Exposure billionaire

ISBN 978-966-179-5
Catherine of Alexandria
(Patron of Orthodoxy)

Exposure billionaire Georges Morgan
(incarnate pederast Jehovah).
Edition is third and the last; added and processed.
Annotation is.
The book contains brief information about two space forces: Light and darkness and the corresponding two world dispensation.
Light community, a commune, something that we had the Soviet Union.
Darkness what we have now; when 10% of the world's population hold in their hands all the means of subsistence, and the remaining 90% are in their complete dependence. Light is and darkness.
God is and the devil.
People need Knowledge, not blind worship. Church dogma and primitive sectarianism don't give true information. Mankind is at a high level of intellectual development: we need the truth, the Truth ancient Wisdom without distortions and lie. Choosing an Entity for worship, choose the world order. The Soviet Union has held on 74 years. After the departure of darkness on Saturn in 2046 will take place on the Planet World Coup there will be one world order Community, the Commune.
The purpose of the book is: 1. Clear Doctrine of Christ from the false and heaps of human inventions and give the continuation of the doctrine of consciousness of modern man; the Doctrine of Christ – the beginning of the doctrine of Alive Ethics.
Specify the bugger to Jehovah in its place. So, he is sent to the "Grail". It does not apply to those entities that have devoted themselves a Great Service for the evolution of the Planet and humanity. He did not create and is not United States; let every evolutionary undertaking of servants of the Light. Jesus Christ accomplished the feat to help the Jews get rid of the devil's lies. The devil must be grateful to the Creator and the Founder of the world, the Great Maitreya for what He did not Send him to silence Silence before the death of the continent of Lemuria, and Allowed him to be the Owner of the Earth to the end of his term in office. Jehovah will leave Earth, perhaps, for ten years before an established period.

The book lists some of the incarnation of Jehovah and his "creativity" on the Planet Earth. The reader learns who were the first people, divided into people and demons (rakshas’s) and who again joined into one nation the Jews, and for what purpose? Who first committed murder of the man who arranged Orgy drunken Orgy followed by a group sex? For what purpose were circumcised and why the nationality of the Jews by the mother is? One came from monkeys and all kinds of sexual perversions and crimes. Perpetrators of coups and ignites world war, who creates sects and organizing gay parades. Who is the author of the scenario of the Second World War, with concentration camps and gas chambers, who was embodied in Hitler? Who plunged our Planet into darkness? The book contains the Hierarchy of Light and darkness. Who is actually Jehovah? For what purpose Jehovah decomposes the population and organizes the extermination of peoples? Who condones the actions of the devil and who is his patron? Two previous editions with the title of the book «Goes incruitment on Saturn (exposure pederast Jehovah) was blank.Online Jehovah replaces this book with no new texts:
- Chapter 4. Answer is bugger Jehovah on libel in the book "Blow of Russian gods". Part 1. Analysis of the book. Part 2. Billionaire George Morgan is the embodiment of the pederast Jehovah, representative "Lucifer" on the Earth, the Owner Earth (property: devil and satan).
- Chapter 29. Review the book of George Morgan (the devil incarnate Jehovah), co-author - Laurence Gardner «The Grail and the descendants of Jesus." So the book this new title is.

 Divine Christ

Great Maitreya - Divine Christ,
the Supreme, the Father the Universe, the Founder is and Creator.
This book should be translated into all languages of the world, due to the fact that the Demon of the Abyss - Abaddon-Jehovah (author of Judaism) had a negative impact on the formation of consciousness of all people of the Planet. The hope for the Revival of Christianity rests with Orthodoxy. Publish paper and e-books and distribute them.

