5. Third and Fourtn Books Kingsdom. First and Second Books Paralipomenon.

*Third book of kingdoms.

Solomon is David's son, the tsar Israeli – Judah kingdoms (965 - 928 BC). Solomon (Jews - Shelomo), third and greatest tsar of the Israeli people.The tsar David bequeathed the throne to the son from Bathsheba - to Solomon. The first Archangel, the First Hierarch of our Solar System, and the Planet, the Great Lord of the Shambhala Was embodied in Israel by the son of the tsar David. The Lord of the Shambhala is Pacified Jehovah more than once. With arrival of Jews to the Middle East the violence took the constant form of government Misters Savaof (Jehovah's). Infinite wars; robberies, destruction of the population, application of executions should be stopped.

It is a lot of lie proceeding from Jehovah; he always sticks out himself, as the Lord of all population of the planet. With coming to power of the tsar of Solomon in the Middle East the world set in. Dialogue of the Tsar of Solomon and Lord (Jehovah) is Savaofa-Jehovah's imagination.

The first Archangel always Gave to people Wisdom - the Buddhism and worked. In all embodiments still the people of those countries tell about that how many works was enclosed for evolution of the person.

Many embodiments of the Great Lord of the Shambhala were in Egypt; Tsar Menes, Pharaoh Ramses II, Origen, Osiris (twice), Three times Great Hermes Trismegist, etc. Egyptians is the first-born of the Great Lord of the Shambhala. Irrigational systems, roads, temples, the cities were constructed, the territory of Egypt by a gain is increased, attacks of the people of the sea are reflected, some thousands of books are written but the main thing, Wisdom - the Buddhism was given to the people. Everything was destroyed by a devil; such is there was its purpose. Haunted it the Wisdom and good fortune reigning in Egypt where Solar Gods governed. Jews went to Egypt twice to escape from the petty tyrant Jehovah.
Chapter 3/1. "Solomon Became related with the Pharaoh, the tsar Egyptian, and Took for himself the Pharaoh's
daughter, and Entered it into the city of David', how long Didn't build the house both the Lord's house and a wall round Jerusalem". All dithyrambs which the Lord Savaof (Jehovah) sings to himself in several heads, putting in lips of Solomon are lie. The tsar Solomon Kept independently in relation to Jehovah because Jehovah for it is anybody and to call him in any way.
Chapter 4/1, 21, 24, 29-34.

"Also there Was a tsar Solomon the tsar over all Israel". From each knee were chiefs, "which delivered to the tsar to Solomon everything, belonging to a table of the tsar also didn't allow a lack of nanometer of what".

Chapter 4/21, 24, 29 - 34.

"Solomon Owned all kingdoms from the Euphrates River to Filistimsky earth and borders of Egypt. Representatives of kingdoms gifts brought and served to Solomon in all days of his life". "Because it ruled over all earth on this party of the river, also there Was at Him a world with all neighboring countries".

Solomon was wise and had Great Reason."Also there was a wisdom Solomon above wisdom of all sons of the East and all wisdom Egyptians". It was wisest people, and his name was in glory at all neighboring people". "Also It uttered three thousand parable and its songs was one thousand and five" "Also spoke about trees from a cedar, that in Lebanon to a hyssop growing from a wall, spoke and about animals both about birds and about reptiles and about fishes". "Also came from all people to listen Wisdom of Solomon, from all tsars terrestrial, who heard about wisdom it".

There came tsars from the next the states also brought in gift to the tsar of daughters-beauties. Refusal of a gift was accepted as insult. Their Solomon saw never and didn't love. Everyone should have given housing and to build the temple - to Astarte wives of Solomon worshipped. Lord Savaof (Jehovah) several times I was to Solomon with worship requests to it Israelis. And in this to the head threats repeat to Jews about punishment, if they will worship to other gods.

The tsar Solomon knew many professions in perfection, in that number, - architecture and construction. Therefore Jehovah-Savaof told to the tsar David, what not it, and the son will construct it the temple. Jehovah edited this text later. At the time of David he didn't know that to Jews such honor will be offered - embodiment of God on Earth, - Michael the Archangel (Solomon).

The Lord-devil wanted, that Solomon constructed house to it. Devil never created nothing but only did the evil and succeeded in crimes. That First Archangel, the First Hierarch of Solar system and our Planet built to a devil the house?!
Chapter, 6/11-13.

"Here you build the temple; if you go under my charters, I will execute the word My: also will live among sons Israeli and won’t leave the people of my Israel". Jehovah devil didn't wait for the house for him. The wind carried away words it.

"Solomon also lay over the temple inside pure gold also stretched gold chains before dairy also laid over its gold "Also constructed Solomon the temple also terminated it". "Also laid over temple walls inside cedar boards; from a temple floor to a ceiling inside imposed with a tree also covered a temple floor cypress boards". "On cedars in the temple similarity was cut our dismissed flowers; everything was covered with a cedar, stone it wasn't visible". "And davir was length, width, height in twenty elbows; it laid over its pure gold; laid over as well the cedar altar gold". "All temples it imposed with gold, all temples up to the end and all altars which before davir, imposed with gold". "Also I made in davir two cherubs from the olive tree, ten high elbows. Each wing was in five elbows". Cherubs stood in internal part of the temple and were imposed with gold.

"And on all walls of the temple around made the carved images of cherubs and palm trees and dismissed flowers, inside and out of. And a floor in the temple imposed with gold; covered gold and cherubs and palm tree. And at an entrance to the temple made slip-ups from the olive tree the quadrangular is. And doors from the cypress tree; both halves two doors were the mobile. Also cut out on them cherubs, palm trees and dismissed flowers also imposed with gold on a carving".

"Also constructed a courtyard from three rows of the squared stone and from a number of cedar bars is". "It ended the temple with all its accessories; built it seven years". The tsar Solomon built the temple for Israelis, instead of for a devil Jehovah!
Chapter, 7.

"And the house the tsar Solomon built thirteen years". The house was built of the Lebanese cedar and expensive stones. And for the daughter Pharaoh’s, which it took for me, it was constructed same house. Big yard it was fenced with three rows hews of stones and one row hew’s of logs. Made columns and two rows of garnet apples round a grid is. On wreaths two hundred garnet apples are. All work which was performed by the tsar Solomon is so perfect! Silver, gold and things (gold dishes, bowls, knifes, trays) I gave to treasuries of the Lord's house. The tsar Solomon is not only the Sculptor of temples and palaces, He Sculptor of souls human, but also!!
Great Solomon – is God! NastyJehovah – is devil.

Chapter 9.

