25. Satan there to govern ball, there to govern ball.

Chapter 25.

Satan there to govern ball, there to govern ball.

Priest Anatoly (Berestov) is. On one of the sites there are statements in a rough and ignorant form to Great Teachers from the Shambhala. Gods give occult knowledge only to those whom Great Teachers conduct in the millennia. Only at very high consciousness (conscience) the pupil won't apply them in the evil. Spirits of the Flame (Solar Gods) apply an occultism to creativity. Powers of darkness apply an occultism to crimes.

Of the site is:
(Celibate is priest Anatoly Berestov).

"Orthodoxy and the theosophy doctrine is about karma or a karmic devilish." "The book exposing an occultism in its "highest" and new manifestation - the Theosophy developed He.Blavatsky - Rerichs is offered to the reader").
Slightly lower, on the right (Publishing house: M.: Publishing house of a name of the prelate Lev, Pope Rimsky. Price: 40.00. Pay attention to a letter M.: with three points - it is a sign of the Great Lord of the Shambhala, Maitreya.Developed the related relations is as a result mixed marriages.

The first point - is Maitreya (Wisdom - Buddha), the second - the Messiah (Christ), the third - Muntazar (The Messiah of Muslims).

Ponder upon sense of words: " Will be uniform the Pastor and uniform herd, Great Maitreya and mankind!"

The foolish Jehovah is always covered with a name of Great Maitreya and introduces "ideas". Devil on behalf of the Great Lord of the Shambhala instructs to the father Roman, that Vatican left heresy on all Christian worlds. The patriarch Kirill gave a green light on distribution of this decay in Orthodoxy.

Explain popularly for ignoramuses: church fathers know who is the Absolute, - the SUPREME DEITY above which there is nobody in Boundlessness. When E. P. Blavatsky was in India, with it once Told the Absolute. You give the report to them what it is size? And what Size is her Teacher – Great Maitreya!

Sacred Danilov Monastery - the right hand of the Patriarch Kirill; the celibate priest Anatoly Berestov serves in this monastery. Whose instructions he follows? Patriarch Kirill! The patriarch Kirill was covered by darkness, Jehovah devil tidies up Orthodoxy under the influence.

The Theosophy consists of two words: Teo - God, Sofia - Wisdom. E. P. Blavatsky wrote books on the Beam of the Great Lord of the Shambhala. E. I. Rerich is a coauthor esoteric "Doctrines of Living Ethics". The Theosophy "wasn't developed", the Lord of the Shambhala Took it from space, and on the Beam transferred to The pupils and coauthors. The celibate priest Anatoly, visit the site: http://maitreya-god.net/ on the site 28 books, 3 rollers, 3 videos. It to you will help to liquidate the spiritual ignorance.

The bible is the occult book. If Jehovah-devil in Book Levunites (Old Testament - Torah) repeats about 700 times after each offer: "I am a Lord", it is necessary to tell that him "I am a Lord" on sense doesn't match the previous offer. Repetition of the same words - is suggestion.

Church fathers repeat heresy of "Old Testament" of 1000 and understand nothing, but preach, - Jehovah's suggestion - the SATAN works. It lays on a sofa in the apartment, in New
York and all gets thought and an omniscience. In Orthodox Church the elderly church father told me that "the satan became attached to the dean and torments him three years". It is also an occultism and black magic.

Deleting important laws from the New Testament, Jehovah saw some facts.

Ioann, ch., 9/2. Pupils ask Christ: "Ravvi! Who sinned, it or his parents what he was born blind?" I sinned and was born the blind! When he could sin? Only in the previous life! At once two laws are in this question, - a karma and reincarnation. The son isn't responsible for the father; they are united by only equally past life’s in last embodiments; perhaps, in the different states and nationalities.

Executions in Egypt - an occultism!