Appeal to the Absolute! Almighty and Almighty of Infinity, Supreme Deity Absolute! All admirers of the Creator of our House - Archangel Michael, the Masters of Shambhala are converted to you with a request: "To shorten the transition period for the devil Jehovah before his departure to Saturn in 2046 with his army (perverts, swindlers and murderers)." An all-planet election campaign is taking place with gross violations of cosmic laws by Satan of Planet Earth, Jehovah. To recruit in his army, he uses suggestion and hypnosis. Gay parades and same-sex marriage, fraud and lies, state-theft and coercion to the power of demons from gangster groups, false healers and false fortunetellers, drugs and AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases - turned the Earth into Augean stables. The use of television and the Internet for defamation of incarnations from Shambhala, the use of black energy for the introduction of diseases, defamation of E.P. Blavatsky in the press, on television, in sects and in Orthodoxy, where Satan Jehovah declared himself a false “Almighty and All-powerful, and creator of our Planet Earth” - sow spiritual confusion among the people of the Planet. Jehovah is in the role of a holy fool under the king. The fate of 50% of the population, victims of diabolical hypnosis, forcibly enlisted in the army of Satan Jehovah, should be reviewed; among them are those who want to stay on Earth and continue the evolution of man in the Golden Age. It takes time for relocation of people to safe places outside Europe before the mainland plunges into the depths of the waters as a result of volcanic eruptions. The term for the appearance of God, Archangel Michael the Victorious on a white horse in front of the population of the Planet should be accelerated. Justice must be restored. Aum. Amen. It will be so.
Entry is.
History is of Jews and rakshasa’s (demons). In the middle of the third radical race of the fourth circle God Give Decree the lord of the Moon to Jehovah to create the first people in a physical body. Jehovah has refused in the beginning (it was the first falling), but then has created the first people (deliberately) only a male without brains to carry out them through all types of crimes and sexual perversions, and called moral decay – «demonic culture». The first people on Earth were lunar demons; from them there were monkeys as a result of copulation with dinosaurs. For rescue of the first people from humiliations and decomposition Michael the Archangel (Avel), the Great Lord of Shambhala Was embodied. He Has implanted brains to «creators» – the demon Jehovah and «lunar pitri»; those, whom the Demon of the Universe Brama violently embodied on the Moon left to the Sun at once. Their departure angered Jehovah. He put on weight of Cain, the brother Abel at night, enticed Avel in the field and killed with the axe. Jehovah is the first murderer, the fratricide! Weapon its axe. For incest with animals and bloodshed God damned it and dumped from heaven on matter bottom until the end of a cycle.
For protection of primacies against violence by the person, on command of God they became AIDS carriers; for them this natural state. The first wife of Jehovah was Lilith's monkey: her father was the person, mother a monkey. Jehovah and those, who followed his way is of steel AIDS carriers too. From monkeys primacies were born. The second wife of Jehovah was a huge cow. At that time people were giants and they had genitals flush with a cow. Jehovah went to a pasture where his wife was grazed and, looking around, fulfilled men's duties. The space removes everything on the movie.
Formation of same-sex marriages followed, - homosexuality generation. Growth of the population was not; lemurs were doomed to extinction. Under the decree of the Demon of the Universe Brama the demon Jehovah created woman. With the advent of the woman the world changed.

Lemurs were divided into people and demons. People worshipped to God (Michael the Archangel), demons to the demon Jehovah. Those, who worshipped God, were future Jews; those, who lived under laws of a devil is demons (rakshas). Rakchas’s is perverts and underworld, – the victims of hypnosis of a devil; those, who have to be isolated from society in psychiatric clinics and houses of the conclusion.
For what rakshas’s are necessary to Jehovah?
1. Have sexual perverts usually narrow and closed circle of friends; while living in the physical body are outcasts. Die early laid death; kill them, or drugs suck from them the life force. The Angel death - of Jehovah draws them to his army. For astral there is no obstacle in travel, they pass through walls, floors, mountains, no speed and time. They are invisible normal eyesight, but they see us. Jehovah will teach them the "black magic" for evil purposes.

Zombie astral, humiliated and despised during life, revel in their power over man, they are cruel and vengeful, depraved and cynical, foul-mouthed and profanity. Astral homosexual Jehovah uses to crimes against representatives of the world. If you are all in disrepair, so, settled in the astral plan; they break home appliances, cut footwear, break ware.

2. The underworld of rakshas: rogues, swindlers, murderers, thieves, gamblers, reality and perverts. This category demons Jehovah determines positions of leadership.

After death, they are automatically placed in the army of the devil. Rakshasas can be implemented in other States, but the devil they'd find and subdue. Only the worship of the higher Spirit will save the person from possession. Lord of the Shambhala is the Creator of our Planet flora and fauna, Creator is Northern White Race, the Egyptians and tribe of Jews. Great Maitreya is the Keeper Planet and humanity.
Noy (an embodiment of the Lord of the Shambhala) Rescued those, who observed laws of God. Lemuria consisted of three parts of the land. In the Bible it is said that Noy constructed an ark, took all kinds of people, and three his sons took themselves wives....
Three sons with wives - is allegory; means that from three parts of the land Noy Savior of those, who was his follower, and to death of the continent took away them in a safe place. The others burned down alive, or left on an ocean floor. Future Jews avoided twice Apocalypse consequences (Lemuria and Atlantis), thanks to WORSHIP the Great Lord of the Shambhala. Jehovah again drags them to destruction in Europe. And in those times warned people about punishment of those, who went in the ways of Jehovah devil - is demons-rakshas.