"Upon termination of twenty years, in which Solomon constructed two houses, - the Lord's house, and the house imperial, - on what Hiram, the tsar Tirsky, delivered To Solomon of a tree the cedar both cypress and gold at his desire". "Also sent Hiram reign hundred twenty talents of gold are. Here order about a tax to construct Lord's temple and house imperial and wall Jerusalem and cities: Gatsor, Megido, Gazer and Lover Veforon. And are the cities for stocks, for chariots, for a cavalry".

"The tsar Solomon is Сonstructed the ship on the bank of the Black Sea in the earth Iudeysky". "Also Hiram sent by the ship of the citizens the navels knowing the sea, with subject Solomon’s. Also they went in Offer also took from there gold four hundred twenty talents, also brought Tsar Solomon" Chapter10.

Queen Savsky - Heavenly Beauty, having heard about glory of Solomon, came to test it riddles. Also to came it to Jerusalem with very big wealth: camels were loaded with aromas and great variety of gold and jewels; also came to Solomon also talked to It about everything that it had on heart. Also Solomon explained her everything her word also wasn't anything the unfamiliar reign, that he didn't explain it. Also saw queen Savsky all wisdom Solomon and house, which it constructed and peep for table it and symmetry his servants. Also told reign is: "Is right that heard in the earth about your cases and of wisdom yours. But didn't trust words, how long didn't come and not saw my eyes. Wisdom and riches you have more, than as heard"."Your people are blessed and your servants are blessed, which always are coming before you also hear your wisdom. Also presented it reign hundred twenty talents of gold is and great set of aromas and jewels. And ship Hiram’s brought great variety mahogany and precious stones. Also the tsar made from this mahogany handrail for the temple and for the house
imperial is a psaltery and psalm books for singers.

"And the tsar Gave to the queen Savsky everything that she wished and that asked. In gold, which came to Solomon is in every year to weight was six hundred sixty talents gold". "Also the tsar big made throne from an ivory also laid over it pure gold, and twelve more lions stood on both sides, - similar to these wasn't in one kingdom. At the tsar there was on the sea a ship with the ship Hiram’s, in three years time bringing gold and silver, and ivory".

The tsar Solomon Surpassed all tsars on the earth wealth and wisdom. And all tsars on the earth looked for to see Solomon, that to listen wisdom to Him. And they presented to Him; vessels silver and gold, clothes, weapon, aroma, horses and mules every year. Chariot and horses brought to the tsar from Egypt".

And then was engaged in it time Lord Savaof? Threatened and damned Jews: "If you and your sons recede from me, I will exterminate Israel from a face of the earth".

Solomon Was Gifted light mind and insight. Created an inner world around throne also surrounded myself authorized representatives, that freely to conduct domestic and foreign policy. Its reign became a synonym world and prosperities. Built the temple, on greatness and beauty, to which wasn’t equal. The next sovereigns undertook travel from far away, to see Jewish tsar, glory about wisdom and affairs which managed to extend on all East. He tested all pleasures of life and up to the end enjoyed bowl terrestrial pleasures and at the end of life with grief exclaims: "Vanity of vanities, all vanity and spirit languor". Chapter 11/ 42, 43.

"Time of reign of Solomon’s in Jerusalem over everything Israel were Forty years». In the reference book "Agni Yoga" thirty nine years are specified.

1.During board tsar of Solomon not there was wars, a world and prosperity reigned in Israel. There were no damnations and executions from Savaof Misters, - it was detached from governments.

2.Solomon constructed: - The temple, on beauty and greatness wasn't to it equal, Imperial palace, wall round Jerusalem, ships,

3.I established the interstate trade relations,
4.It is a lot of riches: gold, silver, jewels, ivory, chariots is and cavalries.

5.Six-pointed Star is the press of Solomon!!!

To Him are peculiar: freedom of choice of the person (worship), love to all creation, beauty and Knowledge. In Egypt Jews of 430 years worshipped to God of the Sun. All term of board of the tsar of Solomon Jehovah sat silently and didn't prove. After leaving of Solomon damnations from Lord Savaof (Jehovah's) Misters and opposition between Jews again began. Tsars replaced each other. Chapter 15/29.

Appeared the new tsar, and from a sort previous tsar it "didn't leave not a soul, how long didn’t exterminate it, by the word Savaof's Misters (Jehovah)".

Jews took wives from other people, which worshipped to other gods, and sometimes also attached to the belief of husbands. Words: destroyed, didn’t leave not a soul, exterminated on words the Lord, - repeat repeatedly. Some number of Jews kept separate from Jehovah and levynites (priests, rabbis), appointed priests from the environment, but Lord Savaof (Jehovah) kept for Jews death grip.

Jews took nothing from the Egyptian period and forty-year board tsar of Solomon. In a Judaism there is a gold transfer, silver, jewels, ivory, aromas, chariots and cavalries, houses of the imperial and Lord's temple, but words it isn't told about a freedom of worship. Freedom! For the period boards of Solomon they had to be defined with a deity choice, which would be stronger misters Savaof's (Jehovah) also could protect them from executions and damnations. This God was near them in an image of the physical person, - tsar Solomon. First Hierarch our Planet and Solar System! Everything that he created during lifetime, - with itself didn't carry away to the Thin Worlds, everything left.

Repeatedly to Jews the Great Lord of Shambhala in many embodiments Came: Avel, Noy, Avraham, the Pharaoh Ramses II, Moisey, Osiris - twice, Solomon, Moria (Christ). Ungrateful is tribe!!

Queen Savsky the female mind estimated the tsar of Solomon; not only his mind, beautiful appearance, wisdom, but also beauty in everything. Servants were harmonius and are dressed beautifully, both cupbearer, and service, both ware, and meal, - everything caused admiration. God came to the earth, to accustom the person to beauty and wisdom. Some embodiments the First Hierarch devoted to Jews to protect them from influence of Jehovah-devil.

Jews and sectarians you leave from ooze marsh and join to Light. Worship to Great Maitreya, to the Lord of the Shambhala, to the First Hierarch. Against Him is nobody strong!

Fourth is book of kingdoms
Chapter 1/1, 2

Ohoziya, the son Ohava set in over Israel in Samaria also reigned two years. Both Ohoziya, and his parents, and some more the previous generations departed from the Lord (Jehovah), worshipped to Vaal and served him. But the Lord Jehovah of all exterminated, who couldn't hold violence for worship favorite. "Ohoziya "fell" through a lattice with the room, that in Samaria also got sick". (Jehovah Ohoziya energy devilish dumped that not goes from Misters-murderer).

"Also sent to strong ambassadors, also told them: "Go and ask at Veelzevul, Akkaronsky's deity: whether will recover from this illness". Then Lord's Angel (at Jehovah on service not Angela and demons - izarashchenets and the underworld) told Eli: "Unless there is no God in Israel that you go to question Veelzevul, Akkaronskoy deity? For it, so the Lord (Jehovah) speaks: "From a bed on which you laid down, you won't get up from it, but you will die". Jehovah burned all envoys fire, that didn't go to question other god, if in Israel the god is. "Also died (Ohoziya) by the Lord's word (Jehovah)".

