Agni Yoga's facets, 1970

*1970. 001. (Mother World). To children of Earth I Send in Beams of Energy of the New Era. They should be accepted, realized, assimilated of heart and then already to approve them on Earth. Let's track as there is this statement in masses. New Beams of the woman of heart concerned, and she woke up, and nowadays on a face of Earth this awakening, and the New Country ahead amplifies. New Beams of heart concerned – and art prospers. New beams of a brain concerned – and the stiffened heaps of the centuries, held down spirit freedom fall. So My Beams awaken the world, both people, and life the force. People persist and fight against them, but unless the person against Space Forces can resist. Life will change, despite everything, and the New World will win against the world old, because My Beams over Earth. It is better to adjust consciousness in the coordinated acceptability towards to Beams and to become that on the party of the New World. The New Sky and New Earth are promised people, and they will be given them, and force of powerful Beams of the Star my distant will change life. It already changes obviously, and only doesn't see blind where spirit evolution is directed. Will Sky it is traced in stars, but it is carried out on Earth. And to children of Earth not in power break it or stop process of its implementation. But it is better meet it in the spirit accord, because, what should be, inevitably will enter into life. Forces of evolution are collected in energy powerful and directed to of Earth. They should be accepted good will, differently will break and displace them contradictory. The surf of waves of the Space Ocean is powerful, and it is possible to direct with a wave and even on its crest, but a grief going against – will sweep away and away from Earth will carry away in space chasms where the space litter jumps out. But those who will go with evolution together, are fated a victory over old life terrestrial. The beauty will be approved on a planet Earth.
002. In the spirit of a victory over complexity of life. They (these difficulties) can be not touched because curve not to make direct, but, having dumped the power them over spirit and having become over them, that is in the spirit of them having won, it is possible to win against them and outside. Difficulties of life are won themselves, life is won itself, and the world is won too itself. I Won against the world, without touching the world and without fighting against it outside but only inside overcoming the external. In them, in the spirit of, against it we win and that we win against the world outside, which around. And, without having raised a hand in protection of, the Savior Won against the world. In itself all is overcome, inside, before overcoming it outside. In the spirit of the victory is hidden. In the spirit of beautifully meet a wave.
003. We Look out into the future, because in the past, nothing more can be changed, but in the future. The creative power of the human imagination can create a chain of new causes of old-how would the transition to the new track, or a new path in life. Habit makes a person instinctively keeps rolling on rut, following a chain of causation. But the future is remarkable because it is the consciousness can create new forms of life, for the future of plastic in the hands of a man, - because, we call in the future. We cut down the picture of the evolution of life and mankind can only strive for in the future, understanding the wonderful opportunities that are given to him. It is possible in the future. Evolution is gaining these features of the future, in which you can work outside the limits of the present. Consciousness is in harmony with the higher stages of evolution laid down the Hierarchy of Light in space, and climbing on them becomes available each striving to light the spirit. The main difficulty was to break away from the customary to the past and break down the walls of misunderstanding the next tasks evolution. The shining future is standing before mankind like tomorrow. You must register your heart to come into contact with it. Each new day is a stage, and this is the future. And no one and nothing can arrest a person if he will direct the Fiery. Because we say: endeavor, leaving behind the cargo without mercy past heaps. You cannot log in to the future, being bound hand and foot by the imperfections of the past. "In the past, all burned to a fiery Yoga." But Yoga is a way of life; yoga is the "narrow path that leads to life." And pass into the shining future of humanity is possible only by it.
004. This day will start breaking those barriers are haters of light to block his way. Clearly and heavily channeled the energy of destruction on anyone who wants to make to the world the light of the future Lords of light lit. The fight is not easy for those who go Our way. Don’t be a fool, believing that the way this is easy. Everything rises on of bearing Light. They persecuted and harassed Us, drive and you will be, and it is for that smell on you Rays Hierarch. And does it really matter what form this stubborn opposition to Hierarchy comes to Light, for going against you go against someone who Called you go after him. In the days of the great division of mankind on the poles of light and dark shadow is particularly outspoken opposition.
005. (Jan. 2). The usefulness of the obstacles can be understood even wider and see that each spark of life embodied in matter, makes the way through it and is gaining greater and greater freedom of expression, developing features of the environment in which it is located. And plants, birds, fish, and animals are all in the process of long evolution not so much adapted to this environment, how many are overcoming their resistance and learn more or less it. Rights were a thinker who stressed the principle of overcoming. It is particularly evident in human life in General and in Our pupils – in particular. Each new step is overcoming the imperfections of steps leading up and mastering new skills or qualities of spirit, or fire which in those qualities and abilities is expressed. And all this is done with the obstinate resistance to environment and the conscious opposition on the part of the dark that leave no aspiring to complete victory of the spirit over darkness. And in this particular difficulty, since save aspiration is only possible with inflexible tenacity of spirit. And wait there. Their feet should be the way; no one will take him for a disciple. Just as food is to take, chew, swallow and assimilate the man himself, just as he must learn and experience life and rise in spirit to all of his Ascension that. Has to say about it all over again, because of environmental opposition and resistance is too strong and is growing all the time as the forces of the spirit. And the higher and stronger spirit, the more powerful opposition. Every student reaches the point where it starts to get resistance and take effect from the forces opposing him. And the harder obstacles, all the more powerful because it causes the lights fight from the depths of his spirit. And the victory becomes an obligation, because way back anymore. When passed this trait, the pupil becomes Our forever. And then there is nothing that could stop him.
006. (M. A. Y.). One of the obstacles impeding the path is clear. It obscures a reality of strongly and, like a dark cloud, closes the blond gave. Of enrages darkness especially increases in these moments, and Maya can temporarily get overwhelmed. But whatever happens around tight will keep the silver thread of spirit, because all of the temporally, but it is constant.
007. (Guru). To the winner of evidence dense intimate opportunities of spirit open.
008. (January. 3). When Bases are strongly put in consciousness, anything can't shake it any more: nor personal experiences, nor burdening’s by circumstances, nor condensation of currents, nor dark attacks. At a difficult moment it is possible to lean on Bases always. They won't change because are unchangeable and constant. In them the enduring is imprinted. Therefore Advise them Is given to repeat because when everything fluctuates, on them it is necessary to be approved even more strong. And when personal mirages or constructions and when Maya next illusion is scattered in ashes fall, Bases unshakably remain a spirit shelter. What surprises would be brought by life, know firmly that "and it will pass", will pass everything, and it is necessary to go to the World Elevated, fine, having left evidence dense, but carrying away Bases with itself. And there, among a transient of thin conditions, they will give a support and will help keep unshakable balance. Forges of basis in that, what ascends to the Fiery World and are based upon the enduring. When Spoke about the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life, I had them in a look. The more often to them to come back, the stronger the consciousness is approved on them. Babylon, Rome, Byzantiya fell, but Bases from it didn't hesitate for a time. The personality shown in this or that body will die and will cease to exist, but Bases from it won't undergo any changes. Everything will change, and the New World will be included victoriously into mankind life, but Bases remain still unshakable and unchangeable. It is possible to be approved only on them.
009. (M. A. Y.). Re-read the entry is very useful, because it helps you remember what was forgotten or that had not been made in life. You cannot learn everything that is given, because it takes time to assimilate. If you trace the life of the average person, it is easy to see that for all his earthly life it changes relatively little and that their characteristic features, strong in him, he takes away from grown-ourselves and go on. And even thinking that they have transformed themselves, often remain almost the same as the incarnation. And only fiery staring perfume successfully exempted from many of its flaws and imperfections. Need an irresistible impulse, which moves forward with such rapidity that the heavy, dense and no get rid previously does not stand up to traffic speed and begins to fall away. The Teacher says; strive for power aspirations are overcome everything.
010. (Guru). To defeat obviousness, it is necessary to clearly understand and imagine that it is it yourselves. In some cases, it is very easy, for example, where the sky meets the Earth on the horizon, the knowledge or the experience to help. But it is sometimes difficult to unbelievable. The first property is its obvious ambivalence. The satisfaction of something today is next day grief. But of contrasts there is no escape. It's not about them, and how they relate, where only the pole phenomenon turns its face to consciousness. Wisdom is able to perceive at this point and the second, opposite, pole, and seeing them both and knowing that for one, be sure to call the second one allows it, established in the neutral-point balancing the two, keep the right balance, and not deceive ourselves, and not come to the naive enthusiasm. So Yogi never rejoices too and doesn't come to the delight of the fortunate circumstances. He keeps a balance and in sorrow and joy and is like a tree, the same summer and winter. The illusion of obviousness, it cannot deceive. He does not give in to the moment, knowing the rapid nature of such phenomena. So, bipolar vision, or understanding of life, allows him take off the mask of many phenomena deceptive obviousness.
011. (January. 4). "Undergone it will be up to the end rescued" – only this formula it is possible to pass through all tests of life. Thus the patience it has to be active and active. Sitting idly doesn't give desirable consequences. It is easy listen to the Instruction: "Go through everything" but as it is difficult execute it! Every year tests will be more difficult. Obstacles will be piled up as the mountain. And will seem, that the exit not. But nevertheless it is necessary go, both only forward and only with the Teacher, without breaking off saving communication.
012. (Guru). The main thing is not to change a progress rhythm. If to put it in dependence on temporary and constantly changing external conditions, it will mean destruction of a basis of advance. Constancy of aspiration and spirit ascension can't be based on inconstancy of the passing phenomena. Spirit kingdom which other-worldly and which is the spirit homeland, is free from influences of those spheres where crying and a gnash tooth.

013. (January. 6). It is easy to break contact, difficultly to restore. The harmonious condition of mind and body is necessary. The harp of spirit needs a mood. Modern life is deprived of harmony. The main enemy is vanity. Work doesn't disturb if vanity isn't brought in it; lack of rhythm harms. The rhythm in work keeps energy of the worker and very much strengthens efficiency of work. The conveyor system is good and doesn't wear out an organism only on condition of rhythm observance. Speed of work only then doesn't work is destructive on nervous system when it is caused by a rhythm. Fast, but arrhythmic work tires extraordinary. On modern hydro - and power plants huge electro turbines work with such speed that seem motionless. The slightest violation of a rhythm of movement will instantly put out of action. As violation of a rhythm and is harmfully reflected in the difficult equipment of a human body. The rhythm question in work is important extraordinary. Speed of work can be increased only according to its rhythm. Otherwise results will be negative. Nervous movements of the person are arrhythmic. Fussiness is arrhythmic; harmony has to dominate in life of people. And fussy life of the cities became disharmonious. Therefore there is so much disbalance people and so many diseases. It is necessary to pay attention to harm of arrhythmia of work. People very much suffer owing to this reason. Once harmony and a rhythm come in of mankind life as of the obligatory conditions of anyone prosper. The rhythm is a basis of Space life, and it has to be consciously approved in human life if people want to follow evolution laws.
014. (M. A. Y.). Arrhythmic in music is destructive and corrupting effect on the mind. That kind of music one must immediately retire, because it is not allowed to decompose human organisms. Unfortunately, this disaster has not yet understood by people. Unfortunately, on the radio, television and pop concerts at such music allowed and encouraged irresponsible lover’s disharmony and disintegration. It's time to stop this lawlessness. It's time to understand its harmfulness. It's time to protect children and youth from this poison.
015. (Guru). Musicians, artists, poets and all true artists understand the value of harmony and rhythm. The harmonious combination of colors gives a cloth beauty and value. Beauty is based on of harmony; without harmony no of beauty. Art, of beauty and of harmony are the highest values of the human spirit. When talking about beauty, separate from it neither harmony nor the rhythm, because Beauty is revealed through them. Will be a time when Beauty will enter into all areas of life. Clean, bright, beautiful and harmonically built in all details become factories, towns and villages. The time will come and the beauty will conquer the world, because it would be harmony and rhythm.
016. (Jan. 7). Keep the harmonic State of mind hard to unusually because surrounding disharmony very strongly affects him. Silence can still be found in nature, but even its balance heavily disturbed man. You can find quietness inside the Citadel of the spirit. This requires complete introspection. The sound of silence is rich in great contents and its effects on the organism positively. Good everyday at least for a few minutes to dive into the world of this salvific silence. It's not a dream; it's not a concentration on any thought, or feeling or sense. This is just a pause of everyone’s thoughts and feelings and the entrance to the realm of sounding silence. Silence is not the absence of sound the perceptions, but only this perception has other dimensions, the normal ear is not captured. We must learn to listen to the quietness.
017. (M. A.Y.). In the mind of Swedenborg's world is this and that’s not segregated. The judgment of the future will be marked by connecting worlds. Worlds Connect in the mind of man. Externally in the world, nothing will change, because in fact the worlds were not separated. Their separation has taken place only in the mind of man, and therefore it does and will come to bring them together. Too many things were tight, while in reality they are subtle. The thin world is full of objects, terrestrial, that have the form, color and smell, all the properties of the items, except for their density, hardness, and weight and so on. By exterior form and color which can log is no different from the same plank in the subtle world, but you can easily pick up subtle thought because thought can easily influence the subjects of fine world. Using this property, there easily create thoughts and create the desired combination of forms. Possibility of thin conditions is very wide, but requires the removal from of ordinary earthly measures.
018. (Guru). Burned picture continues to exist in the subtle world. The ideas in the book are not destroyed, burnt over the death of the latter. The destroyed city on earth continued to exist in other dimensions. So are measures of the Earth and measures above ground. The destruction of the subject matter does not mean destruction of his fine form, but the form of the subject fine destruction always causes and to the destruction of its dense form. Dense objects feel vibrations of thought and react to them. With objects, not to mention flowers or plants, you can chat, filling them with good aura. These exposures they retain for long time, carrying with him a blessing or a curse.
019. (Jan. 8). The phenomenon of an Order (from a Teacher) says about the tense of the moment. Order is carry out strictly. It is necessary to like understanding of the hidden value of the events. One must rely on the Guidance of the facilitator. This time limit cannot be accompanied by signs. Unusual times could not be conducted normally. We should all gather strength to remain on the crest of the wave. Not honor show blunt not misunderstanding the honour to bow in or succumb to weakness, limp doesn't honor when you have to be persistent and undaunted Warrior, turn into greyish, the blind man in the street, behind the stove, not hiding the honour to meet the Fiery waves in grey robes generalities. Maybe there comes a time when you need to collect all the consciousness to survive it to swirl.
020. (M. A. Y.). Each sign given resourcefully pick up and note. Conditions don't allow sow them over need. Repeat no is. It is necessary to put all vigilance and force to collect. Let whirlwinds be carried by, you know and the main thing don't deviate. The hurricane shown let only will strengthen power of your spirit. It is possible to resist only in spirit towers. Planetary events force will allow resist up to the end because the understanding of the events is opened. On intensity of identification of darkness you can judge power of the future Light. Light is ahead.
021. (Guru). The Alarm sounds! Alarm for of the keen ear. Deaf won't hear it. And stupidly be repeat narrower not necessary anybody of the words. And of the judgment time rapidly comes. As be ready to it owe all feeling Great Approach. Let everyone will wonder: whether I am ready? In the past everything is burned, there is only Light of the Future.
022. (January. 9). The treasure of the Stone is increased in circumstances of the most difficult or constrained. The prosperity is inseparable from works. The more works, the there is more than fire. Wise welcomes difficulties of life because knows that without them it is impossible grow. Or in understanding accept difficulties and of the works or refuse advance. There is no middle. Inexperience and ignorance want to succeed among silence and rest, without being alarmed anything. Expectations are vain! The silence and rest are admissible only for accumulation of the spent energy. But as many strive for rest, without understanding that it causes stagnation and a go out of fires. In the Stronghold don't know rest.
023. (M. A. Y.). Unless it is possible imagine the Arhat in inaction? Even, when His body not movably, act of the spirit and, even more tensely, than in a body. It is necessary to leave dreams of rest. Water under a stone lying doesn't flow. Even rest in Devachan isn't rest, but assimilation of the best terrestrial stays. The nature doesn't know rest. Space doesn't know it. Life is continuous movement.
024. (Guru). Our life flowed in the writings of the tireless. Thanks to them, it was that people leave behind a legacy; room not knows. And difficulties and trials have not been circumvented. The bread of life is mined in the sweat.
025. (Guru). Carefully, carefully and attentively select all signs. They will serve as marks, as milestones of a way to promptly coming nearer the judgment future. It is impossible to miss anything from the given. Time the special, demanding tension of all strength of spirit. And signs are given at the right time. Check by time is the most reliable.
026. (M. A. Y.). Mental energy, as well as any energy, demands the skillful address. For use of energy of water dams are under construction. At first water should be collected, and then to use its force. At first mental energy should be saved up, and then to apply in operation. Mental energy, or Agni, collects slowly. There is a lot of ways. Balance keeping will be one of the main nevertheless. Quality of balance is many-sided: both the tranquility, and restraint, both reticence, and fearlessness, and many other properties are included into it. Only disbalance, either dissoluteness, or fear, either fussiness, or irritation to it are unknown. So, if Agni we want to save up, we will be persistent in the statement and deduction of the corresponding qualities.
027. (Guru). As the most valuable property of the traveler of the Way boundless we will consider a steady when the Way doesn't interrupt anything: neither pleasure, nor grief, neither illness, nor good luck, neither praise, nor abuse, neither rage of cruel hearts, nor attacks of the dark. When nothing is already able to block the Way and to stop advance, then it is possible to tell that the goal will be reached, it is as though far was.
028. (Dec. 12). Deadlines specify as well that it will be time of final and violent tension of darkness. Impact the last will be very strong. It will be very difficult to stand him. Heavy time for all and for the knowing is especially. It isn't necessary to wait for simplification because aggravations in all types are inevitable. Many won't sustain physically. Much is of premature deaths. Cancer diseases and tuberculosis will increase. Exasperation and misanthropy will reach a limit. It will be very dark. Even the best undertakings dark will try to turn into the evil. And even the knowledge of the future won't facilitate burden of the current time.
029. (M. A. Y.). I remind again words of the Lord: "And your grief will be in pleasure". Other pole of the phenomena we won't avert. Before the end of a dark eyelid on its tension it is possible to judge a coming Eyelid of Fire and Light. Light is ahead. These thoughts also we will take place in the future. Light of the future is great.
030. (Guru). That's right: only the inner sanctums of the decision. It has already been held. But you have to be as subtle forms of finished already enter into the future of education. A future that will already have, already exists, but in the world of other dimensions. And when the time comes, it will be victorious on Earth.
031. (Jan. 13). Among vanity and life turmoil, among various experiences and impressions it is so easy and so simple to lose accumulation of spirit or it is simple to forget about them. Among people there are a lot of forgotten about spirit. Everything concentrates round the temporary personality, and further her interests, conveniences and content the thought doesn't go. Therefore destruction of the phenomenal world is so dramatic for the person leaving the world terrestrial. Even knowledge particles in life of spirit are of great value because give a material for consciousness life in the spirit world. Both thoughts, and conversations, both books, and acts of a spiritual order give to the person such materials. Poets perfectly understand that means to lead life of spirit and to create thought over the ordinary. Thoughts of the fine are from of the spirit. That, who learned lead of the spirit life on of Earth that in World Aboveground will see, that opportunities in this direction become even wider, more wonderful and richer than it.

032. (M. A. Y.). And it is necessary to share the wealth with those who has no but who wants it. Let no reasons stop giving hand. Not all can give because have nothing or have, but not the, and taken from others. But having and receiving generously from the Teacher of treasure of spirit it is obliged by them to share.
033. (Guru). Yes! That's right, a man so quick and so easy to forget about the heavy, as soon as the next wave of troubled worldly sea rushes to him. Good to learn these waves meet, hard to hold out on what is more important and more just, and without which nothing will live in no the dense world. For this purpose it is necessary to Master the mind and to His favorite was a bright Image not to obscure any.
034. (Jan. 14). The finished and exhaustive provisions can't be given at least because synthetic ability of consciousness all the time grows, and each situation can be expanded and deepened incessantly. The above the spirit raises, the visibility and understanding horizon becomes wider. There is no this completeness and in the Doctrine of Live Ethics, there is no it in one Doctrine given earlier. This incompleteness penetrated each word of the Christ. It and is clear, because in movement all. Principal feature of knowledge in that, what it is possible expand and deepen constantly.
035. (M. A. Y). "Light bearing it isn't visible". But others see, and feel proceeding good fortune, and consciously and unconsciously last, burdening sometimes unreasonably. You don't know, how many you give, and only on response you can judge that was given out much moreover, than assumed. On appreciation degree sometimes it is possible to judge the donation size. I speak about it therefore that knew that you can already distribute with advantage the received treasures. Everyone, in whom there are Light sparks, will accept your gift. Only enemies of Light will answer with blow, closing these it the road to the future. Wisdom of distribution demands discretion and ability to be able to give on consciousness. Everyone coming behind Light should give it, but no more that, than it can contain. Imposing of the Doctrine is inadmissible.
036. (Guru). Christ was a carpenter who worked with Saint Sergius and many buildings were built. The body needs a physical work. Such work is needed to balance the aspirations and the activity of the spirit. Otherwise balance isn't set. Otherwise you can break away from Earth. The dreamers are the opposite of a groundless yoga. You can't leave, because the land along it to reach targets far away. Following the rule of "hand and foot" human from earth does not have successfully evaded and did not leave her street.
037. (Jan. 15). Independent of human existence from the surrounding world, there is not and cannot be. Food, drink and air, inhaled them, give the body what it needs to be for life. For seven years the body composition changes and is updated completely. Link to the world outside the tight body is inseparable. In the same situation, but with respect to the subtle World, already is and his thin body. Astral matter it is in constant exchange with the subtle world of matter. The same process happens with the mental body. Thoughts are going after each other all the time, and the flow of matter flows through mental mental sheath. Being a part of the world, man cannot tear myself away from it and exist separately. Astral emotions and thoughts of all humanity, joining in an ocean of space, are in contact with the consciousness of individuals, every human being capable consonant the thoughts and emotions of an order. All is one, and man cannot break away from him. Fantasies about independent existence are groundless. Everyone is responsible for all and all for one, and bear the burden of loss. The idea of a single stud or a United, harmonious, friendly, coherent family of common to all mankind, is feasible. And only then humanity will be able to continue its further existence.
038. (M. A. Y.). . To be able give to people Light – what it is amazing ability or property? It is good to ponder upon it more deeply and to understand this unusual feature of Carriers of Light. So it isn't enough of them in the world. All sank in twilight of the ordinary. Where they, capable give to spirit food? The pearl of consciousness should be appreciated.
039. (Jan. 16). We prefer a path of singularity. No cliché in our actions, thoughts and endeavors. The Teacher is new in every coming day. In the infinite diversity and variety of the Cosmos can be avoided, trample many feet. The basics are always the same, but the form of their expression is new and inimitable. The likeness of evolution spirals nature never repeats itself. Update, but does not repeat, the law of life. No two moments of the same. In time spiral as would be repeated spring, summer, autumn and winter, but this repetition seeming, for each upcoming spring again is not the same that was already a new carrier update and new features, new steps of development.
040. (Jan. 17). Strong of body needs. Even in the Thin World they give about it knows. But master them all necessary. Victory over the feeling of hunger is not in that, what him destroy, and in that, what over him firmly establish of rower. So, people, not eat two the days, feels himself and miserable, and weak, in then time as, this sense absent during the treatment of starvation. The entire affair in the state of consciousness and in the skill own of the feelings. Mastery of himself, which said the doctrine, there is one of high achievement. Keep practicing it constantly, since life itself makes this much opportunity. And this learning is of great importance and for the State, because after mortal frees the spirit from earthly remnants. Nothing is so hard does not bind the spirit one incarnation to the Earth, as it is these remnants. The entire earthly environment seeks to rule over man. No wonder the ascetics were removed in the deserts, forests and mountains. Not the earth itself, but the conditions of tight curves environment created by man, get in the way. From natural beauties shouldn't be exempt because their beauty does not associate, and releases. Carry away with them the images of Earth beauties is to enter into the thin world with good savings. Bind not of beauty, and the ugliness in of all forms and the aspect.
041. (Guru). The thin fabric of the lower duady, then there is a fourth and fifth principles of man, has a certain composition, depending on their personal preferences, habits, thoughts and feelings. The cleaner and more perfect man, the finer and not dense this matter; than erotic, lower and rougher, the denser and dared. The subtle body at all, but part of him is very different. By the nature of the composition of each body meets and implies to kindred on the composition of the segments of the space and they dwell. Task student - pad and thin its subtle body and create a natural and has already attracted to Higher Layers deserves Aboveground World. You can almost imagine accurately, knowing the character and tendency of the person, to which of sphere areas it will be drawn. However, the attraction to the lower fields are usually accompanied by antagonism against this attraction on the part of all the best that there is in man, and if it's hard enough, the best overcome. People need to know the inevitable and often compelling effect of your thoughts, feelings and actions, because they all either refine and purify or coarsen their delicate body.
042. (M. A. Y.). When it closes the circle of hopelessness, it thought the dense destroy it and realize that all that temporarily flowing like a stream through human consciousness that hopelessness, this is nothing but another illusion of Maya trying to obscure his haunted Star Trek spirit into infinity. Just before Infinity (face of Infinity) become null and void and without any temporary values and such short, compared with her experience of man, all of his difficulties and trials. Even comparing the length of stay in this world and that it is easy to see just how short life is. But the veil of Maya jumped hard to look reality in the eye. One must force understanding gather and say firmly with the resolve with: Maya, recede. "
043. (Guru). It cannot be denied that there are. There is no denying that experiencing the trials and suffering person if their burden he bears, but understand their significance can and should be. And this understanding will free the person from their power over it. Great Spirits have suffered heavily, coming to the planet, but understanding the meaning of this suffering has given them strength to endure it all to end. There is nothing more bitter senseless suffering, is not known for what endured. But when one grasps that each stroke of fate tempers armor spirit and gives new and valuable experience that cannot be acquired in any other way, then and the attitude to all this is changing radically, and then bravely, bravely and calmly you can find waves and endure everything.
044. (Jan. 19). When happy and wealthy man helps poor and the poor is one thing, but when it does heavy destiny that needs people – his great merit. And if energy sends its Arhat help, it does not mean that His own backyard, not in want. Only dedication is helping, not thinking about themselves and their suffering. But this degree of dedication is already a feat. Rejection of self is the first condition of following the Teacher of light. It is difficult to Study, if the man is full of himself and his personal feelings; rather, it is not given. So, dedication is the path to the light as soon as possible. But people prefer to bypass the track curves that do not result in a goal, but creating a mirage of promotion. How many self-deceive of travelers flung far too where they believed. Aspiration is well, when driven by of love, of devotion and of selflessness. After all you can and shoot into the abyss. A lot of dedicated people, but not in the way you want to, and not to the right place. Where are they all? Where they took away on a curved aspiration?
045. (M. A. Y.). Why do you think the life of a disciple is sometimes penal servitude for life? Apparently, there is a reason, and quite compelling. Indeed, some periods in the life of the disciple can be very serious. To this we must be prepared to pass them to always be victorious. Not easy to keep winning State of mind when tests are at the limit of the force and when it seems like there is no end to them. But keep you faithful to the Teacher of light and go through victoriously. Path the feat covers not of roses.
046. (Guru). Why do so many dinner favorites, and so little, so much aspirationyng and so little off points, only a little, rising. At first the path is easy and not darkened. Beginner all the time gets characters richly and lavishly. It burns with aspiration and inspiration; he gladly fills the consciousness of Teacher the gifts. But it is time, and the period test, and gradually changing all. You need not only take but also give. It is necessary not only learn but also teach. You must not only think about themselves and their ascent but also about others, and often with a disregard of, and interests of its Up Stage. But the obstacles are piled up like mountains. And dark surround and close the circle. And if faint the light , he can easily go out, but if strong, the inevitable struggle, victory in which only achieved inflexible resistance spirit. That's why it's so incredibly difficult path of time as a pupil.
047. (Jan. 20). If consciousness is unswervingly upheld the basics and if you learned that the proximity of My overall, you can calmly and confidently move on. You never know what thoughts might burden, and you never know what could happen around and that can interfere with strongly, adherence to these two conditions would not break the rhythm of communication. The trust must be the Leading Arm, because without trust promotion impossible.
048. (M. A. Y.). It is on the verge of despair and hopelessness (seeming) can be close to a brilliant victory, close as ever. Heavy obviousness and visibility may obscure new achievements and new opportunities. Not able to see Earth's complexity growth spiritual eye. Maya closes not only the future but the fiery glow of the joyful reality of the present. Maya, recede!
049. (Guru). The learner has to constantly overcome various weaknesses and deficiencies. And when in times of difficult tests, it does not allow them to once again seize them under whatever pretexts, it is to be congratulated on his victory. Dark frequently seek to bring a person to despair to awaken it to its inferior properties of nature get rid. To easily overcome themselves when bright lights are burning spirit, but the real victory is in all its conditions and terms, even the most bleak, the most aggravating and seemingly hopeless.
050. (M. A.Y.). Why is it necessary to wait for some special conditions, when you can help a friend, just sharing with him his light? One wishes sincerely help already provided some care. Good kindness to man always at it has a wholesome effect. And don't even need of words. Invisible, not the powerful, silent swap comes from between of people, coming in contact with each other.
051. (Jan. 22). The spiral the time is repeated all, obeying the law of rhythm. That same is winter, spring, summer and fall. That same year, repeating cycle for millions of years, but every spiral turn, is similar, but not identical to the previous and subsequent. This constant, constant repetition of the same, but always new and different from what has already been lays the secret of the similarity of the sibling opposites recurring phenomena. No two of blade are similar, and there are no two identical points in time, though it seems at times that are similar they are. Yes! Are similar, as are the fingers of the right and left hands, so similar and dissimilar to each other, both are morning and evening-up and light was fading away, both male and female are similar in that both are human. Will be born, live and die over millions of years, and no life is not repeated exactly. Each comes in its way, differing from one another always. Nature, always repeating them, does not repeat exactly anything. Unity in plurality, repetition in not natural, life with the constant death, i.e. changing forms, so manifesting the great law, expressing the properties of opposition of things unified.
052. (M. A. Y.). It is also not believed and Atlanta in the inevitability of future events, and even installed the death penalty for those, who point at the terrible signs of the time. History repeats and in this. Do not believe people and no want know, and no understand, that it already cannot go further than, that to the action caused by such energy, which, in the present state of consciousness, operate it is impossible, as be rush themselves the people at the destruction. But there is still time to come round, there's still time move at the side of the forces of creation. Choosing the latter will decide the fate of mankind.
053. (Guru). So much has been said about the end of the Kali Yuga and as many prophecies given, that it would not turn a blind eye at the reality, of the looming as the next day. The New Age of Fire should occur. Of course, she comes under of fire and the storm. And the cleaner will of fire. The Fiery waves go, increasing. They I of forges can accommodate only organisms already inclined to take Fire and can withstand it. People with the least of spark light-fire, will survive the onslaught of the fire element. But cannot bear those, in who not even a spark.
054. (Jan. 23). In the past century people lived in a totally of the different environment of life. Her tempo is other. The planet is changing rapidly from many sides of the human condition, which puts a new stamp on everything, that surrounds a person. Flow of life quickens it’s the run. Earlier, at dozens of years man was not worried that, what he undergoing today for the year. Means of communication is to become other. Radio, television, film, computer, aided manufacturing-all the leaves its distinctive mark on of life. Acceleration is by law the progression. And consciousness to follow him must be able. We talked about the transformation of the world, more precisely, about the transformation of consciousness. But this transformation will go both to the external environment for human transformation, as well as with the transformation of the planet. Mankind, embodying in it the highest principles of the planet, captivates and she in this difficult process of cosmic transformation of the world.
055. (M. A. Y.). Ask, why doesn’t the veil is more widely are slightly? First, because that, what in terms of city open slightly is very dangerous. Secondly, only completely purified consciousness can move it without the threat of contagion, or possession, as the layers of different and attunement is compliance. On the heights, which do not touch the poisonous breath of cities, there are open slightly veils and visions. But there many other details shall be provided. And the good thing is that the person is protected by a veil of contact with some events that might adversely affect his psyche. The already lower classes have become dangerously close to astral. The already massive content becomes the scourge of humanity. Times are hard, difficult time, a time that requires extraordinary action on the part of the Hierarchy of light.
056. (Guru). Protection and enforcement on the part of Teachers not yet remove the pupil from having your own watch. Useless shield, if it’s not holding tightly to his arm. Useless and weapons light, if not the skills to use it. And the armor does not protect the soldier from hitting the enemy if he takes the hand holding the sword. Accuracy of eye, hand and fearlessness hardness of heart need in addition to armament, otherwise it to anything.
057. (Jan. 24). For the Karma does not matter which lead to human suffering by understanding what it teaches. It is important that the goal was achieved. The suffering goes away – knowledge will remain. It's not cruelty, but usefulness. However, suffering is not easier, because have yet to suffer. If the lesson learned, suffering, learning this lesson, dies. When understood that their suffering is easier to endure. The law is universal: the plants nourish themselves of insects, birds and animals. And insects, birds and animals are fed and plants and one living form is another. But the Bearer of Light Lay of soul his "for the other your". The Highest of Them is - for peace. The law is of universal.
058. (M. A. Y.). To acquire the strength, independence and persistence some periods have passed one's life, as though without a Teacher, without the support and explicitly in loneliness.
059. (Guru). "Yes pass of Me the Cup this» is human nature takes its voice before the face of tests. But they are inevitable if the spirit wants ascend. Thus, have the Bowls is of the necessary condition the feat.
060. (Jan. 25). There are martyrs for the faith, martyrs of science, martyrs for the truth and, finally, martyrs for the Light. A new consciousness is born in of pain. Variety they, but they are inevitable, and at the suffering of the condemned all running along the path of light. The reasons to that is much. Home-this is, that of light hated the darkness and obvious and secret, the conscious and the unconscious the myrmidon her. They obsess bearers of light of all means, by all measures, all the dirty tricks and have all the evil people who are obedient to their suggestion. Poisonous breath of the old world can only be carriers of light and not poison their minds, because they have to live in this murderous atmosphere. Spirit, which moved above the level of generalities, cannot fail to feel the full burdens of imperfection of life, and, above all, the great Burden of this world, which as Light bringer has the spirit to take on. So the way of light becomes with thorns. So bleeds the thorny grown of bearer light.
061. (M. A. S.). They burned on the stake, tormented animals, killed in prison, and wearied you betray torments not less serious, in other ways and in some form, but the pain remains, and ardent pursuers – all the same, only their appearance changed. So repeats all over again on the new circulation in spiral time in forms look different, but, in essence, earlier. Not once have already suffered in the past from them haters, are suffering now for the name of Lord, for raising his arms with his torch of his name inevitably brings to you the wrath of darkness. But the end of the Kali Yuga means and ends the dark ages, and darkness, who reigned there. Be aware, that the last days of the reign of the dark are engaged to irrevocably decreed victory of light and new era Satia Yuga.
062. (Guru). It is difficult? Yes, really, and yet we should hold on and hold out to the end. All seasoned first successfully tests may be negated if the latter is not soaked. Because all the forces of the spirit one must strain to emerge victorious and of current tests. Be aware that endless tests.
063. (Jan. 26). Listen to the voice of the spirit. Accept the Decree be with Me always in of the spirit, moving away from himself, from his own personal “self”. Or Mine, or his! What fill of the consciousness? Salvation is in of the spirit. Going out and the decision must be sought not in the life of the individual small and temporary, but in no transient. But transient is only in of the spirit. In of the spirit looks solution, above of earthly life. Even the yesterday's day passes, but remains the spirit. Even of earthly life will be held, but remains of the spirit. Spirit tower over the world of earthly vanity stands firmly, as a rock over of the raging sea. Consciousness, is loaded into the tossing wave of the life sea is worldly splashes, but that'll be smashed on a rock of the spirit, if as she assert.
064. We often have seen the same situation from different perspectives and from different angles, what deepen and broaden it. It does not repeat, but of expanding concepts prior to its possible limits. But where those limits, if all there is in the infinity and all its parties for her? So, understanding can be deepened dramatically. When are wandering thought in life, given us the formula, a touch of infinity and chest inexhaustibility of thoughts. Sometimes a brief formula can have inexhaustible treasure thoughts, pulsing light to their ages and in time; and every the man, receiving with her accord, scoop from her. Ask: why do so many Give? Answer: you need to give it enough at all and that everyone found on its own. Do not Give for today and not tomorrow, but for the future, not a limited understanding of the moment.
065. (M. A. Y.). Even in the rhythm of everyday Contacts, you cannot log on after being shut out Me. But on My self-outcast need to contact took place. But how much different and constantly flitting circumstances prevent him and require permanent address, that is, the application of force. It is Said that «Kingdom of Gods of force takes". And be required of the great stubbornness, of persistence and of the constancy in this inflexible aspiration to of Light. Flashing lights aspirations, how many of them wasting away under the breath of the old world, corrupting whiff! And how difficult it is to carry the aspirations of ordinary life is fire! Great Service calls this feat to perform Light to Light not knowledgeable people.
066. (Guru). Every difficulty requires the work to overcome it. Labor, in turn, calls for ceasefire to be effective. The more work, the more fire. That's why the difficulties, obstacles and opposition welcomes student understanding, what is the secret of success. And, when this understanding attached them in of life without of the distress, of the complaint and of the discontent, Exult the Teacher of the ascent overcoming it of the spirit.
067. (Jan. 27). Not firmly of teaching in the hands not it in their lives. Each building requires harmonius of people. Harmonius depends on the harmony, at that it is adjusted the man. Each normally it is adjusted for a certain harmony. Not good the harmony of irritability or of the gloom. Much is not good the harmony’s. But any the harmony one may rebuild. A good technician should be able to configure itself in any way. It's time to have long to learn how to configure itself to your desired tone rather than allowing anything to configure it differently. Floating in his boat alone holds the steering wheel in their hands and transmits its prow as wants and where he wants.
068. Man or he owns himself, or the instinctively favors to the power of circumstances and people, and allows them to influence yourself. One can imagine what sad fate prepares himself a world not opposing astral where opposing him could only strong and vortexes hardened will. And how they can help others or defend others, if you cannot protect a weak will. The development will come with understanding. It is very important. Not all will develop useful, but only the will to welcome. Weak and limp beings are unfit for evolution. Naturally strong and persistent species survive. How many wonderful spirits dies for lack of firmness of will. Can I trust the teachings of unstable man, even if he is good? Even the robber can show more persistence, dedication and ambition than the weak-willed and weak pettiness or the same virtuous “good”. Measure judgment the Teacher in attitude of student guide other is, not similar at normal. Mapping out the disciples, you must apply the depth of understanding of the suitability and usefulness to human evolution.
069. (M. A. Y).The considerable will is necessary, so that resist in the Doctrine in modern of the living conditions. It borders already on a feat and heroism, because maintain an impact of counteracting forces it is necessary one and, as though, without the visible help and in an environment of misunderstanding and indifference to problems of evolution and the spirit questions. And only the consciousness of spatial value of execution of Light helps maintain this excessive burden and to move on the way. Value of a feat of execution of Light is great. Who can estimate it? All are so occupied by themselves and the affairs that to them not to of Light and not to questions of spirit; time and so don’t suffice to cope, with the huge mass of small everyday efforts and of cares. People are stout of small employment. The death it believes a limit. But what with itself take there, in the World Elevated those, who didn't take care of values and the accumulation of enduring treasures of spirit, integral even by death?
070. (Guru). Bring and we are stones the on creation of the Light Town. How construct I, if builders don't bring a material. Everyone can think of that, what bring and how many, and to be glad if a gift it isn't belittled. The gift every day is valuable. Everyone can wonder: "And what I will bring today? » So an everyday gift there are bulks and the Town of Light grows. In the ranks of builders of the New World force the duty up to the end allows to fulfill understanding of.
071. (Jan. 28). Every light worker is susceptible to attack by the dark. These attacks have aimed to curb his path and turn away from the Hierarchy of Light. The weak can and parted. But the spirit is strong with each attack or deepens the conditions just yet more densely adjoins to a teacher and becomes even stronger than it is thanks to them. And then attack darkness serves it to rendezvous with its Hierarch.
072. (M. A. Y.). Did we ever talk somebody, that the way easy? And now you can see for yourself how it is difficult. And the further you go, the harder it becomes. And because so little is reach. And because only inflexible resistance and can withstand wins through. Not on and leave no one, but some of the ways to pass yourself as one, without the support and assistance. How else unswervingly establish him in light as not having gone through everything?
073. (Guru). If terrestrial life has to be lived till the end and judgment karma to pass through all, whether it is better to pass that through all this adequately how it befits the hero of spirit? Not honor if who looks for oblivion in wine and drugs. Not honor if who curtails from a way of Light to darkness. The wreath of Light will top a forehead of the winner.
074. (Jan. 31). Under all conditions of people – the master of fate. And only sacrificial Service to people of Carriers of Light causes heavy consequences any more as result of any mistakes, but as a result of the victim. And then more victims, especially is bitter the Bowl of poison terrestrial and the more so the Burden of this world is heavy. There is no contradiction because this victim is voluntary and it is usually brought consciously. And not for the sake of own wellbeing or happiness there are for Great Service Great Spirits, causing on itself an impact of darkness and being the focus breaking its waves. When there will come Epochal Maitreya, situation will change because dark from a planet will leave and time of murders and a crucifixion of Carriers of Light will come to an end. But the end of Cali Yugi is especially fraught with terrible acts of darkness. After all it is darkness exercises the wit in researches of the best methods of massacre of people and improvement of the bacteriological and chemical weapon and poisoning of all live. All this consequence is awful, and the destiny of makers of the evil is awful. The end of Cali Yugi means the end them to existence, the end to a misanthropy and rage, the end to misfortunes, disasters and disbalance which shake the world. The new Era will be approved under the sign of cooperation of all and in everything.

075. (M. A.Y.). Be not surprised to features of the current time and that disbalance planets so heavy responds on an organism. Especially the most sensitive spirits suffer thus. The planet is very sick, people, more than ever are ill also. Strength of mind still somehow it is possible to fight against general decomposition, but it is necessary to feel as far as it is great.
076. (Guru). Only ponder: heads of state and government wage the most brutal wars, using the most lethal weapon and the most unlawful methods of destruction of people for the sake of a profit and profits of the monopolies and a robbery of other people.
077. (Feb. 1). Rescue is in of spirit towers. External in anything not find it. Not to be kept by usual measures any more. The impact of the elements discomposed, is very strong. But the spirit is indestructible if the consciousness concentrates on it, but not on something external. The old world is doomed as well as everything that clings to it and connects itself with it. Not in the past, but in the future the solution of the world. In an abyss the world old, blinded by madness aspires. It doesn't stop any more before anything. He counts on impunity. Supporters of the old world forgot about responsibility. The abyss between Light and darkness poles goes deep. Great Division will go up to the end, from edge and to edge.
078. (M. A. Y.). Don't try to reduce to itself the salutary power of Hierarchy of Light, but you seek to rise to It to enter into an orbit of its life given Beams. Below there is nothing to lean. Only having strongly approved on the Hierarchy Ladder, it is possible to keep under the pressure of darkness.
079. (Guru). Waves of chaos will wash away all barriers and will flood the consciousness’s which haven't adjoined strong to Hierarchy. It is necessary to keep inseparably, without coming off for an instant. Danger is great if it is necessary to speak about it so persistently. From the phenomenon of the Teacher don't distract. Final, difficult terms came.
080. (Guru). Trouble all that build on sand, on the personal assumptions, desires and calculations, but not on Bases, not on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life. And then come to despair when all personal constructions break up as houses of cards from collision with reality. Strongly, without being afraid of destruction, it is possible to build only on the enduring. All the rest will be dispelled downwind as dry autumn leaves.