The ark is of Noy Сame from Lemuria to coast of India. Aboriginals have accepted immigrants and have allocated them lands for accommodation. Two people lived peacefully, between them there were related relations because of mixture of marriages. Lemurs accepted culture of India and worshipped to God of the Sun, the Lord of the Shambhala is.
In Atlantis, Jehovah created the dark brotherhood of sorcerers and black magicians. Atlantis faced a wave soon. Some of them were saved, in t. Ch. Unsinkable Jehovah. Peace in India after the destruction of Atlantis and Jehovah's relocation is with the demons in Lanki (Ceylon). Peaceful co-existence of two people in India didn't arrange a devil. Its purpose was: to unite Lemurs: people and demons, to install violently, applying genocide to local population that they were hated and there were infinite oppositions with the next people for generation of destructive energy for explosion of the Planet before leaving to Saturn. Jehovah will pursue Jews in the millennia.
Jehovah took under the influence of the lemurs, who lodged in India. Thousand-year war for division of India for aboriginals and immigrants began. To stop war and to keep the state, the Great Lord of the Shambhala was embodied in India (Krishna, Supreme, full manifestation of Vishnu).

Avraham (the embodiment of the Lord of Shambhala) of immigrants Has brought out of Chaldea to the Middle East on purpose - to create the high-spiritual people of God and Has given him the name "Israel" that "elected" means. In the Middle East local population called immigrants - "ivri"; in Aramaic language - "Jew", the newcomer on the other side of the Jordan River. From now on lemurs became Jews. Over time Jehovah has embodied demons (rakshas) in the tribe "Israel", and demons (rakshasa) became Jews - a shame for the "elected" people.

Therefore Jehovah has told Jews: "Propagate and breed" that garbage human was embodied in their environment. A nationality at Jews is on mother that rakshas became Jews. With arrival of Jews to the Middle East the devil Savaof has christened himself "the husband of abuse - Jehovah a name to him". To confirm the appointment carried out wars, executions, damned Jews, have organized "Sodom and Gomorrah", starved them and crucified on crosses; all to subordinate them to it.
In the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, in Give Veniamin were embodied those demons (rakshasa) whom Jehovah decomposed sexual perversions on died continents. This beginning is of recruitment to Saturn. Law of space: impenitent sinners follow a devil. Jehovah knows that without deception and violence with him to Saturn nobody will leave. Saturn is naked Planet and three gaseous rings. Evolution of the person will be rejected on millions years ago, there will be an involution.
During a drought Jews went to Egypt and lived 430 years there. Egyptians welcomed Jews and the best lands (Gesem) for accommodation allocated to them. Jehovah didn't accept hospitality of Egyptians, for this purpose was and there are reasons.
The devil executions created an intolerable situation in Egypt and compelled to bring Jews out of Egypt. Moisey brought them to Sinai for a while to give rest to Egyptians from executions and then to return Jews to their houses.
Lemurs - Jews could live quietly in India and in Egypt, but Jehovah deliberately created a heavy situation that to bring lemurs-Jewish out of the countries where they entered with the world and where welcomed them as immigrants. Jehovah in the Middle East "cleared away to himself a place", executions, robberies and murders of civilians, installed Jews to their houses that there were infinite oppositions generating destructive energy for explosion of the Planet.

