Agni Yoga's facets, 1969

*1969. 001. (Jan. 1). "Than bigger attacks, those strongly approximations of opportunity". This situation isn't easy for assimilation by that it is difficult to maintain these attacks, without losing balance. If balance is lost, it is already impossible to be protected. And forwards use it. Wrecking creeps from the Thin World, and it is impossible to see all its artful designs. Exit one – to arm with courage, tranquility and composure. After all if something can't be helped at present, so it is necessary to wait quietly. In a consolation I Will tells: sooner, or later all comes to an end. All tests temporarily, but the spirit is eternal.
002. (M. A. Y.). It is wrong to think that to us it was easier. If I needed to approve everyday itself in pleasure and in Light, so the press and encumbrance by circumstances were bikes. Neither given – nothing exempted Proximity, nor distinguished perception, signs from spirit encumbrance by circumstances. Also I went on a limit. When to you it is heavy, think of it and you remember that in ease, spooky and sorrow less wellbeing of anything valuable didn't arise.
003. (Guru). There is a statement of the Name, and the circle of consciousness’s accepting it gradually extends. It is necessary for the future. Whom It doesn't sound, will counteract. By counteraction determine and against the going. The old world has many the obvious and hidden supporters. And not how the person but as he perceives the future calls himself, opens its essence. On this sign also you judge.
004. (M. A.Y.). It is necessary to destroy charm of the astral world. It doesn't mean to deny its beaut, or appeal of fine forms, flowers, the rivers, mountains, the woods. But it means that it is necessary to enter into it, having rejected its mystery, mysteriousness, fear before magic of its manifestations and thoughts that the ordinary people who have entered into it acquire there any knowledge, or power. With what entered such and remain unless only strengthening detection of qualities available already in them and properties. To be fascinated there is nothing, to tremble there is nobody, it is impossible to be afraid because fear use to influence on afraid and to make with them some focuses. It is necessary to enter their quietly, without any fear, courageously keeping spirit advantage. And to tremble there is nobody, because around the same people, as well as on Earth: both good and harmful. But distribution on the layers corresponding to the nature of the new newcomer usually relieves of the unexpected and unpleasant neighborhood. Communication with the Teacher and Hierarchy puts in facilitating conditions. Not knowing anything on Earth about World Aboveground won't know and there. Denied not see that, what denied, or denied. Angry will see angrily more fully, than on Earth, and kind – Light.
005. (Guru). Mind sober, sharp-witted, practical, and capable quickly to be guided in the most unusual conditions, – such has to be mind of the pupil, and then the consciousness will keep it the necessary degree of tranquility. Many are lost, having come to be in unusual conditions. This confusion is very destructive and absolutely useless. It is necessary to temper consciousness against any surprises and shock which they can cause. From surprises it is impossible to be protected, but to arm consciousness against shock it is possible, and he can strong order to react to everything, even the most unexpected and tremendous, absolutely quietly. It is easy to tell it, but it is so difficult to hold down such armor of spirit against all surprises in all worlds.

006. (Jan. 3). Power of aspiration causes the corresponding force of resistance of environment. This law of psych equipment is shown constantly. And therefore any counteraction both all disturbing and interfering advance of spirit can consider as the certificate of power of aspiration and an inevitable consequence of fires of the heart lighting this aspiration. Omnipotent fire spirits have a difficult karma. Because, these difficulties serve of steps lift. And, when the spirit finds in itself force to oppose them power of balance, there is it invincible. It is already impossible to stop such advance. Want to rise and have achievements all approached, but to shape the necessary qualities of spirit, to shape consciously, persistently and the few are constantly inclined only. But if to consider each blow of enemies as accepted for Light and strengthening spirit armor, the relation to strokes of bad luck will change in a root. Then courage, both tranquility, and balance achievable become quite.
007. (M. A. Y.). The temporary mortal and passing identity of the person is so necessary and necessary, as well as his Immortal reincarnating Identity because the personality collects for Identity elements of immortality and a material for conscious manifestation of Identity in the Highest Worlds. It is necessary to acquire only strongly value, sense and a role of the personality mortal. If, consider it as end in itself, its existence is senseless. If, to consider only as means, the tool for achievement of exact, definite purposes of Identity, the sense of existence of the personality is of particular importance. Very few people realize it. Only understanding of that task, which is assigned to the personality, does human life purposeful and full of value.
008. (Guru). Ability to give is not prohibited, but at the same time, many carrying a formula are an art, and, moreover, are not easily attainable. I drew attention to what the Scripture a formula so deeply by the value that the exhaust all their depth impossible – to grow to the consciousness of the one who Gave them. Why give to the art within, consonant with the point it is necessary to add depth and thoughts to which they could draw to absorb as much as it is able to accommodate their consciousness. The works of great writers and philosophers do not die in centuries, because to get to the bottom of the prisoners in them thoughts only slightly.
009. (Jan. 5). "In darkness external – crying and a gnash tooth". And feats great are made in it. And there is a payment on karmic debt dense. Therefore I Say: "dense" that is also the elevated karma defining a way of the person in that world. High Spirits usually Suffer more, being in the world terrestrial, than ordinary people. The device of their spirit is refined, and perceptions are aggravated, and the Bowl of poison terrestrial is Drunk by them to the bottom. If to track life of outstanding people, any more without speaking about great, it is possible to note, their life was how strongly burdened by circumstances. People make a big mistake, believing that sufferings of others don't concern them. But after all they breathe one air, and Earth atmosphere rather its aura, is saturated with emanations human, their thoughts, their radiations, and each earthling, wants it that, or not separate of that Wednesday in which lives. Wealth, nor situation, neither a blindness, nor ignorance – can protect nothing the person from dependence on the world which part it is. Here someone, having fenced off by strong walls from people, thinks that it is impregnable and it isn't available to a grief human. But something presses it, something deprives of pleasure, something oppresses and something strikes with time a serious, incurable illness. Not to be protected from spatial influences of the human ocean by anything. Thoughts will find an entrance in the most unexpected place. And thoughts happen different, and many strike fatally. It would be possible to be protected by pure and sublime thinking, but such people don't separate themselves from others and are always ready to assist, without sparing itself. Egoists and angry move away, with the rage attracting to itself the corresponding conditions and perceptions. Cain mistakenly considered that he isn't a watchman to the brother. Kain psychology is insolvent at least only because the person – part of the world, and is inseparable from it, and bears on itself responsibility that in it occurs, bears at a rate of the consciousness. Great Spirits Take this responsibility voluntary.
010. (M. A. Y.). People need to know. Knowing no one will touch the poison, or contaminated food, or clothing. If they know that anger even more poison-bearer that she had poisoned themselves first and foremost as well as ones that will refrain from knowingly causing Me harm. But until you know and not believe that evil, been forced by others, come crashing down on them, and that the core of the effects there is no escape. And if it’s not media strikes anger them immediately, then this does not mean that its venom is not entered deep into the system or body poison-bearer and that the consequences of this poison is never and nowhere else. If, people only knew how to amaze you by their acts themselves, would have abstained from many for the sake of self-preservation, - but hampered by ignorance and denial. Soon science eventually veil over many of the phenomena of life. And then more will understand and, will be terrified what, they realizing.
011. (Guru). As bitter the gained experience, but as are valuable and sweet its fruits! Therefore with bitterness of process of acquisition of knowledge we won't be afflicted too. The bitterness will pass, experience remains. If, the child to the treatment of fire is taught by the first burn and the first pain, adults are taught by the same pain, but already in other variations. Arrive with people as would like that they arrived with you. It is a wisdom precept. On evil acts and behavior of people it is possible to learn much.
012. (Jan. 6). On life current you are convinced that Light which in you, divides people into enemies and supporters of Light. Enemies display itself in the hostile attitude towards you even if it doesn't concern them but only gets to a field of their sight. Supporters of Light, generally unconscious, are friendly located to you and display it the relation. More Light which in you; this relation more sharply comes to light from that and others. When Light is very strong, the hostile relation turns into prosecution and persecution. Such I was, the course of life of light-bearer is and will such. It is considered that blows are accepted for Light. Finally they bring the benefit, because, strengthen your Light. The board of Light should be held a strong hand. The board protects when keeps strong. Neither to lower, nor it is impossible to put – you will remain unprotected.
013. (M. A. Y.). Few accept the assertion that "the growing spirit needs must be difficult circumstances", must also learn to see how and what is expressed is growing and what are the benefits of further encumbrance. Then you will enjoy each received shock and begin to understand the words that «worse are better". Enemies can cramping and circumstances, but where to, - if, to gate of the Monastery Village that is what and rejoices. So, taking care that, they only not pushed down. And then there are terrible, no personal attacks, and no weight bearing.
014. (Guru). And yet I Say, that we should all suffer to the end, and stand in the light. This formula is very ancient. She points out that both then and now, is walking on the path of light. The same difficulties, same test, and the same struggle and overcome the same dark evil-make of ruin seekers of light.
015. (Jan. 7). We attach great value to desire to work for the public good. When wishing will be quite a lot, there will go Satia of the South. Readiness of consciousness’s and astrological terms are in direct link with each other. Space Terms not always reckon human with desires. Victims of the last war and concentration camps absolutely didn't want them. The karma wasn't counted as about tens of millions injured people. Therefore and the remained few years can make prompt changes to situation all-planetary. The space Magnet defines events, and to people not in power to fight against inevitability fiery. And earlier the centers of world culture moved repeatedly. The whole states arose and perished. Catastrophe Roman Empire nothing could prevent. As well Epoch Maitreya approaches will stop neither diplomats, nor poisonous gases, hydrogen bombs. It will come promptly, and our care only about that "not to allow a leopard to jump". When terms will come, it won't be dangerous anymore and its convulsions won't cause world accident. Terms go.
016. (M. A. Y.). With what work the consciousness comes off "curve conditions" lives. How many persistence and persistence it is necessary to show not to plunge into them with the head. They strike with the insignificance and still demand to itself attention and take away time. The way out can be found in that, paying it an inevitability tribute, and nevertheless to keep the most necessary in consciousness in the foreground. So, the singer on a platform before, huge crowd focuses energy the not on it and not on surrounding, but that he should execute. Internal concentration on the most necessary was distinctive feature of Carriers of Light. And though their kingdom was other-worldly, in this display They the activity, without coming off the basis.
017. (Guru). Correctly you do, doing justice to those who in these difficult conditions makes efforts approving My Name as far as it is possible. Certainly, it is necessary for the future. Life of Spirits Great can be considered always as a step to the future. And all attendants of Light too put steps to the future on the force and consciousness. Therefore the understanding of essence of the put steps enters consciousness’s human into a future orbit. In it sense and value of the statement of a name of those who to lay for the future the wide road in understanding human.
018. (Jan. 8). Long time ago people used to live half in the subtle world and half in the tight. Nature felt inspired and alive as seen lots of fine creatures of different evolutions. And know that there are spirits of fire, water, air and Earth. Then, immersed in the visible world, earthy, subtle vision, lost and the curtain dropped on their eyes tightly. The new era will go under the sign of connection of worlds, and gradually the world Thin again will go down in the sight of man. Then will come the subtle world dominance over dense, sometime, in the very distant future, man will reach the moment when the world is too tight thinning and dense respectively, his condition is replaced with thin. The planet is visible and invisible, and life can be on the other.
019. (Jan. 9). With courage, with patience and not souring your karma is one who understands that its creator – he and no other, that the teacher Wants her ease within the rule of law and that the best way to put out as soon as possible is to repay the old debts. Who knows what might have occurred in the past? Fee for karmic debt is inevitable, and there is no alternative.
020. (M. A. Y.). Let's say on Earth habits, or rather, a course of conduct necessary for a decent phenomenon spirit in the World Aboveground. A glutton at the sight of a table full of Viands, automatically it will direct to satiate hunger for food, - and so, in everything remaining. If, the will does not impose its veto* on any of the lower desires of human nature then, who will impose it in Kama Loka, where temptations picturesquely and vibrantly confronting its inhabitants? And fasting, and prayer, and abstinence, and artificial *** Stern, who had been a hermit crabs, are important for the subtle world – and it is for Kama-Loka**. But no amount of effort will not give the desired results if not eliminated the essence of desire. Desire depressed but not necessarily lift his head, get rid, and final, deadly struggle with them is inevitable. You should know all this and firmly grasp to prepare yourself to an after-mortal existence.
* Veto (LAT.) – ban.
** Kama-Loka (Skt.) – scope of the astral world.
* ** Art (district originates.) – Test.
021. (Guru). The man firmly and definitively dropped the smoke already longer than being inspired with the desire to smoke a cigarette, particularly if enough time has passed. It can be applied to all other human weaknesses. Will not embarrass his Phantom smoking and in the subtle world, which are prone to regular smokers. How long will this last, to free them from such a seemingly harmless habit as smoking, in terms of the astral world? But habits and inclinations are very different and sometimes very, very bad. Particularly injuriously habits think unclean or spitefully. It is very difficult to get rid of them. Liberation begins on Earth, there can be continued, but the habit that had been growing all the time on Earth and no longer constrained by anything, is not easy to stop, and get rid of it is not even a desire, if not was it on Earth. Its strength must exhaust all your energy on the mind, it gave birth to. A world of reasons, w.i. the Earth's world, creates a world of consequences that exhausts the man during his stay in Aboveground. The ancient formula remains the same at all times: "you reap what you sow". The sower and the Reaper – the man himself, and the cosmic laws are played to the end, no matter what people believe, and that he acknowledges and that denies. You can still pray to the deity, as people think, but the cosmic law of featureless.
022. (Aug. 11). It is possible to love and that world and this and, without seeking to pass rather in that; it is simple to try to unite both in consciousness. After all the reasons of many phenomena occurring in this world, are covered in that, and, seeing these reasons, we already pull together the worlds. As a matter of fact, the world is uniform, and division is caused only by limitation of consciousness and imperfection of covers. It is necessary to think of unity of the real. After all even division into a past, the present and the future are conditional. The relativity of time is established by science. It is a lot of relative in human life. We Distinguish of reality from evidence. The evidence mirage, or Maya, is created by covers. We Approve of reality.
023. (M. A. Y.). The unworthy behavior or thinking is caused usually by misunderstanding of value of acts and thoughts for the future. The future of the person influences both that and others and forms it. Everyone would like to have bright future, but to create it consciously doesn't suffice neither forces, nor desire. Forces should be found, and desire to approve. At first it is necessary to clean litter, to take all acts and actions under control and first of all thoughts, without allowing a reflex neither in those nor in others. When the person at first automatically reacts to something thoughts, feelings or acts, he displays an uncontrolled lunar reflex, destructive for fiery consciousness. Forces should be found for the sake of the future firmly to take the destiny in hand, having established severe control over thought, and then already, as a result of it, and over behavior and acts.
024. (Guru). The principle of continuity and insistence and diligence are particularly hard to apply in the process of overcoming the old man in himself. One effort does not produce anything. Need a constant repetitive efforts continued until the desired sound quality does not come about in the mind. Too much trouble, and planetary from today's hero is not the one you want, as it were, a heroic act, but the heroic life of approval of light on the planet, the inhabitants of which the patient forgot about light.
025. (Dec. 12). Higher and lower realms are in the mind of a human, and while living in them, people are thus come into contact with the relevant fields outside it. The self-confessed beauty and established it in his life in dense body is surrounded by will and beyond, in other worlds. Light and Beauty are at one extreme of life. If, learning how to apply it to a bushel of thoughts, feelings and actions of his, would the existence of this remarkable man. Where there is no beauty, ugliness and deputize the darkness, not separable from each other. Beauty means harmony. The harmonious state of mind makes a wonderful aura. Equilibrium conveys the highest degree of harmony. Higher spheres strike their harmony. Spirit, looking to them, installs a magnetic attraction to them. The man is a magnet. And he always gravitates to the consonant it magneto areas of space. He already belongs to them, due to the nature and properties of magnetic radiation of spirit nature and his aura. Already on earth people designates its affiliation to certain areas. In ancient times, sometimes called "sons of perdition", as understood their doom and belonging to a pole, the darkness. The essence of the phenomenon is the same, take man in a Toga, Heaton or white tie. Light gravitates toward the light, and darkness to darkness. The magnetic pull of their supported by conscious or unconscious wishes and desires, needs to realize, if he wants to think about their future and to define its direction and character. Magnetic energies of the human microcosm can control his will. Their attraction can be controlled. Essence of the aspirations is magnet. Aspiration directed thought. Think, or not to think on something-in the power of man, the creator and beget his thoughts.
026. (M. A. Y.). "By" beauty "saved". Can you briefly tell about the meaning of beauty? The higher Worlds are full of Sky Beauty. Beauty and light is almost synonymous. If people thought always perfectly, he reduced the sky to land and the Kingdom of light has on Earth. So much depends on the light full thoughts! But the creator thought, man does not want to recognize the leading principle idea of life. By all measures, it diminishes its role in building the human conditions of the surrounding. He denied that sets in motion the muscles of his body and even causes his brain to function. Denies he is a fiery energy and mental underlying his entire activity. Truth, beauty and fiery not denial reality live next and dropped from the accounts of life.
027. (Jan. 13). Billions people in this world and in that. An infinite variety of consciousness’s, and relatives so isn't enough among them. In the Thin World they are distributed on layers, in it is on inclination to them in compliance. The general level Is lifted by means of thought and space saturation by a certain number of ideas. Problem is of extraordinary complexity. The karma allows a shave only in exceptional cases. The general influence by thought is impersonal. Perceive who can. Karma – the great assistant to us in awakening of consciousnesses. We Will be conformed to the cyclic periods of astrological influences by which the course of evolution of terrestrial mankind is defined. And at the right time we Sate space with the necessary thoughts. The doctrines given by us on the verge of Great Eras always conform to the requirement of the moment and the general condition of consciousnesses. The doctrine is given in both worlds. Access to it is invisibly open for all, is truer – for each consciousness opened to it, able to contain its provisions. Often same formulas of the Doctrine are said in different corners of the globe by absolutely different people – spatial saturation works. Consciousness’s of relatives are as though the conveyors which are constantly letting out in space and spheres surrounding it a stream to us necessary ideas, sets invisibly impregnating consciousness. In it the essence of spatial Cooperation consists. The century Maitreya will strengthen cooperation visible and invisible. The persistence of a gloom will concede to force of beams of going Light.
028. (M. A. Y.). Because and opposition from the darkness that do the will of him who sent. Otherwise it may not be. And wonder and feel disappointment and resentment. It has always been. If, kept fast the balance and not broken the rhythm of interaction, - consider this a victory. Not easily achievable. Weak spark, if there is no evidence of darker struggles, - the end of Kali Yuga, in this relation, particularly noteworthy. We, of course, protect and preserve the allowing karma, but you must make known the Light each senshi is a great Watch and be constantly on guard. Before a final victory of Light the darkness shows intense resistance. It is necessary to be ready to meet it fully equipped.
029. (Guru). Be kept in the light so hard when extends range of dark leashes. But hard to hold onto, and is inseparable from the Lord, and "every minute and every steps. The Teacher, giving an order, called for just such conditions. End times are hard, and you will enter the future winners. Strong keeps, soldiers the Bishop.
030. (Jan. 14). Whether it is possible to be surprised to what inhabitants of the Thin World don't wish to look at Earth? After all and in the dense world, getting to this or that environment, people become isolated in it, and they aren't affected any more with that is made in two quarters, in the unfamiliar house, or other city, or in the neighboring country. Events of the general character interest, but the tide of life of the usual – only so far as concerns the looking. Often at all don't know that is made in the same house if residents don't disturb. Conditions of the Thin World capture the person as is strong if isn't stronger, than terrestrial, and there is no desire already neither to look, nor to be interested in affairs terrestrial. It concerns the ordinary people being in Kama-Loka. In Devachan all are shipped in themselves and the experiences, there not to Earth. Attendants Light Look after both about Earth and about the Thin World also Carry out Hierarchy outlines, having everyone the task.
031. (M. A. Y.). Usefulness of grief and trouble is unquestionable, but they need to be to meet it skillfully and coming to terms with their inevitable when they begin to weigh down the mind. This is especially needed when the karmic ally through them already have to pass regardless of the effort of will to fix them. But in this case the utility of their great. High Spirits often have heavy karma. This utility will help you come to terms with the inevitability of many experiences.
032. (Guru). Simplification in that, the condition of consciousness and spatial currents all the time change and how it not was heavy at present, it quickly enough passes, and the general condition of an organism changes. Feature of an astral consists that frequency of influences or feelings causes monotony, and their sharpness becomes dull. Callosities, or tolerance of skin often grow out of the organism resistance to external influences, and the coarsened skin serves already as protection. The same security is developed also by covers if receive too painful blows. Some kind is of mental training. When it is frequent alarming, any more doesn't disturb anything.
033. (Jan. 15). The identity of the person – the phenomenon temporary, but the spirit is eternal and Identity is immortal. Therefore how the lowest chetveritsa persisted in the shortcomings and the properties which are subject to an get rid, the highest "I" will win a victory over the lowest at a inflexible and the firmness of aspiration to Light rather at persistence of desire to follow the impulses proceeding from the Immortal Triad. If these, or those undesirable properties were approved and lived for eyelids, and eradication them too demands time. At times past echoes will interfere in consciousness. Peep they can't give, as well as to stop on them thought. Deprived of a food, will decay, both it is faded they, and will lose the power over the person.
034. (Guru). At the successful pupil the highest "I" become a mister, and a body, both an astral, and the lowest "I" am slaves it. It also will be the correct solution of a task. In self-control and self-checking display this domination. Desires and thoughts are under severe control of will. Willfulness of an astral and egoism is bridled. It has crucial importance for Elevated stay and does a meeting with guards of the Threshold victorious.
035. (Guru). Inexperienced spirit suspends your progress before many expected and unexpected obstacles. Skilled will not stop even mount. Dark often take advantage of the inexperience traveler to the fabrications to suspend at least for a while the permanence of moving spirit.
036. (Jan. 17). When egoism movement in covers becomes silent, the world outside usual restrictions opens to consciousness. To extinguish sounding of vanity and commonness it is much more difficult, than it seems. The aggravation of susceptibility doesn't facilitate, but complicates process. Also it is impossible to come off life. That it didn't occur, burdening by circumstances is given. But under a press the steam-engine starts working even. The doctrine of tension is the doctrine fiery. Pressure, both press, and tension when the way of Fiery Yoga is chosen is inevitable. Chosen don't recede! There is no way back. And through everything it is necessary to pass and reach victoriously. Unless it is possible on something or somewhere be late, when hurried away? Each delay threatens with loss of opportunities. And on what be delayed? What it is possible to exchange for the future shining by Light?
037. (Guru). We should establish in the minds of the idea of the inevitability of Age of Maitreya. No matter how opposed the old world and the remnants of the Cedras departing the race, nothing can delay the onset of a new world. The wheel of history will demolish all running against its laws. The victory of the new consciousness and the impending doom of the old should take place in the future. All counter just before time. The frenzy of evil and debauchery of darkness suggest that dark smell its doom. And all those terrible poisons and guns of destruction who are preparing for peace, they have indicate only that the death, preparatory to others, they prepare themselves. Terrible is of fate of dark misanthropy.
038. (M. A. Y.). The closer the fit deadlines, the more events on the planet deliver. This enhancement is already one can discern the tipping point. Rhythm of alternation of influences stretching V.1 and upcoming Satia Yuga will go * toward the crescendo Satia Yuga. This alternation can be judged on how this substitution is performed. The advent of the new century will happen rapidly.
* The Crescendo (it) – increase, increased.
039. (Jan. 18). Life running an Arhat Aboveground differs from an ordinary person's life. Ordinary people, if they do not fall into the eighth sphere, that is only true in cases of exceptional fall spirit, go into Devačan and immersed in a subjective state of Bliss is available. But the Arhat, Arhat, can't waste time on such a State of personal experiences. He works out there consciously and tirelessly. He participates in the Earth and ground events. On his of the care is of humanity. His ignorant people think that Great Spirits Leave Earth and Live in bliss and peace. But this is incorrect. They are continuing the work that Were on the ground to perform a fresh, urgent mission.
040. (Jan. 19). Elevated it is possible to call the country of implementation of desires, dreams and the aspirations expressed in aspirations of the person during his life on Earth. All is realized – both good and bad, but in spheres corresponding to aspiration. The law of the accord operates implementation. Fruits of aspirations are reaped. And from the reasons of the thoughts put in consciousness and from consequences of these reasons there is no place to leave. The person can forget about thought or experienced, that is accepted and allowed in consciousness once, but doesn't forget the Law, forgets nothing and shows the account on realization where everything is created and moves thought. For each word it is necessary to report as behind the word there is a thought. Therefore of terrestrial life, being the sphere of the reasons created by the person bringing the consequences in Elevated, has for stay in this last crucial importance. The world of the reasons and the World of consequences, it is so possible to divide the world’s terrestrial and Elevated. Not the masterful man over those conditions in which it is put by karma, but is imperious over the thought. Even the heaviest circumstances can promote creation of the reasons, kind consequences of the bringing. In Elevated the spirit steadily comes to that or to whom it directed on Earth. The necessary aspiration should be strengthened a rhythm and to do it conscious. "Who to Me will come, that with Me and will arrive". The condition is expressed briefly and clearly. But it is necessary to want and prove desire it action. After all only the thought enclosed in operation, generates the necessary energy. The aspiration to the Highest Shape lays in space to It a way.
041. (M. A. Y.). Merging of consciousnesses foregoes his and saturation of Our self-filling. The world is filled with cares and the details of the current day, but our world merged with World Rulers and his consciousness. To get to it and get in this world, you must temper its frantic sounding his harness, then the sound of another world to become available. Of course, all this is known and discussed many times, but this still does not mean the application in life. And therefore have to be repeated. Repetition reinforces the Foundation. Don't be afraid to reps. I should be much to repeat until it is approved in the application in practice.
042. (Guru). "Coming to Me no means cast out." As anxiety, when even the thief and the prostitute were brought closer? And each move can be only want strong, stronger than wanting things or conditions on Earth. It is the spiritual force of attraction should it prevail over worldly and earthly things. Their brevity and transient and limited displays of let serve as a constant reminder of the impassability of spiritual phenomena. No them, not the phenomena of life spirit and it is necessary do the support.
043. (Guru). Think about the beautiful or beautifully not thinking didn't simply and easily. Thoughts are used to roll on the generalities of the rut in which there is no beauty. Make beauty in life can only someone who understands its importance. Beautify Beauty means to open the mind gate in the upper world and make it available. Beauty thoughts make her Clair-radiant. If we trace the thoughts of ordinary for a day, a little beauty you can find in them. Yet the call of Beauty was pronounced in order to exalt human thinking and bring it closer to the Highest World. For applications in life was pronounced the notion of "Beauty". While there is still time for her to make, its application in life opportunities should not be missed. When a human has the beauty of life, all the wealth of Spatial Treasuries are open to him.
044. (M. A. Y.).Prosper spirit is successful against all obstacles, both internal and external nature which had to cope with every fiery striving to consciousness. Oppose due to aspiration and directly proportional to it. It would seem, with enough strong aspiration nothing would get in the way. But the phenomenon of earthly and spiritual phenomena is subject to the same principles. For example, the resistance of air supports the body flying bird. The plane of an old design would be scattered on part from resistance of the atmosphere caused by speed of flight of modern jet devices. And increasing the speed or the power aspirations of spirit requires a corresponding adaptation of the organism to overcome rising resistance. What storms, combat and darkness caused a revolt against themselves carriers of light! You may recall how people in their struggle and resistance to light rampage. Records of the past are keeping this much evidence.
045. (Guru). Life experience, heavy and bitter, teaches that the people, who have touched the Doctrine, don't cease to be the people allocated with the congenital merits and demerits. And who can tell, what is the time it is required everyone on overcoming of the last (that is shortcomings) in it. As mistake will consider that if someone reads the Doctrine, it becomes an ideal in the relationship with friends. It is a lot of chagrin and troubles is a consequence of similar misunderstanding. The Teacher directly Says that the person who has seriously undertaken the Doctrine, even becomes worse as from a bottom rise and properties not get rid and dozing there raise the head. The Teacher Speaks: "Not are touched masks". It is necessary to know severely friends and, knowing, not to condemn. The Teacher doesn’t condemn pupils, though Knows perfectly each of them.
046. (Jan. 22). Only return of all of – all aspiration, all desire, all feelings, and all thoughts – you will succeed. The intimate Knowledge makes certain and very severe demands to the one who wants to seize it. If the preference, either advantage, or love is given something to another, to spheres not to pass it. If for the sake of it the person can't refuse something, or to leave this or that habit, or to reject any not get rid property, they for a long time will detain him at a step further which it will be to promote not in forces. To give everything, to renounce everything, to leave everything, even memoirs, – will be the correct solution of spirit for which return back already isn't present. Let's not exaggerate value of this decision. The spirit simply grows to understanding that treasures which it acquires exceed everything on the value that it had still. Nor despond deny, nor regrets, neither fluctuations, nor examining back places any more doesn't remain. Whether it is possible to exchange pleasure of spatial flights and knowledge of new conditions for ways of movement on the ground, or even in planes? They are incomparable. Whether it is possible to exchange pleasure of feeling of Aura Teacher for contact with radiations of aura of people of Earth? Or vibrations of Spheres of the terrestrial layers Highest on heavy emanations? Not the victim and refusal – but understanding and understanding of invaluable treasure of achievements and their comparison by that was once when the Knowledge didn't light up consciousness of the directed spirit.
047. (M. A. Y.). No rage to enemies, to opponent ardent, to wreckers obvious and secret – not have. Fight, stop their intrigues, be protected from them, but clarity of spirit, but balance, but a light-radiant of aura don't lose. Decreasing to them, vibrating with them in unison, you lose the defense and you become vulnerable them. Therefore an ancient Precept "Bless hating you" comprises ancient wisdom. Surrounding Light and sending it to emanation on the enemy, you become impregnable against his of rage. It isn't a condition of a defenseless lamb, but a center of the fiery strength of mind, lifted a sword for protection of Light. Enemies before balance of spirit are powerless. Balance is of power. But infection with rage black and other unworthy feelings deprives spirit of all accumulation. Even the simple irritation burns phosphoric fabric and does the person powerless and devastated. Therefore the Precept not to have rage to enemies and evil-take dark it is full of the deepest value.
048. (Guru). What brilliant opportunities attendants of darkness for strengthening of strength of mind and their increase give. The more diligence from their party, the three is more than opportunities light. So let and dark will serve achievement of the purpose far.
049. (Jan. 23). Infinity means also the immensity that is its inability to hold the written page. Everything will be very trivial part of what is written and what is impossible, for the record the Infinity has no borders that could be a sign. Fiery insight gives some idea of Infinity, but it is not embedded in the written sheeting. So we will enjoy every opportunity to capture at least what little our consciousness covers at the moment. Over time, the scope of the infinity will increasingly grow in the human view. Comparing understanding of infinity of the human two, three thousand years ago, so that, what given to people in the present time, easily seen as increased awareness of the opportunities offered by this great concept. Terms of infinity and eternity so little included specific thoughts and views. Teaching Life has expanded their scope to include the infinity of all things visible and invisible worlds. Infinity wrap up flesh of thought. And even the time entered into it, though, having lost its absoluteness and acquiring absolutely unexpectedly for the scientific features of conditionality and relativity, it is still far from being understood. Adoption of the Angel of the Apocalypse that "time would no longer be" doesn't seem so weird and fantastic as it could appear before, even from the point of view of modern science. The sun rises above good and evil. «Now we can say that in the infinity is a place both, but in different fields, if they are outside the Earth. On earth are still together, but only for now, but time is too short before the Era of light. Enter narrower in the streak of great discoveries and great changes in people’s lives.
050. (M. A. Y.). Spirit acquisitions are incommensurable to things terrestrial and terrestrial property, to wealth or situation. The nature of terrestrial conditions covers in itself the properties canceling pleasure from possession both that and another. Both that and another is anything, if there is no health or the world in soul. And in it they are very fragile. As often people instantly lose also situation and wealth. Bases, but they are strong and unshakable only in the spirit of. So, only the phenomena of spirit can be a cornerstone at life construction. On these bases it is possible to build for a long time and strongly.
051. (Guru). Even on Earth, people strive to build long lasting and durable. Live longer, live forever is not the desire of the body but of the spirit, which senses the right its infinite life. The body must die, and then continue life is possible only in spirit, - but how? Who will help find a solution to this problem? The doctrine of life provides an opportunity to address the issue of life and death. Why can it be named the teachings of life which claims to everlasting life of the spirit and point the way towards a coherent state of consciousness, i.e. immortality?
052. (Jan. 24). Absolutely no matter, enemies of Light how try to break harmony of consciousness if after all to some extent they reach the. But it is very important to see whom they elect intermediaries through who make influence. Thus it is possible to see and understand that the intermediary often doesn't suspect the unenviable role. Through whom the dark evil-design would creep up, it is necessary to be always on the alert. And relatives and the friends who aren't suspecting about dark inventions, are elected by opponents of Light, using that they and to mind aren't come by possibility of cooperation with darkness. Who differently throws irritation, discontent, exasperation and complaints? The harmonious, light condition of spirit excludes them. Through any crack, it is as though small was, dark creatures try to intrude. Nor mercy, nor pity, for indulgence from them it is impossible to wait. Only inflexible firmness of spirit and uninterrupted communication with Hierarchy can help to be protected from them. Also it is necessary to remember that in a sanctuary of spirit it is impossible to allow anybody.
053. (M. A. Y.). The throwing of beads It is clear enough. Many are inclined to get something secret and even strive for and demand it to immediately, getting what you want cause which gave the blow. Often this is done unconsciously, but the damage from this is not little. The innermost needs special protection. It's better to know than not come this way.
054. (M. A. Y.). Can't people create within us the feeling of happiness, if it is not present or has a heavy pressure Wends day, but reinforce the calmness and balance can? So we will learn to pass tough bands of earthly life in tranquility as full. Actual lived opposable wave, peace of mind. Better to meet in peace, than to be torn apart by wave’s disbalance.
055. (Guru). Understanding of an indestructibility of grain of spirit should be strengthened. It isn't vulnerable anything external, and even measure bodies can't destroy it. It gives the necessary degree of balance. And if it is possible to break muscles and bones, it is impossible to break spirit because it is indestructible. From strokes of bad luck it only gets stronger and gets stronger especially strongly if meets them in balance.
056. (Jan. 27). It is necessary to think that means to keep inseparably and as to carry out it. The thought in movement also passes all the time from one subject to another. But even in this case the person subconscious, without thinking at all of it, knows, where he as he is dressed and that it, instead of someone another. Here it is good to approve the same subconscious thought and about the phenomenon of hidden Presence that the formula "I with You Always" became inseparable from consciousness. It doesn't mean that it is necessary to concentrate constantly, but it let will be so introduced in an interior that reparability won't be already places. When the person somewhere goes, he takes, without thinking of it, all with itself. Here the same condition concerning the Teacher should be reached wherever there was a body and then the thought was occupied. It also will mean – to be always together and inseparably. As then otherwise learn to hold the Teacher "strong, every minute, in all steps?"
057. (Guru). A flaw in the character of hard-hitting and without judgment would indicate only the guru. And to be taken without frustration and protest, because who else could do it, and that's the way it should. Such instructions are given to facilitate the Elimination of certain qualities. And even, if something is said so, it should be eliminated.
058. (Jan. 28). One people at epidemics catch easily, others – don't catch at all. The reason we will look for in activity and force of mental energy. At attack of the enemy the country will mobilize the forces for protection. At attack of pathogenic organisms the body and spirit collect Agni's energy for opposition and protection against infection. When forces and guards around are collected, it is impossible to weaken or interrupt a patrol. The organism state of siege appears as though. Breath amplifies, and the body is surrounded with a protective veil and especially at contact with patients, - tie with Hierarchy strains. Light protects system from invasion of darkness or an illness which interferes in unprotected organisms, causing a disease, disbalance, disharmony and a darker and mentalities and a physical body. The mental energy is more strained; the security of an organism is higher. The main thing not allows germs of an illness to develop. They are in many organisms, but in one, in the favorable environment, develop and strike fabrics and bodies, in others – can't raise the head. If male nurses fearlessly and without catching entered into the plague centers, so their security and consciousness transfer on Hierarchy were great. The person possesses the powerful battery of fiery energy; they protect him from various diseases if it can put them in action. Ramakrishna fell ill not because couldn't be protected or that Agni's energy he had a little but because it generously spent it over lawful norm and itself didn't spare. Epidemic strikes the people when Agni's Light hangs in it.
059. (M. A. Y.). Ordinary consciousness easily subject to ordinary illness and without a murmur counter gives in to her and, at best, dutifully takes medication and performs the prescription, but he primarily mobilizes all forces of his own organism and begins to fight the disease itself, not giving her the opportunity to log and develop. Even with mental illness should not be allowed inside. Of course, medications can help, especially if their action is supported by psychic energy. But not all drugs are useful. Facilitating one, harm to another. Many are shaking the heart. Universal panacea after all we assume Agni. If Yogi can go on hot coals without burning of the feet, or sit in the wind and cold in a shirt, then incinerate embryos contagious disease in them, or in others it may well.
060. (Guru). Whence come thoughts of worry, a vague anxiety, and anticipation of trouble or even feeling them? Their supply of own and who viciously and closely as they savor light aura? You should notice these thoughts and feelings and throw away immediately, knowing their source and target. Troubled feelings full consciousness, unknown throwing up, very hurt by of the mental state people. Clouds of thoughts rush through space, is open to all of them out? So need to return again and again to watch and guard for the savings from the invading no lighten and dark thoughts, and even evil. Earth's atmosphere is full of them. Immunity is achieved through the Hierarchy, but provided a strong watch.
061. (Jan. 30). Even moving to a new city, a person loses touch with the immediate environment and is moved to another domain. And what was once stood in front of the eyes and stimulated my thoughts involuntarily, goes away and is replaced by a new one. This isolation from the world around particularly strong; person dies and knows during that, what a grossing in another world is inevitable. And immediately becomes totally unnecessary things and conditions that were previously impossible, to live at home, clothes and food. And how many worries, Affairs and thoughts you can safely leave along with the body. And take away with you is so very little of what people have become acquainted and that suddenly becomes totally unnecessary. Irrelevance of earthly things and extremity conditions need to realize as early as possible to separate temporarily from what comes with him. Come from thoughts, desires and inclinations, lust and passion. But all this will can discard all unwanted and burden on spirit, but again dismissed early, well in advance, but not at the last moment. At the last moment in time cannot be just to do it. Need a timely preparation. And training after mortal condition of the spirit, generally speaking, is the whole human life on Earth-from beginning to end. All temporary and mortal sooner or later here or there but will have to leave. All timeless, enduring, appropriate in all worlds, and particularly for the conscious stay Immortal triad in the worlds of higher, especially valuable and need for immortality, the collected elements on Earth, are staying in these Areas. Lightful the meaning and significance of earthly things and it is necessary to clearly understand and separate what is taken with him beyond the tight world and that is left on Earth.
062. (M. A. Y.). Cooker, pressure on the mind, and there is a burden of this world, and there is a Burden of this world, and there's a poison Chalice, have a drink spirit in a busy existence. Than higher of the spirit, that heavier of Burden. Know the legend of the Giants, holding the land. The bearing Beam is inextricably linked to Burden an equal soul. By studying the life of the great Spirits, you can highlight the magnitude of the Burden they Carry, or by the amount of venom they Bowl Have a drink. The feat, untold, make each of them, cannot be separated from the Earth, or the Burden of Bowls with poison. The crucifix is a symbol of the spirit, but the stark reality, through which Pass these great Spirits. Their exploits and honor the understanding and awareness of their value for humanity as a whole.
063. (Guru). The reminiscence that came true or could be made once, as self-examination can serve spirit advances. If the relation didn't change, so in this question the spirit stiffened on former positions; if it became perfect another, it is possible to measure advance and even to determine its size. Sadly appear at of former line. Means, life taught nothing, both the highest thoughts and words were not applied in life. Similar self-examination is very useful.
064. (Jan. 31). The subject can be identified by the shadows. And the greatness of the coming of light can also be identified by its opposites, darkness, wrapping up of Land before coming. On these grounds can be judged. It has never been such evasions from the norm, as in recent times. It is the unusual forms of identifying evil accusation are at the opposite pole are the power of light. Crime, drug abuse, violation of all international norms, agreements and commitments, the treacherous attacks and wanton, unjustified aggression are all recent signs of peace, accompanied by earthquakes, floods, fires, epidemics, disruption of the climate and other disasters. The planet is sick. The decomposition has touched lives very deeply. The last days before the coming of the grave will be.
065. (Guru). The question is still the same: you have done over the years to become really by the hierarchy of light? That was actually not in words and good intentions but in reality? From the answers it will judge your actual progress. Said and think much but done little. And where is your case?
066. (Feb. 1). If the person lives only the outside world and all thoughts, aspirations and desires it concern only this world how and then he when will leave the world dense live? There will be nothing to live. The tatter of dense thinking which doesn't have a spiritual basis will tie consciousness to Earth. Condition heavy and gloomy for recognizing only one terrestrial world, and especially - bad and angry. The world Thin has for them no consolation.
067. (Feb. 2). "The Kingdom of God is within you." In the deepest depths of the spirit is hidden its fire power. Not in wrappers, transient and temporary, but inside, in the Citadel of the spirit, immortal and eternal incarnation, unbreakable, is the essence of man. Shell hides it. The man, identifying himself with them, shares their fate. "Envelopes darken of the knowledge of spirit." But through their integument breaks at times outside light that's inside. Fiery grain spirit to everyone. But it’s totally not visible Light, for hidden external layers. The intensity of the light depends on the savings. Although it is not uncommon that many reasons could not be revealed. Only freed from all temporary casings spirit can flare up all the lights of their savings. And then the Lord inside is revealed in all its power. Light for him collect his shell, which confer upon him. The harmony of light inside the membranes can be identified it more fully. Boundless power of the spirit, mastered their lights. Make possession thoughts, feelings, wrappers and the fiery - so advance of the spirit up on the Ladder of Light. What lightly attainvable is getting close and when lights are shining? Look, look, and look for in the depths of their– the outside will not find.
068. (Feb. 3). It is possible to call a human microcosm "laboratory for all feelings" because these feelings can be caused consciously by will, as well as thoughts, to its accompanying or their generating. Any thought can be accepted or rejected. The feeling can be strengthened or aggravated, having concentrated on it. It is possible as to play a harp of spirit, as the skillful pianist on a grand piano. To the aid mental energy is called. Each organism has the stock, but it is possible to call from outside. As joyfully the pleasure is scooped from space, mental energy or spatial fire is so called also. Strength of mind when are called are inexhaustible. It is impossible to be a defenseless being. The dark rack will snatch immediately and will tear to pieces. The weapon of Light is given for protection. If, thin sight could see, how many spiteful creatures watch with gloating, whether it was possible go out fires of spirit and to bring confusion and disbalance! Stand as the rock, fires wonderful are forced by firmness of spirit. Both the alarm, and concern, and a clouding are thrown elaborately, sophisticated and on purpose. Not so simply everything that is created. Recognition by the dark is a sign, characteristic for those, who connected the future with Me up to the end, forever.
069. (M. A. Y.). Experience of the adoption of provision of thought before withdrawal to a dream we will deepen and we will expand. It isn't enough to give the order stopping possibility of undesirable dreams of a certain character. Dark will find other openings to creep up. Means, it is necessary to arm and against them, having established for the period of a dream special connection with Hierarchy and having premised strong thought of that the protective condition of communication protected all the time, but especially during a dream. Patrol has to be active. It is impossible to calm down on illusive safety. Fury and possession of darkness amplify on all planet because feel the end.
070. (Feb. 4). The compassion – feeling worthy, but pity dangerously that is easy to catch experiences sorry and together with it to come to be in a clouding and despair hole. The compassion and pity differ from each other. The compassion is effective. Pity plunges into experiences felt sorry and get stuck into them, multiplying their force, but without disseminating them. Actually the help sorry doesn't appear. The compassion of burning heart alleviates suffering of the one who needs the help, the lightful radiations. It isn't considered with a twilight condition suffering, but with the light fills in it. Approves feeling pity in other consciousness, but at all what filled consciousness of the suffering. The border between compassion and pity is very thin, and if not to learn to distinguish it, the damage is inevitable both for sorry and for the sorry. And if the feeling pity is saddened and balance, what advantage of such compassion loses? Borders between compassion and pity can't be crossed. But, when everything is made that is possible, the decision is transferred to Hands of the Teacher.
071. (M. A. Y.). People are persecuted and harassed all the great spirits. They are literally expelled from dense world. They persecuted and those who followed them. Chase and you too are trying to drive out of the world of. Be persecuted in the country honorably. Drive's - all the same dark spirits, whether they are operating in dense, or thin bodies. Effect of space conditions or special mission Envoys Light dark is given some freedom. Of course, the Hierarchy of Light can prevent and stop their activity, but live in a world where light and shadow are crowded and people learn to consciously where you have to follow the path of light.
072. (Guru). Correctly, the entire internal baggage, from the beginning of adult life in this incarnation, it is necessary to rethink, to impose on all print new understanding and reclaim memory from all thoughts, do not related to new levels of understanding. Everything should be reconsidered as if all is different, new, correct point of view. And then you can go with the new understanding and new attitude to everything. Special review and re-evaluation shall be the worst properties. They need special attention. Robe of the spirit should be clean, inside and out. About clean clothes must be taken care of in advance.
073. (Feb 5). Together and inseparably it is necessary to keep always and when circumstances are aggravated, the unification amplifies even more. Any more waves on the sea, and is the whole storm. "When end? » – will ask weak of the consciousness. The end isn't present. After all fight against chaos can't terminate neither today, nor tomorrow. When the spirit leaves to the Space Ocean, tasks increase is thousand fold. Ideas of rest should be dismissed. Perpetual motion and rest are incompatible. The seeming calm is Maya illusion. Even Devachan's condition represents itself assimilation of terrestrial accumulation and preparation for a new embodiment. Therefore we will think not of rest, and how to carry out the next achievement and carefully to select that undertakes further with it. It is impossible to overestimate this achievement. Once all thoughts thought over earlier and accompanied in the created images, will appear again before consciousness and will show the rights to the entrance and a shelter. And if sheep from goats weren't separated and goats the entrance wasn't prohibited, invasions of thoughts unnecessary, dark and harmful it will be impossible to avoid. But when the labrets is checked, laid and locked, to anything over the checked access to it already isn't present.
074. (M. A. Y.). Fear paralyzes the will and therefore not valid. It is through fear of people able to log opens what he dreads. Even troubles are amplified if there is a fear of them. Standing watch also means lightning-fast mobilization readiness of all the forces of the spirit to resist winds and opposing anything that seeks to destroy the approved balance. Fear is an imbalance. Fear and balance do not live nearby. There is not one positive trait from the specter of fear. Call it the bugaboo, because in reality it is a phantom, psychic bastard unbalanced mind. And, if the feeling is thrown from consciousness once and for all, the benefit of this awesome, for of echidna, it eats up the Fiery energy, ceases to exist.
075. (Feb. 6). The more complex a machine, the faster she can stay because the slightest wrecked machinery litter. It is the same with human apparatus. And the challenge is to keep from getting inside the foreign that would slow the growth of consciousness. Ross DeWitt dreams can be and from a purely external cause. But they adversely affect consciousness. Balance protection requires a lot of care and attention, especially if you live in normal conditions.
076. (Guru). Some travelers believe that if external conditions have changed their lives in some respect, they will be happy and have peace of mind. This is wrong; because as soon as that happens, there would be new, unforeseen, but such aggravating circumstances that would all change. The man released a karmic ally dose of happiness, and vain attempts he's zooming by changing external conditions. Lever happiness inside it is in spirit. And approved or is it from the inside. Believing their luck or spiritual peace and balance in something external – means putting it into dependence on the volatility, fluctuating and constant change of worldly sea waves, which often gets excited and where no rest.
077. (Guru). Be clothed in constant prayer is to free the mind from third-party thoughts and fully direct it toward the light. People believed that everything he thinks is important, while often it is completely unnecessary and even harmful. And by stopping the flow of conventional thinking, not only did he have nothing to lose but to win. For idle thoughts do not need. And it is better if the work takes place against the backdrop of prayerful State of consciousness. After all, work is also a kind of prayer or exaltation of energies up. After all, labor should be luminous, when the correct voltage energies increase the luminosity of the aura. Work can be inspirational and even fire. Light bringer, inspired work, illuminating the aura of lights, truly human is like the inspirational prayer. The spatial consequences of both are equal.
078. (Feb. 8). Necessary quality of the student's is of the handwriting. You cannot learn it on someone else's experience. Experience of recognition is one of the most difficult. Not according to the Judge. Words do not attach any importance until they were confirmed cases. Spammed and the mood of nothing to say. Only persistence and time tested quality to-do. Checking for consistency is needed. The one who judgment the future, will find the entrance.
079. (M. A. Y.). For us is not external human expression or his words, but his inner self, and not so much in the present's terms, how much potential. Only sense-knowledge can give some idea about it. A moment fit often painted and case. Now fit don't trust.
080. (Guru). Our rule: at first to think, and then to tell. At first to check, and then to trust, and rely at that, what streak of the heart it and its own judgment, but not others.
081. (Feb. 9). Our manuals concern not only personally you, but also those who will come after. Therefore they are directed on transformation of the old person, or the person of the past, in the person of the New World. Distinction between them is on consciousness. And on consciousness and its enlightenment our efforts are directed. It is necessary that the consciousness was in time behind progress in science and technicians, - otherwise inevitably rushing. Otherwise each kind undertaking or opening will be turned into the evil. Already you observe this realization of many positive phenomena in the phenomena negative, harmful and destructive. Hordes of darkness, horde the hell it is diligent and яро work on it. Bridle madness of darkness – the task. But cooperation of everything that costs on the party of builders and creators is necessary and opposes the forces to destroyers and misanthropes. Both poles collect the forces for the last fight. And as We on the party of builders, the victory is predetermined. But let with it We are helped by all, whose consciousness grew to understanding of gravity of the moment and the responsibility for destiny of the world and mankind.
082. (Guru). Stages laid out in the past, lead to the future. Bright steps past lead to a bright future – cause and effect. If Buddha – the past, the Maitreya – of future. A lot of light-speed's last Great bearers of light. They should be studying, not dividing, not dividing but uniting in a synthetic understanding of their inner values. The Greek philosophers, and Zoroaster, and Secret Teachings of India will be in the same great evolutionary flux of life.
083. (Feb. 10). At Us personal isn't present, it is replaced planetary and space, - all about others and anything about itself. To the winner of all says goodbye. The victory over the last person in itself is Light. The darkness of the past and Light of the future compete for the power and domination over the person. And it is so important who will win. The winner we Do not reproach past. It is justified, justified! The victory over it reaches a justification. The spirit, and pleasure on heart, pleasure of release from past chains, pleasure of mastering by the fires, pleasure of the statement of the power over them, pleasure of freedom from the heaps so long pressing consciousness by the freight exults. It is worth thinking over that the victory gives and that involves defeat to leave any duality, fluctuations, incompleteness and indulgence to all to that is subject to unconditional, severe and ruthless elimination. For eyelids weeds increased, and their roots deeply left and ruthless fight has to be resolute with them. But that the victory is stronger, and pleasure at Us one, when fires of Light imprint it on aura the winner.
084. We Insist on expansion of the consciousness. Why? It was told, that "The world Thin – on consciousness". But, after on consciousness is and the dense world. Also distinction between consciousness of a holder of a brothel and consciousness of the tallest philosopher is great. If to imagine all variety of conditions terrestrial and the people and the tribes scattered on the person of Earth, it is easy to understand and an originality of their consciousness’s and how the world is individually perceived by each person, - even living in one house, at times, so variously look at the world. Therefore a bigger variety in perception of the Thin World shouldn't surprise us still. It is more mobile terrestrial, it is more available in many respects, and his inhabitants are limited in the activity not to external conditions, but a condition of consciousness. The Thin World is open and available to some in very wide limits, for others are limited by a dark cellar. For one it is light and joyful, for others – it is gray and burdensome it is intolerable. To variety and width it is necessary to get used and acquire situation that the consciousness is a measure of things. Width of understanding of the surrounding person also depends on it at present the world. Stock up with consciousness is the purpose of the pupil. The beam is sent with the purpose to expand consciousness. Acceptance, or acceptability, that is sent will be the main condition. It is easy to deaden a susceptibility – and first of all denial. The evil and harm of denials are understood by those who concerned Knowledge, but not understood by negated. How many disasters are caused to mankind by denial of the Thin World and alternating changes of life? It will give rise both irresponsibility, and seeming impunity, and ridiculous idea that consequences of own acts and acts can be avoided. A lot of evil occurs from ignorance. And if Cali the South was an eyelid of ignorance, Satia of the South will be an eyelid of education, Knowledge and Light. And its approaches knowing about inalterability will prepare the consciousness, it expanding to come to a going Era of Fire and Light fully equipped with understanding of Great Change.
085. (M. A. Y.). Eventually all quicker also will quicker sink usefulness of the next tests. And then there will be already at once a question: "And what necessary, instructive and useful bears for me this phenomenon? » Earlier it was called as difficulty, test, trouble or burdening, and now – an approach step to Light and extraction from it new opportunities. Analyzing the past, it is possible to notice that, despite harm obviously done by some circumstances, the advantage of them was great also results the obviously noticeable. Burdening took place, and the advantage remained, and forever. For the person mortal, perhaps, and of the burden, but for of the spirit, - undoubted advantage and, at it’s of realize, of joy.
086. (Guru). When all is unity, and peace can no longer separate the rich from the subtle world, but treat them as one indivisible whole, closely connected among themselves in their detections. And really, no phenomenon of dense world can't take whatever fine or cut off from it. Even the flower field, external form which adorns the Meadow, with the subtle world entity and it abides. And the seed of this flower, being the subject of a dense world, invisibility and shape future bears its flower and the energy that gives it life. So, no phenomenon of peace cannot be separated from the dense Thin, because the two worlds are just only two poles of a single, unified thing indeed, but ambivalent in manifestation.
087. (Feb. 11). Human perceptions of Us are varied, and none of them is correct. Only very close is more or less correct knowledge. The main reason is that these views on consciousness are a first. Secondly, we open this, or that aspect of our entities in accordance with the requirements of the moment. Letters of the last century can give an indication of how far We have defended from understanding those who should have been involved in the work. But the closer we become not Thinking – were the causes. Now open a closer approach to us. But even two people who read the Teachings, it is different; also different and Faces Our in their idea. Everyone sees something he wants. You cannot open because the closer a lot of passers-by. But after successfully passing the inspection and testing is a close approach.
088. (M. A.Y.). The consciousness of the person living on Earth, on level and nature of the thinking already belongs to certain layers of the Thin World and to them gravitates. It isn't so difficult to define that it for layers and what degree of inclination. But also it is useful for the person and it is necessary to know character, force and extent of these tests in advance to have idea of where its spirit after release from a body will be attracted. It is very good to analyze character of some people, their aspirations and tendency to make concept that waits for them in Spheres Elevated. And thoughts and feelings possess obviously expressed magnetic properties. Here the person at times can dream only of that something or someone to see or something to worry, there the thought and desire will instantly attract him to desirable conditions. Business only that if these desires purely terrestrial, it is impossible to satisfy them if they a spiritual or unearthly order, the satisfaction is achievable. Wishing to enjoy Beauty of the Elevated World will be fully satisfied. Everyone will find on itself. Knowing it, the aspirations can be sent to the respective spheres, to tell more precisely: it is important to approve aspirations, and they will already automatically establish conformable attractions to the corresponding layers of the Thin World.
089. (Guru). Each aspiration and each desire will cease in Spheres Elevated. But they can be owned, them to direct and to supervise. All events in an interior are subject to control. After, all these of the aspirations, as hooks with of bait in hands the fisherman. On each of special bait and of getting special! Control is necessary not to fall a victim of undesirable inclinations and attractions. Taken care of the consciousness on Earth won't regret about one effort.
090. (Feb. 12). How many the unnecessary is told usually during the day. Behind each said word there is a thought, and behind the word unnecessary – unnecessary thought. Therefore control over everything that is told, means as well control over thoughts. It is wrong to think that reserved silence will cause condemnation or not goodwill more likely on the contrary – respect and even frays before unclear because people usually don't know control neither over thoughts, nor over words. The reflexes, long ago the established mental habits to stir uncontrollably or to speak will be an obstacle to implementation of this restraint, without supervising nor quality, nor number of words. It is necessary to learn to speak even less and so that the thought put into words, was stamping and short. As many people everywhere speak, and especially during concourses. Therefore so it isn't enough and inattentively listens to them as there is no sharpness and the clearness of thoughts and heart isn't enclosed in them. There is no worst delusion, than to submit to conventions and to think that owing to ridiculous politeness it is necessary to speak. Especially harmfully when the person stirs because can't already keep, because lost over itself the power and obviously suffers speech incontinence. It means full dissoluteness of mental energy and its continuous squandering. Usually this condition comes to an end with an illness. Each bridled thought and the kept word will be accumulation of mental energy. And restraint is no other than conscious accumulation in an organism of fiery force. I emphasize conscious because the stub too is silent, but energy doesn't accumulate.