081. (Feb. 3). The destiny doesn't spare the Light Bearer. All were torn to pieces, torture, and drive (away). The law of the victim is of the demanded atonement. Sufferings they Imprinted they of the knowledge given to people. Ways of the Highest Will are inscrutable. To give to ascending spirit all benefits terrestrial and all wellbeing – means to stop its ascension. Therefore doesn't spare of life of his chosen one. Therefore, of each Carrier Light or of the Spirit, which has been ardently directed to Light, Walk without of the distress? Don't envy of the felicity because their fate is sad.
082. (M. A.Y.). Pleasure of service to Light of Light Bearer in the heart his not belittled in spite of the fact that the burden of the Burden of this world is great. Both big and small Carriers Light Bearer the share, Bear, without grumbling, without becoming hardened, without complaining and without losing courage. Strength of mind is concentrated on giving to people that, they are able to give to them. Personal interests and conveniences are forgotten. Not about itself, but about the world, but about people care. Personal it is replaced super personal and universal. Big "I" take up a place of the small. So there is through life an Attendant of Light in Great Service to people.
083. (Guru). That is why there are a lot of invited and so few elite. Seeing wisdom and power of the Great Spirit, everyone wants to join It and answers Call. But the way is thorny and is long, and tests are heavy. After all it is necessary to go the track laid Called that is to some extent to pass that, through what It Passed. And here the terrestrial and Elevated enter race for power over consciousness, and the result of fight will define, whether becomes called by the winner or won.
084. (Feb. 4). Measures usual don't suit for judgment about the phenomena of a spiritual order. And where, apparently, the damage, ruin or failure, exactly there prepares a rich harvest of spirit. The worlds dense and Thin are incommensurable. And the anguish suffered on Earth, for the directed spirit turns in the fruitful stays which consequences to repay smb a hundredfold reward the person for everything that it underwent. So life is arranged that through sufferings and death of a form life gets the most valuable stratifications necessary for further development of those clothes this form. This center of the center of life is available both in the person, and in an animal, and in a plant, and even in atom. In the person it is concentrated in his Immortal Identity, at a plant – in the seed center. It can grow, develop and evolve infinitely. On a ladder of life all forms move ahead and evolve, submitting to the law of cycles and a rhythm. Life in Boundlessness real is immortal, and potentially the attribute of immortality each shown form possesses. Even the science recognized eternity of a matter and life, that is their immortality.
085. (M. A. Y.). How do you reconcile the consciousness of disciple the suffering through which he inevitably take place? Speech and thought the acuteness of feelings do not destroy. Surrounding does not bring relief. Spatial press is unbearable. Where are the search and relief and consolation? In a feat that despite everything, to seek to help people. This oblivion itself shall be concluded and the decision, and the only way out.
086. (Guru). Teachers from the judgment of ordinary judgment differ greatly. There is no heroism without self-renunciation. Carpet covered with dedication feat.
087. (M. A. Y.). On Earth distances, that is, proximity and distance, measured in kilometers, in the World Aboveground –aspiration and condition of the spirit. The idea that there's a whole movement, overcomes distance instantly. If a man has mastered the thought he is directing its flights if the idea holds man she moves his go where directed. In the world of Thin reins thought. This is why master thought necessary. There is a State of consciousness, but consciousness lives on the thought and creativity of spirit unfold before him. Radiant and light bearer is for pure heart.
088. (Guru). When the curtain opens slightly, suddenly close becomes and judgment future sounds on the key of immutability. But when closed the eyes of the soul and the shroud routine closes the horizon, all somewhere goes, goes away and the joy of feeling of what was next. Of States of consciousness so much depends on the ability to adjust it to the desired wave. The Teacher is with us always, but consonant so often suffers.
089. (Feb. 6). "I am with you always, but it is understood in the world. Merge – into the light. In the light of his will see My light. And I want to have a detrimental effect on light. All favors to get.
090. Each provision requires approval of the Teachings and her feet with his hand. If it is approved by someone other than the learner is not any good, because someone else's experience, someone else's knowledge and power are not his alien heritage. Everything is achieved through his own efforts and work. There are many who want to warm up in someone else's lights and even migrate over someone else's of prosper. The phenomenon is very sad that self-deception is stopped when of self-deceivers had to stand on their feet and be one. Loneliness is a very good test of their forces and their actual attainments. And many are insolvent.
091. (M. A. Y.). Where everything merges in one, usual distinctions or divisions of value have no. The tree of uniform knowledge can have many branches, but it has one trunk. Wise, beholding branches, never forgets about a trunk and isn't confused that they differ one from another. Many branches of a uniform tree serve it as ornament.
092. (Guru). In Light space where everything is uniform, divisions human disappear. It is difficult to imagine as billion contradictions of life suddenly disappear and are replaced with harmony and coherence as fight and spirits stops ascend, internally reconciled, in the Monastery of the Father. But we have certificates that it is valid so. And even on Earth High Spirits Tested that world, which is above anyone understanding. Than spheres of the shown life, subjects they disharmony are lower. Than above, that is coordinated. There are spheres of harmony of the highest. These are Light Spheres, there Light of the highest tension.
093. (Feb. 8). The identity of the person whom the lowest owns its "I", his egoism, makes the actions and of the affairs, which to the detriment not only it’s essence, but even and of physical body. Both drunkards, and the addicts, both smokers, and the disgrace is everything destroy itself the physical body. It is hard to bridle of egoism willfulness. People went to the woods and deserts, indulged in self-torture, exhausted itself with posts and a prayer and applied many other severe methods to restrain a body rather an astral. The egoism wants self-satisfaction, wealth, indulgence to all the desires. But the person is embodied to humor at all a body and an astral and to collect the necessary elements of experience and knowledge for the highest "I", for the Immortal Triad, for the Identity. And the egoism is for this the last the main enemy. Evolution guide not settle nor with interests of the personality, nor with her desires, if they disturb accumulation of the necessary experiences for the person highest "I"; therefore, did all fiery to Light direct Spirits so often pass on Earth through heavy sufferings. Their personality strong is sacrificed to interests of their Identity. Great Spirits Understood for the sake of what they should assume a heavy cross of life. The highest "I" live love to all real and, of course, love to people. This love demands service mankind and dark oblivion of, the personality and her interests. The personality goes to bat on a life cross for the sake of Immortal Identity of the person which prime target is service to people, and motive force – love to them. Wisdom of understanding of sense of Identity, its tasks and interests forces the person consciously, without complaints, exasperation and with pleasure meet difficulties, obstacles, chagrin, pains and sufferings, knowing that for the sake of merge with the highest "I" it is necessary overcome, bridle and subordinate the lowest "I" and to seize of. Unless Lords don’t know, through what sufferings Light Carriers should pass sometimes? Know and See. And if don’t hurry to stop these sufferings, so through them something is reached such big that it repay smb a hundredfold compensates new achievements everything that it is necessary to undergo. All crucified have a bad, murdered and torn to pieces Attendants Light Pass through life on Earth winners small "I", Passed for Love and Service to mankind. Certainly, the Highest Forces Could stop this process, but Great Service voluntary, and immortality and merge with the highest "I" are reached only by those who voluntary takes the cross and follows a way which was Specified by Me who Passed and has Learnt of all Way.
094. (M. A. Y.). Yes! The soul can "grieve fatally" in anticipation heavy of a cross, but the spirit courageously accepts the Bowl. In it is all greatness of the Victim Great. The understanding of greatness of this feat of force allows consciously and to bear courageously the cross of life and to overcome everything, that prevents go victoriously on the way of Light.
095. (Guru). How useful each burdening circumstances! The Teacher is happy when he sees how each such weights are deliberately removed them a lesson taught. Fruitful life is a wise move, and fast, and its leader. Help to overcome all the currents and power space.
096. (Feb. 9). The body has requirements which need to be satisfied that it could live. It is requirement to eat, drink, and sleep and so on. Paying tribute to a body, it is impossible to allow that these requirements seized the person and were out of his control. Examples of a terrible gluttony and many other unreasonable excesses which subordinated it the person are known. The power over a body is necessary to be free in World Aboveground from terrestrial gravitations and corporal habits which if not to be exempted from them, seize consciousness and create for it illusions of terrestrial remnants. The person, free from them, can live spatial life bright, interesting and full of various impressions, plunging into spheres, conformable to his aspirations. It isn't so difficult to imagine the world of the musician living in spheres of sounds when it can create, not limited to terrestrial conditions. Elevated creativity is available, and in those areas where the person is attracted by his aspiration. And, when the aspiration is free from dense terrestrial elements, it has lawful satisfaction, attracting to itself possibilities of its implementation. Are carried out in imagination and low-corporal aspirations, but immerse the person in gloomy, in the lower class of an astral, and stop its ascension. The wide field for work and for creativity opens to light spirit. Both to learn, and it is possible to study in World Aboveground, it is possible help people, as needing the help, as well as on Earth, and as aspiring to knowledge. But for this purpose it is necessary to be exempted from terrestrial gravitations.
097. (M. A.Y.). Peace of mind not to destroy, but to add to the understanding of the subtle world need to have a complete sense of things. Peace will remain the same, but the advanced and in-depth knowledge is not visible bodily eyes facet. Even the usual paints can transmit the artist much more than passes the picture. Even under foreign of mask can hear the unmistakable sophisticated heart human inner self. Cognition of the invisible World opens inside the essence of things and gives them a complete and bulge images. Second sight opens possibilities for understanding the hidden sides of the wonderful of the world around us.
098. (Guru). Often one wants to throw off some karmic circumstances, bearing in mind that the release of these in themselves and that they will not leave him until he pops them in the spirit. And slavery, or dependence, and the release are in the spirit. Within himself to find out exactly what binds and puts it under external conditions, what gave it authority over them and that keeps him connected in spirit.
099. (M. A. Y.). In anticipation of the offensive, the Timing is set on the key readiness consciousness. A lot will have to just leave. In the new world would have to come without baggage allowances, but fully prepared to serve the people. In need of help will be so much. Misunderstanding and fear of unfathomable create confusion. You need to calm down, explain and help restore balance. But to whom will appeal, except those who know. Each nugget of knowledge will really need.
100. (Guru). It is hard to imagine that somewhere already decided everything and that old world lives out its last days. They will be easy, not everyone will stand the tension. Those, who are ready, will meet; it will be easier to withstand waves.
101. (M. A. Y.). The epoch of Maitreya is the epoch of the heart. Cruelty, hate and rage leave the planet. Good hearts of place those in life will take. And radically change life. Old world in her place will be gone. The atmosphere, the refined new rays would be another, and easily and joyfully will breathe. You cannot even imagine how polluted aura of the Earth. And only by its degree of pressure on the human psyche, and all living things can be judged on the spatial troubles.
102. (Guru). Everyone is looking to the future, drawing it myself in My own way, but is not limited to the imagination of the individual will be going on it, but on a scale that is beyond imagination. One can only say that the world is old, the world of blood, war, violence and cruelty, there will be remembered and will not come for more than the heart.
103. (Feb. 13). How hard is it to find the boundary between of pity and compassion, while the impact of both on the mind quite clearly? Pity catches a mental state of the person it feels sorry, descends into the overcast, and the two find themselves in a hole. Compassion, on the contrary, helps to a towering man in need of help, and pulling out his State from stains and despondency. When personal interest is not easy to maintain balance and not give in to feelings, suffering creatures and thus do not find they powerless to help. Compassion takes on someone else's pain or heaviness, overcoming them and freeing them from another creature, of pity same immersed in them, not making anything to anyone.
104. (M. A. Y.). With all the depth of empathy to others ' suffering must not allow itself to lose balance, for the loss of his makes a person helpless, that is able to provide real help. Because of the sympathy admin only during of the condition not be infected darkened of the condition distressed. Quiet, bright, clear aura provides real help, if light bearer not disturbs emotional disbalance distressed.
105. (Feb. 14). The last division of mankind means that degree of a light bearer or darken of aura of each person will define accessory it to a darkness or Light pole. As though the no erasable seal is set on the person, indicating is from darkness he or from Light. When will punch hour the last, the Death angel will fly by over of Earth, striking those who doomed itself to death. And already nothing will rescue indulged in darkness. If not to stop lawlessness, they will destroy mankind and will destroy a planet. The hierarchy of Light on the guard Costs.
105. (Feb. 14). What's happening on the planet shows that conventional measures of destroyers and poisoners are unstoppable. Measures are needed space. Just think what a terrible weapon of mass destruction create and accumulate enemies of humanity. Gases, bacteria, nuclear weapons of mass destruction are stored up enough to destroy of all life! The horror of what is happening does not reach consciousness sets. But that danger only increases.
106. (M. A. Y.). The events on a planet show that usual measures of destroyers and poisoners not to stop. Measures space is necessary. Only to think, what terrible tools of mass destruction create and enemies of mankind accumulate. Gases, bacteria, nuclear weapons of mass destruction are prepared in quantity, sufficient for destruction of all live! The horror of the events doesn't sink in sets. But from it danger only increases.
107. (Guru). It is hard to imagine under what conditions a vocal opposition impossible to maintain these records. All appended to end. And if they still continue, despite everything, the great strength of disobedience and dark evil-makes. "Poisonous times will be held, and with them will go away from the planet and the servants of evil, and life will be another. «Have the same till the end will be saved."
108. (Feb. 16). We apply management methods are often not accessible understanding of the learner. Therefore, it requires trust unconditionally. When instead of a wet muslin scarf "– strong self-defense circle, it’s easy to cover My Beam as the security and safety of the dome of darkness, its associates and conscious and unconscious performers of her suggestions. And if to realize this (fact) led a life's adversities, it is necessary to understand how wise Teacher Leads, allowing these tests. Adversity will go away – knowledge and experience will remain, because come with a price. Ashrams are needed as a fortress protecting from evil and wicked, as well as – and the spirit. But the fortifications and towers needed grounds. Saint Sergius the Builder the ancient Stronghold of the Russian people was building all his life. She will stand for centuries and will reveal it’s more powerful, indestructible by time and events. But you can also go through life and consciousness – where I am, there and the House there and Ashram, or spirit, bounded ups the tower with the stronghold. The main stronghold of the spatial Hierarchy of light, communications, approved its Rays, one should know to think and imagine her shining bright Light into the space above the planet and revealing a planetary network of light, combining all its exhibitors and builders in one, into a coherent whole. Magnetic field Intensity that surrounds each Ashram, Castle or tower of spirit, is distributed widely around the whole atmosphere and creating polarize special mental conditions. In addition, rays, self-reference from the Center, and can operate at long distances and have a specific purpose. As if in miniature is mimicking the Great Stronghold. What is approved on the ground, repeated and multiplied in the World Thin. The importance of these spatial Lights Spirit is high spatial value them. Without them, all were drowned in darkness. And everyone except the media darkness, large or small, is the bearer of light, consciously or unconsciously associated with focus Light planetary. It is necessary to be aware of a member and a member of the great Collective Forces of light, United into one Shining Light network that covers the entire planet. Of great importance is the conscious unification through the rays thought with distant and close by the Hierarchy, scattered widely across the face of the planet. Each clue is a Light strengthens and reinforces the planetary network. Tower Stronghold "stretched out his arms and emits rays, powerfully supporting the aluminiferous network spirit.
109. If it is learned that each of the obstacles, difficulties and suffering, that is from each test, is something very useful, what they cannot get any other way, and if on top of that, still unable to understand what brought this test, then the success of constant and coherent ascent achieved. Because often, instead of extracting the juice of experience and knowledge, the hapless student is dealing with their feelings and immersed in them, forgetting the main objective and so delaying their advance. And if evolution in its forward motion is not considered with feelings and even the suffering of living beings, and spirit, deliberately entered the great evolutionary flux should not be considered their personal feelings and give them as much attention as to obscure the purpose of life and the true purpose and meaning of human suffering and experiences. Struggle for life, with the usual difficulties and suffering is ultimately of fight spirit of the right to life, the right to immortality and eternal life.
110. (M. A. Y.). Rich and vivid internal spiritual life outwardly content may seem a poor and uninteresting, and devoid of content. And we want to make and the external activity of the spirit would be consistent with his savings. But this is not always possible. And then say: patience. It's time for a complete displays of all abilities the spirit. But as long as it is necessary accumulate, because power consumption shall be great, and will require great knowledge. And we must believe that the Teacher concerned to provide the best conditions for moving the spirit. But these conditions do not mean comfort bod, of the calmness and of the external wellbeing, and often vice versa. Interests of spirit and of the body do not always coincide.
111. (Guru). The tower was a solid defense, not enough lay only a solid foundation, it is necessary to build solid walls. Also the Tower of the spirit requires walls. Even the Stronghold is surrounded by strong walls. Who has ears let him hear and apply immediately.
112. (Feb. 17). Give a boost, giving the rest of free will. A mirror reflecting reality is. But even the mirror reflects only what is or what it paid. Therefore depends on where and on what the consciousness is turned very much. The world is so great, and so many items in it, the things and phenomena that without accurately executed aspirations will not be deported to this perception and goal-oriented. If you take, for example, a dozen people, it is not difficult to see how different perceptions of the world around them, each of them. And usually these perceptions are chaotic, because people don't know where to go and why, what for and what is the life of the spirit. Many are aimlessly wandering of the spirits. But even before himself who placed a certain aim, like career, prosperity or anything else in that kind of stuff, her short limited in a few years or a life. Hence are all the absurdities and contradictions of life. Incorrect premise gives rise to the same effect, and people come to a dead end. Only the adoption of a Framework provides an opportunity to reflect on the earthly stay and understand the great value of life.
113. (M. A. Y.). How simple and easy the musician plays the violin as free running around the fingers on the strings and beautiful melody flows without delay. It's time to understand how much work, effort and perseverance lies behind every human achievement. This understanding is completely free of envy for others ' achievements and even to theis happiness or prosperity, because everything has its merit in the past. In a world of causality is brings its investigation. And so it is important to be able to create the causes that produce the kind of investigation.
114. (Feb. 18). The impact of flowers to humans is through smell, color and aura radiation of the flower. The impact depends on the sensitivity of the recipient device. These effects can be positive or negative. There are flowers the poisonous, there is healing. Floral oil still will find wide application in medicine in terms of impact on the human psyche. Oils, artificial, of course, do not have this power, because, if they are of mineral origin, they are devoid of prana. Hidden properties of things, objects and phenomena science still does not recognize and does not see the difference between a rope that hanged him, and the rope on which dried clothes. Meanwhile aura saturation of each is different, and it would not hurt the skeptics to put under the pillow of rope, interrupting life, and note its sense. Will be times when the most thin devices will allow to capture auras not only humans, animals and plants, but also subjects. And then the hidden side of things becomes available. We live in a world filled with hazards, hidden from the eyes, hearing, smell, touch and taste, while these phenomena do exist and affect the individual. And sensitive nature felt by these invisible and inaudible things touch. Only the heart can accurately say, "This thing is pleasing to Me, and this pushes away". But this requires that heart awoke.
115. (M. A. Y.). The nature of things is not available to the conscious understanding of the common man, though unconsciously, people understand, in an atmosphere of great houses, old castles, cities, saying the ones they like, and some are not. You just need to pay special attention to these sometimes feeling to start to understand why they exist and occur in the mind. Tap teachers often simply opens the eye pupil. Preliminary approval in the thoughts of the possible phenomenon opens him entrance. Only negative is like a door, locked the heavy bolt. In this regard, adoption is always positive, so as always something gives. Denial is always dead, because killing ability.
116. (Guru). The unsurpassed beauty of true works of art received the force from Spheres of the Highest. Yes! There are the Spheres of the Hidden World sated with beauty and harmonious in all forms of the identification. Beauty and disgrace is the same antipodes, as Light and darkness. And, if Light and Beauty is synonyms, synonyms are a disgrace and the darkness. Orbits of these two antipodes of manifestation of the terrestrial world can be expanded, including in each of them the corresponding phenomena. And if to include harmony, the accord, inspiration in an orbit of Light, goodhearted, generosity, courage, a feat and all other positive and light qualities of spirit, will be included into an orbit of darkness opposite to them, and first of all rage, cruelty and a misanthropy. Having defined orbits of these antipodes, already easily consciously adjoin that which attracts to itself consciousness. It is necessary to add only that if the orbit of darkness is limited to a circle of the manifestation, the orbit of Light has no borders.
117. (Feb. 19). When the mirage of the personality dissipates also idea of as about small terrestrial "I" this embodiment disappear, the person of it almost doesn't notice as "I" and itself the feels the as is bright or even more brightly, than earlier. And even if he forgets everything about the last embodiment, it isn't reflected in completeness of its understanding "I", the anymore persons what remains from the terrestrial identity of each certain embodiment? The body physical is dumped and turns into ashes. The radio double is dissolved. The lowest triad completely disappears. The lowest duad, consisting of the fourth and fifth principles, becomes the peel which has concentrated in all mental and astral properties of the terrestrial personality, but the deprived clarity and completeness of consciousness and ability to think freely because the vague, reflex and automatic thinking of a peel, like a parrot, can mutter half-consciously only that the person consciously when lived on Earth in a body did. "I" the person rise higher, taking with his idea of his, not breached in the completeness of loss his of the terrestrial personality. It is important to understand very much that dies in the person and what exactly is subject to death. Elements of the enduring don't die and remain with it forever; nevertheless terrestrial, connected with the personality, and is doomed to death. The astral peel too is dissolved gradually in space. But Immortal reincarnating Identity continues to lead conscious and full life if the dumped and disappeared terrestrial personality collected and saved up for It enough material for her conscious life in Elevated. If isn't present, It is embodied again and again generates the new personality that through her means to collect in new life terrestrial the elements of immortality which are so necessary to it for life on the Highest Plans of Life. Therefore it is very important, living on Earth in a dense body, to learn to separate in the consciousness passing from enduring, temporary from eternal, corporal from spirit and to remember that with itself it is possible to take in the future only that from spirit that from enduring, nevertheless it is necessary to leave the rest. It is possible to understand thus, in what bright, strong and dense world of illusions lives on Earth of people, in the world which is doomed to final fracture as soon as the death destroys a physical body. “Kingdom is My no as the to-worldly " – whether can be expressed clearly more in what the peace of Elevated reality in which the spirit can eternally live is made and which doesn't disappear with death of a dense body.
118. (M. A. Y.). This Kingdom which other-worldly, has the laws, the features and conditions at which observance it is possible to join it. They differ from laws and the rules created by the person. These are unwritten laws. And, however, observance grants them the right to an entrance to this Kingdom. The person invested by all signs of terrestrial power and the power, can be not allowed there, and deprived of everything and nothing having can get a free access. Not in external the reason, but in a condition of consciousness. Only spirituality of consciousness grants the right to an entrance to this Kingdom. Everyone can direct to it, and not only direct, but also reach if it to put achievement above all, above all affairs terrestrial, both terrestrial interests, and terrestrial wellbeing.
119. (Guru). Student life was not rejecting all over and killed the flesh, but in harmonic combination of heavenly and earthly, i.e. requirements of spirit and body needs. After all, life on Earth is given to her to live, and to live by it, and benefit from it all she can give. The killing of innocent flesh cripples the spirit. Solomon was not an ascetic and has plagued her body and, however, was on such a high spiritual achievements that were not available an asked.
120. (Guru). All life and all the activities of our infused inflexible faith in the ultimate, the absolute, and engaged to a victory over the forces of darkness, forces of light. Defeat is unthinkable. Heavenly Armies retreat is unthinkable before the onslaught of militant darkness. The victory was a foregone conclusion. But this does not mean that it is easy to get a price. See yourself as fiercely raise all the evil, all the dregs of humanity from the bottom of the life to come into this last, decisive clash with the forces of light. Well what did? The nicer will win. Today talking about a victory, because the space is already starting to sound vibrations of light, already etched in scrolls coming.
121. (Feb. 21). Difficult is the path of the rising spirit. And difficulties not only not reduced or disappear but, on the contrary, grow up. And they no sight the end. By law, accelerating increases the strength and resistance of the environment. From this it becomes easier. And in no hurry to rescue. One on one is of the face to face with of strongly opposition off the darkness. And, it's like being left to be slaughtered by the circumstances. «Why leave Me, the Lord ". These words can be taken as a formula, the inevitable while climbing, and it is in the spirit of the moment, the most difficult test to be taken as something from which escape is impossible. But every test has ended. And with necessary be of life, that lighten and lightly its other side. This is not a consolation but the reality. The Act balances the phenomenon of opposites. There is no compensation for victims there. Look at each suffering at both the entry fee in Light of judgmenting. Someone would enter for free. There is no such. The Great Spirit, the graver charge Made It for entry into an even higher Realm of light. And when the highest, takes it already voluntarily assume the burden of this world, because the Burden is on the great service to the people. The victim is measured by degrees of Greatness of spirit.
122. (M. A. Y.). Humility before inevitability of suffering on a way of an ascension of spirit is not than other, as understanding that there are no two ways about it because Itself Told: "In the world you will have grief", but this humility, or rather understanding, doesn't mean neither lack of will, nor inertness, neither a hopelessness, nor despair, weakness, but more likely – concentration of all strength of mind which is so necessary for preservation of balance and internal force, necessary for successful overcoming of tests. Corporal forces can be settled, but strength of mind is inexhaustible. It calling, Passed Great Spirits through everything, through what they were fated to pass, and passed victoriously.
123. (Guru). The world rejects the crucified Savior, and people forgot about a crucifixion though everyday go to bat on a cross of life and will be crucified until will occur revivals of spirit and yet won't understand that only understanding of spirit can release them from a vicious circle of evidence dense and bring to a scope of spatial measurements.
124. (Feb. 22). At discrepancy of vibrations the Beam can't give desirable consequences. Therefore, for completeness of consequences it is necessary to lift radiations to lightfull degree. The receiver of the Beam of the Hierarch has to be in a full order. So, the discontent, a clouding, mistrust, doubt or fear do perceiving device tolerant to send vibrations. And if there is still any litter at a threshold, like dirty thinking, the receiver can't orotundly operate. In addition to its dark, seeing spots on aura, seek to them to stick and influence through them. Than more these spots and the more strongly took roots they in aura, the stronger and the dark are longer influence and it is more difficult to outline or carry out a protective circle of Light. Full similarity of the fortress surrounded with walls but which gate are open for the enemy turns out. Therefore the Teacher Demands full clarification of consciousness from any litter. It is (litter) very much magnet and attracts to itself from space the poisoned particles on the affinity with them. Clarification of consciousness has to be full and sincere, that is the desire to reject useless thoughts can't be vague. Whether a little that wants an astral, and whether it could gain few what tendencies in the past. Everything is swept aside without any pity, either indulgence, or desire to hold something in consciousness depths. All crude again will come up on a surface and will demand to itself attention and a combination of consciousness to these unusable thoughts. Anything it isn't necessary to renounce, but release from any dirt and everything is required that isn't conformable with concept of Light. The victory in this direction is absolutely necessary because past ghosts, like vampires, stick to aura and disturb movement, depriving an access Beam, and consciousness – opportunities of full assimilation of sent vibrations of Light.
125. (M. A. Y.). Warrior, standing on patrol, should be armed. Weaponless Warrior narrower is no the Warrior, not a philistine. And, while fighting did not cease, the weapons of light must always be on hand, even at night, even during sleep. Find yourself in the world of Thin surrounded by enemies, and, moreover, very unpleasant disarmed. Fists dark is hard to defend. You cannot prove to be unarmed, defenseless, and the face of the enemy. Thoughts about beauty, harmony and love of the Teacher are powerful protection against the onslaught of darkness.
126. Fight against the past and release of consciousness from unusable stratifications – it is so possible to call some periods of life through which the pupil should pass. A lot of things that could come in the past are absolutely inadmissible in the present. From here and spirit struggles. All across them walk. And shaggy hands to it throw also the, seeking to deepen and strengthen undesirable properties and weaknesses. It is easy to them to do it when is to what to apply. But, when there is nothing and, coming nearer, they in the pupil have no anything, and then are compelled to recede in powerlessness. You remember a formula: "There is a Prince of this world and has in Me no anything".
127. (Feb. 23). Having established him firmly in the decision not to sink the thoughts in past, unwanted mental education, you can prepare yourself to when they occasionally are starting to knock on doors of consciousness and to demand tolerance, they never shut out, not to give them a new food, and not to engage with them in combination. Not getting power and not supported by newer ideas, they will start dry and droop until it will lose power and not have exhausted all their energy. But taken in consciousness, became impregnated a bang and having received recognition and, so to speak, the right to continue its existence, they are filling and darken consciousness, go away, come back again and grow more and more with each new return until you grow into Giants, enthralling person to not fight them. So grow up thinking that receives support misdeeds, and recognition from beget. Try to ratchet up the dark each contemptible idea to put out every spark of Light that could erupt into consciousness. Turning and turning point comes when people are no longer able to manage their dark thoughts and they drive off. Then he becomes their lacking firmness victim, doomed to stay in the World Can such thoughts in the lower layers of the astral world, and lose contact with their highest principles. So a small indulgence thought grows into something unusable big, decisive destiny spirit.
128. (M. A. Y.). Not only that it is necessary to fight against the mental stratifications which have been saved up in this embodiment, it is necessary to pull out still and the root of all evil which has become stronger in depths of the past throughout many centuries. This him branches gave weed sprouts in the last embodiment. All properties and congenital traits of character is heritage of the past. Each person or goes up on a life ladder, or falls down, and as an attraction magnet up or from top to bottom light or dark accumulation serve. In this case the will of the person which is consciously choosing the direction and giving clear account in can be a decisive condition what consequences involves this choice. Everything depends on the person, what direction to choose, but a solver he, and anybody for it can't solve its future.
129. (Guru). As the way of each spirit is sharply isolated! It is possible to sit at one table; it is possible to live in one room, in one house but as be various the destiny of each of participants of life can. Both sufferings, and experiences, and happiness have especially personal character, doing life by a field of individual experience and stays. And sitting next or standing at one step can sharply differ with that one in the spirit of is directed up and another rises above, and – down and falls hopelessly and irrevocably. Distinction of characters human is really amazing and who will decide to make bold to be judges of what he in all completeness can't know to have the right to judge.
130. (Feb. 24). The reasons can't be destroyed, but consequences can be met fully equipped with the opposition, resolute and irrevocable, they yet won't settle on consciousness of emery, enclosed in them their creator. The power charge enclosed in the reason is stronger; the biggest of the opposition is demanded by a consequence. Ghosts of last fulfillments as live essence can surround consciousness and close to it an exit up. But it is Maya deception – the exit is up open always, it is worth directing up only, because I with you always, but not below, but over you. And therefore not down and not in the past it is necessary to look, but up and in the future. "Light of the future is great", and its magnetism works powerfully. And release from the past and its fulfillments – only in the future. On a key of the future consciousness life is adjusted. Material conditions of value have no, because to what everything if the spirit stays in slavery at the past. To be deprived of everything, but in freedom, it is better, than to have everything, but in slavery. The external is anything if the spirit wins. And all benefits terrestrial – to anything if it is won or won by the accumulation. Everything is transferred to spirit area. So life of spirit is regarded as of paramount importance. And then it is already unimportant that is and what to drink, and in what put on and as well as where live, and what environment because spirit over everything. As destroy of the spirit and in the spirit mirage of terrestrial Maya. Life in of spirit is important of life in the body, because the body dies and finish of terrestrial tale. But the spirit stays for ever and ever. To destroy seduction of time, space and things there is an obligation of spirit to. Not to destroy – means to die in the spirit of, to destroy – means to win. I call you to a victory, because "I Overcome the world".
131. (Guru).No matter what happens in the outside world, the way individual ascent spirit remains the decisive and determining its future in the worlds. The outer leaves will remain Interior to surround the spirit of light or darkness according to what's inside.
132. If you want that I Entered into your hearts, clear hearts of any litter. On power of desire to clear heart and extents of its valid clarification it is easy to judge sincerity and aspiration tension. Verbal assurances or the finest intentions which haven't been approved in application are fruitless and results won't yield. In it harm fine, but not carried out, though good intentions. They are the self-deception covering lack of will and powerlessness to struggle with them for eradication of undesirable accumulation. As far as even small clarification of consciousness is more useful than the most sublime, beautiful, but words not being accompanied by affairs! Who do with the pleasure speaking want to deceive? Whoever they wanted, but deceive only it because they will pay for deception and will pay wholly. We appreciate the words which have been born as a result of application of the Doctrine in lives. As a matter of fact, the person has the right to speak about that, and the main thing, to teach to that he claimed by a hand and the foot, that is that made itself, and that way on which passed the feet. It is easy to teach from what others have told. But such lectures don't reach heart. But the word imprinted by affairs crashes into consciousness. The clarification of heart approved by the corresponding acts endows spirit inflexible with oppose force to the evil and causes steady and strong advance it on the way.
133. (M. A. Y.). Yes! We continue to go forward in once and for all accepted direction. And those who don’t want to lag behind us have to keep the same inflexibility of movement to time forever the chosen purpose. This purpose is Hierarchy of Light and its center is Great Heart. It remains invariable in centuries. She is defined and elected on all the time which is and which will be. It, like a guiding star, conducts the directed spirit to achievement of that usually it is considered impossible and unattainable.
134. (Guru). Each the victory of itself, each gain means as well receiving, and knowledge expansion. Thus, the knowledge is acquired by a victory over. The place exempted from the thrown-out shortcoming, doesn't remain empty, but is filled any more with a shortcoming, but advantage or useful quality. And as qualities of spirit are at the same time and cognition tools, with their growth and accumulation knowledge is accumulated also. So, for example, the love serves as the best cognizable of that, on what it is directed; or the constancy by all means leading to the purpose; or the tranquility of mind opening possibilities of cognition, not aggravated by emotions stirring to process. The approved qualities of spirit open widely a gate of cognition of the world surrounding us.
135. (Feb. 25). Even of the past summer no repeat, even yesterday is irrevocable. And this human life in its current embodiment can't come back again. It again will return to Earth and will live again. But everything already will be other: both a body, and people, and an environment, and even it will undergo abilities change. The main qualities of spirit remain the same, but a little in other forms of identification. The whole days consist of the same elements of morning, midday and evening. Every day there ascends the same sun, but any day isn't exact repetition of another because it is always new and saturated new opportunities. Anything in the nature doesn't repeat, despite external similarity of the phenomena. In it is of generosity of the nature. And it is good to understand that aren't repeated life and embodiments of the person in spite of the fact that he comes to Earth much, many times. However, opportunities repeat, but already in new combinations. Therefore life justifies itself only when given the chance to spirit are used wholly because the missed opportunity is irrevocable.
*136. (Guru.). Of last day in consciousness of the person doesn't remain anything, except of reminiscences. Many last days he at all doesn't remember, anything thus without losing from completeness of the understanding "I", or itself the personality. The same occur if the person doesn't remember itself the embodiments, he doesn't cease feel as the consciousness center. Therefore this or that extent of loss of memory during stay of the person in different spheres of the Elevated World after its release from a body doesn't prevent it to continue to consider itself as itself and not to notice at all as terrestrial stratifications and memory of them fall off.
137. (Feb. 26). Heart gives a message to heart. Communication goes not through a brain, but through heart. And a brain – only a clamp of that tells heart. But it is necessary learn listen to heart. Too a lot of place in consciousness is allocated for a brain, while heart in the shelter. And it can, having received freedom, give what, the brain isn't able give. It is more than attention to heart! And a brain and the thoughts born in it, it is necessary hold on a bridle. Often they to anything: there comes a century of heart. And heart demands attention and care. Otherwise it will break off.
138. (M. A. Y.). The light on top of the lower higher realms and does not reach there. That touches of him, of consciousness rises over the pool usual. Traditional ways and all personal, earthly and small, tied at one. From the circle of generalities is not easy to get out. Exercise helps, but went out, and we still have to stay on top. As quagmire, sucks the consciousness of ordinariness. And it seems that no exit. But Infinity not negated, because everywhere around. Thought, aspiring to phenomenon of the Infinity, narrower is at of liberty. From the notion of Infinity don't get distracted, because everything in it.
139. (Guru). When your consciousness is directed upwards, contact is made with the sphere’s aspirations and magnetic pull rightful elements, scooping from the spheres of attraction. This path is enriched with new thoughts and consciousness is fertilized with new energies. Aspiring thought, like a magnet, pulls out her segments are consistent with space related items.
140. (Feb. 27). Distances are overcome the consonant hearts. Also and assimilation of the beam is achieved by consonant. People in the minds of it’s constantly accord with something. Consonance can be brought under control. You can look at the object and do not see it: no consonance of consciousness of mind, as that looking at the eyes. But you can, looking at the object, seeing only him and not see anything outside. The extent and nature of consonance define of field of visibility of consciousness. The ability to customize the consciousness on the desired fret is a great achievement. Carries out the desire will. Will is the spirit of fire. The extent and strength of its different people are different. Apathy is a major drawback. Will be developed and strengthened, and there are no limits. Will a planetary Spirit already reaching space sizes. Practice will be at any time, under all conditions, and human potential in this regard is very high. Starting out small, you can achieve very little. Very important decisions bring to a conclusion and not to retreat until they are implemented. Continuity and rhythm – helpers will. "Who I am sure will, can enter their" – this was the inscription above the entrance into the Hidden Knowledge.
141. (M. A. Y.). Gem of the spirit is different; identic no. As no two are alike in all trees leaves the planet, so no two are of the spirit. There are similar, there are similar, there are family and friends, but not identical. In this is inexhaustible diversity of nature. Awareness of the individual savings rate of its natural spirit allows you to have your way, not someone else’s, he entered and swim in their own boat. Gifts of space for everyone, but mastering them is individually.
142. (Guru). The Bishop has a Focus, dedicated to It the spirit combining in one spiritual whole. Than higher of plan manifestation, what this of union expressed more clearly. The heavenly Light is such a merger. Its orbit brings it in more and more perfume as delves the great division of mankind into two opposite poles-pole Light pole and darkness. Joining forces with light pole will all grow and grow until the participants feel their power and superiority over last child of long race and supporters of the pole. Great Split the end complete victory of the Forges Light over the darkness.
143. (March 1). We Give the opportunity every negative phenomenon speaks in its entirety and deformity, what him destroy and in future stop any attempt of him of the repetition. After all, the new world going the new ways, and that, what could occur in the old world, of the place narrower no is. Manifestation of darkness on the planet, being the antithesis of light, allows on her swing judge about magnificence of a light hail. The law of opposites is showing its force in of Grandeur Light of the Coming of Epoch Maitreya. It is difficult to imagine it among the last revelry of the engirdled darkness, but shining bright future is fated to the world. Courses of Space Evolution can't stop any terrestrial forces. Light of the future is great.
144. (M. A. Y.). How reconcile the gloom a present with Light of the future? Only is understanding of the phenomenon of opposition. We live in peace of light- the darkness and shade and height of a subject we determine cost it the shadow. But in darkness of night see of stars, if the terrestrial, final darkness, gathered over a planet in the form of a cloud, doesn't cover of night visibility. The chaos not shown and Light of the shown Universe is the opposite aspects of Cosmic Life, but the phenomenon the dark on our Earth – only the temporary outgrowth, or a tumor, which is subject, liable fast and of the full destruction. End and temporarily this darkness, bit of Light is infinite.
145. (March 2). In the days of special press’s events will keep a special tranquility. Otherwise the body will not stand the tension. We in such tension are found constantly. We have tranquility is broken. The power of action can occur only at full serenity. Now comes the long-awaited moment when the accumulated quality spirit especially will need and when, without them you will not be able to keep the balance. There have been cases where unexpectedly fell off happiness came from the gap of the heart. Let it would serve as a warning about the need keep the peace at all costs. Preparing for the event in advance, so that waves could meet them in balance complete and fully owning their feelings; have long Warned, that the consciousness was ready for it. Don't need the courage, what dream of a given fairy tale, but it will be very necessary, when the fairy tale starts become the Fiery reality. I Warned.
146. (M. A.Y.). The question now on the dignified attire spirit rises in all its force. For the color of spiritual service and its light-bearer will be known and future activities of the spirit and its proximity to the Hierarchy of Light. While there is still time to prepare this robe, should not lose even one moment to make it even more luminous, end already forever with all that can darken the light. In the future you can join, mercilessly and definitively rejecting all unnecessary his load past the piles. Free from them and enter into the future.
147. (Guru). And the good, that don't know in the details augmenting of your future. If you knew and would think, and talked about it among yourselves, enemy ears would have bugged your conversation and have taken advantage of this knowledge, what ruin you’re of opportunity? So, sometimes it is good to know less that intimate and needs special protection.
148. (March 3). As a shadow follows a man, so follow him his deeds, good or bad. Good – for approval, bad-for eradication and liberation from it. Everything good you can take in the future, but the poor will kettle bells on the legs. Eradication is complete, comprehensive rejection of unwanted properties, and besides that, when in the depths of consciousness there is no gravity to it, even subconscious. This is not easy. But when the human microcosm all the lights burning, eliminating unnecessary husks and even thought about it does not come to mind. A good test can be dreams. Control over the dreams can be an indicator of release or, at least, sincerity break free. Free from the chains of the past becomes the winner in the judgment future.
149. (M. A. Y.). Merging worlds will erase the boundaries between the invisible and the visible worlds. Collaboration with invisible helpers will be real and tangible, as well as with the Chief and other of the high spirits. The invisible will become no negative and enters the realm of reality, accessible knowing. Is lifted the veil of subtle world. And both characters will get full rights of citizenship. The two wings will fly to the future of the human spirit.
150. (Guru). If a guard on watch falls asleep, the whole point will become his guardians. Watch shall be permanent. If during the day or night is interrupted, the entrance for enemy patrol will be open. Because, only the constant patrol justify its appointment. If of part of the time is spend in the vigil the spirit, and of the remaining time unconcernedly, forgetting about everything, would benefit from such a halved? Whether also it is possible to be protected at such relation from darkness and its influences? Only the full aspiration and completeness of action will give desirable consequences. Incompleteness is condemned.
151. (March 4). There is a decomposition of the basis of the old world. We give it free rein to self-destruct. The world old will shudder and will be shaken, and its collapse will be great. Who with it and for it, will self-destruct with it together.
152. The doubt, either fluctuation, or disbelief of separate consciousness’s can't violate the Solution of Space Will, but they can damage to themselves, losing completeness of perception and an acceptability of going Light. For completeness of awareness of greatness of the future Light full-openness of heart and consciousness towards to going happiness is necessary. Also it is necessary that nothing stood a barrier to this understanding. Long ago words were given: "On heart and life will turn back a wonderful and fantastic reality".
153. (Guru). The Distribution of time and space is conditional; in the spirit no of these divisions. Therefore communication, communication and contact with those, who is close to heart, goes over terrestrial restrictions, terrestrial evidence and illusiveness of the dense world. Simple clairvoyance already destroys these borders. The fiery reality accepted in consciousness, will help to slightly open a veil of the Hidden World.
154. (March 5). Death is like sleep. When a person dies, they are his thoughts in the areas corresponding to these thoughts. Also in the spirit realm visit sleep consonant preceding falling asleep thoughts. Therefore, the conscious adoption of the nightcap of a direction of thoughts is important. In the morning you can wake up with a happy feeling, which is not the result of conscious awake hits the bright Areas. Remember all, where was the spirit while sleeping, people cannot. Partial snatches of memories right carotid pictures do not give, but the overall feeling is usually right. Gradually these memories will start to acquire slenderness, but this requires a careful and attentive attitude to that State, which occupies one third of human life, that is to the State of sleep. The day the human mental condition imposes on the dreams of its mark, but still crucial last thoughts before sleep. Well before that, freed from the day, fume and discard the conventional impressions a day and go in the thin world free from earthly experiences. And, of course, it's good to be free from any temptation. And, if life is a dream, the best of this dream to come off and, looking up, be clothed in bright spiritual service. In of distress, rage, darkened, fear, frustration, anxiety, falling asleep, depart in Peace is slim. You can imagine what areas they visit, while could conduct this time with and retrieve very vans black value interesting and instructive experience.
155. (M. A. Y.). Light aura the human serves as a bridge, connecting it with sphere’s Light and dark areas – with darkness. So it is important to keep the situation under constant radiation and not allow anything, darkened aura. Darkened and clarified, first all, - of thoughts. And because, the main concern about is them. Come again and again to the need for the most rigorous control of thought. When firmly established positive qualities of spirit, this control is not that difficult, but if a quality limps, has then to be especially vigilant. But be that as it may, a constant watch to protect the light-aura’s radiation. After all, in addition to its own sentiment on consciousness is heavily influenced by how spatial thinking and the thoughts of other people.
156. (Guru). The thought is a servant the human. The servant can be sent for something, giving it a certain order, in the same way – and the thought. Sent into space the thought would revert back, loaded with new content and enriched with the new elements. We need to understand, that the thoughts grow up, and, now and them, before the gigantic dimensions. And the power of habit, with which man is no longer able to fight, is nothing, as the strength increased in time the thought. Because you can rejoice of every good thought, generated by man and growing in space, and carefully child one from thoughts of unusable.
157. (March 6). It is surprising as spatial currents quickly change, leaving after it pleasure or of sorrow. The mood of the moment changes under their influence. Too to them we won't give in, knowing variability them. The nervous system of the person can't but react to these influences. And the more it is refined, they feeling As a matter of fact, the device human has to register and note a lot of things, keeping balance. On condition of preservation of balance the broadest and versatile perceptions are possible. Otherwise the system won't sustain. Tranquility – the quality which is very necessary for the pupil. The tranquility needs to study constantly and on everything. It is necessary to study so that reaction to various influences didn't break a condition of tranquility. Any strong chagrin can be met in fury of the astral which isn't constrained by will, and it is possible and in full tranquility. Whether it is worth so strong enduring something if through any time are forgotten both chagrin, and the reason, it caused as it always steadily happens. After all it is necessary to leave everything, is it worth allowing violation of a peace of mind for the sake of something?
158. (Guru). At Light bottom all best aspirations of spirit are realized into deposits of crystals of rightful energy. Therefore the Teacher Speaks: "Direct". Direct to self the Highest that only you can imagine. The magnet of aspiration works powerfully. On the channels of aspiration, dug in space during lifetime of terrestrial, all is carried out in World Aboveground all that is put in aspiration by spirit, carried out under the Law accord and compliance.
159. (March 7). The most unpleasant phenomena of recurrence (taking place in a dream) go to our advantage, because, let you see the enemy in full growth. The enemy is dangerous not when, the fight with him, but when he overcomes. There are many reasons that during sleep the past wakes up or new combination based on old and seemingly fall sleeping and lingering savings. But whatsoever, it's a signal to new depths of consciousness from previous cleaning rubbish somewhere else remaining. Lord My consciousness and all that is in it, the man himself. He has the right to dispose of the tents and throw out anything that does not conform to the agreement stage of consciousness. All that good or is acceptable can be used, it is not acceptable now. Over all this is control, not given plane will free him to be the way he wants. Little did what lower self. It wants firm and resolute hand bridles. He wants please all their desires. All of them from the Earth, and all have it backwards. Give them the will to go back. The astral is worn bridle and is locked at the Castle. You can carefully and critically examine the movement taking place in it, but will not give them. Bridle, the noose of debt around on them, firmly gripped in his hand. Movements taking place in the astral plane can be seen at all, but the ones they own and dominated, others are subordinated to them and are in full power. It is important to promote the spirit of their shells, and especially the astral. Get away to the thin world, being at the mercy of the astral, that means being weak-willed various astral influences and eddies, which is already struggling with.
160. (M. A. Y.). Manage your agents and keep them under control is possible only with the assistance of thoughts. But to do this and self-thought themselves to be under control. Because the emphasis is on the thought, and the mastery of other membrane begins with the mastery of thought. The idea has already been severely restrained will not give opportunity to manifest plane, just as he wants it. The thought would put it. Thought would destroy all its ingenious construction. And the same idea creates and will delineate the boundaries within which permitted this irrepressible Shell to exercise their activity. Restraint, self-control, self-possesses, of power over him-the desired quality.
161. (Guru.). To go steadily "line of the Beam" means, that no of the events and of the incidents of life usual should stop the going. Anyone delays; of obstacles and the obstacles much one may meet on a way, and especially thrown dark, but let and nobody no make slow down a stride. Whatever occurred outside or inside, movement doesn't stop not for a moment. And the will doesn't permit to these seeming obstacles to pay so much attention that they detained advance.
162. (March 8). Ageing body, but the spirit does not age. When the spirit is freed from the power of the body, old age is not felt. Old age is a physical phenomenon. The spirit of these sensations does not know. Spirit forever is used. Reset the old body – joy and liberation of the spirit, because the old body has its limitations. Know, that our people and grow old, and sick, but at least some degree, it do not obey these phenomena, while maintaining clarity of mind and good of spirit.
163. (M. A. Y.). Day of the Woman on March 8th we will celebrate as the phenomenon having all planet value. The Era of Maitreya is the Era of the Woman, and precisely the woman should have in it a crucial role. This crucial role is manifestation in spiritual activity of the woman. In the sphere the spiritual will be leader she. Many difficulties should be overcome on a way to this victory. But, evolution has the tasks and the ways of their implementation. The machismo should renounce something and to refuse some privileges. But all this will serve for the mankind benefit. When the woman will return the right to participation in all parties of public and state life, many inadmissible phenomena will disappear, and first of all wars. The era of the Woman will make good changes to mankind life.
164. (Guru). At the biggest internal freedom to be isolated absolutely from external influences it is impossible. Magnetism and the character of locality, height above of sea the level, proximity of a human accumulation, purity of air, the mental atmosphere, influence of surrounding people – all this influences an organism both physically, and mentally. That is why it is necessary to speak very much about self-defense and consciousness protection from all these influences. And many forces leave on protecting a movement inflexible on once and for all chosen way.
165. (M. A. Y.). As the person often speaks to himself: "I will be happy if my desire" is granted. But here the desirable happens, and the general feeling of entire happiness isn't felt. Wise aspires to that to wish nothing as he knows that desires are infinite, and the person more has, the he bigger wants. It is best of all to be content with that is had, and whenever possible to wish nothing, in any case, relating to usual terrestrial desires. Ability to be content with the small – too art. Well to pass to the Thin World free from any desires of a terrestrial order.
166. (Guru). The aspiration remains uninterrupted in all conditions of consciousness and under all living conditions. Both a condition of consciousness, and living conditions temporary also it is passing, but the spirit way to the Lord is invariable because it is solved forever. So enduring inside receives the power over all passing that occurs in covers and that constantly through them proceeds. The spirit, strongly and continuously, on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life is so approved.
167. (March 10). The world My dad will be object of your aspiration. It is immense! Threshold to it is I. Across Me and goes. Simply you will enter and you will simply go, because I Am the Way. With Me in consciousness you will be constantly. Without love (it) is impossible. Hatred too perhaps a magnet, but is a darkness way, and mine – Light. In Light My World you will see in Boundlessness real. It also is My Kingdom, which has no end. All following, enters into it for Me. This Kingdom no is as worldly other. But I Want that it’s Light in this world was approved and I shone people. From where take of words about My Kingdom? From Me is. In them is My of Light. Therefore they reach hearts human obviously. I will destroy Maya visibility that on a place to erect it the Temple of Eternal Spirit. She seeks to replace the eternal truth of the real with splinters, a tatter of thoughts terrestrial, having embellished them and having made desired and attractive to consciousness. But behind them – anything, emptiness, the next deception and self-flattery because on temporary Eternal it is impossible to build because all temporary is limited to a small circle of the manifestation, that is doomed to destruction by a whirlwind. Temporary everything is admissible, but only as a step to the sphere of the enduring: through terrestrial to Elevated, through passing to timeless, through dense to fiery, through temporary to Eternal, through limited to Boundlessness.
168. And if someone has opportunity widely and freely to scoop from spatial thought, it doesn't mean at all that it easily-achieve to everyone. Any thought can't sit and to apprehend for hours. Behind seeming ease of achievement so many long-term efforts and aspirations and besides not one life are hidden that only the reached knows as far as all this is hard and difficult. In spatial storage true treasures of thought are saved up, but possibility of broad access to them is open, unfortunately, only for the little. Meanwhile the right to an entrance has everyone shown enough aspiration and persistence to expansion and development of the consciousness. After and the poets, and the artists, and the musicians – of all scooped from the same source. And only market evidence closes these opportunities. But stars in the sky always, and always it are possible to raise the head to the sky.
169. (M. A. Y.).Among that, what aren’t present we affirm then, I no, but that will be and that the light will illuminate of mankind. The reality fiery is approved contrary to evidence. At first it is necessary to believe in it heart, then to scent it and to feel and later to start claiming. About Announce of Fiery reality, proclaiming it to people usual among life usual, assumes heavy work of fight against evidence of Maya which strong rises against them. To destroy illusions of life terrestrial is hard business because in them are shipped all. And about Announce of unit. And the great belief in a final victory of Light over all planet ignorance should be had that to approve it in the face of negate ardent and all those who doesn't recognize anything over visibility of the dense world. In it is greatness of a feat of Carriers of Light.

170. (Guru). The knowledge of spirit has to prompt how to understand these or those difficulties of life, relying thus that the Teacher Conducts. In case of the valid need or danger the help comes. «Hand the Driving stays over spirit". Let's not push away her mistrust and doubt.
171. (March 12). It is difficult to keep continuity of consciousness because conditions of the Thin World absolutely change a habitual environment and time that to adapt to them is required. Arhat doesn’t need this adaptation as the World Thin is close to It and well a sign, and reflections about its laws and knowledge transfer them the thin phenomena to the sphere of the conscious. The aspiration to keep consciousness at the time of transition in Elevated helps to carry out it. But it is necessary that this aspiration was up because, having been late in the lower class, it is difficult to rise. It is good to keep consciousness at aspiration up, but it is bad, having appeared below. It is better to wait this time, being shipped in a dream, than to be filled with the impressions going from spheres lowest. In a dream often the person behaves uncontrolledly, falling under undesirable influences. The same can happen and in a one incarnation condition if owing to some get rid properties of people magneto undergoes an inclination according to these properties. That is why the decision to be exempted from any litter has to be final and irrevocable. Any instability, incompleteness and partial clarification can involve spirit in very undesirable environment and the neighborhood very unpleasant. And if incompleteness in general is condemned, in a question of clarification of consciousness from any litter it is terrible.
172. (M. A. Y.). The personal small world of each person is unreal at least already because is limited to that surrounds the carrier of this small world. The direct environment is reflected in an interior and fills it. The inhabitant of deserts, the woods, mountains, the cities and villages owing to these conditions reflects in himself absolutely various impressions. And only synthetic mind rises over personal limitation and incorporates a lot of things lying beyond its limits. Thinking and caring of others, we plunge into the world of their experiences and we go beyond personal "I". The one, who thinks of the benefit of all mankind, broadens the horizons to the all planet sizes and enriches the consciousness with new stays.
173. (March 13). Ability to operate thought the will – in desire, desire – in a heart impulse needs will, and. So, even will of heart direct, and the impulse is generated by thought, so the thought operates of even heart. It is a question not of that desires destroy, and about that operate them by means of thought. If not operate them, they will operate. The slave to be desires – the worst type of slavery because to run from it there is no place. Prisoners run sometimes from strict prison but where to run from it? Release is in the thought. "Desires will be replaced with the order of pure thought", pure, cleared of litter and the reek of alcohol of terrestrial desires, thought free and light, the thought creating lightful forms from substance of a spontaneous matter. Lightful of thought create heart is go joy Arhat. From treasure (Itself) heart It Takes out Light to the world, shrouded Maya a cover. Light is created by though, as well as darkness. "Yes there will be Light" there is a silent order of lightful heart of the Carrier of Light bearing rescue to the world.
174. On the one hand – limitation of personal "hen house" of the inhabitant, with another – not repeatability of individual accumulation of spirit, individual because only on condition of identity these accumulation won't be dissolved in space. The individualization of a spirit-monad allows it to evolve, saving up experience. In the House of the Father infinite number of forms of life, and all of them are individualized in it, and isn't present similar or repeating, that is absolutely identical. Each Planetary Spirit Has the pronounced Identity that the Wreath of Space Reason, part continuous, inseparable doesn't prevent It to be part, or a pearl, the member of Great Heavenly Collective, keeping thus the Identity. The secret of unity in plurality is a life Basis. Partly it is expressed in a formula "I in You, You in Me, I in the Father, and We Are Uniform". This association happens without identity loss. Once again we will draw a certain line between concepts of the personality and Identity. Life of the personality extends on one embodiment, then it as that ceases to be, and all her covers break up while Identity from which essence, like a long-term flower, there was dismissed and lived a certain personality, continues exist, from time to time generating new flowers. Flowers perish, the plant remains. Flowers are persons, a plant – Identity. Therefore Great Identity, coming to Earth in the form of a certain personality, so Reckoned with interests of the personality a little, giving her on worry to people, possibly, if only to depict more deeply in minds human the Precept brought to Earth. Greatness of the person it is easy to determine by oblivion by it itself and the personal interests and return of on service to people. The personality usually serves her, the Identity winning, or won it – to people. The personality dies, Identity is immortal. Immortality is approved by a way of transferring of consciousness to the sphere of Immortal Identity.
175. It is necessary to comprehend as it is useful to learn to find in itself, to distinguish, see and separate elements temporary and passing from elements enduring, immortality elements. All things which it is owned are imprinted in consciousness in forms, as well as moods, and also all usual pleasures and chagrin, and all that occurs in life usual. This entire is temporary. But there are also the qualities of spirit brought from antecedents, there are aspirations of a high order, there is the knowledge connected with life not of a body, but spirit, there are a lot of things relating to elements of enduring, but carried away by the person with in the future, out of limits of this embodiment. Enriching and increasing these elements and them multiplying consciously, collects to itself on Earth of people that wealth integral even by death of a body which will accompany it further and which will give the chance it of already conscious stay in the Highest Spheres of the Elevated World. It also is the elements of immortality bringing it to understanding of eternal life in the spirit of, eternal life of spirit.
176. (Guru). Life on Earth in the incarnated is justified only when it is gathering and accumulation of experience and knowledge for the future, but the future is not limited to one embodiment. Really thinks then a man a Wayfarer, a Wayfarer Road that has no end. Then comes the understand that, what nothing no ends, but all “. «Everything flows"; the great river of life flowing into of infinity.
177. (March 14). "Even in the greatest shocks to keep calm." It alleges and should devote their time when there are waves. One of the persistent efforts of the dark is unbalance. Better to lose any earthly advantage, or benefit, or right, or do something than by purchasing them, lose balance. Not looking for his wisdom, anyway, not seeking it at the cost of loss of balance. Feeling of depression course by the presence of diggers trying, exert influence over someone. Use each and every one and that can. In these cases it is better to depart in peace, than to join with them in exhausting clash because of a piece of cake. Right, you could keep records of all these attempts to write a whole book, and very instructive for not believe. You cannot be placed online. The silent response can be very effective. Wordless action at times can be very effective. As they need it to catch catches for aura, worry. But the balance, the symbol whose is the ball, these opportunities to the dark doesn't give. Great is the power of balance and not vulnerable for darkness. Keep it at any cost.
178. (M. A. Y.). Very characteristic cases when some very bad people tried are known, having struck blow, to seize aura that, having seized, mentally to torment consciousness. Huge efforts were demanded by the decision from them to come off and be protected from spiteful vampirism. There was almost physical feeling of this bad influence. And only having strong protected from them paralyzed spiteful energy. Let this example will serve as a lesson for all times how to be preserved against the dark. It is impossible to allow consciousness to enter into an orbit of an attraction of dark energy because will tighten and will hollow, to a woodpecker it is similar, yet won't cause so desirable for darkness reaction a disbalance. Everything jumps out of consciousness that (consciousness) can give the chance dark to rush into it.
179. (March 15). If, having finished this embodiment on Earth, it is possible not to return again on it, and to be embodied on other planet, whether that it is necessary to draw from here a conclusion, it is how necessary to come off terrestrial gravitations, it is how necessary to leave terrestrial cares of, of the personality and of all that temporarily surrounds it. The precept about a not money-making and to collecting to itself treasures on Earth is full of the deepest value. Often people owing to need plunge into whirlwinds of cares, experiences, both the most intense affairs, and works but if thus they don't understand their fast-transient nature and connect itself tightly with them, it is difficult to be exempted to their spirit from these chains, even having exempted from a body. Any useful work should be carried out in the best way, putting in it all heart and soul, joyfully to execute and in tension of forces, but at the same time it is constant bearing in mind passing essence of terrestrial works of the person and that only results of these works in the form of experience, knowledge and abilities remain forever with the person. So temporary and enduring it is harmonized in consciousness of the person, and work gains deep and already timeless value. It is important to understand it especially that the phenomenon of work proceeds and in the Thin World, and all light spirits, to the Highest, are in continuous works irrespective of, in what body they are and in what spheres show the activity. All have a right to rest, but consciously active stay in Elevated is always accompanied by works on life construction. Even the highest fiery creativity of spirit is no other than work.
180. (M. A. Y.). Completeness of the accord carries out merge of consciousness’s and gives the chance to imprint thoughts in a full consent with Bases of the Doctrine of Life. The accord, the more perfect and coherence with Bases is fuller and deeper. It is reached by joint works throughout many lives. Communication is approved over all affairs every day and proceeds far in the future, out of limits of the current time. These relations can be strengthened and strengthened a constant memory about it and constancy of affairs, feelings, acts and thoughts, for Light of the created. And when it is put above all affairs terrestrial, passing and when it is consciously stretched in the far future, truly, the fiery reality of the enduring is approved then. And then Silver Threads of Light vibrate lightfull in space, connecting consciousness of the spirit directed to Light to those who costs above it on the Ladder of Hierarchy of Light and with whom it is connected by a direct, direct connection on the Beam of the Hierarch and with his next link.
181. (Guru). In the distorted religions the payment for public prayers, memorial services and other prayers is raised. The essence of the phenomenon is so perverted. Yes! It is necessary to pay for Communication with Light and the Highest Forces to the person, but this payment absolutely other. The aspiration to Light is stronger; the darkness on directed spirit more furiously collapses. It also is its payment for Communication with Light. And as far as it is great and heavy, knows only the spirit which has strengthened the aspiration. But to pay is of inevitably. Christ Redeemer Say: "In the world you will have grief", grief – owing to Light acceptance.

182. (March 16). One person can operate the thoughts, another - no. Than cope 0f thoughts? Will! What is the will? Fire of spirit, caused to of action! Different there are fires, and they differently operate thoughts. The weak will not be able own of thought. And then the thought if it is strong, seizes the person. While the consciousness creates thought, it dominates over process, but when the thought is issued and saturated fire of beget, there is it the independent essence forever connected with the person which has generated it. And then for its neutralization if it undesirable, is required thought opposite on character, but bigger potential, that is an impulse of the will creating thought, has to comprise more fire, than previous thought. The thought is especially strong if in it heart fire is enclosed. If the thought from a brain enters in the conflict the thought going from heart, the warm thought wins. It is wrong to think that the thought is created only by a brain because at allocation of a thin body the brain stays idle, but the thought lives and can be very active, and also heart lives and is felt. The thought going from a brain, can't affect long distances, but going from of heart – doesn't know barriers. The will can own thought. At the centers lit the thought possesses the special force because there is it then fiery thought.
183. (M. A.Y.). The main thing is not to change a rhythm of a step and not to deflect once and for all chosen direction in spite of the fact that occurs around. And there are a lot of things and strong counteracting advance: many distracting, many interfering, many pushing aside, back and in darkness. It is impossible to neglect these counteractions because at times dark high degrees act on a scene and apply the multiexperience and refinement in fight against that that goes on the way. It is impossible to recede, it is impossible to deviate because the darkness is greedy ready to accept reeled in the embraces. It is necessary to pay special attention to how it calling and attractive does that at all isn't that, and is more true – on the contrary. In it is especial refinement of dark allure. Well what pleasure in hazardous gambling game? But how many people obsessed with this harmful passion! How many in general obsessed with various defects and passions. And who is the possession? It is worth thinking over it that only at one of thought of it to find force of ardent counteraction to any attempts of dark enslavers. The number unfortunate, enslaved and enslaved by of dark spirits is great, and the destiny of these fallen beings is sad.
184. (Guru). You keep, keep, keep, all strength of mind having collected because the last days come, days of a black Eyelid leaving forever, days of Cali Yugi. They are considered. But that growing furious the leaving darkness will prove and rage. Look, what terrible things occur on a planet! Murders, violence, poisoning with gases and bacteria is all arsenal dark in the application, all forces in operation. Also the great crimes which are violating the rights of the people on life are already openly committed. Deification of misanthropy! You keep, the friend because the darkness goes to approach
185. (M. A. Y.). Harp of the spirit that is set up in line with the Hierarchy of Light, takes and passes a note point, vibrating body in space. To listen sensitively to it and not allow zealous bustle of its sound choked. Need exactly accord, because the sounds of the Earth may drown out the without-sound wave space. It's not easy to move away from the living dead, since she is dead in spirit, in the bustle of the obviousness of it very tight loud, so loud and aggressively noisy that inaudible wave-catching hard to unusually thin areas. But, spotted, they note. Are not marked, they are forgotten quickly and drowned in the noise and chaos of everyday life. Subtle perception requires a very careful and caring relationship. Otherwise they are drying up for the Earth.
186. (March 18). Devachan's inhabitants are shipped in a subjective condition, enduring in various variations the best and strongest impressions of the last embodiment. But some inhabitants of Spheres of the Highest are in other condition of consciousness and actively work, carrying out various instructions of Hierarchy. Very strong spirits having a large supply of mental energy refuse Devachan, devoting itself to service to General Welfare. When Earth is sick when Cali the South comes to an end, they can't depart from works on planet rescue, plunging into a state of bliss of subjective experiences. Eventually, this condition is too Maya known type, however, Maya of the Elevated World. In this question a lot of things depend on conscious aspiration of spirit to work on the general advantage. For many the statement about desirability of work of the person in a one incarnation condition strange sounds, but the Brotherhood and all Hierarchy of Light stay in continuous works. Work joyful and voluntary represents itself a lightful condition of spirit, in whatever there was it to a cover. Each worker earns to himself by work the right to an entrance to bright future. But the fate of the sluggard and the idler is unenviable. Work not only people. Bees and ants work, beavers work, work many bird species and animals, the apple-tree works, bringing a rich crop. Each sunflower seed works, yielding a harvest. Work is the phenomenon universal and space. Work on transformation of crust is great and is long very much. As a matter of fact, life is there is a continued and continuous work of all real on development, thinning and improvement of all forms shown in the world.
187. (M. A. Y.). If attentively to watch expression of portraits or images of the persons having for you special value, it is possible to notice that it constantly changes, and every day is in this regard new and isn't similar to the previous. It already is phenomena of the Thin World. They can amplify up to that the person will come to life as though and contact will be absolutely concrete. It is so possible to receive something very useful to itself and surrounding relatives.
188. (March 19). The body as a bird in a cage, it is concluded in limitation of dense conditions and is attached to that external restriction in which is. But the spirit is free, but the thought is free. This freedom of spirit and thought needs to be realized before to use it. Flights of thought are certainly useful because tear off from a dense environment, silence hearing – too because isolates from external conditions. It is necessary to understand that a body – a dungeon into which the spirit is put. And how to be released from a dungeon, if not to understand, what is the spirit in prison? But the majority of people doesn’t understand and therefore don't think about any release. Releases thought. There are no such conditions which vicious circle the released thought because also release – in the spirit of couldn't overcome. And the spirit, which has realized eternal, timeless essence, is over everything and over all temporary and passing. The crucial role is played by the one whom and then the person will read himself. It is a lot of names and labels people by situation, an origin, a post, specialty, a profession and so endlessly thought up to themselves, without understanding that the spirit has no all these differences, except one, usually lost sight, namely – light full. Already in the Thin World all differences and distinctions terrestrial disappear, and other measures are applied to the person for definition of its situation on a life ladder. It is possible to start destroying in the consciousness value of all terrestrial differences human and to apply to itself spirit measures. It isn't necessary to speak about it because many won't understand how didn't understand, pursued and drove all spirit carriers, but it is necessary to think. The person entering into the World Thin under the sign of spirit, – is free, but under freight of differences human is Maya slave and terrestrial remnants. Truly – the Kingdom of other-worldly Spirit, the world of illusions of evidence dense, and not from seductions it the astral world, but above. This Kingdom of Light where we Call all, born from of spirit.
189. (M. A. Y.). We are reported in the spirit of, crossing commonness borders. Time not imperiously over spirit, though subordinates to itself a body. The feeling when time ceases to be is very significant. Time is from a body and of terrestrial feelings. The world terrestrial lives on hours and without time aren’t thought, but in the Thin World usual idea of time disappears. The oath Angela in the Apocalypse that time won't be is very symbolical and full of the deepest sense.
190. (Guru). Feels burning heart approach of augmenting term. Both signs are given, and thoughts are sent generously. Both the Beam is strengthened, and the space is strained. Also the darkness in the last desperate effort opposes to Light strains in space. Menacing and heavy time, but full of spiritual lifting and of pleasure for those, who meet it under the Beam the Lord.
191. (M. A. Y.). Accumulation of various qualities and properties of spirit happens during very long time. Therefore and release from undesirable qualities requires certain time. At an aspiration steadily they disappear themselves. At fiery lifting their burden isn't felt at all. Fire – the liberator. Care of, how rouse of flame. The Proximity which solves a way is determined by fires of heart.
192. (Guru). Let's collect on devotion and aspiration. And to everyone a place we will find. Nobody will be forgotten. The field for the energy appendix is great. Work on all will suffice much. The need is great in knowing and prepared. Each particle of knowledge is useful. Will plant trees and shrubs in the knowledge desert is a feat.
193. (March 21). Anyway, but the World New is included into consciousness of the person, even if it against it. Persecutors, following for pursued, are involved in a magnetic field of an attraction of its aura and finish that start imitating. People try to fight against the Great Plan, without understanding that against Space Will they are powerless. So, the Plan drawn up by Lords is carried out. It is good to move already now itself into its orbit and to be approved in it. Voluntary and conscious participation is very valuable. The basic principle of the Brotherhood – freedom of human will. The difference between the action of the slave made on coercion, contrary to his desires, and action, absolutely free is great. Our creativity is free. My kingdom is Freedom Kingdom. Freedom is understood as action within Space Laws, in the full accord with them, but not to them contrary to.
194. (M. A. Y.). The imagination is important still that by means of thought it will outline a circle and limits of opportunities of one incarnation of spirit. But it is good to mark them now, without limiting itself to evidence dense. The imagination has no borders, except what are outlined by of thought. Potentially the thought isn't limited. To spheres of boundless freedom of lightful shining thought the Lord Calls us.
195. (Guru). Each provision of the Doctrine of Life can be considered as a starting point for thinking or a springboard for aspiration of thought in the future, to the world of boundless opportunities. Not to stop on the stiffened formulas, but to move thought, to expand it, to increase its elements, creatively it directing, will be the correct solution of a question stopping the phenomenon of dogmatism or a delay on one place. We rejoice when we see growing, self-proceeding thought, instead of repetition of someone else's words. Beams self-proceeding identifications of fiery potential of spirit arising in freedom are so approved. That is why the Doctrine of Life doesn't give the finished formulas, giving that an impulse for independent advance of thought.
196. (March 22). Let's not impoverish themselves derogation of the opportunities. They are boundless, but not in a physical body. The spirit is boundless. Esteeming itself a body, we limit themselves it to opportunities, spirit including them, we aren't limited to anything. As whom it is considered, that and we become. "You are gods" how even more clearly express possibilities of spirit? To liberate of spirit, it is necessary to give freedom of thought as the thought holds down, but it can give freedom. Believing in Me has eternal life and of freedom. It is necessary to show belief in the Teacher in the face of evidence dense and to all contrary to. Because people lost belief in greatness of spirit, and the person considers himself by a body, but not spirit, the identity proved by the passport and the certificate on education, the personality holding a certain position. The person put himself into a cage of various representations, without wishing to recognize that all of them temporarily. But the spirit is free from them because the passport has, houses terrestrial, even no name, and is more true – new in each new embodiment. However, the intimate name everyone has spirit but who knows it? At a baptism fiery it becomes known. Human are forgotten in time. When the power over consciousness is reached and the primacy of spirit is recognized, Prometheus breaks chains terrestrial.
197. On what great stumbling block there was a spirit? Name to it egoism. There is no place to it in our Monastery. How our charter was strict, call we Answer always. Means, everyone can come nearer if it is rejected from itself.
198. When spirit life, but not bodies becomes at the center, it is possible to expect stays rich. The magnetic attraction of thought starts working then powerfully. However, attract also any thoughts, but according to the accord. On an environment of the person it is easy to judge nature of his thoughts. Under an environment It is implied, mainly, an invisible mental environment of the person. All have it. Their variety extraordinary is from lightfull shining to dark. Everyone is connected by invisible threads of an attraction with it conformable layers of space which, in turn, support and feed this environment. It can be built consciously, directing thoughts in this or that orbit of an attraction. The Teacher and his World will be Light Orbit. Hierarchy Focus will be the center of Light. The choice where we will direct depends on the person, if only not in darkness. Each kind and light act and each light thought, because lightfull magnet they is valuable. There is a wish to tell all: have in itself at least Light sparkle that was to what to put.

