Agni Yoga's facets, 1966

*1966. г. 001. (Jan. 1). Sent Ray requires awareness. To be constantly in beam and feel its Benefits, it is necessary to maintain mindfulness of it constantly. Unconscious, he was unable to exercise its full power. Subtle energy require awareness, otherwise they just rush by. The phenomenon of consciousness is essential to extraordinary. After all, even the Thin World with all their wealth and inexhaustible capacity is only available only on its degree of awareness. You can stand in front of the greatest work of art, full of profound meaning and don't understand, don't feel, don't realize its value. And many people are reacting to the great events of life. It's all in the mind. You can close on a thousand fasteners, even when it is already sufficiently expanded. Much, very much depends on the desire to see and the sentiment of the recipient device. The constancy of the cautious sensitivity is quality, highly desired for the perception of subtle energies. Susceptibility is according to the accord. Spirit of consciousness is the will. But we need consistency and degree of firmness of spirit.
002. (M. A. Y.). Do not need to perform any special reasons, to tear myself away from the Lord. In the twilight days of the generalities and small-scale employment are deaf people to the highest parcels; and so many enticements around, so much distracting from the necessary. But man, immersed in a dense world and even phenomenon has lived his life in all his glory and wealth of Earth, can the world of Subtle sign to the poor and deprived of everything. And what is the consciousness of many during their lifetime, the host does not need for over ground and it doesn't matter. All earthly things pass, and take a long path cannot be nothing. Life, death and a new incarnation of the show that is ludicrous and ownership cannot be continued on a known limit. When the focus of consciousness is transferred into the spirit and thought, Mayan Earth loses its power over man. Live the life of the spirit means to break free of the illusions of the Earth.
003. (Guru). Keep all you want and embrace everyone, but putting in the minds of its first of all and everything and anything someone who Called you on the path of light and life, the Lord putting first of all. And then poison property and seduction time, space, and things do not darken your spirit and following the Called becomes possible.
004. (Jan. 2). Let's talk about trust. The trust in relation to the Teacher reaches such degree of geniality that no doubts, any arguments of the mind, any logic of evidence and seeming convincing the facts can shake it any more. The facts of evidence can't serve as the proof because then there would be no miscarriages of justice. Only the unshakable confidence of heart, its direct sense-knowledge can form a basis of such trust. Judgmenting pupil reaches to such an extent confidence of the Teacher that no processes can influence his trust to the Teacher any more, or the movements happening in his own thoughts, so temporary and passing, as well as all his covers. The Teacher over them and connection of spirit with the Teacher of Light is established and goes over covers which are replaced in each embodiment while its communication with the Teacher remains invariable and uninterrupted. This communication proceeds throughout the whole millennia, despite the birth and death of a dense body and all covers. Throne of the Teacher – heart, and it doesn't die, lives eternally and fights always. The one who judgment to us, a firm hand rejects everything that can break integrity and firmness of trust to the Teacher. "Whatever convincing Maya seemed to me, I trust the Lord", – the pupil so speaks to himself and is filled with Light. It is necessary to have very wide experience successfully to struggle with logic of evidence. But successful fight can be only in that case when the devoted pupil simply rejects all thoughts able to separate or alienate him from the Teacher, – all doubts, all fluctuations and all whisperings of darkness. Tests for firmness of trust are very difficult to those obvious and convincing facts of evidence cover reality and disturb recognition. And then only, having rejected all this ball of visibility and seeming not denied the phenomena; it is possible to win against Maya who wants to get up between the Teacher and the pupil.
005. (Guru). Remember those who the life showed the testimony of firmness fiery more often. Yes, yes, – firmness and firmness of spirit is qualities fiery. Thin sight it is possible to see properties and tension of this fire. These fiery qualities, as well as all other, approved as spirit, are its integral achievement. These qualities promote registration of a fiery body and not rushed in time. The statement of demanded qualities is a direct way to Lords.
006. (M.A.Y.). The one who is able to wait, by all means will wait. So everything going to Light waited. Expectation and movement is as if concepts absolutely incompatible. But after all passive and inert expectation, but intense and active means not; spirit in continuous movement and aspiration, and in aspirations creative. Qualities of expectation can be very diverse. Fiery expectation of Great Arrival isn't marsh decomposition of stagnation, but creative burning of spirit. I will remind words of the Teacher: sitting and waiting for that you wait and how?
007. (Guru). When all other options fall away, one can be thought. Narrower marked, as fulfilled once thoughtful thoughts. They have carried out other people, but your contribution and your contribution to the common good is not diminished. Act consciously thought much harder than with your hands, for the investigation of thought not soon affected, do not always fall into the sight of their creator. But still you can act, firmly knowing that thought is a powerful force that seeks display yourself or be translated into visible, that is dense, forms. Creativity – the highest mental.
008. (Jan. 4). If the Teacher allows, that student ended up in of the certain condition and in no hurry change them, so it is necessary to get a specific experience and knowledge of life. Therefore, you should not to avert from them. But with them touching, let's not forget what they are for. To combine or blend the burden of these conditions, stacked, spirit and ability of higher perceptions, you find gold, or median, a way of life. Failure in one direction or another solution will be wrong. Formula of «Caesar –Caesar is that in mind. Tribute to stay tight; take from it what is person on Earth. Life turns around so that a certain number of its requirements have to perform, whether I want to or not. And run it, and perform well. While it's good to keep in mind the thought transient constant current hour and that its meaning is not in it, but in the future, for which the accumulated life experience. This will be the most difficult sections of track were joyfully and in balance. The meaning of them will become clear later.
009. (M. A. Y.). He was removed from the people to the desert because even he had to restore the supply of Prana in dealings with nature and away from the crowds. Now to recuperate this feature need not have. And every man has to find how best to restore power. If there is no desert, mountains and nature still remains, communicating with it can give very much. While in the lowlands, a man, like a diver needs a SIP of life-giving energy of the charged air.
010. (Guru). The ultimate destination of the ship remains intact, although he has to change course. In that Essence to all the constantly changing conditions of life. The ship has to overcome resistance to the elements. And the faster you go, the stronger the resistance of the element of water being crossed. This should be remembered and not surprised that so many obstacles around and that the resistance of the environment increases. Standing on the spot or it is not going down. Do not adopt marks the success and speed of advance of misfortunes. Only the spirit warriors, Bishops, know your chances of fighting and victory, and the battle for the affirmation of light.
011. (Jan. 5). (M. A. Y.). Only the application on his experience in life of knowledge by the teacher gives the right not to share with others, as appropriate. Feel at times the value of knowledge and the inability to distribute received his spiritual wealth, since none around. In such a situation provided all the carriers of light, both large and small. It has always been. Be upset too, because there is not a space that sees and hears, and captures it all. If you knew, how many unseen spirits caught the bright thoughts and scoop from them? Too many places gave us dark pole of life. We are now on the bright. Consonant perfume thoughts of light live and come in contact with the minds of tune embodied the consciousness of this latest flock to them. Call from below, the answer above. You can consciously to attract employees with light fine world if the rising aspiration of thoughts to them. May not go down in terms of dense world, because the physical body does not have, but the thought of disembodied before them, not in the flesh, you can climb. The thought is material, thin body material, matter everywhere, but in different degrees of compaction. The difference between the flesh, that is the dense matter of the physical body, and cloth thin, and we need to understand what types of invisible luminous matter, there are no less real, than dense.
012. (Guru). Hard to pass through the next stage of testing, but what are the horizons open to consciousness when these tests are passed. If you would understand how important it is keep going, no matter what. After all these seeming obstacles barriers is nothing if the decision going relentlessly. They collapse, they are scattered, and they retreat from someone who decided his way forever. Maya obstacles during regular testing, seems so real that varies and the doubting spirit cannot overcome them. But unwavering decision will go to the end of their sweeps away from the path, like card houses. Going will reach.
013. (Jan. 6). Link the two worlds of human action is unquestionable. Just seeing them both, you can judge the essence of action and actions of people. Any judgment on the external form is one-sided, that is, for the most part untrue or incomplete. Denial of the subtle world moves people from understanding the reality. Knowing about the bilateral aspect of the phenomena can be to a certain extent to manage them or to send them over, making out their thin prototypes. Understand this widely. Platooned situation that ideas operate the world is based on knowledge of the great Law. Good understanding of the Act almost, in its application to life. Anyone of the abstract knowledge even knows the Teachings of life, useless, if not applied it in practice. Knowledgeable and applying the teachings of Our benefit to you.
014. (M. A. Y.). As long as the Lord lives in the heart, not a single hair falls from the head without his will. And so go the path of confidence Leading Arm inflexible.
015. (Guru). "Where dreams are created ..." Hello get daily in the form of your consciousness sent you the subtle energies. But it is difficult to keep even a storm at anchor. Anchor your – Hierarchy of light. That's hold on him all the forces of the spirit, no matter how difficult.
016. (M. A. Y.). Secretions in varying degrees contain psychic energy. The charge depends on the ardor of the organism. I want to say about saliva: it may be beneficial or toxic. She can heal the sick. Even a dog knows it; he was licking its wounds and fast curing them this way. But people don't want to know nothing and all have denied. Saliva carries the seal of the State of the body. As for the composition of blood and saliva composition, its luminosity and color radiation, will determine not only the future health or illness, but also the mental condition of the person. The microcosm of man full of secrets and is full of wonderful possibilities. Only dumb ignorance does not want to see anything and everything.
017. (Guru). After a particularly difficult and lengthy trials and serious periods of life comes a special lift and perpetrated a new take-off consciousness. That is the difficulty of testing serves as the guarantee of height would later take-off. Learn to courageously and calmly through the pass, knowing that all this will lead only to new victories and of new findings. Nothing can destroy the spirit because it is eternal and indestructible. It is always good to remember, but remember especially hard at a time when the accrue wave external phenomena. The waves are going to learn beautiful encounter.
018. (Jan. 8). Quality relaxation and tension have combined a huge force of action. A long way to go through to experience the greatest voltage store completes peace of mind. Great is the power of intense actions committed in peace and quiet. This can be called poise. Power balance means little. It gives the spirit power. Many aspire to power. They don't understand that no external power gives to spirit of the valid power. You can rule over millions, while remaining a slave. And you cannot rule by anyone and have no earthly power, and be at the same time the relics of its ruler. He conquers all, who himself will be able to win, is the motto of the judgment winner of the world. A lot of it was the conquerors of the world, in any case, sought to rule over the world. But they all went away with nothing: their army disintegrated and collapsed the thrones, and they died, with him not taking anything. But the one who himself had won, the power over himself, over his microcosm of his own, his energies and shells, which has taken the spirit, the power (a) stores and because of its blows with him in the Worlds and again brings to Earth incarnated in the new body. Strength of spirit is inherent in neither life, nor death, if it is approved. Inalienability of savings should be thinking, since everything else not tooked all. Collector of treasures Call someone who is looking forward to saving the spirit and contents of the Bowl crystals of light. He knows how to multiply Treasure stone.
019. (M. A. Y.). Aspiration to the qualities so well that everything not forwarded and unenforceable here energy aspirations are out there, and especially strongly when the spirit comes "in the buildup. What on earth could not be reached, is there if enough fiery aspiration. Call it the wings of the spirit. The wings can fly, but many inhabitants of the subtle world unaware of flights. Nothing compares with the joy of free flight in space. Where everything is moving thought, man, the being there in thought, finds freedom flights.
020. (Guru). Rower of the word, as oral, so and written, is great, if it sate of fire. When reached this degree of pungency, you should be very careful, attentive and careful with all that speaks the language. Effect of such words other mind very much as well and the reaction to them. And then say: better than silence. It is a drive of psychic energy. Consider it a great accomplishment, if the student did not utter any superfluous or unnecessary words.
021. (Jan. 9). The purpose of the karma of circumstances is to people, when faced with them, passed from the right lesson or paid old debt. Payment of old debts also teaches something. You cannot escape from the lesson, or from payment. Understanding that through the inevitable need pass, gives strength and courage to go quietly through it all. Karma cannot be cast aside, but calm and firmness you can arm them. "It happens and worse" – this is a repeat when it becomes difficult. The courage of quiet relationship to shocks from the approval required, persistently and consistently been steadily moving it forward.
022. (M. A. Y.). Stop on the road a lot can. Every delay means victory in the external environment over the power aspirations of spirit. Unbroken rhythm will be pointer to overcome life. We have joy when we See that rhythm. The rhythm of everyday Communication is important, because is he stubborn, rhythmic waves crested moving spirit. On the crest of the wave, while lifting it gets he sent him the energy of light. The rhythm move is observed, no matter what.
023. (Guru). Dream is like a death. But the phenomenon of sleep does not violate an approved day rhythm. Likewise, the death cannot break that was established during his lifetime. Thus, the rhythm is the usual wave of spirit and in Elevated Areas. And if the rhythm is headed for a rapprochement with the hierarchy of light, that's true, is he blessing and happiness for established it spirit. Beat the Teacher of light strong hold with your hand.
024. (Jan. 10). Time marches on, and its forward motion gets carried into the past is irretrievably old world and new world took the Chair. This revolution is all-planet. It is so deeply touches human consciousness and thus is linked to changes in human thinking that you can't stop it. The enemies are trying to suppress its evolution and to combat it through the power of weapons and money, but with guns and bombs, and even nuclear power, you cannot destroy ideas, - in that is impotence of the old world. A New -Help We; because, his victory is inevitable. Importance of participation by the new country (your Homeland) is overwhelming. We not are to lose that, what much in it imperfectly. In its rapid movement in the future, because of the need to get rid all that is not good for evolution. A great country, a great people and have a great future. On the right consider it the leading country.
025. (M. A. Y.). Your dedication and remembering about us oblige us to many. Because the response to the call of or request. The permanence of while playing a very important role. Rhythm of continuity is the law of space. Every day the sun rises above the horizon, and constantly moving rhythmically of the moon. Rhythm of permanence in the aspiration to light displays on the space consciousness. It is sung in praise of continuous dare of the spirit.
026. (Guru). Resistance to the environment and counteract the dark heart, because he weighed so heavily. But each victory becomes a new step on the ladder of light. Not vanquished, but from him who overcomes any rock and all currents of space Rays. Because, you want go through life winner. We have the joy of walking victoriously. Weak, limps, crushed by life, disunited in all faith is not the Warriors of light. Undefeated in spirit is like a warrior, not issued from the hands of the sword until the end. For unbeatable spirit even, if offended, by or rent body. The victory in the spirit I want to tell you very specific words, and so would love it if they got to the heart.
027. (Aug. 11). When you have to go through something, it means you need something in yourself to approve and to consolidate or develop strength: Stress-coping in itself. Because surrounding, in itself, it isn't important for spirit overcoming. Think that we should overcome the external, while the spirit comes in the spirit and the crossing itself is on the right track. Waves the outside world can collapse to consciousness, but is powerless to their rage, if they do not have anything in it and it is thanks to this may not be his crush. Mention that and victory and defeat, of sorts, and in the spirit of the protection of darkness. So, the spirit of go through waves of external influences and will achieve victory for the spirit is inviolate.
028. In search of well-being and the room, the better not to approach us. Wrestling, nagnetenie energy, tension areas and all of our forces – these are the conditions of our community. Limp has no place among Our staff. There is no room for discouragement, resentment, bitterness, complaints and all other negative feelings, so peculiar to the people. Lot courage requires bringing to light. But, My, take heart, your chances for victory are going and just pick up the victory.
029. (M. A. Y.). Adoption of the Light in the face of darkness, too, is the responsibility of those who go for the Bishop. Light well and is easy to say when this is favored by all. But when all opposes are surrounded by darkness, then adoption is truly becomes a Light feat. The feat is the closest to His approach. The feat invisible, not expressing itself in anything external, a feat performed inside – the difficult. Know the names of many devotees of spirit, known all over the world. But who knows them, unknown, quietly, unobtrusively, and in silence have passed through life. The world knows them, but knows the Lord, for this feat is the way invisible to him as soon as possible.
030. (Guru). Inexhaustibility and the diversity of creativity and, consequently, of thoughts, of his inspiring, is going for a Teacher of light award; source not running out and the constant stream new energy. Approximation to the teacher puts in contact with spatial consciousness a Treasury of thought. You can draw from it. It is inexhaustible because – in the infinity. Infinity is not limited by anything. Infinite thought hurtles through space. Thoughts of distant Worlds saturate it. The chain of Hierarchy rush fiery parcels. The Bishop said: he who comes to Me not to thirst for ever. So be show at the inexhaustibility the spring.
031. (Dec. 12). Don't block your personal all-humanity. The first course second is continuing without interruption. The flow of life and the world is firmly established, it sets the continuity of the above-person consciousness. Loss of personal interests and everything connected with the feeling of the lower self, and means the process whereby his soul lost in the spheres of life it becomes above-person, punching the shell of his aura. And then it started eye of the world, and then a space. Limitations of the self are terrible. Movement from itself and to itself creates the world, equal to the track head, putting spirit in the Dungeon of despair; the phenomenon self-outcast is of the cosmic. No wonder at all times and all peoples of the Earth were venerated as heroes. Heroism and selflessness is phenomenon one order. Without selflessness there is heroism. Heroic deeds are the apotheosis of self-renunciation. Create heroes.
032. (M. A. Y.). Pay tribute to each and every act of selflessness. Duration of effect it in time brings his fiery fruit. Space does not forget such action. People may forget and even does not know many unknown heroes. But the heroic acts in scrolls of Akasha, to root itself and effect of them accompany the hero in all their lives. Sacrifice and heroism are close in spirit, because the feat. Feat is ceiling-off spirit. Spirit wings gives feat. Feat does not die in the space. Heroic acts in space live, inspiring people to do more.
033. (Guru). All temporary flow of life carries with itself, but all the timeless remains with the spirit. One from the other is necessary in the minds of separate, hold about timeless elements. So you can gain the real treasures. It is difficult to even imagine that hold about themselves everyday people so much, so many unnecessary clutter, dark, gray. Not easy to break free from these piles, for they constitute a heavy burden, - to light a lighter easily free off load to go.
034. (Jan. 13). If the teacher, and unchangeable attitude to it should not change or fluctuate depending on fluctuations in the external environment, good luck or bad luck, joy or sorrow. If, their attitude to their variability, in of tie with their conditions, that love and devotion to the Teacher become boats for every wind. From here not far before to the principle of "where the wind blows." Bazaar puppets too twitch gaming and movement depending on who and how the Yanks their strings. Not like the dolls in their main teacher of light. Pleasuring their idols savages gifts or whether they are beaten, if things go awry. The analogy is quite impressive.
035. The formula of "Lord, into Thy hands I commend my Spirit" delivered in minutes the room and not prosperity, but at the cross, at the moment of suffering, on the verge of death. Who has ears, let him hear?
036. (Jan. 14). Can I put climbing stairs Light spirit conditional on the fulfillment of personal desires, converted to a Hierarchy? The personality lives desires, so temporary and passing, as well as she, both so imperfect and egoistical. Roots of desires consign far to the past, even more imperfect, than the present. Live a life of desire is to live feeling. Yogi replaces desire by pure thought. But this thought must be cleared from elements of the self. How many people sitting on the banks of the impossible and unsettled desires! The entity desires to light so far from the desires of the self. I-Ness wants all to themselves, to their identity. The ideas and demands of the common good so far removed from it. But the feeling you must part ways, as the first condition of entry onto the path of light is "let him deny himself and follow Me."
037. (M. A. Y.). Superiority of spirit is approved for a counteraction to the environment. It can reach such force that even the loss of consciousness physical suffering power and cease to be felt. After all, all sensations are relative and are conditional. Harmonized person or even just below by suggestion, you can perform a surgery without feeling the pain, it can be seen that the sensation can be controlled by the will, or the stranger. Through a long experience of life and suffering asserts his authority over a spirit that is over their membranes. Coming to light sooner or later it claims.
038. (Guru). When Karma or teacher puts student powerless through something pass evasion impossible. There is only one way out-to collect all the fortitude, courage, all the durability, immutability and not to break the rhythm of the step. Only such rhythm of inalterability will be worthy the judgment winner. Whoever, plunging into his feelings, sensations and pain starts to stagger or wander, he will not come.
039. (Jan. 15). The more angered, and rages against the spirit of the protests over its karma, the stronger its chain-it sticks to it’s tightly, just as no poisoned robe to the body of Hercules. Karma should be cross calmly and courageously. This is the only way to exhaust or to repay it, not adding to it. Many bugs can make man rebellion against hierarchy and attributing to it, not self-inflicted inevitable consequences of its own mistakes and misconduct. No wonder the ancient philosopher, sold into slavery, lauded him, Thanksgiving having exclaimed: "well, it seems I can pay its old debts. For a heavy karma, except itself, there is nobody to expostulate. This understanding will release from desire to blame someone else or someone who is making an effort to facilitate and accelerate. Old debts must be paid for, and the calmer and using more consciously, the closer the release of payment. Ultimately the severity or ease of karma is consciousness. Small consciousness loss of property will be considered a great misfortune is released. Thus, the Karma depends not from her but from consciousness. It is difficult to go through life, having lost their familiar surroundings, but before proceeding to the great Frontiers better have nothing and be free from worldly and earthly attachments. Thus, a misfortune for one may turn out to be a blessing to others. It's not about facts, but about them. Fact alone deprived the emotional side. One suffers from hunger, not having eaten a day or two, the other stands a fasting and admires the spirit. One suffers from a slight pain; another mistreated them and carries chains or a hair shirt. This can be seen as relative experience of human and how they are conditioned by the State of consciousness. The one who understands this and has transient States of consciousness that is close to the release of karma over his spirit. Sensation loss is very relative. Warrior in battle, being wounded, not only does not feel pain, but do not even notice the wounds. Often, by the responsible or passing an important errand reporting, he falls unconscious from exhaustion and loss of blood. Psychic energy tension had dealt with physical weakness, and when it stopped, the body should come into its own and declared him. But the spirit is stronger than the body, when will display their power. Often the hero's feat goes, even without thinking that may suffer or have suffered from his body. The superiority of spirit over body pain consciousness raises or inconvenience. Peace man fell ill would thousands of illnesses and colds if put it in those terms, which is on the front line fighter. Strength of spirit is inexhaustible, is intended, especially when designed to deliberately. If you cannot see the spirit of admiration, not hear, feel and not worry what otherwise would be felt sharply, but also vice versa. All sorts, all from the spirit, and the spirit of rule over all, if you will.
040. (M. A. Y.). How was we burden spirit circumstances, justice nevertheless demands recognize, what exactly these difficulties and burdening’s especially fruit-bearer that experience and knowledge which they bring. And then they are more intense also are intolerable, especially they give rich and valuable consequences. Receiving and acquisition are proportional to a payment. But many don't want to pay, want to receive just like that, having picked up superficial data on opportunities of achievements and on the hidden abilities put in the person. But for nothing it is given nothing, everything should be earned and to pay for everything. The way of achievements is hard. Afraid of difficulties of life or dreaming of ease of achievements, don't approach!
041. (Guru). Everything who hasn’t approved Doctrines of Light by the life departs. Waves of the everyday sea wash away constructions on sand. Also are surprised lost everything where everything left and where those pink locks behind which walls so comfortably and, apparently, the consciousness inspired with groundless dreams strongly felt. But the way is severe, life is severe, and the feat is severe. Not in pink dreams, but spirit advance consists in fight and overcoming. And only to the overcoming the narrow track conducting in life opens.
042. (Jan. 16). One admits misconduct against their will, without being able to deal with them. Another is doing the same thing with this will. Deeds may be the same, but the role will vary. In the first case, something takes place in slavery, in the second – at large. When freedom, will not suffer when in slavery, she collapses. The Act itself is not as important as attitude and motive. Addict is a person with a broken will and slave of its weakness. Weakness and contrariness are not suitable for evolution, - in the struggle for existence of surviving strong. The man, whose will is owned by whom even misdemeanors committed to do their will, but not contrary to it, that could reach the complete victory over them and to overcome itself.
043. (Jan. 17). The sun rises and sets and the rays light up the Earth no matter what it is. Likewise, the Rays pouring out of any rock can illuminate the mind constantly, if your heart is open to them, regardless of what happens to a man. Thus, the continued openness of mind and heart, Rays of light Hierarchy, despite everything, despite the direst conditions, will serve as a guarantee of permanence to it. Many, unable to stand the tests cover to access the light heart. And then the separation is inevitable. Do not understand that the link off of the spirit with his Bishop, he installs over all its temporary casings and movements, constantly going into them. Body dies, and with it goes away and is replaced by an environment of all earthly things thin, but communication with those who Lead still. It is also when the mental body is reset; nothing upsets and cannot break this connection, unless the person at the moment, dazzle will not disturb her. Light shines for all Hierarchies, wanting it to be, and especially for those who see the Sun.
044. (Guru). Shell of obscure knowledge of the spirit. Also darken them and the proximity of one who is with us always. If taking the reality of life in the shells and the ghosts of Maya, the Teacher places will not be among them. Despite the obviousness of the claimed by the power of the spirit reality and a movement towards the light takes place at all and any external conditions or combinations of conditions. Only in this way can be reached.
045. (M. A. Y.). No matter where people lived and whatever his entourage, he wants to drink, eat and sleep, otherwise the body will not stand. That's just so he must want food for the spirit and always maintain its life spirit, which also needs the nourishment of light. Beat the Teacher of light is food for the spirit.
046. (Jan. 18). Does it matter where the Communion in the spirit with the teacher of light: in the East or West, North or South, in this world or another World, Aboveground. Neither place nor distance nor the surrounding is of any importance. Communication is in the spirit of. Well, at least for a while, you can discard all initial and all reasoning, no matter how logical and convincing they might seem, if only they prevent contact. Conventional thinking will always be Higher, because the long conflict with were told that earthly wisdom is enmity against God. Understand this widely, rejecting clerical plaque. The logic of thinking are just as, or even more different from the logic of a narrow-minded, as the logic of infinitely small and large quantities of conventional rules of arithmetic, or plane from laws of three-dimensional world or Worlds of higher dimensions. It is best simply to defer all the usual thoughts and make them unconscious and thus having cleared it, give it, like the mirrored waters of the calmed down Lake, reflecting the sky and stars, reflect clearly and without distortion is not their thoughts, but thoughts of the upper world. They rush into the space and perception, consciousness is not available these tainted and darkened by waves of thoughts every day.
047. (M. A. Y.). Until the very last moment hoping Guru that will get better and go home. I too was given hope for a trip and a desire to meet. Disciples of Christ also lived an elusive hope for the speedy coming of the teacher. Why is this happening? Is it because, hope is a powerful engine of the spirit. It doesn't matter how, why or why, but it is very important to hope, the spirit of ustremlâûŝie for climbing not died. And if the hope does not come true, then it has achieved its purpose and advanced spirit to a new level of understanding. Thus, in itself the hope for anything not of relevance, but its ability to promote consciousness and its increase is extraordinary. Instead of complaints on unfulfilled expectations better conceive of how they raised the spirit of the stairs light and moved closer to the goal. The value of the Fiery power hopes not to execute the trusts, and that this power gives him the energy to live victoriously and walk the path of light. This understanding is difficult to implement in the brain, but without hope there is no life. Not to kill, but to nurture and cherish in yourself will each seed of hope. Without hope are hopelessness, despair and bottomless quagmire. And say thanks to all those who lit the heart with hope, even if not executing and unenforceable, if this hope in our heart lights lit.
048. (Guru). Hope for the great Parish, hope for the evolution of the world, hope for a new Era of fire-is this not the most powerful engines of progress, which give impetus to improving the spirit. Lord Maitreya Says all people and people Gives hope that the transformation of the Fiery world. There are hopes the human, earthly hopes, the hopes of fleeting mirages privacy, but there are hopes resting on a cosmic, an unwavering knowledge of cosmic laws. That hope, or rather, immutability of manifestation this knowledge of the future, are those who directs the evolution of the planet and its humanity. That hopes, or rather, that knowledge of the future, bear the stamp of immutability; The Hierarchy of Light it Lives, Hierarchy of Light Works this knowledge.
049. (Jan. 19). Keep a lot harder than achieving it. Why insist on the application of knowledge in practice. Applied remains even during Pralaya of consciousness, - not applied is lost. The theory is good, unless it is accompanied by practice. The approved application from human take away is impossible. Failures in an Exercise depend not on the teachings, and very often against dark counteraction. Persistence and perseverance is overcome a lot. The skilled pupil doesn't recede even before the most persistent failure. Perhaps, it is necessary to take only one step to a victory. Everything not enclosed knowledge is based upon sand and is scattered by ashes at collision with severe reality of life.
050. (Guru). Thinking about light, seeking the light, Light, Light it is wishing the seeker has it. Only the being averted from the world plunges into darkness. Thus, the thought of light creates conscious and lightens it. The thought of Light Carriers with them links and creates a bridge or tunnel connecting with them in the space. When it is very dark, and then thinks about light. Only he, only light can overcome darkness, and inside and outside.
051. (Jan. 22). You can allow wrappers to a sound wave, but only if step aside, watching as they will take advantage of this freedom, and not for a moment by identifying himself with them, - it, of course, difficultly. But even an actor onstage all the time watching them, how plays a role. This dichotomy does not prevent him from being a good performer and understand that every role is temporary, no matter how well she played. The need for earthly incarnations indicates that the conditions for peace are needed and their tight to avoid or evade them. One must pass through them regardless of whether the person wants or not. Turn away they will not. But the higher purpose of the spirit, too, should not be overlooked. Therefore, the decision is a wise combination of above-ground and earthly. The ship, going too far Harbor, has its purpose, and it does not prevent the captain well proportioned, measured according to strict rules, govern life on the ship. Without that, the ship will not reach the goal. And in a life of earthly man has to go through it, with the ultimate objective and at the same time not forgetting that it does not reach, if not will be streamlined and the earthly is subordinated to it. The harmonious combination of the spiritual and earthly and will be the right decision.
052. (Jan. 23). When flowers of spirit are trampled and trampled down by some people, test becomes especially difficult. Not for them, cruel and dark, they were raised. Many distinguished organisms don't maintain conditions terrestrial, not their in it wine. People didn't learn to appreciate still these harbingers of arising race. But nevertheless once time will come and these flowers of mankind will be to be read by treasure of the people.
053. (Guru). As it is simple, the spirit is easily and freely exempted from, apparently, absolutely desperate circumstances and a heavy environment when there comes term. And that became a blank, deep wall, suddenly disappears. And the spirit finds freedom by which it was heavy deprived.
054. (Jan. 24). (M. A. Y.). When the environment becomes too unbearable, you can close and remove the element of time, only to think about the distant future, as if erasing the borders separating us from him. The future is inherently, immutably arrives. Awareness of the future will make this a real factor of the inner world of man and motor spirit. Comes is the future, and the time will come when people will be able to act in any of their agents, where internal capacities will replace him and the Telegraph and telephone, and shower when disappear disease, poverty, ugliness, violence and war, when the transformed man earth will become a flourishing Garden, a beautiful and Distant Worlds-a reality for consciousness, accessible and close when beauty and harmony will reign on Earth and death would lose its sting because it will not exist for the spirit. All of this will be all defined in future human evolution for existing. And all this can be, even now, an enduring and not negative reality for consciousness; all in the spirit, the unattainable.
055. (Guru). Sword of Alexander and the Gordian knot may be symbols of how can be solved in the spirit of many of the problems of the Earth. This is for the body and the senses the Earth – Canyon, borders, and barriers. But in the spirit of freedom and for thought of barriers can't be. The thought of being in the transfer would give the spirit of freedom. Why look for far that closer.
056. (January. 25). At a rhythm inflexible always there is an opportunity to scoop fruit-bearer from a space treasury during the periods between parlay’s consciousnesses. It is necessary to remember only that there is no the test which doesn't have the end, and that the periods parlay’s consciousness’s are replaced by lifting. Everything in the nature is subordinated to the law of frequency and changes and the poles law. On a gloom of night it is possible to judge light of day and on burden of a burden terrestrial – release of spirit from it. The palace of the rich man and hovel of the poor quite often replace each other. Anyhow the spirit, as not on change of contrasts will become tempered. Even began not to temper, without having applied this principle. I speak to that didn't despair, seeing seeming hopelessness of a terrestrial environment or temporary combination of circumstances. I Gave, I Give, I Will give, but not earlier, than it is necessary. Having patience up to the end the way approves the victorious.
057. (M. A. Y.). A lot of things say goodbye with a steady hardness of a step. Changes in covers can't be decisive, because always temporarily, but changes in the spirit of solve everything. We will be attentive to the last and are very careful, making solutions of spirit. So, has not enough value a question what to drink and that is or in what to put on. But situation becomes fatal if there is a question of how to treat Communication, aspirations of spirit, the statement of the Silver Thread or Bases of Intimate Knowledge. At inevitable changes of external conditions questions from area of spirit remain invariable because Bases are unshakable. Thus, it is possible to separate passing from enduring and temporary from the eternal. The spirit is eternal and eternal life, and is life of spirit and in the spirit of. On a bowl of scales it is necessary life of a body and in a body, and all this depends on what will draw.
058. (Guru). Casket for those who, having passed through a hearth of terrestrial tests, will manage hold the Silver Thread of communication with the Teacher; tests for communication durability one of the most difficult. For someone it there were fires, tortures, worry by animals, for someone loneliness and deprivation of habitual conditions, for someone wealth and the power, for everyone the, but not less difficult, than for another. And sustained passed through everything, without having torn spirit communications. It is much more difficult to hold the Silver Thread, than to establish it. It is necessary to think of it because terrestrial life is check of firmness of spirit, its preparation for life in Elevated.
059. (Jan. 26). It is interesting to note that the thought or decision made or conceived during the day, at night, while you sleep, and showed a continued in action. But since sleep is a small death in miniature, something along the lines, can easily afford as those same thoughts or decisions will influence the State of the human after the mortal. The idea is fine, although the order and is generated by the brain. It would also appear as properties of both worlds. Lead can be in the world of earthly things through the brain of the machine as it continues and action in this world and in the wrong. Combining worlds is thought. Child of the invisible plan, it rains in both worlds. Photographing the thought will show that this is not an abstraction, but the real essence of clothed in concrete form. It's time to already understand that an abstract representation of a thought suspended and untrue. The idea is reality, longer lasting and stable than the fleeting condition of tight world. Seemingly, the clearly visible for the world of the invisible and the thought – what can be compared and, however, the essence of his thought is more realistic than even earthly things. The stone can exist, but the character or thought, imprinted on the stone, still going through the duration of the existence of stone, because in Chronicles of Akasha are saved forever. So when think about things fleeting and the ineradicable in space, thought to refer to these eternal and indestructible.
060. (M. A. Y.). Have you thought about what Karma man as conscious-thinking beings is a result of crystallized thoughts generated by them in the past? Not so much by how many thoughts is karma. As a consequence of acts of thought right there myself and exhaust, and to commit new need new thoughts. But the idea, not with me in action, remains in Aura thinker and will stay in it until it will result in action. Live life is carefully observing a thought without generating unwanted effects caused by the inevitable thoughts of negative comment.
061. (Guru). Especially strong is the thought generated in balance and especially weak – is in chaos disbalance. Personal feelings of irritation, fear, doubt, frustration, anger, sadness, helplessness, and so on are weakening because of thoughts, reducing efficiency. I speak not about karma, but about power of the creative thought sent to space for implementation. The disbalance breaks contact with the Hierarchy and channel Aid shall cease to have effect.
062. (Jan. 27). The most ordinary person, having a very high degree of self-control, is already on the right and lasting way to power over their membranes. Because the self-control, self-control and many other qualities of the spirit has already demonstrated how a man of his mental energy possesses. The new age of fire – this is an era of new opportunities. Possibility of spirit limited thought. But the thought is not limited by anything. Everything is possible now, as Saying on the eve of the Century Maitreya.
063. (M. A. Y.). Sphere of light open to consciousness, always wishing to access them. They're not at the bottom beneath us, but over their heads. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the top. But even physically impossible to simultaneously look up, bending her head down. Therefore, when looking to sphere of light is excluded, at least for a while, earthly voices. And they are very the loud are persistent, and rude, and many require effort of will to overcome them. Do not break, but it was overcome, overcome stubbornly and repeatedly. Exceeded in one shape or form, they arise in the other until the fire will not get stronger and do not rise so much that the permanence of overcoming the lot winner is. The master said: lock laid votes. Let us learn them close when the will hardened on overcoming, wants it.
064. (Guru). Approval, even in her, has already strengthened the basis. So we will say in the face of incontrovertible evidence. A lot of determination to assert the validity of fiery defiance of everything earthly eye sees and feels feelings of the body and shell's own aura. It should come out. It is woven from the elements that make up the identity of the person. All that over personal, is over and out of aura's egg. Live over personally, live the interests of the common good of their people, the motherland of all humanity and the planet is to break down the walls of personal prison, then break the shell of his aura and get first on planetary and space and spaciousness.
065. (Jan. 28). Butterfly, the pinned the pin cannot fly, while waving her wings, - likewise the spirit that is bound firmly to Earth. Very useful to identify each connection property, which keeps soul on Earth? Everyone has a body. Once it is free, the other his servant. It means, not in the body, but in the spirit of freedom. Ulcers of the spirit engendered by the earthly desires and aspirations are rooted not in the body. When reset, all the body is completely not gets rid with man. But it's hard to be exempted from this cargo aboveground was too sharp and bright poured everything into visible forms, clear, vivid, involving catching and surrounding a dense ring of beget. How do you get rid of that there's no free man on Earth? Spirit one incarnation all takes away with him, both good and bad. If all not gets rid to suppress, it will raise your head, like strong monster, decapitated head which re-grows. But if saved aspiration toward the light, if the rhythm step is not broken, no matter what, if the faith in Jesus Christ, who called out, begins fly off from spirit, like autumn leaves, its ongoing property, fading and decreasing in strength and losing its stranglehold of the consciousness. Even dust does not stick to the fast-moving body, prevents fouling at movement. During upswings and vicious aspirations of spirit forward past the accumulation would fall back and already out of the way, losing his power over consciousness. That is why I Say: endeavor-and Glow Light will flood you. All of which should be left: all complaints, grievances and bringing all doubts. It is difficult to go against the evidence, but had to stop and be with her. Obviousness is chicken. But who is, light touches willing to turn their lives into a chicken coop!
066. (M. A. Y.). Will be tortured by their own offspring until you find the strength to tell them: that's right you are tightly clustered around me to block My path to the Lord, but I'm not afraid of you and the authorities will not give myself over to you, for they do not have anything in Me. When darkness comes to the rebellious spirit and does not have anything in it for what she could grab onto, powerless, she and power over it she has more anymore. Fire spirit Burns past imperfect form.
067. (Guru). "And I'll go," says a soldier in the face opposite dark, they surrounded him, and armor, armed with fiery, still passes through the darkness. This is the way the winner.
068. (M. A. Y.). The principle of openness of the upper world for civilians fleeing to his spirit remains intact, because the desire is the key to all doors. No wonder even thief has been promised the proximity of Lord. So, the basic condition is to find within ourselves the power lunge. Terrestrial magnetic circuit has the spirit to the Earth. This attraction can be overcome only by aspiration. But fire is lit not always enough aspirations. And then it is necessary to cause a fire in the minds of having collected moments of ups, recovery and admirable spirit that were already in the past, that is, to strive forward lighting. Let us remember, however, that the rhythm of climbing alternates parlay’s consciousness and the phenomenon is legal. Remember that the next progress launch will be higher and brighter and will bring a lot of joy to the spirit.
069. (Guru). The primacy of spirit to assert itself, separating can be consciously and persistently everything from shells and movements occurring in them. Past, from their content, has gone from a field of consciousness, but the spirit is the core around which these movements were left to contemplate a new, equally transient and temporary, like the ones that were before. Wave relative to the rock rush ghost phenomena, but it is secure. The inviolability of the Center should say especially in strong, for being an unwavering base. Everything goes the spirit of God. Spiritual drivers too from the spirit, - they're not going to leave. And you, the things of the spirit, will stay with us. Asserting the primacy of spirit, will know that affirm the eternal Foundation Stone of life.
070. (M. A. S.). Adoption and realization of power over their lower nature is the best defense against the darkness. So even with permission errors will, better than the weak-willed and gloomy submissive to their weaknesses. If the same offence is committed in freedom or slavery, then surely better freedom, because owning them already on the way to liberation. Thus, unclaimed astral shell can be a tyrant and the ruler of the spirit, or, on the contrary, the spirit can possess it and control it, unclaimed. We should strive to make, without the consent of the will and nothing was going against her. What is under control, you can cast aside, but it's hard to break free from what completely took over the weak willed. Note: remember who I am sure will let become its.
071. (Guru). Water chiseling stone principle will work as applied to life. The confidence can't lose, as well as to forget that spatial influence can't but bring consequences. Sure to lose, and lose sight of what spatial impact will bring consequences. The idea started up in space has the property independence of action. You need to let go, giving her exactly defined order. The psychic energy can act the self-separated.
072. (Jan. 31). Details of the day continue at night as a logical consequence of causes. More and more often repeated these phenomena. It is not a matter of detail, which may be very minor, and in principle. Day-scope of causation, night-effect, earthly life and existence is too the post mortal. You should take more care, creating a chain reasons. They are always in perfect harmony with the consequences. Respect to thoughts, desires and actions indicate knowledge of the immutability of the law of cause and effect, that is, karma, being human.
073. (Feb. 1). To grow consciousness needs nutrition. Important Knowledge bases are ground on which unbeknownst to him is slowly but steadily transforming itself in consciousness that is expanding and growing. The Framework determines the direction towards growth based on their logical consequences. This will be the right path to light. If you do not take as a basis the immortality of the spirit and of the inevitability of earthly incarnations, the adoption and improvement of human qualities lose their meaning. That is all, if a person dies and death vanish his spirit and all the buildup. Improve something in him for the sake of destruction is ridiculous. And if the spirit dies and all people will die, and the planet will be destroyed, for the sake of what then all aspirations, all sufferings, works and life constructions. But we argue that doesn't end, and does not go away, nothing lasts and transmutation in an endless stream of life, eternal and infinite in nature. The tree dies, die form, but grain, which crystallized his immortal entity, continues to live, to give impetus to the development of a new form. And when the planet will die, all that she has achieved and its life forms inhabit will be concentrated in the grain of the spirit world to give all this new life on a new planet, which strikes the hour of immutability. Formula of dialectics of nature remains unchanged in time: nothing in nature does not disappear and never be born again, but continues its evolution.
074. (M. A. Y.). When to us when without a doubt when the heart is full of confidence, new perceptions and thoughts run unhindered. But it is at least slightly falter – and ends with the saturation of the Rays, and the light inside is replaced by darkness. Spirit sensitive barometer is extraordinary. His own thoughts of doubt and mistrust, you can say: depart from me, you're denying Me access light. What a joy to you and your credibility if you dive into the abyss of darkness and. That from this that on terrestrial logic you certainly are right if this correctness extinguishes fires and takes away all accumulation. The logic of the upper world is different. It consists in adopting the Light and its Hierarchies – everywhere, always and everywhere, to serve them in the face of all contradictions, all misunderstandings, all the absurdities and inconsistencies of dense, outer, the world where the weeping and the gnashing of tooth-. Supreme light not of this world, but it should be in this world say everywhere and always. Ministry hierarchy of light and is the approval of light the continuous how in the world is the world and all over the world Aboveground.
075. (Guru). Unconditional acceptance of the hierarchy of light and messengers of the guarantee is unconditional and condition of apprenticeship. The conditional form of Discipleship is very different types. The student creates their own, believing that if this and that, then he will be faithful to the Teacher and is constant in its aspiration. But the credibility of the teacher should be unconditional, without any "If". Such recognition, such devotion, such an aspiration would be fiery. You cannot zoom to a Teacher held hostage by any "If". This will be an absolute Discipleship. Conditional students are appreciated Teacher.
076. (Feb. 2). Ray is powerless if the spirit doesn't want to fight with their piling-up himself. And, if it is impure thoughts and goes with them, then who can deprive him of the right to free choice and those thoughts that he desired. The choice makes it himself and in that spirit, which prefers. But, making a choice, you do know that if you can do this now, the aboveground that freedom would not be, because there will have to be in a mental environment, adopted at the Earth, a world of causality. Aboveground world, in the world of consequences, have to be in areas related to visualization name thoughts of the same order which prevailed when the world's earthly life. Knowing the inevitability of consequence, and having the freedom to choose, you can send in the sphere of pure thinking thoughts. Ulcer thinking is more dangerous than anthrax because the body is rooted more deeply. Find the root of the evil and snatch it up sooner or later, will still have to. Isn't it better to do it before, as hardcore thinking fix harder? But powerless words and persuasion, if the spirit himself does not want do that. First, you can give yourself a job in communicating with clean thoughts a day, then two and finally – all time that is. The invading evil thoughts can be disposed of without hesitation. Rush toward or desperately protect ourselves from poisonous snake but unclean thoughts are worse than a snake, because their venom is slow but more deadly. Impure thoughts should be protected from the will, determination, all through the power of the spirit.
077. (M. A. Y.). Every action is very weak-willed by its consequences. Every act can be enhanced by investing in it will. Such action can be described as a fiery. Its power is in the consistency of the human microcosm. Half-heartedness, already in action, is devastating, especially not half-hearted aspiration. We avoid a piecemeal approach. From them always more harm than good. Unicorn symbol indicates a complete absence of incompleteness.
078. (Guru). The world exists. You can't even imagine what it would be called life on the planet, if the Intensity did not stand on permanent Patrol, keeping a relentless onslaught of darkness. The struggle between light and darkness is constant. And the need to definitively and decisively to join pole Light in its aspiration for the future. Half side here is unacceptable. Every action of man has its luminance level. Man is begetting of darkness, or light. Essence of their need know.
079. (Feb. 4). On what already came true and comes true from told us about what was going on and the future. Fire danger is not a fairy tale, but a close reality. Waves of powerful spatial impacts flock to the ground, and no one to walk away from them and nowhere to hide. From atomic bombs to some extent can rescue shelter, but from the Fiery waves of nothing except your own lights will save the microcosm. We have a human death stands in front of the eyes. Does it matter what form it takes – protection one: meet a wave of fire their lights. But how does that negate a prayer service stupidity ignorance and because many are completely defenseless. We warned, We Have the doctrine of life, we are in the world having sent Our Messengers, but deaf mute heart. And even knowing about the future is not able to tell people about it. How much would you say to prepare the future consciousness and inevitability of fire, but this is not given, and, where available, students can count them on the fingers of one hand. But it has always been, and before the death of Poseidon’s relied death penalty for warnings about the catastrophic situation of the planet. Output remains one-seated space, saturating its images spatial thinking and forgotten and the rejected Basics covered up Knowledge. To someone and somehow something still comes and will facilitate a meeting with ongoing waves of fire. The lights of the heart does not depend on how and by whom the people call themselves, but from vital tendency of burning heart and his selfless service to the people. They are the servants of the light, sometimes not even knowing what they are. On conscious talk won't, these pillars of light keeps the peace. Much effort must gather to celebrate the imminent time fully armed.
080. (M. A. Y.). Many mistakes occur simply only from misunderstanding of the planetary moment. On signs near and far it is possible to judge escalating trouble in all corners of a planet. It is already impossible to hide from a world press. Madness of governors pushes the people on wars and the new bloodsheds which aren't justified by anything. And these phenomena could be stopped if the people rose against those who push them on these actions; hard time, hard time, destiny human on a hair.
081. (Feb 5). Correctly understood the infinity of each quality of spirit and opportunity to develop and grow infinitely. About each can be written without end. It is better to take the quality, the most consonant with the spirit, deepen them is naturally in line with expansion of consciousness. Take for example the quality of the balance. How necessary is it for growing lights. Know the times when increasing energy as though tore the body into pieces. Tuberculosis, nervous disorders, epilepsy and other diseases were caused by this condition. Mastering lights leads them into a State of equilibrium when the Agni can be used by consciously and freely. It should be very carefully watch for yourselves, so as not to miss the moment when the unbridled power of the lights begins to occur beyond the control of the will. Even so-called nerve movement, even they Show on uncontrolled exposure of psychic energy. They should not be allowed. Every time they have a tendency to show up, you need to sit down quietly and channel the excess energy on the help and support of friends near and far or go where disbalance or Flash lights require assistance. If did not pour out this force in involuntary movements or nerve. The desire to go from corner to corner is a phenomenon of the same order. You can enjoy growing lights, if they're under the conscious control of the will. Without control cannot be equilibrium. And equilibrium is a State of low-key fiery force, held by a person. The quality of restraint and self-control is from the same nest. Each master you can rejoice in thee, for it is a direct way to the power of the spirit.
082. (M. A. S.). In what would be a bad, the reflected or depressed are people and no matter how heavy the circumstances surrounding it, can always make it a number of useful action and do something which strengthens one of the closest and he is currently sounding qualities. Well remember that in difficult moments burdening of spirit control. After all, it will already be a victory over them, because they are exclusively only for increasing and strengthening the forces of lights. Not easy to take in mind the situation that, but taking it shows the understanding of the basics and a proper degree of confidence in the teacher. Go to the limit-then all the forces gather to approve the balance of spirit and evenly lit lights.
083. (Feb. 6). Have yourself constantly harping on the transient of the current hour. Otherwise it will seem that being so strong plagued consciousness, never will be. But, first, there is no eternal test, and second life in the body is limited to a period. So still have to part ways with the body and the surroundings dense. Not particularly convincing, consolation, but the thought of death is bound to temper the playing time. The question is more important that the leave and take that with you. Easier to discard that plagued than what pleasure and that creates an illusion of apparent well-being. The hotel did not believe her, knowing that go away in a day or two. And the day spent in transit in accident, do not take for something permanent. Similarly, any circumstances of earthly life will end in due course. If you look at everything going on at both the randomness by flitting scenery on the way to the future, they will not stop the attention too and detain their inconveniences caused by consciousness. For the sake of the future of liberation from it can give up troubles that accompany them; light in front, but not darkness, - thoughts about the light the darkness of defeat.
1. 084. (M. A. Y.). Except there's nothing heart strands. But there are Basics. You can lean on them when it is very dark. And what personal self is suffocating in the cramped basement of handmade, experience and knowledge are given through the difficulties of life, and the great Spirits through them were held, many more suffering than you suffer.
085. (Guru). Heavy? Did you imagine that one feels on fire, or in the arena, tormented by wild beasts, or in a damp and fetid Dungeon without light, or suffering from hunger and cold, or going on the attack under heavy fire, or chained in underground mines in the mines of the past, or sold into slavery? And will become easier. It's all in the State of consciousness; - for the burning of the heart is the most difficult circumstances and sorrows are in joy.
086. (Feb. 7). The man from space can cause not only light or darkness, joy or sorrow, but also any sense. The principle of calling is based on harmony. The average person is in some senses uncontrollably, often becoming the targets of spatial effects, i.e. effects radiating from the invisible realms of one incarnation entities and embodied that send your senses into the space. If you set your machine on a wave of joy or sorrow, the perception will be spent accordingly. But you can customize yourself on any fret and so cause the same wave from surrounding areas. You can be weak-willed resonator responsible for consonant waves. And you can hold in your hands the key that customizes the consciousness on a sitting it will wave. Strong results in the very nature of perceptions, weak wind weather vanes are similar. In fact, protection from unwanted outside influences and is its own consciousness in a certain key is installed. Fearless heart does not resonate with the emotions and thoughts of fear. Without thoughts and here is impossible. The idea is called and is a State of mind on the emotional wave. Life loves the strengths and helps them. Any signs of weakness or lack of will is not valid. In your hands takes a strong spirit and mood of their membranes. Any relationship to any phenomenon depended not on the phenomena, but from a man. If two people can one rejoice, and another to grieve at the same event, so it's not an event, and in people. So, given power to man the freedom to judge the phenomena of life and install on their own attitude towards them. You can start learning to change attitude to anything; at least it is in itself and has not been altered. So, you can begin to rejoice that recently afflicted, and find new opportunities where stacked barrier. The root of grief and joy is not in things and phenomena outside but in the person who is given power over everything since the beginning of times that outside it.
087. (M. A. Y.). According to the laws of polarity with all that causes grief or suffering, a person can become their opposite. You should just know that lever is in the hands of man. Consciousness determines our attitude to things, not things. One need only understand that what oppresses the will and serves as a source of weakness, can whip up and do more, when the power of the human phenomenon of consciousness is lost and it becomes free and alone determines what kind of impact allows it and what sorts of prohibits, rower over the external influences that is. The one who said that he beat a world even lifted a finger to defend Itself and has not had a visible impact on the environment. And yet he was indeed the winner because His Victory was a victory over themselves that the events outside hook he kept firmly in hand and turned just as his will Alone. Thus, only the winning itself, only the Bishop's own microcosm can become the winner of the world. For he conquers all, who himself managed to win.
088. (Guru). It's nice that commemorate people, firmly holding both hands blazing Gem in the breast. It is a symbol of mastering by the fires when no external influences are imperious over the person. Many aspire to power, some achieve it. But they aspire to power Basic, which is temporary, it always take either death or people. But the Fiery power holder, Stone, nobody can take that away from him. Not once it is achievable. Sometimes a century long labors, and effort, and the ordeal that have passed, give this power. It is invisible and denied the world ignorant, but it exists, it can be done and of the own. But who is will pursue for blue bird? To possess this power, it is necessary to know that it exists, that it is achievable, it is necessary to believe in it and admit that burning Stone is the only Treasure you can own the Earth and man in the worlds.
089. (Feb. 8). My friend, continuity any phenomenon and continued it at Infinity are seen everywhere. But apply it to man and to approve the immortality of the spirit doesn't want to, considering death also forms and death that is life in this form. But the matter is dead and lives form one and the same, and the difference between them is in the elements that make up this form, but in something else, is not readily verifiable in the usual analysis. This is something and is something that does not die with the death of a dense shell. Elements of live seeds or seed, and grain of the dead, that is not likely to already germinating, are the same, but live the invisible essence of grain, which carries with it the future of the plant, had already left the dead shell. Snapshot of grain by means of high-quality photographs found it lack of light radiation. Light left a dead form, taking with him the life seed. Exactly the same happens with the death of the physical body. Power & light, which gave him life, leave it. Very instructive to compare between the living and the dead body of a man to determine what exactly is leaving it when so called death. Recognizing the continuity of life does not have to prove the immortality of the spirit. But anathema lives in a world of ghostly evidence, not recognizing the fierce reality and possibility of a subtle world there outside the tight body. This denial is seemingly only the man himself, puts a heavy imprint of distortion of reality for the whole life of mankind on Earth, giving rise to violence, war, cruelty, exploitation and enslavement of entire peoples and making people reckless. Pending a Study of life and not approved by science and immortality of the spirit, it is impossible to rescue humanity from the deadlock in which it arrived. Science has already approached the border, followed by a Genesis of the invisible World is not negative fact. Science has been handed out to do what no religion has succeeded. The time is near.
090. (M. A. Y.). We are arguing, and gone with us as we enter into communion, assert grounds, that is, the rigor of the basics. If spirit can exist outside of the body, and its energy are continuing their activity by this spirit. The way it is in reality. Liberation from the physical body makes the spirit even more free in the expression and the manifestation of their energies. After all, for someone to death is truly liberating from the constraints of a tight world. After all, does not want to understand people, how is he his body, which has to be removed, put on shoeing, feeding, and for which you have to build housing. After all, it all disappears with the death of the body that really frees the spirit for above-ground capabilities. And only the coupling and slavery at the habits of the body and its needs that the spirit carries with him mentally, preventing it to realize the joy of freedom from gravity dense shell. He considered it his "me", and so must pay for its mistake. People are given opportunities to know and achieve freedom and. A blunt denial prevents him to expand consciousness and throw off heavy chains of ignorance.
091. (Guru). Do not be surprised that the circuit of the Earth cannot be reset instantly. For many centuries people obscured knowledge of the mind of the spirit, contrasting cloth spirit. After all, the person sees no further eyes and hears within earshot of the ear, not knowing or believing that it has a miraculous fire apparatus, which is superior to all the Earth. Improving these last, he forgets about the path of refinement and development of the wonderful possibilities of the microcosm, staying in slavery conditions of Earth. Teaching is calling and accusation are to improve internal human equipment, explaining how are achieved and expand these opportunities. Once the planet is going to die, and with it will be destroyed and all the machines and apparatuses, invented by man. But the apparatus of spirit is immortal and capable of infinite refinement and improvement. And the planet is only a stage or stage, the endless wandering by the stars, the chain of worlds with stars on the star.
092. (M. A. Y.). Often the living conditions, preventing possible action through the normal channels, thereby leave open the way unusual. Act on the unemployed in will already be the key to success. At the time, you can be in a position where cut off all the usual channels. Thoughts it is possible to help both to people and affairs, both far and close, both big and small much. Few know about the power and importance of thought. Abstract knowledge is nothing if not done in life. How can we talk about not being able to work for the common good when the talker is the idea that in space no one can stop anyone and anything? I mean the idea of light, consistent with the plan of the overseers. We are very to grieve, seeing the lost and neglected our close collaboration with us. Often enemies, putting barriers in one direction, miss others, sated still great opportunities. Often the enemies, putting barriers in one direction are missing other saturated even more powerful. Thoughts of light in space cannot be an obstacle that, at times, hopeless confines the ordinary earthly human actions.
093. (Guru). Each mistaken or wrong action can be turned into a proper and construction, putting his energies on conquering great wave. This is the essence of transmutation of human action. Every such transmutation would certainly help. That is, one must learn to wield fire, letting the Fiery energy up. If the same energy raises a hand assassin and saving children from a fire, the one who has learned how to wield this energy and direct it in the right direction, by the Bishop of its fiery power already. Only would have the power to transmute.
094. (M. A. Y.). Merging consciousness precedes thought. It is more than medical and it is released, from their selves, so merging is better. Pretty much got to discard before you is this attunement. After all, it is not the small things or thoughts, not on the everyday life of a busy day but on phenomena that go beyond generalities. Forces need to step away from themselves, their small personal feelings and experiences that nobody needs. After all, not for him, but for his other gave her its gains and lost. So, personal, small self, the self-focus and Astral, is enemy number one of the immortal Triad, or higher self, man.
095. (Guru). Much needed strength to a determination to find evidence of a tight world and refuse to replace its reality fiery. Here we are dead, we do not have is a world of obviousness. But we continue to exist, our spirit is immortal. We can enter, or rather, with us you can be in communicating thought. These two truths: sacred and profane but above ground truth. Which of them will give up their hearts, and will be? But few give away your heart; you have to keep at it yet what it is. Dense very jealously guards the obviousness and its power over consciousness. Power and fight is actually a fiery statement, and only his effort is admirable. When stress becomes rhythmical, rhythm, overcomes the inertia of dense medium and the resistance the inexhaustible Treasury of spatial consciousness thoughts and anyone who has access to it, in what would be the body and where they might be, if the thought rushes to him.
096. (Feb. 12). It is better to stand on own feet, it is better to float in the boat. It is better to go most, than on an occasion. It is better, better to hope for the forces, than for the others. Light board not always to our services. How when it isn't present? Even the helmet, a board and the weapon of Light need ability to use them. The hand is necessary firm to hold a board. Training is necessary to spirit. Change of opposite conditions serves as such training; at first friends and relatives near, then loneliness, - at first obvious guardianship and protection, then without them. So on alternation of contrasts the Spirit becomes tempered. Chambers of the palace and a corner of the shoemaker is a good illustration of change of conditions of an embodiment; as a variety of quickly changing external conditions of this embodiment is characteristic for experience acceleration. It is possible see care of the one Who Conducts in it. But the trust is necessary to use up to the end given the chance. Without trust to the Driving Hand they lose the meaning.
097. (M. A. Y.). Awareness of indispensability of links of the Hierarchical Chain binding going on the way with Light indicates understanding of Bases. Among the hundreds of millions of people cannot even imagine anyone who could replace the Guru and his mother, "This indicates the strength and durability of Tierra del Fuego. But even more profound, even more links it is intimate spirit with Bishop.
098. (Guru). Relationship with his Hierarchy can be strengthened and deepened continuously. The power of love to her is measured not by words, but thoughts and deeds. Thoughts of the day can either alienate or zoom in. Know well that brings and that alienates. Happiness is built with his own hands bridge, built solidly, it is secure. The body will die, it stays. It spreads far into the future, beyond this earthly life, beyond the next lives. The Infinity Bridge will give happiness.