091. (M. A. Y.). Firmness of spirit is necessary for opposition to dark influences, and especially from the Thin World. People are under continuous influence from there but very few people know about it, and even from knowing very few people oppose or protected from dark influences. From light there is no need to be preserved, but dark can harm very much because interfere in thinking, break its system and often inflate a fire of desires. Saddening nature of dark suggestions is felt obviously when the person wants to realize, this dark, pressing feeling from where creeps; as if and the reasons aren't present any but as if the black cloud hung over consciousness, depriving of it pleasure and Light. Approach of dark substance is very characteristic. The alarm, concern, clouding and many other unpleasant feelings are caused by it. And here also it is necessary to show firmness of spirit and to approve the Lord in heart. It with you always, so is what to oppose to darkness. The consciousness merged with the Lord, will be insuperable protection against the evil. It is impossible to allow weak-willed and uncontrolled invasion of all these influences into consciousness. It needs protection and continuous patrol.
092. (Guru). "Fire wonderful is forced by firmness of spirit". As a lot of things consist in these words! And what force application of this Decree of the Teacher gives! All Carries Light Phenomenon of inflexible firmness of spirit. Neither dungeons, nor fires, neither animals, nor tortures – nothing could break power of their spirit. Firmness of spirit is necessary in both worlds, and in the Thin World it is perhaps even more necessary, than in the world terrestrial because there everything amplifies and becomes aggravated. Firmness – the most necessary quality of spirit.
093. (Feb. 13). Notion of the” Father House” when it will start extended recess. And where will those who reject it? There is no refuge for them in the World Aboveground. But somewhere should spirit relax from all that had to be moved on the ground. "Among the cruel and dark" is not necessary for the conditions. You can often go back to the notion that more objective vision. And about the psychic and subtle properties of the father's house you can conceive of. The easier it will be faster to walk the lower classes, without lingering on them. Let the Father House concept becomes a magnet.
094. (M. A. Y). Even when communication in the spirit of is strong, about memorable days it is necessary to remember. Memory only will strengthen it. Too people of Earth easily forget about everything that leaves a field of their dense sight. Left feel vibrations of this memory, if it is accompanied by the thoughts warmed by warm sense-knowledge. And even the indifference, not goodwill and rage are felt by them. Energy of thought belongs to all worlds, and borders dense for it don't exist. We know who forgot us and who remembers. The future develops thoughts and feelings of the present day.
095. (M. A. Y.). We will not forget and we will never forget. We will meet them. Their aspiration to us and our expectation will create the right conditions. We will prepare a place for them to have somewhere to come to them. Return to the father's House-mutual pleasure for those who returned and those encounters.
096. (Guru). The spirit increases in the force under strong influence of opposite circumstances. And the counteractions, the rapid growth are stronger. It is impossible to allow that they could break spirit. It is necessary to stand up to the end, as the valorous soldier who isn't letting the weapon go while heart fights. Spirit break – means suffer defeat from life, and remain at the broken through, and return back with anything. Not about a victory over something outside it is spoken, it often doesn't depend on the person, but – about a victory over, about that the spirit wasn't broken by anything. At seeming external defeat it is possible to be the winner powerful.
097. You see as the oppression from people approaches to Me. And the more oppression and burdening’s, the quicker rapprochement. Don't understand in the majority to Me the directed spirits as this oppression and burdening’s by circumstances are useful. They strong kindle of spirit fires. After all even flint needs blow from outside to cause a spark. Analogy is full. As grow the spirit of our soldiers from continuous fight and battles, from prosecutions and persecutions and inflexible opposition to darkness increased. All weak, fluctuating, unsteady, doubting disappeared, without maintaining a press. Who is loved, that and have a drink is especially severe. But pleasure at Us of the winner meet, and pleasure at Us send him the happiness Beam.
098. (M. A. Y.). What rich internal life flows in consciousness of the going pupil? Consciously I speak – "going" because many mark time, many are occupied with the private matters and experiences or shipped in the vanity sounding, many doubt, and many forgot about us and consider that the surrounding has bigger value, than spirit life. You know about a symbol "the going Arhat", the same understanding is applicable and to the pupil. And not the proximity dense measures proximity in the spirit of. Often range caused ardent fiery rapprochement. The proximity in the spirit of doesn't depend on distances, doesn't depend on in what body, and doesn’t depend on anything external. Also she is approved over appearance dense.
099. (M. A.Y.). Among the most difficult to keep environment tired joy. But the man is given a choice: either is a weather vane for wind or someone else to claim and retain their own mood and the desired state of mind. Impossible to follow and obey the astral influences feelings of people – they are not permanent and are changing rapidly. You cannot rely on any. Still assert their persistently and firmly, and try to hold it as long as possible.
100. (Feb. 16). Everything is achievable, but in time. And how many it is required for acquisition of this or that ability, that is a kindle of this, or that center, depends already on features and spirit accumulation. At one ability are shown early, at others – through for many years, and others haven't enough and the whole life. It is possible to tell one that violent and premature open slightly the centers very dangerously and can lead to loss of mental balance (madness). In Our Mountains where the mental atmosphere is rather pure, this danger decreases, but all the same any premature and unauthorized irresponsibility in these cases is unacceptable. The success and safety are caused on condition of guidance of the Spiritual Teacher. Indisputable condition is consciousness clarification from any litter. It is necessary to know the law accurately: "Similar it is attracted of the similar".
101. (Feb. 17). As sometimes the pupil from unwillingness to lift a clarification sword much loses. Insalubrious freight prevents consciousness to be released for the necessary perceptions. It is impossible to compare that is thus lost, to for the sake of what it becomes and for the sake of what the pupil loses new opportunities. If, take a detached view of this disturbing, there will be it so not to the corresponding highest aspirations of spirit, spatial freedom and the right to rise to the Highest Spheres that one only the understanding of it will give strength to break slavery chains. They should be broken; whatever efforts and work it coasted. In a kingdom of spirit it is possible to rise only in light clothes. How many reading the Doctrine, but forces in itself not finding overcome and exempt consciousness from any litter. This litter in World Aboveground will appear what difficult barrier to further advance. Understanding of that huge damage and harm which are put to it with the person who isn't able to lift a clarification sword is necessary.
102. (Guru). Terms approach. Waiting them, whether you can meet them fully equipped with readiness? Time was enough to bring itself into a due look. Someone wasted this time in vain. Someone didn't make also a small share of that had to make. Someone imagined that everything is permitted, and barred to itself a way to Light. Someone decided that if Those Who Called, Left from the plan terrestrial, it means the end to all told by Them. Someone simply rejected the Doctrine, without thinking of anything. But someone carefully preserved the Silver Thread of spirit, knowing that neither life, nor death don't interrupt it. Someone strengthened these relations even more. Someone worked and made that could for the statement of the Name Called. Someone time I didn't waste and carefully I expanded consciousness and I acquired the Doctrine. But there are terms, and there is still time of prepare meet them fully equipped. Made at least the small won't regret because sang will reap.
103. (M. A. Y.). When terms will come, the network of Light will start shining and sparkling from unusual tension, and on it the strengthened vibrations and charges of fiery energy will be transferred. Saturation will be so powerful that there will be a transformation of consciousness’s supporting a network. Light will fill in everything that is capable to perceive it. Process will go on invisible channels therefore no visible and external counteraction will be able to prevent it or to show resistance. Power of Hierarchy of Light will be invincible, and about any fights against it there will be no thought also even at dark.
104. (Feb. 18). Unless it is possible to imagine all visible and invisible dangers! Or to provide them! Therefore it is better to rely on the Leader, remembering thus what to rely – at all doesn't mean to be assigned. The first includes the active and directed condition of the consciousness, the second – weak-willed passivity or inertness that is decomposition. So, what assignment very much near off decomposition. In inactive consciousness decomposition process begins. But, itself useful the aspect of activities – of initiative, when the impulse to action turn not from outside, under suggestion or the instruction, but goes from depth consciousness without any coercion or compulsion; service voluntarily and of initiative; only this, who might conduct it, might conduct and others. It is better to be mistaken, showing amateur performance, than alive to decay in inaction.
105. (M. A. Y.). It is possible in itself strongly and forever to approve any quality of spirit if the aspiration if communication is strong is strong and if heart burns with love and devotion to Called. Then everything is achievable. Neither on any tatter of the past, nor for any baits which are carefully thrown dark, won't want to exchange devoted heart of possibility of the all of new and new achievements. So in unification strong, without turning around back, we will move further
106. (Guru). The legend of lot's wife and salt post know, so you can imagine the dangers of eliminating undesirable qualities involves the desire to focus on them and dive into the past, when they were apparent. Magnet can only strengthen their past and engage the mind in orbit of their attraction. So neither throw away the past Show, under whatever guise it nor tried to keep awake and fly completely in the future where you can freely argue stage future aspirations.
107. (M. A.Y.). The chain of Hierarchy consciousness will always be accord up at the Ministry's note. So it's not hard to get in touch. The idea that more can be done for the common good, will establish the relationship. And you can do something, and if not always hands and apparently it is thought. In vain they think some that thought doesn't give them consequences. If, that was the thought and, if it comes from the heart, this effects of her imminent. It doesn't matter how long it will take. But sent into space, it will do the trick. So do you always thought, and there are no such conditions and cannot be, when a man was not able to do that, if they want to.
108. (Guru). Truly noticed that expression of persons and images never happens identical, it variously always. This thin difference manages to be seen not always but if the eye is rather refined and sets for itself this task, results won't slow down. This circumstance confirms once again that anything never repeats, even at seeming superficial similarity. As the past for which imperfect consciousness’s often regret is unique also. Everything flows, and everything changes, and stream streams never come back to a former place.
109. (Feb. 20). Association of the worlds will happen in consciousness human because actually they were never separated, but are one indissoluble whole. So, for Svedenborg division of the Thin and dense worlds didn't exist. As and for other clairvoyance was close the World Thin. Means, it is necessary to direct consciousness on that being able to see that is. How many thin feelings pass by consciousness the unnoticed? Process of thinking is process thin. The thoughts can be terrestrial, that is concern questions and the phenomena of the dense world, and still the thought invisible, expressed in images, not giving in to the usual chemical analysis and not consisting of chemical elements of a scale of Mendeleev, there is already a phenomenon thin, both existing, and seen on the plan extra dense, that is in the Thin World. Actually these worlds aren't separable from each other. But be reguired of the thin supervision that this understands. Dream – the phenomenon of a thin order. With it is necessary to have business every day; both the analysis of this condition and studying can lead it to understanding of proximity of the Thin World. Many wonderful phenomena occur in a dream. Even many unusual dreams were historically noted. Also are frequent and dreams prophetical. If be everything takes place and registered, turned out the remarkable book of the phenomena of the Thin World and in its communication with the world terrestrial. But the attention to this aspect of life is insignificant. It is considered something unimportant and not deserving studying. A third of life of people carries out in a dream, and that such the dream what it has value and in what its essence – to be engaged in it is considered below the scientific dignity of the person, - ridiculous, illogical and unconvincing relation to one of the most important questions of mental and physical human of life.

110. (M. A. Y.). When merging the consciousness, consciousness, directing to join, can draw from this of the consciousness, to which it to direct and with, thus come, to enter into contact. The difficulty is all that is necessary to get away from it all, than usually is filled with human consciousness, and that it constituted a sort of blank screen, unused by anything. Then the perception will be broad and will not mix with their thoughts and images. If, people would understand, what the depth is in the words: "Reject from him and follow across Me! This formula is given to mankind for all of the time. The key to knowing the worlds is in these words.
111. (Guru). Judgmenting the future seems far to the one who is occupied by itself, or is shipped in affairs of the present day. But really and accord it for the spirit directed to Light which has found the Teacher in the heart. This future already is, it already exists in space on the plan of physical invisibility, and for someone it is not only the present of the Hidden World, but as though already and come, that is entered into consciousness and write memory. This reality of the future can be notable, especially at contact with those High Spirits which Live future and in the future. The contact of the future is inexpressible words, but it lifts spirit as if on wings and brings him to fiery spheres judgment which should be.
112. (M. A. Y.). The doctrine of Life is intended for all. Therefore it is impossible to expect that the intimate was given out. A lot of things are given veiled, but he should be able to be distinguished. Yes, exist in the book-depositories of the manuscript hidden reliably and the books comprising Knowledge, not available to masses. Particles can be found it and in books library, but only particles. According to some paragraphs of books of the Doctrine it is possible to see, as they carefully concern that is intimate. I can tell in a consolation that wanting Knowledge will receive it if passes the tests granting the right to an entrance.
113. (Guru). The path to a prohibited Knowledge comes through mastery of himself. The secret knowledge of banned for not seized, because it is dangerous for them. Some of those who are trying to move closer to the Mahatmas a hundred years ago, when He.Blavatsky, finished crazy because, not being spiritually ready, wanted to get something that had no right to. Many have moved away and became the worst enemies of the light, and someone has become a traitor, and someone in the other sparked a frenzy of anger, hatred and ardent opposition.
114. (Feb. 22). Few know that thinking about something doesn't have to be so hard, in the depth of the entity thought of irrelevance or harm of something almost, or annexed to, and after being released from the body, in the World of Aboveground, this idea did not come from the heart. In other words, habits of thinking and thus feeds, dig thought in the space in which they will continue to fly aboveground, must be confirmed on the ground. Where reigns the thought, she is very strong, and there's a familiar lines aspirations it would operate automatically. Change these lines there is very difficult, because creativity spirit will accompany this process of vivid and pulsating images that create the impression of the human reality. A man with a pure thinking there is nothing to fear. But if the imagination was polluted and thoughts are dirty, to their sphere and layers of space corresponding to them not to avoid involvement. Therefore, you must still install the habit on earth think clean, neatly removing all useless thoughts and betraying the burning of all who were in the dark early and were not admitted by the roots taken out of consciousness. Is not taken, they continue to live; discarding his shadow on consciousness and letting him replace the darkness of it, the light. Purifying the mentality of every litter is one of the most important tasks of the earthly life of man, which, generally speaking, is the only preparation for the Over ground stay.
115. (M. A. Y.). Ask – why all the time returning to the same theme? Answer: the return does not mean repeating, but rather a deepening of the previously mentioned is in the first place. Secondly, think not Clair-radiant habits are so strong in man and is so difficult to eradicate that no words, no beliefs, no reading Exercises do not help, and need repeated reminders to observe a thought was the final determination and steadfast. Too late begin it before death, or after it, in World Aboveground.
116. (Guru). To lift "a clarification sword" – a duty of the pupil, decided to reach there where it is called. Called many, but so there aren't enough reaching? That from invited to become the elected, it is necessary to learn the urgent and steady appendix of the Doctrine in life. It is necessary that the Doctrine became expression of all being of the pupil; it is necessary that he learned, at least in a measure any to be the Doctrine, that is Truth as the Teacher Shows it Himself. It is too much reading the Life Doctrine, and too little applying it in business.
117. (Feb. 23). Let's not think too much that was allowed in the past. "Mistakes are anything, when of the kernel of spirit stronger". "It isn't necessary to be confused past. Everything I Will turn on advantage. Itself I Will lay all valuable". "In the past everything is burned for Fiery Yoga", – how even more clearly to tell about how it is necessary to treat that was. Not to think of it, but to direct forward. "We hurry and we Call will hasten". The caravan doesn't wait. The past can be weighed on scales of new understanding of life and new understanding of value of thought. It won't allow those thoughts which were allowed in the past and led to insalubrious actions. The former fancies which are subject to eradication, it is necessary to meet new understanding, and besides so that they couldn't find already to themselves a place in consciousness. Let's burn out so from memory images of last fulfillments. It is necessary not to torment it with last mistakes, but to uproot them thoughts of them and desire again couldn't allow them to come already one heart more. Expansion of consciousness and new step of understanding of life do impossible that was possible once.
118. (M. A. Y.). Yes! A lot of things are told in the Doctrine and about much, but not till the end and not everything because "the exhaustive formula" never is given. Therefore and about transition to the Thin World and about a post mortal condition of the person It is told so much, how many it is necessary to exempt people from fear of death and to point to life after death. Other reason in that, what feelings and experiences are individual, and it is possible to give only the usual characteristic of this of the condition. Extremes won't give an idea that the person of the average level worries. One is undoubted: the person strong reaps the fruits of the desires, thoughts and aspirations. Their consequences are inevitable, and in that degree in what they were imprinted in consciousness last time and after that are reconsidered any more weren't. And the seal of the last statement sets to them line of inevitability, and people there, in Elevated, reacts to them according to the relation shown to them last time during lifetime of the terrestrial. That is why all baggage which is available in consciousness, it is necessary to reconsider from time to time, ruthlessly throwing out everything that doesn't correspond to level of the step reached by spirit. And then guards of the Threshold aren't dangerous, and then spirit, to Light raised, can tell: "Generations of elements, I am not afraid of you, you can't stop a way, Me before the specified ".
119. (Guru). Analogy and difference of both worlds need to think clearly, - only then can freely navigate the subtle world. Even in a foreign city is not so easy to get comfortable or in a foreign country. More so in another world, the laws of which are unique and different from Earth. It is this difference, even in detail, it is useful to understand and assimilate. Go to the store or to a tailor and get yourself a new dress and then become enveloped it. There are simpler: the man simply visualizes form desired garments and also puts on his mind. Simple and easy? Yes, if thought can create desired image, if not, usually the person goes to what was used on Earth. Similarly, in everything else thought the conditions surrounding the resident of the subtle world. And well, if these people had prepared beforehand.
120. (M. A. Y.). Subtle feelings attached to the subtle World consciousness. The thinner and the higher they are the higher the scope with which it is associated. So, coming from everywhere, and especially impressions dense can be divided up and ustremlâûŝie on pulling down. Sorting impressions before further the path strong help of the liberation off no useful the goods. Remnants of earthly require willed and conscious efforts for liberation from it.
121. (Feb. 25). Quality of solemnity is characteristic that absolutely excludes many small feelings and properties as, for example, fussiness, fear, servility, garrulity, levity, lie, dissoluteness, small and dirty thoughts and many all many others, say, that quite often is characteristic of a narrow-minded condition of consciousness. It is difficult to keep spirit advantage without solemnity which deepens and strengthens also other merits. Correctly paid attention that the last have property to influence anyway all members of the body and besides everyone in own way: one on heart, another on a liver, the third on nervous system, or a brain. But the symphony of qualities well affects all organisms, establishing in it and in all microcosm human harmony and balance. Exactly thanks to this condition the spirit finishing the way on Earth, is a perfect form of beauty as well physical body. Value of qualities still isn't understood at all, differently all would direct strong to their statement. What huge influence is rendered by them on a form and radiations of a thin body, a body mental and bodies fiery? Each quality gives the radiation. The fear disfiguring aura is how disgusting, the light of courage and fearlessness is so fine. From the point of view of radiations it is necessary to consider both positive and negative qualities of spirit. Before starting approving any quality, it is good to give to itself the full account and to present a clear picture what exactly will give desirable quality to the spirit, what advantage consists in it and as consciousness evolution will be promoted by it. Neither reading, nor belief, neither admonitions, nor won't help the sermon, there won't come yet awareness of value of for what and why it is necessary. "Realize is nearly narrower of the capture” and the shortest way to acquisition of the necessary quality. Not only that each quality is Agni's container, it the radiations changes all being of the person, to his dense body inclusive.
122. (M. A. Y.). Feature of synthetic consciousness is as well that it, analyzing any phenomenon and covering it as a whole, deepens and expands its understanding, as though opening in it something new, something bigger, something absolutely escaping usual consciousness. Ability to look deep into, out of limits of superficial visibility, accompanies synthesis. Wisdom possesses quality of synthetic thinking, synthesis leads to understanding of unity of the worlds and all Space as one inseparable whole.
123. (Guru). Each picture created by the artist, represents itself a combination of known paints, or their harmonious combination, that is synthesis. The paints are more harmonious, the more perfect them synthesis. And, when this harmony reaches of high degree of perfection, paints begin shone, or to shine.
124. (Feb. 26). "The thought is the surest companion", she would wait at the door. If thoughts were many, they all will wait to accompany the next. And everything will depend on the choice. What will you choose to journey, what will the desire to enter into the mix, and will be accompanied by a further one incarnation of the spirit. The pull of the Earth, said his investigation continues into Aboveground. Spear over the Dragon never sleeps. But, if the watch will weaken or something again allowed out thoughts about past achievements in consciousness, the Dragon will lift his head and can pounce on his beget. Yes! Yes! It is pounce, for not get rid, but only suppressed thought strong snatch on her beget, as soon as there is any possibility to enter the combination with consciousness. Many raw spirits, while in the subtle world, crying out about sorely tested by being violently tortured their own offspring, their own thoughts that they were careless enough to admit when something in the consciousness and allow them to twist there sturdy nest. The idea is easier to prevent more than, conceding her released. Dreams are sometimes a better test of the State of consciousness and its degrees of freedom from their creations.
125. (M. A. Y.). Even the slightest desire which has woken up in World Aboveground can reduce spirit on some steps. From here need more on Earth to claim the strictest discipline over everything that occurs in consciousness.
126. (Guru). The disease often weakens the protecting network and facilitates the invasion of undesirable which. Dark guard hurries to seize the opportunity to toss there. In these moments must be especially vigilant watch and continuous, night and day.
127. (March 1). The future is the great magnet. You can create any focus of attraction to move to it in the present. What better, more clearly specified and finished this focus, the more perfect it is, the more invested in his heart, the stronger its magnetic force attracts the consciousness in the orbit of his influence. Live in the future is to live the focal attraction. Focus is created by imagination. Imagination unlimited thought, and thought is nothing. In the infinity of the future creative imagination can create any form of spirit, and if they are in harmony with the evolution of things, they are achievable. For example: can people fly? Can. In the higher planets - fly. Therefore will fly and the Earth, and will fly to take this wonderful apparatus the human microcosm. Will see and hear in the distance. A lot will. Just need to know the direction of evolution and psihomehanik of aspirations. All the mechanical and technological culture, or rather, human progress is only imperfect attempts to achieve what people sometime in the future to reach without a single external apparatus, for amazing and perfect the equipment enclosed in the word itself. But the provision requires awareness and understanding of what and how to shoot. We assert that all is valid, and the key is in the hands of man.
128. (M. A. Y.). All embodied on Earth live in a busy world, but without exception, the future of its creating their aspirations whatsoever. Unenforceable on Earth feasible Aboveground, life is going on the idea. Therefore, aspiration, desire and intention of proceeding thought it was so important to the future of their human property, and not so much on Earth where not all achievable, at least at the moment, but in the worlds. Earthly life is only a small part of life aboveground, all executed in aspiration on Earth.
129. (March 3). A disciple is a person who knowingly went on the road and under the guidance of a Teacher. A distinctive feature of successful pupil is promoting it on the road no matter what State or the mood he is in good or bad, happy or sad-and whatever the circumstances surrounding it. In short, with all and any conditions of his spirit is far-sighted, and movement towards not interrupted and nothing and this movement can no longer be stopped. The movement is in the spirit. By understanding this all external loses its power over the mind, for the spirit is above it all and on top of everything. And when everything is wrapped in thought, in sphere of the spirit, has already suggested the idea of Tierra del Fuego, not knowing limits tight. On the wings of thought there are flights in any sphere, if the imagination. The ability of the imagination is given little attention. It does not develop, cultivate, not educate. Meanwhile as thought, devoid of imagination, devoid of life and creativity. On the works of great writers and artists can be judged on the strength of a creative imagination. Without presentation or imagination of what a person does not want to do, nor can it make any motion, except that unconsciously. Therefore, the scope of the imagination is much broader and more significant than is commonly thought. You could say that the imagination reigns over all human activity. Even in the shop to go and buy bread, it is necessary first to imagine in your mind and then act according to what was presented. Every designer knows that without imagination it cannot construct anything. Thought and imagination are moving life. Anything that is made by man, first created in his imagination thought.
130. (M. A. Y.). And the future of man too is going on his imagination, is the thought and its images, which are created by imagination. And in the World Can they created by man in earthly life, surround it on all sides, dragging him into the layers that correspond to them by nature, nature and light full. Thus, the imagination plays a taking precedence role in human life. And blessed be he whose imagination pure and spotless.
131. (Guru). It is possible to watch activity of imagination, having got a good sweeper to sweep out immediately from consciousness any litter. The space is overflowed with fancies of very various properties, both good, and bad. The sweeper is necessary for bad if they somehow get inside, or in itself, or, perhaps, on channels once long ago the allowed thoughts or being thrown dark that often happens. The imagination cleared of everyone litter directs spirit to lightful spheres.
132. (March 4). Abilities of the person are got and earned with it throughout many lives. The talent and genius is no other than fruits of long works and aspirations. Everything is got by the sweat of the brow. Therefore envy is senseless. Everyone can direct the efforts in the desirable direction and gain any quality or ability. People – travelers of a way boundless and therefore, having at the order all the time which is, the person of any purpose can reach. And the main thing, that the consciousness was rather expanded. You see as, possessing even many special talents, insufficiently expanded consciousness doesn't allow realize achievement in all its completeness. The undeveloped imagination won't give the chance to leave a commonness vicious circle even at unusual abilities. To what thought transfer at distance if thoughts are so poor, as nothing to transfer. What clairvoyance, or a claurluhear, if the consciousness is limited to a small circle of understanding. There are cases when people possess this, or that unusual ability, but the prices to it don't know and aren't able to apply it properly or that worst of all, abuse. We insist, first all, on expansion of consciousness and clarification it’s from litter. For this purpose also the Life Doctrine is given to people. Before can, it is necessary to know.
133. (M. A. Y.). Among difficulties of life it is easy to become puzzled. It is so much different people, and it is so much ideas various and often contradicting each other, thoughts, theories and belief. Without the Teacher not to understand difficulties of life and the direction not find. That is why so often people reach a deadlock. The happiness of those who knows the way is great and has the Teacher. However, it is far from usual understanding of happiness, but gives to the person knowledge of for the sake of what he lives and in what sense of his life.
134. (Guru). The path of the desired quality approval of the spirit is: a desire to acquire this quality, and then attempt to adopt it in practice to use, then with this aspiration and experience of life becomes the world Thin. And in Devačan the desired quality is implemented completely, so that the next incarnation, becoming an approved ability. Each seed earthly gives rich shoots.
135. (March 5). If to give vent to imagination – in its aspiration to Light, it is possible to see those borders further which it can't move. It would seem, it isn't limited to anything, but nevertheless the thought puts limits even to imagination. Therefore the situation, saying that "conducts thought", it is necessary acquire probably more stoutly. Weeds thoughts of the poet, the writer, the artist and the philosopher are much wider than flight of thought of the inhabitant. But the thought can grow and develop, and the imagination can be brought up. Fairy tales, legends, heroic acts of heroes of all centuries and the people give a lot of food for imagination development. Treasures of the world literature too give rich food for thought. And still both to thought and imagination not enough attention is given so, and it is even less – to heart which lights both thought and imagination. But nobody is forbidden to be engaged both that and another, without waiting when all will reach understanding of these engines of human progress. For today we will note three words: thought, imagination, heart.
136. (M. A. Y.). The feeling of burden of the current hour shows how the world press is great. It can't be thrown out from consciousness because the begun to see clearly heart can't be fenced off from reality. That isn't the question, and in how to meet adequately and with firmness a forward wave. Much they still will be both readiness and force should be found to meet each blow as it befits the soldier of Light.
137. (Guru). Comfort in knowing that "this will also change" after all that carries the flow of life by human consciousness. And if it takes place, and stop at flitting waves phenomena too won't. You cannot delay any of those that have passed and you cannot keep, and of those that are now, and what's the point in retaining what is not ours. There is nothing but our consciousness and his savings. The rest is all Maya.
138. (March 6). "The ruler of this world and does not have anything in Me, so can only say, the winning spirit itself and so the winning peace. But what if has, if not all men, if waves of external influences are from the depths of the past, a number of congruent reactions? How to be then? Fall under their influence is to cross out all the achievements, then nullify the results of a long struggle, then return back to the point where the path began, then start all over again. You can cross out all its incarnations of spiral and necessitate repeat tests, but in more difficult conditions. How about those thought-formation that was once created in the past and seems so appealing and power effects which the consciousness is not outdated yet? It should be remembered that this phenomenon is only a faint beginning of what is called , meeting with the guardians of the Threshold when objective images previously admitted thoughts confront man of bright, alive and strong and capture the consciousness which, if it is not in a position to resist them and overcome them. If you do not overcome them now and don't discard the strong, powerful effort of will, that is, not win, how to defeat them there, where everything will be stressed and sharpened, and where they will become reality, clearly visible to the eye in all its apparent attractiveness and vitality? It should be hard to think and, having taken the final decision, will no longer be their deceptive attractiveness and don't include them in the mix. Address of contact with them is, on the contrary, they reinforce the desire and spirit in its orbit will involve the attraction with it’s beget in the abyss. On each idea, and spines, thorns and poison, poison the whole being of man. It is necessary to understand the whole false and misleading nature of such thoughts to mercilessly and severely set back them forever, for all future time both on the ground and in the world Aboveground, - no compromises, no weaknesses in this respect are not allowed. Dare human destiny and the future of it.
139. (M. A. Y.). Common diseases represent a disharmony State of consciousness and are often accompanied by an onslaught from the forces of dark. This can be noted in the past, this can be interpreted as and now, when the dark trying to unbalance, tossing heavy, needing a thought. Knowing this, it is necessary to strengthen supervision and strain your vigilance. As fierce a flock, they gather around, hoping to take advantage of every opportunity to do harm. During sickness it is necessary to be especially watchful and on guard.
140. (Guru). Monitoring thoughts is that the screen of consciousness thoughts pass, illuminated as if by a ray, and reveals their true essence. Self-delusion becomes impossible, and useless thoughts cannot already penetrate undetected.
141. (March 7). Going to Us the deep-seated faith in a final victory of Light always rescued. This belief led to a victory of their spirit over darkness in their personal scale. They couldn't win against darkness all planet scope, but in the personal – successfully with it struggled and won. And while the darkness took away the property and those who bejong and was connected by it with it, winners victoriously it passed it and rose to shining spheres of Light. Sons of darkness went to darkness, sons of Light – to the public. Therefore the personal victory over darkness and over all that inside was from darkness, created an invincible attraction to Light and lifted spirit to the Highest Spheres. Certainly, such victory had not only personal, but also spatial value because laid a way for others, too to Light going, and strengthened a planetary network of Light. These are dark send thoughts of hopelessness and senselessness of fight against the world evil and about a darkness irrepressible, but with Us going knows about indestructibility of Light and about an extremity and temporariness of the darkness, whatever strong it seemed. Now in the world it is very dark because the darkness strong strains all the forces. Everything sank in a gloom. But know that it is the last mad convulsions of darkness that it is doomed that Cali the South, a century of darkness, comes to an end, and Satia of the South will come promptly and powerfully. It is necessary to stand very strong to sustain an impact the last. But ahead Light and final Light a victory over horrors of the dismissed darkness.
142. (Guru). If you carefully follow the life Carriers of light and loyal employees, you can see that Their entire life was marked by intense, harsh and merciless fight against forces of the opponent that is with darkness. Will find, that Their life was filled labors and hardships, irrepressible for the average person. Will see that even when the apparent triumph of darkness won go outside yet they, and their exploits in centuries began to shine inexpressible light. Thus, the betrayal of Judas was labeled stigma of shame and meanness of stable. So, the feat of the Savior and His Victim were all mankind as the highest Acts of light.
143. (March 8). We care about expanding consciousness because even big practical achievements if the understanding nearly gives nothing or give rise to evil. If all will pass and perceive thoughts of what might happen when the thoughts are evil and dark. Not whether they would increase all-planet the darkness even more? The purpose of Our Exercises is given first and foremost to expand consciousness. Only at the expanded consciousness of new ability of human serves his off benefit. Even the opening of science and new inventions often serve as a detriment and destruction! If the situation does not change, the Kickback of the balance of the elements is inevitable.
144. (M. A. Y.). Isn't present neither big, nor small. Everything matters, and especially is small thoughts. Let there will be short them, but, crashing into the consciousness, everyone leaves the trace and will serve as though as a springboard to future actions. Horses train and accustom to obey will of the person. Thoughts are too not trained horses. The will should accustom them to implicit obedience. They uncontrolled freedom can't give. Where the horse without a bridle moreover capricious, wild and untrained will deliver? It after all and the horseman can kill or dump in an abyss.
145. (Guru). Not the same as the leaves on the same tree, even that doesn't happen and horoscopes. First, because nor in nature is not repeated, the second, the rays of the stars and planets depends on what angle they are photosensitive and are falling quite a clean wrapper newborn precisely at the moment of his birth. Rarely be, in order to in one place at one time had two children, twins. But there are cases when the twins died at one time or fell ill at the same time. Thirdly, the stars are encouraged, but not in control that is the free will of man is making its map of the horoscope and the adjustment to a certain extent directs the course of life. Body composition, growth, hair or eye color cannot be changed, but the order that the person was in the form of shells, in which he lives, "can be.
146. (March 9). It is instructive to watch how hard the man to sort through piles of all sorts among chaos theories, opinions, beliefs and attitudes about everything that surrounds the consciousness. Order and provides Bases to have to rely on, and from which originate in their thinking, and that to counter the flow of human errors. However they are great, it's not difficult to see, if you look how many theories and teachings have been discarded in the past and think about how much they will be dropped in the future. Whatever veil nor misleading – scientific, was camouflaged by the philosophical, religious, next week, political or otherwise – will remain a delusion, contrary to misleading the basics. And if many are misleading as the truth, the truth of it is not. Need to establish it in even stronger fundamentals. Thinking that emanates from them and from them logically developing, will avoid many errors so common people. Carriers of light in all that they did originate from the basics. Their wisdom in a century, stood against time, and unprejudiced mind continues to draw from it even today, in the age of electronics, Cybernetics, radio and space. Basics and beyond time, steadfast and true science will never be in conflict with them.
147. (M. A. Y.). Throw away everything that is not from the light, which prevents it that distracts from the focus and does not correspond to the intended purpose as a carrier of human wisdom of centuries. There are so many distracting, and preventing, and totally unnecessary! How to understand this set of human thoughts and accept as something positive and unmistakable? When was given the Teaching of life, it was understood that this condition of human minds, not knowing what to take for truth and striving. Teaching gives direction and nearest approach but requires the use of it in life. Even a small part, mastered and applied, will firmly set foot on a path leading in a narrow of life. Even the small part acquired and applied, will help to step into the narrow track conducting in life firmly. And among them one, narrow trail leading into the life, is not easy and is not easy to find.
148. (Guru). Sons Light Teachings Agni accept unconditionally and certainly because to it judgment, and all their being is directed and fiery absorbs given by the Doctrine Light. It is very characteristic and indicative for judgment pupils. Some not without justification believe, that the Doctrine is given for them. Similar readiness and ability to absorb in itself provisions of the Doctrine absolutely unmistakably define suitability of the pupil to a further ascension. Not ready will read time and will reject, ready will make the Doctrine the life and with it will indissolubly merge.
149. (March 10). The mistake of materialists of modern science is that they don't allow existence of new, thinnest forms of a matter unknown to it, for example, such from which images thoughts are expressed, or thin bodies consist, or prototypes of dense forms of life are constructed. Mistake of idealists in that, they assume existence something out of a matter. For them all worlds not seen to a physical eye, but seen sometimes to the clairvoyance, aren't material. Meanwhile, as the Truth lies in the middle of these two extremes. The Thin World and all Highest Worlds denied by materialists exist actually, and they are material, only this matter more distinguished, than a matter, known to modern science. But this matter is available to studying, can be visible and available to exact and invariable material laws, or matter laws. The non-material world approved by idealists can't exist because out of a matter and its forms even thinnest and highest, can exist nothing, because such forms in the nature aren't present. The highest spiritual phenomena are material, and the aura of the person, even Spirits Planetary, can be recorded by supersensitive devices, and aura of the person usual – a simple tthin-feelings photographic plate. It is impossible to photograph what isn't present. Therefore, undoubted it can't be denied. It is time to finish infantile materialism already. If the materialism didn't deny possibility of existence of thinner and highest types of a matter, it would strengthen its positions and would bring the material base under the statement of idealists. Real it isn't denied. To fight against reality of the undoubted – means to show ignorance.
150. (Guru). Now that the rampant darkness at spaces dissolved planet when surrounded by darkness, the path is towards the top. But if violating the Covenant of silence, starting out with something to say when there is no severe need to that, that My expose you immediately and put the dark that guards every opportunity to his cause. Already noticed that even in response to the kind words received a blow and loquacity channel came through evil and even harmless or neutral words were misconstrued for evil. Therefore, we should make it a rule to speak only when necessary or inevitable, and say only the most necessary and nothing more. Better to keep silent than to speak of so-called false politeness. Refrain from idle talk any price and so protect yourselves against evil influences from the outside.
151. (March 11). Execution of all desires is dream of mankind. But there is such country where all desires of the person, free and involuntary, real and been born once are granted. It is the Thin World where thoughts, both desires of the person, and his intention are carried out. The desire will give rise an image, a fancy. This image gets there a seen concrete form, and this form vibrates and lives about the spirit which has generated it. It enters into communication, into a combination to it and plunges into its atmosphere. Similar images surround the person who has created them, and he lives in them and lives them. When they are good, light and saturated the benefit and aren't filled with roughly terrestrial representations, they carry away the carrier to the Highest Spheres and lift it. When they are rough, both are dark, and pulse terrestrial desires and passions, they carry away it in the lower class of the astral world; and desires material and terrestrial, needing for the satisfaction in a terrestrial body, can't be carried out and generate that is called as "Tantalum torments". But all highest aspirations are carried out. The fan of music has the highest and full satisfaction, fans of beauty – too. The philosopher, the poet and the scientist – everyone finds on himself. The country of implementation of all desires which are going beyond a physical framework and terrestrial lowest aspirations, gives pleasure of execution of the most audacious and sublime thoughts, pleasure of saturation of hunger of spirit, pleasure of contemplation of beauty in all aspects available to consciousness. On Earth it is difficult to present such opportunity, but in Elevated it is easy if it is understood that there everything is created and moves thought and conducts thought.
152. (M. A. Y.). Certainly, and on Earth of people lives in peace the thoughts, but he doesn't see them so obviously and externally as sees terrestrial subjects. And it prevents it to realize reality and thin materiality of mental educations. And still, having deeply concentrated on something, it plunges into the world of thoughts so that doesn't see and doesn't hear the events around. Artist, the poet and the writer, is this, who «thinks images", often create them so bright and lives that involve also other people in the world of the creativity. Shakespeare's heroes live, and even some experience that in the Thin World to distinguish these almost live images from inhabitants of the Thin World is required. They live and in the world terrestrial, sating with it thoughts of people and feeding their imagination. About thoughts and the mental forms created by the person, it is necessary to think as of a real factor of life and to study laws to which they are subordinated and which operate them.
153. (Guru). Useful only to think at times and on Beam sent a Teacher, its healing properties and the nature of its vibration. It requires awareness, which should be preceded by and always precedes mastery. Without awareness of the healing power of Light be shed in vain. Few get to realize results. The evidence does not distinguish between Pearl chicken from things and objects.
154. (March 12). The way to the future is defined by commensurability of actions. Any discrepancy bends it. Everything is eliminated with a firm hand that disturbs or complicates advance. On the plan terrestrial the dream is limited to terrestrial opportunities, on the plan extra dense – anything. This freedom should be scented, this freedom should be understood that to direct to it and it to carry out. Hold flight only terrestrial gravitations and that yet get rid can. Among magnificence and boundless freedom of the Elevated World the slightest desire can pull down and tie flight wings, having attracted consciousness to object of desire and having connected it with it. That is why clarification from any litter is so necessary. That is why the foremost duty – to be exempted from it that already nothing could detain. Truly it is possible to call chains attractions terrestrial. It is impossible to fly if wings are tied by them. It is necessary to understand how the spirit by remnants of the dense world and unwillingness is connected with them to leave. The free I want to see those who directed to Me, and generously I Want them to sate with Light gifts.
155. (M. A. Y.). Both terrestrial and Elevated are weighed on Boundlessness scales to determine the value and value and that and another. Even in life terrestrial there is a wish to have things strong, able to serve long. Especially signs and these qualities are necessary where all terrestrial comes to an end and replaced Elevated. As it is strange, but the strongest and enduring everything is feeling of love. Than higher it and the ofiery, the stronger and is longer. The love to the Highest endures all terrestrial and attracts spirit to what and to whom this feeling is sent. Love magnet – the strongest. From all thinnest energy of the highest there will be a love.
156. (Guru). What huge value for the person his internal life has. It is a pity for at whom it is poor and insignificant. External still it is possible to live on Earth. But how in Elevated where external everything is replaced with the internal? Neither riches, nor situation there won't help because cease to be. So, collecting to itself treasures on Earth, but not collected spiritual treasures it will be pity also niches in World Aboveground.
157. (March 13). You see how against greatness and beauty of the future the lowest human nature, all dark, spiteful, egoistical rises that in it is. Atomic energy could be blessing for mankind, but is directed by people on destruction and destruction. And as precisely almost all best undertakings and inventions. Instead of doing much good for people, they address in the evil. Prosperity would be approved on a planet, if not the evil beginning depriving people of fruits of science and culture. Imagine that would be on Earth if everything that is spent for arms, was directed on construction and organization of a garden terrestrial! Leaving Cali the South still strong keeps spirit human under the influences. But the evil century of darkness, blood and violence comes to an end. Ahead of Light, is of Light of new Yugi.
158. (M. A. Y.). "Waiting" – ponder upon deep value of this word. As it is beautiful and directed! Existence of those, who has nothing to wait and who finds satisfaction of the aspirations in the surrounding; sphering its hopelessness, is poor. But waiting are directed in the future which is a field of implementation of all aspirations of spirit. In Boundlessness in which their lives spirit of the person, all can be reached. The spirit is eternal. And, if throughout the millennium it is possible to observe an evolution gait that occurs throughout tens and hundred millennia and that already occurred. From mute races to differential calculus the distance is great. It even more from the present moment that time when the person will seize all wonderful opportunities of the device. Light of the future is great!
159. (Guru). We won't be afflicted too with everything that so furiously burdens consciousness, but forces in themselves we will find energy of counteractions consciously to turn on that that aspirated to approach with the Lord. Let restrict, but let push aside to It, let with It pull together, let each aspiration a step will in order that rise up to Called you to Light.
160. (March 14). Activity in a dream, in the Thin World, will be gradually remembered everything fuller and fuller and to gain symmetry. The consciousness mood before going to bed channelizes spirit, and that is strong approved in understanding has logical development and it is accepted as inalterability. The doctrine which has been well acquired, helps to be guided with many provisions, and that is bridled and constrained in an awake condition, won't disturb in a dream. Dream – very interesting phenomenon full of the most ample opportunities, but it is necessary to know something to work purposefully. And, when in a dream of people starts leading conscious life, the orbit of its existence extends on one third, in addition to life terrestrial. After all in a dream of people carries out one third of the life.
161. (M. A. Y.). To term of Luminous intensity can't display the power because if it was made, instead of kind construction there would be destruction. Even if to give to the person not on consciousness, but it is more, except harm, it will turn out nothing. Treachery is born from this incommensurability. Therefore actions of Hierarchy are caused by terms. But, when they approach, anything can't stop it fiery power any more.
162. (Guru). Immunity at accord with higher spirit spheres and the impossibility of accord with inferior, because all that would vibrate on their exposure to the stimulus, completely defeated. Refined subtle body has within itself elements of related matter of the lower layers, and it is nothing to them consonance and when the darkness wants to surround jumping into the small world of man, she is powerless to do so, for it has nothing in it.
163. (M. A. Y.). Quality growth is infinite. Anyone can grow and improve quality. On the way to the future of growing qualities is the fruit bearing effect. And not might be indolent and useless time, or boredom, when so much might be done. After all, cultivating qualities is not a personal matter, but public space, because the vibrations of this process are distributed widely and is transmitted over long distances. Aspiration can be invisibly nourish many of consciousness and so multiply the light of Earth's atmosphere. It's time to already understand that all the personal experiences and thoughts not only the suffering of their people, but also of all other people, because you are filling the aura of a planet and add to its Light or dark elements akin. Responsibility for this mental generation of light or darkness, and all of them there is no escape. You just have to realize not to add anything on the scale of condemnation, nor its Bowl, or all-planet.
164. (Guru). When something is told from itself, on behalf of is one. But, when something becomes or told on behalf of the Guru or the Lord, it is perfect another. Then behind affairs and words stands either the Guru, or the Lord. Therefore to work for the sake of Sent – means force it to attract in an action orbit. The pupil differs from the ordinary person that works not in the name, but for the sake of the Teacher. Telling in the name and for the sake of itself will long not listen, but the word said for the sake of Sent, lays down in consciousness strong, causing either the accord, or counteraction and by that determining accessory listening to darkness, or Light camp.
165. (Guru). The one who isn't lost among a set of human theories, representations, wrong doctrines and thoughts because knows the way and Bases, that won't become puzzled and in World Aboveground. It is necessary to stand on the feet firmly in both worlds, without admiring one, without inclining spirit, without giving in neither to fear, nor a allure, I will deceive and without kowtowing to the seeming force of both. As the power the having was, Told by the Great Traveler with the powers world to. As, the power the having, Entered It and the World Thin, to people giving an example this, as must lead itself of the spirit, which defeat the world. "Take heart, – He Told pupils, – because I Won against the world".
166. (M. A. Y.). If withdraw an element of time which in itself is very relative from consciousness, even very far it will be close, hence of reality and individual of the future to it of the directed spirit. Not self-deception and self-flattery, but anticipation of judgment happiness and Light. It isn't necessary to reject or suppress this feeling – after all this heart feels obviously that, it will be the witness and the participant of that.
167. (March 18). It is possible to reach Us only over personal moods and constantly changing conditions of an astral. Ordinary people are shipped in them and live them. If, them to deprive of these experiences, they will have nothing live, but there will be a moment when the astral cover will be dumped, and if the person lived only it and in it, than he will live, having lost it? Therefore Agni Yoga transfers life to the thought exempted from the small emotional experiences of an astral. The mathematics represents itself extensive branch of knowledge. It is possible to devote all life to it, having separated thus consciousness with envy, fear, concerns, acquisition and all other feelings small, so peculiar to usually astral cover. The lowest isn't combined with the highest. The yoga separates all petty and low in thinking and rejects it. To reach on tops – means to go to Us over the ordinary the small every day in which so яstrong the consciousness of inhabitants is shipped.
168. (M. A. Y.). Routine can prolong consciousness, as in funnel, denying access of light. In the most squalid of circumstances and conditions of life could still be spirit to rise above them and fly over the soot of the present ". Great Faces, focusing on them in their orbit Attracts magnetic influences all human creature, if its aspirations sufficiently. You just need to think of a favorite Driver, not sinking thoughts in the dregs of the current day.
169. (Guru). Each lifting or an eminence of spirit is followed by ant situation reaction which should be sustained, without giving in to its influence. It is necessary to hold gains. It is easier to reach, than to hold. Be ready to meet at the moments of admiration of spirit then an opposite wave which can displace achievement, if against it not to resist. The purpose let will not only reach, but, the main thing, to keep on reached, to hold achievement, having fixed it strongly a number of the corresponding actions.
170. (March 19). Ignoramuses from science long will flaunt still the terms "it scientifically" and "it not scientifically". How many time truly discoveries and theories were mocked by these ignoramuses from science before being generally recognized, as well as science recognition. Remember Galilee, Copernicus, remember thousands murdered and tortured for the sake of false science and ignorance. Remember the theory indivisibility of atom and a set of others, recognized official science to be rejected later. Therefore all these statements that "scientifically" and that "not scientifically", are deprived of any sense. Still existence of aura's radiations and the phenomenon of energy of thought are still denied. Still, from the point of view of false science, are denied the Thin World and thin energy. A lot of things are denied by these ignoramuses from science. But reality and undoubted aren't denied. Any time still it is possible to go in pseudoscientific attires. But days of the old world are considered, as well as days of false science.
171. (M. A. Y.). It must be recognized that human thinking stubbornly opposed to the rigidity and rebels against each new idea or discovery. If treated impartially, without negations, and putting a strict scientific analysis! But much is negated, and it delays the evolution of thought. Inquisitors of science now on fires do not burn the heretics, the rebellion against the dogma of infallibility in science but are still ostracized, not giving yourself check out many provisions of labor approved and made them. The consolation is that the thought cannot be stopped by anything, and when the time comes, the thought would destroy all artificial dams. So it was not once in the past, so will be in the future.
172. (Guru). General acceptance should be more wary than prosecution. Since persecution strengthens and reinforces the idea of the persecuted, while general acceptance makes their conventional and puts out interest and a flame of sacred them fades away. What are some examples of courage, fortitude, faith and self-renunciation was display the first Christians! But when Christianity became the established religion of the State, and even the Holy Fire has become a rare phenomenon in the hearts of his followers.
173. (March 20). We are, as far as possible, Adopt the name Guru and want to know as many people as possible. The name Guru is inextricably linked to its creativity, its philosophy and the Teachings of the living ethics. Referring to his name and popularizing it, we involve our people in its sphere of thoughts and activities. His name is very strong magnet. And who says, or writes about it, it is easier to refer to Teachings or other matters of life, relying on his credibility. Not everyone speaks his own credibility is so great that it listened to, but the credibility of the guru as a great artist, philosopher and thinker, is strong enough to attract the attention of many minds. Why would state their own beliefs on the Teachings, beliefs and attitudes when Guru will be much more convincing. Why not speak and act for them and not from myself, but the Guru and, on its behalf and of it and learn, so tightly associated with his life, will is the right solution promoting its ideology and its relationship to the wisdom of the East. Each intervention is welcome in this direction. His name belongs to the future and inseparably associated with it. Speaking of the future, it is impossible not to touch on behalf of guru who so ardently rushed in and carried away in man to those who were in tune with him in spirit.
174. (M. A. Y.). Now you understand what requires are necessary the statement of a name of the Guru for what is necessary his pictures and the book and why popularity its, so widespread in the world, not for its glorification, but for the approval of the Doctrine of Lords. Glorifying it, you glorify Sent it on a feat. After all anything didn't come to an end, and on the contrary, future, judgment to mankind, only comes nearer. And that is given, and those, who gave, will get up before mankind in a new aura and in new and broader understanding of their world mission. Fruits ripen at the right time. Also will be what to collect. And suffice on all, because crops were great.
175. (Guru). Everyone in own way, everyone on his understanding and understanding, but all about one, all how as help Business of the Lord as prepare and to open ways to the future. Closely it and is integral. People so far still far from understand of cosmic-spatial provision of a planet, and judgment and inevitable changes in destinies of the people, and that bright and happy future which it will be possible to designate an era of prosperity of mankind still.
176. (March 21). It is necessary to tell about the law of free will of the person separately. The will of the person is free, and even Arhat Can't break it. We Can warn, We Can give Council and direct, we Can prompt the decision, but suppress foreign will or it to break we have no right, because it is sacred. We Cannot make it even then when it is obviously sent to harm and another. It is possible to explain with this law a lot of things, hither to the unclear. It would seem, one small effort from our party, and the most intricate crime, but if the person doesn't reach in the understanding inadmissibility of the made evil falls and won't show at least the slightest effort in an opposite direction, We Can't interfere during its karma not to break a free will. The will suppressed surely will cause explosion, and to the person will be even more bitter, than was earlier. But it is possible to apply freely even to the slightest particle of good and the will directing to good and creation. We Are ready to help, but give to what it would be possible to apply our force.
177. (M. A. Y.). To be protected from angry and from the evil it is possible. But the border between self-defense and suppression even hostile free will is thin. On of side dark precisely the cruel enslavement and strongly breach the law of its freedom. In this is their seeming force and temporary the seeming success. The last world war was a graphic evidence of attempts of terrible enslavement of human will in mass scale. Also it came to an end crash for tyrant’s dark. So everything will come to an end defeat that goes against Space Laws. The temporary celebration of darkness doesn't mean a victory. Will win against Light, and its victory will be indestructible and strong. Light Victorious goes, and days of a temporary celebration of the dark are considered.
178. (Guru). When the Teacher Speaks: "Direct to Me, go to Me, you hold Me strong", – He Wants to cause the fiery power of free will that It Could freely to it to voluntary, independent and self-proceeding identification apply the force. The force isn't revealed yet freely, the Teacher is powerless to help, because there is nothing to put. In the ancient time the particle or a belief sparkle that application of force of the Teacher could be made was required at least. Understanding of this law is obligatory for the pupil. Even in commonplaces the Teacher Speaks: "I will help, but make effort" that was to what to apply to It the Force. Therefore each voluntary, self-proceeding action directed to Light is especially appreciated. Therefore it is taken away at not having and that has, but generously it is given who already has something that is there is to what it is possible to add.
179. (March 22). What, who to Me aspiration strong, there wait for a rich crop. The aspiration possesses magnetic force to attract to itself that, on what it is directed. All inventors, researchers, pioneers and many scientists unconsciously use this law and succeed in the work. At first the person will directs aspiration, and then it bears him already as on wings. The directed thought has force, however, as well as high thought if it really is thought, instead of to the cogitative garbage forming spatial slime. If to studying of thought approached really scientifically, how many harm could be avoided. The science of the future will allocate for great energy a place belonging to it.
180. (Guru). The Teacher talks about Symphony qualities because the lack of a quality paralyzes the manifestation of those that have, for example: what is even ambition without permanence or constancy without proportionality, or devotion, or the fieriness without balance, or the power of imagination, without purity, or knowledge of the Teachings without love to someone who gave it?
181. (March 23). We Are ready to give a lot of things at a rate of understanding of the listening. But where they are? All are occupied by themselves and that before eyes. Know that all only for a while, and still put in it everything that have. The few knowing consider as dreamers and groundless idealists, without troubling itself to think of reality. Time is measured not by number of the leaked hours, and the endured impressions. But after all both the person, and an animal, and a plant worry differently, therefore, and feeling of time for them absolutely variously. Different it even at two abreast sitting people. Terrestrial time stops for passed to the World Thin and is estimated there differently. There is a sequence of events and impressions, but not in measures terrestrial. Many live there, continuing from "oven» that is proceeding from conditions terrestrial in which lived, but without hours and a calendar. Dreams are untimely even. Especially untimely and thin stay for spirit though in a terrestrial way and it is possible to estimate for years.
182. (M. A. Y.). Passed to the World Thin goes to whom wants to go, and stays with who wants to arrive. Defines the direction the last thought prevailing in consciousness dying over all others. Usually those thoughts which were strongest during life prevail. A lot of things depend on directing consciously. It is best of all to approve in advance in the imagination some details of the future. Even the clothes can be prepared the corresponding. Neither the dress coat, nor the cylinder, hats won't be cosmic. Means, it is necessary to think of it. Well in consciousness to separate everything that there is necessary, from all that there is absolutely excessive. How many all should be taken with itself to move from the city to the city. But all this in Elevated is absolutely not necessary. But something is absolutely necessary without what existence there becomes difficult and even intolerable, - for example, of the complacency. If to take instead of it irritation, rage, hatred, discontent or fear, with these qualities there it will be heavy to stay. So, preparing for post mortal existence, it is necessary to think of much and to provide a lot of things.
183. (Guru). Swedenborg spoke with the dead, dead talking to him. Conclusion is clear: in whatever condition and shell is the human spirit, it may come into contact with the consciousness of Teachers or those close to him. Therefore let no earthly considerations about the impossibility of spiritual relationships do not stop the aspirations of those who sought to pin the consciousness. Earth barriers do not exist for the spirit.
184. (March 24). Our holiday, the day of unification of all the forces of light and all his staff, feast of the Lords! Strained is brightly colored, and the network of light becomes darkness in combat. To Focus A Light aspiration is consciously. The day of new beginnings and sowing seeds of light on the ongoing year. You can send all distant thoughts good, but close. You can climb the stairs to begin with three hundred sixty six steps. Every day is a new step towards Focus. Life gives a wonderful possibility to climb thanks to incredibly arduous efforts. Together strong will go one more time spiral, a lot of them are yet to come, because the path is endless.
185. (Guru). We will withhold consent as the most important thing that connects us with the light. This is that battering-ram against darkness. They can break through any of its surroundings. Even on the day of the Celebration has to say about to oppose evil. Particular time, difficult but full of wonderful surprises most. They get ready.
186. (March 25). Let us reveal an understanding of what is happening. The end of Kali Yuga and the beginning of Satia touching. Withdrawing and the emerging era stand face to face. The energy of their face, and is the last struggle of the outgoing energies from reaching them. People suffer under the pressure of competing currents. Consciousness are exposed to both, are going through these hard collisions. All feel that something is wrong, but don't understand the reasons. Suffer especially perceptive organisms. Fuse is not likely to survive. And knowledgeable isn't easy. Knowledge does not relieve the feeling of ill-being. But he knows the essence of what's going on around and in the space, and knows that the South must replace the Kali Yuga.
187. (M. A. Y.). Little child led around by the handle, but the Warrior of light, put on guard, stands on the planetary patrol one. Therefore arose to guard trusted his patrol role. The Lords of as many cares about the Earth that assistance is valuable and has value. The Teacher also appreciates it when Warrior standing on watch does not need to spend his energy, which so sorely needed somewhere. The desire to help His and ability to help and protect His Fire power for applications where it is particularly needed, and so facilitate its exorbitant burden will be approved and will show a deep understanding of a moment.
