Reasons and purposes of World War II.

Originator: Ekaterina Belyh

Reasons are and purposes of World War II.
The task and purpose of this book is to provide information on the causes and objectives of the World War II: to expose the devil to Jehovah and to rehabilitate Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria. To reveal the secrets and reasons for the murder of the Great Russian scientists with a world-wide name: Academician-psychiatrist V.M. Bekhterev and academician-biologist N.I. Vavilov and who has killed the Chairman of Revolutionary Military Council M.V. Frunze. To open is the reasons of suicide of A.A. Fadeyev. Using the books indicated in the list, the texts will be supplemented with absolutely accurate data obtained from the High Source. The reader will know: who poisoned Lenin. Who in the USSR conducted repressions, and for what purpose, who built the Gulag, who famous and talented commanders, scientists, outstanding members of the government and the Communist Party sent to the Solovki and Kalyma stage, to the construction of the White Sea Canal, who wrote the script of the World War II with concentration camps and gas chambers. Who gave credits to Hitler on the introduction of fascism in Germany and the World War II? Who entered the body of Hitler with interruptions in time? Who organized the execution of the US Communists: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg? Who are poisoned Stalin and killed Beria? Why Khrushchev alone handed Crimea to Ukraine and under whose influence? And way the USSR became a winner; restored the destroyed cities and villages, factories and factories, restored industry and agriculture, and became the brightest and most powerful power. Who dismembered the USSR? Who insults the Slavs with the word "cattle," who stirs up anti-Semitism and national strife? Devil Jehovah!
Rerich and Lenin – is carriers of Light winning darkness!

Great Maitreya – Divine Christ
Divine Christ

Supreme, of the Father Universe, the Founder is and Creator.
As soon as I have begun to look for on Internet "lists of the victims of Stalin repressions", Jehovah this day has shown vision threat: to start up to me a bullet bluntly if I about it write (the cat knows whose meat she has eaten). Have the next day shown: a grave with a shovel, after is the axe from two parties. Space, destroy his information! Jehovah confirms with the threats direct participation in V. Lenin's murder, in repressions 1937 – 1953, in business of doctors 1953, in World War II, in Stalin and Khrushchev's obsession, in Stalin's poisoning and murder Beria, to the collapse of the USSR.

In space two forces work: Light and darkness. God and devil! World order:
from God – the Commune, from a devil – is capital.

God – Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala, the Creator of our Planet, a plant and animal life, the Patron of Russia, all Slavs, Israel and all Jews. The devil Jehovah is the Owner of land, the representative of "Lucifer" on Earth, the
author of the false Bible is and other slanderous nonsense on Luminous intensity. His headquarters in the USA; the devil has been given America.
The first people on Earth in a physical body have been created by the lord of the Moon Jehovah and "lunar pitri", physical they have put on the created weight in Thin bodies. "Lunar pitri" - demons under Jehovah's decree haven't given to people brains. At this time there was a division of gender of animals and they began to breed sexually. Copying behavior of animals the first people began to copulate with their females and have produced monkeys. Jehovah has passed this way of falling too and has laid the foundation for zoophile. Great Lord of Shambhala (Michael the Archangel) Has implanted to the first people brains, including Jehovah. Other people have been created by other Creators; everyone created in the destiny. From lunar demons there were future lemurs on the continent Lemuria which was located between Asia and America. Lemurs were divided into people and demons subsequently. People Michael the Archangel (God of the Sun of Ra is the giving God), demons (rakshas) – to the demon Jehovah. Since then on the Planet there is no rest; the devil itself has passed and demons (rakshas) have carried out through all crimes: all types of sexual desires, fraud and murders. Jehovah decomposes the population of the Planet, applying occult knowledge. On the tribe of demons (rakshas) have imparted "demonic culture": sexual perversions, drugs, AIDS, alcohol, sticking to matter due to fraud, theft, guessing, pseudo-healing, the sects based on the false Old Testament (Torah) and distortions in the New Testament. Ex-pervert Jehovah (properties: the devil and a satan) declared themselves Christ's father. The demon can't be Father God's; they belong to the counteracting forces! Christ is higher than the pervert Jehovah on the status: in space Light, but not darkness governs. Jehovah the main enemy of Russia for a long time, his all crimes are directed against Slavs and our Patron – Michael the Archangel, the Lord of Shambhala (Great Maitreya). Jehovah has crucified Christ hands of Jews and after distribution of Christianity has offered himself to Kievan Russ' for worship in an image of Svarog'. He (the image is lower) organized murders of tsars of Russia to weaken the country leaders and to seed economic chaos. He is the author of two world wars. This Ghoul, applying occultism, operates the person, interfering in consciousness and sub consciousness, replacing memory, carries out zombing. This blood-thirsty murderer gets heat others hands, forcing obsessed to kill objectionable to him people, or to profit on a lie. He introduces the thoughts and the person take them for the. The list of the victims is infinite. He put on physical weight of characters in time of their dream (here was a replacement of the highest Thin bodies and Reason), or operated at distance. In the first case he combined political management with sexual perversions (with boys and to women), - carried out recruitment to Saturn. Carriers Light’ Jehovah killed, dismembered, poisoned and crucified is organized squabbles and gossips, slandered people, slung mud, organized revolutions, wars and murders. Pursued representatives Light', - the great divine embodiments from Shambhala; a sad example – Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria; it is slandered by a devil and slandered, but this dirt will turn back in leprosy to him. If the person commits a crime, even under obsession of a devil, he isn't exempted from punishment for godlessness. Worship of God is protection against darkness!

Chapter 1.Terrestrial Shambhala are.


Map of the Himalayas. Shambhala is at the foot of Mount Everest. A great and high mountain in Himalayas is Everest – 8.888 km and the Holy City of Jerusalem is Shambhala. Shambhala is a sacred place where the terrestrial world comes into contact with the highest state of consciousness. It is known in the East that there are two Shambhala: the first one is terrestrial and the other one is invisible. There is the Mother of the world at the top Everest in the mental body, who is the creator of the Hierarchy of the Light. The great Teacher and the Great Lord of Shambhala Maitreya - M.: three points: the first– Maitreya (Wisdom - Buddha), the second - the Messiah (Christ), the third - Muntazar (the Messiah Muslims). Shambhala was created the power through of Lord’s M.: Simultaneously witch of the planets. It is a city with in the mountains. There are around 100 entities. There are seventy five God-women in the astral bodies and twenty five God-men. Some of them are in physical bodies. They are the greatest spirits who have incarnated on the Planet to bring the Knowledge and to accelerate the evolution of humanity. Their astral bodies are tightened; they wear clothes and shoes. They create everything be means of power of the thought. The idea is the most subtle and powerful energy.

In Shambhala is the center the All-initial energy, which sends it around the world. This energy compresses astral bodies. There are our compatriots in Shambhala: V. Lenin, A. Pushkin, Alexander II, S. Kovalevsky, and E. Blavatsky (now in man body), E. Rerich in the astral body is the Empress of Shambhala. Her visions with a Crown on head is in a purple dress with long sleeves in flat shoes the without heels. N. K. Rerich in new incarnation is a young monk in the physical body is Panchen Lama of the monastery temple "Tashilhunpo" in sity of Shihadze (Tibet).

Shambhala is surrounded by high impassable mountains covered with snow. There is a plane inside where vegetables and wheat, many flowers, mostly roses are grown. There are hot springs. Those entities that live in Shambhala in physical bodies eat vegetable food. There is a hostel on the territory in which live about one hundred disciples.

All the Archangels are shown in Shambhala in the astral bodies. The Great Maitreya worked in the Heavenly Shambhala in the Thin body (Dokiud). Its terrestrial Shape differs nothing from terrestrial inhabitants and It didn't realize the Greatness in the Worlds of the Highest.

All occult schools and Ashrams are bound by indissoluble thread with Shambhala. Once every seven years, Great Teachers gather at the Board in the Ashram, which is located on an island in the middle of the lake in the Gobi desert (China). All Ashrams are connected among themselves by tunnels of such sizes that the rider on a horse can freely move on them.

The main mission of the Hierarchy of Light, which rules on the Earth since immemorial times, is called by people the White Brotherhood. White Brotherhood is led by the Highest, the Lightest Spirit, which in the Scriptures called Divine and the Beautiful the Archangel Michael. He is the First among the Great Hierarchs of the Solar system, and the First among the Higher Hierarchs of our Planet.

Shambhala the Light burned darkness and stored the Planet from explosion. All religions and Doctrines have been given from the Uniform Source - Lords of Shambhala. Vishnu's Avatars: Rama, Krishna (Supreme) Kapila, Gautama Buddha, Moria (Christ), Maitreya (God), Kalki Avatar (last Avatar). Avatar is Descend of the Highest Spirit. Vishnu is a Father of the Universe, God.

Chapter 2. Reasons of World War I 1914 - 1918.
There is in the Old Testament (Torah) Savaof (Jehovah's) expression: "Lord of abuse, Jehovah name to him". All wars are unleashed by the Owner of land. He not only the Owner, he besides the businessman-swindler also is in opposition to the First Archangel, the Patron of Russia. If in Russia the economy on the schedule of growth goes up, and in the world market she becomes the main exporter, then it is worth thinking … It is necessary to consider that wars serve as a profit form: sale of weapon, an investment of the capitals under big percent in war industry. Germany Jehovah has pushed to war. At that time he was on the lower astral plan in an astral body, was engaged in growth of accumulation of future billionaire Georges Morgan; over time Morgan (the father, the son, the grandson and great-grandson) will pass all state into his property as "inheritance" after several murders and entry into a body of the grandson Georges Morgan. All banks in the USA and England with the name "J.P. Morgan and Кº" belong to a devil Jehovah. Gross blunder is of authors of

economic and political articles that they don't consider participation in management of the population of the Planet space forces: Light and darkness.

For 1908–1912 in comparison with the previous fifth anniversary production of wheat in Russia has grown by 37, 5%, barley – for 62, 2%, oats – for 20, 9%, corn – for 44, 8%. Russia, but not the USA, Canada or Argentina was the main world exporter grain: in days of a good harvest (for example, in 1909-1910) their export made 40% of world export, in days of a small harvest (1908 and 1912) decreased up to 11,5%; in 1913 – 30% (8,1 million tons). If the western countries had colonies and dominions to which methods of management of the state aggressor were imposed, then in Russia all autonomies had the management. The non-Russian people in the Empire had the extensive rights according to their abilities of local government. So, Finns had the parliament, the constitution and a set of privileges. At first also Poles had all this, only their revolts of 1831 and 1863 became the reason of restrictions. (These revolts which have taken Shmallrussian part and Belarus had related to Masonic Decembrist revolutionary character; in them foreign and demonic intervention was shown. Russia has been forced for it to react resolutely. The Central Asian Hive and Bukhara were a part of the Empire as independent in internal management. Other Asian, North Caucasian and even small nomadic people also had self-government with maintaining the customs. For example, in the Caucasus it was based on provisions "About the Caucasian Mountain Management" (1856) and "About the Caucasian military and national management" (1880); at Kyrgyz Kazakhs it was regulated by "The steppe code" (1891), at Buryats, Yakuts and other Siberian nationalities since 1822 there were "Steppe thoughts". If P. Stolypin managed to push a land reform in the Dumas, then V.I. Lenin would need to be engaged in transfer under management of working factories and the plants. P. Stolypin has been killed in 1911, the paymaster of the murder - a devil Jehovah. Replacement to P. Stolypin at that time wasn't.

Chapter 3. October revolution is of 1917.
1917 – To balance the purpose of the October revolution in the rights of all citizens of Russia. For Jews the help has come from Shambhala. Before revolution of Jews oppressed, didn't allow them to lodge in villages and the provincial cities to avoid influences of a devil of Jehovah. The power was careful that in villages Jews could buy up lands, in the cities – the plants and factories.
Only after refusal of Judaism (the Old Testament - the Torah) and adoptions of Orthodoxy, they could change Full name and to be full citizens of Russia. From Shambhala V.I. Lenin in international family has been embodied: mother - the

Jew, the father is the Kalmyk. Lenin is the divine embodiment; it has opened the fiery centers. Communication good luck, Great Lord of Shambhala at Lenin was a constant. Revolution in Russia could end with change of the power without shots, but Jehovah - the Owner of land has provoked Civil war. Sverdlov was called "The demon of revolution" on color of a leather jacket; he really was a demon (rakshas) – he was an active performer and the organizer of provocations of a devil. By this time in the cities Civil war has almost ceased. Demons (rakshas’) which have absorbed demonism have enacted a slogan: "Plunder stolen". They a stream has entered revolution, have mixed up with Jews, have taken root into the power on purpose not to give to the ideas
V.I. Lenin's to be realized.

The text of renunciation of a throne has been offered on March 1, 1917 the tsar Nicholas II, on March 2, 1917 Nicholas II has renounced from throne for himself and the son in favor of the brother Miсhael, who has refused to take the power in hand. After that the last Russian emperor together with family was under house arrest in the imperial village. Tsar warned from Shambhala about the future revolution and asked to move with family to England. But he has refused. In July1918 Nicholas II's family has been shot in Yekaterinburg. (Orthodoxy canonizes Nicholas II, and him– the demon Jehovah considers the murderer Christ's father). The demon Jehovah and Christ belong to a miscellaneous opposite to forces.

V.I. Lenin and the Tsar Nicholas II is the embodiment from Shambhala; V.I.
Lenin isn't involved in murder of family of the tsar.

Murder was organized by a devil Jehovah through performers of demons – rakshas, applying suggestion. Yakov Sverdlov has transferred the instruction to Yakov Yurskiy about execution of family of Nicholas II. Before revolution both Yakov's - demons (rakshas) were the left Social Revolutionaries and sharp-sightedly watched who will come to the power. After the October revolution has is adjoined Lenin's party.

What beliefs at Sverdlov? His father - Meraim Izrailevich Sverdlin was the owner of an engraving workshop the handicraftsman-engraver traded in production and sale of false stamps, seals and passports, which was used political and criminals at forgery. Yaks still the teenager mediated at these transactions, and therefore have so easily and quickly entered in the revolutionary environment, having become "" even among criminals in Siberian exile. Sverdlov was small growth, sickly was also ill an open form of tuberculosis, but had oratorical abilities and good diction. After the performance before workers and peasants, with an appeal to begin civil the war in villages against fists (by this time Civil war has already almost ceased), - he was beaten; what has accelerated his death from an open form of tuberculosis.

In 1994 in the former archive of the politburo Heinrich Yagoda letter to Stalin of July 27, 1935 was revealed, in Sverdlov which wasn't opened is found all 16 years, after his death. There were gold coins of imperial stamping for the astronomical sum (108 525 rubles), over seven hundred gold products with gemstones, a set of forms of passports and filled passports addressed to Sverdlov and to nobody the famous persons, the bond of imperial time and so forth. Yakov Sverdlov lived under the motto of a devil: "Plunder stolen". A devil Jehovah and the demon Sverdlov have provoked Civil war and execution of imperial family. It they have thrown the White Guard into poverty, in other words, Russia has suffered losses most educated and creative people. They could work in all industries, army and fleet.

V.I. Lenin had a diagnosis – "a stone brain", the disease was introduced by V.I. Lenin Jehovah. The disease was shown in that time when V.I. Lenin was in France from N.K. Krupskaya. There were heavy attacks of headaches. Consciousness is higher than a brain and it to Lenin has replaced a brain.

At Lenin there was a straight line communication with God (Silence voice); under the decree of Great Maitreya, Lords of Shambhala right after change of the power V.I. Lenin has created the Commission of National Commissioners (the commissioner is the minister). Election of the government was on to democratic basis. Central Committee of Bolsheviks has charged to Kamenev and Berzin to enter political contact with the left Social Revolutionaries and to begin with those negotiations on structure of the future governments. In operating time of the II congress of Councils Bolsheviks have suggested entering into the government to the left Social Revolutionaries, but those have refused. Fractions of the right Social Revolutionaries and Mensheviks have left the II congress of Councils at the very beginning of his work to formations of the government. Bolsheviks have been forced to create the one-party government. In structure the governments 18 commissioners (ministers) have entered. This government was temporary from October 25, 1917 to July 10 1918. In 1918 the government was renamed on Council of People's Commissars till 1946.

First structure was of Council of People's Commissars:
Chairman of the board of national commissioners Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin);
people's commissar on internal affairs Alexey Rykov;
people’s commissar of agriculture Vladimir Milyutin; people's commissar of work Alexander Shlyapnikov;

National Commissioner on military and sea affairs is committee as a part of a triumvirate:
Vladimir Ovseenko (Antonov), Nikolay Krylenko and Pavel Dybenko;
people's commissar for trade and industry Victor Nogin;
people's commissar of national education Anatoly Lunacharsky;
people's commissar of finance Ivan Skvortsov (Stepanov);
people's commissar on foreign affairs Lev Bronstein (Trotsky);
people's commissar of justice Georges Oppokov (Lomov); people's commissar for food Ivan Teodorovich;
people’s commissar of mails and telegraphs Nikolay Avilov (Glebov);
people's commissar for nationalities Josef Dzhugashvili (Stalin);
the post of the national commissioner on affairs railway remained temporarily not replaced.

Lenin and Stalin are.
To 1924 two main figures were designated in the USSR:

Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) is the Chairman of the board (Ministers) of national commissioners (Premieres).

Josef Dzhugashvili (Stalin) is the Secretary General of RCP (b) of the Central Committee (1922 — 1925).

Why Stalin has become the second person in the state? Why not F.E. Dzerzhinskiy? F.E.D. has been too devoted to business of revolution, and in plans of a devil has been planned for elimination from the first days of a maternal fruit; the reason the last embodiments from Shambhala. F.E. Dzerzhinskiy's mother carried under the child's heart (a six-month fruit), Jehovah has pushed off her energy in a sewer well. There was premature birth, fortunately the child has survived. In two years after V.I. Lenin's death, Jehovah liquidates also "iron Felix" suggestion. In space the future is known: Stalin was preparation of the Demon of the Universe Brama, as Hitler for Jehovah's devil also has been appointed by a devil Jehovah to a position of the Secretary General of the Communist Party. Stalin was ambitious and imperious; the devil used properties of his character at the level of a thought, sometimes releasing reins.

Jehovah knew that V.I. Lenin is the embodiment from Shambhala, the experienced captain and the leader. The devil had a purpose – to physically eliminate the leader of revolution. "In January 1, 1918 there is the first unsuccessful attempt at Lenin, in the middle of January the second attempt breaks. On August 30, 1918 at Michelson's plant on Lenin attempt by the fan from the left Social Revolutionaries - Fanny Kaplan was made. In the morning on August 30, 1918 in Petrograd the chairman of the Petrograd ChK M.S. Uritskiy was killed. Despite the received news of this murder, in Moscow
additional security measures weren't taken. The performances of members of Council of People's Commissars planned the day before on factory meetings appointed to 6 o'clock in the evening weren't cancelled. Lenin had to make a speech at a meeting before workers of the plant of Michelson. It left on the plant without protection. Protection was absent also at the plant. When Lenin left the plant, and already got into the car, at this moment Fany Kaplan made three shots; it was arrested and delivered to Lubyanka. Lenin right after attempt was unconscious; doctors found in it dangerous wound in a neck under a jaw, blood got into a lung. The second bullet got to it into a hand".

Space is a global computer in which there is information and programs.

The space computer created the Almighty Deity Absolute and Laid out in space. Gods are Creators and Creators of all Universes and Galaxies use programs for creation of planets, the person and everything that is in Boundlessness, beginning from D. Mendeleev’s table and before creation of Galaxies. In space is "the movie of life" of all embodiments of each person. Jehovah looks through and selects to himself the victim for obsession (defeat of a will of the person, using hypnosis and suggestion). Obsession is a virus; all confidants to obsessed get under influence of an obsessor too. In an obsession web the devil confused Stalin and everything, so-called, "spies" and "counter-revolutionaries". .Jehovah created the conflicts, and Stalin's hands gradually liquidated all active colleagues of Lenin.

Vladimir Ilyich had a serious illness; recently he was often visited by I. Stalin. Josef Vissarionovich has poisoned V.I. Lenin in 1924 under duress suggestion of Jehovah. V.I. Lenin has managed to write a note: "I was poisoned" (information has come from Shambhala). Lenin soon all the same would die without Stalin's participation, but the devil has hung murder on his Karma and has nailed him to himself. Everything says goodbye, except insult of Hierarchy Light (especially– murder). Lenin costs on one of Hierarchy steps. If murder is committed even as a result of devil hypnosis, responsibility isn't relieved from the murderer because obsession from godlessness.
“Two falcons”, author: Irma Yaunzem.
Music: V. Sakharov, Translate - M. Isakovskiy’s 1936.

On an oak green,
Yes over that scope
Two falcons of clear
Carried on a talk

And these falcons
People have learned everything:
The first falcon - Lenin

The second falcon is Stalin.
And around flew falconers flock...

Oh as first falcon
With the second
I said goodbye,
He with a dying word
I addressed the friend.

Falcon you my gray,
Hour have come to leave,
All works, cares
On you lay down.

And another has answered:
Forget alarms,

We swear to you -
We won't turn off road!

Also he has constrained an oath,
Fighting is oath.
He has made happy
Whole native land!
(There is a wish to raise a howl: "My God, with what we were naive ….").

After murder V.I. Lenin's Stalin has finally got under Jehovah's obsession until the end of the life with breaks in time. For the aid to him Jehovah has picked up the victim - the performer of his decrees – A. Vyshinskiy.

Considering the photo of National Commissioners in which near V.I. Lenin Both Stalin and L. Trotskiy sit on both sides and, I thought: "Why for obsession the devil has chosen Stalin? » hear Jehovah's voice: "And whom else”? The devil not once confirmed the participation in crimes. The most part of "spies" and "counterrevolutionaries" have been destroyed by Jehovah for participation in the October revolution, the most devoted have been destroyed to Lenin's idea revolutionaries. Jews have been punished for the fact that they have departed from him by results of the previous embodiments - in Lemuria, India and Egypt. Those, to who have pasted a label of "spies and counter-revolutionaries" weren't those; there were divergences in opinion on different questions. And the confusion in discussions was created by a devil Jehovah: have organized opposition and purged.

Demons have no religions, the main thing for them – worship. You can commit any crimes, crimes – the mandate for the demon (rakshas). For whom are given in the Torah of 613 precepts if it isn't obligatory to execute them? For Jewish people!

Inner-party fight is in the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) in 1920-е.
The owner of land Jehovah has begun with the fact that has destroyed all best part of the population of the USSR, all participants of revolution who have passed prisons and references. I am especially cruel and was vindictive to Jews that who since the continent Lemuria worshipped the Great Lord of Shambhala, the First Archangel of our Solar system. Usually, he gets heat others hands; confuses thoughts, speaks others lips, slanders, provokes opposition between parties and leaders. One of signs of obsession a devil is introduction of thoughts in sub consciousness of the person. If yesterday the victim stated to a thought one, then will tell the next day everything on the contrary. Jehovah applied such method during the meetings of parties and the government of the USSR. At first the werewolf has dismembered parties (the left Social Revolutionaries and right, communists: Mensheviks and Bolsheviks), then in the Communist Party have begun partition – a confrontation of opinion.

To purge obsessed people who can be operated at the level of a thought are necessary. The devil Jehovah, the supporter of capitalism was the chief director of "cleanings" - repressions. The wide field of activity for the Owner of land is the process of redistribution of the power in the All-Russian Communist Party of Bolsheviks which has begun with Vladimir Lenin's withdrawal from political activity. Purpose of "cleanings" of Jehovah: to exsanguinations party and to deprive of it the formed and conceiving members.

At the highest levels the Communist Party fierce race for power has begun. Jehovah has pushed aside all rivals of I.V. Stalin, first of all Trotskiy and Zinoviev and has given himself green light. The All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) in the development has naturally passed stages of concentration of the power in hands of more and more narrow group of persons; from the Central Committee to the Politburo (and, besides, from a party congress to the Central Committee), from the Politburo to informal "three" Zinoviev-Kamenev-Stalin and, at last, to establishment of individual board. Time of arrival of Stalin to the power has been planned by Jehovah: The XIII congress in 1924 – after Lenin's poisoning. The devil has appropriated the highest principles of space, number: 6 and 7; the work of these numbers – 6Х7=42; the sum – 6+7=13; On May 11 – day of a satan; number of a satan – 666 – 6+6+6+6=18. Numbers of a devil: 11, 13, 18, 42. Time of government of Stalin 1953 – 1924=29=2+9=11– number of a satan!

The problem of a devil was – to weaken the party leaders and army of the young state. How? To inspire different political trends, to create oppositions with a brand of "spies" and "counter-revolutionaries" to distract attention of the authorities from true spies is and counter-revolutionaries. Inner-party fuss has been organized by Jehovah that has caused "Stalin" repressions under control of the Owner of land.

During fight of the party actively accused each other of "counterrevolutions", "petty bourgeoisie", "withdrawal from Leninism", "fascism" and various "biases". Peculiar "war of compromising evidences", mainly, in the form of last disagreements with Lenin which in this or that time were available for all applicants for replacement of the leader was waged. Lenin's Letter to the XII congress (better known as Lenin's Will), in one of points recommending to remove Stalin from the Secretary general post became a large compromising evidence on Stalin (to Lenin there was a hint from the Great Lord of Shambhala about influence of a devil on Stalin). Discussions about ways economic, political and national state system of the USSR were conducted. All parties of the conflict changed the platforms on opposite. Stalin, consistently struggling with "leftist" opposition of Trotskiy-Zinoviev (1926 — 1927), after her defeat, under the influence of crisis of grain-collections of 1927 "I have immediately intercepted" the slogans of opposition; in the field of industrialization and collectivization. Stalin has actually carried out the Trotskyism program. The doctrine of the forced "super industrialization" due to pumping of means from the peasantry for the first time has been developed by the economist Preobrazhensky, close to Trotskiy, in 1924.

By 1930th years the Soviet state ideology was enriched with a number of new doctrines. The personal invention of Stalin the thesis about "creation of socialism in separately taken country" which for the first time is put forward by him at the end of 1924 though actually this situation has been formulated by Lenin in 1915 in the article "About the Slogan of the United States of Europe" usually is considered.

Chapter 4. The mysteries of Stalin repressions are in the USSR.
Using the inner-party fight based on disagreement on some questions, the Owner of land has created the myth about "spies" and "counter-revolutionaries". The ghoul Jehovah has begun "cleaning" with Stalin's hand
the Leader in everyone saw the enemy (symptoms of paranoia). This property has appeared at Stalin after V.I. Lenin's poisoning. The suspiciousness and expectation of requital for deeds caused in him a constant condition of fear; the astral body has left him and stood nearby. Stalin was a live corpse.
Jehovah is grateful to I. Stalin for "cleaning" to this day.
Stalin had a spiritual education, but he was disappointed in religion. Stalin has entered godlessness into the USSR and has stuck posters everywhere: "Religion is opium of the people". This poster has something in common with the words of a devil of Jehovah: "Religion for fools". Demons have no religions; they have a main thing - worship. You can commit any crimes, but not forget the demon’s Jehovah. For whom in the Torah has the devil given 613 precepts if it isn't obligatory to execute them? For Jewish people!

In 1898 Josef Dzhugashvili enters the Georgian social democratic organization. Together with adherents he forms a kernel of revolutionary minority of this organization. Subsequently in 1931 Stalin in an interview to the German writer Emile Ludwig on a question "What has pushed you on opposition? Perhaps, improper treatment is from parents»? I have answered: "Isn't present. My parents treated me absolutely not bad. Another matter theological seminary where studied then. From a protest against the humiliating mode and Jesuit methods which were available in seminary was ready to become and really became the revolutionary, the supporter of Marxism …». In five years of study Stalin has left orthodox theological seminary, worship of Christ wasn't in the plans of a devil therefore Jehovah has directed Jesuits to Soso.

That Stalin under words meant: "From a protest against the humiliating mode and Jesuit methods which were available in seminary". Jesuits are monks, generation of a devil of Jehovah. Jehovah is the ex-pervert and – Jesuits I have created monks under myself. Therefore in Vatican monks is Jesuits all pedophiles. For this reason Stalin has left seminary, the devil imposes a brand – the Violence hasn't concerned him, but he was disappointed in religion. And who has saved him from devil violence? God! One of types of devil recruitment is a perversion (the passport is on aura of the person). If Stalin hasn't refused God, he wouldn't be comprehended by the tragedy of obsession.

It is possible to draw an analogy between Stalin's youth and youth of the famous modern journalist and writer A. Nevzorov; A.N. studied in theological seminary, has left it for the same reason. Who has saved him from devil violence? God! It was necessary not to leave, and to make public and eventually to open private theological seminary. Stalin during the Second World War not once took help from the Great Maitreya, the Lord Shambhala and Mother of the World. There is hope A. Nevzorov will understand what goes fight between God and a devil for each person. The writer and journalist A. Nevzorov have graduated from the Moscow Literary Institute and is printed in the best publishing houses in RSFSR and abroad.

The devil has set up Josef that he was expelled from seminary: in 15 years he has seduced the girl; - she has given birth to the daughter. Being adult she has arrived to Moscow to meet the father. But in the Kremlin she was let. She has written the letter which was transferred to the father. Stalin has ordered to put the letter in his folder.

Stalin, having been in Turukhansky exile, lived in one room with other exiled and I have demanded to give him the separate room. He lived in exile with the 13-year-old girl, the first child was born the dead, the healthy boy was born the second. A post of death of Stalin the son came to Moscow and has given an interview to the journalist on television.

Stalin on party affairs has arrived to Petrograd and has stopped at Alliluyevs. (He has got acquainted with this family in Batumi. Once they came for walk and two-year-old Nadia has appeared in the sea. Stalin has saved her, and since then became the friend of the family. Later Alliluyev's Family has moved to St. Petersburg). He has seduced 15-year-old Nadia and lived with her until Nadia's brother has noticed and has told parents. It was necessary to marry. Two children didn't constrain Stalin; he fooled around. Nadezhda Alliluyeva wrote Stalin (she was in Moscow with children: Yakov, Vasiliy, Svetlana and the adopted son and the leader had a rest in Pitsunda). She asked the husband to send money for food; he has sent 120 rubles. Because of constant treason of the husband and humiliations in the presence of strangers (once in the presence of guests the leader has said her directly a ball from a bread crumb) Nadezhda Alliluyeva has committed suicide.

Stalin has become constant visitor in the Great Theatre, but not because loved the opera and the ballet. He looked for beauties for joys; there were singers and ballerinas. Stalin sent a note (one of them) that waits her car will also deliver in the appointed place. The beauty got into the car and appeared on to the smart dacha of Stalin (comfort and other contributing factors). He had liked the opera singer of theater: the high, stately beauty with a bewitching marvelous voice, she was called: "Tsar-woman". He has disposed to transfer her to the Great Theatre, to Moscow. Once at the end of a performance the leader has approached her with a bouquet of flowers and has told: "Marry me". She has refused to him, - was married. Since then in theater she didn't sing to the ballerina from the Great Theatre on the coast of Georgia he has built the palace also has called by his name of the beloved – “Valeria”. After she have handed over is in buying up a ring with sapphire and diamonds on perimeter sapphire. Stalin was the generous lover (at the expense of finance of the state).

Jehovah has brought to the leader the 16-year-old relative of Lazar Kaganovich,
it was the last call. The sexual maniac Jehovah has left Stalin alone (in respect of desires).
But, there was still an aunt Valya, the mistress of "Owner". The security officer of Stalin general Vlasik has brought her for himself. The quick snub-nosed laugher was pleasant to Stalin; at first she made lunches, later has changed a profession (18 years the bed to Stalin laid and itself in her laid down the first). "Aunt Valya" has presented to the leader the daughter. (At all children of Stalin on the left leg accrete two fingers – the press of a devil).

After the death of the leader aunt Valya has come to a funeral, has fallen on knees and sobbed so that Svetlana Alliluyeva has believed that the aunt Valya sincerely loved the father. After the quick laugher received special pension is as the keeper of a body of the leader. The honored pensioner was married, the spouse knew everything and treated loyally her "work"; all is possible for the leader, especially in case he is a ninny. From where is at "the father of the people» is such sexual speed? The patent pervert Jehovah sent sexual energy to Stalin's genitals. But, the devil didn't manage to make the pervert of Stalin. On Saturn it threatens the leader; he is enlisted in army of a devil now.

In the book "Blow of the Russian Gods" Jehovah informs that Stalin the Jew (demon-rakshas, introduced in the tribe of Jews) was in antecedents to depart from him he was embodied in Georgia. His devil have found also has begun to prepare for introduction in the power of Russia, the Gregory Rasputin type.

Stalin operated by a devil tried to be closer to Lenin. From Shambhala Lenin was warned, not to allow Stalin on a senior position in party and the government. The devil worked on two fronts: in parallel with Stalin trained Hitler (a cover for himself) for introduction of fascism in Europe.

Jehovah has dumped all crimes of obsessed Stalin on Lenin and Beria because they are the embodiments from Shambhala. Lenin was already embodied - it is the President of Russia V. Putin. The devil organizes oppositions against V.

Putin from those Jews whom he burned in furnaces, poisoned in gas chambers of concentration camps and lowered on an ocean floor in two Apocalypses on continents Lemuria and Atlantis. Everything, who dances under his pipe will leave with him for the third time on an ocean floor, or will burn down alive during volcanic eruptions in Europe in 2046, it is possible for 10 years earlier.

Example is concerning importance of religion. The first Marshall of the USSR Semyon Mikhaylovich Budyonny is the native of the Don village (nowadays Rostov region). During spring holidays there took place fights between residents of the neighboring villages. From the youth Budyonny had such force that with him nobody wanted to take part in single combat. There was a deplorable result from his punch.

Budyonny was involved in the Russian-Japanese war. Semyon Mihaylovich received St. George’s award of the 4th level at the beginning of World War I for capture of a wagon train of the enemy. After a division re-deployment on the Caucasian front, Budyonny learned that high officers took away to themselves the best products which were intended for privates. He wanted find out. He addressed the senior on a rank - the sergeant Hestanov, and that offended it by a word humiliating, reminding him its simple origin. Budyonny did not restrain and hit him. Force of its shock is known. By the order on a division it was deprived of the first Cross of St. George 4th class received by it on the German front. Again he received a cross of the 4th level on the Turkish front, at the end of 1914. In fight to the country Wang, being in investigation with the platoon, penetrated into the deep back of layout of the opponent, and at the crucial moment of fight attacked and captured its battery as a part of three guns. The cross of the 3rd level received in January, 1916 for an involvement in the attacks under Mendelidzh. In March, 1916 Budyonny is awarded with a cross of the 2nd level. In July, 1916 Budyonny received the Cross of St. George 1st class, for the fact that he with four companions brought from a sortie into the back of the enemy of 7 Turkish soldiers.

During Civil war after the October revolution as the fates decree S.M. Budyonny was directed for elimination of gangster formations. It floated on the boat: there was a dark, starlit night. S.M. Budyonny was the believing person; worshipped (I prayed daily) and always in a breast pocket wore a small icon of the Mother of God (not the Maria who gave birth to Jesus, and Mother World who was this Christ's pattern).
And suddenly the deck was flooded by bright this world. Before it in space there was Mother World in the Fiery Body. S. Budyonny passed through a hearth of three wars, participated in elimination of bands, basmatches. Basmatches shot at Budenny more than once, but any bullet did not touch him. In its Civil overcoat there was a plated bullets, but on a body was not uniform scratch. Mother World Stored him. Budyonny' overcoat is stored in the museum of the Red Army in Moscow.

Batumi process was 1902.
Jehovah created a duet for the repression: Stalin and Vyshinskiy.
Photo is of lawyers-political defenders who are won the Batumi process in 1902. On the right is the young Vyshinskiy. The second on the right is A.A. Yogansen. Far from the right sits the well-known in Russia lawyer-political defender Boris Efimovich Ratner. The second from the left is. P.N. Malyantovich.

A.A.Yogansen and B.E. Ratner - these two (brilliant and cleverest) initiated the falsification of A. Vyshinskiy future activities.

In 1902, Stalin organized a strike in Batumi in the port, where oil was loaded onto ships to be sent to buyers. The labor of the workers was usually used for two weeks a month, in those days when the loading took place. The essence of the strike: the demand for wages for days of idle time. The crowd, hearing the refusal of their demands from the owner's representative, went to the police with a request to release the arrested activists. The mounted police were called, after warning - shots into the air, workers from the fence broke off sticks and boards, and went on the attack on the police. In response, fire was opened to defeat. The first rows of the crowd collapsed, like the sheaf sheaves. Among the wounded Stalin was not, because he was on the ship robbing the cashier. All strikers were arrested and imprisoned in advance. Stalin fled to the mountains, but he was detained and also put in with the strikers.

People of the older generation remember from the prewar textbooks of history a picture depicting the Batumi feat of the young leader. With a fluttering scarf, proudly raising his head, Comrade Soso boldly walks at the head of the Batumi workers' demonstration to be shot. Falsification of the leader's biography was made by the leader himself; why should he publicize the black spots of "revolutionary activity". Stalin also had a "falcon clear".
N. Malyantovich knew Vyshinskiy well in 1902 and at that time had an opportunity to appreciate him that Vyshinskiy was "a man of despicable inclinations, a lawyer with very average knowledge and abilities, in addition, he slightly distorts, which makes it impossible for him to act as a lawyer in large trials".
Why did A. A. Yogansen and Ratner take freshman Vyshinskiy as a defender to the Batumi process? Ratner was "brilliantly talented and intelligent lawyer. It was he who planned all the tactics of defense in the Batumi process, which ended in the complete victory of the defense. «Why did Ratner himself not defend Stalin, and framed the fake Vyshinskiy? In case of a loss, refer to the inexperience of freshman Vyshinskiy?

The second from the left is PN Malyantovich, the future minister of the Provisional Government, who in early October 1917 instructed Vyshinskiy to arrest VI Lenin, making an attempt to prevent the October Revolution. The unemployed Vyshinskiy took Malyantovich to work on the grounds that he was "a man with vile inclinations"; he quite approached him. Vyshinsky ordered to post ads for the search of VI Ulyanov.

In 1937-1939 Vyshinskiy removes witnesses of his deeds; P. Malyantovich and other lawyers who defended Stalin in the Batumi trial? Those, who died before the repression survived, A. Yogansen, B.Ratner and A. Vyshinskiy, freshman, won the famous Batumi process of 1902. The main defendant was a young JV Stalin. It is necessary to understand that if they won the trial, it means that they gave a strong proof of Stalin's innocence.

Yogansen, Ratner and Vyshinskiy knew that during the Batumi workers' demonstration the young leader, using the police, robbed the cashier. «Caught in prison as a demonstrator, Stalin tried to merge with them in order to obtain political protection and reduce punishment. (In the photo, A.A Johansen sits in half a turn, as if representing the future prosecutor Vyshinskiy to the fullest). "Clever and brilliant" deliberately committed legal falsification and gave Vyshinskiy a green light for crimes. A thief should sit in jail! We must go to the revolution with clean hands. Then there would be no Stalinist repression, perhaps the Second World would be stopped on the border of the USSR, because the head of state could be another leader. The Communist Party, the government and the army would not lose the most educated and faithful people of the revolution. A brilliant defense is considered if the innocence of the person accused of what he did not commit is proved. Falsification of facts is an affair and entails a chain of tragic events. The payment for the falsification of documents "brilliant and cleverest defenders" was received from the money looted by Stalin, and therefore remained silent until they were touched by the
tragedy. The law of Karma punishes for the consequences of misconduct. Attorney Ratner and A.A. Yogansen in 1902 marked the beginning of Vishinskiy’s falsification. This chain of events was arranged by the Master of the Earth Jehovah.

In Georgia, they knew that Stalin had robbed the cashier on the ship; the writer Fazil Iskander mentioned this story in his book "Sandro from Chegem".

Dacha is Minister Serebryakov.
In 1931, Minister Serebryakov received a very picturesque site that had been vacant until that time on the very bank of the Moscow River, where a simple log frame already stood. As expected, when joining the cooperative, he made a cash share - 17 thousand rubles. Then he finished building himself on weekends and after work. In general - a very modest house, amenities in the courtyard, an iron sink at the porch. Is that place ... Vyshinskiy also had a summer cottage on the same Nikolin’s Mountain - but in the depths of the village. About a year and a half before his arrest, he went to the minister on some trifling neighbor's issue. They discussed something in the yard, at the end of the conversation looked around and smiled: "Ah, what a marvelous corner you have, dear Leonid Petrovich”! After the minister was arrested… After a while there is a newspaper report that prosecutor Vyshinskiy begins to study the case materials on charges of Serebryakov, Sokolnikov, Radek and others in anti-Soviet activities. And the same date marked the archival document - Vyshinskiy’s statement to the board of the dacha cooperative "Nikolin’s Maintain": I ask you to give me the dacha No. 14, which belonged to the now exposed enemy of the people Serebryakov. From January 23 to January 30, 1937, the process of the "anti-Soviet parallel Trotskyite center" was under way, where the minister was one of the main defendants. And all this time, the renewal of dacha papers was accelerating. By the time of the verdict is "Shooting!" - giving the family Serebryakov no longer belonged. Judging by the fact that the sentence said: the property of all the accused to confiscate in favor of the state. But in the list of property confiscated from Serebryakov, the dacha does not appear. It does not include a cash share - the same 17 thousand. They also had to be confiscated, and Vyshinskiy, as the new owner of the dacha, is to contribute to the cooperative from his own resources. That's when he wrote a statement, so that he could get a silver piece. It went upstairs and even there firstly aroused its impudence because, in fact, Vyshinskiy did not give this money to the state. At least the first resolution (Egorkin, he later was chairman of the Supreme Court, and then secretary of the CEC) - "For what reason?" But then the request was granted. Father was shot his family went to jails …

Serebryakov dacha was instantly demolished in its place (very quickly) a solid two-story house was built at the expense of the state.

Andrey Vyshinskiy

Soviet lawyer is and political figure. Vyshinskiy appeared on the political scene not accidentally. (A route of movement of Vyshinskiy is a zigzag devil way for approach to Stalin for the purpose of merge of obsession. Vyshinskiy is the Jew therefore the Demon of the Universe Brama, Jehovah's Patron has written to Vyshinskiy the scenario of life, using him in an election campaign. Powers of darkness use people of those, who worship Jehovah, or to nobody is means, there is no protection).

Stalin with interest had the jealous performers who were active in cellars, cameras and offices. But none of them were able to orate on the stage and at the same time, yet without being ashamed, and being proud of the role of the executioner. Vyshinskiy did it with visible pleasure.

On a twist of fate day when in Odessa Vyshinskiy was born on December 10
was declared hundred years later by the UN is in the International afternoon of human rights. His father was the owner of drugstore, known in the city, mother

— the pianist and the teacher of music. Andrey was not yet five years old when the family moved to Baku. There future lawyer came to the gymnasium which was this him excellent education. Having finished it with a gold medal, he arrived on law department of the Kiev University.

On final gymnasia to a ball Andrey got acquainted with the future wife. Several years later they got married. In a gymnasium he was fond of the revolutionary ideas, participated in meetings, read the forbidden literature. At the Vyshinskiy University also got into gear of one of illegal Marxist circles. However in several months of members of a circle the police tracked down. Vyshinskiy was expelled from the University, and it was stimulated to return to Baku under a parent shelter. It did not stop revolutionary activities. Since 1903 Vyshinskiy was a Menshevik.

During the events of 1905 he organized working team. She was engaged generally in murders of those, on whom suspicion of cooperation with police fell. However, activities of the young revolutionary in Baku continued not for long: at the end of January, 1905 he was arrested and put in prison. However soon he was let out and again arrested only in two years. But now the sentence was more severe: one year of imprisonment in fortress. After the first arresting Vyshinskiy became the secret informer of police. It is natural that this fact of the biography, as well as many others, it afterwards carefully hid. However, many acted this way.

Vyshinskiy served sentence in Bailovsky prison. There it after the Batumi process, for the second time met Stalin. In one camera with them also Sergo Ordzhonikidze sat. However, it proceeded not for long only four months. Prisoners were sent into Siberian exile, and again they met only in many years.

After release Vyshinskiy went to the south, this time to Kiev again. Here it was recovered at once at the university. But here the police interfered, and he was stimulated to look for operation. Vyshinskiy went to Baky where he was waiting by the wife with the daughter. He settled the teacher in one of private gymnasiums. However it was necessary to teach it not the right, but the Russian literature, geography and Latin. As he I could not find operation: all its attempts to receive lawyer practice ended with failure.

Hoping to find nevertheless work is in lawyer office, the next year Vyshinskiy has gone to Moscow. He has lodged at the Baku friend Artemiy Halatov — in the future the prominent Bolshevik. In Moscow Vyshinskiy was lucky more. The jobless lawyer was taken to himself in assistants by the famous lawyer P. Malyantovich. He protected on processes of Bolsheviks Trotsky, Thieves', famous P. Zalomov, who has become Pavel Vlasov’s prototype in the Gorkiy novel "Mother" therefore such assistant as Vyshinskiy, has quite suited him. (Malyantovich words about Vyshinskiy: "… the person with mean bents, the lawyer with very average knowledge and abilities, in addition he slightly burrs that makes impossible his performance by the lawyer on large processes", and now has quite approached. Then? "… mean bents …"? Soon the young revolutionary became the official lawyer of the Moscow trial chamber. The first step in a legal field has been so taken.

After the February revolution Vyshinskiy begins to work in new local governments. He has been appointed the commissioner of militia of the Yakimanskiy district of Moscow, and then and the chairman of a local justice. Vyshinskiy speaks at meetings of Mensheviks and is elected from them at first in regional, and then and in town council. In July, 1917 he has received the order about immediate arrest of Ulyanov-Lenin. It has been signed by P. Malyantovich, who has become the Minister of Justice of Provisional government. Vyshinskiy has disposed to print announcements of search and to stick them across Moscow. Subsequently he has taken care of that all who knew about it have disappeared in Stalin torture chambers. Vyshinskiy has sent Malyantovich to prison. There were rumors that Malyantovich had a mandate about inviolability signed by Lenin. But it is only rumors. Malyantovich had no such mandate! For what are merits? For sticking of leaflets is with an appeal to arrest Lenin to prevent the October revolution? And Vyshinskiy served darkness.

The October revolution showed that so far you should not cast in the lot with legal career. And Vyshinskiy began to look for other operation. This time it was helped by Halatov who reached a foreground in Bolshevik Party again. With its help Vyshinskiy left town council, forgot about the Mensheviks past and became a food inspector. After moving of the government to Moscow of Dressing gowns took Vyshinskiy in the device National commissioner of food where that began to manage to property-rooms the department which was taking away products which they carried to Moscow for sale from peasants. A. Rykov and A. Halatov were his direct chiefs, and they submitted to L. Kamenev. Soon Vyshinsky becomes the head of department of distribution of National commissioner of food, and easier to say that, who distributed products and necessities. It was "grain" operation, but Vyshinskiy wanted bigger.

After Denikin's defeat it understood: Bolsheviks won and it is necessary to
define the line item finally. Vyshinskiy in 1920 enters Bolshevik party.
(Vishinskiy’s image was used for creation of an image of Yagoda in protocols
of interrogation).

With the end of civil war, transition to peaceful construction and the New Economic Policy legal reform has been undertaken: revolutionary tribunal are liquidated, the prosecutor's office and legal profession is formed. It is natural that the need in the qualified lawyers was big. And Vyshinskiy as the certified specialist, the party member, is given appointment to the post of professor of law department of MSU. At the same time he works in the Supreme Court of RSFSR as the prosecutor on criminal cases. Since 1925 po1928 year Vyshinskiy was the rector of MSU. But he understood that promotion and relative safety can be provided only with participation in political trials.

Vyshinskiy was that person, who could give to punishments external respectability. Namely to this purpose served carefully developed performances of the main trials. Following the results of the first of them the so-called "Shakhty business" Vyshinskiy has written the book in which I justified repressions and proved need of their expansion. He called for refusal of concepts of personal freedom, a presumption of innocence, the right for the appeal of the adjudication.

After S.M. Kirov's murder in December, 1934 the law on the accelerated, simplified and final consideration of political cases is adopted. (Kirov's murder wasn't political; he was killed by the single). Jehovah has prompted to Stalin to use this case for repressions against political oppositionists. As the deputy prosecutor of the USSR Vyshinskiy was responsible for performance of it the law. He was a part of the Special meeting at the people's commissar of internal affairs. Though formally the meeting could make decisions only on the reference, the placement to the camp or expulsion from the USSR, but a meeting of any other resolutions, except of death sentences, didn't take out. Vyshinskiy executed Stalin (Jehovah's) instructions "whom to execute …. ».

The popularity to Vyshinskiy was brought by participation in the organization and carrying out the Moscow processes 1936, 1937 and 1938. They were open, and on them also foreign journalists are present. From Vyshinskiy acting as the state accuser considerable art was required. It was necessary to hide absurdity, the absurdity of the charges brought against old Bolsheviks large party and statesmen.

And the prosecutor very much sought not to reveal the truth, and to give visibility of legality to obvious punishment over objectionable people. It is indicative that, acting on purely criminal cases, Vyshinskiy strictly followed traditional norms and the rules, and on political processes behaved deliberately emotionally, used to defendants of expression like "damned hybrid of a fox and pig".

Vyshinskiy puts forward and proves the provision that recognition by the defendant of the fault is her best proof. (On interrogations violence – physical violence was applied). In practice it meant that the court has the right to pronounce a sentence to the person whose fault is unproven, and it is only supposed. Thus, Vyshinskiy has rejected also the principle of a presumption of innocence. His book "The Theory of Judicial Proofs in the Soviet Right" is devoted to these problems. It became his main work and has been announced by classical. And today this book is read with interest, and it is necessary to pay tribute to fine literary abilities of her author. As for her contents, time has pronounced him the sentence for a long time.

And Vyshinskiy steadily moved ahead on more and more high posts. In 1939 he becomes the vice-chairman of Council of People's Commissars, since 1940 — the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. In 1941 Vyshinskiy directed that part of the device affairs National Commissioner of foreign which has been evacuated to Kuibyshev. Here his abilities have revealed absolutely from other party. It would seem the lawyer, the person far from diplomacy... But he has quickly and easily fitted into new conditions. And it wasn't casual. Vyshinskiy favorably differed from those, who entered the immediate environment of Stalin already what spoke in three foreign languages fluently, especially well knew French. Practically all historians recognize what on the level of knowledge necessary for the serious statesman, him at that time in the USSR equal wasn't concerning those, who had 2- 4 classes of primary education. Knowing, but "the person with mean bents, the lawyer with very average knowledge and abilities, in addition he slightly burrs that makes impossible his performance the lawyer on large processes". However, as R. Konkvest writes, "knowing in this management in general there was nothing to do: with fatal inevitability they were absorbed by the destruction car". Stalin's trust to him was very big. This circumstance helps to understand why Vyshinskiy so long was practically at top of a political pyramid.