199. (M. A. Y.). It is good when is what to distribute and then to share. The majority has no anything. Be not confused that there is no coming. Will come, and in a set. Give time. Everything is good in its season. Now – to save up yours that was what to distribute. It is necessary to save up enough to satisfy all who will come. By the saved-up quantity of seeds it is possible to judge the size of a field of crops; stock up for the future. Go consciousness that each particle can be useful. Spirit hunger is great. The beef is you, waiting Arrival.
200. (Guru). How everything will come true? Let's not guess. Ways are inscrutable. But ready it is necessary to be to meet waves of events exactly fully equipped with readiness. Readiness is magnet. Let's come to those who are ready, and then we will call. Who isn't ready, long they will need to gather, can be late. But you will wait in readiness, and we will strengthen your readiness on degree of your aspiration in the future.
201. (March 23). The thought creates achievement. "Life is transferred to of thought", and of thought the consciousness changes. Care of thought. In the Beam there is a transformation. Understanding of in the sent Beam does process immutable. And all shortcomings regenerate in positive properties through related contrasts. When is what to change, move it is possible surely? Only lukewarm consolations have no because they have nothing transmutation (in spirit merits). At ardent aspiration it is possible not to be confused the shortcomings because it is a material from which advantages are created. "Come to Me all" whoever you were and whatever imperfections were burdened. Only come, only direct. In My Tower I Will pour, I Will melt them everything into precious metal, but on condition of fiery, ardent, inflexible aspiration. Spirit transformation – process bilateral, it goes and for My part, and from spirit going to Me. Call under My Banner is turned to everything, everything, everything, except for hierarchy dark and those who irrevocably betrayed itself to darkness. But to everyone addressed to Me even if it dark, hope I Give (on rescue). Its light is available to each breath.
202. (March 24).Aspiration to Me I Give gift of eternal life. But the acceptability because life depends on acceptance in consciousness or denials of this idea also is necessary. Let this approval by the strange won't seem. After all when the body dies, life is transferred to consciousness but if it denies life and considers that it died, power of own thought the person of life deprives. Therefore the statement and denial have such huge value for life in World Aboveground. The simple belief that the spirit doesn't die, grants to the person there the right to life. But for this purpose it is necessary to believe. Not in any ceremonies or doctrines it is necessary to believe or join external forms of religion, but to recognize immortality of spirit and possibility of existence out of a body. For those who visited still during lifetime the Thin World in the thin body, any proofs it isn't necessary. But ardent negate won't believe such certificate. Fortunately, the science definitely goes that being convinced of reality of the Thin World by already purely scientific way. So association of the worlds comes nearer inevitably. Very few people will dare to object to scientific proofs. However, special numskulls still don't believe that Earth spherical (al). Not wishing something to accept to prove it is impossible. Therefore don't invite on the yard anybody, but carefully meet the looking for. As the sponge, absorbs it each word of the Doctrine Life.
203. (Guru). This holiday is always marked by a consolidation of all recognizing the great Teachers of the East. Unite us with everyone who is close to heart and who is far-sighted, much as we do, to the Focus the light. In unity is the great power. Unite, sweeping away the barriers of distance and all other conditions. The spirit has no barriers and unity in the spirit all the time. Unite same in spirit with everyone who goes there, where we go and we.
204. (March 25). Love gives you the right to spiritual intimacy. Love shatters the barriers of time and space. Love knows no separating distances. Love blurs the boundaries between this world and the order. Love pulse gives with its flaws and fights their win. Love powerfully directs to those whom we love. Love is a great strength, giving birth to direct communication with the hierarchy of light. Love knows no death.
205. (M. A. Y.). Reasons for dreaming can be many. Mental contact, especially new ones, will invade. Dark can toss their take this convenient for them. Always rely on impossible dreams.
206. (March 26). When a good actor is fulfilling its role on stage, he is reincarnated in the image portrayed is itself going through, and the audience gets to experience certain feelings and emotions. But at the same time he always remembers that it's just a game that only real life goes beyond the stage. This is exactly the same and the earthly life is to know that life's a stage. An actor performs a role and the stage will go away. How would the need to learn how to look at you and at life. Only then you can be out of this world, the world of earthly vanity and transient phenomena. But his temporary role should be carried out well and also all work, and its duty to the people. All carriers of light lived in peace, but with his rich, wonderful inner world with all its possibilities, Were They not of this world, because it Understood, that all earthly things are given only at the time and that real life is outside the busy world. They Knew the value of earthly incarnations, and that only by using the full experience of the Earth, Can They move higher and higher on the ladder of light. In wise equilibrium earthly and Aboveground find they resolution of life.
207. (M. A. Y.). Getting ready for life aboveground, you can adopt a range of intentions and the tasks to be performed in conditions out of the dense existence. The last fan out very widely and are limited to only of orphan thought and borders to the capacity of the mind. So the task can be very broad, completely ignoring the fact that it was possible or not possible for life on Earth in a physical body. The certainty that life continues after death of the body, gives life. The confidence and the knowledge that everything on Earth is feasible in the world, opens wide the doors Can all achievements, as are forward I. But approve the direction of thoughts and outline the scope of the above-ground activity of the spirit, and best of all, is still on the ground. Hard to start putting its spirit unsophisticated Outlook on life in the world, the World Can affect the life of Earth, when there are already reap seeding Earth grains, grains planted psych spiritual mental activity of man, when he lived in the physical body. Thoughts, thought out them on Earth, become its integral fellov-traveller, enthralling him in layers of space, nature and essence of these consonant thoughts. And intentions and objectives, and desires of the spirit are there possible. So, thoughts, intentions and aspirations of today approve the nature and light-man life above ground. So is reaping the fruits of it there that sowed in the inner world of their thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds.
208. (Guru). When expanding of consciousness no cannot stop stream of perceived thoughts. Not only reading books and teachings, but of life itself, with thoughtful and analytical to it gives a lot of useful material. Study on of life with every experience, every observation. The school life is not stingy to material was in abundance. It should be remembered that the bitter experience of or heavy more fruit-bearer than a light and pleasant. Bitterness is drawn in the sweetness, and the sweetness is the opposite.
209. (March 28). Not be of mistake, if the process of confirmation of Light in consciousness looks, as of fight with outer counteractions to this aspiration. The darkness takes up arms on daring, seeking to extinguish heart fire. Degree of rouse Light attracts the counteracting force of equal degree. Someone is threatened by demons, and to someone ierofant of the evil. But it is necessary to sustain fight up to the end, without receding from the chosen way. But we do not know other way, except overcoming and fight.
210. (M. A. Y.). Watch attentively alternations of spatial waves. Swelling of darkness is replaced by Light tension, and waves of Light go, all the time amplifying. Very importantly, at a press of darkness keeps of balance. Then there is a spirit impregnable. It is possible to accept in a board all arrows, but on condition of balance. Fight against darkness is the some kind of art demanding both experience, and knowledge, and the main thing, firmness of spirit. It is easy to come to despair from weight of persistence of dark evil-make. But it is impossible to despair because the final victory of Light is foreordained it is immutable. Go, know, that the spirit is indestructible and Light is invincible.
211. (Guru). The pupil is given the Precept of love to people, but anywhere isn't spoken about that the pupil demanded the same love to or appreciation for created by it is kind. Similar requirements would be incompatible with human nature. Therefore Advice is given to create kindly, demanding nothing in exchange that is without accepting a bribe. At a good-creative the bribery is inadmissible because the mercenary good-creative ceases to be that. The Teacher can’t raise a payment for the Life Doctrine. The doctrine is distributed and the good is created gratuitously. This condition is the basic.
213. (Guru). In anticipation of the coming will not disrupt the normal flow of life and rhythm. It is the rhythm takes you through time and space. Not only now, but also in a whirlwind of planetary events and in the world he will remain a solid backbone Can move the spirit. Rhythm of communication is particularly important. You should be able to keep, no matter what changes occur in life. The changes would end, but rhythm remains.
214. (Nov. 2). It isn't necessary to look at opposite circumstances as on misfortune, it is necessary to see a natural consequence of increase of resistance of the environment in it at any acceleration of movement. And this resistance in direct ratio to acceleration force. The powerful engine overcomes any resistance as also the flame of heart overcomes counteracting conditions. Heart, being the center of the sixth principle, is in effect the out temporarily. And therefore all temporary obstacles for it won't be a barrier exactly thanks to their temporariness and a transient. How many they were already in the past, and how many passed, and heart still fights, directing to new victories and new overcoming. Such understanding of heart already provides a victory. Can't temporary compete with the timeless? The spirit which has realized timeless essence can't, to enter into submission to temporary and passing living conditions of the usual. The spirit is eternal and indestructible is a basis.
215. (Guru). With a sufficient depth of the accord with the Source there can't be exhaustion. Means, it is necessary to deepen even more. The wealth and variety of world around give incalculable quantity to those. It isn't necessary to go only coming tracks. There, really, all can be settled. Novelty and originality – destiny of those who knows that imagination in the creative plan isn't limited to anything. Outside a commonness singularity and outside exhaustion – inexhaustibility begins. Even somehow it is necessary to come off own thinking to concern immensity of creative opportunities of consciousness.
216. (Apr. 3). The thoughts generated in the past and sated with force of fires, in time don't die, but continue to live and the influence beget. If they good and from Light, the benefit that, who them beget. But, if from darkness, both passions, and defects, they don't leave beget, yet won't settle on him the force up to the end. It is possible to struggle with such thoughts, only having opposed them thoughts of more powerful potential, but opposite on essence. Difficulty that former thoughts arose under the influence of passions and the feelings needs to be caused opposite feelings not a habitual way, but a conscious, mighty strong-willed impulse. Also it is necessary that this fiery effort of will exceeded the tension of the former passionate feeling which has generated in the past strong negative thought. Having been obese, with similar thoughts it is easier to fight and bridle them, without allowing them to seize consciousness. But in World Aboveground where everything becomes aggravated and aggravated and where the thought undividedly dominates, with the similar phenomena fight is complicated extremely. Thoughts can capture consciousness, seize it and cast the person into spheres of similar related thoughts which will involve it in the vortex funnels. Fight against the negative thoughts generated in the past, has to be complete on Earth, while the person in a body that there, in World Aboveground, quietly and imperiously to tell: "Generations of elements, I am not afraid of you, you can't stop a way, me specified".
217. (M. A. Y.). If the man in your life does not allow some unwanted thoughts and actions, and in the dream they made with lust, so these thoughts and feelings they have not been eliminated completely. Solid and strong orders at bedtime will prevent such events. But if being attracted to him in the depths of consciousness is not yet fully extinguished, the roots of evil are still alive; the sowing of grains is worthless favorable external environment to again disband their poisonous shoots. Capricious beast put on the chain. Astral, animal origin in man is the same beast, unless he be tamed and bridled. It means, then and should be put on the chain. You never know what it feels like: he likes excess in food and drink and rampage in excesses of feelings and promiscuity of psychic energy. Astral will view our willfulness and all sense of his limit takes control. Astral, an ancient enemy, is persevering, sophisticated, and Heather, and much-experimented in the spirit. No wonder the ascetics trying to master it and subordinate it by fasting and prayer, and day and night vigil, and hardly a feat permanent. Others wore chains and “vlasânicy” (clothes of eremites) and even torturing My body lashed and other measures to curb this irrepressible shell only. But Yogi Leads this battle begins, spirit, because one knows that winning the spirit gives him power over the astral.
218. (Guru). Knowledge of the abstract, theoretical, and practical knowledge, living, applied on personal experience, different from each other that the first is not an inherent property of the person, while the latter applied; giving the Bowl deposits of crystals lights becomes incorruptible, indestructible acquisition of spirit. Because any authorized practical knowledge related to Teaching Life is definitely useful. This is the path of Yoga, the yoga of fiery claim knowledge by hand and foot of human hands put things: legs allow you to move along the path. Yoga is a path of living ethics teaching application in life.
219. (Nov. 4). Signs are given in big abundance. Signs are given in order that the consciousness was quite prepared for the Traced Terms of events. It is possible to show usefulness of actions in balance and tranquility. Defeat by surprise can deprive of the necessary tranquility. Therefore signs are given in advance that the surprise turned into an expected of waiting. On a key of surprise streams of events will begin to flow, but the prepared spirit will meet them in readiness, and then it will be easy to avoid shock surprise, the shock, able to cause paralysis of nerves. Even miracles, when they become expected, will painfully not strike any more consciousness and will allow meeting them in full readiness. Well in imagination mentally to imagine the going future and, so to speak, to rehearse the meeting quiet and constrained with it. All possible options can be imagined, keeping mentally balance. Generally speaking, the mental behavior in the face of the possible phenomena, carried out in advance, will allow to meet adequately and fully equipped most striking or difficult circumstances. The astral seeks to fall in these cases into unrestrained delight, either confusion, or other extremes, but it can be put firmly in a strong framework of restraint and self-control. Only all this should be made in advance, and then undesirable disbalance will be possible to avoid easily
220. (M. A. Y.). Here someone settled all subjects; someone expects inspiration while behind inspiration it isn't necessary to go anywhere. It is necessary to approve only a rhythm uninterrupted, and then so-called inspiration, or ability to create, will come freely and naturally, without any squeezed-out efforts. It is possible to study at the sun, ascends every day steadily.
221. (Guru). Friend Mine, it is joyful to Me to feel and know constancy and your devotion. Yes, you will be approached on usefulness and devotion. Time goes when sang and fruit-bearer it will be possible to reap from all your works, both aspirations, and desire to work with the Lord and us for the public good. Any effort in this direction won't go to waste, but all efforts will bring the kind consequences. Not those who forgot and a hand I sat, having but you, workers on Light field, the first Will call for action. And this Call will sound on a key of pleasure and ardent delight of spirit. Yes there will be to you a benefit.
222. (Nov. 5). Emanations of grief and surrounding do sad, and pleasure – on the contrary. Radiations of the person influence and change the world. Better most to change people, than to change under their darkened influences. And even the compassion let doesn't turn Light into darkness. Unless there can be a yogi a weather vane for others wind. The recognition border between influence of a spatial note, or currents, and an astral of the biped is thin. And how it is possible to submit to influences of the person who hasn't subordinated fury of an astral to the will? Once again I Speak: you store balance.
223. I want to lift consciousness over the abyss of life and all the time to hold it over a current of a stream of commonness. This task especially is hard when the press world is so great. But it is impossible to be tightened in funnels of whirlwinds terrestrial: darkened reason also will deprive of balance. As mistake will consider that the judgment Kingdom of Light will suddenly descend to Earth. And it is necessary to worry still before it will be approved much. The current state of the person so is still far from it that without shocks not to enter into the intended future. And, what sufferings it is necessary to pay an entrance depends on the mankind. But the real condition can't proceed further as conducts to the unpredictable. Where will accept the future rather, cataclysms there won't be necessary. Where completely will accept, there quietly and peacefully the New World will enter. But darkness and antagonism strongholds to Light will be compelled to leave a planet. Terrible of time of planetary shifts is full reorganization of all life.
224. (April 6). When enter a stream of events, don't forget that the rhythm established on years remains invariable for all future time. In a tuft of events no heavy a rhythm forget and give in to influence of the passing phenomena. But the rhythm is most important because allows to keep constancy of Communication. Waves of events will pass and will be replaced new, but the Silver Thread – over everything that passes by consciousness, over the dense and the Thin Worlds. As often flashing waves of the external phenomena, especially if they are expensive to heart, want to accept as something approved strongly, but I Is the Alpha and Omega, and strongly it is possible to build or approve only on Me. It would seem intense, active life full of vigorous actions and is that, on what it would be possible to lean. But the Fiery reality is concentrated in invisibility, in the Fiery World, and dense visibility – only the weak, distorted and incorrect reflection of the Highest World. And still, despite it, the world dense is the world of the reasons, and Thin – the world of consequences, and Fiery – synthesis of that is reached by spirit in the two first and that is collected in them for conscious life in the last.
225. (M. A. Y.). Miraculousness of the future let won't cover all difficulty of the statement of new consciousness among participants of the New World. Not be able of consciousness of volume in itself at once everything that is necessary for understanding and perception of the Doctrine. The way will be laid by science and the closest opening of the future. The doctrine of Life and science will go hand in hand. Immemorial fight between two antagonistic directions – spiritual and material will stop. People will understand value and matters, both spirit and impossibility to separate them from each other. Everything will rise on the place, and each phenomenon will take a place belonging to it in the general scheme of things.
226. (Guru). Well? It perfectly, it is necessary to enter the future with well acquired knowledge of a human nature. The naive affection masks don’t suit for life construction. But the knowledge it won't be condemnation, but the accounting of opportunities of everyone come nearer. And mistakes will be less, and also of sham and disappointments. The knowledge of the person will be simple. Usually people or allocate with advantages which they don't have, or what they have taken away from them. Reality distortion turns out. The impartial knowledge of the person is necessary. And then it will be impossible to burden already someone with undeserved trust or to offend by mistrust.
227. (Guru). Every shipment of paintings certainly is harmful. And yet they sometimes carry. Even were the artists- itinerants. If the benefits of seeing them exceed the damage caused by cloths, the movement is acceptable, especially if the packaging and transportation are in good hands. The range of distances too should be taken into account. Short distances aren't so harmful, and better not a cold season. Of course, this is permissible by way of exception.
228. (Nov. 9). Build your future in the present. This understanding excludes error and acquiescing to his weaknesses and shortcomings. Anything you cannot give your heart to transients. Affection is the everlasting.
229. (Apr. 10). I repeat: the acceptability of the heart must be open towards the ongoing happiness. And because the old consciousness in judgment, upcoming future does not pull through, it replaced when followed the formula of "let him deny himself." Selflessness this is pointless without an adjunction to its Hierarchy. Thus, the process of transformation is built on removal from yourself, your self and personality, and the adjunction. And then the former generals will not and will not come for more than the heart. The world is mine and it will replace everything that previously occupied the minds and formed the inner world of man. It is necessary to be ready to leave everything and follow cry aloud.
230. (M. A. Y.). Live it is necessary as right and devoted souls, and especially able to love are expensive to us. They are so necessary to us, as well as we of. The need is in each other mutual. The Teacher or the instructor without pupils any more isn't that, as well as the pupils who don't have the Teacher. On usefulness and necessity is a mutually attraction. It is lawful because it is based on magnetic interrelation.
231. (Guru). On a key of full confidence to words sent we will make the next plans for the future. Rather fast the wheel of events slides. To enter in this future in of full readiness, means, take in it the most full-active and of conscious part. Will accept also others, but not in all completeness of cooperation with Hierarchy of Light. Let Eyes and Heart will be open towards to inevitability fiery.
232. (Guru). At approach of terms the quantity of sent signs starts amplifying. But, even being based on them, neither day, nor month, it is impossible to designate years because it will be always wrong. The same circumstance forces to stay in constant readiness, at the lit lamps. If readiness turns into expectation, active and active, and it is good. Better not go out spirit fires in indifference and a divergence
233. (M. A. Y.). The consciousness let will be open towards to the Beam. The acceptability, or openness of heart, is an indispensable condition of perception. Former inaccuracies can't serve in perceptions as an obstacle for new of understanding. The plan is mobile. Changes can be the most unexpected. Readiness includes also understanding of possibility of the fastest changes of all conditions.
234. (Nov. 13). Why one people are ill much, others aren't present? Everyone to some extent is the own doctor. At a conscientious attitude to power of the thoughts and opportunity to influence an own organism it is possible to avoid many indispositions. Soda helps to maintain uniformity of burning and to calm the rising centers. A dairy food is very useful. The thought parcel to sick body with the purpose to raise a pulsation and to cause a rush of blood to it and heat updates fabrics and promotes balance restoration. The first condition – not gives of illness and struggle with it before the end, before of full recovery. Many are ill, hoping for doctors and for drugs, but at all don't use resources of the organism, powerlessly submitting to an illness, without having mobilized own mental energy. Some diseases perfectly give in to self-treatment, but others are very persistent. It is good to approve a habit until then to struggle with an illness while it won't recede. A sound body as fortress needs protection and protection. Mental energy and thought can serve as reliable health protection of a body.
235. (M. A. Y.). Good firm solve once and for all to go without changing the pitch at all and any conditions: whatever happens, whatever happens, whatever thought or perception or consciousness, step into the advance remains consistently rhythmic and hard. Otherwise all kinds of distracting circumstances or setbacks, or the press of darkness may delay. On the road is, despite everything, and the entire contrary.
236. (Guru). The proximity of the Teacher is reached if the Teacher is put above all. Long ago It is already told: "If who loved someone or something more Me, Me is not worthy". This formula remains vital and until now.
237. (Nov. 14). Here is a stretch for people to a burning heart, seeking to get away from him. And receive. But the grilled heart at peace more difficult than sleeping. And don't think getting that, giving them light and heat, giving the heart may suffer alone, and suffering more and deeper than those who receive from him. And yet, no matter how hard someone who is capable of giving, he should do it even when it seems to him that and giving away something for nothing. And gravely, and looked around, and there's nothing that gives joy. But here they are, they are asking for, they want to get at least a small part of the benefits. They need to put aside their grief and burdens. When the giver gives, he being in wants and suffering, it will be a true give good. But giving excess and heart Light merit the execution doesn't have. But has its creative offering in great hardship or suffering and in need of assistance.
238. (M. A. Y.). When the grave is unbearable, consider not do share the Burdens of Lord and not do his works. If so, then know that separating the severity of Burdens of Lord will share His joy in the days of augmenting the victory of light.
239. (Guru). For the reasons it is possible to judge consequences, but under a condition if really to know these reasons. Externally they often aren't remarkable anything, but their internal value can be immeasurably. In Judea crucified three: two robbers, the third – Jesus; and before already narrower crucified. Event externally same, as and being earlier. But consequences from this crucifixion, apparently, an inconspicuous event, aren't settled and hitherto and won't be settled even then when the moon and the sun will come.
240. (Nov. 15). Hardness of human hearts is quite common for the end of the Kali Yuga. This process has all-planet. Incredible, unearthly cruelty comes in many places and is accompanied by bloodshed, senseless killings, torture and rape. But where all is quiet and peaceful, a monstrous indifference to the human misery and suffering. While pain and suffering is now as much as ever. It is not good in the world.
241. (M. A. Y.). And you yourself profess to Light on a daily basis, "the great darkness". Because elemental overflowed, as disbalance shakes the planet and have shrouded in its twilight. And no matter how bright the light in you impair, darkness sets in, and you want strong much strength to prevent it from of instinction. Every good thing has its shadow side. Every of good idea is purposely itself of stewing dark. Times are hard, requiring a voltage of all forces of the spirit. And it is not easy. And to us too it is hard. Stand back, folks. Dates are suitable.
242. (Guru). Well from time to time to stack various lessons of life on the experience shelf. It anything, that at times they are very bitter. But they perfectly arm for all occasions. The knowledge of a human nature is especially valuable. Both friends, and enemies – everything tried to add to experience knowledge of the person. To them we will be grateful for such valuable science; it in the future will help to avoid many mistakes. The nobility of the person – what great achievement!
243. (Nov. 16). The spirit of breaking free of the iron ring of dense wants environment for languishing and suffering in it. "For all is vanity and vexation of spirit. A sighted person is languishing, blind prospered. Question: which is better-a Lee, having begun to see clearly, languish or be content to blindness? "Because in many wisdom a lot of sadness." But why then the wise seeks to multiply the wisdom of knowing that thus "multiplies and sorrow"? But it also Said that "there is a special joy of wisdom", meaning wisdom brings not only sadness but also joy. But the joy that is not of this world, the joy of the perfect. Higher realms above-ground World resound with joy, not comparable with anything on Earth. Referring to her, it is no longer possible to trade on, admittedly imperfect and transient joy on Earth.
244. (M. A.Y.). How many unfulfilled Promises! Why? Because whether that the Plan changed, either perceptions were incorrect, or Promising didn't execute what was promised? It is necessary to think over it. There is also one more reason: Apostles waited for Arrival because It Told that Will come. The hope was given. Whether for this purpose, that it was the Torch of Light directing in the future? And the Promised Arrival all the same will take place, only not in those details in which it is expected by followers of the Christ.
245. (Apr. 17). As a matter of fact, all Way consists in consciousness expansion, and feet here at anything, that is not external movement, but advance on the way is defined by internal state. It isn't so difficult to understand it, and still, despite simplicity and availability of this understanding, people in search of Light always aspire somewhere that somewhere outside, but not in to find this Way, but long ago Is already told that "God Kingdom in you is", and it isn't necessary to go anywhere, and it isn't necessary to look for anywhere, as soon as in depths of an own being. All searches outside didn't lead to anything. "Az Is the Path, Truth and Life", but "I in you, and you in Me" and therefore, it is necessary to look for inside. Whether it is possible to look for in books? Books help disclosure of own essence. So, from inevitability of self-cognition not leave anywhere. Long ago It is already told and about heart treasure. Nowadays to it "Bowl" – the carrier and storage of all accumulation and as achievement of the future – the fiery centers is added. Everything is concluded in the person. The highest creation of Space comprises everything. The person is the Alpha and Omega Real. It is possible to look for and on Far-out Planets, but not to leave anywhere from the person – the carrier of all grasp and knowledge which were, is or will be.
246. It is a lot of secrets in of Arhat's life. Much Know Our Envoys. Measure of consciousness of people around, or those, who is Meet by They, being in the world, not define and not see of Their depth, and not get into secrets of Their life and communication with Hierarchy of Light. One can be say: Their life flows under the sign of singularity and miraculousness. Let the able to see know and see, that for Us impossible, there is no, at least, in the usual sense this word.
247. (Nov. 18). Clarity and completeness of thoughts, concerning the Teachings, manifested in dreams, show how in the subtle world strong thoughts, accepted and approved in of vigil condition. They will accompany the departed with the plan earthly and after the liberation from the dense body. It's his friends or the enemies, depending on the nature of these thoughts. Observe the thought is the main task of the student. Thought accumulation is him the inalienable property. It is not incidental, but thoughtful thoughts become companions jumping into the world of spirit. Particularly strong thoughts familiar, built into the consciousness of beget. They either raise it upwards, in the higher realms, or thrown out in the lower layers of the astral. Sainthood and makes a fool of the thought. Invisible and bring our apologies on Earth, it is the world's dominant Aboveground, for everything there is a thought.
248. Trains from prayers for the Earth wanted to talk about. Indeed, it can be converted into the world again through Thin, as if charting his first steps. Of course, the true farewell is consistent with the nature and the nature of emptied from the body of the spirit. Good and prayer. Waking up from sleep (following the Thin world), he can implement sent thoughts and they will ease his path. The dead are often full of confusion and inability to navigate in the new environment. Instructions can help a lot and a lot easier.
249. (M. A. Y.). People, for the most part, go into that world was not prepared for it. Assistance from someone who knows would be very useful. Help wherever we can help where the idea might fly.
250. (Guru). Precision, clarity and conciseness expressed thoughts available few. This quality of thought could be further deepened, and that thought has got short chased formula. Note the wording of the thoughts of Christ. Hammered though many of the surviving distorted, but even so, there is still coined and clarity to these formulae how would crash into consciousness. We must learn to think clearly, concisely and beautifully.
251. (Apr. 19). It is easy to imagine what is filled with ambient atmospheres mentally. Human thoughts and feelings erupt into space and of suffocation of their terrifyingly operate on the poisoners. There are especially hard on sensitive organisms. Self-defense facilitates provision, but completely isolate you from these impacts cannot be poison-bearer. It poisoned the air you have to breathe. Mob human are especially dangerous to those layers that are created around them unruly and dark mindset. The more sensitive the organism, the stronger is the desire flee from the poisoned atmosphere. Circle of despair was such as it relates to the external environment and situation. Internal despair not, since Communion with the hierarchy destroys it. Spirit cannot be put in an impossible position. Though perforation any obstacles, but karmic inevitability of dense conditions still have to undergo. But everything has its time and date.
252. (Apr. 20). If it were possible learn to hold in the consciousness of all that the spirit sees and hears, plunging into the Thin World during sleep that would be a very of great achievement. It's already high level of apprenticeship. As far as difficult, everyone knows from experience. Over time, the dreams will acquire slenderness and consistency. Night and sleep not for sleep but to work on a different plan. Tight body rests subtle work. Slowly achieve the success in this direction, because there is no coordination of the conductors. The tension is inevitable, but overly strain it is impossible, as it is dangerous.
253. (M. A. Y.). Difficult as neither had life, live still need to. So isn't it better to respect the dignity of spirit and performed the conditions of apprenticeship. The all-too-brief earthly existence, so you can spend useless. Consequence’s and results of all the labors of earthly to reap in aboveground. Because so important and the works, and of aspirations. Bothering to generously will reap. Looking for power lights will have aspirations. Wishing there will gain knowledge of what he was not able to achieve in the world busy.
254. (Apr. 21). Mental conversations with people close to heart of the perfume can be searched, regardless of geographical distances and many other conditions. Such talk certainly useful, if excluded, complaints and grievance complaint. And if the reaction is not always clearly visible, you cannot stay in contact without consequences. First, it will reinforce the spatial connection, then it will bring answers to some questions, perhaps not right away, then magneto by the power of thought will attract invisible right knowledge. In this connection, a lot of instructive pieces take place in a dream. A whole science is how to translate the subtle impressions in terrestrial consciousness.
255. (M. A.Y.). Love gives you the right to pretty much gives you the right to something that does not reach any meditation or exercise. She claims the closest approach. True senses capable of loving heart that intimacy made love, serves as the guarantee of working together in the World Aboveground. Inherently this right if it is based on a fiery, firm and prominent all testing sense.
256. (Guru). If the Earth has more than three billion people, how many there is encapsulated World Thinnest in of one incarnation condition! Obviously, many times more, but one incarnation status typically longer than embodied. It is difficult even to imagine these huge masses of people, and the spirit who was among the crowds and not knowing what and who to shoot. Indeed, it is easy to get confused. It is therefore very important to know where and who to go and exactly who will be a focus of attraction of your consciousness. "Going to fathers – God be with them." The same Goes to me is with Me. «But it is necessary to know firmly, unswervingly, certainly – to who exactly is heart. The casual or undesirable attraction then can't be. But this should be confirmed by aspiration on Earth by accident and not temporarily, but once and for all. Coming to the Lord comes to him forever. So his way of things as claims on the Earth.
257. (Nov. 22). We Sate of consciousness of mankind of proximity and of inevitability of coming changes. Under the Law of acceleration and increase of tension they will promptly be made. And their character will be such is that no counteraction will stop process. The old world could counteract still to efforts human, but before Force Space droops. What helpless before power of the elements discomposed, there are people with all the achievements. Power of Space Will is invincible; power of Hierarchy of Light is invincible!
258. (M. A. Y.). Open your eyes and ears flush – perception must come at not darkened or any personal considerations, concerns or disbelief. Take in of special time. Contact us and let it be especially strong. Entry into the new world is not so wide, that could all enter. Not all will. Someone left behind his gate, among the departing. Purification of the planet from the remainder did leaving race will stage prior to the coming of Age of Maitreya. Spatial Energy high voltage!
259. (Apr. 23). Not such time now that it was possible to be engaged in third-party affairs! In advance preparation consciousness to that goes. Late enough prepare, when of fiery waves aspiration of Earth. All constructions which haven't been approved on Bases will be scattered. Collapse will be great. So the world old will leave in irretrievable more already never to return.
260. (M. A. Y.). We justify even if errors were committed in the name of the new world, but do not condone anything done in the name of the old. The old world is already deprived of cosmically Foundation. Convulsions of peace and all attempts to stay on the planet won't help him resist. Displacement reaction is irreversible.
261. (Guru). The spread of new ideas and the mastery of human hearts are through their thoughts. The thought knows no barriers, no distance. It cannot be stopped. The strength and power of these ideas is that their roots are in the Aboveground World, while old, the founding of devoid of ideas the movable. They are obsolete. Why all the builds on previous Coastal drift erosion destroyed the grounds already inevitable. The victory ensured the conformity of new ideas with the evolution.
262. (M. A. Y.). The event will be coming to everything with the understanding of what is happening. Press energy goes to a known limit, followed by relaxation, purifying the way to promote evolution. Every dam causes resistance that eventually will sweep away her. No intrigues of enemies and effort of the old world deprive of the Homeland our happy, victorious future.
263. (Guru). Ask your heart, and say it is not time to dive into personal interests when world problems on the scene, shaking all the personal and caring. Not the right place to everything that is not consonant with the moment. Now caring one – join the Hierarchy of light and fully enter her care for the planet and humankind, its living today. What can you, small, inconspicuous people living far from the reaches of the external events? Join us completely thought and heart and help us psychic energy of it’s in of arranging world. Really we need helpers, so little from us.
264. (Guru). Work on the transformation of the world is infinite, because the limit of evolution being does not exist. Therefore we must be prepared to work without end and continued in all worlds. So many people dream about the rest in the World Aboveground. Rest need to recuperate, but do not know of calmness Great Spirit. By imitating and following, did not seek the rest and students Great Teachers. Not about the rest but relentless labor thinks them. Conscious, inspired work is the reward of the hero.
265. (M. A.Y.). Share our spiritual heritage is one thing, but to empty his consciousness and its accumulation of rampant distribution is something else entirely. The doctrine says the wisdom of giving, followed by recovery always used psychic energy. Especially avoid the consciousness that become like a leaky barrel – how many poured into it, all the little, because you cannot fill it. And such consciousness at times can be very demanding. But even more dangerous is the psychic vampires, - alien of energy eaters. They should be avoided like the plague. Most people's auras fade, and contact with them has always plagued the carrier of Agni. The Citadel of the spirit is protected by wisely. Apprentice, peculating it is imprudent stock his mental energy is not justified.
266. (Guru). When the external starts influencing strongly both burdening by circumstances and people amplifies, energy of spirit gathers inside. It multiplies a spiritual armor. Usually they can be scattered outside, and on them Agni can flow away. But, collected inside and closed, they will give the necessary protection and force of opposition to an external impact. Life of spirit is very difficult. She demands big attention to herself and careful attitude. Spiritual to acquire treasure very difficult, but it is even more difficult to hold it.
267. (Nov. 27). Everything will pass, but the accumulation of spirit will remain with us, as well as parts of a hierarchical Chain of tied up them. In the infinity of things found a strong foundation and the unshakable foundation of life – the ladder of Hierarchy: closer, high above, stronger and more durable and happiness is above the Earth.
268. Transitional time from Cali to Satia Yugi is considerable that the Gate is widely open for approach to Hierarchy of Light. When Transition will be made, they will be closed again. Those who managed to approach come nearer and establish the next connection will keep this Proximity on whole to the South, but those who didn't approach, will be compelled to come nearer, both to rise, and to win each step of approach to the Stronghold, without having this advantage. Now the moment is important widely opened and given the chance. To miss them – means to miss something very considerable and not repeated. The most intense period of Transition, so heavy and difficult, is saturated at the same time and the most wonderful opportunities of the highest achievements. Then elements will be included into coast, the life happy, peace and light, but the Gate to Light Spheres, open now wide open will be adjusted, will be closed for a fast entrance. Those who with Us arrived minutes of need and tension when the Burden terrestrial was extremely heavy, will keep the right to sharing our pleasure as divided burden of leaving Yugi. Other remained on a planet the entrance will be, of course, available, and will take part all in life happy and light when the world will descend to suffered much Earth and in hearts human, but the intimate Proximity with Hierarchy of Light nevertheless should be earned and approved by a hand and a foot human, that is conscious work, aspiration and work on. From the remained will reject there will be nobody, but it is necessary to come nearer, going the feet and making efforts in the conditions of a peace time. Enlightenments and transformations will be endlessly, but the Gate won't be closed yet. When they will be closed, process of transformation of human consciousness will be included into the usual course. Unknown time of Transition is noted by unknown difficulties, as well as unknown opportunities for directed spirit everyone fiery.
269. (M. A. Y). At a reorganization of the world and shift of leaving energy all garbage, all dark, all subject to replacement strain in identification of the potential. But strain as well Light Forces, and all soldiers of the Benefit and Light, approving the phenomena opposite. Opportunities increase a hundred times – as to Light to rise, and to be overthrown in a chasm. The lifting way is facilitated, but falling is facilitated also. And there are so much consciousness’s already promptly sliding in an abyss. The two polarities of opportunities are caused by collision of polarity. Nobody will think of why to heart at times it is so intolerable heavy. After all heart answers and for all bears a world Burden; but the heart merged with Hierarchy, bears this Burden consciously, dividing thereby loading of Great Heart and feasibly facilitating its excessive Burden.
270. (Guru). And even if water hammer stone, casual looking work in the name of the Hierarchy of Light could not bring their shining accomplishments. And not now, in the twilight of the pre-dawn hours, but in a blaze of light and radiance of the day, you will see a huge field of harvest. Has wrought will reap. If only this was a good seeding. The seeds sown by the time will give especially portions plentiful shoots. May night last forever. It is sure to give way to bright Day of the new Century.
271. (M. A. S.). Darkness is an opposite pole of Light and misfortune and a grief –of happiness. By ant situation it is possible to judge greatness and Light of the future mankind unmistakably. Knowing the Law of a polarity and on a gloom of the end of Cali Yugi, with confidence and knowledge you can tell firmly that Light of the future is great, so great and dazzling that in its light heavy days of grief and grief before a augmenting Dawn will sink and will be forgotten. The lord Will come, Days of Happiness will come. In the spirit is of it. Those, who from spirit will test all its depth, live consciousness of the future, in it are all. Not in the past, not in the present, but in the future the Hall unknown is bequeathed.
272. (Guru). Friend Mine, the Lord Calls you soldiers; ponder in the sense of this word. In it is of courage and bravery, readiness, and concentration, both recognition of the leader and ability to protect, be protected and communication, unification with all other Day breakers and Lords Maitreya, and of opposition to the darkness. Not to settle words of all depth of value of this concept and these duties. Firmness and fortress of all army are caused by firmness and fortress of each soldier separately. Everyone is put on the place, and everyone has the task, and everyone has to execute it not greatly. In due time severely be asked from everyone. And the benefit to the one who will be able to tell that it made everything that it was possible human to make in forces.
273. (M. A. Y.). The permanence of new acquisitions of thought indicates continuity on the path when the process of movement opens up new vistas. So the flow of new perceptions does not lend a helping as long as promotion. Stop cannot be: income will cease. The constant movement along the way is the key to continuing perceptions of spatial flow of thoughts.
274. (Guru). All scoop from Focus of Uniform Light. Other Source isn't present. Scoop and from darkness focus, but it not is ours. For ours the Source one is Hierarchy of Light. As strong it is necessary to adjoin It that not to give in to influence of darkness! Both poles work powerfully. Attraction – according to the accord. As carefully and firmly it is necessary to clear consciousness and heart of any litter, that not phenomenon undesirable attractions. At first clarification, then inspiration, both transformation, and continuous stay in Light
275. (Nov. 28). "You hold My Hand as an anchor. Except a heart thread, there is nothing". I Believe expedient and necessary to accept the lives written for the pupil to steady execution of the rule: constancy of the Face of the Teacher in heart, constancy of control over thoughts, feelings and acts, the constant statement of the traveler of the Great Way to Boundlessness and the temporary guest in the worlds dense and Thin, continuous understanding of Great Presence, continuous following for the Lord, understanding of in both worlds.
276. (May 1). From time to time to observe how the growing consciousness and broadens the horizon, - has established a rhythm. Rhythm provides steadfast promotion. And it becomes difficult to imagine that many not only have no rhythm, but even in General will not seek and did not want anything outside the ordinary desires. This is a different disciple of everyman. On the main direction of the disciple abides in the spheres of singularity. Unusual attracts him: merging two worlds in the mind engages it in the unusual. You can very carefully observe everything, even the slightest manifestation of the subtle world. So many of them around if they paid attention. And the more they paid attention, the greater will be the manifestations. We should all take notice. It's not too difficult, if you drop all unnecessary and bothersome. The ability to watch – quality is very valuable and is rarely used. You can improve it dramatically. Impress image sharpness depends on the development of this quality.
277. (M. A.Y.). As the world of the person, who isn't know about the Hidden Worlds is poor! As his thinking is limited! As it is connected by the ignorance! He doesn't realize it. Animals too don't realize, but nevertheless live. As ales is and of people. Live a half of the being, and another is in hibernation. But there are last days. The thunder of the sleeping will awaken, - and then the awakened will want to know. And then time of Great crops will come.
278. In World Thin less all the modern clothes are suitable. It is ridiculous in space. Simplicity and beauty are combined in attire thin. It is possible to imagine absurd of ties, dress coats, cylinders and so on in World Aboveground. In Light Spheres the spirit clothes Light, and need for similarity of attires terrestrial disappears. In more dense beds the clothes are necessary. Both the attire and the behavior need to be thought over in advance. As unprepared of people enter in the World Thin, where the slightest thought gives an immediate consequence. It is good, if it from Light, and if from darkness? Also at first the food question matters also. The thin body needs a food and eats. Think, as well as it can eat; certainly, not of food terrestrial. But it doesn’t know and continue to eat in a terrestrial way, creating imagination habitual viands. The thin body eats aromas, sounds, color scale, and also Light and music of Spheres. The dense body needs food terrestrial, thin and fiery – elements of the corresponding plans, or the worlds.
279. (May 2). The boundless all-holding space takes in itself enough place for all spirits occupying it, and all types of mineral, vegetable and animal life. It gives the chance to each spirit to evolve in the development and to multiply the power is boundless. It gives the field not limited to anything for manifestation of its creative force, beginning from its most initial steps before creation of planets and the whole star systems. And however many did the spirits possess creative power of space scope and how it was wide and cosmic this creativity, all-holding space is able to include everything. If only creativity it was in a consent with immutable Space Laws of evolutionary essence of the shown world. Myriads of the worlds and boundlessness of space serve as the certificate of this statement. Time is limited to Eternity, and space – Boundlessness. And the Eternity and Boundlessness are in what and where spirit life where it can develop and be improved endlessly will be shown. And there are a lot of monasteries in Space for life manifestation in all variety of its forms. There are worlds where the human spirit reached such degree of power and force which grants the right to call people of these worlds’ gods. But all these spirits which were once people. There are worlds above. In Boundlessness there is no limit to growth of power of spirit. We, who have come from the Distant Highest Worlds, Know the direction of a course of evolution of terrestrial mankind. We direct it to the due course. We Know steps of development of spirit and thinning and improvement of its covers, equipment are dense, thin and fiery which invests and in eons of time will invest of spirit. We Know where evolution of terrestrial mankind goes, and we Direct of. Akasha's last rolls are open before Us, and the future is cast in the crystallized fiery, finished forms. The way of evolution of terrestrial mankind to the future clearly also Is accurately planned and outlined by us. Able to contain we Call with Us in this lightfull future shining by boundless opportunities.
280. (M. A. Y.). Combination of contrasts is Arhat's art and a task of the pupil. How to combine, reconcile and counterbalance the small, limited, gloomy and twilight present with fiery magnificence of the future and to find a way median – here a question which needs to be allowed it practically, vitally. It is necessary to find a balance way. To plunge into the terrestrial – it is impossible, to fly up to Shining Spheres and in them to stay – it is impossible, because terrestrial – Earth. But the narrow track conducting in life, it is necessary to find nevertheless. The doctrine of Life is given what spirit woke up and whose understanding is opened to recognition of both worlds and Teachers of Light. And it already provides also finding of a track of life, and on it advance. Looking for finds, knocking open and directed reaches to what ardently directed.
281. (Guru). From words – to business, from dreams – to reality, from the theory – to practice! Such is a way of realization of the most bitter to the most sweet. Future Epoha Maitreya is the Era of transformation of the modern person in that spiritual being that will dump from itself fetters of imperfection of the past. Without this transformation into the New World not enter. But how to make this process if the purpose for the sake of which it is carried out is unknown? Therefore first of all it is necessary to understand sense of occurring changes in the world, their value and hopelessness of old world irrevocably consigning to the past. Not last, but future; not the world old, but New is from now on put by the purpose of aspirations of the consciousness awakened to reality. And in this aspiration heart is put. And what is given heart, gains special vitality, firmness and force.
282. (May 3). The time will come when a person reaches the point of the power of the spirit that all he can create in his imagination will create it and in the world around him. This time is still a long way off. But even now, in the world of Thin in a State he created. In Devačane, this feature is not limited by anything except the human capacity to think, that is outside the range of his thinking. But this ability is so powerful that it creates forms for him thoughts become reality, the only visible and felt them reality in which he lives, unaware that these are only the fruit of his own creativity. But all this is illusion subtle world. And the average person, while in Devačane and not having any power of the spirit, in the exact sense of the word, yet there can do their surroundings. But it is about real, fire power, when the spirit is not in Devačane, but in space as a dense, and overhead the world creates objective form objects, things and phenomena that are visible to the inhabitants of these worlds and actually exist as real as there are stars and various forms of life. To this creative Call you.
283. (Guru). At a known step the pupil usually seizes three spheres of reality, be this art, philosophy, medicine or area of technical knowledge. But it has to seize them in perfection. It is wrong to think that the pupil plunges only into area of the thin phenomena and phenomena. Yes, plunges and, studies, but thus strongly standing on Earth and improving the skill on purely terrestrial and material subjects and knowledge branches. Behind an example it isn't necessary to go far. Leonardo da Vinci in this regard was a worthy example. The hand and foot human and on Earth reach the highest abilities of spirit.

284. (M. A. Y.). "In the past, all burned to a fiery Yoga." It turns out that, setting aside the past, and not thinking about him and about him without remembering, and cutting off the memory of the past, Agni Yogi not only loses nothing, but, on the contrary, fruitful life saturates their consciousness of new additions. This circumstance allows realize why many inhabitants of subtle world not only don't think about their past incarnation, but even not willing to look at the ground. World Thinnest gives such a rich material for the life of consciousness that the Earth is losing interest. But we must, of course, to match the spirit.
285. (Guru). Refusal of the personal past is possible, but only on condition of transferring of consciousness to the future. The new step of achievements wider and is higher than that was in the past. And not in the past in which it is impossible to change anything, but in the future it is possible to reach everything that wanted ardently by spirit. In it is wonderful magnetic force of the future. The traveler of the Way to Boundlessness knows that in time everything is achievable. And if something didn't manage to be reached in the past, in the future at sufficient persistence and aspiration the coolest steps are gradually overcome. Life when unrealized qualities of spirit at aspiration to them and work on them in World Thin in the course of "increase" are realized already into the approved properties because not reached here, on Earth, there becomes achievable is wonderfully arranged. Direct in the future because in it the unattainable is achievable even.
286. (May 5). We Have access to nature archives, Akasha's rolls not secret for Us. Last history of Earth is studied by us rather well. Also We Can see a cliché of historical events of any era and any people. The past lies before Us as the open book. And not this past is burned for Fiery Yoga, but the personal past connecting with these or those living conditions, the past binding spirit to own imperfections, either terrestrial wellbeing, or glory terrestrial and to wealth, the past, holding down terrestrial gravitations and stirring to it to come off them, and to direct in the future, and to ascend from a step on a step. It is necessary to be exempted from such past because it can bind for a long time consciousness and detain spirit advance. It is impossible to look back at such past. The fate of the wife Lota serves as the good danger warning of immersion in such past.
287. (Guru). We should show full readiness to meet in full the balance coming wave phenomena. It is internally, you should prepare yourself mentally to all eventualities. The granite rock of the turbulent sea of unwavering stands firmly and solidly spirit, phenomenon such a commitment.
288. (M. A.Y.). Some emotions that occur in dreams, flowing independently, without participating in them will and even her defiance. This condition must be avoided and reach that dream experiences and emotions were controlled by the will. Say: this is not possible, but a disciple knows that before going to bed, claiming the thoughts about fine thus prevents many undesirable phenomena. This is the first. Second: firmly established moral behavior element awake and largely determines the nature of dreams. However, from the depths of consciousness may not yet fully get rid departure both properties and desires but their willfulness goes above attitude. Third: the general direction of thoughts before falling asleep and aspiration and trainer full-heard in the higher realms are opening entrance in vigor for the consonant. There are also purely mechanical means: aromas, fresh air, and music – in short, the entire harmony consciousness configures. When the whole being strained and sounds on human patron of the wave strivings, sleepy, rather the subtle perception are in agreement with them. Overloaded the stomach makes its relapses in dreams.
289. (Guru). The life river flows, all the time changing the shape. Speed away by a stream of water and flashing foam of events: big and small, personal and the general. And be so flow constantly, - without repeating any stream. But ashore sit the Teacher and with him the pupil. Both look in a stream, knowing that everything will pass, everything will be carried by, but Looking to Be for ever and ever.
290. (May 7). Only our goal is putting badly into good, worst in the best – transmute evil, or transformation of life. Peace is with you.
291. (May 8). Thought is a mental action and as such gives his investigation. These investigations are not always visible, particularly bodily eye. But in the small world they clearly visible, anyway, there are visible Flash and light thoughts. The idea of a living being has a certain impact. If they are not observed, the idea was met with opposition and resistance. Free will and the will of the strongest person, especially not always willingly obeys alien thoughts. But the truth is this: a strong, the trained will Fire the spirit conquers all. We do not interfere in the karma of the human and not Infringe on the freedom of the human will. But guard against dark influences right given to each.
*292. (M. A. Y.). Your situation is complicated by that it is necessary to fight against evidence, approving reality Fiery. This reality was seen by prophets, it is seen by seers, about it Speak the Teacher of Light. It is it exists behind a dense veil of physical visibility. When you begin to see clearly in it, this thinnest sense-knowledge shouldn’t oppose. It is necessary to write down simply feelings and thoughts, but without referring them to certain terms. The fiery reality is sometimes felt so brightly that it seems that it just about will come. The feeling quite right, but to time certain terms almost always is wrong, except for straight lines and exact Instructions of the Teacher.
293. (Guru). Note insolvency of human behavior and acts. Here the person applying for desire to know the Doctrine and at the same time starting to read anything, but only not Doctrine books which has or can get. Here another, the cares and sacrifice given not to people, but a favorite dog. Or the person centered all itself of attention on acquisition of things. All this bears on itself the press of an incommensurability of actions. Observe and study not to assimilate.
294. (May 9). Only the very few consciously can use boundless opportunities of the Thin World. Stir absence of knowledge and poverty of untrained imagination. Pity attempts usually go on creativity on terrestrial ordinary channels. And it connected and limited imagination. Creates thought but if it is farther than terrestrial representations and terrestrial opportunities doesn't go, and products of her creativity are very poor and limits of terrestrial constructions don't leave. Everything becomes as became on Earth: go feet when can fly. Move subjects hands when can do it by thought; talk a voice when conversation can be silent – mental. Eat food usual when in it there is no need. And even are ill in a terrestrial way when the thin body can be free from diseases. In a word, all do as did on Earth while thin conditions demand action by thought to which all submits. But it usually doesn’t know as didn't wish to know on Earth, and to these lose wonderful opportunities of the Elevated World.
295. (M. A. Y.). Life in the subtle world for its inhabitants is as real as for earthlings – life on Earth. While living on Earth, people don't remember life in the subtle world. And there's also overlooked a dense and fully live life interests of peace already, though I still often think and do-over. Knowledgeable and ignoring the conduct there is different like light and darkness. Knowledge is freedom and the wonderful opportunities offered yields above-ground world.
296. (Guru). For the poet and writer, his creativity is limited by the richness of his imagination. Lack of talent cannot do. Similarly, and in the subtle world: one is in a magically-wonderful world where he lives a full, beautiful, full of life, while the spiritual squalor heart breaking in the dark.
297. (May 10). Distance from the modern person to the person of the Fifth Circle hugely. And still it will be overcome. Not in time matter, but in a condition of consciousness. Platon lived long ago, but already belonged to the Fifth Circle. It is necessary to understand that though steps of spirit and are passed in time, however their passing depends on other conditions. First of them is extent of registration of mental and fiery of body. They are issued only at very and the very few. The science about the centers gives an idea of a device structure for spirit. Now living conditions are so inharmonious that the person with the opened centers can't exist among commonness. Even partial open slightly they cause distinguished sufferings. Life on Earth has to change in a root. Otherwise the most distinguished organisms will be lost. Transformation of a planet is necessary for mankind evolution.
298. (M. A. Y.). Small winged cousins – birds during flight cover great distances. Fly day and night, flying the desert and oceans and any weather can't stop flying, and they achieve their goal. They can learn to lead purposeful flight. But there is a feature, and it's that spirit is inviolate and is eternal and in flights to the stars can reach any of them, even superior.
299. (Guru). Faith keeps, all contrary to the end. So you go where the Bishop is calling you. How do without faith, when dense dimmed clear horizon? Without faith it is impossible.
300. Many efforts we are making to protect our loved ones from the invading hordes. But the Bills to pay, and because of Our defense and protection does not relieve from paying a karmic debt. In addition, through the "demons" should get the molestation, not stepping off the chosen path. This explains why the dark yet known by Us, the borders may harm. Of course, We would have been able to dismiss them, as a swirl of dry leaves, but don't do this out of these considerations. Greenhouse plants grow well in greenhouses. But we need hardened by the harsh and difficult conditions of perfume, which traversed within himself all these difficulties and attempts to halt the ascent of dark spirit. And see and know and feel like unbearably hard is our close at times, but give them a chance to establish themselves firmly on their own feet. Go quietly, knowing that We at Not replaceable Patrol.
301. (May 12). Yes! It is valid so: approved on Me builds the house of the spirit on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life. Everything passes because it is doomed to a whirlwind to destruction. But the spirit which has been given rise before of the beginning of times stays for ever and ever. In the spirit of it is necessary to look for the solution of all questions concerning existence of the person. But look for not there; look for outside, want dense to find in the world answers to these questions. But look for in vain. Dense won't resolve secret of human spirit. Roots of life are hidden in the invisible. Real in invisibility it is buried. The one, who lives consciously in both worlds, is open for secret knowledge. The medium too is open for both worlds, but is far from this cognition because concerns the lower class of the Thin World. Only living in this world and in that, in spheres of shining thought, it is open for cognition of Secret of.
302. (M. A. Y.). The feeling of formidability of the received knowledge is correct. It is given for distribution. Here time goes when the harvest season a sowing campaign will begin. Intentionally I speak "harvest season" because work of a donation of spiritual treasures isn't always accompanied by pleasure because demands the improbable tension of all strength of mind. The pleasure will come, but later. This pleasure – special wisdom and this pleasure is perfect.
303. (Guru). And now you can perform seeding, but just the thought of her radiation space forms saturating. Space is the most urgent task of cementing the Hierarchy of light. Bearers of light in this work can help light full form of thoughts by sending Them beautiful.
304. (May 14). As the individually around is perceived by world of each consciousness and each of living being. Different living conditions cause also distinction in understanding. Width and longitude of a place matter. The country, nationality, era, the general condition of culture also influence. The planet and its level of development too matter. As for in general all living beings, it is possible to imagine the world of an eagle, a dolphin, a butterfly and an earthworm. In a word, what world actually, only the Fire Spirit of a high step of development Can tell. For all other beings only that side of the infinite various world which they are able to perceive will be visible. Even the people of an identical level of development living nearby, perceive everyone in own way. In a word, how many minds, is so much and the worlds, and everyone is peculiar and unique, as, however, and human faces, as, however, and every instant lives. It is ridiculous to impose to somebody the belief because it is possible only to put in ready to perceptions of thought consciousness and aspiring to knowledge. How it is possible to convince somebody of something if his consciousness isn't ready? Hopeless is of task. Therefore We Invite nobody on the yard. Therefore We don’t interfere with human karmas. Therefore We Observe the Law of Free Will and we Accept only Us coming and voluntary responded. We are guided by the accord Law, submitting to which mutually spirits ready to an ascension sound.
305. (M. A. Y.). Especially the differences are understood in a Fine ambient world, where everything is perceived in the consciousness and where everything is happening person individually, in accord with his aspirations. There are worlds; drunkards, murderer’s gambler, poet, philosopher and spiritual Warrior differ not only in content, but also on external form, which is not on Earth where the wood and gambler, and poet see one and the same tree, or a cloud in the sky, or the city. In the subtle world, man sees what happens. Because the human world is especially there is individual and subjective. Occurs how would objectify the human inner world, increasingly the thoughts become to him his external surroundings, consonance with certain segments of the subtle world. In this and the blessing if those thoughts are bright and beautiful, and condemnation, when from the
306. (Guru). If to withdraw memory of the past from consciousness, having left the person ability of thinking and having placed it in absolutely new and happy conditions, he will live in them, without having lost consciousness and without thinking at all that was once. The person suffering from loss of memory of this or that period of life and even forgotten name can nevertheless continue to live. In the Thin World loss of memory of the past – the phenomenon usual, and it doesn't prevent inhabitants of the extra dense World to lead a bright and wonderful life. Having forgotten any word, the person doesn't lose the "I"; also as if in the conditions of forgetfulness, more wide on the scales. Not in memory, but in consciousness that is most important in the person is concentrated.
307. (May 15). (M. A. Y.). But "in the darkness outside will be weeping and gnashing of tooth-". Why is hope for a different future? Global madness multiplies rapidly. Can you live, feeding on the horrors that are happening in the world? Because the Teacher Directs the consciousness in other spheres, which do not reach the bottom layers of whirlwinds Ross DeWitt. How beautiful was the guru his earthly path as flame sounded around it calling the future and how it inspired not only him, but also all who was in contact with him and could consonance him in aspiration? Live and you are fired with the hope that the new heavens and the new Earth, judgmenting people will become reality for humankind, for, verily, this should be.
308. (Guru). We prefer flight of the fiery dream directed in the future to twilight vegetation in illusive evidence. The dream conducts, the dream directs and inspires on a feat. But on what inspires a narrow-minded bog? The only thing that can rescue the inhabitant is a continued work, work honest, intense and joyful. The way of work is the most right way of a kindle of fires. Now, when there is a prompt reorganization of the world, rescue only in work. The doctrine of Life speaks about work infinite, work in all worlds and on all planets. Fire Great Spirits, to the Highest inclusively, Stay in works continued. The spirit is higher and works are more majestic than it also the fiery. Rest isn't present in Space, work all.
309. (May 16). Whatever huge riches the person how his terrestrial power was great owned, he leaves from Earth, leaving everything on Earth. Also leaves with anything, and comes too with anything. Everything with what comes and with what leaves, is concentrated in the spirit of, in the Bowl of its accumulation. From here is absurd of terrestrial property. Time when people will understand it, and, except violent few clothes and very few personal belongings will come, the will be nothing. With change of a place of stay there has to be a security on a new place and housing, and necessities. Both to come and it will be easy to leave, both within Earth, and within Great Borders. Gradually people will understand, what encumbrance is represented themselves by things and as all is excessive and unnecessary what now people greedy own. In the Stronghold the similar order is observed. The consciousness is exempted from things. It is realized that the property is one of types of the hardest slavery. Many types of various prosper among mankind. Tragedy in that, what it is isn't realized. Slavery at fashion, slavery at various conventions, slavery at the standard opinions and belief, prejudices, superstitions, ignorance’s, fear, passions, desires and so on. As a matter of fact, the modern person is a slave to everything not realizing the chains that it surrounds. And, over everything, the slave to an own astral. When it is spoken about release from anyone slavery, bear in mind extremely of ample territory of human properties and of features. Both earlier, and now people are divided into slaves and free, only free spirits from any slavery is insignificant a little. It is impossible to be released, without having realized holding down freedom of spirit of chains. Freedom, in the usual sense this word, doesn't exempt the person from the listed types of slavery. Freedom is in the spirit of. But who will understand and will agree with it? The Life doctrine freedom to people bears also understanding of illusoriness of terrestrial property.
310. (M. A.Y.). When It is spoken about Maya, the concept should be taken it in very wide scale, having added to it Maya of the Thin World and Devachan's illusion. The Maya accompanies not released spirit in all worlds. And only the Fiery World opens a gate to true freedom. We expand understanding of freedom to extreme limits. Not Released Platon called the connected souls. The millennia passed since the time of Platon, but people are still far from understanding of true freedom. The era of Maitreya will be approved under its banners.