099. (Feb. 13). Generally speaking, the whole process of life, embodied in the body of the Earth, is that all he has to do, it translates into mental shape and enriches the surrounding areas on a distant or unseen equal distances like conveyor belt, black-out phenomena in thin transmutation. Akasha Chronicle is full of these sediments, as well as the world of Subtle. Everything that ever occurs on Earth is transferred through consciousness’s realizing it to forms and remains in World Thin. Akasha Chronicle captures all and without the intervention of human consciousness, such as the history of the Earth from the beginning. But in addition to her transformation into the invisible solid goes through human consciousness. And it invested with the ability to create mental forms, fills and space. Thus, the Subtle world of supersaturated, the fruits of human creativity. Each form of thought, man-made, starts its existence in the world. You can imagine what his sphere. Filled with Sediment Bowl store history all lives the spirit. Complexity and inter sectionalist of mental formations meet one incarnation in the World Aboveground. He takes communion or in combination with them by name and habit to the mind's processes, which mostly indulged on Earth. Form thoughts don't die in space. Their strength and vitality are dependent on the strength and passion, emotion, nested in them beget. Killer frequently and continuously lived in whirlwinds and chaos of riotous thoughts, images that he has created, committing his crime. Beget and its progeny is linked straight chain – cause and effect. If you pull one line of thought forms a human corridor, then after death have to pass through it, stopping and lingering on the hosts especially tense to aggravate and further variations on the once approved and particularly heartfelt themes. Control, set during his lifetime, and there it will be equally, guarding against unnecessary excesses. Observe a thought on Earth, being in the body, is to secure a stay in the spheres which curbed and subject consonant with the will of the mind. Should firmly grasp the Building stay corresponds to psychic life, approved on the ground, but multiplied opportunities subtle world.
100. (Guru). Correctly you do if the problems arising in a dream, you transfer to light of day, setting to them the seal of a final decision of will. Unresolved, they remain in sub consciousness to come up at the unexpected moment and to cause damage if aren't solved correctly. Many things solved insufficiently firmly, move in the depth of consciousness and disturb, much not gets rid display itself in a dream. The solution of will, firm and irrevocable, puts a lot of things on the place and exempts consciousness from litter. It is always good to clean consciousness back streets. Patrol constant is necessary. The dark rack is ready to throw always the shaggy balls, using channels of not gets rid properties.
101. (Feb. 14). People are so arranged that, in order to appreciate the good that he has definitely lost it and replace it with the opposite. Correctly noted folk wisdom: "what we have, done not store, lost-weeping". So the most sensible will appreciate and cherish the good that is in everyone's life, not adding to or increasing its shadow side and – especially – is cultivating disaffected. Be contented with what gives life, means to eradicate dissatisfaction and all sorts of attempts to overturn labor’s karma. Karma as if handing out maps in the vital game, while others take vacuum and be satisfied with having them. It will be also humility before the inscrutabilities the higher ways and in front by the Lords of karma. The man does everything humanly possible but without poisoning yourself and grumbling discontent in the face of inevitability; nor growth, nor color nor nationality cannot be changed. And it is the duty of everyone to do better and to dispose of the most advisable however gave the man's fate.
102. (M. A. Y.). Man is the result of them created in the past. The investigation of these fix it is possible only by overcoming. Their energy is reached at it’s beget. Some periods of life can be seen as increased or accelerated eradication of the past. Otherwise, how do you get rid of it? Conscious and wise attitude to this process will surely correct.
103. (Guru). Man proposes, but he no longer has. How many large and small initiatives were based on assumptions? But the investigation they have completely opposite what you expected. Does not know the man, but know the Lord. And better to rely on them. They know the evolution and direct it. Enter the evolutionary stream is to act in harmony with the cosmic will.
104. (Feb. 15). Let's be always and to approve everywhere a superiority of spirit over those elements of which its covers, and especially over elements of a physical body consist. Only long experience and practice of mastering do it by reality. Both in big and in small, in all departures of a body it is possible to approve this power. Seeing the friable and crude person sated with various indispositions, you can conclude that the spirit is subordinated to a matter that health and cheerfulness is something, in very considerable measure depending on spirit and will. It is necessary to struggle with any disease from the beginning and up to the end, for a moment without weakening fight and without giving in to an illness. Fortress doesn't capitulate under any circumstances. In the same way it is possible to fight and against an old age, keeping cheerfulness and control over a body till the latest moment; as it is necessary to struggle with all pains and injuries of a body, sending the help and mental energy to the damaged place. The lord of the microcosm keeps the power over it a strong hand. Both doctors and medicine – everything is admissible, but first of all – Agni's energy.
105. (Guru). Accumulation of the Thicket accumulates for eyelids, as well as Agni's treasure. The majority of people waste it. Only conscious and its systematic accumulation do by the pupil of the comer behind Light. Without fire there is no Light. Without Agni not to enter into the Highest Spheres; Light Agni is the conductor to all worlds. Agni Yoga show the way of a fiery ascension of spirit. When all consciousness is directed to the Bowl in the course of Fire building – the way of spirit is direct.
106.(Feb. 16). Well on Earth to accustom itself to conditions of the Thin World, presenting mentally to itself the stay there. It is hard to be exempted from habits of terrestrial and habitual movements of a body. After all there the thin body follows thought movements. Here muscles, there – thought move a body. Permeability of subjects of the Elevated World is property with which it is difficult to accustom at once. It is necessary to learn to overcome usual representations. The proximity or range of things, subjects, people and an environment is caused by thought. Once you imagine something, it becomes reality for consciousness, but also besides creations of own imagination the World Thin is filled with that makes essence of its visibility, but this visibility on consciousness; wanting see – be sees.* The consciousness has to be prepared before seeing. Denial does the person blind. It is necessary to understand that recognition of beauty and wealth of that world will be the main condition of visibility. Having pondered, it is possible to understand, what even representations of the terrestrial world substantially depend on consciousness. For the poet, the artist, the executioner and leprous the world looks absolutely variously; as it is excellent for the child and the aged man. It is the world dense. What world where everything moves thought? The attendant of beauty will see everything in fine shapes because his thoughts are saturated with beauty. The mirror of consciousness will reflect and will see it, Beauty. Let's not envy the attendant of darkness, the attendant of a disgrace in which mirror of consciousness the lower class of an astral sated with a disgrace and forms corresponding to it will be reflected. Details of life terrestrial and environments of the person if they with beauty are conformable have very great influence on a post mortal condition of the person, - beauty above poverty and wealth. The poor hut can sometimes strike with purity and order, and a wealth mansion – lack of taste and awkwardness of luxury. And poor, but the clean clothes can argue with inconvenience of crinolines, corsets and the hard starched linen and cravated strangleholds. The simple and pure white attire won't commit breach of a situation the Thin Peace, but the dress coat and pretentiousness of the most fashionable dresses will be ridiculous. So, it is necessary to learn to exempt consciousness from terrestrial remnants and useless and harmful heaps. Beauty, simplicity and fearlessness before unexpectedness of the Elevated World it is possible to adopt quietly consciousness’s and with them to go to the World Thin, fine.
107. (M. A. Y.). Line is basic law-stay. On the inside, you can easily identify what is outside, surrounded by a thin. Principle of harmony causes the pull of sibling elements that create the subtle perceptions. Everyone has on itself. This may be the man his entire life on Land tenure in the thoughts of impure and vicious and the arriving respectively. Meet the idea requirement will be to create a decent environment for his spirit, for the thought of going on the future of man in the Astral and higher.
108. (Guru). Let's not blame the squalor of life if impressions lights hearts. After all, and the squalor and wealth is inside. Stone Finder and firmly holding it all through the power of the spirit will thirst and not to thirst not forever, wherever it may be and whatever the conditions of his earthly life; all inside a person, because man is the measure of things.
109. (Feb. 17). Life remains, but its forms of expression are changing constantly. Life is eternal, and the eternal process of continuous changes in life forms. The form does not mean death is death. Life cannot die. In this process of endless changes are improved and flat-out forms, changing and <...> life of wrappers to the Fiery conductor inclusive. The person is making all its membranes. This lengthy process is extraordinary. Eighteen million years, humanity has altogether self-aware, and even mental body, not to mention the fire, is far from all. Improving spirits scheduled media evolution, not design the Fiery end of the body. When completed the fourth round, in a new, fifth, conductors will receive new impetus for its development and which has been made already, mental body will continue to evolve and grow, accumulating new abilities and powers. Absolute pitch indicates the possibility of absolute State of all human senses. Their harmonious interaction (in man) will allow approach the reach of the world with different, more extended point of view. Freedom of expression and activity in all of its conductors on all plans there will make Infinity field of consciousness. Each principle in man correspond certain areas of space. The two higher ones don't have to even talk about, because until their realization, humanity has not yet come. Mean by that in the infinity of human evolution are predetermined for such capabilities that surpass most fervent imagination. And no matter how they are far from the present stage of development of the mankind, they will come, for a time in the phenomenon of evolution is how Jiffy before eternity.
110. (Guru). Here are the world rages on inside the blast ravaged by conflict, ignorance and malice, and Bishop calmly talks about the infinite perfection of spirit. Why? Answer: whatever happens outside, in the world of Earth, spirit is eternal and is secure and the spirit does not stop even with the death of the planet. The volatility and the volatility of these life forms of the planet are just a process through which the spirit has to go. Not once has been swept away high civilization and changed the face of the Earth, but the spirit remains, despite everything, and only changed their shell. It can be said that the Sun pass away, and the Moon, and the Earth, but the spirit of God be forever, as the immortal spirit person.
111. (M. A. Y.). It is not important what happens in the world at the moment; however the reaction of consciousness on everything that goes into it. This reaction causes the investigation or emerging at that human destiny. If the answer to the most violent or unexpected effects, whatever they may have been a reaction to them will balance and serenity is a victory over the world. This is the spirit of victory over external and temporary, that outside of it. The spirit is eternal, but time ebb and flow of the wave’s relative external events. To understand Eternal Life Foundation Stone, which is in the chest, said the spirit of man his victory over the world of transient phenomena.
112. (Feb. 18). The magnetic attraction between consciousness and its objects, the filling, are in constant action. Change only the magnets. Magnets of attraction can be objects, places, people, animals, the human weaknesses, vices and passions and thoughts. Threads of connection between a magnet and a man can be very strong and active. For some it will be gaming shebang, a magnet for someone brothel, for someone to public institution, for someone to art galleries, libraries, museums, nature, flowers, mountains, rivers, seas, forests and so on. All human habits are on magnetic attraction. For its treasures and the miser is the same magnet. Love and hate, hard people are strong his magnetism. Obsessive thoughts are also favored by or magnets, lame to consciousness this force. Every item owned by people linked to its current by magnetic. If possession is without a sense of ownership, talk the weak and ineffective. Usual attraction to earthly and mental magnets is very strong and very hampered the release of man after death. The line of attachment to things or thoughts you can cut deliberately. The man dropped the smoke through a known time it is released from the magnetic attraction of habit. Many renounced the world and went into seclusion to the easier it is to break up these threads. Even its name and changed his mind. Of course, it should be precisely and definitely know what commits itself to consciousness. Who realizes the chain can cut them, but not realized will lead a hopeless. Well before his death, give people everything they have, but even better long before death to free themselves from the magnetic attraction of weak and unworthy thoughts. The thing not to take with you into the world of thin, but the thoughts come from and not so scared of being held captive by things, however the thoughts. Liberation of consciousness from the magnets of attraction is the objective pupil. It is spoken about the magnets binding consciousness to Earth, and about thoughts same. But there are also magnets of high attractions and thoughts high. They attract the person to the Highest Spheres. They can be established consciously. The magnet of Heart of the Leading Hierarch is powerful. The thoughts directing to High Shapes if are sated with energy of heart are strong also. To put consciously magnets of the highest attraction is a task, worthy the pupil.
113. (Guru). In fact his idea is magnetic. Thought is a magnetic substance Thin plan. Pulsating magnetic force, she lives and works on the principle of attraction by name. Every consciousness is surrounded by a swarm of thoughts, and each idea connected with it the thread. Created by will, they are at the mercy of the person until their works will, but once completed, the thought process becomes self-sustaining, and never will, but they affect the mind and will of the people. Know a lot of cases, when a person becomes a slave of his own, he also created thoughts. This fact causes the need to control thought. You need to control the thought took possession of man. If it gets hold of a good idea, the sublime, but benefits from this nothing happens. And if it will be thought out and made a bad and slow thought or a whole swarm of thoughts, what then? That's to avoid such phenomena and need a control. Not over the thoughts of light he needed, but the thoughts of darkness and oppression.
114.(Feb. 19). My son, the length of human evolution in time is always good to keep before your eyes. We should somehow moderate the triumph of vanity. The birth and death of civilizations and the disappearance of the great Nations and entire races point to the fragility of the current hour and all builds of human hands. Touch with the consciousness of his Immortal life, Individuality is to enter into the atmosphere of eternity. Personality is born and dies, as well as the body, but their poses and gives them life, continues to exist either in or outside of them. Elements of individuality are folded over the centuries, verbalizing grain spirit is new and new savings. These elements can be harvested and layering, directing its entire conscious creature on endorsement the imperishable. Just need to understand that there are enduring in man, and to separate the enduring everything the carried away time. Even in ordinary life it is easy to observe the scum and rubbish on the external environment of the true values of the spirit. Service light and is their accumulation in the consciousness and deposition of these stays in the bowl, but one Bowl for all incarnations. And one Secret Knowledge, and is It of fleeting knowledge of the mind, changing depending on the time, age and ethnic group, and even the latitude and longitude of the place. Bit by bit, accumulate treasure, and must comply with, that is, consciousness has the ability to accommodate. Nothing diplomas do not qualify for participation in the intimate knowledge. Its essence remains the same for thousands of years, although changing the external form of the expression. Human anatomy is always seven, in whatever language or dialect nor fielding this idea. Exactly the same is true with all of the other allegations and the True science of life and the world. It remains unchanged in its fundamentals, though it seems new to those who are in it for the first time. The happiness of knowing the truth one must be able to hold One if the path is found.
115. (M. A. Y.). In the knowledge elements continued in its essence the main focus of consciousness is transferred from life's aspirations every day and things United to the unusual and the future is not limited nor the external environment or outside of one's earthly life. Energy of life flocks abroad, claiming the generalities of life principle, and continuity. Quality of spirit follows the spirit from one life to another. Adoption of the Fiery qualities of spirit is very closely related to continuity consciousness. Continuity consciousness, i.e. Conscious Immortality, there is property of an Arhat. Reinforcing and deepening qualities of spirit, we recap the footing for the ability to retain consciousness when the great frontiers. What about all the things that might have on the Earth, everything he has lost with the death of the body? And all this can be compared with the achievement of a coherent level of consciousness? A true devotee of life can be described as one who is anxious to follow in search for the fiery spirit and achievements in collecting crystals imperishable Treasure Bowl lights.
116. (Guru). Shortcomings and weaknesses you should know well and impartially as possible, but the value of spirit will determine not on him but on the periods of upswings, when exactly and explicitly denoted by ceiling-off spirit. Even a good ship covered in seashells that hinder his progress, but he does not cease to be a good ship. Shells can be cleaned up. Just and true values do not disappear from the layers that you can remove and get rid of them. Worse, much worse if except outgrowths there is nothing. It isn't so difficult to wash and exempt a pearl from dirt. But clarification work if there is no that it is necessary to clear of litter is useless. Each cross itself take follows the Lord. Going will reach.

117. (Feb. 20). The power of this over the consciousness even touched Bases is so great that have to struggle to uphold the validity of both worlds and a future that is inherently also. Maya is strong. A temporary pouch called the body creates an illusion of strength of earthly existence, pain and suffering of its strengthening, but the spirit in prison their rushing about, close, temporary and at-risk from everywhere. Meanwhile, disciplined and subordinate body will, can serve as an excellent tool or device for inhabiting the spirit. Mastery of the body it is best to start small then go to large. Small learning valuable that give confidence that it is within reach. Keep practicing this; you can always, everywhere and always. There could be boredom or thoughtless doing nothing when the ability to body workout is always at hand. Hence the usefulness of even very small overcomes. You can notice how sometimes the body obeys the orders of thought. And fatigue, and malaise, and physical weakness can be overcome will. See many examples when seemingly weak body is extraordinary stamina and strength, while the huge carcass of weak-willed man is inactivity and decay. Body given serve man and be his weak-willed slave. But it often happens instead, and man becomes a slave to the body and its habits. Apathy in all forms and shapes condemned unconditionally. Precept of the pupil is fight and a victory. Its microcosm is not subject to his will, hostile to him.
118. (Feb. 21). Infinity evolution puts before man quite certain tasks. Over time the quality of the spirit, and grow positive and negative. Positive can grow infinitely, negative-to the limit the possibilities of their revelations. For example, in Southern Cali these last were conditions for the strongest protest. In the South, it’s the taking up Satia, bearers of darkness either have to withdraw from the planet or transmute their negative energy. Planetary State of Globe's South Light prevents the existence of darkness. But evolution remains, allowing you to develop everything from light. Will be failure–doomed and malice and enmity. Spatial harmonize currents. Fraternity of peoples becomes possible. And bright spirits will perform on the stage of history, without facing bitter opposition of darkness. It is difficult even to list all the benefits of the new era. There will be serious pressure on the consciousness that has to withstand now thanks to spatial disadvantage. Light will replace the darkness where it manifests itself now in strong.
119. (M. A. Y.). The plane is tested in trial flights before the mass production begins. The pupil searching in the conditions of a preliminary condition before will entrust it a field of broad activity. The plane which has passed all trial tests, acquires the right to flights. The pupil, who has sustained a temptation of a preliminary condition, is allowed to cooperation with the Teacher of Light, cooperation conscious and obvious. Accident in flight or accident in the spirit of is equally inadmissible. The good tester rejoices to trial flights, despite their danger and difficulty. The good pupil rejoices difficulties of tests, preparation him to the future.
120. (Guru). The wise prefers silence, knowing how on any judgment. What so often and furiously arguing over people, not worth it to challenge because fundamentally incorrect; knowing more silent, than said. Correctly said was that "the thought the uttered is false.
121. (Feb. 22). The farther to glance in the past of the person, is possible to see his future because the future projection consists in the past more. The first races were to air is similar. Consolidation went gradually. The last will be same. Thinning will go gradually. The end and the beginning are similar in a form, but are excellent on expression. If in the beginning absence of consciousness that end is deification of self-conscious of essence. Duration of process is huge. The fourth circle will come to the end with the seventh race. This circle of special responsibility, because median in seven when in its center the spirit and a matter were counterbalanced. This point is already passed in the fourth (too median) race, and the fifth – on an ascending arch. Gradually spiritual to receive bigger overweight over material that by end of the seventh race absolutely to subordinate a matter to spirit in the degree available to the fourth circle will be more increasing also. Growth of power of spirit is boundless, but out of limits of opportunities this, that is the fourth, a circle there can be only units. The people going with evolution, will succeed, going against – will be lost. The stream of evolution will take out them on coast, having turned into garbage, or Space litter. The law of analogy reigns in the world. Just as will be born, develops, the body grows old and dies, the people will be born and die, having reached blossoming, will be born, the occupied worlds blossom and die. The seed gives life to a plant. Then blossoming and death of the plant which has given life to a new seed follows. Using the analogy law, it is possible to resolve many difficult issues in human existence. For example, a seven question in life terrestrial the person. Gradual statement of the baby in conscious stay in a body, blossoming and crystallization of the got experience in spirit grain, in the Bowl, for its subsequent identification him in a new embodiment. The unity in variety is comprehended easier than all by analogy. Because – both above, and below, and everywhere and in everything.
122. (Feb. 25). The spirals of time on its opposite points of each phenomenon becomes its opposite, such as spring and autumn, flowering and withering, paints and paints the death of life, beginning and end. This is the law of evolution. No matter how good and evolutionary phenomenon, but, under the operation of law it eradicates their electrons to changing to its opposite, in this dialectic of life. The wind comes back to square one, but already at the next Summit, circulation, and spiral. The phenomenon is not identical, but similar; knows the law, can give an indication of the future. On this phenomenon, you can judge its opposites, on the consequences of the great Battle-field of Light hail, according to the turmoil in the world – about the coming Era of the mother of the world.
123. (M. A. Y.). Caring Teacher shows up not only in the fight with obstacles, but in the direction of karmic consequence to restricted and gets rid karma as soon as possible. After all the teacher wants to see you free from old debts. Therefore, the payment of debts should not be upset too. Still have to pay, so isn't it better soon.
124. (Guru). With Treasure to will call. And prices will be brought. They will be giving away. Do not see any strong hunger? Starving spirit like a sponge will soak up what will be. How many people can give? To give one must have. What can give has nothing. Wonder the paucity of thought, but to poor minds the source is closed. Use the remaining time to refill the well of knowledge.
125. (Feb. 26). Before saying "temptations", now Say: «trials» no escapes, no going to me, they don't come easy. The testing so that the very obviousness takes this zealous participation. All against, and trials are piled up like mountains. Snake of doubt creeps into consciousness and defend him difficult, as visibility, illusions and logic of the obviousness hidden by a reality. All kind of speaks for the fallacy of electing only a narrow trail. And support promised assistance, no. And the joy is gone and the lights fade. And darkness extends range of solid wall. Through these monsters must be supported. Have to through their gauntlet as if they do not exist, know that all is darkness, and not light, that nothing can actually block away Maya who had decided to come to me.
126.(Feb. 27). Coming to Earth, the man learns the characteristics of life in the body, leaving the Earth in a thin World, forget it and begins to master the features of above-ground existence. When the conscious attitude towards the need learn the process goes fast. But you can, while still in the body, to accustom to the subtle presence of consciousness. For this we need to know the difference between a thin and dense worlds and possibilities of both, -particularly useful for this journey. They fit the consciousness to change places and people and many details of the dense world. Useful what possible changes in the subtle world limited and almost no inert conscience all life on Earth film clip to one place and surrounding, very difficult be accustomed to new opportunities. But it also happens that people stripped of travel on Earth and forced to live in one place. Then it remains another possibility – travel and move around in the spirit, that is, mentally--or in the imagination. This habit, approved on Earth, will greatly help the freedom of movement in the subtle world and change the usual conditions. All sorts of changes and movement in ordinary life are always good and the more the better. And you shouldn't get attached to anything: neither to the people (the passer) nor to things or out of place. A person is a citizen of the world, even the cosmos. Good asserting its presence in the World Aboveground. "What will I do there?" – That’s the question that could be asked of his future inhabitant. In this world, and that it is best to count on your consciousness and your strength. Hope for help can and should, but experience says that increasingly have to operate by myself and without instructions from the. Directions and hints of others, far and near, often incorrect and encouraged personal and selfish motives. Calculations and hopes of others have failed. Advisors, even the kindest, resign, but accepted someone else's tip with him remains and has to bear the consequences often erroneous advice. Better to stand on their own two feet and be responsible for their own, not somebody else's decision. All well and good friends, but decisions are made independently, without relying on other people's words, promises or feelings. Especially personal feelings, too weak to rely on them; to follow instructions from the whispers of the invisible world, need very long experience to go through to learn to accurately distinguish source. Rely on every perception, having no such experience, would be a mistake. Thin recognition ability points to a high degree the spirit. So, in the spirit of freedom is. And well, when, as in the body, the spirit man can circumnavigate the entire globe. Purely earthly things familiarity for books with a variety of living conditions and particularities of peoples in all parts of the world, certainly useful and really help get comfortable with a variety of subtle world. We should not wonder at anything and everything to take as possible, and must destroy every fear of all the surprises in all worlds. Being so armed, you can calmly and confidently to transcend beyond the Great frontiers, tightly holding a silver thread connection.
127. (Feb. 28). It is very difficult to combine rough living conditions with the highest aspirations of spirit and follow the latter. The Angel with the wings Was not burned. How to combine the Sky and Earth? Only the persistent statement the Highest in the face of darkness, - the higher concepts are expressed in Basis – there is no escape from them. Only you can hear them firm support. Dense, subtle remains dumped, - dense short, thin longer fire – forever. If you take all the past lives, they would not have the impression that the spirit would be liberated from the illusion of flesh. Past lives have passed, giving experience and deepening the ability to multiply the quality and spirit. All of this is the baggage, with which becomes a person in the future. The future is inherently. It all belongs to man. Not in the past, not the present, but in the future-the legacy of spirit. Because of this, you can go by, as by not owned by us. Day comes and goes, leaving on the day itself only a memory. If you stretch things, after all, only for a while, since nothing belongs to us, except the experience, knowledge and memory of the past. But all this is no longer tangible phenomena of order. Where is it, strong, not negate and belonging to us forever? Only in us because our nothing outside of us. The planet is great, and the people on it are orphans, not having her inheritance. It was said that the righteous shall inherit the Earth, but the Earth-what is temporary. What does inherit what today is, and eventually be stopped? Only the spirit is eternal, but all the time its inhabitants of the material world. Because the fire is continuing, it is possible to put focus and build on it. Build on the transient fragile. Collapse all. How many great Nations has left, and ruined kingdoms, and water covered the once blossoming country! But the real value that is a stepping stone to the future. Without him in the future does not go through. This causes the stage and the nature and conditions of the future – cause and effect and stretches without interruption. The creator of reason can only reap the consequences, for cause and effect – as a double-edged sword. If there is one, the other cannot be. So now there are projections of future base, or a field crop, or Palm, the walking legs in the future. And eternity without this no, because in eternity need to bring experience and knowledge of all the accumulations of the past. Otherwise, what's the spirit will live in Infinity? Infinity is a required field for potential creativity spirit and for creative work to the accumulated knowledge of the laws of harmony of the imagination. Each light accumulation of Bowls – creative ability, and strength of spirit is creative quality lights. The illusion of yet another incarnation of is dissipated like smoke or a dream but the quality remains, because persistent forms approved in the microcosm of man lights. However it was hard but worth it, because every life suffering, encumber and gravity of Earth have Buren lights spirit. The suffering and burden-sharing encumber the Earth – all will pass, but the crystals generated by lights will remain eternal in the Bowl the acquisition of spirit. Wise is happy with life, for encumbrances know their purpose. The mind rebels against earth burdens, but the spirit in the depths of their inevitable ways and sense knows the dreams of Earth, fleeting. And when life's external Eddy are noisy, darking and burdening a consciousness there, deep, powerful flame, flaring up flames of everlasting life of the spirit.
128. (M. A. Y.). "In the world you will have tribulation." How else express emotions more clearly the spirit of jumping the line. And a feeling of sadness and grief also has to go through. Have go through everything; all these milestones of a fiery way to Boundlessness. Call it the fire because it is the way of the spirit, and the spirit is there fire. Can I look at everything that happens in the world without a shudder of the heart? Much is being made of his evil. It would seem, ever swelling darkness was not so great. Not before the end of a frantic, darkness? The latter does not fit inside the human race? The latest features – so, we define the State of the world and because the heart so heavy is unbearable. Personals deteriorated – only an echo of the spatial, one to one. The resisted to the end will be saved.
129. (Guru). Sensitivity is determined by the spatial accord memo. It may sound in the vein of joy or suffering. But if the accord took place, enjoy growing sophistication. A good receiver accepts all. And personal feelings and personal experiences don't have to paint the spatial parcels and clog the purity of perception. Only open heart will ring on all reflect a manifestation of the world, but hard open heart.
130. (March 1). If at any time, anywhere, anyone was able to show the so-called miracle, or phenomenon, or an unusual psychic manifestation, or the ability, whether clairvoyance, or is clearly hear, this means that any person in his capacity has the same opportunity if consciousness does. In this little "If" is everything: the experience of past lives, and Agni, and the accumulation of energy level of many accomplishments, but hidden features – each. And growth of the spirit of each person is not limited by anything, and, most importantly, time. But over time, even in one lifetime, you can develop and strengthen any quality. All the time, that is, the person, and the quality of the spirit have the ability to grow and improve dramatically. It is important not to stop at nothing, or what obstacles or temporary failures, because all of them are temporary and often depend on the external environment and transient environment, while the spirit is eternal, and when inflexible and hardness of ambitions achieved consistently. It is necessary to provide sufficient perseverance in achieving the goal. Before spirit is infinity. In it he is living, and growing, and has its being, and it is an opportunity for the infinite development of all its explicit and hidden features. Anyone who has not touched yet can still do not know, but one to the origins of the Important knowledge is open all the way before himself. He understands that in the infinity of all possible that grains of endeavors in one lifetime grow and continue to grow in the next and future lives and live in man for centuries that you can enjoy every speck of goodness, because of the good seed are good shoots, i.e. the strengths and abilities of the spirit. Phenomenal, phenomenal memory, or absolute, listening, math and other skills the phenomenal eat of the fruit of centuries-old works, the efforts and aspirations of the spirit. And everyone can reach any ability, unless the supply is to achieve his goal, and not one of this life (incarnation), but also those who follow her. After all, people are born with the trends and aspirations, brought them from their previous existences. But in the same family and ordinary children will be born, and a genius. Parents are the same, and the ability of their children may vary their own features and height. Know many examples where siblings are ingenious people are from ordinary and mediocre did not differ. Some brought valuable savings from the past, others have not produced, but whatever the savings of the past, the future not ordered anyone, and in future all achievable. I emphasize again the importance and significance of small beginnings, which is nothing other than sowing the seeds that give mental consciousness in the future by the nature of their shoots; great achievement to just anyone. But if you start off small, and before the great can be reached. Even a small attempt to achieve something, but repeated many times, will give the desired effect in time. Only trouble is that in time are both good and evil shoots, the bad we will be preserved at an undertaking of affairs. Twenty-four hours a day-time, entirely adequate to begin to improve in myself any power, any quality of spirit and the ability to start small open approach to achieve best sounding it.
131. (M. A. Y.). Consciousness is always said when you can touch us, and how deep and when touch is going to be successful. You can call this degree of sensitivity; sensation was in consonance with those to whom the spirit directs. Spatial ability, if they are, does not depend on us, but learning to use them completely when they are favorable, already in our power. Because the sounding moments don't miss taking the space all the forces we get.
132. (M. A. Y.). Nasty circumstances have few features to be aware of. The first is that they are temporary, and if their solution to overcome hardness exceeds their duration and the victory over them is assured. The second is that the strength of opposition in strong spirits pumping challenges the Fiery energy, increasing, breaks down barriers. If the first or second attempt does not give the desired result, that N (unlimited) attempt to they not cannot give. Only perseverance and determination achieve this goal. Spread the word after all, the Bishop said that nowadays all achievable. It is surrounded by darkness to unheard of perseverance and the Fiery force overcome manifest.
133. (Guru). The teacher said that He would draw all favor. But he also said the cooperation and cooperation on mutually beneficial. In other words, it is necessary to help the teacher in the process of its staunch healthy unwholesome circulated aspiration. The struggling and making them go through consciousness particularly fits and consonance from this cooperation. You can open yourself to send the beam, but you can close your heart. Openness of heart to a teacher of light and strength of spirit, the most favorable to create conditions so that harmful or hateful opposition turned to benefit yourself, and loved, and cases. Darkness rots for colors of light. However, victory is possible with the teacher always.
134. (March 2). The insalubrious some savings or habitual action is often a phenomenon in his sleep. On dreams it is possible to judge even moral shape of the person. Forgotten thoughts but the nestled somewhere in the depths of memory, suddenly come to the fore, and the person is acting in concert with them. If the thought is good, then there is no harm, but impure thoughts lead to unclean behavior, and also a person commits in a dream that he would awake not committed. On the surface these achievements can set those thoughts that require cleansing and liberation from it. You can give yourself into the subconscious mental orders, how to act in such situations in the future, to avoid being at the mercy of worthless thoughts again even in his sleep. Sleepy state the very truthful and sincere, that is, it reveals itself though hidden, but not yet igets rid property. Not resolved during his lifetime in the body, they declare themselves after, when the control is already a lot harder, because in the subtle world is growing and is compounded by all. Good practice in the imagination of their behavior to address cases to act in accord with the line of conduct, the approved will. Reflex activity is subject to liquidation. In the dream she's especially amplified. We should reach a point where the overall thrust of reflexes, especially mental order, would be in full compliance with the agreed level of spirit. A mismatch will give birth to disbalance. Disbalance is the opposite of a balance, the highest quality spirit.
135. (M. A. Y.). The more disbalance in the world, the closer you hold the Hierarchy of light, focus, and higher balance on the planet. Balance individual comes into contact with the planetary and amplifies it. We should keep as being inseparable, as opposed to the forces of chaos and destruction. Dark forces and opponents of evolution are going all-in. Bet on an insane actions will not save them. The elemental strikes back at their every action and initiative will be intensified. You get like a bear with a deck on a rope: the more he will push and push her, the more painful it will be to beat. Notice how the frenzy of action opponents light causes increasingly severe reactions to counter the environment of entire peoples, entire continents. Kickback will be scary.
136. (Guru). In the world of duality of opposite’s effect always cause resistance. This should be known and taken into account in the analysis of world events. Often, causing a series of actions, myopia is already unable to cope with the increased combat forces. And then have to start the retreat. The time will come and the old world will start to recede before on all fronts. Everything from the light, will unite with the forces of the new world to confront the forces of darkness and destruction. The time is near. Wave resistance will sweep away the old world and its citadel.
137. Why Talk all about the same? Because the, Bases are the same and the path to Infinity one. Because man is the Wayfarer of the great journey, and from his appointment, from the goal of a future of their own, there is no escape. This is the most important thing in the life of man on Earth and in the worlds. And not tire of harping on the necessary, until the spirit doesn't wake up. The life of each incarnation will end the death of the body, and all those cases which so strong and frantically busy earthlings will either now or later. Even a hundred years completely changed the environment in which he lived incarnate. Therefore, it's not about them, and in understanding the purpose and meaning of incarnations and in adherence to the goal which put mankind in General, and for each person in particular; from Bases not leave. Them hard in the mind must assert more and more in the face of evidence of dense and squalid reasons of ignorance. Are human deeds, but they remaining by Geist’s fused in the investigation the essence of man and in his aura, which carries it with him. And also, the nothing forgets and captures all their archives. Even a trace on the earth cannot stay away from acts of man, but something he or she once was, already host makers on a wave of joy or suffering and sorrow.
138. (March 3). In the higher spheres of space there is a dark and evil, but their tension is such that requires prolonged assimilation of consciousness, to overcome it. Therefore from fight and overcoming it is impossible to leave neither above, nor below. Which was working to overcome and overcoming his offer the following gate? Glad everyone overcome, because it strengthens the force. How to light a strong barrier are the dark forces. Fight with them, conscious and unconscious, is inevitable. This struggle is constant. They believe the enemy of everyone, which flickers at least spark of light. What about light the Lights? On the life stories of some devotees can judge through which they had to pass the test and what the attack dark withstand. All that can plague, and exercise the wit thin. Use of all, so much so that they even not aware that serve as instruments of darkness. Are used for this purpose and enemies and friends, but mostly are friends. Yes! Yes! Many friends have caused harm, at times succumbing to bad to whisperings. That's why we need constant alertness and the sharp-sighted watch the sharp-sighted. Monitoring thoughts is the same watch as worthless thoughts serve as channels to access dark to consciousness. Very much a badass joy when they are able, thanks to their tricks, darken or toss into question but going relentlessly and without hesitation to Me, despite everything, is as fiery the ram against dark forces of enemy. They are powerless against the determination of the irrevocable. I can only be reached through them. Dark assault and onslaught is not we will be frightened, however strong they may be. The illusion is created by thought and obviousness it collapses. The weapons fire, polished thoughts very effectively. Foundation stones, that is, a basis would be a strong defense when everything starts to wobble; You can lean on them steadfastly. You cannot move them if they are established in the mind. Main thing is to establish itself in the fundamentals.
139. (M. A. Y.). Every day brings something new and good when you can it burn. For someone it is not new, but the vast majority will serve meat of the spirit. Bet on the favorite, but not at all, - nonce the abundance of recordings, and the diversity of expression of many similar thoughts. They should tune for our purpose of consciousness, and most everyone should find itself when it's his time. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the Sun. See how dramatically changed conditions in the world. And how many people understand what those changes are. But from the Mountain the direction even crossing ways is visible. The host can be seen. And only an understanding of the law of opposites allows the judge to come.
140. (Guru). Be thinking generated through the transmitter channel Hierarchy, is Honorable. Many would like them to receive and record the same, but wanting something a little. You can sit for hours and days, not for written not any thoughts. Relationship is created over the centuries and during many lifetimes, and aspiration continued. And that someone is easy, for others it is difficult to incredible if not impossible at the moment. Only let not counterbalance the singularity and everyday work means not demean the achievements of miraculousness. Only the fire of the heart will not permit gifts of the spirit be dulled and be covered with dust, the generalities.
141. (March 4). Going to notice and celebrate everything. Life puts man in certain conditions, with the ultimate benefit. Often it is accompanied by pain. This usually happens when karma has to pay the Bills. Over millions of years, humans have developed a great karma, - Lemuria is us, and Atlanta is us. Each new race is the before, plus the fact that each has collected during the "build-up" aboveground. Lessons of the past and not go away by changing individual and deepening his ability. The body of the Earth evolves and thins out parallel to the development of mankind. Once the land was plastic and it is similar to air, as well as its inhabitants, - then condensed to the limit. After midline point seals began climbing towards the vacuum pressure to achieve the same degree of dilution, but at a new level. Compacted astral – step in the evolution of the future dense shell. But people in this new body and in bodies, in time, more subtle and shining, will be in a State of full consciousness, which did not happen at the beginning of the fourth round; in it distinction between the beginning and end Manvantara of stay of terrestrial mankind on a planet. No matter how great the next civilization and its progress, change is inevitable, and races with her – and radically changed the shape of continents, in connection with the transfer of tilt of the Earth's axis. Against the outer reaches of the evolution of the planet and the human race cannot go any effort? Neither earthquakes, nor ocean inflow no equipment can stop. But the psychological technique used deliberately by all mankind, can have a powerful impact on the course of many processes. But this requires collaboration and coherence between all the peoples of the Earth and a basic understanding of the teachings of life. Through much suffering and misery are still people go through to establish coherence, cooperation and collaboration, who can say? But come to this, because otherwise you will be swept away by a powerful dissenting over outer thread. A lot depends on the life of mankind from his free will.
142. (M. A. Y.). Synthesis! This notion corresponds to the advancing age of the cease-fire. Requires no special knowledge or deepening an endless immersion in them but it is a synthesis in a common understanding of basic science. Specialty remains as a working necessity, but provided a harmonic merge it with a synthetic understanding of life. You can't grow just one muscle with oblivion of all other and disdain for them. Know the consequence of abnormal development bodies. Harmony-so let's call synthetic environment coordinated development of mental and intellectual powers of man. One-sided consciousness quickly goes berserk and plunges into fanaticism, intolerance and cruelty, degrades. Synthetic thinking frees the individual from all forms of slavery at its lowest of the triad.
143. (Guru). Go, go, go through everything, knowing that nothing belongs to us and that is valuable only gained experience. Collector of experiences and knowledge is embodied. This is his only goal and purpose in life. In and around such collectors, whether they know it or not, carry the spark of the eternal flame of life. Collectors are of all. The only difference is: some are aware of this, others do not. But how much different among themselves, what is going to everyone and gets carried away with itself farther from Earth. On the constructed one might think not to take with itself unnecessary. Cargo remnants of Earth can be very serious, not the climb. Collectors of everything, but you should give yourself an accurate account that takes with him the spirit liberated from the body.
144. (March 5). "Only the strong can snatch it, the root of evil, and the weak must wait for centuries when he grows up, will give fruit and die." It is clear: either pull out or wait. It's on one side. On the other hand, is allowed to all, but only the one who has mastered and conquered their own Astral. It has been said that their actions a person commits in freedom or slavery. Permissiveness is permitted only in freedom. This may sound dangerous, but those who won himself a little, - Units on billions. Winner admitted, admitted in Our Tower. Incoming – one per century. So there is no risk. The other measure does not concern permissiveness.
145. (M. A. Y.). No matter how far the fire, but they are achievable, as will reap nothing man. This is the goal. Some reach them sooner others later, but once all of humanity will come to them. Humanity is a great team, and in the evolution of it moves as one of great whole. Everything is everybody, whether they know it or not, willing or unwilling. Its Cain said he did not watch his brother. But it turned out to be brother murderer. The legend is very symbolic. When referred to a single Stud intend has all-planet team man. Merging is needed to manage the energy of space and not operated elements in planetary scale. If the thought of an individual is sufficiently large, then imagine the power of unified and coherent thoughts of a whole people, or all humanity, of thought, of aspiring and aimed at realizing a purpose! Future schools will teach collective coherence of thought. Have much to teach, that now seems impossible or miraculous. But we gave up, for all the wonderful miracles, and matter itself is full of wonderful possibilities. These are subject to the natural wonders only immutable laws that you can study and apply in life.
146. (Guru). The people should know and hard-heartedness encounter with him during his lifetime. This is a very distinctive feature of dark forces. Where the heart is silent, there is darkness. But darkness can neither make nor persuaded. It recognizes only force. So, one must gather forces to counter it was powerful.
147. (March 6). Particular importance to travel that aura breaks away from the usual places. It is difficult to even imagine how it adheres to a permanent environment. The same pattern around a tightly growing into consciousness and crystallize in a compacted generation. They are stronger than the prison walls, for liberation from the body quite yet do not mean exemption from them. But every move on as their relationship breaks down and destroys his attachment to them. Wanderers are free from this connection, and usually they have nothing, except to Me. In addition, travel presents the diversity of the world and of people with habits, characteristics and customs of peoples. The planet is our home. It is necessary to know. The more travel, the consciousness is more free. But not all people have the opportunity to travel. And then the external movement can replace the mind 's. Mental flying and driving on Earth is useful too. Devotees of yoga in caves in remote mountains not travelling – and yet are free in their movements over the planet. The main thing is not to assume there is no permanent place of residence. AC: all body and home, and the people and conditions. So at all and you have to look at both the randomness of the short overnight and short road impressions or stop. In the car, by ship, plane or in the car man is well aware of the brevity of his stay in them without losing their individuality. That's exactly the same configurable consciousness on attitude towards everything that surrounds it. For people on the planet is the only traveler, traveler great ways.
148. (M. A. Y.). Among the temporality and the impermanence surrounding will remember always about the phenomena of timeless and to affirm and strengthen them in everyday rhythm. And when all the time will pass, the timeless will stay with us, and will carry out rhythm folded Great borders in line with the scope, which is rhythm. In it the special importance of a rhythm of everyday Communication and the address to That, What Conducts. Because of doing not at got tired. Threads of the Realms of light are woven into everyday life routine. Each thought of light – as a brick, build a home brought the spirit. Spirit house, House of light in Areas of light or a sweltering Dungeon in the basement of the astral world everyone is building himself, with his own hands, light and dark thoughts each day. But the rhythm of thoughts Light overcomes the fragmentation of thoughts not the light.
149.(Guru). The joy of overcoming is also a special wisdom; to overcome a wave of external influences, knowing that the correct response is coping consciousness on these waves, will have the action wise. The depth of the wisdom emanates calm Bishop. Victory over foreign opposition, first and foremost, is to defeat him, the approval of the proper reaction awareness to all that from the outside world. Remember the words: is the ruler of this world, but there is nothing in me. In this victory, the great victory over oneself and the world. Go to wave the world's consciousness, but not have it anything that could bring it out of equilibrium. But against the balance can resist no one and nothing. And this is a victory -victory in the statement of balance on external influences. Balance is the strength, the power of the spirit of the being approved lights.
150. (March 7). Of course, night dreams and visions in some way often reflect the daily State of mind or give him a chance. State of mind before falling asleep is important. You can dive into the dream, giving yourself a certain job. Even math problems can be addressed in a dream. The consciousness as though trains on the similar phenomena. Results are not immediate. As everywhere and in everything – and it needs time and perseverance. When the person wakes up in precisely set time, works according given to the order before going to bed. Orders of will can be very diverse. Consciousness enrichment on these or those questions is possible. Though it is magnetic and sent into space, operates. It is in the space increases, having accumulated relevant elements. You must know the laws and the subtle world. One of the main is a Law of the accord. Perceptions and impressions are obtained by name in accordance with the attitude of consciousness. Mood on the key of Beauty is always fruitful, - likewise, and the solemnity of the uplifts. But, the motor power of consonance is aspiration. Aspiration gives name desired direction. Approve desired aspiration before going to bed is essential to extraordinary. Random, sporadic and spasmodic attempts in this direction, the desired result will not do. Only persistent, sustained efforts will yield results. In the field of spiritual attainment all goes power and applies the force reaches.
151. People are well aware that for firewood in the forest have to apply and long, or to collect good harvest, or to get an education and so on. In short, anywhere work and work. But once it comes to the spirit, they immediately forget about work, thinking that everything can be achieved in some other way and, mainly, by to tell the word. Claim: in the spirit of all attainable only by work. Without effort, persistence and consistency cannot be achieved nothing.
152. (M. A. Y.). Be aware that on the key of the most stubborn and enduring aspirations will sound and drawn further into the world of the spirit Symphony Aboveground. That left an especially deep impact on the mind when life is what will be aboveground sound. Leverage in the hands of man. Steering wheel, a move the rook to its spirit, is in his own hands. Cause and effect are two sides of the same phenomenon, as two sides of a coin or two poles things unified. One of the other, on account of the investigation, and not only the judge, but also know the conditions of his stay after his release from the body; the future in hands of the person, because the future is defined by the reasons, which he creates.
153. (March 8). The impression made by the person on people around, depends not so much on his external expression, how many on internal state; works both aura, and thought, and the general mood of consciousness. Certainly, often appearance has but if the external doesn't correspond internal, sooner or later the last acts on a scene and defines relationship of people. Invisible is stronger visible, and there is nothing secret that wouldn't become obvious. Therefore We Insist that external expression of the person corresponded to the internal. Antipode of it is hypocrisy, hypocrisy and of the pharisaicalness. It is difficult even to imagine, what disgrace in space is generated by them. And when the external collapses, rack of violent elements snatch on beget because have no basis actually. Therefore the lie and hypocrisy are condemned. The lie and fire are incompatible.
154. (M. A. Y.). Disclosure of faces is the phenomenon hard for assimilation. Difficulty in that, what knowing not condemn. Great Spirits, coming to Earth, were surrounded by people. Knowing perfectly the nature human, with all its shortcomings, and seeing suitable through, all of them weren’t Averted and Continued to serve people, often sacrificing life. In it is essence of not judgment. Not to condemn – the nobility means, but, on the contrary, knowing, to direct all efforts on service. Therefore such service also was called Great.
155. (March 9). With what nowadays you prefer stay in consciousness, with that you will arrive and after. The preference to this or that order of thoughts causes also future condition of consciousness. Change of conditions is usually accompanied also by change of thoughts, helping to come off what are connected or caused by these conditions. But if some directions of thoughts remain invariable under any conditions, they will already accompany the person irrespective of those. Me put in thoughts first of all with Me will arrive always in any conditions. In it sense and value of constancy of stay in thoughts with Me. Approved in Me in the world terrestrial will be with Me and in World Aboveground.
156. (M. A. Y.). Darkness surrounds not only every bright idea, but originators. Every consciousness is the purpose for the light dark attacks. What in the world is darker, the moves-the attack, losing, they sent the servants overcast of dark, at light-bearer. Good to know whence come the waves dark influences and through whom. Know you want to find the desired degree of confrontation of darkness.
157. (March 10). My friend, pattern of each life remains in space. The chain of many lives forms the pattern of spirit which isn't destroyed, no erasable and proceeding in the future, in Boundlessness. Some spirits to it have access that is in the past, out of limits of this embodiment. Immersion in depths of spirit can cause in consciousness a tape or separate pictures long ago the past events. Except for special cases of need in it isn't present because the person as that, is result of the past, and in it is expressed obviously that it itself represents in the present. There is no memory of details, but the essence it is recorded in all shape of the person. Thus, the person is the crystallized past which is showing in the present. For example, it is possible to take any ability, any property, any quality incarnate and to see in them accumulation or condensation of former efforts, achievements or connivance and weaknesses. Each quality and feature of the person, each line of his character have the past in which they developed, amplified or weakened, accrued or decreased. Both courage and cowardice is a past consequence. But usually properties of character grow spontaneously, under the influence of external conditions and without conscious intervention of will. It is usually. But the one, who made singularity the motto, can realize this unconscious process in conscious that is independent direct growth of the spirit. Its essence consists in that to turn reflex reactions to these or those influences in conscious and approved by will. The culmination of a reflex is shown in people of mentally ill people. Usually they act in the direction accepted earlier without intervention of the constraining beginning of will. Reflexes can be allowed only what are in harmony with that main direction of movement of spirit which answers the established purpose. From here restraint, self-checking and the constant patrol most of the consciousness. Reflex most reacts to everything habitually; reserved conscious, internal fiery strength of the person, which always on patrol excludes the reflex most phenomenons’. The Reflex most is a lunar heritage of the past. Medium is deification of a reflex, while the yoga will be its antipode. Wine and drugs, depriving of the person of will, immerse him in lack of will of a reflex and destroy his intelligence. Development of will and fight against a reflex can devote the whole book. Game on a piano, a violin or work on the typewriter is impossible without the reflexes established by long training. The human will can place reflexes at service consciously. Speaking about lunar heritage, I Mean that area of reflexes which, being approved unconsciously or thoughtlessly, seizes the person contrary to his will and common sense
158. (M. A. Y.). Teacher gives her power moves on him only when he is certain that she won't be facing cases unworthy. If his confidence is justified, the Donation shall be discontinued. Who is Ray very prudently accounted for spend their energy as they reinforced Beam energies. Know cases when force sent a teacher were spent not in purpose. Much of the devastation comes from such events and a lot of damage. The Fiery energy requires great care and diligence.
159. (Guru). Talk about mistakes. Faults are useful, when understood, had been noted and corrected. Then you might learn from mistakes. Then they can't be upset too. Every mistake good look deeper to never repeat. Many errors can be seen in the past. All be amended at least minds. In fact in life are not always created conditions conducive to their reform. Therefore proceed in these cases thought.
160. (March 11). At the theatre or the cinema audience watching on stage or screen, cry, laugh and obliviously going through fiction that they have before his eyes, although in reality there is nothing. The movie was called first, because an illusion, meaning a place of illusion. Life is the same scene and the actors on it – everything. And again people cry, laugh and are going through, although this is only one outer appearance. Well, when this is understood and the person sought under the external visibility to see the reality. In the East, taking in the view, called the performance of the great Mother of the world. People usually skillfully hide the thoughts and the true shape, being masks. As also words they cover their thoughts rather, than express. Lie, which reigns in the world, makes even more illusory all taking place on the stage of life. If we add all the fallacies of science, frequently preposterous customs, different conventions and all the stuff from the same nest, you can imagine to what extent distorts reality. Man lives in a world of its own shape perceptions and thoughts, which are as far removed from reality, like the rest of his life. Personal peace and personal human consciousness die with his body. But the world actually exists, behind a veil of human illusions. One incarnation comes to Earth to live this ghostly life of illusion, but the purpose of his life is not in them, but in terms of experience and knowledge that can help him to look behind the curtain and see the Fiery reality of three worlds in the aspect of infinity. The world lives Arhat this reality. He understands the importance of living a normal and what is it to a man. He understands that we have to live and work, and to fulfill their duty to humanity and itself, and we should learn; learn without end, accumulating experience and knowledge. It has no contradiction between life's normal and reality, because he understood the meaning of earthly incarnations. Only their taking and getting instructed, you can sneak into the validity of all the three worlds. Life's a stage, and Sutratma – actor. And well, when a person learns not to accept everything that happens to him and around him for something too real, because all this is limited to the small circle of its manifestations, while his spirit is eternal and live in three worlds.
161. (M. A. Y.). Will learn to unswervingly and firmly as a rock, standing among eddies and storms and dense world. Hardness is expressed in strong mastering the basics, when nothing can cause no doubt in them, no hesitation. Fundamentals cannot be made contingent on the randomness of favorable or adverse external conditions, because they are temporary, and the Fundamentals are eternal. Stone of Eternal Life, the Foundation argues, would be a strong pillar of the spirit in all the worlds. If the world could be tight some semblance of sustainability, world of thin, plastic, this visibility is no longer even qualifies. Where everything is moving thought, don't look for sustainability. And there's no reason especially need unswerving the realized their spirit. Elements of transcending himself not enrich today, not for tomorrow, but for good. Let us reveal diligence and attention and time will find to fill your precious jewels covered up knowledge of the casket. This knowledge should be useful and applies not only on land but also in the worlds.
162. (Guru). Not visible to the eye of atoms creates huge mountains of matter, all the planets and the star world. Infinity This is a good illustration of how small a big and Grand. Path to Infinity is long. And because putting it bit by bit, the Pearl of knowledge and experience we can gather enough to make this work without interrupting, go farther, and tirelessly making overtiring: the path of energy and constant aspirations for mobility in the distant, released does not turn into darkness.
163. (March 12). Wolves are joined in the Pack, but when hungry, ready to gnaw through each other's throat. That is the nature of darkness and those who stand by her side. It would seem, Firefly should be in perfect harmony with each other, but alas, much disagreement among them. The transitional time of their very intensifies. This should be known and not rely on ignorance that have accepted the Doctrine immediately ceases to be such, as they had been before. Study reveals all, previously hidden, properties, and it seems to make even worse than before. The main thing is not be touched masks and not give them the virtues and perfections, which they don't have. A lot of frustration and trouble brings tenderness masks. The bitter experience of human knowledge teaches you how you have to look at people. The betrayal of Judas is no exception. The law of opposites suggests that antagonists to each bright endeavor can be found everywhere. Only loneliness no one will change. And yet, in spite of everything, the people must unite and universal interconnection of all the peoples of the Earth is not in a position to prevent any antagonists when that time will come. In the meantime, your eyes will be opened and let the mind is not marred. Hold the lamp in the darkness can only be a firm hand, without hesitation, without doubting and unabashed, that at times the battle with the darkness has to one. It must be pointed out that no matter how close people, but one man is born, dies, the pain his feels he and all experiences worst moves in their minds, but not in somebody else 's. It can very heartily accept and share the suffering of others, far and near, can live and all help, but if he had legs or he lost his hearing or vision, you have to bear the whole burden of the test itself, not anyone else. It bears the words: «Why you left Me? » Loneliness of tests – destiny of the person even surrounded with relatives and favorite beings.
164. Fidelity – the sister of devotion. Fidelity is quality very valuable and quite rare. The loyal friend you appreciate, true so there aren't enough friends. The history in this regard gives a set of effective examples. As well as all other qualities, fidelity can be cultivated and grow. To be true up to the end not everyone will manage. Fidelity to the Lord and the Guru consider as distinctive quality of the recognized pupil. Tests for fidelity are long and continuous; how many them confident in the exclusive fidelity, among them again suitable. Inexperience trusts their assurances. But experience knows that often words and affairs are divided by an abyss. We test severely all suitable, also maintain only the few. Test also you. Your fires won't allow anybody from coming nearer to you to approach, without having revealed the essence or the valid attitude towards you. But let don't envy this property because it isn't easy.
165. (M. A. Y.). The passed test, the closer to the Lord approach is more difficult. And we will consider that difficulties are steps of approach to Light. The main thing – not to become hardened, not to complain, not to complain, not to cherish and remember and know offenses that the Proximity of the Lord, at least is integral and it seemed that He is far. This belief that is inaccessible to feelings terrestrial, move ahead to Light. In heart to the Lord accepted to the Lord will reach.
166. At the attentive relation to dreams and the corresponding records of those from them which deserve attention, dreams will gain systematic character, and gradually unconsciousness in time will pass to the conscious. Only to think as the consciousness if the third part of the life changes will be enriched and from extramental becomes a wake condition of consciousness. It is possible to note thus that the knowledge received in the dense world and concerning laws of the Thin World, very much helps to be guided with its conditions. The experience reached on Earth, is transferred in Elevated. Even small acquaintance to this area is very useful. People, having plunged in terrestrial and rejecting Elevated existence, lose surprising opportunities of thin stay and, having come to be in World Aboveground, show either full confusion, or fear, or stupid denial of opportunity in it of life and subjects doom itself to a senseless immovability because there life is caused by thought, and denying life loses its wonderful opportunities. It is necessary to remember strong the law, something that you will connect on Earth, it will be connected in World Aboveground, that is those thoughts with which will connect or the person on Earth for Elevated stay will release himself, will accompany it after death of a physical body. To negate in Elevated the consolation isn't present life. Full of with rage and different nasty things – too. Attendants of the evil are too. But not knowing, but the good full of in heart will be light-. Each particle of the Doctrine is a pearl of never-ending opportunities. To Me directed and directing with Me will come, to fathers – with fathers, to something – with to what or to who directed. The aspirations which have enclosed to energy will arrive to terrestrial affairs in their power; all power of their aspirations won't be settled yet on them. The person who has understood value and a place of the phenomena terrestrial, both things, and limitation of a terrestrial circle of their manifestations, isn't connected not by them because by thought I determined and saw their limit beyond which Aboveground World area begins. How to find the best and most convincing words to din into people reality of the Hidden World and interrelation of both worlds, dense and Thin, and that the phenomenon of death concerns not spirit, but only a physical body and three lowest principles that the person, upon conscious transition, loses nothing from completeness of understanding of as the live self-sufficing essence realizing thus that the dense body died and is left by it, and it, it, it "I", continues the conscious existence further, in the sphere of unlimited opportunities of the Extra dense World.
167. (M. A. Y.). When the fiery pentagram flares all fires, the surrounding gloom dissipates, disappear piled up as mountains, the barriers which have closed the horizons of Light, and white wings grow at spirit, and it is ready to wave them. This condition of lifting obviously indicates that, everything concerning conditions of terrestrial life is how relative. In total in the spirit of, everything depends on spirit, and everything precedes spirit, and the most insuperable can instantly disappear, as a smoke, because also overcoming – in the spirit of. The magnet won't be a magnet if doesn't have an opposite pole. The spirit won't rise above and fires won't light if it isn't burdened with circumstances. Spirit burdening by circumstances is indispensable condition of lifting and ascension. Without poles manifestation of fires is impossible. Existence of contrasts causes them. It should be noted very much the phenomenon of a superiority of spirit on which fires Maya ghosts recede and burn down. Spirit above all. Spirit vividly creative itself fires. The primacy of spirit is a basis of life of consciousness; because everything passes, and everything will pass, but the spirit stays for ever and ever.
168. (Guru). Terrestrial acquaintances, contacts and communications will leave and will end with life terrestrial, but spiritual and hidden remains and will increase in the force, supported by aspiration fire. One are how fragile, others are so stronger. It is possible to strengthen these and those, but it is necessary to know which costs and which aren't present. On the example of falling of any political figure it is possible to see, communications terrestrial and as quickly they fall how are illusive and incorrect. But communications spiritual last for years, in hundreds years, throughout many lives. Strong itself having tied to Hierarchy of Light and her Messengers, we will fix these communications incessantly, knowing that other everything can't serve as end in itself.
169. (March 14). It is good to fall asleep with desire and thought to give to energy them to the aid of the Teacher. Against will the Teacher Won't begin to dispose of forces of the pupil? Free return is necessary. The will legend to Tom Who Conducts is made voluntary. But many prefer willfulness, forgetting that limitation of egoism won't bring spirit out of a vicious circle of the personality small. Not to leave to the space ocean, without having broken an egg-shell of the aura. This breaking of radiation of egoism also will be spirit release. People as dungeon walls in which egoism the spirit keeps are strong and firm don't suspect. It would seem, both eats, and drinks, and the person at the will moves and is free, but the consciousness is closed on thousands locks, and the wingless thought stays about beget. It was already spoken how it is good to learn to fly about the world thought. But there are so much affairs personal, small which leash consciousness. Think and care of others well at least because the thought comes off its majesty of egoism, overcoming a paling of personal constructions. Concludes and releases thought. Let's act with thought. The knowledge says that life of the personality is limited to one embodiment, but the personality approves her and doesn't wish to be reconciled with it. Exit in transferring interests and aspirations personal to the sphere of the Immortal Triad, having replaced personal super personal and small – universal.