"Clearing to him places", Jesus Navin was under gipnosis Jehovah-devil and didn't realize the actions - an occultism. Christ's circulation by sea, suppression of elements, transformation of water into wine, Lazar's revival in a physical body, healing of patients with power of thought and suggestion an occultism.

Christ Told Jews that their father is devil (Ioann, ch., 8/44).The Apostle Paul added that Christ by his Doctrine had nailed to the cross the Scripture Jews (the Torah - Old Testament), deprived of power and authority of superiors and betraying their shame" (the Epistle the
Colossians, Chapter 2/14, 15).Behind it following E. P. Blavatsky came to the world, and repeated words of Christ. She has added that Jehovah zoophile, monkeys his children. In to her book "The Exposed Izida" there is words to Jehovah from the book "Rituals": "… you are dirty, smelly cattle generate of incest and sacrilege generate of all obscenities who is damned by God" and is not only. Therefore the devil Jehovah has imposed the ban on E. P. Blavatsky. Jesus and Christ (two essences), and E. P. Blavatsky came to the world from the Shambhala.

Under the decree of the Great Lord of the Shambhala and Mother of the World Jesus was sent to Jews for exposure of Jehovah devil. E. P. Blavatsky came to the world to impart Knowledge and to rescue religions from devil plague.

The Owner of Land Jehovah devil crucified Jesus Christ's hands of Jews, the Apostle Paul cut off the head, and E.P.Blavatsky slandered. What other words to the Christians reached the point of death and works of the messengers from Shambhala!?

And in sects tell the same, as church fathers in Christianity. Than Orthodoxy differs from sects? Only that church fathers serve under gilded domes, and pastors (businessmen) of sects - in the privatized palaces and clubs. In Orthodox churches same there is a trade, as well as at the time of Christ, however, in animals don't trade.

I visited into an Orthodox church and in the temple the man in black clothes, (long-haired) trades in icons. He told me that he is the former deputy director of some plant in the Rostov region, now makes icons and trades. Icons are demonism. Why in Synagogues there are no icons? To Christianity they were imposed by Jehovah- devil, to delay energy of worship from God. And this, casual is person, repeated words devil to E. P. Blavatsky.

Orthodoxy doesn't give any knowledge. Wallowed is darkness. Study the Psalm book and Prophets. A psalm book is glorification by the tsar David Jehovah (Savaof) against whom Christ Went to expose it as devil. Prophets wrote down that Jehovah (Savaof) is a devil spoke to them. Jehovah was in an astral body on the lower astral plan and from there instructed, and dictated texts. It is an occultism! What gives a person wearing the neck crucified Jesus? Scientists conducted a study paintings by Repin, "Ivan the Grosny and his son Ivan" and found adverse effects on human coming from its rays. The Christian cross was invented with the same intent of Jehovah. The corpse Jesus wears as a decoration. Replace the cross with a crucifix on the equilateral cross inside the circle representing the Universe and the four cardinal directions. The circle represented the Earth (a globe), Round of Karma (the man can outrun his Karma and then she reaches it), Circle magic (suppression of witchcraft), Round magnetic (connection of the heart with distant worlds), the fiery Circle (the aspiration to the development of the consciousness). The Planet and the universe moving in a spiral, each turn is round, the Way Ascent. It's time to make the CIRCLE COMPLETE – High Behest, celebration Light or darkness the Circle is complete encourages all energy for the final battle will be to take part all the forces of Light and the darkness from The Highest to waste. Kind of thought will put on the circle, and that will manifest.

Only spiritual ignoramuses go to Orthodox churches. In sects pastors-businessmen read now and then E.P. Blavatsky, E.I, Rerich, and accustom sectarians to love "Lord" Jehovah. And for what to love it is? The love for God is born from admiration, pride and following to It as to the Ideal. Jews always dreamed to get rid of Jehovah.

