Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Chapter 1. “Warning to Jews and sectarians”!

«Not religion above Truth"!
E .P. Blavatsky
Word WARNING has the special sense is. To warn, means is to give opportunity to know, that waits in the future. (М.:). In space actions two forces: Light and darkness.

Michael the Archangel is God, Light, Good, Spirit; Head of our Solar system, Solar God, Lord of Shambhala. Michael the Archangel's embodiments: Avel, Noy, Zoroastr, Avraham,

Moisey, Solomon, the Pharaoh Ramses II, Zeus, Georges the Victorious, Sergiy Radonezhskiy, Seraphim of Sarovskiy and others. The lord of Shambhala Was shown as Vishnu's Avatar: Rama, Kapila, Kalki (seventh race of Rama). Full manifestation of Father Universe: Krishna, Christ and Maitreya.

Jehovah is the shadow, evil, matter, of the Planet satan, devil, Jahve, Yahweh, the Prince of this world, the Owner of the Earth, chief planetary demon - it is one much name’s essence also is opponent Michael the Archangel's in a darkness camp. Jehovah embodiment: Cain, Bacchus, Ravana, Dionysus, Set, Typhon, Caligula, Neron, Gregory Rasputin, Adolf Hitler, billionaire George Morgan. Jehovah put on weight of everyone violently; all of them were shown as a bacchanalia and murders. Jehovah is a Generalissimo in pederasty.

Our Heavenly Father is Archangel Michael, Who is for all mankind the true God and Father in the force of His Love and care about us. The lord of Shambhala is Michael the Archangel and the Owner of land – Jehovah represents two resisting forces. Each person has for itself to solve, - with whom it or with whom; with Light or with darkness it is impossible to remain in aside otherwise these forces can destroy.
In Space is the Light and the darkness but no evil. Only on our Planet is the evil
– Jehovah, begetting by Lucifer, or the shown Lucifer in the human body. All the peoples of the world believe in the Light (Rama, Krishna, Soroastr, Christ, Allah and Maitreya.) and only the Jews believe in the darkness (Jehovah). The Iron Age, Kali Yuga, is the age of cruelty and hypocrisy; time board dark ended in 1942. Jehovah with the army have to leave to Satyrn, but the planet isn't ready for life human on fault Lucifer-Jehovah; it increased sizes the planet, having attached some moon and comets, is having broken the magnetic attraction to the Sun. The planet is destroyed as sand lump. Satyrn is the Karma of Jehovah is den of powers of darkness. Karma is the cosmic law of Requitals for infinite violations of Laws of God.

The transition period was tightened. The Lucifer – Jehovah breaks space terms. What does Jehovah devil leave to us in inheritance, and what example for mankind he was? Before leaving to Saturn Jehovah wants to blow up our Planet and with itself to drag off the most part of the population to Saturn. Goes is recruitment on Saturn! For this purpose, to prolong stay term on our planet, he to created sects, in where declared myself Christ's father. For that, to keep on our Planet, he creates sects, where declared myself Christ's father. Lord Christ is Representative of the Hierarchy of Light.

In present time at the expense of sects is overweight of the forges in party of darkness. Universal obsession - is defeat of will of the person, is the devil's hypnosis (energy, which applies in sects, ostensibly for treatment; acts as drug, anesthetizes temporarily, and the illness progresses). All pastors is businessmen, about it told «pastor" Ledyaev, which passed preparation in the USA and now "raises spirituality" inhabitants cities of Riga. On change "Age of iron» goes "Golden Age", - century of board of Solar Gods; not will be borders between states, the nationality will be one – mankind. Not there will be wars, crucifixions, races of arms, divisions on a religious basis. "Be Uniform the Pastor and uniform herd" - Lord Shambhala, Great Maitreya and mankind.

In heart of the Sun stay Mother World and seven highest Hierarchs (in Christianity seven Archangels). Among them the First is Archangel Michael, the Highest Hierarch of our Planet and Solar system, Maitreya, the Great Lord of the Shambhala shown in a body of the person on the physical plan; Avalokiteshvara, Supreme is the Sound (WORD).

The WORD on our plan became a flesh. The WORD created the Universe: gods, planets, stars, minerals, plants, and people. It is God of all gods. It is the Universe. Solar Hierarchies are shown in the dense world in a body of the person. Without physical manifestation they are invisible. Are shown, entering in spheres Planet, in bodies: mental, astral and physical.

Elohim is multiple the number, seven Hierarchs, seven Highest Spirits come to us on the Earth from the Highest worlds that to help evolution mankind. With them came esoteric the eighth - the Lucifer. It held a not bad position in Hierarchy. Jehovah the shown
Lucifer in a body of the person is the father of Jews is Owner of our Planet. Its headquarters is in New-York. Into its duties enters: providing mankind a rain, crop, observance religion. In Judaism he is satan (devil) the Angel-prosecutor, - punishes for violation of precepts God’s. To punish others, most it is necessary to be an example; The Angel - the prosecutor is criminal and dissolute essence.

What was our Planet, as high, as fine there was a civilization, when it was directed and headed by the Great Spirits, comes from the Highest Worlds. Final falling of the Lucifer came true in times Atlantis, but withdrawal from ways Light was outlined even earlier. By the space right Jehovah-devil belonged to Earth and when human the nature in it took overweight over divine was jealous and began against Great Colleagues pernicious fight. For achievement you of the purpose to become the full and unique Lord of Earth, his main efforts were turned on humiliation of the woman. He knew that with humiliation women inevitably has been to go rough, degeneration mankind. The most ancient saying says: "There, where women be read and protected, prosperity reigns and gods rejoice".

The new era under the rays of Uranus and Venus will bring a revival of the women. The epoch of Maitreya is the epoch of the Mother of the World. Lucifer went against the Sun. The first, who went against him, was a dare Warrior - the Mother of the World. She Has created Hierarchy Light‘s and dark was shown in a true look.

In 1921 in Germany has been created fascist National – the socialist party which in 1933 has brought to power Hitler under the most powerful hypnosis of Jehovah.
In 1931 have begun in Space fight – «Armageddon». During fight, to delay forces By this time the devil already had a preparation. The shoemaker Alois Schiklgruber (Adolf Hitler‘s father) at mature age married the daughter of a kelner from Bucharest, the Jew, by the name of Hitler. The bride was ugly, quarrelsome and is 15 years more senior. Kelner has promised Alois a dowry, but has set a condition: having married, the shoemaker will take a surname of the father-in-law. But the old man has deceived Alois – has died, without having managed to write wills. The little also Alois‘s spouse has died later (according to the scenario of a devil). As a result of all combinations the Austrian shoemaker has inherited from the father-in-law only a surname. Upset with failure, Alois married on servants deceased – Clara Peltz, mother of future chancellor of the German empire – Adolf Hitler. Jehovah a devil has achieved the; to prove the reason, allegedly Adolf Hitler‘s hatred to Jews, frankly he embodied the ideas – haft the blame for the extermination of Jews in Hitler. The purpose to fill space negative energy, to blow up the Planet; for this purpose all means is good. Jehovah entered Hitler in an astral body on meetings, meetings, told it lips and influenced public. Vibrations of astral bodies of the demon and person different, therefore person gradually from impacts of powerful vibrations collapses. Result is Parkinson‘s illness (this disease for godlessness - isn't treated). She it isn‘t treated a spiritual disease. After rough performances before crowd Hitler rode on to floor; having risen and having exempted from a devil, I was faded and suppressed. To Hitler compatriots prepared attempt more than once, but Jehovah prevented it, and Hitler or was late, or wasn‘t in the appointed place at all. Hitler was operated Jehovah. Obsession also created concentration camps where poisoned in gas chambers of people of all nationalities, and especially Jews.

In 1941 in Kiev 200 thousand people were shot and dumped in « A woman‘s ravine»; the ground was still moving over those, who are asleep alive. At this time the Catholic Church under the influence of Jehovah made plans: to strengthen banks of Vatican and to subordinate to the ruling hand all Christian world. The Catholic Church has accepted a devil in the seventh century therefore supported Hitler and the atheist Mussolini. In the Western Ukraine Jehovah devil has subordinated himself one representative Greek – Catholic Church, The metropolitan, the count Andrei Sheptitsky who together with clergy actively supported arrival German – fashist occupation. Obsessed Sheptitsky supported OUN. «From July 1 to 6 July 1941 chasteners from groups of nationalists where served as chaplains uniatsky priests, have carried out in the city of Lvov mass punishments over representatives Polish intellectuals, Soviet authorities, communists and Jews. It has been shot and hung up, on to different estimates, from 3 to 5 thousand people among whom there were tens of eminent persons of science and cultures, including – academicians, professors of the Lvov university». (Yaroslav Galan, «On to service at of the satan is»). Yaroslav Galan was killed by OUN with the axe on the head (a method of Jehovah). Who OUN operated? Jehovah! The devil incited «haves» against Councils, and he was what to lose: banks, real estate. At devil other world orders – the capital. But Light always wins against darkness! In 1949 Lucifer has been expelled from our Solar system. Now the dark has passed in direct submission the Demon Universal Brama. Children of persons of the third Reich remember the parents, also are horrified from deeds them. The scenario of World War II with concentration camps has been prepared by Lucifer-Jehovah! And third Reich played roles under his hypnosis. The Karma, exact Space Scales will judge Jehovah devil, the law of retaliation leaving to Saturn!
E. HODOS in the book «Antichrist» writes, that in 1970 in the city of Lubavichi rabbi on created the Jewish the National fascist organization. Wrote «Catechizes» the charter, where too, as well as Hitler, extols the nation. Don‘t sing the praises of Shneerson, it too it was obsessed Jehovah-devil. Shneerson catechism is the echo of the book Protocols of the Elders of Zion would be to call «Protocols of Zion fascists» more precisely. Sense is as follows: to bring Jews-rakshas‘to power in all states and to the population forcibly to impose all Judaism. Newly elected mayor of our city of the beginnings of «reform»: has renamed the name of Minim Street on the rabbi Shneerson. I hope that Hitler Street and Gregory Rasputin (is two incarnate devil) won‘t be. Jehovah‘s parting word to rakshasa: «Everything that you see – is yours». The devil has elected the rakshasa-raider and black-red has given him «a flag in hands» (colors of a devil), and the rakshas has surpassed Ostap Bender. In gratitude have constructed the 18th floor synagogue, the biggest is in Europe. He is the chairman of presidium Jewish, European communities; laughs much..., before that as to cry long on Saturn. Personally Jehovah devil protects a synagogue, that to attract admirers to recruitment. Satan brings to power of rakshas – it is «fiddle while Rome burns».
OBSESSION is suppression of will of the person. People the obsessed are dangerous. It is a virus. Addicts, alcoholics, gluttons, serial murderers, thieves, perverts is all obsessed. Not they commit crimes, them directs Jehovah-devil with the army of demons. Demons is died perverts’ and criminals. Jehovah is the werewolf! Obsessed is after death get in its army: Chikatilo, Grabovoy, S. S. Konovalov (doctor) and all pastors of sects also to this group. Don‘t read S. S. Konovalov book («The book which treats») in them it is imprinted devilish energy, which destroys the person, temporary hypnosis. After these books people die in psychiatric hospitals. In the middle of the third radical race Lunar Pitri created the first people from three lowest principles. Animals had a division of floors earlier and they started breeding sexually. So as lunar Pitri – "founders" didn't give to the person brains under the decree of Jehovah, the head was flat and disk-shaped. Jehovah deliberately created the imperfect person to put the beginning of its moral decay. «Founders" entered in thin bodies the created bodies human and, having forgotten about "greatness" and copying behavior of animals began to copulate with their females. The Lord of the Moon – Jehovah too passed this way of falling and produced anthropoids. It really the founder and the creator … monkeys, they are his children, shaggy and jump on all fours.
Jehovah and Lilithтлемуры ”Children

A dinosaur (from copulation Jehovah‘s and lunar pitri with dinosaurs is have occurred monkeys).2. Jehovah and Lilith (first wife of Pederast‘s Jehovah). 3. Cow My (second common-law wife of Pederast's Jehovah).