170. (M. A. Y.). Our way to Light we will continue, showing unprecedented persistence on the aspiration to the Lord. Yes! Yes! The unprecedented persistence is necessary to punch thickness of darkness of dense beds over Earth. Earth is shrouded in a gloom. Let's not be surprised to swelling and a darkness press. The dark pole of existence has to reveal all the forces before the light will approve the power. But on rage of darkness it is already possible to judge a judgment pole of the Light Hail. Whether before the end the darkness rages? To judgmented to be, and no efforts dark and henchmen them will be able to change the decision of Lords and the Great Plan; course of evolution of Cosmic. Its stream is directed in Boundlessness.
171. (Guru). The everyday gives great possibilities of the adoption of small undertakings that in time are fated to become great. Small, begun in an everyday and an everyday established and strengthened, grows and gradually turns into the big, - in its pledge and of the prosperity victory, and of the guarantee. It is necessary to show only persistence not to weaken and not to get tire in making.
172. (March 15). When are provided to itself, the Teacher is especially sharp-sighted. This Granting seems. The Teacher of one, without protection, when Can't leave space pumped activity of the dark. Terrestrial eyes aren't able to see many dangers. But the Teacher Sees. For success of protection it is necessary to keep inseparably and not to weaken communication. It is especially difficult, because the spatial chaos interferes in consciousness, and it seems then that the Teacher Left. It too Maya illusion, because the Teacher with you always. Many illusions of the three-dimensional world should be destroyed, before Proximity washing becomes really not separated for consciousness. All life is a fight against evidence of visibility for reality. Visibility of the dense world and visibility of the Thin World won't be coordinated with reality. Therefore We Speak about reality fiery, about reality of the Fiery World. Ancient prophecies of centuries-old prescription on it Show. Contrary to evidence obvious, the fiery eye begins to see clearly in the far future, knowing that it already took shape in not predicates spheres of space of other dimensions. We Live and we Work continued for the sake of implementation of this future. We have assistants, there is a lot of them; these troops of Light. It is possible to rise consciously in its ranks. Activity for the sake of the future stops neither at night nor in the afternoon. Great Making isn't interrupted. The consciousness can be active on all plans. The free will directs its energy to action. Works it is necessary endlessly and a set of spirits in need. Never hunger spiritual was so sharp. The thought of Light feeds space. Thoughts of Light serve as a food for thirsty and thirsting spirits. Cementation by thought of space isn't an inutile abstractness, but a most urgent need which is giving the chance to everyone wanting Light to concern it through spatial thought. Those who can think Clair radiant really are a benefactor mankind the thought. But who will believe, what even though hidden it is possible to help people. Consciously to help, it is necessary to know, it is necessary to believe in power of thought. We Act with thought. We to act with thought we Call and we Learn to do as it those who follow Us. We Act with the integrated thought with them, and with Us – they. So at association of consciousness’s Great Action is under construction.
173. (Guru). The set of thoughts is premised to completeness of cooperation. It is good when these thoughts are in harmony and don't contradict each other. But often happens on the contrary: one hand that another builds collapses, - contradiction and incompleteness from one nest. It is hard to say that from them is worse. Experience says that where discrepancy of thinking, there is near possibility of obsession. On this sign also you judge.
174. (March 16). The astrochemical moment of a planet is unusual. New energy already reached Earth. Concerning a human body, they cause to activity up to there the centers which were in a dozing condition, awakening all good and bad that is covered in consciousness of people. Not only the nature reacts to these influences, but also all live. Activity of forces dark increases with inflow of spatial energy, and Light camp is sated with force. Collision of polarity goes on all face of Earth. But while all light, good and creative, risen in the person, serves him for the benefit and the statement, all dark and evil destructions sated with forces, brings the device human into a condition a disbalance, to diseases, death, disintegration. Dark from a planet will leave. Those of energy, which strengthen and strengthen a camp of light forces, will turn back destruction energy, being refracted through the hearts going against Light. This process of self-damage can't be stopped any measures. Darkness self-decomposition is process, karmic inevitable; now, when division of mankind goes in the area of heart, influence of spatial energy especially powerfully on itself the consequences. The darkness raves, resorting to the most suffocating methods. Fury of darkness is the phenomenon very characteristic before its end. Yugi and the statement of Satia Yugi mark the end of Cali themselves New to Era when cleared from dark the planet will enter the period of powerful lifting of evolutionary currents.
175. (M. A. Y.). In the period of a press of spatial energy sensitive organisms strain respectively. Usually it is very painfully reflected on health because the planet is sick and a lot of poison is poured in its atmosphere human inwise and rage. At these moments extra care is necessary to avoid contact with a spatial infection. How many poison exhales dirty consciousness in space. It is necessary to be protected and keep a protecting network in a full order very much. It is necessary to hold the Teacher strong. It is necessary to be protected by all measures against an impact of darkness which very much strengthens at this time the activity. It is so much disease around, it is so much physical and mental disbalance, and it is so much misfortunes and grief. All strength of mind should be collected to sustain up to the end.
176. (Guru). The burden of the World of this bike, and Bowl of poison doesn't pass burning heart. It transmutation the fires surrounding gloom, - to heavy burning heart. Responsibility for Earth and for acts of people lays down on it intolerable burden. The patrol heart tied by the Silver Thread with Heart Great divides and feasibly helps It to bear the World Burden which was Taken by It on Itself. It is the highest aspect of cooperation with the Teacher of Light. And when it becomes already absolutely intolerable, thought that, perhaps, at this moment we help feasibly Great Heart, gives strength to pass through everything.
177. Advance of spirit consists in Agni's building and ability of overcoming of difficulties still big, than were earlier. Obstacles are given on barrel force, and their growth specifies that the spirit grows. And really, what advantage of if the person has nothing will exercise the forces? Wellbeing and silent and peaceful- calm life is death of spirit. Let's be glad to that is so difficult and obstacles are piled up, as mountains. And even diseases are given for overcoming. The first step is an overcoming of an illness in the spirit of, that is such condition of consciousness when the spirit isn't broken by an illness, doesn't submit to it. Not lose cheerfulness, balance and self-control. The second is a fight of a body against an illness when the will rises in defense of a physical cover, strengthening a protecting network and applying all methods acquired by experience for counteraction to a disease. Mental energy or Agni is panacea from all diseases. Karmic diseases give in to treatment more difficult, sacred pains almost don't give in, but temporary, flying and acquired recede under the influence of fiery energy. Before drugs, before doctors should be remembered Agni. Fiery-life-given will help both to doctors, and digestion of medicine. The human body, his body is a citadel, the fortress besieged from all directions by enemies in the form of the various pathogenic beginnings, physical and mental, and it is necessary to protect it in every way spirit and is constant, having called to the aid mental energy which like muscles grows only in application and will atrophy at inertness of consciousness.
178. (Guru). Everything that goes and to declaim-wrestle against Light, has to be revealed up to the end, under whatever masks it disappeared; now time of identification of faces. And in this case it is necessary to put a of the self-will in such conditions that he revealed itself till the end and, rising and going against our relatives, it was compelled or to obey to a final decision; or, without having recognized it and having rejected, is opened to become in opposition to us, and consequently, Hierarchy and the Lord.
179. (M. A. Y.). Not your fault and not ours that the person didn't pass test; coming nearer testing-trial. On test even Worlds. Also you know how Great Spirits were tempted even. But if your preventions were accepted to the execution, much would manage to be avoided. But someone remained is deaf and grew blind to your words.
180. (March 18). "Don't hope for sons human". It is impossible to put the consciousness in dependence on fluctuations and instability of astral covers at least and close people. Our way is solved and accidents of contact with them let don't reject from the accepted direction. At the ocean human there are a lot of waves, but the ship goes at a certain course to them contrary to.
181. As quality of tranquility is valuable. When it is combined in harmony with quality of tension, internal fires gain then special firmness. Instability of human moods very much influences quality of a flame. Therefore firmness of a flame is protected by will. The main thing is not to catch foreign moods. They are transferred extraordinary easily. At each contact of aura immediately enter interaction and are clarified or saddened respectively. Firmness of a protecting network serves as good protection. Each center of life and consciousness is individualized. Even elements of a periodic scale of Mendeleyev have pronounced identity depending on which properties they enter connection with other elements. Everything in the nature is individualized: maple, and birch, and oak, as well as each flower and blade. Many rise even against the term "identity", without giving itself the report that they actually rise against egoism, self-love, egoism and all pronounced negative properties of the human person. Shecspir, Tolstoy creativity is unique and individually, - Inimitable Bayron and Pushkin. We approve identity of creativity. True creativity is original and individually. The combination of fires of the inflaming centers of the person is unique. Parrots have no woken-up centers, have no identity, which in them is replaced by the personality The combination of fires of the inflaming centers of the person is unique. Parrots have no woken-up centers; have no identity, which in them is replaced by the personality small. And their thoughts and the word flow on a cliché, without lighting anybody and directing hopeless boredom. Identity guards gains of human spirit. Very much it is necessary to understand distinction between the personality and Identity. With death of the person the personality him dies, the passport and the identity card lose the validity, but Identity remains and consciously or unconsciously continues to live. And if the center of life of spirit was transferred to the Identity sphere still during lifetime in a body, transition to the World of spirits is made at full consciousness, without interrupting it. It also will be immortality of spirit.
182. (M. A. Y.). The consciousness having access to the Treasury of Spatial Thought, each thought as though concerns Boundlessness and can develop thoughts and expands out of usual restrictions. Whatever thought got into consciousness, following the direction put in it; it can be deepened and expanded. Consciousness enrichment goes this way. Often you are surprised, the infinite stream of thoughts from where flows. But the Teacher Told: coming to me not to thirst for ever. The source of Spatial Thought is inexhaustible. The one who found to It access is happy.
183. (M. A. Y.). The factor of human consciousness is that great unknown which is so difficult for considering at implementation of the Great Plan. Difficulty is mainly that the will is free. And if it is unstable and changeable, fluctuation* sets of will can make much unexpected changes to the general current of events. Therefore Satia of the South is immutable will come but where how and when is depends already on readiness of human consciousness’s and desire to apprehend Light; in its second difficulty of definition of terms. Space terms are immutable, but forms of the statement those on Earth refract through consciousnesses of sets. Even the best undertakings often darken ignorance. Light is given to the world, but its acceptance depends on the person

• Fluctuation – fluctuation (lat.) .
184.Inevitability of space terms causes inevitability of each person to reply on their influences, anyway towering spirit and changing, or, on the contrary, darkness and plunging into a gloom. Space terms caused great division of mankind on light and dark. Term is immutable, it can't be avoided or from it to evade, but the will is free to choose Light, or darkness and that to decide the fate on the future.
185. (March 20). You keep as on a fire. The mental charge of fiery power is stronger than rockets. A lot of things Stopped. We stop everything, dangerous to the world. We distract and Shatter energy of darkness. The mental filter is as a barrier to its actions. The mental filter is a muzzle for dark. There will be no war, but also the world won't be, I Won't come yet.
186. I showed understanding of complexity of psycho-spatial conditions of a planet. They are unusual. The main note is disbalance; in this key sound of the many consciousness’s. To catch this note – doesn't mean to adjust on a key a disbalance, but to find forces in itself not to obey to chaos influence. To go against the stream not so simply and easily as it seems. Bridge foundations are against a stream, on them and an emphasis. Towers of a high voltage maintain big loading. And, besides everything, round Light Focuses a special press the darkness impact also is especially strong. As also our Stronghold constantly is the purpose for enemy attacks. As and round you of enrages of darkness and a set of any attempts. But our Board is strong. Let's not give, not give shaggy hands to reach you. But not to avoid small blows, troubles and counteractions. Would destroy long ago, but hands are short. And claws can and be chopped off. I will protect, I Will protect, I Will protect.
187. With grimaces of spirit of friends especially be not afflicted. And they too reveal the essence. It is necessary to know, it is necessary to know, it is necessary to know properties of the nature human. Only this way it is possible to be armed for all occasions. From ignorance and unpreparedness many troubles occur. After all it is possible to be under a delusion not only darkness allure but also appearances of the approached. In certain cases even pod of salt it can appear insufficiently.
188. (M. A. Y.). Whether it is possible complain that lessons of life are so instructive, so useful and rich with the contents. Experience acquisition always demands energy expense. And when such opportunity it is given, necessary to rejoice only, - in it big wisdom. Not bitterness of experience, but the phenomenon of accumulation the looking for spirit rejoices. The bitterness will pass and will be forgotten, but experience remains with us. Not ready pupil is very much afflicted that so generously enriches his consciousness. But judgment approves the return. Only to think of how it will be joyful when time will come to share with Us pleasure about the saved-up Treasure. Carefully postpone for the experience shelf everything that so generously it is given you by life.
189. (M. A. Y.). Correctly you do, denying death. Certainly, the body dies. But after all body not spirit. It is necessary to think of release from a body with pleasure and understanding, seeking to take from life terrestrial all that experience which it can give. When this receiving is settled completely, we pass to the World Thin that and there get and deepen already experience elevated, - to study and here and there. Both dense, and astral, and mental the worlds – all this school for spirit. To study, study, study everywhere and always – let will be your motto.
190. (March 21.). The dream serves as a fine indicator of that, what to a thin condition are transferred terrestrial stratifications of spirit. The spirit has no age, in any case, in its usual understanding. The spirit has no age, in any case, in its usual understanding. But in a dream often see itself at that age in what there is a body. Flights in a dream are already overcoming of terrestrial restrictions of a body. As precisely it is necessary to introduce in consciousness that the spirit is free from the age qualification. The condition of a dream has to become a condition of freedom from habitual concepts about representation of dense existence. Gradually, but persistently also we will systematically exempt ourselves from terrestrial remnants, and the somnolence can serve as check of as far as we succeeded in this direction. Preparation process to with drawl to a dream becomes way of life. After the entire dream is a small death. Readiness to it of spirit and the correct approach give the chance to be big in readiness and for death. After a dream – awakening, that people call death, – life in the spirit of. It is necessary to reconsider essence of concept of death in a root. The death means transition from one condition in another, from dense in thin, but at all destruction. However, the personal consciousness goes out, but after a post mortal dream the spirit wakens to life within those opportunities which it determined to itself by the terrestrial embodiment. After all it is told clearly – the World Thin is perceived on consciousness. Really the dense world perceive as that differently, not on consciousness? Really Platon's world and the world of the drunkard debauchee not differ on their degree of consciousnesses so far from each other? Their laws in everything are identical, because both above, and below.
191. (M. A. Y.). The world theis and that are connected closely. This world is the world of the reasons. That World is the world of consequences. That is approved; it is accepted in consciousness or is connected here, will be connected there or limited to the same measure of understanding or actions. The knowledge of it allows claim that in thin will be thus approved in the form of logical consequences in a dense condition. The chain of consequences follows the person in his Elevated existence. It is necessary to distinguish, of course, conditions dense and conditions thin. In the world terrestrial the house, clothes and food are necessary. But even the clothes phenomenon in World Thin has already absolutely other aspect. There the person thought, consciously or unconsciously, invests himself that on a habit he puts on itself. The knowledge of laws of the Hidden World very much helps to be guided with new conditions. Even the term "Hidden World" is incorrect, because it not a see physical eye, but very see thin sight: it is colorful and various and richer with brightness of tones and shades, than the world terrestrial. For conscious stay in it also we will prepare themselves, for the present in a body. Late prepare before death as it is done by many. Preparation consists not in refusal of terrestrial life, but in cognition of life of both worlds.
192. (Guru). And you throw the bridge of communication with me through all borders of the worlds. Our communication is in the spirit of. And the spirit isn't limited by anything; therefore, of out proximity out dense and Thin worlds. This thought also goes on connection with us. The same thought you will destroy all barriers and terrestrial and Elevated stay. Act with thought because only the thought will transfer you through everything. It is a lot of persistence and courage it is necessary to approve reality in the face of evidence dense. Evidence, or visibility, the astral world is even more deceptive and changeable. There still it is necessary to show big hardness not to become puzzled or to get lost in phantasmagoria in its way. The strong consciousness is necessary in all worlds. The basis to it you will bring on Earth. You know to all contrary to that with you the Lord. You know despite the fact that people that we are close to you think and that communication with us is possible that became usual for you in an everyday dense. Here this understanding unusual to lives usual both go through life and you will reach us and the Lord because the going will reach.
193. (March 22). Spirit is the multistring harp, demanding a certain control. A lot of things depend on will, but not all. Artificial attempts don't help. What will help? Only, fullness of adjuration from itself and tradition the heart to the Lord, - but how to be released when there is so much round any affairs demanding the most breathless attention? It I Will answer: do anything, but only with Me. At association the affairs not compatible to aspiration to Light disappear. At a memory about Me heart fires constantly inflame. Together it is necessary to pass not only a terrestrial way, but also Elevated, and the second is defined by the first also. The majority doesn't go, and goes through life, without knowing, where and why. In it presents tragedy. There is nothing more hopelessly than senseless vegetation on a planet. Plans of people are short, and their interests are limited to limits of one life. Many don't think at all of the future, being content present. But the present is similar to an instant, and it is impossible to prolong even day further its limit. Try to hold a gratefulness of impressions them repetition. But repetition impressions become dull, and the astral ceases to react to them with former hunting. Pursuit of impressions to anything doesn't lead if there is no purpose. Only the understanding of sense of terrestrial existence gives a life justification, - without it is of death. Death in the spirit of is sorrowful that can comprehend the person. It about them, in the spirit of the dead, was told: provide dead to bury the dead persons, you follow Me.
194. (M. A. Y.). Follow for the Lord assumes, as actions, both acts, and thoughts correspond to the elected of a way. It is good to wonder, and more often, and whether my behavior with a goal is commensurable? Each incommensurable from it rejects. The deviation can become so great that not only will take away aside from the purpose, but also will return back. Dark and their servants are interested in an extinction of each focus of Light. The darkness is lovelier to their heart. Because and an impact on you constant that hearts sicken it fires. Because and an impact on you constant that hearts sicken it fires. Stinking heart doesn't suffer even sparkles of Light and aspires them go out. It is a lot of quenchers in the world, confronting against Light. No external differences, either names, or words, or recognitions human will hide from a patrol eye of the servant of darkness. Eyes of heart you look at them, which are covering and mistakes in definition won't be, and strong you hold us. When together, anybody to us isn't terrible, because for us the Lord.
195. (Guru.). Transitional time for sides two South is characteristic that, what a number of incessant and repeated efforts are required to hold the lamp in hands. It was simpler and easier earlier. One mighty action or feat sated spirit with Light energy for the rest of life. Now all is differently. Swelling of darkness is so great that the feat becomes long and constant. The chopped-off heads of a monster right there grow again, both again and again the spirit sword in this continuous fight rises. Forces in this fight it is possible to scoop only about Focus of Hierarchy of Light. Inviolability and indestructibility of spirit, on the one hand, and a perennial spring of Hierarchy of Light, with another, are pledge of a victory.
196. (Marh 23). All, that the person alone does all his thoughts for space not secret. Everything is visible and everything is imprinted. Ignorance thinks that something can be hidden from deeds or to conceal thoughts. But concerned Bases already understands how differ between itself visibility dense and visibility thin. And, besides Akasha's rolls, in the aura the person bears signs of last fulfillments. Aura clarification from spots and spirit ulcers – a task following Me. Often think: here I was cleared and succeeded. But it isn't so simple to uproot the evil. Roots can remain deeply under external stratifications and again give unexpected sprouts. Self-examination is necessary. If it seems that everything is well and thoughts anymore don't disturb, it is possible to check it on dreams. Dream sometimes more sincerely than wakefulness, and not gets rid properties, tendencies and desires itself of phenomenon in a dream.
197. (M. A. Y.). Let's be glad to that is given the chance to strengthen the steps conducting to Light in an everyday. For this purpose only life terrestrial also is given. But people differently think. And, thinking differently, chase everyone Maya created by their own imagination and aspirations the ghosts. It is interesting to take one hundred people from various corners of the globe and to note, as of kind these created by them, ghosts between it and as are similar on the essence, which name egoism. Egoism service, or self-service cult, is developed very widely. It is a cult of service to Maya. Know that will die; know that with death all their smart constructions on sand will end; know that can't prolong life in a body more long put, and still persistently cling to creations of the imagination in this infinite pursuit of ghosts. The doctrine doesn't deny this terrestrial life, but deepens it and explains its intimate sense. The doctrine doesn't demand refusal of it, but specifies a true place to each phenomenon in the general scheme of things. Live, learn sense and purpose of life; know that things terrestrial are necessary for Earth, but not further. And firmly acquire that all terrestrial, to a body inclusive, is given only for a while, but spirit – forever; in it and live, at the center put having life of spirit and in the spirit of.
198. (Gor). He will wait, and you meanwhile to prepare ourselves coming nearer to us in a shining armor of the achievements. Both we and you in relation to the Lord in identical situation – we should improve and in the spirit of grow endlessly. The end isn't present, as before us Boundlessness. Consciously we enter it, exempting the spirit from unnecessary heaps. The flower of spirit grows imperceptibly and when grows, everything borrows with itself and everything embraces so that to what not from spirit, the place already isn't present. On particles the happiness Treasure, Treasure of the Stone which is more valuable than all treasures terrestrial for found it gathers and collects.
199. (March 24). Friends if on this gala day of forces you don't find to postpone all worldly affairs and to concentrate warm thought on the major how you will overcome the distance separating from Us? And it is great, and our World from your world differs very much. You in your aspirations concern it. But it isn't enough to concern, it is necessary to keep in consciousness awe of this contact still. And waves of the everyday sea strong storm, muffling the noise and a roar everything that other-worldly; but I with you always, and who on Me approves the consciousness, that it is immutable will reach.
200. (M. A. Y.). Day of New Year we will celebrate as Day of new undertakings when it is possible to begin the affairs approved by consciousness. These undertakings – as seeds of the subsequent crops, which will sate with the shoots a field of a year harvest. Planning of life of consciousness is opposed to chaos, and commitment is erected by it in a rhythm of planned achievements. Process of planning is important extraordinary are milestones of a way. The grain put on a field of consciousness, won't die at everyday watering that is at stability of a rhythm. Force of the directed rhythm extremely, because aspiration is a key from all gate.
*201. (M. A. Y.). Pressing feeling in Memorable Day not from Light, but from the darkness which has surrounded and strong with aspiring go out fires of heart, open for Light. That darkness opposition should show big force. Watchtowers widely stand on planet spaces. The Ray of light of the Lord is sent them; certainly, they at the aspect by enemies. Yes burning Heart of Darkness surrounded, because behind it the Brotherhood and power of Hierarchy of Light won't be frightened. Who on patrol will be put by the Lord? Only the one who is devoted to It irrevocably? Not Trust, and Confidence, and the Guarantee in this patrol. Guarantee of the one Who Called. It was told: also I Will put the ways silent on a fork open for whirlwinds.
202. (Guru). It they, servants of darkness and sowers of swaying, send pressing thoughts at the moments of special value and expansion of new opportunities. Each rest of knowledge has the Threshold. Guards of the Threshold, gloom monster, protect it, interfering with the directed spirit to enter. Weak stops, enters contact with them and can even be late at the entrance, but strong, self-assured and Leading, fearlessly and quietly by goes, without giving them neither attention, nor the energy. Nothing can detain going together with the Lord.
203. (March 26). Both records, and phenomena, both material parcels, and letters – everything is based on compliance of consciousness. A lot of things also depend on a carried-out Assignment. Phenomena aren't necessary as don't succeed. Experience of last century visually illustrates that not ready consciousness can't be convinced by anything, and ready proofs it isn't necessary. Thus, need for a phenomenon disappears. And, besides, We Refused from miracles. The book markets are filled with waste paper, sometimes the very harmful. The present books, concerning an esoteric meet seldom. The value of these records is great. They are entirely got by our Doctrine. Therefore we will continue them with a former inflexible of a rhythm.
204. Perfect ear and possibility of absoluteness of all other feelings indicate the direction of the next purposes of evolution of the person. Armed with completely developed feelings, the incarnation can collect from a field terrestrial a plentiful harvest and to expand with that the creative abilities. Creativity is necessary for both worlds, and for Thin still it is, maybe, more necessary, than for dense. Dense constructions collapse time, thin – longer, fiery – forever. Creativity is approved and develops for the Fiery World. Creativity – destiny of the person in the worlds. Creativity – appointment of the person. It is fated to become people coauthor ship Ardent Logos. If to become the artist, it is required to pass many lives for development of vigilance and other necessary qualities, how many lives it is necessary to live to learn to create space! Absolute development of all feelings serves as preliminary steps to dense, thin, and fiery and space creativity of spirit. Space creativity is always fiery.
205. (M. A. Y.). Precept – you create love. Even in rough conditions of Earth creativity by love is the most perfect. Creativity by hatred will be its antipode. But last war showed what horrors, destructions and death are born with itself by creativity by hatred. Precept "You create love" it is creative and building at the heart of the. Love and hatred is two opposite forces operating in the world; according to them settle down poles Light and gloom, - attractions of that and another work powerfully. Meanwhile and another there is a mankind, strong attracted mainly to one of two. The attraction goes on compliance of essence of the person with essence of the attracting force. But as Light and darkness fight for mastering by human heart and as this fight happens in each person, and the attraction to poles of Light and darkness depends on results of this fight. Now this fight gains fatal character because the destiny of the person will depend on its results for all subsequent Era, the Era Light Fire. The planet will be cleared of dark and all generations of darkness. And the direction choice the person in darkness or to Light is at present decisive.
206. (Guru). We with love and care watch relatives our, fighting in the world terrestrial for the place at steps of the Ladder of Light. And to them we help in process of the valid need. Are perplexed sometimes why the help not appear at a rate of their wishes. But the way passed independently and without support, is more valuable and has a big merit, than made with the help and support from outside. Only strong spirits can go a self-feed. Very much we appreciate such self-feeds. And if it seems that one are left that the help desirable isn't present, – means, the Leader is confident in strength of mind following Him.
207. (March 27). All-planet fight between Light and the darkness, going everywhere on open spaces Earth; intense this fight and in microcosms human. Everyone reflects in itself a universal fire. It is deeply dramatic, this fights of two beginnings in the person between the highest and the lowest "I". Astral with all itself the century accumulation rises against Light inside and demands it. All subtleties of a temptation, allure and seduction are attracted with it, all on its party, inflated and strengthened by whirlwinds of the lower class. The generations of elements generated by their creator, the person, raise before it in all the force, blocking, covering and eclipsing a way it to Light. His free will becomes with it face to face and makes the choice deciding destiny of the person. Question all in, whether we win against spirit the accumulation or it is a winner. On change two South the solution of this question has extraordinary considerable consequences because the solver future is defined by this decision. The accumulation of the past making as though essence lowest "I" and concentrated in an astral, get the obvious, concrete forms attractive, calling, attracting consciousness to themselves, enveloping it themselves and absorbing it. It would seem that attractive in drug addiction, alcoholism, debauchery, but the addict reaches for a syringe, the alcoholic – for a bottle, and sexuality – for thoughts and actions corresponding. These attractions to defects clothe in extraordinary appeal seeming to people. Therefore we call the phenomena these allure, or seduction. For external, attracting their form is poison, prickles, sufferings and the power dark and darkness over consciousness. It is necessary to understand very much that the one that generated them, put force in these forms that they are strong force it, and its force, their generated, and they can be overcome and destroyed. "Generations of elements, I am not afraid of you, you can't block a way, Me foreordained", – the winner and fearlessly, resolutely speaks and safely enters with them fight. It doesn't give them the feelings, the thoughts, the aspiration. It to them faces fearlessly and speaks: "I won't go down". It is necessary to know that dark, crowding around, intentionally and skillfully inflate all lowest feelings, finding in a protective chain armor at least the slightest crack or break. And many spiteful eyes look and gloat over if it is possible to sadden, extinguish fires or to cause the gets rid desires which have fallen asleep or nearly to manifestation. We won't be extolled in pride that we already overcame everything. Let's better remember temptations sacred Antonia and we will understand, what even High Spirits aren't protected neither from darkness seductions, nor from severe check or tests. When shadows of last fulfillments arise before consciousness, it is necessary to remember that it they plunging once consciousness into ruin and damage, again want over it, already nowadays free, to approve the power and to subordinate him again to themselves. When the spirit keep separate from them also becomes from them aside when it understands that it not it, and its past, the lowest "I" show it the right to a domination, then it can collect forces and power of the risen spirit to go against them, approving the victory over generations of elements. Spontaneous shapes submit to fiery thought, spontaneous shapes incline and recede before the irrevocable decision to follow only on the way of Light. We Rejoice to a victory of the judgment winner overcoming force once it of caused to life of generations of elements. The victory over generations of elements on Earth when the person in a body, means a victory and serves as the guarantee of a victory over guards of the Threshold when spirit already released from a body meets them in Elevated. Each sphere of space has the guards. On the one hand, it everything that isn't overcome yet in the person and that prevents it to rise above, with another is the valid guards protecting an entrance or access to those layers where the spirit yet has no right to enter on quality of the radiations. With generations of elements and monsters of the Threshold of people can and has to fight. With the guards put by Hierarchy, fight is impossible because they are invested by the power from above that is from Hierarchy. And fight against these guards should be understood as fight with itself and release of from negative stratifications of the past. One incarnation of the spirit obviously feels strength of these guards and implicitly submits to their instructions or the order. Here no willfulness is impossible.
208. (M. A. Y.). It is correctly noticed that eyes on the Chosen Images change the expression. It shows that through the Image connection with Spirit on which Image the eye is turned is established. Certainly, observation, but, besides, and contact existence is necessary. Without contact the Image won't change. Thin supervision are difficult distinguishable. Inexperienced will tell: "It seemed to me". But having experience will note it as one more stay.
209. (M. A. Y.). The reality is that evidence is realized by consciousness, that is. Relevance is a reality, it that is actually irrespective of, it is realized by consciousness or not. The word "reality" to the place of reality becomes frequent and replaces it with itself: But if you want to be exact in expression, it is necessary to observe the above distinction.
210. (Guru). Show Teacher readiness because you know neither day, nor hour. But at the same time Warns against surprise. Surprise always unexpectedly. Readiness when it is combined with understanding of surprise, learn to feel that words mean: "Wait unexpectedly".
*211. (March 28). That the best thoughts and intentions in a dream scatter ashes is strange, and that in reality leaves absolutely indifferent, strong influences in a dream. It shows that the root of not gets rid feelings strong keeps in depths of consciousness and that it should be taken out day and to pull out everything up to the end. It is characteristic that not woken up consciousness strong holds it and if to give it will, it willingly will sweep back. But let the spear over a dragon, ready to strike it doesn't doze, hardly will it start coming to life, moving and again to lift the head. The persistence of an astral and his commitment to habitual manifestations are phenomenal. They don't know borders, I will hold. Many were carried away by it on tracks, in a chasm the leader. Compromises with it are impossible, connivance – too; only implicit submission without regrets, without memoirs and indulgence to his desires. It is good when the past isn't soiled by unworthy offenses and the imagination isn't polluted. Otherwise each mote should be taken out most. From time to time from storage of the past comes up in consciousness something which is subject to eradication. And then there comes the moment when thoughts again enter with it a combination and that strengthens and hold it, or the will sets to it the seal of a final decision and throws out litter finally. Can repeat that all this already gets rid that it isn't necessary that its power came to an end, and still somewhere in convolutions of the brain the desire of satisfaction of these aspirations is covered. The lie to itself is inadmissible. It is ridiculous to deceive itself. It is better to meet the enemy the person, to the person and to determine its force and the danger proceeding from it. If it starts overcoming and involving an astral in whirlwinds of former emotions, nevertheless it is possible to collect forces that to strike blow to the enemy. The enemy ancient, is cunning, resourceful and has masks under which hides the essence much. At first sends thoughts such under which external form it is difficult even to suspect something wrong. But experience of fight against the lowest nature will teach quality of recognition. Nothing can be suppressed, but to seize them and transmutation the lowest energy in higher and it is possible, and has to. Mastering isn't suppression. The pressure, the stronger and counteraction is stronger; but mastering presents itself a transmutation or energy transfer in the set direction from the lowest centers to the highest.
212. (M. A. Y.). Who didn't test tension of internal fight against, that doesn't go anywhere? It is very easy to slide back on the inclined plane. So the majority also arrives. But the chosen life knows both spirit struggles, and difficulty, and a victory. He doesn't know one – retreat back, in a gloom, in embraces dark.
213. (Guru). In difficult days personal experiences and emotions are whenever possible excluded completely. They simply aren't necessary. Without them it is simpler and easier. They aren't necessary and in work for the public good.
214. (March 29). I approve firmness of spirit as an advance basis, as a core of a spiral of the consciousness, directed in the future, as the granite rock against whirlwinds terrestrial and elevated, as protection against the evil, as an outline of a yarn of spirit.
215. (M. A. Y.). The person is a being fiery. The dense matter is hidden, or stiffened, fire. The concept of purity can be defined as the phenomenon of a purity of fires lit in effect of the person. We know two sorts of fires: fire creating and fire of eating. We know the phenomenon of light and black fires. Desire fires, rage fires, hatred fires, avidity fires, envy fires – all these examples of a version of black fires. It is a scale of a black flame. Devotion, courage, solemnity and all other light qualities of spirit represent itself light Agni's scale. Process of clarification of consciousness consists in a transmutation of fires of a microcosm and replacement of the lowest fires with the highest. Only transformation of the person and replacement of heavy and dense particles of his covers lighter, easy and flying happens this way. The thin body can't fly up, being saturated heavy, smoking particles of a matter entering into its structure. Clarification of covers causes freedom of spirit.
216. Permeability of a dense and thin matter is property which is acquired and accustoms consciousness only by experience. For a fiery body there are no impenetrable layers of a matter. For mental permeability is less. For astral obstacles it is already much bigger, and more all – for a body dense. At approach to the Sun of a cover simply burn down and only the high-issued fiery body can come nearer to it. Without speaking already about all other bodies, both a fiery body, and mental – are material. Out of a matter doesn't exist at all and there can't be anything cognizable the person. Material everything, even though because also it can be visible. Property of permeability is based that thinner type of a matter gets denser. The electricity freely passes through the conductor, but doesn't take place in nonconductors. As and for thought some substances possess properties to condense it while others accumulate with great difficulty. So, for example, wax, water, milk it is easy are sated mental energy. Honey, the wood pitches, some oils, especially pink and eucalyptus, represent itself the substance sated with it. They easily absorb and keep in itself fiery energy. Fiery energy is closely connected with property of permeability. Not any astral body can pass through a wall and not everyone – to rise up. Ability of penetration through a dense matter depends on a cover saturation fire and on extent of its clarification that is quality of fires of spirit. Clarification isn't clerical concept, but almost vital because ability of permeability of a matter and its various layers depends on degree (a purity or) purity and force of fires of a microcosm of human and their tension. Appeals to church virtue are deprived of the basis and logicians therefore don't convince already anybody and attract nobody, but quality of spirit and cleared, or light, to Agni are insistently necessary for free and conscious manifestation of spirit in the conductors cleared by it on the corresponding plans of space. Purity is a condition of freedom of action of spirit in space.
217. (March 30). If unpleasant and counteracting conditions couldn't avert from the Way as far as facilitate its favorable and conformable to aspirations of spirit. There are space spheres where terrestrial gravitations anymore don't work. There the spirit from a condition of incessant fight can have a rest. It won't be rest, but accumulation of forces for new lifting and advance. After all long ago it is already told that the Kingdom of Light undertakes force. Many think that it not so, or don't think at all of it anything. They are ready to work by the sweat of the brow for the sake of terrestrial achievements, either conveniences, or money, but don't want to work over the improvement, believing thus that works for terrestrial wellbeing deserve that to be engaged in them, but spirit works for the sake of what isn't present on Earth, – to anything. But life terrestrial comes to an end, the spirit released from a body enters the World Thin, conditions, strong excellent from terrestrial, enters absolutely not prepared for them. And as spirit life on Earth came to naught zero and about expansion and enrichment of consciousness of care wasn't applied, the beggar the person enters a kingdom of spirit and to live there he has nothing. And terrestrial there is nothing, except terrestrial remnants which are similar to weights pod, attached to feet. Many so burdened themselves terrestrial remnants that continue to roll heavy in them, surrounded with ghosts or a peel of the former terrestrial environment. These are not free spirits, or the connected souls. Freedom of movement in the Thin World is available not to all. It is necessary to take care of posthumous existence which is longer, than life in a dense body in advance.
218. (M. A. Y.). You thought ever that the aromatic aspect of the Universe tells to each person special, peculiar to it, a smell which is as individual at various people as also their persons. The right, dogs understand it better. Animal, wild animals, live in peace smells much more stoutly, than people. For them the area of smells represents itself very extensive world. Sensitivity of bees to aromas is phenomenal. It is possible to claim that not only each person has the special smell, but each its experience, emotion, feeling and even thought. Yes, yes, thoughts have everyone the aroma or a stench, as well as all sense-knowledge of the person. Pure spirits smell sweet and stink wallowed in defects. Division of people into the dirty and pure has under itself the basis. Especially sharply it is determined by smells. Distinguished sense of smell can feel good or evil approach at a great distance. The absolute feeling of sense of smell helps his owner to understand the nature of essence coming nearer to it unmistakably. Energy of good or the evil, light or darkness possesses the aromas. The good smells sweet, and the lower class of the Thin World to differ smells. The stench of the lower class, stench of decomposition is awful. The decaying consciousness even in a body terrestrial infects the body with a stench. Gluttony, alcoholism, and smoking – everything has the specific smells. Aroma or stench of the person is his integral passport which remains at him and after the passport terrestrial becomes absolutely not necessary. Certainly, each disease is accompanied by the smell. It was already spoken; all types of a matter have the aroma. You know how copper or iron smells. But it is rough manifestations. The aromatic aspect of the shown world embraces itself everything existing in it. This area is very extensive, so extensive, as well as the world of paints, sounds or the world of forms.
219. (Guru). Correctly felt the Boundlessness contact in attempt to touch on the issues concerning the nature of things. Each question can be opened or shined only partly, only with one or on the other hand. It is possible to go deep into everyone infinitely and still not to settle it completely. Also business is and with aromatic aspect of the Universe. It is possible to write on this subject the whole volumes and still not to settle that represents itself only one side, only one of aspects of Boundlessness, possibility of cognition, or studying which has no end.
220. (March 31). Readiness means as well that the spirit prepared itself for all surprises and vicissitudes of life or its smiles and can meet them, without breaking balance. Thus, readiness and balance are connected close. As well adaptability of consciousness to all and any living conditions allows holding the necessary condition of spirit. In the analysis of qualities it is interesting to note that the understanding of each of them starts going deep and extending. In the analysis of qualities it is interesting to note that the understanding of each of them starts going deep and extending. Improvement of feelings to degree of their absoluteness speaks about that, as qualities can grow infinitely. And after all qualities are fires growing in a microcosm, spirit fires. Growth of fires of a microcosm knows no limit also limits. Growth of fiery aura, say, Planetary Spirit, the radiations covers huge spheres. From the Stronghold Hands are given and Beams flow. What Beams? Then and whom these Emanations of Light, on what distances are radiated? In Boundlessness it is possible to imagine Emanations Ardent Logos! As above, so and below; the future of the person is traced in stars, - prospects of the Great Way fiery, Clair-radiant and light full. Appointment of the person on Earth and in the Worlds is high.
221. (M. A. Y.). As well our proximity in space of time can grow and go deep. Paloria yet the end, but only the beginning of life of the consciousness’s merged forever in the aspiration to Light. Condition one – to hold and keep fire of the heart seeking for the highest expression of life. Understand – refusal isn't present if moves aspiration Light. Now consider that all opportunities are open for the directed spirit, are open more than ever, open on all parties both to Light spheres, and in the field of a gloom. Therefore also dangers increased respectively. It is so much gloom around and so many falling! Polarity of life is shown in it. The more opportunities to Light to rise, it are more than dangers in a chasm to fall. Rescue is promised to all who follows the Lord. Light and darkness fight for prevalence in soul human strong.
222. (Guru). Aspiration, having reached known degree of intensity, becomes fiery. Fiery it is called because overcomes all obstacles of the dense world or elements. Fiery elements are the highest, the thinnest and the most powerful. The aspiration which has become spontaneously fiery, any more doesn't know barriers which the spirit armed with it couldn't overcome. It is possible to be glad when growth of a fiery of an organism is felt. It is shown in many very characteristic details. Mastering by the fires assumes ability to direct them and to direct by order of will. Fiery defeat of some centers, and especially the lowest, happens from inability to own the fires. Fire of the centers is one of special dangers of Fiery Yoga.
223. (Apr. 1). Terrestrial is terrestrial, and the highest is to the Highest. It should be understood so that in living conditions usual it is necessary to give it that she demands from the person. The person has a debt to the Homeland, a family, to the body on which it is necessary to feed, dress and put, and many other duties are a sphere of terrestrial obligations. But life of spirit has the, terrestrial obligations, temporary. The debt of the person in relation to his spirit on the value exceeds all the rest. But the care of spirit forces to be honest performed by the debt to the Homeland, a family and people. It is impossible to break this debt, without having caused damage to the spirit. Both in big, and in small the debt remains long in everything. Temporariness of duties terrestrial at all doesn't mean that they can be neglected. But distinction between obligations to the spirit and the outside world nevertheless should be known and unmistakably to understand essence and that and others.
224. (Guru). Depth of events is not on a surface. Their essence can be concerned if to find forces to come off a life surface. The most considerable events in the history of a planet usually pass by attention of people.
225. (Apr. 2). Each of ability and each quality of spirit of people can develop infinitely. Perfect ear isn't the end, but only the beginning of development of ability of use of this ability in the field of creativity. The sound aspect of Space is boundless, as well as Space. Perfect ear is necessary for creativity. Music of spheres is a product of space creativity. Everything in the Nature has the note, or a sound key. Each crystal sounds, and everyone in own way. All metals and all elements of a chemical scale of Mendeleyev differ with the sound tonality. Each blade sound and each flower in own way. The blossoming apple-tree is a symphony of triumphing life. Mater Agni Yogi saw a tree planted by it in the Thin World. It is possible to put and flowers. Each flower of the Thin World too sounds. At perfection of creative ability of reason of the person the hearing has to be absolute. It isn't enough to be able to reproduce a the heard melody or a sound, it is necessary still, besides reproductive acoustical ability, to develop ability creative, ability to create sounds. To create the usual musical symphony is one, to create symphonies Space, sounding in space, is another, but to create by means of harmoniously combined sounds, using a sound vibration key of elements attracted to creativity, to create new forms are will be already creativity by the highest for which absolute quality of feelings and knowledge of laws of harmony, number and proportions are necessary. The founder of a planet Knows them, Ardent Logos them Know, Planetary Spirits Know them, and all – in degree different, because as It is told earlier, a star from a star let; get; in glory. In the simple phrase available to some extent to understanding of people of that time, the deepest Law of possibility of growth of human spirit to steps of the highest is expressed. So already consciously it is possible to believe the beginning of a new impulse to development of the qualities most sounding to consciousness, properties and abilities of spirit, knowing that the huge tree grows from small grain and that small undertaking can become over time big and great. About value of small undertakings It was already spoken, it is necessary to apply this knowledge practically to improvement of the device. Instructions will be in due time given, but improvement the free will moves.
226. (Guru). And it is possible to reach the Teacher only on Earth. Not in empirey * transcendental, but in an everyday dense, among life usual and ordinary people, finds going courage, courage and a plainness to approve singularity, and among affairs final and short – to begin and continue Great Making of undertakings already enduring, already attracted and directed in the Future, far beyond this terrestrial embodiment. The maker put short and temporary remains with them. The maker of Great Making will direct behind it in Boundlessness, stretching a life thread in the future which doesn't have the end, and as that approving eternal in passing, that is immortality of the spirit.
2. __________
• Empirey – a height, height (Greek).
227. (Apr. 3). (M. A. Y.). . If to sweep aside all words which are heated up round the phenomenon, and to take only its essence, it will appear that the concept of Light unites all the best, all sublime, all courageous and self-sacrificing, under whatever external forms or names they disappeared. It helps to understand and unite, apparently, unjoin able phenomena, as well as their participants. It is necessary to learn to look over appearance and over words. So, concepts of a feat and heroes remain invariable in time. And whether everything is equal, who as well as where makes a self-rejection act. Association of mankind will go not on external signs, but on essence, and then nowadays the disconnected will unite in a single whole already on internal properties and features. And the person with light radiations will give a hand to other, same carrier of light aura, as though he called it (himself) and where it was, and whatever color there was his skin.
228. (Guru). If to accept new difference and division of people only on a treatment of light and shade, the barriers nowadays separating even close consciousness’s from each other at once will disappear. And then there are light people, both dark, and being pushed still in the middle. But these last will remain less and less because poles of Light and darkness work powerfully, attracting in the orbit of the all that haven't yet decided the destiny. Nor names, nor a nationality, wealth, or poverty and all other labels pasted on by people, won't have any more any value. If the person is dark, as though he called itself, he is in a darkness camp. If its aura is light, he is a soldier Light, or supporter Forges Light. So one more veil an unreasonable and misunderstandings will be removed from human eyes.
229. (Apr. 4). Here your time will come also, and you will incur to people the saved-up riches to share and with them. Not for them one treasure gathered and collected. And the need is great and going many. At the right time there will be crops. While we will continue collecting that a generous hand it was possible to distribute. The generosity doesn't mean an incommensurability and irresponsibility of distribution. It is necessary to distribute wisely.
230. Correctly you note a special press of world events, of course, it with an ulterior motive. Spatial terms dictate to mankind the will. About constancy of readiness I Warned. It is necessary to be in readiness to leave everything that free from burdening by terrestrial cares to reply with all consciousness, all heart on Call.
231. (M. A. Y.). Let's be mindful of reality of each action in the spirit of, considering its consequences and understanding responsibility for it. Consequences often aren't visible to an eye, but they are always conformable to the reason, - so, not difficult their nobility. Constancy of a rhythm generates also inalterability of consequences. The master of fate will make special efforts and diligence that the statement of desirable consequences went by inalterability.
232. (Apr. 5). Width and scope of the Doctrine of Life are that that can satisfy each consciousness directed to Light. Not everything can be given out on printing pages. Intimate isn't given. The secret knowledge is handed down. Besides, provisions of the Doctrine represent themselves as though a basting, or the beginning which can be developed in the directions, conformable to spirit. The doctrine represents itself aspect of Boundlessness, and Boundlessness can't be limited to anything. The narrow track of life leads to space ways. A lot of things are told between lines, and sensitive heart perceives freely. Therefore in the presence of aspiration the Doctrine can be read many times and each time to find something new. The consciousness grows, the understanding extends, and that remained unnoticed earlier, any more doesn't pass by; different moods, different o'clock in the morning, evenings and give day different lighting. And when the Doctrine is read decades, the point of view changes, shining on the other hand that seemed well-known. Spiral reading, that is reading books of the Doctrine in a consecutive order, allows consciousness to extend in lawful sequence and gives much more, than reading chaotic. It isn't forbidden to take at such reading in addition one more, the most sounding at present, the book of the Doctrine and to take from it that is strongest and long it is fixed in consciousness and that remains with the person when he will be exempted from a body. Consolation in that access to storages of knowledge is possible and in World Aboveground. Access to knowledge is open for wanting it.
233. (M. A. Y.). Readiness is high quality of spirit. It includes both to go readiness, and protection against defeat by the surprise paralyzing activity of the centers, and determination on the chosen way all the way, despite everything. It covers in herself also courage is quiet and in balance full to meet life and storm waves terrestrial and to wait expect unexpected unexpectedness of Call. That readiness to show to answer Call, it is necessary to leave everything, probably corporally, but the main thing, in the spirit of and free to direct to Called. Readiness – quality difficult, demanding besides and long studying and acquaintance to the Life Doctrine. Fully equipped with readiness and knowledge it is necessary to meet Call. The field of future work is great, and so a little armed with knowledge of the Doctrine of Life of consciousnesses.
234. (Guru). The image is the visible intermediary for Communication with That Who is depicted on the Image. Even the usual photograph when watching on it connects looking to the original. For the statement of hidden threads of communication visible subjects are necessary. Subjects, besides images, can promote contact.
235. (M. A. Y.). Certainly, without pink glasses it is better, but also black it isn't necessary to replace them. Condition without that and others we will call justice. Justice of judgment is reached in the absence of personal interest. The personal point of view – the most wrong. Best of all look at things from the point of view of General Welfare. Well or badly not that it is good or bad to Me, but General Welfare, that is Business of the Lord. With this measure also we will approach to judgment about people, affairs and things.
236. (Guru). We see before themselves not people, and the wrong idea of them. Bias of judgment generates mistakes. It is best of all to look even at the familiar person as though for the first time. The first impressions usually don't deceive because they didn't manage to acquire preconception ideas yet. And we will learn to define a condition of the person, looking at it as though for the first time, as though from outside, having departed from myself.
237. (Apr. 7). In the analysis of events we will consider the main directions on which there is an Evolution. The first is a release of the people from all types of slavery; the second – the statement of new consciousness; the third – cooperation international; the fourth – a brotherhood of the people, fading and aging of the old world; the fifth – promotion of women; the sixth – the statement of the Homeland your Leading Country; the seventh – a threshold of a new step of transformation of the world. The final victory is behind everything that follows the New World. Events hurry, and only the consciousness notes, what even yesterday was as if not yesterday, and once very long ago. This feeling fast change of the phenomena differs. Not on a newspaper leaf, but only in heart depth is noted them. And heart hardly maintains their press. The principle of acceleration is in operation. The consciousness not always is in time behind it; separation of relatives on a face of Earth not casually, but before association. The main direction – approach to Hierarchy of Light. It’s Beams – as beacon beams in a gloom of a dark and stormy night. It is impossible to lose the Beam leading for an instant; differently it is easy to go off-course. Waves of a surf of thoughts break about a ship board, but don't stop run it on the Beam. On all events it is possible to look as at quickly flashing road types towards to the rushing car or even the plane – all remain behind. To stop on them and to tie to them consciousness doesn't make sense exactly thanks to speed of their flashing. The stronghold remains steadily in a look as the far purpose. It doesn't flash; it strongly costs the Towers on the rocky basis; in its essence of all evolutionary aspirations of mankind, - in it is all.
238. (M. A. Y.). Sufferings, difficulties, troubles and chagrin develop in a being of the person the certain substance, which nature closest to define as fiery-bearer. The human body possesses ability to generate anti-toxins as counteraction against poisoning or diseases. Something similar is developed and in human heart as force of opposition to poisoning with poison terrestrial. Terrestrial each Carrier of Light should enjoy a bowl of poison, but not for poisoning with it. On the contrary, the most poisonous phenomena cause fires of the most wonderful coloring from heart depths. So, heart of the Carrier of Light becomes a great transmutation of the poisoned emanations of the evil. The terrestrial way of the heart which has learned Light because twilight of the dense world is antagonistic to it is heavy. You look, life of Spirits High, and Spirits Great, and everything that the consciousness rose above the ordinary, a cliché and conventions of the time how was difficult. Sufferings, difficulties and burden of a burden terrestrial are destiny of burning heart. Fire doesn't suffer decay. Fire – the creator of new forms of life and the destroyer old. Replacement old the new is the law of Evolution real. At all times, which were, will be and is, the Teacher Is the statement of the New World which goes on change to the old. On the verge of two South this process gets especially sharp forms because Evolution fiery directs in the future, crumpled everything interfering it. Time great, great changes and shifts, can't be usual. The essence of the Space moment of a planet should be understood heart.
239. (Guru). If fairly and passionlessly to weigh on scales all that wealth of experience which is acquired thanks to troubles, to chagrin and the sufferings, seeming unnecessary, undeserved and even severe, it will appear that the most valuable accumulation of consciousness received through them, much more exceed that, through what it was necessary to pass for the sake of these acquisitions. Certainly, only the promoted consciousness can correctly make this assessment. Usual – will prefer irresponsibility of wellbeing of the life which is carefree happy. But the pupil knows that consciously chose a way other, a way of the soldier of spirit, a way of works, both deprivations, and incessant fight for the statement of Light. In process of advance on these way complaints, complaint and discontent disappear; fire of spirit burns darkness and in itself and around. The apprenticeship way is difficult.
240. (Apr. 8). Not gets rid feelings show from time to time the activity in consciousness. That was made once, is live in memory and reminds of itself. As guards of the Threshold, cost the memoirs given shapes, thoughts and images of last fulfillments, blocking a further way to Light. Release from them is possible only a gets rid method when like the thrown and forgotten habit which has been completely won, they already more don't disturb and have no attractive force. Many can't leave a habit to smoke. But it is possible to overcome it nevertheless to such an extent that more to it any more didn't pull in a dream, in reality. Therefore, and all other not gets rid is won in the same way. With needs of nature of an organism it is more difficult. Hunger can't be destroyed when the person is deprived of food, but the power over this feeling possibly to approve nevertheless. It is important to establish control that nor thoughts, nor actions weren't made besides will. How to eliminate appeal and aspiration to satisfaction of desires? Only control over them. Without a pleasure of will it isn't allowed anything. Weak makes offenses contrary to will, they dominate over it, and against them it is powerless. Strong even offenses and connivance makes from a will pleasure. Both in bad and in good it is imperious over that does. Better wrong, but strong-willed act, than good lack of will. You know about the feats made by robbers. But we Do not know examples that the weak-willed pettiness could become the pupil. Therefore on education of the will we Pay special attention. The will is approved in fight. While there is a fight and counteraction to the undesirable influences from everywhere going, danger isn't present Danger arises when hands when wants to stop spirit struggle when there is a desire powerlessly to be given on will of external influences or whirlwinds astral fall. Strength of mind and will power is in awareness of inviolability of the fiery grain. It is eternal. Spirit outgrowths temporarily also are destroyed by will. It is necessary to find force directly to tell past generations: Me am not afraid of you, I generated you, Me and will kill, not the slave I to you, but mister and the lord. To anything, to anybody, never, under no circumstances it is impossible to give the authorities over the spirit. Even the highest extent of merge to the Lord isn't submission and refusal of a free will, but association, voluntary and free, the will with Will Highest. Devotion, love to the Highest Shape isn't lack of will, but, on the contrary, the highest, fiery tension of all strength of mind which is expressing in a number of strong-willed and purposeful actions. The free will of the person is the highest prerogative of spirit. The person, will deprived, – anything.
241. (M. A. Y.). "There is a Prince of this world and has in Me no anything", is a fiery formula of the spirit cleared from are nasty terrestrial and the evil not having in elements. Evil vibrations only then can influence the person when they have in him at least slightest with what they can accord; in it great value and sense of clarification of consciousness from darkness elements in all its types and manifestations. The attractive power of the evil loses the power over the person who couldn't reply it. Gets rid, but not suppression of not gets rid feelings, means release from the outgrowths of spirit attracting to conformable it elements of darkness from surrounding space. To bring together in itself Agni, that consonance to space fire; to collect in itself Light, that accord Light Sphere Highest; to collect in itself Beauty elements, that accord to its full-string, – here Arhat's task. Fight for Light is narrow, deep, intense and to a clear victory. To win is an obligation of spirit to and to the Lord. Who is Waited by Him to meet? Winner.
242. (Guru). Dark whispers are very active. Light to extinguish the purpose of their activity. Let's listen that they whisper, and we will look that will turn out if to agree with them. Let's say that the Lord Left. Let's say that your imperfections don't grant the right to proximity and approach to Us. Let's say that the Help isn't present and won't be that all this only self-deception. Let’s say that the loneliness and heavy living conditions are a result of yours let; get; let’s say I say that all these thoughts sent by rage of dark rack, you surrounded, are correct. What conclusion from them? Recognize the worthlessness, to agree with them and to plunge into embraces of darkness and to be given it to the power? So, whether that? The analysis shows that all this is sent dark to cut from us and the Lord. Inexperienced can give in, but the one who knows that with us the Lord always and never leaves while it is recognized, that will answer all shifts of darkness: "Chasm spawns, I am not afraid of you, you can't stop my way, because with Me the Lord".
243. (Apr. 9). It is necessary to understand even more deeply that the Caesarian – to the Caesar and God's – to God, that is terrestrial – terrestrial, and the highest – to the Highest and spiritual – spiritual. Not the form, but essence of ancient sayings and Precepts has to be comprehended in the spirit of. From modern concepts, words and the phenomena the surface, but their internal contents undertakes not. Otherwise the dark fanatic, both the obscurantist, and the obvious attendant of forces of a gloom, opponent Light and General Welfare, can be accepted for light spirit if he goes on words from the Scriptuses, or to be covered with the various names which are externally veiling its essence. Deception suffices. The new World will reveal faces of opponents of Light, from where they crept. Time of Great Division is time of disclosure of true faces. Everything will reveal the valid shape: both good and bad, both kind and angry, both Sons of Light and attendants of darkness.
244. Consciousness filling by me will be in the shortest way approximations to Light, -distract be all. Dark strong will begin to seek to distract all measures, in all ways, all allure. Will inflate and ignite interest to anything if only to distract attention from the major. Dangers aren't present if everything that you do, you do together with Me, from Me not separated that I and mine, instead of something another in consciousness took priority. The Teacher a place in a forward corner understands as a symbol of granting the first place to It in consciousness. Chair – the reminder is simple. Even knowing often is burdened with vanity. And the memory about the most necessary recedes on a background. But when with Me and in morning thoughts, both behind a meal, and behind work, big or small, – whether everything is equal, – then it is possible to hold a unification. Now it is especially difficult because, there are a lot of whirlwinds in space and a lot of poison.
245. (M. A. Y.). The house Father and there I wait for you. The house Father is in space. Stronghold is only its terrestrial expression. It three it is uniform, that is raises an indestructible Stronghold in all three worlds above. It is necessary to realize need and value of the Monastery of Light for space because the space is a great Bosom, everything containing. "Everything" means both Light spheres, and the gloom sphere. Not knowing where goes and to whom, and why, can come into an orbit of an attraction of a chasm. Stronghold in World Aboveground– as a beacon for travelers of Light, on the Beam it is possible to move easily in the direction to Focus. Concept of the Native home we will expand and we will deepen. Much that it is necessary undergo out of its walls. But that it becomes more valuable sense of its intimate value. It is a magnet attracting to being in wandering of spirits. Parable about the prodigal son is not the beautiful fairy tale, but reality of all worlds.
246. (Guru). Puts of three-measured of terrestrial consciousness very much disturb spatial work. They should be destroyed. Range and proximity are measured in the world of thoughts not by kilometers and distances of value have no. And terrestrial habits of thinking constantly put barriers, believing terrestrial spaces dividing those who is closer to you, is much closer, than the people living behind a wall, or whom life forces to face temporarily. The second obstacle is time. Believe that if something was long ago, say, years ten or twenty back, this interval and separates us from something or someone. Meanwhile, as all this exists nowadays and here, and time barriers no more as illusion of terrestrial mind. That was once, exists in space and obviously influences consciousness and thoughts, if it mattered in spirit life. The past exists always in the present. It is possible even to see it. Especially rough and strong experiences of the person continue to sound for him and after his arrival to the World of spirits, showing for it reality of that the past is that it exists nowadays and here and is closed from the corporal person only by density and roughness of his sense organs.
247. (Guru). Think of everything; independently understand everything, without relying at all in anything on reasoning’s or opinions of strangers or casual people. Knowing the Doctrine and the Plan of Lords, you have the right to independent and independent thinking.