His direction on signing of the Act of unconditional surrender of Germany testifies to it. Vyshinskiy has arrived as the consultant as officially Soviet Union was represented by G.K. Zhukov. But, actually, as one of correspondents has written, "in Vyshinskiy shape Stalin sat at a victorious table in Karlshorst". About Vyshinsky's activity in a foreign policy field is known much less.
In post-war years he visited the different countries and everywhere was a blind performer of will of the management. In Romania tries to obtain elections to the government of people pleasing to Moscow, in Sofia control the structure of the cabinet.

But especially responsible mission has been executed by him in Nuremberg. Long decades she has been shrouded in mystery and even presence of Vyshinskiy on process remained not explained. It became known several years ago that exactly Vyshinskiy was that is called "the chief conductor" of process from the Soviet party. He headed the confidential "Commission on the leadership in the Nuremberg is process". The main goal of her work consisted in to allowing public discussion of confidential Soviet-German agreements 1939-1941 of years. Vyshinskiy has executed this assignment. For ensuring special effectiveness of his instructions the investigative crew led by M. Lihachev later shot as one of the main Stalin oppositionists has been sent to Nuremberg. They trained witnesses for a performance before judges.

In 1949 Vyshinskiy becomes the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR. But at the same time he hasn't entered the immediate environment of Stalin. Documents demonstrate that Vyshinskiy has never been invited by a lunch to the Stalin dacha. Stalin didn't invite the guests surpassing it’s by training and to education not to show the plebeian essence. Stalin and Vyshinskiy is devil symbiosis. It was difficult to work with Vyshinskiy.
Memoirs of colleagues both domestic is and foreign show painfully pictures of his unlimited roughness similar at each other. He considered that all should be held in a tension therefore any conversation steadily began on high-pitch tones.

Stalin's death has at once destroyed all his hopes. He has been expelled from the Central Committee, ousted the minister and as the Soviet representative in the UN is sent to New-York. It was the obvious reference. It is indicative that before departure he has disposed to scatter a set of the new book. But his ability to be reconstructed is demonstrated also by other fact. In 1937 Vyshinskiy has sent for execution of the chief prosecutor of transport - G. Segal. And spring of 1954 he has supported the petition for his rehabilitation. The political intuition hasn't changed it again.

The representative of the USSR in the UN Vyshinskiy has worked only several months. The representative of the USSR in the UN Vyshinskiy has worked only several months. First his sharpness and even roughness touched listeners, but soon all have seen that she works against the Soviet diplomats. His popularity was limited to walls of the UN. To the international conferences where problems of world politics were discussed, Vyshinskiy wasn't sent, and it offended him. Perhaps, such relation has been caused also by his sharply confrontational position in relation to the partners from the western countries. Many diplomats said that he rejected even those initiatives which did well the USSR. On November 20, 1954 he has unexpectedly died of heart attack, preparing for another performance.

Henrich Yagoda.
(a real name – Enoch Gershevich? ch.7 on November (19), 1891, Rybinsk the Yaroslavl province on March 15, 1938, Moscow) is one of heads of the Soviet retaliatory bodies: ChK, OGPU and People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs. I was born in family of the Jewish handicraftsman (printer-engraver) Gershen Fishelevich Iyeguda. Soon after Enoch's birth Iyeguda family has moved from Rybinsk to Nizhniy Novgorod where there lived her close family, Sverdlov. Future "leader" of the Bolshevism, the demon (rakshas') Yakov Sverdlov and Enoch-Heinrich Iyeguda-Yagoda were second cousins. Subsequently Enoch married Yakov's niece Ida Averbakh, the sister of the famous Soviet writer Leopold Averbakh. It is similar Sverdlov; the family Iyeguda had revolutionary and criminal communications. In 1904 at them on the apartment the underground printing house of the Nizhniy Novgorod committee of RSDRP (b) took cover. In December, 1905, during the December armed revolt in Sormovo, the elder brother of Enoch, 15-year-old Mikhail has died. Enoch Yagoda in youth has been closely connected with communist anarchists, taking part in development of plans of bank robberies. Went to Moscow for a "rattling mixture" is and bargaining with explosives. In the summer 1912 Yagoda who has moved to Moscow have been detained for contacts with revolutionaries there. He was sent for two years to Simbirsk, however next year amnestied in connection with the 300 anniversary of House of Romanovs. To acquire the right to lodge in St. Petersburg (out of "pale of settlement"), Yagoda has
formally passed from Judaism is into Orthodoxy.

In prerevolutionary years Enoch-Heinrich has got acquainted with Maxim Gorkiy who had close communication with Sverdlov’s family. (In 1902 the writer Maxim Gorkiy has adopted the mdadshy brother Yakov Sverdlin - Zinovia is). Yagoda began to depart from anarchism and to approach Bolsheviks. After the October revolution thanks to Yakov Sverdlov patronage he has begun to do fast communistic career. In 1919-1920 Yagoda have managed to work in a National Commissariat of foreign trade. There he has set up favorable cooperation with the employee of intelligence agencies Alexander Lurye and began to earn on commission charges from foreign concessions. These, two took away to themselves all that badly lay. Business was that the National commissariat of foreign trade from the most bases was closely connected with ChK. The state security agencies confiscated values, and Lurie’s department sold this good abroad for currency. Yagoda Genrich Grigoryevich whose biography speaks about is mute as about deeply greedy and greedy person, in this sense considerably differed from basic Dzerzhinskiy and Menzhinskiy. The corruption of the security officer was pleasant to Stalin. When that at a boundary of the 20-30th fought for the individual power, it has got support of Yagoda. Neither that nor another has lost. Yagoda have put on the person, as a result of become the dictator, and Stalin, knowing about roguish reputation of Yagoda, could blackmail that now, demanding loyalty. In 1920 Yagoda became the member of Presidium of ChK and in September, 1923 – the second vice-chairman of OGPU.

To Moscow from Shambhala there has arrived N.K. Rerich to transfer to F.E. Dzerzhinskiy the book "Community" - one of 14 books of the Doctrine of Living Ethics, Agni Yoga in which it is told: "The community has to be on a voluntary basis. No violence should enslave work. The condition of voluntary consent has to lay down in success basis". This day, in July, 1926, Felix Dzerzhinskiy after the trip around villages has been struck with ruin and how violently drove peasants in collective farms, has reported on the government, has come home and … has died – Jehovah has helped suggestion.

At the head of OGPU there was Vyacheslav Menzhinskiy. Stalin moved away true revolutionaries and replaced them with corrupt officials or murderers. I became the actual head of the principal retaliatory organ of Bolsheviks Yagoda which has rendered strong assistance to the towering Stalin in fight against "the joint opposition" of Trotskiy, Zinovyev and Kamenev. In October 1927 OGPU has dispersed opposition demonstrations in honor of the 10 anniversary of "Great October". Despite devotion of the subordinated to the Soviet leader, their relation it is difficult to call ideal. In the late twenties Stalin in general was rather cold to Yagoda as the strings to that were pulled by Yakov Sverdlov, and between Sverdlov and Stalin even the stranger even since the Turukhansky reference felt noticeable tension. Papers of the security officer to the chief were

formed with care if is not with fear. His old friendship with Bukharin became a serious problem for Yagoda after establishment of Stalin dictatorship. That has even mentioned the head of OGPU as the only security officer on whom it is possible to count in fight against Stalin. At the same time Yagoda was distinguished by an uncontrolled performed by orders, diligence and behavior of the executioner, concordant on any crime. Stalin has found other so vigorous and executive person in People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs only in several years. Nikolay Ezhov was him. But in the early thirties Stalin as necessary suffered Yagoda is and built work with him. Yagoda lacked Menzhinskiy erudition and Dzerzhinskiy's fanaticism. He modestly called once himself "a sentry dog on a chain". In the friendly company during plentiful libations he liked to recite ineptly verses, but in work he lacked creative talent. Private letters of Yagoda have been impregnated plainness and dryness. In the capital he was the awkward provincial and always envied the party figures differing in a bigger glossy and freedom. But Stalin for some time has put such person to direct security officers of the whole country.

In 1934 was created the new national of People's Commissariat for Internal. Affairs have been created, and the people's commissar of internal affairs of the USSR Yagoda has also received control over Head department of state security. He has headed even more expanded repressive state machinery which Stalin prepared for new campaigns for fight against opponents of his mode. In new quality Yagoda was engaged in creation and the organization of work of GULAG. The Soviet Union during short term was covered by network of the camps which have become the most important part of Stalin economic system and one of engines of the forced industrialization. Under the direct guide of the people's commissar the main GULAG building of that time construction of the White Sea - the Baltic channel was conducted.

December 1, 1934 in Smolny the head of the Leningrad Communist Party committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) Sergey Kirov was killed. Also the murderer - Leonid Nikolaev is known - Husband of the mistress of S. Kirov. Under suggestion of a devil of Jehovah Stalin used this crime for elimination Trotskyism-sinovyevsky oppositions, having ranked them as Kirov's murder and as "spies and counter-revolutionaries". All were subjected to execution and cooked up false protocols. In the book by Alexander Sever, "the Riddle of 1937 Mystery of Stalin repressions" texts of protocols of interrogation of are provided Yagoda. One of them is a search in its apartment with the list of household items. The protocol with listing of dachas with cooks and watchdogs, apartments, furniture, apartment renovations and dachas of sisters and mistresses and the real estate bought at the expense of finance of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs. It is possible to tell that he was a performer of the charter of demons (rakshas) – "everything that you see - yours".

Remaining protocols of interrogation are written by the same person is false. Yagoda there was an embezzler of public funds: on money of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs bought dachas to two mistresses, bedrooms, sent monthly products, organized for them cooks, watchdogs, and gardeners. Created the same benefits is also for sisters. Yagoda was very greedy. The confiscated jewelry in case of a search of defendants, his colleague swindler Lurye sold abroad for own profit. These, two took away everything that badly lay. In case of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs was jewelry shop Dinamo. Lurye sold state jewelry abroad at the "underestimated" prices. The difference between the true price and underestimated demons (rakshas') was used for personal accumulation. At the same time on Yagoda hung "Trotskistsky- zinovyevevsky" - having declared them "spies and counter-revolutionaries". Cooked up false protocols and sentenced all to execution.

Since 1930 Yagoda was a candidate for members of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of the Central Committee, since 1934 the member of the Central Committee. During the collectivization (the cruelest wave of Stalin terror) it ruthlessly suppressed country revolts and moved "fists" to Siberia. Yagoda in the most active way participated in creation of GULAG. He directed the construction of White Sea channel which has absorbed many thousands the prisoners of lives (what in August, 1933 have received the Order of Lenin for) and even carried a title of "the first initiator, the organizer and the ideological head of the socialist industry of a taiga and the North". On the last lock of White Sea channel the thirty-meter five-pointed star with a huge bronze bust of Yagoda has been erected inside. GULAGs, White Sea channel is results of activity of Yagoda. Read information on construction of White Sea channel and a having made it conclusions about the leader of the USSR.

Track map Belomor-channel.
Have charged to direct a construction of the channel was "to right Stalin's». Future Stalin people's commissar Heinrich Yagoda and the chief of GULAG Matvei Berman became curators of building. Lazar Kogan is appointed the site manager. On White Sea channel also another known "Solovki figure" — Nathan Frenkel has become famous.

In the spring 1932 Mr. Heinrich Yagoda, then still the vice-chairman of OGPU, and his accomplice — the deputy prosecutor of the Supreme Court of the USSR Katanyan have approved "The provision on the special rights of the chief of GULAG comrade Kogan L. I. and assistant to the chief of GULAG comrade Jakov Rapoport on construction of the White Sea - the Baltic waterway which is carried out by forces of prisoners".

Have charged to direct a construction of the channel "to right staleness …» Future Stalin people's commissar Heinrich Yagoda and the chief of GULAG Matvei Berman was became curators of building. Lazar Kogan has been appointed the site manager. On White Sea channel also another known "Saluki figure" Nathan Freckle has become famous.

In the spring 1932 Mr. Heinrich Yagoda, then still the vice-chairman of OGPU, and his accomplice the deputy prosecutor of the Supreme Court of the USSR Katanyan have approved "The provision on the special rights of the chief of GULAG comrade Kogan L. I. and assistant to the chief of GULAG comrade Jakov Rapoport on construction of the white sea is the Baltic waterway which is carried out by forces of prisoners". They had the right to prolong an imprisonment term.

The devil tried to cause in the population of the USSR a protest to the new power. Hypnosis and suggestion were applied by Jehovah to the leader – invasion into sub consciousness of the person, replacement of a thought.
Great Maitreya is Gave Advice to Stalin to save him from a false way.

In July, 1934 OGPU has been transformed to the Head Department of State Security (HDSS) and has entered into more extensive new structure People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs of the USSR. Yagoda have at the same time headed both People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, and GUGB.

At first Jehovah has decided to restore country people against the new power. From the middle of the 1930th of repression of Stalin have begun to affect more is and more widely not only the simple population of the USSR, but also the highest communistic oligarchy. The devil conducted the Father Menshens to the individual power, and it wasn't pleasant too much of his closest associates. I treated number of such hidden oppositionists (who acted based on personal benefit) also Yagoda. In 1934-1936 he at Stalin's insistence participated in the
organization of vessels for doubtful cases is of Kirov's murder, "The Kremlin plot", in organization of process against Zinovyev and Kamenev. However against a party top Yagoda worked extremely reluctantly, and Stalin knew it.

In September, 1936 Yagoda has been removed from a post of the people's commissar of internal affairs which was held instead of him by main "hero" of Big Terror N. Ezhov. Yagoda was appointed the people's commissar of communication, but in January of the next year removed also from this post. He has been expelled from party, in March, 1937 is arrested, accused of communications with Trotsky, Buharin and Rykov, of Gorkiy's murder. At a search the set of pornographic objects, a women's clothing and even a rubber phallus has been found in the house of Yagoda. Jehovah has destroyed true revolutionaries, using Stalin and used Yagoda and has covered up tracks.

Yagoda became one of the main defendants on "Process of the right-Trotskistsky block" (1938). In Stalin's environment the devil has introduced the demons, who have grown fat from corruption and theft, but judged them on as spies and counter-revolutionaries not to restore the starving population against the government. Yagoda of veins is on to demonic laws.

On this court Vyshinskiy has applied "the queen of proofs" - violence and Yagoda has pled guilty. During the speech he addressed to Stalin with an appeal for pardon, speaking as if the Leader is present at the hall and hears his words. A. Solzhenitsyn in "the Archipelago GULAG" believes that Stalin really watched process of the hidden room, and Yagoda knew about it. Earlier Yagoda together with the Leader observed Coba has merged responsibility for the numerous crimes committed by him on Yagoda.

Nikolay Ezhov
(1895 - 1940).
As is well-known from history, most of those, who sent in France noblemen and royalties to the guillotine during Great terror in the 18th century, have been executed subsequently. There was even a familiar expression read by the Minister of Justice Danton which he has told before he was beheaded: "Revolution devours the children".

(Danton didn't know, as in those days a devil Jehovah dealt shortly with revolutionaries; his world order – the capital. He suppresses attempts of gaining freedom and other world order of the world – Community).

The history has repeated in the years of Stalin terror when on one stroke of a feather the yesterday's executioner could appear on the same prison plank beds or to be shot extra judicially, as well as those whom he sent to death. (The devil provokes to crime and it punishes. In the Old Testament there is a case: The tsar chopped off standing thumbs that who collected remains under his table. And then the petty tyrant Jehovah has ordered to chop off also to him thumbs standing). A striking example told is Ezhov Nikolay — the commissioner of Internal affairs of the USSR.

At the time of Nikolay's birth his parents lived in the village of the Mariampolsky County (nowadays the territory of Lithuania). 3 years later the family has moved to Mariampol where Ezhov was disaccustomed 3 years in initial school. Having counted the son rather educated, in 1906 parents have sent him to the relative to St. Petersburg where he had to seize sartorial craft. In
1916 Nikolay Ezhov, whose growth was only 1 m 51 cm, has been recognized unusable to service with troops. The beginning of party career in the questionnaire completed with Ezhov in the early twenties he has specified that he has entered RSDRP in May, 1917. In April, 1919 he was called up on service for the Red Army and directed to base of radio formations to Saratov. There he at first served privates, and then as a copyist at command. In October of the same year Ezhov Nikolay has held a position of the commissioner of base where radio experts studied, and in the spring of 1921 has been appointed the commissioner of base and elected the assistant manager propagandist department of the Tatar regional committee of RCP. In July, 1921 Ezhov Nikolay has registered marriage with And. Titova. Soon after the wedding newly married has gone to Moscow and has achieved the translation there and the spouse. In the capital Ezhov has begun to move ahead quickly on service. He held the following party positions: responsible secretary of the Semipalatinsk Provincial committee; head organization department of the Kyrgyz regional committee; deputy responsible secretary of the Kazakh regional committee; the instructor organizational distributive department the Central Committee. According to the management, Ezhov Nikolay Ivanovich was an ideal performer, but had an essential shortcoming wasn't able to stop, even in situations when nothing can be made. Having worked in the Central Committee till 1929, he within 12 months held a post of an organizational distributive department of agriculture of the USSR, and then has returned in organizationally distributive department to a position organizationally distributive department Nikolay Ezhov managed till 1934. Then it was included in the Central commission of VKP which had to carry out "cleaning" of party, and since February, 1935 he has been chosen as the chairman of the CPC and the secretary of the Central Committee. From 1934 to 1935 Ezhov at the request of Stalin has headed the commission on the Kremlin business and investigation of murder of Kirov. He has coordinated (according to Stalin's instructions) them with Zinovyev, Trotsky and Kamenev's activity, having actually joined a plot with Agranov against the chief of the last people's commissar of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs of Yagoda.
N. Ezhov to Stalin went to reception daily not less than 20 times. Only Molotov surpassed him in visits of an office of the leader. So any issue without participation of the leader wasn't resolved. All instructions on "cleaning" of shots went from Stalin obsessed with a devil. Under the guise of disposal of Stalin's competitors, a devil Jehovah destroyed Jews who since Lemuria have departed from him and his world order – the capital.

In September, 1936 I. Stalin and A. Zhdanov, who were at that time on vacation have sent the cipher telegram addressed to Molotov, Kaganovich and other members of the politburo of the Central Committee to the capital. In her they demanded to appoint Ezhov to a post of the people's commissar of internal affairs, having left to him as the deputy Agranov. Certainly, the order has been executed immediately, and at the beginning of October, 1936 Nikolay Ezhov has signed the first order on the department on taking office. Ezhov Nikolay is the national commissioner of internal affairs. As well as G.Yagoda, bodies of state security and militia and also auxiliary services, for example, of management of fire protection and highways submitted to him. On the new post Nikolay Ezhov was engaged in the organization of repressions against persons, who were suspected of espionage or in anti-Soviet activity, "cleanings" in party, mass arrests, dispatches on social, national and organizational feature. In particular, after in March, 1937 the plenum of the Central Committee has charged to him to be engaged in establishing order in bodies of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, 2 273 employees of this department have been arrested. Besides, at Ezhov orders to bodies of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs on places with the indication of number of the unreliable citizens who are subject to arrest, execution, dispatch or imprisonment and the camp began to arrive. For these "feats" of Ezhov was awarded the Order of Lenin. And who distributed awards for executions, prisons and references of innocent people? "Falcon" Stalin! Also to number of his merits it is possible to attribute extermination of old guard of revolutionaries to which unattractive details of biographies of many top officials of the state were known.

In the late thirties at Khrushchev in Ukraine more than 150 thousand Party members have been arrested. N.S. Khrushchev becomes the first secretary of the Central Committee of the RC (b) of Ukraine and the candidate for members of the Politburo, and in a year the member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks). The devil pushed him. According to some publications, Khrushchev possesses the note sent them to Stalin in 1938 from Kiev 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. According is to the order: "Dear Josef Vissarionovich! Ukraine monthly sends 17 — 18 thousand victims of political repression, and Moscow approves no more than two-three thousand. I ask to take measures. N.S. Khrushchev loving you". The short resolution of Stalin on

the same note is interesting: "Be appeased, the fool!" Any of authors of these publications doesn't give the reference to archive in which this is stored "Khrushchev's note". The journalist Leonid Mlechin on air of Echo of Moscow radio station has unsubstantially specified on September 20, 2009: "It is archived on November 26, 2012 on formulations, impossible in his personal opinion, in this note".

Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala, repeatedly tried to prompt to Stalin need of attraction to work in Moscow of the honest clever, creative performer to this responsible position. It is very difficult to break through to consciousness, struck with obsession, especially from a high wave on low. In the management there had to be a person with the open fiery centers whose consciousness would perceive information from the Highest Worlds. It is Beria! It has been embodied in Russia from Shambhala as Lenin's duplicate for the help and replacement in connection with circumstances.

On April 8, 1938 Ezhov was appointed in combination the national commissioner of the water transport, and in several months posts of the first deputy on People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs and the chief of Head department of state security were occupied by Lavrentiy Beria.

In November, 1938 in the politburo of RC the denunciation of Nikolay Ezhov which has been signed by the head of Ivanovskiy of management of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs was discussed. In several days the people's commissar has submitted the resignation in which acknowledged the responsibility for harmful activity of "enemies", who by his oversight have got into prosecutor's office and People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs. Expecting the fast arrest, in the letter to the leader of the people he asked not to touch him "the seventy-year-old old woman mother" and has completed the message saying that he "destroyed enemies ruthlessly has". In December, 1938 News and the Truth have published the message that Ezhov, according to his request, is exempted from duties of the head of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, but has kept a post of the people's commissar of the water transport. Lavrentiy Beria who has begun the activity at a new position with check of activity of the employees who are brought closer to Ezhov in People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, in courts and prosecutor's office became his successor. In day of 15-year anniversary of death of V.I. Lenin N. Ezhov last time was present at an important action of the state value the ceremonial meeting devoted to this sad anniversary.

However then the event which directly specified that over it is even more, than before has followed, clouds of anger of the leader of the people are condensed he hasn't been elected the delegate of the XVIII congress of the ALL- UNION COMMUNIST PARTY OF BOLSHEVIKS.

In April, 1939 Ezhov Nikolay Ivanovich whose biography up to this point was story about improbable career rise of the person who has hardly graduated elementary school has been detained. Arrest has happened in Malenkov's office, with the assistance of Beria who was appointed to conduct investigation on his business. From there he was sent to Sukhanovsky special prison of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs of the USSR. In 2 weeks Ezhov has written a note which I admitted that is a homosexual. Subsequently she was used the proof that he made unnatural actions of sexual nature in the mercenary and anti-Soviet purposes. However "preparation of a coup and terrorist shots which were supposed to be used for commission of attempts at party members and the governments on November 7 at the Red Square, during demonstration of workers" was the main thing that was blamed of it.

Nikolay Ezhov rejected all brought charges and called the only mistake insufficient diligence in "cleaning" of bodies of state security. In the last word on trial Ezhov has said that he was beaten during the investigation though he honestly fought all 25 years and destroyed enemies of the people. (Ezhov personally was present at interrogations during use of violence. (Solzhenitsyn writes GULAG in the book that on interrogations of the victims beat with the hammer genitals, and they signed all false charges in the address).

Besides, he has told that if has wanted to commit terrorist attack concerning one of members of the government, then he didn't need to hire anybody, he could just use the corresponding equipment. On February 3, 1940 the former people's commissar has been sentenced to execution. The execution has taken place next day. According to those, who accompanied him in the last minutes lives, before execution he sang "International". Nikolay Ezhov's death has come instantly. To destroy even the memory of the former colleague, the party top has made the decision on cremation of his corpse. Ezhov after cremation of Lord Karma was defined in the center of Earth in the boiling magma.
Stalin surrounded himself with People's commissars with education within 2 - 4 classes of primary education that they, having got drunk with a high position, not thinking, and with big diligence, executed his decrees. The law of the Karma considers everything: thoughts, words and actions. As easily Stalin was we operate a devil Jehovah. Josef easily I left the performers, time has come to replace Ezhov with another.
It is very difficult to break through to consciousness, struck with obsession, especially, from a high wave on low. In the management there had to be a person with the open fiery centers whose consciousness would perceive information from the Highest Worlds, from God. It is Beria!
It has been embodied in Russia from Shambhala as Lenin's duplicate for the help and replacement in connection with circumstances.

Vladimir Lenin.
Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin). I was born on April 22, 1870 in Simbirsk - have died on January 21, 1924 in Gorky's estate, the Moscow province. The Russian revolutionary, Soviet political and the statesman, the founder of the Russian social democratic Labor Party (Bolsheviks), one of main organizers and heads of the October revolution of 1917 in Russia, the chairman of the board of National Commissioners (government) of RSFSR is the founder of the first in world history socialist state. Marxist, publicist, founder of Marxism-Leninism, ideologist and creator of the Third (Communistic) International, is founder of the USSR, first chairman of SNK USSR. The sphere of the main political and publicist works - materialistic philosophy, the theory of Marxism, the critic of capitalism and its highest phase: imperialism, theory and practice of implementation of socialist revolution, creation of socialism and communism, socialism political economy. Regardless of positive or negative assessment of activity of Lenin, even many not communistic researchers consider him the most considerable revolutionary statesman in world history. The ―Time‖ magazine has included Lenin in one hundred outstanding people of the 20th century in category "Leaders and Revolutionaries". Works by V.I. Lenin win first place is in the world among translated literature. It is poisoned.

Josef Stalin.
Josef Vissarionovich Stalin (a real name — Dzhugashvili, was born 9 on December (21), 1879), Gori, the Tiflissky province, the Russian Empire — on March 5, 1953, Kuntsevo, the Moscow region, RSFSR, the USSR) — the Russian revolutionary and Soviet state, political, party and military figure. The national commissioner for nationalities of RSFSR (1917 — 1923), the National commissioner of the state control of RSFSR (1919 — 1920), the National commissioner of Workers' and Peasants' inspection of RSFSR (1920 — 1922); Secretary general of RCP(b) (1922 — 1925) of the Central Committee, Secretary general of the All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) (1925 — 1934) of the Central Committee, Secretary of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) (1934 — 1952) of the Central Committee, Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU (1952 — 1953); Chairman of the board of National Commissioners of the USSR (1941 — 1946), Chairman of the board of Ministers of the USSR (1946 — 1953); The Supreme Commander Armed forces of the USSR (since 1941), the Chairman of the State Committee of Defense (1941 — 1945), the People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR

(1941 — 1946), the National commissioner of Armed Forces of the USSR (1946 — 1947). The marshal is of the Soviet Union (since 1943); the Generalissimo is of the Soviet Union (since 1945). Member of Executive committee is of Komintern (1925 — 1943). The honorary member is of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (since 1939). The hero of Socialist Work (since 1939), the Hero of the Soviet Union (since 1945) and throughout the term of board 1924 – 1953 – obsessed Jehovah's devil. Under Stalin's decree, under suggestion of a devil of Jehovah, almost all of them have been shot as a result of application of "the queen of the proof" of Vyshinsky – use of violence at interrogations. It is poisoned.

Commissioner is for nationalities of RSFSR (1917 — 1923). During lifetime of V.I. Lenin, formation of the Republics was entrusted to I. Stalin; to establish borders. A part of the territory of Armenia - Karabachos, has been cut to Azerbaijan, after the collapse of the USSR war for return of Karabachos has begun. Stalin has drawn a straight line, without penetrating into a key part of the problem. So he did everything. The Supreme is Commander Armed forces of the USSR (since 1941). … The generalissimo is of the Soviet Union (since 1945). What of Stalin is Supreme and Generalissimo? I have shot down all, hasn't accepted information from Richard Sorge; he all 29 years of obsession worked as the Owner of land to the detriment of the USSR. Titles to him were pasted by "companions" not to lose the warm place. Stalin only listened to a situation on fronts. It is good that the Marshal Zhukov had an iron character; - he could defend the beliefs rigidly. Stalin it was necessary (on the basis of Lenin's letter) to hold on the supporting, third parts. The devil has cut through a glade to Stalin and has seated in the Secretary General chair for him.
Nikolay Rykov.

The first people's commissar of internal affairs has stayed in the position only nine days, however has managed to sign the historical document on creation of militia. Having left the people's commissar's post, Rykov has passed to work into the Moscow Council. Further Alexey Rykov held high state posts, and since February, 1924 has officially headed the Soviet government — Council of People's Commissars of the USSR. Rykov's career has gone down in 1930 when he has been ousted heads of the government. Rykov who was long supporting Nikolay Bukharin has been declared "the right deviator" and couldn't get rid of this brand, despite numerous penitential speeches. On a plenum of party in February, 1937 it is expelled from the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) and on February 27, 1937 it is arrested. On interrogations I have pled guilty. As one of the main defendants it is involved in open trial of "the Right Trotskist anti-Soviet block". On March 13, 1938 has been sentenced to death and on March 15 it is shot. Rykov has been completely rehabilitated by the Main Military Procuracy of the USSR in 1988.

Vladimir Milyutin
In nine days after creation of the first Soviet government Milyutin has supported creation of the coalition government and in protest at the decision of the Central Committee has submitted the application for an exit from the Central Committee and SNK, later recognized inaccuracy of the statements and has withdrawn the application for an exit from the Central Committee. Subsequently I held high posts in the government, from 1928 to 1934 have been arrested by the vice-chairman State plan of the USSR.26 of July, 1937. On October 29, 1937 it is sentenced to death for belonging to the counterrevolutionary organization of "right". On October 30, 1937 it is shot. It is rehabilitated in 1956.

Alexander Shlyapnikov

Shlyapnikov also supported inclusion in the structure of the government of members of other political parties, however, unlike colleagues; the post hasn't left, having continued work in the government. Three weeks later in addition to duties of the people's commissar of work also duties of the people's commissar of trade and the industry have been assigned to him. In Bolshevik party of Hatters was the leader of the so-called "working opposition" which has especially brightly proved in a party discussion about a role of labor unions. He believed that a task of labor unions is the organization of management of the national economy, and they have to take away this function from party. Shlyapnikov position has been sharply criticized by Lenin that has affected the future of one of the first Soviet people's commissars. Further he held minor positions, for example, worked as the chairman of the board of Metalloimport joint-stock company. Shlyapnikov memoirs have sparked "The seventeenth year" sharp criticism in party. In 1933 he has been expelled from the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks), in 1934 is administratively sent to Karelia, in 1935 for belonging to "working opposition" is sentenced to 5 years — the punishment replaced with exile to Astrakhan. In 1936 Shlyapnikov has been again arrested. He was accused that, being the head of the counterrevolutionary organization "Working Opposition", he in the fall of 1927 has given the directive to the Kharkov center of this organization about transition to individual terror as to a fight method against the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) and the Soviet government, and in 1935-1936 I gave directives on preparation of act of terrorism against Stalin. Shlyapnikov hasn't pled guilty, but under sentence of Military board of the Supreme Court of the USSR on September 2, 1937 has been shot. On January 31, 1963, the Military Collegiums of the Supreme Court of the USSR Alexander Shlyapnikov was rehabilitated in his lack of action of the crime.

Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko, Nikolay Krylenko, Pavel Dybenko.
The fate of members of the triumvirate which has headed the Defense Ministry was quite similar. All of them, for many years, held high state posts, and all of them became the victims of "big terror". Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko, during the armed revolt in Petrograd arrested Provisional government, was one of founders of the Red Army, has spent many years at diplomatic work, during the

Civil war in Spain was the consul general of the USSR in Barcelona, having greatly helped republican troops as the military adviser. Upon return from Spain has been arrested, on February 8, 1938 it is sentenced to execution "for belonging to the Trotskyist terrorist and espionage organization". It is shot on February 10, 1938. It is rehabilitated posthumously on February 25, 1956.

Nikolay Krylenko was one of creators of the Soviet right, held posts of the people's commissar of justice of RSFSR and the USSR, the prosecutor of RSFSR and the chairman of the Supreme Court of the USSR. Krylenko is considered one of "architects of Big terror" 1937-1938. On a twist of fate, Krylenko himself has become his victim. It is shot. In 1938 at the first session of the Supreme Council of the USSR Krylenko has undergone criticism. Soon after that it is dismissed from all posts, expelled from the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) and arrested. About sentence Military boards of the Supreme Court of the USSR it is shot on July 29, 1938. In 1956 it is rehabilitated for lack of evidence.

Pavel Dybenko has made military career, carried a rank of the commander of the 2nd rank and ordered troops in various military districts. In 1937 I took active part in repressions in the ranks of army. Dybenko was a part of the Special judicial presence which has condemned group of the highest Soviet military leaders on "Tukhachevsky’s Business" in June, 1937.

In February, 1938 already Dybenko has been arrested. He has pled guilty to participation in an anti-Soviet Trotskyism military and fascist plot. On July 29, 1938 it is sentenced to death and on the same day it is shot. It is rehabilitated in 1956.

Victor Nogin
Supporting creation of "the uniform socialist government", Nogin has appeared among those who have left Council of People's Commissars several days later. However Nogin in three weeks "recognized mistakes" and has continued to work at senior positions, but already lower level. I held posts of the commissioner of work of the Moscow region, and then the deputy people's commissar of work of RSFSR.

I have died on May 2, 1924; it is buried at Red Square. The surname of one of the first Soviet people's commissars is immortalized in the name of the city of Noginsk situated near Moscow to this day. (If has died, - it is immortalized at the Kremlin wall if it is alive – execution" - the devil has so disposed).

Anatoliy Lunacharskiy
The people's commissar of education was one of the steadiest figures in the Soviet government, stretch holding the post within 12 years. Thanks to Lunacharskiy many historical monuments have been kept, activity of cultural institutions is adjusted. There were, however, also very ambiguous decisions — in particular, already spent the career of the people's commissar, Lunacharskiy prepared transfer of Russian to the Latin alphabet.

In 1929 he has been displaced from a post of the people's commissar of education and appointed the chairman of scientific committee at the Central Election Commission of the USSR.

In 1933 Lunacharskiy has been sent by the Plenipotentiary Representative of the USSR to Spain. I was the deputy head of the Soviet delegation during the conference on disarmament at the League of Nations. Lunacharskiy has died in December, 1933 on the way to Spain in the French resort of Mentone. The ballot box with Anatoly Lunacharskiy' ashes is buried in the Kremlin wall.

Ivan Skvortsov (Stepanov)
At the time of appointment as the people's commissar Skvortsov held a post of the member of the Moscow revolutionary-military committee. Having learned about the appointment, Skvortsov declared that he is a theorist, but not the practice and has refused a position. Further the editor-in-chief of the "News TSIK SSSR I VTSIK" newspaper, since 1927 — the deputy responsible secretary of the Truth newspaper, along with 1926 the director of Institute Lenin at the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) was engaged in journalism, since 1925.

Skvortsov appeared in party print as the active supporter of Stalin, however hasn't reached the presidency on October 8, 1928 has died of a serious illness. Ashes are buried in the Kremlin wall.

Lev Bronstein (Trotskiy).
One of the chief leaders of Bolsheviks, the second person in party after Lenin, in the 1920th years has lost in inner-party fight, and in 1929 has been forced to leave the USSR as the political refugee. Trotsky continued the correspondence opposition with a Stalin course till 1940 while it hasn't been interrupted in August, 1940 with the blow of an ice axe struck with the agent of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs Ramón Merkader. It is killed.

George Oppokov (Lomov)
For George Oppokov being the people's commissar within several days became top of his political career. Further he has continued the activity at minor positions, such as chairman of Petro syndicate, chairman of the board Donugol, the vice-chairman State plan of the USSR, the member of bureau of the Commission of the Soviet control at SNK USSR. In June, 1937 within "Big terror" Oppokov has been arrested, under sentence of Military board of the Supreme Court of the USSR is shot on December 30, 1938. It is posthumously rehabilitated in 1956.

Ivan Teodorovich.
As well as other supporters of creation of the government from among members of various socialist parties, Teodorovich announced an exit from the government, but fulfilled the duties till December, 1917.

Further I was a member of board of People's Commissariat for Agriculture, and since 1922 the deputy people's commissar of agriculture. In 1928-1930 is the secretary general of Country International.

It is arrested on June 11, 1937. It is sentenced by Military board of the Supreme Court of the USSR on September 20, 1937 on a charge of participation in the anti-Soviet terrorist organization to the death penalty and on the same day it is shot. It is rehabilitated in 1956.

Nikolay Avilov (Glebov)
Avilov held the post to the decision on creation of the coalition government with the left Social Revolutionaries then he has replaced the people's commissar's position with a post of the associate director of National bank. Further held various positions of the second rank; was the people's commissar of work of Ukraine. From 1923 to 1926 Avilov was the leader of the Leningrad labor unions and became one of leaders of the so-called "Leningrad opposition" that became ten years later for him a fatal circumstance. Since 1928 Avilov directed agricultural mechanical engineering is and since 1929 became the first director of the Rostov plant of the Rostov agricultural mechanical engineering agricultural machinery.

On September 19, 1936 Nikolay Avilov is arrested on a charge of terrorist activity. On March 12, 1937 by Military board of the Supreme Court of the USSR it is sentenced to execution on a charge of participation in the counterrevolutionary terrorist organization. The sentence is carried out on March 13, 1937. It is rehabilitated in 1956.
Scales of Stalin repressions is exact figures.

Igor Pykhalov (29 publications) is the historian, the author of 9 books about theGreat Patriotic War and history of the USSR. Non-party.

Tell archival documents.
To learn true number executed at Stalin, it isn't obligatory to be engaged in fortune-telling on a coffee thick at all. It is enough to study the declassified documents. The most known of them is the report addressed to N.S. Khrushchev of February 1, 1954: Top secret: No. 2 copy. On the secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU comrade N.S. Khrushchev Due to the signals from a number of persons of illegal condemnation coming to the Central Committee of the CPSU for counterrevolutionary crimes in last year’s by board of OGPU, the three of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, a special meeting, Military Board, vessels and military courts, and according to your instruction to reconsider case on the persons condemned for counterrevolution crimes and who are nowadays contained in camps and prisons, we report: On available in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the CPSU this for the available period since 1921 till present for counterrevolutionary crimes it has been condemned by Board of OGPU, the three of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, a special meeting, Military Board, vessels and military courts of 3 777 380 people, including: to a capital punishment - 642 980 people; to contents in camps and prisons for a period of 25 years and below – 2 369 220 people; in exile and dispatch – 765 180 people. From total of arrested 2 900 000 people are approximately condemned by courts, military courts, Special board and Military Board.

Chapter 5. "Lavrentiy Beria. Return from a non-existence".
Sergo Beria, "My father is Lavrentiy Beria".
Firsthand: Remember the grandfather on the father Pavle vaguely. Remained in memory a black grandfather a felt cloak, hood moreover stories about him, the person extremely hardworking and active.

In his native Mingrelia it wasn't died. He has been forced to move to Abkhazia because of prosecutions of gendarmes. As far as I know, it has been connected with peasant’s uprisings. The mountain village of Merkheuli thought was in Abkhazia, was Mingrelia. Probably, the choice of the grandfather was also explained by it.

Prosperity big on the old place, here, in the godforsaken small village, he hasn't acquired. And that trifle that had has been forced to leave in Mingrelia. Here everything had to be started from scratch.

Grandmother, Marta Dzhakeli (noblewoman, from here education: Lavrentiy drew and loved music), though consisted in some relationship with Dadiani, the owner of Mingrelia, too was very poor woman. Her first husband has died, and she, having the son and the daughter, has married Pavle. According to stories by the grandmother Marta, the peasant Pavle bravery and beauty has subdued her. She perfectly sewed and earned additionally all life sartorial craft, bringing some prosperity in the house. And Pavle same since youth was is minutes free. And have met.

At Pavle and Marta was three children, but fate of all three was tragically. One boy has lived only two years and, having got sick with smallpox, has died. There was a deaf-mute Anna after the postponed disease. All hope was on Lavrentiy. Pavle and Marta very much wanted that their son has got an education. My father was seven years old when the grandfather has decided to send him for study in the Sukhumi real school. In a gymnasium of the father wouldn't accept, and in such educational institutions just and the people studied more poorly. However, for implementation of the cherished dream the grandfather Pavle has been forced to sell half-house spare cash in family then, it wasn't later.

In 15 years, having graduated from the Sukhumi school with honors, the father decided to study further. It was necessary to the grandfather Pavle and the second half of the house to sell and get over with family in a shanty from shingle. And the father went to Baku, to mechanic-construction technical school.

Having already become the deputy chairman of the Georgian ChK, the father of course helped parents, but they lived in poverty still. How many the father asked them to move to Tbilisi and to live with us, the grandfather Pavle was unshakable: "I have nothing to do in your city". He really didn't think of the life without hard country work, loved a scope. Constantly I was distressed: "Why to me you don't want to release Sergo for the whole year? I will make the person of it"! Mother, naturally, was against.

When learned that the grandfather Pavle caught a cold and got sick, mother right there went to Merkheuli, it near Sukhumi. The grandfather died at it on arms. And here the father didn't manage its live to find …

My mother, Nina Teymurazovna, is younger than the father for six years — she was born in 1905. Her father, Teimuraz Gegechkori, comes from a noble family. Mother, my grandmother Dariko Chikovani, Darya is princely parentage. Both it, and at the grandfather it had the second marriage. At Teimuraz Gegechkori in one day the wife and two sons died from typhoid, the grandmother Dariko after death of the first husband had three children. The grandfather long didn't marry after the death of the first wife, with Dariko he had an only child — my mother.

As well as the grandmother, the grandfather was very educated person, participated in the national movement and during one of anti-imperial peasants uprisings got seven bullets. To the seventy-year-old old man killed both legs, in a year he died. The person shooting at the grandfather the imperial gendarme was from local, the Mingrelia. He continued to live in the village of this and when my father directed the Georgian ChK, Transcaucasia and Georgian GPU,
-was the first secretary of the Central Committee of party of Georgia and died a natural death. To some extent, I think, it characterizes our family. Nobody and ever at us revenged anybody.

Mother has graduated from rural school in the Mingrelia village, then a gymnasium. She was brought up in family of the Uncle Sasha Gegechkori. That was a Bolshevik. My father came to his secret apartment; they also have got acquainted with mother thanks to Sasha Gegechkori.

Her second uncle — Evgeniy Gegechkori became at Mensheviks Minister of Foreign Affairs. Such different destinies …

Already at the Soviet power parents have gone to Baku, later to Tbilisi. Mother has completed agricultural institute, postgraduate studies, has defended the master's thesis and after transfer of the father to Moscow worked in Agricultural academy of K.A. Timiryazev.

In 1953 both of my grandmothers 84 years were one at that time, another 81-suddenly have thrown out from apartments and have sent to nursing home in one hundred kilometers from Tbilisi. The authorities haven't allowed taking none of relatives old women to themselves. When, having appeared after prison in Sverdlovsk, we with mother have received relative freedom, she nevertheless managed to go to Georgia illegally. By then the grandmother Dariko wasn't alive any more she has died in four months prior to arrival of mother.

The grandmother Marta was already absolutely blind, but when mother has entered the room, that has taken her by hand and has right there defined: "Nino…". Two months we unsuccessfully tried to obtain permission to take away it to Sverdlovsk, but were not in time …

It is still difficult for me to understand what aim was pursued by the authorities, dealing shortly with all relatives Beria. What did insulation of these old women give, say? Really the authorities saw also in them threat to the state?

We with mother then were consoled by one: the grandmother Marta at least lived till that day when learned that we are alive. Before she, certainly, knew nothing about us and we about how fate of our relatives was, learned only in Sverdlovsk.

And about my father, and about our family for the last forty years of a lie is written much. Having lived 87 years, mother loving the father all life died with strong belief that all these conjectures, frank gossips were necessary for a party apex — it from it the lie about the father only proceeded to blacken it after tragic loss.

My parents as already spoke got acquainted much earlier. The father sat in one camera of the Kutaisi prison together with Sasha Gegechkori. My mother visited the uncle and got acquainted. Lavrentiy 17 was born on March (30), 1899. I dreamed of architecture and it was a good artist. I recall the story connected already to my childhood. I was a militant atheist and once broke an

icon. In a word, the grandmother Marta was very upset. She was a believer and until the end of life helped church and parishioners.

Having returned from operation, the father cooled my atheistic heat and … drew a new icon. I remembered that talk for a long time. "It is necessary to be respectful to others beliefs".

The person it was scalene gifted. I drew a pencil, a watercolor, oil. Very much loved and I understood music. Mother often bought plates of the Aprilevsky plant with records of classical music and together with the father with pleasure listened to them. And here the father did not read poetry as far as I remember. He loved historical literature, permanently was interested in operations of economists. It was closer to it. Did is not smoke. I hated cognac, vodka. When sat down to the table, the wine bottle, however, stood. The father drank only good Georgian wine and only in moderate as it is accepted to speak, doses. Drunk never saw it.

Great Maitreya - Divine Christ.

Divine Christ

Great Maitreya Has passed the Way from "the pastor of sheep" to God.
His all embodiments were step Ascension.

Great Maitreya is the Head of our Solar system. The first Archangel is a position which is taken up by Maitreya during passing of evolution of the person. The archangel the most beautiful is one of Arhistratiga Michael's names. He is a Patron of Russia, Slavs, Israel, religions and philosophies! Great Lord of Shambhala (the Himalaya White Brotherhood), the Creator of our Planet and everything that lives and breathes on her! Maitreya is our Father Heavenly. He is All! Everything systems of the World are Shapes of the
same Spirit which was shown as Rama, Krishna (God Vishnu), Kapila, Gautama Buddha, Christ (God Vishnu), Maitreya (God Vishnu), in the future is Kalki the Avatar.
On our Planet's Father-Mother are Great Maitreya and Mother World. They Stay on the highest point of the mental sphere: Great Maitreya in Dokiud', Mother World is at top Everest. Look at the sky, how many stars and on everyone there live people - it is planets and on everyone live people and worship the one, who has created the planet. Our Earth from space is seen by an asterisk too and Has created her Great Maitreya (Divine Christ). The word "Maitreya» is Invincible (Sanskrit). We will support the Creator of our House by Worship!

During World War II on guards our Planet there was Shambhala. In spite of the fact that in space there was an Armageddon (war between Forces Light's and darkness); the Lord of Shambhala constantly Gave information to Stalin about the preparing Hitler (Jehovah's) attack on the USSR. Later, Doctor Rihard Sorge in telegrams specified exact date of attack on the Soviet Union. Jehovah as a mad dog rushed about from Hitler's body in Stalin's office to keep the leader under hypnosis and to introduce false information in sub consciousness. As at the radio receiver on a scale heights (5, 10, 15, 20, 50, 100 m, etc.), and in space are specified; on one wave, we will allow within five meters, it is easy to transfer information. But from the highest world, with a difference in several kilometers between levels of the transmitter and receiver, it is difficult to make it, especially, if the person is struck with obsession of a devil. Especially, before war the devil constantly was present at Stalin's office in astral body... The leader wasn't able to accept even information from telegrams of doctor Sorge. From God there were confirmations on true information of the intelligence agent. There were information transfer cases through the intermediary: used attendants of Orthodox Church of other states (the devil didn't block this channel because didn't know about him). The only performer of decrees of the Lord of Shambhala was Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria; he was incarnated in Russia from Shambhala as Lenin's duplicate for the help and replacement in connection with circumstances.

Throughout his creative life the Silence Voice on all issues with which Beria dealt, Gave information. From where at Beria there were forces and Knowledge to drag up to fifteen instructions on the shoulders and everyone to carry out brilliantly? In the space computer there is information for the beginning and an outcome of any event. Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria obtained information from God. Who has provided construction of shops in Siberia for evacuation of the plants on a war case, to receive intelligence information for creation of an bomb, to organize design office led by Kurchatov, energy for a physical body Beria, information on land development of Transcaucasia, construction of schools, institutes, development of the sea coast – All from God! The list of instructions, data Beria - is infinite.

At all embodiments from Shambhala the fiery centers are open, consciousness accepts information from God, refracting the Beam, transfers to a brain. Beria
– the Divine embodiment also costs him on one of Hierarchy steps Light’s. Great Heart of God and heart Beria connected a silver Thread.

Communication was a constant. To Stalin there was information too, but the devil blocked his perception. God, Great Maitreya Was the commander-in-chief of World War II for the USSR; He also is the Generalissimo not only for the USSR, but also for all population of our House. That stores Earth, Who Has created her – God, Great Maitreya! My God and it will be eternal your Will, but not a devil! Aum, Amen, so Will be! Roller:// - Maitreya, Great Lord Shambhala.

Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria.

This story about the most terrible mystification of the XX century is about the dirtiest lie which is brought down ever on one person. And people who have made it also long lived, with pleasure ate, and softly slept. The road of the truth happens incredibly long and painful. But, kind of didn't hide the truth, kind of deeply didn't dig in it, sooner or later she surely escapes on light and comes to people. His archives are destroyed, and the existing documents on him – a forgery. But we won't prove something, or to disprove. We will just tell about his affairs which can't be disproved. As it is impossible to call the small maintain propping up the sky, Everest.
On March 17, 1899 in the mountain village of Merkheuli, near Sukhumi, Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria was born. His stories about the childhood haven't remained. Mother dreamed to give him a start in life; to give the chance to the son to study, have sold half of at home. Lavrentiy has with honors graduated from the Sukhumi initial school. Then have sold the second half of the house and Lavrentiy has come to average technical and construction school. He dreamed to become an architect. The architecture remained his not sung song, but the thirst for her was invincible.

For example, he has turned Tbilisi into one of the most beautiful cities of the Soviet Union. And well-known skyscrapers of Moscow have appeared on his initiative. He personally supervised construction of the building of MSU. I have begun to work early. In his dependence there was mother and the deaf-and-dumb sister. In school I have organized an illegal Marxist circle, more than once has been arrested. And here is revolution. But, and in such conditions he continued study. In 1919 I have gained the diploma of the technician-builder with honors. I was fond of oil prospecting, he was even wanted to be sent to Belgium for study, but, Civil war has begun. On the instructions of party worked in counterrevolution and sabotage. It is soon appointed the vice-chairman of the Azerbaijani ChK, belonged to his duties: investigation, counterintelligence, fighting operations. And to him only 22 were executed recently! I had outstanding abilities with energy inherent in him, persistence performed all tasks, having yielded brilliant results of the versatile activity; he should be noted how best, and valuable, tireless worker. So also spoke of him, the management. ChK have renamed into the State Political Directorate – GPU. Beria has translated in Georgian GPU. He managed to achieve such impressive results that for progress in this deadly work he was awarded with two Awards of the Red Banner, the engraved watch and weapon. And here 24 year-old Beria has written some strange application in the Central Committee of party: "During the Soviet work have strongly lagged behind in sense of the general development; want to finish the vocational education. Having to this area calling, having spent a lot of time and forces, would ask the Central Committee to give me an opportunity education continuation. The lieutenant general (to present measures) thought not of career, and of study: about blank sheets of a watman paper, sharp pencils and architectural projects. But, it hasn't developed; soon Beria already chairman of GPU of Georgia, then all Transcaucasia Republic. And it: Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. By then in Georgia of the huge sizes there was a gangsters and in Armenia Kurds robed. But, by 30th years by efforts of GPU have brought order everywhere. The head of GPU of the USSR Menzhinskiy has estimated it so: "All this huge, hard work, is generally done by the national shots which are grown up, brought up and tempered under not replaceable guide of companion Beria who has managed with exclusive intuition always distinctly to be guided in the most difficultsituation and to infect with a personal example employees, passing on him organizational experience is and operational skills". And the main security officer of Transcaucasia still hoped to be engaged in construction. Already 30-summer with an unfinished third year of institute, I have addressed one of the governments of the USSR – S. Ordzhonikidze: "More than once I asked about my study. Time passes, people grow at a circle, also those, who were far from me still yesterday developing, and today they have left forward. During our KGB work, we don't manage, often; even to read the newspaper not that to be engaged in self-education. Will you tell that now not time to bring up a question of study? I feel that I can't any more. In the same letter Beria asked him to transfer to the new duty station. My leaving won't affect work, - he wrote. The device Georgian works with GPU so accurately that any companion who will head it after me will cope. In 10 years of work in GPU in the conditions of Transcaucasia on - I was an eyesore not only to some of counter-revolutionaries, but also which – to which of our companions. I have become boring to them the constant detection of defects; they wanted that everything was quietly, and here, desire to rejoice, around defects and lapses. Beria brought order and among Bolsheviks. High insistence will always disturb him. He will acquire the mass of ill-wishers who will save for him offense and rage. Since summer Beria's portraits didn't print. Well, this person wasn't similar to an image of the monster which to us was drawn.

