Chapter 21, 22, 23, 24, 25.

Chapter 21. Obsession.
Catherine II.
Catherine was born on April 21, 1729. Her father, Prince Christian August was poor and he had to serve. John's mother Elizabeth was very beautiful. Catherine was the bastard daughter of King of Prussia, who wanted her to identify the heir to the Russian throne. It's time to marry Peter, grandson of Peter the Great, from a daughter Anna. In February 1739, Ekaterina and his mother arrived in Russia. She was indifferent to religion. As you know, Jehovah is the devil believes that "a religion for fools". Planetary devil Jehovah keen followed her and everything done to her decomposing morality, harmful to Russia, and hence it’s Great Patron – Archangel Michael. Jehovah commanded by Catherine using occult methods is hypnosis. She had brilliant abilities, she studied Latin, read Tacitus, Voltaire, Didro. Before the wedding, she told the Court the planetary demon Don Zhuana Chernyshev but it quickly sent abroad. When to Catherine was sixteen her to marry with Peter Fedorovich. Relations have developed, because Peter loved another, which rejected by the aunt – the queen Elizabeth, Peter I's daughter.

Peter dreamed, having received a throne, to place the wife in the monastery. After the death of the queen Elizabeth Petrovna, the nephew became Peter III. Peter dreamed of getting to the throne; put his wife in a convent. After the death of Queen Elizabeth's nephew became Peter III. The young tsar has been beautiful, clever and brought up in the spirit of love for the country. Has been ready for changes is in government. Elizabeth's guard protecting a throne twenty years of her board could not find for itself applications. It is known that each Master gradually acquires vampires of the state treasury. All vampires‗ parasites of Russia were afraid of changes; they dismissed rumors about Peter III's insolvency. The tsar at first should have surrounded himself with authorized representatives and to create the world around a throne. Jehovah's devil had other scenario for management of Russia.

Jehovah changed to Ekaterina lovers daily, and sometimes them was directly a little. Peter
openly despised the wife. Grigory Orlov from whom Ekaterina waited for the issue, managed by a devil-Jehovah, organized a revolution and swore in Ekaterina, having physically eliminated from Peter III's arena. Ekaterina wrote: "We had no intention, desire to set in such a way which God, on his unknown Crafts Us determined the Throne of the Fatherland Russian to accept.

"Our introduction on the Imperial throne is the proof of that truth that where unfeigned hearts work there the God's hand leads"; Ekaterina's lips the Werewolf Jehovah spoke.

"The former emperor the “God's” will died from pain in guts", - Ekaterina wrote the Russian people. It turns out that "God" helped with delivery of favorites, and helped to kill Peter III. God doesn't provoke the person to murder, debauchery and other crimes; it is permissiveness and not punishability Lucifer-Jehovah. Instead of the word God, it is necessary to insert Jehovah – a devil. "We had no intention, desire to set in such a way which Jehovah is a devil, on his malicious crafts, to us determined the Throne of the Fatherland Russian to apprehend", "the God's hand" – Jehovah's hand – a devil, "the God's will died" - Jehovah's will – a devil died.

Fishing planetary demon known-ravage Russia; all favorites Catherine cost of the people of more than 400 million rubles, not including, what was looted during their reign. The Russian budget was 80 (eighty) million. In those days the viscous (hundred) was worth a kopeck!

Bagels Werewolf! By Jehovah's witnesses – the devil has another murder Catherine Prince John Antonovich pretender to throne. First wife son poisoned along with breed. "An hour before the death of Catherine in her room: "See what it means to fight with me. You want to make me into a convent; I'll let you take it to his grave. You poisoned. Virus system was struck by all the surrounding Catherine. Favorites – the killer acted under the direction of Jehovah's witnesses: one organized the murder of Peter and the other a pregnant daughter-in-law, organized a third poisoning bricked wall Palace maid – another rival. Planetary satan has corrupted the madams and exemplified high society; the aristocratic families were the same depravity. «At the end of life Jehovah-the devil had forced her to lesbianism; she had a huge "maiden", where Catherine was "lesbian". Seeing one of Suvorov, asked her daughter to get to grips with four bedrooms, but had been denied: "for you, mother, for the fatherland will give everything, but not a daughter. Her mouth was saying without Jehovah, which planetary tormented and tortured her until the last minute-already in years, tired, stout. Catherine was the victim of a powerful hypnosis Jehovah, which can protect only a higher spirit? What tragedy befell her! Potemkin was her constant favorite along with "provisional". He also had a harem of three relatives of nieces. The shameless conduct of "Russian court said all of Europe. Perverse mind of Jehovah is the devil had no limits-under his hypnosis Queen of all their adventures wrote her many friends, including "loving" Wolter. Ekaterina II fell under content of Jehovah is the devil and the Royal Palace and the high society he turned to Den and was Chief conductor of all crimes. The devil Jehovah has subordinated himself group of rakshas's-demons in Germany who under his guidance published brochures with the discrediting data on the queen, and extended them in Russia. One of slander was about stallions.
Nativity scene at the Royal Court Jehovah under Tsar Nicholas II, headed by is the main character of Gregory Rasputin. Yemelyan Pugachyov's revolt was organized by Jehovah. And Yemelyan’s embodiment has been thought in advance over: the same, eternal slave to a devil sat in body Yemelyan Pugachyov's. A. V. Suvorov has chained the rebel and has brought to Moscow. Executed Emelyan is in 1774. Two characters: Emelyan Pugachev and Grishka Rasputin is the embodiment of the same person in an interval on time in one and a half centuries. Karma will find the culprit! Space to record criminal thoughts, words and actions of the crew of satan!

Catherine II was supposed to serve as a middleman between the Archangel Michael and Russia and became a victim of Jehovah is the devil to moral decay and the financial ruin of the Russian State. And now she is the victim of a planetary demon of Jehovah for his destructive purposes.

The one, who read about the queen of reminiscence of her contemporaries, that knows her sufferings. Jehovah – a devil sends to energy to a stomach bottom, strengthening perception. Energy is destructive, strikes consciousness of the person and brings him to animal level. The second time before me the picture – vision was developed; Catherine II (today) in a light dress, in a hat with fields and the dismissed red hair. At the left the black disk (consciousness) above the head, and behind him a darkness cloud comes nearer. Repeatedly the devil asked: "Don't write". The first time when wrote about it that he "the zoophile, the second – about Catherine II, the third – about Pushkin, the fourth – about Gregory Rasputin. There is a hope, she will think and will regain consciousness from obsession. But it is necessary to pay her tribute: Catherine II (and today) – the First Lady of Russia. From all embodiments (women's) above her there is nobody!!! Catherine II – Catherine the Great and Gregory Potemkin is two large politicians, who have much made for Russia. Have been attached: Northern Black Sea Coast, the Crimea, the North Caucasus, the West Ukrainian, Belarusian and Lithuanian lands (according to three sections is of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth). Why Jehovah so cruelly humiliated Catherine II? And not only in this embodiment!! In bible days, when Jews have for the first time gone to Egypt under a cover of the most powerful Pharaoh Ramses II (God of the Sun of Ra), Jehovah was embodied in Egypt-those too. In the same time it was embodied Catherine II, Jehovah has made to it a proposal of marriage, but was refused. The Pharaoh Ramses II Make to her the proposal to become his wife. Only the marriage for the Pharaoh has saved her from violence of a devil and murder; he acted this way with those who have rejected him. Since then the devil pursues her and cruelly revenges. All Solar Gods know the pervert Jehovah since Lemuria. Jehovah is a demon, and breaks the closed door. Everyone has to keep at a distance! Presently he in New-York had wife demons, but also she has left him; the reason – violence in the perverted form (unfortunately, have come back, whether for a long time …).

A.S. Pushkin.
Sources of tragic events of A. S. Pushkin began long before the birth of the Genius of the Russian poetry. One of its embodiments is the Indian poet Valmiki, the author of the poem "Ramayana" in which he derided demons. The vindictive and vindictive gay Jehovah thought up the plan to sweep; to lower A.S. Pushkin to the level.
In 1786 Sergey Semyonovich Uvarov in this world appeared. Everything went to his lives crookedly and dirty. In all that then it happened and (one of many external reasons), led of Pushkin to death, considered that he is guilty and only he is Sergey Semyonovich Uvarov, "can be, the nastiest (lowest) of enemies of the poet". Pushkin was proud of the ancient nobility and fairly considered Uvarov the upstart, ready to cover with corpses the way carrying on the top of a bureaucratic ladder. He was capable "pushful person", and his career developed promptly. In 1804 (in 18 years, Pushkin became in 35!) I was entitled cameras – the cadet, in 1807 it was sent to service in the Russian Embassy in case of the Austrian yard. In 1809 Uvarov was transferred to Paris, and in 1810 it was stimulated to return to Russia. His mother died, having lost all the status before death. Only a marriage it could save situation that he also made, having married Ekaterina Razumovsky, the daughter of the minister of education. The bride was five years higher, but he married a fortune! And here still "fate" (will tell then the name of "fate") prepared victorious turn – a position of the valid councilor of state and trustee Sankt Petersburg educational district. At this position it was present at lyceum examination of 1815, "where unknown still Russia the adolescent appeared before Derzhavin with "Memories in "Tsar Village». In 1818 (in 32!) was already the President of Academy of Sciences! But, note, I had no scientific works. In 1833 Uvarov was assigned by the managing director of the ministry of national education. In a year are the minister and "the chairman of Head department of censorship. It had a rank of the privy councilor, was a member of the State Council, the chairman of Committee of the structure of educational institutions, the member of the Russian academy, remaining the president of Academy of Sciences, Academy of Arts …". I won't begin to list further. Presented many titles "fate" to Uvarov.

When listed the list of positions of Uvarov, heard whisper of "fate" which told: "Here you sees what … will make everything". "I see", - at first corrupted with Uvarov's homosexuality, subordinated to myself, later I did much good positions, having made Uvarov – the pervert spiritually devastated. The planetary satan controlled obsessed. (Uvarov was embodied in Russia, and again serves Jehovah in the Internet).

I think how to prompt to the reader a name of "fate", and he admitted the guilt in the organization of persecution of A. S. Pushkin. I needed to tell the name of the true murderer of the Russian genius, is a planetary demon Jehovah who pursued the poet only for the fact that it is the embodiment from Shambhala. Jehovah involved the whole network obsessed with the struck will for Pushkin's persecution. The true the "poisonous spider" spinning networks for a catch of the victims!

S. S. Uvarov - obsessed the victim of a devil of Jehovah. From the embodiment in the embodiment it passes a way of the pervert. It is used for persecution of light entities and other crimes. That to bind the victim to it Jehovah deprived his mother of a status and the son was a beggar. In Paris brought together the son with homosexuals (applying hypnosis) and I sent it to Russia. Found the partner to it (Dundukov) gave it a set of positions to superimpose Ampere-second oxygen. To Pushkin. Jehovah's purpose is A. S. Pushkin, the divine embodiment from Shambhala. The gay Jehovah tries to lower each embodiment from Shambhala to the level to drag in the army. The poet was loved and admired his creativity – one of the reasons of its loss. It filled space energy of love. Poets come to the world to lift spirituality of the person and to engender in him aspiration to sublime, beauty.

One of contemporaries has told that he "in all states happens that favor in ranks, and not on merits, but in one Russia favor both in mind, and in ranks it is crazy and knowledge". Long time A. S. Pushkin though knew the true price to Uvarov treated him tolerantly and only by 1835 has got to the core of him up to the end. In 30 years of the poet two lines of conduct most of all irritated Uvarov - desire to patronize; he was vain, mercenary and insignificant, in the movements and ambitions. He had a desire to see A. S. Pushkin "the honorary member of the Academy of Sciences". "Ask me, don't consider for humiliation, and your affairs will go easier". As, he was asked, he fenced "intellectual dams" on Pushkin's way, - has united imperial censorship and state, entirely depending on him. Mean only the planetary demon could think up such artful design. Uvarov hated the poet "proud and not obsequious". Pushkin not inclined to forget to the enemies paid him in sharp epigrams.
In 1835 Pushkin concerned by material failure and reader's indifference to "Pugachov's History" has written down in the diary: "Suvorov, the rascal, shouts of my book as about the shocking composition, the villain and the charlatan, his debauchery is known". Dundukov – Korsakov was Uvarov's deputy in Management of censorship. Since spring of 1935 Pushkin's epigram has gone on hands: "The prince Dunduk sits at academy of Sciences …. » with a hint "on doubtful, from moral positions, Uvarov's relation with Dundukov – Korsakov".

