point of view everyone can choose his or her edit myself, or give up the junk. It is in the power of man, because man is the measure of things, independent of his will, unless he is willing to understand and take in mind for application in life.
1965 g. 150. (May 20). How do you reconcile this with the imperfection of Majesty and splendor of the future? Only straining your aspiration and trying to keep the mind of vžilos′ in the future. Imagination is creative because it has the ability and the power to translate a creative dream in life and in the process seems to jibe this bridge to the future. Only the lack of manners and poverty of imagination that whispers, while things says: everything is possible. Of course, all the possibilities lie within the laws of matter. But what is the matter? Limit the matter known to science scale elements table, least Mendeleevskaya Hotel expanded and augmented, then recognize that fabric, all types and properties are studied through. But this is not the case. Humanity is as far from realizing all of its properties now, like at the start of the study, because infinity throughout, as well as in manifestation and combinations of known and yet to be discovered by science kinds of matter. One must only understand that denial and doubt are invalid where begins the true understanding of materialism. All the existing material. Light material, sound material, smell the material. Material thinking and material substance from which the poet creates his images. All that material, can be visible or slyšimo and fiksiruemo or devices, either external or subtle feelings humans. Invisibility does not mean that the phenomenon does not exist. Invisible lines of magnetic currents, however a simple compass detects them. So many invisible and deniable now be approved either through new equipment, or by developing new human feelings. Much will modern science recognize and so widen even further the limits of the material world. No world or worlds dematerialized. The astral body, the subtle body of material logistics, logistics support and the Fiery body. Material, matter, matter Matrix Camera Lucida and all kinds of Fohata. The highest Planetary Spirit material, whatever the highest form of glowing matter it nor oblekali. What is not invested with matter, does not exist. Material — even chaos, though it is so far from the life that person neosoznavaem. Thus, the true materialism denies nothing, but claims the infinity of opportunities identification of matter. It's time to already understand that matter, energy, mind, and life is a property of the same type of matter. It is very important to establish itself in the mind that these properties and in general all properties studied by science, properties of matter cannot be limited. For example, properties of evolution, or aspiration of matter and its forms of evolutionary development, and are not included in the number of properties of matter, and meanwhile, the phenomenon of evolution displayed in space worlds – a fact self-evident. Or reason, hidden in the structure of each atom, or submissive structure of matter under the number, proportion and harmony. For some, the subtle body – the Phantom, Ghost, the product of a deranged imagination, for others it is a purely physical phenomenon, but outside of accepted modern science facts. But the fact is, the existence of subtle body remains so, quite apart from the recognized is the science of the twentieth century or not recognized. The land was and remained a ball, despite the fact that at one time, scholars, representatives of the science it is denied. And despite their ardent denials, the earth revolved around the Sun, not the sun above it. Negation and affirmation of science still does not have proof that she understood all the matter secret. Because the wisdom says that denying leave, by studying the phenomena and facts impartially. This will be a truly scientific approach.
1965, 151. (M. A. S.). Need to reconcile the irreconcilable, harmonize the mind of pole pairs of opposites. On the one hand – the Mahatmas ': "we do not believe in God», on the other hand, the words:" without God there is no way ". The phenomenon of the hierarchy says that even on a planet worked Great Consiousness. Creator of the world, the Planetary Spirit, is its Creator. But this is not God, for God must embrace the notion of the entire cosmos. Let us go further: on every planet its Creator had worked. Over each system worlds, and over the Sun, and the myriads of Suns worked their Creators. As well as on the creation of entire galaxies. The hierarchy ladder makers of worlds escapes into the sky, that the mind of man to stop before Neskazuemym, before which he cannot reach. A couple of these opposites can still somehow conscious balance, but see everything through there with Infinity, eye, you can't even let the world's eye, and only the Eye can Unlimited in the infinity watch.
1965, 152. (Guru). No matter how complex the issue was highlighted it and solved it with the consciousness in the mind. Therefore, consciousness, his own consciousness, human remains for the condition from which he will not back away. Cannot jump above the people. Also comprehend anything beyond his understanding, that is in excess of capacity consciousness, he too could not. Therefore, the task of expanding consciousness remains the overriding. It is hard, yet still sleep centers. But the science of Yoga is referring Molten exactly disclosure centres. To this and Leads the teacher. The process slow, difficult and very dangerous. In the cities it is impossible. People with expanded living in city centres, would be subjected to torture, it is through such extraordinary exacerbation of their perceptions, that life becomes a torture. Teacher wisely Cautions not to force the process. Many weights, many experiences, many have to withstand the worsening pain responsiveness even when only lightly hopper centres. You need to really be protected. Unruly and poor thinking, libertinism Astral saturate the atmosphere of cities serious fluids decompose. Many will have to work hard to teach people not to poison the poison of their mental space, not poison their products themselves and those around them.
1965, 153. (May 21). Like every walk and reach, but as I want to make little effort and sacrifice all that baggage and cargo of heavy hanging over his shoulders. Why do such insufficiency occurs? Want to get all, but didn't want to give up anything. You cannot serve two opposite things simultaneously. Service light and his Ministry are incompatible. But even in combat, even taking inspirational work oblivious to the man. It will be the removal of yourself when your self man nixed. When this state of consciousness achieved, it's easy and free to move on. The most difficult obstacle is the self. The dark curtain falls it on the way, his blocking. But it is short of personal events, so the world is limited, so you can't fit in the macro world. The sure sign of personal world is a small length of it in time. For example, you can take any biography of an ordinary person and see that death ends all body than he lived, as rushed, that took place in his life. And then comes the end of all this, often laborious undertakings. What leaps out of the personal world is already the expression of Individuality, or Immortal Triad, and the more the phenomena of sverhličnyh, the brighter it is manifested in a dense world. Suffering for yourself, usually suffering for others – sverhlično, which pushes the boundaries of personal peace. But just taking the whole Bowl of the common good will decide. The burden of this world and the common good are connected tightly. The common good priâvšij-takes and Wear of this world. And then the public good becomes inseparable from personal, personal burden is Nošeû peace, and then the personal dissolves in the light of Eternal personality.
1965, 154. (M. A. S.). Yes! Yes! That way, it is a fusion of communication and in the light. For his uâvleniâ only to light and its in has merged with the light of those to whom the spirit directs. The condition is necessary because the luminosity of its own without it, how can the lack of its own, it has its own darkness, to merge with the light. Therefore, to enter into communion, consciousness should raise your vibration to a State of svetonosnosti. Otemnennoe consciousness is nothing but darkness, not attract. You could say: "in the light of your Light, your eminence have!" – but you should be aware of: that the light Lord see your light must yield, i.e., set this state of consciousness when it banished the darkness, or otemnenie, or all those feelings, emotions and experiences that cast a shadow over it. So, before Communicating it to him to prepare the mind and set it balance, ambitions and the quality of the spirit, who give the aura of luminosity. Aspiration and means luminosity as well as love, or fidelity, or other qualities of the spirit. Facilitated communication Symphony best qualities. None of them would be superfluous. All bring its light to communicate with the light of those who stand on the stairs of the hierarchy of light.
1965, 155. (Guru). Consciousness is torn apart by opposing poles, pole of attraction of light and darkness. Pole Light attracts the minds of those elements of light, which has accumulated in it. Pole darkness attracts to itself the elements of consciousness, that consciousness has in himself. The struggle between the Poles in human consciousness is constantly. Elements of darkness there are elements of death and decay. Elements of light there are elements of immortality and life. So life, eternal life and death struggle in the mind of man for dominance. But man does not have the weak toy fortune. He is endowed with free will and free choice has always preferred the phenomenon of life phenomena of decomposition, which is death. Every moment a person chooses and reinforces the elements of light or dark elements. On what consciousness is what gives their thoughts and lives with it. Will decide at any given moment, that selects it. And no one had to complain, if you own will would prefer light to darkness. But the will is free, and the choice into darkness or light solves it.
1965, 156. (May 22). So, only in the light of its Light can be seen Higher. From here, take care of your own light, the aura it gave off. All the thoughts, emotions and feelings people have any degree of luminosity or otemnennosti. It happens that his face glows with joy or darkens. This radiation affects the physical body aura. Reflects every thought. Control of thoughts sets and control of aura. You cannot not take into account the fact that spatial well-being or malaise also strongly influences, as can brighten or darken auričeskie radiation. And here especially need a control. No matter how serious the moment, succumb to its effects did not follow. Vigor and fortitude can be saved and when the strongest of antagonistic currents. Not talking about happiness, because happiness is a special wisdom, and not everyone is able to keep it under unfavourable spatial impact. The whole point is to cause feelings were not of a personal nature. Sverhličnaâ grief, sorrow or burden does not close in terms of consciousness, while the personal is deprived of light. The one who touched the spatial life knows that space is not always and not only one joy. Spatial shrieks and moans audible an open ear. Both poles are available for learning life. The fire of life dvuroden. And go until I need to and in joy and in sorrow, without losing the rhythm step by opposing energies.
1965, 157. My son, do not dismayed, because it will be sorrow into joy. In the world of duality of opposites cannot suffer any phenomena not approving the phenomenon it the opposite. The personally-Astral consciousness is constantly in the sphere of influence of one, then the other pole, and experiencing the joy of personal emotion, thus causing the demonstration opposite feeling. And you can see how people's lives are what usually is served of joy, some time later, causes grief or sorrowful experiences. The only way to get rid of this dual depending on own experiences will be giving up on one of the poles of the experiences of those or other emotions. But as people wished to experience pleasant and their willing faces, forgetting about the other end of the spectrum, but they are rejecting, can he avoid the manifestations of their polar opposite. We say: do not rejoice and not pečalujtes′ too, because nothing personal is not merited either. This can keep balance, avoiding unnecessary swings. Have in mind the feelings of personal order. Sverhličnye and spacial joy, sorrows and worries are of a different nature, and already are they receptive points. Via sverhličnuû polûsnost′ sensations too should get, but it will be the highest level of consciousness, cosmic consciousness level. The burden of this world is not an easy one for anyone who Carries it for the planet.
1965, 158. (Guru). The law of free will requires that aspiration came from the student, not the teacher. The teacher fills aspirations came to him. When issued to the student, the teacher, if permitted by karma meets him but himself for the pupil never Settles, unless such a decision might violate free will.
1965, 159. (May 23). My friend, every day, every hour, every moment move us closer to the future. The future is inherently. This sense of the future and that running it cannot stop no power suždennye ensures that the time will come, and with them will come, and all the things referred to in the teachings. If only fog this overshadow shining tomorrow. Not a problem, if today is still much to be achieved. The aspiration to achieve a certain goal, accurately and clearly delineated, sooner or later, but it will. Awareness nainužnejšego this as an objective to be attained in the future, brings to it steadily. How much effort has made the average person to achieve the most ordinary. If you make such an effort to achieve even unusual, success is guaranteed. But for some reason it often happens that in the highest and finest aspirations of forces and still lacks the determination to follow through. If the future is inevitable, if suždennomu should be, and every effort and even attempt to achieve objectives will give your results are as inevitable as the future. Microcosm is a wonderful and delicate instrument or apparatus, which opportunities unlimited. It is Infinity itself is enclosed in a man, and this is its space legacy. Son of Cosmos and Cosmos are human sonaslednikom – this is its space law of mastering all that it is and what it priugotovleno man before time.
1965, 160. (Guru). As often happens, that during the day, even people familiar with Teaching, most of the time give away over nothing, fuss, things trivial. As time goes on, time is running out, and precious hours are lost in vain. After all, if even the most minor things to do with thought about teacher, keeping His Image before himself mentally, even trivia would lose their futility. Even the most insignificant conversation filled with unseen presence of a teacher of sorts, is not empty. Will already be sacrificed for space, even if neither The Teachers nor the Doctrine will not be remembered at all. Spread the Doctrine does not mean talking about it everywhere and always. Better not talk about the teachings, but thinking about it constantly and to keep the image of Teachers in her heart, than say, forgetting that not in words of doctrine, but in applying it to the whole meaning of life and the value of it. Tacit, the spatial distribution of Teaching more effectively than words, deprived of lights of the heart. It is not always possible to spread the word, and then left for spatial silent service that much harder, because requires conditions ignited hearts.
1965, 161. (May 24). People have so much to give, but still so little prepared. What does prepare them at the time of Arrival? Life. Not only you but all of life is preparing for this planetnomu event. The spirit of human mâtetsâ in the throes of birth of a new consciousness. All in suspense. An intermediate path. Exit to move away to a pole or Light pole, the darkness. The fight is strained to the limit. No, even the carefree faces teenagers. Every heart senses the last act of the drama of the planetary and reacts very hard, although not recognized a clear report. Those who paid, so it is doubly hard. All bore the burden of proximity. Knowledge does not facilitate Ways for gravity Cross rises from the rise. Where and what is the solution. The decision to go and go, back and forth, without slowing down the step and without changing direction. Going will reach. Go all they want to or not. But where to? The path is inevitable in the dark or the light. Knowing the light comes and goes absolutely, because in the beam. And yet one must gather all the strength not to shirk. And if something fails, a thousand times to repeat the effort. Has overcome yourself – achieves. The first sign of success and victory is guarantee that nothing, no setbacks, no longer able to stop all new and new efforts to meet the target. Every day brings new momentum energies, then ustremlâûŝih the spirit along the way. I'm talking about: hotâŝij.
1965, 162. (M. A. S.). The Lord wants to see you in unwavering firmness aspiration toward the light. One who is bright and clean, and tends to the Lord, has less merit than one who, being burdened with their imperfections, still finds the strength to strive. The age of the Saints and not seen around the teacher, but simple people, simple, imperfect, and even a rogue, and even a harlot. Let understanding this virtue will give you that not your flaws and all neizžitoe in you valued teacher, but your commitment, your desire, your decision to follow him to the end. And even the robber who decided his way with him, be with him and to be closer to him than wise in book of wisdom bookseller, strayed into dogmas and dead words and forgotten all about spirit. The vigor and dedication you will be greeted by the Bishop. Because we will not be embarrassed by anything and anyone and any ghosts and daring darkness that may meet us on the road. The path is straight to the heart of Vladyka, if goes through the heart from heart to heart. This Is Our Way. The fire of the heart overcomes all, knows no obstacles for irresistible desires nothing can it become an obstacle.
1965, 163. (M. A. S.). How would teach you need heart to Lord over the top layers, rags and filth, the hustle and bustle of the day, the current hour and all transient and short-lived feeling your and experiences of the moment. Everything is so short and so no matter how much it may seem to you. Another thing is important. It is important to understand that is inherent in the proximity of Bishop and on top of all that occurs in the shells and flow to through them. And they shell & thread-all will be left behind, but the spirit of your looking to the Lord, the Lord of mercy, for the over all, because on top of dense, Astral and other transient conditions of worlds.
1965, 164. (Guru). Yes! Time has passed, the years sped. And how things have changed around, everything was different, and other people, other places, other living arrangements. But the intimacy with us there, and only deepened over the years, and has become even stronger. In the Kaleidoscope of events and changes something left untouched and inviolable in the usual course of life. This is what is for you the evidence of sustainability Foundation on which to build House spirit. For the same reason we build and We strongly and firmly brushing aside all else, all foreign, anything that gets in the way. So go ahead and you, knowing who you Dožidaet, come down.
1965, 165. (Guru). Wherever the moved to the pole, the people, all of them will converge at the pole. And the traffic Light pole, a central point of him, everything in her will, at least at this point in time going and shared long distance, mountains, precipices, rivers and all sorts of other obstacles. This should be remembered and not embarrassed the differences in the situations and conditions, and the location of all, to the light coming in, for the purpose of all is one.
1965, 166. Teachers of light they crucified people. Crucified, tormented and killed those who walked behind him. And torment and you're really crucifying him. The phenomenon repeats itself, the degree of consciousness and changed depending on conditions. But the essence of the phenomenon will remain the same.
1965, 167. Hour has come in time. The orbit of My Rays all come who can match one at least in a measure of some kind. Only the response of acceptance (the Rays) will give attraction to Focus light. Remaining deaf will match one gravitation (focus) of darkness and will be involved in dark orbit of attraction. From sea to sea, cutting the space world, dazzling Light separates the sverknet Sword. A grand time trial, when every judge themselves, making their choice last and making a trial. And nobody can help and unable to help someone who is on the other side of the sword, in the shadow. Lightning Spirit Light will Flash like a thunderstorm, and a strong following, will leave people, quite different. Will change the world, and the darkness aura in her place. And because it will influence the mind sets. Affected by light from the planet will go away, and with it all (those) who stayed loyal to her, all the offspring of darkness, all consonant with it, fails. There are no words to convey the Majesty of the planetary space Celebration of victory of light over darkness. So I say, Shambhala vladyka, in anticipation of Court Hours over people.
1965 g. 168. (May 25). When you watch a movie of their lives: from the past is left with nothing but images and paintings that survived in memory. These forms have different effects on the mind, or rather, consciousness reacts differently to them. Some make no impressions, no other that awaken the senses, making him relive the past again. At times they even evoke passion and involve thoughts that the orbit of past achievements. It is very important to note exactly which forms have lost none of their power over man, for they do not have lost, will have the power of influence, and after the liberation from the dense body. Knowing these forms and setting their impact on consciousness and the ability to influence, you can start the struggle for complete liberation from their power. Victory will be achieved when no form of movie life held much more can keep attention on himself, causing that feeling. Of course, refers to the form of thoughts, images and feelings that do not correspond to the steps, which reached the spirit in his ascent to the light. Much an imperfect past could be tainted. But let him have dominion over minds and influence it will have a retreat back and diving into what should have been eliminated long ago. Dive into the past and so dangerous that it engages the mind in a funnel vortices of past weaknesses, faults, errors, and other imperfections. The past can be no prohibition to watch when his film is no longer raznovesiâ or any bad emotions. All past and all that is therein was from the light, is full of light and light bicycles, the danger of recurrence is not, that is, consciousness and directs it elevates towards the climb. Self test of consciousness on force of influence life forms last needed to equip it for the future and know for sure and definitely, what exactly should address urgently, and with what else we should fight, and that fix. These forms can be either friends or enemies. Let us remember: from the past is left with nothing but the forms which, apart from human memory, are there in all their vitality, imprinted in the records space. They can suppress the man his way further, if the consciousness of his will drawn to them and becomes subject to their influence so that chooses to stay with them in their society, the Ascension into the higher realms. Many people come and stay in the atmosphere these forms until depleted of their power, the nested in them to those who were responsible for their generation.
1965, 169. Go back to the ancient formula "that bind on Earth." Print the last decision will taken on any phenomenon of consciousness will be the force that will determine the future behavior of the spirit in the subtle world. So it is very important to revise from time to time your psychic baggage to take with itself on negligence or of levity that might encumber or even a burden too. If the seal is consciously, it is defined by the line of action of consciousness. If not, then come into force earlier, perhaps long forgotten solution will. If, say, twenty years ago something happened, and it was approved, and completely forgotten, or never ever evoked by life after death it is left in the pantry of the spirit with the seal of the former, long-standing decisions and will influence and affect it in accordance with this decision. For example, take that hard with boyfriend quarreled because of trifles, the man decided to is my enemy, and then, with him got divorced, totally forgot about it and never remembered. In the world of Subtle acting long-standing solution. And unless decided not climbed so much that it generally disappears sense any animosity toward anyone, there again, because the enmity not freed herself from her subsequent decision will of man. Because the printing of the latter decision will taken on the phenomenon deliberately, or release, or associates a person when he goes out into the world (above ground), where everything moves at the thought.
1965, 170. (M. A. S.). The Citadel of the spirit. Even in the life of a normal, earthly conditions are constantly changing external environment, but a person remains. Change in body cells, tissues, molecules and atoms, but its shape remains. Changing feelings and thoughts, but genius is a genius and a dumbass – a jerk. Something is changing in the man with the constancy of something. Ability for mathematics remains, although arithmetic algebra and algebra replaces differentials and integrals. Skanda's mother remain at this life is mostly, but even they are developing. And yet inside is something where, as with the top of the Tower, can look at everything that happens to him, looking as though the stranger as a spectator, as a spectator at the theatre watching funny or tragic play. It is something and can become a Citadel for the spirit, where will he retire, when waves of the sea are too worldly, restless. All this will be passed and will lose its ability to influence with his power as it does now. Is it worth that today affects tomorrow to stop and be forgotten, allowing too much to burden consciousness. You can, after rising to a tower in the Citadel of the spirit, there's lock oneself up from external influences, hard to remember that "even and it will pass, will pass all that influences today to be forgotten tomorrow.
1965, 171. Why suddenly the future begins at times sound hard and desperate? Is it because some changes take place in space. Often in dense world nothing has not yet occurred, but the space already sounds, letting all who are able to hear. You should not pass indifferently by these phenomena. It's scared of the future, giving a glimpse of ongoing happiness. The exact dates are even from close-standing and nobody can say when the accomplished Parish. But ignorance of the terms does not obviate the need to be in constant readiness. Bulletin of may knock and prior to joining, and does not meet The unready. Thus, the State of readiness as a double. The Teacher Will Come. Great for all Parish. Commitment to it is needed. On the preparedness and awareness. Waiting heart will see, hear, smell and will know. Waiting, listening and vnimaûŝie, good for you. But the benefit, multiplied by repeatedly applying my word. My light is good. Applying absorbs it and fills them with all your essence and glows with light, already samoishodâŝim. Borrowed light shines, while the light source near or so far has aimed the beam, but the light has its beam gives samoishodâŝij, even without these conditions, the light becomes unconditional, that is not dependent on something outside. Rays of the samoishodâŝie Value. After all this is-an arhat. Who can tell about the power of the luminosity of your, but Know We. Fluorescent effect level noted in the records, as a fiery special significance. Every thought, applied to life, increases samosvetimost′. This accomplishment is inherent. Its path is difficult, because it requires, but not words. How many are there, buried in prekrasnosti's own words and the highest utterance! But we need are putting forward. On the surface of Our Testaments to life celebrating the way we lead, we are dedicated to consciousness. When the light of samoishodâŝij merges with Our Light, our joy. The comfort of those who daily brings Us light, to merge it with ours.
1965, 172. (M. A. S.). The highest happiness on Earth and in the worlds is the happiness we approach the Lord. It is durable, stable, are timeless, because convergence is forever. Sequins can be deceptive happiness of happiness With the teachers prefer light? It turns out you can, and many prefer. Let's see what are the results. Let's see what remains of the ghosts of happiness of even a short time later. How quickly showered its petals as quickly wither recently still flowering and lush shoots and how rapid it. Neither beauty nor youth nor health, nor wealth, nor the welfare cannot guarantee or if it took place, is continuing. You should know that Astral shell vibration, happiness of not media may last longer than the famous term without causing a ripple of the opposite order or dulling the initial frequency of sensations. The higher the conductor, the more resistant may be experiencing it. Love and love heart varied Astral that first changeable, fickle, the second short and can last as long as the heart beats. And as always, the heart beats love immortally in love immortal is a fiery, triumphant face clearly over death. Fiery happiness approach the Lord is love, burning in the heart.
1965, 173. (Guru). House spirit is an area, where is concentrated the whole consciousness of spirit. It can be either very small or enormous, depending on savings. But whatever it is, big or small, you can constantly expand and fill with new treasures. All that beauty, all that is fine, you can safely enter into this area. The principle of beauty is unerring criterion in determining the collected material. Similarly, all the positive qualities of the spirit will decorate his house. It is interesting to note that the positive qualities of the spirit fully complies with the principle of beauty. Absurd fear, cowardice, hypocrisy, betrayal, anger, irritation, and all the other dark quality. But the House is decorated with the beauty of the spirit. Likewise, the thoughts if they are beautiful, home decoration will provide. Every moment you can embellish it, you can always do so without consciousness ugliness. House spirit belongs to its owner. And the owner is dependent on how to make it even more radiant and beautiful.
1965, 174. (May 27). Rely on mood moment whatsoever, is to put themselves in dependence on them. If, however, they are brushing aside, lay with me coming out, is to be based on something solid and stable, standing outside of the ordinary, out of constant changes and fluctuations that occur around. The starting point of thinking determines the results. It's amazing how volatile sentiment. Can you rely on them, whether you can nainužnejšee link to them! That's why you need a House spirit, to find a haven from volatility and hold fleeting phenomena. Justification it would be a basis from which there is no escape. You can set up the walls, on the walls, the roof and then to do interiors. The insertion can be put into print – home of spirit is suitable. Everybody unfit remains outside. This Division of psychiatric products at suitable and unsuitable will help sort out the unmistakable endless flow of emotions and thoughts that flow through the mind. Streamlining of thinking will be made easier. The mere knowledge that something good and is fit for the future, but something is not necessary, as is the line between the two types of thinking. Master the mindset is not easy, dividing line will help. And who consciously in the vegetable garden will be watered by weeds, to take care of them and give them time. Thought, illuminated by a ray of consciousness to analyse its nature, finds its essence and suitable for combination with her. And if the person knows that the thought that it is not a good one, otemnââ consciousness, will bring harm and will give the same results, the sooner and easier to throw it away. Of course, reckoned that the old man inside property very resistant. All of these properties are left outside as something subject to destruction, that is, address. They cannot be put down, because they will raise again suppressed their heads but can be weeded out, not giving food and stubbornly holding the line. From external contagion people set themselves apart very carefully, the more care you provide, separating the internal disease, much more harmful than outside. Garden of consciousness requires care and attention, and the House Ghost is the defence and protection of that nothing has gone haywire there is not penetrated.
1965, 175. (M. A. S.). Some istukanami still in the subtle world, others are free and easy to fly. Freedom of flight in the world Aboveground acquires person on Earth by collecting and accumulating the elements of fire. Only that in a man of fire allows flights. Fire, Agni, the sacred store or to bide his time. Every moment can be a point of accumulation or embezzlement. Very pleasant, joyful and easy when flights are available. But is like a prisoner in a sweltering prison bound and devoid of spirit. But this freedom or bondage to approved in earthly life. Ardor, or knowingly to accumulation of psychic energy, requires constant care and refined sensitivities. Know well already know rastočitelej fiery forces: it is fear, doubt, hesitation, fragility, exasperation, anger, pusillanimity, and anything half-heartedness all shortcomings and vices, all the weaknesses and complacency. They are assuming the person deprived itself of valuable, that is, the treasure of fiery might. Good hold in memory and all the drives of psychic energy, knowing that there is a quality-approved containers. Let the Fiery hell will split of from drives and let every moment knows the media firestorm, he lavishes his or accumulates. The words lavish, razrežaût flame, silence his accumulated pumps. It must not be forgotten that defines and determines the Sky stay human. Earth life gives the possibility to accumulate the fierce Agni and multiply its crystals in the Bowl deposits. Agni is everywhere, in all the worlds. Oberežemsâ from his wasting all possible measures: in thinking, in the cases and manner, and their feelings – they are either wasting an invisible power or accumulate the received lutein.
1965, 176. (Guru). Awaken in ourselves the little Agni, one has to be able to manage them or seize. If the unmanaged lights master man, the better he didn't touch the fire. Many originate from lights, madness ovladevšimi man. The fire is very dangerous and requires great preparation. We should firmly know how you can have the lights, and the knowledge to know how to do it. While detached or theoretical knowledge skills.
1965, 177. (May 28). Lick the teacher that you entered in the heart, constantly transforming consciousness creates. Consciousness, he transforms not only the physical body but also the human microcosm wrappers. This transformation can be described as a thinning, or vacuum more dense matter in the more subtle. Every thought and feeling, to one degree or another, affect the physical body, even causing a response. Even the thought of fresh, juicy roasted lemon causes salivation. It feels decidedly. But how many neoŝuŝaemyh and is not celebrated by the consciousness of all time comes the reactions the body. To enhance the action is necessary to comply with the thought of a face light emitting. After all, thoughts, influencing all the shells, or uplifting, and set up or obscure, otemnâût and lead to downward. From the idea to drop it. No thought not living consciousness, but the idea can be cleaned up and exalt. Transformation of thought comes before the transformation of the body and shells. Lead thought.
1965, 178. (M. A. S.). We that even the smallest force in the direction that gives good result. All living on Earth, fully occupied with earthly interests, issues and problems, forgetting that the Earth is a preparatory stage for a longer life aboveground. Properly told of Solomon: "what good man from all works of his which he toils under the Sun". And really, what good if died once great civilizations and peoples have disappeared along with the continents, which they inhabited: that good if will disappear and our. In the run time all is doomed to destruction. But the use of all works of earth turns in another dimension. In the Bowl gather the fruits of all the works of man, which he toils under the Sun. In the bowl is the accumulation of advanced deposits. And out of sight in a man carries away the invisibility of their achievements. When applied to the issue plan was absolutely correct, because the people who forgot about the spirit, the Earth and the Earth has limited its genesis. But the spirit is there, the spirit does not die, the spirit is independent from what is aware of this earthly human mind or does not know. And the purpose and meaning of the term can be explained only challenges the spirit, experience and knowledge of počerpaûŝego and multiplying them in every incarnation in the body. And then for the great can extract people from their earthly life and all the works of his which he toils under the Sun, because, illumined by the understanding evolution of spirit target, they take a completely different meaning and become means of achieving new levels of evolution of mankind.
1965, 179. (Guru). The idea grows at constant concentration on it and return to it frequently. The question is-what are thought to combine with them. The thought is combined with consciousness, if allowed into it. The risk of unwanted thoughts and even, perhaps, very desirable, but, alas, not enough clean. First one must determine what thoughts are welcome; then determine the degree of purity and suitability, and then banish all severely, a level not reached grade level. Friends select collated, much less thought. It's too buddies, and it is not good when they are lûtymi enemies and tyrants that are so hard to break free.
1965 g. 180. (May 29). Karma allows a degree of freedom, but within those confines, it limits the person. It is easy to see that the restrictions must not destroy as Karma can't dump the hump from the back of a humpbacked, although he really wanted to. Sometimes very useful to register these iron limitations of karma. Seemingly, there are conditions that you want to act according to their own will, but the Karma on the guard, and desire remains unfulfilled. Free choice of the person, but always within the limits allowed by karma. Karma is a good jailer. A prisoner has free choice to move but Chamber or sit and choose any thought but from the cameras come out. This karmic freedom of choice. Of course, this is nothing but a known form of slavery. Liberation from Karma and its chains has raised freedom because of Karma Karma Karma slavery or freedom there is no escape, but choose rather to produce, can be any. When Karma slavery exhausts its energies, Karma begins. Liberation from the bondage of Karma is liberation from desires. People want too much and too much because it is in slavery with her desires. Not in the usual sense is pointless, because every desire, being satisfied are more or less often, loses its appeal and must be replaced with other, equally fragile. Way wrong desires. Eventually he does nothing and has stalled or the abyss. Drunk and addict are in a stalemate. Must be all the time to increase the amount of venom until it will not destroy the body. The path of Yoga is a path of liberation from all desires. Vain and useless forever wanting. Only then can you ask is to exhaust the old karma and pay off your debts. The reckoning is not easy. Long reach chain old debt. We must learn quietly pay because there is no alternative, if your goal is to liberate ourselves. Understanding of the idea of freedom will help see the chains of their own Karma in order to confirm the desire to free themselves from them.
1965, 181. (M. A. S.). Do not wish for yourself, do not strive for themselves, nothing to want for themselves on Earth – such is the image of an arhat. All others, all for the people, all in the name of the common good. Who would agree to take this ideal in life is leading. Who would agree to take all The common good? Who? Where they are otvergnuvšiesâ of yourself? Where they lost everything for the teachers of the world? Where? Where only Light came, but not for receiving the fruits of the Earth. Where are they, hotâŝie the world?
1965, 182. (May 31). My friend, the other dimension is all the same, only changing the space around the apparatus, or conductor, which is used by consciousness, adapting itself, and consciousness itself. It becomes slightly different. Very hard to convey the essence of this transformation, using plain language, as you have to talk about unusual non-equivalent concepts in your language. No top and a bottom, but they are there; No here and there, but they are there; not far and near, but they are there; There is today and tomorrow or yesterday, but there they are. Everything here and everywhere. There is no time, but there is a sequence of events, reporting the thoughts. All the moves the thought that has no length in time, but at the same time, how would the length of the building. No physical sensations, but they are there; no physical objects, but they are there, the surrounding human and at the same time not are properties of dense world. There's a world of bright, colorful, plastic, lending itself to the space theme of will and indomitable and stupidly inert-for the blind will. No two views on this space, similar to him, although the laws of space other dimensions are invariable and are constant. Each mind perceives in his own way, through their individual understanding. Pronounced border between light and darkness, and different perception of abiding in the fields of light and dark. Perceptions are conditioned by the law accords. The law is the same for all sectors, but proceeds to consciousness are quite different. Even on Earth two people looking at the same phenomenon can perceive it quite differently. There's also this difference is increasing and deepening indefinitely, because sozvučiem is the essence of excitement. Consonant consciousness are more or less equal impressions, but they vary too. Reality more accurately, the illusion of a new world, will create the conductor through which a consciousness, which, using as a guide, the physical body on Earth, creates the illusion of a world. In understanding Higher-all just Maya. Maya, creating the illusion of different worlds, is a reality. It is in the other dimensions, like anywhere else, you need the skill and knowledge of how to combine opposing poles are unified, for consciousness things they can be visible at a time. So, the beginning, development and end of the act committed on Earth, can emerge and at the same time, not entirely separated by the phenomenon of time or duration. Of course, all this is unusual for a normal consciousness and for habitual of thinking, why is it so hard to talk about it. But still someone something will understand and display the desired conclusion.
1965, 183. Be very careful to through food, drink, air, thoughts and feelings do not penetrate the microcosm man the elements decompose and darkness. Let the thoughts and will be constantly on guard. And let the infection going from dark minds, it permeates through the protecting network. When the network is OK and strained, infection is not possible.
1965, 184. (June 1). Astral's interest gives rise to neuravnovesie. More precisely, it is a neuravnovesie, that is, destroys the balance of the force, which is so necessary for thought. Against equilibrium cannot provide long-term resistance no energy human microcosm. But the Astral interest, impatience, insecurity, doubts and all other negative energy radiated in space of consciousness, are the opposite of equilibrium and the concentration of forces, which it gathers focus aspirations to achieve the goal. Thus, the first task is to keep a balance, the second act in this State. Many, even positive feelings without being in violation of its sderživaemy. It rejects and removes the person from the goal. Steadfast and sure to be in the faith, then a lot of it will be easier to help you. Does it really need attunement or consistency of consciousness, assisted with the consciousness of one who helps. This bridge, which is going to help. And how often the bridge destroyed, depriving themselves of what they ask for. Turning for help to the Us, remember these basic provisions. Wonderland no, all subject to certain laws, which cannot be overlooked.
1965, 185. Either way, good or bad, but still live. And we must live through. So isn't it better to do the best of the worst of a good bad. Isn't it better to live life, whatever it may be, while preserving the dignity of the spirit and of power gathered for standing against the darkness. Why is life so brutally beats? Just to reinforce armor spirit. Every beat is strengthening because it forges the invincible armor. Wise is happy to shock, decomposes into crazed fool of well-being and contentment. Better tempered blows of fate and was endowed with invisible armor to come into the world above ground, trained hard for it than be there in complete helplessness and naked and being a victim of vortexes Astral, vlekomoj to and fro currents nepobeždennyh of energies. Because we won't complain about the harshness of fate, carefully and thoroughly preparing us to difficult conditions subtle world. But where do the forces find put my words into action? Only in the annex to the lives of my instructions. Even a small application will provide a burst of energy. Each pretvorennoe the Reference gives a deposition of crystals of fire, increasing the accumulation of the bowl. Method is not easy, but the other does not Know. Make no mistake, don't be fooled – there is no other way.
1965, 186. (M. A. S.). Look and see not only for themselves but also for standing around. Amazingly, as clearly visible, understood you don't seem them. Have to explain how would removing the shroud with the eye, which was dressed like someone. Wearing carefully and designed to not see dazzled. But see you. So dark you so dislike. In the past and now have the evidence as their victims, the darkness blinds to then toss damage increased. Your duty to expose and explain and deduce all fudge dark outside. Who have been unmasked, they lose because of the damage caused by the injury to deepen not only see already the damage, but also provide for possible investigation. Need more and more vigilance to reinforce and friends avoid.
1965, 187. (Guru). Once a traitor is a traitor, once a liar, always a liar, one wrong – and half of friendship – will retain these properties for a long time. Therefore, in the prediction of possible relationships in the future will have to take account of the characteristics and properties of the nature shown above. So there will be less frustration and grief and more common sense. But the condemnation will still have to leave. Condemnation is replaced by a knowledge of human nature. Knowledge without judgment – a property of an arhat. And the friends and enemies are going to learn to learn, because learning is long. And we will be happy if life itself gives us the opportunity to discover the hidden face of humanity.
1965, 188. (M. A. S.). Fire-winner of space, time and distance winner. That is the talisman, dreamt and talked the alchemists of the middle ages. This fire can collect, accumulate and accumulate in the human body. There is no task more urgent than this, because the fire is life, it is the energy, the immortality of man, if it is built. Of course, the human spirit is immortal, neuničtožaem and eternal, but unless one has acquired consciousness due, he didn't even realize his will in immortality. Build up consciousness is to accumulate his fieriness, fire and assemble in their build up the bowl. Nice and easy and pleasant to talk about the fire, but collect it lot harder elements. This task is so important that every moment, her devoted, not may not produce the desired effect, directly proportional to applied effort. Here is a man kept the unnecessary torrent, here's a restrained irritation, anger, resentment, that's not a good idea, having stopped his attention to another; that's because found someone help send; that 's, that 's, that's committed a number of acts that are fiery drives. Here's a harsh emotions prevented devour psychic energy. All is good, all this fire power accumulates. Very useful more often think about how her collect, how to hold and how to acquire that power. Little, it is necessary to be able to assemble, one has to learn to possess it. It grows in the application, this force grows, like that muscle by exercising it regularly. Inactive muscles will atrophy, and fire power in man. An action must always be kept. The ognennee action is, the more subdued it. The stronger crushed or restrained in the boiler steam, the more work that he produces. This mapping of moderation and restraint in action or actions should be very clear for exhaustion, the antipode of restraint is a virtue, but not powerless. Even the sheer quality of restraint is a powerful drive. A lot can be said for other accumulating fire properties, but even one approved, will be an invaluable asset. Good start to consciously build up in the body of its Agni.
1965, 189. (Guru). Treasures of energy – so The Lord Said, referring to the accumulation of Agni. All hunter-gatherers. All are harvested. The only question that is harvested and how. Could there be anything bessmyslennee picking up pieces of the Earth? Monstrous madness the miserly Knight, sitting on his chest with gold. After all, he will sit on it after death. Treasures of the Earth will not give him freedom, but it will give slavery, because will be held captive by each coin that is. Freedom in picking up treasures on "Heaven", that is, intangible items. This treasure and will fire, collected in the bowl in Crystal. This will be a treasure in the heavens, "that is not uničtožaemym at the same time with the body or Combs left man on Earth, for earthly treasures to take with you to the sky, that is in the world above ground, it is impossible. Agni is really a treasure, for it gives a person the freedom of movement and travel in spaces of subtle world. Yes, and besides-it gives you a great deal. The larger fire in a person, the more bright and hard he can do. Fiery creativity Unlike conventional, that is, from the creation of conventional razvoploŝencev, possesses a very resistant forms. And when they are full, true Beauty is crowned the planet aura imperishable treasures creativity spirit. Without fire there is no creativity, no Beauty it makes no sense. So the fire combined with the beauty of the beauty created by the forms. Accumulation of Agni is not so much the need on the ground, how in the World Can, because people on the Earth, even without fire, yet somehow manage to live, or rather, you miserable, but there's not live without fire. Still idols which a semblance of people otolplâût lowlands subtle world is they are people who are deprived of the Agni, the fire of your life your rastočivšie on Earth.