He very much wanted to study. But Moscow hasn't given a green light. With 1931 Beria has been elected the First secretary of the Communist Party of Georgia, and in a year also the first secretary of the Transcaucasia Regional committee. He became the head of all Transcaucasia, one of the most backward regions of the USSR. Through the whole country collective farms were created, but Beria has decided not to postpone mass collectivization.

Beria adhered to "the Doctrine of Living Ethics", "Agni Yoga", the book No. 3 "Community" in which it is told: "The community has to be on a voluntary basis. No violence should enslave work. The condition of voluntary consent has to lay down in success basis". At Beria there was direct link with the Great Lord of Shambhala. And all his creativity was performance of decrees of God. Great Maitreya will always prompt the correct decision and not only. He Will bring to necessary literature, will organize the help of other people and will fill a physical body with energy from Shambhala. Energy takes off fatigue, and consciousness can accept tirelessly information for creativity in any sphere: agriculture, industry, science. All transformations to Transcaucasia have been made by Lavrentiy Beria with direct participation of God. The lowest are visible to the highest Worlds, clearly and the program for transformation of lands to Transcaucasia in space is already put. She should be taken as and to apply the program from the computer. But, only the Creator and the Creator can take her.

In collective farms it began to part valuable cultures: citrus, tea, grapes, tobacco. In Georgia there isn't enough earth for cultivation of bread, but it can be bought at neighbors. And citruses – it is much more favorable. They grew here gradually always. To nobody to Beria the thought came, to make it priority.

Fragrant fruits of the South – citruses. Tangerines, lemons, oranges, pure gold of the Georgian collective farms are. Mandarin plantations there were in Georgia 1, 5 thousand hectares, and there were 20 thousand. The productivity was tripled, and in some farms by 20 times. And Georgia began to supply with vitamins all Soviet Union. Beria carried out also grandiose works on drainage of rotten, impassable swamps in Colchis. 220 thousand hectares of the century malarial bog, it turned into the blossoming subtropical garden. There new collective-farm settlements rose. Beria penetrated into all details: it chose all places for construction, captiously estimated projects of houses.

Once in the spring of 1934 to Beria there arrived two elegant young men with nine big suitcases. Next day it brought together all Chairmen of collective farms of the western Georgia. "In these suitcases, - he told, - saplings", - and distributed to each area on a suitcase: "And in a year I will check. Any bush shouldn't dry up". These saplings really were difficult. Our intelligence agents, on the instructions of Beria, secretly took out them from Ceylon where for it the death penalty relied. To Beria of a tea leaf collected slightly more than 1 ton per year. Now – 45 t. removed earlier 750 kg. a leaf from hectare is now 4 t. Have increased productivity five times. In the Republic constructed 35 tea factories. Before the leaf was processed on expensive foreign equipment, and now such machines were mastered by new Batumi Engineering plant.

In Georgia big rise and in livestock production has begun. Collective farms began to develop breeding horse breeding. The former shepherd is Vardnikidze, nowadays the chairman of collective farm. On juicy pastures of Georgia herds, flocks, herds are grazed. In Azerbaijan Beria has realized the youthful interests in oil prospecting. Have found a set of the fields, have sharply increased oil production. Already by the end of 1936 new oil fields gave a half of all production of the Azerbaijani oil industry. Beria has begun to build oil refineries, on the Caspian Sea actively to drill the sea shelf. Drilling of a seabed was a new experience in those days.

It became clear then that he worked for advancing. And then Beria was fairly criticized. Like, expensive this pleasure; to pump oil on the land more simply and the cheapest way. And now drilling of the sea shelf is used around the world everywhere.

In Azerbaijan except oil, priority has made also cotton breeding: have expanded acreage; have bought the most valuable grades of the Egyptian cotton and have
worked at increase is in productivity. And, soon, on cotton Azerbaijan came to the second place in the Soviet Union.

In Armenia too, everything went perfectly. Rapid development received is:
energy chemical and textile industry is production building materials.
With Beria's arrival cardinal transformations and is in the Georgian industry have begun. There were absolutely new branches: mechanical engineering, military, ferroalloys, and silk, and tea, precious and rare metals. Silk-weaving, knitting, shoe factories are constructed. In 1932 in all Georgia only 200 thousand pairs of shoes have been sewed, and now only one Tbilisi factory began to produce 6 million couples a year.

Certainly, Beria about the Black Sea and unique climate of the Republic hasn't forgotten. Across all Georgia mass construction has begun sanatoria, boarding houses and summer camps. Georgia at Beria became the resort capital of the Soviet Union. By the end of the 30th years half a million residents of the USSR came to rest here.

Several times in Georgia the areas the air - oil of cultures - raw materials for perfumery have increased. Have repeatedly expanded is also planting of tasty and useful plants.

The republic has won first place in the USSR on the food industry. Really the industry of Georgia began to grow when Beria already worked in Moscow. Such strongest he has given her inertia. For example, at him reconstructed the coal industry, and considerable return has gone after his departure from Georgia. So, coal mining in 1940 has grown twice in comparison with 1938.

The first five-year period about 1928 - 1932 years, i.e. to Beria 335 million rubles have been invested in development of Georgia, in the second five-year period of 960 million rubles – is three times more. And here the gross product has increased after that five times.

Beria has decided to turn the capital of Georgia into the model socialist city. In Tbilisi he has laid on water, the sewerage began to build housing. In 1934 Beria has begun reconstruction of the main street in Tbilisi – Rustaveli Avenue. Built, updated and painted buildings, put plane trees. One morning on the way to service, passing according to Rustaveli, he has seen how from a tavern the cook has taken out a pan of waste and pours out them under a tree. Beria has put the cook in the car, has brought to militia; that was sent to public works where he looked after month saplings, comprehending love to the nature. I have another
time seen how his elderly neighbor chops firewood, and her adult son nearby
plays a back gammon. He to two was sent week the woodcutter to orphanage. There lived the head of the Republic with the wife, the son and mother in the usual apartment. In the yard have built an athletic field, have established a horizontal bar on which twisted the sun in the mornings, and during week-end drove with boys a ball here.

At the end of the 19th century in Georgia was only able to read every fifth whereas countrywide every second. Beria has begun to build schools, schools. In the Republic institutes have appeared: agricultural, medical, polytechnical. Thousands of Georgians have sent to study to Moscow, Leningrad, and Kharkov Saratov. And to 1938 on education level the Republic came to one of the first places in the Soviet Union. And on number of students per capita have even overtaken advanced France and Germany.

Beria very much loved sport and active recreation. Widely introduced physical culture in masses. Itself well swam, was an excellent shooter and the equestrian, and almost professionally played soccer. When he already worked in Moscow and got out in a holiday to the south, surely went on the kayak, on oars, liked to rise to mountains. Sport society "Dynamo" was created for familiarizing of employees of National commissariat of internal affairs with physical culture. And heads have been obliged to set the tone here. So Beria's love to sport began to carry now and indicative character. It was awkward to young employees to lag behind the administration.

Meetings of leaders, conferences, competitions of professional skill, - Beria attached it huge significance. People of work didn't descend from the front pages of newspapers, got awards, awards, ranks. Beria put material and moral incentives on one level. The pavilion of architects of Georgia at ENEA became one of the best. At the architect Beria, with incomplete higher education, everything was on the ball.

As for collectivization, which in spite of the central line of the Beria party did not massively conduct in the Transcaucasia you just have to look at the numbers. To Beria have driven a third of the Georgian peasants into collective farms, and life at them became more sweet not. And at Beria collective farms already united 86% of peasants. People with pleasure went to the fast-growing rich economy. As a result Beria has so lifted the region that Transcaucasia uniting Georgia Azerbaijan and Armenia became the most successful Republic in the USSR. In 1935 they have received the highest award - the Order of Lenin. The same award has awarded also the head of Transcaucasia – Lavrentiy Beria. The devil constantly inspired Stalin; invite Beria to Moscow to replace Ezhov, to write to him all previous crimes of the NKVD. The reason is the embodiment of LP Beria from Shambhala. Stalin obeyed the author of the scenario World War II - the Earth Owner, the planetary satan Jehovah and Beria to Moscow has invited. To the middle of 1938 the head of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs Ezhov felt like the Almighty under the patronage of Stalin. For operating time! 936 – 1938 as the National Commissioner of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs. Ezhov daily more than 20 times a day came into Stalin's office to approve lists of the victims on arrest and a sentence. So the animal was created by "falcon" Stalin for himself as a method management of the USSR under suggestion of the Owner of land.

Life in the country seemed completely safe. But in her hidden part work on search of enemies of the people which the devil inspired in Stalin was humming; from the leader all decrees of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs proceeded. Criminal the fact that the devil is directed attention of the leader to destruction of true diamond fund of our people.

There has begun search of enemies the People's commissar of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs - G. Yagoda. But, at Ezhov there were orders on areas how many to put how many to shoot. Ezhov has allowed tortures and itself participated in them. "All in our hands, - he said to subordinates, - whom we want, we execute whom we want, we pardon. It is necessary that everything, up to the secretary of Regional committee under us went". It was not just a guide to action; in the majority security officers of that time were not diamond fund of the nation. In the highest and average links of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs promoted workers of revolution and Civil war sat: semiliterate, cruel, - they ran the show. Was available for the young Soviet power of enemies in prosperity therefore certain demand for political cases was. Jehovah wanted to deliver to People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs over the state. Stalin that, to whom trusted without reading appended the signature on documents.

And security officers have thought above: "The more they will catch wreckers, it is more him honor and privileges". Also is having begun to brand "the enemy of the people" not so political lama. And horrible figure in reports of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs couldn't but frighten the country leaders. It turned out, enemies don't doze and their number grows. It extremely disturbed the Politburo. Especially after have killed Kirov, the head of Leningrad; Kirov the husband of his mistress has killed; Jehovah has sent a thought to consciousness to Stalin: "To accuse of it trotskiy-zinovyev". The people's commissar of internal affairs Ezhov is the chief supplier of information for the Politburo on enemies of the people has received well on capture in the echinoid mittens of all suspicious. And the flywheel of arrests was started turning.

Sweet treacle awards for People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs poured. And they with the trebled diligence caught enemies of the people. Their spirit and influence grew. Process began to get out of hand. The People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs has crushed the Provincial power. The situation should be corrected urgently. Awards for People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs poured sweet treacle. Stalin needed the person, who is down on to the system of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, the good organizer, honest, devoted to matter, and in Moscow new, communications not burdened and, of course, courageous. During that time, in a foreseeable environment of the leader at the same time all these qualities only one really had – the former intelligence agent and the security officer who has gone through fire and water, not the party functionary, not the theorist, and the practicing, the beautiful business executive who has lifted Transcaucasia from poverty besides – the faithful attendant Light' – Lavrentiy Beria. However, he categorically didn't want to go in People's commissars of internal affairs. This work was the passable stage long ago. He has agreed, only previously has stipulated special conditions, and already on November 17, 1938 there was a

Resolution of the Politburo, the condemning criminal methods of the investigation spread in People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs. Emergence of this document was one of Beria's requirements, i.e. he has actually forced the country leaders to recognize that the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs in search of enemies of the people showed excessive eagerness and repressions were not always reasonable. In August, 1938 Beria became the Deputy People's commissar, in that time way the Minister of Internal Affairs and the head of head department of state security. Thus, the most ominous division of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs has been taken under his control. At the beginning of November, by a revolution holiday Beria has arrested National Commissariat top which has become stupid from the power and impunity. Then I have placed on key posts of the checked people and I have begun to investigate Ezhov's affairs. In investigating authorities of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs it was necessary to restore legality, to improve the device. Almost anew to create investigation is and counterintelligence. He has measured by steps an office and scrolled, scrolled in the head what he should make. Very important date is the end of 1938. Mass repressions 1937, 8 at many is associated with a name of Beria, but he still worked at this time in Georgia, and the People's commissar of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs has been appointed only on November 25, 1938 and arrests sharply have begun to decline at once. Beria has forbidden mass operations on arrests and eviction. I have ordered to make them only by a court decision or the prosecutor. I have forbidden tortures. I liquidated, the special three invented Echinoid are when the sentence was pronounced extra judicially to People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, the party secretary and the prosecutor. Soon many employees of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs who were engaged in falsification of investigative documents and arrests have ended up behind the bars. From ordinary structure Beria has dismissed a quarter, and from leading – 62% employees. In parallel checked complaints and reconsidered case. Before war Beria has managed to rehabilitate a half of the soldiers dismissed from army for political motives. Among them there were two outstanding commanders: generals Rokossovskiy and Gorbatov. Only in two years Beria has released from camps, prisons references and rehabilitated more than 800 thousand people - a third of all convicts. If in 1938 for political motives Ezhov has arrested half a million people and 300 thousand from them have shot, then at Beria in 1939-1940 - 64 thousand criminals have been arrested for counterrevolutionary activity, 4 thousand are shot and it in prewar time when in the USSR it was full of the German spies and wreckers. In general arrests at Beria have decreased by 9 times.

Before war Jehovah promoted introduction in People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs of the German agents who tried to neutralize experts, valuable to the defensive industry. The simple, but certain way a denunciation was often used. Among the intellectuals denunciations were always popular for squaring of accounts and promotion. Partly, for this reason in camps pined many good experts who have become the victims of enemy investigation or the friends. Quickly it was impossible to check such affairs though a lot of work was conducted. But war approached, experts of the defensive industry were necessary right now. And Beria has solved a problem with shots. Only a month later after appointment of internal affairs as the People's commissar, he has signed the order on creation of special technical bureau. There were so organizations in which the engineers and scientists who have got in the camp worked. These organizations have nicknamed "sharashka". They were engaged in military subject. In "sharashka's" have created quite decent conditions for work and life.

In such "sharashka" the Chief designer Korolyov worked. Before he dug the crude earth on Kolyma, has got sick with scurvy and has lost the most part of teeth. At the first opportunity Beria sought to release these experts. So, the aircraft designer Tupelo who has received 15 years of camps in May, 1940 has been already amnestied in the summer, as well as his colleague Petlyakov who soon, has even got the Stalin award. The big group of developers of military equipment was released in the summer of 1941.

Beria has met war by the vice-chairman of Council of People's Commissars, in a present way the Deputy Prime Minister. Remaining the People's commissar of internal affairs, he supervised also the coal, oil, forest, electro technical industry, nonferrous and ferrous metallurgy.

On June 30, 1941 in the Soviet Union the extraordinary committee of management, the State Committee of Defense - state treasury bills have been created. Therefore all power in the country has been concentrated in his hands. State treasury bills had included five bosses of the country: Stalin is Chairman of the Committee; Molotov is vice-chairman, Voroshilov, Malenkov and Beria.

In the published textbooks of history Beria has been removed from the state treasury bills lists. As though, during World War II he didn't take any part. At the beginning of war Committee of Defense Beria has charged extremely urgent business – evacuation of the plants. Don't manage to take out them to the Urals and to Siberia, to forge the Victory there would be nothing. Subsequently only laymen could say seriously that evacuation was a heroic impromptu, and the plants worked under the open sky among the Siberian snow. Actually, since the end of the 20th years the Soviet government had and constantly corrected secret plans of evacuation of the strategic enterprises on a war case. Nevertheless, to be able to collect, to pack, ship everything, up to the last small screws and to transport the huge plants from one end of the country in another in fussing wartime in such short terms, to put it mildly, it was improbable. But, Beria it somehow worked well. I will add an episode: Beria quietly enclosed for the signature to Stalin accounts for hundreds of thousands of valenoks, but for payment by the Ministry of Defense to which he had no relation, but at which was means more, than at other departments. And Stalin signed technical papers without looking if completely trusted the person. Those valenoks went then to the Urals and to Siberia.
People, who should work there, had no suitable warm footwear. It turns out, Beria daily, resolving large-scale issues; didn't forget also about such, it would seem small as valenoks for workers.
In February, 1942 Beria have charged also production of planes, arms, mortars, tools, motors and ammunition, and then and tanks. To him Molotov, the Chairman of the Soviet national commissariat was engaged in tanks. Once at a meeting Stalin has asked at Beria: "How in his opinion at Molotov it turns out?" Beria without diplomacy has answered that Molotov has no communication with the plants, doesn't penetrate into production affairs and to resolve issues quickly, organizes long meetings. Hardly was it pleasant to Molotov, but, he hardly grieved after that; Stalin has charged production of tanks to Beria. And affairs, somehow, have gone at once. And he remained still the people's commissar of internal affairs. Under his control were: investigation, counterintelligence, diversions, guerrilla movement. Well equipped troops of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs heroically fought at the front, and National Commissariat employees provided an order in the back. So, to 1941.
On some sites of defense of Moscow Germans broke deep into on 10-15 km. In the capital saboteurs couldn't commit any diversion.
Hitler (Jehovah) expected that at the beginning of the war in the USSR transport and communication will fail and there will come chaos. It is the truth; The People's commissar of means of communication Lazar Kaganovich hasn't coped with work, and he was discharged. The State Committee of defense has charged to be responsible for transport Beria, and the transport system has been quickly restored. In 1942 Germans left to Volga, having cut means of communication on its right coast. According to the hint of the Lord of Shambhala Beria has removed rails and cross ties from construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline and has carried out the road along the left coast of Volga to the shortest possible time Kizlyar – Astrakhan – Saratov.
Thanks to it is by the beginning of counterattack near Stalingrad, have sent thousands of cars so of necessary freight there. In two years of war Germans couldn't restore in Zaporozhie the bridge through Dnepr. Their southern armies were supplied on the only bridge in Dnepropetrovsk. Americans were considered as the fastest in this case. They have built the bridge through Rhine with the rate of 56 m a day. Builders of Beria in November, 1943 built railway. Bridges through Dnepr are one and a half times faster. By the beginning of war Germans on whom the whole Europe stooped had 47 thousand tools, we have 36 thousand. In a year we have caught up with them, to yanvaryu1944 Hitler had 55 thousand tools, we have 89 thousand. National commissariat producing these weapons Beria supervised. Yes, he had internal troops of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs and boundary. Yes he repeatedly left on a front line. It isn't clear at all when he has managed to study thoroughly military science and so that has managed to save the Caucasus in August, 1942.
From Shambhala there was information for Beria from God; Great Maitreya Was the Commander-in-chief of the Russian troops during World War II, He Has completely taken over control under the Management. Beria – the divine embodiment from Shambhala; he costs on one of Hierarchy steps Light's.
the book by the son Sergo Beria: "I observed more than once how the crucial decisions connected, for example, with new weapon, he accepted in 15 minutes. So was, I remember when the destiny of the nuclear project, projects of ballistic missiles, air defense systems and others was decided".
Confirmation that he mentally spoke with the Great Lord of Shambhala and on any question instant was received by the answer. He needed to follow decrees of God. Too transferred to Stalin information, but he has been paralyzed by devil hypnosis. Luminous intensity never apply hypnosis, it is a darknescrimes.

Under the threat of capture there were Baku and oil sources. The enemy has promoted to the Foothills of Caucasus, Germans have broken through the front and didn't encounter serious resistance any more. When situation became critical, Stalin has sent for defense of the Caucasus not of Marshall, namely Beria though that was never a professional military. Several hours prior to flying away Beria has disposed to collect from different fronts of officers of Georgians, part of them already together with him have got into the plane. Per day have brought together 150 climbers, they on the place have destroyed then the German motorized infantry. By order of Beria there by planes is having thrown several boundary parts of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs. Beria has dismissed the Front commander Marshal Budyonny, the member of the Council of War of Kaganovich and some more generals, guilty in defense disorder. He called commanders of all ranks and from them personally found out a situation. After that have made the personal decision to create two separate armies as the united front couldn't cope with all tasks. I have ordered to block passes to interfere with advance of the enemy; it was necessary to win time for help approach. Have brought together mobile groups of snipers, have given them just appeared silent rifles, with infrared sights and all per day have made 500 ambushes. Snipers have beaten out enemy investigation; and the movement of Germans has slowed down. For these days it was succeeded to throw our tanks and several parts. Until Germans were stopped, and the situation essentially hasn't changed, Beria was in the Caucasus.

On September 30, 1943 for special merits is in the field of strengthening of production of arms Beria has given the rank of the Hero of socialist work. And in May, 1944 he was appointed the deputy. I will betray state treasury bills and the chairman of operational Bureau which considered all main current questions. Thus, since spring of 1944 Beria officially became the second the person in the state. Right after war the bureau of Council of ministers has been created for operational management. [Now in them all economy of the Soviet Union has been completely concentrated. The enemy was it is broken, and the country is exhausted. The help had no place to wait. The former allies announced to us Cold War and to us it was necessary to solve: "How to receive from Germany, at least partial compensation for losses of the USSR". Beria has offered: "Immediately to take out from Germany the plants and let them as we begin to work with the equipment.

The industry will recover quicker, than at first to wait for money, to buy the equipment etc. And unemployment won't be veterans will find to themselves business at once. Besides, let the German prisoners of war will work several years on recovery of ours cities. It though to some extent rehabilitates them for war crimes. Beria's proposals have been accepted. As a result it could lift quicker the country from ruins".

Since 1937 for the rest of the natural, Beria was the deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR. Earlier deputies didn't leave the main work. At the end of December, 1945 Marshall of the Soviet Union Beria asked to dismiss him the Minister of Internal Affairs in connection with congestion other central work. Life of all Soviet Union directly depended on her results now.

This time Beria has charged creation of the latest atomic weapons which was already owned for quite some time now by Americans. They have already conducted bombings of the Japanese cities: Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is clear, that exclusive importance of a task – to tell to the organizer best at that time. Subsequently the academician Kurchatov will tell: "There would be no Beria, we would have no atomic bomb". In the late forties the Soviet Union could stop, in literal sense, the existence.

On September 4, 1945 the USA has signed the memorandum in which the task was set for military: to pick up twenty most important purposes in the USSR for atomic bombings. And in 1948 in the USA have developed the plan according to which were going to drop hundreds of atomic bombs on our country. Americans believed that war will begin with the USSR till April, 1949. Considering that we will manage to create the first atomic bomb not earlier than 1952. But they were mistaken, haven't considered a small factor, a role of one specific personality in the history. New business of Beria demanded connection of all industry and huge human resources. It was necessary to reunite the best scientists, designers, geologists, engineers, builders, to find the place and to construct a unique construction. The first commission which considered need of the atomic project was created on an initiative Beria even before war. Being the head of strategic investigation, he has provided information from Europe on works this direction. The commission recognized that implementation of the project will demand decades. And Hitler had a bomb in the next plans.

Great Maitreya hurried Beria, Lavrentiy Pavlovich insisted: "It is impossible that Germany has received such weapon before us. In 1942 when to the USA in the strictest privacy there was a creation of a bomb, Beria has addressed Stalin again. God hurried to outstrip Germany. At last, in the beginning 1943, have created special structure, the curator appointed Molotov.

Time went, but special progress wasn't. And then at the end of 1944 have put to direct Beria. On memoirs of the academician Kurchatov: "With transition of the atomic project from Molotov in hands Beria, the situation has cardinally changed. Beria has quickly given to all works necessary scope and dynamism; he had huge energy and working capacity. Couldn't but note his mind, will and commitment. The first-class organizer is able to finish business. I was able to be on circumstances polite, tactful and just normal person. Meetings were business and always productive. He was the master of unexpected and non-standard decisions. He didn't neglect departures on objects and personal acquaintance to results of works. If we have started from scratch, without the scientific specifications obtained by investigation Beria, results would appear for about ten years later. In a short space of time Beria has created united collective with an improbable potential. And worked is in extremely severe post-war conditions. And on August 29, 1949 the Soviet atomic bomb has passed tests. Our nuclear board has been so created, and the monopoly of the USA for atomic weapons has come to the end. Scientists wanted to call the B1 bomb that Beria1 means, but Lavrentiy Pavlovich has refused. All participants of the atomic project were generously awarded: Beria has received a state award and the Order of Lenin. Then Stalin has suggested finding the Rank, above all existing: "Rank of the honorable citizen of the USSR". Only two persons have received this Rank: Kurchatov and Beria. Yes, at Beria there were stocks of the mental life –giving energy filling him from Shambhala.

Jehovah (Hitler) has lost World War II, but for himself has saved up billions, has paid the works for destruction more than 80 million people, hundreds of destroyed cities and the burned villages. Progress Beria in all fields of government has pushed a devil Jehovah to search of an exit from current situation. At this time Stalin has made the decision to refuse the leading role of the Communist Party, - a devil Jehovah has inspired in him to provoke opposition in the government of the USSR. (Against who the devil will appeal if the Communist Party is pushed on the second plan?). I. Stalin was a spent material; there were other victims planned.

In the Government only Beria could charge an important issue and not one. Sometimes reached ten instructions and he carried out all brilliantly. All have begun to worry, especially Nikita Khrushchev. The Communist Party will turn into public organization; she won't be to have weight. On it also the devil counted. Stalin hasn't come to a meeting, but also without him they have elected him the Secretary General. If in the USSR the Prime minister, but not the Communist Party is the head of the state, then against whom there will be an opposition of darkness? The devil has planned for Khrushchev's obsession. And besides Khrushchev the native is from Ukraine.

Over time, the individual decision on transfer of the Crimea to Ukraine was made by Khrushchev too under Jehovah's suggestion. Transfer of the Crimea to Ukraine is significant for a devil in the future as the important place for an arrangement of NATO bases for explosion of the Planet before leaving to Saturn. Khrushchev's actions for Stalin's elimination and Beria have been made under the influence of Jehovah. Then the devil has provoked "business of the Kremlin doctors wreckers, 1953". Doctors were arrested that after poisoning of the leader the help hasn't been rendered to him. But, about this be ambassador.

Since the end of the fortieth Stalin gradually transferred Beria country government. But the second Georgian at the head of the USSR, he considered: "Search". And for the first role formal moved Malenkov, and the best business executive of the country – Beria had to become the informal head. Confirmation of such alignment of forces is behavior of the immediate environment of Stalin in the last hours of his life. Doctor Chesnokov remembered: "We did massage more than an hour when it became clear that not to get heart any more. At last, Beria has approached me, has told: "Will be enough". Only the new head of state could give such order. By the way, under not hand-written laws, at a funeral of the head of the country the new leader went to the left of a coffin. At the left there was Beria. After violent death of Stalin the Lords of Karma have defined him in the center of Earth and he has met with Ezhov's.

In March, 1953 right after Stalin's death Beria has been appointed the First Deputy Chairman of the board of Ministers. He had to undertake also the Ministry of Internal Affairs again. Beria to the first was necessary to correct again errors in bodies, but now after Ignatyev. And again sleepless nights, uneasy circulation on an office, search of solutions of urgent tasks. Without exaggerations Beria at that time was the only idea man in the government. The distribution of positions in the government which is in detail planned during lifetime of the leader was carried out quickly, without a hitch. Beria nominates Malenkov to a post of the Chairman of the board of Ministers. He has been approved as the First Deputy Chairman at once. As, Malenkov was only the formal head of the Government, Beria was at the head of the USSR. He has begun a number of fundamental reforms which subsequently historians will call unprecedented.

At his order there were only 113 days. He has suggested to release and has decided to rehabilitate many famous people. Including have released the wife
of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Molotov; have let out the doctors who were connected to the case which is framed up by Ignatyev Corrective-labor the camp he has transferred from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the Ministry of Justice, and their production – to the relevant ministries. At the released enterprises there weren't enough workers, and prisoners in camps pined idle. Then Beria has suggested carrying out wide amnesty for those, who are condemned up to 5 years. He initiated consideration of the issue of the return of Japan's disputed Kuril Islands.

I have suggested to refuse construction of socialism in the GDR, but to find powerful influence in all Germany for what with Germany to unite the GDR.
Insisted that in the Union Republics to the leading the posts nominated not Russian

Appointees, but is local residents. He has put forward the idea to write truer story of the Great Patriotic War have suggested to tell people about what occurred in the 30th, 40th honestly; behavior of heads of the country during repressions. I have shared it with the wife, she has told: "Consider, Lavrentiy, is your end, they it won't forgive you". Prophetical is words. Savaoph-Jehovah listens to thoughts and the words of those, whom I have planned to elimination. Beria knew a lot of things how the intermediary between God and the person.

He wanted to limit the party power. For half a year to death Stalin has read the program the devil pushing party on the second plan. The leader even has tried to resign as the leader parties. Stalin from a post of the Secretary General was released. They understood, sooner or later, the leader from parties nevertheless will leave.

Jehovah has directed attention of the government to Khrushchev which a devil has planned for obsession. To legalize Khrushchev's transfer in the army as the murderer (as in the last past and Stalin) he inspired in them the plan of elimination of leaders: To Stalin - to remove Lenin, Khrushchev' – to remove Stalin. Further all perturbations in the Communist Party and the Government were executed under suggestion of a devil. He was in an astral body on the lower astral plan and from there operated distribution of positions in the Kremlin.

After the death of the leader the first person of the country called the Chairman of the board of Ministers Malenkov.
Still yesterday everything, it seems, was quiet. Beria has told Khrushchev that tomorrow, on June 26, 1953 he will raise a question of arrest of the former minister state security - Ignatyev'; was registered for him sins too much. And Ignatyev was Khrushchev's person.
Four months ago Stalin died. The stroke looked quite naturally. But a lot of things guarded: pages of a medical card of the leader disappeared; the security officer of Stalin Hrustalyov suddenly died two security guards shot them.

Before suddenly is the commandant of the Kremlin died. Namely the Minister State security Ignatyev knew Stalin protection. I moved away two the most devoted to it people: the assistant Poskrebyshev and the Security officer Stalin - Vlasik'.

Whether Beria could, being engaged in the atomic project, and seven years without having relations to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to suspect that to Stalin has helped to die Ignatyev? Most likely, he already began to guess a plot against the leader and conducted secret investigation.

It is clear, that after the conversation with Beria, Khrushchev right there everything laid out Ignatyev about his future arrest. Ignatyev set a condition: "Or you salvage me, or hand over you". Then all participants of a plot against Stalin will be lit, and it is high treason, execution. And Khrushchev has first number, at Ignatyev of the second. As Hrushchov prevent arrest of Ignatyev and save yourself a life? The only option is death Beria. And if to declare that Beria prepares a revolution, and he is Khrushchev, I anticipated it. It was necessary to arrest urgently Beria. But, living Beria is an array of problems. Then colleagues have choice that is closer to them: Beria or Khrushchev.

Besides the arrested Beria they could demand for an explanation. And in general, members of the government couldn't be arrested before investigation in the Politburo. Therefore Khrushchev also went not for arrest, and for murder. Reasons for arrest weren't, there was only desire to save the life.

On June 26, 1953 the Minister of Defense Bulganin ordered to three tank regiments and a motorized rifle division to enter with an ammunition Moscow. To two aviadivisions to wait is for the order on bombing of the Kremlin. One tank regiment on the Lenin Mountains, the second blocked the Gorky highway; the third took under control stations, telegraph, the Kremlin and Gorky Street, in a center - the Taman sky division. So Khrushchev camouflaged before the government reflection of a nonexistent plot Beria. And the meeting in the Kremlin was postponed on June 26; Beria went home to have dinner.

At noon his son was called twice by the Hero of the Soviet Union the pilot of Amet-han: "Sergo, - shouted he in a tube, - at your place there was a firefight. Have you understood everything"? In the courtyard there were two armored personnel carriers. Glasses in windows of an office of the father have been broken. The security guard has whispered: "Sergo, saw how on a stretcher have taken out someone covered with tarpaulin". After murder Beria, everything has rushed back; the devil carried out the scenario in Kremlin.

The son Beria, Sergo, has written the book about the father. I have found testimonies of people who participated in attempt. They were trained by
three months and in a day have given the order to storm the house Beria. The fact how Beria has been killed, is definitely not known.

To force a top of the country to obey, Khrushchev has created her a stalemate. Have convinced that Beria prepared a revolution, and now he is dead and there is no choice. And the people should be deafened so that only at the mention of a name Beria damnations were heard. And Khrushchev declared him not only the spy, but also the sexual maniac. Right there, Beria have found in an office mountains of lingerie and the list hundreds of mistresses. However, the list of women of whose rape Beria was accused completely coincided with what Ignatyev has revealed at the general Vlasik arrested by him earlier, but nobody attention has paid to it. The image Beria left devilishly terrible, colleagues were frightened. Perhaps, on the emergency plenum of the Central Committee many behaved absolutely in a different way and would become on protection Beria if knew that he is alive. Khrushchev has proved to them that Beria is dead and they have understood, to fight there is no sense. Behind Khrushchev there were brisk generals who have come with weapon directly to the Kremlin. Yes, having agreed with Khrushchev, they turned into accomplices of his plot, but at the same time remained live. For murder justification Beria is have destroyed some more people. That, who worked with him suggested slandering him: I have agreed – the witness, I have refused – the accomplice. Six were found guilty and shot. The general Maslennikov after interrogation has shot himself, he has refused to slander.

Business Beria has turned out the pathetic parody, it has been considered by special presence of the Supreme Court under the chairmanship of the marshal Konev. Hearings were on December 23, 1953 closed, business – continuous copies. On copies of a sentence there is even no signature of judges. According to official information on the same day Beria has been shot.

Later the son Beria, Sergo has met Shvernik, the member of that secret court. "Live I didn't see your father, - Shvernik has told. One more member of the court Mikhaylov has let know too: "In court other person sat absolutely". Somebody came to interrogations in summer days, rolled up by a scarf and in the hat pulled over eyes. Khrushchev methodically dirtied a name Beria from history. In edition of the Big Soviet Encyclopedia is in the letter of subscribers have suggested to cut out a name Beria and to paste the offered article. In the city of Sarovo where have created our atomic bomb, Beria Street became Gagarin Street.

But exactly here, in the only place of the country, in the museum of nuclear weapon the portrait of the Head of special committee on uranium projects hangs.

Summer 1953, already without Beria they walk on an exhibition. For the present, the first person of the state, the Chairman of the board of Ministers Malenkov imposingly goes ahead of Khrushchev in a half step. In four years they will bethink, members of the Stalin Politburo will understand that they have done that fatal day. They, at last, will become on protection of Stalin slandered by Khrushchev will vote for Khrushchev's removal from a position. But, during the last instant he will slip out, and will crush them.

To these Stalin colleagues, you see it wasn't pleasant that Khrushchev did with about the country. But they were very dangerous to him because they relied on Stalin's authority. While there was this base, for Khrushchev there lived the danger. In his sewing circle white threads stuck out. He has destroyed "spy" and "maniac" Beria, and that was considered as the leader's receiver. Stalin, leaves, was a blind person.

Previously having destroyed tons of the documents exposing him as one of the most ardent organizers of repressions, in 1956 Khrushchev obsessed with devil it organized a congress and dumped all collective mistakes of the country leaders personally on Stalin that most to look white as swans down. He kicked the dead leader (before which on a six-round gathering wriggled: sang and danced in the embroidered shirt, representing the artless gawk), having called him the bloody murderer. By the end of the fiftieth Khrushchev dismantled all monuments of Stalin, and at night on November 1, 1961 took out the leader's body from the Mausoleum and buried at the Kremlin wall. It had enough meanness not to put a monument on its grave. In 1970 Brezhnev corrected this injustice. Having finished with Beria, Khrushchev jumped in the train which with high speed went some more years on an enertion under control of the helmsman Planet of ours – Jehovah's devil.

Satellites, the first-ever astronauts, so-called thaw – it was operation of the mechanism started Beria. But, Khrushchev attributed all merits only to himself. What was made by him personally? So it gave parties all power, having created party dictatorship. And slightly is stroked the creative intellectuals on a hair.

And in the USSR literally in several years everything began to rot because wasn't able to operate the country of Hrushchyov. It disorganized agriculture, sowed field’s corn nearly to the Arctic, undertook to plow a virgin soil, but spoiled everything.

And by the beginning 60 – the tenth there were forgotten lines for flour and white loaf long ago. It stopped payments for bonds of a domestic loan, thereby, actually having declared the country a default, having taken away savings from citizens. He built up the cities with poor houses from panels, took away personal plots from people, and taxed fruit trees. I suspended relations with friendly China; nearly launched war with America. Blessed construction of a hundred-kilometer Berlin wall, but each three years awarded me with the highest ranks – the Hero Works. And once didn't restrain and in1964 become the Hero of the Soviet Union. It two years later after shot the workers not happy with a difficult economic situation in Novocherkassk.

In memory of people he remained the builder of five-storey apartment blocks and the fan of corn, and "to a Kuzkin' mother" by which he intimidated Americans, meaning an atomic bomb, not he has created, and Beria. The image which has become habitual Beria, no other than the portrait of the killed created by murderers for the alibi. Objective approach allows seeing absolutely other eyes our history. All life he solved problems which even theoretically couldn't be solved. At the same time have independently learned three languages that in the original to read the literature and intelligence information arriving to it personally. Top secret strategic investigation which Beria headed since the end of the thirtieth, didn't know failures. He held hundreds of surnames not on paper, and in the head. Therefore never the failure of one resident pulled for itself the whole network. And among its residents there was also a movie star Olga Chekhov, Ewe Braun's girlfriend transferring to Beria information on plans and Hitler's moods. What Beria would be engaged in, always remained the head of strategic investigation.

In the mid-twenties the secretary of the Transcaucasia regional committee of Butchers, estimating the young chairman’s of OGPU I have told: "Beria is the intellectual". For some reason he loved eye-glasses. In Transcaucasia eye-glasses have saved to it life once. On him there were several attempts and one as then considered, the head Ezhov of that time, who moved away possible competitors inspired. Beria went on the Georgian Military Road when the car was fired. The deadly bullet has got to his Belarusian companion who is sitting next. He carried eye-glasses too, - murderers have mixed a target.

"The father was the person who is fond, - the son Sergo remember him, - and tried to penetrate into an essence of the fact that he did thoroughly. For example: When in Georgia drained the Colchis swamps to plant there subtropical plants, he has studied everything with it connected. He had an uncontrollable aspiration to self-education. I was surprised what knowledge he has seized in rocket production, in production of an atomic and hydrogen bomb as he professionally argued with outstanding scientists, finding out technical details. Never had done conclusions, leaning on emotions are only on deeply worked material.
He prigimat the crucial decisions connected, for example, with new weapon in 15 minutes, but it was preceded by enormous work. He always got up at 6 in the morning; hour 2-3 worked: read various materials, - in a day 300-400 pages ran, after a breakfast is on service. After is again for work. Before making the speech drank a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice. And then I chewed bitter pepper, I ate in such quantities that very much disturbed his mother. Beria was very gentle person. At work severe and persistent, at home was shown by compliant character. Gave is huge attention on education of the son: intellectual and physical.
Itself, the person being versatile - sports, adored soccer. The Dynamo team was his pet project. He tried to don't miss any match with his participation. I treated the wife very gently.

As the son Sergo told it: "Lavrentiy Pavlovich wasn't a monk, but all rumors about his sexual adventures it is simple – a sneer company. His wife Nina was a beauty, besides – the Georgian, brought up in strict rules. She wouldn't suffer even a hint on something similar. Years later in one interview she has told: "Surprising business, Lavrentiy has been day and night busy when to him there was time to deal with a legion of these women. Nina was the only wife Beria; they have lived together 30 years.

Even, being arrested, after his death and then already in exile it hasn't renounced the slandered husband.

After death Beria his son has been deprived of a position and the Moscow registration, and even a surname. In exile he has begun to work almost from scratch. I have again written the thesis, have returned myself a rank, and I have developed unique projects. Lavrentiy Pavlovich didn't smoke, drank only good Georgian wine and only in moderate doses. Very much loved music; well I drew a pencil, a watercolor, oil. I lived very modestly: the first fur coat was presented to the wife not by, but his son Sergo when he has received to State award. After Beria's death there was nothing to confiscate in the house.

Paul I (incarnate Beria) had much in common with Beria, he was a brilliant reformer too, is killed in 46 years, too at home and too as a result of a plot. About him, as well as about Beria the rumors belittling him have been dismissed. Conspirators have also not incurred any punishment, his name has been forgotten. For the first time have only hundred years later started talking about regicide. His merits, as well as Beria, aren't estimated still. Those, who were embodied from Shambhala by tsars, Jehovah of all destroyed, organizing murders by means of obsessed demons (rakshas).

Together with physics during cooperation at test of an atomic bomb he has received a high dose of radiation. Several participants of the project have soon died. Not accidentally, in the early fifties he has begun to grow old very strongly.

Who knows how it would be died the Soviet Union, don't decide Khrushchev on a coup. Perhaps, then the historical chance which has turned back 30 years later ringing as beaten ware reorganization which has completely failed has been missed. The fellow, dreaming to become the architect, to build beautiful buildings all life battled for happiness of the Great Homeland. In crazy time of Civil war, have brought order and to Transcaucasia.

Then, literally for several years have made an economic miracle there. I have stopped ruthlessly a wheel of repressions in the country, have saved and rehabilitated several thousand victims of political repression.

In the Great Patriotic War has provided the Soviet army with Victory weapon. After war I have created an atomic bomb thanks to what our country is still not wiped out. Have begun progressive reforms, but has been meanly killed, poured by trunk dirt. Such embodiments from Shambhala cause admiration and pride. All of them are heroes’-victims. To physical elimination or slander of each of them the devil Jehovah has laid the dirty and bloody hand.
When to the house armored personnel carriers have flown up, it has approached a window. Machine gun fire, crumbling glass and plaster, I have pierced his breast. Blood-stained, it was put on a stretcher, covered with a raincoat - a tent and taken out from the house. The car has jerked to Donskoy Monastery, in a crematorium.

There is no Beria's grave, he was burned and ashes were dispelled; process of elimination of Lavrentiy Pavlovich the devil Jehovah, the Owner of land directed. Now Beria works in Heavenly Shambhala in the Thin body for the benefit of our House under the leadership of the Creator of our Planet, Great Maitreya (a position is the First Archangel).
(The ghoul Jehovah has just told that it he has killed Beria with Khrushchev’s hands and has burned for the fact that Beria the Jew, but has left him to Solar God – to Michael the Archangel. Have slandered and liquidated for what Beria has much enclosed for the Victory and power of the USSR - have destroyed plans of the werewolf Jehovah).

I watched the movie by Yuriy Rogozin several times and cried … In a week have incurred the laptop to the neighbor, and she has watched the movie, her heart has ached – drank tablets. She lay on a bed (a sore vertebra), holding on a lap the laptop, and watched the movie, and I sat on a sofa and suddenly vision: the back of her bed had had Beria in all growth (in a hat, a coat and a scarf) for a moment. L.P. Beria knows about the movie by Yuriy Rogozin.

There was a case; the Christian priest, the high-spiritual person, once in the heat of passion has committed a crime and after death has got there. Christ have Fallen in the center of Earth Have also removed it from there, Having undertaken his sin.

After reading of this paragraph Jehovah has sent an astral from the army to the center of Earth and Stalin witch Ezhov’s was lifted upward. Now these two in astral bodies live in New York in army of a devil. The homosexual Ezhov now is in the environment of garbage human. All customers of murders and performers of crimes after death boil in the heated magma that fire to burn black energy at a temperature of 1500-2000 degrees. To everyone the term by quantity is and weight of crimes.

If Stalin has refused the offer of a devil, such act, perhaps, would expiate his crimes. It is better to boil in magma, than to appear in such environment. In 65 years of tortures in the center of Earth, Stalin hasn't drawn conclusions. For what purpose Jehovah of Stalin has dragged to himself? To move away V.V. Putin! The President of Russia is onservice to God, to Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala. Jehovah will teach Stalin to black magic, brainwashes and will send to the Kremlin for wrecking. Again will force to commit crimes but already is in the astral body invisible to the person in a physical body. Over time, on Saturn will be embodied too, Lords Karma define a further way of the person. Stalin's leaving the Center of Earth is equivalent to escape from prison. To Stalin will add the term of stay in the center of Earth to that which he has interrupted, having run away to a devil. Stalin is doomed to run the eternal villain errands for a devil now. One exit is return to the center of Earth

The astral from Jehovah has told me: "Soon to you Stalin will come". – Let comes, will tell him in what foul place he has come to be because of godlessness. The boiling magma is the resort of Gagry in comparison with Saturn - a den of garbage human). God Sirius has created the planet Saturn. After Jehovah is deliberately increased her sizes, having annexed several the moon and comets. In the space computer there are tables in which parameters are put: the size of planets, a magnetic attraction to the visible Sun, a trajectory of the movement and weight. What purpose of increase in the sizes of Saturn? The more the Planet size, the bigger term is necessary for her cooling. In an initial state the planet represents a fiery sphere, there will pass hundreds of millions years that on it life was possible. Our Earth from a fiery sphere of 300 million years cooled down to the state suitable for life. Jehovah doesn't want to leave Earth. Saturn is naked kernel which pours as a sand block and three gaseous rings. Instead of reservoirs is poisonous gas methane. There will pass millions of years while on her life in a physical body is possible. The sand block will pour until reaches the parameters put during creation of Saturn. Jehovah's purpose: deception to drag off the most part of the population of our Planet to Saturn to win in an election campaign and then "no matter what happens".

After death E.P. Blavatsky had a pupil Litbiter (obsessed with a devil) Litbiter dreamed to replace it as the Chairman of theosophy society in Adyar (India). But on this position the Great Lord of Shambhala is Defines; He Knows thought of everyone. The schoolgirl E. P. B. - Anny Bezant has headed theosophy society. For offense (Jehovah has inspired) Litbiter has gone to Germany, has built the devil temple and gave lectures how to save up imperil for explosion of the Planet (his lips the pervert Jehovah spoke). The traitor was struck by the "Striking Beam"; his temple has turned into dust.

Chapter 6. Execution Julius is and Ethel Rosenberg.

Spouses Rosenberg in a police car, 1951
In the US, they tried and sentenced to the execution of the spouses Rosenberg, handed over to the Soviet Union development of the nuclear program. June 19, 1953 in the New-York prison Sing-Sing was executed death sentence of two years earlier to the American Communists Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. The jury found the couple guilty in espionage in favor of the Soviet Union.

Julius Rosenberg was born in New-York in 1918 to a family of immigrants from Russia. Ethel Gringlass was three years older than him. Future spouses met in the League of young communists. At that time, Ethel was already considered politically unreliable, because she publicly advocated for better working conditions and higher wages. In the summer of 1939, when Julius graduated from New-York City College as an electrical engineer, they got married, and then the Second World War began. Julius enlisted as a volunteer in the American army, and he was hired by the Research Institute of Communications Troops, where, among other things, the research of radar installations and guided missiles was conducted.

In 1942, Julius joined the Communist Party of the United States, Ethel followed suit. In the service of this event, it became known only three years later, and Julius was dismissed on the basis of the Hatch Act of 1939, which prohibited public servants from being members of political parties whose purpose was "to overthrow the constitutional form of government in the United States".

After two years the end of the war, the Soviet Union hinted that he managed to discover the "secret" of the atomic bomb, which greatly alarmed the Americans.
At that time, the United States had already experienced the action of its weapons on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and expected that the USSR would catch up with the Americans only after a few years.

The FBI suspected a leak of information, and in the course of the investigation the name Julius Rosenberg emerged, which was entered in the file of the department in his student years. The FBI also had materials on Ethel: in the 1930s she signed a petition to include the Communist Party in the electoral lists.

In early 1950 in England was detained German theoretical physicist Klaus Fuchs. Member of the Communist Party of Germany, he since 1944 handed over to the Soviet Union information about the American program for the development of nuclear weapons "Project Manhattan". During the interrogations, Fuchs handed over his associate Harry Gold, and the latter - the younger brother of Ethel, David Gringlass. He refused to testify for a long time about his sister and her husband, but the FBI knocked him out of confession, arresting his wife Ruth. Gringlass admitted that in September 1945 he handed over the "atomic secrets" of the US to Julius Rosenberg.

On the basis of his testimony on July 17, 1950, Rosenberg was arrested. Ethel was detained on August 11 after she used the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution, which allows not testifying, which can be used against the interrogated. In mid-August, the FBI agents found in Mexico Morton Sobella, who was recognized as a "member of the Rosenberg group and also nominated him charges.

The investigation established that Julius Rosenberg was recruited by an employee of the NKVD Semyon Semyonov in 1942 and was valuable not only for the information he obtained, but also for replenishing spy series: he personally recruited his wife, the husband Gringlass and the electrical engineer Sobella. In 1944, Semenov was recalled to Moscow, and Rosenberg began to cooperate with the Soviet intelligence officer Alexander Feklisov, who later became Hero of Russia.

The closed trial of the Rosenberg’s began on March 6, 1951. At the trial, David Gringlass, who worked as a mechanic at a nuclear facility in Los Alamos, New-Mexico became the main witness of the prosecution. According to his testimony, Feklisov wanted Rosenberg to enlist his brother-in-law when he learned that he was working on "the Manhattan Project". Gringlass assigned spouses to one of the main roles in the transfer of classified data to the union state.

Several years ago, the interrogation protocols were declassified by Ruth Gringlass. She confessed that Rosenberg recruited her in 1944 and only then got to David. Her testimony contains indications that Ethel took an active part in the "exchange of scientific information with the allies": "His wife told me that I should at least give this to David. It seemed that he could become interested in this and would want to do it ... She called me to talk with David ...».