248. (Apr. 10). Purpose of evolution of spirit – approve the fiery nature and to collect in itself Fire Lightful. For this purpose also life on Earth and in the Worlds is given to the person. At first it is necessary to recognize that the person is a being fiery and then already to start Agni's accumulation. Squandering will be an antipode of accumulation. On spendthrifts it is possible to understand how precious power is thoughtlessly and criminally spent. Agni's embodied, chiseled stock, and is an empty cover. Fire is wasted by acts, feelings and thoughts and collects them. Therefore, forms of activity of the person, physical, astral and mental will be stores. First of all it is necessary to know that wastes and that saves up Agni's mental energy. Despondency, for example, the ardent spendthrift, is as if the open crane of the tank with water or the boiler. Cheerfulness is a despondency antipode, and courage is fear. It is so possible see all couples of opposite qualities of spirit, that unmistakably the nobility of spendthrifts Agni. Merits of spirit are containers lit in a microcosm of the person of fires. Qualities of spirit and action of the person are inseparable from each other. Qualities come to light in actions, as well as thought, because thought, quality and action – a chain of one structure because are sated with the same fire. The integrity of this chain has special value. The monolith of spirit depends on unity of thought, quality and action. The house divided in, won't resist against whirlwinds terrestrial and elevated. The cleared Agni's value is in its solidity. Solidity means not monotone and monotony, but harmony of combinations of all tones of a fiery scale of Great Aum who is coming to light in the psycho-spiritual device of the person. Agni's harmony gives Light, Light of aura radiations. The person is a magnet lightful. The person radiates every instant from himself emanations of energy which are products either light, or dark fires. Process of accumulation of light Agni demands conditions of control and continuous patrol over thought, feelings and acts. Agni, who is so imperceptible in life terrestrial, becomes a decisive condition in life elevated because freedom of spirit and freedom of its movements and flights there entirely depend on the saved-up Agni's number. Here the spendthrift of the fires can use any kind of transport, but there everything depends on Agni, because it – the spirit engine in space. Time and the work devoted to accumulation of lightful, fiery energy of spirit, is thousand fold will reward the person both on Earth, and in the Worlds.
249. (M. A. Y.). Light Christ's Revival, besides everything, is a great symbol of transformation of spirit and revival, and its revival to life eternal, to awareness of his immortality in all covers which invest it. For the sake of the statement of this idea in minds human the Great Victim Made the feat terrestrial. The way to people to Light was shown, and steps in the centuries which continuation isn't finished and until now because there is them no end though construction them goes tensely are put. The doctrine of Life nowadays given is the culmination of that was put two thousand years ago. Not denial, but continuation of construction of steps of a great Ladder of Light in Boundlessness Real.
250. (Guru). Let's note and we are these Great Days a memory about for the sake of what this sacred all-planetary Action came true. Evolution of terrestrial mankind is noted by milestones. They mark themselves inalterability of Space terms. Terms are caused by stars. The history of Earth is imprinted in Akashi’s rolls. The space Will direct a current of stars. The highest coherence on a planet consists in understanding of Space Tracings and following to their instructions. To execute the Highest Will – means to follow the course of Evolution. Executing the Highest Will is directed by a stream of evolution of mankind according to the step of development reached by it, both space conditions, and the astrological moment of a planet.
251. (Apr. 11). Майтрейя everything Wants to accelerate. The century Maitreya means a century of acceleration. Unless you don't notice how it was accelerated life. On what years, months, days earlier were required, is made nowadays many times quicker; also accelerated and the current of thoughts. In a day it is possible to live year – events are so heated up. And it is possible to fly about Earth in few hours. It already speed space. And supersonic speed became already usual. That occurs on one end of the Globe, for only a few seconds becomes property of all planets. All these facts – approach steps speeds and tension of Spheres of the Highest. Certainly, calculating machines advance brain stir, but the fiery consciousness advances electronics. Besides cars "think" in the directions put in them, but the fiery thinking isn't limited to this framework. Even these cars are created by creative efforts of usual consciousness. The car can't create over that is enclosed in it by the person. Evolution purpose is exempt the person from any cars and to replace them with opportunities of the human device. You imagine what huge efforts and works should be put to send the spaceship with people to Venus. But in a body mental it is possible to visit it without any mechanical constructions and the ships. Flights of a thin body it is much simpler, than in planes. However, this simplicity is relative. Besides, all mechanisms are destroyed in time whereas the fiery device of spirit we don't destroy neither life, nor death. I don’t deny usefulness of the car, but I Approve advantage of spirit, believing that improvement of its fiery equipment will be rational use of mental energy of the person. I won’t be tired to repeat about usefulness and value of small undertakings. In a pursuit of the big it is often missed small and it isn't realized neither that nor another. And how reach big if not to begin with the small. When mastering by covers value of small undertakings hugely. Covers were made out during the huge period of time. Their purpose –serve the person and to be conductors of his consciousness.
252. (Apr. 12). The pleasure of a victory can become the unceasing joyful song of spirit, the song of constant victories. Why a concession to crafty hands, why defeat or even small connivance, why uncertainty in the forces when there are so much opportunities of the most ardent achievements. Day of life usual can be turned into a strong step of ascension. Everything is overcome in itself that disturbs. Don't think that Great Spirits Reached limits of perfection and Stopped in the development. Their problems of improvement and overcoming are so great and cosmic that with usual measures it is impossible to approach to understanding of these questions. But undoubtedly one – Arhat goes too overcoming steps as again accepted pupil, only these steps is much more difficult, and obstacles don't have the end. The way goes to Boundlessness. Also isn't present to people so desired rest. I want that overcoming of following Me the phenomenon, the last nature, made way of every day and learned to find in it pleasure. Whether there is a big pleasure, than that when the person finds one more release in fight against. As people with words of business and reading good books – spirit transformation like to replace. But the essence of the person is defined by his actions, thoughts, feelings and aspirations. As people with words of business and reading good books – spirit transformation like to replace. But the essence of the person is defined by his actions, thoughts, feelings and aspirations. It is possible to refuse much, but in the depth of heart to wish objects of refusal. The little is costed by such action. IGets rid means destruction of the root of desires. It is impossible to destroy them, without having seized them. Therefore the first task is a mastering or control over everything that the main thing – over words and thoughts isn't subordinated to it yet, but. The consciousness of the force comes only when this force is put into practice, in the appendix. Not on great, but on small affairs, on trifles of day, in a every day the power of will over small habits of use, over small thoughts and the small feelings constantly plowing and exciting a surface of consciousness is established. Here for what continuous patrol and the guarded vigilance is necessary. It is so much everything going from everywhere! Splashes the consciousness if the protecting network isn't as it should be can scatter.
253. (M. A. Y.). Difficulty that it is necessary resist against whirlwinds hidden and visible. Everything shakes, even the ground. Rescue in a unification with us, with That Who Called. All force it is necessary to hold the Leading Hand; nor at night and think only about It, but especially at night in the afternoon. For the night surely it is necessary to channelize thoughts both the exact and firm order that it is desirable to avoid. Night watch is so necessary, as well as day. Many spiteful eyes use the slightest forgetfulness or opportunity to install the influence channel, looking for at least a small catch.
254. (Apr. 13). For a victory, it is necessary to be assigned to each gain at the won boundary. Otherwise inclination back will deprive of achievement. The advance slowness often is explained by it. It is easier to reach, than to hold the reached. Shining lifting is dissolved in a dullness of everyday life. Even it is difficult to hold the morning grace of Communication during the day. As if everything surrounding the person, seeks to extinguish Light with which his heart lights up. Fight for deduction of Light is difficult, besides there are a lot of quenchers, conscious and unconscious. Conscious are especially dangerous. Light carrier should bear the torch among a gloom. Imitation in it to the Teacher of Light means following it the Way. So, achievement and fixing reached, a gain and Light deduction.
255. (Guru). Jesus’s prayer at concentration on it exempts consciousness from a stream of usual thoughts and replaces their uselessness with thought of the Highest. It is necessary to understand at least that many thoughts are absolutely not necessary and even are harmful. And if absolutely to suspend them, that, except advantage, from it will be nothing. Stay of a usual stream of thoughts affects consciousness, as good tonic means.
256. (Guru). If you feel proximity of the future is means that vibrations of the thin constructions issued already in Mira Hidden, concerned consciousness, it isn't necessary to carry only them for close and distant terms as exact terms are hidden from eyes, but to know about inalterability of the judgment follows firmly because the judgment future is integral.
257. (Apr. 15). The main life is internal. It can become so rich, saturated and various and will exceed itself brightness of impressions of the dense world. When both worlds will be open for consciousness, the Bowl of life will be overflowed to edges. Therefore we won't be sorry about anything, and we won't envy anybody, and happy we will be that we have. Long ago already I Told that deprivation in one can mean stay in other. Knowing it, it is possible to rejoice when something is taken away. The nature doesn't suffer emptiness and replaces with one another.
258. (M. A. Y.). Let's strain forces to be exempted from that blocks approach to achievements. Without fight and victories it is given nothing, not with empty hands you will come to us. The size of jugs and baskets symbolizes the increased capacity of expanded consciousness. Attaching the Doctrine in life, we grow and we come nearer to Light Focus.
259. (Apr. 17). Light in themselves we comprehend Light the Highest, but not darkness. Each clouding each thought of a gloom and the feelings similar to them, close access of Light and separate from Me. The Help in a vessel full of holes can't flow; can't incorporate the saddened heart Light. I Can’t come nearer to extinct heart. The paling of egoism doesn't allow, as if needles of a hedgehog – a close contact. During the periods of heavy tests it is necessary to find forces to surround Light. Sufferings and chagrin don't disturb it, but very much disturb discontent, complaints, animosity, exasperation, fluctuations, doubts both all those feelings and experiences which usually arise at this time. Perhaps, the test purpose also consists in that contrary to it not to allow a clouding and the feelings separating from the Teacher and into prevent his Beam to touch your heart. Sufferings and spirit burdening’s by circumstances don't disturb, but, on the contrary, force spirit fires, while darkness and saddening negative emanations and thoughts go out fires. Therefore a task – to meet waves what there were they, quietly and dared, of them without being afraid, by them without being saddened, without allowing in heart of those feelings which interfere with Me to enter into your heart and to surround you with an armor. Whether few what whirlwinds and storms can storm round you, you in Me and on Me are approved, without allowing poison to get into hearts and that to separate you from Me. Not on people rely also decisions them, but on Me. That is why many ask and don't receive. Not cruelty Forges Highest, but immutable Law. Even the hopelessness of despair can open access and force to cheer up, but only not exasperation or condemnation Us. The light aura should be stored in the face of all adversities and counteractions, in its Protection and Helps Bridge. Firmly you keep in consciousness thought that nothing can break you that the spirit is indestructible that fire of spirit is stronger than all whirlwinds, terrestrial and elevated. Fire sacred in a breast shouldn't die away. Understand sense of words: there was Light, and the darkness didn't embrace it. Tests of Spirits Great should be understood, because also you are tested similarly, but at a rate of the forces.
260. (Guru). In what a victory and in what is defeat? If all is lost and dark gloat over, but a flame the torch in a breast remained as before, burning and I lost neither in the force, nor in brightness, is and there will be a victory. Separate everything, but not the Stone, which has given intimate fire. Therefore this Treasure integral is called. Its light is intolerant for eyes dark. It blinds them. Therefore they close don't approach, but send others to hide behind their backs. The darkness always goes against Light, seeking to destroy the lamp. Task is protecting fire.
261. (M. A. Y.). Each counteraction or dark attempt we will answer with strengthening Light Fire, forcing it force, the taken from energy of counteraction. Ability to force genies to serve also consists in it. Process is very thin and demands constant patrol vigilance not to miss the beginning of the moment of attack of the dark. When they will be convinced that all their diligence don't yield results expected by them, they recede.
262. (Apr. 18). So, a main objective of existence incarnate is collecting and Agni's accumulation and aspiration to hold it; fire constantly in movement. The elements of fire can't be inert. In the sphere human it is shown in operation. Thought, feelings, work – all these forms of detection of activity of Agni. Fire participates in each movement of the person, in each process happening in its microcosm. In actions fire isn't wasted, but, on the contrary, is forced. Expenditure of energy isn't its squandering. Fiery force grows at its correct application. Agni is wasted to small thoughts, to small feelings, to low thoughts, to low feelings. Sensation of fear or doubt can instantly deprive of the person of a stock of its mental energy and ability to work. The person deprived of fire, is defenseless. Enemies of accumulation of Agni should be known very well not to admit close. Babbling ingratiation and loss or destruction of advantage of spirit not saves up fiery force. There is nothing in the world terrestrial for the sake of what it would be worth renouncing at least one spark of fire. Illusive advantage or the acquisition received by this way as, however, and all the rest, remain on Earth, but for the sake of them the dissipated Agni will be loss irrecoverable. A number of the actions not compatible to advantage of spirit, or – feelings and emotions, Agni's devourers are often allowed; solemnity, restraint, self-control, continuous control and full possession of the feelings – stores and Agni's collectors. So, at every moment of terrestrial life, or we strengthen in themselves fire elements, or them we spend. Agni's wise expenditure isn't squandering. The teacher or sent him can be very active, and spend a large number of fiery force, and feel leakage of energy and fatigue. But correctly spent force that is within legality is restored quickly. Fire waste – something is perfect another. Despondency it is possible to spend it much more, than the most vigorous activity. Only experience and attentiveness form faultless ability to distinguish enemies and Agni's spendthrifts from friends and stores. The pleasure is called special wisdom because it belongs to number of powerful stores. Each incarnate has before himself a freedom of choice of ways, squandering or Agni's accumulation.
3. 263. (M. A. Y.). Even the excessive desire can deprive of force to receive the desirable, therefore balance and tranquility first of all. Constancy of a rhythm excludes disbalance, or disruption of communication. Don't ask judgment to Light of favor from the sky, but take them lawfully. They don't know and feelings of a hopelessness because everything is temporary, except the spirit shipped in temporary for a while. To meet a counteraction wave fully equipped will be pledge of a victory.
264. (Guru). Overcome alarm because not from Light it, but is sent by darkness. It is better to stop it right at the beginning while she didn't manage to sadden consciousness yet. It is important not to miss this moment. It is easiest to seize the undesirable phenomena at the time of their origin or penetration. Having got imperceptibly, they hardly give in to exile because already managed to poison system. It is necessary to be on the alert constant.
265. (Apr. 19). Transformation of spirit and its release from outgrowths happen not at once. In process of strengthening of aspiration the determination is born also to dump unnecessary freight. Our rules are obligatory for all pupils. Certainly, they are absolutely not acceptable for not ready spirit. It is necessary to leave a lot of things simply. But the main thing – thought. Discipline of thought is a condition the first. You know how it isn't simple. The step of permissiveness is Arhat’s prerogative. When it isn't necessary anything and everything is subordinated to will, possession of everything is permitted. To the person who has won, the person who has won the world, the power over the world isn't necessary. Tempters offer it to the released spirit, but it rejects it. The power victim can become destiny of the one who learned. As well the possession is given by everything to the one who refused everything and for whom already it is necessary nothing because the Treasure inside replaces all things terrestrial; focus of an attraction moves from the outside inside, - bearing in itself Treasure of the World doesn't need treasures terrestrial.
266. (M. A. Y.). Let's not wait for an award. It will come by itself – cause and effect. Each thought brings the award that is yields results. And the karma of the person is a consequence of his thoughts, as well as each act. To seize thought – means the karma to take in hand.
267. (Guru). What to do after the next victory? Prepare for the new. Life won't keep itself waiting in search of that is subject to a further overcoming the pupil, the real pupil, can't complain that in the tests is disregarded by destiny because it doesn't stint them. Happy it is necessary to forget about life if the pupil goes all fires. Spirit crucifixion in a matter understands widely.
268. (Apr. 20). If all other possibilities of service to General Welfare are cut off, it is necessary to bear to the world Light in radiations of the aura and thought of the lightful. This opportunity can't take away already; among cruel and dark My Board over you. Transferring thought to the future, we are exempted from the present power. It is impossible to live only present if it is deprived of the future, but it is possible future if to put to it in the step present. We create thought. Let's not be surprised to that, despite efforts of Carriers of Light, the world rolls in the evil. It seeded risen against Light and his servant. Risen isn't present, but century Simeon, seeded by him, still give shoots. And still close the end of a black eyelid is, - knowing it, the fateful darkness rages.
269. (M. A. Y.). Don't think that to us it was easier. Were both loneliness and burdening by circumstances? But tests are always individual. But it isn't them, and in that contrary to them to resist in the Lord. This is most of the important. And all the rest is a mirage passing.
270. (Guru). Than today we will please the Leader, - firmness of spirit? Fire of aspiration or the decision firm go and reach? What we will be able to bring today from spirit gifts on the altar the Light?
271. (Apr. 21). On the one hand, rapprochement of the worlds in consciousness, with another, communication with averages and the lower class of the Thin World contraindicated is welcomed. Communication with the specified layers insalubriously because can't enrich with anything knowledge. Results of communication with higher spheres are visible in creations of poets, writers, composers and those who create over commonness level. Heroic acts and feats are inspired from above. The worlds are so closely connected between themselves that no movement of the person can be separated from the phenomenon of the Thin World. The person thinks constantly, it already the phenomenon not a dense order. Each visualization and image is created on the plan of thin visibility. The analysis allows dismembering areas dense from the thin. The consciousness of the person is a field of association of all worlds.
272. (M. A. Y.). It isn't necessary to force consciousness when it becomes silent. It is possible that there is something extraordinary, and it should be protected. Now time of special fulfillments, and therefore we will arm with patience, tranquility and restraint.
273. (Guru). We avoid direct instructions on how this person in this or that case has to behave, especially, if it directs to the left, having got the bit between the teeth. Each direct instruction causes a protest and counteraction. But it is necessary to warn nevertheless that didn't reproach with indifference and inattention.
274. (Apr. 23). With strengthening of spirit and growth of its fires responsibility for them increases also. Let's call it a fiery responsibility. On Earth below Earth not fall. In World Thin falling (spirit) has no these borders. The chasm of a bottom has no. On Earth Sons of Light and sons of darkness can appear nearby. But there ground any more doesn't support fiends on the surface – they go down. Light attracts the, a chasm – the. The attraction is established on Earth. It is easy to determine the sphere of an attraction by character of the person and his tendencies. The darkness in darkness departs. Light to of Light. The great Division which nowadays is making on a planet, fatally because occurs on the verge of two cycles and change of races. Each act, feeling and thought or establishes new focus of an attraction, or strengthens the old. Impact of focuses of an attraction to spheres corresponding to them constantly changes, amplifying, weakening, depending on astrological conditions and a horoscope of the person. Waves of influences are subordinated to the rhythm. The free will of the person reacts to them, nevertheless keeping a freedom of choice. For weak will the attraction can be invincible. It occurs when inexhaustible strength of mind isn't called for action. If force of an attraction of negative focus is overcome during lifetime in a body, in Elevated it is easier to fight against it and it to neutralize. Each victory over on Earth has far-reaching consequences. After each victory of attempt dark to deprive of the winner of its fruits double. Darkness and her servants are strained in the efforts to tighten consciousnesses of people of Earth in funnels of dark energy. Attractions of darkness are dangerous that the darkness demands the, that is declares the rights to the elements of the darkness which have been saved up by one incarnation in Earth. Accumulation of elements of Light or elements of darkness is promoted by free will of the person and a freedom of choice. The law of the accord operates spheres of Light and darkness spheres. It is necessary to fight for the statement of Light in itself on Earth, there will be late because that is connected on Earth, it will be connected there, and resolved on Earth, it will be authorized and there. Not any people others, but only the person connects himself or resolves that is releases itself. This ancient formula remains strong vital nowadays and remains same in centuries. Flowers of spirit reach for Light, but ulcers of spirit attract spirit in darkness. How explain to the people who have forgotten about Light that itself doom to post mortal stay in spheres, of the deprived Light. To see not gets rid elements of darkness in the microcosm and them to eliminate persistently and without indulgence or it is much more useful than pity, than to notice them in others because the log in own eye is much more difficult to notice, than a knot in the stranger. Not taken out a log from the eye has no right to teach others as it should be done. Right to edify others is granted only by a victory over and only when asks. There is nothing worse than imposing which usually causes ardent counteraction of the taught.
275. You judge the phenomena on consequences, We – for the reasons. You judge people on acts, We – for the reasons which have caused them. Development of a sense-knnowledge allows seeing essence of things. By Sense-knowledge it is concentrated in heart. Develop ability to learn the phenomena heart.
276. (Guru). Mastering by the fires has especially importance after release from a body. It was correctly told by someone that sinners heat a hell the fires that is fires which haven't been subordinated to the person in his own microcosm, flare in itself, contrary to his will, and deliver inexpressible tortures thanks to that can't be satisfied. At possession of them and at a transmutation of energy and identification it on higher scale it receives more worthy expression and doesn't burn down the, beget with force it the generated fires. Process of a transmutation of fires in a human body has paramount value. Each feeling is the fire. And each low feeling, or emotion, can be turned in high that is into the contrast. It also will be essence of process of a transmutation. But it is necessary that there were fires which it would be possible transmytation. The robber can become a devotee, a pettiness is only anything. The, who one is cold, nor not is hot, jumps out of a stream of Evolution and becomes Space litter.
277. (M. A. Y.). The combination of fires of a microcosm to Light sent by us, gives as a result new combinations of mental activity of consciousness of the pupil. Gift from below and the Parcel from above establish the route of lightful advance of spirit. Without this condition it is impossible to walk upstairs Light. Interchange of the coming energy – a condition unconditional. Therefore a question "That else I will be able to bring You, the Lord? » – It is important extraordinary as the guarantee all of new and new receipts. On the one hand is brought jugs, with another – their filling by that Goes from Hierarchy; not should – no receives, but brought even the small – receives.
278. (Guru). If you bring love, devotion and aspiration, we will joyfully accept your gift. If you bring other light qualities of spirit, too you will be accepted. The gift is necessary not for us, and you because gift brought gives the chance to us to render conformably for it. Bringing all receive, but on compliance. Law unmistakably commensurate receiving with a gift; brought most all – more all also will receive. The gift every day is appreciated very highly.
279. (Apr. 25). "Crying and a gnash tooth" in "darkness external", that is thorns, both thorns, and difficulties of dense existence, remain destiny terrestrial incarnate, as well as diseases, a body infirmity, an old age and death. Not without reason in the fairy tale it is spoken how by order of the tsar looked for the happy person to take from it a shirt. The person found, however, with great work, but the shirt at it didn't appear. By this example wanted to specify extremely happiness terrestrial. The astral demanding continuous change of impressions, the happiest conditions at their constancy and repetition will make monotonous, boring, bothering, and the illusive happiness will disappear, as a smoke. The strongest impressions at frequency become dull. The astral demands the new. In prosperity and wellbeing the consciousness grows dull. Then stagnation and decomposition follow. Knowing the purpose of terrestrial embodiments and value of difficulties and tests, it is possible to welcome difficult life and to consider encumbrance by circumstances as steps of a ladder of ascension of spirit. It is very easy to accept it in words but as soon as reaches business, instead of understanding there is a discontent, complaint and exasperation. Each best is put at line to Tom Who Conducts. But the similar relation serves as a much bigger barrier to advance, than the heaviest difficulties or tests. The words "we love and will read" remain words. And further words business doesn't go. How many it is necessary to go on about the Doctrine appendix in life that the self-put barriers disappeared from the Way?

280. (M. A. Y.). The combination of opposite principles is the basis of each manifestation, each thing under the sun. Even Light of the future is caused by darkness of the present. Blood, violence and cruelty of the Black Eyelid serve as though as the precondition of the Era of Light. In a kingdom of a treatment of light and shade visibility is caused by contrasts. Only in Spheres High where Light without a shadow, comes to an end a darkness kingdom. The center of the Thin World lives a treatment of light and shade. As for the dense world, each Carrier of Light has to maintain the most intense fight against energy of chaos, destruction and darkness and among them to approve Light. Whirlwinds terrestrial and whirlwinds of the lower class destroy everything constructed on sand. To resist, strong training is necessary. Hothouse conditions won't temper spirit. If who wants to reach, be it is necessary ready to the most severe tests and to sustain them adequately.
281. (Guru). No words, even the most sublime and fine, will replace with themselves business and won't erase consequences of affairs former if there were they not from Light.
282. (Apr. 26). It is difficult to combine to be in this world and to take the most live and warm part in its affairs and at the same time to be other-worldly. But the question is resolved simply: this world is the egoism world, the world of the personality, the world of ardent experiences of an astral and commitment to conveniences and desires of a body. But as soon as the personal is replaced super personal and the personal benefit – the Benefit with the General, poison of this world and a chain of this world lose the power over consciousness. Therefore, to lead bright life of General Welfare and its interests in a small world of personal illusions and enslavement personal "I" at all doesn't mean immersion. Many the Great Spirits to Take the most active part in world affairs, giving them itself energy but it didn't prevent them to succeed, serve spiritually to Light and to improve the Identity. Dismissal from the world and worldly should be understood as dismissal from egoism and everything that is connected with this concept. Life terrestrial is given to live it, without indulging in a self-service cult.
283. (M. A. Y.). Let's learn to distinguish in themselves the personality and Identity. All passing is concentrated in the first. It lives for today also herself. It is subject to death because with death everything comes to an end, than she lives, dragging for itself to the World Thin splinters of terrestrial experiences. Stirs this beginning doomed to death to full manifestation of Identity, trying illusive to darken "I" it’s Light. The personality not subordinated to Identity and living only, – her enemy.
284. (Apr. 27). Memento more * because, it exempts of the consciousness from litter of vanity and everything, that so brightly captures him in the embraces. Even the understanding of a transient of the surrounding doesn't prevent to sound to vanity. It occurs because impact of the direct and direct vibrations going through sense organs, is felt more strongly, than theoretical provisions. And when tooth hurts, this pain is stronger than understanding of that pain is only interpretation by brain peripheral, or internal, irritations of nerves. Here already reasoning’s don't help. Also not help the brightest representations of food to satisfy hunger. There is a known limit for each person of that power which was established by it over a body. But it’s any limit isn't border of its opportunities because actually it isn't present. But this power is established in practice by a way of long and persistent efforts. To hold the heated coals on a palm and to paralyze their impact on skin, or to pass on fire, or naked to stay on a frost, it is necessary long, for many years to work, and at all one life. Everything is achievable, but work, efforts and work at arms knowledge. The ordinary fakir shows one or very few representations miracles. But it had to work over them all the life. Except them, it can't show anything, process of mastering by a body too demands a lot of time. But if not to stop on the chosen way, leading to mastering by all the bodies, the goal nevertheless will be reached. Extents of this mastering are various – from simple and to very difficult. Circulation on water and a rising on air are illustrated by these degrees. But the high are followed by the higher. Limits to development of power of spirit aren't present.
• Memento more – remember death (lat.).
285. (M. A. Y.). When forces and determination don't suffice on big affairs, it is possible to pay attention on small because small mastering by a flesh is fraught with big consequences. In process of mastering by a body it is accustomed to submit to will. If the will doesn't submit to an illness, either fatigue, or other undesirable phenomena, they submit to it. About value of affairs of small and small undertakings you know already enough to understand as far as they are important. Isn't present great and isn't presenting small in the general scheme of things. All matters.
286. (Guru). On the river bank of life two sit: the pupil and the Teacher – also look a kaleidoscope of the phenomena flashing in it. But for this purpose the pupil has to be with the Teacher that with his help to get out of a stream and, having separated that remained in a stream, from, able to behold a stream separately, Identity rather Looking in it, to understand in itself that from eternity, and that in a stream. The eternal highest principle in itself demands understanding; differently waves of life hide it and do imperceptible.
287. (Apr. 28). How you who have come to Me behind Light know, what to Me in you is most pleasing? And how you can solve for Me? To Me provide "My grief and My pleasure for you". To goes Me – means with Me to be in thoughts, in all affairs and acts. And what it is such affairs that prevented to be together? Unless the very bad. But everything, what not from darkness, can't divide us. Even employment doesn't disturb, but under a condition, if heart with Me. To be heart with Me – means to give Me itself irrevocably and forever. Vague return it isn't necessary. Who will want to be called as the vague pupil! Wash – all without the rest and forever. Provided that all is available: both success, and wealth, and glory terrestrial, and everything is possible and everything is achievable the measure of permissiveness is a measure of devotion and completeness of the legend of heart to the Lord. So, have everything, own everything, do everything, but with Me. And, if I is anything without the Father, at and you is anything without Me. But with Me you are gods. Because I in the Father, you in Me. Earth divides and terrestrial, but when together, Earth or darkness you is powerless to take away from Me and to replace Light with itself. You mine, from my Beam, from the beginning of times, from a dawn of your conscious life.
288. (M. A. Y.). A food of spirit is so necessary for the person, as well as a body food, and even it is even more. The body deprived of food, dies as the death in the spirit of the deprived food is possible also. Walking dead persons, in the spirit dead, much more, than it seems to people, because they both move and speak, both drink, and eat, and even and do something, as ordinary people; there are a lot of them, these live dead persons. When the body dies, the spirit continues to live. But when the body of the live dead person dies, he has no life in World Aboveground. He has nothing to live where life is supported by Agni's saved up and kept on Earth strength.
289. (Gor). It is better to wait and not to wait, directing and ascending, than not to wait for anything, falling everything is lower and lower. Expectation of the future inspires and gives to spirit wings. The future of the person – flights. The future means not only judgment transformation of the world, but also transformation of the person. The destiny of the person is to fly, and not only by planes or spaceships, but also in the thin body. Future of the person is radiant. It is possible to live in this future, and to aspire to it, and with inspiration to dream of it.
290. (Арr. 30). Man dead, passing to That World, don't realize that they died and that their environment changed. There is it for two reasons. The first is the ignorance, the second, and extremely important, consists in the following: having dumped a dense body, the person feels that he from it lost nothing from this that he considers as itself it "I", he remained in all the completeness. After amputation of hands or feet of people continues them to feel and to feel in them even pain. Just the same feelings going as though from a physical body, remain in it in the form of remnants of its feelings and after release from a body that is after his death. Bodies aren't present, and habitual feelings remain for some time. Both hunger, and cold, and thirst too don't disappear at once. The knowledge exempts quickly from terrestrial remnants, but it should be got. It is difficult to make it at denial of possibility of life out of a body. Something similar occurs and at "the second death", that is at a dropping of become already unnecessary thin cover. The person at all doesn't feel that he lost something as all it, he, it "I", leave with it above. He thinks of it no more than about the dumped old clothes, which have become useless, not for a moment without identifying itself, the "I", with it. Therefore, the third – mental – We Call death of a physical body, death of a thin body and death release. Truly, only in the fiery body of Light, which not replaced, the spirit receives freedom. Life in a body of Light is caused by quantity and quality of elements Light Fire who has been saved up by the person during his terrestrial embodiments that is in the causality world. Nothing collected; nothing saved up will be niches in World Light. The one, who seeded nothing, will reap nothing. The one, who seeded, will reap on compliance with the nature and quality of the seeded grains. Crops of mental grains are important extraordinary. Crops field – the space and grains are sowed by thought. Thoughts and aspirations of everyday create crops on a spatial field and in aura of the microcosm. The sower and crops are inseparable one from another. The judgment harvest occurs the accord of energy of aura with shoots of spatial harvest own mental grains. The creator and his creations, generating and its generations are inseparable in space because are connected by the magnetic force of fire.
291. (Man 1). Each followed Instructions the Teacher approach to It and serve as the advance guarantee further. It is necessary to wonder more often, whether everything forces is applied to performance. Whether it is possible put something above aspiration to follow Instructions. Everything put above Desire of the Teacher, will cease on the lowest wave and will deprive of something more necessary and important. It isn't enough to catch escaping Decrees, they should be executed. Understanding of the future and life in it, both concerning development and Identity evolution, and in aspect world and universal, inexpressibly accelerate the traced Way.
292. (M. A. Y.). Speed of movement on a planet is of great importance as exempt’s aura from the heavy particles, which have stuck to it of a matter. At speed of movement the aura any more so strongly grows to the rendered habitable place and easier comes off it. But it is necessary that the consciousness corresponded, because otherwise irresponsibility is generated. Devourers of space aren't inclined to reckon with anything if the consciousness is insufficiently expanded.
293. (Gor). Day new we will always begin the thought devoted to Lords. It will channelize. Also we will finish day thought of Them. So the beginning and the end gain commitment. It is good when each movement is comprehended, in whatever cover it happened. It also will be commensurability of actions for the purpose of far, to its bringing.
294. (May. 2). I is your future: possibility of flights, knowledge itself of Secret, mastering Agni's, achievement of immortality that is a condition of uninterrupted consciousness, the world on Earth, and the Pastor of uniform herd of a uniform family of all people of the Earth, and the Carrier of Intimate Knowledge. The Shambhala is the future mankind, and Maitreya – his Lord. Light doctrine is given to people. The destiny of the world depends on its acceptance. Really you don't see what without the Doctrine not to take place in the future anymore? Terrible acts of darkness will cause powerful fiery counteractions of all in whom possibility of transformation glimmers. The last great revolution is a revolt of spirit against tyranny of darkness, against wars, violence, enslavement and the power of gold and fight for freedom, for happiness of the people. It will mean a destruction of the old world and everything, who for it, both the New Sky, and New Earth, and full transformation of life. Your homeland possesses the future. And anything, no efforts and intrigues of her enemies will break its power, because We Stand sharp-sightedly on guards of its happiness and prosperity.
295. (M. A. Y.). Merge in the spirit of and proximity in the spirit of more strongly all communications terrestrial, because they proceed out of limits of the dense world and don't depend on passing conditions terrestrial. That you claim on Earth, will be approved in World Aboveground and that you reject, will be rejected and there. The rhythm of repetitions strengthens the statement. The guarantee of inviolability of proximity of this we give if she is approved every day.
4. 296. (May. 3). People heavy suffer from flow of new and difficult diseases. They are given new names and new drugs are tasted. But diseases grow and grow and strike more and more people. They spare already neither children, nor adults, old men. Lack of fires consciously approved in an organism lowers body resilience. It was already told that from fiery waves will perish crowds. Fiery prevention is urgently necessary. Deafness of people is amazing. The scourge of horror will force ears to open and to wipe eyes. If only not too late make it.
297. (M. A. Y.). Fight is a condition of existence of fiery consciousness, or the consciousness which has set for a problem of mastering of Agni. For body health – fight, for balance of spirit – fight, with troops dark – fight, fight for the statement of the New World, fight for the statement of Light; so, from a condition of continuous struggle not to leave anywhere. Therefore the Lord of the people soldiers Calls. Fight is permanent, and there is no end to it. Evolution consists in the constant statement new and fights against old, resisting to replacement. Evolution of the real has no end because it is directed in Boundlessness. Warrior of Light on the guard cost to world Evolution.
298. (Guru). Rescue is promised to all who follows the Lord. Therefore, it is necessary to go only. Following for the Lord means with It a continuous communication in the spirit of and constant aspiration. Relationship is under construction on the principle of constancy – the qualities, necessary are unconditional. Swings and fluctuations changeable let are an example of to what leads lack of quality of constancy and as it tragically responds on destiny of the person. Among disappearing and lagged behind this quality don't look for. Seldom in people it.
299. (May. 4). The consciousness human gravitates to the evil. It is easier to eat too much, drink to excess, to be irritated, think of itself and to indulge the weaknesses, both shortcomings, and desires of a body, than to do opposite to what wanted by egoism. Easier in heat, than on cold; easier on a full stomach, than on the empty; easier on one side, than in work; easier in wellbeing, than in need; easier with money, than without them; it is easier to dominate, than to submit; it is easier to serve itself, than to people, – as the commonness so thinks and strong serves itself. The requirement "be rejected from it" remains not enclosed in life, and the darkness, but not Light dominate in the world. Such is a state of affairs for today, but tomorrow other promises. Further so can't proceed because Fire directed to Earth, and it or will clear hearts human of century litter, or will burn. Children of the Great Country, your Homeland, even in the ignorance Evolutions serving to business and approving the New World on Earth, thereby aren't hostile to Fire, and the Great Country is fated the great future; but a grief going against the Stream of Space Evolution, a grief against the New World the going. Waves of the Space Stream will throw out them on its coast in the form of Space litter.
300. (M. A. Y.). We on Earth that terrestrial to be engaged and terrestrial to create, not to soar in clouds, but to go on the ground a foot human and to work hands. The transcendental idealism Us don’t admit. We are practicing of life terrestrial. Through everything that is intended by the Karma on Earth, it is necessary to pass, from terrestrial without being averted, and in balance to connect in consciousness of the requirement of Earth and the spirit requirement. Because the terrestrial – terrestrial, and the highest – to the Highest.
5. 301. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to show unprecedented persistence to keep in Light. Disbalance gets everywhere. The space is penetrated by antagonistic currents, and to heavy burning heart. Look how consciousness’s hang, even friends! And how many is the disappeared, where they, so brightly flaring once by the aspiration. When the Teacher Told: "You will remain one", – I expected the press darkness. But the external loneliness at all doesn't mean Spatial isolation. Those who remained it is right, heart constantly reach for you, and these hidden threads get stronger and are consolidated in time. Fidelity, devotion and constancy especially we Appreciate.
302. (Guru). Radio, phone is useful inventions; but as the device of a human body is more reliable, using which it is possible to communicate with every spot on the globe mentally. Clearness of such advanced device is amazing. Here and you receive before a news from those who directs to you. These gleams of future achievements serve as the guarantee of that once the trained device of spirit it will be possible to enter into communication with distant friends and to receive from them messages. Once the equipment of a human microcosm will replace all devices created by a hand of the person. It should be known, it is necessary to remember it. And though these all abilities are now in the sleeping and hidden condition, but time will come – and seeds will give the shoots.
303. (Guru.). In everything, even bad, it is possible to find less bad and even the useful. And if something bad promoted to reveal faces, it is already good. Everyone coming nearer to Focus of Light has to reveal the essence up to the end.
304. (May 6). The area of the forbidden Knowledge is extensive. But the area of Intimate Knowledge much more exceeds it. Secrets of metals are lost by modern science – it doesn't recognize them. Metal in blood is necessary. Metallization of plants gives them special property. You know, what value metals in drugs have. It not fragments of the forgotten knowledge. For a start we will put in the basis thought that metal is the substance having special, only to its inherent, property. It is possible to collect about them many details. Communication of metal with magnetism is very indicative. Spatial Fire as though concentrates in metal. Communication between metal, magnetism and electricity is undoubted, but up to the end isn't understood. Energy of a magnet and mental energy of the person – the phenomenon related. If normal metallization of human blood is broken, there comes an illness. It is necessary to think of secret of metals to begin acquisition of the forgotten knowledge.
305. It is good when clearly and accurately you set for you tasks of acquaintance with certain areas of knowledge. Once and somewhere opportunities will be given if it is begun. The aspiration is a strong magnet. In the Thin World where there are no barriers of the dense world, acquisition of Intimate Knowledge becomes more available, than on Earth. But the purpose has to be precisely outlined still during lifetime of terrestrial that is in the causality world. And desirable results in World Thin, in the World of consequences, won't slow down themselves display.
306. (M. A. Y.). Formula "that you will connect (that is claim) on Earth, it will be connected (that it is approved) in heavens" has much wider value and application, than it think. So, for example, any aspiration of the person approved in his essence, reaches the culmination and end in World Aboveground, saying it on degree of force put in aspiration. If the aspiration of a high order, it is fully satisfied; if purely terrestrial, it is quite obvious that terrestrial desires in World Aboveground can't be sated, though it is possible to roll in their asthma. The limit limiting aspiration, the thought is. Like a searchlight beam the thought can be sent to the desirable sphere and shine a field of the necessary researches corresponding to it. Earth when the person still is in the physical body will be a launch pad for aspiration of thought. In World Thin it is possible to move only through the aspirations approved by will on Earth, them varying and expanding.
307. (Guru.). Planning of the Elevated stay is quite possible, when the person on Earth. If this planning meets the requirements of Evolution is the benefit to such person. The confusion there the passing is caused again by a complete ignorance where to go and what to do and how to be in general. Knowing and approved it the aspirations the way opened to it has the purpose before itself. It is good, when aspirations lightful and above-person at the heart of the.
308. (May. 8). The devastation of a treasure is inadmissible. Often the carrier of Fire suffers from excessive delivery of energy. It is necessary to shine, but not to give the lamp in other charge.
309. (M. A. Y.). I want to specify that, on the one hand, it is necessary to have Agni's known potential, with another – it to own. Often mental energy directs in the lowest centers and seizes will of the person. Division on hot, cold and lukewarm indicates existence in the first two fiery forces, and cold can transmutation energy available for them. Lukewarm transmutation there is nothing as they have no anything. Thus, mastering even incorrectly directed energy is better, than its absence, because the direction can be changed always. The grief to volume, a lump couldn't be changed because has nothing?
310. (Guru). When heart speaks "no", it is necessary to listen to it.
311. (May. 11). Links of a hierarchical chain are stretched from top to bottom. Each link is connected with top and bottom. The chain rises to the Highest Hierarch. The chain is stretched on the Beam. There is a firm rule, following to which Highest Hierarch doesn't interfere never with links of a hierarchical chain of other Hierarch. The rule it concerns all Teachers, both pupils, and all hierarchical chains. In the guide of one instructor, at whatever step he was, the instructor another, not entering into this chain never interferes. Below often one head on ignorance appropriates or wants to appropriate pupils of another or to call in to itself. It becomes on a consciousness a little. The teaching is a victim. Pupils karmic come nearer to the instructor. To press to come on the yard in general it is inadmissible. The rule of non-interference to other management is caused by that the head connects him with directed and forever assumes to a certain extent his karma. This cross is heavy. Others invasion breaks mentoring bases. Each pupil has the hierarchical chain. When communication with the next link tries, conducted remains without the management, if the gap is made because of the pupil. Recognition through Hierarchy goes according to the guarantee of the instructor for the conducted. If he tells the Teacher that it can't warrant or conducted it interrupted communication that is refuses representation for it before the Highest, conducted there is one and has to look for again to itself the new head and begin the adoption of communication at first. Laws of hierarchical communication are indestructible. Communications interrupt neither life, nor death, something. Pupils don't invite, pupils don't look for – they come. When we See that the pupil is ready, we Direct him on the Beam.

312. Itch of is very characteristic for beginners, the aspiration to teach and take as much as possible listeners are caused by swelling egoism. The management goes for itself and for the sake of self-satisfaction of aspiration to edify. Only when mentoring falls a victim and the instructor doesn't want it, the path of a true teaching begins. The power is a victim as you already know. Teaching – too the victim. So, when the spirit can tell: "Yes this Bowl passes me", – service to Light begins.
313. (M. A. Y.). Consciousness human needs rhythm change for activation of the energy. The monotony and especially monotony dull perceptions and consciousness life as though fades. Therefore derivation from monotony of the ordinary can be welcomed. The yogi eremite in a cave, in mountains can't complain of boredom or monotony because, takes the most active part in planet life. But for this purpose it is necessary to have already issued mental and fiery bodies and to be able to work in them consciously. While it isn't present, changes in surrounding conditions are necessary, if they promote revival of activity of consciousness.
314. (Guru.). Temporary replacement of the management is possible only in one case: it when the head asks to replace temporarily him owing to the absence or for any other reason, temporary too, or to help when it is occupied with other work demanding full derivation of its energy.
315. (May 12). As each terrestrial situation is fragile! It is impossible to be approved on anything. Everything can instantly change. Both health, and prosperity, and wellbeing is on scales; on scales all circumstances and living conditions. But among all this instability and fragility of a personal environment of the person it is possible to try to find that isn't subject to these conditions. It will be Hierarchy of Light. The Lord is unchangeable, and the Hierarchy Ladder is firm. Having approved on It, it is possible to look quietly at variability of all of that surrounds the person, knowing stability and reliability of this support of spirit.
316. (M. A. Y.). Abuses, distortions of Its Affairs and slander not avoid to any Carrier of Light. Many of distort will come and will tell: whether your name edified? Remember that the Teacher Answered similar of distort of truth: "Depart from Me, I Don't know you doing lawlessness", – so the destiny of conscious and unconscious of the distort of truth is similar.
317. (Guru). The spirit human is silent. How many it is necessary for people still to suffer to wake up?
318. (May 13). National fairy tales are remarkable that in them is reflected not only popular wisdom, but also feeling of the Thin World because; elements of miraculousness and singularity don't keep within terrestrial conditions. Carpets planes and caps of darkness, and dead and water of life, werewolves, obviously point magic wands and other things to unconscious knowledge of two worlds. As also flights in a thin body aren't alien to these fairy tales. The dark and light beginnings are reflected in them. The bewitched locks, evil monsters and the heroes winning them, obviously indicate elements of the Thin World. It would be possible to make the whole and very instructive collection of national fairy tales while the equipment and mechanization yet didn't kill reality of national creativity.
319. (M.A.Y.). It isn't necessary to concern bad consciousnesses and to enter with them into communication not to create channels of mental communication. Also it is necessary to speak even less. After all, if to keep silent or tell something insignificant instead of considerable and it will serve only for the benefit, because the bad consciousness even will turn kind thought into the evil, if it wants. And that to it want as not derogations of Light, in whatever form it was expressed. Reticence we welcome.
320. (Guru). When it becomes very dark, good present itself in the Ray of light of the Lord. That and protection, and support, and call in the future. How pass through difficulties and chagrin of the present, if not on the Beam. Understanding of in the Beam has to be constant, as well as Face representation. All surrounding strong will counteract implementation of these two instructions, and a question in on what party there will be a victory.
321. (May. 15). The problem of mastering by thought is printed early, because with an aggravation of brightness of impressions she seeks to fill consciousness and to remain in it. Therefore on another and ability to switch off previous thought so that it didn't stir full transfer of consciousness from one subject and didn't appear again, become necessary. Otherwise the slavery at impressions, which will capture consciousness turns out and won't wish to leave it, even on the will order. Mental products it is necessary to own and subordinate them to will and not to allow at all their stay in consciousness contrary to it. This slavery at thoughts and impressions is created at the time of their admission, at especially increased emotional interest to them. The invited guests, having enough sat, don't wish to leave. Long ago already I Told that the Teacher in consciousness has to take priority – to It a place in a forward corner. If it isn't present, any thought, and together with it and the power can take superiority. When awakening – the first thought to the Teacher, at withdrawal to a dream – too. And during the day memory of It has to be a constant. It is really so difficult to approve without what further advance is impossible. "His rage prevails everyday", – is so told in your sacred books. Day is full the cares, but they is passing and are constantly replaced all new and new. It is impossible to give them all consciousness. The thought of proximity of the Highest the first and is the most important. Really the right of the fiery primogeniture and possibility of advance we will give for temporary satisfaction lentil soup from Maya next ghosts, seeking to cover your way to Me.
322. (M. A. Y.). When diligence dark to drown consciousness in desires comes to grief, they try to change them for anything, inflating interest to the most every day and harmless occurrences. Vigilance it learn to see a dark hand if this seeming harmless to a thing distance from the Teacher in the most harmless things; at first Teacher, and then all the rest, even the best and necessary. Do everything that it is necessary to you, but together with the Teacher of Light is the only decision.
323. (May. 16). It is necessary to pass through everything, and it is necessary to settle the Karma, having paid everything are long. Payment for Light is of a bike. The spirit blade in anything so well, as in a hearth of tests won't become tempered. Each successfully passed we Will consider as a lifting step. Each counteraction we Will accept as blow in Light Board. And when too it is heavy, we will wonder, whether Light the Beam is knocked on heart.
324. (M.A.Y.). The mental help to us and all workers for Evolution of the world consists at least in that mentally to reconstruct each phenomenon not corresponding to it on corresponding and to replace with it, thought destroying the unusable.
325. (Guru). All thinking should be reconstructed in a new way in the accord with Evolution requirements. Personal thoughts very much disturb it. Egoism – the enemy of Evolution, the enemy No 1. It having overcome, it is possible to think to begin of a victory over other enemies.
326. Judgment time inevitably. This consciousness it is necessary to go through life. And whether everything is equal finally, what way will lead closer to it. After all when it becomes reality, everything will be forgotten that so painfully and sharply burdened spirit. The magnet of the future is powerful, - its force in unalterability of advance to it (to the future).We Know it, because we See. You feel also, but you don't see. After all the destined future exists already in the present, though it isn't visible for you. But it is possible to feel heart it, at all without seeing. In it pleasure of a victory of Light over darkness. The darkness burdens heart. But heart to Light rejoices. The victory of Light and pleasure are inseparable; live pleasure to the future, closing heart for darkness. She wants to deprive of you this pleasure. But the pleasure to Light is already a victory over darkness. Temporarily darkness, but Light it is eternal. To reign of the dark the end comes. "You blow a victory more loudly" because, the victory is close.
327. (Guru.). At the moments when the spirit is able to raise fiery heart, disappears from it as an unnecessary peel, everything that serves as an obstacle for spirit and burdens it. Fiery wings give the chance to rise over a malost of the personality that to touch greatness of Hierarchy and obviously to scent vibrations of that already exists and it is fated, but is still hidden from an eye terrestrial. Let's be glad together to that is fated and participants of that we should become will of terms. Spirits, destined to terms, depend on them. Their grief, but pleasure are great but are unreasonable when they come.
328. (M.A.Y). We won't be afflicted that long it is impossible to keep any feeling, even pleasures from feeling of proximity of those whom we love. Alternation and rhythm of perceptions is a condition of life of consciousness. If it stopped, monotony of receipts would deaden spirit life. Therefore day is replaced at night, and night – a new dawn and pleasure – a grief and our distance is destined by proximity of meetings. Vigilance to learn sees a dark hand if this seeming harmless to a thing distance from the Teacher in the most harmless things; at first Teacher, and then all the rest, even the best and necessary. Do everything that it is necessary to you, but together with the Teacher of Light is the only decision. As impressions and feelings of all of that flows through covers are replaced also. Manvantara's principle and pralaya, that is pulsations of the phenomena, is shown in everything. Therefore wisely also it is quietly possible to meet waves of opposite demonstrations in the world surrounding us.
329. (Guru.). Rower and of depth of the everyday contacts with the Highest, owing to the immutable rhythm, to grow in time and the guarantee serve that, wtat in Elevated, when to take be barriers of the dense world, they will get aspect some of most reality; because invisible and only feeling of the heart, becomes obvious and visible. In Elevated – where thought, there and we. Therefore, the aspiration is there decisive a condition. Benefit that, who in of the opression and infringements of life terrestrial directs spirit to the Lord of Light.
330. (May. 20). The statement in consciousness of the enduring is accompanied by continuous fight between the most necessary both cares and details of the present day. Only concentration helps not to plunge into the passing entirely. The Maya of the dense world it is very strong. And still to enter into eternal life, sounding of Earth should be moderated. The death is the benefit at least only, because forces to leave all to what so strong thoughts become attached and that the person considers, belonging to it. It is necessary to leave all this on Earth; was <…> and <…>not. And never already any more won't be in those forms that were. Getting and losing all things terrestrial in each embodiment, the spirit learns to be exempted from them. Really, the death is a release. And if there are no forces at present to dump from them the power surrounding, the death helps it. Therefore we Call death the liberator. It really is that if there are sufficient accumulation, that is what to live and what to realize where undividedly reigns thought. Than to live there to the person who never took the trouble to think of something which is going beyond terrestrial use. Having it is given, and at not having to take and that has. Beggars thought remain poor there, and especially – beggars heart.
331. (M.A.Y.). Will ask why it is very much spoken about death when life terrestrial is given to live on Earth and terrestrial. It is right, but it is possible to lead on Earth intelligent life only when understanding all three worlds, our participation in them and understanding of the purpose of terrestrial embodiments. At denial their terrestrial existence turns into absurd. Who will want to reconcile with the full and final destruction. Live unconsciously and without giving itself the report, but after all feeling that the spirit doesn't die. Live because dead nobody can present itself though the mind convinces them of the opposite. Live because, don't think and don't want to think of the future. But we suggest think, at least not to betray death. Life and death is in the spirit of; death in the spirit of much terrible, than in a body. Live dead persons serve as the scary certificate of that the death in the spirit of is possible.
332. (Guru). The consciousness is a field of a meeting of all three worlds; thought, even terrestrial, already phenomenon of the Thin Plan. Mental products bear the impress of this, or that world. In it it is possible to understand and understand their character attentively. From where at times the melancholy or intolerable weight when externally nothing changed and everything is well. From where unpleasant feeling at conversation with the wicked man when the person it smiles and words carefully hide thoughts. Heart is the leading. It feels as a time over external visibility. Heart lives in peace Thin, but mind entirely – in terrestrial more. Let's attentively look narrowly at everything that gets to a consciousness field to learn to distinguish messengers of the Highest Worlds.
333. The obscure words "poor in spirit" should be explained. Poor are not having, but very wanting to have and therefore asking to give them they don't have what. Poor in spirit is means not having, but very wanting to have spirit gifts. About wanting to have spirit gifts, but not having them also it was told that they will be consoled, that is will receive to what their heart aspires. If the thought, heart and consciousness are directed receiving spirit gifts, receiving will follow is immutable.
334. (May 21). When in reality and in a dream of people arrives equally and follows the chosen way of mastering by the lowest nature, then the victory is close. Presicely in a dream following to the order of will is the testimony of sincerity of the solution of wakens consciousness. But often happens so that as, if something is overcome, but in a dream of people continues to arrive as well as earlier. The condition of a dream serves as very good indicator of moral purity of spirit. Dream – very truthful condition. It is possible to be glad when dreams and sleepy visions confirm depth of process of clarification of conductors from any litter. Will tell: as it is possible to judge on dreams, after all dreams out of will control. But the person – the lord of the microcosm. Day – time of the reasons, night – consequences. Cause and effect consubstantial by the nature. And consider that the dream will be an exponent of clarification of day consciousness from any litter. Anything won't get into clean heart and pure consciousness dirty and won't find in it conformable to itself elements if all litter is cleaned, won't find it in a dream, in reality.
335. (M.A.Y.). It is very good when some Faces take root strongly into consciousness. If They are depicted during lifetime of terrestrial is brightest than the rest, and in Elevated They will shine and will arrive with spirit first of all the rest. When going to the Lord grows to understanding of this phenomenon, then this process becomes conscious and is of particular importance. That the Face entered into heart and was approved in it as the Stone, it is strong " press mountain water in a cleft", it is necessary both time, and desire, and persistence.
336. (Guru). Attentively observe the events in the world and you will see that events quickly go to the logical end. The plan of Lords is immutable. Mobility it only specifies that He aspires in all phenomena of life, like the mountain water flowing in lowlands and filtering into each dredging. Calls of space sound on a planet. They are evolutional on the essence. They can confront only to a known limit, which self-damage and decomposition of the contradictory follows. Darkness self-consuming – its next fate. Attentively observe events of the world and you will see obvious signs of self-damage and darkness self-destruction.
337. (May 22). External belonging of the person to something has no value, but the lightful of his aura solves accessory it to a pole of Light or a darkness pole. And whatever it was spoken and whatever became if light which in it, there is darkness, is dark it and everything put it which are created by it. Now so words human, even the most sublime, with darkness mixed up what to distinguish those who say them, it is possible only on a treatment of light and shade. When for determination of luminosity of the person the device will be applied to aura removal, then the choice of worthy people on responsible places will be facilitated and already it will be impossible to cover with anything darkness, which replaced with itself light in the person.
338. (May. 23). Theis the chopped-off heads of a monster appear again, and fight begins again. To stop fight – means to recognize the defeat, to continue – Sisyphean task. What to do? To be constant with Me and My Face to hold before itself constantly. Only in such constant readiness and joint fight it is possible to achieve a victory. Together to be always hard – it is so much distracting. But the death is inevitable. Let thoughts of it will help to overcome the not gets rid. After all we won't take with themselves not gets rid freight. If not to be released here how to dump it where everything becomes aggravated to a limit and a allure and seduction amplify unreasonably, getting live and bright forms. Funnels of the astral world invincibly involve in the whirlpool, and from a bottom not to rise any more. So, the enemy, who in itself, has to be struck here. In Elevated it is necessary free to enter, because that you will connect on Earth, it will be connected there.
339. (M. A. Y.). Going will reach. Therefore, the task consists in going, despite everything. About it It was spoken already repeatedly – it is necessary to apply only told in lives. Yes, except as to the Lord there is no place to go and there is nobody. Who will meet who will help who will approach who will answer all questions and who will move further. Understanding of impossibility of other decision very much will help on a difficult way to Light.
340. (May 25). Whether it is possible to lean on something from the surrounding? Whether it is possible to consider something as a condition at which to read itself you will begin happy? No, it is impossible because such happiness will cease to be soon that owing to monotony. It is possible therefore to be approved only that unshakably and doesn't depend on passing conditions of conductors. The Hierarchy will be such unshakable basis. We will be approved only on It. All other is changeable, fragile and unreliable.
341. (M. A. Y.). Readiness of spirit for all transformations of the external forms is included too into a duty of the yogi. Not simple this readiness. It is necessary to know a lot of things. Also it isn't a pity to leave a habitual environment. It isn't a pity to leave the rendered habitable body to clothe in another. As a matter of fact, even it isn't necessary to clothe as the person in him stays at the same time with a physical body. But known process of modification, both the thinnest cover, and consciousness, nevertheless it is necessary to pass.
342. (Guru). It is good to understand inviolability of essence of spirit more deeply. All threatens and always: both enemies, and diseases, both misfortunes, and karmic blows. But nevertheless the spirit passes through everything indestructible and not destroyed. With this thought only also it is possible to pass through everything, differently it is difficult to pass.
343. (May 26). At all times and all people have keys from the God's Kingdom, that is from knowledge of Secrets of the nature and the person, were in hands of the few. Now the Doctrine of Live Ethics gives them to all wishing to take a cognition way. Intermediaries aren't necessary. It is given the chance of direct, direct Communication with the Highest. Also it isn't necessary priests. Only the sequence of a hierarchical chain and the next binding link with it are necessary. Self-feeds admit and appreciated. It is possible most to approach, most through books of Live Ethics. But the visible or invisible link binding nevertheless is established and thus. After all and somehow nevertheless it is necessary to approach to someone. If the Teacher of Light appears them, and It Is only a link in Boundlessness of Hierarchy. So, the Doctrine of Live Ethics causes freedom of approach to the Highest World. Former it is possible to leave all. And it is good to the one who isn't connected by anything, any cults or thinking restrictions. Superstitions, fanaticism and sectarianism Intimate won't lead to knowledge. The consciousness, free from prejudices, prejudices and not connected by religious dogmatism, will succeed. A lot of things should be rejected on this way as superfluous. Internal freedom is hardly achievable. Release from everything disturbing independently to think, becomes a task of the Doctrine, which have chosen a way of Life.
344. (M. A. Y.). Certainly the body has to submit to will and execute its orders. But it is necessary to distinguish when the will wants both when doesn't want and when its orders thereof, are insufficiently firm. But if the will solved and her desire is available, the body has to submit implicitly. The power over a body from hands of will can't be missed. If it is missed, the person from the master of a body becomes his slave. On Light way slaves aren't necessary under any appearances. Free cooperation excludes the slavery phenomenon.
345. (Guru). Whether poorly what there can be moods or conditions of spirit. If to be based on them, which are passing, it is impossible to go. But even on a usual trip of people goes to the destination in different moods. They to it not obstacles. And on the Great Way to Boundlessness we will think of the purpose, but not of mirages of moods. The sun ascends every morning at any weather. At the sun we will study a steady rhythm of movement in the future.
346. (M.A.Y.). Now heavy extremely to each sensitive heart! It is hardly to bear spatial loading. Let will support and will encourage thought that it you divide feasibly unreasonable Burden of the Lord.
347. (May 29). Possibilities of a matter are inexhaustible. Its properties can't be limited to the understanding from today, any denial without scientific check unconvincingly. All superstitions are not scientific. It is necessary to know simply, but without denials. Believe that a matter and its properties are studied up to the end, ridiculously. In general, it is necessary to adopt the provision that possibilities of cognition of a matter are boundless, as well as its properties and feature. It is impossible to limit it to a scale of chemical elements in that look in what it is known now; also studying of an organic matter in a germ. The secret of protein isn't revealed. Secret of a seed is too. Process of origin of living beings remains a riddle. To the thought phenomenon only still approach. And after all it is material. And the spirit is material also all its covers. Out of a matter there is nothing and can't exist. Matter and energy is different sides of the same coin. Thin and fiery bodies are material. The fiery World too is material because we see and we feel. Opportunity to see, feel and comprehend can't limit to five physical feelings – after all even perception of thoughts already outside them. Lyutsid, Matteria Matriks being shone Matter become object of studying by future science, - this time nearby. Recognition of all three worlds, one visible, physical, and two invisible, but material, will lay down in a basis of this science. And it will be already impossible to deny as it will be not scientifically and becomes an ignorance sign. The world promptly goes to the statement of new science. It will be science of the educated materialism, sharply other than the phenomenon of materialism infantile.