1965, 190. (June 3). (M. A. S.). Every time I called, I heart close. Call of the heart to heart has a powerful magnetic force that brings together the most compelling of the spirits of love. Love is the connection of two hearts crosses each other. And when the desire is the desire for conscious communication, contact is established on top of all the limitations of dense world. It knows the heart, capable of loving and accepting love outside leaf conditions. Jumps over a bridge to the future, across the chasm of impossibility of dense, and under this bridge is the closest relationship. And simple and wondrous, but how did all this difficult, if not impossible, for those who do not believe that love is conquered time and space, and death.
1965, 191. (Guru). Here is an understanding that we do not have anyone or close the worlds, this and that no one will replace Us and We became closer, and one cannot be, and is a sign that your election – us and Lord, and us and the Lord. And we are glad to know that you are closer to there can be anyone and that is unmistakably know you. The world is big, and a lot of perfume in it, a lot of consciousnesses at different steps of the ladder of life, but, in all their diversity and besčislennosti of consciousness-one Guru, mother of one and only one Lord. Links in the chain are hierarchy, irreplaceable and nesmenâemye. How many mentors and teachers to replace those who do not know. But someone who knows the law, is constant and unshakable in her once and for all by choice. Do not torment yourself, which of us is closer to the heart. Close everything and everyone are irreplaceable by anyone. Anyone ever have more heart decides who could become a favorite, and recognized him, and pozvavših him to the light. Fidelity and devotion will answer the call.
1965, 192. Where and to whom will they, sbrosivši the body of the Earth? But thrice happy knowing where and to whom it goes. The path is said to now then when on world of tight, was he is pure, was straight, and it's free. What horrible cluttering the path to light close to those who are not bothered about it on Earth. What a terrible and often losing battle to withstand them. What are the monsters of darkness hampered movement upwards. But who knows where and to whom it goes by and through them the runs victoriously, because the strength of the magnet, the involving him, overcomes all the spawn of darkness. The great Heart magnet is powerful.
1965, 193. Both often wrong people, using his judgment. Get away, get away from her life, to My understanding. My life, my Kingdom, my ability, my happiness, My World and my days in days your then prevail. Not so much focusing on how much heart lights out claim. Love, love heart ignited much can be achieved.
1965.194. How to reconcile with the sweetest gorčajšee, bitter life of the Earth's molten with joy of achievements? Only full trust to Vodâŝej hand. But before you do, how many times the slave hunters and frustrated and omračit′sâ, and discontent with the show, and a pity that on someone who Is. Not from the wisdom of this. The symbol of the long-suffering Job would be good if the sufferer has revealed more ardor, more active resistance, more spirit, but the Job of militancy is not a warrior. But I see you Want warriors, brave and courageous, and persistent, grumble not, ready always to lift the sword in the cause of Bishop. Sufferers such as Job, now no longer needed. Need a fervent fieriness of spirit, the mighty, and the restrained, and ready for action. Spirit warriors need me in the heart which burns gained Agni assembled struggle and difficulty.
1965, 195. (Guru). Laws giving absolutely clear and accurate. Who gave more put measures put himself in serious danger. To swathe myself too daâniem consciences can approach the darkness, for it becomes unprotected: or illness, or neuravnovesiâ. Exhaustion of these dangerous and unacceptable. To fire giving away, wisely need experience and a very developed čuvstvoznanie. Only you can give. Ready to take everything, even unconsciously, but desire to take no more of this. Čuvstvoznanie should tell you who can give and how much, and to whom-nothing. No need to suppress it when it says "no". The surplus of giving heavy falls on the shoulders of the giver. Let us wisely. Treasure collected such a grave price.
1965, 196. (Guru). The Warriors of light are called by might fire. In the age of the Cease-fire will be talking about the heat, and the more the better. The power of the flame rises when you mention about it. Consciousness, sosredotočivšeesâ on it, will increase its pungency. So well when everything, even the slightest manifestation of fire, carefully observed and carefully and thoroughly observed. When the thought is a phenomenon, it begins to grow. Will grow and fire and understanding of fire. After all, when you extend this understanding, you can see firsthand how the world, truly, is fiery, as the basis of all phenomena – fire, both material and spiritual. One base, and the base – fire. Science has already said that in the ultimate, it is accessible, any chemical element analysis it comes to elementary particles, which are by nature ognenny. The explosion of the atomic bomb, that is the release of these particles is monstrously powerful flame effect. From the Fiery founding world there is no escape, for all is fire, hidden or manifested form: even stone cold, even ice and water. The elements of Earth, water and air, seemingly devoid of fire, in the hidden essence ognenny. Therefore, the mastery of the Fiery element, or the element of fire, or fire, gives a person power and over the other three. Fiery four-highest.
1965, 197. (June 7). Favourite things longer live disliked. Some people not only clothing or footwear, but Burns and about them being destroyed faster stuff. Each subject has a harmonic and chaotic particle in different proportions. Mind supports and protects the slender first, chaotic, unbalanced-second. In things and objects, you can cause the aura of radiation to enhance both. It all depends on the radiation emitted by a human body. Healthy radiation contribute to the preservation of living things. About some people wilt flowers, fading smile and quietly creeping into the disease. The destroyers and eaters of harmonic energy. They can give rise and person with visible health problems. Health – Health Division, as well as the disease. There are diseases caused by decomposition of consciousness. The aura of such organisms are devastating. You can even divide people on destroyers, on the one hand, and the creators of this hearth was made and, on the other. It should be a very sick people protect themselves from radiation. People can get sick, and even hard, yet its radiation would not be devastating. And there are times when the destroyers have health concerns. Žiznenositeli, or žiznedateli, and žiznepožirateli – so you can divide people by the nature of their auričeskih radiations. As a vampire, drinking someone else's energy of the destroyer. And apparently they are not always easy. They are very easy to take cover, because nobody thinks about what harm they bring to people. Only snapshots of the aura will help identify these hidden pests. Damage from them is very great. This psychic contagion carriers, grief, despair, disease, that they give rise to physical and mental contact with them. They can be determined by sight, but only the combination of all the signs can give a complete picture. You need to look very carefully at the people. There are interesting specimens, stuffed with negative energies. Neither health nor illness are not a sign of mental distress, anyway, for the average person. And only for a teacher of light all the essence of man is like an open book.
1965, 198. They say long live Mahatma, but nobody thinks about how much should be disciplined minds and trenirovana will avoid anything in the body, causing tissue decomposition giving rise to old age or illness. Even the average person can significantly lengthen life, observing the known, which means surrendering themselves to the discipline. Here it manifests itself everywhere: in food, in the way of living, thinking and feeling. This discipline is very difficult, it is intolerable for ordinary people. Not prepared for centuries consciousness never find in ourselves forces her to obey. Neither eat nor drink thoroughly or fun, nor afford all that allows himself to be Everyman. Much of it is unacceptable. Even the life of a disciple is sometimes worse than hard labor. The more totally unacceptable for the layman the harsh conditions of the Mahatma. These conditions are so far removed from normal human. If the right to say what should people give or that must overcome before it can be suitable for living in the Ashram or Mahatmas who turns out to be so little that surprised us how a century before Stronghold comes only one person.
1965, 199. (M. A. S.). Now they've fostered hunters to occult knowledge and secrets. Everyone wants to know them, and as soon as possible, and learn to apply for their desires. And how exciting and get first steps. How many hopes for ease and speed of how even good, bright and happy dreams. Forget it, moths flying into the light, no matter how severe, however difficult the way how cruel self-discipline, neglected that even have to give up all the things for which they have come. Difficulties, if the path is correct, start to stand tall elected one over another, with very difficult is extremely difficult and almost irresistible. And here's one after the other fans suffered light any booty. Instead of the enthusiastic and pink dreams – severity and difficulty of the feat without end and without end to overcome everything that is subject to address. The teacher harshly described the man in the street dead. Teacher says: step away from the living dead. To a life of light and life in the light see from so much have to depart. Pink dreams of nothing. For each achievement or ability to pay a long drop and severe suffering. Much will need to be solved definitively and irrevocably gone. Because many who go and come, but seeing so little. A predestined disciples found on fingers, Teacher and sometimes enough on one finger only.
1965, 200. (Guru). Good that you understand what the Student Teacher quality are particularly valuable. What people usually appreciate one another and praise for that, not according to the teacher's life. His other measurements. Don't be surprised if you see in those who are near to Thy worth, you won't find what you expect to see. For larger businesses need people very special warehouse. Common horošest′ is not needed, the rubicund virtues have already heard. Much will have to be revised, and in myself and in others and understand what qualities are needed to the teacher first. Because love is good, but without consistency it is nothing without the will of constancy rather inefficiently. But courage without commitment – to anything. And aspiration without purpose is useless. So come to harmony, or a combination of qualities to approve their Symphony. A lot will have to look at a whole new way. Dedication is appreciated very much, but even it is not simple. The best measure of suitability or relevance is its value to human evolution.
1965, 201. (M. A. S.). Distraction from the main is often the cause of weakening of direct contact with the source of feeding the thought. Steering the ship holds the right course, no matter what thoughts are born and carried in his head. The main idea, main idea, dominates the other. This is a good example to follow in life, while sailing on the waves of worldly sea. The steering wheel is in the hands of will, direction, and purpose are defined exactly, it only remains to hold the rate steady. No excuse will not help if the helmsman, distracted by personal thoughts or moods, throw the steering wheel. Where will turn the whole ship? And in the sea there are submerged rocks and reefs, and some transitions are very dangerous. Think about the responsibility of steering the whole entire vessel. How and where can he deviate when the perfect mistake? Small error has already knocked down the way. Small errors can be on consequences no less large. They have a lot of these are dangerous, because less noticeable.
1965, 202. (Guru). Note the gait of someone who knows where he is going and why, and on gait loitering without business, not knowing where to put yourself. Moreover, all actions are different people who know the meaning and purpose of life and do not know. Only knowledge gives firmness and confident step. Watch as the unlearned could not fill their free time and frequently wasting their it. A man has no time to be lost. It is very short compared to the posthumous existence in which man lives on the capital gained on the ground. While the capital, or the State, or rather, the Commons and accumulation, is acquired during a short earthly life. So is it possible to lose even a minute wasted, when life is so short. Correctly named the man of the collector. That managed to collect in this earthly life in order and go away and so will live and eat with life outside the body. Parable of the talents it precisely expresses this thought: some lavish get and remain with nothing, others, on the contrary, multiply to shake from the Earth in the world Aboveground. See for yourself who is the wiser.
1965, 203. When fear is already very obsolete. Eradication can only determine the extent of the challenge. Here's a way to repeat testing are dispensed with the most difficult to deal with property issues. Understand the benefit of repetition of tests, if their goal is to release the unwanted qualities. Scary words can toss and dark, to upset the balance. But even such fabrications are useful, because they strengthen the armor. Once they agitated, ustrašali and overshadowed, but it took time, and armor became neprobodaem. Fearlessness is very necessary and aboveground, because a lot of those frightening appearances and conditions can be found there. It is necessary to know all sides of life: and light and shadow.
1965, 204. Not all heroes on the battlefield. Brave and fearless people can become and the more peaceful labor heroes or just good employees. For the life of the ordinary too need heroism, albeit slightly different than the military, but still he needed. This is often completely invisible heroism, however, did not get along without it so, then to Light their ashamed to no one. This heroism does not require acceptance by the people, or rather, he shows up without any dependence on human recognition. Not for recognition but for the sake of recognition outside its own trial with himself and his endorsement is being made is the unseen heroism. It's happening in private, before the all-seeing eye of space and sees and hears, and rekordiruet all. Only a very high level of development of consciousness gives rise to such a heroic deed. Otherwise it is difficult to call, because a lot of guts, a lot of persistence, a lot of neslomimoj cognition to do so alone. After all, didn't see anybody and nobody finds out, and not be judged – so says the Pygmy spirit, ignoramus. But he will say no even malomalejšee action, thought or feeling do not remain without being recorded in scrolls of Akasha. And secret there is nothing that would not be apparent. Before the face of space to do so never and not ashamed.
1965, 205. (Guru). Not good weather vane for wind of someone else be, not good blowing in someone else's tune, it is not good to be monkey another's moods, bad taint indiscriminate or disturbing the emotions of other people, not good not be itself always, no matter what feelings or experiences are plenty of those around. Just keeping the spirit, you can avoid immune system integrity and equanimity of mind--that is the equilibrium. Astral movement are contagious unusually. Only a coward can induce panic in the whole army or sitting peacefully in the theater turned the crowd into wild animals. Resistance to infection of other people's feelings and other properties, you can order a just negative in life by the experience and perseverance in achieving the objective. One can add: it has become marionetke or the doll market, which can pull the rope in any hand, even a very impure.
1965.206. (June 10). Rhythm changes of day and night, the seasons, completing its cycle, and all other phenomena of the opposite zamenâûŝihsâ to be replaced with myself again, inevitable in the process of life. The same change is subject to and consciousness. It has its own rhythm of the fall and rise, i.e. alternating waves. If you take the cycle of seasons, it can be divided into four periods – spring, summer, autumn, winter. That is to say, the basic stages of a gradual cyclical replacement cycle phenomena of its opposite. Rhythm of consciousness is the same, rather similar phase. They should know to not commit the winter sowing, and spring – the harvest, for everything there is a season. The valuable portions or the most favourable date of sowing and reaping psychic grains. Cycles come in large and small, but they are one entity. Even for its cycles, is subordinated to Manvantara, and they can last for millions and hundreds of millions of years. Knowledge of the cycles, large and small, can have their actions to the small man, the great understanding for Planetary and cosmic events. Knowing the time frame is very closely linked to the phenomenon of cycles, as in the large and the small. In this case, refers to the small loops of life consciousness and ability to be on them every day. You can't rape a consciousness when it becomes silent, but it would be a big mistake to miss the auspicious dates of gathering the next harvest. This is the only way to collect savings. But it often happens that triumph, hushed voice, sounding the vanity from the spheres of higher, and pitch, which brought bountiful harvest, remains fresh. You have to be very attentive to the sound of consciousness, not to miss deadlines. For everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the Sun.
1965, 207. Can dry up the source of power? No, this cannot be. But could it be that, despite all the efforts, it is impossible to drink? Yes, it happens. The reason is not in the source, and in a State of consciousness that falls silent for a while. The currents of space, spatial, environmental degradation and, finally, the disadvantage can be the cause of the impossibility of a drink from the source. Of course, much depends on the mood of the mental apparatus of chord, but you should know that the rhythm of consciousness are dictated by its State to change either the widespread perception of new revenue, either very limiting them. In these cases, pain is necessary to replace the understanding that everything there is a season, and that was forcibly taken.
1965, 208. (M. A. S.). Ashrams are valuable lessons in these crystalline deposits patron of psychic energy. Know well that every new place to inhabit a before your own psychic energy will have the freedom to express or identify. First consciousness feels as if in the grip of a new dwelling, stratifications alien if it lived before. It takes time and strain to neutralise alien radiation. You cannot destroy them, but can be neutralized by ventilated, eucalyptus, mint and pure good thoughts. Measures must be taken immediately, without waiting for someone else's accumulated energy will cause harm if it is negative.
1965, 209. (Guru). The ability to create their idea, their feelings, their radiation, all the energies of the body belong to all people without exception. The question is what and how does it work, this powerful batteries to everything around and all. The artist in paintings of their samples of his work, is a poet and writer in verse and prose. What gives samples of his work drinker, gambler, or a drug addict, or malicious, licentious, black heart? All they do, but how much different is this creativity. All radiate around, but the light or the darkness coming from their microcosm. Creators of all. You can even think about a human to understand than saturate people's aura of the planet and everything on it.
1965, 210. (June 11). The mastery of thought exclude phenomenon obsessions to thoughts. A lot of them and without having to make prevail without permission any of them in the mind. Cause energy to manifestation, you can, but you have to be able to manage. Otherwise, you may not be in the position of a human tale that called Besa, and dealing with it could not. Many are victims of their own thoughts. Even habits are nothing but thoughts are. And fight them especially hard when they have to root out.
1965, 211. Control of the consciousness of uâvlâetsâ not only the day, but at night while sleeping. Daily thought protects and in a dream, if it is strong enough. If the same weakened or the day she admitted were thoughts of another order, and controls may be ineffective. Before falling asleep, you need to install the thoughts. This will be the best guard in the dream.
1965, 212. "Don't live like I want to, but as God commands." This popular saying has resulted in folk wisdom. The words "as God commands us" should be understood as an absolute subordination to the command of wisdom of karma. Sometimes life is folded so that no personal effort cannot change its framework – this is the power of karma over man. Must wear his hump hump, and freckled – pockmarks. This has uncorrectable consequence of karma, which still somehow could be avoided in time eliminate the cause. But then intervened, and hence there is a Karma. No complaints, no outrage, no fight against the will of the Lords of karma won't help her change. His cross, that is their karma, it is necessary to take and still follow the teacher, in spite of it, in other words, to live not as it would self, as well as better finds a Teacher, that is, show full confidence in Vodâŝej Hand, albeit unknowingly and it seemed that the teacher should intervene and change unwanted or serious things. The legend of Lord's will is much more practical and vital than it can seem an inexperienced traveller great ways.
1965, 213. (Guru). The power of force always remains, though its usefulness depends on the corner of the application. But the insignificance and weakness as their prilagaj, no useful work will not give and give it cannot. Therefore, the weakness of the condemned. The great flow of the evolution of sentient being is no place for weakness. No matter how heavy the next test, it is necessary to stay strong. Weakness-it is already defeated. Strength and weakness is the State of mind in its relation to what is happening outside. You can not show action, you can remain silent and speechless can not react to external influences and yet remain to finish strong. But all the stronger will be the one who will keep the balance, but what is the balance, this is a great quality of spirit? Balance is a refusal, unwillingness to work or take their energies at the poles. The joy about one begets sorrow, the charm is disappointing. It is said that it should not be too laugh not to cry then. One pole of emotional feelings necessarily cause the opposite pole. The balance does not allow any, so that at the point of balance, Center, hold the lever firmly from both. An undetected strength stronger than restrained is the same but the detected. Balance and moderation are close relatives and cannot exist without each other. On balance, you could write a whole book, and the book the very people will need.
1965 g. 214. (Guru). Joy joy difficulties, obstacles, joy otâgoŝeniâm of the spirit and, finally, the joy of suffering – here's a shining bridge happiness, leading straight to the Lord. How many have to suffer to get to it and get it going. Comfort from a depth of understanding of the spirit of the essence of life. Nothing passes without the use of weights, and even more so by circumstances, much less the suffering through which one should go. We have a special joy when refers to the Way of life.
1965, 215. (June 12). The hand of fate puts in such conditions that raise the consciousness of Jaro respond to them. Stasis of consciousness prevents moving of the spirit. Because loading and it's the details that make you relive it all. Life has the most sensitive and vulnerable places, forcing the match at all and enriching the experience. Welcome each new wave as a new opportunity to enhance skills and knowledge.
1965, 216. "Please, master, my consciousness and be the Lord". My power is good, and my yoke is easy to eat. Filling My consciousness is impossible without filling My heart. Path to me is through the heart.
1965, 217. (June 13). My son, on the difficulties of the Path Mentioned in no time. And Chief among them is that the phenomena of living standard close reality from the blinded eyes of traveller great ways. But the road remains, despite everything, and the reality has not changed from what Maya becomes in its place. How to combine reality with Maya when the latter affects all human feelings? But everyone who knew about the light, still gone, and many of them came, because the fundamentals were strong. With all the fury of Maya fundamentals remain immutable. You can rely on them and not deviate from them even in the dense fog. We remind about it, although it is already known for a long time. Death, like a hurricane will sweep, all card houses of earthly majâvičeskih builds. Therefore, the change of life forms and switch to a different plan existence remains secure. Just as firmly that all constantly flows, but the spirit lives forever. The hierarchy Ladder is stable, even if its hidden Mayan. And with you Lord. That's at least these basics are already showing strong support to confront the fury of Maya. Because faith will need to approve undoubted in the mind when the wind blows, and a hurricane and all semblance of spirit shroud of twilight will close. But if the Foundation is not firmly established, coastal drift erosion is inevitable. After all, on anything external to settle it is impossible, as all the external is subordinated to the law of impermanence and replace one another, old-new, single phenomenon-its antithesis. In this change of events supports for the spirit. And only he who builds on the foundations of their stronghold, only he can stand in the darkness of Maya, not lose the Path and will soak through.
1965, 218. (Guru). Difficult, but wonderful in the whole point. Easy, but fruitlessly, and neither baskets nor pitchers, and nowhere to go, and not to give. So, due to the difficulties, you cannot live without. Wishing to ease the way it's better to just not suitable, because of the ease of worthwhile fails. There are people relaxed body – they can't even stand upright and have a relaxed spirit – these can neither stand nor walk. They are the ones who never went through a difficult, who ease molested who in pink dreams lived, forgetting the rigors of life and that the Teacher is calling on feat. What is here feat in relaxation! And their Teacher calls the spirit warriors. Warrior armor, bronnyj and befits the weapon fight and willingness to stand watch, and a willingness to fight against the difficulties of life.
1965, 219. (June 14). Accept and believe it now, then it may be too late, because the fire shall burn the useless containers. In the madness of those who go against the new world you can see already the impact strength of spatial fire waves of organisms which could not assimilate them harmoniously because proper uâvleniem opposite Light started yaro. Court of the planetary is already happening. Only this is not yet understood. But have to understand, since the impact will intensify, reviving the waves of consciousness and raising them for life if they can accommodate, or destroying in the process because they have same samopožiraniâ generated by bezumij. The Court afraid of the latter. No one will leave without trials of accomplishing themselves. The inevitability of the Court – at samoosuždenii or samoopravdanii or accepted the Light ', that is, requirements evolve. How to escape when breathe air, and all the air is saturated with fire. And lights, entering the body, become either fire creation-or fire or combustion contaminated container poâdaûŝim. Signs of a lot of times, just come see them unwilling. But expect to still see and seeing, take, because the reality can be denied only to a known limit. Even a blind man feels the Sun. The sun rises over the life of the world. Sun life cannot be denied. But you can not accept and reject. It will shine over the planet, and will not have denounced places on it. We are now awaken people to an understanding of the common good. Who will live. Neprinâvšie exclude themselves from the grand plan. Oppose only to a limit. Close limit. An unprecedented time. Great and small, light and dark. High and low are competing for dominance in this last fight. But the win Light. Everyone who is with me, is guarantee of victory. Everyone who is against, is hitting. With me, with a new world vs. old, on the side of evolution.
1965, 220. (M. A. S.). World situation much more seriously than it seems ordinary consciousness. Cannot be infinitely more pumping energy. An explosion is inevitable. Whether it will happen outside or in brains superchargers, irrelevant, because the consequences will be the same for anyone who develops a fire. It is interesting to note how perceptive organisms already respond to spatial fiery tensions. And well, if anyone knows how to regulate in its already in the body, these tides fiery energies. Soda can be a true panacea. But one has to make and mind worked. The Fiery waves Warned long ago. And well, if they come across already prepared. Many will toss about from one pole to the other, until you make a choice. Serious time for the knowledgeable. One must gather forces to survive.
1965, 221. (Guru). No events in depth the news-sheet. Only heart in leaning of their power. We will listen to the heart. It said that the tension in the world has reached unprecedented proportions. Mistakenly thinking that it is expressed only in international conflicts. It is manifested in every mind. React to it all, and each in his own way. It concerns all humanity. Earlier fled and climbed away from the hotbeds of tension, it now involves all the people and the places that you can hide from these influences. Responsibility for what is happening now in the world forced to bear all, whether they like it or not: rich or poor, both white and colored people, and the strong and weak. Responsibility is universal. The sooner this is understood, the better. If responsibility for the whole world, for the planet, for the lives of all the peoples of the Earth, it will burden rejected press on the consciousness of all and especially those responsible for the growing tension. Responsibility for the Land will still take. Kainovo assertion that he is not his brother's keeper, in these terms from liability will not liberate anyone, even and most upstart?. Will be held accountable for all actions on the planet. Accountable to all. The Court would create spatial fire, inefficient voltage ispepelââ in their neizžityh, lower organisms, black lights and destroying their vehicles and, conversely, brightens, uplifting, inspiring and transforming the organisms concerned. The same energy, through suitable or junk prelomlennaâ receiver, gives a completely different and even opposed the investigation. One flame becomes creative or destructive, depending on the receiver's ability to transmute the spatial fire power, the landscape enter the human body. Fire itself neither tvorâŝ nor poâdaûŝ. The flame is neutral. Free will transmutes Agni, making it creative, light or letting it collapse and making it a black fire.
1965, 222. (June 15). Where you see the external differences, there do not look for light – it is not there. It has always been. Gloss covers the emptiness. Because the people behind the letter and cling and dogma, to cover up the lack of content. It should have. And if not, how then? Here then begins the cover story of emptiness and appearance. She is brilliant and so the emptier, more inside. The splendor of the clothes and the temples will be eloquent testimony to the emptiness that covered them. The more spiritual, the more easily. Lack of simplicity – a clear sign of the lack of spirituality. Simplicity is a great concept. We must be the great spirit to be simplicity. The complexity can be quite loose builds the inner content. The higher, the better. Simplicity can be a criterion in determining the nature of the phenomenon, reveres high or revered one. Also the life become complicated with unnecessary details, burdening a consciousness. A lot of unnecessary things in people's lives. Don't need a fashion for clothes and things. Clothing should be simple, durable, comfortable and hygienic. How many unnecessary people! Luxury is the opposite of beauty. Beauty and simplicity should be the foundations of life.
1965, 223. And there are things worse – this desire to outwardly express what cannot approve inside. And in clothes and food, and in common parlance as the alleged simplicity. The Pharisees ... the licemerili: outwardly apparent prayer and fasting, and inside is darkness. Now this is replaced by a simple external when heart molčaŝem and often cruel and under the guise of words. But people still continue to believe said, content with them, without requiring the del. Words can be believed when they put heart, always demanding things. Oberežemsâ from the words pustoporožnih.
1965, 224. (Guru). Dreams are absolute value since may impose subtle connection. The investigation could have implications later on, not even in those dimensions, where they are expected. In these cases, it should be noted the fact of not bothering to interpretations. The gap between the worlds will decrease. Convergence of worlds, and also Indicated that as a sign of the coming Era. Much easier then. And the dream will become a conscious communication with the world.
1965, 225. Comes The Dawn Of Fire. The era of freedom from all forms of slavery. The most terrible of all kinds of slavery is slavery spiritual. Misrepresentation of religions has created it. My sword, brought to Earth, severs all chains, have frozen spirit. I am carrying the peoples ' freedom.
1965, 226. (M. A. S.). Many have tried and will try, try dark began to tear away from us. But all their efforts were in vain. Why the rage, seeking new ways to annoy you. If they knew how much they worry about each of your preuspeânii and your progress in an effort to keep the silver thread of the spirit. What are you, an inevitable phase of apprenticeship. It is very important, because it enriches the minds of invaluable experience. It is very difficult. We have to move away a little of himself to the side to give known as frameworks, limited freedom of dark zlodelatelâm over you. But otherwise it is impossible. Otherwise develop in you desired to further advance the degree of confrontation between hostile influences. Arms and the recent hardening of fire should be brought to completion. Be glad that it already is. From the power of the surrounding environment of the consciousness and liberate ourselves so easy. But the great joy when it finally comes.
1965, 227. (June 17). (Guru). Nepreryvaemost′ of consciousness causes the Head and continuity and continuity of service in all worlds – a conscious continuation of the Earth, only in freedom and unrelated earthly limitations. Subtle stay may be up to those who lived the attachment to earthly feelings who loved to eat, drink, or drink a sweet, who liked the sensation of the body and what they have given, who dived to head in earthly Affairs, believing that the alpha and Omega rich existence. But not the alpha and Omega, and in Pozvavšem and in the days of His Life. And when even the body Center of gravity or gravitation carries over into the reality of the world and its living above-ground man, then denying earthly conditions becomes release and acquisition of advanced fine stay. Imagine that all of a sudden, you are given the opportunity to fly where you want to be out there where you had your highest aspirations; be with those whom you love neumiraûŝej love in time; do what wants to the soul; own and study what you aspire to learn all their lives, and in their most explicit visibility bold ambitions. Of course, this is the highest happiness for man. There cannot be a single body-meet the desires but feasible everything on Earth is not earthly, but from the spirit. You can clearly and accurately define what will be there for every outgoing from the earth itself, if one knows what he lived on Earth, that loved than admired, thought to be his, and was thinking about. Feelings, desires, thoughts, all that remains, sharpened thin conditions, mobility and poroditel′ all that remains a complex inner world of subtle energies. You can easily imagine life aboveground apprentice Teacher of light, or poet, or composer, or artist, or worker of the common good. How bright, wide and exciting life these people if they were leaving, not aggravated by the earthly remnants and desires. Many conditions of earthly remains, but transformed in only – for example, service or condition of the home or food, just not the earthly food: food aromas, breathing, metabolism, but remains on the highest scale. Meet changing over all. Meetings – by name and need.
1965, 228. (June 18). Great Spirits have sought not to have anything and break free from what Were, for all earthly things very fluency interferes with invisible treasure of the spirit. Earthly requires conscious attention, caring place. But the spirit is more valuable treasures, which are inalienable. They speak, they could not devote Their Energies to ensuring that ordinary people are spending all of your time. Who cares only about the Earth, the Higher Worlds nothing learns and does not know anything about herself, except outside a person. All in man. All of the men. But discord man man, and people differ among themselves even more than the stars. After all, in the shining sun, and live and dead moon. We need to understand that, at whatever stage of development or the man standing before him, Infinity, and the infinity of possible development of the spirit, and that in the infinity of all attainable. Small, but the correct thing in time result will give. The value of small beginnings great things you should remember. If long years of daily efforts of notable fruits do not give, be glad that these efforts could not prevent the consequences at the time. It is important to do sowing, and pay attention to the plow, and snatch on time weeds, seedlings may not be. In the infinity of sprout seeds successfully, even millennial beans mental limitations, and sometimes more. Everyone knows about it or not, is the result of centuries of savings, and in each of its action is automatically experience of many lives. Not wise to believe that chess game simultaneously with a dozen partners may not mind, having gained their abilities for hundreds of centuries. Being an expression of the centuries-old experience, crystallized in human abilities, the media often do not even know how old his spirit, although young body. Age of the spirit exceeds the age of the body in countless times. When diving into the depths of his spirit from there you can check out the pearls of past savings. Even the conscious samovopros on any of its abilities can only lead one to the source or cause of their origin. Because nothing turns out nothing. But something always goes from or out of something. And belligerence, and courage and love for others--all from the distant past. And ability in music, mathematics, philosophy, inventions, chemistry – all from the same of a forgotten past. The human capacity is the quintessence of the previous lives of his experience. Man has accumulated earlier, accumulates and now for the future. The conditions, leave, the experience will be. And life is given only to acquire the experience needed for the future. And the future is in the infinity.
1965, 229. (Guru). Conquer the world by renouncing the world only, that is, refusing to acknowledge his power over the spirit. Spirit above all. It is very easy to pronounce and even to the brain. But approval of the life, deeds and thought a lot harder. Winner makes the spirit of line screaming, over opposition from the inert generalities or inert environment, over the dark basement, and has made this her line it up to the end: their behavior, his usual creativity, their thoughts and actions-all of their own, not borrowed from others, not made to be admired. Of course, and the life of such people is unusual. It is necessary to renounce the world and unusual take on the generalities of the expression activity of the spirit. It will be the victory, by one of the many, for the world to conquer, need a lot of victories, or, in other words, one must be a winner always. This becomes evident, the primacy of spirit, who is above all and above all, the above limitations and connectedness of dense conditions.
1965, 230. (June 19). Of course, friends of perfection does not constitute a. And friends need to know, know so well, to not umilât′sâ masks and yet, knowing not to judge. Condemnation is a dual harm: first of all, osuždaemomu and darkened it and paying off its lights. And condemning the damage and yourself, as allowed in its microcosm of feelings and emotions that make it unable to perceive subtle energies. Condemning yourself already punished. It is difficult to combine human knowledge with condemnation. Our Envoys are all, for they do not condemn, but learned the science of human cognition. Condemnation is closely linked with feeling, considering that it is she who suffers or has suffered damage from lack of condemned. Forgiveness and neosuždenie – the phenomenon of different order. May not a man to forgive or not to forgive another because the consequences of each act administered by Karma and forgiveness does not release from the Karmas. But the discussion or judgment of another human being is definitely unacceptable. The condemnation has no positive elements--it is destructive. Jarmo condemnation as block the offender, hangs on the neck osuditelâ. Still, people need to know, without judging. Condemnation is always zealous resistance and resistance to convict, even if condemnation was done to myself, don't know externally to the subject of condemnation. Secret condemnation not less harmful than spoken aloud. Just as harmful for the eyes. But when dealing with what they do, you know all the meanness of nature to human needs. To know and not to judge-it is a property of an arhat. It is difficult to come to terms with human nature and meanness have much to endure. Still, condemnation is not allowed.
1965, 231. (M. A. S.). The cruelty of people has no limits. Among the "cruel and dark" remember the Lord. Through the brutality of human also needs to go through, all took place, and not get infected with this ferocity, not to become like them. If you borrow from others all their negative qualities, then where did come. It was preventing such feelings in their minds and is swallowed up in victory over sredoû. Resistance of her monstrous. Her pererodit′ is not possible if consciousness surrounding this is not allowed, but is not allowed to be reborn in their image and likeness. Hard to subtle consciousness trapped in nedoroslej.
1965, 232. (June 20). The mystery of matter is great there. In the structure of membranes even insects is the perfect knowledge of the laws of mechanics, chemistry, and mathematics. Don't mind insects, but the mind nature performs this task. The finest equipment and various types of locators have butterflies and mosquitoes, and many insects, to the smallest midges. Mind and matter how would have merged into one. In the structure of crystals and most complex organic compounds and even nerve cells, for example, is it. It excels by its depth of knowledge and consciousness of human nature does not take part in building the physical conduit. It was built without the help of its owner. So, the mind has an attribute of matter. We can say that the matter is reasonable and in his Cosmic Laws expresses detections. The rule of law in the life of matter or the law is also an attribute of matter. Fire, or fire back, it is too; the higher and perceptive variety of matter, the more she's full of light and the more reasonable it is powerfully and almost palpable. It is difficult to envision how this rock-mind. But the matter of colored stars and other formations visible lightful developed eye problems, has already manifested itself in line with the refined consciousness and expresses this rationality in understanding work-available forms. Mind and matter how glowing would've clearly are inseparable. The rationality of higher human mind. She bezlična and had already been before the man reached the peaks of modern science. She was always giving impetus to the evolutionary movement of all material forms and all types of matter. All spatial energy and strength, like matter, have the same rationality, with the energy of matter is inseparable. The degree of this shown in various forms and kinds of wisdom are not the same. You can even call their Leaders Razumnostej. Their essence is so far from the ordinary human understanding concepts of reasonableness, which is not possible to draw parallels between human consciousness and the consciousness of these Razumnostej kosmoprostranstvennym: Planetary Spirits enjoy Space energies and forces, in full harmony with the Rationalities, uniting with them, and acting, and expressing themselves, the laws and the will of the Supreme Mind evolutionary universe. They create the highest will, manifested in a mighty, neodolimom pulse of all things to evolution. In the language of ancient writings, is to "do the will of him who sent", or run a command of Space will, i.e., to act in full harmony with the Calls of the evolution and go Leading led evolutionary flow of life.
1965, 233. (M. A. S.). Harshness and difficulty of path are not infringed by the surf waves of the sea, celebrating worldly winning March of those who go the name of Lord. We see and know but knowing Us difficulties your cannot release you from them, because the light path is not easy. Nor can it be easy because the bearing of the Light in her heart is from the surrounding darkness to the visibility of its inhabitants, who furiously snatch on uninvited intruder their habitual environment. Midges fly on fire, too, and the dark forces to or get burned or put out. Protection lights microcosm and constant maintenance of the sacred flame of the heart is a task of great difficulty. And many zažegšie their lights, allow them to ugašenie, because do not maintain combat environment. Dostoevsky saw, Mussorgsky was drinking. How many of them are talented and gifted, couldn't stand the burdens of earthly burdens and slomilis′. Life was for them is merciless. But Kampanellu and Giordano Bruno had crashed by the dark forces. But it's been a very strong perfume. Most of the people around you life brutally breaks. And live with an anguish, lomaemye conditions of the transitional period. The purpose of disciple-resist, no matter how it was difficult. How many zlobstvuûŝih eye slomites′ not be expected. Don't let the darkness prevail. We will stay, we will learn the beautiful encounter nasty waves.
1965, 234. (Guru). No matter how difficult, no matter how hard, but even this will also change ". And what will be left? We will stay and the Bishop. If no lights come, distressed and crushed in spirit, how He will meet you if a meeting occurs at lights hearts in harmony with inviolable laws of psycho-magnetic attraction sozvučaŝih minds? Why the Ukazuetsâ "suffer through" save unwavering fortitude, ohraniv and supporting the lights of the heart. Small credit goes to slomit′sâ, as the spirit so many do. But the spirit of saving – will be a victory. No need to move the mountains, don't break down and win something outside yourself, but you have to keep fortitude even when crushed body as invincible spirit. The Savior could evade a shameful death, if called upon to help the soldiers of light, but It is not Encouraged and ... Won. Victory here in terms of overcoming yourself and win over them. Let the outside world would like to be, but the spirit must keep lights from ugašeniâ darkness, as though neither uâvlâlas′ it around in his frantic lights extinguish. "Having been modified until the end," that is, the fire spirit with keeping alive, "saved", that is, until the Bishop.
1965, 235. (June 21). Life cannot be limited to those that are already known by man. Life is infinitely broader and richer, and more areas of human consciousness. You cannot try to enclose it within my world, outside of its infinity. Make no mistake that the unconscious itself infinitely more of what people know. This will be the correct starting point a truly scientific approach to things and phenomena to study. Infinity around wherever rushed the mind. After all there is in the infinity, falling from time to time in the focus person a limited part. Learning is inextricably linked with creativity, with the creative power of the mind. Scope of creativity of mankind is constantly expanding, but it too has no limit. All in man is limited to Infinity, i.e. can grow infinitely and to develop. Does not end anything, everything continues to eternity. The man is a process that has no end in the development of all of its properties and abilities. If he does not remember something or do not yet know, is not an obstacle for the infinite growth of his spirit. Man dies as he Thinketh himself, but the spirit in this person continues to live and gather, through a new identity in a new body, the experience and knowledge of life. Not interrupted nothing, everything is continuing in the infinity of things. And someone who has reached the stage of a coherent consciousness knows already cannot based on experienced savings that he is immortal and neuničtožaem. Absurd talk about the immortality of the individual, that is the immortality of the individual, which is effect one's limitations and cohesion mortals with the physical body is doomed to destruction and death, but we are talking about the immortality of the spirit. Imagine the absurdity of the situation, if Julius Caesar and every other person who died a long time ago, would continue to exist while maintaining personal consciousness and all limitations. As much as it would be absurd and would hold up as it's evolution. Eternity and immortality to Afanasy Ivanovich and Pulcheria Ivanovna would not have meaning. Because the good and for the good of the people is arranged so that each has the personality of its part. As the bee collects nectar from each flower, and the human spirit-experience with each specific embodiment. When the time comes, will be able to remember it all past, distant and the coming incarnation to see face to face the mystery itself, but not before. Individual pieces can be seen before, if conscience allows. It is helpful to understand the meaning and significance of temporary existence of personality to not bind to it and to not count it as their temporarily and haunted: its citadel and the spirit. Through a dozen or more years she will die, leaving behind nothing but memories, and not her intended place in the Panteonah of the immortals. The meaning and significance of individuality, the immortal perevoploŝaûŝejsâ triads, too, one must know the identity of the minor and the death, the Undying, refocus its existence. Realm of the Triad is not of this world, that is not of the world, not from personal Mirka home and hides from the infinity of the ordinary man. Realm of the Triad is Infinity, the realm of the Triad is space and space and infinite life.