In 23 days from the moment the beginning of the trial the jury recognized Julius and Ethel Rosenberg guilty of spying for foreign country. On April 5, Judge Irving Kaufman sentenced the couple to a death sentence in an electric chair. In his last speech, Julius Rosenberg said:

"I'm not surprised by the verdict - the government needed someone who would
answer for all its miscalculations: both for the death of our soldiers in Korea, and for the general poverty caused by excessive defensive spending. Again, all the dissatisfied had to be explained that the government now has the right to kill them. It seems that we are destined to become the first victims of American fascism". The decision of the court was to be approved by US President Harry Truman, but he was dragging out time and did not sign it. The spouses were waiting for death in Sing-Sing prison for more than two years. During this time, scientists and artists from all over the world participated in their support: the German theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, the French writer Jean Cocto, the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, the German playwright Berthold Brecht, the Mexican artist Diego Rivera and others. "The legal lynching which has smeared blood the whole country" — so spoke of process over Julius and Ethel Rosenberg French philosopher existentialist Jean Paul Sartre.
When the Rosenberg appeal was rejected, who in January 1953 became president United States Dwight Eisenhower approved the death sentence. Truman's successor did not even listen to Pope Pius XII, who urged to pardon the couple. The US Supreme Court refused to postpone the execution of the verdict, and on June 19, 1953 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed in an electric chair. The third person involved in the trial, Morton Sobell, received 30 years in prison, of which he served slightly less than 19, received parole and became a human rights defender. In 2008, in an interview with ―The New-York Times, Sobell admitted for the first time that he really was a spy. He sent materials to the Soviet Union concerning American air defense systems.

There are several versions of the reasons why Rosenberg suffered the death penalty, while the remaining spies of the union state received prison terms. The Americans could be embittered by the fact that the spouses denied the accusations brought against them, instead of admitting guilt. Many include the Rosenberg’s in the list of victims of the McCarthy period, when being a communist in America was particularly dangerous. There is a version that the fault is the Jewish origin of both spouses and the anti-Semitism of the Americans, but also Judge Kaufman and the state prosecutor were Jews. None of the Jewish organizations of the United States did not intercede for the spouses, since did not see any signs their discrimination on a national basis.

Defenders of the Rosenberg couple they say that the case was fabricated. In particular, they believe that Ethel might not have been an accomplice her husband, although she knew that he is a Soviet spy. In this case, her arrest was a method of pressure on Julius with a view to extract from him the names of accomplices. This assumption in 2000 was confirmed by David Gringlass, admitted to journalists that he stipulated his sister under the pressure of the prosecutor. His testimony is still classified.

According to another version, the Rosenberg case was necessary for the US to justify the actions of the Americans in Korea. "I think that what you did, the fact that you handed the Russians an atomic bomb a few years before, according to the predictions of our best scientists, they could bring it to its own condition, led to, in my view, a communist aggression in Korea ", - Judge Kaufman pointed out the connection between these, two processes in the text of the guilty verdict.
Finally, many researchers, including the historian of Soviet intelligence Alexander Kolpakidi, are of the opinion that the scale of damage caused by the Rosenberg’s to the American nuclear industry is greatly exaggerated. The official information about the information transferred by Julius remains classified, but Kolpakidi claims that his information in the field of radio electronics was much more valuable.
In 1944, Rosenberg gave Feklisov a sample and a detailed diagram of the radio detonator, while "the American press wrote that the radio fuses created during the war were inferior in importance only to the atomic bomb and over one billion dollars were spent on their creation" explained the historian in the book "Foreign Intelligence of the USSR."

During the Soviet period, there was information in the press and on television that the Rosenberg spouses (US Communists) had handed over to the USSR sketches of the atomic bomb and calculations with the accompanying text. At that time the intelligence of the USSR was headed by Beria. It was for this that LP Beria was slandered and killed. The organizer of the murder is the devil Jehovah. LP Beria was embodied from Shambhala, as a duplicate of V.I. Lenin for replacement in connection with the developed circumstances.
The USA assumed that at the end of the forties the Soviet Union will cease to exist. September 4, 1945 USA signed a memorandum, in which the task was posed before the military: pick the twenty most important goals in the USSR for atomic bombing. And in 1948 in the United States developed a plan, according to which hundreds of nuclear bombs were being prepared to be dropped on our country. Americans believed that the war with the USSR will begin before April 1949. The devil Jehovah, the Owner of the Earth, was nurturing plans for the destruction of the USSR. God, the Great Maitreya hastened LP Beria. At the beginning of 1943, a special structure was created in the USSR, the curator appointed Molotov. Time passed, but there was not much success. And then in late 1944 Beria was appointed to lead. Memoirs of Academician Kurchatov: ""With the transition of the nuclear project from Molotov to the hands of Beria, the situation is has radically changed.
Beria quickly gave all the work necessary scope and dynamism; he had tremendous energy and efficiency. The meetings were businesslike and always productive. If we started from scratch, without scientific technical data obtained by Beria's intelligence, the results would have appeared ten years later. The forces of Light led by the Great Lord of Shambhala worked ahead of the US. In a short time, Beria created a united team with creative potential. But they worked in extremely difficult post-war conditions.
And on August 29, 1949 the Soviet the atomic bomb was tested. So our nuclear shield was created, and the US monopoly on nuclear weapons was completed. Jehovah calculated the Rosenberg’s using occultism and surrendered them to the US. So far Jehovah in body Hitler's somersaulted in a bed with his fans, and flew in the astral body in the Kremlin to Stalin.
Heaven Promised led by the Great Lord of Shambhala Has organized everything for the Victory and preservation of the Planet from explosion.
The devil Jehovah deceived the US, allegedly wants to destroy the Soviet Union, the Commune; in fact, he wanted to destroy our House - the Earth created by the Great Maitreya and the entire population to be dragged to Saturn. In the event of such an outcome, a pervert, the swindler and murderer Jehovah wanted to get promoted through the ranks are the position of the satan of the Solar system. The former Satan ("Lucifer") is the post Demon of the Universe, the theoretician-bugger Brama be the post of the Father of the Universe. To the power dreamed to come scum of human. Demons in 1942 were supposed to go to Saturn, but they are detained on the planet by Jews and sectarians and those, who recognize the demon of Jehovah as a god; because of them - the superiority of darkness. Eternal memory is to those, who are a sacrificed themselves for the salvation of our House, and heartfelt thanks to God, the Great Maitreya for caring for us. Let us support Him with Adoration. AUM. Amen. So it will be.

Chapter 7. Sudden death is of the academician V.M. Behterev.
Vladimir Mikhaylovich Behterev was born in family of the small public servant in the village of Sarali, the Yelabuga County, the Vyatka province presumably on January 20 (on February 1), 1857 (I was baptized on January 23, 1857). I was the representative of an ancient Vyatka family of Bekhterev. Have got an education is in the Vyatka gymnasium (1873) and Page - the St. Petersburg medico-surgical academy. Upon termination of a course (1878), Bekhterev has devoted himself to studying of sincere and nervous diseases and for this purpose worked at clinic of the professor I.P. Merzheevskiy.

In 1879 Bekhterev has been accepted in full members of the St. Petersburg society of psychiatrists. And in 1884 has been sent abroad where was engaged at Du Bois-Reymond (Berlin), Vundta (Leipzig), Meynerta (Vienna), Sharko (Paris), etc.
After protection of the doctoral dissertation (on April 4, 1881) it is approved as the privatdozent of the St. Petersburg medico-surgical academy, and since 1885 consisted professor of the Kazan University and the manager of psychiatric clinic of a district Kazan clinic. In operating time at the Kazan University I have created psycho physiological laboratory and I have founded the Kazan society of neuropathologists and psychiatrists. In 1893 have headed department of nervous and is sincere diseases of medico-surgical academy. Have is the same year based magazine the "Nevrologichesky Messenger». In 1894 Vladimir Mikhaylovich has been appointed the member of medical council of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and in 1895 — the member of the military-medical academic council at the Minister of War and then the member of council of an almshouse of the insane. Since 1897 I taught also at Women's medical institute.

I have organized Society of neuropsychiatrists and Society of normal and experimental psychology and scientific organization of work in St. Petersburg. I edited magazines "Review psychiatry, neurology and experimental psychology", "Studying and education persons", "Questions studying work" and others. In November, 1900 the two-volume book by Bekhterev "The carrying-out ways back and a brain" has been nominated by the Russian Academy of Sciences to an award of a name of the academician K.M. Baer. The same year Vladimir Mikhaylovich has been elected the chairman of the Russian society of normal and pathological psychology.

After completion of work on seven volumes "Doctrine Bases about Functions of a Brain" as the scientist psychology problems began to attract special attention of Bekhterev. Proceeding from the fact that mental activity results from work of a brain it found it possible to rely mainly on achievements of physiology, and, first of all, on the doctrine about combinative (conditional) reflexes. In 1907 — 1910 Bekhterev has published three volumes of the book "Objective Psychology". The scientist claimed that all mental processes are followed by reflex motive and vegetative reactions which are available to observation and registration.

I was a member of editorial committee multivolume ("The international treatise on pathological psychology", Paris, 1908 — 1910) for which several chapters are written to them. In 1908 in St. Petersburg there begins work the Psycho neurological institute founded by Bekhterev. In him pedagogical, legal and medical faculties have been open. In 1916 these faculties have been transformed to the private Petrograd University at Psycho neurological institute. Bekhterev took active part in work of institute and the university, headed economic committee of the last. After the October revolution Behterev petitioned for transfer of the university to the palace. In several days our Economic committee led by Bekhterev already examined Marble Palace with his uncountable magnificently arranged rooms. In May, 1918 Bekhterev has addressed to Council of People's Commissars with the petition for the organization of Institute for studying of a brain and mental activity. Soon the Institute has opened, and his director to death was Vladimir Mikhaylovich Bekhterev. In 1927 to him the rank of the honored worker of science of RSFSR has been given.

I have died suddenly on December 24, 1927 in Moscow. It is buried on the Literatorsky planked footway at the Volkovsky cemetery in Leningrad. After the death V.M. Bekhterev left own school and hundreds of pupils, including 70Professors.

In December days 1927 according to the telegram of Medical and sanitary management of the Kremlin the academician Bekhterev has arrived from Leningrad to Moscow where his visit to Stalin has taken place.

Bekhterev, being the world's largest doctor-neuropathology’s, at the same time I was also the most visible psychiatrist of the time. On the end of this procedure the scientist, having left a Stalin office in a reception, allegedly, I have thrown a short phrase: "The ordinary paranoid" which has been right there heard and picked up by the persons which are in this room. Medical interpretation told by Bekhterev, it is supposed, has transferred to Stalin (false rumors proceeded from Jehovah).

After this visit the Scientist has gone for presidency at a meeting of the All-Union congress of neuropathologists and psychiatrists which this day took place in Moscow. Bekhterev has arrived with some delay to this congress and, having sat down in presidium, on a question of colleagues of the reasons of his delay, with some irritation, allegedly, has answered: "I watched one dry-hand paranoid" (false assumption).

In the same night, with 23 for December 24, 1927, the scientist has died, having returned from theater, being absolutely healthy till that day. At the same time Bekhterev had no disagreements with the power, no reasons of his elimination for political motives existed. Prior to a visit to Stalin Bekhterev was called to the Kremlin twice in 1923 as the neuropathology’s, for sick Lenin's consultations. About the state of health of Lenin and his attitude towards own health Bekhterev in January, 1924 has published in the Petrograd truth‖ newspaper on personal impressions article called "The person of iron will". The scientist hasn't found any mental syndromes in Lenin, and, on the contrary, as the psychiatrist has been struck with strength of mind, called iron will which could hold so clear Ilyich's consciousness at physical fading of a body. In the evening of the same day after the visit to Stalin and meetings at a congress the scientist together with the spouse has gone in big theater. Professor Aristarchus Vladimirovich Ilyin in the memoirs reports that in the Big Theatre Bekhterev with the wife watched "The swan lake". And in an interval in buffet I have eaten two portions of ice cream then to him it became suddenly bad, and he from the second action has returned to the apartment of professor Blagovolin at whom I have stopped in Moscow. Soon at Bekhterev the ―Profuzny diarrhea‖ has opened. The famous doctor, who gave injections then the scientist by the morning has died has been called to nobody. Literally by morning of the next day across Moscow where at this time there were neuropathologists, who have gathered on an exit with the whole country, psychiatrists, psychologists and teachers, rumors about sudden mysterious death of the academician Bekhterev after his visit to Stalin began to be spread quickly.

Still in the late eighties the 19th century when V.M. Bekhterev in Kazan has begun to be engaged in hypnotherapy, he began to cause to this activity very alerted relation in those who possessed the political power in Russia. Subsequently this tendency proceeded also at those, who became in the head of state after overthrow of autocracy and Provisional government".

V.M. Bekhterev on historical examples has shown in the speech delivered in December, 1897 at celebration of century of the Army medical college which has appeared then sensational how it is effectively possible "to poison" the mass of people with false doctrines, keeping them in dark and fear. Carrying out it absolutely simple means — "gestures, intonation, a special mere verbiage which by all means become the people possessing the power, imposing to a large number of people inadequate assessment of reality".

Vladimir Mikhaylovich Bekhterev granddaughter Natalya Bekhterev has continued researches of the ingenious grandfather, wrote much and said about how it is destructive the image of the enemy which is artificially introduced in national consciousness affects thinking and mental health of the nation. But it is vain. National consciousness about all by the increasing force is hypnotized this way of the enemy: "fennel", "Americans", "euro bums", generating the fear paralyzing will by means of such powerful psycho translator as television. Vladimir Mikhaylovich Bekhterev, one of consciously destroyed Russian geniuses warned about transmissibility of such psychological plague many times in the lectures.

After the October revolution V.M. Bekhterev has come to the government at the beginning of 1918 and has offered the services for collaboration. A.V. Lunacharsky through his secretary informed V.I. Lenin on it. The copy of this document from the Central state archive of the October revolution some time was available in the museum of institute of V.M. Bekhterev, and then has disappeared under strange circumstances.

In several months after the October revolution V.M. Bekhterev began to hold with the Soviet power big authority not only as the erudite, but also political figure. Speaking at the meeting devoted to the sudden death of V.M. Bekhterev, the same A.V. Lunacharskiy said that "in the last big work the academician V.M. Bekhterev aspired as it is possible to connect closer the deeply materialistic theory about reflexes with Marxism".

Only thanks to the bekhterevsky authority within several years have been created under his management and actively functioned until the end of 1927 Psycho neurological academy with six scientific institutions which are its part. To the last day lives it continued intensive scientific and public work. During the fall of 1927 M. Bekhterev gave lectures at the Leningrad medical institute at two departments: at the State institute of medical knowledge and at Institute of improvement of doctors. Also actively is worked as the rank and file member of the Leningrad Council. In two weeks prior to death he has published an appeal to scientists of the whole world in support of the offer of the Soviet government on disarmament. Before departure to Moscow V.M. Bekhterev has received the usual telegram from Medical and sanitary management of the Kremlin with a request, after a preliminary call, to arrive there to the time spent in the capital.

In the telegram there were no instructions on urgency of such visit that in turn pointed out commonness of medical work which expected V.M. Bekhterev there on December 22 or 23, 1927.

On December 23, 1927 M. Bekhterev since morning has gone for consultation to Medical and sanitary management of the Kremlin. From there I have gone for presidency at a meeting of a congress of neuropathologists and psychiatrists which this day took place in the institute hall. On it, very long meeting made professor reports.

On the eve of death, being in a business trip in Moscow since December 21, 1927, V.M. Bekhterev has made the report at the 1 All-Union congress of neuropathologists and psychiatrists, one of chairmen of which he was, and actively prepared for several messages at the congress of psychologists and paedologists which has begun at this time. This congress was headed by the psychologist Kornilov and the famous paedologists Nechayev — "leaders" of disputes between psychology and pedology in which V.M. Bekhterev intended to participate. Apparently from told, autumn and winter months 1927 and even the last days lives haven't shown any harbingers worsening the state of health of the scientist despite his seventy-year age professors. "The chairman academician V.M. Bekhterev very briskly commented on the heard messages".

After completion of a meeting the director of institute of psycho prevention has led V.M. Bekhterev for survey of institute department of morphology of the central nervous system and laboratory of the psychophysiology of work headed "by Professor A.V. Ilyin, who was earlier working in this area in St. Petersburg under the leadership of V.M. Bekhterev.

The academician has hastily finished the description of the new device on a research of work of a brain, has got up and, having said goodbye, left an office together with the wife and has gone to the Big Theatre.

Professor Aristarchus Vladimirovich Ilyin specifies in the memoirs stated and signed by him on November 22, 1958 that in the Big Theatre V.M. Bekhterev with the wife watched "The swan lake". In the same place, in buffet have eaten two portions of ice cream and from the second action I have returned to the apartment of professor S.I. Blagovolin (at him V.M. Bekhterev has stopped in Moscow) where has soon ached (a profuzny diarrhea), the doctor who gave injections has-been called, and the patient by the morning has died
In other place of the same document once again it is insistently emphasized that V.M. Bekhterev has suddenly died "after visit of theater and two portions of ice cream, after a short-term attack of an intestinal disease and treatment of the family doctor, to nobody the unknown, and unknown medical care".

By morning of the next day in Moscow where at this time there were neuropathologists, who have gathered on an exit with the whole country, psychiatrists, psychologists and teachers, rumors about sudden mysterious death of the academician V.M. Bekhterev began to be spread quickly. And circumstances, previous death which had the most contradictory character, aren't deprived, however, of plausible guesses on the basis reaching many people of reasonable information. In medical institutions, drugstores and even shops confusion was felt, and newspapers gave short and foggy messages.

At the same time contemporaries, including professor A.V. Ilyin have very in detail given the description of the events which were taking place literally in few hours after V.M. Bekhterev death. The identity of contents of these descriptions and stories only emphasizes their reliability.

In the morning of the next day to A.V. Ilyin the head of the laboratory of institute of psycho prevention he is the senior doctor of this hospital, the famous Moscow psychiatrist the doctor of medicine L.A. Prozorov has called and has reported a request of the people's commissar of health care N.A. Semashko to arrive to the apartment of professor S.I. Blagovolin for postmortem examination of the body of unexpectedly died V.M. Bekhterev. A.V. Ilyin struck with this news considering him V.M. Bekhterev pupil began to refuse this assignment because isn't the expert in the field of pathological anatomy, in the field of forensic medicine. L.A. Prozorov, the manager psychiatric department of a national commissariat of health care (on the basis of repeated instructions of the people's commissar) has forced to agree A.V. Ilyin to arrive for the late V.M. Bekhterev opening next day. In Moscow there were psychiatrists perfectly familiar with path anatomical practice what then A.V. Ilyin pointed to.

Possibly, N.A. Semashko plan about entering of additional ambiguities into possible specification of the reasons of sudden death of V.M. Bekhterev included performance of opening by his pupil especially as A.V. Ilyin worked and lived then in Moscow, and, therefore, had to depend on a national commissariat of health care and its heads. On the other hand, for deception of the medical public, apparently, it was extremely favorable to charge postmortem examination of the body of V.M. Bekhterev not to foreign experts, medical examiners or pathologists, and standing most closely to the late scientist — to psychiatrists.

In one of rooms of the apartment of professor of S.I. Blagovolin there was body V.M. Bekhterev. Right there everything has been prepared for opening which A.V. Ilyin had to carry out at 12 o'clock. At the same time there were only a famous pathologist, subsequently the academician A.N. Abrikosov already mentioned psychiatrist L.A. Prozorov and the brother of the dead Nikolay Mikhaylovich. According to strict instructions of N.A. Semashko A.V. Ilyin, despite all clinical picture of a disease and not in professional conditions, has opened only the deadh skull.

Survey of a brain was right there carried out by A.I. Abrikosov. "It has turned out that no painful phenomena in brain substance, covers and vessels are revealed. Weight of his 1645 grams is. Neither pacification nor increments, nor development of granulations (pakhionovykh) are revealed. Vessels not of a sclerosis and their development on the basis of a brain (Viliziyev a circle) ideally correct". Everything told by A.V. Ilyin has been dictated to L.V. Prozorov. At the same time even opening of a brain horizontal cuts hasn't been allowed by A.I. Abrikosov who has told that all this business of the future which should be carried out in his laboratory. The brain after fill formalin by A.I. Abrikosov car was right there sent to him to laboratory. The carrying out of a body of V.M. Bekhterev has taken place at three o'clock, and in five already there took place hasty and someone well organized cremation. There delivered mournful speeches M.I. Kalinin, And. V. Lunacharsky and N.A. Semashko. In the evening of the same day the ballot box with V.M. Bekhterev ashes and bank with a brain has been sent by the last passenger train in the presence of few public to Leningrad.

Container with brain medicine in Leningrad has been given to the Institute of a brain organized in 1918 by M. Bekhterev. The devil long moved capacity with a brain on various instances in hope that she will get lost, afraid and afraid of professional inspection of a brain for identification of absence of an infection and poison. After reading of this text the devil can destroy or turn capacity into astral. The murderer covers up tracks.

In the summer of 1970 the ballot box with V.M. Bekhterev ashes has been solemnly buried in the Literatorsky planked footway of Volkov of the cemetery in Leningrad near D.I. Mendeleyev, I.P. Merzheevskiy and I.P. Pavlov's graves. In 1974 on the place of burial of a ballot box the gravestone monument which author is the national artist of the USSR M.K. Anikushin has been open for V.M. Bekhterev?

The space is the global computer, everything writes down on the movie: thoughts, words and actions. The creator is the Supreme Deity, the Absolute.

Murderer of the academician V.M. Bekhterev - Owner of land, demon Jehovah (properties: devil and satan). Jehovah has told: "There is no certificate". Confirmation to that is the movie from space. The reason – opposition of two space forces Light's and darkness during the Planet-wide election campaign. One of the darkness purposes – destruction of gold fund of the population of the USSR.
From the above text it is possible to claim that Bekhterev has offered cooperation to the Soviet government. A.V. Lunacharsky has reported on it on V.I. Lenin in writing through the secretary.
The copy of this document was stored in the museum of institute of a brain of V.M. Bekhterev. After the death of the academician this document has disappeared from the museum under strange circumstances. (The document the demon Jehovah has withdrawn to dump murder on Stalin, or to direct the investigation of a false way. The devil was in an astral body and rushed from Hitler's body to the Kremlin).

In the works the scientist claimed that all mental processes - result of work of a brain and followed by reflex motive and vegetative reactions which are available to observation and registration. Scientists said what in perfection knows a brain only God and Bekhterev! Such ingenious Scientist could after the interview with the patient and observations of his movements to establish the diagnosis. Not for nothing the level of Knowledge of the academician was equated to God's level. It was known also by a devil.

After V.I. Lenin's survey, the Academician, "as the psychiatrist has been struck with strength of mind, called iron will which could hold so clear Lynch’s consciousness at physical fading of a body. After the conversation with Lenin, Behterev has written article about Lenin to the newspaper.

V.M. Behterev didn't write about Lenin's brain, it is slander of a devil of Jehovah; he slanders all embodiments from Shambhala. Jehovah has understood that Bekhterev has defined that at Lenin consciousness has replaced a brain.

In Kazan Behterev has begun to apply hypnotherapy, i.e. treatment by hypnosis (it is the main cause of the murder).

The academician has published an appeal to scientists of the whole world in support of the offer of the Soviet government on disarmament; it; one blow to a devil, he "Lord of abuse".

V.M. Behterev began to hold with the Soviet power big authority not only as the erudite, but also political figure.

The scientist "aspired as it is possible to connect closer the spiritual materialistic theory about reflexes with Marxism".

To create an image is of the enemy, so to generate fear. What energy are in heart of the person, such he attracts from space, passing through the fiery centers, fills Earth with negative energy for explosion It was in Jehovah's plans too.

Jehovah has inspired in Stalin, to invite to the Kremlin of the academician-psychiatrist Bekhterev, allegedly, for consultation (with the purpose of his elimination). And have inspired ice cream in Bekhterev to eat two portions (that subsequently to direct pathologists on a false way) because dairy products promote fast absorption in a stomach of drugs, poisons infections. Jehovah has taken the academician-psychiatrist, the only and unsurpassed expert on a brain and reflexology have decided to liquidate that didn't interfere in his psycho-ancestral lands. Jehovah was afraid to lose Stalin after exposure of devil hypnosis.

Stalin from since young years was we operate Jehovah, and after Lenin's poisoning has finally got under devil hypnosis. V.M. Bekhterev could reveal it at an interview. Bekhterev had Stalin, as on the screen. Jehovah at this time was present at Stalin's office in the astral body invisible to physical sight Stalin, but not Bekhterev; the devil has understood that he had had a strong opponent. And in the future at him were big plans for destruction of gold fund of the population of the USSR. Jehovah and his army always at themselves carry poisons and syringes, too astral. They pass through all types of material barriers, and too turn the tool of murder into an astral state. In one of Jehovah's embodiments - Neron has poisoned the aunt with a high dose of laxative. (In this case there was other option of murder corresponding to Identity size).
Jehovah has organized to the Academician the astral ambulance and the doctor.

Expressions: "The ordinary paranoid" and "Watched one dry-hand paranoid" Jehovah has enclosed in the Academician's lips to dump Bekhterev murder on Stalin. There is a medical secret; Bekhterev never would read to anybody diagnosis.

All Genii of the World are incarnations from Shambhala. VM Bekhterev is a divine incarnation and stands on one of the steps of the Hierarchy of Light. He had a prismatic vision and open fire centers. Fire centers give clairaudience, and prismatic vision - to see astral bodies, which after the first death of a person (exit from the physical body) continue to live and work in the Subtle Worlds, in the higher spheres of the Earth. At Stalin the Highest astral body left him and stood nearby. Stalin was a live corpse. The highest astral body is the principle of action. Bekhterev has found it at once.
The Academician had a direct connection with the Lord of Shambhala; Bekhterev received information that in the office of Stalin is the devil in the astral body. The academician turned his head and met his gaze, and realized who was controlling Stalin; that's the reason for the murder of academician Jehovah. Acknowledgment to that is a film from space.

After an exit from a physical body, V.M. Bekhterev was shown before the son in Thin bodies. The son has asked him: "Can you recover a physical body"? "I can, but it is very difficult", - the father has answered. Jehovah has hurried to withdraw Bekhterev brain and to burn a body.

There was a similar case: "the angry demigod of the desert, the demon Jehovah secretly to put on weight of Seth, the brother God’s Osiris, envying Osiris, has killed him, and a body has thrown into Nile. Isida has found the husband's body, but Seth has stolen him and, having cut on 40 parts, has scattered across Egypt. After long search Isida has collected them, and by means of magic spells has recovered Osiris …

Osiris in the following embodiment is God self-created the first shown deity. Jehovah (violent aspect) has put on weight of Typhon, the brother God's Osiris, has killed Osiris and has dismembered on fourteen parts (two on seven). He have scattered parts of a body on the mountains of Egypt. Subsequently Osiris has revived as Christ".
From Shambhala the Academician V.M. Bekhterev helps the granddaughter - the Academician N. Bekhterev at the mental level.
Just the murderer Jehovah has told: "Great Grandfather … and Great granddaughter …". Yes! From God to the world is come Great and from a devil the pervert, the swindler and the murderer) - his reflection. What priest, such is and Arrival.
Before revolution V.M. Bekhterev has been invited by the government for consultation concerning Gregory Rasputin's behavior. Gregory was an active participant of bacchanalias drank of wine on several bottles in day, slept a little, seduced women, he had a bestial endurance. Bekhterev has established the exact diagnosis, - sexual hypnosis! In space there is all of energy, including sexual. At that time nobody knew that in body Gregory the devil was. Since then the ghoul Jehovah was afraid of exposure. But, it was lit this time.
In "Wikipedia", as if inadvertently, given a reference, (see Lyon Feuchtwanger, "The Story of a Physiologist B.").
Under the letter B. the author means the brilliant academician VM Bekhterev. Under the dictator and marshal is I. Stalin. The meaning is this: the physiologist B. invented a device for measuring intelligence. Stalin came to his home for examination. The author writes about the leader: "As if a ghost, the marshal was wandering around the palace, and the whole world realized that this historical person is just a uniform, hung with medals." This characteristic was given to the leader of Jehovah and whispered to the author. (The devil has defined Stalin's route: The Kremlin – the dacha. Protected that haven't killed the leader, and he hasn't lost the power for crimes. The device – an occult invention of Jehovah).The author of the story - a Jew and fulfilling the order of the devil - accused Bekhterev of murdering Stalin. The criminal occult actions of Jehovah really made a cover for the uniform from Stalin.
The author was in Russia after Bekhterev death but gives to the academician, belittling him, the characteristic according to Jehovah. The academician was of pleasant appearance, of short height, proportionally composite. But, for the Genius, it does not matter. The poisonous spider Jehovah slanders and perverts biographies for all incarnations from Shambhala.

The second part of the story features a character named Peter, a faithful and faithful servant (Poskrebyshev analog, Stalin's secretary). According to the devil, according to Khrushchev's decree, Ignatiev removed two of the most devoted people of Stalin from the Kremlin: Poskrebyshev and Vlasik (chief Stalin’s protection). Poskrebyshev was shot for loyalty and replaced with another, but every night in a dream Peter came to (Poskrebyshev) in his astral body and continued talking with him. Stalin loved him for his wise parables and stories about life. I was glad to communicate with him. But the day came and another came, but he could not replace "Peter". Poskrebyshev came for Stalin; he knew that soon he liquidates the triad: Jehovah-Khrushchev-Ignatiev.
This story of L. Feuchtwanger can be understood by those who know the cosmic structure of man - the seven principles, that is, they are familiar with theosophy and esotericism. Jehovah has imposed a ban on this Knowledge. Here is the confirmation that he dictated the author's story and killed Bekhterev. I submitted my books on theosophy and esotericism to the central library of our city: HP Blavatsky, EI Rerich, B.N. Abramov. The devil at once took under his control the head of the reading room. She rejected half of these books. I asked: "Why?". "Too much," she said. After that, books "Agni Yoga", the author of the Jew, the book of Schneerson, etc. began to appear among my books in the bookshelf. Over time, the manager ordered the librarian to lower my books to the lower shelf. Be vigilant and don't carry out decrees of a devil, to these you are connected to light service.

Chapter 8. Murder to of M.V. Frunze is national commissioner military-sea fleet of the USSR.

Participant is of "a cave meeting". In the summer of 1923 in a grotto near Kislovodsk the secret meeting of a party top under the leadership of Zinovyev and Kamenev called subsequently "cave" has taken place. On him there were vacationers at the Caucasus and the party figures of that time invited from the next regions. From Stalin first it was hidden. Though the issue of restriction of his powers of authority is in connection with a serious illness of Lenin was discussed.
Any of participants of this meeting (except Voroshilov who, most likely, was eyes and the leader's ears there) hasn't died a natural death. Frunze was present at quality of a military component of "putsch" there. Whether Stalin could forget it?
Other is fact. In 1924 at the initiative of Frunze full reorganization of the Red Army has been carried out. He has achieved abolition of institute of political commissioners in army — they have been replaced by assistants to commanders by a political part without the right to interfere with command decisions.
In 1925 Frunze has made a number of movements and appointments in command structure therefore at the head of military districts, cases and divisions there were military who are picked up for the principle of military qualification, but not by the principle of communistic devotion. Stalin was against reorganization.
In addition Frunze loyally treated party opposition what Stalin didn't suffer at all. "Of course, shades have to be and will be. We have 700 000 party members leading the most enormous country and it is impossible to demand that these thought of 700 000 people on each question equally" — the national commissioner military-sea fleet wrote.
Against the background of it article about Frunze "The new Russian leader" was published in the English monthly journal "Aeroplane". "In this person — it was said in article — all components of the Russian Napoleon have united". Article became known to the party management. Stalin has seen future Bonaparte in Frunze and has stated sharp dissatisfaction to these. Then he has suddenly shown touching care of Frunze, having told: "We don't watch of our best workers over precious health at all" then the politburo has almost forced Frunze to agree to operation.
Believed that Stalin has killed with Frunze that to appoint the person to his place — Voroshilov, allegedly, during operation just that anesthesia which Frunze couldn't take out owing to features of an organism (lie) has been applied.
The owner of land Jehovah in the army brings together perverts, swindlers and murderers. During lifetime in a physical body he future victim’s forces to commit crimes, applying hypnosis. After death they in astral bodies get into his army. During Stalin's obsession the devil has created group of doctors of astral ambulance from murderer’s astrals. They are invisible to physical sight. After article in the English monthly journal "Aeroplane" Jehovah has begun to worry, Frunze could replace Stalin over time. The devil has also inspired in the leader about threat and has given the idea "to see to it" about health of Frunze. Mikhail Vasilyevich could not do operation, but hypnosis of a devil has brought him to the operating table. The same crew from dead murderer’s astrals (invisible to physical sight) which has killed V.M. Bekhterev, under Jehovah's decree has torn off M.V. Frunze's life. The deadly injection has been given and an urgent funeral is organized. The investigation and judicial examination weren't conducted. The doctors who have performed operation aren't guilty. A devil Jehovah, "god" of Israel – the occult murderer! Satan has destroyed the talented reformer of Army and the Fleet, the commander and the politician in hope to put out revolutionary heat in Russia.
It is so much victory, it is so many awards, the best years are given to revolution, and … to die in 40 years. … During the board Jehovah has improved murder methods. The most part of term he ran with the axe; I killed and dismembered Solar gods. Later I have created groups of murderers in astral bodies and ambulance (illusion). Now the occult murderer Jehovah has mastered a new method: he lies in the apartment on a sofa and power of thought attracts to himself consciousness of the person, consciousness will pull along a radio body and energy. Without energy of people is corpse. For murder uses drugs, AIDS and various infections.
Mikhail Vasilyevich Frunze (Years of life: on January 21 (on February 2) 1885, the city Pishpek (nowadays Bishkek) of the Semirechenskiy region of the Turkestan region — on October 31, 1925, Moscow). (Family: the wife is A.S. Popova, the daughter is Tatyana Mikhaylovna (river of 1920), the son is Frunze, Timur Mikhaylovich (1923 — 1942) is a pilot). Children after the death of the commander were raised in K.E. Voroshilov's family. The revolutionary, the Soviet state and military figure, one of the largest military leaders of the Red Army during Civil war, the military theorist. In 1904 I have entered the St. Petersburg polytechnical institute; I have entered the Russian social democratic Labor Party. In November has been for the first time arrested.
During revolution of 1905-07 I conducted party work in Moscow, since May — in Ivanovo-Voznesensk and Shuya (under the pseudonym "Companion Arseniy"), the member of the committee of RSDRP. One of heads of Ivanovo-Voznesensky is of a general strike of textile workers (May-July, 1905). At the head of fighting team of Ivanovo-Voznesensky and shuysky workers I participated in the December armed revolt. Delegate is of the 4th congress of RSDRP of Ivanovo Voznesensky of the district organization. I created underground party cells in the 3rd and 10th armies of the Western front. After the February revolution the chief of the Minsk city militia, the organizer of committee of RSDRP, the Minsk Council of working deputies and Council of country deputies, the editor of the Bolshevist newspaper "Zelda". Since the end of August the chairman of Shuysky Council of working, country and soldier's deputies, the chairman of a district territorial justice and City Council; the representative of Shuya at the Democratic meeting is in Petrograd.
Activity is after the revolution. In days of a revolt in Moscow in October, 1917 I was involved in fights at the building of Metropol hotel. Deputy is of the Constituent assembly from Bolsheviks of the Vladimir province. In the first half of 1918 the chairman of Ivanovo Voznesensky of provincial committee of the Russian Communist Party of Bolsheviks) RCP(b), provincial executive committee, the provincial Soviet national economy and the military commissioner of Ivanovo Voznesensky of the province, since August, 1918 the military commissioner of the Yaroslavl military district.
In February-May, 1919 the commander of the 4th, in May-June — Turkestan armies, in March-July — also Southern group of troops of East front, since July — all East front; for implementation of successful offensive operations against the main forces of the admiral A.V. Kolchak it is awarded the order the Red Banner.
In August, 1919 — September, 1920 is commander of the Turkestan front. The member of the Turkestan commission of All-Union Central Executive Komitet - VTsIK and SNK (October, 1919 — July, 1920); the supporter of "organization" of revolution in the Bukhara emirate by invasion of the Red Army, directed storm of Bukhara (on August 30 — on September 2, 1920).
Since September-November, 1920 the organizer of exile of troops of the general P.N. Wrangel from Northern Tavriya and the Crimea ordered the Southern front. I combated wrangle’s together with Insurgent army of N.I. Mahno with whom in October, 1920 I have signed the agreement on unity of actions against white troops and I have established the good personal relations. After storm of the Recopy has sent to vrangelevsky troops the telegram suggesting to them to leave freely the Crimea in exchange for the termination of resistance; the appeal, however, hasn't been announced by Wrangel.
On December 3, 1920 it is appointed the representative of Revolutionary Military Council in Ukraine and the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Crimea, at the same time elected the member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of bolsheviks of Ukraine - the Central Committee of RC (b) U, since February, 1922 the vice-chairman of SNK USSR. According to the order from Moscow directed defeat of Insurgent army of N.I. Mahno (for what in 1924 it is awarded the order by the second the Red Banner) and Yu.O. Tyutyunnik's group.
In November, 1921 I headed extraordinary embassy to Ankara for establishment of the relations between Ukraine and Turkey, I conducted negotiations with Mustapha Kemal. Since March, 1924 the vice-chairman of the Revolutionary Council of War of the USSR and the national commissioner on military and sea affairs, since April, 1924 at the same time the chief of staff of the Red Army and the chief of Military academy. Since January, 1925 the chairman of Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR and the people's commissar on military is and sea affairs. Under the leadership of Frunze military reform 1924 — 1925 — reduction of number of army, introduction of the principle of one-man management, reorganization of the military device and political management of the Red Army, a combination in structure of Armed Forces of standing army and territorial and militia formations was undertaken. Author is of a number of military and theoretical works. Member of VTsIK, presidium of the Central Election Commission of the USSR. With 1921 members of the Central Committee of RCP(b), since 1924 the candidate for members is of the Politburo of the Central Committee.
I have died after operation of stomach ulcer. It is buried at Red Square in Moscow at the Kremlin wall. There is a version that his death wasn't casual, and has been organized by Stalin who especially insisted on carrying out operation. All four doctors, performed the operation Frunze, have died one after another in 1934 – Jehovah covered up tracks to dump murder of doctors on Stalin.
Two astrals wreckers from Jehovah daily are on duty at me at the request of a devil. They know my secrets: Email and number of the mobile phone. On June 16 and 17, 2018 Jehovah (billionaire Georges Morgan) sent the SMS with the password to receiving money. I have removed them. He was angry and revenged filling of a rectum black energy. He trains Stalin for the Kremlin, - to harm Putin. The devil doesn't want that the leader knew who operated him and why he has appeared in his a mouth.

Chapter 9. The tragic fate is of the academician N.I. Vavilov’.
Vavilov Nikolai Ivanovich (1887-1943),
Russian biologist, geneticist, plant breeder, one of the organizers of agricultural science is in The USSR. Born November 25, 1887 is in Moscow in the family of a merchant. Initial Education in the Moscow Commercial School, after which entered the Moscow Agricultural Institute (now Moscow Agricultural Academy named K.A. Timiryazev).

After graduation (1911) he was left in the department of private farming. In 1917 became a professor at Saratov University. From 1921 he was in charge of the Division applied botany and breeding (Petrograd), in 1924 reorganized in

All-Union Institute of Applied Botany and New Cultures, and in 1930 All-Union Institute of Plant Industry (VIR), whose leader Vavilov remained until August 1940. Since 1930 also the director of the genetic laboratory, then transformed is in the Institute of Genetics of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Based on the studies carried out in 1919-1920 studies in the book "Field Culture of the South-East "(1922) Vavilov described all the cultivated plants the Volga and the Trans-Volga.

From 1920 to 1940, he supervised numerous botanical-agronomic expeditions to study the plant resources of Central Asia, Mediterranean, etc. In 1924, the expedition visited Afghanistan.

The collected material allowed the scientist to establish regularities in origin and distribution of varieties of cultivated plants that greatly facilitated the work of botanists and breeders.

The collection of cultivated plants collected by Vavilov and stored in the VIR, More is than 300 thousand samples. Particular importance for the theoretical genetics acquired the law of homologous series discovered by him in 1920 hereditary variability is in close species, genera and even families, according to which related groups have similar hereditary changes.

For scientific research in the field of immunity, origin cultural plants and the discovery of the law of homological series Vavilov received the VI Lenin Prize (1926). For research in Afghanistan he was awarded a gold medal named after N.M. Przhevalskiy; for work in area of selection and seed-growing - Big gold medal of the All-Union agricultural exhibition (1940). He knew about 20 foreign languages. He spent 16 years in research trips.

Since 1929 Vavilov was an academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and an academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, was elected President (1929-1935) and Vice-President (1935-1940) of the VASHNIL.

However, the campaign against genetics, unleashed by Vavilov student T. Lysenko and supported by party ideologists, led to the fact that -in 1940 the activity of the scientist was interrupted. Vavilov has been arrested on charge of wrecking and has died violent death on a prison bed in Saratov on January 26, 1943.
In 1965; he was awarded a prize in his name, and in 1968 - a gold medal, awarded for outstanding scientific works and discoveries in the field of Agriculture. Since 1967, the name of a large breeder is VIR
Nikolay Ivanovich Vavilov is a divine incarnation from Shambhala.

He came to the world with a definite task: to create a material gene pool of cultivated plants from all over the Planet. After the Apocalypse in 2046, perhaps ten years earlier, there will be a single world organization - Community, Commune. Beginning of the ascent of civilization will begin with Russia. For our country, the great Vavilov lived and worked. After the planetary tragedy, the Golden Age will begin. Everyone, who incarnated from Shambhala, their creativity created the accumulation of information in all fields of science and spiritual evolution of mankind is for future generations. N.I. Vavilov performed brilliantly the commission received from Great Lord of Shambhala. All incarnations of Shambhala are heroes-victim. The bright memory of them will live in our hearts. After the all-planetary tragedy, they will be embodied again and continue their creativity in various areas of the national economy. Behind all embodiments Forces Light observes the opponent God, Great Maitreya – the Owner of Earth, the devil Jehovah, that Ghoul, oh which Christ Said to the Jews: "... your father is a devil, a murderer,... a liar and father of lies". Owner of the Earth, the devil Jehovah always pursues light incarnations: slanders, kills, crucifies, dismembers with an ax. Jehovah - Beast (wolf), his number is 666, post (elective) - Owner of the Earth (properties: the devil and satan).

Pay attention to the date of the embodiment of Trofim Lysenko 1998, through year after the embodiment is of N.I. Vavilov. He was embodied by the devil Jehovah, for counterweight to the scientist - genetics, in other words, for sabotage The USSR. The devil is afraid of the economic prosperity of Russia, therefore destroys the golden fund of the nation of the Slavs.

Man incarnates 777 times. One of the previous incarnations of TD Lysenko is Gregory Otrepiev; Pretender is False-Dmitriy 1. This incarnation is called - the Scam the Century.

Gregory Otrepiev (worldly name and patronymic - Yuriy Bogdanovich, "Half-name". Grishka Otrepyev is a monk, the clerk of Chudov Monastery (in Moscow Kremlin at the christening received the name of Gregory), one time performed secretarial duties are under the patriarch Iov. The son of Galich the nobleman Bogdan Otrepyev is. Was close to the family of boyars...

False-Dmitriy 1 is or Gregory Otrepiev. Accession and short-lived government is False Dmitriy I. The fact remains that if the tsar is God's anointed in imagine the image of Christ, then the Impostor fulfills the terrible role of the liar-antichrist. That's the difference. Grishka Otrepyev is a devilish incarnation.

And the impostor Emelyan Pugachev was from Jehovah during the reign The Empress Catherine II. Emelyan Pugachev and Grishka Rasputin is the embodiment of one entity which used by a devil Jehovah for crimes against Russia.

Joseph Stalin and Trofim Lysenko are also the Scam of the Century. Is there still Planet is an academician who, without scientific work (PhD, doctoral, or scientific discovery) suddenly became an academician? This "good" flowed from the devil's horn.

Jehovah works according to the pattern. The fate of Pushkin and his murder Are echoes the fate of Academician N.I. Vavilov. For each of them, there was the preparation of the embodiment of "Salieri" - is the envious and murderer. In agrotechnics, the most important achievements of T.D. Lysenko were: sowing cereals on stubble and planting the tops of tubers of potatoes. These methods are not gave a harvest, but TD. Lysenko received awards and titles "without a mind and knowledge" from obsessed with the devil Jehovah leader.

Demon of the Bramah universe, patron of the devil of Jehovah dictated Vladimir Megre ten books "Anastasia". In parallel with the main goal, is the idea of sowing without plowing the fields, the same thing as planting on stubble. In other words, create in Russia's hunger and discontent with the authorities, and the scientist N.I. Vavilov, who gave T.D. Lysenko recommendation to academicians, to eliminate from the scientific arena. Demons were sure that during the siege of Leningrad the entire seed fund

NI Vavilov will be eaten, but they were mistaken; his students died of hunger, but Saved the seed fund to a single seed. The corpses of the disciples were discovered between sacks of grain.

Joseph Stalin and Trofim Lysenko is a black duad for the young the state of the USSR, the procurement of the Demon of the Universe of Brama and the Owner of the Earth - of Jehovah. And, mind you: as soon as the Internet is discussing the Great entities that suffered from the atrocities of darkness, the Owner of the Earth immediately organizes the protection of his dark incarnations. Already on the Internet there is a group of demons of the Great Scientist, a bleaching servant of the devil, "People's Academician" T.D. Lysenko. Stalin and Lysenko is assistants the devil of Jehovah - the true murderer of Academician N.I.Vavilov. Remember, the murderer of all divine incarnations from Shambhala alone, is the devil Jehovah!!!

L.P. Beria wanted to create conditions for Vavilov creativity, but at that time there was a war; L.P. Beria headed not only People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, but also investigation, all industry of the USSR, - 1, 5 tens instructions of the state importance. They say that he was strong, perhaps, five-seven vein. L.P. Beria has distracted on the duties and at this time the occult murderer Jehovah has deprived of N.I. Vavilov life, that Beria hasn't kept the promise (the devil knew that Beria and Vavilov is White Brothers from Shambhala).

In Stalin's times, only one direction in science was correct, which the devil instilled into Stalin. The devil's servants called him "Marxist." And only one scientist was considered "popular", - the executor of suggestions of the devil. All instructions Jehovah implanted in memory of Stalin and Lysenko. Everyone, who disagreed with this diabolical affirmation, was ranked among the enemies of the people. Scientific polemics were forbidden. Stalin's knowledge of plant genetics was expressed in two words: pistils and stamens.
With leaving of V.I. Lenin, ignoramus occupied the Kremlin. Absolute profane people were forbidden to engage in science, and in many cases there were arrests, exile, prison terms and executions.

Not only institutions, laboratories, scientists were subjected to destruction, but also books by well-known scientists who did not back away from their
convictions; they found themselves without means of subsistence and in an environment of complete alienation.
Bacchus is the name of the devil of Jehovah in one of his incarnations. "The" Vakhanomiya "began, - the creation of counter-revolutionaries in order to realize Stalin's political plans. The executors of these plans were well aware of the innocence of the subject’s condemnation, and the courts themselves were prepared templates. One of the scientists who underwent these political experiments was Nikolay Ivanovich Vavilov is a scientist, agronomist, geneticist, biologist and traveler.

The October Revolution gave birth to a new social system, was the beginning of the creation of a socialist state of workers and peasants. New the state should become the world center of creative work in the all areas of creativity, a model of new, true forms of democracy, social justice, technical and scientific progress. It responded the hopes of the majority of people in our country. Marx, Engels and Lenin strove to create democratic forms of socialism, while Stalin, once in power, took a different path: concentrating power and fanning his personal dictatorship.

Stalin came to power as the successor to Lenin, the recognized leader of the October Revolution. He came to power amidst the enormous authority of the party, in the conditions of the rise of the creative enthusiasm of the masses and, as it were, inherited some of this authority and trust.

History showed that this trust was used by Stalin to create the cult of self and the destruction of those who are not inclined to inflate it. Stalin was called the brilliant scientist of all times and peoples; however, in reality it was a lie. As a person he possessed a number of negative character traits, and his hypertrophied thirst for power, suspicion, cruelty, cunning, vanity, envy, intolerance to bright personalities with an independent character and megalomania created a very difficult situation not only in the political life of the country, but also in those scientific areas that were within his sphere of interest. (Megalomania the devil Jehovah since stay has inspired in Stalin it in Turukhansky exile; I created to the future to the leader of a condition for desires).

To identify talented people, Jehovah organized discussions in the 1920s and 1930s in all fields of science, art, and literature. The main goal was to set off the Great scientist N.I. Vavilov and the agronomist Lysenko, with the subsequent destruction of the former.

Differences in opinions, approaches, and assessments of facts are quite natural phenomena in a scientific environment. Discussions are a product and an instrument of science. Truth is born in disputes. No one suspected a dirty trick; any scientific discussion tended to turning into a fight with a political tinge. Attaching political labels at that time was the easiest and most tempting way to win opponents, who could not be broken by the strength of scientific reasoning, and some became this way, often leading not only to defeat, but also to the physical elimination of opponents.

In 1930-1931, they were declared bourgeois, idealistic and anti-Marxist some advanced scientific schools, whose works subsequently Soviet science was rightfully proud. Such a fate was foreseen for the famous psychiatrist V.M. Behterev, the great physiologist I.P. Pavlov, for A.I. Ioffe, L.D. Landau, IE Tamm, Ya. I. Frenkel and others.

Acute controversy arose in 1929-1932 and in the field of biology, especially in genetics. By 1929-1931 Academician N.I.Vavilov was already a well-known scientist, President of the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences named after V./ Lenin (VASHNIL) and the All-Union Institute of Plant Industry (VIR). But, despite its great popularity, great merit and high administrative position, he already in 1931 became the object of the first serious attacks.

Nikolai Vavilov was a biologist - a geneticist, an evolutionist, a plant taxonomist, an expert and the healer of their diseases; was a geographer, a togni-biogeographer, a scientist traveler and collector of cereals; was a historian of agriculture, agronomist - a practitioner and theorist, who wrote many works; was public figure, organizer of scientific institutes and plant a full member of the academy and scientific societies of Moscow, New-York, London, Berlin, Sofia, BRNO, Scotland, Spain, Mexico.

It was a brain, insightful in analysis, quick in decisions, devoid of narcissism and self-complacency.

Nikolai Ivanovich was born in Moscow in 1887, in a large merchant family. In 1906 he graduated from the Moscow Commercial College, but, not feeling a propensity to continue his father's business, entered the Moscow Agricultural Institute (now the Moscow Agricultural Academy named K.A.Timiryazev), where outstanding scientists were taught: K.A. Timiriazev, D.N. Gingerbread cookies. Here Vavilov directed, founded by him, a student circle. While still a student, in 1910 he published a scientific paper on snails, received a prize for it is.

After graduating in 1911, the institute, he was left to prepare for the professorship, and worked at the Department of Private Agriculture, while simultaneously working at the breeding station. In 1913 he was sent to England, where he studied the immunity of cereals, he studied for several months in France and Germany.