348. (M. A. Y.). Interests of the personality should be sacrificed to interests of Identity. After all often they are opposite. At the correct understanding the personality is the servant of Identity, and not the reverse. Sometimes the personality should suffer and suffer well to bring to the Immortal Triad a shining pearl of valuable stays, sometimes to pass by overcoming of difficulties and obstacles to increase crystals of fires saved up in the Bowl. Persons it is heavy, the personality suffers, but the Stone Treasure grows. Among cruel and dark, among searches and grief Light Board over those who follows the Lord.
349. (Guru). Balance and indifference is the phenomena of a different order. The indifference means indifference, attenuation of fires, inertness and weakness. Balance – the quiet, passionless relation to everything concerns personal "I". Tranquillity passionless is achievement of a high step.
350. (May 30). Three natures of the person demand everyone and care of them corresponding. Of a physical body are able to care perfectly, though in an extent of understanding of his owner. On ignorance or weakness of character quite often harm is done to it. This harm is aggravated with a gluttony, wine and unhealthy living conditions. With a thin body of business are much worse, cares of it conscious it isn't shown in general as its existence is denied. And it reacts to each thought and experience, being clarified or saddened respectively. Fiery it isn't necessary to speak about a body, because in the shelter it. And the three-planned essence of the person leads one-sided and limited life, spoiling the conductors. Situation it needs a basic change but how to change if Bases don't admit! At first it is necessary to learn, then to realize and then to apply realized in practice.
351. (Guru). The spiteful pleasure at dark when they manage to shake the wrecking confidence of the pupil of the Teacher of Light is great.
352. (May 31). Pralaya of the consciousness temporarily, but it as though deprives of all accumulation too Maya illusion. It is necessary to wait time, storing full confidence of inherence of the stays. The fog of ignorance will dissipate.
353. (June. 1). It is possible to doubt everything, but not Bases. Maya mirage can temporarily close a lot of things, but not Bases. The death of a body and transition of spirit to the World Thin can't be denied, as though Maya saddened consciousness, as also an extremity of all personal conditions and constructions. The thought of death will dispel a fog. The lifting moments when unattainable becomes close and almost notable aren't denied. The proximity of the Leader though it is felt at different times differently isn't denied. So reflecting, it is strongly possible to strengthen itself on the Way when it becomes too dark. It isn't so difficult to wait rising when you know that the sun will ascend.
354. (June 2). Even in the most difficult situation nevertheless it is possible to make movement in the necessary direction. There can't be such conditions that all possibilities of the appeal to Light were cut off. Always something is possible and somehow to strengthen. If the karma can't be changed at present, any quality nevertheless can be strengthened and deepened somehow. Karma, limiting freedom in one, leaves open other parties. Besides, the thought can't neither be limited, nor to lock. Means, the exit should be looked for in the field of thought. Limits and liberates thought. If the dark surrounded and closed all entrances and exits terrestrial, act with thought, directing it to Me.
355. (M. A. Y.). Dark the free will only for time and only in certain limits is allowed to annoy. Long ago would destroy you if weren't limited. Test by demons inevitably. All passed through it.
356. (June 3). Consolation that we will return to the Monastery of the Father; in the world external is crying and a gnash tooth. The law of its existence is very cruel is one devours others to live, - it in the world animal. And the world old follows the same rule. Only the World New gives hope that the mutually consuming and life at the expense of the weak will stop, but for this purpose the consciousness has to regenerate. Transitional time is very heavy for a distinguished organism. In a vice of greenhorns be hard. Eras of blossoming and decline were earlier, but never before the mankind didn't appear in situation when collision of polarity reached such force and tension already allplanet, both the visible and invisible worlds are involved in it. Troops of Light and darkness challenge a victory. But, you know, Light will win. Heavy time of all-planet reorganization! And care of resisting. After all falling can be only in a chasm.
357. (M. A. Y.). Where all of them who on your memory lived on Earth and went to a better world? Rejoiced, suffered, worried, hoped, despaired and... left. And their affairs are forgotten, and they are forgotten. Remember the very few. And memory human about them is everything that remained from them on Earth. You will leave also. And about you as will quickly forget as forgot about them. Whether it is worth too strong enduring it everything, what is subject to inevitable oblivion and people, and you? Wise sits on the river bank of life and without a regret looks that quickly flashes in a stream, carrying away in irrevocable everything that is reflected in its streams.
358. (June 4). In silence and silence I Want to bring to that power and force, which still escaped from hands. The distance between words about them and achievement is great. And still achievement of this power is possible. About value of small undertakings It is told already enough. The beginning is necessary strongly. Now it is necessary to overcome line behind which seeds of undertakings grow in actions of the statement of force growing and overcoming resistance of the environment. The eaglet which wings start growing, feels not at once the force. But the mighty eagle overcoming space and height grows from a baby bird. And spirit wings grow not at once, but in time. Even Light isn't visible bearing it. Seeming invincible resistance are given for increase of strength of mind. Dare more and more. My children, dare to overcoming hitherto not the surmountable. And if water hollows a stone, really the will of the risen spirit won't break the obstacles allowed by the Teacher for growth of strength of mind. No failures, any resistance, any obstacles will sustain a will impact if it a rhythm of persistence tries to overcome that seems invincible. And while the terrestrial consciousness stops in despair from seeming defeat, hidden fiery power forces of energy that the final victory, became reached obviously. My children, dare to overcoming of that seems impossible.
359. (Guru). The thought is absolutely correct – it is possible to put mentally itself in such provisions when mentally it is necessary to overcome these or those, but vitally necessary obstacles that is when these overcomings have almost vital character. Each such sincere and warm overcoming creates the precondition for successful passing of the corresponding tests and in life. It any more dreams, but useful creative work of purposeful thought. The action which has been carried out mentally, easily is already carried out in life – as though mental rehearsal of that later can occur on a life scene. Enough of rehearsals cause success of the selected play in theater, - in the same way and on a vital scene. Only rehearsals are made mentally. The conscious thought is premised to actions.
360. (M. A. Y.). To the person can seem that he cleared the consciousness of any litter enough. But this seeming clarification often isn't true. And then check is necessary to reveal everything from consciousness depths that there remains, perhaps, absolutely imperceptibly for an eye. When until then hidden becomes obvious, it is possible to work already with open eyes.
361. (Guru). Worst of all, when the person decides on something is only half. The vague solution of desirable consequences won't give. The reality is in this regard very dangerous, because creates determination illusion while it isn't present. The most undesirable type of self-deception and gloomy marking time turns out. Honesty of recognition in this case is especially necessary for itself. The final choice should be made nevertheless, because incompleteness shows the destructive consequences. How to raise Light flowers if the hand subconscious reaches for gloom weeds.
362. (June 6). Unprotected and unprotected fortress is open for the enemy. Protection has to be always and continuous patrol. And whom we will blame if, having used neglect, the enemy made the way inside and harmed. Even my protecting Beam loses in the force if instead of hardness and firmness of spirit It meets lack of will, doubt and unwillingness own forces to resist to darkness and to be protected from its attacks. After all even the board should be held a strong hand. Mine I Call soldiers, because their debt is to battle to darkness and to confront it. When hands fall and the protecting network powerlessly hangs, the soldier of spirit ceases to be that and becomes the weak-willed victim of spiteful influences. You see how the darkness raves and uses all opportunities people around that through them to influence you. I welcome strong determination to be on not replaceable patrol and to show due strength of mind that was to Me in as where to send protecting Beam. It would be time to understand that My Force I Can apply to your force. It is necessary that was to what to put, differently the Beam powerlessly hangs, having dissolved in the allowed lack of will and weakness of spirit. After all the law such is that is taken away from not having also that has, but having, at least a little, given, how many can contain. Create consciously conditions that were to what to put. Show the necessary degree of firmness, vigilance and opposition to destruction forces. Unless it is possible to allow that in the microcosm thoughts and the feelings thrown by a dark hand managed? It is necessary to strengthen patrol.
363. Inert lack of will and the same assignment are destructive that the necessary forces deprive the receiver of spirit of opportunity почерпать spatially. Fire is magnetic. The acceptability is caused by a due condition of spirit. Recognition of won or powerless to be opposed to darkness is inadmissible. Spirit defeat, because it is eternal is impossible and isn't destroyed. Recognition of defeat is an abuse on spirit. Spirit we won't break and it isn't won. The external damage at all doesn't mean defeat. More often it marks a spirit victory. It is possible to lose everything and even bodies to lose, but to be the winner in the spirit of. Prosecutions and death of Carriers of Light always meant their victory over darkness, because in the spirit of there were inflexible They up to the end.
364. (Guru). Float against the stream and against a wind where it is more difficult, than downwind and on a current. But Light Doctrine always goes against narrow-minded way of life and narrow-minded thinking. The word "revolution" means revolt against commonness, - We for singularity. To approve it among life usual it is so hard and difficult that only the strong and tempered consciousness is able to hold the direction. Helmet strong hello!
365. (June 8). Full-string such extent of Communication when It goes over personal and temporary moods, which don't influence any more It can be considered and don't paint it the color. Various degree of luminosity of spirit and its take-off are one, but personal moods, chagrin, pleasures or employment shouldn't interfere in Communication. Experiment shows, it is how difficult to reach this step of super personal contact. The success of contact is promoted very much by feeling of love to Tom Who Conducts. But if this love temporarily, also depends on mood, and can end in this embodiment or through any shorter term, such feeling isn't valuable. Only love, to taking and growing by Identity at of extent the many age’s, and not depending on accidents of dense conditions, both enduring a body and time, only she leads to the highest form of Communication. Even in usual human relationship the temporary friendship, attachment or love is appreciated a little. Even here people want durability and constancy. Especially they are necessary in spirit life when connection is established not for today, not for tomorrow, but on all the time, which is.
366. (June 9). My friend, value of each appreciation, or the gratitude turned to the Teacher is great. Appreciation means also recognition that is discretion of that, for what gratitude rises. Beam on patrol always and on protection. How many time is Rescued by the Teacher from the phenomena, able to do irreparable harm, - and, as the unusual phenomenon of the Help is seen by the pupil. In quality of appreciation include also vigilance. Dark annoy on trifles. Why don't do bigger why didn't destroy you though it strongly wish? Because on the guard the Teacher protecting you. Protection and care at all don't mean release from karmic debts. Great is value of each thanks, though it doesn't settle all measure of Hidden Care and Protection.
367. (M. A. Y.). The feeling of Hidden Care means as well known extent of enlightenment in reality. If knew, of how many dangers are relieved by the Hidden Hand. If only could imagine, than are surrounded. If understood all depth of Great Care of you! Truly, heart would be filled with fiery appreciation for it. On Great Patrol there is the Great Spirits preserving mankind against an impact of darkness; fight the Light with darkness to stop never. The whole troops are involved in it. Understanding of the events expands the horizon of understanding real. The whole troops are involved in it. Understanding of the events expands the horizon of understanding real. After all outside a personal world and visibility small there is a reality. To see at least its small part will be already achievement. Have hundred eyes and hundred ears and be always on patrol of recognition of reality.
368. (M. A. Y.). All depth of Care of Great Heart about you try to understand. Without understanding of it your appreciation will be always one-sided and imperfect. To feel as heart all power of love to you Great Heart, it is necessary appreciation and recognition of his Care of you to deepen and strengthen. This magnet works powerfully.
369. (Guru). As though strong covered consciousness everything that external that round you occurs and demands your attention, you remember firmly that all this only Maya the next effort and that reality over its all illusions. Fight against Maya seduction is included too into tasks of the pupil. You remember how the pupil sent by the Teacher behind water, met the girl at a well as with it I fell in love, and I forgot about the Teacher of Light and about all the rest, and plunged into the terrestrial. There are things about, which it is impossible to forget not for a moment how Maya illusions were bright.
370. Appreciation to a certain extent obliges also and That, to Whom it is turned. There, is an interchange of magnetic energy.
371. (June 10). In process of understanding of the Management and its recognition it goes deep and amplifies. The reciprocity is necessary. After all even for understanding of usual things the attention has to be concentrated on them, differently they pass by, without leaving a trace. Especially it is necessary in the phenomena of a spiritual order. And then earlier not noticeable will start appearing in the field of attention in increasing frequency and the Hand of the Teacher becomes the life seen in much details, having special value. There can't be a neglect that for the person is most important. Consider considerable and important I put passable day. But they come and leave and in time are forgotten, while the Teacher, which with you always. Everything becomes closer and is more notable. If the thought is constantly given It, He Renders a hundred times. Also it isn't necessary to be afraid that affairs of the present day will suffer. On the contrary, they if are given on service to people, will go under the sign of good luck; so the advantage turns out double – both to people, and spirit which above all that passes in your days. So, service to General Welfare can't go a full measure without communication with the Teacher. And if the person is a measure of things, recognition of the Top Management by it, Teachers of Light will be a measure of the person.
372. (June 11). When any quality of spirit starts sounding especially strongly, the skilled pupil uses it even more to deepen and expand the understanding and to deepen sounding quality for more his strong statement. Spirit advantage is the quality necessary in all worlds. It is approved on Earth. Under all circumstances and in all conditions the pupil doesn't change to it. It is possible to pay attention to with what advantage the Great Spirits on courts human Kept, without being humiliated, fawning, and fear The one who keeps it in the face of all difficulties in the world terrestrial, holds it and in Worlg Aboveground. How many confusions, fear, a pettiness and pity behavior show the spirits, which don't have this quality? Loss it in life terrestrial deprives spirit of security. Babbling, humility, ingratiation indicate a spirit pettiness. The advantage of spirit is the quality possessing big magnetic force; it can be brought up and strengthened by a number of the corresponding acts. Thus crucial importance has internal state. External acts only consequences. His liar can't claim. The one who hopes for sons human, but not for the Leading Hierarch can't own it. His person putting freedom of spirit in dependence on people and their arbitrariness, cruelty, roughness or astral disbalance can't bring up. The advantage of spirit is combined with tranquility and balance. Without them it loses property of stability, because this quality synthetic. Many other qualities are combined with it, making one inseparable whole. The advantage of spirit is necessary even not to be surprised surprise. Transition of Great Borders covers in itself many surprises for one incarnation of the spirit. And it is necessary to prepare itself for possibility of their emergence in advance. Balance will be the most powerful protection. The advantage of spirit is included into it as its component. Whether it is possible for the sake of something which is temporarily surrounding on Earth of the person, to renounce this most valuable quality, to refuse at least for a moment it?
373. Training and the statement of consciousness happen at association of contrasts and aspiration to capture both of them the poles, not separately everyone but as one inseparable whole. Usually see only one, losing sight of another and receiving one-sided, unilateral understanding of a thing uniform, bipolar in the being and dual in manifestation. Simultaneous representation of both poles will help comprehension of many phenomena. The bipolar understanding precedes bipolar sight.
374. (M. A. Y.). Let's look at everything burdening spirit, not as at something interfering ascension, but as that strong promotes it. Yes, yes, on chagrin, sufferings, troubles, pricks, blows and all that, on what people, as on conditions advancing are often so generous. Then it will be already easy to benefit by everyone and force and to go without fluctuating, without stopping and without showing confusion. Then truly all interfering will serve us. The winner goes this way. Spirit way victorious is to us pleasure.
375. (Guru). "Fall in love with the commonwealth with silence", remembering thus that silence moves and forces even where words are powerless. The battery of silence is the powerful fiery force which is constantly radiating two the energy in surrounding space. Takiturm is a not staying idle idler. It is necessary to reconsider anew many concepts. If behind silence the prompt stream of the creative thought is covered, able to impregnate sets of consciousness’s, such silence we will consider fruitful, moving evolution of mankind and standing on service to General Welfare. Silence can be spatially very loud. In it its opposite pole is shown. You know about the great taciturn. The feat of silence should be understood too more not to be confused anymore the compelled silence which so powerfully accumulates forces.
376. (June 12). Future as inevitably and inevitably, as every day rises of the Sun. It as is cyclic and subordinated to a rhythm. The rhythm is based on alternation of contrasts, as pulsation. The pulsation of the phenomena is subordinated to the law. Tactics of Adverse which is so often applied by Us too is based on application of polarity. We Allow the phenomenon to be expressed till the end and subjects to settle the force to replace it opposite when it already spent of energy. Shown it is possible to see its contrast in everything. Allowing something for identification of the essence, We thereby Approve possibility of demonstration of its opposite pole. And the darkness of night serves as the guarantee of arrival of shining day. There are no the phenomena, which aren't replaced by the opposite pole. Exact forecasts of events are based on knowledge of this law. It is based on it and your future. Light-you look forward. Light of the future is great.
377. (M. A. Y.). In the present it is impossible to change already anything because every instant it passes to the past and becomes irreversible while the future is plastic in will hands. The future exists for the sake of the person, for the sake of evolution of his spirit. This evolution is made by a will projection during an evolutionary stream. The thought makes out a spirit sculpture in space. And if in the past it is impossible to change and correct already anything, in the future all is possible and all is achievable. The future we will consider we weed identifications of the innermost aspirations of the spirit approved by it in the present.
378. (Guru). Be not confused imperfection of the present. Let's come to correct everything and to replace with the best. The future is defined by will of terms.
379. (June 13). In the potential of consciousness of the person all is concluded. Often a point of support look for in something external, it is necessary while to look for inside. The consciousness reacts to influences of the outside world, but on an accord with it, that is submitting to the accord Law. The law can't be avoided, but to adjust consciousness on a desirable wave it is possible; key in hands of the person. Using it, it is possible to regulate streams of impressions and thoughts. Even the simple tuning fork is very useful because its sound coordinates sounding of the centers. On it are adjusted not only musical instruments, but the nervous centers of a human body. Impact of a sound on a human body in general is great, and especially influence of a human voice. Character and extent of this influence are a little studied. And meanwhile under the influence of it are all. .
380. (Guru). Light threads, which connect spirit to spirit, represent themselves the phenomenon of an extra dense order. They are stronger than usual terrestrial communications, because are hidden and impregnable terrestrial whirlwinds and storms. They endure death of a body because are stretched over it. They aren't destroyed by time, because are directed in the future. Communications elevated we will protect as the most valuable that it is had in life terrestrial and Elevated.
381. (June 14). Thoughts which are sent to the world from the Stronghold, are similar to the mountain river – whatever dams were put by it and obstacles, it nevertheless will punch to herself a way. It is possible to observe how our postulates take root into life for application. The garden terrestrial will blossom, deserts – a mankind shame will disappear, the world on a planet will descend, cooperation between the people will be approved, and the gold will be prostrate little bodies. The World Thin becomes reality, and wonderful will become property of the exact science, - will lose death the sting, because it will be trampled. And the mankind will promptly move forward. Abundance of fruits terrestrial exempt from care of them, and the released thought rush at gain to Cosmic and Space. Not much still think that the space contains in itself everything that was that is both that will be and that time element in space loses the terrestrial value that division that was and is, concerns only the dense world and terrestrial consciousness that in the worlds of another dimensions the aspect of time gets other value is perfect. So, gradually New World will be included into life and becomes its integral part. It is a lot of most amazing things and stays expect the person in space.
382. (M. A. Y.). If two harmoniously adjusted auras can create big affairs as it is careful as carefully it is necessary belong to each other at meetings that the desirable accord took place. As feelings of discontent, condemnation and everything are inadmissible that disturbs consciousness association. A lot of things in this area demand the most careful attitude. The bowl of opportunities can be broken easily, but, stuck together, it loses the value. The egoism has to be bridled strong. Given the chance we won't miss.
383. (June 15). In the ancient time responsible undertakings were dated for favorable astrological conditions. But for this purpose it is necessary to know science of stars. Now this knowledge is lost. The modern astrology has speculative character and is far from knowledge of Bases. That remained, is covered with such layer of heaps and interpretation that lawfully rises mistrust. The ancient knowledge needs updating and announce.
384. (June 16). Mine I Call soldiers, because neither cold, nor hunger, neither day, nor night, personal inconveniences, fatigue, either danger, or experiences – nothing exempts them from debt execution. Full readiness always to serve business of General Welfare, continuous patrol and inflexible determination, an opposite to darkness even then when one is left and without visible support, are those main properties of its essence which grant to it the right to be called as the soldier of Light. Around it can be very dark, and spatial currents can be very heavy, but nothing exempts it from constancy of patrol and determination to win. Defeat is impossible. The victory is an obligation. To give in to darkness and to be broken by it means legend of dark and falling in a chasm, from where return isn't present. The soldier goes consciousness that retreat is impossible and the way isn't present back. When this line of understanding of impossibility of a way back is passed, the determination becomes unshakable. This consciousness it is possible to pass all abysses, and to overcome all obstacles and counteractions, and to win against darkness. The spirit is indestructible and we don't destroy. And not body or covers, but spirit above all.
385. (M.A.Y.). Think off the Lord as much possible and often, filling with Him the consciousness. Only this way it is possible to have a hard time. When the thought about It becomes constant, continuous there is a communication.
386. (Guru). It isn't enough to establish relation with Hierarchy of Light – it should be maintained a constant memory and pretending before That Who Called. It is for this purpose given the chance to hold constantly the Image of the Lord in the heart.
387. (June 17). The creation of the Thin World which has fallen from Fiery comes nearer to Earth for an embodiment in dense forms. Participants of world events in the Hidden Worlds already know about inevitability of terms. It is necessary to tell that was in their hands to other hands. Great changes hung over a planet. Even the nature waiting, elements also are restless. The world in all the aspects is a whole. Judgment time comes nearer promptly.
388. (June 18). The spatial poison dismissed by human ignorance, becomes disaster all planet. There is already no rescue from it anywhere. It breaks a current of magnetic currents and strengthens disbalance elements. People still can fight against small spontaneous waves, but are absolutely powerless against the big. The greatest danger is constituted itself by elements of fire. Underground fire can break. Control demands it improbable tension Forges Light. But everything has the limit. Pay attention to how natural disasters became frequent. They will amplify. But the human spirit is silent. How many misfortunes have to occur still that he at last woke up? When the people will powerfully rise against forces of destruction pushing them in a chasm of nuclear war, to madness of dark and their accomplices will be put an end.
389. (M. A. Y.). Against a spatial infection and a clouding it is possible to struggle only unification with Hierarchy of Light, persistent and uninterrupted. Otherwise not preserve consciousness against poison. The set poisons with it, but the reasons don't know, both carry, and attribute to the temporary reasons. This misunderstanding even more deepens it harmed because, without knowing the reason, it is impossible to eliminate it.
390. (June 20). Only when action is made not in the name and and desires of egoism, there is it self-sacrificing, or sacrificial. In the beginning aspiration of all teach and to have more pupils very strongly. It is egoism уявляет itself. Then, in process of spirit growth, the aspiration to teach disappears and is born understanding that mentoring is a victim and it on the teacher imposes the obligation to fulfill the duty up to the end. The pupil is borrowed not, but forever. Pupils are a mental freight on the leader because, sharing with the pupil knowledge, the teacher extends the way to the Nirvana. Responsibility for pupils is of a bike. And only when there is a thought: "Yes this Bowl passes me", – the leader becomes the true instructor. The self-shown teaching amusing the egoism, costs the little. But that those not numerous spirits which can become, over time Teachers are more valuable. Such pupil already understands, is how heavy, both is ungrateful, and his share if he works not in the name, but Called is difficult. Let's be glad to that the understanding of it already lights up consciousness.
391. (June 24). It is so much life, and in them there are so much houses, things, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, enemies and passersby. And anything the, anything, belonging on the entire time.In total only for term, not further lives of one short. And even body and other covers, even they not the and too only for a while. Can own everything only refused everything, not having anything the, that is nothing considering the right has on everything. It is one of the most difficult couples of contrasts for neutralization that is for understanding and understanding. We live in temporary, but eternal, in eternity we live, in Boundlessness, phenomenon temporariness in aspect. The timeless spirit lives, given passing shapes and surrounded with all passing. It is impossible to change it, but it is possible to understand, and this understanding will give to spirit strength to go through life, considering nothing and without becoming attached to anything. And without tying consciousness to the passing phenomena flowing by, to a stream it is similar. To catch and hold elements eternal in a stream of quickly flashing phenomena will be achievement of spirit. Consciously to bring together them and to accumulate it will be familiar to a high step. To live in eternal, realizing sense of dreams terrestrial, will be already finding of the narrow track conducting in immortality. And a task all in that, leading externally life usual and doing the duty before people, to be other-worldly, not from this life final, but from the world of other, My World when the enduring essence of my Days in days terrestrial, human and usual begins itself display. And then the mankind, this great orphan on Earth, not having anything the, though considering something the, can enter possession of the space inheritance, which in eternity and which is prepared to it from the beginning of times.
392. (M.A.Y.). About the elements of eternity collected consciously in the Bowl, it is possible to tell much. Their main sign will be that they aren't limited cycle of one embodiment long, but go out of its limits. Expressly I speak – the "cycle", embracing myself not only terrestrial life, but also post mortal existence. Anchors are thrown far forward, in the following life and many lives, because they out temporarily. Each thought, either feeling, or quality of the spirit, directed in the future out of limits of a circle of hopelessness to which people limited themselves, will be particles of values enduring. Communication with the Teacher of Light and sent it will be a thread stretched in Eternity. The collector of elevated treasures we call the one who understood that he has to collect and accumulate in the Bowl. Focus of the appendix of energy of spirit is simply transferred from the dense world in extra dense, because the Bowl one for all embodiments and is only the integral property of Immortal Identity of the person.
393. (Guru). I want to pay your attention to extra temporariness of space communications. They are established through appearance of temporary physical covers of those spirits with which Communication is established. These covers serve as though as the link connecting to Chosen Spirit. But the consciousness should concentrate on something before coming into contact. This purpose is served also by the Chosen Image. The sense and value of an image-respect also consists in it. The icon, that is the Face represented on it, serves as the intermediary of communication with Spirit of the one Who on it is represented. Of course, premised thought connects.
394. (June 25). Firmness of spirit becomes tempered as well on trifles. Not only hunger, cold and other big tests strengthen this quality, but also small and small pricks, troubles and chagrin aren't less effective by results. The main thing is not to stop advance, despite everything. If it is reached, all other, saddening and detaining, loses the sting. It is good to accustom it to thought that each blow, a prick and burdening can give an impulse for advance acceleration. It is good when it is possible to tell them, torturers cruel and ardent: "As you’re bad actions because I approach to the Stronghold are useful to Me. All of you, with of cruelty, will leave there, from where came, and I will continue the way to the Lord as I continue now, contrary to your conscious or unconscious, but to spiteful actions. And if you aren't kind, it is your way, but ways our different". To them, cruel and dark, it is possible even to forgive because the evil-memory saddens the one who allows it. The quiet passionless relation deprived of feelings spiteful or unfriendly is better. Balance it is better to extinguish these attempts to wound you consciously or unconsciously. Only remember them strongly, because they not from Light, but darkness because, create badly under the influence of the dark.
395. (M. A. Y.). If Bases of the Doctrine are accepted strong in consciousness, they is imperceptible, but persistently, perhaps, slowly but surely transform all essence of the pupil, from time to time display consequences of this hidden work happening in depths of spirit. It isn't necessary the squeezed-out efforts – consequences can't but be if Bases are accepted. You feel as times as the horizon as the spirit was exempted from many heaps as the false knowledge disappeared extended. Besides conscious work on, transformation of spirit goes this way. Therefore it is so important to approve Doctrine Bases, introducing them in consciousness by repetitions. They should be accepted, results of acceptance will be a logical and natural consequence of the accepted.
396. (Guru). Life transfer in thought and thoughts to spirit spheres – the guarantee will be that terrestrial affairs will lose the power over consciousness. It isn't enough to accept thought of a transient of the current hour mind, it should be assimilated heart. Spirit citadel – heart which fights always. It is possible to charge to it assimilation of thoughts elevated. Heart will be the guard in night because, also it at night fights. The thought put by the night on heart, will be awake during a dream. It is possible even to talk to the heart, charging it execution of the conceived thoughts. It is possible to call heart spirit body. The body sleeps and needs a dream, but heart constantly is a wake.
397. (June 27). The present is a past consequence, and visible there is an identification of the invisible. After all the past too is invisible because, goes to space. The past can be seen if to have access to Akasha's rolls. In the same way it is possible to see both invisible That and another, that is both last, and invisible, exist. The science already intruded long ago in area invisible and gradually expands it. Nearby that time when that is denied nowadays, will be accepted as reality. In the past by mankind it was denied so much undoubted that ignorance needs to be surprised only all-planet. Denials are insolvent at least only because, in the world astral everything is reflected in images that are generated by mind of the person. Means, all this somehow and somewhere exists. Thin it is necessary to enter the World well prepared for all surprises. Otherwise not avoid shock. It is good to know also all variety of forms of life of people occupying Earth not to be surprised any more to anything. People usually transfer the features and use details to the World Thin. Seldom who is exempted from them consciously. Readiness to meet there it is quiet and without surprise all variety of forms of life of the people, real and former, will be already certain step of an apprenticeship. About Elevated stay it is necessary to attend in advance. Armed with the Doctrine of Life can quietly enter this area it is invisible real, not visible only to an eye terrestrial, but existing in space of another dimensions.
398. (M. A. Y.). The belief till the end and belief contrary to everything and something is the mighty engine of spirit, because it is immutable conducts it to the purpose far. Certainly, such belief is based on a sense-knowledge and is approved by heart. It simply knows counter to evidence that the fiery reality is most real that at present temporarily surrounds the person. The fiery reality lives in eternity, it other-worldly things passing. Its sparks get into the terrestrial world, impregnating consciousness looking for and helping them to collect the elements of immortality which are so necessary for life in Elevated.
399. (Guru). Let's take one more step to the future: it is inevitable, it inevitably, therefore, preparation for it is necessary. We arm with knowledge for the sake of the future. It is ridiculous to think that with death of a body all comes to an end. But body not spirit. Transferring consciousness life to spirit area, we broaden the sphere of its activity, subjects moderating the power of a body over it. One live under the power of a body, others is the spirit. One strong are mortal, others approve immortality of the spirit still having been obese. Immortality is reached by this final journey.
400. (June 30.). ((It isn't so easy to approve itself in Light because; evidence strong counteracts everything that with it won't be coordinated. Not only "terrestrial wisdom – hostility against God", but also all use narrow-minded which demands cares and attention endlessly. How to coordinate terrestrial with Elevated, dense with the Highest? Actions and acts of every day! It is necessary to work and arrive as if we, making a way distant, for a while stopped there where the destiny brought us. Anything in this temporary environment doesn't belong to us, all only for a while. At theater or cinema we don't take seen for reality, though we endure talented execution. Here and in life usual: whatever convincing she seemed, all this only Maya of the dense world. What occurred about twenty years ago, too seemed real, but where all it? Maya one dream was replaced with others, - but I with you always and over evidence dense. Therefore look for in Me and with Me. Each thought of Me – a ray of light in space. It is possible to reach only together with Me. Where you will come one? So we will be together in everything to moderate a celebration of vanity and successfully to fight with mirage Maya.
401. (M.A.Y.). As strongly there had to be resistance of the lowest nature in the person if people were compelled to carry “vlasyanitsa” (clothes of eremites Me, or chains for a constant reminder on the most necessary or to castigate and torture a body to restrain a violent, irrepressible cover of an astral! So those who wanted to win against the body arrived and to approve over it the spirit power. Not all so arrived, but some. Them we won't condemn or to laugh at them. Nobody told them about the best ways. You know these best ways, and still a victory isn't got yet. Mastering by is inevitable on ways of Fiery Yoga. But, also is difficult achievable it. But we won't despair because, even on actions small it is possible to temper the spirit. Great not to everyone in power, but small undertakings and the affairs conducting to the purpose as it is immutable lead to it, as well as big. During the day it is possible to make affairs small, to the purpose of leaders much. Pay attention to small things – they approve a way to big and great if from Light, and destroy it if from darkness.
402. (June 29). Mood or State of mind may come and go, replacing each other, but still Looking. If you identify with the sentiment, inevitably they and sounding the subjugation of their wave, if – the Beholder, you can stand up separately from them and watch them as if from the side. Power over them is achieved this way. There is one power, which should only aim is power over you. You can reach all powers of Earth and remain a slave to their feelings or cravings and anything else – why such power! When it's over, people will go out into the world above ground just as poor as before. But, it seized, the Lord comes into the world Thin. So who managed to win it conquers all.
403. (M. A. Y.). People always want something to something. You can accurately understand where these currents, of which shell or Windows Explorer are. Everything that comes from the astral is subject to very strict supervision and control. Astral owns man and usually determines its life. Slavery in their shells is an inextricable, because there is no escape from them. But the movement occurring in them, you can stop the will or with the permission of will giving them sound, watching from their course and not identifying himself by the beholder, with them. As in the large and small, and especially in the small, should monitor them, - in a small lighter. Bridle in a small, they obey and lots. Especially harmful vague, unclear and aggravating impulses, the promises held dark side; anxiety and fears, and anxiety often unintelligible to send secretly them to embarrass, - must be constantly on guard protecting against unwanted spirit Citadel intrusions. Not guarded the fortress loses its protective sense.
404. (Guru). So much hostile Ascension of the spirit phenomena inside itself! Well all of them bring to the light of day and analyze and determine impartially. Already one such analysis can deprive them of their normal activities. They are especially strong unconscious. Awareness of the harm greatly eased in important measure by their force. Analysis and heavily promoted the spirit of self-control on the way to the light.
405. (June 30). Immutability and mobility Plan is not that hard to understand in theory, but when the principle is to make in life, are assailed by doubts and mistrust. So many times in the name of expediency, we had to modify the schema outlined for action. Great floor plan remains unchanged basically. Details, that are its implementation, are changing constantly.
406. (M. A. Y.). Of the human body secretion saliva has a special property of mental energy to be sated. It can be healing or toxic depending on the nature of the energy. Every mood, emotion or thought facilitates this saturation. The quality of the spirit reflected in its composition of strong. High frequency photographing could provide vivid evidence of different composition of saliva at different people and according to the composition of the internal condition of the person. Note how the disease on this lineup. This area is the extensive customer research. Property is exploration of body secretions.
407. (Guru). Tears of joy, tears of compassion, tears of gratitude, tears of pain, tears of sadness, tears of love, tears, and tears of delight to the sensations of the spirit have different psycho-chemical composition. Tears of despair and hopelessness especially strongly saturated with quality corresponding radiation. After all, humans are able to cry, even from the impotent malice. Laboratory of human body is powerful and is very diverse in its products. Psycho-physical organism comes within
408. (July 1). Elevated stay after death of a body we will consider as continuation a terrestrial minus a dense body. Internal life remains plus freedom from restrictions of a physical body. The thought works, mainly. Movement of thought is followed by the remained conductors. They are set in motion by thought. Thought terrestrial and thin differ beside the point, but on force of impact on covers. It influences and on Earth, but the dense body nevertheless can't fly on her order while the thin – can. The thought creates images, and they, possessing magnetic force, attract an environment corresponding to their nature and character. And in this environment lives one incarnation spirit. It is possible to imagine, what this environment if thoughts are saturated with hatred and rage or desires of not gets rid passions. Brightness and vitality of these fancies are so strong that the reality of the environment attracted by them isn't less valid for consciousness, than reality terrestrial. The environment and its character are caused by aspirations of the spirit, which energy amplifies after release from a body. The whirlwinds of extra dense beds created by these aspirations, involve spirits in the educations. And a grief to what aspirations aren't cleared of terrestrial and corporal desires. The infinite series of imagined experiences all about the same turns out, they yet won't settle the energy on the person, them generated. Atonement process, that is releases, is heavy. Therefore it is necessary to manage to be exempted from them on Earth. The payment for doubtful pleasure of communication with dirty thoughts on Earth is so great during lifetime that if the person knew terrible consequences of mental connivance, he would find forces to stop this process.
409. (M.A.Y.). The hope is given to spirit as a lifebuoy to the sinking. Hopelessness, utter darkness, hopelessness which is murderers of spirit and opportunities of its ascension will be an antipode of hope. That circumstance has no value that many hopes aren't carried out if only they executed the role that is advanced the person on the way of Evolution. It is hard to adopt this provision to continue and still to hope, but the future is integral, and in it inalterability of implementation of the Great Plan of Evolution of mankind. The hope of Evolution of the world is immutable. Bases remain unchangeable.
410. (July 2). Young or old, healthy or sick, poor or rich, the man or the woman, white or color, here or there, today or tomorrow, in life or the death, happy or in the mountain, in fight or rest, always, anywhere and everywhere with Me and in Me – so we will un, distend this intimate connection which is established over all temporary and passing phenomena and over all covers, doomed death. Therefore whatever occurred in them or around, – nothing can break this sacred communication. For its conscious maintenance the rhythm of everyday Communication is established. This it is hardly to hold communication because all surrounding counteracts it. Tests for its durability and stability are very difficult and don't pass even very High Spirits. After all and each of Them has the Father and the Lord. Remember words: "Why to leave Me...» This hidden communication has crucial importance in human life and above it all affairs of human and all other experiences, terrestrial and elevated. Only it one makes spirit evolution even if there is it unconsciously. It causes also communication with Hierarchy of Light on all chain. The precept "I in you and you in Me" remains for all times to leaders for the person.
411. (M.A.Y.). Whether it is possible to prefer something to Proximity of the Teacher of Light? It is possible, and many prefer and remain with that or that or whom preferred. But who preferred the Teacher – with Him remains. So the choice terrestrial that is made on Earth decides destiny of the person. In words it is easy to make a choice but when business reaches the practical appendix, difficulties start growing. There is a fight for the statement in consciousness of Light, and the end to it isn't visible because Light is infinite and inspiration steps to them conduct in Boundlessness. For today we will remember: inspiration ways Light of the end aren't present.
412. (Guru). It is good to wonder more often what exactly is acquired from the received. With what we will appear when time, before That Who Called will come. What we will bring to It from gifts of the spirit? And whether we will bring? Nothing brought loses the share because there is nothing will be it to put.
413. (July 3). Love effective – so we Call the love turned to the Teacher of Light which all actions, acts, thoughts and feelings of the pupil directs to the accord with of Will-Rower Sending. Many loves rather think that love, but don't renounce anything or very small and consider, in addition to this love that they are on Great Service. The inert, affectless love which isn't changing a being of loving and not bringing to the Teacher of Light of gifts hearts, isn't necessary to us, even if it display honoring and even understanding; to what useless expenditure of energy, when it is fruitless. And you divide loving Us and reading the Doctrine into those, who loves and arrives in life respectively, and on those who imagines that loves, but loves actually yourself, illusive "I" and serve it. These too are on service, but We Call such service a self-servige and such attendants of egoism we don't consider as true pupils. We Don't reject them because we Hope that will punch once and their hour to be rejected from itself and to follow Me. By aura unmistakably we Determine, to what look the examinee subject. Try both that and others. Unless only those who really loves Us and who has our Love and Care, those to Try difficulties, not surmountable for the loving it is affectless.
414. (M.A.Y.). Only all it and all it given to the Lord can receive everything. The measure of return will be a receiving criterion. Give and bring many, but I speak about full-string return when already there is nothing the, but all our and there are no "I" already, but there are great creating "We". How many force behind it "We" when it is said consciously, with feelings of the one Who Called. The right, it isn't so difficult to give especially as anyway it is necessary to leave everything, because actually isn't present and there can't be nothing the. Both the personality and her covers too it is necessary to leave. Self-service it is inexpedient. What powerful impulse to clarification is received by the person who has realized in what inherent values of spirit consist? The everyday gift of the best that we can give to the Lord, the guarantee will be a constant prosperity and spirit ascension.
415. (Guru). Mercy from dark doesn’t wait also for indulgence – too. Their "motto" * – cruelty. Protects only the Beam of the Lord, under his protection – it is constant. But when the spatial chaos amplifies, the aspiration to the Teacher should be strengthened. Openness continuous hearts and constant readiness include also keenness of intense responsiveness on hidden contacts of Hierarchy. I will finish an ancient formula: be awake, because you know neither day, nor hour.
• Motto – saying (ит.) .
416. (July 4). The atom represents itself material granulation of particles of spirit. Its structure is difficult extraordinary. The science never will define all its components, because they escape from a field of vision, is a bridge of transition of a matter from visibility in invisibility. The bridge between dense and Thin the Worlds Above, as essence it’s fiery. Complexity of its structure is aggravated with that in it all laws of a matter are signed. Potentially it bears in itself all versions of forms of organic and inorganic life. The weight and energy in it are inseparable from each other. Atom – the child of invisibility because from the sphere not shown it comes to light as harmonius organized whole, bearing in itself(himself) all laws of a matter. It is time to understand already: not all matter is available to microscopes, even to the strongest. The microscope fixes visible, but the area invisible is much more extensive than that is available to an eye even by means of the newest devices. The atom takes away science in Boundlessness and unites it with space manifestations. The secret of atom completely will be never opened though partial it’s to half-open and will give to people wonderful achievements and opportunities. The secret of atom is hidden in the Fiery World, in the spheres not available to penetration of the person. Creativity of Builders of the Universe and Founders of the Worlds is based on the most profound knowledge of properties of atom and laws to which he is subordinated. Opening of atomic energy represents itself only partial acquaintance to one of many properties of atom – this small brick of which all visible world is constructed.
417. (M.A.Y.). The world visible and the World Invisible, Thin, are so closely connected with each other that it is impossible to understand any phenomenon, not in view of this communication. Without an assumption of existence of the Thin World any understanding of the phenomena will be only partial. There is no consequence without the reason, in the same way there are no the visible phenomena, which haven't been connected with invisible. Association of the worlds will consist in recognition of the Thin World and penetration of science into area of the invisible. And already the limit of visibility dense is passed, but it, unfortunately, isn't realized. But there will be proofs amazing, and the science will enter mankind into spheres of the Thin World, which is now denied strong.
418. (Guru). Readiness for cooperation with us in all worlds destroys barriers of the dense world and does this communication live and operating. The thought isn't limited to visibility because it is a product of already Thin World. When Explain to work with thought, this its property means. Remember firmly that for joint action with Those Who Left the terrestrial plan, the thought exempted from chains of ignorance, not knowing any barriers and safely proving in those Spheres where it is directed is necessary.
419. (July 5). (M.A.Y.). Great quality of patience includes also ability to transfer all tests, difficulties, injustice and offense from people who usually address to the Teacher, without complaints, exasperation and discontent. Courage, patience and balance are sides of the same diamond. Without balance courage can address in madness or cowardice, patience – in discontent, condemnation and reproaches to the Teacher, and balance without quiet courage and patience loses the invincible power.
420. (July 6). Not separateness and inseparability of two worlds from each other connect each thought approved in consciousness with the sphere corresponding to it of space and thoughts, conformable with it. Such way creates communication channels with the World Elevated and belonging of spirit to certain layers of space. Sons of Light and sons of darkness are spirits, adjacent to close and related them according to the accord to areas of Spheres Elevated. The accord is established on Earth by the thoughts which especially strongly have taken roots in consciousness. To drive of spatial channels it is necessary to belong very circumspectly because the attraction on them the spirit released from a body is almost insuperable. Magnetic power of thought practically is understood a little. And after all there everything moves thought and the thought takes priority. It is possible to imagine, where and as move low thoughts. Everyone attracts to the sphere belonging to it. It is possible to get out from there, having only overcome thought. But if here, on Earth, we don't want to overcome thoughts or we can't how to reach it where everything becomes aggravated and amplifies and where the allure and seduction by these or those forms of thought becomes fatal? And meanwhile, the person, the creator and the lord of thought, has over it the power it to generate and to own it. As enter rights of succession, in the same way enter the rights of possession of thought, knowing that each thought can either be accepted, or to reject that this choice in hands of the person. But the choice is made not when the thought hopelessly already seized consciousness and when it appears on its threshold. Can protect an entrance to the inner world everyone, patrol and the control stopping possibility of undesirable invasion are necessary only.
421. (Guru). Heroism mass is easier, than single. The heroism visible to people, is easier, than not seen to anybody. Only the space marks out these unknown heroes and written their feat hidden. Our judgments about these unknown heroes differ from the usual. Heroism of spirit is the highest. Certainly, there is no heroism of a body without heroism of spirit. But happens on the contrary is the body stays in relative rest, but the spiritual feat creates. About a feat silent, unknown we will think freely, perhaps, someone already makes it, without thinking at all that it alone spirit rose by a great cause.
422. (July 8). Let's come back to essence of communication with Me, because it still isn't understood completely. I said, and more than once that all and any conditions of this terrestrial embodiment temporarily and therefore threads of communication are stretched over these conditions. This provision should be adopted. Otherwise durability of communication will be loosened by fluctuations and changes of surrounding circumstances. And they will constantly change that in the worst, to the best. Fluctuation of threads can tear them. When installation goes over surrounding and isn't put in dependence on it, communication gets stronger and Communication goes deep. Drove and pursued all who followed Me. Surrounding strong will counteract those who solved the way with Me forever.
423. (Guru). Words are powerless where heart broke off. Let's speak about belief, hope and trust over visibility dense. Remember how the Lord Approved a victory of the Homeland over enemies then when it seemed that the enemy wins and defeat is inevitable; Lord See of reality contrary to evidence. To it imitating and you approve a heart way over terrestrial visibility. The victory is reached by this way. Heart simply claims that the eye yet doesn't see but that already exists in spheres of the Hidden World.
424. (M.A.Y.). The formula "yes there will be Will Your, the Lord", is a life formula, and acceptance it conducts in life eternal. Often it is necessary to reflect on it that it entered into a flesh and blood more and I became the leader.
425. (July 10). Eventually it is necessary to recognize that the essence of a matter possesses reason, and besides the reason exceeding immeasurably mind human. Supersensitive devices of insects, fishes and some animals are so difficult on the device that the modern equipment isn't able to copy them. It is a lot of Secrets of a matter and nature is still far from permission. To it especially stir denials. It is necessary to assume that already in the atom the hidden rationality comprises all possibilities of Evolution of the real. Evolution is expedient and reasonable, but not in itself, but under the direction of Hierarchy Reasonable Substance of various degrees. Lords of fire, water, air and earth not imagination invention, but reality. At their order the whole legions of substance subject to them more the lowest degrees which are carrying out various functions. Elements of various elements not callous matter, but only versions of so-called spirits of the nature. All plants, animals and people belong mainly to any elements and there are in close, though unconscious, cooperations with spirits of these elements. The spirit of the person is spontaneous and belongs to elements of fire in the kernel. The interrelation of the person with the nature and Space is so difficult and deep what to separate him from them it is impossible. Everything finds the reflection in a microcosm human. The multistring harp of spirit reacts to all events in the world though the consciousness is reached by only insignificant part of these reactions. The intimate Knowledge teaches the Law of compliances. Laws of the accord operate the shown world. The echo of all acts of man is carried in space, forming new combinations of envy. Structure of the world difficult, but the reason is in of everything.
426. (July 11). Distorts of ancient precepts did everything possible to spoil sense of basic provisions of First-Teacher. The formula "that you will connect on Earth, it will be connected in heavens and that resolve on Earth, it will be authorized and there", at all doesn't mean that to someone from people the right to forgive crimes of other people is granted and to cancel their karma. This formula says that approved, reached or won spiritually on the terrestrial plan in the Thin World becomes the integral acquisition of the person. If, these statements not from Light, but from darkness, that and them are carried away with himself by the person to the World Elevated. And, of course, connects and resolves, that is claims and reaches, either loses or destroys, the person, instead of someone another. Thinning of perceptions, acquisition of lightful aura and clarification of a thin body has to happen on Earth, because only the achievements approved on Earth will accompany one incarnationt the World Thin. Spirit ulcers, not gets rid on Earth, are had and there. The world terrestrial is the world of the reasons. The world Elevated is the world of consequences. Beget of the reasons is the person. Nobody can exempt it from the chains of the causality, which have been held down by it by the hands and consequences, which have held down by its inevitability. Change of terrestrial existence also consists in what on Earth those achievements which will accompany it after release from a physical body are given the chance to approve to spirit. Both clarifications, and outgrowths, and ulcers of spirit are the phenomena having dual aspect, which consequences phenomenon on the plan terrestrial and on the plan Elevated. Let's not speak about the darkness phenomena, but each light achievement is hidden wealth, which the spirit carries away with itself from Earth. All yoga’s achievements are approved on Earth that they could have the further development in the Highest Worlds. Consequence is no what other, as continuation of development of this, or that quality, or property in the direction accepted on Earth. Each grain put on Earth gives there the shoots because that is approved on Earth, will be approved there and from what I managed to exempt the spirit on Earth of people, will give it their wings of elevated freedom. But connected terrestrial fetters of passions, desires, defects, habits and ignorance’s don't learn happiness of elevated freedom, yet won't find forces to dump from it these chains.
427. (Guru). The way to Light is approved by affairs and thoughts of every day. Without them there is no statement and there is no advance. It is possible to adjust consciousness so that nothing contradicted the accepted direction. It is bad if the step forward or two and a step back or two is taken. The motto of the accepted pupil is forward, forward and only forward.
428. (July 12). Yes, yes, yes, what call, such is and a response. The principle of the accord is shown in this statement. It is possible to understand that will cease on doubt or mistrust. Slime of doubt is insuperable to the Beam. Clarification of the receiver of consciousness from litter is necessary for completeness of perceptions and their release from personal stratifications. After all not the, but mine it is required to perceive, and besides without impurity of unnecessary moods.
429. (M.A.Y.). Not once and in the past already people deprived of you that belong to you by the right of Proximity to the Lord. But after all now all define the destiny on the future, and it is better to be deprived something, than deprived. People of can't but reveal, you having touched. Not you are guilty if their essence appears other, than words or promises. It and is sad and joyful. Sadly, because deprives of illusion, unmasking people, and it is joyful that exempts from false friends. You will endure also it. Love can't be ordered.
430. (July 14). Know that the hand-creative of the Guru is process of special fiery tension and that in its cloths is crystallized energy of Light, which are invisibly radiated and effect on those who beholds them and ,whose heart is rather sensitive and open for perceptions of thin energy. Really, it is possible to call its cloths containers of condensed Light, which pulses life, invisibly, but powerfully influencing the surrounding. The quiet, persistent and constant thought turned to the Guru, establishes with him the communication bridge. Though not abstraction, but live, active essence – the energy, capable be transferred through space.
431. (July 15). When going to Me speaks: "Yes there will be Will-Rower Your", – he thereby carries out other Precept – "Be rejected from itself" because it anymore the will or the willfulness, that is will the lowest "I", put first of all, but Will-Rower My. The will rather willfulness of an astral, this center of egoism, usually prevails in life of people, and illusive "I", temporary and mortal, is put by them above all. But each action of self-rejection is already action, free from egoism because from it the person separates himself and creates it, spirit rising over the personality small.
432. (M.A.Y.). At close contact with other aura leakage of mental energy if fiery potential isn't identical is inevitable. Expenditure of mental energy always accompanies a spiritual donation. It is necessary to watch that delivery wasn't excessive only. Fever and fatigue is very characteristic signs of excessive return. It isn't necessary to allow itself to such condition, because harm will cover usefulness.
433. (Guru). Devastation of a treasury dangerously that at this moment dark creatures which watch each your movement, can throw the shaggy balls. Both the aura deprived of the fiery protection can apprehend an illness and a clouding. The spiritual wealth collects for distribution, but also it is necessary to distribute circumspectly and reasonably, without devastating it excessively the lawful.
434. (Guru). Love a constant, love self-sacrificing, love courageous, the love directed in the future, includes still many other qualities of spirit, for example, balance. The love unbalanced won't be love in our understanding of this word. Or love uneasy, that is deprived of tranquility. Often I feel: the love is turned to us from coming, but it is saturated with such qualities that to us from it is heavy. Especially burdens love taking, not giving anything in exchange. As often into it are interwoven both jealousy, and fear, both suspiciousness, and mistrust, and envy of prosper of friends. The revealed love to us coming has very peculiar forms. All this should be known that is thin to learn to understand human feelings.
435. (July 17). (Guru.). Each spirit before being embodied, assumes known mission, or the task concerning its own evolution and Evolution of mankind. The last depends on height and a spirit step. The spirit released from a body often assumes difficult mission which isn't always able to execute, because the dense body deprives of it elevated wings. Having been obese, many terrestrial minds don't know about this task, but nevertheless everything develops so that it becomes execute. The very few know about the mission, and in which form it has to be executed. To pupils their assignment usually Show the Teacher. Execution of mission is the most important task in life of the pupil.
436. (July 21). Even the strong magnet degausses in the insalubrious neighborhood. And people can degauss and deprive of a stock of mental energy. Heart always very much feels these plunderers of others force, and feels painfully. The phenomenon this illegally in itself because they right there also spend the taken force as spent the. It is necessary to be protected from them. It is difficult as force expires often imperceptibly and besides will, and heart registers already an accomplished fact. Vampirism and donation is the phenomena of a different order. The donation is fruitful, vampirism is harmful. Many conscious and unconscious devourers of mental energy wander about Earth face, it is more unconscious, but also unconscious aren't less gluttonous. Knowing about it, it is necessary to be protected always and to be on the alert at each contact with hunters to profit at the expense of others.
437. (Guru). To speak on consciousness – means to give it what deserved by it at present. Therefore, it is necessary is thin to feel it’s condition. And if yesterday it was possible to give much, it at all doesn't mean that it is necessary today. The measure of a donation is defined by accord degree at present.
438. (July 22). Let's consider the Thin World as a place of realization of all aspirations, both good, and bad. Certainly, this realization differs from implementation of those in the world dense, but nevertheless the principle remains invariable. The terrestrial aspirations transferred there, are satisfied so far as in general they are deprived of purely corporal properties. The phenomenon of gluttony creates bright images of viands and valid it doesn't give imagined process of the overeating, but saturation, despite exact reality of the forms created by imagination. Everything deprived of the dense beginning as, for example, music, the poetry, painting, aspiration to acquire knowledge and so on, gives the chance to the person to meet the desires completely. Often and on Earth of people rolls in dirty thoughts. There they are given bright visible shapes and enter an ardent combination to beget. Purity of aspiration defines its possibilities of the highest order. All crude and not gets rid attracts spirit to the lower class. Aspirations will be a factor causing character of a posthumous condition of spirit.
439. (M.A.Y.). Powers of aspiration, devotion and love can be directed on a transmutation of undesirable qualities in the positive. If the power of love for this purpose doesn't suffice, so it still is insufficiently active and, so it should be strengthened to such an extent that its transmutating power became effective. It is possible to work wonders with this lever of transformation of the lowest human nature and clarification from undesirable qualities.
440. (Guru). Transferring the center of gravity from the dense world to the world of thoughts, we are exempted from terrestrial gravitations. It is necessary to liquidate them on Earth, in a terrestrial body, persistently and consistently cutting communication threads. After all it is possible to operate on Earth with spirit free, not attached by chains to those conditions in which temporarily it is necessary to live. The constant memory about rapidity and temporariness of a terrestrial environment of the person also will be force releasing spirit from attractions terrestrial.
441. (Guru). Nobody can make for another that it has to execute itself, the hand and on own feet, without assigning to anybody. The Teacher Calls to become a row and to fight together, but Condemns assignment in any form. Often seek to reach others hands and force others. Such diligence is vain. It is necessary to overcome itself not only in itself, but also in other people. The last is especially difficult. But yet didn't overcome itself in with whom are connected by a karma, it won't release and link won't break. Release is through itself.
442. The burden of the Teacher is great. Also to It hard happens at times to bear on Itself imperfections of pupils. Not in big and in the small. On all chain of Hierarchy each instructor assumes burden of disorder thinking of conducted and their shortcomings. Teaching is a feat, mentoring is a feat if it is made not in the name and for Service to Light. The self-shown Teachers amusing the egoism and seeking to teach, there is a lot of. But when the leader speaks: "Yes this bowl passes me", – understanding, what loading and responsibility is taken by it on the shoulders, and then the step of true mentoring begins. It is possible to imagine that there are some pupils. But vampirism, assignment and a consuming of mental energy are unacceptable.
443. (Guru). To carry by fires of devotion, love and aspiration through all obstacles and difficulties of the dense world means a victory over it and realization of its fruits in the conditions of already Thin World above. That is why it is so often spoken about constancy of these fiery qualities and opportunities of their boundless growth. But their growth also means itself growth of fires of spirit. Therefore these qualities fiery are called. The person, being a being fiery, the fiery develops by the statement of the corresponding qualities, each of, which is fire carrier. Through a fiery of qualities fires of the centers are lit. The body terrestrial is ashes is to the earth departs from Earth ashes, but fires lit in the spirit of, spirit carries away with itself to those spheres where the spirit received the granulation.
444. Parting word: going with the Lord will reach Him. The way is continuous, and the condition of the unification is constant, whatever distracting were the external circumstances. In its pledge and victory is guarantee. The office or breaks in unification mean possibilities of opening for dark influences because the protection interrupts on extent of weakening of communication, - Our and you. Earlier to the temple brought gifts. Think that you when you thirst bring to receive. Thought of that, "that else I will be able to bring to You, the Lord", let will be a condition of conscious receiving from Me and Mine. It will stop assignment and vain and fruitless expenditure of forces. Especially it isn't necessary to forget it, when one and when it is difficult. We study on mistakes. Everything is reparable (except for the Hierarchy and treachery insult). Directed, vigorous, strong, bringing spiritual gifts you I Want to see.
445. (M.A.Y.). The statement of fiery reality leads to a victory, if firmness of spirit display up to the end. Evidence won't be a reality criterion. And not to understand the last if the consciousness is insufficiently expanded. The most important enemy of expansion is egoism, both small thoughts, and small feelings, and the experiences connected with it. The personality only then can freely serve Identity when it isn't connected by egoism. Identity proves through the identity of this embodiment, therefore the main task embodied in making the personality by her obedient tool of the highest "I". It is easier to execute it when sub office, temporary value small, personal "I", given to incarnate spirit for the short period of terrestrial existence is realized. The page of life of the personality who hasn't executed the appointment, escapes from the Life Book if it didn't bear any fruits for growth and Identity enrichment, and especially if this life was criminal and low. And then from such personality after her destruction doesn't remain anything, even memoirs.
446. (Guru). The benefit called, not forgetting Called it to the Lord and the Doctrine, which have Opened to it book of Life. The book of the Doctrine can appear earlier in hands, but the contact Calling as though removes from it covers, and it becomes available and opens the inner meaning. In it value of contact with the Envoy of the Lord. It is good when it is realized. If not a meeting, and would continue to go, the misunderstandings separated by a veil. The same value in essence, but in degree smaller, has also your contact to those who approaches. It should be known to open being knocked and wisely to concern its essence.
447. (July 28). The world is learned by the device of a human microcosm. The device has to be in working condition constantly and all its units are cleared of a dust and litter. Even the small mote on a lens of a telescope will distort reality. And the crude device of spirit gives the incorrect and distorted display. Not give a telescope the image more than the power. The device of spirit can constantly be improved and strengthen abilities to see, hear and feel both dense, and thin feelings. The accord with vibrations of the Beam enriches a stream of perceptions. The telescope goes on desirable object, in the same way – and consciousness concentration. The beam of consciousness directed on a certain subject, the phenomenon or thought, snatches out them, like a searchlight beam, from darkness unconscious and approaches their opportunities. Process of concentration is consciousness dismissal from everything that it fills, except for object of concentration. The formula "be rejected from itself" is applied in operation. It is necessary to think that nothing disturbed receipt of thin perceptions. The reflecting mirror of consciousness has to be pure.
448. (M.A.Y.). Night is great, dreams are instant, and what occurs within several hours of a dream? If it is ordered dream gleams of night work in the Thin World will start getting and into terrestrial consciousness, and work to extend and get aspect of thin reality. One during a dream sleep in the Thin World, others are awake and work. Pupils are usually active – study and help the Teacher. They conduct a double life – on Earth and in Elevated. Memory of elevated actions often doesn't keep that there was no separation from Earth and terrestrial actions. All is itself the place and of the time. The desire to direct the efforts to the aid of the Teacher of Light for joint actions with It in Elevated is welcomed always and brings the results irrespective of, they are realized or not.
