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"Vishnu puran".

In the movie Vishnu some Avatars - God of the Creator, the Founder and the Guardian of the Universe (Maitreya) are given. From 63 Vishnu Avatar series - the Frame (an embodiment of Maitreya) and the representative of a demonic, lunar dynasty - Ravana (an embodiment of Jehovah), see Art. 15.


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Two dynasties: Solar and Lunar. Eternal opposition of two cultures, human and demonic. The purpose of the Solar dynasty, - to keep the state in integrity. Division and separation - a darkness prerogative.

" Akbar and Dzodha ".
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The purpose - association of India and Mongolia to the uniform state with uniform religion - the Buddhism.
And a shrill love story of one of the best-known emperors of India and the great princess, - the epic saga of times of xvI of an eyelid. Video is based on real events.


1. - Maitreya is Great Lord Shambhala.
2.. - The billionaire Georges Morgan – the embodiment of the pervert Jehovah

3. - Maitreya, Great Lord of the Shambhala (updated).
4. - President of Russian - V.V. Putin

5. - Jehovah devil, planetary satan
6. - Jehovah - Gay (Pederast), killer
7. - Victims ls Jehovah’
8. Satan there to govern ball, there to govern ball…