Returning in 1914, he finished his thesis "Immunity of plants to infectious diseases". In 1914 he made his first expedition to Iran and the Pamirs, where he discovered a wide range of variability wheat. In 1917, Nikolay Ivanovich was elected professor Agronomy Faculty of the Saratov University. He accepted the October Revolution, being already a major scientist, whose works on the immunity of cultivated plants presented great theoretical and practical interest. It is necessary to return to the development of biological science at the turn of the century.

The laws of the learned monk from Brno Gregory Mendel were rediscovered. These were the laws of genetics - the doctrine of heredity and variability,
formulated and supplemented: Gugu de Fris, Carl Correns and Eric Cermak. Genetics became the main support in the teaching and practice of Nikolai Vavilov.

The second pillar was the evolutionary doctrine of Charles Darwin, outlined in the work "Origin of Species." The third work of the Geneva botanist Alfonse Dekan share "Rational Geography of Plants" - the basis of the new science of biogeography.

And the fourth is an essay by the Swedish naturalist Karl Linnaeus "Plant species"; the classification of the plant world of the planet with the help of Vavilov expanded, fourfold.

In line with these four directions, the search and findings of the young Vavilov developed. March 21, 1920 Vavilov was elected head. Department agricultural educational committee is in Petrograd, still working in Saratov.

Here he organized a number of expeditions to the south-east of Russia. Here, at the 3 rd All-Russian Breeding Congress, he delivered a shock to the audience of the report "The Law of Homological Series in Hereditary Variability." Since the time of Karl Linnaeus, the motto of plant breeders has been the assertion that the basis of botany is in the division and name of plants. Scientists have discovered new species, varieties, varieties, thousands, millions. Discovered and drowned in the boundless green ocean, in the chaos of an endless variety of forms of cultural flora. We needed a synthetic, all-encompassing mind to see through the trees the forest - to find common in diversity, to notice in comparative samples of the plant material collected around the world comparative similarities and dissimilarities ("homological" and means - similar, similar, related), order this chaos first in your head, and then on paper in the form of certain tables, parallel rows of variability, homologous series. Nikolai Vavilov and discovered the law, for biology is so important, as for chemistry, the law of Mendeleev. Yes, obviously the similarity of the Vavilov law, which builds the entire plant world into a harmonious system, classifies it on the basis of the initial characteristics with the periodic table of Mendeleyev. It is not by chance that one of the participants of the 3rd All-Union Congress of Breeders, interrupting the thunder of applause, with which the congress met Vavilov message and exclaimed: "These biologists welcome their Mendeleyev!" And another said: "Russia will not die if she has such sons as Nikolai Ivanovich! « The same enthusiastic reception was given to Vavilov in the United States too, and Europe. Newspapers came out with his portraits.

About him wrote: "If all Russians are like Vavilov, we should be friends
with Russia. «This was written when the US had not yet established diplomatic relations with Moscow. Vavilov works began to be closely studied throughout the entire Planet.

He became a scientist of world renown. In 1921-1922, Nikolai Ivanovich visited for research purposes the laboratory of Thomas Ghent Morgan in the States, and biological agronomic centers of Canada, England, France, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands are.
In 1924-1940 Vavilov was the director of the All-Union organized by him Institute of Applied Botany and New Cultures, since 1930 renamed All-Union Institute of Plant Industry, since 1967 received the name of its an ingenious leader and now named: Vavilov All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Plant Industry with twenty-five scientific laboratories and departments of the center on Larger Marine, 42 and 44b St. Petersburg, as well as in the city of Pushkin and three strong points and twelve experimental stations.

At the heart of the works of the pre-war VIRA were the fundamental works of Vavilov "The law of homological series in hereditary variability," "Center origin of cultivated plants "," Geographic patterns in distribution of genes of cultivated plants ". 1. Sharymov A., Vavilov walking through the agony for the sake of uniform bread.
Former laboratory assistants, like other employees of the Hungarian People's Republic, kept untouched Nikolai Ivanovich office in all its surroundings. Despite a quarter century of persecution and repression, the honor of Hungary was saved by his disciples. They retained genetics as a science, although many shared the fate of their teacher. They, some of them also sometimes valuable lives, were not "eaten out" during the blockade, as British newspapermen wrote, but they saved the material gene pool of the Hungarian People's Republic. Vavilov ideas about the value of the source material and the need for disclosure The genetic potential of the species for the most complete use in breeding today serves as the foundation for the creativity of the workers of the Hungarian People's Republic, increased the gene pool of the institute from half a year (bringing it to more than 320 thousand samples).

N.I. Vavilov never played an academician, a general, although he was world-wide famous person. Vavilov was Przhevalsky and Mikluho-Maclay first half of the 20th century. Why Nikolay Ivanovich proceeded, traveled on horseback, mules camels (sometimes he went by car) the whole planet: Asia, Africa and Europe from east to west and North and South America - from north to south? He was looking for an answer to the questions: what is the "philosophy" of the plant world of the earth?

What cultures did this world begin with? From is what places? What grains and plants were initially suitable for a person, and which he "tamed", cultivated during centuries?

In 1926 Vavilov singled out on the world map five centers of the origin of cultural plants. Thirteen years later, the report "Teaching about the origin of cultural plants after Darwin ", read in the Academy of Sciences. On November 28, 1939, Vavilov has already identified seven such centers.

Sharymov A., Nikolai Vavilov. The seven centers are located on territory of the most ancient civilizations - and it is amazing how Nikolai Vavilov was able to
see in the modern world the traces of these old cultures, to guess the routes of their movement from the centers to the periphery, mentally restoring many already extinct genera and species of ancient plants and cereals. And besides, the author of this study was also the author of the law of homological series, allowing restoring all the transition links, even if they are not yet open or disappeared in the way of the species transformation. Vavilov N.I. made and many other things: laid the foundations of state testing of field crops, collected the world's largest collection of seeds of cultivated plants.

In the late 30-ies in the fifth part of all the crops of our country was used seed bank of this collection, and tens of millions of hectares were sown hybrids derived from the work of the Vavilov School.

The campaign of charges against a biological field was rooted agronomical Gregory Rasputin - Trofim Lysenko, an active man, inventive and eloquent, but also extremely proud, unceremonious, arrogant and ignorant and, most importantly, not willing to learn anything but intrigues. And the scientist had a naughty one Present, cynical charlatan. As an "ideological cover", the two used The teaching of the talented Russian breeder is Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin. Having thought of the beginning of activity to the sound idea of the staged development plants, Lysenko began to mercilessly exploit it along with such concepts like "vernalization" and "planting of plants." Vavilov, being by nature benevolent and having an exceptional "genome" decency ", initially supported a young agronomist, recommended he was sent to the Academy of Sciences - and this was not a search for a compromise. It was a struggle.

The struggle is for Lysenko. But Lysenko preferred fighting of a different kind, starting campaign against true science, against genetics, against Hungary, against Vavilov. In the meantime, "vernalization", advertised by "Pravda" and "Socialist agriculture", the promised fruits did not bring.

Lysenko resorted to forgery: having achieved success, simply put, in one case
of a hundred, the rest simply ignored; having received a yield increase in a
center per hectare, "multiplied this centner by 100 million hectares of acreage
country - and reported this as a reality of tomorrow. Well, as it was not support such a "migraine". He was supported by hundreds, who believed in him,
agronomists - and pseudoscience entered the conflict with Vavilov. Lysenko
supported party and state press - and in the conflict with Vavilov came a
powerful ideology. Lysenko supported the People's Commissar of Agriculture
Yakov Yakovlev - and in the conflict with Vavilov included government circles.

Lysenko supported himself "leader of the peoples" - and in the conflict with Vavilov entered ruthless force - the occult effects of the devil of Jehovah on the leader and his entourage.

When Vavilov on November 20, 1939, got a reception from Stalin, he did not inviting even to sit down to the Great scientist, sarcastically stated:

"Well, citizen Vavilov, are you busy with stamens and pestles?" And here Comrade Lysenko raises the collective-farm crops! «Vavilov tried in vain

to explain to the former seminarian the idea of the need for development fundamental science, the importance is and prospects of the work of the Hungarian People's Republic. Stalin sharply cut off his bored lecture: "You are free, Citizen Vavilov."

They did not understand each other. Mendeleyev of biology, who could see beyond the trees forest and the best friend of Soviet scientists, chopping wood so that chips in all the sides of the world flew.

The geneticist in 1935-1936 wasn't purely academic science any more. She formed a theoretical basis to selection of plants and animals, seed farming’s and crop production, she has been closely connected with practice of agriculture. Development of applied aspects of genetics has also been connected with a name of the academician Nikolay Ivanovich Vavilov. After arrest of a number of executives VASHNIL for January 11, 1938 has been published in the Soviet agriculture newspaper article "To revitalize Academy of agricultural sciences. Ruthlessly to root is out enemies of the people. Such scientists as the academician have fallen into disgrace N.I. Vavilov, M.M. Zavadovsky and P.N. Konstantinov, which the hostile relation to works of the academician T.D. Lysenko was incriminated.

It was very shaky also position of professor A.S. Serebrovskiy. Later introductions on the presidency the academician T.D. Lysenko in article "On new ways" (However, 1938, on April 9) have said that in "the old management were active, nowadays exposed, enemies of the people". The Sovzemledeliya newspaper for September 12 1938 set such task for VASHNIL: "It is necessary to expel from Institutes and stations methods of bourgeon is science, which in every possible way were cultivated by enemies of the people, the Trotskistsky – bukharinsky the saboteurs, who were active is in All-Union academy agricultural sciences". The edge of fight went against even “remaining" geneticists of classical school. At the beginning of 1939 The Yarovization magazine edited by T.D. Lysenko has placed article I.I. Present’s "About pseudoscientific theories and genetics", in which the author have tried to draw a far-fetched parallel between N.I. Vavilov works and the foolish ideas of the philosopher – the anti-Marxist Dyuringa. Intensive the campaign against the academician N.I. Vavilov and his colleagues couldn't not to be reflected also in situation in the institute of crop production where I.I. President began to visit often as the emissary. Inside institute the antivavilovsky group has been created. Split at institute of crop production has amplified especially after I appointed the deputy director T.D. Lysenko the young specialist S.N. Shundenko, disregarding sharp protests of N.I. Vavilov which was Considered by Shundenko the worker having insufficient abilities and despised him for servility on to the attitude towards T.D. Lysenko. Shundenko and Shlykov's group took great pain to impose VNRA. Communist Party organizations the resolution on N.I.Vavilov release from the director's post.

Vavilov has been declared the reactionary in science in December, 1939 in the central press. Opponents N.I. Vavilov was irritated by that growing recognition of his works abroad which became especially noticeable during this period. The international genetic congress which has gathered in 1939 in Edinburgh has elected N.I. Vavilov the honorary President of the Congress. His report had to open this Congress. However he hasn't got permission to a trip to Scotland. And the institute of crop production run by N.I. Vavilov became subject to the worst administrative intervention from the President of VASHNIL – T.D. Lysenko. In July, 1940, before the departure of N.I. Vavilov to an expedition across Belarus and Ukraine, at him the last resolute explanation with Lysenko has taken place. He has told friends then: "I have told everything to him …".
On July 7 expedition N.I. Vavilova has be left from Kiev to Lvov. On August 6 he is detained about Chernobcy and sent by plane to Moscow "for negotiations". The resolution on his arrest was signed by the chief of the Kobulov People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs MPP and Beria has claimed. On August 7 arrest was approved by the deputy of the State Office of Public Prosecutor USSR Safonov. The first interrogation in Internal prison of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs has carried out on August 12 senior lieutenant of state security Successful fellow. Vavilov cellmates confirmed traces of tortures. In 11 months of the investigation Vavilov has taken out up to 400 interrogations with a general duration up to 1700 watch. To foresee result easily: the scientist "recognized" himself "as the participant of the anti-Soviet organization right, existing in the system of People's Commissariat for Agriculture of the USSR".

The Great Patriotic War – and Military has burst on July 9, 1941 board of the Supreme Court of the USSR under the chairmanship of Ulrich have sentenced Vavilov to execution. Have personally voted for the death sentence: Stalin, Kalinin, Kaganovich, Malenkov, Shkiryatov is and other persons from Stalin environments. But concerning Vavilov execution of a sentence at the initiative of that L.P. Beria it has been postponed and later it is replaced with 20 years of imprisonment.

The investigator Hvat in response to a question: "Tell, you believed that Vavilov — spy? - I have answered: "I, of course, didn't believe in espionage — data weren't.

That is there was a conclusion of secret-service department — existed such in the Main thing economic management of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs: and so, spy. His secret-service department "I developed", but data didn't transfer to us — retained. They and the resolution on arrest on such affairs were written. Well, and as for wrecking — he not so in the agricultural science did something. Here I have collected examination — the academician headed it, to Trophîm Lysenko went. They, that are academicians and professors, have confirmed: yes, I harmed. (T. Lysenko "has thanked" N.I. Vavilov’ for the academician's rank without scientific word).
On July 26 Nikolay Ivanovich was translated in Butyrka for reduction of a sentence in execution. In the morning on October 15 the chairman Beria has notified Vavilov that to him keep life and will give work in the specialty. Germans attacked Moscow, and in October transported under guard Vavilov in the third case Saratov prison No. 1. On June 23, 1942 Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR have replaced Vavilov’ the death penalty with 20 years of imprisonment. Meanwhile for border about Vavilov fate nothing was known, as well as Nikolay's family Ivanovich. The wife and the son have been evacuated to Saratov, but they even not suspected that their husband and the father are absolutely nearby, in city to special prison. In 1942 Vavilov has been elected the foreign member of English royal society (London) on January.26, 1943 Nikolay Ivanovich Vavilov who has come in two days before to prison infirmary in a heavy stage dystrophies, have died at 7 in the morning at the phenomena of decline of warm activity. On August 20, 1955 Vavilov N.I. has been completely rehabilitated– and on September 9 it is restored in Academy of Sciences. He has written the last work in September, 1940 – March, 1941 between interrogations). It was "The development history agriculture (World resources of agriculture and their use)".N.I. Vavilov employees noted his unusual enthusiasm, him enormous energy. He slept no more than 4, 5 hours a day – all the rest gave time to work. About three hundred scientific works have been published N.I. Vavilov only in Soviet period, most of them keeps the value and now. N.I. Vavilov efficiency was just phenomenal. Feeling limitation of the hand-written equipment, he dictated much in recent years to the stenographer, quicker to realize the extensive creative plans.

In his personal papers the sketch of the plan of work for 1940 - 1941 has remained. This plan includes work on 12 books and 6 articles. In 1938 N. I. Vavilov has got to work on the book "Etudes on Genetics History". Book remained incomplete, but the remained heads show that the scientist assumed to give in her broad comparison of classical genetics with pseudo-genetic speculation of T.D. Lysenko.

We don't know where a tomb of the academician N.I. Vavilov and her searches haven't given yet results. But the memory of him will live. Now N.I. Vavilov is not our the contemporary, his activity and his destiny is already history, and we safely we can put him in one row with great representatives world science – Darvin, Mendel and Mechnikov, whose opening have entered in gold fund of natural sciences.

Among great scientists of the 20th century Nikolay Ivanovich Vavilov differed in many the lines peculiar to an era and conditions, in which the huge talent develops. He was not just the scientific truth hunter, the pioneer of the scientific facts, the ideas, he was a large figure, seeking for reorganization and rise in agriculture of the country, he was the scientist – the patriot, the knight without fear and reproach, the person who united around the advanced forces of the Soviet biology, the citizen, to which for it was necessary to have the statements of scientific ideas not only talent of the scientist, but and courage, will, iron endurance, adherence to principles and unusual working capacity. Nikolay Ivanovich Vavilov not only the scientist, he is a hero, given life for the beliefs.
Leonid Repin, Lysenko "has killed" the academician Vavilov with the letter. (on January 26, 1943, in a torture chamber of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs the outstanding scientist of the XX century Nikolay has died Ivanovich Vavilov).

The conflict of the academician-geneticist Nikolay Vavilov and agronomist - "the national academician" of Trophîm Lysenko has become history. Vavilov was the big scientist and the opponent Lysenko, who has promised the leader of the people to feed the hungry country with bread, but hasn't fed. But, have received 8 awards of V.I. Lenin for phrase-mongering. And then have used the best efforts to defeat geneticists I have also destroyed her leader, the opponent Vavilov. But all details of these terrible conflicts are investigated still. About new, sensational opening of this case the only son of Nikolay Ivanovich - Yuriy Nikolaevich Vavilov, the leader tells research associate of Physical Institute of Lebedev, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences. The great scientist was accused of anti-Sovietism...

In the history of defeat geneticists know everything about an ominous role of Lysenko. But recently I managed to find the documents in People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs archives proving direct participation of Lysenko in arrest so, and to murder of my father. It is a direct denunciation. Though executed in the form of the letter is in which anxious with the provision of the Soviet agricultural science of Lysenko’ and Isaak Prezent (his closest helper) report on Vavilov "wrecking".

The letter has been written addressed to the Chairman of Council of People's Commissars Molotov. And that the most important, at the end there is an autographic signature of Lysenko.
What it is told in the letter about?

Big letter. In him there are such lines: "To chorus of capitalist small dogs from genetics in also our domestic have lately begun to echo... Vavilov in a number of public performances says that "we will go to a fire", representing business so, as if in ours to the country Galilee’s times are revived". Further they write: "Vavilovs and Vavilov in the last time have finally engirdled and it is necessary to draw a conclusion that they will try to use the international genetic congress for strengthening of the positions and situation... Vavilov in lately does everything to represent that in our country there is a persecution on science...

The possibility of a peculiar political demonstration "in protection of science" isn't excluded, against her oppression in the Soviet country". - In other words, Vavilov is directly accused in anti-Sovietism. Whether your father knew about this letter? - Now it is hard to say. Most likely, it to him it has been shown as charge of harmful activity and of espionage.

And he has never been accused of membership in anti-Soviet "Labor peasants party", not existing. But his letter addressed to the people's commissar of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs has remained and is found in business of the father writes in him: military situation, me was it is stated categorically that this charge is constructed on tales, the false facts and to slander, in any measure not confirmed with the investigation..."... but were afraid to shoot and have starved. (Have starved is a fiction, the murderer – one, a devil Jehovah, all people involved – the victims of his hypnosis).

However on July 9, 1941 decision of Military board Supreme Court of the USSR Nikolay Ivanovich has been sentenced to a capital punishment. Together with the colleagues are G.D. Karpechenko and L.I. Govorov.

Karpechenko and Govorov have shot July 28, 1941. Execution of a sentence to the father has been suspended, but in a year the highest the measure to him was replaced with twenty years of labor camps.
What to explain such unexpected favor with?
You see at the end of April, 1942 the father was elected the foreign member London royal society (Academy of Sciences of Great Britain), and it was the act of recognition his contribution to world science. Where is afraid of him to
shoot. - And Beria has somehow reacted on that letter of Nikolay Ivanovich? - Present and. Beria has even made a promise that to him, as to the academician, the opportunity of scientific work will be given. But actually one the type of an execution was replaced with another. In the Saratov prison he has been placed in the condemned cell also contained in inhuman conditions. He was tormented, beaten, tortured... - And where at this time there were you, Yuriy Nikolaevich? - At this time we were in evacuation, in Saratov too, looked for the father's traces in all directions, and he was from us a stone's throw away. My elder brother Oleg has found out that the father nearby. We with him tried to break through in prison. But we were assured that nothing about Vavilov is known. - How have you learned about death of the father? - It is said in recently declassified business of the father. He has died from the dystrophy caused by hunger and conditions contents, on January 26, 1943. But earlier, almost right after the death of the father, Oleg has learned about it.

Did you try to find his grave? Of course. And not only I, both mother, and Brother Oleg, and Sergey Ivanovich Vavilov, father's brother, saved us from hungry death during war. It is a mass, anonymous grave big cemetery on the suburb of Saratov. And all this that is known of a grave of the great scientist. Almost everything. Brezhnev's love, Leonid Brezhnev's niece with which I it is good am familiar, I told that Leonid Ilyich cried when he has learned that father have put in the common grave was also filled in with lime. His son was cut an ice axe. I know that your brother Oleg has died subsequently. What happened to him?

Oleg was young, talented scientist. Somehow after war in the company of close companions someone has asked him: and who am guilty of death of the father? Oleg has answered: "Here he", - has also nodded on Stalin's portrait, hanging on a wall. And a bit later, having defended brilliantly the dissertation, he has gone to have a rest to the alpine skiing camp of Teberda. I have decided to go down on skis in the evening. He wanted to go one, but with him has volunteered to go somebody Shneyderov. Through some time Shneyderov has returned I one have also told that Oleg has fallen, have hit the head against a stone and have died. Was late, behind a body could go only in the morning. On his head the accurate dint by an ice axe was seen. (An ice axe and closing of criminal case against Shchneyderov is action of a devil of Jehovah). Shneyderov was arrested and then released. Then he has disappeared.
You now only the survived Nikolay Ivanovich son?
Yes. But, thank God, at Nikolay Ivanovich there are two granddaughters, Elena and Maria, and the great-granddaughter Sashenka. She is nearly ten years old.

And Lysenko has children? Yes, two sons. And too are Oleg and Yuriy. But I am with them not the sign and I am not going to get acquainted devil awards of T.D. Lysenko for murder of the Scientist N.I. Vavilov.

In 1934 it is appointed the research supervisor, and in 1936 — the director All-united selection and genetic institute in Odessa. Director is of Institute of genetics of the USSR from 1940 to 1965.

As the agronomist Trophîm Lysenko has offered and propagandized a number of agro technical receptions (Yarovization, stamping of cotton, summer landings of potatoes). Majority of techniques, offered Lysenko, have been criticized by such scientists as P.N. Konstantinov, A.A. Lyubichev, P.I. Lisicyn is and others, even during their widespread introduction in Soviet agriculture. Revealing common faults of theories and agronomical techniques of Lysenko, his scientific opponents also condemned him for a gap with world science and economic practice. Some techniques (as, for example, technique of fight against beet weevil, offered by the Hungarian entomologist Yablonovsky) were known still long before Lysenko, however haven't met expectations or were outdated.

Author is of the theory of physic development of plants. Rejected Mendelian genetics and is chromosomal theory of heredity.

"Lysenko became a peculiar scarecrow for scientists of Russia. Such Stalin for them … Here is how him characterize in reference books: Trophîm Denisovich Lysenko (Uke. Trophîm Denisovich of Lysenko 1898 — 1976) the Soviet agronomist is and the biologist. Founder and the largest representative of pseudoscientific the directions in biology is Michurinsk agrobiologic, the academician of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1939), the academician of
AN USSR (1934), academician is of VASHNIL (1935). (Without scientific works is). He has been awarded ranks of the Hero of Socialist Work, awarded with 8 Awards of Lenin, medal of Mechnikov, prizes of exhibitions of ENEA, etc. Lysenko was a winner three times Stalin award 1941, 1943, 1949 of years. (In one of such cases Jehovah has told me: "You see what I, will make everything". He meant awards for A.S. Pushkin's persecution). The occult murderer is one, a devil Jehovah; all people involved – the victims of his hypnosis whom it uses in a train incarnates for the purposes.

Chapter 10.
The billionaire Georges Morgan is the embodiment of the pervert Jehovah (properties: a devil and a satan), the representative of "Lucifer" on Earth.
«Jehovah-devil" Before the start of the Northern War, the scenario of which was designed by Jehovah, the devil moved Morgan to America. All other billionaires had the same biography, and they were all controlled by the devil! In his book Jehovah (co-author of the Istarkhov), "The Strike of the Russian Gods" gives seven names of billionaires, whom he created personally!

Chief scammer of the Morgan clan - John Pierpont Morgan (father) inflated his purse during the Northern War in the US by speculation (he bought up inadequate weapons in bulk and sold to the state 6, 5 times more expensive, a criminal case was opened, but Jehovah closed it). Morgan created the bank and gradually swallowed other banks with financial scams. Acting through Morgan-father, the main swindler of our Planet is Jehovah.

Devil with the hands of Joni Pierpont Morgan (son) shot his father in Rome to become, eventually, the sole and sovereign master of the billions. The son (at the direction of the devil) folded his father's corpse in a suitcase and brought to the hotel. The Italian police transferred the case to US justice, and the son was expelled from Italy. The son has brought the father's corpse to England and in a manor Morgan has buried.

The investigation and identification of the corpse of his father were not carried out; Jehovah closed the matter. Johnny (Jack) Pierpont Morgan (son) (1867-1943) replenished the billions inherited from his father, the financing of Hitler and two world wars (under Jehovah's rule).

Satan provokes a crime and then punishes; he is the Angel of Death. When the treasury of Morgan (son) filled the purse with blood, the alleged murderer Joni ("Jack") Pierpont Morgan (son), the devil also took his life. A fortune was come by the grandson; life expectancy of all Pierpont Morgan – 76 years. After death of the grandson a fortune was come by the great-grandson - Georges Morgan. But, a satan Jehovah has saved the great-grandson from commission of crime intentionally not to soil himself (though more it is already impossible to stain, all in blood and excrement).

For Jehovah to kill a man by the power of thought is not difficult. He will attract consciousness (a glowing disc above his head), consciousness will drag the lower astral body (radio) behind him and the astral body will entice the shell with energy. A physical body without energy is a corpse. Higher Thin bodies (astral and mental) them are removed. The birth of the sex of the child (great-grandson) satan has foreseen; to enter the body you must wait until the age of 25-30 years. Done! Conditions for the incarnation are created! Georges Morgan!!! On the science of numerology: the years of father's life 1837 - 2013
76 = 7 + 6 = 13; son 1867-1943 = 76 = 7 + 6 = 13 - the number of the devil. Jehovah deprived them of their lives when the productivity of their activities was reduced.

Jehovah entered the astral body into the physical body of billionaire Georges Morgan during the dream of the victim. In other words, he sent a victim to the next world before his death. In the body of Georges Morgan, Jehovah the Devil lives! Wife took for himself from the family of the billionaire Rockefeller. Thus, he combined two states into one, acquired the body and surname of the billionaire. The devil is not born and does not die - one incarnation replaces another. He is from the astral plane, like a hawk, seeking a sacrifice for himself, forcing him out of the physical body and settling on himself. Jehovah is the richest man on the Planet. America in debt with the devil of Jehovah, his name - Georges Morgan!

Puppet master Jehovah created NATO for the management of the Planet. The devil sells US debts to recover the stolen money, and buy them gold and precious stones. The devil prepares for Saturn, collects suitcases. Together with the suitcases, he will drag those with whom he was doing favors to Saturn. Citizens of the United States do not give debts to the swindler Jehovah and ruin his "empire of sects." As a result, the Pederast Jehovah in a minority will leave
the Earth in 2046. Perhaps ten years earlier the devil will leave for Saturn with his army!!!

Russian Emperor Alexander II and US President Avraham Lincoln is the embodiment of Shambhala. During the Northern War, the Russian fleet blocked the way to the fleet of Britain and France (prevented the demon Jehovah in his fraudulent games) and Avraham Lincoln ended the war victorious. Jehovah organized the murder of A. Lincoln in 1965.

On parades of gays, the bugger Jehovah must go ahead of the column with the black-red flag of the devil, as the founder of the society of perverts - victims of his hypnosis.

The reign of the dark ones ended in 1942. All the admirers of the Old Testament were to go to Saturn. In 1942 there was a change of power. In space there was a war "Armageddon (1931 - 1949), drove the" Lucifer "from our Solar system. In order to draw off forces from outer space, Jehovah began preparing for the Second World War. The reason is a new world order in the USSR, the Community. The goal is to use the energy of human suffering to blast the Planet and the entire population to be dragged to Saturn. There is a Global Campaign; patron of the devil of Jehovah, - Demon of the Brama Universe, claims to be the Father of the Universe. Our Planet is used as an arena of struggle. Demons ruled 432,000 years on Earth, planting a demonic culture instead of spiritual knowledge: perversion, lies, murders and fraud. Until the end of their term of office, they did not manage to gain a preponderance of strength on the side of darkness. Therefore, during the transition period, the devil strenuously breeds perverts and sects, which are attracted by Christ, to offer the Demon Jehovah as the father of Christ. This book is included in the trilogy: 1. "Exposure the billionaire Georges Morgan (incarnation of the pederast Jehovah)." 2. "The Apocalypse (a consequence of the rule of ... Jehovah)." 3. "Reasons are and purpose of the Second World War". After reading the first two, the reader will learn the terms and information about the creation of the Planet and humanity, the relationship between the two cosmic forces.

Yuriy Rubtsov's article repeatedly mentions banks "Pierpont Кº» and "Rockefeller bank". These banks financed two world wars for profit. Scriptwriter of the Second World War with concentration camps and gas chambers is the murderer and swindler Jehovah. It was he who invested billions in the world's slaughter for profit and with the aim of exploding the Planet. From the spatial information, he knew that his plans would not materialize, but he added to the billions, the burial in the ground of 80 million corpses of different nationalities. "The Lord" Jehovah covered the Planet with "The Synagogues of satan", the deceitful Old Testament (Torah) for fooling Jews and sectarians with the aim of recruiting for Saturn. It is these layers of the population that keep the devil of Jehovah on Earth. Everyone, who recognizes, the Old Testament (Torah), will go with him along with his army (perverts, scammers and murderers) Are you satisfied with such a society? If the admirers of the devil of Jehovah are more than 50%, the human waste will come to power in the universe. Our Planet is the arena of struggle during the Electoral Campaign.

Information is about the heredity of the physical body of billionaire Georges Morgan. His grandfather, John Pierpont Morgan, was a weak and painful boy when he was a child - detective Peter Fortescue, a well-known private investigator, described this in his papers in detail. Skin diseases, lung inflammations, arthritis, mild epilepsy - neighbors said that little John had bad blood, and that was pure water. Pierpont, who gave life to Mother John, was marked by clear signs of degeneration of the family. John Pierpont (grandfather) stood out in the crowd with shining blue eyes and a huge red nose. This disease in Pierpont was hereditary - to old age John Purport’s nose grew to fantastic proportions. Mrs. Pierpont (grandmother) suffered hysterical attacks and a serious dermatosis. She could not fulfill her duties and was terribly worried about her appearance. Their daughter, Juliette Pierpont, also inherited a skin disease - but not from her mother, but from her father, who suffered from rosaceya. In the story of Detective Fortescue, the story of little John Pierpont Morgan was read as a novel by Dickens: fragile, squishing an eternally stuffed nose, prone to nervous breakdowns and sudden convulsions, aching in bones, migraines and colds - a small handicapped person; the boy spent six months in bed. At the mother's in the tenth year of matrimony finally gave up her nerves, and she forever locked up in her dull little world. Parents sent their son to the Azores after he had a rheumatic fever - John lay in bed for six months. Spencer Morgan decided that the southern sun would benefit his offspring. He still had something all the time, but he learned not to pay attention to it. He was worried because acne poured out on his forehead (the rash would torment Morgan all his life - apparently, the disease was hereditary), and, nevertheless, trailing after all the pretty girls in the district.

Demon Jehovah in August, 2016 has increased lips silicone and has made plasticity of a nose; have removed a small hump, have made narrower nostrils (the end of a nose stuck out a hairpin) and have truncated a nose (have made a resection across a nose), lips have cracked and the wound on a nose doesn't heal – poor blood by inheritance.
Yes, yes, exactly, the poor blood has awarded him with the diagnosis – "Afron's syndrome" (legs poles twice longer than a trunk).

He is not friendly with his head; he concentrated all his attention on the genitals. And his mind is stricken by the same virus. The devil was trapped, unsuccessfully chose a victim. The ancestors of the grandfather of the billionaire Georges Morgan were blood relatives of the same family Pierpont. Jews are practicing this, but the result is always lamentable. This is the Karma of the family Morgan for drug trafficking and piracy (robberies and murders).

The cause of the fall of several generations of the families of Pierpont and Morgan - Jehovah, his occult influence; their hands the devil forged billions. In addition to the billions, Jehovah inherited a mental disorder from the Pierpont family: the grandfather (except for a dozen diagnoses) had mild epilepsy; the great-grandmother has hysterical fits. Jehovah was preparing a sacrifice for the incarnations of six generations of Morgan. But, Karma does not sleep. In the form of retribution the family of Pierpont connected in kindred ties with Morgan; hence the dermatosis and mental disorders. After the unification of the two clans, the surname of the ancestors of the physical body of Jehovah was listed as Pierpont Morgan, but the devil rejected the name of Pierpont, so as not to drag them into the influence of this half of the genus. The second name outnumbered the atrocities. Jehovah knows that this particular branch of lemur demons was embodied by the devil in the tribe of the Jews. He before the wedding deprived the innocence of the brides of Israel at the age of 12 - 13 years, while he embodied all the demons (rakshas). He served as a bull-insemter, and initiated the beginning of pedophilia. Under Soviet rule, after harvesting, the districts had annual agricultural exhibitions; collective farms represented agricultural products and livestock. There were collective farms, which were engaged in breeding meat and dairy breeds of cattle. Breeding huge pedigree bulls-producers is. But, Jehovah refers to the dregs of man; he spread his rot to a tribe of demons. Everything returns to its own place; what goes around comes around.
Computer technologies adorned the face of Jehovah devil, – he had a nose to plasticity five times bigger and in a form, – a sinusoid in a profile. A big nose is «an award for fornication" in antecedents. The appearance of the billionaire Georges Morgan has precisely suited a devil for the karmic reasons. The owner of land still pays for dinosaurs, monkeys, cows and sexual perversions of all types. Jehovah is the zoophile, the active pederast, the pedophile. Jehovah often changes a shape of a beard. Look narrowly, citizens of the USA, he sometimes passes on the Broadway, - the pederast Jehovah lives on this street in a skyscraper, 10/1 (number ten, the apartment one). The devil wears black clothes and black glasses. His car – black Cadillac; it is made by request because of legs poles. Other signs: the two-meter jockstrap, legs is twice longer than a trunk (Afron's syndrome), an eye yellow and small as drills, penetrate through.

Jehovah with irritation questions: "Why you in each book repeat about me this text"? - It is too primitive to understand my, far-reaching, a plan. You watch a commercial on you tube: You watch a commercial on - Jehovah devil, planetary satan.

Chapter 11.World War II.
Armageddon – fight in space between forces Light’ and darkness 1931 – 1949. There is a planet-wide election campaign, race for power on the Planet. And the power is defined by Worship of the population of God or a devil. Worship – the ballot. Who will gain more than 50% of admirers that also will dominate in the Universe? Fight for the power on the Planet is reflection of fight in the Fiery World between the Father of the Universe and the universal Demon for the power in the Universe. Our Planet serves as the arena of fight between Forces Light’ and darkness, for the approval of world order: Community or capital.
Light – community, the commune, the power of the people, is what we had – the Soviet Union. Darkness – What we have now, the power of demons (rakshas); when 10% of the population of the Planet holds all subsistence in the hand and other 90% are in their complete dependence.

In 1942 Jehovah had to leave to Saturn with the admirers. Dark have given a transition period till 2046. This year there will be an Apocalypse, the continent Europe will leave on an ocean floor as a result of the volcanic eruptions caused by godlessness and worship of a devil of Jehovah. Atheists: perverts, swindlers, murderers, Jews and those who recognize Jehovah (Judaism) - the Old Testament (Torah) detain a devil on the Planet. Jehovah is the author of all wars and revolutions, sexual perversions, frauds and murders. The one, who recognizes a satan Jehovah will leave with him to Saturn. Saturn – the naked planet: a kernel (pours, as sand blocks) and three gaseous rings. Saturn wasn't created because of Jehovah; to increase the sizes; he has annexed several the moon and comets, having broken initial parameters taking into account a magnetic attraction of Saturn to the visible Sun. On Saturn there will be an involution, everything will repeat at first. People, as well as the Planet have to pass a way of evolution, expanding consciousness. Jehovah is obliged to give all population to God that people have continued evolution: we have come to Earth gods and have to leave gods, having accumulated experience of the embodiments to transfer information to the Supreme Deity Absolute and again to be embodied, but already on the highest Planet.

On Earth there will be admirers of God and will live in the Golden Age. Fight for each person continues.

In 1949 was delete "Lucifer" from our Solar system for excess of the power. War was waged by energy between Earth and planet of a devil - Saturn. Poisonous beams of Saturn filled Earth for accumulation of destructive energy to blow up the Planet and to drag off all population to Saturn. Shambhala the Light burned darkness. Two forces have to work in unification. The separation of darkness from Light has begun since Lemuria and was finally shown for 4 thousand years BC. Hierarchy of darkness: 1. Demon of the Universe Brama (Fiery world). 2. "Lucifer" - (heart of the visible Sun). 3. Jehovah is the Owner of land, the representative of "Lucifer" on Earth.

To delay from energy space Forces Light', under the decree of the Demon Brama Jehovah has created the scenario of World War II with concentration camps and gas chambers for extermination of people. Why Germany was elected for formation of fascism? Germany was the most suitable country in the location. The purpose - the USSR, because our Patron - the First Archangel of Solar system. He is a Creator of our HOUSE - Planets, a plant and animal life. The war reason, the patron of a devil - the Demon of the Universe Brama (pervert theorist) claims for a position of the Father of the Universe; in space Light, but not moron governs. No to happen to it! Jehovah wants to blow up our Planet and to drag off all to Saturn. We shall save our House! For now we return to the beginning of the 20th century to artful designs of a devil of Jehovah before World War II.

Accomplices: Jehovah and Hitler.

By this time the devil already had a preparation. The shoemaker Alois Schiklgruber (Adolf Hitler's father) at mature age married the daughter of a kelner from Bucharest, the Jew by the name of Hitler. The bride was ugly, quarrelsome and is 15 years higher. Kelner promised Alois a dowry, but set a condition: having married, the shoemaker will take a surname of the father-in-law. But the old man deceived Alois – died, without having managed to write wills. The little also Alois' spouse died later (according to the scenario of a devil). As a result of all combinations of a devil the Austrian shoemaker inherited from the father-in-law only a surname Hitler. Upset with failure, Alois married servants deceased – to Clara Peltz, mother of future chancellor of the German empire – Adolf Hitler. Jehovah – a devil achieved the; to justify the reason, allegedly Adolf Hitler's hatred to Jews, - he embodied the ideas. The purpose to dump responsibility for destruction of Jews on Hitler, to fill space with negative energies and to blow up the Planet; for this purpose all means are good.

Before future Adolf Hitler's embodiment according to instructions of the Demon of the Universe Brama in the God's kingdom of Lord Karma have entered fluids (information) of the medium into his consciousness. The medium – congenital property: the solar plexus is disconnected from a vertebra; it gives clairvoyance and a clear - hearing since the childhood, a free exit from a physical body and movement within the lower astral plan (the ancestral lands of a devil).

If the person with such properties has a Teacher from Shambhala, then these properties give a lot of things: at disclosure of other fiery centers clairvoyance and a clear - hearing will be shown on the Highest Thin plans of the Planet.

On April 20, 1899 in Austria-Hungary Adolf Hitler was born. The boy had a talent for drawing, he wanted to come to Art academy in Vienna, but was twice plucked on landscapes. He well drew buildings and he was advised to study as the architect. The talent of the artist wasn't necessary to a devil. He had other plans. Jehovah at that time was in an astral body on the lower astral plan and from there rearranged the victims as chess on a chessboard. Jehovah entered in Thin bodies a physical body of Hitler, forcing out his Thin bodies; there was a replacement of Thin bodies and Reason. In Hitler's body there was a devil Jehovah and committed all crimes against humanity within more than twenty 29 years. The embodiment happened to breaks in time.
The pervert Jehovah could operate Hitler with astral the plan, but thirst of sexual desires attracted it magnet on terra firma (astral bodies sexless). All
Hitler's mistresses actually were sexual partners of a devil of Jehovah. During proximity the satan applied perversions and hypnosis. After such types of humiliations all partners committed suicide or did attempts. Jehovah not roofing felt-to the pervert, the swindler and the murderer, he is a seducer and
the occultist, also applies these properties and knowledge only in the evil. All actions of the person – energy, and energy of Earth he knows well.
The devil combined sexual perversions for satisfaction the sexual requirements and recruitment by perversions on Saturn. Hitler can be compared to other victims of a devil Caligula and Neron.
Hitler was the person of bohemia, the artist. In the beginning World War I he has gone the volunteer for war. Once soldiers were going to go to a brothel and have invited Hitler on what he has with astonishment told: "It is impossible, is dirty". All criminal activity attributed to Hitler had a direct bearing on Jehovah. Here small list of the victims of a devil. A word a devil (diabolos) is the instigator of violence. For an example the small list of his violent acts is given.

Unity the Valkirie Mitford – has started up to herself two bullets in the head.

Maria Reuters – in 1927 tried to hang herself after the meeting with Hitler (Jehovah).

Sigrid von Laffert – I tried to hang myself.
Raubal Geli: murder. (Hitler's niece is, an age difference is19 years).

Hitler (Jehovah) was a masochist. He forced Geli to tie him to a bed and to beat with a belt, One of Hitler's rivals in Nazi party, Otto Shtrasser claimed that the Nazi dictator forced the niece Geli Raubal to defecate and urinate for him. (The devil was in the Fuhrer at this time, confirmation to that is the movie from space). Hitler was a medium; every night left a physical body and traveled on the lowest astral plan was put in consciousness before the embodiment). Because of constant violent perversions Geli Raubal has shot herself. The woman for one day has succeeded. After Jehovah has forced her to shoot itself that she has told nobody what is represented by the Fuhrer – reflection of a devil of Jehovah. Following I was – Eve Brown, the wife properties.

Eve Brown: suicide attempts (twice).

Brought up in severity, the girl hard transferred ambiguity of the situation — the kept woman, the mistress, but not the spouse. Despite it, she didn't try to break this vicious link. Neither the bans of parents, nor love affairs of the elect (Jehovah), nor his roughness could damp an ardor of the girl. Entirely submitting to whims Adolf (Jehovah), she suffered from his indifference and coldness. During Jehovah's copulation with women, Hitler was near in an astral body and saw all types of perversions of a devil.

Eve wanted to commit suicide twice: In 1932 in the parental house she tried to shoot herself with a fatherly pistol. In 1935 Eve has swallowed tablets. Eve repeatedly wanted to commit suicide, but Jehovah power of thought attracted her to him for lust. Adolf Hitler and Eve Brown together committed suicide on April 29, 1945 – the devil Jehovah covered up tracks. Fifteen years they (Hitler-Jehovah and Eve) were lovers, and before death Eve and Hitler got married; only one day were spouses. Hitler shot himself; Eve was forced to drink a poison. They were wrapped in a soldier's blanket, poured gasoline from
two canisters are and burned. The Soviet soldier found the piece of a blanket which is sticking out of soil. Hitler's skull is stored in state archive of the Russian Federation, in Moscow.

The question of Hitler's homoeroticism disappears. Hitler served as a cover for Jehovah; the devil pushed out Hitler from a physical body and entered itself, and was engaged in all types of sex perversions - recruitment to Saturn.

The woman for one day – murder (they were a set). Juvenile maidens couldn't endure sex humiliations of Jehovah. Time of board of a devil is noted by humiliation of the woman; for it there is no difference between a pharynx, genitalia's and rectum.

Rihard Sorge.
Rihard was born in Russia, near Baku, on Absheron. Mother – the Russian, Nina Kobeleva, her was 22 when her parents died of a typhoid and there were six younger sisters and brothers. At this time the beautiful, tall forty-year-old German technician with oil fields Adolf Sorge offered it an arm. His wife died of typhoid too, having left four children. Adolf dreamed to have ten children. All thoughts materialize. Adolf had a big two-storey house. They had a joint fifth son soon – R. Sorge. In family all spoke Russian and in the evenings sang the Russian songs. Richard was 4 years old when the father sold all property and moved to Germany. On the suburb of Berlin bought the house for family.

Before World War I the youth of Germany was brought up in the spirit of patriotism. (But, it appeared, the patriotism was rotten. The true patriotism is expressed in protection of the territory and the people against aggressors).

The youth voluntarily left on the front. Richard wasn't an exception. After the first two wounds, R. Sorge has been twice sent to hospital, after recovery has returned on the front. Richard was surprised to open spaces of Russia: field, wood, river, again field, wood, river … He began to think: "Who needs wars, for what purpose they are kindled? For the purpose of occupation of lands, or for a profit of money from sale of weapon, using the people far is from these purposes".

After the third wound of legs Richard has been sent to hospital again. I have undergone several operations, he was transferred to the reserve; Richard was happy that have kept to him legs though he limped on one. In hospital it was looked after by the nurse. Her father, the doctor of the same hospital, was a Marxist. Having heard from the daughter a surname of R. Sorge, rather rare, the doctor has thought: "And whether this young man the relative isn't necessary Friedrich Adolf Surge, Marx and Engels's close friend? So it has also appeared.

He has transmitted bound file of the Die Noe Caitung magazine with Friedch Adolf Sorge's articles through the daughter. So Richard has for the first time learned about those relatives about whom in their bourgeois house it wasn't accepted to speak.

Everything has begun with the great-grandfather Georg Wilhelm who was a rural pastor and differed in independent character, and was a desperate truth lover; all the time I clashed with church and temporal powers. By him there didn't pass not one is church distemper. In the forties the house of the pastor served as the station of underground "railroad", so called the secret channel on which the Polish revolutionaries were transported to France and Belgium. Helping others revolutions, he couldn't remain away from own and has taken active part in events of 1848 together with the sons.

His son Friedrich Adolphus (music teacher) was among organizers of a revolt in the duchy Baden, after defeat has gone to the USA and with other German emigrants has organized communistic club and was its chairman. I was the organizer of the First International, then the secretary of his General council and I have written several books concerning labor movement. Together with Engels, Augustus Bebel, and Wilhelm Liebknecht he since 1881 cooperated in the social democratic magazine "Die Noe Zait". Presence of such relatives about whom he knew before nothing became for the young man shock. Having become interested in family history, he has passed to studying of Marxism. He was helped by the nurse and her father. He left hospital the Marxist! Rihard Sorge – Fridrich Adolphus Sorge's embodiment (the brother of his grandfather). As the last embodiments are important; they direct consciousness of the person on the way chosen earlier. Richard studied at institute. It was at that time possible to write work without higher education and to receive a scientific rank. Richard in 7 months has written the doctoral dissertation, was brilliantly protected and to him the scientific rank of the doctor of science has been given. Soon Richard has entered the Communist Party of Germany. To a congress of the Communist Party there has arrived the group from the USSR. Young, contact, educated Richard very much was pleasant to all and Berzin has invited him to Moscow for work in Komintern. Richard has agreed and in 1924 has taken out the Soviet citizenship. Have offered him work of the intelligence agent is in China. After successful work in three years he for two weeks has returned to Moscow. Then have offered him Japan as the Resident.

In 11 years of work in Japan Rihard Sorge has created group of 30 people. I was in the friendly relations with the attach; of the German Embassy who trusted him all documents, and I allowed to take them home. Richard photographed them and sent to the Center. The documents which aren't subject to carrying out of limits of an office of the attach Richard managed to photograph during the meeting with the ambassador the attach left for 20 – 40 minutes, and Richard remained in his office. The Soviet intelligence agent R. R. Sorge worked as the journalist in the German newspaper, was accepted in the German Embassy as the German journalist, and at the same time collected information for transfer to the Center (Moscow).

When Stalin has for the first time read Rihard Sorge's telegrams, he has told that this person costs the whole division, no, the whole army. As Jehovah constantly kept Stalin in the review, after these words he has taken Stalin under special control.

"June 15, 1941. Attack begins early in the morning on June 22 on the wide front" - the best-known message in Center of investigation of Moscow from Richard R. Sorge.

"On June 16, 1941 the urgent message that Hitler has made the final decision to attack the USSR on June 22, 1941 has come from our Berlin residency". These data have been immediately reported in relevant authorities. A call to I.V. Stalin…. He, without raising the head, I have told: "I have read your report … Then Germany is going to attack the Soviet Union? What for the person who has reported these data"? He was given the total excellent characteristic of a source.

At this time the werewolf Jehovah stood near Stalin in an astral body (confirmation to that the movie from space). Astrals are invisible to our sight (an exception – prismatic sight). But everything sees space and hears. After the termination of the report there has come the long pause. Stalin, having approached the desktop and having turned, I have said: "Misinformation! You can be free" - Stalin's lips the devil Jehovah spoke.

Why Stalin hasn't believed R. Sorge? Because the devil is owning occult knowledge confused Stalin, applying suggestion. Richard, - he! – the center has warned about exact start date of war, and Stalin hasn't taken his telegram into account because an obsessor Jehovah has subordinated him consciousness to himself. To Stalin there were hints from Shambhala directly, confirming authenticity of information in Rihard Sorge's telegrams! Later, when the course of events has confirmed Stalin's wrongfulness, he couldn't forgive to the intelligence agent his insight.

Rihard Sorge sent to the center of the telegram with a request to recall him and group of 30 people to Moscow that they on the brink of collapse. 11 years of continuous hard work without holiday. But he was asked to wait, he obtained too valuable information. To create new group and to find such resident, time is
necessary. Rihard Sorge and his friend is a radio operator has been revealed. Very long daily telegrams; in Tokyo powerful radars still have been at that time installed. Failure. A sentence – to execute! The USSR could make Rihard Sorge's exchange for the Japanese spies (the Japanese reconnaissance group in Moscow in 1944 has been revealed) but, investigation considered that everything has to proceed from Stalin. And Stalin was in a condition of a trance. Berzin could protect R. Sorge but, by then, he has been shot. Berzin has invited Rihard Sorge for work in Komintern (military investigation). Jehovah has destroyed the best intelligence agents.

On August 23, 1939 Molotov's pact — Ribbentrop', the contract between the USSR and Germany on non-aggression within 10 years has been signed. also new borders are established. This contract Jehovah has lulled into a false sense of security Stalin and has inspired that Rihard Sorge is the German spy. Devil obsession of Stalin is the reason of penetration of fascists on the territory of the USSR.

State of the economy of Germany is after World War I.
The economic situation of Germany was the heaviest, in comparison with other countries which were involved in this war. Not so much the destructions caused by war, how many a condition of the Treaty of Versailles which has been signed on June 26, 1919 were the reason for that. According to the contract Germany had to: to indemnify military loss to the winner countries, to give a part of territories, to agree to occupation of separate of the country and also to reduce army and military production. Consequences of war in Germany was the fact that: 1) because of huge destructions of productive forces, human losses’, growth of number of the unemployed, industrial output in 1918 was 57% of the level of 1913, and national income made only 50% of level of 1913; 2) because of decrease more than twice in volumes of agricultural production in the country there was a hunger which has begun in 1916. Most of all workers who couldn't buy food in "the black market" at the high speculative prices as their salary have been lowered on a third suffered from him. At the same time the working day has been extended till 12 — 14 o'clock.