As a result of scientific search of scientists it was revealed that at monkeys a negative Rhesus factor and they are AIDS carriers. But, for monkeys this is natural state; God is have provided protection of animals against violence by the person. Distributors of AIDS are perverts and addicts. * Jehovah was one of the first distributors of AIDS. It also is the first addict and the distributor of all venereal diseases. The name of a scientific subject for Darwin was prompted by the zoophile Jehovah to direct him on a false way and itself to rehabilitate. Darwin before death refused the theory about origin of monkeys.
Jehovah was "reason deprived", an animal; without brains. Great Maitreya has implanting to brains zoophile Jehovah and Lunar Pitri‖. First wife of Jehovah by the name of Lilith was the monkey born from the father (people) and mother (an animal a monster). The second wife (civil) was a big cow (animal). In space is the movie is in which Jehovah is depicted during process of copulation with a cow. After Jehovah's falling, he became a laughing-stock for lunar gods and angels, some of them left (those, whom Demon Brama has violently determined to the Moon by the scenario) at once to the Sun. God punished Jehovah. What sort it is punishment? Condemnation on the conclusion is in the lowest or lowest area which is our Earth, the lowest in the chain. On "Eternity", - means duration of one Cycle of Life in darkness of a matter or in the animal person. But having fallen down Earth (on our head) it rolled down on the bottom; decayed it and decomposed mankind. The hell is that place where the devil governs; Jehovah devil governs on Earth - the Prince of this World. Means, it also turned our Earth into a hell.
«John the Evangelist's revelation" was written by Jehovah and speaks about himself in the third party.
Ch.12/7. "Also there was in the sky a war: Michael and his Angels were at war against a dragon, both the dragon and his angels were at war opponent them, 8 but didn't resist, and there was no place already for them in the sky. 9. And to throw there was a great dragon, an ancient serpent called by a devil and a satan seducing all Universe (Jehovah is the liar, it ennobled himself is inclined to a hyperbole; Jehovah a satan of our Planet), dumped on the earth, and angels (demons) of his dumped with it. 12.So, you have fun heaven and living on them! A grief living on land and sea because to them has descended devil in strong rage, knowing that he remains to him time not much".
Ch. 13/18. «Who has mind, that consider number of Beast, because this number human: number its six hundred sixty six». Ch. 17/11. «And the Beast, who was and which isn’t present, is the eighth (seven Archangels and eighth «Lucifer»), and from among seven, and will go to death». (The eighth – «Lucifer» is expelled from our Solar system in Silence Silence on 1000 eyars). Seven thousand years ago back Jehovah was embodied the tsar of Ceylon owed a bowl patience of gods, and they solved it physically to eliminate. The tsar of India «A Rama (an embodiment of the Great Lord of the Shambhala) struck with «the Striking Beam» Ravana-Jehovah and relieved the population the lake of Lanki from it harmful influence. Six thousand years ago was embodied demigod Indra is generation of darkness (Jehovah). Is a story that Indra became once a pig, got a female a pig and pigs, rolled in dirt and was absolutely happy. Some other gods saw it in this low condition, approached to it and told: «You possessing the power, why you here»? Indra told: «Leave me, to me here it is good, don’t care of heavens, while have this pig and pigs». Poor gods became to the deadlock, without knowing what to do. After a while they decided to come quietly and to kill one pig, and then another, etc., yet won’t interrupt all pigs and a pig. When the pig and pigs were dead, Indra began to cry and sob. Then gods unstitched his pork body; it left it and, having regained consciousness, started laughing, telling what disgusting dream to it dreamed. He, the demigod, suddenly addressed in a pig and considered, that only this swinish life and is possible; besides, he wanted that this life of all Universe became same swinish». (Svami Vivekananda, «My Teacher»). Hitler operated Jehovah he and created concentration camps where poisoned in the gas cameras of people all nationalities and especially Jews. Poor Jews! What destiny was presented to them by the demon Jehovah; he revenged for worship Michael the Archangel in Lemuria, India and Egypt. Moisey Gave to Jews esoteric knowledge, but Jehovah threw out law of karma and transformations. To me it happened in a synagogue to read all books and magazines, with which librarian allowed to use. Strikes Jehovah! After death Moisey’s the power passed to his pupil Jesus to Navin, which took Jehovah under the management; forced Jews to go on the populated other people of the earths, to cut out all and to be installed in their houses, having appropriated their property. It is in Old Testament (Torah) called «to clear away to itself place». Still (according to the legend), local inhabitants remember also call Jesus Navin bandit. Great Moisey is God! Nasty Jehovah – devil. Transmigration of Jews from Sinai on the populated lands, eternal fight and hatred between Arabs and Jews is generation of the destructive energy, which work for darkness. I had enough in a synagogue to re-read some books and magazines. In magazine the Lechaim were printed two articles, women write to them; one watched transmission about concentration camps and thought, that destruction of Jews is punishment for those hundreds thousands destroyed children, old men and women Jehovah. In the other article: it is known, that revolution in Russia was made by Jews, god punished them for it concentration camp. For participation in revolution Jehovah-devil revenged all Jews; at a devil other world order is the capital. Riots of Jews is Jehovah’s idea; in total for this purpose, that to rally this distressful people and to warn against assimilation among other people. Jew is not a nationality, but belonging to tribes; the Jew in Aramaic language the word «ivri», – «alien». The words Jews and Jude are synonymous. The Jew can to become any the person who has accepted religion Judaism. Those, who live
in Israel but do not practice Judaism, are Israelis. Who was born in Russia, in Ukraine or in any country of the world is a Russian, Ukrainian etc. Belonging to a religion is not a nationality. If the parents practice Judaism, and their children do not recognize the religion at all, so parents are the Jews and the children are atheists. But the lack of spirituality is not a dignity is. Person has to be spiritually competent, for this purpose and is given it the reason the lowest and the highest. Intelligence is the lowest. Now there is one expression: I’m self-sufficient. The word is composed of two bases: self and sufficiency. Self comes from the word selfishness and sufficient from the words sufficiency. It means the selfish person with money. In this case, there are the four lower principles and the highest three are silent, and they are waiting for a human choice. If a person even with high intelligence mired in the matter, the decomposition will begin. Wars, a partition of the states, sects, drugs, different types of sexual perversions, obsession of mankind are work of powers of darkness. Example is Yugoslavia. Pitted the people of different nationalities and religions, unleashed long-term civil war, then came «all-planet peacekeepers», blew up all significant constructions, communications and left, having left ruin and the dismembered state. The main thing is a partition. Dark don’t love unification. To humor supporters of the affected people, Jehovah defamed «the main peacekeeper» (all arranged – Monica Lewinski) and blew up skyscrapers! In day of the tragedy to the USA, in the city of Petersburg famous doctor S. S. Konovalov carried out a Seans. People, comers, suggested to honor victims a rising and moment of silence. The doctor K. refused to make it, told that foreknew about this tragedy (to him informed Jehovah) and that this famous of the USA for Yugoslavia. Who organizer of war in Yugoslavia? Jehovah devil! Mister President of the USA will be vigilant – in New-York was dug round very dangerous and artful enemy billionaire George Morgan (incarnate devil Jehovah). In recent times all the American Presidents mark their reign by military intervention as peacemakers do not aggravate your karma and karma of the country you are already punished, you and so punished are by that, the devil is in your territory. Those, who worships to Jehovah-satan-devil, – will leave with it to Saturn. The planet is yet ready, there only a kernel in a dense condition and three gaseous rings. The century dark lasted 432 thousand years. Jehovah time expired in 1942; it is time to leave from our Planet Earth and to take away with itself the army of demons. Even those, who worship to Jehovah, know who is he, but are afraid to depart from him, because it is angrily terry; will revenge and will destroy. Clings to sectarians, got a false idea myself «father» of the Christ. There can’t be Jehovah the father of the Christ!! They belong to two resisting forces! In the Bible continuous juggling, the devil distorted all. God doesn’t encroach on a free will of the person, and that would blow off dark from a planet power of thought as become obsolete the term – religions are darkened, the demonism is imposed. To be late on our planet, Jehovah dismissed a web of sects, wound all former Soviet Union. Sects: Christian, «Witnesses of Jehovah», «Mormons», «Anthroposophy», «Congress» – one field is berry. Lords sectarians! It is the recruitment to the Saturn! We are in material bodies and are attached to a matter, and it is time to lift spirit, spirituality. Use material benefits, don’t become attached to him. Worship the one to God; hence it come the word monotheism. The Christ is bait in sects; they believe in the devil and in the Christ, He does not need them. Anybody so didn’t humiliate the Christ, as Christians, including a devil-Jehovah with «father» of the Christ. Misters sectarians, be defined with whom you. You pray only to one essence and you don’t say a name another. The devil deliberately, with a distant sight, has inserted Judaism (Old Testament) before Christianity (New Testament). Declared myself is false «Father» Christ’s. «The space Reason is Hierarchy of Light or Yaakov’s Ladder. And, the wreath of this Hierarchy consists of Spirits or the Reasons which have finished the human evolution on those or other planet in this or that Solar system, so-called Planetary Spirits. All gods passed evolution of the person on various planets in a physical body. The highest Hierarch of our Planet is one of the finest Diamonds in the Wreath of Space Reason is Great Maitreya»! There is a uniform chain of Hierarchy of Light, proceeding in Boundlessness. On one end of a ladder of Yaakov (Hierarchies), stretching from Heavens to the Earth, there is a Divine Christ – the Spirit, the Highest Being subjective, invisible, and incomprehensible. On other is its visible manifestation, «Sacrificial Fire» – M.: Not rough fire, and Spirit, the divine Spirit which visible embodiment is fire. «Space garbage» together with the leader Jehovah-devil-satan will leave from a planet. Mysterious are the ways of the Lord, and the Victory, the foreordained Hierarchy of Light, will exceed our imagination. There will be a TV channel which will give to mankind knowledge of theosophy. Brown gas which is generation of the person from irritations and foul language can be discharged by spirituality awakening in the person. Is told that where the insult and derogation of the carrier of Light is allowed, there will ask from all country. On change the dark will come Century of Light «Golden Age». It will last 1 828 000 years. People and planet will be in the facilitated bodies – there no will be matter, the evil, borders and nationalities. There will be paradise which we have to create. Now we have a hell, unfortunately, from long-term stay of darkness. Sectarians detain them. The Great Lord of Shambhala, Maitreya has given us a new Teaching Living Ethics through his disciples. According His Beam the following books were written:
1.Helena Blavatsky: 1.1. Isis Revealed. 1.2. The Secret Doctrine (two volumes). 1.3.The Voice of silence. The Letters.
2. Helena Rerich: 2.1. Agni Yoga (The Teaching is of Living Ethics). 2.2. The Letters, nine volumes.
3. Boris Abramov: 3.1. Facets Agni Yoga, (22 volumes, 1951–1972). Great Teacher and Great Lord Shambhala Maitreya – M.: three points: the first – Maitreya (Wisdom is the Buddha), the second – the Messiah (Christ), the third – Muntazar (Islam). From these books about Hierarchy of Light, about embodiments of Teachers and the Great Lord of M.:
The doctrine which the Christ gave 2000 years ago, is given in a condensed form, and now is given in an expanded form. We will render M.: praise: «Yes will revive the Lord (in our hearts), and all enemies his will be chiseled». Laws of the Karma and reincarnation were thrown out from the New Testament. Karma – is work, the Space Law of Punishment; Space Scales exact, all our life registers on «Movie» which then show in God’s court о on whish be present all wishing, earlier died. Here it also is – secret becomes obvious. «The life Book» in which all our only good, disinterested deeds register is at the same time written. Often, after past life the page remains empty and the person is again embodied, yet won’t start doing good things for people. Talents, appearance, growth, parents we meet with the deserts the last past life. Humpbacked, paralytics, disabled people punishment for the sins made in last embodiments. The bum is the one, who was satiated with the power and dipped a hand into the state budget. During Great Arrival the Lord won’t come in a physical body and Will come as Light from the East. With It will come New Energy from the Highest Worlds and all people will be divided on the Treatment of light and shade. At those, who trusts in a shadow (Jehovah), covers (a physical body) will burn down there will be a consciousness, they will be removed to Saturn (the characteristic of Saturn is given above). Those, who trust to the public will remain on Earth and will live in «Golden Age». Who trusts in two gods, is sit on two chairs, will be destroyed as Space litter construction material for consolidation of bark of a new planet (if don’t think again). After Great Arrival is one is from two remains! If in any book is though one word against powers of Light, or impose thoughts of return of paganism, know that Jehovah – a devil exercises the wit in different options of «activity». Jehovah will leave from our Planet to Satyrn together with the army. Jews and sectarians with it won’t leave, at the last moment will refuse. Why to go together with a scum of society? Repeat daily seven times of the word: «Maitreya, Victory and Love». Fill space with Light. Every Sunday approve the words «The Dark Will Leave from the planet Earth». We will praise Great Maitreya». Yes will revive the Lord (in our hearts), and His all enemies will be chiseled».

Chapter 2. Heavenly is Jerusalem. Гора М
«Every time requires it is messenger. And each messenger brings the tidings which are especially needed this time». (E.I.Rerich). A great and high mountain in Himalayas is Everest – 8.888 km and the Holy City of Jerusalem is Shambhala. Shambhala is a sacred place where the terrestrial world comes into contact with the highest state of consciousness. It is known in the East that there are two Shambhala: the first one is terrestrial and the other one is invisible. There is the Mother of the world at the top Everest in the mental body, who is the creator of the Hierarchy of the Light. Shambhala was created the power through of Lord‘s M.: Simultaneously witch of the planets. It is a city with in the mountains. There are around 100 entities. There are seventy five God-women in the astral bodies and twenty five God-men. Some of them are in physical bodies. They are the greatest spirits, who have incarnated on the Planet to bring the Knowledge and to accelerate the evolution of humanity. Their astral bodies are tightened; they wear clothes and shoes. They create everything be means of power of the thought. The idea is the most subtle and powerful energy. In Shambhala is the center the All-initial energy, which sends it around the world. This energy compresses astral bodies. There are our compatriots in Shambhala: V. Lenin, A. Pushkin, Alexander II, S. Kovalevsky, and E. Blavatsky (now in man body), E. Rerich in the astral body is the Empress of Shambhala. I Him saw: in a crown, in a dress of violet color with a long sleeve, shoes on a flat sole without heels. N. K. Rerich in new incarnation is a young monk in the physical body is Panchen a lama of the monastery temple «Tashilhunpo» in sity of Shihadze (Tibet). Shambhala is surrounded by high impassable mountains covered with snow. There is a plane inside where vegetables and wheat, many flowers, mostly roses are grown. There are hot springs. Those entities that live in Shambhala in physical bodies eat vegetable food. There is a hostel on the territory in which live about one hundred disciples. All the Archangels are shown in Shambhala in the astral bodies. The Great Maitreya worked in the Heavenly Shambhala in the Thin body (Dokiud). Its terrestrial Shape differs nothing from terrestrial inhabitants and It didn’t realize the Greatness in the Worlds of the Highest. All occult schools and Ashrams are bound by indissoluble thread with Shambhala. Once every seven years, Great Teachers gather at the Board in the Ashram, which is located on an island in the middle of the lake in the Gobi desert (China). All Ashrams are connected among themselves by tunnels of such sizes that the rider on a horse can freely move on them. The main mission of the Hierarchy of Light, which rules on the Earth since immemorial times, is called by people the White Brotherhood. White Brotherhood is led by the Highest, the Lightest Spirit, which in the Scriptures called Divine and the Beautiful the Archangel Michael. He is the First among the Great Hierarchs of the Solar system, and the First among the Higher Hierarchs of our Planet. The Lord of Shambhala is the Fire Mover of life and fire of the Mother of the World. His breath burns with the flame and His heart is ablaze with fire. Maitreya is Invincible. He will never violate the good heart. He will appreciate every heartfelt aspiration. He knows what the appreciation is. He knows how to direct to the shortest path. He gives good ways. He does not count the distance, because he knows the measures not of these parts. He says the one going to the West: Turn to the East. He will turn the person heading toward the North to the South. He will whisper, not to unsaddle horses at night and not to close the entrance of the tent. He says to retreat there where human consider it as falling back. He said the divergent: – You approach. He is pushing not counting the earthly measures. He leads to understanding. He knows the invisible measures of time. He turns the arrows of the demons; He pierces the darkness with invisible light. He will not leave, if you not reject the Leading Hand. Life says: come and you will see, wish and you will know. Our heart bound with Heart and Consciousness the Highest Hierarch of our Planet introduces us to the powerful stream of the Outer Magnet. All philosophy, all religions came from Sole Source and the great minds that brought the Light and gave impetus to the birth of thought at the dawn of our humanity, continued to bring it all over the slow process of human consciousness evolution. Seven Great Spirits and the Highest among them, taking Watch of the peace, appeared on all turning points of our Planet. In Shambhala, there is World Government. They know the future development of all states. Lords of karma can tell you how to avoid the bad effects. So, messengers were sent to Napoleon and Hitler, that warned them not to go to the East, and their end was decided beforehand. They did not listen. Himalaya White Brotherhood helped Russia during the ordeal in the war with Germany. During battle the Armageddon between forces of Light and Darkness 1931-1949, all the brunt fell on the shoulders of the Great Maitreya. The battle was fought by energies. Bloody sweat appeared on her forehead and hands of the Great Lord Maitreya from the progressed pressure. The end battle was predetermined Lucifer it is expelled out of the Solar system. Against the Lord no one is strong! «Shambhala is the Community of Adherents and Archats; the Stronghold is vanguard of evolution, project bureau, Lords – planner‘s planet–space scale. In total from them! They saturate space with images of those forms which shall be realized». In the east the Truth is accepted that the Single Greatest
Spirit is a Creator of our consciousness and Christ Redeemer of our mankind. This spirit is Vishnu’s Avatar also Appears on Earth every time when the mankind reaches a deadlock and the consciousness shift is necessary! Thus, all systems of the World are Shapes of the same Spirit – the Avatar of Vishnu which Was shown as Rama, Krishna, Kapila, Gautama Buddha, Moria (Christ), Maitreya, Kalki of Avatars (the seventh race of Rama). Three Avatars: Krishna, Christ, Maitreya is full Manifestation of the Father of the Universe. It was shown and in other shapes, less bright, but always truly selfless. Avatar is Degression of the Highest Spirit. Vishnu is machismo the Universe, the Founder and the Creator. Lakshmi is a feminine. In total is from Them. Maitreya always when the mankind reaches a deadlock, Goes down to the dense world and Undertakes a heavy burden is atonement of acts human. Saturation of the Planet negative energies from irritations, negative thoughts, words and acts can lead to the planet-wide tragedy. The earth is covered with a dense bed of dark energies, and saving Beams of planets of the Lord of Shambhala and Mother of the World can’t break through to clear Earth. Shambhala works without issue and a salary, burning the Light human emissions poisonous gas imperils. We shall protect our House because on other planets there are no corresponding conditions for us. Everyone planet‘s pass seven circles of evolution of the person in our Solar system. We are in the fourth circle, all other planets or pass the ways passed by us, or were ahead of us. On each planet the mankind corresponds to that circle in which exists. On Venus people live in the seventh circle in the facilitated bodies, as well as the planet. There are no borders, there are no nationalities, employ on color of aura which displays thoughts? There are no diseases! There is no radio, phone, television, different types of transport; all this is in the person. At all the centers are open. People are gods! Upon termination of the seventh circle people will leave Venus on the highest planet. To us, people of Earth still it is necessary to pass this way.
Accepted the Doctrine of Living Ethics, will leave with the Lord on his Star Uranium which in last cycle was our visible Sun, but because of diskly chilling departed out of limits of our Solar system and it is filled with energies of the central Sun above which there Is an Absolute Almighty! Before leaving to Saturn Jehovah wants to blow up Earth. Everywhere, where war flares, there is a process of forcing of destructive energies. Beams of planets of the Lord of Shambhala and Mother of the World will divide people on of light and shade. Those, who trust to the public will be salvaged and will live on Earth in the Golden Age – 1 828 000 years. For this period people on our Planet will reach the level which now on the planet Venus and will leave on the highest planet. All countries professing the Buddhism at the beginning of the twentieth century waited for the New Doctrine. In all temples and on approaches faces of Great Lord M.: were already represented: The doctrine was this in Russian for Russia. Church fathers persist, collectively reject and are intellectually mobile that it wasn’t necessary to hear the known words: «I never knew you; depart from me, doing lawlessness». (Matfey, ch. 7/23). God doesn’t need those, who don’t distinguish Light from darkness. The New Doctrine of Great Maitreya, the Lord Shambhala is given. Before Great Receipt we shall change our spirit, be prepared for a meeting with it; to master the Doctrine not to be destroyed as space litter. We will be prepared for a meeting and we will enter «Golden Age» with expanded consciousness and with a sincere heart. And all will arrive on time: the rivers will run, the woods will rise, and herbs will rise everywhere to all the term. Both left on an error human, and will come on a approve thought. They will send when it is necessary when we manage to identify and accept. Deep value has the Muslim legend. Jesus’ mother was at Mahomet‘s mothers before the prophet’s birth. Mountain Moria is the mountain to Mery, here the beginning of all travelers, is erected the first image Blessed here – Great Maitreya.
The new Doctrine is based on heart and the clarified reason. There is no best Friend, than the Great Teacher M.: also it is necessary to look for ways of approach to It. E. P. Blavatsky, E.I. and N. K. Rerich saw Great Lord M.: in physical and astral bodies. E. P. Blavatsky: «…absolutely regular features, a dense head of hear of color of a black wing, it is very beautiful, especially growth and a figure. Mighty constitution is. A young face by sight 30 years (in a physical body)». E. I. Rerich: «…woke up suddenly from very bright Light and saw the figure of the Person which is lit up by bright shine with unusually beautiful face. After fear the thought was replaced with Unusual, incomparable feeling Presence of the Highest Force». N. K. Rerich: «In silence there was a vision. Light objects were performed, and the Face of the Great Guest began to shine. Also He closed lips, both crossed hands, and his each hair streamed Light. And bottomless its eyes fixedly shone». Look for ways of approach to the Lord. Great Maitreya creates the Sixth Race; «Agni Yoga» is the Call!