Really, Jehovah – a devil everything has given Uvarov and above all has accustomed to homosexuality and has found to him the partner. Desires, in different variations, positions, material benefits – is receptions of a planetary demon of Jehovah. Whether it is easy for
Pushkin it was constant to contact on publishing to these obsessed?

"Pushkin has been forced to exist in the vital environment which he despised and still has been chained to it as only in which he could act".

E.A.Karlgof about Pushkin: "It was swarty the wrong features, but it is impossible to imagine physiognomies more expressive, brisk, and speaking and to hear more pleasant, harmonious voice as - as if purposely created for his verses".

Pushkin's magazine "Contemporary" promising the income of 25 thousand rubles per year has been slowed down by censorship. Probably, ears of the prince were reached by the epigram of the poet. He was accepted to the magazine not from literary types, and from economic. He needed money. Debts of a family of Pushkin grew and have reached 41 thousand rubles. Often Pushkin spoke: "Sadly! Melancholy!" "The joke, the sharp word recovered him an electric spark; he loudly laughed, baring a number of white fine teeth. Concern on future destiny of family, are long and eternal cares of existence were the main cause of his irritability. To what only to slanders and insults they didn't subject the poet what petty and spiteful cavils shortened life of the one, who made our pride and who has to be stored as precious treasure". And presently the zoophile Jehovah continues to slander the poet: rakshas-demons under his management create the websites and hold forums. The devil didn't want that published and read brilliant works of the poet. Only the lucid mind could create such ingenious lines. It didn't manage to a devil to attract through Uvarov the genius in "the academy of Pederasts", he has thought up other option. From Paris "on catching of happiness and ranks" there has arrived to St. Petersburg a young monarchist of 25 years old, the handsome Georges Dantes. The baron Gekkern, the Netherlands envoy, has adopted Dantes has given him the surname and appointed him the successor. One considered him the son that he was in connection with his mother, others that from - for hatred to the family, I wanted to adopt somebody long ago and has chosen Dantes because "I have fallen in love with him". Gekkern was a homosexual, in the person of Dantes he has found to himself the partner – the passive gay. Jehovah has sent Dantes to Russia for execution of the scenario. They led a secular life; went to lunches, balls. Happened and in Pushkin' house - the devil has brought them. Dantes strongly was fond of the wife of the poet and pursued her unsuccessfully about two years. Love Dantes' to Natali Pushkin wasn't pleasant to Gekkern. (At Dantes the rectum has been broken off, and he wanted to get rid of Gekkern. Jehovah in the Old Testament (Torah) repeatedly as the parrot, repeats: "Be pure as I am pure, your "Lord"". The main Gay gives edification to rakshas'-pederasts not to lease the rectum). The baron was angry, the egoist and for achievement of the purpose all means were good. With the purpose to quarrel Dantes with Pushkin and to cure him of love to Natali, Gekkern was ready for everything. Calculation was nasty, but Gekkern has made it, having connected in this mean business of two more young princes. Suddenly Pushkin receives the letter of the following contents "NN, the chancellor of an award of cuckolds was convinced that Pushkin has acquired the rights for this award and favors his commodore".

"Who knew Pushkin that understands that not only in case of a blood offense, but even at the first suspicion, he wouldn't begin to wait for letters. One man's guess is as good as another's what he has gained at this time, imagining himself mocked and scolded in the society pursuing his small continuous insults. He in the person of Dantes looked for death or punishments of all secular society".

Pushkin has recognized by style of the letter of Gekkern at once. And several friends have received it the same letters. Pushkin was silent, hoping that everything will calm down, but Dantes continued to pursue his wife. Nothing remained to Pushkin how to send Dantes's call. The call has been accepted. Long negotiations were conducted to avoid a duel, Dantes has made a proposal of marriage to elder sister of the wife of Pushkin', Ekaterina. "Dantes had syphilis at this time and, exhausted by drugs, didn't leave anywhere". With syphilis he was awarded" by Jehovah, in hope that A. S. Pushkin's wife won't resist beauty Dante’s youth. The purpose - Pushkin, the others - pawns in a devil game. Natalya Gorchakov' loved the husband. The spider poisonous Jehovah has counted everything, has arranged everything, but Pushkin has deceived him, having refused a truce. The duel has taken place. The poet has been wounded fatally, but has with the last bit of strength made a shot right in the heart of Dantes, the bullet has hit in a metal button and has touched a hand. As the contemporary of the poet Smirnov has told about Dantes: "Be three times damned". These words of damnation all the same will find the guilty person – Jehovah. It is one of uncountable crimes of a devil.

About the person is judge by eyes, a voice and gait. Alexander Sergeyevich had big blue eyes, a pleasant harmonious voice, light step and a good figure. At his talent the small growth and imperfect features had no value. Our Soviet generation from a school bench was loved and admired Pushkin's genius. "Again clouds it is necessary me have gathered in silence; the fate envious threatens with a trouble to me again. Will keep to destiny contempt? Will incur towards to her inflexibility and patience of proud my youth»? Open a small volume of the poet and return in school days, read "At curved seashore", Evgeniy Onegin - Tatyana's letter … and send him energy of gratitude and admiration of his talent!!! The pervert Jehovah has sent a landing of active perverts to Russia. Uvarov with Dundukov, Gekkern with Dantes was engaged in sodomy. All already knew about communication "daddies with adopted". Jehovah has surrounded the poet with homosexuals, but A. S. Pushkin' to a devil wasn't succeeded to dip into the swamp. The poet was killed by gays under control of Jehovah. (To be exempted from communication with Gekkern, Dantes married Ekaterina Goncharova, and has gone to France. Ekaterina has given birth to two children (the daughter and the son), and is unexpected, in five years of family life, has died. Her Jehovah has killed. The devil has returned Gekkern' Dantes to gratitude for the organization of a duel. The devil the first shot has provided Dantes because A. S. Pushkin shot only "at an apple", at ten. And the mortal wound was put to the poet by a devil. The daughter Dantes has grown up, has independently learned Russian, for talent has fallen in love with A. S. Pushkin. Having learned history of murder and persecution of the poet, I have begun to hate the father.)

I was in the house on Moyka where there lived Pushkin's family, at an excursion; watched pictures: N. N. Kozlov', "Pushkin in a coffin" (1836 - 1838 g), I. L. Linev', (1837) portrait "A. S. Pushkin". On a face of the poet such fatigue, in eyes incredible grief and hopelessness. Even lips express confusion and helplessness. As though you reads mind on a forehead: "why have come to this world?" What arrows the genius could fire in the protection? Only caustic epigrams, than aggravated opposition even more. Having a presentiment of the end, I have written the poem "Monument". "I have erected a monument to not made by hand, to it the national track won't grow, it Has risen above the head rebellious Alexander Column …."

The first, on the death of the poet, M.Y. Lermontov has responded the poem "Death of the Poet". "The poet has died, - the slave of honor has fallen slandered by a rumor...»
A.S. Pushkin's genius is a great gift for Russia.

A. S. Pushkin's poem, "Temporal power": "When great came true a celebration and tormently on a cross the deity came to an end, then on the parties of a life-giving of a tree Maria is the sinner and the blessed maiden stood, pale, two weak wives, are shipped in immeasurable grief …."

Two more victims of Jehovah – Jesus Christ and Maria – the sinner are mentioned in this verse. Maria was comprehended by Jehovah's obsession; I have sent seven demons, Christ has exempted her from this misfortune. Jehovah – a devil has crucified Christ hands of rakshas’s-demons.
And now there are obsessed with Jehovah-the devil, even in my environment, but it is not so famous person. I am Jehovah has more than three thousand years. Even now, when I'm under protection is.

23.06.11 there was a vision; a rhombus and inside a chessboard - good luck, a draw; a chessboard - a game between white and black, Light and darkness. I was warned that I was vigilant. Only now, in a week after arrival and after some months after vision, read this record from the diary. After having a vision, read this entry from his diary. Now I almost everything is clear. Need to re-read the entries my visions. I'm not always there to solve, but with time everything is explained.

In the first visit to Tibet to Šihadze instead, Jehovah push my trip to Lhasa. I was able to take a taxi from Lhasa to Šihadze, I had no money. With what pleasure went. Dreamed to see the Great Lord and all authors of my books, to receive a magnet and left to cure an eyecup to Šihadze of Lhasa go 4:0. Guide and my traveling companions go with me to.

Visit to Tashilhunpo Monastery "organized" me satan planetary with his image for sinus. Two months later I again decided to go to Tibet without going through intermediate stations. The second time not went to Tibet, me Jehovah "went". Before the second trip he has imposed his own image. Found a loophole-forced (hypnosis) Go on Yandèx (photo by Al Moria, Maitreya) where under this name to press .Ordered the Bishop make the sites instead of the image change the portraits in the flat and in a breast pocket.

I've been showing it in tips, different environment so that I understood. But all was in vain. So when came to Tashilhunpo Monastery with the image of the Devil's chest, in front of me was closed the door. Do not understand. On the way back to the airport of Lhasa two hours before boarding the plane I have tears to Fall River. I saw nobody, a magnet was given, and my eye was cured, the last from sale of giving I have spent money for two trips. How many times did the spider poison to me Lord left. Wanted to make a "Judas", and then destroy it. Planetary demon made me in my book published under articles site, put his portraits at the beginning and in the middle and at the end with the signature of the great ruler of Shambhala. «And reached such insolence that ordered me to make two large portraits and attributed to Him. Blavatsky.went to the store where they sell the product family from India and the living ethics books to order frames; was told that this is not Maitreya. And heard the "Voice of silence" that is Jehovah-the devil. Sleep with the shroud. I was horrified and immediately destroyed all pictures of the Werewolf in the House and on the sites. Now on my sites is genuine portrait of the Great Lord M, owned by H. Rerich. Great Lord M.: Nobleman, austere, Light Bringer, the genius of good. God of love and compassion, the God of goods and Light, Fresh Spring!

Helena Blavatsky was in Šihadze and the Tashilhunpo Monastery. Exactly here, in Tashilunpo she studied occult sciences three years. Have no regrets about anything. So, my consciousness is not on that level, so can open up the door "and" treasured, at least, look inside. I went to the Holy Land, breathing the air and saw the statue of Maitreya. After each article where criminal actions of Jehovah devil are exposed, he silently offends me by rough and dirty nasty words which he applies to all. When forced me to multiply the portraits, I thought that I subordinated me to the will, silently I spoke to me: "You will go in a crown. On to you marry". God forbid from such a ... (Jehovah told: "Don't write"). Was surprised and thought: "Something got confused". Once there is shop, and before me a picture-vision: Jehovah-devil lifted me on hands … The planetary demon Jehovah, only, had an opportunity once again to show the nonsense. ….

Chapter 22. Russian Emperor Alexander II.
Years of board of the emperor Alexander II are designated time of Great reforms in Russia. Scales of the state transformations, carried out by Alexander II, historians compare to Peter the Great's reforms. Reforms were directed not only for strengthening states the authorities, but their main goal was - improvement of life of the people.

Some reforms and transformations is in Russia during Alexander II's board; on February 19, 1961 signed "Provision" on cancellation of serfdom and 23 million people received freedom.
Carried out military, judicial, territorial and are university reforms.
Legalized Old Believers and persecutions on them stopped.

Accession to Russia of the Caucasus, 1864 came to the end. (Acacias Beliashvili, "Besiki").
Accession to Russia of Central Asia came to the end (1865 - 1881).

The Turkish war of 1877-1878 was waged generally in the territory of Bulgaria. The most part of the territory of Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania were exempted from the Turkish yoke.
Ussuri Region is attached and borders with China on the Amur and Ussuri Rivers (1858
1860) are established. Transformed the state control (1862 - 1866).
In April, 1863 Cancelled corporal punishments.

