All population of the Planet is guilty of what happens on the Planet (wars, revolutions, parades of gays, degradation of morals, fraud). The reason is spiritual ignorance, falling and dogma of religions. The term of board of powers of darkness which representative on Earth is Jehovah holding a position of the Owner of land a devil and a satan is finished in 1942. He with the admirers had to leave to Saturn. With his direct participation there was a falling of religions, a partition of religions on sects. It is characteristic of Christianity. In the false and slanderous book "Bowl of Graal and Jesus's Descendants" Jehovah notes that he the Messiah Christ has played for him a positive role. The devil has connected the Old Testament (Torah Judaism) to Christianity and declared himself Christ's father. Christ Have gone against Jehovah (the Gospel, Ioann, 8/44) and against the writing of Jews ("the Message to Colossians", 2/14, 15). Thus, Jehovah has drawn the most part of believers on the party. Also is have filled up the army with addicts, sick AIDS, perversions, fraud, schizophrenics and applying violence - an occultism. Jehovah a devil creates the websites with false information (Sirius) where he has presented himself to the author the Lord of Shambhala. Organizes is the false course of scientific research of scientists, letting them in the false direction. Many Scientists are engaged in the fact that I Have given to people Great Maitreya through the pupils 120 years ago. Pupils of Great Maitreya – too gods, only a rank are slightly lower. That who has more admirers worshipping wins. The false Old Testament (Torah) and distortions in the New Testament confuse believers. The New Testament has been given for the illiterate people who aren't able to write and read on 2000. Now people have a high intelligence. Therefore the new Doctrine of Living Ethics which beginning is the New Testament is given. There is an accumulation of Knowledge for increase in consciousness of the person. Only spiritual education will sweep away from the Planet garbage human and there will come the Golden Age.
(The gay Jehovah several times is every day before me in visions with threats in an image of an animal wolf, or huge jaws. Now I have replaced a plate; shows expensive shops with lingerie, whispers: "You will live in the palace". It is better to be dressed in a sackcloth: jersey and kersey boots. To live in a forest lodge but with pure soul. That fetid thoughts of a devil, and his hands covered with human blood didn't concern me).
NATO, ISIL, the EU, CHABAD – are created by the Owner of land for management of the population of the Planet. The war in Syria was provoked by Jehovah with the purpose to return those Jews whom he has moved from Israel to five cities of Chaldea (Iraq), Syria and Assyria. As a result of war, part of Jews by refugees has come to EU countries. Jehovah wants to return other Jews in astral bodies therefore NATO has applied aggression in Syria. Jehovah has confirmed that ISIL – his generation. Jehovah brings together all Jews of the Planet to Saturn. Will gradually bring together residents of Israel to Europe for destruction during the Apocalypse, will take away the others in astral bodies to New-York after destruction during the revolutions and wars. In New York in astral theater "Illyuzion" the dead of the victim of Jehovah in astral bodies are brought together: billionaires (Rockefeller already there), swindlers, perverts of all types, healers, fortunetellers and those who used his services or worship a devil - to Jehovah who recognizes the Old Testament (Torah).
Rescue the planet and each person is in his hands, in WORSHIP of God, - to the Lord of Shambhala! Great Maitreya is Divine Christ, the Creator of our Planet and everything that lives and breathes on it. He Has passed 1500 embodiments from "the pastor of sheep" to God! All embodiments were steps to Ascension. Two participate in the Election campaign: Майтрейя – God, Jehovah – a devil. Maitreya is not war (Sanskrit).
Who Has created our Planet, a plant and animal life, who has created the person? Who has taught us to be engaged agricultural, who gives the great embodiments on Earth? From where are geniuses undertaking? Why one is clever, and another not really. Why one is embodied in the tsar's family to replace him over time, and another in a family of drunkards. Everything God and his Law of the Karma and Transformations Operates.