Chapter 3. Great Maitreya (El Moria) is the Great Lord of Shambhala.
Divine Christ

Great Maitreya – Divine Christ, Supreme, the Father of the Universe, the Founder is and Creator
Exists two «Uniform» is. One is on the inaccessible plan of the Absolute and Boundlessness, about which any conclusions are impossible. The second «Uniform», on plan «Proceed». The first can’t to proceed, to be a dividend, because it is eternal, it is absolute and immutable. The second, being reflection of the first «Uniform», «because it is Logos, or Ishwara (the God) in the illusory Universe», can. It radiates from itself seven Beams, or Dhiani Cogan’s, or Elohim’s, or Archangels in Christianity. Onereal becomes differently-real. Energy works as uniform energy through Logos (or to Ishvara). Now Supreme is a uniform essence (two in one), from which proceeds and starts existing center energy , which is called Logos … It is called Christians Verb and it is a Divine Christ, which is eternal in a bosom of the Father, It is called as Avalokiteshvara Buddhists. Almost in each doctrine it was formulated existence of the center of the spiritual energy, which it isn’t born and eternal, and exists in a bosom Supreme in time rest between cycles, and arises as the center conscious energy during the conscious activity. Ishvara (Logos) is a Spirit, a complex unity of manifested live spirits, the primary source and all the world’s monads (and their divine reflection) that occurred from the Logos and returned to him at the end of his time. Ishwara is the God. The second «Uniform» is the Sound (Shabda – Sanskrit), the Word which on our Planet became flesh. Maitreya is the shown Father of the Universe, the Creator and the Creator! Lord M.: there is the Highest, Lightest Spirit of our Planet, Solar system and the Universe. The Lord will Leave and will Rule forever, but then once again will Come to us as the Second Coming is Great Arrival.
The first Archangel is a position which is taken up by the Lord Shambhala during passing of evolution of the person. Maitreya is First Beam of the Father of the Universe. The first Beam is equated to That from Whish this Beam precedes. Vishnu – a machismo, the Father Universe, God, Founder and Creator, reflection of Absolute, Supreme Deity! Maitreya is full manifestation of Vishnu. He is All. Monad is the same as Absolute, a particle of the divine Monad, the information or thought of the Father, being enveloped by the energy it always remains the part of the Absolute. From the Energy Center, i.e., Ishvara (the Divine Christ), are all the gods, stars, planets, the Divine Christ is the God of all gods, He is Universe! In our Universe is eight million four hundred thousand species of living beings; four hundred thousand people and eight million flying sailing, running and crawling ones. On the East is accepted the Truth that the Single Greatest Spirit is the Creator of our consciousness and our Savior of the mankind. This spirit is the Avatar of Vishnu and appears on the Earth every time when humanity comes to a deadlock, and needs a shift of consciousness! Thus all the systems of the World are the Images of one and the same Spirit – Avatar of Vishnu. He was shown in other guises, less bright, but always true selfless. The Greatest Spirit of our Solar system came in diminished shapes to reach and raise the consciousness of the masses much easier. High Spirit, taking the earthly Shape, was no different from earthly creatures and didn’t realize His Greatness in the Higher Worlds. Great Lord of Shambhala, Maitreya is the World Teacher, the King of Kings, the Teacher of Teachers and Lord among the Lords. The Messiah of the Jews is identical Maitreya, Kalki Avatar (incarnation of the God), Muntazar (Muslims Messiah) – the Highest Shape, that should appear on the change of the race to give a new proclamation and to install the vibration, which will sound as new cycle of spiritual evolution. All the Higher Cosmic views will get their form or will be personified in the God likeness, the human. Great Put Maitreya – 3000 embodiments are passed a half of the planned Way.
Great Maitreya Passed the Way from "the pastor of sheep" to Supreme. All embodiments His were steps Ascension.This powerful Spirit was Manifested in:

King Menes – he united southern and northern Egypt in one State. Constructed the general for all state irrigational systems is. From association Egypt began the dynastic era of is the greatest of the Pharaohs.

Pharaoh Ramses II Under his rule Egypt has reached a considerable power. He conducted a long struggle with the Hittites, the result of which was fixing for Egypt of Palestine and Southern Syria. He built a lot of temples and hearses. In the north-eastern Nile Delta he built the city Per-Ramses (Tennis), and repulsed the attack on Lower Egypt of Sea Peoples.

Osiris is also the representative Ether, the first depiction the radiation of the Highest Deity. Amon is the Primary Source of Light. Osiris was executed, dismembered in fourteen pieces (two by seven). Later He Resurrected as a Christ. (Jehovah, the devil, the Owner of the Earth dealt shortly with those, who brought the Light to people).

Osiris was twice embodied in Egypt and governed wisely. Great Maitreya created Egyptians, they is His First-born. The Lord of the Shambhala Gave to Egyptians of Knowledge: maintaining agriculture, construction of houses, roads and temples. Gave to Egyptians the religion based on pure philosophy.

Origen is the writer; philosopher (came to indicate the church fathers are on simplification and the changes is in Christianity the book. About Beginnings‖, he wrote the 2000 books, which were kept in the library of Alexandria. When persecutions are begun He went to Palestine and Opened Christian school for children there. He was beaten and imprisoned for seven years. He could get out of the body and fly away in the Stronghold, but he Spent the entire time, using time, that given the knowledge of esoteric. He is highly revered as the Great Martyr and the Torch of true Christianity.
Western Church listens to the steps of the spirit evolution and starting to study the writings of Origen. Our Orthodox Church still considers him as a heretic.

Akbar - the Great Mogul – was emperor of Mongolia; he combined religions and expanded the lands by conquest. Akbar the Magnificent, Blessed, Akbar, the favorite person of the gods and the ―Beauty of the throne of the world, here is a list of adjectives to his name. The emperor of Mongolia combined the two countries: Mongolia and Northern India.

Gesser–Han – was the legendary Mongolian Khan (eleventh century), the hero of Central Asia epos. He is the Lord of the 10 countries of the world, the eradicator of 10 evils in 10 countries of the world. He is the protagonist of Tibetan, Mongolian, and Bury folklore, associated is in the minds of the people of the East and Asia with the image of the Lord of Shambhala.

The Rama is Vishnu's Avatar, the tsar of India, Supreme Krishna - is Vishnu's full manifestation the creator of the ―Bhagavad Gita). These are some incarnations of the Great Lord of Shambhala Maitreya. That is why the Appearance of Maitreya is so majestic, so powerful. He is the Teacher of Teachers.

Avatar Rama embodiment is 7000 years ago; Supreme Krishna is 6000 years ago. That is why you should think of this Image greatness of and show understanding to be able to face the Ruler.

Now imagine the Fiery Humility, fiery Selflessness, and Self-sacrifice, of this true Leader of peoples, the Creator and Lord. Who can resist His Fiery Power when it will be manifested throughout its force?

Buddha – The White Illumined (illumination is the accumulation of centuries-old deposits of energies, crystallized for many dedicated lives); all the Greatest, the Highest is that Identity. There is no greater expression of the Great Secrets of life than in Sunny Hierarch Bishop Maitreya, the Lord Christ, and the Lord Buddha. The Great of Holder and Creator!

Buddha Maitreya, the Christ is a Single Ego. All religions are from a single source. Christ it is approved in the Teachings the Greatest. Even in early Christianity, you can find an understanding that A Great Spirit descended to the Earth and incarnated there, where was shown a need for a new understanding of the Truth.

It's time for humanity to move closer to the World Cosmic mystery of Jesus Christ, revealed with each cycle, - Maitreya. Building of space, the process of evolution does not need only new enlightened minds, but love and beauty.

Chronology of the Christ life is inaccurate. Great Teachers put the birth of Jesus to the earlier date.

The assertion that the Lord Maitreya and Christ is the same Individuality is the Truth. But the Truth is not proved. In Theosophical literature one can find indications that Jesus was the incarnation of the Great Teacher Kut Humi When there came time of the Passionate Way of the Crucifixion, into it is entered even more High Spirit, - Christ, which accepted the Epiphany from John the Baptist and thereby came nearer to new segments of the population also started preaching among the simply and poor. Jesus also was studied by the Great Wise Man of the East Rossul Moria and stayed there for at least seven years, after which they traveled through India together and then Jesus went with the blessing of the Lord of Moria to his country, but he was unable to finish its Mission there; he passionately overtired and got sick; and on the threshold of the transition to the underworld, appeared in front of him in the Thin Guise the Great Sage and offered him to finish his Mission, going into his body. Of course, the consent was given gladly. Yes, there were great Space reasons. Why did it need replacement and the continuation of this Mission?

All priests were waiting for the Messiah, the Great Spirit, like Moses, Solomon - is embodiment Lord Shambhala.

Moses, Solomon is the incarnation of the Great Lord of Shambhala Maitreya. Teacher of Teachers – the Lord Maitreya is the carrier of three Beams. Shape of Maitreya – the present Lord of the Shambhala. In Tibet Its images are in temples, on slopes of mountains Teacher of Teachers - the Lord Maitreya is the bearer of three Rays. The Appearance of the Great Maitreya is the current Lord of Shambhala. In Tibet He Depicted is in temples on the slopes of the mountains.

Georges the Victorious is.
Church legend tells about Georges the Victorious is carrier miracles during persecution on Christians in Turkey, including about its victory over a dragon. In Russia Life Georgia Victor formed the bases of the Russian spiritual verse in which He is organizer Earth Russian. In ancient Russia Georges the Victorious was often represented on the princely seals and coins, in imperial Russia – on the State Emblem. Georges the Victorious is Michael the Archangel's embodiment the Patron of Russia. Сергiй
Sergiy Radonezh of is one from incarnations of the Great Maitreya. God and the Motherland is what moved the life and destiny of the Reverend Sergius… And this love gave him the opportunity to so totally to the end to fulfill the commandment of the Lord of love to people. Sergius built communities; he rendered the territory of Russia, claimed orthodoxy, and helped Dmitry Donskoy in the fight against the foreigners.
Sergiy’ of Radonezh was the Defender of the Russian land. The monastery's wealth increased so much that the monastic Treasury could lend sums to state needs. His Abode helped Peter the First with the construction of the fleet. Sergiy was the leader; he breathed the heroic spirit is in the people. He directed it to the future. He will stay such leader now, for the link of the Great Spirits is indivisible with the trade and the feats of their lives. Subsequently, His Abode became the center of spiritual culture, the strength and refuge at the hard minutes of the Russian Land. His Life is permanent and joyous labor, both spiritual and physical. Thus from the desert-contemplator Sergiy of Radonezh grew up in a public figure and was prepared by inscrutable ways to the state role (to help the Homeland). His Abode, which was destined to play a huge role in spreading the spiritual culture and the strengthening of the Russian State, grew with Him.

Around the Abodes, which were built by Him and His disciples, grew villages. Sergiy sent the pupils to field works to peasants to help them to have an opportunity to speak about education of spirit. Illumined by Inexpressible Light (the radiance of light that cannot be conveyed by words) He Stands the Invisible Visible, is on the steps of the Grand Staircase of the Hierarchy of Light, he is ready at the specified hour to direct legions of Light Forces, ready to bless his people and its land leader to a new of the feat.

In pre-revolutionary time the feat of greatest Protector of Russia Sergiy was suppressed because he was a heretic, which used a two-fingered sign, in the eyes of some people. Russia admires before the Greatness of the Venerable Sergiy and gives the praise to Him your Great Patron is Patron of the Russian land. (Ponder who came in the Guise of Sergiy of Radonezh!) The Highest Hierarch of our Planet is the current Lord of Shambhala - Maitreya.

Seraphim of Sarovskiy are.
In 19 years Seraphim of Sarovsky Has come to Sarovo in the eve of a festival of Introduction to the temple of the Mother of God. Once on Him the gifts of the Holy Spirit (Mothers of the World) have descended. Seraphim Left monastery Has also left in the wood. He Has lodged in a wooden cell on the river bank of Sarovki, Has got a kitchen garden and an apiary. His clothes consisted of a white loose overall. In a behind a shoulder bag He always Carried the Gospel. It ate fruits of the kitchen garden. To him the great number of parishioners came; Seraphim Maked miracles on their eyes, Cured many patients whom smeared with oil from the icon lamps burning before a favorite icon of the Mother of God "Affection". Less, than in two years prior to the death of the Reverend to him the Virgin accompanied by many Saints with words last time Was: "There will be with us soon, a Favourite My". Seraphim of Sarovsky are one of the most esteemed Saints in Russia.

You can enumerate endlessly the embodiment of the Great Lord: Zeus, Osiris, Hermes, Zoroaster, Apollonius of Tyana, the Great Venetian and others.

Zeus, the thundered was the Ether, the Supreme God, the Lord of Gods and men; Managed all celestial phenomena, He Kept the public order and families, Installed the laws and customs.

Osiris in ancient is the Egyptian mythology one of more esteemed gods. Osiris was considered as god of grain and winemaking. As a solar Deity, it had twelve smaller gods below itself, - twelve zodiac signs" (Egypt Belief).

Hermes Trismegistus was three Times the Greatest, His treatises were devoted to the occult science: alchemy, astrology, magic and religious-philosophical Teachings, close to Gnosticism.

There were several Zoroaster’s or Zertust, a Dabistan has thirteen of them; but they all were incarnations of the first one. The last Zoroaster was the founder of the Temple of Fire in Azarekši and the writer of works (about the first religion of Mages), destroyed by Alexander.

Apollonius of Tyana was very rich, but Ate vegetable food, wore clothes Made of natural fabrics, Walked barefoot. He was an Apologist (Bearer of the Truth); He once ordered a disciple to collect a sufficient number of fragrant trees and the lay down in a cave like high Bed. Apollonius burned himself on fire and then the disciple heard under the arch of the cave his voice: So, I'm not dead, but am going to accept the Bowl of Apologist. By burning himself, He proved that life continues in the Subtle Worlds.

Venetian the Great is.
When the Venetia tribe was pressed and persecuted by impending barbarians, among them appeared an unknown high Shepherd, who pointed them to the lagoons, this fact served as a base of the city of Venice. Accepting this Appearance, He materialized himself, because at that time He had no physical body. Great Lord does not like to talk about the former incarnations, as they unwittingly turn the spirit back and may even hinder His rush to the future, when to save this yearning is the first people.

