Agni Yoga's facets, 1972

1972.* *001. (January, 1). And that advantage to the person if the whole world gets, and the soul will lose. Also I put it on a roof of the temple and I showed all kingdoms terrestrial and I told: "Everything will be yours if you fall, having bowed to me". So on force its darkness offers each spirit a terrestrial be seduced in different forms to avert it from the Way of the Highest. To whom that: to whom a kingdom terrestrial and glory, and a coma and wellbeing narrow-minded, abundance of fruits terrestrial and prosperity, but essence of test one – is offered something rejecting not passed test of spirit from a direct way to Light. All dramatic nature of the made wrong choice can be understood only on consequences. Not at times becomes ripe a pole of consequences soon, but becomes ripe inevitably, and not to avoid results. Will pass years, the fairy tale terrestrial and where the erase spirit which has refused in a minute of need to help builders of the New World will go will come to an end. The country washing, and arrows fly, and assistants are necessary to it. But, alas, how there, who refused and unfaithful portions under one pretext or another. The darkness seeks strong to tear away the remained. When I Ask: - “Whether you will follow Me?” - I Foresee the decisive choice. All evaded, and all departed and chose curve ways, though consider itself on service to Light, but actually fill up herd of the self-seduced. Therefore the choice the last solves everything. And though the made right choice and going on a feat also speaks: "Yes this Bowl passes me", but the way thorny is accepted by it, a way difficult, the Light Way. Be not afraid of its burden. Because I will assume burden it if the decision is made truly. Who wants wellbeing and life happy; them will have, but won't have honor in My Business if chose a way of content terrestrial and on Call didn't go. No self-justifications and reservations will help to make black white. Deserter’s spirits – so we Call running from a battlefield of the Lord. Dark whispers surround unsteady and whisper words of a creep away and induce to leave, both to run, and to give up the begun business. And who will do it, if not you knowing Will Lord. Through whom new thoughts will join consciousnesses of the waiting; after all knowing so few. Dark succeeded. Really allow their celebration? Where hands wishing to help,
002. (January. 3). The lord of shining power, I, Great bring You, fruits of My aspirations, works, both fight and efforts; in You My of the happiness, in You My of hopes. My heart burns with you. I give you everything, everything that I have that in the Tower You Could pour all this in a shining Stone, fires burning in a breast. Shining Stone, Treasures the Stone, You lit, but Me wearable in a flaring Bowl in a breast.
003. (January. 8). The flaring Bowl full of fire, it is difficult to bear without spilling. You store balance. If at a flaring Bowl you aren't able to hold it, races to lap the part of the force will lose part of fiery drink, and the Stone of shining power. And drops Energy Mine minutes of falling will spill in vain. Entering Communication in tranquility full, try to keep its (tranquility). Not balance – the enemy of mental energy. In not balance and balance energy of spirit, the fire eating and the fire creating is shown. Its polarization has to be in hands of the person. It has to seize fire, differently will burn his fire. To mastering by fires I Teach. Yes! Yes! Control over itself, and ability itself to own, and vigilance, patrol and vigilance constant mean that the will already operates fires. Actions of day are so small, but under complete control of consciousness to mastering by lead. As fruitful and ascending there can be every day our life terrestrial. And then the course of life of the person turns into the life ladder our life becomes which fiery steps every day. In tranquility full, it is strong it claiming, with Me Communication you will enter. Qualities of spirit let wings will be that the spirit directed learned to fly rather.
004. (January. 11). The location of consciousness on a planet is defined by its environment. The subjects seen, around reflected in consciousness of the person, serve as the reference points, indicating to it a place where it is. Sitting in the room even blindly the person that around, mentally connects himself. And thought stays where a body, that he sees and perceives. But if conditions of any remote place and the subjects characterizing it, brightly, both it is colorful, and vitally really to approve in consciousness, having thrown out from it a picture of a direct environment, the consciousness feels any more in the room, but in a place far. During a trip in transport and on the downtown it is possible, having closed eyes, mentally to imagine that you go on the city suburb, and to present it very vividly. Nothing changes, except visualizations or the images surrounding focus of consciousness. Consciousness transfer in desirable point is achievement of the yogi. Thus full dismissal from visualizations surrounding consciousness and replacement of this environment with to what the thought is directed is necessary. Then depending on depth of concentration, clarity of representations of a new place and completeness of dismissal of that around, the new environment will start speaking for itself. Such immersion in other situation is observed when reading books.
005. (January. 15). The distance exists for three-dimensional consciousness and subjects of the three-dimensional world. Beam of the Far Star, directing in space, bears the impress with itself all events on it. The planet can go out and be destroyed. But beams from it, flying in boundless space, bear with themselves everything that ever there was on it, everything from the beginning of her life and up to the end. The past is imprinted in these beams rushing in Boundlessness and in them exists. The present is the section of this beam taken in this or that point of its space wandering. And as distances in your measurements of space aren't present, the present it exists nowadays, both here, and always. The beam which has directed in space since the beginning and until the end of life of a planet, is the material body extended in this space in all directions. Planets already aren't present long ago, but spatially the beam exists, exists financially, but not in the form of a matter dense. Secret of time and of space – great; other measurements not three-dimensional, - memory human, structure of thought, consciousness. As yesterday isn't present on a planet because it dashed away in space, in beams reflected by a planet as there is also no the past imprinted by memory, in a body of the person, it out of it, in the same place, where also yesterday. It is mentally possible to get into these layers and to feel reality of vibrations filling. So, having shipped the person in a hypnotic dream, it is possible to force it to endure really and brightly that was many years ago. All for the consciousness, be able to tune of itself on certain, conformable, the desirable phenomenon, a wave. If before the drowning man to ruches past all it’s of life, that, evident, exist the engraving film its. Spatial cliches of the past exist in Akasha's rolls, in layers of the thinnest matter of the highest measurements. Thanks to the directed advance of all heavenly bodies doesn't repeat anything and each moment of life is new. The past, because it in the present is available the beam of the Far Star which once has gone out, but only now reaching Earth, bears in itself this past shown in the present. The past get-at-able to spirit, - because it in the present. The Beam of Far Star, formerly extinction, but only now reaching of Earth, to rush in itself this past, showing in the present. Stars already aren't present, but the beam retells the matter in aspect of the present and is for perceiving consciousness present. So, the past is finished in the present in any point of space, the proximity or which range exists only for the three-dimensional world, but not actually. In of reality all nowadaus and here, but in of different layers of space, or in its different him of the measurements. The present is a past consequence; the future is a present consequence. Process will extend in the direction of the fourth perpendicular, that is in time which isn't present because all here and nowadays. The secret of space and time is slightly opened partially at release from a body. Other measurement of space immediately puts consciousness in other conditions not similar in many respects to conditions of the dense world. The impression of separate perceived objects and sequence of the seen and felt phenomena remains, feelings are transformed, moves thought and a body, a thin body, is capable to flights. The reality of the Thin World is undoubted for those who visited it though it and is non-material, that is material, but differently, than the world dense because everything is material, even though. Also financially and the past existing and imprinted in Mira Invisible, in space of other measurements. The past is imprinted in the beams rushing in chasms of space at incalculable distances if to measure them in a terrestrial way, but not existing for fiery consciousness of spirit.
006. (Jan. 16). In the world created by him of the mental images lives the man. By them it is movable and we operate. Until creative mental image, by him manages the creator him. But being created, he becomes the ruling. You can create a picture or plan their future actions, but act will the man in accord the thought strohgly. These habitual the thoughts are strong, stronger at times of new, perhaps, the best. And whatever did the man leads his thought is new or old, no all if equally. Conduct that of the potential which stronger? The thought leading require more attention to you, because is woven the karma of man; the world aboveground of the distinction of people on their thoughts. In the world of thoughts all measured thought wealth and, invisible and, imperceptible here, inseparable reigns she there. About the thought leading- think.
007. (M. A. Y.). The legend about the only thing remained was given, and you can't complain that aren't warned. As and lagging behind opportunity had strong to think before lagging behind. But even Peter renounced three times, though was warned. A lot of directed devotion should be shown if you don't want to lag behind. Lagging behind darkly, where and when they will find opportunity again to stick and to whom? Your ship will leave far forward, not to catch up with it and how to catch up when and now forces don't find level with to go. Force the beginning of the affairs put especially strongly has initial time of a cycle in itself. These are days of the statement of new steps and new opportunities, then, the projection of a year way on which the foot will go is as though created. It is possible to plan in the accord with the Doctrine Light - which it is desirable to approve and execute. Plastically future in hands fiery the spirit directed to the Teacher.
008. (Guru). The unification has force when it is carried out. Unity in of the words, - isn't valid. Verbal unification it is possible to destroy the best constructions. Words – anything if aren't approved by affairs. Therefore and there are so much destructions that words were accepted to affairs. Consider one business of worthy ten thousand words, even the highest, one thought approved in application – thousands unconfirmed. New cycle begin with the appendix in life of all of that so well studied and acquired theoretically. Life severely will show, where they, weak places in spirit armor. Let they won't be hidden behind a paling of fine words, fine, but not enclosed in life. Life severely removes paints from faces of people, baring their essence. It is necessary to know, it is necessary to see, it is necessary to understand and still not to be averted from the person without a mask. And it which hasn't been covered with words nevertheless will be able to bring something special on creation of the future if it isn't rejected. The tolerance is Arhat’s quality. The robber and the loose woman serve as the certificate. We do not reject anybody, the last line, but new opportunities to everyone isn't passed yet we Give with new forces and confidence to begin a cycle new.
009. (January, 20). The reference point of a year cycle means awakening of life and receiving opportunities of crops of new grains for receiving desirable shoots Regardless of the fact that was, it happened or it is made in the past, it is an opportunity for crops in the sphere of consciousness of the new reasons, according to the accord new consequences bringing. From the elements making the content of consciousness, new combinations of the new opportunities, directing it forward to new stays are created. What there was a past, the way of Light is always open for advance. Even from an evil way always it is possible to pass to Light way. This openness of ways for spirit advance in any direction always accompanies consciousness incarnate, and the choice is possible always. Such situation that the person was deprived of the right to a choice free isn't present and doesn't happen. When material living conditions are the deadlock, the area of spirit remains free and open because up anybody never can block aspirations to it. Often happens when during a heavy nightmare of people forces itself to wake up and, going to the world of another dimension, exempts itself from heavy experiences. In the same way and from hopeless conditions of Earth the consciousness can escape in area of spirit over which Earth and conditions terrestrial isn't imperious. On Earth people live under the power of the environment, in the mental cages of different designs created by them and materials. But the yogi eremite in mountains is free from all these heaps and conventions of life. Fashions, traditions, customs, an era, in addition, impose the framework on consciousness. The slavery human, taken in all the width and depth, is more tragic, than can seem. Many people slaves, except everything, also habits, tendencies, passions and defects. In a close of mental cage lives the person, with of clip wings, never any knowing of liberty. The yoga is a way of release of spirit from all limiting it clogs. Even understanding of restrictions and coherence of spirit the physical body in many respects can help. The body is good until his inhabitant didn't outgrow his borders. Even it becomes prison if ways to go beyond this physical cover aren't found. For this purpose spirit life is given. Thought – the spirit tool. It isn't limited to anything, except consciousness limits, - it liberator and enslaver. For thought of a barrier anybody can't put, except the person. And the thought which hasn't been connected by anything, can lay on a threshold of a new cycle new ways for the directed spirit. Each new grain of thought gives the shoots. The free thought will lead spirit to elevated freedom when, having been obese, the consciousness can leave it. And then the body not a cage will be for spirit, but its device allocated with all opportunities.
010. (Jan. 23). Better to have nothing than to have and be a slave to what you possess. Things are great encumbrance for the spirit. Because we want to destroy the notion of a property and replace it with the notion of temporary use appropriate for living things. Damage to property not in things, but that consciousness is connected and bound to him. The very notion is ridiculous, because property ludicrous matter from which things are considered his. Atoms may not belong to man, but the combination of them – can, in this bankruptcy of property. For life must be very few things. Future frees the individual from any property, giving it everything that is necessary for life, but for temporary use. The concept of ownership gives rise to thoughts of her. With each thing he owns, net links consciousness thread thought attached to things. The more things are the more of their thoughts. A miser is a prisoner of the Dungeon, whose walls are made of things that he considers his own. Will come out from there until you give in the spirit of them, will come neither in this world nor that, because we thought the world was thin with him. Curse hanging over the person and property of crushes him to land. Aboveground in the world everything is connected with the concept of ownership as the iron core on my feet. There's nowhere to get away from things that are owned by that person thinks that owns. The Wanderer has nothing, no shelter, there's even freer than the average person, surrounded by familiar things. Because Show: "have it all, but nothing to find her.
011. (Jan. 27). Our predictions for the future, but are unstable and error-free wrongly state of human consciousness, and the best projections of future dissolve in the darkness of human ignorance. We give, but we need to take, and when there is no sustainability, can I expect good results. Similarly, in the life of a disciple are given better opportunities to climb. But how often does it at random response ready by outsiders and preventing ingredients. And then there are gripes about why something didn't happen, as was said by the Teacher. The free will of man is a factor to be reckoned with, and he frequently contributes its violations in the proposed period of life. And here again come new opportunities to people. We Shows the direction and paths, but the freedom of the individual. The choice is still free, just and free choice given you elects any possible way. Both orders will, depends not on us but on you. But when the choice is made and the die is cast, the inexorable Law of cause and effect is effective and is already moving along the chosen path forward to the moment when again will have to choose the best or worst possibility of given life. And then there is nothing to blame the mirror, if the curve chosen path and flip it into consciousness, too, becomes crooked. So, the New Year brings with it a new opportunity and ardent aspirations of success in the future. This is the only bridge to it. And let not it, but it is the future, Commandmenting Us, serves as a magnet. And however was difficult in the life of the spirit to us, heading toward the future you can't take that away from him, and because all this is unique to it. In the future the spirit would fall under, consonant with the spirit and by name. Consonance is present thoughts and actions of each day. If their review and weigh in that aspect, you can define the character and nature of future accords. So, according to that chant your piece, measured and its future. Ample and wonderful opportunities are prepared a course of planetary evolution and of the new cosmos-spatial conditions of the astrophysical moment, but the person free will has to take them. And the free if the fit is no little possibility of consciousness by will. In Beams we Send to ready consciousness’s these opportunities. Each comer has to take. The children bring the pieces and put in your mouth, little children. But adult spirit to take itself should not blame at someone, if the piece is passed. Even the rays break and matter their ignorant scatter around. Subtle energy, fiery relationships require careful. They are useless in the hands of ignorant. Daily stress new features of force can be assembled to deliberate assimilation sent in beams of happiness
012. (M.A.Y.). Assistance is provided in the main, but not the trivia. Not about an old sole care. Do not complain much, if dark hurt on trifles, if only in the main do not succeed. This is petty sabotage is because weaken their major blows, and it remains the only annoying. But if the consciousness goes to them and consistent with the trivia grow into the community. Bad if dark not marked. Thus, weak spark.
013. (Guru). Think more about trivia and soles, not about how to help. Looking for the truth not the upper world, and you drown in the hectic, believing that "the rest will follow" you. It will be put, however, but if there is about the Highest a care.
014. (Jan. 29). When aggravating dense conditions surround a stone wall, it is most difficult to keep the direction, keeping in consciousness the leading purpose. The path to the Lord, whatever obstacles nor grow up along the way. This should be remembered always. Maya becomes too real. Maya, recede. Keeping in mind the ultimate goal of ways and will be breaking the Maya. Go to the Lord – here's the formula of life traveler great ways. Sooner or later, young or old, here or there, but you'll get. Dark take part in frantic chaos into these obstacles. In the face of the surrounding darkness is your way to the Lord. Many voices distract and a lot of disturbing strongly. All, that disturbs, - not necessary. You can divide all the phenomena of life current for impeding to go and promote. And heart to the last to give. But all that hinders has its positive side, which gives the experience of life and teaches you something. Therefore there are no circumstances opposite for this purpose that solved the way up to the end. Serve both friends, and enemies, and that for, and that against, say, all life and all conditions. It also will be a way of inalterability fiery.
015. (Jan. 31). Decision and exit are listed, feel free to go ahead, fearing nothing and stopping at nothing. The ghosts of Maya and will give way to the enemy back down, because the road goes outside, but not in the minds of your. And, destroying obstacles in consciousness and without fearing enemies, thereby the way is cleared away. First of all in the mind is overcome everything that gets in the way. And, when the stirring is overcome inside, external loses the force to disturb. I am the way, the truth and the life, but I am in you. I was arguing in the face of much exaggerated evidence, go through and elect a triumphant decision correct. Maya, recede, the Lord is with me always and everywhere, from now until forever. See for yourself how difficult Light asserted before darkness. That's called for help and apparently it will get, and not afraid of darkness and Plexus already difficult conditions. Like in the heart is a constant reminder of where leads the way and to whom. Obstacles and difficulties are not over the foot path or carpet feat, because, truly, a feat will be through the Gorge of life go. Hand I give, I will bring the truth, but hard to hold on to it. We have all the difficulties of life, if in the mind of the merged and are inseparable. You remember: anything and anybody can't get up between us if don't allow that; but, if see whom or something, getting between of us, at once they remove. Better in the spirit be with me always. And that I was first, and then everything else. So one full let and is current year before your consciousness. Together and are going to look at all that it will bring us together and decide.
016. (Feb. 2). Keep thee, how will stay now-Suk haven, in which were kept? But words, and don't reach the ears of grow deah – their darkness laid. Once understood, but what good is the missed opportunities will not come back. Scary is the blinding darkness, when the eyes do not see, and ears watching, can't hear, although the words penetrate the brain. But the will is free to choose the path of darkness or light. The chalice broken have long Said. Are you trying to make by the wreckage. But such vessels don't please by a festival of spirit. And the holiday will come and will be on your street. But darkness takes its, it belongs by right of cooperation with it, or name. You ask where in the victory, if loved ones have not accepted it. But I have overcome the world, being all on by furious onslaught madding darkness, because the spirit of victory, but not somewhere outside. Saying you won a powerful, focused Show spirit all forces to gather in his Citadel, and keep away from those who have been passers-by. Victory and defeat only in the spirit of. Remember that loneliness, nothing will change. Through the loneliness got to go through. As the darkness will creep up if isn't neither greyish, nor almost white behind which it is possible to hide. Consider each move away from excessive load. It will be easier to go. Degree of loneliness of spirit is as inevitable as the homeless person walking. By all, devoid of all, herself the winner and his cross, this comes to Me the winner. I, I force Will allow to rise over a whirlpool of life and to win against life.
017. (Feb 5). Take as a basis the inevitability of the most difficult trials, struggles and obstacles resulting from an ardent aspiration toward the light. These difficulties can be measured and the extent and power of aspirations. Where it is absent, environment resistance spirit itself is not an ambition. The shortest path to the Lord and will be hard. Are noted dark strongly – a sure sign of correctly chosen direction. And all their attempts to alienate you close your testimony is that they serve the purpose of attempts. The one, who We are fated, will reach. The one who the darkness is fated, with it remains. This struggle between light and darkness in the soul of man goes constantly. There are both powerful magnets: magnets focus light and darkness focus magnet. Very painful consciousness flounces around the Fiery characteristics separating the sphere of these tricks. This is dangerous and incompleteness phenomenon usually ends the consciousness regarding ads darkness, no longer able to withstand Light and thus recedes into darkness. Blinded by darkness and not withdrawn understand what happened to them, often continuing to take themselves to the service of light. It's about them says, "I don't know you, depart from Me, who practice lawlessness." Where did they depart?
018. (Feb. 6). Perfect may have been mixed up ugly. Because convicted ugliness. Beauty is the criterion of the unmistakable, especially in the subtle world. So there's layers are separated by sex and beauty. And the Earth art, used Beauty is light to people. Collection of world art treasures have become oases of light amid the gloom of the. The same is with Me and the music, though, is far from any and all that bears the seal of beauty. Once the beauty of life on Earth will bloom, and then art enters life as the Foundation. Art nourishes heart and enriches the minds of a new understanding of life. "Through art have light."
019. (Guru). How hard is it to hold on the crest of the wave, but with our help you can? Continuous uninterrupted wakefulness that is not replaceable patrol is so important. At night it is more needed than in the daytime. Claimed from the evening, before going to bed, when a "State of mind". Physical shell is sleeping, but astral can take liberties and go past get rid experiences. Night watch needed as protection from intrusion of dark.
020. (M. A. Y.). Yes, there is the holiday spirit – so it was. Consciousness and its rhythm, its laws and are subject to periods of recession must survive by keeping the directed courage and faith in the ultimate victory of light. It's so hard when around lots of darkness; but not darkness, but of Light - ahead. By this thought and go.
021. (Feb. 8). Be going to become witnesses of things unknown. Love, love, and love the right to approve is necessary. Invisible and denied by the visible it becomes obvious. And everything that My Beams will concern will change. The love can blossom if the care of it is shown. Be shrouded in My Light, so that to the enemy not to get. "The feeling is a power smithy". Strength of the spirit breaks of obstacle of outers restrictions. Concerning Light, the person himself starts being shone. You change love.
022. (Feb. 11). External human life on Earth flows the turn, but internal goes, submitting to spirit laws. External it is stretched in time for some ten years, internal – out of time because the spirit is eternal. The consciousness can direct to one or others, preferring temporary in itself or eternal. The destiny of the person depends on this choice: "Going to fathers with them will come, going to Me – with Me". So the person solves a choice of ways and by this choice determines the future.
023. (M. A. Y.). Strong and steadily it is necessary to hold the boat on rough waves of the everyday sea. Waves can be large, and elements can be strong opposition, but not embarrassed by this strong spirit, which knows no fear and knew that the leading Hand relentlessly and constantly over it. All external, however difficult and overwhelming might seem, the only Maya. Spirit, who knows where and why he goes through her magical power is begin to see clearly Infinitive in the veils of reality and promote his fiery doesn't interrupt.
024. (Guru). If on the Earth and in the worlds of human purpose and bring light to people and everything that surrounds it, this is what sent his main deliberate actions. It was his aura must be such that the radiation it was bright. And it's so hard in a busy world. The purpose of life and Teachings are to approve light aura. Striving to light primarily seek his approval in microcosm his to become the shining light of the world.
025. (Feb. 14). Polarization of consciousness can be produced in different keys, for example, in the vein of solemnity, or aspirations, or restraint, or goodwill, or devotion, or even an entire Symphony. Define the will and thought. Only the weak-willed mood, exciting and subordinating its arbitrariness consciousness astral are unacceptable. Each condition of spirit consonance with the becoming spheres of space and their inhabitants, who at times seek to influence. A brighter mood has nothing to fear from these accords, but struck with darkness different undesirable feelings infection is unavoidable. In the accord constant with these or those spheres of space there is a person. The permanence of certain moods, good or bad, creates a constant connection. Being on Earth, everyone embodied already allocates for itself a place in layers of the Thin World. This place is determined by the nature of human aspirations. Aspiration is the engine. Aspiration results in higher realms and in the lower. Aspiration can be consciously willed. The destiny of man, leading it into the future, depends on himself and his aspirations.
026. (M. A. Y.). On the key of a certain sentiment of mind set during intercourse, you can hold yourself during the day. Experience will show how this is difficult, because typically the areas surrounding him are dramatically inconsistent. Typically this environment resistance is very large, and only strong perfumes can resist and overcome opposition to him. The majority of even trying to resist, preferring to go with the flow. If you mark all the absurdities of fashion, many customs, quirks, habits and behavior of certain people, you can marvel at a lot of dullness, cruelty and ignorance of man. To illustrate a few examples: the mutilated ladies legs of old China Post native American torture, dishes in the ears and lips of savages, incisions in the own body and scars from them and many thousands of features, and cruel, and stupid, and pointless. The tragedy is that the masses unquestioningly obeyed all these lies of ignorant minds, and only strong spirits fought against them and freed the people from them.
027. (Guru). Educator of humanity called the few people who end their lives put the liberation of peoples from all forms of slavery and practices, prejudice, ignorance and all sorts of misconceptions. And since people are immersed in them with the head and don't even notice their chains, the task of liberation is a truly Titanic. People do not forgive those who bear them freedom. Because so many persecuted, tortured and slain among the best representatives of mankind throughout the history of the world. Darkness always strong very busy against them and fought them fiercely. And ignorance, anger and delusion of human were always on the side of darkness.
028. (Feb. 17). Each increased aspiration forward and lift forthwith cause resistance and opposition to the vigor for strength. Take part in this dark and chaos. A wave of resistance must be overcome, and then we can move on. The attraction of the Earth is very strong. They're not necessarily, but the power of their bad connects the wings of the spirit. Never get off the ground if not for the inevitable transition to the world of subtle and relief from tight world. But his attachment to the earthly man is so great that even and there is sometimes considerable time to get rid of the earthly remnants. No wonder the same people wore chains and sackcloth hair (of vlasyanica - clothes of sacred eremites) and debilitated himself by fasting and prayer, just to free himself from the power of the only world body and tight over the spirit.
029. (M. A. S.). Get over yourself old man hard yet because all the lower casing of the insurgent spirit full of heavy particles of not gets rid properties. From these particles is dense, astral and mental matter free themselves overnight. Cleansing is necessary, but takes time. To understand the differences between different types of least dense matter can be taken to compare body drunkards and a spiritual Warrior. At first it decomposes already during his lifetime, is degraded by heavy dense smoke particles contaminated fluids of matter, the inferior second it is so cleared, and matter it is so pure that even after death it may persist for a very long time without degradation. The same difference exists in matter of the astral and mental bodies. The question is very relevant, and cleanse every aspiring to light has to go through the process of purification of all its membranes.
030. (Guru). In the darkness, in a storm by the beam boat heading toward seeking spirit to distant harbors. And the gloom and of enrages elements are inevitable, and the inevitable fight with them and a victory over them. For the insurgent spirit of no progress without struggle and overcome. For the Kingdom of God is taken by force, and his effort to inspire him.
031. (Feb. 21). Everything that was once thought over in consciousness and it is accepted in it, remains with the person on the future and is carried away in Elevated. It isn't so easy and simple to be exempted from former accumulation if they not get rid and didn't lose the attractive force. Of time before time they will come back and demand the statement. The combination to them strengthens them. The astral wants to live what it lived once. The age has no value, because it is all about the thoughts and not get rid desires. It isn't enough not to do of something, it is necessary not to think of the things not compatible to the reached step. A lot of defeat by darkness occurs from old, once the allowed desires and thoughts. Main – to fear a combination to them, which means recognition and desirable to be under their influence?
032. (M. A. Y.). It is important to go through, "knowing, who’s Shield over you." Not feeling Beam does not mean, that it is not, but merely indicates, that consciousness is overburdened with its. Their consciousness fills normally, the self, and the self – as the palisade surrounding the person. Through it is having trouble receiving the parcel. Having done everything possible, it is necessary to wait time. All will return, again and again is palpable.
033. (Feb. 24). Be on the crest of ignorance is inevitable. It seems then that there is nothing that everyone has left, that left the Bishop. And through this also needs to go through, and not once. This is called alternating rhythm of consciousness. And there's nothing wrong with it. We just have to know to confidently and firmly, that the new upgrade will give new insights and open up new horizons. However, this condition is exacerbated by efforts of the dark put out light inside. But an experienced traveler, firmly established on the bases would not be embarrassed by anything.
034. (M. A. Y.). During upswings to manifest the spirit and dedication of the Hierarchy, and aspiration, and love, but in moments of consciousness is difficult to unusually Pralaya. Through this ordeal can victoriously pass, if you know that it is temporary, that it would end, that again adorn the heart and lights will all close, feasible and joyful.
035. (Feb. 26). Despite the fact that human life is an expression of the Maya, that all phenomena and time and transient Maya real for consciousness and is of great importance for the evolution of the spirit. And the conditions in which are embodied, are exactly what we need it to and useful for him to move. All of the temporally, but as long as it is before consciousness and surrounds it, it clearly, vividly and clearly for huh. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the reality of karmic conditions when running through them. Let it all just a dream, but these dreams are the joy and the pain and grief and suffering experienced by the person. Strongly Maya is valid, although not actually is.
036. (M. A.Y.). The Mayan Earth runs out, begin Maya sky train world. Which is brighter? Bright Above-earth Maya, because there becomes aggravated all and strengthen all. And only in the Fiery world of is dissipated "seduction of time, space and things." Through all kinds of Maya should undergo a people, to know the eternal truth of Things ".
037. (Guru). The doctrine asserts the enduring in man's life. Gathering his items looking to immortality asserts a spirit spark of the eternal light. To assert in the face of Maya reality will enduring feat of spirit.
038. (Feb. 27). Empathy and understanding someone else's grief can vary substantially. Sometimes people, in compassion, come from thinking about you and imagining themselves in similar situation and feeling sorry for themselves, and then flows thought about yourself. And sometimes a sympathizer, forgetting about yourself in the position of suffering and seeks to provide valid assistance. Help and committed them, but help them not from the heart.
039. (M. A. Y.). Deaf and blind, but which can be sighted, at times need help more than knowledgeable and the begun to see clearly. So don't be surprised and don't worry that Teachers are less likely to Touch is too great and the need of hunger among the deaf and blind.

040. (Feb. 28). In the Thin World distribution of his inhabitants on layers, or spheres, happens automatically, according to the accord of the internal maintenance of the person to the sphere corresponding to it. When accumulation of spirit settle of energy in conformable to them a layer, it passes to another, higher, for a discharge of the energy already higher order. This way it raises everything above and above as far as it is allowed by its highest accumulation. For conscious stay in this or that sphere it is necessary to have in itself what it would be possible to live there. Accumulation of dark and light spirit is various. Areas where they stay are various also. Magnetism of the spatial spheres attracting to of spirits with various accumulation, is so powerful what to oppose to it is impossible. After all the one incarnation somewhere has to stay. Here it also stays there where attract its aspirations, that is equally effective collected by it on Earth of energy.
041. (M. A. Y.). Harmony of spirit with the spirit of the time is set. The aspiration is crucial. Two feelings in man are the strongest in this regard – love and hate. Both this senses - magnetic. Their magnetism is so powerful that is experiencing the death of a dense shell. Moreover, these feelings with a man endure even in its new incarnation. These feelings can be called immortal. Love begets magnetism of bright lights, hate is iron. The choice - than to live, depends on the person.
042. (Guru). The key, on which the configured or that held human life on Earth, opens the doors to him in any area of above-ground world. The art in this respect is the key light. Higher realms of aura's are decorated with works of art. Each earthly creation of human hands has a thin twin. And if his dense form, die thin exists in space. These forms also are distributed to layers, depending on their internal content or degree of light-bearer. Selection occurs for light and shade, as well as people. "Through art have light." True art and his works educate human consciousness to high, luminous spheres of space. Value of art in life of people is great; its value for spirit evolution is great.
043. (March 1). To know a person and do not condemn, with that knowledge, it's hard. Main thing is not to allow bad feelings and resentments. If someone has done you wrong and you know it, do try to bad feelings against the evil of the maker do not have. For us the human face is not a mystery. Dark, and the great powers, has repeatedly approached us in our earthly incarnations. And We know this, yet denied to Our aura is not peculiar to us by the stirrings of feelings. Do not let you to your detractors could to repay the light that is in you.
044. (M. A. Y.). If during the day in the life of a normal to behave as if the Light was next Teacher and Saw you’re every move, it would display the deepest fundamentals. But who is now, in the age of the atom and electronics, really believe the Bishop Said: "Behold I am with you always, all days, until the very end of the age".
045. (March 4). Knowledge of a human nature, under a condition silence astral, – great achievement. When indicated, having received a blow in one cheek, one substitutes another, did you mean precisely this fact – the silence of the Astral, that is such a degree of power over him that no offense, nothing caused by anger, could not have human cause a frenzy of astral and take it out of balance. It is internally, astral did not respond to the dark interference with the required student. And then he only has the right to raise the sword of fire or send an arrow, but is no longer protecting Myself and Myself. But Testament to nonresistance evil people understood literally, distorting its essence. No, we are not sheep we have seen examples of the defenseless. Not you represent you, and May not perform, if mastered his astral shell and if the tide spite human can answer an unwavering poise and calmness, not immediately. Remember: nobody and nothing can stand against the balance. Equilibrium – great power. Hot coal gather over a cinciput the evil of the maker, encountered the rage for great power of balance.
046. (M. A. Y.) It is a lot of not goodwill, rage, condemnation and inventions of everyone’s you have from your. Be not surprised – they, maybe, and unconsciously, but already on dark service. Don't answer their actions the same way dark feelings or rage, but, balance of spirit storing, better them regret because their fate is sad. Not on you take up arms, but on Standing behind you. Against Light go, condemning itself to darkness. Their destiny is unenviable. You see, what crushing karmic blows receive, not from you, but as a result of counteraction to Light. To you doing harm and blows and the Lord cause, because his Beam – with you. Not easier from it to you, their sufferings, but the Karma Law – over your will aren't necessary to you. But the malice to them doesn’t bear. It wasn't without reason specified to pray for enemies. It is the best way mentally to be protected from them and to make it impregnable. If it is difficult to pray, at least it is necessary to regret them.
047. (Guru). All measures of protection against enemies and resilience are justified, if emotion, astral darkening personal feelings, does not participate in them. The main thing is not to taint astral feelings and emotions dark minds up on you. You Said it was a long time ago that litmus test to detect the human entity. That's one cannot indifferently walk past you without identifying its carefully concealed nature. It is very difficult. But the Division that occurs in humanity must go to the end, and everyone should find its essence. On you not viciously rising against you, but against the light goes. This is their loss. But it can be happy for the host you are those who gravitate to the pole light. Do not forget them in her heart.
048. (March 5). If you would be able to see the status of each family, would understand that the last payment on the old debt. In the future you can login without debt. Because so much illness, suffering and disasters. You cannot release anyone from payment. Entire Nations pay off his karma. But someone has beset with new crimes. It is those who are not destined to enter the future. The future must be free from the past, if the past is a spawn of darkness. And someone is happy that is enhanced by the ability to reset the chain of Karma through accelerated reckoning. If could see the provision of each family, would understand that the last payment on former debt.
049. (M. A. Y.). The bright quality of the spirit, you can each develop, deepen and expand infinitely. The primary concern is about this. You can do this always, in all conditions. There can be no omissions or boredom form value qualities. And the opportunities life gives a lot. If only the will was consciously directed on the statement of qualities.
050. (Guru). A little time is left for the "burning of oil in of icon lamps". Wise will try to use it, not darkened Lucifer ousts opportunities there are unworthy or inappropriate. It is necessary to reach it. Reach it. Let every step will be in harmony with it.
051. (March 6). I love the people few speaking, but doing many. Now to ask questions not time, but to listen to time. We Lift consciousness over the life abyss; lifted – able to see. Where here to tower spirit if feet grew to the surrounding. Imitation the Teacher shows deep understanding of Bases. Elements of the unusual are brought in the usual.
052. And yet is not decisive is how people treat you, but how you treat them. Their relationship is imposed upon them, and yours is on you. You and stay with him. The liberating condition of some people over others is to love, and the binding is hatred. People rush about between the two extremes. "The ruler of this world and does not have anything in Me." Just think about what a great spirit of freedom from the power of darkness over the consciousness is in these words. Me imitating, aspire to nothing pulling down did not have power over you. And dark too the authorities won't have if in effect yours doesn't remain anything able consonance to darkness. So cleansing from the darkness is consonant with the primary objective of consciousness, heading toward the light.
053. (M. A. Y.). Every impure spot on aura is the target for enemy arrows or the opportunity for them to be hooked to harm. It is impregnable for are nasty cleared of darkness elements aura. In fact if you can assemble the elements of immortality and of light, on the opposite pole you can collect and accumulate elements of darkness. If I become aware of the importance of the process for the future, it would be easy to avoid many mistakes. Every sense – good and bad – leaves the aura glyph. And these signs, or markers, carry away a man in the future. Their accumulation should be reviewed more frequently possibly without regret throwing out anything that does not conform to the spirit of the stage reached. Ablutions are needed and the spirit and the body.
054. (Guru). A man looks at an object or person, and the imprint of see remains there, with brightness perception usually depends on the degree of attention or interest attached to perception. These pictures of the outside world in consciousness accumulate in abundance. The nature of their relationship to him is the inner content. Logging into the same picture gallery, two people will take an entirely different perception. These perceptions, they depend on the human angle, and angle of view-from the general direction of attention. For what it is, and sees a squint. So from the earthly life to the Sky with a killing people that it has attracted attention and in particular on the concentrated his thoughts, takes with itself in the form of bright, persistent, full of images and continues to walk in their surroundings, while energy, they concluded, not have exhausted their force on it.
055. (March 7). In the laboratory the human microcosm consciously, it can be called any feelings and sensations, such as a sense of solemnity, or devotion, love, and joy. You can call the sensation of heat or cold, vivacity and evocation. This is very useful to practice. It is useful to carry out, for example, Communication in a desirable key or a mood. Set up consciousness for all wave to learn it. In the end, Bishop Power, can it fit in any mood, his microcosm, regardless of what happens outside? From the depths of the spirit, you can call the desired feelings and sensations regardless of external conditions.
056. (M. A. Y.). Ability to assert a certain inner State regardless of external conditions and even against them is of particular importance during a stay in the subtle world. There may be side effects are particularly strong, and the Citadel of the spirit should be secured firmly. And especially you need there. All the good feelings of the Earth and spirit quality aboveground need more than ever the world needs them.
057. (Guru). If the artist is depicted with photographic accuracy on a cloth of some kind, or picture, or article or person, this type of art is called reproductive. In this regard, even the color photograph was ahead. True art must be no reproductive, but creative, when the creation of hands human idea is attached. Such art is going through. People are very sensitive to feeling the ideas embedded in paint, music or marble; however, not all, but true judges – always. So, true art transmits the idea concluded in it through an external form.
058. (March 8). This holiday is approved by us as a symbol of liberation of women and establishment of balance of the beginnings. Too long the woman was humiliated that it was possible to reach complete equilibrium in a short space of time. But the country which will succeed in it, rather others will go ahead. It is impossible to go on one foot, even to stand tiresomely. Humiliating and suppressing one of the beginnings, the country allowing it, assimilates to a one-legged being. Its evolution is late. Equality of floors furnishes the clue for advance in the future, advances fast and full-string. All energy of both beginnings take part in evolution, and the country which has approved balance of floors, will blossom and will be enriched out of any comparison with those who breaks the Life Law.
059. (M. A. Y.). Every phenomenon in the world around us is based on the combination of two opposites when the two get third, new, generated by the connection of opposites. In the areas of animal and human, this principle is expressed in the offspring. But this is a world in the plane. In the field of spiritual it generates creativity in all its forms. In the works of the highest is also required along with the masculine and the feminine. Only then can appear higher and creativity in all areas of life, when the feminine element present in it on an equal footing with men, as equal and not depressed.
060. (Guru). Dialectical law expressed in being versatile. It is manifested in everything: in the periodic system of chemical elements in the music scale keypad, color scale of light spectrum, in the annual cycle of the seasons, the rise and fall of Nations. The great law of opposites embraces all the phenomena of life. Without it there is no movement, no life, and no evolution. And the whole world is subordinate to the interest of his power.
061. (March 9). Movements travel and flights in thoughts as are real, as well as physical, but only in other plane. It is useful to practice in it because it serves as preparation for movements of a thin body in both worlds; future, shown of thought, a step to its realization. Motionless people first of all aren't mobile in thoughts; but basis a life – movement. Mobility of consciousness is the quality necessary for the pupil. The yogi at a full immovability of a body can be more mobile actually many times more, than the inhabitant who is fussy running about the room. The sense of true movement should be understood. Fussiness of thoughts is especially dangerous. Therefore We specify - tranquility. The tranquility of tension is feature of the yogi. Pity, unworthy fussiness of thoughts, words and movements will be its antipode. Fussiness – the devourer of mental energy. A little people think of harm of this phenomenon. Fussiness of life generated the superficial and thoughtless attitude towards her. To greatness of the Universe vanity human, but solemnity doesn't beseem it созвучит.
062. (M. A. Y.). To unite consciousness with the Teacher – means to become with it in the spirit of conformable and to start sounding in his key. Precisely, in it, but not in, - dense and usual Its singularity will be the main feature of this accord. Commonness, the ordinary is there enemy of Yoga. Many directed hearts went out under pressure of the ordinary. As by it of fight, as no yield its influence? Only of the constant aspiration to the Teacher and is memory about It constants. It also will before standing uninterrupted, or spirit wakefulness. The parable about the inextinguishable lamp of spirit is told to people long ago. Now, more than ever, this wakefulness because it is very dark is necessary and the darkness strong was up in arms against in what heart spirit fire burns.
063. (Guru). We welcome and affirm the unusual also in art. All great in it is unusual. The spirit of a true worker art fearlessly destroys the wall erected barriers of ignorance. Truly he is a pioneer in its field. The beaten tracks will not be one who knows its way. Following is the property of stenciling. Freedom of creativity it is possible only two of the strongly spirit. Art should be free from the chains of routine and cliche.
064. (March 10). The contact a wire demands full self-dismissal. Consciousness filling by and interferes with spatial perceptions. At the centers lit the wire sounds easily. But to force the centers it is impossible and destructive. When the space is silent, it is necessary to wait.
065. (M. A. Y.). How to be when friends make us sad and cause damage on par with foes? It has been said that we should not fear enemies, but friends, because they had to get the most blows. From enemies – defense, but friend’s heart often outspoken, and strikes a particularly sensitive. Not on their badness, but for self and levity. Think about themselves and are busy with myself and other people's experiences are not reaching their ears. Especially this won't be upset – it has always been; lonely the road to rushing of the spirit. "Nothing will change" Loneliness. And friends also have to forgive, for know not what they do.
066. (Guru). The spirit is likened to the gardener's apprentice. Taking care of his inoculation, where it is located. Spatial grain sown by them, will give their shoots. And, if they get to the hearts open for Light, - growth is invariable. But whatever, the aura surrounding the pupil radiates emanation, the impregnating is the environment. And in whom there is a spark of light, they were shaking. (A) In whom they do not exist, stupidly turn away their heads and often answer bad boom.
067. (March 11). Sometimes in dreams can man be such thoughts and actions awake he allows himself. If the desire is not extinguished root and it’s still situated somewhere in consciousness, sleepy visions offer request access, especially before going to bed is not a regulation of thought. Spear over the Dragon never sleeps, neither by day nor by night. It should not be forgotten. Dark enjoyed every stain on the aura, so that through him toss the shameful thoughts, exacerbating ongoing properties. Wake cycle spirit implies severe control of thought. Desire, not nurtured thoughts, dying.
068. (M. A. Y.). Purifying the consciousness of every litter there is a prerequisite for promotion. Little to prevent thoughts worthless, we still have to clean the conductors of coarse particles of astral matter and replace them with light and bright. These rough particles astral matter consonant with certain segments of the astral and magnetically attract to their possessor. Harmony there is high and low. The past is very dangerous because it involves consciousness in the lower layers of the astral. Low harmony determines human attraction to the same sections of space and with its release of a dense body.
069. (Guru). For those who have decided to irrevocably his way to the end, promotion takes place at all and any conditions as dense and thin. Nothing and no one will make him turn around and retreat into the darkness. "No cause, no circumstances, either the character or cause all
070. (March 12). You can wonder why life on Earth and its need for conscious experience and long-term stays in the world Aboveground. But if you go in the thin world without experience and knowledge, then there will be no money to live. This is a first. Secondly, the aura of sacred and profane content of the subtle world filled with mental products of thinking humanity. And even thinking time incarnate is based on the fact that they brought with them from dense world. Both closely and inextricably linked world. However, mountains, rivers, forests and vegetation are not subtle world embodied and one incarnation, but they can decorate and enrich new forms of human consciousness. What made people on the Earth, there is a subtle forms and in the world Aboveground. A subtle world created by thinking human, quite resistant and is they partly something filled with subtle realms.
071. (M. And. Й.) Building on Beauty and Beauty creates on Earth and in the Worlds the forms being in harmony with bases of construction hierarchical. Hierarchy of Light and those who approves evolution real, build on Beauty. The world terrestrial, a garden terrestrial, needs jewelry both for terrestrial and for Thin the worlds. Life construction on the Distant Worlds is based on steady following to the principle of Beauty. The fine thinking generates fine forms of thought and fine creations of hands human. It wasn't without reason told that "The beauty will save the world".
072. (Guru). Even beauty of terrestrial attires not without value for the Thin World, precisely, as and beauty custom. Crowds of people in World Aboveground invest themselves with clothes terrestrial; usually in in what there were they on Earth. Both not a rarity to meet crinolines, and corsets, both dress coats, and cylinders, and other absurd of fashion and there. Many unnecessary and ugly are brought with himself by the person to the World Thin, fine, disfiguring it instead of decorating. The environment a disgrace creates pressing dark atmosphere, so characteristic for the lower class of an astral. The problem of the future, lying before mankind, - conscious to decorate it not only a terrestrial garden, but also elevated.
073. (March 13). If the earthly human environment that is often ugly, in the thoughts surround yourself with the beauty of nothing. When the mental neighborhood beauty, plainness is power over the person no longer holds. Wealthy people often create around themselves like a beautiful environment, but this does not become better, because "man is the measure of things, but not the external environment. Want to say, - how internal state is crucial in determining the fate of man.
074. (M. A. Y.). "Don't want to see the perfect host teaching". Why? So that avoids disappointments. After all, accepting the Doctrine does not become immediately perfect, rather because of the depth of his essence raise head all his property, continuing to be previously. And who can say how long it would take for it. So better not aspire to personal contact. But collect squads serve is still necessary. But this is a problem for another order.
075. (Guru). Use of the most appropriate time for approval of a necessary for learner qualities is its priority. There could be boredom or unthinking immobility for one who realized this. Exercise in vigilance and watchfulness, in thought, in aid flights near and far, in improvement, lightening areas and much more can be done in any setting. After all, he wrote the "city of Sun" Campanella even in prison. Nothing can justify the mental laziness.