188. (Guru). That would say I had been together? I would Say: “The future is coming, the no revoked offensive. Prepared a place it will take him a sought-after, and them, and with honour.
189. (March 26). Everyone would like to lead the happy and sorrow less life, the surrounded wellbeing. It is very difficult to come off such life – in it its minus. On the other hand, life can be such heavy and difficult that the spirit with pleasure is ready to be exempted from it when term will come to that. In it of positive side of life no slight. And as the main stay not on Earth, but in World Thin, for the sake of free stay from terrestrial gravitations in World Aboveground it is possible consciously and to undergo firmly encumbrance and spirit languor through which it should pass in a dense condition. All High Spirits heavy Suffered in life terrestrial and all Ascended. Not to compare a condition of free spirit in Elevated to a condition connected with Earth and not able to come off from tatters and remnants of terrestrial wellbeing and illusive conditions of a happy embodiment. Deprivation in one means acquisition and compensation in other. The wise rejoices to that the ignorant considers as misfortune, sufferings and deprivation. It is difficult to accept it heart and to consider all events on Earth with the person from this point of view. But when life is so heavy that it isn't a pity for anything what it is necessary to leave, then it is possible to consider that bonds terrestrial are torn and the spirit is free from them.
190. (M. A. Y.). Small "I" and egoism of the person strong will oppose to Wisdom of the Highest, recognizing inevitability of encumbrance by circumstances of ascending spirit. The egoism wants conveniences, and comfort, and less cares. The egoism wants surplus and content. Desires of egoism are diverse and insatiable, and it more has, the wants to have more. Why to the millionaire new millions? And, however, any isn't content with that has. Desires human are insatiable. Indulgence doesn't give them satisfaction because there is a wish bigger. Also there is no end to them. In process of satisfaction they increase, their carrier doesn't turn into the monster of the evil which is promptly sliding in a chasm yet. Behind the indulgence beginning desires of egoism need to be able to see the end. Let the life full of sufferings and deprivations, but release, than possession all benefits terrestrial be better, and then the gloomy slavery – so argues the one who understood the purpose and sense of embodiments
191. (Guru). In vain believe that if the child needs to be reconciled with the first pain, it isn't necessary to reconcile adults, and not with the first, and with many which life doesn't stint. Only the understanding of sense of sufferings and tests will allow possibility of reconciliation with them that is their permanent transferring and preservation of balance of spirit. It is necessary to comprehend them; differently it is difficult not to be plunged into despair and hopelessness. And for this purpose it is necessary to know. This knowledge of the purpose of terrestrial embodiments and everything that is connected with them, the Teacher Gives that the spirit found force in itself victoriously to sustain everything up to the end.
192. (March 27). One isn't present about and round our people is a rest. Approaching to Us, the pupil adjoins to our orbit of tension, and is involved in it, and loses rest so lovely to everyone inhabitant. And about what rest there can be a speech when are accepted under responsibility of life human. Also the darkness is strained. Protection of the spirits accepted on care demands considerable care. To us imitating, you can't calm down also on something, -the life river rages and worries. New circumstances arise every instant. Also anybody doesn't know secret of terms. Means, in readiness it is necessary to stay constantly. But readiness includes both vigilance, and vigilance, both a consciousness patrol, and constantly burning, inextinguishable hearts fire. To whom are extinct shadows necessary? Extinction means both decomposition, and deadness of spirit. Not among the dyed-away consciousness’s We Will look for worthy who can entrust the intimate.

193. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to consider itself worthy on condition of full-return and consciousness and heart. Other extent of return won't be considered as the full. Even about love It was spoken: "All understanding, all idea, and all heart". Incompleteness is condemned. It is impossible to go one foot forward, and another back. Division in itself has a limit beyond which decomposition begins. It is told that "the house divided in" won't resist.
194. (Guru). If something you bring, will be about what to talk and then to share. If isn't present, interchange of energy won't take place. To us always is what to give. And when to you coming with itself doesn't bring anything, you too will have no useful interchange of energy that is cooperation. If not brought anything wants to receive after all and you contrary to the law give something, the lightful exchange of energy, and a consuming of mental energy, that is vampirism turns out not.
195. (M. A. Y.). Dark attack, that in all possible ways to separate from us and the Lord. But when each their attempt will be transformed by consciousness to the energy directed on even bigger rapprochement with Hierarchy, then, really, dark start serving Light. So we will try to use each attack on approaching to the Teacher even closer. When all – both good and bad, both pleasant and unpleasant, both light and dark – starts serving fiery to the directed consciousness, then it is possible to tell that the high step on Light Ladder is reached. Genies can be made the pushers advancing on the way. But for this purpose the steady rule of life should be made, that their energy, directed on destruction and on harm, transmutation in the energy, turned on creation and good. In it is secret of a victory over darkness.
196. (Guru). The sword of Damocles of various troubles, and chagrin, and even the sufferings, constantly hanging over consciousness, too can serve as incentive for continuous wakefulness of spirit and aspiration to hold in every way the Teacher. Exactly so it is necessary to arrive consciously to use everything on rapprochement with It. When both the pleasure and a grief move to one purpose, then anything isn't able to stop the traveler of the Great Way. Incorrectly the one who can move ahead only in certain and favorable conditions arrives. Such advance is fragile and unsteady. The powerful ship goes towards the aim for both at night and in the afternoon, both in a storm and in a calm weather and doesn't interrupt symmetry of the course under no circumstances.
197. (March 29). It isn't as important as people treat us, it is benevolent or not even if it is friends, but it is important extraordinary as ourselves because our relation, our good or bad feelings remain at us belong and define details of our future. Unfortunately, throwing of pebbles on "brotherly kitchen gardens" still takes place but, if we are engaged in it, the justification to that isn't present. And, when such pebble flies in our kitchen garden and, having struck, hurts, it is very important how to react to such injustice. The same and can't as answer, it is necessary to keep friendliness. But even at friendliness the aura can render lawful counteraction and to be protected by that from injustice. If charge or criticism is fair, it is possible to learn a useful lesson from them and to correct an error or this or that undesirable trait of character and a shortcoming. Therefore such phenomena can inure to even advantage at the correct attitude towards them. The friend made a mistake in relation to you. Not on you, but on it its consequences will lie karmic. You, without breaking goodwill, you can point to it that the friend understood and to exempt the friend from undesirable consequences of a mistake. Only bad feelings it isn't necessary to allow.
198. (M. A. Y.). The doctrine specifies that it is necessary to know severely friends and not be touched masks. How to acquire this knowledge? Only the experience! Experience of cognition of the person is difficult and bitter. Not from enemies, but from friends it is necessary to receive chagrin and bitterly to pay for inability correctly to understand the person. If see attentively the life, you will see, how many difficulties and unpleasant consequences took place owing to unreasonable trustfulness, or misunderstanding of character of the friend. It was told: "Not of enemies be afraid, but friends".
199. (Guru). Unfair criticism we will reject, but for the fair we will be especially grateful because it will help to be exempted from this or that shortcoming. And who as not the friend, most likely will notice our shortcomings. It is necessary to show goodwill that it is careful much and without condemnation to examine an armor of the brother. Usually each remark causes strong counteraction. Even it is necessary to learn to listen to remarks of the Head skillfully, that is without taking offense, without being afflicted and without protesting, but wishing to correct a shortcoming and understanding that the instruction is fair. Even condemnation of the enemy is useful when it really noticed something subject to fair criticism. It is so possible to develop in itself quality correctly to listen to criticism in the address. If it is unfair, it can be rejected quietly if correct; it helps to be exempted from unnecessary freight.
200. (March 30). The desire of Knowledge is lawful quite. Desire of phenomena is illegally, because they give nothing that is advance. The phenomenal area will start revealing naturally in process of thinning and consciousness deepening. It is impossible to force. Medium not achievement, though deals with phenomena. It is better to overcome two-three undesirable habits or to be exempted from three worst properties, than to concern the phenomenal party of the phenomena, anything in itself without having overcome. Reflections on Doctrine subjects certainly are useful. We give that advances, without breaking karma. Phenomena will excite consciousness, but will give nothing and won't help to keep at height of this overexcitement.
201. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to force not to think of much from this that is subject to a get rid, but prisoners are locked in a cage, will be live and will seek to break loose. And when will escape, to the person will be more bitter, than before. It is necessary not to lock in consciousness depths useless thoughts, but they should be killed. What will deprive such thought of force and won't allow live it? Only of the full realize of its inadmissibility and impossibility further to go together with it. Not met desire will be, or grow, or to die off. Everything depends on a food by his thought. Conscious eradication of unnecessary desires is carried out by the termination of a food and maintenance by their thoughts. Severe control over thought helps achievement of this purpose.
202. (Guru). If you want to help the reeled fellow-traveller, keep in mind that it is necessary to assume for this purpose all weight of his doubts, fluctuations and weaknesses and to overcome them in yourself. The sincere help will consist in it.
203. (M. A. Y.). Importantly in reflection of darkness is to keep balance. Only in balance can be victoriously. Notice how it is his attempt to break the enemies of light before you crawl closer. But the retained balance can be successfully to defend. No one is strong against the balance. Try to keep it all through the power of the spirit. If you would understand how it collects the energy focus of Agni. If realized, that there is nothing which would prevent it from breaking. If you would to wish the power thought all his to assert forever.
204. (Guru). Terrestrial acquisitions lose the value before achievements of spirit. Often attendants of Light lost everything that Earth and terrestrial wellbeing could give. But, having saved up values of spirit and realizing value of this accumulation, quietly and fearlessly they looked in the face of death and went on fires, on torments, on the arena with wild animals. Spiritual outweighed terrestrial and hidden – visible. The victory of spirit over a flesh consisted in it.
205. (M. A. Y.). "But you store heart pure that I could enter into it and to surround you with armor". Into clean heart of the Lord Will enter, but the dark will enter into the dirty. Therefore clarification of heart is necessary as the most well-tried remedy of protection against darkness. Not enough significance was attached to this party of clarification, and the attention was paid to ethical essence of a question. But experience shows that immunity from dark influences – in heart, in the heart cleared of any litter. Both in Thin and in dense the worlds dark carefully try to discover the slightest weeds which haven't been cleaned in time, and, them having found, immediately use them as catches for penetration inside. The precept storing heart pure has very important and urgent value and demands immediate application. Experiment will show as far as it is timely and necessary.
206. (Guru). Active expectation of the future includes both a preparation to it and readiness. And then the surprise will turn in unexpected, but an expected waiting. Wait to wait unexpectedly for big refinement and readiness of consciousness. To wait – means to work and work in the direction of the judgment future. What did you make to show such readiness?
207. (Nov. 2). Temptations and allure Kama-Loka are dangerous that create illusive illusion of reality. But, when the person directs to them, and is involved in the sphere of their attraction, and in it gets stuck, covers of illusion disappear and the evil becomes visible in all the naked essence. Claws, prickles, thorns and poison under an external form of each allure, and impossibility to meet desire owing to lack of a physical body. When this moment comes, it is already impossible to be exempted from tenacious embraces of allure. And the unsatisfied desire attracts to a new combination with illusive, but forms of those seductions involving in to overcome which the person when was on Earth didn't find forces. Correctly remembered the phrase: "When the darkness will take control of the property", – in it the essence of how no get rid ulcers of spirit grant the right dark to consider their owners property and to seize them is expressed, carrying away them in the lower class of the Thin World. The pole of Light and darkness attracts to itself the spirits having in the aura elements, kindred’s to this or that pole. Everyone attracts the. That is why it is necessary to think of pure attires of spirit in advance, because only they grant the right to an entrance to the corresponding layers of space of the Elevated World. Fight between the Highest and the lowest duad’s is sharp, intense and deadly, because the victory or defeat of one of them defines destiny of the person in Elevated.
208. (M. A. Y.). We can help others, but not before the next test, the learned experience completely. If it goes on too long, so he's not digested and taught them a lesson not learned. What is not clear, we explain the life. If the heart was open and your mind is not marred. «No be endless tests.
209. (Guru). Understanding the meaning of each test can withstand it successfully. Good understanding of yourself, without help and draw the appropriate conclusions. Testing is not aimless. Life is a school and every substantive lesson should be understood. Karma is not revenge, but teaches. A good student is studying at all and always and does so knowingly.
210. (Nov. 3). The person living in the hen house and shipped entirely in it loses feeling of world prospect. The majority of people are occupied with the private matters and experiences so that out of them for them as though exists nothing. Consequences of such situation are very sad because with death of the personality for them all comes to an end. Interests of society, collective, the homeland, and the people bring consciousness out of this closed personal circle. All great people therefore are great as lived not it, but that was outside their egoism. Life egoism means death of spirit. The egoism lives the personal interests, and when owing to death of a physical body all leaves from the person what he so strongly lived on Earth and that was food for his consciousness, to live he has nothing in Elevated. Remnants terrestrial, connected with his personality, under themselves have no real basis and can't feed spirit with the energy necessary to it. Those who worked for the public good, continue to develop the energy in the accepted direction and to work for others. They live. The egoism is correctly called a spirit grave because there is nothing it to live in peace Elevated unless the desires. When their force is settled on the beget and the thin body is dumped, in the Upper Class spirit has nothing to live and eat, anything there not brought and nothing collected from a harvest terrestrial out of a limit of the egoism.
211. (M. A. Y.). Darkness has a monstrous opposition onslaught of the new world. Knows that the condemned, but all the more fiercely it resistance. Know those, what stand during heads. And yet, despite this opposition, new age ideas stealthily, slowly but persistently creep into the minds of the people.
212. (Guru). "Let off him and follow across Me" – this Covenant shall remain in force for all time. Its depth is unlimited. There is no other way to light, except the path of self-denial, neglect their personal, small "I" and work for the common good.
213. (Nov. 4). Very difficult, living in peace and plunging into cares and peripeteias of day, goes off these impressions, and be no off worldly this, but from the world of the enduring phenomena. The spirit wants to concentrate on them, but the covers filled with terrestrial rehashes, continue to sound against will on those impressions, which were perceived by them during the day. There is a fight between temporary and enduring. The knowledge allows to understand that all these soundings of terrestrial impressions temporarily and is passing and that to them isn't present and there can't be a place in the Highest Worlds that they have to leave together with body and covers which will be dumped that, having played the role on Earth, the personality terrestrial stops the existence, but, despite this knowledge, terrestrial continues to fill consciousness, covering the enduring. After all terrestrial it is necessary to leave all on Earth; after all with itself it is possible to take only experience and knowledge, after all communication with the Teacher – over all temporary and terrestrial! All this is known, but after all this "popularity" needs to be realized and carried out practically, that is, living in peace dense, really to understand in application of every day. In this world it is necessary to be firmly established and carry out the terrestrial duties before people and before the body and covers, feeding them respectively, but it is impossible to forget for an instant that the embodiment on Earth is given not for the sake of Earth, but for collecting, staying in a physical body, immortality elements. It is impossible to forget that terrestrial life without understanding of this purpose becomes deprived of any sense. After all not for this purpose lives, the person suffers and thinks to eat, drink and have what he will be deprived with the termination of this embodiment. The decision in counterbalancing spiritual and terrestrial in the understanding, without allowing temporary to eclipse and cover with itself timeless, conducting to achievement of immortality. Not in the temporary, mortal personality this immortality, not consists in other covers which are dumped one for another in World Aboveground, but above, in the spirit sphere, in the enduring Immortal Triad which has collected from temporary covers a material, given the chance of conscious life in the Highest Spheres of the Elevated World.
214. (M. A. Y.). When seductions and an allure are powerless, dark start influencing thought, throwing doubts, uncertainty and other conjectures anyway to separate consciousness of the pupil from the Teacher. And, when it is assisted, they inspire that it isn't present. And, when the Lord is unchangeable and inseparable, they persist in suggestion that the Lord Forgot and Left. But It is told clearly: "I with you always". No dark tricks and evil-tricks can destroy this statement. With us Lord is always. Let there are these words the invincible weapon of Light. Execution of the Great Plan is foreordained by command of Space Will, or the Space Law.
215. (Guru). "Stand strong; stand stronger than the rock. Fire wonderful is forced by firmness of spirit". And when it is possible come of sturdiness, as not in days of the greatest confusion of the world and spatial no wellbeing. It is necessary to realize the painful darkness condensed over a planet that to strain all strength of mind in counteraction by it. It is necessary to resist, it is necessary resist in the spirit of. Nor the body, nor an external environment narrower no help, if the spirit fluctuates. But its force is inexhaustible. But the Hierarchy of Light is unshakable. Not darkness ahead, ahead of Light a victory.
216. (Nov. 5). Usually the world and everything that surrounds the person, is perceived by it in a section of the present moment. The past and the future of the phenomenon aren't seen. We see not subjects from all directions and their contents, but only their surface, to us turned by a certain party. By analogy I am one-sided and limited as well visibility of all in time. When we look at the person, we see his external image behind which there is him a past going too far times. We don't see neither its auras, nor its covers, neither its monad, nor the Immortal Triad while all person, both external and internal, will stretch in time as one difficult and continuous body of several measurements. As are stretched in time in all complexity and forms of animals, birds, fishes, trees, flowers and all vegetation. As the planet and everything that on it is stretched also. As though the huge incalculable stream of all shown forms stretched in space from the infinite past in the infinite future, rushes in an uninterrupted Space current. And only limitation of terrestrial mind and its sense organs doesn't allow see all this, noting only a surface of forms and the phenomena in a section of the moment of supervision over them and their understanding. In east philosophy there are special terms for the similar phenomena. So, the body of the person taken from his birth to death in aspect of its extent in time as one continuous whole is called a “linga sharira”. The fiery consciousness sees much more widely than the terrestrial. Arhat already Sees that is hidden from a usual eye. Association of three worlds in consciousness will slightly open an invisibility veil. That the person should learn in the course of his evolution represents itself something which isn't holding absolutely not in its modern idea of the world surrounding it. The sphere unknown and subject still to understanding is huge and immeasurable. And the school at which it is got and will acquire this knowledge, life is for the person.
217. (April 6). At an assessment of terrestrial power and force of gold it is good to think of Bases. They can't be changed by force terrestrial, at least and it was expressed in one hundred billions. Each of billionaires is mortal, and his body is exposed to possibility of any diseases and misfortunes, as well as the nervous system can't avoid various influences! Both the body will die, and money won't rescue from action of relentless laws. All of monetary power, however, as and all of power terrestrial is temporary and transient, and illusive for its carrier, though it also doesn't realize this illusoriness. That change of scenery after death of a physical body when not terrestrial, but spiritual comes into the town is sharper and more amazing. Both the beggar and the billionaire pass to the World Thin, anything with itself without taking, except hidden accumulation on Earth and riches spiritual. If they are insignificant and riches aren't present, the lot of a one incarnation especially is pity and dims if his affairs were angry. Bases are unshakable, but the knowledge collected on Earth and concerning life of spirit, will appear the true treasure which is bearing rich fruits and giving the chance of conscious, joyful and light stay in Elevated. Each thought of Light brings the consequences and feeds spirit. And as stay in Elevated is many times longer terrestrial, and the value of good accumulation gains especially deep and fruitful value.
218. (M. A. Y.). Who says that is easy? But you remember strong that each difficulty, each oppression, each deprivation, each encumbrance by the circumstances, each attacks dark and suffering has the opposite pole caused by them to demonstration. Looking for will find, suffering will receive a consolation, burdened it will be released, deprived will receive and to Light aspiring it will have. The life Two-pole too belongs to Bases. When it is very dark and heavy, think of Light, it is immutable going on change to darkness.
219. (Guru). Think of the plight of those who neither is in abundance, contentment in the happiest and sorrow less, conditions held its earthly life without knowing nor the spirit nor the aspirations of struggle nor curb their passions and desires, but to meet them all. So he comes back into the realm of thought, where everything moves thought? And where will overwhelm his usual him thoughts and desires? What he will reap from his earthly seeding? What is full will be his long sojourn in the World Aboveground? What would be the opposite pole of his earthly life in the World Can?
220. (Guru). 220. (Guru). It is possible to note, what bright and convincing reality sleepy visions have. Reflections of the Thin World display in them. On them it is possible to judge, life is how colorful and intense there. All feelings vibrate habitually matually on thin influences. It is good when feelings are refined also extra telegrams. In the Thin World it is possible to enjoy sounds, both paints, and many spiritual perceptions. But someone there it is imagined smokes, both drinks wine, and eats too much strong, being not able to satisfy the appetites in view of lack of a dense body, how many he neither smoked, nor drank and ate. Torments Tantalum is destiny of terrestrial desires in World Aboveground.
221. (Nov. 8). Here winds blew and the storm storms! Whether will destroy everything, what was created and collected with such great work? If the building on the sand – doesn't resist! Foundations have to be unshakable. The Hierarchy Ladder is unshakable only. Bases are put by Hierarchy. It is impossible to come off them. The Lord is unchangeable. On the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life Light Temple is erected. How many embodiments it is necessary to pass and covers to replace to find a track conducting in life! And how many to sustain tests! The Maya covers reality. The Maya is a reality substitute. Not easy to destroy it. If our illusive "I" am Maya product, it is how difficult to reject her! Only rejection will help to be exempted from itself. Obstacles are piled up as the mountain, and it seems that the way to Light is closed. But it too beget of Maya. "I with you am always". Manage to look for a cover of visibility external. Consider fury dark as recognition in you of Light, which not in forces them extinction. Also you remember that "even it will pass". About what mourn, if every day approaches to me? But we will inseparably keep. Whatever did, in thoughts it is possible to be together with Me. Thoughts and feelings should be collected round Light Focus, differently focus of darkness will interfere. Danger is around. It is possible to resist only Me. So direct to Me all power of your spirit and continuously you keep. If I ask: whether you always with Me, – weather will be able to answer in the affirmative and without hesitation? So we will be together. And spasms of day let don't bring division pernicious. As far vanity of the current hour will defend from Me and my World! Manage to be exempted from it, bearing in mind its transient. Everything will pass, but I Stay for ever and ever.
222. (M. A.Y.). It is necessary to find golden mean that is to counterbalance the present and the future in consciousness and to allocate for everyone a place belonging to it. Also it isn't necessary to be afflicted with the relation of people around and even friends too. Absolutely no matter for growth of your spirit as they concern you and what shortcomings at them, to you hurting, but it is important extraordinary as you treat them and as you react to obvious injustice. If the feeling of goodwill, despite everything, to you doesn't change, there are no bases for chagrin, because not your fault that the relation it not such what you want and what to it should be, the future will allow many misunderstanding and misunderstanding if goodwill is kept. Everyone is responsible itself for the mistakes in judgment. It is good when this judgment is deprived of condemnation, because then it is judgment of the truth. The one, who considers faultless judgment of the Lord and is necessary only on it, exempts itself from the power of judgments human.
223. (Nov. 9). Approach of terms will be accompanied by signs spatial. They need be not passed, strengthening the readiness in process of their strengthening. Terrestrial power can seem that until Power of Hierarchy of Light not display the invincible force. Under its Beams the building of the shabby world won't resist. The old world will fail, as a house of cards. And nothing will rescue: neither gold, nor weapon, possession of terrestrial property. When the Hierarchy of Light display the Power, judgment and judgment becomes a visible reality. The era Light Fire is predetermined by Space Will, and nothing will stop its approach.
224. (M. A. Y.). If knew, communication between us and spirits close to us is how strong and continuous, would understand that we take the closest and live part in development and expansions of their consciousness’s. Their success is the success and of our pleasure. Aren't left, aren't forgotten, aren't rejected, but in our cares they stay constantly. Terrestrial eyes are closed on a lot of things – it is so necessary in a terrestrial way. But terrestrial reality doesn't show. Therefore to each sign of fiery reality, its each gleam we will be glad and on these gleams we will try to create probably fuller picture of all events with us. After all terrestrial life and terrestrial consciousness is only weak reflection of the valid life of spirit. Let the Highest World in days of your terrestrial will find the reflection and in them will be approved.
225. (Guru). Doubt you can deprive themselves not only strength, but also any achievements. Therefore, each time winning must be prepared to discard a snake of doubt. They, of course, try to toss all the same shaggy hands that have not been able to block your way. In one, a master of not immediately rush to another. But let God be the not dozing spear Dragon. Do not let echidnas.
226. (Apr. 10). Why so many hunters of Light left usual life, were removed in the woods, or mountains, even refused on its own behalf to tear all communications with the outside world of worldly vanity? They reached such degree of refinement and susceptibility when habitual external influences started breaking roughly an internal system of consciousness, constantly interfering in it. And then they left everything and left the habitual world. In India some people, having reached a certain age and having fulfilled the duty to a family, society and the state, left a family and everything put, clothed in common clothes of the wanderer and went to uncertainty, entirely giving itself to spirit life, and broke off with the past. Nowadays another is required. Nowadays it is necessary to continue to move ahead on the way, without dying. As far as it is more difficult than leaving, the one who tested all burden of a task to combine Heavenly and terrestrial in modern living conditions can tell only. And not only is that it impossible to leave from life, it is impossible from it and to come off. Staying in life, it is necessary to learn how nevertheless to be other-worldly. For this purpose it is required to approve great balance of spirit. Only provided that noise and of disorder of a material world won't be able to break a system of internal life of spirit.
227. (M. A. Y.). Light force their daily to assert itself in the world. So, how does it confront the hard surrounding unless it entailed the need for such efforts? And is it possible to think that someone who sincerely striving to light, will be able to avoid the same effort to stay on track. "Kingdom of God" is taken by force. The ancient formula, but remains in force because only he who overcomes shall now reaches. It always will.
228. (Guru). Every day can be a new step to light. Each day can bring something useful. And each day you can strengthen yourself sounding quality. Therefore, no matter how matured over current circumstances, thoughts can be always on the necessary. What seems important, often quite unimportant? But everything concerning the promotion of the spirit in the future on its very significant consequences, since a lot of spirit and determined on the Earth, and in the worlds.
229. (Nov. 11). If the surrounding prevents to concentrate on the Highest, distracting on itself attention, it is necessary to learn this preventing to overcome in consciousness, differently and in the Thin World surrounding, but already thin, will stir and interfere too, breaking integrity of aspiration. Overcoming of influences of the environment is necessary and in Elevated. And, only having overstepped the limits of menthol, the spirit can have a rest. In a terrestrial way even it is difficult to imagine that environment counteraction disappeared. On life of Spirits Great we can see obviously as far as it always was strong. Everything rose and opposed to Light Carriers. On the way it is impossible differently and to define following, how a condition of fight against inertness and stagnancy of environment which can be persistently active in the resistance. Сатиа the South will be changed substantially by this condition thanks to a new configuration of stars and already other character of space currents.
230. (M. A. Y.). Once you move to other place, the external environment absolutely changes and environment vibrations change. For wanderers or traveling this change becomes constant. The consciousness isn't stuck to same, but updated constantly. Communication of the person by the house over the years rendered habitable by it is great. If the death didn't exempt from this slavery and coherence, evolution of spirit would be impossible. The benefit reached internal freedom and not attached to anything that temporarily surrounds a dense cover.
231. (Guru). Houses aren't necessary in the Thin World, but Strongholds of spirit are necessary, fencing off their inhabitants from the lower class of an astral. There no, this mixture and close contact of people of various levels of consciousness, and consequently, and light full, as on Earth. Everyone gravitates to that is related to it by the nature. But the lower class can be harmful is active, and from their influence it is necessary to protect and be protected. All descriptions of the Thin World are symbolical, but under symbols the reality is hidden.
232. (Apr. 12). The future of a planet and mankind is hardly made out by will of the certain person, but he can make out the individual future with much bigger ease. Only having directed to think on the future, it is possible to operate it. From the present the thought directs in the future. Unattainable in the present – in the future it is achievable. All shortcomings of the person belong to the past and the present, but the future can be and without them, that is in it the person can be free from everything that it would like to eradicate in the character. So at the future also it is possible to look as at a condition, free from imperfections of the present. The thought accurately issued and approved in consciousness, seeks to reveal it in the world dense and comes to light sooner or later always. Therefore dreams of the future and sincere desire of self-improvement building are useful. Making out the future mentally, we give the chance to it to be carried out. Contrary to the phenomena of visibility of the present the invisible reality of the future is approved. That the dream and is wonderful, that it is embodied in visible dense forms. And the one who, without having anything and who, far from perfect, in the present and the future consciously and strong approves possession by spiritual wealth and achievements that will have them. Will have also terrestrial if very much them wants, but about terrestrial the spirit high won't think because too possession time them while treasures of spirit are acquired forever is short.
233. (M. A. Y.). Having shortcomings and their conscious but looking to us will be freed from them and will be with us. But as free of our shortcomings are the one who does not wish to accept them, who are happy with their good and their merits and achievements? Thus, awareness of own imperfections and the desire to break free from them, rushing toward us, absolutely will lead to the desired goal. Criticized and even condemned, you can rejoice, because if they are true, it will most likely get rid of unnecessary goods, if unfair and not deserved, will serve as a lesson in learning human essence. Therefore, criticism and condemnation is definitely useful to the condemned. Wise will enjoy and benefit from a valuable lesson. Many phenomena have to reconsider and modify the treatment. The usual understanding of a pleasant and unpleasant, benefit or harm will have to leave. And then joyfully and consciously you can extract useful and valuable pieces from all that counteracts and that distresses, and that until recently was considered distasteful, the afflicting and disturbing consciousness.
234. (Nov. 13). Light will suffice on all wanting it. Also it is enough and darkness, thirsty for darkness. Choice is in hands of the person. In Days Memorable we will concentrate on Light. The sense of callings consists in a magnetic attraction of spatial fire. Aspiration to Light, desire of Light attracts it. The consciousness surrounds itself with to what aspires. It is easiest to determine it by aspirations of the person. The example of the ordinary collector is very indicative. Art galleries of world value grew from small collections. Growth of thought is caused by the same. Question only in what accumulate thoughts. The thought grows in space if it is supported by aspiration fire. It is possible to notice that the thought continues to grow, and is besides frequent in the direction undesirable to beget. It isn't necessary to it, it outgrew, he refused it, and it nevertheless continues to fly before it, shining or darked a way. At strict control over thought useless thoughts can be burned in a consciousness beam, but constancy of patrol that the intruded thought didn't manage to take root and make harm for this purpose is required, that is uninterrupted wakefulness of spirit is necessary.
235. (M. A. Y.). Great it is impossible to forget about Days of the Victim. The step on the Ladder of Light and in a spiral of evolution which in a certain future has to bring new understanding of the world and new consciousness was put. And whatever distance in time distanced the put step of its judgment future, it will take place. Therefore value of these Memorable Days is great, and is great the vitality and relevance. "Was and passed", – the ignoramus believes. "Was, is and will be, – and will bring in time the lightful, shining, victorious consequences inevitable as the sun way", – so thinks of wisdom.
236. (Nov. 14). When the student really wants to get away from the Teacher what he still does not know, or does not have, when he wants to take His thoughts and Teachings, the first condition is the complete loss of themselves, their thoughts, moods and feelings, for all My bothers parcels from the Teacher. This removal is very difficult, mainly because the dark collar is making all efforts to deflect anything from that necessary. Much effort must spend to neutralize these efforts and free the mind to subtle energies perceptions. On the strength of fire resistance grows counteraction by it. Just to not fall into despair and hopelessness of perseverance and constancy of counteraction. The skilled student will increase due to immolation resistance until it achieves victory. Never back down or put the weapon. While the beats in the chest of a heart, does not stop opposition. His strength is not to crush and destroy the external obstacles, but to increase them internally and become invincible spirit inflexible resistance spirit. The onset of darkness could not continue indefinitely, she retreats to inflexible spirit, and each time the onset of active, fiery, intense opposition should not terminate until dark didn't back down. However, they soon find new approaches and new assistants, through which you can have a new effect, but they still have to back off, and it will give the winner a new inflow of forces for a new fight. Dark counter is usually always accompanied the Carriers of light, life on Earth, and They Were always out of it internally. Often external, the seeming triumph of darkness meant nothing but a real victory of light, clear results which have affected some time later. This is also to be taken into account, not continuing to visibility. Carrying a Light is a winner when opponents and powerful enemies of light, brought down on him, "do not have" it "nothing". This is all the greatness and importance of victory over darkness.
237. (M. A.Y.). Enjoy each win, bearing in mind that it is in the spirit of, that is, that it is inherent, and that its fruits are taken on a journey far. True values are not in earthly material riches, but in the treasures of the spirit accumulated and collected in an earthly life. Hard to imagine that the wealth of the Earth, so real and give such clear earthly advantages and freedom mean nothing compared to the savings of the spirit, which he takes with him and then, when the physical body dies and when scattered in the dust of all worldly wealth and property. Often, standing at the threshold of death, understands all of a sudden the person all their vanity and fragility and bitterly regrets that it has not taken care of in advance on acquisition values, not transient in time and not destroyed by death.
238. (Guru). Rejoice in victory, even a little, could and should, but rest on it, or watch and display of full, or not to be in full readiness to reflect new inevitable attack is unacceptable. This means putting you unprotected under the new blow. Many assumed this peaceful and cruelly paid for frivolity. Spear over the Dragon must be always ready to hit the enemy. Know that "even one directed edge can keep at a vicious".
239. (Nov. 15). Degree and pressure force of environment and surrounding people on consciousness can be defined, having only escaped from it for a while at least mentally. Invisibly, imperceptibly, it isn't realized it presses on mentality, causing feeling of an iron hand of karma. This heavy pressure certainly is useful because causes spirit counteraction, strengthening its fiery energy of resistance to external influences. Distinction in radiations of aura of the pupil and people, to anything not aspiring, and especially people of the bad, personal interests closed in a small circle and egoism is great. To decrease to them and in them to become isolated – means go out fires of aspiration and to stop movement on the way. But all in the spirit, in the spirit is of and a way, to Light the leader. Both anybody and anything, except the traveler, can't block this way, because it in the spirit of, that is over all temporary dense conditions. Image of the Teacher in heart – as guiding fire, as the beam of the beacon punching impenetrable darkness and showing the course to directed of the spirit. The face of the Teacher will be the Leader. When It not greatly Faces a mind, the way to Light is open. Understanding of that anything and nobody can close, block or stop spirit ways, except will of the most going, very much helps to move ahead over restrictions and narrowness of various conditions terrestrial. And then any more has no special value as well as where the ascension if it isn't interrupted is made and if the spirit of the person finds forces in itself to rise over the external and close phenomena of the current
240. (M. A. Y.). Treasures of the spirit cannot be put together as soon as an obstacle is the degree of consciousness. And it grows and grows slowly. So picking up the values of the spirit occurs as the growth and expansion of consciousness. Even the teacher cannot give over its capacity, meaning more of what it can understand and absorb. But every grain and new-found knowledge should celebrate and deliberate delay in the bowl. It is the deliberate postponement, or stashing is especially valuable. Many values can pass unperceived, and not so much from lack consciousness to accommodate, how many, because of the inability to find and keep the seeing. All thus missed completely passes by. That is why the daily record is so useful. Taking advantage of the expansion of consciousness, the Teacher sends the new thoughts and new understanding of the phenomena, - their striking, well written, and not so much for Me, but for those, who goes after.
241. (Guru). The thought sent up, reaches the focus light and merges with him, joining him with focus straight thread connection. When such thoughts are sent from all over the world, they form a protective network of lightfull. If, all people at the same time sent such thoughts, darkness, wraping up land, would be distracted and she surroung to light. This is easy to do when the herd will be uniform and one Shepherd. But as long as people still reside in the great separation. Still, there is a planetary network of light. It is created and maintained by those few who realized and keeps residence relationship to the Hierarchy of light. Value of this relationship is above person. Spatially it has a great effect on the mental state of humanity. If it wasn't, would have flooded the Land of darkness.
242. (Nov. 16). Unipolar personal joy is tenuous because there are their opposite pole of sorrow is inevitable. The above person sense of planetary delight for peace and humanity has another opposite pole is the world's grief and sorrow on the Earth and imperfections of suffering for them. But there is another joy that comes from the depths of the spirit, nor is the independent from any external environment an absolute joy, cosmic spirit. It has been said about it once: and that your joy may be full ". The Kingdom of absolute light without shadows is the Kingdom, and an absolute joy. Rarely and in extent is it weak on the ground. But it is there, it exists and it is the great presence of the spirit in his way into infinity. Happiness is great feel the order pleasures perfect.
243. The border between compassion and pity is thin. The compassion helps and lifts, without plunging into a twilight condition of the one to whom it is assisted. But pity plunges with the head in twilight sorry also catches its condition, losing a light full of the aura. It is perfectly illustrated by an example, "when the blind conducts blind and both get to a hole". To appear in a dark hole of mental situation felt sorry – "achievement" very deplorable. It is difficult to see the border separating compassion from a pity, but results from this or that application are very various.
244. (Guru). But to live and walk his way toward the light is still on Earth. This is why it Says: "Hand and foot human". After the most sublime thoughts have to be immersed in earthly Affairs and care from them cannot be wished away. But save the morning lights spirit, plunging into the Earth, and can and should be. Means care of forgetting about Light uniform, being even in the middle of dense conditions. Combine the balance of heaven and Earth is not easy. Only long experience may help, also the desire and firm decision will not give the fire spirit alive.
245. (Apr. 20). Let's go back again to the qualities. Without them, you cannot move on. Each will come in handy in a distant way. To everyone now that disbalances plagued by the aura of the planet. All at once display. The process takes time. But some of them, most at the moment, the American could still increase, paying him attention. Quality are the reservation spirit, because through them the protecting power nothing will penetrate, im not a consonant. How can penetrate through solid chain armor courage fear or lust after the purity or fussiness and hurry through the calm or doubts – through devotion, or swing-through resistance. So we on the protective value of qualities this force will find their claim.
246. (M. A. Y.). As it is difficult approve reality in the face of visibility and far before surrounding relatives. Body and its feelings darken knowledge of spirit. Sounding visible should be moderated that the invisible became more notable. The other-worldly world can't phenomenon, if this world fills all consciousness; He Invisible, too demands attention and care. I speak about World Aboveground the Highest, but not about averages, or low layers of an astral. Concern them not so difficult. And of the order last are very poisonous. Their inhabitants constantly seek to influence on incarnate and to bring frustration in their life. But contact of the Highest World always is beneficially. The thought of the Teacher of Light already will be a contact to the Highest World, - thought upwards to direct probably always. To be in continuous contact with the Upper Class of space – means to approach reality real to consciousness.
247. (Guru). Call before the mind's eye the living image of Teachers, and with such clarity and distinctness to overshadow even the Sun, hard and difficult, but the cause of it thought a lot easier, and you can do it at any time. It is close, but consciousness should be on it like a ray of a spotlight turns to the side and to the item you wanted to highlight to see.
248. (Apr. 21). It is necessary to get used to a tension of space, - the higher, the more tensely, in the Stronghold not to sustain tension to unprepared heart. It is possible to pay already attention to how it is accelerated life and as together with it tension grows. Tension doctrine about which tells the Doctrine is a condition of a new step of evolution of mankind. The fiery consciousness already represents itself the device of the spirit adapted for such tension and assimilated with it. Disclosure of the centers means their intense activity. It is hard to accustom to this tension poor heart. Among conditions terrestrial intensity of fiery spatial waves increases. The consciousness which isn't recognizing fire can't be protected from them. Tension doctrine – the doctrine fiery, connected closely with the Doctrine about fire. Before people there is a question of assimilation of spatial fire. The era of Fire compels to it the nature. The doctrine of tension demands understanding and its development in application to life and conditions of a coming New Era.
249. (M. A. Y.). We are accustomed to this tension by life and those tests which are allowed by the Teacher. I emphasize, Allows because over forces human tests aren't given. It is interesting to read and speak about tests, but when severity of a way puts them before the pupil, the theory turns into practice, and only the pupil who has transferred them knows as far as they are heavy. It often goes on a limit of all forces. Also it seems at times that there is no end to them. Wishing achievements by that attracts to itself inevitability of tests. And then stronger the desire and that higher delivering the goal, the more difficult and tests is. But life doesn't stint them and for ordinary people. Is it better, the meeting, to leave a track of commonness and to use them for the achievements which are going beyond the usual? If something can't be avoided, it is most expedient to use this inevitable for extraction from it what it can't give to the person, not wishing to think over the standard.
250. (Guru). Anyway, but terrestrial it is necessary to leave all on Earth. But it is better to leave the entire winner, than won. Speaking in other words: "Caesarian is to the Caesar, terrestrial is terrestrial", but spiritual saved up and won with such great work, it is carefully protected from noxious breath of commonness and is kept by it contrary to. The environment of a commonness is very strong the influences. It is impossible to separate from it. It is necessary to live in it, to its requirements to submit and still to keep intimate from violation by it. It is necessary to live in it, to its requirements to submit and still to keep intimate from violation by it. And then there comes spirit release.
*251. (Nov. 22). Each thought becomes a thing is obvious, visible, tangible, vibrating right there near his beget and throws his entourage. Would have known [it], would live, if not live, and eke out a miserable, darkness existence [out there in the world Thin]. Eke out here [on Earth], but do not see the reason. Karma is created by thought and here and there. Clair-radiant creates a bright idea of karma, but the evil and dark wicked works. Beware of even small mental. Mote in the eye or the eye obscures the horizon. You thought about light work light, the beauty – beauty, because ugly idea creates the ugliness. And we, the creators themselves detailed the results of his work. Joy at our about that, who create of Light of thought and sadness about of that, which create the thought the darkness. A man is determined by the degree of luminosity of his thoughts. The feat is when light among the darkness is going on. The benefit to them, Light to the world the bringing. That makes it into the world and that has made, anyone can ask himself and say that he has made his mind, light or darkness, and under the answer – judging himself. Everyone has a justice. If [people] were thinking each of the light, and if everyone tried to multiply it!
252. Light can be created both in itself and in people. Thinking of them light, then we ennoble and we clarify their aura, but also on the contrary. Great Spirits of people thought Created, causing from their depth the best qualities of the spirit sleeping there. Kind I started eating in each human heart. They can be caused thought from there. To think about people light, them ennobling, everyone can want to people of good. Goodwill – valuable quality of spirit. It can be conscious and purposeful. It is good to work on a field of creativity of souls human. Life for this purpose the rich gives a material when there is so much round cruel and angry. The merit darkness in the person is great, on you turned, to the public to turn. To each heart which hasn't wallowed hopelessly in a gloom, it is possible to address with words: "Let there will be in it Light". But for this purpose it is necessary that and in own heart there was no darkness, there was no place to the darkness feelings caused by imperfections of people around. And it is necessary to answer bad feelings of people not with the same feelings, but mutually to send thought of Light, without permitting darken to own heart. And it is possible to make it mentally, sending mentally proper, simple words. It is mentally possible to tell everything. And where usual words would be met hostilely, there the thought will reach heart and heart will touch. Though you create people, - as it Make many Carriers of Light. But, thought creating, don't think of the help to a tiger.
253. (Apr. 23). In each subject the world over there are harmonic and chaotic particles that can weaken, or strengthen the thought. They also are available in all that lives and breathes, and exist in the manifest world. Harmony is the opposite of chaos. Fight with the chaos is the builders of the cosmos. It is the eternal struggle of light with the primeval chaos. People are consciously and unconsciously take part in this struggle; some are making building, harmonious, other elements – chaos, disharmony and disruption. In each person fight two forces: balance and disbalance. A person can strengthen each of them in itself, it may exacerbate them and in other people, claiming them for identification. Good or bad influence exerted by people one to another, based on the activity of these opposing forces. Claiming a balance of contrasts will its forces man disharmony, the forces of destruction, and the forces of chaos? So it is important to establish in the minds of its harmony and balance, - right, work hard on it, so that adopt these qualities. That reflected the world don't misconstrue it, consciousness must be quiet. We have a great balance that cannot shake any events in the world. Breaking it would mean catastrophe. It is necessary and you establish such a balance, so that nothing could shake him. The complete, perfect balance cannot be display in the world of earthly things, but some of it is still possible. Let's start building peace on the little things, not letting them chaotically intrude into consciousness and violate his order. The various messages of life, both good and bad, learn take it in stride, because our concern will not change anything and nothing helps, so it makes no sense. You can bring yourself to the point that every small thing will disturb and bother. Will their countered the invasion of chaos in all its forms and manifestations. Approval of calmness and balance is the first responsibility of the student. One must realize that it is not his personal selfish thing or a job, but a duty to the people and the space for community disbalance and anxiety differ widely, infecting invisible space and penetrate into the minds of many people, increasing disorder in the world.
254. (M. A. Y.). Great disbalance reigns on Earth. Elemental comes over flowed. In human brains is chaos. The dark forces to attack go, trying to bring destruction wherever possible. They would like to destroy the planet. Birthplace of our great task befell resist those destructive forces. Hard is of the time. Last time, the formidable terms fit closer and closer. All the fortitude needed to gather, to meet them in full readiness.
255. (Guru). The present situation can be considered under the sign of invasion of chaos into consciousness of the person. If attentively look narrowly at behavior of people, it will be possible to notice how presence of chaos at their thoughts, acts and actions comes to light. If attentively to watch itself, and in itself it is easy to see a tendency of chaotic energy to break a usual current of mental life. Great Guards and Great Patrol that to oppose all will to forces a disbalance is required. And if spirit wakefulness, or patrol, it is necessary always, before approaches of terms of the last it is necessary in degree bigger, consciously strengthened many times over.
256. (Apr. 24). The burden of time was specified in ancient predictions. As well the Doctrine warns that there will be "awful pressure", - inevitable not to avoid. Question in how, at them to meet continuously from Us. The separation threatens with invasion into consciousness of forces, antagonistic to Light. Trust, support, hope is Hierarchy of Light. We will be approved on It infinitely.
257. (M. A. Y.). Task is in that, so that passes invisible and indivisible from the Teacher across a grief and of joy. Not in volume business that wasn't burning, either grieves, or feelings of grief deep, and in that, the enduring, not to separate from the Lord. This one of the most difficult tests because it seems that the Lord Left and that there is nothing, both is empty around, and the space broke off. But it is Maya, sstrong seeking to replace reality with evidence, Light deprived. It can't give in. The Lord is close, and didn’t leave, and never Will leave, because with us always. And Maya dark cover won't be able to hide the World the Highest and to deprive of Light the consciousness which has been unshakably approved on Bases. The Maya, recede!
258. (Guru). As furiously seek to hold the lower class of the dense and astral worlds the person in the tenacious embraces. And the karma which has put spirit in certain conditions which it can't change, wants it to teach how to come out the winner from any conditions, whatever difficult or desperate they seemed. After all the victory in the spirit of and spirit doesn't depend on anything external if realizes the inviolability. Body it is possible to drive into a corner, but spirit – it is impossible, and in understanding of it force it, both firmness, and indestructibility. And, when the hopelessness circle, apparently, is already closed, the exit is up open for spirit.
259. (Nov. 25). The above the person rose, it is more and more strongly temptations which he should overcome. For the alcoholic the excess bottle of wine, for Great Spirit – all kingdoms terrestrial, both their riches, and glory will be a temptation. And a lot of force is necessary not to give in. And the above, the dangers more to fall. Fallen angel not is symbol, but reality. It is a lot of victories of human spirit over the world and its allure was in Earth past, but was and many falling and defeats. Defeat brought at times and glory terrestrial, both the power, and wealth, and a victory deprived of everything. But not measures terrestrial measure consequences of a spiritual victory. It is impossible to take away them, but they are visible obviously only in Elevated. As also consequences of defeat of spirit phenomenon it where, the terrestrial ceases is. Quality of imagination belongs to spiritual riches. On Earth his owner can huddle in a pity hovel, but in World Aboveground where everything is created and moves thought, the imagination becomes invaluable treasure of spirit, - certainly, the imagination pure and spotless, creating the principle of Beauty means. So differ between itself spirit and wealth value terrestrial. It is possible to spend forces for acquisition and that and others, but knowing will choose that from spirit. Things terrestrial are doomed to destruction; things terrestrial can accompany only a terrestrial way of the person. Further they don't go. Collectors of terrestrial property should think of it. The doctrine demands from the person of understanding of sense and value of terrestrial property. The doctrine speaks: "Own everything", than you want, "but consider nothing" and know that everything is given only for a while. There is nothing more ridiculous, than situation when the person, dying and being exempted from a body, transfers with itself to the World Thin remnants of terrestrial property in the imagination and surrounds itself with them. The doctrine exempts human spirit from feeling of illusive property. Not for Earth it is necessary, but above. The illusive property in World Aboveground creates bonds for the person. Strength of mind chains terrestrial break. And not only wealth chains, but many fetters the person can drag on himself. And it is difficult even to tell which of them will be heavier and the most connecting freedom of spirit. One is undoubted: it is necessary to be exempted from them from all, for the present on Earth. It is difficult to be exempted from spiritual outgrowths and ulcers in
261. (Guru). Very important, what it memoirs carried the person from Earth in the World Elevated. That is thought over, and the main thing, is experienced by it, especially strongly becomes stronger in memory. Everything consciously apprehended for the purpose of deduction in memory remains for a long time with the person. Also I would like, perhaps, it from much to be released and reject, but bright images of the experienced impressions don't leave, from time to time reminding of itself. What in them kept on itself attention of the person? What attracted to itself? What thought, either desire, or desire? Yet get rid the impulse which has caused an attraction and stability of this or that fancy, until then this fancy will attract to itself consciousness and thought. Create fancy not difficultly, but to be exempted from it much more difficultly. Therefore it is necessary to turn energy on that not to create new undesirable fancies, and with old not to enter contact and a combination. Deprived of a food by though, they will lose the force and will cease to influence beget.
262. (Nov. 26). Contradictions and the unclear phenomena will meet on a way much. They not in the Doctrine are concluded, but in consciousness of the pupil. Therefore there should be put everything carefully aside until when life will explain them.
263. (M. A. Y.). While the New Era of Fire didn't come yet, we will be unshakably approved on Bases. Too many false doctrines are widespread among mankind, and too religions are distorted and perverted. Behind the external varnished form very unattractive picture of spiritual decomposition is hidden. Dark consciousnesses very much detain approach of the New World. But a mighty stream of evolution any more won't stop anything. Its streams aren't always visible to an eye, but they will obviously break through on a life surface soon. And already make the way, washing away harmful stratifications of the old world. Transformation has to happen in consciousness human, and it will finally and irrevocably renounce the old world. Childbirth is difficult and painful. The new consciousness is born torment. And is heavy each sensitive of the heart. When displaced and leaving energy are replaced going with it with change, the statement on Bases will help to pass through this heavy threshold of the New Era firmly. Bases are unchangeable and unshakable.

264. (Guru). To enter into the New World desired and invited, it is necessary to replace attires of spirit and to create new, worthy and beseeming to the moment, - in old in his not to enter into it. Care of spirit attire – the major. All expectations and hopes to have in it a worthy share if internal transformation it wasn't made are vain. Not about any special fiery inspiration it is spoken, and not it means. We speak about that thoughts were cleared, the behavior and acts were ordered and speech that words, not commensurable with the future, uncontrolledly didn't slip out any more changed. We speak about the statement of demanded qualities of spirit and release from undesirable properties, weaknesses and shortcomings. We speak about that the person became better and more kindly. The understanding of the New World imposes known obligations on the understanding; in an old tatter there not to enter. It is necessary to depart and be exempted from much. Light is ahead.
266. (Nov. 28). Whatever met on a course of life of the person, through what it had to pass, nothing has to capture him or attach to itself so that he forgot about short duration and pass ability of each experience, each impression and everything that sees, feels and he feels. "The person is a process". Everything in it flows. The continuous stream of a matter of all conditions flows through all its covers. Everything flows, constant only Looking, Dumb Witness inside. With It uniting and merging, it is possible to look at a life stream, by the current.
267. (M. A. Y.). "All is permitted", but on condition of understanding that everything that it is necessary to meet in life, is given as experience for extraction from it the necessary elements, but not to become attached to its details, in them to grow and become the slave to any feelings, impressions, desires or experiences. True freedom consists in not attachment to something and in understanding of temporariness and a transient of all conditions of dense existence. If the person tried any drug and isn't able to be exempted more from it and becomes its victim is will be a bright example of the power passing over consciousness. If the person owns something and considers that everything consists in possession it for it, is too Maya power. So in the power of various passing illusions there live people, without understanding all illusoriness of the delusions. On the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life builds the house of the spirit the one who comprehended deceptive Maya essence.
268. (Guru). We will repeat this once: every deed man may commit in freedom or slavery, that is, being a master of what he was doing, or slave committed. So share the slaves and free people. We want to liberate humanity from all forms of slavery and to physical, mental, and spiritual. The most dangerous of them is slavery spiritual. The man, who moved into the world of Subtle in a position of slavery with their blemishes, the slave remains there until they wither away energy. Everyone can ask themselves a slave he or free, and if the slave, what and how is expressed is slavery. Awareness of slavery will be the first step to liberation.
269. (Apr. 29). Free will is considered sacred by us, and we don't break. Hierarchy of darkness comes instead. It is free will has brought humanity and the planet before the unfortunate situation in which it is at present. We do not interfere in human karma. Our relationships are based on the principle of voluntary acceptance of our guidance and Our Teachings. Only when the desires and aspirations of them sent to us, we go and we can Go to meet them. All violence and coercion, it would not be appropriate, because sooner or later would have caused the explosion, but beyond that any forcible accomplishment has no price and merits and very fragile. When the free will of a person violates the laws of nature and rushes to the evil, it is against the elemental force which eventually falls upon the person. The action is always opposition, - human being in harmony with the laws of nature, like swimming upstream the stream of cosmic evolution that carries all things according to the purpose. Actions against them are building up forces counteract Kickback forces. For example, the Atlantis, you can see what elements caused by the rebellion were the forces of evil and the massive violation of the basic laws of nature by humanity. And in the life of an individual is not difficult to envision how each person the same principles of harmonic or occurrence disharmony action and reverse recent strikes that is the consequences flowing from them Many examples of the elements in the human microcosm uprising. . As above, so is below. Disease of the planet and all the disbalance climatic conditions caused of the mankind in whole. If you specify the Hierarchy of Light is not accepted and violations are dubbed borders, natural disasters are unpredictable.
270. (Nov. 30). When it becomes very dark also the dark closed the circle, a way up, to the Lord, nevertheless remains free; close it they not in forces. And on this way, and through the Lord it is possible to call from space pleasure over visibility dense, over everything that surrounds externally. The called pleasure will come and heart will fill, and it will be a victory over darkness. And this pleasure will be not about itself, but about spirit, that, uniting in consciousness with the Highest Spheres, it is possible to rise over the life abyss, over seeming impassability of dense conditions. If consciously not to call pleasure or That World which "above human understanding", the gloom, both despair, and hopelessness will fill poor heart. To rise over a life whirlpool, in the spirit of the consciousness directed to Light can come off its utter darkness.
271. (M. A. Y.). If something, despite the hottest and persistent appeals to Hierarchy, nevertheless doesn't die and continues to annoy, so through it is necessary to pass and undergo up to the end.
272. (M. A. S.). Our goal is to awaken people to consciously sided building and the creative forces and constituted a powerful resistance to forestallers. And the situation is not as bad as it seems on the surface, because the masses woke up and are ready to fight for peace and prosperity. Fight the new world to the old will be fierce, and it will take all. Awakening will go fast.
273. (May 2). (May 2). Soundings human are usually very disharmonious, especially city noise and sounds. Harmonius singing and music, good music, are exceptions. Voices of people, their feelings and thought are disharmonious; harmoniously adjusted consciousness’s meet seldom. Near them the person has a rest. Unlike disharmony nature sounding, as a rule, has in itself harmony so necessary to people. Foliage whisper, rain noise, surf of waves, streamlet murmur, falls song, sounds forest and singing of birds – all this is filled with a rhythm and harmony. And if long to listen to murmur of a mountain stream, it is possible to fall under influence of these harmonious sounds and to experience their beneficial influence. It is possible to call the nature Great Mother of the person, and in her bosom he merges with it and restores condition of internal harmony so necessary to it which was lost by inhabitants of the cities.
274. (May 3). The right to an entrance to these or those spheres of space, as well as belonging to them are defined by a vibration key of aura, or, speaking in other words, – degree of its light full. It is thus absolutely unimportant as called, or calls itself its carrier, what color his skin, to what sector of society it belongs, has the diploma about education, or has no, it is rich, or is poor and what belief professes. When the dense body is dumped, everything disappears, but the four remains with the degree of luminosity. The dark aura gives the chance to enter into the same dark layers of space. Clarify it in the conditions of the Elevated World very difficult. If the aspiration to Light was shown on Earth, Highest Duala’s deadly fight against the lowest for Light begins. Generally, the thin condition of a one incarnation– a condition "fair» that is everyone has that deserved that I reached and that is in the full accord with its nature. On Earth people distinguish themselves on various signs, thus the bank account, or a high social status play a considerable role. Also consider that belonging to this or that religion, sect, political or social movement has any value at determination of value of the person. But it not is so. The person calling the Christian, can be the inquisitor, that is the obvious attendant of darkness, and the communist who isn't trusting in anything over usual materialism, but directing all efforts for the benefit of mankind and ready on a self-rejection feat even the life price, has a light full of aura of which those who in words recognized God don't dare even to dream, but wages shameful wars. Applying the principle of luminosity at definition of the person, it is necessary to refuse usual measures and definitions. When pictures of aura radiations will replace with themselves passports, there will be a mankind division on a light full of auras, and then anything dark won't get access to the circle of rulers of the destiny human.