Great Maitreya takes up a position of the First Archangel (Michael) during passing of evolution of the person. Maitreya - is the First Beam of the Father of the Universe, the First Beam is equated to the Father. Maitreya full manifestation of the Father of the Universe, Supreme, the Founder and the Creator are. E. I. Rerich is the Beam of Mother of the World, the Goddess Lakshmi and the First Lady of the Shambhala.

E. P. Blavatsky, E, I, Rerich, B, N, Abramov - is coauthors of works of Great Maitreya. The Lord of the Shambhala created power of thought our Planet, vegetative and animal kingdom Created the Egyptians and Gave the first people's brains.

What priests have the right to offend and humiliate those, Who Give KNOWLEDGE to people, Who in bloody sweat keep the planet and mankind from crimes of Jehovah-devil? How many the grief and tears, and sufferings dropped out on their life to advance evolution of the person? They were crucified, poisoned with poison, killed and dismembered their bodies. What you have the right to state in their address of the word "heresy" and to rank as a satan to Jehovah. Jehovah - is opponent Michael the Archangel's in a darkness camp.

It you are attendants of the SATAN and you take his nonsense for the doctrine. It is your lips the DEMON JEHOVAH speaks. It you, you decompose the population that you recognize the Old Testament (Torah), it you it you detain evolution and a satan on the Planet. Separate the New Testament from devil damnations and threats. You call yourself Christians, but you recognize the one, who crucified Christ. Jehovah is the meanest essence: the GENERALISSIMO IN PEDERASTY and the cruel blood-thirsty murderer. Jehovah in the Middle East was known how cruel petty tyrant is. Jehovah crucified Christ hands of Jews and acquainted himself with Christianity.

Only according to one statement of the Celibate priest Anatoliy (Berestov) about a karma necessary tell that it dense, and that to it not a place in the temple. It is not only with such level of knowledge. Orthodoxy is under a cap at Jehovah's-devil.

The religion is given on consciousness this time. Now Orthodoxy can be compared to best shoes from a linden, but now carry graceful footwear. Evolution in everything!

Not E. P. Blavatsky and Orthodoxy is from the one, who imposed the Old Testament (Torah) and distorted the New Testament. Christ was the Wise man (Buddha)! The word Christ is the Highest I, The Ego, each person has Christ, but Gods, coming from the Father is the
Divine Christ, Ishwara, Energy center, the Founder and the Creator!

KARMA is Cosmic Law of Requital. Karma is exact Space Scales! The karma carries out the Laws hands of people. In Rostov during October revolution were sunk in public toilets of one hundred priests. For what is? That evaded from the duties and served secular society, ignoring the lower class of the population. Served are those, who well paid forgiveness of sins more precisely. This is also action of the Law of the Karma. Sins nobody will forgive, them it is necessary fulfill (work). Church fathers assumed the right of Lords of the Karma.

Old Testament (Torah) not the Doctrine is, but chronicle of a tribe of Jews (Chronicles). Read N. M. Karamzin books "History of the State Russian" - 12 volumes, and offers the whole world. In this book there are no damnations and threats, there is "clearing to itself no place" by methods of Jehovah. Will read? Read "Bible" because Jehovah - a devil applies an occultism - hypnosis, and the whole world reads this nonsense. It always applies violence.

Before leaving to Saturn Jehovah sums up the result of the board. It rehabilitates obsessed which operated under hypnosis with the purpose to do harm to Russia. Under its influence the movie about Grishka Rasputin is put, is some kind of tribute for crimes in a family of the Russian tsar Nicholas II. And the tsar wasn't forgotten by a devil; on Tatyana Mikushina's site (she at a satan serves as "prophet") Jehovah calls Nicholas II Lord's. In it is the sense devil is put. The lord, so the embodiment from Shambhala; therefore Jehovah has slandered the tsar.