076. (March 14). One incarnation take the liveliest and close involvement in the Affairs of this world. Many affected by strongly. The impact is and from high and low minds. The world seeks to unite with Thin tight. Worlds are connected tightly. Combining worlds is a plan of evolution. Of course, it must be natural and legitimate. Phenomenon of a usual medium illegally, as invasion of crude consciousness into the lowest spheres of an astral perniciously. Also the lower mentality is undesirable. All lower down and tends to prevent evolution. Awakening of the centers should happen naturally through expansion and growth of the consciousness.
077. (M. A. Y.). Do not want to see in the sky recently perfection. They are still human beings, faced with the challenge to overcome themselves, their normal earthly imperfection. You can't ask people what in them yet. Better help them so hard, avoiding conviction. Know the person does not mean his censure. Recognizing human essence is given to those wiser than help them, imperfect, take the path of self-improvement.
078. (Guru). Even the small and not always apt to name Envoys claim hierarchy is important. The main thing to remember is that when the time comes that great work of their hands, many will take them as lawfully entering into life. And who can see the little from which is born a great!
079. (March 15). In case of the valid need We Won't delay. But to judge degree of need provide to us. And who can know when there will come this moment? However from experience of the past you remember how the necessary Help was repeatedly rendered. The help appears much more often than it is noticed. Beam with you. And it means that without the knowledge of ours anything can't happen to you. Dark long ago would destroy you, if not the Beam protecting.
080. (M. A. Y.). The terrestrial consciousness all the time clings to three-dimensional representation while Communication is already the phenomenon of the highest measurement. Why it is necessary to draw in the imagination "here" or "there" when it occurs over distances and a place. In space of the highest measurements terrestrial measures aren't applicable. Also it isn't necessary to burden itself usual reasons about this or that place when process is made in the spirit of. Even the thought out of temporarily, even in an inner world already isn't present neither top nor a bottom, neither "here" nor "there", neither big nor small, measured in the meter. Think over the most usual thought and, its outflow in a form, tell where it exists. So gradually it is possible to accustom consciousness to measurements of the Highest Worlds and not to darken it limitation and immovability dense.

081. (Guru). The human mind and its mental phenomena have subtle order products. You can't weigh them, neither measure nor make them habitual method of analysis. Thought of as a real phenomenon that has form and consists of a thin matter, is denied. All deny it, than live and that is the basis of life. But think all and all enjoy the energy of thoughts. This monstrous contradiction is not realized, and by denying the sentient being, people deprive themselves of judge-ment power. The time will come and the thought will examine laboratory-scientific. Then the deniers will understand the hidden force that can grow in its power depending on the number of to be in harmonious consciousness.
082. (M. A. Y.). For what tests are necessary, to difficulty, a overcoming of the lowest nature? Only in order that, having cleared, to approach even closer to the Lord. Each pupil for Him burden shows also the encumbrance, caused by a huge difference in radiations of auras. Means, the radiations everyone wanting to become as it is possible closer to the Lord has to lift up to the demanded height.
083. (Guru). If the absence of our show in the same degree of internal State, which, when combined, have a lot to succeed in its move towards the light. Someone is in front of the judge "sample of honesty", but it will be when measured in "dark alley" is one. "By doing so alone", is regarded as an understanding of the basics. Front face space wise behaves as if the Teacher next door. The Fiery reality is unusual measures.
084. (March 17). You can introduce yourself a Europe or an Asian, black fellow-skinned. You can imagine yourself in any condition: sick or healthy, young or old, rich or poor, the ruler of the whole country or the latest political activist. You can introduce yourself in the future judgment of mankind. But if all these phenomena occur with man in reality and if there persisted a yearning, a Teacher of light and steady progress on the road, it can be considered that the problem of life solved correctly. That is, despite the feature of external conditions, the line of evolution of spirit remains the same – aspiring to light fire. External circumstances are given for overcoming that anything couldn't detain the traveler of the Great Way anymore or reject it from the chosen purpose. By itself, a dense neighborhood of man be meaningless if reject the spirit and promotion it into infinity. Entire peoples and even race went from a historical scene, not leaving a trace of personal lives of individuals. Even private life of great-grandfathers is forgotten. Not the case, but that the spirit takes from it for his ascent. And if, on the one hand, you can say "everything goes", on the other, you need to add: "But dwells forever".
085. (M. A. Y.). Of the Successful swimming by the rough sea manifestation in is contained of elements; accurately also and in life. The uneasy sea of the everyday many opposite phenomena promises to the person. To plunge and live in them only them – means to deprive the life of sense. Many such senseless lives poison Earth atmosphere. The doctrine gives to people the purpose, gives to people aspiration and does human life intelligent; in these its greatest value.
086. (Guru). From various combinations of colors artist can create countless images or forms if the imagination allows. Likewise, the average person, if consciousness is extended, can create outside of the tight restrictions the thought. Knows no boundaries and limits creativity, mental, if thought was set free. It is often connected by terrestrial gravitations, is frequent darken vanity, is often directed on anything. Like a bird with wings, cannot fly. But going with a Teacher of light limitation of thought does not know.
087. (March 18). "Man is the measure of things." Not things and his environment are determined by the attitude of man but himself, his internal state. You cannot lose the balance in the most adverse conditions and deprived of everything, and even feel happy, and, on the contrary, having everything is very unhappy. If two people looking at the same thing feel completely opposite feeling here, it means that no external, but the man himself is the measure of things. So, the pessimist and the optimist, however, can relate to the surrounding differently-one celebrate life, the other her contempt. Victory over the others is that it does not upset the balance of spirit, whether it's good or bad. The fairy tale on the happy person, who didn't have even shirts, is very instructive. Remember, you can: "I have overcome the world." You can reflect on what was this victory, because no external circumstances, but internal State was determined by it. "The Postponement of the being in thought" gives you this opportunity. True, the holiday spirit comes back then for the winner. I want to make it clear that such a man is given dominion over everything outside that under all circumstances the likeness to human remains itself.
088. (Guru). As it is possible to mourn or rejoice concerning something if we don't know that finally it will bring, – of grief or joy. Often people are opposed to what strong carries them happiness, by contrast, welcomed the cause of future misfortune. Because wisdom advises to keep balance at all times. Constantly changes. Astral spirit you can't rely on him, because he constantly carries away the consciousness to the poles of opposite feelings and makes man a slave of his tyranny. In the world of man is released from aboveground astral shell and dropping her, not even perceive that he lost his "I", for it continues to be felt in its entirety and without astral.
089. (M. A.Y.) "Happiness is in the spirit." Understand this claim throughout its depth. If we look for it somewhere outside, will be futile quest. What people believe for happiness, so fragile, so temporarily, so ephemeral that last no longer than a certain period can, for him and becomes a habitual eradicates, ordinary and boring. Astral does not stand up to long-term happiness, because the vibrations are dull astral demanding change and replace them with new ones. Hence so many disappointments, so many shattered hope. On the astral emotions cannot be approved. They cannot build up. Temporary shell and let it do all the time. Neither myself, nor the people in distress cannot be relied upon to astral.
090. (March 19). The evidence says no judgment the future, and I say:” Yes”. Consciousness fluctuates between two extremes of obviousness and validity. The first is visible, weak and very convincing, the second of the five external senses escapes. But sense-knowledge still remains. It goes through the heart. Listening to what says you can catch a whisper of the heart, really. Hard to say what does not see eyes but that senses the heart. But on the heart and life will be wonderful and magical reality.
091. (M. A. Y.). Save the aspiration, no matter what. It is the only motor spirit. When the lights go off and the twilight consciousness, just descend on aspiration will transfer "through". It's like an arrow flying in the future. All you can take away from the person, but the future belongs to it integrally. Live in the future and for the future – in it all.
092. (Guru). The main thing – not to permit that "a matter of a false commonness" dimmed the future horizon. This "commonness" will consign to the past as everything left that was earlier and it seemed such exciting and real, but the singularity connected with the Teacher and the Doctrine, remains with you, on it build spirit life. Life of spirit and body life – which prefer? To that we will give, with that and we will arrive.
093. (March 23). Violent transformation of consciousness is impossible. It is necessary that process happened voluntary. We don’t interfere in karmas human and free will we do not suppress; in these all difficulty of care of the world. When people will understand that further so can't proceed that differently they will destroy each other and the life on a planet, then, maybe, there will come enlightenment and situation will change. New Beams will help world transformation, but the free will of people will be a decisive factor. Choice free: to address to good or to remain in the power of the evil. New Beams will make impossible existence on Earth of Hierarchy of dark and conscious attendants of darkness. In it value of approach of Satia Yugi. It is a lot of already signs of influence of a century of Aquarius on consciousness of masses. The last collision with leaving race will be awful. And so already spatial pressing increases. And there is so much trouble around. Final payment on last accounts can't be soft.
094. (M. A. Y.). All powers of darkness strain in terrible effort to be kept at least by a way of destruction go on the terrestrial. It is impossible to wait for simplification while last reasons won't settle the energy.
095. (March 24). Before of the great events always calm. But this is the calm before the storm. How would the dome security Put the next, protecting from poisonous arrows and spatial chaos. We should be waiting, without falling into doubt and denial. Bases aren't denied, and the Arrival promised mankind. "His Kingdom will have no end."
096. (M. A. Y.). The thin world currently undetectable, it is like no, he does not exist. Evidence has tended to overshadow the reality and so that strong not negative ceases to be; and similarly in the other. Strong Is the Maya. Competes with the basics and even fog envelops the mind. At such moments, good build strongly on approval of the undoubted and dispel the delusion of strong allegations that was given as evidence of the Existence of life. Maya not succumb, as will lead to deadlock and will put before deaf the wall. On the day of the great Feast will assert themselves on fundamentals.
097. (Guru). The great Arrival meant the culmination of all the forces of light voltage when Power Hierarchies are expressed in action. The action is the basis of life and those who really goes for the Lord. You can give yourself clear and impartial report, as this principle is carried out and approved someone who considers himself a disciple of Teachers. Not in words but in action expresses the essence of the learner. And if adherence to the Teachings expressed in idle, then the Foundation beneath your feet is gone.
098. (March 26). In terms of Space is no place for personal. Lower self is at the bottom, and the spirit continues to rise higher and higher. Problem space is so complex and difficult, that requires total consciousness. Consciousness is divided within itself, attracting and personal and minus-person does not stand up to segregation. Higher returns must be complete, without residue. It is a personal full-return, full-aspiration and estrangement by him. So, self-servce and of the Great Services are in compatible. Yes, you can love everything: nature, people and creations of human hands, and work, but if this love is giving not taking, not restricting, not overwhelming and does not require anything. The way to Light is difficult. Let's rejoice even to small advance forward.
099. (M. A. Y.). In person you can see both good and bad, but it should be good. That's the difficulty, because finding bad things; it is easy to overlook the positive traits. Thinking good of man, his raise thinking bad and denouncing, are doing even worse. The ability to invoke a dormant in people welcome belongs to the most valuable qualities a person.
100. (Guru). When the Teacher covered the entire Beam, previously hidden, essence and soul rise up from the bottom of all the bad and good properties: bad-for eradication, good – for adoption and growth; which will prevail, depends on the person, because the choice is clear. And begins the struggle between what pulls it down, and that brings it up. She continues in the subtle world, when the outcome of the destiny of man. The defeat of the highest Duady is already fatal. Better win, still on Earth, to freely and without delay to ascend to higher spheres.
101. (March 28). The wide statement of a name of the Guru has special value. That, was be impossible some time ago, possible became now and timely. Certainly, We Help, but performers often don't know, under what impulse work. And it is good that don't concern depths. Inscrutable ways the Doctrine extends. He should pave the way at counteraction of ignoramuses and the denying. Pictures can accept, at all without understanding their contents, but to accept the Doctrine, consciousness preparation is necessary. The doctrine will be accepted, but time is necessary.
102. (M. A. Y.). "The Sun pass away and moon, but not one jot not pass away of the Law, until not acting all" – that understanding happening on the planet and go over life. And be path you’re straight and it is steady. People rush from one extreme to another, from disbelief and denial to affirmation, from ignorance to knowledge. But wisdom enjoined the middle way. Wisdom does not know these rhythmical swings. The goal is defined by law, which is based on enduring Principles. And no matter what happens on Earth, destiny of mankind is defined by space Laws at all times.
103. (Guru). Performed by foreordained by Lords both worlds, both visible and Invisible take part. Therefore usual terrestrial measures people aren't able to counteract it. Dark, however, can, leaning on the lower class of an astral, but only for the time being in limited limits. To this time there comes the end. The deprived supports from the Thin World attendants of darkness will be given not able not to develop the usual activity. The support from under feet will be at them beaten out. The fate of dark evil makers expecting them with approach of Satia Yugi is unenviable. New Beams over Earth bear destruction of a dark support in the Thin World, and Great Arrival will decide their destiny forever.
104. (March 29). Not Give and not Let the Badger skip and destroy you. Similarly, do not make and will not allow dark destroy your Home, what they want. Strongly Dreadful conspiracy against it, but not as scary as hell it is painted. Do not do this Gave Hitler. And we won't let him; however they may not cover garments. Their essence is the same, and just wants to sweep away from the face of the Earth, the stronghold of the new world. Yes, yes, despite all its imperfections and shortcomings in the hope of saving the planet and humanity is a new country, and through new forms of public life prevail. Not get rid and get rid, and you want an imperfect and precious remains, and will help it, carrying the burden of the world, all peoples of the Earth to come out on a new road. Difficult international situation; mixed among masses of supporters and opponents of the new world, but the victory banner flies over his already invisible light.
105. (M. A. Y.). About a judgment victory of our Homeland over her all enemies it was spoken already repeatedly. It was spoken and personally to you during last war when situation seemed almost hopeless. It was spoken and after when enemies again began to surround it from all directions. I speak about the same and now. Yes, danger is great, but for us the Lord, and all troops of Light, and everything who wants approach of the New Eyelid. Ancient predictions mentioned and warned about time of change two South, Cali and Satia. Again I remind of it that knew that defeat is impossible because all Luminous intensity rose in defense of the New World and the New Country conducting in it.
106. (Guru). Do not think that is a responsible undertaking as popularizing the name Messenger, Hierarchy is done without regard to the exigencies of time. "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the Sun. Who can say that he sees the future as his Teacher Sees the light? The leading Bishop Knows deadlines and is guided by them in their actions.
107. (March 30). Even ordinary people send each other beams of the thoughts which or create and bear Light, or strike. A lot of good and evil is created by mental beams and parcels. Arkhat's beam is powerful because it is loaded with energy of the lit centers. When the Beam is sent to the pupil by the Teacher, depends on the pupil – to accept or reject. The ardent egoism is similar to paling or needles of a hedgehog which don't allow the Contact. Thus has to be and the corresponding behavior, is necessary trust up to the end. The statement of the undoubted demands a conformable condition of consciousness.
108. (March 31). Even the best cults grew dull from the ordinary and collapsed. Influence of the ordinary is terrible that it kills inspiration and extinguishes fires of heart imperceptibly for the person. Small everyday affairs, thoughts and cares as a bog, tighten consciousness in the whirlpool and immerse it in utter darkness. It is very difficult to seize the transition opportunity, especially in cloudy day, from light of day to twilight. Also it is difficult to see and the moment, when start dying away fires heart. That is why continuous patrol that is spirit wakefulness is necessary. That is why the Beam is sent. In dark night the captain, having seen a beam of a far beacon, it any more won't miss not to go astray; otherwise not to avoid shallows or underwater rocks. This beam and in a storm is especially valuable at night. Edict on need of deduction of the Beam for consciousness is unshakable. Without it darkness and of invisible dangers, who are difficult for avoiding. Even to see a beacon beam, on it is necessary to look and not to lose sight any more. How still to convince of a most urgent need to keep constantly in consciousness the Teacher the sent Beam!
109. (M. A. Y.). The horizon is obscured by the twilight of this future. They are Dimming, and the memory of the past associated with the Teacher of light and us. But Maya you can firmly say: "Recede". It's confusing the inexperienced traveler it’s a mirage. Only the recognition of the Foundation and unshakable faith in the future can dispel it. Reality then beats the obviousness. And then, despite the latest and contrary to, you could say: judgement Light the future nobody and nothing can prevent being approved on the Earth and in the hearts of aboveground human except the man himself.
110. (Guru). Think of all that has been Said to you personally as a Teacher of light, when you will be at all times an inalienable and belong to you. Relationship with a Teacher is created for centuries and dense obviousness cannot replace a reality and destroy what was and is; Says clearly: "I with you always". In this position, and assert as on the rock of Eternal Life Foundation.
111. (Nov. 1). Light is a healer. I’ll always aura darkened, and lights it’s dim. The struck fabrics aren't shone. Treatment by mental energy makes their clarification. Mental and physical Touch Teachers transmit Light. Medium Light transmits light from the whole surrounding entity: and the people and animals, and plants, and things are a blessing to all that exists. Through the power of lightful radiations aura and character is determined by their level of spirit. Repeat: nature, because dark ierofant are able to be surrounded with flashing. But then the fake stones sparkle. Having eyes may see. Fake Olympia too is surrounded by a deceiving gloss. Open the eyes of the heart cannot be misleading. The spirit of establishing a phenomenon of light is on the right track, on a narrow trail leading to life. In the early stages of Light Sends Teacher in senior disciple said to Light self-reference Treasure Stone present itself. Light auras determine the degree of achievement. Holding a Stone in the hands of the Treasure is the winner. And while more and more and gets paid, the value of the treasure was not commensurate with the paid for it. Thoughts Media Stone particularly strong are spatially. They are particularly important when relating to the common good. Great is the responsibility of the Media World in thought.
112. Special significance of the foundations in that, they not steadfast and not independent of fleeting fortunes covers. In a moment of confusion, and personal, and the spatial, on Bases it is possible to lean and sustain an impact. All the rest is fragile and temporary. Their repetition in itself is not broken force gives of firmness of spirit.
*113. Mobilization of humanity under the Banners of Light goes at full speed. Suitability of the called is determined by a treatment of light and shade. There is an office of sheep from goats; Last division of mankind.
114. (Apr. 2). Fight against a flesh gives pleasure. Without fight no victory. Many spirits stumbled on it. It is hardly to seize Kundalini power. Already a victory if force manages to be lifted it on a column from below up. Astral uses a condition of a dream, that to show itself. It is necessary that the will was on patrol and during a dream. If it manages to be reached, the victory will be full. It isn't necessary to forget only that the chopped-off heads of a monster grow again. When the spear over a dragon doesn't doze, the dragon isn't terrible. The dragon, when in rest because then patrol is usually weakened is dangerous. In fight it is easier to bridle it, than to be attacked unexpected when patrol is lowered. Mastering by I Will, if awake the spirit. Itself on Earth seized the winner will be, and having dumped a body. There is no more difficult and great victory, than over. All other victories anything in comparison with it, - because its fruits remain forever with the person. But, even having won and having won the whole country, the winner can't take it in the World Thin with himself. Fruits of a spiritual victory are integral. Therefore the first place is allocated for internal fight and overcoming of. And that advantage to the person if the whole world wins, and remains in slavery at an own astral. To a victory over I Call and among the won I Learn called by Me.
115. Whether this achievement – to be armed without the uniform device or the weapon. Such invisible arms remain with the person who has seized him in all his conditions. Now imagine the most powerful and richest terrestrial lord, but not seized these hidden arms, and the person who doesn't have anything, even shirts, but seized of. Which of them you will prefer to be? Now or ten, twenty or hundred years, in this world or in what of these two would like to become? The value of achievement is shown in time. Moving the phenomenon into the future, you define its true value. It is impossible to take things in the future terrestrial. The owner of treasures terrestrial can be niches in the spirit world. Therefore it is said about collecting on Earth of that is integral neither life nor death.
116. You will be accused of borrowing from the Teachings; even thoughts will lead foreign words and sayings, not put in quotation marks. Not confused by these accusations, but just say: Yes, that's right. All that contains in these records is taken either from the Doctrine or from the Teacher. Anything isn't present mine because to the Doctrine I didn't write any line. Recorded same thoughts not My Teacher and do not belong to Me. I simply was the transmitter and a catcher of that I managed to apprehend. Anything isn't present min. Who wants to read them, let not reading, but it doesn't hurt to learn from them what there is in a different location, or that is contained there is very difficult. "
117. (M. A. Y.). Psychic energy sent a Teacher is like the Gospel talents and maybe spent a student differently. From experience, observed how, after receiving a gift from you, your pupils will immediately spend it quite differently: some useful and fruitful life, others harm themselves and others. In some lit up by the high feelings in others. Even the light that Brought people to the Savior, one would wake up the Fiery spiritual aspirations, in others the cruelty and malice. The energy is given, but it depends on the free will of man. The energy is neither evil nor good. Evil or good makes her man, letting it’s respectively. Teacher disciple can charge heavy mental energy to send if it is confident that it will be used for good.
118. The general hierarchically which covers the chain of Hierarchy to the top. It has to be every Тeacher. Similarly, students tend to act according to it as its sole discretion. Has nothing also means that consciousness is illuminated with the understanding cannot usurp the spatial thought. Student cancels the ownership of ideas.
119. (Nov. 3). It is amazing how people like to limit yourself to all sorts of conventions, rules, fashion, habits, different absurd rituals, etiquette. It is impossible to list all the concoctions of ignorance and stupidity. Some fudge last for centuries, and all are subject to them without a murmur. Nose rings, tattoos, corsets, caste of India, courtier’s labels and so on without end. Sometimes it is useful to think about the uselessness of these inventions. When and who invented them and forced the people to blindly follow them? How many ridiculous prohibitions already lost its meaning, but not the dare throw off chains of many restrictions? If we add the scientific, philosophical and all sorts of other delusions, the picture is quite inconspicuous and do not honor the mind exists. Century and all other heaps of human delusions need cleaning.
120. (M. A. Y.). Bishop Said: "I am with you always". Dense obviousness strong refutes this allegation. What to believe said by the Bishop or what before My eyes. Until you learn to believe despite the obviousness, not become disciples.
121. (Guru). See how the sky in the horizon merges with the Earth, although this is not the case. See how far Rails while converge. See all subjects plane alone, but know that this is not the case and attach them to bulge and depth. See all in perspective, although in reality it does not exist. So the thought is overcome by limiting the senses and the world is perceived in a more plain form. When driving fast, the whole visible landscape comes in motion and start to run all visible objects, some sort of overtake others. All this deception of the senses and all this without even excite surprise. Many unusual phenomena no longer excite him. Still, you should give a clear account in everything what is happening around. Many wonderful things you can discover the wonder and more. The world is not as simple as it sounds familiar look.
122. (Nov. 4). You can merge with the Beacon "as it’s the continuous part” and be a part of it. And then is nothing left, everything will be Lord. Personal is more important, significant and spatial. Not come out differently on the expanse of space. Merge with spatial thinking thoughts about yourself has been delayed. "Let him deny himself" – Decree of immutable. Psyche, its non-compliance, is exposed to the lowest layers of the Astral, a fervent peace. «In good we rise”. What does, or rather, falls short of medium and where? Hold on tight, but not for him, but for Me, otherwise not kept. Because so much and is given to a place no longer remained. I and My going will reach, but it will not come walking her and him.
123. On the one hand, the need to live in the conditions which put karma and not to be averted, on the other, you must known loss of land. How to combine seemingly incompatible? Have to remember again the ancient Testament: "Caesar-Caesar", that is, earthly – of Earth and Higher to be Higher. So, fulfilling the duty of his earthly before people and themselves, are not breaching any karma. After all, even the body of its need to water and feed, clothed and shod. Because to be averted hard to walk the Earth, though holding up his head up. So balancing opposites in the mind is a sign of correctness of the middle path.
124. (M. A. Y.). Why understand only crazy obsessed by where the drunkard is obsessed with his passion, and the gambler cards and nicotine the smoker. Diverse and rich in color form, from the elusive possession almost to express clearly and rapidly. They all have roots stretching back into the past spirit deeply. Therefore also fight against them is difficult. It is important to understand the extent of their slavery a blemish, a weakness, certain thoughts or habits. And then we can begin to fight. The Institute would be established in the future to combat the substance, and the workers will know the basics of the teachings. You cannot fight a, denying the invisible world. Exposure usually goes from there. Denying it becomes obsessed with the helpless victim of dark influences. And understanding the science of life can only give the correct approach to the problem.
125. (Guru). Task of the Teacher in that, that from the habitual, blazed road to bring the worker of art to a singularity way. The beaten road is the majority, not blazed, new-only favorites; the elected in the sphere of the highest creativity, - to be honorable. It is not always easy to get away with a familiar road, but impulse is to be given. And then let him who decides whether to go the same path or choose a new path.
126. (April 6). My children, "poisonous times will be held, but will stay with you all your savings, and close your heart close again and some will. Zoom out temporarily. And since it's remote but not the heart, the relationship remains unbroken. The strong connection of the heart, and that of the external circumstances are independent and they cannot destroy them. True love endures and endures everything. She also is the engine of the spirit. The doctrine of life will give it as the key to all success.
127. (M. A. Y.). Love beyond time and distance is available and understood by very few. This love does not die and do not depend on Shell's spirit. Don't know the other human senses are superior to this feeling. Perceptions are the easiest to transfer takes place via the senses. Small minds, but is able to love, to outperform large, but not capable of building. In which only the extremes not deepened people's achievements! But the most straightforward overlooked. Hatha Yogi, training exercises, formidable body never reaches what a devoted pupil achieves love. Heart of to be averted Lord openly love anyone who rushes to the heart.
128. (Guru). Indeed, the most difficult times came. Misfortunes come pouring out like a cornucopia of far and near, to all who are around. No one can evade the latest calculations. Takes stock of past lives to be exempt from baggage allowances rather unnecessary everybody who is destined to bring in the future. Not everyone is destined to. Why the great Separation. People don't understand the meaning of what is happening, but not eliminates the confusion of reckoning. That's why so much grief, so much about diseases and various trouble. All over the planet is this process, no skipping.
129. (Nov. 7). You cannot touch the subtle energies in isolation from the Us. It can end disbalance mental, and then and the real of obsession.
130. (Nov. 8). '' When stand up at the Western Wall, remember that joy is coming ". According to the law of alternation of phenomena and shifts the opposite after the night always comes a day. Knowing this, do not despair too, because there are no endless tests. Everything that happens in life is and will be. Most should remember the words of Solomon: "and this too shall pass".
131. (M. A. Y.). Defenseless lambs itself don't represent – will erase in powder. And if you cannot defend themselves by words and normal way, proceed silently. Call us for help. Learn to work together. After all, it is they, our and your enemies and henchmen to cause feelings of helplessness and weakness of spirit to those more painful wound. Do not give in. Rhythm, apply and remember that your efforts will not go without consequences. And much can be silently to bring to consciousness the human and a lot of things can be told. But supporters and helpers of dark still persist in using the new invention, which hurt, sadden and harm. Here are the things internally and do not let the remained fruitless efforts. Spear above the lift steady hands and harm the already do not submerge.
132. (Guru). Taking the boom opponents Light shield, do not let they could hurt you, in addition to shields, causing a painful reaction. The fiery board of mental energy is impenetrable if keeps a firm hand. The boom may come back and hit that sent it. Breakout hit is inevitable. Main thing is evil does not want to wreckers because the investigation of their actions they will invite themselves and without you. You can even feel pity for them.
133. (Apr. 9). While obsession isn't found, the beget feels in safety and can influence the victim. At detection usually recedes or moderates the activity. While people around attribute stran genesses and tricks obsessed to anything, but only not to obsession, hands of enrages are untied. But, when the beam of understanding shines the valid reason of these tricks and unbalance singular, impunity and invulnerability of an obsessed come to an end and it comes into the view of the people who are already able from it to be protected. And the relation to the obsessed changes, and opportunities it show themselves under the guise of simply sick, or the unbalanced person, or simply the person with nasty character to which all this easily escapes punishment are reduced. It is necessary to find first of all obsession, and only then it is possible to be protected from it. It is impossible to fight against invisible, unknown, not recognized danger or to be protected from it.
134. (M. A. Y.). Collision with the dark can weaken very much. Therefore to work against them it is necessary together with the Lord, strong holding Him. Their advantage before you, that your eye doesn't see them.
135. (Guru). Feast of the resurrection of Christ also means that the resurrection of the spirit can touch believers in him. Now sleeps the human spirit. But it is judgment the future of humanity, and its entry in the South will be accompanied by an awakening Satia spirit.
136. (Apr. 10). No matter how unfavorably evolved life, improve your mind and approve the quality of apparatus you can always. And even small made in this direction, will be promoting useful, not standing still. Stagnation causes rotting. So, every morning, whatever the mood, you can give yourself at least a small job to gain any quality. All merits certainly are useful. And then, the day will be spent usefully.
137. (M. A.Y.). Restraint is - the quality desired. Restraint of feelings, thoughts, acts and movements means control them that are control or the power over them. If a day without saying a single word, without unnecessary emotions unnecessary, or thoughts, or similar deeds and nervous movements, this will be a very good preparation for future work on yourselves and deepening action useful. Any promiscuity is not acceptable, and psychic – in particular.
138. (Guru). It is good to think also during the day and of others, and somehow and something to help off. It is so much grief around and so much needing the help, in the encouragement and support word. Not only to you, but also another it is heavy, far and close. And any good deed always can be made during the day. So, the day by going, it is possible to carry out with advantage not only for itself, but also for others. Following for the Teacher assumes rejection from itself and the personal phenomena and the legend of to business of General Welfare.
139. (Apr. 11). Having planned for this day the statement of a certain quality, follows at withdrawal to a dream to check how the decision was executed; if it is bad, - planned to repeat if it is good, - to plan the new.
Check is necessary; differently the best intentions remain impracticable and are forgotten in life turmoil.
140. (M. A. Y.). Create a habit every day say the quality is mind over reality, is swallowed up in victory. Routine kills the best aspirations. Do not hold in their hands the thread of Ariadne, if not defeat the bustle of everyday life. Themes and strong evidence, that being in front of the eyes, shining horizon future dimmed.
141. (Guru). It is easy to shorten a stride before a blank wall; it is easy to be covered with visibility and to take Maya ghosts for reality. But Edict to go line of the Beam that is not to shorten a rhythm a stride and not to stop before anything, whatever impassable this visibility seemed. After all moves forward and the spirit directs, and for spirit, of a barrier of the dense world of reality don't show, because it belongs to the world of the highest measurements. Of the spirit no other-worldly, and three-measure earthly not it’s of the kingdom.
142. (Apr. 12). The true character of a man is among life's everyday life on the minutia of appliances and every day. The flow of the spirit is defined in these conditions, but not in moments of special upgrades. Fly, especially under the influence of light, not too hard but stay on the flight and stay at that altitude a person is unable to last long. So, everyday work means a measure of achievements when in daily life are tempering quality of spirit and approved way. About the person judged by what is normal in life. This is why often a person who has committed any heroic act in the life of a normal might not rise and does not constitute a form of hero.
143. (M. A. Y.). The steel chain isn't stronger than the weakest link; as and of person. Therefore harmonious development of all qualities of spirit or the symphony of qualities is necessary. And if all are good, and one strongly limps, lameness won't allow to move ahead successfully, won't be eliminated yet. Spots on aura are very dangerous.
144. (Guru). "If you are the son of God, come down from the cross, If you are really a Teacher of light, do it the way I want. What is the difference between the two cases? Whether they also serve as expression of extreme degree of ignorance and self-affirmation? Not shown whether they desire to overturn the Karma and the failure to recognize the law of cause and effect? Diverse grimaces spirit.
145. (Nov. 14). Correctly would take it that, the world situation is tense. Deadlines and require extreme measures. Your internal State confirms that the planetary situation is tense.
146. (M. A. Y.). Various independent of our circumstances may prevent the execution of our promises, but the basic flow of events leading to the judgment future, are not to be beaten.
147. (Guru). Whether who can stop time? Whether who can deprive future mankind? Whether who can deprive mankind of Light? If the angry put barriers, they will be distraught together with the interfering. Judgement should be, and anything in the world of approach won't stop it.
148. (Apr. 15). Desirable properties, qualities, habits or the actions even once approved within one day can start being shown after a while in it without special reminders. After one-day attempt something in itself to approve it. The same at repeated efforts will approve in itself desirable quality, giving itself a morning task daily.
149. (Apr. 16). Of internal coordination, or harmony, – one of the most difficult achievements; it is difficult because outside it isn't present, isn't present and among people around. And, if it’s any degree nevertheless is carried out; people around the disharmony break it. To establish it in people around often task excessive as the vessel full of holes won't hold water. Noticed more than once, what even relatives, having received from you gift, spent the received it is inexpedient. Influences internal state and spatial not balance, which influence it is difficult to neutralize. That is why It is said that the Burden of the world of this bike. And still the first task is, despite everything, to keep balance, being preserved against any influences and without allowing them inside; heavy influence people, especially angry. But, having approved strongly on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life will resist up to the end.
150. (M. A. Y.). When by the Teacher It is instructed, it should be run. If it fails immediately, on the first day, you have to repeat and repeat it until it becomes entrenched. So, the morning task to apply it is given in practice to the end of life in the body of the Earth. This will be climbing the stairs light, which has 366-speed day and night stages 366. So, the morning daily task you can add a night when the order will give direction to human inner self when it is dense body in the dream state. So, night and day not interrupted progress toward goals a distant but already increased twice due to the extension of a night job.
151. (Guru). What we choose to set the day today? Is it continuous mindfulness about Teacher? The job is not easy, since the first contact with the minutiae of life standard seeks to repay him and makes him forget. What comes out? But what comes out is no nonsense, nonsense and not notable stuff, take out entirely, and for the most necessary places no longer remains. This insufficiency is unacceptable. It has been said, cooperative actions with the Teacher. Why not by doing something, think of the chosen Face? Or It is so unclear and so isn't already that dissipates when first breeze? You should even think about it and Face to approve, because waves coming events can sweep away all the well-established not durable.
152. (Guru). While the existence of feelings and makes it easy to focus on this particular subject or person, it is necessary to be able to focus and without this condition. Successful job, but has at times run over, as there is no interest. In other words, the concentration must possess, because even with feelings can be and there are severe distracting circumstances that need to be overcome. So love and aspiration to a Teacher shall be tested for distracting circumstances.
153. (M. A. Y.). "In darkness external crying and a gnash tooth". That is why it is so difficult to distinguished consciousness to live in living conditions of the usual. And it is necessary to understand and not to refer the experiences and feelings into the account of the imperfections. They are. Who doesn't have them? And still there are simplification moments when harmonious currents replace the disharmonious. It proves that not so much personal trouble, how many
154. (Apr. 18). There is nothing surprising that people continue to persist in the delusions. So was always. But delusions to delusions discord, as well as mistakes. Delusions and errors of this eyelid can easily lead to world accident and death of mankind. We constrain "a madness bridle" but when, at last, people will come round and will replace swords on I shouted. "The world on Earth and goodwill in people” are necessary as rescue. Deadlines dictate also extreme measures. But the human spirit is silent.
155. (M. A. Y.). Even interested-how many times one must repeat the morning job, so it was completed successfully. What is the reason for failure? Does not of it think? Not about whether that aspiration is not all strings, and the desire to not much. So, accurate evaluation of itself provides an experience. And then you have to realize that the rate of promotion and sales achievements are approved only to actions consistent with vigor.
156. (Guru). Target of evolution of the person – is the creative. Executing Space Command, the mankind creates. And creativity it is so wide and diverse what to capture it in all its forms it is almost impossible. And still the highest form of creativity human there is an art. It opens ways to the Highest Worlds, and it lifts spirit on the highest steps of improvement. It is told clearly more exhaustively: "Through art you have Light".
157. (Apr. 19). Any effort doesn't remain without consequences. Therefore, them repeating incalculable number of times, it is possible to achieve success. Long ago It is told that making effort achieves "the God's Kingdom", that is enters into Communication with the Highest World. It is especially difficult now when planetary disbalance reached extreme limits. Improbable difficulty is explained by it to come into far contact. But efforts we won't stop. The fate disappeared, won by this terrible counteraction and laid down arms is unenviable.
158. (M. A. Y.). Hunting, just for the hell of it to kill, – a remnant from savages; in the future it in general will be forbidden, and animals and birds – are pardoned. For the sake of food and on need still murder can find somehow a justification, but for the sake of entertainment – never. Certainly, it is necessary that the consciousness regenerated, and it is process slow. Often instead of regeneration it degenerates, that is involution. One consciousness’s go up, others down. Down - there is a lot of going. These are fateful souls if forces don't find in themselves again to rise. Monastery shining Light and a dark chasm of falling are open for entering and descending spirits.
159. (Guru). Bipolar vision allows you to see both poles of the observed phenomena and act accordingly. Like a shadow behind a moving object, it should be dark pole phenomenon for light. Involve both the law of opposites. Bright consciousness chooses the positive side of things and it strengthens, dark-negative, and it strengthens. So, the best beginnings, establishment and establishments in the dark hands have their shadow side. This is very typical for the end of the Kali Yuga. Southern, Southern Light Satia will stop the lawlessness. And the ultimate Coastal drift erosion of darkness will be great.
160. (Apr. 20). Seen at the time of the awakening branches are covered with grapes, and disappeared as soon as the Recycle eyes show that subjects in his subtle world as very real and have their color and shape, and in appearance little different from tight world supplies. Only the density of normal and they do not have the full weight and normal earthly sight was not detected. Reality of the subtle world for one incarnation’s is as obvious as the dense-embodied. Not foggy and vague something, but bright, colorful world, even more impressive than the Earth’s. Here's to this and we should be prepared when going Great borders. Dreams do not give a complete picture of the world as too unstable. But sometimes they make a very strong impression on dreamers. All that sees people on Earth, is embodied in the subtle world plus own subtle forms that are imprinted in the busy world. There people usually see what is his consciousness and thought and that is conformable with surrounding his inner world, and sees through his aura. Extended consciousness is for beauty, wonderful extended world sees. Limit of vision are our own thoughts, but they limit the horizon in sight. Above ground World itself is infinite.
161. (M. A. Y.). Exercise with morning tasks per day we will continue. Gradually at repeatability and persistence so many it is possible to reach. If only not recede at failure, not to lose sight, and not to forget about given the chance. Tasks can be very various. Tasks can be very various. But it is better not to be scattered in the beginning, and to achieve results in something one if it is rather expedient and purposeful. The big task and efforts will demand the big. If, for example, to achieve success in Before-standing statement uninterrupted – unless it not achievement! Unless the sense of entire this embodiment won't be topped with it.
162. (Guru). It is impossible to demand constancy because the essence of an astral consists in Continuous change of its feelings from astral emotions and feelings. Therefore human moods and feelings are so unstable. The astral can paint appeal the most unattractive phenomenon. And the astral can replace the brightest feeling opposite. From there are so much hobbies and so many disappointments of people in each other. All is fragile based on personal feelings of an astral. Therefore, observing in people inflow and отливы astral feelings, it is necessary to store full tranquility and not to allow that they mentioned and influenced. Ability not to give in to foreign moods of this sort is reached by experience.
163. (Apr. 21). Order to the Highest exempts spirit from the lowest attractions. How to be approved in the most necessary? Remember about It. The thought of the Lord never remains without consequences. If the thought of people usual connects, then as unite with the Teacher invisible of cottons of thought of It. The thought is the united with that, on what it is directed. Think of with what or to whom you adjoin thought (that is you connect yourself magnetic power of thought). Vagrant and aimless thoughts are inadmissible.
164. If you have to give an answer for every thought, then what is its power! And still responsibility for thoughts isn't realized. But you cannot, with impunity, to deny what is. A thought is the "phenomenon of sheer happiness, if understood its power. The phenomenon of thought as a real factor of life as real power is negated, although all the players think. The negation allows trying to evade responsibility. Denial of reality leads to spiritual blindness, but does not release from responsibility. From what people once the Earth flat, it has not ceased to be a ball. So, any distortion of reality is established does not have and does not lead to knowledge.
165. (M. A. Y.). The study and comprehension of the surrounding world is human all the time to go but can never be exhausted until the end, because for it stands Infinity. So, the same phenomenon can be studied endlessly, constantly deepening the knowledge, but to comprehend them throughout their innermost essence is comprehensiveness. Man, evolving all the time opens up new aspects of the universe, enriching and expanding consciousness. The end of the world is learning. Cognition of space leads to Infinity and get lost in it.
166. (Guru). The essence of any phenomenon of living bottomless invariably leads a curious mind to gates of Infinity. And here begins the true cognition, because the only recognition the infinity leads to a correct understanding of things. Matter is eternal and eternal life, and correctly stated scientific formula that "nothing in nature does not disappear nor be born again", changing only the outer forms of its expression.
167. (Apr. 22). The highest task of Mother Agni Yogi was to show the highest coherence on a planet. Coordination’s with Hierarchy of Light double: internal and external. Internal coherence means a harmonious condition and interaction between itself all conductors of spirit, external first of all – with the Lord and all the Family. Any similarity of such coherence has to show and the pupil. As it isn't simple, it is possible to judge how it is difficult to hold coordination with the Teacher even during Communication, not to mention other time. It is so much distracting around. Different weight the spatial reached the apogee. Are sated inconsistency and of the human consciousness’s. It is so improbably difficult to keep balance. We Hold it. Help also you. The help to us - not arrogance, not arrogance, but the valid phenomenon, when the pupil helps to divide an excessive Burden of this world, assuming part it. Because so intolerable to you heavy at times. But and problem of this Making of a bike If you realize, that serious your condition not from itself, and from that, you share burden of the Burden; the consciousness is great force allows to sustain everything. Joy and of the grief, parting with the Teacher of Light, - on a right way. It also is a feat way.
168. (M. A. Y.). Communication with the Teacher of Light and us too is known degree of coherence, and external and internal. Without internal the external can't take place. So, on internal state of coherence it is necessary to pay special attention. The originality and spontaneity is appreciated. Let's seek to hold them, as far as possible, to show so necessary coherence of spirit.
169. (Guru). The success of communication comes before setting up the harp of the spirit for a lad. Of appropriate forms of treatment promote the fullness of Communion. Each sets them itself, not on someone else's track. In this regard the spirit is free to show an own choice. The originality and spontaneity is appreciated. Repeating other people's prayers is not as effective as the inimitability and originality of its own.
170. (Apr. 23). "Both will uplift you and will humiliate", but it only Way signs. And not so much for you, how many for them ennobling and humiliating, crucial importance because behind you there are I has their relation to you, and, you rejecting or accepting, reject or accept Me. Enemies your and My – enemies of Light, friends and employees – the consciousness’s gravitating to a pole of Light. And pass through life, bringing a sword dividing "sheep from goats ". Also know that raising a hand against you – on Me raise. Therefore there is no indifferent and indifferent relation to mine. Everyone, without suspecting, reveals the essence and defines the future. And them, on you rising, it is possible to regret only because their fate is unenviable.
171. (M. A. Y.). For spirit all nowadays and here because of three measurements and time is attributes of the dense world. The true love isn't connected by these fetters and therefore be displayed over them; as also proximity to the Lord and to us. Old communications, both long proximity, and long feelings have both time and a body. And, meeting friends and enemies from lives last, you know that worries not only love, but also hatred. So, in each next embodiment old friends and old enemies usually come nearer; a good few of all meetings terrestrial – from the past. Threads of karma don't interrupt time and endure it.
172. (Guru). Astral emotions have the power over consciousness only at that moment while are endured. Passes time, they go out and are replaced with the new. Happiness of the person, that everything is forgotten, evens the heaviest grief. Not maintain astral monotony, as its essence in continuous change of its feelings. When the astral cover is dumped, the person is exempted from the astral power, without ceasing to be oneself and realizing itself not lost the "I".
173. (Apr. 24). In deepening and Before-standing expansion constant it is possible to be improved incessantly; it yet won't occupy all proscenium of consciousness. Incompleteness here is unsuitable. The Teacher of Light needs completeness of return of the consciousness. Then vital blows and storms everyday won't have any more the usual power over the person. It is possible to endure sharply, say, property loss, either treachery of the friend, or other what adversities but if to understand that, personally belonging, anything isn't present that with what came to this world, with that and we will leave if know that treachery doesn't pass even Great Spirits if to realize that adversities and strokes of bad luck – the phenomena passing and temporary, and the relation to all this can change in a root. Wisdom considers terrestrial human life as Maya illusion. The true homeland of the spirit not here, but there, in the Kingdom, which no off other-worldly.
174. (M. A. Y.). Association in the spirit of always happens over dense conditions and usually to them contrary to. Both worlds, this and that, are connected indissolubly. But the first covers the second. The world dense, in which lives incarnate, is the present while in Mira Thin are concluded both real, and last, and future in its potential. And in the Highest Spheres of the Elevated World – even a projection of evolution of the world terrestrial. Thus, the World Thin is much wider than the world dense and is richer with its contents. The beauty of the Thin World surpasses terrestrial, and opportunities it are boundless. In the World where everything moves thought, creates thought. Also it is possible to imagine limitlessness of creativity of the spirit expanded and released from a body and attractions terrestrial. Light kingdom which other-worldly, is prepared for the spirit which has broken chains terrestrial.
175. (Guru). Care as well how to bring the Bowl to not spill. The poet speaks: "The golden bowl is empty". Yes, "is empty" for spilled it. And correctly adds that "drink in it – dream" and that "it not ours". And drink – dream and not ours it if it is filled by Maya if the reality doesn't make essence of drink. But if the life of consciousness on Bases and the Teacher of Light Borrows in it the first place, - it anymore not illusion, not delusiveness of terrestrial dreams, but reality of both worlds. Because the one who builds the temporary terrestrial stay in a body on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life that joins fiery reality of the Highest World and in it stays, both in this world and in that bearing the Bowl of not spilled.