275. (Guru). In darkness condition of consciousness look for the reason which is generated by dark influences. All trouble that it is very difficult to see them, and not light mood is attributed to anything, but only isn't thin and ukhishchrenno to the conceived tricks of darkness. Without having succeeded in one, they find another, and such that their presence or participation weren't found. Won't approach, but use even the child and when there is nobody to send, thoughts will throw. In each not light thought it is possible to look as at attempt from their party to confuse consciousness. Light thoughts – from Light, dark, or not light – from darkness.
276. (May 4). Whether it is possible to be surprised to what heart is overflowed with grief and feeling of the darkness which has hung over a planet, it is felt so heavy? Silly rejoice, wise mourn. The change didn't come yet, but the Proximity strengthens it darkness rage. From the Tower Beams stream, but they should direct towards consciousness that to perceive them; heavy time, unknown time of great tension before the Rising. And whether it is possible to complain that heart feels the events in the world. It is necessary that tension of light consciousness’s exceeded tension and a press from the dark. And rescue can be looked for only in spirit towers. Think that solves the terrestrial plan. But it is incorrect. The world Thin serves as though as a transitional stage from solutions of the Fiery World to the approval of these decisions in the world terrestrial. People of Earth in the actions are limited to life terms in a body, but the Fiery World of these restrictions has no, and its decisions go far to the future, without being considered with short and makeshifts of people of this generation.
277. (M. A. Y.). "Hold on to me tightly, every minute in every corner," you can do more definitely and clearly tell the necessity for unity? But you might ask how accurate this reference is. Don't forget whether it permanently, and not overshadow a vanity the necessary. In fact it is. And, putting aside the hapless apprentice's main, is surprised why everything is going and not going the way he wants it. Said: «Stay», was inseparable continuously that nothing could get inside the dark and separated from the teacher. How, without respecting the Instructions, you can count on having the desired effect? Time is so intense that normally does not go through.
278. (May 5). The question of sense of human existence remains at all times to the same, forms of its expression change only. And no wonder that big thinkers express similar opinions. The thought is correct: if not to believe in immortality, there will be no constraining beginnings for identification of the most awful, lowest parties of a human nature, - and the evil gains free distribution. And if the person denying immortality nevertheless remains good, so in depths of its being there is a hidden, unconscious belief that it after all is, that is has knowledge of spirit. Often that admits in words, isn't approved by affairs, and vice versa. Often the simplest, uneducated people who haven't received any external luster and education, in the spiritual relation know infinitely more than that knows the shining, ground intelligence which has forgotten about heart. So knowledge to knowledge – discord. Purpose is achievement of full harmony meanwhile and another – and balance.

279. (M. A. Y.). Have the Teacher sometimes leave a disciple as one, as if without the help, that he has learned how to stand on their own feet by the power of his spirit and reflect enemy attacks. It is in spiritual autonomy against the teacher wants to teach. And if that someone is suffering or for someone to have to suffer, the more quickly a person will learn too much-desired independence. And suffering – just received this fee by knowledge. We should hold out until the end, without losing confidence in proximity, nor in the power of Elected Hierarch. And may not yet be heavy heart when surrounded by a dark and out leaving only upwards.
280. (May 6). To seize itself in big, it is necessary to seize itself in the small. About value of small things It was spoken more than once. On them also it is possible to practice, without being afraid of defeats. Carry out restraint of small feelings and movements of an astral not so difficult. The victory over them brings pleasure. Very much the astral wants is unrestrained to prove always and in everything. And the more he gets out of hand, the bigger wants freedom. But freedom of identification of an astral means slavery at it – the heaviest and shameful slavery which exists. Restraint of this uneasy and irrepressible cover means freedom of spirit. People like to worry and don't know I will hold to willfulness of astral emotions which, as a matter of fact, are absolutely not necessary and aren't justified by the caused reasons. Maya all these ghosts which the strong will can quietly disseminate. "Mastering by Went, the Lord", – this mastering so often doesn't suffice to people. Having seized itself in small, it is possible to threaten and on the bigger.
281. (May. 7). So, "the person is a process", process difficult, going in all its covers. This movement has the direction. The consciousness extends, the understanding goes deep. It isn't so difficult to realize to what party there is a consciousness development, towards darkness or Light. Throughout centuries and the millennia there can be an eminence or spirit falling. Throughout one embodiment it is possible to note in what I succeeded incarnate and in what I allowed involution of these or those qualities of spirit. The consciousness of the person is the fight arena between the aspirations which are carrying away it up or down: one amplifies and wins, others weaken and die off absolutely, - if die off attracting down, is the benefit to the winner. It is important that equally effective all aspirations, impulses and desires I gave prevalence to energy light. Then the ascension of spirit goes steadily up on Light Ladder. But, unfortunately, together with kind shoots weeds which too grow come across also and become stronger in time. Each embodiment can give the chance of growth and another. Should be known and honestly and impartially to estimate the positive and negative qualities: the first – for the statement, the second – for a get rid. The printing of the unshakable solution of will on the statement of merits of spirit will give the chance to them to develop and will put a bridle on qualities negative. The last need restraint and control. Otherwise they will impetuously grow. There are people which neither to bridle, nor don't want to constrain itself, and especially in thoughts. But karmic the thought has crucial importance in development of qualities because each action is preceded by thought. Mastering by thought will precede mastering by feelings and desires. Thought is first of all.
282. (Guru). Refraining from actions in some minds in reality brings with him the same kind of restraint, or obuzdannost′, in actions and in his sleep. Process control and cleanse the thoughts can be strengthened and observe the results. Each mastery one or another order of ideas is definitely useful. After all, the idea is most difficult to tame. You can easily opt out of certain things, but most important is much in the thoughts of their desire to eradicate. Lead thought.
1969 g. 283. (May 9). Can I be happy when misfortune hung over the planet and human madness is ready to plunge into the chaos of destruction? No, every sensitive heart cannot feel the General distress. And even more happy times wise people grief, because many be fulfilled know, and much knowledge of much sadness, and who multiplies knowledge, multiplies the grief. «Joy Space is beyond the normal life. This field is available if the person doesn't have anything of my own and nothing feels. Usual earthy joy is short-lived, as the shell live traffic, i.e. change its fortunes. The greatest joy from certain conditions will turn to indifference, if continued for too long. This is the property of astral shell, if the reasons of joy centered in it. The perfect joy mentioned once, is the joy of the spirit not of earthly things. On Earth the same will try to enjoy each lightfull Light, wherever and in whatever it was.
284. (M. A. Y.). The degree of human spirituality is not significant nor education nor education nor the origin, nor all the external that is imposed on him, and the epoch times. Signs of spirituality are hidden deeply and remain with the man always, sometimes identified, sometimes hidden! Spirituality is the essence of human incarnation. Neither the education nor the education it cannot give. But when she is strong enough, it shines through all of the shells, and sometimes so hard that the darkness outside cannot extinguish this light. Spirituality is an inalienable asset of a person. This value, above which there is nothing on Earth.
285. (Guru). In the face of heavy fire will approve the obviousness of the light that's inside. Yes, yes, the light needs to be conscious of its approval. Too much poison him by opponents of light. Generally speaking, the whole life of the servants of Light was constant and continuous struggle for his approval. The Kingdom of God, i.e. the world highest, world of light, suffers, or, in other words, in the fight for him.
286. (Guru). Separateness from the subtle world is an illusion too hypes Maya. Generally speaking, it should not be at all. But many centuries’ people stubbornly tenacious plunged into matter and dense peace and interrupted a life-saving link. Comes a time when a natural awareness of both worlds has become commonplace. First are breakthroughs in this world. They will be on the increase. Children would be born with more sensitive nervous system. They will become more and more. And finally, the world of Delicate legal and victoriously enters the life and harmoniously merge with world standard.
287. (May 13). The duty of attendants of Light consists in Light execution. It means that the aura shouldn't radiate fires of rage, hatred, not goodwill, offense, hostility and all other feelings, darkness aura. And, when blows of bad feelings fall upon it human, it has no right to answer with the same bad feelings. It doesn't mean that there has to be it a meek lamb, but it is required to answer from it attacks so that its aura didn't catch dark feelings of forwards. The tranquility and balance are the best board and against dark emotions. Not only that in this board it is necessary to accept enemy arrows, it is necessary still to be able to answer with a light arrow that is so that radiations of aura remained light. As far as it is difficult, can show only own experiment. So, evil radiations it is answered with radiations light, for the evil it is rendered by good, for darkness – light. It also means such condition of consciousness when the evil of this world, collapsing on Light carrier, any more has in it no anything and can't cause in it the same dark vibrations which direct on it. The darkness transmutation, both its repayment, and dispersion by Light vibrations occur this way. The attendant of Light for the received evil can render only good, without daring to vibrate in unison with carriers of dark radiations. It is difficult not to allow exasperation of heart among cruel and dark. But become hardened heart loses the light. That is why the pupil in protection of can lift only Light sword. Light protects it from darkness, but not by darkness or rage. Even the striking Beam is sent without any rage, in balance full. Ordinary people anyway give in to a transmutation Light radiations. Only conscious attendants of darkness are in this regard hopeless. They very much try saddening each lightful consciousness and all ways to cause in it black, smoky fires. It is so important to watch own radiations, keeping them under strict control. Thus has no value what exactly causes undesirable vibrations in aura of the person, because everything that the causes or can cause, it is inadmissible and it isn't justified by any reasons. And then even poisonous arrows will give only the best coloring to aura, without having done it harm.
288. (M. A. Y.). No self-justifications will help, if light which is in us becomes darkness. And control is necessary in order that it didn't occur under no circumstances, fight for Light demands continuous wakefulness and vigilance. The stupor of full can't allow and to calm down that everything is good. The dark rack doesn't doze as the soldier put on guard can fall asleep. If anybody and threatens nothing to someone, so its light is weak, so the spark of his heart is dim. The merit is insignificant not to be noted dark. Than light burning inside, especially ardent counteraction is brighter he causes in surrounding his environment.
289. (Guru). The student's Teacher is building severely stairs light. Difficult tests are inevitable – otherwise not ascend. They are learning so much and so useful, in spite of the pain and suffering caused. Understand their usefulness and necessity will be the greatest achievement of the spirit, for the Wayfarer is outraged, indignant pr0 was driven by and protests against them. But all one has to accept and precede through all of the planted no belittling and no extinction the fire of the heart. It will be a victory.
290. (May 14). The bowl of achievements wants to be filled rather. Desire is quite lawful. But to leave that disturbs and burdens load, to leave completely to be exempted from insalubrious freight, the determination doesn't suffice. The spirit wants Light and the egoism want to indulge the no get rid desires. The egoism is very persistent, and as its support the astral and its deeply taken roots terrestrial gravitations serve. The discipline of spirit assumes full mastering by all impulses and aspirations of an astral. The strong silver bridle on feelings is necessary for mastering by. After all the main test is necessary not here, but in Word Aboveground when it is necessary to become the face to the person with all the desires and the aspirations which have accepted obvious, visible and live forms, layers of the astral world attracting in corresponding these desires. If aspirations are pure and ennobled, they will carry away up but if it isn't present, only the will bridle on feelings can stop and prevent spirit falling. But it is necessary to put on it already on Earth and strong to hold an occasion in a hand. Everyone, even slightest, a victory over strong will be reckoned in the future. All possibilities of the future are open for the winner. It is from outside easy to see, on what pity for indulgence to the weaknesses possibility of big achievements changes. But to see it not from outside, but in itself will be already a victory threshold because understanding is followed already by mastering. Remember words more often: "Mastering by Went, the Lord".
292. (M. A. Y.). The rise and decline of the spirit are inevitable, since the alternation of opposites based life, but you must be very careful to not drop below the previous trough of the wave.
293. (M. A. Y.). Seemingly simple, just join and reap the benefits. But something gets in the way. What? There are no small lumps, needles and thorns, which sometimes clog consciousness and who admitted thoughts toward loved ones, clearly and acutely hindered the full, harmonious unity. Petty grievances, discontent with each other, and especially the conviction and other very small and bad feelings that arise in the consciousness, are the invincible barrier against the fullness of unity. Those out of consciousness should be deleted. It is the most their insignificance obstacle is light full unlimited solidarity. Don't need these small feelings for harmonic merge of auras. They undergo complete removal, conscious and unconditional.
294. (Guru). If resist in small, resist in big and in the great. Exercise firmness of spirit on small things. As often, no give of the meaning small details of the conduct and actions, the person stumbles and on the big. And not so much in affairs large, how many on the smallest details of life the hidden essence of the person, his true face comes to light. Should be known severely and impartially and to estimate and judge itself and itself on small things. They characterize the person, than big best of all and more precisely. Determine by them and others with whom it is necessary to make contact.
295. (May 22). The human memory can be a lot to say. There are so many kinds of it: memory, Visual, acoustic, gustatory, olfactory perception, memory, emotions and thoughts. There is also the memory of the near or distant past, the memory of past incarnations. Memory's an abyss that itself, but the ability to dive into it are very different. Memory has its own insurmountable limitations: for example, you cannot enter a future memory, or in life on distant worlds, if the spirit did not visited. In these cases, the forward is sense-knowledge. The bowl is embodied all that was once human, but to touch these savings cannot be memory, normally need special manifestation. Especially strongly are postponed in the Bowl thoughts, impressions or put on the heart. In addition to the memory of human there is still the memory of nature and of all that therein is. Things keep the memory of its aura of what was happening around them. Even human clothing has a memory that is expressed in the emanations, saturating at her. Rocks and mountains, and stones much remembered, because on them in are deposited skeleton and impress of vibration held events. The stones on the intersections of old roads and paths of movement of peoples could tell a lot of seen by them. Any existing in nature has its own aura, and matter has the property to fix many types of energies, embodying them in subjects from it are. To understand it practically requires an already known degree of clairvoyance. On the walls of ancient castles or buildings showed a lot. You can imagine that is invented by the apparatus that will be able to take pictures of these deposits. In the meantime, it is only the internal eye by Seer.
296. (M. A. Y.). When you meet in human life from last embodiments, memory of heart usually quickly defines, the friend it or the enemy. So it is possible to note and this type of the memory which is expressing in defined, not seen eye, forms, feelings, or heart whisper. He demands distinguished attentiveness that to catch it. The device human is difficult extraordinary and allocated with many hidden and obvious abilities. But with it is necessary both the careful and skillful address, as, however, and with any thin and difficult equipment.
297. (May 23). About World Me it is easier to think at contact with Me and on condition of dismissal from the. My world adjoins freely to all three worlds, and in each of them there is an access open. Both time and distance submit to will. The world dense submits to will. The world dense is perceived not the separable. As well people are comprehended as three planned essence that is without covers. The world personal is dissolved in the world terrestrial and interests of all mankind and requirements of General Welfare. Personal places anymore don’t remain. The purpose of life consists in implementation of the Great Plan that is the Plan of Evolution Real. And it directs consciousness in the future and approves life in it. Life flows for the sake of the future and for the sake of it. The present serves as only starting point in the future. We Create the future thought and will. We in the future Put the grains of causality creating the necessary consequences for evolution. Our consciousness Is in the Great Space stream directed in the future. And the past for Us is as steps of the Ladder, leading up, in Boundlessness. We are free from the power of the past over consciousness. To the past of Earth we Have access free, reading it in Akashi’s rolls. The special place in our life is taken by the intercourse with the Distant Worlds. Hierarchical connection is established with them. Earth not a grain of sand at the ocean of boundless space, but its part connected indissolubly with whole and a place having in it lawful and belonging to it. Evolution of terrestrial mankind is connected with evolution of mankind of our chain of the worlds. Implementation of the Great Plan precedes no separate from them. Cares Space exceed cares terrestrial. In the Kingdom of My Father of monasteries there is a lot of, and everyone demands care of it from Spirits Planetary.
298. (M. A. Y.). The constant everyday statement of in Light is required not because the heart sparks but because planetary and spatial conditions reached such degree of intensity a disbalance when usual measures not to keep anymore own balance is weak. And the unification with Focus of Light is necessary more than ever. And then it is possible to resist in Light. Otherwise, as a straw in a rough stream, whirlwinds of dense and thin beds will carry away consciousness. With terrestrial still somehow it is possible to fight because they are easier recognizable and notable, but with whirlwinds of the Thin World business is much more difficult. Disbalance in all forms and shapes use dark essence to creep up even closer and to poison of space to add the poison. Great Patrol and Great Guards are necessary, - Hierarchy of Light on the guard Costs life planetary. Uninterrupted wakefulness of spirit each soldier can join these guards planetary, having risen in a chain of light forces.
299. (May 24). At small attention it is possible to notice how the thoughts thought over and accepted in consciousness ten years ago, continue to live, interfere during the day and nights and to influence mentality of their beget. If it is thoughts good, the benefit is to their carrier. If they not from Light, it is necessary to accept measures that to extinguish them and to stop their influence. The last circumstance isn't easily feasible because the thought is the live essence, vibrating energy, in it concluded. Only the firm and irrevocable solution of will of new food not to give to undesirable thoughts from the past will deprive of them a food and possibility of further growth. The child is interested in toys. They aren't necessary to the adult. When the spirit outgrows the former condition of imperfection, former thoughts it can't carry away any more and if still carry away and attract to it – means, former shortcomings yet get rid. This recognition already will be the first step to understanding of the situation and to awareness of inevitable and necessary need to be exempted from the power of similar thoughts. With them far not to leave, with them not to reach tops. Means, they should be won and rejected finally. And though the egoism will regret for them because them ate, it any more won't serve as an obstacle to release from them. Understanding is already almost mastering.
300. (M. A.Y.). Recognition of own imperfections is a direct way to improvement, but honesty of recognition of not all possess. From here both hypocrisy, and lie, both hypocrisy, and desire is better to seem, than is. The small consciousness still continues to chase others approval and recognition, without understanding that nothing will change reality and that with it once it is necessary to raise face to face when all secret becomes obvious and visible.
301. (Guru). The bowl of achievements wants to be filled, and to renounce the shortcomings - No. The gap undesirable when harmony of consciousness is broken by discrepancy and a contradiction in the person turns out. It also will be the house divided in. It won't resist at an o'clock of tests.
302. (May 25). Sounding quality of spirit can be strengthened, concentrating on it. At every moment any quality is closest and desired. It isn't difficult to note it if to think over this question. And, when it obviously began to sound in consciousness, it is possible to approve it. Each good person wants to become better that is to improve the abilities or character. This desire also can use, having caused sounding quality before itself. Who wouldn't like to perfectly know it, or to have strong will, or to operate organism functions, or to read foreign mind, or to see at distance. A lot of things are that almost each person would like to reach. But at once it is impossible to reach. Achievement demands time, constancy and persistence. But each step in the chosen direction already approaches to realization of the desirable. Every day not greatly, having chosen the quality most sounding to consciousness, it is possible to approve it. Of these small grains of aspiration also there will be in the future a perfect achievement if the desire to work doesn't die.
303. (May 26). If to allow that something became a barrier between the Teacher and the pupil, it will mean treachery of the spirit and return of in the power casual, but certainly dark, to influences from outside, or the own lowest nature. Both that and another is inadmissible because tears off the Silver Thread of communication. Anybody and to anything can't allow to become a barrier between itself and the Highest that the person on Earth and in Elevated has.
304. (Guru). The most powerful tools of protection against intentions devilish, and their mad attacks, and hidden influences will be constant feeling of the Face in heart, repetition of the Name of the Teacher and to mantras.
305. (May 31). Man proposes, but Karma has. And human assumptions with karmic often do not match. Be upset too. If a man knew exactly what would happen and what not, school life has not brought him the full benefit. And many achievements would not have been possible. But how could temper it on surprises, or teach quality adapting to any situation? Sword of Damocles teaches too stand confrontation that threatens. If an impartial review all the trouble and undesirable phenomena occurring with the person, so not too difficult to see, as each strives to teach and what an experience it work out. So the best thing is for everything that happens, and especially unpleasant, viewed from the perspective of what can it teach, that is immediately removed from him of the dangers it usefulness. This will be the right one. Emotions and feelings are not needed; they just get in the way.
306. (June 2). When the pupil doesn't hurry to acquire these or those Instructions of the Teacher, it induces to do it life. Why to wait if it is possible most, without compulsion from external conditions, to acquire given manuals. What disturbs? The same astral occupied with and the experiences, but not that is most necessary. That all its experiences often don't cost the eaten-away egg that they quickly take place is characteristic and are replaced with others, so quickly passing, - and advantage of them – any. But they very much disturb, encumbering consciousness with shaggy thinking. And meanwhile, it is very easy to stop these movements in an astral cover – it is worth ordering to it not to worry and stop experiences. To whom are they necessary? In the course of evolution an astral it is long developed, carrying out an important role in human life. This role at the promoted spirits is already executed. The astral finished a task. It is possible to switch off gradually it from the sphere of activity of consciousness, at first it having bridled, and then not to allow at all to it to come to light out of limits of strictly outlined borders.
307. (M. A. Y.). Yes, it is right; from friends it was necessary to accept more blows, than from enemies. But whether proves it only that it are people, and all can be mistaken, both be mistaken, and to show imperfections, and that having started reading the Doctrine, the person doesn't cease to be what he was earlier, and a lot of time is required on eradication in itself that, on cultivation of that many centuries left. It should be considered always and never be touched imagined perfection accepted the Doctrine. They are the same people, as well as everything, only wishing to become better.
308. (June 3). There can't be aimless and senseless an existence in the world where even the blade small has the appointment. The purpose one – evolution of everything that is, in whatever form it was shown. For the sake of this purpose everything dies to live. Death is for the sake of life. And at all death, but replacement of an old, get rid form new. Life is continuous, but forms of its identification change constantly. People call breaks of life of consciousness death. But after all it comes back again, and once, on reaching spirit of a known step, it becomes uninterrupted, and the immortality realizing is reached. Planetary Spirits Reached this step of uninterrupted consciousness at level the highest and Entered into a stream of eternal life, keeping consciousness of the Identity. For the sake of achievement of this purpose great also lives on Earth of people.
309. (M. A. Y). The compassion too much learns. Through compassion the world of a suffering being is comprehended and the fiery force when the compassion becomes effective increases and is expressed in assistance. When the desire to help is born, opportunities always steadily come.
310. (June 9). Our Stronghold is reality of all three worlds. And it can serve in the Thin World as the purpose of aspiration and a shelter of spirit the same as it served on Earth. Among difficulties of the Elevated World it is very important to have a strong, unshakable basis on which it is possible to be approved by spirit. Besides the Main Stronghold there are many Ashrams, and for our people is both a shelter and strong walls. There they are more necessary, than on Earth, as a magnet of an attraction and a shelter where the traveler can take rest in safety.
311. (M. A. Y.). Earthly life is a dream, a fleeting, or Maya. But that doesn't stop even knowledgeable dive into it enough to cover it. Only the constant speculation about it can help fight illusions and understand all their earthly fragility and fragility.
312. (Guru). So much is said about the validity of fiery words and yet dense obviousness takes consciousness more than what exists in reality. So we won't complain about the test, even the most difficult, for they bring to the phenomena, hidden behind layers of visibility. And if not sorry for anything that surrounds, left on Earth with the release of the body, the spirit is not bound to the Earth and to break away from it is not that hard.
313. (M. A. Y.). Influencing circumstances in the desirable direction, surely direct thought in the future, because the conscious present is already last in which it is impossible to change anything; in it one of the main differences of a past, the present and of the future. The Teacher Directs you in the future just, because it is created by thought. The chain of causes and effects goes the train. But the creative imagination can create a number of the new reasons, absolutely excellent from former, and project them in the future for demonstrations. The purpose of actions of the smoker is in proceeding smoking. But the will and imagination create a chain of the new reasons excluding smoking in the future, and if the will is rather strong, the habit to smoke is won completely. And in especially successful cases there are no desires even to smoking if the order of will is rather strong.
314. (June 13). From the surrounding person of the world he in the microcosm perceives a matter in its various conditions, processes it, sating with features of the device, and throws out it again in the outside world. It occurs and in the sphere of mental activity of the person. Mental and astral matter flow through its covers, are as though processed by them and assimilate and again follow in space, is perfect analogy to processing and food assimilation. The processed matter is sated and painted by properties of an astral and menthol of this person and, in turn, sates the sphere round him. It isn't difficult to imagine what exactly is radiated from himself by the kind or angry person developed or undeveloped, high-spiritual or roughly material. Many people can be assimilated to the lamps which are lighting up that them surrounds and many –smoky, smoking torches rather to the brands poisoning space around. Very important, what exactly is taken out by the person in space from the microcosm? One assimilate to beacons of rescue, and the installations which are throwing up poisonous gases, – others. Such is factory of a human microcosm. Responsibility of the person for with what he sates the sphere surrounding it is great. One of treasure of the heart radiates only rage and darkness, another – Light and light. Behind the mental products of production descending from the conveyor of his consciousness, people have to watch and supervise release of the mental production sharp-sightedly. The same vibrations or the phenomena can enter through ears, eyes and all external feelings of the person, but reaction to them, depending already from the person, can be absolutely various. Arhat and the inhabitant, perceiving same, mutually will sate space absolutely variously. This process should be imagined probably more visually that unmistakably the nobility, what trace leaves after itself in space pure and dirty thinking. The smell radiated by each person, serves as very exact indicator of its mental and physical condition. All gases have the smell. The brown gas being disaster of a planet is result of production of psychophysical activity of a great number of the people working not at part of the world. Light consciousness’s are as though ozonizes of space clearing it by the radiations and streams of an astral and mental matter, passing through their corresponding covers. The laboratory human is very strong, because the person is allocated with powerful energy.
315. (M. A. Y.). Yes, yes, yes – it is necessary to know better. The knowledge gives understanding and forces for the correct action. The person won't rush to an abyss because knows that will break about stones, won't begin to go on prickles not to wound a foot, won't put a hand in fire, because will burn. So the knowledge of consequences exempts from wrong acts. It is necessary to know: obviously, precisely, unmistakably and up to the end. Over useless thoughts it is hardly to establish control. But if know up to the end, the spirit is involved in what horror by dirty thinking, on what future he prepares itself in Elevated if to understand it, there will be also strengths of bridle. And just it is necessary to know, precisely, clearly and unshakably. It was told: "You learn Truth, and it will make you free".

316. (June 15). It is possible to rise "over the life abyss" only by means of the Teacher. Without the Teacher not receive spirit wings. After all from so many it is necessary to depart and become aside and over. Even terrestrial heights help it; in valleys and on plains too dense beds. This density can't be overcome anything, except as spirit wings, - after all and in the Thin World without wings not to fly. The saved-up Agni gives to spirit wings both on Earth, and in Elevated. Therefore the most important making is Agni's accumulation. But even knowing about it forgets about steady carrying out in life of this Instruction. The way of accumulation of Agni is a way of the unusual, - if itself to give all to this task, it will be solved successfully. When the Teacher in consciousness Takes precedence, all is achievable.
317. (M. A.Y.). The face of the Teacher in heart only then will be approved when It in consciousness Takes priority. When someone strongly loves someone, loves simply properly, the image of darling or darling constantly is always on the mind, - so simply the love reaches something without couriers of thoughts, or exercises. As it is simply reached also Takes priority Teachers in consciousness of the pupil – simply by love.
318. (June 16). Value of each lightful spirit is great. He from Spheres of the Highest perceives thin energy and transfers them to the dense environment surrounding it. Depression of dense beds and their thinning happens this way. One such spirit suffices to revitalize the whole district or to balance the broken elements. He can even not know what business does. Nevertheless, results of such creativity continue to bring good consequences throughout the whole centuries. The put lightful magnets continue to work. Sacred places have deep value. The carrier of Light is a live lightful magnet.
319. (M. A. Y.). Not get tired in making. These are dark send thoughts of uselessness of lightful actions. Each particle of good is the benefit. Sowers of grains of Light are kind workers on Light field. Too there are a lot of sowers of the evil. The terrible evil would flood the world, if not these imperceptible externally Light Carriers.
320. (Guru). Every thought creates a bridge to the area. On these bridges from the affected areas rush the related thoughts and the reservoir of human consciousness is filled with them. This is the magnetism of thoughts. And a magnet is human consciousness. Magnet, mounted on a familiar wave easily perceives the habitual thoughts. In this phenomenon of consciousness that requires reflexes. All of the bright ideas are good. But no lighten form the magneto is negative. Each bridge needs attention. Deranged man cannot control your thoughts. If planted on one side, the idea of mastering frenzies.
321. (June 19). In areas threatened by natural or other disasters, we sometimes Send their students to prevent them. Exposure occurs through the aura of Our envoys. Therefore, how powerful must be radiation human auras, if they can prevent, say, an earthquake. Laboratory of human body is absolutely beautiful and has a lot of energy. The Taming of elements is not a fairy tale, but the Fiery reality. Now mankind is aimed at achieving technological advancement and improvement and the invention of various devices, and about the most spectacular features apparatus, apparatus of the human body, is forgotten. Our task is to remind about it and say it's more complicated than plain and the thinner; the less it is strong and durable and all the more requires it of all kinds of parts for its establishment and a larger number of participants. In this regard, the human machine is in very different conditions. When it reached a certain degree of pungency, even death does not affect the possibility of conscious detection to other planes of existence. In addition, it can be improved dramatically. It can combine all sorts of combinations of matter and the work of its elements without being limited by anything other than force of his creative imagination. After all, even worlds created by the creative force of the spirit. Human apparatus are endless. Sky dotted with myriad stars. And this creativity is the name of the person of Bishop.
322. (Guru). Astral was taught a lot by the brain and this science remembers perfectly. If the science is good, nothing worries about. If not from the good, you will have to work hard to get away from evil to good. Accustom Astral to smoking, or drugs very guilt is not difficult. But wean him from these habits have a lot harder. But everything astral happens to teach this faith. And so the same will, but applied in much greater and greater stress can teach astral phenomenon opposite to that which had been taken before. Any deficiency in a person can say, ' I love you, I love you and spawned a kill. It is enough for the authorities. If not give this power to a lack, or weakness, which could take a man that often happens.
323. (June 20). Really, Kama-Loka it is possible to call the sphere of release of the person from attractions and illusions terrestrial and from a ghost of the terrestrial temporary personality. At rather expanded consciousness the terrestrial peel falls off quickly enough, especially if don't stir the not get rid passions won by will. And really, all details which serve as a support for the personality on Earth, in the Thin World in process of their understanding disappear as superfluous. First of all no documents and identity cards are necessary. The living space, clothes, shops, transport, work, food isn’t necessary. In total on what so strongly there was a personality on Earth, disappears; conditions of the Thin World absolutely others. And all personal, being gradually dissolved in a new environment, it is replaced with identity and consciousness individual. The person, all life worked, say, the cashier at the station, finds out that all that was, isn't necessary for it and that it isn't present that it is necessary to enter and adapt to absolutely other living conditions. He thinks, feels, sees, moves and receives other impressions, but in absolutely new form. The developed consciousness rejoices to this release and willingly dumps from itself clogs terrestrial, understanding that illusions of the dense world are scattered in ashes. Time is required to adapt to a new environment and to understand its features and originality. Inexpressibly words feeling of elevated freedom when the power of a terrestrial karma comes to an end. It is for this purpose very important that all terrestrial, corporal and animal passions were get rid because, not get rid, they plunge the person into a circle imagined, but very bright experiences of property corresponding to passions and close it to the hopelessness sphere. But the consciousness which has got rid of them doesn't know this burden. It is free. The terrestrial small personality was dissolved in new, expanded understanding the highest "I". Covers of the fourth and fifth principles disappear and remain in the form of a semi-conscious peel. And the highest "I", having taken from the fifth principle its quintessence of self-conscious "I", Identity of the person unites in the form of Immortal Identity with the sixth and seventh principles, forming the Highest, reincarnating. That to reach it, it is so important to be exempted on Earth from all ulcers of spirit and to subordinate to will an astral and all mortal covers. Otherwise the fourth and fifth principles won't let out the person from the tenacious embraces. Fight between the Highest and the lowest duad’s is inevitable, and it is good when it already on Earth comes to the end with a victory of the Highest principles over the lowest, is predetermines in advance an outcome of final fight which happens in a four released from a dense body. Each effort in this direction in a body terrestrial certainly is useful, and each victory over has far-reaching consequences in World Aboveground. Both a victory and defeat is in the spirit of.
324. (M. A. Y.). Matter on the composition of their seven, that is, has seven stages of thinning or sparse. Seven and seven, and all sentient life forms are displayed. The flower has a dense form which reflects its thin shell. Radiation of this shell can be photographed. If the flower burn, slim shape of his remains. Division goes even further and ended with a fiery grain. All are dense forms that exist on Earth have their astral counterparts. But the basics of matter are fiery. Why enhancing the structure of the visible forms, we inevitably come to the Base, to the fire. Astral worlds and thin is not that hard imagine, but the Fiery world is difficult. I want have consciousness corresponds.
325. (June 22). The winner It is called not only the one who won against the lowest nature itself, but also the one who in addition to its overcame itself illusions of the dense world and delusiveness of time, space and things. Yes, World of My is of the phenomena other-worldly passing. How many they passed and changed at least for these two thousand years, and how many still will change. But I Stay for ever and ever and over a stream of the phenomena of the phenomenal world. It should be understood and to join my World in consciousness. The world this, terrestrial to learn and it is given only therefore that the spirit realized its passing nature. But it was told that "the sun will come also the moon", but the Fiery World of spirit won't come. To accept this World, to direct to it and understand its enduring essence and will mean knowledge of my World, which other-worldly.
326. (M. A. Y.). Evidence surrounding is so far from reality of all worlds merged inseparably in one and connected strong with each other. It is impossible to learn the dense world separately from two others because such knowledge will be one-sided and incorrect. And to study all three denials invisible two doesn't allow. This barrier should be destroyed soon, and its destruction will be made by hands of science, that science which nowadays denies these worlds; from the facts of future opening not leave anywhere. New devices will allow to catch thin energy and to imprint forms of the Thin World. Invisibility visible becomes. Before the facts of science onegated should reconcile ardent. But not they move the world, and not they will possess honor of scientific penetration into the World Thin. Time it is close already. It will be time of great revolution in the field of scientific knowledge. The powerful stream of evolution won't stop anything. As water gets into all places that lie below its level, and the great stream of Space Evolution from above going, will flood all plains and lowlands terrestrial and will change life on Earth. Terms of transformation of it are close.
327. (Guru). For higher learning need light. Dirty thinking it’s not allowed. Is clear thinking – and the knowledge of a powerful Jet will start to feed into the consciousness? Purification of consciousness from litter and anything that gets in the way will be the key to learning the secrets of the three worlds. Forces have to find all of the swing. Time passes and wasted a lot of opportunities because of litter. Soar with the threshold must be removed, and the sooner the better. What a pathetic tatters of thinking impede full achievements!
328. (June 23). Not in a body, but in the spirit of the Proximity Is specified. When three peaces’ will be strengthened in consciousness, hidden visible becomes. We Live in three worlds, and to us see all. Allocation of a thin body enters the Thin World into the sphere of the really cognizable. But it is necessary that this process was not violent, but natural. Even partial are slightly opened centers in the poisoned atmosphere of a commonness it is very dangerous. Therefore it is better to expand consciousness and to accept in it possibilities of evolution of spirit this way, but not by violent disclosure of the centers. At persistence of aspiration everything will come in due time: both conditions external and realization of the highest abilities. And even it is good that the centers are now closed, – would be intolerable to scorch them breath of the old world. And without that at times it is heavy intolerable. This burden of this world is as though a threshold of flowering of a fiery flower of spirit.
329. (M. A. Y.). People pray about the passing of painless, quiet and peaceful, because under these conditions, people are still somehow can prepare for death, that is, to transition to life in another world. This training is important because it will be easier to understand the death of her body there. Good move with a clear and explicit the idea that dumped heavy shell and consciousness and its owner are completely in your subtle body. The subtle body is the same as it was in life of the physical body, it is only some modifications that abstract the produced subtle body of a living person and the person of the deceased are different. Preparation enables you to treat the process of consciously, without being subject to shock of surprise. Sudden death carries with him a lot of discomfort and complications. It would be more correct to call the death of the transition, because the word "death" refers to something that is not in reality. All through the power of the spirit we should strive to keep the continuous consciousness. But isn't immortality of the spirit is a denier will understand without knowledge in it or believe it? Swedenborg spoke with so called dead, and for such a consciousness of death, that is moving into the world of the delicate, almost invisible, because it is part of the world, it has long been well known. Adoption and awareness of both worlds should occur during the earthly life. Then move the great Frontiers will considerably.
330. (June 26). The impossibility overcome something external not always is lack of the necessary force, but can be caused and terrible counteraction of the dark. It isn't necessary to despair. It is necessary to collect powerful forces for a victory. After all at fight and force resistance from hostile counteractions grows to reach the necessary extent of overcoming. More and more strain strength of mind and hearts. Also you remember that Light wins against darkness, simply disseminating it the beams. Bring the lamp in darkness, and the darkness will dissipate. And at fight against darkness it is necessary to collect Light enough that it was able to shine and overcome a gloom. Neither in rage, nor in irritation, neither in discontent, nor in despair, neither in despondency, nor in mistrust, in doubt not to collect demanded quantity of Light. After all it is necessary that the darkness of this world, strong stepping on everything, had in you no anything. Only this condition will bring you a victory. It isn't easy to observe it. But you remember, It is told: "The prima in a board all your arrows, but in reply I Will send with a smile only one". To send arrows to enemies smiling the spirit, Light the reached can. Dark hordes are full of hatred, rage and all low feelings. Forces Light of these feelings has no troops and strikes enemies not from rage and hatred, but fulfilling the duty. With a smile take in hand a sword of fight and, without being saddened, without becoming embittered, act of. Nor rage, nor hatred, no other feelings similar which enemies of Light are full of, has. The weapon of Light you strike the enemy. Also don't forget, what not those people from whom you receive blows, strike these blows, and dark evil-make who hide behind their back which stand behind them, both inspire in them, and influence them, trying to be unnoticed and undetected. They don't love and don't take out when the ray of light goes directly on them and the blow falls upon them, instead of upon their unconscious assistants and performers of their plans.
331. (M. A.Y.). Make those about whom it is written, "O Lord, forgive them for know not what they do", from those, who know the unconscious workers are evil by sentient servants of darkness. The last fully responsible for what they do. As for the unconscious accomplices, then you can say the following about them: they are irresponsible, but only to a certain extent, for the dark creep up and moving through them just because there is something in these individuals, enabling them to approach the dark and find in them what you can grab onto and through this Act. To clean and bright spirit of the dark will not come close to executing their suggestions to make. In this not purity the unconscious accomplices of darkness and the reason that it is them, not someone else choose dark creatures to their machinations. And for this sor in the minds of his supporters, of course, are murky. So irresponsible not responsible for what they do, is conditional and relative.
332. (Guru). How to keep feeling of spatial pleasure when understanding all of what is created on Earth? How to hold it when the dark surrounded? Only aspiration in the future, over a smoke and the reek current time! The current time will pass as last century left. And the world will condescend to Earth. Also people in cooperation all-planet will unite.
333. (June 27). «All transient», but leaves his scent, or a number of unavoidable consequences. About the past can be forgotten and never about him not to remember, but the investigation of the past will drag on, creating a new set of reasons. And only through the power of the creative imagination, you can create a completely other reasons other than earlier and with a different investigation. So is paid off old karma. In the newly created causes embeds aspiration entitling them. We create new reasons that bring the Us investigation. The consequences we know in advance. We can design investigation for millennia to come. And sometimes when we predict the future, we just know the investigation created deliberately by us causes. So we create the future. It is in the hands of the molten plastic will. We know the luminaries and their future combination and are coordinating our creative work with energy of cosmic magnet. We are concerned over the evolution of the planet and humanity. Worries and work so much and it is so stress that for personal time. One of the first tasks is the selection of Our staff and students. We cannot be in direct and close contact with many people for many reasons. We operate through employees, students and Our messengers. The second challenge is the saturation and cementing of the space. Ideas govern the world. But these ideas are sending to the world we are. At the junction of two eras new ideas permeate the space and the ignorance of humanity. And these ideas are mind sets, despite strong opposition from them. These ideas are shared by mankind into two camps – going beyond them and opposing them. Gifts of evolution are cooperation, the women's movement and the psychic energy is first mentioned and proclaimed by us. Those who follow the evolution of these ideas, develop at different angles of view. But there will be cooperation or peaceful coexistence between peoples, cooperation already has no value, if this idea is accepted in one form or another. Images of these ideas are struggling in space with their opposites and inhibit their powers Space frame fire attached to them, the power of the creative imagination of the world. The great battle of ideas going on in space; even Luminaries are participating in it, creating a new, great future of mankind. And we take a direct part in this work, and our students and staff takes part in it, we are helping. Every thought not of herself but of evolution and the common good, serves as a contribution to the space and enriches the aura of the planet.
334. (Guru). When sent test will teach the pupil to for the sake of what it was sent, it dies. Therefore instructed it is necessary to follow as it is possible more carefully and more carefully if the pupil wants to be exempted from this test. Other way of release isn't present. Everyone teaches something and everyone certainly is useful. Ability to benefit by all tests is given by experience.
335. (July 2). It is much more difficult to resist in Light, than to concern it. The essence of narrow-minded existence is antagonistic to it. People so far departed from life bases that only the very few direct to them. Therefore there are so much not kept among those, who came nearer. That before eyes, occupies attention more, something that isn't present and that should be reached by long efforts. Continuous representation of the Face of the Teacher before a mind indicates very high step of achievement. The window to spheres of Light is opened. Consciously, or subconscious the person carries idea of the person constantly with himself. Same precisely the condition need to achieve and in representation of the Face of the Teacher. Consciously, or subconscious it is necessary to be with It together always, - only provided that evidence won't cover reality and won't remove it on a background. Teachers a places not in a forward corner, and in consciousness, - forward corner is a reminder constant. Without love to the Teacher of Light, which above all, it is impossible to reach constant feeling of the Face of the Teacher in heart, - reach love.
336. (Guru). Every day we will assert them in something enduring and try hard to stick up for him during the day. Like something escaping from Devil's circle of obviousness must be dense, making the person spiritually blind. You can do all of that makes doing life, doing as you did before, but you have to learn to do this together with the Teacher as, if he was next. In reality, he is near, only the dense sense hinders the Proximity sensing. Maya obviousness must be overcome. This can be done only in the mind.
337. (M. A. Y.). Abstinence even in small or small curb self-will and habits have steadily taken advantage to mastering them. He constantly displays himself in all sorts of little things, and especially in the propensity to verbosity’s. The discipline of silence is a good workout for the irrepressible shell. Astral knows very well how he should behave, and yet violated the basic rules of moderation. In this particularly evident presence of two in one, the existence of higher and lower self in man. And much depends on which of them is preferred. In any State, you can do something in terms of curbing the arbitrary of astral, and restraint is the best man for it.
338. (Guru). «Solemnity of many footpaths promiscuity reduces, - for example, loquacity, or ridicule, or frivolity. Quality and spirit to those that are valuable not only directly, but also indirectly affect human behavior. Direct impact sometimes is fighting back, but the indirect effect imperceptibly and without consciousness, brings the desired effect.
339. (July 4). The most powerful blows to the aura that is the most serious tests give the most beneficial effect by strengthening the spiritual armor. Conventional terrestrial consciousness does not want to put up with it. It appeals to the Higher with the request to "passed him this Cup." And, if there is no recourse to the Supreme does not bring relief and tests do not eliminate, the need to suffer through and endure it, without derogation from the path. Sooner, or later a test will end, because everything has its end, but it has been dependent on how successful it is. After all, and dark in the known part is given freedom to annoy, by the same purpose-to strengthen the armor of the spirit. Everything is easy to understand in theory, but when it comes time to assimilate this in practice, lightness and burden test with disappears through the power of the falls on consciousness. And the teacher is not in a hurry to release it through that you must go through to be able to become even closer to him. Neither complaints nor bitterness nor despair nor outrage will not help and will not shorten trials. Be calm, gathering his strength of spirit, go through everything, knowing that the endless tests.
340. (M. A. Y.). All human life on Earth is testing his spirit placed in the Earth's mantle. Dense forms are all contingencies and constraints of the flesh, and they all grow old, get sick and die. And the spirit must understand the fragility of dense conditions to take hold on them, and not on the existence in the spirit. And understand the other side of existence, not associated with the body of the Earth. It is necessary to learn to live in this world, but be out of this world. Have much to learn, and better of school man is his life on Earth. Only this understanding of life will allow him to come to terms with the difficulty many life lessons and learn them successfully. And look at everything that happens to you both at school and in every detail, pleasant and unpleasant, as the regular lesson given to learning and cognition of something very necessary and important for the future.
341. (Guru). If you give a student a sorrow less condition and happy existence, his spirit will pause, and a movement towards the next incarnation, and will be held without giving him aimlessly, nothing.
342. (July 7). It is vanity of passable day prevents to think of the future, covering it. She forces to believe in reality of a flying instant and forces to forget in vanity of day about inalterability of approach of the future, besides in a framework, absolutely excellent that is created on Earth now. The present is a future antipode. The essence of the future can be determined by contrast and ant situation it with that darkness which shrouded now Earth. Not it is necessary to look at this darkness, and at those gleams and Light breaks which serve as signs and indexes of inevitability of approach of the New Era. End of last cycle and the beginning of the new is caused by Space Laws, and it will be carried out at powerful partnership of Hierarchy of Light in this great process. Maya any creation can't change or break Space Outlines. The human dark will can counteract to some extent to approach of the New World, but only to some extent and before deadlines when any counteraction will be distraught coming nearer fiery waves at the same time and with active participants of this counteraction. The human will not in forces to fight against Space power. Judgmented future should be, both anything and nobody can deprive mankind of that is foreordained to it by Space Will.
343. (Guru). Starting reading the Doctrine, people don't cease to be such what they were earlier because that developed during the millennia, it is impossible to change for some months or years. Very big accumulation of spirit that transformation came true suddenly is necessary. But it happens very seldom. Thus, the person remains the same, and only he gradually starts changing the essence. Refusal of some habits, and especially from meat food, yet doesn't guarantee internal regeneration. Also words it was spoken don't testify to transformation. Therefore many properties of character, despite reading books of the Doctrine, nevertheless remain not get rid. The big mistake consider that the beginning of reading does the reader perfect or not similar to ordinary people. Expensively it is necessary to pay for such mistakes. Therefore Council about that not "be touched masks", it is necessary to comprehend anew, trying only knowing impartially, but severely avoiding thus condemnation.
344. (July 8). Understanding of Presence of the Teacher in the spirit of is of great importance for the realized. If in the presence of the ordinary person who treat with big respect and which authority recognize, people try to behave decently, especially hidden Presence demands it. But everything depends on extent of understanding and absolute confidence of deep word meaning "I with you always". Many trust, but trust theoretically, abstractedly, without like fiery sense, of these words. And then the behavior of such followers doesn't testify to understanding them that, in what as they speak or think that trust. Means, they are still very far from understanding of this fiery formula. Two thousand years ago it was told people: "I Is with you always, in all days, till the end of time". But who from calling Christians trusted and trusts it? If trusted, would arrive differently. This formula needs understanding by her all heart, all thinking, and all understanding. She demands recognition of reality of all three worlds and understanding of participation hidden two in the dense. The same the few which comprehended it became Torches of mankind and much its evolutions promoted. The pupil can succeed and reach fiery much if he makes this formula approving reality of Presence of the Teacher in the spirit of, the life and, contrary to evidence external and internal, will behave as if he would see it terrestrial eyes. Gradually the thought will clothe a flesh, and he really will start seeing Shape of the Teacher before itself Understanding of Great Presence will change all human life. At first recognition of Presence of the hidden Teacher, and then and the revealed ability see it.
345. (M. A.Y.). That much is not yet reached, and many do not have overcome, let it not stop forward movement when coming off all the unnecessary, superfluous and interferes with the flight. Imperceptibly is transforming consciousness, when the yearning continues to move it. Nothing stands still, everything is in motion, but the motion could be up and down. There is no greater tragedy for spirit than to fall down the stairs, and there is no greater joy than to climb. Raises the Teacher and because, - It first place in the consciousness. He has the right to ask: "I am with you always, but you always have you with Me?" the answer to that question must each own.
346. (July 10). About the cleansing and excuse the suffering people think a little. However, there is no other, more powerful means of purification of consciousness than suffering. And wise is happy to release through them. Many die, going through a painful period of serious illness. Instead, reset the body sore for many more easily and not feel sorry. Too hard keep human in chains of their Land. If he lived, being in the body of the Earth, in all the three worlds, the transition would be easy and inconspicuous and there would be no fear of death and the fierce attachment to A world. But knowledge is not enough. Customary knowledge free from dense Mai does not give. And then people are suffering, that it was easier break the chains that bind them with Earth.
347. (M. A. Y.). All your inner psychic baggage should be divided into two parts, one to the right, another left. To right what it is necessary to take with it, left that post. Much would be unnecessary, and serious and very harmful. It is not without regret, but all important and valuable and desired future path carefully to delay right to maintain.
348. (Guru). Every person leaving the Earth takes away with him on their savings. The most valuable among them are the ones from the light. While on Earth, can carry forward deliberately, giving them the attention and time and desire. On everything that happens in the mind can be viewed as follows: it is taking it, the latter must beam giving up pass by without stopping it, but having it prints a final decision, will.
349. (July 11). The person actually lives in three worlds, but it doesn't realize. If it directs attention to noticing signs of the Thin and Fiery Worlds, they will gradually become for it reality. Will enter into his consciousness and become so natural and habitual, as well as the world dense. Too the mankind long came off the Highest two Worlds and denied them that it was possible to restore the broken balance quickly. Nevertheless signs of the Hidden Worlds can be noticed. However, they are forgotten extraordinary quickly. Therefore it is useful to write down them. The border between their natural perception and violent and artificial exercises, ignorant and harmful is thin. At natural process the veil rises gradually, in process of expansion of consciousness and heart clarification. Danger when the phenomena of the lower class of the astral world will begin to get into crude consciousness which not in forces to be protected from them because they are attracted on compliance to that is available in the crude receiver is great. That is why it is so insistently indicated the need of mastering by thought. The thought serves as the channel, and new receipts depend on its nature. The key from nature of received thin perceptions consists in thought.
350. (M. A. Y.). When it is found out, which harmful accumulation encumber consciousness, there is following and already more difficult task, namely – release from them. Difficulty that it makes desire not always it is rather strong, despite understanding of necessity of this step. The smoker knows that smoking is harmful and nevertheless smokes. Many understand that they are ruined by wine and nevertheless drink. It isn't enough one understanding, the strong will, and the firm decision, and first of all strong desire to be exempted from this, or that type of slavery is necessary. Many types of the various slavery strong prosper among the people, considering it free. In it is the world tragedy.
351. (Guru). Human life consists in his consciousness and thought. To take away them – and the person becomes even below an animal because loses any understanding. The doctrine indicates conscious transferring of life to thought. At release from a physical body that is at his death it occurs itself. But also terrestrial the person nevertheless lives in the world thought. Deep understanding of this fact allows understand more widely the world of the poet, the writer, the composer or the artist. Certainly, it sharply differs from the world of the usurer, or the executioner. People internally live in the various worlds which differ among themselves as Light, or darkness. And each inner world creates. Tell: a lot of things depend on external conditions, because life defines consciousness. But after all both Platon, and Frantsisk Assizsky, both Shekspir, and Tolstoy lived in the same world in what lived Neron, Judas, and each of them created the world on the consciousness.
352. (July 12). Tension is necessary to hold darkness revelry. If tension weakens, weakens and the constraining force. From here need of constant vigilance when: "the spear doesn't doze over a dragon". They constantly guard to use each miss, each weakness, fieriness from the pupil, because all shortcomings serve for them as the approach and influence channel. The aura light-bearer, without a uniform speck will be the strongest protection. Even small spots are dangerous. The protecting network having such breaks is similar to a fortification some gate in which are left the unprotected. The face of the Teacher serves as a board, but he should learn to be had always before itself, and especially at the moment of possible danger. We Protect always, but the consciousness has to be open for the help invitingly if it is demanded by circumstance
353. Correctly do, in an effort to destroy the illusion of distances that separate us, because in the world of reality, the world of fire, distances do not exist. Measures dense world to Higher World do not apply. Testament "I am with you always" have a Fiery Peace formula. The reality of it can be felt, crossing borders of generalities. It signs off with all My heart and all the aspiration, the desire, and it will become a reality, the perceived truth.
354. (M. A. Y.). In some circumstances you can press moments to notice that some old shortcomings are eradicated and non-existent and are already in the mind of old unwanted reactions. It is said that when inflex sor falls away by itself aspiration. This does not mean that there is no need to struggle with lacks, but it indicates that the process of liberation and Transfiguration of spirit and awareness may be imperceptibly to the mind. Therefore, their flaws too embarrassed not to, or allowed to serve as a barrier and prevent the promotion activity. In the eyes of spatial justice aspires to light the rogue has great services than conventional virtue.
355. (Guru). Experiment of life shows as the abstemiousness in words is useful and of what dangers it sometimes relieves. After all it is possible to reach such step that it wasn't said any excess word, and said – would be considered before to say them. The words said in a condition of any affect, not to mention rage, or hatred words are especially harmful. They stick to aura and bear in it unpredictable consequences. To respond to the spiteful address with full tranquility and light of undisturbed radiations of aura – means to stop action or a current of an undesirable karma. It is good to be focus, facing with which flashes of spiteful, smoky, dark fires die away powerlessly.
356. (July 13). Keep aspiration will be already a victory. This powerful engine of spirit is remarkable that in it properties changing spirit are concluded. And when the aspiration is especially strained and the microcosm of the directed spirit flares all fires, it seems and is felt obviously that all outgrowths disappeared that so easily and simply to overcome all not get rid stratifications and that anything anymore won't detain further advance. These moments of release of spirit from all undesirable accumulation are valuable extremely, and Show they on, the aspiration as a cleaner how is strong. The aspiration is a winged quality. It is possible to cause consciously it in itself and others. The aspiration doesn't happen without the purpose. The purpose has to be outlined clearly. Range and unattainability of value have no because time isn't present, and in Boundlessness everything is achievable. The spirit directed feels these attributes of reality because they are properties of the Fiery World which is the spirit homeland. The world of the passing phenomena terrestrial for a while loses the power over consciousness when aspiration fires brightly burn.
357. (July 14). How many it is necessary to overcome various conditions and counteractions that everyday contact with Hierarchy of Light didn't interrupt! The condition of space often very much complicates it. And even We are compelled to reckon with it. Mistake will believe that on wave of a magic staff before Us influences of antagonistic currents disappear. Mistake will think that the dark don't try to complicate our work and to interfere all measures. As mistake will consider that the free will of mankind doesn't serve as a stupid and strong barrier to action of our Beams. However, power of Hierarchy of Light can break each resistance, but consequences of such influence can be destructive not only for counteracting, but also for many others, related karmic. Change of the Star Beams, marking itself approach of the New Era, a lot of things will change and a lot of things will facilitate, but from the person their acceptance in consciousness is required. Otherwise not acceptable consciousness won't sustain their influence. Situation in the world is difficult. Our work is complicated unusually. Those few consciousness’s which is conscious perceiving of our Beams help Us to support a planetary network of Light and facilitate our work much. But also to it is hard, because the Burden of this world is heavy.
358. (M. A. Y.). At present difficulty of a feat of execution of Light is that fires is possible kindle, both to strengthen, and to raise an aura light-bearer, but, adjoining to the environment surrounding, it is almost impossible to hold this condition because repayment of surrounding imperfection absorbs fiery energy of spirit, and them it is necessary to force everything again and again. Even not bad people greedy absorb lightful radiations of aura of the carrier of Light – expenditure of forces of a bike.
359. (July 16). Well when looking at his past life, a person cannot be ashamed of anything that he did nor before himself or herself in front of people. Past bad deeds past can be completely prevented, but even the husks of karma are particularly dark rage. What, then, to talk about what has not been eliminated. Darkness seeks to seize his property, that is, those who are not dissipated sores spirit and inspire them in their areas. Dark magneto is powerful, and it operates on rough, continuing tendency and desire in human beings. Transition of impure, perverse and evil men in the thin world frightens them, and for them it is very hard. Correct preparation is to purify mind and freeing it from any litter. It is not so simple. One desire is not enough.
360. (Guru). All prints are stored in the Bowl covered lives with all the details, and in the minds of their synthetic essence, expressed in consciousness is reached step in the evolution of the spirit. Details and even some abilities may not be detected, but the primary entity still asserts itself in the thoughts, feelings and actions. This expression by limiting properties of membranes may not be complete, since all savings spirit lights can flare up only in areas where the fire is acting freely and peacefully, not by his inferior, temporary agents.
361. (Guru). Thoughts on Teaching must be translated into action, and then they will become an indispensable asset for you’re in all worlds. They will not be forgotten, and nothing and nobody can take that away from you. This process can be described as Light in a statement. Approver him already has a conviction for their words, for the action or application exercises in the life energy they had translated into crystalline deposits in the Bowl its Agni. For it’s Teaching of living ethics in life. Benefit of running towards the adoption of light within yourself.
362. (July 18). "As the name of the Teacher, often spoken with faith, let’s create a bridge". In this faith and immutability and knowledge of the law, and magnetism of thought is sent into space. The next step of faith is sense-knowledge. People not only believe, but just know that something is already approved for phenomenon in the dense world. Flame of senses burns all resistance. They can do great things.