311. (Guru). Possibilities of thought are boundless, but demand understanding. After understanding experience of practical application follows. Experience takes a long time rather all the time which is and will be. From the contact with of thought not leave anywhere. Consolation and pleasure in that, the choice of thoughts depends on the person. Friends of people choose to itself, in the same way and thoughts. From friends it is possible to leave, but from the elite and the accepted thoughts – anywhere. It is good to show care in a choice of thoughts, knowing that the chosen thoughts remain with us.
312. (May 17). Each person has the ceiling of take-off above which it can't rise. But it has as well a floor that is the lowest level below which it can't fall. About this last it is for some reason spoken very seldom. And meanwhile many are trampled down at the lowest marks, though have opportunity to rise. We Chow to go on tops – it is possible to get stuck in lowlands. But, what whys make in the poisoned atmosphere of Earth? Spatial poison extinguishes the lightest flashes. And not one effort, but a number of rhythmical, persistent, repeated efforts is required to keep at height. In it is all difficulty of life of the modern hero of spirit. Earlier devotees could leave in the woods and there find a privacy. But now the thought spatially isn't limited in the distribution as it was before. From thoughts spatial, from the poisoned thinking of sets of darkened consciousnesses not leave anywhere. The bowl of poison should be enjoyed completely and to the bottom. Therefore the way of the devotee of spirit is so difficult.
313. (Guru). It is possible firmly and to tell unshakably to itself once and for all that there is nothing in the commonness world for the sake of what it would be possible to lose balance. Nothing costs loss of this valuable quality. This thought introduced in consciousness, will help to bridle astral flashes. It is better to lose absolutely for the sake of what the astral is ready to show the willfulness, than to give in to it. It is pity devastated by flash of an astral of people and it is defenseless. You store balance any price. I repeat: it is better to lose everything, having kept balance, than to get or hold something, it having lost.
314. (M. A. Y.). Expectation is great. Remember the picture "Waiting". You start comprehending its sense. Quality of expectation is difficult. In it both tension, and aspiration, and action, and first of all thought action. Inert expectation is fruitless. Wings at thoughtless expectation won't grow. Also it is necessary to know for that you wait. On the channel of the directed, fiery expectation the spatial thought connected with the judgmenting wonderful future of the person will begin to flow. Expectation will clothe a flesh and will pour out in the accurate cast of spatial forms. Silver Bridge in the future is under construction this way.
315. (May 18). Yesterday didn't disappear, but exists in space of other dimensions. Access to the rolls Akasha has High Spirits. It is possible to see a past cliche from any era or the period of existence of Earth. As also the present isn't hidden from a fiery eye by a cover of external visibility. The future isn't hidden also. Limits of the real are moved apart in all directions. These are Arhat's awards for everything that He had to undergo before winning against restrictions of the dense world. But behind top of the achievements mastered by It, there are other tops, everything is higher and higher. And everyone reached above previous, and to ascension isn't present the end, and nobody can tell that it reached the highest top further which there is no place to rise. Boundlessness and here display itself. The Buddha was the person of the Sixth Circle. But for the Sixth follows the Seventh. But and this also it yet the end, as they are followed by a new Spiral of the New Cycle. There are planets of the Seventh Circle, and is above.
316. (Guru). Where the person was and in whatever conditions he was, in thoughts he can always stay with, what wants and where, both anybody and nothing in forces to conclude his thoughts in hopelessness circle. It is possible to conclude a body, but not thought in a dungeon. The thought is a symbol of freedom of spirit. To tear off thought from limitation of a dense environment will be a victory over it. Understanding of freedom of thought precedes spirit release. In the spirit of – freedom and slavery
317. (May 19). Feet go on the ground, and the head is raised to the sky. So, a symbol of a combination Heavenly and terrestrial is the person. Task is in that, what to combine heavy. To come off Earth – means to lose a support, the basis; to plunge into the terrestrial – means to deprive of sense the existence. The median way is a wisdom way, so there were those who left forward.
318. (M. A. Y.). We want to approach a kingdom of not uttered Light to Earth. Early or late, but he to wrap up all Earth, and Earth will light up in Light. This moment we want to approach and the works we send to a name it. For the sake of it also we live. The gap between real and judgmenting to mankind is great future. In time Great Action is made. The way of evolution is immutable. Going to the judgmenting future goes by inalterability.
319. (May 21). Covers have to break off when the spiritual category of the highest tension is passed; storm and of fight, or of fight, then of calm and then opening of veil. Moment is of long awaited happiness. It is so far from the plan terrestrial what to coordinate with the ordinary it is impossible. It is possible to wish, it is possible to aspire, but to combine with it commonness it is impossible. Therefore the way of spirit will be a singularity way. So, following to a cliche won't be a track lit up. And only the few it goes.
320. (M. A.Y.). "Also He Wanted to assign Hands, and was empty a circle". It is empty around. Knowledge desert, spirit desert is desert, or absence of aspirations spiritual. It is the present tragedy. And even the few torches die away under a terrible impact of darkness. The threshold of the phenomenon of Light goes under the sign of an extra dense press of a gloom. It should be known to sustain an impact.
321. (Guru). In the spirit of it is necessary to arrive with the Teacher of Light. Externally it is impossible to change a tide of life, but it is internally possible to strengthen contact and not to come off Focus.
322. (May 22).). Whether "You believe? » Ponder upon value of the question. And, if the answer follows negative, wonderful force will spill in vain, without having brought desirable results. On the accord of consciousnesses the happiness bridge is under construction, and the acceptability is the main condition. Drive away doubts and denials. The bridge thrown through an abyss keeps and has a support on both parties. I want to throw the happiness bridge on your coast, but let's emphasize what. Laws of mental energy have to be observed precisely. Let's put to what. Association demands existence of two consonance consciousnesses. Even voices of the interlocutor can't be heard and understood that he wants to tell, if there is no accord or attention to that he speaks. As it is frequent, distracted by something, it isn't heard the words turned to us. Heart you hold opened towards to everything to what you have aspiration.
323. (M. A. Y.). Ears can be plugged with a thousand moods and stem the flow of perceptions. Also the judgmental of happiness can be closed if access meets his staunch denial and unwillingness to see signs of his approach. Open or closed nature of consciousness allows or does not allow the possibility of many phenomena. Happiness does not drop his misunderstanding, denial, obscuration or concentration not on what is and what should be, and that was before and disappearing. Happiness is inside, but not in the external environment, that are destroyed by light, coming from the essence of things. Spread the faith in the victory of going light.
324. (Guru). Value of denial and influence of this pernicious beginning should be understood in all its depth. If people realized that they and that they lose, plunging into denials, life human would change in a root. Dark very much try over development of this negative quality. Both doubts, and denials, and mistrust are thrown by them on a way of the directed person, knowing as they terribly affect spirit fires. If you want to live and follow the Teacher of Light, destroy in yourself even germs of these harmful qualities. With them not to take place in the future.
325. (May 23). Going to the Name My, goes to the Truth and Life, and goes on the way, which phenomenon am I? Here, that so to go to the Name of the Lord. Sets are tempted with the various baits scattered on the parties, and, of them having been found, with them and remain, deception of these allure won't dissipate yet. The track conducting in life is narrow. Seduced by Maya is stupidly go in twilight and of mist incomprehension. All this strong and completely captures consciousness, and is besides so strong that is forgotten, are how fragile and swiftly transient affairs human. The thought of inevitability of the end still can bring to reason someone, but their number is insignificant. Ruin of the dense world which can't be avoided at release from a physical body, for the unprepared person is dramatic. Therefore persistently and persistently Prepare approached to the Doctrine to naturalness and need of transition to the World Thin and to features and an originality of extra dense existence. All this is much simpler, than it seems. Because, "the death no dreadful of cutting hair".
327. (May 24). We had to concern more than once very various questions in the future again to them to come back and to deepen them. Let's take, for example, a question of compliance of elements, properties and features of different types of a matter which are a part of herbs, plants, birds and fishes, animals and the person, their communication with color scale, sounds and other energy of a various order. The aura of the person is characteristic the flowers. Colors are connected with mineral structure of a body. Herbs can supplement missing elements at treatment. A food of a body is made as well by means of smells, as well as it collapses smells poisonous. Magnetism of districts is of great importance; and, at last, their mental atmosphere. Complexity of all these conditions of Great is. The horoscope allows define features of an organism and its compliance with these or those types of a matter. Metallization of plants gives them the increased resilience. As well metallization of a human body by those metals which it needs increases its viability. In medicine metals have very broad application. Locks treat in the various ways, losing sight most simple and natural, namely: simple baking soda with hot milk. In this case metal sodium works. Soda is given for broad consumption to people. But about it don't know and often apply harmful and irritating drugs. It is important to establish what the organism needs. For this purpose it is necessary to know the Law of compliances. Sometimes the simple sense-knowledge gives exact instructions in requirements of a body. And smells rather aromas, and flowers strongly influence the person. It is area of the next gains of medicine. Herb-remedies will develop and will bring many surprises. It is a lot of useful in this regard ancestors knew. Synthesis of all data of this order is necessary. Otherwise a lot of the useful sinks in the mass of the scattered facts and systematized knowledge.
328. (M. A. Y.). All-planet concerns are so great that the time to give, even loved, little remains. It is necessary to understand and not be upset too, when our attention is diverted to the Affairs of great importance.
329. (Guru). Great patience is required of heading toward the light person to step into the Light and touch the flame. Languished, and Execute strong patient Suffered High Spirits incarnated in the body of the Earth. Thorny and is the difficult path, leading to the light.
330. (May 25). I want to see you soldiers winning. I want to see how nothing will stop you. Association of consciousnesses is as well that at the moments of unreasonable planetary tension pupils help the Teacher to bear the Burden of this world, dividing with It all weight. It tries degree of dedication of the pupil. It isn't enough wishing to take part in work of opposition of dark activity. Here words aren't necessary, but are necessary devotion inflexible and love so strong that forgets about itself and the interests. That is why the loneliness – destiny strong because often minutes of need the Teacher is left pupils and remains nearly one. Both love, and will read, but burden of this world to a bike for not approved in the light of consciousness’s to maintain it selflessly. Delights of spirit and pleasure of inspiration are ready to divide, forgetting that with the Teacher it is necessary to pass through pleasure and a grief and that only on this two-native fire the lightful sword of spirit is shaped and becomes tempered.
331. (Guru). The ascension of spirit goes hope of the future and belief in it. It is impossible to deprive of people of these engines of evolution. Where the person, hopes and beliefs the deprived will go? Experience and knowledge help to understand and appreciate these engines and consciously to strengthen them. A lot of courage is necessary that, knowing their nature and value, nevertheless not to lose aspiration. It is possible only under a condition if thoughts, feelings and acts of the person are in full accordance with his aspiration, hope and belief.
332. (May 26). Thin and everyday occurrences can't be separated from each other; they are so closely connected between themselves. Both that and others sink through a brain and are realized in the regular way, despite distinctions. For example, the thin shapes sometimes seen by people, finally reach terrestrial consciousness and are imprinted in it, though have a structure, other than dense subjects. Both worlds are connected with each other, as different sides of the same coin. If thin phenomenon doesn't reach before terrestrial consciousness, it for and doesn't exist. Thus, as a place of association of the worlds the consciousness, instead of something other serves. The immersion moment in a dream is considerable that on this border there are available thin phenomena even for the ordinary person. Cali the South it was characteristic ardent immersion of consciousness in the phenomena of the dense world. Сатиа the South will be brought by association of the worlds. The window to the Thin World will be open, and the perception real won't be unilateral, one-sided and limited by five time’s physical sense-knowledge. It will change thinking of the person and his relation to life in a root. The person will change, and the planet will change. The new Sky and New Earth become reality carried out that is conscious.
333. (M. A. Y.). Were warned that the end of Cali Yugi will be noted by an ardent, violent, desperate impact of forces dark, an impact the last and hopeless. You feel unknown swelling of darkness and rage of dark activity. If weren't protected, it would be impossible to stand him. But also you should be attracted to Hierarchy very much and to keep inseparably. It isn't necessary to look for simplification in something another because anything else won't give simplification. Thoughts are only about the future, only about the Teacher. Maya illusions won't rescue from darkness. Usual in thoughts a shelter not find. To `1be it will be continuous in consciousness with the Lord the only correct decision.
334. (Guru). Bases of the old world fluctuate and are shaken. All is fluctuates. Collapse the great goes on a planet. Question: how to resist? I will answer: having adjoined Hierarchy of all thinking, all aspiration, all desire and all heart, adjoined completely and continuously. Everything is finished the past, to it there is no return. In the present of a consolation isn't present, there is a greatness, Beauty and Light of the judgmented future. To them also go.
335. (May 27). Now for you it has to be absolutely clear and clear why so persistently and persistently We Direct you in the future, look around. What do you have in the present? As is distant the ideal of fiery of Agni Yoga from that, what live you. But, wisely whether if stamp at place, when all future lies before you as a field of you’re the future achievements. In boundlessness of time impossible becomes possible, and unattainable – achievable. And, if something it is inaccessible now, that at an inflexible and firmness of aspiration becomes immutable available it in the future. The future isn't something the foggy and ephemeral, not having bases and consequences. The future is a field of the spatial grains, giving is immutable the richest harvest on each put grain. People and so constantly reap from last crops, but made in ignorance of ignorance, rage and other pernicious feelings and thoughts. But We Speak about light and pure crops of mental grains on the richest field of space, the crops which are consciously made with understanding of inalterability of shoots of spatial grains. It is necessary to understand inalterability and inevitability of development in time in the future of the directed energy. When I Say, that in the future everything is achievable, I have in aspect action of the immutable Law. When to people it was told: "You are gods", – their time low, biped condition, but shining magnificence of the fiery future, judgmented to them from the beginning of centuries meant not. In summary only I Will add: dare, My children because everything is achievable.
336. (M. A. Y.). Carefully, closely, sympathetically and lovingly notice all the signs coming changes in your life. Each option will bring up your wings and give new strength to lift. Crush all the intricacies of dark and their efforts you drown in the darkness of mistrust, doubt and denial. Approve all given you evidence and darkness contrary and defiance. Wonderful is nearing the time when the wealth of domestic revenue caught overcast outside visibility.
337. (May 28). Because and forward cast our long voyage that anchor the present much more unattainable. And the more abandoned anchor, the easier it gets most difficult accomplishment. Opportunities to contain not how to implement them in the moment, but to, scoring far ahead of the daunting possibility of grain as on scattered anchor, gird oneself more lightly to marked and putting in the space of achievement. The time element is not substantive, first, because time does not really exist, secondly; however was far up, sooner or later it will come. The mystery of time is very difficult. Think about how the biblical prophets could see iron dragonflies or Chariots, which fly in the sky, that is, modern aircraft. Therefore, the future in some form exists in the present and available. Think about the past, but in the cosmic sense, when our planet just reaches the distant star, Ray disappeared, maybe millennia ago. Think of it as being due to the swiftness of movement, which can radically disrupt normal its period. Also count up untimely and of swift motion of spirit, when in one instant whole becomes available a range of subtle perceptions. Already in the subtle world time loses its ordinary meaning. Is the sequence of phenomena and perceptions, but outside the ordinary earthly hours? Man is surrounded by mysteries from all sides, presenting itself the great secret that you must resolve it.
338. (M. A. Y.). As, according to the Buddha, "the person is process", and the process directed in the future, on aspirations of the person it is possible to judge unmistakably his spiritual potential and opportunities of that future which it forms and creates for itself the aspirations. The aspiration is characteristic that it is always sent to the future. Question only in that: “What of future, - far or close, terrestrial or elevated, spiritual or material?” Aspirations of the majority of people take usually only very close future which almost never is going beyond this embodiment. In it is tragedy of the incarnate. Short radius of action outlines a small circle of manifestations, and that the person limits to limits of this circle himself. But the Doctrine to chow Boundlessness as a field of manifestation of activity of spirit when its actions are directed in the far future, for borders not only one this life, but also many future embodiments. Immortality and eternal life are limited to human ignorance, and to concern them, it is necessary to leave a vicious circle of ignorant, false and ridiculous representations that with death of a body for the person all comes to an end. With death of a body doesn't come to an end anything, and begins rather life of the spirit recovering this body, but only in absolutely other conditions of dense World proceeds.
339. (Guru). Correctly you believe that the Black Hand turns all best undertakings in the opposite direction, distorts them and directs in the evil. After all everything has the opposite pole. And powers of darkness direct all the best to a gloom pole. From there are so much distortions and perversions of many positive phenomena. Powers of darkness go an impact on all light undertakings. And rage of their bike. Feel the hopelessness and the inevitable end.
340. (May 29). We Think inevitable and necessary to overestimate anew all values, everything that the relation to life is saved up by time, and, of course. In aspect of Boundlessness a lot of things will appear absolutely other, than it seemed earlier. And that from the point of view of narrow-minded existence had the value, with new – it will lose. Even the question of food and clothes will change in a root. In the future this transformation will go easily and simply, but someone has to lay a way. All difficulty lies down on shoulders ahead. Terrible things nowadays in the world are created. Criminal poisoners poisonous chemicals of crops, the rivers and the woods create terrible, dark business. Neither of high situation, nor of material force won't is exempt criminals against people and the nature from of severe liability. The end of Cali Yugi first of all means the end for these monsters.
341. (M. A. Y.). You look how it is necessary for them much. Would like to have not only the, but to take away as well yours. It is necessary for them more, than to you. Their greed to possession is insatiable. Let's not envy these grabbers because remain with what own greed surrounded them. And where and with what they will go, having dumped bodies with the saved up terrestrial acquisitions? Here one took away a piece of the earth not belonging to it from the neighbor and... I died. With what it passed to the World Thin? It is better terrestrial to lose all, than to them surrounded and connected to enter into the World Elevated. Dismissal from terrestrial property is release of spirit from slavery chains.
342. (Guru). The idea remains an integral property of the person and his constant companion in this world and in the wrong. The forms, which is thought, there are apparently and obviously really subtle world. They surround us like the ring, now is not visible to the eye, then-apparently for one incarnation. In each Earth purchase is thought poured in to the appropriate form. All things that feel their threads are stretched, that bind to these forms. Property of the visible, physical becomes the property of an invisible, psychic, closing in your circle of consciousness. The property is easy to escape routine, if not take it to. But from the mental release are no longer owned, yet in the minds of the renunciation of property has occurred and there's sense of earthly things did not acquire their true value. Mental slavery has things there are zealous for the evolution of the spirit a stumbling block of earthly and in Thin.
343. (May 30). The shield of faith is strong. Better than armor it can protect. Guarantee can serve achievements and the channel of wonderful perceptions. How without belief to establish Communication with Us? Not necessary of faith of the proof, of heart feels without them. Activity of mind often prevents heart to perceive on the channel. It is good when the rational thinking doesn't interfere with perception process. Both the mind and heart have the fields of activity. Without mind recklessness, without heart – cruelty and the power of evidence dense turns out. The harmonious combination both is required. But not any heart strives for harmony. The hearts which have acquired wool, don't allow it. The cruelty is no other than brain domination at heart silent. Heart of stone not symbol, but tragic reality of the present. Black heart is an evil embodiment in a dense form and the greatest danger to the world.
344. (M. A. Y.). Care of how to keep Light among its extinction conditions of the dense environment. From everywhere creep and creep up through to whom necessarily it is necessary to adjoin, and it is frequent without their permission. Simply do them by unconscious tools of the evil-trick. But only located and inclined to the evil use dark creatures. Clean and of kind heart them not to make to render service to it. On this sign it is possible to judge a heart light full. But easily dark heart and even pleasure responds on evil suggestion finds in sowing round itself the evil. Spiteful heart eats bad feelings, and those lives, and looks for often, for what to be hooked to cause bad feelings in others. Them you avoid, sowers of the evil.
345. (Guru). In this embodiment is new body and new living conditions of life. In last embodiment is body another and other of living conditions. And of body and conditions all this is not our, all only on a time, only on present of life. Terrestrial life, and everything came to an end, what not ours, departs, falls off us, leaving us owners of extra dense property. Then the thin body and even the mental are taken away also. Both are dumped, is similar to the terrestrial. And only the fiery body investing the Immortal reincarnating Triad is integral for all times. Eternal life of spirit is concentrated in it. Immortality is reached when there is it conscious.
346. (M. A. Y.). When condensed the gloom over of Earth, we will think of how, to keep balance.
347. (Guru). What do you, so that hold of consciousness in the light?
348. (June 1). See for yourself, what press darkness is all stronger and stronger. When the same end? When the end going South. The ninth wave is the biggest; stay continuously.
349. (June 2). Each subject of the dense world has the soul: cities, settlements, villages, houses and structures, especially ancient; countries, continents, seas, rivers and so on. As well as the things created by the person: the violent dress, books – the word, everything that is in the dense world, not to mention planets and stars. For an illustration take the Volga River. The soul of this river consists of its history from the moment of its emergence and comprises everything that ever on it occurred, all historical events, its appearance which is constantly changing, and water wealth, fish and all live, living and living in it and on it or near, including animals and the birds, all vegetable and animal kingdom and even insects. Not to list everything that anyway concerned and concerns the great river, up to currents magnetic, winds, both storms, and influence of beams of bodies heavenly. How many vessels floated on this river? How many human tragedies or happiness left on it the trace? "Anything not disappears in the nature ", enriches all the time the content of soul of a subject and a thing. The stone lying on the river bank saw one, on the seashore – another, about an ancient castle – the third, at the intersection of ways of movement of the whole people – the fourth and so on. The clairvoyant can see soul of things and read it as the open book. Everything full invisible, but valid contents. Volga saw Stephan Razin's planes; Volga saw a ruin of the Kazan kingdom. A lot of things saw and know historical places; it is much imprinted in soul of ancient subjects and things. Bottomless is depth of invisible phenomena, hidden, the present, from a usual eye. But they are they exist. Also time when the person will get to them access will come. It is impossible to settle this subject in one or even many records, but to receive about it some representation nevertheless it is possible.

350. (M. A. Y.). Sense-knowledge develops, if you carefully observe what impression on the consciousness of subject's aura with which it comes in contact. Some things, places and people are pleasant: it impacts their aura; other – on the contrary. Sense-knowledge takes its cue. But the heart of his signals, paid little simply disregarded or is employed by other things. Between also, sense - knowledge - the necessary and the registered quality, opening the access in of region the Invisible World.
351. (Guru). How it was difficult, as though burdensome there were the circumstances, what gloomy and gloomy would seem surrounding and the world, you remember that "and it will pass", currents will change, and it becomes easier to breathe, and to direct, and again to feel High Proximity of the Lord.
352. (June 3). The thought apprehended through Me, is similar to Light. It binding will be a link between My World and consciousness, to it directed. Reality existing is in of invisibility. Dense visibility is Maya of the world terrestrial. Fetters of the dense world are strong. Not to enter into My World, them without having dumped. Refusal of Maya illusion is release of spirit from Earth power. Treasures the World My free is. They aren't necessary to slaves.
353. Communication with Me first of all demands dismissal from the power of a terrestrial environment over consciousness. And in it all difficulty because an environment it influences obviously and heavy and amplifies all the time in process of aspiration growth. Ask, why? That force of opposition of spirit increased in fight against attractions terrestrial. It is necessary to win against earth. In the words "I Won Against the World" opportunity for each person is approved to break off fetters of the dense world. Not to rise in fetters to tops. As strongly take human minds of the phenomenon of life terrestrial, take so strong that people forget about their rapidity and that came to this world, having nothing terrestrial, and that will leave, anything from terrestrial without having taken. But all seek to get and take in the possession as much as possible in total both things, and money, both the power, and situation. If understood how it is passing all this and that, except spiritual accumulation, everything is taken away that their purpose – to increase, but not terrestrial riches, and spiritual. That is why Great Spirits often Had no anything the, though Could possess everything. That is why the Tempter offered all treasures and kingdoms terrestrial to achieve falling of Great Spirit. After all at all renunciation is required from terrestrial, but containment and understanding of sense of things and terrestrial property and their valid place in the general scheme of the Universe. Release from terrestrial property also consists in this understanding.
354. (M. A. Y.). Struggle and triumph over each wave-relative phenomenon, yet again off points on consciousness for flood. Here are the wave of the sea has rolled back. Short rest – and we should be ready again come across already following and withstand the onslaught. While in the world, there is no escape from the surf waves of worldly sea. Just a thought on the inviolability of the spirit can give force of confrontation to a pressure wave surf everyday phenomena. They come and go, but the spirit is indestructible in its spontaneous fire integrity.
355. (Guru). As a man so eager to break free from the encumbrance of circumstances and people, but it is forgotten that the teacher is concerned about how to give the shortest path, though, may be the hardest. If we are to believe in the wisdom of leadership, why want to get rid of that accelerates the promotion. Want the self and identity, which is climbing. But wisdom takes without complaining and frustration is all that is done with the permission of the Chief Hierarch. Person dies, enriching their experience and experience suffering, accumulation of bowls, and spirit will remain with them forever, will remain with those imperishable and no destroyed acquisitions, growing and increased every ordinary person, incarnadining on Earth for that purpose.
356. (June 4). And time goes, and each beating of its pendulum approaches judgment. Not to stop time, not to stop approach judgmented. Certainly, a lot of things depend on a condition of consciousness. Time when everyone has to make a choice comes: or to accept that goes, or to reject. To accept is means with it and to remain, reject – means to cast out itself from the Evolution Stream. The destiny of each spirit will so be decided. Feeling heavy unreasonable from inevitability of a fiery, wave which will decide of fate of the world. At world cataclysms don't think any more of commonplaces, cares of them disappear, as well as interests of the personality small lose the self-sufficing value and sense. The destiny of all mankind as a whole is decided. Time is of great fulfillments.
357. (Guru). To resist in Light – here a problem of the current time for each directed spirit. It is possible to facilitate it if strong to be approved on Bases. Bases are unshakable and invariable. They fluctuate not, but consciousness. But if unshakably it also is resistant, it is possible to stand all without damage. Let's place so emphasis on firmness and firmness. When everything is unsteady and falls, unshakable there is a Hierarchy Ladder. It having grasped, it is possible to resist against whirlwinds both terrestrial, and astral.
358. (M. A. Y.). The dip is always preceded by the climb, but not always climb accompanied by the fall. Hold on the crest of the rise will be a victory.
359. (Guru). Attach and you yourself to heart lights did not go out.
360. (Guru). If at the beginning of a way to tell everyone that it expects, wishing to follow on it wouldn't remain any. And, only having become tempered spirit on counteractions, sufferings and grief, it is possible to develop sufficient firmness and force that from a way not to curtail.
361. (June 8). If, on the one hand, there is a construction, with another – powers of darkness bring destruction by ways all possible and available to them. It is necessary to keep balance, - as physical, so and mental. It is possible to observe how the mentality of people around as they easily give in to astral experiences when trouble interferes in life is unstable. It is impossible to come off Focus. It is necessary to keep inseparably, differently not resist. It is good to clothe in a constant prayer, it will help to keep consciousness on the most necessary when the press will increase. Before the end it will reach the culmination. Many won't sustain tension. Strong you hold Me. Reject everything that disturbs association of consciousnesses. Show restraint in words, emotions, acts and thoughts. Don't give in bad hands anything, for what could catch. Already considerably obviously, as look for the slightest catch to strike blow. Heavy is in the world. You keep inseparably.
362. (M. A.Y.). Time, and therefore we cannot give our loved ones the usual attention, but want them to have devoted all their attention to us and have helped to moderate. Now suddenly manifest they in individuals both positive and negative attribute, predominantly negative. This should be borne in mind. People are very busy with him. Neither the place nor the time for other no longer remains. Want to close our time found to give it to us, to the future and to the Teacher.
363. (Guru). Transferring of consciousness to the future helps to rise over the abyss of the future events and a moment press. The bridge over the present is as though thrown. Anchors of long voyage are thrown in the future. Contrary to evidence what should be is approved. Not in the present, but in the future the solution of everything.
364. (June 9). Why to consider that under control there have to be only negative feelings and emotions – under control there have to be all feelings: both bad, and good. Uncontrollability of good feelings and emotions too is harmfully reflected in an organism and as any fieriness, destroys balance. Basis of all sense-knowledge is balance. Any uncontrollability means willfulness of covers that in a root is inadmissible. The power over extends on all events in covers. Even each disease needs control and that to channelize process necessary, without submitting to a usual course of disease. And treatment proceeds until the normal state of body will be established. By no means before an illness is it impossible to put the weapon and to stop fight. Usually the organism fights itself, but it is necessary to help it. You know, what persistence is demanded at times by this fight. And, though some diseases, especially chronic, are very steady, nevertheless it is possible to break or weaken also them. Only the dyed-off or finally paralyzed sections can't already be restored. It is impossible to dare to lose courage, lower hands and powerlessly to submit to an illness because it will strengthen it and will allow it to develop freely. It is necessary to understand that any illness temporarily, but the spirit is eternal, and the thought can overcome it, and worry, that is to be longer, than disbalance an organism, the caused disease. In the microcosm his lord is his owner.
365. (Guru). Here the dark surrounded you and closed the circle, showing unprecedented persistence on the aspiration you to break. Inflexible and persistent has to be and your fight against them. When there will be an end? When be reached the clear victory over them. Remember, that the exit from this circle is and is always open, but only up, to the Lord. So forces for fight it is possible to gather always from I, if they run low.
366. (June 11). Even physical fire helps. It is good to keep live fire in the room both sick, and healthy. Clearing property of fire is great. Value of a burning candle or icon lamp isn't understood by of negate of Bases. Fire basis is taking priority. When in the temple there is a lot of live fire, its atmosphere is cleared. Spatial Fire and terrestrial correspond. Certainly, burning wax or pure vegetable oil give a pure flame, other than burning animal fat or the mineral oils deprived of a prana. The burning flame possesses different purity of structure. Stinking smoky fires won't clear and, on the contrary, will pollute the atmosphere. It is necessary to understand properties of a flame.
367. (M. A. Y.). When a good focus on the subject, penetrate into it’s of essence. When the focus on the human being, will half his inner world and enter into it. Any concentration requires self-filling denial. To enter into the inner world of Teachers, it is necessary to refuse filling consciousness with itself, because it prevents the unification with the Teacher. The reason for the absence of contact desired degree should be looked for in self-and employment themselves, their thoughts and feelings, but not in the aspiration to peace and wanted to give Teachers the consciousness of them.
368. (Guru). The magnetic force acts on the underlying thoughts in her direction. It is very important that the selected direction. Case and care everyday give thoughts to its channel through which they flow. You can get out of it only if knowingly and intentionally elect another, what you want without channel thoughts resonated with ordinary. So we are talking about the unusual and singularity. Wring out of philistine are not easily because it swamps sucks man with his head. But break it skillfully – otherwise would delay. Everyday care and concern are inevitable, but giving them power over him, he had a duty not only as much as is absolutely necessary, the other being given the necessary. It may be added that, even plunging into life, his head should be kept facing up.
369. (June 13). What even more striking signs of decomposition of a planet you want to see to be convinced that the end of Cali Yugi such is as it was specified in ancient prophecies and as they say about it on pages of books of the Doctrine of Life? But after all you know about the events only partially and it is incomplete. If saw an eye open, truly, would be terrified to the sizes and extent of this decomposition. People in anticipation of the end of leaving Yugi went mad and rejected Bases. It is difficult to keep consciousness over roughly rushing stream of the various phenomena both dense, and a thin order. Spatial currents are heavy. Fiery waves already burn through the weak organisms, not able to assimilate these fires and to meet their fires of heart. The support crumbles under the feet the people blinded by denial. And able to see is heavy, intolerable to bear the Burden of this world. Truly, the last times come. The end of the old, leaving world is dramatic.
370. (Guru). How many millions of new victims of the mankind its rebirth, how many new disasters to find strength in myself turning from the old world, cast away his chains and released enter the new world, a world free from war, violence, nuclear bombs, poison gas and other horrors of leaving Yuga. Outer resistance the crazed old world forces will increase all the time, until they are finally defeated.
371. (June 14). Before us a task – to learn to do everything that it is necessary to do in life usual, without moving away from the Teacher! It is possible, if everything to do with Me together. Otherwise each work or employment by something will distract and disturb joint action. As speech, gestures, acts and all behavior will change in this case! In the presence of the Teacher a lot of things allowed without It earlier, become made by the impossible. Try to have conversation with somebody, imagining that the Teacher here, nearby, that It Hears each word and Sees each movement. As it becomes easy to keep then the spirit advantage as all behavior conformable to Great Presence becomes free and simple. It is constantly very difficult to hold this representation, but, straining all will and all desire and feeling in heart love, it is possible to reach this condition nevertheless. But if in heart the ardent love to the Teacher burns, tension of will and desire are even not necessary as that we love or whom we love, love keeps constantly in consciousness. Means, it is necessary to strengthen love. It is the simplest approach to the most difficult. And then a lot of things interfering Communication will disappear. And then constant before appear becomes carried out. Distances aren't present, time isn't present. Barriers of terrestrial space are illusion of the dense world. In the spirit of Communication goes over distances and time doesn't demand, but demands fiery energy of heart. It is necessary to destroy in consciousness barriers terrestrial. The formula "I with You Always" is a fiery formula of life. Understanding brings it a victory over restrictions of the dense world and a body. Contrary to usual visibility, the fiery reality is approved. Only having adopted this provision by all the being, it is possible to understand Great Words: "This I Is” with you always, in all days, till the end of time".
372. (M. A. Y.). In communication at distance measures of the Thin World are applied already. So the World Thin enters in terrestrial, and both worlds are combined harmoniously. Association of the worlds is carried out at such communication. The three-dimensional space gives way to the multidimensional. Spirit measures – over the three-dimensional world, as well as thought. Also it is necessary to acquire strong that both worlds are so closely bound with each other that they can't be divided. Only the usual established standard thinking prevents to see reality. But acceptance in consciousness of it and that the worlds already lighten of possibility of their association. After all connection of the worlds will happen in consciousness of the person, instead of somewhere outside because actually both worlds are inseparable and exist together always. For the person with the open centers this statement is undoubted.
373. (Guru). It can be noted how gradually and consistently each time with more and more details and depth of knowledge given. Do not repeat, but deepening that, apparently, is already well known. This is the ladder of spirit, of perceiving the world around him. Promotion and expansion of consciousness seen clearly, but the engine still is the spirit of faith, or acceptance of consciousness phenomena, not yet for him with facts, but admired them available and possible, knowing that is existing in unusual yet. It is important to understand that "there is already the mastery of awareness". And approval of the consciousness, and the adoption of a thought is already magnetic communicate with her and bring her to. "By faith your claim you will deeply scientifically based on the everlasting law of mental activity, that is, the energy of the spirit of fire.
374. (Guru). Blind and able to see! As is various their world. And as events around are unequally all perceived by them. The ostrich buries the head in sand to take cover from danger. Let's not assimilate! Like an ostrich, many consciously try not to think of situation in the world. But it won't rescue silly persons from reality. Bowls of the Archangel are poured. Terrible time goes.
375. (June 16). We live in two worlds constantly, but it isn't realized. A lot of things aren't realized and doesn't exist therefore for the person, for example, the space around is saturated radio waves, but without a radio receiver they can't be apprehended. And the whole world of sounds, as well as telecasts is closed for us without the corresponding equipment. Neither magnetic currents, nor an electro saturation of the atmosphere we don't feel. And all this exists. A lot of things, a lot of things exist round the person, but his consciousness doesn't reach. For example: the world of thoughts in the form of mental forms or prints of that once occurred in this room or a place. All these phenomena had thin order, the phenomenon of the Thin World, where life one incarnation people not less real life, than embodied in a body. Our purpose – "to arm the person without the uniform mechanical device or the device" as all equipment – in its own microcosm, and it can see and hear, smell and perceive the phenomena of the Thin World and thin energy without the ordinary terrestrial equipment. For this purpose in a human body there are fiery centers, or knots and glands at which awakening and activity of people starts seeing and hearing not seen and not heard by a usual eye and an ear. Agni Yoga gives to mankind a way to mastering its own equipment of spirit and opens possibilities of cognition of the Hidden and visible worlds. Many devices invented by the person, for example: telegraph, phone, radio - and the camera – all these rough and imperfect attempts to duplicate or imitate perfection of the equipment of spirit. After all for the person to record and reproduce any subject in consciousness, it isn't necessary neither the camera, nor plates, nor developers. It during the day does thousands such pictures, itself with it at all without troubling and at all without understanding, what remarkable ability it possesses. But all this demands understanding and understanding. Animals too see and hear, but don't understand anything. Let's not assimilate to our younger colleagues in lack of ability to analyze and synthesize the phenomena of the world surrounding us.
376. (M. A. Y.). Ability to synthesize is remarkable that allows generalizing all phenomena in one inseparable, connected by all the parts, whole. And each phenomenon then gets special sense as part of this whole. Everything takes then a place belonging to it in the general scheme of things. And even the person, at all complexity of his organization, is understood synthetic. At synthesis impossible there is an affection masks because the slightest trait of character is perceived in communication and at generalization with the whole. The artist synthesizes paints in the form of the finished picture, the architect – construction materials in the form of the finished building, the composer – sounds in the form of the symphony full and complete. Synthesis – a creativity and construction basis. Even the chemistry has the huge section – synthetic. But the most difficult is the synthetic thinking generalizing in one indissoluble whole all phenomena of the visible and invisible worlds.
377. (Guru). We want to see you armed with knowledge of the Doctrine, put this knowledge in life. The abyss between knowing and ignorant is great. Our employees have to know the Doctrine well. Only comparison with those who didn't approach to the Doctrine, it is possible to scent abyss depth. But even through an abyss it is possible to throw the bridge, and on it to pass to other coast, and to start joining to cognition. It wanting knowledge will have.
378. (Guru). Before action the curtain is lowered and the scene is closed, - before of beginning a storm always is of calm. Before the highest crest of a wave – the deepest hollow. Also the gloom before a dawn is dark. Alternation of contrasts submits to dialectics laws. This alternation of time turns into an inevitability spiral. So Cali the South is replaced by Satia Yuga. So Light will take up a darkness place. So promptly going future shines unprecedented opportunities. So New Sky and New Earth will take up a place of the old world.
379. (M. A. Y.). How thought flight was high, it is necessary to live on Earth, submitting to requirements of dense conditions. Therefore the high and terrestrial should be able to be counterbalanced so that suffered neither that nor another. The golden mean or Gold way when Caesarian it is rendered to the Caesar, and "God’s" – to God is specified. Speaking in other words, towering spirit, it is necessary to go firmly at the same time on the ground, - because to order balance.
380. (June 18). Stars and the sun always over us, but not see them, if not to raise the head up. "I with you always" but not to feel My Presence if all being not to address to Me and not to direct the look on Me. Why it is so difficult to hold constantly my Face in the heart? Whether not therefore that heart is turned not to Me, but on affairs everyday – and care of them! Without, they, certainly, not ended. But also for the most necessary he should find and pay time attention, speaking in other words, harmoniously to combine Heavenly and terrestrial. You understand, how there are affairs passing a little, and still in thoughts and cares of them precious time is spent. Once it is necessary to regret about the lost opportunities.
381. (M. A. Y.). We can't give you the usual attention, for the time is strained as ever, and require all of our strength and concentration. But the closer you got to hold on to the Lord and to us.
382. (M. A. Y.). When the Lord said: "I am the way, the truth and the life," he outlined the direction of the evolution of mankind, stating explicitly how it must be. Deniers may stubbornly deny the undeniable and strong, but change the direction of the evolution and implementation of the plan they cannot. Evolution will occur, and the grand plan be implemented as the ascent of the human spirit. If there are obstacles, they will be destroyed.
383. (Guru). How hard to keep and how great resistance to ambient, knows only going. Resistance is inevitable, otherwise what's the temper and spirit grows Agni? And remember that the higher and faster recovery, the stronger and resistance. This is the law of the growth of the spirit.
384. (June 20). As well in the Thin World it is possible to appear "among undesirable neighbors". In the word "undesirable" the statement is hidden already that the person and would like to be exempted from them, but owing to karmic conditions can't. So, exists both dense, and a thin karma, that is a karma – in both worlds. It would be more correct to tell that in all worlds of the person the karma accompanies him. It is possible to get rid of karma, but to reject it is impossible. Rejected in one look, it will come back in other, won't be settled yet completely. It is force against which the most ordinary person isn't able to fight. The Teacher enters the pupil into area unusual, and, going together with It, it is possible already "to win against stars". But for this purpose association, or merge, consciousness’s that difficult extraordinary is required. How to extinguish karma? How to settle it? Only having completely paid off with old debts and trying not to do the new. When there is a creditor and does the harm for old debt, the blow should be accepted quietly, without generating the new reasons. Because otherwise the new chain of new debt and inevitable payment will be created. So, without answering on angrily angry, but neutralizing it in itself and without reacting to it is conformable, the person settles a karmic consequence of an undesirable order. Complaints are useless. Karma it is impossible to move to pity. The appeal to the Highest Forces that exempted from payment of former debts doesn't yield desirable results because the run into debt pays off the bills. The law of karma is difficult. It is possible to facilitate it, for example, "sacrifice to strangers" and other similar acts when the bowl of scales of a justification is loaded with good affairs. And in this or that form, but compensation that was made once in the past, always happens inevitably.
385. (M. A. Y.). To all contrary to and karma we will approve in defiance constancy of Hidden Presence. Whatever occurred around, the Lord and over everything is integral that surrounds us in the conditions of the dense. This statement destroys a circle of a hopelessness and connects us with that sphere, the spirit from where came. Over a transient of external conditions and over them the shining thread of Light is stretched to Fiery Spheres.
386. Some, though very rare, people talk about himself in the third person, as if the outsiders. You can also think of themselves in the third person, not identifying your higher selves with their shells, but considering his identity as a being separate from themselves, subordinate to the higher self and the earthly life to perform its tasks. Then the suffering and anguish, and karmic blows falling on this temporary death and identity, will seem already separated from someone who looks from the inside to the outside over the life of the individual. Silent Witness may then itself claim over transient external flow of this life and of everything that happens in his trick shells.
387. (June 21). Everything that everything is constructed on sand, that is that has no strong basis will collapse. Therefore Bases have to be unshakable. The Life doctrine gives these Bases. They should be accepted in consciousness and to build on them. Construction consists in application in practice of these Precepts. Such construction will be strong. Nevertheless other, though accepted, but not approved as affairs and the corresponding thinking, won't resist against whirlwinds. When they aren't present, there can be a false idea of the imagined durability of the basis, but the impact of opposite and hostile influences will start loosening not strengthened by application in life the basis, threatening to destroy all construction. Here why there are so much unsteady, doubting and lagging behind. Doctrine, if it only on the tongue, - doesn't give of expected consequences. It needs application. Any verbal statement – anything, if it isn't supported affairs. Phrase-mongering is destructive. Extremely is of fatigue from the contact with of phrase-mongering. They speak about the Doctrine very much, without attaching it in life. They the first will depart and they will join ranks the enemy’s. The Doctrine in hands not applying it is unsteady and fragile.
388. (M. A. Y.). Theis end Cali Yugi im terrible. If could present that we see and we know, truly, would be terrified to the events on a planet. Personal misfortunes and diseases – only weak reflection of general trouble. Decomposition of a planet and disbalance reach extreme limits. The darkness ungirdled. Natural disasters become frequent, and various diseases increase. And any more there are no names for new diseases. Also the old world is unsteady, to fail the ready.
389. (Guru). When find yourself before the phenomenon of ignorance, when it seems that nothing is expected did not materialize, and resist the influence of Maya. This is only valid over the waves before lifting. The Fiery reality, even though it is hidden from the eye, never ceases to exist. It is and argues it should be faced with the obviousness of a dense. When it clears, it will replace the true reality of the invisible things, hidden in the ghostly visibility of external phenomena. “Maya, recede.”
390. (June 22). When are the greatest timing, this is usually not noticed by people, and only a few know about them. The testimony of these few knowledgeable can rely. And, although the timing is not the overlooked of result their visible already, apparently. So, knowing the timing, you can wait in faith of what they bring with them. They do nothing to stop, because it is not from without but from within, from the realm of the unseen things. And only heart unmistakably says that creating the judgmented us. At sense-knowledge you can rely. There is no other truth detector. And radio and newspapers are late, and often does not observe the pivotal events of planetary.
391. (M. A. Y.). Of course, the main thing in man is a consciousness. It is more important and more body, as can exist outside of it. Not possible contact with the being deprived of consciousness. When merging with consciousness is combined with consciousness. The build-up and expansion of consciousness is the immediate goal. Consciousness can be lavish and even lose altogether. A lot of people by half or even more have deprived themselves of consciousness. Cleanliness, of calmness and of latitude of consciousness is of the costing acquisition. Consciously used the word "acquisition", for all of these properties is acquired by work, by will and persistence of these aspirations. Keep as the greatest gift of consciousness evolution. More treasures do have neither on Earth nor in the worlds.
392. (Guru). Immortality is caused by not interruptibility of consciousness that is ability to hold it at release from a dense body, or so-called death. Death – the ridiculous word because it doesn't exist. Even not the spirit which hasn't held consciousness nevertheless continues to live after death. But we speak about immortality. It is difficult to keep consciousness at change of covers, but nevertheless it is possible, especially if to it persistently to aspire and understand, what enormous value has it for the person. Immortality not is of hypothesis or of invention, but the real fact. Ignoramuses or people, the dead heart can deny it only. Intuitively each person somewhere at heart knows about the immortality, but stupidly it denies because it is so accepted the majority. And what recognize it, trust in words, but not heart. But immortality is destiny of the person, is conscious to it directed and ardently wanting to keep the consciousness uninterrupted upon transition of Great Borders.
393. (June 23). Tranquility – Arhat's weapon and a no perforation armor of spirit. As a matter of fact, in our consciousness everything is concluded, and only it one is our property and our treasure. People seek to get things, clothes, at home, money and many other things while about the treasure and about that to increase it, forget, considering that it doesn't cost care of it. The fairy tale terrestrial comes to an end, it is necessary to pass from Earth to the World Elevated, - but with what? What the person with himself, except consciousness and its accumulation can take there? But almost nobody thinks of that, as though to hold it, keeping it’s not interring reputability. Also remain with anything. All terrestrial acquisitions are left on Earth, and from spiritual wealth there is nothing to take because it wasn't saved up. There is a broken trough of illusions and delusions of the dense world.
394. (M. A. Y.). What do you want to take with yourself in the World Extra dense? It is useful to think of it. What can you take with yourself in the world where the thought reins and where everything moves thought? Memoirs? But about what? There are memoirs which, to wings it is similar, uplift to Light Spheres, and is attracting in a chasm, in darkness. And it is useful to think of it. The thought can be taken too with itself. But thoughts what? One direct to tops and stars, and others is to the gorge and a gloom. It is useful and is necessary to think that we can take with ourselves in the World Elevated when we will leave a body terrestrial.
395. (Guru). The thought persistent, thought constant and conscious appears also the hardiest. Especially the thought if in it heart is enclosed amplifies. To enclose heart in thought – means to enclose in it fire. The thought fiery doesn't die in space. The most durable element is fire, then there is an air, water and, at last, the earth. Four elements, or elements, not always it is necessary to take literally. Fire of space and flame of a burning tree differ on degrees, beside the point, but on extent of thinning. The scale of fiery manifestations is very wide, and rises up, and no end has. The fiery Basis Real isn't destroyed.
396. (June 24). "The tranquility is a spirit wreath". This great quality isn't understood. Think of its acquisition a little. Of acquisitions think much and a lot of energy give, but to that? How to explain, how to din, that useless of all works and the efforts, directed to possession by things terrestrial are vain. After all if the end result of any possession display deprivation of that, than the person owns, what sense in it? But, possession position quality of spirit and the works, spent for it, fruit-bearer and always with the person. The tranquility approved strongly, brings to the owner freedom from the power over consciousness of the phenomena constantly tormenting and tormenting ordinary people. Here two cases before you when the love of children poisoned with concern, brought Mothers to an illness and were made intolerable by life. Organism poisoning with concern always leads to very sad consequences. It is necessary to be able to distinguish care from useless and inutile concern. It is necessary to rip this poisoner out of heart. It is necessary to learn not to react to that usually causes concern in people. It is impossible to help concern neither, nor people. But poison the atmosphere around and infect it others, very easily. It is better to lose that causes this feeling, than to lose tranquility. When the enemy arrow gets to tranquility armor, it, like a boomerang, comes back to send it. The tranquility approved causes in surrounding absolutely special feeling, as though frays before the unusual. It is inadmissible to please to ridiculous conventions and desire to get round people to lose feeling of tranquility and to react to a condition of people around to them in unison. Much people because of this false aspiration to show a type of concern, either excitements, or experiences lose only because the interlocutor writhes in manifestations of astral emotions. Too the payment for similar external sympathy is great. Unshakable tranquility inside and outside it is possible to help much more people when they are overwhelmed with similar feelings.
397. (M. A. Y.). Not grieve that many qualities of spirit don't manage to be approved as strongly as it would be desirable. If the aspiration to it remains invariable and strong, it will accompany you further and during "increase". All these qualities become congenital properties, and the spirit will enter a new embodiment already with them. Remarkable feature of aspiration consists in it. Only direct, and the aspiration will lead you to implementation of the desirable. In time everything is achievable. Not on one life far anchors are thrown. The person can become all, than will want if understands that before him Boundlessness and that unattainable now becomes quite possible and feasible in time which has no end.