176. (Apr. 25). It is easier to reject harmful, dirty or unusable thoughts, than thoughts life, stirring to concentration. The first are rejected thanks to their obvious harm, but the second, demanding attention and permission, stick strong and disturb. Therefore to completeness of Communication it is useful there is the exaggerated procedure leading to a known mood of consciousness to contact. Eremite’s yogis are relieved of this invasion of all the small life in their environment. For the same reason Ashrams where narrow-minded, everyday vanity isn't allowed are based and created. Even in the Thin World they are necessary insistently to protect his inhabitants from invasion of all disturbing spirit to come off terrestrial gravitations and terrestrial remnants. And in the dense world the citadel of spirit is carefully protected from terrestrial vanity. Hard it is a task because conditions usual oblige the person to adjoin too many undesirable phenomena and people. It is possible to call it test for release of consciousness from influences of the reek of alcohol terrestrial. Over rack of thoughts usual it is necessary to establish the power, keeping them under control and without allowing seizing all field of thinking. The thought of the Teacher of Light fiery is similar to a board.
177. (M. A. Y.). You know, small fussy thoughts how are insignificant, you know, in general fussiness how is destructive, you know the soon the passing nature it and still sometimes to it you give in. Whether not therefore, what the most necessary is forgotten and fades into the background? It is necessary to go on constantly to itself about pass ability and transience of the current hour and firmness of the basis, the Lord with us always if only the constant surf of waves of the everyday sea doesn't disturb it.
178. (Guru). The rhythm of repetitions of sacred appeals drives away an impact of thoughts life, fussy and small, dimming clarity of the far horizon. Such frequency, than immersion in a narrow-minded bog is better. Words of appeals or the address aren't important, they can be taken the relatives, to heart sounding, but it is important to repeat them, the poisonous fog of third-party influences or an oxide of own thoughts, small and the harmfully everyday won’t dissipate yet.
179. (Apr. 26). The jealous pupil thinks of achievements. It passes severe school of an apprenticeship in life. Much wants to reach. But any exercises, any posts, any prayers and even work it isn't advanced it to the purpose desired so quickly, as simple love to Tom Who Called. Truly so: the love reaches all. Whether it is possible to develop this feeling? It is possible. Care of a garden and watering by the certificate serve it. And even the garden should be loved. People often love individuals unworthy, finding in them something, for what they love them. Can't but yield results conscious efforts to develop in them feeling of love to the Highest Shape. And it is given so much. And as the result of appreciation for all, can amplify love, if to think of it. Aren't left and aren't left because are surrounded with Love. And if it is necessary to be ill or suffer struggles of life, not from a lack of Love from the Teacher there is it but because everything, even relatives, both were ill, and suffered, and received strokes of bad luck. Ways of the Highest Will are inscrutable. But the love overcomes and wins against everything. Carefully, ardently also it is directed it is possible to raise this feeling to the Teacher and over temporariness of dense conditions. Love – the winner of death. Long ago It is told that all should fall in love the heart, all thinking and force all. Learn to love if you want to reach.
180. (M. A. Y.). On a key of love the relations are under construction between the Teacher and the pupil. And then constant before standing comes of the achievable; otherwise as without love to think of It constantly and to hold the Image it before itself. It is impossible to force violently it. But if there is a feeling of love, the thought of Darling will accompany each step. "All searches are vain in sanctuaries and books, if in heart he love doesn't burn".
181. (Guru). Thoughts of love most likely reach Great Heart. On the areal and the Response, and Answer of the Beloved! It would seem, simply. But how many roundabout ways choose the spirits directed to Light, forgetting about the shortest. The most difficult choose and not bringing to the purpose, without understanding that all efforts won't yield their fruits if aren't warmed by ardent love to the Lord.
182. (Apr. 27). The orbit of an attraction of consciousness to the sphere of these or those phenomena is established by thought of them. The communication bridge is established by thought. On it there are receipts of the phenomena of the chosen sphere, thoughts attracted by magnetism. Stay in these or those spheres is caused by thought. People can live in one house or even in one room, but invisible spheres, them surrounding, can be absolutely various. People can live in one house or even in one room, but invisible spheres, the surrounding, can be absolutely various. The person is the magnet which force works constantly. The sphere of the thought created by the person, accompanies him on Earth and in the Worlds. The constant, persistent, habitual thoughts sated with emanations of heart are especially strong. The thought can become so strong what to be exempted from it people isn't able. About thoughts pure and light it isn't necessary to be anxious – their magnetism attracts up. But thoughts dirty, dark, angry powerfully carry away the person in a funnel of the circulation; and of grief to beget there. And, if the angry seeks to involve other person in vortex funnels of the bad thoughts, all forces should be collected not to begin to sound them in unison and not to be involved in their pernicious spheres attracting in a chasm. And, if to resist in Light, without having caught rage of an evil, the return blow, to it this way received, it will be directly proportional to power of thought. So, both kind and angry, everyone meets with the deserts, the first – the good, the second – the evil. Reaction of thoughts good, thoughts light, is beneficial, but is destructive – thoughts bad.
183. (M. A. Y.). Constancy of aspiration is immutable leads to the purpose how it was far and whatever unattainable it seemed. The few can boast of this quality. Not hard and not monolithic of the human aspirations. Hardness is usually found in aspiration to the personal egoistical purposes. But the personality – the phenomenon temporary, and so temporary Positive her aspirations to the purposes terrestrial also are short. Only Immortal Identity can embrace enduring and approve it in the Bowl. Therefore "don't collect to itself" personal treasures on Earth where rust and decay destroy them and where it is impossible to take them with itself in a way distant, but "collect to itself treasures to the Heavens", that is in the Bowl, not destroyed time and death of a body, and your acquisitions remain with you forever.
184. (Guru). It is so possible to concern thought aura and an orbit of thoughts of each person, and embodied on Earth, and one incarnation. At constancy of contacts indissoluble communication is approved. It is possible to connect strong itself with the chosen Spirit or with other people. And their auras and an orbit of their thoughts will influence you on force and nature of communication. Magnetism of thoughts is great. So each person creates self itself the mental environment, which can be projected in the far future – as though a pelting forward the far anchors. Each self creator and the smith myself own future, the fortune, of the misfortune or the happiness.
185. (Apr. 28). Correctly you believe that sufferings, pains and difficulties of life only advantage will inure to spirit increase. It isn't easy to accept this situation in life because rest everyone wants. But only burdened by life and bearing an unreasonable Burden reach to Us most likely. Only to learn understand it and to try to learn a useful lesson from the next loading by opposite circumstances. After all it is possible to reach before to wish still bigger loading, knowing that it is a way the shortest. And that advantage to live with concern and in wellbeing if it gives nothing, except danger of stagnation. At release from the power of circumstances over consciousness the spirit receives wings, and circumstances remain below. And terrestrial won't accompany in Elevated the spirit which has dumped chains terrestrial and cleared by suffering and a grief. Each pupil dreams of freedom of spirit, but not everyone is ready to pay for release joyfully. Put Me above all in your consciousness and in heart, put so highly that the terrestrial reek of alcohol didn't concern the Silver Thread, and having concerned, I didn't make you blind and deaf to that more important and above all.
186. (M. A. Y.). Understand sufferings of a body and spirit as the phenomena which are giving the chance of the fastest rapprochement with the Teacher of Light. All ascending strong bore the cross of sufferings. And to it, instead of in wellbeing staying the Beam Was sent. Whether it is so possible to complain on given the chance by the Karma if other way of ascension isn't present! Therefore permanent and courageous acceptance of burden life and tranquility and fearlessness before them the fiery testimony of readiness of spirit will perceive fruitful the Beam. The benefit understood sense and value of burdening by circumstances.
187. (Guru). Hacker quickly reaches the most difficult. Why be afraid of difficulties, when they are nothing but given accelerated opportunities? Unspeakably thins out the spirit of suffering and pain. And as you can understand others ' suffering, if not try them yourself? And how can you help people, without such understanding? All life passes through suffering and reaches them, even the fallen tree. The tree can be cut down and destroy, but you can't destroy lives by it. And bird and animal can be killed but not the sparkle of life, gave them life. All animals and plants have died, once lived on Earth, but life is not dead, and continues to evolve, enlivening and inspiring new forms, more sophisticated than the ones that preceded them.
188. (Apr. 29). As the ship through waves, cutting them passes spirit through obstacles counteracting. They can't it neither destroy, nor break because the spirit is indestructible, eternal and impregnable. Covers, but spirit – over them are vulnerable. Not terrible to the wave ship, if it copes a firm hand, but without a wheel and management has to be lost. As also covers of spirit can suffer if it trembles or will be confused in fight against elements and waves of external influences. The Ladder of Hierarchy of Light is unshakable. Firmness is quality of the spirits which are standing on it. Strong holding it resists. Bases are unshakable. "As damage of spirit don't consider a concession to crafty hands". All drove, pursued and oppressed. But waves of the relative phenomena of the dense world only washed, cleared and strengthened following Me and with Me. To understand inviolability of spirit – means to win. Life eternal spirit is promised those who with Me. And you learn in reply to attacks, infringements and inventions of rage to store balance of spirit. Both to answer, and to be protected, and even retaliation you can strike only when complete equilibrium and tranquility is kept. Otherwise you are silent because, answering at balance loss, do to yourself sharply and sensitively hurting harm because are defenseless before the enemy when losing balance. With a smile the reciprocal arrow is sent, that is the consciousness which hasn't been saddened by astral emotions and not balance differently justified only silence. However, spirit indignation is allowed, but it wears out a cover. But even indignation of spirit is destructive at loss of balance and desirable consequences don’t give. Tell quietly that it is necessary to tell, to your opponent, performers of dark suggestions, and if nevertheless don't listen; the return karmic blow is inevitable. Also you remember that in collision with darkness I for you. Balance is such invincible powerful force, as the return blow because nobody will resist against balance isn't necessary.
189. Here you see as attacks of enemies and external damage, them put, serve spirit increase as they deepen experience and bring practical knowledge, multiplying this strength of mind. Any attempt, any attack doesn’t take place without advantage if the Unification with Me is withheld. And them, dark - trying it, is possible to regret only because hot coals collect over the concept. Anything so doesn't advance spirit, as lessons given by life if the conscientious attitude to them is kept. As they inexpressibly enrich consciousness! Thus some lessons pass under a sign, improving matters. Also we will be so even closer, so close, that to the enemy not to squeeze.
190. (M. And. Й.). Terrestrial freedom can't be compared to freedom elevated. In it environment counteraction is shown. Both above, and below laws are identical. Quickly flying plane strong is counteracted by air elements. Let's not be confused it and furthermore mourn Infinitive or to grieve. For what to grieve, when all future before us, as well as and the World Elevated with all its inexhaustible opportunities. Let the brevity Singular of terrestrial existence won't darken itself duration of stay in the Highest Worlds. So many depends on understanding of the future, judgement to the person. But the majority of people don’t see anything outside the small patch before eyes, strong limiting itself to a circle insignificant. The consciousness which has rested thought against borders of a small circle, out of its limits doesn't leave.
191. (Guru). Earth's freedom cannot be compared with the freedom of an aboveground. Good understanding of the Earth, but with all the limitations of the body and the infirmity of the flesh. A person born in prison and never from it leaving, it is not aware of the vastness and beauty of out of the prison the world. The man in the street, not realized the greatness and infinity of the higher Worlds, never understand what the hell his spirit is. And a heavy body, exposed to all kinds of its ills and diseases he will wear, unaware of the ease of mobility and ability to fly his thin body. And, fulfilling the duties of the Earth in relation to his physical body around and around what makes life on Earth, will not suffer it essence over ground when no longer needed nor shelter, no food, no clothes, no common passports, nor cars to remove his frail body. Inevitable in the World Can stay, pending a good look and realize in advance to enter this fascinating world armed with knowledge of its capabilities and laws.
192. (Nov. 30). Yes, of course, the consequences of his actions, actions and thoughts do not escape anyone. They settle at the aura and it remains. And causing a wound caused her to another, above all to you; from here so much misery, suffering and misery, because you have to pay. It does not understand. If realized would be kinder. Who would want to deliberately get up under stone rain! Stoning may be physical and mental. It's hard to say which is better because the first results in death of the body, and the second can be very lengthy. Everything that makes a man can be seen as the investigation brings. Because it's good to be careful and diligent in all that makes the man.
193. (M. A. Y.). Irresponsibility is generated by ignorance. If knew, would arrive absolutely differently; denials – from the same nest. "I don't trust and I want to know nothing", – the ignoramus exclaims and assumes karma heavy rain because it is impossible to deny that is. The statement undoubted is Light, denial – darkness. One, the few, lives in Light, others, their majority, – in darkness; Both Spheres, of Light and the darkness, - magnetic.
194. (Guru). Not visible bodily vision world exists; with it have come into contact at every turn. Thought and world of thoughts of everyone already refers to the invisible. But who would deny the thought! It exists and generates countless form. And these forms filled with peace, not visible to the eye. But clairvoyant can see them. Will be a time and will create machines that hold shape, committed the thought. And then the clear will go down in life on an equal footing with forms dense world, albeit on a higher plane.
195. (M. A. Y.). No statement the human, any situation even taken from the Doctrine of Life, can be full and exhaustive. Therefore in the Doctrine it isn't given exhaustive formulas. The reasons to volume two: the first – each phenomenon concerns eventually Boundlessness and can't be captured by the consciousness, the second – it is necessary to leave a place and for own thoughts that the consciousness could grow and extend not others, but own thinking. Completeness of understanding of the phenomena depends on combination of contrasts that is on bipolar sight. Doesn't rejoice wise and doesn't mourn too because knows that there is no misfortune without happiness and a grief without pleasure and that the Law of contrasts counterbalances both poles. Both the most passionate and rough terrestrial love usually comes to an end indifference, boredom and even hostility. Therefore wisdom refuses a duality of feelings and experiences astral. The true love, the true devotion and aspiration fiery any more aren't subject to replacement with the contrasts, because from spirit they and out of time. Instability and pass ability of astral emotions are so excluded from relationship of the Teacher and the pupil. Love to the Teacher – forever, devotion – too, as well as aspiration to Light.
196. (M. A. Y.). Quality of constancy not from an astral, but above, as also true love. These fiery qualities approve inalterability of a meeting with darlings in the future. There is no separation, it only temporarily to give the chance to become stronger to these enduring feelings. To whom we direct, with those and we will be. The pleasure of the Teacher is integral if it is cemented by enduring love.
197. (Guru). Leave any uncertainty about the power of magnetic spiritual attachments. They are not from the Earth, and therefore going through time. Yes, Yes, Yes, a meeting should be cherished. Earthly measures not measured gravity of spirit. The body may die and die but does not die is that of the spirit.
198. (M. A. Y.). The distance between what is and what should be is overwhelming. It is possible to cover only the expansion of consciousness. Nothing else will change the situation. Vain effort, if it's not going to happen. Think that change will bring a welcome change form, but it all depends on the level of consciousness. There have been many attempts to replace the internal inconsistency of external changes, but we need to awake the human spirit. Is it really would prefer to die rather than give up his ignorance. Come to save the world, but they crucified. And again, if it comes, would crucify as once. Invisibly Visible – the principle of the parish. The place of receipt or the great Advent is the human heart. See, understand and accept only awakened heart. Nothing will stop the implementation of the plan, because the heart has anyone and not dead heart to wake up to. Dead, decaying and begun to stink not be resurrected, because at heart are doomed. But even a spark lit flares up. Great time great change in the consciousness of the people is.
199. (M. A.Y.). Everything has its opposite pole, its dark side. The strong are dark, that every good and a good starting point for evil, really try it over a perversion of the good. That's why sometimes it turns out bad from good. If people believed and knew that innumerable hordes of darkness are fighting furiously against each light conversion, could they protect themselves and protect all good. But do not believe and therefore are defenseless. While dark enjoy this and harmed with impunity. And much good becomes bad. While dark triumph and rejoice. So, it was said that the technocracy-dark trick. Is it the invention of the car isn't good; certainly, well. But in cities, millions of people have been poisoned and commonly abused drug chart from the exhaust of gasoline fumes and die as a consequence, from all kinds of diseases, are dying from gas already in the German mobile gas chambers, and on the streets of big cities. At their intersections traffic movements should be stand for in gas masks. This is a prime example of how technology is becoming poisoner rather facilitate and decorate life.
200. (Guru). "If you are the son of God, come down from the cross" is a favorite formula is ignorant. And even now the teacher of light to make much, ignoring neither the law of karma, nor with other conditions that allow or do not allow the desired. Even he did not always, not everywhere and not all performed miracles. We cannot demand that is not permitted by law. Everything is subordinated to him. But the unlearned often want all was done at their request, and that is what they believe. Not as simple and easy as it sound; and besides, now - "miracles for priests".
201. (May 3). Strikingly, hear and see so much grief, misery and disease around. And it's not just around, but all over the world. Go past karmic calculations; all payers. Payment on former accounts means also release. In the new world of freedom must be logged.
202. (M. A. Y.). Cementing space was of great importance in our work. New ideas must seep into the consciousness of a human. Among the masses of ordinary people interspersed among our employees. They fill their sphere of Life Teachings. They think differently than all. Their thoughts are quite unusual, and saturating the environment, they become accessible to people. For thoughts barriers do not exist. Why stop them spreading. Saturating human consciousness, they urge it to act, but in line with the plan of the great. The Transfiguration of the world becomes possible thanks to the deliberate process of cementation of space; the main energy stream of Stronghold.
203. (Guru). Often it is necessary to repeat same. Means, drawing in a brain wasn't imprinted yet. Repetition in general strengthens think of a form ideas. Therefore it is spoken about that Bases repeated. Whirlwinds will sweep away unstable thoughts. Repetition allows them to become stronger. It is a lot of courage and determination it is necessary to resist unshakable in ideas of the Doctrine of Life when all fluctuates.
204. (May 4). Reconciliation with the Karma comes in understanding its inevitability when spirit meets her calmly and firmly, keeping the full balance. Not indifference and apathy, but knowledge. Payment for old accounts is determined by law. That meant we had to pay. Philosophy, sold into slavery, exclaims: "Thanks be to Heaven, can pay old debts". Wise is happy for this opportunity. Dual use: and liberation and hardening in fire tests. Immunity to external shocks produced spirit experiences and is accompanied by a book of fire. There is a quality of fire resistance. Strike-slip along the surface of the ball is the symbol of balance, not penetrating inside. Balance, serenity, sobriety, confidentiality is quality, covering a great power. "No one can stand against the equilibrium". The most vicious attack on the fire breaks a shield. Adoption of these and all the other qualities of the spirit is the acquisition of the imperishable, inalienable, priceless treasure of the spirit.
205. (M. A. Y.). Progress on the road is nothing but an increase in light; because each steps forward - already. Big and small – all come in handy. And small seeds can yield tremendous effect; because we carefully select all. Spatial Light grains have the force of a magnet, attracting to myself feature inherent in the grain. Conscious lying the seed and effect will. Each day includes these features and planting and picking up a spatial harvest. Every hour is valuable. Not to be missed;
206. (Guru). Of course, life and times, and requires attention and care. You cannot escape. Still, the entity is not in it. Meaning of earthly existence is not that surrounds human on Earth, but in what it teaches. Unspeakably enriches the accumulation of a conscious attitude around. If only to understand how ephemeral it is happening, but how valuable is that it gives the spirit! Everything is ours. We are only Bowl accumulation. This understanding and you can go through life without increasing aura to anything that outside. Missed not reparably
207. (May 5). The thought once and for all accepted in consciousness it is invisible, it isn't heard and imperceptibly conducts the person in the chosen direction. But it is necessary that acceptance it was irrevocable and firm. Swaying’s and fluctuations destroy a way. From there is so much not reaching? I speak about Bases. From them it is impossible to evade. It is necessary to repeat about it repeatedly because everything if the thought is unstable fluctuates. The world is perceived through a consciousness prism, refracting in it everything passing through it. The world is perceived through a consciousness prism, refracting in it everything passing through it. When the Face of the Teacher of Light in consciousness Priority, It Protects of the spirit from of doubts, swaying, oscillations.

208. (M. A. Y.). In space thought all is feasible. In the space of mental peace creates and reigns thought, as well as the boundaries and limits of mind's creativity does not exist, and the possibilities of this art is inexhaustible. In the dense world of creation of human hands is clearly real and visible. In the spirit world of creation thoughts are as pronounced and real and even more impressive than the Earth tight world supplies. Of course, the idea should be clear and unambiguous. Not vague haziness, but shaking a full end-to-end thinking. One must be prepared to understand the reality of above-ground world stay there much longer than on Earth, and its properties are slightly different than the world around. For example, at first very confused by the lack of prospects, or permeability of bodies, or the ability to immediately see the subject from all angles, inside and out, or can thinking of moving objects, subtle world. Many features of the world we need to understand explore and learn almost to feel as confident in it, like on Earth. This is possible and it is available, being still in the physical body. How? Having directed thinking in this direction. Books and life give a wealth of material for reflection.
209. (Guru). Get in touch with missing thought. Such contact is always possible. And nothing can stop him, but the man himself and fluctuations and volatility of his thought. But the thought is always the object of his desires. Priceless wealth entrusted to man, but he does not know how to use it and not even understood the value of what is given to him. Even a simple tool it is necessary to learn to speak, the more is the thought. The power and possibilities of thought can be judged, at least by the fact that everything is created by human hands, eventually created a thought, for it lies at the base of the hand movements. But no hands can operate the thought, the thought of. Every thought, being a creature of mental peace, nevertheless has a certain trend or sooner or later take property or result in a form of peace. Not visible earthly eye subtle forms of thought are couched in the dense, couched in the dense fabric of the world. And all creations of human hands are nothing but an exercise in dense forms of thought forms, previously invisible subtle world: invisible-visible, thin is in tight. The Fiery energy, throbbing in mental form crystallizes and is already in terms of physical objects and phenomena in the already tight world.
210. (May 6). Usually the person especially wants to teach and messages of others, than he less has the rights to it. The self-approved instructors and the Teachers don't understand what burden and responsibility is taken by them on themselves, accepting pupils. If knew, would refrain from an invites. The self-willed instructor imagines that if he reads the Doctrine, this one already does it almost by perfection while it actually remains the same. Not the smaller mistake to believe that touched the Doctrine – any special people allocated with various nonexistent advantages. How many blows it is necessary to accept thereof last delusion. The essence of the person developing during many millennia can't change for one life if there is no special accumulation. Therefore it is more correct to know a human nature and not to imagine what isn't present. "The Doctrine about people is short, but the knowledge" is long.
211. (M. A. Y.). Readiness too has to be bipolar, that is readiness as to one, desired, expected, unexpected and good, and to another, it opposite. Thus in that and other case full preservation of balance is supposed. From demonstration of the phenomena on poles of the Basis don't change, remaining strong and unshakable. From understanding of it the tranquility results also. The main thing – a condition of consciousness because any external events will give nothing to the person which consciousness started decaying. It is told briefly and clearly: "That advantage to the person, if the whole world gets, and the soul will lose". Of pearl consciousness– the only treasure, which lawfully owns the person in this world and, which it can hold, and having exempted from a body?
212. (Guru). Sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste there are abilities that earned the spirit for a very long time of its evolution and incarnations into the form. Because each feeling unusually valuable and requires careful treatment. For the health of everyone have to fight if he faces the disease. However, all the senses have their astral doubles, but the last act on the aboveground. Ordinary man destroys the feelings of their conditions of life: food, heavy air poisoned alcohol, nicotine and so on. Yoga leads to a strengthening of the body and keeping the acuteness of the senses. Caring for the health of the body is mandatory for Yoga. Of pure food, water and air – conditions without which health can't be supported.
213. (May 7). Really for the person only that gets to the consciousness, all the rest for it doesn't exist. The inner world of everyone - is individual and other than another. Arches of consciousness cannot coincide at all. The accord will be born at coincidence of arches. Divergences can be very far. The consciousness is broader, the more contains others understanding. The High Spirit requires indulgence to concern an arch of lower consciousness. Often the misunderstanding depends on impossibility of combination of arches. But the Highest Can always enter into understanding with less developed consciousness; because for of the Great Spirits of a shower human - not secret. The main properties of a human nature change even in centuries a little. Even in Atlantis there was too a rage, deception, violence and violation of laws of the nature, not to mention Babylon and Rome. Lifting’s, blossoming and falling of the nations went the periods. The essence of the nature human remains to the same, and only on the verge of Great Changes new wonderful possibilities of transformation and the world surrounding people open before mankind.
214. (M. A. Y.). Everything in life is not as expected and painted in dreams. If you have knowledge of what really happens in your life during these years, the impetus to move would be killed. Personal future is commonly known is not helpful, because it does not coincide with dreams. But the engine is hope, giving birth to the dream. If the disciples knew that awaits mankind over the next two thousand years, did they talk about the approaching forces of the Kingdom of God? Human beings are not. Here's why and gives hope that the spirit of higher and higher. The beautiful future of mankind is inherently, but it didn't happen in those forms as people think when they heard about it.
215. (Guru). And is it important, or not have the dream and the hope of a person if they he reached the top step in its development. They did their job and can go. Moor did his thing, the Moor can go away. Pink dreams can be. But life requires rigorous feat, without any personal benefits. All personal is rejected, because the formula remains unchanged: "let him deny himself and follow Me."
216. (May 8). My kind, which other worldly, in this world in consciousness of the person has to be approved. It is difficult to combine the incompatible: life and business vanity narrow-minded Boundlessness’s with greatness. But even they make sense and value because lead spirit to understanding of their passes and impossibility them to live and in them to plunge after transition of Great Borders. Only understanding of a prekhodimost of the current hour it is possible to go through life, without dragging for itself four wheels of the convict chained to the terrestrial. So, in slavery or of the dense from letters the dense world lives on Earth of people; certainly, freedom – in the spirit. Two can live nearby, perform the same work and to be – one free, another the slave. Many dream of release. Understanding of restrictions of a body prison and slavish dependence of thinking on external conditions will be the first step to it. Even an aura the shell – narrower limited. It is difficult to punch it and to come to the Space scope. But understanding of dense limits will already generate aspiration to leave for their borders. Realizing the slavery in chains of the dense world is closer to release from them, than not realized. Realized as release will consider death and to rejoice to opportunities of elevated freedom. Not realized will pass to the Thin World bound hand and foot because that you will connect on Earth, it will be connected in Heavens that is in the Thin World. The purpose of life is self-knowledge the person of properties and the opportunities of the spirit concluded in its depths.
217. (M. A. Y.). The terrestrial threads which have entangled the person as a web, it is possible to break off carefully one for another. The egoism will rise, be indignant and counteract. But it is possible and to win against egoism. She demands and wants things, it is as much as possible things, both property, and money. But also things and money can find their lawful place, without burdening thought a money-making. One everything, but the benefit is necessary to the one to whom it is necessary nothing who is content small and quietly and courageously bears a cross. The cross is born by all – all are ill, suffer and often are exhausted under its weight, blinded by "a destiny veil", without understanding for the sake of what it should be worried. The doctrine helps to comprehend terrestrial temporary stay, Specifying ways to the world of spiritual freedom. The doctrine opens a gate for thought. The doctrine gives wings to the person.
218. (Guru). The thought is torn up, and the earth pulls it from top to bottom. That is why we speak about terrestrial gravitations. Before death it is accepted to bequeath or transfer all manors to someone. Why? That in consciousness to be released from clogs the earthly property and to pass to the World Aboveground free. But, except coherence mental are things, still. It is more dangerous, and it is more difficult to be exempted from it, than from the property power. It roots in consciousness, and it, without having realized, it is impossible to reject. Superstitions, a religious of the fanaticism and intolerance, various delusions, false theories and sciences – all this connects thoughts of the person strong clogs. It is impossible even to imagine, in what mental fetters their lives the inhabitant! The way of Yoga is a way of release of the person from all types of slavery. Everything it is more difficult to win mental freedom. It is necessary to think and work much to dump from itself thousand-year chains. The one Who Told: "I Am the Way, Truth and Life", Specified to people the narrow track conducting in life. I specified a way to elevated freedom.
219. (May 9). Pay good for evil is beneficial for the payer. If you pay for the evil, then evil remains in Aura and fills it the darkness. If is good, goodness is left in Aura kindly doing. The evil and the good, i.e. they are magnetic; they attract the human aura corresponding elements. So is karma. Karma is each in their aura. And you can break free from karmic attachments, only restoring the broken balance that is paying the Bills. For every evil action the angrily doing pays in full. And, if you do not see, the payback, it just means nothing: the sower here – harvesters out there and not only in Aboveground, but and in the future lives. Where does so much unhappiness about disease and grief, and all sorts of karmic blows. Surely those who make evil, think escape the consequences. No, not will. Karmic consequences caused by the evil will be horrific.
220. (M. A. Y.). Selective capacity consciousness allows an infinite set of phenomena to choose equal and consonant and assert their individuality. The choice is free always. As well as the aspiration of the magnetic force has within it, the buildup are consistent with the spirit of the element likeness is complete and in accordance with it. It is freedom of choice provides a variety of human qualities and character. Succession would be if all people were equal. Nature abhors monotony. Even the two sheets in a tree are not the same. The more important it is the essence of human aspirations. They give direction. The direction depends on the will. Therefore we can say that human destiny is forged his own hands.
* Selective ability – (en).
221. (Guru). It is fraught with a consequence not that there is round the person, but that is created in him. External everything will leave and internal remains. Thereof on internal state and reactions on surrounding it is necessary to pay special attention. It is good to learn to be content with that is allowed by karma. The discontent saddens aura and gives nothing, except chagrin. The content doesn't mean self-satisfactions, but more likely reconciliation with a current of a karma and payment on former accounts. And then the pupil understands that the imperial throne and a hut of the poor equally serve the purpose of ascension of spirit. Wisely the Teacher Conducts and this Management should be accepted consciously, being content with that it gives.
222. (May 10). Everyone perceives at a rate of the consciousness and directed its mood. Not contain a vessel more than the volume. Care of that each time to bring jugs and baskets of bigger capacity. How to do it? On your aspiration it will be given you. Means, it is necessary to raise aspiration. Magnetic properties it allows to attract the necessary elements. It is useful to write down thoughts attracted thus. Not written down, they go again to space. The uninterrupted aspiration causes constancy of receiving spatial thoughts. It is told briefly, clearly and precisely: "Only direct, and the light of Boundlessness" will fill in you. But how to direct when there is so much unnecessary and disturbing before eyes? Therefore, all disturbing, interfering and distracting it is necessary to move away. The constant Image of the Teacher before a mind will be the guarantee of continuous inflow of new thoughts, instructions and manuals. The Source Live, while unification indissolubly won't run low. I with you always» and you whether always with Me?
223. (Guru). The images cast by thoughts in forms, remain in the space, connected with of beget their communication live. They aren't visible by a physical eye, but to thin sight obvious. All people are surrounded with the views created by their imagination. These educations can be blessing or damnation for their founder. Each thought influences consciousness. Thoughts others, especially turned consciously or unconsciously with dobra or the evil purpose influence also. From them also are ill and even die. Many phenomena are created by thought. It isn't necessary to be careful of kind thoughts, but from the angry protection is necessary. Angry and bad people at continuous hostility and not goodwill can constantly direct on others streams of thoughts bad. At immunity of spirit of energy of spiteful thoughts, like a boomerang, come back to them, to the sent. But, if they find any catch in on who are turned, harm is inevitable. It is necessary therefore to be protected by goodwill, answering the evil with good, thought quiet and light. By no means is it impossible to afford to begin to sound in unison with the thought sent from outside bad. Storing complacency and indestructible balance, it is possible to reject from itself it is safe waves of harmful and dark influences. And then the received return blow from own thoughts bad expostulates let on itself.
224. (May 12). The prayer about healing from an illness, said with belief, brings healing. Suggestion and auto-suggestion work wonders. Treatment on distance, slanders plots of water and drugs to give the consequences. In all these cases, and also in all others fiery mental energy or the operator or to whom he addresses works set in motion for a definite purpose. Forms of its manifestation are various, but essence one. Conscious or its unconscious application yields results. Agni Yoga specifies ways to mastering by it. The way of mastering lies through it, that is through mastering by. It is a way the shortest. It is good to be able to see unity of the main energy in variety of its demonstrations. Seized it in one of its manifestations by that gets over it control and in other. But understanding of its unity in variety is required. And then sitting or circulation on water, circulation on fire, the healing of diseases, transfer of thoughts, and movement by subjects without a by a contact to them and all other uncountable types of action of mental energy will receive the correct explanation. The unity in variety is the main property of the world surrounding us.
225. (Guru). The stock of fiery energy is given to each person. That it will make or does with it depends already on it. This stock can be increased and increased greatly, or, on the contrary, thoughtlessly to spend. The person without a stock of the mental energy, spent it – the empty peel, saved up it – force. Many actions, acts, emotions, thoughts and moods of the person waste it; simple internal concentration and restraint accumulate it and hold in an organism. Of the complaints, discontent, despondency, irritation, concern, alarm, fear, humility, flattery, condemnation, not goodwill – all this from one of the nest – devourers of mental energy. At least out of self-preservation it is necessary to avoid them. Without the efforts in this direction, - nothing to reach. Great fiery energy "force undertakes", and making effort gets it.
226. (May 13). Sense-knowledge can be developed consciously, paying attention to thin sense-knowledge. So, at a meeting with each person it is easy to note, that it makes the impression, which is easily escaping realization, if to it isn’t paid attention. The thin phenomena love that the noted. Even down the street it is possible to pass, having seen nothing, if to occupy attention of other thoughts. But, having noted reaction of heart to a meeting and having recorded it in consciousness, it is possible to join thin perceptions already consciously. The bad feelings proceeding from people angrily conceiving are especially easily perceived, are especially easily perceived. In this regard enemies are good the Teachers. Without of the words and of the explanations the hostile relation is felt. As also at each this moment it is easy to feel a spatial note as heart because it mourns and rejoices under spatial influence. And here, as, however, and everywhere, it is necessary to put work and attention to reach results.
227. (M. A. Y.). We are stepping back, always feel the thoughts to us by embodied, and react to them, rejoicing or being afflicted. Because of lost in the World of Thin, you should always think or speak sympathetically. Especially painful acts condemned. It is better not to remember, rather than condemn the dead. No wonder the wisdom: "de mortise commanded auto been, auto nihil*". Who said it knew that people who have switched the great border, desperately sensitive to thoughts of embodied. Good mindfulness of them joyfully and pleasantly. Good thinking you can buy their friend or strengthen the former friendship on Earth, or, on the contrary, condemning – purchase of the enemy. Follow the ever-friendly Council have and then the World Can meet more friends.
* about the dead or good, or nothing – (Latin).
228. (Guru). At different and constant good mindful of lost communication with them strongly, is enhanced and they are getting closer and closer. Oblivion breaks the invisible ties. The doctrine says that love and hate are the death of the body. And indeed it is. Bright threads of love and hate are the fetters of dark and even carried over into the next incarnation. So, bearing in mind the testament of wisdom, we will be cautious in your thoughts and feels towards those who switched to another world.
229. (May 14). Known extent of self-rejection is necessary and when conducting records. Personal moods of the current hour are rejected. "Tatter of a false commonness" shouldn't disturb; otherwise not to avoid deviations from the accepted direction. Otherwise the temporary will interfere in the enduring. Ordinary people live mood of the moment therefore their aspirations and feeling are changeable and changeable. The astral demands impressions and experiences. It is necessary to rise above, because communication with the Teacher – over surrounding daily occurrence. No from the world this of the Kingdom of Light. But without Light this world can't exist. Even plants reach for light. Really the person can live without him? However, toadstools live without light, but they are poisonous, and they don't eat. Light and darkness – two poles of display world; and that and another - magnetic. Light attracts the, darkness – the. In soul human there are elements of that and another. And the person possesses the right of a free choice between the phenomena of both poles. That chooses, with that and will arrive.
230. (M. And. Й.). The established rhythm of continuous contact with the Highest in consciousness brings the immutable consequences. The reason and consequences are inseparable; though seem broken off in time. But it is true, these impressions seeming. As it seems that the past somewhere left and it already isn't present while actually it near and continues to pulse in space and to influence consciousness. It is a lot of illusions and false representations surround the incarnate. Dumping a body, the person can concern part of the secret. But many continue to stay in remnants terrestrial. Aspiration to be exempted from them helps to dump clogs the dense world, or "seductions of time, space and things". Elevated freedom differently isn't achievable. Wish to tear clogs terrestrial if you want freedom of the Elevated World.
231. (Guru). Evolving selective capacity * human selective lets him out of countless phenomena surrounding it to select the most consonant and equal and that by building a home for his spirit. Builders – everything, but the question is what and how to build. This extremely important issue, because in an invisible man abides his house here and there. A lot of inefficient buildings, a lot of horrible and evil, but there is also a lovely, enchanting gaze as ornament of the subtle world. Building on Beauty, builds in the accord with the Supreme Laws of Space. Beauty is an infallible criterion. Beauty is harmony and consonant to the combination of the elements that appear in the build. For example, blooming roses can be seen emergence of such accords. The same harmonic and beautiful can be and the soul of man. Aspiration to the Supreme harmony or coherence of the spirit can be considered the highest.
* Selective ability is Evolving.
232. (May 15). If your household is approved by the control over every spoken word, everywhere, anywhere, this control remains in place. Teach life lessons restraint of speech, pointing as it is harmful when unnecessary verbiage. Very much the belief that it is necessary to speak "out of politeness" isn't useful. Right, it is better to keep silent than to destroy yourself talkativeness. Let better said if he cannot keep himself from words unnecessary. Better keep silent mutually, but for this silences requires attunement; and then it beneficially, - restraint of speech especially valuable quality of the Yoga. People suffer for being verbose, and it is necessary to be responsible for word. The interview is not a wise loquacity; fruitful life, unless it was the phenomenon of exhaustion.
233. (M. A. Y.). "My tongue is my enemy", and it happens. Severe control over words is necessary, for each of which it is necessary to give the report once. Even prayer exists to hold the tongue of idle talk. But it doesn't help anything, and the language is still the "nasty space, putting them on the inevitable human investigation. People who have vow of silence, knew what they were doing and why. They collected this way was the consequence psychic energy of spiritual discipline. Loquacity and Yoga are incompatible.
234. (Guru). That's more than thirty years after each visited separation and spoke without interruption until the complete exhaustion of the forces. Think of a useful was this loquacity and whether the results are devastating, although he spoke about things dear and are related to Teaching.
235. (May 16). Before the approaching darkness becomes extraordinary thickening Judgement. And many will need strength to withstand the onslaught of the latter. And so nagnetenie is already high. The feeling of hopelessness is the State space. All were drowned at dusk. Complete space accounts aggravates the situation. Just thinking about the future and faith in him, you can go through. It's hard to know, and what those who know nothing? In the knowledge owing will suffer through; have been saved.
236. (M. A. Y.). Rungs of the ladder of life, where the spirit goes up to the light, he builds himself, with his own hands, and goes back to its feet, as it is written, "hands and feet loss". And no one can do it instead. Understanding of this effect and gives the assurance that no one and nothing the person cannot go on the way or hinder the move. But the Help is From above ready to the one who applied to it all forces and aspiration.
237. (Guru). Could the reason be left without consequences? Can a break causality chain, stretching from the past into the future? Can be interrupted stream or to stay for life luminaries? Can unravel the cosmic laws; the answer of course itself. Because knowing the law, which does not pass away, even if the sun goes out and crumble the Moon, you can confidently fly in future, judgment man from the beginning of time.
238. (May 17). We Don't despair "the writhed dullness and ignorance" biped because we Know that water of life punches even a stone and finds to itself a way out to will; so water of life will pass through all barriers put by darkness. To Judgment future it is necessary to be immutable. That won't enter into it, will be thrown out by the Great Space Current for an evolution board as the space litter, and will go to processing; madly to go against evolution. Finally all going against will be distraught. Change of cycles of manifestation of life shows that all certainly and is limited to a big or small circle of the existence, all – from a short-lived moth to solar systems. It is necessary to understand it and to find a due place to each phenomenon. And then seeming senselessness of human existence will turn into the harmonius and harmonious world view allowing and to the person to find the place in the sun in the great scheme of things of the World Plan.
239. (Guru). Than can be supported by the not to break confidence in the immutability of the Grand Plan? Only use the teachings to life. There is no other way but to its application in practice, something innocuous theorizing ill-founded. "Not the words, but they will save. If the small kernel can plant trees and shrubs in the whole planet, what immeasurable power is hidden in spirit grain? The thinnest are incommensurable energy to material forces. And if the great power of an active volcano, it is even more great moral courage, could it put out. The human machine, the human microcosm is endowed with powerful energies. It is incalculable, and there is no limit to their growth and expansion. Even what has already been accomplished and demonstrated by man in different centuries, amazingly and wonderfully. Even more strikingly, that promises him a future. Present to him only. And the farther will throw anchor understanding consciousness, the closer it comes to this marvelous future that expects mankind in future centuries.
240. (M. A. Y.). Understanding moves. In this case, the magnetic power of thought. The idea, known in, merely brings to his other, richer, but in my own way. This is due to the growth of thought. Thought in space is growing. But, it is not man-made interrupts the communication with him and its growth is reflected in the growing and expanding the mind of its creator. The danger is that growing up and light and dark thoughts, and the choice must be error-free, or else mount thinker evil.
241. (May 18). Constancy of watch needed to be in constant readiness to repel the constant activity of dark and their attempts to harm. Innocuous in one, they immediately come up with something different, unexpected. And because their actions to the plane, the eye is not visible, the only constant alertness and readiness can help them capture without delay. Ordinary people often become perpetrators of dark suggestions; and watch need to be ordinary or regular performers. Both children and animals, and insects at times are getting their guns. And if patrol is absent, then and the careless consciousness can undergo bad suggestion. Following the precepts of the teachings not only does not free from danger, but, on the contrary, it reinforces it, because rage and hatred stirs up opponents light. Following to Precepts of the Doctrine not only doesn't exempt from danger, but, on the contrary, strengthens it because raises rage and hatred of adversary of Light. And only constancy of patrol can protect from evil of shifts of violent rack.
242. (M. A. Y.). If tell: - “All you’re of admonitions us are long ago known, all this we know”. Answer: -“If you know why you don't execute and you compel to repeat them again and again?” Human carelessness and persistent unwillingness of continuous following to the Doctrine even are surprising from those who consider it as pupils. We speak: danger around, be awake and stand guard. Also we will go on, these Instructions won't enter into a flesh and blood yet and don't become part of your essence, that is won't be acquired in application. The weapon of Light should be kept in readiness always.
243. (Guru). Gun world: blow struck by the enemy in equilibrium fully, simply irresistible. Blow struck by the different weight of feelings and emotions, it is ineffective. Because only in the restraint of the senses and calm of an unwavering arms of light because of its represents. And spear and swords, and arrows, and shields (spiritually), but you have to use them must be skillfully. Can the fear elevate the fearsome sword? Can an unbalanced mind send dancer Ray? Can a disturbing, restless and shaking the thought sent an arrow of light? Can the spirit, has mastered her feelings, not to use the protective power of the Fiery energy? Even the usual sword owned by the rich and a steady hand; shaking hand does not even let a normal arrow. Neither sword nor mail nor shield can protect themselves or fight cowardly Warrior. We must learn to possess Light arms. And this will be the first condition of fearlessness and balance when in tranquility and realize its full invulnerability Crusader City takes his shield and weapons of light.
244. (May 19). Our target - to arm the person without the uniform apparatus or of machine; the only device thus is the human body in all its complexity, with all its opportunities concluded in it potentially. There are no two identical organisms. In the course of long evolution, during many millions years the device of spirit develops and refined incessantly, gaining new properties and abilities. In some cases at different people these or those features and achievements came to light. If them to connect all in one organism, it is possible to imagine, what heights will be once reached by the person in the future. Both circulation on fire and water, and a raising in air, and flights of thin and fiery bodies on far-out planets, and everything that was ever reached in the past by certain people, becomes property of all mankind in one of the subsequent Races or even Circles. But also now the task of the pupil includes conscious thinning and development of the organism by consciousness expansion. This way is difficult also medical flax. It is impossible to force an organism. Therefore mankind advance goes to the future naturally and on steps. Each Race puts forward and develops any party in the human device, rarefying and refined a matter investing a body. Process goes in coordination with depression of a matter of the planet. In the seventh Race, at its end, many considered as general property, and matter density now becomes wonderful, as well as bodies human will reach the limit put by it by evolution for this Circle and its last Race; But it not of all. The following Circle will put forward new tasks, and the person will rise everything higher and higher on steps of a ladder of life, isn't present which end.
245. (M. A. Y.). Will ask, whether it is achievable. Answer: yes, it is achievable because the spirit of the person is eternal and we won't destroy, and in Boundlessness everything is achievable, even the most unattainable. And if once mute races in the course of evolution started talking, it is possible to imagine, what huge jump was made by the person in the past centuries. And now new tasks and new steps of achievements are put by evolution before mankind. The next and quite achievable is a movement of women, cooperation, or the cooperation, all people and mental energy. Having reached these steps and having carried out these tasks, people will move further. So, through achievable to unattainable they will raise everything higher and higher, isn't reached yet heights representations about which at this step of development can't even be imagined. Precept boundlessness that is a condition which isn't putting, any borders to development of human spirit and its power.
246. (Guru). The greatest problems of evolution, the most impudent aspirations of the person are carried out by it not in transcendental dreams and soaring, but here, on Earth, in life and in a daily by assimilation of Bases of Life and their application in practice during its terrestrial stay, that is by the principle "a hand and a foot human": hand – in works man-made, a foot – in advance in evolution the future. So, on the ground the way to the future, to the Distant Worlds and all achievements of spirit lies.