363. (July 19). If consider each attempt dark, each trouble, counteraction and suffering as the engine or the blow pusher pulling together with Us and causing new, strengthened aspiration to Us, their usefulness becomes obvious. On extent of counteraction it is possible to strengthen both aspiration and feeling of our Proximity. Waves of counteractions consciously go for useful work and serve the statement of Light. At a known step everything starts serving the spirit which is ardently devoted to Hierarchy. Degree of resistance surrounding serves as a criterion then to aspiration degree, because the quicker weeds, the air resistance is stronger. Laws in everything are identical, because both below, and above.
364. Repetition, of about what It was more than once spoken earlier, isn’t petition, but expansion told in new aspect and under a new point of view. It strengthens the pupil in understanding of that repeats and that it is necessary to acquire practically especially strongly.
365. (Guru). If the person certainly is useful to evolution and if his heart burns with aspiration, unless matters, well he treats us, or not, understands us, or not, recognizes, or rejects. Let's learn to treat people above-person, regardless of how they treat us. Personal feelings and the personal relations seldom happen at people steady, among friends of the Doctrine – also. The super personal relation will be also impartial. It won't create antagonism and won't cause condemnation. Recognition of advantages serves in other people as an indicator of height of consciousness.
366. (July 20). For a physical body many subjects and substances are impenetrable. For a body thin too there are impenetrable substances, spheres and space layers, and it sometimes depends on a condition of consciousness. For a body fiery promise the world dense and Thin completely, and the World Fiery – on degree of a fiery of spirit and completeness of a fiery body. As before a stone wall the thin cover before some subjects of space and especially some layers can stop, being not in forces them to overcome. And lifting of a thin body in higher layers depends on its slightfull. The Highest Spheres are inaccessible to low covers, because of impossibility to rise. The question of mutually permeability of substances is very interesting. For fiery thought of restrictions don’t exist, but it is necessary that the consciousness could follow thought. Inaccessible to body and a brain is available to consciousness and of the spirit. Three measurements are fetters of the dense world. They are dumped at disclosure of the centers. A lot of things need to be allowed, or realized before seizing ability. This situation concerns the dense world, but in degree bigger – thin, because there life on consciousness. Consciousness it is prepared to an assumption of that it is impossible to carry out in the world terrestrial in a body usual. Fairy tales give the flavor about opportunities of the Thin World for knowing its laws of spirit. The imagination of fairy tales is reality of the Elevated World. It is possible to approach to studying of many fairy tales scientifically.
367. (M. A. Y.). Let's talk about fear scientifically. All emotions anyway influence covers – one positively, others are negative. Emotion of fear will paralyze the person. It will paralyze radiations of a protecting network. Aura's radiations too hang. Mentally the person becomes to absolutely defenseless and open various influences. Often the fear before an illness attracts it and opens it access. The fear very much magneto, that is attracts of what he is afraid to the person. It occurs for two reasons: the first is an inevitability to pass through of what the person is afraid, the second – openness of consciousness for influence from dark on fear spots on aura, and not only dark: after all even the dog rushes on the person embraced with fear or some other animals, especially wild. There was no case that the yogi was torn to pieces by wild animals. Mental health activity at the person filled with fear goes down, and he isn't able to confront to the opposite phenomena. Inutile fear also is harmful certainly. It is necessary to accustom itself never nothing to be afraid. Let will be that will be, but let inevitable will be met courageously and without fear. The fear is absolutely useless.
368. (Guru). We suggest raising unrestrained desire to be exempted from all undesirable properties and traits of character. Increased desire, reaching known degree of tension, force allows dump unnecessary clogs.
369. (Guru). "Not insignificant, not small witnesses you will become", – so I Told. Also it is necessary to prepare for it fully equipped come, going time. And beliefs should be had in the future happiness of mankind more. The leaving darkness raves, but after all it is spasms and convulsions of fatally wounded monster. The consciousness of the Board will help to have this heavy time. Light is ahead.
370. (July 24). That is necessary still that eyes human what occurs in the world opened? But the spirit is silent. But crimes go deep. But people of Light don't want. At the last line all aspirations to good and to the evil will amplify to a limit. Won't sustain an organism human such tension of the evil and fuse will become frequent. And so the already many fuse and perish. And not only angry, but weak don't maintain a press. Rescue is in an ardent unification with Hierarchy of Light. But, who recognizes it. Therefore, I Specify keep inseparably. Only full unification resists. Wave’s storm, but the rock among the ocean isn't mobile and unshakable. The rock of spirit will reflect an impact of waves. Rescue is in the spirit of. Spirit approves fleshes atop. Through a gate of spirit you will enter into the future. Before the end of force it is necessary to collect for the last opposition to darkness. "Undergone (that is stood) up to the end – it will be rescued". Rescue in that darkness not to indulge and sustain an impact it. Ardently Me call when it becomes intolerable the heavy. Together we will resist. But not sustain the consciousness, which has separated from Me. Who with Me, will pass is safe and victoriously in the judgment future.
371. (M. A. Y.). It isn't necessary to judge strictly others even if strong spirits show the moments of weakening of resilience to opposite influences. Let's think more often of the Teacher – Spirit him we won't break. It Can be an example of firmness, unshakable anything. The Shape of the Lord is light. Thinking of It, Light you approve in the heart. Thoughts of the Lord are a touch to Light.
372. (M. A.Y.). Personality, who hasn't realized the temporary value and sub official position in relation to Identity, is a burden for the last. The servant sent to Earth for performance of a certain task, forgets about it and indulges in actions, willful and deprived of final sense. It about such people Is told that "they mad scurry about on a planet". Unless it is possible is comprehended to live on Earth, without having realized the embodiment purpose? But sets live and burden Earth horrors of made crimes. It before the villain represented with the blood-stained knife in a hand. Now the evil-tacke, who has been elegantly dressed, sits in sanctuaries of banks and often moves in billions. They even go on Sunday sermons and consider it believing in God. But the created evil surpasses by them everything that people did earlier, because it planet.
373. (Guru). Yes! It is right. Many fine words are told, and a lot of evil becomes. The end of Cali Yugi is the end of an evil, bloody Eyelid. It was told: "In Fishes blood". The new combination of Star Beams will change spatial conditions. At people it was held in remembrance the Golden Age. Under the law of Cycles it again will come. But how many it is necessary sharply and urgently to suffer to people adequately to enter into it, but, great changes at a threshold. Shifts already go. The great opportunities given by evolution demand the responsible attitude towards them, differently not to avoid unrecoverable destructions.
374. (July 26). It is necessary to reach such condition that already nothing struck and didn't discompose. In this ability not to be surprised the surprise or something unusual covers a sense-knowledge and as though an anticipation of events or the phenomena. This condition is especially necessary in the Thin World where can strike a lot of things. It will help to meet without serious consequences both terrible forms, and various inventions and tricks from their party. And in life terrestrial this quality is very valuable because allows to keep tranquility where his people usually lose. Approved, this quality also will help also to understanding of that actually the person can't lose or lose anything something belonging to it by right because he understands a formula: "All mine in Me and with Me is integral, nevertheless other that it is possible to take away, – not mine and only temporarily is at my disposal and doesn't belong and can't belong to Me", – so argues learned and found Stone Treasures inside. As well also it is useful to separate from time to time itself from a dense environment and things which it is temporarily owned, and to represent itself spirit out of a body and away from everything that around. It will help also to faster release from terrestrial gravitations when it is necessary to appear in Word Aboveground.
375. (Guru). If terrestrial eyes and physical devices didn't find life signs on this or that planet, it absolutely doesn't mean yet that life there isn't present. Life can go on the plan astral this planet, and even in more dense astral forms, than on Earth, and at other conditions of consciousness. It should be meant at visit of other heavenly ph.
376. (July 27). Impact of magnetism of the Moon on Earth and everything, that on it lives, very strongly. Lunar phases influence a lot of things. Force of lunar beams, influencing inflow, lifts up huge masses of water. The sleepwalker loses the weight and becomes weightless; from here lightness, with which it goes on lintels. It is enough to wake of him, and the consciousness immediately neutralizes this influence. The phenomenon remarkable, indicating at of force of the consciousness’s and ability paralyze its powerful influences. The closer to the Moon, the influences are stronger. Consciousness it is possible to weaken them, but action has to be conscious. Astrological aspects of the Moon are of great importance in human life. Medium and a psychosis are connected with lunar passivity of human consciousness and a reflex of thinking and actions. The lunar heritage is far yet gets rid. Lunar passivity and solar activity fight in the person for prevalence. The active will comprises solar elements of Light. The dead moon is destiny fateful. Lunar cone is a place of stay of spirits of darkness. The sunlight there doesn't reach. If the Sun is a life symbol, the Moon is death. Planet of death We Call her. It is expected by further decomposition and disintegration. Strong spirits can fearlessly concern it, but it is very dangerous for weak, not able to be protected from its radiations.
377. (M. A. Й.). Defeat is inadmissible. Fight Show on spirit advance. Also there is nothing here shameful, if the pupil has to struggle with himself and to overcome properties of the lowest nature. All going on the way conduct this fight. It is required transmutation the lowest in the Highest. It is impossible to reject it because it makes as though part of the person, but to change, melt, transmutation it through related contrasts – in the power of human will. So, hatred it is possible regenerate in love, strong hatred – in strong love. But insignificant and small feelings transmutation there is nothing because their opposite pole is so insignificant, as well as they. The nature throws out a pettiness as Space garbage from the general stream of life. Big shortcomings speak about high potential of their opposite pole which is shown at a transmutation.
378. (Guru). That is given by life, can be accepted, without tying itself to it and without trying to hold the given. All the term, and leaving details of dense existence consign to the past forever more again not to return any more. Therefore any regret about the past is inexpedient and deprived of sense. If small "I" it was good in former living conditions, for "I" big they could be not necessary because exhaustion already will give nothing them it. For the highest "I", fight and overcoming of difficulties, but at all wellbeing which is wished so small by "me" are necessary for his advance.
379. (July 28). Cruelty human has no borders, and especially when people feel and imagine it unpunished. However, the return blow of karma overtakes cruelty, but unless it will reduce sharpness of caused sufferings? Into a task of the pupil enters to learn to respond to cruelty human with balance, that is not allow neither rage mutually, nor not goodwill, in general any feelings darkness. It is very difficult task. To lead an astral to silence will be a victory over it and means mastering by this cover. Efforts of the dark are directed on destroying balance and, having destroyed it to intrude in consciousness. The bad feelings caused for this purpose by them, will serve them as an entrance open. Balance is a powerful board while it isn't broken. Holding it, you do unapproachable a heart Stronghold.
380. (Guru). To rejoice sufferings can't learn at once. At first it is necessary to accustom to treat them quietly, without indignation, without chagrin and a clouding, and only then when balance keeps already firmly, it is possible to start going deep mentally into sense and value of sufferings for a spirit ascension. It is necessary to reconcile itself with the pain caused by something to understand that there is no eminence of spirit and a get rid of the centers without body pains.
381. (July 31). In process of rapprochement with Us weight of the Burden of this world which lies down on shoulders of the pupil because it divides it with Us increases also. Achievements want to have many, but the number wishing to divide with Us our works and cares isn't great; therefore, so a little taking at the way of Great Service. And when it is difficult to you and when the press amplifies, whether it means that you join already our works and you divide with Us the Burden of this world. Will come both pleasure, and delight of spirit, and new abilities, but not will open before cooperation completely will take place. Only on this two-native fire of pleasure and a grief Spirit transformation is made.
382. (Guru). It is so important to understand that release – in the spirit of. It is possible to have everything that people have, and it is better to work even others, but not to be in good spirits free from usual fetters by which people are held down. Release lies in the consciousness sphere. How many thoughts and work it is necessary to premise that it took place. And there live on Earth people in freedom or slavery at things surrounding them and the phenomena and usually at all don't realize the slavery, if slaves.
383. (M. A. Y.). Each hour approaches the judgment. With what and how into it we will enter? What we will bring? Brought more – more also will receive. Also has a merit lit more hearts? And the gift created in darkness of pre-dawn hour is especially valuable. It on scales will be heaviest. When everything will come true, there will be so many supporters of Light considering the merits and gifts, – the benefit and of. But a torch of spirit bearing in darkness lit when clouds around and enemies, nevertheless it will be approximate especially.
384. (Aug. 3). And now it is necessary to approve before itself and space Proximity I wash with a way constant, uninterrupted memory of it that is pretending constant. During the day as often as possible it we will remember make, at last, it continuous. Hardly the consciousness gives in to this process, but eventually will obey to will command. The old person confronting inside doesn't wish to give way to the new person, going to it on change. The symbol of the baby served in the Bowl as a reminder on it, as well as a phoenix born from ashes, symbolizing the changed person. It is told: "If be not born again if you aren't as children, you won't be able to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven", into Light Kingdom, into my World. In former Precepts It is much told about the main in the forms available to understanding of people of those times. Nowadays the Doctrine of Life calls besides, but already according to level of steps of the evolution reached by mankind. And if earlier something was given for any certain people, now the Doctrine of Life is given for all because it is dictated by approach of deadlines and approach of the beginning of the New Cycle.
385. (M. A. Y.). Steady following on the way of Light requires unprecedented persistence. And life gives ardent opportunities to exercise this valuable quality of spirit. His sisters are firmness and inflexibility. It is possible, for example, having set itself a task, to support or improve health, not to recede from planned, the success won't be reached yet, and at least very long time for this purpose was required. Or, meeting an importunate and long oppose dark and having begun with them fight, its messages up to the end, to a clear victory. It is possible to imagine, how much extraordinary persistence, aspiration and persistence it is necessary to show that the rhythm of every day Communication and all related didn't interrupt. At bodies heavenly we will study, because their space way is invariable and rhythmical.
386. (Aug. 4). The great Darkness is an eternal antipode of Light and an opposite pole of shown Space. Darkness terrestrial and dark antagonists of Light are the phenomenon purely terrestrial and temporary. The special case of Earth and its dark can't be extended to all Universes. Therefore it is so important to realize the phenomenon of the Distant Worlds and absence on them dark. There are imperfections, and there is an evolution, there is a past overcoming future, but there are no attendants of darkness and dark Hierarchy. Aspiration to the Distant Worlds and conscious communication with them will accelerate evolution of your planet. The distant Worlds are given as an attraction magnet for the spirits directed to them. We, Brothers of mankind, are Newcomers from the Distant Worlds. We Will come back to them, carrying away for Myself all mankind, except for Space garbage. Conscious Eternal Life is the basic principle of the Distant Worlds and achievement of the mankind occupying them. The great future and boundless life expect following Us.
387. (Aug. 5). The phenomena of the Thin and Fiery Worlds continuously occur and in the dense world, but they should be able to be seen. Plant growth from grain is the phenomenon of a fiery order. Each movement of a physical body is connected with thin processes and fire. The person constantly thinks. And what such thought? So there live people in all three worlds and adjoin to all, only understanding of it is absent. At some attentiveness a lot of things will be noticed. Anything supernatural isn't present, everything is natural, and it is simple, and to well directed supervision. Moods human, both emotions, and feelings – the phenomena, the roots back tracing to Thin Spheres above. The person strong depends on spatial currents that are the thin energy not visible to an eye. Their lives the person in all three worlds and can start easily studying of their communication with each other and to understanding of three.
388. (Aug. 6). The discipline of spirit is imposed on feelings of the pupil. It concerns both physical, and thin and mental ph. All covers got used to vibrate after the own fashion, and everyone as her taught or as taught life. The element of will is brought in this willfulness of covers, Show they how have to react to everything that arrives to their sphere. If the will doesn't interfere, they vibrate on all influences automatically, habitual image. This automatism, or reflex, actions is unacceptable in the promoted pupil. The mentioned patrol extends as well on to allowing this automaticity. It is good if, say, the person got used to meet strokes of bad luck in balance full, or never to allow irritations. But it already the qualities of the spirit which once have been consciously approved by will. Not about them speech. It is a question of uncontrolled, willful, undesirable movements in covers which dominate over the person, break his balance and darken lightful radiations of its aura. Reflex is the lunar heritage of the person approved once long ago. It is shown and in the acquired addictions, such, as, for example, smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction and many others. Similar habits are outgrowths on spirit. In this or that look under oppression of various habits their lives the majority of the incarnate. For the person the habit is meat creates hindrances when forming a thin body. Stomach burdening by any food is undesirable also. The pupil should refuse many habits along the line for the Teacher; very many addictions to things, and very burdensome separation from such habits after release from a body. And at terrestrial life such habits oppress. And it is very sad if this oppression is imperceptible for oppressed consciousness. Therefore it is better not to become attached to anything that it is a pity to leave anything. Habits of harmful thinking are even more dangerous and harmful; it is most difficult to be exempted from them. But the arising and getting stronger will of the pupil gradually start taking reins of government in hand and to seize everything that disturbs spirit advance. The birth of will is the nice page in life of the pupil.
389. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to exercise will always, everywhere and in everything because many not get rid properties have ascending consciousness. And the above it raises on a spirit ladder, the more overcoming become inevitable on its way. As a matter of fact, the way of ascension is a way of continuous overcoming of the last person, or the former person, in itself and nascence of the new. So overcoming all subsequent gate opens. The winner the step is firm and immutable. Nor indulgence, nor weakness, indulgence to the shortcomings doesn’t facilitate a way. On the card all is put. And put all not get rid properties wins it is hundredfold finally. At exercise of will it is necessary to remember that suppression of foreign will is inadmissible.
390. (Guru). Who says what the life is somewhere outside? No, it lies inside; it is in the essence of the person. The narrow track conducting in life is in it. Therefore all searches somewhere on the party won't lead to the desirable purpose. And if all future, all richness of spirit can't be found in the world external, so only the inner world can open desirable opportunities. Long ago It is already told: "The Kingdom of God inside is", – there and look for.
391. (Aug. 7). The person considering unfortunate, is unfortunate, happy is happy. Defines a condition thought. And if to seize thought, it is possible to seize and conditions of spirit. Everything is so conditional and so relative. Not on the phenomenon the press of its property to cause sufferings or pleasure, but on the consciousness defines the relation to this or that phenomenon and considering it at an angle of personal feeling of grief or pleasure which are mistakenly attributed to this phenomenon, but not to the person, it perceiving lies. But the lever is in hands of the person. The same phenomenon can please today and afflict tomorrow. As often the young man wants to look more solid and is more senior than the years, and elderly – is younger. As it is frequent, having achieved desirable, the person of expected pleasure and satisfaction doesn't find in it. In the field of personal experiences the Cosmic, strong pleasure, not depending on external conditions not to find. Not to find and the world, which "above any understanding". So we come besides: to refusal from personal and to transfer of focus of all aspirations to the sphere of General Welfare. This thought briefly also is clearly expressed by a formula: "Be rejected from it and follow across Me".
392. (Guru). Whether it is worth striving for Light if this aspiration brings so many sufferings? So whispers egoism in darkness and it is surrounded with darkness. And too it is necessary to pass through this whispering. Many stones are scattered on a difficult track of ascension of spirit and who knows on which the foot will stumble. And a way – either up, or down. To go down where it is easier, than to rise and many follow this easy way. Where? If each going to ask itself: “Where conducts it this way easy?” So, two ways lie before the person: the way down both a way up and everyone steadily brings into darkness, or to of Light.
393. (Aug. 8). Love to whom and to something there is the powerful force uniting with that who is loved by the person. The consciousness includes in the orbit of darling or favorite. To accept in itself the phenomenon Distant, or the Highest, the Worlds, it is necessary to fall in love with them. But how to fall in love with what the person doesn't know? But the love serves as the bridge to cognition. Flammarion * loved stars. All the life he devoted to studying them. If you want to learn something, fall in love the love generating aspiration, - but loves of the heart. Whether it is possible to order to heart? It is impossible to order, but it is possible to persuade because in the depths heart bears in itself love to the fine. And influence of all fine and beauty on consciousness ennobles the person. Fall in love with beauty of thoughts and thought of the fine. The thought about fine always will be creative because beauty it is possible to create. Small, gray, everyday thoughts of the same small things won't ennoble consciousness. Clair-radiant the thinking is saturated beauty. If it isn't visible around, it can be created thought. Even the thought has to precede decoration of use. Fight between the good and evil consists in fight between Beauty and a disgrace. Thoughts of the fine can create and Beauty in the surrounding. You learn to create consciously thought.
* Flammarion – the French scientist, the astronomer, the writer.
394. (M. A. Y.). Great Making demands unprecedented persistence from the maker. It persistently also will be stubborn counteracted by darkness. And here in this fight against darkness the superhuman persistence and firmness on the decision not to recede, not to incline, not to put a hand in despair before weakening counteraction of the dark also are necessary. But the spirit is eternal and Light, but ended and temporarily darkness and its dark attendants going against Light are eternal. It is possible to find in understanding of eternity of spirit and Light of force for opposition to the evil.
395. (Guru). Both the hardness, and stability, and firmness of the decision to struggle with darkness, and in itself and around, it is impossible to put in dependence on instability and fluctuation of external conditions, because they will always fluctuate. The Ladder of Hierarchy of Light is unshakable only. So unshakable heart approved on it is invincible. So in thoughts of power of Hierarchy of Light of force it is possible to find to stand in this fight up to the end. So courageous heart won't be frightened by continuous attacks dark and won't recede in darkness. The victory over darkness in itself and around is so reached.
396. (Aug. 9). As the sun the daily way, let will be steady your advance to Light. In this steady – pledge and the victory guarantee. As autumn leaves will fly away all unnecessary stratifications. Without this steady not to be exempted from mental heaps which collected for eyelids? Therefore and it is almost impossible to dump them at once. But water hollows a stone. On a way to Boundlessness everything is achievable. So, already from much were exempted. This release is imperceptible, and only on turns it is possible to see suddenly, how many is dumped freight. Wants you to see free the Teacher and not having anything. Why it is necessary to carry it only to things. All accumulation of egoism too "" of which it is necessary to get rid. To accept in itself out, it is necessary to clean because disturbs. The consciousness of the person either "", or mine is so filled. The egoism clings for "", the highest "I" – mine want, because two in one. Great division, resulting in the world, goes and in consciousness of each person, - it concerns all; nobody will leave from the decision where to turn back – in darkness or to Light. In this inevitability of the decision to address in darkness or to Light the sense of the events consists in the world. Not on the North, the South, the East and the West there is a division, but on heart lines. And everyone decides the fate.
397. (M. A. Y.). For imagination there are neither limits, nor restrictions if accumulation corresponds. In World Thin by means of the saved-up imagination of people creates in very wide scales if the imagination allows. Create even the dark. Creativity goes in the accord with a light-bearer of radiations of creating spirit. That is why it is so important to stock up with pure imagination. Dirty creates the same forms and chokes in them. The imagination creates by means of thought; mastering by thought means also mastering by imagination. Preparing for life in Elevated, we will think of that, the cleared imagination and the thought bridled by will be how necessary there.
398. (Guru). You wonder as all disappears weak, unstable and unbalanced and as few ready consciousnesses. Are lit, flash as dry straw and as quickly and go out. Don't take these flashes for readiness of spirit. But when judgment the spirit approaches Light to you, don't miss. The lord Told that He – the Threshold to spirit. Great Threshold! And you are thresholds small through which too approach in search of Light. A little the barrier don't put suitable to It through you. And hearts of an eye open on suitable not to pass. The Teacher Put you who are silent, on a road fork that going to Him saw.
399. (Aug. 10). Someone lived all life in that house in which was born, and in it died. Let's not envy such resident. Someone replaced tens houses and still a strong shelter didn't find. And the Son Human didn't take a place where to bend the heads. Only the House Father can serve as a strong shelter to spirit. And it is good when without house terrestrial it is comprehended by the traveler of the Way infinite. House spirit is in Elevated, - the house Father in Elevated. Can't give terrestrial houses a reliable roof. Illusions of durability of dwellings human Maya creates. Count any of them be the self-deception, however, as well as all the rest that we imagine the property. In total only for a while, it is necessary to understand well it and to acquire. Then it isn't a pity to leave anything. Then it is possible to be in the spirit of free from slavery at things. The knowledge, the only integral property of the person releases. It is so necessary and is important to save up it that was with what to come back and what to bring in the House Father. Much there it is collected the most valuable treasures, but that to estimate them, to use them, it is necessary to know – as well as to bring with itself this knowledge. Otherwise treasures prepared remain to lie in vain. The knowledge of usual things and the standard science won't help to distinguish them and they there and aren't necessary. Means, the knowledge of an unusual, opening eye on understanding of spiritual treasures is necessary. How to get it? Together with Me! When together we go, acquisition becomes simple and natural process. So: together, in everything, up to the end. It will be the decision only true. And then the way of cognition of the most necessary becomes strong available. And then treasures of spirit of the Native home are open learned the Way.
400. (Guru). Living conditions the terrestrial are considerable that various qualities of spirit allow accumulate. This process can be conducted consciously, and then life gains property of expediency. Aimlessly wandering people and going to a definite purpose the person show striking distinction. Knowing where and why it goes, as well as that is necessary for it for a way, it is immutable will reach the purpose.
401. (Aug. 11). The human body is laboratory for all feelings which by means of will can create imagination. The feeling of tranquility can be strengthened or caused by order of will, and it isn't so difficult. It is possible to cause both pleasure, and other feelings, both good, and bad. Thus it is necessary to pay attention that there is cooperation to space and to those its layers or spheres which are saturated conformable to caused feeling with vibrations. It is possible to cause consciously from space feeling of pleasure, and besides without any relation of this feeling to dense conditions of the moment. The reasons for pleasure in the world dense cannot be any, and still the creative imagination of the person will be able to approve it and to unite consciousness with those spheres where the spatial pleasure sounds. There are spheres, or the layers, very heavy experiences. Many contact them. And there are also very high. The few consciously direct to them. But it is necessary at first to force to begin to sound on a desirable wave of feeling approved by will that then to make contact with the sphere, conformable with caused feeling. The right, once you practice on it to understand, depends on will of the person much. The Reflex’s and reflex feelings automatically submit to these or those influences, without trying even to neutralize them or to fight against them. But in laboratory of feelings human her owner, the manager and the lord – the person, and will it can create a sense-knowledge at his desire. Experiences in this direction are very interesting, and at least some success already shows, what opportunities open before the person. Before the guest it isn't accepted to show the bad mood or discontent, and the good hostess never will dare it to do, at all without knowing about creative power of will, but applying it unconsciously. In this direction the area of the creative appendix of will is very wide. And, as always and in everything, it is necessary to begin with small that, it having seized, to pass already to the bigger. It is a lot of footpaths of the dismissed feelings and moods it is possible to reduce this way. Why someone's bad mood, or irritation in one person has to cause mutually the same feeling in other when, having put will, it can not only to it not to give in, but, on the contrary, the tranquility and light vibrations to neutralize it absolutely on an own wave. People very strongly influence at each other the moods, but do it unconsciously. The conscious appendix of the will creating Light instead of darkness which they disseminate, can work wonders and change radiations of a human body from negative in the positive. A lot of Light can be brought in environment ability to adjust the microcosm on a desirable wave of Light.
402. (M. A. Y.). At a wave of irritation, hatred, or rage the Highest it is impossible to unite with the Worlds. Manas, it im necessary to br ing the covers into a harmonious condition before connection becomes possible. Sounding of the Highest Worlds so far from cries and Earth shouts that approach to them demands preparation. How many time which is torn apart by chaos of the most unrestrained feelings, addresses the person to the Highest World, appealing about help and without receiving it. Adjusting a radio receiver on a certain and desirable wave, people perfectly know and apply accord laws. But in the relation to the own fiery device this knowledge doesn't apply, forgetting that both above, and below. That the World Fiery answered, it is necessary to bring own receiver into the corresponding condition, that is to adjust it harmoniously on a certain key. And then the answer won't slow down. It is necessary to think over that, as well as on what waves people adjust devices of the spirit. Adjusting itself on a key of the most undesirable, dark and negative feelings, receive in reply waves of the same influences, but strengthened by the spatial megaphone.
403 . (Guru). The way remains only one – through itself because the person and is this Way. The lord who has Told: "I am the Way, Truth and Life", – Specified this Way because It Gave the Precept: "I in you, you in Me". Having united these two formulas, it is easy to see that the Way lies in the person because even the Kingdom of God in us is. Thus, not external conditions, but internal state of the person are caused by following on the way. And where it was and whatever did, and in whatever conditions it appeared, Ways to take up to it, except him, anybody can't and anything. All barriers and obstacles – the next deception, both Maya illusions, and inventions of attendants of darkness which have no power to stop the Way of the person, if he understood that against his spirit which inside, is indestructible and we won't win anything external.
404. (M. A. Y.). Roots of soul human – in World Aboweground. There spirit homeland. On anything terrestrial it is impossible to be approved because all is passing, and it is impossible to be attached to anything, because all will be taken away. Therefore, to build strongly and forever it is possible only in Spheres Hidden. And it is good when already the desire isn't present to grasp any dense conditions and to imagine that they are unshakable. If the other-wordly person in this world has no support, but has it in the world which other-wordly, more strongly and more firmly he stands on the feet, than having a lot of things in the world terrestrial. Criteria usual don't approach to the Elevated World. Separation from Earth and not attachment to something terrestrial grant the right to a free admission to that world and freedom of actions in it: "Not to fly learned sweet of Earth", but bitterness of life terrestrial learned and much tasted from it flights are available.
405 . (Aug. 13). Change of places also is desirable and necessary that the aura didn't grow to one place. It isn't so easy to release the grown aura as it seems. It grows together integrally, and difficultly to tear off it. But as it is possible to own things without feeling of property, in the same way it is possible to live long in one place, without growing into it. For this purpose it is necessary to travel at least mentally more often, flying about thought about the whole world. Where we, there and house. Where thought, there and the spirit which has generated it. Freedom is approved by thought, freedom from the power of the rendered habitable room over consciousness. The yogi can stay bezotluchno in the body in the same cave, but in the spirit of – to fly over a planet and to be where will want. Residence – concept relative. Leave mentally the house in which you live more often if circumstances don't allow to leave it. Movement in the spirit of always precedes movement in a body. Thought always ahead. And even, if movement in a body didn't take place, movement in thoughts nevertheless happened. It is important as preparation for that world where everything moves thought. The motionless thought which has grown to a conventional dwelling, will keep in thraldom even where the person already actually isn't connected by the house terrestrial. "It is necessary to think as are necessary to people of travel". If they are impossible in the regular way, in the spirit of and thoughts they are possible always. Movement in thoughts is real, it becomes reality when flights in a thin body are available. As flights and in the future are useful. It is so important to liberate thought.
406. (M. A. Y.). Each mental action matters. Movement in thoughts as though lays routes in space on which, already out of a body, the person outside the conditions of the terrestrial freely moves. The thought should be taken away much more value, than it becomes usually because the thought isn't something abstract, but the actual engine of life. Denying the importance of thought, people lose understanding of that basis on which all is based.
407. (Guru). Creativity terrestrial is always caused by creativity mental and even if it for some reason or other wasn't carried out, nevertheless thought anyway, sooner or later, but will be embodied in visible forms. This invincible tendency of thought to come to light in dense forms should be meant always because prove both good, and bad thoughts. It is necessary to avoid and be careful of the last because the thought not only will be embodied, but also will find the poroditel that he took part in this process and I settled on myself its consequences.
408. (Aug. 14). If the happy terrestrial life full of wellbeing, doesn't allow spirit to enter into a hall intended, the life full of thorns and trouble, widely gives this opportunity. It having acquired, easily already will be to learn to look at all details of life heavy and difficult as at conditions, strong approaching to Light Monastery, as on the pushers, directing spirit to Hierarchy of Light to the World the Highest. And then there is a question: terrestrial wellbeing should rejoice or be afflicted? When dark very much annoy and strong persist in it, they don't understand that pull together with Us the one whom they so want to avert from Us. When between there is the Shape of the Lord separating powerfully from darkness, all efforts of the dark are vain, all blows struck by them, succeed the opposite. Persistence of the dark is a sign kind. They won't trouble themselves too, if fire of spirit is weak. The spirit is higher and stronger, the stronger and the dark zlodelatel, trying to surround it and to cut off from Light. Let's be glad to each attack because it gives new strength to strive for Light. Under blows dark absolutely it isn't difficult to reach a constant Face before an internal eye. And, when attack is especially strong and especially long, the Face as protection against the evil can be held before it is persistent, especially strong tying itself to the Ladder of Hierarchy of Light.
409. (Guru). It would be desirable to see transition from words to business, from thoughts fine – to their implementation, from desires and intentions – to their realization. After once they should be approved everything in application. Whether it is better as soon as possible, because time no presses. The missed opportunities don't repeat, and the further statement will demand the trebled efforts. Everything is good in its season, but to seize the best opportunity will be the key to success. Overdue action is condemned. Demands to seize the opportunity of lifting of wave vigilance sharp.
410. (Aug. 15). All three worlds, dense, Thin and Fiery, are reality – everyone in the sphere. For stay in everyone and life in it the corresponding conductor is necessary. For free identification of consciousness in all three it is necessary that all conductors, or bodies, were rather issued. From any of three worlds it is possible to see the worlds other two if the step of consciousness allows it. The world dense in itself isn't Maya, as well as the World Thin. The Maya is generated by consciousness human, limitation of his perceptions and imperfection of its covers. Great Spirits, being in a body terrestrial, aren't torn off from contact with other worlds and Can plunge into them by order of will. The step of evolution reached by mankind will pass under the sign of connection in consciousness of all three worlds, until then the disconnected. The all three bodies are better issued, the it will be easier this association. Last centuries there was already evidence of such association in this or that form. But it was separate cases. In the future these phenomena will have already mass character. Will develop in parallel and science, confirming scientifically reality of three and more conditions of a matter, and that now treats realm of fancy, superstitions, assumptions and supernatural and unusual, will enter into the commonness course. The cognizable world will simply extend, and on many phenomena eyes will simply open. The new Sky and Novaya Zemlya will appear before the begun to see clearly consciousness in all completeness of the triple aspect.
411. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to settle Records all greatness and boundlessness of the Universe? Certainly, no! And however many write, inexhaustibility nevertheless remains the incentive, directing spirit to all too new and new stays. As a matter of fact, new anything isn't present, but new approach to the phenomena of life allows to consider them under absolutely other point of view and to find in them new elements. The extending understanding will be a criterion. Long ago it is already told that "the person is a measure of things". As this criterion also serve consciousness human and ability of his perception which potentially isn't limited to anything.
412. (Guru). Existence of three worlds allows directing mentally in each of them at will. Live people have nothing to direct to the world dense because they and without that are strong attached to it, but to the Worlds Thin and Fiery it is useful to aspire. Certainly, not in the lower class of the Elevated World it is necessary to aspire because they good won't give anything, but to the Highest. If the aspiration goes under the sign of Beauty, it is protected by Beauty adequately, but it is better to develop aspiration to the Highest Worlds. The thought of them will start increasing their cognition and will establish with them magnetic connection. Too objects of aspirations even not bad people are low. Therefore "it is necessary to drive above" to stick already above a starting point. The direction is approved by thought. It can be done consciously.
413. (Aug. 16). The radiations of aura sated with various experiences, moods, emotions and conditions of the person, put him into a so-called aura's shell which it has to punch if wants to come to a spatial scope. Difficult is the process. So, for example, it is impossible to join spatial pleasure, if not to make it. In the Precept "Be rejected from itself" the Instruction on release from an aurs’s shell consists. Homeless circulation and changes of places very much promote it. The decree about not attachment to something has deep value exactly in this regard. It was already said that with each thing which the person considers as the property, he is connected by current, or a thread stretched from it to a thing. These threads are different in color, force and durability. The ardent owner as clogs, it is wound by them. The phenomenon is a mental order and with death of a body doesn't disappear. And the person with all this baggage passes to the Thin World, carrying away with itself mental communications with subjects of the dense world rather already with their astral forms. Release from feeling of property is necessary for achievement of spatial freedom.
414. (Aug. 17). Like a searchlight beam, the beam of consciousness can be directed on any thought, any subject in and out of the person, in the past, the present or the future. This orientation can be strong-willed, deliberate or automatic. Ability to concentrate allows hold a beam on a subject this, or that time. At control over it undesirable objects simply jump out of a field of vision and the beam of consciousness is transferred to something another. At world around width the choice is unlimited. The notions of compulsion, feelings and moods are no other than result of weak will, or a consequence of the connivance allowed in the past. Control allows pass only positive thoughts in consciousness. The question of that, on what directs a consciousness beam, is very important, because the directed thought conducts. Directing it to the Distant Worlds, we establish magnetic connection with them. On this channel can inflow new impressions. Using magnetic properties of thought, it is possible to take elements inherent in them from the Thin and Fiery Worlds. Shines a way thought. Control of thin energy is exercised by means of thought. The persistent reflection over any subject allows hold on it a consciousness beam. All people constantly think of something, big or small, good or bad, and constantly direct the consciousness on something. It is easy to judge properties and character of the given person on objects of his thinking. The person lives in the thoughts, and thought – in him. The conscientious attitude to what occupied thinking and on what directs a beam, allows establish the direction will.
415. (Guru). Disbalance in the nature and in consciousness human reached extreme degree of tension. Planetary the disbalance it is created by mankind. If it proceeds still any time, explosion is inevitable. Holders of Earth Try to shatter focuses of tension and to give vent to energy on trifles, because large collision is very dangerous. It can involve all planets in the orbit. Hard is of the time. Heavy is of the time for each sensitive of the spirit.
416. (Aug. 18). All dense forms in which the Great Spirit is embodied at the arrival to Earth, can serve as a link for association or communication with his Immortal Identity. Physical body of Great Spirit mortally as any dense body, but the spirit is immortal. The different people in different centuries invested Spirits Great on the consciousness, custom and time. But under these various forms it is necessary to be able to see Identity of Great Spirit to understand those temporary and variable forms, but the Essence concluded in them is unchangeable. Lords seven. Each pupil belong to the Lord also is in his Beam. The beam is individual because it is painted by Essence of its Carrier. Communication between the Teacher and the pupil doesn't interrupt internally though externally they can be divided by various conditions. It doesn't interrupt and in Elevated, only there external conditions anymore don't interfere with a close unification. Very important for the pupil to realize that communication with the Teacher over everything that can surround it in the dense world, over all its temporary experiences, pleasures, a grief, health, diseases and all passing living conditions terrestrial. This communication can last the whole millennia. The silver Thread of communication is stronger and stronger than all communications usual, terrestrial and all attachments of spirit to terrestrial because it is stretched over all temporary and mortal conductors of the person and their environment not only in terrestrial, but also the Elevated World.
417. (Guru). Extent of clarification of consciousness solves all further way. Therefore this question it is possible and has to be engaged closely. The persistence of covers, and mainly astral, taught once to what shouldn't be taught her at all, shows that these lessons took root strongly and that everything should be uprooted. These backs very much is bad that grow again if aren't removed completely. Means it is necessary to dig even more deeply and to remember, when and as unusable crops were made. The field of consciousness has to be absolutely cleared of weeds that new crops were pure.
418. (Aug. 19). Yes, it so: body here, and spirit there where it is directed. And, being there, brings here, where a body, impressions and thoughts from there. Divisibility of spirit allows part to send it far from a body. The body stays where lives, and spirit – where wants. On wings of thought the spirit on will command is carried away. Movement in the spirit is of really. The device of spirit is difficult and thin, it is most difficult that can imagine human mind. And a body is it’s the tool for the intercourse with the world corporal. For each of three worlds there is the conductor. But all of them are connected in a single whole, though can work separately and independently. Force, health and ability to work physical bodies of people very much differ one from another, both the age, and a floor, both training, and many other conditions define it. As it is exact also other bodies of the person, astral, mental and fiery, differ on the features in very considerable degree from the same conductors at other people. It isn't so difficult to present, what conductors the savage and the philosopher and as they reveal themselves in the Worlds of the Highest possess, and what accumulation possess, and what width of consciousness of each of them. Often even at one table there are the people who are strikingly different from each other by the features and opportunities. We determine people by a treatment of light and shade that is by luminosity of their aura. Indicator is faultless. To improve the conductors – the most necessary task of the person. For the sake of it also comes to Earth, for the sake of it, consciously or unconsciously, knowing about that or not, lives, works, create and die to come here again.
419. (M. A. Y.). The thought fiery doesn't grow old. Usual thoughts grow old, get out of fashion and cease to interest the person. How many ordinary, dull writers, and how soon are forgotten their books! But are live Shekspir and Tolstoy – great writers of this world. Thoughts of Spirits Great don't die in centuries. Not only on pages of the writing, but also such thoughts live in space and sate aura of a planet. The planetary treasury of thoughts is very rich. The benefit is the one, who can bring in it and itself the share, itself the contribution.
420. (Guru). The quintessence of all positive, ever reached by mankind, is concentrated in the Stronghold. This is firm storage of treasures of Earth. Too people quickly forget the stays in the field of the valid knowledge. But Lords Store everything, worthy protection, Store for the future. The intimate Knowledge doesn't suffer damage from oblivion human. And access to it is open for each worthy spirit. And the spatial Treasury too is open for spirits, conformable that is in it, and they can freely scoop from it.
421. (Aug. 20). Influence of the human auras, one on another, at close contact is obvious to each sensitive spirit, but influence at distance more difficult to notice though it and takes a constant place in human relationship. The thought painted by radiations of aura influences. At the attentive relation to this type of the phenomena it is possible to see how from time to time in consciousness suddenly there are someone's persons and there is about them a thought. Sometimes these persons cause pleasure, sometimes chagrin, counteraction and even indignation. The last occurs in that case when the aura is protected from injustice, either slander, or other unfriendly acts from people. Spatial influences happen constantly. But mean not only dark, but also all the others. It occurs not only between the people knowing each other, but also between the absolutely unfamiliar. Then influences go according to the accord at thoughts uniform, magneto aspiring to association. In a plant and animal life often it is necessary to observe these group associations of sibling species. Mental products of human consciousness submit to the same aspiration also. Similar consciousnesses by the nature unconsciously adjoin through space. The world is uniform, and all parts it are connected anyway between them. Being part it, the person can't separate himself from this world in which lives. Spatial interaction of human radiations can be considered very widely, including here and energy of stars and stars. All this set of energy arrives in its microcosm, to some extent consciously or unconsciously assimilates this last and, already processed, is again given by the person to space and the world surrounding it. Perfect analogy inhaled and exhaled air, accepted food and drink and the processed products thrown out from an organism. The great stream of a matter and energy of many types and conditions flows through a microcosm of the person, through all his bodies: dense, radio, astral, thin, mental and fiery. Interaction of the person with the worlds surrounding it seizes all spheres.
. 422. (M. A. Y.). Great civilizations and everything were lost that they created, disappeared from the face of the earth once the great people, and sand of deserts or a wave of oceans covered prosperous countries. It would seem, to what this cruel destruction? What this deification of death and destruction? But after all shapes which the spirit temporarily is given die only, and dense human constructions collapse, the spirit stays for ever and ever. Both that experience and that knowledge which it acquired, creating the constructions doomed to destruction, become the integral acquisitions of the person and accompany it at new returns to Earth again to build, and to create, and in this process of creativity to gain new abilities, and to ascend, rising on spirals of evolution of spirit which has no end.
423. (Guru). Yes, it is valid so: all creations of hands human are doomed to destruction. By the end of the seventh race remains nothing that people now on Earth built. But, thinking of destruction of things man-made, it isn't necessary to forget that when their dense form is destroyed, there is their astral double and their mental basis. They aren't destroyed, they arrive in planet storage. All corresponding to the principle of Beauty and Light is preserved for the future and serves as decoration of a thin body of a planet. All ugly and dark is burned and destroyed from time to time. Thus, acts of hands human are destroyed only in the dense aspect. But in Akasha's rolls all remains without an exception. In aura of a planet, in its hidden environment of the Thin World, Holders of Earth Seek keep only the best and whenever possible to neutralize negative, dark thin forms. In this transitional time in the Thin World there is a great destruction of become obsolete thin forms for replacement their new, evolutionary. Creation of the old world consciously collapses Powers of Light both on Earth, and in World Aboveground.
424. (M. A. Y.) .Mistakenly you believe that Great Devotees Carried out the life in delights of spirit and pleasure of continuous Presence Forges the Highest. No. Heavy works fight and tests were their destiny. Great Visits were very rare, they expected for years. Work and feat, heavy, persistent and every day, demanded the huge tension of forces. Let's honor understanding their life of the heavy.
425. (Guru). The everyday rhythm of Communication approved for a long time, creates inertia force insuperable which transfers through all abysses and layers of the lowest world and lifts to those spheres where the spirit directed ardently. In an everyday great opportunities of achievements by persistent, rhythmic and purposeful efforts of spirit are put. The short aspiration quickly settles the energy, but uninterrupted in time is immutable conducts and leads to the desirable purpose.
426. (Aug. 22). The layers close to Earth, a little than differ to all appearances from terrestrial, but on structure are absolutely excellent. The world Thin is so real for his inhabitants, as well as the dense world for people of Earth. It is bright and filled with various forms which, than higher from Earth, especially are plastic and mobile and are easier set in motion by thought. Person, who wasn't knowing features of the Thin World and not studying its laws, will feel confused and not able to be guided in new conditions. Time is required to adapt to them. For negated and no Believe the Thin World has no consolation because measures terrestrial there are inapplicable. In that world where everything moves thought, for negates thought ways are closed. The automatic habitual thinking which has adapted only to the world terrestrial will be insolvent. The orbit of perceptions is caused by the consciousness width, both character, and properties of a matter of thin and mental bodies of the person, and degree of its refinement and depression. The thin body poisoned with alcohol, rough food both the corresponding thoughts and emotions, won't be able accord and to contact with a matter of the upper class as will gravitate to spheres, similar on structure and lightfull degree. Depression and thinning of a matter of conductors, or covers, the person during lifetime of him on Earth have very great value for its post mortal existence. Pay attention to absurd of the expression "post mortal existence" which is caused by absurd denial of life out of a body. A lot of absurd covers in itself the human thinking denying Bases of Life.
427. (M. A. Y.). Danger of self-conceit and self-glorification is that the pupil starts imagining that he can something and something represents itself when everything that he has, both that received, and that arms him with power of Intimate Knowledge, is received by it from the Lord. After all even the Lord Spoke: "I In itself anything, but the Father staying in Me, He Create". This formula of life should be remembered indelible to all pupils. And only then it is possible to learn to work not with the force, but strength of the Teacher, as though providing to Him to create through personal "I" the pupil. The self-conceit and self-glorification cut off threads of communication with the Teacher and stir him to the valid Help. And really, what the arrogant pupil represents him? Place empty if he imagines that without the Teacher he can be something valuable. The teacher and the pupil are indissoluble and represent itself one. When with It together, nobody is strong against you.
428. (Guru). It is very important to fill consciousness sublime images and thoughts and to tower together with them. Thoughts usual tighten in commonness, dark thoughts – in darkness. Each thought unworthy pulls down. Control over thoughts allows define the nature of magnetism of each thought and that sphere in which it involves consciousness. Dark stick to each dark thought, strengthen this pernicious magnetism. As and constant patrol has to be sharp-sighted. It is possible to call it patrol of Light protecting Light of heart and heart Fires.
429. (M. A. Y.). The kind person from a treasury of the heart takes out good, and angry – the evil. Therefore contact with the angry should be avoided; anything good from communication with them it won't turn out. And, if life pushes together with them, it is better not to tell any excess word.
430. (M. A.Y.). Unlike tearful sensitivity the true love has to be effective, that is such when in a name and for the sake of the one whom loves, the person is ready even on a feat. So, the pupil which heart flares such love to the Teacher, is ready severely and to settle ruthlessly in himself all not get rid feelings and all properties of the lowest nature, all the shortcomings and weaknesses. If he speaks or thinks that loves the Teacher, but for the sake of it this love imagined won't renounce anything. There is an imagined courage or any other quality of spirit, happens and imagined love. All imagined qualities are scattered by ashes at collision with life. To check itself, where imagination and where reality, very easily, it is worth looking that is made for consciousness clarification from any litter for love to the Teacher of Light.
431. (Guru). When will punch Hour and you will appear before the Lord, He Will ask you that you made to approach to It even closer. And the answer should be given truthful, and impartial, and without any self-deception. Therefore it is better to ask now already to itself this question every day both in the morning and in the evening, before withdrawal to a dream, checking the behavior in a day. Self-examination relieves of control from outside. Severity to itself is the best assistant for a judge, whom everyone has inside. Let's not miss time for self-examination.
432. (Aug. 26). Arhat's wisdom exceeds mind of worldly greatness. Arhat is a highest step of human achievements. Mankind evolution in general and a physical body in particular, leads to possibility of disclosure of the centers that gives clairvoyance, claurluhear and all other clairsense. When the space round Earth will be cleared and spatial poison is neutralized, disclosure of the centers won't be so dangerous as now when it is admissible only in mountains, Ashrams, in absolutely special conditions, and then open slightly the centers it will start being approved in usual conditions. Now it is allowed by us seldom, especially in the cities, because their atmosphere is poisoned also danger of undesirable consequences of a bike. When the pupil appears in other situation remote from noise and vanity of the cities, he understands a huge difference between the atmosphere of a human assemblage and the nature. If people could see, what gray, slippery dregs surround them as it presses on consciousness and what efforts the person, seeking to perceive something besides market noise has to apply, they would understand value of with what they fill aura terrestrial. In days of heavy spatial currents it is especially difficult to keep balance, because of the poisoned atmosphere. After all, besides the fullness not visible to an eye, even air is poisoned with vapors of gasoline both various products of decomposition and poisonous gases. What crime of those who, in addition to it, develops military poison gases and poisonous gases and poisons with them people, animals and plants, it strengthening chaos and nature decomposition. Danger of strengthening a disbalance is great. Partial accidents become already inevitable. Blind, deaf madmen poison and destroy the house terrestrial and thus believe that others will suffer, but not them. It is time to realize that the Nature is severe, but is fair and evil-do should pay in a measure full.

433. (M. A. Y.). It isn't so easy to keep consciousness at the level of singularity among life usual. But it becomes possible on condition of a constant memory about the Teacher. It is how difficult to approve it, you know. If, the spiritual attire as it should be, it is already achievable. Therefore the main care of those clothes of spirit were pure and lightful. The patrol thought won't allow them to pollute. So again we come to the practical appendix to lives of every day of the Precept about uninterrupted wakefulness.
434. (Aug. 27). About things and the subjects sated with fire, the person easier keeps lightful radiations of the aura. Value of sacred subjects and places consists in it. In it is and sense of existence of Ashrams in the dense and Thin Worlds. The pub atmosphere sharply differs from the atmosphere even a poor church let. The purpose of creation of temples also consists in it. The person allocated with strong energy, possesses property to deposit emanations them on everything to what he adjoins and where he is or lives. Everywhere it leaves for itself a trace of mental deposits. Even the read book is filled by it with the radiations. Each look, each breath, and each movement it emits on surrounding energy of the microcosm. And as the person creates every instant either light, or darkness, his internal state, that is luminosity, or darkness degree, matters for space and that is in it. Our people where they were, create round themselves the special atmosphere sated not only their radiations, but the Beams sent by us. Not to compare this atmosphere to the atmosphere of usual houses. For thin sight distinction it is obvious and sharp. We Distinguish people on light-bearer of their aura, and a place and the dwelling – on their mental fullness deposits of this or that order. To us aren't necessary neither words, nor assurances, because we See and we Hear internal essence of the speaking. Also there is nothing secret that wouldn't be expressed obviously in radiations of human aura. Pictures of these radiations will approach the truth world because it will be already impossible to hide that successfully hide now. For hypocrites, liars and bad people the World New doesn't bear a consolation.
435. (Guru). Has no value, in what external form you present yourselves Fiery Shapes or envoys and entrusted them. The created form serves as only a connecting link with Fiery Essence of their spirit that is as though the communication bridge. All of them are given temporary shapes to serve mankind and therefore it is possible to take the appearance closest but to time and other conditions. And anybody can specify to nobody who exactly is closest to spirit directing to Them. The standard forms of many satisfy, but nevertheless the right remains free. Too a lot of various bans connect aspirations of spirit. The Teacher Exempts from them.
436. (M. A. Y.). Angry people are dangerous not in itself, because it isn't so difficult to be protected from their visible rage, but they are dangerous that serve as channels for dark approximations which are hard for seeing. Therefore at contact with angry which can’t be avoided, it is necessary to take into account not so much them, how many their inspirers? The exposed, dark inspirers aren't so dangerous, as being covered because very much don't love when the beam of lightful consciousness is directed on them. They burn and recede. By inexperience the main attention is paid to angry people, instead of to true instigators and responsible for spiteful activity. A lot of poisons bring in environment both that and others. Also it is impossible to stop the expiration of the poison proceeding from spiteful consciousnesses. But to be protected and it is possible, and has to. The ardent unification with Hierarchy of Light and the Teacher will be strong protection. When instead of the victim planned by them they encounter the Board of Hierarchy and meet the Face of the Hierarch separating from them the victim, they recede in powerless rage and try to discover a new back behind which could creep up is reserved, without being found. Consider each wrecking made under the influence of dark and you strike a spirit sword not so much them the free or involuntary helpers how many standing behind their backs.
437. (Guru). Spatial life differs from usual that isn't connected by dense conditions and a limited circle of physical activity of the person. Laws of space of the highest measurements do the far to relatives and impossible possible. Unification in the spirit of as with live, and with one incarnation of substance probably over the world of three measurements when distances disappear and nothing can stop the directed thought. Concepts of the past and the future are relative, both that and another exist NOWADAYS and here, in space of another dimensions, but separated from the person a condition of his consciousness. For Arhat the past can be visible as the ordinary person sees the present, in all its obvious reality. It can be visible and the future on degree of its completeness in the Highest Worlds. Wealth and possibilities of spatial life open before spirit which can leave already consciously to the spatial ocean. But for this purpose it is necessary that also his other bodies were issued. For the issued fiery body the space is opened and is available.
438. (Saint. 1). Obstacles internal aren't comparable with external because that inside, releases or encumbers a way. The way to Light lies inside. External, of course, too influences, but conducts nevertheless thought. Emphasis is placed on thought. To seize thought – means to lay a way own will, but not under the influence of external conditions. Not enough significance is attached to thought. From here is and swaying. The body wants and the astral – too demands the. Both need severe control. The good car in skilled hands of the driver is obedient to him. All covers have to be obedient to will of the leader also. They are made out by spirit in the course of long evolution. When it becomes conscious and the spirit takes reins of government in hand, process is accelerated. Everything that occurs in the person and surrounds him outside, the karmic purpose has spirit evolution, and only it. In itself all events if to separate it from this main objective, are deprived of any sense. People, on the contrary, attribute this sense to everything, anything, but only not that purpose for the sake of which the spirit on Earth is embodied. The senseless existence which consequence are the horrors created by people on a planet turns out. The doctrine of Life is given to mankind as a rescue anchor. Not accepted it will be thrown out from the Space Stream of Evolution. The term "Life Doctrine" in this case should be understood very widely, in all its volume and in all forms given to people through Hierarchy of Light and her Envoys now or data earlier, last centuries, and hidden as the latest heaps and interpretation. All ways conducting to Light, are open before mankind. On a change of Eras the choice of ways decides destiny of each person.
439. (M. A. Y.). You live in living conditions of the usual. But if on them to look as at the opportunities bringing to unusual, the attitude towards them changes in a root. The terrestrial way is given to approach to Light. Therefore it is possible to find something in everything advancing and expanding consciousness if the correct point of view is established. It is necessary to change a corner under which all events with the person are considered. And then blows engines will be accepted with understanding of their usefulness. Wise thanks karma for everything that it presents to it, because learned to see advantage in everything. And what to it happened, on all phenomena of life, both good and bad; he looks from the point of view of their usefulness for evolution of its spirit.
440. (Guru). Each Instruction going on chains of Hierarchy from above, it is necessary to accept heart and it is obligatory to make effort to put it in life. This first attempt or effort will be a put in space of mental grain of the necessary statement which will surely sprout if the care of it is shown. But the first step of crops of grain has to be taken. Special significance is attached to a conscious of the put of grains.
441. (Saint. 2). We Resort to personal influence only in urgent cases when all other measures are settled. The reasons to volume two: karma and free will. It is impossible to interfere in karma, the free will – is sacred. Even the dark come nearer only when hope something to find in the person, for what they can grasp and then tempt, seduce and enter into confusion. Demons recede from the examinee of spirit if he won over itself a victory and, if they any more have in it no anything. Only provided that, when the come nearer darkness has in it no anything, the victory is possible. But to the winner the Assignment dangerous and difficult, connected with the statement of Light which usually causes ardent counteraction of darkness is given. And when fight against darkness already has the super personal character, then not to avoid new collision with antagonists of Light anymore; therefore I Call Mines soldiers. Then there is any more an intervention in their karma, but cooperation, association of consciousness’s and joint fight against darkness, and not only against dark of adversary of Light, but also against chaos, this antipode of evolution and his eternal opponent. Fight against chaos has already space character and is known fight which began how dark appeared on your planet. Dark, the phenomenon local, planetary, taking place on Earth as represent itself Great Darkness and oppose itself to the shown Universe. Special danger from actions dark is that they cause chaos, but can't operate it any more. They detain the normal course of evolution. Violation of planetary balance, frustration of climate and the nature are caused by chaos invasion. The harm done by them is very great. It very much complicates our work. Great number of people cooperates not with Us, but with dark, that increasing danger of invasion of chaos. Brown gas is a product of dark activity. All poison gases both destructive means, and means of mass destruction of people and all live open widely gate for chaos invasion. Disbalance the planetary amplifies and, causing partial accidents till time, can cause and the general. We it is constant on Great Patrol and we Protect a planet, but it is necessary for us for success of our work that everything in whom there is at least Light particle, consciously or unconsciously cooperated with Us. Each good person having light aura, to us the assistant and the employee irrespective of, he knows it or not. And everyone darker, consciously, or unconsciously, cooperates with darkness. So, great division of mankind on Light and darkness poles already happened, and now there is the last statement of all people in darkness or in Light.