398. (Guru). Yes! We are in works of constants on Earth and in the worlds. This special difference of employees of Hierarchy –be workers everywhere and always. For this purpose it is necessary to fall in love with work and to understand that the fiery tension of an organism caused by work, kindle fires. Any exercises it is impossible to reach that is reached by work lightful. I speak "lightful" because there is also a work dependent, saddened, infected with discontent, unwillingness and complaints. It is work of slaves dependent. But work of employees of Light is light.
399. (June 25). When you know that you are under a constant sight from dark, it forces to be constant on the lookout. It develops the guarded vigilance and ability to be protected from attacks. Dark don't leave the attention, and inventions new follow one another. It is necessary to defend. Without understanding that, dark strong promote strengthening of a spiritual armor and develop at you message art spiritual fight. The soldier tempered in continuous opposition to darkness, becomes worthy our Instructions. They won't begin to attack a spiritual pettiness. But spirits close to us never leave alone. Let's not envy those who aren’t marked out by them: means, their spark is weak. However, the suffering and trouble time, caused by them, very much burden consciousness and often damage health, but "the ascension of spirit needs burdening by circumstances".
400. (M. A. Y.). Among the uncountable worlds, among the infinite phenomena of the shown Universe, among myriads new forms of the dense and Thin worlds, them occupying, among Boundlessness of the Real Lord is Focus, the Center, the Spiritual Support and the Purpose to which the spirit directs and the aspiration to which allows it not to become puzzled among this variety. The phenomenon of the Lord channelizes spirit and judgment of its existence. On a beacon beam even in stormy, dark night the ship safely reaches saving harbor. And on the Beam of the Lord the consciousness directed to It reaches the Native home, having passed through all difficulties of a terrestrial way and having overcome all obstacles. On the Beam mountain tracks over bottomless abysses, rocks and stones, the rough streams, an unsteady planked footway over deep failures and all other obstacles which arise on a way to the Lord of going spirit are overcome. Temptations and of allure terrestrial, intrigues and rage of enemies, own weaknesses and shortcomings and everything proceed that disturbs advance to the purpose far. But the Face of the Lord, "entered into heart", Serves as constantly shining and leading star on a way to Boundlessness for those who accepted it the spirit.
401. (June 26). Terrible time, heavy and is of the terrible time. You hurry to escape. Hasten to in the rescue. It is possible to consider that everything, what not from spirit, is doomed to whirlwinds to destruction. And they already rustle, already, to a hurricane is similar, will sweep away creation of the leaving world. Also the darkness rages. Feature of time was specified in ancient prophecies. Here it also approaches. What to do to sustain till the end and to resist? To Me turn all consciousness and heart open towards to Beams from the Stronghold. Children My, beloved children, adjoin Me continuously and be with Me.
402. (M. A. Y.). Merge-in the spirit. Consciousness with consciousness is merged in the spirit. Many are looking for solution to physically get closer but you can live side by side, under the roof of one, and often see each other, and yet be in the spirit of distant. So the only spiritual closeness is effective. It will approve all the measures, all the desire and all the thought. She said over all constraints on the external environment and on top of all the movements of the astral, on top of all that is transient and temporary.
403. (Guru). A dangerous time to let them is blessed for fiery and heading toward the spirit. For if the voltage increases, the opportunities multiply accordingly. Some perish under the blows of the waves; others are praising the wave crest and allow hurtle over the raging waves of menacing. And if at the bottom of a raging storm, sweeping away all that loose, the upper is total silence and equilibrium is not broken riot elements. Peace of mind is the sphere spirit, where they reach the turbulent waves of phenomena on Earth.
404. (Guru). Changes in life are necessary not grow neither to a place, nor to conditions. But if the aura doesn't grow, then there is no already such urgent need in changes. Though nevertheless it is recommended not to remain long on one place, but it is already perfect for other reasons namely because dark too densely surround and establish strong guards, strengthening wrecking. Nevertheless it is better to change places. Only fiery fortress of Ashram allows remain on one place is already safe for his founder.
405. (June 28). Advance of spirit goes over all temporary phenomena of any order. It will be an inalterability way. It is necessary to know, as from the Thin World fans of personification can throw any thoughts if only to discompose and something to break symmetry of movement. Therefore readiness has to be on forty forted different cases. Besides all perception give experience of the critical and analytical relation to them. Yes! We should trust. But after all and besides Us is a lot of wishing to inspire the most various thoughts – from good to bad and even shameful. Great vigilance, vigilance and thinning of heart are required unmistakably to understand everything. But, as It is specified, it is necessary to show readiness for the most unexpected changes both in your private life, and in public. Change the South goes under the sign of surprises.
406. (M. A. Y.). Completeness of merge of consciousnesses assumes also a faultlessness of the perceptions arriving as result of such association. But this circumstance shouldn't weaken the patrol phenomenon. On the advanced line of the mental front there can't be a sweet immersion in pink dreams. Severe, intense vigilance is necessary also constant readiness to reflect enemy attacks. As well impetuous desire, and any emotions, even the most sublime, but not constrained, it is necessary to withdraw. The severe self-control and restraint in words, feelings and all movements of an astral are insistently necessary. The instruction on mastering by has to be followed strictly.
407. (M. A. Y.). Stay of consciousness in a neutral point of balance allows operate energy on poles. In it force of power of tranquility. It is time to understand for a long time that balance is the force against which nobody is able to resist. Seeking for mastering by this power, wish it, all measures put to awareness of this great quality. And if in something once failed, or damage, or even defeat, so didn't learn to work in an equilibrium state yet.
408. (June 29). In among constantly changing internal and external environment of the person, the kernel of spirit remains invariable spontaneous in itself element of fiery integrity. Covers accrue, kernel stratifications collect, but its invariable essence stays not touched with these processes. At each cycle of an embodiment all bodies, one behind another are dumped to be formed again at a new embodiment, but the Highest Triad remains with all accumulation of spirit which invest its kernel. With the bodies left spirit the Nature isn't considered, starting up their matter in processing. It isn't considered and with the identity of the person, knowing that the personality is doomed to destruction after passed on to the Highest Triad the experience terrestrial. In the old writing people are called as the word "mortal". In it is the great Truth. At the right time to remember words: "Provide dead to bury the dead persons, you follow Me", in eternal life on the way of immortality of the spirit which kernel is eternal, it isn't destroyed and it is indestructible, seeking to transfer the consciousness to its sphere thus.
409. (M. A. Y.). The balance will come back until it is approved. We should start with astral. He must be silenced, and just when he wants to show his contrariness. And he's ready to vibrate at all strong, just to survive. It's his life. It is indifferent, as affected by the health of the entire system, or he wants to live the emotions of any order, just to satisfy his insatiable nature only. Silver bridle spirit is superimposed on the warm inner lining. The years spent in the writings of devotees and efforts to curb this beast in itself. Survival and is persevering, as slippery and sly and in need of unconditional obedience.
410. (Guru). You know, that those, who joined the teachings, ready and eager to listen or read these entries. Why? Is it because they applied the Fiery Spirit of Bishop printing! Is it because they are in line with the teachings of Life, is it because give answers to many questions of life? Yes, because!
411. (June 30). Accidental not be. It is good if it understood that is the most necessary for what live, what sense of an embodiment in life that it is possible to collect and save up to take further with itself in a way distant. Things you won't take, but knowledge, but experience and the qualities of spirit approved in application, – it is possible. It is necessary to learn to hold strong the Silver Thread of spirit binding with the Teacher of Light. It is necessary to understand better, what most wonderful opportunities are given by life. Let everyone go the individual way, to it closer and conformable, but goes, but forward, but there where the Teacher Calls. The Teacher Sends the Blessing and the Benefit.
412. (M. A. Y.). Be quiet for the future, but the planned way don't deviate. Know that judgmented to people the future – will be. It is necessary to enter it prepared. The doctrine gives the chance to understand sense of occurring events. Be approved in knowledge of the Doctrine because there is nothing in life more important.
413. (Guru). Correctly, discipline of spirit – a self-necessary condition of following on the way. Let realize value of a rhythm in work and opportunity with its help to reach what in the regular way can't be reached. Let will scent itself in Beams of care and love of the Teacher and will understand that it is possible easily and to expand freely consciousness and grow spirit, if in an inner world the Teacher of Light is put above all.
414. (July 2). True, the Ministry is a victim, and great service is a great Sacrifice. This sacrifice is not an easy one. Self-servige gives masturbation, it entertains his selfhood. Self-phenomenon Teachers and mentors, satisfying their thirst and edify, admonish yourself these are comforting. And the thought of them and taking care of yourself, but flow is not about those, they imagine, assist. It is a very famous type of serving its self. There's no self-denial and oblivion itself. Looks like all is well and revealed high words but silent heart unable to kindle the lights at those who are seeking spiritual food. They are very eager to teach and give advice and particularly want to recruit students, strong touting their "in your backyard". Love these Teachers to suppress the will of someone else’s. And reproach the teachings, resulting from it, as should quotations be negligent, according to them, man. Teacher self-phenomenon, don't you!
415. (M. A. Y.). Big return is always accompanied by treasury devastation, however, short and temporary, but nevertheless very notable and burdensome. Correctly, at these moments of exhaustion of forces it is good to restore physical exhaustion at least short, but absolute rest. The fast harmonization of auras at casual and rare meetings demands very big expenditure of forces, and it should be avoided, except for emergency cases.
416. (July 3). In solving several issues of good focus on Head and solve their questions how would join him. Too terrestrial mind that it was possible to rely on it in everything is limited. Teacher invites act with him together in everything. The self is very disturbing such unity, demanding attention. But why pay attention to what is doomed and that is limited to the small circle of its manifestations. This is not feasible. Fruitful becomes the mind liberated from the tyranny of the self and identity, it has saddled. Useful contacts with nature. Speed of movement, it is helpful to relieve an aura of heavy and dense particles of matter. Matter understands widely, up to the finest of her revelations. It surrounded. It is a part of all of our agents, or solids, up to and including light body. But its degree of dilution and refinement are very different. Even the dense fabric of the physical body drunkards and the Arhat is different. It is necessary to be able to distinguish between the external forms of domestic identical the difference of their content. The rising arc of the planetary cycle leads to a diluted and refinement of matter and all life forms living on the Earth, and the earth itself. Humanity is at the ascending arc. This is the essence of evolution. This entire task not appropriate will be thrown out of the flow of life as a space sor-from greatest to small-small held these phenomena the Fiery hell, leading to a distant goal, closing the cycle so that you can start a new one.
417. (Guru). We talk, we repeat: be ready dauntlessly and calmly meet wave events. Come to confusion and people have based the newly confident sanctity that surrounds them, and the rightness of his sanctity negations. Never, deniers, ignorant, dull brains, will be thrown. Where to go, appalled at what will not be denied? Maybe they will raise your head to the sky, and not as the pigs – only to land.
418. (July 4). The tank of spirit has everyone, but its depth, size and the contents are various. The tank of Spirit of the Lord – it is necessary to think of it. Its center - is It’s the Bowl with all its accumulation beyond all lives. Arhat's consciousness to the Bowl has access. Ordinary people – are very limited. The tank of spirit is filled as well with radiations of aura of all conductors, both vibrations of thoughts, and thoughts especially dominating. The device human is difficult. Also he is so a little studied by science. The essence of the person is expressed in his aura. The past is imprinted in the Bowl. The tank of spirit comprises both last, and real the person.
419. (M. A. Y.). The richness of the inner world and experiences associated with it can be so deep and interesting that the encouragement of the ambient twilight fade into the background and is not the burden of consciousness. And then there is not difficult to imagine how a Yogi-hermit in a secluded cave in the mountains can live a bright and busy life, taking an active part in the Affairs of the world or the fate of individual human beings. Not for him the limits of dense world. Defeated, and no space distances.
420. (M. A. Y.). Attraction and deduction of pupils from the instructor requires one condition (among other): of the thinking about the pupil, but not about itself and transferring of consciousness to the sphere of its aspirations that, having entered into it to channelize correct to them. Then the magnet of spirit starts working powerfully and the comer behind Light remains with the instructor, - but not to hold the pupil, if the thought and care of the self-shown Teacher flow about itself. Radiations of a magnet of its spirit, directed on them, lose attractive force.
421. (July 7). The consciousness can contain only certain quantity of impressions; the others will pour out as from the overflowed bowl. Therefore if the consciousness is filled to edges with and places any more doesn't remain to contain that goes from the Teacher. It is necessary to avoid self-filling and to leave a place for perceptions of impersonal character. It is easy to see consequences of self-fullness around if to observe. All are occupied by themselves, the interests, all "rush" with the failures, all are captured illusive "I", both of the acquisition, and accumulation of terrestrial things and riches, all are attached to illusive property. Very few people think that all this to anything because it is deprived of final sense. The personality with all that overflows her, is so elusive and is temporary that the highest "I" dump her and leaves as unusable "peel", having absolutely ceased to be interested in everything that occupied it, but having selected and having taken with myself all valuable, everything that from spirit, everything that helped expansion of consciousness and ennobled it. So, for example, the highest "I" with myself won't take a check-book or expensive service, but memories of fine melodies, of thoughts winged or dedicated actions and a feat or particles of Intimate Knowledge will accompany the Immortal Triad further. It is so important to understand what exactly valuable and integral property of the person is.
422. (M. A. Y.). We lead the bright, colorful, filled life, but our works, our work, our cares flow not about themselves. It isn't necessary to think of myself because small "I" don't already a place in those spheres where we show the activity. On a key of love the great symphony of life is played. And, despite unreasonable tension, the pleasure and aspiration overflowed heart. Also there are no words to transfer these feelings.
423. (Guru). Of informative value of art think a little. And meanwhile art is a way of cognition of those phenomena and life areas which can't be learned some other way. The poet and the artist as though begin to see clearly in essence of things and see what differently can't be seen. It is possible to ask to itself a question: from where the composer scoops the melodies? From itself? But they in it aren't present, they come from where. From where? It contacts what spheres to receive a material for the creativity? Art is a direct way to understanding of the Highest Worlds.
424. (July 8). When the mind becomes silent, you cannot awaken it to the sound of any artificial measures. One must then wait it out, knowing what consciousness is the inevitable Pralaya albeit temporary, to the rising phenomenon of spirit. Not left, not forgotten, there is no exclusion, but there are alternating waves of rhythm, which exalt the spirit even higher on the crest of the wave's progress going.
425. (M. A. Y.). As moods human are changeable, in what hopeless slavery there are people at the astral! There is no constancy, there is no balance and isn't present under support feet. Here also rush about, tormented by this violent cover. The pupil has to show tranquility, inflexible anything. In a rigid and firm hand the silver bridle of spirit keeps. It is impossible to please for whom - or to something to indulge the clown inside. Achievement of tranquility should be put above everything that can break it and often so breaks.
426. (Guru). Not reached here – there's not achievable if the lights were extinguished and if conquering hearts still carries forward steadily.
427. Maybe it's better that not so acute sensitivity to perceive as prevalent as wanted. You can never survive. Take a can only be a certain number of spatial poison.
428. (M. A. Y.). Yes, Yes, Yes – to preserve and protect the Ashram from the dark must be maintained permanently, nor for a moment without weakening them. If dark constantly on guard to harm, and we must always be on guard. Vigil of the spirit is also in this. The decree is short and sweet: "Let not snoozing spear over the Dragon.
429. (July 10). People in contact with each other are always invisible interaction and stronger auras aura wins. The eye is not visible, but clearly perceptible if it focuses. Nor one of human touch not remains without the consequences. This process can be controlled by an invisible and not show weakness, obeying another's aura vibration. Verbiage weakens a protective network. The conscious sober silence reinforces it. You cannot give the power plane itself display astral emotionality violates solidity will. In iron blinders it is necessary taking astral. Pretty of leniency the buffoon.
430. (Guru). Biped recognize only force, biped reckon only with it. Trample the heel on weakness and despise it. Therefore it is necessary to be spirit strong. Otherwise - rumple. They will scent this force instantly and will cautiously stand aside. But, if feel weakness, fear, either fear, or ingratiation, either a creep, or flattery and all other similar feelings humiliating advantage of spirit, won't miss an opportunity to humiliate if it isn't obvious, is hidden. But their reaction to all this will be always certain and deprived of any respect for the low-worshipping person. And from good people similar feelings of praise won't receive because the creep is condemned. People aren't able to store spirit advantage, and it is very necessary and in this world, and in that. People don't seek to accumulate the valuable qualities of spirit which are so necessary in a long journey.
431. (July 12). It is possible to wonder that is already made concerning the statement of desirable qualities of spirit. Whether stir it concessions to crafty hands and aspiration to be accustomed to others limitation. To speak on consciousness – at all doesn't mean to sound in unison with ignorance in consciousness of the interlocutor. The advantage of spirit demands other measures in attempt to influence people well.
432. (M. A. Y.). As good as valuable as instructive and useful to all oppression, coming from the people! How much they teach! How fast are they growing consciousness and extend it. To counteract ambient is multiplied by the power of the spirit. There is also growing recognition of the value of good and friendly relations, so rare among humans.
433. (Guru). Aspiration can not only maintain, but also making deliberately it flare up stronger and stronger until it starts itself powerfully and consistently lead to the goal. Well make it a rule to give this some time.
434. (July 13). We Break everything that from darkness and We Collect creates of the Benefit. Long experience allows behave irrespective of external conditions. The spirit world – over them and in it reigns thought. In captivity at external conditions the ignorant. It is exempted from them learning. And of slavery, and of freedom – all is in the spirit of. But slaves to the slavery don't realize. It is impossible to reject chains if not to see and to feel their burden. It is possible to call the doctrine of freedom the Life Doctrine. Children of Fire become sons of freedom.
435. Nothing can happen externally, but internally can completely transform and reach people higher step illumination. The road goes in. The emphasis is on the mind and thought. Great Work not noticeable to ordinary eyes. Only darkness to it is countering strong, because of the astral world is visible Light illumination. Luminosity of spirit is it isn't transferable for darkness. The power of propertied comes to her through mastery of him. How valuable each, even the slightest, the force, claiming this victory over them. Small seed can produce great wood. And unreached and not forwarded here is feasible and achievable, where everything is driven by the thought, if saved aspiration. How to capture the fiery and indelibly concept of the all-achievement! Where there is a thought, it is going on, all and only the lack of latitude and freedom of thought are likely to limit the achievement.
436. (M. A. Y.). At each this moment the quality of spirit closest on time especially strongly sounds. These days the thought of power of spirit is the brightest. Power of spirit is dream of mankind. It is achievable because "the power over any flesh" is given to the person. But who trusts it now, in a century of powerful equipment? The non-believer won't reach it because denial brings into anything. The fiery device of the person is wonderful. Functions of the centers lit are wonderful, - marvelous of conscious manifestation in various envelopes. Bikes also aren't limited to anything possibilities of the person, and there is no limit to growth of power of spirit. But the way to it lies on the ground, and feet human it is necessary to pass on it, and hands to create great action. So Heavenly and terrestrial are combined, and their association is created by spirit and in the spirit of. The way of spirit is wonderful. In life of every day, on small affairs and thought the person lays the way to tops. The narrow track conducting in life is found, and Boundlessness opens to an eye – Boundlessness Real and boundlessness of opportunities of spirit, its growth and achievements.
437. (Guru). Can I be embarrassed that so little is done and achieved, when we face the infinity and when on the road continued in her aspirations, there is nothing which the human spirit could not be implemented? However, overnight get nowhere. But the man out temporarily, and time is the only condition, while the condition is temporary, allowing you to grow and expand consciousness surrounded by the dense, Earth. Already in the subtle world time loses its self-sufficient value. Even on Earth movement overthrows the conventional view quickness of time. Relativity of its recognized of science. But the spirit is eternal and out temporarily. Even dreams are out temporarily. Surrounded on all sides by miracles, but the people do not want to see, because looking down but not up. But the path is by the stars, and the stars above your head, but not underfoot. Path star is the lot of a person.
438. (July 15). How can we expect big proceeds, if consciousness does not match? The law is exactly matches. The creature appears in constant alignment with judgmented future. It is first and foremost in the minds of the waiting. Getting is on the consciousness. Good to learn to lead yourself into a State of harmony with focus of light.
439. (M. A. Y.). Generally speaking, harmonious ambient condition man should not hurt. But even the Arhat is not protected from the worst effects of hostility. It shows how to child oneself from evil influences, in contact with people. Continuous protection of your body to some extent protects against harmful influences. But even Christ was removed in the wilderness to restore strength and balance. Testament Teacher – keep the balance all the forces of the spirit. Spirit's power grows on resistance to disbalance. Wide the field of means develop closely the energy, being at the disposal of the person.
440. (Guru). You can customize your consciousness to a minute not passed in vain. And boredom was already not going. In addition to the total and any exercise as much in need of help, and you can always practice the strength of spirit. In short, set yourself on the key of continuing usefulness. And space, too, needs a good saturation. So it's time to do his own ghostly self and his feelings, no longer remains, all it is doing-like glow. These are achieved by oblivion it’s small ' I ' removal from it and full-aspiration, concern, and dedicated following the Lord.
441. (July 16). Let's store unshakable tranquility in the face of the most unexpected events, because preventions were given. The expected the unexpected prevents the phenomenon of the shock, able to paralyze nerves. So, even the irrepressible pleasure can do harm. Balance is a basis of powerful action. From Our employees we Demand balance preservation in rough whirlpool of events. About what troubles, when Hierarchy Light Phenomenon the power! For years prepared for this moment. Here he comes. Check the readiness. Arm with tranquility and meet waves fearlessly, quietly and in full consciousness of the events.
442. (M. A. Y.). Even against not denied into the dark try to poison of doubt and distrust that is perpetrated by overseers. One must take note that and do not succumb to their suggestions. Their fate is of sad. Wait so be sure clear, joyful, but calm.
443. (July 17). The consciousness partition on "here and there" is conditional. All is "NOWADAYS and here", if in the spirit. Spirit omnipresence is its intimate property. Divisibility is caused by this its quality. Other its property is out temporarily. Real, last and the future too are conditional. All is "NOWADAYS and here". Akasha's rolls are read in the present; though concern the past, because there are they "NOWADAYS". The far future is begun to see clearly by seers in the present, that is "NOWADAYS". In it is phenomenon out temporarily of spirit. The distance phenomenon too is conditional because in the spirit of it is possible to see and hear the events in the distance. A lot of things depend on a spirit step on a life ladder. But potentially it he these properties possesses. The statement "you are gods" serves as the certificate of that spirit potentially the ubiquitous, omniscience, omnipotence’s, – the word, and all those qualities which people usually attribute to the Deity concludes qualities. It is great, immeasurably distance meanwhile that the person represents himself now, and what he becomes once.
444. (Guru). Let the deepened and brightened-up consciousness’s will learn to see in statements as though contradicting each other not contradictions, but different poles of a thing uniform and to be able to bring into harmony of the phenomenon of contrasts. Otherwise they will get confused in these seeming contradictions. The understanding of the dual nature of things is Arhat's property. At old schools this property called "neutralization of binder". But it isn't names and terminology, but in acquisition of bipolar sight when the beginning and the end, cause and effect, a past and the future, that is the phenomenon as a whole, become visible to fiery consciousness. Each phenomenon has the antisituation. The one-legged person can assimilate the one who sees one end of a stick though logically other its end isn't denied even if it and it isn't visible.
445. (M. A. Y.). Us, no visible physical eyes and distant, we are claiming the other pole of things – claim a thin semblance out of the dense world. It is evident in the region. Visibility and invisibility are nearby and are inseparable from each other. Just real, albeit invisible, there is a World of Bishop. Rushing towards him and his arguing, build a House for his spirit on the rock of Eternal Life Foundation.
446. (July 18). Achievement is a State of mind, when there is neither external nor internal cannot affect sustainable change spirit. Not so dangerous are the external conditions, as the internal state of consciousness and what happens to the shells. Good to learn to look at what happens in them as the thread current by not addressing their cervical jets and essence of the beholder. Even prophecy cannot be executed. What does it mean? Foundations remain intact. Moods can change under the influence of the currents of space. What did it! They will be held, as were those that were before. And we stand firmly and tightly as the rocky cliff of stormy seas. Let sweeps past the life stream, would not affect them and forever looking.
447. (M. A. Y.). Not changeable moods will make their relationship with parts of the hierarchy of light that connect us with the staircase light. The mood will pass, but the link will remain, if it was not interrupted. Broken of link is tenuous.
448. (Guru). "The lord is unchangeable". We will study also to steady constancy among the various movements going in our covers and all being made outside, because all these will pass, but there will be that over a rough stream of life.
449. (July 19). The heat doesn't promote action of mental energy. The mode of cold available at heights facilitates a lot of things. The world Thin there is closer also than poisoning with the condensed atmosphere of lowlands there less. Also that weight which is felt in more dense beds isn't surprising. Contact with the lower class of the Thin World at weakness of will threaten with obsession. You see as people of Earth easily give in to suggestions of the dark. Let patrol will be vigilant.
450. (M. A. Y.). How much is expressed in the human view. Just do not want to notice, because crowded her and him. Every observation requires some degree of detachment from oneself and one's personal thoughts. Even in this is the need for detachment from oneself. Any local culture demands it.
451. (Guru). Whether creativity can run low? At constancy of Communication with Hierarchy can't. And, if ran low, so contact weak, or discontinuous. Means, personal, the Teacher and his World wins first place in consciousness, instead of.
452. (July 20). The person often and a lot of things forget, especially by an old age, but don’t cease to be it. As well in the Thin World, having exempted from a body, it can forget a lot of things, but keep consciousness and not cease to feel as itself. Also it keeps the Identity, having dumped thin and mental bodies. The covers investing the person aren't the person, but temporary clothes of spirit. And it is very important to transfer consciousness to spirit area that loss of temporary covers didn't influence. All covers are mortal, but the spirit is immortal; identifying itself with them, the person becomes mortal; identifying itself with spirit which isn't subject to death, the person becomes immortal and his consciousness concentrates in its Immortal reincarnating Triad. Everything that is in covers, certainly and mortally, everything that collects in a Bowl being property of Identity doesn't die and accompanies it in all lives.
453. (M. A. Y.). With desires of an astral, especially with desires of a low order, it is possible not to be considered at all because there is no end to them. This irrepressible cover should be put severely on the place; differently it will seize consciousness and will cast it into ruin. Identifying itself with an astral, the person can't neither be exempted from it, nor subordinate him to the will as considers that the astral is and there is he. But, having separated itself from this temporary cover and having become from it as though aside, he can act already independently and separately from it. In the smoker, the drunkard and the addict we have examples of the terrible power of an astral over consciousness. Consequences its bikes also are destructive. The one who aspires to a primacy of spirit, first of all has to approve the power over an astral.
454. (Guru). The space of all measurements includes everything. In this huge receptacle of everything that was, is and will be, the spirit exempted from a body can easily become puzzled. But, that it didn't happen, are channelized it true and the purpose is a Hierarchy of Light. So, knowing where and to whom it goes the confusion at the boundless ocean of space doesn't know. But dismay also doesn’t know a gleam not having directions spirits.
455. (July 21). 455. The reflection about power of spirit increases its force and is unconsciously felt as people around. Thought concentration on the weakness, powerlessness and helplessness too is perceived surrounding, causing in them the corresponding reaction. Therefore thoughts of the second order shouldn't be allowed, because the human cruelty immediately will try to use others weakness or vulnerability to itself on advantage. Any animal or even animal won't dare to rush to the yogi. Any person won't dare to mention what mental force he unconsciously feels. Understanding of the force is a board powerful. Also it is even not necessary to lift a fiery sword for blow if this understanding is rather strong. Carefully it is necessary to issue and crystallize this idea of power of a violet Teresa. It can't lift the board if this representation didn't pour out in a strong, strong, fiery form. Our pupil shouldn't himself display a defenseless lamb.
456. (M. A. Y.). To receive, it is necessary to bring something that was to what to put. If to put there is nothing, receiving can't take place. About it often forget wanting to receive. But the Law is invariable, and its violation is impossible. If to give not brought anything, the donation will spill in vain. After all It is told that that has will be taken away from the poor also. But people pass without attention of that it is undesirable to them to know. And the Law is exact and clear. If you want to receive, you bring each time at least slightest that was to what to put.
457. (Guru). We welcome amateur performance manifestation because it already is a gift. Concept of amateur performance we will accept widely, both external, and internal. Amateur performance internal causes the birth of beams self-proceeding and is the best gift to space. Of spatial value of psych activity of the person think a little and don't attach it special significance whereas to its products absorbed the aura of a planet and is cemented space. As it is important that the person takes out "from treasure of the heart"!
458. (July 22). Cooperation with Us is always voluntary. Against the will of the employee and against his desire it is impossible to work in common. Therefore a necessary condition of such cooperation is the aspiration from its party to in common created work. At dark everything is based on cruel tyranny and suppression of foreign will through fear and other unseemly ways of submission of consciousness. In it is of distinction. They seek to inflate passions and desire their satisfaction to bind hand and foot the victim and to attach it to an evil chariot. Slavery at darkness is the worst type of slavery.
459. At approach of Terms astrochemical conditions of a planet will change. Also space saturation changes also. And that was impossible quite recently, becomes judgment both possible and feasible. The secret of Terms isn't given to of people.
460. (Guru). The karma can be changed by impetuous aspiration to cooperation with Hierarchy of Light. Such ardent aspiration burns gray accumulation of the past and exempts from it spirit. The aspiration to Light is the powerful force changing essence of the person.
461. (M. A. Y.). And, if on the one hand, the soaring and increasing manifestations of dark sides in man, which is particularly noticeable now, then, on the other, are amplified and the good start. The difference is that the manifestation of evil strikes the eye, while the good little noticeable. So good media began as though still in the shade, but the evil is display yourself openly.
462. (Guru). Walk to the Light to Teachers across the land. So go ahead, those who heart — aghast at what they deaden the cruelty and selfishness. They are around you, but your ways are different. There can be, but they go into the darkness, you are to light. Do not be deceived by the fact that they close are pounded. They have betrayed themselves and closeness of this darkness is temporary and deceptive. The two will go next or sit at the same table, but one is already at the mercy of the dark and is attracted to dark pole, and the other to a pole light. So everyone works for the Court it’s over him, making himself the darkness or light.
463. (July 24). Thinking about big, it is easy to lose sight of the small. But where big and where small who can tell? Small things sometimes appear on the value bigger. On a small pebble it is possible to stumble. And the small mote before an eye covers all horizon. Therefore let the eye will be open both on small, and on big, without philosophizing over what is more important. Important everything and everything it is necessary to consider and take into account. On an orange-peel someone broke to itself a leg. The neglect to small details did a lot of harm to that who didn't want to reckon with them.
464. (M. A. Y.). It was stated that the end will be in abundance. Signs are given, hence judgment is approaching uncontrollably. This consciousness and go into it.
465. (Guru). You hear about atrocities. Darkness reveals itself in the latest frenzy and madness. Much is committed under the influence of the astral world and in direct and explicit winning another and more. Weak Shell cannot resist. Content reaches unprecedented forms and strength.
466. (July 26). We warned about burden of time. Here it in apogee. How is safe to pass through it? "Nowadays everyone everyday having postponed care", that is cares having left about it, but without allowing consciousness to fall under their influence and to forget that is most important. For this purpose the Image of the Teacher in heart will be the decision.
467. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to stand up to the end, having undergone and without breaking off the Silver Thread of communication.
468. (Guru). The Sentinel Tower of spirit, impregnable to external phenomena, looks knowing at all that around. An unwavering base of the Tower, and strong walls, and an onslaught of enemies are not afraid.
469. (M. A. Y.). The destruction is admissible and justified only when destruction is replaced by new and more appropriate to build. Break down and don't give nothing in return would be one-sided and unreasonable decision.
470. (Guru). Understanding of life, approved on the foundations, cannot be compared with the understanding the normal. Therefore, everything thinks routine, is subject to verification before it can accept or reject.
471. (July 29). If the poll people on a wide range of, would that tragedy much more than you can imagine. Deadlines intensify karmic retribution for the past. Why so much unhappiness about. Before entering the world of the new with the old estimates, should come to an end; flips the page history. Everything – both good and bad – is detected in a person completely. Bad – to of overcome. How can transform a person, if the past is not dead?
472. (July 30). When heart fires burn, expectation loses the burden. These fires do the far to relatives, because allow to realize reality. Reality of three worlds, destroying commonness limits, enters the person into those spheres of spirit where borders of the past are erased, present and future and where great, eternal reigns "NOWADAYS". Correctly the Apostle told: "Now as in mirror guessing". Small worlds of a narrow-minded commonness of reality themselves don't show. With death of a body they go out, being replaced with phantasmagoria of terrestrial remnants and subjects, in what the person cast himself, catching at shadows Maya. And whether that everyone bears in itself and with itself these illusive worlds is strange, believing in them reality by which they are deprived. It is possible to ask everyone: if what you live at present, really where all what happened to you five, ten, twenty years ago? After all then seemed same real, and, however, passed, both disappeared, and were replaced absolutely with other, same real seeming again. "All vanity and spirit languor", all – dreams passing. Reality of three worlds is absolutely other. Having concerned it, the spirit from a source of Eternal Truth satisfies thirst. The comer to Me in My Beams will understand "the Eternal Truth Real".
473. (M. A. S.). Hard to wait, not from itself the process of waining, and from intolerably heavy of conditions the end the black age. All, and knowledgeable, and the unlearned, smell and see this extraordinary thickening darkness and dehumanization of human hearts, not assuming to themselves the light. Acceleration of events increases, as well as voltage and evil. Already some of the heads of State and Government is clearly involved in a network of evil and crimes against humanity that are already open and stay cannot, for the inevitable end of the run. Our fatherland is the stronghold of the new world. The future of her is radiantly.
474. (Guru). Wait, no matter what. Wait for the contrary. Wait in the face of obvious tight approval all that Show in the Teachings, which is nearing the time of given tales.
475. (July 31). Misfortunes fall upon people to awaken spirit. And, if they don't succeed and people continue to persist in the ignorance, accidents, or cataclysms come. In the past it happened more than once. In the present it threatens a planet because great crimes are committed now on Earth. Lawlessness should be stopped. How? People to terrible preventions are deaf and blind. Continue to persist in an evil- makes Forces majeure are broken. Space balance can be broken only to a known limit which the unpredictable follows. So Atlantis behaved. Let's not repeat its way. Storms, floods, droughts, earthquakes, diseases – all these terrible signs on which the mankind has to reflect.
476. (M. A.Y.). If you take away hope, human with him live then? Because the US is hope everyone striving spirit and gives of his consciousness. If expectations have not come true, what of the times they helped him to move and climb. The teacher often Gives hope to help get out the intricacies of dense conditions. Looking spirit lives with hope for the future. And it is, of course, comes, but perhaps not as draws his own people. Do not refuse the hope for a better future, for it is a mighty engine of life. Faith, hope and love are the three foundations, which consciousness.
477. (Aug. 1). Bipolar vision allows you to see both poles in every single thing the phenomenon of life. Consciousness is the median, then a neutral balance point, and it gives power over the two opposites and the knowledge that grief and joy is a single whole, but exposed at the poles. The aspiration and achievement, too, is one. The darkness of this and the Light of hail is oppositeness. "Standing at the Western Wall, know joy is coming. We should firmly grasp that any condition, even the most grievous, has his opposing pole. This confidence will give insight into the dual nature of things. We are in the "Hosanna" heard screams: "crucify him", you are sorely tested the current time realize the immutability of judgment happiness. It is a guaranty of black coming of age of light. The bipolarity of view depends on the ability of consciousness to contain a pair of opposites as one inseparable.
478. (M. A. Y.). It is also necessary to understand that break off consciousness’s are the phenomenon temporary, and not to philosophize at these moments crafty. It will be replaced by an opposite wave of lifting and new, deeper receipts. "The developed consciousness can't but have the rhythm", not depends on external conditions. Aren't forgotten and aren't left because you go by inalterability, and the judgment happiness is already close
479. (Guru). Correctly you believe that, facing various living conditions and without knowing which of the poles they to you will turn, it is necessary to have already ready decision on both cases. From a neutral point of balance it is possible to operate the phenomena on poles, but thus it is necessary to keep complete equilibrium.
480. (Aug. 2). Butterfly resets and begins to fly the cocoon. Personal, phantom self is the same cocoon. When the spirit grows, it should reset it if wants to fly. Self and personality in a cocoon of small fly. Because the key to climbing the spirit remains formula: "let him deny himself and follow Me." Personality, from one life to incarnation and using the identity, in which it is embodied, for gathering the necessary it skills and knowledge, is immortal, while the person dies and discharged sequentially all temporary shell, to mental, inclusive. Selfhood is its Supreme Triad consisting of 7, 6 and 5-th principles of native identity. The rest consists of elements of temporary and fleeting, and condemned to death. Because immortality is achieved by transferring the consciousness of the time his phone, or shells, into Immortal triad.
481. (M. A.Y.). Gradually life experience teaches that no amount of external circumstances, even the most serious and difficult, will not affect your relationship with those leads, and are merely testing the strength of Silver Thread, which is pushed on top of what's happening in the shells. The Citadel is built on the rock of eternal Spirit Foundation of Life, and nothing temporary no cannot she crush. Eternal and temporal occupy each of the places.
482. (Guru). So, everything consists in consciousness. External no value has. Spirit is over of everything. Understanding that, what all in the spirit, leads to understanding the Truth. How to claim, fiery and indelible, that the spirit over everything and atop everything! Be approved by consciousness on the basis of a primacy of spirit.
483. (Aug. 3). The matter is eternal, and life, but temporarily matter forms in which eternal life is shown is eternal. The eternal spirit is shown too in these temporary forms, but has in itself eternal life. It needs to be known and to believe in it before reaching an uninterrupted condition of consciousness that is immortality. It was told: "Believers in Me have eternal life". Faithless and denying no immortality of spirit of life has in that world because the thought there reigns. And the one, who in the thoughts denies life after death of a body, loses possibility of existence. Certainly, its spirit doesn't die, but the consciousness is dead because the thought denying life of life deprives. It was told: "On your belief it will be given you» that is on your thoughts and your ideas of possibility of life out of a body after release from it there will be also your life in Elevated. It denial is pernicious – power of thought denying life is shown in World Aboveground where everything is created and moves thought. Like stone idols, to negate of the life who have killed in life cost there. On Earth they are still live in a body, though died in the spirit of but where there is no body, the thought which or gives life there dominates, or her kills. Therefore, so important the thoughts it of immortality approve, for the present on of Earth. Great Teachers Came to Earth to tell or remind people of it, because memory human is short. But Proclamation quickly became covered by the latest stratifications and sank in numb interpretation, and the spirit of the Doctrine was replaced with a letter or dogma. Dark hierophant knows about immortality, but holds this knowledge for itself, trying to etch it from consciousness of people. And even big minds among negated don't understand, life in a body is how ridiculous and senseless if to consider that it and limits all.
484. (M. A. Y.). Don't look for perfection among imperfect people, but carefully and lovingly meet each knocking. And not on the shortcomings and imperfections of his will to think and how to help them break the cycle of despair thick, and rise above it, and a touch of reality all three worlds. No, because perfect people so valuable every spark of sincere aspirations, even if it broke out in hardened heart darkened his human flaws. Let's support her, and to blow in the flame, and will help to find the spirit of the narrow trail, focused leadership in life.
485. (Guru). Thought reigns and in dense world, only relics of its investigation do not see denies the eye. After all, human karma is nothing other than the results of his thinking, rather the deeds and actions by the thought. The idea is more important than the Act, because of its strength in action and exhausted. But if the thought were admitted, and no action has taken place, the energy that remains in the microcosm of man to appear in the Act at a later date. We will preserve of thought.
486. (Aug. 4). Rejoice in the opportunity of evolution of the spirit. The road goes in the spirit, on top of the outside. And when the immutability of the spirit cans not anything to stop-this is not only the spirit is swallowed up in victory over that entire out, but also over all three: body tight, thin body and mental body. In time past are phenomena of the external world, but the power they already have no consciousness of it. Spirit of freedom their senses from the shackles of the material world. Out is nothing. The evolution of the spirit in the spirit it is created. The crucifixion of spirit in matter and godparents flour only rapidly advance in evolution if realized great goal.
487. Knowing the stages of evolution, cosmically destined to humanity, not only allows you to see the main direction and find the closest approach to fulfilling the requirements of the moment. In other words, of transcendental consciousness is transferred to the ground elevation at which the hand and foot of the human to break the path. The doctrine does not allow abstract diversions. NOWADAUS and here is the ascent of the spirit. It involves all of humanity as a whole. All unable to rise is discarded as litter. Not capable of evolution of plant and animal species go extinct. Not capable of evolution of perfume become space garbage and to chuck out from the flow of evolution. The law of cause and effect is inexorable. On the famous steps of evolution becomes voluntary, conscious and purposeful.
488. (M. A. Y.). The person knowing where and why it goes sharply differs from the person, senselessly and aimlessly being pounded on a place. It is possible to imagine two similar beings in a space, among whirlwinds and currents of astral and sets of the various phenomena of a different order. There it is easy to be lost if the direction isn't known and if the Hierarchy is rejected. The hierarch Head there Will meet going to Him. Don't reject, ignorant, the saving thread stretched to each spirit recognizing Hierarchy. Not beliefs deprive of themselves, so necessary to everyone to help when the body is dumped and when the person realizes himself in absolutely other living conditions. Here they leaned on something and felt the soil under feet, but there to lean there is nothing when the habitual support crumbled under the feet. Stock up with knowledge, for the present not late and while there is an opportunity to receive it.
489. (Guru). Will ask: how to acquire the necessary knowledge if it isn't known at whom it can be received where and how? Answer: aspiration magneto. It not greatly; if it is rather strong, will attract both the necessary conditions, and the necessary people, and hunger of spirit it will be saturated. Though magneto, it will attract the necessary elements from space. Formula "You are knocked, and will answer you; look for and you will find; you ask and will be given to you" it is valid and until now, and even it is even more valid, than earlier when the thought was about the person. Now the thought gained spatial value, both call and a response are carried out quickly. Only it is necessary that heart participated in call, and then the answer will come is immutable.
490. (Aug. 5). "In darkness external crying and a gnash tooth". In vain try to find an exit in improvement of external conditions. To spirit they won't find the world. The quantity of various new diseases increases, trouble pursues people, both disbalance, and chaos interferes in all areas of life. The best undertaking addresses in the evil, and decomposition takes all aspects of life. The end of Cali Yugi becomes the end of the old world; begins self-consuming the darkness. Difficult is of time for of the distinguished consciousness’s; difficultly them among cruel of people.
492. (Guru). The world promptly goes to a final outcome. Already many understand that further so can't proceed. To madness human there has to be a limit. Plans of an unbinding of wars don't leave minds deciding destiny of mankind. Poisoning of people with gases, gasoline and other chemical garbage, poisoning of the atmosphere, the rivers, the seas, the woods and fields too has the limit which necrosis of all live will follow. Planet bark already dies off, both sand, and a drought threaten a soil fruit-bearer. Water doesn't suffice, and it isn't pure. Condition of a planet is really threateningly. But people to everything being made round them are deaf and blind.
493. (Aug. 6). Planetary the disbalance affects strongly people who generated it, works on guilty and innocent. And in private life of each person these not balance come to light anyway. People pay for the generations. Especially weak organisms, as well as sensitive spirits suffer. And, when the spatial press of darkness increases, influence dark on people becomes especially strong. Also the darkness impact on Light carriers amplifies. Then it is especially difficult to be protected from these influences. The obsession, both all weak amplifies and crude comes under dark influences. Then it is sharply felt how under the influence of dark harmful there are acts of people, their feelings and thought. At such moments communication with Hierarchy of Light has to be especially strong and uninterrupted. Defend the Lord it is possible, when He strongly Entered into heart.
494. (M. A. Y.). When past, ongoing intrude compulsively thoughts, know that someone deliberately confronts them and inflates to cloud the mind and tear him from the saving Hands Hierarch. Thoughts of light will not inflate and strain your dark servant, but every impure thought they will skip past to catch up for her and through her to darken.
495. (Guru). It is very good, that the impact of darkness is so strong. Where they restrict you, whether to Light Stronghold? Because, when the spirit is unshakable and its communication with the Hierarch Leading is strong, all dark attacks address the Lord in the Benefit and only approach even more to It. Therefore we won't despond and to grieve – too, because all diligence of darkness to Light, in the Benefit will serve also to Light the heart which has indulged forever quicker it is advanced and will approach to the purpose treasured.
496. Awareness of the reality of thoughts leads to the realization that the mind and its manifestations are the whole world. At the time of sleep impressions derived from this world, very impressive and specific. When this very good opportunities. Show the attention and observation.
497. (Guru). It has long been clear that every movement of thought is something quite specific concerning peace and a very real effect. Think that consciousness and left his thought disappears without a trace in the space. This is a profound mistake! The thought does not go away and cannot disappear. The idea leaves his scent on the aura to be again under appropriate conditions and give rise to new investigators. Each thought connects us to tune it with layers of space and nourishes our body by vibrations. It doesn't matter that this is not understood. Invisible idea has its bright visibility and acts on his plan, bringing the world's tight completely real investigation. Therefore, control over thoughts strongly need, because late already harnessing the thoughts that are hopelessly captured the consciousness and conquered the will of man. The idea is something much more real than it previously thought, and typically much more powerful than recognized people.
498. (Aug. 8). In every new incarnation man gets new body, or shell, which is consistent with the essence of their possessor. The physical, etheric, astral, subtle and mental body is made up of the corresponding entity person matter. The body is precisely the matter attracted causality. Dense Karma overtakes incarnate from the first days of his life in a new body and does not leave before the end. Spirit of freedom is the freedom of choice Act, or thinks in one way, or another, in each individual case. If deeds can sometimes be compelled by circumstances, the freedom of thinking still remains part and parcel. The evolution of the spirit requires improvement in everything and to overcome harmful and dark accumulations of the past. With this and put people on the ground to leave her, multiplying the positive qualities of spirit and acquiring new knowledge and experience. Otherwise meaningless is of life. Otherwise do not get out of the endless wheel of birth and death.
499. (M. A. Y.). Everything in nature, all the Kingdom of nature, is a complete, consistent and sound planet. And only ruler of her people violates this harmony you’re foolhardy. You cannot do so with impunity, and therefore have to pay for each violation of the world of balance. Until people learn to live according to the laws of nature and not disturb the equilibrium in the world around them, the elemental will be heavily back pressure influence on mankind, right down to the ability of various disasters.
500. (Guru). Before trying to fix it will destroy, disbalance planetary in microcosm his. It is no use trying to restore order in the Outer House of humanity, that is, on Earth, when in his own House, which exemplifies the spirit lives in the body's metabolism, in the microcosm of the approved balance. This will be the primary concern though. If each person first of all took care of it, the lost world to Earth would return, elements would enter into coast and prosperity would set in among all people of a planet.
501. (Aug. 9). Whether all the births given signs or not, bipolar State of mind will keep steadfast aspiration in all circumstances. Resultant of the aspirations and the balance will not be disturbed by anything. The path of life is through immutability. Thus, aspiration will move in all worlds, and nothing will shake it.
502. (M. A. Y.). Great floor plan remains intact under all conditions, and mobility of the Grand Plan does not affect the steadfastness of its foundations. In this understanding and will welcome wave events. And then no more, whirlpools and different actions, do not deceive is misleading and overshadow a great stream flow Evolution in existence.
503. Psychic energy will grow only if it applies. So don't miss any opportunities to strengthen it. Opportunities are given to this constantly. Will not rust the sword if you keep it in constant readiness to act and operate them continuously.
504. (Aug. 14). About Manvantara and Pralaya consciousness was said clearly enough, and yet, when it is Pralaya, not to report that the phenomenon is quite naturally and legally and that it necessarily will be replaced by a new, even higher and a flaming takeoff of consciousness. Forcefully making the sound was impossible because consciousness arm us with patience and calm.
505. Twilight in the world is gathering. Unheard of crime against humanity was committed is already open. How much horror is going on covertly and a monstrous training is to destroy humanity. Very finely-civilized ways!
506. (Guru). Hope's keep, despite everything, and all the contrary, and we firmly believe the offensive until the end of the judgment of the future.
507. (M. A. Y.). In whatever area of Intimate Knowledge the spirit directed, everywhere the same immutable formula of life not greatly meets it: "That wins all who will manage to win against itself”, - from it anywhere not goes. The pupil and the authorities over thoughts and the feelings have to reach mastering by. Any terrestrial power, and all riches of the world, and everything that can get the person on Earth, – anything in comparison with the reached power of spirit integral neither in life, nor after death of a body. Terrestrial nothing undertakes with itself to the World Elevated, but the power of spirit and opportunity it undertake. In it difference of the power terrestrial and terrestrial wealth from richness of spirit and its power over a matter of all three worlds.
508. (Guru). Now it's easier to understand the importance in life of routine during the course of each day, each hour, and each minute to assert its authority over everything that happens inside its three membranes – the physical, astral and mental. Gradually the whole scene is taken under control. Movements in the astral plane and learn more accessible, although mental, may be harder. But easy or hard, now or later, but they have to learn. There is no other way.
509. (Aug. 16). The discipline of spirit causes accumulation of mental energy. Agni's treasure is got by great works and inhuman persistence. Power of spirit everything want to possess, but to apply to those forces and to work at it wishing few. To exhaust itself with a post and a prayer, carrying chains “vlasanitsa” (clothes of eremites) and even self-flagellation some still can. But to study mastering by and the feelings, thoughts, actions and all behavior are capable very much and the very few. The discipline imposed by an apprenticeship, is very severe. She is stood by units. Reading, both wishing, and dreaming to become pupils of the Teacher of Light there is a lot of but as it isn't enough among them ready to pass through everything that accompanies this high rank. Among the most usual conditions of modern life it is possible to pass this severe school of an apprenticeship. The self-discipline imposed on by the pupil, is voluntary. It to approve an impulse proceeds from consciousness of the pupil. Nobody forces, nobody forces, but fiery the directed heart independently comes to awareness of inevitability of this self-discipline. Results it start affecting in growing fiery power. Difficult tests and counteraction of dense conditions promote strong to this growth. It is necessary to forget about happy, carefree, cloudless life and wellbeing. The way of accumulation of fiery treasure is difficult. The discipline of spirit conducting to mastering by is shown in all little things in life. Low-slightest is of great importance. The smile, words, gestures, fleeting thoughts and the attitude towards them – everything is subject to the strictest control. Who will want to bridle a resolute and iron hand willfulness of covers and to eradicate from them that in them was enclosed earlier. The victory over is given by the hard price. The track conducting in life is narrow.
510. (M. A. Y.). The self-discipline spirit, Discreet appearance, imposes an obligation to approve the quality of spirit, and not the ones that particularly desirable but everything and so that you can create a Symphony of qualities. They grow slowly and with great difficulty, and not one life is required to approve them. Feature quality is his ability to infinite growth. The approval of the positive qualities of the spirit there is no end, no end to the growth of the Fiery force, and increased the power of the spirit. The path is endless.
511. (Guru). On new lifting with a new force it is possible to start overcoming in itself that is subject to not excellent get rid. Difficulty that to suppress undesirable property or a trait of character it is impossible, they will appear again as the chopped-off head of a mythical monster grows. The way of suppression of undesirable qualities won't yield desirable results. Therefore it is spoken about their get rid when, deprived of a food by thought, fall off as the dyed-off autumn leaves. When start driving the dog, who has sat down at gate, she comes to even big rage. As well undesirable properties and no get rid weaknesses of spirit. Way of their get rid – the most true. Deprived of a food by thoughts and feelings, they die again not to revive any more.
512. (Aug. 17). The way of not get rid feelings is terrible. It is painfully difficult to get rid of them in World Aboveground. Crude spirits often appeal about burden. It is easier to be cleared, for the present on Earth. But what disturbs? What prevents the drunkard to refuse wine, to the smoker – tobacco, to the player – cards, to the addict – poison and to beget of thoughts dirty – them? Ignorant stirs ignorance. And knowing that? Knowing, but not wanting or not able to lift a sword of clarification of a justification has no. Mighty effort of will nevertheless it is possible to collect forces to dump century outgrowths. Therefore and it is difficult to dump them that accumulated for eyelids, strong growing into a karma. The pleasure from them hasn't enough, and burden though takes away; not to rise to tops with their freight, and not to enter into Light Kingdom. Really their burden is lovelier to the directed spirit, than Light treasure? Should give the full and clear account that is lost at those moments when last useless accumulation overcomes. And why allow that the consciousness was darkened by them. Useless shoots eat thought. Their pure thought it is possible to cut at the roots, without allowing them to expand. And then pull out and the roots. Spirit transformation by force is created. It is possible to call this process by a feat. We know examples of an invincible contradictory condition of the spirit burning last not light accumulation. Otherwise the exit from a circle of hopelessness isn't present. The ram, punching an exit, is in will hands. It can be forced consciously, and in a bigger size, and with a bigger force, than it was enclosed once in unusable stratifications of the past. Let the aspiration to clarification increase to degree of invincible, all-conquering, ardent desire to dump century chains and to be exempted from them.
513. (Guru). The temptation of Saint Anthony and the world knows, however, his revered Saint. Nothing to be ashamed of is not that High Spirit had to go through struggle and temptation. Even the Savior was ruler of this world. There is a sign of aspiration of the spirit's struggle. Bad when there are none, for there is no perfect people on Earth, and if the fighting does not occur, then the promotion of spirit and imperfections of the past plague halted it. Because only in the fight against a possible victory of the Light over darkness.
514. (M. A. Y.). Some people seek to edify, admonish and indicate to others what they should be, forgetting that they themselves are all his life and example of our need to show people how it should be done, and how to behave, and improve his nature and character. Edify is easy, but to show how something is done, a lot more difficult to teach. Each teaching what he had not overcome within himself, is itself a condemnation, - so taught once.
515. (Aug. 18). Voltage of fire impacts on some functions of the organism. So, in this case for correct operation the bowel needs soda taken in hot milk. It balances this voltage, rarefying press. It can be so hard that even the laxative will act badly. Soda so good that does not cause bowel irritation.
516. (Aug. 19). Let now has her eyes closed and ears and light body not awoke to life in space, but it will in the future accomplishment heading toward the spirit. In time all will come, for everything is achievable, and in time will open new heights of knowledge, and the words "you are gods" will become a reality, the Fiery. In the past have been a phenomenon of reality Thin strong world was exceeded the line of death, and were shown some details out dance of one incarnation people, and given marks. If you collect all in one, the result is a vivid and compelling evidence of the existence of undoubted. But evidence of Earth stands before his eyes and makes to forget the thin and the Fiery reality, plunging the consciousness in rags dense generalities. So the singularity must assert itself constantly. Otherwise, the most wonderful, the most no negated, the most desired to move the spirit sink in the noise and hustle of the material world. Win, you have to hold onto the little gained knowledge.
517. (M. A. Y.). Rhythm of constant dialogue creates persistent, crystallized forms in space, who after being released from your body will serve as a solid strength for future aspirations and activity of the spirit, - this silver bridge to in the future. It is consistency and rhythm is its foundations. The rhythm will continue as approved on the wings. Good, endorsement his in of his life.
518. (Guru). It is so important to build a stronghold, a House spirit building. People tend to invest their energy in earthly Affairs, and construction and, when it comes to peace, remained phenomenal Coastal drift erosion with nothing. But building on Basics builds a House spirit, cannot be destroyed because it is built from elements of the imperishable. So, it can be used in the construction of the distant future, far beyond the limits of the incarnation and his tight restrictions. The Arhat transcends dense generalities. For example, the adoption of the necessary qualities of spirit is not for today, not for tomorrow, but during the entire movement of the spirit on the way to infinity. And bright thoughts are for the same objective, and deeds, and actions.
519. (Aug. 20). "We are ready to help everyone and for everyone to enjoy. But whether everyone is ready to help Our and ready to consonante our joy? Willingness to name with us is due to many details. Something has to give up about something, and stop thinking about something entirely forget and work to make the goal.
520. (Aug. 22). We move ahead in the future thought of it. The future exists in consciousness of the person. Representation of the future is made out by thought. Fight for the future is conducted by thought. The thought can concern the past, but to change in it anything can't do, but can – in the future. Plasticity of the future is in the power of thought. The future is carried out deductively, if the creating will doesn't interfere. The law of causes and effects and chain of causality are deductive. The Hierarchy creates the future an induction method. Lack of will is deduction. "Float, My boat, at will of waves" – the deduction and lack of will slogan. Reflectors of consciousness and reflectors of thinking are deductive. The method of deduction is good if preconditions are correct and faultless. We specify to be approved on Bases, because they guarantee a faultlessness of preconditions or starting points of thinking and actions. The thought generated and started-up in space works deductively in the direction enclosed in it by will. Each method has the positive and negative sides depending on properties of consciousness using it. Deduction follows on the blazed way of consequences. The induction can generate a number of the new reasons, opposite past, stopping those actions of last mistakes. Weak-willed submission to a course of disease deductively. Fight against it demands intervention of will and inductive thinking.
521. (M. A. Y.). The tactic helps detect Adverse lunacy, insolvency or fallacy of human action in order to prevent them in the future. That's why sometimes things are allowed, it would seem entirely inappropriate and harmful. Also in the life of a student Teacher Admits at times of some order to disciple, seeing their ineptitude, might the more easily take for their eradication?
522. (Guru). Why not nip them in some unpleasant or harmful actions, clearly inspired by the dark? Karma does not – something we should exhaust to the end and for something entirely pay off. Dark are the instruments of implementation and the Elimination of the karmic consequences, and only when the debts are paid, they are forced to leave those they tormented.
523. (Aug. 23). Aspiration is always directed to the future – this is his strength and his power. This cannot be changed, but the future is possible. A real live - the slaves of spirit, future- of free spirit. We live in the future and in the future. That is of Our freedom and the power. Distinguishing feature of the future is his mobility. Mobility Plan is this. Evolution Exiting is directed to the future. Thought, living the past and aimed in the past, deprived of mobility. The past is dead. "In the past all burned to a Fiery Yoga." The future is wings of flight. The future is the magic wand heading toward the spirit. In the future, anything is possible. As the sky and the Earth, as light and darkness differ between itself the future and the present. The past is only the future stage, both as a pivot upward spiral. As We look forward into the future consciousness, trying to attach the evolutionary nature of elements, otherwise it will go down. What could be more terrible for the future, overthrowing consciousness into the abyss? Climbing stairs in the past are climbing in the future, because the chain of cause and effect is continuous. You can build a life so that her every moment was a step in the evolutionary future. The idea is built accordingly, or rather, and adjusts accordingly in the way of the future. "Light of the future is great, and goes to them.
524. (M. A. Y.). If you take away from the future and its possibilities, what remains? No is problem. This in itself makes no sense, especially given separately from the future. Will the spirit be identified and work freely in any of their membranes, up to and including light body? Will. Where and when? In the future! So you can see for yourself that the doors of the future are open and the keys in your hand. So boldly and swiftly go ahead – it all.
525. (Guru). At Light bottom the thought directed to it blossoms all flowers of a rainbow and can grow infinitely. Therefore it is so important, where and on what to direct thought, and to what. The Hierarchy is the best and most right object for aspiration of thought. The thought directed to It, comes back to send it, but loaded plentifully Light elements. So there is a continuous food of spirit if the appeal to Hierarchy is constant. The thoughts directed to the Driver-Hierarch, won't become scanty and will always bring a fruitful harvest.
526. So, the future undividedly belongs to the person, and only he is imperious over it. In the future for it everything is concluded that power of his creative imagination permits later to approve it in the following embodiment.
527. (Авг. 24). The unrestrained elements of water can cause great destructions. Being bridled, it with advantage serves the person. To powers of these elements of people channelizes and forces them to work for itself. Forces majeure of a microcosm human, the lands expressed by elements, waters, air and fire, can be in the same way bridled and subordinated his ox. To theis energy are sent for implementation of absolutely certain tasks with purpose consists in changing the person and to broaden spheres of his conscious activity not only on the plan terrestrial, but also in others, now to it yet available, space layers. For example, all its sense organs are limited to an external environment while potentially the all of them are boundless, and the person can see and hear all the feelings out of restriction in their distance and other conditions. Us Show general direction of evolution of mankind. But it flows very slowly. But who trusts it? Education of the minds which have got stuck in the bog of denials is necessary, and clarification of minds, a lot of things already understanding and recognizing, but floundering in a web of the evil and employees of involution is necessary. We Can channelize, we Can specify the next way, but force the person to follow an evolution and Benefit way contrary to his free will We Can't. Evolution is voluntary. Blows fate and various disasters can force mankind to understand, that they are generated by own energy directed not on creation, but on destruction. It is good that theis awakening didn't happen too late.
528. (M. A. Y.). Difficultly at times counterbalance high flight of thought with actions and behavior in life usual. And it is necessary. Otherwise the gap, or a dissonance, destructive turns out. On this harmonization it is possible not to regret efforts because results them will be yielded by unexpected and good consequences. People don't wish to recognize the benefit brought by it by their following to the basic principles of morals. It is identical to all centuries and the people and all sectors of society. All Great Doctrines give these Bases. Is able give nothing new people. It is necessary only to them to follow and to apply in life. Otherwise destruction is inevitable.
529. (Guru). Huge building constructed from small bricks and the bricks are made up of small particles, and the overall look of the person is made up of the slightest detail his thoughts, feelings and actions. And it should pay particular attention to the overall look of a harmonious and light.
530. (Aug. 25). Our rule – not to invites, but carefully meet the coming. Looking and being knocked at once will answer Call. But the valid suitability will be found only after tests. Let's not grieve for passersby. Their time didn't come. Generally, it is empty around. Situation will absolutely change when the horror will drive crowds and when the exit won't be. While for activity of spirit there is a space. Cementation can devote it enough time. This work will give the good consequences. Also spatial help to friends is necessary. It isn't less difficult to them, than you, if no more. The planetary network of Light becomes stronger at these actions. At supervision over curve living conditions good each time mentally to replace them with straight lines, introducing the amendments. Work on the statement of Light can be very various if only not to multiply darkness.
531. (M. A. Y.). Loved ones, who are far from you, hold about yourself in the mind of your keep as if they close, keep so incessantly, not allowing some amount of obviousness dense divide you. Intimacy in the spirit, if it really is, cannot destroy the external conditions. Remember always that the spirit above all else, and say firmly and immutably spatial connection with loved ones in spirit people.
532. (Guru). Team is valuable because its members have different abilities and talents and by gathering in a common pot of diversity of their knowledge, can very usefully enrich consciousnesses. Collegiate Dictionary is the result of collective work, which is absolutely not under force to one person. The current situation of the science principle of the personality is uniform meaningless, though personality and retains all of its deepest meaning. Selfishness and individual start in man are different among you as the darkness and the light.
533. (Aug. 26). Whether there will be a condition of internal harmony and the world more valuable achievement, than something another, but not giving this feeling? It is better to reach it, having nothing, than to possess everything, without knowing this feeling. Therefore it is good to direct thought on an achievement of peace which above all human understanding and doesn't depend any more on external conditions. Certainly, they can promote this condition, but its highest degree doesn't depend any more on anything that outside. It precedes a condition “samadhi”. On heart that is most expensive to it is constant only. And when the most necessary is put above all other and takes priority in consciousness, then achievement becomes possible.
534. How nevertheless to weaken rage of influence of a direct environment on consciousness; only having the Image of the Lord between itself and of external environment. It Will serve as the Board from waves of external impressions, allowing keep internal isolation, and then around it is possible to take a detached view of all events as though, without identifying itself with it.
535. (Guru). It is not to think about something, or prevent certain feelings and to have control over them and not allow them to be contrary to the will.
536. (M. A. Y.). Let each the stumble, or not light action made even in a dream, because new lifting of inflexible determination to clear consciousness as far as possible more deeply. Old heaps have very deep roots. They also should be rooted out completely. The somnolence shows at times, this clarification is how deeply made and whether remained still somewhere in the most concealed corners of consciousness of unnecessary litter. The kind pupil strong uses all phenomena, both good and bad that still directed to move forward.