India and Egypt was a wisdom cradle and the population worshipped to the Great Lord of the Shambhala. It is one more reason; Jehovah the opponent Lord of the Shambhala in a darkness camp, - it was afraid to lose Jews, because without them it anybody. Jews repeatedly tried to get rid of a devil, but he their executions, damnations, revenge returned under the board, applying hypnosis.
But! After all Jehovah couldn't subordinate himself true Jews those, whom Avraham Has goes from Chaldea also Has brought to the Middle East. The devil has moved Jews to five cities of neighboring states: Chaldea (Iraq), Syria and Assyria. Instead of Jews have installed from those cities others people. Thus, Jehovah has increased the number of Jews. Before leaving to Saturn, Jehovah has directed to NATO to Iraq and has organized lawlessness, has created ISIL and has directed to Syria. The devil revenges for disobedience.
Transit of lemurs – Jews: Lemuria, India, Chaldea, Middle East, Egypt, Sinai, Middle East. The devil will try to bring together all of them that they have continued his route to Saturn, but at him nothing will turn out.
Jews have avoided two Apocalypses (in Lemuria and Atlantis) thanks to Worship of the Great Lord of Shambhala. Resettlement of Jews to Saturn in 2046 for 1 828 000 years with the subsequent return to Earth depends on the decision of Jews. The ballot – Worship!
Any people didn't transfer so many humiliations and troubles, as Jews; repeatedly started everything from scratch in others country. And only in India and Egypt they were accepted with compassion. What waits for Jews on Saturn is like madness.
In the Old Testament (Torah) creation of the World of Jehovah begins in Chaldea (Iraq) and the false description of a flood which Jehovah transferred from Lemuriya to Mesopotamia because Jehovah doesn't want to remember Lemuria where he copulated with dinosaurs and produced monkeys. Doesn't want to remember the wives: is Lilith's monkey and cow is. But also during the Old Testament (Torah) Jehovah fornicated enough, arranged orgies, committed murders, and actively participated in all types of sexual perversions. The most negative image of a rakshas is Jehovah (the pervert, swindler and the blood-thirsty murderer).
Nobody trusted in the Apocalypse in Lemuria, in Atlantis, as well as now. The All-planetary tragedy repeats after each radical race. After the third Lemuriya was lost, the ambassador of the fourth Atlantis was covered by a wave, after the fifth Europe in 2046 will leave under water. Apocalypse will sum up the Result for all mankind. During the Apocalypse there will be a clarification by fire of demons-rakshasa’s and those, who voluntary or forcibly served a planetary demon Jehovah. At the last moment of whom you will think, under whose beginning you want to be in the Thin World, with that and you will be.
Rescue only in the Lord Maitreya! He calls: "Come to me everything, looking for Light: orphaned and nude, sick and poor, kind and angry. Will wash all, will encourage all, Will specify by everything away and Will light up all the Ray of light".
Several embodiments have Great Maitreya, of the Lord of Shambhala been devoted to Jews and rakshas’:
1. Avel Has inplanted brains to the demon Jehovah and "lunar pitri". It served for Jehovah as the reason of physical elimination of Avel. Jehovah secretly put on weight of the sleeping Cain (brother Avel) and killed Avel.
2. Noy is Savior of lemurs of, who lived under laws of God, future Jews and moved them to India.
3. Krishna (full manifestation of Vishnu, Supreme) - laid the foundation to the world in India and kept the state. Lemurs were brought to Chaldea.
4. Avraham Brought lemurs out of Chaldea to the Middle east; from now on lemurs became Jews. During a drought Jews went to Egypt.
5. The Pharaoh Ramses II Accepted Jews in Egypt and Gave them the best lands in Gesem. At this time Jehovah was embodied; it was in a panic because that loses Jews and rakshas. Jehovah executions compelled to bring Jews out of Egypt.
6. Moisey Brought Jews for a while out of Egypt to Sinai is in hope to return them to Egypt to the houses. But Jehovah achieved the; it applied genocide in the Middle East and installed violently Jews.
7. The Pharaoh Osiris Reigned in Egypt, at this time Jews the second time have gone to Egypt to look for protection at God. Jehovah was in an astral body, he has repeated a crime; have secretly entered in the sleeping brother Osiris (Seth) and have killed Osiris (have dismembered the axe).
8. The Pharaoh Osiris Was repeatedly embodied in Egypt; in period his board the last knee of Iuda's has come to Egypt. Jehovah has entered the sleeping brother Osiris (Typhon) and has killed Osiris (have dismembered the axe). Jehovah has set obsessed on Egypt and has returned Jews to the Middle East. After Christ's crucifixion Jews were settled on all planets. Jews'-rakshas’s have covered the Planet with synagogues of a satan. Infinite oppositions between Arabs and Jews are consequence, the reason - Jehovah.

9. Solomon Reigned is in Israel 40 years. There were no wars and oppositions; the world and prosperity reigned in Israel. Solomon built the temple, the imperial palace, the Jerusalem wall, cities, warehouses... Accustomed Jews to beauty and freedom to will of expression. Jews were in search of God and He Was near them in an image of the tsar.

10. Moria (Christ) Took all sins of Jews on me also Revealed to Jews a secret that that, to which they worship, is a devil (Jehovah), the murderer, the liar and the father of lie. But they didn't recognize Him! Ungrateful tribe is.... crucified Jesus Christ.... demons - rakshasa under Jehovah's hypnosis.

Chapter 1. “Warning to Jews and sectarians”!