Chapter 2/23, 24.

Eliseus, the attendant Misters (Jehovah) went to Vefil. "When it went the road, small children left the city, and sneered at it and spoke to it: "Go the bald! Go the bald!" "He looked back and saw them and damned them the name Lord’s (Jehovah). Also two she-bears came out of the wood and forty two children" tore to pieces from them. What Lord Im, such is and prophet demon. Chapter 3/1, 2, 25, 27.

"Ioram, Ohoziya's brother set in over Israel in Samaria also reigned seventeen years". "Also did objectionable in eyes Lord's (Jehovah), though also removed Vaal's statue". The Lord of Israel sent on it three tsars of Israel (Israeli, Judaic and Edomsky) also named: "And you strike all the cities strengthened and all cities main, and all best trees cut down, and all sources you will dam the water, and all best field you will spoil sites stones". And it happened. The Moavitsky tsar "took the son the, first-born, to which it was necessary to reign instead of it, also uplifted it in an all-burning on a wall. It made the big indignation in Israelis, and they receded from it, and came back to the earth". Devilish book!

Farther - self-praises Jehovah’s and various damnations. Anywhere, never any person read, and didn't hear such scary words. Jehovah sent the Syrian tsar on objectionable to it Samaritans, surrounded the city and hunger began, - damnation - came true Jehovah’s Savaof.

Chapter 6/29, 30.

"Also she told this woman spoke to me: "give the son, we will eat it today, and my son we will eat tomorrow". Also we welded my son, also ate it. And I told it the next day: "Give your son and we will eat him". But it hid the son". The tsar having listened words of the woman, tore apart the clothes; and the people saw, that torn on his body".

You remember, Deuteronomy, ch, 28/53. "And you will eat a fruit your belly, flesh your sons and your daughters, which Lord, your God, gave you, in a siege, and in constraint, in which will constrain you your enemy". Lord of Israel Iarranged everything and waited, when Samaritans will be to ask to pardon them. Jews repeatedly tried to be exempted from its influence. Jehovah's violence is lawlessness!

The Siege of Leningrad lasted 872 days (since September 8, 1941 years till January 27, 1944; the blockade ring was it is broken through on January 18, 1943). Military blockade is German, Finnish and Spanish armies during Great Domestic (World War II) of war. People died of hunger, but nobody cooked back on some and not eats the children. In it time Jehovah all directed attention on Hitler, entered in his body, hoping to strangle USSR. Great Maitreya, the Patron of Russia worked in bloody sweat, saving Europe from invasion of devil plague. Jehovah created similar blockade for Jews, and forced them to cook and eat the children. Too for Jews waits on Saturn if don't think again. Jehovah is walking plague, cholera for mankind of that planet where it will locate. Jews and sectarians, you leave from it, JEHOVAH is THE DEATH ANGEL, when time will come leaving to Saturn, it will pull out the admirers from a physical body MAGNET; also millions years will drag off to Saturn. Saturn is naked kernel and three gaseous rings; everything will start from scratch, - return back on millions of years. And the prophet Eliseus is generation devil; damned the person and all sort it to ache with leprosy and damned left from it white. And this book every week according to the head Jews read and sectarian’s decades.

Jehovah achieved the purpose connection of two branches of the first people. Jews forgot the light past, and finally their spiritual state regenerated; they got under influence of Rabbis (sorcerers and black magicians) and rakshas (perverts and underworld).

Really the Supreme Deity the Absolute doesn't See suffering, and doesn't Hear cries of people from mockeries of Jehovah-devil? Poor Jews! Leave from a devil to God's!

My God is Maitreya, Favorite God, Teaches all to Love and Compassion, Good and Light. Urges strive for aristocratism, Beauty in everything: beauty of the speech, clothes, at home, communication, love to all God's creation, and love to flowers. Decorate with flowers the house, beds, country sites. Be an example for other people, be accustomed to beauty. When reading texts of pupils of Great Maitreya, at heart it is so easy also light!

All books of kingdoms, - these are chronicles opratione of tsars in the reduced form. In each chapter several times repeat words: "Also it did (tsar) objectionable in eyes of the Lord (Jehovah). And further reaction of "Lord" follows: "Both struck it and destroyed (hands of the new tsar). Almost all a knee of Jews constantly evaded from "Lord" and worshipped to Vaal' or Astarte. The Lord (Jehovah) sent other knee of Jews, and evading killed, plundered and starved. Murders were the most cruel, - the person of couldn’t think up, - only a devil with the perverted consciousness could the make hands of people. Jews from priests knew that their Lord - devil and constantly did attempts to get rid of it. All damnations from the previous heads with threats to apply them on Jews, "Lord" - the monster applied. Chapter 8/ 8-10, 12-15.

The Tsar Syrian fell ill with strong and sent the son to Eliseus to learn from him through "Lord": «will
recover from this illness". Eliseus told it: Go and tell it: You "will recover"; however opened to me the Lord that he will die". The Lord (devil) specified to the prophet to Eliseus, that Azail, son Syrian the tsar will replace the father. "Also told to it Eliseus: "What you will do to sons Israeli angrily; then you will set fire to of fortress, and their sword you will destroy young men, and the pregnant of women at them you will split".

"Also Azail from Eliseus went, also came to the sovereign, also told; "He spoke to me, that you will recover». And the next day (the devil operated it) it took a blanket, wetted its water, also put on a face of the tsar and he died. Also set in instead of it". And that the Lord (Jehovah) named through Eliseus, Azail and made. Here is how the word Misters-murderers works:

Сhapter 10/7.

"They took imperial sons also pinned up them - seventy the person, also put the heads them in baskets also sent to it (Ilya) in Israel".

Сhapter 11/1. «Gofoliya, Ohoziya's mother, seeing that her son died, rose and exterminated all
imperial tribe".
Chapter 14/12-14.

"Also were broken Judea by Israelis and ran up on the tents. Tsar the Judaic was taken by the tsar Israeli, also entered to Jerusalem also I destroyed wall Jerusalem on four hundred elbows. Also took all gold and silver, and all vessels what were in the Lord's house and in came back to Samaria". Jerusalem wall, imperial house and House Lord’s the tsar Solomon constructed and Lord (Jehovah) destroyer and robber. Two tsars represented one people, also pushed together them the devil under hypnosis - the black magician!
Chapter 17/17-20.

Jews did strong "objectionable in eyes of Lord-devil also made angry it". "Also the Lord (Jehovah) became angry strongly on Israelis; also rejected those on behalf of didn’t remain anybody, except Iudin's one knee". "And Judas also didn't observe precepts of Lord-devil also arrived on customs of Israelis". "Also the Lord from all was averted descendants of Israel; both restrained them and gave them in a charge to robbers".