1965, 236. (M. A. S.). When pages are filled with records, the Order of life. In this task, or mission, this incarnation. Who else could do this and where is the others perform? Everyone has an errand each proxies. Because and gives so much to it that people leave, after running. We will not second-guess why the profound thoughts followed by simple thoughts, not once has already raised earlier were all designed for different Consciousnesses. Each will find by themselves, something for themselves, but the consciousness sozvučaŝee. We should write on many levels of consciousnesses and not embarrassed nor the prostotoû, nor the depth of the issues involved. We will email your thoughts, but you should burn that will take out.
1965, 237. (Guru). Refer to the past with understanding. In the past, deliberately laid or magnets for bright future is the past good and certainly it is not a shackle the spirit. The past we will distinguish the utility of the future. But often even the creative past cluttered nepoleznymi details which obscure his evolutionary sense. These details must be discarded. Those who laid the treads of the future, Knew what they were doing. Those who usually lose layers nagromoždal principium. In the past should be the spirit of prozrevšim watch to accurately separate the useful from the unwholesome, chaff from grain and accumulation of light from darkness. With unhelpful past into the future is not very crowded. Useful, on the contrary, will serve as the backbone of the foot and the treads Stair light.
1965, 238. (June 23). Serdcevedenie is doing with the heart. The idea spilled over from heart to heart, and through the heart and heart is given to the order. Order of the brain is not good at all. It is often quite nedejstvenen. Silently running heart, or heart, impacting idea powerfully. Why the people straight fit and shy away from other is operated by invisible wire heart. The book "heart" is not the end, but the beginning of great science. The heart will have to have so much to say! After all, it is Infinity, which can only embrace the heart. The infinity and eternity are tied tightly, and eternally beating heart. Yes! Yes! Yes! Heart beats always. And when the stops the pulse and physical apparatus hearts cease to apply it does not stop the beating, but continues in other shells. When flushed, it continues to beat Astral in mental, when reset is in a mental body. Heart is beating, for the heart is always fiery engine life. Even Atom beats it, and in the Sun. All the functions of the physical body are subtle, but transformed the new conditions. Man and breathes, and sees and hears, and smelling, and feeling the taste, and moves – Word, functions and activities remain, but modified the terms of fine living. The transmutation and feelings have to get used to functions, adjust and become, as it were, in the course of conditions above ground. Transmutatorom will heart. It should be seen as a receptacle of fire. But how far the official medicine from this understanding! Only life will lead to an understanding heart. After all, the heart of everyone. And all hearts live, albeit at, nonrecognized and heaped in paid little. The epoch of Maitreya will Èroû Hearts. Living brain and intellect more than the heart. But they will live. What a Fellowship of people without heart! Or cooperation all around! The new container is a receptacle of all people now their energies, and im going to heart, prozrevšee to life and calls unheeded new age fire.
1965, 239. My friend, faith or trust, contrary to the evidence and anything under way against him, will be a sign of true Discipleship. The visibility of all its persuasiveness of Maya will go against the steadfastness of trust to a teacher. Maya must crack down. The credibility of the Mai-on the hour for any length of time, after which it changes its face to take new forms and again close the reality. In the heart of the credibility carried his Teacher to the end will be met by Teachers after, despite the horrendous bulks and ghostly obstacles Maya Ray, the way to it. But trust is lost, and hence the link is encountered. The loss of confidence means preryv and zamolkanie of the heart.
1965, 240. Perception is not accurate, as the perceiving device is not always in perfect order and many seeking to attach itself to the wire and pass on her. The judge will be the heart. It senses the nature which thoughts. The space is around and it is filled with many thoughts. Some try to isolate itself. But the best insulator will heart filled with the Lord so that nothing outside themselves places find could not. The value which was perceived in fullness of heart. For completeness the completeness required fullness of heart harmony Appearance Leading Hierarch. Emptiness is gone, and what is Higher, may be occupied the lower, creating an opportunity to hang on a wire spatial pests. Purity of heart is necessary to even nenapolneniâ impure failed. Dividing people into impure and pure had reasonable cause. NET space were associated with clean layers of space, unclean with low. When in contact with human beings, each for a different consciousness of their purity or impurities and brightens or otemnâet it. Will be times when mental contagion will isolate carriers, as is done in the world, where the layers are delimited in the Aboveground and guarded by sentinels – appointed by the hierarchy. They are endowed with a force which feel compelled to obey the inhabitants of these layers. Everyone gets in on the name the layer with the nature of this layer. Errors do not happen, because the laws of magnetic attraction force on conformity with these energies that have accumulated in man. Everyone gets their own.
1965, 241. (M. A. S.). So, let's talk about it. The hardships of space beyond Earth in countless times. Below them are taking care of the planet, its spatial position and balance above-ground and underground fire, so Jaro narušaemom humanity. Human battery is very strong, as has the powerful energies and collective humanity whose power has influence on State of balance of the Fiery founding planet. Breaking it can cause disasters that has happened many times in the past. Bishop Stand watch. And loading them in this titanic struggle with the elements is often exorbitant. This is the Burden of this world. Naitâgčajšuû Is He accepting responsibility for the Earth. He is assisted by the light in the heart of the bears, so The Burden sharing the burden. You should not ascribe's consciousness only personal reasons, it is often the separation with the heart of the great Burden of his exorbitant evokes the burdens. This is a burden, it indicates the spatial integration of the heart to the spatial expansion of consciousness and life. This stage is not an easy one. Of course, then come and spatial joy, but bearing of Burdens, even partial, of this world hard. In this uâvlâetsâ help the heart, which is on the great service to him who stands on Nesmennom Watch, protecting the future of our planet. Be able to provide this assistance, already shows a high level of development of the spirit. Conscious help Rulers regarded highly. But few can have it and even less interested.
1965, 242. (Guru). Rule neotmenno should be combined with the consciousness of Teachers when the spatial nagnetenie becomes unbearable. Separation of consciousness from a teacher in these moments is very dangerous-it's one of the reasons. The second is that in these moments require spatial support by joining relatives or are consistent with perfume. In these moments especially vital sound of the words: «Now every worldly care "aside, that is all we should cast aside, keeping the personal consciousness on Focus light. These associations provide a spatial protection against raznovesiâ forces and serve as protection Lands from destructive energies of chaos.
1965, 243. (June 24). Eyes – but the highest. It is difficult even to imagine what would happen if people were on inferior minds. Know many such examples in private, but they always have very sad results. Focus is given to people to lay is Hierarchy. In addition to the benefits this alignment does not give anything. There is a positive phenomenon completely. To them and refers to the alignment of the hierarch.
1965, 244. (Guru). Small minds in a small heart is filled with anger and other emotions but repulsive to the Hierarchy, when external circumstances becomes unbearable. When the same nagnetenie attitude to it correctly, then we can say that the test runs correctly. Wire to the Hierarchy goes up over the life of the generalities, and unusual vibrations flowing freely on it. Of course, this requires a humble wrapper Astral that frantic rebels against anything that violates personal convenience, personal peace of mind, personal well-being. Humble and rein in its self-disciple, and, moreover, is one of the most difficult. And it must be solved.
1965, 245. (June 25). The psychic energy can accumulate and accumulate in various subjects. The physical touch of accumulating these are amplified. Subjects and things and especially wear-gatherers of psychic energy. Houses, old houses lived-is a kind of museums, where heavy and hard sediments pile up psychic energy. Each course in the hands of a man who, bears the imprints of the aura. It is necessary very cautiously refer to things already have someone. In most cases their negative saturation. Little do people light objects filled with glowing aura. More dark. The gifts are the properties of their donors. All subjects and all the focus voluntarily or involuntarily thought, feelings, experiences and human attention, absorb them into itself, in its aura and remain with it. The aura of things and subjects of vibration effect on those who have to deal with them. Strong personality will neutralise these emissions over time. On slower they work longer and maybe all time. So it is not easy to settle in old houses and old things. And better more often change places to places not aura effects in an aura of v″edalis′ inhabitants. Even while taking into the hands of the čitannye and read the book, you mentally to drive away all that pent up in them, or, in any case, keep away from possible infection. It is difficult to even imagine what the melody is everything that surrounds a person and have him come into contact with anything. The so-called public places often have unhealthy emissions of their visitors. But the horror fills the atmosphere of card dens and places to uâvlâûtsâ lower passions. You should avoid these places even from casual and short contact with them. What are prisons, places of exile, sobering-up centres, hospitals! Detention centres and concert halls sharply differ in that layered on them. So does differ from the House of prayer houses of debauchery. Each apartment also has its own mental atmosphere. All of this relates to the field of invisible energies, but nevertheless Jaro affecting human psyche. You can stop hooliganism, rudeness, scandals, quarrels, but you cannot insulate consciousness from the effects of the aura of the place in which it is located. Delicately sensitive organisms sensitive to these influences, although usually not aware why. Everyone behind leaves his scent wherever he went. The dog knows it better people and finds a trace of his master. But people that don't want to know. All his life a man fills his aura all radiation and he is touching, brightens or otemnââ objects and stuff, its surrounding. This invisible aura material objects is already by the subtle world, where everything is clearly visible and subtle vision sensitiva much can distinguish and point out. You can imagine how dirty and stained everything with the current state of humanity, and how Earth-like aura saturations is infected. In the space clearly and seriously abide by all. Brighter minds fills all the light, dark-darkness. How to lighten, cleanse, improve before the Light coming From the fire lights up the world. Cleansing is the greatest challenge of the coming days. It will be attended by mass. But their consciousness must first grow to understand the responsibility for the cleanliness of the aura of the Earth and the space in which we live, feel, think and who are packing the mental products of your consciousness.
1965, 246. (M. A. S.). He Gave us everything, and giving, and one that will give. All from him, and through him, he said, "God be with us all the days until the end of the century." The gap separating It from our Consciousness on the stairs of life is enormous, and despite this huge distance a range, and perhaps more. It is close to everyone who is looking forward to it, because for every door is open. And this does not depend on the time or distance or other physical conditions. It is in the spirit. But the spirit over all. Set the body is all its particles, when it is in motion. Let's call this phenomenon the Monolith's aspirations. When a man in all of his shells such aspirations, it becomes becomes such a monolith. Solid aspiration of truth leads to the Lord. But even the smallest desire brings a sound closer to him. It is necessary to have at least something to attach to anything. And we must come. As he himself said: "come to me". But a little walking. Ready to give full assurance in the likeness, but where are they, hotâŝie take? Now comes the world of Invisible Visible to crucify. And indeed cannot, but fiercely and furiously flout all values of spirit and are ready to tease and koŝunstvovat′ over the Top. But deadlines are coming, and will either take or leave the planet, because the space environment have created the iron solution seems imminent go with light or stay in darkness for each person living on Earth and all who live in her aura, whatever they may be scratched.
1965, 247. (June 26). Way to hard. There are so few really resentful wanting to go, though, and a lot of interested people. From desire to the imminent decision will to a great distance. Each step means overcoming and permanent tension keen vision, aspirations and a steely determination. But the obstacles are piled up like mountains. And the more determined, more obstacles. Because the speed of motion raises the appropriate environment resistance. The resistance forces are being strengthened. No one else will go. Sam, Sam, Sam will do he'll succeed is the first rule of the pupil. Help when help is really needed. But the judge let us. We need to understand the usefulness of enemies and why they Allow. Each enemy has taught something and something helps to assimilate. Usefulness of enemies neotricaema. Who will teach the alertness and vigilance, alertness and caution. What gives the enemy and what is the instruction nor friends nor cannot make up around, even if it wanted to. Only hatred and rancour of enemies are not going to grow, because those feelings are poisoning our own system and otemnâût consciousness. We are ready to help, but need the capacity to help take and not in a form that is expected. We see better and farther.
1965, 248. And: who and what will replace Teachers light if waived. Because the loss of Hierarchy irreparably. They are the way forward. Those who do not want to take his cross and follow after me, will not succeed. Follow vzâvši cross, not many would have wanted. But take the cross – this means refuse complaints, complaint, grievance, and it means humility before payment of old debts of karmic. And when the weight of the cross becomes unbearable, then remember that He Requested to load it anymore. Excessive burden cannot destroy, and the same spirit of truth comes to us. Even the donkey carries its burden, because you need to have some skill in burdens, i.e. understanding what Is take his cross with him. Awareness of the importance of the constraints and obstacles to closer for thousands of years. It will be given to the winner, which was working to overcome, too. Going will reach.
1965, 249. (Guru). Denial of death is one of the great achievements that are available on the Earth to man. Deliberately said, "on Earth," since the death of win to the comfort of the body. Connecting worlds, telling the Bishops, and Banner stands for victory over death. While still in the body, then the person will see the subtle world, the phenomena of the world in which he lived, leaving the body. Consciousness will gain the ability to live in two worlds and two touch, while still on Earth. It is hard to imagine what changes will this insight into the life of humanity that fundamentally will change. The new heavens and the new Earth will take the place of the old, and the old will not come over to heart and not back some again. The greatness of the future, which is waiting for the guests.
1965 g. 250. As long as the servant is not realized his slavery, he will not strive for freedom. People are slaves to their physical body. People don't realize how terrible slavery they have in their body. But who realizes he wants freedom. It will search. He will find a way to free himself from captivity of the physical conditions. He realizes that in the spirit of freedom and the spirit can become, if it wants to. But you have to look for, and it should be aspirational stubbornly and aggressively destroy the Dungeon walls which enclosed the spirit. The mastery of their conductors, power over them and mean that freedom. The path is open, go to Point the teacher it is achievable.
1965, 251. (June 28). (M. A. S.). Each order has its own incarnation of the spirit, which is to extract from the embodiment of experience and knowledge on the instructions of the spirit. Many people shy away from this run and start chasing elusive calls Maya. They are the ones who time and again has to be taught a lesson nevyučennyj.
1965, 252. (June 30). When I talk about dinner and the chosen, not referring to any particular favourites of destiny, but those who for centuries had previously collaborated with us who helped us and was close. No past contributions cannot be izbranničestva. Everything is achieved by work and bor′boû for approving light. And if this were not the case, everyone has the right to think that the invited and selected turned out to be so casually, by some quirk of fate. There is no effect without a cause. But the reasons, human destiny, kuûŝie are engendered by his own will. So izbranničestvo is in the hands of his will. Under the banner of light are called by all. In order to be pozvannym, no need to have much merit. But izbranničestvo conditioned by them. Hear the call of the multitude. Otvetstvuût not all who hear it. Follow the Pozvavšim until the end of the unit. Comfort in knowing that even in the last hour had come to be accepted and will be admitted. There is no failure. Still, we should only bring something with you, that was what to get. All coming to see me get everyone – by the ability of consciousness to accommodate. The eye sees what are called. Just as the spirit takes perceives what drawn out. Consciousness implies as to where the heart goes. And everyone gets on the vigor of the heart. There is no failure. Neprihodâŝie to me and neotvetivšie also get from life, but not my own and not from me. And what are they like the fruits of the dead sea is scattered into dust when they want to hold onto. But my received from Me, remains forever with the who. Flowers my garden do not wither, and the fruit is always fresh.
1965, 253. (M. A. S.). You heavily among the cruel and dark. But what is It, Operedivšemu humanity to the distance measured concept Range. Because the victim It is called Great. Of course, His consciousness was and is not of this world, not the world in which you live and the ordinary people, let's call It the cosmic consciousness. He knows the destiny of mankind, and style of the great Plan, and all activity in all Worlds takes place in accordance with the demand of Space will. Humanity as a recalcitrant flock, at all times seeks to turn aside from the straight path of evolution. And on the sides – precipice, sharp cliffs and rocks, and the darkness of chaos. Only way forward through space channels dug čelovečestvami Higher Planets. A path marked milestones set by the Planetary spirits of the hierarchy of light. Leading our earthly humanity Abides with him all the days of His life on Earth. The meaning and significance of his victim. In the higher Planets don't have this abiding inertness of matter, and people have moved on. There it would be easier for Him, which took the brunt of the cross. But he carries the Cross today. And so few people who want to help him and ease His exorbitant burden. Neskazuemyj Feat Victims Great persons need to understand.
1965, 254. (July 1). You should never put themselves in a position where it would be necessary to produce knowledge or anything else against their will, or understanding, or desire. Nepolezny and forced to meet with passers-by, when not on the heart, but by the want of others and demand falls against the heart of unseen voices. In these cases it is best to answer questions. If the issues are moving the border to the desired answer, responding, without saying anything. Quality of being neblizkih minds have to stop a firm hand, because nothing good comes out of this it fails. Immature friends often require what require mentally are not eligible. In the early stages are particularly affected and the desire to teach and talkativeness of someone to lead them. All this indicates immaturity. The silence and the usefulness of this golden quality Mentioned without reason. Even experienced travelers pogrešaût against him. Very much wants to share the wealth. Desire is quite legitimate, if adhered to the rule of "handing out wisely. Donation in excess of the reasonable turns against the giver. At first willingly listen and, apparently, even those who are very quickly going to the other side. That's why Zapovedana wisdom of the hand.
1965 g. 255. (M. A. S.). In process of growth of consciousness and experience loses pink paint with the faces of friends, with life, with the surrounding. Human cognition is a harsh school. There remains a place of self-delusion horošest′û suitable. Remember how harshly Knew It (the Savior). Will not find in His speeches, words and emotion of the human horošest′û lessons in that respect. He Knew too well the human nature to imagine pink hopes for loyalty, constancy, appreciation and devotion to him and listening to Him. And knowing the people He has never Condemned. This is a great quality He wanted to instill in people a nonjudgmental Buddhist ethics. The severity and neosuždenie, knowledge of the hidden essence of man, in all her unattractive appearance, and people love, struggle and resist the darkness and unwillingness to even raise a hand to defend Themselves indicate bipolarity of consciousness, which found the median balance point between the poles of two opposites. Small consciousness usually stumble even at low protivopoloženiâh, finding contradictions in them, causing doubts and reels. But the great spirit Is A great balance of opposites in his heart, which is a great strength and Stronghold, able to withstand the strong pressure of the darkness. Only the person who installed this balance, can justifiably say: "I have overcome the world" since the great Balance there are sign of victory over the world.
1965, 256. (Guru). As above, so below, as in the large and the small. Will study in everyone and in everything and always. The shortcomings are easily visible in other, often nest in own consciousness. Otherwise it would be difficult to see them right away. Here's someone, like peacocks, spreads his tail for admiring its beauty. And can be, and in ourselves, in the form of some kind, also home to this desire to please and attract, i.e. establish consciousness of subservient another's opinion. Maybe suffer talkativeness? Maybe not not abject dependence on others ' opinions and do for them? Condemnation is permissible, the conviction justified condemnation of Welcome, but ... only yourself. The severity of judgment about yourself must be manifest. The trial of a need to manifest. The trial of a need to reveal, without waiting for another court.
1965, 257. (July 2). My friend, no matter how hard the ignorant retreating from reality, you cannot withdraw cash from accounts that there is and that there is. So the nuggets of truth can be seen in the most distorted interpretations and beliefs of the past. The dark exists and there is a hierarchy of darkness, and was their head, fallen angel, once Svetonositel′. Know how to extinguish every spark of dark light and destroy every good initiative. How damaging they are to you and continue to harm. And like a lot of them, conscious and unconscious accomplices of evil. Not Devils, but people walking against the light. No Devils, but there are sorcerers, knowing what we don't know, and ordinary people enjoying their knowledge to the detriment of others. Know that there are black boxes. And you know that ill-wishers are everywhere. They are on the side of darkness and swell the ranks of militant evil himself. It is only necessary to remove the effects of the past, to strike the clueless to see reality in a distorted form, or obsolete words. Evil exists, there are dark. Razvoploŝennyj villain such and remains and continues to multiply the darkness. And there are very good people and people are just good. In them the light. And there is a Hierarchy of light led by a Bishop, he Lead. And the constant struggle between light and darkness. All the basics. You can deny it, but they are the face of reality. You can deny the immortality of the spirit, but then human life loses its meaning. You cannot live for death and destruction of everything that is in man. The human body is not a person, and only his spirit guide, travel case, in which he temporarily lives to accumulate necessary experience and knowledge to their lives in the infinity nepreryvaemoj. Deniers accept death and worshipped death. It is death, because slaves believe that death is the winner of the life, not the other way around. Who believes in death, in death will die, and who believes in life, will live. Death of person is inevitable. The deniers are right. But the identity of the person is not a person. Personality has a holiday spirit, which framed shell into it to fulfil its purpose and task of his incarnation. Person dies, but the individuality of the remains, and if consciousness is transferred to it, then it is nepreryvaemost′ consciousness, that is, actual immortality of the spirit. The spirit of everyone is immortal, but until it is understood and not carried over from consciousness of personality in the Personality of the immortal concept of triads, immortality remains abstract, theoretical. But those who Gave the idea of the immortality of the spirit, actually Reached it and Knew, as Saying. Those who deny the basics, don't know anything, although their aplomb and ignorance is no less exorbitant. Only happiness do not know they have no hope. Empty shell.
1965, 258. (Guru). Voice of the Bishop must be a student of a face. That, at least in part, reflect the Light bishops, its darkness and its identity, in which it must temper the nestled, humble, to bring her to the point that it not only does not interfere with the radiance of light, but also contributed to it as possible. Identity means limited, temporariness, impermanence, because its basis is the Astral. When feeling taken advantage from under control with an iron hand, identity can no longer, as usual, letting the light. Personality is a servant of identity, this slave, who unquestioningly carry out the will of the higher self. Two in one, and one of them Excel. Which of the two? Solves ethos, for decision, in the spirit, and the spirit's decision determines the fate decided. We decided its way forever. And this bespovorotnost′ address future human forges. Otherwise can not be it. After all, there is no other way. Is it in the dark! But who is the Light tapping, consciously, rushes into the embrace of evil. When exceeded, followed by the returning tide already is impossible, the spirit finds a narrow path that leads to life.
1965 g. 259. (July 3). Day comes and goes, but the day I "stays forever. Just as life goes by in this body: it is born, grows and dies, but the self remains. Thoughts and feelings that arise again, then go off again. Flash events, like a stream, past rushing spirit. But the self remains the beholder. Out there (in the world Aboveground) same as here on Earth, there is only the body of another, not earthly, but subtle, and the surrounding World is thin. And above all the same, only instead of the subtle body there is a body of thought and world of thoughts around looking self. Squint and Cup – store all perceptions – remain in the earthly and the Aboveground realms. Remain forever. A personal low self dies and another is born again, and another, and a third, and a lot of them strung together, apply the thread-like. Beads a lot, one thread. The small ' I ', these personalities, a lot, but the higher self is only one, and one Bowl – eternal storage (memory) all lives have passed. Immortality in death consciousness in the body, so a big "I" in a small way the eternal in time. All of the temporally but forever Watching. Earthly consciousness of individual small sleeps at night. But Looking is awake and never remembers. Silent Recorder forever on guard. Zarekordirovano all. Shell, shell live suffer or rejoice that brings them to life, and He only looks and only Remembers. Earthly consciousness in dense body, fine-living in the small, mental – mental, and each is dying with its sheath, but Recorder immortal. And if the consciousness to higher self has soared, and with it came together, and arrived in Treasure Thickets stored Silently behind the seven seals, who are watching the merger of who is watching, and the higher self in Immortal Triad. And the mortal becomes immortal, and then man enters into the great Brotherhood of immortals. People call them gods or Bogočelovekami, but these are not gods, but the people freed from the power of death of their membranes and affirmed its power over them. Ladder of life Immortal has a beginning but no end. And no one ever said that He has reached the top of it.
1965, 260. Continuing in the transient must understand not only understand, but also to master, that is assimilated in the mind. If all that is, exists in Infinity, and each, even small particle count is the expression of the infinity is like a drop of water from the ocean is its composition. Then the eternity will acquire a new dimension of expression, manifesting in the face of determined time. Talking about eternal life. Yes, it's that life is eternal, though it comes in temporality dying and newly emerging forms. Even time itself counts down the seconds pendulum pulse beat of eternity. Everything is born from the infinity and everyone in Infinity goes away and does not vanish there. Mind linking himself with the phenomenon of the eternal in time, becomes itself over the stream changing transformations surrounding peace and order shall be attached to the innate. The duration of life of galaxies and cosmic processes suitable to the limits already, Eternities in comparison with which human life with all its events, is how Jiffy before billions of years. And this comparison is to the mind of man, because in it, as in everything, the infinity, because the elements laid the man himself is also an expression of the eternal in time. The concept of Infinity and the book "Infinity" people Give that a thought can touch and smell something to it not only by boundless life but just heirs than on space law applies to humans. We are opening the gates of Infinity, in which he likes to can enter.
1965, 261. (M. A. S.). How to reconcile smallness of personal self to the Outer outline of destinies of mankind great affects. Only the knowledge of wisdom, greatness and knowledge of who leads. There are a striking example of the orchestration with the Supreme, eternal with temporary, death with immortal. Higher and earthy meld it and are expressed by its beauty. Have you ever thought about the beauty not only of a physical body, but all of the shells? It may be ugly and repulsive thin shell, just as can be attractive and beautiful. He, who said: "I have overcome the world" won the first shell, to bring them to full harmony and the beauty of them lighting up the whole sky. This is the antithesis of mutilated people thin their membranes and the beauty of rich, High Spirits, let trick will serve as an indication that they are at the mercy of the Transfiguration. When the teacher showed the students its glorious Fiery body, He Wanted to see what they each can reach when will follow him. It is the eternal and the temporal was combined in its Highest expression, but a degree of some sort, yet accessible to people if not for understanding, at least to visit. Testimony of peace he has given, that immortality is achievable and that the temporal and eternal may be sgarmonizirovano in a man when he is in his earthly body. And now Call repeated. It is a call to the new era.
1965, 262. (Guru). Consistency of aspirations and thoughts with actions and activities and all life learner will stage its approximation to the teacher. One cannot speak about one or think, doing quite another. You cannot fly to the highest, plunging into the worldly mire. It will be a very sad symptom of raznovesiâ. The power will be paralyzed by force, which increases his vlekuŝeû down. The result is standing still or moving backwards. Well, when all the shells of the microcosm man harmoniously and monolithic fixed up. Long Said that the House, divided within itself shall not stand. Not upodob′tes′.
1965, 263. (July 4). To thinking Thin good to train yourself to have Peace on Earth, to assimilate the new conditions as soon as possible. Seasoned spirit feels at once-like home there. Inexperienced is lost and has to endure the process of adaptation. Sometimes this perplexity by other razvoploŝency. He is protected by his knowledge. The strength of Agni remains a force and there and thought, for whom knowledge is acute. Stay in the new context of above-ground existence is very interesting and fascinating for the spirit not associated with terrestrial remnants and pritâženiâmi. This exemption could be called death. Neither horror nor fear nor the cold graves nor loss of all, neither destruction nor hell, but it was the release of spirit from earthly constraints, from body-prison, against a grave coupling circuits busy world. Many people do not even understand what they are being enslaved in the body of the Earth, which requires supplies, and clothes and food and transportation, and much more, many things on top. None of this need not aboveground--and in this great freedom. Who lived thought and spirit, art and lived for others, personal pozabyvši, so its very easy and free. It used to be the sin of gluttony. Why? It is difficult to obžoram the outside of the body, because there is nothing. Mental torments of Tantalus-like the gluttony – sensation is there and very bright, saturated and they do not give. And so in all that concerns the desire to satisfy the earthly desires. But the musician can be buried in sounds, and create, freely and without end enjoy the process of creativity. Boozer also creates and reinforces the alcoholic thirst wine without the ability to saturate it and stop. So then, death is the freedom from captivity in dense matter and happiness for those who tore out of sense of its sting. The Teacher is calling this freedom and its Heralds for going after him. The entire cargo of unwholesome, hatred, malice, envy and malevolence all cravings should be left and swing this freedom to achieve. The release is still on the ground, because there should not be a take out anything that might encumber or constrain the freedom of razvoploŝennogo the spirit. Freedom is forged now while still in the body, because that bind on Earth will be bound in the world Aboveground. Slavery chains of the break should be here on Earth.
1965, 264. (M. A. S.). Who Is He? He is a bringer of freedom and knowledge. He is Having the Age that you have to find and reach. He is a bringer of happiness. Have it translated all your highest hopes and aspirations. If it found the highest level of human achievement, if these achievements are possible, then, and you are given the opportunity to achieve through it that is unattainable by other means. He just said, ' I am the way, the truth and the life. He cometh shall not forever, as the inexhaustible source of life approached.
1965, 265. (Guru). Going to the Lord comes, if not immutably interrupt a step. If a step is rhythmically sustained and steadfast in all circumstances, the external environment, it is the guarantee that the going will reach.
1965 g. 266. (July 5). Everything that happens to us can be divided into anticipatory and unexpected. Usually good how much expected rejoice when it is exercised. But as often happens, that joy this turned into its opposite. Why is it happening? Why made a wish or a dream turn into a source of trouble or even suffering? For the most part people want only for themselves or their loved ones, that is, his desires are selfish. And the root cause is the self. This kind of suffering, widespread, not cost-effective. Suffering and high Spirits, but not for himself. Suffering for other expanding consciousness and display a small "I" out of its orbit. Expansion of consciousness – the task of human evolution. The opposite pole of sverhličnogo suffering – the joy, joy, joy sverhličnaâ, isšedšaâ of sadness. Unloved comfort from is the threshold of pain following behind them happiness.
1965 g. 267. (M. A. S.). Fate is often very severely with those whom she loves, who is marked by the seal of the spirit. Why is it so? The harshness of life, full of difficulties and hardship, makes everything brighter and brighter the smouldering fires of spirit. (A) deprivation of earthly goods and facilities bespečal′nogo, easy existence makes transition in the thin world and assimilation of their above-ground conditions light and painless. Lišencam on going there to lose. But a habit to live without what people are so hard to get used to that part with them causes suffering, frees them from earthly remnants. So has nothing and is not interested in the well being comes into the world above ground. A beggar any billionaire, for richer billionaire nothing with him, dying, and both are in their birthday suits. One free, as had nothing, another related, as had many, too many, and am used to enjoy too much. These habits – like growths on the spirit, and it's hard to take them off. Be glad if we deprive the life than the other: for this is the bail release. Here come the hour of transition, and to spare any that is left all earthly things, even do not want to, because this life was too hard and deprived the thing that binds the consciousness to the ground. In many of the deprivations suffered by the joy, for each lot included deprivation there is freedom from the chains tight world. Properly written, don't get attached to anything and you have nothing to lose or regret about lost.
1965, 268. (Guru). It has been said that the deprivation in one is finding something else, perhaps, much more valuable than lost. And if the material deprivation is replaced by finding spiritual which cannot be lost, then wouldn't this to replace one another, more valuable and indispensable. How many people will realize that the more valuable spiritual wealth of all gold worldwide, because gold is too heavy to take with them beyond earthly existence. So what have people fall into a true treasure and ghostly wealth, that is merely incidental and temporary. The latter can be used only on Earth and, at best, short years, while very long, compared to the Earth, to stay in the world may be happy and Aboveground light only if the possession of the true wealth of spirit. A narrow path that leads to life, true wealth accumulation provides the spirit which is on fire don't burn, and not drowning in water, and death cannot be taken away.
1965, 269. (July 6). Vanity and Infinity are the two poles of opposition activity of consciousness. Life is often put in a position where you cannot shirk from immersion in earthly concerns. But the passenger train or Steamboat knows all the details of the move, both good and bad, just moving in. That's the same feeling of temporality most difficult and volatile circumstances and should be consistently and persistently keep in mind, remembering that all sections of the journey time and are finite and infinite, although all the way. You should also know that life puts in an environment that is hard at learning something very important and correct. It needs to find and use the obtained knowledge to multiply the experience really necessary for promotion. Many lost opportunities because of the reluctance to learn from life, that is what is difficult and sometimes unpleasant. Fiercely sounds vanity. Strive to unite with me. But it is usually the opposite. In the hustle of hassle and worry about me forget, and then wonder that not everything went smoothly, as it would have liked. In any circumstances we should keep in touch with me. All the difficulties and worries are given for the strength test at nepreryvaemost′. Communication is like a blinking lamp is a disruptive new bulb can be burnt, and the relationship fail. Not pozaviduem anyone who is easy and pleasant to live, is not the pupils. The more the otvraŝaetes′ of vanity, the rapprochement with us faster. Nepodčinennye shell prevents the fullness of unity with us are reacting to what is happening in Jaro dense. We contain them and make the spirit to serve. There is nothing sadder when a student says, "I can't deal with him". And cope easier, only be in thought with me. Let the nagnetenie bustle of stimulus is to unite further in the spirit.
1965, 270. (M. A. S.). If a person has in a hurry before himself quite a goal, what he sees on the sides, does not prevent him from going any further. On the way to the Lord a lot can be distracting and cause even forget the purpose intended. Lose the sense of purpose is to go astray or deviate from it. If the image of the Lord always in our heart, the destination cannot have lost. Think of it as the brightest and closest becomes the goal. Remember to constantly about it.
1965, 271. (July 7). How to balance in mind, his caretaker and eternal, personal, small, terrestrial, and my, planetno-outer, sverhličnoe? Only permanent pamâtovaniem about me. Let the raging surf the waves sea and worldly, mundane shouts, let them play out, engulfing the May 9th. Continuous mindfulness means stay with me and it gives me the opportunity to assume the full force and fury of the rushing of the shaft. But I will not be able to accept, if not will stand first and above all other things in your mind. First place in the minds of your should belong to Me, and then everything else. It is very difficult to Me to keep, if between me and you had something or something is first, closer than I hold Myself to. hard, but you have to know how. If you knew how much force is used for darkness to you from Me tear. But we will keep is inseparable and I in the mind – first of all and everything. And after everything else that brings you life. In this difficult time will be together in unity nepreryvaemom.
1965, 272. (Guru). You can test yourself on the resilience and tenacity in fulfilling the given indications. Usually the person has time and frustrated and deeply, and forget about teacher in a whirlwind of trouble, countermeasures and grief. But before all this, should be allowed to arm themselves, and only then allow yourself something lacks strength to cope. Then easily help and add enough forces. The nainužnejšem never be forgotten, and in moments of special circumstances — especially otâgčenij.
1965, 273. (M. A. S.). Test often goes to the limit of all forces of the pupil and always seems to him Jaro real, despite all the knowledge of Maya and understanding the unreality of temporality fleeting details of tests. And the subject is suffering heavily, because this Cup is not an easy one. It would therefore be a great delusion to think that the great Spirits, whose life was not easy and often death and anguish to pay for the light, offering people what they do not suffer and that it was in their power to alleviate this suffering. In fact the extraordinary sophistication of all organism made these especially serious suffering, and the power its not Asked It to compel people to surrender, if her hour of trial has come. Ask: why have them Great? Yes just so you have an example of how one should go through everything and still not fall, not spirit slomit′sâ. The spirits of the great honour the understanding they bring Victims to approve the world's Light. And you walk through its tests, which are incomparable with the difficulty of Them, force this locate victoriously through all through.
1965, 274. (Guru). Remember, when you are more difficult, six-month seats on the high mountain plateau, us open, windswept in cold is such that even a Cognac was freezing, and there was no fuel, and had no place to keep warm, and camels were killed one by one, coming up to our tents before death. And if we, whom Bishop called his Envoys, the test has not been spared, it is necessary to understand that all will have to go through their trials. These difficulties are not a sign that, overcoming them, go towards to the teacher?
1965, 275. (July 9). Hear and Ukazuû: hold Me all thoughts, all your mind and with all your strength. Want to separate from me to crack down without me. Objective: to keep the face of My mind constantly. Force yourself to do this you need to find. Opposition is so strong and resistant, that requires fixing attention not on what should be overcome in external detail, but the unity of the spirit nepreryvaemom with me, throwing the outside circumstances that so Jaro from me separate consciousness, engaging it in its orbit. No need to struggle with them, but also to keep the balance and relationship, and not thinking about them, but about me, for me everything: the solution, and success, and liberation from the burdens of dark fury counteraction. Victory is in and of itself. Surrender yourself to Me, My Will, is to yourself, your thoughts about myself and life and all the worry and trouble from a suspend, filling My consciousness, but Maya requires attention to it, but I say that it should be is on me to be with me during those difficult days in full unity. Victory is possible only with me, otherwise do not resist and overcome the dark zlouhiŝrenij.
1965, 276. (Guru). Let's think about the future. Good outline for the remaining years of the plan approved by the helical incremental deepening qualities. Even the chart of the day is good, because nothing chaotic not succeeds. Give yourself a job going in the morning. They are the seeds of future achievements. They will give fruit.
1965, 277. (M. A. S.). Filling the hearts of Bishop is not reachable, if love has withered. The flowers wither, even if they are not watered, and only need to do it daily in the mornings and evenings. And to His love which involved her in the day-to-day needs of fire heart and the best of its aspirations.
1965, 278. (July 15). Yet the silence. Say as little as possible and only when necessary. If with all the chatter of their desires, no accumulation of psychic energy is out of the question. If need and realized just how valuable restraint.
1965, 279. (Guru). Earthly Affairs izoŝrâût ability of the spirit, and that they are very useful. If they weren't looking for a knowledgeable spirit, incarnation and life on earth would not be needed. We need to understand the value and importance of earthly incarnations and the experience through which to pass.
1965, 280. (July 17). (Guru). Letting citadels enemy has always been considered a disgrace. The surrender of the fortress of spirit or surrender to the mercy of the victorious. You can be in the face of nepreoborimyh circumstances, but still no slomit′sâ spirit and against their underwhelming forces resist. Resistance is not about to crack down on these terms, but rather to the onslaught of their slomit′sâ and not keep his balance. Mistakenly thinking that the victory of the spirit must always be subordinate to the external environment will the winner. The victory going to surf the waves the outside world did not destroy the world of spirit inside. When firmly established the basics, it is no longer possible. A victory of sorts.
1965, 281. (July 18). If the surrounding determines to a very large extent the content of consciousness, one can imagine how it will change after moving into the Sky. You are not interested in details of the lives of other people on the other end of the globe, because you don't know them, they simply do not exist for you. And your life on earth would cease to exist and be of interest to you when conditions will replace her, subtle world – it just will go away from your consciousness, as happened to dozens of events have left years ago. Consciousness is living that surrounds him, and to this end is immersed in a tight, thin and higher Worlds, oblekaâs′ relevant agents, is an ordinary man. And just being dense Arhat body can consciously act in all their shells to other planes of existence.
1965, 282. (M. A. S.). Even moving to another apartment helps understand how every human environment. temporarily Hence the usefulness of any change, movement and travel. The Wayfarer of the infinite Ways to understand all the prizračnost′ Maya soon and will not be considered definitive, no conditions. Things are not mine, and all of the temporally only – with this consciousness will go the apprentice through life.
1965, 283. (Guru). For the coming of the Lord of all life on Earth is only preparation for Overground stay. Basic Teachings gradually become so embedded in the consciousness that only becomes apparent over the years that transformed the world, radically changing the attitude towards, and only under special circumstances minds, passed notes. Transmute is on top of the normal attention of essence, transforming the inner man.
1965, 284. (July 20). The Earth is earthly, and Higher-Higher. This formula lives few can understand, and, in paying Caesar, that is the Earth, the higher is overlooked and not leave anything for him. Reconciliation of opposites and Heavenly is one of the most difficult. But if all the thinking his pay only Earth and earthly, then going into the world of Subtle human have insufficient savings to conscious it stay, that is, it will have nothing to live there, in view of the fact that the elements necessary for this, he has amassed in earthly life. Therefore, under all conditions of earthly existence must still find time to even think about higher, knowing that each idea is good and that it will provide the kind of investigation that is so necessary for overground.
1965, 285. (M. A. S.). Yes, that's right, each spirit has its ceiling, followed by endurance is not strengthening, but destruction. The teacher does not allow to this limit was crossed. But go to the limit still frequently. Do not take the limit for destruction, for the condition of the spirit's power, when consciously called inexhaustible.
1965 g. 286. (Guru). In ways many don't think about where to stay for the night or at a time. On the way to Infinity and we are not going to think about neblagopriâtnost′û of temporary stops. All this inevitably takes place.