The next movie "Wolf Messing" too Jehovah's generation, a devil on a position; the others - the victims, devils on coercion. Wolf of Messing is Sigmund Freud's pupil. These two is black magicians, devils. All of them are Jehovah's victims. The fear and tortures of conscience woke up in them from time to time, but the main planetary demon eliminated this energy, neutralizing others. Will leave from our Planet impious soon, and the Earth will be cleared of filth. Aum.
Amen. So will be!

It appears, the heresy of the Celibate priest Anatoly (Berestov) goes straight from Vatican; these wallowed in a devil bog long ago, in the seventh century accepted a devil. The planetary satan Jehovah through Vatican and the dvorkins is slanders on Solar Gods. Jehovah - a devil - is opponent Michael the Archangel’s in darkness camp and applies an occultism on those, who embodies his vile ideas in Christianity. He silently imposes the thoughts and the person takes them for the. Only Great Maitreya can protect the person from occult influences of a devil of Jehovah.

Orthodox’s, turns a weather vane to the east (Shambhala), - and is from there Light, from there Wisdom!!! Christ came from the Shambhala.

Roman Pope Francisco.
Having entered to a position, Pope Francis sounded by name all pedophiles of Vatican, and those, who are passed "business relations" with deputies - began for health.
Leo Taxil in the book "Sacred Den" stated lives of fathers pervert, Vatican, but didn't explain the reason of such behavior of priests. Jehovah - a devil crucified Christ, cooked up nonsense under the name "Bible" and imposed it to the whole world in the OCCULT way. Separate the New Testament from the Old Testament (Torah) and clear the New Testament of false inserts from Jehovah-devil. Applying an occultism, the planetary satan decomposed Catholics sexual perversions of all types. The GENERALISSIMO IN the PEDERASTY, Jehovah devil, for the entire period of board at a position of the Owner of Land spread godlessness and orgies (drunken orgies before loss of consciousness and group sexual perversions of all types). About it is already reported to Pope Francis and the answer is received: "And you tell: "I love you". Pederast Jehovah? Let he will disappear as evil spirit from our Planet!

From Vatican the stench proceeds from devil decay, which is stored in library. Francis is a name of the monk, the one, who was Jesus Christ (Redeemer), ascetic and the Fiery Yogi. At Fiery Yogis sexual energy on the mystical channel of a vertebra rises in spiritual heart. Sexual and sexual garbage is harmful to the Fiery Yogi; vegetable food, a sex exception even from thoughts, balance and the obligatory guide of one of Great Teachers of the Shambhala. If the monk is far from it, he can't be a monk; it has to have a family. Jehovah thought up a monkhood, having rejected a way of the ascetic; rejected occult sciences therefore, - knows that the ascetic will be under powerful protection of the Great Teacher from the Shambhala and will gain a lot of Knowledge. The way of the ascetic is difficult, but pleasure from communication with the Teacher without having the price. There is nothing above communication with the Teacher!

Jehovah the most dissolute and the vilest essence is a generation of fascism wars and revolutions, all types of perversions, obsession is and generation of underworld. Hold it on Earth obsession, those, who recognizes the book of the Beast.

The Old Testament (Torah) is the book of an Beast, his number - 666, name - Jehovah, position (electoral) - the Owner of the Land, devil and satan.

Pope Francisco is the Jesuit, the protégé of Jehovah devil, treats loyally abortions and homosexuality. Oh, is the one, who is necessary to the PEDERASTY Jehovah. All Saturn will be covered with human garbage soon.

Jesuits is members of Catholic monastic order; justify "for the sake of God's greater glory" ANY CRIME. Under god Jesuits mean Jehovah devil; he created them and gave this postulate - to commit crimes for the sake of it. Jehovah is the pervert and the blood-thirsty murderer therefore also created Catholic monks under me.