If gave in a charge of robbers, that it wasn't averted, and revenged also tormented Jews. Day, in which Jews will be released from oppression of Jehovah-devil, will be for them "in the afternoon revival from ashes".

Chapter 17/24, 33.

"The tsar Assyrian brought people is from Babylon, Kuta, Avva, Emaf and Separvaim, and lodged them in the cities of Samariysky instead of sons Israeli. And they seized to Samariysky also began to live in the cities". And newcomers Misters devil didn't honor. It was necessary Assyrian reign to find the priest Israeli that taught laws of god this earth. The priest learned how to honor the Lord (Jehovah). Misters they honored and to the gods they served on custom.

Pay attention to the allocated words the semi boldface text. The Lord-devil couldn't subordinate to himself executions, wars those people which Avraham gave from Mesopotamia. Gradually Savaof-Jehovah forces out Israelis from that territory which he "cleared away" for Jews, and replaces with other people from Mesopotamia, Syria and Assyria.
Chapter 18/6.

Set Ezekiel is in Judea. "Also it was stuck it to the Lord, also didn't recede from It and also observed its precepts, what precepted "Lord" to Moisey". Moisey wrote these precepts without participation Jehovah's).

11, 12.

In the fourth year of the tsar Ezekiel Salmanassar entered, the tsar Assyrian, to Samaria, also besieged it: Also took it in three years, also the tsar Assyrian moved Israelis to Assyria, also lodged them in Halahe and in Havore, at the river Gozan, and in the cities of Midiysky, for that, that they didn't listen to a voice Lord (Jehovah), the God".

13- 14.
«Also went tsar Assyrian against all strengthening’s of the cities Judas also took them». Also Ezekiel
sent, the tsar Iudeysky, to the tsar Assyrian, in Lachis to tell: I am guilty, depart from me; that you will
impose on me, I will bring. Also is imposed the tsar Assyrian on Ezekiel, tsar Iudeysky, three hundred
talents of silver and thirty talents of gold".
15, 16.
"Also gave Ezekiel all silver what was in the Lord's house and in treasuries of the house imperial".

16."At that time Ezekiel removed gold from doors of the Lord's house and from door columns which were gilded by Ezekiel, the tsar Iudeysky, and gave it to the tsar Assyrian.

All gilding in the Lord's house and in the imperial house was made by the tsar Solomon; Jehovah-devil specially lies – in him the offense says that he asked to build the house to it, but his words were carried away by the Lord Wind.

25. Jehovah didn't protect Jews. "Besides, unless I without Lord's will I went to this place, to ruin it? The Lord told me: "Go to this earth, also ruin it".

33, 34. "Whether gods of the people, everyone rescued the earth, by hand the tsar Assyrian? Whether" "They saved Samaria from my hand? «And how what named itself "All-powerful"?
Сhapter 19/15, 16.

"Ezekiel also gave everything silver what was in the Lord's house and in treasuries of the house imperial". "At that time I removed Ezekiel gold from doors Lord's houses and with door columns, which "gilded Ezekiel", the tsar Iudeysky also gave to his tsar Assyrian.

All gilding in house the Lord's and in the imperial house was it is made the tsar Solomon; Jehovah devil specially lies, - in it the offense speaks for that it begged to construct house to it, but his words the Lord Wind's carried away.

28. "For your impudence against me and that your arrogance reached my ears, will enclose my ring in your nostrils and my bit in your mouth, and will return you back the same road with which you came".

34. "I will protect this city (Jerusalem) to rescue it for the sake of itself and for the sake of David, - the slave Mine». 35.;Also it happened that night: the Angel Lord's struck in a camp Assyrian hundred eighty five thousand. Also raised in the morning and here all bodies dead". (Jehovah says lies). Chapter 21.

"Was twelve years Manasseh when sew in and fifty years reigned in Jerusalem. And make it objectionable in eyes of the Lord (Jehovah)". Worshipped the goddess Astarta. Seduced Manasseh of Israelis that they arrived worse than those people, who were exterminated by the Lord (Jehovah), is. Judas was the only thing who kept belief in Jehovah devil, but and he refused Jehovah, and worshipped to Astarte’s.

"For that they did objectionable in my eyes also made angry me, will guide such evil at Jerusalem and on Judas, about which, who will hear, will ring out both ears at that. Also will reject the rest my destiny, also will give them in hands of their enemies, also will be on plunder and plunder to all enemies".

Angry and violence you won't force to worship. Also Manasseh with fathers rested the, Ammon also set in. Also did objectionable to god, and went the same road that and the father, - worshipped to idols. Jehovah set servants, and they made plot, also destroyed Ammon. But people exterminated all former in plot against the tsar Ammon. Also his son set in - Iosiya.
Chapter 22.

"The Law Book" found in the Lord's house. The copyist started reading Iosiya, and the tsar, having heard laws, tore apart the clothes, that fathers of words didn't listen this book to arrive it agrees with instructions. Went to ask through the prophet Jehovah about the Book of Laws is. So the Lord speaks: "I will guide angrily into place this and on his inhabitants, all words of the book, which the tsar Iudeysky" read. "For that left me, also roll to other gods, my anger" blazed. And told the tsar: "You will be put in your tomb, also won't see your eyes of all that disaster, which will guide at this place". "And Judas will reject on behalf of mine, as rejected Israel, and will reject the city this Jerusalem and (Lord's) house.

Chapter 23.

Tsar Iosiya collected strong all people from small to the great also read Laws. Destroyed everything that reminded of worship Astarte: idols, altars, also I pinned up all priests of heights who there were on an altar and burned bones human and came back to Jerusalem. Soon Iosiya was replaced by his son Ioakhaz, which "did objectionable in Lord's eyes". Soon it was replaced by the brother Joachim, and too "I did objectionable in eyes Lord's". Egypt collected tax silver and gold.

Chapter 24.

"Joachim's impious reign; in days it acted Navuhodonosor, tsar Vavilonsky, also Joaquin became the subject to it for three years, but then it was postponed from it». Also the Lord sent to it (Jehovah) of a horde of Impudent persons, Syrian, Mauritian, Ammonityan, - sent them to Judas, to ruin it. Following tsar too "add objectionable to god (Jehovah).

Came true Jehovah's damnation. "Navukhodonosor slaves rose, tsar Vavilonsky, also the city underwent a siege. Navuchodonosor "took out from there all treasures of the Lord's house and treasures of the imperial house; also broke as named Lord (Jehovah), all gold vessels, which Solomon, tsar Israeli, made in the Lord's temple. Also moved all Jerusalem, both all princes, and all brave army, - ten thousand moved, remained nobody, except poor people of the Earth. Also it moved the tsar, his family, and strong lands from Jerusalem to Babylon. Anger Lord's (Jehovah's) was over Jerusalem and over Iuda’s before that it rejected them on behalf of the".