Tsar Transform and Liberator! Passed through all country, was down on to needs of people. And there are so many attempts! The Russian people prayed to God for health of the tsar; the collective prayer is very important. On the first of March, 1881 there was the eighth attempt; explosion of a bomb to the tsar tore off both feet, and it, being covered with blood, I died in terrible torments in some hours after "devil attempt" - exact definition. Jehovah - a devil couldn't transfer ascension of Russia: expansions of borders and transformations. All attempts were organized by Jehovah. In 1881 Emperor of Russia was murdered. Jehovah couldn't subordinate to the hypnosis of Alexander II in that measure in what it applied to Catherine II, Gregory Potemkin, an imperial family of Nicholas II. Who was the Emperor Alexander II? An embodiment of divine essence from the Shambhala! There was a movie that Alexander II left instead of himself the double, and itself went to the monastery. The director was close to Truth, but not absolutely. There was a replacement (thin bodies and the highest Reason) and the lowest three (a physical cover, energy, efir body) the same. Without the highest principles of people - is animal. The second embodiment replaced the first. Therefore the tsar had two marriages.

At all times the planetary satan Jehovah applied many crimes to the Russian yard: palmed off the foolishness obsessed and through them decomposed an imperial family and secular society. Its method - different types of desires, attempts, wars, revolutions, is oppositions, murders. The main planetary pervert and the villain Jehovah carries out the plans itself and through the obsessed. It he prepared "rattling mix" for Ukraine and made impregnations in the Highest Union and the country leaders. It is worth watching videos on the Internet, that the nobility who is under the influence of a planetary demon. Jews, perverts is and underworld. Zombie sectarians - is the result of all misfortunes on the planet, they hold it, because of them overweight of darkness. Only through television it is possible to give to spiritual ignoramuses Knowledge. Promote!!

The emperor Alexander II and the American president Avraham Lincoln was united by the general tasks facing them, parallel efforts and similar destiny. Russia unconditionally supported the North American union in the form of diplomatic declarations and practical actions. During Northern (civil) war in the USA England and France were in opposition to America and were going to send the fleet to its coast. According to the instruction Aleksandra the Russian fleet already plowed waters of the Atlantic Ocean and in time blocked a way of approach of the enemy ships to coast of the USA. This case has upset plans of the leader of the Jewish oligarchy - the pervert Jehovah.

In the fall of 1863 to coast of the North American Union there arrived two Russian squadrons: to the port of New-York, a squadron of the rear admiral of S.S.  Lesovsky, in San Francisco port – is a squadron of the rear admiral A.A.  Popov.

This case has upset plans of the leader of the Jewish oligarchy - the pervert Jehovah.

In 1867 Alaska was sold to America for purely symbolical the price of 7,2 million dollars - not only because of complexity of because of range of Alaska and to strengthen the coast of North America еру the military - navy of the USA for protection against England and France. Especially as the Russian possession in America was, in fact, not state ownership, but
property of the companies.

Two Presidents were US was an embodiment from the Shambhala: Avraham Lincoln and Franklin Rusvelt. Avraham Lincoln's murder was organized by a devil Jehovah.

Owner of Land changed a residence of headquarters and moved to New-York, Presidents of America all operated by Jehovah devil since then. Opposition between two countries leaders is result of management of a planetary satan.Jehovah, leave from the Planet, let memory of you will vanish …

Chapter 23 Den is devil-Jehovah and Gregory Rasputin.

The tsar Alexander III and the queen, considering deterioration in health of the father, have decided to assign care of Russia to the eldest son Nikolay. In Russia entered the rights of the Sovereign at the age of 21 year. Alexander III and the queen – mother have given advice to the son: "The tsar has to be married". From Germany there has arrived to Russia the princess, Hessen – Darmshtadsky. According to the tsar, Alice could improve their sort. Alexander III has died in 1894. Nicholas II was under vigilant attention of the Owner of land. The reason is the tsar, the embodiment from Shambhala. Jehovah has taken the young tsar under control at once. A problem of a devil is to ruin economy of Russia and at the same time to organize bacchanalias (a hobby and recruitment of the pederast Jehovah).
About the weak-willed and incompetent tsar Nicholas II Jehovah was engaged in distribution of rumors, but activity of the tsar will dispel this lie. Actually the tsar was not only the strong-willed person, but also perspicacious which all energy has been aimed at providing welfare of Russia:
1. Nicholas II was the author of the program of development of Siberia and the Far East.
2. At him construction of the plants in the Urals and the Far East is begun.
3. Construction Baikal-Amur railway highways.
4. The project of the oil pipeline of Baku – the Persian Gulf has been created.
5. The tsar has achieved reduction of armaments, and Hague Court has been at that time created. Nicholas II proved firmly and resolutely in those questions which concerned the interests of Russia.
6. The Plan of electrification of the whole country has been accepted. V.I. Lenin has continued his business and called the Plan of GOERLO – the state plan of electrification of Russia.
7. Expansion of borders of the territory of Russia in the Far East, an outlet to the sea – acquisition of spheres of influence: political and economic.
To weaken Russia and to lull into a false sense of security the tsar, the devil (using the diagnosis of the son of the tsar) has prepared a landing - Gregory Rasputin. In 1902 rumors among students of Theological seminary for the first time have gone that somewhere "the great prophet, the perspicacious husband, the wonder-worker and the devotee by the name of Gregory" appeared in Siberia. There has come the era of government of Gregory Rasputin, more precisely, than a devil, the gay Jehovah. Will give some facts from his "biography". "… On the holiday's eve of light Sunday Efim Novykh has broken the fast in church, and announced to fellows villager: "To see, haven't pleased god. Now will risk … and – have washed down! I have begun to ruin economy from the cart, and have terminated the fact that even has spent on drink icons. There was a naked log hut, all in a web. The hail has beaten out glasses in windows, Grishka which – as, have stopped up holes of windows with old valenoks. The earth has become empty - the fathers drunk yes the son nasty, unless they will throw grain into Earth? Not to potter with her, Efim and the earth – to the wattle fence at once has spent on drink that he protected his house from the forgotten arable land. Then and the wattle fence has exchanged for two shtofs. It drank, and darling treated the son: "Drink, Grishka and talk to me. Boringly for me"! Grishka grew up in animal reticence. During that time when he has tasted vodka, was, to him years fifteen …» (V. Pikul, "Evil spirit").
Soon the father was beaten for theft. Grishka has brought the father to Tyumen to hospital where that and has died. And Grishka … and remained in hospital. Grishka "skin and bones", wet lips, silent, lazy and careless has grown up. From doctors have comprehended the diploma; have learned to read signs on taverns. But the evil has confused him; he has pulled down a small knot with money from under a pillow of the dead. Doctors have knocked out Grishka from hospital. He was defined in a tavern, and from a tavern has gone in horse thieves. Grishka Rasputin, while from horse theft of veins, has much seen quack doctors. From them he has learned medical secrets that lasted in the nineteenth century from national mind and sorcerer sky books.
Without passport, without money and without best shoes Grishka has ventured to loaf far, in Sarovo. Wandered about the holy sites …, and there were at Grishka "money to move". "Not differently, as has killed whom, from him it will be become", - fellows villager said. (The settlement of Sarovo on the bank of the river of the same name location of the monastery in which there was the prior Seraphim of Sarovskiy). Once the widow millionaire has arrived in Pokrovsky on the three with bells, has presented it to the wife Parashka of different dresses, has generously endowed children with gifts. Rasputin has built detached villages a new bath with stone, drove the millionaire there in the evenings and there they "heat took a steam bath".
"A sin be not frightened, - Grishka said to the rich woman, - therefore as I on myself take away any sin, and you guilty shouldn't face god (the devil told it lips). Good luck will understand". The millionaire has carried rumors: - "The apostle appeared, will sin and at once will clean sins". "Have come in large numbers from the city at once and other maidens - too diligently took a steam bath, and from a bath conducted Grishka who is washed up to exhaustion under a elbows as if a goose important". Called him the aged man, and to him also forty it wasn't executed. "Aged man" said: - What it will I begin to wait for the Kingdom of Heaven? On what to me clouds yes of a cloud? I on the earth wish to live royally. Those women danced! That wine flew! That boots at me creaked! Those shirts are embroidered! That … to all of you to burst!" "The devil has awarded Grishka with iron health; the former criminal, the thief, the fornicator, he had "a bestial endurance". I have ruined all women on the village; "Never that in the village was found, and here maids began to give birth as if inflated with their wind …, after the poll it has become clear – Gregory work" (the devil sat in an astral body in Gregory, using his horse penis for desires and recruitment).
For fornication and theft peasants began to demand to move him from the village to Eastern Siberia. But Jehovah - a devil has advised not to wait for him when he is called to account. Grishka barefoot has gone to pray to the Verkhoturye monastery where have very strongly worked on his lopsided mentality. After prayers he was obviously crazy; explosion of sensuality as if the evil spirit has lodged in it a demon lascivious.
In parallel with preparation Gregory Jehovah prepared provocation of war of Japan with Russia. (Demon) Zinoviy (Zyama) Isakovskiy born in Russia rakshas has been sent by a devil to Port Arthur on purpose, to get City map with an arrangement of navy. The admiral Alekseev was the tsar's deputy in the Far East. At that time considered that "Japan is too poor to wage big war. And nobody will give her money for such problematic enterprise as single combat with the Russian colossus". But, in the press there was already a message about granting a large loan of Japan by America. England in one and a half years prior to a loan has concluded the alliance with Japan directed against Russia and China. The union and a loan had one common goal – to enhance military power of Japan and to provide her the back on a war case. Soon in newspapers the message has flown that the Japanese joint fleet has put out to sea in the unknown direction. Only British knew about this flashing information.
Zyama has taken root into family of the admiral Alekseev. The admiral was the exemplary family man and very much loved the children. One daughter Zyama has poisoned with poison, and she began to wither. Zyama has bribed the Chinese and he has cured the child. "The admiral has told Zyama: "Ask that you want". And Zyama has asked the Plan. The admiral Alekseev has betrayed Russia under the influence of hypnosis of the gay Jehovah. The cosmopolitan Zyama has sold the Plan to Japanese and has passed to service into the English intelligence. Without declaration of war Japanese have attacked Russia. Russia has lost war and has devastated treasury. Russian-Japanese is war: on January 27 (on February 9), 1904 — on August 23 (on September 5), 1905). Draw an analogy between the Russian-Japanese war and World War II. Both wars began without announcement – the pederast Jehovah's method.
And at this time … in the village in which a devil Jehovah decomposed Grishka Rasputin desires the new priest has appeared. "The father Nikolay Ilyin actively opposed the priest Gapon for what has been banished to Siberia. Sincerely, wishing to avert Grishka from debauchery, I began to entice him on a cup of tea in the evenings; acquaintance has done Grishka good, - he has got from the priest of words, dexterously ground about relics and different miracles. He became the diligent parishioner, long fasted (for show). Not belief, but fear I moved Grishka to official temples.
Exhausted with debauchery and church vigils, Grishka has lost weight, and circles under eyes have appeared. He has taken a shovel, went beyond a village fence, has dug out to himself a hole, has jumped on a bottom and from there has said: "The demon has completely exhausted me... Now here I will begin to fast". Once fellow’s villager have come to visit him, and the Satan has thrown to him two city young women who to him have broken all sanctity. The Satan has flown in an astral body in a hole too, has put on Gregory weight, and with young women "fasted", at the same time, pelisses also has enlisted them. (Confirmation to that is the movie from space). And in the future Gregory life he served as a cover for a devil in all his bacchanalias.
The national Dumas have undertaken the obligation government. To the state arena there was Peter Stolypin with offers of political and economic reorganization of Russia. He, during an era of reaction of the 1907-1911th., I defined a government policy; the organizer of the third of June revolution 1907, the head of the agrarian reform called Stolypin. But he didn't manage "to push" the reforms; it is killed in 1911 rakshas from Jehovah. The murderer is Mordechai Bogrov, in the world Dmitry Grigoryevich Bogrov; the pederast Jehovah knows names of those, who executed his decrees. Russia for Lucifer – Jehovah was always a splinter because her Patron - Michael the Archangel.
The representative of the monarchy has found "silver-tongued orator' ‘To Grishka, and has brought him at first to Moscow, and then to St. Petersburg, and has presented to society. Never, without application of energy of powers of darkness, the man from depth of Russia would step over a palace threshold not that imperial, but even, the impoverished nobleman.
Having appeared in the capital, Rasputin has pretended to be devout. All women of quality considered a duty to talk to him about sanctity. Dirty, unkempt, dirt under nails, the smell from the body and boots greased with shoe-polish isn't brought up, not formed - has subdued Grishka the capital by means of hypnosis of a devil. (Jehovah has chosen Grishka by the penisses size, he has all the rest is the. In gratitude for horse penis Jehovah wants to canonize Gregory. In India demons have already built the temple to three-meter penisses. Whom does Orthodoxy canonize, to Gregory, or …?).
Spider Jehovah
As the poisonous spider, Jehovah spun the web long before it was twisted in a ball, and has confused the uncountable number of families and characters. I have organized all and I have arranged everything!!! The Great Russian psychiatrist Bekhterev, who was engaged in Rasputin, wanted to know a secret of his influence on women. I have decided that "his force consisted in his domineering character, in ability to put itself at once to familiarity it is close to any female person. Except ordinary hypnotism, there is also a sexual hypnotism what was possessed by "aged man" Rasputin. Only it is not Rasputin hypnosis, and Jehovah's devil. Field of activity for Rasputin has been already prepared by Jehovah. Jehovah has wide experience of application of sexual hypnosis (his "fad").
Jehovah's task was in founding a den in Russia. (The dolls strengthened on a wire in a two-story box were set in motion a den). The letter "B" is also used for designation of a slum, a brothel. So Jehovah can be christened one more name – the main planetary operated by a den!
To humiliate Russia, the devil has chosen similar, pettiness Rasputin Gregory and pushed him on the Olympus of government. Operated by a den Jehovah put on Gregory Rasputin's weight (there was a substitution of Thin bodies and the Principal Reason), appointed ministers, made decisions state to the detriment of Russia. Grishka himself repeatedly repeated: - "The demon has tortured me …».
Revelry, Gregory Rasputin's wine parties have spread out female half of society. Princesses of high society, countesses, noblemen went to embraces of Gregory impregnated then and the wine reek of alcohol. Went, driven by a devil as frogs is in a mouth of a boa. Jehovah is the procurer and the libertine (it is corrupted with permissiveness and not punish ability) delivered fans for me in body Gregory, who has got to millstones of a planetary satan. All people involved in an imperial den was obsessed with a devil long before the culmination when Grishka became "Gregory the first and the last, the horse thief and the All-Russian autocrat" as it has been told in "Acaphist". Matter and desires, here one of types of obsession of Jehovah - a devil; all of them conduct by premature death.
Rasputin's "prophecies" concerning misfortune which could happen to the tsar's son (the next day the chandelier has broken), too Jehovah's tricks, but not "prophecy". Using mystical nature of the queen, Jehovah has subordinated her to the hypnosis.
All prophets - the Highest embodiments of representatives of the Himalaya White Brotherhood, their essence – the genius, aristocratism, culture, loves to God’s creation, self-sacrifice!
All who have got under Jehovah's influence deserve compassion. Once the chief gendarme of Russia has invited Grishka to demand from him to leave urgently the imperial palace, and then and the capital. Grishka has come to reception and has so looked at the gendarme that that has shrunk under his look. Gregory eyes the devil - Jehovah looked at the gendarme. The satan put on Gregory Rasputin's weight with breaks in time and committed all crimes against Russia; appointed ministers and decomposed morally female half of secular society. And it is the slattern all Christians take for the father Christ.
The February revolution has burst and, appears, the old threat of Gregory to tsars has come true: - "Already! I won't become and you won't be". It is the truth, after Gregory murder the tsar has held on a throne exactly 74 days; 7 + 4 = 11, - number of a devil! The corpse of "aged man" was hidden, but soldiers – Red Army men have found and have betrayed executions, have burned his body and have made to him posthumous big service. After burning of a physical body, the person is cleaned. Hypnosis of a devil, without support of forces Light's, can't resist to the mere mortal. It is necessary to have personal God. All plots and murders of tsars of Russia were organized by the demon Jehovah. Found dishonest people in government, inspired in them danger, organized a revolution with murder of the tsar: Peters III – is killed in 1762, Paul I – is killed in 1801. Alexander II is the reformer and 8 attempts; it is killed in 1881. Nicholas II and his family are shot in 1918.
The tsar was warned, and advised to go to England with family, but he has refused. …
Orthodoxy canonizes Nicholas II. To be born in family of the tsar, future successor of a throne, it is necessary to have high consciousness, experience of the previous embodiments as the statesman, it is necessary to be the leader of the nation. Lord Karma before the embodiment defines the purpose and tasks. All emperors of Russia were the embodiment from Shambhala, and all of them were reformers and the Patriots of Russia. Each of them was pursued by the Owner of land. Valentine Pikul has made the edition of the book which he has stated slander of a devil on the tsar to Jehovah service; - the author has chosen to himself the planet for the future.