That is why we should not have think about the past, but about the present into the future. Lord of Shambhala is the Lord of the worlds; The Great Lord; The Leader of Higher Spirit World; The Leader of the Spirits World of Fire; The Leader of fire of the Mother of the Word, named the Lord of Compassion. He is the God of Love and Compassion, the God of Goodness and Light. He Covers everything space, being a spokesman of all expectations and wisdom.

Mankind comes to Me in different ways, but no matter how the man came through to Me on this journey I welcome, because all paths belong to Me - said God Krishna in His Lord's song Bhagavad-Gita. The Great Lord of Shambhala, Maitreya is manifested in the Human body Ishvara. He always appears as Manu (the Man) on the verge of two indigenous races. Descending from the higher planes where He is invisible to the human eye and without the form, He manifests in our Planet. He comes in the scopes of our Planet (mental, astral) and then manifests in the physical body. He is not born and will not die. He has an incomplete incarnation, it is a Great Value. (And who wants to know the details of his incarnations, one learns by reading the book Helena Rerich, “Letters”.

Therefore it isn't necessary to think of the past, but only of the present in connection with the future. Lord of Shambhala there is a Lord of the Worlds; Lord Great; Driver the Spirits the highest Worlds; Driver the Spirits the Worlds Fiery; the Engine of fire of Mother of the World is named by the Lord Compassions. He is God Love, kind and Light. He covers all space, being a spokesman of all expectations and wisdom. "The mankind comes to me in the different ways, but what ways the person wouldn't come nearer to me, welcome him because all ways belong to me", - God Krishna in the Lord's to the Has song told "Bhagavat-Gita". Great Maitreya is shown in a body of the Person, Ishvara. He always Appears as Manu (Person) on the verge of two radical races. Going down from the highest plans where He is invisible to human to an eye also no has form, it is Shown on our plan. It falls within the scope of our Planet (mental, astral) and, if necessary, it is shown in a physical body.

Gautama Buddha (623-544 BC) adopted its successor future Buddha-Maitreya. And Gautama
said his disciple: I am not the first Buddha, who came to this Earth and also will not the last. In definite time other Buddha will rise in the world, Hidden One, of the Higher insight, lighted by wisdom, happy, containing the whole Universe, the peerless leader, Lord of the Dev
Effulgent divine is and mortal ones. He will give you the same eternal truths that I have taught you. He will establish his law, savior at the beginning, savior in his an apotheosis, and savior
at the target is in the spirit and the word. It will herald a righteous life, perfect and clean, which is now taught his disciples and I. They would be calculated in the thousands, while my disciples are only hundreds. And asked his disciple: How will we recognize Him? Teacher replied: «Great Maitreya is His Name». What qualities the Lord Maitreya has to possess? – Maximum is development of Energy, courage, patience, constancy of aspiration and fearlessness. Energy is a basis of everything because in her one has put all opportunities. The doctrine of Maitreya is continuation of the Doctrine of Christ. The doctrine is given on consciousness of time!!

During partial breaks, or Updates of the planet or Solar system the Greatest Spirits (Jacob's Ladder) which are collectively representing Space Reason and the Creating Beginning hold patrol and plan future Cycle of Life of Solar system, or the Planet, and then are the chief performers of these tracings. The hierarchical Beginning is the Space Law, there is a principle leading therefore there is always also the highest Spiritual being or the Hierarch.

In human representation is such Highest Spirit merges with image of God personal and even god Universe is a Name to Him Maitreya.

The Hierarchy of Light– the link with Infinity, its mission on Earth from the ancient times was called the White Brotherhood by the peoples of the world. The concept of Hierarchy is discussed in the book the Teaching Agni Yoga. All philosophical systems of the East recognized a single reality. Except the basic reality of Unknowable Uniform, some systems recognize a personal God, Ishvara. Creative force, which creates a planetary system, that manages it and upon reaching the intended target of evolution tasks destroy it. Each planetary system has its God or as in Christian terminology, it’s Logos.

The world is ruled by the Creative Forces of the Space, comprising together the Divine Hierarchy, that is personal and only the gods, the beings who reside in the Universe. They all have divine status after passing through human evolution. They all obey the Single One standing at the head of the Celestial Hierarchy. They are all Sons of God, and Saviors. But at what stage is every Hierarch or Teacher, we do not know.

The concept of Hierarchy, as a single Brotherhood of Spiritual Teachers, is central for the Teaching of the Erving Ethics. Significant in the esoteric Teachings, notion of sacred personal spiritual mentor and Teacher is considered in Agni Yoga as a necessary condition of spiritual self-realization. A Teacher is someone who gives a person new knowledge, erecting its new steps to spiritual development. Those, who protects him from attack of evil by the forces at all levels and earthly, and astral, who is in the true sense of the word rules his spiritual evolution, using his own resources and knowledge, many times exceeding the strength and abilities of the disciple through spiritual-intellectual accumulation of the Teacher, the process of evolution of consciousness is accelerating exponentially. Guidance and assistance of the Hierarch during the years of incarnations allows the disciple to achieve the spiritual self-realization. Why do you need hundreds of incarnations if you step over the threshold by ten?

You need to decide for yourself, who from Teachers the Brotherhood it closer for you and then give yourself completely, without any limitations and conditions to this distinguished leadership. Establish itself by the heart on the Lord is the first condition for fire world. To take the Hand of the Lord is not enough without benefit of the heart. It should be remembered that the vibration and Karma are links to the Lord, the Fiery World. That is why put all your efforts and aspirations to better understand and apply the Teaching into practice and provide the rest to the Karma and great knowledge of the Lords.

Spiritual communication with the Teacher is built on deep and sincere feelings of love and gratitude to the Teacher from the disciple for the Sacrifice that He takes. No selfishness – only altruism and selflessness. Offer the Great Teacher Fire of Love, protect Him with veneration, and let’s find the most efficient, highest understanding of the Teaching and Decrees. True love, spiritual one is one of the most powerful and sophisticated space energy. Love is the universal law of evolution of the Universe. In space, the law is expressed in the universal magnetism and gravity particles of energy and elements. Space Magnet is the so-called power of Christ and the Power of Love Mother World.

Heart is really international body. If light is the symbol aura, then His parent is heart. Will ask: on what the Brotherhood Stronghold is under construction? Tell: "Doctrine of heart, work, beauty, evolution, tension, doctrine the most vital". When the mankind has lost the Doctrine basis, plunges into misunderstanding then on a prediction the most ancient Teachers the era of Maitreya will come.

The World Eye of Shambhala brings the Goodness the world of humanity, the Light on the path of humanity, the Star and directs all the travelers. The Lord of Shambhala is a planetary spirits leader, fiery ruler of life and fire of the World Mother. Shambhala Lord lives and breathes in the Heart of the Sun. He breathes the Truth and accepts it. Maitreya Teaching is the resurrection of the spirit and can accelerate the phenomenon of the Great Advent (the Second Coming) the conscious adoption of the Teaching of Lord Maitreya is the true resurrection!

Great Maitreya wants faster everything, wants all complete successfully, wants your joy, wants to give a gift to humanity and wants to transform the experience of life on Earth in the Radiance of the Mother of the World. Space lives on the greatness of the two Beginnings – the Lord Shambhala and the Mother of the World. The heart is a truly international body. If light is aura simple, the parent symbol is a heart. Before you read the new doctrine Agni Yoga, you need to prepare and read the main proceedings of H. Blavatsky. After the preparation – food, balance, silence, throwing the enemies, not to stick to the material things (you can use, but don't think about it), and start to learn the Teaching. If you do absolutely everything, you will be opened the cognitive world of the feelings that you will regret that touched this knowledge so late, nothing will remain from the past (forget the past, and present associate only with the future). Everything written in the Teaching, you will be shown in visions; Voice of Silence will prompt you in the puzzling of paragraphs, sentences, you to fill a quiet joy and happiness. All this will be provided after making all mandatory requirements. In front of you every night (and sometimes during the day with closed eyes) will open unusual you will see the dome of the sky with stars, flashes. Sometimes the Teacher Writes on the sky the advice; Shambhala will be Shown inside and out, but not immediately. The entire Space lives in rhythm and the book should be read accordingly every day at the same time.

You will be presented with ten previous incarnations in persons, find out in which country you lived, who you were. If you receive a physical pain, the Lord would withdraw it; He is very kind and attentive, and will help in all cases, you will feel Him always around if you will keep Him in mind. He is a Friend, never disappoint and He will always protect you, tell you of the best solution. You will receive energy All-Initial Divine Psychic, accumulating in the heart of liquid crystals to form stone Alatyr, energy to get off the ground quickly and move up in the Thin World. Psychic energy is precious gift of God, it gives strength and health.

The word "Lord" includes the phenomenon of mastering all three worlds and full, conscious manifestation ability our activity in each of them. The Lord is the One, who owns His own bodies and easily separates them from the physical body: the fiery, mental, astral, and in any of these bodies retain consciousness and moves freely in the respective fields. Fire one goes to the Fiery Word (the Sun), mental to inter planetary sace, astral to the depth, of the oceans and within spheres of the Planet.

H. Blavatsky said that only in a few cycles of spirit it could reach the stage on which the spirit of the Great Lord M.: was: (but after eons of years Spirit of Lord will be even higher – He is unreachable).

E.I. Rerich: Remember that I wrote about this Form! Truly, only the highest things are associated with Him, the Hierarch. Truly, the highest notions are personified by the high Appearance. There is no higher expression of the Great Mysteries of Life, rather than in Sun Lord Maitreya, Hierarch, Bishop Christ, He is a great holder and creator other authors, on religion, they too must be read. This Teaching is for anyone, who loves books. Be connected, please. Approach time of Great Arrival! If in your entrance their lives at least one such person, will appear both the second, and the third. Extend the Doctrine without use of violence. In this Doctrine it isn't necessary to do any exercises and breathe systems. One it is necessary – to clear consciousness of unnecessary thoughts. The Lord is our Ideal to which it is necessary to aspire. It is necessary to wake in us sleeping divine abilities under the leadership of Great Teachers and the
Майтрейя “Fiat Rex” (The Lord is three Worlds).
Great Lord of M.: Great Teachers are founders of all religions and philosophical systems. All religions left one bosom and have to unite in one new Doctrine "Agni Yoga", wisdom which is higher than all religions. Accept the new Doctrine; it will unite people on consciousness. Shambhala is the only Community on the planet. Approach the Community, in it our rescue! Everyone the risen against Shambhala will be amazed in all his deeds. And the waves will wash away his house, and even a dog will not come on calling it. Lightning he would see at the last night. The teaching shows how every warrior will be named invincible."Who understands the Brotherhood as a yoke, let will depart rather, who skillfully inclines before the Brotherhood gate, let will return back rather. Is able to celebrate the Brotherhood will be the wisdom happiness. (A.Y.).

Let only the great aspiration to bring all the forces in help of Great Lords, fighting to save the unfortunate and ignorant mankind. Russia is an axis of the world and so-called the world and so-called Navel Lands too are in her limits. Sacred Shambhala belongs many Tibetans and Mongols to Russia both to Russia, and the Great Symbol consists in it. "The Russian people store in itself natural level of culture because his character developed on Asian open space from accumulation of the East, because always came from Asia, and Light until the end of our cycle will come".

P.S. Only one genuine portrait (hologram) of the Great Maitreya that whish is in the book. There is a letter from Nicholas Rerich to International Centre of the Rerich Director (IDC), L.Shaposhnikova (Moscow), that all colored portraits of Maitreya are false. The Moria, Moria is one of Buddhist dynasties Magadži, also the name of the tribe radžputs (Raj – King), The Sun Dynasty, Hierarchy of Light, M.:, M., Mahatma, Invisible Word Running. Moria is the family, in which the Great Lord repeatedly Incarnated; Maitreya is the King of Shambhala, World Government future. The future Avatar, Allal Ming is a term equivalent to Ego (in the first sense), Maitreya, the Great Lord of Shambhala. Words Moria and Maitreya are related only to the Great Lord of Shambhala. Everyone else is irrelevant to this genus. There is a group photo (Djul Kul, Great Lord M., Sen Jermen is and E. P. Blavatsky) and is picture of Nicholas Rerich, “Fiat Rex”.

As in the Christian churches, Jehovah, the devil to hand up wall with icons to draw energy from the worship to the Heavenly Father, and at the Yandèx there is a photo of the Werewolf in two copies and other ones are false portraits.

Jehovah is the devil, under the name is El Moria, Maitreya, Raised Teacher he put his image is on Yandex and earlier on Google and Bing. Permanent movement! He jumps like a flea. Make up according a Sage is a fake werewolf! This is the liar, who declared himself the Father of Christ, and now this hangman crook wants to impersonate the Great Maitreya.

Tied a turban, wound with the end of fabric a neck and pasted on forehead the
brooch, the pure werewolf and the devil look took aside, hesitates. The main
pervert of our Planet s Jehovah-devil, the proof of that are monkeys. The image of a devil is given in the book. Jehovah-devilmonkeus-lemurus

Jehovah and his children firstborns are.
Jehovah is in a turban with a brooch on his forehead. Jehovah dreams about the Glory of the Supreme. Would like to say a word of fabulist Krylov: ―”How dare you, squirt, by the dirty mug muddy the drink here ...?”

Chapter 4
The answer is to the pederasty Jehovah on slander in the book "Blow of the Russian Gods”. Jehovah-devil Insignificant is zoophile! After pronouncing the word "zoophile" Jehovah told: "Don't write, you are a woman, don't dig in dirt" and covered me with darkness. There was a feeling of dirt inside and outside, for a moment, then it became easy also light. Correctly, it isn't necessary to dig in you because you also are that dirt of which it is necessary to get rid, having moved away you from the planet and having rooted out your crops. Your snout in down and sins, as fleas on a nasty dog therefore you slander Gods to distract from yourself attention. Jehovah - the zoophile, the gay, the pedophile and the blood-thirsty murderer, - at it is the brains perverted. About this book on the Internet readers leave a response: "The book is for fools"! What author, on such readers and calculation. Burn books of a devil and dispel ashes! We will consider what "Lord" a devil is?
The text from Jehovah-devil is given in quotes.
P. 34, 5. "At ancient Jews were very widespread pederasty, bestiality is and other forms of sexual perversions. At ancient Jews homosexuality had mass Character, and seized the whole cities". Lemurs is future Jews aren't uninvolved in Perversions. Lemurs - rakshasa is a victim of the pervert Jehovah. Devil is Patent pervert of all types.

"In pagan Rome during decline reined unrestrained sexual freedom. The sexual Debauchery in Rome was spread by Jews, also as they spread debauchery in Russia today". In Rome spread debauchery Caligula and Neron is Jehovah's embodiments and if necessary Jews weren't there. The devil tries to create through social networks pagan Rome in Russia.

The astral from Jehovah speaks to me: "That to decompose others perversions, it had to pass itself this way. And what is for? Perversions is recruitment to Saturn, differently it remains one.

Now this two-meter jockstrap, having the wife, under hypnosis forces the young 9th summer son – sleeps with him. He enters the wife into a deep sleep, transfers the child to a bedroom and forces him.

Movie: sitting silently two; Jehovah is focused, the child is listless and sad the hands hang as a lash. Jehovah takes it from behind with hands under the arms, and leans иon his knees back to him, at other times putting baby back on your stomach.... Jehovah tried to hide the methods of sexual violence over the son from space. In next time crucifying him as a frog in the bed, added a rear ... but any pose didn't satisfy a devil for the known reason. This nightmare began for his son at 9 years of age.

Here a shot from movies of space "Jehovah". The naked devil on the edge of a bed sits, has placed widely legs, has laid out genitals, and he is faced by the five-year-old baby and under his hypnosis humors’ him perversions.

The space writes everything on the movie. The child cannot remember everything that happens to him, the devil deletes this information from subconsciousness. The boy is pretty, fair-haired, to mother it is similar. The devil married in order that the wife has given birth to him to the son, the passive victim for sexual joys, and for cover of the hobby. This pseudo-supreme can't himself to advertize in clubs of gays. To tell more precisely, there are no physical data to go there. Karma is exact space scales: Jehovah is punished by underdeveloped, main body for him, for millions of the victims whom he has made perverts, applying hypnosis. Population of the USA – 324 million: 30% - perverts, (97,2mimlliona), 20% of schizophrenics (64,8millionov), addicts of 15% (48, 6 million) – the victims of hypnosis of a devil. Information from the book specified in the title.
In the mornings the wife comes into his bedroom, kisses and embraces a devil; he reciprocates to her in gratitude for the son. "The great actor" vanishes.