1965, 287. (July 23). Disharmony of thinking in sophisticated organisms usually causes and physical neuravnovesie, that is a disease. Disharmony in all types of harmful effects that the human microcosm. And have had to rebuild the balance anew in all conductors. Equilibrium of spirit is the best defense against disease and the best prevention.
1965, 288. (July 25). How come all the same, walking on Earth and not coming off of it, keep in constant contact with the world of Supreme? Only strenuous effort of will and openness of heart to me. A little understanding, desire and the desire of the heart need to the phenomena of the world image. Even the logic doesn't help. Logically know that prehodimost′, impermanence and the punctuality of the hassles and worries of this world are amazing, and yet the mind immersed in them, drowning in illusions of Maya. Again and again we should make an attempt to vznuzdat′ the thought and imagination so that My pervenstvovalo is in the minds of suetoû. Under suetoû means business world, so Jaro-sounding today to tomorrow changing to other, but sounding no less intense.
1965, 289. (M. A. S.). Just as hard and just as troublesome built the city people and homes now lie in ruins. And the same will be destroyed and covered with water or sand all of what is now being built by mankind. Let this change of the cradles of each civilization and culture centers will serve as a clear example of the differences between eternity and passing. Do I need a caring about the construction of this world? Need and require. For what? Vortex to destruction? No, this is not in and of itself, but only to sophisticated and thinning the spirit and experience its ability to multiply, so necessary for a space of creativity. Cosmic Creativity that is the daily lot of the future of each spirit requires experienced total savings that can give life on Earth. No effort, no finding was futile – all come in handy sometime, and each will be the creative opportunity of accumulation. Creators and Builders had to walk a long worlds stage of human evolution to become so. Bishop leads humankind to higher Creativity lives, faint glimpse of which is all that now creates person on Earth.
1965, 290. (Guru). The main thing is to leave a footprint on the Earth, and that people could have left them for good. Left is valuable because it gives people a light. The usefulness of life passed will take on values of abandoned the inheritance. The Mission of the spirit and life of everyone is to something after a leave to those who will live after. Greatness of spirit is measured value left by inheritance. For those whose heritage can be considered a treasure of human culture. For those who have what people leave behind.
1965, 291. So, if you consider that the meaning of all the works of man, which he toils under the Sun, is in the works, all of them lose their meaning, because all the Earth is doomed to destruction in time, and then the human life becomes meaningless. If you know that the human spirit is immortal and that labor, refines and sharpens accumulates human abilities and talents, and imperishable, indestructible time depositing clay accumulation in the bowl, it distils the treasures of his perevoploŝaûŝejsâ Personality and that the death is only temporary personality of its servant it Neumiraûŝej Triad, then all acts a person has deep meaning and significance. Thus, sense or nonsense of life depend on the knowledge of man. Umališenno people scurrying around the planet, which pushed back the basics of true knowledge. Once said: "what good man from all works of his which he toils under the Sun". Now add: use works great, if you know what they're gaining experience, so you no longer for the ground, but for a space of creativity. In the space of the spirit can thought to create. Creativity – knowledge base. Knowledge is acquired by experience of a long series of earthly incarnations. This is the meaning of human existence on Earth. But the Earth is only a stage or stage, the Infinite ways of man with a star on the star. On distant worlds in the higher planets of human creativity is a lot higher and utončennej. To participate in a wide range of Creative Space, one land alone is not enough. -Space Creativity goes back to infinity. Great appointment of the human spirit. And a great sense of labor is what leads a person to the infinite possibilities of cosmic creativity.
1965, 292. (M. A. S.). When a secret understanding life light up the consciousness, then begins to be approved by the feeling of life days of Lord, which is not of this world. He came into the world. He was in the world, but His world has been, is and will be the world of earthly, not transient conditions in which they lived, lived and will live a long time. World Space is Actually on the other side, over all, than normally live and work embodied. Look at the distant Worlds world have sharply different from the world of. There its obviousness, its visibility and its Mayan. Lords of the realm, the realm of the Spirits of world of cosmic Planetary Reality that lies beyond the temporary and transient. But it is there and in its orbit results in ready-made to the evolution of consciousness of the great Magnet of the heart. Those who can answer the Call, consistent with being involved in the field of attraction of light and consciously take the path that goes Through the infinite ascent.
1965, 293. (Guru). Envoys of the hierarchy, trusted Lords, bear the seal of the microcosm of the fraternity. They can be seen, albeit in lesser degree, the light that radiates a Focus of great heart. They are visible to Intermediaries between mankind and the Invisible Visible is the guardian of it. Awareness of this joy, confidence, courage and ability of those few daring gives to whom have been blessed to share in the life of his Messengers meet hierarchy. Understanding these features will honour those meetings with those whom The Lord has sent to this world to bring peace suždennoe benefit and the urgent news.
1965, 294. (July 26). Let us reveal insights into life and then may be understood every step. Ask yourself, why do they make a case. Get the most uncertain. At best it captures the nearest time frame. In rare cases even longer. And a few leaves out of this incarnation. But the thread of life is pushed into Infinity, and along with this thread and all the things that makes a man. We just have to realize nepreryvaemost′ of all that is happening around, nepreryvaemost′ the life stream. It flows into eternity is like a river flows into the ocean. About eternity and eternal life said the people of Bishop, but evidence has tended to overshadow a firey marketplace reality. And then we go into the world to open people's eyes again on the eternal truth that exists. It's amazing how quickly they forget the basics, nagromoždaâ during their own concoctions. Just two or three centuries to Foundation Teachings were covered with unnecessary layers. The truth is simple, but difficult to apply in life. Much easier to replace its external dekorumom and the mindless execution of frivolous rules. The rules should be indisputable dogma, and dead letter becomes the basics. It has always been insane not to get obsessed with myself the way direct cognition, everyone has a heart, and everyone has the ability to directly toward us. Coming out is not. Our Cries probodaût space, but everyone should come himself, with his feet and aspiration of the heart.
1965, 295. (M. A. S.). The joy of the future-close to the Bishop, and in conscious cooperation with him. This future is composed now lives each day. Each day can bring it closer or zoom out – depends on the direction of the will. Every action of man is not a separate or independent, but there is only a link in the endless chain of causes and effects from past through present to future. Every action – prototype and seed of future achievements. This very considerable thought, as the seeds of future actions. You can think of thoughts as a bridge to the future. They will carry the spirit of the consonant of the sphere. The future is forged by thought. The confidence is valuable, for it lifts the consciousness of ordinary and familiar paths and with unprecedented opportunities, he thought because thought is impossible. It would seem that common – the invisible and silent and actually put the idea forward. The strength and power of thoughts. The future belongs to us, for in it we thought we can do anything to the imagination. There is no limit to the creative possibilities of thought. Teacher welcomes bold creative daring thoughts.
1965, 296. (July 27). Personality is a synonym for the limited. Therefore, our affection, friendship, love and the location are not personal, but individual character, i.e. go far beyond one incarnation. When we talk about proximity to Us lasting for millennia, we mean precisely that condition. Individuality is not restricted to one embodiment of the lives and Affairs of individual personality, a phenomenon long duration. It is the duration, an exciting century and Millennium, is a distinctive feature of our deeds and Our beginnings. After all we live consciously Live in eternity, and, the more time captures our activities, the closer it infinity. Note the enormous distance in time to embrace some of the prophecies. The Fiery consciousness rises above the condition of time and prozrevaet the fire gave the future. This future is Us, it is defined by what is called the grand plan. There is no place that gives privacy an ordinary man in modern times. The plan of our existence, of our pupils we have sought to make the orbit of our distant action and to life outside of personal peace. Disclaimer of personal-not a victim, but simply replacing the small big and great. Space cares equally important than caring for the current day, since humanity concern and determine its future. We need to understand the full depth of Maya personal world to enter the expanse of space life. And when I say that I want the days of my life in your days, you have my eyes fixed firmly in the Realm Of Lords. How many personal mirkov were lit and pogasalo with each new incarnation of mortal man. And where are all these mirki so Jaro and hard once lived embodied on Earth spirits? And where do these go away, which now mirki people live, suffering, suffering, rejoicing and suffering a temporary feeling of earthly life? They all just go off and get away from the scene, as the former are gone before. Because we strive to move your consciousness to the fundamental plan that is associated with the Immortal Personality of the human spirit. From temporary to become unfettered, consciousness moved to Infinity and the spirit to rise above prehodimost′û temporary conditions and that person's identity when its live incarnation in dense body. How hard have sought all the great Spirits whose names are recorded in the history of mankind, to snatch people's consciousness of the world and personal experiences to open them a new world of the future and the imperishable uvodâŝego them in the sphere of cosmic Reality. These Educators were serious works too, because human consciousness as is now and has always been far from all that concerned the knowledge of higher Worlds. And now once again people are given opportunities to approach Infinity through the teachings of life and achieve levels of coherent consciousness, that is, actual immortality.
1965, 297. (Guru). Separation is the best test pilot strength, devotion, love and friendship. When these razlukoû are increasing and quality is increasing in its ardor-triumph they victoriously over a temporary mode of parting. Because in fact, in the spirit of their loved ones can not come off, but, on the contrary, to raise and enhance communication. Meeting of the death is inevitable, as the magnet will attract the desired truth hearts. And joyfully meet will be the feelings behind this separation increased and consciously and carefully fortified daily pamâtovaniem.
1965, 298. (July 28). Even people try to make the best of the worst. How many good undertakings approved by us. And how much were they perverted. Dark forces seek to all make their adjustments to replace the Light for darkness. And be disruptive and will distort all the while attacking and coming wave of fire won't make it impossible for them to stay on the planet. Coming Era marked the end of the Kali Yuga ends the power of darkness over mankind and bright consciousness will be able to stand at the helm of Government. They are now in some countries, but a terrible anti dark hierarchy inhibited best endeavour and delaying the rightful course of evolution. We endure before and Suffered, but then came up – and destroyed by the ruler of this world. Created by the evil is large, and his staff still continue their dirty deed. But without the head they are deprived of their former strength. The majority of them facing down, don't even know that destroyed their head. Ierofanty evil is carefully concealed so as not to weaken their ranks. Orgy of darkness is the latest attempt to resist. Dreadful will be the final blow that can shake the dark.
1965, 299. (Guru). Why Ukazuetsâ suffer through? Is it because before the end of the circumstances are so pretty pumped that there is no clearance and no end in sight. This is a particularly dangerous illusion of Maya. And often without seeing the outcome, the Warrior casts a battlefield weapon, making himself helpless before the enemy. This happens usually when we should firmly Lead, especially not for a moment relaxing with him. Relationship with the hierarchy should be constantly. Communications, communications by mood highwater is dangerous because the person is defenseless during breaks than is darkness. And in joy and in sorrow, and when everyone and everyones mood silver thread connection must be indestructible and permanent.
1965, 300. (July 29). The natural death of the physical body old age is as easy as falling asleep: simple, easy, and painless. The body is tired and worn, and consciousness are associated with it, has exhausted the possibilities of a world. Transition in the Thin world of ordinary people occurs unconsciously. Consciousness is awakening after a rest-sleep, gradually settling into a completely new environment. Life in the subtle world – according to the consciousness, consciousness differ in their savings. Sang razvoploŝency from thinking their reaping. Dull existence beggars thought, especially when the heart molčaŝem. Where thought and consciousness, there there and "me." All the now and here. And the environment is for humans only reality. Entourage creates a magnetic attraction energy collected in Aure jumping. Aspiration in this case is crucial. The last thought before he determines the direction. Anyone who knows where he is going and to whom, usually comes down and gets the desired. Among the insanely and purposelessly musical firmament erupted with spirits strong decision and clearly the goal make a connection with her. Deliberately going to someone or something will come. After all, there's all the thought, and thought is moving has pervenstvuûŝee value. Mentally impose upon themselves in the familiar or the desired razvoploŝennyj clothes, the thought is building housing, if you needs him, thought drew inspiration perfume and other conditions. The subtle world are very diverse and satisfy any aspirations of man, forcing him to be coupled with longer-term thinking. Attachment to the earthly remnants of consciousness in the environment concludes. Everyone has or wants something passionately wanted. Good move in this world without earthly and bodily desires, because they don't get the natural cover. They are stirring up creates an unnatural thirst unsatisfied desires that are painfully burning lights nenasytimyh passions. Lesser lights in the subtle world are very painful. For heavenly aspirations, that is, not grubomaterial′nyh, there is every possibility they satisfy and satiate. Artist, poet and musician, construction worker or the dreamer find endless opportunities to enrich their minds with new existence. The field of fine art are endless. Has nothing is free to enter and possess all, because is not attached to anything. Liberation from earthly attachments and earthly remnants of – the main condition of the overground. It is difficult to even imagine what restrictions it placed on human identity to a specific nation, era, class society, and all the lives this century or this time. All of these forms of man takes with him into the world of subtle and not freed on them on the ground, continues to share them with you and live under authority of their mental capacity. It is hard to imagine that the Savages have continued to wear the ring in her nose and ears, and who above – stars and tails and all other differences. All this astonishing looks for enlightened consciousness. But you have to get used to everything, to every variety of the forms in which identifies a person's energy and which he takes with him to the Earth. Not only the Savages with rings in her nose, or people in tailcoats and fanatics of all stripes and colors, and especially religious, bring with them in distinct forms of what they believed was an indisputable truth on Earth their worldviews. There you can see all of it framed in visible form. All kinds of hell and heaven are embodied in the various layers of the vneplotnogo world. Explore this world is very interesting and exciting, but only when the purity of studying, for easily get infected emanations of the lowest layers and be drawn into the sphere of their magnetic attraction. For someone very afraid of death, and for someone to death is liberation and the possibility of interesting experiments, observations and study spatial life.
1965, 301. (M. A. S.). The world above ground is so rich, so rich, so full of features that people have switched to quickly forget about the Earth and have no desire even to land normally watch. Of course, refers to more-or-less developed consciousness. There's a lot of cases, and you can learn. The spatial work captivates have touched her. Someone who freely flies aboveground, no longer will attract no earthly travel, even on airplanes. The process of flight is a delight. And open space, and favorite work is always at hand. And close Teacher. Transition to another world – a joy to prozrevšego spirit and a welcome liberation from the bondage of the material world.
1965, 302. (July 30). Fighting for dominance of the bustle of consciousness Teachers will require a lot of effort and attention. It left devotees from the world of generalities and in seclusion in forests and deserts have found an opportunity to get away from all that so Jaro remains in normal conditions, and still succeed in nainužnejšem. It is a balance must be found, or a middle ground, between earthly and Heavenly to earthly things and not forgotten and higher are damage. Called the golden path. Better to call it a narrow path, veduŝeû. Of course, the earthly needs attention. Note This should be provided and the time given. The trouble is not that people allow themselves to think of something, and that was after thinking it does not find within itself the force completely break away from those thoughts and to pursue other. Unacceptable phenomenon where thoughts are imposing itself to consciousness, contrary to the wishes or the will. The image of Teachers can help choose the right direction of thoughts. Discipline of thought is one of the basic conditions of apprenticeship.
1965 g. 303. To worry about when life itself has to be learning the lessons one by one. Well when the determination can be found each of them to assimilate completely to the end. With some attention, it is easy to point out, both on the part of Teachers needed help./ Success brings a lessons to set new, thus achieving nepreryvaemost′.
1965, 304. (M. A. S.). Vanity in order and strained is with all available ways to distract the dark mind of a student from a teacher. They are ready for everything, on all measures and gimmicks, just to only distract from the right. This is why every business, large and small, and it is best to start with the lead. No cases of large and small, as they all require attention and thoughts. And if everything is done together with the teacher, then separation from Him thinking becomes impossible. The Bishop said: hold on to me tightly, every minute in all cases. Therefore, the decision is only to improve steadily following the Decree. In large and great things are not that difficult to stick together, but learn to be together in small matters of the day a lot harder. And it seems common that these cases are so small and insignificant that even awkward engagement of Teachers. But the gist of the guidelines was not the employment of or petty, but of consciousness constantly had before himself the teacher of unity with Him and not be diverted by nothing: neither big nor small. The essence of the decree is directed not at the case, but the nepreryvaemost′ association with the teacher in the spirit.
1965, 305. (Guru). Consciousness, artificial distraction vyderžavšee him from Lord vanity and worries now, with the release of the body and when desired completely filled with impressions and perceptions are an entirely different order. And not have to then already so Jaro fight for approval of light in the mind, as it is doing now. Going to the Lord and God be with him, if it passes the inevitable trials. Until then, all through the power of the spirit will assert unity, from him without being distracted by nothing, all the cases by joint with Bishop consciousness. We should see to it that distracting became an unity. This can be achieved by jointly leading, whether large or small.
1965, 306. (July 31). The interaction of human auras is a very complex process. Every contact is an impact one aura to the other. Auras are mutually or screens or otemnâûtsâ. No contact does not remain without consequences. Silent and often benefited because the verbal Exchange enhances the effect. In the dormitories of this interaction is particularly long and constantly. Living among the people, you cannot insulate ourselves from these influences. The most important is to keep the individual character of your own mind and not let it dissolve under the influence of the collective. Outstanding people not only kept his spiritual wealth, but also generously shared them with others and raise the overall level of thinking. But weak spirits usually are absorbed by the mass and become – like everyone else. Magnet strong spirits peremagničivaet weaker auras. Traditional chiefs thus affect the entire nation. Strong aura can improve the whole terrain. To the rescue comes her strong point. Nothing so razmagničivaet aura like chatter and unnecessary conversations. Since most people are fond of saying, it is not that difficult even when restraint dealing with people. Listening always loses, even if the difference is less radiation. Protection of savings from flouting their own ignorance is the responsibility of the student.
1965, 307. (Aug. 1). (M. A. S.). It is very important to understand the meaning of life itself overcome to successfully continue the path. Misunderstanding, so the force denies to be won. If the teacher puts in certain conditions of life. He was referring to a finite good and precise goal. It gets meaningless tests. Then the very idea of Discipleship is losing its meaning. Usually explained before or after task execution. "Thy will be done" involves a neslomimuû faith in the wisdom of him who leads. The apprentice all full of profound meaning. No phenomena of unnecessary. It is important to be able to see and understand why it was given another test.
1965, 308. (Guru). Weakness of spirit is inexcusable even because all weak and not suitable for evolution and goes into processing, well learn to be strong and in good luck and bad. Not on foreign winning on something here, but that spirit has not been broken or when he wins or when circumstances are stronger than him. After all, external circumstances, seemingly defeated Christ and his seeming victory triumphed darkness but actually Won It, because in the spirit, and the spirit of his Won Defeated world and the darkness befell.
1965, 309. (Aug. 2). If ninety-nine attempts to achieve something failed, and hundredth failed, wouldn't this victory? No matter how many setbacks suffered, the luck will come, if not absolutely stop repeated efforts. When you know the law and have the knowledge that luck is possible, one must retry until it succeeds. Water hammer stone, and the thought is space. And there are no obstacles that could influence thought to fix them. To overcome the persistence of malware countermeasures should apply the formula: water hammer stone.
1965, 310. (Aug. 4). My son, powerless words where consciousness is not ready. Readiness to the consciousness is created in time, provided the aspirations. Wednesday is the factor, which paints are applied consciousness and its aspirations, while this factor by itself has no independent importance. Therefore, the same fact could for two people have completely opposite effects. Not the factor, but consciousness imposes its framework a certain influence. Consciousness itself determines the degree of influence over the living conditions. And "hard" destiny forges a mlat blade of spirit tempered and sturdy one, while the same "mlat" lots a weak and fragile consciousness. And the words that "the grave, was glass, mlat forges Bulat, indicate precisely enough at how fortunes can affect different people. Why enhancing or relaxing spirit influences are to be found not in the actual effects, but in the spirit of the man. Strong it only gets harder from grievous fate, but weak and not valid for the evolution of the obessilivaetsâ and weakens. Evolution needs strong perfume. The spirit, the power of growing, pleases us. And very Pečalimsâ when we see how the finished slomit′sâ sets under the life spirit of effete, whirlwinds do not realize the power of their infinite hotâŝij. For the spirit and great his power is invincible when is called to action.
1965, 311. (Guru). Nothing has power over the mind of man, unless he himself once did not give this power over him, but if he had, he might take back, free himself from what he once helped rule over themselves.
1965, 312. Mimicking the teacher, the student is immersed in possibilities of the upper world and the inner world, it becomes like the world Teacher, is also out of this world. It lives in dense world, he faithfully and honestly performs all the required conditions from him, but his moves to slash the generalities of the consciousness, and the world of obviousness to it its lost tight self sufficient, limited and power value over his thinking. It is in this world, but it is not the consciousness of this world, the world of obviousness of dense, outside of which to the average person there is nothing. Bipolar consciousness is not easy. It requires balance. One of the most difficult balancing quality. Understand the value of this precious little quality. Forget that balance is power, which fly away before the might of the splashes against the darkness. How to resist hostile whirlwinds, how do you keep the lights of the heart as to paralyse the blunt, inert, but strong resistance to the environment? Only the balance of spirit, which quietly and stoically faces a wave going with full, sensitive phenomena, and solid knowledge that "even this will also change".
1965, 313. (M. A. S.). They want to succeed, concentration exercises, meditation, fasting and reflections of the mind and zazyvaniem in your yard, and you try to succeed faithfulness, devotion, love, pamâtovaniem fixed and neuklonnost′û daily approved rate. You in the life of every day trying to approve the constancy of the Invisible and with those who are close to your heart, and with those who Called you go after him.
1965, 314. (M. A. S.). Remember indelibly that each thought, aspiring up, gives its fruit and imperatively will bring joy to the heart.
1965, 315. (Guru). I want to ask: is our higher than his, and whether the preference is given to nainužnejšemu everyday life? Is it possible to achieve objectives if, going to her, at times, distracted and look around, forgetting the purpose? When everything is at stake, there can be deviations. The capabilities of each incarnation are unique. Can I miss?
1965, 316. (Aug. 6). My son, the mother of Agni Yoga needed to approve close standing in their love and heart lights, what to talk about others too to light going. Vzaimoutverždenie and support are needed, because the darkness is great and lots of hearts, Jeb malice mečuŝih, hatred and malevolence. Under these conditions, support each other particularly valuable. Vzaimoukreplenie in the way it helps greatly. The path is long, and not one much easier. Travelers all, therefore I say, help everywhere, because people need heat and yaro the light heart of lights: not because life has become so difficult that too many hearts, potušivših heart zamolkših lights. Cold was the people to live on the planet. Let it teach more to appreciate those in whom no lights are off. Know the external layers of the mind see the same lights that are appreciated by us. The language of the spirit is the same for all, in all ages and among all Nations, but his glimpse and grasp the difficult and not easy, and requires a strong čuvstvoznaniâ and much experience. If the Warriors of light take it only on their differences, then too little of them there. But the joy is that although the Banners of light all ages and peoples are diverse, but their essence is one and Focus One. Let the external differences do not confuse walking towards me. The language of the spirit of all time is the same.
1965, 317. The world is diverse and subtle perception – on consciousness. There is no common yardstick or stencil that can be attached to it. Even tight world is perceived, largely under the same law. Philosopher, scientist, Savage, musician and Scrivener differently perceive music and nature, and all phenomena of the world around them. The more variously perceived the world, where perception is due to the nature of thought and thinking perceiving consciousness. Experience the earthly, and accumulation of spirit, and the magnetic pull of conformable conditions determine the income of new experiences. The craving heart saturate energy lines and the magnetic forces cause otvetnost′ yearning of the heart to each. Heart live in all the worlds, and all shells, and the Immortal Triad, and energy it does not die in time. Even thought to live, must be filled with the energies of the heart, a heart of fire. Living dead, dull shadows, eating and wandering in the world Aboveground. They can be called huloû on the high purpose of man. Otvratny burning heart, because they smerdât.
1965, 318. (M. A. S.). To reach the end, you have to stand in the light, life gives you endless opportunities for the development of resistance, hardness and neuklonnosti steps forward. If you make life easier and take away the opportunity to strengthen and deepen the spirit of its quality, it will mean the destruction of the very steps of the ladder climbing, in which only the spirit can ascend and. If you really want to light the living conditions will be, but without opportunity to get together with us and with the teacher. Decide for yourself before it is too late already, because not much time left for burning oil in lampadah. Understand that resistance and resistance to environment is called the power of your desire to light, as well as all zlouhiŝreniâ of darkness. Understanding makes it easier to carry the cross of life that takes everyone, hotâŝij go for the Lord.
1965, 319. (Aug. 7). If the full development of intelligence is required to undergo a range, then for some other properties of human development of should be very long at times. Therefore, decision to approve of a quality or the ability to go all the way, no matter how long it took and how many would be repetitive efforts or attempts or had to spend on it. Work on your compressed astralom requires. It will be a success. The concept applies to this frustration, the notion of vsedostižimosti is in the future, which is limited by the infinity and the unfettered ability of the spirit.
1965, 320. From heaven has come down to Earth, because we have to walk the Earth in safety. Wonder why you cannot be elevated, and the Monasteries of light fly tie down their white wings. Live in three worlds. When life in the physical body, the three shells – physical, subtle and mental – are zealous participation and evolve and grow to its full and final discharge. Because each shell must be opened before the end and be crowned the beauty. But not sent, even the physical body, that is, it has not expressed a principle of perfect beauty and harmony. Similarly, not yet complete evolution and other membranes, though some have evolved spirits of Astral is currently its role. The beauty of the astral body in High Spirits is amazing. Siâûŝi and dazzling and other shells. But the beauty and radiance of all their superior body of fire. Making bodies is one of the most complex, difficult and very time-consuming tasks of human evolution. Keep in mind that all of the body other than the body, time and improvement of fire and transmute their need for registration of that fiery body. Appointment of person in space is large, and only in the body of the light can fully implement it.
1965, 321. (M. A. S.). Of course, and we participate in the saturation of the hunger of those coming to Us through you. Links Hierarchy in action complete when the sequence in which they are not disturbed. The principle of sponsorship associated with chain. You cannot not break the link, through the near constant mainlining use. Pereskočivšij remains without leadership. The law Hierarchy is inviolate.
1965, 322. (Aug. 9). Consciousness is the result of a long combination of teamwork and togetherness. It did not reach overnight. Only the duration and persistence can approve it. When talking about duration, mean time, leaving out one or more incarnations. Proximity over local and random conditions understand the phenomenon, too, they are completely independent. And every time the proximity of and contrary to stated explicitly and jarom contradiction with all that's going on is true reality of spirit in all dimensions, in which he, aware of it or not, has its genesis. The microcosm of man linked to Infinity and is constantly in contact with her, because in her and lives. All conductors and the associated human septenary concerned sectors of space, and the challenge to this contact became conscious. It is a consciousness must touch and concern the man Higher Worlds, for unconscious communication with them the desired result will not give. This degree of touch will call sozvučiem. Generally speaking, every thought that is free and fairly long access to consciousness, is caused by the sozvučiem. The law accords operates exactly saturating consciousness thoughts on conformity. Well, when this process takes place under harsh and strict control of will, because continuing elements of consciousness may bring thoughts of the past and not in harmony with attained level, or draw the thoughts of the same order, or thoughts of low layers. Protection from thoughts of useless need continuing until full eradication process is finished. When it runs out, a long time need another guard, because Dragon gray thoughts survival.
1965, 323. (M. A. S.). Express our heart in love and attraction is dobroželatel′stvom they exclude condemnation. Discussion from condemnation is different in that the former does not have in themselves no needles, no thorns or cuts his aura of those concerns. Knowledge of the hidden human entity is valid, useful and necessary only when conviction becomes impossible. Conviction of knowing human nature will engender so much venom, it is better not to know than to be the distributor of the poison and while the surrounding. Wise love knows flawed favorite, tries to correct them and loved to help and knowing, yet not condemned. Hate is the opposite. Where the conviction, there is no love. Where there is no appeal of the conviction. Look out for condemnation, if do not want to lose the best of friends.
1965, 324. (Guru). Dreams often have value and are meaningful. It should catch and act accordingly. It may be noted as in the past, often resorted to dreams, to capture the desired instruction in human consciousness. There are many historical examples of sleepy visions, and they all came with a purpose. Arrange them thoughtfully and carefully, trying to perform hidden in them.
1965, 325. (Aug. 10). My friend, a warm concentration does not require those efforts that are needed when the concentration of brain. Heart naturally keeps thoughts on what it likes and that cute for him. The way of the heart is natural, whereas canned efforts brain results do not give. Heart go to the goal.
1965, 326. (Aug. 11). Spirit measures are different from the telesnozemnyh. For example: Earth's eye looks forward, right, left, rotate with your head to look back. For the spiritual eyes don't need turns – he can see everything without turning around. Very hard to mentally train yourself to even sight without twists. Just as hard or even harder to present themselves outside of the body. Body of lies or sits in one place and the owner is aloof and looks at him from the side. Just as easy to imagine yourself in another city. The habit of thinking of physical measures and, depending on the position or the location of the body. But you can train yourself to keep thinking outside the body gradually and move and navigate independently. It was imagined by its need to learn to act without being bound by the body and its senses and habits. Coupling the spirit body is so great that this will have a lot to learn.
1965, 327. (M. A. S.). All mood and State of the membranes of the time. Approval of Lord "I am with you always" is clearly and vnevremenno. This is the basis of the pillars. It should establish itself firmly. Intimacy is on top of changes in currents and anything else, curtaining her. Want freedom of spirit from attachments and thinking of the flesh. All is overcome by the spirit and walking in the spirit. Ahead in the spirit of winning is everything.
1965, 328. (Guru). If the spirit neslomim, upright and eternal, the realm of the spirit in himself claiming the unattainable can reach and destroy the chains tight world, chains of slavery to the flesh split.
1965, 329. (Aug. 12). On the one hand, you cannot break away from Earth, on the other, to dive into the Earth entirely. This pair of opposites, the most difficult to balance. Life gives his, his affairs and care to job training. But about the Aboveground and the Summit should not be forgotten. Need a measure of immersion in earthly Affairs. The teacher will help you find the path of balance. Laceration of the spirit are inevitable, as well as the body, and you need only find a foothold so that neither readers nor writers were able to block the Way. This building will be a teacher. In all the difficult cases to him. The mind too much. Believing we all consciousness, create the inviolability of the path. It won't be laying, inert and devoid of amateur performances. It will be a fierce sense of joint movement in the future. However, this is it. Separation is an illusion, one of the most dangerous, since the evidence on its side. Allegation of obviousness will undoubtedly be contrary to a izbranničestva student.
1965, 330. Dangerous retreat and where? Bypasses the hard times. The transition from darkness to the South of light Yugi is unusually. Rest does not have and is constant watch. Being together is to separate our work, and Our guards, and the burden of a planetary load. Its unbearable burden, but the burden of Vladika, split, unspeakably brings with it. Bear the weight of responsibility for the land, and can be any wonder that easy. Be with us – it means with us share and mount, and joy, the joy of victory over darkness.
1965, 331. (M. A. S.). The more heavily on my heart, so one has to become denser and closer. The most ardent will split the rock surf waves of devotion and tenacity.
1965, 332. (Guru). If in the Carmet current cannot change, then meet for this is always possible.
1965, 333. (Aug. 14). For mastering the basics of the teachings of an intellectual understanding of a given provision is not enough. When understanding is so deeply entrenched that becomes the expression of feelings and actions of the pupil and firmly in his creature, then, and only then, can we talk about mastering the basics. Life puts in such conditions, when the mind and spirit not checked in practice. And then the man sees that built them on the sand, and that on a solid foundation. Sand scattered ashes build. Just what was the student, going into the nature of its essence as an integral part. Often his life sought to imprint the carriers of light brought people to the knowledge. The price of life has been dostojnoû, and the light shone through the century brought. Many works have to make against the obviousness of Mayi, because its bright and visible dreams constantly before his eyes, while the eternal truth of things hidden from the eyes of. But if water hammer stone, then let this example will serve as a symbol of perseverance, which are destroyed by the power of a Maya. Yes, my Kingdom is not of this world, not of the world dreams of Earth, fleeting, but from the world of cosmic Fiery Reality.
1965 g. 334. (M. A. S.). Maya the Maya world of dense Astral, mental Maya-where does reality if all death shell created Maya in all worlds? Validity is recognized in beam of Bishop. Call student life bor′boû for approval. Its seen in the waves of the stream will be flitting victory over Maya.
1965, 335. (Guru). Her, (that is), it can be argued that, among living normal, as if climbing over it. The rhythm of this very useful communication – like mountain peaks rising above the fog and twilight lowlands. Let stepping foot on them and going to the light.
1965 g. 336. (Aug. 15). Time between incarnations usually many times greater than earthly sojourn. And when the man returns again to the ground, completely changing conditions, even if the karmic reasons he became incarnate in the same nation. One can imagine the extent to which these conditions are different, even if changing skin color or sex. Of course, nothing is left of what used to be owned. And if a girl remembers the previous incarnation and finds the buried money then this exception does not apply to the general rule. Many will recall or remember, but nothing can call your own. Well, who loves the beauty of nature – they are in the world, since the Aboveground love belongs already to the imperishable. This is also the service of Beauty in all types of true art. Beauty covers himself and all the positive qualities of the spirit, for the essence of beauty is close and devotion and courage, and the feat. The human shell, creative feat, full of Beauty and shine light not visible to the eye. Thus, the Service can easily be made into everlasting life routine while fully understanding that the fruits of this Ministry man kills himself. Because it is called Great. All around, it can be divided into two categories of things or phenomena: the ones he takes with him into the future, others take. How ridiculous all of acquisition without understanding the true meaning of earthly things. When understanding a sense of personal ownership leaves poison things that temporarily takes the man, knowing the time frame and the meaning of their existence and what new things are created or new construction. This justifies the existence of objects created by the hand of man. But one should know.
1965, 337. (M. A. S.). And have not yet learned to love humanity as a whole, selfless and enduring love, will share those life forces meet, the bystanders and relatives. Close call people, feelings that do not end with the death of the body, but are moved farther into the future, which has no end. Relatives will pay due attention and time out – no more that require debt or terms of appointment and usually help all students everywhere and always in need of this assistance is on you. Impose their help, but when the heart is at her shows, it should be.
1965, 338. (Guru). Through the present into the future will take place so as to bridge the gap. This is all around, and the future is a goal ahead. Delay and stop the senseless, and time is running out.
1965, 339. (Aug. 18). People's attention is the Maya. True feelings over her uâvlenij. And on the converse look for enduring feelings. All other not worth the burden of consciousness. They need to know is the price to not be oppressed and not be clouded by what today's claims to pass and be forgotten tomorrow.
1965, 340. (M. A. S.). The bipolarity of human emotions is the inevitability of his replacement opposite. This is the feature of Astral. Prevoznesut today, after humiliating and bring back then. These swings are very characteristic for uâvlenij-Astral Grosz named price. Will in life seek constancy, devotion, love and other feelings good.
1965, 341. (Guru). All based on personal feelings are fragile, however, as well as the identity. What is temporariness, or the temporary aspect of the vnevremennosti of the spirit, he cannot be a receptacle of eternal affection, attachment and intimacy.
1965, 342. (Aug. 19). The luminosity is important, because in the subtle world source of illumination is the human aura. "Zasvečus′?" – asked himself converted. Someone creates darkness around itself, and someone Lights. Valid all the same lessons of Agni. It can be said that the earthly stay and is given in order to approve a light samoishodâŝij. Amateur performances of consciousness indicates already for the necessary savings. Of other people's thoughts or even Teaching is one thing, but thought the teachings learned and assimilated, and resulted in the creation of new samoishodâŝih thoughts, will mark the birth samoishodâŝih rays. Understanding the distinction between creativity and self help see the reproduction what is consciousness, creative samoishodâŝij light of consciousness, borrowing it from the Carriers of light and feeding other people's lights. Come to the same – it is lit to Agni, without which Light is impossible. Say: "Strive" because I can not shoot for you. Momentum has to go from inside the person, hotâŝego light. No one on it does not lead to the desired degree of State power that would make Our energy. Bring anything. Not having brought pitchers didn't have what to Light. Samoishodâŝie spirit the impulses are especially valuable. When you meet them, it would seem, outwardly and crosses but not having what could exert energy to your Agni, understand Our sorrow and words "and He Wanted to put his hands, and empty it terms". Give negotovomu consciousness means to harm him, and ourselves, and space. Why so valuable samohody, and therefore so commonly is given them our assistance. The phenomenon of samoishodâŝih rays are so unusual that even introduced Teachings cannot treat carriers of their indifference, not to mention strangers. This burden, one of the annoyances accepted, or difficulty performing Light because the light reactions are very painful injuries from blows. Because much of the knowledge of many sorrows, and usually carrying the Light it gives little happiness around.
1965, 343. (Guru). Better to be in constant readiness, having laid the casket cherished only what will be needed for the future. Gathering and accumulation of this material and you can spend all the days of his life on Earth. Back to the future is no less valuable and for this, because its light shines space and people. Solemnity is necessary because without it, how to separate cognition from vanity. But even with her and vanity to be unsafe, because is unable to capture thoughts and master them. With the constant watch go a lot easier. Coming to light conflicts cannot be avoided.
1965, 344. (Aug. 20). My friend, achieving a coherent level of consciousness is the greatest. It can be built in a Manvantaru Infinity and beyond. The purpose of human evolution – in this achievement. Neosmyslenno people are saying about immortality, repeating the words of others. Yes, the spirit dies. But that benefit from this man, if his spirit is alive, and consciousness is absent. The immortality of the spirit does not mean nepreryvaemost′ consciousness, for in the subtle world coming there have no coherent consciousness and therefore do not live. "Let the dead bury their dead" are full of deep and tragic sense. What a man believes his "I" mortally. The length of this "I" is one earthly incarnation. People rightly does not want to accept that it mortally, because senses the truth of immortality of the spirit. But to hear and believe is not a coherent level of consciousness, albeit closer to him.
1965, 345. (Guru). Every our undertaking – the prototype of the future of mankind, the sourcing of the approved hierarchy of light. Everyone will be in the space to grow and will give you rich and good. Obviousness is not reality. He looks over the external visibility. Understanding movement and the immutability of the Grand Plan, can't go wrong by doing this.
1965, 346. (Aug. 21). The identity of the person must be a submissive and obedient servant of his higher self. And whenever a person suffers, her interests are damaged and are relegated to the background, is already well as swell personality outshines anything it exists as a collector of desired material and expertise for Human Individuality. The tragedy embodied in that, fully immersing ourselves in personality and interests while living only by them, the man with the death of his personality does not keep anything, whatever he might live aboveground, which disappears and ceases all than typically lives on the Earth. The deepest meaning of art in terms of feelings, emotions and experiences associated with it, as the phenomena of purely spiritual order, pulled into the world of Subtle human material and serve for which he lived and which he deepens, varies according to lay it in. In the highest sense even experiences in Devačane – the illusion of Maya, dreams, though bright and intense, and even more colorful and full than earthly dreams, that is life incarnate. Exemption from all kinds of Maya – the task of an arhat. The task is difficult. Achieving a coherent level of consciousness associated with this task. So many obstacles and illusions must be overcome before consciousness becomes free from all unnecessary layers and acquire knowledge. Of course, only under the guidance of a possible release. Believing we all consciousness, can be achieved.
1965, 347. It is very important to learn the fundamentals of embedded in consciousness, they silently and imperceptibly, but stubbornly and solidly, albeit slowly, transform thinking. It is thanks to them is transmutation of the human entity. But it is necessary to introduce and approve so that nothing could shake them. A direct fight with all that is subject to address, is difficult too, because suppression and prohibition forced again decapitated head monster grow. But the basics in mind, silently gnawing away at the roots of the Astral essence of man and everything is clean. When, say, a self-aware passing and temporary nature of the individual and his doom to destroy when moving spirit in the world of Thin, and all the uâvleniâ lose their value, defined separately and together with it and its power over consciousness. Knowledge is needed as detracting condition. Correctly do, if you go back to the basics, trying them in depth may be stronger than his. Only knowledge of them could transform the old man.