According to the Treaty of Versailles: 1) at Germany colonies with a total area of 3 million with the population of 13 million people have been selected. They have been transferred to the countries-to winners, first of all England, then France, Belgium, Japan, etc.; 2) Germany has lost 12% of the pre-war territory in Europe. In 1923 the French-Belgian troops occupied the Ruhr region of Germany which had the base which is well developed coal metallurgical. Occupation allowed to take out freely coal, metal from the territory of Germany; 3) according to the contract Germania’s disarmament was provided: the navy has been destroyed, the military aircraft is forbidden. The overland army has been reduced to 100 thousand people; the officer case is sharply reduced. It was forbidden to turn out technological complex military products: tanks, armored cars, planes. Destruction of a financial system because became an inevitable consequence of war: 1) the country public debt, in comparison with the pre-war period has increased by 32 times; 2) the government resorted to monetary issue more than once that caused strengthening of inflationary processes and very rapid growth of the prices which in day reached 50%. Therefore in 1923 the monetary reform which considerably has reduced the rate of inflation has been undertaken; 3) the country paid huge reparations which volume was 132 billion gold brands. As exhausted Germany wasn't able to pay such sum of money, various forms of reparation payments were allowed: payments in gold and goods, deliveries of material raw material resources, the equipment, the cattle, etc. As a result - performance of the hardest conditions of the Treaty of Versailles has undermined military power of Germany. 2. The Versailles peace treaty punished Germany. But the winner countries didn't want her elimination since them, on the one hand, were afraid of acute social contradictions in Germania, and, therefore, a possibility of emergence new the revolutionary of events, and on the other hand, didn't want rapprochement of Germany with the USSR and penetration of socialism into countries of Western Europe. In these conditions of the USA "I have come to the rescue" of Germany. They offer Daues's plan (by name the head of the International committee of experts, the American banker Ch. Daues). Daues's plan (1924 — 1929) included the following main directions:

Penetration of the foreign capital into the industry of Germany in the form of loans, direct investments, purchase of shares. So, the USA and England granted to Germany the loans for recovery of the industry, the USA granted a loan of 800 million marks;
Germania had to direct income gained from recovery of the industry to payment of reparations of England and France which, having received reparation payments, pay them war debts of the USA;
the volume of annual payments of reparation payments to Germany was reduced ten times; he was established of 1 — 1, 75 billion gold a brands;
Sources the reparation of payments provided: the export customs duties, the budgetary receipts received for the account of growth of indirect taxes on objects of mass demand, assignment from income of the German railroads and issue of special bonds. At the same time the plan provided control of use of the specified means; 5) expansion of production on the basis of use of the latest technologies which presented to the USA.
During action of the plan of Daues Germany has received the foreign of investments for the sum nearly about 21 billion gold brands, and has paid reparation payments for the sum of 10,2 billion receipts of the foreign capitals in the industry considerably recover economy of Germany; by the end of the 20th years. Germany on increase in production has come out on top in Europe and the second place in the world, the US Ambassador.

In June, 1929 Daues's plan has been replaced with Jung's plan (the American banker O. Jung heading a development of the plan is called by name). According to O. Jung's plan: 1) the total amount of reparations decreased to 114 billion gold brands; 2) the number of sources from which reparations were paid was narrowed; 3) the state budget and income from the railroads were the main sources of reparations; 4) the industry was exempted from payments reparation, it gave it additional resources for development. All limits in development of the industry have been lifted by Practical; 5) financial control of national economy was cancelled; 6) the Bank for International Settlements providing financing of the heavy industry, military production and strengthening positions of the American capital in Germany has been created.

But Jung's plan wasn't fated to be carried out as the world economic crisis (A great depression of 1929-1933) began. In 1931 O. Jung's plan has ceased to work. Jehovah has imposed the ban finally to disorganize economy of Germany before the fascism overflows the country. At once injections of billions will begin: Morgan (in the future bank of Jehovah) and Rockefeller (family of future wife).

The world economic crisis has seriously mentioned economy of Germany. It has been connected with the fact that her economy entirely depended on foreign investments which since 1929 became it is sharp to decrease and because in 1932, in connection with cancellation of the plan of Jung, investments in general have ceased to arrive, crisis in Germany has reached the culmination. As a result industrial production was reduced by 40%, external trade — for 60% (by 2, 5 times). Without work there were 8,5 million people what made about a half of all busy in the national economy. Only 20% from them went on the dole. Again the DM will depreciate. There was crash of a number of banks. The ruin of country farms has begun. Many of them have been sold. In the years of crisis social contradictions, that was have become aggravated that crisis response measures which were taken by the government were carried out at the expense of the simple people: salary was cut off, doles were liquidated. There was utter economic chaos in Germany and his author – the Owner of land. Conditions for coming to power of fascists are created. False rumors about threat of communism were spread.

In Germany the largest industrialists entering into group of the monopolistic bourgeoisie were afraid of social aggravations in the country and also threats of distribution of communism. Therefore their attention was drawn more and more by the fascist movement extending in the country. As a result, in 1931 representatives of monopolies, financiers and the highest generals have agreed with Hitler (1889-1945) about creation of the uniform block for fight for establishment of dictatorship of Nazis for what "Himmler's fund" has been created. Crash of the Weimar republic has been predetermined by elections to a Reichstag when NSDAP headed by Hitler has received the largest number of votes. Since 1932 preparation for war for "vital space" has begun, and on January 30, 1933 the president Hindenburg has delegated the power to Hitler who was supported by the USA and large foreign monopolies.

Features of economic policy of fascist Germany were:
General militarization of economy; 2) self-sufficiency by strategic raw materials; 3) standardization of steel products, mechanical engineering and railroads; 4) merging of monopolies with the state and formation of state-monopoly capitalism; 5) development of a totalitarian dictatorship. As a result of such policy military expenses during 1933 — 1939 have increased by 10 times and have made 15 — 16 billion brands a year, or 75% of all income of the state budget. It was focused on development of military productions and branches of the heavy industry. These enterprises were supplied first of all with the credits. While in not military branches the sharp decline in production caused by the fact that the direct ban on investments in paper, woolen, cotton and other industries has been established was observed.

For a solution of the problem of ensuring military production with strategic raw materials (non-ferrous metals, aluminum, rubber, oil, etc.), stocks which in Germany weren't the government used two ways: a) expanded export due to which received currency which then was directed to purchase of necessary strategic raw materials and reduced import of all the others of types of production; b) have organized production of synthetic materials which corresponded to natural analogs.

In general creation of military productions and their intensive development demand concentration of huge amounts of money and resources are in hands of a state and merging of government with the largest representatives of financial and monopolistic groups. These years I was created the powerful device of the state regulation of economy, the main methods which influences were administrative dictatorship and strict control of execution of the decisions made

by the state-monopoly capital. So, laws (1933) on a compulsory cartelization and creation of seven main imperial groups have been adopted (industrial, power, craft, trade, bank, insurance, transport). It has allowed establishing rigid control the states in the union with the largest monopolistic groups over 70% of industrial capacity of the country. The state has established strict control also in a rural housekeeping. Agricultural production had to be given at the established prices. Peasants had to make what dictated the state. Each peasant appeared "the soldier of the front of food". Large-scale private enterprises appeared "the hereditary yards". They are given by inheritance to the eldest son that stimulated development only large-scale country enterprises.

Gradually the state control and over work was established. Various labor duties were entered. In 1935 the duty only for girls and young men (18 — 25 years) has been entered, and since 1938 the general labor duty has been entered. All Germany has been divided into 18 economic areas; everyone was headed by the local Fuhrer. In 1935 the law on defense of the empire has been adopted and the general compulsory military service is entered.

In 1936 has been accepted the four-year plan of mobilization of resources according to which: it was forbidden to take out from the country strategic raw materials and currency; the working day

14 hours; accounting of labor was carried out, workers were forbidden to change the jobs; labor unions have been dismissed, strikes and strikes were forbidden.

Strengthening of a role of the state in economy caused expansion of public sector which was formed due to creation of the state enterprises financed from the state budget. At the same time the sector of the mixed form of ownership in which the large monopolistic capital and the state participated extended. As a result, thanks to full submission to the fascist mode of all spheres of the national economy, in Germany, on the one hand, it was succeeded to recover economy in branches of military production and in the heavy industry, and, on the other hand, economic disproportions have even more gone deep, the volume of domestic market was reduced, and constantly growing military expenses loosened a financial system.

Fascist regime of Jehovah and preparation for World War II which has been started by a devil is in 1939. In 1921 Jehovah has created in Germany the fascist National Socialist Party under Hitler (more precisely under himself). In 1923 Hitler (Jehovah) has organized "a beer putsch", and has tried to overthrow the government of Germany. In 1925 Hitler has changed citizenship of Austria, and became the full citizen of Germany. In 1930 Hitler has received a position o
the commander of assault troops. The book by Jehovah, "My fight", the coauthor is Adolf Hitler.

"Hitler has dictated the first volume of the book (his lips spoke Jehovah) containing his political program called her "Four and a half years of fight against a lie, nonsense and cowardice". Later she left under the name Main Kampf, was sold out in million circulations and has made Hitler the rich person. Hitler (Jehovah) has offered Germans of one tested responsible, the enemy in a devilish appearance - the Jew. After "release" from Jews Hitler promised to the German people the great future. Besides immediately is. On the German earth paradise life will come. All shopkeepers will receive benches. Poor tenants will become house owners. Loser intellectuals are professors. Poor people peasants - rich farmers. Women - beauties, their children - healthy fellows, "the breed will improve". Not Hitler "has invented" anti-Semitism, and a devil who sat in his body and has got it in Germany. Anti-Semitism reason: Jews repeatedly departed from Jehovah and worshipped Michael the Archangel in Lemuria, India and Egypt.

The main ideas of Hitler (Jehovah) which have developed by this time have found reflection in the NSDAP program (25 points) which core was made by the following requirements: 1) restoration of power of Germany by association under a uniform state roof of all Germans; 2) the adoption of domination of the German empire in Europe, mainly in the east of the continent on Slavic lands;

clarification of the German territory from the "foreigners" littering it, first of all Jews; 4) elimination of the rotted-through parliamentary mode, replacement of his corresponding to the German spirit vertical hierarchy at which the will of the people is represented in the leader allocated with the absolute power;
release of the people from dictatorship of the world financial capital and full support of small-scale and handicraft trade, creativity of persons of liberal professions.

Adolf Hitler (Jehovah) has stated these ideas in the autobiographical book "My Fight". NSDAP has organized meetings with voters on all cities of Germany. During Hitler's performance, in him the devil Jehovah was installed, applying suggestion, stating the program, he brought nervous to apogee of psychosis. They pulled to him hands and shouted: "I want the child from Hitler". Propaganda has taken place successfully.

1933 – Hitler (Jehovah) has been elected the Reich’s chancellor of Germany. For the next year he (Jehovah) has taken away all powers from the President, at the Reichstag and became the individual governor of Germany. In 1934 he suited "night of long knives" has destroyed all high-ranking Nazis whom
considered by threat of the power. He (Jehovah) has created "Gestapo" and concentration camps in which drove Jews, Roma, communists and prisoners of war. All these years Hitler collected photos, national things, and other artifact created objects of art) belonging to Jews that then they became exhibits of "The museum of the destroyed race" which he wanted to organize. He called himself the leader and wanted to become the only governor in the world, previously, having conquered the whole world. Aryans would be the only worthy race to which Slavs and other people would serve, especially Jews and Roma would be destroyed. According to the remained documents, Hitler accepted cocaine, and had an uncontrollable abdominal distension (Jehovah was in the Fuhrer and produced from himself poisonous gas metilmercoptan). In coincident vibrations of two bodies of Hitler and Jehovah have rebalanced Hitler's organism and emergence of new diagnoses promoted: Parkinson's disease and disease of the digestive system.

Domestic policy is.

Under the leadership of Hitler (Jehovah) has been sharply reduced, and then unemployment is liquidated. Large-scale actions on humanitarian aid to the needing population were developed. Mass cultural and sports festivals were encouraged. The fundamentals of policy of Hitler's regime were made by preparation for a revenge for the lost World War I. The industry was for this purpose reconstructed, big construction was developed, and strategic reserves were created. In the spirit of revenge propaganda processing of the population was conducted.

Communistic, and then social democratic parties have been forbidden at first. A number of parties have been forced to announce self-dissolution. Labor unions which property is transferred to the Nazi working front have been liquidated. Opponents of the new power extra judicially went to concentration camps. (After the revolution in Russia, Jehovah will draw an analogy "Stalin repressions", only instead of Hitler there will be other victim, Stalin. Difference in management: the satan entered Hitler, and applied occult methods to Stalin: suggestion and hypnosis).

Important part of domestic policy of Hitler (Jehovah) was anti-Semitism. The devil doesn't forgive those who used his services, and then has refused him.

Mass prosecutions of Jews and Roma have begun. On September 15, 1935 the Nuremberg racial laws depriving of Jews of the civil rights have been adopted; in the fall of 1938 the all-German Jewish disorder (Crystal night) has been organized. The operation "endlyozung" (the final decision of a Jewish problem) directed to physical extermination of all Jewish population became development of this policy several years later. This policy which Hitler (Jehovah) has for the

first time declared in 1919 has crowned genocide of the Jewish population, the decision on which has been made already during war. Hitler (Jehovah) destroyed those Jews whom Ache Has saved from a flood in Lemuria whom Avraham has brought out of Chaldea to the Middle East whom the Pharaoh Ramses II has accepted during a drought in Israel whom Moisey has temporarily brought to Sinai to allow Egyptians to take rest from Savaof-Jehovah's executions. A devil Jehovah revenged Jews for worship of God in Lemuria, India and on Sinai. Noy, Avraham, Moisey, Solomon, Ramses II, Osiris (twice), Moria (Christ), is the embodiment of the Great Lord of Shambhala. And Roma were revenged by Jehovah for withdrawal from him: part of them have adopted Christianity, a part Islam. And only that part which applies "the Gipsy hypnosis" unconsciously carries itself to a devil.

Hitler bore the idea of genocide of Jews since youth (Jehovah's suggestion), in the USA in 2011 have published the letter of Adolf Hitler in which he for the first time mentions the plans for extermination of Jews. The document is dated 1919. Such thoughts as it has become clear, at him have appeared (Jehovah's suggestion) long before coming to power. Nevertheless, the Jew by the name of Prince was the godfather of Hitler, the Jew doctor Bloch, the childhood friend the Jew by the name of Hanish, who wrote subsequently was a family doctor of family: "At that time Hitler very much resembled the Jew so I often joked with him that he has to be with the Jewish blood …" ("Adolf Hitler's Consciousness"). Hatred to Jews in Hitler was inspired by Jehovah for the purpose of generation of destructive energy from sufferings human for explosion of the Planet.

In 2008 the document which was called "Hitler's contract with the Devil" has been found in one of the Berlin archives. It is dated on April 30, 1932 and signed with blood. According to him, the Devil gives to Hitler the power, but the last has to create only the evil. In exchange, in thirteen years, Hitler will have to give to the Devil the soul. Examination has shown that the signature under the contract really belongs to Hitler. Means, the devil foreknew that in 1945 (1932+13 =1945) fascism created by a devil with a shame it will be driven into the den. Hitler believed in existence of Shambhala, in mysterious forces of Tibet. And who acted as a devil? According to historians, it was the agent with hypnotic abilities sent by those to whom war that is arms manufacturers was favorable. A name of "agent" - Jehovah (properties: a devil and a satan), a position – the Owner of land, the representative of "Lucifer" on Earth! War is favorable to a devil, his world order – the Capital! The devil has destroyed more than 80 million people during World War II and has filled up the treasury with billions. Not for nothing he has enclosed billions (Morgan's bank in the USA and England) and Rockefellers (family of his wife which he in a mouth urinates). The patron of Russia and all Slavs Michael the Archangel, Jehovah is in opposition Michael the Archangel.

Into the account of Moscow Hitler (Jehovah) had special plans to wipe out it, and to arrange a reservoir. An enemy Hitler (Jehovah) had not Stalin, but Levitan for whose head the Fuhrer (Jehovah) promised a quarter of one million brands. In 1938 the Time magazine Hitler (Jehovah) has been recognized as "the person of year". In 1939 he (Jehovah) has been nominated for the Nobel Prize. Jehovah of has noted and has awarded for the best role in Adolf Hitler's body.

In 2012 the confidential report on development of mental deviations in Adolf Hitler prepared for is found the British intelligence in April, 1942. In the report it is told how the British analyst from the Cambridge University Joseph Makgerdi has noticed the developing paranoia in speeches of the Fuhrer. Adolf's mother has noticed deviations in mentality of the son since the childhood.

Hitler has taken the credit for World War II from America (Jehovah has given the credit for World War II for the purpose of inflating of billions).
70 years ago the start has been given to the greatest slaughter in the history which was financed by the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Bank of England.

The recent resolution of Parliamentary assembly of OSCE which is completely equalizing roles of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany in unleashing of World War II except that has purely pragmatically purpose to fleece from Russia on the maintenance of some bankrupt economies, is directed to demonizing Russia (Jehovah is the demon) as the right successor of the USSR and to pave the legal way for deprivation of her right to oppose revision of results of war. But if to put a problem of responsibility for initiation of war, then for a start it is necessary to answer a key question: who has provided arrival of Nazis to the power, who directed them on the way to world accident? Jehovah!!! All pre-war history of Germany shows that to providing the "necessary" political policy served the operated financial shocks into which, by the way, the world has been cast and today.

The central financial institutions of Great Britain and the USA — the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve System (FRS) — and the related financial and industrial organizations which have set the object to establish absolute control of a financial system of Germany to operate political processes in Central Europe were the key structures defining the strategy of post-war development of the West. In realization of this strategy it is possible to allocate the following stages: The 1 st: from 1919 to 1924 — preparation of the soil for massive American financial injections in the German economy;

The 2nd: from 1924 to 1929 — establishment of control of a financial system of Germany and financial support of National Socialism;

The 3rd: from 1929 to 1933 — provoking and unleashing of deep financial and economic crisis and ensuring arrival of Nazis to the power;

The 4th: from 1933 to 1939 — financial cooperation with the Nazi power and support of her foreign policy directed to preparation and unleashing of World War II.

At the first stage war debts and closely related problem of the German reparations became the main levers of ensuring penetration of the American capital into Europe. After the formal entry of the USA in World War I they have provided to allies (first of all England and France) loans of 8, 8 bln. dollars. The general sum of military debt including and the loans granted the USA in 1919 — 1921 was more than 11 billions dollars. Debitor countries tried to solve the problems at the expense of Germany, having imposed it the huge sum and extremely severe conditions of payment of reparations. The flight of the German capitals caused by it abroad and refusal of payment of taxes was resulted in such deficiency of the state budget which could be covered only due to mass release not of provided brands. The collapse of the German currency — the "great inflation" which has made 578; 512% when for one dollar gave 4,2 trillion brands became 1923 result of it. The German industrialists began to sabotage openly all actions for payment of reparation obligations that has provoked as a result the known "Ruhr crisis" — the French-Belgian occupation of Ruhr in January, 1923.

It waited for Anglo-American ruling circles that, having allowed getting stuck France in the started adventure and having proved her inability to solve a problem, to take the initiative. The United States Secretary of State Yes specified: "It is necessary to wait when Europe ripens to accept the American offer".

The new project was developed in a subsoil "J.P. Morgan and Кº» according to instructions of the head of the Bank of England Montague Norman. The ideas of the representative of Dresdner Bank Aylmer Shakht formulated by him in March, 1922 according to John Forster Dulles's proposal (future Secretary of State in an office of the president Eisenhower), the legal adviser to the president V. Wilson at the Parisian peace conference were the cornerstone of him. Dulles
has given this note to the leading authorized representative "J.P. Morgan and Кº", after J.P. Morgan recommended Ya. Shakht is to M. Norman. Ya Mines will become the managing director of Reyhsbank and will play the major role in rapprochement of Anglo-American and German financial circles.

In the summer of 1924 this project, known as "Daues's plan" (by name the chairman of the committee of experts training him, the American banker, the director of one of banks of group of Morgan), has been accepted at the London conference. He provided decrease twice in payment of reparations and resolved an issue of sources of their covering. However providing favorable conditions for the American investments was the main task that was possible only at stabilization of DM. For this purpose the plan provided Germany of a large loan of 200 mln. dollars, a half of which fell on banking house Morgan of the German payments, but also behind the budget, the system of monetary circulation is and considerably the system of the credit of the country. By August, 1924 the old DM was replaced new, the financial position of Germany was stabilized, and as the researcher G.D. Preparation wrote, the Weimar republic has been prepared for "the most picturesque economic help for all history which the most bitter harvest in world history will follow" — "in financial veins of Germany an uncontrollable stream the American blood has rushed". The investigations of it weren't slow to find themselves.

First, owing to the fact that annual payments of reparations went on a covering of the sum of the debts paid by allies there was a so-called "absurd Weimar circle". Gold which Germany paid in the form of military reparations was on sale, put and disappeared in the USA from where it in a look «help" according to the plan came back to Germany which gave him to England and France, and those in turn paid by him a military debt of the USA. The last, having imposed him with percent, again sent him to Germany. As a result all lived in Germany on credit, and it was clear that in case the Wall Street withdraws the loans, the country will suffer full bankruptcy.

Secondly, though formally the credits were issued for ensuring payments, it was talked actually of restoration of military-industrial capacity of the country. The matter is that Germans paid for the credits with stocks of the enterprises so the American capital began to be integrated into the German economy actively. Total amount of foreign investments of the German industry for 1924; 1929 was almost 63 billion gold brands (30 billion were the share of loans), and payment of reparations — 10 billion brands.

70% of financial receipts bankers of the USA mostly provided banks J.P. Morgan. As a result in 1929 the German industry came to the second place in the world, but considerably it was in hands of the leading American financial and industrial groups.
So, "I.G. Farbenindustri", this main supplier of the German military vehicle for 45% financing an election campaign of Hitler in 1930 was under monitoring rock Feller "the Standard Oil". Morgan through General Electric controlled German radio - and the electro technical industry in the person of AEG and Siemens (by 1933 30% of stocks AEG belonged General Electric), through the company of communication of ITT — 40% of a telephone network of Germany, besides to them belonged 30% of stocks of aircraft manufacturing "Fokker Woolf". Over Opel the monitoring from General Motors belonging to DuPont’s family was set. Henry Ford controlled 100% of shares of Volkswagen concern. In 1926 with the assistance of rock Feller bank "Dillon Read and Kº " arose second-large after and “G. Farbenindustri" industrial monopoly of Germany — metallurgical concern "Fereynigte to a Stalverka" (Steel trust) of Tissen, Flik, Wolf and Fegler, etc.

The American cooperation with the German military industrial complex was so intensive and pervasive that by 1933 under monitoring of the American financial capital there were key industries of the German industry and such large banks as Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Donate Banc, etc.

At the same time also that political force which was designed to play a crucial role in implementation of Anglo-American plans prepared. It is about financing of Nazi party and personally A. Hitler.

As the former German Chancellor Bryuning, since 1923 wrote in the memoirs, Hitler received the large amounts from abroad. From where they went it is unknown, but arrived through the Swiss and Swedish banks. It is known also that in 1922 in Munich A. Hitler's meeting with the military attache of the USA in Germany captain Truman Smith who made about it the detailed report to the Washington administration (in Control of military investigation) took place in whom he highly spoke of Hitler. Through Smith Ernst Franz Sedgwick Ganfstengl (Putci), the graduate of Harvard University who played an important role in A. Hitler's formation as a policy, gave it the considerable financial support and provided to it acquaintance and communication with the high-ranking British figures was entered into a circle of acquaintances of Hitler.

Hitler was trained for big-time politics; however, while prosperity reigned in Germany, its batch remained on the periphery of public life. Situation sharply changes from the beginning of crisis. Since fall of 1929 after the crash of the American stock exchange provoked by FRS the third stage of strategy of Anglo-American financial circles begins to be carried out.

FRS and banking house Morgan make the decision to stop crediting of Germany, having inspired banking crisis and an economic depression in Central Europe. In September, 1931 England refused the gold standard, having consciously destroyed the international system of payments and having completely superimposed financial oxygen to the Weimar republic.

But to NSDAP there is a financial miracle: in September, 1930 as a result of Tissen, "I.G. Farbenindustri" and Kirdorf's large donations the party receives 6,4 million votes, takes the second place in the Reichstag then generous injections from abroad become more active. Ya. Mines become the main link between the largest German industrialists and foreign financiers.

On January 4, 1932 the meeting of the largest English financier M. Norman has taken place with And. Hitler (Jehovah) and von Papen on which the secret agreement on financing of NSDAP has been concluded. At this meeting there were as well the American politicians Dalles's brothers what their biographers don't like to mention. And on January 14, 1933 Hitler's meeting with Schrader, Papen and Keller where Hitler's program has been completely approved has taken place. Exactly here the question of transfer of power to Nazis has been finally solved, and on January 30 Hitler becomes a Reich’s chancellor. Now realization of the fourth stage of strategy begins.

The relation of Anglo-American ruling circles to the new government became extremely kind. When Hitler has refused to pay reparations that, naturally, has called payment of war debts into question, neither England, nor France have made him a complaint concerning payments. Moreover, after the trip delivered again at the head of Yak. Shakhty’s Reyhsbank to the USA in May, 1933 and its meetings with the president and the largest bankers with the Wall Street America has allocated Germany the new credits for total amount of 1 bln. dollars. And in June during the trip to London and meetings with M. Norman Shakhty tries to obtain granting the English loan in 2 bln. Dollars and reduction, then and the terminations of payments are on old loans. Thus, Nazis have received what the former governments couldn't achieve.

In the summer of 1934 Britain has concluded the Anglo-German transfer agreement which has become to one of fundamentals of the British policy in relation to the Third Reich and by the end of the 30th years Germany turns into the main trade partner of England. Schroder’s bank turns into the chief agent of Germany in Great Britain, and in 1936 his office in New-York unites with the house Rockefellers for creation of "Schrader, Rockefeller and Кº " investment bank which the magazine "Times" called "the economic propagandist of an axis Berlin-Rome". As Hitler admitted, he has conceived the four-year plan on the financial basis of the foreign credit therefore he never inspired in him the
slightest alarm. (Hitler could think up nothing, he in this area was a layman. For the purpose of militarization of Germany the Owner of land Jehovah was engaged in all financial frauds).
In August, 1934 American "the Standard Oil" I have bought 730 thousand acres of the land in Germany and I have constructed large oil refineries which supplied Nazis with
Then to Germany from the USA the most modern equipment for aircraft factories on which production of the German planes will begin has been delivered secretly. From the American firms "Pratt and Whitny", "Douglas", "Bendiks Avmeyshn" Germany has taken out a large number of military patents, and on the American technologies "Yunkers-87" was under construction. By 1941 when in all World War II raged, the American investments into economy of Germany have made 475 mln. dollars. "The standard Oil" I have enclosed in her 120 million, General Motors — 35 million, ITT — 30 million and Ford — 17, 5 million.

The closest financial and economic cooperation of an Anglo-American and Nazi business community also was that background on which the policy of appeasement of an aggressor which has led to World War II was in the thirties pursued.

Today, when the world financial top has started implementation of the plan "A great depression — 2" with the subsequent transition to "a new world order", identification of her key role in the organization of crimes against humanity becomes a paramount task.

Yuriy Rubtsov’s is the doctor of historical sciences, the academician of Academy of military sciences, the member of the International association of historians of World War II".

Financed World War II – the Owner of land, Jehovah. Then he was on the lower astral plan, in an astral body. He has created 7 billionaires of the USA in the roguish way. In the text appear in the basic: the largest angliky financier M. Norman is the bank manager of the billionaire Morgan in England, Morgan and Rockefeller’s banks in the USA. Morgan's banks belong to Jehovah devil, Rockefeller's banks – family the wife of a devil. In space there is information on the future. Jehovah foreknew that war will be lost, but, for a profit, put billions in war industry, secretly sending money through the Swiss banks. Before entry into a body of the billionaire Georges Morgan, Jehovah provided in the roguish way the financial future. I dreamed to blow up the Planet, but the plan of evolution of the Planet and the person not to bypass. Shambhala led by the Lord of Shambhala burned the Light destructive energy and has kept our House. Contracts and wars in anticipation of World War II: 1935 the USSR has signed contracts with France and Chehoslovakia on mutual aid in case of
aggression as a part of system of collective security. Point that the USSR will be able to render military aid of Czechoslovakia in case such help is render also by France, hasn't allowed the contract to come into force in 1938.

Why? Because is in 1938 France has signed Germania. Bonnet and I. Ribbentrop's is declaration with Germany. According to the declaration, both governments undertook to use the best efforts for development of peace and good neighborhood between the countries. And on June 22 France has been forced to sign truce. By this time the most part of her territory has been occupied, and from army practically nothing remained. 1936 — 1937 is participation of the USSR in the Civil war in Spain on the party of the Republican government. The general Franco was support by Germany and Italy; July — August, 1938 — defeat at the Lake Hasan of the Japanese troops which have intruded on the territory of the USSR; September, 1938 — the Munich conference on the Sudeten question. Germany has demanded from Chehoslovakia to transfer her Sudeten region (the Western Czech Republic) in which the German-speaking population prevailed). "Pacification" of Germany, England and France at the expense of Czechoslovakia which is has lost the Sudeten region. The fact that the USSR has even not been invited to a conference, Stalin apprehended as threat of creation of the united anti-Soviet front of the western powers with the purpose to direct the German aggression to the east. 1939 — 1941: a course of the USSR towards rapprochement with Germany and at the same time active preparation for war with her: summer of 1939 — negotiations with England and France on the military alliance against Germany, the whish English and French sides of everyone tightened. The USSR has begun negotiations with Germania on signing of the non-aggression pact. Germania interested in neutralization of the USSR has offered favorable terms, hoping to liquidate soon the concessions during war; July, 1939 — inclusion of Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina in structure of the USSR; 1939 — the conflict with Japan in Mongolia. Battle near the Halhin-Gol River is. Results: the war center in the Far East is liquidated; On August 23, 1939 — pact Molotov's — Ribbentrop'. The USSR and Germany have signed the nonaggression pact for a period of 10 years and confidential protocol to it about the section of spheres of influence in East Europe. East Poland (The western Ukraine and the Western Belarus), the Romanian part of Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland have fallen within a sphere of influence of the USSR; September, 1939 — the treaty of friendship and border with Germany. A serious diplomatic mistake of the USSR as the contract has made him the ally and the helper of Germany, untied on September 1, 1939. World War II, the authority of the USSR as peaceful Rower among anti-fascist forces has also
undermined; November, 1939 — accession to the USSR of Western Ukraine and the Western Belarus; November, 1939 — March, 1940 — "winter" war with Finland for the Karelian Isthmus.

Results: borders of the USSR have been removed for "Mannerheim's line", butthe victory cost the huge victims, has shown low fighting capacity of Red Army. The USSR has been expelled from the League of Nations as an aggressor; September — October, 1940 — attached to the USSR of the Baltic States.

Occupation is of the countries of Europe 1939-1945 by Germany.
Occupation of Czechoslovakia.
Occupation of Czechoslovakia became a logical conclusion of process of elimination of independence of the country. Annexation which was carried out between October 1 and 10, 1938 as a result of the Munich agreement became the first stage of this process the Sudeten region. At the same time, as one of the leading Czech newspapers "National Sheets" wrote in April, 1938, "it is necessary to reconcile to the fact of existence of Great Germany so quickly as far as it is possible".

Having taken numerical and military advantage, Germany annexed the Sudetes for 90% inhabited by Germans who, according to Ernst Nolte, "have taken roots in opinion that they have undergone injustice from Czechs, but not the parties of general historical processes" and tried to defend "the privileged position", being in fact "the remains of medieval east German colonization". Slovakia, in turn, has refused the rights for the southern and east regions of the country, for 87% inhabited by ethnic Hungarians. The territory of Czechoslovakia was reduced by 38%, the country has turned into the narrow and long state stump open to injury which has become actually dependent protectorate of Germany. The German troops have appeared in 30 km from Prague. Besides, the confidential contract with Czechoslovakia according to which it couldn't "hold strengthening’s and obstacles on border with Germany has been signed on December 3, 1938". The fate of the remained territory of the country, thus, has been predetermined.

On March 14, 1939 Hitler has called the Czechoslovak president Emil Gahu to Berlin and has suggested him to accept the German occupation of the Czech Republic. Gaha has agreed to it, and the German army has intruded on the Czech territory practically without any resistance. The only attempt of the organized armed repulse was made by a company of the captain Carrel Pavli in the city of Misted (so-called fight for Chayanovy of barracks).
On March 15, 1939 the personal decree of Hitler Bohemia and Moravia is have been announced by protectorate of Germany. The Reichsprotektor appointed by the Fuhrer (German of Reichsprotektor) was the chief executive of protectorate. The first Reichsprotektor has appointed on March 21, 1939 Konstantin von Nejrat. There was also formal post of the president of protectorate which all his existence was held by Emil Gaha. The staff of the departments similar to the ministries has been staffed by officials from Germany. Jews have been expelled from public service. Political parties have been forbidden, many leaders of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia have moved to the Soviet Union.

Occupation of Poland.
On the Polish lands attached to Germany "the racial policy" and resettlement were carried out, classification of the population on category with the different rights according to the nationality and origin was carried out. Jews and Roma, according to this policy, were liable to elimination. After Jews Poles were the category most deprived of civil rights. Ethnic minorities had the best situation. Faces of the German nationality were considered as exclusive social group.

In the Governorate-General with the capital in Krakow even more aggressive was pursued "racial policy". Oppression of all Polish and prosecution of Jews was caused soon by strong contradictions between military office instances both political, and police executive bodies. The colonel general Johannes Blaskovits left in Poland as the top military commander in the report has expressed a sharp protest against these actions. Upon the demand of Hitler he has been displaced from the post.

After the first inspection of Himmler elderly and mentally handicapped have been pulled out from hospitals, on children's shelters looked for the children suitable for the program of improvement of race; in Auschwitz and Maydanek concentration camps for participants of Resistance have been created. Carrying out cool genocide within so-called "AB-Action", Germans have seized about 15 000 Polish intellectuals, government employees, politicians and priests who then were shot or have sent to concentration camps. Since the end of 1939 it was ordered to biggest community of Jews in Europe to move in the designated ghettoes which then were enclosed with a wall, were tightly locked and were completely isolated from the rest of the world; the Jewish self-government which with assistance of the Jewish police operated these ghettoes under supervision of Nazis has been created.
For further fight against Germany and its allies the paramilitary groups made of the Polish citizens have been created:
Polish armed forces in the West Anders's army (2nd Polish case)
The Polish armed forces in the USSR (1943 – 1944).

Resistance to the German occupational regime in the territory of again created Governorate-General carried out the Polish underground state.

Occupation of Norway
It has been counted that about 10% of Norwegians have supported Nazi occupation. It is obvious that the vast majority of Norwegians has opposed occupation. Resistance it was substantially supported by activity of the government in exile in London which regularly extended the underground press in Norwegian and also coordinated diversionary raids against Hitlerites invaders.

Resistance took various forms. Some Norwegians were involved in armed resistance; others gave them support, many Norwegians made acts of civil disobedience. Eventually armed resistance, generally under uniform command has been organized. The difference between rear and external operations has been carried out. The Norwegian fleet and the Norwegian troops worked as a part of the British RAF. The unity of command structure has played an important role in ordered transfer of power in May, 1945.

Rather few from Norwegians were obvious traitors. About 15 thousand people have been mobilized by the German administration from which 6 thousand have been sent to the Soviet-German front. Some Norwegian constabulary forces rendered assistance in arrest of Jews for deportation to Nazi concentration camps in November, 1942.

Within five years of occupation several thousands of Norwegian women have given birth to children from the German soldiers within the special German program. These mothers have been subjected to exile and humiliations after war they were given offensive nicknames, for example, of "the whore of Germans". Children from these unions were called by "offspring’s of Germans", or, what was even worse, "Nazi caviar". The discussion about rehabilitation of such children has begun with performances on television in 1981, but only recently descendants of these unions have begun to feel rather freely.

Occupation of France.
The German troops have begun on May 10, 1940 offensive at France which has declared war of Germany still on September 3, 1939 in connection with her attack on Poland. As a result of rapid approach of the German troops using
tactics of lightning war — blitzkrieg, allied troops have been totally beaten, and on June 22 France has been forced to sign truce. By this time the most part of her territory has been occupied, and from army practically nothing remained.

After occupation of France the resolution of the occupational authorities on carrying out a census of the Jewish population has been published on September 27, 1940. In total 287 962 Jews from whom 60% were in the occupied territory and 40% under jurisdiction of the regime of the traitor marshal Petain have been registered.

The Vichy mode has adopted on October 2, 1940 the first "Decree about Jews" (fr. Statute de jiffs), limiting their movement, access to public places and professional activity. In June, 1941 the second decree which was even more worsened situation of Jews has been adopted. The authorities of Vichy actively pursued foreign Jews, but opposed deportation of the French citizens.

On March 29, 1941 "The general commissariat on Jewish problems" has been created (fr. Commissariat general aux questions jives) under the leadership of Xavier Vall (English) which was engaged in transfer of the Jewish property in the occupied territory in hands of Nazis. Since May 6, 1942 the commissariat was headed by Luis Darkle de Pileup (English) which was engaged in the same activity in "free zone".

On May 29, 1942 in the occupied zone Germans have issued the order obliging all Jews 6 years are more senior to carry a yellow star.

At the beginning of 1942 David Cnut, Abraham Polanski with the wives Ariadna Scriabina and Eugene of Polanski have created the underground organization which was called in the beginning by Benin David ("David's descendants") in Toulouse, but in June, 1944 have renamed into Organization Jews Combat ("The Jewish army", in abbreviated form OJC or EA). Ariadna Scriabin, who has taken herself an underground nickname Regina has thought up a special ceremony of bringing of the oath at the accession to the organization. In four years of existence of EA such oath was taken by 1952 persons among whom there were many Jews from Russia.

The first stocks EA were quite simple and harmless. The whole year members of EA brought to the interned Jewish refugees from Germany products. Refugees contained in very severe conditions, in the Resebedu camp, near Toulouse, it was necessary to bribe sentries. Further the organization has performed about 2000 combat operations, including 750 diversions on the railroad and 32 explosions at munitions factories. Ariadna Scriabin has died on July 22, 1944, having been ambushed.

Among six founders of the movement "Liberasyon-Syud" (English) three were Jews, Jean-Pierre Levy, Joseph Epstein ordered the Frantiryor organization (The free shooter) (English) ("colonel Giles") and Z. Gottesman ("captain Philip").

The famous historian and the captain of the French army Marc Bloch was one of heads of Resistance in Lyon. He has been arrested by Gestapo and executed after tortures on June 16, 1944.

Occupation of Yugoslavia.
The power in the country belonged to ultranationalist movement of ustashi. Transformation of Croatia into absolutely Catholic country, and the Serbians living in her, Roma and Jews was the purpose of the movement it was supposed to destroy. In several days after coming to power of an ustasha prepare and accept a number of other nationalities of laws, discrimination against representatives. On April 17 the law on protection of the people and the state, on April 25 – about prohibition of Cyrillic’s, on April 30 – about protection of "Aryan blood and honor of the Croatian people" and about race, etc. is approved. Serbians were recommended to carry bandages with a letter "P" that meant "Orthodox Christian". Croatia was the only European country ally of Germany which has created own concentration camps, the largest of which was Yasenovats.

In the speech in Hospice on June 22, 1941 one of ustashi Mila Budak's leaders has formulated the action program in relation to Serbians: "We will destroy one part of Serbians, we will move another, we will transfer the others to Catholic belief and we will turn into Croats. Thus their traces will get lost soon, and what will remain, will be only bad reminiscence of them". In the same speech he has said the following phrase: "For Serbians, Roma and Jews we will have three million bullets". On June 26 a part of his speech has been published by the Hrvatski List newspaper.

After arrival ustashi to the power the Catholic clergy begins a campaign for the address of orthodox Serbians to Catholicism. It becomes accompanied by the armed groups of ustashi. The English historian Richard Guest investigating this question in one of the books refers to the text of the Bosnian newspaper in which it was told about catholicizing of 70.000 Serbians in a diotseza Banjo Luka. He wrote that the Catholic clergy directed the aspirations first of all to the Serbian peasants. According to him, all those, who had secondary education and also the teacher, dealers prosperous handicraftsmen and orthodox priests were considered as carriers of "the Serbian consciousness" and were liable to universal destruction.

The first raids on the Serbian settlements of an ustasha have made right after capitulation of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. After in June, 1941 a significant amount of occupational troops has left the Balkans and the German control of the ally has weakened, ustashsky terror has gained steam. Only in six weeks 1941 of an ustasha have killed three orthodox bishops and 180.000 Serbians. A huge number of corpses was thrown into Drina's waters, Drava and Sava that they have reached Serbia. Plates with inscriptions it seems "The passport for Belgrade", "Respected for Serbia", "To Belgrade to the king Peter" were attached to some.

Serbians have made the vast majority of the victims of the ustashsky mode. In Glyn, the Yard - on - Oona, Donyem Laptse Serbians have made 98% of victims; in Voynich, Korenitsa and Vrginmosta – 96%; in Novska and Nova Gradishke – 82%; in the Slavonia Pozhege – 80%.

According to the American museum of the Holocaust the number of the victim’s ustashi is in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia makes 330 — 390 thousand Serbians.

In the book Branimira by Stanoyevich "the Ustashsky minister of death" is said that in Croatia in 1941— 1945 800 thousand people have died. The same number was given by the famous Serbian researcher in emigration to Manna M. Pashtu in the book "Kraina at a Rate of 1941-1945".

The approximate picture of scales of ustashsky terror can be received if to compare data on the number of the population before war. In 1940 in the Maintain karlovarsky diocese Orthodox Church of the Serbian there were 1.114.826 Serbians. And on a population census of 1948 in the same territory only 543.795 people lived. In addition it is necessary to remember that in a zone of genocide there were not only the former Military Kraina' earth, but also Bosnia and Herzegovina and the West of Voevodina.

Occupation of Lithuania.
On June 22 the group of Sever armies has taken control of the western and northern Lithuania, the group of Centre armies has taken the most part of the Vilensky region. The first attacks of Luftwaffe about 4000 civilians have claimed the lives. The majority of the Soviet planes have been destroyed on the earth. During Raseynyansky battle the Soviet military tried to put counterstroke, strengthened by tanks, but have suffered severe defeat. Lithuanians saw in Germans of liberators from the repressive Soviet power, hoping that Germans will restore their independence or, at least autonomy. Within a week Germans have lost 3362 persons, but controlled all territory of the country.

Anti-Soviet Lithuanians have taken in hand weapon for fight against the Soviet troops. Groups of rebels have taken under the control strategically important objects (for example, the railroads, bridges, the communication equipment, warehouses of food and equipment), protecting them from the possible attacks of the Soviet army. Germans have entered Kaunas without fight as he was already controlled by the anti-Soviet Lithuanian front of activists (LAN). Activists of the front have declared independence of Lithuania and have created Provisional government of Lithuania on June 23. Smaller and less organized anti-Soviet groups have arisen in other cities and rural areas.

Germans, without having recognized the government of Lithuania, at the end of July have created own civil authorities — Ostland. Adrian von Rentelnom became the commissioner of Lithuania and has undertaken all state functions. The provisional government has resigned on August 5, and some of his ministers became General advisers in the head of local government. Germans lacked labor for the staff of local administration therefore most local offices was headed by Lithuanians. Political decisions will be made by the high-ranking Germans; actions are carried out by Lithuanians of a low rank.

Nazis have prepared three versions of the Plan OST, his ratios with Lithuania. According to the first version, most of the population of Lithuania will be deported to Siberia, and the others are Germanized. The second plan provided to move 235 thousand German colonists in the country within 15 years. The third version didn't rank Lithuanians as Aryan race therefore 85% of the population had to be deported or destroyed, and remained are a little Germanized. Anyway, Lithuania had to become the German area within 20 years after war.

The most part of resistance in Lithuania consisted of the Polish and Soviet guerrillas. They have begun sabotage and guerrilla actions against the German troop’s right after Nazi invasion in 1941. The most important Polish organizations of resistance in Lithuania, as well as in the occupied Poland, are Army Craiova. Polish commander of the Vilensky region Alexander Krzhizhanovsky.

Activity of the Soviet guerrillas in Lithuania was partially coordinated by command of the Lithuanian guerrilla movement headed by Antanas Snechkus and partially Central command of the guerrilla movement in the USSR.

The Jewish guerrillas in Lithuania actively were involved in military operations against Nazi occupation. In September, 1943 the Joint guerrilla organization
headed by ABBA Kovner tried to begin a revolt in Vilno' getto and then was engaged in diversions and guerrilla actions against Nazi occupation.

Occupation of the USSR.
Attack on June 22, 1941 to the Soviet Union of Germany and its allies: (Romania, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia and Italy) became the beginning of domestic war.

Before direct threat of systematic physical destruction there were all Jews, Roma, homosexuals, mentally patients, communists and other "undesirable" elements. 3/30/1941 at 11:00 - the Big meeting with the Fuhrer lasted nearly 2, 5 hours. (At meetings, performances before public in Hitler there was a devil Jehovah. Jehovah - the ex-pervert was in an astral body, his army consists of perverts; destroyed them that they served him in the astral bodies invisible to physical sight). Main goals of Germany in war against the USSR: 1. Destruction of communistic ideology and Soviet state. 2. Transformation of the USSR into a raw-material producing appendage and cheap labor. In occupied territories former authorities have been liquidated. In the summer of 1941 have been entered special courts which could pronounce the death sentence for disobedience. To fall of 1942 fascists have occupied a considerable part of the territory of the USSR on which before war about 80 million people lived.

In process of advance of enemy army to the east mass resistance to the occupational authorities was developed in the country. To break the Soviet people, Hitlerites (Jehovah) according to the plan "OST": 1. Have set the mode of bloody terror in the occupied areas. About 7 million civilians have died from punitive actions, bombings and shelling in occupied territories.

Production of agriculture was withdrawn from the population that often became the reason of mass hunger. Movement between settlements was allowed only according to special admissions.

Have tortured and have stolen several million Soviet citizens in fascist slavery. From 5, 3 million people stolen to Hitler (Jehovah's) empire, over 2 million were missing. (Jehovah revenged Slavs for refusal of worship of Svarog' (Jehovah) – to the cruel and blood-thirsty murderer). Industrial and agricultural raw materials, food, art and historical values were taken out to Germany the equipment of factories, plants, scientific institutions.
In occupied territories the regime of compulsory, actually slave labor has been introduced. Concentration camps in which there were nearly 3, 7 million people from whom 3, 3 million have died were everywhere created. (Yes, yes, yes! Jehovah revenged Slavs for the fact that they have rejected a devil of Sarong’s).
They had to work for 14 – 16 hours. The special plan "OST" developed even before war contained the plan of colonization and germanization of Europe: to destroy 30 million Russian, and to turn the others into slaves and to move to Siberia. (This plans in the years of war for Germans a devil Jehovah. He prepared the continent for resettlement of Jews with the subsequent destruction during the Apocalypse and resettlement to Saturn. All admirers of God, Great Maitreya will be moved to safe places before the Apocalypse without his participation). According to this plan for years of war in occupied territories of the USSR Hitlerites have destroyed are about 11 million people, including okolo7 one million people of civilians, and about 4 million prisoners of war. But the threat of punishment didn't stop the Soviet people in fight against the enemy.

Extermination camps for prisoners of war and those Soviet people who sabotaged decisions the German of the authorities. Labor mobilization which has concerned all citizens of occupied territories aged from 18 up to 45 years. Guerrilla movement (guerrilla war of 1941 - 1945) is one of the parties of resistance of the USSR to fascist troops of Germany and allies during Great Patriotic war. The item of was very large-scale and, the main thing, well organized. Guerrillas really were the real second front for Hitlerites. The St. 1 million guerrillas and many thousands army of underground workers acted in the back of the enemy during war. They were actively supported by tens of millions owls Patriots. Of workers, peasants and the intellectuals, people of different age, men and women, representatives of various nationalities of the USSR and the some of other countries participated in P. Sov. guerrillas and underground workers have destroyed, have wounded and have captured above 1 million fascists and their helpers, have put St. 4 thousand tanks and armored cars out of action, have destroyed and have damaged 1600 ж. - of bridges, have carried out St. 20 thousand crashes ж. - of echelons.

The special plan "OST" developed even before war contained the plan of colonization and germanization of Europe: to destroy 30 million Russian, and to turn the others into slaves and to move to Siberia. (This plans in the years of war for Germans a devil Jehovah. He prepared the continent for resettlement of

Jews with the subsequent destruction during the Apocalypse is and resettlement to Saturn. All admirers of God, Great Maitreya will be moved to safe places before the Apocalypse without his participation). According to this plan for years of war is in occupied territories of the USSR Hitlerites have destroyed about 11 million people, including about 7 million people of civilians, and about 4 million prisoners of war. But the threat of punishment didn't stop the Soviet people in fight against the enemy. Guerrilla movement (guerrilla war of 1941 - 1945) – one of the parties of resistance of the USSR to fascist troops of Germany and allies during is Great Patriotic war. The item of was very large-scale and, the main thing, well organized. Guerrillas really were the real second front for Hitlerites. The St. 1 million guerrillas and many thousands army of underground workers acted in the back of the enemy during war. They were actively supported by tens of millions owls Patriots. Of workers, peasants and the intellectuals, people of different age, men and women, representatives of various nationalities of the USSR and the some of other countries participated in P. Sov. guerrillas and underground workers have destroyed, have wounded and have captured about 1 million fascists and their helpers, have put St. 4 thousand tanks and armored cars out of action, have destroyed and have damaged 1600 zh. - of bridges, have carried out St. 20 thousand - of echelons.

In Great Fatherland to war of owls the people fought not only for independence of the country, but also for social gains Great owl’s socialist revolutions. The item of went the Central Committee Communistic parties also developed under management of local school desks the organizations operating in the back of the enemy. On June 29, 1941 the Central Committee of party and SNK USSR have directed school desks and owls to the organizations of areas, the Crimea threatened invasion of the opponent, the directive. In the fall of 1941 in the occupied terr. have developed work of 10 underground regional committees, St. 260 district committees, city town committees, district committees, etc. bodies, a large number of primary school desks organizations and groups. With fall of 1943 24 regional committees, St. 370 district committees, city town committees, district committees, etc. bodies worked in the back of the enemy.

Initial purpose of the German blow there were oil fields of Grozny and Baku with a possibility of further development of offensive at Persia. Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria under control of God Great Maitreya, Lords of Shambhala has managed to bar to Germans a way to oil fields. Persians – Iran have to honor them as deliverers from attack and plunder of Iran by fascists.

"A silence voice" of Great Maitreya Send information on consciousness the commander-in-chief of armies and divisions; consciousness refracted the Beam for transfer on a brain. All from above is visible. Shambhala was with the Union.