Movie: "Sataniya's Almighty" Jehovah in outerwear of black color lies, suddenly the right hand falls and undoes a fly... also begins to be engaged in masturbation. Following shot: the devil in the same clothes lies; the wife comes, caresses a devil, has kneeled and masses two hands to him a stomach. Jehovah has turned away to a wall and doesn't react. The wife has taken offense and left. The devil has recovered at once, has looked at a door – there is nobody. The hand has dived into a fly, has begun to be engaged in masturbation. The devil has tried all options and has stopped on blowjob.
Film: devil kisses the son on the lips, caresses him then lulls. The devil lies blindly and gives the mental order to the sleepy child. The boy rises, without leaning hands on a bed, is bent in coxofemoral joints twice and falls face down directly on the father's genitals, then unnaturally sharply raises a trunk without hands, falls close to the father on the left side. The right hand as a lash, falls on a neck of daddy, touches with lips his cheek. Jehovah lies blindly; allegedly, he doesn't take part in it. The devil trains, to dreamily force the victim to do blowjob. Space you won't deceive, the devil shows the opportunities.

Film: Jehovah and son roles were reversed. The devil has lulled the son, sliding along his body; lips touched his chest and abdomen of the child. Lips captured his penis in her mouth and make a blowjob. But the boy did not respond ... the devil, too, fell asleep ... with penisses in his mouth. And it's "schmuck swamp" - the owner of the Land.

Movie: the devil Jehovah drugged son and then he opened his mouth some object, and its "domain" was placed in his mouth; the baby woke up, and the eyes on the forehead climbed - choked.

Movie: Georges Morgan (Jehovah), the three of us in bed: first, half-asleep son was forced to blowjob. Then my wife continued this kind of perversion.

Film: the pervert billionaire Georges Morgan (Jehovah) lies in outerwear with naked penisses and is engaged in masturbation (process repeats daily). I was tired and have solved to use the wife with hypnosis application. Jehovah has mentally given the order to the wife to come to his bedroom, itself lies with an unbuttoned fly, and the genital body looks out from there. The wife has quickly come and, after short dialogue, has resignedly kneeled at a bed, has bent and does it blowjob, only after this process the impotent man pervert shows properties of a male.
It is that which speaks about itself (himself) that he "above heaven, below an underworld". That's for sure: "Below an underworld". The one who uses occult knowledge for humiliations of human dignity will be deprived of occult knowledge and relieved of the post. Karma - the Law of retaliation, exact space scales!!!
Jehovah chose to himself the victim for the embodiment billions (I have forgotten about the hobby, but the Law of the Karma remembers), the victim has a body disproportion: trunk short and disproportionately long legs, obvious degeneration. The genital body treats a trunk. You won't leave Georges Morgan's body, billions hold, in about 13 years Jehovah will put on the son's weight if the child doesn't die of constant violence. The house of the conclusion or the Psychiatric clinic has to be a shelter for the Owner of land.
Film: the wife of the devil lying on the bed, Jehovah came and gave the order, she opened his mouth wide. Jehovah is pissed in her throat. A rich stream of urine, she could choke. The devil applies hypnosis. And nobody can help the wife and the son. The one, who uses occult knowledge for humiliations of human dignity will be deprived of occult knowledge and relieved of the post. Karma is the Law of retaliation, exact space scales!!! The entire period of the reign of the devil is marked by the humiliation of women.

Movie: Wife of Georges Morgan (Jehovah-devil) with his son goes. Took two handbags son's hand ... but that doesn't mean she got rid of him. Empire Rockefeller the devil made Jehovah to be fraudulent. In the same way he destroyed it, lying on the couch.
In some of the kind Rockefeller (eight families) per year is one trillion dollars. Jehovah will say The Rockefellers words from the Bible that he spoke to the Jews: "...I made you, I raised you, and you left me ... a seed of evildoers, children who deal corruptly...". To stay on Earth and continue the evolution of man here, must say goodbye the real estate to the Apocalypse and to change Judaism to Buddhism the (the Doctrine of Christ is beginning the Doctrine of Live Ethics).

Movie: billionaire Georges Morgan (bugger Jehovah) flew a white dove and pecked "the Almighty Satania" in the right eye; now his eyes constantly flowing tears... After some time on the eye is has grown a wall-eye. Let his doctor S. S. Konovalov from St. Petersburg "cure" the eye of devilish power (hypnosis), which he sends to the devil for healing sessions. And the devil himself will expose their Scam. Obsessed with doctor K. distributed his books in the United States. Everyone, who reads his books and goes to such sessions the devil hooked on Saturn. Burn the devil's book; they exude the energy of destruction.
Film: Morning. Lies the devil-Jehovah on the bed; his left eye closed, right – clouded tears; cheek rolls a tear that falls on a black shirt synthetic (does not absorb into the fabric) and then flowing brook. Jehovah pours crocodile tears. Folk wisdom: "Impact wolf tears ladybugs" - the Law of Karma! Happiness is not in billions, but in LOVE. Happy is that, who loves.
After the expulsion of Lucifer " into the background to its originator – Brama, in the Silence of Silence (the deprivation of the right to vote), Jehovah came under the control Brama he can't go out of your way. Brama is the one, who appeared from the navel of Vishnu! The enemy in ambush is in the Fiery World (Brama schemes against the Father), sits next to Vishnu, the Father of the Universe. In this case, the relevant words of Taras Bulba, said to the son of the traitor: "I gave birth to you, I you and killer». From Brama in India built the temple in which the priest is preaching the Truth mounted a three-meter stone penis. The bas-relief of the temple (several tiers) inside and outside offers sculptures bestiality (horse, pig) and various forms of sexual perversion. This temple is a disgrace to India. This method of decomposition of humanity has chosen the Brama to seize power in the Universe. Demons (demigod Brama and devil Jehovah) rush to the autocracy on the Planet, using the method of sexual degradation. The preponderance of darkness are fans of lust, the underworld and spiritually ignorant.
Film: Brama wife and son are Jehovah's replaced the cat with a dog. George Morgan (Jehovah) is lying on the bed, pulled the penis from his penis and moves his hand on and near the cat is carefully watching. Then a paw started to touch the penis. The back of the cat near the bed is a dog waiting his turn. Jehovah is preparing a new kind of perversions for men – bestiality (one of the options of recruitment on Saturn). Citizens, remove Pets from their apartments and houses animal. Everything that makes Brama with the devil, used by Jehovah is upon the people.
The main for Brama that is in the heart of the devil and people are not born affection for the man (love); only anger and cruelty. At a devil is chronic mental disease on the sexual basis.
Movie: Is sad Jehovah on the bed in his bedroom, hand under head planted in the upper black clothes... "Almighty Satania is alone, and not around the cat with the dog, all left it... Force not is pretty!

Film: Crying Georges Morgan (Jehovah), the tear flows from the left eye... the tears of those mothers, whose children he did to perverts, drug addicts, schizophrenics. The tears of those grandparents whose grandchildren he has ranked in the dregs of men, the tears of wives whose husbands he killed and dismembered, tears of husbands, whose wives he had stolen, the tears of those, whom he had determined to Solovki and other Gulags, .. I Bow down before the Cosmic Law of Retribution – Karma! And mentor the devil, Bramah will be his for lies and humiliation of people. It is a pity that in Space there is no Gulag, "the Solovki", where they place merit.

The wife of the devil his departure marked the beginning of the collapse of the Evil Empire. Let her be the example for the Jews, sectarians, perverts, criminals and Christians. The devil wants to go to Saturn to the Apocalypse, to avoid volcanic eruptions and not to be burned alive.

Film: Billionaire Georges Morgan (the devil Jehovah) did not drop a tear and snot smeared under his nose; he quickly consoled. Found a replacement to his son, sheltered homeless children: washed, dressed, combed, fed and put to bed for sexual pleasures. Previously created the impression of tender love for the son, it turned out that he's just a PEDERAST.
He is an orphan kisses, embraces and applies the same methods of violence. Jehovah is controlled Brama bugger. Violence against the Rabbis Jehovah commits; the Rabbis also adopt orphans and rape under the influence of the devil hypnosis. Adoption by gays of children is one of the types of replenishment troops the devil.
Film: Is billionaire Georges Morgan (the devil Jehovah) on the bed in the upper black
clothes and masturbation. Jehovah "quietly to himself carrying on at his conversation"; is callosities on hands.

Film: Pervert billionaire Georges Morgan (Jehovah) is currently alternates between servicing their sexual needs boy with passion, the blonde serves as his cover. The blonde lies on the bed in street clothes on the right side, and George Morgan (Jehovah) is also in street clothes lying across her body, with his back to her. Blonde left hand tormented his penis.

Movie: the devil (the billionaire Georges Morgan) had replaced the blonde courageous brunette. At the blonde's hands fell ill. Now he has a new "family": an orphan boy (the passive homosexual and blowjob) and the masseuse-blowjob. Here's a "father" of the underworld, perverts, Jews and sectarians.

Movie: brunette lays in bed, and before her stands a naked Georges Morgan (the devil Jehovah), he gave her to mentally command your mouth wide open. The devil peed in her throat; the reign of homosexual marked the humiliation of women.
Film: Is naked Georges Morgan (the devil Jehovah), and before him stands a boy and makes him a blowjob.
Movie: Georges Morgan (Jehovah) alone; sitting on a chair in the upper black clothes, spreading wide-leg, between the legs sits a cat; Jehovah pulled the penis and moves on hand, but the cat does not respond. The Owner of the Land having fun; in his mind there have been violations - Brama "was brought to the handle". Patron of Jehovah Brama is masochist, mocking Jehovah. ("And this The Jackal claims on the Post Father The universe...?" - this thought belongs to the astral from Jehovah). The Supreme Deity the Absolute, Rid men and gods of our Solar system from the influence of this MONSTER.

Film: lying Georges Morgan (Jehovah), lying next to another beautiful brunette (brunette previous left callosities to treat). In headboard bugger next a boy of five, oversees the process. The devil invites women with boys. He the woman will be euthanized, and the child uses for other purposes; children are easily susceptible to hypnosis. (Unsuccessfully made bugger nose job; both nostrils severe scarring).

Film: gone pretty brunette with a boy, left George Morgan (the devil) is one. Lying on the couch and "quietly to himself, carrying on a conversation", as long as hands are not tired; Jehovah rejected with disgust by all…Jehovah – prostitute.

Film: Already all of New-York knows the inclinations of Georges Morgan. It service women (doing Masturbation and blowjob), boys (doing blowjob) and dogs (...). Jehovah is prostitute!!!

Each day change women and boys is one of the options of recruitment on Saturn. Even if once crossed the threshold of "perverted lust", the victim enlisted in the army of the devil. Only WORSHIP of God can outrun Karma. Karma is a group of gods. A program is for the creation of everything (planets, stars, Universes, Galaxies) that is in the Infinity also there is information for the execution of Karma (as in computer). Taken from space movie of a man lay in the space program and gives the result: Reward or Retribution. The next is incarnation of the gods of the injected fluids into the consciousness of the merits of the previous life. Hence is the result: the looks, the talent the parents.
On this page are part of the movies I've seen; some of them are not worth talking about. All kinds of perversions which are depicted in the temple of Brama in India, Jehovah is with animals and loved ones; then apply the widescreen. Travel Agency T. A. encourages tourists to visit this temple, thus works on darkness (those, who do service to the devil, will leave with him) In U.S. is the gay clubs, in which people are obsessed with hypnosis, flow into low-lying state flow into low-lying state like spiders in a jar, a few dozen people in the Nude, they lost human form. Jehovah has planted on our Planet the virus of perversion. On Saturn will be global club of gays. I repeat: "to Protect against this scourge can only Great Maitreya. Worship is your choice"! Parents, protect your children, depends on you health and spiritual growth of consciousness (conscience) of your child.

The devil asked repeatedly: "do not write." I got these stills from movies Space «Jehovah» evokes a sense of disgust and loathing. But in the Teachings it is said: "If it is necessary for a business to go down to the bottom, and then have to fall. It is hoped that information from space sobers all the above, segments of the population. In the Bible, the pedophile Jehovah the devil, points out: "Be pure as I am pure, the Lord your God". What does he mean? Gives a warning to the perverts-the Rakchas’s that they like him not leased. His rectum and attracted passive partners of other nationalities. In the US, 97, 2 million perverts, mean, half of these wastes are not rakshasas; Jehovah is looking for partners.

In the "Rituals" it is said: «You dirty, stinking animal, the originator of sin and incest, the originator of all the obscenities...".

Movie: The pederast Jehovah on a wide bed a jack with the next woman lies. The syringe on ten cubes sticks out of a hip. Both lie mad from drugs. From such doses the addict Jehovah will fall short of the Apocalypse. What is done by Brama with the helper, horror!?!? The owner of land can't hire the victims to Saturn any more; - his "colleague" has failed from over fatigue. Neither the brain, nor consciousness can help if sex is put on a stream. All types of sexual perversions, and as a result were applied to recruitment … Jehovah is the impotent man! All humiliations which the devil applied to people have returned to him a boomerang. It is also the Law of the Karma.

Movie: "…. and in the morning they have woken up ….". The naked devil with the young lady,
her top part of a trunk and the head is on the impotent man Jehovah's breast lies. Jehovah mentally gives the decree. The young lady slips down, is bent three times (at her a trunk twice longer, than at a devil), bends and does "lord" blowjob. So there is a transfer in army of a devil of female citizens. Morning the young lady woke up and ran away through the back door. She has quickly gone lengthways walls houses; have bent down before windows of the first floor and on half bent legs have hasty left.

Movie: Time has passed, at "Almighty Sataniya pederast’ Jehovah (billionaire Geordes Morgan) kid creeps on a bed, but Jehovah is indifferent to him, time of the kid hasn't come yet. In about 8-9 years when the eldest son matures, gay Jehovah will switch on younger, and he will divide the hobby with the eldest son (according to Bramah instructions). The devil (billionaire Georges Morgan) still immerses the wife in a deep sleep, transfers the ten-year-old son to the bedroom and forces to blowjob, later applies a paederasty. In the future Brama uses sons of a devil for recruitment. The wife has made irreparable nonsense; have doomed myself and children for sending to Saturn. Sometimes them all of four lie in a bed; Jehovah enjoys a family environment. The demon Brama has allowed him to relax until Brama needs other scenario. After this text Jehovah (Georges Morgan) has shown vision: the naked devil on a back lies, the sluggish genital body lies on the right hip. The younger child creeps up, bends and lips the pas the end of body lays down.
Movie: The pederast Jehovah in a bed embracing the ten-year-old son lies. The child has woken up, has looked at "father" and has turned away. There are no 10 years, and the child sickly, sluggish, growth. The lens has imprinted accurately: the crumpled devil person in wrinkles, are pouted by silicone. He looks the very old man for about 90 years, and to him is twice less – the filthy, worn-out, mangy cable pervert. Here such way to him was defined by the gay theorist, the demon of the Universe Brama.

Movie: Rokfellers beach. The billionaire Georges Morgan – a devil lies on sand. On the head the hat which is pulled together on perimeter with an elastic band, thingies "decorate" the huge head of a satan. The big head, so is a lot of brains. Why he doesn't use brains in Life? The lens of space has imprinted a cataract on the right eye and lips with bloody cracks from silicone.

Under eyes bags bubbles ("lord" - the addict). The person is crumpled as baked apple. On nostrils fabric in the form of triangles is removed, and the nose began to listen spellbound; it was necessary to cut off the third part of a nose. Nose equal and short; Jehovah was guided on design the website

Movie: "Lord" Jehovah lies in a bed, it was attached behind the son, - embraces him and kisses on a neck, a nape, on an ear. And the child lies silently, not moving, and from eyes tears drip.

Movie: Jehovah daily is engaged in pederasty with the son. The kid constantly crying softly; lying on one side, cries. Already understands everything. The disproportion of a children's rectum and penisses of daddy can pull out a rectum outside, break a mesentery, which keeps intestines in an initial form within a physical body. After this text Jehovah (Georges Morgan) has shown vision: the naked devil on a back lies, the sluggish genital body lies on the right hip. The younger child creeps up, bends and lips the pas the end of body lays down.