442. (Guru). In the old writing seven mortal sins are mentioned. Having rejected the church name, we will see that they were meant as such defects human which didn't allow spirit to be exempted from their tenacious embraces and to rise in higher layers of the Thin World that is doomed him to stay in darkness of the lower class. It also is death of the spirit which degree can reach such condition when the whole page is deleted from the Life Book. The attraction down seven listed defects can become insuperable, and the person higher will be to rise any more in forces. Therefore fight against the weaknesses and imperfections have to be conducted and be finished on Earth. In the Thin World where everything becomes aggravated,
443. (Saint. 4). The past represents itself a peculiar magnet which, attracting consciousness immerses it in last imperfections of spirit, last weaknesses and shortcomings, which get rid already in the present. Immersion in the past can cause the statements which have fallen asleep karmic and create a new, undesirable karma. The present, at all the shortcomings and burdening’s, nevertheless on a spiral of evolution of spirit is higher than a past and is wider than it by opportunities. Certainly, the spirit ascending, because at its falling can be on the contrary means. We Call in the future, free from imperfections of the past and attachment to stratifications of last times. Many phenomena which so strongly captured the person and forced it them strong to worry, absolutely leave his life and are replaced with the new. They played a role aren't necessary more. Change is necessary for growth and development of abilities of the person and his qualities, the lessons received and acquired in the past, are very useful and necessary, but not the past. At our pupils various stages of their life are often sharply other one than another. And then these changes and then there are sharper more, by that more as though embodiments various is concluded in one. And it is good when heavy living conditions give rise to not attachment to it. Vegetation of an incarnation in Elevated which is attached to terrestrial, last existence is very sad. As heavy weights, they stand. It is necessary to understand that in the past there were also the useful things promoting an eminence and flights of spirit. This freight is very useful. It should be taken with itself, having selected true values and having rejected unnecessary rags and stuff. Carefully all keeps within a road bag necessary for a long journey and without regret the garbage is left. It isn't so difficult to make it if the magnet of the future is strong. Magnetism of the future can be strengthened consciously, reflecting on it and plunging into it thought. In the past it is impossible to change anything. The present as a result of last reasons is unchangeable also. But in the present we can create the mental forms creating the future. It is possible to represent brightly and colorfully changed essence of the person possessing all qualities of spirit which it seeks to approve. It is easy to imagine the future free from imperfections of the present and subjects to create life evolution. In the future is a key from all achievements of spirit. In the future is mastering by all covers and conscious activity in them in all worlds. In the future is forward victorious movement of evolution of all mankind, a uniform family of all people of the Earth, "uniform herd and One Pastor". The future burns with all fires and calls in it all who can respond on these calls of space.
444. When in life current there is nothing, for what it would be possible to grasp and on what to be approved, be approved on the future and on Hierarchy of Light which for the sake of this future and exists and the purpose of which all works is the future. On it and in it is possible to be approved very strongly and to allocate a place for itself, having firmly outlined a circle of achievements and having planned way milestones. We Live in the future. Each ascending spirit creates a step behind a step a Ladder conducting in the Highest Spheres where the projection of evolution of a planet is created by Employees of Space Forces, and becomes itself the employee and the performer of Space Will.
445. (M. A. Y.). At aspiration in the future and penetration into it wings at spirit grow, and it enters into the world, excellent from surrounding and sated with boundless opportunities of achievements. You already experienced ennobling influence of these contacts and release from the power and oppression of the present. Understood it a gate in the future is open. The understanding obliges it too much,-and first of all future construction by thought. Not the, but planetary, on all mankind, the future is under construction the shining thought released from egoism.
446. (Guru). At a meeting with us you very strongly felt a contact of this future and felt its intense vibrations. Also it seemed to you to relatives, and nearby standing, and greatly real. It inspired you, it gave you hope and forces and fiery directed to perception of the Doctrine of Live Ethics. You understood it or not, but it conducted you forward, because rapprochement with us forced you to enter into an orbit of influence of this mighty magnet. Remember, what close and notable the future about which we spoke with you seemed to you. Remember how borders impossible were erased and I felt your spirit joyful, fiery reality of this future, judgment to mankind the decision of Lords of Light. Remember everything and understand the ardent motive force concluded in the future, and use it.
447. (Saint. 5). It isn't necessary to be afraid that riches of spatial thought can be ever settled. The Space Treasury is inexhaustible. The guarantee of inexhaustibility we Give, but on condition of unification with Us. It is necessary to isolate at least the receiver from influence of the lower class and contact with them. Garbage and slags of human thinking litter, and отемняют aura of a planet, and possess very strong negative magnetism. And many are attracted to these layers according to the accord of the thinking with them. The firm hand draws the line of division separating these areas of a gloom from lightful thinking. Each thought magneto that is depending on the nature possesses either negative or positive magnetism.
448. (M. A. Y.). Though "Light also isn't visible bearing it", but from time to time it on some people can be determined its growing force by influence. Perhaps and well that it isn't visible not to become proud. Proclamation of it is very dangerous of what were already convinced more than once on the example of those who came nearer to the Doctrine. It is easy to this danger to avoid if to understand that all acquisitions are received from the Teacher and that without Him rattling the person assimilates to an empty barrel himself. But also the pupil has to appreciate a pearl of the consciousness and not belittle it to please to whom or something. You remember how the Lord before the powers that be Spoke as Having the power. The advantage of spirit remains under all conditions, and the Teacher Will help to protect it.
449. (Guru). In calm of privacy, far from people, it is close to the nature, in mountains or the woods; it is hard to perceive light thoughts and messages From above. But in the cities, in noise and life turmoil, in the atmosphere poisoned with poisonous breath of people and rage human, is will be already achievement of very high order and a victory over the ardent resistance of environment. To victory we will be glad. It got expensive price. And now the care of that not only holds this achievement but also to expand it and to deepen.
450. (Saint. 6). Symbols of letters on paper transfer book contents which is in the world already another dimensions. Symbols in general transfer their hidden value in a dense form. In both cases is association of the Thin World with dense through the dense form being a symbol, comprising these thin contents. As both speech human and words is of continuous symbolic. The person generates the thought which isn't seen by usual sight, and the contents can express it verbal and sound symbols. Language of symbols is very indicative, and is it means of expression of the phenomena of the Thin World. On the screen of cinema you see what isn't present, but that by means of light combinations makes impression of reality dense. When shootings dense forms are imprinted, but their transfer on the screen has already extra dense character. The same occurs during broadcasts and programs on TV. Both those and other transfers are sometimes caught by the person already directly through space. The thin and dense adjoin. At interview invisible thoughts are transmitted through means of sounds of a human voice. If, see things more attentively and impartially, it is possible to see how it is close and as the Thin World with dense often adjoins and as both worlds are closely connected among themselves. It especially brightly comes to light in internal and external life of a human microcosm. People so simply treat the past phenomenon, without thinking of where the day yesterday's left. I was and isn't present, and there was only a reminiscence of it. But whether that was valid can disappear. We Claim that the past exists so really, as well as the present, but only in the world of another dimensions, and We Say that it is possible to see the past as is distinct and clear, as the movie on the cinema screen. We Have access to records of space and we Can read the past as the open book. And the only difference of the past of the present is that in the past it is impossible to change anything.
*451. (M. A. Y.). On wings of aspiration it is so easy to fly to the future and to come nearer to us and the Lord. In World Aboveground this aspiration is expressed in thin, seen by thin sight, forms and becomes reality of the Elevated World. It is good to realize extra dense reality of ardent aspiration. Not groundless dreams, but the obvious thin forms created by the person in the Highest World. So recognition of reality of the Thin World brings the strong base under aspirations of spirit and gives in hands to it the hidden strength which is specifically and obviously shown and in the world terrestrial.
452. (Saint. 7). The will of the person constantly is under the influence of positive and negative energy, but possesses the right of a free choice. In this freedom and happiness, and is of the mankind tragedy. We don’t interfere with karmas human, but to Us coming we Do not drive away, because the choice free gives them on our Way. We have no right to force the person to address and follow to Us, but, if our words and addresses, or our Doctrine direct his will to Us and he with Us want rapprochement, We Open access and an entrance for his free will that it could enter. It is possible to call our Doctrine freedom Doctrine, because in it there is no coercion. Everyone freely approaches, and when his free will and aspirations merge with Will of Hierarchy freely and without any coercion, then conditions of non-interference to karma are met. That is why both the aspiration, and aspiration, and desires have to proceed from the person, but not under violent coercion of his will. From such violence of anything good it was impossible, but blood it was spilled much and many sufferings are caused to people. There is nothing worse than violent religion or the imposed beliefs. Sooner, or later they always cause revolt. Are vain as well expectations that the Teacher Will come and the force Will force the person to move to Light. The Teacher Can give only Proclamation, or tell a proper word, but the will freely has to accept both that and another and to reveal own aspiration to Light. The Teacher Comes when the pupil is ready that is when all his being is ready to direct to Light when wants and thirsts for it.
453. (M. A. Y.). The sense of amateur performance of the pupil is as well that in it the free will without coercion comes to light from the Head. Very much we appreciate phenomenon of such amateur performance. It not only to learn the pupil strong to stand on own feet, but also uncontrollably attracts to him the Help of the Teacher. Energy of the Hierarch is put to the efforts of the pupil shown independently freely. People got used to submit implicitly to various prejudices, rules, traditions, requirements of fashion, etiquette, secular behavior and so on, and the slavish psychology ate in their flesh and blood. One look for submission, others subordinate to themselves, say, strong all types of slavery and will suppression prosper. Smoking, alcoholism, gluttony is all this too versions of the same slavery. Therefore the Doctrine of Live Ethics should be considered as freedom Doctrine. Therefore the Doctrine of Live Ethics should be considered as freedom Doctrine. Its purpose – to exempt mankind from any slavery, than and with whoever it was covered.
454. (Guru). From all types of slavery the most awful is the slavery of the person at the lowest nature, slavery at the passions and defects. All of them can imperiously own, both operate the person, and subordinate him to themselves. The power of desires over consciousness is very regrettable. The spirit human comprises freedom and slavery. This slavery with any external coercion, because the karma of external coercions lies down on the oblige is incomparable, but the karma of internal slavery at the lowest nature remains with the person until he won't dump this power and won't be released.
455. (Saint. 8). Diamonds of opportunities and treasure of achievements are formed under pressure. The pressure, the fruit-bearer is stronger than a consequence. The inexperienced traveler under pressure of circumstances loses balance and misses opportunities, but skilled collects in focus the forces and creates spirit pearls. It is a lot of courage and firmness it is necessary that pressure of tension didn't break of power of the risen spirit and not go out fires. But counteraction of the surrounding increases in process of spirit growth. Otherwise the spirit won't grow. In words it isn't difficult to accept it, but when obstacles and counteractions are piled up as the mountain and to it isn't visible the end, then all courage and all inflexibility of the spirit which has solved the way forever, both all belief and trust to Tom Who Conducts is required. It is easy to be inclined in powerlessness or despair before an incessant impact dark, but the Teacher to victory Calls and to inflexible firmness of spirit. The way is difficult extraordinary, and therefore reaching so few. Their elite we Call. The forehead of our elects is victoriously topped.
456. (M. A. Y.). Question of how with the greatest advantage to spend the remained days of the life on Earth. To everyone the term is defined. And every day the person of the reason, which consequence phenomenon creates will be itself in World Aboveground. Each reason will generate a consequence according to the nature. Ordinary people even don't think about it. But the pupil knowing action of the Law will sharp-sightedly outline a circle of each action. That was allowed earlier, we won't grieve too, but that we do now both as we arrive and as we think and we feel, over it is necessary to think and approve strong control. Each later action leaves the mark on the previous. Power of the cleared thought a lot of things can be corrected and altered that is wrong, or out of ignorance, or on weakness of will it was allowed in the past. Revision of last stratifications with the purpose to remove everything not compatible to the reached step of spirit is very useful. It is good when control is accompanied by such self-examination. The one who has control over itself doesn't need third-party control.
457. (Saint. 9). It is sometimes pleasant to stay where nobody knows you. The aura at all isn't affected by others contacts. As it is pleasant be among friendly located people. But it is absolutely unpleasant to be among enemies and to feel their contacts. For protection against these influences the protecting network has be very strong and will – on the guard. About possibility of protection It was spoken much. It is possible to add that the same news at different times and at different moods can make absolutely opposite impression. Means, a lot of things depend on a condition perceiving. And if these conditions can be regulated by will, extent of influence also will depend on its application. The chain armor of spirit can become impenetrable for contacts human, but big skill, both experience, and long training is required. Let's remember Besides, that keenness develops from contact with life. Not insensible egoists seek make of pupils, but the people who are warmly responding on sufferings of people. Into a task of the pupil enters to find equally effective between these two poles of influences and to store balance in any circumstances and living conditions.
458. (M. A. Y.). Let gradually, let gradually, but it is firm, persistently and steadily the Doctrine of Life changes consciousness and life of the pupil. What can't be reached at once, is reached by inflexible persistence and the constancy maintained by a rhythm. Force of a rhythm supports the impossible. When you see that usual efforts don't give desirable consequences, rhythm applies. The teacher supports an aspiration inflexible. But actions nevertheless need to be made. Then the strong confidence of the forces will be born also. To recede before the first or even the 100-th failure is means and in the future to doom itself to failure. The real pupil won't recede from planned until will achieve success. On a way to Boundlessness of time it is enough to carry out even impossible and to achieve realization of the best aspirations.
459. (Guru). Out of time, out of space of three measurements, out of any conditions terrestrial, out of life dense and death can merge spirits, uniting fiery thought in Spheres High where there are no restrictions terrestrial. This way close to Hierarchy of Light spirits carry invisible connection itself with the Elected Hierarch across ages and thousand years. And nothing, no phenomena of this, or other world no be able destroy this of fiery communication. It can be established and strengthened consciously, resorting to the help of a rhythm. The Lord Pointed to durability, both inviolability, and opportunity, and reality of communication similar: "I Is with you always, in all days, till the end of time". It was Told by Him, but for its establishment it is required that also the pupil consciously stretched a communication thread to the Teacher.
460. (Saint. 10). In all judgments it is possible to proceed from it, and it will be judgment of egoism. But it is possible to proceed in everything from the Lord, and then it will be judgment of the truth. All ways should be used to come off, depart from itself, differently not to punch a shell of aura's egg. The majority of ordinary people stay in an egoism case. Even it is impossible to imagine as far as it limits freedom and thinking width. It is easy to judge how "I" treat small this or that phenomenon but as the Teacher Belongs and as He Will solve is more difficult to present. But it is possible. It is necessary to think of that, otherwise the Teacher as though Arrived, and as though to put himself on his place. It will give freedom of thought regardless of personal sympathies, or antipathies which deprive judgment of justice. The thought is so gradually accustomed to unite with the Teacher and to enter into harmony with his thinking. It is easy to feel irritation from human injustice. But the Teacher, having noticed it, will register the fact, but without any irritation or offense. Let's study the passionless relation to manifestations of the human shortcomings directed against you, and besides so as if they concern someone another. Having departed from itself and considering itself from outside, it is possible to reach such detachment from personal "I".
461. (M. A. Y). Behind a small exception the human race strong indulges in a self-service. People want to find this way happiness. Life shows that such happiness is unattainable, because it is impossible to come fortunately through misfortune of others. When the purpose is the General, but not personal, the Benefit, then, it is approved, it is possible and for itself to approve by that a particle it. At the benefit of all everyone gets its any part.
462. (Guru). Don't deceive itself thought that if there is something, you then will be happier, because when it will occur, to you will seem it a little. And so is without end. Therefore the happiness doesn't need to be looked for in change of external conditions. Happiness – in the spirit of, there also look for.
463. (M. A. Y.). When the desire and the decision to execute Will Teacher proceed from heart of the pupil, his advance is accelerated unreasonably. Therefore coherence has very great value. But the management is based on the principle of voluntariness. In case of unwillingness of the pupil to accept the Instruction Teacher it appears in very difficult situation as can’t force it and that to break the law of free will. Warm desire follows the Teacher is a basis of prosperity of the pupil.
464. (Saint. 13). Persistence of dark evil-make we will oppose an inflexible, both firmness of spirit, and understanding that Light, but temporarily darkness and everything that from darkness is eternal. In this knowledge – pledge and the victory guarantee. When the consciousness unites with the Source of Eternal Light, there is it in the fiery inextinguishable. But external pressure from the dark is caused by fire of the heart disseminating surrounding darkness. Also it isn't necessary to be surprised neither to persecutions, nor prosecutions and all manifestations of rage and misanthropy, rising against bearing Light. So was always. Bu, so any more won't be when New Aura it will completely be approved on a planet. The fiery Era will create absolutely other psych spatial conditions, and in the cleared aura of Earth there will be no place already for dark evil-make and their evil-trick Now leaving last child races especially rage, knowing that their end is inevitable, and inspire on reckless actions of all in whom they find favorable circumstances for evil crops. And now everyone in whom there is at least Light sparkle that to hold it has to show special firmness and not to allow it to go out before Great Light. The last division of mankind goes everything more deeply and more deeply, doing border between the good and evil more and more sharp. Difficult is time for see, but, full of unusual opportunities.
465. (M. A. Y.). The religion claims: God one, but in three persons. One might say: The world is uniform, but in three aspects it – fiery, thin and dense. The essence of the Universe from various approaches to it doesn't change. The triple aspect of the shown world remains invariable. Not theoretically it is necessary to accept this statement, but in application to life, seeking to see anywhere and everywhere the triple nature of all phenomena. But, and the person too is uniform, but in three persons, that is he has dense, thin and fiery bodies. The understanding of this condition will allow drawing a parallel between trinity of the world and trinity of the person, because he is only part of a Whole. Whole and part are inseparable, that is aren't separable from each other, and consubstantial.
466. (Guru). Even usual corporal movement of the person is triple: at first thought, then movement in a thin body, then already movement muscular. Thought is from fire. So, fiery, thin and dense are shown constantly together. Is very instructive observe this triplicate in the animal and vegetable worlds. Fiery potential even a usual seed is extraordinary great and doesn't keep within a framework of the dense world. In each grain under an external and dense form its internal hidden essence possessing huge creative force is hidden. It outside the dense world, because any devices find it both it is impossible weigh, and it is possible reveal its opportunities only in operation. In a no see it is hidden, but the force shows in the sphere visible, terrestrial.
467. (M. A.Y.). Release from the shortcomings brings to spirit pleasure and ease as, if freight is dumped from shoulders heavy. This pleasure can be strengthened, dumping even more vigorously unnecessary load. Time having approved in pleasure of release from are nasty then, it isn't so difficult to finish the begun business of clarification of consciousness from any litter. A lot of litter collected in consciousness human for long centuries of dark time of Cali Yugi.
468. (Guru). External living conditions of the person, who has concerned the Doctrine of Live Ethics, change at the same time with transformation of its internal essence. One people and circumstances absolutely leave its field of vision and are replaced with others, corresponding to problems of his consciousness and spirit growth. All leaves his life that executed the appointment and lost meaning and necessity for its advance. As all will leave also the rest that at present, perhaps, it isn't known for it serves it for lifting and ascension on the next step. The skilled traveler learns to distinguish usefulness of everything that to him happens irrespective of, it is pleasant, or not for his temporary terrestrial personality.
469. (Saint. 15). (M. A.Y.). At full unpreparedness of the interlocutor and his full disbelief in something spiritual nevertheless it is possible to find to it a shave. And this approach will be through of the heart. Also it isn't necessary obligatory words about the Doctrine. It and without them covers everything, but it is simply possible to go from heart to heart, passing misunderstanding barriers. The impulse of goodwill will be not answered by only dead heart, in all other cases simple friendliness will force the heart which hasn't indulged in the evil to cease on the kind address. And to help, it isn't necessary to devote the person in philosophy depths at all, but to help own godheads and desire to assist.
470. (Guru). It is necessary to pay attention that, after small conversation with some people, the conversation which hasn't raised any spiritual questions, will thank you suddenly, - across what? Having unconsciously felt the radiation of your aura and having apprehended from it Light, they, that without knowing, will thank for it, but not for the told word. Light execution in the aura is considered already a life feat. As far as it is difficult, knows everyone bearing in the heart this inextinguishable flame. Also it is necessary to reach such condition that any personal experiences, chagrin and even sufferings didn't reduce an aura light full, and it is necessary that protection of this light-bearer and a protecting network was a constant.
471. (Saint. 16). The karma puts in a certain framework for a get rid of negative qualities and acquisition of the positive. She always teaches something and finally the purpose has consciousness advance. It is easy to see this usefulness at desire. And then the understanding not only its general direction, but also each separate lesson will be born. When the person knows why and for what he is exposed to certain tasks from karma, his attitude towards them changes. Instead of grumble and discontent with destiny it is grateful to it for given the chance. It is possible to consider that any situation, whatever difficult it was, is the best for spirit development. And then usefulness of lessons learned from life much more amplifies and increases, because understanding moves. There is nothing worse senseless, that is not understood, sufferings or tests. They generate a gloomy clouding. When knows going where and why it goes, all events with it get special sense and coloring.
472. (Guru). Let's make it a rule not to recede before the first or even the 100-th failure and to achieve success in the drawn-up plan, at least for this purpose it was required and many efforts, that is, speaking in other words, not to stop fight until desirable situation will be approved. And as at our disposal all the time which is, and the final success is achievable is immutable.
473. (Saint. 17). The ordinary person, getting to this or that environment, it is filled with it and becomes isolated in it. In one place one people, one conditions, in other – others show for it visibility of reality and capture entirely its attention. Keeping inside Remember all, coming from with the person. The contact of the Thin World breaks off an evidence vicious circle, and internally, but not externally gives a tone of all life. Resistance and influence of environment are measured by a brainwork. And the world which no off world-his, comes to a consciousness proscenium. In Arhat's consciousness all three worlds merge, and he Takes part in all three. The orbit of its life extends out of any visible borders. And spheres, which other-worldly, in this world are approved. So, without leaving from life usual and taking part in it, it at the same time isn't torn off and from life of the Highest Worlds. There is that association of all three worlds in its microcosm which in the future becomes destiny of all mankind.
474. (Guru). Evidence and reality fight in the person for prevalence. Many even don't understand this distinction on which depends very much. Evidence shows the rights, - on its party mind and external feelings. And only the thought going from depths of spirit, rises against tyranny of external visibility. Moderate it, wise claims: everything flows, everything passes, there is nothing constant, and only Dumb Witness looking from intimate depths of spirit, It is invariable and eternal.
475. (M. A. Y.). As the bird in a cage, fights the woken-up spirit in an environment dense and it wants to destroy a cage. How many efforts it is necessary make to be released from captivity of the dense world and to learn to leave at will the corporal case in which it is concluded? People usually at all don't understand the capture and don't seek to leave it, but the woken-up spirit wants. And the aspiration to be exempted from slavery of a flesh and to become spirit free becomes its purpose.
476. (Saint. 18). It is a lot of extremes now in mentality of the person – both towards Light and towards darkness. Balance is broken, and coherence is forgotten. Very difficult, strong directing to the Highest Spheres, continue go strong on the ground. Groundless dreamers, idealistic psychic, the absent-minded philosophers, not able to take care of the most usual things, is all these people who can't go firmly on the ground. Our pupil has to show strong practical sharpness in affairs ordinary and clear, accurate thought in the field of the phenomena spiritual. And, if he no wants, no one from stranger no must notice in him singularity signs. The Christ was the carpenter, Sergey – the builder. All of them strongly went on the ground though their World was other-worldly.
477. (Guru). Carefully note all signs noting milestones of the Way and indicating approach of judgment time. Perhaps, it is already close, so close, as it is impossible to imagine. It is impossible to give out terms; it is too much eavesdropping and interceptors of spatial parcels. Their purpose is to intercept and, having used a message, to destroy everything that in their forces. But stand guard and readiness show. Also wait unexpectedly.
478. (Saint. 19). The published Doctrine of Live Ethics represents itself the thoughts concluded in words, and imprinted on paper, and collected in the published books. Many sections of the Intimate Doctrine aren't published at all and contain in manuscripts stored by us. But the most part is imprinted in Archives of Space and isn't available to ordinary people. But by space cementation We Sate it with thoughts, conformable the evolutionary step reached by mankind, and thus we Give out to the world that each more or less sensitive spirit can perceive from the spheres surrounding Earth. Ideas of the Doctrine fill space and as though are in the air. Calls of space reach many hearts, and in different corners of the globe people start telling and expressing identical thoughts, they serve mankind association in one family and prepare the soil for the future changes in the world. The space cemented by us, is saturated ideas judgment to a planet of transformation of life and transformation of consciousness human. Thoughts of the Doctrine are widely poured in Earth atmosphere for perception there by everyone able to perceive the person. The space sounds, the space calls, the space waits for awakening of hearts human because deadlines come.
479. (Guru). About heroes, heroism and heroics It is told enough. But, it is necessary to mark out those unknown and the heroes not noticed by the world who conduct unreasonable fight, overcoming inertness and stagnancy of resistance of the environment surrounding, and bear in it not go out anything a flame of unrestrained aspiration, shining with light hidden space around.
480. (M. A. Y.). How many blows and heartrending experiences were necessary to worry to you not through enemies, but friends? Why? Whether not therefore, what came nearer very much to the Lord and it unconsciously caused counteraction and antagonism from all who had no it and whose unfriendly relation was inspired and inflated dark whispers? It is good that once again I remembered address words: "From enemies I will be protected itself, but Help to be protected from friends". Let's stop slander and we will restore justice.
481. (Guru). Means, Light transferred Records, is very great if enemies rage and friends are misled even. Firmly defend the correctness because you have the incontestable basis and proofs. The friends, who are really devoted to the Doctrine, will accept them and will change the relation. And as for others, neither about them not we will nor mourn, nor to be distressed and we won't convince of anything.
482. (Saint. 23). We are realists-acting, because We Live over evidence of the dense world and we don't plunge into it blindly. Spirit covers are distortion of reality. And only when internal Light starts shining and penetrating them, Maya seductions start dissipating. Refusal of the devotee of spirit of things and terrestrial wellbeing, of luxury and wealth when in the field of spirit something replacing everything is found it that is so appreciated by inhabitants is unclear for the ordinary person. But once you imagine a condition of the one incarnation person, becomes clear that all terrestrial peel and things eventually there fall off and become unnecessary as superfluous and lack of opportunity to apply them and to use them. By reflection it is possible to be exempted from much in advance and to find the correct place to things and conditions of the dense world.
483. (M. A. Y.). Doctrine realization in life changes thinking of the person and changes the relation it to the surrounding. This process isn't always visible realizing, but nevertheless transformation goes steadily, strongly, though is imperceptible for an eye, and only from time to time it becomes suddenly clear as far as everything changed and as internal force grew. Changing power of steady and ardent aspiration makes the work.
484. (Guru). All types of creativity of the spirit, being shown in art, it is necessary to welcome if they don't contradict the principle of Beauty. The Beauty can be made faultless criterion of an assessment of any creativity. The creativity deprived of Beauty, is deprived of Light that is not from Light it. Even to beginners it is possible to apply this condition.
485. (Saint. 24). My Beam is knocked on hearts human to wake the sleeping. For wakened and awake a task another – Light having apprehended, to shine. Execution Light Consider the most necessary Assignment. But for this purpose it is necessary to be rejected from itself. People should bear Light.
486. Understanding of that our Proximity over everything, over all temporary, casual and stirring circumstances, obliges to reject all doubts, the misunderstanding, all confusing obstacles which are generously scattered on a way by a dark hand without the slightest fluctuation or a delay. All this is simply put aside, and movement proceeds as though it happened nothing. Over time everything will become clear and will rise on the place; very sadly, when not approved pupil suddenly stops because of a similar barrier and because of it wastes both time and opportunities. Nor unfriendliness of enemies, nor doubts won't stop the heart, flaring love and devotion to Tom Who Conducts. Let's raise and strengthen these qualities infinitely because the way is far and without them not to reach.
487. (Guru). The spirits which have risen to the Receptacle of Light, are distributed on Beams and unite in a harmonious combination in one inseparable whole. Exactly atop all terrestrial and conditions of lower layers of space this association is made. Also the one who learned and to direct on Earth over detaining attractions terrestrial will easily rise to the Highest Spheres. If people only understood that terrestrial life is given already on Earth they could grow the fiery wings! If understood that for this purpose and the physical body and life in it are given! If knew that stay in World Aboveground is incommensurable to life terrestrial.
488. (Saint. 25). People wake up everywhere, and space calls start reaching them. So many depends on awakening of human spirit and the subsequent awakening of consciousness! Your contact can awaken from hibernation of those who is ready. They will reach for you, as iron to a magnet. Magnet force is invisible, but is notable really. It is invisible Forces Magnet of My Spirit, but It will change the world when will strike Hour of Arrival. Great time of is great fulfillments. And though the darkness is great, but Light is great more. And in it are the voice and the guarantee of its judgmenting victory over the darkness. The darkness is doomed and consigns to the past! Light – the future, going to it on change. The darkness under rising beams will dissipate. The World New goes, Light and happiness world.
489. When the lamp is brought in darkness, the darkness dissipates. It can't oppose to Light vibrations, because it is deprived of the Space Basis. About the darkness generated by its carriers on Earth, I Speak. I repeat: it is deprived of the Space Basis. That is why It is told that the darkness is "a bull cardboard". It well should be understood that to find force in itself inflexible victorious opposition to darkness. And, when this force is realized and called for the action, no darkness to it is terrible. And many devotees alone full of force found in themselves contrast against darkness, its hierophant and even the Satan. But Light substance cosmic, its Source also is eternal. And therefore the one, who approves Light in itself, builds the house of the spirit on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life.
490. (M. A. Y.). In the Light from Light of the Lord you receive his Beam. But it is necessary that in receiving there was at least Light sparkle that something could reach at least. "From the Tower Hands are given and Beams" flow, but still it isn't enough of those who can apprehend them. With change of cosmic spatial conditions of a planet situation it will change, and to Beams it will be easier perforation aura of Earth, and to people – to perceive. In tranquility and trust expect judgment term. It is close, or is far is realized in a terrestrial way. But in future rolls he fiery is depicted, both no forces terrestrial and fury of darkness will be able to stop that uncontrollably aspires to an embodiment in dense forms and that is carried already out in World Aboveground.
491. (Guru). It is good to find time for conscious cementation of space. Light thoughts cement it Light. Thoughts of Light face in space generations of a gloom and destroy them if the potential of light thought is rather strong; ideas to fight in space for prevalence and domination. Approach of the New World inevitably, because his ideas and penetration them in hearts human can't be stopped any external measures. They are poured in Earth atmosphere. And business only in that as much as possible people responded to these ideas and accepted them.
492. (Saint. 26). People of value of tranquility don't understand. Don't understand, the concern, and that isn't reached by it anything how is aimless and senseless, but a lot of things collapse. Tension isn't concern. Before showing power of action, it is necessary to calm down internally. Even it is impossible to imagine, that Arhat Fall in concern. It breaks aura vibrations; it weakens a protecting network and doesn't give anything positive. The aura of concern is unattractive. You store tranquility in all living conditions. It is force, powerful, concentrated, and ready to action. It is possible to learn to stop any attempts to fall into concern if to realize perfect uselessness and destroying properties of this feeling. At Us the broken tranquility reins full, nothing. Long experience in eyelids approved this saving quality. Before working with thought, wonder, whether there is the necessary degree of tranquility. Astral experiences very much weaken thought action; they are similar to freight on thought winged.
493. (Guru). When the friend makes mistakes, don't put to him best at line, and the main thing, don't condemn. The acquired knowledge of a human nature gives many reasons for condemnation and therefore it especially is inadmissible. Otherwise each learned would turn into a voluntary the condemning. The knowledge doesn't grant the right to condemnation. The judgment of the truth isn't condemnation.
494. (Saint. 27). The mood of the person usually depends on many external reasons and on nature of sounding of a spatial note. But, as shows the word, the mood means a mood, and it is possible to adjust a spirit harp nevertheless on a desirable harmony. And even it is possible "to play on space currents". Some people represent themselves a weather vane for each third-party wind. In a counterbalance others which to any degree can dominate emotions and consequently, and moods are available them. Externally even the mediocre actor creates mood at the audience. Therefore from the pupil first of all ability to own itself externally and not to show the internal state is required. It not hypocrisy, but is protection of a citadel of spirit. When in this direction something is reached, it is possible to pass to an internal attuning of consciousness. Approved qualities of spirit very much help to create this internal mood. The mood on a key of tranquility, balance, solemnity, aspiration, love to the Teacher and other positive feelings shows that in this direction it is possible to reach much. Only not be the weak-willed pettiness, giving inertly to influences of foreign and casual moods. Usually they are bad and therefore the self-affirmation own, and besides good, is necessary. It is possible to begin with trifles: to learn to create a desirable mood or conscious counteraction to oppressing moods of interlocutors. And then it isn't so already difficult to adjust and those, creating their internal state the will. Both to calm, and to console, and to give hope and pleasure to another it is easy if there is a sincere, warm desire to help. Influence goes through heart. From heart to heart act Agni.
495. (Saint. 29). Most difficult of all types of overcoming and fight is chaos overcoming because this fight, or fight, has already space character and stops never. The phenomenon of the dark – temporary and local, concerns your planet. But the chaos is an antipode of the shown Universe and exists as its antithesis. From chaos not shown the shown world was caused to life; Great Consciousness’s Worked on it. Assemblies of Builders Took part in this Space Work. The chaos can be constrained, the chaos can be bridled, but to destroy from what they shown world was caused, it is impossible. The essence of chaos is so far from consciousness human what to understand it is impossible. But to feel breaks it nevertheless it is available to the person. Crime dark that they cause forces of destruction killing life. They invented the killing gases poisoning a planet, killing all live and pushing Earth in darkness of decomposition. "They cause chaos waves, being not able to operate them". Crime it is great, and criminals create to themselves a terrible karma. To a known limit this criminal action is admissible! But the moment when terms will come will come, and the karmic blow of unknown force will fall upon sowers of death, destruction and a grief, and then the Hierarchy of Light will approve the Power
496. (M. A. Y.). Everything passes, but the spirit stays for ever and ever. Means and it is possible to build only on staying eternally. Spirit – the eternal principle in you, this you’re the highest "I". Everything will pass, the spirit will arrive. This eternally staying Immortal Beginning in you. It demands understanding. Time and thoughts are found for it. It is approved in consciousness above all. The body and all covers of spirit are mortal. But It is immortal, and merge of consciousness to It will be the highest achievement of the person.
497. (Guru). Even the best friend can't open himself up to the end – harm will cover usefulness. Devastation of the opened labrets is an inadmissible thing. At a spiritual bankruptcy the magnetic mutually attraction is lost, and its place will be taken up by exhaustion. Even Light is given to the best friend, but not the lamp. Nobody is allowed in a spirit sanctuary, except the Lord.
498. (M. A. Y.). The more we give, the more and we receive. The more to space we give, it is more from space and we receive. The treasury of space is inexhaustible. Scooping from it, the conveyor of consciousness turns spatial energy into forms and sates with them spheres around. Space cementation by this way is one of the most necessary problems of conscious service to Light.
499. (Guru). First question: to whom you serve – itself, or the Lord? Whether in self-satisfaction of egoism you are engaged, conducting interview, or you think of them, to you coming? This border is thin, and only on return of mental energy and reaction of consciousness it is possible to judge, whether the victim it, or an itself to humour of a mental order, that is the same self-servige.
500. (Oct. 6). The spirit very high can be Truth of the Doctrine of Life only. Mater Agni Yogi was Doctrine synthesis. There are no mistakes and there are no distortions that in My Beams were written by her hand. Spirit, to Me the next, it assumed all burden a proclamation of the New Doctrine, old as the world, but given a new shape and added with that from Intimate Knowledge has to and it was possible to give out to mankind on this extent of its evolution. This great work was made in parallel with disclosure in it the fiery centers. Disclosure of the centers and dedicated granting on test presents to spatial fire itself a feat, all depth and which greatness of value aren't understood by mankind. Herself it showed essence of that transformation which is fated and which will be reached by people in the future. People dream of acquisition of various abilities, wish the statement various “siddhi”*, but don't know and dreamers, through what difficulties don't suspect, tests both purely physical sufferings and pains should be passed that the desirable took place. And when the centers light up and extraordinary keenness and an organism susceptibility, communication even with close people become aggravated becomes too some kind of test after which the body is ill. It was threatened by fiery death when there was it at heights and only care of the Leading Hierarch and that at this moment there was it at heights, it was rescued. Compound of spatial fire with fires of the lit centers – the phenomenon so rare and so difficult under the real conditions of a planet and its mankind and contamination of aura of a sick planet what to describe for ignorant all greatness of a feat of Mother of Fiery Yoga isn't represented even possible. In centuries when the Doctrine of Life will sink in many and the science about the fiery centers of the person will gain recognition, the feat of Mother Agni Yogi will be estimated on justice. Also the name will be ennobled by its mankind. Each word of the Doctrine was written by her own hand. There was it in direct and close contact with One of Seven, the Highest. Both personal and the spatial wire were at its order. And the Doctrine Ocean in all its inexhaustibility was open and available to it. The treasury of spatial thought held the doors open for it. And her heart was open for all, who came, or addressed to it for Light. And caress of her great heart, pleasure, hope, lifting and inspiration I bore to everyone, who had happiness to adjoin to it and whose consciousness could reply conformably on Light radiated by it. The phenomenon of Mother Agni Yogi is so great that is incomparable with anything and with anybody who costs below her at steps of the Ladder of Light. Ang body and can replace nothing it, because the Highest Was the Instructor and her Head on Earth. And why to speak I "was" when Was, Is and Will be. Why to Say about it that "was" when is and will be because from eternity the spirit and death doesn't know. Let's honor memory of Mother of Fiery Yoga more profound understanding of great mission of her life and understanding of that the Doctrine of Live Ethics given through it is given to mankind for the future long centuries on Veka Maytreya threshold
* Siddhi (санскр. ) – the phenomenal forces acquired by yogas thanks to sanctity.
501. (Guru). The good and fruitful meeting of friends after thirty-five years' separation could be glad very. Met as if and didn't leave. Here in the same way we will meet also. Understand that time, terrestrial distances, both death, and separation – Maya all these illusions. Having risen over them, you will see the world of the fiery and enduring phenomena which represent itself reality. We live in it. You seek to live in it also and to approve it among life usual.
502. (M. A. Y.). You see round yourself people, and sometimes even good, but not trusting in anything, both not taught anything, and not having any support under feet. If good unconsciously reach for you, it is necessary to understand all tragedy of their situation when in difficult conditions there is nothing it to lean. Look for support in others, too it’s not having, and tend there and here, as a blade of grass under a wind. It is necessary to help, if ask, or need the help. In these cases exit one: to reject manuals or attempts it is simply to educate and direct and help heart, warm desire to calm, console and give strength. Beneficial reaction won't slow down.
503. (Guru). Great things are created in space, and on a surface aren't visible. Only the general trouble shows that life is farther can't precede so, because everything goes to the logical end, foretelling the inevitable end. That? Whether the old decrepit world which has got rid of energy?
504. (Oct. 8). "In a many to speak no rescue" – this formula can be adopted with advantage of spirit. And it is important to solve for whom to speak: for itself and own pleasure or for listening, proceeding from its needs and interests. If to think not of itself and the desire to talk, and about the interlocutor, flow of words will be reduced much more. Expressive or don't think of with whom speak, or don't put in the words of energy of heart. And why there are a lot of words, when fires in operation. It is necessary to tell about the standard of speech much, because fans don't understand to talk that this gift of evolution deserves the most serious and thoughtful relation. But anyway, but the pupil has to show restraint of speech and not say any excess word. This restraint will teach control both over words, and over thought. Restraint concerns not only words, but also feelings of the person. As it is important as it is urgently important to learn to own them! But mastering by feelings means mastering by the fires. Not to move further, itself without having seized. Any how accumulate Agni? Empty covers even don't take the trouble to think that devastated them. And collected the Teacher of the pupils Wants see accumulated. In the valid help to people the spent mental energy is restored quickly and grows at an give, but irresponsible squandering of precious force is inadmissible.
505. (M. A. Y.). The seeds put in the world of causality, in the World of consequences will give rich shoots. Can't but give. For the put reasons, that is thoughts, acts and actions of the person in the world of the reasons that is in the world terrestrial, it is unmistakably possible to define nature of its stay in the World of consequences that is in World Aboveground. So, each movement of the person generates the consequences and as though projects itself in the future. The conscientious attitude to the actions is necessary. For the sake of the future this control keeps. The person is begetting of the reasons and the carrier of generated consequences, that is the sower and the reaper seeded. Cause and effect are connected by a direct indissoluble chain. From consequences generated not to leave anywhere. From control over a chain of the reasons it is possible to pass to the conscious and thought-over to put of fiery grains in space which in the future have to give wished всход. Control over the future is exercised in the present by to put of the necessary reasons.
506. (Guru). Sense-knowledge defines, to whom and when it is possible to give the received knowledge. Exactly the sense-knowledge gives the chance to speak on consciousness. With one there is a wish to share widely; with another the desire isn't present, though that and another are familiar with the Doctrine. Something inside unmistakably defines. It also is already knowledge of spirit.
507. (Oct. 9). All will be useful to record because don't know that is conducted to you. And there are too many consciousnesses with various approach, also it is necessary to give for all. Whether not therefore it is given very much? No ban we Have, but knowledge should be given on consciousness. From experience already you know, the received knowledge turns into what furious haters over their ability to contain, and especially – called in. This circumstance should be remembered strong to people bearing the Doctrine. If the person is a measure of things, the measure of a donation is defined by him. But among coming there is a special type of the consciousnesses knowing already something and persistently demanding all new and new. It is necessary to be careful of them because it is necessary to have the right to big knowledge and it is necessary to pass through tests. Here their exacting people usually also don't maintain. Bad in general it is impossible to give, because will abuse. But it is necessary to distribute nevertheless. How? Wisely!
508. (Guru.). It is possible to accelerate expectation only work. And the more works, the time quicker flies and rather approach of the judgment is made. And it is good when work is created for the sake of that is waited. Compliance of work on purpose does it fruitful.
509. (Oct. 10). The indulgence is included into the symphony of qualities of spirit as continuous part. It is close both to tolerance, and compassion, and neojudgment. Bodkhisatva's this main quality. It is hard to show indulgence concerning people very imperfect. But for the sake of them Great Spirits come to Earth and for the sake of them undergo sufferings. There can't be an indulgence without love. But the word specifies that higher consciousness goes down to lower to help it to rise. And the Teacher Condescends to pupils, that to teach them to an ascension. This quality is difficult to that demands commensurability and abilities to speak and give on consciousness and its capacity. Wisdom of the Teacher allows to give such formulas and in such expression that can gather from their inexhaustible depth both big and small consciousness on the ability to contain, and can scoop repeatedly, more and more expanding understanding and still without having settled a formula up to the end. It is possible to read a usual formula once or a little, but lines of the Doctrine can be read endlessly, finding all new and new treasures as the consciousness of the reading grows. Stamping formulas of Great Teachers live for the eyelids, not settled up to the end in the deep wisdom. They also can't be settled because for this purpose it is necessary that the person, trying to comprehend them up to the end, would rise up to the height of consciousness of the Lord. And then interpretation, both explanations, and heaps on Bases begin. And hundred or two hundred years later Pearls of Wisdom start growing dim in stratifications of creations of usual minds human. But, despite heaps of volumes and the writing, in the fundamental principles put by Proclaim, nevertheless it is possible to find these Pearls.
510. (M. A. Y.). It is important to note that the dirty generated thought for a while leaves beget later to return to him again and to receive or the statement, or to be rejected. If she receives the statement and enters into a combination to consciousness, she can nestle and come back strongly in it in increasing frequency while at all won't seize beget. Being rejected, she, probably, also will repeat the attempts that eventually, having failed, to leave it forever. To these visits of the unsuccessful and undesirable thoughts once allowed in the past, it is necessary to belong very circumspectly and to be always on the lookout not to allow their combination to consciousness and not to give the chance to them to nestle in it.
511. (Guru). How many burdening’s people cause to us. Each person with who pushes together life teaches something. Wishing to study takes quickly from these lessons all their usefulness. And then instead of complaints and complaints he thanks destiny for given the chance by it to learn the person.
512. (Oct. 12). When there are no forces to overcome influences dark, it is better to carry it not to the weakness, and that the hierophant of the evil, to you counteracting, is rather strong. The opponent happens usually on a shoulder, and sometimes more strongly, but the darkness against Light if Light is unshakable is powerless, that is it can't it go out, shake, though causes damage. How many Carriers of Light were killed, but Light which is lighting up them, couldn't extinguish. Light victory – in firmness bearing it.
513. (Oct. 13). If the impact of darkness reaches such terrible tension when usual measures not defend, there is one: to cause before itself the Face of the Hierarch and, having switched off from consciousness all thoughts, to repeat repeatedly Iesus prayer.
514. (M. A. Y.). Once there was an award of wandering monks. We don't want to make beggars of followers of the Doctrine. On the contrary, we speak: have everything that you consider it necessary, but consider nothing forever and nothing put above acquisition of that experience and knowledge for the sake of which life on Earth in a dense body is given to the person. It is easy to establish the correct understanding of terrestrial things and conditions if only strong to acquire the purpose and sense of terrestrial embodiments.
515. (Guru.).The impact of darkness depends on a condition of spatial currents. But as though it was strong, it is necessary to remember that currents and an impact will be replaced will weaken or even will stop absolutely. It is necessary to sustain only this temporary pressure, to it without giving in.
516. (Oct. 15). Neither it isn't necessary to burden with instructions, nor councils anybody. To what to say that won't be executed. The best is to give advice when about it will ask. There is nothing worse than the uninvited or imposed councils and instructions. In general it is good to abstain from imposing of two people. It is necessary to give the chance also to them sometimes to be uttered. Many violate this condition, and burden other subjects, than full them consciousness, both tell, and advise not for the sake of them, but for the sake of it. The same self-service, but covered with high words. In general, value of reticence, conscious and reserved, is great because accumulation of mental energy is promoted by it.
517. (M. A. Y.). Having exempted from a dense body, people in each of the subsequent Look comes to light in the corresponding cover which grows, develops, grows old and then it is dumped as superfluous. To it is necessary to be ready as prepare for death physical rather to life in Elevated; in the same way and there it is necessary to know about inevitability of release from thin and mental ph. It simplifies process.
518. (Guru). You know about aimlessness, uselessness and harm of many experiences and still you continue to endure, be afflicted and be saddened by that presents life. If to bring expediency in this mental sphere of the person, it would become easier to live.
519. (Oct. 16). Among vast quantity of stars our mother Earth is the space house for mankind occupying it. During many hundred millions years there was an adaptation of all forms of vegetable and animal life, including and the person, to living conditions on its surface. The condition of a planet and all forms of life on it are connected in one harmonius, harmonious, live whole. Both fields, and the woods, both the seas, and the rivers, both mountains, and a subsoil terrestrial – everything is adapted for evolution of everything that lives on Earth. The mankind reached such step of development when improvement and improvement of a garden depends on it terrestrial. The equipment so stepped forward that transformation of the nature became possible. But instead of care of the only space house in which lives, about its ornament and improvement, the mankind all means available to it destroys it, plunders a planet subsoil, destroys the woods, pollutes and poisons the rivers and the seas, disfigures beauty of the nature, smothers poisonous gases vegetation and all live and doesn't think of what terrible future prepares for itself. After all if this way exhausts productive forces of a planet as there will be able to be on its people. There is no mercy animal that is brutally and promptly destroyed, vegetation. The soil erosion reaches the menacing sizes. Droughts and sandy storms strike the huge areas. Balance of climate is broken in a root. The mental condition of the mankind allocated with strong energy, causes mutually in a condition of a planet same disbalance which people in mass scale suffer. Earth catastrophically goes to full disorder of all functions of the organism. And people are responsible for this illness of a planet. The general planetary ignorance and denial force not to see and not to understand occurring destruction. Cruelty, hatred and greed in relationship of the people create new terrible types of weapon of mass destruction. Instead of construction of energy of people are directed on destruction and mutually destruction. To what all this conducts and what end of these misanthropic actions will be? Appeals to peaceful co-existence of the purpose don't reach. And meanwhile, if all possibilities of mankind to direct on creation and peace cooperation, the planet would blossom, deserts would disappear, poverty and poverty would be destroyed, animals both the surrounding nature would be pardoned, and begun to see clearly to understanding of Laws of the Universe the mankind could create happy life for all people of a planet.
520. (M. A.Y.). At cognition of a human nature and its features too we won't be afflicted. After all and one thousand years ago people weren't better. The chagrin occurs from ignorance. Would know better, weren't afflicted, and would try to help feasibly where it is possible. Therefore and for future time we will stock up with patience, tolerance and understanding of that difficult phenomenon which is called as the person.
521. (Guru). The understanding heart of the phenomena relieves both of surprises, and of condemnation. The main thing not to create people according to the imagination and imagination, and to accept their such what they are, without expecting and without demanding from them anything then there will be no disappointment. It is bad to think badly of people, it is bad and "be touched masks". The golden mean needs to be kept and here.
522. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to bear with firmness not only blows of enemies, but also mistrust, fluctuations, doubts and swaying’s of friends and them which at times are very weakening, influences. And it is difficult even to tell from whom it is more difficult defend – from enemies or friends. The friend not approved in Light allowed in heart, can do more harm, than the enemy against whom defense is shown. That is why it is told about a labrets closed and a grief not plundered. Properly, just like that, the friend wants to open the heart and intimate that is saved up in it. But to open is means to give intimate to the power to all accidents and disbalance of conditions of other consciousness. It is possible, but only on condition of firmness, devotion and fidelity of the friend. The happiness is great to have in life of such loyal friend.
523. (Guru). It isn't necessary "to burden" friends with "a trust bulk", not all can sustain it. Better sometimes to keep silent, than to give out not on consciousness. Commensurability often suffers when there is a wish to share with relatives that you have. In this case it is necessary to be considered not with desire something to tell, and with a condition of the interlocutor and that is really necessary for it.
524. (M. A. Y.). The huge planetary field of the last collision of Light with darkness has the reflection in each human consciousness. Nobody can evade from this last fight and inevitability of the last and final choice that, having made it, to adjoin a pole of Light or a gloom pole. Only unlike everything that was earlier, a choice this final and irrevocable, that is irreversible. And in it is both the tragedy and happiness of people. Tragedy is for chosen darkness, and happiness – for Light preferring. This last, decisive division is promptly made. And many slide in a chasm. Each overcoming in itself impulses, in a chasm attracting, releases consciousness for the statement of Light and directs it to Light pole. It is so important to resist right now. And there, with Light approach as on wings the spirit to judgment spheres will rise.
525. (Guru). The lord Told: "You hold Me strong, every minute, in all steps". I want to ask: whether you carry out? Hold if so, as Show It. Or something disturbs? Whether crowd around?
526. (Oct. 20). Let's develop pages of history and we will see how the care of Hierarchy of mankind proceeded. If to collect all certificates in one book, something will turn out amazing. But not wishing to look won't see. Any degree of desire to look impartially is necessary. Negating of reality still somehow live in peace dense, but their vegetation in World Aboveground where life of rune incarnation is caused by thought is poor. And it is so important to liberate thought, for the present on Earth. All live here in cages of own thoughts, at all without noticing that. Except a personal hen house, there are still public traditions, superstitions, prejudices, beliefs, fashions – all this binds hand and foot of the person, and from imagined freedom of thinking remains nothing. We Approve Life Bases that, from them proceeding, the person could think freely. The Life doctrine gives these Bases. Having accepted them in consciousness, it is possible to start thinking, following on ways no coming and not limited others ignorance or denial.
527. (M. A. Y.). Restrictions of a flesh can be destroyed only spirit. The dungeon of dense conditions only thought can be broken. After all is this Maya. But as it is real or it seems that if can replace and replaces with itself reality. The dense body and five of its feelings strong promote the statement of dense visibility. The sleeping centers don't allow breaking out of its limits. But breaks nevertheless happen and say more convincingly than words that there is a spirit world that the World Thin is close that only the veil of feelings dense hides it. And when contrary to evidence dense that starts approving the risen spirit, for the present not seen to it, the world, truly, it takes a way of recognition really real.
528. (Guru). You have wings and you can fly up on them any minute. These wings are future wings. Nobody can prevent to wave them and to come off the surrounding present. And then you can obviously feel a contact of that is already issued in Spheres Elevated. The contact it will recover thought, will update consciousness and will give strength quietly and with confidence to go to this fine future, without doubting, without fluctuating and without showing confusion before seeming remoteness of this future of that around. It already is, and nothing can prevent inalterability of its embodiment in dense forms, that is to become already reality of the world terrestrial.
529. (Oct. 22). All great Teachers Spoke at all times about Space heritage of the person and about what he can reach in the future. And in the future it Directed people. As also to each judgment pupil the veil of the future is slightly opened and reported about what opportunities are given it. But the distance before implementation of the steps of development of human spirit planned by evolution is great. Full regeneration, or transformation, the person is required. And to reach it in one only life it is impossible. We Speak: before everyone Boundlessness lies, and the way of ascension has no end, and there is nothing that couldn't be reached on this infinite way of ascension to Light. And in each separate life it is possible to make something, to improve something, both to improve, and to approve in that measure of desirable qualities, and the main thing, to be exempted from insalubrious accumulation and properties. It is possible to reconsider the life anew and to define that was made in this direction that becomes and that will be made, what mistakes are allowed and how to avoid them in the future. It is easy to find three worst properties and, having found, – with them to begin already final fight on their destruction. If the aspiration is rather strong also the decision to go forward irrevocably, this fight can't but bring kind consequences. Certainly, it is possible to aggravate perception, and it is possible to slightly open some centers, but whether it if the necessary clarification of consciousness didn't take place is admissible. Harm will exceed usefulness. The accord, compliance, accord with Consciousness of the Teacher is necessary. After all even our Help can be rendered under at least some conditions of its acceptability, that is compliance. Not without reason, before to render it, Asked: Whether "You believe? » This belief in possibility of the Help also was a condition of its rendering. Without such internal compliance of consciousness energy will spill in vain. To give Asked Might, but we Demand the necessary degree of a consonant. At its absence, that is with discrepancy, or disharmonies, in aura of the applicant will be spots of negative properties which serve as penetration channels for dark influences, and then the consciousness of such applicant can become the fight arena between the energy sent by the Teacher and the dark rack allowed by imprudent thinking of the applicant. Therefore We Demand knew purity of consciousness. The person angry and filled with rage can't ask the Highest Forces for the Help because who will begin to send all initial energy for rage and irritation strengthening. Only having extinguished these feelings and having brought an organism into an equilibrium state, it is possible to ask for help and it to receive. Happens and so that the Help is given, but her unlucky recipient assumes acts, either feelings, or thoughts of such low property that they open access to darkness, nullifying results of the Help. We Can protect and protect, but on condition of preservation of the corresponding condition of consciousness. One explosion of an astral it is possible to break hidden protection and to open itself to dark influences. Harmony, balance and tranquility are not only a board, but also a magnet for attraction of light energy.
530. (M. A. Y.). It is told: "I will send all protection, I Will send all opportunities, but you hold a wire strong". It is really yet clear that to hold a wire strong – means to keep a due condition of consciousness and not to allow neither feelings, nor acts, the thoughts, able to break it. And whether it is possible be surprised that, without having executed this Decree of the Lord, it is impossible to count and on receiving the Help from its party. In case of non-receipt of the expected Help it is necessary to reconsider severely what exactly in internal state asking for the Help could prevent its receiving.
531. (Guru). Often in an interior, concerned Light, there is a fight and even trade or dispute what to take with itself and what ruthlessly to throw out. Also it is often a pity for century litter, and often there is a wish to hold that is absolutely inadmissible on Light way. But it is necessary to leave much irrevocably, and it is rather, the better. Pity is pernicious here. Not get rid properties in World Aboveground will appear heavy weights. Everything is swept out resolutely from consciousness that can disturb advance anyway. Outgrowths on covers are similar to ulcers. Who won't want to be exempted from them if sees their essence.
532. (Oct. 23.). It is allowed to dream. But let these dreams and desires will be expedient and commensurable with evolution of spirit and its ascension on a life ladder. Let the lung covered dream direct spirit to new stays and helps its improvement. Let dreams won't be immersion in the past and strengthening of get rid, old forms of life or revival of the fallen asleep karmic statements which have released spirit from these or those shortcomings. The inventor, the poet, the artist and the scientist is conducted in the future too by dream. But it is necessary to dream skillfully. The groundless dreams which have been torn off from reality are insalubrious. The dreams feeding egoism are harmful certainly. It is good when the dream lights creative power of thought and promotes to make a valuable contribution to the Bowl of General Welfare. The dream can be the real engine of universal progress.