Everything that were constructed by the tsar Solomon; Lord's house, imperial house, the Jerusalem wall, - everything was it is plundered and destroyed. Chaldea everything broke; gold, silver, copper products took away. Columns copper, decorated with the garnet apples, took. The anger was not over Iudoyu. Devil to these time dreamed of the house, wanted to live in luxury. He saw in what luxury the tsar stayed Solomon; It was most rich and powerful tsar. (See: third book of kingdoms).

Solomon is an embodiment Great Maitreya. Jehovah doesn't deserve even the doghouse for all the crime. Great Solomon is the Creator! Filthy Jehovah is a cruel tyrant.

First is book chronicle.

In the first five heads is transfer of childbirth, wars, which were conducted by Jews with the next the people, with robberies and murders under guidance Lord (Jehovah). And when Israelis began to worship to Vaal and Astarte, also forgot about the Lord (Jehovah), on Jews the next attacked the people, plundered and killed Jews, and too under guidance of the Lord (Jehovah).

Chapter 5/26.

"Then God Israeli excited Full’s spirit of the tsar Assyrian, and Feglafellasar's spirit, the tsar Assyrian, and he is Ruvimlyan and Gadityan moved, and half of a knee of Manassiin, also took away them in Plaited white bread, and Havore, and are, and on the river Gozan, is where they till this day".

Jehovah couldn't subordinate to himself Jews any benefits; they constantly tried to get rid of it. Therefore true иври (Jews) it gradually moved from this "place" which "cleared away" for them also replaced them with other people. Word "Israel" (elected) Avraham gave to those people, which it brought out of Ruhr also wanted Haldeysky from him to create the high-spiritual people of God. New peopled occupying the territory modern Israel came from neighboring countries and inherited: 1. «The cleared-away place". 2. Word "Selectee". 3. The become impudent deity by the name of Jehovah, which made them the most material people of a devil. From now on there was an idea at a devil, to consider Jews of those, who accept Judaism. And ritual of reception in Jews was thought up by a satan. Rituals carry out in synagogues; future Jews get the right for use of a feeding trough and at the same time receive the permit to Saturn, having passed through the boiling sulfuric lake. Sectarians is Jews without ritual will go through the lake to the planet of a satan if don't think again.

In this book repeats the text from the previous books. Some texts are added. Transferred an ark (casket) of god, the Lord (Jehovah) sitting on cherubs. (Jehovah can't to sit on cherubs, because it is DEMON, and in its submission astrals-demons; what it corrupted in all the embodiments, and it is concrete, what it filled in with the melted sulfur in the Israeli cities of Sodom and Gomorrah).
Сhapter 13/9, 10.

"… Osa stretched the hand, to hold an ark because oxen inclined it. But the Lord was angry on the Osy, also struck it for that, that it stretched the hand to an ark; and he died right there before liyets God's". (It wasn't necessary to hold, the ark would fall down also opened, and all saw garbage, which the ark is filled. Jehovah is very much was afraid of exposure is).

Jehovah gave advice to the tsar to David to go on Filistimlyan, and itself carried out the hidden management. Also David struck Filistimlyan and fire burned gods them. Jehovah, burning images, wanted to broaden territories the influence. David struck Filistimlyan, Moavityan, Siriyan, also robbed them only Siriyan David destroyed forty thousands pedestrian. Stole gold, silver and thirty two thousand chariots are. If rug tsar, when it won't go Jehovah's ways, Lord will send Filistimlyan on Israelis and everything will be on the contrary. To Filistimlyan will rob Israelis and will interrupt them.

For what, for what purpose Jehovah-devil advertized this book-zombie on all Christian worlds? What knowledge the Old Testament gives? Through all texts it is stretched one thought, - worship to Jehovah also acquire the right under it guidance to kill, to plunder, make violence, to appropriate others territories, houses, wives and children. In a word permissiveness, which Jehovah devil christened demonic culture. Question: all worshipping to it is who?! Chapter 23. "David, having grown old and having sated with life, established the son of the Solomon over Israel. Also punished to it is to build the temple to god of Israel;.
Second is chronicle.

Earlier many tsars had a foolish (mentally defective person); at God this position is held by Jehovah. Moisey calls "my slave", and Solomon for it "son". Earlier at some tsars there was a foolish (mentally defective person); at God this position Jehovah borrows. Moisey is called by "my slave", and Solomon for it is "son". The foolish knows, what High Spirit was embodied in Israel; Ishvara - is the Founder and the Creator!

Chapter 1/1.

"Also approved Solomon, the son Davidov, in the kingdom; and the Lord, his God was with it, and uplifted it highly". Jehovah has a sick vanity, he suffers self-praise, calling itself God. Jehovah is a devil, Lucifer's generation. In synagogues according to instructions of Jehovah updated books where he declared itself (himself) Supreme. The devil never him was, and won't be because it Chaos generation, and Chaos is more terrible than darkness.

At the time of Solomon Jehovah sat silently, and in management didn't participate; the world and prosperity reigned in Israel, - there were no wars, so, there were no murders and robberies. Сhapter 2/1.

"Also Solomon put to Сonstruct house of the Lord's name and house imperial for itself". House Dominical it was Constructed for Israelis and right preservation behind them choice worship. Solomon - God! Jehovah - devil. And house imperial Solomon Constructed to sing Beauty of Creation brain and of the human hands. Solomon Constructed a wall round the city of Jerusalem. It built all life, and going to the Highest Worlds with myself exemplary tsar, also proved that is possible without wars and robberies to create, instead of to destroy. Forty years boards were an example maintaining public affairs.

With all people Solomon Maintained the kind relations. The glory about it extended far out of borders of the Middle East. Tsars of other states came to the tsar to Solomon also brought to it uncountable set of gifts: gold, silver. For constructions of the temple and imperial the palace to It offered cedars and cypresses. Solomon Уstablished trade relations with other states; got the ship which time in three years brought ivory and other materials for temple and palace construction.

Chapter 3.

"The house main Sheathed a tree cypress, also Laid over its puchshy gold, and Allocated after it palm trees and chains". "Also Laid over the house expensive stones for appearance; gold was Parvaimsky". "Also Covered the house, logs, thresholds and walls and doors its gold, also cut out on walls of cherubs". "Also Made in Sacred the sacred two cherubs the carved works also Covered them with gold". "Also Made before the temple two copper columns and chains, and above Put hundred garnet apples". Chapter 4.