Vision: Jehovah's wife has studied the text of this book. Costs thoughtful and eyes full of tears. Not to cry, and to make the decision it is necessary about final and irrevocable leaving from a devil (Georges Morgan) for rescue of children. To accuse him of a pedophile-pederasty it is useless, he will close any criminal case, applying hypnosis. And the judge what is done by children will force to do.

Movie: the wife of the billionaire Georges Morgan sits one on the edge of a bed in the bedroom, has closed eyes a kerchief and bitterly cries. And at this time naked "Lord" Jehovah lies in other bedroom, with him two his minor children. Younger several months, he doesn't go yet, creeps on a bed. The devil power of thought attracts him to himself, the kid creeps up, Jehovah throws through him the leg shaft and the kid appears between legs. Under the decree "Lords" creeps up to genitals and lips falls on penis. Jehovah is the impotent man pervert; he is satisfied only by blowjob. He lies silently, and mentally gives the command; hypnosis will force children to do anything. Younger takes penis for a breast, but so far it doesn't suit Jehovah. Lips and the child's hands is the beginning of the doctrine. Jehovah turns on the right side to the eldest son of 12 years. Near a hip on the right side Jehovah has put a pillow under the child’s head for convenience of process.
The boy lays a jack, the head to penis’ and does blowjob. The devil has taken away children and has accustomed to blowjob. Sometimes the devil lies with the eldest son and the kid is engaged in masturbation too; Jehovah has accustomed the son to perversions. The wife isn't accepted in his bedroom; one sleeps, in the bedroom. She hasn't sustained such situation and one has left. Later have returned, but I have gone to the third time. Jehovah torments children in hope to restore fighting ability. The karma renders for application of genital body not to destination.
Movie: the wife of a devil has come back to the third time to take away children. Georges Morgan "has regretted" the wife and has let her in the bedroom. All four have settled down on a wide bed. Jehovah is in the middle, having embraced the eldest son. With the wife speaks, having turned the head through a shoulder. After he have shipped the wife in a deep hypnotic sleep, and the eldest son (13 years) have laid on mother, applying hypnosis, and have staged sexual drills; the son kisses mother's breast, …
Jehovah prepares a body of the eldest son for himself. When the son matures, the large-format pervert Jehovah (billionaire Georges Morgan) will leave the body and will put on weight of the eldest son, the younger son will be his passive partner. Georges Morgan's body will bury; the son will repeat Neron's fate. Jehovah has provided the birth of sons in an interval 11, 13 years (his number). Reason: as a result of active sexual use of genital body for recruitment in the army of perverts, his "colleague" quickly leaves the working condition (for this reason of the devil incarnate about 10 years proceeds on average). When the billionaire Georges Morgan lies in a coffin, having extended legs poles, Jehovah will stand nearby in a body of the eldest son. And then the eldest son (in an astral invisible body) will understand what evil "joke" was beaten with him by the father. For the son the way of perversions was recruitment to Saturn. The satan isn't born and doesn't die, he looks for the victim for an entrance to a body. Jehovah has improved process of the embodiment: it prepares for himself a cover. Georges Morgan's widow won't know that a devil Jehovah has removed from the father's body to the son's body. Jehovah in a body of the son will combine cohabitation to mother (for old time's sake) and with the younger son brother. Georges Morgan's widow won't know that a devil Jehovah has removed from the father's body to the son's body.
The devil den will last before leaving to Saturn.
Jehovah has put information in a brain and sub consciousness of the son all types of sexual perversions. The brain and sub consciousness will give him the chance, remorselessly, to commit sexual crimes. It is the first step, ahead fraud and murders. To an entrance to a body of the son there is time – 9-10 years. And, so far all three (two son and mother) under the influence of devil hypnosis, humor the ghoul Jehovah blowjob ("Lord" - the impotent man, he is satisfied only by blowjob). The way of all members of "his army" is similar: passive homosexuals too, as well as active, will fill up Jehovah's army after death and gays (pedophiles) leave behind successors for the subsequent recruitment.

Movie: naked Jehovah lies, having widely placed legs poles. Dead penis "I have kicked the bucket", - has died (sad has fallen down the left hip of the owner). Across the moved apart Jehovah's legs the one-year-old son lies and by hands (under hypnosis) it is played with a sluggish scrotum of the father: he still hasn't learned to go, but already the pervert. Jehovah perversions have enlisted the family to Saturn. And this Ghoul on the Eighth Ecumenical Council of Orthodoxy in 2016 wanted to offer himself the one God. But, the karma doesn't doze!

Movie: there is under hypnosis a huge manufacturing stallion with appropriate authority of reproduction. The woman has sat down, Jehovah takes the woman behind two hands for the head and tightens her mouth to … a stallion. I have repeated the same with a wolf and the woman. Under a wolf he offers himself. This morals "method" Jehovah will apply on Saturn in the form of punishment for disobedience. In decent society with such as pederast Jehovah, nobody sits down nearby, and offers a hand for a greeting.
And now ask any believer (the priest, the sectarian, the Orthodox Christian, Catholic, the Jew and the Muslim): "Who for them is this Ghoul by the name of Jehovah"?

Filma: sitting naked Jehovah; back and arms covered with purulent abscesses. Wife makes him a cleansing. His teeth are rotting ... The pederast Jehovah is covered in feces and rotten from heels to the crown (tripper goat!?). In the right ear, various nests of the nest were twisted, crawling behind the ear and on the cheek. Why the healer of the devil Dr. S. S. Konovalov from St. Petersburg will not heal him? So as the activity of a doctor is crap. I bow my head before the Supreme Deity of the Absolute! Karma is a perfect Law and works properly. Jehovah said: “I will change the body.” It is a pity that only the body - the rotten consciousness will remain.
God, the Great Maitreya, compared with the devil Jehovah, like a mountain white Eagle, proudly hovering over the plain, compared with a rooster pecking human excrement.
Jehovah sent a second letter file. Offers 14 million US $ from the name of a fictional lawyer for the deletion of this chapter is. Information about the films is important for everyone; the film will be shown in the higher Worlds after death in the theater «Illusion". Not only has the space taken the film about each incarnation to incarnation.

On the basis of the films is formed Karma. In some Orthodox churches there is an image of the all-seeing EYE. At any place in the temple, the EYE is looking at you. It is the analogy of KARMA. Karma may punish in this life or several lives in a row will be punished people depending on evil deeds and crimes.

Fluids (information) on consciousness with an excess chromosome will enter in the God's Kingdom (the circumsolar sphere) – the wanker will be born. For crimes: hump, cerebral palsy, paralysis of the legs, ugly mouth (gossip and profanity). Karma – the exact space scales.

In the spiritual heart of man is a divine SPARK, an Invisible Silent Witness that sees all, hears and remembers from incarnation to incarnation and forwards information to the seed of the spirit. In the Kingdom of God find out how much energy the good and the bad we have accumulated in the grain of the spirit behind the latest incarnation.

In the days of the USSR and the socialist countries was dominated by Christian Culture: libraries, theaters, high culture TV, this is what has shaped the relationship between people. The whole Planet had their eyes on the Union, as a model of social organization. After the collapse of the USSR poisonous spider, Jehovah, the devil threw a web of obsession the world's population. All recover after the Apocalypse in another territory. From Russia to start a spiritual revival of the Planet's population: will be erased from the face of the Earth repulsive temples of Brama, the planet and humanity after volcanic eruptions cleansed of the dark energies. Our future – the Golden Age!

P. 43. Jesus Christ, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin insults the devil with the word of his property and gives the characteristics: "Christ is a Jew, Karl Marx is a pureblooded Jew, a descendant of Jewish rabbis and Lenin is a Kikekalmyk."

In Russia, before the revolution, the Jews were oppressed; They did not permit residence in large cities and villages; Beware of the influence on the Jews of the schemer of Jehovah. Once again came the help of Jews from Shambhala; for the embodiment of VI Lenin, an international family was chosen that accepted Orthodoxy (mother is Jewish, father is Kalmyk). The Catechism says that the main thing for a Jew is education. The revolutionary movement included educated Jews, and made up the backbone, which accepted VI's ideas. Lenin, in other words, accepted the world order from the Lord of Shambhala. The purpose of the revolution is to equalize the rights of all Russian citizens.

Dark forces (rakshas's - shvonders, perverts and the underworld) flowed into Russia in order to compromise Lenin's ideas. On Jehovah's instructions, they mingled with the Jews, entered the government, and into other executive structures for sabotage. Under Jehovah's leadership, repressions were carried out, GULAGs were built, and hunger pestilence was organized. In 1933, an artificial famine was organized; allegedly to support the prestige of the USSR, everything was sold abroad. Jehovah added a large scoop of tar to the Soviet government. The goal of satan - black god to return the Slavs to paganism, organize pogroms of Jews, generate energy of destruction, create chaos in Russia, and lead to the power of demons-rakshas. Do in Russia, the Maydan, but in a different scenario. Jehovah is eager for autocracy on the Planet. Citizens, keep the balance, exclude the energy of hatred from your heart to other nationalities.

Jehovah the Devil divides himself into black god (demigod) and satan in order to take over spiritual ignoramuses in his submission.

All atrocities are the unseen leadership of the bugger of Jehovah. Stalin was under his influence; a constant state of fear forced the astral body to get out of the physical and to be near. Stalin was a living corpse. After death, the astral body of the leader descended to the center of the Earth, to where magma is boiling.

Gorbachev, Yeltsin and all the "democrats" in the next incarnation will be Europeans to burn alive with the devil for the collapse of the Union and the socialist unification. If, even, crimes are committed under the control of Jehovah, a person is not absolved of responsibility because of atheism. Only the Great Maitreya is a shield from the attacks of the devil. He will always tell the right decision. He knows the destiny of the future of all countries. Only Worship can be the basis for contact with God!

P. 44. "And what moral shape of the best pupils of Christ"? Any of them surpasses Jehovah. Pupils were married and had children. To apostles was for 20 years; in Israel at that time married in 14.

P. 46. "Christ had such personnel policy, as at Lenin, and at all "shvonder" is a set "sharikov'". Apostles (fishermen) were an embodiment from the Shambhala. V. I. Lenin and F.E. Dzerzhinsky too from the Shambhala; F.E. Dzerzhinsky's mother carried under the son's heart, Jehovah pushed off her energy in a sewer well the child was born six-months and survived. But the devil made the plan in 1926 and helped escape from Life F.E. Dzerzhinsky, that not take place meeting with messenger of Shambhala - Nicholas Rerich.

P. 153. "Pushkin received divine inspiration from the Russian gods". Other words are lower: "In a condition of inspiration, black information from space, the genius is the conductor of this information". The offer is written with mistakes. A.S. Pushkin an embodiment from the Shambhala; received inspiration from space! For it Jehovah truncated to the genius life. Murderer! From a devil rakshasa - perverts and oligarchs were embodied. Its task is to generate energy of destruction: envy, hostility, contempt, sufferings. Note Aryans, all Russian gods is Representatives Forces Light. The pederast Jehovah doesn't treat to His.

P. 156. "The black square of Malevich is the same Bible; they have a purpose one - to force people to believe in absurdities". Not the Bible, but the Old Testament (Torah) is the reference book of damnations, executions, wars, robberies and murders. The New Testament lost the purity a sex of how the devil connected Judaism and Orthodox‘. A black square of Malevich is Jehovah. A square is falling in a matter; black color is darkness which representative is the devil.

P. 164. "Moscow is stuffed with the Jewish and Masonic symbolic". "Five-pointed star, six-pointed and number 12". These teosophy signs are given for all mankind:

A five-pointed star is the person (part hands in the parties and put feet on width of shoulders - will be the pentacle). If to turn a star two horns up is a sign of sorcery and black magic.

A six-pointed star is two triangles, man's and a feminine; the man - the soldier, the woman
the keeper of the center (the press of Solomon), 3. Number of Mother of the World is 12, DODEKAEDRON. The group of 12 people united by uniform POSITIVE THOUGHT can solve the state and world problems. If change number, everything will be scattered. The thought has to be not for itself and not to the detriment of representatives Light.

P 176. "Two types of "Charms". An evolution swastika - right (rotation to the right) is the best charm from powers of darkness. A charm "A fern flower" is the swastika detaining evolution
(rotation to the left), a swastika of fascists is from the pederast Jehovah). The fern, an aspen - possess black energy.

P. 218. "Any race mixing the blood with others is doomed to be lost". Not any race, but mixture of marriages of Slavs with the southern people conducts to degeneration of Slavs. The coefficient of blood of Slavs coincides only with Turks. Jehovah is afraid of assimilation of Jews among other people.

P. 218. "Communism is the final stage of a kike-cracy". A world order basis the Forces Light is a commune! A basis of a world order of a devil is the capital. A web which he created is in the USA for management of America; through NATO, CIA influences for the whole world. The darkness will leave to Saturn; Earth will be cleared of filth.

In ancient times Slavs were pagans (the pagan from the word languages of the different people), worshipped to God Ra is Michael the Archangel, the Great Lord of the Shambhala. He is our Father Heavenly owing to his love and care of us. Dusted there will be from the Planet all opponents of evolution of the person and the Planet.

P. 226. "If we, Russians, don't realize that against us Jews wage war, we as the nation we will be lost". Not Jews and a devil wage war against Russia because the Patron of Russia and Israel is the Great Lord of the Shambhala. Before God all people are equal.

P. 239. "The paganism is the force and beauty. Judaism is cruelty and ugliness". The paganism is our past, is necessary aspiration to increase of consciousness, studying of Theosophy and esoteric. The Buddha is Sage. Christ was Buddha of India. The Judaism is from Jehovah, will consign to the past.

P. 243. "The Bible and the Talmud are written according to a certain scheme to program consciousness and behavior of people. Pagan material is taken; it is sorted and distorted that corresponded to a plan". "This information weapon works"... by means of devil hypnosis. Schemes don't exist; Judaism is the diary of a tribe of Jews, the chronicle. Without hypnosis all cooking (A Torah and the Talmud) - plebs. Millions of zombies read this nonsense, filling space and the Planet with negative energy for explosion.

The book passed four editions; this stench extends at the suggestion of a devil. Who publishes it? Obsessed planetary satan! Pays the edition of the book in Ukraine is the Owner of the Broadcast benefit‖ market in of Kharkov, - rakshas Feldman. Rakshasa publish the book under pressing of a devil in gratitude for positions.

P. 267. "The giving God - God Sun Ra form is his importance for Aryans very much a bike. The patron of the Sun is from the Big Dipper". Spirits of the Flame came to us from the highest worlds, from the planet Venus, is seven Archangels and with them eighth "Lucifer", future pederast Jehovah. God of the Sun of Ra is the Great Lord of the Shambhala, the First Archangel of our Solar system!

P. 284. "In Moscow is society of consciousness of Krishna completely under kikes". The author and the Collector of "Veda" is Krishna, the most popular God in India. Slavs is Aryans as Indians. I sometimes visit such society; there are representatives of all nationalities, but generally Slavs. For what Jehovah kindles opposition against Jews? Kindles nationalism is to fill the planet with negative energy for explosion before leaving to Saturn.

P. 349. "After Stalin cleanings 1934-39 percentage ratio of kikes in the Soviet government didn't decrease and remained such at all, as well as in last times (83-85%)". All cleanings is from Jehovah.

P. 362. "The Jewish oligarchy by means of issue of dollar and other financial games and frauds completely enslaved the American state. The astronomical debt has the USA now. And to whom it has to? To the Jewish financial oligarchy, true owner of today's America. Attempts to put into place oligarchy were done by the president John Kennedy; he was killed simply (on November 23, 1963). The number of his murderers, who made a control shot in Kennedy's head, included his personal driver, the CIA agent. This driver was killed in three weeks. Robert Kennedy was killed too. The president Nixon spoke against domination of a Zionist lobby, to it arranged impeachment and threw out from the White house. Elections in the USA turned into a performance". All crimes are organized by Jehovah devil (the swindler, the speculator, the swindler, the murderer).