1965, 348. (M. A. S.). Often, that teacher recognizes the dignity of his student and his value, but they are not recognized by those who are around or in orbit with Teacher in common interests. Will grieve about it, if we have the recognition of the Lord or have we? It would be worse if it would be the opposite. Do not look for recognition, not looking for anyone's recognition, except our Lord and. The Bishop acknowledged important and above all, even our own. This consciousness and go through your failure to on the part of those who do not know. If you knew acknowledged. But that can give you this recognition? At best feeling short of satisfaction. True friendship, enduring in time, shines with all combinations of environmental conditions and as the true spiritual closeness; If they do not exist on the part of those who should have been treated differently to you, do not worry about are the ones who are really close to the Lord, and you will be close.
1965 g. 349. (Aug. 22). The clarity and sharpness of outline, even sent thoughts, not all are available. Believe this quality is very valuable. So, the seven principles of man is not something abstract, because everyone has varying degrees of matter density or dilution. They all have the form. The physical triad: the body physical, etheric body or Prana – the form of man, which are manifested his consciousness and Astral is the fourth and the fifth principle. The body is deprived of consciousness, although idiot Astral is active and sensitive. The fifth principle is absent in the animal. One can imagine the animal in a human body without consciousness, then the difference will be very significant. Developed the principle has a corresponding development of the wrapper, or body. The fifth principle is Manas. Thus, the fifth combines intelligence, self-awareness and wrapper through which they are identified. In the physical body, the five principles are closely connected among themselves in all human actions. Most people live by five. Each has seven degrees of sophistication. Adept, dying, that is freeing itself from the physical body, retains the clarity and nepreryvaemost′ consciousness and leaves the physical shell, feeling that death does not exist. When a person falls asleep and wakes up the next morning, at half-time consciousness again he sees nothing special, no death. The difference is that for normal sleep patterns and even the adept does not have a rest, but his consciousness migrated to the world of subtle and continuation of his senior conductors. Consciousness is a gift of the evolution of man. Nepreryvaemost′ identity – the next step. We need to understand the full value of this achievement to strive towards it. When a person dies, it is a film of his earthly life, whether he wants it or not, and it was the reaction of those moments, which sounded for him especially hard and sharp. The sound is dependent on his future, but will it cannot at this moment their upset. The will of an adept, not knowing the breaks of consciousness controls the unconscious processes, and because he can consciously choose or reject something that feels unnecessary. This is particularly important in transition fully conscious wakefulness in the World above ground. Customary self-consciousness of this does. And only the sixth on merged with the fifth principle, gives rise to the possibility of a conscious move across the threshold of death.
1965, 350. Ends the life of slavery, and begins a life of freedom. My Kingdom is not of this world, a realm of freedom of spirit. You cannot simultaneously serve two opposite principles, temporary and eternal. Me arguing are released from the chains tight world. I Am-this is a "me" in a man suždennoe eternity of life. It is one and above all membranes.
1965, 351. (Aug. 23). Meeting with the guardian of the threshold is inevitable. Guardian of the Threshold is clothed in the visible form of all weaknesses, vices and shortcomings of their owner, who appeared in it on Earth. The most powerful of them, as they are identified, and had bright and vivid appearance, surround us, trying to Captivate and absorb his consciousness as or even better than it did at one time. They take the most attractive and seductive images, becoming vitally realistic and amplifying more and more as the idea is combined with and immersed in them. They may become so absorbing and Captivate people that walk through them it will not have neither the strength nor the desire. What was once pulled him on Earth, takes even more resulting form, is further enhanced to take fully to their poroditelem. This struggle with the guardian of the threshold is full of drama, because defeat means that access to the higher realms is no longer available, and the fate of defeated will stay in the lower spheres, space holders in the shell of the fourth and fifth principle. Ground pritâženiâmi man commits itself on Earth and is exempt from them too far in the earthly body. Therefore, for an appointment with guardian must prepare now, the Threshold even in dense body, reviewing and discarding everything subject to address. The combination of the consciousness with which mysleobrazami is dangerous because if it is allowed on Earth, it will be admitted and when meeting with the guardian, and the danger of becoming apparent. Highest defeat is unacceptable, but a Duady is still on the ground allowing room or permission of a combination of consciousness low thoughts. That's why a permanent watch of will over those thoughts, which nest in the mind that is so urgently needed. This patrol and rescue pledge of defeating the guardian of the threshold. "Spawn of the elements, I'm not afraid of you," can only say whoever on Earth taught himself and Stojko firmly not to join with them in mental communion and so avoid combination with unworthy forms of thought. Here they neâvny and are invisible, although it clearly affects the Astral shell, but there they are the only visible reality to man, because peace tight stops for it exist. Call the winner of the apprentice, for already successful on Earth, continually struggling with unclean and token are thoughts, prepares itself to suždennoj victory over the guardian of the threshold. Need to remove from these thought forms, from top to bottom, seemingly implying the attractiveness, because for her poignant sting blemish, thorns and spines and gluttony, seeking to ratchet up the Astral and strengthen all that is still subject to the definitive address. Force of attraction man in these forms once put it himself. Because only he and can take away from them what he once gave to ignorance, not knowing what a terrible danger and slavery are tolerated by their weaknesses and thoughts, feed and reinforce them. It is continuing to generate pulses and attraction to a combination of low mindforms neizžityh passions and vices. The temptation of Saint Anthony's is the extent to which this struggle with the old man in a sharp and inevitable, if he wants to win. It has to be winning now to future victory over Threshold guardian was strong and full. The one who comes in the Name of Bishop's future, can not win, whatever the price, neither got the victory.
1965 g. 352. The lower layers of the Astral are contagious and are exciting for fearfully everything once dreamed the man has taken there in brilliant form, calling ongoing and easy to mix with consciousness. Plunging into the world of these ghosts are taken for reality, a person becomes a victim of weak-willed them. And when he reveals their shadowy essence and a terrible hoax and sees gaping grin followed by darkness, it's too late to go back, because the darkness took possession of his property. Èmpuzy and lârvy are the most afrodiasic images to Captivate and hold them. And when this visibility is scattered and darkness takes its true guise, the way the victims own lust has already been decided and there is no turning back. With thoughts of darkness we must fight now while still in the body, for if they are not defeated on the ground, beat them in the world of Astral a lot harder, if not impossible at all.
1965 g. 353. (M. A. S.). The teacher Is the face of darkness to the winners. The Ruler is not terrible nothing. And when it becomes difficult to Close it must be unbearable, further deepen and strengthen. We should be together always. Will endeavour to achieve this even greater efforts. This can be achieved if want with all my heart and all desire. To much unnecessary time, but it is not nainužnejšego for. Why? Is it because have not understood the purpose of stay in the body and its value for life aboveground. Adoption into the heart of Lika Bishop requires much effort and neslomimoj perseverance.
1965, 354. (Guru). Comfort from the victory, if the difficulties of life, terrible pressure and weight bearing circumstances bring to us and to the Lord. This already indicates a greater degree of achievements. Useless and unfinished they separate and distant, but strong force finds in them become closer. And if nothing can alienate or separate from the teacher of light, no trials or difficulties, then the final victory. Let all distracting, otemnâûŝee, and a heavy burden to the Lord and bring only a staggering ascent spirit. This Is Our Way.
1965, 355. (Aug. 24). The temptation of Saint Anthony show that if even the high spirit of the higher principles of Claims, lower (fourth and fifth) oppose them and seeking to assert its. So, the fight is inevitable, and that victory was won now, before moving into the world of Subtle, because what is on Earth, will communicate the spirit and aboveground. This should firmly grasp and not to postpone its release until after it is too late and will move on to neizžityh weakness of spirit in chains. The cleansing process requires great attention and permanence. It should not be embarrassed by their imperfections, bearing in mind that there is no perfect people and that than nesoveršennee a person is, the higher its merit in the case of overcoming yourself and when you win. Insignificance is insignificant in everything – and in the Grand and small. Evolution needs to be hot or cold, throwing out a snake from a stream. Sample persuasive enough of Saul. On the shield are signs of victory. "My Victoriously pass through everything and nothing will delay. But the ball and his foot. Can neither go nor to fight for you. But to help you in your struggle with itself Can and will help in keeping with your efforts. We rededicate the constancy and nepreryvaemost′ connection, since they succeed and overcome the lower fabric duady in itself. Fighting is continuing, only there, it is aboveground dramatic and apparently winning the ones that wont win the world body. Winner call winning here on Earth. But carrying out the victory over Light itself, because along with the challenge of overcoming the resistance of the environment. And because the vibration of this environment is the result of thinking and emotion of the whole team, and winning easily. It is possible only when together when carrying Light is inseparable from the consciousness of consciousness Leading to his Teacher. Together we go and win too. We will think only about winning, because even in the thoughts of defeat is unacceptable.
1965, 356. Why put off building cooperation for the future when it can be done now, when still in the body. This is possible if the thought before falling asleep will be directed to all the energies of the spirit brought to the Bishop, to his will, at its sole discretion.
1965, 357. (Aug. 28). Freedom and cohesion in spirit. You can have it all, as only a man can dream, and yet be in the spirit of free software, and you can have nothing and be a slave to what would be the man. Therefore, no matter whether it is or not, if the spirit is associated. And so you should seek for the release of the spirit from all that has power over him. This coupling and the chain carries with it the spirit of the world of subtle and remains in this bondage until you realize that nobody and nothing would free him from the slavery other than himself; denial won't help, because failure is not an exemption, but only suppression that has not yet been eliminated. Liberation is voluntary and conscious replace one another, lower-tertiary, slavery freedom. The spirit has left the body, carries with him all but the lowest of the triad. Everything he lived that wished for than enjoying – all in images, desires and aspirations of the moves in the Sky. And if he lived on the Earth for the sake of a good meal, and saw the foundation of his interests, not breaks up with her and there, surrounded by thoughts, images and ob″edeniâ process. And if he never thought that about anything that opens out beyond the interests of the stomach, and not allow thoughts of life other then get him out of the Dungeon is unusually difficult to samovverženiâ. Where to be and why, when he never even think of this? Good grasp yet on Earth, in which mental slavery in their <...> lives. As you can see his psychic prison, created by their own efforts, if not to move away from it, at least for a moment, and look at ourselves. People live under the rule of various capacities. Cognition of the true teaching embodies the cries for freedom from slavery by their own heaps, which are layered around the spirit. We need to understand that all that is individual, his interests, weaknesses, vices, attachment, likes and dislikes, are not eating the "I" that the personality of his dying, and "me" is, and this can exist without personality, without losing anything from the fullness and richness of life. Only the transfer of consciousness into the higher self lets see the connectedness of spirit and empower the pursuit of freedom. They do not understand, do not hotâŝie to see that the same would be dumb to sit at the table ob″edeniâ, drinking, smoking, drowning in imaginary forms created by their own imagination, which will reset the body. But if you ask how many have heard of will respond? And if even know don't find the strength to throw off the Earth's crazed obsession that hold them, not knowing anything? But with the knowledgeable will ask, and will have to answer for everything and is not it better to do all that is humanly possible to free the spirit from the chains of the material world.
1965, 358. (M. A. S.). Water hammer stone, and tenacity and perseverance are overcoming violent resistance shells. Ask, what opposes you, that claims that have known him. Answer: envelopes, your custom skins that you yourself are saturated, the opposite order items that are now looking to introduce their own members. They used to vibrate the thoughts and desires of the order and finding satisfaction in them and now you want to replace their thoughts and aspirations. But they still want vibrate at a familiar wave. Hence the struggle. And the new should win because new wine and new Wineskins. Burned past the lights heading toward the heart and replaced. Persistence of rhythm will ruin the perseverance and resistance of casing. Because of the tenacity to make known.
1965, 359. (Guru). It is possible to reach all the gates of loyalty, and achieve it. Its really close to us. It can in combating their membranes and against the ignorance of others. The same oboronites′. Devotion is the strength, crush that cannot, even enemies. And friends of devotion we define and Lord. This measure is unmistakable.
1965, 360. (Aug. 29). We cannot deal with configuring consciousness disciple-he should do it himself. This should devote attention and time. Reading foreign books at night in large numbers. Head and mind are filled with extraneous images and thoughts. And before bed should give thoughts to the desired direction. We have the highest of demands constant care.
1965 g. 361. (M. A. S.). And in the subtle world will have to learn quickly to understand whether the visible form dropped liner or a live person, then there is a jacket that is its owner. It's pretty easy, as the hallmark of the Astral husk will be its automatism. More precise issues – and the difference will be obvious. An empty shell devoid of color and is similar to the uvâdšemu flower. Mumbling the usual thoughts deprived of living fire, are also quite common. Only inexperience can they be confusing or even intimidating experience. But they can get unkind denizen of the astral world, and then the matter is more complicated. There are many liars, no less than on Earth. Fear is not valid, because the phenomenon of vnušaûŝemu gives power to one who is afraid of fear.
1965, 362. (Guru). Consciousness is living its own laws of rhythm, and the duty to catch moments of recovery and absorb all that it can accommodate. Lost time will not happen again.
1965, 363. (Aug. 30). (M. A. S.). Immutable Bishop. From this and should proceed. Immutability Of that Knowledge and build on the rock of eternal Ground Plan excluded the possibility of avoiding a clearly stated goal of evolution of the human spirit and all that exists. The laws of light unchanged in centuries. And strong Base in the Rocky towers. And the hierarchy Ladder is unwavering. And the narrow path that leads to life, remains the same. So, it is possible to go without hesitation, do not hesitate and do not fear, for immutable being Lord and always with us.
1965, 364. (Guru). Impose itself even close is unacceptable. Let yourself will come. From imposing their own views well never worked. But the answer to the question would not be imposing. Because it is better to remain silent. Desire to speak in people so strongly that confidentiality and restraint not delivered will be charged. People want to sound off, and they don't even have time to listen to you. Well take the position that the word rule silver, silence is golden.
1965, 365. (Sept. 1). How do you want to successfully overcome the frantic and bitter resistance to low-rise sections, if not taken advantage have learned to overcome the resistance of surrounding environment plan of. Yet through these layers have to push through in its aspiration to light when you are released from your body. Bridging – Gates key upper world. And it's not to destroy something external, which runs counter to the spirit, but to win something within himself that becomes an obstacle to advancement. The formula that is "the ruler of this world and does not have anything in me," indicates the State of the human microcosm, when it lacks the elements that might in any way sozvučat′ activity coming darkness. She is seeking in the carrier Jaro Light even grain, for which she could grab onto to make it conform to the attacks and be given a voice in unison. But cleared of darkness the body does not react, can not respond to evil evil, because it has no. This victory over darkness. This does not mean passivity, but on the contrary-the tension of all the forces of the spirit in the phenomenon of light, so necessary to defeat the darkness. It's not a nonresistance, but the most intense and active fight against darkness by internal opposition to it and a victory over everything that could in one way or another, to one degree or another, be given a voice in the wake of evil. And pray for those who don't know what works, indicates the highest degree of self-denial and that indeed in microcosm the media Light there is nothing from the darkness. Even in the life of a normal answer attacks dark or irritation around the Astral reacted in unison with the received a blow or wave of anger and annoyance, hardly extraordinary. The more difficult it is for testing of High Spirits. The higher the level, the more difficult it is to test. Strength tests – on the power of the spirit. Achieved hotâŝij sets in motion the great law on which powerful aspiration is a powerful opposition both within heading toward the spirit of all that is subject to transmutation and foreign enemies World and Ministers of darkness and secret, implicit, conscious and unconscious. Overcome and which was working to overcome – Ray, Our help and assistance. Only victory, otherwise not. There is nowhere to retreat. Winner – all the currents of space.
1965, 366. (Guru). Victory will take hold in the minds of a face to face all countermeasures. This task and will devote his time and attention. Setting clear – we should comply with it.
1965, 367. (Guru). Many came away from me, having received of his consciousness. The question is: what they are and how to use the power. Who typically use them through your essence. If she is good is good, if the bad-for evil. Also, you must consider the Astral and polûsnost′ and other membranes, which turned its bright today, positive side, turns into its opposite, in time the shadow side. All this should be kept in mind when distributing the gifts of the spirit. The deal, you have to make a little it wisely.
1965, 368. (Sept. 2). We carefully Protect our right to not have touched the forbidden knowledge of them. This knowledge gives power to create. And if the person has not yet overcome some of its qualities and properties, then knowing what to know too early, he inevitably will ruin themselves by calling for a force that he cannot manage. While dark Jaro on guard to Captivate is not established in the light of the mind in artfully spaced their snares; the man wants or not, but what he knows, instinctively or consciously applying it in the case. Armed with the knowledge that it is too early to know, will it apply it. The reason will result. The occult laws so that neodolimo becomes negotovoe consciousness is a victim of its own irrationalization. In this knowledge much danger, because the higher they climbed a person is, the more frightening fall. Because We carefully Placed landmarks, for which you should not cross. The desire to know is legit, but premature getting Knowledge is detrimental to receiving. How often the energy sent us for creativity, use them to nepoleznomu have misused, so preventing their further possibilities. We send rays of light and very Saddened When They are stretched too thin in other areas, causing undesirable phenomena. Some, having received from the treasures of his heart shall make good and shined, while others cause they to be wicked start, slept in them. Energy one, but uses the Agni it man by opposite, for the spirit of man is the transformer receives the energies. And Secret Knowledge can be turned into good or evil, and there is a high risk when It comes to the unclean hands. Should not be sought in the area of proscribed Knowledge, until the teacher does not prepare a consciousness and not approve it in a Light quite firmly. Everything will come in its time, and all will be given when the spirit is ready.
1965 g. 369. (M. A. S.). In case of lack of confidence in a man good to listen to what says to heart. His voice is usually very clear, if you give yourself carefully listen to his job. It is happy or pečaluetsâ when dealing with others. It does not make mistakes, if only it did not prevent rassudočnye rhetoric. Often drowns out the voice of the brain by imposing its views. The voice of the heart usually free sounds, liberated from the tyranny of the mind.
1965, 370. (Guru). No need to create over people the Court each day. Let every man make of treasures of his heart good or bad and then and not have to court, because the Lurker above. From grilled hearts not no one will obscure its essence. Each will identify himself or another, or definitely the enemy. But give time because to identify the hidden essence of man it should be.
1965 g. 371. (Sept. 4). My friend, in a world of busy people live in all the three worlds: dense, Astral and mental. In the small World he lives in three: polufizičeskom, Astral and mental – with the only difference being that by the dense body and the physical plane are missing because they do not have the Explorer to come into contact with it. In the small world he sozvučit with those of their shells, which are concentrated and shelved them. When the dying person and dumped his thin body, mentale is the same thing, and harmony is all the law in action. With no malice, no vices is not what they sozvučat the space, rich with layers of vices and anger. These layers are different in that the form uâvleniâ of human passions expressed in them an unusually sharp and bright, and the temptation to mix with them is so great that people willingly plunged into what got used to on Earth. The attraction to these forms much stronger than the Earth 's, for preventing them combinations of circumstances. On the ground a lot fenced in human laws, there's also the desire and aspiration are not limited by them. In dreams sometimes makes a person what he has long ceased to perform in reality. Something similar is going on and there if ongoing and unresolved impulses are raising their voice. Of course, any hypocrisy does not have there value, for that which is hidden was the cloak, reveals himself fully. amuck Whoever won himself on Earth and has taught his only match one of the conductors of a high order, not afraid of any attraction the lowest layers, because they don't have anything in it that would sozvučalo them in unison.
1965, 372. The law accords manages worlds. Using it, you can install the high layers of space. A conductor or a magnet will serve as thought. Message can be sent in either direction and in any area. Its magnetism to attract elements, consonant its essence, and will enrich the consciousness of new existence. It is very important to break out of their own eggs to Auric thought to flow freely into space. But the bonds of identity must be destroyed. Each sverhličnaâ thought them weakens. True freedom consists in exemption from personal beginning, which, like the body, is a Dungeon for the spirit.
1965, 373. (M. A. S.). Can not be that darkness was stronger light. Therefore, if the teacher something allows and does not stop, it means that there is something that should have been eliminated thanks to the events. In this case it will be approving the immunity of consciousness from external influences.
1965, 374. (Guru). Burden-sharing world increases with the growth of the spirit. There is no escape from it. But it will be a pleasure when the times comes handsomely shake from the burdens of earthly Burdens.
1965, 375. (Sept. 5). Correctly noted that the investigation once born causes destroy can't nobody and nothing. If the cause is the wheel of karma, was put into effect its become inevitable. When it is said, "take up his cross and follow me," did you mean exactly that. Following the Teacher does not mean destruction generated by earlier reasons, and liberation from them is not helpful if new of the same order, and the old izživalis′ would consciously. Conscious eliminate old karma and the careful and judicious new reasons already emit Light by nature, and will be not only a cross-incurred but also feasible relief from it. The burden of this world is no longer a personal nature, as well as the victim, or cross, who assume the Great Spirits. Wise is happy when given the chance to pay off old debts.
1965, 376. (M. A. S.). What about the fact that originated in this incarnation, contrary to the requirements of morality? The issue is complicated. Redeem or will have to eliminate all because cause and effect are linked straight thread. If someone or something damaged, any property, will have to reimburse. Karma relates to people who have done anything good or bad. We assume that we will meet again with all who are associated with threads. About these future meetings could conceivably begin to give back past the best we can give. And if now his cross is carried without indignation, murmuring and discontent, but with awareness of the inevitability of karmic accounts, then it is wise to release from past debts. The same will do and when future karmic encounters. The teacher wants you to see the highest bribing supplier rather old debts. Also have to conceive of and reasons for mental-Astral properties that have to live down in the subtle world. They will satiate their sentinels Threshold energies, and will have to meet with them in all their live, strained and implemented in the form of power during the struggle. This will prepare themselves here, are already causing the superiority of spirit and awareness of the possibility of winning it over the products of the elements. The formula turned to him – "I'm not afraid of you," will be the margin of victory.
1965, 377. (Guru). Threads of happiness now dedicated to tag along with the consciousness into the light. And already you can weave a carpet of happiness. So call everything that us brings and collects items of light in the mind. Perseverance and constancy steadfast aspirations lead to goals, no matter what. Ray leads steadily. He was not afraid of the darkness. When with him, no irresistible desires. With Bishop go, it will win.
1965, 378. (Sept. 6). The fire, which invisibly to others flaring up in the heart, and will treasure for human, above which there is nothing there. Neither Rob nor extinguish it can't no one other than the man himself. He gives him the strength to fight them. He gives him the strength to overcome difficulties and obstacles like mountains, perched on his way. Yoga Fire anyone does not promise an easy life and bespečal′nogo existence. On the contrary, it warns that the flame heart grows and increasing aspirations of obstacles and opposition will grow, which also rises from the depth of opposition to his own essence, and his own internal world becomes a field of that struggle, with all that therein is not dead yet, and that is clear. Generally speaking, all earthly life is nothing like preparing for a longer stay in the world Aboveground, and all the kind of accumulation and everyone, even small, overcoming the nesvetlyh phenomena in a bear fruit and good effect in the world of Invisible when will reset the body. None, even the slightest, the effort is not wasted. Vacant from unwholesome goods at yourselves and something in himself will be free from any of this there. Release the thoughts releases thought. In a world where everything moves at the thought, she has pervenstvuûŝee value. You can operate the thought. Thought the man always. Therefore, in all conditions of life Earth has he the ability to move forward towards a distant. There are no such conditions and there are no such obstacles, which cannot defeat the fiery, aspiring thought. For all possible thoughts. And liberation – in thought, and slavery – the thoughts. That good man if he wins, and the world itself will not overcome the economic, and remain a slave to his own foibles and flaws, and take them with you into the world of subtle, where everything is and where all properties are raising their head up continuing and painful sting of its owner. The fire, burning in your heart, has cleansing properties, which, with constant burning heart transparent to the individual gradually frees him from the secular accretions that prevent him from moving. Where is the force found to resist slomit′sâ and not always fly forward? In the rhythm of everyday concerns, not by anything that is being aborted. Help is always striving will be provided to heart. It cannot be given, because the heart is a magnet, and thought magnetična. It will draw from the much-needed Assistance, sent in response to a fire call of the heart. The Sun of the great Hearts available for everyone who wants to consciously smell something and feel the heart-giving warmth its rays.
1965, 379. (M. A. S.). I want to whisper to the sensitive ear that not vain directs heart to one who loves and who are so far away. Aspiration and otvetnost′, the call of heart and obey the great response the law accords, which can't stop no earthly obstacles. For energies ignited hearts there is neither time nor space, neither distances. Because it responds to the call of heading toward the heart.
1965, 380. (Guru). You must discard the tenderness, and the expectant attitude and a fluffy words. The severity of the understanding is necessary to make known the feat, pink dreams are no longer suitable for living. The severity of self and a hard-hitting analysis in his internal world of everything that is not consonant with the best aspirations of the heart, will help keep down unnecessary baggage. Without the load easier to go. Free of load.
1965, 381. (Sept. 7). We are packing the student's consciousness through his aspirations. So he himself can choose what he wants to know. The only obstacle to comprehension is the limited capacity of its consciousness. Do not give more than it is able to assimilate. When his idea even to the unknown goes, it's still some kind of knowledge still starts coming through the channel of aspiring thoughts. Aspiration of magnetic. Little is understood magnetic power aspirations. When stated: "knock, and it shall be opened unto you, seek and ye shall find," had in mind the same principle. Aspiring thought serves as the key opening. Some of our experiments took ages. We throw ideas out into space, and sometimes a long time passes before they could be realized. But we know how to wait, because we know that there is a time for everything. Only inexperience and impatience are demanding and willing to count here and now, not knowing what each thought sooner or later, in one form or another, is becoming a reality of dense world. So all the aspirations of pupils, saturated, sweat the thought will be carried out, at the very least, it took many lives. For the same reason, we warn that the caution expressed desire, for if they are low, and the investigation will be the same of them. Finish with the words: "Come to us will receive the full amount of their aspirations.
1965, 382. (M. A. S.). The past will not grieve, even if there were errors. All fixable, except betrayal and humiliation of the hierarchy. Each error is incorrectly applied energy. In the knowledge of these mistakes, you can apply and use energy more wisely, thereby eliminating the possibility of repeating those mistakes. The teacher even failure Draws a favor, letting their power for the good. The essence of conscious energies of transmutation of lower to higher in the triad is to bezličnuû mental energy directed to senior centers to better use. The same impersonal, that is not good and not evil, the energy becomes itself, that is evil or good, dark or light, depending on how and where it is and what is painted or full of feelings and emotions. The mains switch is in the hands of man, and directing the energy in one direction or another could he will of his.
1965, 383. (Guru). Lights of varying degrees of apparent or breaking out in the body permanently, and they must possess. One who has succeeded in a Flash of annoyance or resentment or any unworthy sense of stem and turn them into positive energy, are already on the right track. It is the small things, the small feelings of earthly practice a student in mastering the fire element. Inexperience makes for great, leaving little in paid little. But the wise understands the value of seemingly insignificant events.
1965 g. 384. (Sept. 8). Let us break the properties and features of personality and individuality and will put our analysis either. Personality is an external person, his social position, work, family, relationship with people and his psychic world filled with details of current life, his likes and dislikes, related to it, its changing Skanda's mother and external coating of upbringing and education – in short, all the things that ordinary people understand by ordinary human being. Most of this foreign man and prevails in his expression. He has his own inner world, which is fully filled with the elements of the outer life consciousness and reactions to it. There are people in the consciousness of this foreign man and one another, internal, which is an expression of Individuality, are balanced: not prevails and not excels neither. But there are people who have dominant Personality, or the inner man, the Lord over the outside. Individuality is the hidden man in man, it is what has taken the outside man, his personality to the latter to fulfil its task of yet another incarnation. In it are all the highest quality spirit that could be maintained for the manifestation and the plans of the highest. All higher impulses and aspirations go away. She does not die with the death of their membranes, but collects every everything can they give each of their respective worlds. We are interested in the life of individuality, Its growth and development, which often run counter to the wishes and aspirations of the outer man and his interests. Often it also happens that something very serious and unpleasant for a person it is useful and need for individuality. And then personality suffers. Many are suffering Higher Triad desired Her experience and knowledge and bring the possibility of transferring consciousness in Its scope, which means achieving a degree of immortality, that is coherent consciousness. Vivid personal peace and personal consciousness damped and mutate with the release of the physical body. Person dies in each end of the incarnation. The remains of the personal consciousness can clutter up the space for a long time. Talking about ordinary people. But with each new incarnation of Individuality is growing and gaining much-needed items continued. Our people are the ones who express their Individuality has prevailed over their temporary character and its ordinary earthly interests. When it was written, "My Kingdom is not of this world," meant the immortal personality and world of its manifestations. She can fully express the essence of its brightly in the world of earthly things, and then have the phenomenon of the great Spirits, performing his earthly mission consciously. Generally speaking, everyone comes to Earth, having a job. But often the death personality, plunging wholeheartedly into earthly interests and blûdâ only them, oblivious to the ultimate task of his life mission, for which it alone, and then everything came true incarnation is aimlessly, without the consequences. Very useful to consider carefully what particular characteristics and properties of the intrinsic and inherent in the Human Personality, to give them food and a chance to develop. Personality is merely a servant and if you like, servant of identity. Slave is afraid of the owner, and identity – their Lord, Immortal personality of his.
1965, 385. When Lord Buddha left his family, His Imperial dignity and all that concerned His outer life, He left his personality and her world to, fully immersed in the world of his or her identity, to Their mission on Earth.
1965 g. 386. (M. A. S.). When talking about self-denial and self-sacrifice, unthinkable for removal from the minor's personality and everything that touches her so Jaro. It was his soul, his uterâvšij personality takes on it, that is already transferred his consciousness into Individuality is attached to life Immortal triad. How would one gains a soul once again. But consciousness has moved from small personal ' I ' in ' I ' a lot. Simply discarded something small to replace his bigger and more valuable.
1965, 387. (Sept. 10). The first sign of a izbranničestva will neugasimoe burning heart. We judge the lights of the heart. And you be the judge on his own and others ' – there is no error. More accurate would be to say: do not judge, but be aware, because judgment and knowledge is not a condemnation. And will need to know, because my cause is going through people. How much does irreparable harm to abandon pričinilos′ and verbosity. The right decision to get rid of personal attitude towards people and replace it with sverhličnym, that is no longer dependent on personal feelings, fragile and fleeting. It is all built on such feelings, unsteadily. Criterion is usefulness to the evolution or for the common good. This condition does not preclude closeness in spirit that lasts for centuries. But she ruled out the passers-by. How much time and energy they have spent little of our staff. When an individual is discarded, the error becomes smaller. Many stumbled in personal consciousness nedurnyh Mirage Raceway until he learned to see and read the aura; know you by heart, but heart, free from judgments of self.
1965 g. 388. (Sept. 11). It is difficult to imagine that all human life on Earth is nothing but a mirage of the Mai, but enough personal recall the events of a day twenty years ago, as the temporariness and prizračnost′ of what it once was, will become very clear. It was passed and poroslo come true. And porastet all that at the moment occupies the minds of external impressions. And porastet all personal life of this incarnation. Everything will remain only that this person for their collected Immortal triad. It will be the most fit and most valuable thing left a man from his earthly life. So you can collect even more zealously and diligently, carefully. The timeless elements accumulated in the bowl, put it in intensely and hard if all consciousness is focused on this task. The books give the materials and and reflections. The reflection on the problems of human existence especially conducive to the accumulation of the bowl. Thoughtful, and most importantly, pročuvstvovannoe, abide firmly. If idle Word and an idle thoughts are destructive, then consciousness must be closed. Great harm, and great harm Redundance idle talk. But even greater damage from the irresponsible thoughts. They zapečatlevaûtsâ in scrolls of Akasha to once per each person responded. Thought out terrible, irresponsible idea and even expressed words, and totally forgot about it man. But don't forget the space. And when the time comes, it requires your account to be able to pay for something that was brought to bear and irresponsible blindly at the wheel. You can advise the talk as little as possible, but not advised to think less, because the thought is the pride and dignity of the human person. Every? This is the basis of thinking. Âsnosiâûŝaâ thought the decision. There are thoughts from light, and have some thoughts from the darkness. The choice in the hands of man, the choice is clear and depends on the will of his. So to think that not ashamed before anyone thought of his own. Awareness of the permanent presence of a teacher in the spirit will help to make the idea âsnosiâûŝej. In the presence of Bright Faces of darkness we not.
1965 g. 389. Before bringing the bloody sacrifice, then brought the gifts. Now offering a thought. Their best thoughts bring Teacher of light. Every thought has qualities of spirit is in. Hence the concern about the qualities, their lights to paint the idea lays a charge Beam. And calmness and balance need to be reflected on the thought. One must learn to ensure that nothing colored the idea for darkness. No considerations may be invoked as a justification, if the thought zamutilas′ and otemnila its poroditelâ and space. No matter how the man suffered or close it, or surrounding, cannot serve as a justification for otemneniâ thoughts and causing spatial contagion. Ukazuetsâ store the balance under all conditions and in all circumstances, whatsoever. There is nothing in the world, for what could be the light that is in you, replace the darkness. Žalenie and sympathy can be affected very negatively if pitiful plunges into twilight consciousness žaleemogo. Real help is to light your pour or illuminate minds žaleemogo and raise it to the level of their luminosity, but not to extinguish their lights in the mind of another person, engulfed in the assisted.
1965, 390. (M. A. S.). In his internal world you should define exactly what belongs to the elements and that is death to the elements of life, from suspension and imperishable. Care and concern, of course, are being paid to the latter, that is, elements of the imperishable. Usually does the opposite. Man chasing and craves that keep it cannot. The nature of things by myself surrounded by people, you need to understand before the end. Only then can you say: «do not see things that I own, and I don't know who my earthly phenomena. It will be the liberation from the illusions of a world.
1965, 391. (Guru). Need to find a way between the requirement of the higher self and the lower desires. This will be a middle way. You can call it by balance. All human principles require care and attention, but not the lowest forms of complicity. All one must possess. Ungroup idealism not less harmful than slavery with his Astral shell. Balance them can only will. Man is the master of its power.
1965, 392. (M. A. S.). Living planet cannot fit in the mind of the individual as a person hugs her, but consciousness of the sverhličnoe seats. Thus, the capacity of consciousness depends on how it's free from personal beginning. Sverhličnaâ life and move into the realm of Immortal consciousness a triad not only destroy their self consciousness, but, on the contrary, extend and deepen it, only it wouldn't be a small ' I ', but ' I ' a lot. And whenever the thought flares up, in-depth in a spatially sverhličnoe thinking, small "I" is replaced by "I". Hence the usefulness of thoughts on higher. Under the Supreme means anything that pierces the shell egg and brings consciousness Auric beyond personality. Its limited and temporary nature of existence is rounded off with her consciousness into the circle of frustration. To break the chains of the lower self, one must first understand them. Rab, počitaûŝij yourself free, never dreaming of freedom, then there will never be freed from slavery. The power of the lower self of consciousness should realize that if a man wants to break the chains of slavery.
1965, 393. (Guru). When, ispivaâ Bowl of poison, forces will find to say it for good – victory is close. Entry open suffering or joy. They are equivalent, but only from the viewpoint of higher self: lower self that takes over all the bitterness of the venom, too keen to evade the count, gripping it. But should the higher self, nor can it solve, not separating from the lower self. When the separation is inevitable struggle began in the higher and lower self. The purpose of evolution to the higher self has won. If the won lower self, the victory is meaningless and does not make any sense, because the lower self, or personality, doomed to death.
1965 g. 394. (Sept. 14). Phenomenon broadly consider the aspirations. It comes from heading toward the spirit. Otherwise can not be it. Aspiration is drawn to a teacher. Not a teacher called to disciple, but student-to Focus the light. Teacher condescends only in response to an aspiration, a pupil at a time so goes up to consciousness. In the formula "seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you" is pronounced the same law. Energy samoishodâŝego aspirations punches and reaches the target layers. The decree only endeavor. " is the key that opens up the entrance. Aspiration of a diffuse, that is directed to different objects, loses its power in proportion to the dispersion. Aspiration of monolithic always reaches the goal. Failed to search the fragmentation of thoughts. A unifier, fastening together monolith aspirations, is the heart. Therefore, only heartfelt aspiration will be most effective. The brain, like the eye, or ear, is not functioning on put him outside. But the heart does not have them. The heart is the organ of the infinity. Brain desires to die together with the brain. But the heart is immortal and will carry away with itself their ambitions further. Therefore I say: endeavor heart. Heart fills the surge of the whole body. Only it can infuse the aspiration of each point of the body, like each particle, aspiring in flight towards the arrow. It will be the monolithic aspirations. Poorly and slowly reacting brain if not drawn heart. Similarly, and with aspiration. The sixth principle is at the heart of their abode. The abode is ready when the heart is shining lights and when exactly a hot flame is never more faint. Unrestrained or uneven glowing no good for aspirations, for breeds spazmatičnost′ last and fluctuations. Smooth, steady flame gives the flatness and stability of an ambition, which is no longer ranges under the whirlwinds of dense layers. Really appreciate when a balance is not disturbed by any expectations neuravnovesiâmi taking place in the surrounding lit heart. Stability, constancy and steadfastness of the aspirations and balance its Believe qualities without which it will not be effective.
1965, 395. (M. A. S.). All the best qualities of spirit, devoid of permanence, lose a lot of its value. Therefore the quality of permanence should pay particular attention. That there is no constancy of loyalty or love? Temporary commitment and holiday love devoid of values. Punctuality and impermanence of feelings and affections is a distinctive feature of the common man. A student comes to a teacher for good. And punctuality of past chuvstvovany replaces constancy and devotion and love's enduring social unit to Pozvavšemu it. Holiday isn't far from a very dedicated Discipleship. Cannot be connected to the Light, otherwise the teacher puts a point into the students. Let us reveal an understanding of conditions approximating to the light.
1965, 396. (Guru). Is it possible to calm down the bagged the victory as it was great? No, it's going to be stagnation. Behind each victory is sure to be another, by one-third, and so without end. Ladder climbing spirit has no end, and each stage of the battle is taken, and no victories. This explains the neskončaemost′ old man overcome in himself. Each new step does what once was good, and the bad and subject to improvement, meaning the bridge elements, no longer meet the growing consciousness. Because man is "a process" of constant growth and improvement of its spirit. Stairway of light has no end, and increasing in light can intensify its infinitely.
1965 g. 397. (Sept. 15). Trials and temptations, sometimes given to people not only survived but established his authority over the very energies of its microcosm, which until that time were apparent in it spontaneously and not subordinate to control will. Will can master them and control all of the manifestations of an organism. Mastering your lights and there is a path of fiery yoga.
1965, 398. (Sept. 16). People decided to think purely, and its shell, accustomed to vibrate at impure thoughts, seek to live a life, their own and thoughts impure, sozvučat′ his and others ', and is often sent to awaken the past fluctuations in the fabric of these shells. This will be repeated until the lower fabric these shells is cleansed, meaning no more refined, will be replaced by no longer capable of responding to the impure thoughts. In this substitution, or transmutation, conductors takes time, and it should not be a surprise when the wrapper will try at times to vibrate in the wake of lower desires. They have to keep in check until a full replacement of matter, coarse matter is more subtle. Seven of its divisions, if only one Astral shell, show the extent of this rarity. Until approved by a fabric, you cannot expect the uncleaned shell will not respond as an external evil influence, and on their own evil thoughts, if they are approved. Transmutation of matter membranes is the primary task of Discipleship. Bridle on feelings and emotions need until it's rebirth or transformation, the shells did not end. Hence the struggle, constant struggle and constant watch to ongoing feelings are not reinforced and amplified the matter not to be replaced. Each relapse izživaemyh savings, restoring the lower matter into a Windows Explorer, nullifying the earlier results, and have to start all over again. Many Sizifov, rocks up to mount the desired systems, but not by their achievements. The main thing-it is not allowed to raise its head properties izživaemym enough to Astral shell in the traffic on the lower scale. And then slowly, but surely more coarse fabric lining is replaced with more subtle. And then if you go to the world above ground would not already exposed to the vibrations of the lower layers of risk taken advantage when Astral matter particles in continuing not peeled off her shells begin to conform to the FF Jaro of the lowest layers, magnetic effects involving them in an orbit of its attraction. What may seem to the average person with a layer of high, for the student turns out to be low. had Therefore, the struggle that accompanied the ascent of mind never stops because the high should be higher, followed by a superior. And to the layers of refinement, space, rise in the shining heights, it is necessary to adapt and refine their respective conductors. Achievement at one stage may be insufficient for higher, the downside to be address. Is an unending one fight while climbing the spirit, and not the stage behind which had not followed would be even higher. The victory should prepare to a disciple.