"Also Made a copper altar and the sea cast on twelve oxen are". "The sea was thickness in a palm and resembled the dismissed lily. Also Jehovah-devil to Solomon was at night also I told it: "Heard also chose your prayer to itself this place to the house sacrifices". "If conclude the sky, also there will be no rain, and if will enjoin to eat to a locust the earth, or will send a morovy ulcer on my people; also will reconcile my people, which is called as my

name also will pray, … will forgive, and will cure the earth the". "If recede also you will leave my charters, you will begin serve other gods; will exterminate of Israel from a face of my earth and this temple, which consecrated to my name, will reject on behalf of Mine, also will make it a parable and a laughing-stock at all people".

Chapter 8.

"Upon termination of twenty years in which Solomon Built the temple and The house, Solomon built also the cities which gave to Solomon Hiram, also Lodged in them sons Israeli". Also He Constructed Fadmor in the desert and all cities for stocks, what Based in Emaf. He Built up Veforon top and bottom, the cities strengthened with walls, gate and locks. Both Valaaf and all cities for stocks, which were at Solomon, and all cities for chariots, for horse, and all, that wanted to construct Solomon in Jerusalem both on Lebanon and in all to the earth of the possession. From Jews didn't take a quitrent; sons the Israeli didn't do Solomon workers on the affairs, but they were soldiers, and chiefs his bodyguards, and chiefs of bodyguards it, and leaders of its chariots and his riders. Quitrent the people not paid from sons Israeli.

Daughters Pharaon’s, which Took for itself, built the house in Jerusalem near the imperial palace. "Then Solomon Went in Etsion-Gaver and in Elaf, which on the seashore, in the earth Judaic. Also sent to it Hiram through the servants the ships and the slaves knowing the sea, also they went with servants Solomon's in Ofir, also got from there four hundred fifty talents of gold, and brought to the tsar to Solomon.

Сhapter 9.

"Queen Savsky, having heard about glory of Solomon, came to test it riddles to Jerusalem, with the very big wealth and with camels, the loaded aromas and set of gold and jewels. Also came to Solomon also talked to it about everything, that was on heart at it. Also explained to her Solomon her all words is. Also Savsky saw queen wisdom Solomon and house, which it is constructed, also peep at a table, and dwelling of slaves it, and decorum of employees to it both their clothes, and cupbearers it both their clothes, and course, which it went to the house Lord's, - also there was it out of herself"."Also told the tsar: truly, that I heard in my earth about your cases and of your wisdom. And here to me and half it isn't told about your wisdom: you surpass a rumor, what heard". "Also she presented to the tsar hundred twenty talents gold and great variety aromas and precious stones; also didn't occur such aromas, what were presented by the queen Savsky reign to Solomon". The tsar Solomon gave to the queen Savsky everything that she wished and that she asked, except such things what it brought to the tsar. "Servant Hiram's and Solomon's brought gold from Ofir, mahogany and jewels. Made the tsar from mahogany ladders to the Lord's house and to the imperial house, and zithers and psalm books for singers is. And not to look was similar to these before in the earth Judaic".

"To weight in gold, which brought to Solomon's in one year was six hundred sixty talents of gold. Moreover, ambassadors and merchants brought, and all tsars Arabian and chiefs regional brought gold and silver to Solomon. Also the tsar made two hundred big boards from shod gold; - on six hundred sikly shod gold went to each board. And three hundred boards smaller from shod gold, - on three hundred sikly on everyone also the tsar in the house from the Lebanese tree" put them.

"Also the tsar big Made throne from an ivory, also Laid over it pure gold, and six steps to a throne and gold bottom, and under an elbow on both the parties at a seat place, and two lions who are standing near under an elbow. And twelve more lions, standing there on six steps, on both sides is. Didn't such throne is in one kingdom". "And all vessels for drink at the tsar Solomon were from gold, and all vessels in the house from Lebanese tree were from gold perfect. The ships of the tsar went in Farsis with Hiram's servants, and in three years of times came back the ships from Farsis, also brought silver and gold, ivory, monkeys and peacocks. Also the tsar Solomon surpassed all tsars of the earth wealth and wisdom. And all tsars of the earth wanted to see Solomon, to listen wisdom It. And each of them brought from itself in gift from itself in gift vessels gold and silver, clothes, weapon and aroma, horses and hinnies from year to year. There were at Solomon four thousand stalls for horses and chariots, and twelve thousand riders; and it placed them in the cities carriers and at the tsar, - in Jerusalem. Also I dominated it over all tsars, from the Euphrates River to the earth Filistimsky, and to borders Egypt". "Horses brought to Solomon from Egypt and from all lands".

"Reigned Solomon is in Jerusalem over all Israel forty years". reign Time Solomon was most light time for all
history of the Israeli people, considering even times to Abraham, which gave them this name "Israel" that
"elected" means. Avraham wanted to create most high-spiritual people of God, and turned out the most material
people of a devil, and name "Israel" remained. Ungrateful people! Came repeatedly to Jews First Archangel
(Avraham, Ramses II, Moisey, Solomon), so that to rescue them from influence of a devil. Built Solomon for them the temple and Gave the Freedom of choice Worship to the Chronicler big gratitude for texts about the tsar

During reign of Solomon there came blossoming of Israel:

1. During board of the tsar of Solomon there were no wars, the world and prosperity reigned in Israel. There were no damnations and executions from Misters Savaof’s, - it was it is detached from management state.

2.It Was constructed: is the temple (on beauty and greatness wasn't to it equal), the tsar’s palace, and a wall Jerusalem, the ships, and the cities for Israeli’ is.

3. Established interstate trade relations.
4. It make a lot of stocks is: gold, silver, jewels, ivory, aromas, chariots is and cavalries.

5. Six-pointed Star is the press of Solomon!!!
Сhapter 10.

Also set in Rovoam, son of Solomon. Rovoam adhered to laws of the Father also didn't want anything to change. Jehovah was dissatisfied independence of Solomon and after his death, adjusted Israel against Jerusalem, in which there lived the tsar Rovoam and Iudin’s knee. Two books "Chronicles" repeat texts of four "Books of kingdoms", - in everyone on two books of kingdoms. In «the Third Book of Kingdoms" it is told: Ch.6. / 11, 12,
13. ;Also there was a word of the Lord (Jehovah) to Solomon, also it is told it: "Here you build the temple, if you will go under my charters and to arrive by my definitions, and to observe all my precepts, arriving on them, will execute that on you word my, which told David, the father to yours, also will live among sons Israeli, also won't leave my people Israel. As garbled words; lays down a condition, and at the same time asks.

In other words, Jehovah asks to build the house to it (but what self-conceit) and to be the parasite at the people Israel (Jehovah was in an astral body). He never created nothing, generally decayed morally also decomposed others; drunk orgies, group sex, murder of priests, rape of women, theft of foreign wives and godlessness. Constantly repeats to Israel: "Be pure as am pure, the Lord, your God». Sool is cleaner the Jehovah.