449. (Guru). The moments of pleasure, lifting and feeling of Proximity of the Teacher can't long be held in the poisoned atmosphere of conditions terrestrial, but it is possible to remember them, trying to carry out this memory over a dense commonness. Fires of spirit we will cover from eyes of strangers and we will be externally as all. Remember that on appearance the new comer couldn't distinguish Saint from others.
6. 450. Preservation of advantage of spirit in terrestrial life will help with life Elevated much.
451. (July 29). Let's show understanding of reality. Heart will be the best device for its recognition. It can see, both hear, and feel, and feel a lot of things. The tonality of a spatial note of the moment can be caught heart. Dark it gives a sign on approach. It defines degree of the accord or a divergence of auras and their contact. To heart it is necessary to start listening more attentively. Even for hours it is necessary to look to learn time. But to look at indications or heart signals usually there is no time. And it demands attention. Also it is impossible to live heart psych life, if it in the shelter. After all and Communication goes through heart. And when the dense body is dumped, heart remains. And when all covers are dumped, there is it, because heart – the device fiery. It on the guard always, on the guard of life, of mind and body, - because it fights eternally. The physical device of heart temporarily, thin – is longer, fiery – we won't destroy. The thicket can talk to heart, to address to it then it will speak more often and to give the signs. The brain sleeps at night and has a rest, but heart continues to function. People of the report don't give themselves, what most wonderful device is at their disposal. Heart is in the shelter. And it needs to give only freedom that it started working, having released it up.
452. (M.A.Y.). Let's carefully note each feeling of heart because later it is possible to receive and external confirmation of the reason, it caused. It is bad when there is a fight between mind and heart. They have to act in common and in a full consent. It is bad when the engine and wheels work separately. Whether not therefore there are so much suffering heart troubles what there is it in neglect?
453. (Guru). Nobody will tell: fearless brain, or courageous brain, it sounds ridiculously. But will tell: fearless or courageous heart. Means, over reasoning feel that courage, courage, courage, aspiration is in heart and that heart burns with inspiration fire, but not cold mind. Also don't tell "hot mind", perfectly understanding that fire burns in heart, but not in a brain. People unconsciously understand a lot of things, only the account to itself don't give. But the Yoga of Heart understands for what this wonderful fiery device is given to the person. Now there comes a century of Heart. Open more widely understanding to the heart phenomenon.
454. (July 30). Microcosm созвучит to Macrocosm because makes his indissoluble part. But the person is usually so occupied with the affairs what to watch reflection of the big world in the small time at it any more doesn't remain. Meanwhile as even moods or conditions of an organism depend on spatial conditions and beams of far stars. The astrology isn't understood though know how solar spots as they cause magnetic storms influence the person and are reflected in planet life. Know and about magnetism of the Moon. It is possible to consider a human body not only laboratory, but also observatory and to observe the various spatial phenomena with its help. Spatial influences are very strong. In a beginning of the century they were absolutely others. And now they cause an ardent reorganization of life in all its forms. Uranium is included into board, - stars Show Evolution direction. The microcosm human replies on influence of spatial energy. If to shine the phenomena with not denying look, the understanding of reality will come nearer.
455. (July 31). And it is possible to read with Me. And then the understanding of the Doctrine will be more profound. It is possible to read it with the Hierarchy. I speak "to" because someone from standing on the Ladder of Light is closer, than others. Links of a chain are located on the Beam. Laws of hierarchical communication are very exact. It is impossible to jump through a link, and it is impossible to choose randomly another, having left the, and it is impossible to take in pupils of the one who belongs to other link. It is possible to assist, but not to direct. This rule is observed especially strictly. At inexperienced heads there is a lot of desire to take more pupils and to call in on the yard from the stranger. Inexperience very much seeks to teach and direct, without understanding, what responsibility and burden undertakes on the shoulders. It is a lot of the passersby, some of them, received over the ability to contain, become enemies. Not containment usually causes antagonism, counteraction and hostility. The disappearing starts bearing malice, aggravating the karma, - the called in answers. Except all this, Light which inside, shines darkness and coming nearer, causing them energy to manifestation. Light in you becomes developer of their darkness. But in others it awakens the best that in them is, and they can be lit. On fires of heart you will find the pursued. Them, fires in heart bearing, drove and pursued always. So was earlier, but so won't be during the Era of Fire and the statement of Light. There are enough murders, prosecutions and crucifixions. Not the darkness, but Light will reign in the world.
456. (M.A.Y). Thought of how it is good that you know to whom you go and who will meet you behind a threshold. Many don't know many don't know in general anything. But you know. And it is good that among billion incarnate and one incarnation souls you shouldn't look for, either to choose, or to doubt, where to direct your steps. Your way is direct, and force of magnetic communication will attract you on aspiration lines. Your way is solved, and it is possible to be glad only that the decision firmly and isn't present in it neither doubts, nor fluctuations. They don't know where go and why, but you know. At them the, also live the, blind and darken. You to them don't disturb and don't take in head to educate them against their will if to you didn't address for Light. Light of your aura – call for each woken-up spirit, but for sleeping only the reason for concern and condemnation; happiness to you, the path life the found.
457. (Guru). Give the chance also to them, against going, to reveal itself up to the end. The one, who goes against you spitefully, goes both against us and in relation to you defines the future. To them we won't envy because their way is dark, - once, perhaps, and will regret. But the will is free to accept you, or to reject.
458. (M.A.Y.). Don't trust words, but trust feelings of heart and its indications. And when they are contrary to words and heart gives the signs, then you see that something, which is at the bottom of burdensome feelings carefully is behind words, received from people and especially from approached close. So, heart and it – a solver of a measure of a donation becomes the watchman let.
459. (Guru). Devotion of Hierarchy is approved over own thoughts and impressions and all events in conductors. Then neither doubts, nor fluctuations, neither suspicions, nor will something from the same nest be not included any more into devoted heart. And even the most convincing evidence and logic of mind won't be able to shake it.
460. (Aug. 2). Auras at contact always react mutually – are saddened or clarified, lose level of the viability or, on the contrary, amplify. Strengthening can be mutual, it occurs at coherence. More often happens that higher, strong, light aura directs the efforts of weaker. Vampire of people is a lot of, they absorb others energy, as a sponge water. They devastate a treasury, if from them not to defend. Medium natures often are the real vampires. Vampirism and apprenticeship are incompatible. When the person inclined to a medium, is near, he still can be preserved somehow. But when in the distance, provided to the forces, – a difference in radiations and susceptibility to bad influences do contact very burdening.
461. (Aug. 3). Types of martyrdom are diverse. Except crucifixions, persecutions, dungeons and fires, are also martyrdom spiritual. Which is heavier, it is hard to say. Misunderstanding of people around, and is frequent also impossibility to share the accumulation, roughness and cruelty cause not less sharp sufferings, than tortures physical. Without sufferings of mind and body there is no ascension.
462. (M.A.Y.). Under a sign can to result not only an event of big scale, but spirit tests? Essence of process the same: the phenomenon becomes real for consciousness and forces it to sound on the wave. Actually there is nothing, but experiences are almost so real, as if the facts occurred actually. But the goal of test is reached – the person reacted to it as, if it happened actually. The teacher quite often makes tests of the pupil under a sign, using for this purpose both a wake condition, and a dream.
463. (Guru). Each thought of the person is a thread of communication with the world surrounding it and various spheres of space. Usually thoughts go spontaneously but if to choose them or to claim consciously, and communication channels will connect consciousness with conformable think layers or the phenomena of an external order.
464. (M.A.Y.). And we too were marked out strong both slander, and not goodwill, both condemnation, and criticism, both indifference, and devourers of mental energy, and vampires of all types – all took up arms on us and those, who was close allowed harmed in process of the forces and opportunities, and betray. Severely it is necessary to adopt the provision that harm and betrayed friends and pupils. It is correctly noted in the recommended book that in each circle there is a potential traitor. Classical Judas isn't a special case, but the general, touching by the essence of the phenomenon of opposite poles in all creation of life. Expressions of this principle are very various, but its antagonistic nature remains to the same. Therefore treachery steadily accompanied activity of Great Teachers. Therefore the Doctrine strong warns against treachery; in each withdrawal look for a germ of this black seed. Unless condemnation and a spit poison in relation to giving, or given knowledge isn't a version of this black root? Variety treachery and often departing are infected with its poison.
465. (Guru). Consolation in that, what on eleven devoted pupils the traitor is only one. This right allows look for in suitable Light, but not darkness, good, but not angrily, friends, but not enemies and to work so that everyone could reveal all good that in it is. Karmic not to avoid judgment treachery, and, knowing it and even feeling the potential traitor, it is necessary to work nevertheless in the benefit. The essence of this phenomenon is very difficult, and threads consign it to the remote past. Christ Redeemer Know about Judas. Do that conceived, – such is there was an answer of the Teacher to the planned treachery. The karma of treachery is very difficult, and a grief to the traitor.
466. (Aug. 11). The mythical stone is the Stone which either will revive, or will burn. The stone is the crystallized fire sated with powerful energy. The person owning it saved up his force for many lives. Its power is in hands of his owner. Energy of the Stone in itself is deprived of that is called as good or the evil. The kind or evil direction is put in it by the person, directing his fiery force on good or the evil. The kind beginning is creative; angry is destructive, and first of all, for essence of the carrier of the Stone. The fiery energy directed down, will destroy covers of the villain, will destroy all light that else in him remained, will burn and will dispel his accumulation and will devastate a treasury. The black flame is fire of the eating, which is burning down beget. At ordinary people and their shortcomings are usual. At the Stone carrier fire powerfully proves in all qualities of spirit, both positive, and negative. Danger is great if bearing it I didn't seize the lowest nature and doesn't supervise thought. All not gets rid amplifies repeatedly, and a grief to the one, who didn't manage to seize itself.
467. (M.A.Y). And you overcome itself love to Called.
7. 468. (Guru). It was agreed that advance in the accepted direction is made under all circumstances and despite everything. Whatever occurred in covers, the direction and movement on it remain invariable. Temporary delays and any distracting reasons shouldn't force to change a ship course.
469. (Aug. 12). Watch for dark creatures that both in the afternoon and at night harm. Vigilance is necessary a constant, differently not to avoid small attempts. And, of course, work through people around, which easily give in to their suggestions and serve as transfer channels. It is necessary to become even more reserved, even more closed, and if contacts nevertheless are inevitable, it is necessary to be in constant readiness to lift a board. Not gets rid very much disturbs as begins accord to the thrown thoughts. Here severe control over thought, without the slightest connivance is necessary. After all unusable thoughts connect to dark spheres of space and establish with them connection. All this is known long ago, and it is necessary to follow given Instructions steadily only. The spear which isn't dozing over a dragon usually is understood as a symbol of vigilance and readiness of fight against enemies from the outside. But as a mistake won't consider that the dragon is a not gets rid, lowest nature in the person, strong counteracting each effort of spirit to dump from itself its chains and to be exempted from its power. The spirit wants to fly up, and the dragon of egoism armed with persistence of an astral and unwillingness to leave the habits and weaknesses, disturbs and counteracts each light undertaking. Who and what disturbs continuous pretending? Who and what doesn't want to approve in heart the Image Leading and to hold it there constantly? Who and what distracts all the time consciousness from the most necessary? That is why the spear over a dragon has to be lifted constantly and ready for drawing blow. The monster representing essence of not gets rid properties of the past, very hardy because the cut heads grow it and again start biting and stinging. Constancy of readiness to strike not gets rid properties in it has to be approved and become the integral quality of ascending spirit.
470. (M.A.Y.). Encumbrances by circumstances amplify, chagrin and counteractions – too, and are left all, and darkly around. And Light which inside and which growth can't be noticed, it is invisible, but obviously for us increases in the force, and there come the moments when the light can be seen it with open eyes. It is a sign very kind. Growth of Light is invisible because process is thin and is hidden, but results from time to time become possible already to observe. So, despite everything, for the sake of what we live and we suffer, it isn't denied and visible phenomenon I.
471. (Guru). Each sign kind we will note and we will strong remember. After all it is milestones of a way to Boundlessness. And each sign is very necessary to the Traveler of the Great Way because shows that the direction is correct. That from this that is dark, and that animals everywhere, and enemies threaten, and shaggy paws last. Everyone, to Light going, won't avoid these meetings. But on all this we will look as at stones of steps of lifting on which the foot goes, on them trampling and using them for ascension. But "monsters are Throne legs". "The darkness decays for flowers of spirit" and serves the one who to the Lord irrevocably solved the way.
472. (Aug. 13). Both in themselves and relatives have enough shortcomings. But it is better to take there is no place. Means, it is necessary to be reconciled and, having left condemnations, to help them in process of forces and understanding. However, so was always. There are no perfect. But the benefit to the one, whom and in the imperfection strives for Light as can.
473. (M.A.Й.). And you know the way and of anything averting from it be not fond. Hobbies for visibility will pass, and will be very sad if, plunging into the present, possibilities of the future will be missed. Mirage of the present there lives ordinary people. We unusual chose a measure of things. The singularity way leads to Light.
474. (Guru). Restraint constant and continuous control over itself means concentration of mental energy in focus and its readiness for action. The condition of such readiness which isn't broken by anything will be the quality necessary for soldiers of spirit.
475. (Aug. 14). Devotion and love are expressed in operation. If it isn't present, these qualities imagined. It is necessary to speak about imagined qualities, because they often take up a place of the valid. After all it too some kind of seduction when the person amuses and calms itself in self-satisfaction of subjects no that has. "The whole herds self-seduced" trade in manifestation in the Thin World, sitting on an imagined Olympus, and consider itself pleasing to the Highest Forces. But they stay in low layers, and their eyes are closed on reality. To check themselves on an imagination of qualities very easily, it should be noted severely only as far as words and fine thoughts are expressed in actions and acts of every day. If intentions are good and high, and thoughts are dirty also aspirations Constanta, it is an obvious sign of that, as devotion, and love – imagined qualities, instead of valid. I speak about love and devotion effective that is being expressed in actions, acts, feelings and the thoughts corresponding to their sincerity and force. Enough groundless dreams, which not confirmed by life. If you think that you love, both you will read, and are devoted up to the end, it prove affairs that is in practice.
476. (Guru). Not only sacred Antony, but also everything without an exception other devotees were exposed to persistent and persistent attempts of allure, temptations and seductions. Everyone influenced on channels of not gets rid properties and yet not overcome weaknesses. That dark also are strong that affect weak strings, them causing to activity. Much they should spend works, that something dark and unattractive to make desired and calling. It is their diligence of a prickle, thorns and the poisonous reptiles hidden under an external form of allure clothe in the acceptable look calling and seeming to the desired. After all they any way should achieve spirit falling to triumph and gloat. But with what remains fallen when the evil will appear in all the naked and disgusting essence and the darkness will surround it. If on the Way to Light there is a line after which return back is impossible, and on a way to a chasm there is too a border, having crossed which it is almost impossible to rise already.
477. (Aug. 16). Process of cognition of the person is difficult not only, because it is bitter, but also and therefore that, getting acquainted with essence of a human nature, it is necessary to learn not to condemn. Each Great Teacher, coming to the world, Faced imperfections of people, and, knowing them and suffering sharply from them, all of them never Condemned. Following this example, we will learn to learn the person, without condemning him. It is a lot of bitterness from cruelty, callousness and all other properties of a human nature it is necessary to see in life and to experience their influence on itself, and still it is impossible to allow condemnations. Nobility, understand and even to discuss doesn't mean to condemn. Seven, planets Standing on Patrol and its people, Bear great love to people in the Heart. The love and condemnation are incompatible. That is why, even being indignant and being indignant at ignorance and cruelty biped, All of them Don't condemn. Only the love and compassion can force out desire to condemn from heart. Condemnation is replaced with knowledge and love to ignorant and uneducated people. Only in relation to conscious attendants of darkness and hierarchy of the evil it is inapplicable because they are already condemned by spatial justice.
478. (M.A.Y.). As a little going to the Lord and as it isn't enough among them perfect. Or rather, they aren't present because everything fights, and all overcome the imperfections. To moderate desire to condemn them for these imperfections it is possible ardent recognition of own shortcomings and the weaknesses deserving the most ardent condemnation from the one who in itself recognized them. On each desire something to condemn in other it is possible to tell to itself in the heart: "In it (or in it) I noticed imperfection, and after all here I have still a bigger trouble, which I yet didn't overcome. As I can condemn something in other person when in me called and recognized as the Teacher, it isn't overcome yet so much. Better I will transfer energy of condemnation to myself rather to be cleared of everything that is unworthy the pupil".
479. (Guru). Have at least a little love to with, which life pushes together you, and replace condemnation by knowledge, understanding and compassion to them who don’t know anything, and if knowing, not approached so close to Hierarchy of Light. The compassion will generate sympathy and understanding for suffering people. When it is very dark, the compassion will help to light around. It assumes strangers of burden and others pains. Compassion – great quality of spirit. The lord named Compassion Gave to people a great example of love to mankind.
480. (Aug. 18). A lot of energy is Spent by the Teacher for helping the pupil and to support him. When communication is strong, all surrounding is shined with internal light, comprehended and is tolerant, - but, once Light goes out, surrounding starts pressing. And often happens that, having received from the Teacher Light, the pupil directs energy it on affairs ordinary, and the consciousness is filled with them. And happens worse – fire inflaming goes not on good, and starts strengthening impulses of the not gets rid nature it and to push back. It is necessary to make thrifty use very much of energy received from the Teacher, directing it on a transmutation of that is subject to processing. After all if inflow of energy stops becomes dim around, and everything will lose any interest and life becomes in burden. The most valuable we will preserve not to lose it.
481. (M.A.Y.). The relation to the surrounding is defined by consciousness and degree of its luminosity. The person suffering from defect of despondency perceives everything through its dark glasses. The lens of consciousness painted by color of mood, gives the main tone to perceptions. We come back besides too situation that "the person is a measure of things", and not from things, but how to perceive them depends on it. It is best of all to look on surrounding through a pleasure lens. But the pleasure is a special wisdom.
482. (Guru). Whether it seems to you, what forgetfulness about things very important is sent by a dark hand? But we won't find in it a self-justification. Forgetfulness is condemned. Any forgetfulness it is possible to correct even more jealous relation to requirements the highest "I". Everything is remediable, concerning forgetfulness. Only it is a pity for missed opportunities.
483. (Aug. 19). When the streamlet of personal consciousness joins the World Ocean, it becomes world. And when the personal consciousness joins the ocean space, there is it Space and personal is replaced with the super personal. Personal it is always limited by the personality and her interests. Space anything it is violently impossible to suppress. The way, joint with Me, gradually expands consciousness, entering it into an orbit of life of a planet. And it is good when the thought in increasing frequency flies about its open spaces and concerns it’s the remote corners. Everywhere life and everywhere people. And all live mainly the personal interests. The Hierarch Conducting planets, Unites in Himself everything. Ability to incorporate world life, to comprehend its appointment and the purpose will be already Arhat's property. It is possible to be a benefactor the world thought. Concerning planet space, it is possible to direct her life current on evolutionary channels. The creative thought is valuable that, being fiery, finds ways of manifestation and the statement of in the dense world. Very much we Appreciate spatial creative thought. We Create Thought. The modern reorganization of the world is result of power of our integrated thoughts. Evolution can't go spontaneously; it is Directed by Hierarchy of Light. The Hierarchy of darkness disturbs it. But head it is destroyed, and now he any more doesn't disturb our creativity. However, the seeds seeded by it, still give the poisonous shoots, but it already the last flashes of the evil. Without the head the darkness can't create new powerful crops. It is possible to tell that it though also is strong, but is on damage. Madness of darkness testifies to its hopelessness and the close end. Our victory spatially is already solved. Winner light display itself on planet open spaces.
484. (M.A.Y.). Wanting to concern world spatial life let will depart from itself. Personal, filling consciousness, very much prevents it to contain the world. And meanwhile world transformation violently goes, affecting all and all aspects of life. Anybody can't stand aside from the events any more – it concerns all; tactics of Adverse works strong. Be not confused mad counteraction of the old world. It is on the damage. This damage is expressed that all efforts of the counteracting are created for nothing. Long ago it was already told that the car of enemies of Light idles. The old world is doomed, the darkness is doomed, and the end is close both because the world old darkness lives.
485. (Guru). Personal has a justification and the right to existence so far as it serves super personal and expresses it. All great in life of people is hall-marked super personal and universal. About Andrey Rublyov's private life for posterity didn't remain almost anything. But creations of his hands remained for the subsequent generations as masterpieces of unsurpassed peculiar beauty and art execution. Valuably in our private life only that we can leave to people, but the personality – only the tool of Identity and is acquitted in that only to a measure, in which to It served to bring to It, Immortal Essence, fruits of the life terrestrial and that, them having brought, most to die.
8. 486. (Aug. 20). The phenomenon of labor sweat is very useful for organism health: the metabolism amplifies, and unnecessary substances jump out of system, being replaced with the new. Many diseases affecting those who don’t work so are unknown to such workers.
487. It is better to suffer from people, than most to cause sufferings. Each suffering caused to people will cease to the causing. It is necessary to pay for everything. Oppression from human cruelty are inevitable; but grief to cruel men. Their karma will overtake to teach to arrive properly. The karma teaches much. This aspect of karma usually isn't seen. Payment for donations is a payment. But, its purpose is to force to understand an inaccuracy of many acts. It is good to learn most to derive this benefit consciously from each karmic lesson. The pupil dooms himself to continuous study always and in everything. After all life on Earth is a school, and all in it is pupils. Especially our pupils have to understand this condition both not take offense, and not be afflicted, and not complain when experience is enriched with life. Let's rejoice each opportunity to expand it and to deepen. And we will look at all events with us as for study.
488. (M.A. Y.). It is good to think of how not to burden with its people at times also. Burdening so many because doesn’t want to think of others. Some do it consciously, that is burdening others. Let everything proceeding from you, won't be a burden on anybody. From the Teacher the pleasure, Light and heat proceed. To it imitate in actions. It will teach careful attitude to people. People so protect each other a little. Should we will assimilate. The science of human relationship is very thin, but becomes easy and clears at the warm attitude towards people. Warmth of heart should be felt, though it jumps aside from the thick-skinned. After all it is impossible to touch a hedgehog without having pricked.
9. 489. (Guru). After remain these records. They very much will help someone. Means, life is lived not in vain though it’s external, visible activity and was expressed not as at ordinary people. But after all we took a singularity measure. Are unusual both records, and external loneliness, and a distance, from to who heart greedy aspires. But mission of life is carried out, despite everything. Let's be glad to it and by pleasure of this we will approve fidelity of a way.
490. (Aug. 21). As it is difficult to come off in consciousness everything that it directly surrounds: and in thoughts, and feelings, and externally. But our communication atop, at least for short time, but dismissal it is necessary. The personality is full of two people around and impressions, related. Therefore, dismissals from personal and from a direct environment closely intertwine between themselves. Illusive existence replaces with itself reality, and Maya triumphs the victory over it, but our Proximity is atop. Eternal can pnenomenon itself in temporary only at understanding of passing essence of conditions terrestrial. All of them are short, that is are limited in time. But communication with Us isn't limited to anything temporary. Life in a body will come to an end, and it will proceed, and in a new embodiment it again pnenomenon herself.
491. (M. A. Y.). Observation is means of enrichment of consciousness new receipts and new impressions. It is very interesting to observe faces of people, expression of their eyes. As the open book can be read their moods and feeling, if only, having found in it force and desire to be released, observe them over personal thoughts and experiences. It is impossible to observe, being taken with it. Observation and self-filling are incompatible. Any concentration demands such dismissal. Egoism grew blind that, except itself and the, doesn't see anything else and can't even if would like, - in it limitation of egoism. It does the person blind. Dismissal from itself should study, at least to be released from blindness.
492. (Guru). The person stays with that or with those, in that or where his thoughts. Thought – the regulator of a mental environment of consciousness. The thought gives in to control. Lord of the thought of people. Even if it also is in the power of thoughts of this or that order, wished them, allowed them, he because consciously or unconsciously, but the choice of thoughts is made by it, instead of someone another holds them. Thoughts seize the person only after they were allowed by him inside. This moment is decisive. If, it having caught, to reject thought, it won't be able to get into consciousness and to seize of. Control over thoughts is exercised by this way. Late and difficult to struggle with already allowed thoughts. Unusable thoughts are similar to the enemies who have got into badly protected fortress; – they open its gate for enemy hordes.
493. (Aug. 22). Life external and spirit life – everyone goes on the plan, though they intertwine closely. Usually impressions of stay in the Thin World during a dream don't reach terrestrial consciousness, but nevertheless they are and very much influence the person. Let's attentively note all enlightenments in an aboveground condition, because in process of attention growth to them and organism thinning they will amplify and gain symmetry and sequence.
494. (M.A.Y.).The next task – to understand that internal life is more important and more considerable than the external. External will end with death of a body, and internal remains; on it and the emphasis. Let's carefully collect everything accumulating knowledge and experience. Let's not burden themselves with anything excessive and unnecessary, not to mention things harmful, and especially thoughts. It is possible to divide already precisely everything arriving in consciousness, into two categories of things: one undertake with them in a way distant, others are rejected as superfluous, or harm. Freight of poisonous thoughts is especially heavy. After all thoughts magnetic and poison-bearer thoughts attract them the carrier to the same poisons the infected layers, or spheres, spaces. Why to take with it chains, which will bind hand and foot freedom of spirit.
495. (Guru). Self-criticism is good only when it gives incentive to move ahead to further efforts. Otherwise it turns into a torment and a self-eat. Such torments are useless, because they devour mental energy and weaken. And we should go forward and forward. And forces are necessary. Them it is necessary much to reach. Self-derogation too won't do at all. Are called, recognized and conducted, that else? And Signs are given that on a right way. Therefore it is possible to move quietly further, knowing and being firmly convinced, that the Lord never Leaves. Difficult? But to whom and when it was easy from those who was hall-marked Light? Therefore it is possible to go, the forces multiplying on counteraction of people around and bear malice of attendants of darkness. Stones of lifting serve as an emphasis to a foot; without the darkness – to Light.
496. (Aug. 23). If people knew, it is how important to pass to the Thin World, fire having saved up, there would be no they thoughtlessly, thoughtlessly and criminally to spend precious power. Each action spends it or accumulates. The fiery help to another, of course, is accompanied by Agni's expenditure, but it isn't his squandering because Agni's crystal isn't destroyed. Squandering happens other ways. Despondency, irritation, concern, fear, rage and all other negative qualities of spirit is Agni's spendthrifts. Its expenditure to the aid of people only promotes its accumulation and growth because similar expenditure is quickly restored if the lawful limit isn't broken. Now time such when fire should be protected. Spatial trouble strongly influences its leak. Sometimes and to us your urgent help, and then Agni's expense is required is especially notable. But we won't be afraid of return of mental energy on business of General Welfare. It, like muscles, grows and becomes stronger in exercise that is in operation. Idleness is murder of fiery force in itself. Even simple physical work by it is very useful. The Devotee esteemed by you worked much physically. Let's consciously learn to accumulate Agni in all possible ways. But be preserved against devourers of others force. They are very dangerous and insatiable – how many absorb it, to them all isn't enough, and the requirement at them one: give, give, and give. Share the saved-up treasure wisely and circumspectly. There is nothing more valuable on Earth and in the Worlds, than Agni's shining treasure.
497. (M.A.Y.). Correctly noted that at the necessary contact with people force is sent and the spirit feels lifting. The Teacher Knows, when it is necessary to support and strengthen. Especially it is necessary to be circumspect and careful in an expenditure of the received energy. The condition of restraint is necessary always. This condition is important extraordinary. The destroyed dam, that is not constraining inflow of water, work won't give; not give works and the open boiler. The restraint broken owing to any reasons will generate the exhaustion phenomenon. Quality of restraint is understood a little. It is absolutely necessary in the course of Agni's accumulation. Each unfulfilled is similar to break in balloon fabric – lifting is impossible. It is very useful to tell a half of that is available in consciousness, but at all. Exhaustion – a condition very sad and destructive for mentality giving. Desire to share everything quite naturally, but to give in to it is absolutely inadmissible. Let will better condemn for avarice, than will settle till the end will devastate a treasury. The payment for it is so great that quality of restraint needs to be approved in itself by any price.
498. (Guru). Dissoluteness of mental energy is shown on many channels. All types of dissoluteness are stopped severely and ruthlessly. Each excessively told word, either unnecessary movement, or action bears on itself the dissoluteness press. Control over itself can be very multilateral. But the same nervous movements present themselves to no other than the flowing aimlessly, violent fiery force. And she demands severe restraint. After all differently it is impossible to save up it. Unnecessary thoughts weaken also. Control extends on all triad: on thought, on feelings, on actions. Agni's mastering – process difficult. Mastering by will be a necessary step to it. Itself won, that is bridled in it and subordinated to growing fiery power, becomes the winner about whom it is told: that wins all who will manage to win against itself.
499. (Aug. 24). My son! Fluctuations in the attitudes towards you approached to the Doctrine are inevitable. It was told: "Both will uplift and will humiliate". You look at it at angle cognition of the person. Anyhow to understand the nature human if not to face it close. One I Can Promise: anybody, having adjoined to you, won't pass by, without having revealed the essence. And anybody revealed, won't forgive you this knowledge of their hidden nature. In your judgments rely on it, but not on opinion even relatives because they don't see that is visible to you. Also know the way, lonely and difficult, but strong the leader to Me. You are lucky enough Communication and receiving my parcels. Can't but cause it reactions from those who adjoin to you; from here and inevitability of sharp reaction from their party on your radiations. But you know the way – and that you go to Me. A lot of things are still hidden from you from this that happens to you during your dream, but terms will come, and you learn, and too much you will be surprised, and you will be glad. They don't know almost anything, and you already know the most important, namely that is close to me and that our communication goes to centuries. You have that the very few have. It appreciates and knows about it in the heart. Those who are close to you on the Beam are really close to you. This proximity is inviolable. And the others not yours, also don't wait from them for love or friendship of the enduring. Others are close to them, you aren't close. It, nevertheless, obliges to concern and to them, you not to relatives, with due degree of attention and friendliness. To you It is very much given that from you won't decrease if you share Light and with them. Your debt to light everywhere, where probably and where there is no obvious and sharp counteraction to your radiations. But the violent donation is impossible.
500. (Aug. 25). Also we will listen more often to that tells heart. It the first also will note the accord or a divergence of the aura radiations, whatever charming words were told, covering a divergence. It will always warn and will give signs. Often so-called first impression is no other than a heart voice. Seldom there is it wrong. Anyhow get under an external veil of words. As time of the word serve not for thought expression, but for its cover. They cover both callousness, and the callous relation, and cruelty. Many words are told, but become affairs good a little. Will specify how you have to arrive and what to do and how to treat people, but the one who knows the way, others voices won't distract. If you want to have judgment of the truth, you judge not by words, but on affairs and acts. The essence of the person is expressed in them. And words it is frequent as leaves dry, fly away and are carried by a wind. But are necessary also tolerance to imperfections surrounding and containment in the consciousness of those who can't contain yet. And the main thing, over everything is friendliness. Human thoughtlessness becomes covered by a dome of own understanding. Words are useless where there is no desire to apply them. Not to fill a vessel full of holes. Let heart will be judges of, where, and when and to whom, and how many it is necessary to give from a treasury of the precious fiery force saved up with such works and paid by sufferings; precept of wisdom of distribution.
501. (M.A.Y.). Not having there is nothing to give, but having inevitably feels leakage of mental energy after each contact and return. This phenomenon is inevitable. Care only about that receiving I wasn't a vessel full of holes and that delivery of energy didn't exceed known limits. Fiery force collects in order that to share it with others and to help them. Both that and another demands very big discretion. Responsibility of a bike for each word sated with fire. Idle talk consists of a stream of the mere words deprived of energy of Agni. But the fiery word imposes responsibility on the speaking. Over everyone it is necessary to think before to say it.
502. (Guru). Let everyone will receive an impulse to move further. All positive should be supported and to answer questions. Only it doesn't do to beat the air.
503. (Aug. 26). Will come and will demand, and everyone should give in an extent of his consciousness. Commensurability too protects from excessive waste of forces; commensurability in everything. Much the disbalance leaves them on repayment spatial. Never another is it so great, as in the present of the time. These are disbalance causes the same condition and in mentality of the person. From here extremes in behavior of people because the very few can own so themselves to keep corresponding balance. Only it’s one also can be opposed a violent impact of elements. Not only people, but also all nature, and all live strong react on spatial the disbalance. People forgot that the person was given the power over any flesh and that the mankind as a whole is responsible for violation of balance of elements. Natural disasters, to which the people always and permanently were exposed, were caused begetting by them the Karma. Cause and effect agree each other. The human device is allocated with the mighty energy influencing a condition of a planet on which their lives the person. Interaction it is denied, and the distress is explained by any reasons, but only not what generated it actually. Problem of science of the future in opening and proving this interrelation and to explain that the device and prosperity of a garden terrestrial in the very many depend on the person. Only spiritual regeneration of mankind can rescue a planet from death.
504. (M.A.Y.). Everyone can wonder not hypocritically in the heart that it made and that does to attach the Doctrine in life of every day. If it isn't made in this regard anything and everything is limited to reading, or fine only itself, either employment by, or the personal experiences, chagrin and difficulties, it is very sad. Where to give desire to work for General Welfare and energy on service to mankind? Each effort to give something to people will cease pleasure and consciousness of correctness of the chosen way. No words and intentions, even the highest and fine, will be able to replace acts and actions. Following to the Doctrine is expressed in its appendix in life. Therefore everyone can lawfully wonder that made and it does to be approved in the Doctrine not in words, and in practice.
505. (Guru). Practical application of provisions of the Doctrine in life creates the current of energy giving crystal deposits in the Bowl. Each crystal, even self-slightest, bears in itself Light sparkles. Applying the Doctrine is built by the future on the firm basis and multiplies a lightfull of the aura. On this luminosity the Teacher distinguishes doing from idle talkers. Not words will rescue, but their application.
506. (Aug. 27). The thought correct – the Leading Country, your Homeland, can't, has no right to lag behind other countries in a question of practical studying of laws of thought and to trudge at them in the tail. In this competition by the winner there will be that country which the first will treat this problem most seriously and the first will start the broadest experiences and experiments. Mastering by thought will put it at the head of world movement. It is very important that business was in the clean hands far from self-interest and careerism. After all it is necessary to collect from all country of the most sensitive and capable to catch thoughts of children and an occupation message with them, having arranged experiences by the corresponding conditions and at full isolation from noxious breath of the cities. And instructors have to be on the ball, and their auras have to be lightful, and anything dirty shouldn't be allowed in an environment of the engaged. The harmonious condition of a sound, color and aroma will be called to the aid. Certainly, counteractions from dark will be much. Therefore it is necessary to work very circumspectly. It will be possible to judge timeliness of the beginning on circumstances which unexpectedly will start developing favorably. Danger of use of power of thought in the evil will be great, but nevertheless to scientific statement of practical studying and application of mental transfers and messages time came, and to postpone further given the chance already it will be impossible. A lot of things can be Added and Specified in due time.
507. (M.A.Y.). Conversations on spiritual subjects are very useful, but on condition of creative interchange of energy. Hard feeling after conversations on lofty matters turns out because that for one party is expenditure of fiery energy, and for another – expenditure of words, though high, but nevertheless only words. It is better to avoid such conversations.
508. (M.A.Y.). Don't throw beads before pigs and don't throw a shrine to dogs that they didn't trample the feet and, having trampled, didn't address on you and didn't tear to pieces you. Here an old Precept of the Lord how circumspectly it is necessary to share the saved-up treasures of knowledge. Ignoramuses can think that it became outdated and that they should give everything, irrespective of a condition and the capacity of their consciousness. But Precepts of the Lord Are given on all the time which is and therefore are inviolable; certainly, they can and are neglected but then destructive consequences of neglect are inevitable. It is necessary to learn wise distribution.
509. (Guru). Only long experience and knowledge of a human nature allow combine generosity of a donation with restraint and discretion wisely. Certainly, the sense-knowledge has to specify a lawful measure. And still under all conditions it is better to hold back, than to give more than that can contain consciousness. Only inexperience or desire to edify doesn’t allow combine generosity of a donation with restraint.
510. (M.A.Y.). Reticence means as well security because at silence the microcosm of the person is closed from blows from the outside. Thoughts aren't projected outside in the form of words, and counteracting there is nothing to catch. Reticence is close to balance when all energy are as though absorbed inside. Labrets closed and the mountain not plundered is connected with a balance condition.
511. (Guru). Space pro-butting by thought isn't the imagination, but the valid act of will. The thought always concerns object to which it is directed. At sufficient extent of dismissal from itself the perception of the energy radiated by object on which the thought is concentrated, becomes possible and feasible. The phenomenon of Communication is based on it. In space it is difficult to thought flight to put barriers; into consciousness of thought get according to the accord. It is possible to close the receiver for undesirable thoughts, having only protected desirable. In space it is difficult to thought flight to put barriers. It is possible to close the receiver for undesirable thoughts, having only protected desirable.
512. (M. A. Y.). It is joyful to think of the bringing. So it isn't enough of them in comparison with the taking. Taking never think of that, as they can bring something and that to facilitate the Unreasonable Burden of to Whom they address for receiving. Instead of a spiritual gift were approved monetary or things, and the principle of interchange was roughly broken by thin energy. It is so simple to bring money and to consider for it itself gifts of spirit having the right on receiving. After all the victims brought in temples, only after degeneration of the essence became material, and even bloody while their primary sense and value consisted in a gift spiritual. And so also it is necessary to understand words: "What I will be able to bring to You, the Lord?"
513. (Saint. 1). At an absolute condition of sense of smell, or even at very its big thinning it is possible to feel approach both light, and dark of substance, conditions and subjects. It is possible to take things in hand and to determine saturation by a smell. Aroma or stench will be a criterion. It is possible to apply this measure everywhere and in everything, but, mainly, to people. If the dark took a bathtub, all the same the stench won't pass. If light it I didn't accept, the aura it nevertheless won't radiate a stench. Angrily as that generates or bears on itself poisonous smells of decomposition. The smell can be very distinguished, and recognition is necessary not to take a poisoned it for a fragrance. The phenomena of Light are fragrant, and darkness manifestations are fetid. Smells of the lower class of an astral are disgusting because are infected with decomposition fluids. Light, its paints and aromas are connected closely between itself. It is possible to consider that each color of a range is accompanied by aroma peculiar to it. Flowers smell sweet, but, cut off; quickly enough are exposed to decomposition. Therefore We Don't loves cut flowers. Smells of spring and fall are opposite on a being and differ between itself as life and death smells. Each thought is accompanied by a smell peculiar to it, causing in a human body the corresponding aromatic reaction. Thoughts and conversations on diseases can cause the painful phenomena and smells accompanying them. Thoughts of health, cheerfulness and pleasure it is possible to struggle with an illness. Even external aromas of life-given very much thus will help. It is possible to be treated by aromas. Mental calling of positive smells and at the corresponding thoughts works the toning. The aromatic aspect real can't be captured even in the whole book. The sound, color, aroma are only the various parties of identification of the same thing, the living being (a plant, an animal, the person) or even substances of a chemical scale of elements. The spectral analysis allows determine presence of this or that substance by color. The analysis aromatic yields the same results because in a fiery body it is possible to conduct researches of the Far Worlds.
514. (M.A.Y.). Than discussion differs from condemnation? Discussion, or the analysis of character of the person and his acts, is necessary for his knowledge, but condemnation is harmful. Discussion isn't accompanied by an evil-guaranty and poison allocation. But condemnation has in itself no goodwill; it is poisonous and is angry. It is accompanied by darkness radiations of aura and, of course, a stench. The stench of condemnation is very unpleasant. It is spoken about friendliness because it is incompatible with condemnation. Nobility or discuss doesn't mean at all to condemn. The nobility it is necessary.
515. (Guru). The border between positive and negative sense-knowledge of the person is thin. They unmistakably are defined only on a lightfull. Thus from Light they or from darkness, precisely is defined by heart. Feelings of heart are exact extraordinary if the habit to listen to its reactions to the events was approved. Heart – the device of very high sensitivity.
516. (Saint. 2). Space has centenary aspect of a sound, color and so on; seventh and sense-knowledge of the person. Five feelings are known on number of sense organs, the sixth is allowed, and about seventh anything it isn't known. The seventh will be shown and the sixth will start developing in the seventh circle, – in the sixth. Absoluteness of hearing and that fact that at some people it was already shown, show that the absoluteness of all other feelings is achievable also. The Sevenths of Space is comprehended by Sevenths of feelings of the person. Certainly, only completeness of development of these feelings gives completeness of achievement. All seven can be shown on the plan physical that is the dense world. But plans seven, and in the course of their cognition act on each of them and feelings corresponding to them. On the astral is astral, on mental is mental, in the Fiery World – fiery. Sense-knowledge, that is knowledge of things and the phenomena direct, direct, is a threshold of process of cognition of the Highest Worlds. Also differ between themselves languages of the dense world and language of the Thin World. Language of the Thin World is universal. Division into various languages – only in dense, above division gradually smoothest out, doesn't disappear yet absolutely. After all even on Earth the thought already rises over distinction of verbal expression, and the thought transferred in one language, is understood and reaches on own. The essence of thought, but not its verbal form is transferred. But it is possible at desire to transfer in any language. It is possible even to record only its external expression, without knowing the internal contents that is sense and value of the unfamiliar word. Universal language exists. It is language of the Thin World. There all understand each other. There is it and on Earth is language of heart. People already use it, and in rather wide volume, only don't give to itself in it the account. Feelings of heart are very diverse. If to start marking out them attentively, the whole world of new feelings and details will reveal as though. Language of heart is language of the Elevated World. For it we prepare on Earth.
517. (M. A. Y.). When we speak about loneliness, we mean that test through, which there has to pass each pupil. Actually the loneliness doesn't exist, and the Highest Worlds can be characterized as the harmonious accord of the whole choruses of concordant hearts. According to the accord close spirits unite, and the condition of loneliness isn't known of. But test by loneliness nevertheless is inevitable. It has the positive side. When one, and there is nobody to lean, and it seems that it is left even the Lord, then the spirit finds force in the depths to stand up to the end, and its power increases. Through test by loneliness passed and pass everything.
518. (Guru). Many sensitive organisms don't maintain conditions terrestrial. To sustain, it is necessary to be not only sensitive, but also strong. Keenness is quality very valuable and good when it is supported by force. In relatives to us we want to see force armed with all qualities of spirit. Weakness, in any form, removes and slows down spirit ascension. The yogi has to stand on the feet strong in the dense world and to be not less practical and sharp-witted, and even there is a lot of more, than ordinary people, but at the same time are open for it and possibility of high flights. Terrestrial and the Elevated are counterbalanced in a harmonious combination. Isolation from Earth and groundless dreams we consider as the shortcomings, preventing to be firmly established, both on Earth, and in the Worlds.
519. (M. A. Y.). That "a tatter of a false commonness" didn't dim the horizon, it is necessary constantly, persistently and persistently to repeat to itself about Maya unreality. And still, despite reality, evidence occupies a consciousness field. The reason that, living in the dense world, they need to live, but not Thin to which we will pass and which we will live when time will come to that. Violent removal from life won't yield results. Only wise combination of the phenomena of two worlds will lead to the desirable purpose.
520. (Guru). To the person can seem that he is directed to the highest phenomena while actually all his being wants the most usual and, perhaps, not so high. Internal height of consciousness reveals similar desires outdoors. They should be known and unmistakably to understand their character. It is necessary to know itself that not be touched own “good”, but severely to realize the advantages and shortcomings. Then there will be no surprises in that environment in which it is necessary to appear, having dumped a body; should be known impartially, without indulgence and affection imagined qualities of spirit. Many be touched and for those prepare for itself unpleasant surprises.
521. (Saint. 4). Coherence of spirit is as well that acts and thoughts, words and their inner meaning and everything proceeding from the person, don't contradict one another. It is spoken, say, about service to mankind, either service to Light, or Hierarchy, something becomes, not only having to it any relation, but even obviously contrary. When one is told and right there the person even in words contradicts himself is a sign very bad, indicating possibility of obsession. Thinking and words of the obsessed are weaved from similar contradictions. Pharisaicalness, both hypocrisy, and deception prosper and without any obsession. It everything belongs to the inconsistency phenomena. We Demand that external expression corresponded to the internal. The directed body shows a striking example of coherence because all its particles are directed in one direction. The magnet only then can show all the force when all particles are turned by the poles in one direction. And energy of a human microcosm, this live magnet, becomes powerful at monolithic aspiration and full coherence of this energy. Each action, feeling or the thought, not in harmony with the main aspiration, weaken it at a rate of the tension. Inconsistency is destructive. Such microcosm becomes the house divided in. It is possible to be aware every instant in, whether the events in consciousness on purpose to which the spirit is directed will be coordinated. The person perfectly knows what exactly attracts him back or down. It is possible to call coordination of desires, aspirations and thoughts magnetization of the mental device of spirit. Certainly, this process touches also a physical body because reaction to it this process will be always positive. Mastering by also will be a condition of such magnetization. Coherence means as well balance. And you already know that balance is the force against which anything can't resist. Aspiration to coherence of all qualities of spirit and its energy Show on correctness of the chosen way. Let's approve coherence.
522. (M. A. Y.). Only the fire spirit can show the highest coherence on a planet, but wish it strong and each of the called can direct to it all being. Even simple concentration demands coherence. Once nevertheless it is necessary to understand that without the statement of this quality it becomes already impossible to move ahead further. Also there will be a dilemma – or to stop on a place and inevitably to start moving back, or to collect all strength of mind to reach any degree of coherence. Qualities of spirit are jewels, it and accumulates treasures which it collects in itself. Having understood a not of destroy of essence and inherence of these accumulation, any more won't exchange their spirit neither on anything, nor for any treasures of the world.
523. (Sects. 5). Restraint always will be force indicator, dissoluteness – weaknesses. When the person starts shouting at others or some other way to express inability to own itself, he instinctively feels that there is something very unconvincing. Actually it opens itself (himself) for external blows and becomes for some time absolutely defenseless. Dark creatures use breaks in aura, and stick to the person, and hang on him, eating its internal radiations. Strong attack of irritation when angry ceases to be self-controlled absolutely, it is possible even to allow obsession. But surge in fieriness there comes the moment of heavy feeling of the made mistake. Similar weakness at least is inexcusable, because the payment for it is too great. Well, especially on small things to exercise itself on restraint and self-control; garrulity after all too no that other, as dissoluteness of mental energy. Well constantly to watch it and to behave strong in hands and where there is a wish to tell twenty words, to say two that is to reduce flow of words ten times. Consider that it is necessary to speak to deserve the kind relation from people around. It is incorrect. For silent restraint respect much more, than for chatter. After all chatter is an inadmissible expenditure of mental energy. The essence of reticence is beneficial that constrains seeking to spill in vain precious energy. So-called nervous movements aren't less harmful also. Force not bridled by will phenomenon itself besides will control. Even knowing about it, but not seized it, often they allow. But each movement of the person happening contrary to his will is already destructive. The will – the individual and absolute owner in a human microcosm and to miss the power over it to someone to another is inadmissible. Everything becomes from the will sanction, and no justifications will help to stop destruction if the will doesn't use a prerogative. Mastering by the fires is entrusted to will. The weak-willed person is a pity pettiness and the powerless victim for various influences. It is better to be strong and to be mistaken, than to be a weak-willed rag. After all to it even the Beam is useless to send.
524. (Guru). In breath the essence of the person is expressed. Breath of the dark is fetid. Angrily – the stench. Dirty or spiteful thoughts are fetid. Dirty and spiteful emotions or actions are fetid. On an aromatic scale all actions of the person can be divided into fragrance or stench poles. Equally effective all experiences of the person it is expressed in a smell of its breath. Certainly, many diseases are reflected in a smell of air exhaled from lungs. But the dark person, even being healthy, has the poisoned breath that is air exhaled by it is poisoned. In gambling dens or brothels breath of people is especially stinking. All merits of spirit report to the carrier their fragrance. All negative qualities of spirit report to the carrier their stench. All emotions are accompanied by smells. All merits of spirit report to the carrier their fragrance. All negative qualities of spirit report to the carrier their stench. All emotions are accompanied by smells. Absolute sense of smell could establish a scale of qualities of spirit and even emotions on smells. Sets occupy a planet, and each earthling sates aura it either a fragrance, or a fetig. The aroma radiated by the person, is in the exact accord with its condition. Light smells sweet as wonderful aromas, as well as lightful aura. The aromatic aspect of the real is very interesting and is immense is wide, - but feting owners of dark aura, and also those spheres and space layers, to which they gravitate on compliance. The aromatic aspect of the real is very interesting and is immense is wide.
525. (Saint. 6). Bases are based upon Boundlessness because treat Spheres of fiery reality. Concerning Bases, we concern the Boundlessness. Therefore the area covered by Bases, it is impossible to settle. The law of a spiral belongs too to Bases. Day or night; winter, spring, summer and fall; cycles of the Zodiac, Manvantara and Pralaya – all these phenomena are subordinated to the spiral Law. Spiral and human life and all are his embodiments. The spiral atom life, though covers millions years. Spiral and life of our planet because though it moves on an orbit, but all solar systems aspires in space to the Far Star. All movements in Space too spiral. Spiral no go in space of a wave of the phenomena to return again on a new round. Spiral of thought and feelings of the person, because to waves it is similar, in him arise and leave him again to appear on a new turn of a spiral of time. After all time too spiral, because never repeats itself, though "comes back a wind into place". These are already new circles similar to former, but not the same. Similarity of winds spiral, despite their analogy, identities don't show. Evolution real too spiral. The coming New Century already was once far back in the past and as well as now, erected mankind to a new step of the Ladder of Evolution. But this step was other and people were others, both living conditions, and a planet there was not that is so repeated in time. Cycles repeat, ascending on a spiral. This law is universal and covers and subordinates to itself all aspects of life. The Polarity, or dialectics of the shown world, too is universal. Two polarity and evolution spiral. Also on one it is possible to rise, so another to fall. You know not only lifting, both blossoming, and advance of the whole people, but also degeneration and decline of not succeeded. You know ascension of spirits of Carriers of Light and you know going down, in a chasm, going down everything is lower and lower with each new embodiment. Spiral of a convergence down or spirit falling – in operation. You know the decaying moon and those who judgment to them and goes on them, falling everything is lower and lower. Each phenomenon goes to time spirals by either integration, or disintegration. Even mental energy in the person either increases, or is wasted. In time spiral everything is achievable because grains of Light grow, bringing a crop unknown.
526. (M. A. Y.). If remembered everything occurring to you on night, we wouldn't be able to accept heavy conditions of dense existence. Therefore gleams or fragments of night impressions remain only. At night a lot of things occur about what don't remain rather it isn't allowed to keep, even memoirs. After all you depart for the night in the Monastery of the Father, in the House Father, and there to scoop forces to live. And only in process of preparation and growth of spirit of reminiscence or breaks in that life will start being ordered, without causing balance violation. It is difficult to live on Earth, knowing about freedom, flights and opportunities of life Elevated. Songs of Earth of music of Spheres won't replace. And terrestrial not compare aromas to a fragrance of Fiery Spheres. Both captivity at a flesh and coherence of spirit a rough cover are incommensurable to spirit free flights in space. Carriers of Light held distinct in remembrance the Highest Worlds and therefore stay in a body terrestrial was especially heavy for them.
527. (Saint. 7). Body health, that is its balance, depends on quality of restraint. Many diseases begin from nerves, which aren't able to own. Dissoluteness of nerves involves disbalance and the physical device. Interruptions in work begin, and then the illness is approved also. Balance of spirit is closely connected with balance or body health. It is possible to tell that diseases begin with a spirit disbalance. Therefore it is impossible to allow that something broke it. The tranquility is approved, despite everything. To give in to the power of the phenomena, able to cause concerns, excitements, fear or balance loss, – means to send itself to these phenomena to slavery. But all of them will pass and in time will be forgotten. Whether costs for the sake of what causes today sharp and unpleasant experiences but what will be forgotten tomorrow, to lose balance and to become the slave to the passing phenomena? At a disbalance it is impossible to accumulate mental energy. Without it people – anything.
528. (M. A. Y.). The spear over a dragon doesn't doze, because he is live what to destroy it very difficult: the cut heads grow again, and again the monster moves, comes to life and starts threatening again. Only the lifted spear ready every instant for blow, can stop attack though threat and remains. That is subject in the person to an gets rid and that is ready to raise always the head is so symbolized and gets an objective form, to sting and inflict defeat over spirit, having caused to manifestation that seemed already won. Therefore wakefulness of spirit both continuous patrol and readiness Is specified by a strong hand to bridle willfulness of the lowest nature. Without a victory over it not reach the planned goal, not to seize covers and in Light not to be approved.
529. (Guru). Each victory over a body, his desires or not relics we will celebrate especially. After all it is steps of the Ladder of Light on which to Light the spirit rises. Each step approaches to those who cost above. Any effort in this direction doesn't go to waste. A number of successful efforts will give achievement. Someone thinks to succeed, without overcoming itself. Whether it is possible? The enemy number first is that yet изжито in him. On fight against it we won't regret efforts. The victory over it gives very much.
530. (Saint. 8). Let's move apart thought visibility limits. After all sees thought. Subject reflections on a mesh cover of an eye yet don't give completeness of impression. The understanding or understanding of that fixes an eye is necessary. It is possible to look at the person and to be so shipped in the thoughts what not to see him. To look and see processes – it isn't equivalent: only when the thought is put in eyes, the person starts seeing. This condition belongs as well to all other feelings. The thought takes the most active part in their functions, differently received impressions pass by consciousness. It is possible to see nothing and not to hear if the consciousness is turned inside or concentrated on something another. Ability to switch off impressions of the outside world opens richness of the internal.
531. (Saint. 9). The scientist solving a complex mathematical challenge and entirely in it shipped, lives the menthol and in menthol. The player in the gambling den, staked the last money, lives in the body astral. The glutton enjoying a refined dish is shipped in experiences of a stomach and a physical body. Devotee in ecstasy prayer by spirit and in the spirit of lives. Thus, people prove and live mainly in this or that of the covers, strong connecting itself with it and accumulating everything relating to it. Release from a physical body yet doesn't mean release from accumulation, related. The spirit can live in them both again and again to plunge into these memoirs. Deprived of the physical basis, they can't sate body desires, generating sufferings from a sharp dissatisfaction until caused to manifestation of energy won't settle on beget them the force. Memoirs and experiences in all other covers are similar to the corporal. Difference in that thin and mental bodies, investing the person, give completeness and reality to these experiences so bright that the person imagines himself living in them actually. So, the scientist continues to work in the direction accepted by menthol; but, having got rid of these energy, dumps spirit consistently all the covers, yet doesn't remain in an immortal, constant body. And if in life on of Earth, he narrower learn to live in this body and to transfer in his itself of the consciousness that is accrual the elements, necessary for life in this body; he consciously lives in it, enriching the essence itself new accumulation and augmenting them in the process of "increase». If stockings of elements of immortality not in present, or they are very insignificant, that and life proceeds respectively. To some people, nothing saved up and nothing collected during terrestrial existence, on the plan spiritual to live there is anything. But to live and in temporary covers too it is impossible as they are dumped. It is necessary to pass spirit area, anything from it without having collected and with anything itself without having enriched. So the person reaps that seeded, and nothing seeded not reap anything. So the person reaps that seeded, and nothing seeded not reap anything. And life on the plan deprived of crops, won't have.
532. (Guru). It is necessary to adopt the provision that everyone receives that is necessary for it from the Teacher. Not that he wants or considers as that, but to give that Finds necessary the Teacher. It will relieve of many wrong conclusions and disappointments.
533. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to reflect over words of the Lord more often: "I with you always" while they don't become reality fiery. Same formula, as two thousand years ago: "I with you always, in all days, till the end of time". Let's think of it.
534. (Guru). Revelry of darkness all-planet is so great and so intense that the unknown effort of spirit is required to keep balance. Everything is rejected, and the thought persistently keeps on the elected Hierarch. Storms rustle, and whirlwinds in revelry, care of how to resist.
535. (Saint. 12). In the world terrestrial is certainly all. Therefore the most difficult tests come to an end also. Value their in that, what of difficulty will pass and experience remains, and knowledge too. After all everyone teaches something. If to try this experience, that is to what learns test, to understand somewhat quicker and to acquire it, test by itself will stop because its goal is reached. If to be afflicted with it, to be indignant, indignant and rise against, it will amplify and become even more persistent and burdening. It is required to reconcile with karmic inevitability that it is rather to get rid and to be exempted from it. Already paid attention that however many tried to avoid certain conditions; they come back again though everything that from them, from them, to be released is made. Means, efforts everything was vain. Not it is necessary to be exempted from them and with those experiences and darked, which are caused by them. After all the Karma wants to temper spirit and to approve a victory it over the power of external circumstances over consciousness. The victory should be reached in itself, over itself and in the presence of those reasons which suppressed it. The karma won't release, yet won't achieve the. Also it is impossible to break too because all weight of a karma falls upon the won. Therefore, an outcome only one is a victory. It also we will set as the purpose of the next.
536. (M. A. Y.). It is impossible to remain indifferent, seeing foreign suffering. How to be? For others sensitive heart can't avoid suffering. After all the suffering for others borders on compassion, and compassion, the real compassion, means conscious acceptance on itself pains. Thus, the burden of the consciousnesses connected by karma on itself should accept, but at all to break spirit under this burden and in orders that in to overcome them. After all only having overcome them and having won against them itself, it is possible to expect to overcome them outside, that is to exempt from them and the one to whom the compassion is shown. The compassion at all doesn't mean immersion with the head in experience of the one to whom it is assisted, and a clouding doubled, that is defeat, and on the contrary, a rising of the suffering person from that hole of despair and hopelessness in which he appeared. Preservation of complete equilibrium is necessary, whatever hopeless situation seemed and whatever strong were Maya snare. After all it everything only Maya, trying to replace reality with evidence. With it, evidence ardent, also we will fight, remembering that balance deduction above all and is necessary for a victory. When the blind conducts blind, both will get to a hole, one should be able to see to take other of a hole and to preserve against falling in the new. Seeing display in knowledge of that the victory in the spirit of that in the spirit of itself won approves in itself force, sufficient to overcome and external counteractions. There are no such circumstances, which the mental energy directed by strong; inflexible, fiery will couldn't overcome. Lifting itself spirit over a vicious circle of external conditions, against them we win and we lift with themselves both close, and distant friends, and everything, which accord in consciousness on this wave. Circles of a victory in the spirit of disperse very widely. The victory is a point of honor and the obligation of the soldier of spirit.
537. (Guru). You can suffer and suffer for others as much as necessary, but it is impossible to lose courage. Than more the spirit gives in to energy of the external influences inflated dark, especially they amplify, as though inspiring these dark -evil-make and giving them impulses to new inventions and attacks. Also it is necessary to express less aloud the thoughts because there is a lot of overhear. It is more difficult to them to get into thoughts, but each carelessly told word catch and immediately starts working according to received information, that is to harm. So would remain inert, but complaints, discontent and the chagrin their frauds stated aloud, give them food for new the evil - shifts. You give them in hands the weapon with which they and beat you. And the more you reveal the chagrin and sufferings, the more blows you attract on yourself. The space both sees, and hears. See and hear also the dark creatures crowding around. Why to give they fuel for a fire on which they so diligently torment thoughtless complainants and dissatisfied. Self-defense from them is in the spirit of. Reticence and restraint can be powerful protection.