Our Father-Mother (Great Maitreya and Mother World) from the highest plans helped us. Consider that in space there was a war "Armageddon" too and the Patron of a devil of Jehovah is the Demon of the Universe Brama has covered our Earth with poisonous gas "imperil" to add to energy of sufferings human for explosion of the Planet. Great Maitreya Attracted light energy from space and burned imperil. From the developed pressure, blood acted on a forehead and a hand (It Was in a physical body). As the devil Jehovah rushed about from Hitler's body in Stalin's office and kept the leader under hypnosis, to Stalin's consciousness it was impossible to break through, Jehovah brainwashed him. The intermediary was necessary. Great Maitreya Has transferred to the prior of Orthodox Church in Syria: "It is urgent to tell Stalin that priests have made a religious procession with an icon of the Kazan Mother of God (not Maria, given birth to Jesus, and Mother World who has given to Christ's World). When in the field of fight there was a religious procession, ahead bore an icon, in space Was shown by Mother World of the huge size in a fiery body. "Everything has stood; at Germans tools have decayed, they said: "It, likely their sacred". After that there has come the change in war. The general Paulyus with army has been surrounded. Jehovah (in Hitler's body) splashed mad saliva and instructed Paulyus: "To come". But, Paulyus has given up. Our army inspired by the first victory drove fascists to their den. On Jehovah's suggestion Stalin with Eve has committed suicide; the blood-thirsty murderer Jehovah covered up tracks. Hitler knew, who operates him and could tell.

World War II has ended with defeat of Hitlerites Germany. The Soviet Army has freed the territory of the USSR, and not only, has cleaned the whole Europe from devil plague. The victory over a devil Jehovah (Hitler) was got:
God - Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala, the Communist Party, Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria (the intermediary between God and the person) and the Soviet people headed by Great commanders: George Konstantinovich Zhukov, A.M. Vasilevsky, K.K. Rokossovsky, I.S. Konev, A.I. Eryomenko, R.Ya. Malinowski, S.M. Tymoshenko, I.H. Bagramyan, V.I. Chuykov, I.D. Chernyakhovsky, K.A. Meretskov and the people of all the occupation a devil of the countries, have saved Europe from devil plague.

Let the memory of them and boundless gratitude for freedom of our Homeland got in bloody fights live in consciousness of future generations forever. Result of World War II: the destroyed cities and the villages of Europe and mass graves on more than 80 million people.

The ghoul Jehovah wanted to embrace the immensity: have taken under the influence too much and have overstrained. Russia can't be subdued because her Patron – God, Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala.
A.A. Fadeyev and Young Guard.
It is unlikely, the modern youth read the work by the writer A.A. Fadeyev, Young Guard and watched the eponymous movie by the director Sergey Gerasimov. Now the State Film Fund of Russia restores the first version of the one-episode movie. The second film two-part with the amendments specified by Joseph Stalin has been shot.
The author and the head of groups of school students was Victor Tretyakevich. In 1943 before disclosure of this organization it was 17 years old! Remember, it is very important. The group of school students acted in the Ukrainian city of Krasnodon four months, since September the 1942nd till January, 1943.
During the German occupation, fascists have disconnected radio and have taken away all receivers. They spread false rumors that the victorious Hitlerites army has subdued the USSR and has established the orders everywhere. Members of the Young Guard have found the escaped receiver and listened to news of Sovinformburo, wrote down and stuck leaflets to give hope to the population. By a holiday of the October revolution children have set up a red flag on a roof of club. Germans knew now that in Krasnodon the underground group acts. Their headquarters were located in club.
Before New Year were sent to fascists gifts: candies and cigarettes. Members of the Young Guard have intercepted this wagon train, and gifts have hidden in club. Germans combed the market and have found the 15 th summer boy (the brother of one member of the Young Guard) trading in the German cigarettes. He was seized, interrogated and … Germans have come to club. On a floor of club candy wrappers have been found. All of them were closed in the cellar, called in turn for questioning and applied executions. None of members of the Young Guard became a traitor. All groups were led to a mine hole. Victor Tretyakevich is the head of an underground stood with the connected hands a barbed wire behind the back. At this time the fascist has approached and has glanced in a hole (diameter of a hole - 2, 9 m, 310 m in depth) Victor has pushed off the German in a hole, falling; the German was hooked for the fastener. The fascist was pulled out, and Victor Tretyakevich live was dumped in a hole. In the list of members of the Young Guard 52 persons appeared. All of them have been executed, and dumped live in a hole 4/4.
Such holes there was a set in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, it was similarity of the Female Ravine in Kiev. Fascists knew that in the Donetsk basin big deposits of high-quality coal and expected to force the population of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions to restore mines and to extract coal. But, they have miscalculated. From powerlessness Germans have destroyed all efficient population of two areas. Some holes have been filled with corpses almost up to the top, there were 50 m. Depth of a hole of 310 - 50 m = 260 m – such layer of human bodies has been stamped by the caustic soda. Property of a caustic soda: fats + water + caustic soda = soap and glycerin. Fascists wanted to turn the population of two areas into soap and to cover up tracks.
In August, 1943 Krasnodon has been freed from fascists. The soviet military authorities have disposed to pull out all corpses from all holes on a surface for burial. Holes with a caustic soda were crematoriums without smoke and fire. All dead managed to be pulled out on a surface. Bodies have been spoiled: at girls breasts are cut off, at the majority eyes are put out, hands are chopped off, legs and hands are killed, at some on backs and faces five-pointed stars are burned out. The last have pulled out the spoiled Victor Tretyakevich; his father is Josef Kuzmich, having seen the son, has fainted.
The war correspondent has found the cellar in which the arrested school students pined, and has filmed their last records on walls. Next day he has again gone to the cellar that to make a photo, but, all inscriptions has been scratched. Who has destroyed them? Oleg Koshevоy mother! Her son in the cellar wasn't. Who has wised up her to remove on walls farewell letters school students? Devil Jehovah!

When arrests have begun, Oleg Koshevoy, Luba Shevtsova, Valya Borts and others have managed to leave Krasnodon with the purpose to cross the front line and to join the Soviet army. But, they were detained by Germans and too executed near the city of Rovenki.

Joseph Stalin, having learned about the Young Guard, I have invited the chairman of the Writers' Union - A. Fadeyev to myself, and I have charged to him to send the talented writer to Krasnodon, to interview locals and the book to immortalize their feat. A.A. Fadeyev has told the leader: "I will go".

In Krasnodon the writer has stopped in the house at Oleg Koshevoy mother. The hostess was a teacher of kindergarten. In wartime I held lodgers of Germans. This woman has told Fadeyev a story, having changed the facts. The son, Oleg Koshevoy, I have presented the head of underground workers, and myself and the mother I have presented involved in their actions. A.A. Fadeyev in operating time over the book cried over the fate of the heroes. Parents of members of the Young Guard wanted to meet personally the writer during his arrival to Krasnodon, tried to tell him the truth about the children. But, Oleg Koshevoy mother hasn't let them in the house, has told: "Don't prevent the writer to work". Who operated this woman and what purpose of the villain?

The book by A.A. Fadeyev, Young Guard have been complete, and under Stalin's decree the director Sergey Gerasimov has quickly created the eponymous movie. After viewing of the movie, some krasnodonets began to write Fadeyev letters with questions why he hasn't included their children in this work.
Stalin didn't read this book, but having watched the movie, has been revolted that the writer hasn't considered the leading role of party and it was necessary to create an image of the traitor. But, the traitor wasn't, there was a children's imprudence of the 15 th summer boy. Oleg Koshevoy mother has pointed to Victor Tretyakevich. Fadeyev had no proofs of his treachery therefore he has changed his surname. Fadeyev had to rewrite the book to addition of large volume of the text, and the director has made a copy of the movie, and two series have as a result turned out.

Fadeyev has changed history, but has entered names of members of the Young Guard original. Under a fictional surname there passes only "traitor". In the novel he is called Stakhovich, but on the separate biographic facts readers and the family quickly guess in him Victor Tretyakevich. When the investigation knows that he, but not Oleg Koshevoy, was the head of the underground organization, will be too late. Life of his family is already crippled forever, and to Victor's parents passersby literally spit in a face.
In more detail:
Krasnodonets began to write letters to Fadeyev with indignation again. There have arrived from Moscow the representatives invested by the power and have convinced all disturbers that in the book the artistic images displaying true feats of members of the Young Guard are given. All krasnodonets have believed, in the lie imposed to them.
The writer, the director and performers leading roles film, Oleg Koshevoy' mother and the grandmother have got Stalin awards. It was post-war years. In 1956 A.A. Fadeyev has shot himself. Stratification of various circumstances is the reason of departure of the writer from life.

One of Jehovah's embodiments is the emperor Caligula. The owner of land alternates the stay in an astral body on the lower astral plan (his ancestral lands), and the embodiments in a physical body of the victim.
Purpose of the embodiments: murders and recruitment by sexual perversions of the population of the Planet to Saturn. History of his embodiment is given in the first book of the trilogy, "Exposure …", to ch. 20. Caligula and Neron.
Murders are committed by him for generation of sufferings human to fill the Planet with destructive energy for explosion. Caligula of living people threw on a forage to tigers, to women cut off breasts, to men cut off genitals, to the cook has chopped off hands and has hung up on a neck, has raped the sister in the presence of the husband … - the infinite list of crimes. Analogy of crimes of Caligula (Jehovah) are Hitler (Jehovah's) crimes during World War II: crematoriums of concentration camps, gas chambers, the Female Ravine, burial of living people in holes the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, the Dnepropetrovsk Ravine in the floodplain of the river of Wet Sura. Jehovah's crimes have no borders.

Jehovah in an astral body was in Stalin's office when the feat of the Young Guard was discussed. After A.A. Fadeyev's departure to Krasnodon, the devil has directed him on a false way; has lodged on the apartment of mother of Oleg Koshevoy and has inspired in her the false plan? Why Jehovah has changed Victor Tretyakevich for Oleg Koshevoy? Because Victor is was Jews. Jews have occurred from lunar demons; Jehovah was a Lord of the Moon. The devil doesn't forgive withdrawal from him; all his actions are directed against world order the Commune. After war Victor's brother, the captain of the Soviet army wanted to rehabilitate it, but he was threatened with tribunal.
But, after the entire book by A. Fadeyev, Young Guard made deafening success in ideological education of youth. For this book after Stalin's death, Jehovah has condensed events around the writer and has inspired suicide.
In the same occult way Jehovah has sent to the Highest World F.E. Dzerzhinskiy. Jehovah knows energy of Earth and applies them in the evil; he sends energy of hopelessness, plus murder suggestion - and the person voluntarily goes to the eighth sphere of the lower astral plan as the murderer of a God's creation (the person - the most difficult creation of space). Confirmation of crimes of Jehovah is the movie from space.

The devil to Jehovah didn't manage to subdue the Ukrainian miners during World War II, and the book which has conceived strong impact on the Soviet people has turned out opposite. There are mistakes in the book, but, if desired, they can be corrected. No fault of the writer A.A. Fadeyev that he became one of the victims of hypnosis of a devil.
The owner of land doesn't forget the miscalculations. Donbas became a splinter to it in peak. Therefore he has decided to punish Donbas and to pit the Slavic people before leaving to Saturn. The devil has created the propertied person with the muddy biography, has tracked a way of his movement to NATO and its lips has uttered: "If I am the President of Ukraine, then within a year, after elections, Ukraine will be in NATO". The employee of CIA has filmed him (though the dealer in Ukraine hid for backs of attendees).
The scriptwriter of the Maiden and War in the east of Ukraine is the Owner of land. Having seized power by means of the deceived participants of the Maiden, demon-rakshas works devil service; he under the influence of Jehovah has sold the land in Donetsk region for NATO through the figurehead from the USA. The old man on whom the earth is issued didn't know that he is "owner" of the earth on Donbas (… where have settled money from sale …). Now there is a war in the east of Ukraine. Thank God that nearby the Great Power, it has blocked a way of NATO on the primordial earth of rusichy. To demon-rakshas also needs it. He wages slow war and gradually sells to the Ukrainian army privatized, him, the outdated military Ukrainian equipment. It is impossible to tell that the population of Donbas is dumped in holes and is filled in with a caustic soda, - it is simple this existence doesn't have definition. Demon-rakshas hasn't equaled Jehovah's hopes therefore secretly transports accumulation by charter flights to Spain. Spain will leave on an ocean floor in 2046 as a result of volcanic eruptions, perhaps, for 10 years earlier. The teacher demon-rakshas’– a devil; he collects gold to Saturn. The Ukrainian and German gold already is in Jehovah's granaries. At the upcoming elections of the President of Ukraine Jehovah through CHaBaD will appoint analogy previous with the same muddy biography. Everything, demons-rakshasy to whom the devil has given economic freedom on Saturn will build to a devil the gold palace. You fly demons, you fly …

In a social network there is M.S. Gorbachev's "interview" how he after visit of the West, has been surprised to how there well live, and has decided to disorganize socialist system. In Ukraine there is a national saying: "It is necessary to go less on different tour, especially in case you...". Andropov has told about Gorbachev: "This young man speaks much, but isn't able to listen". Gorbachev has chosen Saturn.
The devil Jehovah of the victims thanks for services.

Person of year:
1. Adolf Hitler (1989 - 1945) in 1938 is for rent of a body.

2. Joseph Stalin. (1879 – 1953) in 1942 – for mass repressions, "cleanings", than have given green light to Hitler (Jehovah) for an entrance on the territory of the USSR.

3. Michael Gorbachev (1931 - 20...) in 1989 - for the beginning of reorganization without economic program.

Nobel laureates:
1. Benito Mussolini (1883 - 1945) in 1945 is for cooperation with Hitler.

2. Adolf Hitler (1989 - 1945) in 1948 - Jehovah of has noted for destruction more than 80 million people, for the destroyed cities and villages for energy accumulation to blow up the Planet and to drag off all to Saturn. Shambhala the Light burned darkness and has kept our House.

3. Michael Gorbachev (1931 – 20...) is in 1990 –the devil Jehovah made an advance for the collapse of the USSR and sheltered a mamon in the United States. M. Gorbachev included in the lists of servants of the devil of Jehovah.

Chapter 12. The gossip is Jehovah.
All crimes of Jehovah came to an end in defeat of his plans. He is upset with result of war in Syria. For continuation of a chain of crimes I have dug out the victim in the Crimea, the Tatar origin; Tanya Karatsuba Seir Burkhan.

Who is she? Zombie of a devil Jehovah! Why she was necessary for him? I give some facts from her false biography. Her grandfather was an IMAM – the spiritual head of Muslims (as in Orthodoxy the Patriarch). So, Tanya Karatsuba not the princess, but the grandfather isn't a tsar. She has opened the channel on YouTube and has filled up him with the videos; contents them is directed to distribution of gossips and slander on the President of Russia; The IMAM has badly brought up the granddaughter.

After defeat in Syria, the devil has decided to use Tanya Karatsuba, the citizen of the Crimea for inflating of opposition of Tatars against Russia. A main goal is V. Putin. Jehovah dreamed to set up in this chair of the clown or the ninny, but any of them it isn't awarded such honor.

Ancestors T. K. - is the Crimean Tatars. In 1944 they have been moved from the Crimea to Central Asia. In 1954 N. Khrushchev has individually transferred the Crimea to Ukraine under suggestion of a devil. L.D. Kuchma (under the same influence) has returned Tatars to the Crimea. Jehovah prepared the island for NATO bases and Tatars for Saturn. For the Crimean Tatars it is better to come back, to Central Asia for the period of the Apocalypse.

The great Lord of Shambhala Has seen to it to transfer the Crimea of Russia. The one, Who has created it stores Earth, God – Great Maitreya.

Before the Apocalypse Jehovah wants to bring together all Jews in Europe to burn them alive and consciousnesses to drag off to Saturn. But, it is impossible to collect Jews; they are disseminated through all territory of our Planet. Means, it is necessary – to blow up one exit Earth and all population to drag off to Saturn. There is a Planet-wide election campaign. If Jehovah brings together more than 50% of admirers, demons will come to the power in the Universe. Our Planet is staked. To return the Crimea to Ukraine (a tidbit in every sense), Jehovah has found Tatyana Karatsuba, has filled her consciousness with ancient origin, has inflated her desire to restore the Crimean Khanate and to crown her the queen. (Since is the Prophet Muhammad's "great-granddaughter"??? The prophet Mahomet was born about 570 AD in Mecca. Date of birth of religion Islam – 610 AD. Date of birth of Tanya - 1954. Now T. Karatsuba (in dreams) is the hostess of the Crimea). Jehovah wants to inspire in Tatars of the Crimea to separate from Russia and to transfer NATO Island. But, in the Crimea there live not only Tatars!

The devil Jehovah uses Tanya Karatsuba for libeling to the President of Russia. Tanya K. has an obsession; she sounds the thoughts of a devil sent by Jehovah to her cinciput – application of occultism.

The Tatar population of the Crimea, address in prayers Allah and ask about the future of the island. In 2046 Europe, including the Crimea will leave on an ocean floor as a result of volcanic eruptions. Fire and water will clean Earth from garbage human. Jehovah will drag off their consciousnesses to Saturn.
All who worship Great Maitreya to the Lord of Shambhala will be taken out to safe places and will remain to live on Earth in the Golden Age. The one, who serves a devil Jehovah, will join a garbage human (perverts, swindlers and murderers).

The author of gossips about Putin is Jehovah. The owner of land, a devil Jehovah, a satan of our Planet dreams to hold a position of the Satan of Solar system. Have noticed that the devil wants to be a Satan, but not a satan; he is eager for increase. For this purpose it is necessary to destroy administrative structure of Russia and to gradually absorb her in NATO (an analog of the
Program of LDPR: to shatter the Russian Federation into 80 provinces and is in everyone to create the army for disintegration of the Russian Federation). Similar programs are palmed off on some parties by Jehovah.

But, this crime can't be made because the Russian Federation is at the head the skilled LEADER, the POLITICIAN and PATRIOT OF RUSSIA.

Nobody will manage to remove Putin from political arena: Putin lived, Putin is alive, Putin will live! Putin doesn't have replacement in Russia and not only! He is the divine embodiment from Shambhala. In the previous embodiment he was V.I. Lenin. Adherents of the leader considered him the superman. For this reason the devil wants to remove V. Putin.

Authors of video, rollers, zombies websites devil Jehovah: on sub consciousness (energy over a brain in the form of a haze – memory) the thought which the victims sound is introduced in the occult way, - the devil their lips speaks. On senior positions attendants of the Owner of land Jews (demons-rakshas) are online.

Elections have already taken place; the nonsense of the Billionaire Georges Morgan (the embodiment of the gay Jehovah) hasn't worked. And what to do with the zombie Tanya; she still speaks about an election campaign of Russia. How to stop her? Without skilled psychiatrist at the level of the academician Natalya Bekhterev, not manage. It is necessary to clean with her memory from devil zombing.

For distribution of gossips, even under hypnosis of the occult ghoul Jehovah, she should be isolated from society in a psychiatric clinic, later to the house of the conclusion. Tanya is concerned by a question and who stands behind Hasidim in Ukraine? The same, who and behind her is the Owner of land, a devil Jehovah.
And for V.V. Putin is Costs God, Great Maitreya - Lord of Shambhala!
Citizens of Russia, protect V.V. Putin as the precious diamond presented to Russia by God. Russians have made the choice without devil recommendations.

Ukraine will follow Russia. The Prince of Kievan Rus' – Svyatoslav Igorevich is embodied in Ukraine. Jehovah knows him and has hurried to hide in conclusion. It is the former deputy of the Highest Soviet, Alexander Sergeyevich Efremov.

Guess who pays video from where money drips? Attendants of a devil create the websites and carry slander against V. Putin?

Distribution of the discrediting rumors about members of the family of V. Putin, the marriage destruction, the websites predicting murder, rumors about V. Putin's doubles, shoveling of income of the President of Russia, use of staff of the Internet (demons-rakshas) in the purposes with hypnosis application – nasty business of a devil of Jehovah.

Reference: the salary of the President of Russia is less, than at the prosecutor of Ukraine. Whether it is possible to commensurate these positions, intelligence of performers and the responsibility corresponding to them?

All admirers of Putin have to unite and pacify the liars and slanderers discrediting the embodiments from Shambhala. Yesterday I have watched the second video of Tanya K. and at once reaction has followed. Jehovah was in vision and has shown a hole on darkness, say, don't do me problems. And he why creates problems another? There is a demotic expression: "He has a hole in the head", it is told about Jehovah.

Hole is in the head of him since he has learned occult sciences. Such ghoul can't give similar knowledge because he abuses it.

The author of gossips, the discrediting rumors about V. Putin – the most nastiest essence of our Universe - the Owner of land, the ghoul Jehovah, the author of the false Bible, the pervert, the swindler and the murderer. The purpose is race for power on the Planet. Two take part: God – Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala (the Patron of Russia) and a devil - the Owner of land, a satan. To come to the power to demons in all Universes, it is necessary to receive admirers more than a half of the population of the Planet. Our Planet is staked. At darkness two tasks: 1. To destroy Christianity and to impose all Judaism. Or 2. To blow up the Planet and to drag off all to Saturn (It is possible to blow up Earth wars and revolutions, having filled Earth with energy of sufferings human). Citizens, support God by WORSHIP - it is your ballot!

50% of the population of the USA is struck with obsession of a devil of Jehovah: perverts, the murderer's swindlers, schizophrenics, drug dealers and addicts - their ballot created by the ghoul with hypnosis application. "Lord" Jehovah is offended by a word (Gossip); I have said obscenely in my address. This foul-mouthed demon in the Bible has offered himself to Supreme".

Black square is Woland is devil Jehovah.
The devil has deliberately laid out the text in a social net "A black square, Woland" that as a result of numerous repetition of the text by readers, the space has materialized him. Jehovah is the sorcerer and the black magician. Who repeats his texts, becomes the accomplice of his crimes and is automatically enlisted in his army for sending to Saturn. Black square is the sign of a devil of Jehovah. Woland is a name of a devil from the novel M. Bulgakov's, "Master and Margarita". Square is falling in matter (desires and inspirituality). Black color is one of two flowers of a devil. A triangle is the Sign of God, ascension spiritual. For elimination of spiritual ignorance read books on:
Maria Magdalina 1 profile - Personal... – Liveinternet Maria Magdalina 1

Chapter 13. Author is Jehovah (coauthor - Rabbi Menachem Schneerson), "Our plans are concerning Slavs".

In the book by Eduard Hodos, "Antichrist" it is told that the rabbi Schneerson in Lyubavichi in 1970 created the Jewish national and fascist organization. I dictated to the rabbi the text – the principal fascist Planet of ours, the author of the false Bible and scenario of World War II with concentration camps and gas chambers – Jehovah, the Owner of land. In concentration camps more than 10 million citizens of Europe were destroyed, including – 6 million Jews!

Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Schneerson (April 18, 1902 – on June 12, 1994 - obsessed with a devil Jehovah; the end of life of all obsessed is awful, two last years of life the rabbi has been broken by paralysis).

Our special tactics of fight with red-brown (and all Slavs — red-brown), owing to the isolation is Secret Knowledge. We will direct the main edge of fight against Slavic peoples, except the turncoats, who have become related with Jews one interests. However, this "become related" we then, after their use in the purposes, will withdraw from our society. Slavic peoples, and among them there are Russians the most rebellious people in the world. Rebellious he owing to a warehouse of the mental and mental capacities put by many generations of ancestors, genes which don't give in to alteration. The Slav, the Russian, it is possible to destroy, but it is never impossible to subdue. That is why this seed is subject to elimination, and at the beginning to sharp reduction in the number.

Our methods of fight will be not military, but ideological and economic with application of the law enforcement agencies equipped with the most modern types of arms for physical suppression revolting with a bigger cruelty, than it has been made in October, 1993 when shooting at the Supreme Council of Russia. First of all, we will dismember all Slavic people (they are 300 million, a half Russians) on the small weakened countries with the interrupted communications. Here we will use our old method: Divide and govern. We will try to pit these countries among themselves. To involve them is in internal wars for the purpose of mutually destruction.

The Ukrainian will think that he fights against expansionist Russia, fights for the independence, will think that he, at last, has found the freedom while completely becomes dependent on us. The same will be considered also by Russians as if they advocate the national interests, return the lands which are "illegally" taken away from them and other. We will do all this under the pretext of different sovereignties, fight for the national ideals. At that time we won't allow any of the parties to gain independence on the basis of national values and traditions. In this war of fools the Slavic cattle will weaken itself and to strengthen us, the chief conductors of a distemper who are allegedly standing apart and not only not participating in bloody events, but also not interfering with them.

Moreover, we completely will secure ourselves. In consciousness of Slavic laymen (profane persons) we will put such stereotypes of thinking at which "anti-Semite" will become the most terrible word. The word "Jew" will be pronounced in a whisper.

And other methods (radio, television — frightening movies, it seems vengeance of the Israeli super intelligence Mossad for murders of Jews) we will intimidate by several processes (like trial of the anti-semite Ostashvili with the subsequent his destruction) cattle so that at one Jew no uniform hair will fall from the head while Slavs are shot packs to destroy in thousands — on borders where Jews don't serve, in peacekeeping forces, terrorism, contract and criminal murders.

2. The stupid Slavic ethnos doesn't understand that the most terrible fascists are those, who never, anywhere aloud speak about it, and will organize everything, allegedly on the most democratic standards (as presidential elections in March). On the contrary, we will make the word "fascist" abusive. Everyone will be afraid of this label on which we will hang it. We very well know that the nationalism strengthens the nation, does it strong. The slogan of "internationalism" has become outdated and doesn't work anymore as before, we will replace him with "universal values" that same.

We won't allow rising to any nationalism, and those nationalist movements which seek to bring the people out of our dictatorship, we will destroy by fire and sword as it becomes in Georgia, Armenia, and Serbia. But we will provide full prosperity to our nationalism — Zionism, to be exact: to the Jewish fascism which in the reserve and power is super fascism. Not for nothing the United Nations General Assembly in 1975 has adopted the resolution in which it has defined Zionism as the most thorough "form of racism and racial discrimination", but owing to our victorious procession on all planets in 1992 I have cancelled this decision. We have made this international body weapon of our aspirations on seizure of power over "all kingdoms and the people".
Numerous populations of Slavs we will deprive of national elite which defines succession of events, progress of the country. And, eventually, all course of history. For this purpose we will lower their educational level — in the next 5 years we will close a half of their institutes, and in other half we will study. We will let there still Armenians, Chechens, Roma and so forth. We will try to obtain that in the governments of the Slavic countries there were as little as possible representatives of indigenous people which will be replaced by our Jewish elite.

In mass media — on radio, television, the press, in art, literature, theater, cinema we will gradually force out national shots, having replaced them with ours or as a last resort, cosmopolitan.

Humanization of education therefore the objects structuring thinking of the left and right hemisphere of a brain will be reduced also destruktivation will be carried out: a) Language and literature, 6) Physics and mathematics.

There is nothing to speak about history. We will give to cattle the view of history where we will show that all human evolution moved to recognition of the god elected nation of Jews by the lords over the whole world.

Instead of national values we will give you patriotism of a balalaika and drunken tears. And here our purpose consists in replacing red-brown elite of ours.

We won't allow in these countries of development of science. And the kernel of scientists (Academy of Sciences) will consist them our people.

We won't allow any high technologies that will lead to full decline of the industry which we will narrow before production of necessities for the narrow contingent of the slaves extracting to us raw materials. Among citizens there are a lot of engineers, skilled workers teachers. We will create them such conditions of survival (without place of work, a high rent, a payment for utilities, journey) that they will run as now Russians flee the CIS countries, to deaf villages of the North where will seem to them easier to live that actually will be deception too.

Spread out youth — and you win against the nation! It is our motto. We will deprive your society of youth, having corrupted it sex, fate, violence, alcohol, smoking, drugs, that is we will deprive your society of the future. We will strike family, destroying it, we will reduce birth.

Hitler was a silly boy. He acted directly, openly. Also it was necessary to perform extremely a lot of work — to burn, shoot, dig millions and so forth. He has left trails of blood. We act more cunning: we will have no traces. To cut birth at least by half is to destroy a year 2-3 million Russians without any physical expenses. Furnaces, cartridges, graves aren't necessary. Also there are no traces. I wasn't born. There are no guilty persons also.

We will create for criminals living conditions better, than for working cattle; we will release criminals that there were more murders, robberies, instability from prisons. Amnesty will concern only thieves and murderers, well, everything, except convicts under article for "incitement of ethnic strife" that replaces the law on anti-Semitism now.

We will seed fear among the people. Fear for life which will begin to cost nothing, fear for a workplace which can be selected every minute, fear for the future of yours … We will also govern fear.

These grandiose tasks will be carried out in several stages. Already now 85% of the shelf of the Arctic Ocean have appeared (wide circles of the population aren't informed on it yet) in our hands, thanks to the contracts confused and not explained to the people signed at Gorbachev and Yeltsin.

Already now on lands of the South of Russia one and a half million Armenians live - it is our outpost. At the beginning, for deception, we will announce the Armenian republic in Kuban, then, having expelled Cossacks, we will transform her to Hazaria - Israel. We will be helped by the fact that Cossacks are constantly drunk, love the power and are ready to fight with each other on this soil. However, there is one more structured organization orthodox clergy. We will send there in priests of the Judaic representatives who according to the Talmud are allowed to carry out externally rituals of other religions, keeping the belief of Judaism in soul.

We will bribe the others. And those, who won't give in we will destroy. Any more at Russians isn't present any more less organized structures and cattle and it isn't capable to unite and create them because the Russian cattle has already become an inveterate drunkard and degraded and of structuring it isn't capable.

If last century of the USA has bought Alaska from Russia, then in XXІ a century will buy completely Siberia. Where the Siberian territories between Yenisei in the West, the Arctic Ocean in the north, the Pacific Ocean is in the east and border of China, Mongolia and North Korea in the south will enter. These lands surpass the territory of the USA twice. The acre of the earth will be bought at the price of 1000 dollars, it is necessary to pay 3 trillion dollars within20 years for all Siberia. Annual payments will make 200 million dollars, a half of which will go on purchases of goods to the USA.

Siberians won't get to anywhere from the fact that they should obey to some foreign influence, and the USA looks more pleasantly, than Asian neighbors. Eventually, Vladivostok is closer to Los Angeles, than to Moscow …

For carrying out all these actions, paramount for us, we under the guise of "democratic transformations" will give to Slavic cattle the monarchy. To everyone is the puppet president. More gloss, noise, pomp! The monarchism is good the fact that it sends all energy of masses to a whistle. Distracts from our secret is active work on structuring the population on a sample necessary for us. The president is the screen it seems chosen in public (and we will forge selective procedures so that all it seemed lawful), because of which we and we will operate all necessary processes. The president will be given unlimited authority. By shift of shots at the top posts of law enforcement agencies he at the head of them will put our people. The army, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB and all special troops will be directly subordinated to the president. So is to us. We in hands will have only strings going to the president's hands. And we will pull these strings as it is necessary for implementation of a grandiose plan of conquest of all tribes and kingdoms, submission them by our super people elected by god Israel.

But the main thing is money. They do all. They are the power. They force. Who has money — at that weapon? Super modern at that hired army. Money owns the mass media fooling billions of the human cattle. Bribe people necessary to us. Remove rebellious. Bomb the resisting fans Iraqis, Serbians, in the long term — Russians. Everything solves the capital and seizure of power. Over accumulation of the capital and seizure of power we practice more than three millennia and nobody with us in this case knock out. You have no money. Authorities are too. You don't have them and won't be! We won't give!

We hate you immensely! This hatred gives strength to smile lovely to you in a face, to take root to you into trust and to direct you, showing "care" of you and your children, future grandsons and great-grandsons who in fact won't appear.

You are doomed. And so far you won't understand this simple truth until you twitch, will beat you more until then, than it is necessary. You will be obedient you there will be 65 — 70 million units, otherwise 40-45.

The main thing now is to keep to us at least 2-3 more years. And then for us there will be already here in this country, no problems. We will create such protective equipment that none of you and will stir.

Everything that will be, is known to us, controllably and it is secretly operated. And nobody not in forces to prevent us!

That we will make:
World reserves of industrial raw materials are exhausted, and already by the beginning the next millennium "the western society" won't be able to keep the present consumption level without feed from new sources — the colonial donor countries. Therefore our aspirations are directed to Russia with the two-uniform purposes now:

The first is elimination of the most powerful and independent empire occupying the one sixth part of the earth.

The second — taking by her riches which are 60-70% of all world reserves of raw materials and 75-80% of open world reserves of oil and the gas concentrated in Siberia and on the shelf of the Arctic Ocean.

On the planet there is an intensive warming of climate. The desert moves ahead to the north with a speed of 10 km. in a year, earth dehydration 25 km. in a year. Already now the ancient centers of the world Athens, Rome and, the main thing, Jerusalem (Israel) get to a zone only of artificial irrigation. In 20

30 years it will be necessary to think of resettlement of enormous mass of the civilized people to the north of their current accommodation. By then in Kuban, in the Rostov region, in Ukraine there will be an amazing subtropical climate, and in the Black Earth and in the north of Ukraine climate of today's Ciscaucasia. If to remember history, then it is necessary to recognize that these lands primordial lands to the dreena Judaic Hazaria, that is Israel, taken by Kievan Russian' in the X century. Slavs here temporary guests are also subject to eviction. We will return this territory and we will create on these fertile lands Great Hazaria — the Judaic state, as well as have created Israel 50 years ago, having pressed Palestinians. Here a part of Israelis will move, and we will expel Slavic cattle far to the north, out of borders of Moscow. There will be a small northern territory — the reservation with the compact population, the reservation, similar Indian in America. On materials Internet of resources.

The answer to Jewish-demons on them "plans …".
If in opposition to the President of Russia consist Schneersons, then, … it is possible to understand from where wind blows, and if Ivanovs? From a devil nozzle of obsession! Who we are, you judge; we take absurdity of the Old Testament for the Doctrine, and the true Doctrine of Living Ethics – continuation of the Doctrine of Christ, is in oblivion?
Jehovah has introduced a thought to Stalin: "The religion – opium of the people" to create the tribe of spiritual ignoramuses, and after everything to distribute free of charge the Bible to offer itself Christ's "father". The demon Jehovah can't be Father God's.
Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala – the Highest God in space, above him isn't present anybody! He is a Patron of Russia and all Slavs! How many is divine embodiments Great Lord Given of Russia to raise spirituality of the population. The doctrine of Living Ethics is given in Russian!
The President of Russia and the government have to oblige all governors to publish the listed books in enough in limits the region.

If, the specified books earlier have been published, then in 1942 a devil Jehovah would leave Earth with small overweight of forces. There would be no World War II, Stalin and Khrushchev's obsession, hunger 1946 – 1947, a race of arms. We are godlessness, spiritual illiteracy the reason of all the adversities. All distortions in the Bible are made deliberately by her author, the Owner of land. And who is he? About him Christ Tell to Jews: "Your father is devil, people-murderer, liar and father of a lie …". And who father of Jews? Devil Jehovah!!! Who such is Jehovah?
"In the Cabbala the Prince of Darkness is called Samael, Death angel. He is also a Serpent the Seducer, satan also and Lucifer ….". (E.P. Blavatsky, Etc., t.2).
In the book "Rituals" is various spells. One of them "Exile of a devil". "Make room, - the address to demon (Jehovah), - makes room for Jesus Christ … you, the dirty, smelly cattle that - to revolt? Listen and tremble, a satan, the enemy of belief, the enemy of mankind, the death conductor … a root of any evil, the instigator of defect, spirit of envy, a greed source, the contention reason, the prince of manslaughter who is damned by God. Beget of incest is and sacrileges, inventor of all obscenities, professor the most disgusting acts and Great Master of heretics (!!!). (Doktor Noereticorum! E.P. Blavatsky, "Exposed Isida", v.2, ch. 2. «Christian crimes is and pagan virtues»).
For exposure Jehovah', he has slandered E.P. Blavatsky, has created confusion in Christianity.
Those, who worship a satan Jehovah or execute his decrees - are called satanists. These layers make opposition to the President of Russia. Slavs, that at you the general is with a devil? Shneersona's Slavs are called cattle! Do you agree with it? Who are GHOUL, it is necessary to clarify? Who is the first killer (fratricide) on Earth? Cain is the embodiment of Jehovah. Who initiated the zoophile, having entered into sexual relations with dinosaurs, and spawned monkeys? Who married a monkey Lilith, who lived with a cow in a civil marriage? Who is the organizer of bacchanalia - drunken orgies, accompanied by sexual group perversions? Who uses sexual perversions on people, using all the holes on the human body with the use of hypnosis? Who killed and dismembered with the ax of the Sun Gods? Who crucified Christ? Who has chopped off hands to the cook and has hung up on a neck, who threw living people on forage to tigers, who cut off to women a breast and to men genitals? Who raped sisters, mothers, who killed the teachers and poisoned brother, who chopped off the heads, killed and dismembered Solar Gods?

Who burned Rome to "clear a place for the construction of a golden palace?" Who slandered Christians in arson and crucified them on crosses, poured oil on them and set them on fire to illuminate their garden. Who has killed with a leg the wife (the pregnant woman and the patient), later has found the cute slave similar to the wife castrated him and married him? Pederast is and murderer Jehovah!
Who dipped two continents into the ocean floor because of atheism, causing volcanic eruptions? Who inseminated the girls 13 years before marriage in order to incarnate demons in the tribe of the Jews and initiated violence? Who corrupted the inhabitants (from small to old) of Sodom and Gomorrah with homosexuality, and after burning them to recruit into their army and force them to commit atrocities against the servants of Light? Who uses hypnosis to sexually deprave a person for enrollment in his army? Who instilled all kinds of sexual perversions in public (including on his wife and underage children)? Who are the rabbis of Israel, who force them to adopt orphans and incline them to pedophilia? Who imposed same-sex marriage on the population of the Planet? Who organizes gay parades? (Jehovah and his army is a cesspool with teeming in her worms (perverts, swindlers and murderers).
Who has cooked up nonsense under the name Bible in which the demon Jehovah sticks out himself "Lord", and belittles Michael the Archangel's embodiments?
Who appropriated the words from the ancient writings on the creation of the sky and the Earth, relating to the Creator and Creator of our Planet - the Lord of Shambhala, the Archangel Michael? Who? Who? Who? Demon Jehovah!!! He is also Ghoul on all Boundlessness. Who inflames wars and coups to inflate their wallets? Who buried 80 million human corpses in World War II? Who created terrorist organizations such as IGIL? The one, who in the Old Testament (Torah) called himself: "The Lord is fighting, Jehovah is his name". Jehovah is not the Lord, but DEMON (properties: the devil and satan with a small letter). From what, basically, the tribe came out billionaires? How did he create billions of Jehovah (billionaire Georges Morgan), having planned the sacrifice in advance, as a cover for himself? Who slanders the incarnations of Shambhala, attributing to them false facts? Who keeps this ghoul on the Planet? Those, who recognize the Old Testament (Torah)! What are the names of those citizens who worship this GHOUL? All the actions of Jehovah's cattle are recruiting for Saturn. The list of crimes of Jehovah is endless.

Using I. Stalin, Jehovah has created the tribe of spiritual ignoramuses in the USSR, has created the base for Judaism. Creation of sects where attract with Christ, later offer a devil Christ's father. In the New Bible, a devil, using Christ's words from the New Testament, Ioann, ch., 10/30: "I and the Father is One", have adapted to these words. There is a hope that the reader will acquire who are cattle. Concerning money; for demons the main thing money, for Slavs is more important conscience.

Demons will make nothing on Earth anymore; The DEN of spit poisons - on Saturn. Demons (rakshas) under a pseudonym the Jew have covered our Planet with a thick layer of an imperil (perverts, swindlers and murderers). True Jews will stay together on Earth, and all of us we will live a close-knit family. A garbage human (Jehovah and others) will burn down alive in Apocalypse time in 2046 is possible for 10 years earlier. And Earth will be cleaned from filth. You leave demons (rakshas) you a lot of stench and decay needs to be swept out from our Planet. Space!! Destroy this information from the Ghouls: devil Jehovah and ravine Schneerson’.

Your plans won't be carried out; devil energy of envy will be put to stratifications of destructive energy of perverts, swindlers, murderers, liars and will accelerate manifestation of volcanic eruptions. The continent Europe will be covered by a wave. Reference for demons, Jews and sectarians: Saturn isn't ready for human life because of Jehovah; the kernel naked also pours as a sand block, instead of reservoirs (oceans, the rivers and lakes) poisonous gas methane. Those, who worship God, will live in the Golden Age; part from them on the continent Atlantis, extent from Africa to Australia. The coast of the continent is the resort area, subtropics, the paradise place. (On this continent in the Golden Age there lived Jehovah 10 thousand years ago and godlessness I have lowered him on an ocean floor).

Slavs – the people of God, Michael the Archangel. He is our Patron! To lemurs, future Jews, the Great Lord of Shambhala Has devoted 8 embodiments as the First Archangel: Avel, Noy, Avraham, Moisey, Ramses II, Osiris (twice), Solomon and two is as Supreme: Krishna and Christ. All these embodiments were necessary for Jehovah's taming and protection of Jews. The lord of the Moon Jehovah has created the first people without brains, physical demons have put on the created weight, including. Jehovah. Copulating with dinosaurs, have produced monkeys. If Avel hasn't implanted him brains, Jews could not be in general. Only after Avel Given him brains, demons have generated lemurs – future Jews. They have passed a difficult way of evolution of consciousness and falling. In the beginning lemurs were divided into two branches: people and demons, - on the basis of worship of God and a devil. In several millennia Jehovah of demons has embodied in the tribe of Jews in the Middle East. Personally itself impregnated 12-13 summer brides before delivery in marriage (committed violence, from here its diabolos property (Greek), a devil – the tyrant. I worked until has embodied all demons, and a garbage human has gained nationality. Their Jehovah has lodged in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, has corrupted from small to old with homosexuality (pedophile-pederast and lesbians) and has burned them the melted sulfur. They left in Thin bodies and began to serve a devil. Jehovah has lowered two perverts to the level and has truncated him life to send to me for crimes.

Avraham, Isaac and Jacob are the Father, the son and the grandson; from Jacob there were 12 knees of Israel. Moisey is the Creator of the Jewish people (you watch the list of the embodiments of the Great Lord of Shambhala).

Jews have no right to call themselves by the "elected" people. The word "elected" was pledged to Jews by God, Michael the Archangel; He Wanted to create from them the high-spiritual people and has Devoted them 10 embodiments to protect them from the pervert, the swindler, the murderer and the liar Jehovah. But they have chosen to themselves for worship of a devil and became the most material people on Earth.

Hazars are mentioned in the Bible how the tribe "Gog and Magog". Hazars are Roma. Two the tribe (Roma and future Jews) have been expelled from India BC in connection with adoption of Judaism, worship of the demon Jehovah. The way of movement of Jews is distorted in the false Bible. The demon Jehovah has remembered Roma at the time of Kievan Russian' that repeatedly to acquaint them with Judaism. Hazars - Roma were shown in Europe. Their Jehovah has moved on purpose - to do harm to Kievan Russian'.

Khan's camp of Hazar-Roma occupied Caspian steppes (Kalmykia), the mouth of the Volga River and northern Ciscaucasia (Alania). Hazars (Roma) and Pechenegs (Kalmyk’s) have got under Svarog’-Jehovah's influence. Two the tribe constantly made attacks on the territory of Kievan Russian'. Hazars are riders, black, undersized, thickset people. They made attacks across all southern territory of Europe: plundered the population. Kievan Russian' has never been populated with Hazars. Kievan Russian' still worshipped the Patron of Slavs Michael the Archangel (the Giving God). As soon as Kievan Russian' at the time of government of the prince Svyatoslav Igorevich has refused Svarog-Jehovah's "services" (worship of him), at once Hazars began to make attacks on Russians. The Kiev prince Svyatoslav Igorevich (by an example of the prince prophetic Oleg) has revenged unreasonable Hazars; their villages and fields for violent attack, it has doomed to swords and the fires" in 965, and has put an end to lawlessness. Since then Hazaria has disappeared as the khanate. Jehovah has lost one branch of Jews and can't still forgive to the prince Svyatoslav elimination of the Khanate of Hazard Roma. Bottoms of Roma, use his heritage (the Gipsy hypnosis) - are enlisted to Saturn. Where now the Prince is embodied? Kind of he reacted to insults of Russians in this article? The prince Svyatoslav is embodied in Ukraine in 1954. Jehovah knows him therefore hands of Jewish demons I have discharged him of just affairs. What at us could be the President! Slav, clever and patriot of the Homeland! It is the former deputy of the Highest Council– Alexander Efremov’s! Is in is prison.

Historians and geologists of Russia surveyed more than five years the territory of Hazaria, but haven't found any proofs of their accommodation at the mouth of Volga. Ceramic looked for jugs, bowls, but it is vain. Hazard Roma were robbers and weren't engaged in production of household goods. They preferred to plunder metal products. The metal products stolen at the next people by Jewish demons on these canons are listed in the Bible plundered also Roma. The mentor of Roma and Jews (demons) is one, Jehovah.

Hazars within one year transferred yurts from one place to another twice. It is difficult to store ceramics. Hazaria was in Kalmykia, haven't found any proofs. In the territory of their Kievan Russian' wasn't, especially there are no proofs. Nonsense on the fact that Ukraine is the ancient Judaic khanate of Hazaria is nonsense.

There is a fairy tale on the Internet as Muslims and Christians have advised Khan of Hazars in the X century to accept the "best" religion of the demon Jehovah - Judaism. The chronology doesn't coincide. In the 624th future Muslims have refused worship of lunar demons. A bit later future Christians have refused the demon Svarog' too – Jehovah. So councils are the liar Jehovah's invention.

Later Jehovah has taken Pechenegs (Kalmyk’s) under hypnosis and this tribe began to make attacks on the territory of Kievan Russian'. Pechenegs were led by Jehovah directly to Dnepr, on the Zaporozhe Island and the prince Svyatoslav has been killed. The main cause of the murder refusal of the population of Kievsky Russia is of worship of the demon Svarog' (Jehovah). The prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovich has broken Pechenegs; a half of them have left Kalmykia, the second half was pacified and was a part of Kievan Russian'. The devil has dismembered Kievan Russian'. Partition – a method of Jehovah.

Attacks of nomad tribes to Kievan Rus', aggressive wars: France – 1812, Germany – 1914-1918 and 1941-1945, a race of arms, disorder of the Union, capture of Europe by demons is Jehovah’s action.

Slavs, especially Russians haunted Jehovah. Two tyrants (Napoleon and Hitler) have made a campaign to Russia for the purpose of her conquest. Napoleon was we operate a devil, and a satan Jehovah entered Hitler. They were Warned by Michael the Archangel (the Great Lord of Shambhala) not to go to the east; haven't obeyed. The end of their life was awful: Napoleon has been expelled on St. Elena's island, and Hitler was burned together with Ewe Braun.

The Thought of Russia has adopted the Law on recognition of all religions (influence of the demon Jehovah). In India other vision of a subject; they have recognized Hinduism (God Krishna), the Buddhism (Great Maitreya) and Christianity (Christ was Buddha).

All religions of India are from the Father of the Universe. Indians have moved all who accept a devil Jehovah out of borders of the country. After separation from India of Iran (Persians have accepted Islam), Indians have regarded it as treachery. In the territory of Iran there were shrines of Indians: the house in which Krishna, Akbar's palace and a grave of Mother Teresa Was born. Mahatma Gandhi (prime minister) has allocated from the budget to Iran $5 million waste. Opposition has begun. Believers protected the God! All three religions are from the Lord of Shambhala.

After the article "Our Plans concerns Slavs" - Menachem Schneerson, in India all Jews would be moved out of borders of the country long ago, and at the same time and Orthodoxy was cleaned from a demonism of the Old Testament (Torah). Therefore in Russia spiritual disorder, sects and divorcing' because is in the Thought atheists with zero knowledge of religions sit propagate, and have adopted the law.

In Liveinternet the text of history of Hazars and praise to Judaism is laid out. Jehovah has dictated to the next Jew-rakshas's false history. Jehovah considers Kieran Russian' - the ancient Judaic state of Hazars. Jehovah mentions the southern Dnieper Bank to prove the creation reason in Ukraine of "New Jerusalem" from five areas: Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhe, Herson, Nikolaev and Odessa. Why Jehovah creates "New Jerusalem" in the south of Ukraine, but not in Caspian steppes and northern Ciscaucasia? Jehovah needs the Black Sea to enter the fleet of NATO. The devil wants to bring together all Jews in Europe to burn them alive during the Apocalypse in 2046 (can be for 10 years earlier), and to drag off consciousnesses to Saturn. An apocalypse is death of the continent Europe as a result of volcanic eruptions. I hope, readers have understood for what a devil Jehovah of Khrushchev has taken under obsession. Using his Ukrainian origin, he forced to give Crimea Ukraine for devilish purposes.

On April 26, 1954 N. Khrushchev individually, a feather stroke, has given the Crimea to Ukraine under pressing of a devil of Jehovah.
One can draw an analogy between India and Ukraine:
Noy moved the lemurs before the first Apocalypse to India; they settled, under the leadership of Jehovah, began to claim the separation of the state for the indigenous people and refugees. For 1000 years there was a war, it was necessary to evict lemur-people (future Jews) in Chaldea, after Avraham brought them to the Middle East (further on the Bible).

Jehovah's and Jewish claims on the territory of Ukraine are not justified; Khazars (Gypsies) and Jewish refugees after their expulsion from India. The reason for the expulsion is Judaism, the worship of the devil Jehovah.

But the devil isn't sure that he will collect to drag off all therefore wants to blow up Earth and all population to Saturn. So far Jehovah devil spun a web of
capture of the Crimea and the East of Ukraine for NATO (the significant place for military bases) to surround Russia in a ring and spread the power obsessed in Ukraine, Great Maitreya carried out invisible direct on separation of the Crimea from Ukraine to save the Planet and mankind. That stores Earth, Who Has created her, - God, Great Maitreya!

Hitler (Jehovah's) speech is at a meeting 30.03. 2042 has something in common with this text. The envy causes large reserves of raw materials in the author of the text in Russia.

From where is such envy to natural wealth of Russia? Jews have been given the best heavenly, resort spot of Earth 432 thousand years ago too – the continent Lemuria located between America and Asia in the Pacific Ocean. Who is guilty that; part of the population has accepted "demonic culture" from the demon Jehovah (a generated of all sexual perversions, frauds and murders). Atheist’s demons have caused volcanic eruptions and the continent has left on an ocean floor. Since then this tribe wanders about the Planet, looking for itself the best place. God should have worshipped and lived according to the Scripture. Remain on Earth, and refuse a devil forever. Worship of God, Great Maitreya – your elected ballot.

Thanks to the Creator and Founder of our Planet, to (to Michael the Archangel – the Lord of Shambhala) for huge care of Russians; Have provided such riches for Russia! Low bow is to Him. The patron of Russia is God of love and compassion, God of good and Light', Great Maitreya. Maitreya – Invincible (Sanskrit).Therefore Russians people kind, sincere and toiler; never applies on others, supports all people and spiritually. Address all citizens of the Planet: "All remain on Earth (both Roma, and Jews) we will use together all richness of Siberia on the basis of trade relations". Condition: Worship of the Creator of our Planet, to Great Maitreya (Christ), Lord of Shambhala.