1965 g. 399. (M. A. S.). Masters come to Earth for the sake of imperfect humans to help them climb and reach different degrees of perfection. Because of its imperfection, one must look at both the starting point from which to begin the path of perfection. After all, always have to start from something. If someone his imperfections will serve as an obstacle rather than a springboard for aspirations above, we assume that the installation is completely wrong. Only nobody can consider itself unable to climb or has already begun with the concelebration of the darkness to darkness of the adjacent spirit. No such provisions or conditions which could not have been striving to light. Therefore, treatment and aspiration to the light always are possible. Calls always gets a response, if from the heart. To light are called everything and everyone has to answer the call. Unprecedented time of unusually severe nagnetenij, but the empowerment of all-time!
1965, 400. (Guru). The key to a new world – the image of Lord, fortified in the heart. Key always opens up something. If it does not use them with whose in this wine? Early clues from the upper world were in the possession of the very few. Now given to all, and how to use them. Why are so few people willing to apply them and to turn exactly as many times as needed. How else to open a door and as cherished, not otkryvši, come in? Speak, recite, tell how to act, but cannot log in, instead of you yourself, or use instead of you. Must login yourself and make yourself a key. The other man could neither eat or drink or walk, and neither enter the bridal chamber is designed. Every part himself, their feet.
1965, 401. (M. A. S.). We are bringing only those who in past lives we came up repeatedly. New with the same dedication and persistence, and other qualities of the spirit needed to work together. Typically, people believe they are good and are suitable for cooperation. But practice rejects this presumption and quickly removes the mask from the larvae. Many otpadaûŝih, they always consider themselves to be absolutely right. Understanding the disadvantages of their usually do not depart. The importance of awareness of own imperfections. This is the first step of the climb. Invite them to join us to go, taking their imperfections for transmutation. Hotâŝij comes.
1965 g. 402. (M. A. S.). It would be strange to suggest that close perfume to the Bishop, who had thrown off the body of Earth, sink into sweet dreams Devačana. This is not the case. After the necessary rest are continuing to work, helping him and sharing his work and Carry this world. It does not stop with the transition because aboveground is compounded by all and is amplified many times. Of course, people serve too long, because the spirit is not bound by limitations of the body. But no less desired people spokoâ. Willing to work hard for the common good of cases there will be no limit.
1965 g. 403. (M. A. S.). The reality hidden from the eyes of Maya. All around, it covers. As if through thick and almost impenetrable thickets have to push through with the consciousness that is to separate it from what it seems. Maya is one of the most difficult obstacles to understanding reality. Any doubt, hesitation, uncertainty about the immutability of the Grand Masters Plan is nothing but an ardent brood of Maya. We have to fight with them is not the logic of the brain, not the arguments or opinions of the mind but fiery faith of the heart in the fact that the Sun and Moon pass away, but neither one jot of the law would not change until it reaches all. This faith, not slomimoj nothing, and we will fight with the ghosts of Maya, zastilaûŝimi horizon of the future.
1965, 404. (Guru). Ghost Whisperer visibility easier to struggle when forced on the Hierarchy. This Ladder is stable to light, and is independent of it all, the earthly world. You can rely on it and on the steps of her find the sustainability and buttress, which there is not and cannot be a flitting and changing events life on Earth. Amid turbulent flow of everyday phenomena Ladder hierarchy – like granite rock, no wave obviousness dense koleblemyj.
1965, 405. (M. A. S.). Feeling of closeness you cannot call any effort or desire of the mind, if It was not installed before. It can be deepened and strengthened, but only where it already is. All sorts of artificial and canned for the proximity of the attempts are doomed to failure. Only when the heart burns a flame isn't dying in time the feelings of love are felt these sacred thread of spirit and heart. These feelings of joy are us and serve the meat of the spirit. Yes, Yes, the feelings are unconscious and reinforce the pulsation of life. Therefore rightfully be called love žiznedatelem. This sense of intimacy and relationships requires very careful. After all this is the fruit of centuries-old savings. The secret history of ohranim with the power of the spirit.
1965 g. 406. (Sept. 21). Often wonder what kind of danger's a forbidden Knowledge or forcible disclosure centres, without adequate preparation and purification. Awakening of the centres is accompanied by increased susceptibility and opportunity to come into contact with the energies of various layers of space. In preparation, clearing the matter sufficiently master the conductors and is no danger involved in their communication with the inferior Astral entities conform to their inevitable and effects in harmony with them. Preparedness means and a Leader – Hierarch who leads, and relationship to the hierarchy of light through it. It's going to be protection from the dark, always ready and keep a close watch to master an untrained mind, not established in the Hierarchy, and then have no protection from the dark influences, it is not possible to discern how much pernicious podbrasyvaemye dark thoughts, and even just to understand where these impacts are and how they are bad news. Victim of dark influences there is no one to even open my eyes to what is happening and help. Help Can only Light Hierarchy and those who are working with her together. Many books are harmful, are pushing for all sorts of occult exercises that promise achieving power over hidden forces and much more. All this without a teacher and Hierarchy will be a trap for the mind, for the consciousness which has no inexperienced leader, unable to recognize or even admit that something or someone is threatened, both from the subtle world and enshrined in the body of the servants of darkness and their numerous assistants. Don't know anything better than all these phenomena affect the occult nature of uncleaned and untrained minds. How to recognize prel′ŝenie, seduction and obsession beneath their outwardly priukrašennymi and which forms the obol′ŝennomu of consciousness and even thought comes to mind that everything is carefully thought out and exquisitely prepared to ward off the darkness of Light paths. Pupil too is being tested, and also at the time dugpam is given the freedom to have deceived him. But for a teacher to give necessary advice and avoid the irreparable mistakes. But in all cases the human will remains free to freely choose the path of light or the path of darkness. That's why the mastery of your lights is the first prerequisite for admission to the secrets of nature. Before you change the unwanted properties or qualities of the spirit, it is necessary to master those lights that drive them and give them life. And then not even izžitoe quality is no longer as dangerous, because it owns will that can direct the lights of this quality in the diametrically opposite direction, that is, positive, side, that is for the good, for the psychic energy in itself is neither good nor evil. It all depends on the direction, given her will. In this respect, the mastery of fire of Kundalini is particularly important, because a fire shining in the lower centers and not obuzdannyj will cause the most serious misconduct. But who, other than the teacher can teach mastering the lights. Without it, a person can become a victim of the very bezvol′noû lights that he so carelessly caused a premature manifestation in his body.
1965, 407. (M. A. S.). The sacrament of love between the letter and the spirit of hierarchically standing at different steps of Stairs light, yet little is explained. The spirit of making the vibrations of light through the channel of love, and the spirit that receives them, represent different voltages polûsnost′ active and passive. But as the fullness of harmony only occurs when mutual transfer of energies, and consciousness on the Stairs below in turn also becomes active, sending away the high sense of emanation, which refer to spiritual love. Generally speaking, it is the basic condition of hierarchical relationships. It cannot be replaced by any other feeling, even such as devotion, for devotion without love is like a ray of light of the Sun, deprived of heat. Great is the magnetic force feelings of love to the Hierarchs. If you want to succeed, prosper love hierarchically.
1965 g. 408. (Guru). When the meet, ask, what was the time of separation. Let's summarize all around – and good, and bad. And will weigh all the scales. Good all are probably going to take away with you. Bad fire betray. Well, if already and now more often begin to think that the produce as much good. The poor who need it? So here go through life by collecting only that which is good of course.
1965 g. 409. (Sept. 22). Thought, waiting at the door, after the liberation from the body would be, if it is not from the world, a magnet for dark approximations and an intermediary through which the dark will affect its poroditelâ. The thought will not leave its creator until it has exhausted their energy charge. It serves as a gunner for the Devils, that is razvoploŝennyh lower spirits, so they knew unerringly vulnerabilities who they attack. Therefore, control over the thought of a course, if wants to poroditel′ thoughts immortal secure from very serious consequences. But the thought of light, âsnosiâûŝaâ turns out to be a true friend, dragging their creator in consonant s scope and bringing to it the spirits High. The propensity of man to the point of thinking and tenacity of obsessive thoughts, and voluntary or involuntary submersion in them show that thought is a real entity, could replace him externally obvious and entirely capture the minds of even the contrary. When the reader weeps over the pages of the novel, not sensitive over the paper and typographic characters, i.e. letters, she cries, but over images of thought established writers and passed through characters-letters and symbols. Such is the impact of images thought to human consciousness, and his and everybody else 's. Of course, the thought must have. Mastering the idea is not only to avoid thoughts of useless, but also to be able to hold those that will want to concentrate the mind. And hold the thought, and be released from them are equally difficult. The exercises in this very necessary and very useful. Fear effect-thoughts of fear have on the human psyche. Discard the thought – and fear will not. Qualities of the spirit correspond to the thoughts, and control of thought means and authority over these qualities. The thought can be and create and destroy fear. Thought you can diminish or enhance loyalty or love. The idea can be called to life and approve any spirit for the actual quality of his life. Thus, the thought becomes a tool of human improvement or its involution. Energies of crystals thoughts, pending in a bowl with enough accumulation will give effect lights. The thought is fire space, cast in the form of a degree of persistence and length. Create strong, bright idea and forget about it completely does not mean destroy it. She reappears in time and brings his account to his poroditelû. You should get used to think âsnosiâûŝe to no one and nothing other than ashamed of any of his thoughts.
1965, 410. (M. A. S.). Alcohol awakens the lower instincts and is used for dark channel through which they can easily pass on their zloumyšleniâ. Mind control over the idea weakens, and it otemnâetsâ those who so Jaro monitors every opportunity to harm. If people knew how many dangers lies in wait for them at every turn, and especially under the influence of alcohol, they constituted abstinence. Drunkenness is the scourge of the current time. The danger is that it was driven by dark and Jaro to at least delay this way evolved, and prevent the new country in the performance of its planetary mission. Spatially alcoholism especially harmful, for it captures people's thoughts, they are saturating the emanations of all sorts of vices and lust and their filling and infecting the space. You can fear all-out alcoholism phenomena.
1965 g. 411. (Guru). Weak man, tripped over and hitting a puddle, the long-floundering in it, being distressed about what happened. Strong is not embarrassed by anything. Fell – rises immediately to the goal is again without thinking about the fall. And since there is no perfect people on Earth, then this way of acting is the only right and sensible. The apprentice must not themselves kill aspirations obessilivat′ thoughts about the mistakes. The teacher said that He would draw even errors. And the student have to go, just go, just forward them contrary to and around, preventing and detains him on the way.
1965, 412. (M. A. S.). Customize the consciousness can be on a wave of devotion, courage, love, ambition or any other quality. Setting up the conscious and the unconscious, is strong-willed and weak-willed, under control of, or under the power of third-party influences. When communicating mood due to a wave of consciousness is needed. This spirit gives attunement. Without it there is no contact. Mood you can bring to the highest voltage that must not be enforced or via meticulously crafted. The tone of radiation rises naturally and freely in lights heading toward the heart. Only previous accumulation can give the desired effect, that is, one must bring something before the attunement took place. His effort is admirable.
1965 g. 413. (Sept. 24). Heart body lights according to degree of transmutes his development and refinement. On the throne of the heart any lights can be cleaned up and put in light of Agni. Take heart as the Fiery energies as transmutator spatial and energy of a microcosm. The heart Center, the Sun of the organism and its fiery transformer saturation. The element of fire, oxygenating, needs the human microcosm mastering it and subordinate it to the spirit. Nepodčinennaâ, it can destroy the body, raznesâ him on the matter. The mastery of fire power is primarily to mastering their thoughts, feelings and actions. To some extent the man they already own. But even animals too have their movements. Am not talking about the animal side of man but of higher mastery and self-control. Energy spirit under full control of will, will faithfully serve the Lord in building and building its future. Must be submissive Astral. All senses should go under the control of the will and thought. The hardest. Mastering yourself is not coming, if not brought under control. Usually have thoughts and feelings of the people, and should be the opposite. Will study in small cases, small thoughts, and feelings, and sensations of the body. The persistence and perseverance of many will give in this struggle with their shells, since the lights are acting through them. The quality of restraint, self-control, silence, tranquillity, equilibrium and other forms are uâvleniâ lights, which man must master in his microcosm.
1965, 414. (Guru). Stay strong and the misfortune and fortune, in sickness and health, poverty and wealth, alone and surrounded by people, the word is always, in all circumstances of life. He who is lifted up by a crowd person feels strong. But is it his strength? Invested with power terrestrial feels strong man himself. But is it his strength? He who is lifted up the wealth, the honor and glory due to their borrows from something outside of ourselves. It's not the strength. But devoid of all and force its realized and uderžavšij her as its fiery treasure relics, such a person is really strong. A sign of its independence is invalid from the external environment.
1965, 415. (M. A. S.). Mastering your feelings, or discipline of the spirit, is a condition without which promote student stops automatically. Unbridled Agni can mess things up POV-this is the reason why approval authority over him is an unavoidable step. You can thus see how life itself leads steadily to samoovladenie was held. Life is a great school.
1965, 416. (Guru). No trouble, difficulty, frustration and kicks derived from earthly life, disrupted the balance of the spirit. Call bor′boû for claim level walkable equilibrium. Better than being subjected to the most serious tests, but keep your balance, you lose it in a crazed well-being. Bespečal′naâ has approved the balance of life. It requires skill in combat and overcome. Whatever was going around, spirit upright and doesn't get anything out occurring if the will is on guard. And not with external phenomena we have to fight, and with him themselves, without allowing them to unbalance the spirit.
1965, 417. (Sept. 27). State of mind requires that a return to the basics. Spirit is not prehodit for ever. But all around is committed, will go out of sight, as it took the past incarnation as leaves and is forgotten even what happened with that. Memories, whatever they are, are no substitute for the present, and the present, no sign of a limb and prehodimosti. Therefore, rely on external it no matter what, or to bind the conscience but of hierarchy and teacher. Cause and said that I am with you always, to emphasize that all the stuff with you – for a while. A new dimension to these words, which in the old sense have known for decades that try to go deeper and stronger approve in conscience. I am with you always, everything else, everything that surrounds you and seem so stable and continuous, all this only temporarily, to be replaced by another, and constantly evolve in a stream of fast current events intimate world. They all remember the formula worlds this urgent, for urgent worlds – their properties prehodimost′. Only a fiery World is constant, but not constantly stay your in it have not yet reached Nirvana. And whenever the call thought to me, assert their consciousness on the everlasting, for I am with you always, all the days until the very end of the age. "Skončaniem century" will understand the end of the stay in the world of transient, moving into the world of Fire and Mergence with me together, not divided over the terms of dense world. All this applies already to the basics, which cannot obscure the dense dust layers and seduction Maya. The darkness outside, where the weeping and the gnashing of tooth-, is finite, and the outside world. The spirit of the same Infinity and neskončaemost′ destined for life in the worlds in forms of increasingly new and new, in the forms of increasingly higher and higher on the ever-rising levels of the Ladder of evolution into eternity.
1965 g. 418. (M. A. S.). For consciousness, touched, there can be no ordinary happiness of earthly joys and satisfactions, devoid of the spirit. Consciousness is constantly in dissatisfaction and angst on higher world, which will not replace him no earthly conditions. Mistakenly thinking that the past has changed, people have found their happiness on Earth. Happiness is so transparently, so the Earth is unstable, so distracted that find in it support for the spirit. Where all doomed to a limb, you yourself do not look for happiness even in the aspirations and thoughts of its own. It will only be a waste of your energy. Happiness in the spirit, happiness in the spirit, and the happiness is accompanied by joy, the joy that (the Bishop Himself said) have a special wisdom. The joy of enduring, in joy, in the inherent joy that he and God be with us always, all our happiness. For it is the only thing that is not dependent on what is happening with us outside.
1965, 419. (Guru). How hard and difficult it can be at times, but he is with us. As the sometimes dark and hopeless around but he is with us. How cruel at times, people and how hurt they hurt, but he is with us. Both obstacles are piled on top of each other and seem neodolimymi, but he is with us. How lonely and misunderstanding among people, but he is with us. How big are ignorance and rudeness of the peace, but the remainder did with us his grace always, every day, until the very end of the age.
1965, 420. I have a stone of Eternal Life Foundation. I was arguing in her heart, saying in an eternal origin. Lick My heart you entered, will be permanent contact with the human being and the constant reminder that I am with you always. He never hesitated, immutable and durable as granite rock in the rough waves to flow past. Mindful of me incessantly, enduring and immortal in themselves argue over everything, like a river, is rushing by.
1965 g. 421. (M. A. S.). The principle of its natural to be understood as one of the conditions of the manifested world. Towards people that have special meaning for you, it will be the basis of devotion, love and understanding. What is unique and cannot be found again and replaced already by someone else, is valued particularly highly. And devotion, and love and friendship can become permanent, because then it is clear then that the favorite has never, and nowhere else, and no one will replace, and nobody to put in their place, even if the whole world get around. This is understandable, because Proximity is established on the beam, and the hierarchical Chain Links are irreplaceable. And there is no money to hire other leaders. Life-long pairs in life occur infrequently. Odnolûbie – a principle that we need to understand. You can and should love everyone standing on the ladder of light. But love by the beam is calculations of feelings. And where my heart should understand and smell something something innermost, very, superfluous words.
1965 g. 422. (Guru). When the heart becomes a sense of love for their Hierarchy, then all of them, adjacent to it, becoming especially close. The word "own" Hierarchy were not accidental. Under them will mean the next few links with associated Karmoû many lifetimes. This relationship is stronger than all earthly ties and distribution linkages on Rays have a condition which gently and carefully guarded throughout the hierarchy, at all levels. Because you cannot have several different Teachers or Gurus. And going or who has approached the nearest link, can't find a substitute or arbitrarily put another in his place. Searches are possible until there was contact through link, karma and predukazannoe Teacher suždennoe light. The new search for new, supposedly more knowledgeable minds will fail.
1965, 423. (Sept. 29). The quality of the spirit, as mentioned before, there are forms of body-approved lights. Consider this condition in more detail. Each thought of man, his every mood and feeling instantly reflected on its emissions. These are expressed in light emission, colours or lights are clearly visible for fine view. Discouragement and disturbed State of the lower luminosity, aura DIMS and becomes gray. Swell of courage gives vivid, bright flashes or more or less prolonged burning. Because man is the creature of fire, and all the processes occurring in it, accompanied with any degree of luminosity. The human aura glow and play all kinds of colors and shades of colors. Clean, beautiful thoughts and feelings are appropriate; dark, low desire, emotion and passion – a dark, smoky, footy, ugly forms of low lights. Hold of my feelings and thoughts means mastering their lights, or radiation. These radiations interact with fire, and it turns out the factory of good or evil, light or dark emanations that are amplified or weakened depending on the voltage of this interaction. Omračitelem or illuminator space may be called a man. The aura of its people to others is health, joy and light or illness, grief, misery and darkness. Question about human radiations is extraordinary. Invention is the greatest discovery of the century. Why rebel against the darkness and inhibited its use. It is for hushing and useful for the widest areas of invention can judge its great significance. Not to mention technology or agriculture, in medicine it can be applied with great benefits. Diagnosis of disease at the earliest stages of the disease will be error-free, especially cancer. For the benefit of mankind was given to people that discovery. Criminal and absurd to gloss over what the science is irrefutable. Doubtless upset all combat darkness, and in the process leading to science. No mystery, no imagination, no superstition, but the scientific facts will destroy piles of ignorance. Pictures of the aura will be the best proof of identification and its suitability for the performance of the official and public duties.
1965 g. 424. (M. A. S.). Just think, the complexity of the human body in its visible structure. All kinds of fabrics of different degrees of dilution and pungency are included in it. All of this is in the close coordination and coherence. Its consistency, and is held up, the fabric together. All shells, or the human body consist of various kinds of cloth, put it in order of their compaction and finish this dense his sheath. And while the dense, Astral and mental shell and consist of dense respectively, Astral and mental matter, however the physical body of drunkards, libertine, infected with all sorts of diseases and decaying alive, in sharp contrast to the physical body of sacred or spiritual Warrior. Just as drastically different as the light and the darkness, and the rest of the body and a cover for the graduation of matter all plans of being semeričny. Science future highlight these phenomena through scientific methods and make them available once again.
1965, 425. (Guru). Of course, one does not resist. Resist you can – only when together. Sharing with us before the face of the great predstoânii, and we will think when the disorder surrounding conditions exceed the capacity of resistance to darkness. Chaos and neuravnovesiâ erupt everywhere. As in the large and the small. Oboronimsâ Bishop.
1965 g. 426. (M. A. S.). The apprentice learns to always life – and his school. State of consciousness that is configured on the key of Discipleship, allows you to learn from various combinations of the external environment. Fruitful life this condition. Experience is growing, and the bowl is safe. Nothing else can give such results as the school of life, when the conscious to it. Then even the lightest hint of Teachers does not remain unnoticed. We rejoice, when reaching the stage of understanding life.
1965 g. 427. (Guru). Can see for yourself how rare the right people. Many good people but a little goodness. Dedication forever the little known to modern man. At best, only to the grave. And we, if we arrive or leave it forever. And because the dedication is very much appreciated by us forever.
1965, 428. (Guru). The events of the world flow of his succession, and the events of their own lives by pass, but inside is its life, the life of the spirit, obeying no laws, however, external but its unwritten laws of spirit and his rhythm. This life, farsighted, knows about the validity of more than about it they say the events of the outside world. So this life more real for the spirit than life outside. It gives the fire which badly need a conscience. Properly document the consciousness on the phenomena of inner life, for when an external all end with the death of the body, the spirit remained with him all the wealth of the inner world and all the buildup.
1965, 429. Two things United, when poles their understanding, allow you to combine in the mind of opposites and see their unity. To realize the unity of opposites, their relationship and will have knowledge of the inseparability of bipolar, that is a synthetic, uniting the opposites together. The ability to bring together opposing phenomena in their understanding and unity will the neutralization binerov, once Spoken by those who Know the basics covered up Knowledge.
1965, 430. (M. A. S.). We should bravely, without losing sight of PEP, carry your karma, however hard it may be.
1965 g. 431. (Guru). We do not judge, and you're not judges, each justice has within it. Each osuditsâ or justified his own Court. And well, when a judge is awake continuously evaluating every action and every deed.
1965 g. 432. (Oct. 4). Can't two, somewhat disagreed among themselves, be absolutely right, each in his, or wrong. Usually look for errors from another, instead of looking for them in yourself. The challenge is to find their own mistakes and fix them. This gives the right only to be fair in assessing another and missteps have the power they have in him and live harried recrimination against, but in the spirit of benevolence and friendliness. Any other approach only enhance cleavage. Why look for errors in the other when in himself quite a lot of them for immediate customer assistance.
1965 g. 433. Trials and tribulations with the spirit is given only to have it approved its power, its superiority, his victory over them. And does not require something to change, or to break down, or win outside of yourself, you will need to master their own reactions to the waves coming in from the outside. Each reaction has a Flash of lights of the microcosm. Mastering the reaction, the person takes possession of flares of flame or fire element in itself. There can be no question of mastering the elements if they are not subject to its mikrokosmu. The path to power of the spirit is through the mastery of them. Require strict control over the thoughts, feelings and moods. In short, of everything that comes from the person. Without this self-control or discipline of the spirit, the Fiery path of Yoga is not available.
1965 g. 434. The most important thing is to understand its necessity for the future. In the future, through the overcoming of oneself. When you can go very hard, because of the ease strength is born. Need strong people. Go victoriously. The victory over self-nainužnejšaâ. It meant power over the other. Burden of Earth's light produces the aura, if the path is straight. Light Is Still Ahead. This light, the light of the future, will merge with the light who comes to us has been steadily. Personal business, personal, personal experience of karma must not distract. The teacher is above personal affairs! And the work of it is above all the rest.
1965, 435. (M. A. S.). Place around Us is deeds and thoughts each day. The more they brought us the closer approach.
1965 г. 436. (Окт. 5). (Дата ухода М. А. Й.). Посвятим эти строки Ей, себя беззаветно отдавшей на служение Свету. Бесполезно сейчас миру поведать о Ней – не поймут, не оценят и предадут побитию камнями. Только принятие Учения Жизни будет тем условием, которое приведет к пониманию миссии жизни этого Высокого Духа. Она заключалась в том, чтобы быть приемником и передатчицей Нашего Учения Миру и явить на себе и в своем организме пройти огненные ступени трансмутации центров и возжжения их в условиях жизни земной, не удаляясь от жизни. В этом заключалась особая трудность и сложность этого небывалого опыта. Агни Йогу надо было явить среди жизни, для свидетельства о ней людям. Этот подвиг, Ею совершенный, велик тем, что пришлось проходить через острый и мучительный процесс огненного преображения организма. Так, при открытии центра легких боли были таковы, что невозможно было повернуться. Воздержание в пище и очень строгая диета, что раньше именовалось суровым постом, были необходимым условием этого процесса. И, несмотря на все это и частые недомогания, ибо телу было тяжко выдерживать необычайное огненное напряжение, Она продолжала неустанно работать, выполняя различные задания, переводила книги (например, «Тайную Доктрину»), писала новые, корректировала различные труды, воспринимала и записывала Даваемые материалы Учения Живой Этики. Она восприняла опыт Агни-йогических процессов на практике и утвердила этот подвиг всей своей жизнью. Думают о могуществе духа, говорят о всевозможных достижениях и чудесных способностях, пишут о том, чего не достигли сами, всевозможные книги, забывая при этом, что только ценою страданий и болей, ценою полного самоотвержения, ценою собственного опыта, ценою беспредельной преданности Владыкам и самозабвенным и бескорыстным служением Свету и людям утверждаются огненные ступени Великого Учения Жизни, и Агни Йога становится практическим, живым, жизненным утверждением несомненного. Она являла собою Истину Учения Живой Этики. Легко и просто говорить об Истине, как это делают те, кто воображает, что знают ее. Но являть собою Провозглашаемое Владыками Учение, являть собою Истину – нечто столь трудное и необычное, что не найти даже слов, чтобы выразить это. Ведь то, что Говорится в Учении об огненных центрах и их раскрытии и возжжении, было Ею практически пройдено ступень за ступенью. Она явила собою ту высокую ступень достижений человеческого духа, которая в грядущих веках намечена Эволюцией и Владыками для будущего человечества шестой расы в лице ее лучших представителей. Потому по Решению Нашему названа Она Матерью Агни Йоги. Она утвердила Йогу Огня жизнью своею и оставила человечеству бесценные сокровища опытных накоплений, тщательно и подробно запечатленные в оставленных Ею записях. Память Матери Огненной Йоги почтим пониманием величия Подвига, совершенного Ею во имя продвижения человечества на следующую ступень эволюции духа.
1965 g. 437. (M. A. S.). Funny thoughts to me ustremlâemye. See their bright yarns, beautiful pattern, intertwining and rejoice in the victory over the ghostly spirit of Earth life. Strands of light svâzuût Light in one perfume. By vibrations thoughts come, and strands network of light the planet grows stronger and vibrates with new combinations. I am glad to hear that I remember that time, destroyer of fragile earthly relationship, only strengthens the relationship between spirit and luminiferous spirit and that the restrictions violated a fiery death by love, not dying, even in centuries; I am glad to hear that someone remembers me that someone thinks I am alive, not dead and gone from them as the others. I don't need dead veneration. Reverence for the dead and veneration of the dead is ridiculous. Reverence for the living and the approval of that veneration of thoughts, words and deeds joy to my heart. We remember, we love, we are the ones who in their heart, honoring, not us alive forgets about us ever again. We helmet them our love and the warmth of our hearts.
1965 g. 438. (Guru). Mother's day Fire Yoga will recognize pamâtovaniem about it in-depth. In depth understanding of its mission the life lies opportunity even closer to her. And yet, through it – access to Orbit Seven Holders of light Energy. Way to light the Light Its on Earth Brings to light the immediate path, It is open and through it. You know this. You benefit. You can find it ob″edinitel′nicej to light an aspiring perfume. The Immortal can be counted among Her, for she had been off stage coherent consciousness. Let your joy will be neumiraûŝej and perfect.
1965 g. 439. We rely only on those who by nature of their radiation is the world's light. We know and can see these svetonoscev. The degree of luminosity gives the right to the recognition and admission of their Us Contact us. The degree of luminosity determines the level of the spirit on the ladder of hierarchy. Each carries the indelible photosynthesis light and its essence, which is expressed in human emissions coming from.
1965, 440. (Oct. 6). In bright burning heart lights it illuminated everything around the person. And then the surrounding ceases to affect it, completely losing its power over him. It is a relief from the burdens of dense conditions. The lights then light up the darkness of heart of the material world and the light spirit is burning negasimym fire. Only a weak heart can slomit′sâ under the weight of the external environment or under pressure of the currents of space. He who does not see things that you own, and having no personal desires, does not want anything for himself already in the spirit of the free, and the spirit of it knows and the joy and happiness and peace that are out of this world. Only the happiness of not looking and does not know the burning heart. Not there looking for his men where it is. It is in the spirit and the heart, it is happiness within. While looking for it anywhere, just not where it can and perhaps only just find. Renounced all personal and has nothing is everything, has the right to all and everyone can own, because has nothing of his own. So, deprived of all may be the owner of the treasure of the world. This treasure is the Fiery stone, carried in the breast bearer of light. Concentrated Light crystalline deposits energy into the bowl of fire truly is a type of stone, for shining lights of unprecedented beauty. The power of the Aurora Stone can be seen in the redčajšemu phenomenon of Transfiguration, witnessed only by some people. When the fire power of the treasure comes to light in all its strength, penetrating and exploding and earthly body, human eyes are unable to withstand blinding lights Overhead lights. Everyone has a treasure of stone, even if it was it felt dark and closed at heaps and even their size was small for this gem. But everyone has a Treasure, and talent given to him to grow and multiply by it. Treasure Stone is higher and the most precious that has and can have a person on the ground. Forty-nine points and forty-nine fires, but their synthesis is in the heart, and the Bowl is the keeper of the treasures. Keeper of the Flame Hidden in the bowl of fire otlagaemyh is the man. Verily, he is the bearer of the Stone in which the light of the world.
1965, 441. (M. A. S.). Elected or not, are all invited. Each carries a potential microcosm all the possibilities, everything that has ever been achieved on Earth man. Not deprived of no one, and no one is denied the right to meet. Are elected after centuries of hard work and effort to implement and achieve what is not recognized and is denied by the majority. But they achieve and become someone who is close to the Lord. Thus, izbranničestvo suffers, for it is striving spirit. And all the invited, and the teachings of life is for everyone. All all openly. Everyone can come and take full measure. Suitable fit themselves. Teaching life is for everyone.
1965, 442. (Guru). Spirit warriors see want in someone who is coming to light. Have you heard about the militant darkness. But have you thought about who is matched against The militant in her fight for the adoption of the Era of Maitreya. The heavenly Light is collected under the banners of the Lords of spokoâ and not for peace, but in order to destroy the planet and darkness sweep away all the Warriors of darkness, all employees of dark, all the evils caused by them. We are the Warriors of light. No affection, no enthusiasm, no chants, no moleniâmi does not reach the coveted victory. In the battle for the victory of light the belligerence of the spirit. Greetings Warriors of the spirit, in whose hearts the sacred fire is lit.
1965 g. 443. (Oct. 8). Words are powerless, if consciousness does not finish. Then the person is immune to the most persuasive arguments. Čuvstvoznanie can specify when useless talk. Their rightness based on chicken chicken obviousness living in personal henhouse championed especially Jaro. And then you see no help. In these cases, it's better to leave, giving his own stream of human karma. No referral or request any advice or guidance given is not needed.
1965 g. 444. (M. A. S.). Heavy nagneteniâ have to wait out the spatial Lane, absorbed their energy inwards and without activity. In silence is best to pass these days.
1965 g. 445. (Oct. 9). People who accepted the teaching of living ethics, do not cease to be the way they were before, because in a short time, you cannot change the fact that evolved over many millennia. Quite the contrary – the light brings to visibility and the manifestation of what lay hidden in the recesses of the soul. So it would be a mistake to expect from friends only goodness. But nehorošest′ is not let human condemnation, but understanding. You just have to know, not attaching to any value, because words often hide what the person wants to hide. A lot of salt should be eaten together to learn well the nature of the other. Only čuvstvoznanie can help, but it is developed by very few.
1965 g. 446. (Guru). Of course, people need to know that taking off the mask with the outer man. But, knowing you cannot condemn, since measurement is aptitude to one of evolution. If this measurement is f Evolution is valid, it is necessary to help and assist, as appropriate.
1965 g. 447. (Guru). Approval of the primacy of the spirit level must be supported. From here the inevitability of suffering, above which consciousness has to climb onto the spirit. Indestructibility of spirit we need to understand how the Foundation by adopting this interpretation by the hand and foot of the earthly life. Devotees of the spirit to the pain and anguish were going voluntarily and knowingly causing the superiority of spirit and victory over the infirmity of the flesh. And they have been winning.
1965, 448. (Oct. 12). Supernatural in nature does not exist, but there is a lot of what we do not know and do not suspect people. Before the face of the infinity of the negation out of place. If the light from the distant star is millions of light years away, it's about what kind of knowledge can we speak. exhaustion of Life is everywhere. A small GNAT senses the weather. Her body is supplied with the equipment. nature Don't mind the device shown subtle black fly sensitive devices this small body. Can't go wrong, considering the reasonableness of an inherent property of all that manifested in the world. The spatial consciousness of higher forms of patron of matter not a miracle, but a property of light. Spatial formations as colored Lights, stars, sparks and stains can conduct its interview with the man with the open centres. Colored stars very expressive language. Consonance of consciousness with a spatial Fire she delivers understanding Spatial life. Many mysteries in space, but there is no miracle. A phenomenal side Singularity depends on stage of development of consciousness and degree of disclosure. The word "miracle" is excluded from our dictionary. You may ask why? Answer: understanding the miracle and blind belief is superstition, that is ignorance. Fiery faith & superstition-antipodes. Faith do not deny, if she's not blind. The confidence and trust of the teacher and the belief in the existence of undoubted belong to the field of veroznaniâ and close to the čuvstvoznaniû, that is, by prejudging the Fiery knowledge explicitly, when Mystery disclaims sheets one by one. Faith is the engine of consciousness. Faith is necessary for what she wants or decides to reach people. Speaking of personal karma and its changes, I have always understood the need to have faith in what we say, and confidence that This will be. Without this belief Through Act cannot Bridge. If you want all that is said strictly was turning, you have faith. Many Bridges were destroyed through our doubts and distrust. Formerly an ancient question-"do you believe?" is still in effect. So, let's define faith as prejudging or sense of knowledge or explicitly what been destined to be. Fiery faith moves mountains and constituent of matter. Veroznanii is based on the fire power of the spirit in the unregulated growth potential of its power. Faith is the unconscious knowledge of what is destined to become, over time, man.
1965, 449. (M. A. S.). Even a dream always motivates the possibility of its implementation. In time all within reach. Take this formula as the basis of success in all things. In the aspect of the far future, when there will be enough to razreženo the human, earthly body and the body of the Earth, the plasticity of matter, and it will become easier and easier to be swayed by thoughts. Going further, one can imagine a time when the thought of a person will reign supreme over matter, and then the formula "all feasible" is already fiery reality of human existence on Earth and in the worlds.
1965, 450. (Guru). When you were around us, very real and strongly felt the vibrations of the future, of which we spoke, and it was getting close to you and appreciated by you. This was because we knew and believed in the immutability of flame that is destined to Lord over mankind. This unshakable faith we were going through life. She gave us wings and we lit the human heart. We haven't talked about it, but lived and acted in it. Faith is fire, burning and strength giving heart to realize the reality of the distant or near future, as though sinking into it, feeling like the relegating to land that exists in the Fiery crucible of the invisible world.
1965 g. 451. (Oct. 13). Hinder, impede or hinder Communication dark creature, using all the possibilities. We will not be afraid. Won't they pay too much attention-not worth it. Better to pay attention to us more often thought about us breed in mind. Every thought about-like a ray of light in the darkness. When it is very dark, you have to be with us. You stopped one channel influence, lihodei immediately found another and act on it. If you do not see, clouding of the inevitable. With this unpleasant fight, as the shots and hits too hard and all seen crayons and take into account, but it is necessary. Not ever to reconcile your light luminaries. Why try to annoy you. The spatial conditions for them are very favorable, because the darkness has settled over the ground and chaos in motion. Unbearably heavy spectacle or sensation when you can see how a mass of unorganized matter turn into chaos. Is the decomposition of matter. This is something so unnatural and distant from human consciousness that operates it's depressing and Jaro worsened on Facebook, whose centers are open. Normal people just becomes unbearably painful moment when the decomposition products of matter waves of Brown gas, amplified, omertvlââ their areas of influence. Attract and amplify consciousness decomposing these waves. Dark are the forces of chaos, but they could not manage. Destroyers are to the action of space forces of destruction, or raznovesie elements. Elements derived from balance of dark deeds of darkness and her minions hierarchy, destroyed Atlantis. And the now position the planet dangerously. Again operate the powerful energy of destruction. Fiery death threatens Earth. Broken balance elements can cause a cosmic catastrophe. Chasing the markets, profits, living space and world domination, blinded by darkness, people can hasten the end.
1965 g. 452. (M. A. S.). In the struggle with the dark need to achieve immunity. It is the same sense of invulnerability and inviolability. Externally, the darkness can prevail and gloat, but, if the spirit survived and not slomilsâ, the apparent victory of darkness wrapped her in defeat. Know many examples of external visible dark victory proves ultimately is swallowed up in victory. How many dams and counteraction were they legitimate flow of evolution, and not they, but evolution has been winning. Intensity is on the side of evolution, and therefore always victory is theirs. The formula of "Light the darkness" – wins the primary, i.e. belongs to the inviolable foundations of life. This formula Are all carriers of light and her Defeat. Crucified dark forces and thought the win light but miscalculated badly. The killing sparked the investigation, Jaro opposing those they expected. So it was and always will be, that is, Light is swallowed up in victory, or rather will end with end with, darks attempts to extinguish all Light or break her heavenly Hierarchy. Knowing that the spinoû brotherhood, is unflinching.
1965 g. 453. (Guru). I recall the words of Bishop: "the one who is with us, is sometimes an hour of struggle, but knows that it is always the winner. Why the nazyvaetes′ warriors that battle with hordes of adovymi inevitably; but it is destined and the victory. Hard and tight and close will stand in this battle with the darkness. Inseparable combination of the consciousness with the hierarchy of light will be the margin of victory. Rejoice when they see that the balance is no longer violated. Because for all its transgressors are dark creatures. Fighting for the retention of balance, fighting darkness and darkness are winning the actions and deeds that seemingly have nothing to do with the villainous zlouhiŝreniâm.