533. (M. A. Y.). The creative power of dream strengthens hope, and the hope gives a fiery impulse to the purpose to go steadily. The plan of evolution Real is immutable. Therefore, under the phenomenon of hope the strong base when the hope is approved already on Bases is brought. All future achievements of mankind and kindle of the centers judgment not greatly. And everyone can reach, and besides in full accordance with the Space Development plan of human race. So, this not groundless dream, but power of creating dream, consonant Space Will.
534. (Guru). It is possible to call creating, rightful, purposeful dream the future lever, - in it its difference from reflex, lunar pensiveness, willfully and thoughtlessly involving consciousness in area of inert wandering of thought. The artist dream creates, creating immortal works of art, these supreme values of spirit. The lightful dream and creative imagination go hands
535. (Oct. 24). All good and all bad now reveal the potential in each person up to the end, completely: bad for a get rid, destruction and overcoming, good – for the statement and further development. Not overcome, that is unusable, will leave from your planet. There are the spirits suitable for evolution. Because and this fight of Light in the person with darkness is aggravated now. And there is so much trouble around in the personal world of people. And already it is impossible to blame someone or something, but the reason should be seen in the great and inevitable change happening in the world. After all there is a change of eras and a destruction of the old world. Extreme is in everything, both in bad, and in the good. Weeds roughly grow together with useful cereals. Strong to stand on the feet and stand up to the end, it is necessary to understand sense of the events. In the evil it is impossible to resist because it destroys covers of the carrier of the evil. The evil is a disharmony symbol, a disbalance and destructions. We these days Demand a unification with Us, - otherwise how to resist? All is rejected temporary, passing and stirring, and association in the spirit of is approved over everything. Many tricky and confusing thoughts are thrown by darkness, but also they too need to be rejected, without stopping on them. It is otherwise tightened in a funnel of hopeless contradictions. Support one – Hierarchy of Light. On It the consciousness unshakably also is approved.
536. (M. A. Y.). Yes, it so, only to spirit which over everything, it is possible to delegate the power over the microcosm. But people transfer them to the weaknesses, defects and shortcomings, and they dominate over them tyrannically and cruelly. Also there are free spirits slaves, in the delusion believing that freedom consists in indulgence to the lowest nature and in slavery at the not get rid desires. The priority is given all to the most dark and angry that is in the person. The terrible grin of the old world comes to light in this terrible distortion of vital concepts and actions corresponding to this distortion. Evil self-damage, the phenomenon karmic the inevitable will be a consequence of it. In process of strengthening of darkness power of Light and as Light is eternal, and darkness temporarily will increase also, and a victory of Light is immutable is imprinted in future rolls. It is predetermined space.
537. (Guru). In creativity lightful, made by a hand human, the highest are imprinted and crystallize energy. There is as though an expression in dense forms of invisible thin energy. It as though bringing down of spatial fire from the Sky to Earth and attempt to approve it in images already purely the terrestrial. Both paints, and a cloth, and brushes are terrestrial, but the idea embodied in a cloth, already from the Highest World. So association of two worlds happens personally, obviously, leaving after itself concrete forms of this association. The aspect of this creativity not seen to a simple eye is shown that spatial fire coagulate in crystal fiery educations, surrounding visible, dense, a creation form, and not seen by a physical eye, but nevertheless real-life in space and making as though soul of each true work of art. The main power of visible creations is in invisibility. Each great worker of art is the Prometheus which seized spatial fire and has brought it to Earth, the Prometheus chained to rocks of Earth and able to express this fire not differently, as in dense, physical forms.
538. (Oct. 25). We observe the unprecedented tension of darkness when it is required to strain all strength of mind that oppose to it. The unification uninterrupted is necessary. It is necessary to carry out it. Interruptive of a rupture of patrol! As it is possible to calm down or distract if a set of spiteful eyes watch, as well as than to harm. To clothe in a constant prayer will be right protection. Everything that is possible, it is necessary to collect to stand an impact.
539. (M. A. Y.). Help to support a planetary network of Light. Only the joint combined and conscious efforts it is possible to support her. The chaos seeks to break everywhere. It would be correct to call defense against chaos a task to soldiers. It is impossible to maintain planetary balance or to help the Lord, without having established own balance. We sound the alarm to awaken vigilance and vigilance. There is a highest wave!
540. (Guru). Terrestrial mission of all Spirits Great was reduced to an antagonism to darkness and the statement of Light. Service accepted various forms, but its essence remained the same. Feasible execution of Light in the aura we will consider as a task of each pupil. This task is carried out, despite everything, on any counteracting circumstances. Performance of this task is considered already a feat.
541. (Oct. 26). Enduring it is good to concentrate thought on the phenomena sometimes. Then the temporary receives the correct place in the general scheme of things. Their lives the person in eternity and temporary is as though a section eternal and as though part it. Temporary as part eternal, or enduring, it is impossible to take in a separation from Boundlessness in which there is everything that was, is and will be. And, calling the person the traveler of a way boundless, We mean that circumstance that wherever there was it in what of the worlds, or spheres, space it was shown, is eternal it will be inseparably linked with Boundlessness and in it to stay. Eternal life of spirit is inseparable from Boundlessness.
542. (M. A. Y.). "Midsummer Night's Dream" of Shakespeare is interesting to that absolutely precisely reproduces some conditions of the Thin World and a trick of his some thoughtless inhabitants who know more, than victims of these tricks. And in the Thin World stronger and armed at least some knowledge of thin laws the will shows the superiority over ordinary people. Therefore to know them it is necessary to manage to be protected. Protégés of Hierarchy Light Guard and there, but nevertheless self-defense is necessary, because in any limits willfulness phenomenon in human relationship and in World Aboveground. Certainly, the thought, this most perfect weapon dominates. But thought, as well as any weapon, it is necessary to learn to own. And it is good to the one who learned to do it on Earth
543. (Guru). In the conditions of the amateur performance provided to the pupil, or, speaking differently, freedoms, it is a little given to time to conscious process or training of mastering by thought though life gives the chance to that much. And she simply forces to use the force some the trained thought, depriving of other ways of implementation of the necessary undertakings. Whether it is necessary to protect the person who can't protect itself, and resort thus to the help of thought? Whether it is admissible? Really you will give the loved or helpless one or yourself on worry by the dark. And if dark, imitating Light carriers start working with thought, and they can oppose only the strong, trained thought. You learn to act with thought, and to work only in the benefit.
544. (M. A. Y.). The compassion is difficult to that, showing it, it is impossible to plunge into a twilight condition of that person, in relation to which phenomenon compassion. It is possible both sympathize, and to regret, and strong to help, but not to be saddened by sufferings of the one to whom we want to help. If to begin to sound in unison with it, the help can't be rendered.
545. (Guru). The victory in the spirit of is that she is claimed contrary to everything that surrounds spirit of the winner. The logic of evidence speaks about impossibility, but strength of mind opposes it the fiery reality hidden under external visibility. The victory also will consist in this fiery action of spirit.
546. (M. A. Y.). Ability to be protected and protect other people increases at the same time with experience. The teacher a fiery way Brings to acquaintance with laws of thin energy. The soldier exercises the wit in art of possession by the fiery weapon in practice.
547. (Guru). Soldiers of the Lord themselves don't show defenseless lambs. The weapon is given to the soldier not for a divergence, but for active fight and protection of Light and luminous from hellish hordes. Inert no opposite aren't present among Day breakers. Fight all strength of mind, only no rage against them has and you strike blow in complete equilibrium.
548. (Noyab. 2). Force and powerlessness is that we will prefer? And the choice let will be final. If – force and actions everything, thoughts and behavior have to be corresponding. Understanding of the force itself - hold. Mental energy demands understanding. It is followed by application. Strength of mind it is necessary to increase overall against the going. And, adjoining to them counteracting and harm doing, in consciousness of the force stay. Both in words, and at each movement let there is this conscious power. They going against, recognize only force. Before force demons, but furiously tremble even and ruthlessly snatch on not protected by the force. If know that will receive repulse and fiery burns, will beware to come nearer. Who is strong from counteracting, when together? But for this purpose it is necessary to be valid together, and not in words, but in practice. To Me oppress ardent restrict you. And when will approach so that remoteness will disappear, then it will be possible to show the fiery force of counteraction and opposition to darkness. They very much seek to weaken and during a dream, and in reality, finding each speck and opacity on aura. You store tranquility, coolness and balance, having clasped spirit armor on all fasteners.
549. (Guru). Mental energy is the powerful invisible weapon of spirit. First of all this weapon should be had, and then – to learn them to own. Every day exercise is necessary. Life puts in such conditions; it is necessary when to practice necessarily to be protected from darkness. It is necessary to do it consciously.
550. (M. A. Y.). Each Carrier of Light had to undergo up to the end. All of them were exposed to various forms of prosecutions. In this regard the dark are very inventive. And there is so much the backs willingly allowing dark to hide behind them. And you be protected, calling Luminous intensity to the aid. And if protection is weak, so the appeal is insufficiently strong. Draft formula chooses, most strongly sounding to you.
551. (Guru). It is easy to see other people who have become isolated densely in the small world of personal experiences, and to understand their limitation and coherence. But it is difficult, very difficult to see itself too plunged into the world of personal experiences and cut off from life super personal. But to go beyond this vicious circle will already mean freedom and egoism defeat. Punch shell aura is difficultly.
552. (M. A. Y.). If each encumbrance by circumstances you consider as a condition which is pulling together with the Lord, learn to rejoice both to burdening’s, and obstacles, and difficulties. And, meeting the next test, you will know that one more is given, new, opportunity to approach even closer. The understanding of it will give strength to sustain everything because the happiness of proximity of Great Heart isn't comparable with any terrestrial experiences and isn't commensurable with them, temporary and passing. The proximity of Great Heart is approved forever.
553. (Guru). Pay attention to surf waves. The biggest wave of opposite conditions is followed by recession and some calm: lifting and hollow. The biggest wave can be met quietly, knowing that behind it a hollow and a break. As though rest for a while those forces to collect to meet the next wave. "Be able to meet beautifully waves". Life show also learns as it to do and to apply the Decree of the Teacher in operation. Be sure that at really difficult moment the Head Doesn't leaves without the help and support.
554. (Noyab. 5). Supposed-sense is dangerous always, and in particular a supposed-devotion and supposed-love. They create ardent illusion of self-deception. Freighting is to Act Face My on the enemies of Light. My Face carrying constantly mentally with itself stays in Light.
555. More and more make efforts for implementation of my Instructions. The work put to that. Each achievement is watered then work – for nothing is given nothing. As well the victory is given by work. And, if something very difficult to reach, - increased tenfold your efforts. Really you can think what the integral achievements of spirit which you carry away with yourself in the future, are given easily? Face introduction in heart – one of the most difficult. Also it is necessary to strain more and more in repeated attempts to approve this shining achievement. And to each your action premise conformable to desire and your aspiration thought. After all at your order all the time which is? Or you believe, what there is still something more important? If this is so, with that also you remain that preferred to the most necessary. To you I Tell, to you Ukazuyu, shortly urgent time, don't miss. Me resist and resist in Me. Otherwise not to take place in the future. You look around: how many confusion, sufferings and blindness. But you able to see also know a way. Safely go, because with Me. But you keep inseparably, without coming off for a minute.
556. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to consider as the most urgent problem of the moment the statement in Light. Each pupil let will set this task for himself at number the first. Yes someone won't think that it is rather strong not to find for it due for time. Many perished, without having estimated power of darkness. However, darkness as a bull cardboard, but only for unshakably approved in Light. For other all power of darkness increases in process of their weakness and instability. Power and indestructibility of Light knows approved it and approved in it. The end of Cali Yugi is noted by terrible swelling of the darkness going on an attack last.
557. (Guru). Temporary from enduring it is useful to separate in consciousness to see how all temporary is subject to replacement and leaving while the enduring continues to live for eyelids even among doomed on the death of the phenomena. Creations of thought of Spirits Great exist for eyelids after their body died. Also century’s great works of art though their creators quitted the stage the terrestrial remain. To see enduring in passing and to it, enduring, to give the heart and thoughts will be the correct solution of the problem of life and a direct way to awareness of immortality of spirit.
558. (Noyab. 6). Whether the generated reasons not to bring consequences corresponding to them can? No, can't. Consequences are inevitable, but the attitude towards them can be changed. The karma can't be changed, but the attitude towards her depends already on will of the person. And it will be the lever changing influence of karma. One karmic consequence will be regarded as punishment, by another – as instructive and useful lessons. One loss of things will be considered as misfortune, by another – release from excess load. So, even character of karma depends on thinking of the person. Having changed thinking current, it is possible to change and the karma nature. The same things or the phenomena affect different people absolutely variously. It isn't the phenomena, but in people. So, each difficulty, an obstacle or even misfortune can be considered as a lifting step. The lever is in hands of the person. It is possible to take and one more steps further: to establish mood or a condition of spirit at the will, regardless of external conditions. Mentally ill people often show this ability, really the healthy and normal person not in forces of it to make. We Learn to rejoice to obstacles, both spirit burdening’s, and loadings unreasonable because the victory over force of external conditions and consequently, and over a karma consists in it. Not conditions change, but the attitude towards them. The optimist and the pessimist, looking at the same phenomenon, treat it absolutely variously: one rejoices, another mourns. Understanding of that the lever is in will of the person, opens to it this way of a victory over, that is over the world. There is no other to a way victory.
559. (M. A. Y.). What opportunities are given to the person if he can accept or reject even the Lord? And as its responsibility for the thinking and for the actions is great! Everything think and act, but is irresponsible, that is without realizing this responsibility, though assigning it heavy and inevitably to the shoulders. It is possible not to understand and not to realize, but it is impossible to evade responsibility. All offenses and crimes are generated by irresponsibility or rather hope and thought that from the answer it is possible to leave. Before people – sometimes it is possible, but before itself, that is before karma – never. Where think to disappear from it makers of the evil, poisoners, destroyers and murderers? Vain hopes – any won't leave. Final scores approach, and it is necessary to pay karmic bills everything who broke Universe laws.
560. (Guru). Behind each emanation of pleasure or grief the reason, it caused is covered. But it is possible the reason rather the pleasure, to create in mental laboratory of the person, without any external occasions, simply the will order because in the person there is a laboratory for all feelings. To understand it – means to find a key from happiness doors.
561. (Nov. 7). Judgment should be. The evidence of the current hour available to usual thinking is in an ardent contradiction that is already imprinted in future rolls. To that to trust, to impressions of terrestrial mind or the future traced in stars and specified in the Doctrine? It is necessary to think and not to darken about it consciousness visibility dense. After all it closes from consciousness even the World Thin. But it exist it contrary to. As fiery life and all concerning the future and the Highest Worlds precisely takes place. It is impossible to be limited to one dense world. Can't but have a medal of other party, and there can't be a day without night, a bottom without top, heat without cold. The future is so real, as well, as the past, but nor isn’t that nor another present in the present for terrestrial consciousness. But the fiery consciousness can see in the present both last, and future. The concept of time is so relative, what even the science is compelled to adopt amendments for a while. Let heart will be open for perception of Space Truth and mind isn't saddened by sounding of the current hour. Because all this is temporary whereas the eternal truth Real exists nowadays in space and will always exist in it.
562. (M.A.Y.). Voices of a gloom be not confused and don't attach them significance. Their purpose is to confuse and suspend advance. When microcosm fires brightly flare, become silent the whisper darkness, and all it seems to such relatives, and all barriers separating from the Teacher and from the future disappear. Means, all these confusing thoughts is anything, so it isn't necessary to reckon with them. Stop because in the past mistakes, ridiculously were made. There is nothing more incommensurable, than digging in last mistakes, a self-eaded and a torment them. They should be realized not to repeat in the future, but to think of them, to concentrate on them and to strengthen those thoughts, recovering and causing them that to repetition, it is very unreasonable and inexpedient. All is finished the past. Ahead – Light of the future. To them also go.
563. (Guru). Let's make it a rule to reject everything that detains advance, and to hold that accelerates it. It is good criterion for determination of usefulness or harm of the thoughts getting into consciousness. There are thoughts winged, but there are also thoughts gast-iron the heavy. With these last we won't be known. The choice of thoughts useful has crucial importance for consciousness life.
564. (M. A. Y.). If people directed to thought on that all proceeding from their consciousness was saturated Beauty, the world would change unrecognizably. The culture of Ancient Greece during its blossoming was saturated with Beauty. It isn't enough people where the principle of Beauty would be expressed so brightly as in this small country, left to the world so fine heritage. The modern civilization gives ample opportunities to decorate life, but, unfortunately, these opportunities are directed on the return. The Beauty will be a key to the statement of the New Era, and on this basis the World New will be approved.
565. (Guru). Having Light brings it together with itself in environment and unconsciously transfers him to those people, subjects and everything with whom or than it makes contact. Consciousness strengthens process. Such people bear with themselves as though blessing and really are benefactors of mankind. To them carriers of darkness bring in a counterbalance with themselves something absolutely opposite, and any more blessing, but damnation are they for all surrounding. So two poles – Light and darkness – work and constantly prove in life.
566. (Nov. 9). It is good to learn to see usefulness of the most unpleasant and aggravating tests and to take from them valuable experience. Anyhow it is impossible to approve the necessary quality if some other way to make it. And time presses. It is required soon display in practice acquired qualities, experience and knowledge, and how display what isn't present? Therefore, meeting the next wave of vital circumstances, think only of how to use it most fruitfully and to take from it everything to that she wants to teach. After all, if you trust Tom Who Conducts, have to understand that without Will Leading the hair won't fall from the head. It is necessary to understand that the armor of spirit gets stronger from constant blows and strong ability to own Light weapon is gained.
567. (M. A. Y.). The personality is the servant of Identity, or the person highest "I", and besides the servant temporary, only on one embodiment. Task of the servant in carrying out a task of the highest "I" and collect the experience planned and given by it in this life. Having finished this assignment and having transferred all collected to the Immortal Triad, the personality as that becomes unnecessary and ceases to exist. The highest "I" don't feel loss of the temporary personality because all life and consciousness concentrate already in it. It would be ridiculous if the small, narrow identity of any person existed always, with all the restrictions with time, an era, both a nationality, and that step of evolution on which was one thousand years or more ago. Therefore results of this embodiment gather in the Bowl, and the one who collected and performed work demanded from it, simply ceases to be. The astral peel from which the highest "I" took away everything that was necessary, gradually dissipates in space, and from the identity of the last embodiment remains only the movie of the passable life. This question is difficult and demands deep understanding of distinction of seven principles forming the incarnate person, and understanding of what is in it mortal and that immortal that dies and is subject to disintegration and that represents itself its Immortal Essence, his reincarnating Identity.
568. (Guru). Temporary and eternal learns to distinguish in itself the pupil and carefully separates one from another. Temporary – that without a regret to leave it when will punch hour, eternal – to live in it always. Without having saved up elements eternal, it is impossible to transfer to it consciousness because to transfer not in as to live there is nothing, but, having consciously collected and having saved up immortality elements, elements enduring, the spirit has material, or accumulation which give the chance it of conscious manifestation, or conscious life, in those spheres where the eternal has the life.
569. (M. A. Y.). Merge of consciousnesses assumes that the spirit directed to it rises as it is possible above to reach a step at which there is higher consciousness, but doesn't try to lower it to itself. Only at that of the condition contacts will be successful. Usually arrive on the contrary and try to involve High Essence in an orbit of the experiences and thoughts, both are surprised, and are perplexed why on an appeal there is no answer and contact didn't turn out. Own consciousness should be given at first to a condition of tranquility, balance and harmony, and then to establish connection. To the Highest Communication it is possible to come only through discipline of spirit. Discipline of thought and feelings ~ the most necessary condition for advance.
570. (Guru). It is better to consider the best thoughts not as the, and taken of the public tank of a treasury of spatial thought. Then will disappear and imagined property on thoughts and attributing to itself any merits in this area. Present anything, isn't present as well in the field of thoughts. Only ignorance can be extolled in arrogance from understanding and containment of mental wealth. All general, all is universal. The spatial treasury of thoughts is open for all.
571. (Nov. 12). Mental energy is given in the order of each person. In the person who has hopelessly become despondent, she is killed by despondency, in the person scared – fear, in the person angry – irritation. Many feelings and the emotions killing force of all-initial energy are so allowed by people. The more time the negative feeling dominates, the more loss is caused to fiery energy. Long suppression it can cause the phenomenon of the live dead person. It is possible to chisel ignorantly this wonderful force, but it is possible and to accumulate it consciously. Silence, tranquility, courage, balance, aspiration to Hierarchy of Light will be the best stores, as well as all other merits of spirit. Its store is as well work lightful. Work dependent, hated and damned, the store won't be. Many sublime and pure feelings, and especially love, powerfully collect fire. The fiery power of love creates great causes.
572. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to establish the rule: beginning day, to take any most sounding quality for his conscious statement during this day. Such action can be considered as a psych magnet put. The mental grains put thus, become focus of origin of desirable qualities, abilities and properties of character. Usually at people education of spirit goes spontaneously, drift, without conscious intervention of will. But even simple construction of the house needs the plan, and furthermore – character creation.
573. (Nov. 13). In what is distinction between the incarnate and one incarnation of person? First of all for the last the world dense disappears, and its place is taken up by the World Thin. Imagine that you go to travel, without having taken with yourself anything, but knowing that you will have immediately everything that you will wish, to clothes inclusive. But except the clothes, any terrestrial things also it isn't necessary. It isn't necessary anything! What in it great freedom. So much all was necessary when were obese, and suddenly all this is already unnecessary. Then the freedom of movement is given – it is possible to go and fly, and anywhere where the thought and sparseness degree, or luminous, a thin body allow. The thin body, not peeled, poisoned with fluids of heavy bloody food and wine and aggravated by dense heavy thoughts, no freedom and ease of movements has. Not trusting in possibility of flights can't fly. Everything depends on a condition of consciousness. The person has that, in what trusts and that recognizes his thought because in the Thin World everything is created by thought and a condition of the person the accord Law operates. The thought magneto attracts the conditions corresponding to the nature of his thoughts and desires to one incarnation. Having convinced of a vanity of usual desires terrestrial, the spirit gradually starts being exempted from them, dumping unnecessary stratifications one behind another. Certainly, moves aspiration and understanding of features of new conditions. And preliminary acquaintance to them on Earth has very great value. Denial of thin reality because denying power of the thought loses that it denies and in is especially harmful what doesn't trust. Many negated of life in Elevated stand there, like motionless blocks. Communication with other people, who another not sings into a subjective condition, probably is. Proximity is on an attraction. There are no two attitudes of the Elevated World identical as there are no identical persons and even leaves on the same tree. Miraculousness of that world is that the environment of spirit is created by him on character and the nature of his thoughts and able to think freely and clair-radiant has everything that can create his thought and aspiration. Magic this world needs only a magic staff that to them as in the fairy tale, to cause any phenomenon and this magic staff are the thought and creative imagination.
574. (M. A. Y.). On aspiration wings the imagination carries away the person released from a dense body there where he wants. This desire – subconscious or automatic, developed on Earth is frequent. It isn't without reason told: wanting to go to fathers with them will come, wanting to the Lord – with the Lord. The desire which has strongly taken shape still in the world dense, will direct on the channel dug in space even without conscious intervention of will – the reason is created on Earth, a consequence phenomenon in World Aboveground.
575. (Guru). What achievement – on Earth to destroy walls of prison of the dense world! To come to broad lands from a stuffy dungeon will be a great victory of spirit over spirit restrictions. Unless it is possible to be in a dense body free? After all it should be dragged everywhere for itself, to put, dress and feed. And the shelter is necessary to it, and so much everything is necessary, and, having only departed from it aside, it is possible to understand, what burden for spirit is the body terrestrial. Many devotees, having realized it, refused everything and sought to be content with the smallest. Now Show Doctrine that – in the spirit of and that it is necessary to consider nothing release from everything, having limited a body only to that is really necessary. It is most important to understand and find strong everything to the phenomena, both terrestrial, and elevated, their true place in the general scheme of things. And then they won't serve as an obstacle to the person in his advance on the way to Boundlessness. And then it is possible to tell consciously: the terrestrial – terrestrial and Elevated – Elevated.
576. (Nov. 14). The moments of lifting and kindle of Light are especially hated to someone, and it is necessary to stand guard and wait that there will be attempts to throw harm and to extinguish fires. Certainly, influence will go through an astral and it’s yet completely get rid properties. At these moments patrol is especially necessary, and special measures before withdrawal to a dream are necessary. The protecting order of will works smoothly. Let's be glad also to these signs of attention from dark because it means that fires of spirit are really lit. Also we will note also that the way planned by the Head generally remains invariable, and all Instructions given earlier, remain in force and demand performance. In process of their performance strength of mind will grow. On some many years because life experience is necessary for their statement will leave. Especially it is necessary to pay attention that fires not subordinated to will threaten with accident. The person, devoured passions, is the weak-willed victim of the lowest fires. Agni's scale goes from top to bottom, dividing him into fire creating and fire of devoyring. The lowest fires lit by properties of different habits are especially resistant and persistent. They are so persistent, what even proceed in World Aboveground because, the spirit carries away them with itself there. Therefore It is spoken about mastering by all fires, both the highest, and the lowest, the highest – for the statement, the lowest – for an get rid and an go out. The power over and mastering by extends on all forms and types of conscious activity of a microcosm human, and even the subconscious. So, will it is possible to influence even a heartbeat, strengthening it or slowing down. When time, Show Teacher as to do it comes.
577. (Guru). It is necessary to be surprised only, the program developed by school of life for each pupil is how good and thought over. And everything that is required from the last is the conscious attitude towards her. Then will disappear both complaints, and discontent, and process of training will go without delays. Otherwise, instead of enrichment by experience and knowledge, time will leave on unnecessary experiences and chagrin. To be able to understand to what exactly learns each lesson, and to take from it everything that it gives, will be pledge and the guarantee of successful advance.
578. (M. A. Y.). It is so much people on Earth, and so there aren't enough relatives, the person among this set similar also is so lonely. Christ Redeemer Come, also it was empty around! And in solitude performs It the Feat Great Spirits. Loneliness – destiny strong. But have to pass through it all. And if in life has the luck to meet at least one loyal and devoted friend, it is already good. The imaginary friendship is scattered by ashes at test by life. Therefore it is better not to be engaged in self-deception and not be touched masks. But the most difficult in that, knowing all this, nevertheless it is necessary to keep kind and to devote goodwill to the person, and life to service to people.
579. (Nov. 16). Reflex reactions to external influences go a habitual way, generating and causing the feeling. But will it is possible to change nature of these reactions according to the desire, and then reflex process is replaced with the consciously strong-willed. That afflicted, can be made a pleasure source, and that disturbed, – tranquility. All feeling is relative, and their character can be changed by will in a root. Ordinary people to change the mood, resort to wine, drugs, smoking and any other ways. But the levers changing mood, lie in consciousness of the person. And main using the force will be the imagination. It creates a desirable form of a feeling and approves it in an interior. It creates transformation of thoughts and feelings. Be the victim of the moods, or experiences easy. But it is difficult to be their creator and the lord and to create them at the will irrespective of external influences. Experiences of such self-transformation is useful and instructive to carry out over itself and to note thus, it is how easy to reach in this direction very many at some persistence and persistence. Creates is of thought. After all and undesirable moods too are created by thought. Only the desirable are created consciously, by means of will and imagination, differently they, uncontrollable, will begin to flow on a habitual track of weak-willed inertness and reflexes. Also it isn't necessary for a victory over them to wait for any changes outside, but changing to create the reasons will from within, in own psychophysical laboratory, and to create them not to one, but together with Me, magneto drawing from the respective spheres conformable to them feelings.
580. (M. A. Y.). If from space pleasure it is possible to draw pleasure, it is possible to take and any other feeling and to strengthen it. And people usually take, but unconsciously, and without giving itself the report in laws of a magnetic attraction, and strengthening these dark, negative and undesirable feelings and experiences. Despondency and hopelessness it is possible to cause such strengthening of these experiences that they will make life gloomy. And people often do it. Of magnetism of emotions and experiences don't think and don't know that various spheres of the Thin World are strained by various feelings, both positive, and negative, and that every time when allows in the consciousness any experience or feeling involuntarily comes to the accord of people with it. And on habitual channels of an attraction hidden influences from conformable to them spheres of the Thin World already freely flow.
581. (Guru). Force grows in application. If who wants to become strong, let exercises strength of mind as the athlete the muscles exercises. Muscles in inaction will atrophy, - also droop and strength of the spirit. For exercise and spirit training life gives inexhaustible opportunities. And the spirit will grow. But the standing bog becomes covered by a mold.
582. (Guru). When the fiery centers are lit, thoughts are carried out especially obviously because the thought fiery works. Than the thought on a scale of an ofiery, subjects it is higher is stronger. Usual thoughts of ordinary people aren't strong. But even they create something and create. The strongest thought is the thought going from heart, as well as the word. The devastated words and thoughts are words and the thoughts deprived of warm energy. To work with thought – means to work with heart.
583. (Nov. 18). Usually he creates an environment of the person itself the representation that round it. If it is the village, he mentally and unconsciously draws a village picture, if the city – the cities, if the wood – the woods. It mentally stays in this environment and connects itself with it. But if to replace this representation with another, say, living in the wood, – the sea or mountains, the consciousness as though leaves a habitual framework and is transferred to with what the person mentally surrounds him. The consciousness directs behind thought and surrounds itself with those representations which are created by thought. So, if, living in one city, to represent itself in other more or less well familiar, at rather strong representation and dismissal from a habitual environment it is possible to be transferred really by thought to other place and to apprehend or feeling its vibrations. It is necessary to feel itself not here, but there, in other place, and from there as though looking at where there is a physical body. Similar exercises in transferring of consciousness are very useful to a separation from those external conditions to which the aura and the thoughts connected by strongly crystallized ideas of the habitual environment so strongly grow. Mental travel and flights too are valuable it. Too people that see round itself strong get used, is so strong that, even having exempted from a body, mentally continue to see that their terrestrial eyes saw and got used to see. The slavery at own representations can be destroyed consciously. The clairvoyant, concentrating thought on a certain face, sees also those places where their lives this person, and it is transferred by though there. This ability in a potential form all people possess. It is very useful to fly thought about the world; in any case, it is necessary. It is very useful to fly thought about the world; in any case, it is necessary. Any travel and movement are very necessary for a consciousness separation from familiar spots. And if in a dense body of travel aren't always possible, in the spirit of they are possible always and necessary because promote a separation from vibrations of dense environment directly surrounding the person.
584. (M. A. Y.). The conclusion is correct: better, to us directing, to represent itself in our place, far from the house. It very much will help flights. Besides, the Law demands aspiration and movement of consciousness and its lifting to those spheres where High Spirits Stay. As and to concern departed to the World the Highest, it is necessary not to attract to itself them, but on the contrary, – to them to be attracted. Communication is best of all carried out at a separation from a habitual environment of the person.
585. (Guru). The chained Prometheus is a symbol of the person who has realized value of Fire, but still connected by chains terrestrial. But fire melts metal, and it can melt the chains which have held down spirit. Understanding of heavy chains by which the spirit is chained to Earth, is a necessary step for release from them. First realize, then fiery aspiration to release and, last, - of freedom.
586. (Nov. 21). Thoughts through consciousness flow constantly, all the time changing. They can't attribute enduring value. But proximity of the Teacher is on top. If these thoughts concern area of the highest and if they clair-radiant, they can be welcomed as the spirit engine. If on the contrary, it is possible to look at them as on undesirable guests, uninvited and uninvited from which it is necessary to be exempted as soon as possible. It isn't necessary to hesitate and find with them for them time. They should be thrown out from consciousness, without contacting with them. Thoughts of doubt and discontent with the Teacher are especially dangerous. They can burn out all kind shoots. Conducts thought but where will get thought, which not from Light?
587. (Guru). Full-devotion has no fluctuations and doubts. If they are, so there is no full-devotion. And on vague feelings it is impossible to move further. Again it is necessary to remind of Bases. When they are unshakably approved in consciousness, it is possible to pass through all tests surely.
588. (Nov. 22). As a matter of fact, "suffer" consists in vigorous and strongly unshakable condition of spirit, and external conditions matter so far as they influence this condition. There are people who are indifferent to physical inconveniences. Warmly or cold, it is nourishing or hungry – balance remains not broken. And even foreign sufferings, causing sympathy and pity, nevertheless don't break a due condition of spirit and its progress. The spirit knows that everything that occurs around, – only preparation for long stay in World Aboveground because all is temporary and is passing.
589. (Nov. 24). As it is given in the Doctrine and as a little from the given it is applied in life much. But the Doctrine is given for everything, everything, everything, and from a great number of the people suitable to the Doctrine, everyone can find something for itself (himself), to liking, and found to apply. Therefore the circle of the questions raised by the Doctrine is so great. It has to satisfy everyone going whoever it was and wherever lived.
590. (M. A. Y.). You know that each run wave will be rolled away back in the sea, and still under the pressure of it you lose future prospect. Waves come and leave, but the future remains invariable, as well as the Great Plan. For this reason we advise to direct consciousness in the future, and then blows of waves won't influence too strongly mentality, and then it is easier to defend of the present and to avoid its poison. And, if the future is close, the anchor can be thrown further, so far and there where steps of the present and its whiff calm down can't concern consciousness any more. The above and further weeds, the farther there is Earth somewhere below. It isn't a separation from Earth and oblivion of the before it duties, but as a respite and temporary rest from heavy conditions terrestrial.
591. (Guru). Business at all in to receiving blows from vital waves, – they are inevitable, and in that, having received the next blow, as soon as possible to restore balance and to move further, as if happened nothing. Resistance of the environment inevitably – the more ardently aspiration, is stronger. But vital blows should learn to be accepted courageously and trying to keep balance. But so many bearing malice eyes watch, whether it will be possible to break spirit of the soldier of Light.
592. (Nov. 25). The beam can't make due influence if it isn't accepted. Acceptability, containment, acceptance, responsibility, the accord from the one to whom the Beam is sent, – indispensable conditions of his perception. When the Teacher Asks: Whether "You believe? « – He Demands too any degree of an acceptability to Give the necessary Help. Without this condition energy will spill in vain. Therefore known degree of an accord of consciousness always is required to cease respectively. The prayer can serve one of methods of such attuning of the mental perceiving device of the person. The harp of spirit has to be adjusted in the accord. If it is adjusted on other harmony, perceptions it is impossible or it goes on absolutely other wave, in unison with a condition of consciousness. The mood of the last very well is defined dark which are immediately arranged to conformable them to thoughts and emotions of interesting their person if these last of low quality. That is why control over thoughts and emotions accompanying them is so necessary. No board will close dirty thinking and that it from space attracts. Clarification is necessary that perceptions went respectively. They always go according to character and level of thinking on which the essence of the perceived depends. All perceive, however, unconsciously, but in strict accordance with essence of the thoughts and feeling. Conscious opening of the heart cleared of any litter, towards to the Teacher causes receipt of the corresponding perceptions.
593. (M. A. Y.). One move ahead the spirit, favored by conditions terrestrial and being in dependence from them, others – to it contrary to, and sometimes and them having come off internally, when the world which other-worldly, in their consciousness prevails. The most difficult is to overcome environment resistance so that it didn't limit thinking and didn't suppress it, subordinating to the standard. All great people possessed force of such overcoming and went ahead of the time. However, it was necessary to pay for it heavy, but power of their spirit won against inertness of thinking and laid ways to new stays. To keep identity of thinking and will move ahead pledge of a victory of spirit over restrictions of the environment narrow-minded.
594. (Nov. 27). How it was difficult to go and as though adversely there were external and internal conditions, it is necessary to go nevertheless, and only forward. Even the small step in the correct direction is useful, if only not back. And, when very much it is difficult, nevertheless it is possible to find out at least any quality to strengthen it. To cause artificially spiritual lifting and heart burning not always in power, but display restraint or tranquility or it is possible to think of constancy of hidden Presence under all conditions. If only not to distract from the most necessary and not to forget for the sake of what the spirit clothes in a dense body and lives on Earth.
595. (M. A. Y.). Not in volume an essence not to have weaknesses, either shortcomings, or desires, and in that to own them and to operate the emotions and thoughts. All have shortcomings, and there are no perfect people. Even at the highest steps of a ladder of life of quality of one step any more won't be those at steps of higher. If one person owns the not absolutely good feelings and thoughts and keeps them under severe control, and another, better, it can't own who from them is on more right way?
596. (Guru). Let's keep constancy of aspiration because we know where we go, and we know how the way is far, and we understand that each delay or a delay distances from the purpose. Yes, yes, distances, and distances because the motionless condition isn't present, and, without moving forward, the person, that without realizing, starts moving back. The stop, or stagnation, is accompanied already by decomposition, and decomposition of consciousness is immersion in darkness.
597. (Nov. 28). Crash the phenomenon world, happening after release from a physical body, relatively. The world dense disappears, but there is his astral double. This astral display of the terrestrial world is subordinated already to other laws differing from the terrestrial. Degree of a sparseness of its forms other, and they submit to thought influences easier. And permeability in relation to a thin body allows pass them to the last through them absolutely freely if the person knows about it. In general the knowledge of conditions of the Thin World and its laws gives the chance of much bigger freedom, than on Earth, especially if there is no feeling of imagined property on something. The main thing – nothing is necessary from things, unless except the clothes created by thought. Even it is difficult to imagine, the person is exempted from how many dense need. Certainly, the death is first of all release. People share on Earth on slaves and free, on slaves at the desires, passions, shortcomings and – free from them. Slaves pass to the World Thin slaves, free – free. The death of release doesn't promise to the slave. Therefore it is important to be exempted on Earth from any slavery and first of all to release thought because in that world everything moves thought.
598. (Guru). Uplifting the thoughts to Light throne, we concern its light and we feed with vibrations it the microcosm. It the direction of aspiration of consciousness is important. The aspiration to spheres magneto also connects to them on compliance. Different spheres exist in the space, able consonance martially to any aspiration. Crucial importance has the nature of aspiration because the attraction to this or that sphere is defined by it. Everything is attracted to various spheres, both live, and the dead, in the full accord with the nature of the inclinations, desires and thoughts. As invisible threads connected people with those space spheres to which internally gravitate?
599. (Nov. 29). On waves of the everyday sea the spirit boat forward aspires. Where the boat fragile aspires? And how it will reach the coast far? How will overcome ardent counteraction of elements? And the help has no place to wait. And only a beam, badly seeming in darkness, shows a right direction. Huge waves rise, lifting and lowering a small boat and closing a saving beam in deep hollows of waves. But the direction nevertheless is given, and it is possible to move. And nobody stops movement, because only in it opportunity to succeed. Also the brave swimmer knows what to stop – means to be given on will of elements and forgotten to be in the sea huge. Only in movement, and on a beam is rescue. And the chasm under a bottom any more doesn't frighten and doesn't confuse. And waves, uplifting and lowering, movements, and darkness surrounded don't stop does a far beam to brighter. And neither waves, nor a wind, neither a rain, nor darkness can't stop it anymore because the fiery Beam of a beacon from the Tower Far indelible and was strongly imprinted in consciousness of the swimmer.
600. (M. A. Y.). When the Face of the Lord is imprinted strongly in consciousness, It becomes the powerful magnet attracting in the sphere of the attraction of the person approved on It. This attracting force of the Magnet of Great Spirit will increase all the time in process of the statement of spirit in Light hidden and to weaken the terrestrial gravitations pulling back. Be approved on the Lord by all force, all devotion, all love and all aspiration.
601. (Nov. 30). Inhabitants of the Thin World create the shapes own thoughts, create unconsciously, or consciously. Unconsciously those, who doesn't know create, is conscious – knowing. Ignorant invest itself automatically that form to which they got used on Earth. Knowing can accept that appearance which wants. There are a lot of similar actors. There is also the malicious personification representing someone to mislead trustful one incarnation. Therefore quality of recognition by heart there is necessary not less sharply, than on Earth. Not feel sensitive heart of pleasure, or the world from such approach. Spirit creativity which is shown at one incarnation in stronger degree, than on Earth, allows them to give itself any shape. But not all this know. The knowledge of laws and features of the Thin World gives to spirit freedom and a lot of things facilitate. The one who knows that there it is possible to move, moves who thinks that can fly, flies. The one who believes that died and life there isn't present, costs to the idol is similar. Life there is caused by the width of thinking and recognition of its continuation out of a dense body. Usually one incarnation develop energy in the direction accepted on Earth. For someone the Elevated World is a kingdom of freedom and boundless opportunities, Light and pleasure kingdom; for someone – horror and darkness suffocating vaults of the lower class. Everyone finds and receives on itself.
602. (Guru). It is necessary to tell still so much. Often the capacity of consciousness doesn't allow telling more. But the consciousness can be expanded and each time to bring jugs of bigger capacity. Usually stirs litter. Don't pour pure drink in the polluted vessel. Care of everyone wanting to receive – that jugs brought for receiving were pure.
603. (Dec. 1). The formula of understanding can't be opened that who is yet ready. To tell before term – means to betray itself, having deprived of fruits of this achievement. Criminally speak over the capacity of consciousness of the listener, first, because it can generate treachery, and secondly because, the speaking robs himself and devastates the treasury. Talkers usually represent themselves empty covers because spend the mental energy in vain and uncontrolledly. The golden mean demands to give, but to give is expedient and commensurable with level of consciousness receiving. Very many, even the concerned Doctrines, speak for the sake of themselves, but without condescending to spiritual need of the interlocutor. Something turns out very harmful services covered with words to General Welfare. In effect is the same self-servige. Self-servige, like a wood-grouse, sings after the own fashion, but already hears nothing, and the interlocutor is for it only object for his statements. Such wood-grouse has no love or even interest to thoughts and experiences of the listener.
604. (Guru). Collectors of values of spirit constantly in care of that, as though to collect even more and not to miss anything; who that collected, that with that and will enter into new living conditions. Accumulation of spirit defines its destiny both on Earth, and in the worlds. But care not only of collecting, but also rejecting everything that was collected earlier, and it was superfluous and insalubrious now and from what it is necessary to be exempted. Better most to make it, than to wait when life will severely force to execute it.
605. (Dec. 2). It is necessary to know simply some things, and this knowledge very much will help. For example: the spirit is ubiquitous, but usually stays where consciousness and where attracts its aspiration. "Who to Me will come" in the spirit of and to Me will direct spirit, "that in Me" and with Me "will arrive". Aspiration – flight wings: "I with you always". But that understand it, it is necessary to direct and not to separate to Me anymore neither at night nor in the afternoon, and to be always together. Why only at the Communication moments, it is necessary when together to be always and inseparably! Whatever did and wherever was, but together! Inseparability, not interruptibility and inviolability of merge demand understanding. Statement formula: "I in you, you in Me, I in the Father, and we are uniform – the Trinity Consubstantial and Inseparable". My contact invisibly, but has force over visibility dense. "Come to Me everything because, itself I go to the world". My World in comparison with yours is immense, has no borders because it is boundless. And I in Boundlessness Real nowadays Call my children to my World of boundless opportunities of spirit and in eternal life.
606. (Dec. 3). Covers oppose to unification in the spirit of with Me because got used to willfulness. But the power over their willfulness nevertheless should be approved completely. They act in the directions once determined by will of the person, their master, but will, not flesh on inspiration with light of knowledge and the experience reached at present. Therefore their behavior needs control according to requirements of increasing consciousness. The reflex of behavior of covers needs to be stopped constantly while they won't acquire as should be conducted in the light of new understanding. The rebirth, or the birth in the spirit of, means as well death of the old person in itself and the end to willfulness of covers. On ways of Fiery Yoga all accumulation of spirit are burned behind.
607. (M. A. Y.). Completely it isn't realized yet that fiery process of ascension of spirit, fight and overcoming, is made inside, but not over the external phenomena. If you win against them, external, this victory won't give anything if internal over itself it isn't reached. The ancient Formula "What Advantage for the Person if the Whole World gets, and Will Lose the Soul" means this uselessness of external overcoming in the absence of a victory inside. It was already said that fight against external obstacles is similar to battle with windmills. Therefore it is once again emphasized that under all opposite circumstances it is necessary to reach a victory over them in the spirit of that is on everyone to increase in the spirit of. The saying "That wins all who managed to win against itself (himself)" is full of deep value.
608. (Dec. 4). In all gestures and mimicry of monkey movements of an uncontrollable come astral - not assimilate! But as often people be having it not better! Detection of uncontrolled willfulness of an astral cover indicates in the person full dissoluteness of mental energy and its inadmissible squandering. Pity, disrespect and often even contempt cause a similar condition of an astral in surrounding people. Restraint and self-control will be its antipode. Each attempt and effort to bridle a monkey, the clown in itself, it is possible to welcome only. Many not get rid properties of the remote past remain in the person. All animal instincts undertake under severe control. How many opportunities are given every day for the statement of the power of will over the covers; and as seldom them use consciously. Mastering in the person the gestures or a look is so rare that similar restraint causes feeling of any awkwardness or even fear when in reply to attempts to cause these or those reactions in the interlocutor meet complete equilibrium, coolness and lack of desirable movement of an astral. People constantly unconsciously seek to influence at each other, and effort not to give in to similar influences, constraining impulsiveness of an astral, gradually approves the power of will over it. Can give every day a task not to give in to any impacts on an astral from people around, and not only people, but also circumstances. Indestructible tranquility of the covers being under complete control is Arhat’s feature. To please the standard conditional politeness He from itself Won't allow an astral to wriggle and represent a market puppet. From simple self-esteem and understanding of advantage of spirit willfulness of an astral cover is bridled. Restraint of an astral and mastering by the feelings is a task of each pupil wishing something to reach.
609. (M. A. Y.). In the analysis of some feelings and experiences it is necessary to point to their full uselessness and uselessness, as well as harm because often they very much break balance and sadden consciousness. Sympathy and compassion are good, but under a condition if they don't plunge feeling pity into a circle of a hopelessness of the one for whom sympathy is felt. And here severe control and ability to distinguish admissible from the inadmissible too are required.
610. (Guru). You learn to distinguish warm sense-knowledge from astral experiences. Completeness of life of heart and uncontrollability of manifestations of an astral cover are excellent between itself. And if heart has to give freedom, with an astral it is necessary to arrive on the contrary, that is to take it under control and to keep in obedience.
611. (Dec. 5). At some attention it is easy to see, what quality suffers or what test isn't sustained, and, having seen, to be prepared for that again to pass through it, but is already successful. It is better to realize failure, than to imagine itself the winner, without having won victories. All life consists of continuous overcoming, and no failures can stop the valid aspiration. On tests it is possible to look simply as at check and clarification of that it is necessary to overcome, strengthen or acquire still. Tests can even teach to rejoice and even at failure that to collect new forces for a victory.
612. (M. A. Y.). When the purpose is realized and the understanding was born that it has to be reached and that other decision isn't present and even in thoughts is inadmissible, then already nothing will stop and no barriers will be able to stop a way. Only at such understanding it is possible to move steadily further and not to be confused any more anything. And if the way lies in the spirit of, anything external can't destroy it.
613. (Dec. 6). We adhere to a method of practical and evident training. It promotes the best storing. After all so many various data should be kept in memory. It is easier to do all this, practically applying a received material in life current. And, though everything it is impossible to apply, nevertheless that is enclosed in practice, remains forever. Collecting of real values of spirit that was that with itself to bring to the World Elevated where each particle of knowledge gets especially importance goes this way. If who comes there with anything, there he has nothing to do. In this case it is necessary to go again on Earth to save up a material for the appendix in the Thin World. But the one, who saved up, generously reaps from the work. After all there life is on consciousness. And the consciousness expanded with knowledge and accumulation, leads there full and bright life. And therefore the spiritual wealth relating to things enduring has special value. In unfamiliar conditions it is necessary to tell about quality of adaptability and fast orientation that it relieves the person of shock surprise and allows keeping balance. Terrestrial qualities of restraint and tranquility in World Aboveground are more necessary, than on Earth. Terrestrial life in general can be considered as prepare to post mortal existence.

614. (M. A. Y.). The consciousness constantly adjoins to those spheres of space on which the thought is directed or to which enough attention in the past was paid. As the connecting channel with the respective spheres the thought serves. And therefore control over thinking is important extraordinary. If the consciousness powerlessly and uncontrolledly is fond behind the thoughts there where they attract the person under the influence of his passions and desires, this way channels to the lower class of an astral on which the spirit released from a body will be uncontrollably attracted to these layers break in space. Control over thoughts stops this opportunity in a root and exempts spirit from the lowest attractions. The control as though limiting freedom to thought, freedom guarantees to the person in World Aboveground.
615. (Guru). Once it is necessary to find in itself forces to uproot, without the rest, everything that doesn't correspond to level of a passable step. Too the payment that "I" keep contrary to expanded understanding and increasing requirements of the highest is great. The Maya of an allure it is dangerous that creates appeal illusion that has to avert and push away. Dark make it many efforts. It is hard to destroy their artful designs because they immediately invent new and throw up baits, as though absolutely harmless, but with the hidden poison inside. Recognition of various and diverse attractions of Maya demands big vigilance and experience.
616. (Dec. 7). Poisoning planet various garbage and the fulfilled substances of chemical and other plants very dangerously. Air of the cities is poisonous and saturated the gasoline reek of alcohol. The rivers and reservoirs are polluted and quickly grow stiff. The woods and animals are destroyed. The soil erosion destroys planet bark, its fertile layer. If the most urgent and effective measures aren't taken, destructive consequences of this process will have a pernicious effect on mankind health as a whole. There is no name to this terrible crime. It is necessary to imagine only that will be through some ten years if severe and drastic measures aren't taken to prevent death of people.
617. (M. A. Y.). All best people of a planet in whom the consciousness and understanding of the terrible threat which has hung over mankind wakened, have to unite to reject powerful pressure of powers of darkness which under new forms aspire besides, that is to kill on a planet and it to deaden life. It can be avoided if to think over how to prevent poisoning. And if now someone else didn't realize approaching danger, it is necessary that all realized it. The combined efforts of much it is possible to reach.
618. (Guru). The lower class of the Thin World is saturated with poisonous gases of decomposition. Poison gases and gases of the dense world get and there, strengthening an opoison of the astral world. Harm turns out already double. The areas of distribution of brown gas increase. Danger of poisoning of both worlds increases catastrophically. And people continue to sit at parliaments and at various conferences and to pass irresponsible decisions, without understanding that threat of death of mankind from their criminal actions rises in all growth.
619. (Dec. 8). Yes! The course of evolution is approved and goes in our Stronghold. People accept it or reject. Accepted – with Us, rejected – go to darkness. Each accepted multiplies in himself elements of Light and leaves the world dense in Thin, having saved up fires for realization them in qualities, abilities and the properties of spirit promoting its growth. In it sense of terrestrial embodiments and their purpose. Life is otherwise senseless. All living and shown is loaded with this purpose irrespective of, she is realized or not. The purpose of all shown forms – their evolution rather evolution of that internal essence which enliven an external form also is hidden in it just as in a cover of a seed future form of that tree which grows from it is hidden. Development of humanity would move forward with great strides if all realized for the sake of what they live on Earth. Emergence, blossoming and death of the whole states would get other value is perfect and would be understood in the light of the Space Law to which are subordinated not only born and perishing civilizations, but also planets, and the whole systems of the worlds, say, all real; when this understanding transfer in of sphere of life each separate of person that better of his life in a root. Externally it can remain as though the same, but its internal contents becomes perfect another. The person already knows that any even his low-slightest effort directed to self-improvement, won't go to waste, but will bear a fruit in time and will serve in the benefit and to it and surrounding. Service of evolution is true appointment of the person. What happiness when it can pass to the Thin World, carrying away with itself the rich accumulation which is so necessary to it for conscious stay in the Highest Worlds. No terrestrial riches can be compared to the saved-up spiritual treasure because terrestrial it is impossible to take with itself, and spiritual – it is possible. And not only take, but also light-bearer to realize it in World Aboveground. The person, nothing brought to that world and nothing saved up, than will live it there? Like the stone idol, there will be such person, nothing is realized, to stand among beauty and the most ample opportunities of the Highest Worlds when the free flights, new stays and acquisition of knowledge open to people. It is a lot of gifts and wonderful opportunities prepere for the person who has consciously entered a stream of world evolution.
620. (M. A. Y.). "Don't collect to itself treasures terrestrial" – as it is simple, clearly and the great Precept is briefly expressed! The fiery seal of extra temporariness is strong set on it. Here passed centuries, and it remains in force and never will lose the importance while people of treasure terrestrial will continue to prefer to the spiritual. Logic of evidence they acquit themselves, but only while on Earth. But as soon as there goes parting with Earth and a body physical, all justifications of acquisition of terrestrial riches scatter ashes and the great destruction expects grabbers. But the Life Doctrine even doesn't demand any dismissal from terrestrial things; it only speaks about that to consider nothing as the personal property and to all things which are available in hands, to look as at something not belonging to, but given for a while, in temporary use. And then poison of property isn't included into consciousness. Slaves to property – the most not free beings in World Aboveground.
621. (Guru). Pleasure in that, collector of true values of life can do it every day and in any conditions. It is important to know only that to collect and as. Think that for a feat any special circumstances are necessary. But it’s not so. Eremite’s yogis terrestrial make the way in a great privacy. But it so successfully can be made and in the thick of life usual. Not the external environment, but a condition of consciousness defines it because, the way of spirit lies inside. And, when it is found, accumulation of spiritual treasures is made freely and without delays, and independently already that externally surrounds the person.
622. (Dec. 9.). Growth in consciousness of the person of new accumulation allows it to change the life respectively. And, when life is transferred to thought, the consciousness as though follows already to conditions of Elevated stay. The thought easily submits to will if in the solution of will heart is put. Such merge does will monolithic. The monolith of the thought which hasn't been shared in turns out. "The house divided in won't resist", but association of thought and heart excludes this danger. It does possible restraint of an astral and submission his ox. Main thing that any movement in an astral no happens contrary will. His willfulness has to be bridled. It is very important to understand thus, what even not bad action, but made against will, destroys it. Even during a dream the astral shouldn't work in a contradiction with the will order. It very obediently follows its decisions if they are repeatedly approved before withdrawal to a dream. The dismissed actions of an astral in a dream break harmony of a condition. The person won't be able to give up smoking, despite all his happy thoughts, yet won't enclose in them heart. The strong full-string desire of heart gives thoughts strength, and there is a thought going from heart, powerful, invincible and monolithic in the expression, that is not divided in it. Doubts, fluctuations, instability, uncertainty is all these consequences of a condition of consciousness which assimilates in itself to the divided house. There is a thought brain and thought warm, there is a will brain and the will going from heart. When heart fires are lit, its energy becomes invincible. The word going from a brain is empty because it is deprived of the contents; the word going from heart, saturated fiery thought, and its influence is very strong. It is necessary to lead to association and in full harmony will, heart and thought, and then there is a thought monolithic and powerful.
623. (M. A. Y.). The analysis of a mental condition allows seeing the thoughts which aren't in harmony with once and for all planned purpose at the corresponding control. The aspiration and advance to it always have to be expedient, without deviations, delays and fluctuations. The vagrant, third-party and unnecessary thoughts constantly interfering in consciousness and demanding to time and attention are thus expelled. They is to anything. It is better to think one thought out, than to allow hundreds vagabonds. Experiment will quickly show, how many they crowd at a consciousness threshold, and everyone wants to enter. Also it is necessary to understand that all these thoughts aren't "I", but something absolutely separate of it, and that they can be thrown out ruthlessly from consciousness without any damage, and that all of them demand supervision of them and protection from them as among them the very harmful come across also. All inutile thoughts are harmful at least only because take itself a place of thoughts useful and necessary. But weed and dirty thoughts are harmful certainly because serve as a barrier to connection of aura with Light of space. In the inner world of thoughts the Supreme judge and the lord is the person. This statement becomes truth when it is possible to feel that thoughts is something separate of the person, something being aside and coming from outside that the person "есмь" independently and separately from thoughts because over them the power is given it, and, even having rejected them everything, he doesn't cease to feel the life and the "I".
624. (Dec. 10). Usually dark don't work directly, but through dark, greyish and almost white. These intermediaries of dark influences, of course, are responsible for it because dark properties through which and on which the darkness has the impact, are available in them it is available. These are unconscious employees of darkness. Now, when there is a great division of mankind on evil and good poles, cooperation with darkness defines an attraction to camp of dark opponents of Light. Even in small things this hopelessness of sons of darkness comes to light. Also it would seem, and small actions of an opposite to Light, but they steadily involve small evil-make in an orbit of dark influences. Their eyes on angrily caused and the hopelessness will once open also, but will be already late something to change and to correct because time of great division of mankind is process irreversible. Accepted Me – mine accept; rejected Me – reject both mine and to them counteract differently. Be not deceived by essence of bad counteractions, because their source – from darkness focus. Dark attacks on mine approach them to Me, separating from Me unusable. Enemies of Light condemn themselves in darkness. And the self-condemnation it makes great last selection.