Great Maitreya-God doesn't demand to commit a crime in the name. Permissiveness is demonic culture. The award of Jesuits - is more terrible than all sects. By revolutions, replacement of heads of religions and the states Jehovah is torn to leadership on the planet. Therefore Jehovah moved away the previous Pope (usually Pope on a post before the most death) to replace it with the loyal Jesuit. Pope Francis already suggested uniting Orthodoxy with Catholics.
The sexual devil virus from Vatican affects Orthodoxy.
The Frenchman is the homosexual for a position of the ambassador from France to Vatican was recommended by the main planetary PEDERASTY Jehovah. Such ambassador fits into society of Vatican. The planetary satan Jehovah carries out recruitment to Saturn!

In St. Petersburg the priest Dimitriy Druzhinin is the representative of Orthodoxy gave on a review article "Wandering in darkness: basic provisions psevdoteosofist Helena Blavatsky, Genry Ol‗kott, Anni Bezant and Charles Ledbiter". Such impression is that with a hand of the priest of D.D. the planetary demon Jehovah wrote. Orthodoxy wanders in darkness and the guide at them - a planetary satan - Jehovah.

E. P. Blavatsky on the instructions of the Great Lord of the Shambhala left to New-York. At that time Jehovah devil extended spirits in America. E.P.B. was present on sessions, what to explain to people those spiritualistic sessions are very dangerous. Through a time of the person the evil ghost from the lower astral plan where Jehovah governs, and to operate at the discretion of a devil can enter. Ledbiter and Steiner after E.P. Blavatsky death have got under influence of darkness and have been involved in the devil doctrine "Anthroposophy", which sense consisted in filling the Planet with negative energy and to blow up before leaving to Saturn. Anny Bezant, "Esoteric Christianity", - the book for which the author should bow down.
E. P. Blavatsky was many millennia the Schoolgirl of the Great Lord of the Shambhala.
And the satan on the party tried to draw E.P.B.

Note the obsessed priest Mahatma exists. The great Teacher Kut Humi (the one, who was Jesus) is correspondent with the English journalist Sennet. Then it was replaced by Great Maitreya is the eternal Friend and the Teacher Kut Humi. To open such subject, it is necessary to read at least once (few) the main books of E. P. Blavatsky, E.I. Rerich B.N. Abramov. The devil strenuously tries to draw Orthodoxy on the party. It is possible to resist to Jehovah devil KNOWLEDGE, but Orthodoxy, hardened, grown dumb, oak from own ignorance, persistently rejects them. Rejects those to who worships. There is no evolution, repeat that was given about 2000 to that is in the reduced form, for not able to read and write not only parishioners but also priests. The patriarch Kirill put a barrier on evolution of Orthodoxy, so and on evolution of consciousness of the person. In Space all positions selective, - in Orthodoxy reorganization is necessary. Separate the New Testament from the Bible and clear of lie of a devil, and at the same time clear consciousness, poisoned with church dogma.

Didn’t offend you, gave the answer to your insults of Those, to Whom you worship. Orthodoxy on all pages of the sites sweeps one sweeper of attendants of God and a devil. There will be among you at least one, who will read thoughts of God in works of his pupils and will tell doctrines. The hope keep to Christianity - is laid on Orthodoxy - the Buddhism. After disorder of the USSR Henry Kissindzher declared: "Today is our task to destroy Orthodoxy". The devil is torn to autocracy on the planet!

Professor of the Moscow spiritual academy Х*

The journalist from St. Petersburg Alexander Nevzorov told: "Orthodoxy is big devilish sect". What exact definition! Bible, corruption, homosexuality, revenge ….Professore Х*, you realize against whom you went? Against Jehovah devil (the shown "Lucifer")!

In Kazan in orthodox educational institution the pedophiles prospers. Pupils posted in the Internet information and asked the Moscow Patriarchy to protect them; otherwise they wanted to finish with violence.

In Kazan there went the commission, data were confirmed, and the rector relieved of the post, but didn't punish, and defined to other position. "In the river the pike was drowned". Members of the commission began to be pursued.