The devil with financial aid of rakshas (demons) has created the movie "Matilda" for the purpose of the tsar's compromise. The pederast Jehovah advertizes the hypnosis. The tsar's brother Mikhail married Mathilde, having refused inheritance of a throne (Matilda was not an imperial sort). Nicholas II and the queen preferred a family privacy, publicity to them was alien.
V. Pikul considered the novel "Evil spirit" a greatest luck in the literary biography, but at this novel strange and difficult destiny. V. Pikul hasn't started writing of the book yet as has already begun to receive anonymous letters with threats that for Rasputin will deal shortly with him. Warned not to touch Gregory Rasputin and his best friends (Jehovah through obsessed sent letters, he wanted that the author of the novel compromised the tsar, and to Grishka (i.e. himself) has presented the healer and the Saint). When the novel has been published, the author hasn't learned it. The name was another, "At the last line" and the reader has received not reduced novel, and only fragments from him.
Some "donators" of bribes (earrings worth 80 thousand rubles) have become agitated. It was the main reason which has caused furious resistance in "higher levels". The word "echelons" - figurative; at once in imagination you represent the echelons rumbling on rails, and in them there are bribe takers of the state scale. And all this power! (Expression "echelons of power" were sounded by M. Gorbachev). And why to the people is "echelons of power"? Will be is one car of honest, hardworking, competent patriots of the Homeland enough.
"Echelons of power" didn't accept those pages of the novel where it was told about bribery. "Echelons" were analogy to the imperial yard. The den - a kind of obsession also leads to destruction and in isolated cases conducts by death.
What is common in the books of the authors: V.Pikul, "Evil Force" and Leo Taxil, "The Holy Nativity"? The inventor of bacchanalia is one and the same - the devil Jehovah. Difference in purpose:
1. The devil drew Russia into the Russo-Japanese War (1904 - 1905), than devastated the treasury, introduced Gregory Rasputin (1904) for the moral disintegration of secular society: Jehovah in the body of Grishka conducted bacchanalia (orgies with drunkenness and subsequent group perversions ) and at the same time, recruited to Saturn, - enrolled in the garbage of human, using hypnosis.
2. In the Vatican, Jehovah's Jesuit monks were lowered to the level of perverts and fratricides, - the method of enrollment in Judaism. In the VI - VII centuries in the Vatican, the devil fought a bitter battle to uproot Christianity, and the Vatican surrendered, the pope and all the cardinals hoisted the red skull caps on their heads. Rabbis (Egyptian priests) long ago voluntarily covered the crowns with black caps (it's time to remove them and return to the sources). Red and black are two colors of the devil.

At the present time, the Vatican already acts as the devil; allocates 6 million euros to Ukraine for "humanitarian assistance". Devil Jehovah wants to join the ranks of the Catholics of Ukraine and the male half to hoist the red skullcap on the top of the head. Slavs be vigilant - this is one of the options for recruitment. Read Jehovah's article: "Our plans for the Slavs". Jehovah told me: "It's about you, it's you." Never the devil Take nothing: do not take from him a drink of water, do not cling to a straw filed, do not take the bread crumbs, or - obsession forever (gay parades, crooks and murderers). This situation is usually created by the devil in order to subjugate the victim.
None of obsessed will be able to escape from Jehovah's chains – a devil without the assistance of Great Teachers from Shambhala. Jehovah knows of whom to take notice the devil; at first he silently operates, then imposes the thoughts so carefully that the person of his thought takes for the.
Jehovah was we operate "Lucifer". All instructions proceeded from the Demon of the Universe Brama. How can be such cruel monster among gods? Doesn't guard them what he can crush under himself the divine environment eagerness to dominate? With a certain purpose he has taken seat in the Lotus in a crown. It is time to pacify him! Jehovah in this game – the six, the hitman!

Chapter 24. Brama-Jehovah is blood-greedy killer.
Seven Archangels - seven Beams of the Father of the Universe and the eighth, given rise from the Chaos chasm, was called Lux, Lucifer, future devil. Why it was so called... The Lucifer - Light bearer!?

Brama (Chaos), Lucifer's patron - a roof of a planetary satan of Jehovah. Jehovah is the shown Lucifer. Bramah intercepted the word the Lucifer at Spirits of the Flame, representatives Light. In grain of spirit of Jehovah is put energy, the expressing defects all types: manifestation of lie, evil, cruelty, vanity, revenge, all types of perversions. Jehovah's essence was put by Brama, Chaos - unrestrained elements; their gods pacify and turn in the worker force. The impression that Jehovah devil - a guinea pig, the idiot is made, having occult knowledge - it is very dangerous!!!

In Revelation of John the Evangelist which author Jehovah, in chapter 22/16 it is told: "I, Jesus, star morning.", - Jehovah-devil dictated to "prophet" that after a crucifixion to legalize itself Christ's father. Christ really the Carrier Light's, Jehovah - the darkness carrier, a satan, a devil. Words the Lucifer and a satan aren't combined.

In 1887 E.P. Blavatsky let out the first issue of the magazine "Lucifer". The name of all shocked. The name the Lucifer usually is connected with a devil, or a fallen angel. The Lucifer
Light carrier is the name of a star of morning, a messenger of a bright sunlight. E. P. Blavatsky wanted to rehabilitate this word. Extremely clearly she speaks in the letter to the native: "….this fine name! Lux, Luxis - light; ferre - to carry: "Light carrier" - that is better? » Alum is the evil, ferre - to carry. A real name of "Lucifer" is the carrier of the evil, Malumfer (Latin). "Lucifer" was never an angel Light, the word the Lucifer isn't combined with the word a satan. Jehovah is the shown Malumfer, the evil Carrier. Jehovah - Malumfer!

Spirits of the Flame brought to mankind light of reason and great gift of immortality.
Therefore they had to be called as Light bearer and Lucifer.

It is rather known of existence of the Brotherhood of Good (Hierarchy Light) and evil brotherhoods (power of darkness). The brotherhood of the evil tries to imitate the Good Brotherhood in ways and methods of action. The person can distinguish the angry brother from kind if visibility and words are identical? Manifestation of mental energy can unmistakably distinguish internal essence of the phenomena. Can't is in total initial energy to show negative to the positive. Recognition consists in fires heart, in a feeling-knowledge. Such recognition is called as light weapon.

Lucifer is Light bearer.
Corresponds to Jehovah word Lucifer? We will ask Bramah, what he meant, naming future devil Light bearer? For such blasphemy Brama deserves release from a post. Brama is one, who write scenario of the human fate.

Lemuria. Adam and Eve had sons. The first son was called Cain, the second Avel, - Michael the Archangel's embodiment. Cain was the farmer, Avel - the pastor of sheep. Jehovah of t of the Ainu put on Cain's body. Once they made a sacrifice God’s: Cain - fruits terrestrial, Avel - the best animal from the herd.

Avel made a sacrifice God‗s in all sincerity, Cain made a sacrifice as custom. God accepted Avel's victim and didn't accept Cain's victim. Cain began to envy the brother, called Avel in a field and there killed him. There was the first spilling of blood. Cain (Jehovah) was damned for this murder by God. Cain i- the first murderer on the Earth, and not only is the first fratricide. On the continent Lemuria Jehovah spread demonic culture: godlessness an all-allowable, than caused volcanic eruptions and the continent left on an ocean floor. Astral bodies don't sink; they left the person, and after clarification were embodied on the continent Atlantis again.

Atlantis. Jehovah created "a darkness brotherhood" - sorcerers and black magicians. Lemuria history repeated and Atlantis was covered by a wave. Some of Atlases escaped (among them there was Jehovah) and lodged on Laski’s (Ceylon) island.

Ravana-Jehovah on Lanka spread the same as on the previous continents: the demonic culture, godlessness and orgies reaching the last stage of moral decay. Gods solved it physically to eliminate and rescue people from its harmful influence. A Rama (the seventh Avatar of Vishnu - an embodiment of the Great Lord of the Shambhala) relieved Lanka population of the demon Ravana. With this time Jehovah-Ravana made the Plan of revenge to the Lord of the Shambhala:

1.To carry out recruitment of the population to Saturn.
To blow up the Planet.