1965 g. 454. (Oct. 14). Break away mentally from the focus light means defeat. It was seizing me, got to keep struggling. Say because otherwise resist. Chust Jaro what's happening around in space. The soldiers were not there to lay on oven. The tension Of the upper world is so great that no lengthy and harsh training through the sequential stages of voltage and successful completion of their ascent on the firey ladder is impossible. Immunity of the spirit is needed to protect against the impact of the lower layers, and emanations quenching fiery – for the Fiery world. From the poison of fire armor begins to shine and shock-increases armor engines of the spirit. Many good people are seeking in Our Stronghold. And We need strong perfume. We force rushing to us are strengthening, because one goodness is not sufficient. That benefit the common good of the people is good, if he loses his balance and staggers drops from each enemy strike. Warriors strong and persistent wish I gather under banners of the overseers. Why life beats you badly, because the tempering needed. Don't be embarrassed by anything, and let nothing disturbs your communication with me. I am with you always. But so much evil to assistants around helping you break away from us. Hold on, native, all through the power of spirit and heart hold thread ever. The severe time and heavy over the force.
1965, 455. (Oct. 15). Allow nasty and hostile effects because they induce the depths of spirit energy, opposing them, and multiplied Media forces of light; If the action is equal to the counter, it should be obvious how to grow strength to everyone that tries to crush them. Be afraid and raskisaet from weakness every hostile act, but the power to focus all its gathers energy and becomes invincible. Picking up in focus the energies of mind necessary when there are waves and raging in the ocean space. The Earth is only a reflection of Overhead and visible-invisible. Association in the minds of both worlds helps understanding happening.
1965, 456. (Guru). If the protest is that these Records as if talking all the time about the same, say the purpose of the evolution of the spirit is the same, namely to overcome in your lower self and move into the realm of Immortal consciousness of identity. Until this is accomplished, and A Triad not shone lights approval, and life is not concentrated in it, have to say about was how to achieve that higher level, illuminating the subject from every possible angle and deepening the understanding of the goal. Eat bread every day and not get tired, that it all the same. Do preutomimsâ food for the spirit, which is just as necessary as food to the body.
1965, 457. (Oct. 17). It is difficult to get off the ground, left the body, if consciousness is ingrained in the earthly well-being. So anything that promotes separation, should be applauded, though it adds to the spirit. Life can be so bad that nothing holds the thoughts on the immediate environment. So, White Castle administration and flows naturally. And the land was no longer attracts the subtle body. Fee for ease of separation is not easy, but the duration of earthly life not commensurate with immediate access to the host, because the time last longer the Earth many times over. Each encumbrance can be viewed as poryvanie of a filament of earthly attachments and enjoy the upcoming freedom. And then the available flights, but does not fly on the sweetness of the Earth.
1965 g. 458. (Oct. 19). A man dogged by emotional, energetic and desperate feelings of impatience, fear, uncertainty, expectations, and so on, especially the weak and powerless. Any orders you can talk when itself is not able to manage such a weak and unbalanced minds. Both are weak at all people who do not know you. And the bigger they are, the more weakened yourself. A balance that gives the spirit of neslomimuû force, puts out experiences and fluctuations of the Astral. The self and its uâvleniâ not a sign of strength but of weakness. How often ardent religious self, seemingly strong, have been lost, pathetic cowards and ničtožestvami in a moment of danger or difficulty. Can not take a balance of self, for her support and a receptacle – Astral shell, which by its very nature knows no serenity, balance and forced to either always something to experience, because for something to worry and something and somehow be enjoying ourselves, that is, to live as this is her life. We do not know neuravnovesij.
1965 g. 459. (M. A. S.). When life is so happy cause for celebration, joy will find already in the thoughts of the future. The future is a very strong magnet. Claiming thoughts on it, becoming involved in the field of attraction. Letting thoughts into the orbit of the future, free the mind from power over it now.
1965 g. 460. (Guru). "And I'll go" – this formula can bring with the way distant and at all pereput′âh remember it. Travelers all, only the path to each his own. Our way to light our thoughts about him. When the fire heart is burning, not afraid of the darkness. Leads to the light burning heart. If its not gone out the lights.
1965, 461. (Oct. 21). The problem of time is one of the most difficult. Past, heard in the fly, is still exist in the archives of the space where it can be visible to those who have access. Hence, the past exists, albeit in other dimensions, and the running time is subject only conditionally. But nothing in the past cannot be changed. You can call from the past into the present, that is, in the minds of some paintings, but they have no will of their opportunities to remake. The future too, like the past, exists in the great and eternal now. What's the difference? The past is invariant, while the future of plastically. Seers of the past centuries have caught from the cliché of the future, and even very distant, as if confirming that it is in some areas already exists in the present. Even this cannot change anything, because it is the result of an immutable past. Each change is for the future, and perhaps only in the future, albeit very short and directly associated with the current point. Transition from the present to the Law of causality generated the inevitable future as though puts it at the mercy of the plasticity of roots of its causes. The iron law of cause and effect does not allow the latter to evade the inevitable and these reasons midway through the course. Thus, the future seems to have fixed the lead or brought its causes. The future for us as a consequence of past reasons not hidden from awareness. We see him, for in higher Dimensional space it is already as much as past due for what it is, that is absolutely certain and specific causes. These reasons, being realistic and explicit in the present or the past, present and shall give rise to the same obvious and inevitable consequence. Solution to the problem of time is to be found in the sanctity of the Law of cause and effect. Their range is continuous from start to finish and is immutable. Started up in the wheel of reason leads to the future as an inevitable consequence of it. Knowing the causes, you can know the future and by the quality and nature of links in this chain to anticipate or even see it. You can therefore not evading reality, say that the future exists. Live in a world of causality and building the future in it.
1965 g. 462. (M. A. S.). The future – and their individual and common humanity – is approval of the relevant undertakings or causes, with a conscious construction is in the understanding and application of the law accords. The law is simple: by nature of grains and sprouts. Each grain provides plant according to its kind, wheat oats would not. This line applies to all sides of life. Therefore we can say that the law of cause and effect works or works by name or compliance investigation with which its cause. Karmic consequence no one and nothing can fix until it has run its course until the end. Care to their actions, that is doing the investigation reasons, you must make a conscious and determined, because all gives your fruit. The future is free, which will instantly lose this freedom, once the cause has been created and put into the wheel. Create Karma my man in power, but no longer at the mercy of its ruin.
1965 g. 463. (Guru). If Christ is the reason for the Maitreya is a consequence. Continuous chain, and the future was destined to. The immutability of his understanding as karmic law of inevitability. Any higher dimensional Spheres nor concerned the future – it exists, it is already there and destroy things. The immutability Of Overseers need to understand as something not subject to repeal or amend. The mobility Plan for details and the method for its implementation, but not the foundations.
1965, 464. (Oct. 23). Let them say what they want, they know nothing. But knowledgeable let says what I want to do My utmost knowledge. And a thousand years my Word will retain its strength, as it preserved the wheat grains found in ancient tombs. In them the essence of life is fire. And my words are fiery too. Immortally in the power of the word depends on the quality, strength, degree and strain of fire attached to it. The same strength and in hard copy, if it is from fire. Many printing pages with empty words. Empty shell produce empty words. But my word is fiery. Why write these will read and deduct from their ardor. Therefore, their impact on consciousness and powerfully. It lights up from these words, and the spirit is nourished by it. The value, meaning and significance of words – in their ardor. Sparks and Flash lights scattered through the pages of the great Scriptures do not die in time such books. In this lies the great distinction and also writers and poets. Fire is the symbol of life. This route leads and live fire.
1965, 465. (M. A. S.). As glad to feel the currents of the heart, directed towards us. They generate the inevitability of Our otvetnosti. Is a closure, and contact and interchange of subtle energies. All power of communication in Exchange. A prerequisite is that the currents were going back and forth. When unilateralism doesn't work closures and interchange. Long stated that to obtain needed something to bring, even a small something, what you can give. Not having brought anything – not receiving. But as joyful and inspired it gives when can he give that total in response to fervent appeal of the heart. So few and imperfectly understood. Get want everything but do not know and do not know how to turn. There is so much empty referrals, not yielding anything. It's all in the heart. Calling all heart cannot go unchallenged. But this requires that the heart was alive. Many have died, although the heart is still beating. The dead heart to fail. They are better described as "silent hearts" is clearer. Umolkšie heart smerdât heart mute. The stench of death is horrible. An awful stench of live body if he died it spirit and heart zamolklo. Different types of death happen. Living dead-the most horrible phenomenon of the century. A lot of them wandering the face of the Earth, in the spirit, and the spirit of the dead.
1965 g. 466. (Oct. 24). Transfer consciousness to varying degrees is committed whenever a thought rushes to the selected object. Then it establishes a communication channel and is generated by the subtle energy currents. These currents of consciousness with all the commits itself to what is thought. The thought magnetična, and the object of thought is charging magnetic force. This is especially vivid uâvlâetsâ on objects that are owned by people or things in his possession. Every property has this magnetic force of attraction. The miser sitting over their treasures, tightly shrouded by the magnetic pritâženiâmi of things he sees as its. Species of these attachments are very numerous and quite diverse. A bottle of wine for drunkards and the player's cards are no less attraction. Objects, pull yourself out, there are invisible and visible. Attraction to certain forms of thought, often very small properties that are relevant to the invisible objects of attraction. The attraction may be unusually strong, and often unconscious cannot compete with them without submitting to them. Arhat is free from worldly attachments of all kinds, invisible and visible. Invisible lower attraction are closely tied to the Earth. The Arahant has an attraction, and it is prone to higher and answers only pritâženiâm Supreme, deliberately when the focus of the hierarchy of light become a single subject all its aspirations. Appropriate only to the highest attraction is free from the power of the Earth. Going to me is learning to understand the nature of those finely attachments, which react to his shell. Each attraction meets a certain area of space, which is seeking to engage the mind in its orbit. Stay in the subtle world – to layers, consistent with the aspirations of the people and the pritâženiâm that he has created on Earth.
1965 g. 467. (M. A. S.). Attraction to higher World is consciously and amplifies the rhythm. It is not from a tight world and because does not stop and does not disappear with the death of a dense body, but, on the contrary, is increasing due to exemption from tough shell. Going to His earthly body, freed from it, gets wings. You can get them back on the ground, and then the available flights to the body of light. Many of the miraculous in the life of someone who has passed the line, beyond which there is no turning back. This is the way its decided to forever. Half determination is not good at all. Only when every conciousness, all thought, all given to His heart, we can consider that trait exceeded.
1965, 468. (Guru). Eyes like the eyes or stored in a fiery body. This phenomenon can be seen as a symbol of man's ability to see. The same can be said of other feelings, although not visible, perhaps so clearly. But the eyes remain. The spirits of the great they are, or rather, their expression has not changed, even if you change your phone, that is, in the new incarnation. Of course, changes take place as Great Perfume too continue to climb the ladder of light, but the changes do not affect the essence of Ray eye, although they are increasing their strength and power. Try to remember your eyes.
1965, 469. (Oct. 25). Loss of balance can be very dangerous to the body. Flash neuravnovesiâ scorched the protecting network and make the inner self open to hostile influences. Restore a burned Flash instantly or fast tissue phosphorous. And the State of insecurity that lasts a while. This period also represents a special danger from unwanted intrusions. I should add: there is nothing in the world, for which it would pay at the cost of loss of balance.
1965 g. 470. (Guru). You always have to be on the alert, ready to repel any attempt to upset the balance, whatever. Strikes are mainly on a weak or vulnerable places; and their dark use all. Snail shell is a good example of security.
1965 g. 471. (Oct. 26). When all the words have already been said remains the effect. Move from words to deeds, from theory to practice sometime will still have to complete the application exercises in the life of every day. But resisting its own internal opposition, what is to be overcome, will increase as growth aspirations. The stronger the desire, the more powerful and opposing elements within itself that must be eliminated. Only the harsh discipline of the spirit is able to solve this problem. Need a very big commitment to go all the way and a strong will, who are confident in the will of her, can enter.
1965 g. 472. (M. A. S.). Self test also needs to see the actual consciousness. That's believe that love the Lord, and make known the evidence forces her feelings and actions of their deeds. What's the point? Is it really an imaginary love is so far from the present that's missing its determination to claim their lives. When referred to the concepts of "hand and foot human", did you mean the condition when the application exercises in life comes together and inseparably with his theoretical assimilation. Responsibility increases understanding of the teachings. Better to know than not to know and not to do and not to do as dictated by knowledge. People can be divided into those who do not know, what works and who is in charge. Responsible yet creative contrary to what they know, create yourself a heavy karma, because have no excuses.
1965 g. 473. (Guru). Who can identify actions, except for the student, and it is in a very bitter opposition. Even a superficial acquaintance with the life story of great men will show just how hard their life style, not to mention those who have gone to the fires and the flour. The path of a true disciple of unusually difficult.
1965 g. 474. (Oct. 27). When something external, coming from outside, clearly interferes with communication, this external is inside, that is, consciousness is configured on a wave that has not hindered, preventing from losing its power over mind get in the way. It will be a victory over foreign opposition. Of course, the main requirement is the preservation of the balance. Spirit must prepare for very large strains in all worlds and develop a resilience to withstand them without losing balance. The balance is held by heart. Immunity of the spirit – into the heart. Not dozvolât′ not easy to subtle heart does not respond to rude people and the roughness of the Earth. Fire will become on the guard, and when it accepts or does not survive the fury of external attacks. We will assume that all, Jaro proceeding against light, – from the darkness. And the darkness fight – Light, only Light building in itself.
1965, 475. (M. A. S.). The stains are just avoid when starting to rampage the darkness, because it achieves it. You have to crush them. But, winning, they make Light and serve to achieve the opposite results to those they had planned. Darkness is decomposed and retreats when encounters strong and steadfast resistance. The onset of darkness have to endure to the end. May the plague be any price and pay any victory over darkness. Neuravnovesiâ fear most. Lost balance consciousness becomes helpless.
1965 g. 476. (Guru). How much darkness is making efforts to extinguish your light. And carefully observe, viciously not succeeded in this. And gloating when they see that you haven't had zlouhiŝreniâm them. Remember that many people are under the influence of a dark, fulfilling their suggestion and nauŝeniâ. Light, Light always defend yourself from the darkness. The vibrations of light the darkness didn't survive his stay. Only light in the darkness outside the defeat itself.
1965 g. 477. Be aware never to Lord Left heading toward spirit to it. Disadvantages? They are all wearing body and staying in the body of the earthlings. Don't we look at them, but the Supreme triad of the incarnate. We see her and accumulation of the Cup and It Help to use the most appropriate identity and make it serve your higher self ' I ' to good use. Not always a useful and highest good are consistent with the wishes of the individual. And then there is a conflict. If the higher self is winning spirit rises above, if lower-back and descends below backs away. In this constant struggle between Duadoj and everything below it, and the evolution of the spirit, if it is coming to light, and involution is when to darkness. Light and darkness inside, light and darkness, and light or darkness in himself he is constantly in contact with the light or the darkness outside.
1965 g. 478. (Oct. 28). The challenge today is to prevent the ugašeniâ of fire heart.
1965 g. 479. (Guru). The personal has no place in the field of the common good. Everything for the people and nothing for herself, even "pumpkin with water". The eternal truth of things tâžka negotovomu spirit.
1965, 480. (Oct. 29). Hermits of the past looking for silence and solitude. They went from people in deep forests and mountains. Now the situation has changed and the silence is only found in the spirit. This is not easy, because one has to learn not to see and not hear spite sounds and that clearly stands in front of the eyes. So much concentration to achieve is not easy, but there is no alternative. Silence has left the towns and settlements, it replaced the sounds of radio and television sets, sound of working machines. All of these sounds, because they neestestvenny and are acting out of tune on a sophisticated nervous system. Ultimately, nervous disorders and new types of diseases, for they do not know how to protect themselves, and, moreover, do not believe these noises harm. However, the body produces itself and seeks to establish immunity protection, but this is done only in time and does not come easy.
1965 g. 481. (Oct. 30). In the subtle world, you can find some very undesirable neighbors, attracted similar experiences or flaws. Both of them are similar quality are LIBE their attraction. You can only get rid of their izživaâ and freeing itself from them. In this approximation are involved and the dark šeptuny and yaro gloating when the crash took place. After all, it always occurs under by suggestion, after many successive effort on their part. They push on the actions and deeds that are incompatible with the agreement stage, and rejoice when succeeding in this. We watch, they light the dark guard above each carrying light over every heart alight.
1965, 482. (M. A. S.). When you want to Reach even more, the guardians of the Threshold-the shortcomings and weaknesses of the spirit, clothed in subtle forms that become an obstacle to rapprochement. They seem to show anything that has not yet been eliminated, and that is pregradoû to a more intimate approach. They may not have expressed myself, had the momentum to aspirations to light and interior light not lit them, and not found, nor would the consciousness to choose: either discard them or get in combination with them. It's as if automatic checking of entities and forces new aspirations. Through the custody Threshold to go easy, if something has not been eliminated. Knowing the dimensions of what is to be incinerated at the lights of aspirations and that it has not yet been eliminated, will be released from the shackles of consciously.
1965 g. 483. (Oct. 31). In the subtle world famous order thoughts attract people of similar mentality against the wishes of those who allow these thoughts. Thoughts are a bridge connecting like-minded people. This applies to any thoughts. Change of thinking – and unwanted neighbors disappear. But if the thought of familiar and firmly taken root, then it is not so easy to do as it seems. And then the environment remains, still thought. On Earth change thoughts more easily than in the world of Aboveground, where their attracting power and brightness visible eye images make them almost irresistible magnetism. Thoughts are generated here, and investigators, the inevitable and imminent, going on out there in the world of consequences. Because the neighbors of any deal are attracted to our thoughts on the current day, long before the great crossing borders.
1965 g. 484. (M. A. S.). Path to light hard. You can only go on it, but not to stand. Can an eagle to stay in flight – a fall is inevitable. Only and only forward movement. After all, you can always find something at least a little, what possible improvements. Always a quality sounds closest. Many choose the sounding qualities and consciousness asserts itself. Such action would definitely useful. To move, you can always move.
1965 g. 485. (Nov. 3). Any knowledge of the occult law imposes responsibility on perceiving them. Amplify the power of thought and its ability to influence the wearer and the surrounding are and consequences. There is a reason, duration of action that continues in the world Aboveground. Therefore, we do not hasten to equip knowledge neočistivšeesâ minds. Period of purification is long. Better to know nothing, than knowing abuse the knowledge. Any abuse of it primarily affects zloupotrebitele. This is the responsibility of the Manager. Maloopytnoe strives to give all the consciousness that knows. But an experienced mentor tries to give not more that can hold the receiving, without causing myself harm. Hence the inevitable trials. Get want, completely ignoring the fact that raw spirit is a victim of what is known. "In many ways the knowledge not only of many sorrows", but also a lot of risk. Fidelity visualizations is one of the objectives of the student. But when this task is complete and the clarity which achieved, what is the risk if they are unclean.
1965, 486. (M. A. S.). The fall of many advanced spirits often happened precisely because, igniting some forces and causing them to action, they have not been able to manage them and subjected them to. Why cleansing is essential for promotion. You must not suppress the neizžityh properties, but it is liberation from them, provided their total eradication. Suppressed, they sooner or later will raise their head anyway and, reinforced the growing lights, will be even more intractable than before. After all, the growth of the spirit in him growing up all the lights and all the properties. Will rejoice, for they are tested in the us that have not been eliminated, but that contrary to the actual state of affairs a person can take it obuzdannym and izžitym and from the power which it considers itself free. There is nothing worse than imagined and imagined qualities.
1965, 487. (Guru). Teacher takes a student such as it is – with all its flaws and virtues. Therefore, no matter how weak, unworthy or neočistivšimsâ nor considered himself a disciple, could not be served this distancing or separation from the teacher. The quality must be achieved, but it has been achieved or not, the teacher of nedostigšego leaves.
1965, 488. (Nov. 4). Synthesis can be considered as the principle of the unification of opposites. Consciousness, with fusion, unites in its understanding of the phenomena of life and finds the place everything that happens under the Sun. By the way, and the sun shines too and on the good, and the evil. The dialectic of opposites their includes, all have their place in the Sun. Items vary in light and shade and chiaroscuro. Without the opposition of tones artist did not write a story. Fusion combines investigation and reason. Synthetic chemistry at the heart of its objectives has creativity. Synthesis and creativity are linked straight thread, it is manifested in the works of synthesis. Creativity is the synthesis of its constituent elements. Understanding of polarity, or extremes of human consciousness, is impossible without synthesis. Cognition of phenomena and is bipolar comprehension of synthetic. Likewise, the adoption of the future in the present without combining them in consciousness. Time is divided into past, present and future. But the seers of the past saw the future by eliminating boundaries of time and combining the three aspects of one, in the synthesis of insight of the fiery, when Angel's prophecy was that the time will be gone. Distance and proximity, i.e. overcoming space and distances, are subject to the same principle. Unifier – fire. Consequently, there is a concept of fire and synthesis refers to fire State of consciousness. This degree of pungency is different, as is the degree of synthetic consciousness. Who said: "I am in you and you in me, I am in my father, and we are United" – Gave testimony to the top step of the synthetic consciousness. So, combining in its understanding of the phenomenon of opposites, affirm a synthetic consciousness.
1965 g. 489. (M. A. S.). Have a heart to understand and accept the inevitability of alternating boom and Pralaya of consciousness and do not complain much when it is pralajâ. This is the law of life. It is this condition and serves as a springboard for a new takeoff. Rhythm, or alternation of phenomena is osnovoû things. And consciousness, especially the growing consciousness, is subordinated to its rhythm. The rhythmic movement of the Cosmos is founded. Night is day and the winter-summer. Strength of spirit find calmly and confidently and happily wait uâvlenij the great Law.
1965, 490. (Guru). Confidence is born from knowledge of the immutability of the law. We knew about the inevitability of the timing and the approach of suždennogo time. The great battle, we know, is the opposition of the phenomenon of Light hail. Deeply buried Grad Kitezh, but chimes of the bells already are reaching a sensitive ear. Have patience more than the desire to see it. Everything will come in its time, and needs that patience is worn thin.
1965 g. 491. (Nov. 5). Is it possible to move forward, backward, that is walking backwards while committing such acts, which do not elevate and depress consciousness? Coordination of actions and thoughts with the aspiration to light is required as a condition of promotion nepremennejšee. This can be called the conformity or consistency. The man looks ahead, and hopes its focus on the future, and the feet are stepping back is consistency? No circumstances whatsoever may be invoked to justify derogations. The formula "vskuû thou Me" Dana left not to retreat, but to know that when it reaches a critical point is especially dark and hopeless, and it seems that left the Lord and that nothing is still ahead. And through this difficult test also needs to go through. Can not leave Vladika, although all the evidence spoke against it. And the darkness will be replaced by light, we just have to find the strength to endure, endure to the end. Through it all were coming to light.
1965 g. 492. (Nov. 7). (M. A. S.). Day comes and goes, but day Light dwells forever. And when that light will be activated at heart, he continued it on top of the membrane and the time they occur. Eternal light gives everlasting life. He ignited in the heart. And ignited because heart never die, even when the earthly, mortal consciousness about exhaust. Immortality is in the heart. The new era of fire can be called a Èpohoû heart. When the Kindle It, draw near achieving immortality. The era of the heart we shall call Èpohoû immortality. Because consciousness is transferred into the heart, will lead to a coherent consciousness, that is, achieving de facto immortality. Someone wants to extend longevity, someone who hopes to find Immortality in other shells and their respective fields of space but true immortality without interruptions cycles of incarnation, could be achieved only in the Fiery heart and body, which serves as its permanent media. So through the heart and reach out to the light, which abides forever.
1965 g. 493. (Guru). Note that our systems do not change over time. So you can safely adopt a consciousness. Change the views of people, their opinions, attitude to life, scientific theories, beliefs, and all that makes up the mental baggage of a person, but of a life made us rich Teaching of living ethics are just as durable and reliable and equally unchanging in their Bases as the Teaching life. You can enjoy this enduring stability. Basics of determined that people will find in our books and our creativity, our canvases, and what we have left after themselves, could be firm strength in life for those who follow wants our way. For their sake and for them we lived, for their sake and for the sake of them worked and we left on earth that was created by our hands.
1965 g. 494. (Guru). No sentiment, no hesitation, no užimki, but perseverance Astral neslomimogo of permanence expectations leads to the teacher of light when the spirit doesn't stop at nothing and nothing can stop him.
1965, 495. (Nov. 9). How do you achieve complete removal from yourself? Filling of consciousness that I may dwell. But fleeting thoughts are very strong trivia, more of what matters most. What is the secret of this power piece of activism over the nainužnejšim? Not that shell used to vibrate in response to exposure to direct a tight encirclement. It turns out to be stronger than the spatial reality, for admission to the consciousness without control. That is a control of everything that intrudes into the realm of consciousness. out of control Later, when invading vanity preserved already took place and balance disrupted it. Precisely in advance, say, in the morning, is determined by the line of defense against external incursions. Preset, which is given the power and that is deprived of the power to influence consciousness, breaking the security barrier. From the unexpected to get rid of impossible, hence, surprises do powerless to break his balance. So, to all ožidannomu and the sudden need to install active attitude, impartiality or balance to tackle. Let it will manifest itself in the form of apathy or indifference, if shell remained calm and the separation was not probodaema network impacts from outside. They are transitory. Knowing their prehodimost′ and remembering about it, you can achieve that from them broneû balance oboronit′sâ spirit.
1965, 496. (M. A. S.). Waves everyday trying to crush granite rock Jaro spirit. But ustoim. Their anger won't be strong enough to overpower the stone. The stone can stand. Remember that. Eternal Life, the Foundation stone on which build the House of your spirit, cannot break down the fury of the waves. Water does not overpower the nature Stone, as a stone is Fire, collected spirit and crystallised in the bowl for many thousands of years of struggle, and the efforts of its approval. The waves come and go, but the wave granite spirit rock is to stand as a rock spirit is stone – fire – the Alatyr River. Stone of eternal life, indestructible by anything.
1965 g. 497. (Nov. 10). If your thoughts are no good, you can replace them completely My thoughts. Taking thought any, you can develop and consider comprehensively. This will exercise more worthy than the assumption of useless thoughts. Their produce is not in serious condition, but that have not yet been eliminated from old heaps. It is only the desire to free themselves from them, and victory over them will come.
1965, 498. (M. A. S.). Day has come. You came to me in the thoughts of their own. With what you have today? Complaints, nedovol′stvami, or setovaniâmi with a joyful spirit and a fiery determination, aspiration to go all the way, not being embarrassed by anything, not stopping at nothing and putting nothing above the desire to be closer to Pozvavšemu? May rejoice together with you neslomimoj your spirit or the endurance will be disappointed and overcome in yourself you can not? There is nothing that could break the will of the spirit, hotâŝego light. It is only necessary to be able to want to.
1965, 499. (Guru). The movement of the spirit in the future can't stop. In the spirit of the movement grows in good or evil, in darkness or in light. What if at the same time with good seedlings grow and unkind? If the force is not enough to uproot the evil shoots should be a little wait, gathering strength and determination to build up some new powerful efforts to snatch the roots of ancient creatures. First, gather strength and then to jerk, so much so that nothing is left from them. Let us remember, as it is written: find the root of the evil and pluck it.
1965, 500. Many exodus will not help, if not purified heart. Parrot the words of someone else's wisdom is not applying the teachings in your life.
1965 g. 501. (Nov. 11). Be aware of necessity and inevitability of victory and defeat, expecting horror walking in darkness. Maya prel′ŝeniâ of seduction and dramatic that for her, for all the entitlements and obol′ŝaûŝimi mysleobrazami, from the light no nothing. The man reaches out for ghosts, beyond the outer, seeming appealing race which concealed the terrible faces of Ministers of darkness and terror of falling into an abyss – for each prel′ŝaûŝej formoû thoughts. Test prel′ŝenie mysleobrazami is one of the most difficult. Test of St. Anthony is a prime example of reality prel′ŝeniâ Maya. Let every thoughts of darkness and its form is prel′ŝaûŝaâ motivated bitter allegations of consciousness on Me and My thoughts, sent by me and sent the now. Light thoughts of my win. Basis, the base of the rock spirit – they build consciousness has an hour in the name of winning the battle. Fighting, and winning, and the happiness of victory over darkness within themselves and outside themselves! It is the hopelessness of when other solution besides winning, there can be no human will Crown a winner, a fiery character to overcome the spirit of (exempted) savings. Not that it is or not, they are there at all, and not to be pobeždaemym by them and nothing that so persistently and blatantly Jaro tries to separate from me. Really not clear yet that the whole conspiracy of dark and all of them are aimed only at zlouhiŝreniâ. First prel′ŝeniâ, then mysleobrazami away from me, then flood the desires, and when there will be a gap, then ... But let's not talk about it, for we destined Pobeda. The power of darkness we have seen examples of its winners. It is on the edge of the abyss had to go and feel the horror of defeat, and the inevitability, and the happiness of victory. We are following to seduction have not touched the weak. But strong has to meet them face to face and win. How strong and won stronger one who knows no fight, no victory, no matter how he was good. So let the embarrassment will not enter into the Eagle's heart. Let it not stop suždennogo the winner more than nothing. The enemies awake and night and day. And we shall strengthen its patrol.
1965 g. 502. (M. A.). Image of Bishop, the leading thought in man to the tops of cognition, not Fade in the rhythm of daily hits to it. But treatment must increase. Increasing resistance of surrounding circumstances will consider as a necessary condition for growth and increased the rhythm. How else to strengthen it, as neither opposition, growing all the time. They create the rungs of the ladder of light to the rising consciousness. The spirit grows and multiplies its forces. Let us reveal an understanding around what is happening with us, knowing that without the will of the Bishop and the hair falls off the head.
1965 g. 503. (Guru). Why go somewhere outside and in somewhat of a third party, when everyone in the spirit: and happiness and achievement, and a world that is above human understanding. When all that out, is its ineptitude and inability to rely on it, then take to the depths of the spirit. The spirit will lead lives that can be built, without fear, that build on the destruction of the vortex. Builders today have forgotten about the spirit. Because so much time and are fragile and short-lived build them. We are building strongly. Basis and not afraid to unswervingly. Builders of the Temple of eternal life Lord is calling for the building. Respond with ears so as not to miss the call.
1965 g. 504. (M. A. S.). Very closely and carefully watch those faced in life. Not poražajtes′ among them, the number of possessed. Not all possessed by dark spirits, is obsessed with the contents and secondary degrees. Spiteful isčadiâ could not find enough acrimony on average minds. There are svetlovato-grayish. But their usefulness, and the little ones in mind forcibly invades a strong will. The light on the stairs receiving there is not and cannot be. There is no subordination, no servitude is voluntary and free-spirit discipline. No violence against the will of another. Submissive is replaced by merging of consciousnesses and fiery aspiration to Freedom spirit Masters.
1965, 505. (Guru). Pobeditel′noe State of mind is important, because the magnetic currents are extraordinary, radiated such consciousness, spatially impose very useful links. Harp of the spirit that is configured on the victory lines, attracts in its orbit radiation perfume the same key. And then in the chorus supporting sounds Consciousnesses on winning the wave. The law accords applied consciously, could propel the applying very, and many others. We should pay particular attention to the impact of higher energy, reciprocity may be a true blessing to others and space.
1965 г. 506. (Нояб. 13). Личность есть форма проявления Индивидуальности. Но Природа не считается с формой жизни, обрекая каждую на уничтожение для того, чтобы жизнь могла продолжаться. Преемственность форм образует цепь звеньев жизни. Звенья меняются, цепь непрерывна. Личность есть орудие Индивидуальности, служащая для того, чтобы Индивидуальность могла с ее помощью расти и развиваться. Для блага и роста Индивидуальности не имеет значения, страдает или наслаждается счастьем та личность, которая служит Ее высшим целям. Ей, то есть Индивидуальности, надо, чтобы она могла собрать через посредство личности все разнообразие человеческого опыта, который дает и может дать жизнь. Для этой цели Она вынуждена облекаться в форму личности, дабы через нее соприкасаться с земным планом и всем тем, что может он дать в смысле опыта и знания духу. Надо в себе отделить преходящую смертную личность, имеющую право прожить на Земле определенное количество лет, от своей Бессмертной перевоплощающейся Индивидуальности, чтобы, расчленив смертное от бессмертного, перенести сознание в сферы непреходящего и достичь этим путем состояния непрерываемого сознания, то есть фактического Бессмертия. Личность будет очень упорно сопротивляться этому расчленению, ибо она полагает в себе, в своем существовании, в своих интересах, устремлениях и мыслях весь смысл своей жизни, в то время как в ней самой нет и не может быть самодовлеющей цели существования хотя бы только потому, что это существование ограничено несколькими десятками лет, которые завершаются смертью и уничтожением этой самой личности. Личность, самость и астрал связаны тесно. Все они смертны. Смерти подлежит не только физическое тело, но и тонкое, и ментальное тела. Бессмертна только Индивидуальность. Если сознание переносится в Ее сферу и прочно утверждается в Ней, то и личность, и все прочие оболочки как бы пронизываются высшим сознанием, когда оно отождествляет себя уже не с ними, но с высшим началом в себе, со своей Индивидуальностью, со своим высшим «Я». Огненно надо запечатлеть в земном сознании это понимание непреходящего, бессмертного, вечного начала в себе, памятуя о нем непрестанно и зная, что Безмолвный Рекордер в себе, Вечно Смотрящий, – бессмертен и что Он и есть истинное «Я» человека, а остальное, вся жизнь на Земле – сон преходящий, не оставляющий после себя ничего, что мог бы взять Он с собою, за исключением знания и опыта, преображаемого в плотном мире и других преходящих мирах через те временные оболочки, в которые Он облекает себя для достижения этой цели, включая сюда и смертные личности своих бесчисленных воплощений.
1965 g. 507. (Guru). The joy of overcoming yourself with each victory. In order to achieve conscious Immortality of spirit is this overcome. Deliberately talking about conscious Immortality, because what Immortality is unconscious. Thus, the case is to continue beyond the fleeting consciousness. Is this possible, if it is fully focused on the transient, the environment in which usually lives? No, you can't, because all transient mortally. Therefore, only moving the consciousness into the realms of imperishable and concentrating them all what makes life worth living, and the decision will be correct.
1965 g. 508. (Nov. 14). On the one hand, nonsense vanity, the brevity of earthly existence and death of the person, on the other, deeper meaning and worth of earthly incarnations and the accumulation of experience and knowledge, so necessary for the development and growth of individuality. These opposites need to understand and balance in mind. Every moment of earthly life is valuable if it were diligently and in accordance with what the spirit incarnated on Earth. On their own, as an end in itself, all the earthly human case meaningless. But as a necessary and unavoidable condition for the evolution of the spirit they are justifiable, needed and appreciated tremendously. Life is a school. Every moment it can be used very effectively. No dumb or aimless action, consequence of not yielding. When each step makes sense to a human, to which it is moving, then the correct path. Followers of the great Way We call human. And wherever he may be and in whatever condition nor has put his life and karma of the past, the goal always in front of him, and perhaps always moving steadily toward that goal as in the large and small, that is, in all its actions. Determination of life with conventional wrapping its installations on the unusual, that is, the aspiration to cognition of a hidden meaning of human existence on Earth and in the worlds in all its membranes, and is the only correct solution to the problem of human existence in the world of earthly and Aboveground.
1965 g. 509. (M. A. S.). People often complain bitterly complain of my fate. A lot of seemingly meaningless action accounts for them to perform. And at a time when one would be the most sublime objects, they have to perform tedious, but necessary and am fond of odd jobs and doing something that they don't want to do, and live in an environment that is weary of their desires and feelings. But all this is not so. Karma always puts people in the best possible conditions for its growth, and all cases which it had to carry out, with the right to respect and understanding hidden in them, nothing but good and the spirit, he can bring it. It should only reflect on the meaning of each action you must perform. Maybe it should work out the patience or perseverance or courage, or human knowledge or intuition, or smart, or ability to own their own muscles and master the coordination centres, or to gain experience in a field in which he has not yet started, or deepen the thought, or the master test of loneliness and much more. In short, we should try to understand what compels him to learn to life itself, that deepen and improve, and adopt, and what kind of experience drawn from the prevailing conditions or conditions is approved by the teacher. And then a murmur, complaints and frustration will disappear. They will be replaced with understanding and desire to use these conditions are best. In this sense, it is worth considering the accolades and all the details, from which it is not yet possible to karmically. It is understood the meaninglessness of seemingly unnecessary releases or aggravating living conditions. Will cover their understanding and awareness of the hidden meaning in them.
1965, 510. (Guru). If life is hard drives through something, one must go through and pass it to withstand any and willed not slomit′sâ. In fact, generally speaking, all the tests carried out and kept the letter and in spirit. And stand in the spirit against all efforts to crush it, you should, because there is no alternative. Invincible spirit, although infirm body. Without a body, but the spirit can withstand all. You can crush bone, but there is nothing that could crush a man aware of invulnerability and indestructibility of its spirit.
1965 g. 511. (Nov. 15). Analyzing the past, needs to fundamentally rethink and change undesirable attitudes to some people. Unmodified, it remains what it was, and will follow its owner in the world is Thin. The process of transmutation of stratifications and the harmful aspects of life. Love or hate without being modified, will accompany the spirit and beyond the threshold of earthly existence. There are feelings running through that give joy and light, and there are completely opposite of that. They are subject to revision and rebirth. Where everything just goes on, it is difficult to change the chain of inevitability, but on the ground it is easy and possible, and the main thing – is a must.
1965, 512. (Nov. 16). And will share school life at day and night. At night, while you sleep, you might as well learn and teach, as well as during the day. Death is like sleep, eat and sleep, and death doesn't end anything but continues along the lines the aspirations of consciousness. It was in a dream is something that has not yet been eliminated, and that is subject to control and eradicate. Yes! Yes! Even in my dreams to control impulses of the lower nature can be the attitude of consciousness before the moment of sleep. This course expands the notion of school life. We do not sleep in your understanding of the word, for the nepreryvaemost′ of consciousness allows you to stay awake day and night, at night – the vneplotnogo peace plans.
1965 g. 513. (M. A. S.). We are very busy. In dreams because you see me and surrounded by people. Just as on Earth, and help, and heal, and to protect, and to lead. And even more, for earthly nothing gets in the way. And if it is not always possible to give even the closest time, is particularly tense and planetary conditions we are required to work especially hard. You should know to be gradually be Us Assistant. Understand that idleness or pleasant pastime in pink dreams no for pupils of Bishop. But there is a work without end, and very responsible. The Lord is calling Earth feat and overhead. And it's hard to say which is more difficult.
1965 g. 514. (M. A. S.). Perseverance against all efforts to create the right position and protect against unwanted phenomena, of course, is inspired by the darkness in a close approach to people, easily amenable to her vnušeniâm. Exposing the tricky mechanics dark always to some extent deters them, as they really don't like to be under the ray thought, preferring to kick their voluntary and involuntary intermediary, behind which they so carefully and artfully hidden. Do not turn on the beam strike supporters, but on those who are behind them, carefully and avoiding exposing oberegaâs′.
1965 g. 515. (Guru). Nothing personal, there is no place in the Heavenly Abode, and nothing personal is not allowed there. And you can reach it, leaving all personal bottom. For admission to the Tower, at least temporarily, to be relieved of everything connected with the personality of the minor and her experiences. First have to carefully separate the personal initiation in itself. In microcosm his personality should be allocated to it belonging to podslužebnoe place to not invaded it in the area where the tail off the emotions and feelings of personal self. Because only the soul (that is my small, personal "I") lost its gains in its Higher Immortal Triad.
1965, 516. (M. A. S.). Victories over themselves are growth stages of consciousness and liberation from the shackles of personal attitudes. An internal transmute consciousness in which one by one are reset, or outgrowths stratifications of the spirit accumulated in the past, far and near. Spirituality has nothing to do with intelligence. Even the brilliant intellect, outstanding scientist and philosopher may be very far from spirituality. Spirituality and the selfishness personality – phenomena that exclude one another and are not compatible with each other. Spirituality and personality can be opposed to each other as higher and lower self start in man.
1965, 517. (Guru). Not inferior, and personal and small in itself touch we when communicating Spirits High, but the highest and best that we have in ourselves. In a way far better take only higher because everything else can so hinder and burden the way that the move will be nearly impossible. But not moving forward, inevitably and inexorably begins to backwards, for the still exists. People either rises or falls. Standing water rots, and begins digestion. In the toptanii on the spot or in an apparent immobility or stop already are elements of the involution of spirit.