Professor of the Moscow Spiritual Academy X stood up for them; purulent abscess should be opened. It gave information on the Metropolitan Nicodemus and carelessly expressed that the virus from Nicodemus (there is a hope) didn't extend. The patriarch Kirill agreed to dismissal
of professor from Academy. How to understand the Patriarch Kirill? This punishment for carrying out of litter is from a log hut? It doesn't matter, in State Universities too study religions and philosophy.

It decomposes Christianity; all branches are struck with obsession, will finish also Orthodoxy soon. All listed properties of decomposition of modern Orthodoxy are inherent in Catholics and all sects. Nicodemus Rotov, bishops - homosexuals, the Moscow diocese, - unconsciously followed instructions of a planetary satan. To go against it, protection, a wall, shield which will protect you from darkness attacks is necessary. Can protect only Higher and Strong Essence against which nobody is strong is a Great Lord of the Shambhala, Maitreya, the Supreme, shown Father of the Universe. Maitreya and Christ is a uniform Ego. Give KNOWLEDGE to people; knowledge is given on consciousness and time. Burn the Bible and dispel ashes, clear the New Testament and unite it with "the Doctrine of Living Ethics" which Great Maitreya through the pupils Gave. Give KNOWLEDGE to mankind!!! After reading of the Doctrine, to you a lot of things from this that you took for Truth will seem cruel nonsense from Jehovah.

Ask for the help to the Great Maitreya; He will always prompt the right decision and will set on a right track of TRUTH.

Mentor the present patriarch Kirill ….

"The mentor of the current patriarch Kirill metropolitan Nicodemus Rotov and his Catholic belief" On the Internet is extensive information on Nicodemus Rotov's activity (1929 - 1978). It served Orthodoxy, but was the Catholic. In what distinction are two religions? Catholics accepted Jehovah devil and all types of sexual perversions long ago. Nicodemus Rotov was the homosexual. All perverts and underworld automatically get to its army. The planetary satan tries to discover the victims of uncommon essence. Nicodemus - the victim of Jehovah devil, the cruel petty tyrant Metropolit.

Nicodemus repeatedly went on foreign orthodox affairs to Vatican; exactly there Jehovah finally approved his sexual bents.

Nicodemus was planned by Jehovah-devil and inspired in it that it is his congenital requirement. Thus the planetary satan bit into Orthodoxy to decompose from within Russia. The Metropolitan Nicodemus had six heart attacks for a short period - remorse. The sixth heart attack was in Vatican. The Pope, read the burial service over him at the same time and "forgave sins to it". Sins nobody can forgive, they should be fulfilled good deeds. The law of the Karma - exact space scales. Jehovah wanted to appoint the Metropolitan Nicodemus Patriarchal and through it to spread out Orthodoxy. But also without Nicodemus Rotov this process already went …

The ROC canonizes the Metropolitan Nicodemus soon. A sample method of Jehovah is to humiliate, and then to do much good regalia. This history reminds Leo Taksil's books, "A sacred den".

From Jehovah's hypnosis nobody is insured. By such method he forms team for Saturn. Following to Saturn - the Patriarch Kirill: it zealously executes decrees of Jehovah devil. Not to get under influence of a planetary Satan, protection against stronger Essence is necessary. Only God - Maitreya - the Board from intrigues is of a planetary demon. A board - WORSHIP!!!

It appears homosexuality in Orthodoxy is natural process. The bishops handed out to young priests bread places "through the bed». From blessing of bishops, young GAYS are self-confident, drive about by expensive cars, and a baptism of children hold sometimes in a state of intoxication. It was possible to soften this word and to replace with the word the gay or the homosexual. This most vile word causes disgust; I want that it caused the same disgust for a generation of all types of sexual perversions - Jehovah devil. It is hoped that in the Orthodox churches, the choirs will sing the Psalms of David to glorify a pervert and a criminal of Jehovah. It is hoped that in the Orthodox churches, the choirs will sing the Psalms of David to glorify a pervert and a criminal of Jehovah.