537. (Guru). The suitability of a person who has entered into the path of the teachings of life is measured not by whether he is good or bad, and hardness and inflexible of its decision to free themselves from their not the good. And even the rogues in this prospering, leaving far behind "-colored virtue". And even if the man fell back on its feet immediately and follow along without slowing down a step.
538. (Aug. 29). The feeling the future is subtle and focused mind, and besides – despite the obviousness. Validity and obviousness are struggling in the minds for the acceptance and approval. The new heavens and the new Earth are commanded to people long ago. Someone even began to see clearly in scrolls coming already. Where they already exist, but only your heart alight can be scented. Not seen, not began to see clearly, not impacted, but believe they benefit you! Plan Lords of the immutable, but moves in mysterious ways. Judgment be Should. Judgment: "The bridal spectacular". But let the obviousness does not disguise the reality.
539. (M. A. Y.). With itself being filled, the approving, itself moving ahead, you will ascend where? How you will punch a shell of own aura? Only about the Lord and only about the future – so to heart lets the order direct forward. We strong are directed in the future, you hasten also not to lag behind. If you lag behind to whom, or what you will be able be stuck? It is possible to drop out of a castle of Light, and then not to catch up with it any more. So, strong it is necessary to hold the saving thread binding with Hierarchy of Light. "Except a heart thread, there is nothing".
540. (Guru). Better to be ill, but after an illness approach the Hierarchy of light than to be perfectly healthy, without knowing it. Illness and health is temporarily holding the value while in the body, but now come relief from body-jail and spiritual acquisition is to the fore. And if after suffering body has comes enlightenment spirit, then how this is important to host out dance! No wonder the spiritually minded people thought sickness «a visit to Lord’s.
541. (Sept. 1). Salvation is not to release the person from suffering, disease and paying a karmic debts, and to awaken a sense of truth and the spirit of this path lead him to the gates of the new world. Therefore, all attempts to alter someone's or your own Karma may not give the desired results. Because we do not hasten with the Karma does not permits. To enter the building of the new world the old calculations should be completed.
542. (Sept. 2). Dark know that are doomed therefore their rage is unreasonable. Therefore so strong they decline bad people on the party, and inspire them on bad affairs, acts and thoughts, and so persistently restrict and pursue mine. Unfortunately, only the few able to see understand the created evil and its source. And then even small, but bad action gets special sense, and fight against makers becomes fight against the dark, evil doing. Mankind division on poles of Light and darkness goes everything more deeply and more deeply, and a grief adjoined a darkness pole. Now they can be closer and spitefully harm, but the moment here will come – and the impassable abyss will separate them from other mankind. Therefore I Claim: "It will be dim dark" and to their henchmen. If understood, what terrible destiny is prepared for them by the opposite going against Light and Lords to whom you serve? Rage because feel good fortune of a sent Beam.
543. (M. A. Y.). Lessons of life become valuable only when sink, bringing the necessary experience. Who says that they are easy, they are heavy but as this experience brought by them is valuable. He teaches much that it is possible to rejoice only given the chance by life to fill up the knowledge. Cold severe restraint too can serve as a good board from those who so carefully try to discover, for what it to be hooked if only to prick more painfully. Why they in hands this opportunity to give when restraint and balance to be hooked for anything will be not given. Even words, and besides the most harmless, can serve as a catch for evil consciousness. Therefore silence too protection.
544. (Guru). As though to explain it most intelligibly that the corresponding polarization of own consciousness is necessary for successful fight and opposition to darkness. After the entire Savior even to Peter Enjoined to enclose a sword in a sheath and in protection of didn’t raise hands, but He Won against the world. I told: "This are Told by Me to you that you had in Me the world, in the world will have grief, but take heart – I Won against the world".
546. (M. A. Y.). Approval of certain qualities of the spirit is definitely useful. And doing this is possible even during Pralaya of consciousness, or during the most difficult tests. Both the State and reach runs out will remain in the future. There is no better lesson than the self-discipline spirit.
547. (Guru). Well after all the daily from morning to give him any specific tasks for approval in action desirable qualities of the spirit. Let the first will not be too difficult, but performed rigorously. This encouraged promiscuity of psychic energy. Few people think about how much people need the discipline of the spirit.
548. (Sept. 4). When the mind is silent, there is no need to the exhausted efforts. Thought must flow freely and smoothly without any violence. Pralaya consciousness is legitimate.
549. (Guru). Learn never to compromise the dignity of spirit and sacrifice him not to bring any conditions, or wishes in that way obtain location of people.
550. (Sept. 5). Whatever the causes of bad dreams, one thing is: before diving into sleep consciousness must be sufficiently protected against the possible negative impacts, from wherever they may come. This must be taken into account, bearing in mind the special thickening darkness and special tension expanses.
*551. (M. A. Y.). "Shout of the Serpent is". Serpent such nobody saw on Earth, therefore, this phenomenon of a thin order concerning astral Light, in connection with a condition of space and a presentiment of coming terrible time for all planets as enlightenment in area of the future events. When the picture was written, still was nothing, but the spirit of the artist felt an approaching waving of events of all-planetary scope, karmic the inevitable? In this case the Serpent is a symbol of knowledge, knowledge deep and Intimate. People are notified on the coming future which for all mankind became now already last, however, yet complete up to the end, but coming to the end to the specified term.
552. (Guru). It may be added, that the forms serpent specifically exist in astral world, that they reach huge sizes that, they can belong to both the North Pole and to the Light pole, the darkness and, that clashes between them are fearful of their tension. The theme is very large and deep.
553. (Sept. 6). The most difficult condition of following for the Teacher of Light is self-dismissal. Precept "Be rejected from itself and follow Me" it is given to people long ago. But as carefully avoid it, how many roundabout footpaths try to discover if only to bypass it! But here after searches of long and many attempts start understanding – or the condition it has to be satisfied, or advance on the way stops. It is necessary to attach to work on and the statement of these or those qualities of spirit and quality of self-dismissal, or dedication which should be understood very widely, and not just in aspect of sacrifice.
554. (M. A. Y.). Good, that you understand, that the real premise objects through space by Teacher points to a degree of Intimacy Emitted, unless special circumstances require such parcels. For each student made possible such receipt if it is called necessity. But just think what is harder to obtain-mental or substantive assumptions and make a conclusion. Of course, it is best to have both of them.
555. (Guru). Deliberate restraint in speech, gestures, movements, thoughts and feelings, indicates that energy is constrained by a sacred microcosm that is going to master them. The usefulness of such restraint cannot be overstated. One cannot fail to notice how for even a short time starts to pile up the psychic energy. You cannot pick up steam in the boiler, not closing it out, that is not deterring him as impossible to accumulate energy, not by adopting the quality of Agni restraint.
556. (Sept. 7). In a microcosm of the person two sorts of the phenomena are observed: the first, relating to things passing, mortal, doomed to final limited existence, and the second sort of the phenomena – enduring, immortal, and making eternal life of spirit. The consciousness can plunge into both rows of these phenomena. At immersion in a row the first it connects itself that is mortal, – and dooms itself death. At immersion in the second it joins immortality, or eternal life. The body and all other covers the temporary also are mortal, the Highest reincarnating Triad – is immortal. To that the person and to what directs, important extraordinary because causes his death or immortality prefers. So, collecting round focus of consciousness of elements of death, or immortality defines destiny of the person. The body is mortal, but bodies are mortal as well astral, both mental, and only fiery isn't passing. And everything that is connected with consciousness life in its mortal covers will leave together with these covers and will be dumped as the physical body is dumped. Therefore to connect it with them – means to doom itself death. Elements enduring, or immortality, concentrate in the Highest Triad, and during lifetime of the on Earth it is possible consciously, persistently and persistently to collect them that there was enough material for conscious life in the Highest Triad. Sitting on the river bank and observing its current, sitting doesn't identify itself with it. In the same way, observing all events in the covers, it is possible not to identify itself with this continuous and constant stream, knowing that Looking at a stream – this stream isn't. It is so possible to separate in itself Eternal from temporary and Eternal to approve, all the time multiplying and increasing elements of the enduring. It is very important to separate thus terrestrial, temporary, from timeless Identity and in process of forces focus of consciousness to learn to transfer the personality to its sphere. It is good to understand already that Bases of the Doctrine of Life are elements enduring. It is good to acquire that the Hierarchy of Light is immortal and that all relating to It, both Teachers of Light, and the Teacher of Light of each pupil – the phenomena of the same order. It is useful to realize that Agni Yoga is the Doctrine about immortality of spirit. So gradually it is possible to collect the huge material consisting of elements of immortality, and to enrich with it accumulation of the Highest Triad, repaying thus the debt to the physical body, that is dressing and feeding it, and the debt to the family, surrounding people and the Homeland. Collecting of elements of immortality not only doesn't exempt the person from a debt to people, but, on the contrary, deepens its understanding of the responsibility for them and for the whole world, expanding thus a sphere of application of all energy of its microcosm.
557. (M. A. Y.). It was said: «Respect life, as those, who longs for her. Add: live the life in which you put the karma, live, performing what she asks of you, but not allowing the mind to dive into it too and not accepting the validity of Maya. Mirage Passed away your bright mirages obviousness that surrounded you in the past. Go away and those that now surround, and the only items continued to remain with you to introduce you to the stream of consciousness that is of continuity to the immortality of the spirit.
558. (Guru). When consciously the heavy, when attained immortality and life purpose is clear, whether temporary earthly life whatsoever, to have such power over the mind, what are they above the ordinary people? So gradually, lifting the spirit “of gulf of life", you can assert its power over the transient or, more precisely, over the ability to force his master or person, obscuring a narrow trail leading to immortality.
559. (Sept. 8). "Provide dead to bury the dead persons, you follow Me"; "you are gods". In these two antiprovisions definition of the person is given. With of one hand – a necrosis of the spirit, and an across it of death, with another – of boundless possibilities of development it’s potential. And all – inside the person, because he and is a way. And that it is valid so, – it was given the bright example imprinted by sufferings and death. There was time. Years of mistrust and denial were replaced for years of enlightenment, the mankind yet didn't approach Yugi to the end of the century, by the end of the old world, by the end of Cali. But whatever occurred on a planet, even change the South; Bases remain unshakable for all times, as well as essence of the Great Plan of evolution of all real. Therefore it is possible to go to the future quietly, knowing that the way is uniform, a way of transformation of the person and disclosure of its internal potential and lifting on Light Ladder, isn't present which end. And as the way lies not outside, but inside, can't stop it anything external if only the person of it doesn't allow. The way is open, and the future in hands going on it.
560. (M. A. Y.). That, through what you pass, we passed, and through burdening by people – too. The phenomenon this very painful and especially because, what it is inevitable. But be interlining vigilance, and experience gives in time the prevention that it is necessary to be protected from a consuming of mental energy. Already you understand that contact with those who reads Doctrine books, often happens very burdening because people don't want to think of care and care in relation to from whom they receive. Such of sensitive care – not to burden, the Teacher Appreciates highly. The benefit showed it.
561. (Guru). The severe knowledge of a human nature is preferred to affection by masks. But there is even more the worst type of affection is the good. In dazzle by such affection people don't understand as far as they can burden being above them. Expediency and commensurability demand that the comer brought with himself valuable accumulation. Then Communication happens refreshingly.
562. (Sept. 9). So, each person is a way, but where? Ways happen different: one conduct to Light, others - in darkness. To Light conducts a way of Truth and a life, the specified to people each Teacher of Light. Pearls of the Uniform Great Intimate Doctrine are scattered according to pages of many writing of all centuries and the people. They can be found in books of different writers and poets. They sparkle at times and in thoughts of different people. The space is filled by them. In silence of silence they get into consciousness of many. The mankind isn't left without the Management. Some them live and are guided in life. But the majority – are deaf to understanding of the most necessary. Awakening of spirit is necessary that ears and eyes opened. How to awaken spirit? Sufferings awaken. Therefore there are so many misfortunes around and so much trouble. The nature strong reacts to human ignorance, and it, in turn, affects violation of planetary balance. It turns out the vicious circle, exit from which only up, there, where is released spirit from dense, corporal, heaps. While it won't occur, both people, and a planet, and all live will suffer in darkness people of generated consequences. But there come Space Terms when conditions so will become aggravated that approaching fiery waves or will awaken spirit human to Light, or will break going against it. Choice the last will depend on free human will.
563. (M. A. Y.). Who will carry us into the minds of his life, he is with us and will, when the fairy tale land. Who go to fathers –with them be, who to us are - with us, who to the Lord- with the Lord be.
564. (Guru). Each word, and especially the word fiery, causes reaction of people around. As carefully and circumspectly it is necessary to choose words not to tell anything, able to cause undesirable reaction. But "silence – gold", is better to keep silent, than to tell unnecessary, rash and attracting undesirable consequences.
565. (Sept. 10). The space of the highest measurements differs from three-dimensional to which belongs and in which their lives a dense body of the person. Other spaces we concern thought. Astral and mental bodies live already in them. When the consciousness is transferred to the World Thin, it submits to its laws. In the Thin World the concept about distance differs from the terrestrial: distances are, but modified and kilometers aren't measured. The proximity and range are defined by thought and aspiration. The same modification undergoes also time. However, habits terrestrial leave the mark because there is a tendency to think still in a terrestrial way, but it only in the beginning. Mastering by the feelings and thoughts and clarification from any moral litter on Earth, certainly, will help to be guided still during lifetime correctly in the conditions of the Thin World.
566. (Sept. 11). While inside there is a fight of two beginnings, Light and darkness, is lost nothing. Fight means that the spirit is live. Only weak-willed submission to get rid properties of the lowest nature means defeat. All should fight going on the way. And the opponent is always on a shoulder, and temptations thinning in process thinning the consciousness, and, if the pupil is tempted by demons, that Adept – iyerofant of the evil. And their rates always on no get rid properties the character. Would be for what to be hooked and get in fortress. And intermediaries and assistants the dark elect from people around. Work usually from the Thin World. Fight we welcome as a victory threshold.
567. Where and how human life flew and whatever happened to it, the main fact of life is its communication with Hierarchy of Light because life as that without the Teacher of Light will be similar to running on the spot, to run of a squirrel in a cage is similar. It is necessary to leave a wheel, a wheel of births and death. Embodiments remain, but the circle will be opened and becomes the lifting spiral, each time coming to the end at deaths door on a point of higher, than that which preceded it. Growth and expansion of consciousness accompany spiral ascension, and the Face becomes a leading magnet of the Teacher. This way lies in Boundlessness, and from the inhabitant the person turns into the traveler of the Great Way. Anything doesn't come to an end, everything serves only as a point of the beginning, a consequence bringing according to the accord, or continuation of the begun. Mind deprived people on a planet scurry about to finish anything and to leave, anything from the environment without having taken further with it. But the collector of Treasure cans each action, thought or feeling to use for Stone enhancement, crystals it increasing consciously. As it is useful there can be everything if the purpose is conducted. Certainly, they who don’t know the Great Way grow also, but a difference between them and those who knows, same as between the baby and the adult. Many stay in an infantile condition. Christ Redeemer called the blind, and others – dead persons because their consciousness deprived of fire of life, decayed in stagnation. The lord is the evolution engine. To the Lord adjoined becomes a pusher for sleeping consciousnesses. Contradiction that the people sometimes showing tireless activity, sleep in the spirit of, and their work is fruitless for spirit. All terrestrial successes are anything, if the spirit didn't wake up. But when awakening spirit there are they the mighty fact of life. Everything, but with the Lord, will serve advance and evolution. The purpose of material progress of the present consists in inhaling in it the Doctrine of Life and then at once to spiritualize everything that nowadays consciously isn't comprehended. The Culture Temple, but only forced to fill its spatial fire is erected, having united with consciousness of people, will give it a life pulsation. But its walls are material, as well as the basis, and it is necessary to finish it, differently going fire there is nothing will be to accept. Not accepted consciously – it will be destructive and not accepted will burn. We wait for awakening of consciousness’s; this phenomenon causes a course of events. I Want to accelerate, but the fiery flower of spirit won't reveal before term. We wait. Wait also you feeling value of the events. We wait to Call in Boundlessness. We wait, but we prepare ways and the next approach. Walls should be completed and to cover the building with a dome. So it is necessary to merge material and spiritual in uniform understanding of life. To the leader exact terms are conducted. I will give signs of the coming terms, to everyone – corresponding.
568. (M. A. Y.). Teacher a place is the front corner. If to deliver to the Lord in consciousness above all, and life will begin to sound differently. Also the life symphony will be in this way executed. Many lives sound a dissonance. Separate conformable chords of the symphony don't give, and the main thing isn't known to performers, for the sake of whom and that their work is made. The lord Will bring symmetry in all cases of life, and the sense Will give it, and Will specify how to carry out life in the necessary tone, without deviating.
569. (Guru). Personal feelings are flimsy. On them it is impossible to build. Devotion is above-person, going forward far beyond the identity of this embodiment, but passing through them, through everything in the past, in last embodiments. And then personal feelings become quality Immortal "I". So, personal feelings turn into qualities, losing the personal beginning. On qualities it is possibly to build. Them we appreciate and to qualities we trust.
570. (M. A. Y.). The guarantee of success and continuous advance in to being late anything, that is not to stop, whatever not get rid properties or shortcomings display itself. If fell, immediately get up and follow further. It isn't necessary to be lost and suffer the made mistakes. They should be weighed, in itself to condemn and follow further, without allowing them to detain advance. "Nothing can believe barriers between the Teacher and the pupil". After all the way consists in overcoming of, in fight and a victory.
571. (Guru). If no hopes, dreams and expectations of the future were carried out, but the victory over is reached, it is possible to consider that the purpose of this embodiment and tasks it are carried out completely. But if around it is made as it would be desirable, but the victory over didn't come true, what advantage of external changes, and even the finest, for the spirit which has suffered defeat? Not to enter into the New World to the won.
572. (Sept. 12). As no necessary itself to lead, it is possible to study on people around. More than once were witnesses of idle, irresponsible talk which didn't bring anybody any benefit and only I littered space. Let it will teach how it is necessary to weigh each word before to tell something. Not to spend in vain energy – a task of the pupil.
573. (M. A. Y.). Each melody can be executed in a certain key. As well action can be made everyone in a certain mood. It is possible to make departure of action on a key of the elected of quality, without allowing that there was it spontaneously. Especially successfully and visually it when there is a spiritual help and when own mood affects the person needing the help becomes.
574. (Guru). Different qualities of spirit allow carrying out the behavior in various keys, depending on external conditions. The solemnity key, sometimes courage, sometimes inflexible persistence and stability are sometimes necessary. But the symphony of qualities on which key the life mystery is made will be top of all achievements.
575. I consider inexpedient to rely on something outside. I consider that it is possible to rely only on Hierarchy of Light, but regardless of accident of external conditions. The darkness can't serve as a support for understanding of Light. But, believing on Us all consciousness, you can succeed. The prosperity consists not in how it develops terrestrial, external, life, and in how grow in quality of spirit and fires approved by them. Qualities of spirit phenomenon in the form of fires giving deposits of fiery crystals which integrated power concentrates in the Bowl. So, qualities of spirit, being carriers of fires, are inseparably linked with its ascension on a perfection ladder. Some think to succeed somehow differently, but other way to Light isn't present. Aspiration – fire, courage – fire, firmness – fire. In firmness of exactly burning flame phenomenon not dyeing power of spirit. But weakness fluctuates from each whiff of whirlwinds terrestrial, and go out, fluctuating, fires. Because, so much of the extinct consciousness’s. Means care – about qualities of spirit because without them there are no fires. Without fire is of death. Because there is so much live dead persons and so many the obsessed. Possession don't dare to come nearer to burning heart. The care of fires is inseparably linked with care of qualities of spirit. So, the statement of qualities and their development will be a fiery way of spirit. Think that live to eat and drink, or to dress well, or prosperity to have and surround itself with things, but life is given to increase fires, that are qualities of spirit. And, if the purpose of life to put the statement of qualities, the fiery way of spirit it is found. Availability of approved fires means immortality because in the spirit of it is possible to die at a live body. Live dead persons is the phenomenon not only evangelical, but also very modern. People only about terrestrial think and much on Earth reach, but material achievements – anything, if they not fit the spirit stature. Growth of spirit is growth of fires. Fire, which has descended on Apostle, is a symbol of fiery transformation of the person. There are a lot of steps of this transformation. Ahead Boundlessness and growth of fires it is boundless. On this long way the conscious statement of qualities leads to mastering by fires, and each slightest effort in this direction gives the consequences. Everything gives consequences, but the fiery phenomena – special. Therefore, caring of qualities of spirit, it is possible to succeed outside the conditions of the usual. Take two: one, using all earthly blessings and having everything, except qualities of spirit, and another, not having anything, but saved up crystals of fires. One, on Earth having everything, will come poor to the World Thin, another, deprived of everything, but fires approved, in that World will have everything because Fire there is a basis for all manifestations of spirit. One can be motionless a block, another – to fly, both to see, and to hear, and strong to use all the fiery feelings. So people in life terrestrial, on Earth it the way maintain in Elevated, but only on force saved up in life corporal fires. Take the worker and the idler – the difference will be striking, because work – fire store. To the person it is given the chance to succeed in any living conditions, and not wine lives if he doesn't succeed, but the person.
576. (M. A. S.). Speak about freedom, speak much. But without fires there is no freedom. Unless can be weak-willed free when each thought, each word, each person, stronger, can influence it? Availability of fires means freedom of spirit. Them approving, the person dumps from himself fetters of habits, traditions, beliefs, superstitions, thoughts walking and accepted by all and many other things about what he at all doesn't suspect. Fiery freedom is freedom of spirit from conditions of time, an era and everything, than the space understanding of life is limited. Once you present yourselves in different nationalities, during various historical eras, these restrictions become clear. One throughout lips pass a ring or throughout a nose, others paint a body, the third make up cheeks and lips, the fourth since the childhood swaddle feet in blocks and spoil them, the fifth carry corsets, squeezing breath, the sixth burn people on fires that they think differently and so on. Also there is no end to those deadlocks and restrictions to which brings thought. We speak about fiery thought free and its carriers – fire spirits. And to this freedom we call you feeling wings. In the spirit of freedom, understand, – when fiery wings grow.
577. (Guru). When the way is concentrated inside, it is possible to go, and besides irrespective of external conditions. They will act, they can't but influence, but nevertheless to them not destroy a way that inside lies. Saint Sergy made the feat in the woods, yogas – in mountains lonely, the Christ Left to the desert. From within they scoop the creative fire, because all – in the person, even the God Kingdom. External – as flint and the blows of flint cutting sparks and giving a flame from essence of spirit. The person who has understood goes internal force through life that the fiery source of boundless opportunities is concluded in it, inside.
578. (Sept. 14). If eremites-yogis flourish to the world lightful radiations of the microcosm, that, to them imitating, the same can do and the pupil, sharp-sightedly watching that the condition of its aura would correspond to this task. Certainly, it is hard when there are so much distracting conditions and when the surrounding atmosphere is dense and яро counteracts each kind undertaking. You look, how many the best and creative affairs are distorted by darkness and turned inside out by the negative side. And kind undertakings will try to pervert your dark. Many times it was already possible to note in the past as your dark turned the best and light aspirations against you and tried to restore against you those to whom you wanted to help. But, supporting a svetonosnost of the aura and observing a precept about silence and balance, you become impregnable for dark attacks.
579. (M. A.Y.). Let's come back all the time to same: to a question of, how transmutation the essence on Light key. Not to enter into the future in old clothes. Most difficult transmutation thought. Old, habitual a track disturb, forcing it to go in the habitual directions. Stir thoughts about it and myself. Short Precept "Be rejected from itself" it is so difficult. But, it without having accepted, it is impossible to follow the Teacher.
580. (Guru). At whatever time frame nor the transferred sense of close future, whatever frustrations occur because of this, one thing is unmistakably, sense-knowledge the interpretation of terms, or rather their proximity, and untrue. Because despair is not necessary, firmly knowing that gudgment must be the future home of our "bridal chamber" was enjoined.
581. We prefer definiteness in everything: thoughts, views, feelings, acts. The thought has to be especially accurate. Only accurate thought will depart and will succeed. Better one accurate, finished thought, than ten indistinct and muddy. Only such thought can be clear-radiant. Move the clear, perfected thoughts. Fire gives them luminosity and registration – clearness. Such thought can be operated. Dregs of not properly executed thoughts won't cut through space and in the purpose won't pierce an arrow. Speech clearness depends on thoughts and consonance of. In the trained consciousness the thought our, sent by us, accepts the certain finished form. So the consciousness receiver as knot of a network of Light of the planetary is installed. Receiving our vibrations, the pupil makes out them in accurate thoughts and with them sates space around. Thoughts of such consciousness, being sent afar, the goal reach and hold a desirable consequence.
582. (M. A. Y.). I would like to write to you every day that my thoughts were imprinted for others, post going. I like to tell about the Lord, because in Him all. If It the Alpha and Omega of our existence, whether that it is possible to do without It or to pass by. Whether it is necessary to begin and finish day pronouncing His name, sating the heart with its Face. Finishing so day flowing with the Name Its on lips, we enter into the World Thin and in conformable to Heart Great Spheres and to scoop up from them force for new day. And at dawn the Name It’s repeating, Light it lit up day meeting halfway us. Dimly and darkly is without the Lord. To come nearer many want, but don't know – as, and even knowing can delay. But all is simple very much. Favorite things it is stored. Of people of darlings it is thought much and often, and our heart is constant with them. The love that with the Lord to be always heart together is necessary. When it in heart to the Lord flares, He is close very much, as well as everything loved by us. You love it – and He Will answer call of love of the directed heart. In it is all of secret of Proximity to us Great Heart. Simply, all great is simple, because simplicity – one of Bases.
583. (Guru). It is necessary to realize all power of the silent, concentrated thought. It is possible to talk in silence to people. We avoid verbosity. To what words if the thought is given. The thought manages big affairs. My cloths wouldn't see light if they weren't issued by thought. As well the thought can't display externally if a certain form isn't given it. If the thought is issued and pulses life fire, is immutable, sooner or later, it will be embodied in the conditions of the dense. Therefore all our constructions, whatever abstract and far they in the real or last living conditions seemed, in life will be embodied and become reality. It should be understood not to lose hope and belief in hard times before a dawn. Now it is still very dark over Earth, but the ring somewhere brightens and is heard. Whether from the hidden hail buried under water there is this ring? And what it foretells? Whether an embodiment on Earth of the commandment fairy tale? Friend Mine, listen sensitively!
584. (Sept. 15). How many disputes among churchmen were about in what look there will be a revival dead and in what body. Also imagined that, who have died for all the time the people in the former physical bodies will revive. And a lot of absurd still imagined. Meanwhile as the idea of revival is very simple: there will be a spirit revival, both among incarnate, and among one incarnation people. Dead all are considered whose spirit didn't waken irrespective of, whether there are they on Earth, in a dense body, or in the Thin World. So "tea of revival dead and lives of future eyelid" should understand prayer words not in literal sense as it was interpreted usually. The century future is time, or an era, coming Satia Yugi. The idea is right, but its understanding was wrong.
585. (M. A. Y.). The reality of the Thin World for the people being in it is brighter and valid, than reality of life terrestrial. But that and another is the type Maya – terrestrial and elevated. And that terrestrial life is Maya, it isn't so difficult to understand if to imagine as the worlds of the savage are various, the philosopher, changes, the poet, the addict and the devotee. For an animal, a plant and fish the world seems, or is perceived, already differently. The world of a dolphin differs from the mollusk world. Therefore everything can be considered them as Maya version. And only the fiery consciousness can perceive reality Real. Ordinary people roll in Maya illusions.
586. (Guru). Sometimes it is, however, rare, the person in a dream realizes that he sleeps and that everything that sees, only a dream. It already some is extent of enlightenment in reality. In the same way among noise and turmoil of life terrestrial it is possible to realize that they are dreams passing that it is Maya, and the real life – outside it, in the world of reality fiery.
587. If so much time is found for Me, attention and heart, how many is given to things usual, results would be extraordinary. But doesn't contain Appear (before) consciousness constant and therefore doesn't hurry. And in the thick of terrestrial impressions the Image of the Lord grows dull and recedes and heart is filled with the usual. On the one hand, the desire to succeed is obvious, with another – there is neither full-tendency, nor full return of heart to the Lord. And turns out the service is halved. Day passes in oblivion of the Lord and immersion in cares and interests of the current hour. There is no coherence between desire and following on the way of this desire. The proximity is established by a constant, uninterrupted the memory about the most necessary. The full-fledged aspiration is similar to a chain, shouldn't have gaps in time, as well as Appear (before).
588. (M. A. Y.). Our lives were devoted entirely and completely to the Lord. Personal places didn't remain. This criterion measures height of spirit and extent of its approach to Hierarchy. You want to know where you stand, calculate – what is the time it is within a day given by you to the Lord and how many – and terrestrial affairs. Be impartial in calculation. The pupil has to devote always usual work to the Teacher, and then in thoughts will be continuous it with It, therefore, neither work, nor affairs won't hinder to constant Appear (before).
589. (Guru). The cult of a self-service is developed widely. To energy of a microcosm human are directed on itself, and places doesn't remain even for the Teacher of Light, though the person on service to Light imagines himself. It is necessary to look at things honestly. Expectation – I didn't put, the word – I didn't put, hope – I didn't put. Affairs are the Light constantly burning inside and shining everything both inside and around. And if this Light goes out – means, put isn't present. The thought of the Teacher is thought of Light. That is why the memory uninterrupted is necessary – differently affairs will darken. Chow Teacher on constant Appear (before) need if the desire to succeed and reach is strong.
590. (Sept. 18). It is impossible to allow that the terrestrial broke "the happiness bridge", because if breaks how then? Therefore it is necessary to strain will and to approve the most necessary contrary to evidence dense and to counteractions of the surrounding. Repetition of sacred appeals helps. Thoughts of daily occurrence are driven away by them. After all and them it is necessary to overcome that didn't disturb. Too the gap between Spheres the Highest and visibility dense is great. But "the happiness bridge" connects to them if costs indestructibly. Over the head, and when completeness of the address is observed, vibrations it sate a beam consciousness.
591. (M. A. Y.). The thought is absolutely right. Fruits of former embodiments are acquired between last embodiments. Fruits of this embodiment will be acquired after release from a body. Also that in this embodiment was the most impressive will sound.
592. (Guru). Continual mindfulness on the necessary let it be the key on which sounds natural. And let no one and nothing will force forget what it is given to man.
593. (Sept. 19). Life severely puts before inevitability of the statement of quality of restraint and reticence. The most, apparently, insignificant words cause unexpected and rough consequences. It is necessary to learn to be silent, without saying any word without extreme need to volume. After all nobody will punish for silence and reasons of false politeness are insolvent. Who inspired thoughts what it is necessary to speak out of politeness and to support small talks? And you keep silent and look what results will be. Let for whom ability is optional to be silent speak. And even with and even in a house environment, it is necessary strictly and to meet steadily this condition, supervising each word. It is necessary to pass through test for reticence. People so like to say that your silence won't be a burden on them. Also don't worry that it will worsen relationship with people, on the contrary – will improve and will bring desirable consequences.
594. I approve going happiness. We Live future and in the future. Live also you future. We and Live in the future always future and we Will always live. As live also you. The present for Us is only a step, transition to the future. The bridge in the future is the present. Maitreya there is a future, and the flame directed in the future, is directed eternally. All can't directed be content present, when in the future. Really you want to remain such as is, forever. But boundless opportunities of spirit are put into boundlessness’s of the future. Minutes of the current hour can't be prolonged. Therefore all expectations should be enclosed the, all hopes, all hopes in the future. Percent on all representations and the thoughts enclosed in the future accrue steadily. It also will be the most favorable capital investments in a future treasury where thoughts grow, and put, and qualities of spirit approved nowadays. Therefore We Plan the Ways of evolution of spirit and mankind, as on itself the planet, so and in the worlds. We Cut down the Way of evolution of spirit in shining substance of elements. We Know the planned Way. We the Show correct direction in Evolution, because We at a wheel of the world ship. If to take away this future, human life becomes senseless.
595. (M. A. Y.). It is better to live mentally in greatness of future achievements of spirit, than in limitation of its imperfections in the present. It will give precipitancy of flight in the future. What is all human life, how not a way to the future? And if it is limited in the afternoon, it is poor. The sequence of achievements can depend on range of flight of thought in area of the future centuries and even millions years. The spirit is eternal. Millions years before eternity is, as a grain of sand before the sun. Therefore the Teacher Speaks: everything is achievable. And nowadays time came to realize the phenomenon of all-reaching.
596. (Guru). Impossible in the present – it is possible in the future. Space Laws should be known to outline those borders of the really possible. It is possible to read foreign mind or to see at distance, but it is impossible to grow up the dropped out tooth in this race. The border of the possible and impossible is established by expediency, commensurability, both knowledge of the Law, and availability of approved fires. Lords of the Flame call them, Fire seized. The way to this greatness lies through mastering by all processes happening in covers, and especially astral, and through their restraint. Having subordinated three, it is possible to apply fiery power.
597. (Sept. 20). When moving on a new place it borrows in consciousness old, and old consigns to the past. Upon transition to the Thin World it replaces with itself the world dense. We advise to a thicket to change stay places during lifetime of terrestrial that upon transition of Great Borders not too to be surprised to change of surrounding conditions. Wanderers have big advantage before settled inhabitants – aren't attached to the house prison and got used to change of external conditions. It is necessary to have the big internal contents to sustain stay in the same place for a long time. Ashrams are in this regard considerable that spiritual borders are moved apart and cover big space. Not of prison, but a center of Light, which thread are directed out of limits of its walls. Relatively everything and everything depends on a condition of spirit. Teachers the House is in the spirit. Where It, there is and him the house, not limited nor its walls, nor the environment external.
598. When the dense environment will be replaced thin, the inner world and its contents will act on the foreground, according to it will be conformable and that around. Invisible becomes visible, both mental forms and representations will gain nature of objectivity external. That is why it is so important to be approved in a certain direction of thoughts because the thought will create by the nature of everything that will surround a one incarnation. And fight against the lowest duady will be fight against thoughts, it especially akin and approved in it in the dense world. The thought creates, and all is created in Elevated by thought.
599. (Guru). It is good when attachments terrestrial don't connect the person slavery chains. There are attachments connecting and attachments releasing. Let's sharp-sightedly distinguish nature of each attachment and love. It is possible to tie consciousness to what or to anyone, and it is good, if it is the phenomenon rightful.
600. The astral irrepressible, both unrestrained, and not subordinated demands and takes. And no good intentions will calm him, if the strong bridle of spirit isn't imposed imperiously on all its manifestations. The persistence of an astral is equal to its age, and it very much ancient. However, the astral body changes with each embodiment, but its matter is quickly accustomed to vibrate in unison that is put in a causality body because elements of a new astral body at a new embodiment gather in the accord with former accumulation. Therefore from karma not to leave anywhere because it is concluded in the essence of the person and collected for eyelids.
601. (Sept. 21). When the veil will be lifted and peace are Slim in the consciousness of the world become a reality both stay on the verge of both. Reality of the subtle world becomes obvious, apparent and perceived. Scope of visibility extends. Then go to the thin world becomes invisible and death loses its sting. Of course, the thin world is bright and colorful, and more impressive than the Earth’s, and extremely diverse. When a person enters into it prepared, adapting to new circumstances comes pretty quickly. But is the unenviable status of the deniers.
602. (M. A. Y.). For that, what the Communication to happen, it is necessary to bring always something with itself, differently nothing there is to put.
603. Not bigger incommensurability, than, addressing to the Lord, to think of the personal, itself. At these moments it is necessary to find forces from to be released, so that the screen of consciousness was pure. And it is easy; it is worth filling with the Face of the Lord all the microcosm only. And then vibrations of the Face of heart will concern and polarize aura on the wave. It is easy if heart only to the Lord is betrayed. It is possible to find forces these minutes to concentrate the essence on the Lord. Achieve in that the success importantly extremely. In total in the person if communication, but if it isn't present is strong, Light is replaced with darkness how the person was good. Without Light good to anything because becomes dark. Because of similar good the whole kingdoms perished. Hierarchical threads of Light consider widely also touch many hearts though aren't realized usually.
604. (M. A. Y.). We are occupied with the approval of the Doctrine of Life, counteraction is terrible. But only overcoming of counteraction can cause a powerful fiery wave, carrying all barriers. If our affairs – from Light, counteraction by it – from darkness. How many the centers of darkness it is necessary to break before Light will flare up. But we love fight, after all life is a fight for the future. Being claimed in the present and not knowing the future, they are not from Light. But even the squirrel reserves nuts for the winter as the person not to take care of food for spirit. But even they denying the future unconsciously work for the sake of it. If to look at the essence of the phenomena, it will appear that people accept a lot of things unconsciously, without giving in it to itself the report. So, everything future live, without knowing that without the future there is no life.
605. (Guru). Influence the stranger of will is overcome by the conscious tension of the. Also there is no the will, able to enslave, if the Lord is close. Wishing many because it flattery to enslave the heart given to the Lord. How to resist? Only the Lord is.
606. (Sept. 22). Cognition of the person proceeds, and, if it is still bitter, it means, that there are imperfections in people. Difficulty is as before in the same – in no judgment. Know and not to blame is of the property Arhat's. But cognition it is very useful and instructive. And ability will be a litmus piece of paper for definition of people all the time to amplify. It is necessary to consider as well that the dark use everyone that through them to do much harm. And not from the not good, but under suggestion there are even not bad people harming. As well treachery has to twist the nests and not shown traitors – to come to light and betray. All betrayed: and big and small attendants of Light. The armor of balance will be protection against various inventions dark.
607. (M. A. Y.). Together and continuously to pass through everything that is presented by life will be a victory over conditions of the dense world. Dense feelings say that anything isn't present that we died that evidence reigns imperiously over consciousness. But the spirit and heart approve other. Heart and let will be the leader. If to want, that we be always with you, be also you always with us. Let's support so mutually threads of shining communication.
608. (Guru). At a throne of Light merge together all in directed to Light the consciousnesses. Association in Light is the prime target of the person. It is hard because attractions terrestrial disturb. It is good to learn to weaken them and even temporarily to interrupt. After all terrestrial affairs can be managed, without becoming attached to them. I made and dismissed, knowing that the persuasive reflection about them already gives nothing. It is necessary to learn to come off mentally the phenomena of a dense order as the strengthened sounding of vanity ties spirit wings. Victory over the world comprises as well ability to come off in the spirit of dense conditions.
609. Will pass centuries, and only then the sense of the current events will to be all clear? But it is clear to us nowadays because We Direct their course. The set of signs is disseminated everywhere, going events speaking about sense. But they should be seen an unbiased eye. If to bring together them, the picture will turn out amazing on the persuasiveness. There can't be a deviation of an evolutionary stream. It bears to end both kind, and angry, to their different destinies. But to business of the Great Plan serve all: both dark and light spirits. The first – without understanding, the second is on degree of width of the consciousness. Tactics of Adverse applied by us sends everything to energy finally to this purpose uniform. Force of an opposite order destroying this counteraction grows from each dark counteraction. Already you know that at a known step that who stands behind Us, start serving both dark, and light forces, and everything is used in the Benefit. In the same way and in world events all phenomena inure to advantage to the future, there are no phenomena opposite. The darkness becomes Light bottom, as monsters – throne legs. Therefore light-and safely you look forward, in the future. In it the victory has to be and yours over life.
610. (M. A. Y.). Mistakes – anything, if the consciousness and will own thought because then the thought can be directed on any channel and consequences of each mistake can be neutralized. Rhythmical thoughts are especially strong. They as on wings bear. Now installation becomes on thought. Not acts, not feelings, but the thought becomes a decisive factor of life. It is possible to see how the same act, but caused by thoughts opposite, has an assessment not in itself, but thoughts of the leader. In the basis of acts and feelings thoughts are put. Everything is in thought.
611. (Sep. 23). Accelerate progress is possible only with the full-return consciousness and the heart of the Lord. Spread the proper measure of self-denial and self-sacrifice.
612. (M. A. Y.). "All vanity and spirit languor", but the spirit has to pine to direct to release from attractions terrestrial. Here someone strains all forces to achieve any advantages of a usual order, things or situation, and having achieved, suddenly dies to understand that all this to anything. But knowing and without that understands the temporary nature of a dense environment. When this understanding phenomenon in application, then spirit is triumphs a victory.
613. (Guru). The fiery of consciousness is shown that it at the same time perceives the phenomena dense and vibrations of Spheres the Highest, and it doesn't disturb sharpness of bipolar perception. Can't terrestrial distract from elevated, and elevated doesn't interfere to see and feel the terrestrial.
614. (Saint. 24). When the world is on the verge of explosion, there can't be a usual condition of consciousness. All feel, but everyone in own way, and everyone in own way reacts. One - in wine attempt find oblivion, others – in various excesses and all – according to the nature. But children of Light especially tensely seek to adjoin Hierarchy of Light. Poles of Light and darkness strengthen the attractions. Under the sign of unexpected turns of events will pass this terrible time!
615. (M. A. Y). Got life experience at each new reading of favorite books allows to approach to them in a new way and to scoop from pages of the writing new thoughts. It indicates growth of spirit and growing ability to take its all new and new treasures from many times read books.
616. (Guru). You know that "the tense string sounds only". And all those difficult living conditions which surround press you are useful to that strain consciousness and force it to sound. But sounding is the phenomenon fiery. Under a press the flame of spirit gains special firmness. Life sorrow less and safe go out fires.
617. (Sept. 25). The layers of the Thin World close to Earth show its exact copy. But the above, the remote there is a similarity and the more so features and an originality of an extra dense condition clearly act. For completeness of life from the person understanding of new conditions and understanding of the Laws reigning in Spheres High are required. The basic is thought domination over all phenomena of the Thin World. The thought causes an environment of one incarnation spirit. Creates or destroys thought. Level of thoughts, usual for the inhabitant and connected strong with terrestrial representations, doesn't allow realize freedom and possibilities of thin existence. Slowly and painfully there is then an adaptation to new conditions. Even small readiness to their understanding already facilitates a lot of things. To the spirit directed to knowledge of usual conditions of the dense world it is given the chance to learn a lot of things because data on the Thin World are scattered everywhere. But they should be collected carefully. At disbelief, denial and indifference everything will pass unnoticed by. But it wanting knowledge will have.
618. (M. A. Y.). The knowledge of the person grants the right to discussion, but doesn't grant the right to condemning. The border between creative discussion and condemnation is thin. It is necessary to watch closely that discussion didn't turn into condemnation very much.
619. (Guru). As it is possible to rely on human words, assurances or promises when the majority of people are under the power of an astral and its moods and obviously lie, or at the time of a word-speak believe this that speaks. Spirit grimaces are diverse. Therefore those who are the owner of the word are especially valuable and strong it holds. In this regard any discipline and orderliness are very useful. The severe schedule of life of some monasteries of past and present time is very instructive. The mankind needs discipline of spirit, but it has to be voluntary, and in it all difficulty.
620. (Sept. 26). Better total on of good to human not react simply: neither externally nor internally, noting only regular contributions to human cognition. Chief - avoid of the stains and of the condemnation. Hard is because the injustice, cruelty and mercilessness of a human hurt and affect consciousness. But through it all one must go through without losing balance and confidence in the ultimate victory of light.
621. (M. A. Y.). When the pupil is put by life in dependence on all, and everything, and people small by position and when this dependence is inevitable and it is impossible to be exempted from it, so and through it too it is necessary to pass and collect the necessary experience, knowledge and ability to own itself. Consolation that the hut of the worker will be replaced by the palace, that ant provisions tempered spirit comprehensively. Neither to rejoice, nor to be afflicted with conditions external too it isn't necessary. Wisdom to commandment of golden middle.
622. (Sept. 27). The consciousness thought changes. Therefore thoughts should pay tribute attention and care. And at those moments when the spatial press is especially strong and chaotic, it is possible to repeat a prayer or to mantras, driving away waves of influences. There are moments uneasy and heavy, and to concentrate on thoughts sublime difficult. Repetition of prayers then helps.
623. (M. A. Y.). It is good to learn not to react sometimes at least in any way to the external phenomena, passing them by itself and looking at them as if from a window of the moving train. It will give the chance to be exempted from many undesirable influences. Certainly, it is achievable only on condition of complete equilibrium.
624. (Guru). Each reason brings the consequences. The world of thoughts can be considered as the world of the reasons. The law of compliances and the accord operates the Universe. On nature of thought and the consequence will be corresponding. Accurately issued thought will bring also conformable to it an accurate consequence. Knowing it, it is necessary to watch especially circumspectly a current of a mental stream in an inner world.
625. Merit considers keep balance among ardent dissoluteness of darkness. That you help Me to hold it too in of the scale planetary. Balance and disbalance of fight for domination as in aura of the person, so and in aura of a planet. Aura of balance let's help Me at least. You can't approve balance out of itself because it is frequent not in your forces, but in the microcosm the will solves whatever occurred around because it possesses the power over the world inside. Equilibrium hold of Chow balance keeps all strength of spirit. After all at these moments try strength of mind. That of heroism dream, when everything is good and quiet. But be heroism will show balance these awful days.
626. The measure of General Welfare attached to the phenomena of life, will allow define true value of each of them. Otherwise you will remain among ghosts of the personal world. Often interests of the personality and interests universal are opposite. The identity of the crucified Christ suffered and suffered torments, but the Spirit Prayed for them crucifying a body, and the Spirit Accepted shameful death for the personality, foreknowing about the forthcoming. So, crucifying itself, the personality, for General Welfare, the person is exempted from her power over consciousness. And the consciousness exempted from bonds personal, becomes space. And it doesn't matter, if the personality somewhere and somehow has to undergo in adversity life – over the personality the spirit multiplying the forces and the light under blows – life engines. And, when situation becomes especially heavy or confusing consciousness, the Face of the Lord put between the external phenomena and spirit, Will remove and Will force to take them a belonging place, without suppressing consciousness, but exempting from the power of external influences. Power of the Face of a bike is. The constant feeling it in heart helps to overcome the vibrations of a direct environment going from all three worlds, and to rise over them. When the logic of evidence wins and situation becomes desperate, the Face, in heart entered, the Light Disseminates the condensed darkness of dense textures. The person will during a dreadful dream forces itself to wake up – and darkness phantoms as also the Face, in heart entered, Allows consciousness to leave a hopelessness circle, as though a gloomy dungeon, on light of day disappear. The darkness expects that the person will oppose to its logical arguments to suppress them logic of evidence, but the skilled traveler rejects three-dimensional logic, contacting directly the Teacher of Light through its Face. And to these overturns all dark construction. Power of influence of the Face should be understood.
627. (Sept. 28). Without due degree of love and aspiration concentration on the Chosen Shape very difficult also is almost impossible. But in the presence of feeling it occurs naturally and without violence over consciousness. The magnet of love is powerful. The feeling of love gives in to education. The cruel neighbor we don't love, however the thought often attaches to his personality and without any feeling of love. Connects not only love, but also other feelings and first of all hatred. Hatred can and be not tested and still to be connected by importunity of undesirable faces while the Image desired escapes from heart. Means, the love should be strengthened, so feeling it is necessary to warm up and concentrate on it heart. These dark days an all planet gloom the love will be a magnet overcoming darkness.
628. (Guru). From time to time it is good to check it and to count, how many hours or minutes in day are given to the most necessary. If it is found out that it isn't enough, time needs to be increased, knowing that each hour given to the Doctrine, fruit-bearer all affairs terrestrial.
629. (Sept. 29). Follow Me because the darkness is great. Otherwise not resist in Light. Everything sank in a gloom. The impact the last forces dark is awful. And it is difficultly to concentrate. The chaos interferes in thoughts. You hold Me continuously.
630. (M. A. Y.). When it is very dark, we will approve inalterability of approach of Light. The darkness will come to an end, Light the winner will take up its place, «its kingdom not will be the end".
631. (Sept. 30). The solemnity of a condition of spirit most corresponds to the Stronghold atmosphere. Many try to approach, but because of discrepancy can't. The aura consonant is necessary. The same is necessary and at Communication. Anything dirty won't enter into our House. I with you always, but discrepancy of aura’s radiations don't allow to contact and feel My Proximity. Personal it is necessary to extinguish that mine began to sound. All itself of barrier serves to of the Communication. Whether it is possible to pour fiery drink of life if it is overflowed to edges by the in a bowl? And to what, if came behind Mine? It is impossible to feel and understand even other person, if the consciousness is overflowed by the and. Dismissal from itself is a condition of any comprehension. The attire of Light excludes shaggy clothes of egoism. Readiness means as well severe care of spirit attires. Whether everything emotions are admissible? No, only that from Light, as well as thought. As it is possible to hope for send, if the house of spirit not put in the full order? Chaotic and dark environment is not a justification of internal `disorder. Sufferings, difficulties and tests can or clear and ennoble, or break in darkness. The symbol of the hammer splitting up glass and forging damask steel, let will be a constant reminder.
632. So, the same phenomenon can knock down the person, weak in spirit, but strengthen, approve and ennoble the one who spirit is strong. Means, not in external circumstances failures or success of advance on the way, but in a condition of spirit are covered. It is difficult to accept this situation and with it to agree because the egoism seeks to shift the insolvency to whom and to anything, but only not to itself. The reasons of successes and failures, victories and defeats should be looked for in itself. No use to assign them to something or someone outside. If the person also is a way who and that can create from the outside barriers it to advance. Once again I Speak: anybody and nothing in forces to block it a way to Light, if he doesn't allow it. It is impossible to make responsible for delays and stops on anything the external. In the inner world of people it is free always, if wants that. In the microcosm it is the lord. Therefore the victory is provided to the one who understands that spirit above all and that all forces, both light, and dark, serve the judgment winner.
633. (M. A. Y.). It is impossible to expect commonness in life when there is unusually strong impact of darkness. We are strained in active counteraction. The same conscious activity we want to see and in our employees. Everything stronger and more strongly fight accepts mental character and is transferred to area of thoughts. There is a fight for human souls and attraction them to focuses of an attraction of poles of Light and darkness. Great division of mankind gets deeply drama forms and everything becomes deeper and deeper. Soon the abyss dividing people will be so deep and wide what to pass from one pole to another begins already impossible.
634. (Oct. 1). Fight against last heaps It is welcomed, if it victoriously. But if this marking time without visible results, nothing to rejoice here. However, century stratifications demand time for release from them, however at persistence and strong determination to reject them success is provided. Trouble only in that, the gutting heads of the monster - again grow fast. Means, cauterization by fire is necessary. And not the heads should be cut, but to strike a dragon in the heart. The crude desire will look for any forms for the identification. Therefore not these forms, but desire has to be get rid. How? Maintain of him the opposite pole. It also will be a quality transmutation through related contrasts. Means, desire it is necessary to clear and ennoble it to spotless degree the nasty. So, desire can be replaced with the honoring exempted from elements of it’s of opposite, shadow a pole.
635. (M. A. Y.). Often the karma connects us with other people not get rid properties of our lowest nature. Then such it is necessary to get rid of the person in itself. And, while it not gets rid, karma won't release and won't exempt us from it. When the lowest feelings get rid also are replaced opposite, with the person new relationship and communication are established or becomes stronger, or tries at all. Then it is possible to consider that the problem of this person is resolved correctly. Conscious elimination of karmic communications leads to spirit release.
636. (Guru). Everything that doesn’t cause any reaction in consciousness of the person, for it doesn't exist. Everything that ceases to cause this or that reaction ceases to exist. It is possible to aspire to that some things, circumstances and people didn't cause in consciousness of undesirable reaction consciously. It is possible to reach that they at all didn't cause any reaction. Fearlessness is based on it. The tranquility and balance are approved on this phenomenon. If the microcosm of the person is laboratory for all feelings, through will it is possible to operate this process. It reaches the higher authority over itself, and then and over the world. I won against the world the one Who Told: "There is a Prince of this world and has in Me no anything". To a terrible impact of darkness This, Who Congueror the world, externally didn't React anything and simply. In this be contained Him Victory over the world.
637. (Oct. 2). The meeting and fight against guards of the Threshold is a meeting and fight against the own astral generations which accepted a concrete form and have become seen obviously, it as though an objektivization until then of invisible mental forms, surrounding with a dense ring to beget. If during lifetime of terrestrial these mental newcomers and seductions it was never combated if they entirely and easily seized consciousness, the meeting with objective forms of these generations of a victory doesn't promise them to beget. That is why it is so important, having still been obese, to win against them and not to give them the power over consciousness. Unbeaten, they get the special force and special firmness, and having accepted visible forms, they become almost invincibly seducing and taking consciousness to the sphere of the attraction. Eremites and devotees conducted severe, difficult fight against these seducing images and won against them firmness and a spirit inflexible. And for the pupil of other way out, as them to conger, not. To hope for a victory in World Aboveground, if they overcame the person in the world terrestrial, it is difficult though, at a tension of all strength of mind, the victory nevertheless is possible. Therefore to win against the generations it is necessary on Earth. It is necessary to understand as far as it is important, it is most important that surrounds embodied in the world dense. On Earth a temptation it is possible to satisfy and receive somehow still temporary and seeming simplification, but it is already impossible when the body is dumped. Then temptations turn into Tantalum torments, gloomy, hopeless and not giving satisfactions because the physical body is absent. Other exit, except a victory over the generations, isn't present and can't be because defeat "I" mean loss the highest and immersion in a chasm. The victory is the obligation of spirit to. Understanding of that, the victory is inevitable, that conger it is necessary by all means facilitates overcoming of the seducing force of the itself generations and does achievable a victory over them.
638. (M. A. Y.). The World terrestrial is the world of the reasons, the World Thin – the world of consequences. Therefore each strong experience accompanied by bright and strong thoughts, will cause, giving a consequence in World Aboveground, Long before say, that for each thought it is necessary to answer. The essence of this situation is that energy should settle on itself once the generated own thoughts. The thought is live essence of the Hidden World, and its impact on the generation will be very real. And the thought won't release it until will settle on it until the end of the mental charge. It is connected with the beget by a magnetic thread and therefore from it not to leave anywhere. It is necessary to think very much over relentless responsibility of the person for the thoughts.
639. (Guru). Cause and effect – the phenomena of the same order rather the phenomena, or two parties of the same medal, or two poles of a thing uniform. They are inseparable one from another though in time and can seem that it not so. Cause and effect can divide for many years, but after all time isn't present, and illusion of their separateness has no basis actually. And the reality is leprous, freaks, cripples, the idiots obsessed and all consequences bearing on once in the past of perfect acts. And time didn't prevent the generated reason to bring in the past the consequences in the present, as if in time at all and there were no gap. It also is really so as the chain of reason isn't interrupted and as the reason can't be settled by time phenomenon, yet won't bring the consequences settling it.
640. (Oct. 3). The love to Hierarchy creates transformation of the person. The love to the Lord gets a victory. Without it achievements won't be strong. The love unconditional, that is love without conditions, opens a gate. Attraction love invincibly. We welcome pleasure of a victory. About one person who has overcome, the pleasure has more, than about one thousand righteous persons. The parable about the prodigal son is full of the deepest value. The winner is the son who has come back to the House Father. Maya ghosts are won by spirit as soon as their ephemeral essence, as well as that their illusive power is given them by will of the person over itself is realized. And time it is given, it can be taken back by the same will. The power of spirit and its power are approved by understanding. The power over any fleshes, and first of all over the flesh is given to the person. That wins all who will manage to win against itself.
641. The phenomenon of victory over them is the realization that you cannot win and that victory must be produced any price. Generally speaking, all the way man and his entire life is nothing but a series of victories over him and conquer new opportunities. Of course, meaning the path of Ascension. On your descent path, or fall, spirit speak will not. Many go that way. But the Kingdom of God is taken by force that is by continuous and persevering spirit over all victories that must be overcome or get rid lower nature in itself. And each new stage of ascent, however high it may be, requires overcoming the former, just passed. And what was the one achievement may prove to be address on other, higher.
642. (M. A. Y.). "You love Me – and you will double force", and not only you will double, but you will treble and decuple, if teach the Lord to love above all. The creating power of love to Hierarchy of Light should be felt in heart, and then a way it will be direct and victorious. Try to replace love with other feelings, without understanding that, there is no more powerful engine of spirit, than love. Such love is severe to it and is self-sacrificing. Self-rejection and self-dismissal is the indispensable conditions of transformation of the person. In former clothes, in old and shabby not goes into the New World. In torments are be born New Earth and the New Sky. Also the dark oblivion old is required. The old world has to be destroyed and leave consciousness of the person.
643. (Guru). It's time to realize that as long as the strong link with Bishop, cannot be interrupted and temporary of the cease of consciousness cannot be taken for rejection, or mean it, because of those or other lucid shortcomings. Imperfection is not a reason, or excuse to dwell, or linger on the way; on the contrary, they should encourage a faster advance. Everyone has their weaknesses as well as strengths. It says, "take up his cross – i.e. all the imperfections and shortcomings of their karma, and also his – and follow Me."
644. (Oct. 4). It is necessary to show care of increase in a stock of mental energy. Often fire is spent on trifles. Sharp-sighted discretion and restraint of feelings are necessary. About value of restraint and reticence you know. But also many moods cause leakage of mental energy: despondency, discontent, complaints, condemnations, irritations and all other not pure feelings is the waster Agni. Like a balloon, the rightful condition uplifts spirit up. But, if the sphere cover full of holes, leakage of gas is inevitable. The chain armor of spirit has to be strong in each link. The protecting network is protected by constancy of patrol. Be awake because you don't know, danger from where threatens.
645. (M. A. Y.). The external environment demands from the pupil of discretion and continuous patrol, but still the bigger care and attention is demanded by supervision over his own internal state. After all blows of the enemy, though are put from the outside, are aimed at internal essence. Therefore patrol has to be bilateral. At internal balance and it is externally easy to keep it. And it isn't so important that falls upon the person from the outside, somehow, as he reacts internally to it. The care of the microcosm is included into a task of the pupil as an indispensable condition of its prosperity.
646. (Guru). Sometimes it is very useful to think of value of trifles and of their impact on a condition of spirit.
Mistake will be settle only with the phenomena big, lose sight of the small. All influences – both that and others. Therefore patrol of consciousness has to be comprehensive. And on a small pebble it is possible to stumble and even to break a leg.
647. (Oct. 5). (1970 e. is anniversary of leaving of M. A. Y. from the physical plan). Among the spirits which are close standing to Focus of Uniform Light, It is one of the closest. The envoy our and Entrusted – mission of its life was great. The task put before It was executed completely. But not all that passed through Her Hands, was issued in the form of printing editions. A lot of things I knew, more, than someone from esteeming itself knowing, - the rarest receiver of Fire and transmitter of the Doctrine of Life. The open centers – in general the phenomenon, rare among people. But degree of openness of its centers, their character and tension isn’t surpassed by any of people of Earth. Therefore, according to our decision, It is called as Mother Agni Yogi. And that Is given by us and passed through the receiver of her consciousness, for many centuries will serve as spiritual food to mankind. Depths of the Doctrine of Life are so great that it is impossible to settle their contents at modern consciousness of people. Be required for many years growth of consciousness and spirit evolution to understand that Truth which laid down in a basis of the Doctrine of Live Ethics. It’s all life was dedicated Service to Light. Such Service We Call Great. Believe that disclosure of intimate abilities of the person – clairvoyance, a claurluhear and all other clear–sense is easy, joyful and simple, but don't know what work and superhuman tension were shown by It, and how many fights and how many victories were on its way, don't think of through what pains and sufferings It should have passed, giving itself on test to spatial Fire. The fiery death threatened Great Mother at heights. What strength of mind was required on sustaining everything? Forget that to It was necessary to live among people, and to communicate with them, and the open centers to perceive poisonous breath of the shabby world. As It often was ill from contact even with relatives It consciousnesses. Drain of bowl of poison terrestrial for spirits high is one of the most difficult tests. Warmth of her heart and pleasure which It gave to people, those who felt them on it himself were directed. Really it is possible to tell that among people of Earth It herself represented the phenomenon the highest. And those who spirit close adjoined to it know that among million people not to find anybody it who would be equal to It on degree of height of spirit and disclosure of its innermost forces and abilities. Beloved Daughter My imprinted the Doctrine Our given to people on long, for many years. And only in the future centuries will understand mankind that was Great Mother Agni Yoga.
648. (Oct. 6). Reality real, refracting through human consciousness, becomes Maya. And though Maya isn't reality, however it is the engine of evolution of spirit. Therefore it is necessary to reckon with it. It is useful and that it is possible to see elements in a kaleidoscope of its passing phenomena enduring, Bases on which the reality is based, and on them to build new understanding of the world. Recorder, is Silently Looking at the world of the passing phenomena, not from them, but from of Eternity. Life eternal and immortality of spirit is not illusion, but reality fiery. It is so possible to learn to distinguish among a rushing stream of the great river of life eternal from temporary and to find both to that and another its true place in the general scheme of things.
649. (M. A. Y.). As it is lonely of people among number surrounding him the person; as it is lonely he in itself of the experience’s, of grief and sufferings; as it is lonely he in understanding the meaning of things. The collective doesn't rescue the person from loneliness because will be born and he dies one, one endures physical pains, one is ill, and even relatives of a being can't test for it that he tests. Loneliness of a way is learned by spirit comprehending of life. And only merge of consciousness to the Hierarch Leading crowns this single of a way with of Light wreath.
650. (Guru). All variety of conditions of human consciousness’s should be understood, felt and captured heart before moving further up on a fiery ladder of spirit. And for this purpose it is necessary to pass through everything that is given by life, – through all tests, pleasures, a grief and sufferings. All this enriches and gives food to spirit. As on necessary lessons of cognition real it is necessary to learn, to look at all events in of life. Because all this in itself as end in itself, it is deprived of sense. Sense is savoir of the knowledge of life.
651. (Oct. 7). "Silence moves", silence forces. Silence – Light weapon. The silent order is stronger than the verbal. Silence is conscious concentration of forces, both protection, and protection. In a condition of reticence the thought is especially strained. If the said word is the valve opened, permitting leakage of force, silence will be the energy store. Certainly, conscious silence means. The stub too shows silence, but doesn't represent itself a magnet collecting fiery energy. To be silent it is necessary to be able. You remember words of the Guru: "The silence of silence is inherent in tranquility of the Lord". Through test by silence and mastering by it there has to pass the pupil. You know about of great taciturn. The one, who vowed silence, knew about deep properties of this quality. The unbridled garrulity and garrulity will be an antipode of silence. If each told word demands known expense of energy, it is possible to imagine as talkative people devastate the treasury. Really are they Agni's spendthrifts. Therefore it is necessary to reduce verbosity. It is necessary to reduce ten times all official speeches and reports. It is necessary to learn to put more contents in the short, perfected words. People should in general learn to understand the value of said words and to eliminate of the idle-worws, once it was considered as a sin, and it isn't vain. Taught eloquence earlier, now it is necessary to teach reticence. Not without reason Show solemnity, it stops thoughtless flow of words. Try at least one day to carry out, without having said any excess and uncontrolled word, and you will see rather feel, good result of restraint. Let's protect sacred concept of the word.
652. (M. A.Y.). If the spoken word has power, it makes her and each recorded. But, as spoken words will be deprived of contents, so but will be his deprived and recorded, and the printed word. How many empty Bookshelves filled with books, not to mention the books clearly malicious? And the oral and the written word is subject to verification and the protection, care and another has come already, otherwise a lot of unnecessary ballast will weigh down the human consciousness.
653. (Guru). Solemnity is of important protection. How do you keep the accumulated treasure? Solemnity! She would not allow the irresponsible and careless waste of precious energy. Protect it from broken, ill-considered and empty words and thoughts. And feelings won't let it unworthy. Solemnity is a shield. From the bustle will protect it, as well as from anxiety and unrest, the dignity of the spirit helps forfeit in all cases. Solemnity is a quality of spirit, found relief from the hustle and bustle of life and the encouragement of ghostly philistine plantlike endearing.
654. (Oct. 8). When it is very dark, we will think of Light. Light is food for 0f spirit. Even plants eat of light. The thought of Light itself becomes lightful and does aura same. Conditions from the outside can clarify aura, but can clarify and lightful consciousness. The impact of darkness breaks about the lightfull rock. Simply, having rejected everything, concentrate thoughts on Light Also they surround the person as though with Light cocoon. Power of thought calls from space Fire and Light. From a gloom terrestrial the consciousness up, to Light Spheres rises.