To forget all past is and to determine new date from the beginning of creation of the world of Jehovah.

In September 2014 are executed 5775 years from creation of the World for Jews. To Lemuriya, Atlantis, Lanka the devil forgot, but from pederasty it won't be released in any way, and on the contrary this devil method applies on others for replenishment the army.

The word Bacchanalia has come from a name of Bacchus and his hobby; orgy …, a loose feast which Jehovah in Ancient Greece in the honor arranged, - an orgy, the rough and chaotic manifestation of any forces reaching extreme degree - group sex with all types of perversions. (Lat. Bacchanalia).

Greece. Dionysus (Bacchus) repeated himself, as well as in the previous embodiments; the same orgies and the same sick vanity - planting of worship itself favorite. His contemporary there was Orpheus, high priest of Greece, Invented music and versification. Orpheus's music subdued wild animals, forced stones to move a little, plants - to decline branches. Orpheus had a big and hospitable house in which his friends gathered. But Dionysus wasn't a guest in this house. Orpheus didn't take part in Jehovah-Dionysus's orgies. Cause of death Orpheus there was an anger Dionysus for that, that the high priest neglected Dionysus's "cult". The head and a liver of the singer were thrown into the sea. Orpheus's death was mourned by animals, birds, the woods, trees, stones. Orpheus is the embodiment of the Great Teacher Cut Humi (the one, who was Jesus) the eternal friend and the Pupil Great Maitreya. Jehovah secretly entered the body of Dionysus, the adult son of Zeus, in the hope of becoming the heir, but miscalculated! The way it was shown as Orgy and murder; werewolf! Zeus is the embodiment of Great Maitreya.


Osiris – is the representing Air, the first radiation of the Highest Deity; Amon, Primary Light source. Osiris the son of god of Earth Geba and the goddess of the sky Nut, Isida was his spouse. Having inherited the father's kingdom, Osiris operated it wisely and fairly. Angry demigod of the desert, demon Jehovah secretly put on Seth's body brother God's Osiris, envying Osiris, killed him, and a body threw into Nile. Isida found the husband's body, but Seth stole it and, having cut on 40 parts (on number of nom), scattered across Egypt. After long searches Isida collected them, and by means of magic spells recovered Osiris … Jehovah is killer; arms his is axe.

Osiris - is the Son Seba and Nate (the following embodiment) - is the Greatest God - self-real and self-created. The first shown deity is. Jehovah (violent aspect) put on Typhon's body, the brother God's Osiris's.

Typhon killed Osiris and dismembered on fourteen parts (two on seven). He scattered parts of a body across the territory of Egypt. Subsequently Osiris revived as Christ. So the Owner of land Jehovah devil with those, who bore Light to people finished. Osiris is one from of Saviors of mankind; it is given rise in this world. It came as the benefactor … and to there is no hurry defeat, Him kill … Osiris is buried … The grave serves in its millennia pilgrimage. Upon termination of three days, He revived again and Ascended to the sky. … It is history of his humanity.

Osiris (Pharaoh) was twice embodied in Egypt under this name. At this time the Jew repeatedly went to Egypt from "the cleared-away place". Remained one is knee of Iuda‗s. But also this knee looked for protection at God. In the Old Testament there is Jehovah's threat to the Pharaoh. Look "The book of the prophet Ezekiel", the Chapter, 32/5. "Also I will scatter your meat on the mountains and I will fill valleys with your corpses". Jehovah tried to return in any ways Jews under the influence because without them he is anybody and to call him in any way. Jews is the tool in hands of a devil, with their help he materializes the mean plans. Jehovah killed and dismembered the axe: Abel, Orpheus, Osiris (in two embodiments).The pederast of Jehovah is killer, arm his axe!

Demon Svarog – pederast Jehovah
(in astral body on lover astral plan).
After fast distribution of Christianity a devil Jehovah – Svarog has decided to be ahead of him, and has imposed himself to Kievan Russ'. Blood-thirsty and prudent, ruthless and cruel he inspired fear on rusichy, demanding a gift of the victims, burning on a fire of children, sometimes even chest. During government of the prince Svyatoslav Igorevich, Dobrynya Nikitich has offered rusicha for worship polytheism and has weakened Svarog-Jehovah's influence. Dobrynya Nikitich and his colleagues: Ilya Muromets and Alyosha Popovic have saved rusichy from the blood-thirsty murderer. Rusich from polytheism have again chosen for worship of God of the Sun Ra (the Giving God) – Michael the Archangel. For revenge Jehovah was pasted to the tribe of Khazars. Khazars are mentioned in the Bible how the tribe "Gog and Magog". Khazars are Roma. Two the tribe (Roma and future Jews) have been expelled from India BC in connection with adoption of Judaism, worship of the demon Jehovah. The demon Jehovah has remembered Roma at the time of Kievan Rus' that repeatedly to acquaint them with Judaism. Khazars - Roma were shown in Europe. Their Jehovah has moved to do harm to Slavs. The territory of Kievan Rus' has never been populated with Khazars. Khan's camp of Khazar-Roma occupied Caspian steppes (Kalmykia), the mouth of the Volga River and northern Ciscaucasia (Alania). Khazars (Roma) and Pechenegs (Kalmyks) have got under Svarog'-Jehovah's influence. Two constantly did to the tribe attacks on the territory of Kievan Rus'. The Kiev prince Svyatoslav Igorevich (by an example of the prince of "prophetic Oleg") "has revenged unreasonable Khazars; their villages and fields for violent attack, it has doomed to swords and the fires" in 965 and has put an end to lawlessness. Since then Khazaria has disappeared as the khanate. Jehovah has lost one branch of Jews and can't still forgive to the prince Svyatoslav elimination of the Khanate of Khazar-Roma. Where now the prince Svyatoslav is embodied? It is embodied in Ukraine on August 22, 1954, - Alexander Sergeyevich Efremov. Jehovah knows him therefore hands of obsessed have discharged him of just affairs. What in Ukraine could be the President! Slav, clever, patriot of the Homeland! He is representative to Hierarchy Light'. The one, who executed criminal decrees of a devil of Jehovah in relation to the embodiment of the Prince Svyatoslav, will be punished; The Karma will overtake.

Historians and geologists of Russia surveyed more than five years the territory of Khazaria, but haven't found any proofs of their accommodation at the mouth of Volga. Ceramic looked for jugs, bowls, but it is vain. Khazar Roma was robbers and weren't engaged in production of household goods. They preferred to plunder metal products. The metal products stolen at the next people by Jewish demons on these canons are listed in the Bible plundered also Roma. The mentor of Roma and Jews (demons) is one, Jehovah.

Khazars within one year transferred yurts from one place to another twice. It is difficult to store ceramics. Khazaria was in Kalmykia, haven't found any proofs. In the territory of their Kievan Rus' wasn't, especially there are no proofs. Conversations on the fact that Ukraine is the ancient Judaic khanate of Khazaria are nonsense.

There is a fairy tale on the Internet as Muslims and Christians have advised Khan of Khazars in the X century to accept the "best" religion of the demon Jehovah - Judaism. The chronology doesn't coincide. In the 624th future Muslims have refused worship of lunar demons. A bit later future Christians have refused the demon Svarog – Jehovah. So councils are the liar Jehovah's invention.
Later Jehovah has taken Pechenegs (Kalmyk’s) under hypnosis and this tribe began to make attacks on the territory of Kievan Rus'. Pechenegs were led by Jehovah directly to Dnepr, on the Zaporozhia Island and the prince Svyatoslav has been killed. The devil has dismembered Kievan Rus' on three states to push together them for contentions. Partition is a method of Jehovah.

Slavs haunted Jehovah. Two tyrants (Napoleon and Hitler) made a campaign to Russia. They were Warned by Michael the Archangel (the Great Lord of Shambhala) not to go to the east; haven't obeyed. The end of their life was awful: Napoleon has been expelled on St. Elena's island, and Hitler was burned together with Ewe Braun.

The Duma of Russia has adopted the Law on recognition of all religions (influence of the demon Jehovah). In India other vision of a subject; they have recognized Hinduism (God Krishna), the Buddhism (Great Maitreya) and Christianity. Christ - Buddha. All religions of India are from the Father of the Universe. Indians have moved all who accept a devil Jehovah out of borders of the country. After separation from India of Iran (Persians have accepted Islam), Indians have regarded it as treachery. In the territory of Iran there were shrines of Indians: the house in which Krishna, Akbar's palace and a grave of Mother Teresa Was born. Mahatma Gandhi (prime minister) has allocated from the budget to Iran $5 million waste. Opposition has begun. Believers protected the God! All three religions are from the Lord of Shambhala.

After the article "Our Plans concerns Slavs" - Menachem Schneerson, in India all Jews would be moved out of borders of the country long ago, and at the same time and Orthodoxy was cleaned from a demonism of the Old Testament (Torah). Therefore in Russia spiritual disorder, sects and dvorkins because in the Duma atheists with zero knowledge of religions sit propagate, and have adopted the law.

In Liveinternet the text of history of Khazars and praise to Judaism is laid out. Jehovah has dictated to the next Jew-rakshas false history. Jehovah considers Kievan Rus' - the ancient Judaic state of Khazars. Jehovah mentions the southern Dnieper Bank to prove the creation reason in Ukraine of "New Jerusalem" from five areas: Dnepropetrvskу, Zaporozhsky, Khersosky, Nikolaevsky and Odessky. Why Jehovah creates "New Jerusalem" in the south of Ukraine, but not in Caspian steppes and northern Ciscaucasia? Jehovah needs the Black Sea to enter the fleet of NATO. The devil wants to bring together all Jews in Europe to burn them alive during the Apocalypse, and to drag off consciousnesses to Saturn. But he isn't sure that he will collect to drag off all therefore wants to blow up Earth and all population to Saturn. The text is laid out in a social net with the purpose to kindle opposition between the people, and to carry out recruitment. The envy causes large reserves of raw materials in the author of the text in Russia. Thanks to the Creator and Creator of our Planet, to Great Maitreya (to Michael the Archangel is the Lord of Shambhala) for huge care of Russians; Have provided such riches for Russia! Low is bow to Him. The patron of Russia is God of love and compassion, God Good and Light, Great Maitreya. Therefore Russians people kind, sincere and toiler; never applies on others, supports all people and spiritually. I address all citizens of the Planet: "All remain on Earth (Roma and Jews) we will use together all richness of Siberia on the basis of trade relations". Condition: Worship of the Creator of our Planet, to Great Maitreya (Divine Christ), Lord of Shambhala. Jehovah, being embodied in Adolf Hitler's body, gave instructions to fascists that they commodity cars took out a soil layer (black mould) from Ukraine in Germaniya. Where the evil prevails, deserts are formed or there are volcanic eruptions.

The wars in Iraq (2003 - 2011) and Syria are mentioned in this text (2011 – 2017); it is modern information, pay attention to date of death of the rabbi Schneerson (1994). The text
on social network "Geniyneizvestny" is in the section "Literature — History", 2009. After goes from Syria by troops of ISIL was left weapon warehouses: production of Israel and USA. Who has sent to ISIL to Syria? Jehovah!

On an assumption of the author of article that will be in 20 – 30 years, it is possible to give exact information. All who splash saliva on Slavs will burn down alive during the Apocalypse and will leave our Earth together with the zoophile, the pederast-pedophile, the murderer and the swindler Jehovah!!!

All worshipping Great Maitreya will be taken out to safe places. To remain on Earth and to continue evolution of the person in "Golden Age", Worship of Great Maitreya is necessary!!! Aum, Amen, so Will be.

In 988 during government of the prince of Vladimir there was a Christianization of Kievan Rus', and rusich have adopted Christianity. Christ – Rossul Moria (the embodiment of the Great Lord of Shambhala). Slavs! Remember the roots and return to the sources!! Jehovah touches upon this subject is in the book (coauthor Istarkhov) "Blow of the Russian gods" with the artful purpose. Dobrynya Nikitich is Malusha brother. The prince Vladimir is Malusha's son born out of marriage from the prince Svyatoslav. Jehovah extends a lie about Malushe as if, it is a daughter of the rabbi and garbles origin of her name. It casts a shadow on her brother and the son. The liar Jehovah introduces a thought to Jews that still in those days in Kiev Jews have come to the power. The woman's names Mavka and Malka have been widespread in Russia. They could be international as Maria, Ekaterina, Elena, Elizabeth and others. Jehovah inspires in Jews that they "are chosen" to govern on the Planet, pours balm on consciousness before sending Jews "on a stage" to Saturn. The website "Dawn of Svarog" – result of a condition of the Pederast Jehovah; he rushes about in an agony after exposure of his activity. Registration for the website is possible only through e-mail of the moderator.