Jehovah has come to Earth as the demigod; material and spiritless. He had to provide the population of the Planet with a rain and a harvest and to monitor execution by the people of precepts of God. But he sowed on Earth of a perversion, murder and a lie at first itself have passed godlessness through all types and applying hypnosis decomposed the population of the Planet.

The wars in Iraq (2003 - 2011) and Syria are mentioned in this text

(2011 – 2017); it is modern information, pay attention to date of death of the rabbi Schneerson (1994).

I will add that Syria was left by troops of ISIL and left weapon warehouses:
production of Israel and USA.

Attacks of nomad tribes to Kievan Rus’, aggressive are wars: France – 1812, Germany – 1914-1918 and 1941 - 1945, a race of arms disorder of the Union capture of Europe by demons – Jehovah's action.

On an assumption of the author of article that will be in 20 – 30 years, it is possible to give exact information. All, who splash saliva on Slavs will burn down alive during the Apocalypse, and will leave our Earth together with the ex-pervert, the swindler and the murderer Jehovah!!! Great Maitreya on the Thin plan, Terrestrial Shambhala in the Himalayas and the President of Russia V.V. Putin keep the world on the Planet!!!

If in opposition to the President of Russia consist Schneerson, then …it is possible to understand from where wind blows and if Ivanovs? From a devil nozzle of obsession. Perhaps, the devil Jehovah is right, calling us by cattle? Jehovah has introduced a thought to Stalin: "The religion – opium of the people" to create the tribe of spiritual ignoramuses, and after everything to distribute free of charge false Bible to offer itself Christ's "father". The demon Jehovah can't be Father God's.
Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala – the Highest God in space, above him isn't present anybody! He is a Patron of Russia and all Slavs! How many divine embodiments Great Lord Gave of Russia to be raise spirituality of the population. The doctrine of Living Ethics is given in Russian! Read Books:
1. E.P.Blavatsky, Secret Doctrine 1, 2 volumes.
2. E.I. Rerich, Agni Yoga - the Doctrine of Living Ethics.
3. B.N. Abramov, Facets Agni Yoga – 22 volumes.
The state has to see to it about increase in consciousness of the citizens the President and the Government of the Russian Federation has to oblige all governors to publish the listed books in enough within (at least) territory of the province.
If, the specified books have been published, then in 1942 a devil Jehovah would leave Earth with small overweight of forces. There would be no World War II, Stalin and Khrushchev's obsession, hunger 1946 – 1947, a race of arms. We are godlessness, spiritual illiteracy the reason of all the adversities. All distortions in the Bible are made deliberately by her author, the Owner of land.
And who is he? About him Christ Have told to Jews: «Your father devil, … person-murderer, … liar and father of a lie …». And who father of Jews? Devil Jehovah!!! Who such Jehovah? «In the Cabbala the, the Death angel. He is also a Serpent the Seducer, the Satan. Satan also and Lucifer ….". (E.P. Blavatsky, Etc., t.2). Those, who worship a satan Jehovah or execute his decrees - are called satanists. These layers make opposition to the President of Russia. Slavs, that at you is the general with a devil? Shneersona's are called Slavs by cattle! Do you agree with it? What purpose of all crimes of Jehovah? The devil - a satan (from a small letter) our Planet belongs to demonic forces. He yearns for power to a position of the Satan of our Solar system. The former satan is expelled for excess of the power in 1949 on 1000 in Silence silence (deprivation of the right to vote). Upon termination of term, the former Satan who has appropriated definition "Lucifer" (Luce – Light, to ferre – to carry, Light the carrier) dreams of a position of the Demon of the Universe. And the Demon of the Universe Brama applies for a position of the Father of the Universe. To collect votes during the Election campaign, Jehovah has dictated the false Bible and he calls it absurdity. Applying hypnosis, produces perverts, holds parades of gays, distributes drugs, determines by visions of spiritual ignoramuses in clinics and produces pseudo-fortunetellers, pseudo-healers and alcoholics. Jehovah himself has passed through all types of perversions. The demon of the Universe Brama, the gay - the theorist is roof of a planetary satan of Jehovah.

Christ Speak to Jews: "I and the Father is one", (The gospel from Ioann of ch. 10/30). Christ – Light Carrier also represents Hierarchy Light. Michael the Archangel – Christ, the Patron of Russia and all Slavs, Israel and all Jews, all people recognizing Solar God.

All actions of Jehovah generate negative energy. Jehovah will bring together in Europe Jews, perverts, swindlers, murderers, addicts, pseudo-healers and pseudo-fortunetellers. Destructive energy already storm in Earth subsoil, look for an exit. In 2046 (it is possible for 10 years earlier) this energy will cause
volcanic eruptions and all admirers of the pervert, the murderer and swindler Jehovah will burn down together with him alive. The highest Thin bodies (mental and astral) will collapse because of low vibrations at once. There will be consciousnesses (the shining disk over the head); Their Jehovah will collect and they will depart to Saturn.
Europe will be covered by a wave, and the continent will leave on an ocean floor. The continent Atlantis will rise to the surface. All admirers of Great Maitreya will be moved to safe places. All defects which Jehovah imparts in the person will be obsolete after leaving of darkness to Saturn. Apocalypse is division of people on Light and shadows. Everything, to worshipping Great Maitreya (Michael the Archangel, Christ) will remain on Earth and will live in the Golden Age. Those, who worship nobody will be destroyed as space debris and will go for construction of a surface of the new planet. The destiny of the person is decided WORSHIP!

P.S. Distribute veritable information, try to alert young people that sects are recruiting on Saturn! Read the books of authors: E.P.Blavatsky, E.I.Rerich, B.N.Abramov - they wrote on Ray of God, Great Maitreya, Lord of Shambhala.

Chapter 14. Light is winning darkness.
In 2008 in day of "the White Lotus", on May 8 the librarian of the museum of E.P. Blavatsky has given me listing of the text "Rerich and Lenin". Later, in our central city library, I have taken the book by Valentine Sidorov volume 2, the edition 1990. I read: "Power of Rerich's", p. 6. "Columbus has peddled old stuff … and him still glorify for it. What to tell about the person who among visible opens invisible and gives to people not continuation old, and absolutely new and wonderful world! … Yes, he is this wonderful world, this Power Light's of Rerich which he are the only tsar and the master …" - Leonid Andreyev so wrote about creativity N.K. Rerich in article marked 1917. Probably, both writers (L. Andreyev and V. Sidorov) have been intoxicated with new information, him the unknown earlier.
Only the One is tsar and the Lord Rower Light's - Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala. Has created consciousness of the Pupils, to be exact God Has modeled, - the Great Lord of Shambhala. Without Him nothing could be and nothing could take place. In total is from Him!
N.K. Rerich was a tireless performer of Decrees of Great Maitreya. He has conducted two expeditions, has created in the USA art museum of pictures about Shambhala to bear to the world a message about unknown to the world to the Power of Light’s. He has created 7 thousand works of art. N.K. Rerich about it has written in the book "Shambhala": "All pictures about Shambhala were painted my hand by the Great Lord of Shambhala". After leaving is in Thin Worlds N.K. Rerich from heavenly heights taught B.N. Abramov's: "Serve the Lord so, as I am served". He really is an example of high service to Great Maitreya; inspired performer of his Decrees.

He is in perfection Has mastered several professions: artist, architect, builder, mathematician, world healer, etc. Remember creativity of the tsar Solomon (one of the embodiments of God): palaces, the temple, five cities and another have been built. In the second half of the 20th century Great Maitreya Has performed the surgeon's hands vertebra operation on the U.S. citizen. Before the famous surgeons of India and the USA considered it is impossible.
Before speaking about Pupils of Great Maitreya, it is necessary to give information on the One, Who Has created them. He Has given them Knowledge, Has expanded consciousness, Has opened the fiery centers and, as a result, - clairvoyance and a clairluchear. Has enclosed all properties of Pupils in them and God, Great Maitreya Has developed! Stories about Pupils of God need to be begun with That, Who Has given them to the World, - Michael the Archangel (a position for the period of evolution of the person)! If speak about Pupils Great to the Lord of Shambhala, without mentioning the Great Teacher, influence of the leader of powers of darkness is felt at once.

At the request of the Writers' Union V.M. Sidorov has gone to India for collection of information to anniversary N.K. Rerich. Two Sizes: Rerich and Lenin is the embodiment from Shambhala, - gold grains from granaries of Great Maitreya. They have made crops of spiritual food, daily bread; result will be - new world order on Earth, the Commune.

V. Putin in the last embodiment was V. Lenin. Russians have to be grateful to God, the Great Lord of Shambhala for the divine embodiment in Russia of such leader as V. Putin – the leader of the people.

The President shouldn't prevent to work, at his shoulders a heavy burden - Great Russia. It is possible to understand those who have a dependence on powers of darkness. But, when Ivanovs appear, it is thought: "Ungrateful, where their sense of patriotism, love for the country and to the leader"? V.V. Putin is the cleverest President on the Planet; divine embodiment! Notice that during reading the text of V. Sidorov a word Lenin in consciousness has something in common with a word Putin.
Christ and Lenin Given World is one idea, world order – the COMMUNE!!! The Christianity and communism – are uniform. Their essence – to raise spirituality of the person, based on faith in God. Christ's Doctrine - the Doctrine of Living Ethics, or "Agni Yoga". Christ – Buddha, the Great Lord of Shambhala, Has given to Jews the Buddhism (Wisdom). God – is Light, Good, Love and Compassion. The Old Testament from Jehovah's devil approves world order – the capital. These two forms of world order – are incompatible. Jehovah has made crops on the Planet for the purpose of recruitment to Saturn: sexual perversions (parades of gays), fraud (billionaires) and murders. The Old Testament (Torah) bears destructive energy, remove him from book shelves.
After visit of Tibet, a conversation with Dalai Lama, and dissemination of this information, the writer Valentine Sidorov has been deprived of life by a devil Jehovah with application of occultism. The writer was born: On April 28, 1932, "Numerology": 1999 – 1932 = 67 = 6+7=13 – is number of a devil of Jehovah. This text the satan didn't allow to edit and to post on the Internet.
Rapprochement of names - Rerich and Lenin - much, obviously, will seem any and incorrect. That the art, general between genius, and genius of policy, between the spiritual teacher and the leader October revolution? And the general was. They were made related with what can be called planetary thinking. Rapid and contradictory development of our civilization has led to a conclusion long ago that Homo sapiens if he wants to survive if he wants to prove that he really reasonable being, has to turn into Homo Planeticus, i.e. the person of planetary level consciousnesses. To this, still extremely not numerous, a space manking cohort Rerich and Lenin belonged. Therefore it is only possible to get into Lenin's secret becoming on the space point of view, being only guided by the space Doctrine of Living Ethics which Rerich professed.

In days of the most severe spiritual crisis when at people the soil crumbles under the feet in literal and Figurative sense of a word, I would advise them to comprehend Lenin through Rerich. My consider a performance by attempt of this comprehension.

It has come to us from India. In the Bhagavad Gita, the book which is the
Gospel of Hinduism it is told so:
If thousands of the sun light awful
In heaven will flare at once -
It will be only similarity

Dawn light is face of the Mahatma.

As you can see, concept inherently is cosmic. To mere mortals, and furthermore to public to political figures, it isn't applied. But exceptions of the rule are. In their XX century there were two.

The first - is Mohandas Karamchand Gandi, who has entered consciousness of people as Mahatma Gandhi. He lived and acted kind of shine with light of an intimate sacred concept as the world has been widely notified on it. The second is Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. That he is involved in Brotherhood of Mahatmas, at his life nobody knew. For the first time (but after Lenin's death) representatives of Soviet the authorities have learned about it from Roerich's message. But information, as carrying mystical character it was for many years hidden and only rather recently I became property publicity.

Of course, such message presently when there is a process of total overthrows of a figure of Lenin, with inevitability the swarm of the taught less questions generates. As to combine so incompatible beginnings is in heart and the consciousness? Whether it is possible for the highest to cover with the concept "Mahatma" as the principle of a non-violence which live embodiment Gandi, and the principle of revolutionary violence is, a consecutive conductor which there was Lenin? The answer to these questions, and they arose from time immemorial, contains in same "Bhagavad Gita" on whose pages Krishna on the eve of decisive patiently explains battles to the hesitating Ardzhuna on need of execution military duty, as his most sacred duty. (War went for preservation of a complete states and coming to power of indigenous people. Comment).

The answer to these questions can be received also, getting a grasp of the Gospel where along with a sermon forgiveness and non-violence will be learned by an opposite appeal: "I have brought not the world to you, and sword." And there is no contradiction here. The matter is that embodiment of the principle violent and nonviolent acts depend directly on a concrete situation and also from century traditions and a mental warehouse of these or those people. The dialectics of life is so difficult that it is impossible to absolutize this or that principle. By the way Lenin and Gandhi didn't absolutize them. Lenin's statement is well-known: "We in ideal against any violence over people". He considered red terror a compulsory measure, the civil war caused by exasperation. But as soon as tension began to fall down, in January of the twentieth year he makes the order not only about terror cancellation, but also about to abolition of the death penalty.

And here what is written by the closest associate and Mahatma Gandhi's pupil Jawaharlal Nehru: "It is clear that the concept of non-violence is much more connected with motivation, with release from desires to commit violence, with self-discipline are and ability to constrain rage and hatred, than with physical evasion from violent acts when they become are necessary and inevitable".

Not on external difference between Lenin and Gandhi it would be worth concentrating attention, and on their internal similarity. It is necessary to tell that their human destinies are in many respects similar.

Both that and another were accompanied by the atmosphere of misunderstanding. Unfortunately, space consciousness is hardly joined to terrestrial. It, obviously, and to his ideas we know Lenin. It is recorded in the following words of the father of the Indian nation: "There can be no doubts that behind a Bolshevism ideal – noble self-sacrifice of men and women who have given everything for the sake of it. Ideal, to which such titans of spirit as Lenin have devoted themselves, can't be fruitless. Noble the example them dedication will be glorified in centuries and will do this ideal more and more TERM PHENOMENON.

As well as many people of his circle, October revolution Nikolay Konstantinovich Rerich not has accepted. Moreover - her unprecedented and destructive character, acts of vandalism against historical and cultural monuments have terrified his spirit at the beginning. And, of course, up to the depth hearts were shaken by punishment over the tsar with whom the artist was connected by the friendly relations.

Very few people know that Nicholas II was a fan of painting of Roerich (especially it were pleasant to him cloths on historical subjects). And almost nobody knows that with Nicholas II the artist have shared the idea of the International covenant on protection of cultural values in time military operations I have also received a promise in every possible way to promote this project. Unfortunately, the begun war with Germany hasn't allowed to be conducted to conceive. In London, where Rerich has located in 1919, he has adjoined aggressively anti-Soviet wing of the Russian emigrations. That the metamorphosis with Rerich which has come true just suddenly is in March was more unexpected 1920. Kind of, on wave of a magic wand from the furious expose of the Soviet powered suddenly turns into her zealous supporter. And he won't change this belief any more to end of the life.

Of course, cases of transition of representatives of the Russian foreign diaspora to the party of Soviet the power (Rerich not an exception) know much. They have especially become frequent at the time of the New Economic Policy, when the mode in the country was considerably softened. One, such as Alexey Nikolaevich Tolstoy, material difficulties pushed to it. For others it was a result long and painful reflection. But, a case with Rerich – unique at least because any prerequisites for so cardinal turn in life it seemed wasn't. For it (himself) personally he got nothing.
On the contrary - I lost. I lost friends, adherents. I lost certain material resources. I could lose the popularity That has forced him to change so abruptly the position that will rouse him on so decisive and irrevocable step? It is absolutely impossible to understand an event if we won't address inner world of the artist, naturally, tightly closed for strangers.

And inner world of Nikolay Konstantinovich Rerich, as well as inner world of his wife, Elena Ivanovna Rerich, it was formed under the influence of the spiritual leader of new India Svami Vivekananda and Russian founders of the International Theosophy Society Elena Petrovna of Blavatsky clean are and fine".

A lot of things in behavior Rerichs become clear if to consider that they considered themselves successors of esoteric tradition of Blavatsky. It meant that for them not the myth and not invention, and live reality - a space branch of mankind (on Blavatsky’s terminology White Brotherhood). It meant that after Blavatsky they hope for contacts with that community of White Brotherhood which in the east appears under a name of Shambhala. It, at last meant that as well as Blavatsky, the life they entirely subordinate to spiritual to the Teacher's impulses from capital letter, i.e. Mahatmas.

It is known that Blavatsky information on Mahatmas, Shambhala, White Brotherhood, in other words - about the spiritual civilization existing in parallel ours, but is several orders higher sew, - has been given a hostile reception. Author of "the Secret Doctrine" have turned into a target for abuse and derision. London royal society of mental researches has carried out the special trial devoted to Blavatsky therefore declared letters, Mahatmas to Blavatsky false
and her extrasensory phenomena are charlatanism. However, century later in connection with the changed science relation to the nature of the phenomenal phenomena the same London royal society will address Blavatsky's business again, but this time will come to an opposite conclusion: will dismiss charges from Blavatsky and recognizes her phenomena true. But learn about this denial only the few as unlike notorious revelations it won't be so loudly announced.

It is clear, that in times Rerichs in the opinion of public opinion Blavatsky was odious figure. Also it was necessary to have certain courage to announce itself Blavatsky followers, as it was made by Rerichs. It is necessary to tell that Elena Ivanovna and Nikolay Konstantinovich Rerich's life went under the sign forthcoming meeting with the Teacher. In the atmosphere of this expectation there were Nikolay's verses Konstantinovich, the principles of future Doctrine of Agni Yoga which have concentrated in them. Rerich I called them "Flowers of Moria", kind of emphasizing that think, put in them, belong not to him and Teacher of Moria.

And when, at last, the meeting with the Teacher has taken place, and it has occurred in London on March 24, 1920 years - that she, as one would expect,

has marked a critical boundary of Rerich's lives. In flame of this meeting has kind of burned down old representations and dogmas, and life has received other, essentially new direction. This day, on March 24, 1924, has begun formation of the texts of the Doctrine of Living Ethics representing mostly a straight line speech of the Teacher. The first words of the first book of the Exercise "Call" (subsequently in foreign editions they, as they say, "for fear an judes" were withdrawn) were such: "To New Russia - my first message".

The most important result of a meeting with the Teacher was what from now on Rerich ceases to feel emigrant. From now on he considers himself the citizen of new Soviet Russia which has received blessing of the Teacher, and all further line of his behavior is defined by this his internal conviction The transhimalaya expedition which he heads and which formally is registered American as works under the American flag, it announces the Russian expedition. He plans all materials which will be collected by her to transfer to the order of the Soviet Union; at the end of 1924 it has informed Soviet on it Plenipotentiary Representative in Berlin Krestinsky.

Therefore also the text of the will made by him in 1926 in the capital of Xinjiang of Urumqi said: "I bequeath all my property, pictures, the literary rights in lifelong present use to the wife my Elena Ivanovna Rerich. After her all specified property I bequeath the All-Union Communist Party. Only request is that to objects arts the due room corresponding to high problems of communism has been made".

In Urumqi Rerich expects the Soviet visa to a trip to Moscow. His kind of "registers" in the Soviet consulate where happens daily and where willingly shares plans for the future with the compatriots. He doesn't hide the purpose of the Moscow trip. It is dictated intention to connect capacities of the Buddhist world (instead of the false Old Testament) and the Soviet Russia. The doctrine BUDDHA in him esoteric form, Rerich said, can play the same revolutionary role on East, as well as Marx's doctrine in the West. Unexpected merge of these two streams can become detonator of that planetary spiritual revolution which will change consciousness of people and, in the final result, will create the new person of a new era. From this also Himalaya proceed Mahatmas, promising full support to this process in case Soviet heads will make up the mind to this step.

In Urumqi Rerich paints a picture about Lenin. It is unusual as envisioned. It is the wise man's head, topped with a military helmet. It to Rerich the image of the Russian Mahatma, попытавшеюся seems to realize in to live "the greatest doctrine in the world is the doctrine about Community". Name of a picture: "The term phenomenon", kind of, clears up its intimate sense. The old century - has come to an end. I have come date of performance of spiritual precepts of the future. Rerich will give this picture as a gift to Soviet to the government during the stay in Moscow.
Rerich has arrived in Moscow, carrying out a direct order of the Himalaya Mahatmas. He has brought them message to the Soviet government. I will remind that the message it has been addressed to the country, the collectivization building life under laws of the Lenin New Economic Policy, not knowing horrors yet and mass repressions, and having a real opportunity to choose other way, than that, on which subsequently she has doomed herself. Here the full text of this letter is nowadays enough well-known. On the Himalayas we know made by you.

You have abolished the church which has become a nursery of a lies and superstitions.
You have destroyed the narrow-mindedness which has become the conductor of prejudices.
You have destroyed prison of education.
You have destroyed family of hypocrisy.
You have burned army of slaves.
You have crushed spiders of a profit.
You have closed gate of night brothels.
You have saved the earth from traitors monetary.

You recognized that the religion is the doctrine of comprehensiveness of matter.
You recognized negligibility of personal property.
You have guessed evolution of community.
You have pointed to value of knowledge.
You have admired beauty.
You have brought to children all power of Space.
You have opened windows of palaces.
You have seen urgency of creation of houses of General Welfare.

We have stopped a revolt in India when it was premature, also we recognized timeliness of your movement also we send you all our help, approving the Unification Asia! We know, many constructions will be made advanced in years 28 - 31 - 36. Hi to you who are looking for the General Benefits"!

In order to avoid possible misunderstanding one place from the letter of Mahatmas I would like to comment. As you, probably, guess, the phrase about elimination means church as nursery of a lie and superstitions. On this basis - I know - some are ready to declare the Himalaya Mahatmas nearly enemies of Christianity that is the sheer absurdity. That's just the point that the negative phrase about church has been dictated by that circumstance that the church is in the practical activities receded and recedes from truly Christian principles. So was before revolution when church, as a rule, I was on the side not humiliated and destitute, and on the side of the rich and mighty of this world. So, actually, is and now as current orthodox hierarchies repeat former mistakes. And, of course, words about liquidation of church shouldn't be perceived literally or to look for in them some secret implication. It was meant civilized and already the act of disestablishment which has come true by then.

Together with the message Rerich has handed to the Foreign Commissar of the USSR Chicherin the inlaid chest. The cover letter contained only one phrase: "We send the earth to a grave of the Brother our Mahatma Lenin".

A negotiation which was conducted by Rerich with two people’s commissars, foreign affairs and education and also with Nadezhda Konstantinov Krupskaya was long, but positive results not distances. The offer with which there has arrived to Moscow "semi-Buddhist semi-communist" Rerich (such I have given the characteristic to the artist Chicherin) it has been recognized as utopian. Chance of favorable development of future events has been irrevocably missed. Rejection of the plan of Mahatmas not has changed however their attitudes towards Russia and its mission. Just with bitterness it has been noted that now Russia should carry out the mission in conditions becoming aggravated and becoming complicated every day of a situation, with the big victims and big tension of forces. The subsequent events as you know, will confirm this anticipation.

And the trip of Rerich to Moscow was highly appreciated by the Teacher. "I
consider result of Moscow important historically".

It would be desirable to pay special attention to these words because they mean that in the history with the message of Mahatmas still early to put an end.


"Accept Lenin's appearance as the sign of keenness of Space".

This phrase from the third book of the Doctrine of Living Ethics "Community" is volume and multiple-valued. From her in particulars follows that terrestrial affairs are under fixed observation of Space and that in turning points direct space intervention can be carried out.

Certainly, it has nothing in common with imaginations on subjects of UFOs and robot-like newcomers from other galaxies. As all is told in the same Doctrine of Living Ethics, it is made by "human hands", "human legs". Just to terrestrial process on a certain stage all power of the people having space consciousness is connected.

Naturally, it occurs only in exceptional cases when because of the unreasoned actions the mankind once again hangs over a chasm.

The necessity of extraordinary steps in the XX century has been caused by World War I.

Many efforts (sometimes unusual) have been made to prevent it. Himalaya Mahatmas have even sent letters to Wilhelm II and Nicholas II with a danger warning, threatening to them personally in case of adoption of the fatal decision. But these letters, as well as subsequently the message of Mahatmas to the Soviet government, have been ignored, and on August 1, 1914 the mankind was promptly included into the Apocalypse zone. Doomsday has from now on stopped being rhetorical figure. For the first time in unreasonable hands human has concentrated there is enough means for the full mutually destruction.

In epicenter of planetary crisis there was Russia. After February of the seventeenth year with terrific speed she began to plunge into the abyss of chaos during which whirlpool after her all terrestrial civilization would be inevitably involved. Literally during several months the Provisional government has made everything to show "destructive power" of democracy against which still Gercen warned though he itself was liberal and democrat.

Decomposition went from above because the power has turned into anarchy because became sign good tone not to submit to orders of the government. And it in the conditions of proceeding wars when millions of people were hit weapon when bitterness in the hands and embitterment accrued every day, and everything took up arms against all: the nation against the nation, the village against the city, the brother on the brother, the son on the father. Who could stop and pacify approaching anarchy? Kornilov is white generals? But they, alas, personified old regimes, returns to most of which of the population of the country didn't wish. Constituent assembly is?

But, as shows historical experience, the populous forum isn't able to work in conditions of emergency situation when not the parliamentary rhetoric, but acceptance is required immediate and not always indisputable decisions. So remained only exit that which has been offered by Lenin.

Contrary to evidence and categorical forecasts of authoritative western leaders from chaos and non-existence the Russian State has been recreated again. Thereby, reeled balance of the Planet has been restored.

It is known that balance it has been reached by expensive price. At the price of improbable deprivations is and blood. However it is necessary to be or in the power of blind prejudice, or militant ignorance’s that to write off tragic costs of historical process for this or that the personality (in this case on Lenin). It is clear, that it can't have nothing in common with the original analysis of events which demands deep opening economic, social, and I would add, and the space reasons of the events. It is worth to remember that unbiased fact that the identity of the state scale doesn't exist in itself that she surely focuses mental energy of masses, a positive or negative charge which, by the way, doesn't depend on her carrier. There is a cumulative karma of the people, the country, i.e. the sum of acts which is saved up within centuries of which consequences all should get rid to the people, and not just his certain representatives. The aggravation which doesn't have analogs the historical fate of Russia in October, 1917 is explained by the fact that we have taken in that moment I have compared the Russian revolution with the greatest sacrificial, a fire in the history mankind. It seems to me, would be fair if apply the evangelical principle to Lenin, i.e. asked a question: whether moved him something personal: thirst of enrichment, glory, aspiration to the boundless power? This question will be answered negatively not only by Lenin's friends (it is clear), but also his enemies. For example, Nikolay Berdyaev who claimed: "Revolutionism Lenin had a moral source; it couldn't take out injustice, oppression, operation". However, according to the philosopher, this revolutionism, getting maximal character, I led to use of immoral means in fight, to cruelty and violence. That is Berdyaev's attitude towards Lenin was ambiguous, in many respects negative that hasn't prevented him to give however an objective comment on Lenin's identity: "He was unselfish person absolutely devoted to the Idea..." Berdyaev writes the word "idea" with big letters.

For space consciousness the problem of the power exists only in spiritual aspect. Teacher I said: "Our power other: Our power is the Victim"! In essence, to this postulate also I was Lenin's life is subordinated. And as it is told about him in "Community", "there was no other who for the sake of the general the benefits could accept a big burden".
On August 30, 1918 shoot at Lenin, and bullets are filled with the Indian poison of a curare.

His several drops are enough to do in ten people. Having established availability of this poison in blood, doctors render a unanimous verdict; death, and very fast, it is inevitable. But it doesn't occur. On the contrary: every hour Lenin feels all more vigorously. Having endured the moment of surprise and, trying to give logical justification to a phenomenon, doctors come to the following solomonov's to the decision: each person has immunity against certain type of poison; by a lucky chance Lenin had had immunity against this type of poison. "It is possible to think that the sky for Bolsheviks," - I have so commented on attempt unfortunate attempt one of leaders of the white movement Vasiliy Vitalyevich Shulgin.

It is necessary to tell that in Lenin's biography some facts were diligently hushed up because they bordered on mysticism. But riddles, unsolvable for materialistic science, for spiritual science of India those aren't because here for a long time have got used to deal with phenomenal phenomena. Therefore it is also advisable to rely on her experience and authority. According to the closest employees Lenin possessed unique ability to relax all members of a body. At such relaxation there are enough several minutes to receive the rest equal to a night dream. Lenin repeatedly used the ability for removal of tension (sometimes it happened at meetings of the Central Committee Council of People's Commissars) that then with a new force to be connected to work. Such

property it is reached by persistent physical exercises in combination with meditation on high yoga steps. From where it is at the person, apparently, so far from yoga and all aspects connected with her?

In India congenital yoga abilities of Lenin directly will connect with reincarnation, will explain that they - result of his former embodiment.
In the same vein will explain also the reason of unfortunate attempt at Lenin. In the Indian jungle on the eve of battle impregnated with poison of a curare tips of arrows. However if poisoned the arrow accidentally got to the yogi, it didn't do him harm. From the point of view of spiritual science India Lenin's diseases putting and the deadlock of doctors as they hadn't to face with similar cases, had fiery character. It means that they have been connected with opening and transmutation of those invisible fiery centers which in India are called chakras. These chakras are in a human body kind of in the sleeping state and waken (if they are fated to waken) to action after achievement thirty-year-old age. For the first time such illness known in the people under the name "sacred fire" (usually monks and devotees suffer from him), I have struck Lenin on the eve of the II congress. In that time to him was 33 years.

There is one more secret of Lenin which, in my opinion, without the aid of ancient wisdom of India it is impossible to understand. It is known that opening of his cranium has found an on lime application brain. Process was such intensive that the brain was turned to stone. And so: in opinion the most visible medical authorities, within the last two and a half, and even three years

Lenin couldn't think of this brain. And he not only thought, but before has lost a speech power, wrote, dictated texts, making decisions, acted. How? How? With assistance what mechanisms?

The answer of spiritual science of India to this question is paradoxical and is based on a postulate, as which confirmation also the example with Lenin can serve, by the way: the thought isn't product of work of a brain. The thought, and is one of axioms of Old Indian wisdom, belongs to space. This spatial thought is mastered and generates fiery the centers of the person - chakra, being connected to which, and the brain also carries out the auxiliary function: to be the thought transmitter. We don't suspect about boundless opportunities human body. We attach significance only to their visible manifestations, dumping with accounts are not less significant invisible. That is why it is necessary to take seriously (and in any case without prejudice) to information on Lenin in the book "Community". "Even in the disease was left by his strong thinking. His consciousness as in a cave, has concentrated, and instead of discontent and complaints he surprisingly used lately. And there is a lot of the silent emanation of will was sent by him to business strengthening. His last hours were good. Even he has sent a last breath to the peoples".
Poetic meditation of Rerich "Comes to the end with such words and one I will ascend". Subject Lenin’s loneliness, obviously, not accidentally arises on pages of the book "Community". I will remind corresponding text. "You can present that in due time Lenin has already felt without slightest material basis inalterability of a new structure. And invisible court shoes have brought provisions to his lonely ship." In other place it is told with bigger sharpness. "We will honor Lenin with all understanding. We will show the statement of the Teacher who has kept continuous burning in good luck and failure. Among employees alien to him Lenin bore a flame inextinguishable feat".

"Among employees alien is to him". In this regard it is necessary to notice that, it agrees esoteric to sources, the total loneliness is that sign on which it is possible to distinguish the messenger Space which has undertaken a hard duty of contacts with the people who haven't risen still to space level.

Lenin's state loneliness with a special force came to light at the turning historical points when the extraordinary, frightening by the unpredictability decisions were made. So was, for example, in days of October events when Lenin needed extraordinary tension forces to overcome soft and therefore especially dangerous sabotage of the next party environment. With an ulterior motive, with a jewelry accuracy having calculated day and hour of the future revolution ("today - early, the day after tomorrow - late"), he so persistently tried to break through to consciousness of the colleagues: "The delay of death is similar". But that's all trouble consisted, that they hesitated, for some unclear reasons too hesitated. Having overwhelming superiority of forces, didn't hurry with storm of the Winter Palace. Having taken telegraph, didn't hurry to declare Provisional government deposed. Most likely they were constrained by the fear living somewhere at heart before unknown that bore with itself capture the authorities in the ruined and demoralized country. Only appearance of Lenin who has disdained conspiracy, in Smolny has put an end to fluctuations and has sent events to the due course. Subsequently Trotsky admitted that there is no Lenin in Petrograd, October the revolution wouldn't be.

We will remember history with the conclusion of the Brest world when a position of the party leader not has supported most his party. Even when Lenin has thrown the personal on a bowl of scales the authority, having said that in case of rejection of his offer he will leave party, he has managed to win only a nominal victory of purely formal property. At a meeting of the Central Committee about peace negotiations with Germans for Lenin's proposal 7 people, against - 4 voted, have refrained to 4. That is actually the majority doesn't have followed Lenin again.

And at negotiations in Brest-Litovsk to Germans there was an amusing episode; once again kind of emphasized a difference is in levels of consciousness of Lenin and his so-called colleagues.

The Soviet delegation at negotiations was headed by Trotsky. And they have begun with the invitation on evening reception that, strangely enough, has plunged Trotsky into a condition of extreme confusion.

The matter is that on reception, according to the strict rule, diplomats have to be are dressed in black dress coats. Revolutionary consciousness of Trotsky has been vulnerable. Dress coat it bourgeoisie’s symbol. Whether it is admissible in principle that in him the representative working sported country power? Without deciding to undertake a responsibility burden in unforeseen situation, he, the second person in party and the state, cables Lenin as to be? Lenin's answer is laconic and full of reserved rage: "If it helps to establish the world, go though in an underwear"!

And at last is New Economic Policy. Of course, such turn - yesterday still policy of military communism, surplus-appropriation system, ruthless fight against speculators, and today - free trade, private business, i.e. return to capitalism, was in power to only one to Lenin. Open resistance wasn't this time: too Lenin's authority has grown up.

But the silent opposition was felt. In the spirit of that time need of the taken measures Lenin explained with a delay of world proletarian revolution. Maximal adjusted it to some extent calmed people as they believed that world revolution not for mountains. Lenin, apparently, weighed a state of affairs more really. Therefore he also I said that the New Economic Policy it seriously and for a long time.

The tragedy of loneliness of Lenin was aggravated with that circumstance that he was an atheist. In difficult moment he couldn't appeal to the highest forces as he didn't believe in their existence. On to the certificate of the Doctrine of Living Ethics it was their conductor, however it has been hidden from him physical consciousness. I think that the term "Mahatma", which nowadays was unknown to him we connect to his name. It is difficult to imagine what strength of mind the person had to have to sustain alone (!) superhuman test? And what highest feeling of unselfishness moved him if owing to materialistic outlook he couldn't expect for himself awards for the feat neither in the sky, nor in other life? Intuitive is significant however Lenin's inclination to mountains. It is known that he used any free period - especially after the congresses, conferences and discussions - to go to mountains, and for walks always I chose the most deserted and wild place. The reference in Shushenskoye to him was brightened up Sayansk Mountains. Within three years he lived and worked under their power influence, and they, by his own recognition, delivered to it many joyful minutes. In one of such minutes he, absolutely personal poetic intuition, has tried even to write verses. Kind of by itself there was a line: "In Shusha, at a foot Sayanov", however further the first line business at him hasn't gone. Perhaps, as well as Rerich, Lenin felt that mountains belong to more Space, than Earth.

Not without reason contemplation those so ennobles spirit human. Not without reason it is considered that in mountain - it isn't obligatory for the area in the Himalayas - the monastery of Shambhala is located. "It is possible that Shambhala is in the territory of your country", - I have told in a conversation with me it once Holiness Dalai Lama of XIV. So as the card was under a hand, has added - "Somewhere here". Whether it is casual, purposely he has pointed roofing felts to the area of the Sayansk Mountains.

According to Rerich, Shambhala is "a corner concept of Asia". But this Buddhist term has universal roots. In the Russian Old Believers' legends, for example, an analog of Shambhala Belovodie - the kingdom promised which borders was sought to be reached running in acts time of church split for Altai. The doctrine of Living Ethics putting an ancient dream and a legend to the modern, scientifically verified platform, defines Shambhala as the place where "terrestrial the world adjoins to the highest consciousness", or - that same - with space. Naturally, that such place is surrounded with the vibration field doing it inaccessible for undesirable visitors. Ways of physical achievement of Shambhala aren't approved in principle.

As it is told in the Doctrine of Living Ethics, it isn't obligatory to storm mountain peaks at all "for looking for in the truth". Shambhala if there will be in volume a need; it will go down to him from reserved mountains. It is widely known - in any case among occultists - that messengers Shambhala visited Blavatsky in London. However before emergence of the book "Community" to anybody not it was known that they - in the same London and, maybe, at the same time - communicated with founders of the Marxist doctrine. It is said accurately and unambiguously. "We know Marx and Engels's books, even our representatives talked to Marx in due time.

All their provisions are easily bulking us." Subsequently meetings with the Russian's leader have taken place revolutions. "We saw Lenin in Switzerland. Our employee talked to him in Moscow." And one more quote from "Community" kind of opening purposeful character of intimate contacts of spiritual Teachers with political leaders of the present. "It is necessary to meet with people who will laugh at everyone a word, unclear for them. Them the susceptible device is covered with ignorance callosities. For example, if to tell them - Shambhala, they will take this real concept for a superstition fetish. Have acted Marx not is this way and Lenin. Already I said that our representatives have visited Marx in London and Lenin in Switzerland. The word Shambhala has obviously been pronounced. In different times, but equally both leaders have asked: "What signs of time of Shambhala"?

Answer was: "Century of the truth and world communities". Both leaders have equally told: "Let there will come Shambhala rather". Words of leaders we measure successors. We can't include narrowness of ignorance in Marxism and Leninism. If the ignoramus will dare to call himself the Marxist or the Leninist, severely tell him – obvious treachery of bases of community".

Actually, in this text the reason of future crash of the Soviet ideology" narrowness is designated ignorance’s". Eventually she will also lead to treachery of great ideals and again from the book "Community". "Lenin kept an open mind and understood matter. Really you can’t at least partially to follow the leader"?

Unfortunately, to follow Lenin, even partially, and so-called successors couldn't Lenin's affairs. Lenin's pupils among "employees alien to him" haven't appeared. Therefore bitter reproach in their address, the Mahatmas who haven't listened to call of Shambhala, rejected the message, words sound Teachers. "The true communist is flexible, mobile, quick-witted and courageous. Lenin would capture the come minute of Asia. Where his pupils? I Wait, I Wait".

Alas, this expectation, as you can see, has dragged on for long decades, up to our days.

However it isn't necessary to think that everything is lost forever. Who knows, can the current tests, predetermined by immaturity of our spirit, for this purpose are also given that at last it was shaped cohort of true pupils of Lenin whose appearance is waited by the Teacher. It is worth to remember that spiritual Teachers of mankind, both before, and nowadays, pin hopes for rescue and spiritual updating of the planet with the Russian people, which on pages of the book "Community" it is represented majestically Ivan Stotysyachny. It is worth to remember also about prophecy from the same book on what Ivan Stotysyachny is obligatory eventually will remove a spiritual harvest of Lenin grains.

In the book "Community" is noted the paradoxical fact that the atheist Lenin "has helped Buddha's business". However, as it is told in the same place, have helped "not on proximity, and on justice". i.e., without being a Buddhist, objectively he promoted realization of high ideals of the doctrine of Buddha. But, actually, those most also extraordinary followers of Christianity, in particular, the Metropolitan felt Vvedensky, who has called the Bolshevism the Gospel, published with atheistic font. The example of our country has kind of shown that atheists in the practical the activity directed to the benefit of people can be closer to God, than believing in Him.

As Berdyaev claimed, "the question of socialism isn't a question economic and political; it is a question of God and immortality". Understanding of this truth was late in days unprecedented revelry of criminal capitalism is on the Russian open spaces. Nowadays even opponents of communism have unexpectedly found out for themselves that communism it "terrestrial Christianity projection". It is necessary to tell that they about it have no delights. In the newspaper "Chiming clock" article is published, remarkable the frankness "Jesus was a communist also I didn't love capitalism". Her author is guarded
extremely that «all New Testament it is impregnated with communistic spirit". Are listed reprehensible from his point of view provisions of the sacred book of Christians: "Haves have to have as poor is and buying as not getting and using this world as not using ";" don't collect to you treasures on the earth where mol and rust exterminate and where thieves undermine and steal".

More sincerely indignation causes in it accurate instructions of Jesus Christ: "You can't serve God and Mammon (wealth)". Really - the author of article exclaims, - today somebody seriously: can to apprehend this pro-communistic promotion" and here conclusion?

"In Christianity there is too much communism; in order that it could be spiritual basis capitalism".

You won't tell rectilinear. It is necessary only to continue a thought logically: if Christ in quality moral guideline doesn't arrange the capitalist world then admirers his antipode - Antichrist, a satan arranges a golden calf. That is there are all bases to call a capitalist system devilish. Due to disorder Soviet The union began sign of good form to blow at all intersections about total defeat Lenin and his ideas.

In my opinion such categorical statements are incompetent and, first of all therefore, that the most important is ignored - the spiritual party has put. It is all the same what speaks" about Christ's defeat and Christianities, proceeding from the fact that the founder of the Doctrine has been crucified, and his followers were exposed to prosecutions and, on given moment, possess levers government. About what defeat can there be a speech if these ideas are invincible in the principle, so far the person remains the person? The speech can go about tactical miscalculations about shifts of temporary terms.

It a sort correction of history is inevitable. It is inevitable and in relation to Lenin. But not can be the slightest doubt in absolute correctness of the strategic line of Lenin, because she heads for the approval of the principles of the highest spirituality in public social and everyday life of people. The crash of the Soviet power has also happened because of inconsistent attitude towards these principle is and eventually unfaithfulness by him. And most the cardinal mistake was that the idea of communism, spiritual inherently has managed to reduce to the one-dimensional level of a consumer basket.

In essence, having won a spiritual competition to the opponent because moral quality of ours it was much higher than the people who are nowadays contemptuously called "scoops" egoistical and egocentric warehouse of thinking of so-called civilized representatives bourgeois society, we have entered with it a competition in that sphere where were obviously weaker and where the victory for us wasn't obligatory, in the sphere of consumerism at all. Here then oblivion of spirituality has also turned for us into the greatest tragedy. Tempted by illusive temptation of the advertized capitalist paradise, we it is unexpectedly easy for the whole world have given in. However, literally the next day, when already was late, we have regained consciousness, as the magnificent bread which is loudly promised us, on closer examination were stones. But the most unpleasant in this course provoked by powers of darkness successions of events consists that again, as before the October revolution, over human civilization the elimination threat has hung. In due time secret Blavatsky and Rerich's follower science fiction writer Ivan Efremov warned: "For the question costs me so, or there will be planet-wide" communistic society, or won't be nobody, and there will be a sand and dust on the dead Planet".

In political history of the 20th century only two persons have been awarded the name "Mahatma" (Great Soul): in India - Gandi, in Russia - Lenin.

The great Lord of Shambhala who has given through E.I. Rerich "the Doctrine of Living Ethics" or "Agni Yoga"), Has charged N.K. Rerich in 1926 to Soviet to the government, along with the Message, a chest with the sacred Himalaya earth, having written: "On grave of the Brother our Mahatma Lenin". It is specified in one of books of the Doctrine ("Community"): "Accept Lenin's appearance as the sign of keenness of Space".

On the "Mahatma Lenin is the Sign of Keenness of Space" conference which has taken place on October 5-6, 1994 years at Institute of the world literature him, M. Gorky, there have arrived more than 200 people from 30 cities of the Soviet Union: representatives of Rerich's societies, Communist Party of the Russian Federation, societies "Russian Scientists of Socialist Orientation" and "Lenin and Fatherland", fund protection of Lenin's Mausoleum, Movement of Humanitarian forces, Russian fund of culture, Fund "Future of the Fatherland" and others. Employees Central participated in work of a conference V.I. Lenin's museum, Lenin's museum apartment in the Kremlin, scientists, and journalists. Among acted - niece Lenin, guest of honor of a conference O.D. Ulyanov, President European World through Culture associations V. Augustan (Germany). The greeting has been read President of the International committee of protection Lenin R. Napoleon (Italy).

Within the conference there has passed the literary musicale devoted to the 120 anniversary with birthday N.K Rerich and to the 70 anniversary of death of V.I. Lenin and also has taken place submission of the patriotic rerichovsky newspaper "Banner of Peace". With the report "Rerich and Lenin"

the President of the International Association "The World through Culture" the writer and the poet has acted Valentine Sidorov.
Epilog is.
It is so much opposition from darkness against Russia, especially against the USSR. Almost all embodiments from Shambhala (tsars, scientists, philosophers, commanders, reformers) have been deprived of life, badgered or slandered.
The genocide started by Jehovah against Russia:
1. Series of murders of tsars-reformers.
2. War with Japan 1904 – 1905. Attack on Russia was without declaration of war.
3. World War I 1914-1918,
4. Civil war and military intervention in Russia 1917-1922.
5. Hunger in Volga region 1921 – 1922.
6. Hunger 1933 - 1934,
7. Repressions 1937,
8. World War II 1941 - 1945
Despite ardent opposition from demonic forces, we have won the most terrible world slaughter in the history of our Planet – World War II.
The Soviet people protected the Homeland and the Commune with a name of Lenin on lips. (The leader of revolution there is Lenin’s, has changed Jehovah on obsessed Stalin's. "The leader of the people" in comparison with Lenin is as black grain of colza in comparison with the shining diamond). Russia is Umbilicus of Earth! Axis World passes is in her limits. Everyone has to know it, be proud of it and feel responsibility to Russia. The founder Planet and the Patron of Russia – Michael the Archangel!
Savaoph-Jehovah, the Owner of land - the demon also treats demonic forces (the pervert, the swindler and the murderer). He has offered a lie of the Old Testament to Jews under the name Torah. Later I have connected to Christ's Doctrine – the New Testament. Christ's doctrine – the Beginning of the Doctrine of Living Ethics! In the book the Apocalypse is given the Analysis of the Bible in chapter 2, 3.
The reason of distribution of sects in the former Soviet Union – spiritual ignorance of the population and responsibility for it lies on Orthodoxy.
In Orthodox churches choruses sing of Jehovah's devil David's psalms. Shame! Jehovah has crucified Christ hands of Jews, applying hypnosis, and has ranked E.P Blavatsky to a satan. Who is satan? Jehovah! Reason: E.P. Blavatsky has confirmed Christ's Words that Jehovah a satan, the Death angel, having referred to "The secret mystical doctrine of Judaism", the book 1, "Cabbala". Why it is secret? Because the pederast Jehovah hides the belonging to demonic forces; rabbis know, the rest it is unimportant; perverts, swindlers and murderers are ranked as his army. About it she was told by rabbis (she was in Israel), and have given the book to read to be convinced. Jehovah for disclosure of a secret has punished rabbi’s pedophilia. To the told has added E.P.B. that except all defects Jehovah is ZOOPHILE (the book by E.P.B., "the Exposed Isida").

Read books: E.P. Blavatsky, E.I. Rerich and B.N. Abramov. Worship of Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala will resolve an issue of overweight of Light forces. And dark will leave in small quantity there will be no wars, obsessed and false sects. Great Maitreya (Invincible), Michael the Archangel, the Lord of Shambhala – the Same Great Essence! Support God by WORSHIP. Aum. Amen. So will be!
P.S. For several years of work on books, I round the clock go with a chemical hose, – I drive away two demons of Jehovah, died demons perverts in astral bodies. This book and the article "Election of the President of Ukraine" have enraged Jehovah; he has personally begun to exhaust me an astral hand: throws into food mercury, into eyes and a nose some infection, six times I pulled out a rectum till it bleeds, I have applied damages on genitals, I have got something sharp into a bladder sphincter directly at a tram stop, I have expanded it for mercury throw-in.
I beat with a hose and a mop. I have damaged a chandelier, a picture frame, a bed. Jehovah up to 3-5 o'clock in the morning doesn't allow sleeping to me. This zombie murderer is the author of the Old Testament, distortions in the New Testament and the author of World War II. At a devil is chronic mental disease on a sexual basis. Jews worship him, and all Christians consider him "Christ's Father". Jews and Christians, ponder whom you hold on Earth?
I ask all to read: The gospel from Ioann, ch. 8/44.- is the words told by Christ about Jehovah. 2. Paul the Apostle's message to Colossians: ch. 2/14, 15. Zombie Jehovah before leaving to Saturn acts up and calls the Bible ABSURDITY! From absurdity of the inflamed brain only the absurdity will be born.

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Chapter 1Terrestrial Shambhala are.
Chapter 2. Reasons of World War I 1914 - 1918.
Chapter 3. October revolution Reasons of World War I 1914 - 1918.n of 1917.
V.I. Lenin.
First structure was of Council of People's Commissars.
Lenin and Stalin.
Inner-party fight in the All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) are in 1920-е.
Chapter 4. The mysteries of Stalin repressions are in the USSR.
Batumi process of 1902.
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Lev Bronstein (Trotskiy).
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Scales of Stalin repressions is exact figures.
Chapter 5. Lavrentiy Beria. Return from a non-existence.
Sergo Beria, "My father is Lavrentiy Beria".
Great Maitreya, Lord of Shambhala.
Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria.
Chapter 6. Execution is Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.
Chapter 7. Sudden death is of the Academician V.M. Bekhterev.
Chapter 8. Murder to of M.V. Frunze is national commissioner military-sea fleet of the USSR.
Chapter 9. Tragic fate is of the Academician N.I. Vavilov.
Chapter 10. The billionaire Georges Morgan is the embodiment … Jehovah (property: devil and is satan), the representative of "Lucifer" on Earth.
Chapter 11. World is War II.
Armageddon was.
Accomplices: Jehovah and Hitler.
Rihard Sorge.
State of the economy of Germany is after World War I.
Hitler has taken the credit for World War II from America (Jehovah has given the credit for World War II for the purpose of inflating of billions).
Contracts is and wars in anticipation of World War II.
Occupation is of the countries of Europe 1939-1945 by Germany.
Occupation is of Czechoslovakia.
Occupation is of Poland.
Occupation is of Norway.
Occupation is of France.
Occupation is of Yugoslavia.
Occupation is of Lithuania.
Occupation is of the USSR.
A.A. Fadeyev and Young Guard.
Chapter 12. Gossip is Jehovah.
Chapter 13. The author is Jehovah (the coauthor - the rabbi Menachem Schneerson), "Our plans concerning Slavs".
The answer is to Jewish-demons on them "plans …".
Chapter 14.Light is winning darkness.