P. 364. "In 1982 - the U.S.A. Government owed FRS (the Jewish financial mafia) 1 070 241 000 000 - more than 1 trillion. Americans paid for this debt to kikes $115 billion only in one year. In 1992 the public debt made 5 000 000 000 000 (5 trillion) plus percent", Jehovah surrounded himself with slaves to a matter whom he made billionaires and subordinated himself them souls forever and now governs through them in the USA. Can get rid of this collar of the USA, having expelled Jehovah from consciousness of sectarians! Having lost support, Jehovah will leave to Saturn; the USA will get clear of debts and eternal dependence on Jews - billionaires. The world Jehovah through billionaire‘s rules is.

P. 364. "Today USA: More than 15% is of Americans are chronic addicts. More than 20% is of Americans mentally defective people. More than 30% is of Americans became homosexuals, and process of sodomy accrues" is a consequence of board of the gay Jehovah.

P. 374, 6. "The nazi party of Hitler was generated by the organization of Masonic type". "Almost all, observing Hitler's performance, say that it often fell into the state reminding a trance". "Looking at it, it is necessary to think of mediums".

Hitler is was the medium his lowest astral body easily left is it and traveled on the lowest astral plan (ancestral lands. Hitler was obsessed with Jehovah. The satan is to put on physical body weight of Hitler, having forced out his astral body. Hitler was insignificant. At meetings, performances before public in Hitler there was a devil. The scenario of World War II with concentration camps and gas chambers was developed by Jehovah. In space there was a fight "Armageddon", expelled "Lucifer" from our Solar system. To delay forces from space, Jehovah unleashed war on Earth. To prove extermination of Jews in concentration camps, allegedly because of Adolf Hitler's hatred to Jews, Jehovah has thought up the scenario of a marriage of his father (Alois Hitler). Decree of Jehovah: to fill concentration camps with Jews, communists, prisoners. To devil were necessary to energy of sufferings human in large volume for explosion of the planet. The Shambhala burned the Light darkness.

After World War II Germans spoke: "Hitler is kaput". Hitler is Jehovah's embodiment; means also to it "kaput" - in - will burn down alive during the Apocalypse. Caricatures Kukryniks‘; remind Hitler-Jehovah that waits for it in the future. Jehovah prepares the following "book for fools"; its name will be: "Lew slops in the heads of the victims".

P. 378. "The whole generation of Zionists was lost in Stalin prisons, concentration camps and links. For is it to Stalin many thanks". And it is told by Jehovah about those who worships to him. The government of Russia consisting generally from Jews - rakshas, built GULAGs, and carried out repressions. Jehovah's purpose one is to fill Earth with energy for explosion.

P. 379. "However, if not Hitler and not World War II, the Russian people wouldn't exist anymore. Hitler forced world sionism to weaken a stranglehold on a neck of the Russian people". It is possible to think that the pederast Jehovah is «savior" of the Russian people. Citizens of the USSR by means of the highest forces from the Shambhala destroyed fascism. During World War all people occupying the territory of the USSR protected the Homeland from devil plague. Thousands of patriots were awarded ranks of the Hero of the Soviet Union; including number is 115 people of Jews. Announcer Levitan!!! His voice supported and gave rise to confidence
in the Victory. Adolf Hitler (Jehovah) wanted that this voice broadcast about victories of fascists and promised for Levitan a reward to the one who will bring him live to Berlin.

Why Jehovah destroyed Jews with special cruelty in gas chambers and crematoriums during World War II? To hide the involvement in fascism, specifically to authorship of the scenario of World War II, devil have revenged Jews for worship of Michael the Archangel and used them for filling of Earth destruction energy.

P. 417. "All strength of Jews only is in their unity. Jews is in Russia less than 5%. Russians should unite and rise only, and from enemies there will be a dust"! The pederast Jehovah does undermining under Putin. Found the coauthor-rakshasa, punched to him brains on 476 p. about Aryans and return to paganism, about Hitler and Jewish freemasons, pursuing two aims:

Return to paganism (involution), - there is against Great Maitreya and its Doctrine of Living Ethics.

To repeat the Ukrainian Maiden in Russia to get rid of Putin, to bring Jews-rakshasa to power; dream of the gay is autocracy that to drag off all population to Saturn. Jehovah wants to kindle nationalism for opposition of the people; the purpose - to generate energy for explosion of our "House". If texts of this book generate in heart hatred to Jews, so Jehovah achieved the. Hold balance!

All Jews I urge to renounce a devil, and to continue evolution on Earth. Jews will be revenged for worship God is the Lord of the Shambhala in Lemuria, India, Egypt is. For what Jews and sectarians are necessary on Saturn? Will be «shvonders" is and "sharikovs".

P. 438. "On all squares of all cities of Russia there are monuments to Lenin... Moskay Komsomolets newspapers are held in respect, the theater "Leninskiy Komsomol" is held in respect. "If Russians go by monuments to Lenin and aren't revolted with their presence, it says that they have in the head a ruin and chaos..." These words only from the pederast Jehovah, his world order - the capital. The main pederast our Planet whispered the same to the leader of the Ukrainian party "Freedom". Who came to the power? Rakshasa! But for them it is a hook with bait. The pervert Jehovah in Kiev carried out at once recruitment to Saturn is parade of gays. He wants to carry out it in Russia. Space, destroy his plans Great Maitreya in Heavenly Shambhala, Terrestrial Shambhala and V.V. Putin - hold the World on the Planet.

P. 477. The list of the used literature -111 books; all are marked out by a letter M., or M.: with three points - signs of Great Maitreya, the Lord of the Shambhala, this sign were put by the PERVERT JEHOVAH is one of proofs that the book was dictated by a devil. Itself the Old Testament (Torah) dictated to the prophets, and now accuses itself of absurdity.

This text is information from Jehovah. Whis the purpose is? Of the bluster!

The book that I bought for the third time; after reading the devil warned me vision, threatening to knock the truck. Space, destroy the information of homosexual Jehovah enterprises.

Part. 2. Billionaire George Morgan is the embodiment of the pederast Jehovah, representative "Lucifer" on the Earth, the Owner Earth (properties: devil and satan).

The chief swindler from a sort Morgan – John Pierpont Morgan (father) has inflated the purse during the Northern war in the USA speculation (by means of Jehovah's hypnosis have bought up unsuitable weapon in bulk and have sold to those from whom have bought in 6, 5 times more expensively; criminal case has been open, but Jehovah has closed it). Morgan has created bank and financial swindles gradually absorbed other banks. The chief swindler Planet of ours – Jehovah acted through Morgan father. The devil hands Pierpont Morgan (son) has shot the father in Rome to become eventually the only and absolute master of billions. The son (according to the indication of a devil) has put the father's corpse in a suitcase and has brought in hotel. The police of Italy have submitted the case to justice of the USA, and the son was turned out from Italy. The son has brought the father to England and Morgan has buried in a manor. The investigation and identification of a corpse of the father weren't conducted; Jehovah has closed case. Johnie ("Dzhek") Pierpont Morgan (son) (1867 — 1943) has filled up billions inherited from the father, Hitler's financing and two world wars (under control of Jehovah).
Satan provokes to crime, and then punishes; he is Death angel. When Morgan (son's)
treasury has filled a purse with bloody $, the imaginary murderer Johnie ("Dzhek")
Pierpont Morgan (son) the devil has deprived of life too.

A fortune was come by the grandson; life expectancy of all Pierpont-Morgan - 76 years. After death of the grandson a fortune was come by the great-grandson - Georges Morgan.

But, a satan Jehovah has saved the great-grandson from commission of crime intentionally not to soil himself (though more it is already impossible to stain, all in blood and excrement).

For Jehovah it is simple to kill the person with power of thought. He will attract to himself consciousness (the shining disk over the head), consciousness will pull along the lowest astral body (radio), astral body will carry away a cover with energy. A physical body without energy is a corpse. The highest Thin bodies (astral and mental) will be removed. Satan has provided the birth of a sex of the child (great-grandson) in advance; for entry into a body it is necessary to wait to age of 25-30 years. It is ready! Conditions for the embodiment are created! Georges Morgan!!! On numerology science: years of life of the father 1837 – 1913=76=7+6=13; the son 1867 — 1943=76=7+6=13 – number of a devil. Jehovah deprived of them life when the efficiency of their activity went down.

Jehovah entered the astral body into the physical body of billionaire Georges Morgan during the dream of the victim. In other words, he sent a victim to the next world before his death. In the body of Georges Morgan, Jehovah the Devil lives! Wife took for himself from the family of the billionaire Rockefeller. Thus, he combined two states into one, acquired the body and surname of the billionaire. The devil is not born and does not die - one incarnation replaces another. He, from the astral plane, like a hawk, seeks a sacrifice for himself, pushes him out of the physical body and settles on himself. Jehovah is the richest man on the Planet. America in debt with the devil of Jehovah, his name - Georges Morgan!

After the incarnation of Jehovah in New-York, in the family of billionaire George Morgan, he and the headquarters moved to New-York, he is called the "Illusion Theater". Such a theater can be any theater where concerts are held: music, vocals. Visitors, inspired by enthusiastic emotions, weave a bright aura and fill the hall. In this room at night, Jehovah gathers his army for RAM. Demons vampirize light energies, improving their aura. After the devil Jehovah uses them for atrocities against dead people in the Higher Subtle Worlds. Demons are invisible by ordinary sight, but Jehovah is visible in the physical body. Demons fly into windows, penetrate walls - there are no obstacles for them. How does Jehovah enter the theater at night when the theater is closed and guards at the door? Hypnosis! Protection will open, and the devil will remove what has happened from their subconscious. This is not the only way of vampirism (suction of solar energy from the aura of a bright person), applied by the devil.

Puppeteer Jehovah created NATO to control the Planet. Devil sells US debt to return the stolen money and buy them gold and precious stones. Yatsenyuk and Angela Merkel have already voluntarily driven US to the devil to Jehovah state GOLD RESERVES. The devil is preparing to Saturn, it collects suitcases. Together with suitcases to carry off a Saturn those, who did favor. US citizens do not repay Jehovah speculator and the collapse of his "empire sects." As a result, Jehovah Bugger in the minority will leave Earth in 2046. Perhaps and for ten years there will be devil‘s leaving to Saturn to the army earlier!!!

Russian Emperor Alexander II and U.S. President Avraham Lincoln is the embodiment from the Shambhala. During the Northern war the Russian Navy blocked the way of the Navy of England and France (prevented the devil to Jehovah in his fraudulent games) and Abraham Lincoln ended the war victorious. Jehovah organized the murder of A. Lincoln in 1865.

At the parade of gay pederast Jehovah should the ahead of the column witch red – black flag of the devil? As the founder of the society of perverts are the victims of his hypnosis. Jehovah twice is in a dream before me. 1. I'm sitting by the road, he curled into a ball, and a huge devil is in front of me and brandishing an axe. 2. It should be in front of me and said: "You - one, and I is the value».

Would say not a dream, but in reality, "Greatness - in good deeds without the calculation of remuneration. Lord of Shambhala, Great Maitreya – God is the Value of! Pederast Jehovah is only planetary demon, pervert, moon demon, cheater, bloodthirsty murderer, a liar and the father of lies. The Value is Space and his Law of Karma; performers Karma are the Gods and people. Jehovah knows that the space writes down everything on the movie, but daily is engaged the afternoon onanism and night pederasty with the minor little son. Wife rejects due to underdeveloped main body of the devil - is the wages of his hobby, millions of perverts and gay parades. Devil applied hypnosis and he ... is mutual. Karma – the exact space scales!!! God’s peculiar subtle humor!

For the paragraph that contains the name of a real Devil - Morgan, Jehovah burned on my floor all the counters and the wiring. At the entrance was a smokescreen. On my computer Jehovah has twice put out of action the hard drive devilish energy of destruction.

Walk down the street and suddenly a vision right there is a huge black Cadillac, and behind the wheel - Jehovah. And he said: "Go on foot? … Sit don will drive". With him on the same planet is to be dangerous and disgusting.

Information is about the heredity of the physical body of billionaire Georges Morgan. His grandfather, John Pierpont Morgan, was a weak and painful boy when he was a child - detective Peter Fortescue, a well-known private investigator, described this in his papers in detail. Skin diseases, pneumonias, arthritis, slight epilepsy; neighbors said that little John has a poor blood and it was the pure truth.

Pierpont, who gave birth to the mother of John, was marked by obvious signs of degeneration of the family. John Pierpont (grandfather) stood out in the crowd with shining blue eyes and a huge red nose. This disease in Pierpont was hereditary - to old age John Piermont’s nose grew to fantastic proportions.

Mrs. Pierpont (grandmother) suffered hysterical attacks and a serious dermatosis. She could not fulfill her duties and was terribly worried about her appearance. Their daughter, Juliette Pierpont, also inherited a skin disease - but not from her mother, but from her father, who suffered from rosacea. In the story of Detective Fortescue, the story of little John Pierpont Morgan was read as a novel by Dickens: fragile, squishing an eternally stuffed nose, prone to nervous breakdowns and sudden convulsions, aching in bones, migraines and colds - a small handicapped person; the boy spent six months in bed. At the mother's in the tenth year of matrimony finally gave up her nerves, and she forever locked up in her dull little world. Parents sent their son to the Azores after he had a rheumatic fever - John lay in bed for six months. Spencer Morgan decided that the southern sun would benefit his offspring. He still had something all the time, but he learned not to pay attention to it. He was worried because acne poured out on his forehead (the rash would torment Morgan all his life - apparently, the disease was hereditary), and, nevertheless, trailing after all the pretty girls in the district.

"The Lord" Jehovah increased his lips with silicone and made the nose plastic; removed the hump, narrowed the nostrils (the tip of the nose protruded with a hairpin) and shortened the nose (made a resection across the nose), the lips cracked, and the wound on the nose does not heal - bad blood by inheritance. He is not friendly with his head; he concentrated all his attention on the genitals. And his mind is stricken by the same virus. The devil was trapped, unsuccessfully chose a victim. The ancestors of the grandfather of billionaire Georges Morgan were blood relatives of the same genus Pierpont.

Jews are practicing this, but the result is always lamentable. This is the Karma of the family Morgan for drug trafficking and piracy (robberies and murders). The cause of the fall of several generations of the families of Pierpont and Morgan - Jehovah, his occult influence; their hands the devil forged billions. In addition to the billions, Jehovah inherited a mental disorder from the Pierpont family: the grandfather (except for a dozen diagnoses) had mild epilepsy; the great-grandmother has hysterical fits. Jehovah was preparing a sacrifice for the incarnations of six generations of Morgan. But, Karma does not sleep. In the form of retribution, the family of Pierpont connected in kindred ties with Morgan; hence the dermatosis and mental disorders. After the unification of the two clans, the surname of the ancestors of the physical body of Jehovah was listed as Pierpont Morgan, but the devil rejected the name of Pierpont, so as not to drag them into the influence of this half of the genus. The second name outnumbered the atrocities. Jehovah knows that this particular branch of lemur demons was embodied by the devil in the tribe of the Jews. He before the wedding deprived the innocence of the brides of Israel at the age of 12 - 13 years, while he embodied all the demons (rakshas's). He served as a bull-insemter, and initiated the beginning of pedophilia. Under Soviet rule, after harvesting, the districts had annual agricultural exhibitions; collective farms represented agricultural products and livestock. There were collective farms, which were engaged in breeding meat and dairy breeds of cattle. Brought on exhibition thoroughbred huge the bulls are producers. But, Jehovah belongs to garbage human; he spread his rot to a tribe of demons. Everything returns to its own place; what you will seed, you will reap.
Computer technologies have embellished the face of Jehovah devil, – at him the nose is five times more also in a form, – a sinusoid in a profile. A big nose is "an award for fornication" in antecedents. The appearance of the billionaire Georges Morgan has precisely suited a devil for the karmic reasons. The owner of land still pays for dinosaurs, monkeys, cows and sexual perversions of all types. Jehovah is the zoophile, the active pederast, the pedophile. Jehovah often changes a shape of a beard. Look narrowly, citizens of the USA, he sometimes passes on the Broadway, - the pederast Jehovah lives on this street in a skyscraper, 10/1 (number ten, the apartment one). The devil wears black clothes and black glasses. His car – black Cadillac; it is made by request because of legs poles. (August 11, 2016 Jehovah made a plastic nose: removed a small bump and narrowed nostrils - the nose dropped and closed his mouth. After resection, the nose became even and short, like a pug. Wounds on the nose rot - Pierpont's bad blood). Other signs: a two-meter jockstrap, legs twice long the torso (Afron’s syndrome), an eye yellow and small as drills, penetrate through. He could have worked as a security guard at a jewelry store or as a guard in the fields so that the sunflower sparrows would not peck.
Jehovah with irritation questions: "Why you in each book repeat about me this text"? - It is too primitive to understand my, far-reaching, a plan. You watch a commercial on you tube: – Jehovah devil, a planetary satan.