Gregory Rasputin.
Gregory Rasputin served as a cover for Jehovah; the devil put on weight of the victim and applying hypnosis, appointed ministers, organized bacchanalias (drunken orgies with the subsequent sexual group perversions). The family of the tsar was in a condition of obsession: the purpose - to isolate the tsar from government and to take reins of government in hand. Miracles and orgies, Jehovah made, using spiritual ignorance of people. Gregory in a bath "sultry took a steam bath", "stupefied and excited" with the reek of alcohol and boots (greased with tar), struck ladies with "sanctity" - the devil Jehovah sat in Grissini’s body! The devil had a bestial endurance. Jehovah spreads rumors in Russia via the websites of shvonders-rakshas's about fast canonization of Gregory Rasputin, following there will be Adolf Hitler – two embodiments of the pederast Jehovah with breaks in time.

Adolf Hitler.
Adolf Hitler – the next victim of Jehovah. Jehovah perverts
Hitler (desires), have created under him fascist Notional-socialist party, I have made him the Reichs chancellor, and then I have united this post and the president's post, and have established in Germany mode of fascist terror. Jehovah trained Hitler under myself, – have united all state mechanism and have established one-man management. The devil put on Hitler's weight with breaks in time: spoke at meetings, held meetings, I made the main decisions; have completely taken over control under the beginning. Hitler was sick – Parkinson's disease because of the difference of vibrations of bodies of Jehovah and Hitler. The scenario of war with concentration camps has been developed by Jehovah. Hitler and all attendants of the third Reich were under powerful hypnosis of a planetary satan. The method of a devil – at first will lower below a plinth, and then gives positions, using person zombie.
Hitler was the pervert and the masochist. From1925 veins from the young niece Geli Raubal. He forced her to tie him to a bed and to beat with a belt. One of Hitler's rivals in Nazi party, Otto Shtrasser claimed that the Nazi dictator forced the niece Geli Raubal to defecate and urinate for him. (The devil was in the Fuhrer at this time, confirmation to that is the movie from space). Hitler was a medium, every night left a physical body and traveled on the lowest astral the plan (the medium – the main property of Hitler which to him at the request of Brama of Lords Karma in the circumsolar sphere (the God's Kingdom) have put in consciousness before the embodiment). Jehovah so was fond of Hitler's niece that he has forgotten the purpose of the arrival. That the devil has recovered the Demon of the Universe Brama has inspired Gels to defecate on a breast of the "Lord" Jehovah. That she has told nobody, Jehovah, applying hypnosis, has forced Raubal Gels to shoot oneself. The woman for one days has succeeded. She was comprehended by the same fate that nobody has learned that the Fuhrer – reflection of a devil of Jehovah represents. Following I was – Eve Brown, the wife properties. Adolf Hitler and Eve Brown have together committed suicide – the devil Jehovah covered up tracks.
In the book by Desmond Seward, "Napoleon and Hitler" author
draws an analogy between two tyrants. As who unites them?
1. The purpose – to subdue Russia.
2. Obsessed same is devil Jehovah. He operated Napoleon, and entered Hitler, but unsuccessfully. Russia can't be subdued because her Patron is God, Great Maitreya!!!

Chapter 25.
Vatican is stash zombie cattle of Jehovah's
(satan there to govern ball, there to govern ball).
Priest Anatoliy (Berestov) is. On one of the sites there are statements in a rough and ignorant form to Great Teachers from the Shambhala. Gods give occult knowledge only to those whom Great Teachers conduct in the millennia. Only at very high consciousness (conscience) the pupil won't apply them in the evil. Spirits of the Flame (Solar Gods) apply an occultism to creativity. Powers of darkness apply an occultism to crimes.

Of the site is:
(Celibate is priest Anatoly Berestov).

"Orthodoxy and the theosophy doctrine is about karma or a karmic devilish." "The book exposing an occultism in its "highest" and new manifestation - the Theosophy developed He.Blavatsky - Rerichs is offered to the reader").
Slightly lower, on the right (Publishing house: M.: Publishing house of a name of the prelate Lev, Pope Rimsky. Price: 40.00. Pay attention to a letter M.: with three points - it is a sign of the Great Lord of the Shambhala, Maitreya. Developed the related relations is as a result mixed marriages.

The first point - is Maitreya (Wisdom - Buddha), the second - the Messiah (Christ), the third - Muntazar (The Messiah of Muslims). Ponder upon sense of words: «Will be uniform the Pastor and uniform herd, Great Maitreya and mankind!"

The foolish Jehovah is always covered with a name of Great Maitreya and introduces "ideas". Devil on behalf of the Great Lord of the Shambhala instructs to the father Roman, that Vatican left heresy on all Christian worlds.
Explain popularly for ignoramuses: church fathers know who is the Absolute, - the SUPREME DEITY above which there is nobody in Boundlessness. When E. P. Blavatsky was in India, with it once Told the Absolute. You give the report to them what it is size? And what Size is her Teacher – Great Maitreya! Information for the ignorant: Orthodox fathers know who the Absolute is, THE SUPREME DIVINE, Above Which there is no one in Infinity. When E.P.Blavatsky was is in India, the Absolute spoke to her once. Can you imagine how big it is? And what a Size her Teacher is Great Maitreya! (This paragraph was restored after the removal of Jehovah; he envies the purity and God-closeness of the Great Lord of Shambhala).

Sacred Danilov Monastery; the celibate priest Anatoly Berestov serves in this monastery. Whose instructions he follows? Satan! Jehovah devil tidies up Orthodoxy under the influence.

The Theosophy consists of two words: Teo - God, Sofia - Wisdom. E. P. Blavatsky wrote books on the Beam of the Great Lord of the Shambhala. E. I. Rerich is a coauthor esoteric "Doctrines of Living Ethics". The Theosophy "wasn't developed", Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala Took it from the spatial computer created by the Almighty Deity Absolute and on the Beam Transferred to the pupils and coauthors.
The celibate priest Anatoly, visit the site: on the site 28 books, 3 rollers, 3 videos. It to you will help to liquidate Yours the spiritual ignorance.

1.The bible is the occult book. If Jehovah-devil in Book Levunites (Old Testament - Torah) repeats about 700 times after each offer: "I am a Lord", it is necessary to tell that him "I am a Lord" on sense doesn't match the previous offer. Repetition of the same words - is suggestion.

Church fathers repeat heresy of "Old Testament" of 1000 and understand nothing, but preach, - Jehovah's suggestion - the SATAN works. It lays on a sofa in the apartment, in New
York and all gets thought and an omniscience. In Orthodox Church the elderly church father told me that "the satan became attached to the dean and torments him three years". It is also an occultism and black magic. 2. By removing important laws from the New Testament, Jehovah have some important information looked through. Ioann, ch., 9/2. Pupils ask Christ: "Ravvi! Who sinned, it or his parents what he was born blind"? Sinned and was born the blind! When he could sin? Only in the previous life! At once two laws are in this question, - a karma and reincarnation. The son isn't responsible for the father; they are united by only equally past life’s in last embodiments; perhaps, in the different states and nationalities.
3. Executions in Egypt - Occultism! Where did Jehovah get plague infections, locusts, and by what method? From Space is, by the power of thought. Occultism!

4."Clearing to him places", Jesus Navin was under gipnosis Jehovah-devil and didn't realize the actions an occultism!

5. Christ's circulation by sea, suppression of elements, transformation of water into wine, healing of patients with power of thought and suggestion an occultism. Lazar's revival in a physical body, - White Magic (magic spells - scrolling back ward).

Christ Told Jews that their father is devil (Ioann, ch., 8/44).The Apostle Paul added that Christ by his Doctrine had nailed to the cross the Scripture Jews (the Torah - Old Testament), deprived of power and authority of superiors and betraying their shame" (the Epistle the Colossians, Chapter 2/14, 15). The next one came into the world E.P. Blavatsky, and repeated the words of Christ. She has added that Jehovah zoophile, monkeys his children. In to her book "The Exposed Izida" there is words to Jehovah from the book "Rituals": "… you are dirty, smelly cattle generate of incest and sacrilege generate of all obscenities who is damned by God" and is not only. Therefore the devil Jehovah has imposed the ban on E. P. Blavatsky. Jesus and Christ (two essences), and E. P. Blavatsky came to the world from the Shambhala.

Under the decree of the Great Lord of the Shambhala and Mother of the World Jesus was sent to Jews for exposure of Jehovah devil. E. P. Blavatsky came to the world to impart Knowledge and to rescue religions from devil plague.

The Owner of Land Jehovah devil crucified Jesus Christ's hands of Jews, the Apostle Paul cut off the head, and E.P.Blavatsky slandered. What other words to the Christians reached the point of death and works of the messengers from Shambhala!?

And in sects tell the same, as church fathers in Christianity. Than Orthodoxy differs from sects? Only that church fathers serve under gilded domes, and pastors (businessmen) of sects - in the privatized palaces and clubs. In Orthodox churches same there is a trade, as well as at the time of Christ, however, in animals don't trade.

Visited into an Orthodox church and in the temple the man is in black clothes, (long-haired) trades in icons. He told me that he is the former deputy director of some plant in the Rostov region, now makes icons and trades. Icons are demonism. Why in Synagogues there are no icons? To Christianity they were imposed by Jehovah- devil, to delay energy of worship from God. And this, casual is person, repeated words devil to E. P. Blavatsky.

Orthodoxy doesn't give any knowledge. Wallowed is darkness. Study the Psalm book and Prophets. A psalm book is glorification by the tsar David the eternal pederasto, the crook and the killer Jehovah (Savaof) against whom Christ Went to expose it as devil. Prophets wrote down that Jehovah (Savaof) is a devil spoke to them. Jehovah was in an astral body on the lower astral plan and from there instructed, and dictated texts. It is an occultism! What gives a person wearing the neck crucified Jesus? Scientists conducted a study paintings by Repin, "Ivan the Grosny and his son Ivan" and found adverse effects on human coming from its rays. The Christian cross was invented with the same intent of Jehovah. The corpse Jesus wears as a decoration. Replace the cross with a crucifix on the equilateral cross inside the circle representing the Universe and the four cardinal directions. The circle represented the Earth (a globe), Round of Karma (the man can outrun his Karma and then she reaches it), Circle magic (suppression of witchcraft), Round magnetic (connection of the heart with distant worlds), the fiery Circle (the aspiration to the development of the consciousness). The Planet and the universe moving in a spiral, each turn is round, the Way Ascent. It's time to make the CIRCLE COMPLETE – High Behest, celebration Light or darkness the Circle is complete encourages all energy for the final battle will be to take part all the forces of Light and the darkness from The Highest to waste. Kind of thought will put on the circle, and that will manifest.

Only spiritual ignoramuses go to Orthodox churches. In sects pastors-businessmen read now and then E.P. Blavatsky, E.I, Rerich, and accustom sectarians to love "Lord" Jehovah. And for what to love it is? The love for God is born from admiration, pride and following to It as to the Ideal. Jews always dreamed to get rid of Jehovah.

Great Maitreya takes up a position of the First Archangel (Michael) during passing of evolution of the person. Maitreya - is the First Beam of the Father of the Universe, the First Beam is equated to the Father. Maitreya full manifestation of the Father of the Universe, Supreme, the Founder and the Creator are. E. P. Blavatsky, E, I, Rerich, B, N, Abramov - is coauthors of works of Great Maitreya. The Lord of the Shambhala created power of thought our Planet, vegetative and animal kingdom Created the Egyptians and Gave the first people's brains.

What priests have the right to offend and humiliate those, Who Give KNOWLEDGE to people, Who in bloody sweat keep the planet and mankind from crimes of Jehovah-devil? How many the grief and tears, and sufferings dropped out on their life to advance evolution of the person? They were crucified, poisoned with poison, killed and dismembered their bodies. What you have the right to state in their address of the word "heresy" and to rank as a satan to Jehovah. Jehovah - is opponent Michael the Archangel's in a darkness camp.