625. (Guru). It is impossible to fight successfully with dark if own darkness isn't realized and it isn't overcome. In this overcoming in itself the properties which are subject to a get rid, the guarantee of a victory over darkness is put. Each victory over is blow to darkness. And a full victory over – breaking blow to all creeping, hiding and planning the evil. The one, who won against itself is approved as the winner of darkness.
626. (Dec. 11). Fight goes in both worlds. And, passing to the Thin World, it is necessary to remember it and to be ready and there to opposition to darkness. Way of the pupil – a way special. Isn't present so desired to people of rest? The pupil when forces are settled has a right to rest also, - but at some their inexhaustible stock. Some refuse Devachan consciously to help Us. Immersion in personally subjective condition full of delightful experiences isn't compatible to super personal severe labor for the public good. As well and replenishment of knowledge demands awake consciousness. Service voluntary is in of all worlds. Special difficulty to direct consists in to breaking karma and a free will. And therefore it is very important that the aspiration of the pupil coincided with will of the Teacher in full harmony with it and that his actions were self-proceeding from him, without the statement from the Head. At the same time it is required from the pupil and ardent, strong-willed counteraction to all dark attempts to force it to descend from a way. The way of an apprenticeship is difficult. But growth of spirit can't already stop anything. Having failed in life usual, dark expand the efforts, transferring them partially to the Thin World, and influence in a dream an astral body. If the order of consciousness is unshakable, their night attempts aren't successful. But it is necessary to strengthen astral resilience nevertheless as it is defenseless if it isn't protected consciously. In this case has special value everything that was accepted and approved in consciousness earlier. Everything that isn't cleared and not gets rid is an attraction magnet for dark attempts. Knowing weaknesses of the character and yet get rid shortcomings, it is possible to strengthen resilience in these directions wakefulness of spirit and the statement of thought before withdrawal to a dream. It is necessary to stand and in a condition of wakefulness, and in a dream.
627. (M. A. Y.). Special gloating show dark when can torment and deliver sufferings to people. On this sign also you judge, you won't be mistaken. It is impossible to begin to sound in unison with them and to answer them with the same. The blow can be struck matually, but in balance full, without allowing any spiteful feelings. But not all are capable of it. Admissible indignation of the Spirit, but only not rage and desire to revenge, or bad pleasure, when your torturers start paying bills is allowed.They will receive and so all wholly, but is inadmissible to get confused in evil-make networks because these can connect karmic themselves with them. The karma will take care of them and without us. Balance shouldn't be broken under no circumstances.
628. (Guru). As it is systematic, elegantly and purposefully learns life all too new and new lessons at the school. It is possible to think over it. Having thought, you will see the Leading Hand. But it is necessary to show completeness of trust not to become hardened, to be saddened and to fall into doubt. And the main thing, even thoughts not to assume that are left or forgotten. Formula of life go – "I with you always".
629. (Dec. 12). The thought uplifts to Light tops. The thought overthrows to the gloom abyss. So many depends on thought. Change of thoughts changes both their direction, and consciousness movement, and its attraction to the spheres determined by thought. I want to emphasize that thoughts can be changed randomly, that is at desire or the solution of will. In other words, thoughts can be operated. The discipline of work is the best method of mastering by thought. Lightful work demands both tension, and concentrations. Favorite creative activity uplifts consciousness to lightful spheres of thought. The discipline of work brings to power over thoughts. The thought is a basis. On it having approved and it having seized, there is a person the lord of elements because elements submit to thought. The consciousness of mankind has to grow to understanding of responsibility for thoughts before owning this power. At the present situation this force will be directed to destruction of each other and therefore its delivery is premature.
630. (M. A. Y.). If the thought inspires, carries away in the future and approaches to the Teacher, it is good certainly. And it is even not important, whether the dreams connected with thought if it made the business will come true, – both ennobled, and shined consciousness. On wings of dream the person in the future directs and builds to it the bridge. When in the past everything is burned, there is a future, sparkling all opportunities of achievements. Immovability’s of the past and to its fossilized forms is opposed plasticity of the future and new forms of a phenomenon of life, crystallized in space by creative thought of the person. Person – the creator of new forms of life which are possible for carrying out only in the future because the present as it is is only a past consequence, and in it can't be changed anything if not to take the future lever in hand.
631. (Guru). Mobility in thoughts is more important, than mobility of a body. In thoughts it is possible to fly about the world. What idle occupation – will be told by the ignoramus? What fine exercise for future flights of thin and mental bodies – will tell the learned? So, matters not only thought, but also the attitude towards her and feeling its sense. Understanding leads to mastering or, in any case, precedes it. It is necessary to realize flight qualities of thought well.
632. (Dec. 13). Our next employees remain those in all lives and in all worlds, whatever covers invested them. It is difficult to imagine it, but their communication with Hierarchy of Light is so strong that no conditions any more interrupt it. Therefore it is possible to be sure that each of them always on Service. The knowledge of this circumstance allows stretch a thread of communication with each of them in this direction. The knowledge of this circumstance allows stretching a thread of communication with each of them in this direction. And in the sphere of Service to General Welfare far contacts become possible. It is correct to believe that the Guru, having left a body, continues to work in the accepted direction and will continue, having entered into a new body. Our affairs don't interrupt death of a physical body our next because the external cover of their spirit has for them no value. Nothing prevents them to work with Us in common. For someone the future either doesn't exist, or represents itself something foggy and uncertain, and for someone it is clearly outlined by contours of the Great Plan. Day the memorable Guru we will celebrate profound understanding of sense of Great Changes occurring in the world.
633. (M. A. Й.). The profound understanding of the Doctrine of Live Ethics allows to erase borders between life and death and to stretch a life thread far beyond this embodiment. The world this and that merge in consciousness to the unique and undivided world, and not interruptibility of consciousness gives the chance to enter into an orbit of reality fiery. Immortality becomes reality, and the future – the sphere of its manifestation. Expansion of consciousness has huge value for spirit life because anyhow and then to capture shining possibilities of achievements. Gate if only didn't interrupt are open for the directed and learning spirit and advance wasn't slowed down.
634. (Guru). I will call all when time of the action, all not forgotten me, all directed, everything who put Agni Yogi's Doctrine in the basis of the life will come. To all called it was given, to everyone on the capacity of the brought jugs, and each received I will ask that he made with the received treasure as increased it, whether lost and as prepared itself for entering in judgment to it a field of activity. The reasons put once as seeds of future shoots, will sprout spiritual achievements which will be very necessary in the future. We plan our actions rather their consequences, far forward. And our care of that our employees didn't lose anything from this that was given them but that everyone bore fruits of the aspirations and accumulation to judgment term.
635. (Dec. 14). Any violent attempt to lift the veil will adversely respond on an organism. It is necessary to provide it to own natural development, without forcing process and without breaking balance of covers. Physical, astral and mental balance is established respectively in physical, astral and mental conductors. It is easy to break it, but difficultly to restore therefore it is better not to break. At violation of balance the protecting network suffers, dark creatures get access to internal radiations of a microcosm of the person. Even in the house usual for the night windows and doors are closed, especially the protecting network has to block access to darkness. Even simple restraint of movements, thoughts, and feelings, and, of course, words serves as fine protection of an organism against third-party invasions. Our pupils learn reserved reticence. Freedom of spirit consists not in dissoluteness or unruliness of feelings, but in full mastering by them. It also will be discipline of freedom. Dissoluteness leads to slavery of the person at the covers and to mentality violation. The skilled operator quietly and surely operates the most difficult car, as also the person who has seized energy of the psychophysical device.
636. (Guru). Even that was given to people hundred years ago, to not conformably moment in some details and statement details, but demands the new forms answering to a spirit of the age. And new to people it is given in forms such which within long centuries will meet requirements of mankind and to satisfy them in process of the further growth and consciousness development. Therefore we won't be surprised that a lot of things in books of the Doctrine are yet cognizable. The doctrine is given forward for the huge period of time and will be acquired according to mankind progress. Main feature of its provisions is inexhaustibility, however, as well, as each true Doctrine in its Fundamental principles.
637. (Dec. 15). Waves one for another of constantly being replaced moods and experiences slide consign to the past. But the one, who meets them, remains only looking at this stream of the various phenomena rushing by it. And, even knowing, it is difficult to separate itself from a stream and not to identify itself with it. Both the future and all terrestrial life as will be carried by before consciousness as the past was carried by, and leave nothing after itself, except these movies of last events. Therefore the wise separates the "I" from this rushing stream of quickly flashing events, understanding that Looking and that, on what He Looks, – are various. Also and the Teacher, and Hierarchy of Light is above all. They – out of a stream, and it is possible to hold Them strong, meeting all new and new waves. From the Stronghold as tops of the highest mountain, it is possible to observe quietly the current stream, without being involved in it. This dismissal from the external can reach such tension and such force, what even fire which is burning down a body, isn't felt as consciousness. You know examples of such self-profound eminence of spirit when the person doesn't see and doesn't hear anything, the events outside. When it is heavy intolerable, be approved and stronger on the unshakable and strong basis, on Hierarchy of Light. Also understand that this support is strongest.
638. (M. A. Y.). The rhythm of everyday Communication which isn't able not to be broken by anything external, serves as though as a motionless core of a spiral on which external rounds the stream of the phenomenal phenomena rushes. This center of self-profound understanding the highest "I" can become the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life if accumulation of spirit allows to be approved on it. Really, he no from other-worldly constantly replaces each other phenomena. To find this support in itself and the one who wants to reach immortality has to be approved on it unshakably and to enter Boundlessness. The eternal Life promised by the Lord, other-worldly, but it is also it is achievable.
639. (Dec. 16). The value of movement to Earth face that the aura doesn't grow to one place and consciousness doesn't become thanks to it motionless. At long stay in the same conditions from the person threads to each habitual subject are stretched as though and connect it with this subject. Mentally it is surrounded with habitual walls and a situation which strongly crystallize in mental images. The mental prison in which their lives consciousness turns out, without feeling it, that is without feeling and without realizing this psych imprisonment. This prison when the person considers it and everything that in it, the integral property is especially strong. If owing to karmic restrictions of people it is chained to one place, to move in imagination, in the spirit of to fly about the world and mentally to visit other places anybody and can prohibit nothing it. Mobility is necessary, and first of all – in thoughts.
640. (M. A. Y.). Mental influence the people each at other very strongly and especially then, when it accompanied by various emotions. And it is difficult to be exempted from it as it is impossible to be exempted from quality of air which we inhale. Sometimes this pressure of foreign auras is felt very heavy, strengthening ease and feeling of freedom when these people though for a while somewhere leave. The karma forces to live at times and longtime near such aggravating individuals saddening life and pressing on consciousness. The karma exempts from such people only.
641. (Guru). Only having realized the phenomenon of mental prison into which the spirit on Earth is put, it is possible to start being exempted from it. Release – in the spirit of and therefore emphasis is placed on life of spirit and aspiration to transfer life to thought. The thought can't be concluded in any fetters if its nature is realized and if wings aren't tied it. Thought we call winged. The thought can release from the mental conclusion only.
642. (Guru). How to shake your belief was promoted by adverse living conditions, remember always that Bases are unshakable. Having approved strongly on Bases, it is possible to sustain everything and to come out the winner from any tests because, you will know that they temporarily
643. (M. A. Y.). The right is useful to think sometimes of Those Who Passed the terrestrial way, bearing on the shoulders all weight of the Cross. Not for Itself Bore, but for the world. Not for the sake of Itself Came to Earth, but for the sake of people. And for a next world which was Born by Them to people, Received from them a full measure of abuses, mockery and sufferings. Taking the Way, Them passable and Them showing, know that if pursued them, will pursue also you if them drove, and you will drive and torment. Also be grateful to destiny if all this can be sustained because that They Sustained was over forces human. Also all your weights not will seem then to you so heavy and invincible.
644. (Dec. 18). When we Speak about refusal of property, we mean also refusal of property on thought. Thoughts – the same general property, as well as other material values. But the spatial thought which has lit up someone's consciousness, isn't a product of his own creativity, but is apprehended by it from spatial storage. Therefore the richness of spiritual thoughts belongs not to the pupil, but the Teacher Who, in turn, is the receiver and the transmitter of thoughts on the Hierarchy chain. You remember words: "I In itself anything, but the Father staying in Me, He Create". The pupil always realizes that glory of affairs not him, but Hierarchy of Light. The person being the receiver of spatial thoughts won't attribute them to himself and to apply for the property right to them. Thoughts are property universal. And We appreciate very much ability to perceive them. The merit of the person, able to perceive them, consists in ability of expanded consciousness to transfer the apprehended thoughts to forms and to do them by this way cognizable other people. Refused the imagined property right to thoughts has the right to free communication with them and their perception from spheres of the mental world.
645. (M. A. Y.). And still the person remains responsible for thoughts because thoughts happen different: both good, and bad, and even the criminal; and answerable because, that choice and nature of the thoughts arriving in his consciousness depend any more on thoughts, but on him. That assumed that attracted with what prefers to communicate what brings to extent of transformation them in actions, for those and answers. The kind person prefers thoughts of good, angry – angry. And for the preference is responsible. And that the bad thought can be sent intentionally from outside, doesn't exempt it from liability if it is accepted and approved by it, that is approved by his will in its inner world.
646. (Guru). Action, even the most intimate, created in the depth of heart, has nevertheless spatial and universal value, that is concerns all because secrecy, invisibility and an separability exist only on the plan of visibility dense. But there are spheres where there is nothing secret that doesn't become obvious. And even hidden thought, existing in space, it is invisible can influence everyone who is capable with it accord in unison. Therefore the behavior of the person alone with itself before a face of Space has even more responsible value, than its visible affairs and acts.
647. (M. A.Y.). Often you see, you hear and you read that people speak about the loneliness. And it is frequent the mighty of the earth surrounded with shine and glory, were in great loneliness, and there were no relatives about them and devoted people. This feeling of loneliness is promoted even more by those, as diseases, and sufferings it is necessary to endure personally, and even the loved one doesn't feel those pains which the patient should have. All experiences of the person are individual. It can be in deep despair while with it nearby sitting it is quite happy. It can be in deep despair while with it nearby sitting it is quite happy. Also the person one dies, and the woman torment gives birth to children, personally enduring the sufferings. This internal loneliness is caused as though by the karma. And therefore it is strongly necessary to appreciate when on a way the friend, true and devoted up to the end meets. "To loneliness anything will change", but the devoted friend won't change also. "The loyal friend you appreciate, true so there aren't enough friends".
648. (Guru). About impact of color on mentality of the person It was spoken and told quite a lot. But one is thus lost sight: the person influence not only colors which he sees a physical eye, but also what it mentally causes before itself, or imagines. After all, say, color of green foliage, getting through eyes to his consciousness, becomes not physical, but visualization which remains in it if it closes eyes. And such representation in effect not differs any more from the representation caused mentally. It should be realized and understood why visualization of this or that color before it influences at the sufficient brightness and clearness as it is strong, as well as the color perceived physically arriving in eyes from the outside. Lighttherapy is a medicine of the future. While we will note that if blue color calms, red raises. Combination of flowers it is possible, like combinations of sound chords, or to calm nervous system of the person, or to make active it. Color powerfully influences the person – as color usual, seen by an eye, and the color caused by it before mentally.
649. (Dec. 21). Everything can be worried, "knowing, Whose Board over you", and, worrying, to increase Fiery Treasures of the Stone. The live person can't lose experiences, but knowing knows their purpose. Only the understanding of expediency allows maintaining everything unshakably. The way of the blind is gloomy. Knowing and ignorant is what striking distinction between them. Let's learn to know, without being confused a payment. The more the knowledge is more paid for it. For nothing it is given nothing. The highest payment – suffering. Fiery the directed spirit through it inevitably passes. But isn't sorry paying because knows – for what. Understanding of the purpose far inflexible force allows go on the way of Light. Force each gain and achievement undertake. Someone thinks to receive so simply, without heavy works. Hopes are vain. It is better to [them] not to approach. Who was strongly approved in beat aspirations, can succeed, and even the unattainable. Complexity in that inflaming Light isn't visible bearing it. The Beam isn't visible, but is notable. Spirit treasures aren't visible by an eye terrestrial. If saw, unless would crucify Light Carriers? Gain of spheres of various tensions goes in parallel with Agni's growth inside. What treasure – Agni's each sparkle and as it is necessary to bring together him both to protect, and to protect from squandering and violation! Pleasure it is possible what to accumulate every day.
650. In light of the increased and growing understanding of things, you can return to the methods of accumulation of Agni. Restraint is good, but restraint, a skill the conscious energy under constant review and issuing it’s always less than is the case with the uncontrolled issuance, resulting in exhaustion. State of exhaustion is not allowed. It is a pity and is very unconvincing. Better to keep silent than to be a phenomenon of exhaustion. Control of movements and gestures are very useful, but the controls are permanent. It is not good to show this control only on time in order to prevent licentiousness and then again start waving your hands or cause leak energy nervous movements. Every endeavor in the field of self-control must be complete. It is difficult in the area of thought. But here the success achieved, if, especially in the beginning, just doesn't allow thoughts to fly for some, once taken before, but now the undesirable ways. Here's here need continuous monitoring. The mastery of thought is key accomplishments. That, who no might command himself oneself and irreproachably carry these orders, no might command and others. Do nothing and without consequences in space like hang mental orders. The road goes through to master its own microcosm, through submissive membranes will. Should be subject to three: the physical, Astral and mental. And what we cannot accomplish in one incarnation, could be achieved in the next or the next, if the aspiration strongly enough. Together with the teacher much can be achieved.
651. (M. A. Y.). These records are important for spatial saturation of surrounding areas clear and certain forms of thought present consciousness. How much is coming off their daily and rhythmically with the pipeline heading toward the Lord of consciousness and how many have gotten away! The space is cemented. They fill it; they vibrate and live their lives, full of fire. The aura of the planet is enriched with these forms. Being created in the vein of other than the vibration of habitual thinking, they actively come to grips with fuzzy, muddled and dark products of mental activity of humans. Images of truth are fighting in space – this is their special significance. That stronger and brighter looking consciousness the fiery of thought, what powerful and longer she of the action - correctly remembered about hermits-Yoga. Creative power of their thoughts especially fruit-bearer, and particularly nurtures the aura of the planet, and imbues the space. Dread is importance of spatial thought.
652. (Guru). Many attempts start the practical study of thought and apply it in different areas, all the way to the military. But with no synthetic understanding of this great energy, understanding given the teachings of Life, all these attempts will not give the desired effect. And especially sad if this energy directed towards the destruction, as happened with the energy of an atomic nucleus,-because before the time much not distribution. All knowledge, especially knowledge of the unseen, is a double-edged sword, meaning it can be used for good and for evil. Atlantis perished as a result of such abuse, - and now the darkness of the frenzy again pushing humanity to the abuse those scientific discovery and achievements, which in good-use make to people happy and the planet – the bloom garden.
653. (Dec. 22). Peace is built on the principle of conformity and harmonies. The flower from the ground, air and absorbs from the Sun that can assimilate regulatory and develops due to this. The process takes place on the basis of attraction Affinitive elements. All life is living this way. Phenomenon of transmutation into orbit by the gravity of matter and energy based on of the conformity. Transmutes and assimilates, of course, fire. Therefore, all life has a certain degree of glow from a fire in his heart. However, lights and so called inorganic matter, truth, slightly differently. Very instructive to watch it glows in various plants, especially medicinal. Healing properties are bound to experience such plants or Fire its crystallization. Various properties of these crystals help to cure from certain diseases. In this regard, especially interesting ginseng, followed by Valerian, strophant, mint, eucalyptus and various resins. Laboratory of nature is very rich. But you need to know. Former sorcerers and the grandmas collecting curative herbs in the wood and meadows, knew features of many herbs. Herbal treatment has a profound basis, but unfortunately, a lot of things forgotten and lost. In addition to the specific properties of herbs and plants, it is important to establish the principle of conformity requires sick body. Much clearer and could be eased if sufficient sophistication sense-knowledge, which helps determine what plant in each specific case will be healthy, will give the body what it needs. Dogs, cats and other animals, especially wild, know what they need to be treated. Grass so, when one speaks about human sense-knowledge in this same regard, does not mean anything unusual or mysterious. People a lot more dog that did quickly finds and eats the grass you want.
654. (M. A. Y.). The horse never seeing wolves starts shivering and worrying at their approach. The proximity of a tiger acts animals especially ustrashayushche. Animals know instinctively, what danger threatens them. And what such is instinct? It is correct to consider an instinct hidden or unconscious, knowledge. It covers a huge number of the phenomena. It is closely connected with reasonable activity which is obviously visible in life of ants, bees and termites. The reason of the Nature is very deep and poured everywhere. At desire it isn't so difficult to see expediency of manifestations of the Nature and action of the principle of compliance, or accords. Nature book is most interesting of all books.
655. (Guru). Usefulness of nature is manifested in action its laws – laws of its desirable. The great goal of the evolution of sentient being they have before him. This is their meaning. Not cruelty calls several phenomena, but expediency. It would seem, as weeds, no useful and harmful? But even they, covering the field and perishing, each year accumulate fruitful the layer and create of the foot for future, more useful vegetation. On the surface a lot to nature may seem impractical, but knowledge says the opposite. Also the inevitable death of every living form is a condition for its development and improvement.
656. (M. A. Y.). It would be desirable you, about me not forgotten, to bring together all around. Also I will collect when time will come. Confidence of it you store. Magnetic strength of mind is great. Especially brightly it is shown in space when the spirit is exempted from a body. This force is movable by aspiration. Knowing the direction and essence of aspirations, it is possible to define in advance where the released spirit will be attracted. On Earth aspiration – in Elevated implementation or achievement of to whom or to what the spirit is directed. It was told: "On your belief it will be given you". It is possible to add: "And on aspiration".
657. (Guru). The sun rises every day-old, but always updated Sun, not repeating itself ever again. Repetition is not possible, because the whole system is sweeping through space to a distant star. Also is unique and every day brings new opportunities, new promotion. But they have to be able to see. Not established, they rush by. If the world of earthly peace causes, in the subtle world of investigation yielding, how much responsibility each moment of life when people can do these causes inevitable consequence to them are consistent with.
658. (Dec. 23). Spear over a dragon vigilant – a symbol concerning not only the person and his fight against the passions, but also the Decree reminding of need of continuous wakefulness and patrol from dark attacks and various shifts of darkness. They constantly watch and are ready to harm every instant as soon as will notice that intensity, vigilance and readiness for protection weakened. It is impossible to give in to the moods, able to stop or lower a patrol. We is on the Guard of the world always, - It we Call Guards Great. Life teaches the pupil to this constancy of patrol. The break in patrol usually is followed immediately by blow from the dark. They very much don't love the edge directed on them. The soldier, whom enemies took unawares, hardly will manage to be protected successfully. You remember constancy of patrol from darkness. Different tricks they seek to break it then to work freely.
659. (M. A. Y.). The network serves as a powerful barrier protection, but only when it is in perfect order is supported by the will and the relationship to the Hierarchy of Light.
660. (Guru). Watch spirit called Sacred, because strong resistance of consciousness, communication with the Hierarchy of light and constant readiness to withstand the darkness and plead before the Bishop. One can imagine the grief Teacher, when he sees the Sentinel, the Hung spirit, threw a weapon and have forgotten your duty. And he puts himself at risk and harms the common good, for it violates the planetary fortress of light and it’s no perforation network for darkness. Whatever happens outside or inside, the watch remains non-replaceable and strong.
661. (M. A. Y.). And it is necessary to live after all how heart against that inevitability with which life surrounds rose. And it is necessary to pass through it. It is necessary to pass through everything that is given by karma, and to pass without exasperation, despondency, discontent and condemnation. The pupil has to develop many qualities in him. And as most it is difficultly to execute it, the school of life comes to the rescue. It is necessary to understand only that all this on advantage.
662. (Guru). If there is no "Castle standing" without at least one "righteous", as it is as important in the ocean of humanity these towers that support the spirit of fire, protecting the planetary network of light! After all, even a simple bridge is in need of change. The Tower of the spirit is the pillars of humanity. Without them, chaos and darkness would reign on Earth. It is understood that the power Light goes through them the vibrations. The human body has the powerful energy. One man can change the destiny of the people, and under A Hierarchy – and the planet. Destruction of Atlantis was caused by mankind, directed the energies of destruction.
663. (Guru). No need of anything to give, but need to learn, what should be discarded, and to control will, firm and steadfast. It has been said that the same action can be performed in freedom or slavery, whether good, or bad. Teacher did not need slaves, in whatever form is slavery or phenomenon.
664. (M. A. Y.). All covers because all are mortal are dumped. But gives them the contents and spiritualizes their enduring in the person. This enduring, never-dying, immortal it is possible to learn to see through external, temporary covers. In what this enduring is shown? Before of all is in qualities of spirit. From the remote past the person brings them with himself, as well as many sympathies, antipathies, tendencies, tastes and even habits. All this comes to light in its temporary covers, but all this is stored much more deeply, in the sphere of its Immortal Triad. Often in the small child these properties are shown already early. In four, five years already come to light musical abilities. The child plays a piano or shows phenomenal abilities to languages or to something to another. Occur, that come and extremely negative properties of the nature. In a word, the accumulation of the Bowl collected in antecedents; remain strongly, despite change of all covers. Them studying, it is possible to define elements enduring in the being and to start accumulating them consciously, rejecting everything disturbing to spirit evolution. Enough of these enduring positive properties, or qualities, spirit gives the chance to it for conscious stay in the Highest Spheres, in a kingdom of the Immortal Triad.
665. (Dec. 24). Process of struggle is a constant condition of the pupil. After all it moves forward, and advance means replacement old new, that is lifting from a step on a step when something, apparently, good on one of previous steps, becomes unnecessary and inappropriate on following. It is impossible to acquire all qualities at once, but to approve at least to some extent everyone it is possible, doing it is persistent and consecutive and as sounding of the closest. The teacher usually puts in such provisions which cause strengthening of the qualities needing the statement. The qualities approved thus grant the right to an entrance to the Highest Spheres of the World. It was already said that qualities of spirit are containers of fires. Courage fires, either devotion, or aspirations are fine. Burning heart concludes them in itself. And heart is immortal. Not about a piece of muscles and fabrics I Speak, but about the fiery energy pulsing eternally in the person, in whatever cover it was or even having dumped everything and having remained in Light body. The kernel of spirit pulses this energy. To live psych life of all heart – means to transfer life to area enduring, eternally staying in the person.
666. Yes, Yes, it is. Thinking about the subject, unite with him in of the cinscousness. Subtle vision sees it. Introducing yourself to a certain form of wrap and enter into it. Create form a thought. Familiar forms close to the consciousness and surround it. And each is ready to enshrine himself as only its creator consciousness in combination with her. Magnet is wide and depends on the form of force attached to the idea. Each tends to consciousness, its begetting. And each tends to tune it to the space. This is a bridge to a certain sector of the subtle world. The thought has a magic carpet for consciousness. Using it, you can team up with the desired fields. The Consolidator can serve as prayer, or aspiration or desire. People can be physically motionless, but the ship thought it far away from the body. We should grasp the opportunity of thoughts. Have to master them. No for thought limitations other than those that impose the creator himself thought his consciousness. It is necessary to know anyone where admitted his thoughts consciousness. Control becomes possible if consciously set the thought. The accumulated energy is constantly on the thoughts of beget. Each thought pulsing energy under this node. Psych mechanic thoughts see clearly on the mental. Process of mastering the thought is exciting. You can create all the thought. There are no limits to the creative possibilities of thought on its manifestations in the spirit world. The fire power of thought is everything, - though brain is limited to energy brain, but the heart the thought-force fire heart. The energy of the heart knows no limits. Follow your heart. Consciousness, harmonically merges with the heart, is power. Monolith action is the brain, heart, and mind, fully agreed that already there is no place for doubt, or hesitation, no fluctuations. Ray heart Owns Arhat. If the idea is something new, it can still break. The evolution of the World We thought we create.
667. Division of spirit permits many phenomena. Our parcels can be perceived, feeling in the room, and in it is possible to try to concern Us thought. It is easy to understand it, having destroyed illusion of distances and a reparability from Us; in of top point of a pyramid pour in one distinctions of all measurements, so tactile and strong on Earth. Impossible on the plan of dense visibility it is easy and possible in the World of the Highest measurements. The future of mankind is issued there.
668. (Guru). You want to reach? But with things there don't let in where you want to reach. Means, all things, all load so heavy pressing on shoulders, it is necessary to leave below. It is necessary to leave much that was so habitual that it seemed to darlings, attracting, desired. Maya tying wings of spirit all these ghosts. But they are very affectionate, and many are harmful and dangerous that if in time not to reject them, they will follow further while finally won't enslave spirit. While fight lasts, the victory and final release from them are possible. Dreams can show survivability of that was once allowed and made by the person. The will has to get stronger so, that display force of the final decision and in reality and in a dream
669. (Guru). Service to Light and feat become inevitable when accumulation of the Bowl is rather great. They push spirit on this Service, and then Great Making becomes both available, and possible. Fiery energy of accumulation can't be already more constrained; so created itself the exploit all the heroes, the devotees, all Great Spirits; so Gave to people the accumulated treasures of spirit Carriers of Great Light; Light to the world Bore and with that Shined ways to mankind in the future.
670. (M. A. Y.). Where everything merges into the light, where all is one, do not disassemble, from where or from who goes lightfull thoughts. One is focus of existence. The focus of the hierarchy of light is lit with thousands of lights. And anyone looking to her spirit is always what particularly harmoniously with its consonanceessence. In the father's House are many mansions and everyone will find something for you? Here on Earth, all temporary and permanent. And there we come back every time after the completion of the cycle the next incarnation. Father's House is the notion of secret things. To increase it, you might think about it whenever I move away to sleep, since sleep is death is like. Having ears let hear.
671. (Guru). Let's unite Light and in Light. And therefore it is so important that the lightful essence of the person wasn't saddened by anything that from darkness. For this purpose Show the Sacred Patrol protecting a microcosm of the person from invasion into it of dark influences. Experiment shows, how usual terrestrial conditions facilitate approach dark and give the chance to them to influence the person. You know, what even they dared to come nearer to the Highest Spirits. It is impossible to wave away carelessly from attempts dark, it is possible and to get to their snare. It is better to keep sharp-sighted, vigilant vigilance always.
672. (Dec. 25). To rejoice to foreign pleasure and others opportunities it is disinterested – already achievement. It is so possible to enter into a circle of many consciousnesses and subjects to be exempted from egoism eventually to start living interests of all mankind; only to go out from shell of own aura. If at least once to feel, what freedom it gives, will open this feeling a way to work for the public good, the work giving the highest pleasure and satisfaction to spirit. This pure, not personal, not egoistical pleasure lifts consciousness, as if on wings. How much coherence in personal interests is so much freedom in the super personal? To teach people to give, without connecting itself a bribe, will be big achievement. But at times the high spiritual donation is accompanied by unconscious thought of requital for it, about desire of recognition and appreciation, say, about any compensation for the benefits given to people. It is egoism weaves the web in which the spirit gets confused. The sun sends the beams and light to space, receiving nothing in exchange, and the main thing, demanding nothing for it. Be as the sun.
673. That the mankind already knows as a whole, and that it is necessary to learn still, is so great and is extensive that only the synthetic understanding will allow capture this huge area. Specialization any more won't do at all because the vsevmeshcheniya doesn't allow; from here denial of the undoubted results. That the person denies, ceases to exist for his consciousness because it is excluded from it. Denial basis is ignorance. A lot of harm all-planet is generated by it;We Suggest tknow simply without prejudiced unreasonable denials. A lot of courage is necessary for such approach because exaggerated authorities stand a barrier. Only think how many false theories and the same scientific representations were already rejected by mankind. The cemetery of this garbage is great. And also once people believed in indisputability of these scientific fabrications. After all only several centuries ago people not know that blood circulates in a human body. People didn't know much, just as not know and now in proud self-conceit of false science. But new opening already advance its run and really declare the space right to recognition them mankind. We stand in anticipation of great opening.
674. Herbal therapy is of deepest antiquity, but much is lost. Each grass and flower, every plant, berries and fruits have their hidden, occult properties, as well as every metal or chemical element of the scale. They are expressed in smell, colour, taste, sound, and vibration form of the plants, the key element or substance. A bouquet of flowers, or alloy sometimes has tremendous power, if drawn up harmoniously, and can have a powerful effect on the human body; vast this region, losing humanity of the knowledge. Much collected and stored by Us. To this we must add the colored lights and vibrations of thought, Prana and magneto of water of different composition. Powerful laboratory of the human body requires appropriate elements for their functioning, law-based matches. Medicine of the future will be a lot to know. Will help the body to determine the radiation imagery required substances. Scope of future knowledge is limitless. Each grass keeps for her gift. Horoscope indicates basic properties of the organism, on his relationship with flowers, and metals, and the spatial beams. Sound can also be successfully treated as color or odor. The vibrations of the human voice can produce beneficial results and even heal or disrupt the equilibrium of the human apparatus, causing illness. Soda, lithium and some other elements that are part of different medications, have special properties. Once the rings, bracelets and wore head wraps, using hidden properties of metals and their alloys. Even now attempts are being made to wear bracelets made of alloys of different metals for the treatment of rheumatism and even pressure. Could issue a lot, but people are misused. Accumulation of Oriental medicine is valuable. Medicine should be one, universal, unifying all of the accumulated by mankind.
675. (M. A. Y.). We hurry to impart knowledge because, there aren't enough the receivers, capable to perceive. Once situation will change and perceptions will pour down a wide stream via sensitive devices but while it isn't present. And everyone, even very distinguished, the organism is limited by the properties. You sharply feel how leaving from the terrestrial plan of the receiver next to the Lord and the transmitter of its vibrations is heavy reflected in you. Replacements aren't present. And who will replace your individual receiver? Who will continue records? So it is necessary to understand not repeatability value. It will be estimated in centuries. While it is necessary seek record everything that can apprehend consciousness.
676. (Guru). Sometime and somewhere, but still have to shake off the fruits of their Ripley aspirations. Confidence in that we will not lose, because cause and effect are linked straight thread. Conquering its edge is the fact that in its grain. The law is immutable. Finish with the words of your vigor for it shall be given you.
677. (Dec. 26). From sad contact with rough living conditions a consolation in the future. It is necessary to recognize the future as inevitability, but such in which details are created and under construction imagination and will of the person according to evolution requirements. Dark too build the future, but contrary to evolution and therefore their not light-future is sad also. In the future it is possible to direct consciously, planning steps of improvement of spirit. When the imagination created a desirable form, opportunities will be attracted magnitno to it. The current of karma is caused by magneto of last fulfillments. The magnet of karma is concluded in aura of the person. Radiations of aura create an environment of its carrier and cause relationship with this environment. The coward will be bitten by each dog, but even the furious wild animal won't dare to rush on Agni Yoga. The reasons of external trouble should be looked for inside. When they are eliminated, external trouble leaves. The karma of relatives usually should be divided, and then the reasons can disappear and in their auras. To be exempted from an undesirable karma, it is necessary to pay old debts. Each payment bears in itself release. To payment, even involuntary, the wise rejoices. The heavy karma is the strengthened and fast payment of former debt and serves as a release guarantee if in parallel with payment the new heavy karma isn't created. It is necessary to learn and pay and receive after all in balance full. Then scales of karma won't fluctuate too. Having paid for old, it is possible to move ahead quickly.
678. Consciousness of action multiplies force it many times over. Continuous understanding of the Face in the heart and its intended deduction repeatedly strengthens influence of its radiations. The lord with you always, but conscious representation, or registration, this statement includes the person directly in an orbit of his lightful aura. Speak: we love and will read, and remember as last year's snow. Such oblivion of the most necessary deprives of possibility of lightful influences. We Protect always, but also the protective increases on extent of its understanding. The constant memory, or continuous pretending, is powerful protection against darkness and its attendants. Only experiment will show, constancy and not interruptibility of such pretending are how difficult. One desire or aspiration it appears insufficiently. Such degree of love that it was impossible to stay also minutes in forgetfulness about Darling is necessary. For love this difficulty is surmountable. Without love the constant memory about the Teacher is impossible. It can be reached if to direct to it all consciousness, all desire, all thought and all love.
679. Formula "I in you, you in Me" – cosmic. She is over all terrestrial and all communications terrestrial. It points to communication of spirit with the Space Father, and the understanding means it understanding of stay of spirit in a space Beam of the Hierarch. She demands penetration into depths of the spirit which hasn’t been darkened by its temporary covers. As autumn leaves, disappear then from it all outgrowths and unnecessary stratifications. Covers are cleared of otemnenny particles which are replaced with Light elements. Heart realizes this great formula and is approved by terrestrial actions of spirit, - and then terrestrial affairs of the person become expression of understanding of this fiery truth. Introduced in consciousness, it changes all being of the person, and wings of spirit start growing. And transition of Great Borders isn't terrible knowing, where and to Whom it goes. The lightful Magnet of Great Heart involves heart ardently directed to It in an orbit of the attraction. Communication doesn't interrupt neither life, nor death, release from other thin covers.
680. (Guru). Communication with the Hierarchy can be strengthened and deepened constantly. Also there is nothing more joyful, than this process of rapprochement with Light Focus. Both there is no refusal, and there is no pushing away, but there is an attraction. Gate of Light is open for the directed spirit. To suit everyone tells: if the desire is strong if there is an aspiration, anything in the world won't detain aspiring and won't deprive of it possibility of receiving Light.
681. (M. A. Y.). Before an embodiment in a body terrestrial the spirit begins to see clearly for an instant that task for the sake of which it comes back to Earth. Having dumped a dense body, he endures the moment of understanding of that; this task is how successfully carried out by it again to return to it if it wasn't complete successfully. Anyway, but the next lesson has to be learned. When assimilation was made, the spirit assumes new tasks. Everyone has the mission on Earth which it unconsciously has to execute. Conscious performance falls usually to lot of spirits very High. The others know about it in depths of the spirit. Tasks not carrying out often bear in expression of eyes as if the press of any hopelessness. It is a lot of the people broken by life, didn't succeed in the solution of that task for the sake of which they came to Earth.
682. (Guru). On the example of loving Mother you see how it is possible to love. To love sacrificially and selflessly, perfectly knowing and merits and demerits of the child as it is possible, loving to be nevertheless strict and severe in his education. Severity and severity in relation to the child isn't condemnation, but there is a judgment of the truth and knowledge of its shortcomings which should be eradicated. The love covers severity and severity with justice and successfully moves development of the small person. As concerning congenial people the love to them grants the right and to judgment of the truth, both to knowledge, and to understanding of their shortcomings, and to unification durability to them contrary to. To know faces of friends – doesn't mean at all them to condemn. But to show their face without condemnation will be already high step of spirit.
683. (M. A. Y.). I advise to pay attention to your energy on details of appliances and harmonizing it with the internal state of consciousness. It should be noted particularly that the situation that it is not important what is human, or reaches it, or trying to break into his inner world, as something that comes from and from the man himself. So, the waves outside influences themselves don't matter, but the critical reaction of the consciousness. In this sense, one must understand the significance of inbound and outbound events. And if all external, strong tries to influence the person doesn't have anything in it, and if it is external from the evil, it truly can be called the spirit of a winner. Get the full depth of the formula: "here comes the ruler of this world and does not have anything in Me." The lights of the spirit are often terms of use. But if you don't give them a small fade away if the everyday life of ordinary their keep, and keep them becomes possible. In it value of harmony of consciousness in the conditions of small details of use. Great starts out small.
684. (Dec. 27). On the one hand, the desire of thin achievements and an aggravation of susceptibility are quite natural, with another – all achievements double-edgeds and constitute itself danger if the device of spirit is insufficiently cleared. Between these two antiprovisions it is necessary to find golden mean. The median way was specified long ago. Main – avoid all violent attempts over the organism, putting under control willfulness of covers. It is necessary to be able to understand thoughts and to divide their accessory – on personal and others'. If not to do it, it is possible to imagine, than it will turn back when waves of the most unrestrained and unpleasant thoughts from everywhere will start interfering in consciousness. Many phenomena can be caused artificially but how from them to be protected and stop if they start rushing into an inner world uncontrolledly? It is necessary to rely on wisdom of the Teacher who Conducts, and the main efforts to direct on clarification from any litter and mastering by thought. Pure and fine thinking is the best protection against various invasions. It is difficult to keep from a clouding under karma blows, but also it should be reached, in every way seeking to keep balance. Unbalanced auras of friends can work very disharmoniously. And here it is especially difficult to be preserved against burdening influences. Guest ion of the close standing is is very difficult. And if the proximity grants the right to being near, they compel to divide and bear that freight by which they are burdened. Burdened by karma the Teacher while it won't be settled doesn’t approach.
685. Old subject about sounding of vanity will be always actual because the present captures usually feelings and thoughts of the person. When this present takes place in mountains, in the woods, in a privacy from noise and turmoil of wordly affairs when instead of the gas-polluted environment, noise of city streets the woods rustle, falls sound and singing of birds is distributed, it is easy to person to plunge into this environment and to succeed spiritually. But, when the environment is filled with a gnash and noise of a modern civilization, it is almost impossible to come off its influence. On Earth it is necessary to live terrestrial, and in those conditions in which the karma lays down. And then influence of the present is almost irreversible. Great Spirits too were karmic under the influence of Wednesday, but internally Overcame its sounding by strength of mind and didn’t allow that it muffled sounding of the world of another. It is impossible to destroy influence of a terrestrial environment, but to balance this world and the world in consciousness that has to each person striving for Light. It is impossible to permit that the present too captured consciousness, it is necessary to leave a place both for the future, and for thoughts of the Highest Worlds, of reality fiery. It is good to think at times that inevitable transition to the Thin World exempts the person from everything that imperiously surrounds it on Earth. Beneficence of this release is undoubted. Undoubtedly and tha, the new elevated environment differs from terrestrial and puts everyone in absolutely other conditions. The present power reflection can be moderated. Wisdom consists and in carrying out longer line. It is possible to accelerate and subdue vanity sounding.
686. (M. A. Y.). No actions exempt from payment of karmic debts. It is necessary to remember well and not to complain about karma, and not to be indignant when it is necessary to repay old debt. Release comes immediately as soon as payment is made. Against karma is absolutely useless to fight. Were convinced more than once that all attempts to get rid of these or those undesirable external conditions again invincibly brought to them again, and desired simplification it was impossible, though many efforts were made that and a lot of energy is spent. The great patience and firmness are necessary, as well as wisdom that it is quiet and in balance to maintain karma current.
687. (Guru). At some attention and observation it is easy to notice how in life rather at life school, consistently and harmoniously move forward one problem for another and are resolved on the basis of acquired by it by experience. So there is a gradual expansion of consciousness and accumulation of the most valuable acquisitions. And whether it is possible to complain that it is necessary to pay for it. Who paid, more and receives. At this understanding envy to others achievements because if they are great absolutely dies away, is paid for them much, perhaps, more, than the envious person is able to pay. But others achievement because it will show understanding of how achievements of spirit get expensively and paid can be glad.
688. (M. A. Y.). Let's notice everything, and especially signs given. When the consciousness on the guard, can catch even the slightest signs, then it is possible to note as their quantity starts being multiplied. Mental energy loves that noticed its manifestations, – it starts growing. She demands recognition, she demands exercise and application. Even the sword rusts without the use. And therefore council: to keep the weapon of Light in a full order and readiness. It is given not to roll in a dust and neglect. The person as a being fiery has to strain and exercise the fiery essence. Not about occult exercises I speak, dangerous and harmful, but about natural use of mental energy by which are set in motion and muscles, and thought.
689. (Guru). About what tell you today? I will tell how the unattainable is reached. But after all not achievable today it is achievable tomorrow. The element of time has no crucial importance for spirit because the spirit is eternal. And that is conceived by spirit to reach in time, in Boundlessness becomes feasible quite because the spirit grows and strength of mind grows, and the seeds put in consciousness and shipped in the Bowl, will give the shoots when there will come an opportunity. In the infinite extent of time impracticable and unattainable there is nothing. Not on short life of one embodiment, but far anchors are thrown in the far future. This way reaches the unattainable. If you deeply think over the Doctrine of the Christ, you will see, on what huge distance anchors of its Doctrine were thrown in the future. "The herd is uniform and One Pastor" – this idea was so far from implementation in its days on Earth. And, however, despite all its unattainability, time when she will victoriously be approved on Earth will come.
690. (Dec. 28). The rhythm of Communication relieves of need to visit behind inspiration and to wait for favor from the sky. Wings of a rhythm bear further without the squeezed-out efforts. It is necessary to support only due degree of a lightfull of aura and not to dare to give in too easily to environment influences. Spatial currents in this regard aren't so dangerous because are replaced quickly enough, but dullness of inertness of "biped" thinking can extinguish even a strong flame if it is conscious to it not contraposition, preserving the fires. How many light fires were going out life! Carry by a heart flame through life is already a feat. Shaggy hands reach for it. Each lit heart makes a feat of execution of Light in the conditions of the dense world.
691. Laws of a matter need to be known because only within these laws, in their framework these or those manifestations of all degrees of a matter are possible. Contrary to these laws nothing can be created. All miracles are subordinated to them because illegal miracles don't happen. Unknown to people they call miracles. So,called phenomena is not miracles. And even a carpet plane – not a miracle, but a symbol of flights of a thin body. It is better to divide everything into the phenomena the acquaintances studied and having explanations, and into the phenomena that haven't yet received explanations, unfamiliar, not studied. Then everything will rise on the places. The teacher Shows to pupils of manifestation of some laws for acquaintance to them and the subsequent mastering by them. Phenomena are made by Agni's strength. But accumulation and its accumulation in the necessary quantity go very slowly and demand absolutely special living conditions and a mode. Fire possess, but in degree different. Fire uses all. All movements and actions of the person need mental energy. Laws of physics and chemistry study at schools under the leadership of teachers. Laws of energy of Agni without the Teacher can't be studied and comprehended. Separate attempts in this direction give remains of knowledge, but demand an unproductive waste of time. It is easy to present to it what would be mankind progress if each pupil instead of school and teachers would be compelled to approach to physics and chemistry studying anew itself. As and in the field of Intimate Knowledge Teachers and experience of long accumulation are necessary. Sincerely and strongly wishing can always approach. But the aspiration should be put it above all, is higher than all terrestrial affairs and desires. Now, when the Doctrine of Live Ethics is given to the world, these opportunities are open for all.
692. (M. A. Y.). Let's give to themselves the clear account, all from where was received that passed through My consciousness and imprinted on paper. The source is inexhaustible and uniform for all. However, perceptions are on Beams, on the Beam of the giving Hierarch, but the Source from which they Scoop also, the same, from Uniform Focus of Hierarchy of Light. "The center Real is uniform". It is necessary to be able to see this unity in all variety of that was given to mankind throughout long centuries of its existence. It is necessary to be able to reject all followed stratifications and comments. It is necessary to learn to distinguish pearls of the highest wisdom from garbage and ignorance of interpreters. It is necessary to clear Precepts.
693. (Guru). The solution of everything is at the Lord. With It uninterrupted communication keeps. The thread of life is stretched from above. The end it strong is held by a hand directed to Light. For anything surrounding it is impossible to grasp because all fluctuates and all comes to an end terrestrial for the person with death of his body. Only in the spirit of and only spirit it is possible to hold the Silver Thread stretched from heart to Heart of the Leading Hierarch.
694. (M. A. Y.). To go "line of the Beam" – means to go under all conditions which are even most difficult and impossible, means to go, despite everything, means not to stop this movement under no circumstances. It is possible to slip even on an orange-peel. From litter the most ringing pipe" can "decay and the grain of sand – to stop the huge car, and not grains of sand, but already whole mountains and huge obstacles are piled up on a way of ascending spirit. And still it is necessary to go, and to go without stopping. And it is possible if to understand that the way – in the spirit of and that can stop nothing a spirit way, except him if it that the mirage of external ghosts won against fiery reality of a spiritual ascension allows.
695. (Guru). "In the Thin World of people depends on the aspiration" – it is acquired strongly. But it is possible to wonder: "And on what the aspiration, character and its essence depend? » Whichever there was an answer, one is undoubted – the aspiration attracts the person to these or those layers of space, both involve, and involve it in them. Means, on nature of aspiration it is necessary to pay special attention, knowing that it is caused, in turn, by though, and thought – desire. Therefore, all these composed aspirations demand control and check. It is useful to think thus that this or that layer of the Thin World in which the person is involved by power of the aspiration, is in full accordance with this last. Therefore on character and the nature of inclinations and desires, pulsing life in the consciousness, everyone can unmistakably define that sphere in which there will be it, having exempted from a body. Only inhibited desires which strong will raise the heads as soon as possible are especially dangerous not get rid, but. The chopped-off heads of a monster grow again and threaten the person. All not get rid inclinations not compatible to the reached step of spirit, have to be uprooted. Suppression something won't give desirable consequences, if it not gets rid.
696. (Dec. 29). It is surprising as reluctantly not begun to see clearly people pay for old debts! It would seem the simple reason about the Law of causality has to suggest an idea that without the reason happens nothing. This situation is easier accepted when it concerns others. But, when business concerns own personality, the understanding disappears. To easily other person, even to the friend to tell that it is his karma. But when it is necessary to hear about it in the address, ease of understanding is replaced with discontent and even indignation of cruelty of the speaking. It is good to learn to take a detached view in similar cases of itself as though as though it concerns someone another, it is very useful and instructive.
697. The past changes, but the future – in consciousness; on the past in the future not to direct. The imperfections of the present created for the sake of the future, don't detain advance, if their purpose – the future. If Earth, with all its imperfections, nevertheless rushes in space forward, it means that its flight in the future can't stop anything. And in time the planet too moves to the future, never coming back back. Movement is directed spiralno. Therefore nothing repeats. New spiral turn, lying over proceeding, it is similar to it, but not identical. Each new spring too is similar former, but isn't identical with it. Attempts to return the past are opposite to evolution. Both the South, and cycles, and Manvantara go to the future spiral, never repeating each other in the lifting on a life ladder, though come back, but always in new expression.
698. The weeds above, the more strongly and more deeply possibly falling. The fallen angel is to that an example. It means that each person possessing any quality bears in himself in potential both others its pole and possibility of its manifestation. Each quality of the person is bipolar. Process of a transmutation consists in causing opposite pole of desirable quality to the statement. Person, who doesn't have any qualities, can't cause anything to activity. Such individuals aren't suitable for evolution because are cold hot. Therefore such bad people as the robber and the loose woman are specified by examples of a possible transmutation of their negative qualities in positive. Savl's example is in this regard extraordinary bright. The transmutation of qualities is possible if is what to alter. Only under a lying stone of mental inertness life water of life doesn't flow. Shortcomings of character you shouldn't be confused because each of them can be remade in the opposite. It is interesting to note that at approach to the Teacher in the pupil all his dozing negative qualities that he could distinguish them and трансмутировать in the positive brightly flash. Force of negative qualities serves as though as a guarantee of opportunity to remake them in positive if, of course, the aspiration to Light is rather dynamic. Two-polar and each phenomenon in the world, people claim either one, or other its pole. How many fine ideas and establishments are given now to people, and it is possible to see how the best undertakings and an opposite pole are perverted takes up a place of the positive. The thought grows in time and amplifies both negative, and positive. Crops of thoughts will give shoots. Using it, it is possible to seed in the consciousness of grain of any desirable quality or abilities. Therefore it is possible to tell that any ability is achievable if the due effort is made that. Both clairvoyance and a claurluhear too are achievable and will be reached if in time the aspiration to them doesn't go out. In time everything is achievable because the spirit is eternal. For simplification I Will tell that at contact of clean heart with the Teacher it is possible to solve a lot of things. Dare!
699. (M. And. Y.). Wise rejoices when it is given opportunity to pay off with old debts, silly rejoices to each receiving and wants to receive even more forgetting that for nothing is given anything, as much as possible. So people on grabbers and wanting to give, understanding share that is more given, and it is more and receiving.
700. (Guru). The highest donation is in the spirit of. It is possible to be glad for those who can give. But to give, it is necessary to have. And to have, it is necessary to receive at first. Therefore, the first care of how receive spirit gifts, which could be distributed to people. Everything it is easier to bring together them if not for itself gather, but for what will come behind receiving and have to come inevitably because laws of a magnetic attraction of spirit out of understanding human, and received has to distribute.
701. We Will call with Us to work best of the best. Now it is easier to bring together them, than earlier. Prepared for all to clothes, that was in what to meet. Waiting, the benefit to you! We Attach special significance to each sincere desire to cooperate with Us. Are noted all. The pleasure will take up a grief place after calculation for the old. Whether the payment for old isn't too great? When eyes will open, it will be possible to know precisely and to be convinced of the Law faultlessness. It is easier to maintain the sufferings, than to see sufferings of others. Therefore Great Spirits Assume foreign sufferings. Moves love.
702. (Dec. 30). And as and now as was once: who sent mine who my relatives who accepts my pupils, accepts Me but who rejects and against goes, that, that at all without understanding and without realizing, Me rejects also itself betrays to darkness. Reject My is made also by other ways, and first of all a transit a track of the evil, hatred, a misanhropy, violence and blood. Angry the place in the New World won't be, - their place not here, not on Earth. Here to their kingdom there will goes the end. And everyone going against Me and My entrusted let in heart knows the that itself condemns and cuts itself from Me. The dramatic nature of the last great division isn't realized yet by people, but some already feel. Rapidly feel keenly it’s and principal mass of people. There come the last great terms!
703. (M. A. Y.). Before great events people become especially deaf and blind. As if the darkness surrounds and doesn't allow light of understanding to concern consciousness. So was earlier. Difference that now the choice becomes final. Freedom of choice of people I had always. Has it and now. Two poles the energy powerfully influences people, and the choice the last consists in to what to direct. Not just like that people arrive, choosing a good or evil way, but under the influence of poles and according to the accord with a force of their attraction. From here: and inevitability the choice, and the resolution itself of the fate for all future time.
704. (Guru). In addition, directed to Called spirits have a special assignment; it is frequent them not realized, namely – to serve as a litmus piece of paper for definition and identification of essence of people surrounding them. Thus everyone revealed the essence determines by it the place in relation to Light Focus. Each of the spirits directed to the Lord bears in himself as though a sword dividing which force corresponds to a spirit step. Big and small attendants of Light, though in degree different, but everything possess ability of identification of the hidden essence of the person.
705. The pleasure let will arrive with love. We Will divide all people into accepting and rejecting Maitreya. For the accepted – the World New, for rejected – Saturn. The new World will transform Earth. Terms approach closely. Process will be prompt. Not answering no will be, - lagerate of a veil from top to a bottom, and office of sheep from the goats. Court terrible, but the judge is everyone. Everyone will condemn itself acceptance, or Light reject. Great Division already happens in depths of consciousness of sets. And you look at everyone – accepted, or rejected. The middle won't be. Strongly of the attraction a little poles darkness, or Light. Spirit lightning as the sword dissecting; will powerfully separate Light of sons from itself condemned in darkness. Not the world was Brought by Me to Earth, but a sword, I, the Pastor of Uniform Herd.
706. (Dec. 31.). The gait of time takes its course, without reckoning with codes human. It is impossible neither detain any instant and nor to continue. Everything is doomed to consigning to the past. But, when We Throw distant anchors, the bridge through time is thrown as though and the future becomes before consciousness out of swift-flowing time. The future faces Us, becoming as though past and at the same time keeping stability and without plunging into the irretrievable. As the beam of a beacon conducts the ships among a storm and darkness though the beacon remains on a place, and the future conducts mankind forward, without being absorbed by a past. The great Plan of Evolution of mankind Is defined by us on such huge future that the swift-flowing transient of commonness doesn't threaten it with destruction. How many millions years still will leak before the seventh race will finish the terrestrial cycle. But race the seventh it is still far not the end, it there is the following circle, and again seven races, and them again a new circle. The end isn't present. The great Plan is drawn up by the future which has no end. And your planet with all its circles – only a temporary step in an infinite chain of the worlds in Boundlessness real.
707. (M. A. Y.). Go watch, beating out second, and time flies, but the spirit lives forever, beyond time, beyond the tpansient dense and subtle phenomena. The continued among transient — so is the essence of eternity of the spirit. She is not from Earth, but the Earth before-show spirit among its fleeting and ever-changing conditions to collect and accumulate elements continued for his conscious existence in the infinity, which gets carried and where there is everything. The eternal spirit is accumulating items in a temporary, earthly immortality; in that meaning and significance all, what no eternally. Silent Witness within, before which leaks out and going back over so many thousands of years and will be fixed all the time, but not from the eternal. It is the secret of immortality of the spirit.
708. (Guru). The great value of art is that it can through the power of the creative power of the mind to create remarkable works in the century, while the earthly body creator died long ago and has turned to dust. Over a temporary mode and cross-country flesh is clearly and visibly no transient and duration of work of human hands. In this timeless essence of art enclosed property of creative sparks or flame of the spirit, which is out of time and death. The art can be seen as a desire to invest their eternal spirit being, not transient, temporary forms for centuries, and filled them up towards the limit of dense features elements of the imperishable; in that special of merit of the art before humanity. People contemplating great works of art, cannot but think that many of these gems already existed when looking at them had not yet been born on Earth, and will continue to exist when their will be gone. How would the shining thread through these ceaseless lie the great works through temporary and quickly flashing a short routine of life. Someone once said that art is immortal and expressed in these brief words his deepest timeless essence.
The end records 1969.*