247. (May 20). Here as simply everything in due course will be carried out that is planned the Plan in the Stronghold. However, a lot of things depend on free will. But also she acts in the accord with command of terms. "Somewhere pink Beams flashed" and the current of events changed. Combinations of beams of stars and stars powerfully influence people. Now the spatial pressure upon consciousness is great. As the heavy plate, presses at times are intolerable. But, when it will change, and the pleasure will begin to sound spatially, and winner Light will approve the power, judgment time will come. The darkness, both the New Sky will dissipate, and of New Earth becomes reality of the New World.
248. (M. A. Y.). Still, most importantly for the man is not something that comes out of it, but is inside. He has no any good if the whole world – and the Earth and the Sky is more compelling, and it will remain the same. But if it happens the transfiguration, and the world will not change, then it will be a great achievement. But it would be great if the transformation will be a double one – man and the world. The great Epoch of the mother of the world will be marked such double transfiguration – and of mankind and of the world in which it lives. And will it cover and dense and subtle worlds. When Told about the new Earth intend world tight. And when indicated the new heaven intend the world Thin. Great destruction not conforming the builds are already in its evolution has been done. World of old roots in the world no longer has aboveground. Devoid of reason, he shall perish and of life go away. And the truly old world will leave, since convicted, and never more than recall will not and will not come to man at heart. And with it will be gone from the planet of evil, the destroyers of evil [ye] workers. Kingdom of light will come, and it has no end.
249. (Guru). When you look at the person standing in front of you, you see the reality of a tight world. When you think of distant and not visible, but people close to your heart and vividly imagine their faces before him, you see the reality of the world, where the sky train are tight boundaries and fire the validity of display itself. It is as real and more real as a world phenomenon is not limited to them and links human consciousness of subtle energies. We need to understand and assimilate the validity and reality of the subtle world builds and images by consciousness, and his relationship with those who brought the aspiration. Not the baseless hazy dreams, but reality both worlds, being approved by the power of his spirit and desires of the creative imagination, weaving silver thread, inextricably linking it with those to whom it is directed over the sight of dense.
250. (May 21). Wisely and as planned will include Teachings of Yoga in the New Country. Give all - means to destroy. We need consistency and gradual, approach to consciousness resulting material and to adopt yet sufficiently assimilated it practically. This is under the sign of the association with science ancient Teachings would merge with it and become a part of it. It should give the consciousness – neither more nor less, but gradually deepening and expanding given. One will follow from another, and no negate actual data obtained from experience, will lead to knowing where they are based. Without the factor a will is unthinkable no Yoga. Without a keyboard controlled thought and will fail to achieve it. Control over thought and mastery of it will lead to demonstrations of higher order than that found in the lower yoga.
251. (M. A. Y.). Starts a wonderful exercise commanded tales. Generally speaking, it has long since begun but unbearably even for knowledgeable about judgment future. Now it is poured into the mold, are already available. Shoots the spirit land, green, punch will give rich shoots soon. Nothing will stop the flow of life. Many are already ready to perceive consciousness teachings of life. Terms dictate the will of their peoples. In due course the Judgment Lords of light, joyful and victoriously enters the life.
252. (Guru). Don't forget that the best is the enemy of the good and that, where for a better understanding of consciousness is not yet ripe or it may prevent various conditions, there just might be a good success. And this good, you can choose the best that there is. More of the same high featured in good agreement, not let her wait time, which inevitably will come. Give the best and high unwillingness of consciousness – or – do more harm than good. Correctly remembered error friend, wanted to give the dates that have not yet happened.
253. (May 22). Events are of extreme importance. And for them beyond the control of the human will. What a terrible force against to become new country during the last great war, yet victory was left to Russia. And now it will have to win everywhere, on all fronts, internal and external. All will win and will overcome with the help of our great nation. Faith in the ultimate victory of light keeps the above all.
254. (M. A. Y.). Aspiration is the phenomenon of a double edged sword: on one aspiration to of target, on the other-it's the amount of force that is attached to it. Time - is a minor factor, because sooner or later, but the idea is embodied in a dense form on the Earth or in thin – the world Aboveground. Investigation of life is inevitable. The law accords manage the phenomenon of thought. The condition of the body and thought are interconnected. In a sound body the vigorous spirit, and-vice versa. But the spirit is the host, the body-servant; but not every body and not every of the spirit. But even in the body, whose health has deteriorated the thought this - is it unbalanced and destructive power over the body. Hence the conclusion: the need for control over the thoughts. Let them be they delicate, light and benefit the creating both inside and outside.
255. (Guru). We help current planetary events in accord with the plan of overseers. Help you, acting on the principle of viribus unitis "*. One billion – the number of troops Maitreya. Join of warriors in the spirit– the condition of victory. Because the required conscious cooperation on the side of the forces of light to all, who connected to pole light. In thought or external actions, but cooperation should be conscious, that is a choice and contiguity to the forces of peace and light or of war,darkness and devastation must be made knowingly and voluntarily.
* Joint efforts – (Latin).
256. (May 23). In of all circumstances, even the most distractions, will learn to respect the rhythm of communication. The circumstances of the time and the will go, the rhythm is constant. It is within the scope of the imperishable one must learn to shift consciousness, bearing in mind that "rags" and "the generalities of the deceitful eternal truth of Things" are not comparable in value. The Necessary give a due place in the consciousness. It's amazing how vanity can capture it and divert attention from what matters and most importantly. The question to by focusing to be able overcomes sounding generalities. After all, the time will come when not only normal, but also of all earthly things, and then have to leave the channels dug by an unusual space when life on Earth will become consciously in the higher realms above-ground world.
257. (M. A. Y.). Every victory over themselves will form the addition on the scales of achievement. Because good stubbornly and insist on even small victories. Of them stacked up from seeking larger and larger. The rhythm everyday helps that because rhythm observance, despite everything, is already a victory. Think of the victories, as the Bishop said: "I have identified are among the victorious Learnt".
258. (Guru). Sometimes circumstances are especially condensed to break the Communication rhythm. And here the special effort of will is required not to allow invasion of third-party influences. Certainly, influence goes through those who near. And, if in this case not to make the efforts, of violation a stream of perceptions not avoid.
259. (May 24). Teacher of the deaf, who penned the wall contour door, locked the heavy gate. Then pushed back the bolt and opened the door. Then made a sign of the pupil and Entered with him into it. Because of a dense world He has entered into the world of subtle, and disciple followed him; the door in the World Aboveground, for of usual people, - close. But open it can be if you know how. The new era is marked by the merging of the worlds, when dense hedges will be cleaned. Before, long ago, the World was not so tight is separated from it, like now. However, an insight into that world and fragmentary impressions of him has now some people. If to be attentive, not too difficult to distinguish subtle phenomenon, but one has to be careful not to upset the equilibrium by forcibly. In fact people live in both worlds, though not aware of this report. Both worlds are inseparable from one another. You only need to be able to understand how this relationship and what phenomena are signs of subtle world.
260. (M. A. Y.). An angry person constantly and habitually radiates unkind thoughts, poisoning them, first of all, your own body, then space and everything around, every object which picks up or delivers his thoughts, and, finally, its poison infecting people in contact with him. If they are good, then have some immunity, if evil, it becomes even worse. But good people can easily succumb to the more powerful influences, bad if you don't know how to defend against them. The main thing is not to allow ourselves to be in unison with evil emanations, wishes generated by such people. Sooner or later they will reap and reaping the rewards of its already seeding. Must be resolutely and firmly set in motion the protecting network and not allow ourselves to respond in consonance with the evil influences and thoughts. When approved by the balance and not in tune with the evil reaction to such effects all evil immediately returns to begets and Kickback is inevitable. It is very important not to let yourself get infected other people's emotions and respond to them in their evil tone.
261. (Guru). Now is the time for the apparent turnaround in current world events. And each of them will end with a victory for the forces of light. Cosmic Ray exposure astrologically has changed. Under their favorable impact and will be the cause of peace.
262. (May 25). Sense-knowledge allows knowing that is in the regular way inaccessible. The spirit simply knows and reports this knowledge to consciousness. In space forms of the near future already were defined. The spatial knowledge is available. We speak about a victory which in the Thin World is already gained and its results poured out in steady thin educations. Victories in the dense world – the inevitable consequence of that occurred and are finished by phenomenon in the Thin World. So step by step, consistently the New World also will steadily enter into board, and old steadily to suffer a defeat behind defeat. "Much you blow a victory" because in elevated it is complete.
263. (M. A. Y.). We were always unswervingly confident of final and complete victory Of Light over darkness. Be sure you do. False generality distorts reality. One must rise above her. Everything is good in its season. Resulting time requirements dictate. And the one who should Come and do the will of the Period ", performed by the will of the Supreme. And no force on Earth prevents this Action.
264. (Guru). It is written, "Hand and foot human". The great transition from centuries of darkness to light will be split to a century of humanity on the supporters of peace, cooperation and light and supporters of war, destruction and violence. The first complete victory, the second destined to defeat and withdrawal from the historical scene, and conscious of the servants of darkness and evil to makers – Saturn. You must awake to all the participants and the builders of the new world to realize the values the ongoing struggle between the forces of construction and the forces of destruction. Understood will flock to be light and will have the victory.
265. (May 26). The fatigue is from spatial participation in the events. And you help feasibly. On a chain tension is transferred. Only a pettiness isn't called for participation. If understood need of ant provisions of a thing uniform, disbalance it would be replaced with balance. Conditions for Great Arrival are prepared. Not the sword will be brought to the world, but the world.
266. (M. A.Y.). A little more patience and the horizon of the future become clearer. We too have been waiting for and a lot longer than you; and the Bishop Waited for centuries. Frame fit and expected would become the world's terrestrial phenomenon.
267. (Guru). Just like this nothing happens. And if as and happens, then no so and no simply. Value of the events is deep and great. Performers don't know greatness of the Plan. But Know Those, Who Conducts. Let's be glad to the future.
268. (May 27). As all events out of the person at the happiest combinations – anything if inside it is unsuccessful, to internal state and we will pay the most severe attention and to internal streamlining and we will direct the efforts. Thoughts, the word and action demand control – all thoughts, all words and all actions. Let's not speak about achievements if such control isn't established. It is necessary to use each mistake; each miss, each thoughtlessly escaped word, and everyone disbalance not to allow them again. Let's not forget also the everyday order to consciousness before withdrawal to a dream to be protected from dark influences. Each weakness, shortcoming or dirty thought – a catch for a shaggy hand to throw the shaggy balls. As carefully it is necessary to be preserved against everything that can attract influences of dark rack. Don't doze around, as predators waiting for a gain, ready to use everyone the disbalance. That advantage of all diligence and aspirations if inside it is unsuccessful and the strictest order isn't established. Self the judge, self the rough and self-hard and impartial over itself the controller; both anybody, and anything, also can't in any way help to succeed in advance if the internal lord and the lord didn't take the power over in hand. Is useless to accept approval, praises and recognition of people if the one who inside, considers that they aren't deserved. And how the person behaves before others but as – alone and before a space face is important not.
269. (M. A. Y.). The victory over you is more important and more all other victories over whom and over anything. Of each error, every, every indulgence of permitting its shortcomings, admitted due to some reasons, you can check out the new, twice the force opposing them and get out of the fight victorious. Remember, winners don't judge firmly, but losers are already convicted. Because even temporary or incidental loss be used as a powerful impetus for the new victory. Remember that positively everything: the good and bad, and good and evil, and enemies and friends, and unhappiness and happiness and sorrow and joy, and illness and health, and help the forces of light and dark, all, all, evil of a shift all is judgment the winner steps ladder to light.
270. (Guru). Not among the righteous, Holy, and age, but among ordinary people has chosen His disciples of the Lord. Publicans and sinners, and the robbers were approached. And a man in his eyes, has some drawbacks but ascendant has more merit than the virtuous, but standing on the spot. Measurement of Teachers is quite different than local; they are not comparable with each other.
271. (Entry from the diary of BN). 22 may, President of the United States came to Moscow. Negotiations are extraordinary value and importance of its consequences.
272. (May 28). We had to take special measures for the agreement took place. Who, how and when will My , was unbeaten. "I have overcome the world" – a formula of light. Even the seeming triumph of darkness has already temporarily in out of the temporary. Because temporary darkness. But the light is eternal. Darkness is temporary and in human consciousness. Therefore, the harlot and the thief Brought promised to be with him. Constant aspiration to light is the guarantee of victory, imperfect as the spirit aspires. Inviolability and the eternity of the spirit by having equanimity are immutably leads to victory ambitions. So let's leave all the doubt, hesitation, uncertainty and anything that hampers going. As the leaves fall, will fly the imperfections and trash dust stratifications, and white wings not broken aspirations would suffer it on and above.
273. That's the spirit aspires to the inner sanctums of the rags and deceitful "envelop mind and generalities wish to hold it so that are around. Well, when this is clearly and distinctly understood. With that is realized, it is much easier to fight. Before eyes it is easier to struggle with the enemy, than with unconscious obstacles. Then blow the will is directed straight into the goal. When an entity against clearly palpable, his calm and confident. "False generality" essentially worthless, but as long as nobody bothers strong not understood. And then the pearls of light on the pathetic rags have nothing to trade the generalities do not force.
274. (M. A. Y.). Don't be confused by the assignment of the crafty hands», because the correct its perception gives a rush of new forces and understanding its immateriality. All this will pass, but the spirit of God is with his aspiration, carrying it over the turbulent flow of the current. You marveled at resistance and staunch of our spirit. They stem from awareness of the transitory nature of obviousness and immutable reality of fiery upper world.

275. (Guru.) When the certain step is reached, all supportive applications and addresses it is possible to leave and come into contact directly and directly, without resorting to earlier accepted forms of Communication. The spirit over everything and when it is included into board, a lot of things necessary and helping becomes before already unnecessary.
276. (May 29). If carriers of the power terrestrial, terrestrial power and wealth aren't equal with inhabitants before laws human, before Laws Space are equal all. Laws Space doesn’t do for people of exceptions, and it is necessary to reckon with them. Many go against them and pay cruelly. The fate of debtors is especially severe. The law of causes and effects is immutable. The fate of debtors is especially severe. On one end the reason, on other – a consequence. Trying to evade from action of the law pipe,-dream. But creation of the new reasons, excellent from former, it is possible to create new consequences. In this case the creative power of imagination is set in motion. The devotee is a person, strength of mind creating a chain of the reasons, conformable with Space Laws. What reason, such is and a consequence. And the feat will be the most favorable room of spiritual wealth of the person.
277. (M. A. Y.). The spirit is strong, but the flesh is weak, and strength of spirit to the infirmity of the flesh spirit gradually possesses the body and asserted his authority over them. Even in small things by the power of the spirit, you can banish tired body, many ailments and the beginnings of disease. Importantly, they resist and assert the supremacy of the spirit. Some are become limp at the earliest and fatigue failure or disease, others are fighting against them to the end, increasing his mental energy and the multiplying those forces there. The body will die, and the accumulated psychic energy remains with the spirit in the form of crystalline formations, pending in the bowl. Accumulation of Bowls is inherent in all incarnations.
278. (May 30). Man proposes, and we have. Knowing the time frame we have unmistakable. We will extinguish the hateful Rays which, when outbreaks of new combinations of stars will be particularly effective. If the Flash of pink light will hang up rising, when fostering the astrological great change would soon. And just as humanity came to the brink of nuclear war, similarly, will start and reverse process have already begun. Enjoy bright, opening opportunities before the beleaguered human race.
279. (M. A. Y.). In the past, will put Cross and open doors to understanding of the future. It is already at the door. Do not enter into a new world in tatters and a clutch of old. Consciousness must wash the understanding of new relatives of Transfiguration. There is enough blood, wars and violence. There is enough counteractions and fight against a pacification and construction. Long live the new life on Earth and peace for people and well pleased!
280. (Guru). Appeal under the Banners of Lord Maitreya sounds over the planet, and many reply. Of wakening consciousness’s sound on the spatial Call. Dark world, proponents of darkness haters will stay behind in construction and bright not participate. And they're not, but bright will face at the helm. So there will be change of direction from darkness to light throughout the world, and the promised victory of light would be approved everywhere.
281. How to combine harmoniously Heavenly and terrestrial? How, without coming off Earth, at the same time to pay due attention to spirit? How twilight of the present to reconcile with shining prospects of the future? Constanta of memory about the Necessary! All, that surrounds us, - not ours. Our homeland and the house not here, but there, in World Aboveground Here we only guests, better to say – travelers. "Only the understanding of a way corresponds to terrestrial stay". And then it is possible to become attached neither to a place, nor to the house, to things. Everything is temporary also all not ours. And even to own body the relation becomes another; and it too not ours, and too for of time. And it is possible to treat its diseases and not relics differently. The Maya it is real, and at the same time it doesn't show reality. The perfect analogy with the mirage – also is and isn't present. When the thought is transferred to spirit area, the consciousness receives a strong basis and a support.
282. (M. A. Y.). "What good man if the whole world would acquire and lose his soul?" Because the first of worry - about her, about the soul. If the benefit of the whole mankind has evolutionary value, selfhood and personal, they painted, is like a dream, the end and short passing. Great Spirits the super person Live. Self-profitable investment it’s of the spiritual property- in of region above-person. Therefore by the personal we won't be burdened. He has no place in space.
283. (Guru). Aspiration in the future and stay in it, destroying the power of the moment of consciousness. Great this power and break free from her need to fly. This thought is depicted in the painting "Gesser-Khan". Arrow of thought directed a powerful hand in the future, not a symbol, but in the scope of the coming space perforation or penetration of consciousness in them. In areas of High, where is the future of humanity and is scheduled for its evolution, cosmic fire reality phenomenon in forms, and the combination of consciousness with them in the space introduces his evolutionary stream and in the prophetic insights allows you to see what already exists in the areas of above-ground world. Insight into the future puts a human face to face with the reality of the upper world.
284. (June 2). In contact all consciousness is filled with thoughts about us, so that nothing external can already to squeeze. One has to make and too busy was a subliminal process. Bad when the basic idea about us and the tank is filled with the spirit of flying midge’s conventional thinking or "deceitful with generalities. Full of concentration – with difficulty. But with the love and interest to what is more important and more important of all, it's possible. All counter-attracting so unimportant! When the water tank vibrates spirit thoughts aspirations for Us, the process is facilitated by the very impulse, but the key is love. It overcomes all difficulties and obstacles and overcoming the worlds.
285. How to succeed in "Making"? Only of not broken staunchness to aspiration! How to adopt? Constanta of love and of devotion! How to cultivate these qualities? Understanding of that they give on that "a narrow track which conducts in life".
286. (Guru). It is possible to change a little the formulation and to tell: "Resisted it will be up to the end rescued". Stability in Light doesn't suffice. It is so much doubting, fluctuating, uncertain and rods. Light contact yet doesn't give strength in it to be approved – collected efforts because "Good’s kingdom force undertakes are necessary, and making effort admires it".
287. (June 3). Height of spirit was determined by the seriousness of the cross, which he is. The burden of this world is great for walking to the light. Entrance fee corresponds to the strength of the aspirations. Paying more and get more. And if the Burden is too great then wise rejoices births given these opportunities. The word "load Me harder" contain prerequisite fastest ascent on the ladder of light to the spirit that understands the value of thorns, of Calvary and the crucifixion suffering, leading it to victory over the world. Crucifixion upon the cross of matter not spirit symbol, but the stark reality for someone who found a narrow path leading to eternal life.
288. Through the inevitable anyway, but you have to go through. And if so, wouldn't it be better to pass through it, as befits a Ruler being light. No endless tests. Everything comes to an end. Come time for you both, and, who knows, maybe it is near.
289. (June 6). Before a dawn always be darkly. Not casually close in such situation burdened by circumstances. Not casually so heavy and to you. How to have this hard transitional time, without having lost accumulation and having kept on the reached? How thoughts to hold on the most necessary? How to be protected from chaos invasion? Where anything else doesn't help, it is possible to succeed love. How not to remember Darling! As not to aspire to It! How not to find time to give! What to tell in a consolation to those who needs It? Tell, the Lord Told: "Take the cross and follow Me". The cross is karma. Weight takes it on the shoulders going and courageously bears it up to the end. And before the end, before release it presses is especially intolerable. Also it seems that anything isn't present that the Teacher that is ahead gloomy Left. But it is deception and an allure strengthened dark, and it is necessary to pass through it, without deviating aside and without changing a step. Not to compare these burdening’s by circumstances to a coming nearer dawn and pleasure of release of spirit from a snare of a dense environment. Rejoice, children, Light ahead.
290. (M. A. Y.). If external conditions cannot be changed at this time, the internal State and the attitude toward them, you can always be modified. Thoughts gather inside, manifesting severe restraint of all senses and especially words. The word strongly ummagnetize may apply. Force yourself to keep silent when possible. Will soon notice that confidentiality and restraint reinforced armor. After all each excess word as a hole or a crack in armor through which insalubrious, disharmonious and bad influences get. And, even if they are not dark, but from ordinary people, there is still good in them. Close the visor and lift the shield, and most importantly, words beware made unnecessarily. We should show restraint and rein in all senses. How do you possess, if the language is unnecessary, and chatters feelings tremble under the influence of third party suggestions. Balance strong store, not allowing others to consciousness violated it. Does and doesn't react viscerally to contact you outside, if you still have to conform in appearance. Be given a voice in unison with them means the balance changed to disbalance. To you insistently climb with unnecessary referrals to trigger this reaction. It is not important that they usually operate unconsciously, damage, however, is great.
291. (June 8). The pupil is in a condition of continuous expectation. The present for it only an inevitable step to the future and in itself is deprived of self-sufficing value. If to take away the future from mankind, its existence becomes senseless. Come ended all of the affairs narrow-minded. You shouldn't put in them attention too. Even less his moods caused by experiences of an astral deserve. Only timeless it is possible to be given more stoutly, without being afraid of loss. But all at of rower the present over of consciousness is a great. It is possible to moderate it only aspiration in the future. People and so give the forces to the future, only their future too shortly and certainly. Wisdom consists in carrying out longer line moderating a celebration of vanity.
292. (M. A. Y.). Higher dimensional space doesn't know distances in the earthly sense. There is near what are the thought and heart. Timeless, and the quickness of thought it is on top of the measured speed; where 0f thought, - there and of the consciousness. And if the thought is directed to something or someone, then immediately shifts to a consciousness. Because there man surrounds himself with what are heart and desire. Wanting be with fathers is, wanting with them to be with the Lord is with him; a leading of thought.
293. (Guru). While here on Earth, thought from the heart, is directed to the Lord, that consciousness can enter into direct communication with him, but already on the Higher dimensions. And the thin eyesight it is possible to inspect this bond. Actually the consciousness asserts a genuine link and the invisible aura of His shoop. Dense spatial Proximity does not allow visibility of the Teacher, but the upper world is making Laws Communicate reality. Truly the Lord is close to the hearts of living them. And subtle vision problems can be observed this relationship. Higher dimensional Worlds laws take precedence over terrestrial, not breaking past, but rising over the restrictions and introducing it into the earthly realm of the aboveground.
294. (June 9). The dense world exists and is obviously visible physical sight. The thin world exists, but dense sight we don't see. Both exist side by side, on the planes different and separately from each other, not actually, but in consciousness of the person. The new Era will be marked by rapprochement of the worlds. The border between them gradually will be refined, won't disappear yet absolutely. The thought is expressed in the images visible to a mind of the thinker. But these images are real. The photo of the future will be able to depict them on an equal basis with dense subjects. The person lives in both worlds: on the one hand, it is surrounded with subjects of a material world, with another – thin formations of mental forms. Both worlds are equally real actually and available to an eye of the clairvoyant. Causing before a mind the Face of the Teacher, the pupil actually the Thin World creates real forms. These forms exist, though aren't visible for an eye, but are visible for thin sight. All people – both live and died – are surrounded with products of the mental creativity. It is necessary to realize reality of this environment and to understand how it accompanies the person both here and there. The thought of the Teacher has much more value, than it seems to terrestrial mind. Thoughts as a real factor of life have much bigger value, than it usually admits, and powerfully influence consciousness of the person invisibly, but obviously accompanying his terrestrial way and continuing to influence and after. "The thought – the satellite true", not leaving beget, yet won't settle on it the most put by it in it energy. Therefore about allowed and dominating in consciousness and sub consciousness thoughts it is necessary to think carefully and useless to be preserved against thoughts. The rhythm everyday Communication creates a strong thin environment. Each warm address strong is real, being reality not visible a terrestrial eye of the Thin World. It is necessary to understand that we live in both worlds. It is necessary to realize as severe control over thought is insistently necessary. The mental forms created by the person, can become so powerful that he won't be able to fight any more with them, if they not from Light. With light it isn't necessary to fight. They as on wings bear it to Light. Dense visibility and thin – are real, everyone on the plan. For razvoploshchenny people dense visibility is replaced thin and becomes so real and visible as there was for them a dense world when they were in the world terrestrial.
295. (M. A. Y.). From seductions, both allure, and seducing thoughts it is necessary to be released, for the present on Earth. Then will be late. They will involve spirit in spheres corresponding to them, to escape from which difficult extraordinary. Lie of allure that their appeal seeming: under each of them, behind a visible attracting form – a ball of venomous snakes and sharp thorns. And, when the external cover of appeal is broken, a grief got to this ball. The earthling of the terrible danger hidden behind externally attractive form of poisonous thoughts doesn't see. And this appeal – false, generated by the soiled imagination. Severely and ruthlessly the allure pupil going on the way dumps appeal covers. Much they meet on a way. It is much thrown dark and it is inflated by them in a dirty flame. Each get rid property or weakness is used by them as a catch, either a hook, or a crack to creep. Be preserved against thoughts dirty in every way spirit. They worry both a body and time. They are very hardy. There is no more terrible and shameful slavery, than slavery at them.
296. (Guru). And bright thoughts and their shining forms are real and are a reality. And dark thoughts and their ugly forms are real and are a reality. The two poles of the things themselves in antisituation show single pole Light pole and darkness. And free choice between these two poles of attraction belongs to man. And when the choice is made, that is the reason why the investigation was prompted by its inevitable. Every thought will cause further. Because arguing over the thoughts, should provide responsive care.
297. (June 10). Every object, every plant, tree, bird, fish, animals, people have their astral double. Enjoy it and all creations of human hands: houses, villages, towns. Are the twins of mountains, lakes, forests, rivers, seas and all that is on Earth, and the earth itself? All this exists in a thin world along with forms created by the human mind. All this exists in the Thin World along with the forms created by human thought. Scrolls of Akasha, who showed all the past of humanity and the Earth, are also included in the list of what is in the world aboveground. Just that there exists, it is impossible to list, especially in its Highest available Areas. Well get rendered into that world, in order not to lose its brilliance and diversity. And you have to have strong support. This pillar is the hierarchy of light. The sad situation of the denier's and Never, when he begins to realize that, although its body and died, he continues to live. Knowledge gained in this direction on Earth, there are very useful, because it allows people to navigate in a new environment and a lot to understand. Denial undoubted is ridiculous. For the ignorance has to pay the price. In the thin world all given by of consciousness. The formula "on your faith it shall be given you" is a basic condition of one incarnation people. The thought is caused by this condition. Deniers and never are people who burgled themselves. Thin host opportunities abound. Boundary or limit their use. A poor, dull and hopeless in the subtle world denier stay evil. Some simply deprive themselves of consciousness belief that death ends all body and nothing further. Belief in the immortality of the spirit is sense-knowledge, uâvlenie or the direct perception of truth. Convergence of worlds will reveal the veil that separates the world of tight Thin. – The future of humankind, the shining features learning surrounding charming world, in all its dimensions and depth.
298. (Guru). Really for the person that, what recognizes and to admin in of consciousness. Everything else outside of his thinking, for it does not exist. Therefore, expansion of consciousness in Teaching is very important. The more accepted, the wider my horizons and understanding. Negation can narrow the horizons to pinhead. The human spirit is like an eagle – the higher the rose upon the Earth, the greater and the visible horizon. Aspiration to the tops of the spirit rises above the generalities of woodland, dense.
299. (June 12). Feeling Fine and visibility of the world are not yet accomplishment. Psychics, mediums, and mad him see, and feel. About the crazy talk won't, but psychics and mediums are often victims of attacks and end the sad loss mental equilibrium. The path of Yoga is far from psyhism and medium ship. Contact with the Subtle World is healthy and natural way. Communication with the teacher protects against contact with the inferior layers of the astral. Sense-knowledge will be the result of normal thinning of the organism, and insight into the world of also Fine. Only a total cleansing from all the litters serves as protection from a dark plague, while not exempt from attacks by servants of darkness; much the various inventions by the dark. They need to learn to see, to paralyze the harm. Have to keep constantly on the alert, for use by all, even friends. Vigilant wake cycle spirit is an indispensable condition for the mental state of the student.
300. (M. A. Y.). As the refinement of the organism is strengthened and escalates its susceptibility, - perception to go by the consonance. What is the call, so is the spatial response. And it is not hard to understand how harmful untreated stains on aura and what harmonies they attract. Thought, if foster internally, constantly growing, drawing from surrounding areas of sibling elements. The light-bearer, radiant thought – as armor, as shield.
301. (Guru). "Do know neither the day nor the hour ..." With this likeness and will expect future. And let the anticipation it will be active. Activity may be internal, and externally on the surface not notable. If only thoughts were not to stagnate. Not the running water but in stagnant, decaying, start any scum.
302. (June 13). Accumulation of psychic energy is one of the main objectives of the student throughout his life. Unaltered psychic energy doesn't remains – it builds up or wasted or. Giving her a legitimate issue, quickly recovers. But squandering of precious power renewable in the regular way can't be. If a man has long indulged despondency, then re-assemble the expended on this sense of force is not easy, and not just because the physical effects may emerge as despondency terminal illness. The same results are obtained as a consequence of all sorts of excesses, drinking, incontinence, fear, irritation, etc. Feelings-eaters of mental energy – may be able to not replenishment. Every action, thought or feeling, or accumulates, or consumes the Fiery might. Conscious self-restraint all human movements, and both physical and mental, is similar to a closed dam, stores water for the mill. When holding back "Silver ghost" superimposed on the bridle all the senses of a disciple, he is willing to climbing and getting new instructions. It is difficult to restrain many of experiencing externally, but internally much more difficult. When a person expresses human feelings is an overwhelming victory. When of face no express overwhelming of man feelings – this narrower of victory. Restraint and self-checking in all forms are approved. Lower in the power of the dismissed feelings not compatible with understanding of Yoga.
303. (M. A. Y.). The ardent example of fieriness of feelings is shown by the people who have lost composure and mentally ill people. Disbalance and balance to the antipodes. Own entirely with himself must learn student. Conscious self-restraint is unusual in people. Therefore, it causes even some his unaccountable fear or, at least, respect. A State of equilibrium is unusual. Because she call even some fear, or, during of its exposed people instantly. A State of equilibrium is a better drive. No one can stand against the balance. The most vicious attack will shatter his shield. If the Teacher asks to help him keep balance, He is drawn to student who has already reached a certain stage of the condition. Disbalance in the world, and help students in this direction is very valuable. Quality equilibrium has not only personal, but spatial meaning. Great is his power. Understanding of the balance is the fate of the few.
304. (Guru). Agni's accumulation can devote all the time. After all this process includes both constancy of patrol, and restraint, both tranquility, and balance, both the guarded vigilance, and control over astral display, over all emotions, thoughts, words and actions. Conscious accumulation of mental rower is tins process complicated and hard, only few to rower.
305. (June 15). The condition of internal concentration and restraint can be established at will, and it is possible to do it probably more often, so that there was it habitual and constant. Dissoluteness of all feelings and inability to restrain and own itself will opposition to this condition. At restraint the aura comes to a quiet condition and well affects all surrounding: both people, and animals, both plant, and inanimate objects. After all even things and walls of houses and everything with what the person comes to contact, can be filled with good aura. All people influence the environment. Question only in, how? Don't think incarnate, what pattern of spirit is left by them for themselves, but all leave it. According to biographies of some people it is very easy to make idea of character of such pattern. Gloomy and terrible patterns are left after themselves by the bad people who have indulged in the evil. But even not bad person being in slavery and submission at the astral, can leave after him very not attractive records. Therefore restraint and concentration internal certainly are useful. What fascinating this process of mastering by the feelings, thoughts, and moods at understanding as this way mental energy collects and increases can become. It is possible to live life on Earth, having saved up or having spent Agni.
306. (M. A. Y.). Ask yourself, should everyone that did or does he in this incarnation, so that his spirit can advance further. After all, he may return to the same point from which started this life, not advancing any closer, or even could fall even lower. And then have to start again from scratch, passing all the allotted, but in more difficult conditions. Every move, even the slightest, done in the right way, will bring good consequences. It is possible to put mountain handfuls. And in their lives on Earth amass can be the most valuable treasures of the spirit. It is in everyday life is normal, is picking up or waste of fiery might. Mistakenly thinking of the nonen-tity the human, if from the look it droop and wilt flowers or wasting away light, joyful mood surrounding if poison it can saturate your space around. And the positive and negative energy or radiation person operates on all that surrounds it. How much should be attentive to everything that comes out of his essence. Grows up to good or evil is incarnated on Earth every spirit. And, closely watching the man in the eye, not that to smell the hard something, from the darkness he, or from of light.
307. (Guru). Poison of doubt may have been tossed at any step ladder of spirit. Because It is specified be approved on the basis of consciousness. They are not negated, and the waves dropped thoughts of doubt will split about it. The difficulty is that all the evidence stands in front of the eyes and can serve as strength the self-test as vans black value of Foundation on which to build House spirit. So you can strengthen each Bobble stone. Not it is denied the true. Not will seduce Maya who approved their consciousness on the Lord.
308. (June 16). Enemies are more useful to a spirit ascension, than rotten friends because teach vigilance, to vigilance, sharpness and ability to resist to various counteractions. Enemies learn to fight. Enemies, striking blows, strengthen and temper spirit armor. They exercise the wit resourcefulness. Day breakers approve the force in incessant struggle with darkness and dark evil maker. Soldiers are necessary to Me strong, courageous, and tempered in severe fight. Let's finish appreciation to enemies.
309. (M. A. Y.). Devotion without of constancy, - as a bird without the wings. Devotion is valuable quality of constancy. You see as it fluctuates in those whom would like to consider among friends. Fluctuations and changeability of moods, that is conditions of an astral, generate this instability of the relations; very mournfully, when the friendship put in dependence off inconstancy. The loyal friend you appreciate, true so there aren't enough friends.
310. (Guru). Beams self-proceeding are valuable the originality and not repeatability. Their approved never will assimilate to a parrot repeating someone else's words. True creativity of spirit is always original. "Swimming in own castle" is preferred to others ships, despite all their positive sides and advantages.
311. (June 17). And enemies of Light the same, as and a millennium ago; very strong and organized. They know receptions of sorcery and black magic. Much is known to them from area of Intimate Knowledge. The denying, not beliefs and all other ignoramuses recognize neither mental energy, nor opportunities to use it in the evil and therefore they are powerless against occult and mental frauds of enemies. And at dark there are a lot of allies, and conscious and unconscious. You look how pervert and they distort each kind undertaking.
312. (M. A. Y.). Approving reality of the Thin World, you are approved on an unshakable basis. It is possible to stand and go only on two feet that is recognizing two worlds. The one-sided world view will inevitably lead to crash. In all the undertakings you remember the invisible basis of everything that is visible to an eye terrestrial. To Us addressing and entering Communication, don't belittle that strong is real, though it isn't given dense shapes. When you will dump a terrestrial body and dense visibility will cease to fill consciousness, it will be replaced by the thin. And everything that was created during lifetime by a rhythm of not broken aspiration remains with you to accompany your spirit in Elevated.
313. (June 19). The temptations of every kind accompany walking on the Path up to the highest levels. Fallen Angel level was high, but not height saved him from falling. Dense shell immerses spirit in terms of giving the possibility of a wide variety of tests. Yes, the very incarnation can be seen as another test of the spirit to a specific job. Some pass through this successfully, others do not stand up and over and over again returned to Earth with the same job. Many date back, many descend lower and lower. Each test it is necessary to survive. There is no alternative, is it just the way your descent into the abyss. All efforts to overcome their address to be entered in property records as the achievements of the past, because in the future, germinate best, - at all steps a ladder of life –of fight and of overcoming. And that one was an achievement for subsequent approval could be overcome for qualities of spirit, the better. Student destined never adds impotence or desperate hands, however difficult to overcome may be what it should be. Victoriously Our motto at all times for walking on the trail of life-struggle and victory.
314. (M. A. Y.). When talking about tackling and winning, we mean overcoming himself and defeated him. "He conquers all, who himself will be able to win." Control of external conditions and moving her out was tantamount to fight with windmills and is self-deception. Because "what good man if the whole world will win", and will remain in without clear space thralls weaknesses and vices of their own in power disbanded astral, that is, "his soul will lose"? The Savior said: "I have overcome the world» and this victory was not in the outer victory over His enemies, who crucified his body, but it is in winning the inside on what outside powerfully rose against him. And it is this victory was a stepping stone to a future where comes the Lord of the New World, the world of light and happiness to human kind.
315. (Guru). When solid, strong, not the invincible and steady efforts to move forward on the path of light man begins to be absolutely everything: all of the characters, good and bad, all things considered, favorable and unfavorable, all business is successful and unsuccessful, and grief and joy, health and disease, and the nastiest conditions. It follows the path of the winner. And what the passing and temporary can detain the person if his spirit not temporality and is eternal and if at a steady and constancy of aspiration on this way boundless everything is possible and everything is achievable?
316. (June 20). Here you want to think of the most necessary and to concentrate on it, and affairs of the present day, his care, interests and concerns imperiously demand to themselves attention and, contrary to your will and desire, distract you that are most important. Two in one fight for prevalence and as often vanity wins. What to do and how to protect consciousness from invasion of waves of the everyday sea? To die usual and to be removed in the woods, mountains or the desert it is impossible because the karma put in these conditions. And the debt to people too should be executed. How after all to be? It is once told: "Caesarian – to the Caesar, and God’s– to God", that is terrestrial – the Earth, and spiritual – to spirit, but in balance full that is so that, without leaving from life and being in the middle it, nobility, understand and feel heart, constantly to keep this consciousness that everything that occurs around, there is passing, changeable and deceptive Maya terrestrial; that all this only that flashes in a window of a rushing express train; that today one, and tomorrow another, but that is unchangeable and constant Called, and the Kingdom Light Ego which other-worldly, there is the only reality and the Basis of all on which it is possible to rely and on which it is possible to be approved by spirit. It is necessary to introduce understanding it in consciousness so that flashing patterns of a kaleidoscope passing didn't cover that is more important also perky only. Because everything will pass and passes, but I stay for ever and ever. The consciousness center from spheres of the passing concentrates on enduring, and life is transferred to thought.
317. (M. A. Y.). It is told: "Who is sure for the will, let will enter". "The creator imperious – will" can demagnetize consciousness in the necessary direction. Therefore on strengthening and education of the will it is necessary to pay special attention. Place will in a brain, but the will center – heart. And when the desire, aspiration or thought go from of heart, that they and win. It isn't simple to transfer will to heart and it isn't easy because to be given something or someone by heart – means to fall in love. And the Love is the Winner fiery, and don't think from a brain to fight against it. So, the will movable by love, can overcome everything that becomes a barrier on a spirit way to Light. And even it is possible to win against itself power of ardent love to the Lord. The Lord Told: "You love Me and you will double force". So, a key from all of achievements is of love. It also you will reach there where the Lord Called you.
318. (June 21). After each contact with people it should be noted attentively kind or hostile reaction from contact which happens under the influence of their radiations. The hostile relation is felt rather more sharply. Therefore enemies are better teachers, than friends. It isn't necessary to be afflicted with the hostile relation. It is possible to be even grateful for study. Sense-knowledge develops this way quicker. People determine by the attitude towards you the belonging to a darkness or Light camp. Thin feelings give in to the analysis at the attentive attitude towards them.
319. (M. A. Y.). "Man is something that should be overcome. What did you do to overcome a person? And what is a monkey to man – a mockery or nagging shame? "And the man of today is in relation to what should it be in judgment it the future? All in man is imperfect and subject to address compared to the Supreme Being, in which he will change on the higher stages of evolution. You can rejoice in their accomplishments, knowing, however, that once-and they will have to overcome and improve the development and growth of the infinite spirit, to which no end.
320. (Guru). What luck breaking out of its shell to freedom of aura’s spatial expanse! You smell something small dense body of restrictions and the Dungeon to shoot for the spatial freedom. The body requires, for allowing the spirit to grow and deepen knowledge, gradually mastering the physical body in order to free himself from his restraints and connection into the five external senses. We welcome every step and win in this direction. Bit by bit going and accumulates the treasure of Agni. To victory over the flesh, the Lord is calling. The winner is judged. A player winning bids farewell all.
321. (June 23). What do poor people; their results will not be perfect. And without improvement of the performer it is impossible to improve affairs. And we say and insist on improvement of human consciousness. Without a transformation of consciousness in people a new peace will not come. Our Beams also are directed on this transformation of consciousnesses. It keeps saying the teaching life. Taking place on planet decomposition is a consequence of human imperfection. And not as important a form expressing human activity as the essence of this form, for exterior can hide internal decomposition. Coffins painted, complete all "abominations", and is a very good illustration of this thought. Acceptable external form is acceptable in line with its internal content. Even words are justifiable and acceptable if their outer expression matches the inland. The world is based on the accord and coherence. And our task is to establish on Earth the lost balance. And then there will be peace on Earth is possible and "grace in good will, instead of war, violence, hostility and malevolence.
322. (M. A. Y.). On top of all that is human consciousness, is the deep inner process, not visible to the eye. Even Light which bears in itself Light carrier, isn't visible bearing it. Because of the growth of its aura of apprentice watch cannot but could his teacher. Not much available monitoring student going on in his body. And at times the only inner feeling vaguely could tell about the growth of the spirit and going inside. Because the teacher says: "give Me sadness and My joy about you, you follow after Me, not stopping, not doubting, and not being of inadequacy or fear. Lord said clearly, simply and clearly, at all times, that is: "he who believes in Me shall have eternal life", - this formula and go.
323. (Guru). Why all the attention is focused on the event and on the external surface of their search, when the main course in the depth. See his physical eyes, but no heart can smell something clearly and unmistakably. This is why Teaching Life focuses not on the brain and heart. And there, where the brain remain, of heart say your prophetic the word.
324. (June 24). The growth and development of the immortal incarnation Human Individuality goes on, regardless of the country, places, people, color, family and other external conditions. Of course, they influence, that is, speed up or slow down the evolution of the spirit; but like whirlpools, waves, wind and storms do not influence, even though they are, in the main course of the great river, the focus of the human microcosm, made under the influence of the stars, subject to its laws and does not depend on what events are happening in the world. Strong Individuality tower over the level of the external environment and create your karma to them contrary. So He climbed over that surrounded it. So Plato was ahead of humanity for many stages of its evolution. For the faint perfume of their consciousness is defined by being a strong perfume, but create and transform the surrounding, not walking on proceed and the beaten tracks, old world around them.
325. (M. A. Y.). Proof that spirit by nature is over the limitations of dense world, is the fact that the spirit, having left his evolution on Earth, goes to a higher, leaving the planet Earth and all earthly things, because it is not linked, because the Earth is only a temporary step in the process of infinite ascent and development spirit. The homeland of spirit in the higher worlds, but not on of Earth, Areas where spirit got its granulation, is a loose in the world. Remember the words of the Savior: "My Kingdom is not of this world".
326. (Guru). And still the house of spirit is under construction the person to itself on Earth. For our mankind Earth – an inevitable step of its evolution pass which it can't. Earth gives those conditions which promote development of its properties and talents. Approving a primacy of spirit and opportunity him to rise over a matter dense, it is impossible to lose sight that only the world dense can serve as steps for spirit ascension. To reject dense opportunities – means to lose advance. Necessity, usefulness, need and inevitability of terrestrial embodiments should be understood.
327. (June 25). We say: "everything is achievable". We are talking about the endless opportunities of spirit. In the future Look and thought to Distant Worlds, where already implemented the future that is destined to mankind. Adoption of the "I can do all things" depends on the realization of human marvelous "apparatus". Possible, these elusive, yet not understood and realized what an amazing apparatus is at the disposal of the human spirit. Conscious cognition of the essence of future human evolution shows he treads the path of climbing step by step. Here are it is specified and ignition psychic energy centers. Stage is difficult, but wonderful. Flights in teeth and mental body open of access to direct perceive in the world. Our goal is to "equip the person without a single apparatus. Already having achieved them wonderfully, but express this too requires awareness. And speechless, and the creation of a thought forms, and passing thoughts on distance, and suggestions, and lots of different phenomena are demonstrated and proven, suggests that these capabilities is not a fairy tale. All given, everything is open, but it is necessary to take the hand and the feet to go on the way, remembering a formula: "hand and foot human".
328. (M. A. Y.). As its shadow, all his imperfections and the phenomena of last fulfillments while he won't get rid will follow the person and won't overcome them everything. Because, and of opportunity fall, accompanies it to the highest steps. And if the Tempter offered Jesus all kingdoms terrestrial and the power then, and the temptation is offered on growth and spirit height. And difficulties, in turn, will grow and be multiplied too in process of its ascension. And it isn't necessary to wait for simplification any more. Will ask, whether it is better to stay in ignorance? Easier, both more simply, and more irresponsibly.It can be done, only having destroyed a sprout. Therefore "dead" are given opportunity "to bury the dead persons". Chosen a life it is necessary to go only on it, without stopping before any difficulties. All difficulties – Maya deception and dreams, and it is necessary to pass through them to enter Light Kingdom.
329. (Guru). The new heavens and the new Earth will reap nothing for the children of the world, but not for dark and conscious of their supporters the office "sheep from «goats “goes intensively, and unusable from a planet will leave. The copper roughly boils, and microbes boil away. Earth clarification already happens. The death will move away them from the dense world, and there they are waited by stones of become lifeless planets. Not in will have people to change a powerful tide of life. With spirit you are invigorated, because not darkness ahead.