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior is office center; business prospers in the Lord's temple. The temple was leased to the person who was judged. In total, besides, that the church "preaches", church fathers call "HERESY". And how what they do is called? There is no other definition of their activity, except the word DEVILRY I examined with by the Christian sites of many countries it was also terrified to absence of KNOWLEDGE. More than 120 years to that it is published by E. P. Blavatsky, «The secret Doctrine". In the twentieth century it is published completely E. I. Rerich, "Doctrine of Living Ethics". At the end of XX, at the beginning of the XXI centuries B. N. Abramov's books, «Facets Agni Yoga », 22 volumes are published. But Orthodoxy is mould. Christians is the spiritual victims of a planetary satan. Jehovah-devil deprived of you Knowledge, struck with sexual perversions, covered temples icons (portraits of just people), belts, and caskets, - heresy, heresy, heresy … Crosses with the crucifixion of Jesus (the corpse on the neck) work on the darkness, attract the energy of suffering and fill them Earth. In this case, the pervert Jehovah anyone, who worships him, should hang on the neck of the axe.

If Professor X* departs from church dogma and E.P.Blavatsky, E. I. Rerich, B. N. Abramov will study texts of books, information received from the High Source and will teach to students, - there will be a shift in consciousness of the younger generation. And the new religion will be called the BUDDHISM (Wisdom). To replace the false Bible the new Doctrine of Living Ethics is given.

Ecumenical council of Orthodoxy is.

In June, 2016 the Ecumenical Council of Orthodoxy had to take place. But countries: Georgia, Bulgaria and Russia making 80% of all Orthodoxy haven't taken part for some reasons. One of them – is petition of parishioners against participation in a wolf cathedral. (Jehovah is a wolf, an animal, which number 666).

"The most blessed Ouray has spoken against a cathedral; he is the second person in ROC". "And all events world bring one to one already closely in the moshiah". Messiah is the Jewish word Messiah. E. Hodos the Messiah calls SCHNOOK Schneerson, the coauthor of a devil on "creation of the Jewish fascist organization", - CHABAD.

"Orthodox aged men warn that the Eighth Cathedral will be and that at it there will be Antichrist". Who at us Antichrist? The one, who has crucified Christ hands of Jews, applying hypnosis to the victims. The one, whom Orthodoxy is accepts Christ's father. The one, who has already subordinated all religions and has corrupted the population of the Planet, - The wolf is the pederast Jehovah!! He collects the Cathedral for himself to unite all religions in one and, applying hypnosis, to lead all to worship of. All who worship a devil Jehovah - will leave with him to Saturn during the Apocalypse in 2046. "And that true Christ will have very few priesthood the majority (under Jehovah's hypnosis) will accept Antichrist, including the Patriarch". Orthodoxy of Russia, Georgia and Bulgaria have taken the First correct Step – is ignored a wolf Cathedral. The second Greatest Step – is refusal of the Old Testament (A Torah – Judaism). Against Jehovah-Savaof has gone Christ (Ioann, 8/44), against the Writing of Jews (the Message to Colossians, 2/14, 15). The third Step – clarification of the Doctrine from inserts of Antichrist and recovery of laws of God: Karma and Transformation.

"On the Eighth anti-Christ's Cathedral all beliefs will connect in one, after it will be already impossible to go to temples". God's number - the 7, eighth wolf cathedral shouldn't be! There will be the First Orthodox Cathedral of Russia on which will approve the true Gospel as the beginning of the Doctrine of Living Ethics. The actions only specified will revive Orthodoxy!The patriarch Kirill to this high position went not one embodiment. In antecedents he was Buddha of Mongolia. Lord Karma under the Decree of the Great Lord of Shambhala embodied it in Russia for revival of the Doctrine of Christ – the Buddhism! If he addresses the Doctrine of Living Ethics, to it a lot of things will be an acquaintance.