It you are attendants of the SATAN and you take his nonsense for the doctrine. It is your lips the DEMON JEHOVAH speaks. It you, you decompose the population that you recognize the Old Testament (Torah), it you it you detain evolution and a satan on the Planet. Separate the New Testament from devil damnations and threats. You call yourself Christians, but you recognize the one, who crucified Christ. Jehovah is the meanest essence: the GENERALISSIMO IN PEDERASTY and the cruel blood-thirsty murderer. Jehovah in the Middle East was known how cruel petty tyrant is. Jehovah crucified Christ hands of Jews and acquainted himself with Christianity.

Only according to one statement of the Celibate priest Anatoliy (Berestov) about a karma necessary tell that it dense, and that to it not a place in the temple. It is not only with such level of knowledge. Orthodoxy is under a cap at Jehovah's-devil.

The religion is given on consciousness this time. Now Orthodoxy can be compared to best shoes from a linden, but now carry graceful footwear. Evolution in everything!

Not E. P. Blavatsky and Orthodoxy is from the one, who imposed the Old Testament (Torah) and distorted the New Testament. Christ was the Wise man (Buddha)! The word Christ is the Highest I, The Ego, each person has Christ, but Gods, coming from the Father is the
Divine Christ, Ishwara, Energy center, the Founder and the Creator!

KARMA is Cosmic Law of Requital. Karma is exact Space Scales! The karma carries out the Laws hands of people. In Rostov during October revolution were sunk in public toilets of one hundred priests. For what is? That evaded from the duties and served secular society, ignoring the lower class of the population. Served are those, who well paid forgiveness of sins more precisely. This is also action of the Law of the Karma. Sins nobody will forgive, them it is necessary fulfill (work). Church fathers assumed the right of Lords of the Karma.

Old Testament (Torah) not the Doctrine is, but chronicle of a tribe of Jews (Chronicles). Read N. M. Karamzin books "History of the State Russian" - 12 volumes, and offers the whole world. In this book there are no damnations and threats, there is "clearing to itself no place" by methods of Jehovah. Will read? Read "Bible" because Jehovah - a devil applies an occultism - hypnosis, and the whole world reads this nonsense. It always applies violence.

Before leaving to Saturn Jehovah sums up the result of the board. It rehabilitates obsessed which operated under hypnosis with the purpose to do harm to Russia, and therefore to all Slavs. Under its influence the movie about Grishka Rasputin is put, is some kind of tribute for crimes in a family of the Russian tsar Nicholas II. And the tsar wasn't forgotten by a devil; on Tatyana Mikushina's site (she at a satan serves as "prophet") Jehovah calls Nicholas II Lord's. In it is the sense devil is put. The Lord, so the embodiment from Shambhala; therefore Jehovah has slandered the tsar.

The next movie "Wolf Messing" - Jehovah's generation - devil on belief; the others the victims - devils on coercion. Wolf of Messing is Sigmund Freud's pupil. These two is black magicians, devils. All of them are Jehovah's victims. The fear and tortures of conscience woke up in them from time to time, but the main planetary demon eliminated this energy, neutralizing others. Will leave from our Planet impious soon, and the Earth will be cleared of filth. Aum.
Amen. So will be!

It appears, the heresy of the Celibate priest Anatoly (Berestov) goes straight from Vatican; these wallowed in a devil bog long ago, in the seventh century accepted a devil. The planetary satan Jehovah through Vatican and the dvorkins is slanders on Solar Gods. Jehovah - a devil - is opponent Michael the Archangel’s in darkness camp and applies an occultism on those, who embodies his vile ideas in Christianity. He silently imposes the thoughts and the person takes them for the. Only Great Maitreya can protect the person from occult influences of a devil of Jehovah.

Orthodox’s, turns a weather vane to the east (Shambhala), - and is from there Light, from there Wisdom!!! Christ came from the Shambhala.

Roman Pope Francisco.
Having entered to a position, Pope Francis sounded by name all pedophiles of Vatican, and those, who are passed "business relations" with deputies - began for health.
Leo Taxil in the book "Sacred Den" stated lives of fathers pervert, Vatican, but didn't explain the reason of such behavior of priests. Jehovah - a devil crucified Christ, cooked up nonsense under the name "Bible" and imposed it to the whole world in the OCCULT way. Separate the New Testament from the Old Testament (Torah) and clear the New Testament of false inserts from Jehovah-devil. Applying an occultism, the planetary satan decomposed Catholics sexual perversions of all types. The GENERALISSIMO IN the PEDERASTY, Jehovah devil, for the entire period of board at a position of the Owner of Land spread godlessness and orgies (drunken orgies before loss of consciousness and group sexual perversions of all types). About it is already reported to Pope Francis and the answer is received: "And you tell: "I love you". Pederast Jehovah? Let he will disappear as evil spirit from our Planet!

From Vatican the stench proceeds from devil decay, which is stored in library. Francis is a name of the monk, the one, who was Jesus Christ (Redeemer), ascetic and the Fiery Yogi. At Fiery Yogis sexual energy on the mystical channel of a vertebra rises in spiritual heart. Sexual and sexual garbage is harmful to the Fiery Yogi; vegetable food, a sex exception even from thoughts, balance and the obligatory guide of one of Great Teachers of the Shambhala. If the monk is far from it, he can't be a monk; it has to have a family. Jehovah thought up a monkhood, having rejected a way of the ascetic; rejected occult sciences therefore, - knows that the ascetic will be under powerful protection of the Great Teacher from the Shambhala and will gain a lot of Knowledge. The way of the ascetic is difficult, but pleasure from communication with the Teacher without having the price. There is nothing above communication with the Teacher!

Jehovah the most dissolute and the vilest essence is a generation of fascism wars and revolutions, all types of perversions, obsession is and generation of underworld. Hold it on Earth obsession, those, who recognizes the book of the Beast.

The Old Testament (Torah) is the book of an Beast, his number - 666, name - Jehovah, position (electoral) - the Owner of the Land, devil and satan.

Pope Francisco is the Jesuit, the protégé of Jehovah devil, treats loyally abortions and homosexuality. Oh, is the one, who is necessary to the PEDERASTY Jehovah. All Saturn will be covered with human garbage soon.

Jesuits is members of Catholic monastic order; justify "for the sake of God's greater glory" ANY CRIME. Under god Jesuits mean Jehovah devil; he created them and gave this postulate - to commit crimes for the sake of it. Jehovah is the pervert and the blood-thirsty murderer therefore also created Catholic monks under me.

Great Maitreya-God doesn't demand to commit a crime in the name. Permissiveness is demonic culture. The award of Jesuits - is more terrible than all sects. By revolutions, replacement of heads of religions and the states Jehovah is torn to leadership on the planet. Therefore Jehovah moved away the previous Pope (usually Pope on a post before the most death) to replace it with the loyal Jesuit. Pope Francis already suggested uniting Orthodoxy with Catholics.
The sexual devil virus from Vatican affects Orthodoxy. Zombie cattle Jehovah is a cesspool with worms swarming in it.
1. The main cesspool is in his bedroom. Three wives:
The Master Earth of Jehovah's has three wives, all four of them sleeping on the same wide airfield bed. The eldest wife is female, the middle and younger wives are male (his minor sons). Jehovah prefers massage of the genital organ, oral and anal sex. In the absence of an older wife, Jehovah had a conveyor harem (prostitute): women of New York changed daily with boys (sons). The technology of recruitment to Saturn: first the woman does massage and oral sex, after her son continues ... Billionaire Georges Morgan - the embodiment zombie cattle of Jehovah's.
2. The Vatican (the estate of the devil) - the second cesspool with worms swarming in it: worms - padre- pedophiles.
3. The lower astral plane - the third pit, the devil's estuary one kilometer above the surface of the Earth; here devils rest from “the labors” of the unrighteous.
4. The army of the devil Jehovah - human scum (perverts, swindlers and murderers) of the entire Planet - the fourth pit. The Frenchman is the homosexual for a position of the ambassador from France to Vatican was recommended by the main planetary PEDERASTY Jehovah. Such ambassador fits into society of Vatican. The planetary satan Jehovah carries out recruitment to Saturn!

In St. Petersburg the priest Dimitriy Druzhinin is the representative of Orthodoxy gave on a review article "Wandering in darkness: basic provisions psevdoteosofist Helena Blavatsky, Genry Ol‗kott, Anni Bezant and Charles Ledbiter". Such impression is that with a hand of the priest of D.D. the planetary demon Jehovah wrote. Orthodoxy wanders in darkness and the guide at them - a planetary satan - Jehovah.

E. P. Blavatsky on the instructions of the Great Lord of the Shambhala left to New-York. At that time Jehovah devil extended spirits in America. E.P.B. was present on sessions, what to explain to people those spiritualistic sessions are very dangerous. Through a time of the person the evil ghost from the lower astral plan where Jehovah governs, and to operate at the discretion of a devil can enter. Ledbiter and Steiner after E.P. Blavatsky death have got under influence of darkness and have been involved in the devil doctrine "Anthroposophy", which sense consisted in filling the Planet with negative energy and to blow up before leaving to Saturn. Anny Bezant, "Esoteric Christianity", - the book for which the author should bow down.
E. P. Blavatsky was many millennia the Schoolgirl of the Great Lord of the Shambhala.
And the satan on the party tried to draw E.P.B.

Note the obsessed priest Mahatma exists. The great Teacher Kut Humi (the one, who was Jesus) is correspondent with the English journalist Sennet. Then it was replaced by Great Maitreya is the eternal Friend and the Teacher Kut Humi. To open such subject, it is necessary to read at least once (few) the main books of E. P. Blavatsky, E.I. Rerich B.N. Abramov. The devil strenuously tries to draw Orthodoxy on the party. It is possible to resist to Jehovah devil KNOWLEDGE, but Orthodoxy, hardened, grown dumb, oak from own ignorance, persistently rejects them. Rejects those to who worships. There is no evolution, repeat that was given about 2000 to that is in the reduced form, for not able to read and write not only parishioners but also priests. The patriarch Kirill put a barrier on evolution of Orthodoxy, so and on evolution of consciousness of the person. In Space all positions selective, - in Orthodoxy reorganization is necessary. Separate the New Testament from the Bible and clear of lie of a devil, and at the same time clear consciousness, poisoned with church dogma.
Didn’t offend you, gave the answer to your insults of Those, to Whom you worship. Orthodoxy on all pages of the sites sweeps one sweeper of attendants of God and a devil. There will be among you at least one, who will read thoughts of God in works of his pupils and will tell doctrines. The hope keep to Christianity - is laid on Orthodoxy - the Buddhism. After disorder of the USSR Henry Kissindzher is declared: "Today is our task is - to destroy Orthodoxy". The devil is torn to autocracy on the planet!

Professor of the Moscow spiritual academy Х*

The journalist from St. Petersburg Alexander Nevzorov told: "Orthodoxy is big devilish sect". What exact definition! Bible, corruption, homosexuality, revenge ….Professore Х*, you realize against whom you went? Against Jehovah devil (the shown "Lucifer")!

In Kazan in orthodox educational institution the pedophiles prospers. Pupils posted in the Internet information and asked the Moscow Patriarchy to protect them; otherwise they wanted to finish with violence.

In Kazan there went the commission, data were confirmed, and the rector relieved of the post, but didn't punish, and defined to other position. "In the river the pike was drowned". Members of the commission began to be pursued.

Professor of the Moscow Spiritual Academy X stood up for them; purulent abscess should be opened. It gave information on the Metropolitan Nicodemus and carelessly expressed that the virus from Nicodemus (there is a hope) didn't extend. The spiritual ignorance of Orthodoxy played a positive role in this case.

It devil Jehovah decomposes Christianity; all branches are struck with obsession, will finish also Orthodoxy soon. All listed properties of decomposition of modern Orthodoxy are inherent in Catholics and all sects.
Nicodemus Rotov, bishops - homosexuals, church fathers, - unconsciously followed instructions of a planetary satan. To go against it, protection, a wall, shield which will protect you from darkness attacks is necessary. Can protect only Higher and Strong Essence against which nobody is strong is a Great Lord of the Shambhala, Maitreya, the Supreme, shown Father of the Universe. Maitreya and Christ is a uniform Ego. Give KNOWLEDGE to people; knowledge is given on consciousness and time. Burn the Bible and dispel ashes, clear the New Testament and unite it with "the Doctrine of Living Ethics" which Great Maitreya through the pupils Gave. Give KNOWLEDGE to mankind!!! After reading of the Doctrine, to you a lot of things from this that you took for Truth will seem cruel nonsense from Jehovah.