538. (Saint. 13). Positive and negative qualities of spirit are expressed both externally, and internally. Fearlessness externally cannot be shown in any way, but the heart sated with this quality, doesn't know awe of fear. External, ostentatious courage shows a type of fearlessness, but the fear can яро nest inside. We demand that external expression corresponded to the internal. Control and self-control serve for spirit as strong armor. The person, externally both internally owning himself and approved quality of restraint, is impregnable for hostile influences. Not in forces anything to break balance armor, or to punch. Balance of people closes all entrances to a spirit citadel. Gate of fortress are shut tightly. The enemy can't get inside. Speaking aloud about the experiences, sufferings or troubles, we, first of all, inform on them the dark guards constantly attentively observing us. Even at silence external, but storming emotions inside dark auras on radiations see the events as through open windows see that becomes in the house, and work respectively. Thus, only reticence external and restraint internal serve as reliable protection. Anybody can't open itself (himself), even the next, as, besides them too many foreign, but hostile ears. Well externally to own it that nobody suspected about the events inside. But it is better to own it both externally, and internally. This is of armor impenetrable. The principle of the closed visor will be reliable protection. Speaking frankly about things expensive and close to heart, we open themselves for influences, as from the one to whom we open heart, and for hidden listeners. The space sees, and hears, and writes down all. But as see and those who occupies it hear also. It is good when hear light essence, but it is bad, when – angry. We speak about openness of heart to the Teacher, because He Protects this openness. But the openness substituting under blow dark, certainly is harmful. – Quality of restraint – usually isn't paid to protective property of attention. But seized it it is closed for hostile influences. However, and it doesn't avoid blows, but the blow to armor or a board is harmless. Blows to unprotected places are dangerous. Fieriness of the feelings and emotions and garrulity do the person unprotected. Only long experience and collision with darkness gave the chance to estimate and understand such qualities of spirit, as reticence, restraint, self-control, tranquility and balance. Life convinces that attacks of the dark are caused by insufficiently full statement of these qualities. To these are harmful the complaint and discontent, strong weakening protection and opening weak spots to enemy attacks. Let's stand guard. Sacred Patrol calls her because it protects Light phenomenon.
539. (Guru). Light qualities of the person, being imperishable and integral acquisitions of spirit, too are claimed over everything that temporarily it surrounds, - and not only over everything, but also despite everything. As, having risen over a transient of external conditions and to them contrary to, the person claims in himself that in the world terrestrial more valuably and above all. Light qualities of spirit as show words, are Light containers, which inside. Light collecting and accumulating in itself in the form of approved qualities, we do serious work indescribable importance and value.
540. (Saint. 14). How to force darkness to serve Light? Only using each its attempt, each attack, each counteraction and a evil-trick as an impulse for new, ardent, unrestrained aspiration to Hierarchy. Then dark become pushers and inspirers to advance on the way. Usually happens on the contrary. The person will manage both to be afflicted, and to be saddened, both to show discontent, and to allow a number of actions inadmissible, that is to arrive as dark enslavers wanted that, and only then already will start getting out of a hole. If each their evil intention causes the reaction opposite to their purposes, they should stop all the attempts; so arrived true the warriors of spirit. And the darkness receded from them won. When demons annoy, the only way will be to be exempted from them the plan of action by it in defiance. Over time it will become a habit and will be similar to spurs for a horse. This way force spent by dark for their diligence, will be turned for useful work. And as it is considerable and constant, and movement to Light will amplify respectively. To force dark to serve itself is a problem of each lightful. All winners passed through it. Each arrival to Earth of Teachers of Light was noted by fight against the evil and a victory. Everything following Them goes this way.
541. (M. A. Y.). Even the small Instruction accepted and executed, already approaches to the purpose far. But so it isn't enough performers. It is more than speaking. Speak, and take words for affairs, and are content with them, rolling in self-satisfaction. Also it is pleasant to have a talk thoroughly about high subjects and to calm down on it with consciousness of the executed debt. Too it is necessary to pass through test by garrulity. Someone on it also stops. The destiny of such the blabber is sad. Let's not assimilate of. Teacher Demands to demand action and the appendix of its Instructions. To what then all diligence if in practice it isn't applied anything?
542. (Guru). Mediums roll in phenomena and usually become, despite them, victims dark. Means, phenomena don't help, - moves only spirituality. Not without reason devotees called the mental phenomena a charm and considered these allure very dangerous. Ignoramuses, on the contrary, looked at them as on special achievements and, in them rolling, all fell below and below; ruined the lack of will caused by immersion in the phenomena of the astral world. It was so interesting to look and nothing to do. This idleness is especially pernicious. Spiritual making goes parallel with usual terrestrial work, either the chosen craft, or occupation. Art is in this regard effective extraordinary. Spiritual and terrestrial go in the accord, phenomenon coherence of spirit, so hard-hitting on Earth.
543. (Saint. 16). Three billion people on Earth. And everyone lives the separate, isolated consciousness, in personal, small. We Cannot plunge into them. We can send only the Beam towards to those who directs to Us. And it is possible to reach Us, having only refused the personal world and having filled the consciousness our and universal. And, having directed in the Stronghold, it is possible to gather from Its Light, having rejected itself. Self-filling by, that is the egoism, excludes possibility of contact to the highest energy – or the, or the Highest. Will ask: how not to live personal, being among life, in the thick of people? On the example of devotees, heroes, figures of General Welfare it is possible to see how they, living among people and for people, led life super personal, of itself without thinking and directing all the efforts on service to people. They found in themselves enough determination to refuse itself and to replace personal universal. Neither sufferings, nor diseases, deprivations – nothing could to evade them from the chosen way. And even the death didn't frighten them. In its essence is of service to Light. Immersion in personal is death of spirit. Rejection from personal, that is self-rejection, will be a victory over egoism and the statement of the super personal, immortal beginning in itself, the Highest Identity. It is Light way.
544. (M. A. Y.). Ability to wait too demands skill. All will be useful who is devoted to the Lord. It should believe, and then it will be easier to wait. The new World will take place, and Great Arrival will take place, and waited will see.
545. (Guru). Effective expectation is that if external activity is impossible, by Great Day of Arrival nothing can disturb internal preparation of spirit. Such preparation also will be the best type of expectation.
546. (Saint. 17). Great devotees looked for a privacy because knew how the human environment strongly influences the person. And after all it was strong spirits. Means and they weren't free from influences human on their mentality. What to tell about consciousness’s of less strong? From outside not to avoid influences, care only in not to submit and to be in their full power. Surrounding can't but influence the person and not direct his thinking on undesirable channels. Fight is inevitable to keep the direction correct. A lot of things if not everything, depend on a choice of thoughts. The freedom of choice nevertheless remains for the person. Life gives a material for thinking, but to choose from given it is possible at own will, desires or tendencies. The purpose is ahead clear, and only it is necessary that this choice constantly was according to it.
547. (Guru). We welcome a unification and mutual understanding between friends of the Doctrine. We prefer to stop attention that unites, but not on the contrary. The general currents of contact always can be found. Association of consciousness’s well and does that multiplies energy uniting them by stronger. That not in power to one becomes possible to carry out at association. For association we will seek, rejecting everything that disturbs it. Let the words "in a unification-force" become almost vital.
548. (M. A. Y.). That circumstance that friends are far from perfect, doesn't grant the right to move away or separate from them. All need ardent warm support because time is very intense. Perhaps, someone should be supported slightly only that it resisted. Let's reject everything separating and we will think only of being to the friend a support. Now everything, which concerned the Life Doctrine, needs a strong friendly hand.
549. (Saint. 18). My and fight in consciousness for prevalence. The future of spirit depends on that will win. If wins against the, you will remain former if mine – you move, further. Words move only when are combined with actions corresponding to them. Otherwise destruction turns out. It is easy to destroy the way; it is more difficult to go on it. It is too much counteraction. At times can seem that rises against all. Remember be no useful, as be left all One, and even the Father. After all it to It was the address: "Why left Me, the Lord". Leaving by all precedes a final victory of spirit. Gets rid winner to a victory comes this way. On these signs it is possible to judge value of test. I told already earlier: the purpose we will reach and a victory we will get.
550. (M. A. Y.). Creativity – destiny of the person. Everything that promotes it and supports him, it is necessary to claim certainly. Process creative is a song of spirit. We welcome everything that gives the chance to it to flow widely and freely. Besides duties before people there are duties before the spirit. It was told: "Spirit not go out". In creativity is life, in a go out is death; encouragement to each manifestation of creativity. It amplifies in process of Light be inflamed inside.
551. (Guru). Even the magnet degausses in the insalubrious neighbourhood, if on it the lock isn't imposed. Only the lock stops leakage of energy which is necessary for creativity. Restraint and self-control will be such locks. The irritation, discontent and to it the corresponding words and behavior will be conditions degaussing because the lock from a magnet thus is removed. It is spoken for execution.
552. (Saint. 19). Perfect ear in that look as it is shown at ordinary people, concerns sounds terrestrial and abilities of their storing and reproduction. But it doesn't concern sounds of Heavens. Music of Spheres can be still inaccessible to such ear. The scale of sounds of the Thin World, and then and the Highest Worlds will be the following step. Ability of sound perceptions can reach the fourteenth hearing, and each step has the limit of absoluteness limited to that sphere in which it is shown. On the Boundlessness scale even the fourteenth hearing won't be a limit though it and can be that for this planet. Therefore perfect ear in its usual understanding isn't a limit of achievements though the condition can be considered very distinguished. But it isn't obligatory to hear the Voice of the Teacher because other tension of the opened ear thus works. Each new achievement darkens itself preceding it and turns pale before the subsequent. Steps of a ladder of life which has no end are that.
553. (M. A. Y.). Readiness for tests without discontent, complaints and condemnations of the Teacher indicates height reached by spirit. Such readiness helps to pass through them victoriously. Such readiness helps to pass through them victoriously. It is much lost time and forces in vain when tests aren't passed and they should be repeated again and again; the more complaints and discontent, the from what there is a passionate wish to be exempted becomes longer. Only balance, that is lack of painful and emotional reaction to that, through what it is necessary to pass, exempts from karmic inevitability. You store balance any price. Without his statement from undesirable tests release won't come.
554. (Guru). Despite Maya all shifts, the future can't be taken away from the person. It is immutable has to come. In our understanding the future is a Century of Lord Maitreya. It is necessary to go on about inevitability of its approach in the face of evidence dense: impetuous revelry of darkness only emphasizes that before a dawn becomes especially dark. But darkness, having reached apogee of the revelry, will start handing over and receding before going waves of the new energy directing on change by the old. Process of this shift cosmic. Spasms of darkness indicate its hopelessness. Light ahead and victory to it Judging Space Will.
555. (Saint. 21). External actions of people can be absolutely identical, but motives are various and opposite. The motive is a driving energy of action. Also the Light and the dark can differ between itself energy which moves human acts. Therefore for Us not acts are important, but motives, that is the reasons, which have generated action. And our purpose –to teach pupils understand unmistakably these reasons or motives, both own, and other people. Having defined essence of the reason, easily already will be to understand the nature or nature of action. Only the developed sense-knowledge excludes possibility of mistakes. To understand essence of this person is means to define those motives, which direct his actions. Kind and evil acts result from the human nature because the kind takes out good or light from depth of the heart, and angry – angry. Sense-knowledge results from ability to feel heart radiations. Only long experience of cognition of the person aggravates ability of a sense-knowledge. At contact with people the thicket needs to ask the heart and to note especially the first impression. Thus the mind very much disturbs, creating prejudiced judgment and muffling heart signs. It is easier to understand own motives, but quality of truthfulness and honesty of recognition is required. Self-deception – the phenomenon very sad. It conducts to self-flattery and immerses the person in the world of ghosts.
556. (M. A. Y.). Variability or instability of the conditions we won't put to stability of the Teacher. The Lord is unchangeable. Relationship with It flows over variability of dense conditions or the movements happening in temporary covers. It should acquire and be not to darken firmly any more Communication by a fog of evidence passing. Such readiness helps to pass through them victoriously. It is much lost time and forces in vain when tests aren't passed and they should be repeated again and again; the more complaints and discontent, the from what there is a passionate wish to be exempted becomes longer. Only balance, that is lack of painful and emotional reaction to that, through what it is necessary to pass, exempts from karmic inevitability. You store balance any price. Without his statement from undesirable tests release won't come.
557. (Guru). Way, show the Teacher, it is possible to call a way of overcoming of obstacles because every day and constantly growing forces are required for their overcoming. Anyhow mental energy, as not on overcoming of all of that interferes with advance can grow. In process of growth and expansion of consciousness become others both the nature and character of obstacles – they as though change depending on growth of spirit and those tasks which are set for it That, Who Conducts. Also it is necessary to increase spirit on everyone and to overcome everyone. Travelers of the Great Way always are in situation overcoming, whatever height they reached.
558. (Saint. 22). When It was spoken about the house divided in, the principle of coherence meant. The spirit – over all covers, it investing, can dominate only on condition of their harmony and submission to its domination. But usually each cover, especially an astral, lives the desires, which often are contrary to aspirations of spirit. Last accumulation can promote both evolution, and spirit involution. Coherence consists in that all movements were in conductors according to a track of the life chosen spirit. The person perfectly knows when he arrives contrary to commands the highest "I". The incommensurability of acts with a goal is destructive. It is necessary to strive for the statement of coherence, first of all, in thoughts. Thoughts paint the color all conductors. To observe thought – means to order and take over the control of everything occurring in conductors and depending on will of the person. Scope of will is very wide. It is possible to exercise it both in big, and in the small. The elements a part of a human microcosm and subordinated to his will, submit as it is easy to this will when it is necessary to deal with the same elements and in the world outside. All elements are presented in a human body, and mastering by them inside brings to power over elements and in the outside world. Can't sit, or go on water, or subdue waves the person who not overcome in these elements and hasn't subordinated her to the will. Mastering by – the main condition of power of spirit which is far dream of mankind.
559. (M. A. Y.). Quality of coherence is one of the most difficult. It is possible to approach to the statement it, since affairs small. Each time it is necessary to wonder, whether small thoughts, words and actions will be coordinated with a goal. If isn't present, they are brought to harmony with it. It is easier to give small thoughts and feelings, than big. But the mountain consists of grains of sand, and life is infinite so to save up experience of coherence of time will suffice if only not to deviate from the purpose.
560. (Guru). The Inflexible shown on the Way, it is immutable leads to object of aspiration. Integrity of aspiration of all microcosms the guarantee will be success. Not dissociation or solidity of aspiration – a basis of its durability and stability in difficult living conditions usual.
561. (Saint. 23). The aspiration to knowledge will be only then expedient when received knowledge is applied in life. We Don't recognize abstract knowledge. If the knowledge isn't accompanied by its practical application – means, it isn't good. It is better not to know at all, than, knowing, not to put knowledge into practice. The Teacher Is Truth. All its Being Expresses itself essence of Intimate Knowledge. Words, acts and thoughts show the highest degree of coherence. Imitating It and following It, the pupil seeks to embody knowledge of the Doctrine of Life in application. It is a way of the judgment pupil. What prevents to coordinate received knowledge with life inside? From experience you know that many readers of books of the Doctrine are very far from this ideal. To overcome during one life that took roots for eyelids, not always in the human forces, differently everyone would become Arhat. But wanting will reach, because on an infinite Way to Boundlessness it is possible to overcome everything and to reach everything if only fire of aspiration didn't die away in heart burning. Therefore awareness of the imperfections let doesn't confuse the lit heart, because everything is achievable and it is possible on condition of constancy and firmness of the decision to go, despite everything.
562. (M.A. Y.). It is good to learn to separate in consciousness vanity from main current of life of spirit. Vanity the quickly passing also has property all the time to change in the expression, remaining by the nature the vanity. In it is of weakness and of the weak spot. It is possible to fight against vanity. As a matter of fact, she is to anything. You put and to fussiness we will oppose tranquility and internal concentration. Vanity is absolutely powerless against balance though at a disbalance it devours mental energy. If only to understand that the tranquility is concentration of strength of mind, and balance – their powerful lifting, tension and readiness for action. After all only inexperience waves hands and tries to out voice someone or to over persuade. But moves silence. Experience of silence and value of silence when strength of mind is collected in focus, it is necessary to understand. Wonderful fire is forced by the ardent statement of qualities.
563. (Guru). The impulse, which is everyday received at contact with Hierarchy of Light, is the spirit engine. Without it the consciousness can drown in the ordinary phenomena. It is a lot of such drowned men. As if the thought plunges into funnels of whirlpools, and heart fire is extinguished. And there are a lot of quenchers. The phenomenon of a flame of heart is the purpose and object of attacks for conscious and unconscious attendants of darkness. It is possible to resist against them only the heart armed with the Lord.
564. (Saint. 24). Balance of a body facilitates to establish balance of spirit. The first too needs to be supported, avoiding the extremes, able to break it. Wine, smoking, stomach burdening, dirty air and many other conditions, of course, strongly influence and break it. It is difficult to approve one without another, but balance of spirit nevertheless is more important because after mastering by a body with it isn't necessary to be considered and be very much at it in slavish dependence any more. And still the body demands leaving, cares and attention. The device, or the tool, spirit has to be kept in a full order. Nervous, for example, movements are bad at least only, because allow an arbitrariness of a body and its activity besides will. The body allows maintain balance external. Externally the person can be not mobile and absolutely quiet. Then there is a step of balance astral when emotions and feelings are given to a quiet condition. Then balance mental when the thought subordinated to will, smoothly flows or works in the framework established by will, under its complete control. This three-aspect balance also will be to a certain extent full. The first tranquility is followed by the second, for the second – the third, and all of them unite in harmony of three. But the thought of all quicker, thought – over all, and thoughts belongs leading force. Therefore at the statement of corporal tranquility it is necessary to begin with thought. In the same way and silence can be three-sedate, and restraint too. Three natures in the person cause is this triple of the statement of qualities.
565. (Guru). The tranquility and balance can phenomenon at the most intense and active actions. Wisely it is necessary to learn to combine tension with balance. Tension at all doesn't mean concern and a randomness of actions. The powerful turbine, giving huge number of turns, it seems almost motionless. Tension of energy in the Stronghold is so high that the usual organism isn't able to sustain it. And still this tension of balance. To keep balance in operation will be a sign of assimilation and understanding of the doctrine of tension. You remember? "The tranquility is a spirit wreath".
566. (Guru). And readiness we will consider in aspect of all three worlds. Readiness means both readiness, and a preparation. Active readiness includes preparation process to the future. But readiness is necessary to meet the future. Time for preparation of has enough. Really we will miss it, having preferred something another, temporary, short and unnecessary; how many the called suspended preparation process, because of pity illusions of the current hour. And without readiness how enter into the future or to meet it adequately? After all it will turn back on consciousness and its ability to contain. The slogan "I Am Always Ready" covers in itself the constant tension of readiness for everything that waits ahead.
567. (Saint. 26). Let's give ourselves the obvious report in what in the past disturbed and that prevents to clear in the present consciousness of litter. Certainly, stirs the not gets rid. It is externally possible to be exempted from much, but if something not gets rid in the spirit of, external release, either restraint, or abstention doesn't give desirable consequences. The dream serves as good control for detection of not gets rid properties. Dream is very sincere condition. The person as though dumps from himself all external and becomes such, what he actually. Dreams will be pure when full internal clarification is reached. Can seem that everything is won, but the dream will reveal the valid extent of release. Filling up, it is good to give to itself a task for certain subjects or tests that in a dream to pass through them successfully. The immutable order of will help to reduce many footpaths of willfulness of an astral and to order a dream. The test, which hasn't been sustained in a dream, is equal to the test which hasn't been sustained in reality. Both find not gets rid properties of character. But test in a dream is simpler, because doesn't demand a combination of special dense conditions. Each test passed successfully can serve as incentive for eradication of undesirable properties. Two in one: one wants freedom and Light and quickly walks upstairs lives, another – to roll in connivance to the weaknesses, shortcomings and desires of the lowest "I". Fight is inevitable and proceeds while the ascension lasts. Because that is good at one step, becomes an overcoming subject on the highest. The end isn't present to fight by that is subject to overcoming, – too the difference meanwhile is great that the person now and what has to become it represents.
568. So, severe control over the thought, the second – eradication of roots of the desires consigning to the remote past will be the first condition. Even it is difficultly to pull out a simple plant if its root is deep. For eyelids roots of all evil grow in the person, and to pull out them hardly and difficultly. But after all from roots grow escapes. If to them not to allow develop, destroying everyone separately and if to continue it long enough, a root, without finding a way out to the energy, eventually nevertheless will be lost. But if not to destroy new sprouts, it will grow and become stronger, and then already it is impossible to pull out it. It is possible to pull out and at once, but the mighty fiery tension of spirit for this purpose is required. Whether much in power it?
569. (M. A. Y.). As well as where to find forces for overcoming insuperable? In thoughts off the Lord and merge with it; in unification is of force. With the Will Leading it is possible to find an inexhaustible source of fiery power in consciousness association. It is necessary to want only all heart, all thinking, all consciousness the, all being. Absolute obstacles aren't present, because spirit above all and everything is overcome by spirit and in the spirit of. The hidden Driver Whispers: "When forces don't suffice, Me call".
570. (Guru). Way the shortest – continuous pretending before the Hierarch Leading. What disturbs it? Whether the old person in himself, counteracting constantly and rising against everything, what moderates and constrains his willfulness? After all it is the enemy No 1. It neither not necessary to the Teacher, nor the pupil. Neither mercy, nor indulgence, pity to it can't be. How much time it plunged spirit into ruins and brought it obvious damage. Having revealed the enemy, it is possible to struggle with him. Not chains, not "vlasyanitsa", not self-flagellation, not suppression, but thought. Fiery thoughts will burn dark accumulation. Fiery the thought will clear. Fiery thoughts will uncontrollably set forward. Light thoughts are Light weapon.
571. (Saint. 27). In a sanctuary of temples strangers weren't allowed. Why? Their auras brought disharmony and discrepancy elements in the established mental atmosphere of a sacred place. As well devotees retired to avoid this invasion. To the room where the consciousness is created, it isn't necessary to allow strangers – they break the established vibrations of the room. Via channels of not harmony auras undesirable guests get. As though pass becomes for them there where differently they it isn't got. It is difficult even to present that people bring with themselves on the aura and whom. In each dwelling the atmosphere, it isn't so difficult to scent it. It is possible to establish a tonality of vibrations of the dwelling consciously. It is good not to allow undesirable or saddening thoughts. Cleaners, mint, eucalyptus and others, help. But it will be most effective thought of the Teacher of Light.
572. (M. A. Y.). The concept of Ashram can be expanded, entering into it idea of the house terrestrial. Each house, which atmosphere it is cleared and remains, can become an ashram and a shelter to spirit from storms of the outside world. Stratifications of thoughts create this fortress and protect it. Places where long there lived people with lightful aura have special value. Purity of aura sated them with the vibrations. Each house, each thing, each book can be sated with light, layering lightful thoughts. The person is a live carrier and the distributor or Light, or the darkness, staying in it.
573. (Guru). Every day can become a step of ascension of spirit. Everything depends on the person. The day lost in vain and without advantage, back not to return.
574. (Saint. 28). In total it, and nobody else, - how to learn, if not to do everything most. And all for what you ask for the help Me, at first try to make, by own efforts. And only when they are settled till the end and results didn't yield, it is possible to address to Me. "Our help is great and urgent", but we cannot interfere with karma – the Law doesn't allow. We can help to overcome karma but when you apply all the forces. Our management consists at all in exempting from consequences of your acts but to help to understand their inexpediency if they are that, and, getting rid of these consequences, to make impossible their repetition.
575. (M. A. Y.). Having appeared under trying conditions, it is possible to facilitate them, having imagined that someone was or is in heavier. Everything is relative, and understanding of that those, who is especially dear to you, passed very difficult track of life, will help also to you to go yours. Everything relatively and is determined by comparison. Important, what compare and as.
576. (Guru). Understand that not so much from itself it is heavy, how many from space. It is a lot of bad in the world it is created and freight lies down on heart. Heart – knows.
577. (Saint. 29). While there is a fight, nothing is lost though from time to time and it seems that not to win against the lowest nature itself. If could see who and as inflates the fallen asleep desires, really would be indignant with spirit on surrounding you the creatures so persistently trying угасить your light, to it so repugnant. Everything sank in twilight and therefore their actions are facilitated. Spatial trouble strengthens them very much, and the victory over them doesn't grant a respite, because it is very dark. Earlier one mighty effort – and the victory exempted the winner from repeated and infinite attempts of dark enslavers. Now there will be no end to fight while winner Light won't approve the final victory on all space of a planet while the Hierarchy of Light won't show all the power. Heavy time for knowing is a threshold of a judgment victory. But it is necessary to stand. Waves of the dark phenomena will be weakened in process of strengthening and increase of the periods of approach of new energy and new beams. Displaced energy will leave. New will clear space, and powers of darkness will be deprived of opportunity to be shown in the cleared atmosphere of Earth.
578. (M.A.Y.). Fight and victory – other exit we don't recognize. And unless is imaginable not to win when defeat means loss of all and data on aren't present results of long-term efforts. The victory is an obligation of spirit to and to the Teacher. All, that the dark make attracting and seducing, all this is Maya; behind everything the terrible grin of darkness and horror of falling in a chasm is hidden, - and our way – to Light. The address to the Teacher all heart will give the necessary help. The Maya, recede.
579. (Guru). It is possible to note that fact that to tests external internal tests on the plan astral are added. They aren't less real, than dense, but are aggravated even more. Fancies compete in force with influence of the external phenomena. It is impossible to allow a combination to those from them which don't conform to morals requirements, but stick they and are importunate extraordinary. Expelled, they come back in other look nevertheless to attract and achieve consciousness immersion in them. Them it is necessary to drive and be protected from them, as from the most poisonous creatures. It is necessary to win against these hordes hellish, externally calling forms accepting by times. The darkness was up in arms against all phenomena of Light. You are up in arms also against it.
580. (Saint. 30). The person always needs existence of any conditions that he moved forward on the way of spiritual development. It creates convention of advance, and the pupil following the Teacher, does by the conditional pupil. We think highly very much an apprenticeship unconditional that is such condition or a consciousness mood when it is directed to ascension under any conditions, which are even most difficult and inconceivable. As example such inflexible, both unrestrained, and a victorious to flare of spirit the behavior of the first Christians when, burned alive, poured by pitch, they so plunged into an enthusiastic condition of spirit that anthems sang can serve, without feeling physical sufferings. It was the victory of spirit over a flesh. Such fiery aspiration to the Lord overcame rage of dense conditions. The spirit won. Such following for Called was unconditional. Readiness to follow the Teacher too has to be unconditional. Readiness is quality difficult. It is easy to show it when all pro but when everything becomes against and obstacles are piled up as mountains, then completeness of readiness of spirit will be to show achievement very high.
581. (M. A. Y.). "I trust, My God, Help my disbelief", – whether it seems to you that in a formula of this the essence of the human nature directing to Light, wishing to trust, but the necessary degree of this belief not finding in is expressed, and without belief to the Teacher how to go? Exit one: to reject all stirring thoughts, all reasons, all suspicions, and all doubts and to go without this freight. Will tell how to go when there are so much unfulfilled hopes? Answer, not the hope conducts, but put.
582. (Oct. 1). We act with thought. The thought will lead to the appointed. To keep thought not less difficult, than to reject the unusable. It is necessary to keep in the thoughts directing to a goal. But thoughts flow is their property. Means, all streams of the thoughts going through consciousness it is purposeful, becomes evolutionary. We live for the sake of the future, for the sake of future evolution of mankind. In the accord with it also we adjust thinking of every day.
583. (Oct. 2). Perfect ear yet doesn't mean ability of a claurluhear. It, most likely, is connected with absolute acoustical memory and ability of reproduction of linear sounds. The same can be told and about absoluteness of all other feelings, that is that the absolute eye yet doesn't mean clairvoyance, but points to the developed visual memory. The clairvoyance step, both claurluhear, and Clair feeling of all other feelings is higher. Once all mankind will reach degree of absoluteness of the perceptions and possibility of their storing. Once clairvoyance a claurluhear, a Clair sense, a Clair touch and Clair taste too, become property of all people. But it is still far not a limit, it only a step of evolution of spirit. Destiny of mankind – Boundlessness and boundless development of all abilities with which the spirit is already allocated potentially. After the entire person will once fly, both in the physical body, and in other highest covers bodies. Both development and accumulation of mental energy will allow make such phenomena which are considered at present as miracle or something absolutely impossible. Everything that was once made in this area by certain people becomes in different degree of a phenomenon property of all. It doesn't mean at all that all people become identical, as like as two peas. Identity of accumulation excludes monotony. The fiery device of the person, which has developed sufficiently, will exempt it from need to use telegraph, phone and a radio communication and many, even all other, devices. Kovalevsky I solved the most difficult mathematical problems instantly and without the aid of calculating machines. The fiery device of the person, being rather improved, will surpass all technical equipment.
584. (M. A. Y.). It is already good to live in the future that that this condition approaches the future to the person. The thought is a real force. Merging with the future, it does it feasible in forms available to consciousness – the bridge through impossible and not achievable is as though thrown by a brain. But even concept of the impossible is relatively. In total what was reached by people now, even was considered hundred-two hundred years ago impossible and bordered on miracle. But miracles aren't present, and impossible today becomes tomorrow possible. The doctrine claims that everything is possible. It should be understood so that within the studied and not studied Laws of the Universe everything is possible and everything is achievable.
585. (Guru). Lifting consciousness over present restrictions, in the future we release it for perception and comprehension of its opportunities. After all understanding is almost already mastering. Not groundless dreams, but disclosure of potential opportunities of the fiery device of the person. Their realization will happen through understanding. All true leaders of mankind directed people in future, far or close, – depending on requirements of the moment and problems of Evolution. One is undoubted: in the future – everything for the sake of what lives, fights and suffers mankind, and in the future everything is achievable. In understanding of all- achievement it is necessary to be approved strongly.
586. (Oct. 3). He suffers, is tormented, suffers, worries, and you depart from him aside and look, without being involved in that happens to it, with your external "I", to the personality small yours. You are not it. You are eternal and indestructible, and anything external can't affect you or do you any harm. And he, external, let suffers, this it’s right. All the same he will die because your personality temporarily, and you who has collected experience most valuable through it, will remain with the accumulation, but you will leave the identity of this embodiment and her body, you will leave and the astral, and a body mental. All your covers are given only for term. Whether it is worth too strong taking everything occurring to them and flowing through them, for reality of the enduring? Identifying itself with enduring in itself, with the highest "I", with the Immortal Identity, you rise over the personality small which lives today and imagines that she is everything then forever to calm down in the earth of which her body, its external, terrestrial cover consists. But, so reflecting, we will continue to feel nevertheless pain, but the attitude towards her will change, and forces will be to sustain everything, because spirit which doesn't die, more strongly. It is necessary to step through the personality and to come off her in the spirit of, because only this way it is possible to pass victoriously through everything and to pass all tests. After all It is told: "Be rejected from it and follow Me".
587. (Guru). Also the winner gets rid will tell himself: "Here you suffer, but it is very useful for me, because teaches it is possible what to understand only through suffering. Therefore, it is good because it is given the chance to comprehend something and to learn something. Given the chance I won't miss".
588. (Oct. 4). For good will render the evil. Therefore to create good for the sake of requital it is senseless. The good is created for the sake of the good and is expression of essence of a virtue. Appreciation is quality rare among people of Earth. Let's not be surprised when in reply to the kind relation we receive ingratitude. It is difficult to live to distinguished consciousness among heart of the deprived people. It seems at times that callousness becomes epidemic. And the more speak about good things, the do less. Hypocrisy becomes planetary. And behind it is darkness.
589. (M. A. Y.). We can't blame anybody, except ourselves if our life develops differently, than it would be desirable. External conditions are karma consequences. And karma is result of the past. The karma can be extinguished quicker the correct understanding of the events and inevitability of its get rid, but the relation to a karma depends on us. It is impossible to evade from it, but to meet its waves adequately, with firmness and without complaints probably always.
590. (Guru). That is caused by karma, inevitably should be passed. Attempts to avoid it are useless. Rejected in one form, it overtakes in another. There is only one exit it is courageous and without swaying to meet it.
591. (M. A. Y.). We help always when Us ask for the help. But our help is caused by the following circumstances. The first, We can't break a karma or exempt from it. The second, We apply of energy to the energy, which have been already shown by the person in this direction. The third, We help only when energy these are turned on good. At observance of these conditions always it is possible to count on our help. But thus We can't relieve of those trials on which the Teacher puts following Him.

592. (Guru). The person at o'clock of tests reveals himself. When everything is good, it too is good, but when everything rises against and burdening by circumstances increases or from a bottom of soul not gets rid feelings rise, then the true essence of its human nature is shown and then it determines by the behavior and the acts that there are actually its aspirations and its desire to follow on time to the to the elected of a way. Then all imagined qualities disappear from it and its true face comes to light. Tests are good as self-examination. Is more useless be under a delusion with imagined qualities when not gets rid properties of the lowest "I" am not pulled out in a root.
593. (Oct. 7). Also it is necessary to dare to have the judgment. Teacher is not enslaver. Independence of thinking we Welcome. Slavish and thoughtless submission to authority breaks integrity of Identity. Merge of consciousnesses in the accord at all doesn't mean refusal of mental independence – the streams flowing in one direction simply merge, without losing thus anything. Even disagreement is preferred to weak-willed submission to the instructor. But it is necessary to learn to stand strong on own feet.
594. (Oct. 8). Wanting finds Us and comes to Us, having left everything. Lifting to Us is hard and therefore all insalubrious and unnecessary freight is left below. With a heavy burden not rise. Complain, why the phenomenon of the Teacher so rarely. I will answer: employment by and consciousness overflow by personal experiences are similar to a blank wall through which our vibrations don't get. It is impossible to combine the incompatible – self-affirmation and dismissal from itself which is so necessary for Communication with Us. How contain our thoughts and our parcels if the consciousness receiver to a limit is overflowed by the. Clarification of consciousness assumes also its release from thoughts, feelings and egoism experiences. The teacher is ready to Visit those who expects him, but on condition of the aspiration cleared of elements lowest "I", concentrated mainly in an ardent cover of an astral. Going and wanting reaches Us, but without freight of personal remnants. I with you always and possibilities of Communication are open, it is necessary to leave only below everything interfering merge of hearts and consciousness’s.
595. (M. A. Y.). We can tell much if heart is opened to Us and isn't encumbered by "a tatter of a false commonness". It isn't enough nobility and understands this condition, its application is required. It is impossible to enter into the world of the Teacher or to concern it if the world is satiated by the. Place in it for anything another anymore doesn't remain. Also it is impossible to serve and to two misters – and the Teacher of Light. During bifurcating the purpose not reaches it. All this is known long ago, and all this is known long ago, and it is necessary to regret only if the knowledge of it isn't applied in life.
596. (Guru). I want to ask: why becomes so a little? How much precious time is missed in vain, in inactivity? And after all time passes. And time for "oil burning in icon lamps" remained so a little. What you want to reap, without having put to crops of great works? Being Before you and reached – all worked. You have striking examples of life of such workers. What made and you do to approach even closer to the Teacher? Whether works aren't too small and expectation is great? Commensurability is in everything. What measure you will measure work, devoted to the Teacher, such and receive.
597. (Oct. 9). If to accept ignorance at a rate of that conviction in the correctness and indisputability with, which the ignoramus acts, it is necessary to refuse the right to freedom of own thinking absolutely. Examples of stupid ignorance are amazing. Ignoramuses are ready to deny everything that doesn't hold in their cranium. And if instead of that they abuse and deny, they could offer though something. But they aren't capable of it because denial destroys what the consciousness lives and eats. Even they deny the facts and force Earth to be flat and motionless and to be the universe center as it was once. And they, at ignoramuses, had very weighty proofs and convincing – a fire and tortures. Ignoramuses from science are even more intolerant. They lean on the imagined facts, forgetting about dialectics real and that each statement has the contrast. All of them still stay in a cradle of infantile materialism, forgetting that the science stepped for a long time for sides of the visible world. For the sake of the special reasons they will deny the reality facts if those contradict dullness of their understanding. It is worth remembering against what in due time so strong the church in an obscurantism clouding fought. They, ignoramuses, and now go against the same. Only from area church fanatics and obscurantists try to be attached to science and to subordinate her to the power. But the science quickly walks forward, and a grief the lagged behind. To them the world thought should tail after, world achievements and world open. It is impossible to force that Earth didn't rotate round its pivot-center and didn't move on an orbit round the Sun. It is impossible to deny reality with impunity.
598. (M. A. Y.). Firmness of spirit can be shown fully only when the consciousness was strong approved in Bases. Bases are unshakable, both aren't denied, and aren't subject to cancellation in time. Bases – a powerful ram against enemies of Light and their rational artful designs.
599. (Oct. 11). From personal it is better to replace refusal with concept of containment of the super personal, universal, planetary, space beginning. Refusal comprises an element of loss something while actually the small is replaced big and loss becomes acquisition. To escape from a personal hen house on planet open spaces – already achievement. New opportunities and the new horizons open. And even personal remains to some extent lit-up and intelligent new understanding of its appointment. Personal it is possible even to welcome if it serves Identity of the person for the sake of which it only and exists. But it, personal "I", wants to be self-sufficing and end in itself, forgetting about brevity of the terrestrial stay and that it is doomed death. Small "I" don't remember this and can't remember former existence because memory of them is Identity accessory. It can't count and on the future because, in each subsequent embodiment the former personality is replaced with the new. Also there is no future at it. The future is a sphere of manifestation of energy of Identity through new persons in whom it reveals herself for collecting of knowledge and experience. And if personal experiences cover for the sake of what only and their lives the personality, existence of the personality becomes deprived of any sense. Great people are estimated by mankind on degree and force of the super personal beginning concluded in them, are perfect irrespective of, whether these appraisers believe in immortality of spirit and existence of reincarnating Identity in the person. And the personality, the individual, is valuable only so far as she fulfills the duty to the lord, to the spirit, immortal and eternal, and only temporarily clothing in a body and the personality to advance the evolution.
600. (M. A. Y.). The lord of Light we designate Great Identity and Heart Great, comprehensive Earth and all mankind. Identity so seized all its being that personal the place already isn't present. In his personality all greatness of his Identity is completely expressed. That is why we call Teachers of Light Great Teachers.
601. (Guru). Not interchangeability of those who called you to the Lord and who is links of a hierarchical chain, it is necessary to realize probably more stoutly and more deeply. In case of refusal from them emptiness, which couldn't be filled is formed, correctly you understand feature of their not repeatability. It learns even more to appreciate each link of shining communication. It shines in space over ordinary and vanity waves.
602. (Oct. 12). When the anchor is strong and the hierarchical chain is strong, flaws and whirlwinds aren't terrible. The ship then can resist against a wind. How many false doctrines, both false teachers, and pseudo-scientists will meet on a life! And without all this too it is necessary to pass, not deviated off the purpose. And all will invite on the yard. But others voice is alien to the true. Each contact with pseudo-knowledge will be test of durability of Bases and depths of their development. The smaller the pseudo-knowledge is more than confidence of the infallibility and correctness at his preachers and heralds. What can they rejecting and condemning the Doctrine give, in exchange? Anything because the briefly of extent of their constructions in space and non-recognition of Space Bases is nullified, finally, by all gains of spirit. It is builders today which build to a whirlwind on destruction. We Throw the happiness bridge to far, fiery coast, and the range of the purpose does it vitally real; also and Our Affairs of long unusual, leaving far, across the limits one embodiment. In it is value and force. "The sun city" Campanula was written when the gloom stood over of Earth, but will pass time and the cities of the Sun will be constructed on a planet. The present limited to limits of short terms and affairs, is senseless; because, all die and together with all dies briefly of their affairs and constructions. We Build forever and we Direct of energy in the far future. We Know immortality of spirit and we Know that the mankind too is immortal that his life isn't limited to stay only on your Earth and that it won't finish the life together with a planet. Other star becomes his Space house when life on Earth will end. The future is integral from mankind, and it has no end.
603. (M. A. Y.). Time which is, we will use on deeper assimilation of the Doctrine. It is good to reflect over a readable material. Reflections will crystallize thoughts, giving them stability and an accurate form. Both the indistinct and not properly executed thinking of ordinary people won't be able to shake them. The analytical relation to everything that arrives in consciousness from outside is necessary. The citadel of spirit is protected strongly from foreign invasions.
604. (Guru). It is told long ago that "the person is a measure of things". Therefore, only putting a measure of the, but not foreign understanding and the experience to the life phenomena, it is possible to solve them in the accord with degree of the consciousness. And if communication with Hierarchy of Light, even mistakes – anything is strong.
605. (Oct. 13). Among an infinite variety of human ideas of the world, beliefs, superstitions, delusions, prejudices, often inconsistent and denying each other, among constantly changing theories and thoughts of the reason of things the narrow track conducting in life and shined with a hidden Beam lies. Found it won't recede in a gloom external where there is nothing, on what it would be possible to lean; because there, in this gloom, all is transient and all only at of the time, - but I forever with that, who addressed to Me. I Is Alpha and Omega. On Me approved has eternal life and immortality of spirit. Whether there can be something more awful, than belief that with death of a body everything comes to an end that the spirit dies and that there is no final sense of human existence on Earth because also all other people have to as it is senseless to die, it isn't known for the sake of what having lived the short life full of works and sufferings, aspirations and hopes. We Know practically about immortality of spirit and about opportunities of uninterrupted consciousness. We Know about seven bodies, or conductors, the person and that he can consciously act in them out of a dense body. We Know it from experience. And, that who can contain and follow Us, we Open the narrow track conducting in life. We Approve life and we Say that the death is trampled. We Call those for Ourselves who is ready to follow Us. Our Call is turned to all who can reply on it.
606. (M. A. Y.). The feat consists in process of overcoming of and in a final victory over. On it one life can be demanded not. Even High Spirits Didn't reach this victory for one embodiment. However, everything depends on former accumulation. The energy collected in former existence allows finish this sacred action. Knowing doesn't stop before any difficulties and obstacles, because knows that everything is achievable that temporarily all of them, but the spirit is eternal and is indestructible. Understanding of it also gives to its strength to overcome everything. So there is through life a winner judgment.
607. (Guru). The benefit to the one who understands that monsters and guards of the Threshold, taking up to it a way, recede before the unshakable solution of will nevertheless to go and still to reach the end. After all they, these monsters, – only projections of not gets rid properties of its own essence. Only beget can and owes their turn. The way lies inside, and the person going on it, becomes this way.
608. (Oct. 14). When the not gets rid past overcomes, then especially strong it is necessary to keep and is inseparable. After all if to separate in consciousness, the evil wave will flood. And how many gloating-over eyes will rejoice pleasure of rage. To them food we won't give, after all when time of final calculations will come, they will show the account. It they, seeing a peel of the dumped karma, are spitefully anxious with, whether everything is paid. Food to them we won't give. And completely we will pay debts.
609. (M. A. Y.). "Take the cross and follow Me", – how even more clearly to tell that made the person can't become at once and that, following the Lord, it with itself takes all imperfections for their gets did and a transmutation.
610. (Guru). If fell, immediately get up and go further, – other exit isn't present, not back to go.
611. (Oct. 15). To be not won by the accumulation – means to go, without breaking a progress rhythm. Past stratifications often disturb it. Then they should be moderated and bridled so that they didn't interfere. Two persons fight in consciousness for prevalence: one of the past, another of the future. One – the one the person in the past was who, another – the one whom has to about One – the one the person in the past was whom, another – the one he has to become whom. Sometimes the past especially comes to life and demands the. The temporary concession to it yet doesn't mean final defeat. Fight proceeds, despite everything, and up to a victory. The past of food shouldn't give that didn't strengthen itself it. But it is necessary to live something. Let thoughts of the future will be food for spirit. In it is possible not to leave for last place at all. In it possibility of a victory is approved. In it and release from present restrictions. Release from a physical body that is death, inevitably. And further the thought and aspiration, on them and an emphasis will lead. Where everything moves thought, it gains taking priority value. But it should be exempted from coherence past, if it not from Light. Only released from unnecessary accumulation, the thought gives to spirit freedom. Otherwise she will bring it into the spheres sated with not gets rid desires, and will hold it there; their force won't be exhausted yet. Very much it is necessary to check it that the nobility from what it is necessary to exempt consciousness and to clear it.
612. (Guru). If the person, to the purpose going, stops on the road and will stand, across to the purpose he not goes. It is clear quite. The reasons of a stop have no value. It is important to go, without stopping. And the more so movement back is inadmissible. Forward and only forward is a Call to Light.
613. (Oct. 16). The skilled knowledge is the most convincing. It unshakably if it is proved on own experience. The belief based on experience, will be already knowledge. Certainly, even the plowman has to believe that crops of seeds will give shoots. Therefore the sense-knowledge most likely conducts to acquisition of desirable knowledge. Sense-knowledge is knowledge heart. Heart often knows rather a mind. Value of mind and mind we won't belittle. They have huge influence on mentality of the person and receiving skilled knowledge. But will deny a heart role an ignorance sign. Before departing, the person had to trust in possibility of flights. The belief moved designers of the first aircraft. The belief in power of spirit and in boundless opportunities of the human device moves to the future of those who has it.
614. (Guru). Now time such when the mighty stream of reality will sweep away all barriers of superstitions, ignorance and denials. Real not stop a stream of cognition by anything. The truth results from collision of contrasts. Eventually people will know.
615. (Oct. 17). (Guru). We are against of mystic. If to take an English root of this word, it means "fog". Any ambiguity, fog, illusoriness, superstition, ignorance, deception, charlatanism are excluded at scientific approach to the material phenomena of the highest order. Everything is subject to strict scientific check and the analysis. Denials only are inadmissible because, denying that can be proved scientifically, we lose opportunity to prove the undoubted. For example: the false science denied existence of aura and human radiations, but the highly sensitive photo recorded them, and pictures of these radiations were printed in magazines. So, impartial scientific approach allows to study that was denied until recently by those who considered itself as representatives of scientific knowledge.
616. (M. A. Y.). Among a set of weeds young shoots of new knowledge, old, as the world, but closed by weeds rise. This growth can't be stopped anything. The new Era will sweep away all barriers of the old world, and the released thought will begin to flow a mighty, free stream.
617. (Oct. 18). To separate in it the lowest "I" from the highest it is good still because then it is easier to fight against willfulness of the first, without identifying itself with it. After all if to consider itself at a rate of its weaknesses and shortcomings, desires and desires, and it are impossible to move forward. In concept of self-rejection we will include also ability to separate from small, personal "I" and to become from it as though aside. Precept "Be rejected from itself" it was given to people, having it in a look. Only release from the power small "I" will give to spirit freedom. It is heavy to pass to the World Thin not released. Dark direct the impacts on the lowest human nature, and it relies on them. In it feature of "the connected souls" is shown. But that was connected on Earth, remains connected and in World Aboveground. Fight with itself doesn't stop to a clear victory. The winner we Call the one who will manage to win against itself.
618. (M. A. Y.). Dark therefore push people on indulgence, to the weaknesses that it destroys a protective network and allows them to approach closer. How many gloating at them when see that succeeded and pushed spirit on commission of unworthy acts. In itself time to show they the accounts across each from them. Will surround, both will demand the, and will loudly shout: "It ours, it did that we wanted, to us give it". When the darkness to capture itself of the "property", which has indulged in darkness, to addicting the dark, the path only in the dark. Fight in itself happens between consciousness attractions to a pole of Light or to a darkness pole. And each victory over the lowest attractions chops off magnetic communications with darkness. Defeat in this fight is impossible, because it means the legend of to darkness. While there is a fight, counteraction and resistance to darkness influences, the spirit doesn't recognize itself won. It also will be pledge of a victory. Victory and defeat is in the spirit of. Words will be the motto let: fight till the end and a victory.
619. (Guru). Pertinently to wonder: what we will do farther? The answer can be only one: to strengthen aspiration to the Head, to double effort and to move further. Only across that provided the way not be stopped. How many traps and how many barriers are placed on a way by shaggy hands really will stop?
620. (Oct. 19). Dark, surrounding you, mercy don't know, and their rage is boundless. But them it is possible to force to serve. Than their efforts to you are more furious to damage, especially strong and you direct to Me. Let restrict, but to Me. Iesus prayer very much helps and if the Face of the Teacher is placed in heart. Thus, long attack will be accompanied by long prestanding, constant – to constants. And the rage of darkness, the will increase more persistently and more ardently there will be a rapprochement with Me. There is no other way out. This way the dark will promote ardent rapprochement you with Me and will truly serve you, restricting you to the Stronghold. So let each counteraction, and everyone dark attempt, and each attack will be incentive to strengthening of Proximity and the statement of constancy of the Face. They want to separate, they want to cast into the despair and hopelessness abyss, they want to finish, but when instead will achieve that will begin to approve you and to strengthen Light, then, truly, will serve you on your thorny and difficult road of cooperation with Me and Hierarchy of the Benefit. The world to you, My children, be firm and unshakable in irrevocable your decision on all of refinement and evil shifts of darkness to answer with ardent aspiration to Me. World to you.
621. (M. A. Y.). The correct decision consists in learning from everything counteracting and preventing to take force concluded in it and to turn it on progress. This ability is given only by experience. Experience is bitter and difficult, but its fruits remain forever with the winner of darkness. Only to the winner the Teacher Shows his force. Following on the way of Light consider as a feat. Not always revelry of darkness will be so strong. When winner Light will approve the power, dark from a planet will leave there where it is prepared of. But sustained on the shoulders all weight of collision with darkness will enter into the New World waited and with of honor.
622. (Guru). Nothing can alienate you from the Teacher of Light if only don't enclose the next barrier of elements of separation and if you don't give them strength to alienate you from the Life Source. "Stand strong; stand stronger than the rock. Fire wonderful inflames firmness of spirit", – so Commandment the Teacher. Let's not envy those who drag careless existence. It won't temper a spirit blade. Forces get stronger and grow in fight. Strength of mind is inexhaustible. The spirit is eternal and indestructible.
623. (Oct. 20). Temporary execution of Instructions will give also consequences temporary. Therefore fixing reached is required to make results long and constant. The dark have enough patience to annoy our people for years. Each pupil reaches that step when the dark recede, having suffered a total failure. It comes when all their attempts cause the results opposite conceived them. Therefore, the main objective in following Instructions up to the end, without weakening attention and without being deceived by seeming calm. Let the spear over a dragon don't doze.
624. Who can be judges of your acts, if payment for them is born by you? It isn't necessary to bear the malice even to the enemy, because he digs the own grave in which will fall. The karma is impartial, and seeded has to reap. It is possible to regret them, causing sufferings to people. Their lot is cruel and is inevitable. Everything will cease on compliance. But the fate of conscious attendants of darkness is hopeless. Prepare itself to Saturn.
625. (M. And. Й.). No thoughts, any offenses, any circumstances can give strength that they could distance, or separate from Light Focus, from Hierarchy. After all withdrawal can be only in darkness as inseparably it is necessary to keep about Focus. And fight is inevitable. Near Focus it is even more intense, because the closer to the Lord, the attacks of his haters are more furious.
626. (Oct. 23). In the past of rescue isn't present, in the past of release isn't present, in the past there is no victory over the lowest "I". The future is area of all achievements of spirit. In it everything therefore the Yogi lives future and in the future. All imperfections of the present can be трансмутированы in it (in the future). In the future everything is achievable. The spirit is eternal, and in eternity impossible becomes possible, because the element of time isn't any more decisive. Of small accumulation and experiences consist big, as the mountain – of grains of sand. On a way to Boundlessness at an inflexible of aspiration it is possible to reach impossible therefore I Speak: everything is achievable.
627. (Oct. 26). It is best of all to look at life as on the road or a way infinite, leading spirit in Boundlessness of knowledge real. The way assumes also the movement which too doesn't have the end that is stopping never. Then accidents, surprise and difficulty of a way won't confuse, both temporary and passing pleasures won't stop it. "I" fight strong small in the person against to accept truth of life, and hides from it on back streets of casual conditions. But anything temporary won't rescue from reality. Courage should be found to look open eyes on the great stream of life constantly changing and dooming each form to replacement of its new. Only spirit grain is invariable in the primary spontaneous fiery essence. Its subsequent stratifications of the grain by don't show. The invariance of essence is combined with accumulation of stratifications when passing through all kingdoms of the nature. The form seizes that, through what it passes or took place once, in a fog of far times to replace itself new and more perfect. Process of evolution of forms is essence of the life, aiming to approach spirit to achievement of omniscience, an allurer and pansophy, or the omnipotence which absolute degree is unattainable, but approach steps to them are achievable.
628. (M. A. Y.). The thought expressed in operation, gives deposits in the Bowl of crystals of fires. The thought, which in operation hasn't been shown, seeks to be shown. It can long be in such look in consciousness that suddenly to approve itself under conditions favorable for it. Therefore, knowing about what thoughts, which haven't been revealed in actions, were allowed in consciousness, it is necessary to be very circumspect with what any more don't correspond to a step reached by the person. That was good and admissible once, can be absolutely inadmissible now. And then the past enters fight against the present. And only the person, who isn't won by the last accumulation, can move ahead. Not to be won – means to be the winner. The Teacher in everyone, following It Wants to see the winner.
629. (Guru). If existence of imperfections serves in the person as an obstacle to become the pupil of the Teacher, there would be no pupils also; imperfections – not obstacles, but stones which are trampled by a foot when lifting on the mountain. And we will consider them. The one who has nothing to overcome, has no place and to go in this world terrestrial because only through imperfections of the present perfection of the future can be born in it.
630. (Oct. 27). The way is very long. The end to it isn't present. All the time which is, at the disposal of the person? All qualities of spirit can grow infinitely. From a spark the flame inflames. The huge tree grows from a small seed. Seeds of small undertakings in time bring the consequences. At an inflexible of aspiration of quality will develop, kindle a steady flame. It doesn't matter, if it is reached a little, – it is important that grains of future achievements were put strongly. Crops field – consciousness. Hidden mental grains can long lie buried then to couch, give shoots and to continue to bear fruit. It is good to think over more deeply than the provision of our philosophy that sprouts could take roots. Results will be a logical consequence of the adopted provisions. Everything will develop in the direction put in grain. Temporariness of any conditions can be used for advance. Boundlessness lies before spirit as the foreordained way. In Boundlessness everything is achievable, plasticity of a matter allows.
631. (M. A. Y.). On wings of thought flights in Hidden to a terrestrial eye the Worlds are made. Therefore it is so important to approve thought and to be approved in the Life Doctrine. Reflections over provisions of the Doctrine are very useful. They sate space in which the majestic Temple of Knowledge is erected. Now it is available to builders, after – to all. Cementation by thought of space is too one of types of service to General Welfare.
632. (Guru). Hierarchical current is transmitted through a link of a chain. Light extends on a chain through links. Therefore it is so important to have the link communication with, which is constant and continuous. Difference in knowledge acquisition between those who has a link, and who doesn't have it, it is easy to understand if to imagine that instead of using textbooks and continuity of knowledge at the schools, each pupil would be compelled to make a fresh start and continue, without making use of experience and accumulation of those who passed earlier.
633. Here we Speak about races, circles, Manvantara, about the birth and death of great civilizations, about Boundlessness and an infinite way, but a character for the sake of which there is all this, is the person. It was told: "I Is Alfa I Omega". It can be carried to the person, who Alpha and Omega of the real is also. Without it the planet loses the viability, and Evolution – sense. Microcosm – Macrocosm’s child, and in it as in Macrocosm, all is potentially put. That is revealed in the person at the moment, – only is insignificant a small share of that will be revealed in the future. The mankind lives on many planets. On some of them people reached such step of development that in comparison with Earth can be considered as gods. People of the seventh race of the seventh circle already live on Far Stars. But after all it isn't a limit. There are Stars above. The spiral of Evolution goes to Boundlessness. In Eternity that seems to the modern person impossible, inconceivable and improbable is reached; across deepening thinking about concept of Eternity, impossible becomes possible and achievable.
634. (Guru). Let's keep aspiration contrary to everything and in the face of everything that can and wants it to go out. The logic of evidence of this (extinction) is reached very easily if by inexperience to trust in it. But over evidence there is a reality. It is thought not in a terrestrial way. For a terrestrial eye the sky merges with of Earth and the Sun moves on the sky. Many illusions show evidence, and many centuries were required to people to disprove its some axioms. Not without reason the great scientist after interrogation of inquisition exclaimed: "Nevertheless it spins! « Don't think that now the situation is different. However, many statements of evidence are disproved by science, but remain even more. In reality it is possible to call science advance fight against evidence.
635. (M. A. Y.). The most necessary in a way is a harmony, or coherence internal. In the presence of its advance becomes prompt. Wish to approve coherence internal. It strengthens luminosity and gives shining aura. The statement of coherence is not a private matter, but spatial, a benefactor all surrounding on big radius. As Light extends though the carrier of such aura, You seek to approve coherence.
636. (Guru). When external actions don't correspond to the internal contents, the external person that is the personality terrestrial, trying constantly to pull down consciousness down from the step reached by it wins. You learn to care of that external expression corresponded to the highest condition of consciousness, but not to grimaces of an astral and its willfulness very much. About it cares of the pupil.
637. (Oct. 30). Speaking about coherence, it must be kept in mind understanding of the Great Way to Boundlessness and coordination with it of acts, thoughts and feelings of every day. It is difficult to contain the ordinary in Boundlessness, but an everyday it is possible. The constant memory about the Great Way will help to overcome vanity. Only the Great Traveler Could Tell that his other-worldly Kingdom. The death and disappearance of the great people and high civilizations visually specify that they come and leave, but the spirit stays for ever and ever. And the purpose of life of the person concentrates in the spirit of. Not in a body and not on Earth the Teacher Specifies eternal life, promising it following It. And a body, which from the Earth, and Earth is temporarily. Coordination temporarily and eternal in itself is the main objective of the person. Temporary exists for the sake of Eternal and expresses itself it. Temporary is a section of Eternity in the conditions of the dense world. Travelers of the Great Way go the path coherences passing with Boundlessness.
638. (M. A. Y.). The spirit can accept truth about appointment on Earth of the person, but his terrestrial mind strong will oppose to it. And here already in a body, on Earth persistent fight between Highest Duada and those principles, which begins below. The highest tension is reached by it when the body and three principles, related are dumped. The highest and the lowest dude’s challenge the right to the life, the lowest – on the lowest, temporary, and the Highest – on immortality in the spirit of. Well already on Earth successfully to finish fight by Highest Duala’s victory and transferring of consciousness to her sphere. Then post mortal fight is facilitated and comes to the end with fast release from the lowest duada’s. It is good to win still here, on Earth.
639. (Oct. 31). Thoughts of Us connect with Us. Thoughts of someone and of something another connect with that, on what or whom the thought is directed. Between conceiving and object of thinking the current transferring vibrations of aura of a subject, the person and the phenomenon attracting thought is established. At constants and long thoughts continuous and long communication not only with object of thinking, but also is established with the sphere to which the object belongs. Thus, magnetic compliance and an attraction to these or those spheres are established. While visibility of these spheres is hidden by restrictions of a physical body, the reality of this communication doesn't pay to itself attention, but after release from a dense cover when the thought becomes the engine, the attraction can't counteract it, and the person is involved in those spheres with which this magnetic connection during lifetime of the terrestrial was established. That is why it is necessary to observe thought, because otherwise its force will involve the person in the lower class of an astral corresponding to the nature and the direction of crude thoughts. Process of clarification of consciousness from unusable thoughts has very great value. Besides thoughts of a cover under their influence are sated with elements of a rough lowest matter of the layers of space corresponding to these thoughts, and clarification will be only then full when, thanks to pure thoughts, the rough matter of covers becomes cleared and light. The thought in the course of clarification has crucial importance. Clarification has to be finished during lifetime in a body, because to fight against a magnetic attraction of the lowest spheres at the crude thin cover it is almost impossible. Tests of subjects are good and useful that show extent of release of consciousness from the lowest attractions, finding out that yet gets rid and is subject to overcoming. The skilled traveler wishes tests, that the nobility from what he has to be exempted. Everyone, even not sustained, test allows collect forces for fight and a final victory that it is necessary to eradicate.
640. (M. A. Y.). The knowledge itself is necessary, as from the Highest, and the lowest nature. The highest – for the statement, the lowest – for mastering by it and releases from its power. When you know the enemy and his force, it is possible to struggle with him. And our enemy – an astral, the enemy skilled, ancient, sophisticated in ability to dominate over the person. How many slaves to an astral cover crowd around? Drunkards, smokers, addicts, libertines and all other, from the same nest, are all these slaves, who have fallen under the power of this willful and irrepressible cover. This slavery on Earth is terrible, but it is even more terrible in the world astral. That is why any indulgence to the weaknesses and the shortcomings rooting in an astral, is pernicious on the consequences. Astral habits and ulcers of spirit don't leave the person in World Aboveground. He drags them with itself there where everything becomes aggravated and amplifies in the expression and where dirty thoughts can seize the person completely.