330. (June 27). Earthly wisdom is enmity against God. Vanity and turmoil of the dense world are hostile to thin manifestations. There is no consistency between the worlds of human consciousness. Fairy tales and the sleeping Princess, dead and living water, good and evil wizards, werewolves, bewitched by the castles and all its attendant, miraculous phenomena, not fantasy but reality of the subtle world. People are feeling it, and the kids are so fond of fairy tales. World of Thin is the world where all possible and achievable, because there reigns the thought and all is going on and is propelled thought. All thin education is real in all areas and clearly visible fine vision. Bipolar vision is achievable. The great Fiery Epoch, which has already reached an all-time, will give people a clue to bipolar, and both peace and harmony will merge victoriously in human consciousness, without breaking its balance. Now the world of Subtle yet is clairvoyant, psychic, medium, and crazy, and drunks in the white passion or some patients with delirium. Glimpses of it, sketchy, rare and random are almost all people, but misunderstanding and rejection of hamper proper understanding of them; creative of fans and of groundless imaginations – antipodes. The first, besides Earth, deals as well with reality thin. Only limited opportunities broadmindedness human activity can if it's dark. True freedom to identify the creative power of thought but there is achievable. If only to understand that there are possible. Much is possible and here and even the impossible can be achieved, but how long will have to wait until the power is in the hands of everyone. For these achievements – the reality of Arhat, undertaken by them when they are still in the body of the Earth, but for each one, they are limited by the degree of his spirit. Fairy tales are useful and instructive, because euphemistically speak of peace and real opportunities people Aboveground. Folk wisdom begins to see clearly in the wonderful reality of fairy tales. Deniers are forced to be silent and blunt, as tales told about the validity of the fine; truth, no all, but only the present. You can welcome the new, true tales, because they really are needed. Are also useful and fantastic piece, if they are based on fundamentals. In the form of fiction you can give real knowledge to people. And the heart will understand the true value of given.
331. (M. A. Y.). Of course, we teach in his sleep, and waking up in the mind of one student received. And it is very good when it conducts records. Otherwise the resulting sinks into oblivion and for future generations are no longer available. The thought caught correctly: it's good to write to, say, narrative, which removed all restrictions of dense world, and what people learn through thousands of years, will be presented in the form of affordable, but either as a legend, or dreams, or in any other, but still acceptable form. People yearned for the unusual. Interest to all types of Yoga is great. Hungry people, for infant food does not serve the spirit of materialism, and to understand the real meaning of true, materialism is not yet mature enough.
332. (Guru). When your consciousness is Blowing ' in the Worlds of higher capacity, the spirit grows wings. When a person is depicted with wings, it is a symbol of a winged spirit. Not all spirits wings have, potentially all but in reality very few. True creativity is rising in its aspiration to light on wings of the spirit. Stand in front of a cloth and when the artist creator and you grow wings. Because, of true creativity inspires and raise man, transferring it into the worlds the highest reality. "Through art have light."
333. (June 29). The disciple is not above the Teacher, no matter how he tried to uplift them. Leadership is defined by a deep knowledge, experience and savings head, if they are there. And then the hierarchical relationships remain, no matter what. Wide experience and knowledge cannot be arbitrarily cancelled. But relationships are voluntary. Any imposition is excluded. An imaginary independence and self-affirmation is self-deception, which dropped from a hierarchical chain link is losing a direct link with the Hierarchy. But why not give a person an opportunity to be in this imaginary independence, if he so wishes. Imposing of the management is inadmissible. Internally it remains, if the spirit Chief above the stage. But the gap between the Hierarchy and the tragic loss for broke away the spirit. Therefore true creativity inspires and ennobles the person, transferring it to the Worlds of the highest reality. Link courtesy of its Karma lifted off.
334. (M. A. Y.). In connection with the timing and internal training is intense. And the characters are given. Everyone has value. It is important to watch out for. Rising spirit accelerated. For the details of life and reactions to them, you can watch the process. External loses its power. It may already be subject to the will, and the ardent the tempered growing and continuous counteraction. We watch and we are close. Reality and our invisible subtle world proximity will become brighter and brighter. Never mind that dark and terms – anyone, but space doesn't sound its note, and invisible setting, which is set to name, is running on a narrow trail leading to life. The Lord is unchangeable in the attitude towards those, whom It Hall-marked the. And our feelings are the same. Just to not let the obviousness of the dense obscuring knowledge of spirit. You can rejoice in spirit despite all that the eye sees and hears the ear of the Earth.
335. (Guru). The lord Told: "Rejoice, children!” But let it will be spiritual pleasure, pleasure about spirit. It is possible to rejoice and about terrestrial, but to remember thus that the pleasure terrestrial is transient and fragile. But the pleasure on spirit and about spirit doesn't depend on affairs terrestrial, short and therefore it is possible to rejoice contrary to and irrespective of fussy and illusive employment narrow-minded. Of joy come from spirit, is from the Highest Worlds. In the Highest Spheres the space sounds pleasure, and these moments can be caught heart. It also will be that "perfect" pleasure about which the Lord in due time Spoke.
336. (June 30). People would be undermined by strife, crises, inter-war period, with all sorts of trouble, personal and public, not to the spirit and become the other. There is no happiness in the world. Technology and science do not give, because happiness is in the spirit. The same few who wrote, suffer doubly and even more as a burden for the rest, the spirit does not have; of burden of this world because there is great, - and easier to be, until rave people. Irresponsible human reached monstrous proportions. The pristine green cover of the planet is destroyed, are being polluted bodies of water, rivers, lakes and oceans, catches air and exhaust gases of all kinds of scum. Human energy is directed at making terrible means of mass destruction of all life. And war is very cruel. Where did go? Dark ruin all the best beginnings, paying them for evil. The terrifying wills Kickback. He approaches are fatal. The elements go out from coast, because the balance of their disturbed. Every action causes a reaction. What is it, if the actions were contrary to the laws of balance and harmony?
337. (M. A. Y.). The highest layers of the patron of the matter and the deepest in the basis are not affected by elemental disbalance and disharmony created by humanity as a whole. There is a space of sustainability. And everywhere reigns and act the law. And whatever occurred on Earth and whatever it was generated by mankind, but "the sun will come also the moon, but any iota won't come from the Law, all won't be executed yet". The inviolability of the eternal in time we need to understand, to unswervingly stand among eddies of Earth. And the spirit is eternal and is secure, as is the foundation of being. Stone Ground Truth remains Forever inviolable at all times, no matter how raved people.
337. (M. A. Y.). The highest layers of a rightful matter and the most deep in the basis aren't mentioned disbalance elements and the disharmony generated by mankind as a whole. Eat in Space of the sphere of stability unshakeable. And everywhere the Law reigns and works. And whatever occurred on Earth and whatever it was generated by mankind, but "the sun will come also the moon, but any iota won't come from the Law, all won't be executed yet". This inviolability eternal in temporary should be understood unshakably to resist among whirlwinds terrestrial. And the spirit too is eternal and indestructible, as well as the Basis Real. The stone of the Eternal Basis of Truth remains indestructible for all times how people raved.
338. (Guru). The thought on the wings carries away consciousness to the Highest Spheres. The thought on the wings carries away consciousness to that, on what is directed. The thought works constantly, constantly carrying away consciousness to that, on what is directed. So at each this moment the winged thought connects the person with something: good or bad, high or low, close or far, with friends or enemies, darkness or light. Such is its force. And all people submit to it. Only one are able to operate it will, and others, on the contrary, cope it. One seized power of thought, others – slaves at own thoughts or thoughts of strangers. But the right of a free choice of thoughts bad or kind remains nevertheless for the person, even when it, having this right, prefers to choose thoughts of darkness instead of thoughts of Light. But, having chosen dark thoughts for a combination to them, it bears their burden and already submits to that chose.
339. (July 2). The planet is sick. The illness is caused by balance violation. And not only in the field of elements, but signs of it a disbalance everywhere are shown, and the chaos everywhere interferes. It interferes and in consciousness human, breaking a harmonious condition of an organism; strong the astral rages, pushing people on any extremes; from here and the monstrous height of drug addict and alcoholism. Sadly to see how all is killed live, the nature decays. Poisons, foul and everything all, to what touch lightly the hand of the person. Huge dumps of the poisonous, fulfilled garbage threaten to deaden the big areas of Earth, not to mention reservoirs and the rivers. Herbicides destroy the insects taking active part in life of plants. So, violation of harmonious circulation in the nature came so far that consequences of this invasion into her life will be reflected heavy in everything. But people to understanding of are deaf and blind that they create. Seeing the short and obvious party of the actions, to them necessary, others, long on the consequences and terrible on character, they don't want to see. The principle "after Me though a flood" works with My. But clouds are condensed, and the return becomes ripe blow. There is a violent robbery, plunder and destruction of natural resources, and is frequent not on construction and creation, but on destruction, murders and conducting misanthropic wars. Terrible things are done under the sun in hope of impunity. But the return blow becomes ripe.
340. (M. A. Y.). With rage be will protect balance of microcosm iframe chaos invasion. It exists in every moment of weakness or disbalance. Pillar one Hierarchy. Keep the balance above all. It saved from eddies, amazing space. It protects against evil.
341. (Guru). Even spatial, i.e. at a distance, but the harmonic relationship between the friends have a greater protective effect. Circle and his occult power of space are not limited. When it says "keep unity", this Decree is referring not only to unite locally, but also spatial. Force felt and experienced time and again, especially with regard to confront hostile influences, but then were close by. Now it is necessary to consciously assert effective range in the distance. This requires awareness of this possibility. But this is quite impossible if there is no unity. Understand the value of unity, if only for their benefit.
342. (July 3). Between the upper and deep layers of the matter which isn't affected by the phenomena occurring in the world, there are layers of a matter of different degree of mobility, since high, easily giving in to thought influence, and finishing dense terrestrial beds. Most difficultly thoughts layers of a dense matter of the visible world give in. The purpose of evolution of a planet and all living on it consists in depression and thinning of a matter dense, including here both the earth and a body of the person. In the beginning process was the return that is evolution went by gradual consolidation thin to the dense. After passing of a median point of the Circle it became the return. In the seventh Race of it, the fifth, the Circle thinning of a matter and material bodies will reach the limit, and following, the sixth, the Circle will repeat all process at first. This evolutionary process has no end. The sixth Circle will be followed by the seventh, and Earth will finish the evolution, like the moon. The mankind will pass to higher planet, and the spiral of evolution will lift it everything higher and higher. Boundlessness of the end has no.
343. (M. A. Y.). Movement up on turns of a spiral means novelty of influences received by the person. Doesn't repeat anything because construction rather passing, on the spiral turns, located one over another, means analogy to a previous round, but not identity. Each life, or embodiment, in this sense is new. And the person is new every instant that is not such what was earlier. Worse or better – depends on, whether it moves on an ascending or descending spiral. There are spirits which ascend, and is which all fall below and below. Both the kind and dark beginnings in the person tend to development. On a place nothing costs.
344. (Guru). There can't be the real pupil the devourer of others mental energy, that is the conscious or unconscious vampire. And without that there are a lot of them among people. Therefore, approving spatial activity of a circle, it is necessary to understand that for success it is necessary to come to give with thought that is to bring something with itself. To come devastated, an empty peel – means to take mental energy from someone from the others and by that to deprive a circle of the fiery force so necessary to it. If the devastated all participants, and results useful come will come to naught zero. So, spatial service begins with the decision something to bring and to allow and by that to strengthen a circle and its magnetic properties, at dedicated association of participants. Without dedication and desire to give all attempts of spatial association in the spirit of will be vain. In shabby clothes of egoism spatial service is impossible.
345. (July 4). Communication of the Father with the son can't be broken by anything, because it – over everything. But understanding of this communication depends on many external and internal reasons. It can fluctuate from bright and its close sense-knowledge before blackout and almost full seeming loss. But this of loss – is Maya the deception. Actually communication continues to be. At these moments of seeming loss of communication evidence should approve it contrary to and counter to thoughts darkening it. The Lord is unchangeable, changes happen in the pupil in conditions of his astral cover and thoughts of the present day. Therefore it is necessary to think of Proximity of the Highest overall affairs and the phenomena usual. The phenomenon of Proximity unusually and doesn't enter into a turn of small affairs or triumphing vanity of the ordinary. Light phenomenon outside them. The Light source of doesn't depend that it shines, but to feel it, the acceptability is necessary. The acceptability means compliance, the accord, a consciousness accord with that, on what it is directed. The acceptability means compliance, the accord, a consciousness accord with that, on what it is directed. Why the consciousness can be adjusted on any wave: for example, on a love and devotion wave, on an aspiration wave, on a wave of self-sacrificing desire to assist Bearing an unreasonable Burden terrestrial. Many waves are available for a strong-willed and conscious attuning of a harp of spirit. In what key it is adjusted, in same there are also perceptions of thoughts arriving in consciousness. It is wrong to think that this process happens without strong-willed and conscious participation of the person in it. It is told that it is impossible to wait for inspiration, but it is necessary to take it. "Good’s kingdom force undertakes, and making effort admires it".
346. (M. A. S.). Special attention should be paid to the n attuning of consciousness on the desired wave. You cannot expect success, plunging with his head in a triumphant wave of vanity. You cannot combine the generalities of the aspiration to vanity higher realms. You cannot perceive vibration of Beam Teacher if consciousness is filled with vanity. To vanity means a turnover of conventionally conventional, such that normal lives now, as she lived a hundred or a thousand years ago to completely forget within the stream of time. Plunging into the traditional ways to oblivion on the guru and His like can count on His thoughts and perceptions of her own. Similarly, tolerance and indulgence for weaknesses to their different and shortcomings impede Communication Strong. The formula "let him deny himself" remains at all times the sine qua non of following the Lord. It is the self crucifies Jesus Life learner, and is going for a relentlessly Teacher of light. How is everything that distracts him from travelling on a narrow trail leading to life! Does not work, do not work, so necessary for the ascent of the spirit, but this is vanity the distracting and destructive effect on the mind. Creative same work, on the contrary, ennobles and inspires workers and is absolutely necessary for a man walking along the way.
347. (Guru). If you carefully follow our lives, you'll see that it was full to the limit and is full of hard-won creative, inspirational, and tense. No words, no high sayings, namely work without end constraints was the engine and the assertion of what can be considered the basics of life. Teaching Life we argued not by words but by their deeds and hard work. Work is the Foundation on which is built the House spirit. Get work as the essential the necessity and precondition of development and success of the spirit. We work to sing hymns are ready. We praise the great toilers in the field life. We are ready to support and inspire students going through path. Labor gets widely – from the simplest to the greatest creations of craftsmen of art and works of creative thought of the great Media light.
348. (July 5). "We appreciate the thought which has generated the decision". The efficiency of such thought is great. Flitting moths of thoughts, nothing bringing, have no price. We appreciate the monolith of the thought which hasn't been shattered by day third-party impurity. It is difficult to keep solidity of thinking at chaotic or antagonistic spatial currents. And that it coasted, but solidity of thinking is necessary. The unbalanced thinking of mentally abnormal people will be its antipode. Control over thought assumes deduction it in a certain vein, unlike willful and its chaotic jumps from one subject on another. The habit to a harmonius current of thoughts can be developed consciously. It will be the ant provision of a reflex lunar. Often not the will directs thought, and willfulness, that is dissoluteness of thinking. Often noticed in conversation with the interlocutor as his thoughts ran up from the main direction in different directions and absolutely digressed. It is very interesting to observe these grimaces of unrestrained thinking in people. The thought should learn to be owned; differently it is necessary to become the weak-willed slave to disorder thoughts. Work of subjects also is useful that demands concentration, especially intellectual. Certainly, it is all about the ability and skill to focus thought the strong-willed order. In it is necessary to approve it strongly. Magnetism of thoughts is great. Everyone attracts to herself others, but according to the accord and, in turn, is attracted by them. Many thoughts interfering in consciousness from outside, it is necessary to drive simply, behind their uselessness and obtuseness. But there is a sphere of thoughts dark, poisonous and harmful. They should be avoided, as a terrible infection. They are pernicious and decomposing affect mentality. People of malignancy of darkened thinking aren't afraid, and it is worse than an illness. It is possible to recover from an illness, but the thought of darkness doesn't leave the person, isn't won yet. The care of thought is a foremost duty of the person.
349. (M. A. Y.). The strong-willed, directed thought leads to communication with us. It – as the bridge binding which handrail it is necessary to hold strong not to lose the direction. In it value of strong aspiration. The thought going from heart directs. It isn't limited to distance, as though brain. The energy of heart directed ardently, perforation Singular perforation Plural or pierces space. It gets freely into the World Thin and can concern his inhabitants. Memory about the dead very much for them it is beneficial if thoughts of the remembering are light and ennobling. Some ceremonies connected with it, are useful if aren't made callously, that is without heart participation. Thoughts from Light are free because don't know barriers and reach to whom are directed.
350. (Guru). There is a quality of spirit, harshness inherent from an Arhat. It is opposite and unfortunately tearful sentimentality. It does not mean cruelty, because no inseparable from compassion. The compassion, in turn, always seeks to help. This is its distinctive property of sentimentality, which is often combined with inhuman brutality. People in the theater, shed tears over the sensitive scenes right there ready to gnaw through each other's throat with a scream "fire".
351. (July 7). We pursue the far-reaching aims, throwing thus "anchors of long voyage". Therefore anything temporary can't prevent Us and detain our Hand. Affairs human are short, - in it weak place. While these affairs and makers leave from a scene and our actions – atop are replaced with new, same limited terms, one only art and its great works have time for a long time. True art vnevremenno and as in it Light, and its influence on minds human and hearts is great. We Call our place the Stronghold, because really the Stronghold it and a stronghold of the best that the planet and mankind have. As also you can share the thoughts, actions and aspirations on temporary, from today, and, is similar to ours, timeless, going far forward, both to enclose consciousness and the heart in them. And, when the phenomenal world falls, the consciousness victoriously maintains this crash because it was approved on the enduring. Destruction of the phenomenal world occurs inevitably every time when the person dumps from himself a dense cover, and the destruction of it can't avoid any mortal.
352. (M. A. Y.). The one, who will build the life on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life, won't be mistaken. Intentionally I speak – life, instead of existence because life is eternal, and existence is temporary. Eternal life is promised by the Lord to the people, following forIt. For this purpose it is necessary to believe It and to accept it. It is told clearly and directly: "The believer in Me has eternal life". The consciousness which has accepted the Lord, after death of a body lives. The consciousness of a denying of immortality of spirit dooms itself death after death of a body. So, recognition or denial of Bases of Life defines destiny of the person in Elevated. It is necessary to add that the good lives in the person even if doesn't know the Lord, but has in itself Light. Affairs terrestrial approve a way of the person in the Thin World depending on that kind they or angry, from Light they or from darkness
353. (Guru). The donation and creation of Spirits Great endure their body. In it sense of Arrival there to Earth. If not They, the planet would sink in a gloom; in literal sense of this word. They rescue Earth. One adjoins them and helps, others, on the contrary, rise and counteract, one – from Light, others – from darkness. So, a sword dividing brought by each Lord, not a symbol, but of severe reality. Now this division is especially dramatic, because the already final; in it and the Court separating sons of Light from sons of darkness. Judge everyone. By the court it will be condemned and by the will be justified. Everyone has in itself the judge.
354. (July 8). Life of the pupil proceeds under the sign of singularity. The victory of spirit over covers is reached by work and not broken aspiration. For nothing it is given nothing. Specific features of spirit and nature of its accumulation put a unique pattern of spirit. Not as everything, but not repeatability and originality put this pattern. Life puts, perhaps, and in very difficult conditions, but they and give the chance of development in the desirable direction. Among all, but not as everything, a particle behind a particle it accumulates achievements. Here people such around that words cause ardent counteraction. Means, it is necessary to send thought of Light and goodwill. Here friends far, so far it is necessary to make close, overcoming terrestrial distance. So, gradually, by a constant overcoming the body and other covers are won. Fight and of victory – the constant sputniks of pupil. To be armed without the uniform device, it is a lot of desire, aspirations, will, work, not broken persistence needs to put to reach this unusual intimate goal. And it is possible to practice in this direction at any time, always, constantly, both in big and in small, approving grains of spatial crops on a field of the consciousness and knowing thus that they will give shoots in due time. Will give it is immutable and on character of the put seed. The huge tree grows from a small seed, but in time. Someone thinks at once to reach – vain thoughts. But when all being is directed to realization of the purpose judgment, achievements won't slow down. And, when it is all consists of the integral accumulation of spirit, consciously and everyday multiplied, the goal will be reached. It is necessary to remember only, what not for themselves and not for the sake of themselves Agni's treasures gather and the Stone grows, but for the sake of Great Service to Light.
355. (M. A. Y.). Force I want to give and strength to increase that it is unshakable and firm to the purpose far it was possible to go. In total and everything, and even the space and evidence terrestrial strong will counteract it and violently to rise. But spirit over everything, and above all, and over all covers and the environment surrounding, dense and thin. And therefore at unshakable constancy of not broken aspiration the spirit wins against all. Courage not broken keeps. The Lord Told: "Take heart, I Won against the world". To this victory over the world the Lord Calls you. Also you remember indelible and for all times that "that wins against everything who will manage to win against itself
356. (Guru). «When being transferred to the thought, "man learns to be thought. As applied to everyday you can learn to master a thought tightly.
357. (July 9). Lords Rule over elements and elements submit. In a microcosm of the person of elements of fire, air, water and the earth are expressed absolutely obviously and completely: each impulse going on nerves, - electric, and each cellular – the electric battery in a miniature. Air their lives an organism and without it can't exist. For 75% the body consists of water. All elements of a chemical scale of Mendeleyev contain in him. Extent of mastering by a body at each person is various. Mastering by a body is no other than mastering by elements. Seized somewhat elements of water can quietly lie on its surface. Seized more – to sit and go, as and the other elements. And through mastering by them in the microcosm the person to mastering by them outside comes. So, the winner of elements in a body will be already the winner of the elements entering into structure of a planet. And who as not bridled thought and feeling, owns also spatial thought, taking from space of treasure of thoughts. The electricity is spatial fire. The person owning power of fires of the organism can influence even underground fire, causing or subduing earthquakes; influences in of known degree and so, but unconsciously and in of smaller degree. The power over any flesh is given to the person, but to the actual conscious mastering by it he comes through mastering by in the microcosm.
358. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to understand at last value of things low-slightest and how of small grains of sand there is a huge mountain. From small it is possible to pass to great, since the low-slightest. Rejecting small, we reject the great. So, from the small actions of the present day made in awareness of their importance for the future, the material for construction of the house of spirit gathers and collects. All build, but what? One – the spirit house, others – beautiful palaces and locks, the third – structures are more modest, depending on aspirations. And someone a stuffy, gloomy cold dungeon, choking within the walls of it, still being on Earth. So, builders – all people, without an exception. Dens and pity stinking hovels are created to themselves by those who are blind and deaf to spatial Calls of Light.
359. (Guru). Despite everything, to all contrary to and overcoming everything that disturbs, there is a judgment pupil to the purpose specified by the Teacher. In this inalterability of a step "Line of the Beam" – pledge and the success guarantee. And, when begin judgment time, among the won, the Lord hear of the elite by Him.
360. (July 10). I Am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end; the Highest in the Sky and the deep unshakeable Basis on of Earth. The highest in the Sky, because, what the Father in Me and I, and the Father – One. Before beginnings of times of I Am. I Am the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life. And building on Me builds strongly and forever. Eternal and temporary adjoin on Earth. Earth on ladder of life is a step to Eternal Light. All living on Earth and in the Worlds ascends on this ladder. Eternal in temporary is a spirit in a body. The body terrestrial is temporary, but the spirit is eternal. Through temporary and in the temporary there is an understanding of the eternal; without this step to mankind eternal not to reach, -in this the deep sense and value of an embodiment of spirit in a body. And all events with the personal, while he in a body, makes sense and a justification, as the purpose is realized. Otherwise life turns into nonsense and absurd. And then the person in a vice of a material world chokes and looks for in vain oblivion in various extremes. But the track conducting in life is narrow, and the few go it. Nowadays spatial Call sounds over a planet, calling those who irrevocably didn't betray itself to darkness, to rise under Banners of Lord Maitreya going to the world to approve in it forever Light victory.
361. (M. And. Й.). Each step on Earth can be coordinated with the purpose great and that steadily to come nearer to it. It also will be the highest coherence on a planet; phenomenon her few little by of power. But it’s any degree, nevertheless everyone knowing the purpose, can show. Coherence also means also the accord. Association of consciousnesses is expressed in the accord. From close conditions terrestrial the consciousness rises up, towering over them. This lifting isn't as difficult as it is difficult to keep at height. The gain, than deduction won is easier. All strength of mind should be collected not to lose the next achievement. And against reached everything strongly rises all, seeking to deprive of its results of a victory. But, going with the Lord, - victory always. To victories of the Lord Calls, the world won.
362. (Guru). Importunate brightness dense visibility allows you to see the reality. Merge with the Earth is a prime example of visibility, or obviousness, the visible eye. But people already know that this is a hoax. This cheat is already understood and overcome. In the same way could he overcome and other deceptions of obviousness, since obviousness is not reality. With the deepening of this problem, you can see many examples of deceptive appearances. With the deepening of the Maya appear enough in its entire breadth. Thinking you can consciously take off the veils of Maya, one after another, until the reality will prevail and will not win the terrestrial Maya.
363. (July 11). Desires and aspirations of the highest "I" and an astral often disperse. But it is necessary that the astral submitted and, despite its counteraction, it was won by spirit. The majority of people – slaves to the astral cover. The unmetered astral causes many heavy experiences in World Aboveground, not speak of terrestrial. The consciousness can plunge into vibrations of any of conductors. It is caused by a choice and will. The choice is free, but the will solves. When the bridle of spirit is thrown over all thoughts and feelings, the astral is compelled to submit. Willfulness of covers is unacceptable. The victory over consists in mastering by them. This mastering brings far-reaching consequences. Conscious action on the corresponding plans in the conductors which haven't been subordinated to will is impossible. The skillful operator surely and quietly operates the most difficult car. As the person has to operate and own the conductors. When such mastering is put by the immediate task and by it is allowed time also the attention paid and too big and small actions, especially small, it is possible to move ahead in the decision it successfully. The main thing – to understand, that to be armed without the uniform device it is possible only this way. Except mastering by, there are no two ways about it.
364. (M. A. Y.). What's not to love about you and is address, originated sometime and somewhere by ourselves, by our choice, and free. Therefore in the course overcome in itself useless accumulation it is possible to apply a formula "I generated you, I and will kill you", and to find forces in it, and to strike own generation of the desire and the will. The last solution of will is stronger than the previous. And if the person generated something in the past itself, the will, itself the power he can destroy the generation. Be at the mercy of their creations – the most recent case. And the superiority of spirit over them may always adopt, if realized, that there is no other option
365. (Guru). Villainous tastes, attitudes, habits and perversions of the human only because there once were admitted with the permission of God will. And only the consciousness of their strangeness and that in reality there is nothing attractive there could force people to see their horror and darkness. Food lovers eat decaying cheese (Roquefort), others prefer wild game and fish, which started to stink, and so on. How long did the wild absurdity in such tastes and similarly in all that contributes to the fall of man. This is seduction brings it down. The attractiveness of such enticements as you can break down, disrupting their cover, and the ugliness of their attraction becomes evident in all its nakedness.
366. (July 12). Honest and impartial recognition of own shortcomings gives the chance to use in the benefit even no get rid desire to condemn shortcomings of other people. And, when the similar desire raises the head and there is a wish to condemn the neighbor for the shortcoming noticed in it and any negative property of character or line, it is necessary to look first of all at itself and to think, whether there is this property, or whether was available earlier in itself, and whether showed itself in this or that form. And when it will be revealed and revealed in itself, the desire to condemn another disappears. Usually in other, before all, notice precisely these of forms, which in of blame. The thief sees the thief, greedy – avidity, mean – meanness, cunning – cunning, the deceiver – deception, the egoist – self-love and so on. So, in each case of aspiration to condemnation it is necessary to look at itself at first. It is very easy and simple to be exempted by this way from this undesirable property. Because much in the person is available that, for what he condemns others. In case of own perfection this method isn't necessary. But where they, perfect?
367. (M. A. Y.). The melancholy on unusual, wonderful, fine and unearthly accompanies expanded consciousness. It can't hold in a commonness surrounding the person; from here of the aspiration to lift a veil the compact world and look for it. Also it is some it was possible. Very well Platon spoke about it, giving an example as the shadows giving only vague and weak idea of reality as their lives the person in a kingdom of three-dimensional shadows are reflected in a wall of a cave. And when the Doctrine says that it is possible to set fire to "a tatter of a false commonness", it approves this opportunity to lift the veil. It is stuffy and to closely begun to see clearly spirit "on bark", but it is possible to release wings it for flights, having only rejected itself, and the egoism, and all that so strong ties consciousness to Earth. Flights such are possible, but "not to fly learned of sweetness of Earth".
368. (Guru). The spirit eats thoughts, feelings, paints and sounds. Also the question, with what is very important. It is possible to choose from external impressions desirable, other excluding. The same concerning thoughts and feelings, selection evolving ability of the person allows it to make a choice, being conformed to the identity. One looks at stars of the night sky, another – at show-windows of shops. One notes paints of leaving day both their reflection and modulations on a smooth surface river, another behind a gambling table watches roulette. In many respects the directions depend on the person, and the choice is solved by him.
369. (July 13). "Rags" surrounds the generalities of false consciousness, and are pressing on it and close it. They are not worth to pay attention to them. But they persistently and obstinately loom up before his eyes, making him forget about the necessary. How not permit invasion into thoughts and feelings? At the time of emergence should not be allowed inside them, discarding as unwanted rags, and cannot for a moment spend on their thoughts and feelings. Let them remain outside the permitted into the inner world. Of course, small JABs and strikes cannot be avoided, but their venom can neutralize the will, does not want to come into contact with them; must be internally insulating ourselves from them. Differently off perniciousness of the influence they not defend.
370. (M. A. Y.). "Be filled theis Lord so, that enemy not elbow one's way ". And repeat in the select mantram. Waves of various influences strongly direct on those who goes for Called. These influences amplify and inflated dark, using each opportunity to throw harm. It is possible to resist, only it is strong having protected the Lord. Nobody no strong against you, if the Unification strong.
371. (Guru). Meanwhile that from the outside directs on consciousness, and an internal citadel of spirit it is possible to put the Image of the Lord firmly. And then hostile waves will break powerlessly about of Grad Light. Anyhow to resist if the storm storms around and disharmonious currents of human not goodwill can painfully wound. It is possible to resist only the Lord, holding his Face Light before the mind. You hold the fort the Lord.
372. (July 15). Why the dying person and resets the body to free itself and from the sea and from the tight circle that so tightly adheres to consciousness. Otherwise does not come off. And time and again he has to leave things on Earth to eventually learn not to get attached to them and destroy the illusion of ownership. Owning things is allowed but without a sense of ownership. Ridiculous this feeling, because it’s nothing, and nothing to take with itself cannot be, because possession of the things temporarily. Great spirits were free of this ghost sense even when owned by whole kingdoms. The freedom of owning things and anything not compatible with slave sense of ownership. The death of the body and so useful that is destroying this false sense. Every owner of a servant of the fierce than it has, rather, imagines that one has. In a Testament to "give his of the estate and follow Me" hidden of great wisdom.
373. (M. A. Y.). To each thing which we consider as the property, from consciousness the thread which is strong connecting with it is stretched. The feeling is stronger, the communication is stronger. The more things, the three are more than communication threads. Ardent owners are bound hand and foot by this gloss so strongly that can't be exempted from them anymore; could, if realized this slavery, but it even no notice. And in this neoconsciousness of mental chains of slavery at property its special weight, both utter darkness, and impossibility to be released. Slaves to property are people especially spiritless, lost Light. Their stay in Elevated is especially heavy because to escape from a dungeon of illusive property difficultly extraordinary. After all the thought there reigns. And if thoughts are entirely occupied images of imagined property, it is possible to be exempted from them, having only destroyed these visualizations. And how destroy them, if the consciousness with them unite and count this property - the integral?
374. (Guru). "Don't collect to itself treasure on Earth”, because these treasures no eternal but "collect to itself treasures to Ask", because spiritual treasures, or spiritual accumulation, are integral neither life nor death. What great wisdom and the most profound knowledge consist in these Precepts! The inherence of spiritual accumulation makes their value and the importance. Told "Omnia mea mecum Porto" * had them in a look and knew, something that it has inside, in the Bowl, it carries with itself(himself) always, everywhere, in all Worlds. Accumulation of the Bowl makes true, eternal, imperishable property of spirit. And when it’s all aspirations are directed on collecting of these true treasures, its way is light and direct. Imagine the richest billionaire on a bed of death and understand that if spirit it niches, the beggar will enter it and into the World Thin, despite all the billions. Whether it was worth saving up them eventually to remain with anything! In the Doctrine It is told: "Own everything, but consider nothing". It also will be "possession without feeling of property", that is free from the power of things over consciousness.__________
* All the I carry with myself – (lat.).
375. (July 16). Over consciousness things, but thoughts of them dominate not. And it is necessary to be exempted not from things, but from thoughts. Diligence is useless to reject things if thoughts are occupied by them. It is possible to have nothing, but in thoughts to be obsessed with things and property and to be attached to them. Also it is possible to have a lot of things and still to be free. This circumstance needs to be understood to see that freedom or slavery – in the spirit of. Also the person communicates and released by thought. Means, mastering by thought – first of all. It is freedom basis. We too divide the world into slaves and free. It is vain to dream or speak about any freedom if it is done by slaves to own thought. And that advantage of external freedom if the internal isn't reached. When life is transferred to thought, and force of the last is realized, and mastering is reached by it, the person is free then.
376. (M. A. Y.). Agni Yog can be in far unapproachable mountains, in a lonely cave, far from people and noise and world turmoil, maybe, without having anything, to have everything and to be the richest person in the world, owning all its most valuable treasures. Because all in it, and all in the spirit of. And its spirit dominates over everything. It also is a victory over the world when all its highest gifts in possession of the winner and when time, the space and distances are won, and are open a gate of the Highest Worlds and Distant Stars are close. Possibilities of spirit are boundless. The microcosm of the person is wonderful, and his equipment is amazing. And, when the death of what then higher the person as not about opportunities of the Distant Worlds can dream is won.
377. (Guru). And still the way to Boundlessness lies on the ground, both the principle "a hand and a foot human" remains in force. It means that among the highest take-off of thought it is impossible to forget about Earth because the highest has to be combined harmoniously with life terrestrial, that is be expressed in feelings, actions and acts of every day. At a gap destruction turns out. When the high isn't put into practice and isn't put into practice, all efforts something to reach is vain.
378. (July 17). “Kingdom My no off the World this”; and, that from this world to concern it, any degree of detachment from turmoil and vanity of life usual. It doesn't mean leaving from life, its tasks and requirements in which his karma puts the person, but the contact to the Highest nevertheless isn't compatible to immersion with the head in commonness. Great Spirits, coming to the world, lived its interests, sufferings and pain; and at the same time after all internally Lived in peace them. Their victim demanding immersion in living conditions of usual and contact with ignorance human was great. But the spirit won. As also their pupils in a measure any appear in similar conditions. But they not always win, if communication weakens with the Teacher. The guarantee is given to a victory, if anything can't already break the Unification.
379. (Guru). How complex and difficult the life of a disciple "in peace", yet even in the heavy circumstances, you can find time to do something, if only a small, but brings closer to the goal. Significance of small things is not understood. You can look at them as laying the seeds of light's mind that truth will bear shoots. This is their absolute value.
380. (M. A. Y.). Adoption of the unusual in life is already a feat. By singularity we mean Light phenomena. It is possible to keep consciousness at the level of singularity only a rhythm. Temporary and spasmodic efforts won't give the necessary consequences. And, when there is no inspiration and the horizon of the future is dimmed by a haze, the rhythm approved helps to disseminate a haze.
381. (July 18). If karma is putting in certain conditions, which is almost impossible to escape from, these terms are useful for moving and swinging them no good. On the other hand, to dive into those with his head too. Therefore, you need to find a way to keep the harmony between the external environment and internal State that is giving heaven Heaven, Earth – Earth. Helps firm Hold Face in the mind. The lights of the aspirations are not always obeyed. Love remains as the shortest bridge connection. Concern about keeping that feeling will not let small. "Don't lend a helping garden Quiche."
382. (M. And. Й.). The developed consciousness submits to a rhythm. Artificially the pulsation can't be caused it. Therefore it is necessary to wait wisely when the rhythm calms down. Wisely – means, without coming off that above and most important. Remember Bases more often. They are unshakable, and waves of everyday influences will break about these strongholds.
383. (Guru). Continual mindfulness on the Hierarchy is certainly useful and necessary to the vibration of the current day is not to obscure the very core.
384. (July 19). Fluctuations in feelings of Proximity take place thanks to changes in conditions of covers, but not actually. The formula "I with You Always" is invariable for all times. The address going from heart opens a gate. But completeness of the address is necessary. Incompleteness very much disturbs. How not to find force to show an aspiration full-stringet, at least during contact! That is most important, has display as the address.
385. (M. A. Y.). When the pupil reaches a known step, mastering by thought becomes insistently necessary; because with the height of the spirit the thought becomes especially strong and bright. And, if it is undesirable or insufficiently pure, that and its influence will be corresponding. Thought the pupil has to pass through a step of mastering. Otherwise further advance stops while this mastering won't be reached. Otherwise danger of influence of unrestrained thoughts will grow. The thought conducts the person where the crude thinking can give it?
386. (Guru). If you look at it and focus in our lives, in our creativity and scholarly, it is not difficult to gain a clear and precise idea of what we have left after themselves than people have had our thoughts and aspirations and what images of beauty, and what feelings they filled and saturated we space. And, this understanding might ask themselves: and already have done and do we have to leave behind a people something beautiful and worthy followers of the great Teachings of life, who believe themselves?
387. (July 20). The spirit pattern in the space, left by it throughout the long millennia, is records of the life passed by it in all Worlds. In the House of the Father of monasteries there is a lot of, and everyone it in the course of the ascension to Light can decorate, everyone through which passes. Records of space are no erasable. Care of that they were beautiful. And in life terrestrial one decorate it, bringing in it Light, others disfigure and darken. But fruits of these acts remain with the person forever. It carries results of the accumulation with itself in the aura. And from them nowhere not leave. Building on Beauty builds life in harmony with the Space Law. Building on Beauty it is justified. The beauty and Light aren't separable from each other. The way unmistakably is determined by this sign ascending. The going will be rescued by beauty.
388. (M. A. Y.). Each action, feeling and thought it is possible to consider at angle compliances them with Beauty and that to give them the correct assessment. Action of Beauty is accompanied by pleasure. But oppresses and presses consciousness a disgrace. Endured emotions can be defined from the same point of view and darkening not to allow. If people built life Beauty as far as it would change and became happier and easier. How much of the pains and a grief it would be possible to avoid Even the small sunflower seed of Beauty put in action, gives a fine flower of consequences. Said consciously "Beauty", it will be rescued.
389. (Guru). If to consider past life at an angle compliances it with Beauty, it will be easy to see all mistakes, both delusions, and deviations from Light way. So, criterion of Beauty – the most true. Even mistakes say goodbye where the disgrace is won by Beauty. When people will construct the Temple of Beauty and be it worship, as the leading principle of life, and of life then becomes another. Planet transformation, both New Earth, and the New Sky will be approved by Beauty.
390. (July 21). Yesterday's collision with the person, the obvious attendant of darkness, served as the channel for a night dreadful dream. The allowed indignation of spirit forced it to execute the duties, but it would be better to avoid in general any contact with of similar substance, without entering with them any relationship. Sometimes it is impossible, but in this case it would be necessary to evade from contact because the special need in it wasn't. The nightmare and ardent activity dark, people destroying a set, serve as confirmation that this person – strong essence and is connected with dark rack of considerable force. Indignation of spirit is allowed only in extreme cases when other exit isn't present. Three days it is necessary to take special measures of protection and at night and in the afternoon and to keep inseparably.
391. (M. A. Y.). Ardent helpers of darkness are interspersed in masses human everywhere. And therefore it is necessary to be on continuous not replaceable patrol always to be able be protected from their harmful influences. They by to us can't pass quietly relatives, without having revealed the essence. Light in any form is intolerable for them. It is possible to call a detector of darkness of carriers of Light of all degrees. And the closer they to the Light source, the stronger this property. Not easy it to heart, but Day breakers bears it to the world, striking and disseminating darkness.
392. (Guru). The Light in aura of the person is brighter; the attacks of the dark are stronger and more persistent. These attacks also are the certificate of degree of switched on Light. And if who these attacks and prosecution from darkness doesn't know, so the lamp of its spirit is insignificant. Therefore recognition by the dark we will mark out as light Agni's burning in heart certificate and the growing force him.
393. (July 22). Each movement in a microcosm of the person has the light basis and is accompanied by light color changes in its aura. Each impulse bears of electrolight wave on wires of his nerves. These light movements in the device human are continuous while it is live. Therefore the fiery human nature comes to light in the continuous light-fiery vibrations happening in all its covers. From here mastering by in all its forms and covers means mastering by the fires. Each emotion, each thought – flash of fires. Each of the short or long mood – of the short or long burning of this or that degree of light-bearer or clouding. Light Agni shines, dark – saddens and darken. Different there are fires. Mastering by and silver bridle on feelings and thoughts bring to mastering by the fires. Not to seize fire suddenly. But everyday care, both work, and efforts in this direction, persistent and purposeful, it is immutable will lead to the purpose. The simple morning exercises aren't so simple at all as it seems, and even it establishes known degree of the power over a body; and of gymnastics Yoga, – unusually. When practice of the muscular movements usual way - is one, - and when these movements are made only mentally, extent of fiery movement distinguished. Results depend on will tension. But in both cases, and physical and mental movement, Agni acts. The easy gymnastics is necessary for maintenance of viability of a body. The body needs conscious strong-willed training. Work joyful and lightful life the giving. Work dependent, saddened and darked and especially hated, is the destroyer and mentalities, and bodies. Many opportunities for Agni's mastering are in hands of the person, but that to use them, awareness of their value and sense is necessary.
394. (M. A. Y.). Spatial communication demands first of all concentration on desirable shape. It is possible, and the thought steadily connects consciousness to object or the subject of aspiration. Any assumptions and of the fortune-telling are excluded. Magnetic power of thought works smoothly. And consequences of similar action it is obligatory display itself in this or that form even if aren't conscious, - Thought reaction – the phenomenon natural and unconditional. Therefore communication at distance parcels of thought and a prayer – the facts of spatial obviousness. And if consequences aren't always realized by their person, nevertheless their hidden influence isn't denied. From where of joy or concern, cheerfulness, or burdening, as not from spatial influences and thoughts of a great number of people? The device human is difficult, wonderful, and opportunities it aren't limited, but demand understanding them.
395. (Guru). What great strength are the phenomena of approval or rejection, belief or disbelief, recognition or non-recognition. Generally speaking, they determine the destiny of man. It is written, "He who believes in me shall have eternal life." A simple faith in the words of the Savior has extraordinary significance investigation. Thin recognition or non-recognition of the world decides the future of spirit. Denial of life after being released from the body prevents possible conscious denier stay in World Aboveground. Even to go across the street, you have to be absolutely sure that this is possible. And who would plow and sow, unless there is a belief that the seeds will sprout and will give his harvest. And so absolutely in all, because of faith is the engine of life. The only question is, what to believe and how.
396. (July 23). Having recognized the fiery basis of all movements in a microcosm of the person, it is possible to take the following step to mastering of fiery elements. It is possible to begin with its highest manifestation, with thought. The thought is spirit fire in operation. At the developed thin sight the light-fiery basis of thought is observed. She lives and pulses in the space, loaded with light-fiery. And its impact on an organism of it does beget obviously and undoubtedly. On feelings of the person it is easy to note as ennoble or oppress thoughts. And the thought unexpected, strong and impressive can even kill, not to mention less considerable symptoms of its influence, as, for example, loss of a dream, appetite, a headache, other diseases, depression and so on. But, on the other hand, the thought can ennoble, give cheerfulness and energy, strong to promote recovery and to work well and positively. The state of health depends on a choice of thought and degree of their assumption in consciousness. At the long suppressed thoughts of despondency, concern and hopelessness of a disease are inevitable. The irritation at some people responds at once on a liver. Each thought generates purely physical reaction. Therefore mastering by thought and over it control give in hands of the person the power and over a body. And this power will be a direct consequence of mastering by fire, or fiery elements, in own microcosm of the winner.
397. (M. A. Y.). Every day, constantly, continuously maintained this struggle for the mastery of their lights. Constant severe control over the thoughts, feelings and actions and means this fight is the guarantee of victory. It is not easy, but above that there's nothing that can reach people on Earth and in the worlds.
398. (Guru). In every difficulty is hidden and encased in her ability to fight, combat and victory. In every difficulty is hidden power counter, which you can take from it, and make his, and fiery spirit at every collision of the increase, or meeting with obstacles. Thus, the flame should understand that difficulties and obstacles there are stages of the Fiery ascent on the ladder of life and that there is no other choice but to light.
399. (July 24). Even a superficial observation it was noted how easily the majority and an oppressive Act on the consciousness of chitchat and immersion in human relationships one to another evil strangers. Why would sink into the swamp! To avoid squabbles, gossip and resentments, and convictions, which often seek to drag around to get sympathy and support? Similar feelings to yourself you can't get infected. In case of need to listen to you, but never allowing ourselves to be in unison with the poisonous no disbalance another's astral. The darkness overwhelms and dissipates the only light. And if the light is its own aura is not susceptible to vibration shadiness of strangers, the astral and approved at least and small, but victory over darkness. But people need empathy, seek to tighten the funnel their own no lighten experience. And, when the blind tries to conduct blind, both get to a hole. Light your people are blind and darken have to guard constantly, vigilantly and cautiously, or else hole is unavoidable. Watch need and in the large and small. Through a small crevice of deadly venom may enter unnoticed thanks to its smallness unprotected.