Jehovah's army is perverts and underworld; decomposed them, during lifetime Jehovah. After death they get in a mouth of a devil. On its task they partially enter and astral body in a body of the person from a back, without forcing out it’s astral from a body physical. Sign obsession - Parkinson's illness, she isn't treated. Astral demon operates the victim according to the instruction planetary satan; speaks victim lips also makes crimes. If astral obsession it is exposed, it is very evil and it is obligatory for the person, exposed him, will revenge. Having performed a task of a devil leaves and extends the victim from a physical body.

During a dream, astral body leaves the person and it is trampled down by a row, or goes on the apartment; at this time in Jehovah's victim the demon can enter and to operate it on the instructions of a devil. Can protect only the Highest Spirit, which more strongly than a devil, - of Maitreya!! !

In what family Jehovah it dreamed to be embodied? Naturally is, only in the imperial. As Jehovah isn't born also doesn't die, and enters in an astral body in a physical body of another person of years 25 - 30, forcing out the astral body of that, in whose body it enters; he dreamed to put on weight of the son Solomon and to become the tsar of Israel. Israel got at the tsar Solomon Freedom is of worship. Jehovah lost the influence, but then revenged the son of Solomon - to Rovoam.

Chapter 11.

Rovoam collected strong army from Iudin's house hundred eighty thousand perfect soldiers, that to be at war with Israel and to return a kingdom. But Jehovah told: "Come back everyone to the house because me is made it". "Rovoam lived in Jerusalem; it enclosed the cities in Judea walls, - only fifteen cities strengthened these fortresses also arranged in them chiefs. Rovoam dispatched sons to all lands and the cities". Chapter 12/1.

"When Rovoam's kingdom was approved, and he became is strong, then he left the Lord's law and all Israel with him. Jehovah remembers disobedience; it sent to Jerusalem tsar Egyptian, which carried away all treasures from the city. Later, at other tsar Jehovah will send Haldeysky tsar Navuсhodonosor, which will rob and will destroy everything that Solomon constructed: temple, imperial palace, Jerusalem wall. Everything that with such love Solomon modeled, Vampire Jehovah erased from a face of the earth, as well as promised, when came to Solomon in a dream. Rovoam reconciled and then reconciled Lord's (Jehovah's) anger. Eternal fight Jehovah's for worship of Israel. Without them it is anything. Whose hands it will do crimes, applying hypnosis? Jews is the tool in hands of a devil."Also Rovoam with fathers rested the. Also set in Avia, his son". Pay attention, - Jehovah puts all the time conditions: "If you are to go under my charters and to execute my precepts. Is precepts of God, they also should be executed!!

Under charters of Jehovah-devil the underworld and perverts goes. Rescue and Keep, My God, in total from charters of a devil and his ways, - they conduct to death.

Jehovah took a place of Unknown Boundless (Absolute), and itself only is a planetary satan.
Chapter 13.

Aviva’s War, the son Rovoam is with the tsar Israeli - Jeroboam. Again the Ghoul Jehovah declines two knees of Jews to fratricide. The purpose same, is to hold Jews under the management. Jerovoam departed from the Lord (Jehovah), began to worship to other gods. Jehovah solves these problem hands of Jews. Jews had an army four hundred thousand and Israelis have eight hundred thousand. Five hundred thousand are killed Israelis. Beat for Jews, because they not departed from the Lord-devil. These cruel fairy tales composes planetary satan, that to create an image "All-powerful" devil; always that wins, who "reconciled" before "Lord" also goes its ways"; the main thing that of it were afraid.

Jehovah not GOD, never it was, also won't be. Jehovah is representative "Lucifer" on Earth, the Owner Planet, devil and planetary satan.

Сhapter 17.

All the attention Jehovah devil concentrated to Jerusalem and Judas. Here the nest arose devil, which through one thousand years will creep away as a metastasis, struck Christianity on to all to the world. Jehoshaphat too waged wars with robberies and murders. Any spirituality in laws the devil isn't present, only promotion accumulation due to wars and robberies. Evil and aggression is on all pages of the Old Testament. Chapter 19.

"Both were rested by Jehoshaphat, and Ioram, his son" set in. Than reign became famous Iorama? "Also Ioram entered on a kingdom of the father both it was approved, and destroyed all brothers sword and also some of princes Israeli". This tsar did objectionable in eyes Lord's (Jehovah). "Also excited the Lord (Jehovah) against Ioram spirit Filistimlyan is and Aravityan. And they went to Judea, also took everything property and his sons, and wives, also didn't remain at it the son, except Ohoziya". "And after all this the Lord (Jehovah) struck its interiors illness incurable". "So was with day per day, and by the end of the second years dropped out interiors it from its illness and he died in cruel sufferings. So with devil arrive those, who went its way and then evaded. Chapter 22.

Ohoziya, younger son Iorama, tsar Iudeysky one year set in and governed. This tsar too did objectionable in eyes of the Lord (Jehovah), and soon died of wounds: "And from God (Jehovah) that was on Ohoziya’s death …». As to you expression: "The son Nimessiyev was spread by the Lord (Jehovah) on destruction of the house of Akhavov"? Jehovah - is the main controller all murders and robberies.

Chapter 23

Jehovah is a shadow of devil, a satan, therefore give in brackets specification, - "Lord". Infinite set reigns, and all tsars (with rare exception) tried to be released from pressure of a devil Jehovah, which constantly applied "to support force, or to plunge). Or the unction will make to somebody on destruction those who not want "to go ways of a devil". Constants threats if you leave the Lord, that and it «leave" you. If he left! Will take measures, to return, - a half the people will exterminate, the second a half to keep life, - will obey. Chapter 24.

"Gofoliya is Ohoziya's mother, having seen that her son died, everything rose and exterminated imperial tribe of the house Iuda's". But the daughter of the tsar stole the son Ohoziya (Ioas) among the killing also hid him. Gofoliya reigned six years also went "evil ways", - Vaalu worshipped. Jehovah organized plot and Gofoliya destroyed, and the rescued Ioas spread on a kingdom. Ioas "did pleasing in eyes" Jehovah devil, but not long. Soon Ioas departed from Jehovah's "Misters" also acted army Syrian, also exterminated all princes and all production sent to the tsar to Damascus. The Syrian army was it is small, but "Lord" betrayed them force that Ioas left "Lord". And over Ioas made court; slaves killed him on a bed, and he died. Jehovah with him finished. "Also Amasiya, his son set in".

Chapter 25.