Ask for the help to the Great Maitreya; He will always prompt the right decision and will set on a right track of TRUTH.

Mentor the present patriarch Kirill ….

"The mentor of the current patriarch Kirill metropolitan Nicodemus Rotov and his Catholic belief" On the Internet is extensive information on Nicodemus Rotov's activity (1929 - 1978). It served Orthodoxy, but was the Catholic. In what distinction are two religions? Catholics accepted Jehovah devil and all types of sexual perversions long ago. Nicodemus Rotov was the homosexual. All perverts and underworld automatically get to its army. The planetary satan tries to discover the victims of uncommon essence. Nicodemus - the victim of Jehovah devil, the cruel petty tyrant Metropolit.

Nicodemus repeatedly went on foreign affairs SSC (State Security Committee) and orthodox to Vatican; exactly there Jehovah finally approved his sexual bents.
Orthodoxy not should go to the Vatican so as the Catholics accepted the devil back in the 7th century and his properties. At that time, satan Jehovah spoke through the lips of the Pope, intensely criticizing the world order of the USSR - the Commune. That is why Nicodemus Rotov went there to protect Christianity and the Homeland. The world order of Jehovah the fraudster and killer is capital. Vatican City -Trap zombies cattle Jehovah's (you will come on business; you will leave as a pederast). Vatican - fall the boa, a trap of a zombie cattle Jehovah (go on business, come as zombie pederasto).

Nicodemus was planned by Jehovah-devil and inspired in it that it is his congenital requirement. Thus the planetary satan bit into Orthodoxy to decompose from within Russia. The Metropolitan Nicodemus had six heart attacks for a short period - remorse. The sixth heart attack was in Vatican; heart stopped. (He lived 49 years, according to the science of numerology 4 + 9 = 13. Jehovah killed him! He had to worship God, and not remorse).
The Pope, read the burial service over him at the same time and "forgave sins to it". Sins nobody can forgive, they should be fulfilled good deeds. The law of the Karma - exact space scales. Jehovah wanted to appoint the Metropolitan Nicodemus Patriarchal and through it to spread out Orthodoxy. But also without Nicodemus Rotov this process already went …

The ROC canonizes the Metropolitan Nicodemus soon. A sample method of Jehovah is to humiliate, and then to do much good regalia. This history reminds Leo Taksil's books, "A sacred den".

From Jehovah's hypnosis nobody is insured. By such method he forms team for Saturn. Following to Saturn - the Patriarch Kirill: it zealously executes decrees of Jehovah devil. Not to get under influence of a planetary satan, protection against stronger Essence is necessary. Only God - Maitreya - the Board from intrigues is of a planetary demon. A board - WORSHIP!!!

It appears homosexuality in Orthodoxy is natural process. The bishops handed out to young priests bread places "through the bed». From blessing of bishops, young GAYS are self-confident, drive about by expensive cars, and a baptism of children hold sometimes in a state of intoxication. It was possible to soften this word and to replace with the word the gay or the homosexual. This terrible word is disgusting; there is hope for the same reaction to the originator of all types of sexual perversions - the zombie cattle Jehovah. I hope that in Orthodox churches choirs will not sing the Psalms of David to glorify the pervert and criminal of Jehovah.

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior is office center; business prospers in the Lord's temple. The temple was leased to the person who was judged. In total, besides, that the church "preaches", church fathers call "HERESY". And how what they do is called? There is no other definition of their activity, except the word DEVILRY I examined with by the Christian sites of many countries it was also terrified to absence of KNOWLEDGE. More than 120 years to that it is published by E. P. Blavatsky, «The secret Doctrine". In the twentieth century it is published completely E. I. Rerich, "Doctrine of Living Ethics". At the end of XX, at the beginning of the XXI centuries B. N. Abramov's books, «Facets Agni Yoga », 22 volumes are published. But Orthodoxy is mould. Christians is the spiritual victims of a planetary satan. Jehovah-devil deprived of you Knowledge, struck with sexual perversions, covered temples icons (portraits of just people), belts, and caskets, - heresy, heresy, heresy … Crosses with the crucifixion of Jesus (the corpse on the neck) work on the darkness, attract the energy of suffering and fill them Earth. In this case, the pervert Jehovah anyone, who worships him, should hang on the neck of the axe.

If Orthodoxy departs from church dogma, and delves into the essence of the texts of books E.P.Blavatsky, E. I. Rerich, B. N. Abramov, - information received from the High Source and will teach to students, - there will be a shift in consciousness of the younger generation. And the new religion will be called the BUDDHISM (Wisdom). To replace the false Bible the new Doctrine of Living Ethics is given.

Ecumenical council of Orthodoxy is.

In June, 2016 the Ecumenical Council of Orthodoxy had to take place. But countries: Georgia, Bulgaria and Russia making 80% of all Orthodoxy haven't taken part for some reasons. One of them – is petition of parishioners against participation in a wolf cathedral. (Jehovah is a wolf, an animal, which number 666).

"The most blessed Ouray has spoken against a cathedral; he is the second person in ROC". "And all events world bring one to one already closely in the moshiah". Messiah is the Jewish word Messiah. E. Hodos the Messiah calls SCHNOOK Schneerson, the coauthor of a devil on "creation of the Jewish fascist organization", - CHABAD.

"Orthodox aged men warn that the Eighth Cathedral will be and that at it there will be Antichrist". Who at us Antichrist? The one, who has crucified Christ hands of Jews, applying hypnosis to the victims. The one, whom Orthodoxy is accepts Christ's father. The one, who has already subordinated all religions and has corrupted the population of the Planet, - The wolf is the pederast Jehovah!! He collects the Cathedral for himself to unite all religions in one and, applying hypnosis, to lead all to worship of. All who worship a devil Jehovah - will leave with him to Saturn during the Apocalypse in 2046. "And that true Christ will have very few priesthood the majority (under Jehovah's hypnosis) will accept Antichrist, including the Patriarch". Orthodoxy of Russia, Georgia and Bulgaria have taken the First correct Step – is ignored a wolf Cathedral. The second Greatest Step – is refusal of the Old Testament (A Torah – Judaism). Against Jehovah-Savaof has gone Christ (Ioann, 8/44), against the Writing of Jews (the Message to Colossians, 2/14, 15). The third Step – clarification of the Doctrine from inserts of Antichrist and recovery of laws of God: Karma and Transformation.

"On the Eighth anti-Christ's Cathedral all beliefs will connect in one, after it will be already impossible to go to temples". God's number - the 7, eighth wolf cathedral shouldn't be! There will be the First Orthodox Cathedral of Russia on which will approve the true Gospel as the beginning of the Doctrine of Living Ethics. The actions only specified will revive Orthodoxy!

Abaddon (Avaddon)
(the secret of the criminal authority of Jehovah's planetary scale is the name of Avaddon, which he intensely hid).
Bible, Book of Proverbs of Solomon, 15/11 Hell (Shell) and Avaddon [open] before the Lord, especially the hearts of the sons of men. (Shell is the patrimony of the devil, the habitat of the dead, who fell under the hypnosis of the devil during life on Earth). Abaddon is perdition, corruption; the destruction, cessation of being, hordes of locusts, in Jewish mythology the personification of an absorbing, hiding and completely destroying hole. Who is recruiting Abaddon-Jehovah into this pit? Atheists and spiritual ignoramuses! Locusts - hordes of demons (deceased perverts and the underworld) Abaddon - demon of death. In Kabbalah (the first book of the Secret mystical doctrine of Judaism, consisting of five books) it is said that Jehovah is satan, the angel of death. A demon cannot be an angel. Angels are Solar Gods. Abaddon the Hebrew name for “demon of the abyss”, “also Shell”, the place where dead sinners languish. Abaddon is a *demon of war and the destruction of human souls. In the Bible, the devil confirms that he is "the Lord of war, Jehovah is his name." Abaddon - Jehovah (abaddon - the atrocities of Jehovah and their place of action). In the literature of rabbis, the letter A is found in the meaning of the lowest branch of hell??? As usual, the devil Jehovah distorts everything and sticks him out. The letter A means the First and refers to God. God is the Highest and the First, the devil is the lowest and refers to the "place of corruption" - the dregs of man and death. There was a substitution of the word *demon for an Angel. Jehovah lowered the letter A to the Hell in order to humiliate God. All “titles” devils belong to a lower entity. All words, by the way, relating to Jehovah, are written with a small letter: satan, the devil (see the book of Iova). Pederast-Jehovah is all in feces, and borrowed the titles from the Absolute, the Supreme Deity. Christianity came from Judaism. Before singing the praises of the church choir to the pervert Abaddon, it was necessary to study the ancient scriptures in order to know who the impostor Jehovah really is, who declared himself the father of Christ. From the foregoing, it is clear that the words Angel and Lord are not attached to Jehovah Abaddon. He stole them from the Solar Gods. The words applicable to satan Jehovah are: demon and demon. His demons say: "We are the Rakshas’s, our Motherland is Saturn." Rakshas is a demon (Sanskrit), a dead demon is a demon. Jehovah is demon of our Planet.
Its synonyms: Yahweh, Sabaoth, Abaddon, Antichrist, Grishka Rasputin, Adolf Hitler and others. He appropriated some of the names of the solar gods when he entered their physical body during sleep. Jehovah is not the Lord; he is a demon and refers to demonic powers. Jehovah cannot be the father of Christ; they represent two opposing forces. Jehovah's words: “I have given birth to a son” were the epigraph to the eighth wolf council. ROC - partially out of the darkness!!! The author of Chabad is Jehovah-Abaddon, Chabad is a Jewish national fascist organization used by the devil to replenish his estate - a cesspool with worms swarming in it: perverts, crooks and murderers. The devil's fiefdom: 1. Headquarters in New-York is the Illusion Theater, in which he conducts operatives with Astrals (perverts and the underworld after death). 2. The Vatican is a stash of Jehovah's zombies; here he recounts daily the replenishment of pedophiles and buggers - victims of his hypnosis. 3. The lower astral plane (1 km above the Earth.) is the location of the demons in anticipation of instructions for the next atrocities. 4. Underworld - boiling magma in the center of the Earth at a temperature of 6.5 - 7 thousand degrees - the place of purification of killers; moans and gnashing of teeth are heard from there. In modern terms, Jehovah is a prison guard, but the difference is that he himself provokes people to sin by applying hypnosis. He was the first to go through the circle of falls under the hypnosis of the Demon of the Universe of Brama; - this is the University of the Criminal Authority of the pederast-pedophile of Jehovah (billionaire Georges Morgan). He is the omnipotent almighty demons - of perverts and the underworld. The obsessed, without the support of God, will fall into a “completely destroying pit.” And devil worship is also the road to the pit. In a false Bible, Jehovah exalted himself to the Supreme, because Christ told the Jews about him that Jehovah "... a liar and father of lies”. Full information is given in Internet resources.

* The patriarch Kirill to high position went not one embodiment. In antecedents he was Buddha of Mongolia. Lord Karma under the Decree of the Great Lord of Shambhala embodied it in Russia for revival of the Doctrine of Christ – the Buddhism! If he addresses the Doctrine of Living Ethics, to it a lot of things will be an

Jehovah's goal was to replace Patriarch Alexiy II on Dvorkin. The usual way of the devil is to distribute posts to pederasts. Dvorkin - a pederast, a schizophrenic and a drug addict - the properties of Jehovah's devil! Jehovah introduced the idea of Patriarch Alexiy II that he would slip on the rug and die. Jehovah inspired fear of death. Never be afraid of anyone, reject such information in words, otherwise the Space will not protect you! Affirm: “I destroy this information”!
Alexiy II entered a bathroom and shut the door to on thekey. Jehovah hammered together black energy c feet of Alexia II, he fell down and hurt head; sex was inundated byblood. He rose from the last forces, leaning againstbloodstained sex, on walls, to open a door, satan Jehovah repeatedly rode him energy down; Alexia II fell down, lost consciousness died. Jehovah, always after the murders committed, sweeps the traces of the crime, applies hypnosis to people, using them to spread false information. Patriarch Kirill was appointed to this post. The devil also wanted to remove him, using slanderers and gossips. Glory to Archangel Michael is the Divine Christ for the fact that, with His help, Russia emerged from the web of obsession with the pervert, fraudster, murderer and prostitute of Jehovah).

Chapter 26.