400. (M. A. Y.). Consciousness heights, like top of the high mountain, aren't vulnerable by poison of the infected atmosphere of lowlands. The way of Light lies on tops as it was specified in the legend of Uyghurs on a giant and the dragon of darkness held down by it. Means, the consciousness in every way needs to be kept above usual level of human thinking. As huge columns of Light, Tower Great Spirits over muddy waters of the everyday sea. Rescue at heights, but not in darkness gorges. Gore Mother World not only a symbol serves, but also the valid shelter to spirit. The higher, the atmosphere is purer and is lighter. And at known height the consciousness isn't vulnerable the nasty terrestrial. A lot of madness occurs on Earth. To see all monstrosities of committed crimes and horrors, it is necessary to rise over it rather highly. The spirit is fire, and only spirit it is possible to tower to the sphere inherent in it and to become lightful.
401. (Guru). Directing to the Lord, you raise spirit over level of a narrow-minded and everyday commonness. Without having towered spirit, not to rise. Flight only on wings is possible. Aspirations wings uplift consciousness to the sphere where the spirit, wanting to be exempted from heavy chains of the dense world is torn. Without aspiration flight is impossible. Aspiration – the fiery engine of spirit. The everyday rhythm of aspiration is powerful because force it grows inalterability of a rhythm. Rhythm all nature lives. Celestial motion is rhythmical and harmonius. The pulsation of elements is rhythmical, and each atom pulses in beat. So, a rhythm approving in the aspiration, the spirit joins a basis real, and there is a way of its ascension immutable.
402. (July 25). Thought-forms, filling consciousness of the person, connect it not visible physical sight threads to certain spheres of space, conformable to character and the nature of these thought-forms. These threads possess the big magnetic force which attraction overcomes easily and freely terrestrial distances. Thus, all people the thinking unite and connect itself with the certain spheres of the Thin World corresponding to a light full or a darken of their thoughts. So, each person, living on Earth, already belongs to these or those layers of the Elevated World. These layers, since the lowest and heavy, raise everything above and above, reaching heights and degree of light full, indescribable words. Communication with of Hierarchy Light connects also unites with Light, communication with of Hierarchy of the dark – with darkness. So, the choice free the directions – up or down, in darkness or to Light – decides destiny of the person. But the direction it is approved by the person on Earth when among dense conditions and a dense environment and things and thoughts create his internal state invisible, but the real bridge of communication with these or those spheres of the Hidden World, hidden for an eye terrestrial, but bright, visible and valid for thin sight. Concreteness of the Aboveground World and its forms, their beauty, phenomenon and reality so see for one incarnation’s spirits, as reality the dense world for the incarnate. When the terrestrial world disappears for the consciousness exempted from a body, after its awakening in Elevated the World Thin appears at the person in all completeness of his phenomenon which his consciousness is capable to contain. The world Thin is perceived on consciousness and ability of containment. Only negate and not beliefs have nothing to contain that is there is nothing to realize because the thought of denial of life in Elevated deprives of negate of life because in Aboveground World the thought reigns.
403. (M. A. Y.). For incarnate spirit the way to the Highest World lies on the ground. It means that among conditions of usual life terrestrial in which the karma put it, he in an everyday dense makes the way in life to Light and finds that narrow track which conducts in life. Among commonness it finds power of thought and to adjust the feelings on a singularity key, in the full accord for the purpose of far, but achievable persistence, work and of the not broken aspiration. The commonness and evidence strong rise on the person who has directed to Light and try to extinguish fire of his heart tiresome, boring, narrow-minded trifles, chagrin, diseases and small employment; all these- enemies of advance, all these vanity and the market. But the hero isn't stopped by anything. It nevertheless goes and wins. The way is difficult, but light full victorious.
404. (Guru). Each step in the chosen direction approaches to Light. These steps during the day it is possible to make much because everything that occurs in consciousness of the person, or clarifies, or darken. And the sharp-sighted consciousness standing on not replaceable patrol, knows always nature of movements occurring in it. Light or darkness constantly phenomenon in the person and his radiations, and depends on his will to choose this or that. But control over itself is necessary.
405. (July 26). We are interested in Our thoughts were embodied on paper perceives their consciousness perhaps more precisely. Of course, individual recording leaves its mark, but this gives them special distinctiveness if fully- string attunement. Our space is a treasure trove of Ideas is inexhaustible. Because the Finder cannot access it will thirst for ever. While there is a consonance, revenues will not cease. The ease or difficulty of perception also depends on spatial currents, their harmony or chaos. Spatial Burden now easily audible feels like the heart. Once he gleefully-and he grows wings. Once heavily unbearable – and presses on the consciousness of cast iron stove. Once bears up aspiration, but sometime have to strain to perception. We just have to know what are changeable and currents that, when the judgment time and the convergence of the worlds will take place, the process moves along the way.
406. (M.A.Y.). Accumulation of spirit remains with the person forever in storage of its Bowl. But not always, not everywhere and not in all conditions they can come to light completely. And still once and somewhere there comes time, and they will come to light in all the force and the spirit will flash and will begin to shine all fires of the accumulation. These accumulations also are true treasure and property of the person on Earth and in the Worlds. And pleasure that they can be accumulated consciously, systematically, and every day, and in all living conditions if the aspiration not broken and is strong. On particles the Treasure gathers. It is possible to call the collector the person who consciously does it. The fiery Treasure of the Stone is increased greatly and grows. And inalterability and firmness of process serve as the guarantee to possibility of fiery achievements. The person goes on the way to Boundlessness a formula "everything is achievable".
407. (Guru). At firmness and an aspiration fiery as dry faded leaves, disappear from aura of the person unusable stratifications. Therefore while spirit fire brightly burns, grieve about them too it isn't necessary. Why to be burdened with that dies off and it is carried away. The excessive attention to them burdens, darken and can recover the fallen asleep karmic statements. Freedom is necessary to spirit wings from any freight. So, not the past with its imperfections, but the future with all its opportunities becomes the spirit engine, directing it’s everything to new and new stays.
408. At all times essence of the Intimate Doctrine of Life one. The doctrine one and is uniform, but forms of its expression different. Speakers spiritual essence sets the bright seal of the Identity to these external forms and that gives them special beauty and value, making the Doctrine available to the people being at this or that step of the Great Ladder of Life for which character the given Doctrine is dated.
409. (July 27). In most cases at usual diseases people passively submit to an illness, counting on the help of doctors and drugs. And only few actively fight against indispositions forces of own organism and will tension. In other words speaking, people in weight are weak-willed slaves to each illness. But even хатха yogis seldom are ill. Not the slave, but mister of people in the microcosm. And, before addressing to doctors, it is necessary to make attempt to restore balance by own efforts; not speak about of infectious diseases. Here the will won't help. Good fortress without the ardent resistance to the enemy never is given. And the illness is an enemy. The best way of fight is prevention. Awakening of sections of a body is useful in this regard. But exercise in it should be done every day and better rhythmically. But it is possible and in free time, instead of rest. Ignorance human does a body helpless before each illness, and seldom who thinks of fight for health by own efforts. The passive relation to disbalance of the organism is inadmissible slavish and powerlessly. For health it is necessary to fight and a body to protect up to the end. And then medical assistance is especially effective. Pains sacred and the indispositions caused by growth of consciousness, both organism thinning, and growth of fires of the centers lit, don't belong to the category of the above diseases and demand special measures and the special relation.
410. (M. And. Й.). Terrible events shake a planet. Elements flooded banks. Natural disasters and not balance amplify. The cancer rages and various diseases are multiplied. The rage human grows. Madness covers the whole countries. Chaos in finance and of uncertainty in of stability formerly of durable currencies; senseless cruelty of aggressive wars and ardent destruction of productive forces of Earth; poisoning with poisons of the rivers, lakes, the seas and oceans and all atmosphere, terrible effect of chemicals on all live. What else signs it is necessary a catastrophic condition of a planet! If of people no collect oneself, - the world cataclysm not avoid.
411. (Guru). "The hell is covered with good intentions". Therefore it is good when the good intention at least is to some extent carried out. That advantage of thoughts good if they aren't applied in life! When the kind thought is applied in practice, without being limited only to words, the special energy giving the crystal deposits is generated in the device of the person. And then there is something very useful, enriching aura new elements. It also will be action correct, multiplying its accumulation.
412. (July 28). Fabric of the human body is exposed to thoughts. Even inveterate diseases can be thought to treat, especially if the thought is resistant, strong and rhythm. But the usual thoughts really affect the administration of the body. So, happy or oppressed have effects opposite thoughts. The body reacts particularly hard at the thought of fear or bravery. Goes on a Board across the chasm, the muscles of the body which are paralyzed by fear but fearless goes on a rope, is dragged over Niagara Falls. So great is the impact of thoughts on body. Need some training, as well as to confidence has not changed. Nothing is given away free. Perseverance, hard work and efforts will lead to mastering the power of thought.
413. (M. A. Y.). Who to the Lord goes, that will reach the goal, and impossible becomes possible. Understanding of Hidden Presence approaches to the purpose and gives strength to move forward incessantly. Under the influence of the Beam stagnation is impossible. It is necessary only that the consciousness no deviate the purpose. Evidence of a dense environment strongly counteracts it. Both fight and efforts concentrate on winning against illusions of dense visibility. Both self-dismissal, and a feat, and overcoming of feeling of property and the power of things and wealth – all this is fight against Maya illusions and evidence influence. When life is transferred to thought and the spirit prevails over a flesh, the far purpose becomes close and achievable.
414. (Guru). Intervention of the person in life of the nature and its transformation only then well also is creative when is in full harmony with its laws and is armed with knowledge. Otherwise consequences of intervention will be awful and destructive. It is impossible to enter in this direction of any innovation, disregarding transformation consequences. Ignorant intervention of the self-confident dunnos imagining by scientists already brought in many cases to the results opposite by the expected. It is impossible to allow ignoramuses to nature transformation. It is necessary to study and the nobility, the nobility, the nobility, differently is inevitable death of productive forces of nature.
415. (July 29). On the one hand, miracles and all material, not the material itself is full of mysteries and wonders, and amazing and wonderful manifestations of subtle energies. Is it not miracle seed germination? Is it the heartbeat for many tens of years of life the body not a miracle? So many wonderful, sleep study and exploration around the person. But many in the highest man in his microcosm, in his body and ability, it concluded. For the ignorant all plain and simple, and requires no explanation. But for the true world is full of amazing phenomena scientist, his greeters at every turn. Even a small blade of grass is already a miracle. Miracle should be understood not as something supernatural, which does not exist, because of course everything, but as a manifestation of natural laws of nature, not yet studied by man. The more the mind in studying unusual digs, the more practical opportunities are expanding the most miraculous achievements. Wonderfully and naturally the manifestation of thought and phenomena associated with this. The idea in the form of a concrete, vivid and complete an image you can upload huge distance. And not only a thought or a feeling of joy or sadness. Also in the distance you can see and hear and feel the smells. TV, radio, telephone and so on is nothing but blatant attempts to duplicate the miraculous ability of human apparatus. Clairvoyance, glearlyhear and all clear feelings will develop naturally and normally when they receive recognition. Not occult, not magic, not quackery, but a new step in the evolution of mankind. And science is the first to open the door to the world of these wonderful events. And, if in life of the ordinary of people attentively, impartially also carefully observes the world unusual, and these manifestations won't slow down... Not to be ignorant and blunt denial explicitly. After all the ignorant do not realize that even the voice of man-already a miracle or photographic amazing properties of his eye to capture in images all the concentrated his attention. Live in a world of amazing, wonderful opportunity, but opportunities for recognition and awareness.
416. (M. A. Y.). Everything that once existed or there is on Earth, everything that is ever created by hands or thought of the person or that is created now, all this is nowadays concluded and exists in space, in spheres various. Access to this spatial storage is possible. And someone already has it; both the scientist, and the inventor, both the composer, and the poet scoop from this treasury. Everything closer and more available is the phenomena of thought. The tank of spatial thoughts influences people powerfully and obviously, causing pleasure and lifting, oppression or depression. Perceptions arrive according to the accord, on a formula "what call, such is and a response". And the consciousness mood in a certain key establishes the corresponding accord. The drunkard in a condition of delirium tremens is a striking example of the similar accord. Either ecstasy of the devotee, or inspired creativity of the poet, or creation of unsurpassed masterpieces of art (according to the accord) people have unconscious, unconscious access to spatial treasures or garbage, but this achievement should be made conscious and lightful and not to concern garbage and the lower class of space. Doors are open.
417. (Guru). Conducts – by of thought. Emphasis – on of thoughts. And the thought carries out achievement. The thought can direct to tops or overthrow in a chasm. The primacy of thought has to be recognized. The phenomenon of thought is reality not only dense, but also Thin the worlds. Don't allow thoughts useless, dirty and spiteful. They first of all perniciously affect their beget. Itself first of all it poisons them with pernicious poison, - from here and of diseases, of the misfortunes, and of hopelessness. Let the thought will be clear shining and ennobling spirit. While the person, the tsar of the nature, won't seize thought, he remains the slave.
418. (July 30). On the astral not subordinated still will we will look as at the unreasonable member of household who needs continuous supervision behind it, attention and care. The astral is willful, changeable and is irrepressible in the actions and therefore severe control is necessary to it. If such member of household wants to work on economy – to bring waters, somewhere to tidy up something, sweep out litter, to pin firewood and so on, let to itself will work. It is useful for it. But, if its actions contradict the schedule established in the house or are immoral and bad, it isn't necessary to allow them at all. The house of spirit is kept clean and an order and everything in it submits to the power of his head. At constancy of control and a severe assessment of each action, aspiration or desire of an astral it isn't so difficult to put on it a silver bridle of spirit.
419. (M. A. Y.). At top of the Mountain of Mother of the World it is possible to be approved strongly and forever. It towers over a planet as a rescue beacon, as the purpose of aspirations, as a spirit shelter from noise and vanity of a material world. Many Ashrams are available in Aboveground World; this Ashram and earthly, and aboveground, existing in of all three the worlds. The top is inaccessible to vibrations of valleys and brown gas. The spirit from suffocating conditions of a human assemblage can have a rest there. Access is open for the consciousness directed to Light.
420. (Guru). "Where is the idea there and consciousness". Consequently, when solid, sustainable, an unwavering aspiration in thought to the desired goal of consciousness not only approaches her, but also within or around it and stays on all time stay there thoughts. One must only understand that these phenomena of thin order are as real in its field, like Earth's normal, visible bodily eyes. Only these phenomena in their design enough and crystallization are going through the body and everything on Earth surrounds it visibility dense.
421. (July 31). Why the same desires and aspirations often do not achieve the objective, and even prayer? There are no elements of faith and immutability, and most importantly, fieriness. The Fiery desire turns; in addition the karma of their laws. And yet, in spite of everything, the Fiery desire or thought is usually carried out in time. It may take even one embodiment, and yet the thought will come true. Because expressing desires and thoughts have to be very careful. In time the person can radically change the generated in the distant past thoughts may be worthless, will not bring anything but suffering. Even in one incarnation is often the performance desires comes when it is no longer needed. Wealth often comes when the fruits of its man advantage are no longer able. All there is, all earthly well-being is achieved, and it is nowhere. So let the desires and aspirations and thoughts will be such that under all conditions, because of their lightfull’s and height, their exalted man and brought him to the shining heights of light.
422. (M. A.Y.). Path of spirit runs through the land, and the movement is performed by hand and foot "human". How do you combine higher aspirations with the need for water, feed, shoeing, and putting body and face the inevitable mass, purely worldly problems and needs? Oriental wisdom shows median, or Golden, the path where the caesarean, i.e. terrestrial, is given to Caesar, meaning Earth, and Render – God, Heaven, or Higher, in man-spirit. And harmonious combination of these two started in man and will be the right solution. That meant we had to carry out its duty to the body and the obligations associated with the family, society and the motherland, and at the same time, do not forget that above all earthly spirit, though, and should go on the ground, but in the name of the highest spiritual attainment. It is written, "Towering spirit, land does not leave the street.
423. (Guru). An example of how one should go through the Earth, harmonizing the earthly and higher is earthly life on great Media. They lived on Earth in normal and often very serious conditions, but, despite everything, the high Were Shining light spirit and left a precious spiritual treasure of humanity. Them by imitating the way some of the following ways, everyone can afford to become this great Land and beautify the Pearl pattern of his spirit.
424. (Aug. 1). Constancy is the guarantee of success expectations. Constancy, fortified rhythm does is guarantee of indispensable. And in the hands of a man to achieve what is far-sighted spirit. But is volatile and often inconsistent and unstable desire human. Their scope is normal, and these aspirations bring earthly rewards. But we're talking about the unusual, and the walks of space above ground, about all that exalts the spirit over time-transient phenomena of dense world. They are important, they are necessary, they are unavoidable, and they serve the spirit of the springboard to take off from the ground. In that their value and necessity. So, the right combination of inevitability dense with the finest energies of the higher mastery leads to opportunity fire, gone far forward, beyond the limited and one cycle of incarnations.
425. (M. A. Y.). Ahead of the infinity, it is possible and all within reach. This understanding and understanding of boundless opportunities of spirit also go. And your path will be a wonderful and unusual. To the notion of the power of the spirit, add and the notion of all- achievements. In time all within reach. But in normal time his understanding no. Therefore, all things which can reach spirit is not somewhere out there in the transcendental heights unreachable, but there beside, near, but not here on Earth but in the Fiery Spheres above ground where spirit got its granulation, in areas where the home of the spirit, which is closer and dearer to him than all the Earth is his homeland, through which he passed while many of its incarnations. Thus, awareness of the purpose and spirit of all his opportunities, attainable on its path to Infinity makes these opportunities a reality, and the future – springboard for their implementation.
426. (Guru). Understand that all the same the whole world, which is watching your spirit, and all the same single and unique Teaching Life, but every step on turnover climbing spiral deepens, expands and makes the limitless possibilities of understanding, learning and awareness. And there is nothing new under the Sun, except the new growing and more in-depth understanding of all the same single evolving world and evolving it all sorts of life forms.
427. (Aug. 2). The conscious improvement human apparatus must be the primary obligation of the person, because only this way becomes unattainable attainable. This complicated apparatus is extraordinary. Not seven. Starting with a tight body, through all the shells, temporary and changing with each cycle of the incarnation, he is no the being replaced a fiery body. Physical body it is issued, astral almost, mental far not at all, and fiery at the very few. The task of all human bodies is planned evolution of things. And improvement of the human becomes a target of the apprentice with all its overhead and far-reaching consequences. Everyday work means gives great possibilities, whatever the conditions, as the fiery spirit could not prevent vigor for nothing. Spirit – over everything and is the author of the idea. True freedom and victory over time and space gives the mastery of membrane, letting the conscious manifestation in the subtle, mental and fiery bodies in the respective fields of space on all plans. And imperceptible and seemingly boring work on yourselves, and hence over their agents leads to radiant, charming rooms, full victory over the world. The purpose of this victory is a service to humanity and service to the world. Bishop to this victory Are those who permanently and irreversibly gave up his Ministry of the Hierarchy of light.
428. (M. A. Y.). We remind you to firmly establish this in the consciousness that the Fire Stairs Light, with 366-speed day and night stages, 366 gives a person an opportunity to climb it every day. Staircase has no end, which leads into infinity. Going with Bishop goes back on it. Every day in His Luce is sent to new opportunities. Every day is new, and the spirit of this novelty is updated in the rays each morning.
429. (Guru). Where does daily comes as many thoughts that all of them impossible on paper hold? Contact with the hierarchy of light fire fruit-bearer. He who to the end and finally gave himself a Lord, spirit knows no hunger. And anything dirty won't enter in to. The endless spirit victories the Lord leads.
430. (Aug. 3). Nature of aspirations defines the direction of evolution of spirit. It is a lot of unnecessary people it is spoken, and much to these harm it is brought spatially. The space gets littered idle words and to fornicate of words. And the answer should be held for each said word. The astral hates any control and control. Restraint of language accelerates submission it (that is an astral) will. The vow of silence had deep value. Reticence and restraint (conscious) is victory signs. For the sake of what tinsel, illusive and pity feelings allows going these indulgences for which it is necessary to pay. Indulgences to an astral are inadmissible. Expediency is in of all. The great purpose and efforts demands the great, but small of vanity. Or someone hopes this purpose to reach, without having put in aspiration all forces? Not to reach it, chasing marsh sparks of minute indulgences. The monolith of the directed spirit isn't vulnerable the nasty. Therefore I Speak: direct! And anything dirty won't enter into you. Purity of an attire of spirit and purity of aspirations are synchronous. White wings of pure aspirations to Light uplift, but black wings of dark desires overthrow in a chasm. Way to Me – on tops.
431. Stone wall forehead not to punch – physical body does not allow. But the subtle body freely through the wall and punches even stone passes. This ability of permeability of thin shell of dense and subtle worlds must be well aware, understand and remember. It is very necessary. Many inhabitants of the subtle world don't know about it, as well as on flights. Knowledge of the world's above-ground conditions is available on Earth. Go there unprepared. Preparedness, and thus the expectation, equips the new conditions after the mortal. How does bad to deny that and not believing in something that really exists. Even small faith in the possibility of after the mortal existence is much easier.
432. (M. A. Y.). The silver bridle of spirit results in restraint of all feelings, as well as thoughts. As people didn't get used to constrain their willfulness! But after all the ascension also is that conscious will transmutation the former achievements which have become interfering, in new, directing forward. It would be hard if didn't fall down become obsolete autumn leaves on a tree, or the dragon wouldn't dump become obsolete numb skin, or birds, fading, would leave on itself the dumped feather, or the dyed-off sections of skin couldn't be rejected! Everything that disturbs, everything is dumped without a regret, that directs and ennobles, undertakes with itself.

433. (Guru). If the subtle body still meets some obstacles and resistance, such as "glass", or the Moon might be hindered by a range, then fire the body knows. For the Fiery body even Distant Worlds are achievable.
434. (Aug. 4). Elevated freedom is reached when magnetism of the lower class of an astral is overcome. They are very infectious, and, for them having hooked, it is difficult to rise; evil and darkness - magnetic. Even it is much more difficult to rise by the ordinary mountain, than to go down. Therefore and falling down, in a chasm, easier many times over, than lifting to the Highest Spheres. From there are so much fallen, both falling, and fallen to the lower class. Ease is preferred by people to difficulties, without understanding value of the last. If understood that each difficult overcoming in itself the lowest nature approaches to the Light source, a way the most difficult refused to go hardly.
435. (M. A. Y.). In addition to the daily work of purification efforts consciousness from the every litter can devote special days. After all, and the General house cleaning is done daily. During these special days, review all the nooks, and scrape up litter and unnecessary rags, and throw away unusable junk without regret. A lot of useless junk layered in the past. The dregs of poison the atmosphere of the unsold houses and affect the thoughts. Time available internal cleansing is a thousand times more thoughtless and inert dipping into ordinariness.
436. (Guru). In the process of mastering your body and ability, humanity has been reached. But this is far from the end. The process continues and deepens. Under the influence of external conditions people have to and learn, and work, and create something, in short, to improve his/her staff. But when it is done knowingly and willingly, the man borrow of the future is in their hands. Say man is the architect of your own fortune. So is it or not, depends on the person. But he's the architect of your own future is undoubtedly. Any effort doesn't pass in this direction completely. Everything bears fruit "a measure full", settled, pumped and overflowed.
437. (Aug. 5). In Aboveground World distribution of spirits on beams happens according to essence of spirit. Grain of spirit belongs to a certain star on all Manvantara. This communication is intimate. It is impossible to approach to its comprehension in the regular way. Covers strongly hide not predicate. And only in the Kingdom, which no off this world, the person to knowledge of part of the secret wakens. And this knowledge exempts it from all contradictions and discrepancies in the attitudes towards other people which tormented him on Earth. Relationship of Beams is harmonious. As tools of a harmonious orchestra, enter spirits the Highest Lightful Spheres, and everyone brings a conformable note in the majestic symphony of these Spheres. Music of the Spheres, which echoes some, very rare, people catch on Earth, majestically and victoriously sounds in Spheres High the Elevated World. The sounding of Fire almost available to perception on Earth becomes food and life of the released spirit which has become ardently sounding or ardently sonorous.
438. (M. A. Y.). About a refraction of bread; first feed, shod and clothe the hungry and give them an abundance of the fruits of the Earth, then, all this is already My advice lead to the top. For the hungry and needy and hungry for strong things won't budge. First feed, having satisfied the needs of the Earth, and then move on. For the hungry and the needy will present itself in images of hunger and eternal needs. But not will thirst for ever going to Rulers. The future will reveal a harmonious combination of aspirations and achievements outside the spirit of prosperity and the prosperity of all the peoples of the Earth and the Earth.
439. (Guru). Let's celebrate this day the word "victory". In space this word sounds. Slags and garbage still darken the horizon of visibility of the future, but space a victory sounds. On everything rising against the judgment future, on the madness’s which are creating under the sun, on everything that else tears apart unfortunate Earth contentions and disbalance, you look as at the phenomena of a dark eyelid consigning forever to the past. All this already last, already condemned, already doomed to leaving from a planet. Сатиа the South victoriously goes and victoriously will come, and there are no such forces in the world which could stop this powerful procession and Era Light approach.
440. (Aug. 6). Great Arrival will take place, -in of waiting stay. Expectation means as well spirit wakefulness. Otherwise it isn't effective and is useless. And, when will ask you how expected, whether you will be able to give the worthy answer? Or turmoil and vanity so filled consciousness, what for the most necessary which above all, places any more doesn't remain? After all behind receiving will come all. You will come also to receive according to that you will bring. Whether you prepare jugs and the baskets? And whether understood heart as everything is deprived of final sense that you surrounds. It is impossible to go if the foot has nothing to lean. It is told: "hand and foot human". And the support is necessary to feet on Earth because on it the way up lies. So, wisely combining of inevitability of the dense world with of far shining target, but close wonderful of opportunities, - reach about My Day.
440. (Aug. 6). The great Parish will take place. In anticipation of abide. The wait also means waking mind. Otherwise it isn't effective and is useless. And when you ask, as expected, will you be able to give an adequate response? Or hustle and bustle so filled the consciousness that for the necessary, which is above all, places no longer? After all behind receiving will come all. And you'll come to get in line with what you bring. Whether pots and baskets of your own? And understand whether the heart as devoid of meaning all end that surrounds you. You can't go if My leg has nothing to rely on. It is written, "hand and foot human". And prop his feet on the ground is needed, because it goes way up. So, wisely unite inevitability the dense world with the far shining purpose, but close wonderful opportunities, reach about My Day.
441. (M. A. Y.). And at a time when traditional ways is flowing as usual, in the inner world of a disciple is a special, externally, but met a wonderful and amazing life. Only a small part of her consciousness, the rest is available before the time is hidden. And only in dreams, when the body sleeps, but the spirit is immersed in terms of above-ground world, some glimpses of life manages to catch, hold and move in, waking up, waking, daylight condition. The main existence – at night, one-third of life takes place in a dream. But, as little the people, using time of a dream for conscious life in Elevated. With constant attention to the sent characters can begin enriching their accumulation of phenomena the upper world.
442. (Guru). Mentally abnormal are the people who slightly opened a veil and have concerned the Thin World, but balance to hold not managed. Therefore balance first of all. The terrestrial debt both terrestrial affairs and relationship kind with other people serve as though counterbalancing counterbalance during the thinning of consciousness and a contact of the Hidden Worlds. Therefore during lifetime of usual it is impossible to be averted or to forget the debt to a family, society and the homeland. Therefore many Carriers Light Be, besides the Highest in Them, simply ordinary workers: carpenters, artists, handicraftsmen or soldiers, commanders, governors, say, strong and firmly going on the ground, despite the communication with the Highest World, is more true – thanks to it.
443. (Aug. 7). It was told: "You are gods". It was told that "the power over any flesh" is given to the person. In these words in a short stamping form all future of mankind is expressed. Future, but not real or last because and in the present and a past of people not the lord, but still the slave and bodies and matters also is still very far from that elements submitted to it. He tries to go to mastering by the nature by purely mechanical, without recognizing in itself the powerful energy, able to influence a matter. But rising from time until the elements, the mankind discomposed by collective power, overturns its constructions. Not in successes of technology and cars power of the person. And not the mechanics meant when the formula "you are gods" was given to people. The evolution purpose – «arm the person without the uniform device". Potentially in a human microcosm the most wonderful opportunities of amazing achievements are already concluded. And in the past in different centuries and at the different people separate phenomena of these achievements were shown. If everything to gather their and to conclude in one person, it will appear that the situation "you are gods" is already reached very largely. It will appear that went on fire, sat on water, rose by air, left to the Worlds Thin and dense in astral, mental and fiery bodies, cured patients, took away natural disasters, stopped earthquakes, transferred thoughts and assisted on huge distances, stopped a drought and caused a rain, mind read, tamed wild animals, saw the remote past and the future. It is impossible to list everything that was once shown by different people at different times. But all this, taken together, shows, that boundless power of human spirit not the fairy tale, but the fiery reality, confirming categorically and certainly a great formula, bequeathed to people and expressed briefly: "You are gods".
444. (M. A. Y.). The form phenomenon of the power of the spirit, achieved by different people in different ages and in many cultures, are not definitive and complete, but there are only degrees of lifting humanity up the great staircase of the end of life, no, because it is at infinity. Because the possibilities of advances in this direction were inexhaustible, and they fully understand and embrace the human mind cannot. But one thing is: at what level of the stairs would either man standing, refine, improve and strengthen its power over the body of his and all the other shells and gradually acquire their energies of spirit he can always, in all and any conditions of his life. Of course, this improvement should go on moral basis, because otherwise the path light will turn into the path of darkness. In each incarnation, you can achieve a lot, and then transfer this aspiration into the next. And when all the future incarnations will be dedicated to that purpose, and climbing the great man up the great staircase of the power of the spirit will be effected and immutable.
445. (Guru). Great carriers of light, a single Important teachings of the Living righteous Herald, the great philosophers, thinkers and great artists, poets and writers, composers, great scientists and great national leaders – all of them in varying degrees looked to a height of his spirit that has not yet been reached by humanity en masse. But these high levels were revealed as absolute proof of what each individual can achieve and that can take place. They point the way and paved trails to these opportunities, personal example pointing out that they are at the mercy of humans and that they can be implemented.
446. (Aug. 8). The human aura around itself constantly emits light energy or darkness, saturating the surrounding space and every piece about and influencing everything: people, animals, plants, objects and things. The brightly colored aura Light radiates, darken - darkness. Each movement, action, feeling and thought or lightfullor are poisonous. The human face of earth movements leave behind a trail, or patterns. After the Light Carriers remains Pearl pattern of spirit, after the Ministers of darkness-dark corridors, full of confusing poison their emanations, which sent all they touch, and which continues to operate and poison-bearer after their physical death. The person on Light or darkness key can adjust the aura. And so it is important to monitor them and know what kind of energy radiated aura. Aura of sadness, fear, anxiety, anger, irritation, and all other senses darken distributes these dark energy around, impacting heavily on the psyche of people comes into contact. You can at any given moment, giving yourself a clear report that radiates to surrounding their aura. Responsible for their radiation is high. Controlling, cautious vigilance and constant monitoring of its emanations and the auras are the first responsibility of the student. When apparatus for imagery, dark poison-bearer will simply be excluded from society and isolate, isolate contagious patients now, while their aura will not lose its poison-bearers the reign of darkness will come to an end. Control of their radiation is not personal, but public and spatially is definitely useful. Ever catch the people that everyone must bear the light in its aura to its benefit to create planet radiation and everything that lives, grows or just sits on it. The objective pupil is such clear thinking and their feelings and a master to the aura it has become clear shining, light of the world produces.
447. (M. A. Y.). The man is a magnet. Magnetic properties of aura manifested that the brightly colored aura attracts from its environment elements of light and dark – dark, increasing the attraction and its own energy. Good pulls and pulls good, evil are evil. So, elevates or darken all auras, which come in contact, increasing the strength of their relationship. This route is growing and good and evil and in and around the person. True, the lone devotee can be a blessing to the whole neighborhood. How urgent and hastily to people to understand what lactiferous-creative or destructive energies are they in themselves and how great the inescapable responsibility for all acts by them and that cause and effect are inseparable and reap inevitably from all his work on Earth.
448. (Guru). Enjoy every speck of good, every goal, every thought, every feeling, Act and carrying a Light. Great in Doing is to Light the luminaries to humanity. And from personal choice, which is free, always depends, whether consciousness has chosen lights up with light or darkness, uniting darkens with a glowing hearth light or abyss of darkness.
449. (Aug. 9). No inhibitions, and admitted everything, even ownership, but with the right to everything and to property. And then a King's Chamber or poor man's shack can no longer interfere with steady, sustained climbing stairs Light spirit. And incarnated in a body and dropping it, and on the Earth and in the world Aboveground continues it's not delayed anything moving. And when such inflexible aspirations of everybody wins, and all the tests which are inevitable at all levels, only serve only focusing her leg for a rapid movement forward into infinity. Magnetism of thought and worldly attachments is great. Magnetic of bright thoughts to overcome, they bring up. But the pull of the Earth and magnetism thoughts dark require hard work to free ourselves from them. Some Carriers were born under the Light of prosperity, wealth, power and land power, others poor, but nothing could prevent them from fulfilling their mission. Yes, Yes, Yes, everyone made flesh on Earth spirit has its mission, or the vital task which he undertook before joining world tight. Value depends on the greatness of spirit; with higher of the spirit, also the more great and of goal, or mission of his life. Not all the people know what they have, but subconsciously this knowledge lives in the depths of their entity, and when testing is not matured and the spirit is rolling down, falling leaves its indelible stamp on the whole being of man. The fallen soul is not a fairy tale, but not denied reality. And often in the eyes of these people, you might notice some sort of doom, which in fact is not always given to the report. And only the conscious bearers of darkness, find its way into the abyss chose, know no remorse and not think about their fall and its impending doom.
450. (M. A. Y.). The aura of cleanliness and order network barrier gives a special feeling of joy. Every correct action is accompanied by a specific reaction, and the reaction is always positive. In other words, every cause produces its effects, in accordance with the nature of the cause. In the life of the earthly man creates a ton of any reasons, consequences which it would have in the world aboveground. Because over each above thin. Thoughtless and irresponsible attitude attributed to reasons of liability does not release. Not for doing, but still creative Karma acts its takes over, although to a lesser degree than in charge. And he who scatters in the grain, life good or bad, let him know that "to shake" has wrought.
451. (Guru). If water hollows a stone, think of persistence exempt consciousness from everyone are nasty should bring the beneficial results. It is necessary to show only persistence and aspiration to freedom. You know many examples of this victory of spirit over an infirmity of its lowest covers. On the way the specified, passed earlier others where it is easier to go than to cut through a virgin soil. And this way was specified to people long ago, specified Told: "I Am the Way, Truth and Life".
452. (Aug. 11). In approving the control of thoughts, it is very important that the idea came under Ray consciousness. Being thus exposed, it reveals its essence and burns under a beam, if futile. While it is easy to see how many thoughts worthless attempt to invade the consciousness and settle down in it. The thrown and fanned by dark thoughts are revealed right there, and with them the fight easier. When such a sharp be displayed a in applications, alertness to deepen and to follow their feelings and their nature, not allowing some amount to no lighten feelings and experiences have cast an aura. It turns out that many smaller emotions constantly seek to disrupt the harmonious and peaceful state of aura. Even with little irritation and other feelings no lightly barrier is weakened and burn network phosphoric fabric nerves. From the likes of emotions person can infinitely tired and feel completely broken, if they are strong enough and disharmony . So, self-control indicate and of guard of the health. Bridle in all senses is a stepping stone, not a pupil after which there can he move on. "Peace of mind is the crowning glory of the spirit". Balance of approved durable, the powerful protection is from the invasion of chaotic wave’s turbulent sea of human. How urgent and imperative need to adopt hastily a these great quality – tranquility and balance. And can I exchange them for anything or sacrifice a variety of small and large experiences in which are surrounded by ordinary people. Peace of mind is achieved particularly price and willingness to sacrifice everything for the sake of it, that it violates. 453. (M. A. Y.). Of small grains of sand there is a huge mountain. From small and low-slightest efforts and everyday victories over even if they are very small, there is a great achievement. When the Lord Told: "Let the way will be victorious", It in a look had a victorious every day over, apparently, small things which grows over time in affairs big and great. It is much more difficult to struggle with small thoughts and feelings, than with the big. But and the victory over them leads to the consequences having huge value.
454. (Guru). Each thought allowed once in an interior, sooner or later, but will show it the lawful account and the place in his consciousness will demand to itself to influence it according to the character. Here at such presentation of former accounts special vigilance and vigilance are necessary to meet the uninvited guest fully equipped with that step of which reached spirit. If the thought bad and the reached step don’t correspond, it either is incinerated or simply expelled from a consciousness field. If it is good, is accepted and amplifies already fact of acceptability, being out of a consciousness field, both good and bad thoughts grow and therefore it is necessary to face these, but already increased and amplified, the thoughts going from the past. They can be glad if they from Light, and to give a hostile reception if from darkness. A lot of things that could be allowed in the past are absolutely inadmissible on new, reached by spirit, steps and therefore concerning these thoughts special vigilance and attentiveness are required.
455. (Aug. 12). Situation in the world will worsen all the time, Arrival won't be made yet. Also we won't be surprised to it. It is necessary that the spirit wakened. Blows to substance of a matter have to increase to punch its thickness and spirit to concern. Thick-skinned people are insensitive to these blows. Them you will punch nothing. Very strong shocks and disasters that woke up are necessary. Madmen stand in some countries in power. Their policy is mad. Don't stop before the most terrible crimes. The person hating, destructions, death are born by them to people.
456. (M. A. Y.). Division of mankind on the Poles – light and darkness – had not yet ended. Every day it deepens and will deepen the divide between the Poles until becomes impassable. And then those who are on the side of darkness will indulge it irrevocably. For some it has already prepared a place on Saturn. You can imagine how pure the atmosphere of the planet when the nook will be gone forever. There are still strong and do a lot of evil, but is approaching the end of their dominions. Light-the winner put away the darkness and the darkness of those who betrayed him.
457. (Guru). Firmness unshakable spirit is necessary to sustain up to the end. Besides the horrors which are externally created, host of darkness who are very active and in the world astral, strong snatch on each soldier of Light, on everyone lighten that in them to turn off Light. Their efforts are long, persistent and ruthless. Predatory flock guard around, looked each of weak place, so that to stick the claws; be awake of the spirit. Vigilance is necessary constant and strong as steel. You see on a set of trifles as hunt for you as use all, and friends and enemies to put some idea to them and the action, able you to damage as each circumstance turn against and as, in one having received repulse, try to discover immediately another. Become even closer to the Lord, so that to the enemy not squeeze.
458. (Aug. 13). The formula "yes this Bowl passes Me" is characteristic for the highest steps of service to mankind when the duty is fulfilled up to the end. At initial steps is noticeable aspiration of the teachings, mentoring, desire to have as much as possible pupils and all to teach. Responsibility and burden of mentoring aren't conscious, the care flows about itself, for own self-satisfaction. There is a self-service phenomenon. And only when it is understood, what burden and what responsibility is assumed by the one who wants to be the true instructor, service to Light begins. Then the imposing on the yard" stops ", the desire of all to teach disappears and the formula "yes this Bowl passes Me" becomes the companion of the spirit, bearing to Earth Light. And meetings then, passing under this sign, gain other value. They aren't easy bearing Light because often burden and burden unreasonably because the fatigue from them is great and often comes to an end with a disease owing to an over expenditure of mental energy. Coming and taking it don't understand because are blinded the good bye and don't suspect as they violently absorb others energy. After all they are so directed and so want to know that similar reasons at all don't come to them to mind. Thrift in of the attitude that, off whom they obtain, of the phenomenon rare and unusual. Usually demand: give, give, give, and whether have the right and whether understand that it costs giving, consciousness of the receiving doesn't reach. Ramakrishna "admirers" tore to pieces him. Let it a constant reminder will be that delivery of mental energy excessively lawful is inadmissible. Perhaps, you will understand now that cost to Mother Agni Yogi addressing to Her and why She so appreciated your letters which aren't demanding from It anything. Care to an expenditure of precious power of the Teacher indicates high degree of consciousness of the pupil and his right to become even closer.
459. (M. A. Y.). Blessing speeding something brings to the Teacher yourself, before, than take from It. Benefit something to the Teacher the bringing. Brought always receives because has on this legitimate right. The understanding of it can be expanded and even at everyday Communication to try to bring something, at least the little. The instruction on brought baskets and jugs can be understood even more deeply and more widely and the nobility it is immutable that the bringing receives always. Correctly and by the time remembered words: "What more is able bring to You, the Lord?"
460. (Guru). The benefit to you if you have a need and you can satiate the hunger of the spirit who turns to you. But extradition is for consciousness. Issue of consciousness is to not think about yourself, not about what makes your thoughts at the moment, but think about it, a convert to you for help. It requires a certain degree of self-denial. It becomes similar to wood-grouse, having closed their ears to the entire surrounding and knowledgeable as only his song. A lot of sensitive dedication should be shown, rendering needing the spiritual help. And here the formula will be the main condition: "Be rejected from it".
461. (Aug. 14). Clearsense develop slowly; speed it is impossible, demand the awaking centers. In the conditions of the city the lit centers will give a sharpening perceptions, so, and the infected atmosphere of a human assemblage that will cause a number of the undesirable phenomena. Therefore it is better not to aggravate artificially feelings and to it not to aspire. Everything will come in due time when the necessary and favorable conditions will be created.
462. (M. A. Y.). But to seek for consciousness clarification from any litter, to control over thoughts and to mastering by the feelings and emotions it is possible always, in any conditions and without any harm for the mentality and health. And achievements in this direction are much more valuable, than any phenomena of psyches which are harmful certainly
463. (Guru). "Virtue" and the stark Ruddy fire power over feelings in common with myself and have nothing. Too much hypocrisy, leniency, vegetable oil and put in the first Ducky clergy. But the invisible and invisible world is a harsh discipline of the spirit of fire. Its peculiarity is that not in front of people, but every day the face of space is the instruction of the student. Acting alone shows knowledge of the practical application of this knowledge in life. The best daily sacrifices His will every day, constantly increasing light aura. Each added to the sparkle of light and will those spirit gifts that people have substituted an offering of metal, precious stones and all kinds of donations. Things are much easier to bring to church than give up the cockroaches in the bosom ", mean his lack or weakness of small-smalling.
464. (Aug. 15). Earlier count that the God's anger shown in of the various disasters: epidemics, drought, floods, earthquakes, wars and other misfortunes which fell upon the people who have forgotten about God. Now it is possible to explain that a microcosm and macrocosm are connected closely and that the microcosm human is allocated with powerful energy. When the consciousness is averted from the Highest World and Hierarchy of Light and breaks harmonious communication with macrocosm, disbalance it affects the nature, everything that surrounds the person, on underground fire, on elements, and the mankind as a whole becomes the destroyer of planetary foundations and Earth health. The return blow of elements can be terrible. And no equipment will rescue from payment for evil affairs human. As if madness seized the world: the rivers, lakes, reservoirs are deadened. Irresponsibly animal and vegetable worlds are destroyed. The soil and the atmosphere poison, both terrible cruelty and imagined impunity direct actions of madmen; but the consequences not to avert. Also people before power of the elements discomposed are powerless. Signs and preventions are given, but don't wish to see them, and the main thing, don't want to know and believe that, having averted from Forces of the Highest, of Forges Light, powers of darkness, decomposition and destructions on themselves attract, causing them to ardent identification.
465. (M. A. Y.). Books about Gurus come out in time. Little of it remains for burning oil in of icon lamp. In short time. And terms are appropriate. But the human spirit is silent. As well as silent, then blows with wakeup become unpredictable. And the more persistence and misunderstanding will set the people what is happening, the more powerful will these blows. And we should be fully prepared to meet the natural wave of spirit. So saying who has ears to hear and eyes to see the imminent danger of the world.
466. (Guru). Life is the best school. And it is easy to notice as at sufficient aspiration and constancy all new and new lessons expanding consciousness both bringing new experience and knowledge everyday are given. Each lesson is other one than another. Even at frequency there is in it a novelty. Both no theories and abstract knowledge will replace life and that it gives and to that teaches; certainly, and in it the Hand of the Teacher, because He Directs a tide of life of the pupil. Aren't forgotten, aren't left, but in constant care of the Teacher of Light his children.
467. (Aug. 16). Our Treasury is inexhaustible, but access to it is not always the case, and if opened, not always the same is sometimes easy, sometimes hard. The reasons are many: the State of the space and the nature of the currents, body condition, environmental conditions environmental, human thoughts and so on. And still at aspiration it is possible to perceive almost always. Rhythm helps. Established strongly as on wings bears.
468. (M. A. Y). The outside of the innermost depths of the lifestyle guru is reflected inside. Because you can write about it, one way or the other, but never breaking into that which is hidden from the eyes of strangers. "There are a lot of secrets in Arhat's life". It can sometimes give out something, but only within the limits of permissible. Fiery print is on everyone's lips. That's why all attempts to describe the lives Arhat are incomplete and imperfect. And only on the rungs of the ladder of life, as they may touch upon confidential matters, but also the only authorize Teacher of light borders. Know the case told the Jury that he, being a little boy asleep in his father's Office and woke up, saw the Cabinet through the wall went down a man in East attire and had a long conversation with his father. Then George was asked how he ended up in the Cabinet, and said to him was that he did not place. Where and when and to what may be placed this biography thing! Yes, "there are a lot of secrets in of Arhat's life".