"Amasiya destroyed murderers of the father". And it is so infinite: destroyed, exterminated, robbed, plot didn't go ways of "Lord", "Misters" left. All wars were controlled by Jehovah. Purpose of wars: to pacify the rebellious to devil by murders and robberies. "Amasiya moved the people on a valley Salt also beat Sear’s sons ten thousand". (And who considered the killed? ) "And ten thousand live Iudin’s sons took prisoner, gave them on rock top and pushed them, and all of them broke absolutely" Amasiya came after defeat dumeyan, brought gods of sons of Seir. And before them bowed also censers is. To devil it wasn't pleasant to "Lord", and it sent on Amasiya is the tsar Iudeysky, tsar Israeli Ioas. Ioas took Judea, - with destroyed a wall Jerusalem, took away gold, silver, vessels from the temple and treasure the imperial house, also came back to Samaria. When Amasiya the Lord receded from "Lord"," organized everything and killed him.

Also buried he with fathers is. The one, who reads texts of the Old Testament with a set of aggressive words which generate a condition of depression at the person, of fear, is same energy he attracts from space, filling Earth. The planet is threatened by explosion! Saves the Earth Shambhala.

Chapter 26.

The people also put Oziya, the son Amasiya. Also it did pleasing in eyes of "Lord" but when became proud, "Lord" Jehovah struck it with leprosy. "Also there was a tsar Oziya leprous about day of the death. And Also Oziya with the fathers" rested.

In ancient times people (pagans) of the East worshipped to lunar deities (demons). Each people had the demigod demon, national defender. Methods of board of the main thing planetary demon Jehovah-Savaof were known; if the tsar recognized the deity of a devil, that the devil sent it on another the people for war with subsequent murders and robberies. In this case, Jehovah considered that the tsar went his ways.

But those people had the deity demon, which took subsequently this tsar, or the following under hypnosis also imposed it the belief. So Jewish-tsars constantly got under influence Vaal or Astarte’s. Got to it wooden idols, worshipped to them and carried out rituals. Then Jehovah in punishment sent on the tsar-turncoat the next people, and those returned and the plundered Jews. Jehovah was a laughing-stock among demons, but considered itself "All-powerful". Pay attention, - almost all tsars (with rare exception) were turncoats from Jehovah.

Chapter 27.

"Ioafam did strong pleasing in eyes of "Lord".Twenty five years there was it when set in and sixteen years reigned in Jerusalem. Also is rested with the fathers. Also Ahaz, his son" set in is. Chapter 28.

"Ahaz didn't do strong of the pleasing Lord in eyes". "It went ways of tsars Israeli and even Vaals" made cast statues. "It made a sacrifice and smoking to other gods. Also betrayed his Jehovah in hands of the tsar Syria’s, and in a hand of the tsar Israeli, and they struck it". "Also beat Jews hundred twenty thousand in one day because they left "Lord" (Jehovah).

Who considered the killed? Magnificent figures are repeatedly given the killed from Iudin's knee and there number of the efficient it is less than population, than the killed. It is possible to tell that "All-powerful" it is inclined to a hyperbole. After the Outcome from Egypt from all twelve knees men were more than six hundred thousand people, on the average on one knee on fifty thousand people. It’s that imaginations of Jehovah - the blood-thirsty murderer? And this heresy read and takes for realities.

"Also took sons Israeli in captivity at the brothers, Jews, two hundred thousand wives, sons and daughters; also a set of production stole at them", also sent production to Samaria". Also Ahaz rested; also the son his Ezekiel set in and it did pleasing in Jehovah’s.

Сhapter 33. "Twelve years, and fifty five years reigned in Jerusalem. Also it did objectionable in Jehovah-Savaof eyes, imitating nasty things next people. Manasseh refused from worship "Lord", and put Astarte’s image. "Also the Lord brought military chiefs of the tsar Assyrian; also chained them Manasseh in shackles, also fettered it chains also took away it to Babylon". Then Manasseh deeply reconciled before "God", and "God" (Jehovah) returned it on a kingdom to Jerusalem. "Also Manasseh with fathers rested the, Amon, also set in his son». Amon did objectionable in "Dominical" eyes. "Lord» Jehovah organized plot and servants destroyed the tsar in his house. The people interrupted all, being in plot against the tsar Amon, also established Iosiya, and his son who did pleasing in eyes of "the Lord "Jehovah. Repeats text; found in the Lord's house book of a precept of Jehovah. Also I cast out Iosiya all nasty things from sons Israeli. Tsar Iosiya it was killed with Sagittarius’.

Chapter 36.

Joaquin Also set in. Iosiya's is son. Joaquin did objectionable in eyes of Jehovah-devil (Savaof). Also Jehovah sent on it Babylon tsar Navukhodonosor, which fettered it fetters, to bring to Babylon. Navuchodonosor part of vessels from the Lord's house transferred to Babylon. Also has set in Iehoniya, son Joakim'. Iehoniya did the objectionable in eyes of "Lord" therefore is reigned in Jerusalem three months and ten days. After a year the tsar Navuhodonosor ordered to take it in Babylon together with precious vessels Lord's houses, also established over Judea brother his Sedekiya.

- Discrepancy of terms is. (Сhapter 36/ 9, 10).

Sedekiya too did objectionable in eyes of "Lord". "The anger of "Lord" on his people descended, so, that there was no rescue to it". "And it guided at them the tsar Haldeysky, - and that destroyed their young men in the house of a shrine them, and didn't spare not young men, nor maidens, neither the aged man, nor gray-haired: everything God (Jehovah devil) in a hand betrayed it". "And all vessels of the God's house, big and small, and treasures of the Lord's house, and treasure of the tsar and his princes, everything was brought by it to Babylon". "Also burned the God's house, and destroyed a wall of Jerusalem; and all halls burned it fire, and all jewelry exterminated it". "Also it moved remained from a sword to Babylon; also there were they slaves it, before accession of the tsar Persian.

For all postegyptian period, Jehovah devil couldn't subordinate to itself Jews. Jews lived in Egypt 430 years, and the culture of the Solar dynasty had impact on them. In Egypt Israelis worshipped to God Sun Ra is Ramses II. Egypt was a cradle wisdom, as well as India is. There were esoteric schools where taught Truth (Truth). Ramses

II is Michael the Archangel's embodiment, Lords of the Shambhala. He is the Great Founder and Creator. Built the Temple (the Lord's House), imperial palace, Jerusalem wall, five cities is in which lodged Israelis. City of stocks, cavalries, chariots. Of whom Jehovah blamed disobedience of Jews?! Revenged Navukhodonosor hands: second time finally erased from a face lands Temple, imperial palace, Jerusalem wall.

In the period of board of the tsar of Solomon there were no wars, and Jews didn't pay a quitrent, also there was a Freedom of worship is.
The tsar Persian took Chaldea. "So Cyrus speaks Tsar Persian: all kingdoms of the earth gave to me the Lord,

;God heavenly; and it enjoined build to me to it the house is in Jerusalem that in Judea released the Jews in

Israel." Jehovah their words put into the mouth The Persian king Cyrus. Solomon – God!!! Jehovah – the devil, Satan, bearing the filth of sin.