Chapter 5. In search of justice is.

"You cannot serve God and mammon." (Matf., 6/24).
To me there were 14 years; summer, vacation, I slept till 10 in the morning. Once, when awakening, there was a contact with Light. A condition of boundless joy flowed on tear cheeks. In several days it has repeated. In the tenth class I remembered it; what was it? Once, in a year after leaving school, I sat with the schoolmate on a bench, in the territory of Orthodox Church and unexpectedly for me he has told me: "......". For offense a lump in
a throat, I have broken into tears and too have at parting told: ...» I have told what never I thought of.

"Evil ghost" has enclosed these words in our lips. And everything has come true. He was seriously ill, was long treated also for a prim of a large amount of drugs, in marriage he gave birth to the unhealthy child. I didn't know, as I am sick, the bolt from the blue has burst in twenty years. When I have got sick, everything time someone pushed me to suicide to be thrown out from the third floor. But at him nothing has turned out. I love life. Now I know that suicides get on the lower astral plan (the eighth sphere) to maintaining darkness where they are deprived by identity, i.e. the three of the highest principles — spirit. I was treated several years and was already healthy.

But the evil ghost didn't leave me, he has thought up other evil which on me was inflicted by the person with the surname coming from dirt. "Dragon" has set up him because of me. The main goal is me to suppress. When I is have gone to bed have heard "Voice" which has told: "He will dirt a light surname of your husband". Also I have repeated three times. I usually everything long digest in thoughts, and this time everything have been erased from memory, and I have fallen asleep. In the morning, when awakening, again this "Voice" Insisted, Warned, Saved and Has repeated three times the same words.

But again someone has removed them from memory. In the evening, for the third time "Voice" has repeated three times the same words. "Voice" has stopped, but the hidden Patron never left me. My Patron! My Patron! "Evil ghost" forced people to whom I adjoined, to do offenses concerning me, unconsciously, and then punished them executed. All in order that to subordinate me to it. I was surprised. One has burned down together with giving, another has lost memory and sight has hung itself in a garage, the third has died in road accident, yet one has died from cancer, another has got to accident. At first "Angry" reported what they to me have made and then as he has punished them. He have entered into one woman in the demon, he е ѐ shook 13 years and all in order that she carried about me rumors. Then the demon left and she has pulled out she has died.

Me "the dragon hissing" pushed to suicide. Once I have prepared an edge and a basin to open a vein, but again my Patron Has saved me. Nothing at "dragon" has turned out. All the time one attacked, and another Protected me. And all these years I supported by my Patron kept balance, rest and looked at all this, as at cinema. I didn't know who destroyed me and Who Protected.
Somehow I in kitchen made a lunch and have suddenly thrown everything and have turned on the TV. Bovin spoke, praised "Torah" - the Writing by Jews. I said that it is cleverer than this book isn't present. I right there as the zombie, I have put on and have gone to a synagogue and have got stuck there for three years, but eventually have left not mine. Later I have thought: "Probably, Jehovah has sent me there". On TV there was a movie "Great Inquisitor". Under the decree of Jehovah I have turned on the TV; on the screen the Catholic-priest, looking at Christ, shouted: "I accept a devil". I have thought: "What communication between Jehovah and a devil? Having read the Bible, it was convinced that the Old Testament Judaism, word for word. Only in the Bible in the ch. "Jesus Navin" is magnificent figures of the destroyed people when Jews "cleared away to themselves the place" are thrown out, appropriating property of the killed under the leadership of Jehovah. I have begun to read other books, by then I remained one. My husband has died.
On his leg the devil has made blood clot which has soon come off and has floated to heart; ten months the breast was broken off from pain. Constantly he spoke to the husband: "You will die". And the husband has started to hurry; have bought shoes, candles, and I repeated everything: "I will die". Jehovah did all this to leave me one, - to finish me finally, or to subordinate to himself.
Some days before the death of the husband my neighbor in giving has brought me a
part a tea service and has told: "Have presented us a service, I keep plateaus and we have the rest" and has left. I have been surprised. And suddenly in a brain a thought: "Return a service - it is sorcery; division of a service – division of family". I have taken packing, have run to neighbors, but they have left home. On heart it was so heavy, - a trouble presentiment. I wanted to put through a fence ware on their site, but a fence high. I was going to return in the next weekend, but I wasn't in time, there was the husband's funeral. he sorcerer Jehovah left me one. At the daughter of the neighbor the husband left to another, but has in a couple of years returned. The devil used the neighbor against me.

In a year, after the death of the husband, again I was taken in hand by Jehovah, again hypnosis. Have reduced with the woman, who has told me about books by Konovalov S.S. "The book is which treats". The author of the book himself doesn't know who operates him and that energy represents. On covers of books of Konovalov S.S. is of a prayer; one of them begins so: "Make me by the tool of your world...» i.e. make me the demon, admit to the rack and operate me in the evil and artful affairs. And in the book No. 5 is a statement against Christ. The doctor K. can get out of the swamp, having addressed forces Light. He has been given chance. I have read books, there has passed year. Visions of the astral plan where there live the dead have begun.
Jehovah spoke about people, about their intimate, sometimes my lips; once, for no reason, he named the name of the customer of the murder of Vyacheslav Chernovol, - Yu.V. Timoshenko, for her Jehovah provided for the throne of the President. Then he predicted the death of the husband of my employee - it came true a week later.

I have asked: who are you? If you from forces Light, I with you speak and if from darkness get out". God can't tell it, so someone another. Who? This day (after have sent him) he has shown vision: the astral plan, at home, a portrait of the mannish woman of the black with long hair on a hair parting, in a scarlet tunic, and signs: green triangle, yellow square and pentacle red. It was Jehovah and the image which he has shown me - it’s "a scenic image". (Jehovah has put on a wig with long hair and has put on bloody red color a tunic, representing "Mother World", the clown). But I didn't know and have thought: "It is necessary to look for Christ's portrait".
Both I have right there gathered and I have gone to other city to relatives. As I was confused by "angry", didn't want exposure, hoped that I will be in a condition of ignorance eternally. The nephew has given me the book where there was a description of appearance of Christ according to Pontius Pilate: blue eyes, a straight short nose, chubby lips, a wide forehead, a fair hair on a hair parting long, curled on the ends. There is such portrait at N.K. Rerich. It was convinced in red there was Jehovah-devil. Before it he has shown the yard where there was a wedding, and has told that you will die and you will be embodied at these parents and called a surname. Jehovah deceives believers that we live once, and has offered me transformation. The third time he declined me by death.

Everything time I think that from me it is necessary for it? I have shouted: "I don't want!" I have also gone to bed with weight in heart. I have woken up in the morning, it was easy at heart; I have a protection.

Has decided to throw out books by Konovalov S.S., but Jehovah has told: "Give somebody". To resist his hypnosis it is useless will paralyze. On the third time I have told: "Take out". When I left an entrance, the victim already stood near a trash can. I wanted to throw books into a tank, but the man of their visors. In one and a half years this man has gone crazy, two times till several months lay in a psychiatric clinic and has died. Do you hear, Konovalov S.S.? Jehovah has begun to torment me. At first he deprives of a dream, and then sight. In operating time over the book, he has said in low tones: "I deprive of sight twice". I sent on me every night the demons that didn't allow me to sleep. I beat off as could, the mixer, didn't turn off the light. Then I have got used to sleep in the afternoon, and to be awake at night. Later he has begun to destroy astral light sight. I went on churches, I asked priests nobody knows anything, and only one elderly priest (God grant to him health) has told: "With you the satan speaks".

The devil has increased to me astral light eye pressure and has destroyed fields of vision. Then I have sent quickly growing dairy cataract. The devil two times has hit me in a door, (the left hemisphere of the head – lunar), five times on the street I arrested the left attention with an elbow, a fist, a shoulder, - the devil directed all. Ten times is forced down on the street from legs energy.

Infections, insects various this pettiness me has tempered, I can safely go against it. Before operation of pincers dust-like has brought in an eye - I have cured. Jehovah (more precisely the demon-rakshas Semyon Schneider) has placed in an ear to me a green pregnant caterpillar. She was delivered, and hundreds of tiny caterpillars green, round, in the diameter of one millimeter have got from an ear. They to me stung the head. I have guessed to pour over the head apple cider vinegar and to put on a rubber hat. Under a cap they burst, cracked and all have died. Later I have washed away the head hot water with laundry soap.

Days ten I didn't sleep, something in an ear moved. There were holidays, has gone to the ENT specialist, the doctor has pulled out the green shaggy caterpillar saturated with blood from an ear. Before I poured vinegar, peroxide into an ear, but it didn't come out. I have come home, in an ear all the time something moves again. Week I went on hospitals, to me again everything have washed out. The doctor has told: "You have a mental disease". I have thought that Jehovah wants to define me in a psychiatric clinic, he left me at once. All this the tenth part of what happened to me. What only insects Jehovah didn't send me inside, and outside. And I have palmed off milk from a sick cow. Year suffered. I kept thinking: "What he to me has become attached?" What from me it is necessary for him? After all crimes he hissed on an ear, enticing: "It was necessary to attract financially you". Recently I crossed the street to sit down on tram; Jehovah has picked up me energy
and has thrown on the tram ways. I have heard: "Tram”.
I have looked, the tram rushed at great speed, the man has run up to me and has lifted me and the tram has stopped. I have hurt a knee and a hand. The devil has told earlier that he will dismiss about me rumors that I was ignored everywhere. Sees that I don't react to it, I have decided to throw under the tram. Writes letters to me on behalf of unknown persons is offers money. Not to see a position of the Satan of Solar system to him as own ears. Even $1 trillion won't help. Saturn is his shelter: Saturn and a satan are synonyms. I have already received the award; I is with God’s, above - is nothing!!!

Once, after his next persecution, I have raised hands up and have addressed Forces Light to direct me to a way of the Truth. I have bought books by E.P. Blavatsky and I have plunged into reading as - as if, I waited for it. I read all day long. Now I know, my Patron Has heard me, He Waited when I ask Him for the help. Luminous intensity respect freedom of choice of the person and never applies violence. I have written the first article quickly, and the next day the evil has forced to tear it on small pieces. This dragon influenced me hypnosis. It was necessary to sit down right there, and to write new article, already more reduced. Jehovah executed for the letter Konovalov S.S.; I considered a duty to him to explain with whom he speaks with a devil. When wrote articles, demons came, knocked, sent me to a cinciput energy - the head cracked from pain. I expelled them essential oil. We spiritually grow at sufferings! After my address to Almighty, demons left me. My prayers, perhaps, haven't reached the Almighty Deity, but Jehovah has heard them and has left me alone. Means, and on a devil there is a justice!

Within one year I have read 11 books by E.P. Blavatsky. I read for five-six hours a day. In a year I have bought books E.I. Rerich. "Agni Yoga"!!! During reading a tear flowed like water. In May I have begun to read and on August 24, 2008 I have for the first time seen Eyes. All sky was in color dabs. I have the next day asked the knowing person, she was surprised and has told that it is Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala, M.: - Michael the Archangel. It is also my Patron. As long I waited for my God! Then there were asterisks, and every day the sky with white flashes and stars: silver, lilac, blue, bright. In several months I have appeared gold, then two, purple, - then two, emerald then two, now every day multi-colored. My Patron always is with me. There were visions. Before reading something, at first I will see vision that it was better remembered. During reading books E. P. Blavatsky, "Etc." and E.I. Rerich, "Agni Yoga", was the help not only with the reading course, but also comments to the spiritual books read long ago. It was authors of books, my favorite authors!

I is “to see" my previous 10 embodiments. In antecedents I knew this Doctrine. In my bedroom there were many portraits. And from all whom I approached, to me there was energy. I have approached a portrait E.I. Rerich and I have thought: "To me, apparently, that I knew this Doctrine earlier". Energy has gone a stream, the truth means. In four years I have read these books several times. Also I have drawn conclusions. The most expensive that I have is my Teacher and his books. From books rest and balance is. The whole years last, in vain lived though they have given me knowledge too and have pushed to Light. I so wanted to go to Tibet, to see mountains, to stand on that earth, to breathe that air. In "Agni - the Yogi" is said: "Travel, maybe, you learn those places where you were embodied earlier". On the anniversary I have bought the vacation package to Egypt. Jehovah has sent me a dream that the car will hit me. The fellow traveler with the son has got to me; we have lodged in the next numbers, went by an excursion together and too went to lunches together.

I was on the ancient Homeland. People are good, valid, children very beautiful. I have visited Luxor, burials. In Cairo have looked at pyramids, mummies in the museum, in Alexandria library and monuments. I in the last embodiments lived in these cities. At the airport the cargo wheelbarrow has run over me the dream has come true. The wheelbarrow has pushed me; I have bent, and have lifted me up. It is strange that I haven't scattered on a part, and has swept head over heels and hasn't hurt. It for the fact that I have told to the guide a real name of a satan is Jehovah. Thanks, my Lord, the Favorite Teacher, Only for me, my Father Heavenly, the Friend devoted and true, the Defender from the darkness of forces, the Defender and the Guarantor before the Highest, and Christ Redeemer! Only now I understand sense of a word Christ Redeemer! I swam in the Red Sea, blue and clean, and I repeated everything: "My God, Keep me safe and sound to the house". And asterisks of indigo color from eyes took off for water and flew to the bottom of the sea. Also I Have kept! Later in Sharm el-Sheikh sharks have appeared. He is my personal God; I Have brought me out of darkness on the wide light road which is filled in with sunlight. And the Sun it is also my God. "Yes Will Lord's it will be eternal in all three worlds"!

Once, going to bed, I have thought: "Also I want to burn darkness as E.I. Rerich". The next day the devil energy has brought down me from legs; the ambulance has taken away; have imposed plaster, have told that for 3 weeks. I have left home, have removed plaster, and in three days all has passed — energy from Lord M.:! I have written the first article Sh. to Miсhael for transfer to a synagogue of Moscow. For the fifth day demons have flown, tormented me under hypnosis. The next day I have sent article to the websites of magazines and advertizing. In the evening "the black raven" in black clothes to the floor has flown and a cape on the head, covering the face. I stood at a portrait of Lord M.: also I have asked him to banish. The demon in black clothes left at once. As they tormented me! Horror! I have forgotten to hold communication good luck, to put a cup of hot water and to drop essential oil of a eucalyptus. They choke and take off. I am indignant in the morning, well why it happens to me. Also I hear "Voice"..., who has explained everything to me.

Everything is forgotten, there is only a joy boundless! Why to me from all portraits energy goes? I have received the answer. These is reason, prosecutions me by Jehovah. Being embodied, served as bait for Jehovah; he swallowed me and tormented, aggravating the karma. It is necessary to worship and pray to Great Maitreya, M.:
Michael the Archangel is our Father Heavenly. Get a portrait and you speak with It mentally, and reaction will follow. It is necessary to read books and to observe all. To accept everything heart! Consciousness! Accept the new Doctrine of Living Ethics. "Ignorance is root of all evil" - Gautama Buddha.
"Fly a thought in vast areas of space and spirit" – Krishna.
P.S. It appears all my sufferings are connected with one of my last embodiments. Three thousand two hundred eighty years ago I have been embodied in the city. Luxor (Egypt) in at one time with Jehovah. In the Old Testament this period is described: Jehovah asks from the Pharaoh to make service of Jews to him and applies executions. Prosecutions me have since then begun Jehovah. Have shown me to the film which is shot by space about each person in all embodiments, and then after physical death show in God's court. Also it is called: "All secret becomes obvious". The film shot on color, very qualitative film with ideal sharpness, or visibility. Traveling around those places where I was once embodied, it seemed to me that haven't remembered my antecedents. Only the love and worship of the Lord of Shambhala has carried by in the millennia – to God of the Sun Ra (Michael the Archangel).

Chapter 6. Goes recruiting on the Saturn
(exposure pederast of Jehovah is).