469. (Guru). If to consider that in each this embodiment the part of intimate essence of the person comes to light only, it is possible to imagine, what it in all the completeness and integrity when the dense cover can't even contain and reveal all it accumulation. It is impossible to judge on outer side of life the Arhat his internal essence, without belittling it. The symbol of transformation of the Savior specifies that eyes of his pupils weren't able to sustain dazzling light of Light of its Intimate Essence.
470. (Aug. 17). Flashing, as in a Kaleidoscope, a stream of planetary events and what is happening in your personal life: wars, plagues, the fall of conditional values and volatility around and around, variability in States of astral and moods – should further argued that the stream of strolling by, cannot affect the Silent inside the Recorder. The basis and the Foundation should be much protected from the onslaught of broken-down balance of elements and the invasion of chaos. Everything goes the spirit of God. You can't rely on anything transient. The Citadel of the spirit is guarded tightly. And all that so heavily placed on the heart and encumbers him – only steps, or foot, or toe along the way stop climbing the spirit. The only way you can understand the meaning of maintaining of the perishable and the value of the human world of teaches compact. When was told people that the Kingdom of the spirit not of this world, it was the essence of the imperishable.
471. (Guru). The biography of Carriers of Light is very necessary to show to people visually and personally as it is necessary to live, direct and work on Earth for General Welfare. Words can be powerless, but an application example in practice, in life usual, Commands of the Doctrine of Life isn't denied is convincing. It is specified clearly: "hand and foot human". And not abstract theorizing, but actions purely terrestrial, sated with fiery commitment, is more convincing than all words. "The sermon departed, there was a life". So, studying of terrestrial life of Attendants of Light and to Them imitating firmly and steadily, you find that narrow track, which conducts to of Light.
472. (M. A. Y.). Difficulty to write the biography of the Envoy of Light is that all depth of its spirit can't be comprehended level of consciousness of the biographer which orbit limited his understanding. And all explanations, all interpretation, all attempts to give a bright and impressive Image of the Envoy out of limits of height of spirit of the biography don't leave. Other, purely external, third-party restrictions are possible also. But there are also exceptions when writing is in close spiritual contact with the Envoy or is inspired on Hierarchy Beams, and then it is possible to find depths surpassing depth of consciousness of the author of the book in such biography. And it is possible to judge these depths only heart. Time didn't come to give the full exhaustive biography of the Guru to people yet. But that is given, is necessary urgently and urgently because terms came nearer.
473. (Aug. 18). About what write? About of fiery inevitability. Here already it also came. And the unknown drought which has struck all central region of distressful your Homeland is result of collision of spatial fiery energy with a disharmonious condition of a planet. Disbalance of these combinations covers all Earth, but is shown in forms various, up to frustration mental. Especially painfully the sensitive organisms bearing on strengthened loading react. And even destroyers dark can't brag of that they are happy. Look for rescue in drug addiction and various excesses. The happiness – in the spirit of, but is rejected spirit and therefore the happiness left. This transition period from darkness of the past to Light of the future is heavy. Rescue from pernicious fiery waves – only in the spirit of.
474. (M. A. Y.). Difficulty of influence on people in that, can't perceive over the capacity of the consciousness. And it is necessary that the aspiration to perception proceeded from within. External and violent only slides on a surface, without getting inside and without leaving a trace. And then only powerful spontaneous influences and blows can awaken spirit; from here and the events on Earth. There was no so heavy time and so intense. The planet is sick. And only opposite polarization of consciousness of mankind which cast the house terrestrial into ruin and disasters can bring her out of this condition. And the house of another, so well adapted for life, in Space isn't present for people of Earth. And how many эонов it is required in order that the remains of the mankind which have escaped from death menacing to Earth, could adapt to a new planet.
474. (M. A. Y.). The difficulty of human exposure in excess of the capacity of their consciousness cannot perceive. But that aspiration to perception came from within. External and forced only slip of surface, not penetrating inside and leaving no trace. And then only the powerful natural effects and strokes can awaken the spirit. From here, and what's happening on the ground. There was no time for such serious and so intense. The planet is sick. And bring it can from this State only the opposite polarization of consciousness of mankind, which has plunged his earthly home in ruin and disaster. And the House of another, less well adapted for life in space to earthlings. And how many will it take eons to mankind, surviving remnants of Earth-threatening death, could adjust to the new world.
475. (Guru). The irresponsibility of people for the planet, for his earthly House, is a result of ignorance and ignorance. But how did give knowledge if deaf and blind earthlings to all the terrible signs and warnings, who generously sent them. Great Teaching is given life and powerfully saturates the space. In this necessary, important and urgent work of cementing space may help us, everyone who knows the Teaching life. Like the rays into darkness, are thoughts of light into the darkness, cloaking land, and scatter it. Do not go missing without a trace, no stress, no attempt to, no desire, no spark of light, but everyone contributes his share in the great building of the new world.
476. (Aug. 19). Pressure becomes unbearable. Many organisms have burn out; removes a bountiful harvest death. This spatial feeling sorely tested is credited with giving anything but her real reason. And the reason all that disbalances the planet raised the spirit of humanity, its collective power aimed at creation, but not to destroy. And, just as the human body loses balance and falls ill, as a result of the violation of the laws of nature, likewise falls ill and the land on which they live and which is sensitive to violation of human laws of harmony and coherence. If people averts from the top, they look to those below. If avert from light, turn into darkness; but the destructive and disharmonious. Disease, disaster, wars, floods, drought, hurricanes, earthquakes have a corollary effect of disharmonious and destructive energies of mankind on nature. Even the flowers wither and die from the impact of malicious and dark human auras and sick animals. But what is the collective strength of all people as a whole, if it is directed at the destruction, hatred, and devoid of good self-destructed, building consistency!
477. (M.A.Y.). But the network is about timing. But reaching the fiery waves does not stop there. But, or their spirit take and transmutation during the goo, or their rower, rejected and not talked, rush by of destruction. Or to take light, or perish in darkness under the rage of the elements, strikes of malevolent human equilibrium.
478. (Guru). Breaking the law of spirit and Light, killing, destroying and claiming outrageous hate to think these criminals against the Earth and sky that are protected by money bags and that can evade responsibility and unpunished; veins of hopes. It is necessary to be responsible for everything, deeds them, and completely to pay. Terrible plight of those civilized workers are evil.
479. (Aug. 20). When the world is mine and Mine will occupy in the minds of you’re the taking priority place, pushing aside your peace and you’re into the background, to get near an all-time Truth. Otherwise the noise and hustle bustle of triumphant deaden My Cries. One must also learn practically that reject the earthly life with her duties and duty, but that one must learn to combine earthly and higher harmoniously, not forgetting that the path to the heights of knowledge rests on Earth. When conscious goal and path to it, you can go, is treading. In time completely forgettable, ate, and drank, and how that flowed narrow-minded party life of an earthling, say, two or three thousand years ago, but not forgotten ideas and thoughts of the great Spirits, They brought into the world, or great works of art and exploits. So, the actions and the fruits of human labor are short and small, limited to the embodiment of a man, and long, going far beyond one life and feed lots of people for many centuries. Many legends are hard to keep the memory of the life and deeds of national heroes and great, selfless acts of the spirit. And in his life can be harsh to separate cases short and normal current day from long and timeless, which bring the spirit to infinity. The everlasting life of the spirit, and modeled by people all the Great teachings of peace, not a fairy tale, but the Fiery reality of the upper world, augmenting to mankind from the beginning of time.
480. (M. A. Y.). Loving whom or something more the Lord is "no worthy of Him ". So, the love to of Calling, which is above all, fasted and closer all, oncoming to Him and putting a consciousness in direct contact with Him. Directly means without any intermediaries. When it is reached, the flow of thoughts, radiating from the inexhaustible source of life, is pouring a stream of human consciousness, has learned to love; but short of feeling human. Love for life, at all time, forever, and carry this love through life on Earth and in the worlds, and carry her through all incarnations of relentless is to find a narrow path leading into Infinity, and rise on the star road that has no end.
481. (Guru). Why the greatest creations of art so valued by people and not die? Because they are concentrated Light crystals attached to them by the creator of this work. The fiery spirit of a painter, sculptor, poet, composer, in the process of its creation, nourishes the Light elements that create it. And since elements of light normal destruction time or not to be forgotten, the duration of the life of the great works of art goes far beyond the life of ordinary things. So unusual is the guarantee duration of fiery creations of the spirit.
482. (Aug. 21). If the circumstances are such that it is not possible to take notes, yet clearly thought through to the end any idea or situation you can always. These completed forms remain permanently crystallize and in space, and cement it. Hermits-yoga in distant, isolated mountain caves does not write anything but thoughts of their aura of the Earth, helping to enrich the common good. Just help them and the people individual, deserving of special attention. Remember how one Yogi helped build the temple for twenty jumps to where he was. Certainly, and Yoga’s conduct records and write treatises, but already in the conditions of others. Work on the mental plane cannot nothing hinder, if consciousness allows.
483. (M. A. Y.). Mental construct of thought remain permanently in space after died a natural body builder. As their creator continues to dwell in their atmosphere is already free from the body. If the thoughts are bright and precious, they raise it in Lightfull Areas. Continuity and rhythm especially reinforce these builds. Above-ground World even more Ashrams are real and lasting than the Earth, and there may be aboveground and once collapsed their dense form. And people anxious on Earth build Me a House spirit, dwells in it, freed from the body.
484. (Guru). Every person who lived his life on of Earth leaves behind a trail of their cases, deeds, actions, words, emotions and thoughts from birth to death, like the movie, depicting its entire outer and inner life. This movie we call a pattern of the spirit. There it is, indelibly fixed in space. It can see and read the teacher. Does not disappear, but nothing all vividly and accurately abide in scrolls of Akasha. This is why man should carefully protect their earthly way. This is not visible to man the movie can be seen as a chain of cause and effect, man-made, which from endless past lives goes to infinity of the passing of the future. In addition to space, there is individual storage Bowl that anywhere and ever happened with the man over the endless chain of existence in all forms and in all worlds. Many secrets are hidden in a microcosm of the person. The device of its spirit is wonderful. Possibilities of the person are boundless.
485. (Aug. 22). Continuous understanding of in the Beam is as well the best protection. The spiteful forward or the wrecker, on you taking up arms, adjoins to the fiery device standing behind you and receives the return blow which sparks painfully burn down. It is necessary to be only in full tranquility and awareness of the invulnerability that arrows of the enemy in a board pierced or flew by. Live of Nearness the Teachers will be a board.
486. The Mother of the world, feeding the rays Their Land, Has its representative on Earth, which it is connected by straight line communication.
487. (M. A. Y.). Fiery signs are the first step toward the great era of fire. They are not always beneficial. If there is no match for their assimilation, the Fiery waves can harm and cause of the disaster. Weak organisms will burn out. And only likely to encounter their own lights will remain unharmed. Teens not burnt in the fiery furnace, not a symbol, but in essence the coming Epiphany Era ceasefire.
488. (Guru). However was tall Light Messenger if He Comes to Earth incarnated in the dense body, He is not in it protected and insensitive to the earthly life. No, he may be ill, and suffer, and receive blows, and experience all this even more acute than the ordinary people. Only the spirit of it is not affected by anything, that of the flesh, the suffering of these encounters unswervingly and maintains them through. This is his invulnerability, and strength, and power.
489. (Aug. 24). Fearlessness is not insensitivity, but that eradication of the paralyzing, and degrading spirit susceptible to fear. And then the warning about the dangers of not causing reactions of fear, but rather, on the contrary, the feeling of serenity and consciousness invulnerability and the inviolability of the spirit, that is, approval of reality. Of course, shell exposed, the respective areas of each, but grain spirit runs through every area in its spontaneous appropriateness and dropping shells one by one, then the new externalize it to continue on its path to infinity. Dying and sick body, flesh, but the spirit is weak, has seized the body and other wrappers, asserts his power over all, because given the power "over any flesh" from the beginning of time. And to the realization of this ultimate power sometime and somewhere is fated to come in person.
490. (M. A. Y.). All Yoga lead to approval by the authorities, and even the lowest of all, hatha yoga, and strengthens the physical body and peculiar way slow down the evolution of the spirit, yet even she gives to the human hand some power over the body. Everywhere substance, all knowledge, omnipotence of spirit is the secret dream of mankind. Gautama Buddha did not even say that he mastered these qualities. And yet in some way and in accordance with the stage of development of each person, even in a small degree, but still has his victory over them, or by their own membranes. And if you realize that the everyday dense grain of whisker can be deliberately accumulate gradually this power over him, and then will it grow and grow from day to day. After all, even moving his arms and legs, making work and everything that has to do to people; people have already shown their power over the body and shells. Only this is not understood. This authority does not have the tree, but the tree is somewhat overwhelmed by a matter of dense and takes from it what they need for life. All forms of life are fighting for the same thing, but according to their stage of development. Essence of evolution of each live form in that, so that assert his power over a matter in limits, this form of the available.
491. (Guru). Awareness of the importance of this or that phenomenon holds the power and possibility of the phenomenon to master and submit to his will. Even simple exercises is meaningless if done for prizes or build muscles, but realized that these alleged power over the body, and exercises may be useful to some degree. But it is the path of Hatha Yoga, not leading up.
492. (Aug. 25). Get ready, get ready, and get ready to meet a wave of unexpected events. And let this be an impersonal readiness, not expecting anything for myself. And then the wait is excruciating and not brings frustrations. World events are not considered the interests of the individual but are the ultimate goal is the common good. The common good is not personal, but a spatial value. For the sake of its mankind best representatives endowed not only the personal interests, but even of life. Only the impersonal lead to immortality. The personality is doomed by a short cycle of the existence and death of all temporary covers investing spirit. And only the immortal incarnation Individuality is experiencing identity, continuing its way into infinity.
493. (M. A. Y.). With care and attention, and are left on each hand. But we should still go by yourself, and you can't draw too. Life on Earth is life tests. At trial, even worlds. And the rest from earthly life is short for our people. And there again fighting, and winning, and continued climbing up the ladder of life, but in a new environment with new challenges and new opportunities to collect a rich harvest, in the field of labor, aspirations and work for the common good.
494. (Guru). The more difficultly, it is rather better. The thorns of a way which are tearing apart footwear are blessed. And a Crown of thorns was not punished, but of inevitable sputnic rebellious spirit. And who from going to the Lord could avoid this thorny road. Ways of blessing aren't easy for them going. Ahead Light, and with it pleasure. But it is necessary to reach Light.
495. (Aug. 26). Among a set of various beliefs, religions, philosophical and scientific systems and the theories sometimes disproving each other, among various political views and doctrines it is difficultly to ordinary person to be guided extraordinary. Therefore the track conducting in life and leading to understanding of Truth is called "narrow". The apostle Speaks: "You learn Truth, and the Truth will make you free". And the words "I Am the Way, Truth and Life" specify on an entrance to the Truth kingdom. But the entrance is narrow, and hardly to find it. And still cognition of the Great Intimate Doctrine which sketchy scattered and has remained in this dispersion, it is possible to find everywhere. The fullest and harmonous expression of this Doctrine in present period is the Doctrine of Live Ethics given to mankind from the Stronghold. It synthesizes essence of all religions, philosophies and science and allows not only to find "the narrow track conducting in life", but also to follow it. The great Doctrine is given at the right time when the dissidence human reached a culmination point and different weight all and in everything, and first of all in the nature and consciousness human, tears apart poor Earth, threatening it with accident.
495. (Aug. 26). Among the many different beliefs, religions, philosophical and scientific systems and theories, sometimes contradicts each other, among various political beliefs and teachings is difficult to navigate an extraordinarily ordinary people. Therefore the track conducting in life and leading to understanding of Truth is called "narrow". The Apostle says, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." And the words "I Am the Way, Truth and Life" specify on an entrance to the Truth kingdom. But the entrance is narrow, and finds it hard to come by. And yet the great Hidden Teachings local culture scattered and preserved in sketchy of this dispersion, can be found everywhere. The most complete and graceful expression of this doctrine in the modern era is the Teaching of living ethics, the humanity of the Stronghold. It synthesizes the essence of all religions, philosophies and Sciences and allows you to not only find the narrow path that leads to life, and follow it. Great Teaching is given by the time a human reached culmination different thoughts, and different weight around and around, and above all in the nature of human consciousness, and are plagued by a poor ground, threatening her disaster.
496. (M. And. Y.). "Many voices will call and a lot of ban will begin to sound, but for you these roadside signs" will flash. These soundings and the ban going from outside can't confuse the one who was strongly approved on Bases because it is possible to disprove and not to recognize soundings and a ban, but, undoubtedly, Bases are immutable and unshakable. On them be approved and strong you hold them when something interferes able to confuse consciousness with seeming and false persuasiveness of the unchecked facts.
497. (Guru). About the poison doubts not forget at any stage. And we will not engage in altercations with doubt when it tossed dark, or try to fight it by logical reasoning. Question the conventional logic does not recognize, but simply invades the conscience, trying to obscure and obscure the obvious. Because the method of dealing with him one-throw it away without joining with him in any relationship and not trying to disprove it. Otherwise the poison it still penetrates inwards and poison idea and the investigation of him, despite all his external, apparent credibility and even good would be deplorable and destructive.
498. (Aug. 27). Generations, once and somewhere created by beget, wait for an opportunity to get into consciousness as soon as there comes the moment of weakness or vigilance of patrol decreases. But "the spear which isn't dozing over a dragon", will keep generations at a distance, without giving the chance to them to come nearer. Patrol, or continuous wakefulness of spirit, – Arhat's usual condition though his own generations also don't threaten It, but threaten attacks of dark big degrees. In a word, patrol is necessary everywhere and always and the more so guarded and strained, than the spirit holding it is higher.
499. (M. A. Y.). To trust the wanting will find thousands proofs confirming belief, wanting not to trust – on the contrary, will find the proofs destroying it. It isn't proofs, and in mind or heart control. The masterful man to prove himself anything if wants that. And no sophisms will destroy belief if it is approved by heart. After all the belief is no other than a sense knowledge, or intuitive feeling of reality, an anticipation of that knowledge which once becomes destiny of the person. Don't make sense of attempt something to prove to in whom heart died. Died heart deafly to understanding of the undoubted; died and stinking hearts should be bypassed carefully, without concerning their poisonous infection.
500. (Guru). The rock stands and waves beat on her, travel to small splashes. And different phenomena, waves off points per person from everywhere, broken, without bringing harm to the unwavering fortitude. But they bring a great benefit because it is unnecessary and malicious attacks from outside stratifications. Joyfully and with firmness meets established in the Teaching of the spirit of furious surf the waves turbulent sea of human, strengthened and grew in strength from each opposite its impact.
501. (Aug. 28). Let's try to keep over the poisonous atmosphere of lowlands. On the mountains it is possible, there don't reach the poisoned layers of the atmosphere, it is to some extent possible and on plains if spirit to rise to tops. But how to rise if attractions terrestrial are strong! Means, their force should be moderated. Means, it is necessary to fight with them. Life of the pupil also consists in this fight and overcoming of attractions of the dense world, and its advance depends on success of overcoming on the way. As the hungry jackals following the lonely exhausted traveler, counteractions and difficulties accompany constantly the pupil. As huge stones, rocks and the whole mountains are piled up them before it, threatening with seeming impassability. But if the step of the traveler is firm and unshakable, barriers before confidence and hardness of his gait are scattered and disappear. And only the steady of uninterrupted advance allows it to go and go, despite everything.
502. (M. A. Y.). Among the mass of events, attempting to enter consciousness, it selects only the needed, urgent or consonant itself. In this spirit's ability to attract breeding inside only consonant it is possible individual elements of evolution. Therefore, poet, and artist, and philosopher, writer, and composer attract elements necessary for their creation. Attract and drunkards and gamblers and criminals, but their progress are directed downward, downward spiral, and define the fall spirit. All men have this selection ability, that is, have the right of free choice of mass phenomena around them taking what want to take into the inner world of your thoughts and be in combination with them. The choice is free, and is it always will.
503. (Guru). Every thought, every situation, every allegation can be refuted and disassemble without end because the chain of cause and effect, they go off in the infinite past, and the orbit of its contact with the infinity in this, and in addition still has its opposite pole, not disproving, but complementary phenomenon to the wholeness of things unified. So, no thought can express the phenomenon as a whole. Only to understand that denial is necessary to remember that the only allegation involves learning capabilities of the world around us.
504. (Aug. 29). Quality of balance – synthetic; it comprises, besides other qualities, and fearlessness. The person armed with balance is impregnable. Therefore you store balance above all. Without it many other qualities of force have no. As also the fiery waves met in complete equilibrium of spirit, harm won't do. It is possible to practice constantly in the statement of this quality on all little things in life which especially painfully break it. Let's not combine fear with balance – one excludes another. All messages of the present day can be accepted in balance full because we don't know that with myself bear, harm or the benefit. As we will quietly learn to meet and waves of the opposite phenomena and darkness attack. Firmly it is necessary to remember one: "Nobody will resist against balance".
505. (M. A.Y.). Powerlessly and not effectively Light weapon in hands of the cowardly soldier. Afraid hand won't lift a sword, and the board won't cover gray spots of fear on aura. Terrible, isn't necessary, harmful and destructive fear for mentality of the person. Therefore it from life of the pupil is abolished. It is better to meet fearlessly the most tremendous phenomena, than shamefully to shiver at thought of them. Courageous – all currents of space and the Beam of the Teacher of Light. Be approved in lightful and shining quality of fearlessness. It will help to pass by the most awful faces of dark the evil doing victoriously. It protects and will make powerful and effective the help of the Teacher and will give the chance to it, where and in what to send the Beam.
506. (Guru). "The risk has the satellite incarnate existence". And when the Teacher on the sensitive ear will whisper "danger", He Wants the call from the depths of the spirit of unshakable courage and strength to resist, and meet it fearlessly. When behind the brotherhood, and Ray in the heart, and realized the power of the invisible presence, the spirit doesn't get armor and not perforation.
507. (Aug. 30). Rejoice, children. Rejoice in the next hours. Rejoice in life which will advance. Rejoice in the coming light. Enjoy your opportunities. Rejoice in the immortality of the spirit. Rejoice thorms Way, obstacles and tears apart the shoes. Rejoice in the Rays of the Stronghold. Rejoice to Veil opening. Experience the evolution of the world. Experience the phenomenon of distant Worlds. Rejoice In The Hierarchy of Light. Rejoice For The Banner of Peace. Enjoy infinity of learning. Enjoy great trainings from the future, when the Shepherd will be one flock and one. Rejoice, rejoice, and rejoice, for a grand time goes.
508. Synthesis understands the essence of Maitreya basis. Scattered Oziris will be collected together the members. All sorts of beliefs, sects, cults, scientific theories, hypotheses and discovery, all systems, philosophy and thinking, all contradictory Teachings, dividing and separating all mankind will be realized and understood as countless aspects of understanding things United, solid and undivided in the unity of his. And see then that there is nothing to argue about and not what getting disconnected, because the human world is embracing the surrounding Infinity and encloses all in a single, indivisible Whole, and that all differences and contradictions occur only from the contemplation of the different points of view of this great, United and across the world. And that does not argue, fight or getting disconnected, but seek to join together in a great synthetic understanding of everything that's available to cognition and that can embrace and accommodate consciousness. Combining all aspects of things happens in the mind of mankind under the banner of synthesis.
509. (M. A. Y.). Right, correct, properly understood, that everyone, in spite of the fact that surrounds it, sees something of his, its, so to say, the truth. But these truths as much as looking the consciousness and each small true beholder are small-small true, part of the great Truth of Fawn in human mind not existing. This figure is to destroy the separation of understandings and see that not to share these individual awareness of the need for peace, but joining into one inseparable, and the greatness of the universe will appear in front of the human mind in all its unified great integrity without a controversy.
510. (Guru). Synthesis or harmonious combination of colors, creating a picture or painting that transmits such arbitrariness by the artist image. And in the art of synthesis will of base creativity. Harmony and synthesis are inseparable from each other. The harmony of colors can be called consonance. Harmony and consonance are basis true creativity. The combination of opposites creates no dissonance, but harmony. Without the shade does not bulge images. Without the shade doesn't work anything. The phenomenon of harmonic combination of opposites creates great works of art.
511. (Aug. 31). On the screen of consciousness are different fancies, clothed in some form. When approved by the control of thoughts, thoughts can be eliminated instantly useless screen as soon as they appeared. They will not be allowed. Protect themselves from an irrelevant thoughts is almost impossible, but to prevent them nestled and soared, depends on the person. A conscious blend of the unclean and dark thoughts means the fall spirit. The emergence of thoughts impure and relentless intrusion into a field of consciousness indicates impure accumulation and attunement with their respective fields of magnetism. Fighting them is immediate exile them from the screen of consciousness. But that's not all, because exiled, they return again. Decapitated head monster once again grow. The extent of his damage control can be measured by seers, when refined by day and waking consciousness is protected from them by day but at night, in a dream, the impure thoughts can intrude. "The search for the root of evil in his heart, and pluck it. Unclean thoughts are pulled out by the roots. Roots can go away to the distant past, and evil – for ages shoots blossom. Do not suppress irrelevant thoughts and dark desires need, but their eradication. Suppressed, they come to life and grow in strength with his, - but, taken from the root, leaving the winner alone. One must destroy and burn off the appeal of allure and is pepeliv, destroying its attractive force. Allure – the very essence of lies and deceit, since sharp thorns and spines hidden under a foreign his attractive form. These spines are poisonous, because their venom is poisoning the whole system. Analyzing the available memory of the past, you can see the time of the first expressions of inefficient shoots and see how they have grown and strengthened, and that it is conducive to their growth. Here is where you can walk up to most of the roots so they firmly, decisively and without regret snatch.
512. (M. A. Y.). Everything is won to the Lord and people by love. When the main thought is given to the Lord of Light, for thoughts useless time and a place any more doesn't remain. When thoughts flow about the benefit of others, about itself already there is no time to think. And as useless thoughts are generated by egoism, dismissal from itself and return of on service to General Welfare and will be the only and correct solution of following on the way of Light.
513. (Guru). If on obstacles to stop and give them it is too much attention, to time for advance forward any more doesn't remain. Therefore it is necessary to move as if no obstacles can stop any more, and then all of them will be scattered before the person who it is firm, surely and unshakably goes "line of the Beam". "Go line of the Beam".
514. (Saint. 1). Not in the past, but in the future there is an area of realization of all most wonderful opportunities of the person. Wanting to reach directs thought in the future. The past is limited to that in it is reached, but the future isn't limited to anything; We Specify o live future and in the future. In it ours are directed energy. In it thought constant, persistent and accurate it is possible to crystallize absolutely certain forms of future achievements that with them to merge in consciousness and to approve by that their inalterability of identification already in dense material educations. The future conducts if the forms created in its spheres are conformable with evolution of the real. Our Doctrine defines the direction of a course of evolution. We Know accurately this direction and we Direct mankind in this future. Already the sixth Race arises. Its features and property it is specified in our Doctrine. Evolution spiral, having passed a middle point, the mankind up on a life ladder directs. The race the seventh will be end of the Fourth Circle when all planet, both its matter and a matter of a human body, will reach the step of a sparseness put by it, thinning and a Onetime consolidation then, after due time, to begin the New Circle, the Fifth, and to repeat, but already on the planes of the highest, new evolutionary advance of mankind on a spiral ascending in Boundlessness.
515. (M. A. Y.). The doctrine says about the gifts of evolution, on cooperatives, on motion of psychic energy, to disclose, on compressed astral centers. The woman destined to become of successor subtle energies and get ahead in this masculine. Gifts are given to human evolution. But they have to be taken, it is necessary to consciously take so they could be approved in life. The transitional period is, as remnants of the Cedras heavy long race delays the evolution and strong are resisting in a hopeless effort to apprehend of her. But the powerful flow of life will sweep away all the obstacles, and will perish all opposing stream of cosmic evolution. Light and glow the future of mankind. The Bishop's name is flying into it; Path of light – victorious.
516. (Guru). Why should result in the past, why bother thinking about their weaknesses and imperfections arising from it, why would sink into the gloomy when the light in front, in the future, when all of the achievements in it when it release from the chains of karma and realizing everything rushes spirit and what not to achieve this. Future powerful magnet, but you have to consciously put into orbit its attraction for the fruits of their best, most light aspirations, dreams and hopes. Is the magnetic force imbedded in conquering thoughts, selflessly devoted to the future? It is removal from the past and build on a key future consciousness moves forward is inseparable. "Behind all burned for Fiery Yoga." "The only endeavor, and fills you with radiance Infinity"; the darkness -in the past-. This is dawning in the East, dawn. In the future, blinding radiance Rays of Perfect Heart filled in him all the land and all who are on it.
517. (Sept. 2). All true religions and Secret Teachings, veiled and in them and in various other forms, given in different centuries and different peoples discriminate indication for the future and gave him a special significance. There is for the future of life itself, in orbit which delivers the entire universe. If you take that away from people the future, meaning their existence disappears. The future can be realized and distant relatives, that is, consciousness can penetrate both the near and distant future. The further away it is from the present, the more features the evolution it concludes. But in order to move confidently into the future and bring its capacity, it is necessary to know and to understand them clearly a distant goal and everything that is destined to the mankind. Ask how you can know that. Answer: Distant Worlds in which the evolution of humankind ahead of them on many levels, the Earth will be a living example of what we should strive for and in what forms can lead lives; communication with the Distant Worlds possibly. The brothers of mankind not visited them. Hierarchy of light has its representatives at the Distant Stars, and between star communications is established fact. Great <...> moved on to another, better world in order to establish the Earth closer and intimate connection and continue to serve The people of our planet. It is a lot of secrets in Space; it is a lot of secrets in Arhat's life.
518. (M. A. Y.). The Bishop came to us, on Earth, with a distant star, came to light the humanity consciousness and lead it to the stars farther away. Stronghold, where They Reside, opened all the worlds. Earthly and Heavenly, dense and subtle, visible and invisible, of the flesh and fiery blend it, merging into a single, inseparable, and available in all variety of its aspects. From Strongholds stretched Hands and sing "rays" to help people. Help generously poured out onto the ground, but it has to be taken. It can only be enlightened heart. And the works and efforts of Overseers seek to awaken humanity to the realization of the great cosmic laws that human hearts are awake to perceive life and awareness of the meaning and purpose of human existence on Earth.
519. (Guru). To wake up the sleeping consciousness so that blind and deaf began to hear eyes cleared, much is being done now Lords of light. Hard and sharp cemented the ideas of accelerated evolution. The thought sent by them, so they filled the Earth's atmosphere, that in different parts of the world people who do not know each other, have already recognized the same formula. Dissemination of thoughts cannot be stopped by any means. New thoughts are penetrating everywhere, sweeping away the barriers. And when ideas of cooperation, cooperation and peaceful coexistence and will prevail in the minds of most, impossible is now suddenly becomes possible and mankind will enter a New Epoch, freed from the chains of the old world. Much is being done now and apart from cementing space, and a lot is located used to be strictly prohibited. Doors of understanding are widely open before each spirit which has directed to Light.
520. (Saint. 3). It is impossible to leave a battlefield. Means, waves of heavy spatial currents and blows of elements should be found forces to meet courageously and quietly. Different weight, balance is opposed, to darkness – Light, to hopelessness of the moment – not broken belief in a final victory of Light over the evil.
521. (M. A. Y.). If for you the burden-sharing the Earth's great, what is it Light Holders. The spirit is higher; the Burden of this world for bearing it is heavier. The help to Lords also consists in dividing with them this loading and to facilitate its unreasonable weight. Able to do it consciously so it isn't enough. Million drones are assigned to the few bearing it. Responsibility for Earth is great. Among Attendants of Light being assigned isn't present.
522. (Guru). Among life usual to a bowl of scales of a justification we will add chagrin and burden of the present day. They go from people and are caused consciously and unconsciously. The ardent egoism and unwillingness to think of others generate them. Beget understand perfectly that they would be very burdened by the similar attitude towards them, but want to know nothing when they cause it to another and it is caused not of.
523. (Saint. 4). Three lives phenomenon in the person: external, seen by another and to him, internal, visible only to it, and intimate, visible to it only partially and seldom very. But it is necessary that all three were in harmony full and coherences and that the external corresponded to the internal. It is hard to show such coherence. Different weight destroys it. But the house divided in won't resist. It is so possible to fill up quality of balance with concept of coherence of all covers. The difficult task to show the highest coherence on a planet was given to Mother Agni Yogi. It approving in itself, it for recognizing its way laid to achievement of this highest quality of spirit.
524. (M. A. Y.). Winning will reach, and winning it will be given. Only in fight the victory is got. Constancy of fight causes process of continuous achievement, consciousness and growth expansion. Fight against isn't stopped yet, advance goes steadily forward. That wins all who will manage to win against itself.
525. (Guru). Any more whirlwinds, not storm, but hurricane. How to resist? Only close adjunction to Hierarchy of Light. Otherwise not sustain an impact. Everything fluctuates; the Hierarchy Ladder is indestructible only. It also you hold force all.
526. (Sept. 5). Mental construct, not visible when earthly life, become visible in the world and Can play a crucial role in the fate of man. Knowing this saves their earthly actions, and most importantly, respects the thought, avoiding creating mental education, impeding his progress along the way. And control of your thoughts is the Statute. Rationale asserts the need to control. Apart from thoughts, clearly contrary to the distant, to which is it, many third-party thoughts just get in the way. Call them the minds at. Their damage especially that clogs up the space, not to mention the obstruction of consciousness. It is better to create a clear, precise and complete the thought, than to let hundreds of flitting and happy science. Monolithic thinking occurs infrequently. It serves as an example of great thinkers. Any work requiring a good concentration of thought, unless he aims at the destruction. Work towards more useful lactiferous closer than most refined exercise. We sing hymns to labor, work creatively, and lighten work, rapid the evolution of man.
527. (M. A. Y.). When too hard, you just have to wait out the time, knowing that will change and you can breathe the currents. Self-fluidity now indicates that inevitably the change spatial currents, pressing in on the mind.
528. (Guru). For a minute it is impossible to forget that the great number of demons works complicating a way of the pupil and go out fires of his heart. It is possible to judge their persistence and tricks how they act in all directions, seeking to cause though any harm. Found in one, they immediately find something another. But what they found behind whose backs hid whoever chose as the conscious or unconscious helpers, dark same rack and their wrecking, despite a set of tricks, quite monotonously. It is important to understand, what not victims of their suggestion are guilty in evil shifts dark, but their invisible inspirers. The striking blow goes on the last. Very much they when the Ray of light goes on this rack having a tail don't love.
The END RECORDS, 1972.
This is the last record that made Boris Nikolayevich.
September 6, 1972, he passed away.
In response to requests from readers, this book includes snippets of the recordings of b. n. Abramov, which he did in 1950-1954.
1A. It is necessary to know everything. The condition of consciousness disturbs. Where a way to Light? Among chaos of the directed energy there is too much all and at the same time not only that leads to the Victory. Therefore the chaos should be turned into a harmonius order. With what begin? Let's begin with thought. The thought has to be monolithic, flow smoothly, as the river. Jumps of chubby hares aren't suitable. The river can't change the course and rush about here and there. At thought the laws; and at of creative thought – especially. The thought creates incessantly. What creation if the thought rushes about as mad. Solemnity it is possible to bridle a mad throwing of thought. It is necessary, it is necessary to bridle thought by all means. The silver bridle sparkles not only on feelings, but also on thoughts. The thought is bridled, feelings are bridled also. The thought is priority. The aspiration to the Highest Shape creates the aspiration channel, but at steady constancy, and only at is mute. Let them will be a little, but pure and clear thoughts have to fill your mind. On a furrow let there is a thought, without reeling. Regal spirit, regal thought and regally smooth’s current of thought, but not uphill battle. The tranquility of thought in quiet consciousness at tranquility of heart and spirit is necessary. It wasn't without reason spoken about tranquility. Concern, of vanity, and main of fussiness thought – the enemy number first. Fussiness of thoughts is expressed with fussiness of movements and actions. It is necessary to fight against fussiness all strength of mind. Harm of fussiness is great, inexpressibly great. It strikes valuable substance of nerves and destroys phosphoric fabric and a protecting network. Let's approve solemnity as rescue; stately, solemn attire of spirit, as the ram against of life vanity, as the armor and protection against of chaos thinking. Chaotic thoughts plunder mental energy. As often the person is tired of the thoughts instead of scoop from them force. The discipline of spirit is first of all discipline of thought. Think of purity and solidity of thought. The pure stone, as well as pure thought – not soiled, – is appreciated highly, and at Us in particular. Fleas of thinking – devourers of spirit are very dangerous. It is told about thought so much, but the horror of the dismissed thinking isn't conscious. Arhat – the lord of the thought. Not thoughts operate, but it operates thought. The thought is its weapon, its working tool. Learn to own the thought, learn to own the power. Understand secret and a source of power of Arhat. Thought – the Supreme factor of Life. I want to approve your power over thought. The thought is the phenomenon of real happiness. The thought is the creator. Understand urgency and necessity of mastering by thought as ascension steps. Understand all depth of value of thought. Let's approve thought advantage. The thought is fire Real. The thought is what and from what all is created; thought substance – substance radiant-shining.
2A. Let’s pass to the world of the sphere of thin sense-knowledge. The thin body – a receptacle of astral feelings, is its sphere. The partition of the lowest emotions from thinner has to be accurate and clear. At first to dismember, that is to separate, and then to seize. It is possible to bridle a flesh, to win against hunger that is feeling of hunger, and cold. But as to win against love, or of hatred, or of grief and of the despondency, or of pain the hurt pride. It is necessary to lift consciousness above this order of emotion, above as the eagle rises above fields, plains and hills and, at last, mountains. Eagle – the tsar of spirit. Rising above conditions of a material world, the Arhat exempts it from the matter power. Rising consciousness above passions and desires, the Arhat is exempted from the tyrannical power of an astral. Rising over the world of thinner sense knowledge, the Arhat is exempted from them and seizes also a thin body and even above. To dismember a body in consciousness, it is necessary to depart, separate, rise away from itself, that is the lowest "I", as though from outside to look how it wriggles and grabs any opportunity if only to worry if only to be charmed if only about vibrate on each feeling. As hungry rushes on food as the astral on each emotion rushes, grabs everything that gives the chance to it to live, that is to worry, and that is to sate unquenchable, eternal, insatiable thirst of experiences. Passions – its food, his life. As dies hungry without food, the astral deprived of possibility of satisfaction infinite, and the main thing, insatiable desires so is pacified and submits to will. To bridle, seize, subordinate this violent (behaving violently) rack tossing energy in an own microcosm – future Arhat’s most necessary and paramount task. It is the first step to freedom. The person who is torn apart by the desires can speak about what freedom. To see, understand and extinguish them – a necessary and inevitable step to freedom. Same way and by the same principle reaches the power and domination, and over other the principles, or of bodies. Let's take for an example a body mental. As in the field of an astral rush about not tamed energy of an astral body and own the person, and in the field of menthol behave violently and are willful not tamed, not bridled still energy of thoughts: from here notorious randomness and indiscipline of thoughts. To bridle, take over the control, to seize by all means. You hear: by all means, differently the way is closed. At first understanding of bodies and their properties, then a partition in consciousness, then mastering, then conscious use of the obeyed cover on different plans of life. Here Arhat’s way. It is hard. But, you go with Me. I Won against the world, and we with you will win against it, just as I Won against it. Understand inevitability of fight and a victory. Inevitability of a victory understands. Other exit, other decision isn't present, - only victory. Understand – defeat is impossible. Here that freedom means. 1951.
3 A. Inspekt for the movement and of life of your covers. You are their mister, instead of the servant and not the slave, and you were given the power over any flesh, over all your covers to dominate and dominate, instead of to kowtow as the biped kowtow. You are the tsar of the spirit; you are the lord of the power – not the slave, not the slave, not the slave. At the time of fight and restraint of covers address to Me. We go together. I will help, I Will help – make effort. The victory, victory, victory from now on yes will be your motto. Ruthlessly, without any pity crucify the covers on a cross of the risen spirit. Crucify, subordinate and seize. Don't give mercy for a minute. Don't show weakness. Understand they are always ready to snatch on you and again to make the slave. So let the spear doesn't doze over a dragon. And I Will Help.
4A. There is one quality – compassion. Let's not regret anything that to get it. It is possible to call it a power smithy because it won against the world. To them also we will ascend. Maitreya – of love, of the compassion; Sons of Light are called as Sons of compassion and display confidants to Light Throne. It is the most wonderful side of diamond of consciousness. In it the best gifts of Light will be reflected. The lord, compassion to You we bring the best gifts of spirit – the pupil going on the way so speaks. As the sun Beam, lights up compassion stray in the dark herd and lost in life labyrinths to specify a way and a light source. Herd – the mankind which has lost a way. Blind, deaf and poor the spirit, the ways which have lost a reference point which have suffered much, tired, forgotten about spirit value – their way is gloomy and bitter. At a slow pace the fateful there are they to an abyss, and the chasm waits for them, having opened the greedy mouth. But we will not allow triumphing to a chasm. Not for it stray herd, because in it stray sons of Light which has forgotten about the primogeniture. About rescue I Speak because the time the last came. On it I specify also I Appeal to silent heart of mankind. There is time, and new beams will light up Earth. Where deaf and gone blind will go? It is necessary to specify the Way, for compassion it is necessary. Both open the eyes, and wash, and console, and mouths. They which have lost will come, will come, will come crowds and will ask Life bread – not death to which ate, but Lives. Give, feed and console; during of Name compassion. Also assume burden them. It is Bodhisattva’s way. Because It is told: "Load Me when I go to a garden fine". From now on the compassion will be your call and call to the Victory. Compassion, of compassion, the compassion next of action – the feat, next receiving; but, really think about receiving the Crucified Savior. It only Gave. And receiving is only the satellite of return. Who gave, more and will receive. But after all We Speak about compassion. Excludes compassion any thought of, for it all dies personal and the egoism goes to bat on a flesh cross as the Savior of the world on a cross of human ignorance was crucified. About love already I Spoke – force mighty, insuperable, and all-conquering; of love – of Conqueror, the wreath of life, of basis, the magnet, the fire and of life the engine. And, can be, and heart of fire or heart fire. Whether by it the worlds are movable and all real is penetrated. But We Will bring our love to Earth and to Earth we Will give the gift. Wait. Millions wait, - has to suffice on all. Not about persons we speak, and about the people. Not the elite are shone by the sun, and for all. About all, it is necessary to think of all because have to assimilate to the sun and to become as the sun. "Be as light of the sun and a song of a bird". In pleasure about the future we will incur to the world love and compassion. I, the Lord, Tell it. And "My elite will incur the Word simple mine that belongs to the great people"; the elite and you among them. Having armed with love and having taken a compassion Bowl, you will go to life in the Name My, because mine is.
5 A. So, listen three ears and have hundred eyes. We go on a rope over a chasm and only full legend of will of the Lord we can make transition of dangerous cavities. About the spirit legend to the Lord It was spoken long ago. Understand widely – for life, for the appendix in life. On great ways not excellent we go the consciousness identified with the Lord. And the egoism crucified has to break off where steps of the millennia. And about a crucifixion of egoism It is already told: on a cross of life goes to bat with all the covers, or rather in all the covers. The egoism is the prime cause braking aspiration of the person to self-improvement. Throne the darkness – egoism; self-service altar. And the darkness has altars, they are served and worship. Diligent serve, selflessly, with the full legend of, - and our Way - to Light. And really we won't find force to forget and extinguish them when we concern Great Service.
6A. let the frenzy of shells will sign symbol cautions against making a power of darkness. Now is only two the ways, only two. Or up, or down the middle. At the time of the greatest Peace solutions every step, every moment, every thought instantaneously determines where to go, up or down, forward or backward. Delay over the abyss. All through the power of the spirit to go, because at stake is everything. Only extreme exertion will win. Choose no time. The choice is made, and only left to go, and only forward; forward, forward, forward and only forward and only two of victory. You can't go back either for a moment. Many salt pillars scatter Infinitive scatter. Let serve as a milestone and as the terrible prevention. Let them serve as milestones and as ominous warning. From everywhere are stretching hands, claws, to brake and reset into the abyss. But to Me will win it all. And not terrible claws, do not pierce the armor of a warrior if he with Me. The flames of My spirit be shaggy hands burnt; but the condition of full legends himself Lord-the basis of promotion. Everything, everything will overcome the strong relationship with the Teacher. So hold my hand as an anchor. Firmly hold them. Greedy is insatiable abyss, and as she swallowed.
7A. Will speak about of the happiness. Happiness - is of bird not terrestrial, and the overland, and sits it out no at all the Windows. Other live all of life, never knowing, what is the happiness. An ineffable the happiness will go our question, about the happiness of Distant Worlds. After all, there's your happiness, not similar on the smoky happiness of land. There's the happiness of the spirit. Here the happiness is understood in satisfaction of all personal, and there – in full refusal of it. The withdrawal (from personal) is fuller – the happiness is more perfect. My happiness is my Kingdom. But the Kingdom is my joy out of this world and not the earthly actions is measured. And that's calling you, my children, to this happiness. Get it in all its comprehensiveness. Call it fiery Bliss, happiness and grilled heart of options. It cannot be measured or determined by a poor range of the Earth, but the Earth, it is on the ground, hands and feet loss of the base is laid the greatest quality. Calmness and solemnity is quality, joy, and happiness – quality – quality, top notch too, or attribute of the spirit. Joy or happiness is what is full of all the space and Genesis. Therefore, we say that there is a special joy of wisdom, not from the Earth but from the eternal breath of life. All the space and sounds on the key of the sings of happiness to him and Call His sons, the men about him. People live for happiness. All the way to the Earth's gravity is just ahead of the Farthest Worlds, fortunately not earthly, but Distant. Disharmony and disruption is the main note. Harmony, joy, and happiness is a form of detect life on distant stars in the higher realms. We look forward to them all the Earth's evolution, the appointment of a person. Form of happiness is as diverse as the life forms. And happiness of one consciousness just likes the happiness of another, as the faces of the people on Earth. Rich in space and unlimited form his identify. In the hour of darkness, condensability off the ground before dawn, talking about the great happiness of aboveground, for it goes to Earth to incarnate in it, as far as can be shown in rough ineffable and grave conditions of the flesh. New rays will give this opportunity, but vessels for acceptance of the Fiery drink spiritual joy must be prepared each of his understanding and refinement of spirit. Do not pour in wine in old Wineskins is new. Do not die, but shall be changed. On the transformation of spirit and of transforming the flesh is stated on the new heaven and Earth. Happy to be crowned the new firmament, and Earth, and the overland, and happiness, the happiness of mankind will be its basis. Thus, among the terrible last days battle think about halls of Light designed to man and ready to receive him in his Chambers on the word of Lord of light, called Compassion because They descend to earth the greatness of fire.