655. (M. A. Y.). Today is in of the space a very dark. We collect thoughts around the Hierarchy, putting aside personal feelings. In these difficult especially heavy feeling Burden of this world. The higher consciousness, the greater the load, and the heavier it is, the closer the bearing to the hierarchy of light. Not be to envy nothing with their dark destiny is. But sharing the Burden of Bishop goes together with him in the future, judgment of peace had lightful.
656. (Guru). We are anxious with a state of peace. As abscesses become ripe and the darkness centers burst. The gloom expands. Rage in madness the last child leaving race, feeling the hopelessness. How many the angry is created! Heavy is of time.
657. We Consider that any research of the unknown by thought – is useful. The thought after all magnets and thanks to it possesses ability to attract to itself from space the elements relating to the studied phenomenon. Let's take for an example the Central Sun of the Universe. What do you know about It? Anything. But heart is the organism center. Such center has everything existing in Space: from atom – to a planet and system of the worlds. The central Sun is the center, or Focus, Space Life round which the shown Universe rotates. In Space in movement there is all. There are no motionless systems and the worlds. Pulses as well atom – energy, in it concluded. This movement is rhythmical, and focus, it causing, the Central Sun is. Atoms fiery and the Central Sun is Fire in its highest manifestation. Magnetic force it is huge and doesn't give in to any calculations. If to clean the sun of our system, our system will collapse. If the Central Sun disappeared, the Universe would stop the existence. Our system rushes in world space to the Far Star. Why? Magnetic power of an attraction attracts it invincibly forward. The worlds, both systems of the worlds, and the whole galaxies, but in a harmonius order move, without destroying each other and making this movement finally round the Great Central Sun. Its emanations, or magnetic power and Beams, fill all Space, and their force everywhere is felt. In it is unity of the Universe. Ways to the unknown aren't closed, but the plainness and the directed thought are necessary.
658. I channelize thought, but have to develop it magnets. Cooperation at distance turns out. For Us distance not obstacle. On the plan dense subjects and people are divided by distances. On the plan hidden is on affinity and the accord. With whom or with what the accord, from subjects or a darkness and proximity is established. The accord creates an attraction which causes a place of stay of consciousness. Certainly, the space there has the measurements, and advances and flights, and besides unlimited anything, except fire which has been saved up by spirit are possible, but distances in terrestrial sense there don't exist also distance from a pole to a planet pole – no more than weeds thoughts. And the thought moves quicker than light. I speak about consciousness of spirits high because the not get rid egoism on lowlands of the Thin World heavy goes, turning sometimes into idols motionless. Though fiery, thought fast-flight and on Earth in the person of display, but thoughts terrestrial, burdened by vibrations of an astral and limited by visibility dense are slow. Hardly to destroy own mental barriers because it is necessary to rise and rise over them as though over itself, having left itself below. The inhabitant in himself, leading small private life, alarms and cares of day, has to be thrown and left below that spirit, from it released, thought I could fly about the world and thought to tower in space. This condition provides freedom to spirit and in World Aboveground. Free thoughts here it is free and there. But people usually in the thinking of subjects passing are connected that is temporary, short, but strong those surrounds, arresting consciousness to itself and demanding all their attention and forces. It is possible to lead on Earth life terrestrial, making affairs in slavery or freedom at life. Essence guide not is in of the affairs, but in the concerning of the consciousness to them. The connected souls we Call slaves to circumstances, conditions and the phenomena terrestrial, the consciousness by it subordinated, and to it the power over given, and held down by them which held down thought and have tied her to that around. Through all this it is possible to go, giving terrestrial, but in the spirit of it is necessary to be free from the burdensome power of Earth. I Approve spirit freedom from the power of conditions terrestrial. It is possible to be in the world, but other-worldly. It is possible to do things better they connected strong to Earth, but to do in freedom. The power washes other-wordly, but over this world the Power I Have because Won against the world, the freedom having approved from its power over Spirit. Also I Gave to people an example how to go, and the way Specified. Children, go to freedom from the power of Earth over your consciousness. This power is heavy, though is based on the ghosts created by you. Be not afraid of anything, be not anxious about anything, consider nothing, and all – temporary only. All this will pass – there will be you, accumulation of spirit and of Light Teacher, and the leader to freedom. To that you give the freedom? To what won't be tomorrow that by will pass, having left nothing, except memoirs. If you think that it not so, remember that was about ten years ago when the same as nowadays, about something were tormented, something were anxious and something was given both thoughts and heart. All this left and was forgotten. Whether so costs for the sake of groundless expectations to betray the spirit in slavery to the terrestrial. Behind life terrestrial there will the end, but the spirit saved up the free will reach and in freedom will arrive in Elevated while the slave remains to them and the victim of whirlwinds astral, currents and whirlpools of the hidden lowest world. The free, strong will is necessary there especially. But the will is forged now, in the conditions of the dense world. You tormented, tormented, burdened by life, the will exercise and strengthen on life falsities because only they can strengthen it. Use everything that goes against you to increase will treasure. Rolling in wellbeing of life careless and easy, it can't be made, it is impossible because there is nothing will to point and strengthen.
659. (Oct. 9). As many people are far from knowledge of Hierarchy of Light and the Life Doctrine. Truly be really aggravated by a dark veil of destiny. But, if they in the ignorance don't create the evil, sooner, or later heart gives them nevertheless on a way. And where the person was, in whatever conditions was when hour of awakening of spirit comes, anybody and can stand in nothing from it in Light. But knowing, where and to Who go as they have to appreciate that have. Burden of tests and difficulty of life only as the certificate serve correctness of the chosen way.
660. (Oct. 10). It is impossible to inhibit desires, feelings, passions because they will amplify only and grow, but transmutation their way of clarification it is possible, thin and ennobling each of them to degree of lightful contrast. The expelled demon of allure again returned and gave with itself seven more, the strongest it. This symbol of suppression of negative properties is very instructive. Get rid of shortcomings has to go not by suppression, but transformation of the lowest to the highest through related contrasts. Changes fire and is aspiration fire. And force it is forced by love to Called.
661. (M. A. Y.). We won't be too strict to people around. After all they know nothing. How it is possible to ask from the ignorant? But as responsibility of the one who knows is great! With this measure we will approach to them and to another.
662. The boiler room requires fuel, for a stomach – food. The bad stoker throws out without advantage a lot of not burned down coal and the negligent eater – a lot of undigested food. A lot of food isn't necessary, if to chew it without hurrying, and the main thing, it is necessary to accompany meal of the corresponding thoughts. Thoughts and the words accompanying food as though are a part of food and are acquired by an organism, doing harm, or advantage depending on nature of thoughts or words. Words and thoughts is energy fiery, and they attach the vibrations to process of acceptance of food. It is possible to poison her with evil words, either bad thoughts, or alarm and concern. Just as before going to bed, before food it is necessary to establish a condition of thoughts and feelings and to accept food quietly, in mood kind. Many strong poison themselves during food acceptance, not with food poison, but as a result of a disharmonious condition of consciousness. Better the laughter, than tears, is better tranquility, than concern, it is better light thoughts, than dark. And it isn't necessary to hurry – it is necessary that the saliva made process of decomposition of food then intestines won't be burdened. The body should help to solve problems which have to carry out these or those bodies, instead of create hindrances then not to complain that the body is ill.
663. (M. A. Y.). The sharp, trained look of the artist sees that isn't visible to a usual eye. As also the yoga knows, sees and feels the things inaccessible to people usual. It and they look at the same world that around, but see variously. The measure will measure a sense-knowledge of the yoga by a mistake, he often knows without the external reasons. We knew a lot of things in due time, but very few people trusted us, unless only friends. But time comes when told by us it starts being realized. Someone will remember us and will tell someone, and it will go further to tell. Our Banner will lift, both books will read, and the Doctrine will accept, and will start building the unfinished Temple. I speak because time comes to continue construction. The basis is put strongly, but the top isn't finished still. Builders of the Temple everything will be called that in dense world to finish it.
664. (Oct. 11). Inexhaustibility of infinite learning opens only when burning heart and strong relationship with Bishop. But even in moments of consciousness turns out to be man on the Pralaya of ignorance. And it seems that everything has gone, that's nothing and that are submitted by all. Knowing that these effects are unavoidable, you can safely survive the alternating rhythm. The growth of the spirit comes in waves and in a spiral. Everything again will return, and with a bigger force.
665. (Guru). Even the ordinary person, nothing knowing, lives in hope of the future. If to take away it, there will be also no hope as will hope there is nothing that is, speaking in other words, there will be nothing to live. Therefore the future we will consider integral. In it Light, for the knowing – transformation of life and the end of a dark eyelid
666. Inscrutability of ways means impossibility for the person to know the future and its terms. General direction of evolution perhaps it is known, but not details, and especially of private life. Statements about the phenomena of the future should be accepted conditionally. Yes, will be, if... It "if" is caused by mobility of the plan. It "if" is present at each combination of expected events. It is better not to think of it not to shake the belief, moving affairs. The lowest "I" am an enemy of the highest "I". The ascension of spirit is contrary to interests of this of the lowest "I". The past is the enemy of the future. Evolution will sweep away last heaps to replace them with a new step of life. Destructions are inevitable, and shabby in the person is compelled to suffer damage. The Teacher Gives hope of the personal future as an impulse to movement. And if the hope helped expansion of consciousness and the spirit walked upstairs moral improvement, any more has no value; it was carried out or not. Burning of spirit and consciousness movement forward is necessary, but it is absolutely not important that serves as motive force. We care of advance, but that moves, we Do not consider as the main thing. If the dark can advance and of the spirit strengthen, then we Allow to the conducted. If intolerable burdening by circumstances helps, it we Approve. If an illness will refine, we Do not expel it. And, if the death can give to spirit the best conditions for advance, the entrance Is opened by it. So everything serves Us to advance conducted and close employees to Us. Them burned down on fires and tormented with animals, We Saw, Knew all this and with them Suffered for them, and all Allowed because evolution isn't considered with personal feelings and experiences where it concerns progress. This way not is covered with roses. It is necessary to make a choice: or anything for itself, but all for spirit or all for itself and anything for spirit. Dismissal from itself is an inevitable condition of following for the Teacher of Light.
667. (Guru). If deprived of everything, even of hopes, all out ascend, – the benefit to you. Fiery force you multiply immensely if all hopes the, all hopes to spirit you transfer and you focus in it and in it you are approved by thought. In total is on of spirit-fire. In its power, in its inviolability is your integral property, a support and of force, and the power over from, what in the spirit of you was released, – over the world of shadows passing and over itself. Hope one – the world evolution. It expect evolution of spirit and the world.
668. (Oct. 12). Burdens won’t be. There will be no them in World Aboveground. It is a lot of and on Me creators as on the base of the Eternal Basis of Life built. Having subdued rage of egoism, it is possible to build. Mine everything is under construction fiery. Answer a question: whether it is possible to leave now a battlefield, having plunged into the? Caring about inevitably every day, it is necessary not to forget about the most necessary and about Me. Mine everything around, but it is necessary to raise the head up because from above is more visible. The destiny of a planet and each spirit on it is decided. So, with whom? With Me, or with itself? Whatever did, it is possible to be and it is necessary with Me.
669. If to divide that is made in the Name My and in the name, the will draw much more. And it is necessary that was on the contrary. How to reach it? Betray of all itself to of Will Leading. The spirit gives itself on Service to Light. How? Rushing the aura itself to make lightful and this way to bring Light in the darkness, surrounded of Earth. At aura darkness Service is impossible. Everything is made in the light of aura radiating Light. Immersion in is dangerous that at this moment fires of spirit start dying away. The – means egoism, means egoistically personal, antagonistic to everything that mine and that from my World. My world opens to the spirit exempted from tyranny of egoism. One suffer, hanging burden the on people around, others bear the cross silently, without complaining and without becoming hardened on people, and only the few bear the Burden of this world courageously and selflessly, without thinking of itself. These are Light Carriers. Let's seek to assimilate to Them in this feat of spirit.
670. (M. A. Y.). As the consciousness is easily and freely filled with Light of the Beam if it is free with egoism experiences. The beam is sent, but it can either be accepted, or to reject. Acceptance is made by release of consciousness from everything that disturbs rejection. All affairs human to anything if are made in the name. Builders build for the sake of the Lord; it justified all expenses of energy. Kingdoms fell, anything after itself without having left, but created for Light endures centuries.
671. (Guru). It isn't necessary to be afraid of temporary undesirable moods. They can be caused by a press of darkness and chaotic spatial currents. They can't muffle that was established by years, they can't weaken for a long time aspiration. Their fast-transient nature should be known that more already their influence not to be confused. The sensitive device of spirit registers everything and, of course, feels character of a spatial note, and not to be afflicted, but it is necessary to rejoice that the receiver of consciousness operates.
672. Each step of a spiritual ascension is accompanied by crying, experiences and complaints of unprepared consciousness’s, but pleasure of those who ascends, having realized the place in an evolutionary stream.
673. It is impossible to provide to the evil freely to expand. Sprouts it are almost in each consciousness along with good sprouts. Both that and others grow is their natural property. And if the will doesn't interfere with process and it goes spontaneously, it is possible to observe easily how the dark beginning grows constantly, persistently and persistently. Therefore at each manifestation in itself undesirable qualities it is necessary to stop immediately will possibility of their free manifestation and to bridle them. It is necessary to combat constantly against tall weeds growth in the consciousness. If the garden of consciousness is started and provided to itself, it quickly will start growing with tall weeds and will clear away it every day everything more difficult and more difficult. The good gardener watches everyday each plant in a garden.
674. (Oct. 13). Who won't enter into the World New? Makers the evil and adversary of Light! It is a lot of them on Earth and in Elevated. Clarification of a planet assumes leaving them from Earth. Dark Saturn is prepared. They act on Earth and bear malice among people, as wolves – among sheep. In the same place it is necessary to appear in community similar – bank of scorpions in planetary scale, but on Saturn. Earth cleared of space litter, will continue the evolution in absolutely new conditions.
675. (M. A. Y.). Why destructive energy of some part of mankind should constrain before deadlines? It is necessary, because when new Space energy to term will reach Earth, they will create round a planet such power field when energy of the evil and destruction will already not be able to come to light as it occurred at the end of Cali Yuga.
676. The future is determined to himself by the person in the present by the thoughts, feelings and actions. The present is this field of the created reasons; the future is of the consequences. On character of the reasons it is possible to judge consequences. Therefore the greatest discretion in how to behave and how to work these decisive days before Great Arrival is required.
677. (Oct. 15). The body is mortal, and the body can hurt. The flesh is ailing, but the spirit is eternal and indestructible. Therefore life is transferred to the spirit sphere. It is made by means of thought. The thought is the phenomenon of a spatial order. The body can die, and the thought continues to live. Thoughts human long live in the world after the body of the person who has generated thought died. Such people usually call great. Life of thoughts insignificant is short-term. It is possible to throw thoughts in the far future that they accompanied spirit in movement it in Boundlessness consciously. Thoughts, own thoughts, can be friends or enemies. Prevention of thought can have very broad application. In each created thought creation or destruction elements are put. One thoughts with themselves bear health, cheerfulness and pleasure, others – despondency, a clouding and diseases. The pupil tensely aspires to those thoughts his lightful became. The despondency was considered as a mortal sin because sad thoughts poisoned not only them beget, but also all surrounding. About value of thought it is necessary to think and use in the benefit creating force it.
678. (Guru). When a person makes the most wonderful and great thoughts, try to figure out how it works in life what is talking about. In the smallest detail of behavior is human nature. Be very careful, and that's to details, and then a set of fuzzy will look out, the true face of the speaker's sayings.
679. (Oct. 16). To the new Country, your Homeland, the great future is necessary. Why? Because it the first accepted the principles of the New World and cooperation between the people. The principle "witch position of force» – the principle of the old world, characteristic Yugi for coming to an end Cali. It has to leave life of the people at the same time with the lasts leaving race. But she is fated a victory. Days of the old world and all his supporters are considered. In total their seeming victories temporary, their entire huge car idles. All their undertakings, even at seeming temporary success, are doomed to defeat. Not to be to predators – neither big, nor small, neither international, nor internal. Victoriously there is a New World. Rejoice to each sign of its victorious procession. To stop nothing a current of the world thought breaking foundations of the old world.
680. (M. A. Y.). Let the inflexible and strong confidence of a final victory not for a moment don't quit World you. The victory is foreordained by the decision of Lords. Hardly people will get it. But approach of Space Terms will change many conditions. Pathogenic microbes in a healthy organism are powerless. Mental improvement of mankind will paralyze activity of harmful dark consciousness’s. The people will wake up and will approve collective will to the world, cooperation and creative construction of life. And our Homeland will be the Leading Country.
681. (Guru). To approach time international miracles - that are the phenomena approving of Satia Yuga. Be ready to judge them impartially, but bearing in mind that knew them about judgment approach long ago. Waiting – will wait, wanting to see – will see, knowing about the future and trusting in him – will enter the first. As a huge ocean wave events which will serve world transformation approach. Rejoice, you accepting Lord Maitreya.
682. (Oct. 17). Self-rejection is combined with service that is with delivery of mental energy, and then becomes service self-sacrificing. To distribute selflessly fiery force – doesn't mean to distribute thoughtlessly or madly, without being conformed to expediency requirements. It is possible to give energy but if it is spent received it for satisfaction of the personal desires, perhaps, and not so bad, such donation won't be expedient. Low spirits, adjoining to aura of the Teacher, start coming to fury and to rage. So the darkness reacts to Light. And even in future pupil mental energy of the Teacher causes to manifestation all its hidden and not get rid negative qualities. What thin recognition it is necessary to show unmistakably to distinguish nature of reaction from the suitable. You know about cases of dark treacheries, even after long time of cooperation. All this forces to observe limit discretion not to spend in vain precious power. Besides – "there are a lot of invited, but it isn't enough elite". This formula demands especially thoughtful approach to each possible pupil. Long experience shows that suitable to the Doctrine don't cease to be the people allocated with usual human imperfections and that is unreasonable to wait from their party of any special relation. And only judgment pupils don't approach under usual measures. But so it isn't enough of them that exceptions it isn't necessary to make it a rule. That is why it is necessary to pass through heavy and bitter experience of knowledge of a human nature. This experience is valuable extraordinary. The fire spirit of Mother Agni Yoga doesn't know mistakes in definition of people.
683. (Guru). Each warrior Lord Maitreya – survive to the end, whatever event or wrestling an external or internal order may occur around or in the word itself. A lot of grief, stains wills even friends, not to mention enemies or passers-by. And through that also have to pass without slowing down a step. And through the loneliness must be supported when left all, and besides that, when the Lord is with you, no loneliness not scary. And through censure, reproach, distrust too had to go, but remembering indelibly that he is with you always know you better and deeper than all the osuditeli together, and that the judge may have one available soon. But He does not judge, but Defender and friend, and Father. This understanding and go through life and you reach the goal.
684. (Oct. 18). Everyone approached to the Doctrine accepts it at a rate of the understanding. Therefore imposing of the understanding, at least and deeper and expanded, is inadmissible. Such imposing of the purpose doesn't reach. The person can't acquire the Doctrine over a capacity of the consciousness. The ready spirit will greedy devour every word, but everything will pass by ears of the unripe. And still there are cases when words about the Doctrine with interest are perceived by listeners, but on consciousness don't leave traces. It is a lot of reading, but not wishing to apply it in life. Certainly, time now very difficult for advance on the way, but and opportunities unusual.
685. (M. A. Y.). At definition of people we take into account that tells heart. It is mistaken seldom rather never is mistaken. Only slightly audible whisper it not always reaches consciousness. And then there is a mistake. Let's learn to listen that tells heart.
686. (Guru). Very hard to believe in what the eye doesn't see and not hear the ear. But not seen and yet have believed that benefit you!
687. (Oct. 19). The doll dumps a cocoon, becomes a butterfly and receives wings are a symbol of transformation of the person which dumps everything that mentally surrounded it and made his inner world that, having released, to receive spirit wings. Not to fly, without having wings; not to receive wings, without having dumped burden of spiritual heaps. "If not to stop as children", not to goes into kingdom Light; children come in the world, receiving a new body and new covers. Updating – a condition without which the inspiration is impossible. Monkey, having clamped in a palm a handful of nuts, can't release a hand from a narrow neck of a vessel. And the person, who has concerned Light, can't enter into it if clings to the past and doesn't want to be exempted from it. Old, dirty, worn-out clothes disturb it. Even to hear by phone a voice far and to understand about what it is spoken, it is necessary to be released from itself and to listen to sounding of a far wire. Same the personal spatial wire demands also. It is possible to fly, having exempted wings from freight.
688. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to fly in a spirit kernel, without being burdened by stratifications of covers. Flights enrich Bowl accumulation. At release from insalubrious freight it is necessary to understand simply that an unusable tatter and stuff exchange on something very necessary and very valuable. Spirit treasures are weightless and hidden. Metal visible also is powerful, many are seduced with gold especially as on money it is so easy and simple to get the benefits terrestrial which are now so desired, but are absolutely not necessary after release from a body. Here it also should be realized to find a place to terrestrial things and to understand their sense. At understanding coherence them and their power over consciousness disappears. And then release is close.
689. (Oct. 22). The consciousness is in process of the continuous growth and expansion. It on the one hand, with another – Bases are invariable and unshakable. That process was correct, it is necessary to find balance, or a median way, between changing and invariable, between temporary and Eternal. And then the way of spirit will be an ascending way. It also would be always such if not ardent and tricking counteraction dark, seeking to interfere with advance of each directed spirit is thin. On fires of heart We See directed and we Direct on them our Beams. But from the Thin World light of heart is seen also by dark creatures and direct on it poisonous energy. And, if feel, that are powerless, call big itself and even hierophant of the evil of big steps. That is why fight against opponents of Light is so difficult. The opponent always on a shoulder, but is required tension of all strength of mind that the ascension proceeded. Each strong and sincere aspiration to Light causes darkness counteraction, and, the aspiration, the stronger and counteraction is stronger. It is necessary attentively and to watch sharp-sightedly, whether there is suddenly unusually strong aspiration and keen interest in things, externally harmless, but distracting from the most necessary. These are thin tricks dark, trying to take away consciousness from a way and scattering on the parties various baits if only to detain, at least for a while, but to detain and distance from Us. Ask: why we Do not interfere? I will answer: only on fires of tests the spirit becomes tempered. Even the Satan came nearer to the Highest Spirits.
690. (M. A. Y.). Balance is required for maintenance of exactly burning flame of heart. "The impetuous of flame is inadmissible" – it carries away so many forces. Fires need mastering by them, differently they will seize. Agni Yoga way is a way of mastering by all fires of a microcosm of the person. Show restraint of all feelings, because it is the first step to the power over the fires. All energy of an organism has to be under control, and even so-called nervous movements. The tranquility is no other than submission to will of fires of the centers. And it is deeper; the extent of mastering by them is higher.
691. (Guru). Character judgment student is that he knows his way and knowing anyone it does not impose. Know where to go and to whom. Know theTeachings of, knows the true value of read books, even with the gaudy and attracting names and not fooled by them, knows the phenomenon of self-styled Teachers and not looking for a mentor, because Earth is under the Beam and the direction of the Hierarch.
692. (Oct. 24). In each new embodiment Identity, or the Highest Triad, receives a new physical body, as well as all lowest a four, including and physical cover. Sometimes in a cradle of the baby lies the real imp. In the Bowl all accumulation of spirit are postponed, and all elements of a new a four correspond of. Where the Triad before a new embodiment stayed, there is nothing that would allow to be shown to the lowest accumulation of spirit, but, coming back to the world dense, it receives the covers which are giving the chance to it to reveal the essence in the accord with the aspirations. At the same time the new covers that haven't yet been poisoned with dark acts, give to spirit and a freedom of choice and opportunity to choose other line of conduct sent not to darkness, but to Light. In it advantage of a new embodiment: there are no former conditions of a dense environment and a cover new – everything can be begun anew and to fight against old heaps if the spirit of that wants. One spirit, passing through the next embodiments, there are on an ascending way, others – on descending. But that and others have a freedom of choice and new opportunities to move in the desirable direction. And only conscious attendants of darkness and dark essence of all steps choose the direction on a descending spiral consciously. But they differ from spirits of usual subjects that in intervals between embodiments stay in *Vetch, in the spheres corresponding to their essence. All details can't be captured because are available both deviations, and exceptions of the general norm. Besides, as though low the spirit fell, it can always address to Light if wants.
* Avitchi (Skt.) – continuous hell.
693. (M. A. Y.). Readiness of spirit has to be bilateral, that is it is necessary to be ready and to the lightest and joyful, to all judgment the decision of Lords, and to all to the most difficult, the most burdening and connected with a mad, violent and last impact of darkness. In this intense and resistant readiness it is necessary to meet adequately going waves, keeping complete equilibrium and firmness. Let's meet so the future.
694. (Guru). It is necessary to be internally ready to the most striking surprises because loss of balance threatens with loss of many opportunities. And then it is necessary to hold everything and while with surprise the internal essence can be struck. After all happens and so that people die, the surprises struck with shock. Therefore internally it is necessary to prepare itself for everything and psychology the consciousness respectively. About it was spoken more than once.
695. (Oct. 27). Future expectation in personal aspect of desirable results won't bring as the personality and all connected with personal constructions are doomed to disappearance. Evolution goes, destroying forms in which life is shown, and keeping only skilled accumulation round a spark of Space fire, the life carrier. Speak about immortality of spirit and hope for immortality of the personality. But after all the personality, but Identity, or the Highest Triad collecting results of experience of each embodiment of the person, being expressed each time in the birth of the new personality dying and disappearing upon completion of this embodiment is immortal not. Having dumped a body and having exempted from the lowest “Duada”, Immortal Identity of the person even doesn't feel this loss as all its life is transferred to the sphere of the Highest Triad and comes to light on the plan super personal.
696. (M. A. Y.). Origen languished in prison. Personality suffered, and the higher self of this suffering was guided by experience, the spirit of Light bringer for further progress on the way to infinity.
697. (Guru). Only the transfer of consciousness and thought in life above-person will allow the spirit to gain freedom from the power of the astral shell, the hub of self, of his inner world.
698. It is necessary to manage over personal experiences and sufferings to rise so highly that the consciousness didn't poison with their bitterness and poison, – it is so high to understand that training of a sword of spirit demands heat and cold change, and that, except advantage for spirit, sufferings of the personality bring nothing, and that sufferings will pass, and the fiery power of spirit acquired through their means, remains with it forever. Wise rejoices even to sufferings, understanding their undoubted advantage for its innermost essence, for it’s the highest "I".
699. (Oct. 28). One suffers, and another, inside, looks. One worries, and another, inside in it staying, observes and registers all occurring to that who outside. And when it is possible to separate and watch as though itself from outside, the power of experiences and all surrounding over consciousness is undermined generally; "be rejected from itself" there is a Decree to the spirit, seeking to seize the sense-knowledge. The discipline of spirit is an inevitable step on a way of its ascension on a life ladder. It is necessary to seize the personality and to subordinate her to the purpose of evolution of Identity. Refusal of the personal means consciousness immersion in super private life. The one, who lives for the benefit of people – collective, societies, the people, or all mankind, – lives for General Welfare. It really great people, and their names are often depicted in centuries and serve as torches to the world. The consciousness rises to the sphere of the Highest Triad, and personal, small "I", serves it, any more without putting the personal interests above all.
700. (M. A. Y.). What means "to undergo up to the end"? Whether it means to keep the hardness and a steady of aspiration and inflexible belief in inalterability of Bases and belief in the foreordained implementation of the Great Plan of evolution Real? Bases are unshakable. Knowing it, it is possible to go to the future unshakably and without changing a progress rhythm before anything, before any combinations of external, passing conditions. The step of inalterability knows the spirit which has learned Truth.
701. (M. A. Y.). Many emotions endured by people, aren't necessary in general. Therefore it is good to train on that not to allow or extinguish them, if they appeared. Especially insalubriously to catch others not light experiences. In them being involved, it is already impossible to help the person suffering from them.
702. (Guru). The belief should be kept, despite everything and to all contrary to because "on your belief it will be given you". The belief in the future will allow take in it a worthy place.
703. (Oct. 30). And, even without consciously aspiring, touching a people usually results in a loss of some amount of psychic energy according to the law of communicating vessels. The brightly colored aura benefit to others, although it is not recognized. Rarely consciously, but unconsciously, people often consume mental energy carrier of light. It is often the case that helping them is useless, because their energy will be obtained quickly spent on useless actions, or emotions. One has to learn to help wisely, judiciously and appropriately.
705. (Nov. 1). The contradiction is no other than opposite poles of the same phenomenon. They can be understood and coordinated, being in a median point of balance, and to work from it. Ardent application (or execution) Instructions of the Teacher ties the performer to Light it. The mental the order to our Aura "has to inspire fiery". It is approved contrary to evidence dense, contrary to distances and contrary to of reparability illusion. Spirit measures over the three-dimensional world are approved, and the logic of the worlds of the highest measurements works. Applying it, you approve reality fiery. You don't see terrestrial eyes Me, but you believe that "I with you always". It already the logic of the highest measurements supported by a sense-knowledge of heart. Are surrounded with a wall of dense restrictions, but permeable and transparent there is this wall under the influence of fiery thought. And it isn't so difficult to pass through it if communication with Me is strong. World to you and benefit, My children.
706. It was under the influence of the Fiery thoughts, combined with an aura of Teacher, and destroyed a wall of the Dungeon, which is spirit incarnate. But this requires intense effort of the spirit, because strong evidence of dense wall. But be aware that they can be overcome. It is necessary to know that behind them is unlimited potential. Five earthly senses are not the only possibilities. The equipment of the human microcosm is so thin and it is amazing that with her help when its degree of development and refinement are pretty amazing research. But you have to accept and believe in it. Then the world will change and life on earth would be completely different. Golden age again may be on the planet.
707. (M. A. Y.). Yes, yes, da – association in the spirit of with Consciousness of the Teacher brings the solution of everything. But as after all it is difficult to overcome a magnet of an attraction of all of those eyes see, hear ears and feels and feels a body. Before reaching something, it is necessary to allow it in consciousness and to believe that it is possible. After all even the street can't be crossed if not to know and to be sure unshakably that it is possible. In all affairs ordinary the belief and knowledge move all acts of the person. If to apply them to the phenomena of the highest order, results won't slow down. Getting into the railway car, the person knows that will reach to the destination, but, directing to the Teacher of Light, no strong confidence has that will reach It. Both doubts, and fluctuations, both fear, and uncertainty accompanies its advance. But the Lord Told, that, if you have belief about mustard grain, of the achievement becomes possible. The deep-seated, ardent faith in boundless opportunities of human spirit will make unattainable achievable and impossible possible.
708. (Nov. 2). "Hours of happiness" – time spent with Us when auras adjoin close so is called. After auras adjoined and harmonization enough, the pupil is released to the world. Now it can cause "Hours of happiness" at distance, in the spirit of. There is a lot of ways. Communication by thought is more available and simplest. The image of the Teacher approved strongly in heart, helps communication. The pleasure of direct communication is incomparable with any terrestrial pleasures.
709. The night is dark, but the time comes – and the dawn is coming, and the darkness disappears. Winter hard fetters the lakes and rivers and snow cover the ground, but the time comes – and the upcoming spring wins the frozen silence of the cold. The raging storms, lightning, whirlwinds rush sparkle above ground, but the time comes – and reaffirms the silence and the sun shines brightly. And this is a serious time-ahead of the coming of light – too shall pass – and the light will shine over the renewed Earth new heaven is above it.
710. (M. A. Y.). The struggle to cover the dome minds ignorant of such a broad and high understanding of life, which is no longer able to reach and injure their creeping along the ground. And they will be powerless, denial and resistance will be doomed to failure. The adoption of the forthcoming, shiny and bright, can't shake, because they live in present and past, and aspiration to the light would not be able to stop, because the darkness and live in the dark.
711. (Guru). The first spring streamlets foretell approach of spring. The first attempts of the statement of My Name foretell time approach when it will widely and freely gain recognition already national, and then and all planet. A lot of things already become in this direction, and a lot of things will be made.

712. (Nov. 3). The thought is force. But not at all, not always and not any thought is carried out in visible forms of the dense world. The weak, scattered, indistinct thoughts, unstable and uncertain, create spatial slime and very much pollute aura of Earth. Thoughts of rage, hatred, cruelty and egoism are destructive. They bring disharmony in space and break balance of spheres. Concerning their creative or destructive force it is simplest to track action of thoughts on a human body. The optimist who joyfully and kindly has been adjusted, it is easy to imagine full of health and pink-checked while the spiteful and prickly person is usually thin, bilious, yellow and unbalanced. And if the rage shows sometimes a temporary type of health, after some term the body nevertheless shows a type of destruction and disintegration. Will tell: but after all and kind people are ill, were ill both sacred, and devotees. Answer: from rage human were ill, were ill from that assumed imperfection human and enjoyed the Bowl of poison of this world. And not only the rage, but even unlimited honoring from ordinary people can cause a disease of the Carrier of Light as it was in a case with Ramakrishna who was torn to pieces by the admirers and died of a throat illness. Thoughts of Light, good and the benefit aren't destructive. Balance of an organism is maintained by the corresponding thoughts. Each thought – from Light or darkness. Thoughts of darkness are ugly and represent itself something gray, amorphous, spatial slime. Thoughts of Light are fine.
713. (M. AY.). What beautiful of picture filled the space, and Guru in what wonderful canvases were depicted in these picture of dense, Earth, forms? Say, in part, because seven thousand paintings left behind by the world, are only a small fraction of what has created its own thought. Correctly named it of picture ideogram, bright including in itself of express idea’s, clearly imprinted in paints, in amazingly harmonious them combination. Moreover, his canvases are condensed Light crystals, which are the creations of his hands. External form, the visible earthly eye, filled with inner invisible content, Light condensed, which is inseparable from the painting and that of powerfully affects someone who looks at it. And, if consciousness to let and quite sensitively, that this impact very heavily, and long-term. Speak the language of modernity, art Guru are containers of light collected them by the power of his creative power in his fascinating canvases. Many noticed that glow paint on his paintings.
714. (Guru). Correctly noted singularity, an originality and originality of the works devoted to the analysis of My creativity. Certainly, is in this Hand of Hierarchy of Light. Because time approaches when a formula of the Lord "Through art you have Light" widely will open a gate of the New World and will allow to enter into it with understanding. It will be promoted by a lot of cloths my and all connected with heritage my, left to mankind.
715. (M. A. Y.). "The sun will come also the moon, but any iota won't come from the Law, all won't be executed yet", – the Lord so Told. The law expresses and represents itself Bases, they are unshakable for all times. That, who puts the base of the outlook on Bases, builds the world on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life. And whatever occurred around, whatever storms and hurricanes stormed, Bases are unshakable even if kingdoms fall, and the seas cover once prosperous countries, and Earth face changes. Bases are unshakable and strong. On them it is possible to build.
716. (Guru). You need to show and a direct continuous connection between Christ's Teachings and the Teachings of the living ethics. And if Christ is the cause, the Teachings of the living ethics – a consequence. And, if Christ is the last stage, the Teachings of the living ethics – continuation of these stages in the present and the future, all of the same Single-stage, Important knowledge to humanity given hierarchy of light according to the forward movement and the expansion of consciousness and the evolution of life.
717. (Nov. 5). There are no consequences without their generated reason. And if something occurs around, something persistent, long and resisting to will, so and the reason was corresponding. We Can not exempt from karmic consequences, they yet won't settle themselves on beget. The only way of release from them is to rise spirit over them so that vibrations them any more didn't affect consciousness. The striking example of such lifting can be given from the remote past when poured by pitch and burned first Christians sang with a light face and delighted inspirations sacred anthems, any more without feeling physical pain. But it is cases rare and exclusive. And still in life usual today, following this amazing example of an eminence of spirit over horrors of external conditions, it is possible not to give in to influence of heavy strokes of bad luck, as though rising over them and staying consciousness in spheres of others. Anyhow to keep tranquility and balance of spirit, if we shudder and we come to despair from each opposite wave of the uneasy sea human?
718. (Guru). We note increasing signs and drive across the face of the Earth the travelers unite. Everything happens in time. Vigilance should be strengthened. used as patrol vessel Note also that the people coming into contact with you or become more friendly and located, or vice versa. Each defines the place of its own in the future. The formula remains the same: "I drove, and you will drive; I recognize, acknowledge and you”. And drive’s and recognizing – all the same, only changed the face of his and clothing.
719. (Nov. 6). Considerable it is possible to become witnesses. And though miracles aren't present, but there are the secrets which are still a little available to people. The world of the highest measurements is already secret, as well as the person with all complexity of his psych fiery device. We approve a knowledge way because only it will help to open secrets of Space one for another. The person is part of Space. Microcosm human is greatest of all secrets. The intimate Knowledge allows come nearer to its knowledge. Carriers of Knowledge can transfer part to his people. Going on the way there is a collector of particles of Great Knowledge. The knowledge not is available to all, but on consciousness. Going on the way, uniting, multiply possibilities of cognition repeatedly. United minds increases significantly magnet in its power. "Where two or three are gathered in My Name, there am I in the midst of them"-this remains a fiery formula valid for all time. Open all, anything is possible. Come all. Sveta vzyskuûŝie, to receive the gifts of the spirit, so generously prolivaemyh now through new energies of space permeated.

720. (M. A. Y.). Here brightly a graving there are on way roadsides they seducing and calling of a form of any terrestrial seductions to confuse to distract to stop the directed, victorious advance to Light. All going on the way have to pass by them, without stopping and without shortening a stride. The purpose of these allure is distract and detain. But monsters are Throne legs. It is necessary to know that they if the solution of spirit to Light to go unshakably and firmly are powerless. Illusion allure is the most terrible, because behind its attracting external form – darkness, both thorns, and prickles, and a slippery black shadow of treachery of spirit. "Guards of the Threshold, I am not afraid of you because you can't block a way, me foreordained".
721. (Guru). Fiery the directed consciousness receives the strengthened impulse to an ascension as from everything that favors to it and from everything that counteracts. To turn force of opposite energy on advance of spirit it is inherent in the highly experienced traveler of the Way boundless. It is that condition of spirit when all forces, both light, and dark, start serving the person. Not the invention it, not the fairy tale, but unshakable firmness of the spirit which has learned both fair and opposite winds to force to serve it not greatly. It also is a steady step of the judgment winner going "line of the Beam".
722. The Teacher coming to Earth and living among people, Adjusts surrounding His environment on the wave: this wave, or waves, Light, proceeding from It, truly its World, its other-worldly Kingdom because Light the Highest is alien to spheres of the dense world. It is difficult not to choke, but the Lord Bears Light through life up to the end, without fluctuating and without giving in to asthma, but poison of the Bowl terrestrial enjoying. It is difficult not to choke, but the Lord Bears Light through life up to the end, without fluctuating and without giving in to asthma, but poison of the Bowl terrestrial enjoying. And darkness terrestrial, directing on It, has in It no anything, on what could cease it in a microcosm. Sound the darkness and its emanations in the hearts of human on this, that in them yet get rid. And the pupil, Light bearing, is constantly anxious with that on darkness not to begin to sound that dark it had reactions to influence light-bearer that on angry he answered with the Light, Light wave. Transmutation there is a heart. Darkness waves in heart having accepted and having Trans mutated heart, the pupil replies with the Light. If, on the dark blow, or influence is answered by him with balance full, the Light is kept, this be already reaction of light and a victory over the darkness. But, to tell that there is a darkness of this world and has in Me no anything, it is necessary to develop in it fiery immunity of invulnerability from is nasty. Nasty everything that Light goes out, or can it to get rid. So, reaction of consciousness to influence of the outside world has crucial importance in a question of service to Light, because everyone – from darkness or Light, darking, or lighting up aura. Continuously direct on the person of energy of a various order, causing in it this, or that reaction. Care of that reciprocal emanations of aura wouldn't be dark. To sadden, to get rid and seeks to deprive of Light all surrounding Light carrier because its other-wordly Light and is alien to this world. Therefore the world rises on it, him suffocating the poisons. But Light will win. On a board of Light the victory, and its carrier, contrary to evidence of darkness is traced, the victory approves over darkness. "I Won against the world", – so Say of Light the Lord, a way Chowing to a victory following It.
723. Thought that, having received blow and having substituted other cheek * to blow, show nonresistance to darkness. But thought so is ignorance. Let's consider the phenomenon scientifically and with understanding. Having received spiteful blow from waves of dark energy, kindle dark fire, the carrier of Light shouldn't answer them with rage black to them in unison. But, the Light storing, it thereby neutralizes a spiteful flame and to get rid it. And to the mountain striking blow to an open cheek because Light which hasn't been soiled by darkness, light Agni, burns down dark aura of evil-make, putting painful burns if balance is kept and Light didn't grow dim in heart of the bearing. The phenomenon it difficult and demands ability to own itself that on evil attacks not to react and not to answer with the evil the evil. It is all about the collision of fires – the Highest and the lowest. High win if aren't saddened. It is hard to keep balance of exactly burning flame and therefore dark often succeed in the attacks to the light. The demons tyrannizing mortal, to the Lord won't approach because in the light of him will burn. So, commandment balances of spirit at dark attacks because the darkness against it won't resist.
* Latina (aget, Russian.) - Cheek.
724. (M. A. Y.). If, it is possible to keep balance of spirit under all living conditions of yours, it will be a victory. If, you achieve it, so life lived not in vain. If keep everything, you are afraid what to lose, but balance don't approve, all the same it is necessary to leave everything when leaving from Earth. But, if, having lost, keep balance and the Light, winners you will enter in Elevated. Strong is tormented with life that could approve in itself Light in the Face of it. Have everything, own everything, but refuse everything in the spirit of and don't connect the spirit with things which you own. Whether there are they, whether there are no them, your spirit, its freedom doesn’t depend on things. It will be freedom of soul from things. The connected souls of freedom of this don't know. They are attached to things by thought. In slavery thoughts have the connected consciousness. Finally not things, but thoughts seize consciousness. From Earth the owner leaving things on Earth leaves them, but thoughts go with him there, thoughts and ideas of things. And these images generated by thought, continue to own it. And any more he owns things, and the things reflected in images of thought, entirely capture consciousness and heat it in the environment. Therefore the Teacher Denies property and Welcomes release from possession terrestrial things. But, release from them in the spirit of and thoughts, but not in what the person having them owns. In the spirit of from them also be exempted.
725. (Guru). Measures terrestrial and measures of spirit are various. In a terrestrial way is loss, and in understanding of spirit is release. So, loss or loss of terrestrial things is often useful to spirit. As the ship which has acquired cockleshells, can't move the spirit burdened with things. It is possible for a thing and has to have, but the most necessary. The burden of unnecessary things is heavy. Be released now, everything in the spirit of having rejected and considering nothing.
726. Difficulty that the monsters meeting on a way, and dark rack will try to tear off by all means consciousness and heart from the phenomenon of the Teacher. If succeed, movement on the way will end. From here a conclusion, it is impossible what to come off and that everything that separates and distances from the Teacher, dangerously extremely. The logic of evidence will go on about the, proving that there is no Teacher and that all efforts of spirit are fruitless. Also heart should only starting listen to these whisperings as advance will stop. Contrary to evidence and logic of a brain it is necessary to go and before a blank wall not to shorten a stride. Seeing to a snake, you will avoid it; as you seek to leave from thoughts dangerous and harmful, separating from Me. They food shouldn't give – will grow and will strangle, - their My Face separate. Hard time, but it is necessary to pass.
*727. (M. A. Y). Yes, yes, yes, the magnet the future is the life engine. Participants the Great Creation apply of force theis engine consciously, sending all energy of the aspiration to the future. It is possible live in the present, deprived of the future, and it is possible to be its imperfections? The essence of all evolution of Reale is directed in the future. Whether the person is able to overcome the imperfections and to become made in the present? It is impossible, and time, and time being in the future is necessary. Any improvement of life and the person is achievable only in the future. Therefore in it the Teacher human consciousness Directs. The future is made out by thought. The thought isn't limited to anything. Therefore, in the future everything is achievable.
728. (Guru). "Behind everything is burned for Fiery Yoga", everything is burned, except for steps of the Ladder of Light, is immutable conducting spirit in the future. All is burned dark, personal, passing, all overcome weaknesses and shortcomings, but lightful, shining accumulation of the Bowl and communication with Hierarchy of Light are kept. The imperishable, lightful accumulation of the Bowl collected in lives last, remain forever with the spirit which has saved up them and to burning aren't subject.
729. (Nov. 8). When people will see the New Sky and New Earth, made they don't become. But dark from a planet will leave, and all centers of the evil will be destroyed. Now each kind undertaking turns into the negative side. It becomes dark consciously, persistently and elaborately. In the future of it won't be there will be nobody to inflate evil thoughts and to pervert everything that becomes in the benefit. Imperfections remain, but dark Hierarchy and servants any more will already not stir it to improvement of life and mankind evolution. Also life on Earth will change: wars will stop, separation and hostility will change in cooperation both in cooperation of all and in everything and will be a basis of relationship between people. And the century of blood, violence and darkness won't goes already one heart more and won't be remembered.
730. (M.A.Y.). The knowledge of a human nature is necessary to help people to move further. Not for condemnation this knowledge, but for the help is acquired. The pearl found in dirt, from dirt it is possible to wash. And no imperfections can serve as an obstacle to of spirit ascension if the aspiration flame is lit. From any way of the evil it is possible to address too good. Only treachery and an insult of Hierarchy are irreparable.
731. (Guru). Whether the governors who have begun World War I what it will end with their death thought? Whether those who launched World War II thought about same? The tide of life of the people goes the inscrutable ways inaccessible to understanding of ordinary people. Here and now madness of new threats hangs over the world. In the dazzle don't want to understand that the way of misanthropy conducts to unpredictable consequences. All are doomed the old world both dark and angry that seeks to support it.
732. (Nov. 10). Gradually you come to the conclusion that each aggravating circumstance at the correct attitude towards him brings absolutely obvious benefit and adds to experience. Only the marsh silence of calm and stagnation gives nothing. The spirit strong seeks for fight and in overcoming of and difficulties of life finds pleasure of a victory. How to become the winner if there is nothing and there is nobody to win. External obstacles are won by a victory over. Overcoming itself, the winner of a victory reaches. The lever of the quiet, accurate, disciplined thought is very strong. Such thought of consequences can't but give. And, when all forces and opportunities are settled, to Us address – we will act together. And, if with the help We Don't hurry, so something have to understand and work even better. The muscle becomes stronger exercises, mental energy – its application. It is impossible to recede under influence external, whatever strong it seemed. After a strong impact it will droop. To be on patrol I Order to be constant.