641. It is necessary to adopt the provision and fiery to claim it in consciousness that in the microcosm of the lord – the person that in the economy he can dispose as wants that everything that was once mistakenly allowed by it at his own will, can be his own will and is removed. The will is given to dispose, and the body and covers – to obey it. Only having realized will prerogatives, it is possible to approve its power. All counteractions of the lowest nature in themselves are strong only until the will isn't realized in all the force and ability to overcome everything. In the union with mental energy the will is able to achieve any results. In the microcosm of his lord is the person.
642. (Nov. 1). It is possible to feel in great space of Service only on condition of understanding of brevity of life terrestrial, temporariness’s of the covers investing spirit, both eternity, and inviolability of grain of spirit. It is possible to understand perfectly these conditions, and still understanding it will be superficial. But I Speak about such understanding which spiritualizes and sates everything that the person on Earth thought, in word and deed creates. It is easiest to refuse insalubrious food, but consequences of refusal come to naught zero, because such refusal won't exempt from desire to food in World Aboveground. It concerns also all other desires and desires of the person and refusal of them if only they not gets rid in the spirit of that is if aren't uprooted and move in consciousness depths. Eradication of properties subject an gets rid only then can be considered final when at the next test the consciousness on them doesn't sound. So, really gets rid habits from which the person was exempted, already anymore don't disturb. They won't disturb and in situation post mortal. Thinking habits most difficultly give in to eradication. But at persistence and sincere desire it is possible to win against them also. Winners I Want to see going to Me.
643. (M. A. Y.) Let's not condemn anybody from approached to the Doctrine. After all if in them there is at least Light sparkle, it grants them the right of approach. And who knows, whether it will inflame in a bright flame of aspiration and a feat. Therefore be afraid to extinguish this even a small spark the condemnation. Let everyone go if can. You be not the judge. To judge, that is to define abilities and opportunities of everyone, the Lord Can only. But also he isn't a judge, and Calling to follow Itself.
644. (Guru). It is good to draw to itself plan, either a bright picture, or images of those achievements which are drawn up to implementation in this embodiment. It is necessary to be exempted from any freight urgently, to leave something, to leave something, to approve something and to strengthen. Everyone knows in the heart what exactly should be done to it and what to win itself by all means. Bright and certain views will help to facilitate this process. With heavy and unnecessary freight not rise by the mountain. And time presses.
645. (Nov. 2). It is twice the given rise – the second time given rise from the spirit, transferred consciousness up and united it with the sixth and seventh principles; and as remained below? They which have been lit up by Light of the Highest Triad, change too. And then all centenary essence incarnate becomes Light Carrier. Light can concern, but in it to be approved so that to show it in life, much more difficultly. I promise rescue to all, who with Me. But to be with Me – means to accept the Doctrine My and to follow it steadily. Everything that is accepted and approved on Earth, will truly accompany in World Aboveground. But it is necessary to show a full measure, because incompleteness is destructive. It is the house divided in. Withdrawal from life dead means full transferring of consciousness to the sphere of the highest aspirations and to the future in which everything is achievable. And the personality terrestrial then becomes the servant of the highest "I", however, only for the period of an embodiment in a body, but the collector thus experience, knowledge and a material which is so necessary for conscious stay in Spheres Elevated. After all if there is no corresponding accumulation, there is nothing to live and there be nothing to realize. Therefore collecting of spiritual treasures, which undertake with itself limits of terrestrial existence, – process of the deepest value. But main is a clarification from any litter and release from insalubrious freight and any heaps. All need to manage to be made, for the present here, on Earth. Deadly fight between the lowest and Highest Duada is inevitable, and it is good to be prepared for it in advance to come out the winner from this fight. I will help, I Will help, but give completeness of aspiration to Light that was to what to put a measure full. Think that compliance means and in what the accord of your spirit with Me consists. Completeness of the address and call corresponds to the Answer full-strung
646. (M. A. Y.). Full merge to Light possibly at completeness of clarification of consciousness from any litter. It is worth hesitating when it is necessary to make a choice what to throw and what to take with itself. All litter is property of the terrestrial personality, her accessory, and release from it is release from those put by, which freedom of spirit is connected. The Teacher, following freely Him Wants you to see free. When wings of spirit are tied by chains of not gets rid properties of the lowest nature, it is impossible to rise in flight. One mighty lifting of spirit can tear to a chain, and then wings will be free.
647. (Guru). Even the body with himself isn't taken by the person, going out of limits terrestrial. Therefore the question what to take and what to leave is of particular importance. The mental baggage too represents itself various value. Something from it can be very burdensome and very detain in a way. Necessary and unnecessary separates from each other very circumspectly. That is easy, and light-undertakes only, and it is necessary. The mental litter too isn't necessary. All the best, light, valuable, all the best thoughts and feelings undertake. All dark is left. With load of Light it is easy to rise because it is weightless. Dirty thoughts pull down, like a millstone on a neck, and pure, to light gas is similar, up direct.
648. (Nov. 3). Without compliance there is no accord. Compliance is necessary that the accord took place. The statement of qualities of spirit is necessary in order that was than to correspond, - accord to vibrations of aura of the Teacher compliance elements. Qualities of spirit also are these elements because consist of them. Qualities of spirit consist of fire elements. Fires of the aura accord the person with aura of the Hierarch. Also there is a person fiery sounding. The law of the accord operates the world in all spheres. Elements of the accord can be collected consciously. The dissonance, disharmony will be an antipode of the accord. The darkness is characteristic lack of harmony. The essence of its phenomenon is destructive. So, the accord, compliance, harmony is lightful bases. The phenomena of Light are harmonious. The tranquility and balance is harmony of the centers. The tranquility and balance cause accord depth. The symphony of qualities does it full-string. Fiery sounding is possible only with approved qualities. On extent of accumulation of qualities is and the accord.
649. Whether there will be an ardent aspiration to approve Light in itself by an egocentrism? No, won't be because Light, in heart kindle, is the benefit spatial and shines around everything and everything, who can perceive its sparks. Both subjects, and things, both flowers, and plants, both animals, and room walls, and air around absorb good aura. Thus Ashram is created. About the saved-up center of the Carrier of Light of its vibration remain for eyelids and serve as the Benefit nursery.
650. (M. A.Y.). If, "the dream is similar to death", and the death is transition of the person from the world of the reasons to the world of consequences, and the condition of a dream can be considered as stay in the world of consequences in a miniature and on these consequences to judge the generated reasons during the day. In this sense on a dream it is possible to look as at test and check of thoughts day. Then process of the statement of thought before withdrawal to a dream is of particular importance. On dreams it is possible to judge depth and sincerity of day decisions. If, the person expelled dirty thought in the afternoon, and at night it came back and entered a combination to beget, so release from it was incomplete, superficial and insincere. Dream is very sincere condition. Such way strict and impartial self-examination is possible. The heart which has completely given to the Lord and in a dream will vibrate on the approved wave. On these vibrating and sleepy impressions it is possible to judge completeness and sincerity of the legend of heart to the Lord and not to be deceived by imagined qualities and achievements.
651. (Guru). As though highly the spirit on Light Ladder rose, the highest step there is higher, and it – the highest, and steps don't have the end. And each passable step is lower than the subsequent. It approves concept of a relativity of all achievements and knowledge. The ladder of Light lifts spirit to the sphere of opportunities of boundless cognition.
652. (Nov. 4). The fight attire more is suitable for the current time, than peace. And the weapon of Light is more necessary, than an olive branch. The darkness is very active, and it should be met fully equipped. Soldier, ready to the fight, the readiness display as in wakefulness, so and in a dream. In a dream too it is necessary to be protected and capable to reflect any attack. Even to a dream departing, it is impossible to be filled with the world, because from all directions are surrounded by enemies, haters of Light, ready to tear to pieces you, having used any oversight or neglect. So, the fiery sword let will be always on call. The ready state already will be protection.
653. (M. A. Y.). And still it is necessary to learn to suffer and bear strokes of bad luck, without losing balance of spirit. That, through what is fated to pass, not to avoid, but to keep balance thus nevertheless it is necessary. If to lose it at each blow or trouble how then to keep at the reached step! Not to avoid chagrin, and also sufferings, but it is possible to meet them, keeping the advantage of spirit and tranquility.
654. (Guru). It is impossible to lower hands before force of hostile counteractions – will finish. Fight till the end and a victory. Victory is too in the spirit of. Therefore spirit it is impossible to break. Temporary and seeming celebration of darkness is anything, while the soldier keeps the spirit. And spirit we won't break and it is indestructible, and in the spirit of a victory.
655. (M. A. Y.). Rise consciousness to level they, to whom it is directed, – here in what a task. Without this condition there can't be an accord. Not to lower them to itself, but to tower to them will be the unique decision. For this purpose much should be renounced, and, the main thing, that disturbs. And "I" disturb illusive small, trying to replace and fill with itself everything, and to put itself quicker Lords. It is necessary to explain that, while the strait jacket isn't put on it, Communication of desirable consequences doesn't give.
656. (Nov. 6). Let's call love a great integration. It connects loving to darling. Everything that the person loves is connected with him a thread of magnetic communication. This feeling can be shattered and be wasted on trifles. But when it directs on the highest that can imagine consciousness, magnetic communication becomes shining. The love happen two childbirth: connecting and releasing; connecting if it is directed on that attracts down, and releasing – if up. Call her the winner fiery, when connects it spirit with Fiery Shape of the Hierarch, because then it conducts victoriously to tops of big achievements. It helps to overcome any obstacle or the test getting in the way to a victory. It magneto will direct the spirit exempted from a body, to shining Focus of Uniform Light. It is difficult to overcome in itself century heaps, but the power of love to the Teacher helps to win against them also. This love is severe, she doesn't know tearful sentimentality, connivance, weakness and indulgence to the lowest human nature. She on a feat calls, clearing the heart burning with love, of any litter. She doesn't know doubts and fluctuations, but knows devotion up to the end. It approving in the heart, it is possible to reach the treasured.
657. (M. A. Y.). From depths of spirit inexhaustible forces it is caused. The person insignificant and the giant of spirit can stand nearby, and then becomes clear, what not from the outside world, but from the depths one scoops fiery power while another, not having accumulation, is the complete nonentity. It is necessary to be able to call this force. Heroes and devotees show it, and even ordinary people at the moments of lifting create big affairs. Spirit at all, and forces it are inexhaustible. Pettiness not in the spirit of, but in the covers which seized will of the person and closed and have muffled fire of spirit.
658. (Guru). Thought lays the channel to what heart directs. Heart and thought cooperate. Consequences of thoughts leave so far that aren't settled by a cycle of one embodiment. And seeds of again disseminated thoughts will give the far shoots. This way at their conscious crops defined and creates the future. Everyone can become his conscious creator, because the future is created by thought.
659. (Nov. 8). I will explain: Us "I" interest external to us close people so far as this external person is the faithful servant of the Identity. Our Care is about the internal person, about Ego, because external dies and Ego continues to stay in an orbit of our attention and our Beams. And quite often it happens that interests of the external and internal disperse. And then for Evolution of Ego it is necessary to endow interests of the personality. They temporarily also it is passing, as well as the personality and therefore from their infringement of Ego doesn't suffer damage, and on the contrary. Therefore also our Help Spills at times at all in that direction in which "I" expect personal the pupil, or the one to whom it appears. In itself it is necessary to understand two – one for a while, the servant and the collector of a material for the highest "I", another – Ego, immortal and reincarnating, – in each embodiment, through the personality, saves up experience and knowledge of the Highest Triad which one only and remains after a destruction of the personality and her inner world concerning dense conditions and related. It is possible to focus still during lifetime in a physical body the aspirations in the highest "I", without reckoning with conveniences and desires of the personality small. It also will be true self-rejection and performance of an ancient Precept: "Be rejected from it and follow Me".
660. (M. A. Y.), The love to the Hierarchy is a mighty force, which can be turned easily on overcoming in itself all that is subject to eradication and an gets rid.
661. (Guru). Sometimes it is very useful to think of as far as all those heaps which accumulate round the identity of those whom we called with ourselves aren't necessary to us. Show Teacher to collect in a way distant only valuable things, only what can be taken with itself for limits of the dense world, out of limits astral, in the Highest Spheres of the Immortal Triad. All the rest will be excessive load, which burdens lifting.
662. (Nov. 9). Except karmic inevitability of some conditions, can be and other reasons why, despite addresses, the desirable help doesn't come. The spatial wire should be held strong. Doubts, fluctuations, swaying, employment by, chagrin, complaints, exasperation – all these feelings weaken it and do sometimes impossible receiving the Help. It is possible to check itself on the wire fortress that the nobility definitely, whether in the past the feelings interrupting communication with the Hierarch were allowed. Thin energy demand very careful attitude. The bridge of shining communication can instantly set the mountain.
663. (Guru). Lifting’s of spirit are defined not by external conditions, but a consciousness rhythm. It is necessary to be able to catch this opportunity to manage to throw as much as possible mental grains into space. At aspiration in the future these crops will be especially fruitful. We live for the sake of the future – in it all.
664. (Nov. 10). It is good when that huge area of knowledge which is subject to studying, development and mastering by it is realized. Everything is insignificant in comparison with it that is learned still by the person. With this understanding also we will approach to the Life Doctrine, being aware that published its part represents itself very small part of that will be gradually given to mankind in process of its advance in Evolution. But even this small causes ardent counteraction of unusable consciousnesses. Everything that is opened and given in the Doctrine is only as though a step, or the beginning which continuation of everything follows, not able to hold in printing pages. And it is good, when there are a lot of questions. In itself time everyone will receive the answer, if the question isn't set idly, and is mature and thought in the consciousness. And it is good when it is realized that is learned still so a little and that it is necessary to learn more so many. The aspirations generated on Earth, will be fully satisfied in Light space, if they are rather spiritual. Terrestrial is terrestrial, but the Highest – to the Highest. The aspiration to knowledge leads to object of cognition when the person passes to those Spheres where the thought reigns and where everything moves thought.
665. (M. A. Y.). The eradicated habit already any more doesn't disturb. It means that it gets rid. Everything that gets rid, won't disturb or tempt and at a meeting with Threshold monsters. The not gets rid properties of an astral attracting back and down are dangerous. Connected on Earth will connect and in World Aboveground. Release is approved in the world terrestrial, clarification – too. It terrestrial stay is very considerable. All forces it is necessary to direct on still here to be exempted from spirit outgrowths. Tests show as far as it is reached. Tests by it are very useful. Let's note very attentively that is already made in this direction from what it was succeeded to be exempted and that is subject still to get rid and overcoming. It is impossible to leave unbeaten undesirable properties and weaknesses. They as a pig-iron kernel standing, it is uncontrollably pulled down. We connect and release them on Earth. It should be remembered that it is easier to that to find forces in itself to be exempted from insalubrious freight.
666. (Guru). There are no such conditions under which the spirit couldn't ascend on Light Ladder. And, if the spirit no ascend, the reason is not in external circumstances, but in the spirit of. Therefore there is no justification when refer to that circumstances of life disturb. Stir covers, stir thoughts, stir useless feelings, stirs the relation to surrounding, and all these obstacles – in the person. You know examples, when on the arena before wild animals when in dungeons and on fires the spirit remained resistant and inflexible. You know how strength of mind overcame all obstacles and barriers in the spirit of. The spirit is invincible when realized the force.
667. (Nov. 13). It is possible to be afflicted, both to suffer, and to feel pain from the relation of people around, or friends, but nevertheless to store balance. Balance at all doesn't mean absence of sufferings, but firmness and a spirit inflexible when passing through them.
668. (Guru). The most valuable spatial gift – thought and the feeling painting and recovering it. Spatial Service – the most difficult because there are neither people, nor visible witnesses, neither approval, nor censure. And only own heart standing on patrol, perhaps judges of that it in the light spatially brings to the world. Not for itself, but for service to the world clean heart and pure thoughts because they are transmitters of thin energy on links of a hierarchical chain from top to down are necessary.
669. (Guru). Impossibility to move further, without having cleared consciousness of litter, leads to understanding of need and inevitability of conscious release from it. The question is raised so: either to go forward, or to mark time and move back. All the best feelings, attachments and aspirations need to be thrown on a bowl of scales, differently not to pass.
670. (Nov. 18). Motive – the reason, an act – a consequence. We Look not at a consequence, and at the reason, at the motive directing action. Knowing the reasons, we Provide consequences. At clarification of consciousness it is necessary to eliminate not consequences of offenses, but the reasons, them caused. The karma is the law of causes and effects. It is possible to change or get rid of it only by eradication of the reasons lying in a root of acts of man. Roots of the reasons often consign very deeply to the past. And still, rooting in the past, they display itself in the present, because enter into a microcosm of the person as his component. Transformation of human essence consists that the roots of all dark heaps are burned out. It is possible only by a transmutation of negative properties in positive: hatred – in love, fear – in fearlessness, egoism – in self-rejection. Only weak and insignificant properties there is nothing transmutation, because also the opposite pole of detection of their energy will be too insignificant. Thus at a transmutation of undesirable properties the opposite positive essence of everyone to neutralize is caused by its energy of the undesirable dark double and to approve properties positive. There is a peculiar application of tactics of Adverse. Usually people don't complicate themselves to think of to what brings into Boundlessness’s growth even the most insignificant negative quality. But the one, who goes with Us, has to think.
671. (Guru). The simplest way to receive new Instructions is to apply the old. Application of the old grants the right to the new. Therefore it is necessary to pay special attention to that everyday instructed were applied immediately.
672. (M. A. Y.). After a dream of this or that duration the one incarnation wakes up to reality of the astral world, - but, this reality on consciousness. The consciousness on compliance is attracted to spheres, it close and conformable, and it in them stays while are settled the energy, attracting the person to them, it desirable. In process of a gets rid of their influences and release from their magnetism the one incarnation rises above, following the highest attractions when the lowest are overcome. The fortune of continuous fight between the energy generated on Earth by the person, which pull it down, and what attract up is come into. There, in the world astral, there are a lot of temptations, because all of them are given bright, seducing shapes with which the one who gives in to their influence enters a combination. It is a lot of determination and firmness should show to pass by them, without reacting to their magnetism. It especially difficultly and is almost impossible, if during lifetime in a physical body of people got used to be in their environment and to it to indulge. The dirty thinking generates dirty images, and these images, having gained obvious and real visibility, surround beget in the world astral, demanding that the consciousness was included into communication with them and in them stayed. To the pure person they aren't terrible; in him there is nothing on them to react. But that person which covers are saturated with rough crude elements of the lower class, the lowest matter of the astral world, that has to experience on him influence of these or those images created by his thoughts and it strong of the conformable. Fight is inevitable, because differently, them without having won, it is impossible to be released and move from them further.
673. (Guru). Sometimes it is very useful to think that if life on Earth is fight with itself, whether that is admissible defeat and that it for itself will entail if it takes place nevertheless.
674. (Nov. 21). Conducts thought. Following it, it is possible to move in any direction. The thought directed to Me, sooner or later, but will lead to the purpose. Thought installation therefore has crucial importance. The body and covers will reach for thought. Act with thought.
675. (M. A. Y.). If, it seems that Is a little given and Is given, compare it to who doesn't have anything and who receives nothing. You will see a difference. And, if they, having nothing, nevertheless somehow exist what tell about you being under the Beam of the Lord. Leave uncertainty, reject evidence and strong you hold that so generously Is given. The happiness realizes.
676. (Nov. 22). Difficulty of time that, as though brightly the consciousness, surrounding darkness, spatial trouble and antagonistic currents flashed not only don't allow it to inflame, but demand the unprecedented tension and persistence that it didn't die away absolutely. There was no time of heavier. Resist already a feat.
677. (M. A. Y.). For the sake of the future we will strong stand on the entrusted patrol.
678. If "the dream is similar to death", each withdrawal to a dream can be made rehearsal to transition to the World Thin when it is necessary to leave a dense body already finally. Results immediately can't be expected. Impressions of stay in other world during a dream will gradually reach awake consciousness and to collect in time. For Arhat the dream is a conscious transition to the World Elevated both conscious stay and activity in it. This consciousness rather not interruptibility of consciousness in a dream, serves as though as a threshold of uninterrupted consciousness and at deaths door a physical body. Therefore streamlining of a dream and aspiration to keep consciousness in this condition are of great importance. Certainly, when the brain sleeps, nature of consciousness in case it managed be kept, changes and passes some transformation. The dream can be changed in and waken thin condition. Main thus is a statement of thought at withdrawal to a dream. . It is necessary to learn to be released absolutely from the dense world and day interests, at least for some minutes, and to sink into a sleep free from those magnetic communications with a terrestrial environment which strong holds the person captive at the dense world. Considering that a dream – death in a miniature, it is possible to be accustomed to be released and be exempted for this time from terrestrial affairs. Then transition of Great Borders will become simpler and deduction of consciousness becomes possible. To keep not interruptibility of consciousness – means to reach immortality. The spirit is immortal, but, dying, only Arhat keeps consciousness and knows that his body died.
679. (M. A. Y.). Resisted on Earth against whirlwinds, both storms, and allure terrestrial will resist and in World Aboveground and will come out the winner from any fight and tests of the Leaky World. Connected on Earth the connected will enter and there, released – free. It is necessary to understand, how terrestrial conditions for spirit release have importance. The precept of the Teacher is simple: own everything, but consider nothing and don't become attached to anything, knowing that yours on Earth isn't present anything, except experience and knowledge, which the spirit carries away with itself out of limits of all temporary worlds, even the mental.
680. (Nov. 23). Already you know that the thought is the living being of the astral plan with all signs of self-sufficing existence. It isn't visible by a terrestrial eye. And however, being invisible, thoughts can cruelly torment the person and drive him mad. They surround it, stick to its thin cover and are for it or blessing, if good, or damnation, if from darkness. In the world terrestrial from them still it is possible to leave, distract, be engaged somehow in something, but when the body is dumped, the person has to meet them face to face, and then there is no place to leave already. It has to enter into a combination to them as did it during lifetime in a body, or to find forces to overcome them, to reject and win. Won by the thoughts, the generations, it can move only there where they attract it, only to those spheres which to them are conformable by their nature and structure. Light, pure thoughts will uplift to light spheres, low, dark, angry, vicious – in the lower class of the astral world. In that world the thought not seen here becomes visible in all the details and details. Therefore thoughts there it is very difficult to overcome allure and a temptation if the person on Earth got used to spend time in communication with thoughts of this sort. They become for it the live real forms surrounding with its dense ring the exit from which is closed while the person didn't find forces to be released from them or while they won't settle on the beget that energy with which it allocated them in due time. The thought can uplift up, the thought can overthrow in a chasm. Different thoughts happen, their magnetism and force put in everyone their creator are various. As carefully and carefully it is necessary to observe thoughts! From the generations not leave anywhere. "Generation, the traveler true, will wait at the Threshold". The death isn't release from the generations, but release from all of that prevents to meet them face to face. And, if here sometimes it is so difficult be exempted from undesirable thoughts, how more difficultly it is reached there. Therefore to learn to seize the thoughts, to supervise them, to operate them, to create them and it is necessary to be exempted from them here, on Earth, for the present in a body. Then quietly also it is without serious consequences possible to meet and guards of the Threshold, generation the, given clear, visible and concrete shapes, to meet and win as it was done by the winner earlier when was in a body terrestrial when entered with them fight and I won against each time while they surrounded it and tried to enter into a combination to his consciousness. Untied, or free from their power over it and their won, the winner enters the World Thin victoriously to raise everything higher and higher on Light Ladder.
681. (M. A. Y.). I want to give strength to a hand to lift a fiery sword of clarification. I want to sate spirit with ardent aspiration to release from all heaps. The winner I want to see, overcome everything that is subject to a gets rid.
682. (Guru). Let's approve and will support each good undertaking, each thought directed to Light, each desire to be exempted from unnecessary freight of remnants of the remote past.
683. (Nov. 24). It and is good that the hidden strength of mind doesn't waken ahead of time, because if clarification didn't take place, they will be not blessing, and a damnation. The strong thought which has been consciously sated with fire, being negative, can do troubles and, having returned to beget, to strike and it. The phenomenon of the return blow applicable, first of all, to thought action. The growing internal force if it isn't bridled and if balance wasn't approved, causes disbalance and leads to destruction of a physical body. Therefore clarifications of consciousness and the statement of such qualities of spirit which at their harmonious development result in balance, that is to the symphony of qualities are specified. While the device of spirit isn't adjusted and not put in full order, even are slightly opened the centers dangerously. But main is its clarification from any litter.
684. (M. A. Y.). What there was, but there is nothing on Earth for the sake of what it would be worth refusing a way of Light specified by the Teacher. After all even the personality the terrestrial, any more without speaking about a body, it is necessary to leave and to leave her.
685. (Guru). What mine? The immortal Triad expressing Identity, with its integral accumulation collected through temporary and mortal persons throughout all terrestrial embodiments.
686. (Nov. 25). Studying conditions of post mortal existence of the person, it must be kept in mind that on the general rules there are exceptions. Such exception is the pupil who has elected the head of the Teacher of Light. The general rules concern it only partly. On Earth of pupils of Intimate Knowledge it is a little. What live here, on Earth, in Ashrams, will be and there in Ashrams of the Thin World or to be close if to them something prevents to be behind their walls. Walls or fencings can be as dense, terrestrial, and astral, thin. All subjects and things terrestrial have the doubles. But there are also such phenomena or constructions in World Thin, which not display on Earth. Strongholds of the Brotherhood rise strongly and unshakably and in World Hidden. The concept "hidden" is relative and applicable only to that it is impossible to see a physical eye. Pupils study both there, and, of course, to study, the consciousness has to function and be open for cognition. Certainly, there possibilities of cognition are wider – it is possible to study on concrete examples and the phenomena. Only usual books and libraries are replaced with the astral. Conducts the aspiration, not limited dense conditions and free from limited of astral, if the victory over it was reached on Earth.
687. (M. A. Y.). The process of clarification which is successfully carried out, gives special feeling of purity and release from that feeling which usually accompanies crude consciousness. It is a harbinger of feeling of full freedom, which comes when elements of the crude astral matter are completely removed from this conductor. For the sake of achievement of this feeling of internal purity it is worth working that to approve it.
688. (Guru). Victory by all means, victory any price. Victory is always and for the name of the future.
689. (Nov. 26). Clarification consists in replacement of more rough particles of a thin matter of covers more rarefied and pure. Usually on it time is required. Can seem that clarification took place, but at test it appears that it actually isn't present and the remained rough particles continue to react to the corresponding rough influences. Someone in it doesn't want, but crude covers continue to sound habitually on habitual influences. Test by time finds out how business actually is. But there are cases of instant and unshakable solutions of spirit when with the past tries forever. Strong people this way stop drinking, or smoking, or make other decisions releasing them from oppression and slavery of habits. Thinking habits most difficultly give in to eradication. But the thought the last if it is rather strong, can successfully struggle with thoughts previous and win against them. But thus continuous and intense control over thoughts is required not to allow uninvited invasions. The thought deprived of a food, fades and dies away. The thought, with which consciousness refuses to enter a combination, loses over it the power. To operate thoughts – means to operate and to seize covers and to subordinate them to will.
690. (M. A. Y.). The person suffers from ghosts of dangers and troubles, than from them more. Therefore it is possible to make it a rule not to endure anything in advance; there will be yet no undesirable meeting with them face to face. Why to spend in vain forces for what isn't present. After all what wants to be avoided is attracted by it. Negative magnetism works.
691. (Guru). It is possible to live the inner world if it is rather rich. Therefore, everything depends on that the consciousness was rather expanded. Then receipts spatial won't slow down. In far caves, in mountains eremites yogis lead bright and full life, taking an active part in world affairs. Remoteness from life of a planet and boredom to them is unknown.
692. (Nov. 27). The movements happening in covers and defiant feelings of suffering are useful to that, reaching known degree of intensity, help to separate the one Who Looks, from the one who worries. Looking remains, enduring and experiences take place. The silent Recorder stands apart, imprinting and postponing accumulation in the Bowl, and three streams – a dense, astral and mental matter continuously continue the current through dense, thin and mental bodies. And, if to find forces in itself conscious to become aside and from outside to observe a current of these streams, it is possible to unite with Looking and to concern Eternity breath. And if sufferings help to depart from small "I" and to understand the passing nature of the personality, it, finally, will lead to release from this beginning, so, and from the power of its experiences over consciousness. Sufferings – the benefit if their sense is conscious.
693. (M. A. Y.). Here we approached to understanding of sense of sufferings. But the understanding it can be two types: theoretical and practical. Theoretical won't bring release, but practical which speaks: "Yes there will be Will Yours, the Lord", – "I" put small, suffering on the place, departs from it aside and approaches consciousness to reunion with Silently Looking. And then the grief becomes in pleasure and the World, which above any understanding, invisibly concerns consciousness.
694. (Guru). The aspiration creates a miracle. And when nothing is already able neither to shake it, nor to reject from the purpose, – the victory is close. Life on Earth, come to the end with themselves over, we will consider succeeded and justified the appointment.
695. (Nov. 28). It is necessary to be careful of devourers of mental energy very much. They often bring diseases, and not only at personal contact, but also at distance. Perhaps, becomes more clear why We Avoid communication with inhabitants of lowlands. People can be divided on giving and taking. The first are a benefactor to people, allocating them with the mental energy, the second absorb it, depriving of people of tranquility, health and balance. It is necessary to treat very circumspectly people and to speak less. Reticence after all too board, and board very reliable. Garrulity out of so-called politeness is unacceptable in the pupil. Let will better take offense, than force squandering will be allowed. In general to reckon with human conventions and prejudices is more expensive at times much, than to neglect them. Garrulity and self-control, or the power over, – are incompatible. It is possible to wonder sometimes, whether not too we pay dearly for fieriness and garrulity.
696. (M. A. Y.). It is good to moderate sometimes too strong experiences of the personality, having departed from her aside and having provided to her to find out itself till the end and how many she wants, but, standing, having as though separated from it, it is cold, indifferent and without pity to observe her trick. It is possible even to enter with it conversation, having pointed to an obtuseness of all these phenomena. It is possible to point by it to usefulness of sufferings not for it, but for accumulation of the highest "I" for the sake of which interests the personality only and exists. These can bridle fury of an astral and its willfulness and to succeed in understanding of value of covers and ways of mastering by them much.
697. (Guru). Sufferings too after are tests. Only highly experienced traveler can rejoice to tests. It is possible to reach this step only under a condition if to learn to separate mentally minutes of tests itself looking at these tests, from that, on what you look. Life super personal consists that personal interests are removed on a background and are sacrificed to General Welfare.
698. (M. A. Y.). The clarification sword easier than all rises love, especially if consciously to turn it on destruction of those obstacles, which prevent to become closer to Darlings. The lever of love of much it is possible to reach. Not to inutile experiences or affections it is necessary to direct its force, but to actions expedient, in harmony with a goal. Much can be reached if the love is ardent and constant.
699. (Guru). It is necessary to pay special attention to discrepancy of actions, words, thoughts, feelings with the main aspirations of spirit. It is good when this gap is absent absolutely and each movement in covers happens under the sign of the accord and commensurability to problems of spirit. Then external expression corresponds to internal state. Then it is possible to speak about harmonization of the centers, balance and coherence. But the house divided in, won't resist against whirlwinds.
700. (Nov. 30). At various not quiet, around to show tranquility inside will be a victory over conditions of the dense world. Often we Put examinees in such situation when surrounding strong prevents to approve balance of spirit. And then there are two exits: or to give in to external influences, to fall under their power and to stop, or, despite them, to continue internal movement further. Business at all in worrying or to worry, suffer or to suffer, and in that, contrary to all both any experiences and sufferings, not to shorten a stride and not to break an advance rhythm. Many Instructions are given how to sustain up to the end, and their executing nevertheless reaches though all surrounding counteracts. On force of counteraction it is possible to judge speed of ascension because resistance of the environment increases depending on this speed. Let's not be surprised or envy those who quietly lives and it is careless, without knowing these ardent resistance, – means, their spirit is a little active and the aspiration is weak, is so weak that at all doesn't cause recognition dark, that is ardent attacks, various wrecking’s. Recognition dark is too a known sort a step through, which too it is necessary to pass, without shortening a stride rhythm.
701. (M. A. Y.). Every morning forces should be collected anew because the events in the world яро degauss spirit, both here and there, and it is far and close – everywhere trouble. Disbalance in the nature and natural disasters – only reflection of that occurs in the spirit of human on all space of a planet. The darkness will receive breaking return blow, but not before its identifications will reach the apogee. The blow will be powerful. Time of final calculations approaches with darkness. It is good to meet it fully equipped with spirit.
702. (Guru). The person can't forbid energy of the outside world to get into consciousness, but, having apprehended them, transmutation them on fires of the heart it can and has to. A little that the fault in it accepting arrives from the outside, not, but reaction to these receipts depends already on him. It is possible to react in unison with receipt, and it is possible to make as the will solves. In the inner world the lord is the person - to it and to solve.
703. (Dec. 1). Clarity and completeness of perceptions depend on completeness of compliance of consciousness of the pupil with Consciousness of the Teacher. We call it the accord. Accord only identical elements can. Therefore completeness of clarification of covers from litter gives also completeness of perceptions. Certainly, without aspiration to Focus of Hierarchy it is impossible to concentrate. Thus, the directed thought cleared of egoism, establishes the communication bridge. The thought happens from a brain, and the thought happens from heart. The thought brain is attached to a brain. Its energy can't be compared to thought which is saturated with heart fire. Love fires the most powerful. Such thought easily прободает space also brings in reply a far message.
704. (M. A. Y.). When from ashes of last imperfections and fulfillments is born, like the Phoenix, will, the pupil gives to himself new tasks and seeks to carry out them steadily. And then that was impossible once, becomes possible and achievable now. Revolt of the spirit armed with fiery will, leads to a victory over and mastering by the covers.
705. (Guru). When line behind, which there is no return back, is passed, there is also no choice of ways as when the person yet doesn't know, whether to go to it forward or back. Inevitability will give rise to immutable determination to renounce everything if only to reach the Lord.
706. (Dec. 4). The thought of the Distant Worlds approves in space a magnet for an attraction to it of the spirit exempted from a body. This ability all thoughts, which have been thought over by the person, possess, and degree of an attraction depends at most, enclosed in everyone. On the one hand, the thought gravitates to beget, with another, it on the structure and character is connected, too magneto with conformable it the sphere, involving the creator in an orbit of an attraction of this sphere. Therefore thought and its creator are inseparable. Objects of an attraction in space can be established consciously and with a definite purpose to be with them and in spheres, to its corresponding when it is necessary to appear in that world where the thought reigns and where everything moves thought. "The thought – the satellite true" is a situation it is necessary to approve strong in consciousness before choosing keynote. It is possible unmistakably and to imagine brightly where will lead and will give low thoughts, thoughts dirty, thoughts of hatred, rage and various desires. The knowledge of the law of a magnetic attraction of thoughts gives in hands the mighty lever for management and mastering by them. Who will want to appear the prisoner of thoughts which will invincibly carry away beget to the lowest spheres of the astral world. But to seize thought it is necessary to learn on Earth, while in a body consciously to create lightful thought and to break through it the channel of future attractions in space to lightful Spheres of the Highest World, - from the thoughts not leave anywhere. What care the person that the companion accompanying it in World Aboveground, corresponded to the best and highest aspirations of spirit has to show. Realized power and value of thought it will be very circumspect and attentive to what thoughts allows it in the consciousness for a combination to them. Flying thoughts, as what twist in it constants both strong nests and which, become stronger continuous return to them aren't so dangerous. Thoughts dirty, thoughts habitual, approved for years, create future dungeon for the spirit exempted from a body. For the present on Earth, walls of this prison are invisible and obviously aren't always felt as consciousness though they both press it and conclude in a hopelessness circle. But in World Aboveground when the eye on the phenomena which aren't seen in the dense world opens, the mental heaps forming walls of a dungeon of spirit, become an invincible barrier – a wall separating it from light shining Spheres of the upper class of space.
707. (M. A. Y.). It was Told: "You learn truth, and the truth will make you free". Releasing power of knowledge should be realized with all desire, all understanding and all aspiration of spirit. The knowledge only also can exempt the person from self- plunge bonds. The knowledge will give strength to break chains. The hidden value of Intimate Knowledge is that in process of immersion in it the consciousness is exempted from dark heaps and removes the press from spirit wings. It is good when the statement of the Teacher is completely realized that the knowledge bears with itself release.
708. (Guru). The example of the wife Lota in the Doctrine is given not in vain but to specify as far as this reversing is dangerous to ascending consciousness back, in the past. A little that could happen in the past, whether few what shortcomings and imperfections should be overcome. To come back to that was, to plunge into it and to be tormented with it – means to go back, means to be given to the past power. For Fiery Yoga in the past everything is burned also a way only forward and in thoughts, and aspirations. Each last moment for this purpose who goes to the Lord, is less perfect, than future. Therefore everything concentrates on the future. And the past if it is won and изжито, simply indulges in oblivion.
709. (Dec. 6). The imagined qualities, the imagined achievements, imagined Olympus and stay on it – that can be sadder for the self-seduced consciousness. Among ordinary Maya of spiritual self-flattery – the most dramatic and many are under a delusion with her because the track conducting in life is narrow. How to approve recognition faultless? When the Lord Lives in heart and thinking are given It, danger isn't present to get to these networks. Good or bad, reached or going, but betrayed till the end and up to the end a way the solved – so follows the pupil for Called, without fluctuating, without doubting and without showing fear.
710. (M. A. Y.). Dam under blows of waves – very good symbol of that condition in which there is each soldier of the Lord. Whirlwinds terrestrial are strong and how there was fiery a press of spirit and its aspiration to keep on the roll, whirlwinds terrestrial show terrible counteraction and resistance. Stand against them is already a feat. To us pleasure to see resistant heart.
711. (Guru). If to reject dense visibility and to see reality, the fiery threads, binding close spirits and pupils with the Teacher, will be not denied reality. Communications of spirit are forged over dense conditions, without reckoning with them. The life thread is so stretched. It becomes visible and obvious when the fairy tale terrestrial is finished.
712. (Dec. 7). Also human persons and characters as differ between itself and post mortal conditions of one incarnation are various. And if there are general rules, that is and exceptions. To the last our pupils belong also. Consciousness loss for them, that haven't yet reached uninterrupted consciousness, temporarily, as well as for some ordinary people. Certainly, it is desirable to own in rather high layers full consciousness. To study, study and help people – the purpose of the pupil. Possibilities of the Elevated World are so wide and the shining that the most ardent aspiration to cognition can be satisfied there. On Earth of people approves the reasons, their logical consequences there come to the end. The ardent desire to see the Teacher of Light, not satisfied on Earth, is carried out there – the reason generates a consequence. The same logical development and end receives everything that the person accepted on Earth as elements of the world view, belief, beliefs, behavior or moral foundations. Sowers are here, reapers are there. The aspiration will be force conducting to implementation of this or that order. It is necessary to acquire well that in that world where conducts thought where the thought reigns and where everything moves thought, what can't create thought and creative imagination of spirit is impossible only. Everything is limited to the width and thought limits. And the thought approved in boundless opportunities of spirit, doesn't know restrictions.
713. (M. A. Y.). Slaves it isn't necessary for us, especially slaves to the lowest nature, slaves to an unrestrained astral, slaves to habits and delusions terrestrial. Free will conducts directed by spirit. The Teacher can't neither force, nor adjust or force will of the pupil. From here self-proceeding aspirations and free strong-willed actions of the pupil are represented especially valuable. Merge of consciousnesses leaves free will of the pupil. Free will it exempts itself from all types of slavery. In this process he has the right to count on the Help of the Teacher of Light. And he receives it.
714. (Guru). Directing through Hierarchy of thought of improvement or modification of these or those living conditions of the people or desirability of these or those reforms for the sake of the national benefit, you get approval and support of Hierarchy of Light. It is possible consciously and to find systematically time for the thoughts concerning General Welfare, seeking to issue them clearly and accurately. The help is from above ready to any good undertakings. But spatial mental forms demand fertilization.
715. (M. A. Y.). The constant memory creates a continuous communication. The rhythm strengthens it, and the love does it by reality fiery. Carried by this immortal feeling through life with it remains and outside death, with magnetic power it attracting to itself to whom this feeling is directed. Magnetic of this feeling is invincible. It – from spirit and therefore doesn't know barriers. It over a flesh and therefore endures it. It powerfully unites hearts burning with these feeling.
716. (Guru). Each undertaking in the field of the self-improvement, whatever seemed it difficult or unattainable, is grain, the mental grain put in space which by all means will give the shoots when terrestrial or elevated conditions will favor. And if the terrestrial are slowed down, in Elevated where everything is achievable, results can't but be.
717. (Dec. 9). After the person finally gave up smoking, in a dream he still continues to smoke. So business and with other habits is. Even at the firm decision to refuse this or that habit, especially a habit connected with thinking, it nevertheless comes back in a dream. It specifies that there was not a habit, but its peel. It too is undesirable, and at times – very much as can cause recurrence in awake consciousness. Decision in that, what strengthening orders the will, the end, has put to a habit.
718. (M. A.Y.). When there is an opportunity to help the person asking about the help, the pupil can't refuse it. But, giving the energy, he has to remember nevertheless that excessive return is dangerous and usually comes to an end with a disease of the organism which has allowed a devastation of a treasury. Commensurability – in everything, as well as in delivery of mental energy. It is necessary to help always, but without leaving itself defenseless. Ramakrishna was torn to pieces by his admirers, tore to pieces mentally.
719. (Dec. 10). The dead faint and sink into a sleep different duration. Then waken from this dream, restore consciousness and stay in this situation before immersion in a condition of "increase". Stay of spirit in spheres, to its conformable, depends on character, degree and accord force. In process of release from terrestrial remnants spheres change. Release is accompanied by fight between attraction poles to darkness or Light. That closer to Earth, what condition of consciousness is more objectively. The general rules aren't present in nature of perceptions of the Thin World, it is on consciousness. The aspiration defines character and the nature of perceptions. The train moves in the direction lay on Earth. Everything is laid by own hands and own efforts. The realized sense and extremity of subjects terrestrial and things doesn't drag them with itself in Elevated. Ranks, differences, situation in society, diplomas and prosperity and all other details of life terrestrial there have no value. But thoughts and feelings, aspirations and attachments – have. Also the thought reigns over everything. It also causes nature of stay in World Aboveground and stay layers.
720. (M. A.Y.). "And that you will connect on Earth, it will be connected in heavens". How even more clearly to tell about that, how deep and the importance has everything that is accepted in consciousness and is approved there. Connects and unties, or resolves, the person. Anybody for it can't exempt it from that, in what he trusts or that accepted in consciousness, anybody, except him. Can help, but not resolve and not absolve its sins. It is impossible to exempt from consequences until get rid the reason.
721. (Guru). Will ask: "Why all the time you tell about same? « Answer: "Because in all centuries at all people the problem of terrestrial existence is more whole than it, spirit and immortality is and will be the major".
722. (Dec. 11). The person possesses ability to think, that is to generate the thoughts having a certain image or a form. As it was already told, "the thought isn't abstraction, but there is a living being of the mental plan with all signs of independent existence". While the thought is created, it in the power of the beget, but when it is created, it begins the independent existence already irrespective of the creator, though being connected with it a thread – something like an umbilical cord. Word and thought not sparrow: you will let out – you won't catch. Therefore mental creativity demands big discretion. The thought created with a definite purpose, will incur the assignment enclosed in it. She will live, carrying out that is enclosed in it by her creator. It is possible to create accurate, clear and certain mental forms, putting in them and charging to them It is possible to create accurate, clear and certain mental forms, putting in them and charging them this or that task. They will carry out it. We Act with thought. You learn to act with thought. But let these thoughts will be good because reaction of the created thought to beget is inevitable. We learn to think in the benefit. From the generations not leave anywhere. The light, strong thoughts directed for the public good, will be friends of the person.
723. (M. A. Y.). Approach to the Teacher is made in process of consciousness clarification. It and is clear as rapprochement requires compliance. Be than accord with aura of the Leader is in it a task. It Can't fall to the accord with vibrations of crude spirit, but crude spirit, having cleared, can raise and lift the vibrations, even to accord degree with the sent Beam. In it is sense of clarification.
724. (Guru). Achievements of spirit will be always dream of the pupil. Achievements are proportional to ongoing efforts and works. The reason give consequences can't but. If of all nature of the person is adjusted on aspiration to Light, and the result of such aspiration will correspond to the made efforts.
725. (M. A. Y.). It is easiest to enter into the accord with other consciousness at a sonastroyennost with it. The consciousness as though rises up to the height of vibration of that person with whom contact through Hierarchy is come into.
726. (Guru). If the aspiration of the pupil didn't cause the conscious answer of the Teacher or simply didn't concern his Consciousness, all the same contact with Focus of Light will be beneficial. Therefore it is possible to consider that aspiration to the Teacher – the benefit. Reaction always will be lightful. Light focus at a contact to it will answer with a light wave.
727. (Dec. 13). The thought connects and liberates the person. The thoughts accepted and approved on Earth, will be in World Aboveground that environment in which the spirit will stay. Through them he will look at everything that around. If the person assumed thought that with death of a body all comes to an end and he ceases to exist, he dooms itself (himself) to standing the motionless idol that has been really shipped in a condition, deprived of any signs of external life. The thought which reigns there, generates inalterability of a consequence corresponding to it. And so is in everything. Each thought taken with in the World Thin, becoming there by a factor, creating forms round the person, creates for it the world of thin visibility, besides, the thought becomes aggravated and amplifies magneto an attraction to conformable to it to spheres. In memory of the one incarnation there can be many thoughts forgotten there which will influence the creator. And, if these thoughts are bad, that and their consequences will be corresponding. It is necessary to reconsider from time to time the intellectual baggage not to take with itself unnecessary or harmful things.
728. (M. A. Y.). Assimilation of provisions of Intimate Knowledge happens by formation. Everyone, accepted in consciousness, assimilates it before being approved in it forever. And the person becomes that the knowledge assimilated by it gives him. It also is a studying and assimilation method by formation. The person becomes such, what his thoughts. Regeneration, or transformation, the person under the influence of acquired to them ideas happens the same way also.
729. (Guru). Ability to synthesize received knowledge is achievement not personal, but spatial, that is property of everything who can perceive. Cementation of space happens at this way of thinking. Records of the synthesized thoughts certainly are useful.
730. (M. A. Y.). If we don't learn to overcome here counteraction and environment resistance as we will overcome them where everything becomes aggravated and aggravated excessively and where the victory over them is the spirit obligation.
731. (Guru). It is hard to keep in idea of the Doctrine because all life human deviated it. And now, more than ever, the corner of a divergence increased.
732. (Dec. 15). The thought of Me will be an order to Light Focus. The constant thought will be a constant contact. Thought constantly we concern about what or of whom it is thought. This feature of thought should be considered, because it unites consciousness not only with subjects of which we think, but also with spheres to which objects of our thinking belong. Spheres of subjects of Beauty and subjects of a disgrace are various and opposite. Everything that treats Beauty, has a concern to the Highest Worlds. The beauty is an aspect of the Highest World. The highest cult of service on Earth and in the Worlds is a cult of Beauty.
733. (M. A.Y.). If in Elevated the person follows the aspiration which he brings from Earth as it is important that aspiration it was the leader to the Highest Spheres, up, but not down and not in a chasm where carry away spirit of aspiration of darkness: desires, passions and all defects terrestrial. The aspiration eats and inspired by love to what the thought is directed. The aspiration can be cultivated consciously. Habits are bad, but the habit of Communication with Light or a habit will constantly hold the Image of the Teacher in heart a magnet attracting in the Highest Spheres of space.
734. (Guru). "Undergone up to the end... " – and this situation it is necessary to understand too to resist spirit among that chaos which waves fill in the world; it is a lot of courage, a lot of firmness is necessary. But to resist up to the end will be a victory over darkness. Undergo means unshakable firmness of spirit. Wonder, whether courage will suffice, whether forces will suffice sustain all on the end.
735. (Dec. 17). The consciousness can be cleared of undesirable thoughts, but all of them still live in depth, and the crude matter of an astral will react and in a dream, and subconscious on related to it the phenomena. Therefore the main attention should be paid to that the astral that its cover had in itself no anything didn't react, able to involve consciousness in the feelings, which aren't corresponding to morals of this step. Aspiration fire, besides everything, has in itself and cleaning properties. Fires of heart clear not only heart, but also all covers. Maintenance of these fires in a condition of continuous burning is a spirit duty. Fires burn unusable stratifications. And when they are especially strained and light lights up all back streets of consciousness, then energy these can consciously direct on clarification from any litter. Behind everything is burned for Fiery Yoga. Fire clears an astral cover of rough elements of an astral matter. Fire – a cleaner.
736. (Guru). People surrounding you, it is frequent that without suspecting, are tools for dark evil-make to influence you. Friends are quite often used even. What vigilance and vigilance it is necessary to show always to manage to distinguish thrown dark angrily. Often their purpose is to drive repeated and continuous attempts to despair, - and when this goal is reached, in their camp a celebration. But if all their diligence brings only to that approach to the Lord and strengthens unshakable desire to hold It even stronger and to become even closer, the final victory over the dark is very close. Annoy demons is test through which has to pass everyone coming nearer to Light.
737. (M. A. Y.). All says goodbye at a victory of spirit and each best is put at line at weakness, both fluctuations, and retreat. "It is justified, justified", – the winner can tell only. Victorious condition of consciousness is necessary. It is necessary both for you, and for space, and for relatives. No external adverse circumstances can excuse spirit defeats, because in the spirit of both a victory, and defeat. And when the spirit is strong and when mental energy is called for action, and the statement is realized that the spirit is impregnable, indestructible and invincible, – defeat is impossible.
738. (Dec. 18). All properties of character of people brings from last terrestrial and Elevated. And stratifications of the current embodiment collect not in itself, but according to the brought features. So, courageous heart won't feel fear even if will get to the sphere of pants. But external conditions nevertheless limit manifestation of some abilities which are based in the Bowl before emergence of favorable circumstances. Tests given the chance to come to light to the hidden properties in order that the nobility against what to fight and what to overcome. Overcoming is carried out by thought and if the thought on Earth won against this or that property, it isn't necessary to be afraid that in Elevated it will be invincible. All properties of the person – good and bad – receive the permit on Earth.
739. (M. A. Y.). The desired world on heart won't be until the Lord Will come. Great Arrival will designate also change of an astrophysical condition of a planet which is caused by Space Terms. The burden of time was specified long ago. The threshold is heavily intolerable. All flesh groans in unconscious expectation of the clearing powerful category of Light.
740. (Guru). When it becomes very dark, we will strengthen unification with the Teacher. Except It, nobody will help. Is useless to look for simplification in something another. Anybody and anything, except the Teacher, can't help. The thought that change of conditions will give relief, is self-deception. In total in the spirit of and is all from spirit. If balance took place, anything external can't shake it anymore. If isn't present, and change of a surrounding situation won't bring it.
741. (Dec. 21). Let's divide people into two look: not knowing anything and waiting. Waiting know for that wait. Expectation be a miscellaneous; consider effective expectation fruitful. Action generates the reasons, and the reasons – the consequences corresponding to the nature of the reasons. But actions are created by will. Thus, the World of Consequences is in a complete dependence from will creating. It is necessary to remember that there are no actions, consequences not bringing. While we live in peace the reasons, that is on Earth, we are beget of the reasons. When we pass in Elevated, to the World of Consequences, we become the reaper of consequences of those reasons who generated. It would seem as carefully and circumspectly the person has to treat each action, feeling and thought which he creates, because everything that is let in an execution wheel is irreversible and nobody can stop law action. But people of Earth think differently and choke in horrors generated by them. But to all there is an end. The karmic sword is brought, and when it will fall, it is necessary or to accept the statement of the New Sky and New Earth, or to leave a planet.
742. (M. A. Y.). The spirit accepts Truth, and the personality terrestrial doesn't want it to approve in application to life. But the personality will die with the desires or unwillingness whereas results of this unwillingness remain with spirit, and it should pay for all mistakes of the terrestrial personality. Whether not too it is expensive payment for arbitrariness small "I"? The highest Duada who is lighting up consciousness of the person, can approve over it the power if interests of the personality small and mortal are removed on a background and spiritual will receive overweight over terrestrial, and super personal – over personal. The will while the person on Earth, differently it is necessary to bear on itself all weight of the made mistakes can solve.
743. (Guru). Everything is permitted and everything is admissible, but on condition of understanding of an eternal way of spirit in Boundlessness and sense of terrestrial embodiments and understanding of that the superiority of spirit over a body and mastering by the last can justify life on Earth of incarnate spirit.
744. (Dec. 22). The highest and the lowest "I" fight for prevalence. Small "I" it is possible not to reckon with desires, moods and experiences at all. After all it often wants that, for what to spirit it is necessary painfully and to pay off long. And it is good to learn to take a detached view of its "pirouettes", without allowing it to seize will. Let the will be a prerogative of the highest "I", and small submits to it implicitly. After all his desires and experience in time are forgotten, and consequences with which it is necessary to pay for them, remain before full payment of a debt. The old identity of last embodiment died, and payment for its not the reasonable is made, perhaps, today. Therefore with it, small "I", its interests, moods and desires, we won't be considered. That wanted by spirit it is only important. Will in it the highest "I" will strictly execute.
745. (M. A. Y.). In darkness external is "crying and gnash tooth»! When was differently? The refined there is a person; the he more sharply perceives disharmonious conditions of the dense world. But also it is necessary to pass through it. Spirit we won't destroy and it isn't vulnerable whirlwinds of the world terrestrial. If the consciousness is transferred to spirit spheres, clothing in an armor of its invulnerability, fight of the Highest and the lowest дуада can sustain till the end and victoriously to finish. After all it goes already here, on Earth. Only Highest Duada is opposed already not by the lowest, but all fifes doing lowest duada even more difficult for overcoming, - but, the benefit that, who achieved a victory in this difficult fight.
746. (Guru). Really, you can't complain that the school is bad and doesn't give enough material for studying, assimilation and experience. Unreasonable will be afflicted, complain and show discontent, but wise will be glad to that possibilities of its advance exactly thanks to these burdening’s accelerated. But the one who learned to rejoice to heavy lessons of life, truly her winner.
747. (Dec. 23). Certainly, a gap meanwhile that is fated and that will be, and that is, – a bike, - but following step of evolution inevitably. Therefore, the bridge the connencting has to be constructed. But the present moment is transition to the future. The projection of the future is constructed long ago and in consent with the course of evolution. In the present it is necessary to manage to catch, understand and realize the main direction and possibilities of movement on it. Old heaps in consciousness are dams for the spirit, wanting the New World. All stirring has to be destroyed and cleaned. The shining future of mankind is incompatible with remnants of a shadowy past. The world New is under construction on new Bases.
748. (M. A. Y.). When the consciousness becomes silent, it is necessary to wait quietly. The reasons can be much, besides personal experiences.
749. (Dec. 24). The second death comes when the person dumps an astral shell and falls again into an unconsciousness again to be born, but already on the plan mental. Plan mental is the thought plan. The body of desires and desires is dumped. The spirit is cleared of the phenomena of the lowest order. The thought is active. Energy it right there creates corresponding of thought forms. And everything that is saved up the best and pure by the personality during lifetime on Earth, continues to live, being given shapes, both changing, and moving ahead on the impulse put in thoughts. Therefore people also plunge so willingly into this condition that it strong is conformable to that they want or wanted once and that, not carried out, perhaps, on Earth, is carried out in the world created by thought, in the world of thoughts carrying out in bright visible forms. Then the death the third, death of a mental body follows to be born in a body fiery. But about it is later.
750. (M. A. Y.). It is difficult to understand and acquire that the thought endures a body. But, however, it is valid so. The thought accepted once in consciousness and endured strongly can be forgotten by a brain. But the brain will die, and the thought remains with spirit and will continue to live, influencing it. As remain active both all identifications and astral habits, that is the person, leaving a body, remains the owner of all the accumulation, stratifications and heaps. That is why inderline be. Doctrine that the baggage which is taken away with in Elevated, has to be carefully checked and examined not to take with itself anything superfluous, unnecessary and burdening. Correctly many look to death as at release. On release from a body and all that is necessary for his life; only then there will be a release when also all other baggage is examined, cleared of any litter, dirt, лохмотьев and different rags. It is a lot of infectious, harmful and crude people take in the World Thin with themselves. And there release from this stuff is very painful and long and not always it is possible if freight is too heavy. Better to be exempted from it in advance, before transition of Great Borders.
751. (Guru). Memento more means not only a constant memory about death, but also a constant to its readiness. Especially this council is suitable when this moment came nearer thanks to age. Readiness means both readiness, and continuous process of a preparation and office of that is possible and has to take further with it and what to leave here, on Earth. Many blindly live so as if they never will die. It, of course, is correct as the spirit is immortal, but only partly in this case as the specified feeling indicates rather levity, than understanding of posthumous existence. They simply don't want to think about inevitable, having entirely plunged into the terrestrial. And preparation nevertheless it is necessary. Here someone takes with itself hatred, rage, not goodwill, irritation, lust. Whether it is good? It is examined and has to be weighed everything that undertakes with itself. All taken will stick to the person, as Heracles's poisoned clothes if it isn't cleared. And it is necessary to tear off with skin and meat. And it is very painful.
752. (Dec. 25). Scales of Boundlessness are faultless. On them it is possible to weigh not only that happens at the moment to the person, but also to define usefulness or harm of each quality of spirit, which it bears with itself in the future. The projection of any quality in the future establishes its value. Small, perhaps, in the beginning, it will expand, becoming blessing or a damnation for the carrier. Giants of the evil, carriers of negative qualities grow in time on condition of neglect of the small germs of the evil which in time not defined and haven't been eradicated when it was to make easily. Property of each quality is an ability it to almost boundless growth. Growth of merits isn't limited by anything, negative – limits of this or that cycle when the carrier of the evil is destroyed with cycle end. But destruction can come earlier if such carrier of darkness gets to the respective sphere. Thus, the discretion of a germ of the evil is important extraordinary because at this moment it is easy to eradicate it. In the course of a gets rid of negative qualities scales of Boundlessness can render invaluable service.
753. (M. A. Y.). Those actions of the pupil which he makes in understanding of Hidden Presence and which consequences he can quietly stretch in the future are good, of them without being ashamed and from them without being averted, but rejoicing them and including their worthy its best aspirations. But understanding of Hidden Presence not always lives in heart. And then mistakes are possible. If constantly to carry with itself the statement of the Teacher that He with us always, possibility of wrong acts and actions decreases unreasonably.
754. (Guru). Ability of a constant memory about things of the most necessary is developed by life experience, experience heavy and difficult, full of burdening’s, chagrin and sufferings. When it is very heavy, it is possible to address only to the Lord. To whom still, except Hierarchy of Light? The darkness can strong restrict, but where? Whether to Light Stronghold?
755. (Dec. 26). If to the approved ability the caring attitude over time is lost, it can die away. Flowers of spirit demand watering that didn't fade. The garden watered won't decay. It is a lot of persistence and care it is necessary to show when there is a desire to hold the sent Benefit. The God's kingdom force undertakes and by force is kept.
756. (M. A. Y.). Origen pined in a dungeon, Campanula too. Not the indifference and callousness of Hierarchy came to light that these heroes and devotees of spirit heavy suffered, and the supreme laws of development of the spirit, demanding to pass through terrestrial Golgotha for the statement of Light in the world terrestrial. All suffered and were tormented and tormented with darkness against which they rose.
757. (Dec. 29). (M. A. Y.). To us it is indifferent, why and then the go out of fires of heart is allowed. The fact which consequences are very sad is important. Without fires the cover becomes empty, a peel similar. Let's not assimilate to effigies devastated.
758. (Dec. 31). The fool will always find a justification to the thoughtlessness. But wise will think of the reasons of undesirable consequences, about why to it, instead of someone to another it is necessary to collect a sad harvest from the unsuccessful crops. Not someone another, but will be blamed by him for unsuccessfully died.
The end records 1966*.

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