8A. Keep a balance, a balance of spirit is the basis of perception. Balance – the basic law being, the principle of existence of all things. Balance is the root abutment. The rays are We in all manifestations of life. Ray enhances the essence of the phenomenon. And what, if it from evil. "We have the slightest disbalance to face catastrophe." Need to keep balance. (His claim) starts off small, and neither grief nor gladness – nothing should violate it. Do choose a smile of the obsequious babbling steadfast calm bishops, or the thrill of fear, or a grimace of conditionality. You can all but while maintaining complete calm. To purchase balance must be put at stake all. Balance – an ascension condition; or it, or nothing. No one can stand against the balance. That's the power, that power is power, this is the Crystal of fire and Crystal power. Keep balance at all costs. No concessions, under any conditions. Why do we demand of solemn serenity? If there is a Crown of tranquility of spirit, the balance is its shape, the shape of the Crown, or aspect of the detection power of the spirit. Only in the Centre, only you can find in Me this power; I - of power of the balance. I will gain his strength. Dividing all phenomena to pleasant and unpleasant, and avoiding to pleasant taken out of balance, thereby establishing and gain power over nasty. The principle: do not rejoice and become sorrow. My of joy no of this world. There is a sense of cosmic and earthly senses. Feeling the Earth here is to silence on the part of both poles holding any of them, to establish it and emerge from the other. And only then the spirit will be open to the senses of space. The first is related to the person, the second – with the cosmos. "And that your joy may be complete" is not personal, but the formula space, the space of joy. Not in peace but in the whirlwind of battle we must learn balance. Therefore hour difficult sparkle the diamonds of opportunities. On what is otherwise strengthen the spirit? And there is no other way to understand and learn a great lesson. So we will be on guard, ready at any moment to rein in shell and rejoicing in the possibility to train and strengthen the spirit. Not to temper the Fiery blade of spirit standing swamp, be it even a swamp of well-being. In a storm, in the cold and hunger hasten. So understand that you can only climb the stairs, and they are different. And when can you Say: the whole completely, to the depths of Yours is going to stage victory. I approve you in greatness of a peace of mind and fiery power of balance. Accept My gift and remember: The proximity to the Lord is the highest happiness available to mortal on Earth and after, in the Worlds. Accept it. I Said.
9 A. The death collects the harvest. Many will leave. Covers won't sustain tension that is the flesh won't be able to be combined with Fire. So Fire is a cleaner. To fiery embraces prepare gradually; the decisive factor – the Fire. So, everyone is a judge to itself and there will be someone's receptacles unusable. The sword of Space Justice doesn't know mercy. But everyone will measure. Not court, but self-condemnation. "By the court will be condemned". Children of Fire will join a pleasure Bowl, and fiery drink will be for them pleasure drink. But each measure off itself. What will rescue them; and where their mister and the owner? I am Hour My, terrible, last Hour, Drew on time tables, and the Hand of the Empress over Me Affairs. In terrible, majestic solemnity Light Dawn is engaged. The horror will disperse crowds, and the spirit of willfulness will hang. Where go, which have trampled on Me and Mine by the heel will get. Where will go where will find a shelter? From edge to edge the spirit lightning will sparkle. And then will come to you, because who as not you, will be able to accept looking for and begun to see clearly. Will receive everyone brought at least a particle. I Will give, but you will help. Live of a stream of Light already victoriously entering into life.
10 A. Keep solemn mood in days of grief and grief because going final division means Court. And, departed ošui, are lost for a planet forever as chose the way and a fate will share hierarchies of darkness. The darkness wants to finish Earth explosion and to departure on fragments. But Light is won doesn't happen. Defended a planet, - in its defeat the darkness. The darkness, but this powerlessness of rage rages. Dark Saturn is prepared. The punishing sword of Space Justice will fall by the heads of the dark. Who will protect them from fiery energy of space? Where will find rescue? But on Earth the darkness will make the last great treachery: will betray the faithful servants. Also all their smart constructions will turn into ashes and ashes. Everything for the sake of what they betrayed the souls to darkness will turn into ashes. Sweep aside will be all dark. And the one, who chased for Midrash their promises, allure and betrayed the soul for the sake of them, will lose everything, even that particle of Light which it was live. It will be dim the dark. I claim. The dawn of life is engaged over of Earth. And children of Light will meet it, the deliverer, pleasure and in revival of spirit and will see the sun of life. But over those who have indulged in darkness, there will ascend a death dawn, and the sun of death will show them the face. There are life planets, and there are death planets – dead planets; and the live dead persons still living on Earth, but to it (to dead planets) consonance. They will leave away, under the law of the magnetic accord. The darkness in the last fruitless fight rages. There are no judges, there are no witnesses. Everyone will be keen in whirlwinds of a magnetic attraction on energy of own essence. Everyone will be involved by the essence and the energy saved up in it in the orbit of an attraction corresponding to it on structure of elements, he enclosed in the aura; inevitably the future, inevitably destiny of the doomed – self-fateful. Spiritual eyes of many were already closed: the magnet of negative energy works. And they, noticing nothing, in an aspiration progression promptly rush to a chasm where the end waits for them. So, chosen a way of darkness receive the award.
11 A. I, the Pastor kind, Will reunite my children. My children, I Called you on a great cause. Builders of consciousness of mankind you will be. You will help Me to advance people on a new step of consciousness. You will help Me, whether you hear? And you learn to help now. Sensitively listen, catch a rhythm new; in these spatial elements – of essence of the events. But it is necessary to adapt to them. Process is difficult to an organism. Here withdrawal of meat will help. The rarefied body, the easier to assimilate; heavy for the people sated with animal fluids, – chains standing. Thins, the friends; thins, in everything thinning is necessary. Increase tenfold of devotion! Time of strict implementation of Decrees came. I speak for the obeying. There are enough nods. On what to Me your of the consent, if it no supported by the phenomenon of the appendix of the Decree in life. As and for the Unification solidity of consciousness – collecting of all being in the one and only focus of this aspiration, that is full concentration is necessary. The dispersion is harmful – wears out a body. What ghosts will cover eyes and will close ears? Who will help Me the uniform undivided aspiration. Purpose fullness is as the flying arrow, all of essence, all the atoms. Monolith of aspiration I Will call understood and applied; both a grief and pleasure, all – to the purpose of one, both pain, and thought, both feelings, and acts. So, We Will approve an ascension way not as the word, but business.
12 A. Filling by the Lord is difficult. It is so much unnecessary before eyes. Where rejection from itself? The pupil to Earth voices is deaf, mute and becomes blind. It is deaf and grew blind it is clear, but "is mute" – in value of flat refusal to answer attacks, pricks and blows to his personality. Personal interest is killed, the egoism becomes silent. And when it is answered plans dark, other person is protected as though. But should be protected, stopping dark attempts. The lord Will help to accept and avoid blows harmful consequences. Self-filling is destructive, that is filling by, but Me – is kind. Work at the Face of the Lord, They should fill the heart; Victory over itself– a victory of the Face of the Lord over egoism. It burns dark accumulation; therefore, the Face of the Lord in of heart – of creating power of Light. How to approve Light, if in heart it is empty and it is cold?
13A. in all your affairs I Keep. Don't allow of the spirit fluctuation; in one key, on one system sound. Earhtly life – only of preparation for space life; if you don't approve yourself here, as you will be approved, where everything depends on aspiration. And if the current of aspirations changes, what will turn out? It is impossible to lead spatial life, being torn apart by opposite tendencies. Watch across the impulses; in them root of all evil, stop in a germ. Time thought remains in the person if it isn't neutralized, that is extinguished by the subsequent, and it is the best of all conscious, thought. It is necessary to reconsider century deposits. Tendencies go from the past. On them roots are learned and escape, if they poisonous. It is necessary to introduce in consciousness inalterability of the Way and stability of the Lord. It is necessary to rely on the Lord, and then you will succeed on the Way. And, if there are in you no qualities, they are in Me, and at Before Standing you will join them and became impregnated them. You extinguish the egoism, differently not to lift a cross and you won't be able to follow Me. To be rejected from it – means to extinguish the personality. The sphere of personal emotions comes to naught zero. The word "I" is excluded from speech. The lock is put on everything where usually got used to be shown "I". Experience: try to switch off absolutely in usual conversation an element of personal reactions. Answer everything but as though you speak not, and strangers, and you only listen and you observe as temporary and casual witnesses. You look, object, answer, but don't vibrate emotionally that is as at absolute full preservation of balance, as if really the personality as the spokesman of egoism died. The smile rather a usual human grimace of a smile is especially characteristic as an egoism tribute. You look: mask circle, and these masks are supported by convulsions of the grimaces being a grin of egoism. The clown - triumphs. The essence of harm consists in a reflex. Masks – machine guns, everything depends on what string pulled. The reflex is automatic. The slave himself – as is much covered in these words. And you live in asthma of this slavery, on noticing it horror. It is so possible or "to be oneself, or to drag itself everywhere". The personality dies in each embodiment. Whether it is worth giving it the power? It is necessary to lead it to silence. Then greatness of tranquility and balance and true advantage are also. So, or a weather vane for each breeze and a blade of grass, shake a wind, or the spirit rock. Choose! Try to exclude an octave of personal emotions from the soul. The scale of its manifestation is great. To what the lowest? Once and they were useful, and now aren't necessary. Fearlessness, of balance, self-control –is the phenomenon one of order; their root – the power over egoism. In aspirations of spirit of yours I Approve you and I Give the Help Hand. Yes there will be to light-you in days of a gloom and grief, and with you I always. Remember.
14A. There are no people on whom it is possible to rely up to the end. All are faithful or in own way or to the limit. Boundless fidelity is necessary. Where they, "true"? Therefore we Choose pupils so carefully. Only crossed the border after which already there is no return, becomes that. Return where? In the past, back? So, the superior quality of the pupil is devotion that is fidelity up to the end, in everything. Whom you love more Me or oneself? Here whom you love more, with that and you will arrive. You learn to put in everything Me on the first place; at first I, and then you, at first Mine, and then yours. The doctrine My is learned by all people. I am their Driver. Therefore the field of work is great and the field is immense; covers visible and invisible, this world and that; and everywhere work. Also My pupils both here and there work. On the works and requital; but of it don't think. One follows from another. And unless the love demands an award what loves; therefore it and the most powerful engine. Therefore there is no love above, than love to the Lord, love for Love. But a love wreath – a feat; therefore My pupils are devotees in life. Everything is concentrated in Me, everything is created in the Name My. And I in heart at them Burn with bright, unextinguishable fire of life, eternal life. Their consciousness stays in mine, We are inseparable. Centuries forged the millennia happiness chains; eternally, strongly, indestructibly. Everything is possible, everything is available, and everything is opened. Understand the pupil! Only wish. To wish – means to direct. To direct – means to receive; after careful consideration wish. It is difficult to eradicate unsuccessful desire. It is necessary to build wisely because the aspiration is a stone of a tower of your spirit. Spirit towers, the world, and in the world rescue costs them. In a hearth of tests the people prepare by an O'clock of my Arrival. Path of fight there is it; and you in it where fight boils. Realize the value. My soldier. Me put on great patrol. You and your relatives, all of you bear burden of My works. The benefit to you, whether also you I Will forget, not forgotten Me at o'clock of fight, need and tension. Not always our affairs in need; but you in need the given help, the benefit to you. The lord doesn’t forget. Will receive for everything everyone brought at least a small grain of sand; on works and award. Only don't think of a beggarly award and don't look for it where it isn't present. Don't belittle the future. Light and greatness of the future with poverty and a present gloom are incomparable. And you, at an o'clock of a gloom divided with Me its burden, with Me both will arrive and you will divide greatness of the future as is full as shared horrors of fight, bearing on shoulders all burden of spatial press. Rarefy’s Call of My soldiers, and pupils – in particular. Loading bear on the consciousness; on of spirit and of Burden. Everyone bears the cross, and the next help to bear and mine because its burden is great.
15A. The base of the New World is the Unification of everything, and everything, and in everything, - My kingdom – as of armor, as the shield, as of fortress from arrows of egoism and myself and others. At top of achievements there is no place to anything personal. About Myself I Collect the Identity which has left the chains below. In fetters not to rise to Me. It is a miracle sign. Anything so doesn't stir realization of the full power, as doubt. The essence of egoism rises against the highest attributes of spirit. Remember: doubt voice – egoism and personality voice. And you look at them as on claws of the clown, seeking to pull together you down to the sphere of identification. Be careful of doubt, it has many degrees. I speak already about the highest degrees. Not my Force you doubt, but yourself.
16A. In childhood of the world We Endowed it with reason. And everything that people had and learned, they received from Us. Not only sciences and arts, but all the rest, up to dwelling construction, everything We who Have, come from the Highest Plane. Gave, Give and we Will give. Stand on mankind patrol. Ignoramuses believe – here we found, here we opened. What found, what opened? Opened? Yes, but carefully prepare Us. And not our fault that free, but evil will seeks kind to turn all into the evil and on the evil. Everything is given in the benefit, but a lot of things are used in the evil; and if only in the good? And if not our Hand, people would destroy long ago each other. But the century of destruction is replaced by an eyelid of construction. Spiteful energy and the spiteful beginnings will die. The century of darkness will be replaced by the Eyelid of Light. Also I came Hour. Fiery energy goes to help light construction. Also power of Fire is invincible. Who thinks to compete with it, forgetting about force of the return blow? There are no such dams which could stop the course of evolution; time to realize world processes. The river of the World flows and carries away small whirlpools of contraflows; are small and powerless. Whether to them to turn the river back? Finally everything is carried away forward. However, someone or something goes on a bottom, but under own weight or in a funnel of opposite whirlpool. The consciousness directed to our Heights, rushes ahead of a stream. And We because Give rise leading ideas Give the direction to a stream. We Give. The free biped will distorts. Who woke the people? We. Who channelizes? We. Join fiery energy, and it is necessary to learn to operate them because, uncontrollable, will make explosion. They also need a leading Hand of Reason. Therefore it is so important to prepare consciousness for understanding of this enormous, urgent and important task. The consciousness of the slave won't be able to operate fiery gifts of Space. Therefore the people are exempted from all types of slavery. And on own feet – call of day. Let it is bad, let ineptly – but. The consciousness has to be released and follow a way of a personal responsibility and independence. Welcome a wave of awakening and release of the people where and in whatever form it was shown. These are signs of promptly going evolution. I came Hour. It is accelerated process. Acceleration accrues. The more delays, the pressure of rough streams of spring of the mankind which has kindled century ices of stagnation and ice fetters of immovability is more powerful. From the Mountain Mira Inspect current of a world stream. Chains of century heaps should be dumped. The way is chosen and specified the shortest. Let's thank and the worked over heavy, ungrateful problem of cleaning of deposits of human stables and we will regret not realized importance and the importance of world process. Not the dark! Those knew, but not realized. It is a lot of friends among them which haven't begun to see clearly yet to understanding. Notice milestones of the New World, as the phoenix reviving from garbage and slags and ashes old; it old, as an egg-shell, punched, by a baby, bird to leave it and to reject. Egg was necessary to give birth to a baby bird, and now his waste – a shell – is rejected behind full uselessness. And as though it protested, in it there is no life and therefore will go to processing, as well as all garbage in the nature. Also it is necessary to understand a fate of those who decided to share with it the lot, destiny of a dead peel. C'est la vie. And a grief that, who will be allured the black racers of the past world; rush in darkness and involve a death chariot. But, to the future fly the horses of Light, and strong Holds an occasion My Hand.
17A. When there come the night and your of the spirit departs in of Light Monastery, you work on My field and you study spirit lessons, - from here yours aspiration and burning. But as I Will keep your knowledge of beauty of My Kingdom as I Will open eyes. It is impossible to combine the incompatible. In smoky and heavy living conditions as the spirit will reconcile. Therefore to term the lock is imposed on memoirs that saw. Only fruits – essence seen – you carry away with yourself to Earth. It also is live, it and you eat, it and you update the essence daily. You bring an impulse from antecedents, but last embodiments you don't remember. But all this essence of results of all your of past life’s; also and with a dream. Fragrance of flowers of My Garden you carry away with yourself to Earth from a dream kingdom, and vital emanations update them spirit. But gleams will be given within admissible by the Law. We Cannot interrupt dense evolution. Heavy, but the person, through it passed, becomes a stone of the Wreath of Space Reason.
18A. Where her treasure trove, where her spark, where It’s Flame? Great Going in waves of Light, implementing the law in the forms, Greater. Who Is She? The Mother of the World. Who Is She? Mother of Light, - the Mother of all that was is and will be. And we, her children, Mother of the world. Comes a time, when It would be approved Days on Earth – the days of the mother of the world! Its Rays will be laced with the Earth, will sound and vibrate on the note. And It will be Her children Beam. So the Hierarchy Chain is saturated with Its Rays, and they will change the world; a New Earth and a New Heaven – Heaven and Earth Mother of the World. As the man walks in the morning or evening, so will walk in its radiation or X-rays. Changing the rays of morning and evening, but changed Her, - Will enter into life, as Power Giving and as of real obvious Essence. No means abstractions – but of life. And if We pay homage, it'll Revere you. And, if for Us It Good and All-giving, the gift Her stream and on you. But We Affirm, for she is our Mother, Mother of the world, who hast Fase. Who eventually bedspread Closing? Who can endure the dazzling, sparkling lights Light Closing Lick Her? Children of the Earth are not yet ready to stand trial. High Spirits Fell prostrate and contemplating Her seedily. Flesh did not maintain. But Her Age is coming, and not available then is replaced with staggering unspeakable possibilities. Its Scope is broad, as peace, peace for all, and therefore the world personal remnants and sweep other world of self, in order not to see the Fire prevented the greatness of that which Makes Light of the infinite life. The Era of Shambhala, the Epoch Maitreya, the Epoch of the Mother of the World! Prepare for the full transformation of life, to full conscious, exhaustive removal from the face of the Earth all forms of the old world. Will anyone from the old world. Take everything from the past. New, new, new all in all. No need to feel sorry for passing shadows, no need to feel sorry for get red mold, reach characteristics of decomposition. They have outlived their utility and their energy. The scrapping of the old world – something more dramatic than you can imagine. After all, he is destroyed not only the visible forms. Important disruption his essence goes into the realms of the unseen. Not acceding to the new world, not established in its forms, remaining deaf and blind to his appeal would find themselves in a situation of a man suddenly denying them all: the spiritual and material. Instead of the usual internal world, Everyman with his psychic life of conventional products opens a gaping void. Old atrophy consciousness will grasp at Shell, but survived the whirlwind of breaking everything from the past, and will sweep them. And will have nothing to live for; mentally live will have nothing to dead consciousness. Like a beggar in the dirt, people of the past still rummage in the debris of the old world, clinging to him and keeping his mind on the wreckage; but the whirlwind of noise, sweeping past. And they shall be no more, become fond world of old, part of a New World, or in the future. Rays of cleanses the Earth from the Mother of the world past, burn the rubble disposal dark heaps. Consciousness becomes free, and be light. And fans of darkness there is neither cause nor place. The rearrangement, and selection, and cleansing go in each human mind, collapsing and the world of the old sweep other. But where will direct a ship without a rudder and helmsman, and not knowing its purpose. The decision is ours. In this grave moment of destruction of all previous evidence of life in the Us, but in us, the hope of the world is focused. Because secure only the Hierarchy of Light. Call the last yes will be heard, because truly, for some it's last call.
19A. The value of given records is that they are almost vital and based on experience of passing by consciousness of a way of an apprenticeship. Therefore in process of emergence of these or those questions or conditions it is given and the further will be given. There is no abstract knowledge; all in of life and all for of life. The step passable gives to records their contents. And those who will pass after, it is joyful and with appreciation will study these milestones and signs of the way passed to them. On the laid way it is easier to go and it is channelized by already way. Certainly, by ascension there were many earlier, and there is nothing new under the sun, but the spiral of evolution developed in new lifting shines life and a way in a new way. And special value of these pages also consists in new approach of the same uniform truth. The form of a statement of former findings of the last centuries any more doesn't satisfy the growing consciousness demanding a new framework of the phenomenon, new words and the concepts going not only with a century, but also ahead of a century and much more forward. Scientific approach is required. The century of church approach to Truth is replaced with an eyelid of science and a method of scientific studying of the thinnest energy. Also any fog and uncertainty are removed from construction. Accurate clarity is entered into the world of the spiritual phenomena, and they are considered through a science prism, but not former, false and limited, traditions. It is impossible to approach to space energy with children's thinking of the middle Ages and cruelty of savages of black centuries. In cognition of the highest energy the special part is assigned to art. Art we will consider as the highest form of cognition of Truth, and cognition direct. And that Beauty to which learns art, we will bring in science because the world, it studied is beautiful. And the Beauty and knowledge combination also will give to mankind the lost life. Where how and when each person will find this life, depends on the person, but We Will specify a way also Specify for all – precisely, clearly and definitely. And, only having the firm scientific base approved by the life, the religion and its existence in the opinion of masses in forms, already other than the old will be justified. Otherwise she will die and will degenerate finally. It is a lot of signs of this terrible degeneration: on the one hand, caused fanatic sects and fanaticism, and with another – an absolute indifference of masses. Religions demand full revision and updating, and the main thing, clarifications of originally this Truth from all human subsequent heaps, fabrications and distortions. The monstrosity of the distorted religion came to light in the form of inquisition. Princes of church sent people on a fire, and ignorant masses obediently accepted these forms of service to a Satan as service to truth and good; neither the solution of masses, nor crimes of princes of the church given to dark service, isn't the testimony of their infallibility. The science and the art which hasn't been soiled by legal crimes of the past, will lead spirit human to new stays. But also they have to be on the lookout because the science on dark service is even more terrible than religion. The new century, and approach to things is shown the new. For example, how many ambiguities in definition of the good and bad person and how many bias. As often sentimental and cruel parasite call the good person, either the predatory businessman, or the sweet-speech preacher. We have one criterion: it is useful to evolution or not. On this sign also we Do selection. Harmful approach is absolutely rejected: the person is nice or not, it is pleasant or it isn't pleasant, is warm or not so, and is good or bad. The one who, despite all the shortcomings, moves forward and ascends, that is the sum of composed internal energy which give as a result the equally effective strength directing up, the person valuable, and its value is directly proportional to force equally effective. Also suitable we consider the one who, having touched the Doctrine of Live Ethics, can show the same character equally effective. There is no such person, all which energy of a microcosm would direct it up, because the person – heritage of the past; from here and future division on a treatment of light and shade. The passport of spirit will be faultless. The photo of human radiations has the great future which consequences are still underestimated even by relatives. But time when on responsible places in society and the state people will be allowed only will come, spiritual and which physical measurements will satisfy to a certain standard. The villains, who are in power, won't be. And rulers of the destiny of the human will take the place only by the right of the light-divisibility. Mankind shame – bribable elections – will sink into oblivion. No riches and cunning will forge the spirit passport. Then the formula of an assessment of the person will be almost understood: "It is valuable to evolution". Scientific approach to the phenomena of spirit will show that the phenomena of a so-called spiritual order are absolutely concrete, audible and can be studied and visible that all business and their understanding lies in the sphere of thin energy, so real, as light of the sun. New century of science we will call an eyelid of stay and the statement of energy of a human body and their interaction with energy of the nature surrounding it and compliances of structure of his body or bodies and their elements with elements of all kingdoms of the nature; science of compliances – so we will call this of region of the future knowledge. Interaction and communication of a human body and its essence will be considered and be studied inside in connection with Space energy of space. Beams of spatial bodies and reaction, them generated in elements of Earth and their carriers, will be studied at institutes of Space Beams. In the center of studying the person as the highest evolving form of Space Life will be put.
20A. First of all it is necessary to remember that nothing passes completely. On aura there is a glyph of each thought and each action. To protect the terrestrial actions – means to the movie of the life to make such that when viewing it was possible not to be ashamed the contents of it before anybody. Somewhere take stock all. Records of the past can't be changed. Therefore, the operator movies of the life have to think that he brings on a no erasable film of fulfillments. Also it has to find force and courage in itself to give the account in the actions. And the benefit to it if actions and aspirations of spirit outweigh a bowl of scales of acts terrestrial, attracting down. But nevertheless the essence of life consists in mastering and submission to spiritual will of all phenomena of life of a microcosm. The step of height of spirit won't be ashamed the fires. But also acts are estimated not in an external form, but according to the internal contents and in all complexity of their phenomenon. Each offense can be made in the conditions of the will which has obeyed undividedly and completely to the phenomenon of the lowest order, but also on the contrary, that is from a will pleasure. Act commission from the permission of will doesn't destroy fiery treasure. But will submission to tendencies the lowest and will submission to impulses of the past break the sphere of polarization of a microcosm. Therefore it is possible to see how the same acts at different people of a consequence have the absolutely various. But, having subordinated acts and actions will, nevertheless it is necessary to think of that white wings remained spotless, and it is impossible to bind on them freight. In process of growth of spirit unnecessary remnants disappear from it. Therefore we won't be burdened too by the shortcomings because the excessive thought about them disturbs ascension. The cross of last fulfillments and consequences courageously should be taken on the shoulders. The teacher will select all unnecessary and in time will specify when unnecessary freight is dumped. Life is given to the person that he managed to save up experience. Experience accumulation also is the only purpose and purpose of terrestrial life. It is sweet or is bitter, it is egoism solves, but bitter experience of sufferings is most valuable to ascension. Happy, cloudless and carefree life on the usefulness is equal to zero. But life full of difficulties, deprivations, both heavy, and tension unreasonable, lights spirit fires. The assessment of vital conditions goes not to measures human, and in a basis of this assessment extent of ascending advance of spirit is put. Useful it is considered everything that promotes ascension, and harmful that slows down or stops it. If good, from the human point of view, the act slows down lifting, it certainly is harmful. If in appearance the bad act accelerates ascension, it is necessary and necessary good human often, than their more harms to spirit ascension; only darkness which in the person is harmful certainly. Also impulses of a body and requirement should be considered it in aspect of their need, avoiding and indulgence, and in particular, fanaticism; torture and flesh languor not to go back to Me, as well as indulgence to its voice. Golden mean commandment, to it also we will stick, - but the judge – the person, the judge and the respondent.
21 A. The aspiration will give rise to opportunities; therefore, a key from doors of opportunities always in our hands; but if the lever of force of the law in our hand, whether that depends on us also receiving. Because the World the Highest is open always, but to touch it and to take its gifts, it is necessary to direct to it consciously, voluntary and the will; in its essence of aspiration. Daring the sphere to which the daring is directed opens. So, the daring is the highest form of aspiration. The consciousness as the tip of an arrow of thought, pierces in object of the answer and connects to it aspiration thought. Let's try to strengthen answer clearness. How? Clear of a question or clear of the directed thought. The World the Highest a variety and the versatility are immense. What its side the directed consciousness wants to concern? The side of a contact is defined by will: either mine, or yours. But the will directs consciousness movement. When as you please and of Will the Highest of the Leading Hierarch are merged in uniform aspiration, spheres of a contact are limited to opportunities and Will of the Teacher that is the door to the world of boundless opportunities opens. In a flying arrow all its atoms are directed in uniform flight, as and in the full-directed microcosm. And as the aspiration to Me or through Me, Will Leading, the Highest becomes the moving power of consciousness. Pages of records are filled in by you, the hand, but force of process is saturated with My of Will, in will you’re realized into action, your will the realized. Yes! Correctly: process can be strengthened and deepened consciously, only deeper for this purpose is required, that is the highest, a unification step. Who can claim what it reached unification full? So, deepening and thinning of communication with the Lord becomes way of day. Also there is no limit to thinning and improvement of extents of Communication. So the way to Boundlessness becomes a daily way, and a daily – a feat carpet. The bearing force of a rhythm is wings of the directed energy; therefore, My son, in your hands happiness; winged of bird of happiness – at you. This is a falcon bringing production of spirit. Only show it that you saw in the sky. It will bring production. The world of the thinnest energy, in you approved, and the world the thinnest fiery communicate the wire of spirit transferring vibrations of energy from top to down and back while level of your consciousness doesn't become level of consciousness of the Fiery World. But where you’re of heart, there and you’re of treasure. To live heart psych life – means psych life the heart in heart Me. And to live heart is to live love to the Lord.
22 A. The Teacher Watches a thought-creative of the pupil, each thought has a form. The consciousness is surrounded with those forms which for it are usual, or what made on it especially strong and deep impression. On these prints on plastic of a spontaneous matter the Teacher also reads the world of mental creativity of the pupil as the open book. Certainly, in consciousness surrounding not to avoid prints, but the disgrace can be avoided, without stopping on it attention and without allowing consciousness to concentrate on it. It is possible to allow consciousness to sound deeply and fully on of thought-forms the highest order, strengthening this essence, and to reduce brightness undesirable, without giving them food. Each mental form lives and vibrates at the expense of the vital strength of their founder. The microcosm connects, as if a hose or an umbilical cord, or a connecting thread, with each mental form in which fiery force flows away from it. Thoughts vampires or “larva” are pernicious that exhaust from the beget his vital force depending on obsession degree them the consciousness which have fallen under their power. The slavery at own thought or at the thought which has flown from the outside turns out, but found in the nutritious soil which has sheltered it consciousness for the existence. Thoughts trade in existence, but at the expense of those who meets them as the hospitable owner, being combined with similar bastards of their owner. It is important to give to myself the clear account whom and that we feed with the radiations. To see these bastards stuck and hanging on aura, – a show not from pleasant. As worms, exhaust they vital juice of an organism. Both often pale and exhausted faces of people not from diseases, but from rack of negative thoughts; thought prevention – the phenomenon of an essential order. It is necessary to preserve the consciousness against rack of vampires. It is possible to imagine the victim surrounded with pack of these predators in Thin World, not able to be protected from them. The majority of people on Earth are victims of own and foreign thoughts. And worst of that entire nobody gives itself in it the report. Often these forms sated with emanations and a substance of an astral matter, are roughly material in the structure and especially strongly pull consciousness down. The sphere pure, released from astral parts, menthol generates already the thought deprived of weight of the lowest layer of consciousness. The solution of the most interesting algebraic task and the phenomenon of hazardous gambling game give a series of thoughts of a different order. One feed intelligence, others – the astral body, one absorb mental energy, others – astral. Astral emotions especially wear out an organism, and not so much force of the astral phenomenon started by consciousness, that is an act or action, how many thought astral and emotional. Again we come to the phenomenon of vibrating covers. The astral in all types and phenomenon has to be bridled, differently there is no advance. It is possible to make two identical actions: in one to put all force of a raging astral, from another to withdraw the astral beginning completely more exhaustively. From outer side in both cases it is possible even not display visible signs, and actions from outside will seem as though identical, but what and as this difference will be great if to consider this phenomenon from the Thin World. Therefore the culture of action has to enter into life as the adoption of prevention of life of a microcosm. Discipline of spirit we will understand as discipline of thought and feelings and as restraint of activity of all covers. The power is approved by a firm hand, severely and resolutely. There can be no mercy to devourers of strength of mind. We enter on a step of practical impassivity when phenomenon an astral order in life of day is excluded completely. Actions as those remain to all appearances the same, but the astral beginning from them is taken completely. At action departure everything that from an astral, separates mentally and is rejected as the litter and foreign impurity from top-quality grain are rejected. All becomes as well as earlier, but without the tyrannical power of an astral. Everything is allowed and permitted, but the passionate beginning completely and entirely from process is eliminated. The same, but without an astral: both words, and feelings, both thoughts, and acts, and movements, say, all essence of an phenomenon of life of a microcosm go on higher plan of a vibration scale; so three beams are approved in operation. So the power over three plans of three spheres by action it is approved.
(6.11.53. "Before Rising" No. 11, 1997 of)
All achievements need to be begun with their basis. As well in association it is necessary to begin with the basic – unification with Hierarchy. And then all other types of unification will take place also. Why so? Because at unification to Hierarchy there is a consciousness filling by consciousness of the Hierarch, and thus all barriers interfering association are destroyed. In the highest consciousness separation as this complex property belongs to the category of the lowest astral doesn't take a place. The feeling of separation consists of many properties proceeding from the basic – egoism. The number of these properties includes envy, rivalry, and intolerance. It is absolutely clear that these negative qualities aren't included into high consciousness. Therefore it is indicated filling of a being by consciousness of the Lord, and then all barriers will fall, and the all-hold, all-integration will come; because, the highest consciousness contains all. Also becomes clear why the association begun from below, comes to an end failure as can't contain terrestrial consciousness the high principle of unification, essence of the highest worlds.
(9.11.53 "Before Rising" No. 1, 1998)
As on a water surface care of the diver being at the bottom sea, so there is our care of you. We watch each your movement and we know when to give the help. We know what degree of pressure the diver can sustain and we proportion descent. We know when danger comes nearer and we take away it. We know when to lift from a bottom of the sea of him which has tested all pressure. After the entire diver falls by a sea bottom for term and, having carried out a task, emerges. Not its elements sea abysses, its stay there also is temporary. As well the spirit is alien to dense terrestrial spheres. As the diver, clothes him in a heavy space suit of a flesh and falls by a bottom of the terrestrial atmosphere for its overcoming. Having solved this task, it emerges again to the world of air, air fire, to the sphere. The task is carried out, and it again can come to a scope of the real life. But, the diver being at the bottom sea, most of all protect a hose connecting you to air of a surface. It is enough to stop for a minute to its inflow, and you were lost. Nor of sharks, nor the octopuses, other monsters of the sea aren't terrible to you, as wire damage. From a shark you can evade and you will chop off feelers to an octopus but what you will do without air? Dangers terrestrial to spirit aren't terrible; it is inaccessible to them in dense armor of a flesh. To it the break of the channel giving air of spirit, connecting it with Hierarchy is terrible only. The wire in abysses of the terrestrial sea was jammed somewhere, and the spirit diver was lost, choked because it has nothing to breathe there, at the bottom terrestrial, to it – the particle of Fire fed by Fire, on Fire having the life and development. We want to warn. Now there is a selection. The few will understand danger of terrestrial depths and a wire of Light can damage, itself ruining. But the thought of the diver will help not to forget that air we breathe, instead of water, and air is necessary to us for life maintenance. Perhaps, someone lives there and without air perfectly? Yes, octopuses and sharks, mollusks and corals, and fishes, but not people. A fir-tree you want to assimilate to a mollusk, immortal, not created, eternally real spirit, a particle of boundless life?
You call. You hear, through a wire go not only air, but also calls from a surface far that you didn't get lost in alga’s sticky, in heaps of rocks, stones underwater, in freakish vegetation of the sea. That fish’s traffic light you, shining fire deceptive, didn't seduce; that reflection lunar in water wasn't taken by you for fiery signs. As many patches of light under water play and refracts in a wave vigorous! Don't trust, distinguish and listen to a voice, from a surface streaming to you. Listen to it – then allure water won't be terrible, pernicious. You will know and you will bypass danger. When you will find a pearl in the very bottom bottomless the ocean, it you in hundred times, will reward for all your sufferings and deprivations, for burdens underwater yours, for heavy freight of layers of water, on your shoulders leaned to force limits. And that you up will carry pearls, and to a thread precious you will add the production in gift for life air.
21.12.53. "Before Rising" No. 11, 1997 of)
People share on attendants of General Welfare and attendants of the personal benefit. About attendants of darkness we won't speak. But at a question of why often association happens cancelled, it is possible to answer – that, so there was a service to the personal benefit. This border is thin and is often indiscernible to an external eye, only fire of heart will give a trembling sign. Therefore know that cooperation can take place only between attendants of General Welfare, and only and it is possible to unite with them. The personal beginning is the isolation beginning by the nature. However, attendants of the personal beginning can bring a lot of useful, working for the sake of a personal interest, but don't count on a strong unification with them. Sooner or later, but personal ways always disperse. While a way of General Welfare one, and going on it is immutable go together. Therefore look for employees, scattering thought on all worlds. Often on a distant star the echo happens stronger, than at the next. And the World Fiery is the world of employees of General Welfare. To present it from this party, – means to come nearer to the correct way to it.
1954 г.
23A. People often mentally hurt each other, and the subtle body is suffering. But often lost causes man to him. Blasphemy, treachery, suicide give an example of a serious defeat of the subtle body. Reaction of the misconduct is deadly. Of course, any ant moral action brings him harm. But some things are just damage to the nervous tissue, and is necessary to heal the wound. All sorts of physical damage also cause damage and thin body. But the wounds are sharp explosions of astral. Especially painful ruptures the fabric came from irritation and other emotional explosions. Breaking the protecting network, they make subtle body unprotected from attacks of evil spirits, i.e. spatial entities lower. Any disbalance more or less makes spatial invulnerable. And stand a person of sacrifice of chance. The microcosm of man must always be closed and kept a guarded. Even inappropriate joke gives people the power to another, revealing its inner self. In this respect the solemnity will better shield. One must realize that the psychic energy will shell the spirit. And any loosening of its status or grief, sadness, hopelessness and fear, and any other negative and dark feelings make self-protection to zero; making the defeat of chronic, if these conditions are slow enough. Fearlessness is a carapace reliable. Better to call it a balance of spirit. Words unworthy, words of malice and hatred and feelings similar causes wounds and punctures a man himself. Often the silence helps to heal damaged tissue. As it is important and necessary, it has always been reserved to calm and flat. Hateful words they tear the fabrics own thin body. Personal injury, damage is spatial and harm to surrounding people. In this respect, the condemnation is harmful, because it opens up the aura of blame for the effects. Great harm caused by man himself, and as a result the subtle body is suffering. Wounding of the subtle body always affects the eyes. Light and joy in them go out instantly. Serious and unexpected news can kill a person. It can kill the Mother, which received a telegram about the death of his son, but won't kill a stranger nearby. It's not news, but how is his man. Their own attitude to the phenomena of the external world is killing a man, while allowing potentially lethal defeat the subtle body. The depth and severity of the wound are committed to her consciousness. Self-guard or defenselessness microcosm consciousness is defined, but we are talking about billboards, the spirit of a protective shell, for protection. Weakness and libertinism of psychic energy make a person by the sacrifice of external fortuities, and becomes the man himself the culprit of the lesions. Loosen the Patrol-means to give myself into power quest. But is it not reviles people and loved each other? Why need a constant watch and with close and distant. Little tested friends on whom you can rely. This condition requires greater diligence. On safeguarding the essence of his - thinking. Need the patrol, a watch to protect the light from the darkness.
24A. To be with Me all of heart always – a task, which in power only few. The majority doesn't maintain tension and recedes. Fragile covers can't keep of Light. Contain of qualities of an intense flame not in power to usual consciousness. Therefore there are so much departing. More than once it was necessary to observe how Light gifts, in abundance given, caused the return results. Therefore I Speak – don't burden weak-willed a bulk of trust and abundance of gifts of spirit. Won't sustain, and will reject, and, having rejected, will return to darkness. The pupil lives in of Light the Teacher, the inhabitant – in darkness external which considers as Light because doesn't know that such Light. Certainly, light is a pleasure. But it is hardly to bear knowledge among heavy and close conditions of terrestrial life. The knowledge speaks about freedom, but the dense world – chains for spirit. A lot of courage is necessary that in dungeon of terrestrial restrictions from them to approve freedom. The extreme pole of restriction of spirit serves in a matter, under the Law of contrasts, a starting point of the way conducting to release from its power. The essence of life dense rises and counteracts the statement of fiery freedom; from here of phenomenon inevitable persistent of fight and of victory. Ignorant can calm down and reconcile with the ignorance, but spirit wings concerned Light of rest any more doesn't know because eternity breath concerned it. From here eternal melancholy for the fiery, free, elevated homeland of spirit, from where I came. I tell – Sons of Light charms of Earth to satisfy, can't sate because they from fire, and fire with of Earth isn’t combined. So in life terrestrial they are doomed to eternal search and aspiration to that isn't achievable on Earth. But, children My, directed, know – that isn't achievable here – there strong is carried out. The most courageous, most thoughts and your desires will be saturated and carried out there, in shining space of Light where all is possible. I speak about conditions thin and the world of the being shone plastic matter subordinated to spirit. Evolution is long, because its purpose – transformation of a dense matter in distinguished and mobile, a spiritualizing and depression terrestrial in spiritual. That this purpose to reach, Earth and mankind have to pass seven Big Circles and finish the Great Cycle. The way is long. And the microcosm human is the arena of this continuous transformation dense in thin, lifting and carrying away for itself Earth changed by it. The planet is connected with microcosm human indissoluble bonds of communication. Microcosm of the person, passing through the sphere elements terrestrial and energy of Earth, in this long and continuous process their all the time thinnest also spiritualizes. The matter which has leaked during even to one life through a microcosm of the devotee or sacred, is spiritualized is thinner and quicker, than at its passing through the sphere and covers of the ordinary person. But even the ordinary person to some extent serves the same purpose. And not only person, but all forms of vegetable and animal kingdoms. All develop and refined Earth body, passing through itself its elements and the dumped covers of a system, creating and enriching dense structure of a planet. It mentions and concerns all plans, and each plan is enriched depending on a step of the evolution reached by this form. Certainly, the person as a life forms the highest most also brings on an altar of transformation of a dense matter of Earth in thinner. The corpulent soil serving as the bottom of dense vegetation is created from the dumped covers of plants and with their bodies is enriched. Both coal, and oil, both limy deposits, and many other stratifications of the past are created by covers of the dead of organisms. This process in the world mental is especially mobile and noticeable, or the thought world when the matter of thought flows, being transformed through consciousness of the person, both fills with itself, and makes the maintenance of the invisible worlds of various gradation. The person is the transformer for Earth of energy terrestrial and energy space in the forms going on creation of dense and thin bodies of our planet. Old eternally changes in new, higher and more distinguished. The person serves Earth transformation. The new Sky and of New Earth are caused is immutable Evolution Laws. The microcosm human is this transformer fiery, eternally being in work on all three plans: physical, astral and mental. The person carries out this process consciously, seeking to give production the psych battery of the superior quality. Refine the thoughts, feelings and a body, refine all three streams of a matter flowing through its microcosm, accelerating thereby process of evolution of Earth and terrestrial mankind. Lords Serve on world transformation. The same purpose is served also by all following them conscious. Difference only that people usual work as the slaves, knowing work consciously and freely. And the tool, or the tool, the wonderful, difficult, amazing device of a microcosm of the person with all inexhaustible opportunities of his constantly revealing fiery potential serves them. The fiery future of the person is great and is incommensurable to that temporary form of his expression in which he is shown at present. Great Light before and not simile of Light future with the darkness present.
25A. In the spirit of a justification. Spirit over of all. The flesh dungeon temporarily, but is useful, that freedoms to reach. Through immersion in a matter and contact with it the power over it is got; and before of all inside of her own microcosm. Freedom is a first-born condition of spirit. Plunging into its depths, from the power of a matter we are exempted; freedom in the spirit of, but not in a body. Having been obese, this freedom can be realized. The creative imagination is wings to spirit. It isn't limited to limits and flesh opportunities. It over it reigns. The plastic matter of the Highest Worlds submits to the creative power of imagination and accepts forms on will command. It also is a spirit kingdom where he is the unlimited lord, and there the spirit builds the kingdom, not connected by a matter dense. But, to build, it is necessary to know that wanted by spirit, and is necessary that forms created satisfied to the principle of Beauty. Otherwise there will be not a construction light, but a disgrace. Therefore education and spirit and heart are necessary. We on Beauty Build. Builders light we Call light spirits. Earth is that school where learns to distinguish spirit the good and evil that in the Elevated Worlds construction was from Light. There the spirit builds thought. Therefore here – care of thought. The thought of Light creates light fine forms. But what the thought of darkness creates? We will be preserved against thinking dark because it we create to them the dungeon not only here, on Earth, but also there, in Spaces Elevated. The matter of the dense world is heavy and inert. But in the spirit of it is possible to direct and concern Me outside dense restrictions. And, being here, on Earth, it is possible to learn to live spirit and in the spirit of, overcoming restrictions of the dense world. Let's not allow neither connect and nor to tie themselves to it. Thoughts and feelings it is possible to leave its sphere always. Heart as body of the Elevated World is for this purpose given. The lord wants to strengthen and enrich life of spirit with new opportunities. Who lives spirit and in the spirit of, over restrictions of the dense world rises. Others think that freedom consists in meeting the desires, but the astral is insatiable, and one granted desire involves ten others, and so endlessly. Freedom of spirit consists in release from desires that is from those chains or attractions which keep spirit in a magnetic field of spheres dense, without allowing it to rise. Threads of an attraction can be cut consciously. Sometimes heavy living conditions are given in order that it was easier to be averted from it. If the spirit isn't connected terrestrial, it gravitates up easier; freedom in consciousness, but not outside. The slave can occupy an imperial throne or pave the road, slavery of spirit with itself carrying. Therefore it is better to be free in the spirit of, irrespective of that next role in life which the karma gave. It is possible to play the role, remaining in the spirit of free. Freedom not in a body, but in the spirit of; it should be understood.
*End of records, 1972.