1965, 518. (Nov. 19). A mismatch between what a person does, and his realization that he should or should not do, breeds in the minds of his inconsistency. She is stronger and deeper, the more destructive it is the growth and development of the spirit, hindering its evolution. Long said that it is better not to know than to know and apply knowledge. The gap between higher beginning in man and his inferior forms can lead to a complete separation of the higher principles, and then a whole page of the deleted from the Book of life. Even small discrepancies are very dangerous because they grow large. The first sign of inconsistency is the discrepancy between Word and deed. Even in malomalejših cases, actions and thoughts is not disharmony with the basic installation of consciousness and to stay on Earth. It is difficult to demonstrate coherence in serious conditions, dense world, but the spirit should win. Call to battle with himself, for the way of life is the way to overcome the lower nature in itself.
1965 g. 519. (Nov. 21). Human cognition is happening so that the cognitive views of trying on to yourself or other people's attitudes. Similarly, you can evaluate and himself, standing by himself in the side and looking at yourself like a stranger. A lot of interesting and new can be discovered in yourself with this setting, especially in their relationship to the people. Usually the person variously looks at their own shortcomings and the same flaws in others. Self-indulgence and tolerance for others – intolerance and condemnation. Indifference to other people's experiences, but allows for indifference and mercilessness of a people to its own perceived painfully and condemns. Thus, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of their own, you can get more or less correct assessment of his personality. Move away from it and see by the extremely useful for helping to consciousness from its power. Coupling of consciousness with his personality leads as a result of what is called the personal consciousness, that is sferoû small, limited, and always false in its submission of things and in its understanding of the nature of the people around him. For human learning life lessons alone is not enough, even very harsh and bitter, you have to know the phenomena in terms of non-personal. It is particularly interesting to note how the same deed committed ourselves and the other person gets in our eyes a different assessment. Until we learn the same yardstick we measure ourselves and others, from the power of the personal start in itself, the lower self, the consciousness is not freed. So you can begin to reconsider all my life from the very beginning, as if from the side, as though life, kept a stranger noting what must be condemned and from what should be freed.
1965 g. 520. (Guru). Only the harsh school life can teach realize just how lower self, that is the beginning of a personal, individual, can interfere with the evolution of the spirit and the acquisition of higher consciousness. Imagine what it would be like if one of those people who claim to receive them Great humanity, would exclusively only for those commoners are doing, that is itself and their personal interests. He would cease to be a great and nothing would have left after themselves people how not leave millions of inhabitants, leaving the life of Earth. Let this consideration would serve as a good lesson in how useless and need not to humanity that is connected with the nizšeû nature of man. Teacher Shows to go on top of the lower self is no longer possible to live for yourselves.
1965 g. 521. (Nov. 22). The same external conditions may cause for some cheer, but for others, grief or discontent. Not the person himself is the cause of this impact? Long says that man is the measure of things. Therefore, you cannot refer to circumstances and business value, for it is the self-sufficient value is determined by the consciousness. And can you really blame the teachers for those or other conditions cause the Student discontent. Maybe another student would only rejoiced by being in the same position. And since joy, though at times, still visits him, despite the difficult situation, the cause of suffering is not outside, but in tormented mind. After all, the heroes were going to exploit, for the suffering, hardships and torments with enlightened person, filled with delight the spirit.
1965, 522. (M. A. S.). Constancy and neslomimost′ aspirations, and contrary to all circumstances of life, there is a basic condition of success in achieving the full merger of consciousness with the consciousness Of the heart. Small honor be connecting rod. Small honor spirit under a burden overheads of slomit′sâ conditions. Small honor to admit defeat. Even a victory, and defeated in spirit. All the band has nothing to do with. Let it be – that is, but the spirit of unshakable, upright and doesn't get anything external, if only the obviousness Jaro argued the opposite. All in the spirit, from the spirit, and the spirit. Spirit through the power of spirit is a victory, even if the whole world was against him. Remember the words of the Lord: "Is the ruler of this world, but there is nothing in me." All the dark forces of evil struck the Winner in the world, but not crushed Him.
1965 g. 523. (Guru). "Compassion" is amply and clearly expresses the idea of real compassion and active assistance by the pain or burdens of the person to whom it is compassion or assisted. Tell those who speak about helping people, that everyone has ample opportunity to help someone's sorrow, if his desire so earnestly that he is ready to assume its severity. And immediately see how will decrease the number of people willing to help. And speaking of slightly annoyed at having majority support and service to humanity to think to do it without compromising anything. Assistance will be effective only if the burden is shared by the other and on their own shoulders takes to help part of karma the person receiving care. Does the teacher, so come all, whose heart is burning flame of compassion.
1965 g. 524. (M. A. S.). "Zasvečus′?" As to be lighted if the light is not collected during the incarnation? This is not possible. Therefore, a primary concern is the gathering and accumulation of nainužnejšego. How to collect, if conditions do not allow? There can be conditions of the opposing, because everything starts to be the winner. When the victory over oneself, everything starts to serve man. It's not about the environment, but in himself.
1965, 525. (Nov. 24). Icon veneration essentially is referring to the principle of recourse to various Spirits, standing on the steps of the Stairs light, honored by them, or imaginary. Treatment usually links the minds of the People to whom it refers. Icon-image – is the focus of a concentration. The icon is not treatment, but by then, the spirit of one who is depicted on it. This has nothing to do with fetishism, if only the principle understood correctly. The highest form of treatment – in spirit, without any middleman. Sacred images and sacred objects have a strictly scientific basis. Add to this that each course in the hands of a man who has visited or obraŝavšij on his thoughts, full of relevant emanations. There are items of good, filled with light, there are evil, full of darkness. The latter is more dangerous than the usual venom poisons, which operates invisibly, but strong.
1965 g. 526. (Nov. 25). When all States of consciousness Evolution direction towards spirituality remains intact, as it is already to the basics. Most of them should be remembered when all ranges. Subtle solidly covered up tight. But despite the cover-up, it exists. Utverždaâs′ on Fundamentals, affirm ourselves to reality. Maya, recede. Can be distinguished as approaching completion of the cycle of incarnation and the circumstances surrounding things lose their seeming self sufficient value, with the deepening of the phenomena of timeless. The ghosts of Maya land aboveground lose their meaning. A person capable of thinking, destroys their thought. The same shall be destroyed and the ghosts of Maya astral world. They are more easily exposed to thoughts than the creature on Earth. And here and there the release in mind. A lot of persistence to reveal in the fight with Maya all types and forms.
1965, 527. (M. A. S.). Ošibkoû will take that ever stopped fighting the spirit, through which it passes, for what he has become in the future. This is the future of every spirit, no matter how high the ladder of life he neither stood out. Adoption of the future – so you can call this process. The best implementation would be aspiration in the future and life in it in the future. Consciousness of Agni Yoga are so it is reaching into the future, so sžilos′ with it and made it real that powerful vibration of the future felt by Jaro is approaching a Agni Yoga and consciousness comes into contact with it. Move forward to the future, bestowed, and the Lords of sol′emsâ with him as its neotryvnaâ part. This is the only way to win her way through difficulties and obstacles of the present.
1965 g. 528. (Guru). Passive waiting of tomorrow will not be the decision of life. Builder of life cannot be passive or dormant. When you cannot build with your hands or external activities, he will build the thought. Already noticed how in life your past thoughts. You thought the brightly and finished, was time-and people have your thoughts. Let this serve as a lesson of how thoughts are real and what effect they have, if consistent with the common good. To act a lot more difficult than thinking with your hands, because not everyone owns it by force. Thought, aspiring to the past, nedejstvenna, as in the past, nor can it be. Just the thought of this in the future may uâvit′ its power. It should be aware of. Not of the past but in the future should go away thinking of the sometimes unbearable burdens.
1965 g. 529. (Nov. 26). Medication neprinâtoe or Council benefit do not bring Delta unapplied. Few know the nearest approach to me, you need to apply it in practice. Is it only the dark attacks may get to deliberate an ambition to keep My Proximity. Now the time is that far from me not to resist and not withstanding the onslaught of darkness. You can only stand in unity jarom with me. Dark guard its increase and enjoyed every moment of weakness or neglect. Remember my name more frequently and strive to keep the Favorites Image in her heart. Consciousness regarding adds light, darkness will attack Jaro strive to Focus the hierarchy of light.
1965, 530. (M. A. S.). What is the secret of success? In neslomimoj resistance spirit. How can you then don't go, if at all, even the most unbearable conditions, movement, albeit slow, goes only to the light! When constant aspirations cannot be reached. A little love is fickle, transient, intermittent, as well as all other qualities of spirit, not approved by the constancy and steadfastness. The closest believe those who firmly on his feet, staggering, not without hesitation.
1965 g. 531. (Guru). When the inner world of the spirit, created by the great work of many years of effort, nekoleblem surf waves of dense world or Astral currents, then it can be said that the House was built on the basis of a strong spirit. Foundation is based on fundamentals. From the basics don't Dodge or a close shave, for Foundation neotricaemy and steadfast. Fiery words validate and approve them in the spirit, for they kept the peace.
1965 g. 532. (Nov. 27). You cannot change the world is my world, since their personal world will inevitably collapse. My world-the world of truth or validity of Tierra del neumiraûŝej. It is possible to join and enter into the orbit of his attraction. Each of my thought with him pulls together and extends it. Touching it, it is difficult to be satisfied and content sizes already personal peace. So, the world of truth sverhličnoj does not fit in my little world.
1965 g. 533. (Guru). Can I stop the running time? Hence, the movement in the future neostanavlivaemo. And, therefore, the future of a person cannot take away nothing. Thoughts of today is tomorrow. Therefore, the future of mankind is thought. Hence the importance of the thoughts about the future.
1965 g. 534. (Nov. 28). My world is not combined with small, personal mirkami earthlings. To sign in, you must sign out and Mirka from personal leave him, for these two disparate worlds. The idea is not new. Long Said that his soul was lost, and it assumes that in order to follow Pozvavšim, otvergnut′sâ on my own. Thus, the lower self selfhood is an obstacle that must be overcome to light. And that is also not new. Not new and that knowing this condition yet forgotten whenever immersed in the world of personal experiences. Knowledge without application is the capital of the dead. Better know a little but apply this small than many know and not apply anything. Impetus of Life Teachings in practice is valuable only when it is the impulse of the samoishodâŝim, but not imposed from the outside. Any imposition of aimlessly and useless, as eventually does nothing but harm. You should learn not to impose even unquestionably good things. When consciousness comes before the need to apply itself in the life of a thought and applied it, then reaching a clearly and firmly.
1965 g. 535. (M. A. S.). Fire-engine spirit, without fire there is no promotion. Main task is to keep the heart of fire. But so many tušitelej around, involuntary and voluntary, conscious and unconscious, dark, grey and even svetlen′kih. Encumber creeps everywhere. Therefore, to protect the heart of lights need a circular defence. Only One Bishop would burden never lights the hearts. Appeal to it always stimulates growth lights. Understand practical and vital that the Lord has contact with fire-žiznedatelem, that is with the light. The pie should be understood as the hearts defence readiness to protect against all potential tušitelej or overheads, and even often very nice people, but potential for absorbed $ 1 billion Treasure. After all, by law of connected vessels from the burning hearts everyone takes. Lots of High Spirits were not killed enemies, but well-wishers, as given without measure, beyond measure and make a complete devastation of Treasuries.
1965, 536. (Nov. 29). Even a failed attempt to carry out action message is useful. Now – at the intersection of bad currents, luck is when the currents of change. Much, very much depends on the spatial conditions. The human body, being a part of the whole, is with him in hand. Harp of the spirit reacts and responds to all spatial sound. It is the spatial harmony. Difficult now, in times of great transformation of the world, when a crumbling old world in his visible and invisible aspect. After all, and in the subtle world destruction of his zakristallizovannyh form. There can be neither spokoâ nor a appeasement until completion. Just as anxious and unbalanced nature, similarly unbalanced and antagonistic and spatial currents. Not wise to embrace peace and spokoem, when the whole planet on fire a busy jiggling. And how can this happen when we are in suspense incredible tried to keep balance and prevent an explosion. Times are hard, serious time-sensitive spirits cannot not sozvučat′ to it and be spokoem. The hierarchy chain sweeps echo of unprecedented tension. The event quickly followed by one by one, shaking the space on long distances. The orbit of the planetary transformation includes all. No corner of the globe now where in happy ignorant people to keep away from the planetary Karma and not conform to world reconstruction. Age of fire approaching and spatial wave flame affect all. An unprecedented time. All great and all low reveals himself to be approved and for the destruction of life and death. Victory and defeat Light destined to darkness.
1965 g. 537. (M. A. S.). Salvation is the unity of all those dark, Focus around the hierarchy. There is no alternative, no other solution. The darker, harder, neustojčivee around, the need to more closely unite and get closer to My heart. Unity and unity among yourselves. It's hard to say which is more easily. When broken up anything and everything, especially to unite. Many instead of unity, like ulitkam, trying to hide in the sink of the self. But the Office of focus Lights will not save anyone. After all, The Archbishop said, Arguing the salvation to everyone who was with me.
1965 g. 538. (Guru). The calling of the let it be thought to stand in unity, no matter what. The formula was to the end will be saved "is still valid and perhaps even more relevant now than ever before. Catch the exact spatial notes can only tone sensitive heart. In space, and because it is not good so unbearably heavy at heart. All one must gather courage and resilience to withstand the onslaught of the raging elements.
1965, 539. (Nov. 30). It takes time, and a lot to reach the point where personal matters are no longer painted auričeskih radiations. And in this case the quality of self-denial is crucial. Move away from themselves and their feelings is not easy, since they directly concern us. Its where real pain than the pain. But sometimes the pain caused to relatives, really hurts our hearts. And it has more refined that over all the pain surrounding conform sensitively. Sensitive heart is the symbol of compassion. It can hold only the pain of the world. Great is the heart of such a burden. It has a sensitive heart. Suffering for close and distant, the people, the whole world is unspeakably exacerbate susceptibility of heart. The refinement comes through suffering and compassionate. Life often puts the student in an environment that could grow and susceptibility of heart it multiplied. In the crucible of suffering following Alaii wings.
1965, 540. (M. A. S.). The cruelty of the human – Kali Yuga terminator. All dark in man is hard for transmutation. Not identified, how can it be transformed? Contact with people is very difficult and very painful. Humanity does not want people to identify and care for others. With that face, that is even better and deeper understanding of human nature. Incentive pay, and for human cognition, particularly hard.
1965 g. 541. (Guru). Get away from himself and one benefit. In this samootrešenii the whole point of the evolution of the spirit. Identity is given to him as a tool of communication with the outside world. Personality itself is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. All her pain and anguish are needed and valuable insofar as they help to increase understanding, to through this temporary personality, more precisely – through these many individuals, in whom is embodied the immortal Personality, grasp its essence and consciously fuse with It together, that is, to transfer the consciousness in Its scope. Another meaning and purpose of existence is no personality because it dies and is born to replace it new in each successive incarnation. Only experience, collected her remains in the Bowl Individuality forever. The Bowl does not have a domain identity, but identity. Because the identity access to the past, saved in the Cup does not have. Only when the consciousness is transferred to higher Principles, reveals the accumulation of the Cup and you can read the scroll of lives past, pending there.
1965 g. 542. Overcoming the negative and destructive, harmful external effects on the mind are seen as winning. Not outside, but in itself is achieved and approved by this victory.
1965 g. 543. (Dec. 1). Good knowledge of human nature does not give right to a wrong attitude toward the man. Know and yet manifest friendliness and willingness to help will be the property of an arhat. Lord Knows and yet all Their forces Donate to serving people, often sacrificing even a life. Thus, the knowledge of humanity doesn't stop to love humanity and give him all their forces. Following in imitation of the teacher, let us reveal the same attitude towards those with whom makes us face life. Knowledge and discussion are very far from criticism and condemnation. Know – didn't mean to condemn. Good analysis to help. Zlopyhatel′noe ill convicted. Not easy, knowing her kind-heartedness, i.e. Save had lightful heart condition. Difficult to help or share knowledge without expecting any gratitude or thankfulness, not even good relations in return. Many who often pay for it itself black ingratitude and zlobstvovaniem. But only the betrayal and insult the hierarchy and denies the right to irreversibly assistance and communication. The rest cannot be an obstacle to help them gets interrupted, even despite their animosity. Of course, if the channel open heart flowing anger, condemnation and unrest in response to the light, it should be observed expediency and not hurl beads ". Word of disrespect for the pearls of knowledge pâtoû of ignorance still in force. And it is good when having received pay only indifference, or forgetfulness, sometimes worse. Bearing Knowledge people should not expect to receive official even in the form of gratitude and thanks. The more valuable it will be a rare quality in a few light received from you.
1965, 544. (M. A. S.). If Teachers do not reject these Lights coming, despite all their faults and flaws, and even the right to Life should not be Teaching faults and vices is a condition that makes them unsuitable. And having shortcomings and crossing them has more merit than having them and not standing still. The conclusion is only one is running and which was working to overcome, that is, the winner, is forgiven much.
1965, 545. (M. A. S.). Consciousness grows slowly. Only a number of years of efforts could give the result. Perseverance, hard work and desire facilitate neslomimoe. All in the spirit. And the rise of consciousness is the spirit. Understanding the properties of spirit expands consciousness. One must realize the impossibility of many phenomena in terms of the physical and the spirit. In the imagination and thoughts of possibly anything and everything within reach.
1965 g. 546. (Guru). Let us remember that in the world of thought, the Act operates Aboveground thought and thought. Thought there is only human ignorance and released by knowledge. But in ignorance, and in knowing she is acting within the limits of its cohesion or or freedom. Teacher – unleash the edict, that is clear, thought, and not somewhere out there after, that is here on Earth, and now.
1965 g. 547. (Dec. 5). In the very difficult days when past, serious concern, the currents will repeat the basics and be approved for them. They are steadfast, and there is no escape from them. And when they are firmly planted in the mind and thought about it, easy to defend against waves of chaos and dark attacks. Repeat them to yourself: the death of the body is inevitable, the transition in the thin world, too, moving into this world of all their savings and staying with them, too. Staircase of the hierarchy of light and neotricaemy Teacher, since life on Earth gave up plenty of signs and evidence of their existence. So, consciousness can infuse that undoubtedly and that not from the darkness, but from the light. And you can survive in these difficult days.
1965, 548. (M. A. S.). Two focus of attraction – the focus of light and focus of darkness. You can always give a clear answer, attraction of which of them is overpowering, and knowing, prevent harm in the beginning. If you stand still, then it may be too late, and the force is no longer enough to get out of black vortex.
1965, 549. (Guru). If the thought of any good and attractive it may seem, the end result leads to thoughts clearly bad and otemnennym, the initial idea is bad and should be discarded from the consciousness. Many deceptive and on the surface of harmless thoughts in harm 's. Need to clear recognition.
1965, 550. (Dec. 6). When its becomes unbearably heavy, it is best to step away from it, at least for a time, and dive into the mine. My peace I and peace your vibrations and voltage vary. Do not mix them into one. Climate of lowlands and mountains. If its all leave in the lowlands, the atmosphere of the mountains will purify and refresh the mind. Wall Towers can be considered purifying filter. Before the wall all its left to mind resembled a net that captures the reservoir without the distortion that comes from us. The need to remove and to temper before you accept from me.
1965 g. 551. (M. A.). Dedication when working or samootrešenie is the first condition for completeness of higher perceptions. If your happy and satisfied, do not rush the spirit to something else, but when the gravity of the personal experiences becomes too gruznoj, then I want them to lose and they drift away. Maybe the gravity in order and given that the couple had an irresistible desire to reclaim the spirit of fire from her. Not find release in areas where this burden was born. One must rise above. Hard is the elevation of the spirit over them yourself. Under him the means the personal "me" world personal experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions. One must climb over it: just moving away from him, and, at least for a while, throw back.
1965 g. 552. (Guru). Isn't it strange that the shaggy world personal remnants of the balls is a great hindrance on the path. But that's it. And in prayer and in aspiration and in working for the common good must move away from yourself. I-Ness, it's stalking and boring behemoth, persistently and actively interferes with the apply to the upper world, spatial spheres glowing idea stirs concern. Self-enemy number one spirit, coming to light.
1965, 553. (Dec. 7). In the subtle world of temptations, enticements and various distractions are infinitely more than the phenomena in the world of earthly things. This is understandable, because there was a thought and the images you thoughts, which are close to consciousness. The consciousness of ourselves on the principle surrounds the affinity, attraction and habits, combining with them, plunges and lives in them. It is difficult to be exempted from such thoughts just by sheer force of magnetic attraction to porodivšemu their consciousness and that they, in turn, involve it in the scope of conformable and related thoughts generated by other minds. Only a strong and persistent desire to master the light can overcome the resulting force which. Imagine a person suddenly has the power to exercise all their desires. Approximately in the position turns out to be a subtle world spirit, the one who received the ability to create real forms of thoughts that create for him the reality. And everyone works on directions of thoughts familiar, accepted and approved still on the ground. Well, when this trend is towards the light, as if in the darkness?
1965 g. 554. (M. A. S.). We think the thoughts of their ashamed, not when they are clearly visible. The teacher sees mental creativity of pupils and rejoices when it goes for the common good. When the thought, it is devoid of the poison sverhlična of self and not colored emotions of a personal nature. Such a great idea. So the best way to cleanse the thoughts are the thoughts of others, about all of humanity as a whole, provided that they were not of themselves.
1965 g. 555. (Guru). The most accurate and correct depiction of hell would reproduce those images of thoughts that surround themselves with dead people, out-of-date not their passions and cravings, and vices. Everything that is done on Earth, exists in the world Aboveground or underground. And people who have participated on the Earth in these endeavors continue to participate there as well. Only if on the Earth have any obstacles, then there's the apparent implementation provides a more easily with the help of thought. The implementation of Prizračnost′ does not mean low spirits, and suffering from not being able to satisfy their lusts and surpass any unusually heavy imagination. Everyone reaps what sows.
1965 g. 556. (Dec. 8). Often have to watch as the most ardent aspirations dissolve into the dullness of everyday life. As if the entire way of life of ordinary has the property to extinguish the lights of the spirit. We Ukazuem for this reason usually replace an unusual one. Unusual bottled around thousands of overlooked phenomena surrounding us. All unusual, if my eyes open to see. The ability to see something on top of a grey blanket routine is an open, expanded consciousness. Is it the stars above your head – routine? But to catch rays, the head should be raised up. The eye sees what is far-sighted. Aspiration is the key to the doors of the arcane. Aspiring to something, outside the range of items is growing and growing in his aspiration, and enriches the minds of new existence. Not phenomenal party shall decide on the existence of the subtle world, but the ability to observe its manifestation in all that around. The unseen world is so closely connected and intertwined with visible boundaries separating does not exist. The idea, for example, is not visible, but as it separated from the visible actions and where the boundary line? The fire of the nervous system, nerve channel runner, is invisible, but as separate it from the movement of the hands or feet. Eye, capturing any subject, to which he looks, and lightning fast and automatically imprinted on the retina the image conveys in consciousness, and subject, therefore, becomes mysleobrazom photographed or kartinoju, picture view is no longer tight, but Thin in the world. Examples can be set. It would only be willing to think in the chosen field, and illustrations will be without end, because everything that exists in a dense world, thus there is in the world of Thin, and the relationship between these two types of things and phenomena of nerastoržima and durable. And even when the object or phenomenon no longer exist in the world of dense, they continue their existence in the world of Thin, because nature doesn't go away nothing and cannot disappear. So, the existence of the visible and invisible worlds comes near, only in different planes, and is inseparable from each other. Burn any item and it will disappear from view visibility, but continues to exist even within human memory. But human memory is the only aspect of the imperfect and limited, great and infallible memory of nature that captures all and never forget.
1965 g. 557. (Guru). You cannot move away from the Foundation at least hesitated. Basics is a frame of mind. Come in thinking you can only by them. And then confusing. Foundations serve as groundwork on which are woven a pattern of the spirit. Without a basis not weaving.
1965 g. 558. (Dec. 9). When a person is immersed in memories of the past, what has not, does not exist in dense, visible world, he lives at the moment in the world of the unseen, Subtle. When IM fully owns an idea and he could not see and cannot hear what is going on around, he lives in a world of Invisible. Human consciousness is constantly in both worlds, plunging it into one, then another, then being kind of in the Middle, between the two. As well as this border is very conventional, then the person can be considered the inhabitant of two worlds. Their connection is in the mind, which is the sferoû of their association. It happens unconsciously, for he does not give away the essence of what is happening. The new era is marked by the merging of two worlds, and unconscious processes must be conscious, in full knowledge of their meaning. From person to awareness of the phenomena previously thought, although he came across them constantly. Secret of the grain still not disclosed, although a person uses it for many centuries. And the man himself is a great mystery, not comprehending it. And yet lives, and thinks, and slowly, slowly reveals itself in the evolution of the spirit. The story deals with the past, with what is not, but it was. No, but it was. Learn what not. You need to think about the absurdity of the situation, to understand that you cannot learn what not. And if something is still being studied, mean it exists. Once will have to recognize that the past exists, is it in the present, but not visible to the eye. We Have access to the Akashic records and Can deliberately svitkam their dive, causing the past in all their reality. Another subtle human condition called sleep, not less interesting and instructive. Earthly consciousness, consciousness is suspended, and the person is still living. Interruption of consciousness does not mean the death of the person. If only man could conceive of that happening to him at bedtime. Breakthroughs are in the world of thin, but relatively rarely, but they don't have the proper attitude and focus. And where does the consciousness of a hypnotized subject and why it seems to him the world seemed more real than the one that surrounds it and that we see, but did not see it, immersed in a world of thin? Again the mystery of different States of consciousness. We are surrounded by mysteries, but they are so used to, and they have become so routine for us, that for the cover of the generalities of the absconded lik mysteries. People seem to be blinded. And only few sighted trying to pull them out of this artificial and not noticeable breast enlargement of impasse. The Thought ... new the mystery. But think everything all your thoughts. The thought is a natural wonder, the apotheosis of the spirit activity is reduced to the nezamečaemuû routine, not even to be the official science. The apparatus of human body with all the complexity of its nervous and psychic organization is fully paid little. Physiology is not associated with psihofiziologiej, and the last – with thought and consciousness, as if the disease is one thing, man and mind is something else entirely. The disease does not see neither man nor consciousness or thought, which very often is the cause of the equilibrium of the organism, that is a disease. Life will put mankind face to face with all these riddles, and they will have to decide which option will not. And then will begin a great revolution in science and in the consciousness of mankind.
1965 g. 559. (Guru). Visual sensation is amplified sound and all other perceptions, going through the other senses. When they had the full range of all the senses, and perception becomes full and complete. Perception of the physical world require complete involvement of all physical senses, perceiving subtle – feelings of thin. So, let's divide the scale of perceptions on a thin and dense. Sounds tight world perceived by the ear. But one can in conscience make sound silently on the eve of that melody. Many subtle sounds can be played back in the mind as though mentally. Great composers heard the entire spatial bezzvučnye Symphony and oblekali them in the sounds of the Earth. World of Thin uâvlâet itself in explicit, but perceptions differ from conventional perceptions of Earth.
1965, 560. (Dec. 12). Every priblizivšijsâ to us sooner or later goes over the line, after which there is no turning back. I will explain the details of this condition: suppose that thinking of jumping the line broke away from Me and it overcame neizžitoe. Departing from me inevitably ends up in the arms of darkness that constantly monitors various enhancements across each light. According to prel′ŝeniâ darkness of the depths of separation from me. It is worth remembering for everyone. Depart can be addictive, you can, and you can reject Me, but then inevitably plunging into darkness and bringing myself to the darkness. But who is, light touches willing to surrender to dark.
1965 g. 561. (M. A. S.). Even one day without the Bishop cannot stay to whoever installed it casual contact. Without it, the darkness. Don't worry, if there are drawbacks. Not a problem, if not all men. Not to break away from it in the mind. In a constant quest for Intimacy to be milling around the purification. But everything is multiplied with the distance neizžitoe from it. With it you can all win, all overcome. When it become silent voices of the past and lose their charm and power over consciousness. But when without it, even a small becomes large and seems irresistible.
1965 g. 562. (Guru). Force of darkness learns to light going. The power of darkness is a teacher who won it. Understand it all zlouhiŝreniâ, all the tricks, all the machinations of the dark, chasing anyone who wants to go against it. Need watch and the ability to recognize that podbrasyvaetsâ dark, all traps her, all and all, than enticements wants it ward off the mind from a single Focus light.
1965 g. 563. (Dec. 13). US forces open heart. Openness means acceptability, that is, the ability to perceive. Of course, all other thoughts get in the way. Know-does not mean comprehend. Recognition means almost mastery, that is the practical application of knowledge. To be able to do this. Knowledge without resorting to anything. Readiness involves the ability and skill to apply. Weapons of the spirit must be in constant readiness to apply it. How do you defend against, if not cooked through. Even the sword is useless for a stove or in a closet. Dangers of so much around and so much dark zlodelatelej that only fully armed and in full and constant watch can be protected, and stand in the light, and any minute to give a proper response. When read will be translated into reality and appended to the needs of each day? Do not understand what is going on around, and space, and in the world. Unity need salvation. I now dive into gozha past your thoughts and their lasting. We have a human death stands in front of the eyes. All the personal experiences of the self does not resonate with the moment. Only unity and solemnity are protected from harm. Got to be together is inseparable. An unprecedented time. Areas of high voltage.
1965 g. 564. (Guru). Feel the voltage of the moment is to realize what is going on. It is time to realize that the surrounding can not sozvučat′ with spatial conditions. Nature and people are United. Disadvantage, seen everywhere and in many different forms and types, is only a reflection of the spatial neuravnovesiâ. Shaking Earth, floods, epidemics, quick change of heat and cold, war, mental illness and all other disasters – what do you need more proof of breakthroughs of the energies of chaos. Planet in peril, but deaf and blind to what earthlings is a consequence of their own affairs.
1965 g. 565. (Dec. 14). Time goes and takes with him the old world. The process neostanavlivaem. In time will be born and develop new ideas. Constantly they become property of all – as the sphericity of the Earth. But ideas change the world. Many still remnants of old world breeding: human consciousness, however strong they may be, the time will come, and they will have to give way to the new. Time is working on it, for we are on Patrol. Guardian world means abstractions, but true. Where our Beams, new matures and evolves. Where there are none, the old crumbling and disappearing. Disease darkspawn and remainder did leaving race cannot stop the process of transformation of the world. He is born in pain on the ruins of the old. What is doomed to destruction, We can live and exist. Just can't destroy, for the innocent to suffer. Everything is connected too, and the destruction of the old heavy falls on consciousness sets. Because and delays but the process cannot be stopped.
1965 g. 566. (Guru). We live in the same world as everyone, but our world is different. It is caused by Our consciousness. What is the power of consciousness, if it can transform the world! In the mind is Boundless. Understand the possibility of awareness, not limited by anything, it means go into Infinity and touch her. It surrounds us and concerns from all sides. But these require awareness of touch. Infinity is recognized. Infinity is in the mind. What is outside, so that inside. As correctly stated in antiquity was that man is the measure of things. This process of transition that outside, in what's inside, which infinitely enrich the minds and multiply accumulate bowls, has no end and is the guarantee of the infinite growth of the power of the spirit.
1965, 567. (Dec. 15). (M. A. S.). If deeds and thoughts do not comply with the advanced stages of consciousness and obstruct us in closest contact, you should change them to preserve intimacy. Let us remember that these deeds and thoughts give rise to far-reaching consequences. The consequences cannot be avoided if the wheel of causation activated. Nothing can stop the Act. You can manage only a cause at the time of her birth, but if it succeeded, the consequence is inevitable. As long as man lives in a world of causes, he is free to do on their own, but in the world of consequences it becomes požinatelem effect and the will of its change. Karma is also a consequence of past reasons.
1965, 568. (Guru). Remembering is a bit and pamâtuûŝih about us every day-units. Pamâtuûŝih cannot forget or leave without attention and care. But this serious situation of the planet and care is evident not so freely and clearly, as this would have liked. But nobody is forgotten. It is difficult to wait for Sunrise, but it is inevitable.
1965 g. 569. (M. A. S.). «...among the cruel and dark ... among the searches and grief ... My shield over you ..., "these words are given for directions in life. He has given them, knows that going after him must inevitably pass through the thorns of life. To see the Lights and the pole Shining Light to enter, one must walk through the darkness and the darkness will not be defiled, but victoriously pass through it. Life Earth's tâžka for the prozrevšego spirit. After all, and have to cross through it to carry, if we go for the Bishop. After all, with him inseparably one must go through joy and sorrow.
1965, 570. (Dec. 19). The desire not to be torn to pieces or umučennym it is natural and legitimate. And We also did not offer a defenseless sheep. Yet the poison Chalice subsides ignited hearts. Created by the evil responsible for everything: the guilty and the innocent. The ramifications are carriers of light and uduš′âh the human, but they still bear the burden of this world. Kainova psychology non-responsibility for her brother's black heritage. But Satya Yuga carries with itself a new consciousness of the unity of all and every responsibility for their brothers, for all humanity.
1965 g. 571. (M. A. S.). In a terrible time live on whole planet shadow assassination and destruction of all the achievements of human and humanity itself.
1965 g. 572. (Guru). To and through this difficult time pass while maintaining unwavering confidence in Leading hand.
1965 g. 573. (Dec. 20). The formula "being defines consciousness", that is, consciousness is defined by being, is correct, but it is also true that consciousness is the inner world of man, and thoughts and deeds. The fact is that strong spirits do not comply in some way, but subordinate it to the outside, and the weak are subject. Lomonosov, Campanella, Peter belonged among those who changed their minds and disobeying him around to a known limit. And at the same time, know a lot of people, not against, and floating adrift. This slaves the karma. Victory is in the mind. Some are weak, foldaway bylinkoj from every wind blows, some granite rocks are similar. But, of course, a lot, a lot is determined by age, ethnicity and other living conditions. Genius is born among the Savages or the family of top representatives of mankind will have different capabilities. If this issue cannot be thrown away or factor of consciousness, no factor in the external environment. Of their resultant is the inner world of man.
1965 g. 574. (Dec. 21). Tests are needed to determine the exact measure of devotion, love and aspirations. At times it seems that fit all of these quality approved quite firmly. But tests show more. Everyone needs to know the extent and limit of its qualities that are valid, but not imaginary.
1965, 575. (Dec. 22). Personality has a temporary shell of the spirit. She, having lived the allotted time, cease to exist, as do all what she lives and what is personal consciousness. But the spirit remains, preserving the memory of the past in the bowl. What is in the minds of individuals, is doomed to extinction, the things of the spirit, is not subject to death. First, of course, the other is boundless. Leaf in consciousness and elements of immortality are fighting for dominance. Immortality can only gain, who, having understood the meaning and significance of the death card in itself, collects and stores the elements of immortality by being in thought, and thought is not in the personality of its concentration transient, but in the spirit, and so moving away from themselves and adopting the phenomenon of self-denial. So the ancient formula "let him deny himself" is the main and constant achievement of immortality. Whatever thoughts and feelings or clutter the personal consciousness, foundations remain intact. The immortality of the spirit and consciousness are unbeatable. Užimki no longer influence the human personality, established on the basis of. unswervingly And well, demolishing houses, personal cards, because they build – the Fiery reality of infinity.
1965 g. 576. (Dec. 24). How to be, when it seems like everything is falling apart at the building which took so much energy, thoughts and feelings? Harmony of inner peace to create easy, but allow the destruction of its impossible. How to save? Rejecting strongly and firmly all the punditry, all the doubts, all the data of obviousness. Whatever, the basics remain steadfast. It is important to look at the future of spirit.
1965, 577. (Dec. 25). The "ceiling" of the spirit defines the height of the take-off. But, unlike aircraft, each spirit is back and his "floor" below which it cannot touch bottom. The height of your ceiling and floor level "must be good to know, especially the" floor "to not allow ourselves to stoop to such an extent and so low when going up already. "Grounding" the dangerous. The wings are for flights. It can be so tightly and so damaging to land their wings. "Grounding" for the dangerously Thin because of the lower World are contagious awful, and the magnetic force of attraction is so great that it is impossible to overcome. And then ... But let's talk better about flying. Who wants to be a conscious falling into the abyss, when no "floor" will not!
1965 g. 578. (Dec. 27). To periods of Pralaya of consciousness should be treated very carefully, to avoid dipping into the orbit of past achievements below what it was before. Just stay on the prior need for inability to own, you can lose yourself conquering the last steps, complacency and connivance with what has not yet been eliminated. There can be no excuse if the retreat is going backwards. If you go back to what started a promotion that will be lost and so much effort, time and will have to start all over again. Many Sizifov, kataûŝih stones.
1965 g. 579. (M. A. S.). The path of light is the path constant sacrifice and self-denial of the personal self. Another did not know the way.
1965 g. 580. (Jan. 28). Yet despite the temporary nature and prehodimost′ of ambient, it largely determines the content of consciousness and the influences on it. To be reckoned with. After all, and We Exited into a stronghold for a reason. The student in the world is to maintain contact with the outside, contrary to us. Only experience will tell whether it's hard, because fire does not always light up. Constant maintenance exactly burning flame of the heart becomes the responsibility of the student. Lighted centers make it possible. But with open centers normally live almost unbearable – too much venom poured on the circle. Many fine spirits fuse from the inability to reconcile earthly with the heavenly.
1965 g. 581. (Guru). Who or what will touch, and nabereš′sâ – so you can reinterpret well-known proverb. Thoughts and views form the communication channels. They are reinforced by the feeling. On these channels, their nature and tone should be thinking. If the channels are spirits bright with light, then dark – with darkness. Need a watch.
1965, 582. (Dec. 29). With patience and confidence upgrade will wait for waves. A developed consciousness does not remain without rhythm. And if the past was noted upgrades of consciousness and higher stage of enlightenment, and the future by law of alternation and rhythm will bring even greater achievements. The difficulty is that in moments of Pralaya consciousness hold on what has been achieved, and not dip below nabežavšej wave basin. So is the path of ascent of the spirit. Alternating days and nights is a rhythm of nature. The rhythm is everything from the human heartbeat and Atom to the ripple of the Sun and the phenomenon of the great cycles. That is, it has already been used to be, and what will be, due to past achievements. Nothing in nature does not disappear and be born again, but not everything lasts in time, subject to Space Law.
1965, 583. (M. A. S.). Suffer to the end – not does this maintain the aspiration and belief in the sanctity of Reason, even during the strongest nagneteniâ of darkness? For then the spirit will keep its force of magnet and will keep the power of attraction to the single-focus light.
1965, 584. (Guru). "And I'll go," says the spirit of the indomitable, "will end, in spite of everything," and in this determination to find new strength and powerfully comes through it all.
1965, 585. (Dec. 31). The story vividly illustrates how monstrously distorted charm, where and what an incredible Legacy and terrible consequences have arisen from this perversion. Many recoiled from the Testaments of teachers the knowledge owing to the fact that they lost the essence of the teachings of religion and have replaced their external form. And not the fault of the teachers. The same few who understood what was going on and tried to revive thoughts of believers to the original source, were severely persecuted and harassed and have ended their lives at the stake or in prison. Lack of recognition has led to absurdities and credulity to the words empty and incorrect. Religion became a tool people have trampled on Precepts of the teacher. Form of lost content, and Ministers of religion – the fire of the spirit. Degeneration of cults has become regularity. Need to discard everything and go back to primary sources, otherwise it will be lost and even the little somewhere else survived.
1965, 586. (M. A. S.). A new, refined, and heaps of stratifications, and perversions of the past. Only purified consciousness is able to produce this cleansing. And the first condition that is self-cleaning. No dirty hands to clean things up – will remain a stain.
1965, 587. (Guru). Going will reach.
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