733. (M. A. Y.). The doctrine of the Christ and the Doctrine of Live Ethics are connected by continuity. The doctrine of Live Ethics is as though its continuation, but at the level of fuller and broad expansion of those provisions which were given in the Gospel rather all that reached and didn't reach us. We don't see contradictions in anything. From this point of view Doctrines of Live Ethics the understanding of Evangelical formulas, short and accurate, becomes profound and fiery. The source Is uniform, and Common Intimate Doctrine of Life. It is necessary to be able to distinguish the Doctrine of the Christ of that later it is created by church and it is heated up on it.
734. (Guru). "To undergo", that is to sustain and resist up to the end, will be pledge of a victory. How many not sustained among the approaching! And how many various reasons of these delays and defeats. But their essence one is weakness of spirit. Fight between Light and darkness is dramatic. Its field is wide. Here someone passed given the chance of approach to the Doctrine. It is difficult even to imagine consequences of this omission. Bitterly once it is necessary to think of the missed opportunity.
735. (Guru). The request for the help without own activity won't yield desirable results. Remember words: "I will help, but make effort". Action self-proceeding is especially valuable. So act with spirit – firmly, consciously and continuously from Hierarchy of Light.
736. (M. A. Y.). "The wind into place comes back". The people connected by karma, leave to meet again. Therefore parting shouldn't be hostile. Then the meeting will be friendly. Debts should either be paid, or to receive and be again together, to meet and leave, the karma won't be settled yet. Majority of meetings is of the past. Especially strong the love or hatred connects people. We will be saved from hatred.
737. (Guru). "The center is strong in rocky Towers". The stronghold calls it; support reliable and indestructible. In a kaleidoscope of flashing events and changes It – as the rock among the rough sea. To spirit, to It bound it is strong, waves of the everyday sea aren't terrible.
738. (Nov. 15). The Golden Age of mankind which was once again will return. Also there will be it a condition opposite to that is nowadays made in the world. Its external form is of the uniform herd and the One Pastor; world of a consent, cooperation and prosperity, - New Earth and the New Sky – judgment to be.
739. (M. A. Y.). The World Thin is here, near and round us, consonant with us and concerning us the spheres on an accord of our consciousness. Each thought consonant and with any layer of space, it corresponding. So, being in a dense body, internal essence already belong the person certain layers of the Hidden World. And when it is spoken – "sons of Light" or "sons of darkness", belonging of the person to these or those spheres of space with which it is inseparably linked the internal state already is defined. Condition it is caused by the Law, fair, faultless and impartial.
740. (Guru). The world external not so simply and easily gives in to reorganization, but in an inner world of people – the lord. In it he can reorganize and create everything that he wants because everything that in it is created by him. And as after death this inner world will cause also an external environment of spirit, the care of this world gets very important and far-reaching in future value. Long ago It is told: "Don't care that to you to eat, or drink or in what to put on. Whether smothering no more food, and a body – clothes? " So, told once long ago and forgotten by mankind remains a firm basis of evolution of spirit for all times.
741. (Nov. 18). When it is especially dark and whirlwinds storm, we will be approved on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life. All temporary and passing ceases to dominate then over consciousness. Everything passes and everything will pass, but I Stay in eyelids. The house of the spirit building on Me erects a structure which no hurricanes can shake. The whole continents leave under water, and sand cover once blossoming kingdoms, but spirit human endures all this, remaining indestructible in the fiery kernel.
742. (M. A. Y.). So, it really is, in the words of the Lord: "a long line of" moderates gnashing and the noise of the crowd, and growl and of the possession darkness and horror of poison and dissolved all terrestrial and spatial heaps, casting so hard at the end of Kali Yuga, the dark age of violence, blood and iron. The Satia Yuga, in judgment area, a bright, shining future rushes victorious thought, and said the lives of the darkness of the winning spirit.
743. (Guru). I claim and warrant: the one who with the Lord goes continuously and together, the winner will be always. Also no of the evil-trick, any attempts and the inventions dark are terrible to it, them to stop any attacks and diligence a way intended to of the spirit. Quietly and firmly you look forward and with firmness meet ardent waves of the phenomena opposite. Lord Maitreya is invincible. Victoriously Light troops will enter into the World New to approve its Light forever.
744. (Nov. 19). What disasters and cataclysms are necessary that people came round and lifted the looks up? Human dullness and unwillingness to think of the events are amazing. And after all a not balance of elements disasters will increase also to amplify and become frequent. The cover of misunderstanding is thrown over consciousness. Who threw it? Whether darkness? And even you knowing and having preventions, even you forget about given signs. It is necessary to adjust consciousness on proximity of promptly approaching world events, and it is necessary to be ready to them, storing complete equilibrium and communication with Hierarchy, - only this way resist.
745. (M. A. Y.). Ignorant can learn, but negate already lost this opportunity. Therefore denial is worse than ignorance. Denial – the weapon dark. Animals have no future, because they animals. But the people denying the future are worse than animals. If, animal-like cruel men, misanthropes and murderers that they prepare for themselves in the future which nevertheless exists, despite all their denials knew, would truly be terrified to that destiny which to itself creates the hands.
746. (Guru). Well someone has to wait for what to expect. The future exists, it all. It laid the seeds of future achievements of mankind. It cleared the Lords of the evolutionary being. The spirit of man has the opportunity to exercise all their aspirations and daring. Indeed the future is the commanded and wonderful area where the impossible is nothing.
747. (Nov. 20). The formula "The Caesarian — to the Caesar, and God's — to God" can be understood very widely. Living on Earth, in a body terrestrial, it is necessary to feed and give to drink, dress and to put and care of it. Also is at the person of a duty before a family, society and the country – all this terrestrial, and the debt of the person and the citizen is carried out strictly. But besides terrestrial affairs and obligations answerable the person before spirit, embodied in a body for development, improvement and accumulation of experience and knowledge. It also is responsibility before the Immortal Triad, before the highest "I", before the Divine in itself. It was told: "You are gods" because God in the person stays in aspect it’s the highest "I", and to it is done justice because the ultimate goal of terrestrial embodiments is a transferring of consciousness to the sphere of the Highest Triad. The sense of return also consists in it terrestrial, and the highest – to the Highest.
748. (Nov. 21). We speak as though about same. Not repetition, but deepening. The same world, and the same phenomena, but understanding extends towards Boundlessness because everything exists in it and is connected with it, - from it not to leave anywhere. Everything begins in it and comes to an end in it. The essence of eternal life is expressed in temporary changing forms; Eternal – in temporary and temporary – in Eternal. And temporary there is no other than aspect, or a section, the Boundlessness’s, taken at some instant. It is possible to consider a current of the vital phenomena as the stream of the consecutive events extended in time and in space and forever recorded in it. Flashing of days and nights and seeming disappearance in yesterday non-existence – only a consequence of imperfections of the perceiving device. Because yesterday didn't leave, didn't disappear, but exists in space in all the details - Cliché of last events available to Consciousness of the Teacher. On the one hand – prompt movement in the future, with another – fixing passing from the future in the past of the phenomena. It is a lot of Secrets in Space. The extending consciousness gradually contains their one for another.
749. (M. A. Y.). The bowl of poison terrestrial was Enjoyed by the Great Spirits coming to the world. The bowl of poison is enjoyed also by the pupil. Besides all usual vital gravity, chagrin and sufferings spatial poison is especially strong, and it can't be avoided. Too exhausts rage with breath of people much. And the space absorbs in itself everything till time, yet won't be overflowed and while the crushing return blow, caused disbalance elements, won't fall upon them with an unprecedented force. Consider the person by God's similarity, but don't believe that he is allocated with the energy capable in case of abuse of them to cause cataclysms, accidents and natural disasters. Yet don't trust, but will believe soon, have to believe because revolt of elements will be awful.
750. (Guru). You see how people persist in the delusions. You see that words not to over persuade any more. You see that got a planet to line of explosion. No exit. Holders of Earth Constrain elements to the term. But terms approach – and to powers of elements will be given vent. Their rage will fall upon those who caused it. All will suffer who is guilty in the evil birth. The Last judgment over a planet will come true.
751. (Nov. 22). "I am with you always" – even this formula does not fit in a three-dimensional world, but requires an understanding of the spirit already. This formula no longer recognizes the distances and other earthly limitations. Recognition of the unseen world is necessary when learning new Exercises. The world is a world with a thin, tight and both of the worlds are linked by unbroken fibers. They see not that hard, if you look at all the not negative eye.
752. (Guru). It is necessary to rejoice to that are so difficult overcome resistance and darkness counteractions. Means, the opponent is strong, so he on a shoulder, so to win against it will be a merit before Light. Going with the Lord it is invincible.
753. (Nov. 23). From disharmony and chaos of the lower world Premier is harmony and consonant their areas. Disharmony world is tight especially strong on epochs. Before, in previous years, the harmonious oases have met more often. There were even entire countries of relative prosperity. Now it all went down in the darkness. There is neither peace nor the people of the world. The weeping and the gnashing of tooth-in darkness outside increased to the limit. The main memo being human is a disadvantage. And even when an external, apparent well-being internal State does not match. The end of Kali Yuga himself speaks for itself.
754. (M. A. Y.). Usually Light Carriers in the world terrestrial powers of darkness tried to surround with the servants to stop Light distribution. The pole of Light caused under the ant situation Law identification of forces dark and disclosure of participants and attendants of darkness. The darkness rose always against Light, both in big, and in the small. Both big and small Attendants of Light cause counteraction and active against them darkness identification according to power of their Light reserved in effect. Therefore we won't be surprised that the darkness doesn't leave alone those who follows the Lord. So was always. Also will be, Cali the South yet won't end and the heritage of the old world won't be destroyed.
755. (Guru). Will learn to meet and withstand the shocks of dark and rewards them without losing balance. Loss of balance is sometimes tantamount to defeat. To any price to keep the status of calmness and not of touched its light full despite the dark torturers find pain. It is not forbidden to experience the suffering and pain of dark attacks, but go out light inside is not allowed. Inner fire is protected by strong Light bringer.
756. (Nov. 24). The tension of consciousness to the Lord does not give immediate visible results; first, because much of what occurs in the thin world comes to the mind, second, the voltage must be long, rhythmic and not interrupted with sentiment. The latter condition is most difficult, as the surrounding and surrounding all time affect consciousness, violating its harmonic harmony. Great skills required by the student to live in peace with life normal, unusual inner harmony remain steadfast. Ascetics, hermits were removed in the desert, Woods or mountains to get there, in privacy, keep balance. But now from apprentice to a condition to be in the middle of life and at the same time keep the balance and the internal State to maintain contact with the teacher. So, encountering pesky waves will learn, like granite rock in heavy seas, remain strong and steadfast. This does not mean to lose sensitivity and become insensible and immune to everything. No! Susceptibility of acute, sensitivity gets thinner, but the separation of aura, like the network shield, protects the body from all sorts of chaotic invasions from outside. In the fortress and resistance barrier network and is able to keep balance spirit undaunted.
1970 g. 757. (M. A. S.). Among the terrestrial exalted thoughts helpful to sometimes think about whether all that can be done if all time is given to the most desired, not lost precious hours in vain?
758. (Guru). The teacher just Shows sometimes ask themselves: "is it too long asleep?"
759. (Nov. 25). There can be tension of tranquility and concern tension, tension of fearlessness and intense fear. All feelings and qualities are bipolar. The doctrine of tension demands the statement of merits. And if outside not in forces something to approve or achieve people, in an inner world it can approve merits of spirit regardless of the fact that occurs in its external environment. Among external chaos, excitements, alarms and concern when people to toss, it can, having gone deep into itself, to cause any quality to manifestation. Stability of a flame of spirit against whirlwinds hostile is approved from within. It is possible to imagine, what terrible impact of forces dark Light Carriers had to maintain! The darkness stormed around that go out to destroy a flame and Light, Them borne in it. But waves of violent darkness broke powerlessly about the rock of invincible spirit. So stand also you, Day breakers, against the darkness which was up in arms strong against you.
760. (M. A. Y.). As are persistent dark in constancy of the evil-tack to break balance and a peace of mind. But "it is invincible going with the Lord". Waves of coming darkness, and spirit, against it resisted will be rolled away back, remains indestructible and unshakable, but increased in force and the power. End darkness, but spirit it is eternal. In it force it before darkness. The soldier, who has lost balance, is already won. "You store balance any price". It is powerful force. Nobody will resist against it.
761. (Guru). That benefit from if instead of helping a man you will begin to experience with him intensively what is going through it, and sink into his condition. He needs not your feelings and support. Therefore we must learn to distinguish the compassion of sympathy, perhaps even the sincere and strong. Compassion provides effective help and support, sympathy is usually only going through not being able to help.
762. (Nov. 26). Yes! It is right. It is easiest to speak about how people have to behave and how to arrive, especially if speaking I applied nothing on itself from the manuals. But it is known that Teaching to something and not apply it on itself has to itself condemnation. It first and secondly, similar lecture is deprived of force and internal persuasiveness. It is better if telling states thoughts without any lectures but so that the logical conclusion from the heard pushed the person on the correct actions. The statement of a scientific material from parapsychology area is valuable. But for this purpose the knowledge is required. It is possible to state simply the Doctrine, without using the word "have to" from the person. It should be noted that the word "have to" usually causes counteraction from to which it is turned. To have the right to say this word, it is necessary most in practice, in the life, successfully to attach the instruction given to another. Otherwise all told won't be convincing and won't make desirable result.
763. (M. A. Y.). Great Teachers of the right are called those because the life, by all being Approved on Earth to what They Teach people. The doctrines given by these Carriers of Light are imprinted by the corresponding actions, a feat, and are frequent also blood their Proclaims. Each word is imprinted by action or suffering. On many provisions or statements is the life price. Having these high examples, the true Instructor and the Teacher, having the right to teach, it is possible to consider only the one, Who acts and thoughts, enclosed by It in life, Imprinted and I Approved to what He Teaches people. It is a lot of self-shown teachers and their instructors, from them harm also is great. There will be convincing a lecture in hands applied it in life. Sometimes Teachers Send the pupils to the world with the Decree: "Go and learn", and the right Let speak on its own behalf. Know as well that, speaking "For the sake of the Father, both the Son, and the Holy Spirit", the rights to that have no and therefore their words are dead and are deprived of heart fire. "I Maintain Agni Yoga columns of My steps".
764. (Guru). Only the one, who applied the Doctrine of Live Ethics in the life, has the right to teach and edify to what it teaches. From the words which haven't been applied in life, the advantage won't be. They can cause only internal counteraction. By the life approves accepted the Doctrine the right to a teaching. However, it is possible to note that only recently taken a way burn with passionate desire to educate and teach. The one, who knows burden of a teaching, arrives very circumspectly, seeks to teach nobody and wisely distributes pearls of true knowledge.
765. (Nov. 27). It is possible to accustom consciousness to features and an originality of the Thin World and understanding of its laws consistently and gradually, noting difference it from the dense world. On Earth each subject takes the certain place: house, rock and tree. There the concept of a place has other value. In consciousness within several minutes it is possible to imagine thousands various places and subjects, and all of them will find room in the sphere of the Thin World, without disturbing each other. Their mental images, existing nearby, don't overflow space so that it was impossible to give new images of things and subjects. The person, animal, a plant have the thin forms in the Thin World, and also have them both all dense bodies and subjects, the rivers, the woods, the seas and mountains, planets and stars which exist or existed in the dense world. But, besides, there are there both all mental forms and the images created by the person. And though externally they cannot differ from a thin form, say, really growing tree, however the mental form of a tree created by imagination of the person nevertheless differs from a thin form of a live tree, differs internally. One incarnation people, especially those, who know something, can change the appearance and accept any appearance that demands quality of recognition from the observer. In the beginning it is very difficult to distinguish the thin forms having the basis in the dense world, from the thin forms created by creative imagination of the person. Heroes of many literary works are brightly depicted in live and real images in World Aboveground. And hardly the beginner understand, - where fruits of human imagination, and where the real people. Lack of prospect is brought too by a lot of confusion, and also new ability of a one incarnation to see a subject at once from all directions and through. Transcendentalist conditions bring new conditions in perceptions of the person, and it is necessary to adapt to it gradually. Also confuses also lack of distances. The thought quickly overcomes terrestrial distances, and far becomes close under the influence of thought. Locomotion in the Thin World is instantly. Speed exceeds terrestrial representations everyone about it. Where thought, there and the thinker. Here, thinking about something, it is possible to see the fancies only in imagination and only a mind, in the same place – face to face and as it is real as we here see subjects of the dense world surrounding us. And as there these dense subjects aren't present, they are replaced with forms thin, having already the special structure and properties, for example, mobility and ease that gives the chance to set them in motion by thought. It is impossible to list and write down all features of the Thin World and to state the laws operating it, but to get used to them gradually and it is very useful to acquire them in process of expansion of consciousness and it is necessary. It is good to enter into the Thin World the prepared.
Transcendentalist – going beyond physical limits.
766. (M. A. Y.). In attempts to get into conditions of the Thin World and to understand them it is necessary to remember well that "the person is a magnet". Magnetic radiations of its aura and thought attract to it and attract it to spheres of the Elevated World, precisely corresponding properties and nature of its essence. Everyone will find on itself. Desire and aspiration magneto, and they attract spirit to conformable them on the character to space layers. If the aspiration is fine and the desire is directed on sating spirit with Beauty, and the attraction of spirit will occur to spheres fine.
767. (Guru). When looking in the higher realms can be very complex, and besides the delay is undesirable amid very unpleasant neighbors. This happens when not eliminated, only suppressed some of the properties of the lower nature. These properties, passion and desire are especially aggravated when flushed body, and claim their right to satisfaction. Very difficult in the World Can eliminate these growths, which impede the moving spirit. Therefore, liberation from them is not suppression, but it is a challenging total, to be clean and that the burden falls on the human consciousness.
768. (M. A. Y.).Whether we will be surprised that on a hand there is a lot of fingers to count pupils, – the Teacher so Speaks. Invited there is a lot of, but the elite where? Let this circumstance will serve as an impulse to even more strict and severe attitude towards, to the statement of those qualities of spirit which are necessary to become the pupil. And let each shortcoming noticed in relatives, will serve as ardent motivation to destroy it in itself. After all usually in others easier than all those shortcomings which aren't alien also to us are noticed. And it isn't as important as other person fights against the imperfections, somehow, as far as we succeed in overcoming of own not get rid properties.
769. (Guru). Very instructive to watch how the influence of vibration on the Booster Light aura, with whom He comes into contact. Note three cases: first, when the cause for all the light and the best that is in man; second, when summoned, the dark opposition, ardent antagonism and anger; third, when it shines, and blushed at first, the man suddenly turns to light the dark side and becomes the enemy of the world. This last case is particularly dangerous, because it leads to betrayal and makes it almost impossible to identify the person by nature of its primary reaction which later changed to an entirely opposite.
770. (Dec. 1). The thought of man is spatial. Monitor your thoughts and their analysis will show their essence – helpful, or harmful to the common good. Even personal thinking might be useful when poured into a common course of human thought to harmoniously as a violin – in Symphony Orchestra, enriching its huge. Then the person has to justify its existence. Justification is in thought. Thought is child spirit. The victory, which we can use to think with Me, is integral and inseparable. The thoughts can we be together always. All united with us is conquered by thought. The idea is strong association with fire, because they charged becomes. Conscious spatial reasoning becomes fiery, and its products are not subject to aging, such as the thought of Plato, Christ, Buddha and others. They are out temporarily. Fire thinking is the key to immortality that is coherent consciousness. Work is valuable as a fiery voltage organism, i.e. the valuable work of Light bringer. He also contributes its share to the (fire) the common good. The best among the people is the collectors and aggregators of the energies of the spatial fire lying in the form of stable crystalline formations; they are people, they who do great work for the good of the planet and of mankind as a whole. These energies lives and feeds on humans. Evolution moves them. It is so important to deliberately get in the rhythm of the progressive movement and continually contribute to the spatial evolution of life. In the world of conscious workers is not enough light, but the more valuable that everyone makes their energy in this great cause. Nobody and nothing can hinder growth by serving or stop it, because it is in the spirit. Opponents Light attempted to do while pursuing and killing Officers and messengers of light, but the stronger and stared overhead torches of their spirit, illuminating the path loss for many centuries to come. Now that the Division of mankind on the poles on the mill doom and gloom is particularly sharp, clear and definitive, the spatial Service Light becomes essential and helps sets that have not yet done the final choice, do it. Great human responsibility for thinking it’s not only before him, but also to the space. Investors in spatial storage are everything, but how important is that it is paid by each, and worker of darkness or Light is contributing its share of space.
771. Each rung on the ladder of spirit is required for further growth. Without steps on of plumb rock not rise. But don't lose sight of that thought magneto and attracts the similarity of its elements.
772. (M. A. Y.). I wish to emphasize that in the outside world and surrounded by dense people have much to interfere and put thousands of obstacles to implementing any beginnings or intentions, but in spirit, in the sphere of thoughts are powerless they put any obstacles. Because nothing external cannot stop Service except will surround the Light keeper. Attempts are being made and will be made to the Light put out, but the power of the spirit – over all earthly conditions. Know from the past, like the great luminaries of mankind continued to bring light to people despite all counter dark. Over the spirit of dark power did not have and will not have, if the spirit is strong enough.
773. (Guru). With a Teacher in thought we should be together always. This is constant memory and representation of a face in her heart. However, things really interfere with every day and make you forget about the necessary. However, any business can be run together, knowing that he is with us always. Not It separates from us but we ourselves are moving away. He is with us always, and you can ask them: "we are always with him?"
774. (Dec. 2). Calmness and balance imply a coherence of microcosm that is a harmonious state of its membranes. Hard Karma does not prevent this coherence, if consciousness can rise above their feelings and own them. A long line allows us to assert power over transient moment when future magnet acts on the mind and gives him the opportunity to free themselves from the effects of the current hour. How many such moments in the past and how much will be even, and everything will go away permanently, to be replaced by new, also passing. True, does not disappear, but nothing to desire, and knowledge of, and encampment to get closer to the archives of the past. Great wisdom lies in the words: "and this too shall pass". We will use every moment of burdening’s strong circumstances for rapprochement with the hierarchy of light. And friends and enemies, and joy and sorrow and struggle and victory, and combat and support – let everyone contributes to light and bring to us. So, all the no revoked starting to serve flame striving spirit. Don't be afraid to burden and load cases. Burden circumstances do not give consciousness to hop off and sink into the wishful. All the banality is replaced by a sober mind. So, said the cooperation with us. The calm and earthly prosperity and contentment never meant to us. All go through hardship and suffering. And most who have been the biggest beneficiaries of and. Not be invious anyone from living in contentment. They have nowhere to go on his well-being. There is no dedicated to us among them. Remember: the harder than to tolerate, the closer to the Lord.
775. (M. A. Y.). Ability to extract from each weight bearing their lesson will be taught facts already stage an Arhat. Hence are the joy barriers and reactions. Warriors of the spirit, stamina, and inflexible, and fearlessness your stem from conflicts and are born in the fight. Warrior’s overcoming wants you to see the Bishop. Be aware, that the winner doesn't judge. Take leave him all that he has overcome and defeated in itself. And the dark entities that flock around him and will shout: "here he is a troublemaker and" calmly and authoritatively tells it, outright: yourselves I won and past all burned. And folk wisdom says: "who remembers the past, eyes the mind". Really want to stay eyeless?
776. (Guru). The experience and knowledge gained in life, pre-loaded, become the property of all wanting to know. In this is of value records. All not write down goes into space and becomes inaccessible. You can't even imagine what it would be with the world, if the pearls of knowledge would not have been recorded, preserved and not gotten to us.
777. (Dec. 3). We direct the consciousness for the better solution. It is to move away from yourself and look at ourselves, - will see along with Me. It is not so difficult if, rushing toward Me, leave you behind, beneath, at the foot of the mountain. You can be with me in spirit and in spirit. Astral is full of moods and feelings. He is left at the bottom, and the Earth and earthly thoughts. A personal "I" remains at the bottom, the consciousness that is transferred to the major Triad, rises to our heights. "I have peace, but the world is mourning. But "I have overcome the world", a world of grief by climbing over it. In a world of grief suffered, as have you. Draining – poison chalice the inheritance of the sons of light are sent into the world of Light bring to people. You are the light of the teachings of living people are carrying them, saturating the ground. It is the spatial Service. Bring Light shine it to people. The Sermon was ceded, is life ". This is the hardest kind of Ministry, when it is performed in the comfort of life. The right solution to it nothing could stop, no blows of fate or experiences in the shells. This is all from the Earth, from the darkness outside, "where the weeping and the gnashing of tooth-". Consciousness is transferred into the realm of the spirit. Just so you can stand the weight of the cross. One suffers, and the other, Silently Watching, inside, only looks and knows everything that happens with the first suffering and in distress, will pass, but the spirit lives forever. It is written, "Let him deny himself." And so it is important to separate the suffering from the ' I ' who is watching Silently, writing all. Truly, I say to you: "Sun and Moon" pass away, but not Silent witness recorder in you abides forever.
778. And the victory of spirit over them himself, or rather, above the membrane, its clouding, is to not have them managed and determined his movement, but he himself, the spirit of which the given power saw and over all their shells or solids, in which he temporarily imprisoned. After all, all of them by running its own purpose of gathering the necessary for climbing experience, spirit will be folded and kept in those worlds belongs to their fabric, spirit is Fire, the body of light, fire and everlasting, rises above, the scope of their own again to continue their way into Infinity, all over again in a new body, clouding, or shells, it needed to acquire new knowledge and new experiences that is so necessary for the conscious being in the higher realms. Not a happy and without sad life on of Earth, but it is suffering give spirit experience invaluable.
779. (M. A. Y.). The Teacher will point out, if the advice to him to appeal. What is the Teacher? It is to find the strength calmly, dispassionately and in balance, and standing as a whole would be on the sidelines, watching and experiencing the other suffers, in the body of the prisoner and subjected to all earthly dangers, difficulties, bed’s and casualties heavy. Two in one: one is, the other just Looks. Mortal and struggling times, Watching is eternal. In its scope, the Silent Beholder, and tolerated by human consciousness. And then the human eye receives justify this name – man continued for centuries.
780. (Guru). What is the Assistance of the Teacher? In that, what facilitate the path and to release from the inevitable testing and circumstances encumbrances? Not at all! Aid that provides insight and clarification of what happens to the student, and why, and for what purpose is it just these tests and not others, and what they teach. When understood goal, it is possible to pass through the most difficult trials winner. And not only pass, but also learn from them valuable experience and knowledge, for the acquisition of which he is incarnate on Earth.
781. (Dec. 4). The truth is one; the basics are the same, but the form of expression of their matches. Therefore it is senseless to argue about the forms of expression, if the entity is available. But argue, because do not understand. The cause of disputes and disagreements is ignorance. Say about Exercises’ of Light, but not darkness. And there are those. A countless number of books being published! And how is much unnecessary. Material thoughts of scientific Value highly, if not from the darkness. Many of false is and in of science. Examples of delusions of the past are striking, as well as the present. Understanding the basics will give a solid foundation of science. All of the real science will be once in the public domain.
782. (M. A.Y.). A presentiment of impending changes correctly. Peace has stalled. Need a way out. In wars and violence, it is not found. Correct the proclaimed principle of peaceful coexistence, cooperation and collaboration. Pointless and insanely products pay attention to destruction of human labor. I want to have all the people woke from their slumber and told Governments a firm word that they want peace.
783. (Guru). How badly will need employees of Light, who know the basics. Who will carry out the decisions of any rock! How much labor to be! Prepare the frame assistant worker of Light to build a New Sky and a new Earth.
784. (Dec. 5). The obstacle for the new era is the lack of consciousness. Upcoming deadlines, it will no longer be considered, and all that will be removed from the planet. Consciousness waits for the future and is ready to build a bridge. A on the bridge no heavy goes, even without of gulf. Let nothing divide separating from the future, not serve as a barrier. There is no obstacle for the thought, if it had wings. Not all thoughts winged, some, like cast iron, weight-pull a man down. Spirit finds happiness in flights. First flights take place in the thoughts, and then – in appropriate conductors. Achievable all, that was in the consciousness and what the corresponding flow of cosmic evolution of mankind. It is so majestic and full of light that all human suffering more than compensated for by the fact that it gives to people. Inscription of the great plan of slightly open the veil of the future. It is already implemented on distant worlds, these powerful magnets for the aspirations of the spirit. Link to them gives assistance and force move to these wonderful opportunities. Many of the conditions of life on Distant Worlds have already been implemented in the inner sanctums. Powerful magnet is used It for luminous heading toward the future of spirit.
785. (M. A. Y.). The aspirations of the spirit are contrary to the evidence and contrary to the logic of normal density, philistine thinking. In this unusual to be able to resist, not obeying the credibility of a dense appearance. And that's the difficulty. It has to go against the current. Standard of thought are very strong, and people need to think like everyone else. Not condoned the audacity of unusual thinking. Silence prevents unnecessary punches. Words are pronounced when you need it. The silent service to Light much more space than other types of it.
786. (Guru). Use them wisely and correctly, arguing the absence of death and turning with expensive bygone as with the living. These build a sturdy bridge connection on which to them and will come and be together and in the spirit and life. Overcome the fear of death is already a victory. Rejection of death there is confirmation of life. Not death, but life reigns in space.
787. (Dec. 6). I maintain the inevitable evolution of the world and all that is in it, from atoms to Galaxies. Omnipresence, all-knowledge, and all-vanes are attributes of the fiery spirit the highest levels. Consciousness, freed from the power of the individual to the death over it, doing well in the development of all: Clair sense-clairvoyance, claurluhear, and so on. Lower self is conquered in spirit, and refined the personal ' I ' merges with the Supreme self, forming Immortal Triad, and totally portable life into it. Adoption of a possibility in mind already claimed her. Faith, or faith-knowledge, is the engine of the spirit. Sense knows same of the heart, anticipating the possibility of achievement and believing in it. Silent Witness (the) faith-knowledge Write, letting the magnetic energy (attraction) of consciousness. So the spirit creates our future. It is written, "according to your faith you will." This formula is Important Knowledge of fire is irrevocably decreed by force of a magnet. When faith is combined with knowledge of its power becomes invincible.
788. Promised to Infinity. Because and the ability take write inexhaustible, if consciousness is enough to direct. And not be afraid of seemingly not repeating, repetitive but deepening. Life is so wide the world is immense and that the exhaust could not be any entries. But I want to have consciousness and connection to the Hierarchy was not compromised by any phenomena not tight or the astral worlds. With dense yet handle can be, but with a lot harder. Astral body Enemies are more often from there, taking advantage of the fact that the eye cannot see, and the warning voice of the heart is not always heard and do not always reach the consciousness, sometimes crowded affairs and concerns of tight encirclement. For special burdens the heart and pressing anxiety feels the presence of the dark. The telegraph office with careful regard to it and patrol distinguish between not-too difficult. Watch, and watch a heart. The brain is fooled too easily. "So we will be on guard and will follow Ruler".
789. (M. A. Y.). Love is the key to all success. Love gives right to the inner spiritual closeness. Love achieved altitude climb. Love connects forever loved ones spirits. Love is the innermost sense, requiring great care. She doesn't know distances and does not recognize death. Call it "fiery", because the winner wins, and death, and separation, and the range of distances. But this love is already a fiery, fiery, or feeling. Fire knows no limits and dense world. Get love, because it has no obstructions in time, or space.
790. (Guru). The shield Lord is over you. He guards the paths of spirit and protects against the real danger, and dark invasion. But fighting and overcoming obstacles remain, because the spirit is growing. Not wise to require teachers to eliminate all the obstacles and difficulties, he said. Much it is necessary learn make and perform him, tempering the opposing blade of fiery the blade of the spirit.
791. (Dec. 7). There are moments in the life of a disciple, when he seems to force him to undergo torment circumstances come the end. And it seems he much incomprehensible and even unfair. And it seems to him that, from their perspective, he's right. How could there be? There can be only one answer: Affinity Calling – above all, but also on top of the movements in the mental sheath, that is on top of the thoughts, the same current and fleeting, as all that is done in three-body, astral body and Earth in the body of thought. And not only flowing and changing fabric of dense, astral and mental bodies, these bodies, guides, or shell, and with each incarnation are dropped are replaced by new ones. But the spirit lives forever. Relationship with a Teacher is in the spirit of, and nothing outside this context violate cannot. The legend of the prodigal son shows that external communication with his Father was broken in Space environments, but in the spirit of it remained unbroken. And when the time came, the son returned to his father and had them accepted.
792. (M. A. Y.). Can only say and confirm that the power in space and on Earth is so large and incredibly that survive this time usually is unthinkable. Day breakers shared terrestrial and spatial Gravity Hammers – Wear His World. This is their support and dedicated service. Believe Me, if what is now plagued with you so your privacy is gone, you would have not become easier, because spatial voltage too high.
793. (Guru). Accuracy of spatial perceptions may be disrupted world of personal thoughts, invading the parcel. And such errors usually relate to the personality of the recipient. They require validation and critical attitude. We can thus understand what we want too. In addition, thoughts can throw a dark entity. One must absolutely remember the Law of similarity; the High Spirits are associated with only the spirits actually developed along the path of spiritual perfection and purification from spiritual ulcers. The Savior said: "the time will come and the world will be filled with false teachers, and woe to those who will not recognize them. Relationship with Bishop must be very durable, but reduces the possibility of errors.
794. (M. A. Y.). It was unacceptable that fluctuations were reflected on the silver threads of astral communication with a Teacher. After all, if the bridle of the spirit will not be superimposed on the senses, the thread will be in a State of permanent volatility and volatility. Let the astral is going through, if not tamed, but still the most precious that has and can have a student in life should be a rebarbative firmly and carefully guarding.
795. (Guru). Understand that the future is inherently and that offensive it cannot stop there. When deadlines are coming, giant wave will sweep all the energies Space surf dams and barriers like card houses, and with them and those who stirred up.
796. (Dec. 10). On alternation of days and nights, meaning opposites, is built over time. On alternation of opposites is life and everything that happens in the world. And human consciousness is subject to the same law. Dialectics of existence is a basis being. At times feels like a man on top of knowing when his distant horizons are opened, and after a while everything disappears, and it seems to him that there's nothing and that he knows nothing. You can even feel great knowing almost simultaneously and ignorance. The opposite pole of things becomes visible uniform at the same time. It's already rung the bipolar view. No need to be embarrassed this duality understanding phenomena, because it already stage of wisdom. When he said that "cheering" Hosanna "Me screams could be heard yelling:" crucify him, Felt and seen both poles of essence of human nature. Wisdom consists in the ability to see both poles things unified. And when the student feels in herself in the feelings and understanding her, having two opposite poles of a single whole, then bipolar vision of spirit becomes available to him.
797. (M. A. Y.). The temptation of Saint Anthony is not only one for him. Many marching along the path of tempt to do the same. On the lower plans sex drive may be reported in cattle and animal in man will prevail. Steps above this attraction is already in the form of love, feelings have a higher order, and then and selfless. On love and family is the continuation of the human species. The love between the sexes can be detected at a very high level. And if the creative power of love on one stage creates a family and children that spirit of creativity in the higher levels are detected in the works of opposites is not physical, but spiritual – in beautiful works of art in the works of poets and composers and the immortal masterpieces of human thought. Every creative work is based on the two began their merger to create new forms. When driving on the Road you can consciously sublimate feelings you can elevate to a higher earthly love its manifestations at the creative level of spirit. It will be the gross elements of transmutation into a more refined. This love promotes creativity, inspiring him and picks up to higher steps on the ladder of life. Don't fight the lower nature of its, but praising her feelings and aspirations to the highest levels of its manifestation is the right one. Suppress useless but praising its nature can be infinite. After all, even for creating worlds, you must have two began. On the creativity of higher planes of spirit, too, is caused by the presence of two began. So, there is earthly love and love is aboveground, and each works on its plan.
798. (Guru). «Warm» are thrown out from the stream of cosmic evolution as a COP. "Hot and cold" are valuable to have energy, necessary for evolution, the former can transmute it into positive energy. This is their potential for advancement. Every of negative energy in yourself can be translated into a positive. Because the power of negative energy of their despair, not knowing what a negative effect, you can look at the ascent of the Spirit, changing its direction. Great Teachers knew it, so among those they Carry close to themselves, were the tax collectors, the robbers and the whore.
799. (M. A. Y.). Good luck, success and victory in understanding the differed at times from understanding the student Teacher. And often the apprentice is afflicted by those circumstances that the Teacher Believes successful. Therefore, if the teacher says something, it is good fortune to take over personal and limited understanding of the word. When successfully and successfully emerging conditions the body can suffer and may increase the difficulties, but the path of the spirit – on top of the sensations of the body and the personal experiences of the self.
800. (Guru). Relationships with friends require greater diligence because, on the one hand, it is necessary to support and give something and to prevent vampirism and slay, and it must be remembered that, when inspired, friends sometimes cross the line beyond which begins wrecking. And instead of gratitude for received can get hit. (Rent meaning the devouring of psychic energy).
801. (Dec. 12). Merging the consciousness’s takes in the spirit. The spirit is invisible and have slid through him and formless. But all of the shells are shaped. Astral already limber is and flexible. You can always change I, if you know it.
802. Movement and change forms in the subtle world depend on strength, lightness and accuracy of submissions. Artists in this regard go ahead, go and others, developed the capacity of these abilities. Develop their possible. This is one of the safest exercises, if it is not directed for evil. Cosmic creativity takes place under the same principle. In the higher Realms in subtle forms showed much mustang already establish on the ground in dense forms. So Do Us!
803. (M. A. Y.). It is good that at times recognized the serious trap is located in dense spirit body. The chains want to reset. This desire is a harbinger of liberation. You can disengage when realized that the spirit is in captivity.
804. (Guru). Pure desire, uplifted on the wings of light and set on Thursday, will be in the space to grow and will represent a guarantee of its implementation.
805. (Dec. 13). Unacceptable weakness of spirit than whatever they are callable. Opponents Light wants to break the spirit and gloating whenever they manage. Withholding equilibrium will triumph over darkness. If, any obstruction is the first human being keep calm and harmonious state of mind. This is an extraordinarily difficult, but there is no alternative. Be broken by dark influences – does this mean the loss of many of the gains made as particularly price? Grasp all the power of the spirit, grasp. One must resist whatever it takes.
806. (M. A. Y.). Overcoming the resistance of the environment does not always mean a clash with the darkness, inertia of matter requires too much effort to have her to beat. How much resistance are overcome simple grains to germinate and deter germ of life. The wind and the cold and heat, and many other conditions seek to stifle sprouting. Just of environment are silenced and the germs of life spirit, if he gives in to them. "Stand strong, stand stronger rocks. Fire is a wonderful firmness of spirit.
807. (Guru). No, My friend, and enough forces to resist, and much more besides. Strength of spirit is inexhaustible. Heavy mistake is to think that the end has come and that you can instinctively lean powerless before the power of circumstances. Inexhaustible strength of spirit is which designed. That meant we had to call all desire, aspiration, all stress the heart. Is inviolate and invincible is of the spirit. That could mean the most difficult segment of any path if the path is endless, and every piece of it, even the hardest, only moment transitory on this endless journey into infinity.
808. (Dec. 14). If contact with family and friends located the consciousness causes leakage of psychic energy and painful condition, it is not difficult to imagine what would happen, if such consciousness is dark influences. Need to enhance and strengthen the relationship to watch the Teacher.
809. (M. A. Y.). Cleaning the clutter in the human mind is one of the most difficult tasks of the media world. And close and distant need this. The challenge is especially daunting when consciousness is under the influence of darkness, but reaches out to the light. Medium servants in ancient temples would not allow. It is almost impossible to free the minds of such people from harmful influences, since being released from them, it is being repeated over and over again, and there is no end to the thankless work of purification of consciousness, prone to psychology. In these cases the energy they spend isn't worth it.
810. (Guru). Time and place of communication require strong protection from third party intrusion. Under any pretexts and all sorts of ways of trying to force his way into the coveted dark circle. We should be able to see the danger and to remove it.
811. (Dec. 15). In every subject, everything and every creature there are elements of the creative (or force) and destructive elements. Man lights his thoughts and may reinforce the other. On some clothes and wears out quickly, burning that is destroyed, the other-on the contrary. Just some stuff there very long, some other quickly become unfit for use, come quickly into disrepair and machines and equipment in the hands of some workers. The Fiery energy of the person affected or destructive creativity in everything around him, and even to the entire planet. State of the planet at any given moment is a result of the impact of the collective psychic energy to the entire body of the planet. Condemnation is always of the essence to a reinforced cut-off manifestation that is something for which his condemnation. Condemnation is the evocation of the darkness or evil, from the dual nature of human. So the condemnation and particularly unfair, even good people can do badly. You have to be very strong to internally with conviction. "I love wrong in life to heal through love." Love knows no condemnation. Love from the two-pole of the inner world of man causes to the elements of light, the good inclination, the best there is in man. And when do you evil, and, seeing this, you start to think about the bad properties of make of evil and anger, you worsen its dark properties do hit them and bring an even bigger attacks. "Anger's enemy does not have". This is a very important condition for overcoming them. Better mentally argue everything even small good they are. For every person there and the light, and darkness, and so important is that the call to show. And not one, not two, but may require many attempts to turn an unconscious enemy to friend or even a little better. Think about the people creating the Light, not the darkness. To a man, well located for us, we usually turn the best side of their nature. As arrive and usually other people.
812. (Guru). Enemies and clears away so much teach that desire even to express gratitude for being so strongly pushed around to light the inner sanctums and help absorb precious little life lessons. On this earlier it would take many years and even whole life, with their stubborn and persistent you can absorb in one lifetime. It is very good when the perceived usefulness of the enemies and what it taught them evil-trick. This is the fastest way to light. Tormentors malicious, if you knew so beneficial your efforts from climb the spirit.
813. (Dec. 16). Saying: «no misfortune in this world without happiness, light without shadow, and truth without lies – two poles things unified. Two-polar people in its manifestations of light and shadow in ourselves. This is the key to understanding the man and yourself and others. In the shadow of the height of the object and effect of light, or rather, about the potential of it. Faint light prevents shadows. Having identified potential spirit, or light, in the person of the shadow, you can begin to argue, causing it to be. Think about the people creating the Light, not the darkness. Thinking bad about bad people are calling to darkness, which in them. Conversely, if, knowing their two-polar an entity that does not have the darkness claim it, but only one good start. Correct and faithful to the initial approach will be to know and do not condemn, anger towards them not. And then start the conscious transmutation, if required by the utility. But the beads are throwing, remembering the "Hosanna" and "crucify him". Be aware, however, that the servants of darkness without conscious "Hosanna" will immediately yell "crucify him!"
814. (Dec. 17). Bipolar vision both poles there is a single thing of an Arhat. Is bipolar and life based on alternation of opposites – days and nights, heat and cold, good and evil, life and death, Kali and Satia South. Teacher and student, sending and receiving, is phenomenon of the same order. In his heart, must approve does not slander against people, the torturers, and malice against you they didn't have, and it will be a victory over darkness. They profess, if Light discern at least a spark of light. It's going to be making any light to darkness. For your health, that is, the harmony of the microcosm of the balance in it, we have to fight all the time. Health, or balance, spirit body health provides. Do not let anything disturb the harmony of the spirit. All the destroying her is just Maya. My peace I give to you, that is on top of the Maya. Maya is strong evidence of dense persuasiveness. We should destroy it, - just as convincing and astral Maya. But the genesis of the spirit which is eternal and indestructible, said Mai dense and Thin on top worlds, is approved in the Fiery World, for the spirit is fire and fire from the Eternal Flame of life.
815. Light that comes in reveals and illuminates the darkness of centuries of heaps that arise and require attention from begets. And he has to accept it and to reaffirm or reject. This is a moment of extreme importance, because freedom depends on it or a new slavery of consciousness. This is a prototype of a future meeting with the guardians of the threshold, when all the ongoing accumulation of spirit, to be destroyed, will confront the man in all his strength and will require from him finally and completely decisions to accept or reject. The outcome of this battle is dependent on further future world Aboveground. And preparations for this dramatic meeting with the guardians of the Threshold will be fighting erupting in the consciousness of light with all concerning its nature properties, dark to uproot.
816. Yes, indeed it is the whole life of the man in the street is nothing like Maya. And all she had, blinded by the veil live the fate. Enlightenment begins with the awareness of the mountain terrain, fragility and transistorizes of everything that surrounds a person in an earthly life. That's passed through a big city saw thousands of homes each, and all the people busy with their personal life, their concerns and experiences, and the zero price, for all this will be forgotten in a day, or two, or a year. But it requires awareness. But who would want to bother with such thoughts when you have to go to the market and to market it or for an evening with wine and guests. Here it is before thinking. Live without them and not die, at least in the body, though dead in spirit.
817. (Guru). As time goes on and inevitably brings to judgment future. And I want to ask: "are you ready, My friend, to meet him, as befit the soldiers of light? Freed from the burden of unnecessary? Stocked their knowledge and experience? Can Us employees and assistants to be in affirming the principles of a new world? My friend, ready meet what were so long and difficult? "
818. (M. A. Y.). You are waiting for your assistance and will be very lacking. You know how much the spirit is hungry? And help them, waiting, can you bring, for waiting, and the name magnetic as involved looking for souls to whoever can satiate their hunger. Now there is none. But will a lot when your time comes and when every nugget of knowledge is so urgently needed. Because the time spent on its acquisition, will the necessary investment in the future.
819. (Dec. 18). Creates a thought! Any idea greatest: both good and bad. The surgeon removes growths with a knife. Outgrowths of the spirit are cleaned a thought. The subtlest energy of thought is over everything. "The thought is the eternal flame." Arrows of thought reaches the object as target bullets. But thought must be monolithic in its aspiration as body flying arrows. And should it be fiery and charged with 0inflexible energy of will. Where does this take effect? I Have. How? Confluence of the Consciousness’s! And it means being together, mentally, in the spirit. Say: –“in the spirit of, but not in the bod”. Body riveted to the place where is located. The thought is free and is driven by aspiration. Therefore I Say: "you should aspire to Me Mentally where decision of all and with Me in the thoughts abides." Stay in your thoughts with Bishop tells them a due degree of mobility and ardor and gives increased light full. Spirit, aspires to light, but the associated conditions of terrestrial, welded Prometheus is similar. But permanence and durability inflexible aspirations of the fire will grow, he melt circuits. The eternal flame of the spirit will come up through the shell, and stratification, and heaps, built up on them. In the cycle of births and deaths, at the conclusion of each incarnation, are all temporary, the mortal shell, spirit, clothed in not remove body of the light, could identify your imperishable accumulation in those areas where it got its granulation. Anyway, but with enough aspiration is achieved not superior. The inviolability of the Fiery grain spirit is the guarantee of victory. It is crucial that we should focus on and identify the consciousness (and its "I")-with time or with the eternal. And the one who to whom or to what will come, that with that or in that and will arrive.
820. Location and human environment in the subtle world defined by his thoughts. So the thought is there take precedence value. Here on Earth, you can sit at home and wherever flow the thought, the physical body remains in the home, surrounded by familiar walls and objects. In the subtle world – where the thought, there we are, that is there consciousness. The movement of thought is lightning fast. Learn how to manage your thoughts is to be where you want, and with whom you want. Mastering your thoughts will be learned where his thoughts are a delight. Obsessions are very contagious and resistant. Prisoners of his thoughts in the world of Thin are very widespread phenomenon. But the thought learning how wield it still on the ground. In World Aboveground, in where all goes thought, too late think about it. Pure heart especially worrying is not necessary, for pure thought and pure sphere around the spirit will give. But those thoughts have not yet cleaned up enough, need self-control, and not there, in the thin world, but here in the world of earthly things. Do not tire of repeating, however need prevention thoughts. Thought is the basis of everything, and the Foundation on which a man builds a House for his spirit. In it, he and will live in the World Aboveground.
821. (Guru). Go, go, and go I have come to the order of Bishop. Performance of the highest Will is for the Order of an Arhat. Compliance is voluntary. Discipline is harsh, but voluntary in Hierarchy. Self is Decisive and self is the judges of the decisions itself. Executor has a voluntary mission phenomenon the most close to the Lord.
822. (Dec. 20). All of thought is to victory over the darkness. How to spend hour hard? The aspiration to a Teacher of Light is in of the spirit. Anyone help? No One! By myself, by myself, by myself.
823. How much hold away the human from the understanding and appreciation of the basics. From her is all the troubles and of disorderly life. Separation has reached extreme limits. War is everywhere and in everything, and even within families. Kali Yuga ends in condensability darkness. Rescuing peoples will be the new home of your country. Despite all its imperfections, it adopted the framework of relations between peoples, and it will be given the greatest opportunity to lead humanity to the cooperation of all and in all. It is now incredibly difficult, because enemies about. Not the Nations enemies, but the rulers of the people, conquered the dark power through deception and money. But the power of the dark goes the end. Principles of international relations, set forth by your country, will become its unshakable foundations. Peaceful, cooperative, not hostile coexistence is established on the planet. Maintain of the cooperation all and in all. Will world peace and happiness of the people. The epoch of Maitreya of people of the happy bring.
824. (Dec. 21). In which of the future better live, in the distant, or near? But close soon will pass and will not give the special proximity of wonderful opportunities that are achievable only at the highest levels of life. So it's better to fly into the distant future, where humanity is destined to all. A closer future can be seen as a further step, followed by others, bringing with it new opportunities, but the consistency and gradualism. Cannot be achieved at once is it takes time.
825. (Dec. 22). Faith and hope are moving ascent spirit. And if hope fulfilled her purpose and advanced consciousness upwards, already has no special meaning, true or not. So much unfulfilled promise on the steps of the Stairs light! Hopes are over, but the spirit triumphant rises higher and higher. Of course, the promise of a personal nature not related to the steadfast Principles of evolution and construction of the grand plan to be implemented as the immutability. Hope for the future, built on the foundations, belongs already to be indestructible the prototype Flame of peace, and that hope rests on a solid foundation.
826. (M. A. Y.). The personal and the impersonal nature of the various records and has different meanings; more limited, impersonal personal concern all. But the records of a personal nature may be walking on the path of strong incentives to move minds, close in spirit to the painting.
827. (Guru). Distressing deeds of people, we often lose sight of the fact, that every pain brings a very rewarding experience and human cognition. Therefore, it does not become ill, and enjoy the arming of consciousness experiences for the future. Why need repeated blows by friends, blows, bringing in so much grief and suffering complications? Not that hard to understand and internalize that every point of Doctrine takes on his shoulders the cross of its imperfections and shortcomings, and with them the path goes on and from this becomes perfect yet, and for a while is, what was, and sometimes becomes even worse, until burn out there continuing his lower nature property.
828. The release occurs through contact with a Teacher of light. The light in Me became part of you. Light and darkness are fighting for dominance in man - and when the light, that in it, overcomes, that reunites him with the light Teacher and then in the light of his see My light. Victory is obtained by merging of consciousness’s. The formula of "I'm in you, you in Me" is becoming a reality, for we are all one. And then there's nothing. First I, and afterwards is of all everything. I'm in the minds of Excel. First thought-I. And then who is strong against us, United into one? So overcome by darkness-first inside, then outside. We need to understand and realize what a powerful merge minds is born. "How invincible sword shatters all barriers, equal with Bishop's consciousness". Pledge in this is of the victory. More and tenser all the fortitude achieve this merger, "but, the great darkness". Against rabies darkness is of the Light. Bipolar vision sees light from above going, and darkness surrounding. And the winning spirit of darkness does not prevail.
829. (Dec. 23). If, you check how much is left to the Teacher and how many thought, that around, and the thoughts of the ordinary, it is found that the number of first insignificant, while the latter occupy the whole field of view. That is why the Council is given in the heart keep the image of Presenter. Then if this is achieved, the thoughts of ordinary will no longer close the main. The only way out: get out of the cycle of generalities.
830. (M. A. Y.). Heavy the path not gets rid feelings in the World Aboveground. One must live down here on Earth, is still in the body. And how? The thought to lay waste the attractiveness of earthly attachments. Thinking you can build and destroy. A thought created a magnetic attraction and desire to satisfy the senses to be address, thought they and are destroyed. The main thing is not to feed them, returning to him mentally. They go off and deprived of food. And their desire be stewed and thought. And if consciousness thought owns, victory is assured.
831. (M. A. Y.). With dark thoughts need struggle, if they capture the consciousness. When the master, then it will be too late. The worst slavery – be at the mercy of the thought worthless. It is a thought. Where will the dark thoughts? After all and they have their areas where they reign supreme, is the lower astral sphere. This is the abyss, addictive in their spirits, which captured the depth of thought, infected magnetism black lights. The mastery of thought is the first condition of victory over darkness.
832. (Guru). If opposite of mental form off darkness, tries to break into consciousness and master it at least for a while, put a glowing image of a teacher of light, magnetism black fire loses its attractive force. So you can conquer darkness.
833. (Dec. 31). Solemnity is the quality desired. The solemnity was approved to establish harmony with the higher realms of space. The Stronghold becomes saturated of solemnity. In this vein, easier carry and keep in touch with her. Hustle and bustle of life denied the solemnity of routine. Stripped of Everyman its. Fussy fever on the Exchange and starry skies-what a difference! The spirit of stifle life and senseless turmoil fussy dust you shall return many forms of modern civilization. And people deprived of the power of the spirit, catch the drunkenness, drug addiction and violence. The solemnity of the passed away, left Bazaar and imprisoned.
834. (M. A. Y.). Can you help us now? Can. Like what? Her indivisible aspiration to the Focus of the light! This is supported by the network, which is the protection of the Planet Earth from the gathered darkness above it. There is no Castle standing even without one of the righteous. Light aura strength is Light and has a Planetary Network spatial significance. Service peace can occur in the absence of external activity when lit to Light the invisible heart.
835. (M. A. Y.). The future is inevitable, but you can only sign in with only free from past raids by consciousness. Without regret is left in the past, all that is not consistent with the advancing age of the cease-fire. In the new world of mankind will be freed from the remnants of the old world. War, Gore, violence, brutality, homophobia, enslaving the peoples of the weak – strong all will be left behind. A new world is coming up the New.
836. (Guru). As accomplished transfiguration of the world? In of storm, and the tempest, and in press of the events extraordinary, - and, so narrower everything is strained before the limit. But everything has is limits.
The end records 1970._______